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El Rancho Verde Continuation High School - Reflections Yearbook (Hayward, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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U ' ', LII ll Ll . "I Ugg' D D J :-jx: 'gil'- nf VJ - J QU J, VI L- J 5 I Fill cr L- ' rr L q u . Il T' ls' I.. Q4 451 I if I I I! E, V I 'r C w l z M I I' I 4 J MU I. J 4 Tik t F. - 'L J 5, " 311 fi . .- 'I :xii T' Z1 ffm Cu n r w -I v 'il H' - J ' n l -.. ha I .zi- 'w ' " -1 n- I -u.--1 1- ' Vu' -RPL r"iL-'Vu AQ- ' ' . T' FW' Wvt. lg VF:' N ' QEI Bannbn A RFU? 1 K :fe 8 v 7 f W FFW3 ' 2 gf Q 1 'QW' asv ',""- A ' ,... X I Z- Volume 7 ' ,,lhp,, ,.'u.,, swf 5: WMS ig 5 -M, i i if i L f . Wf?f9i74Sf'E - '.4V'4-'.RHx' . 'Z i ...J-u.. . vhulr , I n C ..-mf-Lf 1.-A-.1-ft - -.,, e as f 'xr-+. 1...,,..w W N- , mv...- ua, 'Vi Q !! .v Qbur ehiratiun fur 1987 we dedicate the '87 yearbook to all the teachers at ERU. The teachers at ERU are not onlg our teachers, but they are our Friends too. The teachers here will talk to students about angthing, and the teachers will help the students with their problems. The teachers are the ONES who put the most time and effort into our school. we, the students, appreciate them For it LIT! ,pw-sgqj E "'?m"' V4 ."'f1Wr" 'frf IWQTUT' 1 ' f N ' 'W' Nw Ulihuse who Qfncuurage 4290! East 11 f- f 1 witness QBur :Future M Barbers Zire eflenztinns CBI Succzss El Rancho Uerde when I thought of a continuation high school, negative images always entered my mind. as a first year teacher many of my colleagues would probably say those pictures in my mind have now come to reality. I am pleased to say that my experience at El Rancho Uerde so far has been one of enlightenment. I see students doing 9 better in classes than ever before. I R see students setting goals for life ' XKW 3 after high school. I see students 1 I making lifestyle changes that they will he thankful they made ten years from Yvonne Givens now. Most of all, however, I see a Princioal beacon of opportunity for all the students just waiting to be taken. Une last remark concerns both the teachers and administration, and anyone else concerned about our school. No student will ever come across a faculity as strong, as caring, and as selfless as the ERU faculty. Un the other hand, as a teacher, I know I'1l never meet students like the ones at El Rancho. ,Students who have made me grow as a person, and as a teacher. To me, El Rancho Uerde means opportunity! Nr. Hllien David Pava assistant Principal , , sr, '- Elway N I'ii " T -3. I l ' " r 'I 'Jax H J,- ,V ' ,vig ,.. ,Q g Tiff. i 4 ,Q I lg Uoma Uuemoto I QE Romelia Munoz PITOQFBM VIBFIBQBI' .NW Cgungelgp 454 I' Mark Allien Nedra Bridges Tommie Lindsey David Mattingly Valerie Mattingly Barry Parks Sherrean Rundberg Ardeen Russell Richard Schmitt Alexandra Stanley Janet Szalay Jan Ryerson 'XX XXX xxxxx X 11 A 0 ' k1,lZ',f.s - tt M - l M gi? H19 6 M i 7 f ,, J' Q5 QQQ 'f ws... it x ff' 1 ,W ,lm K, 6 aiiifffz Merle Hogusc Suzanne Buohholz Rosie Costello Marcela Griffin Sue Hollman Barbara Hosford Muriel Morales Laila Moussa Edward Duiroz Shelagh Girot Hdelia Laeunza Joanne Reed Y X , h io ' f v i' if " in fi Tk if f Aw . k": x .. ': H M, , .,., ., .flap 7 Y MMU X g' .wfwu f.,,,,'VcrW..- -M- 1 Zllibuse Preparing Q. jfur Ulibeir :Future Ami.. JIM. H V . '. -V.. X ' W 'If' W ,VAzV 5 ILA v t 'bsvfx UBUJ SUIUBIUS I I 1 6, 0 xdmf 144 1 ,ii 1 xxIY Q 33 fi? We " A fx R. ' Q' .f . r 'Q . , Q 0- -N. N iihi x 1 QE -f-iw 5. A x Me1issa Abe11o Robert Adams Scott A1der , , Becky Afenas Kathy Bassett Henry Bay10n il?EaAgl2Ce Donna Beshears CarO1 BiCke11 Errica Bickham Tina Bishop Aaron Bonack R0na1d BUVY' Miche11e Borrero Je,-Y-Od By-a1ey . X. ' ,av ef- K C pigs. 'j gi i - v '. Egifxhji Wff 1THERE5GOE5 AACWZNZ moufrf. Sharron Bryant Rebekah Chapman Mike Crayton Brian Czechowski f . E ? sg ks V ekwvva F Meiissa Byars Juiio Calderon l 14bS -1 ao X ihQi.x......x.,mlM- ....+ .,.... Sandra Canas Micheiie Conlon Mark Curtis Kim Daiias L ' Qs 1 X- JC E . Y nj V fiery X .V A,Lfw'f 5 -1,1 P Pauia Davis Rudy Deiacruz Sneiia Deitoro Tom Diaz Deanna Dinsdaie Kendra Dugger Janeen Dunbar Lavern Estreiia Robby Evans Michael Faaifo Monica Faaifo Jesse Ferdin Kasie Fiaherty Noeiia Flores Dean Fugate Sabrina Gama Aiicia Garcia Dina Gaynor Cindi Goodman Jerry Gui11en . . gg J ' ,, -f-M4 s e ' :eco 4 Cassandra Garcia Liga Garcia M991 Gnbeft Brian Boiorani J Chuck Garrigues Devinity Gonzales Auggie Guerrero Zeion Harrison V93 , , .1A:..l....- A " M Richard HaSbUU Kimbefiy HHYUGS Dana Hernandez Lisa Hernandez Shawn hmton BY'and1 HOWHIQH Alberto Infante Chuck Jarreii CheVY1 Jasper DHYYYT Johnson Terri11 Johnson Raymond Jones Steve Jones TYYH JONES Stephanie Kauahi Mike Kearney M X vRF?ffOU Ka"1a KEUY GIONH Kiliona Kimberly King Reggie Lagman Pam Lam0h?"' M1Cha61 Lankford Farhad Latifzada David Liorens Evewn Martmez H9160 Martinez Demetrios Master Richard McCarty Tina Mcmain David McKnight maria Mata Keliie Matzkin J i ff: , i J , ' V GF as 1: 1-.- f , g J I ,J .3 James Mayie Joseph Miiier Diane Mora Armando Munoz Charles Meyers Brian Nesmith Angeia Neuman Tim Nobie . John Owens James Paimer Mike Pederson Aiicia PGTGKH1 Joseph Peralta Gabe Perez Renee Perez Ron Perez r ' v ,ang IU' 'N in H V R QM, Q f-x 1, X ww u . ego tj L "' . X Q I , fi I I sf Veronica Perez Richard Philiips David Poncino Lyssa Purdy Giibert Ramirez Josie Reyes Ken Richards Rick Rinetti Sam Rivera Cheri Robinson vaierie Rohrer Syivia Rodriguez Micheiie Ramirez Jennifer Rond Gordon Rowe Tory Schiefeibein 'Vx e his B he fi , , X K X It f -J A Rav Sedillo Cvnthia Silber' Danie1 SHVH. gsvaeg qgggeros Kimberlv Smith Lanita Smith Robert S01OY1O Eric. ugodp Carmen Tafoya Remus Tendencia Dar'r'y'l T6Y'Y',Y Oprle ' Taml Torres Dale Trew A1 ex Turan Lisa Valdez Cecina Vauerga Tim Vickers Stephanie Vi11arrea1Nikkey1a Wa1ker Mindie Weber Paul Wheeler Tami white Ted Yates UQ W1 0 WOAPSQSHE' fire ,Q f I o M.. , F, N 1 96 "Kr, ' , 1 . Y X f ,-.N Qllassruum Zlmages -, 1, . mm Q Qfx Kc A Reflecting on my seven years at EI Rancho, I remember faces, comments, I and the accomplishments of the many students who have come and gone. This year though, has been a very special one, since it has allowed me to actively work with the student government. Yes, it has had its share of frustrating and anxious moments, but in the end, I realize that those students who have been involved have gained new skills and have developed self-confidence and pride. This alone keeps me going and makes working with ASB worth it. Good luck to all of the graduating seniors and to those of you returning next year. Let's continue to build school spirit at ERV because we all know that it is a great place to be. , Donna Uyemoto exhi- B5B.BQHI55EElQLl!Qi r- QW Robert Adams Aaron Bollaok Ismael Cisneroz W Janeen Dunbar Pedero Fernando Kasie Flehertg Cassandra Garcia Dina Eagnor Nigel Gilbert Zelon Harrison Alberto Infante Rachelle Johnson Eric Laudeman Helen Martinez Tina McClain Michael Pederson Michelle Ramirez , Ualerie Rohrer Greg Saunders Dargl Terrg ASB Officers President Faye Salcedo Vice President Errica Bickham Secretary Angela Neuman Treasurer Chuck Garrigues Sergeant At Arms W Kim Holman i A 1' - 5' S gif? W?kf 3f l,:A?5 V 'I OH . Y R nw . - F ii - , . . . MQ? 5.,lq rf!',j ,-Jw fi 2 'hui ?3EEQ,T'P14i'Y9Er5Pf3i32eii1 ww:'+vwwww4rmvwfg wwgUw?'wi1+?fJHswW-gii 1 Q, 4' e, 'Z t ' A , iyv -'14 XJ'-. n?iw"1 g' fit, Q ,A Qifw 617, .. , r ,, , . .gb I :Sf 'f w i' Signs 3'3kQs5E :izQ , "Q .fp- fv use , ,gg . iffy ,Z .V dw U- T7 ' 525, ' A 'ZA 1 K l N is -' ':'H1a1. fgSw f- Q21 Q- gig' , -S ,Wi N miifiiyifgtxgmgvrfw f'. wf iwmwxmwwkawstw ' 46f' S SQEWHQQEHW W? , GSE Ergsiggnt's Speech As your ASB president, I Feel that we've had a very successful and rewarding year. Many students became really involved in school activities. we increased our enthusiasm thru Spirit week and other activities. El Rancho Uerde students owe a special thanks to Mrs. Uyemoto For showing GSB what ERU School Spirit is about and for doing an equal amount of work as the students. I hope ERU's pride continues to grow. Good Luck Next Year! Faye Salcedo ofA o 1 SwMtUMnk UMHS INTENSE! Jntensew NN 012156213 BE X41 -1. X r 0 C0 u lx X -fb-...a1. .gif 'hr I s 1 .4-4 . W ., Nw, gi Q, , 1 - 'rg-' ,my an ' 4' I ' , L I , itz btuhents Speak GBM with QEIHSS. Forensic League Aaron Boliack John Ordanez Lia Vailerga Angeia Neuman Chuck Garrigues Vaierie Rohrer Remus Tendencia James Patterson Ricky Rinetti Ted Yates Eric Laudeman life is nut a spentatur spurt. N 1 , O T' V12 l K 53-',1E,i iw In N9 X i ' QA . A XX 1 N . YXXN -ing? I 5 , ,M 9 . ' r ' 'ffli N 3 yhq 'lille 3 elyHM 4 1514 g.: A I I HL? W ' X ms' lf-I xx n'x ' Q w K. A -' ll: , , A 11 ' X hy Q 'tk' I f nn y Slit' 1 . l ee my , i . N S VV,, f f J- h-hhk m lkgvg' Qwwawal., ii ' 5 P , 2' 'b :imfraf an y xwegi My vb , A i Girla Volleyball Team Sandra Canas Stephanie Kauahi Lisa Garcia Sylvia Hernandez Alicia Pelekai Rosemary Garietz Boys Volleyball Team Sier Amin Fred Latizfada Jerrod Braley Dave Goiinez John Owens Mike Pederson Reggie Lagman Joe Peralta The Team That Beat The Teachers at Softball Tim Uiokers Cynthia Silber Daniel Silva Kim Holman Tina Bishop Sandra Hernandez Jesse Ferdin Ricky Rinetti David Eodinez 'J TMA 4 1 f A, ,, nu gotta play tu min! Q annefs eflectinn Dance is an expression: Rn outlet for Feelings, A release of energg en exercise in control Dance is a discipline: Hours of practice, Sweat comes Falling, Sacrifices worthwhile. Dance is an expression: Individuals become a group, Ensembles move in unison, Audiences impressed bg it all. Dance is a reflection: H time shared by Few, Treasured memories for the brave, Tenacitg Full of rewards. arming is H tnnnherful may tn SDUDJ 1 Errica Bickham Loretta Gilbert Janeen Dunbar Kim Smith Dina Gaynor Nikkeyla Walker Joselyn Dugger Pedro Fernando Michelle Ramirez Tina McClain eilectiuns QEI ikkannbu Gets 5194941933459 "-"' fiwouenevwa AV 90035-BYO?-IR i N-xj'!'f5Si-1' 2 -,if , Y 'VM v l 4, V '--f .I X I 1 AV, Q X F . 1: 5 C9 M . N 'me DEVIL Mil-TS IN ' QXQQCYQZ X AMOEME Moum,N0Zlf0U7 405' X-X9-" DO lT...H IN 1002 HAND' W W 09- X' I , I F 1 f T Haag , i D5ODgfglzJl' 65541 WORKINL1... ? 7715 we 01: L2f'4-V iqiiifw VfA6ANYONE '-SEENMY UA- ? oaeeei., e AW 4+ - 5 if C98- we-. 'Skffrf -x -Wi hm 'I V . - I 3 I H Q ,141 f B. zxfuk fi lb' I s M .Xxx ,. If 1 HATE cffeeesef I3W1tH+APPY KIECllUlDJUif Qlustume Qlluntest Vicky Y Zllfiklinners Mr. Mattingiy Mrs. Rundberg Richard McCarty Mindie Weber Jarret Whitmore Tina Bishop anezis daughter 7 Deseray Zlnh the winners are Cutest Cougle Nicest Smile Class Flirt N . xi RAV- , ff Kim Smith Dina Gaynor Richard Phillips Nicest Eyes Most Athletic 5 Rache11e Johnson I ,g Remus Tendencia a. 'Y7' .2 bf :xg x 'NL-1, 6 f '- --M + F ' 'I ' 5 5 . I .r.. Raquel Archuleta Darryl Terry Q Fr1end1iest BEST BODIES X. K X Rebekah Chapman Pedro Fernando Carmen Tafoya Niklfi Wallrief and Richard Phillips Best Dressed Teacher Cutest Babies Jay Litt1efie1d Becky Byars fsliw 'kai Mrs. Rundberg 633.3355 :lass fahurites Cutest Mother to Be Liligil Shelley Miller Mindie Weber David McKnight Most Likely tomigggceed Prettiest Eyes wh - If-lk.. Gloria Mata Robert Solorio, Sr. Faye Salcedo Chuck Garrigueg Class Clowns Prettiest Hair Class Chatterbox . 4 A , i-k and A A A G ,L, Q, A Loretta Gilbert Bobby Solorio, Sr. Valerie Rohrer Eric Laudeman Alice Garcia winners of the B7 Cer Contest Q Cleanest Car Faye Salcedo 'llllJ'5 EEi '5-'-3255 if N1cest Lar Ronn1e S1mms Best Inter1or Ronn1e S1mms 1' Best Pa1nt Job Mrs Munoz ,5eiL.Q19m David Ponc1no Q v f 5 Q Va. I 5. fx 519' ai Best Motorcycle David Ponc1no -E f T WW" ".. ug gnF f X Qlibuse Jfnreseeing I Ghent Jfuture ,Jhfh ,.la,,, 'W K. - 'S BERRY, CINNAMON Aww CONLON, MICHELLE FERNANDO, PEDRO BRYANT, SHARRON CZBCHOWSKI, BRIAN FLORES, KEZIA COCA, PARIS ESTRELLA, SHARON GILBERT, LORETTA I I C X 17 ,xx ,L GONZALES , J OHN JOHNSON, RACHELLE MARQUEZ, ROBERT HAZELWOOD, DONALD LIMA, RACHELLL MAYFIELD, MICHELLE HOLMAN, KIM LUCKEY, TRINA MCKNIGHT, DAVID QQ' m4zA, CHRISTINA PONC IN0 , DAVID 'wt N' ...al SALCBDO, PAYE SIMMS, VERONICA DRUMELLER, JONATHAN YOU DON'T GBT THE RAIN WITHOUT TEL STORM. RAMIRLZ, MICHLLLL WHITMORE, JARRET .-, MS. BKIDGLS 9453931419339 GRE 3399491969 51 .1 E""Z, S kxy, vm YV-HR 'ff ,I A X M, V QQ-ff Senlor wllls and Hdvrgg I Kezla Flores leave to my teachers a lot of thanks and gratltude also I leave my Blble and prayers For the students and the staff that w1ll return next year and most of all I leave my klndness and love to each and everyone of you The advlce that I wlsh to leave wlth everbody 15 to be pat1ent Your tlme wlll come real East You only have this chance So don t blow lt Use your t1me wlsely And most of all Dellght thyself also 1D the Lord and he shall glve thee the deslres of thlne heart CPsalms 37 HJ HMEN 'lf I- 'I-'lvli-I I 'I' Faye Salcedo leave my great leather art work to Ns Colllns my prlntlng to Nr Llndsey all my gosslp lh the world to Ms Brldges and my patlents and RSE folder to Ms Uyemoto My advlce to all the student body 15 to stlck to your goals Strlve For the best Study hard Educatlon 15 lmportant to all ln the future, SSPBC1HllU ln Getting JDDS K I lil-ll 'I I- I Trlna Lucky leave to all the hooks and papers To my slsters I they wear anyway To my son Sal I my mom I leave my thanks for glvlng To Klm and Brian I leave my son Sal s Sal to everyone so there won t be any teachers at ERU all my leave my clothes whlch leave all my love T me the space I needed puppy I leave my son arguments My advlce to the undergraduates 15 to stay in school and try to do your best Leave the party n For the weekends -K 'I' illll' fl' -I Kim Holman leave to all my teachers and my parents all my respect, gratefulness, and love for all thelr help IE lt wasn t For all these people I would never graduate To the underclassmen I leave all the Fun I had at The Ranch To my slster Brandl I leaver her a car so she wlll make lt on tlme to flFSt perlod To Trlna Lucky, I leave any chlldren I have Next year, senlors get your act together and graduate Take prlde 1n yourself and the work you do Soon you wlll see what lt feels llke to graduate 1- 4 ill!! l- I r 1 - . ' 1 U I - 1 U - - , . . . 4 u 1 . ,, . . . ' 2 ' ' n , . . - I, , . . . . . . . I ' 1 u , n I I I I . . . . . . . I I I . . , . O Q ' l I n . 1 I I I, , - - 1 , n 1 ' S I . I . 1 Q I, Marty Marquez. leave to the pwigs all the good times. My advice is to HANG IN THERE. The weekend is near. -I I' lil!! -K N I, Pee wee Fernando, leave to Mrs. Bridges a, library of diet books, so she can Eind a diet that will work. Study real hard so you can graduate next year. 'I fl -ll-ill!! il -1 I, Michelle Conlon, leave to Nr. Mattingly the nerds that will be coming to school. My advice is that students should be like graduating seniors. Try very hard and graduate. You need to work very hard and do what you have to so that you can graduate. I I 'll--I-li 'K 4 I, David McKnight, Leave to Ricky Rinetti my lunch money nbankn Ualerie. I leave Chuck Garrigues my stress vitamins so he'll stop yelling at everyone. My advice to Chuck is don't be treasurer next year. You'1l get an ulcer. My advice to Ricky is speak up and stop mumbling. Steve and Brian stop using the broken down car excuse. Go to school. Everyone else don't Elunk. Graduate! I, Kip Davis, leave to Michelle Sisneroz all my money in the bank and my truck. Advice: First come to school EUERYDHY. Do all your work and never cut. If you cut, you'll mess up. Change your attitude about school or you won't get anywhere in life. I l Hill-I 8 'I' I, John Urdanez, leave my buddy, Ricky, the key to the universe and the keys to my carg Eric, the keys to my house, Larry the Les Paul, Dave, the bill For the test drive, Rena and Cynthia CThe Punk wockasl, the Alhambra bottle, Chuck, a pair of gloves, Lindsey, a vacuum For his car, Tracey R., the chain. Have faith. Hold your head up high and be proud. when you think your grip on reality is slipping, Eight it! Remember that one can learn quickly in times when things seem the worse. and most of all, never give up. I Sharon Estrella leave Mr Schmltt the next set of Three Stooges I leave Mr Parks my great test scores leave Mr Mattlngly 100 papers to correct Never glve up It s worth the walt May all your WlShES and dreams come true llke the class of 87 s I Rockl Archuleta leave to Mlchelle Mayfleld all the happlness 1n the world Wlth Jullan and to Mrs Brldges I leave a student l1ke me to bug you I leave my thanks to Bobby Solorlo for encouraglng me to come to El Rancho Bob, lt s the best advlce you ever gave me My advlce to the future graduates 15 to do all your work Stay ln school and get a dlploma Thls w1ll be the last year of your llfe to klck back and relax So take advantage of lt I Mlchelle Mayfleld leave Brandl all of my Government work because you re golng to need 1t1 Mrs Brldges a pack of clgarettes to remember me by Llndsey all the thanks ln the world for helplng me make t And to my boyfr1end The advlce I leave for the future graduates lS to do all your government lf you plan on graduatlng Also, enjoy your senlor year because lt s the last one you re golng to spend wlth your frlends I Mlchelle Slsneroz leave to Klp Davls 100 bags of Oreos and all my love I also leave Mrs Reed any bags of bar b que potatoe chlps I leave all my thanks to Mrs Mattlngly for helplng me through my senlor year To all the junlors I leave my knowledge and wlsdom I Don Hazelwood leave to the students graduatlng a congratulatlons Advlce Try hard and graduate when you re supposedto I Tlna Marle McCla1n leave to M Brldges all the horoscope books ln the world Mr Parks all the chlnese food ln Callfornla Paul Lanlohan the strength to make lt ln l1fe Advlce To all of the underclassmen get up be on tlme and graduate May all your dreams and goals be fullfllled I I ' . . . . I . , . . . . I .o o I . I . . . , . . Q . . . . I . . . . I . . I . . . . . ' I ' . Mr. ' . t . i I . I Julian, all my love. . , 3 .9 . I . . I . . I 0 I I I O . . 0 I . . . I S. . O O I h ' 2 , , I Alex Turan leave Steve Jones the memory of the flrst break on a certa1n'monday and the hard Seat of the cop car My 1 vlce to underclassmen lS to get thelr beep together so you can graduate and enter the real world I Brlan CZeChOWSKl leave t M Colllns all of my multlmlll1OH dollar drawlngs To the school I leave my most prlzed possesslon my black leather jacket I leave my jacket under two condltlons Flrst to clean lt once a week and to dlsplay lt 1n a showcase wlth bullet proof glass and an alarm system to protect lt from theft CCAN I SPEAK TO YOU BEFORE YOU GO TOJ HOLLYWOOD By Nona Hendryx Have you got a minute, my friend? I thought I d drop in and say a word or two to you It won t take long, pretty soon you ll be gone On your way Yes I know you re gonna do what you want to anyway And I don't know if I should but if I could Can I speak to you before you go to Hollywood? Don t be offended, my friend, I didn t intend to bring you down from the world That you re living in I could be wrong, soon youlll be gone on your way And tomorrow it could be you instead of me who Has to say I don t know if I should but if I could Can I speak to you before you go to Hollywood? I only want to say learn the rules if you're gonna play Because the game of life has a new winner every day And I don't know if I should, but if I could Can I speak to you before you go to Hollywood? Because I believe in you, And I hope all your dreams come true, Have you got a minute, my friend? To consider the end of the fruitless seeds you sow with no regrets? It won't take long, so soon you'll be on your way. Just open your eyes and see life for what it is And see yourself as you should have you understood? Can I speak to you before you go to Hollywood? Because I believe in you I hope you do all the things you set out to do I believe in you I hope all your dreams come true. I I , . ld--' - - n n . I - Al O S' I Q , Q , : I l I . . ' . . . , . . 7 7 . 7 7 7 7 , . . , . . , . . . A . . I , . . 7 7 7 D w . 7 Senlors E L T I 'Q 1 L X , M , fu... inf 8-3 in -.5 l' -1 i .5- class - Reflections 2' cf dm A ef Ter' A YEAR OF REFLECTION Oh yes, there will be plenty of reflecting When we think back to this past year of life. A year with some successes And some near misses. Some big surprises And some close calls. A year of sharing, caring,and some daring innovations. A year we dealt with a smoke-free campus And got through the anger, the panic, and the anxiety-together. A year when speech became forensics: Getting a diploma got tougher, And nMarching Onh went HHollywoodN. A year we got Hlmpactedn and distracted. Some over reacted and then retracted. A year we proved no ordinary school has a spirit week, a spirit for pizzas, and a spirit built on an equation. CR+R:sJ ' i A year filled with ups and downs, Hellos and good-byes. A year that taught so many to care For an art teacher you couldnot help but love. Oh yes, it was her spirit And zest for life , That finished this year's book. D.L.Mattingly 1987 C956 QF Q M TOM WANTME f X S. XSL W 2r , ,,: 'rg ' - -.Q-sh-N fi- 'fx " Q- ,gi ' Y- ': aww. , ,, I 4,1 C ' as Ho Embarraxgfvg WX OW 1 .L V QOINC1 TO 1, 'rHlNKI'm fzec1RE'l'fH6 D .P s 'E' xy. 25' V' 'V '-QNX 1 3 if ' s If ,A V ' ,J Q, if-iygtga '1 X 1 'a l HV . A H A ,j fl N Q J If A I :L A L I J u C 5 x 5 .-.J Q. Yearbook Staff '87 Advisor: Debra A. Collins Editor-in-Chief: Kim Holman Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Trina Luckey Layout Editor: Pat Yeager and Brian Czechowski Copy Editor: Michelle Mayfield Photography Editor: Eric Laudeman Section Assignments: Cover Design: Brian Czechowski Title Pages and Division Pages: Brian Czechowski Introduction: Pat Yeager Dedication Page: Kim Holman and Cindi Goodman Faculty Section: Rocki Archeleta, Kim Holman New Student: Lyssa Purdy and Eric Laudeman Underclassman: Michelle Mayfield and Don Hazelwood Classroom: Lyssa Purdy and Eric Laudeman Spirit Week: Cindi Goodman Public Speaking: Cindi Goodman, Eric Laudeman Sports: Kip Davis, Janeen Dunbar, and Terrill Johnson Dance Class: Pedro Fernando, Kim Holman and Michelle Conlon Halloween: Lyssa Purdy Class Favorites: Janeen Dunbar and Loretta Gilbert Cars: Marty Marquez, Robby Evans, and Alex Turan Seniors: Tina McClain, Loretta Gilbert, Michelle Mayfield and Kim Holman Yearbook Staff: Alex Turan, Robby Evans, and Marty Marquez Advertisements: Lyssa Purdy A Day's Reflection by Eric Laudeman I don't like being awake, Awake and out of bed. When my feet touch the floor, Problems fill my head. I stagger to the kitchen, To talk to Captain Crunch. But all I find is an empty box, 'Cause my brother took him to lunch. I sit in front of the T.V. set, To watch the morning news. Murder, war, hijacks, Nothing's all that new. I take my time Getting ready for school Because I hate following Guidelines and rules I missed the school bus Now I ll have to pay Another public transportation a I get on the bus And pay the student fare Everyone is staring at me And the clothes I choose to wear I make my way To the back of the ride So I can sit And think and hide Me alone I really wonder why All alone I wonder why I try This day itself depresses me And everything else is sad to A day at school Seems so very long Sitting at my desk where enjoyment is wrong Conform to the rules Don t do as you please I m suprised I don t need Permission to sneeze Why am I In such a bad mood? Probably from two pounds of chemicals In one pound of cafeteria food. Other students laugh at me. They think I'm cad. To be accepted, Is to wear the latest fad. All my peers are clones, But this they do not see. They act and dress the same, Because it's ncooln to be trendy The last bell rings, I can't wait to go home. Grab some real food, And unplug the phone. I walk up the drive way, Stop to check the mail It s a letter from my conscienc Asking me to hurry and get well I get in my room And my mind is at ease Visions of the day Turn to falling leaves If I look at l fe From a brighter disposition I probably won t get Into dreary situations I remember Heneley s poem Before it is too late I am the captain of my soul The master of my fate I know that tomorrow Can be a better day I fall asleep grateful I m not set in my mean ways 1 iv x I W X fgw Q, af, Mile 'XSxN gm"s N .3 News tie-55 lr' G 9 . , . . . . 9 , . , . . . d y. . , l - 9 . . 7 , 0 I , . 1 , . - n - 1 9 u 0 1 - ' 1 9 - , . 9 1 . . , . , be. , . fg a ,.- vf fc, ,f FN N, 'ZWWwYtwNm . A ' .111 i . . ' w ' V, . xg I .I c N , . X if X , Xldlfri .Av llgwvw-:,f2L5?f: lf x I- N g iii? 1-4 -.x - - - -. 'L -"1l1i1IEwY.Wi UL' ' .- 1 ' A ,f44"'Qlli "" .1 o -E21 1 -:Y.i?:",qg:"-, vg- a - 1 - 'jf Y 5.51 1'-.. - -.--I 4-'::,.' , -' --f i ww .. , O - 1-ggi-5 -' 1 4. il- - " 1 TIITIHB huil 3 N V' fx fi CROWN AUTO REPAIR VERY lg , .CLOMBHE 14:15 . ig mm h SPECIALIZING IN BRAKE 81 FRONT END WORK ' BRAKES 0 ALIGNMENTS 0 ELECTRONIC TUNE-UPS ' AIR CONDITIONING 0 ALTERNATORS 0 CARBURETORS 0 STARTERS ' REBUILT ENGINES INSTALLED LET U5 nx IT RIGHT Bob Mayfield HOURS IVI-F 8230 T0 5230 1145 HR51' NME! Manager' 5 ESTIMATES BY PHONE ..:1::,:r: -5-Q vgnron Ave. 053,60 fmurzrwy 7 8 5 ' 3 1 9 0 nunn all ig ods 4,404 CQQUEST '21 uf' 2111 DUNN RD. HAY ,fp IEIIIEE YOUR FULL SERVICE GARAGE SINCE 1969 K A A 22128 MISSION BLVD. 2 L 8 xx .. .Y KL. ' ""' ll IV D4 DANIEL REYNOLDS PHOTOGRAPHICS 14151 886-6711 ' L rf xx- , KL OW HAYWARD, CA 94541 D lm I il I WHERE? THE BEEF1' is-Q12 RANCH HANDS . . . . V . Qli., l 1 ll, ' zn.l.-a1-l- " 'V 4-1g , 1 'I 1 Q 1 Q 'mr x I J, I . C. '- .F , 1 5, w .I-'1"'Q' ' 'la ,Mv 1 n- I 4 I. 1. I Q- 13: I1 ' . E ' 1 - U ' 'N l ' - 'i' ' - - I I I , - ,I - I . A I lr I 5 V 1 + 1 V- an ls ls l Vu - , ' - l J l l I ' ' " Il I, l - - l l l . I In u 1 I V . - - ,, l - l - u al J l l l, In - - M- l I - l Q I I . l 1 . A t - I ' dv w ' - -,.,2 ' 11' - I V- , -K I Y I I I ,Q V Y ' Y Y ' ' Y - i- i i i - 4 i i '-i ' i - i iii i iii ' i i i ' i '

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