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El Reno High School - Boomer Yearbook (El Reno, OK) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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aft Ns g 'H v -. mi, sw Q1 yn-If 'ml f w I iff, lv ' A ,.,.,.. S . - ' 8 4, f pl ' ' t J- Z f, by -Af " , wmaiifgn WVJQER' ::Ac3iiLlg?7??T"" 'f"' I-50'F7f,f f,' ffiffl l ' Q -' f , ' , Q 'A ,'.- ,vf gl vu'- 3 5 A . 1 , . ,M Q ' f ,U . , V 8 W Q l ' 1 1 . W ' ,, 4 .4 V , f ' A 1 u . FV' 334 M V s '3 fwz'-M-zg2', , . ,fi af' 4' O " 1 I ' 4' - 1 I ' Q ,ff ' 0' ' .ln " 4 .6 ' . I 0 , 4 ' 5 ,at 1 Z A , .'l,' QQ, , 4 ' H ' .X A . b , A ft' ,- A are -Ep W asf '- '- A . W mx. 1 4 , ,,, ,,-,ff gf U , 9- v . , 1 , , '-J 0' The Journalism Classes of El Reno High School Take Pride in Presenting Your l 956 lloomor Collogiao 'Nw Bobby Allen, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Photographer Business Managers Jim Smith Jerry Gerber Photographer's Assistant Jerry Gerber Sports Editors Chuck Janssen Walter Land Bill Adams Dolores Oneth, Associate Editor Editorial Assistants Libby Arnold Bill Barnes Marlena Christopher Bill Dailey Helen Dolezal Donna Gappa Charles Gill Darla Hinricksen Kenneth Johnson Marlene Kenna Alice Kepler Margaret Koebrick Billy Koebrick 1 'H- Beatrice Lopez Mary McCracken Bill McCroy Louetta Nance Harold Olive Buddy Prentice Allen Sessions Barbara Statton Martha Stout Richard Want I III I I Ii, I I I In PROGRAM CHANNEL DED CAT O FACULTY ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION SUPERINTENDENT AND STAFF TEACHERS SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES ATHLETICS MUSIC DEPARTMENTS 'ORGAN ZATIONS ADVERT S N " III, I I NIE IIIIE , I I IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII I , INTRODUCTION Our years grow better and our lives grow richer and the school year just closing is the brightest we have known. Within these covers, fellow students, is a cast of star-studded performers who have taken life at its high tide. Stars they are-and they are youl This, our Iife's best year, was spent reading, writing, computing and just plain learning about a troubled mixed up but opportune world It is a world whirling so fast that one might forget this year as it fades For this reason we have slowed down the pace in these pages so that you may always vividly relive this year We hope this Boomer Collegian may be an echo of El Reno High School through the years sounding our memories of things that used to be and treasures you do not wish to lose if Z'-XX Bs OUR THEME Forgive us our transgressions dear readers in the theme we have em played We have tried through television titles to associate you with your school activity Sometimes we hit the mark Sometimes we re far fetched But always we re well meaning-as witnessed by the fact we resisted the temptation to associate ZOO PARADE with anyone Come along and we Il show you " Gumma Llc:-:Ts " Q 4 FA LTY and ADM! ISTRATIO ' "V " 1' 'W' """" ' 1" fn' -'wi mp... ,, ,,,,,,, W, .,,,,,,,,, M, ,,,,,,, ,., .W ,- w M M-Q vs vi-1 W ff" "' - ' '-'N -"W 'vu -Q Q-"ff 'f' J -Q-vw' ww ' -up --was ...N ,,, ,,,,,' -, .rw 0 4' -6, 'wud M. 4, ...E ,,,. ,, .... J., -- ,r- .fn we -ww so q vin- ' 1- on f- 'uni Af- -vi ' ina' 'uso rv-vf an -in-1 ' -in an up .gn .0-f lp- 4. our gp' gn sq -aw -nh -v-, B' vp-0 no -7 Q -our an sl " M ""' ,"'f 'Hi 0 -no -vi un' nv? snail np- -5 1- ann ww -'Y 4' """" F' "" "' "' "" "' T 59" ""' ' ' 'O 4' an nun ..-,. ,,., ,,,,, ,,,,,, nm ,an 1' - ,wr ,P at ,, ,,,,, ,Q gp 4- are g A-Q no nun- an nm' 0- val- -ll 1 V V0 UP 'Q' A tl-ua gg ' ,,, Q, ,,,, .,,. ,.,,, ,,,, Q., ,.,. ,,.. .Q .yv ga no 4' can 70 we an at can out 7- CDO H I "" 44' -'W snr -an 7 ' ,HQ ,.,,,., ,,,. ,, ,.., ,,, ...W ,., .4 .pp un- -Q an -ew vc- - -v -rn uv 0' C ww- an Q -ev' wr' 1-v if ..: 3 ,,. W.. ,,,, Qt., M, W, ,Q .,,,... gp mv 5- -1--1 f-' if-' 1- -Q' 0- Inv 'Y O1 -0- 7 -,-...........................,.........-... ..........-.v..nv-qnnov"""v'P'0v"'v'vv-nn.-', X '11 fo, Z, s. , I -rf ' Rupert M. Fogg President C. Riley Strong Member If A A 0 W 1 ll A K . ' -fe., 1, ,f .4 . M. X N . t b , Q-X N l X " 'I' ' ,. iff' ,W ,3 . fx . Mr. George Gleason Vice-President BOARD OF EDUCATION Only the people who believe in education for all the children of all the people should serve on a board of education Board members should possess intelligence of a high order and good business judgment. The El Reno Public Schools are being served by men who meet the most exacting qualifications for membership on a Board of Education. They give freely of their time and energy and work un- selfishly and with sincere devotion in behalf of the community and its system of schools. During the school year l955-56, the follow- ing officers and members served on the El Reno Board of Education: Mr. Rupert M. Fogg, Presi- dent, Mr. George Gleason, Vice-President, Mr, A. L. Barrett, Mr. Morris D. Hurst and Dr. C. Riley Strong, members. Under their guidance the El Reno High School is stimulated and inspired. We who are students share with them a great pride in our high school and in its accomplishments. NN'- I lllillll' Mr. A. L. Barrett Mr. Morris Hurst Member 6 Member Veg W O Wi .Q Q -,X Y" . I . ,. 2? I. .. QW my Mr. Paul R. Taylor Superintendent KWM Mrs. Cora MacSwain Mrs. Jeannette Mitchell Mr. Walter Wilson Treasurer Secretory Clerk is f KPAMNE 1 nf' AWD! 5' fe' . - ,,. 1' Mr Walter P Marsh Principal M Problems of American Democracy Mrs Garland E Etheridge A B M Ed English Dean of Girls Mr M A Mitchell Jr B S Ed M General us: ness Dean of Boys Registrar Mrs Lucile Blalr B M A Spanish an Mathematics Pepett Sponsor Adelante Sponsor. Mr. Woodrow Barton . S., M. S. - Industrial rts, Mechanical Drawing, Senate Sponsor. Mrs. Nino M. Cooper B. A. - English, Freshman Pep Club Sponsor. 8 4-up ,f '11 99 Mr. Floyd Durham B. A., M. C. E. - Social Science Mrs. Ardyth Guth B. S. - Art, Pepett Co-sponsor National Art Honor Society. Mrs Virginia Durham B S M Ed Eng ish Mrs Corene Jewltt A Latin and English Squaw Sponsor Ed Football Line Coach Junior High Basketball Coach Track Coach Miss Mabel L Jones A B M A Head of English Department Junior Counselor 9 . ., . . . - I' . B. ., -. ' ' Mr. Bill Davis B. S., - . - ' J 3- 4 1'7" Mrs EdnoM Kelly A B S En Lnbraruan Freshman Pep Club Sponsor FQ Q Mr Kenneth Komrn B A Ed M lndustnal arts Head Football Coach B Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Forum Sponsor Mr George Klzer BFA M M Instrumental Musuc -07 'W Mlss Helen Knight B S A M Mathematucs Mrs Morne Irene Moore B A M S Vocal Music 1 Q Q B M C Sponsor Mr Cecnl W Moore B S M S Commerce 10 30' VN! Mr C L McGnIl Drrector of Vocotsonol Educo tnon T 8. I Club Sponsor Mlss Dovle Anno Noble M C E merce Ph: Sponsor Dr James LeRoy Oxford A M A Ph D Has or Journolnsm Dnrector of Publ: cotnons Dnrector of Research Mr Ray P Porter "' 4' A B M S Sclence Durector of Adult Education Q Mr M J Robertson B S M A Vocotnonol Agra culture FFA Sponsor sl or Mrs Morlorle Phnlllps B S Speech ---' ll as . 4 , . . . Kg 'Q . - .A . ' I :ac ' f ' '. . ' in 1 X B. s., A. B., . . . com- ff K , .ff A. A B. I. .,. . .- 't Y, , 11 f A 41 ' I 'I 7-S ,Q E A - - 4 It fl E wt Rv. A rx' X1 ,Q K ,f ' 4. as . ., . . - - , ' 'TT Q7 Mrss May Shonklln B S M A Head of Social Sclence Department Squaw Sponsor Mr J E Srmmons B S Physncal Education Du rector of Athletics Head Basketball Coach Mrs Josephine Toylor A B M S Head of Natural Scnence Department Senvor Counselor Phu Sponsor N tuonal Honor Society Sponsor Mrs Dean Ward B A English and Algebra Mrs Betty Watson B S Vocational Homemak mg FHA Sponsor Muss Hope Wood B S Vocational Homemak :ng FHA Sponsor BMC Spon sor. 12 3'9- urn, ,,.. ff .. YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW rl' -'Vx V" .1 7 -I 4 1 -M 44-f.' ',,. ...,,, W, ,H ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,., ,M ,.. .N M if - 'f if , an-1 'f','f",'f'. a.-'-4- an -vw'-av-Q -wo nw- in Q-- ' an --v -qnq,nuo-n-v1l1n-v-vv"'v-v'Q-1r's-ur-quoo-o-- "f"""F""""' vi-pq. 4... if pq- J... qi., -, qrv gn-aan 'no mo- -are -uv --V as Q- -our 'vas' """""0'l 1nvyr'go-yupwvggpnqnwppfnoq-nnonoovwfw FQP'P1tvl -'vu' """1"'mr-unu-'noqnq-...,.,,.g-v-r'mpnpne-qqr-gphrru,-n-n'.on-.-any-u-qcunwqunvosv.-.Y 1 a Z QS' 'l l l A X K' Bill Adams Corliss Allen l QL Robert Adams l Ea rl Ada ms Q5 S' Glenn Ankney Libby Amdd Janet Barlow uw Orbie Bacher AX P ff B Jim Bass O Y ear Steve Buller Dale Bullderback Gayle Bishop Donald Gene 14 A to Pauline Blind Vernon Lee Bomhoff Gary Bornemann Lester Ray Boyer Sharon Branducs Dee Brower Marlena Chrustopher Tulles Clause Ernuly Bushyhead Beverly Bomhoff if Macsene Clarke Gene Cook Darrel Cooksey Donms Crawford 15 41 lf., Donald Culver gmf' Thelma Eaglenest Bill Dailey Dixie Elenburg ., . .mein x I Don Deatherage 9 ,Z aqui, 'i David Estes Gary Evans .3 N ' 'J E Q 'E' Helen Dolezal li, Marilyn Estes Martha Jo Fl Jody Farris Marie Ferguson Pony Fouts Margaret l sg., 'Dr Barbara Fuller Sharon Grady 'X' Donnie Gappa Gilbert Gholston Donna Gappa kg'- Marlene Hawkins Gary Lee Hanks Charlene Hawkins 3 Jerry Hedrick ,au Frank Hurst L' Darla Hinrickson Norma Howard Norma Hutchinson Elizabeth Jackson Joe Howa rton Glen Jackson Harold Dean Johnson ,ggzy , . ,- iygifl ' W . : Ei' ' jr .fl Ann Kiker ,Q "xv Chuck Janssen Q -3 'li-' 41' N 'Ni Kenneth Johnson 1? Sandra Sue Keith Jimmie Jensen "3 x i Robert Jones Sadie Keena Harold Johnson fi-v Marlene Keena -V Alice Kepler Martha Kisner AOD! Av ' Jo Ann Kouba N' Edgar Keller i Betty Knox Margaret Koebruck 'E 4 x " Walter Land Blll Lackey Charles LaFalIotte Gerald Lacy Q 3XX...l Ruby Lumpmoufh Jvck I-Ong rx 'Ub- A. Beatrice Lopez Phyllis Loy Delores Martin Dsckle Martin 19 .I Y J y 8 .x 14? 4' I a , '83 . , M x ff R 4 .l J' l .1 h 1 L. gf. 1. ' ' -.. f e y h gg. ls Pat McCabe Q 7 H. " -'12 K -Q-:H u X! Y :-. - K N xt., , Bill McCroy Anita McGee Nr S Gerald Meyer 'SH fl AL I it -f I Theleda Norman 'L xl Harold Olive lvania Niles Karen Niles 'Q is YT? Dolores Oneth our Qi" George Usborne 35' .. ," Ar Yi' K l Bob Maynard 22 '-Q. Bill Nail Maurine Oldfield Carolyn Payton W "3 Patsy Poyton Y John Porter Buddy Prentice Burke PFGVOTI Ie Jlmmy Plgorsch Leoto Rondoll Ann Robertson 159 1 I Phlllp Rofllff S2 I Dole Reynolds Eunuce Sonders Jimmy Roblyer Rosie Rowe ,-vw, WA Jock Scot' Jerre Beth Senn l z F ,N. ,ff ii Allen Sessions Wayne Sharp Phil Shearer Betty Jo Sherer 5 5 -G Ina Siler Virginia Slate Bobby Slocum Joe Smith Lynn Southerland Eddie Smith Marcia Slaughter D J l X f 3 my xt A Jim Smith 1 of l fn fl' 'mb'- Kathryn Smith ,NN ix ab., 4 ,Il Mira Ba rba ra Statton -,E Don Sfua rt 'M VS Martha Ann Stout i BObbY SWDP Raymond Stephens Bull Tate Newton Tarver Marjorue Tallbear Jean SfU"9e0f'1 fi Nancy Tobuas Jerry Von Tungeln lx 1 9.- bf lg Chester Taylor Barbara Taylor Arletta Taylor 90 Alice Von Tungeln 4-1' 1-nf' Lavon Van Buskurk NICE Valderos 'W Us-x. G, 53 W -- k Q 5 I or Ef F r 2 A A 'F b fn ' M . ' 1 7 Z If R- 4 6 gl. 3 if B eh I , 23 fix'-,jf ,f A is N: 5 'S' N i i 1 val 1:5 -if 1 I J? 1 "-6' 5 A 'Y K 5'-s iv Q.: ' J -cz? lil Johnny Shaw, President Ronald Jackson, Vice-President Nancy Kunneman, Secretary Donald Glass, Treasurer Glenda Adams Jerry Alexander Bobby Allen Barbara Arnold Gerald Arnold Laney Ashley Jimmy Barker Bill Barnes William Barnes Wesley Barnes Myrtle Bingham Sarah Birmingham Karlita Blackwell Delores Blair Joyce Boswell Ronald Bright George Bruce Billy Buck Marvin Burge Delpha Calvert Kent Carder Kelton Caster Judy Cavin Paul Chapman Roger Chapman Dona Clark Allen Conner Mary Croak Joe Culver James Davis Albert Deon Gordon Duncan Benito Enfield Ralph Enz Bruce Fire ,Judy Flaherty Donald Fox Jane Godlaerry Gary Gappo Fred Garrett Jerry Gerber Charles Gill Clarence Golden Jerry Golden Bill Goucher Glen Hadlock Judy Halverson Tom Homby Pete Hardy Rachel Harrison Sandra Harrison Delores Henson Inez Hawley Charlene Hilburn Glen Hill Pat Hoffman Tommy Holdowoy Wallace Hubbard Sonny James Gordon Jimrnerson Janice Johnson Kay Johnson Mary Johnson Steve Jones Margaret Keller Margie Keller Q iq Q-Q X Vs... -C i 'Q' '5- 'WW sd ' 1 .YJ Q' 28 Johnny Kitzmiller Bill Koebrick Gary Kubala Willnetta LaFolIette Eleanor Lancaster Gary Lemke Pat Lorenzen Lila Lott Lucy Loyall Robert Lumpmouth Vera Maly Bob McDaniel Betty Meyer Delta Miller Helen Miller Janet Mitchell George Mosher Virginia Meyer Louetta Nance Kay Niles Bob Nllson Jewel Patterson Lavern Payton Herbert Pennington Jerry Penwell Harriet Piatt Phil Porta Dressell Powell Harvle Raymond Marion Reding Truman Riggles Karen Ross Helen Reuss Patsy Rush Barbara Schaff Jo Schroeder Frances Scoggins Carroll Selken Patt Senn Robert Show Alice Shawn Ronald Shropshire Shirley Spencer Charles Sfaton Jerry Stirman Melvin Stoner Nelson Stout Cliff Sturdivanl' Virgil Surveyor Peggy Tote Mary Thomas Terry Thompson Jerry Tillery Jan Torpey Jerry Van Zante Vivian Vian Lois Von Tungeln Letcher Vorhes Elsie Wage Johnnie Wagner Mary Wehrer Virgie Whiteshirf Eddie Wier Richard Wrede Billy Pigorsch "OUR MISS BROOKS" Our teachers are students. Their pur- pose is to improve methods of teaching and to advance steadily in the quality of instruc- tion they give us. To this end, they meet regularly on Wednesday afternoon of each week in workshop groups or in general session with all the teachers in the system. They call in experts from schools of education in our universities to confer with them on many problems affecting the life of the school and the welfare of the students. They believe the best teacher is the growing teacher and that growth comes through study and experience. lt follows when teachers on any given grade level meet to exchange ideas, to compare progress and to learn of the good experiences of others. Growth results when a good, workable idea of how to do better the desirable things that are already being done is passed along to col- leagues. Topics that have been studied since the in-service education program was begun in l95O include: guidance techniques, better use of visual aids, creative discipline, the use of group dynamics, contemporary opinions on how learning takes place, mental hygiene in the classroom, and self-evaluation. Many other topics are on the agenda for study in the future. Marilyn Ellison President L Carolyn Marquardt Treasurer Verna Adams Joanne Alexander Glenda Anderson Charles Anthony Maurice Ausley Bob Barnes Betty Bartlett Neal Baucom Doyle Biller Ethelyn Birdshead Jake Bloom Dorothy Boling Phyllis Boyer Kay Boyles Nancy Brower 'Q Q - C A, A A Leon Combs , Www Lillian Cox si - V 21 r Y , L if ' 1 . Jeanne Doke 462' .d - I Jim Dunn ' -v A 5-' T' Katie Dunn A ""' Tommy Elliot 4- Larry Engelhart Jerry Estes Karen Faucon Jerry Farrell Nan Flippen Charlotte Fogg Frances Gaines Clay Gilbert Dan Goucher Randy Grady Carl Gray Sandra Gresham Edwina Grunewald Shirley Hall Ruth Ann Halacko Gayle Hanks Martha Hanneman Billy Harris Dub Hartwig Kay Hayward Dale Hays Charles Haygood Irvin Heckes Sandra Heitzman Linda Hensley James Hickerson Maxine Hilburn Bobbie Jane Hill Peggy Hilley Mary Ann Huntress Karen Hutchemann Allen Jensen Lavada Jessup Carroll Jones Dan Jones Nora Lee Jones Karl Keener Joy Kepler Kathy Kiker Joan Kincaid Ruby Kortemeier Veldon Kouba James Kubon Georgia Lacefield Laura Liebscher Charlotte Long Barbara Lorenzen Florence Lucus Wesley Lumry Junior Lunsford Jason Marquardt Terry Mayrohoten Jean McEvoy Bobby Meese Alice Faye Miles Betty Miles Gordon Miller John Miller Johnny Morris Ryan Morris Stanley Mulonax Jim Murphy Jo Ann Murphy Gloria Neathery Nels Olander Juanita O'Nan Karen Oneth Dixie Overholser Jackie Parker Joe Patrick Terry Petitt Harvey Plaut Kay Porta Doyle Powell Maxine Red Buffalo Jack Reeves Louella Rickner Ralph Rickner Patricia Robertson Robert Sanders Johnny Schmoyer Stanley Seely Walderine Sexton Tommy Sharp ...q ZR: Wd' I 1' 3 . 5' ' -1 4 V' w-if SX 6 'QQ A 5 99. 'lv mf ,X 4, 35, K N I 5 2 l ,1.CA' . A'3f is -5 y G' , 1. 4. 4 2, 11, ' W , .--9 Y F its 'f' ai '- -S VX 1 AJ' x as Xt S K Q' y ,Jag , i 5 W, Ronald Shawnee Gene Slaughter Freda Smith Bina Snelling Billy Stevens Melba Stoner Karen Stout Marvin Terrell Jon Tillinghast Bob Tinsley Pete Tro Frank Waller Jr. Oscar Wehmuller Kay Wells Cynthia White Buffalo LaVern White Bird Kaye Williams Melvern Wilds Bob Winebarger Peter Wright Joe Young Charles Varnell Barbara Viewig Joyce Zucksworth Charles Hardin Carl Roscher Ernest Crosswhite Bunny Laughlin President Barbara Anderson Lindo Wclfd Claretta Ankney Vice President Arnold Abner Q- f-. J an Cooper V H' Secretary - Bina McWethy 5 Treasurer Jim Colgon Pat Calvert Stanley Camper Le Allen Compton Doris Chaloner LaVonne Clark Oran Clemons Freddy Coburn Billy Cook Burilyn Conner John Cottingham Janelle Crandell Nora Crowe Carol Sue Davidson Larry Deatherage Carolyn Delaughter Jerry Divine Dennis Dicke Ronnie Atchinson Nancy Bachelor Onita Bartlett Kay Barton Frayne Brennan Karen Boorsma Barbara Boston Glenn Brown XA fd? Darla Dies " Thelma Dodd if Q7 4 'K Karen Dorman Gene Douglas Bill Douglas Dorothy Duncan Carol Durham Glenda Dutcher Boots Effenbeck Patsy Entreekm ,- P I P 1 Pat Enz Eugene Q1 -1 V A 'K .,., . '- .45 ,A- Estes Ronald Evans Archie Everett Fred Fansen Mike Fire Linda Farris is 6 5 me J E Richard Fo . . Patricia iix 5 Henry Frizzell Daniel George K A Bob Garrett Q .-Q 1 Judy Gholston M 1 Terry Gholston Carolyn Good ,4 Jasper Golden Cecil Graham r-:rg Grant Greiese im Houn . Glenn Greffin , J e Q' 9 Bill Hall li J Y 0-N., x',.k'i5 nv ' 4 0" W 22 'km if fx 1 ' if n' J ' George Hamilton Gary Handley N if 1 I f 4 . "' :fi Ladonna Helm Herbie llles Manuel Heusman Clarence Hix Margaret Hoord Shirley Hutchinson Billy lrume Phil lvester Billy Jeffery Gale Johnson Shirley Johnson Verle Roy Jones Arthur Kinsey James Lucas Ricky Lake Barbara Leach John Lee Arthur Link Jerry Lingle Richard Lorenzen Betty Sue Lunsford Lovern Madison Ronnie Maggard Barbara Jo Maly Donald Miller Donna Miller Pat Miller Roberta Morris if Connie Mayer Kelly Murphy Mary Sue Nail Ruth Nichols Ernest Morrison Gala Niles Milton O'Bleness Patricia Oldfield Crystal Overholser Floyd Pate Melvin Payton Cora Lee Pennington Phil Pumphrey Bonnie Pierce Ronald Porter Charles Posey Kenneth Potts ' 4, Harvey Pratt . Judy Remi Sherry Rogers Burrell Rushing Dorothy Ruess Gayle Ryle Charlie Sanders Shelby Schaefer Buddy Schroeder Carol Schumacher John Sedberry Bertha Segar Carl Sessions Marilyn Shaw Jimmy Shirey Sharon McCabe ,f ,N Bill M0Yfield Bill McDaniel ,l ,an Alice Stanley 2311-A N img. Q R K. is A N Leniel Thompson Sarah Valderas Phyllis Vaughn Lonnie Ward Mamie Wahwosuch Jack Walker Janice Wallace Loretta Warren Marion Watson Jimmy Williams Lonnie Williams Jerry Willingham Georgia Mae Warden Terry Wilson Katherine White Herbie White Buffalo Faris Whitley Joe Whipple Donna Wood Keith Worsham Bert Yant William Yount Wilma Yount l Danny Tammen .,..,-v-- "THE CAVALCADE OF SPORTS" A 4 POR'I' f Q- f-A' -H ww-W .V M , ., 1 - b ' 7 ' 7 vw' rw '-of ps of gigs! .4-' vu- was -,FQ -va .,'..- ,::- v-va fww vs 1:-Y qw -aw. my mv- -n. -va -9 .Q-uv ew- --vw- -'ll 0' uv up 'Q 'jfxit .7 ,,, ,,4'?,.' ,gg -sn in gn vw in at luv' Qu or 6 47 "W 'W " 3' Q9 W' li -iv' Q' 'our-' nn- -in .M re- -,. .5 1 -up -nw du uv- -nur or no Q -un Q' an - av- 'Il Ov- U- ae' at -0 vo an gp 'yum ,g ,,,, , ,,,,, ,,,, ,q ,,, ,,,,, ,,,., ,.,. ., Q-v .ol -4 an -no on so ah no -ul so v' -one 'va uv f' 'v nv -v-' 'rr 1u'.-v'-n-A nr 9- -. ,.... -rf W --s -- vv- 0' 'H' 0' ""' "' "" 'U' 'lv ' 4' 'N '-' 0' 'V' 'IU' vt anon- nun' we 1, mn, may po vo- .mv .ap .ww w N...Q:f an Sv jf' V" 'A' 'az "' ii? l-- W' 'Y' "9 ""' "1 -A - .... .... .. A -... ... -.,- .... ...y W -w .m ,..-. ... .. ... ..x., , if Q. D NM 553' SQUAUMEN Front Row: Veldon Kouba, James Mowery, Billy Craig, Jim Murphy, Sammy Curtis, Joe Smith,' Ernest Cross- white, Johnnie Wagner, Jerry Estes. Second Row: Don Black Wolf, Coach Kenneth Kamm, Walter Land, Tom Hamby, John Porter, Pat McCabe, Harold Johnson, Chuck Janssen, Jerry Tillery, Coach Bill Davis, Steve Jones. Third Row: Gary Bornemann, Mike Link, Junior 1955 SEASON With six starters and nine lettermen return- ing from the successful 1955-56 campaign, this year's edition of EHS gridsters found themselves near the top of all pre-season predictions with one Oklahoma sports writer going so far as to state the Indians would be in the Class "A" playoff finals. After a rugged ten days at their Fort Reno camp, the Indians proceeded as expected by blanking the Watonga Eagles 33-O, and then revenged the King- fisher Yellowjackets 45-O. The next week found them defeating a scrappy Clinton crew 21-14. For their fourth victory and first conference win the Indians won a 7-6 thriller over the Norman Tigers on a mud-soaked field. The next two games found the Indians marching over conference foes. Chickasha fell 13-7 and the Duncan Demons were dealt a 13-6 loss, their first at the hands of.El Reno in five years. With a 6-O record, the Indians played host to the highly regarded Lawton Wolver- ines, and after a hard fought battle the Tribe found itself on the wrong end of a 20-13 score. Rebounding from their first defeat, the Tribe brought the Maxwell Trophy back to EI Reno with a 21-6 win over the Pirates of Putnam City. While looking forward to the conference championship game with Ardmore, a weak Enid team surprised the Indians 25-19. In their last game of the sea- son with Ardmore for the conference champion- ship, the Indians outplayed the Tigers in every department but the score and the Tribe fell 14-13 The Indians wound up their season with o 7-3 record and finished in second place with Law- ton in the conference. El Reno proved to be the only team in the state to have two men, Jerry Tillery, end, and Joe Whipple, Burke Prevratil, Phil Shearer, Jody Farris, Bob McDaniel, Bill Barnes. Top Row: Virgil Surveyor, Sonny James, Clarence Golden, Leonard Keller, Albert Dean, Gilbert Gholston, Bill Adams, Buck Hardin, Gordon Jimerson, Bob Link, Ronald Bright, Eddie Wier, Mac Fire, and Johnny Kitzmiller. SUMMARY Smith, linebacker, chosen as linemen of the week by the Daily Oklahoman which makes the award each week. Tillery, a junior, also won a place on the Duncan Banner All-Southern team and was placed on the league's sportswriters' 22 man all- conference team along with teammates Bill Adams, Chuck Janssen and Walter Land. The season's highest honor came when Chuck Janssen was named All-State. In one of the final honors of the season the Indians placed five seniors on the coaches' all- conference team Receiving the honor were Bill Adams, Chuck Janssen, Walter Land, John Porter and Harold Johnson. C0-Captains Bill Adams and Walter Land receive instructions from Coaches Kenneth Kamm and Bill Davis. J C' K, y- .' Ya Qu G? :S Halfback Gilbert Gholston Gory Bornemorm Holfback ., 'Ei 9? , ,141" K1 ' ww. -v" Y, l . rr Guard All-State Tackle Harold Johnson Chuck Janssen Bill Adams Quarterback ,... 1 1 S E l0R LETTERME 4955 85,1 ,set X, Y 5 QPZM-N? ., ,UM png- . .4 ,J gg,-,szfg Walter Land End mfirrm' an-T l Halfback Jody Farris -0 Burke Prevratil Fullback f fsqeee gfw N 4 fur - K a H ' Jifzq' lrlf? iw' 1 4. 'Q Aw fi.. . f'4'1 12:51 Q V ev M 4 r" "Sf L'2'2'Y1- 1 -'uw 5-15 vm.. , ,pe , Iv- ,. ., 5 ,. .SL 4 il f 1 Lg ,-e! 'Hu A ?Qx 1 all ,A -u 3? " Q! ' 1? 1 1 a rf ' E? ,N I jf- P. 1 -Q AV' ihs I., l Q: , - 'I V Miss MARLENA cnmsfornzk, PEPETT FOOTBALL QUEEN , xx . "'2 ,Ili 5 if xY,. L' .r ,S 1 'I B 5 i "' I 1 J A .1 2 V ,NA A, . ,. ' 1 1 'R H., , ' ' X 'f , I M V xx, ix , J f eo 5 g N , . 1 . 3 X 1 K e I 6 . EHS INDIANS l l l 941' First Row: Jenks Simmons, Jim Bass, Jim Roblyer, Billy Barnes, Gilbert Gholsfan, Glen Had- Iock, Bob McDaniel, Chuck Janssen. Second Row: Jody Farris, John Porter, Bill Adams, Jun- ior Whipple, Jerry Tillery, Harold Johnson. Third Raw: Pat McCabe, Walter Land and Torn l-lamby. 0 COLISEUM .2355 ,, 'TY I I ' ' un li lf? li ' U if hid, SEASON SUMMARY The i955-56 basketball season proved to be another successful year for the El Reno Indians. Ending the season with a 2l-5 record, the Indians possessed the best win-loss record compiled by any class "AA" team. With the return of three starters and ten let- termen from last year's Boomer Conference Champs, and piloted by coach Jenks Simmons, who during his years as mentor at EHS has earned the title "Maestro of Oklahoma Bas- ketball," the Tribe ended the season rated third among class "AA" teams. Dropping their season's opener to Tulsa Rogers, the Indians rebounded to squeeze by the Tulsa team 38-36 before entering El Reno's own Invitational Tournament. The Tribe breezed by their first two opponents, Clinton and Central, before edging Norman 45-39 in the finals of the State's toughest pre- season tournament. The Indians continued in their winning ways by downing Putnam City, Ardmore, and Duncan, before losing an over- time thriller 45-4O to Capitol Hill. The Tribe ran its conference winning streak to four with wins over Chickasha and Norman, but were upended 45-44 by underdog Lawton the next week. Following the Lawton loss the Indians posted four straight wins over Capitol Hill, by Walter Land Ardmore, Central and Duncan, thus gaining a number one rating in the state. El Reno's conference hopes were smashed when Norm- an, twice beaten by the Indians, upended the Tribe 57-37. Looking forward to the state tourney, the Indians downed Chickasha, Put- nam City, Lawton, Clinton two times and Oklahoma City Central. Playing the regional tournament at home, the Tribe dropped Dun- can and clubbed Enid 54-36 in the finals. The Indians ended their season by losing to a red- hot Tulsa Rogers crew 6l-57 in the state tourney. Nine seniors played their last year of basketball for EHS and were a big reason for the Indians' successful season. They include Jody Farris, Gib Gholston, Walter Land, John Porter, Pat McCabe, Jim Bass, Jim Roblyer, Harold Johnson and Bill Adams. The Indians placed two seniors on the sportswriters' team, Walter Land, first team, and Jody Farris, sec- ond team. Land won a place on the state tournament All-Star first team and Junior Jerry Tillery earned a second team berth. At press time it was announced that Center Walter Land had received the coveted honor of being named to the Daily Okla- homan's All-State Team. XIV' 5 ' 'C' ve' 6 1 QXSTMAA 133 ,ITY 4 Q. el- Q0 1 ...ij 'N-. 'Q Y? "in, ,gm "Wx RLA HINRICKSEN, PEPETI' BASKETBALL QUEEN Lf,,LX 1 ' A r ' G I - - K X J A 1 1 1 1-1 i t f l l 4 J i ,, ' . 4 it xi. 5 wow Sonny James Second Row James Mowery Ronny Grady, Jim Murphy, Billy Craig, Glen Hill L anny Keller Ernest Crosswhite Gordon Jimmerson and Coach Kenneth Kamm. l 1 I, B BASKETBALL ug er is ruce Jackie Parker, Steve Jones, Billy Harris, Harvey Plaut ...iw-,ww mmm N 1 ,fhllfff G 7 .NYM i Ji-- l ll liar lJ K lg, , 1 ,- I ,,, BASEBALL SQUAD ry ornemann Joe Smith, Jim Roblyer, Tom Zachary, Chuck Janssen Second Row Tommy Elliot Veldon Kouba, Jim Murphy, John Sedberry, Billy Harris, Bobby McGoffin Tom Mowery Wesley Lumry and Coach Kenneth Kamm. flglai lx ig- i ,7 , 1 .vv C ef' I mia-M-A....., Dr, Jornes I.. Oxford IN APPRECIATION To you, Dr, Oxford, we offer our deepest grotitude for sponsoring the I955-56 Boorner-Collegion, olthough you resigned from the El Reno foculty ot the end of the first semester. Through your potient guidonce ond expert leadership, this edition-hos been mode possible. 5. 1 .L ,. V , 'V r ! I ff' Q 5-aiiifngfit ' ' ' , A 1" .Xu ' if .fly ' X. , I f f' ,f Q ff Q J f J ff.- ni gh .. mg K , 1-J X 1-x , Xb Q X25 I . N ..'iVQffm'11,,'.., A I ..7f.,5'fri,.'4f'J , ' "fi Z' Wig.: A em? f:Qlf"1J' 'k ' Tqf' . , '-, , fx1.efg'i1v - ill " XL ' , vw -75' . f ' .NM-,fn , 9. Jw- 1 '1-42' ' ,. ,,a,..w,.g,,K, .bg .- sw mi . if fgfEJZ.vw?f17' GQ' ' ,:.y,f',:fm,3:f2ifqr:f .-- -,ef ...Wo V- ' 'Ewa 1,gf,w3,:fg' ' , K 3,4-.vi f h 5257 4 -1 M1545 ,ff 't , fa' f "- f,2'Wjf"fw. " Y ' ' MA mex52.e'E5a,,, Q1 AN J S .N v 5 ':"'-L, 'Q aww. 'nn-W-nf w--mm..--A www-f-n - ff- , ww,-..f .......,........ :hw-ve 791' - Jai w g 3 x H -LX FLUTE Bob Maynard Karen Niles Jim Bass Helen Dolezal BAND ROSTER Karl Gray Judy Rem: ALTO SAXOPHONE Bob Slocum TROMBONE Johnny Lee George Mosher Jon Tillinghast Lynn Conner Betty Jo Southern George Bruce Bill Maynard Byron McNaught OBOE Louise Waller Philip Ratlift Jimmy Shirey BASSOON Karen McGuire Jan Tillinghast B FLAT CLARINET Johnny Shaw Helen Miller George Hamilton Bill Mayfield Ronald Jackson Nea Baucom Richard Lorenzen Arden Van Zante Patty Wells Kay Callahan Bonnie Alexander Ronnie Southern Wilma Yount ALTO CLARINET Jake Bloom BASS CLARINET Ronald Evans Harriet Piatt Johnny Schmoyer Terry Petitt TENOR SAXOPHONE Morilyn Estes Linda Elkins Bill McDaniel BARITONE SAXOPHONE Bill Stevens CORNET Phil Shearer Johnny Morris Bob Allen Ray Crum Kelly Murphy Donnie Johnson Freddie Coburn TRUMPETS Jerry Van Zante Bert Yant Eugene Douglas Not in Picture FRENCH HORN Gene Cook Dick Martin Janet Mitchell Larry Englehart Joe Young William Yount BARITONE Ralph Enz Jim Murphy Jimmy Barker TUBA Paul Chapman Don Deatherage Allen Sessions Jerry Farrell Frank Waller Bilby lrvine TYMPANI Judy Cavin BASS DRUM Ronald Shropshire CYMBAL5 Larry Adams SNARE DRUM Jerry Shropshire Mary Louise Barker Marvin Terrill 45' iw Trumpet Trio - Ray Crum, Johnny Morris and Flute Quartet - Bob Maynard, Kay Niles, Jim Phil Shearer. Bass and Helen Dolezal. Woodwind Trio - Bob Maynard, Louise Waller Brass Sextet - Phil Shearer, Johnny Morris, Gene and Johnny Shaw. Cook, Paul Chapman, Ralph Enz and Johnny Lee. l 41. rv- '7""'x 42h -x P BAND OFFICERS Bob Slocum, President: Don Deotheroge, Treasurer, Kay Niles, Secreraryg ond George Hamil- ton, Librarian. 56 . "'Z1'S"w' P gyii V A W "5 K "mf sf 1 , Q , A , '.'i'::, " lllii il: y ' W' wx Q N - n. 2 1 A Q A , Ax 6 . N x 'H' E 1 Xb Q S . 4,3 1.1 2 A, 4, 5 As .4 1 l l .- 3 V7 s Y l . ry to - J . I H li x .il I V. . Q5 is X .V Q 1 ' X K , Freshman Ensemble - Top: Bunny Laughlin, Ruth Nich- ols, Karen Boorsma, Dorothy Swingle, Accomponistp Sherry Rogers. Middle: Patricia Enz, Joyce Jackson, Gayle Ryel, Marguerite Hoard, Front: Donna Miller, Shirley Stowe, Linda Farris, Karen Dorman. xi l k.7 ,ff S' Sophomore Sextet - Top: Kathy Kiker, Alice Miles Betty Miles. Front: Nan Sandra Heitzman. Flippen, Cleta Carmichael senlo' Junior Girls' Quartet: Nancy Kunneman, Lila Lott, Judy Girls' Quartet: Alice Von Tungeln, Sharon Brandics, Janet Barlow, Orbiedean Bacher. Halverson, Judy Cavin. 50Pl'0m0YG GMS' Trio: Koran Stout, D0"0fhY B0llf1Q, Boys' Quartet: Buddy Prentice, George Osborne, Phil Clay Gilbert. Shearer Charles Staton - wgq-vqnr: , --v-A-X h F F gms,-Vw . np- 'F' QV -1-' U1 ,V ' - " fu' -V m..,...-..,.. - , " ,iff 'E ss- yg, i "hx 1 2 1 -,-up-v--f-. wsu. V , ., -" f,.,,,. - ..y', - ml af A V-fftyn 1, 'NS ' 5 . 5 151 -WW. -- . ' 'en aw? ,Q-5, 2 Jar.. g " : , ,, fvi, 4 GZ-f .. Qi , X 3 H Hamm- .,.X3,... Ur. ., V t- 'VJ , , gf . an 2"?lQni BCI. ' v A -Lili?- L A --L if K --,l,q.,i2 , Jim XR, f .. L ,q.A'm"'k"W,7A,f f,,f.,M. X 15' 'r A we .KK ,A l PEPETTS MEMBERS: Corliss Allen, Barbara Arnold, Libby Arnold, Laney Ashley, Orbiedean Bach- er, Janet Barlow, Patty Bear, Sharon Brandics, Judy Cavin,.Marlena Christopher, Dona Clark, Macsene Clarke, Helen Dolezal, Thelma Eaglenest, Dixie Elenburg, Benito Enfield, Marilyn Estes, Judy Flaherity, Martha Jo Flippen, Polly Fouts, Barbara Fuller, Jane Gadberry, Donna Gappa, Judy Halverson, Sandra Harrison, Dolores Henson, Charlene Hilburn, Darla Hinricksen, Pat Hoffman, Kay Johnson, Sandra Keith, Alice Kepler, Ann Kiker, Betty Knox, Jo Ann Kouba, Nancy Kunneman, Eleanor Lancaster, Pat Lorenzen, Lila Lott, Phyllis Loy, Virginia Meyer, Alice Faye Miles, Delta Miller, Theleda Norman, Dolores Oneth, Laverne Payton, Harriet Piatt, Leota Randall, Marion Reding, Rosie Rowe, Jerre Beth Senn, Pat Senn, Barbara Schaff, Jo Schroeder, Ina Lee Siler, Marcia Slaughter, Arletta Taylor, Mary Thomas, Jan Torpey, Alice Valderas, Lavon Van Buskirk, Alice Von Tungeln, Lois Von Tungeln, Letcher Vor- hes, Louise Waller, Nelda Williams, Betty Bartlett, Ethylen Birdshead, Dorothy Boling, Phyliss Boyer, Billie Jean Cacy, Patricia Chiles, Janette Davis, Judy Davis, Jeanne Dolce, Marilyn Ellison, Karen Faucon, Nan Flippen, Charlotte Fogg, Frances Gaines, Clay Gilbert, Sandra Gresham, Ruth Ann Halacka, Martha Hanneman, Linda Hensley, Maxine Hilburn, Bobbie Jane Hill, Karen Huchte- mann, Lavada Jessup, Joy Kepler, Kathy Kiker, Ruby Kortemeier, Charlotte Long, Florence Lucas, Carolyn Marquardt, Betty Miles, Juanita O'Nan, Karen Oneth, Kay Porta, Karen Stout, Judy Vogel, Kay Wells, Louise Waller, Kay Williams, Joyce Zucks- worth. 1 A J l ui sQuAw PEP CLUB "ABUNDANT LIFE" Glenda Adams, Jo Ann Alexander, Glenda Anderson, Gaile Bishop, Karlita Blackwell, Pauline Blind, Nancy Brower, Delpha Calvert, Cleta Carmichael, Margaret Coleman, Lillian Cox, Mary Croak, Delores Curtis, Doreen Duncan, Katie Dunn, Marie Fergueson, Mar- garet Fredrick, Edwina Grunwald, Kay Hay- ward, Charlene Hawkins, Marlene Hawkins, Sandra Heitzman, Peggy Hilly, Mary Ann Huntress, Norma Hutchinson, Gwen Hurt, Elizabeth Jackson, Marlene Keena, Sadie Keena, Margie Keller, Georgia Lacefield, Will- netta La Follette, Beatrice Lopez, Barbara SQUAW Marlene Kenna L z, President Patsy Payton s,,Vice President Sadie Kenna , L--sSecretary Karen Niles B. , zzTreasurer Lorenzen, Lucy Loyall, Vera Mae Maly, Jean- ie McEvoy, Betty Meyer, Helen Miller, Janet Mitchell, Jo Ann Murphy, Louetta Nance, Gloria Neathert, Evania Niles, Kay Niles, Karen Niles, Dixie OverHolser, Jewel Patter- son, Patsy Payton, Louella Rickner, Ann Rob- ertson, Karen Ross, Eunice Sanders, Walde- reen Sexton, Alice Faye Shawn, Virginia Slate, Betty Shearer, Eddie Lou Smith, Bar- bara Taylor, Nancy Tobias, Elsie Wage, Dar- lene Ward, Janice Weach, Evelyn Wilderson, Cynthia White Buffalo, Virgie Whiteshirt, Barbara Viewieg. ROOSTER Beatrice Lopez L Cheerleader Virginia Slate B Cheerleader Kay Niles D Cheerleader vm "DATE WITH LlFE" FRESHMAN PEP CLUB Members: Barbara Anderson, Claretta Ankney, Nancy Bachler, Patricia Bar- ret, Anita Bartlett, Kay Barton, Karen Boorsma, Lavon Clark, Pat Clavert, Doris Chaloner, Jan Cooper, Carolyn De Laughter, Sue Davidson, Darla Dies, Jerry Donna Divine, Karen Dorman, Carol Durhan, Glenda Dutcher, Boots Effenbeck, Patricia Enz, Lindia Farris, Pat Entrekin, Patricia Fox, Judy Ghol- ston, Carolyn Good, La Donna Helm, Margeurite Hoard, Shirley Hutchinson, Joyce Jackson, Bunny Laughlin, Barbara Jo Maly, Sharon McCabe, Marion Marquardt, Bina McWhethy, Donna Miller, Patricia Miller, Connie Moyer, Mary Sue Nail, Ruth Nichols, Cristal Overholster, Judy Remi, Sherry Raye Rogers, Gayle Rhle, Shelby Schafer, Carol Shumacher, Marilyn Shaw, Delva Smirl, Betty Smith, Donna Smith, Betty Jo Southern, Alice Lee Stanley, Shirley Stowe, Elaine Surber, Dorthy Swingle, Beverly Tate, Etta Tennery, Jeleeta Thompson, Sarah Valderas, Phyllis Vaughn, Janice Wallace, Lynda Ward. 65 My ' 4- xy, lv 4' 4- ' I Q2 'J K 'QE 5 Q Q ff X 1 Q 1 K' l 9 ' , z fn . ' WJ: ,ff 1 VIA 1 ' - M 5? ' ' L 1 'J 1 ,. 15 'S J i -Q fy MEET THE GIRLS CHEERLEADERS Kneehng ore Beotruce Lopez and Dario Hmrncksen Stand mg Left to Rught ore Vnrgmno Slate Koy Nlles Potrlclo Enz Carol Durham, Donna Miller, Pot Senn ond Rosie Rowe. 66 i w G A -ill? sg 'fy I, E, if fu fs ,1 Wg: 21 'iv .ali g. X K fm 1356, , .. , 1 A 'Bef A tvh A M C 'Y' ,513-1, nga 'J I 1 4' 'V LETTERMAN'S CLUB Front Row: Chuck Janssen, Torn Hamby, Jerry Tillery, Burke Sonny James, Pat McCabe, Glen Hadlock, Steve Jones. Top Prevratil, John Porter, Gary Bornemann, Jerry Von Tungeln, Row: Buddy Prentice, Jim Murphy, Ronald Bright, Bill Adams, Walter Land, Tom Zachary. Second Row: Bill Dailey, Jim Gilbert Gholston, Jim Bass, Don Blackwolf, Mike Link, Ryan Roblyer, Joe Smith, Bill Barnes, Junior Whipple, Bob McDaniel, Morris, Gordon Jimerson, Bobby Allen. i NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Walter Land, Jim Boss, Gilbert Gholston, Jerry Von Tungeln, Bill Adams, Jim Robyler, John Porter, Pat McCabe, Gary Bornemann, Joe Smith, Chuck Janssen. 75 .W ,I l.',f I l '44 'Q .I A A A ' :V ALL SCHOOL PLAY "FATHER OF THE BRIDE" I I . 3 ..',4" -4 "g:'1'QH-L' 7" ..A-.ARM Bill Adams, Pat Senn, Bob Nilson, Charlotte Fogg, George Osborne, Jeanne Doke, Oran Clemons, Louise Waller, Gale Johnson, Frances Gaines, Bobby Allen. ol , 4... gll mill' 'Q .Jil -,J i SENIOR PLAY "OUR TOWN" 76 ,XE Front Row: Jerry Ervin, Robert Jones, Gerald Ervin, Phil Shear- er, Kenneth Johnson. Middle: John Porter, Philip Ratliff, Walter Land, George Osborne, Jim Bass, Jody Farris. Back: Marlene Keena, Phyllis Loy, Louise Waller, Helen Dolezal Sharon Brandics, Lavon Van Buskirk. 1 - f f 1 o 0:1 'Q' .A . 0 .' Z A. ' ' I . 1 0 f W.. ' K ., , , -Q5 ff I . w, 0 f K n 300+ f"" "INDUSTRY ON PARADE" VOCATIONAL TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL TRAINING Bobby Stepp, Norma Howard, Donna Gappa, Raymond Wilkins, Mr. C. L. McGill, Corliss Allen, Macsene Clark, Jo Ann Kouba, Patsy Payton, Marcia Slaughter. Bob Adams, Don Stuart, Earl Adams, Jerry Hedrick, Rosie Rowe, Jim Smith, Newton Tarver, Ray Boyer, Chester Taylor, Polly Fouts, Bill Tate, Eleanor Lancaster, Maurine Oldfield. Wesley Barnes, Gordon Duncan, David Estes, Wayne Sharp, Albert Walker, Harvie Raymond, Glenn Ankney, Bill Lackey, Charles Gill, Charlene Hilburn, Dixie Elenburg, Barbara Fuller. "Skilled hands and trained minds are our most important products." After you finish school . . . What? What are you going to be? What are you going to do? The answer to these important questions are being satisfactorily solved by the students who are pursuing part-time train- ing through the direction and supervision af- forded in tho program of Trade and lndustrial Training. This year thirty-five students were en- rolled in T and I classes. This program is designed to provide vocational education through classroom study and actual experi- ence on the job. In this type of procedure the students who are employed in local busi- ness cnd trade establishments make a daily study of the many technical and related things pertaining to their trade job in part- time employment, Thus the gap between school and employment is carefully and sys- tematically bridged. The training in which the students are engaged represents many interesting and worthwhile vocations. Auto mechanics, butch- ers, dieticians, legal secretaries, machinists, display persons, nurse aides, nursery men, sales persons, secretaries, service station man- agers, stock keepers, warehouse men, and parts men represent the trades being learned by these students. Students in Trades and lndustry classes have exceptionally full days, reporting to classes at 7:45 a.m,, remaining in classes until noon, then reporting to their various employers at l:OO p.m. to work for the remain- der ofthe day. The highlights of this year's activities were out-of-town events. At the Western District T and l Youth Development Day at Duncan, El Reno T and I was well represent- ed. Another was the annual Trades and ln- dustrial Field Day at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City, in conjunction with the Science Fair, on April lOth. As in years past, EI Reno T and I carried off their share of the honors in winning many of the trade contests in which they participated. ,Q-gs ng! Dr. James L. Oxford, Sponsor: Jirn brnith, Richard Want, Front Row: Kenneth Johnson and Bill Adams, Back Martha Stout, Donna Gappa, and Marlene Keena, Row: Bill McCroy, Chuck Janssen, Charles Gill, and Bill Dailey. 5 3, "THE BIG STORY" K. 'QQ' Q! JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT .-NTXN new "1-9'-Liam "'?f-'oft-.l.,lL. ' Alice Kepler, Dolores Oneth, Walter Land, Helen Dole- zal, and Darla Hinricksen. Jerry Gerber, Bill Koebrick, Allen Sessions, and Bill Barbara Statton, Mary McCracken, Margaret Koebrick, Barnes, Harold Oliie, Beatrice Lopez, and Marlena Christopher. 3325 Q ., , -mt vii, V 'Huw 3 ' ' -M33 5 " yifyi' fb' ,' i'e'nf? , , r' f, ' f. ., ,V f , f ' A ' ' U Jvuf Q71 A ' Hn ix yy f,':,jNf 'U ' ' I -1 "HOME DOINGS" FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Members: Margaret Koebrick, Nancy Kun- neman, Juanita Laughlin, Florence Lucas, Lila Lott, Laura Lieb'scher, Barbara Lorenzen, Georgia Lacefield, Patsy Lorenzen, Virginia Meyer, Helen Miller, Marion Marquardt, Carolyn Marquardt, Betty Miles, Donna Mil- ler, Patricia Ann Miller, Connie Moyer, Jean McEvoy, Linda Mount, Janet Mitchell, Alice Miles, Delta Miller, Mary Sue Nail, Ruth Nichols, Kay Niles, Juanita O'Nan, Patsy Payton, Kay Porta, Leota Randall, Marion Reding, Louella Rickner, Sherry Rogers, Gayle Ryel, Betty Smith, Shirley Stowe, Elaine Sur- ber, Carol Schumacher, Velva Smirl, Marilyn Shaw, Betty Jo Southern, Virginia Slate, Freda Smith, lna Lea Siler, Marcia Slaughter, Bar- bara Schaff, Karen Stout, Walderine Sexton, Pat Schiffman, Jerre Beth Senn, Pat Senn, Beverly Tate, Etta Tennery, Mary Thomas, Arletta Taylor, Jan Torpey, Alice Von Tun- geln, Lois Von Tungeln, Letcher Vorhees, Katherine White, Donna Sue Wood, Janice Wallace, Lynda Ward, Loretta Warren, Kay Wells, Jackie Williams, Elsie Wage. f"'e b- "SHOP. COOK AND KlTCHEN" FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Members: Joanne Alexander, Corliss Jean Allen, Claretta Ankney, Barbara Arnold, Lib- by Arnold, Orbie Bacher, Nancy Bachler, Pa- tricia Barrett, Kay Barton, Anita Bartlett, Dorothy Boling, Karen Boorsma, Joyce Bos- well, Kay Boyles, Gayle Bishop, Patty Bear, Sharon Brandics, Janet Barlow, Billy Jean Cacy, Cleta Carmichael, Judy Cavins, Doris June Chaloner, Marlena Christopher, Jan Cooper, Carol Durham, Carolyn DeLaughter, Darla Dies, Carol Sue Davidson, Jeanne Doke, Janette Davis, Helen Dolezal, Marilyn Ellison, Patricia Enz, Boots Effenbeck, Dixie Elenburg, Marilyn Estes, Benita Enfield, Linda Farris, Barbara Fuller, Martha Jo Flippen, Nan Flip- pen, Judy Flaherty, Polly Fouts, Karen Fou- con, Margaret Frederick, Judy Gholston, Caro- lyn Goad, Clay Gilbert, Edwina Grunewald, Jane Gadberry, Sandra Harrison, Peggy Hil- ley, Martha Hanneman, Maxine Hilburn, Bobby Jane Hill, Darla Hinricksen, Ruth Ann Halacka, Shirley Hall, Judy Halverson, De- lores Henson, Shirley Ann Johnson, Joyce Jackson, Lavada Jessup, Elizabeth Jackson, Ann Kiker, Betty Knox. as 2.- is Z 'R ., ?i i' 'L 5 if if ' , is Q" 1- 5 , r kg ,V , it :gf ,I f . l' 5 4 Y -S , xii , 4, .,. Ir ' 133 Q 1 5 l S - , - 'rf Q ,, on 'N F l ' .4 . E . ,J rv " ' 1, A X ,. Q - v e ti, Y r mxiyw I ' 4 I A . "jr P ' , if ,wJ"'.,,: ,,-'MQ w, ll -5 r .ls V 4 ,V v Y ' tlffj. I , ,+ A , ' ' 9 . 1 X is A 1 Q "MOMENTS TO REMEMBER" ATTENDANTS - Top Row: Alice Miles, Independent Foot- ent Basketball Queen: Beatrice Lopez, Squaw Basketball ball Queen: Joyce Jackson, Freshman Basketball Queen: Doro- Queen. Front: Martha Jo Flippen, Band Queen: Donna thy Swingle, Freshman Football Queen. Middle: Marlene Gappa, Boomer Queen: Orbiedean Bacher, Band Queen. Hawkins, Squaw Football Queen: Mary Ann Wilson, Independ- Aix ., "'3f"'JHi , f9""lQf A '71 Shop Scene ar ' ' I I an 1 U 1' pszlvl O . o v, , new , , 1 rf A- fx sa" ' A 5 1 , 1 . ' 70 as 1. ,fl ng 4 ' D s 1 ' ' , . .ha 'O vu 1 ' 3 ,, , Q Q U 9'i . . :- ' u an in "W ,JU .' 4.1 S: 1 ,, 4 ." ' 0 I' r ,lja 'sl 's ' , .ig ' 1-251 Fl .I rx '73 Hczppy birthday, Mr. Morsh. AROUND EHS " " Z-'N V5 ' '43 nal -fx -1 L25 H Viv ,, 87 , G, mai. L4 I l .T jr- ' mi I I TH, ic., X rv A-V , V+- N ,- C' .,, X A fs. ADELANTE OFFICERS, First Semester: Patty Chiles, Secretary: Judy Halverson, Treasurer: Judy Cavin, Vice- President: Sandra Harrison, President. Second Semester: Don Fox, Treasurer: Marvin Barge, Vice-President: Rob- ert Shaw, President: Bill Barnes, Secretary. PEPETT OFFICERS: Leota Randall, Treasurer: Janet Barlow, Vice-President: Macsene Clarke, President: Helen Dolezal, Secretary. SENATE OFFICERS: Jirn Bass, President: Glenn Ankney, Vice-President: Ralph Enz, Secretary-Treasurer: Marvin Barge, Sergeant-at-Arms: Harold Olive, Parliamentarian. PHI OFFICERS: Jerre Beth Senn, President: Patty Bear, Vice-President: Phyllis Loy, Secretary: Orbie Bacher, Treasurer: Alice Von Tungeln, Historian. Y: FORUM OFFICERS: Walter Land, Vice-President: John Porter, Parliamentarian: Philip Ratliff, Secretary-Treas- urer: Gilbert Gholston, President. BMC OFFICERS: Marlene Hawkins, Parliamentarian: Jo Ann Kouba, Historian: Marlena Christopher, Treasurer: Gayle Bishop, Secretary: Margaret Frederick, Vice- President: Corliss Allen, President. C IV . .T Q 'e V I - . J is., V r ,, K i NM 4 1 4 .S -we alll ll , A 3 V 'xo A FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Bunny Laughlin, Marion Marquardt, Lynda Ward, Shelby Schafer. Jo Ann Kouba. W M-4 V 1- , '54 .gc A -Y , 1 , : i A iff, I ' CHOIR OFFICERS: Buddy Prentice, Alice Von Tungeln, Orbiedean Bacher, George Osborne. Patsy Payton, Karen Niles. T and I: Donna Gappo, Mr. C. L. McGill, Sponsor Raymond Wilkins, Corliss Allen, Macsene Clarke 1 uxN 1 SQUAW OFFICERS: Marlene Keena, Sadie Keena L nv- C7 '4- 1!"' 5,1 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front: Martha Jo Flippen, Polly Fouts, Dixie Elenburg, Vir- ginia Meyer, Letcher Vorhes. Bock: Judy Cavin, Mary Thomas, Billie Cacy, Marilyn Ellison, Marion Reding, Kay Niles. if -f X X Y S4 -' 31 .Q .-,. 1 Q I I 4 ' 4. ff? X. 3- ,, 4 SHIV' .A 1 9 at To ut 5 S bf i5hu1E 1" - sw' T if Visa 2 W' T x 'ff XX f. f , Q. W l V X W K' wwf ,X ,. M., as A dw- 1241. THE LATE WATCH" EHS CUSTODIANS L. E. Handley, August Heusmon, J. Y. Edwards. .4 ii rf .4 M! . K 1 Til, -1 1."lr. .wr up ffl 4-",x its I I lft dv THESPIANS First Row: Delta Miller, Phyllis Loy, Judy Davis, Charlotte Fogg, Layon Van Buskirk, Louise Waller, Mrs. Frank Phillips. Second Row: Kenneth Johnson, Oren Clemmons, Marlene Keena, Pat Senn, Frances Gaines, George Osborne, Bobby Allen. -' ...., I , 1 .. I 'Y Q I' l. i l 4- fl i H 551. 1 14 :NBA - l"""'i 'P J" "" o'Al " Qbfl I r 1 ' " r - .. ,.. . - , ... . , . , . 4 ' , ..... 2? -i, -4 ,s ,am ,M s . 7-si.-kv, I 1, .N af, is if .-' , ..,-V,,- ,. H 1 ffl --I- TRACK TEAM Front Row: Coach Bill Davis, Buddy Prentice, Jim Murphy, Bill Adams, Bob McDaniel, Jerry Tillery, Gordon Jimmerson, Sonny James, Bill Craig. Second Row: Denny Tammen, Richard Fogg, Jimmy Preston, Bobby McGoffin, Ronny Atkinson, Jasper Golden, Tom Mowery. 93 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY PHELPS CLINIC 203 South Macomb Joseph T Phelps M D Eye Ear Nose and Throat Malcom E Phelps M D Surgery Phone 62 James P Jobe M D Internal Medncnne Phones Offuce 82 Resldence IO4 Rlley Strong M D Obstetrics Phones Offnce 63 Resldence 283 Orln J Hake M D Internal Medrcune Phones Office 63 Residence II8 Jerry Gerber Buslness Manager W B Catto M D General Practuce Office 339 42l South Wllllams Phone 223 Dr V P Cavanaugh Dentist Room 202 Cltnzens Natuonal Bldg Pho 88 D R J Keena Churopractor l06V South Rock Island Phone l0l Dr John Mogab M D General Practice Phones Offuce 589 Ressdence l03 Dr Joe M Ozmun Dentnst 204 206 Cltnzens National Bank Bdg Earnest W Potts D D S lll.4J:4.I ggpjdn A alMadctoFlU :suv-rfl9"' Simon Clay? rlmgi 35' Jum Smuth Busmess Manager MEET OUR SPONSORS ON THESE PAGES' The Tall: Goes On About The New Clothes Tlll'fAIIll0lI CNN!! Donna Goppc and Dada Hmrlcksen l2l South Rock lSlOI'1d Pl1OI'1e 359 at Warren s 94 Q I 1 . . , . . . , . . , , . . . . , . . I'. . . 1 . , . . ' ' x2 . . , . . c, , . . . ,I . . I . . , . . . M A llllql-lp h G G , , .V UAW, 1' ' , 1 I' It s M is z 1 . i . ' . U 4 P :.-mai'-, an "ri SEQ' - I I . M M 2 U I M ALLIED BUILDERS SUPPLY CO 115 West Elm Phone 110 LLOYD F ANDERSON 212 S Buckford Real Estate 8 Insurance BEAU BRUMMEL BARBER SHOP 118 East Woodson Phone 89 BISWELL BUILDERS SUPPLY 107 North Evans Phone 512 BIRDEN S PHARMACY 100 North Rock Island 7 BOBS GRILL Hamburgers 15c Coneys 15c BO'1'1'S HULME BROWN LUMBER CO BUD S GRILL Hamburger In A Basket 30c BUNKHOUSE MOTEL 521 North Choctaw Phone 326 BURGESS SERVICE STATION 220 South Rock Island Phone 169 CAHILL RADIO 8. TELEVISION 205 South Rock Island Phone 195 CLARAS STYLE SHOP 117 South Rock Island Phone 320 CLYDE R MAXEY Insurance 207 East Woodson CRYSTAL LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS 114 North Choctaw Phone 11 or 58 DEARDORF OIL COMPANY 121 North Choctaw Phone 1621 DRESSER PLUMBING CO 119 South Rock Island Phone 791 EL RENO DISTRIBUTORS INC 401 South Rock Island Phone 294 EL RENO GOSPEL BOOK STORE 115 A North Rock Island Phone 2138 EL RENO HARDWARE 101 North Rock Island Phone 232 EL RENO PA ab CO 116 South Choctaw Phone 1266 EL RENO RADIO 81 TELEVISION 207 North Bnckford Phone 373 FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 109 E Woodson W G Clouse Phone 41 FORT RENO SHOE SHOP 110 S Choctaw Mr and Mrs Fred Mead GENERAL MILLS Oak and Bnckford Phone 7 HALVERSON IMPLEMENT CO 1305 South Rock Island Phone 49 HAMMONS CAVINS BODY SHOP 101 North Evans H Cavlns Mgr HIWAY 81 DAIRY The Best In Mnlk Phone 2308 wl HIX MARKET 219 South Bzckford Phone 48 HUTCHINSON NURSERY 1206 Sunset Druve Phone 542 HUTSON BROTHERS 300 South Rock Island Phone 830 JACKSON MARKET Carleton and Elsne Mae KELLYS BARBER SHOP Frank Kelley KEN KRU ELECTRIC Kenneth C Kruger Phone 378 LYLES SERVICE STATION Loyola H McGoffun MACSWAIN HARDWARE 120 South Rock Island Phone 169 MILLER 8. MILLER GARAGE 1419 Sunset Drlve Phone 2173 MOTEL CONWAY 2100 Sunset Phone 261 MYRTLES CAFE 110 South Choctaw Phone 1661 OKLAHOMA TIRE 81 SUPPLY 101 North Buckford Phone 344 PERSONALITY BEAUTY SHOP 829 South Mules Phone 367 3 7 A Elm and Barker Phone 304 I - ' - 95 PlA'l'l' MOTOR COMPANY T G 81 Y STORE CO 300 North Buckford Phone 7 South Buckford Phone 56 PULLMAN BARBER SHOP Eddie Rogers Owner TIMBERLAKE BOOK STORE South Buckford Phone 669 RUBY ROYSE CAFE TONYS FOOD MARKET Home Cooked Meols Homemode Pres 62 West Wong Ph0nel953 VOGEL SAMPLES BUICK CO 4 North Choctow Phone I5I THE VOGUE SCHOOLING DRUG CO 4 Eost Russell Phone 857W Mr ond Mrs Tom Homby 120 5 Rock Island WARREN 5 5TUD'O SCHULTE OIL COMPANY Evons and Ook Phone 7 7 STEPHENSON DRUG COMPANY lOl South Bnckford Phone l222 SUNSET MARKET WYNES GROCERY 500 Sunset Drwe B T Conwoy Mg, 308 North Blckford Phone I74 I SCHOOLING DRUG CO The Rexoll Store Phone 68 First Notnonol Bonk Bldg Phone 285 WHITE WAY LAUNDRY 4 West London Phone 682 MART Dlstrlbutor of Boltons Boltons Fmer Products Phone 297 221 S Blckford nz Phone I 3 B So Rl STUDIO PHOTO SUPPLIES 96 ' 8 8 l I8 ' I ' ' 207 ' ' 2 ' 21 - n . l I - O I . I9 ToM HowARD's DAIRY I V V M K II on -- TT 339 . .. I Congratulations From FIRST NATIONAL BANK EI Reno Oklahoma Complete Banking Servlce Smce 1892 100 South Bncktord Phone 5 LANMAN SUPPLY CO Automotnve Parts Accessorles Supplnes Tools 213 South Rock Island Phone 331 Congratulatuons Class of 56 FISH ER 81 N ISSEN The Home of Better Flttmg Shoes 112 South Rock lsland Phone 484 HAMMONS MOTOR COMPANY We Alm To Take Care of Our Own 214 North Choctaw Phone 225 HUDDART CORN ELI US MOTOR COMPANY Ford and Mercury Dealers 200 North Choctaw Phone 546 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS I SW PORTRAITS D h z s .et M F LEEPER SIGNS Car and Truck Lettering Wnndow Slgns Road Signs Scotchllte IRefIectlng Slgnsl Neon Service 205 South Rock Island Phone 2418 wxwwg W D f f Z W Q e Z1-f ff WMWMWWW Mu mb C mf -,-1,--i' fwfwf W W I game'-'fflf' IIIIIDIIG 220 West Woodson ljflllll EI Reno Oklahoma SW" LOVELL S GROCERY The Worlds Fmest 1118 South Rock Island Phone 2 Congratulatnons From MARSHALL CHEVROLET CO B T Marshall Gene Marshall 106 East Wade Phones 355 356 I ' ' I I - ' 4 1 ' I I 0 I I I - - - I QI I 1 I I 1 :: 1: I I I I I I I I I I fvffwfty f ,WWW ,W V 7 I' ' X , 1' ' 2 - fn. A I 7 X I io, , I We 4 Z 'Z . 2 l 4 'f " j ? ,,,, v fx f ,Z .2 5 1 CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH I I , 1, f ff,Q, ,W,,,,,,W . . 'f W, ff WW M I I I I E I I I I I H I I I I I f 'I W' - I , . 11 I I O Otitis . 5 . . of is'nction ' - lp1.n mm ro-msec 6 ',- ' 1 Glonnix Sclomoyov. Photographs' 'U 97 Best Wishes To Class of '56 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Sixty-Five Years of Safe Banking Congratulations To Class of '56 When You Think of Tires, Think of DEE'S U. S. TIRE STCDRE EL RENO'S TIRE HEADQUARTERS Best Wishes To Class of 56 CONSUMERS EI Reno Phone 630 Let us help you save and build for the future by invest'ng or bo row'ng from this organ' at'on. Strictly a Canadian County Concern EI Reno Federal Savings and Loan 207 East Woodson Phone 345 COX MORRIS WRIGHT NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS EI Reno Poultry 8. Egg Co IWhoIesaIeI BUTTER EGGS POULTRY 'IO7 North Choctaw Phone 275 Davidson 8K Case Lumber Co Dealers in RUBEROID ROOFING Cliff Chapin Mgr Phone 'I6 El Reno Okla IROSS 81 SONSI EI Reno Seed 8K Feed Co PURINA CHOWS 100 South Choctaw Phone 540 Congratulations To Class of 56 DAVIS ELECTRIC Since 1910 Q Your Friendly EL RENO THEATERS Center Rocket Squdws JIM RUSH Manager 98 I I' I IZ I The Original and Still the Best. ' Maytag Sales and Servlce MAYTAG PHILCO Ranges Televlslon Washers Refrigerators Dryers Ranges lroners Deep Freeze Dennns Adams Owner 8. Operator 211 S Rock Island Phone 2999 Congratulatuons to the Class of 1956 Canaduan s Best Flour OKLAHOMA FLOUR MILLS 1002 South Buckford Phone 1275 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MEADOW GOLD PRODUCTS ark app ance 208 South Bckford EL RENO OKLAHOMA B I UDP Rfl MOTOR MACHINE SHOP MAIN BEARING LINE REAMED Cyhnders Rebored Complete Motor Re buuldmg and Lathe Serv ce Mullmg Machine Work Radnator Servlce 309 West Hayes EI Reno WELDING ANYTIME ANYWHERE S thCh 211,265 PRIX '1 F RS Telephone 5 U U PI Reno Jr MILT I YOUR,4 .I PRINTER Congratulations OKLAHOMA COCA COLA BOTTLING CO 312 West Woodson Phone 127 IJ LIL Penney Quellty Is Your Greatest Se ng 117 S Brckford G F Beckett Mgr ROY A STAFFORD INSURANCE AGENCY Lute Auto Hospital Flre Accident 207 North Blckford EI Reno Okla Phone 784 SORRELLS STUDIO Portrauts Weddings Copy Work OlI Colonng YOU LL LIKE OUR WORK YOU CAN AFFORD OUR PRICES Phone 562 1020 S Reno I 1 . . . . . I i i I end x Wlnlern Crossley Tc-levlslol Ben x yer. Crmuley e rgerltloi Servel Appliances lironley Freezers 2 - I - 1 1 1 l Crankshaft Grinding - Rods Rebabbited - ALWAYS new au L I v . . i . . . . . yl . . o . 1 . 1 2 208 ou octaw O T W L 1 WHERE PRINTING IS STILL AN ART 1 . A - - . - . - 0 r 'f I , . . . . . I 1 . 99 I AND DAIRY PRODUCTS L- Congrotulotions To the Seniors of I 56 You'Il Always F nd It At YOUNGHEIM'S ngrotulofons STEFFEN'S ICE CREAM EI Renos Lead ng Mens Store CONGRATULATIONS To the S s of I956 STEPHENSON BOOK STORE WILSON FUNERAL HOME S hBkf Bwl 2 Bwl N th B 1000 G dby H ppy B thd y 100 Co I 9 i Phone 57 , i , enior 103 out ic ord S. . i son, Mgr. and Director E Phone 55 S. . ison, Jr., Director 100 or arker Phone gf - I y , . I Q I A- I I F ' I 1 l I A' I oo e! o ir o I Congrotulotlons BOOTH REITER FURNITURE CO Lon ond Louie 104 North Rack Island Phone 429 BAND BOX CLEANERS A D Cox Jr We Puck Up a d Del e Clothes Ta Io ed To Meas e 207 East Russell Pho e 470 EVANS CLEANERS Made To Measure Clothes Speclalnsts un Sweaters and Sknrts Post Offlce Block Phone 314 ...fx .........siaa. HURST FOOD MARKET Quallty Foods Effnclent Servlce 'I016 East Rogers We Are Proud To Have Been Able To Asslst m the Preparatlon af the Boomer Collegnan EL RENO AMERICAN Dnstlnctlve Pnntmg Canadlan Countys Blue Rlbbon Weekly Newspaper 'I'l7 North Bnckford Phone Your Home Owned Home Operated Department Store Servlng You For Over 65 Years Nationally Famous Merchandise Courteous and Efflclent Servuce Booster of El Renas Fme Schools 101 - - . . , . ' zz- - f 6 I ' 'uf I 4 W N 1 ' 7- ' 1 I ?3' . Q 1-4 ' n iv r i r ur n NX: fx , I f -,-2 -71,4-Ig--pn-,,-.,,,,,,,,V., ., I I , , mu b . ' X ,'?'- .i.' - - . . . . . - I - 0 I o ' . I . ' 17 . . . . . I s - L I - - MALLON EE MUSIC COMPANY 109 South Blckfard REYNOLDS SELMER SLINGERLAND Band Instruments BALDWIN and GULBRANSEN Planos and Organs EVERYTHING IN MUSIC SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE Just consnder the many comforts and conven ences Nat ral Gas serv ce offers you clean eff C ent and econom cal heat for your homes Gas to cook meals Gas to gave you silent good ref ge atron as to heat water for dozens of pe sonal and househola needs Yes Natural Gas servlce gnves you so much for so luttle OKLAHOMA NATURAL GAS COMPANY l""l5l 0'-'vs X 1 MIDWEST MOTOR CO CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE ROCKET 210 West Rogers Phone 2467 PRESTON FLORAL COMPANY FLOWERS For All Occaslons 2 South Rock Island Phone 670 Death Rndes the Hughway DRIVE CAREFULLY MORRRIS INSURANCE AGENCY EI Reno Oklahoma Flrst Natnonal Bank Bldg West Woodson Phone 2060 BEST WISI-IES GRADUATES OF I956 Investors Savings and Loan Association of EI Reno 'IIT South Rock Island Phone 34 I I I i u i 1 , I I I ' ' , rir'.A.'..G r I ici..-." F 1 X XI! ff" Vw C, If x X . A , I I 03 111 l02 Success G d I-Iopp ess To the G od otes of I956 WILLIAMS GIN WILLIAMS GRAIN 81 FEED fU S 6 2 Cong ot Ioto 5 Se o BROSS FOODS Satisfact on Guaranteed 1 7 S BUTTS FLOWER SHOP Pau Butts Sm th Owne Sh p 478 N gm 47 Ok h CANADIAN VALLEY ABSTRACT COMPANY tW EL RENO ABSTRACT COMPANY tWd 6 FARMERS GRAIN COMPANY JIM E SMITH O ne EI R c ty ou WESLEY L NINMAN Mg JIM E SMITH Mgr 2515 32J H in r u I n , ni rs r U ' I 1 0 unset Drive o . . 6 Phone 30 Phone 871 I. . 113 Eos oodson St. Phone 77 me I , r 113 South Rock Island and o - Phones - i EI Reno, Ia oma I 116 Eos oo son St. Phone 81 . , W r eno, Oklo. Union i , cl. . , r. . , . Phone Phone - 103 k X 0102121 CONGRATU AT ONS SENIORS O 956 ACCEPT OUR GOO W S ES AND HOPES OR OU FUTU E PL DGE CONTINUE QU SERVIC T M RI OUR S lstrlbujoor .fZ1Im' Q ,Dwzog I O - I I ! Qfea I in L I , F I I D I H R WE E AL O CE o 0 VIDEO What is the cause of man Mr. Ray P. Porter Selfishness, greed, and o desire power over are the principal causes. overcome attitudes in u 9 desire to can s all of thern. men? mental and be met? fb! I. N. MR. RAY P. PORTER DEAN, A. B., M. S. 105 ed can principles of Christianity the answer: God is the loving Father of all, and lever- lo 7 -1 52110 Cfolleqo li -,I QS.: 1 FLOYD DURHAM, Humon Relations B. A., M. C. E, 'S SM qw.: 1 'vo' ,Q 7 - N 014' MRS. ARDYTH B. S 107 f-tiki!!!-M13 'L . xx"- GUTH, Art Max ",. WS i"P'g Z 1'7" .w,,.4v"' MR. CHARLES OVERTON, Speech B. S., M. Ed. 'f i are 5 B , as .2 'Aj 167 L Class Officers, Standing: Jim Winslow, Vice President: Jerry Welch, Reporter: Jimmy Sim- mons, Alternate: Mabel Prim, Treasurer: Joe Phelps, President. 109 3 ,G ,L lf! ,ff ' M """" Je"'Y Welch, Most POpul0r Robert Bushyhead, Most Talented 'Lax be K 1 If I ,539 X .. N N L Jimmy Simmons, Most Studious Joe phelps, Wiffiesf 'IIO :Q W ,Gifs ,wb 'Wx vm .N iv. "" 'id X 4 V X .. i ,. .51 .ug ,L Karen Searcy, Friendliest Girl 'T'.--7"""'-SN Jim Winslow, Friendliest Boy ...,..i..s , Ka ie fa n i Y f I Y v Ruby Thorp, Busiesf Girl ffl' as. 'H P L V A: 9 t , K i ,si , . +:'7"jflf' . 337: , X gfufij ww . , 'Q 'i , In 22:'fl,r .Q - 0 s. 3, W- x . H. Ji .ami-r.. , L Roy Herd, Busiest Boy 'IH t . J i 4- "Umor 'T jg iw. ...f O .1 xf"'QWf mv 1 xy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS FACTORY E Kunsus Cnty I f , 5 -fyqili IE! klf, Pubhshers fover Murwumuuvers Book Bwderx HUM OFFIKE 'E'-W' 9 -all 'I 4-.-.A J?" 6 W ffm 5 4 Q 'if 1 n 1 if' -v , -as I f y nf Q 11 6 " .E 'L' ' V I Q I 11 .- ' 2 fav 'ik

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