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ypgijfxi 7!,ff" gg-HL, XM Q Q!-Qfmgjaglmz 750,0Jw 7M - WWQZZQZMVA gm ffffg Sw-if Q80 W QFQQV MBNA A ?Wf7Mf M wb Q if ily Ei? W E . M-mWw6mw 'eff WW '21 Q9-QW 1 Qf 1, WWQWQMU Xi, lykqb Gfwi-n.,Qf ,MYJ MMZAMWMAQ WW QW KS iwziz Q M 444-fa? 'PQQQQLKMZMWAQQ imi gahgywvaww of R? 3, 44 D fl W 1 f 5 Y ,S M X54.4,,, . ' 'fy . MMM 0 6 . 'mvwas uma 5 f 2, if f . at a 5 '!- 1 , . JITED BY MEMBERS 0F CREATIVE WRITING CLASS U EL RENO HIGH SCHOOL Ontents Admiiiistration and Faculty Classes Fine Arts Athletics Features Queens Advertisements Organizations College AND LEGE STAI-'F--EL RENO COLLEGE EL RENO, OKLAHOMA Jil 'Rr foztuozfl Shoes the echoes of than footstaps VVh1sper mlm seclets, down the Co1r1do1s of txmt Prom tht Dxys of Old they hue eaxrltd Men xbout the1r tlsks of both Good 'md ull md these deeds Hue left lIld6lllJlC fO0tp1lIllb In the sands of tlme pomtmg tht Wu to glory and x tlo1 OI 'Ihe xx ay to C,0NK'11CllCQ md fliStll1LtlOIl IOLS my the mt IX ox Pathways they haxe txod Durmg our hlgh school ye'1rs Thelr footpxmts malk the plthu ws 'Io classes to sports md soeul exents Shoe sk ltes lo 1fers oxfords tenms shoes Football shoes and the Staecato be it of hlgh heels A ar a put of 1 p se In oul Ines th xt ue shall NCXLI forget Always m El Reno lllgh Sehool These shoes h ue tlken steps In the rlght d1IOCt10N under vcoert jllllflallti So nova for memory s sxke md Lest vse should forget m ye mrs to come We h me recorded here fo tll to see md lead A prmted and p1etor1'1l lecord of the steps we took Durmg the school year of 1911-2 W' is W ,NNW . V , . 4? --Q-1 - If 173 - QF QF! , 1 "- i s 32, 5 H Q. . wt? . .- 4 ' .N -xv ,V A 41, yu-.3 51 A -.QQ-A V . h Wfxzta--" V '. UQJN x , ' 1- V. , 1 'fl'-'o',5' ' " ,, '- 1,' 954: A . -, RQ J, ,. . 5 . J . .T f V . , . , A 'fn Q - , -A A el '- . . ffm., IQ 4 . 4 ' '- '-"Q, '- .-...ms,g,,' ' - 4u,,, "1w,,Nx ' A 531w,! D wi . 1. Y ffj x ,A V-lm-'W fl, .e ',l wal ' x l Q I xxx lk u nw X L1 f . ' 2 7 X 5 ' I ' l l ' l ' - x X ' ' l 2 Yx Y qv 2 ' I I ' ' I l 2 1 2 Q c 1 ' 2 'S l ' . Z . . . . . . X , . , if '2 ', ' ' v y . Y 1 ' . , 1 . ' 1 c 1 ,. . Sl 'lf + nl? 1' 2ll'l' , P ' V 'l'll . V. y v . - 1 c . . . L . 2 vi . I. H I 1 4.1 Y . , c 1 .. - 2 if, 2 . . , ,' ' ., , . S .', . ' 9 ' . C I L ll ' e z ' 1 has , . . x 2 v v , . . . 'I . I . .,. ,sf ' 1 v . rt ' A n C I A v" , . I ' . ll I ' ' l ' - y' . - n ' , 1 . c , 1 I. .- ' . ' , ,Z . , f 'V f Z ' . 5 X , I' Z . x I ' , 'ff' K ' r c ' . , . ' fs' -N ' V .v ' r' r ,"' V ' . . l . - - 7 . . aw x-U5 If 1 Thigh' 2,11 JAY fw-s'1aHs..' ." ZF .QL f""", Qedzcatzozz The corrldors and the rooms of El Reno Hlgh School would be Just a llttle less brlght Just a llttle less cheery, and somehow Just a llttle empty wlthout the newer endlng brlght smlle and the ever understandlng' heart of our frlend, teacher, and reglstral, Mr M A Mltchell Jr As a member of the faculty he has glven the students a better and more comprehenslve mterpretatlon of vshlt the word llfe really means and has been a close frlend to everyone wlth whom he has been assoclated Quletly golng about hxs daily tasks, he has served oul hlgh school 1n a most commendable manner In dedlcatlng thls 1952 Boomer Colleglan to you, Mr. Mltchell, we wish for you many, many years of happiness and many more success- ful years as the EHS registrar. - 'fjfwz .Qt ' .1 'l '- -.N ..' was X J In ' gf' yS:'R:xatv,, 4 wx, 7' ,j,.J-uv-""" Ri If 1 -1- vw M3 4. L 'I an in 1 w.L'is- I' 4 lg-.,x'L 1-fr' jf ..-fa' J 5:4 'wifi 3 Jfsiyw fl fa"4, 51:36 1 HW 'am' 1 , 3111 flllvmnriam 'mass To all of us who knew her Mlss Hodnett was more than an lnstructor she was a sym pathet1c and uuderstandlng frlend Her personality drew the student xnto a frlendshlp that led to ewerlastmg memorles Her guidance vsas appreclated and cherlshed because the stu dent alu ays knew that she had hlS best 1nte1 est at heart and her adV1C6 came from a vast store of knowledge and experlence As ou1 prlnclpal Mr Walter P Marsh has Sald Although she won t be Wlth us ln our classes we won t count her absent for she has a DCA from the Master Teacher O 5 , ' :KJV , ii ., 1 gl . . 'fx ' - 1 I 1 7 ' V . . . 7 . . - . K. v C K . , ' . . .. H y . . . . , . P H r r - fr. ,l. 57 Jlaffwzfa fc! 'giiil 1552. 'L X, MR. J. M. BURGE MR. STEVE LUCUS President Vice President Only those people who love little children and who' honestly desire to serve them should be members of a board of education. Board members should also possess intelligence of a high order and good business judgment. The El Reno Public School System is for- tunate in being served by men who meet the most exacting qualifications for membership on its board of education, and who, in all respects, work unselfishly and with sincere devotion in behalf of the community they serve. During the school year 1951-52, the fol- lowing officers and members served on the El Reno Board of Education: Mr. J. M. Burge, president, Mr. Steve Lucus, vice pres- identg Mr. Leonard E. Hale, Mr. Rupert M. Fogg and Mr. Marion Watson, members. Mr. Lucus is senior member of the Board in point of service, having served continuously since 1941. Mr. Burge became a member of the Board in 1942, Mr. Hale in 1945, Mr. Fogg in 1946, and Mr. Watson in 1951. Under their guidance the El Reno High School makes steady progress. Envied by other communities, it is the pride and joy of both young and old who live within the orbit of its influence. MR. L. E. HALE MR. RUPERT FOGG MR. MARION WATSON Member Member Member 6 IWWWW Superintendent Paul R. Taylor, one of the leading school officials in Oklahoma, has served as head of the El Reno school system for seventeen years. During this time, he has endeared himself to the alumni, faculty, and students because of his rare under- standing of the problems of boys and girls and his un- tiring efforts in behalf of the local schools and community. El Reno is fortunate indeed to have as capable and outstanding a man as Mr. Taylor at the head of its school system, His unselfish service for others is an inspiration to all who know him. B - ' 'V MR. WALTER WILSON Clerk MRS. CORA MACSW AIIN Treasui ei Mr. Waller P. Marsh AB., M.A. Mr. M. A. Milchel B.S. Dean ol Boys Regisfrar uf- UP- I,J PWXVLVFWZ Mr. Waller P. Marsh, who is complering his sevenleenlh year as principal of EI Reno High School, is a capable and ef- ficienl adrninislralor and an inspiring leader for his sludenls and facully. Under Mr. Marsh's line direcfion, EHS has produced many worlh-while cifizens. His eagerness and his willingness lo help every srudenl become his besl self have endeared our principal ro all of us. 'AK-' Q-9 i Miss Rose Wilcher BA., Mfx. English Dean of Girls ,fi Mr Woodrow Barron lnclusrrual Arfs Mechanical Drawing Senare Sponsor 4"'7 Mr. Bob Boclenharner Biology and l-lealfh Head Foolball Coach Track Coach B Baslcerball Coach Mrs Lucnle Blair A B lvl F Spannsh and Malhernahcs Sophomore Counselor Pepefl Sponsor Adelanle Sponsor rs Af' -nga Mrs Barbara Rose Dxckerson B F A Ar Nahonal Ari Honor Soclelv Sponsor Pepefl Sponsor A Mrs Nnna Mae Cooper English Freshman Counselor Freshman Pep Club Sponsor 454 'N-' Mr Floyd Durham B A M C E Socnal Sclence Servzce Palrol Sponsor Miss Josephine Hodnell AB., MA. l-lead ol English Deparlnnenl Direclor of Publicalions Nalional l-lonor Sociely Sponsor '35 ff' Mnss Mabel L Jones A B M A Enqlnsh Junior Counselor S+uden+ Councrl Advnser Quo ' Wkvtr Mrs Corene Jewrh' Lahn and English Squaw Sponsor is 9--e lr-""' Mrs Edna Mclvlalwan Kelly B A M A Llbraruan Freshman Pep Club Sponsor Mr Kennellw Kamm Hlslory and lnduslrlal AHS Foolball Lune Coach Baseball Coach Q Mass Helen Kmghl B S M Maflwemallcs Miss Helen Marlin BS., M.M. Vocal Music BMC Sponsor Q' I Miss Marnella McCvuure Speech and Drama Slagecrafl Naluonal Forensic League Sponsor ? ZX xx Mr C L McGnll D reclor Vocaluonal EdUC6l'IOH T8fI Club Sponsor 6 ix A . - l Bs., Ms. C 4- " A 'TR . . . A 3' f l "hh V A 5' ' x Bs. I 1 x 'N -I-r l" Miss Willa Dean Nicholson Vocohonal Homemaklng FHA Sponsor Mr Cecil W Moore Commerce K' Lf 415 gli Miss Dovie Anna Noble . . A.B. MC. . Commerce Phi Sponsor Mr. Melbern W. Nixon BFA., Mfvi. lnsfrumenral Music . N , TNVQ 15 ,2311 we 4- 1 i :-feazg:a3:gE,: E, ., 4.,,, M Mr Ray P Porfer A M S Science Durec'ror Adulf Educahon Mr M J Roberfson B S A Vocahonal Agrlculfure FFA Sponsor iii Q-A xx.,- 'rw if A R cr? L 36-Q. fa-:VN Mr J E Summons BS. Physical Educa+ion Direcfor of AH1le-Hcs Head Baslce+baHCoacl'1 Miss May L. Shanlclin BS., MA. Head of Social Science Depar+men+ Squaw Sponsor av, Mrs Josephine Taylor A M S Head of Nalrural Sclence Deparrrnenr Sensor Counselor Ph: Sponsor Mr Roy K Srnlrh Mafhemahcs Driver Educahon Forum Sponsor 03 R" QU! 16 Mass Hope Wood Vocehonal Hornemakung BMC Sponsor FHA Sponsor ks! . 1'-,gf 'S Y n N gif? iii? X X xx X, fa yy -X wc" X 58A ' , . g I T' -A xxx X K '.,, , -,.-X ., I f,f.6"' 1'-igw 1 I f" -- I - if-.5-,g " ' 5 "x if gif .- P fgcx Q il Q D X Lf! civil: , 4 .,f'k'r, I x x x - ' ' is :f , Y . ,,. V N fd .1 Q JUN! S-1 1:1 "ff 1 i' is 'A 72 Z' Abu' C1-up if ii' RAYMOND BOWLING President, both semesters JOE FRANK MARSH DOROTHY MATHIS Secretary, both semesters TED MULANAX PAUL MYERS BOB PISELL BILL PROPPER ALLEN REDING Art and Photography Boomer CLIFFORD SCOTT Business Manager, Boomer JAMES SEXTON CHARLES WALLER LOREN PAUL ANDERSON ALICE ANQUOE JOE BILLER DANNY BLAIR Vice President, second semester Feature Writer, Boomer THOM BROWER RUTH ANN CARTER LOUISE COOLEY .- .,,,,. 5113-f - gf- W- '24 N-sf v--r 'H' 'fur' 1-em' wr- " -" Q 1 +9 I Au. If mi 'Vx 5,1 '46 ii 5 171 Us ipx Q"' 1 - -'Q:,,,,- -f.,--A--1.2. ' " +-rrvsefvw GI' J-- N-5' 'L' .f"'1' ff-Ll xP'5f"" Sfiftf' N... "" 5 'fvr' -1 ' 'in- ' WL ' 1921 ll' MELVIN CORN ARTHUR CROAK BILL CURTIS FRANKLIN ESTES IMOGENE EVANS .IIMMIE LOU FREEMAN J O ANN FUCHS Treasurer, both semesters Asst. Editor, Boomer JEAN HARMON RONALD HARPER RONALD KNOX L. E. KRAUSE Vice President, first semester Editor, Boomer JUANITA LUCAS GLENN SCHWAB LEO SHAW BOB TURK Art, Boomer Li HELEN WAYLAND CARL WINSLOW i lbs 1- I-ful kg . -q 3 -35 v C7 j" I A F ,Q Bn 1 I 'J Q 4 y,...,f M 2 1 .. .JV.f .c:,,,h, ,A Kf- J '--Y' -. v . no 5 Q.,-Q 2 JOE MARCOM 1 1 5 'A-'wnvrasswfv W E ,R 'W I wh '- ,. 1 '. v, -. , . A' , U, V, ,L vt gqmx. ,I . z?7'?,,-it-..w . '?.-311,155 -, , , -In Av X- Il.-:..,,,,, f. . 9, Q , .N 1 L .:..r. ,J uiag.. L1-,,'? I' in if I V ' fa I ,Eg I "N -:1ag'13?iHfpf-"'.-.Xing-' H kd X- ' x-.Bra 5 'S-.-,-.ghu yqiglet by-J pq Q i1",' ,fwfr A rex A na..-:ir .,,. L ,, v N Y. 4.- Q .. 2:':ffr,f1i:,:f::' i1-' ,fi - 414 ,Q - qty,-3,-1k.,,,. Ref 4 xxQ..,,' ijuhmu, nm: - . ,- I f f. """.,, ,,. . -L ' J .1 E . E le. .QFE4-gvhbww A .E . - '. ' .--..VA.',R-t-D ., , - eu.. ' . A ,. .Q swf-,' .A:J4'.'1 , gf 'grffs-:ogg A Zia FA CULT! MD gt' '51, FQ CLA 5555 811098 Shoes are coverings for lhe feel. There are many kinds. There are oxlordsl sandals, loalers, bools, avershaes and Rom- an sandalsg lhere are high lopped, low lopped, high heeled, low heeled, lealher, clolh, wooden, red, while, and black, as well as lhose of doclors, slalesmen, economisls, poels, preach- ers, leachers, humanilarians, and philanlhropisls. Some shoes make fool-prinls in Jrhe sand: olhers make fool-prinls in Jrhe sands of lime. Some shoes are easily filled: olhers are rarely if ever complelely filled. Are your shoes of The descriplion which give you a feeling of adequacy and salisfaclion? ll lakes conscien- lious efforl lo make Them so. q527U?G22V Mr. Ray P. Porfer, Dean Science Dcpartuzent AB., MS. .cgi i'- Miss R056 Whche' English qDepm't1z wz 1t BA., MA. M' h ' - - f 'SSBE1fYN?.f'nH'n Soczal 80191100 Department 54 r-Q i.1::::' 'LQ -, Hman Relations Departuzf-mt Mf- F'OYd Durham BA., M.C.E. Miss Helen Knigh+ ,Wfl6lfl191ll0lfiCS Department B.S., AM. 'T-Z7 E- T Miss Mariella McGuire B.S. Mrs. Barbara Dickerson BFA. ' f ' .f. S i 5 , f 1 Q' v ja if y Qi. 1 if F. 1 I if f 'fi ', 5 - .HL .4- 1,142 in' 'tr Mf- Cm' MOON? Qomuzerce qDUlICll'UllUllf Miss Dovie Anna Noble B.s., Ms. Ms., Bs., Mori. M- H I M Jr. . Mr. Folsom D. Jackson 'SSB-Seerxr-:1rV1Gr m muszc Qepcu 'l z 1 zcnt BM, AB., MA., MUSD. N3 l' FAR sau -J' lnoliziistirial flirt qvepcirtififieiiit M'WOOd'fAWBa"O'1 Hn Uiiforgettalale experience l suppose fhaf we all agree fhaf fhis, our firsf lfor somel or lasf lfor ofhersl year in iunior college was an unforgeffablfe experience. If is fixed in our minds, nof because if was awe-in- spiring, buf because, enioyed or nof, we remember if as being differenf from fhe "school" fhaf wifh which we are all so familiar. A fellow begins fo realize fhaf fhis business of "growing up" is accompanied by a new feeling affer all. Thaf sense of re- sponsibilify . . . of knowing fhaf whaf you do is a producf of your own iniafive: nof of someone shoving you. The safisfacfion of finding ouf fhaf people do respecf your iudgmenf and aren"r as- fonished when you acfually come up wifh somefhing good. Sifuafions like fhese lead you fo believe fhaf you are on your way. lf's a good feeling. You realize fhaf from here on ouf you're an individual personalify: one of a group, buf an individual. ,iff Wee STRINGS CF WISDOM ,. f f S 3 X 4, I iff, ..f HIGHER ,EDUCATION THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS SEPTEMBER HAYRIDE rf J ' ii V63 ig ' to r hx 2 Qalendar 0 Events SEPTEMBER Where can I get a hrstory book? Anybody seen my zoology lab book" Do you want to see whats rn the vrscera of our frog? These and scores of other questrons were berng heard throughout the domarn of the Jr College Do they sound famrl rar dear students" If not you have mrssed the greatest thrrll of gorng to school that of berng mrxed up and confused rn the everlastrng chaos of those frrst few days of returnrng to books and themes and reports Of course rt rsn t all books and themes and reports remember that swell hayrack rrde we had on Sep tember 25" Thanks to Allen Redrng we had a place and transportation Naturally at the begrnnrng of a new semester we had to elect new offrcers of the Jr College student body After all the nomrnatrons and votmg we came up wrth presrdent Ray Bowlrng vrce presrdent L E Krause secretary Dorothy Mathrs and treasurer Jo Ann Fuchs OCTOBER Wrth all the offrcers elected and most of the books found by then rrghtful owners we frnally got under way as a normal Jr College should Every one now caught on to the rdea that rt was trme to settle down and drg rnto hrs books Thrs came as a brtter surprrse to most of us Who wanted to study when he could be dorng somethrng worthwhrle" Oh well gorng to school rs mostly learnrng anyway and we cant learn wrthout studvrng Thrs month also had a b1t of amusement rn rt for the students however because we had the Hal October 25 Boy was that a mrxture of werrd cos fumes and funny faces' Charley Waller was the center of attractron on thrs occasron He came as a sultry lady of drstrnctron and had everyone guessrng Thrs netted hrm the booby prrze for the best costume There were also teachers wanderrng around appro prratelg. dressed for the occasron NOVEMBER Thrs rs the month for grvrng thanks and there occurred rn the Rose Room a party bedecked wrth turkey and dressing and all of the good thrngs to eat that rust naturally go wrth Thanksgrvrng After eatrng whrch I mrght add rs always enjoyed by Jr College students we adrourned to the Jr College room where we played games and danced DECEMBER Somebody grab that trnsel' Hey where can we get some lrghts" Does anybody have a star that we c n use' Yes rt was Chrrstmas trme agarn and wrth rt came all the Joy of frxrng the Chrrstmas tree The Jr College room was really shrnrng wrth trnsel and streamers Everyone had at least a lrttle brt of mrstletoe because a group of students made a venture to the South Canadran rrver and brought back a tremendous amount Just before the Chrrstmas holrdays began every one enJoyed a party rn the Jr College room on De cember 20 We had cake and nuts and Chrrstmas candy and sandwrches Remember those sandwrches" JANUARY Wrth January came a number of thrngs Cold weather semester exams some old students leav rng and some new ones Jornrng us Paul Myers left us durrng the frrst semester and Thom Brower started second emester at Oklahoma A and M One new student came to us second semester Ronald Harper from A and M College Of course at the end of a semester there rs always the brtter thought of those exams whrch are ever present but when they are over we can always look head to another sen ester of partres fun and study FEBRUARY On February 4 ,we had a semester banquet and party at the Reno Rancho True or not some students nrade the comment that thrs was the best party yet After the feed we cleared away the tables and danced and those who drdnt care to dance lead a varrety of games and amusements to keep them busy The teachers seemed to enyoy themselves MARCH Blow wrnd blow Man what a wrndy place' Is rt because of the weather or Just some of the drs satrsfred members of the Jr College All rn all we cant complarn about the weather weve been havrng tlrrs past wrnter Its been farr and warmer most of the trme What rs the matter wrth you people" Could rt be that the cause behrnd those lrmps and brurses was the skatrng party on March 189 My how trme does fly' It seems only yesterday that we were wanderrng around tryrng to get settled Here rt rs the end of March wrth only two more months of school There rs a mad rush on Boomer work Bob Turk comes to the rescue wrth hrs hand letter rng APRIL Well here rt rs sprrng and trme for that look to creep rrrto the ey es of the masculrne members of our group It rs also trme for hay rack rrdes roller skatrng partres wrener roasts and a lot of fun for those who partake rn these thrngs Someone once sard In the sprrng a young mans fancy lrghtly turns--' How well thrs rs proven rn the Jr College now People are loungrng everywhere and rt seems as rf books are temporarrly forgotten MAY Wrth May comes the Joy of lrvrng to the heart of every student for thrs rs the last month of school Dear students can we not regarn our rnterest rn our books for the last few weeks? Although our prcnrc on May 16 wrth a study stopper we strll have that brtter thought of frnal exams Although some of us were a lrttle drsappornted nerhaps and some were overjoyed wrth frnal grades everyone was glad that school had frnally ended Now we shall all go our ways A few wrll return but the majorrty wrll travel drfferent paths Of course there wrll be new students to carry on rn our place or should I say prck up where we left off" Fare well fellow scholars rr ' rv ' - - H AA - ' I l - r ' ' , 1: ' - ' f , ' . . ' - s . . Y - 'Z ' g ' . . , . . , 3 . . . . A ' , a ' r , , . 3 r 9 r . ' ' , A . Q . . l , . , . . Y . . . - .. Q ' - - . ' Q. . . y . . . D . Qly. i M ' I Y - . , . I . - , A ' 1 . . I I .' ' loween Masquerade party in the Jr. College room on . . . . 1' . s V , . . A . t . - . y - 5 7 Y ' ' ' ' ' as ' , 1 t . . ,, . . . H ' I! ll ' ' ' vu u ' ' ' ' 7 A ,, . . . . . . a . , . . . . . . . . ,, . ,, . . . . Q Q - , . . t , h , . - , - 1 . 1 ' ' ' u ' sv - . . , . GARY STONEMAN National Art Honor Society, Senate, Adelante LOIS KISNER STROUD T8zI, A Cappella Choir, Organist JANELLE STUSSY Squaw, BMC DON TAYLOR T8zI JANICE TEMPLE FHA TOMMY TENNERY Band, Stage Crew SHIRLEY THOMAS National Honor Society, National Forensic League Secretary, Year book Typist, Pepett, Phi ALICE THOMPSON Pepett, BMC, Adelante, A Cappella Choir BOB VALDERAS Letterman, Forum, Stage Crew BOBBY WAGNER FFA ANITA SUE WALLER Squaw, FHA, A Cappella Choir JUANITA WATTS Former Squaw Pledge HELEN WEED Class Secretary, National Honor Society, Student Council, Pepett, FHA Secretary, Phi JUNE WELCH Squaw, Student Librarian KATHLEEN WENZLAFF Pepeu, Phi DOROTHY WHIPPLE Student Council, Squaw, Phi, FHA, A Cappella Choir BARBARA WHITE Squaw, BMC, A Cappella Choir JIMMY WILKERSON T8zI Vice President TRAVIS WINDHAM Senate MURLENE WORTH Squaw. Student Council CHARLES WYNES Letterman, Forum Parliamentarian iff" RALPH YATES Q Hobby-Reading ERLEAN YORK ...i ' 9' Squaw A 'H ' , eg A V ""' 521' 1 - I 715352545-ffsfk .4.-iw ' DEAN ALEXANDER JAMES ARCHER FRANCES ATWOOD JANE BAILEY DON BARKER KELLYENE BARLOW AMOS BARTON PAUL BENNETT ESTHER BILLER DARLENE BIVINS DON BORNEMANN GLORIA BOTTS WAYNE BOWLING JIM BOYER GERALD BREMSETH STELLA BELLE BRODERSEN SHARON BROVVER NANCY BROWN BILL BRUCE JAMES BRYAN PAT BUCHANAN WALTER BULLOCK THELMA BUTTERFIELD RICHARD CAHILL ROBERTA CAMPER FRANCES CANTRELL BILL CAUSEY GAIL CHAPMAN OPAL CHAPPELL PATTY CHOICE STANLEY CHRISTY NATALA CLARKE CAROLYN COKER WAYNE COOKSEY KENNETH COOLEY ORVILEE CORLEE REGENA COURTNEY PAT COVINGTON YVONNE CRYER WENDELL DOZIER DONNA SUE DRESSER BILL EDWARDS JIMMY EMMERT MAX EPPS BEULAH FAY ERVIN PATTY EVERETT WAYNE EZELL CATHERINE FEDDERSEN JAN L. FERGUSON LILLA BETH FISHER JEAN FLAGG FRANCES FLORES RICHARD FREDERICK MARY EVELYN FREEMAN TOMMY FREEMAN KAY GHOLSTON TOMMIE GIBSON DAVE GLASS DARLA GLEASON JANE GOOSMAN Jil! 555927 tg - . 'h 'vs sf? 2-" DON GRIFFIN GLORIA GRIMES FREDA GRULKEY KENDALL HALE ANITA HELM HALL Y MARY LOU HARRIS PEGGY HARRIS ' " LOUISE HARRISON -33,5 FRANCES HARTMAN DONNA MARIE HAWKINS PATRICIA HAYNES SHIRLEY HEATON LOTREVIOUS HICKERSON GLORIA HODGKINSON SHIRLEY HOLDAWAY RICHARD HORTON JESSIE HUNTRESS BETTY HUTTON ARLENE IMBODEN MARJORIE ISAAC VY, BETTY ANN JENSEN CLIFF JOHNSON EARL JOHNSON " JANET JOHNSON SUE JOHNSON EVELYN JONES DONALD KEITH JOY KELLER JUNE KELLER HAZEL F. KENNEDY 'At' va' 61 5 I f 'r, M5 5'iP9fZ7 is wp-1 4. - EA: 2 1. fx Y? V.. 4 BILLY NUZUM MAXINE PALMER FRANCES PATA JAMES PAUL, JR. KENNETH PAYTON FRED PETERKA, JR. 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I' I in FULLBACK HAUSER GOES FIVE Y LIGHT PANTSJ LOOK ON IN STAT 92' JOHN HENRY MARSH Junior-Guard V -' Q PALL HAUSER Juunior - Halfback FRED LEC HTENBERGER LLOYD SMITH Junior - Fullback Senior Guard All-State Senior End RAY BARTON Senior - Halfback 7 E1 MAX HUSTON Junior - Guard WAYNE WILLIS Sophomore - Fullback JIMMY SIMMONS Sophomore - H 1,533 :. DON MERVELDT Junior - Fullback MARCE LEE WA Semor -- Halfback J, if X X -. ! 9 X 'Q MELVIN WHITACRE JACK LIVELY Sophomore - Guard Senior F- Halfback J' 'x vu , - -K DON BORNEMANN JACK ROBINSON Sophomore - Guard Jumor - Guard VANCE 1243 AND JILIERSON 11567 GANG UP AGAINST OPPONENTS THAD SEELY AYNE VON TUNGELN Tackle Senior -Tackle Sophomore -- Halfback PAUL IIANNEMAN TOM RUKES JACK SLAUGHTER Sophomore - Quarte Junior - Halfback 15513 Q'-9 PAUL BENNE Sophomore - TT DAVID RATLIFF I'bP1Ck Sophomore Cen' 29 -bgx DON LEDBETTER RUDY SCHAFF BOBBY PLATO LLOYD SMITII Junior - Student Trainer Sophomore - End Junior - Halfback AT STI CARRIED OFF FIELD LLWATER rfir I'-xl c I 'ln I-"'-'i"'. 'W TL-R 'IQ'-11'-Tj? q--l-'-.L Football Summary IQSI This year's band of El Reno Indians brought the long absent football fever back to the El Reno towns- folk, as the team went through the most successful season in the history of the school. Running over 11 opponents while dropping but 2 tilts, the 1951 edition of El Reno Indians, built around 15 returning lettermen, won district, bi-district, and state quarter-final games before bowing in the state semi-finals to the Ponca City Wildcats. They racked up a total of 346 points during the season compared with 142 points scored against them by opponents. After two weeks of pre-season football training at Fort Reno, the hardened El Reno gridsters started rolling toward a schedule that would find them as one of the top 10 teams in the state most of the year. Opening the season on the home field, El Reno knocked over Watonga's Eagles, 32-0, and followed suit by whipping Guthrie, 34-20, Clinton, 34-7, North- east, 38-05 and Chickasha, 14-0. Duncan snapped the win streak, 20-7, but did little damage to the In- dians' spirits, as they came back to sweep the remain- ing games on the regular schedule. Lawton fell by a 13-0 score, Edmond fumbled through a 46-12 defeat, Putnam City absorbed a 40-0 licking on a muddy Adams Park turf, and, in the final regular season game, El Reno.won the district championship by downing Anadarko, 27-13. The 1951 Indians, the first El Reno team ever to enter the state playoffs, won the bi-district game over Edmond, 20-13, in a Thanksgiving day classicg and, the next week, faced Stillwater's Pioneers, who had been tabbed as likely state champs all fall, in the state quarter-final game. Unleashing a devastating air and ground attack at the cocky Pioneers, the El Reno boys turned in one of their finest all-round per- formances of the season, as they dusted Stillwater off, 21-13, and gained the right to enter state semi-final play against the Poncans. Although El Reno put on a fine display of foot- ball art, the Ponca City squad went home with a 34- 20 victory, enabling them to enter the state finals. Even though El Rcno's fighting Indians did not go all the way, they gained the respect and admir- ation of fans and opponents alike because of their fine, clean, hard playingg and they established themselves as a leading team in the state football power houses. Head Coach Bob Bodenhamer and Line Coach Kenneth Kamm .L 1 ,. 1 1 J , Lift, N M A - A 1 Senior Forward indians sink one as Powers I6 and Jimerson 26 look on x. Q rag? I . i DON J IMERSON Junior - Guard DAVID BERGNER Semor Forward X, W 9 ROBERT PALMER Senior - Forward x is , ? D FRED LEC HTENBERGER wi J umor Guard S ,if Xb -1-Ju BOB MAINE Senior - Guard W PAUL HAUSER Junior Guard 'Z BOB POWERS J umor Center . , 1 li- I -A ? 'XIIP B ,, . 'lf' 'ff 4' 7 -, - ci I x ' ' p I J K I O ' v ' - 7 "' E! X. CHARLES WYNES g N, . T 1: 'vi vm' Q S 1 114 S- , " .2 var. A A , QT X' va' ' , vw? - J , I I ' IA A ' y 'F x ' e r I' Lf .Q J Q , O ,- fx x f i , ., I if :iv Q A '- ' E ' - 'R .ff QM: 'X Junlor Forvx ard 4 nd ' 1 f 5 Q . E 1 nib s EARL JOHNSON Sophomore - Center REGULAR SCHEDULE El Reno 28 Cenlral 23 5 ' - EI Reno 42 Frederick 26 ' ff" E: Eeno El Reno 39 Clinfon 52 V if E emo m EI Reno 42 Cliiclcaslwa 29 El Reno Duncan 3l El Reno 45 Pufnam Cily 37 Q El Reno Lawfon 36 EI Reno 55 Lawlon 34 - x EI Reno Capi+ol Hill 43 EI Reno 3I Duncan 33 4 El Reno Clwickaslwa 37 2 I El Reno Pu+nam ci+y 29 REGHCNAL TOURNAMENT El Reno Clinfon 4I EI Reno 46 Ameda:-ko 37 EI Reno Capifol Hill 35 El Reno 37 Duncan 36 El Reno Cenfral 29 El Reno 35 Clinfon 42 Allwleiic Direclor and Baslcelloall Coach Jenlcs Simmons .mir 1 Pepsler Marsh and Has Famous Sausage Grinder 5+Uden+Tfa'f1ef Meme l-ee Walk'n5 B-TEAM EI Reno 32 Enid 33 EI Reno 3l Enid 25 EI Reno 27 Capilol Hill 33 EI Reno 44 Duncan 24 EI Reno 43 Chiclqasha 24 EI Reno 4I Pulnam Cily 27 EI Reno 30 Clinion 22 EI Reno 2I Capilol Hill 39 El Reno 32 Ceniral 33 El Reno 37 Ceniral 40 EI Reno 36 Clinlon 23 EI Reno 32 Chiclsasha 38 El Reno 38 Duncan 27 Won 7 -e Losl 6 EI Reno loral poinis 444 Opponenis loral poinls 388 EI Reno average score 34.l Opponenls average Score 29 B-Team Huddle, standing-Richard lfiobertson, Lloyd Carroll, Kendall llale, David llatliff, Jim McGinley, Earl Johnson, Tommy Moore, VVayne VVillis, Jesse Nordmang kneeling-Coach Bob Boclcnhamer, Jack Slaugh- ter, VVendell Dozier, Don Ledbetter, and Jimmy Simmons. Fa f-N fx G F677 Leticifiiiaiiis Cziluln Eirsl row-Bob Vance, Lloyd Smiih, Fred lechlenberqer, Coy Shaw, David Berg- ner, Danny Zenl, Bob Valderas, Marce Lee Wallcins, Jenlcs Simmons, sponsor. Sec- ond rovv-Charles Wynes, Paul Hauser, Don Jimerson, Roberl Palmer, Mike Lok- ensgard, James Archer, Paul Hanneman, Max Huslon. Third row-Ray Barron, Bob Maine, Jim McGinley, Eranlclin Shive, Earl Roy Bomhofic, Ted Joule, Jaclc Hunl, Earl Johnson. Eourlh row-John Henry Marsh, Thomas Hardwick, Wayne Willis, Jim- my Simmons, David Rallihc, Bill Bruce, Bill Pelerlca, Bob Powers. A Baseball Schedule PosTing a season's record oT Three winsuand Tive losses, Coach KenneTh Kamm's baseball squad proved To be a hard-TighTing band. Playing on The home Tield, The Indians dropped The opener To Duncan's Demons I3-3. Chickasha clipped The Indians 8-6 and IaTer Took anoTher verdicT. PuTnam CiTy nexT pasTed The Indians wiTh a 7-2 win. EnTering The Geary InviTaTionaI Tourna- menT, The Indians TasTed Their TirsT vicTory, shellacking Concho I4-4. EI Reno enTered The SouTh- wesTern Tourney aT WeaTherTord and deTeaTed SweeTwaTer I4-3. In The quarTer-Tinal game The Indians ran inTo a Tough Elgin Team and came home nursing a 3-I loss in one oT Their TinesT games oT The season. PuTnam CiTy deTeaTed EI Reno again April 25, This Time IO-2. Closing ouT The regular season, The Indians grabbed Their only conference win when They de- TeaTed LawTon 7-5 on April 28. 4 -v. i,g. 9 Top To BoTTom-Coach KenneTh Coy Shaw Kamm, Don LedbeTTer, Coy Shaw, I Max I-IusTon, Lloyd Carroll, Em- meTT Thompson, Wayne Willis, Don Jimerson, Tommy Moore, Jimmy Simmons, Earl Johnson, James Archer, Lloyd Smifh, Paul Hauser, Chuck Link, Charles Wynes, George Foreman, Bob Senior Letterlnen Maine, Jim McGinley, Don Borne- man. " 'Q-11. - ' Li.-,, ug., -V ---is-n.L,,-bashing. . i Olga 2 Cl Reno High School Tracie Team Firslr row, James Archer, 440: Wayne Willis, l00-yard dash: Don Jimerson, relays, Jimmy Simmons, relays: Bobby Plaro. 440. Second row, Coach Bob Bodenhamer, Paul Bennerl, pole vaulrg Marce Lee Walrlcins, mile rung Tom Sfewarl, high jump: Earl Johnson, weighr man: Paul Hauser, weighl man. El Reno High School's rrack leam has made an impressive record during The l952 rraclc season. Coach Bob Bodenhamer had four ree 'rurning lellermen +his season. These boys were Marce Lee Warkins, Earl Johnson, James Archer, and Donald Jimerson. EI Reno enlered lhree meels, bringing home Boomer conference mile champion, quarler-mile, and a 'rie lor conference high- iump. Second in Jrhe low hurdles, fourlh in sholpur, and 'lourlh in rhe mile relay were also added. ln Jrhe Duncan lnvilalional Track Meer El-IS grabbed fourlh in highiump and fourlh in lhe mile. A+ a Jrriangular meer held in Chiclcasha EI Reno won firsl in lhe mile, in +he highiump, and in 440 dash: second in low hurdles, in high hurdles, in 880 dash, and shofpulg and Jrhird in pole vaulf. Chiclcasha and Pulrnam Cilry were also enlered in +his meer. iff J , gx bm U ff . 3. A 'I 'S 1 V X ay up 'rhar seems 'ro be 'rhe expressive gesrure of Tom Sfewarl, high-jumper, as he fallcs wilh ofher Jrraclcslers, James Archer, Marce Lee Warkins. and Jim McGinley, all firsr place winners in one of fhe fraclc meefs en'rered fhis year by El-lS's Jrrack leam. v I If-I A PE --. FN Et Ji-I IRLS' TENNIS TEAM-Jill Shaw, Gloria Botts, ynn Shaw, Gertrude Hix, Janet Johnson, and illa Beth Fisher. Tennis Schedule El Reno High School's spring athletic program for th 1952 season of tennis started off with a bang. The boys' and girls' teams went to Lawton but were de feated. Lawton made a return match to El Reno and again became the champion. Meanwhile the Boomer Conference time came, and the two teams went to Chickasha to compete with Lawton and Chlcka sha on April 9. Jill Shaw won the girls singles and David Bergner and Larry Masters advanced to the semi-finals, to put El Reno second in the Conference. Other matches were with Classen in Oklahoma City. The boys planned to go to the state tournament in Still water on April 18 but were rained outg however they vsent to Norman for the other state contest. The girls went to Stillwater the following week with Coach Virgil Shaw. Yi-w-.,' . it in , ,.l,:il,Eb,,, 'C 'N - , -.:f'Q,,1" 'W ' lf' - BOYS' TENNIS TEAM-Jimmy Moore, David Bergner, Larry Masters, Mitchell Riley, Travis Windham, Richard Cahill, and Richard Horton. EHS GOLFERS-Wendell Dozier, Allen Welden, Gene Gallagher, Leon Moody, and Jack Reichert. l l COMBINED FORCES golf Team El Reno High School's golfers proved to be the "winningest" of the spring athletic teams as they proved superior to every team they met on the links. Five boys reported for practice to Coach Jenks Simmons ,when the season opened and all had a big hand in the clean slate posted by the linksman. With all members of the team being upper- classmen, El Reno High School is promised another top-notch golf team next spring. 7' fr I I N X X f A E775 lg AIF'rU'- J' 'T Miss Doris Merveldl Foblloall Queen Pepell . . Miss Palsy Royse Band Queen Yvonne Novak, Doris Merveldt, Rita Robertson Olson, Pat McDaniels, Lloyd Smith, Franklin Shive, Bob Vance, Paul Hanneman T. -.f""? X Sandra Chiles, Patsy Royse, Doris Merveldt, Bennie Williams, Dean Niles, I... E. Krause, Jackie Pete Wiewel, Sharon Bacon. A ff' HW! 7 Renny Zirkle, Lorene Garrett, Lillian Johnson, Bob Maine, Fred Lechtenberger, Robert Palmer I-on MISS LORENE GARRETT Basketball Queen Squaw 59 Z Nancy Erbar FFA Sweefnearf Lorene Garreff Senafe Swee+hear1 'Xi 12'-r 1 JY, Q Jsmmy Simmons FHA Kung Frankhn Shave OSquaw Kung Dons Merveldf Forum Sweefhearf 'WZ Jackie Robinson Pepeff King F ?' 5 'U' -"' F 'b 21221 BFA . . ' 'asf F 1 fs, , , X G? -,452 5, ' V if- 5 ' E h -. K iff' l 7 W B K I 1 . X1 1 1 332 ff 1 s H I 4 jf , TF : rf .V 1 "' 'I J X-lflk A , ffffilyf A g r ' 14 . Qgoyai ,j 1 if? 1. wig, f Xxj i X ,gap ', P1 .t A V . N. l ,' ul: Q A A 1 ,kg 'M ' vfixk 4 m MH' if I f , Y 1 A. ,' -A "Sf'7 I, ,k,,,"' if , . -- k , K f L Nj M, lf" x - b . . ,,H. 4 , 4 -wx - Q . . ,sf 1: Wg if!!-s i nd' 1 L A Ln X PM 9' 5 Qrftbd 4,4-"""'N a 'li 1. in - . 7 J? ., ,kg . if 1 Ygepett pep lub , 1' Q 5 - v r, '1 ' M34 gg . . ,. ', Fv A fv . V 3 in - 1. Se-if Seek YEL? x -JI H A VY Q .. y Y 2 ' 1,551 F ' f- fag f is ' ,-21 1 -vw Y .Cs 5 3 is 'Q ,E 1 ' 'n fix E' A 9 dir '00 - 4 A '-1 Zi N 7325 K b X .rx -v N 'x XX A, DD W:-4, ,L P 'ai W S, .Ja-Blu.. I Y WALTZ ME AROUND AGAIN-Doris Merveldt, Ray Barton, Bennie Williams, Lilla Beth Fisher, Billy Leeper, Helen Weed, Paul Hauser. Sue Johnson . . . HAIL! O KING JAMES- .Iimmy Simmons, Donna Smith . . . FOOD AT LAST I-Barbara Brown, Sandra Chiles, Thomas Hardwick . . . INSTALLATION TEA-Patty Choice, Donna Hawkins, Kellyene Barlow, Mrs. James Weed, Mrs. Hubert Smith, Mrs. Paul Dresser, Arlone Moyer, Arlene lmboden, Sue Cloud INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS-Phyllis Dresser, Lillian Johnson, Martha Sue Smith, Opal Chappell, Lenore Plaut, Peggy Harris, Judy Huddart, Lilla Beth Fisher, Eunice Dorsey, Donna Smith, Joan Wilson, Helen Weed, Mary Jane Joehnk, Barbara Brown, Sandra Chiles, Pat Haynes, Shirley Eichor, Doris Merveldt .... OFFICERS DISCUSSING HRALLIQUETTEH . . . PACKAGES FOR WORLD CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL-Mary Jane Joehnk, Donna Smith, Joan Wilson, Barbara Brown. I vin- 1 I" 'mfg' I 3'-I I F ,U FSH '77' ja llihi . H-if 2 I s.--I 1,, ," , X ', . N. -.- qu FFA BIG BUGS-Billy Joe Faler, SOC'l'CI,211'Y1 Don Merveldt, treusurerg Richzlrd KOI'IOIYIOICl', vice presidentg Eugene Novotny, presidentg Nancy E1'Im1', sweetheartg Don Courtney, reporter. FIRST PRIZE BARROW - Richard Korlemeier, Junior Master Farmer . . . ON THE HOOP-- Nancy Erbar, Don Merveldt . . . SO-O-O-O-O PIG - Richard Kortemcier, Mr. M. J. Robertson, Earl Kortcmeier . . . NOVOTNY'S WOOLIES - Eugene Novotny . . . DINNER IS SERVED- Don Bornemann .... BOB WAGNER DISPLAYS PRIZE WINNING BEEF .... MERRY FHRISTMAS! 6! 3 E i s Q, VZLJ U G r ' E, .N V . if . v7 A ol l '- 'ef 'Qu A ' 1 528, 4 " wiiifiw ' A B , for-C oy A Bonita Wlarica Gotta Hurd Senate BMC OFFICERS- Marilyn Barker, secretaryg Joyce Taylor, president, Nadine Ellison, treas- urer, Bobbie McElroy, vice president . . . ECONOMY-WISE BMC'S-Marilyn Thompson, Joyce Taylor, Miss Hone Wood, Marilyn Barker . . . MASQUERADE BALI. . . . HUNGRY SENATORS . . . TRIALS OF PLEDGING - Marce Watkins. Orvilee Corlee. Bill Bruce, Jesse Nordman, Earl Johnson, Robert Palmer, Harold Webster . . . TALK TO 'EM, COACH PALMER. My . I ' w 55:11:42 -1 .. Q 4,,..,' X, ww T' ,- - -.Jn PM iQ X ay, ,,,,-au FN S525 xi- X fx I Kms! ,X SEQ X Q '? " 'Q , ' xkffjxx ' A L Ti Q r X. i 5' Ci 4 " ' r X2 . .g'.i3?.?. , 'A I an -. A , 'If' .mfg - ' 6' ' 'K fl . .u ' E , if L ' 4 Q , w . X ' -S' .L Q- -J -.'. L-H--' , N U xv A X il xi ,'x. 'l'.?i. T l j N- IATEAJ 1-ff K6 Q ,+-'V' Q' 1- A P' k , ff .fffflall EFX ' A ' ' Q2 .- b- 'i ' f 3:13 Q- 1 'gi n Y J. .f tg silk 4 y . Nl-xg-T153 pong 'nn Mio-Lorulfvhwl 'li'iA'Ll""'5 T K liilllllll ll! ll! J. MORALE LIFTERS-Marilyn Birlew, Jo Ann Propper, Birdie Lopez, DeLores Meredith, Vira ginia Briggs, Frances Foutz, Lillian Johnson, Florence Peck, Jeanette Buird . . . POUR lT ON INDIANS-KILL THOSE REDBIRDS!-DeLores Meredith, Donna Marie Hawkins, Nanq: Reames, Arlone Moyer, Vieva Robison, Patty Choice, Janet Johnson, Jane Bailev .... FRESH- MEN CAMPAIGNING FOR BASKETBALL QUEEN-Maxine Gustafson,tMargaret Corn Wanda Chappell, Ruth Croak, Barbara Har , Sandra Nash Carol Johnson p , , Margaret Chiles, Renny Zirkle, Charles Wynes . . . THREE CHEERS FOR THE BASKETBALL LETTER1 MEN! . . . "WE'RE YELLIN' FOR THE 'LEVENV' 755 P X F' '1 ,, 5 " I 'N . ' . 'i 4 N 3' ., it L -L ' Eg' - A f i' , all 1:5-T2 5 '. ' 'Q f 3 ' D f f I L Q J L, i 4, ,, ' Y , A . '. ' Q 1 QS,- 1 ri 41, i1.,,5g , fl? f 5 ' 32.1, ,I 'J 'i L f i- " 5 35 4.3 ?'fa 3' v fff- ,J .. a.,.lf' - 'J L k t, -A ':",?.1 H ..-455. H .5 Q, ef. E 'Q Speech qlepartment ONE-ACT PLAY IMPERSONATORS- Thomas Hardwick, John Henry Marsh, Danny Zent, Walter Hume . . . ST. LOUIS BROUGHT TO EHS-Senior Play Cast: DeLores Mere- dith, Donna Smith, Peggy Huston, Joan Wilson, Anabel Biggert, Shirley Flippen, Gertrude Hix, Lillian Johnson, Cecelia Fryrear, Darrell Walker, Franklin Shive, Bob Vance, Michael Lokens- gard, David Bergner, Jack Lively, Ray Barton, Bill Chiles . . . GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY ?- All-School Play: Carl Krauter, Buddy Babcock, Sammy Goodman, DeLores Meredith, Larry Masters, Jack Lively, John Henry Marsh, Danny Zent, Anita Sue Waller, Gary Smith . . . OLD TIME RELIGION--Junior Play: Monna Golden, Veva Robison, Nancy Reames, Billy Leeper, Larry Masters, Thomas Hardwick, John Henry Marsh, Sammy Goodman . . . PRO AND CON -Rudy Schaff, J. C. Kunneman, Danny Zent, Donny Eshelman, Miss Mariella Mc- Guire, debate coach, Gary Smith, Mary Cooley, Doris Merveldt, Shirlee Taylor . . . STATE SPEECH DELEGATES- DeLores Meredith, Thomas Hardwick, Jane Bailey, Larry Masters, Jack Lively. X xy I A E4 ziisiilizi . PX P ,. 5255 ll Y M , pax A- 1 11 new ' 5 V-I iz ll is ll - " IIQJI' Creative llOr1iting Glass THEY EDIT THE NEWSPAPERS-Lillian Johnson, Geraldine Boyer, Marilyn Bir- lew, Miss Mabel Jones, Jo Ann Sexton, Lois Mulanax, Nadine Ellison, Anabel Biggert . . . OUR EDITORIAL WRITERS- Jo Ann Sexton, Rean Hogland, Gordon Hirsch . . . SCHOOL PAGE COPYREADERS-Barbara Brown, Mary Jane Joehnk, Donna Smith, Joan Wilson . . . OUR FEATURE GALS- Anabel Biggert., Cleta Payton, Cecelia Fryrear, Peggy Huston . . . . EHS INDIANS' PUBLICITY AGENTS-Coy Shaw, Ray Barton, Bob Vance . . . THEY SUPPLY THE NEWS-Bill Wrede, Bob Turk, Bennie Williams, Tom Cash, Dale Rogers, Joyce Johnson, Shirley Thomas, Janell McGinnis, Mitchell Riley. i ,. 2. i LxS , hor? Rodney 'R YUXBY Y Band OFFICERS -Bill Chiles, business manager, Joan Wilson, secretary, Richard Wright, treasurer, Bennie Williams, drum major, Billy Leeper, assistant drum major, Patsy Royse, queen, Veva Robison and Beverly Harp, twirlers. DIRECTOR - Mr. Melbern Nixon Flute--Bennie Williams, Joan Wilson, Carol Smith, Re- gena Courtney, Helen Dolezal. Oboe-Billy Leeper, Eddie Williams. Bassoon-'Patty Everett, Trent Wind- ham, Lenorc Plaut. Clarinet-Gerald Bremseth, Patsy Stafford, Jimmy Winslow, Billy Reynolds, Perry Eichor, Paul Knox, Betty Platt, Don Dillingham, Walter Hume, Charlamae Costin, Frances Cantrell, Eddie Matney, Ei- leen Phillips, John Porter, June Sturgeon, Darla Gleason, Frankie Marler, Betty Hutton, Jim Ivester. Alto Clari- net-Tommy Woolworth. Bass Clarinet-Wayne Wehrer, George Hodnett, Jack Reichert. Alto Saxophoneiue Cloud, Bobby Slocum, Newton Tarver. Tenor Saxo- phone-Roger Hoffman, Marilyn Estes. Baritone saxo- phone-Francis Flores. Cornet-Bill Chiles, Lloyd Car- roll, Wayne Ezell, Zane Rudolph, Tommy Mathews, John Creed, Jerry Ballew, Mike Seikel, Otto Mitchell, Johnny Ozmun, Phil Enz, Phil Shearer, Bob Roach. French Horn-Dolores Dolezal, Mitchell Riley, Ewing Inlow, Kellyene Barlow, Gene Cook, Margaret Gleason, Buddy Paulson. Trombone-Tommy Cash, Bob Powers, Gary Tesch, Bob Rader, David Bergner, Denny Byers, Jack Hunt, Lloyd Cory, Paul Bennett, Allen Welden. Baritone--Michael Lokensgard, Gordon Hirsch, Bill Causey, Charles Bullock. Bass--Rodney Thomas, Jack Mayo, Jerry Miers, Walter Bullock, Chuck Janssen. Per- cussion--Richard Wright, Jack Spurr, Donna Marie Hawkins, Tommy Tennery, Frank Wewerka, Myrna Powers, Gayle Pope. gr4ARINET R!emSefh QUAR TXBN Ngitche - XTE ob Y 5: SE. xl, B BRAd C3xYieflSgn1-6 Lloyhaex LO wc FRENCH HORN QUARTET - Dolores Dolezal, Ewing Inlow, Mitchell Riley, Kellyene Barlow V , eynoldsr Jim W,TET - Patsy 1nS1O,,, ! Stafford- B111 C seth, Patty E v e r e tt Eddie Williams '79 WOODWIND QUINTET -Dolores Dolezal, Ben Williams, Gerald Brem- Alma Maier 1 4 1 351,52 Jfllfflfig Nq THE. vvfi ' PFW DPJR-If ' my ... N 51. -I 1 s ,f , i i,i? i'f'f 14? b 5' 5 I 2 ' I 1 ff-fs. I . :Ig LL H311 .QR ?fC1" elf! I 1 - F 5 n f 45 1 ..... ii -' "'1 I J 5 HU'-1 -Ir g 1' i 8 M3 1 -' 7f f ? f fa spig3FVHifEFPlf ,"4 ..,- 45. Hi- in 5 I' 8 ' I J 'K 1' XL N 1, itz.. ' 4 Q ' .lx 'xl Hnnual Staff CO-EDITORS- Mary Jane Joehnk, Barbara Brown, Joan Wilson, Donna Smith . . . PHOTOGRAPHERS-Richard Wright, Peggy Huston, Joyce Johnson, Bill Chiles .... SPORTS EDITORS-Bob Vance, Robert Palmer, Bob Maine, Coy Shaw, David Bergner . . . ANNUAL ADVISER- Miss Josephine Hodnett . . . BUSINESS AND CIRCULATION MANAGERS-Rean Hogland, Richard Kortemeier, Don Courtney, Ray Barton . . . AD- VERTISING MANAGERS-Bill Wrede, Lois Mulanax, Dale Rogers, Gordon Hirsch .... FEATURE EDITORS--Jo Ann Sexton, Cecelia Fryrear, Anabel Biggert. Tn E? QEwg'l 'K . ,HH 'J 5 'f 4 V ' . 1 " r 4: If pl K J QI: Lp ,,ilu1Y'X.afL lS1Fg"i fhmmlgmg FACULTY EDITORS-Jo Ann Tillery, Joyce Taylor, Anabel Biggert . . . ART EDITORS-Louise Townsend. Bob Turk, Mitchell Riley, Bennie Williams, Harvey Pen- well . . . CLASS EDITORS-Nadine Ellison, Geraldine Boyer . . . FINE ARTS-Cleta Payton, Miss Helen Martin, Tom Cash, Miss Mariella McGuire, Shirley Thomas . . . ACT- ING ANNUAL ADVISER-Miss Mabel Jones .... TYPISTS-Marilyn Birlew, Lillian Johnson, Nadine Ellison. ' 83 'Nh 'H to v 3, I is if X 454111. 1124 I W E QL l flirt Qepairtment NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS-Joyce Taylor, secretary-treasurer, Louise ownsend, president, Richard Wright, vice president, Marilynn Thompson, historian .... SKETCHING -Jack Brown and Don Thomason . . . USING WATER COLORS-Bob Turk, Nancy.Ryel, Billy Nuzum, Tommy Gibson, Don Gustafson, Rodney Donham, Lois Mulanax, Charla Mae Costin . . . HARD AT WORK -Vera Reuter, Joyce Johnson, Carl Klohn, Gary Stoneman, Freddie Peterman, Betty Hutton, Delbert Dossey, Jimmy Cash, Clinton James, Bobby Plato . . U. POSTERS AID THE POPPY DRIVE- Delbert Dossey, Gary Stoneman, Vera Reuter . . . FLOWER ARRANGEMENT. N., x gg- I 1 NI -... 1 s QT?--m ' Q I J, .rf ,J FN M myqyg - ' 1 X XX X 'V s S5-H1 ' .1 X! XMNLZA? W K gk .x x J '2 J 23 ' f. f J... ,M D, vw, . X '41, 'V A I Q' 1" I' . X n xy? ' if 9 gi Mg.. x " Q , flfff. .4 ,, I' ' X , A' TX 4' KW, XV ax ' ,ff -J ix f- 011117 Roster 111111-1-af 1 national Honor Society HQNW. f TY OFFICERS-Rean Hogland president Mary Jane Joehnk xice president Barbara Brown secretary SPONSORS Miss Josephine Hodnett Mrs Josephlne Taylor MEMBERS Malllyn Blrlew Sandra Chiles Don Dllhngham Sh11ley Fllppen Eugene Gall agher Lorene Garrett Gordon Hlrsch Janet Hooper Lillian Johnson DeLores Meredith Carolyn Bennett Navarie Veva Robison Patsy Royse JoAnn Sexton Lynn Shaw Donna Smlth Joyce Taylor Sh1r1ey Thomas Bob Vance Helen Weed Jolene Wilcox Joan Wilson lphzlalathecm 1 OFFICERS Peggy Huston presxdent Mary Lou Hahn v1ce president Dorls Merveldt secretary K L 'J Cecelia Fryrear treasurer SPONSORS Mrs Josephme Taylor MISS Dovle Anna Noble MEMBERS Jane Barley Kellyene Barlow Anabel Bxggert Marilyn Birlew Gloria Botts Barbara Brown Bermce Buxrd Mary Lu Cahill Mary Ellen Chappell Sandra Chiles Patty Jean Choice Natala Clark Regena Courtney Dolores Dolezal Sue Dresser Phyllis Dresser Joanne Durham Nancy Erbar L1lla Beth Flsher Shirley Flippen Kay Gholston Peggy Ha1r1s Juanita Harrison Donna Hawkins Pat Haynes Gertrude H1x Judy Hud dart Arlene Imboden Mary Jane Joehnk Janet Johnson Joyce Johnson Sue Johnson Nadme Lott Sue Marler Janell MCGIHHIS DeLores Meredith Betty Money Arlone Moyer Jerry Olander Lenore Plaut Gayle Pope Myrna Powers Nancy Reames Veva Roblson Sydney Schmoyer Karen Searcy Lynn Shaw Carol Smith Donna Smith Sue Smith Shlrley Thomas Jo Ann Tillery Louise Townsend Helen Weed Dorothy Whipple Kathleen Whltney Joan Wilson F O1!'MWl OFFICERS Bob Vance president Bob Maine vice president Thomas Hardwick secretary Sammy Goodman treasurer SPONSORS Mr Kenneth Kamm Mr Roy K Smlth MEMBERS James Archer David Bergner Rlchard Cahlll B111 Chiles Don Courtney Don 5'-'01 Dlllxngharn Paul Hauser R1chard Horton Max Huston Don Jlmerson Fred Lechtenberger Michale Lokensgard Raymond Marquez John Henry Marsh Jimmy McGinley Don Merveldt Jxmmy Moore David Ratllff Jack Remchert Coy Shaw Franklin Shive Jimmy Simmons Jack Slaughter Lloyd Smith Robert Smlth Gary Tesch Bob Valderas Wayne Von Tungeln Frank Wewerka Melvin Wh1t3Cf6 Charles Wickware Bennie W1ll1ams Wayne Willis Rlchard Wright Charles Wynes Danny Zent Hdelcmte Il secretary Tommy Moore treasurer a.f,,l,hwf -4 SPONSOR Mrs Lucille Baxr S' 'I' 4' 'Q MEMBERS Buddy Babcock Glor1a Botts Gerald Bremseth Frances Cantrell Sue Cloud Ruth Croak Patty Everett Lllla Beth Fisher Shirley Gallagher Kay Ghol ston Rlchard Horton Arlene Imboden Estelle Mayrhofen Pat McDan1els Raymond Marquez Louise Nance Florence Peck Lenore Plaut Bill Reynolds Klm Schafer Ramona Smlth Judxth Stevenson Alice Thompson Donald Thompson Emmett Thompson Frank Wewerka Trent Windham Renny Zlrkle Ypepett pep Gino OFFICERS Shirley Fhppen presldent Joyce Johnson vice president Kathleen Whltney secretary Joanne Durham treasurer Marilyn Bxrlew Lillian Johnson DeLores Meredith and Sandra Chiles cheer leaders SPONSORS Mrs Luclle Blair Mrs Edward Dickerson MEMBERS Frances Atwood Jane Bailey Kellyene Barlow Anabel Biggert Wanda Blurton Gloria Botts Barbara Brown Nancy Brown Evelyn Bruce Bernice , j Buxrd Thelma Butterf1eld Annette Bynum Mary Lu Cahill Roberta Camper Frances Cantrell Gail Chapman Mary Ellen Chappell Patty Choice Natala Clarke Carolyn Coker Regena Courtney Dolores Dolezal Dorothea Douglas Donna Sue Dresser Phyl11s Dresse1 Shirley Eichor Nancy Elbar Patty Eveiett Jean Flagg Lxlla Beth Fisher Cecella Fryrear Kay Gholston Darla Gleason Mary Lou Hahn Peggy Harrxs Jua mta Harrison Donna Hawkms Pat Haynes Gertrude Hix Judy Huddart Pat Hurley Peggy Huston Betty Hutton Arlene Imboden Betty Jensen Mary Jane Joehnk Janet Johnson Joyce Johnson Sue Johnson Zena Kenega Kathleen Kouba Nadme Lott Ann Mapes Nad1ne McCracken Janell McG1nn1s Doris Merveldt Dorme Meyer Ruth Ellen Meyer I-hlda M1ller Mar1lyn Miller Betty Money Nettle Moody Arlone Moyer Carolyn Navarre Marilyn Norrls Yvonne Novak Mmme Pxvnlska Lenore Plaut Gayle Pope Myrna Powers Nancy Reames June Roberts Veva Robison Sydney Schmoyer Dor1s Schooley Karen Searcy J1ll Shaw Lynn Shaw Carol Smith Donna Smith Martha Smith Joyce Taylor Sh1rley Thomas Allce Thompson Marilynn Thompson Jo Ann Txllery Louxse Townsend Helen Weed Kathleen Wenzlaff Charlotte Whltacre Joan Wllson f 1 I me-5 of 1 , - A Y K V ik 1 1 1 1 1 1 I, "7 " ' ' . ' . . ' ' . ' : , 1 ' .. Q 4 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I ll 2 ' ,1 1 ' 1 . 1 . ' :I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - . , . . , 1 " l 1 1 . 1 'I Q 1 I I 1 1 ! 9 1 I I I I 1 7 I 3 . 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I l I Y 1 Y I Y I 1 1 1I I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 , , 1 . 1 ' . 1 I 1 1 , 7 ,I . I ve -11 - , ' . . ,, N - QQ XI3 ey, I 1- I 1 , 1 I 1 1 X-U I ' ' , , 1 1 I 1 I 1 ' 1 Y ' . . . ' -. ' I , Q 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 7 ' ' . . . ' . . . , . , . 1 1 1 1 1 , . I OFFICERS- Janet Johnson, president, Karen Krause, vice president, Sue Cloud, 5.5 i' A , , jf-I , Vis J. 1 . . N!! 1 - I - . U 2' '.- ..g'321I '. .1 5 v '- 1 1 1 i 1 , Q4 4- . . . LL' . 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 ' -.....4,.... , I , , I, I, ! I I P YI 7 1 1 I Y I ! I Y 7 7 ! ' r 1-' NX I -1- ' , 9 . 1 I 1 .I .I I I 1, I 1 I 1 I 1 1 , , - I 11 A ' 1 1 , 1. A D T 1 I ' " - I ,. A , I :I I 1 1 , , ,, . , X . 1 I 1 1 1 I , I ' f I I I 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 , , 1 . , . y 7 . . . ' U ' 1 ' 4 Y I I 1 I1 1 I 1 1 1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 , , Y 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 , 7 . . , . ' . 7 , Y 1 - , 1 . , Y . - 1 1 , y Y 7 1 1 I 1 1 I , , , 1 I 1 I 1 1 I 1 I , , , I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , ' ' Y 1 1 . - I 1, Senate OFFICERS M1tchell R1ley pres1dent Dar1rell Walkex nee pres1dent Don Ledbettex, secretary B111 Amberg treasurer SPONSOR Mr Woodrow Barton MEMBERS Dame Abner B111 B1uce Donald Cho1ce Lloyd Cory Orvxlee Collee Dav1d Cunmngham Benn1e Durham B111 Edwards Perry E1chor Wayne Ezell Max Fuller Don ald Gustafson Gordon Hxrsch Walter Hume Paul Hunt Earl Johnson Paul Knox Carl Krauter Harr1son Leeds B111 Leepex La1ry Masters Jesse No1dman Robert Palmer Bobby Plato R1chard Rlley Bob Roach Bob Rushxng Thad Seely Galy Stoneman Emmett Thompson Bob Turk Marce Lee WHIKIUS Trans W1ndham Harold Webster B111 Wrede Nl?":1' Sermce lputwol OFFICERS Benn1e Durham pres1dent Carl Krauter uce pres1dent my I ,D SPONSOR Mr Floyd Durham TQLSQA uzaunus. MEMBERS Exerett Adams Tommy Barnes Lloyd Kelly J1mmy Moore Harvey Pen well Lawrence Randall Claude Verm1ll1on Darrell Walker Future Fazfmers 0 Hmemca OFFICERS Eugene Novotny pres1dent Rxchard Korteme1er VICE pres1dent B1lly Joe Falel secretary Don Merveldt tleasurer Earl Korteme1er parhamentarlan Don COUll ney reporter Jack Rob1nson sergeant at arms J, SPONSOR M1 M J Robertson FF MEMBERS Joe B1l1er Donald Bornemann Johnny Bowers Lecester Bond Don Bakel A Wayne Cooksey Dlllard G1ra1d Leon Evans Tommy Freeman Dave Glass Donald Grxf f1n Dan Hanneman V11g11 I-11n11cksen John Iley J1mm1 Jensen Cl1ff Johnson Ronald Knox Ernest L1ebscher Leon Lxebscher Jaekle Ma1ne J1mm1e Merveldt Robext Mc Rmchard Robertson Rudy Schaff Ray Stewart J1m Stout Donald Thompson Wayne Von Tungeln Bobby Wagner lgomtu Wluwca Qattu OFFICERS Joyce Taylor pres1dent Bobb1e McElroy VICE p1es1dent Ma11lyn Barker sec1eta1y Nad1ne Elllson treasurer Shlrleen Lelghton h1stor1an SPONSORS MISS Helen Mart1n MISS Hope Wood MEMBERS LOIS B1ller Jane B1rm1ngham Wanda Blurton Lorena Bowers Stella Broderson Pat Buchanan Thelma Butterheld Roberta Camper COIIHDB Caster Gall Chapman Opal Chappell Pat Cox Dorothea Douglas Cather1ne Feddersen Frances Foutz Lorene Garrett Monna Golden Bev erly Harp Jayne Ann Heuser Sh1rley Holdaway Janet Hooper Pat Hurley Martha Hurst M1ldred Hurt L1ll1an Johnson Jan1ece Jones Carol K1tzm11ler Kathleen Kouba Joyce Lowrey Patsy Lucas Fa1th Lyons Dorme Meyer Ruth Ellen Meyer Gladys M1ller H1lda Ruth M1ller Mar1lyn M1ller Lo1s Mulanax Caro lyn Bennett Navarre Mary Lou Prlce Vera Reuter Patsy Royse JoAnn Sexton J1ll Shaw Lawanna Sherwood Ella Mae Sm1th Janelle Stussy A1106 Thompson Marxlynn Thompson Jolene W1lcox Charlotte Wh1tacre Bar bara Wh1te Future omemuleers 0 ftmerzca OFFICERS Donna Smlth pres1dent Joan W1lson v1ce pres1dent Helen Weed secretary Sandra Chxles treasurer Judy Huddart parl1amentar1an Peggy Harr1s song leader Lenore Plaut p1an1st L1lla Beth Flsher and Opal Chappell rec1eat1onal leaders L1ll1an Johnson reporter Phyllxs Dresser h1stor1an fr-SN Ali-115 SPONSORS MISS Hope Wood M1ss W1lla Dean Nlcholson MEMBERS Patsy Archer Frances Atwood Jan1ce Bacon Kellyene Barlow Jane B1rm mgham Gmger Bnggs Stella Broderson Barbara Brown Jeanette Bulrd Thelma Butter fxeld Mary Lu Cahlll Roberta Camper Frances Cantrell Joan Casey Mary Ellen Chappell I' Wanda Chappell Margaret Chxles Patty Cho1ce Natala Clark Nancy Clxnkenbeard Sue ,f Cloud Regena Courtney Pat Cov1ngton Dolores Darland Dorothea Douglas Barba a Ed wards Charlotte E1chor Sh1rley E1chor Nad1ne Elllson Ruth Faler Kay Gholston Mar garet Gleason Maxme Gustafson Patr1c1a Hale Frances Hartman Barbara Harp Donna H8WklnS Pat Haynes Conn1e Hunt Pat Hurley Betty Hutton Arlene Imboden Mary Ann Jeffrey Mary Jane Joehnk Betty Johnson Carol Johnson Sue Johnson Carol Sue Kltzmxller Kathleen Kouba Betty Landry Na d1ne Lott Patsy Lucas Creta Lyons Vonda Masters Nad1ne McCracken Pat McDan1els Dor1s Merveldt Ruth Ellen Mefyer Mar1lyn M1ller Edna Morrow Phoebe Mowery Arlone Moyer Lou1se Nance Shirley Nxles V1r gmxa Nlles Mar1lyn Norrls Yvonne Novak Edw1na Olander Reatha Palmore Frances Pata Juanxta Payne M1nn1e Mae Pwrnska Peggy Plato Betty Propper Carol Reuss Vera Reuter Joan Rowlett LOUISE Sesslons J1ll Shaw, Roberta Shelley Shlfley Smlfl Car01Dee Smlth, Ramona Sm1th, Sue Sm1th, Sandra St1ner, Lavada Thrasher, Blrdena T1tter1ngton, Susan Von Werder, An1ta Waller, Ruth Watklns, Charlene Weach, Edna Web ster, Dorothy Wh1pple, Kathleen Wh1tney, Betty Sue W1ckware, Sharon W1lson III- . . I . I I II I. . I I ' 3' A 1 1 - 9? 'XI . I I II I "' V. I 1 D I Q 1 D I 1 1 I u 1 ' X IN 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' -1 x -. , I 1 l 3 Y 1 YI I Y -I v I ' 'VY ' v Y 1 1 1 1 I YI I 7 1 I I 7 4 V ! Y ' . 5 . -' - 1 . 1 1 Y- . 911 L-411 - - ,Q -- , .ry ' .- -I I I - 1 I I 1 1 y ' 1 , , . f o i5"'-:I1'1kA'- P .1 1 I 1 , 1 1 1 Q' gs, -' -. Q- . Ib,II,II f.w,1kI . . . 12 ct' 'LN QA, 1 . ,IH JO , il 14.4 "' I 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1, -'X' 1 t 1 1 I 1 1 1 ' I 3 1 f I 1 ' . I 1 I1 I 9 I I 1 1 I 11 a.I tv' , , 1 - 1 I 1 ' Y-3" 'V' ff Cann, Kenneth Payton, Wayne Peterman, Bob Rader, Bernard Red1ng, J. W. Roberts, 1 1 ,' . ' - 'A , Q 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . 'T 1 . 7 . I I Y . ' V ' Y 1. Y A Q 7 1 1 Y -T I A I . . Y I 7 I 1 H I 1 1 I 7 ' ! 1 V 1 y A 7 I I YI - 1 I I I 3 Y D Y , , , . y . 1 y . . , . Y , , I 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 I , 1 1 1 1 ' f . A I 1 I I I . II . . I I I . u Y . , . , , . , 7 e ' 7 . . , ' . I ' I . ,X - . - . . , I, LI , I . , ' . ' I, T 1 . - 1 - 1 1 1 , - . . . . . , .xlx . ' . ' ' 1 v -' .-I ' I , 1 1 1 1 . -..ff x ' ' - .- ' ', , 1 1 I 1 I 1 I I 1 , , I , I ' , ' . , .' . ' ' I - 1 , , , , 7 I 1 ' I' V I I 7' Y , 1 - 1 . ' , ' - ' , - ' , ' Y 1 I 1 ' ' . 7 . 7 ' 7 P I 1 . 1 - . . . ' -. . ' ' , -I ' Y - 1 1 ' . . ' . . . ' ' ' ' , ' I1I 1 - ' . ' ' Q ' . ' ' , ' . 1 4 I 1 I I , . , - Hatzonal Jqlff onmf Soczety OFFICERS Lou1se Townsend pres1dent R1chard Wllght vxce presldent Joyce Taylor secretary and treasurer Marllynn Thompson h1stor1an SPONSOR Mrs Edward DICKBISOI MEMBERS Ardena Blackowl Charlamae Cost1n Wendell Doz1er Shlrley Hand Joyce Johnson Wlllle Leach Eugene Novotny B1lly Nuzum Harvey Penwell Bobby Plato Jo Ann Propper M1tchel1R1ley Robert Smlth Gary Stoneman Bob Turk Bennle W11l1ams J 5 Edd1e Wll1l3mS Charlotte Wh1tacre Student Qounczl WOFFICERS Danny Zent presxdent Ray Barton XICB presldent Lolene Gar1ett secretary Carolyn Bennett Navarre treasurer SPONSOR MISS Mabel L Jones 'K MEMBERS B111 Amberg Dav1d Bergner Mar1lyn Blrlew Betty Boorsma B1ll Bruce Rlchard Freder1ck Sammy Goodman JHDICE Hardwlck Charles L1nk M1chael Lokensgard Jlmmy McG1nley Yvonne Novak Johnny Ozmun Gary Tesch Helen Weed Je1ry Welch Dolothy Whxpple Charles WICRMHFE ALTERNATES Buddy Babcock Kellyene Barlow Barbara Brown Ph1l Enz Nancy Erbar Gene Gallagher Sh1rley Holdaway Nad1ne Lott John Henry Marsh Laney McDan1el Janell Mc G1nn1s Karen Searcy Ramona Smlth Bob Vance Murlene Worth Trade and lndustry Qlub OFFICERS-Dav1e Abner presldent J1mmy Wxlkerson v1ce presldent Carolyn Bennett 9, Navarre secretary Wanda Blurton treasurer Marvm Frederlck sergeant at arms V I L SPONSOR Mr C L McG1ll MEMBERS Mar1lyn Barker Juan1ta Bla1r Eva F1ncher Nancy Harvell Bonme Hays Janet Hooper Cl1fford Johnson Raymond Kessler Harrxson Leeds Lavon Leeds Barbara M3dlSOH Sue Marler Raymond M1ller Betty Money Jeanette Neathery Harvey Penwell Fred Peterka Vlola Randall Amta Stockton Bomta Stockton Lo1s Stroud Don Taylox Claude Verm1ll1on Betty W1lkerson B111 Wrede S H Qapella Qlaow X, OFFICERS Sammy Goodman presldent El1zabeth Mathls secretary Rean Ho land accompamst DIRECTOR M1 s Helen Martm MEMBERS Mar1lyn B11lew Jane B1rm1ngham Geraldl 16 Boyer Bermce Bund Annette Bynum Rlchard Cahlll Bill Causey Thomas Cash Sandra Ch1les Pa tr1c1a Cox Dorothea Douglas Phyl11s Dresser Joanne Durham James Emmert Cecelxa Fryrear Monna Golden Gertrude HIX Judy Huddart Walter Hume Martha Hurst M1ld1ed Hurt Max Huston Ga1l Joule Zena Kenega Joyce Lowrey Faxth Lyons John Henry Marsh Don Merveldt Dor1s Merveldt Dor1ne Meyer Jlmmv Moore Jerry Ann Olander Cleta Payton Harvey Penwell Bob Rushmg Nancy Ryel Rudy Schaff Thad Seely Joyce Taylor Rodney Thomas Al1ce Thompson Marxlynn Thompson Bob Vance Amta Sue Waller Dorothy Whlpple Barbara Whlte Kathleen Whltney Charles Wlckware Benme W1ll1ams James Wynes Danny Zent Squaw pep Qlub X, OFFICERS Patsy Royse presxdent Jolene Wllcox v1ce presldent Jerry Ann Olander secre X tary Janet Hooper treasurer Joyce Lowrey par11amentar1an Jayne Heuser h1stor1an Lorene Garrett Bxrdxe Lopez and Frances Foutz cheerleaders SPONSORS MISS May Shankl1n Mrs Edwxn R Jewltt " MEMBERS Shxrley Adams Dean Mae Alexander Marxlyn Barker Esther Blller Lo1s B1ller Darlene B1v1ns Jane Blrmmgham Lorena Bowers Gerald1ne Boyer Stella Brodersen Sharoti Brower Pat1Buchanan Cormna Caster Opal Chappell Pat Covmgton Pat Cox Nadme Elhson Catherxne Feddersen Mary Evelyn Freeman Monna Golden Jane Gooseman Norma Gnggs Freda Grulkey Amta Helm Hall Beverly Harp GIOYI3 Hodgkmson Shxrley Holdaway JCSSIB Huntress Martha Hurst M1ldred Hurt Marjorle Isaac Jamece Jones Joy Keller June Keller Betty Koert Carol K1tzm1ller Sh1r leen Lexghton Patsy Lucas CHSSIC Marler Garaldme Martln Dorothea Meade Gladys Mnller Una Mae Morrxs, Lots Mulanax Sue Myers Vlrglnla N1les Jo Ann ONan Maxxne Palmer Francxs Pata Mary Lou PFICC Jo Ann Rowlett Nancy Ryel Loulse Sess1ons Roberta Shelly Lawanna Sherwood Sue Shropsh1re Ella Mae Smlth Jean Smudnck Patsy Stafford Janelle Stussy Sally Tate Margaret Valderas Edna June Wage Amta Waller, 1 Char ene Weach June Welch Dorothy Whxpple Barbara Whlte Betty WICKWHFE Betty Wxlkerson Murlene Worth, Erlean York f 0 V K ' " 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 14 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 -1 - 1 1 1 1 1 -1 , . a 1 .. , fi" ' 1' ' . . 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I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Freshman pep lub x OFFICERS--Janice Hardwick, president, Vonda Masters, vice president, Joy ,- ,"r"' Renner, secretary, Carolyn Shockey, treasurer, Ginger Briggs, Florence Peck, and N- Jo Ann Propper, yell leaders Lf' 12g fl P'L SPONSORS-Mrs Nina Mae Cooper - Mrs. Edna McMa'xan Kelly MEMBERS Patsy Archer Janice Bacon Jessie Bearden Betty Boorsma Nancy Bond Jeanette Buird Kay Cadle Joan Casey Wanda Chappell Margaret Chiles Nancy Clmkenbeard Sue Cloud Nancy Clovis Mary Cooley Margaret Corn Charlamae Costin Ruth Croak Dolores Darland Norma Davison Bonita Dungan Charlotte Eichor Ruth Falei Ann Gadberry Shirley Gallagher Margaret Gleason Maxine Gustafson Pat Hale Shirley Hand Barbara Harp Una Mae Hurt Nina Husman Mary Ann Jeffrey Betty Johnson Carol Johnson Shirley Johnson Karen Krause Nancy Little Betty Landry Barbara LeFever Frankie Marler Estelle Mayrhof en Laney McDaniel Pat McDan1els Evelyn McKinney Linda Miller Pauline Miller Phoebe Mowery Loulse Nance Edwma Olander Elleene Phillips Betty Platt Pe dy Plato Betty Propper Shuley Smirl Ramona Smith Judy Stexenson Owanah Tate Shirlee Taylor Levada Thrasher Birdena Titterington Susan Von Werder Ruth Watkins Edna Webster Dee Anna Whitlow Sharon Wilsoi Benny Zirkle E Qzary For IQ5 7 Dear Diary So that we may remember 1n future years the events of our schoolyear of 1951 52 that we recall so vividly now we have written them down in this our diary and have publlsned them in our Boomer to preserve them in a permanent record SEPTEMBER Dear Diary 1 In September we happily and reluctantly came back to school from summer Seng gacationtliior thet begingnngj 112 thte 195:g2g22ggrm dThe girls were beginning to worry ecause ey ou num ere e oys an eap year was coming on 6 Everyone was noticing the changes in the building There was a cafeteria where the old study hall had been .1 new library on the mam floor the old library my 1 now the site of a club luncheon room called the Rose Room The Forum had the honor of bemg the flrst club to hold a meeting there 6, We really werent accustomed to school yet when we found ourselves right in 07. the middle of the football queen race Cute little Doris Merveldt was elected in one 0 h t .p of the closest races ln EHS IS ory -A 9 We thought we were seeing double for a while but then we discovered it wasn t ' our eyes at all but twins' EHS had four sets' HQ Installation and 1n1t1at1on of FHA officers and members was held toward the 2 all last of the month A half holiday for the State Fair made everybody happy we ve kept a diary and we trust we related the facts to you accurately If our efforts W werent satisfacto y hon ever maybe they will improxe in October OCTOBER Dear Diary October opened with a big musical production The vocal and instrumental music departments and the speeca and stagecraft departments worked together to bring to the stage of EHS the music from the Broadway productions of Oklahoma South Pacific and Showboat fi W We were busy looking pretty to have our pictures taken for the annual T8zI F students took over Penney s store for a day tt , V In spite of the snow that caused many delays s1x organizations decided to ob f I serve the traditional hayrack rides They were Phi BMC Art Club Senate Forum and Service Patrol W 'J Eighteen of our bright and shining Journalists made a trip to Norman to attend EV a Journalism conference that is 4 S Perhaps the outstanding hun rous event this month was the Pepett and Squaw pledge day Many of our freshm n who had never witnessed this before thought the wltches and goblins of Halloween had really come to life but we managed to convince them that these hideous xghts were really harmless pledges The formal mitlations were also held this month And Just so the favorite EHS pastime of upperclassmen torturing the poor pledge--could continue the Forum and Senate issued bids The FFA held its imtia tion fo green hands and October faded into November 'NF1 4 an . , . .1 1 v ' A , ' , 7 l ! I Q-I ' . V U 1 is ' .Vw ' y '- Tian L , . . - i . . .- S . ' 0 ' . . ' .1 . . - . ct 1 ,' . , 'Z' as ' ' I - . HM l . h , ' . . . n J: I . ' . y . . , E : " E A 6 '. l . I . . . ' NX I, ' . . ' ' . R, Milt. 'E ' Well, dear diary, these were our activities for September. This is the first time 'g All I. ' - ' . ,, .g R t T , , . I , J ,fff 1 . , , , ' r ' - . A ' ' D ' . ' ll Y!! u ' ' In rs In ' Q la ' .vi - i ' , 271 A E . y . '-' . . . . uri., J L I U - , y 1 i 1 lv , H g wx H . . . . . . . - '- 'A 3 T y ' 4 ' 'fx ' I,-' , l r fix' . . -rf 1 -I . ' . N' ' . ' I, I ga , 'fi . . 3. ' ,L V l 3 A . . . . . ' . Q H H ' , . . I . . . . - L , . Dear Dl"1lN S6531-x1NC's u 1 03,50 Dear D1'1r3 Dea r Dia ry in u0"f 'I X ':17lH?LI'1 Dear Diary, X 4. : .X 153655 tit- 111 1 tif? NOVEMBER One of the fnst SOLIII ex ents of Nox embci w1s the T841 h1V11de We were 111 xeiy proud of Franklin Shixe when he xx is named lineman of the xxeek by the Dailv Oklahoman sports xx11te1s F1n11ly 1fte1 many postponunents beciusc of snoxx and F1111 Doris our piett football queen was ciovxnecl The BMC and Phi issued bids 1nd the poor gnls xxho were just iecentlv 1n1 tinted into the pep clubs found themselx es pledges again The irt club also icquired nevx pledges and the Adelante 1n1t1 ittd theiis During the two day Thanksgixing N'lCdll01l Miss 1-Iodnett and four students it tended a press confelence 111 Topeki Kinsas Mary Jane Joehnk and Peg Huston ex en got their pictures in Topeka s d nlv newspaper Big xx heels The pep clubs gaxe the foo b 111 boys 1 big send off to the state quaitei f1n1l game it Stillxx ater 1nd Nox ember 1951 passed foiex er from our midst DECEMBER Needless to say exen as the month opened ex eiybody had already begun to th1 ik of Christmas and most of the December soci 11 ex ents xvere pl inned around this holidax Added to this excitement was the state semi final footb ll game first semi final in the history of EHS Th all school play The Night of January 16th howexei kinda Jumped the gun on the nexv vear Tl1e BMC and Ait Honor Society conducted initmtions and we entered the last six weeks of the first semester Four of our student council members attended a conference in Stillxx ater and Nancy Erbar was chosen 1951 52 FFA sweetheait EHS students like to have some sports going on all the time and almost as the football season closed the basketbail season opened By noxv the Christmas spirit was really in full swing The music departments presented their annual Christmas concert and holly bedecked halls saw socials spon sored by Pepetts FHA Senate Forum Adelante freshman pep club and FFA The xacation for the holidays began and students and teachers parted xx 1th shouts of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year JANUARY New Years resolutions were floating around the halls when we came back to school in January Initiation was held for Phi pledges and nine nexv students entered EHS as second semester began A sax1ngs stamps booth was set up Jn the hall by the student council with stamps to be sold each Tuesday and Thursday We xxere entertained in assembly by the Norman trio from the University of Oklahoma and our own EHS talent presented a very entertaining program later in the month Fair weather put a hint of spring in the a1r and we wondered if it were really February sta11ng us in the face FEBRUARY Va1entine's day set the theme for February. The advanced girls' chorus presented an assembly entitled "Sweethearts on Parade," and comments of "What a sweetheart" were heard when Lorene Garrett was elected basketball queen. Her majesty's coronation was also this month. The National Honor Society made nineteen juniors and seniors very happy by issuing them bids. More music held the spotlight when the EHS band presented its annual mid- winter concert. Another annual event was the FHA parent-daughter banquet, and National FFA week was observed February 17-24. Something different in the way of social events was held when the BMC's and their guests dressed up to go to a costume pa1'ty. The Forum and Senate held a benefit basketball game for the March of Dimes. The score was tied at the end. The juniors received their class rings and seniors voted on graduation announcements. February changed to March. Dear Drary M! Alt if 'U 1 MARCH ln March a great tragedy overshadowed all other events here at EHS It was the untrmely death of Mrss Josephrne Hodnett our Boomer supervrsor rn an auto mobrle accrdent School was drsmrfsed f r her funeral and a great many students and teachers attended " f' f7 2 E rrlrer rn the month some of A8zM s students Journeyed all the way from Strll xater to present an assembly rn tne EHS audrtorrum and basketball season passed to make way for sprrng sports Track tennrs and baseball held our attentron Students were rushrng to ge rn therr down payments on the annual before the deadlme and EHS made a good howrng rn rnter school competrtrons The speech department placed second rn the speech sweepstakes contest at East Central college rn Ada and J me Barley was runner up rn the state VFW oratorrcal contest Judy Hud drrt won fourth place rn the st'rte essay contest Employment of the Handrcapped Musrcally speakrng the band attended a contest t Central State college Ed morrd and the rocal musrc department held rt annual sprmg oncert We all rooted for our fax or te team when the Senate and Forum held therr second benefrt basketball dame the vrctors berng the Forumrtes El R no sent llS share of Future Homem rkers to the state rallv rn Oklahoma Crty Campargn speeches were heard all through the halls Just before student counc1l electron rt was all clrmaxed when we frled to the polls to elect our student leaders for next yea There were three partres durrng thrs month of the lron and the lamb The Sqaaws entertamed therr guests at a dance and game party and the cast of the Junror play celebrated 1ts success as Thesprans The Adelante enjoved tradrtronal Spanrsh games at therr socr'r1 So the March breezes ushered rn the Aprrl showers Dear Drary Twmp luegpg Xb O W1th all thrs actrvrty Dear Drary vm ao " L 1 Mo lr EE-x.4'?i-to l lg E ! APRIL The poor boy was revelrng rn the Joy of twrrp season the frrst week of Aprrl when hrs brllfold was spared by the generosrty of the grrls Clrmaxrng thrs week of merrrment the student councrl sponsored a sock hop rn the gym 'lhe fre hman pep club also held a sock hon thrs rnorth and the Plrrs enter tamed guests at therr annual sprrng socral The school burldrng lrterally shook xxrth excrtement the second week rn Aprrl when an earthquake caught the entrre student body assembled rn the aud1tor1um VVe 'rll enjoyed a diy s E rster holrday and rs part of our annual obserx ance of Easter dew otronal assemblres were held ex ery day the preceedrng week The Thesprans of EHS presented 'r one act play festrval the mrddle of thc month 'rnd the senrors took the spotlrght wrth therr play toward the Last of the month of showers One of the brggest socral er ents of the early sprmg season was the Pepett athletrc banquet whrch rs an annual affarr and rs always the occasron for a lot of p eparatron Pretty Dorothy Whrpple was elected and crowrfed 1952 53 band queen at the annual sprrng band concert Another annual ex ent was the school carnrx al whrch al vays has a large turn out Thrs year was no exceptron over we s'nd goodby to Aprrl and hello to a month that promrsed to be even busrer MAY The band was qurte busy thrs last month of school They attended two festrvals and held a banquet The Junrors were rndustrrously makrng decoratrons for the Junror senror ban quet and the Phrs held therr mother daughter tea Senate rnerr-bers also stepped rnto the socral spotlrght thrs monh wrth a hayrrtle The senrors at last reachrng the goal for whrch they have long struggled en Joyed senror class nrght and commencement rmmensely And wrth all the excrtement of these ex ents over rt became trme for us to say farewell to school some of us not to return agarn next autumn When school closed we knew some of our paths would never cross agarn and that these faces and the ev nts of thrs year would fade rn our mmds as the mrsts of trme close about the years That rs why dear drary we have recorded them here as farthfully 'rs we possrbly could ln thrs way the mrsts of trme may be pushed asrde rn future years when we recall the school year of 1951 52 Wrth many happy memorres of our years spent rn EHS we brd farewell to the underclassmen and wrsh them success and happrness -Senrors of 52 ,f fi A ' 1 KA ' ' - - ' - W f ff' fi 117 'W' -- lv 4 E 1 f E 11, t . uf fn x 1 ' , s I I - ' - , JA tl ' , L l - U L -. - H- rlwfnxll A -9 Z -H A 1 1 ' -Y 3 1 . - Q lil S 3 . A Z . - .' s 2 . ' . . ' . - A ' ' . ' " I' . . . ' 7.1 . . . f Sw . I . . . l , rr ' L.Y'1" Y, a I ' f f " . . Us ' ' i - . ' I . .I ,V Q , V E . 1 . -- L- A . L I 4 U ,951 Ano Q . . U . . A L . . . . - . - 25' 'QP' 3:1523 1 . ' . , H ." .' - N A ' ' 6 'I flllrw . ' ' L V-P in -A 'M' . . . - . .I r'gALbf. rc' . Y t . . L g fa . . . , 2,1 H, - . A . ' ' .' 5 . '. all ' ' - 5 , - l "Wm 1-Q AA I -I I , S - ml A ein? 'fir - I ff"t'f'l .. sy 'ue' " 1 ' f i A in 1' lene Wilcox . . JUNIOR AND SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Josephine Taylor Mabel L. Jones .... JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Thomas Hardwick, Sandra Chiles Weed, Lar M t ' .... S - ' rv as els OPHOMORE LEADERS Arlene Imboden Jimmy Moore en Searcy, Lilla Beth Fisher .... FRESHMENAND SOPHOMORE SPONSORS-Mrs. Blair, Mrs. Nina Mae Cooper . . . FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS- Una Mae Hurt, Chappell, Joy Renner. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Bob Maine, Marilyn Birlew, Patsy Royse, Shirley Flippe 1. l 1 V' 92 XY i I 3. SE! I ri E gig if Wu , UE J J IL "FN, 1747 'v .TQ 13513, - Q' Mr CROW LINE-Donald Gustafson, Marilyn Miller, Rodney Dunham, Thelma Butterfield, Mrs. Ray Kessler SCHAFER OIL CO. 119-121 South Choctaw Phones 184-185 SHIVE PRINT SHOP 320 South Choctaw Phone 882 SINGER SEWING CENTER 113 South Bickford Phone 218 SOUTHERN COFFEE SHOP Buena Williams, Owner Phone 523 SOUTHWEST ICE Ka DAIRY PRODUCTS 900 North Choctaw Phone 57 SPORTSMAN'S CLUB 105 North Bickford Phone 1687 STEPHENSON DRUG STORE 101 South Bickford Phone 1222 T. J. STEWART LUMBER CO. 121 West Woodson Phone 224 SUNSET MARKET 500 Sunset Drive B. T. Conway, Mgr. TANNER ELECTRIC Congratulations, Seniors of 1952 TONY'S FOOD MARKET 622 West Watts Phone 1953 TURNER-CONDRY MACHINE CO. 204 South Choctaw Phone 412 UNION BUS STATION 120 North Rock Island Phone 723 WAGNER GROCERY AND MARKET 300 North Choctaw Phone 1200 WEST'S INFANT Sz CHILDREN'S WEAR 115 South Rock Island Phone 1848 WHITEWAY LAUNDRY London and Grand Phone 682 WILKERSON GROCERY AND MARKET 508 North Choctaw , Phone 411 J. D. WILLSEY RADIO SERVICE 118 West Wade Phone 382 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. J. E. Wilson, Mgr. Phone 620 YOUNGBLOOD ELECTRIC CO. 205 South Bickford Phone 129 41 JACKSON MARKET Congratulations, Seniors of 1952 LONG-BELL LUMBER CO. 220 West Woodson Phone 608 LOVELL'S 'WAREHOUSE MARKET 1118 South Rock Island Phone 211 M A L L O N E E ' S 109 South Bickford Phone 44 MAXEY, CLYDE R. Rcal Estate 207 East Woodson MEEGAN PAINT Xa BODY SHOP 1417 Sunset Drive Phone 2446 MESSENGER MOTOR CO. 120 North Rock Island Phones 20 - 395-J MILLER dz MILLER GARAGE 309 South Bickford Phone 2173 MILLER KEY AND LOCK SHOP 420 West Wade Phone 2490 MILLWEE BROTHERS AUTO CLINIC 204 North Rock Island Phone 545 MISTLETOE EXPRESS SERVICE 110 East Hayes Boyd Haynes, Agent MODERN CONFECTIONERY 118 North Bickford Phone 1650 MOORE JEWELRY 218 South Bickford M O U N T A N D S O N 410 East Elm Phone 2412 NATIONAL LIFE Sz ACCIDENT INS. Jim Newman, Agent NEEDS CONOCO SERVICE W. J. Needs, Owner NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY 1021 East Rogers Phone 741 F. A. NILES CONCRETE WORK Route 2, Ei Reno Phone 315-J O. K. AUTO SALVAGE 1411 Sunset Drive Phone 1100 OKLAHOMA TIRE AND SUPPLY CO. 101 North Bickford Phone 344 O.K. SHOE SHOP 216 S. Rock Island Eldon Eichholz, Owner J. C. PENNEY CO. Clothing for the Entire Family PERSONALITY BEAUTY SALON 829 South Miles Phone 367 PRESTON FLORAL CO. Corsages and Flowers Phone 670 PULLMAN BARBER SHOP Congratulations, Seniors of 1952 SAV-MOR OIL CO. 1418 Sunset Drive Phone 1695 COOK'S STANDARD SERVICE U. S. 81 North of Overpass Phone 1036 COOPER FLOWER SHOP 619 South Miles Phone 1304-W CRYSTAL LAUNDRY 108-114 North Choctaw Phones 58 - 11 DAVIS PAINT ASSOCIATE STORE 107 North Bickford Phone 156 DEARDORFF OIL CO. 121 North Choctaw Phone 1621 DRESSER PLUMBING CO. 119 South Rock Island Phone 791 66 DRIVE-IN 1220 South Rock Island Phone 248 EL RENO ABSTRACT CO. 116 East Woodson Phone 816 EL RENO DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Congratulations, Seniors of 1952 EL RENO FRUIT MARKET 104 South Choctaw Phone 883 EL RENO HARDWARE CO. Lester J. Bowling, Owner Phone 232 EL RENO LUMBER CO. 115 North Evans Phone 230 EL RENO MAYTAG CO. Congratulations to Class of 1952 EL RENO THEATRES "Red" Slocum, Manager Phones 648-425 EL RENO SANITARIUM 620 East Wade Phone 114 EL RENO SPORT SHOP 120 North Bickford H. C. Dozier, Owner EZELL FURNITURE CO. 108 North Rock Island Phone 38 FARMERS HARDWARE Al" Sz "Speedy" Taylor, Owners Phone 143 FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 109 East Woodson Phone 41 F R E D ' S C A B 109 North Rock Island Phones 1 - 150 L. C. GADBERRY, REAL ESTATE 113 South Rock Island Phone 34 HAMBURGER INN Ross H. Davis, Owner 110 West Wade HARDY PRODUCE We have faith in you, Seniors of '52 HEUSER'S GROCERY AND MARKET 901 North Choctaw Phone 29 H I X ' S M A R K E T 319 South Bickford Phone 48 HUTCHINSON NURSERY CO. 1206 Sunset Drive Phone 542 2 I 4.4 I, 49 57 68 ,L 1 I 9 1 L PM it P. 0. D. QUIZ KIDS -Norma Jean Jones, Jack Mayo, Carl Krauter, Christine Fire, Darrell Walker, Eva Mae Fincher, Mr. Walter P. Marsh, instructor ALLISON'S 105 South Rock Island Phone 51 ARNOLD MONUMENT CO. 1220 South Macomb Phone 136 AVANT MOTORS 208 South Choctaw Phone 89 BEAU BRUMMEL BARBER SHOP 118 East Woodson Phone 123 BEHNE'S JEWELRY 200 South Rock Island Phone 280 BERNARD AHERN Congratulations, Seniors of 1952 BOURNE'S 111 South Bickford Phone 780 BOTTS-HULME-BROWN LUMBER CO. Elm and Barker Phone 304 BRADFORD'S CAFE Good Food - Across from Rocket Theatre BRINKLEY FURNITURE CO. 114 South Rock Island Phone 1922 BUCKNER HARDWARE Congratulations, Seniors of 1952 BUNKHOUSE MOTEL AND GROCERY Congratulations to Graduates of '52 BURR'S DEPARTMENT STORE 204 South Bickford Phone 180 CAHILL'S RADIO SERVICE 211 South Rock Island Phone 195 CAMPER WELDING Sz RADIATOR SHOP 212 Sunset Drive Phone 219 CENTRAL SHOE SHOP 109 East Russell Edward Harrison CHAMPLIN SERVICE STATION 220 South Rock Island Phone 662 C H I C S H O P 210 South Rock Island CI-IISHOLM TRAIL CAFE 2121 East U. S. 66 Phone 1920 CONSERVATIVE INVESTMENT CO. Congratulations, Senior Class of '52 95 THIS IS THE WAY rr woRKs - Max Epps, Wayne V011 Tllngelh, Mr. M. J. Robertson, instructor, Do n Bornemann, Don Courtney, Don Thompson Best Wishes, Graduates of 1952 BENSON FUNERAL I-IOME Ambulance Service 100 South Barker Phone 120 CONGRATULATIONS BOOTI-I-REITER FURNITURE CO. Lon and Louie 104 North Rock Island Phone 429 CALUMET MOTOR CO. Orla Reese, Owner Phone 50 Sales Service Calumet, Oklahoma CANADIAN VALLEY ABSTRACT CO. Maude Garrett, President Bonebrake Building 113 East Woodson Phone 77 Best Wishes to Class of 1952 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK 61 Years of Safe Banking COX-MORRIS WRIGHT FURNITURE CO. El Reno, Oklahoma Kroehler Hotpoint Lane Cedar Chests Nationally Advertised Brands Congratulations to Seniors of 1952 DAVIDSON 81 CASE LUMBER CO. For Your Remodeling Needs Use Our Budget Plans 321 South Choctaw Phone 16 DAVIS CASI-I OROCERY AND MARKET No business on Sunday Not much through the week! 308 North Bickford Phone 174 BETWEEN CLASSES--Birdie Lopez, Nadine El lison. Joyce Lowrey Let us help you save and build for the future by investing or borrow- ing from this organization Strictly a Canadian County Concern EL RENO FEDERAL SAVINGS 84 LOAN 207 East Woodson Phone 345 EL RENO POULTRY 81 EGG CO. CWholesaleD Butter - Eggs - Poultry 107 North Choctaw Phone 275 EL RENO SEED 81 FEED CO. "Most Complete Stocks of Seed and Feed in the Southwest" Purina Chows 100 South Choctaw Phone 1826 Commercial Household Warehouse Storage EL RENO TRANSER 81 STORAGE Local, Long Distance, and Interstate Hauling Evans and Carson Phone 108 TUNING IN -Ewing Inlow, Denny Byers, Vivian Clason, Nlildred Hurt THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES-Gertrude Hlx Nancy Reames, Dolores Dolezal, Veva Robison I EVANS CLEANERS Custom Tailoring Post Office Block Since 1916 GIRARD IMPLEMENT CO. Oliver Tractors Oliver Self-Propelled Combines Oliver Automatic Wire Tie 316 North Bickford Phone 660 I-IAMMONS MOTOR CO. Chrysler and Plymouth We Aim to Take Care of Our Own '214 North Choctaw Phone 220 Best Wishes, Graduates of 1952 INVESTORS BUILDING 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 113 South Rock Island Phone 34 In 0 4 ' yin! ROYAL FOOTBALL FLOAT IN THE MAKING I I Congratulations to The Class of '52 JONES FURNITURE CO. 113-115 N. Rock Island Phone 1212 KOELSCI-I 84 COMPANY McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery International Refrigeration SALES -- SERVICE Krause Plows New Idea Farm Equipment 220 West Elm Phone 279 M. E. LEEPER SIGNS Car and Truck Lettering Window Signs, Road Signs Neon Service, Scotchlite CReflective Signsl 211 South Rock Island Phone 2418 LYLE'S SERVICE STATION Dealers for Phillips Products Tires and Batteries Road Service Washing and Grease Jobs 120 South Choctaw Phone 191 Lyle McGoffin Congratulations from MARSI-IALI. CI-IEVROLET CO. B. T. Marshall W. L. Marshall 106 East Wade Phones 355 - 356 MIDWEST MOTOR CO. Cadillac Oldsmobile - Rockets Sales and Service 210 West Rogers Phone 2467 MOTOR MACI-IINE SI-IOP Sincere Wishes to the Class of 1952 Complete Motor Rebuilding 309 West Hayes Phone 133 FIVE LOVELY FFA SWEETHEART CONTEST- ANTS-Yvonne Novak, Opal Chappell, Nancy Er bar, Kathleen Whitney, Joan Wilson Best Wishes PAN-TEX CLEANERS 217 South Bickford Phone 900 PEABODY'S OUALITY DAIRY Peabody's Quality Dairy Products Are Processed Fresh Daily in El Reno's Finest, Most Modern Dairy Plant. ..Use Hometown Products Plant-2101 Sunset Drive Downtown Store-221 South Bickford ROYAL TIRE SERVICE 401 South Rock Island Phone 381 SCI-IULTE OIL CO. Distributor Phillips Petroleum Products Evans and Oak Streets NQON DAY SCENE IN AUDITORIUM - Jane Bailey, Thomas Cash, Donald Gustafson, Lloyd Kelly, Betty Boorsma, Rodney Donham, Bob Turk SI-IERER IMPLEIVI ENT CO. Ferguson Tractois and Implements Willys Jeep and Parts One-half Mile East of US. 66-81 Y Joe O. Sherer, Owner Phone 1292 STEPI-IENSON BOOK STORE 103 South Bickford Phone 552 Congratulations to Class of '52 STEVENSON OROCERY Phone 707 AND MARKET I1UNCH TIME-Mary: An.n Jeffrey, Marilyn Nor- Quality Vegetables and LOW Prices gzitgalxgyesnfmmert, Jimmie McCall, Patsy Fuller, 528 West Watts Phone 558 SUNSET DRIVE-IN Hickory Pit Bar-B-Q Curb Service 1503 Sunset Drive Phone 2425 99 GATHERING AT JUNIOR CLASS CONCESSION STAND AT THE HALF I BAND BOX CLEANERS A. D. Cox, Jr. We Pick Up and Deliver Clothes Tailored to Measure 207 East Russell Phone 470 We Wish to Congratulate the Senior Class of 1952 116 South Rock Island Phone 112 100 DAVIS ELECTRIC Since 1910 Dealers in Nationally Advertised Electrical and Gas Appliances Electrical, Plumbing, and Heating Contractors 115 South Bickford Phones 220 - 800 Congratulations Class of '52 We Are Proud to Have Been Able to Assist in the Preparation of the Boomer-Collegian EL RENO AMERICAN Distinctive Printing Canadian County's Blue Ribbon Weekly Newspaper 117 North Bickford Phone 17 Telling You All the News Every Day in the Year EL RENO DAILY TRIBUNE Canadian County's Only Horne Daily Paper 201 North Rock Island Phones 18 - 19 ireland sfudio Portraits of Distinction BEST OF LUCK 207 South Rock Island Phone 106 uw W FINE QUALITY SINCE 1890 Serving Canadian County for More Than 611 Years With Quality Merchandise 106 South Rock Island Phone 257 "Death Rides the Highways" "Drive Carefully" MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY El Reno, Oklahoma First National Bank Building 111 West Woodson Phone 2060 fi! Y' HAVE-A-HEART DONATION FOR THE HEART DRIVE-Shirley Flippen, Joanne Durham, Patsy Royse, Janet Hooper. Behind That Friendly BIue Elame If you were to go behind that friendly blue flame, you would be amazed at the many vital operations performed by our 1,700 employees. You would see them planning, working and co-ordinating their efforts to assure dependable gas service in thousands of homes and industries all over Oklahoma. Yes, all of us here at Oklahoma Natural are working so that your community, your family and you will have the best of gas service at all times. OKLAHOMA GAS da ELECTRIC CO. TO YOU, I952 GRADUATES May your future be abundant with good luck, success, and a great deal of happiness SCI-IROEDER-SMITH GRAIN 620 South Evans Phone 65 The talk goes on about the new clothes at HIL' FASHION COPNIQ- H o or 121 South. Rock Island Phone 2359 Lillian Johnson, Doris Merveldt, Peggy Huston. Elaine Hess, saleswoman Congratulations to Seniors of '52 FRED CORLEE CONSTRUCTION CO. Specializing in Industrial and Commercial Building Repairing - Remodeling Years of Experience HIM! North Bickford Phones 87 - 961 SPURLIN SALES COMPANY Dearborn Farm Equipment Ford Tractors Gleaner - Baldwin New Holland Hay Balers Two Miles Southeast Phone on U.S. 66 200 102 Congratulations from TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL BANK El Reno, Oklahoma Complete Banking Service Since 1892 F. H. Morris, Chairman M. S. Morris, President J. M. Burge, Vice President J. C. Choice, Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 100 South Bickford Phone 54 Success and Happiness to the Graduates of 1952 WILLIAMS OIN Congratulations! WILLIAMS GRAIN AND FEED East on U.S. 66 Phone 302 BLAIR MACHINE SHOP General Machine Work and VVelding 1500 Sunset Drive Phone 460 BROSS FOODS Gooch's Best Feed Ozarka Water 1107 Sunset Drive Phone 871 BUTTS' FLOWER SHOP Corsages of Distinction 113 S. Rock Island Pauline Butts Smith, Owner ET-XRL'S REFRICERATION Motorola Radios and Television 119 North Rock Island Phone 105 EL RENO VETERINARY HOSPITAL' Best Wishes to 1952 Seniors 231 West Woodson Phone 61 F R A N K L I N ' S Smart Apparel for Women 118 South Bickford Phone 473 F. 8: W. SHOE STORE "Quality Shoes" 112 South Rock Island Phone 484 FRED J. GRULKEY, SAW MECHANIC "'Satisfaction Guaranteed" 10515 East Hayes Box 423 HUDDART-CORNELIUS MOTOR co. ' Your Ford and Mercury Dealers 200 North Choctaw Phone 546 l l 1 I if JACKSON ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Appliances, Contracting, Wiring 113 South Rock Island Phones 650 - 435 JOHNSON FARM SERVICE Hudson - Minneapolis - Moline One Mile West on U.S. 66 SL 270 Pho. 185 - -IIXNMXN SITP-PLY-CO. - Automotive Parts and Supplies 213 South Rock Island Phone 331 VIETH BROTHERS IMPLEMENT CO. Your Massey-Harris Dealer and Firestone Tires P. O. Box 169 1305 South Rock Island .Phone 49 "This is our favorite"-Joan Wilson and Marilyn Birlew OOAD MOTOR COMPANY 301 South Rock Island Phone 5 I Congratulations to the Seniors of 1952 WILSON FUNERAL HOME S. B, Wilson, Manager and Director 100 North Barker Phone 1000 Congratulations to Seniors of '52 You'll Always Find It at Y O U N G H E I M 'S El Reno's Leading Men's Store 10 3 IQI o esszonal Qnfettoz y Dk C A BENTLEY DP W I LAWFON MD Dentlst Gcmto Ullnary Ilolfn North Blckfold PIIOHC 32 DR V P CAVANAUGH Dentlst CltlZ6IlS NAt1OH3l Bank Bldg Poom 202 Phone 88 DRS CARL AND LOUISE FOX Chlropractlc Physlclans 1061! South Rock Island Phones Offlce 101 Resldence 2469 PI-IELPS CLIN C JOSEPH T PHELPS M D Eye Ear Nose and Throat Phone 81 MALCOM E PHELPS MD Surgery Phone 62 If W HOLLINGSWORTH 'VID Intelnal MCdlClH0 Phones Offlce 82 Resldence 2134 C RILEY STRONG, M D Obstetrlcs Phones Offxce 62 Residence 283 CllI1lC Offlces, 203 South Macomb LOREN'S ELECTRIC "Motor SQYVICQ That Serves" 118 West Wade Phone 2070 MOTEL CONWAY U S 66 and 270 Mr and Mrs B T Convu ay, Ou ners NETHERCUTT UPHOLSTERX Experlenced Woxkmanshlp Reasonable PYICES 316 South Choctaw Phone 859 PIATT MOTOR CO Alhs Chalmers Pontlac G M C. 300 North Blckford Phone 878 104 an Rectal DISC tses JOHN H MOGAB Physlcxan and Surgeon 104 West Hayes Phone 589 Resldence Phone 103 DP JOE M OZMUN Dentlst 704 206 Cltlzens Nat1onal Bank Bldg EUGENE VORHES Optometrlst HSV, South Rock Island Phone 931 NEUMANN OTTIS CLINIC Mllton Neumann M D Paul Ottls, M D Okarche Phone 1 RADIO TELEVISION SALES Sz SERVICE Jack E Small 212 South Rock Island Phone 373 1 I STANSBURY'S REAL ESTATE "A Square Deal or No Deal" 519 East Wade Phone 588 TIMBERLAKE'S BOOK STORE School Books and Offlce Supphes 207 South Blckford Phone 669 VOGUE MILLINERY M1s Fanme Cosgrove and Mrs H E Merchant 114 East Russell Phone 857 W , -,-,-,-,-J,-,-,-,-,A ,-,-,-v-.-.-.-.-.--A--J --.-: ,-.-.-.-:::. o o f--' -'-A -sv'-A-'-'-A-' -'-A-'-'-'-'-A-'-A-A-A-A-A-2 '-'-'-'-'-'-1 ,, , , l. , J r , 1 u. . . , . . . X . T X. J - . , .0 d 1 ' I 'J . ' I C R I I I I 1 . - l - . L ' s ' 1 I . . . . s. . 2 . . I- , - ' - K j - I ... - . . , . . I y f 1 ' 2. s . , . . 1 , , , A . . , . . ,Q l' 1, 'T I . h . M4--- .gy xx L. +5 A .r .f:"' 4 I :X 1, 'x fi,-. . . f 'AX ws l 'X 5 1 , UQ f fx J Q-.-11:53 xf-J Q ' .4 ,Q Xa- Avi f f M1 H3152 X ' 'gi fi s. 1 U , 8 " I A X N I . as x I ' 1 Q X pb x A X XXL . S fy, fp ' A ' j' 1 , 1 f wif FN X 's- , . E, 39 ji x. .A . wiv " fl 'TA 3 j gc fu S-P35 , , , X5 ,K A 'if YQ A ' Ai x 32 N 2 A . SZ ' 5 5' Q, ii. xx If ' f ff If f Nw J Wx. " fx k F' Q A- xv, 1 ,,b. I or if-as' ,J I?-1 W , V I, . J rx ,ff I July. '- ...l' rv ' , 'N , , 1 i, F 5.fi7V!Z7 DAVIE ABNER Senate, T8zI President HERBERT ALBERS Student Projectionist LOREN ANDERSON Crafts Club President, A Cappella Choir at Hillsboro, West Virginia, High School CORBY ARTHUR Poster Designer MARILYN BARKER Squaw, BMC Secretary, T8zl RAY BARTON Student Rotarian, Letterman, Year- book Advertising, Student Council Vice President DAVID BERGNER 1951 Boys' State, Letterman, Yearbook Pho- tographer, Student Council, Forum, Band ARDENA BLACKOWL FHA ANABEL BIGGERT 1951 Girls' State, Yearbook Features, Pepett, Phi MARILYN BIRLEW National Honor Society, Yearbook Typist, Student Council, Pepett Cheerleader, Phi, A Cappella Choir JUANITA BLAIR Squaw, T8zI GERALDINE BOYER Yearbook Circulation, Squaw, Stu- dent Librarian, A Cappella Choir BARBARA BROWN National Honor Society Secretary, 1951 Girls' State, Phi, Yearbook Editor, Student Council, Pepett, FHA THOMAS CASH Yearbook Fine Arts, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Chorus, Band Publicity Manager BILL CHILES Yearbook Photographer, Forum Band Business Manager DON COURTNEY Yearbook Business Manager, FFA Reporter, Forum MARVIN CULLISON Boys' Chorus BENNIE DURHAM Service Patrol President, Senate, Stage Crew, Student Projectionist JOANNE DURHAM Pepett Treasurer, Phi, A Cappella Choir, Student Office Assistant NADINE ELLISON Yearbook Club Editor, Squaw, FHA, BMC Treasurer EVA MAE FINCHER T8-:I CHRISTINE FIRE Squaw SHIRLEY FLIPPEN Class Secretary, National Honor Society, 1951 Girls' State, Pepett President, Phi MARVIN FREDERICK T8zI Sergeant-at-Arms - ' -:-,.,,f.Q.- .-'P , ,I .W -' . ,z . . ' ,, . . ,'f,,,--. M ' fwzmf'-, ,A . . t A,v+..,.x. 5- 51'- '? . L. Qs- Sv js 'P QP l I 1:9 Aix: 'ha I 'Viv' ghlpiflbu. - Y. , - -- - H .F .N :'?.1i9i+,1.'.' :. Y HAKI VV tn, . 3-5. sd .--:4,:fsQ.L:S',:5-filvfsg ' ,Q -. 1- ' ' . 5 ,,3,,,, -H af . 1 , - -. , ' I ' .Q-9 ,-'f"1,'f'f"'?'i?7' ' ' . -"Ll .. -A .:a..f'. A ,. . 'A O O A -U A Y ' ' I '1f74J7.z+-v f -I - "1li,2fE.fl'5f"1:-'w ,. f, -A 5 ' 5 V 'O ' 'V' Wg,,eJ':'-j- Qi "i ' s ,I E' H It A 5 'f-we-.. Q CD II . .A " N' .a- 0" .Q " f' ,, I nf , . , . , .af .ai . .- .,,5,:',a.'. .5 ,-'.-.':.,fF?3,j"f'W'f 578-'L - V f f, 4 , , ,,...'..-1-ff.,f. ,Sei-flflv. ,-g , - I fl. J ...,gn:C.ji:Z:i, .-.-. , -- 1 Q, J ' 'X' 'Q ' i 'QQ 6 ' ' - I - . . " , .. ,F A Q W n . f .D - 8 --- 1 . -4-f -, .1 ' ' A ' ,r "' . A P 1:4-..., ' . '3'flL..' .-.ixzwzrfl-Y 4 " , ,-.F-uf if-V PP' -iii rt. 5L7V!Z7 CECELIA FRYREAR Yearbook Features, Pepett, Phi Treasurer A Cappella Choir, Student Office Assistant LORENE GARRETT National Honor Society, Senate Sweet heart, 1952 Basketball Queen, Student gclvlzgcil Secretary, Squaw Cheerleader LEN NA GIBSON Junior Historian at Cleburne, Texas High School NORMA GRIGGS Squaw, Advanced Girls' Chorus MARY LOU HAHN Pepett, Phi Vice President PAUL HANNEMAN Letterman JUANITA HARRISON Pepett, Phi NANCY HARVELL T8zI JAYNE ANN HEUSER Squaw Historian, BMC GORDON HIRSCH National Honor Society, 1951 Boys' State, Yearbook Advertising, Senate, Band Prop- erty Manager GERTRUDE HIX Pepett, Phi, A Cappella Choir REAN HOGLAND Student Kiwaman National Honor Society President 1951 Boys' State, Yearbook Business Manager, Senate, Vocal Music Accompanlst, Organist JANET HOOPER National Honor Society, BMC, T8zI, Squaw Treasurer WALTER HUME, JR. Senate, Band, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Chorus, Stage Crew PEGGY HUSTON Yearbook Picture Editor, Pepett, Phi President, Student Office Assistant, Stage Crew MARY JANE JOEHNK National Honor Society Vice President, 1951 Girls' State, Yearbook Editor, Pepett, FHA, Phi JOYCE JOHNSON National Art Honor Society, Yearbook Picture Editor, Pepett Vice President, Phi, Stage Crew LILLIAN JOHNSON National Honor Society, 1952 Basket- ball Queen Attendant, Yearbook typ- ist, Pepett Cheerlader, FHA Report- er, BMC NORMA JEAN JONES Student Librarian HAROLD KOEBRICK Former Member of Adelante RICHARD KORTEMEIER Yearbook Business Manager, FFA Vice President CARL KRAUTER Student Kiwanian, Service Patrol Vice President, Senate Reporter, Stage Crew, Student Projectionist ELSIE LAMEBULL Dropped FRED LECHTENBERGER Student Rotarian, Letterman, Forum - -L. T' K 75. 'g-fa 'i 7 li' 4 ,, -Vi: ' ' T",f?2j'ijZg . fb.. -- ' JA -2 W Wdgfifrn A 5 -n My.: ' , -,r - -,1':4f,--.2-v1fY.g,g-53, J. ' 43' f...,f"..fzv1..--f T,:.. .. sl i R F1-'21 ,, R A " F ' ,, , f I A I 4 Q It L 1 - ' I ,bfi ' .f V ',, we N U i' .:L,. -KW. -- ---,hy-4 , PX- dvd. -I Q Q- 'L A V ,L U- -, -4.-r.-wi M. Nts?" ' - 9 N 6 -0 Rae"--5 ' ,yer M " ,Q " I h ' , fx, A 1 - A .I '4oY'q'1: ' 'A n p v -3 T ' - 2 ui, 1-.gy v WR 1 V2 1 - 'fa Ne 'art C . , 55!WZ7 YP' in Q HARRISON LEEDS, JR. Senate, T8zI LAVONN LEEDS T8zI JACK LIVELY Stage Crew MICHAEL LOKENSGARD Letterman, Forum, Student Council, Band BIRDIE LOPEZ Squaw Cheerleader, Student Librarian JOYCE LOWREY Squaw Parliamentarian, BMC, A Cappella Choir BOB MAINE Class President, 1951 Boys' State, Student Rotarian, Letterman, Yearbook Sports Edi- tor, Forum Vice President SUE MARLER Phi, 'rar ELIZABETH MATHIS Squaw, T8zI, A Cappella Choir Secretary JACK MAYO Band, Debating Team BOBBIE MCELROY Squaw, BMC Vice President JANELL ' MCGINNIS Yearbook Club Editor, Student Coun cil, Pepett, Phi, Student Office Assistant 35'w"'-fffg. -. DELORES MEREDITH National Honor Society, Pepett Cheerleader, Phi, National Forensic League President DORIS MERVELDT 1951 Football Queen, Forum Sweetheart, Pepett, FHA, Phi Secretary, A Cappella Choir, Debating Team DORINE MEYER Pepett, BMC, A Cappella Choir GLADYS MILLER Souaw, BMC, Student Office Assistant JIMMY MILLER Student Projectionist, Bus Driver BETTY MONEY Pepett, Phi, T8zI VIRGINIA NILES Squaw, FHA, Student Librarian, Student Office Assistant CAROLYN BENNETT NAVARRE National Honor Society, Pepett, BMC, Tdzl Secretary, Student Council Treasurer EUGENE NOVOTNY National Art Honor Society, FFA President JERRY ANN OLANDER Squaw Secretary, FHA, Phi, A Cappella Choir RITA ROBERTSON OLSON 1951 Football Queen Attendant, Squaw Secretary, BMC, A Cappella Choir, Student Librarian ROBERT PALMER Letterman, Yearbook Sports Editor, Senate Sergeant-at-Arms I .,,-.1x,',:M-Q-111--' I 5' A. .1 Y Y 3... .1 1' ,, .45 . .-.. I 'Cv I , .,.?-fff.9l"L I I . .,4b Q -Frm, 'ax vu Q, I ' u US, ff " , - - . .P -, ,Q I ' - "S+ I V ' f 0 4.4,-.V - , - He., ' - 'I , it I O ..:': h t -, , - -' ,H FL... -g , X V , .,,. T 1:- :, , -' -1 I, ig. W, . '47 .5 . . 3 gaaaa 'ba' . . . -5-, . Yr-...J 'Q-f 'Q Q. I 1 9 CLETA PAYTON Yearbook Picture Editor, Student Librarian, A Cappella Choir HARVEY PENWELL National Art Honor Society, Yearbook Art, Service Patrol, T8zI, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Chorus PAT PERDUE Squaw, BMC, Student Librarian VIOLA RANDALL T8zI VERA REUTER Squaw, FHA, BMC, Student Librarian MITCHELL RILEY National Art Honor Society, Year- book Fine Arts, Band, Senate President DALE ROGERS Yearbook Advertising JOANN ROWLETT Squaw, FHA PATSY ROYSE Class Vice President, Band Queen, National Honor Society, Squaw Pres- ident, BMC, Student Office Assistant NANCY RYEL 1 Squaw, A Cappella Choir FRANK SEVERNS Stage Crew JOANN SEXTON National Honor Society, Yearbook Features, Squaw, BMC COY SHAW Letterman, Yearbook Sports Editor, Forum FRANKLIN SHIVE Squaw Chief, Student Rotarian, Letter- man, Forum, Stage Crew, Student Projectionist DONNA SMITH National Honor Society, Yearbook Editor, Pepett, FHA President, Phi, Student Office Assistant LLOYD SMITH Letterman, Forum, Stage Crew, Tulsa World Football All-Stater JOYCE TAYLOR National Honor Society, Yearbook Club Editor, BMC President, Pepett, National Art Honor Society Secretary, A Cap- pella Choir MARILYNN THOMPSON Pepett, BMC, National Art Honor So- ciety Historian, A Cappella Choir JO ANN TILLERY Yearbook Faculty, Pepett, Phi, Stage Crew LOUISE TOWNSEND Yearbook Art Editor, Pepett, Phi, National Art Honor Society President BOB TURK Yearbook Art Editor, Senate Parlia- mentarian, National Art Honor Society BOB VANCE 1951 Boys' State, Student Kiwanian, Na- tional Honor Society, Letterman, Daily Ok- lahoman F o 0 tb a ll All-Stater, Yearbook Sports Editor, Forum President, Student Council, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Chorus CHARLES VAUGHN Member of Stage Crew CLAUDE VERMILLION Service Patrol, T8zI --'- A 435.3 3' ' ld. gd- I "'-ix,-3.- 1 fi' N 43: Vx- .4 S X' -1 ,g ,,., 51571017 Y-4 'K V. ,c t ' 1? 'V fo, Y H-ww 6 N I.. DARRELL WALKER Senate Vice President, Service Patrol MARCE LEE WATKINS Letterman, Senate JOHNNY WELLS Hobby-Photography KATHLEEN WHITNEY Pepett Secretary, FHA, Phi, A Cappella Choir CHARLES WICKWARE 1951 Boys' State, Student Council, Forum JOLENE WILCOX Class Treasurer, National Honor So- ciety, Squaw Vice President, BMC, Student Librarian BETTY WILKERSON Squaw, T811 BENNIE WILLIAMS Yearbook Art Editor, Forum, National Art Honor Society, Band Drum Major, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Chorus JOAN WILSON , National Honor Society, Yearbook Editor, Pepett, FHA Vice President, Phi, Band Secretary BILL WREDE Yearbook Circulation, Senate, T8zI RICHARD WRIGHT Yearbook Photographer, National Art Honor Society, Band Treasurer, Forum DANNY ZENT Student Kiwanian, 1951 Boys' State, Student Council President, Letter- man, Forum, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Chorus, Student Projectionist, Debat- ing Team ' , B ai!!-f Qri L5 ,al .-JJ W" if Q9'GE':-'L-2--F-""" . X! THE GRADUATING CLASS . . . SELECTING THE SENIOR PLAY-Bobbie McElroy, De- Lores Meredith, Rean Hogland, Gladys Miller, and Lloyd Smith . . . BOYS' STATERS AND GIRLS' STATERS--Bob Maine, Bob Vance, David Bergner, Barbara Brown, Danny Zent, Gordon Hirsch, Shirley Flippen, Anabel Biggert, Mary Jane Joehnk, Charles Wickware, and Rean Hogland . . . A TOAST TO THE FOOTBALL ALL-STATERS-Lloyd Smith and Bob Vance . . . CREAM OF THE CROP-Mary Jane Joehnk, valedictoriang Barbara Brown, sa- lutatorian . . . STUDENT KIWANIANS AND ROTARIANS. 27 EVERETT ADAMS Service Patrol SHIRLEY ADAMS Squaw EDWARD ALLEN Poster Designer BILL AMBERG Student Council, Senate Treasurer LOIS BILLER Squaw, BMC JUANITA BINGHAM Student Librarian JANE BIRMINGHAM Squaw, BMC. FHA, A Cappella Choir LEROY BISHOP Former Band Member WANDA BLURTON T8aI Treasurer, Pepett, BMC EARL ROY BOMHOFF Letterman LECESTER BOND FFA LORENA BOWERS Squaw, BMC EVELYN BRUCE Pepett, Student Librarian BERNICE BUIRD Pepett, Phi, A Cappella Choir DENNY BYERS Band ANNETTE BYNUM Pepett, A Cappella Choir MARY LU CAHILL Pepett, Phi, FHA, Advanced Girls' Chorus LLOYD CARROLL Band CORINNA CASTER Squaw, BMC MARY ELLEN Cl-IAPPELL Pepett, Phi, FHA, Advanced Girls' Chorus SANDRA CHILES Class Vice President, National Honor Society, FHA Treasurer, Pepett Assist ant Cheerleader, Phi, A Cappella Choir DONALD CHOICE Senate VIVIAN CLASON Advanced Girls' Chorus in 1951 MAYBELL COMBS Hobby-Reading LLOYD CORY Senate, Band ELWOOD COX Dropped PATRICIA COX National Art Honor Society, Squaw, BMC, A Cappella Choir DAVID CUNNINGHAM Senate DON DILLINGHAM National Honor Society, Forum, Band DOLORES DOLEZAL Pepett, Phi. Band RODNEY DONHAM Former Senate Pledge DOROTHEA DOUGLAS Pepett, FHA, BMC, Adelante, A Cappella Choir PHYLLIS DRESSER FHA Historian, Pepett, Phi, A Cappella Choir, Stage Crew PERRY EICHOR Senate, Band SHIRLEY LEE EICHOR Pepett, FHA NANCY ERBAR FFA Sweetheart, Pepett, Student Council, Phi, Student Office Assistant BILLY JOE FALER FFA Secretary GEORGE FOREMAN Student Projectionist THOMAS FOREMAN Adelante FRANCES FOUTZ Squaw Assistant Cheerleader, BMC MAX FULLER Senate GENE GALLAGHER National Honor Society, Student Council NETTIE MAE GIBSON Freshman Girls' Chorus MONNA GOLDEN l Squaw, BMC, A Cappella Choir SAMMY GOODMAN Forum Treasurer, Student Council mana A Cappella Choir President, Boys' Chorus DONALD GUSTAFSON Senate . ,IW ,. ' in-.,.' JZ!!! A7 IUS! 'mx if -.. -n 1 f YI.: -'T W T, . 1' I is'- f- vw.: rr R .y. V Yr f, Uh 1:17 J' 4' cv Pi - , x liz .9 J, ,gun 'Q 4., E THOMAS HARDWICK Class President, Forum Secretary, A Cap- pella Choir, Boys' Chorus, Student Projectionist BEVERLY HARP Squaw, BMC, Band Twirler PAUL HAUSER Letterman, Forum, Boys' Chorus BONNIE HAYS Squaw, T8zI, BMC GEORGE HEDRICK Dropped JACK HIGBY Hobbies-Hunting and Fishing VIRGIL HINRICKSEN FFA ROGER HOFFMAN Band JUDY HUDDART Pepett, FHA Parliamentarian, Phi, A Cappella Choir, Stage Crew JACK HUNT Senate, Band PAT HURLEY Pepett, FHA, BMC, Advanced Girls' Chorus MARTHA HURST Squaw, BMC, A Cappella Choir Vocal Music Accompanist MILDRED HURT Squaw, BMC, A Cappella Choir MAX HUSTON Letterman, Forum, Boys' Chorus Stage Crew, A Cappella Choir EWING INLOW Band DONALD JIMERSON Letterman, Forum 1 JIMMY JOHNSON Student Projectionist MARIE JOHNSON FHA Member in Pima, Arizona, High School JANIECE JONES National Art Honor Society, Squaw, BMC TED J OULE Letterman ZENA KENAGA Pepett, A Cappella Choir PAUL KNOX Senate, Band BETTY KOERT Squaw DALE LAWLESS Hobbies-Hunting and Fishing DON LEDBETTER Senate Secretary BILLY LEEPER Senate, Band Assistant Drum Major SHIRLEEN LEIGHTON Squaw, BMC Historian, Advanced Girls' Chorus FAITH LYONS BMC, A Cappella Choir BARBARA MADISON Squaw, T8zI, BMC JOHN HENRY MARSH Letterman, Forum, Student Council, Boys' Chorus, A Cappella Choir DAVID MARTIN Service Patrol GERALDINE MILLER MARTIN Squaw, Advanced Girls' Chorus LARRY MASTERS Class Treasurer, Senate Reporter EDDIE MATNEY Band JIMMIE MCCALL Former Squaw Member JIMMIE MCGINLEY Letterman, Student Council, Forum DON MERVELDT E Forum, FFA Treasurer, A Cappella Choir RUTH ELLEN MEYER Pepett, FHA, BMC HILDA RUTH MILLER Pepett, BMC, Advanced Girls' Chorus MARILYN MILLER Pepett, FHA, BMC, Student Librarian RAYMOND MILLER T8cI ETHEL MORSE Advanced Girls' Chorus LOIS MULANAX Yearbook Picture Editor, BMC, Squaw PATRICIA MURPHY FHA, Advanced Girls' Chorus JEANETTE NEATHERY T8zI MARILYN NORRIS Pepett, FHA, Student Librarian JO ANN O'NAN Squaw, Student Office Assistant, CHESTER OVERHOLSER Student Projectionist ,,, 1' ,'-il 4--. " " '11, 4. A " 1' f -. . x . 4 ,.-,M v',,, I Zily as lr 4, J . ,f,,, X 4 S M, ,Al ,ef A 1 3 1. 3 4 -z . , f - - M, .Nu ,., , -1-9,4.:-xr-qi' Y, . v ' '7 -A'ff'51'? ,Q "" ' "1" " .c My M 1- 5 -1 - W -5-.f .f.': 7-,-"' 1-5 . x 1 -Leg. 1. -,,,- .--.. 'K 9' , Q J 4 'Sf"'!au-."fif-elfrf-aria. .' - -l ., ,,. . . -,b.'.i"'T'- 5' 511' ' ..., ., -.-'. ,V - ',1-nl D ,.. .LV IH' 1 fc gf -vi Q. . QW - I -lf I - I . Lu v . ARLEN PADGETT B Basketball '51 MIKE PENBROOK Football Student Trainer BILLY PETERKA Stage Crew BOBBY PLATO National Art Honor Society, Senate BOBBY POWERS Band MARY LOU PRICE Squaw, BMC, Advanced Girls' Chorus BOB RADER FFA, Adelante, Band LAURANCE RANDALL Service Patrol NANCY REAMES Pepett, Phi, Freshman Girls' Chorus BERNARD REDING FFA RICHARD RILEY Senate JUNE ROBERTS Pepett, FHA JACK ROBINSON Pepett Twirp King FFA Sergeant-at-Arms VEVA ROBISON National Honor Society, Phi, Pepett, Band Twirler LAWRENCE ROMINE Dropped BOB RUSHING Senate, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Chorus THAD SEELY Senate, Boys' Chorus, A Cappella Choir LYNN SHAW National Honor Society, Pepett, Phi, Adelante C. A. SHAWN Hobbies-Hunting and Fishing SUE SHROPSHIRE Squaw, Advanced Girls' Chorus MARTHA SUE SMITH Pepett, Phi, FHA AN ITA STOCKTON T8zI BONITA STOCKTON T8zI Qgigiiznw Qdgmc , JDf"'J"'4.Q,.6.6--1f77Z'JZ7' MM 8,,w"' . Waxman ,iffy fo Ma"'Qw6ff.,.,, A -so 1-ig Cl MMf,ff2?W if MQ-L-,39f,1,M 2142, WWUYWLMS3 XM fda-N705 az Q43 igcgvffh wg AZ? fu QW iymgw 464427 X?' 522247, 75,4 'ZJMJ X4-,Rim , Q E ,ad MQQN Xkwqwggfwix ig Wfr WQTWQ Ei AW 'EQQWQ QAM 029014 '

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