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...I ""'7 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS The Creative Writing Classes of El Reno High School Are Pleased to Present Your l 958 BUUIVIER lIllllllllAN BOOMER STAFF Seated: Bina McWethy, Associate Editor: Carolyn Marquardt, Editor. Standing: John Schrnoyer, and Jon Tillinghast, Basketball Sports Editor: Judy Vogel, Art Editor: Linda Hensley, Writer in Chief: Nels Olander, Football Sports Editor: Fred Fanson, Chief Phato- grapher. Not Pictured: Charlotte Fogg, Managing Editor. EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Doreen Duncan Margaret Fisher Nan Flippen Clay Gilbert Sharon Grass Kathy Kiker Joan Kincaid Florence Lucus Betty Miles JoAnn Murphy Kay Porta Janie Walker Alberta Wledeman ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Kay Barton Karen Bomhoff Carol Durham Krin Hollingsworth Richard Jones Donna Miller Ruth Nichols Phil Pumphrey Judy Remi Gayle Ryle Carol Schumacher Crystal Schwab John Sedberry Jesse Sherman Rosella Williams Terry Wilson Bert Yant ,, achers Seniors , Superintendent and Staff Board of Education f 1 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS g Dedication f" Music gf Organizations TOT Kaya Ity Junior College 91 Advert seme 75 Miscellaneo FOREWORD PURPOSE The tlme spon from l957 to V958 hos been o rnost rrnportont one In scnentrtuc duscovery Now we ore on the threshold ot conquenng spoce Mon hos splnt the otom ond dnscovernes follow dlscoverues oll glven burth by the untunute umogunotnon ond knowledge ot mon These two thungs hold the key to our future As we end thus phose ot our educotlon the only rood should be upword toword more knowledge ond understondnng Every drscovery which hos xmproved mon s stote hos corne from the thnnkung brown To continue these odvoncements more ond more Intellect wall be needed to solve the more duttncult ond Complex problems presented monkund Our generotuon should be reody to cope wuth these problerns Preporotuon should be our keynote to the tuture not only on thnngs ot the eorth but ot the universe ond the heoven 3 I . . 1 I 'Nix' - 1 'whbfm 54' " 'K f X . ,G 'vs Q hr' - J' ge MR ROBERT BECK r p QNTV f f f r .JT W r 3 w VW C O X1 J .J 9 2 Hzmhis L ,V 5 mffff X Q Q 1 ' H, rl! I 1 ,' i 1 ,' , : . - O-' ' I '4 C Thg f,1,uY ' nf nur ww. fwvdwcr hcf EDQVFVT ox: 'W C11 by We 'OTC ff the swf r 'XJ t mf, ff! .wg wjc rv yvu, N? 55769, but 'mr rv' 1 ff 4. H1 T V'LI mqy gffrmtxrmr' ff fn f ' If,piQlflQI'1. l ff QM lm Rupert F. Fogg President . :M George W. Gleason Vice President Morris D. Hurst Member BOARD OF EDUCATION The men pictured on this page are all members of the Board of Education. These men work tirelessly to improve our school system, They devote their own leisure time and their busy minds to our schools, for no reward except the pleasure derived from a job well done in the interest of young people. We want them to know that their efforts are appreciated in all things and we commend them for placing the El Reno schools among the best in the nation. The following are the officers and mem- bers who served on the Board of Education for the school year l957 - 58: Rupert F. Fogg, President: George W. Gleason, Vice-President: Morris D. Hurst, Member: Dr. C. Riley Strong, Member: Edwin C. Porter, Member: and James C. Bass, Member. Dr. C. Riley Strong Member Q-ff' Edwin C. Porter Member James C. Bass Member :eq Mr. Poul R. Taylor Superintendent ADMINISTRATION Emerson would counsel you to hitch your wagon to o stor. Hove noble aspirations but remind yourself, always, that "not failure but low aim is Crime." Please accept my congratulations upon your attoinments, It is now yours to go on to greater achievement. Give generously of your- self to those who need you even as you have received from others. You are extremely fortunate people be- cause you have had excellent instruction in the basic disciplines and exhilarating experi- ences in the reolm of moral and spiritual growth. The School has had the task of pre- paring you to use your mindsg it has shared with the Home, the Church, and the Com- munity the task of helping you to live on life's highrood. Put to full use the powers that are yours. Poul R. Taylor QL Mrs. Cora MocSwoin Mrs. Lindo Moore Mr. Walter Wilson Treasurer Secretory Clerk Z' Mr. Walter P. Marsh Principal A.B., M.A. Problems of Democracy 23 years in EHS F. 'B Mr M A Mitchell .lr Assistant Principal Dean of Boys -Registrar B.S., M. Ed. General Business ll years in EHS ,J Mr. Leslie F. Roblyer Curriculum and Guidance Director B.S., M.A., M.S. World History 2 years in EHS Miss May Shanklm B.S., MA. American Histo r y and Government 33 years in EHS Mr. C. L. McGill T and l Sponsor B.S., M.S. Co-ordinator Trade and dustriol Education 38 years in EHS or Mrs. Cora B. Etheridge Dean of Girls A.B., M. Ed. American and Oklahoma History 3 years in EHS Mrs. Josephine Taylor Phi and National Honor Society Sponsor A.B., M.S. Chemistry, Physics, Biology 29 years. in EHS Mr. J. E. Simmons B.S. Physical Ed.g Drivers Train- ing and Basketball Coach. 22 years in EHS 1, Mr. M. J. Robertson B.A. and M.S. Vocational Agric.g F,F.A. Sponsor. 16 years in EHS Miss Mabel L. Jones A.B., MA. and Post Grad. Head of Eng. Dept. Sr. Highschool and Jr. College Eng. 25 years in EHS W 'wvdufl' Mr. Roy P. Porter A.B., and M.S. Biology 21 years in EHS .5 J, . V -Q -sg. My 's fr ' Mrs. Edna McMahon Kelly BA., B.S.,and MA. Eng. and Library. 2l years in EHS -915.4- -gs Y,-up-As Mrs. Nina Mea Cooper Eng. A.B. 14 years in EHS Mrs. Lucile Blair A.B. and M.A. Sponishg Plane Geometry and Adelante Sponsor. 22 years in EHS Miss Dovie Anno Noble A.B., B.S., and M.C.E. Business Ed. - Shorthand and typing, bookeeping. l7 Years in EHS Miss Helen Knight B.S. and A.M. Math. l3 years in EHS .l Mr. Kenneth Kamm B.S. and M.A.Ed. Ind. Artsg Phys. Ed,g Sciencej Mathg Football Coach. 8 years in EHS Mr. Woodrow Barton B.S. and M.S. lnd. Arts and Gen. Shop .Woodwork Math and Mechl Drg Senate Sponsor. ll years in EHS ,. 'W J Q, ' F s. . f' C 3 X .. n P . nf- f 3 l v A Mrs. Deon Word A.B. Algebrag B.M.C. Sponsor. 6 years in EHS Mrs. Corene Jewltt Latin and Eng. l3 years in EHS Q"" Mrs. Colvin Gufh B.S., Art and M.A.S. Artg Art Appreciafionp Jr. College Artg Art Club and Pep Club Sponsor. 6 years in EHS N .f:,f2f 4?ikW'f'-'in Mr. Floyd M. Durham AB. and M.C.E. Typingg Jr. College P logy and Okla. History. lO years in EHS Mr. George A. Kizer B.F.A. and M.M.E. lnstrumental Musicg Band Director. 5 years in EHS Mr. Bill Davis B.S. of Ed. and M. of Teaching Science and biology and Gym. 4 years in EHS Mn. Vivian Moore B.S. and M.E. Vocational Home Econom- icsg F.H.A. Sponsor. l year in EHS I f wif' Mrs. Virginia Durham B.S. and M. Ed. English lj Pep Club Sponsor 3 years in EHS Mr. Ernest F. Doke A.B. and AA. English and Creative Writ- in g. I year in EHS Mrs. Betty Watson B.S. Vocational Home Econom- icsg F.H.A. and Pep Club Sponsor. 3 years in EHS Mr. Robert L. Beck A.B. and Ed. M. Moth l year in EHS sw if Mr. .lolm M. Belisle B. Music and M. Music Ed. Vocal Music. l year in EHS Mrs. Art Harrison A.B. English Il, Drama, Speech, Junior College Speechg B M.C. and Thespian Sponsor I year of EHS BILL HARRIS President -41" JOYCE ZUCKSWORTH Vnce Presrdent M-3' 3 KATHY K IK ER Treasurer 0? JOANIN Nr E ZKE Secretary JOHN ADAMS - Art Club, Thespians, All School Play, Track, Boomer Art Editor JOANNE ALEXANDER - Cheerleader, F,H.A., A Cappella Choir, B.M.C. Secretary, Senior CIQ55 Secretary, Squaws, E.H.S. Pep Club, T 8. I, Freshman Pep Club. GLENDA ANDERSON -- Sauows, E,H.S. Pep Club, B,M,C. Porliamentarian, T 8. l Secretary. fm : gui X i. i "ig, K . X, CHARLES ANTHONY - T 8. l, Adelante, Forum. 'se MAURICE AusLEY Y' F.F.A,, T 81 I Vice- iw' " 4 , . ff-'Y 'f""' President. ,- tu--,ev 14 z I?" x ' W N J' rf. . , K . ,., an f Don: amen - Bus 7-- Driver, F.F.A. Secretory, I President. JAKE BLOOM - Band All-State Band, Thes- pians, Adelante. KAREN BOMHOFF - Recieved her Mrs. de- gree and moved away. FREDA BOND - Art Club, Freshman Pep Club, 4-H, F.H.A. PHYLLIS BOYER - Pepetts, F.H,A., Art Club, B.M.C., E.H.S, Pep Club, Freshman Pep Club. ,.., .5 , s.. "v Q an-A In nd n ft .sx.,,,,.. J," Ia mn - ' s PETER BARGELIOTES - National Honor Society , 'mf BOB BARNES -- Boys' State, Letterman, Adelcinte. BETTY BARTLETT - Freshman Pep Club, Pepetts, B.M.C., F.H.A., E.H.S., Pep Club. NEAL BAUCOM - T 8. l President, Band. f Q1 .1 A Ilan N. ff' tra DOROTHY BOLING-B. M.C. Treosurer, Histor- ian, F.H.A., E.H.s. Pep Club, A Cappella Choir, Freshman Pep Club, Pep- ENS. Q' ' Sv' Q-if C L E T A CARMICHAEL - Squaws, Cheerleader, F.l-I.A., E.H.S. Pep Club, B.M.C., Adelante, A Cappella Choir, Fresh- man Pep Club. PATTY CHILES-Fresh- man Pep Club President, Adelante Secretary, Phi President, Piano Accom- panist, Art Club, Nation- al Honor Society, E.H.S. Pep Club, Pepetts. 'li me s ?l'm ff ROBERT BULLOCK - Hobby: Drawing. BILLIE JEAN CACY - F,H.A. Reporter, Phi, National Honor Society, Pepetts, E.H.S. Pep Club Cheerleader, Girls' State, A Cappella Choir, Junior Class Secretary, Freshman Pep Club. MARY CALVERT - Hobby: Horses. LEROY CORN - Lette man's Club, Rotary Clui Forum, Tulsa World AE Q! :Lf '57 State Team, Conferen Lineman-of- the -Year, I LILLIAN COX - B.M.C., T 81 I Treasurer. WILLIAM COX -- Conference Team, E.H Pep Club King, Co-Co, tain Football, Studs Rotarian. BILLY CRAIG -- Letterman's Club, All Dis- trict Football, All Conference Football, A Cap- pella Choir, Band. ERNEST CROSSWHITE - l.etterman's Club. DOLORES CURTIS - E. H.S, Pep Club Vice-Pres- ident, B.M.C., Adelante, Librarian, Office Girl Squaws, Freshman Pep Club. 1 'ig' SAM CURTIS - Lette L. K' man's Club, All Conte V? 4v""' ence. , JUDY DAVIS Pepetts EHS Pep Club Freshman Pep Club Phi Thespians FHA 1 'Vx Sophomore Class Secretary Office Girl FRENCH DENWALT Forum Adelonte JEANNIE DOKE Art Club FHA Bond Maiorette, T 81 l, Pepetts, Freshman Pep Club, Phi, National Forensic League. JIM DUCKETT - Letterman's Club, Adelan- te, All Conference Back-of-The-Year, All Dist- trict. DOREEN DUNCAN - Art Club, E.H.S. Pep Club Treasurer, Squaws, Freshman Pep Club, B.M.C., Boomer Staff. JIM DUNN - Adelante, Forum. KATIE DUNN - T 8- l Sweetheart, B.M.C. Sec- retary, President, Adelan- te, Art Club, Librarian, Squaws, Freshman Pep Club. RAY EDWARDS - Hob- by: Horses. T O M M Y ELLIOTT Senate, F.F.A., Choir HA JERRY DON FARRELL - Band, Pep Band, ,,,, Cl'1OlI'. mj' KAREN rAucoN - Pep- S, T 8. I, B.M.c., MARILYN ELLISON - Band Queen Attend- ant, Girls' State, Student Council, Sophomore Class President, F.H.A. President, Historian, Song Leader, 4-H, Pepetts, Freshman Pep Club, E.H.S. Pep Club, Phi, National Honor Society. LARRY ENGELHART - Thespians, Drum Ma- jor, Student Band Director, All State Band. JERRY ESTES - F.F.A. Sentinel, Forum, Band, Student Council. NAN FLIPPEN - Organ- ist, Boomer Staff, Ade- lante, Phi Poet Laure- ate, A Cappella Choir, E.H.S. Pep Club, Cheer- leader, Freshman Pep Club, Pepetts, F.H.A. Parliamentarian. CHARLOTTE FOGG - National Honor Soc- iety, E.H.S. Pep Club, Parliamentarian, Thes- pians Secretary, Student Council Secretary, Parliamentarian, Adelante Secretary, Spanish Queen, Boomer Managing Editor, Freshman Pep Club, Pepetts, National Student Council Convention. CLAY GILBERT - Pepetts, Freshman Pep Phi, E.H.S. Pep Club, F.H.A., Adelante Presi- dent, A Cappella Choir, Boomer Staff. in Basketball. RUTH ANN HALACKA-- F.H.A. Treasurer, Vice- President, Pepetts, Fresh- man Pep Club Vice-Pres- ident, E.H.S. Pep Club Reporter, Phi, National Honor Society Vice-Presi- dent. MARTHA HANNEMAN -F.H.A., Freshman Pep Club, Pepetts, E.H.S. Pep Club. DUB HARTWIG - Forum. KAY HAYWARD - Hobbies: Swimming and Skating. IRVIN HECKES - F.F.A. Parliamentarian, Art Club. SHARON GRASS-A Cappella Choir, Adelante Treasurer, Boomer Staff. KARL GRAY - BAND SANDI GRESHMAN - National Honor Society Secretary 8. Treasurer, Freshman Pep Club, Pepetts, Phi, Art Club Secretary, Football Queen Attendant, T 8. l. W SANDRA HEITZMAN- B. M. C. Vice-President, Freshman Pep Club, E. H.S. Pep Club, Sauaws, T 81 I, A Cappella Choir, All-State Choir. LINDA HENSLEY - E. H.S. Pep Club, Phi Sec- retory, Adelante Report- er, Freshman Pep Club, Pepetts, Boomer Chief Writer. X.l fn... KX 1,1 .w,,,. 3 'R BILL HARRIS - Seni: Class President, Bo State, Adelante, Lette man's Club, Forum, dent Council, i Athletic Scholarship iety. JAMES HICHERSON Bus Driver. KAREN HUCHTEMANN--B.M.C., 4-H, Fresh- man Pep Club, Pepetts. MARY ANN HUNTRESS - Squows, E.H.S. Pep Club. ALLEN JENSEN - F,F.A. Vice-President, Re- porter. LAVADA JESSUP - F.H.A., Pepeffs, Fresh- man Pep Club. cAnoi. JEAN JONES - squows, Phi, Aff club, E.H.5. Pcp Club. NORA LEE JONES - Received her Mrs. De- gree and moved away. ANNY KELLER 4 Let- erman's Club, AlI-Con- r erence, All-District Foot- l, all. r ATHY KIKER-F.H.A,, Cgppellg Cl'1Olr, Pep- tts, E,H.S. Pep Club His- orian, Phi Historian, enior Class Treasurer Pep Club, Ade Treasurer, Vice it, Boomer Staff. OE KUPKA - Hobby- ars. EQRGIA LACEFIELD - Q delante, F.H.A. rf- . Q DELORES LINDESMITH - Hobbies: Swimming and skating. CHARLOTTE LONG - Freshman Pep Club, Pepeffs, F.H.A., B.M.C., E.H.S. Pep Club. BARBARA LQRENZEN - Art Club, Freshman Pep Club, F.H.A., T 81 l, Squaws, E.H.S. Pep Club. 5. 'FE JOAN KINCAID-B.M.C A Cappella Choir, F,H.A., Freshman P e p Club, Cafeteria Staff. RUBY KORTEMEIER - B.M.C. Treasurer, 4-H Treasurer, Pepetts, E.H.S. Pep Club, F.H.A. VELDON KOUBA - Forum, T 81 l. JIM KUBON - B.M.C. King. LAURA LIEBSCHER - Freshman Pep Club, Pep- etts, F.H.A. A . lips JASON MARQUARDT- Adelante, Senate Presi- dent. BETTY MILES - Stu- dent Council, Phi, F.H.A. Song Leader, Boomer Staff, Pepetts, E.H.S. Pep Club, Secretary, A Cap- pella Choir Librarian, Secretary, All State Choir, Freshman Pep Club. JAMES MOWERY - Lettermon's Club, Forum. JIM MURPHY - Ath- letic Honor Society, Let- termon's Club, Thespians, Student Council Presi- dent, Football Captain, All Conference Back, All State, All District, All American Nominee, State Student Council Convention. 'Y- JOHN MILLER - JOHNNY MORRIS Forum, Band. ROBERT MORRIS - T 8il. .arf f157T"'Q I 'Thu-' NA 'S FLORENCE LUCUS - F.H.A., E.H.S. Pep Club, A Cappella Choir, Phi, Adelante, Pepetts, JUNIOR LUNSFORD - Hobbies: Hot Rods. CAROLYN MARQUARDT - Girls' State, Sen- ate Sweetheart, F.l-l.A. Devotional Committee, Pepetts, E.H.S. Pep Club, Phi, Student Council Treasurer, Adelante, Office Assistant, Sopho- more 8. Junior Class Treasurer, Boomer Editor, F.H.A., Freshman Pep Club, State Student Council Convention. ' GORDON MILLER-Bus , ' " , ' Driver. 'ws , K Y if 4 2 5,-P ,A W? i 1, vb at 1 ffgiis-1-1 DOUGLAS NEWMAN - Lettermon's Club. NELS OLANDER - Junior Class Vice-Presi- dent, Boys' State, Forum, Adelante, Art Club, Student Rotarian, Student Council Vice-Presi- dent, A Cappella Choir, Lettermon's Club, F.F.A. JUANITA O'NAN - Pepetts, E.l-l.S. Pep Club, A Cappella Choir, F.H.A. Secretary, 4-H Game Leader, Pianist, Recreation Leader, Song Leader, Phi. JoANN MURPHY - ALAN Hs. Pep Club, A cop -gf peiio choir, FHA., 4 H KAREN ONETH -- Girls' State, E.H.S. Pep Club, President, Pepetts, Freshman Pep Club, Boomer Staff, Art Club Treasurer, Student Council, Phi, National Honor Society. DIXIE OVERHOLSER - F.H.A., Squaws. JACKIE PARKER - Letterman's Club. JOE ALLEN PATRICK - Adelante. TERRY PETITT - Pep Club, Senate Vice-Presi- dent. , ,. ?im .-L fw- I fl fs' f 3' if vt 'Q . f , U? REQ - ' fJ'?2fg:,f . f:'?4" - gp i- f , xi- ,5 DQ'fi2:Q'r , 'H 1 44 J is 1 S18 TR S'- 1-vu. HARVEY PLAUT--Ade- lante, Forum, Student Council, National Honor Society President, Boys' State, Student Kiwanian. KAY PORTA -- Freshman Pep Club, F.H.A., Phi Treasurer, E.H.S. Pep Club, Adelonte Re- , A porter, Boomer Staff, Pepetts, Librarian, Thes- pians. -f f ts- ' MAXINE RED BUFFALO .MA 3 'j i ' 'I' JACK REEVES - Hobbies: Treasure Hunting 34' L' , and Reading. I . , . 11- JAY ,er i eers me-A V A -A A- LOUELLA RICKNER E,H.S. Pep Club, B.M.C., Squaws, F.H.A. RALPH RICKNER - F. F.A., T 81 I . CARL ROSCHER - Hobby: Cars. JOHN SCHMOYER - Senate, Pep Club. TOM SHARP - F.F.A. 'D Freshman Pep Club, F. H.A. :da , ,' .- -' ,,:11'.5,4 .vfg',.,.,, 1 ' -'F' 11e+1h.ffi1zyf'. ' . ff I '-' si' . ,we-4, . - f . 45" - . " sq., X, .. 4 are "7 Q? ,. ,,,, , """'. i lf R' ff: PAT ROBERTSON - , 1' Y wg-w 4 A a BINA SNELLING - Hob- by: Sewing. BILL STEVENS - Pep Bond, Band President. MARVIN TERRELL - Pep Band. JON TILLINGHAST - Band, Pep Band, Boys' State, Senate Secretary-Treasurer, Boomer Staff. PETE TRO - F.F.A. Treasurer. CHARLES VARNELL - H o b b y: Numismatics and Philatebb. BARBARA VIEWEG - Art Club, Squows, B.M. C., Adelante. -ev--f f JESSEE SHERMAN 1 Hobby: Horses. 'M GENE SLAUGHTER-Forum, Football Trainer. J. C. SMART - T 8. I. :gre .ss KAREN STOUT - Fresh- man Pep Club, Pepetts, T 8- I, Phi, A Cappella Choir. KA, in-:-... TW JUDY VOGEL - Stu- dent Council, Adelante, Art Club President, Vice- President, Phi President, Vice-President, B a n d Queen, E.H.S. Pep Club, Pepetts, Freshman Pep Club, Boomer Art Editor, Sophomore Class Vice- President, Office Staff. FRANK WALLER - T 8. I, Senate Sergeant- At-Arms. 5 53 JOYCE wARosN - s.M.c. X oscAn WEHEMULLER - F.F.A., Bond, A Cappella Choir. ALBERTA WIEDEMANN - B.M.C., E.l-l.S. Pep Club. MELVERN WILDS - FFA., Bus Driver. PEGGY WILLIAMS - Phi Vice-President, Art Club, El-l.S, Pep Club. ROSELLA WILLIAMS JEAN WILLINGHAM Art Club, Squows, F.H.A. ,I-C9 P , aff D PETER WRIGHT - JOYCE ZUCKSWORTH - Art Club President, Vice-President, Senior Class Vice-President, SfudentCour1cil, T 8 I. f r - I haul K 4, V w 2 DELPHA WILSON Squciws. 1 RONALD EVANS President KEITH WORSHAM Treasurer N MARION MARQUARDT Secretary IURS ORAN CLEMONS Vice-President Arnold Abner Conme Adams Larry Adams Ronnne Adams Bonnne Alexander Barbara Anderson Claretta Ankney Ronme Atklnson Nancy Bachelor Retha Barrow Amta Bartlett Kay Barton Tnsh Bogon Karen Boorsma Barbara Boston Carolyn Brown Glenn Brown Stanley Camper Don Cecnl Dons Chaloner Oran Clemons Freddie Coburn Burlynn Conner Bull Cook Jan Cooper Larry Crawford Sue Davldson Carolyn DeLaughter Jerry Dlvlne Thelma Dodd Gene Douglas Dorothy Duncan Carol Durham Glenda Dutcher Boots Effenbeck Pat Entrlkln Eugene Estes Ronald Evans Fred Fanson Lmda Farris av-Z QW' 41 Ki 1544 Q M ww 'E 3 " M u Y-f.-fa' 9 9 'Q -Q l - '-J l S.. LAJM sf md S 46 :Qi- Mx KLM x 5 -a. V ' To 1 ".?L'f1: ' . "' 'f -4 I H 'X ' f-1. 2' ,z 7 . V 4 , A V v. W if-sf . ' M., 1? , Y V Q. V A .ml . 1 " V' .5 .V H lx .lvv tgp, Q: . ,. . ,, . x - , . A: . Q 11 ,. ',. , C" . 6 . W- 0 ,.k I n 's , A W lg 5-ff 7.-Q, A W A 'ifflf ' ., . 1. ' A yly' 'L C- T y if t ,A 4' ll' N 5 -. 5: fr I' , x . Maxx t K I -If H Fx,-H ,Klux C' ll X , . . ., , A Uv ..y.v,, A if 4- ' W Q A - ,V . f- 1 Q 7 D l -, ' I J, K .Z 'l L3 y, . is 9 R . X33 ' W V . C 4 -A SI, ' 7 3 Y ,Q fl, r' 1 :. M1 5 Q Q A 1. . W r wr ' .R ' A. 1 N l " ff 5 . . - Af ' A1 H' y V SL 1 L., I' ' ln 11, I Q ? ' 5 'V . N A 1- 1 4 .,,,, - ., J A vf - x - ' ., x , N I. 5 - 4 'V u' A 1 S l 1 W5 Y xy C J . . y E 'I' - hz. ,Q5 JH mari 11" GY. 41 ,4 V dx. 1' 1 I it ad' ucv T? MMV an-41' 'G fn 5 -e-J Mike Fire Richard Fogg Robert Forquer Pat Fox Bob Garrett Judy Gholston Gene Gladney Carolyn Good Jasper Golden Cecil Graham Glenn Griffin Jimmy Hahn Bill Hall George Hamilton Lee Roy Heidelberg La Donna Helm Billy Hull Peggy Halley Marguerite Hoard Krln Hollingsworth Manuel Huesman Betty lrvln Katherine lrvln Herbert Isles Phil lvester Joyce Jackson Bill Jeffrey Shirley Johnson Richard Jones Verle Jones Elaine Kitchell Bunny Laughlin Barbara Leach John Lee Arthur Link Richard Lorenzen Betty Lunsford Jack Lyle Barbara Jo Maly Marion Marquardt Jody Maxey Sharon McCabe Ball McDonlels Patti McGarvin Judy McGee Bob McGotfin Bino McWethy Donna Miller Pat Miller Ernest Morrison Robert Myers Darell Newman Ruth Nichols Gayla Niles Eddie O Bleness Patsy Oldfield Melvin Payton Bonnie Pierce Kenneth Potts Ronald Porter Nancy Power Jam Preston Llnda Price Phil Pumphrey Judy Rem: Leslie Reusser Sherry Rogers Burrel Rushing Gayle Ryel Charles Sanders Bud Schroeder Carol Schumacher 'P--1.5 ii -W Crystal Schwab ' ' 5' f 5, John Sedberry Carl Sessions Marilyn Shaw Billy Shrum Velva Smirl Betty Smith Betty Jo Southern AI, . my 1' 'Wi-gh: he 4.2.-J -sud' 41 51 59' we-Y s.. 3 4-w.. 'N 40" 1-'J KL, ff D Qi R 1' "bf ll' ivy. 'L an .aairtt x i" mm' 'll A-fx 1:7 6- s is to -W it X Don Muller wa Wnlllam Yount Wnlma Yount Ronnle Southern Allce Stanley Marvnn Starkey Ida Stephens Mary Stephens Pat Stuart Dorothy Swvngle Danny Tarnmen Beverly Tate Etta Tennery Rlchard Tntterlngton Sara Valderas Phyllis Vaughn Jannce Wallace Lynda Ward Loretta Warren MOFIOD Watson Joe Whlpple Kathernne Whlte Farris Whltley Brenda Wledemaner Jlmmy Wlllnams Terry Wnlson Keith Worsham Bert Yant Dignified Juniors P FRED HOBSON President JACKNE' HILL SHARON HFMMTON Vicc-President Treasurer LYNDA THOMPSON Secretary SUPH UMURES 1. An, . r Q 4: ,, ,,, Q -A 'L " X A ' 4 N 2 Xx .if i 1 ff I 5 1 I Adrnenne Adams Lena Faye Alger Larry Anderson Josephme Ashley Ronnle Ausley Bonnie Sue Baldwin Mary Loulse Barker Susan Barnes Carollne Bloom Joyce Ann Boyer Charles Brandley Larry Briggs Marvellena Brooks Kay Callahan Carla Caster Gary Caster Jeanne Cavuns Sherry Chambless Dale Chappell Claude Cherry Melinda Clancy Keuth Clark Kenneth Clayton Alfred Colt Make Conner Bull Cooksey Davnd Cordray Lanuta Courtney Lura Crow Elame Croxton Ellen Davis Phyllus DeLaughter Ann Dillon Larry Danckson Patsy Dlxon Don Dresser Letntna Eagle Wayne Edwards Lnnda Elkms Kay Enfield Frances Farnham Kathy Faucon Sandra Feathers Sue Ferguson Darlene Frachnseur if iiwn 28 A-O! 553- Ch ,A if 1 'ls W? px Ami, 14' 'gnu Q3-14 l' 'X 5 FTE C lf l ' fx ,gg 21 ltzf-V-'ire' -A ' r QT vi ."4' .' Z5 - ii' A , .V 1 -1:1 . J Q ,A I ,.: ' . , , V- L A .Jaw , A2671 5 x I M AV ' 4 ,L x 1 ,. -'rf Y 17 Q ,nik :I 'Q 3 X I . ' ' E , , K lg: ,, ' 1 X A . A.-Zi-I , " . g I - V I ,u 'H - . l T ' .V . ' - V L . is A 5 , V V113 U gir. ' Q.- V, 1 it flr, ' , . 11 3 N- V X A 3. 4 5 we Q "A I ' A: V lzrxx .- l . . Q 3 , J i . is 7 , Q . bf ,.. - :AL 1 I Y , . . V - i -It RHAQJA . r ' ,rrre 1 . F- . 'ff' L1 A- A -,,.l. vlyl I . . Zi, gf. , - " is ,ss P . I 2. ef 'Q ' i Q V X I I . f ' ,o. QL Bob Gardner Bonita Gentry Renie Gholston John Gnlfnllan Mary Beth Goldberger Mary lna Good Karen Grass Charles Graves Sharon Hamilton Sally Harrnson Roselyn Haynes Vonda Heckes Mozelle Henderson Joe Hennckson Calvnn Hnckerson Jackle Hull Freddue Hobson Vrrda Hobson Judy Hromada Ray Hubbard Della Mae Huchtemann Sand: Humphrey Loretta Husmann Patsy Huston Carolyn Jollnff Dolores Kastl Richard Koebnck Blllue LeBlew Amanda Lewls Royalyn Loyall Kay Marne Ray Marne Beatrnce Marquardt Dlana Marquardt Bull Maynard Karen McGuire Edna Mehan Buddy Mules Jarold Muller Lewls Morgan Clayton Morse Jack Mosher Stanley Mulanax Ruchard Myers Janne Newman Paulette Nunman Jamie Sue Palmer Karen Parks Kenneth Power Jannola Rams Tommy Randall Lavon Reusser Bert Rickner Rilla Rickner Dianne Roberts Nathan Rose Janice Rush Janet Schroeder Sharon Seely Louise Self Pat Shammel Gaylord Shaw Eldon Shrum Johnnie Siler Elizabeth Simmons Kenneth Steen David Stephens Leroy Stewart Bill Strickland Jewelene Stone Gayle Stoneman Janice Stoner Bill Stout Leon Taylor Lynda Thompson Jan Tillinghast Joyce Vieweg Loquita Voight Andrew VonWerder Clara Mae Wagner Tice Wagner Tom Walker Kenneth Wehmuller Freda Welch Judy Wells Patricia Wells Christine Whitley Clydel Wier Ellen Wilkerson 13 -s., M fl x 1 1' of Q'-7 xl F" Yo? t V A 60. - V' 1. f 1 X ,rf 'rw' fl Zi l s. w. 30 rv .sf' li fe-vt, x tv, ' X 'A i5"'2! M , "W ,jg I ' ' 5 lf ? ' ' 'J 'F' i f if-1 ' . . Q ,Q , 4 2 x Q Q' pf Sharon Williams David Willsey Larry Willsey Carolyn Wintermute Judy Wright Cliff Powell all 'fr' --. 11 4? 'W--c-,L An:..!.'illv What are you waiting for? Get Busy 31 Anyone or a pillow? 'Ali' 1 , Al o ll W -Q Tyla W fl If f ' . 'Q W1 3 no S J fs r W I 9 ' i .A , I, lf" i ? X K' 5 'l 6 .. M :NMI . . 1 l PAUL WINSLOW JUDY HORN President Y Vuce President fs- azfii. ROGER CH ILES Secretory JAM! E CAVIN Treasurer PRES PM W I 5. 'zf Na , :ein 1-11 1 ,.uZmI,- ,M I ' . .L+"-f.f'iafFB4sa.",:f-ifwsysf:-s.4e,2'wf5 " ' ' N Q I+ 451. M, ,M 5.3, :L L, , V , V. ' - ' 1 . - 1 ' e r ,,,, r X e e I I ., ?"A W, . as . ' ..g.m. :. I Wayne Ables Sharon Adams Kathy Alldredge Gary Allen Katherlne Arnold Gary Armstrong Kay Atkrnson Grace Barber Jennlfer Barber Jimmy Barker Phyllss Bartlett Don Barton Jerry Bass Peggy Sue Beaver Eddie Blake Ronald Bloodworth Barbara Boedecker Larry Boyer Andrew Brlstow Janus Brower Loretta Brown Mary Sue Bruce Georgxe Buchanan Darryl Bullock Henry Bushyhead Janlce Cahnll Dons Calvert Ellen Carroll Jamle Cavan Beverly Cash Karen Cecul Karol Cecll Gall Chadwick Pam Chnles Roger Chnles Lue Ann Clark Donald Coffman Sandra Coker Richard Cole " C7 W4 -K1 Q7 9 ir L X A .4 -r 4 g df. .W A 'L ' . C' ,I - C y I V ' A A- -W 1 Marvin Bell 'V I " x 'N ' 9 2 Q l A A 4 1' U' -A ,' -Rv' " ,La C 'E if .lg l f 33 rw rt.. ri !""Pvu as Af A-.N 1 C7 CHQ! va C" 'J ' as I '6 A .1 Smut-Jlf 34 Mnke Conner Jerry Cralg Delda Crawford Ann Culver Steve Culver Patty Daggs Duane Davrs Betty Due Shnrley DeLaugl'1ter Betty Dennis Larry Denwolt Lynn Denwalt Harry Donnellan Travrs Duncan Aluce Dunn Joyce Edgar Leslue Edwards Carolyn Effenbeck Vlfgll Elllott Margaret Estes Floyd Foutz Joyce Fleet Larry Fox Wmfred Garrett Lando George James Good Patrvcla Gordon Danny Grady Landa Grady Donas Grass Clara Greany Elame Gresham Freddle Grlffm Ronald Grufflth Joe Hale Betty Hall Charlene Hall Ray Hamby Mary Hanneman Tommy Harris Morgue Haworth Dolores Hlx Judy Horn Jlrnmy lsles Sherry lvester Lora Jackson Sandra Jackson Larry Jessup Jerry Johnson Harold Johnson Deanna Jolllff Earl Roy Jones Theresa Jones Pat Jordan Phyllns Kenyon Nancy Kessler Mary Kung Vernon Kyle Lars Lackey Bull ee Edwuna Lernke .lm -es' 4-5 -sd' ss M fr ce WL' b-.R L. Q 4 1-7 'vw v Carolyn Lovelady .2 is Helen Lunsford Duck Maxey Sandra Manetathchl Clara Mehan Jeanette Meyer Rachard Meyer Barbara Muller Cindy Muller Clnfta Jo Miller Reba Muller Roy Lee Muller Porter Morpl-us Trent Morris Jo Ellen Morrison LXXI 1 Charlotte Noll " Weselyn Nlnman Lando O'BIeness Ted Owenby K 7 Q-f flu Nr I l f '-. ' 1- J ' 1' ' V , ig Q, A an , J fa ' N J in ' r ...e 4-l 1 . if , 'if . T' . ,, 'QW 4 - . 1: J' nv- 2 ' ' tp A L- C so -M M ls l L, ' ' D Q an y 6 Q ' a 1 22' . V. 4 B., X . 3 " - I N ww ' "' . L 4 "1' - we Y , . J x l I x 1 li J e tx W Q - 'X - ' I - .Q - . 1: , ' Mb F ff, X 2 2. J b l ' I . . , as , ' --1 9' M . f "'1 r, ' V Y? ' ' - if X , ' , 4- A - ,Q 'F E 1 P , ' fe D , '- M L as y . 35 X 6- '1' 2 , N-.4 and tie! NI' X 5 ff- 'ND' Ulla ,.,o wi N t x , Sf ,.,-,Q Ji! 'T ff in--V L 'B .5 36 1 5-Q Y if Wi E' Mary Sue Parr Larry Patswald Doris Paxton Carolyn Perdue Kathryn Perdue Shannon Petltt Jaan Porter Altha Posey Patrrcla Powell Monte Pruett Carolyn Pullan Catherune Raymond Jerry Reeves Lanny Reuter Larry Reuter Malcolm Ronsplez Sharon Saunders Wayne Schwab Roy Sherer Gwendolyn Shropshl Lmda Slate Rose Marne Sleeper Glenda Smlth Julla Smlth Ronald Spurlln Zetta Spurr Ronnue Stafford Joe Stanley fe Blllne Marne Stansbury Herman Steen Gary Stepp Jlm Stevens Carol Stewart Barbara Stone Kelth Stout Mary Tate Lucretua Terry Ann Thraslklll Bob Turley Albert Vneweg Leon Warren Roger Weldemoler Llndo Whitley Jomce Wnlkerson Flossle Wnllnoms Al"""' Sue ond Lynn dorng iherr homework? 1"kV xx...,,,,,m-,,,,f'2 SPO 1 R T S - FOOTBALL SEASON SUMMARY The EI Reno Indians found themselves rated low in both the Boomer Conference and State ratings at the beginning of the l957 football season. Keeping the traditional E.H.S. spirit the tribe, bound to upset predictions, won for the first time in El Reno's football past a clear-cut Boomer-Conference crown and went on to become State Class AA run- ners-up. It seems that the Indians just have to start a successful football season by losing their first game. The I3 - 7 defeat handed to El Reno by the Capitol Hill Redskins failed to slow down the spirited Indians. Beating the war drum the tribe romped Harding in a I9-O tally. The team collected its second scalp by shutting out Clinton 20-O. The Indians repeating themselves beat Norman 25-6 and the following week buried the Chickasha Chicks in an undecisive 26 - O vic- tory. The Warriors full-throttle overscored Duncan in a 33 - 20 battle. ' The Indians, playing host to the old El Reno rivals, the Lawton Woverines, man- aged to upset all predictions in a stunning 26-O conflict. Flu and wet weather were the main factors that caused the last home game of the season to be cancelled with the Putman City Pirates. This faded hopes of bringing home the Maxwell Trophy for good this year and also upset plans for the annual homecoming. The tribe, stopping at nothing less than victory, defeated the conference foes, Enid, I9-7, and the following week trampled Ardmore 26 - O cinching the Boomer- Conference crown and a ticket to the state play-offs. The tribe was again to play Capitol Hill, representative of the Mid-State finals, for the State Class AA crown at Taft Stadium in Oklahoma City. The Indians were once again upended by the Redskins in a close I9 - I4 battle. No one can deny that the El Reno High School Indians had an impressive season. The l957 edition of the Indians, closing the season with an 8 - 2 game record, upset all previous predictions winning the Boomer-Conference crown and becoming the State Class AA runners-up. Personal honors went to seven seniors who were named on the Boomer-Conference team and also on the All-District team. These seniors are: LeRoy Corn, Jim Murphy, Lanny Keller, Billy Craig, Jim Duckett, Sam Curtis, and Ernest Crosswhite. In addition, LeRoy Corn and Jim Duckett were named Boomer- Conference lineman and Boomer-Conference back of the year. Extra honors went to LeRoy Corn and Jim Murphy who were named on the All-State team. LeRoy Corn accepted the great honor of being named on the Sports News Magazine All-American eleven. i SENIOR IETTERMEN SAM Center BILL DAVIS Assnstant Coach BOB B ECK Assnstant Coach ERNEST CROSSWHITE JIM DUCKETT BILLY CRAIG Tackle Fullback n LANNY KELLER NELS OLANDER Guard DOUG NEWMAN Center KENNETH KAMM J IM MURPHY Halfback JAMES MOWERY n LEROY CORN Tackle Head Coach Nj ' 13X , N- - L 4 S First Row: Fred Hobson, Trainer, Richard Fogg Harvey Plaut Robert McGoffin B ll Harris Jim Preston, Jack Parker. Second Row: Mike Fire Jim Murphy Billy Craig Manuel Heusman, Ronny Grady, Bruce Cotty, Gene Estes Tom Mowery Jenks Simmons Coach BASKETBALL SEASON SUMMARY The l957- 58 basketball season proved to be a very profitable and glorious one for the E.H.S. lndians by being victorious over all but one opponent in the Boomer Con- ference. Going on they became the undisputed champions of the Conference, and they were eliminated in the regional tournaments by the strength of Enid. In the first conference game of the season Duncan squeezed by 35 to 39. We then lowered the boom on Capitol Hill of Oklahoma City 49 to 44, Increasing our lead we romped over Chickasha 56 to 45 and Norman 4l to 36. ln a hard fought battle we whipped Lawton 39 to 38. Then for the second time we smeared Capitol Hill 43 to 36. Ardmore fell before the mighty lndians with a 65 to 57. ln a fierce battle the tribe bowed to Clinton 52 to 43. Coming back we were victorious 44 to 42. Norman was trampled 52 to 48. The Chickasha Chicks were swamped by the ' lu l 3-J . - ll'-Q-fo if 'N 3. Q " Y if 'Q ' A'-'S if ' 1' my .-,,,!.l- s,,gl,- X32 m1' f 1 1 i. i ll!lFRl':!m,4 X-X ,,, Q , 0 5 gli M Y: !",?W F! r N- , 1 'c ' 1 Q 'Q Yi- p , 5 Ka W E- 8. V1 A f-- 4 N . Q Wifi 1 Oh x 1 '1 ' K-X Qjw, A !ff7Q pX ! Od. NY R 1 X , ,,,,, N: :":'f'1'l' KV! N I, I 0 U89 qtllo gsimuo gxllvg 6 Ill 'U one U W 9-lilo mug 9 m "Nm f,s.lW0 Ill X i, x " x ' S f Qs--I V'p ,Q 'x' V ix 4 NJ ' ws m Mm' 0 53,0 van 9.30 wmv! 5 A ' ,f'ff24 '. ' ,691 Q 4 ,, .,, l,iQ ,Q . Q l ,Q--N. A Q Q -I-'jlgvf 3 '!15pf2 i, Y . X - gg , ff -ff' 'l1if'5f":fTf Y' A ' . A N'7fE?if? if 'T fe 3 A Q x H A E, ,N 1 I-fi13:f1.:fjA:fQQ:5' ., ' i A ' ,, .14 .45:??fiQ'ff'f5':i 1 , ,,,, W f 9 I - 332-1-Z1'lAjfTf . K S ' X 1 ' j5Z1iI31 I5ff5I7i-:ij ' Q f 'A ' ' NN A f :S-:-s i - f 55355355-55f5f4 ' ' X ' ' Q 5 iis2fs2ffaaf,2g 1- - - -0 Q , I . .'.:f-f"7f:"?f - , ,J-W N Q V J ' "" """, Q, ff-fEff:5ff7f ' I I ' 1 A J f' Q'fff73vNwE5H ' IIA 15523133 'lf - ' , f" '.sf15'f,,Q, iiuTs' . 2 5' 1 I . X- V A .W Q -.fs I 521:T1 gs::2:, i g. 45 ' 4 ' f ff" '- xv I X.f'ffff,a1:fl1 v1Qi?gv+ 2 ' ' J W, r I QM.W'Wi1 .1Tif?V 5 " . Q W., I xs I- QQ' on -5:-Zh Q-, i- I 1 if as , 1, 19' y 1 , fl f 5,5 - 9 - - 4-,ff , i I -3 Mgr, s 3 - 4 . ' 1 EI" ri ' ' gg ,4 'E' 55 .f V'l3 Q' 4 .1 ,-P W Z di'- 4-R 4 Q P' .. .Y I I NAU. ST Mug.. F bl ' 0 "Q i U 'J " 0 , I . 0 2 ' ...Ngu- ZIILI . 1. lb MH :K A .2 F .' 'W ., 'Nfl x57 f'8a' W. 1 1 ' f f -.Q x D 6 , ,I l fa! Q " 1, an 3' . U rf f'X fx xy- f"N ix I'-F ,jflby N-. 'LW 6' -444, ty.. , .fr If 4. . ff 'ij' .ff " JK :fe 4152 W.-ff' x-'A' .ff lx" 35 .Ik S 4:"'i" 'v- 1, , r 53 N rf? 'I 1 X f , If -' . ' I' ,- :K JT". iff? J' . X . 1 A W4 '- 1 L' Iii? N N 1- , .XM wi f Q' ,, , 4' 6 Z, 5. mn- , ' ru fi f' i xx' x 'ff ...f INWCQ K--r HWY' :Fr-wr 05'-Qs cxfL..m, 1 S fl Di ...Q A Af BAND ROYALTY Bill Stevens, President: Larry Englehart, Drum Major: Gayle Stonernan, Twirler: Band Queen: John Lee, Assistant Drum Major: and Jeannie Doke, Twirler. Judy Vogel PEP BAND Row One: George Hamilton, Richard Lorenzen, Paul Winslow, Dan Patman, Bill Maynard Byron. Row Two: Don Johnson, Bert Yant, Kenneth Potts, Bill Lee, Terry Pettit. Row Three: Larry Engelhart, Fred Fanson, Marvin Terrell, Kenneth Taylor, Kenneth Clayton, Wayne Ables, Jon Tillinghast, John Lee. BAND Row One: Jeanne Cavin, Oboe, Jan Tillinghast, Bassoon, Karen McGuire, Bassoon, Delores Kastel, Flute, Lindo O'Bleness, Flute, Tish Bagan, Flute, Byron McNaught, Flute, Bill Moy- nard, Flute. Row Two: George Hamilton, Clarinet, Richard Lorenzen, Clarinet, Potty Wells, Clarinet, Dan Patman, Alto Clarinet, Otis Bruce, French Horn, Janice Cahill, French Horn, Joyce Edgar, French Horn, Larry Englehart, French Horn, Richard Cole, Alto Saxophone, Richard Leonard, Alto Saxo- phone, Lovonne Reusser, Alto Saxophone, John Schomoyer, Alto Saxophone. Row Three: Mr. Kizer, Paul Winslow, Clarinet, Larry Anderson, Clarinet, Diana Roberts, Clarinet, Don John- son, Cornet, Kenneth Potts, Cornet, Jerry Bass, Cornet, Bert Yant, Cornet, Bill Lee, Cornet, Tom Blackwell, Cornet, Gene Douglass, Cornet, Leslie Edwards, Cornet, Jerry Johnson, Cornet, Dale Chappell, Baritone, Lislie Reusser, Baritone, Larry Briggs, Baritone, Bill Stevens, Baritone Saxo- phone, Harry Donnellan, Tenor Saxophone, Linda Elkins, Tenor Saxophone. Row Four: Wilma Yount, Clarinet, Thresso Jones, Clorinet, Jim Stevens, Clarinet, Dan Barton, Clarinet, Fred Fanson, Bass Drum, Ray Hamby, Snare Drum,'Gyendollyn Shropshire, Cymbals, Bonnie Sue Baldwin, Bass Clarinet, Willian Yount, Bass, Jerry Farrell, Bass, Wayne Ables, Trombone, Kenneth Clayton, Trombone, Lynn Connor, Trom- bone, Jon Tillinghast, Trombone, John Lee, Trombone. 49' n Ll" lu .1 ,,, 5.. R 'E' Mr. Kizer, Bondrnoster. N I 4 URGA IZATIUNS f l 3? gl' Ig 'fl KJ Row One: Charlotte Fogg, Jim Murphy, Carolyn Marquardt, Nels Olander, Joyce Zucksworth. Row Two: Dorothy Swingle, Richard Fogg. Ronald Evans, Sue Davidson, Row Three: Judy Hromada, Gaylord Shaw, Susan Barnes. Row Four: Janice Wilkerson, Kathy Armold., Row Five: Earl Roy Jones. The executive council of EI Reno High School Student association, commonly called Student Coun- cil, was tirst organized in l939. To become a member of Student Council a student must be voted on by his class as a whole as a class representative, The Student Council officers are elected by the entire student body. The Student Council consists of 3 class rep- resentatives from the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes, the junior and senior class presidents and the tour senior student council officers which makes a total of l5. i MR WALTER P MARSH Sponsor MRS. CORA B ETHERIDGE 17 rv-wrt m My Charlotte Fogg, Secretory: Jim Murphy, President: Nels Olander, Vice- President: Carolyn Marquardt, Treasurer. q. s 4 T A 'ji 'Sli A lUNl0R AND SENIOR PEP CLUB Cheerleaders: Billie Jean Cacy, Nan Flippen, Bina McWethy. Row One: Juanita O'Nan, Carolyn Marquardt, Marilyn Elli- son, Clay Gilbert, Kathy Kiker, Dolores Curtis, Karen Oneth, Betty Miles, Ruth Ann Holacka, Charlotte Fogg, Kay Porta, Linda Hensley. Row Two: Alberta Wiedenmann, Carol Jean Jones, Judy Vogel, Jo Ann Murphy, Florence Lucus, Ruby Kortemeier, Martha Hannemon, Phyllis Vaughn, Dorothy Boling, Sondra Heitzman, Betty Bartlett, Louella Rickner. Row Three: Etta Tennery, Beverley Tate, Judy Gholston, Carol Durham, Claretta Ankney, Marion Marquardt, Shirley Johnson, Gayle Ryle, Joyce Jackson, La Donna Helm, Linda Price, Carolyn QT ' Q 1 eq ,- .1 T: N ry, . , in 1 N, fl' Mrs. Ardyth Guth and Mrs. Coy Watson, Sponsors. QQ torion. De Laughter, Alice Stanley, Katherine White. Row Four: Ida Stephens, Anita Bartlett, Barbara Anderson, Ruth Nichols, Judy Remi, Marilyn Shaw, Sherry Rogers, Pat Entriken, Sharon McCabe, Tish Bogan, Marguerite Hoard, Jon Cooper, Row Five: Mary Stephens, Barbara Leach, Loretta Warren, Judy McGee, Carolyn Good, Karen Boorsma, Linda Ward, Bunny Laughlin, Betty Jo Southern, Boots Effenbeck, Dorothy Swinale. Row Six: Katie Irvin, Krin Hollingsworth, Barbara Jo Maly, Nancy Bachelor, Jerry Divine, Betty Irvin, Sue Davidson, Kay Barton, Pat Miller, Pat Fox, Glenda Anderson, Janice Wallace. The El Reno High School pep club was organized at the close of the l956 - 57 school year. The purpose of the one organized unit was to raise the standard of school spirit and to promote a high standard of scholarship and citizenship. The requirements for membership are a grade average of 2., and a clear citizenship record. All girls possessing these and main- taining them can become members. First Row: Dolores Curtis, Vice-President: Karen Oneth, President: Betty Miles, Secretary. Second Row: Kathy Kiker, Historian: Ruth Ann Holocka, Treasurer: Charlotte Fagg, Parliamen- .560 Grace Barber, Cheerleader: Dawn Hollingsworth, Mascot, Susan Barnes, Cheerleader. Row One: Sharon Hamilton, Jewelene Stone, Mary Beth Goldberger, Poselyn Haynes, Amanda Lewis, Sherry Chambless, Jamie Sue Palmer, Ann Dillon, Mary Louise Barker, Gayle Stoneman, Judy Hromada. Sally Harrison. Row Two: Barbara Miller. Pamela Chiles. Janice Wilkerson, Sherry lvester, Julia Smith, Linda George, Jennifer Barber, Carolyn Lovelady, Doris Paxton, Delda Craw- ford, Sharon Williams, Christine Whitley. Row Three: Betty Dennis, Judy Wells, Diane Davis, Royalyn Loyall, Verda Hob- son, Kathy Faucon, Kay Enfield, Karen McGuire, Vonda Heckes, Elaine Croxton, Karen Parks, Rilla Rickner, Caroline Bloom, Phyllis DeLaughter, Kay Maine, Beverly Cash, Ann Thrailkill, Janice Brower, Mary Lou Hanneman, Reba Miller. Row Four: Kathy Armold, Sandra Coker, Jamie Cavin, Kay Callahan, Clydel Wier, Mary Good, Francis Farnham, Diane Goo no Jan Tillingshast, Jannola Rains, Patsy Roberts, Patty Wells, Huston, Sandy Humphrey, Janet Schroder, Edwina Lemke, Clora Jean Mehan, Patricia Powell. Row Five: Elaine Gresh- man, Sharon Saunders, Judy Horn, Sharon Adams, Carla Caster, Billie Jo LeBleu, Melinda Clancy, Beatrice Marquardt, Renie Gholston, Sharon Seely, Diane Marquardt, Sue Ferguson, Dolores Kastl, Shirley DeLaughter, Charlotte Nail, Clara Greany, Lindo Grady, Linda Slate. Row Six: Linda O'Bleness, Jo Ellen Morrison, Karen Grass, Carolyn VVintermute, Judy Blanc, Elizabeth Simmons, Louise Self, Patricia Shammel, Ellen Davis, Edna Mehan, Lu Ann Clark, Kay Atkinson. Row Seven: Karen Cecil, Carolyn Effenbeck, Kathy Alldredge, Clifta Miller, Cindy Miller, Zetta Spurr, Nancy Kessler, Sandra Jackson, Joan Porter, Theresa Jones, Peggy Sue Beaver. FRESH. AND SOPH. PEP CLUB lt was decided that the club would be divided into two parts, one for the freshmen and sophomore girls and one for the junior and senior airls. Both divisions were to elect their own officers and conduct separate meet- ings. The largest social event of the l957-58 year was the Christmas dance at which the beau was crowned. The club also attended several out of town ball games. Row One: Mary Louise Barker, Secretory Sherry Chambless, President: Amanda Lewis Vice-President: Gayle Stoneman, Treasurer. Row Two: Rosalyn Haynes, Parliamentarian Jamie Sue Palmer, Historian: Ann Dillon. as ' Mrs. Virginia Durham and Mrs. Vivian Moore Sponsors. . , ff 1 4 7, . S '- 5 ':b5!,f'ff.1 v.. 5 -as 1 v ' I G -M!-uQv v , 'Q Em.: 1 VJ Row One: Florence Lucus, Carolyn Marquardt, Tish Bogan, Carolyn Goad, Mary Louise Barker, Clay Gilbert, Kay Porta, Kathryn Kiker, Sharon Grass, Linda Hensley, Nan Flippen, Charlotte Fogg. Row Two: Bunny Laugh- lin, Judy Gholston, Jim Dunn, Judy Remi, Sherry Rogers, Jerry Divine, Barbara Anderson, Sharon Williams, Kay Callahan. Row Three: Diana Roberts, Kay Enfield, Diana Marquardt, Elaine Croxton, Mary Beth Goldburger, Janet Schroeder, Pat Shammel, Pat Wells, Patsy Huston, if 4 Q Paulette Ninman, Sandra Feathers, Ann Thrailkill. Row Four: Doris Calvert, Theresa Jones, Joyce Edwards, Sharon Saunders, Linda George, Elaine Gresham, Dick Maxey, Danny Grady, Clifta Jo Miller, Kathy Aldredge, Sherry Chambless, Linda Thompson. Row Five: Wayne Edwards, Eldon Shrum, Ronald Griffith, David Cordray, Gale Johnson, Wayne Ables, Leslie Edwards, Byron McNaught. ADELANTE The Adelante Spanish Club was organized in I936. The purpose of the club is to promote friend- ship with the Spanish-speaking people, to speak Spanish more fluently, and to learn more about Span- ish-speaking countries. The biggest social event of f the year for most of the members is the Pan-American Fiesta held at Norman. The Club also has a formal initiation and gives several small parties during the year. ,1 . Mrs. Lucile Blair, Sponsor Row One: Linda Hensley, Reporter, first: Clay Gilbert President, both: Mary Louise Barker, Vice-President, second: Sharon Grass, Treasurer, both. Row Two Kathy Kiker, Vice-President, first: Kay Porta, Reporter, second: Tish Bagan, Secretory, second: Carolyn Goad, Secretary, first. Iggr Row One: Karen Hutchtemann, Dixie Overholser, Ruby Korte- meier, Alberta Weidemann, Joanne Alexander Vietzke, Char- lotte Long, Doreen Duncan, Linda Hinderson, Katie Dunn, Dolores Curtis, Sandra Heitzman, Dorothy Boling. Row Two: Georgia Lacefield, Joann Murphy, Nancy Bachelor, Carolyn Brown, Patty McGarvin, Barbara Anderson, Kay Barton, Linda Price, Sharon McCabe, Jerry Devine, Pat Miller, Pat IP Fox. Row Three: Jeanne Cavins, Janice Stoner, Lavon Reusser, Karen Grass, Kathy Faucon, Connie Adams, Katherine White, lda Stephens, Donna Miller, Janice Wallace, Loretta Warren. Row Four: Marvellena Brooks, Joyce Warden, Bonnie Sue Baldwin, Della Mae Hohtemann, Patty Wells, Louise Self, Janice Rush, Mozelle Henderson. BMC The Bonita Marica Cotta Literary Soc- iety was organized in Feb, 1915. The purpose of the club was first to be an activity for sophomores, but was finally expanded to in- clude seniors. The main events of the club take place during their "Focus week" which includes attending a professional play, having a party or dance, and holding a book review. First Row: Joann Vietzke, Secretary: Katie Dunn, President: Dorothy Boling, Historian. Row Two: Ruby Kortemeier, Treasurer: Sandra Heitzrnan, Vice-President: Glenda Anderson, Porliamentorion. K Mrs. Art Harrison - Mrs. Dean Wgrd il First Row: Mrs. Art Harrison, Kay Porta, Sharon McCabe, Oran Clemons, Charlotte Fogg, Bina McWethy, Beverly Tate, John Adams. Second Row: Larry Englehart, Richard Fogg, Gale Johnson, Pat Entrekin, Shirley Johnson, Joyce Jackson, La Donna Helm, Marguerite Hoard, Fred Fanson, Andrew Von Werder, Jim Murphy. MRS. ART HARRISON, Sponsor THESPIANS 'R-G Thespian was started centuries ago by the first Greek actor, Thespius. You pay S150 when you first join and don't pay any other dues at all. You receive a Dramatic book all school year. The colors of Thespians are blue and gold. To become a mem- ber you must have ten points. You get these points by taking part in putting on a play. You get so many points for each speech you say as an actor. For being a chairman or member of a committee, such as publicity, stage setting, costumes and properties, you receive points. Row One: Oran Clemons, President: Sharon McCabe, Vice-President. Row Two: Bina McWethy, Treasurer: Charlotte Fogg, Secre- tory: Beverley Tate, Clerk. 60 0? X" .R fe: 'A Row One: Tommy Randal, Richard Meyers, Jerry Estes, Ray Maine, Larry Hoffman, Tommy Leonard. Row Two: lrvin Heckes, Joe Stanley, Pete Tro, Larry Reuter, Marvin Bell, Marion Watson, Glenn Dodd, Mr. Robertson. Row Three: Ronny Porter, Allan Jensen, Doyle Biller, Oscar Wehmuller, Edgar Stine, Leon Bomhoff. F.F.A. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization for boys taking vocational agriculture. It was organized in El Reno in November, l928, to provide further training in farmer citizenship. The purpose is to prepare boys from fourteen to twenty- one years of age for farming through vocational ag- riculture. The main events for the F.F,A. boys are the county and state fairs, where many of them are exhibitors. They also hold a social at Christmas for the members and their dates. Allan Jensen, Reporter: Sharon Williams, State F.F.A. Sweetheart: Doyle Biller, President: Jerry Estes, Sentinel Ronny Porter, Vice-President, Irvin Heckes, Parliamen tariang Pete Tro, Treasurer: Julia Smith, F.F.A. Sweet heart. Absent: Larry Deatherage, Secretory. 63 MR. M. J. ROBERTSON Row One: Vonda Heckes, Roselyn Haynes, Sharon Hanilton, Lynda Thompson, Carolyn Wintermute, Amanda Lewis, Jackie Hill, Sharon Seely, Diana Mar- quardt, Carla Caster, Verda Hobson, Renie Gholston. Row Two: Linda George, Janice Wilkerson, Sherry lvester, Joanne Porter, Nancy Kessler, Grace Barber, Louise Self, Beatrice Marquardt, Royalyn Loyall, Judy Weils, Bonita Gentry, Lynda Grady. Row Three: Lou Ann Clark, Teresa Jones, Sandra Coker, Sharon Saunders, The formal installation of the officers and initiation of the members are held in October. Once a month a luncheon meeting is conducted by the F.H.A. officers. At Christ- mas time a formal dance is held with the high light of the evening being the crowning of the F.H.A. King by the President. F.H.A. Week is observed each year by the club. Karen Boorsma, Treasurer: Sherry Chambless, Song Leader: Kay Barton, Historian: Jamie Sue Palmer, Recreation Leader: Mary Louise Bar- ker, Pianistp Marilyn Ellison, President: Sharon Williams, Recreation Leader: Juanita O'Nan, Secretary: Billie Jean Cocy, Reporter: Susan Barnes, Song Leader: Ruth Ann Halacka, Vice- President: Gayle Stoneman, Parliamentarian. Marion Wilson, Linda Slate, Barbara Stone, Eleanor Madbull, Jan Tillinghast, Patsy Huston, Paulette Nin- man, Charlene Hall. Row Four: Flossie Williams, Ann Culver, Patricia Powell, Margie Hayworth, Jennifer Barber, Linda Whitley, Delda Crawford, Carol Stewart, Clara Greeny, Carolyn Lovelady, Mary Hanneman, Diane Joliff. Row Five: Peggy Sue Beaver, Zetta Spurr, Ellen Carroll, Mary Jane King, Betty Hall. F.H.A. 66 U Tm 5 tl L, !,'.' may 32 o L. 5 'a-ff 'P SENATE Jasan Marquardt Prcsudenf Terrx Petrtt Vnfe Presndent Frank Waller Sergeant at Arms Johnny Schrnoyer Member r '-S'-E'fSwwwLmw'w2 xy sp, gui r J 137111 I 1 .,, n ,hi fr s I av 3 45" FORUM R Tnllunghasi' an fb h -. m 'V o -. V4 -I '1 rn n U1 c H ro -. 'kk' 1.45, wr Row One Ranny Grady James Mawery Sarn Curtis Jam Murphy LeRoy Corn Harvey Plauft Jlrn Dunn Dub Harrwug Row Two Gone Slaughter NUM Oiandcr French Denwalt Charles Anthony Q 1 V- V r. ., . .,,....z-..n-.., Sv. - .-w.....',,. i . I 'Y x --" --- X Vx'--IN 1 -- --nf.u,s',-.,-.,,,-.-. , V-r r.--.swf , --L P -"-""?:v . r ., A. ,. , , ff . L N' , .,'.,, QA., "LV f V. .' .-gin w' 1,191.7 'H'-i1i'2.t':' , tx, .- 1-'- - NY. .L , . AA . ,q,x,..i. ll .. V. Wt.. : 4 r ' 'J 3f'....i'-'rr ' .V . . V. . 1 ' ,fy-N43 . ,- ,,,,. A sig r --,. 'N--."'K-- K 'X , . . A. 9. .Mu ,'-':,VSp":j'e. , f. ,M Q-. 3 . V. .- 5 -. . y... -- . . . - -Vw V. f , -,- - - ff- . , 3 - . . , ,Q .. A Q I , 4. V . , g,..'?f , ..., ff: 4 - . h, Af.. - vs- - - . , gf. Q' - .Q 'jj-L ,.,,..,,xQZ ' . ,V 41.15 ,X h- 93 ,,.-: ta ar- .v 'O r by . -... 4 . .' ., I -- , , xvfm-G.fnRiQ.aV14' h Lg.. '-no 'avg QW. V, ' . - . N' J .- V fs ' K ' .V .,.xV-2-MN' ' .. .. '1 1' " " " " if NV ,4 - ., ' QV '- -- -3 11 Z: .1 1: :I I xg. : 1 ,V .AVUVZAU . , 1 . Y .'. .fb 19,5-., KA H - x . V. -U - . ,.- .- . , -KW 1- . . - zz X: .. t, -, ,. I ' , , 1' . .,.s-mem-ii . . .. .. ..1j ' .Q 3 -- -- - 9.1. -- -- - -- .. ., 1. - X. ' . ,V . --V-V4 V V r ' - 1 . .. -- -. -. : ' 4, ' , ' x l ,I 1... .. " " vu Q. 4-5 Yjar ' Vu J :L-S+ V .. -V .f " -- -. .. 33 .,' , rf f- r - N f - N -Q . 'ef' if ,V :Jn V QV., n X . L ft- ., D: :zzh ,fy-. A 5 H 1.-. ,,,.r,...,1-.., . . ... . - - H.. V5 -4. ml' :r , ' . if f ' .. n' 7250. ,Q 1.55 E: ,r 'Q 4 - H Q . ,. .- -' 1. -5' 3' 'riifaf' Q. . 4 xl . A 5 1,fg,.2'.r,', C , yy. f 1 V M 'rn,,,, .f 1 ,,r,t,3agQe.,g,, .4 4 " 4 f 4 , QQ qw - r N Q 'Eggs I g3f,g.5i,g:f'A-- r -um:-:-:p.:.4,,g 'VA2,3i,fggaL.li1 .VV if v 1 ,w:4 A4 ' fig r -f ' N. I W.,-. ' .QV ' A f, ,f ,gb ' 1 . ' 1 . A ' ' - ' .gm -f .-. ' ' .V V- x U "' -. 'S 1 . no I ' . . f x, .- wr.rV.a..aS:4v.:u.:.,-veu..4-cw-w-'ff-I-fa N - N ' , . A . Vu. - V1 ' Me. V 1 .. ' -,af-Vase? - . V .3 V - ' A ' ,, . . f -vffr-N ff 3. . . . 1- -V" .fx ,-. . r .V 1 ' ' ' , 1 V H, , . - - 1 f xr A 3, ,V l in :fin " , f - Q ' V ., ,I .,313i'fN1 ,,i'u1.r43,f f E. -'tiki . ' "vw ffm ff , - . - . -. .- me 1, Q ,,:', , . V 'T JAM .1 Z. ,5 ' A ' I A O 1 5. ,1 , r N, . ..-..... .....,, 3 -'M j . .T x -vyxul-. ' .JW N- ! ' 1 ,- - af' ' 'f f N fazf U . W ' ' ,J . N I x mu -rr - r . V JA xg, -7.15 AQQ is .' . Mc. . . ' , ' .N , 3 - - I ' V 'W . ' ' V. . - 'M 1-1: +-.ww-Vw. ' A -1 856'-fj1kiVL"..L"f"f'f'.' :fr QV' 312-SL.. I E X vin. .A, , H." ' ' W A, ' F '5 , .. . 5 ' X. .. .,, ,f 3, , . . 1 , ' 4 1 ' , J, . , y, , .wwf . ' . ' .-'N 1 - NV-V-+ .Y r .. - 1 , 2 .Q-VV, H1 V A J ' A,A.f-JT. N uwjfg. V-,P-,Gig , f - ' ' "N - ' .- IQ. .Q J N '. .4 -- g , he .Nr ' ' , 3 ' .X 1 . 2 ' '..if" 21.55 - l ,,.2"' V 1V yy -Y M V' . - - 4. . 'T fr? .. 'W 3 . s . - ,Rf , .. . . , , N! 3 A, , , , Y... v ,1 8:31, ,,,f" ' ., M U , ,1 i i f E 1 f 'ii 0 ff' 4 fir' W. ll U SMS' X if Y "N 5' X 279 1' Q17 V' ', ge ,. A 1-3 " 5,- 5 ,fr-'. ' ' ' ' ,' 4' ,-'fb i ' .haf s '- Ev 1 A 1' 1 ' V - is ' f ! ' Q ' wi .r l v u ' x ' Y 1 L 1 , 5 1, Y N qi." J Q I3 ff 'V' 'Q-I f l 9 I wg 2 j 1 w W?"" ,.4""?1' ' P t L4- Qj 4 . V -5 , ' - -1. -in , , .. P .Q 5 'Sl' 0 I Iffllffviq I , gffo Magi mf gl. ,S f 1 4' 1 N 0 7 ' s 5 Q 4, , 1 'I' s :L . Q V 'I , .- x gl ,,, 'ii F I '21 ' ' , K . 5 5,1 'Q Wai,-L . .Ina lks' -01 ' 7 . x . - -V ' Q 1 QXA 5' 01" -' Q 3' ' t I R " B h fl sw ' S I A 1 4 Y ' 1 1 n, v., , Qfx aug, f . . 5 Nh. " 'S-X -. 1 R ? .413 Tx -5, . .. Q I .ith JKJNS 40 ' N A Ca, n 5 ei Il 'I DET OF DATES Larry Englehart,the Strangerg Kay Porta, Pegg Pat Entrekin, Prompterg John Adams, Tomg Bina McWethy, Bettyg Jake Bloom, Dadj Jim Hayes, Fuzzeing Charlotte Fogg, Motherj Richord Fogg, Sidig Sonny VonWerder, Axelg Beverley Tate, Dotg Marguerite Hoard, Pffazimahg Lo Donna Helm, Daphneg Eldon Shrum, Ernieg Sharon McCabe, Irma. 554 Ffa- 5 ' N Q 1 fsTf3f333?3 f: 1,-at Q H... -.ff n " - 1 V Q riff if -' ' ' 4053, ,N 4 .4 'fy .mmf .,43,3.e -f. M , ,rv 3 r, ,, - I A . 3 su- 45' ' 'Z '?i?"'Y-..2.3Q2iE?fW', :TV Lf! A " ' ' 'N . ' 'E 'r'f"'. -Y X' Ya. 1 .Q1', 2- ja: 1 I L , - "4 ' ff fl W Y 4 X X 'QS 'V J. if ., ,- '35-' V f ' Al' If ' i f ,Sf .4 v L: ig! ,Y'f I 55 MX. ,ua , F? 14 4' , S f ' N i ei f f iff?-'1 i'l' I: E rx fq' w p "-. ' '13 f 4 ,Z 1 t A if A 1 0 H, ' Q 'H Q4 1 X54 , 1 4 lui-' 3 fi l ' E 5 I Q a'. 1, 'WY' K I Hhs-1-M-if ! -1-:gif I Ig. 2ZZ2 D RUYALTY F15 """- ea? I' Aix NAN FLIPPEN KATHY KIKER The 1957 58 Boomer Queen was nornunoted by the two creotnve wrstmg classes ond voted on by the student body Jonue Walker the queen was crowned ot the onnuol Boomer Party nn the Sprung Her ottendonts were Non Flvppen ond Kathy Klker fi L-X.-.7 E5 , EW 'tl' ,Lu fi - TJ ff ex.-?H Qehb. ,4- omt - lx 77 n M we .H ' A9 ,Wa 'cf' WWW Pamela Chiles Football Queen 78 43' SANDI GRESHAM Senior hs: L A AMANDA LEWIS Sophomore Pamela Chiles, Freshman candidate, was elected on the basis of the ticket sales. Her attendants were: Sandi Gresham, Senior candidate, Linda Price, Junior candidate, and Amanda Lewis, Sophomore candidate. I-Ier coronation took place at the first basketboll game, since the Coronation football game was cancelled due to illness and the weather. lf' LINDA PRICE Junior V. . ..4' ' W Aa' A ' M 5 'W 5? . Charlotte Fogg Basketball Queen 80 0' J .A S' 15 Q 0,0 'Q JUDY VOGEL SANDI GRESHAM The "E.H.S." Basketball Queen, Charlotte Fogg, was chosen from a group of girls nominated by the basketball team. She was elected by a vote of the entire student body. Her Coronation took place at the Putman City ball game and she was crowned by Ronny Grady, co-captain of the basket- ball team. Her attendants were Sandi Gresham and Judy Vogel. 8'l 11? , 4 ,- v . P w. rf-A - ' , Jr' ,, 'fy sig' P' 4 7' ,z 4-' ww ,L. dw, 'fig if www ' -wi. if 15.7 gay,-ew f,f5g.,,,v 3: :4 f 1" : , f G .:,,,-z-1., .A..i,., ..- ,- A ,. '. . 3534- jg, X' . , pu Y 2 + -'fit " v1 71? -..,,- J. xg -, - f.,,'2: . . mm- 2 ' Y -Y - 1 .1 4 , . Q I ,N ,, 1 1 , I 'w 4 . 5 , Q Q 4 - 1 'N , gi i 4,5 . U 9 .4 ,., .- y ' n .1 i. v 4 . W. 2 ,- we Q 1 Judy Vogel was crowned Band Queen at the Band's Spring Concert last spring by Ronald Jackson, drum major. Her attend- ants were Charlotte Fogg and Marilyn Ellison. She was elected by a vote of the student body, after being nominated by the band members. O 0 I CHARLOTTE FOGG MARILYN ELLISON Katie Dunn Bunny Laughlin T AND I SWEETHEART Katie Dunn was chosen by the T 8. I club members as their T 81 I Sweetheart. She was EI Reno's candidate for state T 8 I Sweet- heart. Katie was introduced on TV with other candidates at the Western District meeting in Duncan. ADEIANTE QUEEN Bunny Laughlin was elected Spanish Queen by the Adelante Club members. She was El Reno's candidate for the Queen of the Spanish-American Fiesta at Norman. FFA STATE SWEETHEART Sharon Williams, El Reno's 1956 - 57 F.F.A. Sweetheart, was chosen as State F.F.A. Sweetheart in the annual contest this fall. Her reign covers the 1957 - 58 period. Sharon is the first state queen E.H.S. has produced and everyone is very proud of her. FFA SWEETHEART The F.F.A. members elected Julia Smith as their sweetheart for 1958 - 59. She was crowned by Doyle Biller, president of the local chapter, at the Christmas party. She was El Reno's candidate for the state F.F.A. sweetheart. . iss Sharon Williams .lulla Smith Leroy Corn Robert McGoffin EHS PEP CLUB HING The members of both sections of the E H S Pep Club elected Leroy Corn as Club King He was crowned by Karen Oneth Junior Senior president at the Pep Club Christ mas Dance FHA KING The F.H.A. King, Robert McGoffin, was elected by the members of F.H.A. He was crowned by Marilyn Ellison Club president at the F.H.A. Christmas dance. PHI IIING The members of the Phi elected Billy Harris as their club king. He was crowned at the Phi Valentine Dance by Linda Hensley, club secretary. BMC KING Jim Kubon was chosen as B.M.C. king by the B.M.C. members. He was crowned at the B.M.C. Christmas dance by Katie Dunn, president. Bill Harris .lim Kubon .f -'U fx 'J ,S ' 1' ' w, 33: 7 1 W-M - !. . 'QQ , A 'I ' A ,kd xgiy' "bfi: -.W - Q 'Z' 'lf E X, ex 1 'in Q Y .,,'!, X, ., .j' .ax . . " . wg.. ,. an .- if ..J,:f1f,- . , QA! f 4 4.39: 1 . NQMY 5 1 X ,K ,,,,f AH 6 1' x- 4 F4 . J. . in . .1 5 1 , x 5 A 'Ib' S V .ff T 51 . wg f A. Q 1 ' '36 'Y-2 1 33 x5fJLi.V':7 ' X Wg 14 .. X Y 'K x K-fi f 1 "I, f ,, - " W X, M - .. P 'fff"f2, Mya XFX, ' A ' K E - r J ' ,H :V--.1 yy Y I S, .gif s i y iris 8 '- K' ll:-'I' .4-sp, 1 , K " Ill F LW? TURNS M if WX 0 , 1 IL N24 X ef kfz f X Q W2 F M X Egg, Q EY M 90 Q, J, Congralulalzonf from FIRST NATIONAL BANK El Rena Oklahoma Complete Banking Service Since 1892 100 South Bncktord Phone 54 M F LEEPER SIGNS C g ot Iato s Class of 8 CO and Tuck Lette g The HO of Bette FH Q 5 O95 Scotchl te IRefIect ng Sg I II2 So th Rock Isla d 0 e 84 Neon Se Ce 205 th Rock Island Phone 2418 SPURLIN SALES CO Ford Tractors and Equnpment New Holland and Gehl Equipment a so Krause Plows 2 MI Southeast on Hnghway 66 EI Reno Oklahoma The Talk Goes On About The New Clothes Gt nmsumcwvzg- 121 South Rock Island Phone 359 91 il I ' ' 'S Q -f A' on r u i n , '5 . r r run 8: Window Signs, Road Signs me r I in h I I Ins u n Ph n 4 Nl Sou 4 I I I il GENERAL MILLS INC El Reno Oklahoma Gold Medal Kltchen Teste d Flour 106 S Bnckford Ph 'Flrestone 195 C3 Senzory one 163 I-31-wp 15w Hn Way 66 West ,JL!enJLg .6 The New Consumers El Reno Oklahoma 00126 71 5' ZZJM I Il ' ll .JN -.xx . IN .l.g?ws, I L ' ls . l 0 5, 'Z-ss 9 . 4 11 T. V 4 il 71. l '- 1 s 5 G11 ,' 'Q . -9 ef 1+ all 1 .113 1 offers Congnzlfzlfztiom to the S9 1 ll 1 I In ' X -' YL.: 'kj 4 A Q ",f 1' A. ' , ffiil ' ful . ' ' ' we? 01 K ' ' ,. I 1 nf-.. ' o "' 6 , A s. ' fax!" , - 1 , -1 7 ' cgi ' EVANS CLEANERS Made to Measure Clothes Specnolnsts in Sweaters ond Sknrts Post Office Block Phone 314 Be t W shes s e I S hR PI'1OeI95 E IOINfhBkfd P e4 I . I sTEvENsoN's 'E -1, .Ain 2' I A Z IIS: 1-,, Food Market Phone I I3 B STUDIO PHOTO SUPPLIES , fs' ISM fix Marnsw Inf uni OI PAN TEX CLEANERS Phone 900 2l7 South Bsckford IWL Clem Wzlf Cnc Il Clnffc Inn Wen MALLON EE MUSIC COMPANY IO9 South Blcktord Reynolds Selmer Slungerland Band Instruments Baldwin and Gulbransen Puanos and Organs RCA Victor 81 VM I-llgh Fl Phonographs Funthzrz 111 Mum wnmgorn I . L -Q m , I . , I Q I ...- A ...- - X Z7 cf' , k 2 2 ' I-4 . K O Q Cf: ,T ., A G . , C F-'J ,. I Y " p-A 4 . D ,, -S .. 2 , t ,. I t 5 N .A N 'X E . l I NC i. I 'O A - . .. A X17 I 'ffvwf . ,x . . hm 5 , . Q v . 1 , I ' . - I I -X I - 'pi 1' ' 111 ' i ', , S X' E - ' ' 'S . h I :Nr 1 N T I 3' - ' , BUTTS FLOWER SHOP Pauline Butts Smith Owner II3 South Rock Island Shop 478 Phones Nught 47 EI Reno Oklahoma THE EL RENO DAILY TRIBUNE Canadnan Countys Blue Ribbon Daily All The Ncuf In Wfmd md Pzctfnc Ezcrj D13 f' MARSHALL CHEVROLET CO B T and Bull Marshall IO6 East Wade Phones 355 and 356 9 -108' ,5 P' 28' Since l89O - Boosting The wha El Reno High School - lts Faculty and Students, x bl We Are Proud To Be Able To Co-operate With This Fine Institution MERLES CHILI PARLOR an NEVAS BEAUTY SALON 100 S W?- PURINA CllovlS' Q .g...g I I . U MYRTLE S CAFE . c h DY tctly t EL RENO FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ER 2 EtWs 345 PURINA CHOWS f Ch f 540 gnegg pr111'cer Cwecldmg Otatmncig CPM mini' Olationcig Qu oiimal' an ullnploin 20S L lx C 1 llO S hoctaw ' 1 , 5. d 1 .I - I ' ' Q 5 g Let us el ou ave and build for the f t by . vesting or borrowing from this organizatio M' g 9 ',,. S ri a Canadian Coun y Conc sq 'lf' . - - a lRoss 8- Sonsl l 600 Seed 81 Feed Co, Q5 god on ou h oc aw Phone wlwre prinlfng is SHN an arf ' Q I ,i HS Q A 6 fl C fls A 'Q L South Clxoclaw Pl1nnc50U il 'L-no, 95 HUDDART CORNELIUS To Seno s of 1958 Best W shes Ford end Mercury Dealers THE DAIRY HUT W 200 North Choctaw Phone 546 1405 W Sunset EI Reno Q . Congratulotlons ARNOLD MONUMENT 1220 South Macomb Phone 136 Penney Quality ls Your Greatest Savlng 117 S Bnckfod G F Beckett Mgr Congrotulat ons To Class of 58 EL RENO SPORT SHOP HO' ev C DO 'er Conor lllfzlflfillj 816111075 120 N Bnckford Phone 580 70771 EI Reno Okloho 0 You Sav hfek JAcKsoNs e More At Jacksons Store' 900 South Hadden EL RENO AMERICAN Wfvere 1011 Rc rd ilu H1 fv Yefmol Pau fha lzzlu lzmw Izcrg Wfeele Dlstunctlve Prmtnng 117 North Bnckford Phone 17 Cong: atulutzon s, SPIIZOI 9' CHISHOLM TRAIL CAFE 2121 Eost On Hughwoy 66 96 1 1 i ir ,L C , l . , Okl. A - 1 CO. . ' r . , , . I i v . Z' J' VK,,.L7 ' K , ' .- . m , , 'f ' 'r 1 'lil L I ft 1 gr ,f,. Lg: ' ' ' ' ' an NXN I Y ' QW' -.,- "svn" I - RENO RADIO 81 TV Sales Service 207 N Bnckford El Reno Oklahoma C 07Zj,7'zllllfz1fZ07?5 to the Scnzorv of 1958 R ANTHONY CO Phone 373 200 South Blckford LUTH ER C GADBERRY Investments HENRY BEHNE Jeweler Flne Duamonds Sllverware Chuna Dlnnerware El Reno Oklahoma Congrotulatnons Sensors of I 958 STEFFEN S ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 57 MAYTAG SALES AND SERVICE MAYTAG PHILCO Ranges Televrsuon Wqgherg RSIYIQCTOYOYS Dryer-5 Ranges Congratulations homers oKl.AHoMA cocA COLA Deep Denms Adams Owner 81 Operator 312 West Woodson Phone 127 2Il S Rock Island Phone 299 Congratulatnons Semors of 1957 Open to serve you 800 AM to 900 PM Seven days a week BENSON FUNERAL HOME IOO South Admure phone '20 Mrs Thomas Benson Pqul C Huber George W Hamnlton Roy 0 Shay EL 3 ' A ' C. . , 11, . 2 ' I Q- ' , . QL.. N tw:- III south Rock Island - 5' 'V' fa T I M50 -. 5 I' " . v -X I ' Xl 97 HIWAY 81 DAIRY CLYDE R MAXEY The Best nn Mrlk Phone 3273 W 1 207 E Woodson Insurance BOTTS HUME BROWN HALVERSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY m and Barker Phone 304 1305 S Rock lsland Phone 49 CRYSTAL LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS MOORE JEWELRY 4 North Choctaw Phone 11 or 58 218 S l3IClsfOrd Pl1On8 627 SCHOOLING DRUG C0 CENTRAL SHOE SHOP The Rexall Store Phone 68 109 E RUSSGII BOB S GRILL DELUXE BARBER SHOP Hamburgers 20d Coneys 20 HU-I-CHINSON NURSERY WYNES GROCERY 1206 Sunset Drive Phone 542 9 North Buckford Phone 174 THE VOGUE PULLMAN BARBER SHOP 114 E Russell Phone 857W Edd'e Rogers Owner nov s'rArroRo :Ns AGENCY HARoLos GRILL 207 N Bmkfofd Phone 784 HUTSON BROTHERS 212 S Brckford Real Estate 81 lns 300 South Rock lsland Phone 830 TIMBERLAKE S BOOKSTORE BURGESS SERVICE STATION 207 S Bnckford Phone 669 220 South Rock Island Phone 169 SHUL1-E OIL CO ABERCROMBIES FARM MACHINERY Evans and Oak Phone 707 200 West Elrn Phone 279 STEPHENSON DRUG CO BUNKHOUSE MOTEL 101 S Bnckford Phone 1222 521 North Choctaw Phone 326 FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 113 119 N Rock Is and Phone 1212 109 East Woodson W G Clouse 1-ONY5 FOOD MARKET JONES FURNITURE CO EL RENO PARTS 622 West Watts Phone 1953 116 South Choctaw Phone 1266 FARMERS GRAIN COMPANY JIM E SMITH OWNER El Reno Oklahoma Unnon Cnty Oklahoma WESLEY NINMAN, Mgr JIM E SMITH, Mgr Phone 2515 Phone 32J 98 El . 11 , ' if 30 ' Hamburgers in Basket-35K I LLOYD F' ANDERSON - A I U Congratulations Seniors! CONWAY MOTEL 2000 Sunset Drive Phone 261 X , x Get to class? Get to class! SUNSET MARKET 500 Sunset Drive B. T. Conway, Mgr. Early morning rush. I'II take this one. You take that one. CANADIAN COUNTY OFFICERS DIRECTORY COUNTY SHERIFF COUNTY TREASURER Tlf1Y ROYSG, Phone 79 Helen Morch, Phone 71 COUNTY COMMISSIONERS COURT CLERK Roy Tech Geor e Hurst Dorothy Lore,-,zen COUNTY CLERK Neol Golden Phone 704 Q W. R. Moyberry Phone 1145 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY PHELPS CLINIC DR C A BENTLEY JR 203 South Mocornb Dentust C RILEY STRONG MD Luebrnonn Court Bldg Obstetrncs DR JOHN MOGAB MD Phone Offices 62 Resldence 2 Physncucn ond Surgeon ORIN J MAKE MD '04 West Hayes lnternol Medlcnne EL RENO VETERINARY HOSPITAL Phones Offnce 62 Resndence 118 231 West Woodson Phone 61 JAMES P JOBE MD JACK W MYERS MD lnternol Medlcone Professlonol Bldg Phone 27 JOE M OZMUN DDS MALCOM E PHELPS MD 204 206 Cntlzens Notlonol Bldg Surgery Phone 62 Phone Offnce 62 Resldence 140 E W POTTS DDS DAVIDSON 81 CASE LUMBER CO Dealers un Amencos most beoutuful Flouen For All Ocmjmm motchung colors for wolls ceslmg wood k SPRED SATIN dspmz 203 scum Rock island Phone 670 PIQINTS on D LUS PRESTON FLORAL COMPANY 321 S Choctaw Phones 16 or 231 100 ' 1 . . . , . . , . . . , . . . , 83 . , . . 1 1 1 . , . . . , . . I ' 1 . , . . . Q , . Q ' . . . , . . . YY 1, , 3 . zjl ' 1. ev' ' . -' I -4 1 -- . I nf - 75 O ll . . I , ' 1 I ' , - ll 1 1 f 9,12- X N COLLEGE ff WX fi Aug X NN X 'N If fhyx -,.,f' ' ' -...K Q - fx V - .D X F 'Ax Q .-. I, x ' 1 ,. xxx f" Wg x 1 N. 3 -X .Q X X 'NX 10, J! fxk X X X-.Ag l. lx xv n x Q - . , E fi? A, 1 'L X P' X X ,I gc xx k W X' ' 7- X LARRY PENWRIGHT President KAY N I LES Reporter PATTY CARROLL Treasurer 102 gs-J PHYLLIS LOY Secretary CHARLES WHITTLE Vice-President 9 x -we fr' .1-.J" Q4 P r if ,gif x H , 1.1 :Ag Q 'ii' 53 i' 'Av' ,f Iggy, . f. . - . . , A ' . W 41. - M ' ,, L. .,,-,F if w . . gb ,. 3 ' ' 11. - 'V',. r , iq ,gg 1 ,fe-. Q' 1 . V.:-.J 1,3 E I- I, - . . EDWARD L. CLARK Business Administration JERRY ALEXANDER DARREL COOKSEY Business Administration Electronics A gl, i . zz' 3 ff fx ,M all A L 4 JERALD ERVIN Automotive Design BOBBY DOUGHETY Electronics Engineering i s A E .... !-' ' J LY W PM -, x .il f' I f' 'his' ' 's - Y Y A if , f fQifHe5L"fY' 529' A X2 ,h Qu , my , , 'Q 545- 4 V 3, A A i '- WAYNE EZELL RICHARD FEDDERSEN DON FOX Business Administration Geology Arts and Sciences 103 ., IM, x JERRY ERVIN Business Administration J jug' v 04" are err: I" FRED GARRETT Chemical Engineering L ' -vlqwn is he--......, MAX GOOD BOB HEDRICK Civil Engineering Arts and Sciences V7 f is A '1"'?,li", CHARLES GILL CLARENCE GOLDEN Business Administration Arts and Sciences VV?" v: - ' f",g,fg, 4 ' LLL:-f' digg'- ff f ,-13:11 ff If Q, 5 .-1 f: !f zwfgmm -Lay n i, . 49 wfylgi RONALD HOPKINS Business Administration 'TTY RONALD JACKSON Electronics Engineering ROBERT JONES GARY KUBALA Geology Business Administration PF' is 1' xi GERALD LACY GARY LEMKE NETA LIEBSCHER Engineering Automotive Engineering Home Economics ,,, 40-9 f v ROBERT LUMPMOUTH FRED MARTS BETTY MEYER Drifting Petroleum Engineering Elementary Education Pi " 'RF 6 BETTY MILLER GEORGE MOSHER TIMOTHY NICHOI-SON Elementary Education Business Administration 5095099509 105 JO ANN SEXTON English Education FY' H J KAREN ONETH JERRY REUSSER Art Education Electronics lf., ,i NELSON STOUT GARY STONEMAN Engineering Business Administration 5? 5-if NEWTON TARVER CHESTER TAYLOR Arts and Sciences Architecture 106 I 0 '.... DEAN RAY P. PORTER 1' Education For The Space Age The industrial age in which we have been living has been an age of emphasis upon materials and money. Applied science has superseded basic science. A man's status in a community has been evaluated largely by his salary or income. Many of our American Pulitzer prize winners speak only broken English. A Maxwell, a Hertz, a Faraday, an Einstein, or a Bohr, amongst us, would have been slightingly referred to as an egghead or a long-hair. Short working hours, new cars, and television have developed an entertain- ment and play-seeking people, who have not created in other peoples of the world, friend- ship, respect, or a desire to copy our way of life. Have we been too gay and sophisticated to recognize and respect their intellectual and spiritual worth? Respect must be mutual. Education for the space age will require education for basic creative thinking of all kinds. lt will require effort and creative use of leisure- even home work and maybe austerity, Dollars have not bought good will, development of the intellectual and spiritual are due a trial. The contest for winning the minds of men is fully as important as the race for better rockets, missiles, and satellites. This contest will be won only by hard work and creative endeavor of all kinds - in the fields of art, music, literature, economics, government, and philosophy, as well as in mathematics and science. Outstanding accomplishment in these areas will do much to make us strong economically and militarily, and to win respect for and confidence in our culture and our sense of values. Peoples of the world, then, may be convinced that we are sincerely striving to improve upon the welfare and dignity of man, spiritually and intellectually. Peoples of these common convictions can and will stand united successfully against all tyranny. Ray P. Porter, Dean El Reno Junior College 107 MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN COLLEGIAN STAFF Standmg Kay Nules Snapshots Don Fox Departments JoAnn Sexton Calendar Seated Phyllis Loy Typist Karen Oneth Editor 47' OFFICERS Standmg Charles Gill Sergeant at Arms Larry Pen wrnght Presndent Chories Whuttle Vlce Presldent Seated Phyllus Loy Secretary Potty Carroll Treasurer Kay Nules Reporter Larry Englehort Photographer i""9'-A fb' - 'R ,,--5 ' -.... 'Z' Y s th-H' ' " i --1-' . Q i" 5 I A4-Egyl I' SCIENCE Mr. Roy P, Porter AB., M.S. 2, iv' .-.' if A A K f ,yi :Ta :Q xg, " . ,Z V f Mr '40' h 3' MATHEMATICS Miss Helen Knight B.S,, M.A. I f X751-kin' ART Mrs. Ardyth Gufh B.S., M.A.E. , ' 9 JW 3' fp! 0 YXPF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION BUSINESS MATHEMATICS I I "SLAB" Neta Liebscher Thomas Lane Betty Meyer MOST HELPFUL l Gary Kubala Phyllis Loy Patty Carroll MOST STUDIOUS BEST ' 9 "f ,-'Q , . 1 lr ' sf " K V V . F X h Wayne Ezell Ronald Jackson Darrel Cooksey BEST LOOKING MOST TALENTED WITTIEST 'II3 Ronald Hopkins Qulsrssr Harold Johnson CARD PLAYERS f ,Q r if E 5 . gf ,w 'fy 3 x 'of f' Q fl ' x K. r- Gibby Gholston LOUDEST I JF 6 .Q Q eb 1 ,IQ Don Fox Kay Niles Gory Lemke Jo Ann Sexton FRIENDLIEST BUSIEST """"'E!2"I ' Y, 114 lsn't he sweet!" Lissen fellas Karen Oneth Larry Penwright MOST POPULAR '-Q QE- -5' 31974, 'feelin vl".l"1 gf... IQ U LOG OF A SPACE JOURNEY We assembled for blast off rn SEPTEMBER The place was El Reno Junuor College There were 46 crew members and nine offncers lt was to be a nnne stage rocket and we wanted anxiously on thus hot sticky morning for the countdown three seconds two seconds one second the bell rang and we were off The second stage was launched the flrst of OCTOBER Realuzung that daversuon IS necessary on such a long trnp we launched a hayrack rude and wnener roast to the Canaduan Rnver On NOVEMBER 'l we were Rockin In the Orblt Some of the cats were jet propelled when we had a dance at the American Legion hall We celebrated Thanksguvnng tradntzonally however and the flu epedemnc forced the closing of school for a week We could see stars ln DECEMBER The tradutuonal Christmas star blazed In glory from many heights as Chnstmas decorataons began to appear To celebrate the season a banquet and dance were held In the school cafeterna and college lounge When we looked closer we discovered the hnllbullues were some of our crew members presentlng a play Furst semester ended and st was with sorrow that we watched several of our fellows leave us There were new ones to join us however and we welcomed them wholeheartedly Frosty made has appearance and disappearance durnng January too He was a snowman sculptured by some of our more artnstuc members Cupid flew through the alr ln FEBRUARY Valentune s day found us at a sweetheart dance at the American Legion hall We had frred our sixth rocket Only three more and our journey would be over We took to wheels an MARCH The occaslon was a skating party and hamburger fry Frantnc efforts were beung made to complete the annual ln APRIL the sophomores began to look forward to graduation We were comnng near to the end of our gourney and every one could feel the excntement un the alr MAY was the fmal stage Although we tried hard we couldn t keep our mrnds on fmal examma tions There was the annual trlp to thunk about and the smell of sprung was ln the avr Our shnp settled gently to the ground and happily and regretfully we bade each other farewell ll7 . ' , I J , . . . . . . I II l I ' ll l- ' I I ' 1 There were hillbillies in outer space in JANUARY - I ' 1 I ' I I ' - - I A l . , . . . I - ' 1 ' 1 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS i l N...ff NT R COLLEGIATE P FALTORY HOME OHIKE Kunsos Cnty E - RESS Pubhlvevx fnxevMuv'115or1uvr-w Boui- B d ,,,,1,,, . A

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