El Reno High School - Boomer Yearbook (El Reno, OK)

 - Class of 1957

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El Reno High School - Boomer Yearbook (El Reno, OK) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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'I , 4' 34 ..,, , j -.--. 16.39 -gi 9 Mx 1 'N 4 .Q R, . if' -as 23,5 'S fi, inf 3 1 ,I ,L3.A z .. Y Wx , ...: T 1 si an ., . 1. Q- :I S5 'Fl f 5 f x g fr 5 1 Q rrfgrijgf vi 1 P? gi! ,, 2 1 2 ' X gl, H fl' ,J .W- hr- ,Q fav' --.gm KW W ,M ff' 1 , .. MW .,,,w ww! gy. if ,A f Q M, ,fiigiti ff 4 11" K. ,A ..-....,.- Mvw,y:,.q K 'Gi' an-ag...., ,Q w ,,.f -,,,- -Q. .M 4 l I f ..,"'1. ,.-. J' ' -3' A gfxfiwliy v-1 132, '75 lux. -1 M I Y... , -nw Q, ,ri W -. ,- ...', , - r ,, "M 35' lr? .1 1 ir. l 1 The creative writing class of El Reno High School Takes Pride in Presenting Your i957 BOOMER CCLLEGIAN WW' Business Manager Judy Halverson Photographer's Assistant Fred Fanson Editorial Assistant Marvin Burge Dona Clark Allen Conner -or--W Bobby Allen, Chief Photographer Bill Barnes, Editor-in-Chief Boomer Staff Benito Enfield Ralph Enz Judy Halverson Ronald Jackson Nancy Kunneman Helen Kay Miller Kay Niles Bob Nilson Letcher Vorhes TABLE OF CONTENTS DEPARTMENT PAGE DEDICATION FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION SUPERINTENDENT AND STAFF TEACHERS SENIORS SOPHOMORES FRESI-IMEN ATHLETICS MUSIC DEPARTMENTS ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISING 2 4 5 6 7 ' 3 I3 JUNIORS 26 30 35 39 53 6I 94 FOREWGRD lt IS our purpose In the l957 Boomer Colleguon to preserve the memornes ot our hugh school doys ond of the persons who mode them the hoppy times thot they were Moy the pictures on these poges contlnuolly remand us of the people ond the experrences whnch rnduvlduols Dennns The Menoce used by courtesy of Honk Ketchom and copyrnght l957 by The I-loll Synducote Inc 3 hove contributed so much to our development os FHL? UU ,M --4 .Q 'fy fi -Ir-W, F' 1 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Q T ' I J if-, 1 A' fx . 411 ' 1 A wf Mr. Rupert M. Fogg President Boord Of Educotion The toculty ond students of the EI Reno High School ore olwoys owore thot bock of them in their eyery worthy undertoking is the power ond influence of the Boord of Edu- cotion. We oppreciote them becouse of their interest in us. Pictured on this poge ore the men who compose our Boord ot Educotion this com- mencement seoson, We regord them os our friends. Their ideols ore lofty ond we os students ond os teochers hope we moy never disoppoint them. We shore with them o greot pride in our high school ond in its ochieve- ments. Mr. Rupert M. Fogg, President of the Boord ot Educotion, hos been o member ot the Boord since l946g Mr, George Gleoson, Vice- President, become o member in l953j Dr. C. Riley Strong, ond Mr. Morris Hurst in l954, ond Mr. Edwin Porter in l956, v 7 J . ix , Ss Mr. Morris Hurst Member W W.-, W Sv' S 4f,."?' L 1 Mr. George Gleason Vice-President Dr. C. Riley Strong Member ffi ...rf-fr' Mr. Edwin Porter I ,f--X Member M A Mr. Paul R. Taylor Superintendent Vx XAXAM ,C-A 5 5' .15N4w -'Z' -.XR KR' 1 A Afwgw'-Q"IT ik Mrs. Cora MacSwcin Mrs. Linda Moore Mr- Wdlfel' Wilson Treasurer Secretary Clerk 1' .g5i quill" Q Mrs. Garland E. Etheridge A. B., M. Ed. - English, Dean of Girls. Mr. Walter P. Marsh A Principal '50 ilhq 'Q' A. B., M. A. Mr. M. A. Mitchell, Jr. Assistant Principal B. S., M. Ed. - General Business, Dean of Boys, Registrar. Mr. Leslie F. Roblyer B. S., M. A., M. Ed.-Problems of Democracy, World History, Curriculum and Guidance Director. Pls ig, hs.- it Mrs. Lucile Blair A. B., M. A. - Spanish and Mathema- tics, Pepett Sponsor, Adelante Spon- sor. Mr. Woodrow Barton B. S., M. S. - Industrial Arts, Mechani- cal Drawing, Senate Sponsor. 8 Mrs. Nina M. Cooper A. B. - English Mr. Bill Davis B. S., -Football Line Coach, "B" Bas- ketball Coach, Track Coach. Mrs. Ardyth Guth B. S., M. A. E. -Art, Pepett Sponsor, National Art Honor Society Sponsor. A Mr. Charles Geno A. B., M. Ed. - Latin, "B" Team Foot- ball Coach. is ,Y 'Q ' 4 Mrs. Virginia Durham B. S., M. Ed. - English, Freshman Pep Club Sponsor. Mr. Floyd Durham A. B., M. C. E. - Social Science. 'ix 'E' 1"sn,f' F I :"""X fanar- . lag , '+R 15.5-, 7' ' fi 'f ' ' .L . Miss Mable L. Jones A. B., M. A. - Head of English Depart- ment, Senior Counselor. Mr. Kenneth Komm A. B., M. Ed. - lndustriol Arts, Head Football Coach, Baseball Coach, Forum Sponsor. Edna McManan Kelly A. B., M. A., B. S. - English, Librarian, Freshman Pep Club Sponsor. Mr. George Kizer B. F. A., M. M. - Instrumental Music. 'uf' -ii 'if' Miss Helen Knight B. S., M. A. -Mathematics. Mr. C. L. McGill B. S., M. S. - Director of Vocational Education, T 8. I Club Director. Mrs. Marie Irene Moore A. B., M. S. -Vocal Music, B. M. C. lb Sponsor. R' V 5 'le-'J' Mr. Cecil W. Moore B. S., M. S.-Commerce. ln 'F .ii I Mrs. Marjorie Phillips B. S. - Speech. Mr. M. J. Robertson B. S., M. A. -Vocational Agriculture, FFA Sponsor. Miss Dovie Anna Noble B. S., A. B., M. C. E. - Commerce, Phi Sponsor. MR. RAY PORTER A. B., M. S.-Science, Director of Adult Education. my ,F gf "x -lb '31 'G Q F-7:3 H ggfx, Mrs. Nell M. Samuelson A. B., M. S. - English, Creative Writ- . ing. l-rf"' Miss May shqnkian B. S., M. A. - Head of Social Science Department, Squaw Sponsor. Mrs. Josephine Taylor A. B., M. S.-Science, Senior Coun- . selor, Phi Sponsor National Honor . Society Sponsor. l Mr. J. E. Simmons g ug B. S. - Physical Education, Director of E BWENPT V Athletics, Head Basketball Coach Y M Mrs. Dean Ward A. B. - English, Algebra. Mrs. Betty Watson B. S. -Vocational Homemaking, FHA Sponsor, Squaw Sponsor. Miss Hope Wood B. S. -Vocational Homemaking, FHA Sponsor, B. M. C. Sponsor. as W ,sgl 5 I qs -Q' A 1 i "ll" f . , -A if .- -kMXJ' Qg E-4,-fy -" E f 5 4 'B ax, vraxwl ' ' r I W , ,d m QWW 0 Q X Le ,P h 'ff' 4 , . Jimmy Barker - Forum, T 81 I. Bill E. Barnes - Forum, Adelante 9-ll Letterman. I Bill L. Barnes - Forum, Adelante 9-ll Class President '54, Yearbook Staff Newspaper Reporter, Boomer Editor. I I Wesley Barnes - T 81 l. Sarah Birmingham- BMC President, A Capella Choir ll, Queen Attendant T 8. l, Office Assistant. Karlita Blackwell- Squaw, BMC, A Capella Choir ll. lil 1 Glenda Adams - Squaw, A Cappella Choir, Vocal Ensembles. Jerry Alexander - Forum. Bobby Allen - Band 9-12, Senate, Ten- nis lO-l2, Letterman, Student Rotar- ian, Student Council Vice-President, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Editor, Boys' Quartet, Tbespians, Yearbook Editor ll, A Capella Choir. Jewel Dean Apple - Art Club. Barbara Arnold - Phi Poet Laureate, Pepetts, FHA, A Capella Choir ll, Girls Chorus 9-lO. Gerald Arnold - 4-H. Joyce Boswell - Pepetts, FHA, A Capel- la Choir. Ronald Bright - Letterman. George Bruce - Band 9-l2. Marvin Burge -A d e l a n t e, Student Council lO-l l, Senate President, Nat- ional Honor Society President, Boys State, Yearbook Staff, Student Ki- wanian. Kent Carder- Forum, T 81 l. Ralph Casey - A Capella Choir. 1 'US 1-.rs Q 1 4 NH ,ft Kelton Caster - Hobby-Mechanics. Judy Cavin-Student Council Secre- tary, FHA, Band ll-12, Pepetts, Phi, National Honor Society, Adelante, A Capella Choir ll. Paul Chapman- Senate, Band 9-12, All State Concert Band. Roger Chapman - Adelante Secretary, Senate Treasurer and Secretary. Dona Clark- Pepett Secretary, Adel- ante, Phi, Girls State, Office Assistant, Girls Chorus 9-lO, Pep Club Vice Pres- ident '53, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Reporter. Allen Conner - Forum, A d e l a n t e, Track lO-l2. Harvie Raymond-Senior Class Vice- President, T 81 I Vice-President. Letitia Costin-Pepetts, FHA, Foot- ball Queen Attendant, Senior Class Treasurer. Mary Croak- Squaw President, BMC, A Capella Choir, Girls' Trio. .a 4 QQ' f 1 pix .,-- T 3 f Joe Culver - Forum. Rkwvrf A James Davis - Hobby-Airplane Models Q . E . Albert Dean - Hobby-Working on Cars X- V ag.-J 'A if 2 'T Gordon Duncan - FFA Reporter, T Stl. Benito Enfield - Phi Treasurer, Pepetts, National Honor Society, FHA, Girls' State, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Edi- tor, Vocal Music Accompanist, Organ- ist, Tennis 9-l2. Ralph En:-National Honor Society Vice-President, Senate, Band Presi- dent, Boys' State, A Capella Choir lO- ll, Organist, Student Rotarian, Year- book Staff, All State Band. Lucy Loyall Ervin - Student Librarian. Bruce Fire - Football 9-12, Letterman. Judy Flaherty - Pepett Treasurer, FHA, Phi, A Capella Choir. his -.LL3 Don Fox - Senate Vice-President, Ade- lante Treasurer, Football 9, Letter- ITIGFI. Jane Gadberry - Pepett Vice-President, Adelante Vice-President, Phi, FHA, Student Council lO-l l, Basketball Queen Attendant, Office Assistant. Fred Garrett - Forum, Adelante, T 81 l. Jerry Gerber - Forum. 3' . Leroy Gibson - Hobby, Dancing. 2 fp-'vw Charles Gill- Adelante, Forum, T 8. l. " f 1 President. --f X' 3, ' . '33 1 Q S 4,1 ' 5 as.. . S" affix 'sb . g 275: 'wif' . .Pu X 2 qbfn ,Q ,gan S ' .15 1 P 1 4 -- if-':?5:!-. tt Q' 41' .:,u:,:, .' . , il 4 ia M X gs' ig, -Q' , . Nw ' 9' ll vs. 1 4+-'f' :F 9 Donald Gloss - Forum, Class Vice-Pres- ident, '53, Class Secretary '55. Clarence Golden - Forum. Jerry Golden - T 81 I. Glen Hadlock-Forum, Football Stu- dent Trainer, Basketball 9-l2, Letter- man. Judy Halverson-Girls' State, Student Council Secretary, Pepetts, Phi, FHA, ldutional Honor Society, FFA Sweet- heart '55, Senate Sweetheart, Adelante lO-ll, Yearbook Staff, Office Assis- tant, Band Queen Attendant. Tommy Hamby- Football 9-12, Bas- ketball 9-l2, Letterman, Forum, All Conference Tackle. 17 SC' z 5 2 if 5 ' fm 4,9 8 18.4 Pat Hoffman - Phi President, Pepetts, Adelante, FHA. Tommy Holdaway - Hobby, Sports. Gwen Hurt-Squaw, BMC, A Capella Choir, Vocal Ensembles. Ronald Jackson - Drum Major, Band 9-12, Forum, Class Vice-President '56, Yearbook Staff, Mr. School Spirit, Pep Band, Ensembles, Basketball 9-lO. Sonny James - All Conference Foot- ball Guard, Letterman, Track '55-'56, Band Carnival King '56. Gordon Jimmerson - Football 9-l2, Basketball 9-I l, Forum, Track IO-l l, Letterman. .ps Rachel Harrison - BMC, Office Assis- tant, Student Librarian. Sandra Harrison-Pepett President, FHA Reporter, Adelante, Phi, Nation- al Honor Society, Class Treasurer '53, Delores Henson-T 8. l Sweetheart, Cheerleader '53, Phi, Pepetts, FHA, A Capella Choir ll, Band Carnival Queen '53. Charlene Hilburn- FHA, Pepetts, T 81 I Secretary, BMC. Glen Hill- FFA, Basketball 9-l2. Howard Hobson - Hobby, Horses. 'Or N""M 6 . l o i f 1 , Janice Johnson-Pepett, T 8. l, A Cappella Choir. Mary Johnson Steve Jones- Football 9-l2, Basketball 9-l l, Forum, Letterman, Track 9-l2. Margie Keller - Squaw Vice-President Girls' Chorus 9, lO, l2. Johnny Kitzmiller - Football l l . Gary Kubala - Hobby, Watching Tele- vision. r 'Y 'A' l1' gi x lf' '21 ,fe rl'-1' . A , K A 2, NYE? f Willnetta LaFolleI'te-Squaw Parlia- mentarian, A Capella Choir, National Art Honor Society, FHA, Student Li- brarian. Eleanor Lancaster - Pepetts, T 81 I. Gary Lemke-FFA President, Student Projectionist. Mike Link - Forum, Football 9-12, Golf 9-12, Letterman. Pat Lorenzen - FHA, Pepetts, Phi Sec- retary, Band Twirler, Adelante, Art Club. Lila Lott- Pepetts, Phi, FHA, A Cap- ella Choir ll, T 8. l, Student Council IO, Class Secretary '54, Vocal Ensem- bles. ,I Delta Miller - Phi, Pepetts, FHA. Helen Kay Miller-BMC Historian, Squaw Treasurer, FHA, Band Secre tary. Janet Mitchell-Squaw Cheerleader, Football Queen Attendant, Band Trea surer, Student Council lO, Phi. Jewel Moore - A Capella Choir, Squaw. George Mosher-Band 9-12, Student Operators' Club. Eouetta Nance - Squaw. Robert Lumpmouth-Art Club, Stu- dent Projectionist. Vera Maly - Squaw Historian, Student Librarian. Alice Shawn Mathis - A Capella Choir, Vocal Ensembles, Office Assistant, Squaws. Bob McDaniel- Football 9-l2, Basket- ball 9-l2, Letterman, Forum, All Con- ference Back, FHA King '55. Betty Meyer - Squaw, FHA, Band 9-lO Virginia Meyer-Football Queen At- tendant lO, FHA Vice-President, Phi Pepetts. I 55' John Plato-Adelonte, Senofe, No- tioncil Thespicm Society. Phil Porta- Adelonte, Football '53. Dressell Powell-Hobby-Working on Cors. Marion Reding- Phi, FHA, 4-H, Pep- ett, A Copelio Choir, Girls' Chorus 9- IO. Helen Reuss - Hobby-Sketching Patsy Rush - BMC, Yi' Shirley Spencer - Hobby - Drawing. Charles Staton-National Thespian Society, Adelante, A Capella Choir, Boys' Quartet, All State Choir, Letter- man, Football 9-l2, Tennis lO-l2. Melvin Stoner - Hobby - Playing the Guitar. Nelson Stout-T 8. l, Adelante, Peggy Tate-Squaw, Art Club. Mary 'llhomos - FHA Secretary, Phi, Pepett, Band Queen, FFA Sweetheart, Cheerleader '53, Girls' Chorus 9-lO. -.J , .:. .,. N V mczkiiit inf! I - fu 52. s 4- w "Nu-5. P 94. .I 1, ,Q ,SLK 'N A 4: ' X ..,. A x I . if : iw fi in 4 .gills me Jo Schroeder-Art Club, Pepett, FHA BMC. Carroll Selken - Hobby - Drawing. Pat Senn-Pepett Cheerleader, Foot- ball Queen Attendant, Student Coun- cil lO, Phi, FHA, National Forensic League, National Thespian Society. Johnny Shaw- Student Council Presi- dent, Class President '55, Football 9- lO-l2, Basketball 9-lO, Tennis ll-l2, Letterman, Forum, Student Council 9-l l-12. Robert Shaw - Student Chaplain, Boy's State, Student Council, Adelante, Sen- ate Sergeant-At-Arms. Ronald Shropshire - Band 9-12. 1' Terry Thompson - Senate, Adelante. Jerry Tillery- Football 9-12, Basket- ball 9-12, Track 9-12, Baseball 9-12, Forum, Letterman, All Conference End, All State End, Lineman of Year, Class President '53, All Southern End. Nadine Turley - National Thespian Society, FHA, A Capella Choir, Girls' Trio. Vivian Vian - Art Club. Lois Von Tungeln - Phi Historian Pep- ett, Phi, FHA. Letcher Vorhes-Pepetts, Phi, Ade- lante, President FHA, Delegate Girls' State, '56-'57 Football Queen, Student Council 9, Yearbook Staff, Band Carnival Queen. 6-1-- 'A 0 , ,',' 7 J? Vs. N-A E? Elsie Wage-FHA, Squaw Secretary, BMC Parliamentarian. Johnnie Wagner-All State Choir, A Capella Choir, Class Vice-President '53, Letterman Mary Wehrer - BMC. Junior Whipple-Football 9-12, Bas- ketball 9-12, Letterman, All Confer- ence Back. Inez Whitacre - Art Club, Band 9-10, Squaw, A Capella Choir. Virgie Whiteshirt - Squaw 23 ...I CS! . ,.v..N,,, X J .Q M pr r 4? 1 'ie l,g?v 25-if if Nancy Kunneman - Pepetf Cheerlead- er, Phi, National Honor Society, FHA, National Forensic League, Class Treasurer '55, Student Council 9, A Capella Choir, Girls' Trio, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Editor, 4-H, Miss School Spirit. Eddie Wier - Forum. Richard Wrede- -T 81 l KQHQQH , f ,ii : ' ' ' , iw ,gg W 'ia - W X S ff'll4ff2W I a V f 5 txt! A"n J, li f- .1 W 1 Kg .., .5 .fazx vfr Q Lg .:?4gf'gj ,if ' aj? ,QW 'f f xl 21-'.'.Qi a " 4,35 at ,-fa . , i ,a fi I 1 r . .. f 5' r QQ. If Q J pg," L, L 1.-v . v 5 1 z.3,.,, . in' W ,1 'gig . " ,Q 1 Y' .4 W' -is at t 4 Y. 'I .6 Q v i i 'lk j"f.r...,h . N, I W ,,..,.. ,X lfvman Q? L 4 - - i,,,z1-1: ,Mv- -. . if M279 ww' ,5- F 14 - ,lf , ,..,..f'ff . . .,,. Af 'rifaqfirf-"" AW' SENIOR OFFICERS . I a Left to Right: Tom Hornby, President: Nancy Kunnemon, Secretary: Txsho Costm, Treas- urer Harvey Raymond Vice President 1 ' -x I I if 1114 K VQALMYH. ,W Y 1, 7. 24-vwf I i .r-5' 'QQ Wm 9- X .9 'ap L? 1-15322 "' f 'L 99' Wx Jerry Estes - President Nels Olonder - Vice-President Billie Jean Cacy - Secretary Carolyn Marquardt Treasurer B045 1' fs-nu' .-X Y 12" EN 'Hui ts.. 26 John Adams Joanne Alexander Glenda Anderson Charles Anthony Mouruce Ausley Peter Bargelnotes Bob Barnes Betty Jean Bartlett Neal Baucom Doyle Buller Jake Bloom DorothyJ Bolmg Phyllis Boyer Otis Bruce Robert Bullock Cleta Corrnrchoel John C Cortland Patty Chlles Leroy Corn Lnllnan Cox Wllllam Cox Bully Craig Ernest Crosswhnte Roy Crum Dolores Curtus Som Curtls Janette Davus Judy Davis French Denwolt Jeanne Doke Jimmy Duckett Doreen Duncan Kafle Dunn Jlmmy Dunn Rayburn Edwards Tommy Ellrott Manlyn Ellnson Larry Englehart Jerry Don Farrell Karen Kay Faucan Charlotte Fogg Nan Flnppen Frances Games Mary Clay Gulbert Wulllam Golden Ranny Grady Sharon Ann Grass Karl Gray Sandne Gresham Anita Hall Ruth Ann Halacko Gall Hanks Martha Hanneman Blll Harrvs Dub Hartwug Kay Hayward lrwln Heckes Sandra Heltzman Lnnda Hensley James Hlckerson Maxine Hlllburn Bobble Jane Hull Robert Horn Karen Huchtemann Mary Ann Huntress '51 -wr 5 LAL l 5 'hr Ng! 7 1' 5 QE? ir It l XM Y? X Ka lg. 1 -. N77 E Q, J? v Qi 0. Q- ,.. U, . - I 1 '- --. -' A L. . . fi, ,vo J 5 p .pg IR mai? MW 'KD' Laura Crowe Allen Jensen Lavada Jessup Carol J. Jones Nora Lee Jones Karl Keener Leonard Keller Geraldine Kendall Joy Kepler Kathem S Knker Joan Kmcade Ruby Kortmeler Veldon Koubo Jlm Kubon Georgla Lacefneld Laura Lnebscher Charlotte Long Barbara Ann Lorezen Florence Lucas Wesley Lumery Jumor Lunsford Jason Marquardt Roberta Jean McEvoy Betty Males Gordon Muller John L Muller Johnny Morrus Lmda Mount James Mowery Jimmy Murphy Joann Murphy Juamta O Nan Karen A Oneth Drxze Overholser Jackie Parker Joe Patrick Terry Pettit Harvey Plaut Kay Porta Doyle Edward Powell Jack R Reeves Lovella Rlckner Ralph Rlckner Patrncla Sue Robertson Carl Roscher Robert Sanders Johnny Schrnoyer Stanley Seeley Waldernne Sexton Tom Sharp Gene R Slaughter Bma Snellmg J C Smart Freda Smith Bull Stevens Melba Stoner Karen l. Stout Jon Tnllmghast Bob Tnnsley Pete Tro Charles Varnell Barbara Vleweg Judy Vogel Frank Waller Joyce M Warden Oscar Welmuller Melvern Wllds Charles Wllson Peter Wrlght Q 7 Joe W Young Joyce Ann Zucksworth Marvin Terrell . ' Q, . Nt' r 2 uv 16- 639 5 Maw we sy xy 11.3 2 La' 509 Richard Fogg - President Ronald Evans - Vice-President Bnna McWethy Secretory Donna Muller Treasurer 44 Arnold Abner Larry Adams Ronnre Adams Ronnie Albers Barbara Anderson Claretta Ankney Ronnne Atkinson Nancy Bachler Patrlcla Barrett Retha Borrow Anvta Bartlett Kay Barton Karen Boorsma Barbara Boston Frayne Brennan Glenn Brown Patrscla Calvert Stanley Camper Fred Casey Don Cecul Dorls Chaloner Oran Clemons Fred Coburn Jlm Colgan Burllyn Conner Bully Cook Jan Cooper Carol Sue Davudson Larry Deatherage Carolyn DeLaughter Dennus Duckle Jerry Davlne Thelma Dodd Karen Dorman Eugene Douglas Dorothy Duncan Carol Durham Glenda Dutcher Boots Effenbeck Pat Entrekln Patrlcla nz Eugene Estes Archue Everett Fred Fanson Lmda Farrns Mlke Fire Patrlcla Fox Danuel George Juduth Gholston Carolyn Goad Jasper Golden Cecnl Graham Grant Grlesel Glen Grlffln Jim Hahn Bxll Hall George Hamnlton Gary Handley LaDonna Helm Manual Heusmon Burt Hlx Marguerite Hoard Edward Howarth Herbert Iles Betty Jean Irvm Kathryn lrvln Bllby lrvlne Phul lvester Joyce Jackson Blll Jeffry Barry Johnson Gale Johnson Shnrley Johnson Donald Jones Rnchard Jones -gk J-'Y' mil? Hg 31 N., 15. V7 JXMAX L A sb! il or 'T 'rf' W .L 'W 'Y' 4-:gb gd? C' yu! I 'v- 4, I J ' - l k . lx, V 4 I 'V U E41 x '5 ' F' . . . E D ,, . -N A .A ' ,a , ' lx ,. ' , s . -11 K ' ' . - J -J A J I ' 0 E E D' I , Z7 . 5 - ' 9 . ,V+ cal I X . 2 J 'Y .5-, . ' J , - rl ri Q :N . 2, fl ' I 'rf 1.. V 4 g -V .' ' 1 J 4 1 l -J J 35 ' A , 'vt ' ' li' . 5 'J ., I. -1 -, i,Y1L' L3 J ,T W l " , 'ff' l J or 1" J A , l' V. , A A l ' N A l Ia., W it J . Pike --" Verle Jones Carolyn Kendall Elaine Kztchell Barbara Leach John Lee Jerry Lmgle Arthur Link Jurnmy Long Richard Lorenzen Duck Lucas Betty Lunsford Jackle Lyle Barbara Moly Marlon Marquardt Jody Maxey Bull Mayfield Sharon McCabe Nelda McCurley Bull McDaniel Judy McGee Bob Meyer Don Muller Pat Muller Ernest Morrison Tom Mowery Connie Moyer Kelly Murphy Marysue Nall Ruth Nichols Gayla Nules Eddie O Bleness Patrlcla Oldfleld Crystal Overholzer Floyd Pate Melvun Payton Bonnue Plerce Ronald Porter Kenneth Potts Nancy Power Bob McGoffin Jnmmy Preston Llnda Prnce Phrl Pumphrey Judvth Rem: Sherry Rogers Burrel Rushmg Gayle Ryel Charley Sanders Shelby Schaefer Buddy Schroeder Carol Schumacher John Sedberry Carl Sessions Manlyn Shaw Jrmmy Shlry Bully Shrum Velva Smlrl Betty Smith Betty Jo Southern Ronnie Southern Dons Spencer Alnce Stanley Marvm Starkey Ida Stephens Mary Stephens Edgar Stlne CIN Ale Stout Shnrley Stowe Dorothy Swlngle Danny Tamman Beverly Tate Etta Tennery Joleeta Thompson Lenuel Thompson Rlchard Tltterungton Sara Valderas Phyllls Vaughn Janrce Wallace Tom Walker Lonnie Ward 'U' 'K' x., x 33 sw ap, -7 W 'T' 'M' 'vi ag 1 er ll C' -Q4 he-1' 1 Q 6 l 1 w,p I 'z F fl' i, - P, 1 l F 4- 5- . lt- gas. 4.9 v 6? I in , X , . w " 'ii ,A W. A- , ply x in l lu. 5 ge U ig Q N ,,, . ,J ii 3:5 :Sa ' -Q ,, 1 - 'R "A fi ff-'7 Q 537 R W w Q I ti kim, m f YE' " 2 'rr 2 Mi , E 1 l f i 4 S Q l l X V 4 : .nn n 1 :I wmmezv 'www Lynda Ward Georgia Warden Loretta Warren Marion Watson Brenda Weidenmaier Joe Whipple Katherine White Faris Whitley Jimmy Williams Jerry Willingham Terry Wilson Donna Sue Wood Keith Worsham Bert Yant William Yount Wilma Yount l I l l . p X' my - E Qi H' f, -il 'UL .,.- gif: 'Def Wra- 4 en l 2 4. lf! .1 1.1" "T rv- 'QQ 1 i ,- .3 T W?" Row One Gaylord Shaw President Dovud Cordray Vlce President Sherry Chambless Secre tary Rllla Rlckner Treasurer Kendall Abner Adrienne Adams Lena Faye Alger Noel Allen Row Two Harvle Anderson Jr Larry Anderson Josephme Ashley Ronnae Ausley Larry Balnter Mary Loulse Barker Susan Barnes Colns Jean Bates Row Three Tom Blackwell Karen Blolr Jesse Blind Carolane' Bloom Leon Bomhoff Merrlly Boyd Delwyn Boyer Joyce Boyer Row Four Charles Brandley Larry Bruggs Marvellena Brooks Kay Callahan Betsy Cortland Carla Jean Caster Gary Caster Gary Caughron Row Five Jeanne Cavun De Wayne Chadwvck Dale Chappell Claude Cherry Melnnda Clancy Keith Clark Kenneth Clayton Donna Jean Cody Row Sux Rex Alfred Coat Make Conner Bull Cooksey Donald Corn Rlchard Cosby Bruce.Cottey Lonuto June Courtney Laura Crow 35 ,f -,f J. K .' . ' A ' .- . B. 'f +4 , ES: A ' 1 I V ' . . N " ' s, . ' f .L ' .jg V , ' K. TN", N- . T' l Z W1 Q: ga. ' "xi N in Q Y f x V fl Tim ll "' l l' Q W J' lk . , , 0 ,, 1... .2 x Q " 1-J. - f ' ' '-iff, ' F v f 'V' , or J " , I Q I -1 .A 1 ' ' - . , - 1' we ,X . . ,- 4 W? r '5- . 11 ' 5 N, lg' .1 - ' f 0-5 1 A Nr ,- . ,, . A , - A 3' C '. ' ' 'l n A A A ' 1- "' l V' ' 4. f Q- r we L A 4 A . ' KV' 5 1 -4' I All H ' - 1 ' l ' 1:.e ,L - , X , . , ' , - 4. -1 I M , I ff, , - Ig , . lv- I - :1 N 4 .a . 1 A r Q ff ,:,K. , 1 ' Q . . 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'Q 3' at 'Ds rv-wwf l..Jf' f 1 75 JY' 69.2 2 Y? .Ah xlxl Row One Joyce Ann Lacy Blllse Jo LeBIew Tommy Leonard Ruth Ann LeVan Amanda Lewls Royalyn Loyoll Kay Marne Ray Marne Row Two Beatrice Marquardt Diana Mar quardt Bull Maynard Credo McCroy Karen McGuure Helen Crowe Byron McNaught Edna Mehan Row Three Buddy Mules Jarold Muller Clayton Morse Jack Mosher Rnchard Myers Paulette Nnnman Charles Norros Bull Novak Row Four Harry ONeal Jamue Sue Palmer Karen Parks Ken Power Jannola Roms Tommy Randall Bennue Red Buffalo Dorothy Reuss Row Fnve Bert Rrckner Llla Rnggles Dnanne Roberts Patrucua Rochelle Nathan Rose Jonuce Rush Janet Schroeder Karen Schwab Row Sux Sharon Seely Pat Shamel Joyce Shawnee James Short Eldon Shrum Johnnie Sller Elizabeth Snmmons Karso Smrth 37 3 F b .rv-' . I ' h .X 0 ni nr-, A, 2 Q Z 4 -" K h 5 "- - vs I - . ' it -vl A 'I ewfvf " 1 I ' 1 . -Ile S g -. 1 V . . 1 f I B , .1.':..:hi . C y , W A ,. J an "M I S. . 1 A151 .0 . ' 1 I gg, V ' ' . Ji if ' Q my' ' 1 ,, ff ' ' 'haf . , . -- - 5. , . 41 .4 - 'Www' I P", ' "v v - . " -s ff? I . f,, v x Y 4- " , , T "".. ., S , f N- ' ' C . I x v Qs f 7 P ' , Q .4 ' I ,' t ' -. - " ' . . ' N I at X me N , G. 1' 7 I Q -ff A 1. . r - I 7 4. I ., - . ' r ' ' -1, , A ' 7 . .- - T C '- ' . PN I ' A , ' S.,-zu , ', ' ' will ' ,A 1 f MY " Eiliffi' . A wrt, Z . 1 1 nt- ' Lo 2. , 'v' ' ' '- ,f LZ ' ,I " ' ' f - I - , ., - I, ' , L gt A ' t. . , ' ,mi ' ,-. - 43' . Xe-Q . ef K . V V Y I f.'- 1 1 ' .X ix , " l I 1 s.. U, N ' . 1 X me K rf- A A ' Ik F 1 X 3. A 1. A ' . vb lv 5 J Q. E 'A W. , nn. XV X I 4 Y I . C ' it I ... 1 I 1' ' . K ' - ' fr 1 I g sa 1 ' V f 1' . I w ' . - A , Q ,N 3: -v v- ' "' -s ' 5 N k 5- , ' 1 , gg: ' .- - ' 4- A - 'P J if B 'r N? C ' .1 - -' , X tv Q' :Lx x 1 U I I .A , P . - ' ,, x.-l . f , y V ' N , 6 f ,it 'lg A ' I I . I I ' 3 A I ' ' I I I I ' I I I . . . I , . I I I ' ' I I I I . I I I I - ' 3 A 1 l l ' 1 ' I I V , 1 D I I ' . : I I I I I . A I 4 I I . ' ,-,. K,,.,n,,,,i1,.I,A .N - .,. , cw l 'S-B 'J ,, J- 5 W , 1 S. 4- +- 1-lv -1- Q X? 1' "CY "" I "Q we J - i . - ' .. f 'rw ,1 x-'gs We", 1 wx M li S 5 A ' Ti flu, , 5. x tv I K. I li 4 4 - " W 'cfs 9' dye- " . r-ti" . ,' " - .4 et. N 4. f. ,gi .1 T Tv 1 T, 1- 4 .. 4,., 9 619 'J . if ,. . tn A 1 , 1- 'A rn naw- 7 its Ex X xl Row One: Carla June Statton, Kenneth Steen, David Stephens, LeRoy Stewart, Jewelene Stone, Gayle Stoneman, Janice Stoner, Billy Stout. Row Two: Bill Strickland, Glenna Bea Sweezy, Leon Taylor, Lynda Thompson, Jan Tillinghast, Richard Valderas, Joyce Vieweg, Sonny Von Werder. Row Three: Clara Mae Wagner, Roger Wagner, Tice Wagner, Robert Warden, Kenneth Wehmuller, Patty Wells, Clyde White, Opal Whiteshield. Row Four: Christine Whitley, Clydel Wier, Ellen Wilkerson, Harold Williams, Sharon Williams, David Willsey, Jr., Larry Willsey, Judy Wright, Row Five: Ross Yohe, Jr. , lt W4 X Ox S IP 0 RTS My fr ll! ll' iq' uw!!! '1 I d M, lt! zinc! lil 'I ilu f. 1 7 Front Row, Left to Right: Tom Mowery, Junior Whipple, Sonny James, Joe Whipple, Oran Clemons, Fred Coburn, Clarence Hix. Second Row: Keith Worsham, Ernest Crosswhite, Gordon Jimerson, Steve Jones, Bob Horn, John Shaw, Marvin Starkey, Mike Link, James Mowery, Assistant Coach Charles Gena. Third Row: Assistant Coach Bill Davis, Head Coach Kenneth Kamm, Tom Hamby, Bob McDaniel, Lanny Keller, Jim Duckett, Jim Murphy, Larry Deatherage, Jerry Tillery, LeRoy Corn, Sammy Curtis, Billy Craig, Assistant Trainer Jim lvester. Fourth Row: Bill McDaniel, Jon Tillinghast, Nels Olander, Tom Holdaway, Bob McGoffin, Jim Preston, Richard Fogg, Charles Staton. Season's Summary By Ronald Jackson and Allen Conner The beginning of the l956 football campaign found El Reno's lndians ranked in the Boomer Conference cellar. Determined to upset these pre-season predictions, the spirited tribe battled its way into the state Class AA playoffs. lt seemed at first as if the predictions may have been accurate as the tribe was stopped short l3 - 7 by Denison, Texas. After losing their first game of the season, the lndians gave it full-throttle and raced past Clinton 20 - 7. The team picked up its sec- ond triumph by downing the Norman Tigers 23 -14. The Warriors repeated themselves the following week by shutting out the Chicks of Chickasha i9 -O. Picking up steam, the tribe overscored Duncan l3-6, and upset all previous predictions as to the team's status in the Boomer Conference line-up. The lndians then journeyed to Lawton to upset the number one team in the state in a hard fought contest resulting with a score of 2l-20. Further along in the season El Reno clipped the Putnam City Pirates with a confident l9 - l2 victory. In the Enid-El Reno contest, El Reno rolled over Enid l9 - 6 in a compara- tively easy game. The Ardmore Tigers then came to El Reno to tangle with the Warriors in a Boomer Conference clash. The Ardmore unit crushed El Reno's chance for the con- ference crown with a stunning 20- l2 vic- tory. This game placed El Reno, Lawton, and Ardmore in a three-way tie for the conference crown. Luck was with the Tribe as the flip of a coin decided them the conference repre- sentative in the class l AA finals. Douglass of Oklahoma City, the representative of the Mid-State finals, and the Warriors met at Taft Stadium in Oklahoma City where the lndians were upended by the Trojans I4 - 7. Thus, the El Reno High School lndians ended their season with an impressive 7-3 game record and the honor of being the State Class AA runner-up. Personal honors went to five outstanding seniors who landed positions on the Boomer Conference team and also on the All District team. This quintet consists of Jerry Tillery, Sonny James, Tom Hamby, Bob McDaniel, and Junior Whipple. Tillery also landed posi- tions on the All State team, the All Southern team, and was named to Scholastic Maga- zines All American team. I 4' ' ,git -2 'Nt-1 ig . ' +510 fi ' L COACHES Chorles Gena, Bill Davis, Kenneth Kamm. " ' 'V .fn-1'4,'vib,A--.cz H r. A . i ,T v- ' f JL ' A ' 'A 'fn 'I-I iq X . .4 s 'ci fi,tQf'1'7"ane End Jerry Tillery All Conference Team All District Team All State Team All Southern Team Highschool All American Team , ,' F.:-D-sl' '. ,ff If g, 4,3 I, b my 'C ' T' S" ,. -A' ., , ' - " - x Fe-:MLK b Jjgfgi r' QZQ. I . , H, . U ' 4 -- .lnfhsh b 'V-xmlu . fl: 3 au- ' .- 'N - -- ' Y- 'S ' Guard Sonny James All Conference Team All District Team :tl qs, 'n ugff., 'reign W X 4 Y End Gordon J imerson 42 Guard Steve Jones 'H' Q 4 -Q 'I'f, 5" 5. , Lu Halfback Bob McDaniel All Conference Team All District Team - v'4f:N ff! '52 1- 'f '-Q 'wal Quarterback Billy Barnes ,- .- Af :Wi an -.,,EA,.,Q,hq,3 -og ,K i D il 3- I R Eg -Pf- ' - . we I I X . www- - .. f....'!t,? .1 - qv r unj- -" --r Q ' Q ' - -la' ,-M. . . --..- -- ' ' . ' I ' "Q , - B' 19 K T' '.Q'..a .- l"- '-. if- . Tackle Tommy Hamby All Conference Team All District Team 43 4 .4- ue. ,Q 1, H. Q . YW? - , f .-. '. 41. r, a4'.f k Halfback Junior Whipple All Conference Team All District Team 1 i . 1 1: -ang .Q ' ,L ,'9'p' . xi-. "' ,... . N V X . .Q -. 1-S Lifyfil K' ns x - er' ", 72161. X31 .x -mit., . -2 - Guard Johnny Shaw fb' in 5, b V ' Miss Lefcher Vorhes Football Queen SCOREBOARD El Reno Opponents EI Reno Opponents 44 27 '35 41 Okla. City Central 81 Amarillo Sandies 54 57 Amarillo Palo Duro 62 55 Putnam City 27 54 Clinton 34 42 Enid lTournamentl 40 38 Ponca City CTournament 31 "47 Duncan 38 Capitol Hill Chickasha Norman Conference Games Lawton 38 Capitol Hill 33 '46 Ardmore 49 60 Clinton 26 '44 Duncan 51 '53 Norman 47 '39 Chickasha 36 161 Ardmore 51 Lawton Central Putnam City REGIONALS Lawton Duncan SEASON SUMMARY By Jody Maxey and Richard Fogg The 1956 57 basketball season became a winning mark for EHS after beginning with wins over two Texas teams and continuing these wins for six games in a row Midway in the season they hit a mild slump but came barreling back only to be edged out in the regional finals The Indians won a share of the Boomer Conference Crown after losing to four conference teams in a row then com ing back strong to win four games in a row for a threa. way tie for the crown Coach Simmons boys started their rough schedule only four days after football season ended with Central of Oklahoma City The Tribe posted an easy 44 27 victory Traveling to Amarillo Texas they mauled the Amarillo Sandies 81 54 but lost the second game in an over time duel with Palo Duro 62 57 Returning to the Coliseum for their first home game of the season Putnam City was thoroughly drubbed by a 55 27 Score Clinton was invaded by the Warriors and once again the Indians were the victors winning 54 34 Journeying to the Enid ln vitational Tournament the red hot Indians stunned the Enid Plainsmen 42 40 and rolled over Ponca City in the finals 38 31 Another beautiful trophy was added to the trophy case A conference win was gained by downing Duncan 47 38 here At Cap: tol Hill a thriller was lost in a double over time 43 45 After picking up their second conference win by defeating Chickasha 55 51 a powerful Norman team handed the Tribe their first conference setback 40 54 El Reno was invaded by the Lawton Wolver ines and were defeated by a 35 41 score Their conference standing was now 2 2 Seeking revenge on Capitol Hill the Red skins fell before the Indian s onslaught 38 33 on the home court The team then fell to two Boomer Conference teams away from home Ardmore Tigers handed them a 46 49 defeat and then Duncan set the lndians back another notch by a 44 51 score The conference outlook was very bleak But the Tribe had a fast comeback and gained four more notches on their way to the con Chickasha 39 36 Ardmore 61 51 a d Lawton 44 36 They ended up in a three way tie for the crown with Duncan and Law ton Waiting for the regional tournament at Lawton the Tribe ripped Central 34 30 and Putnam City 61 35 with comparative ease to end their regular season Entering the regionals the Tribe eliminated Lawton by a close 49 47 count but were set back by Duncan 42 40 This concluded the season Seniors seeing their last action for the Blue and White were Jerry Tillery Glen Had lock Tom Hamby Junior Whipple Bob Mc Daniel and Glen Hill a thrilling game 43 45 '44 36 '55 ' 51 34 30 f4O 54 61 ' 35 49 47 40 42 ' ' ,I - I, ference title by blasting Norman, 53 - 47, I ' 1 1 I l 1 ' 1 1 ' I n . . I . I I - - I - I in, . . D 45 1 1 law, if F .ii Y , , G E Y G Ik l N 4 r , , s ' X A, , - ' 1! D Kp 3 , in lat, ' i z l1'3lfj2i,i' i - H12 ' ,G X 2 ' I 1 ' 15 I' W' F' ,Q xl 44- ' '1 v 4 SQUAD MEMBERS First Row: Earnest Crosswhife, Bob McDaniel, Glen Hadlock, Jackie Parker, Jamey MowrQy, Billy Hill, Coach, Jenks Simmons. Second Row: Junior Wlwiisiule, Jerry Tillery, Jirn Murphy, Tom Hamby, Glen Hill, Billy Craig, Lanny Keller, Trainer, LeRoy Corn. J T I ., 0. r ri IU' 13' r 1 W f ' ,gY.!111I'1l"U'l Adding fo The Collection are: from left To right, Junior Whipple, Jerry Tillerv, Tom Hamby, Bob McDaniel, Glen Hadlock. fi. 'ani' Kr K fill: It "A J 9, . ,Q , ,. . ,A A 'iffff J is - 1 l Q.. - A fgfd , X A ' 1 , M , , X4 ' s Q ,1' 1-1 l X X '-3 - -Nw s., fl fe, Ah A-Q 1.4 'f 'sl ul I 1 6.3, v Ei l If vb , lu.. f ,Z l l , .Z K. ng. . lg , ,, so -J P W, 1 C , 1 l ' . . P F ' 7 -'y 7 ' . f I. i A v I l l l v gif sl - . X T-Q ...v Ii, I . I k A J' ,z K - . -. i J fi, ga? x l 4 li -Li: fi I l , J ' C C "Lil l 2 K L4 . X l ' "B" BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: Ronny Grady, Oran Clemmons, Harvey Plaut, John Cortland, Robert McGoltin, Jimmy Haan, Richard Fogg, Coach Bill Davis. Second Row: Daniel George, Bill Mayfield, Bob Barnes, Keith Worsham, Bruce Cotty, Gene Estes, Manual Heusmon, Mike Fire, , M, L,-' V ' ' Q ' ' 1 . 1 ' -A' -f r 'Q ' F I '- T1 'H " ff - f ---V----1 ...cw ., ,. , ll' rv- ' ' I ' "1-' I 1 ' -1 u I- Q -J-l Y Y 1 A ' - -4 ' C- " ' 1 ' i ' 1- I ' ' if -f 4 A -2- I-11 . ,iv I V- 'J-l 'S -. , 4' . r mg' -' x M p yi . A in v f , TRACK TEAM Front Row: Clarence l-lix, Trainer, Peter Borgeliotes, Bilby Irvine, Jim Preston, Bob Mc- Goffin, Sonny James, Gordon Jimerson, Bock Row: Leonard Keller, Oran Clemons, John Adams, Ronnie Atkinson, Keith Worsham, Richard Fogg, Jim Murphy, Jasper Golden, Bill Craig. 50 'Qi mar Y N , f' 12 1 Q ' ,xx f, ,-ix " A iq 3 'vgsyi T I ,' V ,i X' . T TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Johnny Shaw, Tom l-lamby, Charles Stafon, Glen l-ladlock, and Bula Allen Back Row: Steve Jones, Harvey Plauf, John Cortland, Marvin Terrell, and George l-lanwiltan van he Vx J l is i x l . 1a 1 f 1 Y - i , , , ' .S , li , W " f- ix f' , il ' A '.a, , 1 . , 9 W GOLF TEAM Front Row: Bruce Fire, Mike Link, Ronald Bright, Mr. Charles Gena, Coach. Bock Row: Mike Fire, Bob Barnes, Bill Barnes, Bill Jeffrey. '2'4' i !"! 51 I f Mk 3 f mx J 'le Q40 ,ff Y ? -J-X.:-15, N14 N , 522 r G9 XX 5' Wm 0 fm X? Ny J f X I f'-Y. 'P ' . I f . f Q. Zr " ...,,,, i? w-.ag L i if ll --.L 'MMI . . ug: wr - ,n -nw .fs if --di ii' , ', f.f'.:. ff .".Ta1l""...- -- 2 '2'f2JQ5. ff -'53f- rlf- 96224. V if :3E"f'.-It-"is " ,.f',' -.Q " ' , Q:-X .fitg f-5a?5g1'1:5Q. - -29-Q13 'ifl .'fs223faT7'1 5:-ixliillifll Pr: 72 .Q 51 4231114-isggfg, f f-2' . . -'I-EIL", 34? T'f5,22.fSI:'5iE'c? 1 If 3+-. I- L wpgzx , 'LF - .-5.::I"f 4' '.,.l'ej" -- ff.',f,?e:,A-QQQQ Tgzz 1 ,t .,.f',fN-. 4-:".5ff2rg " V A-1551 ','.'-'f I-1 mb., . ,..l 14.7, -, nm., ,. 1"-af ,,z . 41.- G'-'-IX-,iii -f 31.2 .- -b..,. ,A t... ., ' -vs. .: x- , , , A ,',.j1V2 ,.. - .w.r':.Ii'- . , Y- - Tv: , ,.5see,., e 'f ...sr ,..s- -,f'g-'-:"A-- - f1w'., N723 ,b ,M nys:-fc u , az . ,,,-fa.-,A Ar 1 - J-N1 '."Iv'V-lf' ,. , F, 4 k , Q 1 1 E L " x 1' 6 Y N if "6 -252 1 'f - f '1 . .L 5 y A . ... ii ' ' --.fm , iv fe gr vi uaffiiee- - " f f. . ' ' '5'?1.lf?5 .22-111, '11 -im. f e'., -nr-'::-.. . -fgggr'-,ff ' 17:5 ' . 1 7f,f,g5ui" rf -:gfaifz ,fl -e 426953. W 0 ,f,gA:..N 5 Y fin 'ffgz' f m M., ,i 5.5 .1-gr . ff? .W.-fnmZ'. P - ' :'g,'.' n --, , P' ,Q ' K -- , J. LLM' -1 A ,xr f.-fa ftp 19'-.5 ,iilrfff . ' -- :L -at -2" f-'-inifzz -" aw, 'L-F . . Q':fi.l:: 3- ii T JJ. -. . QE., ,.- r. 1.1-me I E -,.,- L. ,4-'x..... ,ev . -. N ' T1-f"1r-'a5'gff5'3Z,E:3'r,gh' M' L+ -4- ",1:, J' 4,:-:ff-:izfv uv f 5, 9' '. 'Ls F' f-'.f .,.g??1::f3?::"'gt" iQ Y- ' -gy " iff' 'F ,:,- L,-t, :v.5+.,.,..g- .. gi., V, . 46,,.7x. 4A . ..-. .im .4 M, Vbyv L m, eve, -.5 - --, o ,..:,, , vm .,. '--- rung. ' ., - .. - f kiigj' w"'V exif.. . , ' - f..,, .. - , ig-14. ,a g inf Y jr-55,1 ,,-1 .. 4 ., -"U -.-:f 15 frm :YE 5 S-ffl, -W ' r .. A -.. 1 41: -'Mis-4 -fi t : iff: as--.. , A... .4 eq I . Q N 1 ,U v- 2 g.,,7 Ralph Enz BAND OFFICERS Student Director 54 Helen Miller, Byron McNought, Janet Mitchell Enz. FLUTE Bill Maynard Byron Mclxlaught George Eaton OBOE Jim Shirey Claude Cherry BASSOON Karen McGuire Jan Tillinghast CLARINET John Shaw Helen Miller George Hamilton Bill Mayfield Richard Lorenzen Brenda Weidenmaier Patty Wells Kay Callahan Ronnie Southern Wilma Yount Larry Anderson Diana Roberts Dan Patman Paul Winslow BAND ROSTER ALTO CLARINET Jake Bloom BASS CLARINET Judy Remi Ronald Evans Ronald Jackson ALTO SAXOPHONE Harriet Platt John Schmoyer Terry Petitt Richard Leonard TENOR SAXOPHONE Linda Elkins Bill McDaniel BARITONE SAXOPHONE Bill Stevens CORNET Bob Allen Ray Crum Donnie Johnson Kenneth Potts Eugene Douglas Bert Yant Jerry BOSS Dale Chappell Tom Blackwell Bill Lee Jerry Johnson' FRENCH HORN Larry Engelhart Janet Mitchell Otis Bruce Joe Young Joyce Edgar Janice Cahill TROMBONE John Lee Jon Tillinghast George Mosher Lynn Connor William Yount Kenneth Clayton Wayne Ables David Stephens BARITONE Ralph Enz Larry Briggs TUBA Paul Chapman Bilby Irvine Jerry Farrell Fred Coburn PERCUSSION Judy Cavin Ronald Shropshire Marvin Terrell Mary Louise Barker Betsy Cortland Fred Fanson Ray Hamby Mr. George Kizer, Bandmaster IDS Nth . N i ,Q V, Q Mays v , .15 ' .5 FN 'Y 31.4 'QQ-S", l 'Qfii ,ff 'fffp 4-f",,f wifi :xiii Z2 .1 4m- S NNXYXNRNN S N Q 1 1 fa 5 X 5 5 Q ' ' n X R3 'I . 2 f 7'7' Y . g X .7 ' A . at ' W 7 A4 U v 4 A-A A AA 4 A , X W 'A 1 i-Y 1 I W ,A ,k , 4, 1 A 1- 4 v -Il Q T A A A 4..a ASX A' Sym, 55 fiwfp xexwz, X Xxx L XAFA ':Q.iW-X'XXX.NxXX U Q X Fx' EMNNNWK Wx N N U it Q a ' . ' x X ...'QN.vX,,, VQWWX 'N .wx x x an WK M 5. X 3' V X Q. x Q N . N - .w X' X A X xy E WKWNN A KK All XNXX XXX Z f7 N ww NN S K X XWXXXNK SN X, Cf Wfnt J tf5w,,, rr W 23 fl rfimfe 31 J ,, QQ EQ' MQ t 7 PEPETT MEMBERS: Barbara Anderson, Claretto Ankney, Barbara Arnold, Retho Borrow, Anita Bartlett, Betty Bartlett, Kay Barton, Dorothy Boling, Karen Boorsmo, Joyce Boswell, Billie Jean Casey, Phyliss Boyer, Judy Cavin, Potty Chiles, Dona Clark, Jan Cooper, Letitio Costin, Carol Davidson, Janette Davis, Judy Davis, Jerry Divine, Jeanne Doke, Karen Dormon, Carol Durham, Grace Etfenbeck, Marilyn Ellison, Nita Enfield, Pot Entrekin, Linda Farris, Karen Foucon, Judy Flaherty, Non Flippen, Charlotte Fogg, Jane Gadberry, Frances Gaines, Judy Gholston, Clay Gilbert, Carolyn Good, Sandro Gresham, Ruth Ann Halocka, Judy Halverson, Martha Hannemon, Sandro Harrison, LaDonna Helm, Lindo Hensley, Delores Henson, Bobbie Jane Hill, Charlene Hilburn, Marguerite Hoard, Pot Hoffman, Joy Kepler, Kathy Kiker, Ruby Kortemeir, Nancy Kunnemon, Eleanor Lancaster, Barbara Leach, Charlotte Long, Pat Lorenzen, Lilo Lott, Florence Lucas, Carolyn Morquordt, Marion Mar- quordt, Nelda McCurley, Judy McGee, Bina McWethy, Virginia Meyer, Betty Miles, Delta Miller, Jo Ann Murphy, Mary Sue Nail, Juanita O'Non, Karen Oneth, Laveren Payton, Harriet Piott, Kay Porta, Judy Remi, Marion Reding, Sherry Rogers, Goxle Ryel, Shelby Schafer, Jo Schroeder, Pot Senn, Marilyn Show, Betty Jo Southern, Alice Stanley, Karen Stout, Shirley Stowe, Dorothy Swingle, Beverly Tate, Etta Tennery, Mary Thomas, Sora Volderos, Phyllis Vaughn, Judy Vogel, Lois VonTungeln, Letcher Vorhes, Lynda Word, Brenda Weidenmeir, Joyce Zucksworth, Shirley Johnson, Maxine Hilburn, 63 . fr fra- , .L . jr 4, ,.,,.,v Wzzaiy Q 'i1,4,u2g 'agf . , L "Y J f, J .as 'J , H l L' if A 7 l 51' - 'ff1.i 4 v . , 77 ' 'fa if l ,if -V if 6? S 13 i J 4' K , . w nf ' 'S M S E '- in Adrienne Adams, Mary Louise Barker, Susan Barnes, Caroline Bloom, Maryellena Brooks, Kay Callahan, Betsy Lee Cartland, Carla Caster, Sherry Chambless, Melinda Clancy, Elaine Croxton, Margie Clark, Ellen Davis, Phyllis DeLaughter, Ann Dillon, Linda Elkins, Kay Enfield, Erances Farnham, Kathy Eaucon, Renie Sholston, Mary Beth Cuoldbergcr, Sharon Hamilton, Sally Harrison, Roselyn Haynes, Vonda Heckes, Jackie Hill, Virda Hobson, Judy Hromada, Sandra Humphrey, Patsy Huston, Della Mae Hutchemann, Loretta Husmann, Carolyn Jollif, Delores Kastl, Joyce Lacy, Billie Jo LeBleu, Ruth Leyan, Amanda Lewis, Royalyn Loyall, Kay Maine, Beatrice Marquardt, Diana Marquardt, Edna Mehan, Paulette Ninman, Jamie Sue Palmer, Karen Parks, Jannola Rains, Rilla Rickner, Diane Roberts, Karen Schwab, Janet Schroeder, Sharon Seely, Patricia Shamel, Elizabeth Simmons, Karsa Smith, June Statton, Jewelene Stone, Gayle Stoneman, Lynda Thompson, Jan Tillinghast, Patty Wells, Christine Whitley, Clydel Wier, Sharon Williams. Er SPONSORS: Mrs. Virginia Durham and Mfg Edna Kelly. OFFICERS: Sharon Scely Secretory Kay En field Vice-President' Sharon Williams Trees urer' Wier Pres: I 1 ' ., V ., f ., ' 'WY I i 4 i 'Q A lUuJlA'1i fi- 5? Af? ' A a 4. ,Av- Jaw Q2 J'- .L 14'-A mln-q..1..,..-.,,..M ., , is ' 1 . 4'1" "W" ..., WN. .0 A, f y 1 Uh ffl, ' Q L M 1 . ,S a ff' 'QL I , . . A g ! fx, Q. Yf Q? 4 2 ggx ff!!! Z, A-1. 2' 4 we '29 f-5 vvirv 'Il V17 TLIDE T COUNCIL First Row: Judy Covin, Judy Halverson, Potty Chiles, Chorlofte Fogg: Second Row: Sue Davidson, Potricio Enz, Judy l-lromodo, Ann Dillon. Third Row: Mrs, Gcrlond Etheridge, Sponsorg l-lorvey Plout, Jerry Estes. Fourth Row: Fred Hobson, Bill l-loll, Robert Show. Fifth Row: Johnny Show, Tom Hornby, Bob Allen. , f"t 4 2 .' I, UQKLI , , 'fi' '-1 ' , . Q . , I I 7-Zfd K Y l.""" W .el -oz3'.1- 5 5.2:':.. ,, , ' I . . 'So Adelante Front Row: Mrs, Lucile Blair, Club Sponsorg Charlotte Fogg, Don Fox, Bob Nilson, Charles Staton, Jane Gadberry, Kathy Kiker, Dona Clark, Letcher Vorhes, Roger Chapman, Marvin Burge, Terry Thompson. Second Row: John Plato, Melton Glenn, Clay Gilbert Florence Lucas, Charles Anthony, Jim Dunn, Nan Flip- pen, Linda Hensley, Kay Porta, Carolyn Marauardt, Mary Beth Goldberger, Robert Shaw. Third Row: Patsy Huston, Don Johnson, Wayne Edwards, Sara Valderas, Sharon Grass, Glenda Dutcher, Georgia Lace- N Q' at -an wc . field, Marion Marauardt, Karen Stout, Delores Curtis, Doreen Duncan, Katie Dunn. Fourth Row: John Sed- berry, Carol Durham, Terry Wilson, Linda Farris, Carolyn Goad, Cleta Carmicheal, Sharon McCabe, Walderine Sexton, Barbara Anderson, Pot Entrilain, Jerry Divine, Kay Barton. Fifth Row: Claretta Ankney, Judy Remi, Judy Gholston, Bill Stout, David Cordray, Bill Strickland, Janet Schroeder, Elaine Croxton, Kay Enfield, Patty Wells, Karen Parks, Rilla Rickner. X,- NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: Billie Jean Cacy, Potty Chiles, Nancy Kunnernan, Nita Enfield, Sandra Harrison, Helen Kay Miller, Marilyn Ellison, Ruth Halacka, Jane Gadberry. Middle Row: Kay Niles, Tootsie Vorhes, Judy Halverson, Judy Cavin, Charlotte Fogg, Lois Von Tungeln, Sandra Gresham, Karen Oneth, Pat Hoffman, Mrs. Josephine Taylor, Sponsor. Bock Row: Harvey Raymond, Harvey Plaut, Marvin Burge, Ralph Enz, Bob Nilson, Roger Chapman Robert Shaw, John Shaw. 1 E EW 5' f H! ,l MEMBERS: Joanne Alexander, Barbara Anderson, Glenda Anderson, Nancy Bachelor, Betty Bartlett, Kay Barton, Sarah Birmingham, Dorothy Boling, Phyllis Boyer, Cleta Carrnichael, Mary Crook, Delores Curtis, Janette Davis, Jerry Divine, Katie Dunn, Boots Eftenbeclx, Patricia Enz, Karen Faucon, Patricia Fox, Rachel l-lar' rison, Sandra l-leitzman, Charlene l-lillxarn, Maxine l-lilburn, Gwen Hurt, Karen l-lutchtemann, Carolyn Ken- 111 1 3 1 l SPONSORS: Miss Hope Wood and Mrs. Marie Moore. dall, Geraldine Kendall, Joy Kepler, Joan Kincaid, Ruby Kortemeier, Barbara Lorenzen, Sharon McCabe, Nelda McCurley, Donna Miller, l-lelen Miller, Pat Miller, Connie Moyer, Mary Sue Nail, Linda Price, Louella Rickner, Patsy Rush, Joe Schroeder, Walderine Sexton, Jeanne Stoner, Barbara Viewig, Elsie Wage, Loretta Warren, Mary Wehrcr, Katherine VVhite, on i get 3.2 OFFICERS, First Row: Helen Miller, Historian, S 1 ,e V f arah Birmingham, President, Maxine l-lilburn, Vice-President. Second Row: Katie Dunn, Secretary, Dorothy Boling, Treasurer Elsie Wage Parhornentarion 4 1 ill ' I S 1. ' W , 5 , 'H hw I I J ' 1 1, 1. ll l l - TY, 4' 1 . K ' , n V S u ' 4 -ff-an , - l qtx, 3' ' L .. 4.0. Q ix SWEETHEART Judy Halverson I 11 3 'i x.'? 'X- fi , . Q i Ilf- MEMBERS, First Row: Roger Chapman, Marvin Barge, Don Fox, Robert Shaw. Second Row: John Plato, Paul Chapman, Bob Nilson, Rolph Enz, Terry Thomp5on, Bobby Allen. Third Row: Mr, Woodrow Borton, Sponsor, John Schmoyer, Frank Waller, Jon Tillinghast, Tomrny Elliot, Terry Pettit, Joson Marquardt. 1 'C 9-13 '45 'W mr' t Mi l 1 r 1 at sl ' K? w4u,Mm.'f M 3,-,,,, Secretary-Treasurer Roger Chapman President Marvin Burge SPONSOR Vice-President Don Fox Mr. Woodrow BGFTOV1 73 Sergeant-ot-Arms Robert Shaw 0 fi ki l MEMBERS, First Row: Ruth l.eVan, Jo Schroeder, Willnetta l.aFollette, Doreen Duncan, Katie Dunn, Sandra Gresham, Karen Oneth, Judy Vaqel, Jmce Zaclevmrth, Second Row: Mary Beth Galdberger, Jan Camper, Linda Price, Melinda Clancy, Francex Farnham, Sue Ferguson, Mary Sue Nail, Anita Bartlett, Barbara Anderson, Frances Gaines. Top Row: Jayce Viewig, Rilla Rickner, Karen Parks, Peggy Tate, Freda Smith, Jewel Annie, Vivian Vian, lnez Whitacre, Leniel Thompson. 0 'su xs.. ,"'f..-- L flxqlt 4.. I f XS.. , I if-.. ' - tu"- , ill: 9,5 Hiro 49, 409061: ..!. H 9 Front Row: Letcher Vorhes, Dana Clark, Nita Enfield, Judy l-lalvereon, Bock Row: Johnny Shaw, Marvin Burge, Robert Shaw, Ralph Enz. 9 ,, 1 M K ' f . if ia N 441- Y f' ' 1 5 as 4 ga c -vu-M -'Iv B . .LW Y 'M 53 if QQ . ,R 3 8, . T " 4 '1 KK, E :ZS .,. '14 Wiz! 5- Q V ,ak -'N' 1,3 J 4 P 6' E ! . 5 F 1 I 1 4-4 'N X It .ui .. ,K JWLN, 5' ' A so-'il at-V, i, THANK YOU The Boomer staff sincerely appreciates the ort work contributed by Jo Schroeder ond John Adoms. S Qt wig' mdzi' ' fm 1 S F ST All School Play "Annie Get Your Gun." First Row: Charlotte Fogg, Susan Barnes, Jamie Sue Palmer, Shirley Johnson, Sandra l-larrison, Barbara Arnold, Pat Senn, LaDonna l-lelm, Sherry Rogers. Second Row: Ralph Enz, Jim Murphy, Jim Duckctt, Christine Whitley, Sharon McCabe, Judy l-lromada, Bina McWethy, Beverly Tate, William Schrum, Tommy Randall, Mrs. Frank Phillips, Director. Bock Row: Richard Fogg, Charles Staton, Johnny Plato, Bill Jeffery, Bob Nilsan, Robert Shaw, Dick Lucas, J. C. Smart, Bobby Allen. .7 'If .tk 1 C3 1 Senior Play "Our Hearts Were Young and Goy." First Row: Nadine Turley, Nancy Kunnc- man, Willnetta LaFollettee, Nita Enfield, Inez Whitacre, Pat Senn. Second Row: Bobby Allen, Sandra Harrison, Judy Flaherty, Lila Lott, Barbara Arnold, Mrs, Frank Phillips, Director. Back Row: Allen Conner, Johnny Plato, Ronald Shropshire, Bob Nilson, Roger Chapman, Terry Thompson. 77 l. 'L Q f 1 1 fl' 1 Q 'FY VOCATIONAL TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION MEMBERS First Row: Mr. C, L, McGill, Sponsor, Marian Watson, Harvie Raymond, Vice-President, Charles Gill, President, Dolores Henson, Sweetheart, Charlene Hilbarn, Secretory-Treasurer. Second Row: Janice Johnson, Gwen Hurt, Glenda Anderson, Lila Lott, Laxornc Paxton, Karen Faucon. Third Row: Fred Garrett, Jerry Golden, Neal Baucom, Nelson Stout, Barbara Lorenzcn, Sarah Birmingham. Fourth Row: Phil lvester, Maurice Auslev, Kent Cardcr, Richard Wrede, Jimmy Barker. years El Y-4 ft P 1 xL 3,4 Q' n "' 9 , VQQ I H :vt2f33ff3g'.- Left to Right: Allen Conner, Dona Clark, Ronald Left to Right: Bob Nilson, Nita Enfield, Ralph Enz, Jackson. Seated: Nancy Kunneman. LetcherVorhes. 3 Left to Right: Bill L. Barnes, Helen K, Miller, Marvin Burge, Kay Niles, Bobby Allen, Seated: Judy Halverson. For the first time in several -V1 6 Mrs. Wayne Samuelson, Sponsor. Reno High School offered the seniors a course in creative writing in place of journalism. The small but industrious class, under the direction of Mrs. Wayne Samuelson, contri- buted one page of school news a week to each of the two city newspapers. Every staff member capably handledseveral jobs on the Boomer-Collegian, another class project. The class entered two journalism contests, but re- sults had not been published at press time. A study of literature was made, with stu- dents writing a research theme and two book reports on English authors of their own choice. The highlight ofthe course was a trip to Okla- homa City to see "Macbeth," presented by the Mayde Mack Mummers. L2 l 'S Firsl' Row: Shirley Stowe, Kay Niles, Mary Thomas, Ruth Ann Halacka, Sandra Harrison, Letcher Vorhes, Virginia Meyers, Marilyn Ellison, Nan Flippen, Donna Miller, Kay Barton, Helen Kay Miller. Second Row: Joyce Boswell, Nadine Turley, Letitia Costin, Nancy Kunneman, Marion Reding, Judy Flaherty, Nita Entield, Harriet Piatt, Janet Mitchell, Elsie Wage, Joanne Alexander, Walilerine Sexton Third Row: Beverly Tate, Judy Shalston, Linda Farris, Judy McGee, Maxine Hilburn, Bobby Jane Marshall, Loretta Warren, Kathy Kiker, Juanita O'Nan, Karen Stout, Carolyn Marquardt, Georgia Laceiield. Fourth Row: Betty Southern, Judy Cavin, Judy Halverson, Jane Gadberry, Pat Lorenzen, Billie Jean Cacy, Lavada Jessup, Ruby Kortemeier, Melba Jean Stoner, Martha Hannernan, Florence Lucus, Clay Gilbert. Fifth Row: Dorothy Boling, Barbara Arnold, Lila Lott, Pat Senn, Connie Moyer, Carol Schumacher, Kay Porta, Ruth Nichols, lda Stephens, Pat Barrett, Laura Leibscher, Karen Faucon. ,. , i , .0 . w-..,,mumm,,,...u"" I i ss . me 1 4 5 5 X -1...-.........--. 4 54 K X 5 J 1 ,Q , Ffh P" , -"mf,-V A" ,- , . r i ,f FHA OFFICERS Front Row: Ruth Halacka, Mary Thomas, Virginia Meyer, Letcher Vorhes. Back Row: Betty Miles, Shirley Stowe, Kay Barton, Donna Miller, Marilyn Ellison, Kay Niles, Nan Flippen, Sandro Harrison F fi I' 82 P' , Y vrfq First Row: Marian Marauardt, Gayle Ryel, Shirley Johnson, Joyce Jackson, Pat Enz, Jan Cooper, Sue Davidson, Karen Boorsma, Lynda Ward, Bonnie Pierce, Sherry Rogers, Carolyn Good. Second Row: Pat Entre- kin, Carolyn Del.aughter, Adrienne Adams, Marysue Nail, Pat Shamel, Jannola Rains, Kay Maine, Phyllis DeLaughter, Vonda Heckes, Caroline Bloom, Edna Mehan, Carla Caster. Third Row: Clydel Wier, Boots Effenbeck, Velva Smirl, Marilyn Shaw, Janice Wallace, Patsy Huston, Cloretta Ankney, Beatrice Morquardt, f' "wh 'V 'fi Q17 C7 R I i I Fourth Kathy Foucon, Jeannie Cavins, Billie Jo LeBleu. Row: Jamie Sue Palmer, Mary Louise Barker, Christine Whitley, Roselyn Haynes, Diane Roberts, Amanda Lewis, Royalyn Loyall, Carol Durham, Judy Hrornada, Sharon Hamilton, Ellen Wilkerson, Susan Barnes. Fifth Row: Kay Callahan, Lynda Thompson, Gayle Stoneman, Jackie Hill, Sandra Humphrey, Sharon Williams, Marvel- lena Brooks, Verda Hobson, Sharon Seeley, Rene Gholston, Clara Wagner, Sherry Chambless. Club Sponsors Mrs. Coy Watson and Miss Hope Wood MEMBERS, First Row: Jimmy Williams, Doyle Biller, Gary Lemke, Alan Jensen, Gordon Duncan, Pete Tro, Second Row: Larry Deatherage, Glen l-lill, Ronnie Porter, Clyde Stout William Yount, Edgar Stine, David Evans, Oscar Wehmuller, Kenneth Wehmuller, Mr, M, J Robertson, Sponsor. Third Row: Tommy Elliot, LeRoy Hiederburg, Irvin l-leckes, Jerry Estes Ray Hubbard, Clayton Morse, Tommy Leonard, Richard Myers, Ronnie Adams, Leon Bornhotf ..' ! -r. .X OFFICERS First Row: Gary Lemke, President: Sharon Williams, Sweetheorty Alan Jensen, Vice-President. Second Row: Gordon Duncan, Reporter: Jimmy Williarns, Sentinel: Doyle Biller, Secretory: Pete Tro, Treasurer. 84 s af' A 7.., xl- Miss Sharon Williams FFA Sweetheart ATTENDANTS X Mlss Jane Godberry Mlss Judy Halverson Bond Attendont Bond Attendont 7' VU Miss Nadine Turley Miss Kay Niles Bosketboll Attendant BOSkeTbOll Attendant 86 ATTENDANTS 5-1- Mlss Ruth LeVan Mlss Janet Mitchell Basketball Attendant Football Attendant tix' il Mlss Lehha Coshn Mlss Susan Barnes Football Attendant Football Attendant 87 x .QA ,MJ Wm 3' 59 vb! gf.-',:. J., , X z s " 'fziz ",'-,"',w I N x A Q U i 'MQ 5, i A435-"H--sb 43-.5 H 'I f ' x 'S ' KJ , , , 4 ' 1 f f Q S aaa-"S ' "' ' X Q SSX 6 6" QRS N 75 F 'Q f: III' X f Hg 'Ni' .. ,gb if fl I dA LX 3 - L . ' 1 4 fix X' 2- ' R ik D4 Miss Delores Henson Trade ond Industry Queen 90 63 3 F5052 Q5 6 X f7?Q XM JQGQ Qc f5 Q qwgvyv SITE -- A FX 0 4.6 an OUQ Qc Q - " 'f ' if W Ur' 11 4 ' ,V Isa ' M X Q Cs M' X 5 v 4 4, , S N ' Q .5 Q fy M53 , X Q in Q ,, A H It . ,A 'un 4 n W , f w 5' ' r Y Q 1 HN Z Xl Q 1 x Q. Q V A J if 1 , W i 1 V Q S9 , I fr f, ' , 9 'E' . kink , Q .E -nhl 1 3 5 ff: K K x ,171 I. K 'id qt: , N X- Q1 A 'Q q 3147 CAFETERIA STAFF - 4 S X , 0 Pi' fr vv-'fd-,fx x 1 ' AL 1 - dh . 4 5 1 .yi 'Sl X ' 1 J" ' W." ' f 'LYQQ I V f,. ' I , QE 7 N 4 . CLISTCJDIANS 1 I M"'v-'wav-n.J""""J! , ' -' xi' " as , I 1 1 Q. 4,..- I yu I THESPIANS Fronl' Row: Judy Davis, Judy Flaherty, Nita Enfield, Shirley Johnson, Sandra Harrison, Barbara Arnold, Pat Senn, Lila Lott, Charlotte Fogg. Middle Row: Bobby Lee Allen, Lalflonna Helm, Nadine Turley, Bina McWefhy, Sharon McCabe, Nancy Kunneman, Francis Gaines, Beverly Tate, Mrs. Frank Phillips. Back Row: John Plato, Bill Jeffrey, Fred Fanson, Bob Nilson, Roger Chapman, Allen Conner, Charles Staton, And Oran Clemmans. -----..?,,,, OFFICERS: Pat Senn, Vice-President: Francis Gaines, Treasurer, Bobby Lee Allen, President: Nancy Kunnernan, Clerk: Charlotte Fogg, Secretary: and Mrs. Frank Phillips, Sponsor. 93 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY PHELPS CLINIC 203 South Macomb MALCOM E. PHELPS, M.D. Surgery-Phone 62 JAMES P. JOBE, M.D. Internal Medicine Phones: Office 82, Residence l04 C. RILEY STRONG, M.D. Obstetrics Phones: Office 63, Residence 283 ORIN J. HAKE, M.D. lnternal Medicine Phones: Office 63, Residence II8 W. B. CATTO, M.D. General Practice Office 339 42l South Williams, Phone 223 CANADIAN COUNTY COUNTY CLERK Cecil E. Bross, Phone 96 COURT CLERK Dorothy Lorenzen, Phone 84 COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ROY Tech George Hurst W. R. Mayberry Phgne H45 Judy Halverson, Business Manager for the l957 yearbook, speaking in behalf of the student body, thanks our many sponsors whose support makes possible this edition of the Boomer-Collegian. 94 DR. R. J. KENNA, CHIROPRACTOR 420 Sunset Drive, Phone l0l DR. JOHN MOGAB, M.D. General Practice Phones: Office 589, Residence lO3 DR. JOE M. OZMUN Dentist 204-206 Citizens National Bank Bldg. EARNEST W. POTTS, D.D.S. DR. EUGENE VORHES, OPTOMETRIST Professional Building, Phone 354 EL RENO VETERINARY HOSPITAL 23l West Woodson, Phone 6l OFFICERS DIRECTORY COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Neal Golden Phone 704 COUNTY SHERIFF Tiny Royse, Phone 79 COUNTY TREASURER Helen March, Phone 7l ABERCROMBIES FARM MACHINERY HAMMONS CAVINS BODY SHOP 200 West Elm Phone 279 101 North Evans H CavIns Mgr ALLIED BUILDERS SUPPLY CO HIWAY 81 DAIRY 1 15 West Elm Phone 110 The Best In MIlk Phone 2308 W 1 LLOYD F ANDERSON HIX MARKET 212 S BIckford Real Estate 81 Insurance 319 South BIckford Phone 48 BEAU BRUMMEL BARBER SHOP HUTCHINSON NURSERY 118 East Woodson Phone 89 1206 Sunset DrIve Phone 48 BOB S GRILL HUTSON BROTHERS Hamburgers 15c Coneys 15C 300 South Rock Island Phone 830 BOTTS HULME BROWN LUMBER CO JONES FURNITURE STORE Elm and Barker Phone 304 113 North Rock Island Phone 1212 BUDS GRILL KEN KRU ELECTRIC Hamburger ln a Basket 30c Kenneth C Kruger Phone 378 BUNKHOUSE MOTEL LYLES SERVICE STATION 521 North Choctaw Phone 326 Loyola H McGoftIn BURGESS SERVICE STATION MATTHEWS 81 GADBERRY 220 South Rock Island Phone 169 Abstracters CAHILL RADIO 8- TELEVISION 111 South Rock Island Phone 34 205 South Rock Island Phone 195 MOGG S BARBER SHOP CLYDE R MAXEY Foster Mogg Owner Insurance 207 East Woodson MOORE JEWELRY CRYSTAL LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS 218 South BIckford Phone 627 114 North Choctaw Phone 11 or 58 MOTEL CONWAY DEARDORF OIL COMPANY 2000 Sunset DFIVE Phone 261 121 North Choctaw Phone 1612 MYRTLE S CAFE DRESSER PLUMBING CO 1 10 South Choctaw Phone 1661 119 South Rock Island Phone OKLAHOMA TIRE 8. SUPPLY EARL S REFRIGERATION North BIckford Phone 344 109 South Rock Island Phone OKLAHOMAN 8. TIMES AGENCY EI. RENO AUTO CLINIC West Wade Phone 97 402 soufh chocfow Phone 4 PIATT Moron COMPANY EL RENO HARDWARE North BIckford Phone 878 101 North Rock Island Phone PULLMAN BARBER SHOP EL RENO PARTS EddIe Rogers Owner 116 South Choctaw Phone 1266 SAMPLES BUICK COMPANY EI. RENO RADIO a. TELEVISION 4 Noffh Chocmw one 207 North Bmkfofd Phone 373 SCHOOLING FOUNTAIN FARMERS INSURANCE Gnour M' and M'S Tom H""'bY 109 East Woodson W G Clouse Phone 41 HALVERSON IMPLEMENTS CO. 1305 South Rock Island Phone 49 120 South Rock Island 1 791 , 101 ' 105 113 12 300 ' 232 21 Ph 882 95 SCHOOLING DRUG CO. TIMBERLAKE BOOK STORE The Rexall Store Phone 68 207 South Bickford Phone 669 SCHULTE OIL COMPANY TONY'S FOOD MARKET Evans and Oak Phone 707 622 West Watts Phone 1953 STANSBURY REAL ESTATE 8. INSURANCE THE VOGUE 519 East Wade Phone 588 114 East Russell Phone 857 W STAR OIL CO. WHITE WAY LAUNDRY East on Highway 66 J, T. Murray, Leasee 419 West London Phone 682 SUNSET MARKET WYNES GROCERY 500 Sunset Drive B. T. Conway, Mgr. 308 North Bickford Phone 174 1 C07'Z1QVzlf11lz1f707I.Y I0 the Seniorf of 1957 Distributor of BoIton's BoIton's Finer Products 200 South Bickford Phone 297 221 South Bickford 0 9 iw ' . i y tv ' -f Q .ga '94 I 9 I , '- uh ff" Phone STUDIO Il3-B So. R.I. PHOTO SUPPLIES ? Congratulations From FIRST NATIONAL BANK EI Reno, Oklahoma LANMAN SUPPLY CO. Automotive Parts - Accessories Supplies - Tools Complete Banking Service Since 1892 2l3 South Rock Island Phone 33l lO0 South Bicktord Phone 54 Congratulations, Class of '57 FISHER 81 NISSEN The Home of Better Fitting Shoes South Rock Island Phone 484 HAMMONS INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY MOTOR COMPANY Chrysler Plymouth We Aim To Take Care of Our Own 4 orth Choctaw l'10r1e 22 M. F. LEEPER SIGNS Car and Truck Lettering Window Signs, Road Signs Scotchlite lReflecting Signsl Neon Service 205 South Rock Island Phone 24l8 220 West Woodson EI Reno Oklahoma HUDDART CORNELIUS MOTOR COMPANY CARROLLS CAFETERIA Ford and Mercury Dealers 200 North Choctaw Phone S46 You Sav fifafx JAC KSONS e More At Jacksons 900 South Hodden Store' All kinds of good foods' i200 Outh Rock Island Phone 2ll Congratulations Seniors' CHISHOLM TRAIL CAFE 2l2l East on Highway 66 ll2 ' - D I V I S I O N 21 N P 5 ' 1 S ffl 'gl :ln I UQ I . 4 97 Best Wishes To Class of '57 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Sixty-Six Years of Safe Banking Best Wishes To Class of '57 CONSUMERS El Reno Phone 630 COX MORRIS WRIGHT FURNITURE CO Featuring Nationally Advertised Brands fRoss 8- Sonsl El Reno Seed 8- Feed Co Congratulations To Class of '57 When You Think of Tires, Think of DEE'S U.S. TIRE STORE El Reno's Tire Headquarters Let us help you save and build for the future 'fy vesting or borrowing from this organization, Strictly a Canadian County Concern EL RENO FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN 207 East Woodson Phone 343 EL RENO POULTRY 8. EGG lWholesalel Butter Eggs Poultry lO7 North Choctaw Phone 275 Congratulations To Class of 57 l00 South Choctaw Phone 540 Since l9lO MAYTAG SALES AND SERVICE MAYTAG PHILCO ROY A STAFFORD Ranges Television INSURANCE AGENCY Washers Refrigerators Dfvefs Ranges i e Auto Hospital Fire Accident Ironers Deep Freeze 207 North Bickford Dennis Adams Owner Si Operator El Reno Oklo Phone 75 2ll S Rock ls and Phone 299 4 by i . co. PURWA CHOWS oAvis ELECTRIC L'f - - ' -' - ' . l 98 Congratulotrons Sensors of 1957 BENSON FUNERAL HOME 100 South Admlre Phone 120 Mrs Thomas Benson Paul C Huber George W Hamulton Roy O Shay Congratulations OKLAHOMA COCA COLA BOTTLING CO West Woodson Phone 127 MISSOURI HOTEL Rooms by nlght or week Famaly Style Dlnung Room 301 North hoctow Phone 1661 T3-I CONOCO V Congratulatrons to the Sensors of 1957 Try Conoco Products Ava Cavan Agent Phone 698 El Reno Oklahoma Death Rudes the Hrghway DRIVE CAREFULLY MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY El Reno Oklahoma First Natlonal Bank Bldg 111 West Woodson Phone 2060 GENERAL MILLS INC Gold Medal Kutchen Tested Flour vw A Y S Penney Quality Is Your Greatest Savrng Congratulatlons to the Class of 1957 Canadlons Best Flour OKLAHOMA FLOUR MILLS 1002 South Brcktord PIWOHS 1275 Phone anceml North Brckford El Reno Oklahoma Phrlco Bendix Laundry Equlpment Servel Gas Refrigerators American All Steel Kitchens Electrrcal Wrrmg LUTH ER C GADBERRY Investments 111 South Rock Island 1 ' nln ' Xl' PIRSIYOAUAIII-Y' 312 ' ' 117 S. Bickford G. F, Beckett, Mgr. C . Y X I 8 180 , I . 99 Congratulatsons To the Sensors of 1957 WILSON FUNERAL HOME S B Wslson Mgr and Dsrector SB Wslson Jr Dsrector IOO North Barker Phone IOOO STEPHENSON BOOK STORE IO3 South Bsckford Phone 552 Congratulatsons Sensors of 1957 1007 West Wade Phone 650 WAGNER FOODS Super Market Prsces and Lsttle Store Courtesses 300 North Choctaw Pl'sOr16 l200 Congratulatsons to Sensors of l957 GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES EMPLOYEES IOI South Rock Island Phone l890 Congratulatsons To the Sensors of 1957 Youll Always Fsnd lt At YOUNGHEIM S El Renos Leadsng Mens Stare Congratulatsons STEFFEN S ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 57 EL RENO GOSPEL BOOK STORE Amerscas Leadsng Lsne of Books From Many Pub lsshers Worlds Fsnest Bsbles and Testaments Statsonery Gsfts For Everyone Cards For All Occassons lll A South Rock Island Phone 2l38 Congratulatsons ARNOLD MONUMENT l22O South Macomb Phone I36 For The Psnest ln Portrasts Baby Photos Weddsngs A Specsalty Commercsal Osl Colorsng Copy Work Phone 285 I no answer 981 WARREN S STUDIO 207 South Rock lsland . . I I , I I I CQ, Song Books For Everyone - Pictures, Mottoes, Plaques, , I . CO. 1 I00 C071 g 1 fztfzl ztzfmf BOOTH REITER FU RN ITU RE CO Lon and Loule IO4 North Rock Island Phone 429 EVANS CLEANERS Made To Measure Clothes Spcufzlzflf nz Sucfztcu lm! Skzrlf Post Offnce Block Phone 4 MALLON EE MUSIC COMPANY IO9 South Bnckford Reynolds Selmer Slnngerland Band Instruments Baldwin and Gulbransen Pnanos and Organs RCA Victor 81 VM I-Ingh FI Phonographs E1'67'I'll7l7l4Q zn Mum Com, f lllftlflfl 215 Se 711015 mm EL RENO AMERICAN Wbefc T 011 Re 1d flu Hz lv 5411001 Pave The Tribe Inner E103 Ilya! Dnstnnctnve Pruntlng II7 North Buckford Phone I7 H URST FOOD MARKET Quality Foods Eftucuent Service lO2O East Rogers Your Home Owned Home Operated Department Store Servung You For Over 66 Years Natnonally Famous Merchandlse Courteous and Effucnent Servuce Booster of EI Reno's Fme Schools . ' 1717 I ' I 'I I' 1 . f. 41 7 fl Y 1 'Ark 'A U ' g ,N Y C if 5 V: V Q , t. I 1" l I IQ 2' L I K' ' 31 - I - TOT S0 MUCH . . . FOR S0 LITTLE .. . . Just consider the many comforts and con- veniences Natural Gas service offers you: clean, efficient and economical heat for your homes . . . Gas to cook meals . . . Gas to give you silent, good refrigeration . . . Gas to heat water for dozens of personal and household needs. Yes, Natural Gas service gives you so much . . . for so little. OKLAHOMA NATURAL GAS COMPANY THE EL RENO DAILY TRIBUNE Canadian County's Blue Ribbon Daily All The Newf- III IIV0rd alll!! Pic'!m'c - Every Day .' MIDWEST MOTOR CO. Cadillac Oldsmobile Rocket 2IO West Rogers Phone 2467 PAN - TEX CLEANERS Phone 900 217 soufh Bickford We Clean Wfitb Cara The Clolhey You Wear PRESTON FLORAL COMPANY Flozverf For All Ocmfifnzf 203 South Rock Island Phone 670 Bef! llVi.I'l7CJ Grf1d11f1tc.f of l957 INVESTORS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF EL RENO III South Rock Island Phone 34 BUTTS FLOWER SHOP Pauline Butts Smith, Owner 113 South Rock Island Ilu Tzlk Cow Ou Abfnf Shop 478 phones N,ghf 47 lfc Nea Cfoffc EI Reno Oklahoma TIIITMIIIUIICWNIP 121 South Rock Island Phone 3 9 CANADIAN VALLEY ABSTRACT COMPANY East Woodson St Phone 77 C171 rim! 111 111 Suzmrt gn ffc FIICHZZIZI Sine EL South ROCI4 ISICIf'1d ABTRACT COMPANY Phone 641 EI Reno Oklahoma 116 East Woodson St Phone 8 SIICCLJY md Hzppzrzcii I 2 flu Gr 111111141 0 195 WILLIAMS GIN WILLIAMS GRAIN 81 FEED US 6 O2 CO7IL?Ifl1!1f107I5 70 C1155 of 1957 STEQEQQOQAQQQSERY FARM at INDUSTRIAL V EQUIPMENT 2 mi Southeast on Highway 66 523 W I W ff 55 EI Reno Oklahoma I03 r 1, ' 1 , 1 f J T - ' 'IJ' 1' ' , Jai' 111 ' Q Y 5 !f .Q 'L 4 If LI ' I '. 1 I3 . d ' 31 ' 'U B' 1' . 16 1 t I I I I - - . 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No boy or girl scout who honored the scout code ever acquired the above attitudes. The pur- pose of a liberal arts education is to give to the individual an understanding of the social, religious, economic, political and natural world in which he lives and to imbue him with a de- sire for unselfish service. To the extent that this two-fold purpose is attained, a college education eliminates crime and builds toward a strong nation that is capable of giving leadership to a world of peoples who are striving for human rights, freedom and world respect. EL RE 0 CCDLLEGE 4'x..f ,wgupu Mr Paul R Taylor Superintendent and Mr Walter P Marsh Principal 105 ,. if ! 'VA w'?Kx, I T 4-sl 'UF' wif ...- Mr. Cecil W. Moore, BS., MS, Typing 32 ' Q55 .fm Mrs Ardyth Guth BS MA Art ... ,i hi Miss Mabel L. Jones, AB., MA. English I ii iq.: Al ,A-1 NIMH In Pa. x Q ' 1 i J 7 .5 W Mr. Ray Porter, AB., MS. Chemistry Lob X rx 5 Miss May Shonklin, BS., MA, 3 I D! History 44 -K as ,Mm 7.-.1 'I xg "i l. I dim- FW ,f- Mr. Floyd Durham, BA., MCE. Sociology 51 ' .A LZ' Miss Helen Knight, BAS, MA. Algebra 5 N A Mr. Ray Porter Chemistry 2 109 V ,s 'x Qt.. D- , Miss Helen Knight Trigonometry 1115 fi kai V-.E 1 X A., fx K :Ag . . df' N time fl. Junior College Officers Guy Taylor, President, Carl Winslow, Vice-President. Other officers not pictured include: Barbara Jo Weaver, Secretary: Jeanette McDaniel, Treosurerp Betty Knox and Jerry Welch, Reporters: Jim Roblyer, Sergeant-at-Arms. ...A E' 'gp-ff NNN! -' F L-xt TF' . . ,-J ,..-4' Studying hard! Air:'t love grand! I bid 3 diamonds! l"t's a great life! Masquerade! Bobbing for Apples! 'Ill i Jon Creed Physics Christine Fire Business Ramona Bunch Patty Carroll Sociol Studies History l I l i xy .xx -Q X 8 Y Gary Evans Bennett Enfield Agriculture Sociology Jean Flagg Education W f '-167, A Marlene Hawkins Business Frank Hurst Robert Hutton Jim Ivesfer Agriculture Mechanical Engineering Business Administration 1 Beffy Knox Margaret Koebrick Library Science Journalism Gerald Lacy English .gf Phyllis Loy Arts and Sciences S-Y wh, r if-1"""' Y g -fear' A y fi Q S21 if ,g Jedlleffe MCD0lllel Richqrd McMurray Jesse Nord'-nan DfOmClfiCS Business Administration Phygicql Education Al? -fl' ,f 'fr-'X wry' Larry Penwright Bill Reynolds Agriculture Chemical Engineering ff? . ...J if ,S-2, -12" . .vg ' w' r -1 . ,,A. . . ,n , .. , ' ' . .e1'1'f',.- Eldon Ridenour Roy Robertson Agriculture Sociology Z5 Suv' XXII." . e Jael Jim Robyler Chester Taylor Arts ond Sciences Art fiv ' Danny Taylor Electronics Thomas Guy Taylor Barbara Weaver Sociology Home Economics f A Jerry Welch Dromotics ' .ts X. 4? . 1 42 Thomas Zachary Geology Beatrice White Buffalo Teoching T Charles Whittle Arts ond Sciences Neta Liebscher Home Economics 7 0 I Richard Fedderson, Jr. Geology 116 I Carl Winslow Civil Engineering I I I I. i 1: 1, I z-eg INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas Cnty I I: I I I I I 5 Il I I ,HN-4 if er? 7 N I 'W , II! ,f 'L A . X V- - . 1.1 I - 5 .5 I: 'ISI' 'I lvl? Il"I ys 1 f N FQ 5..QaE.,14 Q X ,.. .',, .1-, . ,rg '- 'ff5?"W,i2'MS'V -EM-it-. K L55 f 13,9 A t . , A 1 ' hw, q Q A-,nf 1, ygf.--gli wig, 1 , - . .,.,fw , . '45 'Ha 'i':wf:,-2L.'f' -My-:ef 514g1.3g:.uiy Nrfloffu fcggg 1, 3 1 . ' -- mf'--.rr'-'-Q'1':n!1:',W'f.vvn,v:,FTg,3E,,,5i,g,-iT, , 'f'.3Qia'i:'5' KDSXITFE,cfm"f"f79F.gggv3qRg35f,T-i:,-.7g....:,v45-5yF,.ZilrpgxamwN 1 ,, Jif f' 1,-ig 115 ' ' ' ' Y - - U' ' 55525545-51... 4:44-,lx-1 ,L AA, 3,2-235131 2,9-bflfk-,-sf:-A eg-,J'L My 95,1 -' ' 4 ' '

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