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l8S!iS ' ' ■bh 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ .ii mm,- . : ' -:- ' £■ xms »A.!; J f ■ • . I. ' Published by the Por El Ano Staff of EL RANCHO HIGH SCHOOL Pico Rivera, California; Volume X TABLE OF CONTENTS Editor-in-Chief; Analia Marshall , ■ ' Assistant Editor: Kay Grayson- ,;.:■, Advisor:. -Mr. F: Willett ., Business Manager: Rhonda Gray ' .Photographers: Mr. J.. Fichera and Pete Foye Faculty and Student ' cSovernment - -. ■ ■ - - ; ' ;:. Editor: Robin; Russell ; . -■Seniors :,;■--:;■:. - •■ -. • " ■■ „ : ' v : :;:; " Editor: Dianha Bogdanott Boys and Girls Athletics . ' . . ; ,. ■ • ■ • ,,..-■.; Editor: Esther Sherwood . Schoolahd Sociar Activities .. ■ • • ■ .: ' r Editor; Janice Lunetta Organizations .... ■ •. ■ ..- Editor; Ingrid Klein Classes ■, . . •. ' ■ ■•..■■ . ' ;; jEditor; Suzanne McCrea Community: Advertising . ■ • ■ • ..; Editor: Dorann Johnson California Interscholastic Federation . . Editor: Esther Sherwood ' ..f.-f- ' Crr,., The class waits for his next words of wisdom. A casual air. Say Cheese! - y a WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK This year the 1962-63 Por El Ano is dedicated to a man who is re- spected and admired by both students and teachers alike, Mr. James L. Stafford. Mr. Stafford is a man of many facets. He is not only well versed in the arts of English Composition and Literature, but also in the arts of the French language and the field of Science. Mr. Stafford was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended Indiana University during the years 1941 through 1943. He then left the Univer- sity to spend two and one half years in the United States Air Corps. At the end of his service career in 1946, he returned to college life. During his college attendance, Mr. Stafford was on the Dean ' s Honor List, and was a member of the fraternity Phi Rho Sigma. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Comparative Literature from Indi- ana University, Bloomington, Indiana. And in the summer of 1957, he received his M.S. degree and a principal ' s certificate in Secondary Educa- tion from the same university. During the years 1951 through 1956, Mr. Stafford held two indivi- dual jobs on a half time basis, leaving his work both times to return to school as a full-time student. His first three years were spent as a lecturer in English, Freshman Composition and Literature at the Indianapolis Ex- tension Center of Indiana University in Indianapolis. His second three years were spent at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana, as a Teach- ing Associate in the English Department. During the year 1957, Mr. Staf- ford and his family moved to California, and in September of that same year he became a teacher here at El Rancho, Since then Mr. James L. Stafford has done much for the students of El Rancho and for the school itself. Very few of the students will ever forget this remarkable man to whom this book is dedicated. With respect and sincerity. The Dons and Donnas of El Rancho - - O F AC OiT U D E N T »»«I.. p ?f ■ ,. . 1 BIK !f Hi ' " Sff 1 » . ' ' ■ ' mwM.. • :— — :=i i T ALMA MATER Hail to thee dear Alma Mater Hail to thee El Rancho High All your Sons and Daughters want to Sing your laurels to the sky Wave your banners on to glory May your colors proudly sway Let us always tell the story Honor to the Blue and Gray III 4 fi ■MMHIMI mmm Hail to thee, Oh Alma Mater Hail to thee, with heart and tongue Pride we feel and love yet greater While we sing this glorious song May the blessing of our school clays Hold us with a binding tie Let us show that we will always Honor thee, El Rancho High. - fl J f | ttMP|ij|ijj|te| Mr. Louis Tallman Personnel Dr. Joe V McClain, Superintendent Francis White, President DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION AND SCHOOL BOARD This year, the board members and adminis- trators worked together on many of the districts ' problems, including those of the new district and unification. Mr, William Burlinghan Member A HISTORY OF SUCCESS Eleven years ago El Rancho High School op- ened its doors. Since that first day thousands of young people have passed through our halls- halls which are becoming hallov ed with the tra- dition of success. Often as I walk through the halls and classrooms in the early morning or late afternoon, I hear the echoes of these former stu- dents. I can recall the El Rancho student who is now a professor at Harvard; I can recall the pesky runt who is now a marine biologist, traveling the oceans of the world; the non-conforming, outspoken editor of the " El Rodeo " who is now a teacher at El Rancho; the vivacious, friendly girl in the second seat, third row of my U.S. History class, who is now a mother of six children and is a happy housewife; the rash, independent Don quarterback who was nominated for the college All-American Football Team; the impetuous, fun- loving boy who is now a champion rodeo rider. These are but a few of the many El Rancho stu- dents of whom we are justly proud. They are graduates of El Rancho. They are successful and useful citizens. Honors, awards, championships, and trophies in abundance have been ours; but these are mere- ly means of establishing patterns of, and expec- tations for success in the El Rancho student, for the hallmark of El Rancho ' s success is what the students do after they leave our classrooms. Nolan L. Noble, Principal Mr. Mathew AAiletich: Assistant Principal Activities and Business El Rancho ' s school administrator ' s did a fine job during the 1962-63 school year. Although there were many new members added to El Rancho ' s staff, duties were carried out as usual — efficiently and swiftly. Under Principal Nolan L. Noble ' s guidance. El Rancho ' s administrators did a fine job indeed. NEW ADMINISTRATION DOES FINE JOB Mr. Harry Tammen: Assistant Principal — Guidance. Mr. Stanley Steddom: Coordinator of Instruction. Mr. Eugene Kreyche: Assistant Principal— Curriculum. if ' ' :a J Mr. Gary Ness Mrs. Renee Smith Miss Lois Winter Mr. Richard Schwang Mr. Rodney Stepleton: Head Counselor THE RIGHT PATH This past year has been the first for three of the five counselors at El Rancho. The other two have become tried and true models of the type of guidance officers all schools need. Together they make a fine team for counseling and guid- ing the students along the lines of their future planning, according to the basic preparations de- veloped through the years of schooling. We all know that educational foundations have to be strong and well co-ordinated in order to enable us to choose and absorb future studies necessary to the final successful commitments to our chosen fields. (A house built upon sand cannot stand.) Tests are given to discover each student ' s best attributes, and strongest interests, and to help and guide the counselors in giving the right ad- vice. These tests tell them in which fields the students have an interest and in which fields their aptitudes lie, also enabling them to advise auxiliary studies and practical applications of such. Without this information and guidance, many students would never make the grade in the field best suited to them. We know that our counselors have our wel- fare at heart, and therefore they act always in our best interests. I SA P4 - ' TEACHERS ' President — Jack Wright Secretary — Rita Adams OFFICERS FOR 1962-63 Vice President — Howard Taslitz Treasurer — Dennis Evans The El Rancho Teachers ' Club helps to provide for the representation of our faculty in various professional organizations and activities through our district- wide organization— The El Rancho Teachers ' Association. On campus, our member- ship continually works to improve the effectiveness of our educational program. In addition, we sponsor social activities for the teachers on this campus and pro- vide for numerous small services such as daily refreshments for the staff. Each year the El Rancho faculty also awards scholarships to several seniors. Funds for these scholarships are raised by the co-operative effort of the entire faculty. Last year the Teachers ' Club was able to offer four two hundred dollar scholarships to help further the college education of El Rancho graduates. Underlying all the activities and services of the El Rancho Teachers ' Club is a spirit of friendly co-operation and a desire to keep El Rancho the best. Each year the Teachers ' Club, representing the entire faculty, rededicates itself to those ends. 14 CLUB El Rancho ' s teachers and administrators were avid fans at the numerous sporting events held during the past school year. " and ihen I said n i Sponsored by MARGIE ' S CLEANERS 8922 E. Beverly Blvd. Pico Rivera, California j15 ; ±1 y? MR. KEITH ADAMS Industrial Arts MRS. RITA ADAMS Business MR. STANLEY ALARl Mathematics » ■sti MR. ROBERT ALLEN Business MR. ARTHUR ANTONIK Basic Course ■Ha - MRSLAVERNE BAKER Librarian se- % ' .ifT " S «,. « MR. DEAN BILYEU MRS. LUDMILLA BRADLEY Industrial Arts Language MRS. HELEN BECKER Business MR. JOHN BRYAN industrial Arts MRS. MARIA BURKE Language MR. THOMAS CROOKS Basic Course MR. KEITH CHRISTOPHERSON Science MR. ALLAN COCHRANE MISS ANNE COLBY MR. MAURICE CRAWFORD Fine Arts Physical Education Mathematics MR. GENNARODI lORIO Basic Course MR. EUGENE DORN Science 16 MR. EDWARD DOUCET English MISS SALLY DRAPER Physical Education k ::- ' ' ' X,h MiSS SHERRY DULL Home Economics MR. THOMAS EADS MISS MARGARET EDMONDS Physical Education Basic Course MR. DENNIS EVANS Social Studies MRS. RITA FANNING Language MR. CARL FIORITO Basic Course MR. ALAN GARSON Basic Course m MISS SHIRLEY FISHKE Basic Course MRS. PRAXEDES FLORES Physical Education No photo available No photo available B c " V l MR. DONALD GERDTS MISS NANCY GOINGS MRS. BEATRICE GONZALEZ MR. JOHN GRANDE Fine Arts Business Home Economics Social Studies MR. VERNON GREDING Basic Course MR. DONALD HERMAN Basic Course MR. DANIEL HERRERA Industrial Arts MR. RALPH HILT English n XV- ' T. c-} k MR. DAVID HOLLAND Basic Course MRS. PAMELA HONCHELL English MR. BILLY HUGHES Busine No phoii. av.Tilablu w MISS CARLEEN HUGHIE MISS MARCELLA HUSSEIN Physical Education Fine Arts MR. ERNEST JOHNSON Physical Education MR. TERRY ITNYRE Journalism MR. RALPH KANE Social Studies No photo avnllili)lf MR. DONALD JOHNSON Physicol Education No plioto available MRS. LYDIA LEVIN MR. ROGER McCANDLESS MR. JAMES MclLWAIN MISS MARGARET McKELVEY MISS CARMELA MANNUZZA Language Basic Course Science Physical Education English No p)ioi . .a III, MR. WARREN MARSH Fine Arts MRS. MARLENE MARSTERS Home Economics MRS. CAROLYN MARTIN Business 18 " Now it ' s Pepsi, for those who think young! " HILT " Now, now Howie, we can ' t do it that way. " CRAWFORD, VEALE, TASLITZ " Put the cigarette out. Here comes Smoky the Bear. " STEDDOM, ZIMMER, WHITE J. " Don ' t you talk about my nose that way. " TAMAAEN " Class, will you please put those pop-guns away! " GERDTS " What a class. They even want my picture. " COCHRANE " I ' m all for downing the junior class. " AAANNUZZA " Don ' t you dare take that pic- ture! " VEALE " Oh so tired. " WILLETT " That donut |ust has to go. " HUGHIE " And to think they dedicated this thing to me. " STAFFORD " I just can ' t seem to get the answer to this problem. " OLSEN 21. 22. 23, 24. " One ear, one NOSE; and look what you ' ve got. " TASLITZ " A new slant on life. " McKELVEY " But darling, mother is calling. " WEIDMANN " I am not 98, I ' m only 33. " GRANDE " Now boys, let ' s not fight over me, " ADAMS " My best years were spent with the students. " KREYCHE " Ouch, who put the tack there? " HOLLAND " Boys, yo don ' t do physics on the football field. " DORN " Okay, who said I graduated from high school in 1890? " GRANDE " Oh, they want my beautiful knees in this picture! " TASLITZ " Don ' t look now, I ' m losing them. " TAMMEN " So what if I don ' t know what 1 and 1 is. " Dl lORIO i6r ,o s.rti 19 MRS. MARGARET MERKEL Nurse MR. LEVI NORIEGA Language MR. RAY OGAS Science ' d MR. LEROY MILLER Mathematics :: JC k M MR. JAMES OLSEN Mathematics k MR. JERRY MOTTWEILER Photography MR. JOSEPH OSTERMAN Physical Education MR. JOSEPH PETTI Physical Education ■ iJi MR. DONALD PULLIAM Social Studies X MR. GENE RADKE Science ' MR. WESLEY RAMSEY MR. RICHARD REINBOLT MR. DONALD SMITH Industrial Arts English Architecture I- T ' l MR. TERRY SMITH Business MR. JAMES STAFFORD English MR. RICHARD STUMPE English MISS DOROTHY SWAN Physical Education MRS. LORRAINE SPOON Home Economics No photo available MR. KEITH SWEDLUND Basic Course 20 MR. JEREMY TALMAGE Social Studies MR. EDWARD TARSALA Industrial Arts MR. HOWARD TASLITZ Basic Course t r Am :, ' - " MR. HARRISON VEALE MR. DANIEL WAINGROW MR. WILLIAM WALKER MISS MARY JO WEIDMANN MR. WALTER WEISS Agriculture Industrial Arts Basic Cours , , Bosic Course Basic Course ' t V MR. DAVID WHITE Basic Course MR. JAMES WHITE Science No photo avallahle MR. WHITHERSPOON MR. CHARLES WILLETT Mathematics Fine Arts MR. PETER WIRTZ English MR. BURLWORLEY Business MR. JACK WRIGHT English 1: MR. REY YSAIS Mathematics No photo rivailaijif MR. ROBERT ZIMMER Science d t MR. ROBERT ZUCCARO Industrial Arts 21 -■ ' • g , i. yi-iH. :: a% - yv -r y yjr « " . V- ' Hy ' " y. k. f, " " - jL - ' r - .. ' Hiw " ' ' 4 ■( t mhiiLi£ i If - -. " o The ever busy Adult Education administrators. RECOGNITION TO BE GIVEN On this page are pictured two groups of people who have never been given proper recognition in connection with our school. They are the Night School Ad- ministrators, who run the evening classes here at El Rancho; and our friends, the bus drivers. We owe a lot to these people and we hope we are correcting the error of nonrecognition this year by presenting them in this year ' s annual. Our Transportation StafF. H P l % I jp E D t: JUNE DAYTON A.S.B. Yell Leader NEW ADDITIONS SALLY ARELLANES Academic Affairs Commissioner , " 52 iH iai: ' ■ SHARYN BRUNO Welfare Commissioner 27 MAINTENANCE CREW: BACK ROW, left to right: B. Mueler, H. Krebs, J. Morton, R, Pratt, W Bea ' s, arid G. Hageman FRONT ROW: M. Carpenter, A. Sandoval, E. Capps, A. Oliveri, P, Pompilio, and J, Addante. BEHIND THE SCENES OF A WELL-RUN SCHOOL i SR. ■. ' . •■ ' ' M 1 ; : 11 . ? SECRETARIES— Standing, left to right are Mrs. B. Kennenberg, Mrs. V. Roll, Mrs. A. Funk, Mrs. P. Trojanow- ski, Mrs. Heitmann, Mrs. M. Littlefield, Miss J. Jones. Sitting are: Mrs. B. Magill, Mrs. I. Parker, and Mrs. B. Sanders- Behind the scenes of our well run, and prize winning school are three groups of people, the secretaries, the cafeterians, and the maintenance crew. The secretaries run the different offices with skill and efficiency, projecting their pleasant personalities to the public. They handle all the correspondence for the school, and keep all the records straight and up to date. Likewise, the cafeterians manage an efficient kitchen, turning out large quan- tities of food each day. They prepare both the tray lunches, which are served in the cafeteria, and the ala carte items, which are served through the snack shack. The maintenance crew is another group which operates with a smoothness, doing all things necessary to keep our school in a neat and tip-top condition. They not only keep the campus looking neat, but they repair anything which needs it, from electrical wires to the combination locks on the lockers. CAFETERIANS-BACK ROW, left to right: E. Lane, L. Steinway, J Stobough, D. Robar, L Furgusen, and O. Farrari. FRONT ROW: V, Noonan, S Kelso, V Salo, M. DellaZoppa, H. Lange, Manager; and K. Schlegel, 29 It ' s blowup time again A NEW WORLD Science— the key which opens up a whole new world to the individual. Here at El Rancho, through our extensive Science department, we of- fer this key for the taking to any willing student. Mr, Zimmer and friend. Future Mathematicians MATHEMATICS AND OUR FUTURE Understanding higher mathematics is becom- ing more important in professional and semi- pro- fessional occupations. It is becoming so important that it is necessary to understand and be able to use fundamental mathematics just to be able to conduct everyday affairs. Our Mathematics Department realizes this need for mathematical knowledge and is trying to present the mystery of numbers to the students in the best way possible. The department is striving for an awareness of the presence of math- ematical problems, and an understanding of math- ematical principles; skill in the performance of fundamental arithmetic; and increased under- standing among those who pursue higher math- ematics as a basis for scientific or professional careers. l ' . E. R. STUDENTS MASTER FOREIGN LANGUAGE Knowledge of a foreign language is becom- ing more and more beneficial in our world today. Knowing a language besides our native tongue helps us to understand foreign cultures, customs, and personalities. We can get a better perspec- tive on current world situations after studying a foreign language for three or four years. El Rancho students are lucky in this respect. They can study a language for as many years as they wish, and they have a choice of five languages from which to choose. En Francais, s ' ii vous plait! A class of future German linguists. Students study the romantic French language. The MIGHTY class of ' 63. Juniors in Team Teaching. LITERARY BEGINNINGS English classes here at El Rancho are of a stimulating, and interesting nature. Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors all receive English every year that they attend El Rancho. This course ranges from elementary vocabulary instruction to the Introduction of great literature, such as that of Shakespeare. It Is a required course, but through the efforts of our fine English department, the students of El Rancho are able to absorb and enjoy the study of our English language. There is another part to the English classes at our school. Not only do the students learn about the literature of the world, but they also have four years of English Grammar in which they learn to eliminate the fatal mistakes called Gross Illiteracies. Sophor-nores in deep s?udy Freshman start out with Pjb ' ' ; Speaking. THE FINER THINGS Fine Arts: It means exactly what it implies; cultural enjoy- ment of and participation in dra- ma, music, beauty, art, and terp- sichore. Drama and Art are com- bined in the creation of stage plays, with the students plan- ning and fabricating their own scenes and atmospheres. Our reputation for fine performances is upheld by the excellent re- sponse of our " full houses. " Good performances beget full houses, and full house support begets good performances. Village scene from the fall play I wonder! Is he posing? 34 Practice makes perfect. THE WORLD OF MUSIC WW e Music standards at El Rancho are of the highest. Our very able band master has turned a small group of musical stu- dents into a very fine band, proof that numbers are not necessarily a recommen- dation of quality. We salute you, Mr. Jacobs. Choir groups contributed their share to our cultural development and enjoy- ment by improving their musical talents through this medium of expression under Mr. Marsh. As students of El Rancho, we are for- tunate to have the best, under the able tutelage of our Fine Arts Staff. Mr. Marsh at the piano 35 PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE Homemaking classes instruct their students on the fundamentals of good housekeeping. Students enrolled in this course learn how to cook, sew, and apply basic household hints. They are also taught many other useful skills which will be beneficial to them in their future as parents and homemakers. Homemaking is not a course which is as easy as it is thought to be. It requires just as much concentration and studying as do any of the other academic courses. This course brings about many fine future homemakers, who will be able to make their own homes, in which they are the parents, attractive, comfort- able, and efficient. Testing periods prove challenging. Mrs. Marsters demonstrates varies sewing techniques TM ' 36 Physical Education AT Its Best The Physical Education Department of El Rancho High School has an important duty to perform. This is to help guide young, maturing students so that they may become useful citizens. At a time when physical fitness is being stressed, the department takes pride in instructing worth- while and enjoyable sports to the students. Physical Edu- cation is a very necessary facet of high school life, and it is dealt with in such a manner that it is beneficial to the students. This past year a number of sports have been presented to the students. Among them are: Tennis, Football, Basket- ball, Archery, Volleyball, and for the girls only. Dancing. The latest addition is that of swimming in our newly ac- quired swimming pool. ' ' What a ay to hav ' elo ptay hall 37 Learning to type is a must for a business career. A CAREER IN THE BUSINESS WORLD Typing is a popular subject. fiait : The demand for secretarial and office workers is great at the present time. Frequently, calls come in for both girls and boys who are qualified to do various kinds of commercial work. These jobs often serve as stepping stones to higher paid positions. Students interested in a business should take as many business courses as can be carried in their schedule. There are five areas from which the student may fit himself for employment. They are: Secretari- al, Stenographic, Clerical, Book- keeping, Salesmanship and Mer- chandising. 38 That ' s one way to find out how it works. PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE Industrial Arts includes many different fields of crafts. These Industrial Arts courses are taken by students who have a special interest in this type of work. Many students taking them as preparation for future vacations. El Rancho offers training in the following courses: Auto Mechan- ics and Agriculture, Woodshop and Welding, Auto Shop and General Shop, Architectural and Mechanical Drawing and Radio, all which are taught by special- ists in their respective fields. The students who take Indus- trial Arts courses are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned. Many times one can see an Industrial Arts student carrying home some finished pro- duct of his learning. In this way the course proves not only educa- tional, but productive, too. Any- one need a new table? The Printing Press; a marvelous i-nachine. 39 l P: . ' " • I 1... ' ■ ,J I i .-f-v, ' M SiK w 1 i C ' ip . , m i v ..tv ' ,» - i m a ' ..i- ; £rfi f W " p» - L- ' q I ' - - ALAN KNEBEL Boys ' Athletics Commissioner LEADERSHIP DISPLAYED BY EXECUTIVE COMMISSION STEVE FRANCIS Finance Commissioner SHERRY DAVIS Welfare Commissioner DOROTHY LAWSON Publicity Commissioner 42 t i , £» ' " -»: «. A V LINDA PARRISH Assemblies Commissioner HELEN FLORES Activities Commissioner ESTHER SHERWOOD Pep Commissioner LINDA SCARBOROUGH Girls ' Athletics Commissioner JUDY HOOPER Girls ' League President ROGER COOPER Chief Justice LOU SELIGMAN Speaker of the House BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS OF AD 112 SENIOR Mr. Mathew Miletich, Advisor MORE ABOUT THE EXECUTIVE COMMISSION Bill Raggett, Boys ' Athletic Commissioner Second Semester Sponsored by RED ALBERT TIRE SERVICE Beverly Blvd and Rosemead Pico Rivera, California A YEAR OF ACTIVITY As usual this past year has been a busy one for the El Rancho Congress. It has had many bills come before it, and has had to make the decisions about wheth- er the bills should pass or not. These bills have caused hours of debate for and against them. They have been voted down or passed, or sent back to their orgin for revision. The members of this year ' s House of Representatives were leected from each advisement class. They, then, had the duty of attending all House meetings and reporting the results of those metings to their respective advisement classes. The people which make up the Senate are representatives of the different clubs and organizations on campus. They too, have the duty of attending all meetings and rendering reports to the groups which they represent. rc; = HOUSE: BACK ROW, left to right: S, Markhan, S. Miller, and C. Patino. ROW 3: L. Cordova, R. Mesa, D. Hine and R. Acosta. ROW 2: K. Tetro, R. Semenero, and D. Day. ROW 4: J. Finn- ley, T- Garcia, and J. Lunetta, •am . . .. .ak E BACK ROW, left to right; J. Coons. R Hudson, S, Hill, E. Taylor, K. Barlow, T. Sinohui, D. Sellers, G- Cushman, and L. Varela. ROW 3; Y. Nila, P, Anderson, C. Schy, D Rodriguez, R. Pene, B. Wachtler, M- Brakhage, J. Benson, R. Stubbs, and B, McCleary. ROW 2; J. Hance, L. Vallerino, D- Dixon, B- Amundsen, G- Mason. M Conners, J. Mendoza, S. Lopez, J. Escajeda. FRONT ROW: I. Klein, F. Lara, S. Dykstra, L. Seligman, Mr. Ogas, Advisor, L. Compos, J. Walden, P. Brown, D. Armijo, and L. Cosentino. SENATE: BACK ROW, left to right: Jim Byrum, Judy Carr, Linda Carter. Bob Chitwood. Jim Millard, Mike Lopez, John Kenewell, and Dickie Okada. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Reinbolt. Advisor, Rebecca Astle, Joanne Krenicki. Donna Calitri. Carol Jackson, Ed Ries, and Charles Silva. FRONT ROW: Ernie Veja. Mary Ellen Garcia. Larry Seligman. Linda Leon. Nancy O ' Brien, and Barbara Estrada. 47 JUSTICE IN ACTION El Rancho ' s Student Court, made up of the Boys ' Council and the Girls ' Council, is the judicial branch of the student government. Their duties are to uphold El Rancho ' s constitution and to clari- fy any questions that may come up concerning the constitution. The Student Court of 1962-63 worked dili- gently for the benefit of El Rancho ' s students. Mr. Rod Stepleton Miss Lois Winters FRONT ROW, left to right: Sandy Marquez, Lois Kuykendall, Pat Lorenz, Vianna Oliver, Judy Hooper, Barbara Munell, Linda Parrish, and Sherry Landtiser. ROW 2: Frank Cisneros, Diane Crowell, Susan Rod- man, Esther Sherwood, Julie Ellie, Janell Muir, Olivia Acosta, and Anna Gutierrez. ROW 3: Bob Higgins, Bob Stewart, Bob Kjolsing, Clem Donaldson, Mike Matkins, Bob Benavides, and Roger Cooper. ROW 4: Richard Okada, Bob Lockridge, Jim Millard, John Fiedler, Steve Cushman, John Reeder, and John Rodriguez. .iV ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMISSION; BACK ROW, left to right: G Barton, J Kenewell, B, Chitwood, and L. Seligman, FRONT ROW: I. Klein, S, Arrelanes, D. Wales, S. Payton, end S, Rodman. BRAINS AND ABILITY GO HAND IN HAND PUBLICITY COMMISSION: BACK ROW, left to right: D. Rodriguez, L. Alvarado, T. Walden, K. Sipera, S. Butcher, and J. Wolverton, FRONT ROW: S. Christensen, G. Hughes, J. Walden, D. Lawson, and A. Mar- shall. Not pictured are; A. Steed, E. Jacques, J. Walden, and M. Storez. 49 ACTIVITIES COMMISSION: BACK ROW, left to right: P. Savedra, A, Gutierrez, B, Estrada, C. Wright, D. Jan, S. Landtiser, K. Noonan, C. Silva, J. Walden, D. Bonilla. ROW 2: J. Hall, V. McCormick, S. Dykstra, H. Flores, T. Garcia, M. Rubio, J. Bueno, J. Macias, S. Marquez. ROW 1: M. Ayala, C. Manriguez, S. Rodman, L. Jones, J. Brown, L. McCoy and B. Binder. ACTIVE PEOPLE IN ACTIVE GROUPS KEY CLUB: BACK ROW, left to right: C. Hess, R. Cooper, J. Millard, S. Swanson, C. Donaldson, J. Kene- well, B. Kjolsing, M. Grimsby, B. Lockridge, and T, Egan. FRONT ROW: P. Phipps, J. Rodriguez, B. Bena- vides, D. Scott, J. Knebel, and D. Okada. WELFARE COMMISSION-BACK ROW, left to right: A. Steed, S. Bruno, and F. Lara. FRONT ROW: Eberhardt, O. Acosta, J. Ashlock, and L, Scarburough. TWO MORE HARD WORKING GROUPS BOYS ATHLETIC COMMISSION-BACK ROW, left to right: A. Knebel, G. Barton, and S. Cushman. FRONT ROW: S. Francis, L. Seligman, and R. Wasserman. 51 GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-BACK ROW, left to right: O. Acosta, L. Scarborough, L. Myers, D. Scar- borough, D. Johnson, and C. Blair. ROW 2: R. Astle, J. Ashlock, D. Dea, F. Howell, L. Magness and C. Lawrence. FRONT ROW: C. Butcher, J. Valenzuela, D. Lawson, K. Bourgeois, I. Klein, and D. Calitri. COMMI SSIONS FULL OF GIRLS Sponsored by THE BOYS GENERAL MERCHANDISE 8942 E. Beverly Blvd Pico Rivera, California PEP COMMISSION-BACK ROW, left to right: S. Rodman, L. Carter, K. Bourgeois, D. Calitri, J. Hooper, S. Payton, L. Scarborough, I. Klein, S. Wells, D. Johnson, M. Terrazas, and Miss M. McKelvie. ROW 2: E. Sherwood, L. Valerino, S. Bonura, L. Linginfelter, D. Crowell, K. Noonan, S. Carlisle, B. Munell, K. Bar- nett, S. Bratton, B. Binder, S. Dyksfra, M. Stortz. FRONT ROW: C. Parafrorito, V. Rodriguez, D. Lawson, J. Dayton, B. Kai, S Steel, T. Garcia, L. Cordova, M, Vincent, J. Walden, and J. Walden. h - H. C ' l ut • HK - 52 :■■ FINANCE COMMISSION-BACK ROW: Bill Ryan, Jim Davidson, Steve Francis. FRONT ROW; Ella Jean Allen, and Jean Davidson. MONEY AND ENTERTAIN MENT ASSEMBLIES COMMISSION-BACK ROW: Ingrid Klein, Donna Calitri, Tony Kefelsleger, Stan Jada, Robert Chitwood. FRONT ROW: Linda Parrish, Nancy O ' Brian, Randy Abernathy, Cathy Bourgeois, Linda Scar- borough, and George Ellis. 53 m |. ■ t INGRID KLEIN Editor of Organizations SUZANNE McCREA Editor of Classes JANICE LUNETTA Editor of Activities DORANN JOHNSON Editor of Advertisements WOMEN INVADE THE PUBLISHING WORLD This year 26 girls and 1 boy have worked their minds and fingers to the bone trying to make this years annual the best ever. We think we have succeeded. We have added many new things to this book, full color, spot color, a ' most likely ' page, and a teacher ' s scatter page. And these are just a few of the things done. The purpose of this year ' s annual is to take you step by step through the activities of the past year; and to have you recall the humor, the adventure, and the anxieties that were a part of you, while you were a part of El Rancho. The staff, along with Editor Analia Marshall, Assistant Editor Kay Grayson, and Advisor, Mr. Willett hope that this book will be a record of happy memories of your high school career. STAFF MEMBERS: Toni Garcia, Cindy Wright, Lillian Cordova, Sherry Ledbetter and Barbara Benson. JUDY AGUILAR Ass ' t. Editor of Advertisements ESTHER SHERWOOD Editor of Athletics ANALIA MARSHALL Editor-in-Chief MR. FRANK WILLETT Advisor of Annual STAFF MEMBERS: Lydia Garcia, Lyia Williamson, Rene Mesa, and Sandy Wells. Not Pictured are: Penny Gray, Ray Ledesma and Rose Meraz. DIANNA BOGDANOFF Editor of Senior Class ROBIN RUSSELL Editor of Opening PW " KAY GRAYSON Assistant Editor RHONDA GRAY Business Manager JAN HALL Ass ' t. Business Manager JANIS WALDEN Editor of Copy The 1962-63 EL RODEO staff Dottie Skeels. Editor-in-Chief . - .. H anoa COMPLETE COVERAGE WAS THEIR AIM The weekly EL RODEO has proven to be one of the best high school newspapers published. There were many fine feature writers on the staff this year that added to the paper ' s attributes. The EL RODEO ' S competent advisor was Mr. Terry Itnyre. Many thanks go to +he 1962-63 EL RODEO staff for a job well done. 56 Members of the 1962-63 El Rodeo StafF Included: Editor-in -Chief Dottie Skeels Managing Editor Ken Robison Make-up Editor Steve Klein Business Editor Ernie Kemptner Sports Editor Dennis Peterson Photo Editor Liz Barbour Proof Editor Kathy Waite Circulation Manager Zane Clevenger Student Government Anna Gutierrez Advisor T. F. Itnyre Department Editor Larry Thomas Department Editor Mary Lochausen Department Editor Richard Brewer Department Editor Janice Batchkoff Commission Editor Margie Day Future Book Mary Ellen Garcia Special Writer Carol Barkemeyer Photographer Don Cummings Photo Advisor Jerry Mottweiler Cartoonist Rod Packwood Mr. Terry Itnyre— Advisor News staff rushes to meet deadline 57 Richard Okada: A.F.S. Exchange otuJent. AFS DENMARK This year to make this page a little different we asked our one and only Foreign Exchange student to write some- thing about his trip. Richard Okada graciously consented, and he came up with a wonderful and clear picture of his six weeks in Denmark. We now present this picture to you. As I look back on my summer stay in Denmark, many wonderful memories drift softly, but vividly into my mind. Memories like lazily walking through a fresh, green for- est, going fishing in a cool, deafeningly quiet lake, cycl- ing home six miles against a drenching rain, and staying four days at a Youth hostel in Copenhagen. Time can only make these and other memories grow richer and deeper in my heart. My life as the " son " of a Danish farmer passed by slowly, as I relished every minute of it. For six weeks, I experienced a way of life that I had always dreamed of with a rare and wonderful family who restored in me the hope that some day people the world over will live in harmony. As I adjusted to their ways and became com- fortable with them, I realized that although there was much work to be done, there was no semblance of strain nor haste; instead, their work was taken in stride and their lives flowed easily and smoothly. Without a battle there can be no defeat; they did not defeat themselves by mak- ing their lives a long contest against nature or death. They provided living proof for this quotation by Thomas Carlyle: " Work is the grand cure for all the maladies that ever beset mankind — honest work which you intend get- ting done. " Perhaps this is the reason why many Danes live to a mellow old age, instead of a decrepit old age. A historic landmark in Denmark. SB The courtyard of my foster home. The main street of the Danish town Skeiskor. If one travels as a tourist, one can soak up the beau- tiful country sides of Holland, Germany, and Denmark. Miniature houses, narrow roads, dense forests, wooden shoes, and old windmills resemble scenes from Hans Christian Andersen. Also, modern recreation areas, mod- ern buildings, and modern highways are everywhere to catch the eye of the wealthy (or not so wealthy) excur- sionist. But the lasting monuments of a nation— language, little-known customs, literature— cannot lie open to the mere sight-seer who cares nothing for cultural understand- ing. I feel that I became close to the Danish people as a result of my short life on a Danish farm. I spoke their language, ate their delicious food, and worked on one of their farms. I saw their country through the eyes of both a foreigner and a Dane. I became a member of the great American Field Service Family and adopted brothers and sisters in almost every country on this earth. My only regret is that my stay in Denmark was so short. Jens, my Danish brother, at work. The family fields. Richard Okada AFS Denmark " 62 " W ' X tpV »i i i ti ' " If ips Left to Right: Barbara Kai, Dolores Rodriguez, Anna Gutierrez, Ray Rodriguez, Sherri Steil, Toni Garcii ANNA Captain BOBBY THEY YELLED THEIR HEARTS OUT Our spirited Varsity Yell Leaders, who performed crazy twist and cha cha cha yells this past year, always made sure that school spirit was never lacking at El Rancho ' s athletic events during the 1962- 63 school year. iO DOLLY RAY SHERRI Class competition rallies sparked student body spirit. TONI Co-Captain fc ., h ii Left to right; Lillian Cordova, Susan Dykstra. Top Row: Mary Vincent, Bonnie Binder, Susie Keith, Rhonda Gray. SUSAN Captain BONNIE LILLIAN SUSIE MARY RHONDA Co-Captain POM POMS PROMOTE PEP This year ' s Varsity football and basket- ball Songleaders helped promote enthusi- asm at numerous sports events here at El Rancho during the 1962-63 school year. Their ever-present pom poms and spirited performances helped grace the Don foot- ball field every game night. Pep rallies helped promote attendance at footbaM games. 61 IN MEMORY OF DANNY RASCON Danny was a happy, interested student and a delightful friend to students and faculty alike. The Leukemia to which he succumbed often left him weak, but not dispirited. He tried hard and achieved well, in the same championship spirit that is well known to El Rancho High School. He was an outstanding repre- sentative of his school and community traditions of excellence, friendship and devotion to highest ideals. Danny was the kind of person who leaves a lasting impression upon those who know him, and by those who knew him, he will be remembered always. .-h I EMORY OF MARTIN EDWARDS He was shy and modest, yet well- known and well-liked. He was a fine, in- dustrious boy. He never evaded respon- sibility or work. He was the personifica- tion of service to others. We was a schol- ar who set the highest standards for his fellow students. He was a symbol of all our school could ever ' hop to ofFer any of the young people who iome to us to ;.|Barn. Martin came to us, as the others ' ■%o, in an effort to learn and to make his life and the Jives of all of us more mean- ingful. To this ' endsi.tei.succeeded. ■ ' mm. -■ L.. « V : " IJ ' " ■ ' 4i. 1 A 7 w .• l)» t .- I SENIOR CLASS Secretary, Diane Jan The class of ' 63 came alive after a long slumber as underclassmen; in this our final year at El Rancho High School, we strove to excel and to receive that honor which has always been out of our reach in the past— the class of the year award. It is easy to rationalize and child- ishly cry out that the class fell down because no one was willing to work; but the truth would be that the class fell down because the leaders fell down. A mass of people without a guiding force is nothing— only chaos prevails. There was no guiding force in the past and it is doubtful whether there is now; also, there was no unity in the past; but the class of ' 63 has done well this past year because Steve Kimbrough Representative Analia Marshall Representative 66 OFFICERS OF LXIII Vice President, Jim Millard the very fact that it is our senior year has proved to be the unifying element— this offset the lack of more capable leadership. This class rightly deserves to be called " Migh- ty Seniors " . The Senior Luau began a year filled with ex- citement, vi orry, and lack of funds. The Senior pins, El Rancho sweatshirts. El Rancho pens, and Senior Dolls were sold. With graduation came all the added activities; Senior Slave Day, Senior Tea, Senior Awards Assembly, and fi- nally, the Senior All Night Party, In the academic world and in the world of activities, the Senior Class of 1963 showed pride, character and dedication. Richard Okada Senior Class President Advisors, Mr. Talmadge, Mr. Dorn and Miss Mannuzza. Aiii. ' Dianna Bogdanoff Representative John Fielder Representative 67 OBERT ACINELLI IDUSTRIAU ARTS ?UDY ACUNA 3US1NESS, MATHEMATICS EDDIE ACOSTA GENERAL 4.- VICKY ADSITT BUSINE SS GILBERT AGUILAR SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS LESLIE ALEXANDER COL.L.EGE PREP ELLAJEAN ALLEN BUSINESS LAURENCE ALVARADO INDUSTRIAL ARTS RICHARD ALVAREZ LANGUAGE, SCIENCE RALPH AMAYA INDUSTRIAL ARTS DON ANDERSON COLLEGE PREP SANDRA ANDREWS JOURNALISM, BUSINESS JOE ANGLE MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE MANUEL APALTEQUI INDUSTRIAL ARTS, MUSIC WILLIAM ARCHER INDUSTRIAL ARTS 68 •IjJJ GAIL AREHART BUSINESS SALLY ARELLANES LANGUAGE, MATHEMATICS PHILLIP ARZT INDUSTRIAL ARTS ROBERT BAIER BUSI NE SS i LUIS BARAJAS INDUSTRIAL ARTS KENNETH BANKS ART ROBERT BARRON FINE ARTS PAUL BARTOLI INDUSTRIAL ARTS GARY BARTON JOHN BEEBE MATHE MATICS, LANGUAGE JUDY BEMENT BUSINESS SCIENCE MARIA AYALA BUSINESS L- LAWRENCE BARBA MATHE MATICS MARTHA BEDWELL BUSINESS ROBERT BENAVIDES SCIENCE, LANGUAGE 69 JUDITH BENEDICT MATHEMATICS, BUSINESS UANGUAGE BARBARA BENSON BUSINESS M- GARY BERENDS GENERAL JOHN BERGGREN MATHE MATICS, INDUSTRIAL ARTS ..i m -m- LINDA BERGLAND BUSINESS JUDY BEST BUSINESS BONNIE BINDER LANGUAGE ARLENE BLACK BUSINESS KATHY BLAIR BUSINESS JACK BLANCO LANGUAGE WALTER BLUNT INDUSTRIAL ARTS RONALD BOETTCHER MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE . DIANNA BOGDANOFF HOME ECONOMICS LANGUAGE DOLORES BONILLA BUSINESS CATHY BONNER BUSINESS KATHY BOURGEOIS 70 DELOROS BOURLAND BUSINESS MARGARET BRAKHAGE COLUEGE PREP. JUDITH BREECE BUSINESS, ART JEANNETTE BROWN BUSINESS SHARYN BRUNO SCIENCE, HOME ECONOMICS A JESSIE BUENO DALE BURGEN INDUSTRIAU ARTS JIM BYRUM COLLEGE PREP BEVERLY BURROUGHS MARGARITA CALISTR BUSINESS CAROLE BURTS BUSI NE SS BUSINESS BUSINESS GEORGIA CALOUDES BUSINESS, MUSIC JUDITH BROOKS MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, BUSI NE SS EARL BURCH COLLEGE PREP I ' l STEVEN BUTCHER COLLEGE PREP ANITA CALVILLO GENERAL 71 ♦•V, is : ROBERT CAMPBELL vlATHEMATICS GLORIA CANDIDO GENERAL. 5ANDRA CARLISLE VlATHEMATICS LSi 5 GARY CARMICHAEL INDUSTRIAL ARTS » - WALLISCARR HOME ECONOMICS BETTY CARILLO COLLEGE PREP LINDA CARTER COLLEGE PREP FRANK CARVER GENERAL CAROLYN CASILLAS HOME ECONOMICS SUSAN CENDEJAS HOME ECONOMICS sa JO ALICE CHAVEZ BUSINESS, HOME ECONOMICS ROBERT CHITWOOD COLLEGE PREP CAROL CHRISTIANSEN LANGUAGE JOANNE CHRISTIANSEN BUSINESS DENNIS CHABALA MATHE MATICS 72 ■Ii FRANK CISNEROS INDUSTRIAL ARTS SUSAN CITTLE BUSINESS RONALD CLELAND INDUSTRIAL ARTS MADELYN CLIFTNER BUSINESS WILLIAM COBAS INDUSTRIAL ARTS DICK COLBERT INDUSTRIAL ARTS A ■■■■■■■ mk CRAIG CONLEE INDUSTRIAL ARTS, SCIENCE, BUSINESS CAROL CONNOLLY BUSINESS LARRY CONSTANTINO COLLEGE PREP JOHN CONTRERAS BUSINESS GLORIA CORREA BUSINESS ROGER COOPER SCI ENCE g» L- 1 DIANE CORDOVA BUSINESS LILLIAN CORDOVA LANGUAGE VINCENT CORTEZ INDUSTRIAL ARTS w ■ .. 73 GLORIA CONSENTING COLLEGE PREP RUDY COSTELLO INDUSTRIAL ARTS ALEX COTA INDUSTRIAL ARTS JAMES COTTLE INDUSTRIAL ARTS THOMAS COX INDUSTRIAL ARTS RENELL COY BUSINESS LAURIE CRALLEE BUSINESS CAROLYN CROSS BUSINESS J DAVID CROW MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE DONALD CUMMINGS GENERAL i LINDA CUMMINGS BUSINESS GARY CUSH MAN COLLEGE PREP DANIEL COTE INDUSTRIAL ARTS ROBERT CRAIG INDUSTRIAL ARTS FRANK CUEVAS LANGUAGE STEVE CUSHMAN MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE INDUSTRIAL ARTS 74 JEAN DAVIDSON HOME ECONOMICS, MATHE MATIC S DARLENE DAVIS BUSINESS, ART GARY DELLEGATE INDUSTRIAL. ARTS KENNY DEVINE C01 L-EGE PREP • tC JUNE DIXON BUSINESS MERLIN DONALDSON SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, LANGUAGE LEO DOUGLAS COLLEGE PREP ..- ' S - RAYMOND DUARTE GENERAL JEROME DEBROW INDUSTRIAL ARTS A CAROLINA DURAN BUSINESS, HOME ECONOMICS RAM DUTTON COLLEGE PREP SUSAN DYKSTRA COLLEGE PREP GERALD EDEN SCIENCE, INDUSTRIAL ARTS LINDA DOUGLASS COLLEGE PREP ALFONSO DURON INDUSTRIAL ARTS ROD EDvvArdo MATHE MATIC S MARTIN EDWARDS MATHEMATICS IRGINIA ESCAJEDA ;enerai SCOTT ESPARZA GENERAL xh MARGUERITE FARESE FINE ARTS NORMAN FARQUHAR MATHEMATICS PATRICIA FELIX BUSINESS PAUL FERNANDEZ INDUSTRIAU ARTS WALT FERRARI BUSINESS JOHN FIELDER MATHEMATICS, LANGUAGE IRENE FIGUEROA BUSINESS MARINA FIGUEROA BUSINESS SALLY FLACK BUSINESS RON FLESCH LANGUAGE ARMAND FLORES INDUSTRIAL ARTS HELEN FLORES BUSINESS 76 ARCADIO FONSECA INDUSTRIAL ARTS PETER FOYE MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE STEVE FRANCIS MATHEMATICS, LANGUAGE VICTORIA FREEMAN FINE ARTS STAN FRICKE INDUSTRIAL ARTS ROBERT GAITHER MAT HE MATICS DOMINIC GALBO BUSINESS DANNY GALINDO BUSI NE SS ELAINE GALKIN BUSINE SS, ART ..,. MARY GALLEGOS BUSINE SS DOLORES GALVEZ BUSINESS LYDIA GARCIA HOME ECONOMICS TON I GARCIA SCIENCE, LANGUAGE WILFRED GASSNER LANGUAGE CAM GAUDET MATHE MATICS 77 MARGARET GEAR BUSINESS LORENA GEISER BUSINESS CHUCK GLASS INDUSTRIAU ARTS DANA GILMORE BUSINESS TERRY GLUSKOTER INDUSTRIAL. ARTS, MATHE MATICS DARYL GOSLON MATHEMATICS EDDIE GOMEZ GENERAL. ALICE GONZALES BUSINESS RICHARD GONZALES GENERAL KEN GOODELL MATHE MATICS, INDUSTRIAU ARTS jtm. PERILUE GORDON BUSINESS RONALD GRAFF SCIENCE RHONDA GRAY BUSINESS EMERSON GRIMSBY ART KAREN GRUND BUSINESS ANNA GUTIERREZ MATHE MATICS 4 • 78 ■ E l 1 ' BERTHA GUTIERREZ 3USINESS BILL GUTIERREZ VIATHE MATIC S FERRY HAGAN ATHE MATIC S MICHAEL HALOPOFF SCIENCE JAN HALL JOURNALI SM KATHY HAMMOND MATHEMATrCS, ART JILL HANCE BUSI NE SS PEGGY HANCOCK HOME ECONOMICS JOHN HANNON LANGUAGE, SCIENCE CATHY HARLOW BUSINESS LARRY HARNACK SCIENCE ART HARTZELL BUSINE SS KEN HAZELROTH LANGUAGE, MATHEMATICS DENNIS HELLING BUSINESS ED HEMSLEY INDUSTRIAL ARTS MARIA HER. i ,,u EZ BUSINESS, LANGUAGE 79 . - . IjtaSR-, ?T»-1 RACHEL HERRERA HOME ECONOMICS, -|NE ARTS ROBERT HIGGINS SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS SALLY HINOJOS LANGUAGE, SCIENCE ' NICK HOLGUIN INDUSTRIAL. ARTS VIRGINIA HOLMES LANGUAGE JUDY HOOPER LANGUAGE DARRELL HUDDLESTON BUSINESS, SCIENCE DEAN HUDDLESTON SCIENCE JIM HOLLY INDUSTRIAL ARTS ROY HUDSON FINE ARTS TERRY HUFFMAN z - " j MARY ILLE BUSINESS GEORGE IRIBARREN INDUSTRIAL ARTS GENE JACKSON INDUSTRIAL ARTS DIANE JAN LANGUAGE 80 CAROL JEFFREDO BUSINESS FRANK JELNEK SCIENCE RAYLENE JOHN HOME ECONOMICS LOREN JOPLIN BUSINESS KENNY KANENBLEY GENERAL JANET KAZARIAN MATHE MATICS JENNIFER KERR BUSINESS, HOME ECONOMICS KAREN KILLIN BUSINESS STEVE KIMBROUGH COLLEGE PREP KAREN KING HOME ECONOMIC S FRAN KIRBY HOME ECONOMICS DORANN JOHNSON MATHE MATICS RICK KELLENBERGER MATHE MATICS ALAN KING INDUSTRIAL ARTS KEN KIZZIAR COLLEGE PREP 81 ROBERT KJOLSING COLLEGE PREP -:. . - gte . INGRED KLEIN LANGUAGE ALAN KNEBEL MATH, SCIENCE MICHAEL KOSMICKI FINE ARTS JOANNE KRENICKI MATH, LANGUAGE, HOME EC. WES KRUSE COLLEGE PREP , ..J LOIS KUYKENDALL COLLEGE PREP RUSSELL LAMAR BUSINE SS 1 FRED LARA MATH, LANGUAGE SCIENCE VIRGINIA LARA BUSINESS, HOME EC. g SCOTT LARSON MATH SUSAN LARSON HOME EC. DOROTHY LAWSON ALFREDO LEAL GENERAL MAJOR DAVID LESLIE GENERAL MAJOR DANIEL LETCHER INDUSTRIAL ARTS 82 NOBLE LITTLE INDUSTRIAL ARTS MARY LOCHAUSEN HOME EC. BARBARA LEWALLEN COUL-EGE PREP, BUSINESS SANDY LIAND BUSINESS HENRY LIMON INDUSTRIAL ARTS LANELLE LINGENFELTER HOME EC. ROBERT LOCHRIDGE FRANK LONG GENERAL MAJOR RONALD LONG ISMAEL LOPEZ COLLEGE PREP JOSE LOPEZ LANGUAGE JOE LOPEZ INDUSTRIAL ARTS LOUIE LOPEZ LUIS LOPEZ BUSINESS PATRICIA LORENZ BUSINESS DONALD LORENZONi GENERAL MAJOR 83 ?OSE LOUSTANUAU JUSINESS RAM0 4A LOYA BUSINESS PAT LUCCI GENERAL MAJOR I . ANN LUCERO BUSINESS, HOME EC. JANICE LUNETTA BUSINESS, JOURNALISM IDA LYLES BUSINESS STEVE LYNCH COLLEGE PREP MARY MACIAS BUSINESS i PABLO MARCIAS INDUSTRIAL ARTS SHARON MAC LEAN GENERAL MAJOR ERNIE MADRID COLLEGE PREP » JOHN MADSEN INDUSTRIAL ARTS IGNACiO MAGANA INDUSTRIAL ARTS MARCIA MAINS GENERAL MAJOR ROSEMARIE MAMYKON GENERAL MAJOR y 84 ' A ANNA MANRIQUEX BUSINESS, HOME EC, GORDON MAPLES INDUSTRIAU ARTS ANITA MARQUEZ HOME EC, FRANCES MARSH BUSl NESS ANALIA MARSHALL UANGUAGE, JOURNALISM LARRY MARTIN INDUSTRIAL ARTS JOHN MARTINEZ SCIENCE JOHNNY MARTINEZ ART ,.?, i vV Hi JOSEPHINE MARTINEZ GENERAL MAJOR MARGARET MARTINEZ GENERAL MAJOR MICHAEL MATKINS MATH, SCIENCE HERMINE MATKO COLLEGE PREP LINDA McCOY HOME EC, I DYANNE McDANIEL HOME EC. EDWARD McDONIEL GENERAL MAJOR HRISTINE McFARLAND RICHARD MENDEZ JSINESS RICHARD McGRAlL JENERAL MAJOR SUSAN McPHEETERS BUSINESS LARRY MEEKS INDUSTRIAL ARTS INDUSTRIAL ARTS, LANGUAGE ARMANDO MENDOZA BUSINESS MARY MENDOZA BUSINESS MARY MENESES BUSINESS, FINE ARTS |t 4 v : i J. DENNIS MENSER GENERAL MAJOR BENITA MERC ADO BUSINESS RE NEE MESA F=-|NE ARTS TIMOTHY MILES JAMES MILLARD MATH, LANGUAGE, SCIENCE TONY H. MILLER MATH JACK MILLER SCIENCE JOHN MILLER MATH, SCIENCE 86 » - Mk. DANIEL MILLON INDUSTRIAL ARTS RICHARD MONCAYO INDUSTRIAL ARTS JOHN MONSON MATH, SCIENCE JANICE MOORMAN BUSINESS BARBARA MORALES BUSINESS RICHARD MORALES COLLEGE PREP PHYLLIS MORENO BUSINESS RENE MORQUECHO COLLEGE PREP -. V. 9 RICHARD MOSES COLLEGE PREP fcf NANCY MOSKWA BUSINE SS PHYLLIS MOYER BUSINE SS RICHARD MOYES INDUSTRIAL ARTS BARBARA MUNNELL BUSINESS RICHARD MURILLO BUSINESS ROSEMARIE MURILL BUSINESS EDDIE MURPHY FINE ARTS 87 SANDY NELSON BUSINESS DORIS NEVAREZ BUSINESS STEVE NICHOLS MATHEMATICS TOM NIEVES INDUSTRIAL ARTS ANN NOVAKOW GENERAL LINDA O BORN BUSINESS TIM OCAMPO INDUSTRIAL ARTS MARCELLA OCHOA GENERAL RICHARD OKADA MATHEMATICS, LANGUAGE LINDA OKESON BUSINESS % . ' JENNY OLAGUE BUSINESS VIANNA OLIVER BUSINESS CHRIS O REILLY BUSINESS RENE ORTIZ MATHEMATICS LINDA PADILLA GENERAL 88 SYLVIA PADILLA HOME ECONOMICS WILLIAM PAGETT MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE LANGUAGE, INDUSTRIAL. ARTS DIANE PALOMAREZ BUSINESS CAROL PARAFIORITO BUSINESS DAVE PATTERSON GENERAL CHARLES PAVIA MATHEMATICS, INDUSTRIAL ARTS SUSAN PAYTON LANGUAGE VICKY PEKAR COMMERCIAL ARTS ALLAN PENA 4 DIANE PENNINGTON BUSI NE SS MARIA PEREA BUSINESS 1 GLORIA PEREZ BUSINESS i GORDOiM l-cTTUS MATHEMATICS, SCIENCI GERALD PEVEHOUSE COLLEGE PREP STEVE PFLUG MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE 89 WILLIAM PHILLIPS COI l EGE PREP ' AULETTE PHIPPS ;OUI EGE PREP JEFFREY PLOEGER SOULEGE PREP EDDIE PRITCHARD GENERAU MICHAEL PROVINSE UANGUAGE RICHARD QUINTERO INDUSTRIAL. ARTS RAYMOND RAINE SCIENCE BERTHA RANVAL BUSINESS RHONDA RIED COUl-EGE PREP WILLIAM REYNOLDS FINE ARTS JOHN REZA BUSINESS JUDITH RHODES COLLEGE PREP , f- K ROBERT PRESTON SCIENCE ANNETE RAINE HOME ECONOMICS GLORIA REYES HOME ECONOMICS 90 RONALD RIEDE SCIENCE, MATH .5.„,.f J i u EDWARD RIES SCIENCE, MATH GENE RINGGENBERG INDUSTRIAL ARTS ERNESTINE RIVAS BUSINESS, LANGUAGE ELIZABETH ROBBINS HOME MAKI NG STEVEN ROBLES INDUSTRIAL ARTS ...•f ' SK t SUSAN RODMAN COLLEGE PREP DOLORES RODRIGUEZ BUSINE SS ESTHER RODRIGUEZ GRACE RODRIGUEZ JOHN RODRIGUEZ INDUSTRIAL ARTS MARIA RODRIGUEZ BUSINESS BUSINESS RAYMOND RODRIGUEZ MATH, LANGUAGE RAYMOND RIVERA INDUSTRIAL ARTS d DANIEL RODRIGUEZ ART, MATH, SCIENCE JOE RODRIGUEZ INDUSTRIAL ARTS CANDACE ROGERS BUSINESS 91 RC•=: = w55= — r. - — tr.=- = =-—= : S=lSiE ASTS £ =.nES5 SHE Ii .iv Si.S ' AHA ■ • SASTCRO L X WILLIAM 5CHLECHT SHIRLEY 5CHULZ SUSINSSS LOUiS MATK 5E !GMAN VIC7C= 5£= . 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SHIRLEY WALKER BUSINE SS SHERRI WANKE FINE ARTS ALLEN WEATHERBY SCIENCE AND MATH RALPH WEBB INDUSTRIAU ARTS i l PAULA WAGNER MATH AND LANGUAGE DIANNAH WEISS LANGUAGE SANDY WELLS LANGUAGE AND BUSINESS LINDA WHITE BUSINESS WILLIAM WHITING MECHANICAL DRAWING VIRGINIA ANN WILLIAMS BUSI NE SS GARY WIRTH FINE ARTS RICHARD WITHAM GENERAL MAJOR JIM WOLVERTON MATH AND LANGUAGE DENNIS WOOD MARY WOOD BUSINESS 97 98 iPSSK 99 CYNTHIA WRIGHT COLLEGE PREP CHERY L YOUMANS BUSINESS MICHAEL YOUNG MATHE MATICS GREG YOUNG MATHEMATICS YOLANDA ZAROGOZA BUSINESS DONNA CALITRI BUSINESS MARGARET CHAVEZ BUSINESS LILLIAN CONTRERAS BUSINESS BOB DUNSHEE MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE RICHARD JIMENEZ GENERAL PHIL LAZANO GENERAL JANET MESTES GENERAL LUPE ORTEGA GENERAL LARRY ROWLAND INDUSTRIAL ARTS RICHARD SANCHEZ GENERAL MARY TORRES BUSINESS 100 ? ■ " ti nM : ■l? .M m j - V L, i rjat - ■ " ,. " ► ) ' V ' y? : ,iS ' I ' ft f " »- r i f ; i =- S; it-Tl " ' : ' feO C ' i«i ,v,„ r A . ' . . 1 ' SENIOR SIGNATURE 102 CANDID CAMPUS • We have nothing better to do at lunch than to sit around and pose for pictures. Aw, come on guys, why don ' t you smile? Lunch time is also a time of study, for some- Let ' s watch those calories, girls. I still say you ' re eating MY lunch. Alright, just see if I ever give you a lick of my lollipop! So you were caught in the act of feeding your face again, huh? 103 STUDENTS IN GOVERNMENT Mayor, Jim Byrum Councilman Rudy Acuna Administrative Assistant Jim Millard Councilman Dick Okada Councilman Roger Cooper Councilman Mike Matkins Director of Public Works Ron Boettcher Fire Chief Bill Pagett Finance Director Rhonda Gray Planning Director Esther Sherwood Building Inspector Frank Loveless Police Chief Steve Cushman Director of Parks and Recreation Susie Dykstra City Manager Ed Ries •« SENIOR CAMP COUNSELORS This year thirteen students from El Rancho participated in the Rivera School District ' s program in outdoor camping education. Through this privilege, these students gained experience in the understanding and guidance of younger chil- dren. To become camp counselors, the students were selected by Mr. Tammen. After obtaining parents permission the counselors were off to spend a week at Forest Home. Students participating in the outdo or program were: Sandy Wells, Dean Huddleston, Helen Flores, Ernie Vejar, Linda Scarborough, Toni Garcia, Lou Seligman, Bob Chitwood, Esther Sherwood, Frank Loveless. 105 Looking on the more serious side of graduation we find a few Seniors discussing their choice of graduation announcements. By the amazing fortune of invisible paint cans and paint brushes, the Seniors tied in trash can painting for class competition. First things first, so the Seniors bought their Senior Pins to identify themselves as the class of ' 63. The first competition pep rally for the class of the year award was won by the Mighty Seniors. Winning the Toys for Tots com- petition, a fev Seniors pack the toys that were collected. 106 A TRIBUTE TO I RICHARD JUAREZ A smile, nevertheless Richard strives for higher grades. Richard was a Junior when I first became acquainted with him in the fall of 1960. He had signed up for General Agriculture and was assigned to my sixth period class. His plot was always clean and neat and he usually finished his work before the period was over. Richard was very eager to learn and would ask for extra work doing something different than the usual maintenance jobs. On Friday, September 25, 1960, Richard and I laid block until about 6 P.M. He went to the football game that night and was stricken within an hour after getting out of bed the next morning. Infectious transverse myelitis was the diag- nosis—total paralysis was the immediate result. Mr. Harry Veale When Richard was stricken with this paralyzing disease, he was forced to leave El Rancho to be hospitalized for special treatment. After a period of treat- ments at the hospital, he had improved far enough along to return to school in a wheelchair. He would attend school everyday for four periods. Upon his return to El Rancho, Richard had hopes of graduating with the Class of ' 63, he wanted to be able to walk up and receive his diploma all by himself. Upon gaining strength in his legs, he tried too hard which caused an unfortunate accident, he fell and broke his leg in two places. We all hope that by graduation he will be able to fulfill his wishes. 107 Joi C« P k ' ' M no Coach Joe Petti Coach Ernie Johnson Coach Billy Hughes WE ' RE PROUD OF YOU BOYS, WE ' RE PROUD Horse Racing may be the sport of kings, but football is the sport of men. The El Rancho football team of 1962 truly represented football in its highest form. Sportsman- ship, self-sacrifice, and dedication all were integral parts of this years team. From the fourth string substitute on the bench to the first string all-league selection, every boy was dedicated to the team. This is a great tribute to Coach Johnson and also to the men of the 1962 football team. Football, to the average spectator takes place on Fri- day night, go to the thousands of diligent hours of preparation that go into that Friday night game. All year long coaches, Ernie Johnson, Joe Petti, and Bill Hughes, spend Saturdays, Sundays, and spare hours, help- ing to build the El Rancho football players into men. The spirit of El Rancho was heralded throughout Cali- fornia by its courageous football team. Captains— Mike Matkins and Alan Knebel 111 7:55— Richard leads the team through the arch formed by the Drill Team and Pepsters. THE WAY THE The football game has come to mean a great deal to every campus, and El Rancho is no ex- ception. From the first game of the season against AAontebello, to the last thrilling playoff game against Anaheim, the Don Gridders provided the El Rancho Rooters with good football. The pictures on these pages should bring back memories for all football fans; starting in the Grid action. Half-time — This is what the team does Team perform on the field. hile the Band and Dril RECORD El Rancho 20 7 Montebello El Rancho 13 7 Whittier El Rancho 14 6 Sierra El Rancho 26 6 Millikan E1 Rancho 25 Norwalk EI Rancho Bellflower E1 Rancho 38 13 Excelsior E1 Rancho 41 Santa Fe E1 Rancho 20 20 California E1 Rancho 19 Monrovia EI Rancho 6 14 Anaheim Denotes League Action Denotes C.I.F. Action DONS DO IT upper left hand corner with Dick leading the team out to the field through the Drill Team arch, and ending in the lower right hand corner with the boys praying on the field after the alma mater. Each and every game, in itself, was an excit- ing experience for both participants and on-look- ers, combined they made up a fine season, of which we all can be proud of. El Rancho vs. Norwalk. Anytime— Only 1 1 boys can play at a time. The traditional ending to all of our games, a prayer after the alma mater. ALL LEAGUE This year we would like to mention in the Por el Ano, the El Rancho varsity football play- ers who were chosen to the S.G.V.L. All-League team. The four dons named to offense were: Frank Loveless, Sr. fullback; Tom Egan, Jr. quarterback; Alan Knebel, Sr. end; and Dennis Chabala, Sr. guard. The five dons named to defense were: Bob Kjosling, Sr. tackle; Scott Reid, Jr. safety; Ron Drake, Jr. safety; Alan Knebel and Dennis Cha- bala. Dennis was also chosen outstanding line- man in the S.G.V.L. ' VHBIII K GILBERT AGUIUAR HB RICHARD OKADA HB CHUCK CLASS HB THE 1962 HIGH VARSITY FOOT JACK BLANCO FB JOE RODRIGUEZ HB REGGIE FIELDER FB 114 CHARLIE HESS T GEORGE TEMPLIN G DENNIS GHABALA T BOB KJOLSING T ' GARY BARTON T 1 SCOTT REID E JEFF HUTCHINSON E WALT FERRARI E ALAN KNEBEU E PAUL PHIPPS E EL RANCHO SCHOOL FRANK LOVELESS FB DAN SCOTT HB DEAN HUDDUESTON FB BALL TEAM iTEVE SWANSON G JOHN FIELDER G DENNIS TURNEY T DAVID LESLIE T RICK KELLENBERGER T DICK COLBERT C MIKE STELL C JOHN MARTINEZ C MANAGERS, GLEN TAYLOR AND FRED SPARLING US ' 4 1 M f « i:i- §i3S » ' w - BEE FOOTBALL TEAM— left to right: Ernie Serra, John Beauer, Romeo Gonzales, Gil Torres, Gary Howell, Jim Hawkins, Ronnie Matkins, Danny Green, Mike Grimsby, Vic Stegman. ' «B SF- » «i m w. % %, 1 1 1 - mm ' ' tlMliiirT ' 1 1 I J 1 § ■i s . BEE FOOTBALL TEAM— left to right; Mike Grimsby, Gene Par- sons, Danny Green, Jim Hawkins, Perry Clark, Gil Torres, Ed Silva, Art Espejo, Alex Zaragossa, Jim Gravette, Ron Matkins. Coach Herrera, Co-Captains Ed Silva and Ron Matkins, and Coach Tom Eads with the championship trophy. SGVL CHAMPS RECORD El Rancho 13 El Rancho 18 El Rancho 12 El Rancho 14 El Rancho 19 El Rancho 8 El Rancho 21 El Rancho 19 El Rancho 12 Montebello 7 Whittier Sierra 19 AAlllikan Norwalk 6 Bellflower Excelsior 7 Santa Fe 7 California CEE FOOTBALL RECORD El Rancho 27 Montebellc El Rancho 27 Whiftier El Rancho 6 13 Sierra El Rancho 19 6 Artesia El Rancho 6 18 Norwalk El Rancho 13 Bellflower El Rancho 6 21 Excelsior El Rancho 26 Santa Fe El Rancho 6 13 California ROW 1, left to right: Wayne Nichols, Danny Pearson, Richard Soto, Steve Sevillano, John Stalter, Manuel Montoya, Leonard Del Real. ROW 2: Coach Keith Adams, John Glenn, Louie Winter, Anthony Espinoys, Bob Torres, Mike Gutierrez, Les Lopes, Bob Aguilar, Ray Ruiz, Tony Machuca. ROW 3: Steve Skivicallo, David Matues, Gilbert Valerano, David Cardenas, Alex Reynoza, Rick Showban, Larry Glass, Alfred Sabedra, George Ellis, Tom Alfred. ' -iMISinXiitmaii, ' 4 i-ik ' m . 117 ROW 1, left to right: Larry Carter, Bob Chevarin, John Reza, Blaine Bolduc, Juan Tarin, Wayne Fox, Joe Danielson, Ron Graf, Graig Connely, Louis Suarez, Ron Long. ROW 2: John Forbess, Alex Alonzo, Jack Perry, George Morales, Darryl Coger, Larry Pratt, Ron McKinney, Bob Cushman, John Amato, Clarke Barton, Vic Rivera, Tom Cox, Bill Janke. ROW 3; Tony Tru- jillo, Gil Mendiaz, Mide Molina, Gus Translavina, Jim Amador, Armondo Del Real, Bud Barela, Carl Sinpson, Dick Moses, Howard Brazel, Coach Swedlund, Coach Radke. JV FOOTBALL The J.Vees in Action, after school. RECORD El Rancho 6 29 Montebello El Rancho 12 6 Whittier El Rancho Sierra El Rancho 6 13 Millikan El Rancho 13 20 Norwalk El Rancho Bellflower El Rancho 7 Excelsior El Rancho 7 6 Santa Fe El Rancho 12 6 California 118 JC FOOTBALL RECORD El Rancho 6 18 Pioneer El Rancho 14 7 Santa Fe El Rancho La Serna El Rancho 7 14 Whiftier El Rancho 13 33 California El Rancho Sierra ' Cancelled Here are the J Cees in Action on the Don Fieid- J.C. FOOTBALL: ROW 1, left to right: Dwain Suffacool, Mike Meindell, Ru- ben Candelana, Rocky Sabedra, Manuel Maldonaoo, John Williams, Char- lie Anaya, Joe Garcia. ROW 2: Frank Beltran, John Nooman, Jake Delgado, Ron Candelana, Coach J White, Greg Eazor, Denms Hornek, Glen Bolander, Steve Gattis. 119 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY ■ Joe takes ihe lead once again! The El Rancho Varsity Cross Country team had a very successful season this year. The team, un- der their coach Mr. AAcllwain, finished second in league action, and advanced to the C. I. F. pre- lims. The captain for the varsity team this year was Richard Mendez. In leading his team, Richard broke several school Cross Country records; and in S.G.V.L. competition proved to be the second best runner in the league. Joe Trammel, whose picture is above, placed third; giving El Rancho two of the S.G.V.L. ' s top three Cross Countrymen. -.,-« 1.2 =» I i h ' i. V s VARSITY— left to right: Ed Murphy, Art Duran, Joe Trammel, Jim Carter, Richard Mendez, Bob Murray, Art Martinez, Robert Barrow. SECOND ROW: Coach Mcllwain. 120 JV CROSS COUNTRY C- W . X A And In just a little while, this whole thing will be over. More than half of the Jr. Varsity and fresh- men Cross Country men will be returning to the sport next year. Coach Mcllwain said he is look- ing forward to a successful season next year be- cause the team will be more experienced. The boys finished in fifth place this season, but both teams have resolved to do better next year. e T . V « mi I i4 -- • ' ' I ' - i: ! »■: iU $H ' .C ' j FRESHMEN-ROW I, left to right: Steve Apdaca, Anthony Parra, Clark Perez, Jim Pinon, Howard Klein, Robert Barron, JR VARSITY— ROW 2: Pat Brown, Bill Phillips, Tim Canlrell, Richard Hino|OS, Tony Castro, Glenn Van Horn, Joe Lopez, Coach Mcllwain 121 Sponsored by PICO MUSIC CO. 9308 E. Whittier Blvd. Pico Rivera, Calif. !22 Coach Don Johnson All right, if you guys don ' t shape up there ' ll be no payoff THEY NEVER GAVE UP There are probably only a few sports more demand- ing in physical stamina and ability than Basketball. Basket- ball is also very difficult to coach, yet Mr. Don Johnson took a group of boys with relatively little experience and molded them into a fine disciplined team. After a fine pre-league season, capped by grabbing second place in the La Habra tournament, the Dons ran into a disastrous losing streak. Games eluded them by only a few scant points. Morale seemed sure to drop to a new all time low for an El Rancho team, but Coach John- son and his crew never gave up. Practices continued to be long and hard with every man from the lowliest sopho- more to Co-captains Mike Matkins and Steve Cushman giving a 100°o effort. Those diligent practices paid off for the Dons. They broke out of their losing streak to crush their last three opponents. This display of fortitude and courage when everything seemed to be going wrong is a trubute to the character of our fine El Rancho team and its great coach. Co-Captains Steve Cushman and Mike Matkins Manager Dennis Menser aiHiii iii 123 liUSc A 1 £ { JefF Ploger Gary Berends John Fielder 124 STEVE CUSHMAN MIKE MATKINS JEFF PUOEGER JOAN FIEUDER THE EL RANCHO HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM GARY BERENDS ERNIE MADRID MICKY GREEN JERRY PEVEHOUSE JOHNNY MILLER EMERSON GRIMSBY JOHN REEDER CRAIG CHAPMAN 125 BEE BASKETBALL— ROW 1, left to right: John Forbess, Richard Marinez, Dan Scott, Ron Mafkins, Larry Rego, Bob AmuncJson, Gilbert Villa. ROW 2: Coach Astrom, Vince Diaz, Mike Gallego, Steve Dauthett, Ed Silva, John Linker, David Mesa. BEE BASKETBALL TEAM Just Before every Varsity Basketball game, the Bee ' s took the court and pro- vided exciting and good basketball for all interested spectators. The team which placed second in S.G. V.L. action and placed fourth out of six- teen in the Excelsior tournament, was led by top point men Dan Scoot, Mike Galle- gas and Larry Rego. Ron AAatkins was the team captain. Coach Osterman was very pleased with the courage and fortitude displayed by every one of the boys. Their attitude coupled with their ability made them a fine team. The Bees in Action. 126 CEE BASKETBALL CEE BASKETBALL, iefi to right: Coach Olson, George Ellis, David Mateus, Charles Moomey, Curt Stewart, Stan Gada, ROW 2: Mike Worales gilbert -Valeriano, Steve Camacho, Bob Aguliar, Alfred Saavedra yt ' - it " 9 v y . DEE BASKETBALL DEE BASKETBALL: ROW 1, left to right: Mr, Witherspoon, Mike Dellens, Glen Silverman, Ores Bahnsen. ROW 2: Steve Apldoca, Rick Perez, Sammy Morales, Don Klemments. 127 J.V. BASKETBALL: ROW 1, left to right: Coach Ogas, John Truijelo, Jim Reynalds, Gary Villard, Ray Ota. ROW 2: Jerry Calvin, Jim Panceraff, Joe Danielson, Wally Wooten. JV-JC BASKETBALL 1963 J.B BASKETBALL: ROW 1, lefl to right; John Lauwon, Don Ruiz, John Noonan, John Silva, Johnny De La Paz, Bill Kahn, Coach Ogas- ROW 2: Ray Halreque, Larry Lee, Kenny Rahinson, Gary Mesa, John Krcelic, Jay Case. GOLF TEAM— ROW I, left to right: Don Blackmere, Mike Neagle, Ron Sherlack, Bill Adagio, Dennis Harner, Krist Waldron, Ed Cervantez. ROW 2: Coach Osterman, Mike Lopez, Bob Stewert, Jim Millard, Craig Chapman, John Fulder, Lloyd Horsley. A little determination is all it takes to be a good golfer???? GOLF i m - -:% Golf has been played at El Rancho since 1954. The team has had nnany successful seasons under the guidance of coach Joe Osterman, who has coached the team for ten years. The first and second men on the squad this year are Jim Mil- lard and Mike Matkins respective- ly. Their record of victories is somewhat higher than that of the team as a whole. They receive the support of the other team members, who are John Fielder, Bill Adagio, Craig Chapman, and Bob Stewart. The squad has im- proved considerably this year, and next year ' s team looks very promising. The Record thus far is 2 wins, 8 losses. 129 Some instruction by Mr. Osterman. EL RANCHO STAR GOLF TEAMSTERS Practice swings: Lloyd Horsley and Bob Stewart. .-WSsln. " T %» -i Craig Chapman the last and John Lauman chip to the green. A teammate makes a beautiful drive. f ( ' e » 1 r H " I ai - " . w WRESTLING TEAM— ROW 1, left to right: Constantino, Benson, Bohlander, Galindo, Beserra, Blademan, Seran, Taylor. ROW 2: Sawyer, Stalter, Iribarren, Oritiz, Huddleston, Patino, Williams, Zardeneha. ROW 3: Coach Petti, Howell, Garland, Barela, Crow, Swanson, Amador, Devine, Stewart, Gravette, J. Gravette, Sparling. WRESTLING It ' s not polite to point. Varsity— ROW 1: (left to right) John Brazo, Kerry Taylor, Steve Kotsay, Frank Long, Mike Provinse, Norm Farquhar. ROW 2; Coach McCandless, Jan Juric, Harry C. Carlson, George Sibley, Rudolph " Buzz " Acuna, Don S. Anderson, Steven Robles, Cam Gaudet, and Coach Garson. VARSITY WATER POLO Fifteen lettermen and third place sums up the El Rancho var- sity team headed by captains Rudy Acuna and Scott Espa rza. They finished this season in a tie for third place. The Don bee team also finish- ed third, with a record of one win and five losses. Steve Klein was the bee team captain. The cee team had a rough season with a no win, six loss record. The captains for the cee team were Paul Ghere and John Thomas. The Water Polo coaches this year were Roger McCandless and Al Garson. ■ ' " im- . t. 132 • ■: BEE AND CEE WATER POLO ROW 1, left to right: Jan Juric, Jack Harris, Gordon Oster, Drake Moreno, Dennis Sellers, Norm Hansler. ROW 2: Don Beck, Dick Steinway, John Pittman, Jim Harsh, Rick Fulton. c -Ho- ROW 1, left to right: Ron Pene, Captain John Tho mas, Captain Paul Ghere, Jimmy Villegas. ROW 2: Coach Garson, Eugene Blakeman, Grady Wallich, Earl Hallum, Mike Partida, Coach McCandless- l tWIlllM ' H »IIH»iaJM ■ ■ It « -J The score keeper for the Water Polo teams was Susie Dykstra. The Cee Wate Polo team. In action. 133 Coach Jim Olsen Co-Captains Ron Drake and Jack Blanco BASEBALL ' S BOSS-MEN Manager Gary Taylor ' y ' ' -. .■„J ' Ji t-. ' .r ' J •-8»i It looks as if El Rancho ' s baseball team is des- tined for another fine season. With nine return- ing lettermen, including Steve Cushman, Jack Blanco, Scott Reid, Ron Drake, Chuck Glass, Ernie Madrid, Bob Higgins, Rudy Acuna, and Joe Kriss- man, from a team that went to the C.I.F. play- off, it seems the team will not lack experience. The squad which has lost only one game thus far, is being coached by Mr. Olsen, mentor of last year ' s championship junior varsity squad. With an abundance of talent from last year ' s champion J.V. ' s plus a corp of returning veterans and a coach with a championship record, it seems this year ' s varsity baseballers have a fine shot at the coveted C.I.F. crown. J 35 JACK BUANCO RON DRAKE CHUCK GLASS STEVE CUSHMAN SCOTT REID RUDY ACUNA BOB HIGGENS ERNIE MADRID DWANE KRISSMAN EL RANCHO HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM CLEM DONAi-DSON DENNIS HELLING BOB BENAVIDES TOM EGAN JOHN MARTINEZ DAN SCOTT LEO MORONES Ml KE GRI MSBY ED ROC HAN I 136 %a ff r if First you get in a comfortable position. Then take that easy stride. THIS IS THE WAY THE JV ' s AND FROSH PLAY BALL!!! Run fast , ' " • It ' - ' Ttht auttimtmXr (aB - Hit ball JUNIOR VARSITY— ROW 1, left to right: Frank Martinez, Jack Glaser, Steve Mattews, Nick Fitov, Ron Matkins, Mark Blair, Dennis Peterson, Dennis Rowl, Don Horstkotte. ROW 2: Manager Mike Mendl, BiM Janke, Mike Morales, Ken Musselmann, Bob Wells, Coach Radke, Allyn Reed, Mark McDaniel, Larry Pratt, Mike Gallego, Perry Clark, Richard Whiting. JV AND FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAMS FRESHMEN BASEBALL— ROW 1, left to right: Roger Walls, Charles Mooney, Greg Bahnsen, Sammy Mor- ales, Pete Favata, Billy Quezada, Paul Ginez, Humberto Barajas, Kenny Silva. ROW 2: Wayne Nichols, Larry Murphy, George Ellis, Tony Ketelsteger, Stan Jada, Coach Swedlund, Larry Glass, Robert Cushman, Bob Aguilar, Larry Lee. Varsity Pole Vaulter Frank Love- less clears the bar. Page sponsored by MEL STEELE 9337 Washington Blvd. Pico Rivera 139 VARSITY TRACK TEAM— ROW 1, left to right; Jim Amador, Joe Tram- mel, Arthur Martinez, Richard Mendez, Isma! Lopez. ROW 2: Charles Hess, Art Duran, Carol Burke, Paul Pargen, Rene Morquecho, Frank Loveless, Ken Harris. ROW 3: Jim Carter, Gil Augilar, Carol Simp- son, Mike Stell, Jerry Pevehouse, Bob Kjolsing, Larry Thomas, Rod Ferguson, Phil Gaylord. EL RANCHO HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY TRACK TEAM Coach Mcllwain and Team Captain Rod Ferguson Track Managers Fred Sparling and Dennis Menser ' % The 180 yd. low hurdles. ' -..J? ' , The shot put demonstrated by an ER man at the E first El Rancho home meet. TRACK ACTION FAST AND FURIOUS The high jump demonstrated by Bill Gallegos. 141 A .., , i . m tta ' " BEE TRACK TEAM-ROW I, left to right: Bob Wachtler, Bob Murray, John Amato, Emilo Ramirez, Steve Apadaco. ROW 2: Danny Walles, John De La Paz, Johnny Miller, Earl Gillef, Ken Hazelroth, Tony Castro, Clark Perez. ROW 3: Bill MakshanofF, Danny Green, Manuel Ginez, Jerry Gleason, Alex Bazurto, Paul Lantello, Ron Guiterrz, Gary Howell. BEE AND CEE TRACK TEAMS CEE TRACK TEAM-ROW 1, left to right: Tim Cantrell, Steve Sevillano, Richard Alamanza, Gene Parsons, Ray Ota, Vince Calabrese. ROW 2: Anthony Parr, Richard Bise, Alfred Abkea, Doug Perez, Ricky Perez, Tony Trujillo, Don Ruiz, Bill Matthews, Gil Medina. ROW 3: Romeo Gonzales, Alex Zarragoza, Ray Ruiz, Pat Brown, Howard Klein, Ronny Pearson, Oscar Mendeza, Ron Campa. 142 f) 9 m n: ' % £» © F ii f " ' V- ' ' Nfc , » lta VARSITY SWIM TEAM— ROW 1, left to right: Harry Karlson, Bill McKinney, Russ Blanchard, Frank Kalten- bach. ROW 2: Coach Garson, Mgr, Larry Kappmyer, Jan Juric, Steve Thomas, Mike Province, George Sibley, Coach McCandles. VARSITY SWIM TEAM AND COACHES Swim Team Coaches Roger McCandles ancJ Al Garson look over schecJule for meet against Cal. Hi. 144 1; ' . I- BEE SWIM TEAM— ROW 1, left to right: Alan Weatherby, Drake Moreno, Norm Hansler, Jack Harris, ROW 2: Mr. Garson, Larry Kappneyer, (mgr.). Rick Fulton, Gordon Oster, John Pittman, Charles Rockwell, f r. McCandless. enru,c BEE AND CEE SWIM TEAMS CEE SWIM TEAM— ROW 1, left to right: Jim Villegas, David Weatherby, Cal Burges, Jay Coons, Blademan, John Thomas, Paul Ghere. ROW 2: Mr. Garson, Larry Kappneyer (mgr.), Ros Pene, Earl Ed Bassett, Dennis Bauer, Steve Gattis, i x . McCandless. Eugene Hallum, ' 145 1 Throughout four years of diligent practice and participation, Alan Knebel has suc- ceeded in becoming El Rancho ' s finest diver. It will be hard for anyone to live up to his record. U6 On your mark! , Get set! , -C " ' • 1- ;ar- •- ■--• ' ««SSL W -=:- GO ! M M I s. - " SaSm 147 c Gymnast Ray Rivera on the ' Teammate and folio; petitor Bob Sa watches. 1 MARGE ' S CLEANERS 8922 E. Beverly Blvd. Pico Rivera, Cal " ' ' GYMNASTIC TEAM-ROW 1, l t to right: Vince Montoya, Bob Sawyer, Mike Gaxeola, Richard Morales, Ray Rivera, Fred Siebum, Chuck Delfl, Leonard Cano. ROW 2: Manuel Montoya, Ricbard Murray, Felix Montoya, Ronnie Prince, EarfMi Her, (Terry Nakano, Tino Serne, George Cadeno, n Coach Bads checks up on the j re, Carol StOrd aht and Esther Sherwood kept the gymnastic record this season. Benson, Bill Montoya, Abby Torres. ROW 3: Coach Tom Eads, Richard Allen Colbert III, Alex Reynozo, Robert Jiminez, Terry Gluskoter, Ken Kizzar, Steve Pineda, Rudy Castro, Jerry Sawyer, Gordon, Pettus. Team Captain Gordon Pettus with Coach Tom Eads. 149 H . ' ».; V-.1 Earl Miller— Tumbling Fred Siebum— Side Horse Richard Morales— Parallel Bars 150 Gary Villard smashes one over the net. TENNIS ACTION Jeff Ploeger and Bob Taylor, El Rancho ' s championship doubles team. .Mk ' M- Logan and McCreadie from Bellflower return serve. 7 ll i- s ' ' • » -y " t % f ' ..Itll ' ' ' % . ' - ' .,»» » ' - ' ■ ' 151 Bob Taylor JefF Ployger Ron Hardison Dick Okada EL RANCHO VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Tony Miller Jim Byrum Coach Don Johnson Gary Villard Gary Anderson Charlie Silva Jim Hawkins 152 " , IT m J.V. TENNIS TEAM-left to right: Coach Talmadge, Paul Heisig, Tony Lehman, Lynn Nowicki, Ken Robinson, Frank Amador, Roger Wasserman, Steve Klein. JV TENNIS TEAM Darn ' t! If he hits this one back I don ' t know what I ' ll do. Roger Wasserman puts a strain on the gut. - •MMKiraacBae ez— " t Aiji - ' « ' hi 7. ■ ' «£? ■ tt: 153 Everyone enjoys eating G.A.A. suckers. In addition to the sport activities the G.A.A. Board headed many interesting events for the girls this year. An example of this is the Dad- Daughter Sports Night, which is always a success. Another activity which the El Rancho girls partici- pated in was a playday at one of the local colleges. GAA PLANS G.A.A. Board, left to right: Theresa Sinoui, Yolonda O ' Cam- po, Jeanette Valenzuela, Dolores Navaro, Denise Dea, Linda • . k- . Members of the El Rancho High School G.A.A. are proud to have the best equip- ment available. 154 Some of the girls participate in one of the many girls sports. Linda Scarborough, Girls Athletic Association presi- dent, has done a very good job in representing the El Rancho girls this past year. The 1962-1963 school year proved to be a successful one for girls sports. ACTIVITIES Meyers, Janice Ashlock and Olivia Acosta, Kathy Eberhart, Linda Scarborough, Susan Steinweg. Fun was had by all at the Dad-Daughter sports night. 1 i 155 GAA PLAYDAY OFFICIALS 1% i J..- ' ■y ' - ' 0i i:- ... Left to right: Linda Myers, Yolanda Ocompo, Linda Ozuna, Linda Scarborough, Doris Scarborough, Corine Moncayo, Cindy SeTen, Julie Ellis. 156 SPEEDAWAY For the first time, El Rancho is offering G.A.A. Speedway, taking the place of field hockey. Everyone participating in this sport seemed to enjoy it thor- oughly even though they may have been kicked or hit by a flying ball occasionally. They participated under the supervision and direction of Miss Hughie and Dorann Johnson. Left to right, TOP ROW; Doris Scarborough, Dorann Johnson, Yolanda O ' Campo, Corine Montcayo, Linda Scarborough. BOTTOM ROW: Teresa Sinohi, Lorrainz Magnass, Pat Ryland, Cruzita Acosta, Terry Reinhart. Hey! Throw it here! 157 i Left to right: Miss McKelvey, Linda Scarborough, Cindy Seten, Doris Scarborough, Yolando Ocampo, Linda Ozuna. FRONT ROW: Bertha Mendez, Lucinda Lee, Frannie Howe, Sherry Lorenz, Pat Ryland. BASKETBALL This year ' s G.A.A. Basketball was su- pervised by Miss McKelvey. The team consisted of eleven active girls who spent their after school hours enjoyably learn- ing basketball skills and rules. The Volleyball team this year was un- der the supervision of AArs. Flores. Eight- een girls participated actively in the after school sport. These hours proved to be both enjoyable and an excellent time to improve the skills and knowledge of the game. 158 VOLLEYBALL r K r This is your last chance. Hit it over! Don ' t hold the ball! TOP ROW: Pat Ryland, Sharon Zude, Kathy Sarabia, Marlene Dinsmore, Dorann Johnson, Lorraine Mag- ness, Judy Galland, Susan Teter, Cozita Acosta, Yolanda Ocampo, Doris Scarborough, Toni, Francee Howe, Denise Dea, Ellen Kelly, Corine AAoncayo, and Doris Nevaress. 159 ir Four girls demonstrated some of their many poses they learned in modern dance. MODERN DANCE TOP ROW: Barbara Martin, Paula Anderson, Cathy Schy, Jeri Thomas. BOTTOM ROW: Marty Grant, Georgia Marsh, Donna Pekar, Eleanor Bernaei. 160 Left to right— TOP ROW: Linda Ozuna, Marlene Dinsmore, Beverly McCune, Doris Scarborough, Yolanda Ocampo, Rosie Saltero, Sue Alberti. SECOND ROW: Corine Moncayo, Kathy Sarabia, Dorann Johnson, Mary Wood, Linda Scarborough, Cindy Seten. THIRD ROW: Toni Hurtado, Cheryl Satz, Cruzita Acosta, Pat Ryland, Dee Dee Shatzen, Susan Ericson. SOFTBALL Look mom!! No cavaties!! This years G.A.A. Softball team was under the leadership of Miss Draper. The girls played every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurs- day. The girls that participated learned many baseball techniques in their spirited games. The girls hope to have even a bigger turn- out for next year. ,J OOoops! 161 Tennis Action on the El Rancho campus. 162 TENNIS This year 18 girls participated in Tennis. These girls were instructed by their advisor, Miss Colby, in skills, participation, cooperation, and sports- manship. The point of interest was to increase the abili- ty of the players. The girls elected Linda Myers, sophomore, as captain. FRONT ROW, left to right: Pat Ryland, Ellen Kelly, Toni Hurtado, Nancy O ' Brien, Darlene Baquez, Corine Moneayo. BACK ROW: Susan Erickson, Loretta Kent, Cozita Acosta, Lynor Bertrand, Doris Scarborough, Linda Maganes, Linda Knect, Linda Scarborough, Marlene Dismone Miss Colby, Linda Parrish, Yolanda O ' Campo, Linda Myers. 163 TOP ROW, left to right: Kathy Peterson, Cydney McClure, Claudia Kile, Pam Watson, Jeanette Valenzuela, Dorothy Pearce, Doris Nevarris. BOTTOM ROW: Bev McCune, Gloria Clugston, Lynette Phillips, Sharon Bianco, Theresa Sinoni, Terry Reinhart. On your mark— get set— GO! 164 GAA SWIM TEAM This year 13 girls participated actively in the G.A.A. Swim Team. Miss Swan, a new teacher at El Rancho this year, advised the girls in their swimming. They learned the basic crawl, along with many other varied strokes. These girls willingly gave up their after school hours to practice in our pool for their swim meets. This was the second year G.A.A. offered swim- ming. Miss Swan, Swim Team Advisor El Rancho practicing for their meets. Coming up for air. a sen OO L AN D SOCIAL A - y f Mmn.: --V Starting off the year for the Drill Team was the Whittier parade. Since then they have sponsored a car wash, sold pop corn and entered in the Arcadia Parade and have participated in several other activities. Barbara Munell and Susan Payton took over as Drill Team Heads and helped acquaint Miss Drapper with the coeds of El Rancho. DRILL TEAM Members: Sandy Adkins, Tammy Aidetis, Janice Ashlock, Francine Balough, Karen Barnette, Judy Benedict, Carol Burts, Susan Bratton, Sandi Carlisle, Judy Carr, Linda Carter, Rachel Castro, Gloria Clugston, Gloria Correa, Candi Davis, June Dayton, Andrea Dixon, Carol Durna, Kathie Eberhardt, Jeannine Florance, Jeane Ford, Judy Galland, Irene Garcia, Lorena Geiser, Karon Gleason, Olinda Gonzales, Susan Goodman, Barbara Gourley, Kay Grayson, Karen Grund, Jill Hance, Judy Hendrlx, Kathy Hick- man, Sally Hinojos, Judy Hooper, Sandy Howershelt, Ingrid Klein, Joanne Krenicki, Lois Kuykendall, Sherry Landtiser, Ann Leon, Linda Lohe, Pat Lorenz, Linda Mabry, Roaslie Marinez, Sandy Marquez, Pat Marra, Vir- ginia McCormick, Susanne McCullar, Cheryl Moore, Barbara Munell, Linda O ' Born, Nancy O ' Brien, Jenny Olaque, Vianna Oliver, Diane Palmarez, Linda Parrish, Susan Payton, Kolores Prerz, Sharron Pohl, Senia Restive, Ernestine Rlvas, Susan Rodman, Robin Russell, Nicky Stambaugh, Jane Storz, Susan Terer, Mary Trammel, Lily Vega, Paula Wagner, Janet Walden, Janice Walden, Pat Watson, Charlene Zessen, Sharon Zude. 169 FLAGSTERS MAJORETTES ? . - • 45 170 Lucille Valeriano Diane Crowel Esther Sherwood - head Sherry Bonura mJ?s MASCOTS This es ' i cezc. Donna, ■ ;■ ' . : : ; Diana E-c:; n c : : present at all games mote school spirit. cro- La Nelle Lingenfelfer Dorothy Lawson - head Carol Parafioruto Carol Gonzales Vivian Rodriguez CAMPUS CUTEST Judy Bement Kerry Taylor CRAZIEST Dick Colbert Suzi Speiglemen BEST PERSONALITY Peri Gordon MOST TALKATIVE Alan Knebel Janice Lunetta BEST DRESSED Helen Mendoza Rudy Acuna FRIENDLIEST Lillian Cordova Jim Byrum BEST COUPLE Paula Wagner John Miller ■ ■MM W ' ■ Bfl HI ■ Kh w HB H m f 1 Kii f f H ■a ! 1 K t 1 H bs 1 ■ ' H S i 172 PERSONALITIES CUTEST JefT Hutchinson Linda Loya CRAZIEST Annie Madrid BEST PERSONALITY Steve Swanson Sherry Landtiser BEST DRESSED Paul Phipps Mary Ellen Terrazas FRIENDLIEST Louis Campos Susie Keith MOST TALKATIVE Jack Knebel Pam Manning BEST COUPLE Scott Reid Sherry Ledbetter 173 EL RANCHO DON CONCERT BAND This year the El Rancho " Don " Concert Band was under the direction of Mr. Jacobs. The Band members were proud to pose for the annual picture in their new and beautiful band uniforms. This year ' s band was small but powerful and we thank all of the members, along with Mr. Jacobs, for their fine school spirit. Band Members: Manuel Apalatequi, Gilbert Avila, Bonnie Burns, Ron Cus- ter, Chris Harding, Ken Marris, Marcia Marris, Sharon Mutchens, Jan Juric, Danny Lopez, Bob Lowry, Ed McDoniel, Richard McLean, Larry Monger, Manuel Montoya, Bob Mooney, Sammy Morales, John Nunez, Pete Nunez, Cynthia Seten, Harvey Stackpole, Larry Seligman. 174 DANCE BAND Members: Manuel Apalalequi, Gilbert Alvila, Chris Harding, Marcia Harris, Bob Lowry, John Nunez, Pete Nunez, Larry Seligman, Harvey Stackpole. DRUM MAJOR BAND MAJORETTE STEVE FRANCIS ANALIA MARSHALL ' 4f ' - V 15 " " You gotta be sincere . . . " , sings teen age idol Conrad Birdie as Sweet Apple youngsters listen in ecsta- sy. Mike Young appears as Conrad. BYE BYE BIRDIE This year as a special feature the Drama Department, lead by Mr. Don Gerts, put on the first amateur produc- tion of the play Bye Bye Birdie. The play was held on tion of the play Bye Bye Birdie May 23, 24, and 25, with a special The play .- , ainj , Willi a ofjciai preview assembly held for the El Rancho students on May 22. This has also been the first time in the history of El Rancho that a musical production has been presented to the student body, and public. This musical satire deals with a teen-age idol that has to leave for the service, then complications arise and a very different and enter- taining climax helps straighten things out. We would like to give special credit to Mr. Marsh, El Rancho music director, and to all students who helped in producing this fine and very rewarding play. " This is pretty little Rose Alvarez? What happened Rose, you have an accident? " , asks Mae Peterson, center, as she schemes to prevent her son Albert ' s marriage to Rose. " We ' re going to be on Ed Sullivan " sings the McAfee family as they dis- cover they will appear on a national television program with Conrad Birdie. From left: Betty Santoro, Linda Carter, Ron Van Meter and Steve Christensen. , :y ' EL RANCHO BY DAY AND NIGHT i DON CHOIR Don Choir Members: E. Allen, P. Anderson, F. Balough, R. Bar- ron, G. Barton, L. Bergland, D. Bonilla, C. Burketf, G. Caloudes, A. Carr, R. Chitwood, S. Cittel, M. Coppock, J. Cottle, D. Cush- man, J. Dahner, C. Davis, K. Devine, B. Diaz, L. Douglas, AA. Edwards, J. Ellis, S. Erickson, V. Eschjeda, J. Finley, W. Gass- ner, P. Gaylord, K. Gleason, E. Hemsley, D. Henkel, R. Honojos, C. Jarnagin, S. Juarez, M. Kirksey, M. Lamb, A. Luque, S. Mac- Lean, P. Markin, B. Martin, S. Marquez, A. Martinez, J. Martin- ez, L. Masters, D. McDaniel, G. McDaniel, M. McDonald, M. Men- doza, M. Menses, D. Menser, S. Montgomery, J. Moorman, G. Morlaes, P. Myer, L. Murphy, R. Nava, P. Nerbovig, Y. O ' Campo, M. Ochoa, E. Oliveras, V. Penner, D. Pennington, C. Perez, T. Peters, S. Powers, A. Reynoza, J. Rhodes, M. Rubio, D. Ruch, M. Rubio, E. Smith, P. Smith, B. Stanfleld, J. Tarin, B. Taylor, R. Thomas, J. Trammell, T. Trujillo, R. Vargas, B. Whitworth, S. Williamson, E. Lowe, S. Davis. CONCERT GLEE P. Abata, R. Baldwin, K. Barlow, B. Vivian, S. Boudreau, B. Bouldin, E. Bueno, S. Capp, R. Castro, C. Cavanaugh, M. Chavez, B. Clifford, J. Davis, G. Desanto, E. Diaz, L. Doty, L. Edwards, H. Elizalie, J. Escajeda, N. Ferraris, E. Fimbers, M. Fischer, C. Flint, J. Flores, C. Fortune, S. Fredrick, B. Fruend, M. Gaither, J. Gal- land, G. Garcia, R. Garza, R. Gonzales, C. Graham, S. Hamby, P. Hancock, H. Holier, J. Jackson, E. Jacques, D. Kaufman, K. King, P. Koch, J. Krantz, S. Linboctt, L. Lohrke, P. Lopez, T. Lopez, I. Lozano, L. Mabry, S. Markin, J. Martinez, V. Mendoza, S. Merritt, R. Morales, K. Morey, B. Morrow, H. Ochoa, D. Oestreich, L. O ' Neal, L. Ozuna, S. Penney, C. Perez, R. Perez, A. Poochigian, L. Ragusa, D. Rascon, R. Doris, S. Rodriguez, J. Ronney, R. Silva, L. Smith, C. Soto, D. Suffecoal, E. Taylor, V. Eileen, J. Villa, L. Vital, J. Wercker, L. Whelcel, G. Zamora. CHORALEERS Rebecca Astle, Judy Carr, Paula Cook, Gloria Cosentino, Dan Cote, James Cottle, June Dayton, Ken Devine, Regina Durkee, Margie Farese, Ron Harryman, Phil La Rose, Ignacio Magana, Bill Reynolds, Donna Ruch, Betty Santoro, John Trujillo, Diane Wales. And their fantastic director Mr. Marsh. 178 fs n « «n « ' l -. v, j r 4 ' s K " 9{ CONCERT GIRLS ' GLEE CHORALEERS 179 i ' V L- i if: ■ ' ' ' ' ' -r S-t w? As the new school year opened, our new principal addressed the student body. A good lesson in moral standards never hurt anyone. ASSEMBLIES The homecoming assembly greets back a warm and familiar face. The student body gets a preview of " Teahouse of the August Moon. " 180 g Right, iefl, shake, shake! Left, right, shake. SENIOR LUAU The evening started out with a delicious din- ner, followed by professional entertainment. Later the El Rancho Seniors danced to the latest tunes. A good time was had by all who attended. Wendy does the Hawaiian hula. 3 ml i ' " ■ ■ " ..■ The hula, Dennis, not the twist. Dennis and Dick imitate Fat AAamma. 181 CANDID CAMPUS " I told you to leave my bubble gum alone! " " Haaaappy New Year!! " ite r 9 H Hp l w KB HB ' ' ' ' H 3 J E J " And I used to be a 50 pound weakling. ' " Oh wow, get out of here while I ' m eating! " 182 Laura Scudders potato chips are the noisiest chips in the world. Nothing like a smile to support our team. But I was only trying to help. You cheated! You cheated! You cheated! Hey! Did you hear who won the game? GRID QUEEN - ' . tW4 AND HER « ' ' ' . 1 1 o ' 4 -f: fr« -w- ■ Mi ' ' ' (« ■«y? ' T f nr Senior Princess Ju nidr Princess Marsha Edwards . 3 hfi ■ ' ; ' iM a - »% 1 j ' . ,N Ms¥: Alumni reminisce with court after assembly. Queen Susan after crowning at Homecoming assembly UNIQUE ROYALTY Excitement mounted at the ninth annual Homecoming assembly, held on October 26, as our Homecoming Queen and her Court walked down the aisle of the gym to be presented to the student body, faculty, and alumni. The audience grew quiet and tense each time Student Body President, Mike AAatkins, opened an envelope and an- nounced a princess, climaxing at the announcement of the 1962 Homecoming Queen, Susan Dykstra. Her four Princesses were; Senior Princess, Judy Bement; Junior Princess, Marsha Edwards; Sophomore Princess, Gloria Clugston; Freshman Princess, Kathy Barlow. That night the Queen and her four Princesses were presented again at the El Rancho Stadium as they were driven around the field by varsity club members, then crowned on the field. After the game. Queen Susan and her Court reigned at the Homecoming dance UNIQUE ROYALTY. On top are Senior Princess, Judy Bement and Junior Princess, Marsha Edwards. On the bottom are Sophomore Princess, Gloria Clugston and Freshman Princess, Kathy Barlow. 186 Sometimes ihey even have slow dances. Follow tne Ho-Dads. AFTER GAME DANCES Bulch is givmg the Johnston scuff test. Lets See now . . . heel, toe ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ■ U i M i II - I i u i ■ » w Girls ' League President, and Second Vice President are shown with their dates. 188 GIRLS ' LEAGUE The planning for this year ' s Girls ' League For- mal Dance began in early October with the theme, " Oriental Fantasy. " The main job in planning was decorating. In tackling this chore, we decided to rent certain large props such as buddas, rickshaws, and a bridge. Most of the other decorations were made by Girls ' League representatives. Among these " home-made " decorations were the flowers and centerpiece. The next step was the selection of the band and photographer. These jobs were filled by the " Music by Mario " band, and Stanford Studios respectively. In keeping with the Oriental theme fortune and almond cookies were chosen as refreshments with a pineapple fruit punch to drink. Everything was finally set on January 12 and no one was happier than Cathy Schy, Girls ' League Second Vice President, who was in charge of the dance. The dance was held in the Don Ballroom (gym) from 9-12 and seemed to be a great suc- cess. A few couples enjoying a wonderful evening. JuDv fensairr aa ±a:= isrsar. Sanne S ' iioh-- Dare BrgEBmofr, Caral ■Or jTsur. ir T= Ss ' st- Jill rsnis, XtrsTrr, jDhrson. Jzsrms 4CT3nir :u ttu r jjd i j! ' teTTnsr, k ' ' fcfcv Tfeia-. SariarB Sfenr, Juriv iinsrfied, ftfe y WHERE IN THE WORLD The libems of itaiis year ' s Cosd Capers ■was WHtere in fl»e WoHcL Begmnlng m Amsrica and ending on ihe h ' ODr , 2 nd every minLTie v ' as sheer enjoyment. First place TA ' ent to the Crster Cr=:3rures which were by far a " fright- ening grouD. ' 5;-d; ' = Benson, a creature herself, stated " G dodcib . zzzz- " Second place v jas captured by the Kativki Kapers, " " and " ' " d o ' ace was wbW chosen In the group of " he Eanana Land Babies. " Sherry Ledfcetler jok- ingly remarked, " Wait until next year, " Sportsmanship " was captured by the peppiest group around, " TCe ' stone Komedy- " And now the cuilaln closed fo ' another year. VngirfE WcDdtttTc tCalnv tVDoran, Ivanr ' DBten, .feriE Orfen, Imnfe SANANA LU4D ABI3 ' sre T zibrsnr ;rot pirrirBi: ' . Penny Gray, CstdI Krspp, Raelene l3mbom, 5hB--y landtissT, 5h2-ry isdbstisr, Ann ' te tit dfid, Cathy Smy, Tsrry e}y, Snri e rB 5ioTT=i ' !, 5ie Tsrjr ' :. Wa-y Eilsn TsTTs as. saTphs Hd. ujii, i3T5 tiarc (tfsra t j btd, 5i an Cirby, t Inm, Barbara lii icdii jr. ?3rr (Vsnnrn , Su ar. Worsy, T n Itanan, £»siyn Wdtte, Shlrfey feireri . S i- iuite Seeri. ?3t 5tirtier ' TUOAMA Iteloi BDiTiand. Je3nTi=n= 3rDwn. rilTan CorsfovB, Paro Dijtton, 5isi= D« T-=, HnoTES Gr y, Anre SufsrrBZ, Glore CiugsTon, Jsnst KszBTran, la 1 telte imgsTTTshs-, Tms iocrsjssn, I ' rcfe WcCoy, Carol Parsrorrto. SlierwQcci ' cr- =[cr-r=c ' . Caret Sr n:e " =iTr. Saroy eis. Var Accc Hesr . TrtE «S ?CtX Gf .Hfi-WlC- ' .cr rT= r rmscrr. .are- 0 fi 2,il. :;3 " AtCATKAZ JAZZ " Nane Accsra, rsr Carte, sacrre Casn-c, Gcr- ' a =- £;, rarre 3arca. War- gar= Gcr-saies, C ' irca Gcrzaiez. -ce e - o-e, 5c ne srrsz, vzssr sr Var-rrez. Vara Hera x- ci " c -zr —- " aifis. Lochia Vaivrrano. Wai-a Eearr Vascues. " WKBE set IN AMEDCA CHwe Aczsra. =uia ■ cersarr. Ws-e dccccs. ju»e Elis. -e sm.iiifa arcs. .Ws-tT£ Sfarrr, - et .-rciae- l ' rvtUs =rrr 3eEr3i£ WasT, nce W c fat a Vanr Wc=ucmur. Icmrs ?a«a- Vaere ANTICS ' Carfrv BeHcw, Srecrenie SarcT«rtf, ar=rr Seecter. Margar Ci Ktan, Zsrz rs Estraca, ETz cer - =%r— ' =t.r= Gtiirrar. Sano 3rccs, -t o .acx- srr, Vtcrica Varr. lecx. V cCear S-san Aaies, sarcara Aciti. ' MIDNIOfr M iNCSCCW " a rreceTe src ilrert, uo 3ailsTc .car — aii e3C r. —itcs Iftacr- - ?3tT War-a. 5 i . -- n fc %tcC-s=. Vcxv SsrTTesucr-. Susar Sstwar, Si«;°rr Tse-. ■J ' - ' .Y } i t ' ' ' I love him. and wherever he goes ! ' li follow . e arms up. Stretch? Have you ever had that rundown feeling? Tired and droopy blood? PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT As the gym was closed on March 8, 1963 so went the memories of another year of Coed Capers. One of those memories was gathering together a group of girl friends. Then came the many ideas for a theme for the group, the choos- ing of a clever name and the trials of finding just the right records of your dance . . . But mostly the girls will remember the hard times they had making up the dances. Then came the day you found out you made it and then the many, many hours of rehearsing and the discouraging times when you found out that there were one or two girls who just couldnt get that kick up high enough or couldn ' t quite get the right beat with the record. Most of your worries are forgotten when you perform for the first time in front of an audience. Three performances later it is all over and some groups begin to plan for next years Coed Capers. 1 Denise Dixon, Barbara .V.unnel (not pictu ' ea;, Jenny G.agje. ■ ' Susie Dykstra (not pictured) Patty Terrazas. TlnNXA« ftr ' WHICH BELLE " WILL BE DONNA " ? Susan Rodman Pat Lorenz Esther Sherwood Ingrid Klein - p i rill i lX %Vv V Seniors look gleefully upon their prom, as the Juniors look ahead to a bright and successful year. ' 63 JR.-SR. PROM 194 BON VOYAGE " El Rancho seniors say ' Bon Voyage " as they attend their last formal dance at El Rancho High School. " Bon Voyage " , the theme of this years annual Junior-Senior Prom, was chosen by the Junior Class as a farewell to the graduating Senior Class of ' 63. The Don Ballroom was decorated to resemble or to give the illusion of a ship at a dock preparing for departure. Looking around, one could have found a ship ' s Helm, Smoke Stack, Stream- ers, Confetti, Stewards waiting to serve you, and even Port Holes along the sides of the Ballroom to add to the enjoyment of the evening. For dancing pleasure there was a well-known band, and also an exciting intermission show. All this added up to make the 1963 Junior-Senior Prom one of the highlights of the ' 63 school year, and one of the best Proms ever to be held at El Rancho High School. You can tell Bob Lockridge is anxious to attend this year ' s Junior-Senior Prom. 195 THE TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON CHARACTER Sakini Capt. Fisby Lotus Blossom Colonel Ruddy III Captain McLean Higa Jiga Sergeant Gregovich Ladies ' League For Democratic Action Villagers CAST STUDENT Roy Hudson Bill Reynolds Cathy Sparrow Steve Kimbrough Ed Ries Susie Spiegelman Frank Gilb Nancy Bruesch, Toni Garcia, Linda Carter, Cathie Harlow, Pat Terrazas Richard Armstrong, Don Barkemeyer, Arthur Miller " One of the best plays El Rancho ever put out. " " Excellent. " " Fantastic scenery and superb acting. " " Man, it was a panic. " These are just a few of the comments received from the fall play, " Tea House of the August Moon. " This play, so full of good humor and superb acting was said, by the entire student body, to be " smash hit. " Mr. Don Gerts deserves a word of congratula- tions for his fine directing and casting. Top: I told you this wasn ' t a Pendleton. Middle: Now you are a disgrace because the whole town knows that wasn ' t a Pendleton. Bottom: And soon, the whole world will know that wasn ' t a Pendleton. 196 THE MIRACLE WORKER A Doctor Pete Foye Kate Keller Kay Anderson Captain Keller Bill Reynolds Helen Keller Dondeena Miller Martha Barbara Nixon Percy Richard Murray Aunt Ev Julie Ellis James Keller Terry Nelson Anagnos Ed Ries Annie Sullivan Stacy Miller Viney Linda Carter Blind Girls Suzanne Copeland, Irene Garcia, Raylene Joh, Linda Leon, Mary Vincent Annie Sullivan makes the state- ment, " . . . and nobody here has attempted to control her. The greatest problem I have is how to discipline her without break- ing her spirit. " Annie was also blind, she came from Boston to the Keller family homestead in Alabama. Helen Keller, a six and a half year old child, is Annie ' s problem. Helen is blind, deaf and mute, and since the play takes place in the 1 880 ' s, scien- tists do not yet know how to help with her physical difficulties. 197 All I ask is to be left alone. And if I find the person who stole my water wiggle I ' ll . . , Look you guys, whoever wants the answer must come to me. Very few understand my works! An then Mr. Tamman told me there wasn ' t even an Easter Bunny. 198 X a r mfl Dear Santa . . . SMUG? MUGS? r.K Wiil they ever get anything straight in these history books. I like Bosco, Bosco ' s good for me. Hey, that fairy dust does wonders Don ' t let this get around, but I know who the masked grandma is. 199 M. . Janet Janis Walden ;. Jeasine Winters . Sally Flack . Susan Erickson . Delores Bourland . Diane Crowell . Karen Barneft . Barbara Hollingsworth - Marcia Mains ' . Rick Keilengberger, Pat Peterson . Sherry Ledbetter . Eddie Pico, Mike Renshaw, Also Velez . Jerry . Bill Pagett . Donna Calitiri . Trisha Walden . Mike Galligo . Janice Lunetta . Linda Liby, Jim Pancroff, Joe Lunetta . Barbara Benson . Jannette Brown . Diane Pennington . Barbara Benson . Sherry Landtiser . Kathy Barlow, Roger Anebel . Janis Lunetta, Cathy Harlow . Jeff Ploeger, Dean Huddleston . Candy Roger . Kathy Schy . Jainine DaHner . Fred Nixon . Nancy O ' Brien . Joe Lopez . Cindy Fourtune, Kristy Charlton . Annette Raine . Connie Flint , Kathy Bourgeois , Becky Baldwin , Susan Speigelman , Barbara Nixon , Dean Darrel Huddleston , Bill Mathews . Analia Marshall, Lou Larry Silligman . Rich Shawn y . II ' ' ' -! 22 24 23 20 25 X ' H fJifTnJSSi iW ORGANIZATIONS The members of the French Club turn around to have their picture taken during one of their meetings. FRENCH CLUB The French Club was better than ever this year. Plenty of activities filled the past year with excitement and pleasure. The club sponsored a dance, went to French Operas, movies, plays and ballets. They also learned about French culture and went to French restaurants where authentic French food was served. The members are: Ray Rodriguez, pres.; Gisele Brisson, v. pres.; Hermine AAatko, sec.; Sandy Liand, sen.; Mrs. Bradley, ad- visor; Sharon Ga I len berger, Margie Hammer, Francee Howell, Kathleen Katangian, Loretta Kent, Cydney McClure, Irene Matko, Leo Moronez, Mike Partida, Ray Ruiz, Sandy Sesson, Pat Abota, Sandy Kuperstein, Steve Power. Posing below, are the officers of the French Club. 204 GERMAN CLUB The German Club has had many successful activities during the year. Among these they have gone to a German movie, had a Christmas party, and have gone to a German restaurant. Under the advisement of Mrs. Fanning, the club has had a very success- ful year. As they say in Germany, " Die Feder ist an dem Tisch. " Members are: Terry Nelson, Earl Gillette, Wesley Gleason, Bob Garland, Leon Kincaid, Mike Pope, Janice Ashlock, and Janine Dahner. Craig Chapman is president. Janet Walden, vice-presi- dent. And Janis Walden, secretary. CHESS AND CHECKER CLUB El Rancho ' s Chess and Checker Club is made up of pawns and dons and black-kinged checkers. Its members get together and practice the differ- ent plays in chess and checkers. Besides learning the skills of these games, the members are also trained to think quickly, set up their own moves, and attack the moves of their opponents. The members of the club are: John Tatum, Mike Del- lers, David Aspino, Greg Mesa, John Kroelic, James Campbell, Anthony Parva, Brent Crabb, and Edward Bassett. The club ' s advisor is Mr. Doucet. This is the Chess and Checker Club ' s second year on the El Rancho campus. 205 LATIN CLUB Latin culture is spreading on the El Rancho campus with the aid of the ac- tive members of the Latin Club. The main activity of the Latin Club every year is the annual " Roman Banquet " . The mem- bers are: Richard Okawa, president; Lind- ley Lang, v. president; John Hecker, trees.; Jill Jackson, sec.; Larry Seligman, sen.; Kathy Eberhardt, Jeanette Valenzuela, Barbara Brock, Susan McKenny, John Link- er, Darael Tustin, Ronald Okada, and Bar- bara Burroughs. Above, the officers of the Latin Club pose while reading some literature about the language they are taking. Shown in the picture below, are the members of the Latin Club, in the midst of one of their meetings. ff !• 206 SPANISH CLUB Another successful club on campus the past year was the Spanish Club. Boast- ing of one of the largest memberships on campus is only one of its achievements. The new club advisor, Mrs. Burke, has helped the students gain a new insight on the cultures and customs of Latin Ameri- ca and Spain. The members are: Sharon Zude, president; Mike Lopez, vice presi- dent; Pam Watson, secretary; Mary Ann Garcia, senator; Janine Dahner, Judy, Ward, Maryjane Storz, Mike Nagle, Maria Comaduran, Marian Mansir, Rebecca Per- ez, Teresa Morales, Juliette Carral, Irene Tellez, Martin Velasquez, Nappy Suarez, David Mesa, Vicky Penner, Judy Galland, Karen Gleason, Sharon Pohl, Kathy Sara- hia, Emily Torres, Charles Torres, Carole Urasoff, Donna Saudoval, Esther Morales, Irene Tellis, and Linda Lorhke. The officers of the Spanish Club pose with their advisor, Mrs. Burke. Hosting a very large membership, the Spanish Club continues to be very popular to practically everybody. 207 FUTURE NURSES This year, as in the past, the Future Nurses Club adopted a Christmas family. The club raised its own funds for the Christmas day dinner and the presents the family received. Under the di- rection of Mrs. Merkel, the club enjoyed several field trips. The Future Nurses had a very success- ful year and invite any student interested in nursing to join next year. The members are: president; Ann McCandless; vice-president. Midge Mercado; secretary, Carol Duron; representative, Marcella Ochoce, Call Arc- hart, Romona Loya, Carmelila Ramirez, Kathy Peterson, Yvonne Padilla, Dorthy Pearce, Mar- garet Estrada and advisor, Mrs. Merkel. The Future Nurses gather around a sick gir JETS It is the utmost purpose of the Jets to interest the stu- dents in engineering, and to help them in their abilities. This they do by presenting a preview of the engineering profession and by getting them acquainted with the ac- tive participants of this field. This years ' club members are: left to right, Ernie Valdez, Harley Isemeninger, Randy Abernathy, Jerry Ramose, president; Lloyd Manning, and the advisor, Mr. Adams. Standing in this picture are the JETS, with their advisor, Mr. Adams. 20S FUTURE TEACHERS The Future Teachers of America spent the year visiting classrooms and going on various other field trips. The club members went to many ele- mentary schools, sitting in the classrooms and observing the techniques and styles of teaching. Also visited were numerous high schools. Under the direction of Miss Weidman, the club ' s advisor, the club progressed nicely throughout the past school year. The F.T.A. members are: Dondeena Miller, Carol Jackson, Nikki Hicks, Lorie Veronin, Bob Bowen, Ray Rodriguez, Lin- da Scarborough, Judy Ward, Pan Wat- son, Yolanda O ' Campo, Yolanda Cuellar, Janet Messersmith, Sharon O ' Connell, Kathy Cirigliano, Sue Barbour, Olivia Acosta. Posing in the quad are all of the members of the F.T.A. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS The F.B.L.A. is one of the long-standing clubs on cam- pus. Its purpose is to prepare members for a future in the business world. In accomplishing this purpose, they went on many field trips, business lectures, and other activities connected with the business field. The members of the club are: Rudy Acuna, Pres.; Shar- on Bianco, publicity; Frank Long, v. pres.; Susie Dykstra, Rhonda Reid, Linda McCoy, Jeanette Brown, Ron Reid, Bill Paget, Larry Broulette, Terry Gluscoter, Joe Lopez, Ar- mando Mendoza, Rosemary Mamykon, sec.; Fred Sparling, treas.; and Roel Edwards, sgt.-at-arms. 209 The officers of the Quill and Scroll are shown here displaying a national award certificate. Standing with them is the advisor of the club, Mr. Terry Itnyre. Cathy Waite and Dottle Skeels (president and secretary of the Quilt and Scroll) hold the Quill and Scroll pennant, while the rest of the club watches. QUILL AND SCROLL " The Otis Chandler Chapter of Quill and Scroll Inter- national " has been an exceptionally active club again this past year. CREATIVE DEMINSIONS, a creative magazine with articles v ritten by students, and the SPORTS SPEC- TACULAR, were both sponsored by Quill and Scroll. The club is also responsible for the football programs, and they participated in National News Paper Week and sponsored a chapter at Pioneer H igh School. The mem- bers of the club are: president; Dottie Skeels, vice-presi- dent; Steve Klein, secretary; Kathy Waite, senator; Ken Robison, Liz Barbour, Randi Contreras, Ernie Kemptner, Andi Kimbrough, Butch Paradise, Dennis Peterson, and advisor, Mr. Itnyre. 210 " Come on now— SMILE " PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Photo Club has had many activities in the past school year. Among these, are the annual photography contests, in which the students take pictures and enter them into competition with other students. They also went on numerous field trips. In- cluded in these is the trip through Los Angeles and up to Griffith Park. The new club advisor is Mr. Mottweiler, teacher of photography. The Photo Club members are: Pete Foye, president; Wesley Gieason, Victor Peneda, Roy Hudson, Timmy Peters, Sharyn Bruno, Ed Ries, vice president; Stacy Miller, secretary; Janis Wal- den, Janet Walden, Maryjane Storz, and Louis Campos. Hard at work in the photo lab??? 211 CALIFORNIA SCHOL These are Dons and Donnas of El Rancho who have achieved the goal of becoming members of the Scholarship Society. They have maintained high scholastic stand- ards and have proven themselves to be outstanding citizens. These students bring a spirit of learn- ing as well as leadership to our campus. They have performed many duties besides obtaining good grades, and they have gone out of their way to help others. Wembers of -As rirsr semester srei Ksy Anderson, Sslly Arelbnes, Rebeas Astle, John Beebs, Robert Black, Marie Coppozk, Ji ' iartin Edvi-ards, Julieenne Ellis, Jesnnine Florence, .Viar ' -Eilen Garcia, Anna Gutierrez, Mar- da fiarris, Psul Heisig, Judy Hendrix, Elizabeth ft ' enire, Barbara Martin, Evelyn McCullar, Drake Moreno, feoroe Mulllgen, Yolanda Ocampo, Richard Okada, Linda Parrish Susan Pa ton, Sharon Pohl, Michael Pope, Ef, ' .a-c ' Rles, Danny Rodriguez, Aleryiane Storz, Jeanette Valenzuela, Carol Jackson, Phyllis Lehr, Linda -eD- a-id Louie Lopez. FIRST SEMESTER 212 ARSHIP FEDERATION SECOND SEMESTER Second Semester C.S.F. Sen:cr — errcers were: Gordan Perrus, Sob Chir«ccd, Jim Millerd, Johr 5eece. Diane Wales. Mitce Margins, Ed Ries, Richard Okada, Louis Seligrnan, Anna djneraz Danny Locez. Gar Viilard, Gary Barfon. Second Semester C.S.F. Junior members were: Mike Pope, Kay Anderson, Adela Luque, Rebecca Asrie, Judy Hendricks, and John Kene well- Second Semester C.S.F. Sophomore men cers were: Jeenette V-Je! Unda Leon, Mary Ellen Garcia. ■.Z ' e ' .a, Maryi ' ane Stcrz, Caret Jackscr:, Second Semester C.S.F. Freshman rnembers were: Greg Bonnser!, Ccrs c Capetan, Mike Del lens, and Barbara Wohl. AV TECHNICIANS Th e Audio-Visual Technicians Club was busy, as usual, this past year. The club is not only on campus for en- joyment, it is a very necessary part of El Rancho. All of the members are needed to run any equipment connected with au- dio-visual aids. AAr. Holland, as the club advisor, has done a very good job working with the club. Members of the club are: Martin Ed- wards, Bob Beaucamp, and Harold Gi- ersch. Here, the members and advisor of the Radio Club surround a display of something connected with the radio field. Pictured here are the active members of the Radio Club, with one of their many informative displays. RADIO CLUB The Radio Club has worked all year on the building of a radio station. They have been working on this project for quite a long time, and they hope to have it finished in the near future. Other projects included many field trips to various places connected with the radio field. The members are: Jerry Pearce, pres.; Tim Cantrell, v. pres.,- Glenn Silverman, senator; Richard Parker, sec.; Frank Jel- ineb, Jim Folium, Norbert Melkoryam, Terry Gluskoter, and Bill Breckenridge. 214 FUTURE HOME ECONOMISTS The main purpose of the Future Home Economists is to promote interest in the various fields of home economics. An- other purpose is to help girls select a career best suited to their abilities. One of the outstanding service proj- ects of the year was the " Don Burger Survey " sponsored by the Future Home Economists. In order to assist caferteria workers, a survey was taken to get the students opinions on sack lunches. Then a contest was held to select the best reci- pe for the new Don Burger. At the first Home Economics Fair of El Rancho, the club members showed a film and helped to usher. This fair prov- ed to be most interesting and educational. As always, the Future Home Econo- mists Club was one of the most active and charitable clubs at El Rancho. Special thanks go to Mrs. Spoon and Mrs. Mar- sters, for their unselfish support. President, Judy Hooper; Vice President, Dianna Bogdonoff; Secretary, Pam Dut- ton; Senator, Joanne Krenicki. Members are: Mary Lochausen, Bar- bara Lochausen, Susan Kirby, Fran Kirby, Ingrid Klein, Donna Calitri, Susan Majors, LaNelle, Lingenfelter, Judy Rhodes, Lin- da Douglas, Terry Naman, Carol Prarfio- rito. 215 Shown above are the members of the Drama Club around their attraction board. Below, the officers of the Drama Club gather around their president, Ed Ries. DRAMA CLUB This year the Drama Club has helped very much with the ac- tivities of the school. They have worked on major dramatic pro- ductions, have done technical work at assemblies, have taken trips to see KISMET and other professional productions, and they have done several " Even- ing of Theater " productions dur- ing the year to which the public was invited. For the club the greatest incentive to increased technical work was the purchase of a light dimmer by the A. S. B. As you can see, the club was very busy throughout the year. The members and officers of the Drama Club are: Ed Ries, president; Pete Foye, v. pres.; Sue Spiegelman, secretary; Stacy Miller, recorder; Marty Varella, treas.; Bill Reynolds, Jim Rey- nolds, Kay Anderson, Bob Black, Barbara Nixon, Roy Hudson, Sue Singer, Steve Kimbrough, Art Miller, Jerry Thomas, Kathy Spar- row, Gary Villard, Judy Hendrix, and last of all, John Davies. The Drama Club is also Troupe 2164 of the " National Thespian Society " for outstanding achieve- ment in drama. The picture below, was taken from just one of the productions put on by the Drama department. GIRLS ' LEAGUE Included among the many ac- tivities of the Girls ' League are Coed Capers, the Girls ' League formal dance, the Doll-dressing Contest and Cotton Day. The Girls ' League formal dance, held annually, proved to be a big success, as in past years. The theme was " Oriental Fantasies. " Also successful this last year, was Coed Capers with the theme " Where in the World. " Dorann Johnson, senior, won first place in the Doll-dressing contest. Her doll was dressed in a green formal made of nylon. Cotton Days, as usual, was a popular event held yearly in the spring. This is an event in which girls make dresses for them- selves, and compete for the title of Cotton Day Queen. The members of the Girls ' League Board are: Judy Hooper, president; Cheryl Moore and Cathy Schy, vice presidents; Carol Jarnigan, Susan Bratton, historian; Linda Leon and Sally AAarkin, song leaders; Jeannine Florance, publicity; Sandy Marquez, sunshine chairman; Nancy Acosta, Vicky Adsitt, Diana BogdanofF, Jessie Bueno, Ber- nadette Canceilieri, Margaret Capetan, Linda Cummings, Rita Herra, Carol Jackson, Lois Kuykendall, Barbara Martin, Mary Helen Mendoza, Patsy Saavedra, Cathy Spar- row, and Pearl Fletcher. PRESIDENT Pictured above and below are two scenes from one of the many activities held by the Girls ' League each and every year. liUiiiiiin LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club has helped the El Rancho students a great deal. It Is the goal of this club to instill in the student body a greater interest in books. To achieve its purpose, the Library Club has been most suc- cessful in supplying the students with numerous books published in paperback form. This year, our Library Club has participated in many activities, and they have made themselves one of the outstanding clubs on campus. The members of the Library Club are: Barbara Nixon, Rosi Soltero, Cheryl Satz, Cathy Ciri- gliano, Diane Wales, senator; Es- ther McKovi n, president; Linda Burros, secretary; and Mrs. Baker, club advisor. The president, vice president, and secretary of the Library Club pose for their picture. ART CLUB Starting out as a new club on campus is the Art Club. They have had many activities through- out the year. Among these, they went on numerous field trips to art museums. The club spent the year learn- ing to do many things that they did not know how to do previ- ously. They also helped in com- pleting sets for st udent produc- tions. The members and officers are: Shoaron O ' Connell, pres.; Janet Messersmith, vice pres.; Kathy Piper, sec.; Rod Packwood, sen.; Mrs. Hussein, advisor; Steve Christine, Dorothy Lawson, Gary Hughes, Mikki Hicks, Trina Riggs, Susan Steinweg, and Richard Murray. Here the club stands behind the paper-back books, which they sell throughout the year. In the picture below, stands the newly formed Art Club with their ad- visor, Mrs. Hussein. 218 ! •? The Gun and Rod Club spent ihe year going on field trips. On these trips they hunted, fished, and camped over night. Included in the fishing trips were both fresh-water and salt-water fishing Finally, the club look the trip o.n the chartered boat which they have been working for and planning on for such a long while. GUN AND ROD CLUB The 1962-63 school year proved to be a year full of interesting activities for rhe Gun and Rod Club. They went on numerous field trips to Lake Matthews, Lytle Creek, and other choice spots. Still another interesting trip will take place one week after school lets out when they will be camping out and fishing on the Colorado River. The members of the club are: Jerry Pevehouse, president; Raul AAaguire, vice-president; Bill Adagio, secretary-treasurer; Mike Padilla, senator; Eric Akola, Frank Amador; Dennis Bauer, Bill Breckenridge, Calvin Burgess, Cenny Blackstone, Harry Carlson, Tommy Col- lins, Vince Diaz, Gil Espenosa, Frank Es- tunore, Sam Favata, Vernon Grace, Ron Griffith, Norm Hansler, John Henry, Joe Kahler, Jerry Kelley, Steve McOmie, Steve Metje, John Nickols, Gordan Oster, Don Reyes, Danny Green, Charles Tetro, Steve Williams, and last, Allen Weatherby. Many activities were participated in by the officers and members of the Don Beats They held a dance, had a car wash, and made a donation to the March of Dimes. DON BEATS The Don Beats did a wonderful job ot keeping the students of El Rancho happy. Each year the goal of the club is to pro- mote good will. The want of a better relationship between Spanish-American and American students was very impor- tant to this club. The members of the Don Beats are: president. Carmen Manriquez; Lydia Garcia, vice-president; Sally Botello, senator; Nena Rodriguez, secretary; Es- ther Rodriguez, Marie Ayala, Margaret MofFot, Cecelia Sandorial, Jessie Bueno, Margaret Calistro, Sylvia Carrillo, Linda Loya, Javita Macias, Carol Duran, Karen Killen, Linda Macias, Carmen Macias, Maria Espita, Ruth Maldonado, Viola Salazar, Cheryl Maes, Marcella Ochoa, Barbara Leon, Rick Marillo, Charlie Silva, and Al Duran. 219 SIGNATURES ? ' J " " ' %f ' o K iihis iSicCorotVrlui! N ' »l »A s« H Ml .M SCMOOl • o - J Hoi use o R«»pr0«(«ntoftvr % " - MK.IpMK ' JP - The Varsity Club spent many lunch hours in GlOl doing and planning last year ' s traditional activities. VARSITY AGRICULTURE Any boy who lettered in a varsity sport vs as eligible to be a member of this club. The Varsity Club is one of the most popular and publicized clubs on campus. The club members are: Chuck Glass, Ken De- vine, Dean and Darrell Huddleston, Frank Love- less, Cam Gaudet, Scott Reid, Joe Lopez, Dick Okada, Bob Kjolsing, Dick Colbert, David Ortiz, Gary Villard, Steve Cushman, Gordon Pettus, Bob Lockridge, Dennis Chabala, Bob Higgins, Alan Knebel, Mike Stell, Tom Egan, Steve Sv anson, Fred Sparling, Glen Taylor, Rod Furgeson and Mr. Petti. Another active club on campus is the Agricul- tural Science Club. Building a ' quad ' in the Industrial area was one of their many activities. Other activities in- clude printing an informative agricultural news paper, testing various plants and grasses for vari- ous conditions, and arranging planters for class- rooms. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Veale, the club is becoming very active on campus. The members are: Paul Maguire, Mickey John- son, Mr. Veale, advisor; Ernie Vejar. The members and advisor of the club examine the growth progress of a Synonium Podophyllum. 222 Fernando Machuca, Richard Hinojos, George Morales, David Hernandez, Ysidra Viera, Gilbert Nemdiaz, Sal Juarez, Mike Morales, Nash Magana, Ralph Adame. GUITAR CLUB SPEAKERS CLUB Strumming up a fanfare for their sec- ond year of action is El Rancho ' s Guitar Club. Under the able and helping hand of their advisor, Mr. Ysais, the club has enlarged the field of musical enlighten- ment to the inhabitants of Donville. The Guitar Club has strived to be one of the better clubs on campus by present- ing novel and exciting activities for the enjoyment of both the club and the stu- dent body. Some of the world ' s greatest orators never had an opportunity such as this one. If you are planning a career that includes any type of speaking, the Speech Team was created just for you. The students participating in the Club activities will soon lose their fear of huge audiences. i:UK25 ' «2 MEMBERS OF THE SPEECH TEAM ARE; Roy Hudson, Donna Ruch, Bob Black, Bob Chitwood, Ginger Holmes, Sherri Vanderhoof, Margaret Capitan, Richard Cuellar, Cathy Cirgeniano, Nancy Brusch, Ucinda Lee, Becky McCleary, Lucy Varela, Dennis Sellers, Barbara Slessor, Victoria Menchaca, Margaret Gear, and Margaret Brakhage. 223 A i JUNIOR This year, as always, the class of ' 64 participated actively and enthusiastically in all of the numerous school events. One of these events, the March of Dimes, our class brought in $508. Some of the Junior class activities have been: Mistletoe Sale, Football Fellas Sale, Don Poodle Sale, a Stamp Drive, and two Representative Sherry Ledbetter Representative Kathy Noonan 226 CLASS bottle drives, on the first of which $165 was collected. The Junior Senior Prom was also a tremendous success. In the field of academics we have also prospered, for we are building up a Schol- arship Fund. Next year it is sure to make one member of our class very happy. Julie Ellis Junior Class President Representative John Kenewetl Representative Frank Fuerbach 227 NANCY ACOSTA OLIVIA ACOSTA LARRY ADAME RALPH ADAME PATRrCIA ADAMS SANDRA ADKINS PATSY AGUIRRE GARRETT ANDERSON KAY ANDERSON PAULA ANDERSON SUZANNE ANDERSON JAMES ANDREWS TIM ANDREWS JOHN APARICIO DANNY ARCHULETA JUAN ARREDONDO GERALDINE ARVIZU JANICE ASHLOCK REBECCA ASTLE GILBERT AVILA NORMA AVILA ROBERT AVALA MICHAEL BALT ' DENNIS BANNER JOYCE BANT A BUDDY BARELA CLARK BARTON GEORGIANA BARTRON JANICE BATCHKOFF ALEX BA2URTO ROBERT BEAUCHAMP y ,-i--% ROBERT BENSON ELEANOR BERNAL MIKE BERRY JOHN BESERRA ROBERT B1SE ROBERT BLACK DON BLACKBURN MARK BOHANNON RANOY BOHLANDER BLAINE BOLDUC GRACE BONILLA JOAN BONILLA SHERRIE BONURA ALAN BONUS 228 SALLY BOTELLO NANCY BOTHMAN DONNA BUWWEl. ALLAN BRAUN JOHN BRAZO ARLENE BRENNAN RICHARD BREWER MARIE BRIS50N JAMES BROWN JANICE BULTMUIS PEARL BURGESS THOMAS BURKE CARL BURKETT JAMES BURROW CECILIA CALAERE5E SYLVIA CALISTRO GERALO CALVrr NORMA COMACHO LOUIS CAMPOS LAURA CANO JUDY CARR GER ALDINE CARRILLO SYLVIA CARRILLO JAMES CARTER TONY CARTER LINDA CAS50 P f ANDREW CASTRO GEORGE CASTRO LUKE CASTRO ROSINA CAVALLETTO DOLORES CHAVARIN ROBERT CHAVARIN FRANK CHAVEZ GLORIA CHAVEZ NANCY CHAVEZ ) K, LAREY CLARK ZANE CLEVENGER W y LEO COFFEY DARYL COGER GARY COLEGROVE DOLORES COLON VICKI CONNOLLY PAULA COOK ALFRED FIMBREZ MARIE COPPOCK MANUEL COSTELLO OIANNE CROWELL MLLIAM CULP STEVEN CUEVAS SHIRLEY CUMMINS JOE DANIELSON JUDY 0AU6ERGER CANDACE DAVIS SHERYL DAVIS ROBERT OeANDA iJILL De BORD UAN D. L- PAZ CHARLES OELFIN 229 -- M ARMANDO DEL REAL DERIAN DURAND ROBERT DEUBLER BEATRIS DIAZ DAVID DIAZ VIOLET DIAZ ANDREA DIXON DONNA DIXON JOANN DODD JOHN DOMINGUEZ RICHARD DOMINGUEZ STEVEN DOTY SHARON DOUGLASS STEVEN DOUTHETT RONNIE DRAKE HARRIETT DRISCOLL RAYMOND OUARTE ARTHUR DURAN SANDRA DURAN REGINA DURKEE KATHIE EBERHARDT DONNA EDMISTON MARSHA EDWARDS MICHAEL ELIZALOE 4 M JULIEANNE ELLIS NANCY ELMER SHIRLEY ERICKSON DOREEN ESPARAZA CONNIE ESPARZA ARTHUR ESPEDO JOSEPH ESPINOZA AMES ESPINOZA FRANK ESTEINOU GLORIA ESTRADA CAROLYN EVANS DONALD FALLICK ROD FERGUSON EDWARD FIGUEROA LYNETTE FIMBRES JUNE FINLEY SUSAN FLETCHER JEANNINE FLORANCE GLORIA FLORES JEANNE FORD NORA FORTIE TOMMY FOSTER JAMES FRANKS ANZ FUER8ACH RICHARD FULTON MARIA FUSARO MICHAEL GALLEGO FRANK GALVAN CHARLES GARCIA DIANNE GARCIA ELIAS GARCIA 230 4- LENA GARCIA LUPE GARCI : MANUEL GARCIA RUBEN GARCIA SYLVIA GARCIA SYLVIA GARCIA KENNETH GEER JANET GIARDINA GIL CELECTINO FRANK GILB EARL GILLETTE JERRY GLEASON JAMES GOFF ARGARITA GONZALES Kh ROBERT GONZALES RUDY GONZALES OLINDA GONZALES SUSAN GOODMAN DOUGLAS GORKER RICHARD GORKER CHERYL GRAHAW JULIA GRANAOO a r JACK GRAVENER PENNY GRAY KATMRYN GRAYSON JO LYNN GREEN MICHAEL GREEN MICHAEL GRIMSEY DARLYN GRUND BELINDA GUERRERO RONALD GUTIERREZ LINDA HACKETT JAMES HARDISON GARY HARMER MARCIA HARRIS RONALD HARRYMAN JAMES HARSH JUDY HASSELBACK JAMES HAWKINS GARY HAYDEN LINDA HAYNES JUDY HENDRIX Dinah henkel sandra hennerty DAVID HERNANDEZ RITA HERRERA CHARLES HESS KATHY HrCKMAN ROSE MARIE HICKS MARTIN HINOJOS RICHARD HINOJOS SHAHIN HOGHOUCHI 231 C-- . f HELEN HOLDER NORMAN HORTON JIM HORVATH GREY HUEREGUE JEFF HUTCHENSON SANDRA HYATT HLLIAM JANKE EDWARD JANSSEN CAROL JARNAGIN ROBERT JIMINEZ RICHARD JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSTON LESLIE JONES MOSES JUAREZ BARBARA KAI RON KALPAKOFF K.ATHRYN KAMPEN LARRY KAPPMEYER DARLENE KAPRIELIAN SUSAN KEITH GERALD KELLY IWYN KELLY JOHN KENEWELL WARREN KILLIN BILL KIMBERLEY LEON KINCAID SUSAN KfRBY MARY KIRKSEY STEVE KLEIN JACQULYN KLEMENTS CHARLES KLEMM CAROL KNAPP JACK KNEEEL JEANETTE KNIGHT GEORGE KONZ STEVE KOTSAY CHRISTINE KRABY DEWAYNE KRISSMAN RUDY KUYKENDALL PHILLIP L KOSE RAELENE LAMBORN SHERRY LAI-JTtSER LINDLEY LANG LYNN LANOUE PAUL LANTELLO LYNN LATIMER LARRY L. VORGNA SHERRY LEDBETTER RAMON LEDESMA PHYLLIS LEHR BARBARA LEON YOLANOA LIERAS JAMES LININ DONNA LINN 7 Jk ATHICIALINN BARBARA LOCHAUSEN MIKE LOGUIDtCE FREO LOPEZ GUY LOPEZ LESLIE LOPEZ ROBERT LOHSHEAUGM EDWARD LOWE THERESA LOWMAN ROBERT LOWRY LINDA LOYA AOELE LUGUE ROSALIE I CrAS ANNIE MADRID LOUIE MAG ANA ,. SUSAN MAGERS RICHARD MAGNE55 PAUL MAGUIRE JILL MAK5HANOFF RUTH MALDONADO GEORGE MANN PAM MANNING ROSALIE MARINEZ PAT MARKIN RONALD McKINNEY GARY MENSER □ AVID MARQUEZ SANDRA MARQUEZ GEORGIA MARSH BARBARA MARTIN CRUZ MARTINEZ FRANK MARTINEZ ROSEMARY MARTINEZ SHIRLEY MARTINEZ KATHERYN MASCARENAS LINDA MASTERS SUSAN MAUTERER IRGINIA MrCORMICK EVELYN McCULLAR GAYLE McDANIEL CHESTER McFARLAND MARY McKOWN BOB McMAHAN ANITA MEDINA IRENE MEDINA f ROSALIE MEDINA i JOHN MELENDREZ GLORIA MENDOZA YVONNE MESA JANET ME3SERSMITH EARL MILLER STACY MILLER SUSAN MONTGOMERY VINCENT MONTOYA CHERYL MOORE 233 .? 4 i RICHARD MOORE DRAKE MORENO OLGA MORENO SUSAN MOREY LEO M0R0NE5 GINGER MORRIS JIM MOVER JANELL MUIR GEORGE MULLIGAN MARY MUN1Z ARMANDO MURILLO KENNETH MUSSELMAN MARIE NAMAN DELARIE NAVARRO JUAN NAVARRO MARILYN NAVARRO PERRY NEREOVIC EVELYN NOME KATHY NOONAN STEVE NORRIS LYNN NOWICKI PETER NUNEZ TOM O BORN NANCY O BRIAN SHARON O CONNELL JANICE ODEN RICHARD OKAWA RONALD OKAWA BARBARA OLGUIN MARY OLIVAS IRGINIA OLSEN MARCOS ORONNA GERALDINE ORONOZCO DAVID ORTIZ RUTH ORTIZ DAVID PADILLA MIKE PADILLA PAUL PARGEN LINDA PARRISH JERRY PEARCE DONNA PEKAR CARMEN PEREZ DOLORES PEREZ JAMES PETERS DENNIS PETERSON PAUL PHIPPS JOE PIAZZA EOOIE PICO ARTHUR PINEDA 234 STEVE PINEDA SILVIA PONS GARY POWELL STEVE POWER SUSAN PRITCHARD ::.-- ■ f DANIEL PRUITT J05EPH PUSATERt RAUL QUEVECO TERREANCE OUIST EMILIO RAMIREZ GABRIEL RAMIREZ ERLIhJDA RAMCS RICHARD RAMOS JAMES RASMUS5EN JOHN REEDER LARRY REGO SCOTT RE 10 MICHAEL RENSHAW SONIA RESTIVO KATHERYN RIGGS EVANGELINA RIVERA 1 J-J ' HAROLD RODAR RENE ROBINSON ARY ROBLEDO LARRY RODMAN DANNY RODRIGUEZ IAN RODRIGUEZ LILLIAN ROJAS DENNIS ROLL DENNIS ROWE GAIL ROWLAND DAVID ROWLAND JOAN RUCKMAN JAMES RUIZ RAYMOND RUIZ MARIE RU5SO FRANK SABEDRA JOHN SALAZAR VIOLA SALAZAR DALE SANDERSON RONALD SANTEE JAMES SARNO PAT SCHREIBLER CATHY SCHY TERRY SEELEY ERNIE SENA DAVID SEPULVEDA BRENDA SETEN RICHARD SHIRK GEORGE SIEBUM EDWARD SILVA ETTE SiLVA JANICE SILVA SUSAN SINGER ANITA SMITH KATHY SYNDER ALLY SOLIS OFELIA SOTO CATHY SPARROW LESTER SPERR- 235 -J ■ ■ -i. r HARVEY STACKPOLE VICTOR STEGMAN RICHARD STEINWAY SUSAN STEINWEC ROBERT STEWART SHERREE STILL MARILYN STIN50N THERMA STINSON .f , --4 ' ROBERTA STOFFEL SANDRA STOTLER LOUIS SUAREZ ROBERT SWANSON JAMES SYKES SUSAN TAFURl HERLINDA TARtr MIKE TELLIS MARY ELLEN TERRAZAS KATHLEEN TETRO GERALDINE THOMAS LARRY THOMAS LINDA THOMAS DONNA TORRES MARY TRAMMEL ALEX TRANSLAVA CHRISTOPHOR TRUJILLO CHARLES TURK DWIGHT TUSTir CAROL UHAZOFF LARRY TAYLOR ELAINE TORRES LUCiLLE VALERIANO DANNY VALLES KENNETH VAN HORN MARTHA VERAU EILEEN VASQUEZ TONY VELASQUEZ CELSO VELLEZ MARY VICK ROBERT WACHTLER PATRICIA WALDEN GRADY WALLICK RICHARD WHITE 236 GEORGE WARNER ROGER WASSERMAN DAVID WEATHERBY ROBERT WELLS s». - V y- - f PAMELA WEST «r NANCY WHITING WILLIAM WHITWORTH CHARLES WILLIAMS RONALD WILSEY LOUIE WINTERS HOWARD WHITE WALLACE WOOTEN BENNY WHITE GEORGE YANCY A lieriETTE CARLENE ZES5IN ALERrE ZURICH JEANNIE AVREA CHRISTINE DeLUNA TOMMY EGAN ROSIE MAVOROUIN NANCY MiLAUGHLir -jMmm J " GABRIEL BARVETO 5USY BRENNEN PAT BROWN LYNNETTE BURKS BECKY FURRY SYLVIA GARCI AROLYN CASILLA3 •: J t%s BILL M KINNY GREGORY MESA GEORGE MORALES ALLYN REED JUNE DAYTON MICKEY JOHNSON LINDA KENC2EWICZ BOB LORSHBOUGH JIM SAUCEDO FRED SIEBUM BEVERLY THOMPSON JANET VAN WINKLE KATHY WILSON GEORGE ZAKOUR 237 SOPHOMORE Heading toward higher goals the So- phomore class began the school year with many new, original and great ideas, on how to make themselves known. But ideas alone will not stand unless support is given. To make a simile, like a body without carriage. Secretary Gloria Clugston President Jim Foley Representative Barbara Nixon Representative Pat Marra 238 CLASS But support they asked for and sup- port they got. This helped to carry out two car washes, both equally successful, a pizza sale, and a pop corn ball sale. For all this work they were given a Sophomore Dance. Yes, the future is in good hands. The Sophomores are El Rancho ' s future. Advisors Miss Fishke, and Mr. Herman Representative Mike Nagel Representative Jim Gravette 239 PATRICIA ABATA KATHY ASKEN ROSEMARIE ACOSTA WtLLIAM ADAGIO RICHARD ADAMS JUDY AGUILAR MARY AGUILAR ERIC A KOLA MARY ALDERETE THOMAS ALFORD JIM AMADOR ADAM AMESOUA ROBERT AMUNOSON CHARLES ANA VA JANICE ANDERSON NORMA ANDERSON W MILTON ANOREASON THERESA ARROYO WOLFGANG AUSSERBAUER BECKY BALDWIN FRANCINE BALOUCH LIZ BARBOUR SUSAN BARBOUR MIKE BARR .A . I .M m: ji J KAREN BARNETT WAREN BATES DENNIS BAUER DONALD BECK DIANE BELLER FRANK BELTRAN ROBERT BENNETT JOHN BENSON MARK BLAIR YVONNE BLAKEMAN DAVID BORN BERNADETTE BOULOIN ram BRADLEY SUSAN BRATTON GARY BRAUN DONNA BROWN GEORGE CADENA W p - TERRENCE CAGAN JAMES CALLEN ) PAULINE CAMACHO RUTH CAMARGO BERNADETTE CANCELAERI LEONARD CANO PATRICIA CANO TIM CANTRELL 240 SUSIE CAPP TINKA CAREY JOSE CARA5CO GERALD CASE RACHEL CASTRO CHERYL CAVELLETTO CATHY CAVAr AU ' MG CHAPMAN B h o Wv Mf . L jL ' J i KRtSTY CHARLTON GILBERT CHAVEZ -ICE CHAVEZ MARIE CIRCO PERRV CLAR RONALD CLAYTON BONNIE CLIFFORD GLORIA CLUGSTON d ' JH i- .J ' . CHERYL CLUPHF COLLEEN COLLINS MARIA CAMAOURAN HOWARD CONOLEV MIKE CONNER LINDA CONNER RICHARD CONTRERAS CHRISTINE CORDOVA YVONNE CORONEL JULIET COPRA DIANA CORTEZ EDNA CORTE2 CHlSTINE COVARRUBIAS RICHARD CUELLAR ROBERT CUNNINGHAM DIANE CUSHMAN JANINE OAHNER JAY DAVIDSON JOHN DAVIS KENNETH DAVIS DENISE DEA DONNA De LAURIE JAKE DELGADO PAT DELGADO YOLANDA DELGADO GEORGIAriA Dt SANTO YOLANDA DIAZ JOAN DICKENSON MARLENE D1NSMORE RICHARD DOMINGUE2 LEE OORSY JOHN DRISCOLL LINDA DUNCA nLLIAM DYSON GREGORY EAZOR JAMES EDWARDS JANEEN EDWARDS LINDA EDWARDS RICHARD ELIZALDE 241 RONALD ELKENDIER GILBERT ESPINOSA LINDA ESTRADA KATHY EVANS SAM FAVATA ALVA FELIX NANCY FERRARIS REGGIE FIELDER ELIZABETH FIMBRES ROGER FINNEY HOPE FISCHER PEARL FLETCHER CONNIE FLINT CHRISTINE FLORES JOSEFINA FLORES KATHY FLORES JIM FOLEY THERESA FONSECA RICHARD FONTES CINTHIA FORTUNE SUZANNE FOUNTAIN WAYNE FOX RAYMOND FRANKS STEPHANIE FREDRICK BARBARA FREUND CAROL FRITTER SUSIE FROMAN VIOLET FRY BECKY FURRY MARY GAITHER BENNY GALINDO liM JUDY GALLAND JIM GALLEGOS FREDDY GARCIA GRACE GARCIA IRENE GARCIA JOE GARCIA LYDIA GARCIA MARY E. GARCIA MIKE GARCIA ROBERT GARLAND BILL GARRETT SHARON GASCA PAUL GHERE JOHN GILLIHAN MANUEL GINEZ JACK GLASER KARON GLEASON 242 JOE GONZALES JOHN GONZALES ROMEO GONZALES ROSALINA GONZALES PAUL GOODELL BARBARA GOURLEY lo» y .f : " - . VERNON GRACE DANNY GRAVENER JIM GRAVETTE DANNY GREEN ROrjALO GRIFFITH CAROLYN uUTIERREZ DAVID GUTIERREZ fliKE GUTIERREZ STEVE GUTTERY DEBORAH HALEY PAT HALL JOAN HAVERSON CAROLYN HAMBLEM MARGIE HAMMER SHERI HAMBY NORMAN HANSLER ' JACK HARRIS KENNETH HARRIS GEORGE HECKEH DAVID HEID PAUL HEISIG JOHN HENRY GLORIA HERNANDEZ NIKKI HICKS CHERYL HILL SANDY HILL JACKIE HOEFLING BARBARA HOLLINGSWORTH KATHIE HOLT KENNETH HOPKINS DENNIS HORNER LLOYD HORSELY DON HORSTKOTTE SANDRA HOWDER5HELT GARY HOWELL LAWANA HUFFN GARY HUGHES SHARON HUTCHENS CAROL JACKSON PAULA JACKSON t f T L OLIVIA JIMENEZ DAVIO JINZO DIANNE JONES SALVADOR JUAREZ DAVIO JUDD CARMEN JURAOO i ' lLLIAM KAHN FRANK KALTENBACH JERRY KAPPMEYER THERON KARST DEBORAH KAUFMAN ELLEN KELLY ERNEST KEMPTNER CLAUDIA KILE JOHN KING 243 KENNETH KINNEY RICHARD KLEMM DONALD KNAUS CAROLYN KNOTTS PEGGY KOCH JANET KRANTZ MARVIN KROPKE SANDRA KUPERSTE1N MAJEL LAMB ARNOLD LARES RUTH LARES JOHN LAUMAN DAVID LEAVER LINDA LEON -INDA LIBBY DAVID LICANO RAUL LICANO JOHN LINKER ROBERT Lir RICHARD LIRA LINDA LOHRKE CATHY LOPEZ LARRY LOPEZ MIKE LOPEZ SAMMY LOPEZ BARBARA LOWE MARYANN LOYA STEVE LOYA MARY LUCERO PETER LUCERO LINDA MABRY ft DENNIS MACH FERNANDO MACHUCA MARY MACIAS ALBERT MAMYKON CONNIE MANCUSO ELIZABETH MANIRE MARIAN MANSIR NICK MANZANARE5 RICHARD MARINEZ SALLY MARKIN EUGENE MARQUEZ PATRICIA MARRA ROBERT MARTIN LINDA MARTINDALE LOUIS MARTINEZ MARY MARTINEZ MARTIN MASSARO DAVID MATEUS RONALD MATKINS IRENE MATKO JOHN MATTHEWS STEVE MATTHEWS ANN Mc CANDLESS SUZANNE Mc CREA 244 MARK M.:DANIELS MARIA MnDONALO LINDA MtCOW SUSAN McKENNEV MARLA McNABB STEPHEN McOMIE GIL MEDINA MICHAEL MEINDL JOHN MEJIA SYLVIA MENDOZA ERNE3TO MELENDRE2 CARYN MEMBLER MINERVA MENA GIL MENDIAZ ARTHUR MENDO H DAVID MENDOZA GEORGE MENDOZA ROSE MERAZ ADOLF MESA MIKE MILES ARTHUR MILLER DANNY MILTON CHARLOTTE MITCHELL ROBERT MITNIK MIKE MOLINA CORINE MONCAYO MICHELE MONE ELIZABETH MONTES MANUEL MONTOVA WILLIAM MONTOYA ROBERT MONNEY DANNY MORALES ESTHER MORALES GEORGE MORALES RUBEN MORALES HENRY MORALES MIKE MORA LES THERESA MORALES ARTIN MORONES BEVERLY MOORE RALPH MORALES RICHARD MORALES RICHARD MORALES BETTY MORROW GLORIA MOSCUEDA RICHARD MULHERRON NORDEN MULVIHILL IRENE MURILLO ROBERT MURRAY SAM MUSCATO LEE MU5GRAVE KENNEY MYERS LINDA MYERS MICHAEL NAGEL MARTHA NAVARRO TERRY NELSON 245 fi . V. if . t f, i JOHN NtCHOLS ALLEN NIKITIN BARBARA NIXON FRED NIXON JOHN NOONAN EVELYN NUNEZ TIM NUNALLY BILL OCAMPO YOLANDA O CAMPO HERMALINDA OCHOA CHARLES OLAGUE RAY OLIVATEZ CHRISTINE ORONA JEANETTE OROAN ANGEL ORTEGA ISADIRO ORTEGA BERTHA ORTIZ SANDRA ORWALL GORDON OSTER LINDA OZUNA CAROL PACE BECKY PAPILLA CRUZ PADILLA LYDIA PALACIO rJ JIM PANCEROFF RICHARD PARKER DOLORES PARRA GENE PARSONS PAT PACHALL CHARLES PATINO PEGGY PAWLOWJCZ VICKY PENNER DAVID PINT JOHN PITTMAN BEVERLY POEHLM SHARON POHL ANDRANETTE POOCHIGIAN MARTINA PORTILLO SEBBIE PRADO LARRY PRATT A . FRANCES PRECIADO RICHARD PUGA 246 LOUIS QUIROZ LAURA RAGUSA RENALDO RAMIREZ SHIRLEY RAMIREZ ALEX RAMOS STEVE RAMSEY PAULETTE RANKIN DIANE RASCON RAMONA REALYVASQUEZ ELEANOR RENTERIA LUPE RENTERIA JAMES REYNOLDS LUPE REYNOSO MIKE RICHARDS JIM RICHARDSON PEARL RINCON VICTOR RIVERA KENNEY ROBISON BILL ROBLERO RUBEN ROBLES CHARLES ROCKWEL ALBERT RODRIQUEZ PAUL RODRl-L ' DAVIO ROMERO JOAN ROONEY LINDA RUBiO ALBERT RUVALCABA ANGELIN SALAZAR GILBERT 5ALAZAR RICHARD SALCIDO RITA SAMBRANO RONALD SANCHEZ CECILIA SANDOVAL JONNA SANDOVAL VALDEMAR SANDOVAL NELLIE SANTA CRUZ KATHLEEN SARABIA GERALD SAWYER LARRY SELIGMAN DENNIS SELLERS ALBERT 5ERNA TINO SERNO OARLENE SILVA 4 ■ ' CARL SIMPSON SANDRA SISSON EUGENE SIZEMORE STEVE SKVICALO ROGER SLININGER DEWAYNE SMITH LINDA SMITH BALDEMAR SOLIS JOHN SOTO CHARLES SPICER TIM SPIVEY JOHN STALTER NICKY STAMBAUGH SUSAN STANYAR LINDA STEWART NAPOLEON SUAREZ 247 i ' THOMAS SULLIVAN MARLA SWEET JUAN TARIN JOHN TATUM C . ) 1 ELLA TAYLOR GLENN TAYLOR ERNEST TERRA2AS SUSAN TETER JOHN THOMAS ABELINO TORRES CHARLES TORRES DAVID TORRES IRENE TELLEZ Ip. « p FRANK TORRES 4. LORETTA TELLIIS SOFFFE TORRES MARIE TRIBUNELUA MARK TRUITT □ ARYL TU5TIN STEVE VALOEZ JEANETTE VALENZUELA RONALD VAN METER PAT VAN SICKLE BILL VAN WINKLE DOROTHEA VARELA RAY VARGAS LORRAINE VASOUeS EVA VEGA ANITA VELASCO MARTIN VALA5QUEZ LOR IE VERONIN GLORIA VIERA YSIDRO VIERA JANE VILLA TERESA VILLANUEVA KATHY WAITE JANET WALDEN JANI5 WALDEN BILL V ALLACE SUZANNE WALLACE JUDY WARD PAMELA WATSON STEPHEN WELBORN LINDA WELLS PHILLIP WELLS SHIRLEY WHEELER LINDA WHELCHEL BARBARA WHITE RICHARD WHITING LYLA WILLIAMSON LOUIE WINTERS MANUEL YBARRA 248 RITA YBARRA BARBARA BROCK MIMI CALVO DIANE CAMPOS TINKA CARY J ARRV CARTER MIKE GAXIOLA ELIZABETH HOGAN EMILIE JACQUES FRANK JIMENIZ CATHY KERR CAROL KUHN GWEN PRINGLE m TONY RAMOS NANCV RODRIGUEZ JERRY RUNYAN MARY JANE STORZ 249 FRESHMAN The Freshman Class is thought of as the infant of El Rancho. Still wet behind the ears, confused and bewildered. They know that they can be known in two ways, the good or easier yet, the bad. Freshmen have high standards and goals. They proved this through the hig h- ly successful candy apple sale. President Barbara Estrada Representative Andrea Kinbrough Representative Liz Fetty 250 CLASS They are curious and very enthusiastic which makes them want to get into ev- erything offered to them. A good future is awaiting them as they move to higher seniority. .-m Advisors Mr. Antonik and Mr. Fiorito Representative George Ellis Representative Curtis Stewart 251 ' FERNANDO ABADIE ROBERT ABEL ' l ' MARY ADAME l AURA ADAMS PEGGY ADAMS ROBERT ADAMS ROSEMARY AGUAYO CARLOS AGUILAR ROBERT AGUILAR LARRY ALANtZ SUSAN ALBERTY GARY ALLMAN LINDA ALLMAN LUPE ALVAREZ FRANK AMADOR LINDA AMELANO EMILY ANOUGO VIRGINIA ANGULANO ROGER ANNABEL MENFORD APODACA STEVE APODACA DAVID ARMIJO RICHARD ARMSTRONG JESSE ARREDONOO ERMILA ARROYO CHRISTINA BACA (r ' j 1 kll j OARLEEN BAGUEZ GREGORY BAHNSEN HARRY BANNIGAN JUDITH BANTA TERRY BANUELOS HUMBERTO BARAJAS CAROL BARKEMEYER DONALD BARKEMEYER OONNA BELLOWS GEORGE BERTRAM LYNN BERTRAND SHARON BIANCO LARRY BIERMAN RICHARD BISE JEFFERY BLACK DANIEL BLACKSTONE 252 J ' ji ERNEST BLAIR EUGENE BLAKEMAN RU5SEL BLANCHARD JAMES eODA GLEN BOHLANDER VICKIE BONUS IVIAN BOOKER MARTHA BORDEN SHIRLEY BOUDHEAU CANDANCE BOULDIN ROBERT BOWEN JOHN BOXWELL KATHLEEN BRADY MARCELir BRAVO HOWARD BRAZEL NORMA BYRD .m.O CALA GLORIA CAIRO VINCENTO CALABRESE STEVE CAMACHO VICTOR CAMAHGO ELIZABETH CANALES RUBEN CANDELARIA ALICE CANDIOO MARGARET CAPETAN LINDA CAPP LINDA BRIDGES WILLIAM CAMARILLO RONALD CAMPAGNA JIMMY CAMPBELL DAVID CARDENAS HARRY CARLSON KAREN CASTILLO STEVEN CHRISTENSEN CATHERINE CIRIGLIANO ELIZABETH CISNEROS ALICE CLAIBi KATHLEEN COLLINS TOMMY COLLINS JIMMY COLLUM ROBERT COLLUM 253 RAfCI CONTRESHAS STEVE COSTHEHAS LYNN COONS SUZANhfECOPcLAND l OF?£N2A CORRAL RUBEN CORREA LOUIS CORTEZ MARTHA CORTEZ PATRICIA COTE LARRY COTHREN SRENTON GRABS SALLY CR!ST CAROLE CRUZ YOLANDA CUELLAR ROBERT CUSHMAN RONALD CUSTER JUDY DAVIS CAROLYN OEEOS MARIA De Lj, CRUZ ESTHER DELGAEKD MICHAEL IDELLENS LEONARD Del REAL DOLORES De MACIAS Ll e3A DERIAN JOE DERMODY ELAINE DIAZ MARY DIAZ VICTORIA DIAZ -INCENT DIAZ IRGJNIA DIAZ KATHY DICKENSON l:-0 " J t3 Z: V—A R05A; !E DCViSGUEZ ROSEMARY DOUGUiS RONNIE DO " rT E JOHN DROFOLIC ALMA DURKEE ELEN ELIZALDE ELLEN ELIZONDO GEORGE ELLIS DAVID ELMANGE SANDRA ELMORE SUSAN ERICKSON JUANITA E5CAJEDA DANNY ESPARZA MARY ESPINOSA ALBERT ESPINOSA 254 SAVtD ESPINO AKTriCNY ESPINOZA BARBARA ESTRADA LINDA ESTRADA MARGARET ESTRADA RICHARD FALES A HONY FAVATA TEPSV FELDPOUCH CHSrSTINE FELIX SUSAN FESSLEH A.SE IST FY IRG1NIA FLE5HER EVA FLORE S YC( ASDA FLC F= JOHN Fc:; = £ SrrARCN -CPD i ' »A -=E£VAS JAViS f;?y WARIA UERSACH RUDY GAL1NDO BLANC A GARCIA JOUSE GALLEGOS SHARON GALLENBERGE=? BARBARA GALVAN DIAr GALVAN DORA GALVAN MARGARETT GALVAN CASCl. GAMBLE £ 9. JOSEPH GARCIA JUAN GARCIA LYDIA GARCfA MARY GARCIA RfCHARD GA.RCLA JOE GARtBAY RACHEL GARZA 5TEPHAN GATTIS DIANA GEER HAROLD GiERSCH LJ URA GILMAN WESLEY GLEASON THOMAS GOOFIRNON ROBERT GOMEZ ROBERT G. GOMEZ CHRISTINA GONZALES RACHELS C-ONZALES )ii « ROSAi D GARCIJ XAVIER GARCIA PAULGINEZ LARRY GUVSS IRVA GONZALES MAR LA GCf 2.ALES MICHAEL GONZALES RICHARD GONZALES MICHELLE GRABER PATRICIA GRANAEKD GLENN GRAVETTE DANIEL GfiEE THOMAS GREEN SAJCSA GRiGGS 255 JEANETTE GRUALVA SUSAN GRIMAUD YOLANDA GUERRERO FRANCES GUTIERREZ SUSAN GUTIERREZ EARL HALLUM STUART HAMLEN PAULA HANCOCK f ' M CHRISTON HARDING YOLANDA HERNANDEZ FRANK HERRERA STEVE HICKS DENNIS HILL JOSEPHINE HILL DEBORAH HINES MICHAEL HINOJOS DAVID HIRSCH CAROL HOPPER EDWARD HOWDERSHELT FRANCEE HOWELL RAY HUBLER WILLIAM HUDSON CANDY HUEREQUE ROY HUEREQUE SANDRA HURST TON1 HURTADO CAROL INGALLS THOMAS INLAY HARLEY ISEMINGER JUDY JACKSON STANLEY JADA RUSSELL JENKINS JON KILBURN NDRE KIMBROUGH HOWARD KLErN ROBERT KLEMENTS CAROL KNAUS LINDA KNECHT JOHN KRCELIC MELVIN KRUSE FRANK LABBE RODNEY 1 ANE 256 SANDRA LANG LORRAINE LARA CHERYL LAWRENCE LUCINq LEE EDWARD LEON p a DANIEL LEONARD KATHLEEN LEROY JEANNE LEWIS JUOY LEWIS JACQUELINE LONDON EDWARD LOPEZ PATRICIA LOPEZ RENEE LOPEZ THERESA LOPEZ m TtflESA LOVATO ■J RAE ANN LEWtS CHRrSTINE LICANO SMERRIE LtNSCOT STEVEN LOESA MARIA LOYA MONICA LOVA IRENE LOZANA JOSEPH LUNETTA SUZIE LUQUE BRUCE MAAS ANTHONY MACHUCA CARMEN MACIA3 CHERYL MAES RENEE MAGNER LORRAINE MAGNE5S ALICIA MALDONADO MONICA MANN JUDITH MASSIK LLOYD MANNING ISABEL MANZANARES VIRGINIA MARQUEZ ff ♦ J ' i.. i? f ' - PETER MARRONE ARTHUR MARTINEZ DANIEL MARTINEZ DANNY MARTINEZ ELIZABETH MARTINEZ HECTOR MARTINEZ HENRY MARTINEZ LA VAUNE MATHE50N WILLIAM MATTHEWS ROSE MAYORQUI MELODY MCDOWELL BEVERLY McEWAN MICHAEL M.:GLENO RICHARD McLEAN LUPE MEDINA ROBERT ME01NS PATRICK MEINDL GARY MASON DIANE McBURNEY REBECCA McCLEARY CYDNEY McCLURE DARLENE McDANEL DIANA MEJIA 257 LYOIA MELENDEZ NORBERT MELKONJAN LINDA MEMA VICTORIA MENCHACA BERTHA MENOEZ FRANCES MENDOZA GLORIA MENDOZA OSCAR MENDOZA VICTORIA MENDOZA LINDA MERCADO SHEENA MERRtTT STEVEN METJE DAVID MILLARD DONDEENA MILLER LARRY MOBERG RICHARD MONTENEGRO LYOIA MONTES CHRISTINE MONTOYA FELIX MONTOYA MARY MONTOYA PHILLIP MONTOYA CHARLES MOONEY AMELIA MORALES MARGARET MORALES RACHEL MORALES SAMMY MORALES MARLENE MORENO KAREN MOREY DEAN MORRIS KIRK MULLINNIX LARRY MURGHY RICHARD MURRAY JACK MUSGRAVE GERALD NAKANO ROBERT NAVA GUY NELSON KRISTINE NELSON SUSAN NERBOVIG WAYNE NICHOLS SYLVIA NIETO YOLANDA Ml LA LURLINE NORRIS JOHN NUNEZ MARINA OCHOA DIANE OESTREICH ELAINE OJEDA AB EL OLAGUE EDWARD OLIVARAS LINDA O NEAL 258 ALBERT ORTEGA ARNOLD ORTIZ 5ANDRE ORTIZ TERESA ORTIZ MARY OSTRANDER RODNEY PACKWOOD ROBERT PAGETTT ■ ' • !. f« -SKT- ' i ' ■-- ' ■ YVONNE PADILLA XAVIER PALAC10 LEON PAPAZIAN ARMAND PARADISE JUDY PARKHILL NTHONY PABRA JOHN PARR A MICMAtL, t ARl lOA DORTHY PEARCE MARVIN PEARSON JANET PEKAR RONNIE PENE CLARK PEREZ DOUGLAS PEREZ RICKY PEREZ RUBEN PEREZ :% JACK PERRY ALVIN PETERS JAMES PETERSON KATHY PETERSON LYNETTE PHILLIPS EDGARDO PINEDA JIMMY P1NON KATMERINE PIPER RICHARD PISARCZYK THOMAS POEHLMAN BENJAMIN PONCE DENNIS POUNDS RONALD PRINCE PAUL PRIVITERA LINDA PROVENCIO PATRICIA PRUITT JOHN PUENTE LINDA PUSATERI LINDA QUESADA BILLY QUEZAOA CECILIA QUINTERO DAVID QUINTERO MARY OUINTERO CARMELITA RAMIREZ GEORGE RAMIREZ LARRY RAMIREZ RAUL RAMIREZ SHIRLEY RAMIREZ ANNA RAMOS GERALD RAMOS GLORIA RAMOS MARY RANGEL LINDA RANKIN RAMUS RA5MUS5EN ROXIE ROBERT TERESA REINHARD JAMES RENTERM DANIEL REYES DORIS REYES ESTHER REYES 259 LINDA REYES MARIA REYES ALEX REYNISO STEVEN RICHARDS ELIZABETH RIENDEROFF JULIAN RINCON STELLA RINCON HELEN RIVAS MARTHA RIVERA JACKIE ROBERTS SHEILA ROBERTS YOLANDA ROBLEDO JAIME RODELO JAIME ROOELO JESSIE RODRIGUEZ REBECCA RODRIGUEZ SHIRLEY RODRIGUEZ TERRY RODRIGUEZ GARY ROWLAND MARIA RUED A DONNIE RUIZ RODOLFO RUIZ YOLANDA RUIZ DENNIS RUNYAN JERRY RUYAN AURORA RUVALCABA PATRICIA RY1 AND ALFRED SAAVEORA EZEKIEL SABEDRA ROBERT SABEORA DAVID SAINZ EVELYN SAENZ MARTIN SALAZAR JAMES SANCHEZ PAMELA SANDERS YVONNE SANDOVAL ANTOINET SAN PEDRO CHERYL SATZ DAVID SAUCEDA CHRISTINE SAUCEDA TRINE SAUCEDA DORIS SCARBOROUGH DENNIS SCHLECHT MARCIA SEDGWICK ANNA SENA CYNTHIA SETEN STEVE SEVILLANO 260 DIANNA SHAW RICHARD SH DANIEL SHEPARD RONNIE SHERLOCK MARY SHIRLEY KENNETH SILVA KENNETH L. SILVA GLENN SILVERMAN j . ■;i! ' i J, " .;,--.,., it 1 J:; J MARY BETH 5IMM0NS SHARON SIMMONS THERESA SINQHUI RALPH SIZEMORE ROSIE SOLTERO GAIL STAFFORD RONALD STERNS JEANNE STERNER CHARLES TETRO ANTHONY THARP RAY THARP RANOY THOMAS { " FRED TOLMASOFF ANTHONY TORRES BILL TORRES EMILY TORRES FRANK TORRES GLORIA TORRES GLORIA P. TORRES JOSE TORRES EDITH TRAMMELL THERESA TRIBUNELLA ANTHONY TRUJILLE ERNEST VAL DEZ fK ] MARY VALENZUELA GILBERT VALERIANO FHEDERICO VALLE RUBEN VALL MICHAEL VILLANUEVA JIMMY VILLEGAS LUCILLE VARELA DOLORES VARGAS PATRICIA VARGAS DAVID VAS0UE2 DIANA VASOUEZ ANTONIA VELASQUEZ ilIKE VENTRELLA ELVIA VIERA LYDIA VILLEGAS VIVIAN VrNCENT DARREL VINSON KRISTAN WALOEN SUSIE WALES ROGER WALLS 261 GLENN WANKE JOHN WIULtAMS SANDRA WILLIAMSON JANE WILLSON HARLEY WINGER JEFFREY WINNER HELEN WINTER LEE WITHAM BARBARA WOHL ROBERT WOLF LOST AND FOUND ANTONIO ALEMAN DAVID CANDENAS JOHNNY CATANO MARINA CORRAL LARRY COTHREEN TONY DEL RIO LINDA DOUTHETT RACHEL GONZALES 262 Fx ' i B 01 ki ' H| • ,- ;j - - MANUEL MALDONADO YOLANDA MANZANARES KATHY McCABE GLORIA MOLINA RICHARD THOMAS GILBERT VALERIANO ROBERT VAN HORN LARRY VASQUEZ H i t ' i ' •1 s Ki ' J ' k: ■. ' fe.-i . % " li i I rx npl? ■ I X. ' : »«i»»:;j !i f -.V •VA,- -, .■.■-■ •■ ' ..;.; ;:: " i ii -; ■; ■■:; " : ' . ft ' C , SENIORS WHO ' S WHO NAME ACTIVITIES Acinelli, Bob . . . Baseball, Varsity Club. Acuna, Rudy . . . Baseball 4 yrs., Football, Basketball, Water Polo 3 yrs.. Freshman Class Representative, Senate, House of Representatives, Junior Class Vice President, Boys ' Athletic Association, F.B.L.A. President, Varsity Club, Student Government Day. AdsiH, Vicky . . . G.A.A., Girls ' League Representative, C.S.F., F.B.L.A. Aguilar, Gilbert . . . Football 2 yrs.. Track 3 yrs., Varsity Club. Alexander, Leslie . . . House ot Representatives 2 yrs. Allen, Ellajean . . . F.B.L.A., Pep Commission, Choir, House of Representatives, G.A.A. Alvarado, Laurence . . . Publicity Commission. Alvarado, Richards . . . Gun and Rod Club 3 yrs.. Football, Latin Club, French Club. Anderson, Don . . . Water Polo, Swimming. Andrews, Sandy . . . Don Card Club, Pep Commission, Coed Capers, Blue-Grey Varieties. Angle, Joe . . . Football, Basketball. Apalafequi, Manuel . . . Dance Band, Senate, Marching Band. Archer. Bill . . . Football. Arellanes, Sally . . . Drill Team 3 yrs., Pep Commission, C.S.F., Coed Capers, Blue-Grey Varieties, Academic Affairs Commissioner. Ant, Phil . . . Football, German Club. Ayala, Maria . . . French Club, Don Beats 2 yrs. Baier, Bob . . . Tennis, F.B.L.A. Barba, Lorry . . . Gymnastics 3 yrs., JETS. Barron, Robert . . . Cross Country, Track, Choir. Barton, Gary . . . Football 3 yrs., Great Ideas Discussion Group, JETS, Boys ' Athletic Commission, Senate. Bedwell, Marty . . . Pep Commission, Homemoking Club, Senate. Beebe, John . . . Tennis, C.S.F., Football. Bement, Judy . . . Pep Commission, Activities Commission, Song Leader, Junior Homecoming Princess, Senior Homecoming Princess. Benavides, Bob . . . Baseball, Wrestling. Benedict, Judy . . . Latin Club 2 yrs.. Girls ' League Repre- sentative, Drill Team 2 yrs., Coed Capers, Pep Commis- sion, French Club. Benson, Barbara . . . Pep Commission, Future Home Econo- mists Club, House of Representatives, Coed Capers, Annual Staff. Berends, Gary . . . Basketball 3 yrs. Berggren, John . . . C.S.F., Basketball. Bergland, Linda . . . Homemoking Club, Pep Commission, Activities Commission. NAME ACTIVITIES Best, Judy . . . Activities Commission, Catterettes. Binder, Bonnie . . . Pep Commission, Activities Commission, Drill Team, Flagster, Songleader, Coed Capers. Black, Arlene . . . Pep Commission. Blair, Kathy . . . Future Nurses, Pep Commission. Blanco, Jack . . . Baseball 4 yrs.. Varsity Club, Football. Boettcher, Ronnie . . . Football, Boys ' State Representative, Student Government Day. Bogdanoff, Dionna . . . Pep Commission 2 yrs., Future Home Economists Club, Russian Club, Publicity Commission, Don Mascot, Activities Commission, Girls ' League Rep- resentative, Senior Class Representative, Annual Staff 2 yrs., Don Card Club. Bonilla, Dolores . . . G.A.A., Activities Commission, Choir, Pep Commission, Elections Committee, Girls ' League Representative, Concert Glee. Bonner, Cathy . . . Cotton Day, Freshman Prom Committee. Bourgeois, Kathy . . . Activities Commission, Pep Commission, Drill Team. Bourland, Deioros . . . Pep Commission, Coed Copers. Brakhage, Margaret . . . Welfare Commission 2 yrs. Breece, Judy . . . Coed Capers. Browl, Jeannette . . . Activities Commission 3 yrs.. Coed Ca- pers, Drill Team. Bruno, Shoryn . . . Pep Commission, Activities Commission, Photo Club, Coed Capers, Homemoking Club, Cheer- leader, Don Mascot, G.A.A., Publicity Commission, Welfare Commissioner. Bueno, Jessie . . . Girls ' League Representative. Burch, Earl . . . Photo Club. Burroughs, Beverly . . . Drama Club, Activities Commission. Burts, Carole . . . Spanish Club, Pep Commission, Drill Team 3 yrs., F.B.L.A. Butcher, Steven . . . Gun and Rod Club, French Club, As- semblies Commission, C.S.F., JETS. Byrum, Jim . . . Gun and Rod Club, A.S.B. Vice President, Football, Basketball, President of Senate, Elections Com- mittee, Tennis, Pep Commission, German Club, Student Government Day. Calistro, Margarita . . . French Club, Don Beats. Caloudes, Georgia . . . Blue-Grey Varieties, Christmas As- sembly, F.B.L.A. Calivillo, Anita . . . French Club. Candido, Gloria . . . Monitor, House of Representatives, G.A.A., Pep Commission. Carlisle, Sandra . . . Future Home Economists Club, Pep Commission, Activities Commission, Drill Team. Carillo, Betty . . . Girls ' Glee, Spanish Club. 264 NAME ACTIVITIES Carter, Linda . . . Pep Commission, Drama Club, Drill Team, Elections Committee, Senate, Fall Play, Stage Crew, C.S.F. Carver, Frank . . . Football 2 yrs.. Wrestling. Caslllas, Carolyn . . . Monitor 2 yrs. Chabala, Dennis . . . Football, Wrestling, Track, Varsity Club. Chavez, Jovi+a . . . Monitor, Don Beats. Chavez, Margaret . . . Pep Commission. Chitwood, Bob . . . Spring Play, Fall Play, Thespians Club, Speech Club, Creative Writing Club, Don Choir, Ger- man Club, C.S.F., Elections Committee. Christiansen, Carol . . . Pep Commission, Coed Capers. Cisneros, Frank . . . Football, Baseball. Cleland, Ronald . . . Gun and Rod Club. Cliftner, Madelyn . . . Future Nurses, Swim Team. Cobas, Bill . . . Gymnastics, Football, Water Polo. Colbert, Dick . . . Football 3 yrs., hlouse of Representatives, Gymnastics. Conjee, Craig . . . Football 2 yrs.. Gymnastics, Trade, Cross Country. Connolly, Carol . . . Pep Commission, Drama Club, F.B.L.A., Homemaking Club, G.A.A. Constantino, Larry . . . Wrestling. Contreras, Johnny . . . Chess Club. Correa, Gloria . . . Activities Commission, Pep Commission, Drill Team 2 yrs. Cooper, Roger . . . Football 2 yrs.. Track 4 yrs., Band 2 yrs.. Boys ' Council, Chief Justice. Cordova, Diane . . . Don Beats. Cordova, Lillian . . . Freshman Class Secretary, Drill Team, Pep Commission 2 yrs., Activities Commission, House of Representatives, Songleoder, Cosentino, Gloria . . . Spanish Club 2 yrs., Choraleers 3 yrs.. Future Nurses, Senate, F.T.A., House of Representatives, Finance Commission, Welfare Commission, Photo Club. Cote, Dan . . . Cross Country. Cottle, Jim . . . Finance Commission, A-V Technicians, Pros- pectors Club, Prom Committee, Chorallers, Monitor. Cox, Thomas . . . Football 2 yrs. Coy, Renell . . . Girls ' Council, F.B.L.A., Girls ' League Rep- resentative. Craig, Bob . . . Pep Commission. Crollee, Laurie . . . Girls ' Concert Glee. Cross, Carolyn . . . Pep Commission. Cuevas, Frank . . . Gymnastics 4 yrs.. Football 2 yrs. Cummlngs, Don . . . Photo Club 3 yrs.. Water Polo, Newstaff. Cummings, Linda . . . Drama Club, Girls ' League Representa- tive, Coed Capers. Cushman, Steve . . . Football 3 yrs.. Basketball 2 yrs.. Base- ball, House of Representatives. Davidson, Jean . . . Future Nurses, Finance Commission, G.A.A. Devine, Kenny . . . Varsity Club, Wrestling, Track 2 yrs.. Freshman Class Representative, Football 2 yrs. Dixon, June . . . Pep Commission, Coed Capers. NAME ACTIVITIES Donaldson, Clem . . . Football 3 yrs.. Student Court 2 yrs.. Boys ' Council 3 yrs. Douglas, Leo . . . Latin Club. Douglas, Linda . . . Activities Commission, Pep Commission, Future Home Economists, Latin Club. Debrow, Jerome . . . Projectionist Club. Dunshee, Bob . . . Basketball. Duron, Carolina . . . Drill Team 3 yrs.. Future Nurses. Duron, Al . . . Photo Club, Don Beats. Dutton, Ram . . . Drill Team, Coed Capers, Pep Commission, Future Home Economists, Girls ' League Representative, House of Representatives. Dykstra, Susan . . . Pep Commission 3 yrs., Activities Com- mission, Coed Capers, House of Representatives 2 yrs., Songleoder 2 yrs.. Homecoming Queen. Edwards, Martin . . . Finance Commission, Projectionist Club, C.S.F., PA-AV Technician. Farese, Marguerite . . . Choraleers, Pep Commission, Assem- blies Commission, Cheerleader, Coed Capers, Blue-Grey Varieties, Western Days, Stage Crev . Farquhar, Norm . . . Water Polo, Swimming Football. Ferrari, Walt . . . Football, Baseball, House of Representa- tives. Fielder, John . . . Basketball 3 yrs., C.S.F. , Boys ' Athletic Commission, Russian Club, Boys ' Council, Senior Class Representative. Figueroa, Irene . . . G.A.A., Sophomore Homecoming Prin- cess. Flack, Sally . . . Activities Commission. Flores, Armand . . . Football, Track. Flores, Helen . . . G.A.A., Girls ' League Representative, Sophomore Class Vice President, Coed Capers, Pep Commission 3 yrs.. Activities Commission, Activities Commissioner, Publicity Commission. Foye, Pete . . . Russian Club, Drama Club, Astronomy Club, Drama Workshop, Senate, Track. Francis, Steve . . . Football, Latin Club, Finance Commis- sion, A.S.B. Finance Commissioner, Drum Major, Dance Bond. Freeman, Vicky . . . Pep Commission, Blue-Grey Varieties, Coed Capers, Western Days, Stage Crew. Fricke, Stan . . . Gymnastics, Basketball. Galindo, Danny . . . Water Polo, Football, Gymnastics. Galkin, Elaine . . . Girls ' League Represento+ive. Galvez, Dolores . . . Don Beats. Garcia, Lydia . . . Don Beats. Garcia, Toni . . . Pep Commission 3 yrs.. Activities Com- mission 3 yrs.. Library Club, G.A.A., House of Repre- sentatives, Coed Capers, Elections Committee 2 yrs., Sophomore Class Secretary, Fall Play, Speech Team, Drill Team, Annual Staff, Yell Leader 2 yrs.. Welfare Commission. Gassner, Wilfred . . . German Club, Photo Club. Gaudet, Cam . . . Water Polo, Swimming. 265 NAME ACTIVITIES NAME ACTIVITIES Gear, Margaret . . . Pep Commission, Girls ' League Repre- sentotive, Coed Capers, Activities Commission. Geiser, Lorena . . . Drill Team, Pep Commission, Activities Commission, Girls ' League Representative, Coed Ca- pers. Glass, Chuck . . . Varsity Club, Football 4 yrs.. Baseball 4 yrs.. House of Representatives. Gilmore, Dana . . . Finance Commission. Glusko+er, Terry . . . Radio Club, Gymnastics, Water Polo. Goslon, Daryl . . . Don Cord Club. Gomez, Eddie . . . Football. Gonzales, Carol . . . Drill Team, Pep Commission 3 yrs.. Majorette 2 yrs. Goodell, Ken . . . Water Polo, Swimming. Gordon, Perilue . . . House of Representatives, Freshman Class Representative, Coed Capers, Girls ' League Rep- resentative, G.A.A., PTA Play. Graff, Ronald . . . Don Card Club, Football. Gray, Rhonda . . . Songleoder, Pep Commission 2 yrs.. House of Representatives, Girls ' League Representative, Coed Capers, Annual Staff, Stage Crew, PTA Ploy, Freshman Prom Committee. Grimsby, Emerson . . . Basketball 4 yrs.. Baseball. Grund, Karen . . . Drill Team. Gutierrez, Anna . . . Girls ' Council, Girls ' League Repre- sentative, Drill Team, Sophomore Class Representative, Head Yell Leader, C.S.F., Coed Capers, Newstaff, G.A.A., Elections Committee. Gutierrez, Bertha . . . G.A.A. Gutierrez, Bill . . . Basketball, Swimming, Football, Chess Club. Hagan, Terry . . . Football 3 yrs. Halopoff, Mike . . . Wrestling 3 yrs.. Water Polo 2 yrs. Hall, Jan . . . Annual Staff, Publicity Commission, German Club, Quill and Scroll, F.B.L.A., House of Representa- tives, Activities Commission, G.A.A. Hammond, Kathy . . . Cotton Day, Drama Club. Hance, Jill . . . Activities Commission, Drill Team, G.A.A., House of Representatives, Swim Team, Coed Capers. Harlow, Cathie . . . Coed Capers, Pep Commission, Fall Play. Harnack, Larry . . . Basketball, Baseball, Tennis. Hartzell, Art . . . Track 3 yrs.. Football, Cross Country, F.B.L.A., Gun and Rod Club. Hazelroth, Ken . . . Wrestling, Gun and Rod Club, Life Guard, French Club, Astronomy Club. Helling, Dennis . . . Gymnastics, Baseball, Varsity Club. Hemsley, Eddie . . . Football, Swimming, Senate, Gun and Rod Club, AV Technicians. Hernandez, Maria . . . G.A.A., House of Representatives. Herrera, Rachel . . . House of Representatives. Higgins, Bob . . . Football 2 yrs.. Baseball 2 yrs. Hinojos, Sally . . . Drill Team 3 yrs.. Coed Capers, Pep Com- mission. Holguin, Nick . . . Football 2 yrs. Holmes, Virginia . . . Girls ' League Representative, Thes- pians Club, Drama Club, F.T.A., Western Days, Blue- Grey Varieties, Fall Play, Spring Play. Hooper, Judy . . . Activities Commission, Pep Commission, Girls ' League Representative, Girls ' Council, Drill Team, Executive Commission, G.A.A., Future Home Econo- mists Club, Senate, Girls ' League President. Huddleston, Darrell . . . Football 3 yrs.. Wrestling, Varsity Club, Boys ' Athletic Commission. Huddleston, Dean . . . Football 3 yrs.. Wrestling 2 yrs.. Varsity Club, Baseball, Boys ' Athletic Commission. Hudson, Roy . . . Fall Play, Spring Play, Basketball Man- ager, Tennis, Speech Team, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Astronomy Club, Prospectors Club, Agri- culture Club, Senate, House of Representatives, Photo Club. Huffman, Terry . . . Gun and Rod Club. Ille, Mary . . . Pep Commission, G.A.A. Jackson, Diana . . . Welfare Commission, Pep Commission, G.A.A. Jackson, Gene . . . Water Polo 2 yrs. Jan, Diane . . . Coed Capers 2 yrs., Annual Staff, Drill Team, Flagster, Pep Commission, Senior Class Secre- tary. Jeffredo, Carol . . . Drama Club, Assemblies Commission, House of Representatives, Coed Capers. Jelinek, Frank . . . Astronomy Club, Annual Staff Photog- rapher. Johnson, Dorann . . . Pep Commission 4 yrs., G.A.A., Don Card Club, Coed Capers, Stage Crew. Kazarian, Janet . . . Coed Capers, Drill Team 2 yrs.. Activi- ties Commission 2 yrs. Kellenberger, Rick . . . Football 4 yrs. Kerr, Jennifer . . . Cheerleader, Pep Commission, G.A.A. Killin, Karen . . . G.A.A., Pep Commission, Activities Com- mission, Drama Club, F.B.L.A. Kimbrough, Steve . . . Senior Class Representative, Senate, Spring Play, Drama Club. King, Alan . . . Photo Club. Kizziar, Ken . . . Gymnastics. Kjolsing, Bob . . . Football 4 yrs.. Boys ' Athletic Commission. Klein, Ingrid . . . German Club, Finance Commission, Home- making Club, Elections Committee, Pep Commission 2 yrs.. Drill Team 2 yrs.. Girls ' League Representative, Chi Sigma Phi, House of Representatives Secretary, Annual Staff, Future Home Economists Club, Senior Belle, Academic Affairs Commission. Knebel, Alan . . . Boys ' Athletic Commission, Varsity Club, Executive Commission, Football 2 yrs.. Diving. Krenicki, Joanne . . . Homemaking Club 2 yrs.. Pep Com- mission, Coed Capers, Future Home Economists Club, Girls ' League Representative, Senate, Drill Team, Prom Decorations. Kruse, Wes . . . Spanish Club, Senate. Kuykendall, Lois . . . Pep Commission, Activities Commis- sion, Girls ' League Representative, Junior Class Repre- sentative, G.A.A., Drill Team, Coed Capers, Future Home Economists Club, C.S.F., F.T.A. Lara, Fred . . . Boys ' Athletic Commission, Welfare Com- mission, Don Card Club, Spanish Club 3 yrs.. Pep Com- mission, Prom Committee. Lara, Virginia . . . Coed Capers. Larson, Scott . . . Football 4 yrs.. Basketball 3 yrs. 266 NAME ACTIVITIES Larson, Susan . . . Pep Commission. Lawson, Dorothy . . . Drill Team, Coed Capers 2 yrs., Pep Commission, Activities Commission, House of Repre- sentatives, Publicity Commission, Majorette (Head). Leslie, Dave . , . Football 3 yrs.. Baseball. Lewallen, Barbara . . . Assemblies Commission. Liond, Sandy . . . G.A.A. Lingenfel+er, LaNelle . . . Pep Commission, Girls ' League Representative, Drill Team, Coed Capers, Future Home Economists Club, Flagster. Lochhausen, Mary . . . Girls ' League Representative, Senate, House of Representatives, German Club, Future Home Economists Club, Quill and Scroll, Coed Capers, G.A.A., Homemakers Club, Pep Commission. Lochridge, Bob . . . Football 3 yrs.. Basketball, Baseball. Long, Frank . . . Baseball, Swimming, Water Polo. Long, Ron . . . Football 2 yrs., French Club. Lopez, Ismael . . . Basketball, Track. Lopez, Joe . . . Freshman Class President, Football, Track. Lopez, Jose . . . Cross Country 3 yrs., Track 2 yrs., House of Representatives, Varsity Club. Lopez, Louie . . . Don Band, Spanish Club, C.S.F., Football. Lorenz, Pat . . . Pep Commission, Drama Club, Drill Team, Girls ' Council, G.A.A., Junior Class Secretary, A.S.B. Secretary, Executive Commission, Coed Capers, House of Representatives. Loustaunau, Rose . . . Pep Commission, Girls ' League Rep- resentative. Loya, Rannona . . . F.B.L.A., Girls ' League Representative, Future Nurses, G.A.A. Lucci, Pat . . . Homemaking Club. Lunetta, Janice . . . Pep Commission, House of Representa- tives, Coed Capers 2 yrs.. Girls ' League Representa- tive, Thespians, Don Card Club, Annual Staff 3 yrs., G.A.A. Lyies, Ida . . . Pep Commission, Publicity Commission, Activi- ties Commission. Lynch, Steve . . . Basketball. Macias, Jovita . . . Don Beats, Activities Commission. Macias, Pablo . . . Spanish Club. MacLean, Sharon . . . Future Nurses. Madrid, Ernie . . . Basketball 4 yrs., Baseball 4 yrs. Madrigal, Rogelio . . . Spanish Club. Mains, Marcia . . . Pep Commission, Activities Commission, G.A.A., Publicity Commission, Girls ' League Represen- tative. Manriquez, Anna . . . Don Beats, Pep Commission, G.A.A., Activities Commission. Marquez, Anita . . . Don Beats. Marsh, Frances . . . Don Card Club. Marshall, Anaiia . . . Pep Commission, Publicity Commission, Activities Commission, Coed Capers, Russian Club 2 yrs, Annual Staff 3 yrs., Solo Majorette 3 yrs.. Quill and Scroll, House of Representatives, Senior Class Rep- resentative, A.F.S. Participant. Martinez, John C. . . . Football 4 yrs., Swimming. Martinez, John J. . . . Baseball, Swimming. NAME ACTIVITIES Matkins, Mike . . . A.S.B. President, Boys Athletic Commis- sioner, Varsity Club 4 yrs., C.S.F., Executive Commis- sion, Boys ' Council, Exchange Student to Japan, Foot- ball 4 yrs.. Basketball 3 yrs.. Golf, Sophomore Class President. Matko, Hermine . . . French Club, Cotton Day. McCoy, Linda . . . Activities Commission 4 yrs.. Pep Com- mission, Coed Capers, Drill Team, Elections Committee 2 yrs. McDaniel, Dyanne . . . G.A.A. McDoniel, Ed . . . Marching Bond. McParland, Chris . . . Pep Commission, Photo Club. Meeks, Larry . . . JV Baseball Manager. Mendez, Richard . . . Cross Country 3 yrs., Track 3 yrs.. Varsity Club, Tennis, House of Representatives, Latin Club. Mendoza, Mary . . . Don Choir, Girls ' League Representa- tive, G.A.A., Drama Club. Meneses, Mary . . . Don Choir, G.A.A., Latin Club. Mercado, Midge . . . Future Nurses, Girls ' League Repre- sentative, Senior Luau Committee. Mesa, Renee . . . Freshman Homecoming Princess, House of Representatives, Pep Commission, Activities Commis- sion, French Club, G.A.A., Girls ' League Representa- tive, Freshman Class Secretary, Art Club. Miles, Tim . . . German Club 2 yrs. Millard, Jim . . . Senior Class Vice President, Senate, Latin Club, Boys ' Council, C.S.F., Basketball, Golf, Junior Cabinet. Miller, Harold . . . Football 2 yrs.. Basketball, Tennis, Boys ' Athletic Commission. Miller, Jack . . . Wrestling, Baseball, Tennis. Miller, John . . . Latin Club, Senate. Moncoyo, Richard . . . Football. Monson, John . . . Water Polo 4 yrs.. Golf 3 yrs.. Gun and Rod Club, Swimming, Varsity Club, Wrestling. Moore. Bill . . . Football, Basketball. Morales, Richard . . . Football. Morequecho, Rene . . . Cross Country, Track, Varsity Club. Moses, Richard . . . Football, Swimming. Moyer, Phyllis . . . Monitor. Munnell, Barbara . . . Drill Team 3 yrs., G ' ris ' Council 2 yrs.. House of Representatives, Stage C ' " ew, Pep Commis- sion, Drill Team Captain. Murillo, Richard . . . Activities Comn ission, Basketball, Football. Murillo, Rosemarie . . . Girls ' League Representative, Activi- ties Commission, Drill Team. Nelson, Sandy . . . Activities Commission, Pep Commission, House of Representatives, Assemblies Commission, F.B.L.A. Nevarez, Dor is . . . Activities Commission, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Coed Capers. O ' Born, Linda . . . Drill Team, House of Representatives, Monitor. Ochoa, Marcella . . . Future Nurses, Don Beats, Doll Dress- ing Contest. 267 NAME ACTIVITIES NAME ACTIVITIES Okada, Richard . . . Concert Band, Football 3 yrs., Gym- nastics 2 yrs., Senate, Latin Club, Junior Class Presi- dent, C.S.F., Boys ' Council, Boys ' Athletic Commission, Varsity Club, American Field Service to Denmark, Sen- ior Class President. Okeson, Linda . . . Pep Commission, Activities Commission, Concert Glee. Olague, Jenny . . . Girls ' League Representative, Drill Team, Senior Belle, G.A.A. Oliver, Vienna . . . Girls ' League Representative, Girls ' League Songleader, Girls ' League Vice President, Stu- dent Director of Coed Capers, Girls ' Council 2 yrs., Donnettes, Girls ' State Representative. Ortiz, Rene . . . Track, Football, Varsity Club. Pagett, Bill . . . Water Polo 4 yrs.. Swimming 4 yrs., Varsity Club, German Club, Student Government Day. Palomarei, Diane . . , Drill Team, Pep Commission, Assem- blies Commission. Parafiorito, Carol . . . Pep Commission 2 yrs., Drill Team 2 yrs.. Majorette, Future Home Economists Club 2 yrs. Pavia, Chuck . . . JETS, Baseball 2 yrs.. Basketball. Payton, Susan . . . Drill Team 3 yrs., Blue-Grey Varieties, Coed Capers, House of Representatives, Pep Commis- sion, C.S.F., F.T.A. Pekar, Vicky . . . Pep Commission, Publicity Commission, Coed Capers, Art Show. Pennington, Diane . . . Homemaking Club, Don Choir, Pep Commission 2 yrs., Blue-Grey Varieties, Coed Capers 2 yrs.. House of Representatives. Perea, Maria . . . G.A.A. Perez, Gloria . . . G.A.A., Don Beats. Pettus, Gordon . . . Varsity Club, Football 2 yrs., Gymnastics. Pevehouse, Gerry . . . Basketball 4 yrs.. Track 3 yrs., Foot- ball, Gun and Rod Club. Pflug, Steve . . . Latin Club. Phillips, Bill . . . Audio Visual 4 yrs. Phipps, Paulette . . . Pep Commission 2 yrs., House of Rep- resentatives, Don Card Club, Future Home Economists Club, Speech Club. Ploeger, Jeff . . . Basketball, Tennis, Varsity Club, Boys ' Ath- letic Commission. Preston, Bob . . . Water Polo, Football, Golf, Basketball, Projectionist Club, Senior Luau Committee. Provinse, Mike . . . Water Polo, Swimming. Quintero, Richard . . . Manager JV Baseball. Raines, Annette . . . Finance Commission, G.A.A., Agricul- tural Science Club, Don Card Club. Raines, Ray . . . Finance Commission, Prospectors Club. Ranval, Bertha . . . G.A.A., Spanish Club. Ried, Rhonda . . . Activities Commission, Cheerleader, Girls ' League Representative, House of Representatives. Reynolds, Bill . . . Baseball, Choir, Fall Play, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Lunch Time Disc Jockey. Reza, John . . . Football, House of Representatives. Rhodes, Judy . . . Pep Commission, Future Home Economists Club, French Club, Activities Commission. Riede, Ronnie . . . Cross Country, Tennis, Baseball, House of Representatives. Ries, Edv ard . . . Photo Club, Astronomy Club, Drama Club, Thespians, House of Representatives 2 yrs.. Senate. Rivas, Ernestine . . . Drill Team, Pep Commission, Don Beats. Rivero, Ray . . . Football, Gymnastics. Robbins, Liz . . . French Club. Robles, Steve . . . Water Polo, Swimming. Rochon, Ed . . . Baseball 3 yrs.. Football. Rodman, Susan . . . Coed Capers, Assemblies Commission, Drill Team 3 yrs.. Pep Commission 3 yrs., G.A.A., Don- nettes, Girls ' Council, Spanish Club, C.S.F., Chi Sigma Phi, Elections Committee, Senior Belle. Rodriguez, Danny . . . Publicity Commission. Rodriguez, Dolores . . . Pep Commission, Drill Team, Yell Leader. Rodriguez, Esther . . . Don Beats. Rodriguez, John . . . Football 3 yrs.. Boys ' Council, Baseball 2 yrs.. Student Court. Rodriguez, Joe . . . Football 3 yrs., Track. Rodriguez, Maria M. . . . Don Beats, Pep Commission, As- semblies Commission. Rodriguez, Ray . . . C.S.F., Spanish Club, Latin Club, House of Representatives, Don Card Club, Marching Band, Yell Leader, A.S.F. Participant, Pep Commission. Rogers, Candace . . . Activities Commission, G.A.A., Pep Commission, Assemblies Commission. Rubio, Maria . . . Activities Commission, G.A.A., Pep Com- mission. Ruch, Donna . . . G.A.A., Guitar and Uke Club, Choraleers. Russell, Robin . . . Drill Team 3 yrs., Pep Commission, A.F.S. Participant, Coed Capers, House of Representatives, Latin Club, Annual Staff 2 yrs., G.A.A., Russian Club, Quill and Scroll, Publicity Commission, Prom Decora- tions, Assemblies Commission. Saavedra, Patsy . . . Activities Commission. Samaha, Sheila . . . Pep Commission, Homemaking Club, G.A.A. Sandoval, Ignacio . . . Spanish Club. Santoro, Betty . . . Choir, Choraleers, House of Representa- tives, Coed Capers, French Club, Drama Club. Sov yer, Bobby . . . Varsity Club, Wrestling, Gymnastics. Scarborough, Linda . . . Pep Commission, Activities Com- mission, F.T.A. , G.A.A. President, Spanish Club, Don Card Club, Prom Decorations, Girls ' League Decora- tions. Schlecht, Bill . . . Baseball, Basketball. Schuiz, Shirley . . . G.A.A., House of Representatives. Seligman, Lou . . . Football, C.S.F., Latin Club, Boys ' Ath- letic Commission, Executive Commission, Great Ideas Discussion Group, House of Representatives, Prom Committee. Shatzen, DeDe . . . G.A.A. 268 NAME ACTIVITIES Sherwood, Esther . . . Pep Commiss ion 3 yrs., Pep Commis- sioner, Girls ' Council, Flagster 2 yrs., Drill Team, An- nual Staff 2 yrs.. Coed Capers, Activities Commission, Girls ' League Representative, G.A.A. Shirley, Sylvia . . . Activities Commission. Shubin, Al . . . Swimming, Water Polo. Silva, Charles . . . Tennis, Basketball, Latin Club, Football, Track, Activities Commission. Simpkins, Diane . . . C.S.F. SIpera, Kenny . . . Assemblies Commission, Publicity Com- mission 3 yrs. Skeels, Dot+ie . . . F.T.A.. Spanish Club, Russian Club, Sen- ate, Quill and Scroll, News Staff, El Rodeo Editor. Slessor, Barbara . . . F.B.L.A., Coed Capers, G.A.A., Girls ' Tennis Team. Smith, Diane . . . Coed Capers 2 yrs.. Monitor. Smith, Ed . . . Chess Club, Gun and Rod Club. Smith, Peggy . . . Pep Commission, Don Card Club, Coed Capers, G.A.A,, Publicity Commission, Homemaking Club. Solis, Virginia . . . Don Beats 3 yrs., G.A.A., Senate, Activi- ties Commission, Pep Commission. Soochkoff, Vic . . . Water Polo, Swimming, Baseball, Wres- tling. Soto, Susie . . . Don Beats, Pep Commission, House of Rep- resentatives. Sparks, Carol . . . Welfare Commission, Don Cord Club. Sparling, Fred . . . Football Manager 3 yrs.. Basketball Man- ager, Track Manager, Wrestling Manager 2 yrs., Var- sity Club, Audio Visual Club. Spiegelman, Susie . . . Drama Club, Thespians, G.A.A. Stonfield, Bev . . . Coed Capers, Activities Commission, Choir. Steed, Alan . . . Prospectors Club, Photo Club, Welfare Commission, Publicity Commission, Swimming, Pep Commission, JETS, Chess Club. Stell, John . . . Football, Track, Varsity Club. Stepnicka, Gale . . . G.A.A. Tamashiro, Irene . . . F.T.A., Don Card Club, Don Beats. Taylor, Barbara . . . Spanish Club, Blue-Grey Varieties, Sen- ate, G.A.A. Taylor, Kerry . . . Water Polo, Swimming. Taylor, Robert . . . Gun and Rod Club, Tennis, Football, Varsity Club, 2 yrs.. Boys ' Athletic Commission. Taylor, William . . . Band, Photo Club. Templln, George . . . Football 3 yrs.. Track 3 yrs. Terraias, Pat . . . French Club, Pep Commission, Activities Commission, Election Committee, G.A.A., hHouse of Representatives, Prom Committee. Terzenbach, Leonard . . . Cross Country, Track. Tharp, Lupe . . . Future Nurses, G.A.A., Art Club, Spanish Club. Thomas, Steve . . . Swimming, Water Polo, Sophomore Class Representative, Varsity Club. Torres, Gilbert . . . Football 4 yrs.. Track. Torres, Lucy . . . Don Beats, Homemaking Club. Torres, Marcelena . . . F.B.L.A. Trammel, Joe . . . Varsity Club 3 yrs.. Track 4 yrs.. Cross Country, House of Representatives. NAME Traslavina, Sus ACTIVITIES Football Trujilio, Johnny . . . Cross Country, House of Representa- tives, Basketball, Student Store Salesman. Turney, Dennis . . . Water Polo 2 yri. Football 2 yrs., Swim- ming. Tustin, Doug . . . Football. Tuthill, Edgar . . . Gun and Rod Club, Choir. Umschied, Judy . . . G.A.A., Coed Capers, Pep Commission. Uehara, Sharon . . . Don Beats. Vaidez, Norma . . . G.A.A., Spanish Club. Vanderhoof, Sherrie . . . Activities Commission 2 yrs.. Pep Commission, Don Card Club, House of Representatives, Homemaking Club 2 yrs.. Coed Capers. VanHorn, Glenn . . . Cross Country 2 yrs., Track 2 yrs. Vasquez, Jimmy . . . Football. Vega, Lillian . . . Drill Team, Pep Commission, G.A.A. Vejar, Ernie . . . Agricultural Science Club, House of Rep- resentatives, Spanish Club. Villa, Gilbert . , . Football 3 yrs.. Basketball 2 yrs. Villard, Gary . . . Tennis 4 yrs.. Cross Country, Basketball 2 yrs., Var sity Club 2 yrs.. Astronomy Club. Vincent, Mary . . . Girls ' League Representative, Latin Club, Pep Commission 2 yrs., Don Mascot, Songleader, Coed Capers. Voight, Judy . . . Don Cord Club, Assemblies Commission, Coed Capers. Wales, Diane . . . C.S.F., Prospectors Club, G.A.A., Library Club, Choir, Choraleers. Walker, Shirley . . . Don Cord Club, House of Representa- tives. Webb, Ralph . . . Football. Wagner, Paula . . . Drill Team 3 yrs., Latin Club, Girls ' League Representative, Coed Capers, Girls ' League Songleader. Weiss, Diannah . . . Pep Commission. Wells, Sandy . . . Don Card Club, Activities Commission 2 yrs,. Speech Club, Coed Capers, Pep Commission. White, Linda . . . Don Card Club. Whiting, Bill . . . Football 3 yrs.. Swimming, Track, House of Representatives. Wirth, Gary . . . Football, Baseball. Witham, Richard . . . Football, Baseball. Wolverton, Jim . . . Publicity Commission, Assemblies Com- mission, Basketball, Cross Country, Guitar and Like Club, Gun and Rod Club, Varsity Club. Wood, Dennis . . . Clusters, Gun and Rod Club, Football. Wood, Mary . . . Don Card Club, G.A.A., Coed Capers. Wright, Cynthia . . . House of Representatives 2 yrs., G.A.A,. Annual Staff, German Club, Pep Commission, Activities Commission, Coed Capers. Youmans, Cheryl . . . F.B.L.A., Western Days. Young, Mike . . . Gymnastics, Baseball, Assemblies Com mission. Young, Greg . . . Football. Zaragoza, Yolanda . . . G.A.A., Activities Commission. 269 VERTISEMENTS 1 - s ' ' :u ' . j ?. « H gi «« ' « ' - ■ " • ■ " Can I afford it? " Wonder Rudy Acuna and Bill Pagett. " Yes you can, " at DALTONS FLOWERS AND GIFTS, 9213 E. Whittier Blvd., Pico Rivera. Pat Lorenz and John Beebe are caught in the act of buying their Senior Keys at MARCELLUS BROS., 9211 E. Whittier Blvd., Pico Rivera. " Lets hit the red pin for a free game at PICO RIVERA BOWL. 5054 San Gabriel Place, Pico Rivera. " Short on the sides, " says Bill Pagett. " Keep those curls, " says Rudy Acuna. " Short on top, " says Larry Barba, at ERNIE ' S BARBER SHOP. 9410 Whittier Blvd., Pico Rivera. " Hey guys how do you like this? " asks Wes Kruse, as Tim Miles and Steve Kimbrough look over a jacket at HORN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE, 9248 Whittier Blvd., Pico Rivera. C ' IT- r Marcio Mains, Marina Figueroo and Helen Flores look over the lovely gifts that can be purchased at P. B, CARROLL ' S, 9118 East Whittier Blvd., Pico Rivera. yf I i. PftrH ' . ; y ' ' iX . PHOTO l ? ' z Linda Doty shows her friends the wide assortment of cameras and accessories at LANCER PHOTO STUDIOS, 9228 E. Whittier, Pico Rivera. WOLF ' S DRIVE IN SHOES, 9046 E. Whittier Boule- vard, has a wide selection of dress and athletic shoes, as Gus Translavania and John Reza have discovered. Once again THE HICKORY HOP- 9432 East Whittier Boulevard, proves its popularity with the old gang. For the latest hair fashions, do as Jan Hall, Rhonda Gray, Peri Gordon and Judy Bement do. Go to PRINCESS PAT ' S. 4870 South Durfee. Esther Sherwood, Carol Sturdevant and Bonnie Binder look over a few of the wonderful things that can be pur- chased at MYERS WHITTIER, 201 N. Greenleaf, Whittier. Steve Lynch and Clem Donaldson wish they could have a color T. V. like this one that may be seen at PETRELL ' S T. V. AND APPLIANCE, 11144 East Whittier Blvd., Whittier " Try this one, " says Roger Cooper as he helps Paulette Phipps onto a bike at SANSTEBY BIKE AND LAWN- MOWER SHOP, 4619 Durfee Avenue, Pico Rivera. I. " • Mil ' ' 1 JM Living proof of satisfied customers at JIM ' S MARKET, 9425 E. Telegraph Pico Rivera, are Judy Voight, Dedee Shatzen, Vicki Pekar, Ron Boettdher, and Steve Pflug. ■irvaBttMuan CONTINENTAL SAVIN6S Earn a higher rate of interest for your savings at CONTINENTAL SAVINGS AND LOAN, 9125 Whittier Blvd, as Sue Larson and Pat Terazas assure Dennis Stubbe, Greg Young and Bobby Sawyer. Paula Wagner, John Miller, Linda Scarborough prove that it ' s wise to buy at MONTH ' S CAMERA SHOP, 223 N. Green leaf Ave, Whittier. Two annual staff members receive excellent service at HACKLEYS, corner of Washington and Rosemead, Pico Rivera. 1- . .4k. T-s Jean Rose, Candy Rogers, Judy Brooks and Diane Weiss enjoy the excellent food at ROD ' S INN, 8627 Whittier Blvd., Pico Rivera. For reasonable prices and fine fits go to GREENWOODS SHOE STORE, 161 N. Greenleaf Ave., Whittier . " That will be $.98, " Wes Kruse tells his customers at KRUSE DAIRY, 9546 Kruse Rd., Pico Rivera. Gordon Pettus, Gary Barton, Barbara Benson and Judy Hooper are quite pleased with the wide selec- tion of records ot " SIEVERS TV AND APPLI- ANCE " 11171 Washington Blvd., Whittier Downs Moll. " Make that strike " at " MERCURY BOWL ' 8825 East Washington Blvd., Pico Rivera. Bob Taylor and Pam Dutton find it hard to select a pair of shoes at " PAIGE FAMILY SHOES. " 1178 Quadway, Whittier, because of their wide se- lection. Ronnie Reid and Norm Forquhar have a new camera demonstration given them while Al Steed purchases camera equipment at " QUAD CAMERA SHOP " 1141 Quadway, Whittier. Joe Lopez, Bob Lockridge and Johnny Rodriquez look over the assortment of merchandise that can be purchased at " CY ' S HARDWARE AND PAINT " 11239 E. Washington Blvd., Whittier. Loo king for a formal for the Prom? Do as Toni Garcia and Dorothy Lawson do, go to " JAXONS 11177 Washington Blvd., Whittier Downs Moll, and make sure Perilue Gordon waits on you. Dick Okada and Joe Lopez select an orchid for their dates corsage for the annual Junior, Senior Prom, at " RIVERA FLOWER SHOP " 7340 Rosemead, Pico Rivera. Want on original idea for a date? Go to " ROST ' S BIKE AND HOBBY SHOP " 9237 Telegraph, and pull your girl around in a little red wagon as Joe Angle does Carol Burts. THE WORLDS FINEST BICYCLES Steve Francis ond Lou Seligman select a pair of shoes at " THE SHOE BOX " 170 N. Greenleaf, Whittier. : ' " ' ■ ■«?j; 1- Walt Ferrari and Rick Kellenbeger find this small tractor among a variety of other equipment that may be rented at " DAVE ' S RENTALS " (Stuff for Rent) 8642 Beverly Blvd., Pico Rivera. For the best in dairy products go to " GULP DAIRY " 4453 Lexington Road, Pico Rivera. i£i IS ffl Denise Dixon and Lorena Geiser are shopping for apartments through the cooperation of " SWEET AND COMPANY " 9402 E. Slauson, Pico Rivera, to surprise their fiances when they return from overseas. Ken Devine and Steve Butcher receive excellent service and fine quality clothes at " 117 SHOP " 117 Greenleaf, Whittier. For your best bet in pool construction go to " POOLS BY PHIL " 11142 E. Whittier Blvd., Whittier. P. S. Beauty in two ways, " POOLS BY PHIL " and our Home Coming Court. ' ■ c . " . ' ; ' lte j:3 mmHm Jack Blanco, Dianna Bogdonoff, Esther Sherwood, Alan Knebel, Analio Marshall and Jim Wolverton find that for the. best food in the west, the best place to go is " CHATEAU BRIAND " 8528 Rosemead Blvd., Pico Rivera. Karen Grund and Ginger Holmes find the best of quality at " NU MART MARKET " 9252 E. Whittier Blvd., Pico Rivera. Now under new management. Also pictured is Chris Harding. DUMP WtLf Tt SAIONS 284 9411 E.WASHINGTON BLVD. PICO RIVERA KOLLE ' S OX 6-5256 128)6 N. Comstock Avenue HAIRSTYLES by RIC OX 6-3102 128 N. Comstock Avenue UPTOWN WHITTIER 718 WHITTIER BLVD., MONTEBELLO PA 8-1393 VOIT RUBBER RAWLINSS MAC GRESOR RIDDELL SERVICE BOWLING SHIRTS CRAMER CHEMICAL WHITING AWARD SWEATERS X JACKETS A G SPALDING PROGRAM AIDS SPORTS EQUIPMENT CORPORATION SPANJIAN LOUISVILLE SLUGGER 192S. GREENLEAF AVE- WHITTIER OX 8-0161 ( (mUk SW4 TEAM OUTFITTING LETTERING DEPT ATHLETIC SHOES TROPHIES 8 ENGRAVING BOWLING SUPPLIES RACKETS RESTRUNG SCUBA AIR STATION SKI RENTALS JIWEIIRS ALPHA BETA CENTER 9320 Slauson Ave. Rico Rivera 4700 Durfee Ave. Pico Rivera 285 ;s.rr,;;vA.D MA- For a formal for the prom or a suit for graduation, try " HINSHAWS " for the finest clothing in all lines, 1192 Quadway, Whittier. Who has the most money? Girls of course! Because they are wise and save their money at " UNITED CALIFORNIA BANK " 8737 E. Washington Blvd., Pico Rivera. Pictured: Robin Russel, , Peggy Smith, Dianne Pennington, Ingrid Klein, CindyWright, Renee Messa, and Susie Spiegelman. PORTRAITS - fliDDINCS-COMMERCIAL 1 WL Will tl[ tr IHURSDAr EVENINbS 700 i; 900PM I i v For the finest in jewelry now including El Rancho bar- celts it ' s " ADIENNES JEWELRY " 11147 Wash- ington Blvd., Whittier Downs Mall. Pictured: JiitiMillard and Judy Breece. For that casual look for a date, or that school boy look, or just for that plain old surfer look give " JERRY ' S, " 146 Philadelphia, Whittier, a try, like Ken Kizzar, Rene Ortiz, Bob Higgins, Cam Cadet Bob Kjolsing do. Lillian Cordova, Mary Vincent Bonnie Binder, E.R. ' s songleadersgoto " PICO MUSIC CO. " , , 9308 E. Whittier Blvd., Pico Rivera, for the wildest selections of albums in town. Cook Fred Lara checks to be sure Jan Hall collects the money from John Fielder Mike Matkins for that deli- cious " SCOT ' S " food. Rosemead and Beverly Blvd., Pico Rivera BUSINESS DIRECTORY Advertiser Page ADRIENNES 288 BOYS GENERAL MERCHANDISE 52 C B. NOELL WATCH REPAIRING 134 CHATEAU BRIAND 282 CONLIN BROTHERS 285 CONTINENTAL SAVINGS 276 CU LP DAIRY 280 CY ' S HARDWARE 279 DALTON FLORIST 272 DAVES RENTALS 280 ERNIES 273 FICHERA ' S STUDIO 287 GREENWOODS 277 HACKLEYS 276 HICKORY HOP 274 HI N SHAW ' S 273 HORN ' S 273 HUMPTY ' S DUMP 284 JAXONS 279 JERRYS 288 JIMS MARKET 275 KOLLE ' S BEAUTY SALON 284 KRUSE DAIRY 277 LANCER 274 M E STATIONERS 284 MACELLUS BROS. 272 MARGE ' S CLEANERS 148 MERCURY BOWL 278 MEL STELL 139 MONTE ' S 276 MYERS 275 NU MART MARKET 282 P. B. CARROLS 273 PAIGE FAMILY SHOES 278 PETRELLS 275 PICO BOWL 272 PICO MUSIC CO. 278 PICO MUSIC CO. 122 POOLS BY PHIL 281 POPPY ' S MARKET 285 PRINCES PAT 274 QUAD CAMERA SHOP 278 RED ALBERT TIRE SERVICE 45 RIVERA FLORIST 279 RODS 277 ROST ' S BIKE HOBBY SHOP 279 SCOT ' S 288 SEAVEYS QUALITY JEWELERS 285 SHOE BOX 280 117SH0PPE 281 SILHOUETTE 283 SIVERS r 278 STANSBEYS 275 SWEET CO. 281 UNITED CALIFORNIA BANK 286 WOLFS 286 289 SIGNATURES SIGNATURES ■ ' ■ % m m- I 4 ' ' .v,-; - ' ,-. A, : " - ' " ... u. „.,..% L J ill Will i jii ! -. " = i y 4iffKBi , 291 THE CpAC SAYS.... the 1962 varsity fbotball team added another page of pride and prestige to El Rancho ' s athletic history. This team plagued by injuries and lack of depth showed great heart as they scratched and clawed their way to an 8 win, 2 tie, 1 loss season. The first round of the C.I.F. playofFs saw the Dons come with an inspired performance to down the fleet of Wildcats from Monrovia by the score of 19-0. In the only defeat, 14-6 to mighty Anaheim, the team showed the desire and determination that had character- ized their season. They fought to the closing bell and, though they lost the game, were victorious in all other categories. Surely it was a display of courage, loyalty, and sacrifice of which we may all be proud. Ernie Johnson CALIFORNIA INTERSCHOLASTIC FEDERATION Just what is C. I. F.? How and who started it? What is its purpose? These are but a few questions asked by bewil- dered but jubilant students every year, as one of our athletic teams enters a C. I. F. playoff game. The purpose of this section is to famili- arize everyone with the Southern Section of the Calfiornia Interscholastic Federa- tion. The C. I. F. was organized at a high school athletic convention held at the Y.AA.C.A. Field House, Los Angeles, on March 28, 1941. The convention followed a number of conferences in which there had been an agreement that high school athletic con- tests, to be of value to the schools and the participants should be organized un- der the control of the responsible heads of the schools. The general purpose of the State Federa- tion is to make possible uniform practices in conducting athletics in all parts of the state, to centralize control and to foster clean and sportsman-like competition and conduct in athletic contests. For purposes of administration, Cali- fornia is divided into the following nine sections: Southern Section, Central Sec- tiontion, Los Angeles City Section, North Section, San Joaquin Section, Northern California Section, Oakland Section and San Diego Section. The first four sections have two representatives on the State Council. The last five and the State De- partment of Education have one each. The State Council has complete control of all state championships in high school athletics and may specify all details re- garding the methods and places for con- ducting the contests. On the following pages there are pic- tures of our football team in their two C. I. F. playoff games. At Deadline time both football and Cross Country varsities had entered into C. I. F. playoffs. The federation is, however, open to all of the athletic teams here at El Rancho. 293 Faan makes another substantia! gain for the Dons. EL RANCHO vs. MONROVIA I9-0 On Friday, November 23, 1962, the El Rancho Dons faced the Monrovia Wildcats at the Cerritos College Stadium in the first round of the C. I. F. divisional playoffs. To prepare for this opening game, held dur- ing the Thanksgiving vacation there was a pep rally, car caravan, and daily meetings at noon in G 107. All of our preparation paid off as the team won, 19-0. Fullback Frank Loveless and Quarterback Tom Egan were the offensive stars. Loveless gained 136 of the 309 yards totaled by the Dons, and scored two of the three El Rancho touchdowns. Egan gained 70 yards rushing, and completed three of six attempted passes, one good for a touchdown. The Don defense, however, provided the mar- gin of victory as they intercepted five Wildcat passes and held the Pacific League Champions scoreless. The EI Rancho Defense held them scoreless. 294 ■■ :r,;; . ..n:; " Lets go big E lets go!! 8 WINS- 2 TIES- I LOSS, ANAHEIM 14, EL RANCHO 6 Friday night, November 30, 1962, at the Cer- ritos College Stadium, our team took the field as strong C. I. F. title contenders. They left the field as the toughest bunch of boys Anaheim had met all season. The Dons outgained the Colonists 221 yards to 149, but their defense held our offense score- less ' till the fourth quarter when Okada took a pass from Egan and scored the only Don touch- Another play, another down, another Don lies on the ground. down of the evening. Anaheim took the advan- tage of an El Rancho fumble and an interception, and turned them into the winning margin. The play that will probably never be forgot- ten by either team was Anaheim ' s Ty Salness catching a pass from Egan intended for Glass on our two yard line and running it back 98 yards for the Colonist ' s second score. They ' re doing their best, they ' re iust not getting the breaks. INDEX Abadie Fernando S 252 Abate PaUMcia A ITS Abel Robert A 252 Abernathy William 208,53,252 Abken .Alfred L 142,252 Abken Kathleen M 240 Acinelli Robert J 68 Acosta Alice 252 Acosta Andrew P 228 Acosta Cruzita 157,159,163,252 Acosta Eddie E 68 Acosta Nancy I 217,228 Acosta Olivia 155,48,51,52,228 Acosta Roseniarie 46,240 Acosta Samuel 252 Acuna Rudy A 272,273,274,68, 209,104,132,137 Adagio William B 219,129,240 Adame Larry P 228 Adame Mary L 228 Adame Ralph J 223 Adams Keith 117 Adams Laura L 252 Adams Patricia A 228 Adams Peggy L 252 Adams Richard L 240 Adams Robert L 252 Adkins Sandra J 169,228 Adsitt Victoria J 68,217 Aguayo Rosemary 252 Aguilar Carlos 252 AguUar Gilbert C 68,114,140 Aguilar Judy L 54 , 240 Aguilar Mary 240 Aguilar Robert L 117,127,138, 252 Aguirre Pastj ' 228 Aidells Tamera M 169 Akin Clara E 252 .y ola Eric H 219,240 Alaniz Larry 142,252 Alberty Susan E 252 Alderete Mary E 240 Aleman Antonio R 152,153,262 Alford Thomas A 117 Allen Dale L 130,142,228 Allen EUajean B 68,178,53 Allman Gary D 252 AUman Karen A 228 Allman Linda E 252 Almanza Richard G 142,228 Alonzo Alexander 118,228 Alvarado Laurence 68,49 Ah-erez Arthur R 228 Alverez Lupe 252 Alverez Richard 68 Amador Frank 219,152,153,252 Amador Jim A 118,130,140,240 Amato Anthony D 228 Amato John 118,142,228 Amaya Ralph J 68 Amelang Linda M Amescua Adam L 240 Amundson Robert J 47,240 Anaya Charles R 119,240 Anderson Don M 68,132 Anderson Garrett 152,228 Anderson Janice J 209,240 Anderson Kay E 216,212,213, 228 Anderson Norma G 240 Anderson Paula 178,47,228 Anderson Suzanne 228 Anderson Milton H 240 Andrews James E 228 Andrews Sandra L 68 Andrews Timothy J 228 Andujo Emily 252 Angle Joseph E 279,68,115 Anguiano Virginia 252 Annabel Roger G 200,252 Apalatequi Manuel 68,174,175 Aparicio John 228 Apodaca Mentord A 252 Apodaca Steve C 121,127,142,252 Aragon William Archer William 68 Archuleta Danny P 228 Arehart Gail M 69,208 Arellanes Sally I 69,27,49,212 Armijo David E 47 Armstrong Richard 196,251,252 Arredondo Jesse 252 Arredondo Juan 228 Arroyo Ermila V Arroyo Theresa J 240 Arvizu Geraldine Arzt Phillip R 69 Ashlock Janice A 169,154,51,52, 228 Astle Rebecca F 178,46,47,52, 212,213,228 Ausserbauer Wolfga 240 Avila Gilbert A 174,175,228 Aviea Norma J 228 Ayala Maria E 69,219,50 Ayala Robert G 228 Baca Christina R 252 Baguez Darleen 163,252 Bahnsen Gregory L 127,252 Baier Robert L 69 Baldwin Rebecca L 178,200,240 Balough Francine E 178,169,240 Bait Michael A 228 Banks Kenneth E 69 Banner Dennis G 228 Bannigan Harry F 252 Banta Joyce L 228 Banta Judith M 252 Banuelos Terry A Barajas Humberto 138,252 Barajas Luis 69 Barba Lawrence R 273,69 Barbour Elizabeth 210,56,240 Barbour Susan L 240 Barela Buddy F 118,130,228 Barkemeyer Carol 56,252 Barkemeyer Donald 196,213,252 Barlow Kathleen 281,178,185, 186,47,200,252 Barnett Karen L 169,52,200,240 Barr Michael S 240 Barreto Gabriel Barreto Lus 252 Barron Robert L 69,178,120, 152,153 Bartoli Paul 69 Barton Clark J 118,228 Barton Gary K 278,69,49,51, 114,182,213 Bartron Charles R 252 Bartron Georgiana 178,228 Bassett Edward A 205,252 Batchkoff Janice M 56,184,185,228 Batchkoff Stephani 252 Bates Sandra L Bates Warne L 240 Bauer Dennis K 219,240 Bazurto Alex C 142,228 Barzurto Ruben 252 Beauchanip Robert E 214,228 Beck Donald W 133,240 Becker Larry J 252 Bedwell Martha J 69 Beebe John R 272,274,69,212, 213 Beecher Karen L 252 Beller Diane E Bellows Donna K 252 Beltran Frank 119,130,240 Bement Judith L 274, 69, 185, 186 Benavides Robert 69,48,50,130, 137 Benedict Judith S 70,169 Bennett Robert B 240 Benson Barbara L 274,278,70, 54,200,201 Benson John K 47 , 130 , 240 Benson Robert D 228 Berends Garry W 70,124 Berggren John W 70 Bergland Linda A 70,178 Bernal Eleanor 228 Berry Michael E Bertram George E 252 Bertrand Lynn 163,252 Beserra John M 130,228 Best Judith L 70 Bianco Sharon A 209,164,252 Bierman Larry E 252 Binder Bonnie G 275,70,61,50, 52,182,288 Bise Pamela M 240 Bise Richard 142,213,252 Bise Robert L 228 Black Arlene P 70 Black Jeffery P 252 Black Robert W 216,223,212, 227,228 Blackburn Don R 228 Blackstone Daniel 219,252 Blair Ernest R 253 Blair Kathy S 70,52 Blair Mark S 138,240 Blakeman Eugene L 133,130,253 Blakeman Yvonne C 240 Blanchard Russell 144,253 Blanco Jack 278,282,70,114,137, 182 Blunt Walter R 70 Boda James A 253 Boettcher Ronald W 275,70,104 Bogdanoff Dianna L 282,70,217, 221,55,171 Bohannon Mark 228 Bohlander Glen A 119,130,142, 253 Bohlander Randy L 130,228 Bojorquez Eva A Bolduc Blaine S 118, 228 Bonilla Dolores L 70,178,50 Bonilla Grace M 228 Bonilla Joan M 228 Bonner Cathy J 70 Bonura Sherrie E 52,170,228 Bonus Alan R Bonus Vickie 253 Booker Vivian M 253 Borden Martha A 253 Bornn David M 240 Botello Sally M 219 Bothman Nancy 228 Boudreau Shirley A 178,253 Bouldin Bernadette 178,240 Bouldin Candace 253 Bourgeois Kathleen 70,52,53,200 Bourland Deloros J 71,200 Bowen Robert L 253 Bowers Kenneth Boxwell Donna J 229 Boxwell John E 253 Bradley Pamela J 240 Brady Kathleen R 253 Brakhage Marfaret 71,223,47 Bratton Susan J 169,217,52,240 Braun Allen J 229 Braun Gary L 240 Bravo Danny 240 Bravo Marcelina 253 Brazel Howard W 118,140,253 Brazo John P 132 Breckenridge Willi 214,219,240 Breece Judith R 71,288 Brennan Arlene J Brewer Richard 56,229 Bridges Linda K 253 Brisson Marie G 204,229 Brittingham Dennis Brock Barbara K 206,244 Brooks Nina J 277,71 Brouillette John L 209 Brown Charles W 253 Brown Donna M 240 Brown James P 214,47,121,142, 237 Brown Jeanette A 71,209,50,200 Brownson Scott A 240 Broz Micheal 253 Bruesch Nancy J 196,223,253 Bruno Sharyn D 272,274,71,209, 211,27,51 Bubion Roland Bueno Evelyn L 178,253 Bueno Jessie G 71,217,219,50 Buthuis Janice 229 Burch Earl B 71 Burgen Dale D 71 Burgess Calvin W 219,253 Burgess Peral E 229 Burke Thomas J 229 Burkett Carl A 178,140 Burks Lynette D 237 Burley Steven C 253 Burns Bonnie J 174,253 Burress Linda Burroughs Barbara 206,240 Burroughs Beverly 71 Burrow James R Burts Carole 279,71,169 Butcher Cathy D 159,52,240 Butcher Steven L 281,71,49 Byrd Norma J 253 Byrum James E 71,48,51,41,44, 47,104,152 Cadena George 240 Cairo Gloria R 253 Calabrese Cecilia 229 Calabrese Vinoenzo 253 Calistro Margarita 71,219 Calistro Sylvia M 229 Callen James 240 Calitri Donna E 221,47,52,53, 100,200 Caloudes Georgia C 71,178 Calvillo Anita L 71 Calvin Gerald W 127,229 Calvo Naomi 249 Camacho Norma D 229 Camacho Pauline N 240 Camacho Steven E 127,253 Camargo Ruth 240 Camargo Victor R 253 Camarillo William Campagna Ronald W 253 Campbell Jimmy H 205,253 Campbell Robert E 72 Campos Diane C 249 Campos Louis R 211,47,49,229 Canales Elizabeth 253 Cancellieri Bernad 217,240 Candelana Ron 119 Candelaria Ruben 119,253 Candido Alice V 253 Candido Gloria B 72 Cano Laura 229 Cano Leonard L 240 Cano Patricia L 240 Cantrell Timothy L 214,121,142, 240 Cape tan Margaret M 213,217, 223,250,253 Capp Linda 253 Capp Susie M 178 Cardenas David M 117,262 Carney Tinka M Carlisle Sandra L 72,169,52 Carlson Harry K 219,132,144,253 Carr Judith L 178,169,46,47,229 Carr Wallis A 72,178 Carrasco Jose S 241 Carrillo Betty L 72 Carrillo Geraldine 229 Carrillo Sylvia A 219,229 Carter James H 120,140,229 Carter Larry J 118,249 Carter Linda L 72,196,169,46, 52,47 Carter Tony 229 Carver Frank J 72 Case Gerald J 128 Casillas Carolyn 72,237 Casso Linda E 229 Castillo Karen 253 Castro Andrew R 130,229 Castro Arthur 253 Castro George A 229 Castro Luke L 229 Castro Rachel 178,169,241 Castro Rosemary M 253 Catano John 262 Cavalletto Cheryl 241 Cavalletto Earnest 253 Cavalletto Rosia 229 Cavanaugh Catherin 178,241 Celaya Cheryl C 253 296 Cendejas Susan A 72 Cervantes Edward 129,253 Chabala Dennis B 72,222,11-t Chapman Craig E 205,129,241 Charlton Kristy L 200,241 Chavarin Dolores 229 Chavarin Robert D 118,229 Chaves Frank 229 Chavez Gilbert 241 Chavez Gloria J 229 Chavez Jouita A 72 Chavez Louis R 253 Chavez Margaret 100 Chavez Nancy T 178,229 Chavez Olga 253 Chavez Peggy Alice 241 Chavez Ruth T 253 Chitwood Roberta 72,223,46,49, 47,53,178,105 Christensen Steven 218,49,253 Christansen Carol 72 Christiansen Joann 72 Circo Marie 241 Cirigliano Catheri 218,223,253 Cisneros Elizabeth 253 Cisneros Frankie A 73,48 Cittel Susan E 73,178 Claiborne Alice Clark Larey D 229 Clark Perry R 138,241 Clayton Ronald L 241 Cleland Ronald P 73 Cleverger Zane M 56,229 Cliffoed Bonnie L 178 Cliftner Madelyn C 73 Clugston Gloria J 164,169,185, 186,238,241,281 Cluphf Cheryl I 241 Cluphf Sharon D Cobas William J 73 Coffey Leo J 229 Coger Daryl L 118,229 Colbert Dick A 73,222,115,182 Colegrove Gary A 229 Collins Colleen 241,253 Collins Katherin Collins Tommy 219,253 CoUum Jimmie L 253 CoUum Robert W 253 Colon Dolores 229 Comaduran Maria H 207,241 Condley Howard S 241 Conlee Craig C 73,118 Conner Michael E 47,241 Connelly Carol J 73 Connolly Vicki D 229 Connor Linda C 241 Constantino Larry 73,47,130 Contreras Johnny J 73 Contreras Lillian 100 Contreras Randy E 218,254 Contreras Richard Contreras Steven Cook Paula J 178,229 Coons Lynn J 47,254 Cooper Roger S 73,275,44,48, 50,140,104,184,185 Copeland Suzanne 254 Coppock Marie 178,212,229 Cordova Carmen C 241 Cordova Diane S 73 Cordova Lillian J 47,54,61.73, 46,52,184,185,288 Coronel Yvonne T 241 Corral Carmen Corral Juliet C 241 Corral Lorenza 254 Corral Marina C 262 Correa Gloria 73,169 Correa Ruben Cortez Diana A 241 Cortez Edna M Cortez Louis Cortez Martha R Cortez Vincent C 73 Cosentino Gloria A 74,178 Cosentino Larry 47 Costello Manuel 229 Costello Rudy 74 Cota Alex M 74 Cote Daniel J 74,178 Cote Patricia E Cothren Larry G 254 Cottle James A 74,178,214 Covarrubias C L Cox Thomas H 74,118 Coy Renell L 74 Crabb Brenton J 205 Craig Robert W 74 Cralle Laurie M 74 Crist Sally A 254 Cross Carolyn B 74 Crow David V 74,130 Crowell Diane 48,52,170,200, 229 Cruz Carole Ann 254 Cullar Richard E 223,241 Cuellar Yolanda 254 Cuevas Frank I 74 Cuevas Steven 229 Culp William H 229 Cummings Donald R 74,56 Cummings Linda L 74,217 Cummings Shirely A 229 Cunningham Robert Cushman Diane L 178,241 Cushman Gary P 74,47 Cushman Robert J 118,138,254 Cushman Stephen M 74,222,48, 51,104,114,123,137,183 Custer Ronald 174,254 Dahner Janine E 178,200,205, 207,241 Danielson Joe W 118,128,229 Dauberger Judith A 229 Davidson Jay D 214,53,178 Davidson Jean E 75,53 Davis Candace E 169,178,229 Davis Darlene R 75 Davis John A 216,241 Davis Judy L 254 Davis Kenneth E 214 Davis Sheryl 209,42,44,229 Dayton June K 27,169,178,237 Dea Denise L 46, 52, 154,159, 241 De Anda Frank 254 De Anda Robert De Bord Will E 229 De Brow Jerome 75 Deeds Carolyn L 254 De La Cruz Maria G 254 De La Paz Juan T 128,142,229 De Laurie Donna M Delfin Charles R 229 Delgado Esther 254 Delgado Jake 119 Delgado Patrick G 241 Delgado Yolanda C 241 Dellegate Gary 75 Dellins Michael W 205,127,213, 254 Del Real Armondo G 118,230 Del Real Leonard 117,254 Del Rio Anthony 262 De Macias Dolores 254 Derian Durand K 230 Derian Linda 254 Dermody Joe M 254 Desanto Georgiana 178,241 Deubler Robert D 230 Devine Kenneth R 75,178,22, 130,183,184,185,281 Diaz Beatris 178 Diaz David R 230 Diaz Elaine R 178,254 Diaz Mary L 254 Diaz Voctoria 254 Diaz Vincent 219,254 Diaz Violet G 230 Diaz Virginia 254 Diaz Yolanda C 241 Dickenson Joan D 241 Dickenson Kathy 254 Dinsmore Marlene A 159,163, 241 Di Vita Douglas B 254 Dixon Andrea D 169,230 DLxon Donna 47,230 Dixon June D 75,281 Dodd Joann M 230 Dominguez John 230 Dominguez R J 241 Dominguez R P Dominguez Rosalie 254 Donaldson Merlin C 48,75,50, 137,275 Dorsey Lee E 241 Doty Linda G 178,241,274 Doty Steven L 201,230 Douglas Leo 75 Douglas Rosemary E 254 Douglas Linda K 75,178,221 Douglas Sharon R 230 Douthett Linda L 262 Douthett Steven C 230 Drake Ronnie 114,137,184,185, 230 DriscoU Harriett 230 DriscoU John W 241 Dropolic Jr John 138,254 Duarte Raymond 75,230 Duarte Raymond T Dubrow Jerome Dufrense Barbara S Duncan Linda M 241 Dunshee Robert S 100 Duran Arthur 120,142,230 Duran Carolyn 75,169,208,219 Duran Sandra R Durkee Alma K 254 Durkee Regina M 178,230 Duran Alfonso 75,219 Dutton Pamela J 75,221,281 Dykstra Susan R 75,209,47,61, 50,52,104,133,184,186,281, 286 Dyson William H 241 Eazor Gregory N 119,241 Eberhardt Kathie J 206,211,155, 169,230 Eden Gerald B 75 Edmiston Donna L 230 Edwards Claude R 75 Edwards James E 241 Edwards Janeen 241 Edwards Linda F 178 Edwards Marsha 178,185,186, 230,281 Edwards Martin L 76,214,63, 212 Edwards, Roel 209 Egan Thomas 50,114,137,222, 237,294 Elam Terry L Elizalde Helen S 178,254 Elizalde Michael Elizalde Richard Elizondo Ellen 254 Elkendier Ronald D Ellis George 53,117,127,133, 251,254 Ellis Julieanne 48,178,212,226, 230 Elmande David G 254 Elmer Nancy P 230 Elmore Sandra L 254 Erickson Shirley A 230 Erickson Susan C 163,178,200, 254 Escajeda Juanita J 47,178 Escajeda Virginia 76,178 Esparana Doreen M Esparza Connie M 230 Esparaza Danny R 254 Espejo Arthur A 230 Espino David 254 Espinosa Gilbert 219,242 Espinosa Joseph 230 Espinosa Mary G 254 Espinoza Albert Espinoza Anthony G 117,138,254 Espinoza James H 230 Espita Marie 219 Esteinou Frank D 219,230 Estrada Barbara J 47,50,250, 254 Estrada Gloria L Estrada Linda C 242 Estrada Linda S Estrada Margaret 208,254 Evans Carolyn S 230 Evans Ellen J 254 Evans Judith L 254 Evans Katherine A 242 Evans Wayne M 242 Fales Richard F 254 Fallick Donald L 230 Farese Marguerite 76,178,201 Farquhar Norman R 76,132,280 Favata Anthony 138,255 Favata Pete 138,255 Favata Sam 219,242 Felix Alva A Felix Cristine Felix Patricia 76 Ferguson Rodney E 142,230 Fernandez Paul 76 Ferrari Walter L 76,115 Farraris Nancy 178,242,280 Fessler Susan C 255 Fetty Elizabeth C 250,255 Fielder John R 48,76,115,124, 129,288 Fielder Reginald P 114,242 Fierro Henry 255 Figueroa Edward L 209,230 Figueroa Irene A 76 Figueroa Marina 76,273 Fimbres Elizebth 178,242 Fimbres Lynette O 230 Fimbrez Alfred 229 Finley Jane E Finley June E 46,178,230 Finney Roger W 242 Fischer Hope M 178,242 Hack Sally A 76,200 Flesch Ron F 76 Flesher Virginia A 255 Fletcher Peral J 217,242 Fletcher Susan F 230 Flint Connie L 178,200,242 Florance Jeannlne 169,212,217, 230 Flores Armand 76 Flores Christine A 242 Flores Eva A 255 Flores Gloria L 230 Flores Helen M 76,43,44,50, 105,273 Flores Josefina 178,242 Flores Kathy 242 Flores Y ' olanda 255 Foley James M 238,242 Fonseca Arcadio 77 Fonseca Theresa R Fontes Richard Forbess John A 118,255 Ford Jeanne E 189,230 Ford Sharon R 255 Fortie Nora J 230 Fortune Cynthia G 173,200,242 Foster Tommy R Fountain Suzanne J 242 Fox Wayne 118,242 Foye Peter R 77,211,216 Francis Stephen D 77,42,44,51, 53,280 Franks James R 230 Franks Raymond K 242 Fredrick Stephanie 178,242 Freeman Nina M 255 Freeman Victoria A 77,201 Freund Barbara F 178,242 Fricke Stankey G 77 Fritter Carol 242 Froman Margaret S 242 Fry James D 255 Fry Violet D 242 Fuerbach Franz 227,230 Fuerbach Maria 255 Fulton Richard 133,230 Furgeson Rod 222 Furry Rebecca R 237 Fusaro Maria 230 Gaither Mary K 178,242 Gaither Robert E 77 297 Galbo Dominick 77 Galindo Benjamin Galdido Danny E 77 Galindo Rudolfo J 130,255 Galkin Elaine M 77 Galland Judy L 207,159, 169,178, 242 Gallego IVIichael 138,200,230 Gallegos Billy M 142,230 Gallegos James M 242 Gallego Jouse R 255 Gallegos Mary H 77 Gallenbei-ger S 204,255 Galuez Dolores 77 Galvin Barbara M 255 Galvan Diana 255 Galvan Dora Galvan Frank D 230 Galvan Margaret 255 Gamble Carol A 255 Garcia Blanca E 255 Garcia Charles 230 Garcia Diane C 230 Garcia Elias 230 Garcia Fredrick 242 Garcia Grace 178,242 Garcia Irene 169,242 Garcia Joe L 242 Garcia Joseph W 255 Garcia Juan 142,255 Garcia Lena R 231 Garcia Lupe G Garcia Lydia C 255 Garcia Lydia E 77,219 Garcia Lydia R 55,242 Garcia Manuel F Garcia Mary Ellen 207,56,47, 212,213,242 Garcia Mary H 255 Garcia Michael 242 Garcia Richard 255 Garcia Ronald 255 Garcia Ruben 231 Garcia Sylvia J 231 Garcia Sylvia P 237 Garcia Toni C 46 , 54 , 60 , 77 , 50 , 52,105,194,195,196,279 Garcia Xavier A 255 Garibay Joe Garland Robert R 205,130,242 Garrett Bill H Garza Carlos 231 Garza Rachel A 178,255 Gasca Sharon L Gassner Eilfried 77 Gattis Stephen T 119,255 Gaudet Camillee B 77,222,132, 288 Gaxiola Mike P 249 Gaylord Phillip G 140,231 Gear Margaret E 78,223 Geer Diana L 255 Geer Kenneth D 231 Geiser Lorena E 78,169,281 Ghere Paul R 132,133,242 Giardina Janet E 231 Giersch Harold R 214,255 Gil Celectino Gilb Jr Frank B 196,231 Gillette Earl W 205,142,231 Gilliham John F Oilman Laura A 255 Gilmore Dana K 78 Ginez Manuel 130,242 Ginez Raul 138,255 Glaser Jack L 138,242 Glass Charles M 78,222,114, 137,183,195, Glass Larry A 117,138,255 Glrason Jerry J 142,231 Gleason Karon L 169,178,207, 242 Gleason Wesley C 205,211,255 Glenn John E 117,242 Gluskoter Terry 78,209,214 Goclon Daryl T Godfirnon Thomas C 255 Goff James Gomez Eddie J 78 Gomez Robert 255 Gonzales Alice C 78,170 Gonzales Christina 255 Gonzales David Gonzales Rachele E 262 Gonzales Irma 255 Gonzales Joe L Gonzales John Gonzales Margarita 231 Gonzales Maria T 255 Gonzales Michael Gonzales Richard 78 Gonzales Richard 255 Gonzales Robert R 231 Gonzales Romeo 242 Gonzales Rosalina 178,242 Gonzales Rudy Gonzales Olinda M 169,231 Goodell Kenneth J 78 Goodell Paul R 242 Goodman Susan G 169,231 Gordon Perilue 78,274,279 Gorker Douglas M 231 Gorker Richard W 231 Goslou Daryl 78 Gourley Barbara J 169,242 Graber Michelle A 255 Grace Vernon L 219,243 Graff Ronald R 78 Graham Cheryl L 178,231 Granado Julia J Granado Pati-icia A 255 Grant Martha 231 Gravener Danny P 243 Gravener Jack M 231 Gravette Glen E 130,255 Gravette James A 130,239,243 Gray Karen L 231 Gray Penny J 231 Gray Rhonda J 78,55,61,104, 184,185,274,276 Grayson Kathryn J 55,169,201, 231,274 Green Daniel 219,255 Green Daniel L 142,243 Green Jo Lynn 231 Green Michael J 140,231 Green Thomas H Griffith Ronald E 219,243 Griggs Sandra E 255 Grijalva Jeanette 256 Grimaud Susan L 256 Grimsey Emerson E 78 Grimsby Michael W 50,137,231 Grund Darlyn I 231 Grund Karen E 78,169,282 Guaydacan Lawrence Guerrero Belinda 231 Guerrero Yolanda Gutierrez Anna G 78,48,56,60, 50,212,213 Gutierrez Bertha A 79 Gutierrez Carolyn 243 Gutierrez David J 243 Gutierrez Frances 256 Guiterrez Michael 117,243 Gutierrez Ronald J 142,231 Gutierrez Susan P 256 Gutierrez William 79,118 Guttery Steve W 243 Hackett Linda K 231 Hagan Terance D 79,115,183 Halapoff Michael H 79 Halby Deborah 243 Hall Jan M 79,55,50,274,276, 288 Hall Patricia A 243 Hallum Earl Y 133,256 Halverson Joan M 243 Hamblem Carolyn S 243 Hamblen Stuart P 256 Hamby Sheri A 178,243 Hammer Marjorie L 204,243 Hammond Kathleen M 79 Hance Jill A 79,47,169 Hancock Paula L 178,256 Hancock Peggy S 79 Hannon John R 79 Hansler Norman L 219,133,243 Haeding Christen J 174,175,256, 282 Hardison James R 152,231 Harlow Catherine A 79,196,200 Harmer Gary E 231 Harnack Larry D 79,183 Harris Jack E 133,243 Harris Kenneth R 140,174,243 Harris Marcia 2,175,212,231 Harryman Ronald H 178,231 Harsh James R 133,231 Hartzell Arthur G 79 Hasselbach Judy E 231 Hawkins James R 152,231 Hayden Gary L 231 Haynes Linda E 231 Hazelroth Kenneth 79,142 Hecker George J 206,243 Held David J 243 Heisig Paul M 152,153,212,243 Helling Dennis R 79,137,182 Hemsley Edward E 79,178 HendrLx Judy L 212,213,216, 169,231 Henkel Dinah 178,231 Hennerty Sandra T 231 Henry John I 219,137,243 Hernandez David J 223,231 Hernandez Gloria A 243 Hernandez Maria S 79 Hernandez Yolanda Herrera Frank Herrera Rachel L 80 Herrera Rita 217,231 Herrera Rosendo Hess Charles R 50,114,140,231 Hickman Kathy J 169,231 Hicks Nikki 218,243 Hicks R Steve Hicks Rose Marie 231 Higgins Robert F 80,222,48,114, 137,278,288 Hill Cheryl L 243 Hill Dennis W 256 Hill Josephine M 256 Hill Sandra L 47,243 Hime Deborah J 46,256 Hinojos Martin 231 Hinojos Michael Hinojos Richard 223,121,178, 231 Hinojos Sally A 80,169 Hirsch David E 256 Hoetling Jacquelin 243 Hogan Elizabeth M 249 Hoghoughi Shahin 231 Holder Helen D 178 Holguin Richard R 262 Holguin Nick E 80 HoUingsworth Brab 200,243 Holly James E 80 Holmes Michael Holmes Virginia V 80,223,282 Holt Kathie L 243 Hooper Judy R 80,217,221,43, 44,48,52,169,278 Hopkins Kenneth J 243 Hopper Carol 256 Horner Dennis E 119,129,243 Horsley Lloyd G 129,243 Horstkotte George 138,243 Horton Norman P 232 Horvath Jim 232 Howderskelt Edward 256 Howdershelt Sandra 169,243 Howell Francee J 204,52,158, 159,256 Howell Gary M 130,142,243 Hubler Ray J 256 Huddleston Darrell 80,222,130, 182,200,201 Huddleston Dean W 80,222,115, 182,200,201 Hudson Roy D 80,211,216,223, 47,196 Hudson William 256 Huereque Candy R 256 Huereque Grey D 256 Huffman Lawana J 243 Huffman Terry A 80 Hughes Gary W 49 Hurst Sandra 256 Hurtado Toni 159,163,256 Hutchens Sharon L 174,243 Hutchison Jeff 115,232 Hyatt Sandra L nie Mary F 80 Ingalla Carol A Inlay Thomas G 138,256 Iribarren George 80,130 Iseminger Harley J 208,256 Jackson Carol M 217,47,213,243 Jackson Diana L Jackson Gene F 80 Jackson Judy A 178,256 Jackson Paula J 206, 243 Jacques Emile C 178,249 Jada Stanley 53,138,256 Jan Diane 80,50,274 Janke William F 118,138,232 Janseen Edward K 232 Jarnagin Carol J 178,217,232 Jeffredo Carol L 81 Jelinek Frank J 81,214 Jenkins Russell W 256 Jepson William H 256 Jimenez Olivia E 243 Jimenez Richard T 100 Jiminez Robert 232 Jinzo David 243 John Sarah R 81 Johnson Dorann 81,52,54,157, 159,272,274,277 Johnson Mickey 222,237 Johnson Richard G 213,232 Johnson Robert W 130,232 Jones Dianne T 243 Jones Leslie B 50,232 Joplin Loren B 81 Juarez Moses A 232 Juarez Richard Juarez Salvador R 178,203,243 Judd David E 243 Jiu-ado Carmen 243 Juric Jan 132,133,144,174,243 Kahn William F 128,243 Kai Barbara N 60,52,232 Kalpakoff Ron 232 Kaltenbach Frank H 144 Kampen Kathryn A Kanenbley Kenneth 81 Kappmeyer Jerry R Kappmeyer Larry P 144,232 Kappmeyer Penny J 256 Kaprielian Darlene 232 Karst Theron S 243 Katangian Katherin 204,256 Kaufman Deborah K 178,243 Kazarian Janet A 81 Keith Susan E 61,52,184,185, 232 Kellenberger Richa 81,115,183, 200,280 Kelley Mary E 159,163,243 Kelley Gerald 219,232 Kelley Iwyn V 232 Kelley Lynn 256 Kelly Michael R 256 Kemptner Ernest L 210,56 Kenewell John D 46,49,47,50, 213,227,232 Kent Loretta S 204,163,256 Kerr Cathy 249 Kerr Jennifer J 81 Ketelsleger Anthony 53,118,138, 256 Kilburn Jon P 256 Kile Claudia F 164,243 Killin Karen K 81,219 Killin Warren Kimberley William 232 Kimbrough Andrea J 210,250, 256 Kim Brough Stephen 81,216,130, 196,273,277 Kincaid Leon L King Alan R 81 King John W 243 King Karen L 81,178 Kinney Kenneth C 243 Kirby Frances M 81 Kirby Susan C 232 Kirksey Mary 178,232 Kizziar Kenneth O 81,288 Kjolsing Robert J 82,222,48,50, 114,140,184,185,288 Klein Howard 121,142,256 Klein Ingrid E 82,221,46,49,54, 47,53,52,169,286 Klein Steve A 210,56,132,152, 153,232 Klements Jacqulyn 232 Klememts Robert 127,256 Klemm Charles F 232 Klemm Richard J 244 Knapp Carol 232 Knaus Carol E Knaus Donald D 142,244 Knebel Alan R 82,222,42,44, 112,114,183,201 Knebel Jolin W 50,201,232 Knecht Linda 163,256 Knight Jeanette M 232 Knotts Carolyn L 244 Knoz George IM 232 Koch Peggy L 178,244 Kosmicl i Michael G 82 Kotsay Steplien 132 Kraby Christine M 232 Krantz Janet I 178,244 Krcelic John K 128,205,256 Kreniclii Joanne F 82,221,47,169 Krissnian Dewayne 137,232 Kropl e Marvin 244 Kruze Melvin F 256 Kruse Wesley 82,273,277 Kuhn Carol A 249 Kuperstein Sandra 204,244 Kuyliendall Lois L 82,217,48, 169 Kuyliendall Rudy M 232 La Kose Phillip R 178,232 La Mar Russell J 82 Lamb Majel 178,244 Lamborn Raelene 232 Landtiser Sherry K 48,50,169, 200,232 Lane Rodney E 256 Lang Lindley H 206,232 Lang Sandra K 256 La Noue Lynn D 232 Lantello Paul A 142,232 Lara Fredericl P 47,51,82,288 Lara Lorraine 256 Lara Virginia A 82 Lares Arnold A 244 Lares Ruth E 244 Larson Duane S 82 Larson Susan L 82,201,276 Latimer Lynn 232 Lauman John C 128,129 La Vorgna Larry J 232 Lawrence Cheryl M 52,256 Lawson Dorothy M 82,218,42, 44,49,52,170,279 Leal Alfredo L 82 Leaver David 244 Ledbetter Sherry L 54,184,185, 200,201,226,232 Ledesma Ramon N 232 Lee Judy M 244 Lee Larry E 128,256 Lee Lucinda D 158,223,256 Lee William F Lehr Phyllis 232 Leon Ann M 169,232 Leon Barbara Leon Edward T 256 Leon Linda 217,47,244 Leonard Daniel A 262 Leroy Kathleen 257 Leslie David L 82,115 Letcher Danny R 82 Lewallen Barbara A 83 Lewis Jeanne R 257 Lewis Judy K 257 Lewis Rae Ann 257 Liand Sandra 83,204 Libljy Linda S 200,201,244 Licano A David 244 Licano Chridtine L Licano Raul L 244 Lieras Yoland J 232 Lightner Linda L Limon Henry J 83 Lingenlelter La Ne 83,221,52, 170 Linin James F 232 Linker John A 206,244 Linn Donna M 232 Linn Patricia L 233 Linn Robert W 244 Linscott Sherrie 178,257 Lira Richard Little Nobel Lochausen Barbara 221 Lochausen Mary C 56,83,221 Lochridge Robert R 48,83,50, 114,182,184,185,222,279 Loera Steven R Loguidice Michael 233 Lohrke Linda L 169,178 London Jacqueline 257 Long Frank M 83,132,209 Long Ronnie G 83,118 Lopez Cathy E 244 Lopez Edward A 257 Lopez Fred T Lopez Guy S 233 Lopez Ismael P 83,140 Lopez Jose S 83,121,140,200, 201,222,279 Lopez Joseph A 83,115,182 Lopez Larry J 244 Lopez Leslie F 117,233 Lopez Louie D 83,174,213 Lopez Luis 83 Lopez Michael J 46,47,207,239, 244 Lopez Patricia A 178,257 Lopez Renee V 257 Lopez Sammy P 47,244 Lopez Steve 257 Lopez Theresa M 178,257 Lorenz Patricia A 41,48,83,44, 53,169,201,272,274 Lorenzoni Donald 83 Lorshbaugh Robert 237 Loustaunau Rose M 84 Lovato Teresa C 257 Loveless Franlc L 104,115,140, 183,222 Lowe Barbara M Lowe Edward Lowman Theresa A 233 Lowry Robert L 174,175,233 Loya Linda E 219 Loya Maria A 257 Loya Mary A 244 Loya Monica S 257 Loya Ramona A 84,208 Loya Steven P 244 Lozano Irene M 178,257 Lozano Phillip D 100 Ijozana Stella R 262 Lucci Patricia A 84 Lucero Ann C 84 Lucero Mary 244 Lucero Peter 244 Lujan Patricia A 233 Luna Ralph F Lunetta Janice L 46,54,84,200, 201 Limetta Joseph G 200,201,257 Luque Adele 178,213 Luque Suzie 257 Lyles Ida 84 Lynch Steve D 84,275 Maas Bruce D 257 Mabry Linda 169,178,244 Mach Dennis P 244 Machuca Anthony 117,257 Machuea Fernando J 223,244 Macias Carmen M 219,257 Macias Jovita L 50,219 Macias Mary E 219,244 Macias Pabelo G 84 Macias Rosalie A 233 Mac Lean Sharon R 84,178 Madrid Annie 233 Madrid Ernest P 84,137 Madrigal Rogelio R Madsen John D 84 Maes Cheryl 219,257 Magana Ignacio 84,178,223 Magana Louie R 233 Majors Susan A 221,233 Magner Renee 257 Magness Lorraine R 52,157,159, 163,257 Magness Richard G 233 Maguire Paul 219,222,233 Mains Marcia K 84,200,273 Makshanoft Bill M 142,233 Maldonado Alicia 1 257 Maldonado Manuel 119,262 Maldonado Ruth 219,233 Mamykon Albert W 244 Mamykon Rosemarie 84,209 Mancuso Concetta J 244 Manire Elizabeth J 212,244 Mann George R 233 Mann Monica 257 Manning Lloyd E 208,257 Manning Pamela A 233 Manriquez Ana C 85,50,219 Mansir Marian 207,244 Manzanares Isabel 257 Manzanares Nicolas 244 Manzani Nina J 257 Maples Gordon R 85 Marinez Ricliard 244 Marinez Rosalie M 169,233 Markin Patricia A 178,233 Markin Sally A 46,178,217,244 Marquez Anita M 85 Marquez David Marquez Eugene G 244 Marquez Sandra D 48,50,169, 178,217,233 Marquez Virginia I 257 Marra Patricia A 169,238,244 Marrone Peter A 257 Marsh Frances M 85 Marsh Georgia 233 Marshall Amalia G 49,55,85, 200,201,282 Martin Barbara 178,212,217, 226,233 Martin Larry R 85 Martin Robert M 244 Martindale Linda Martinez Arthur 120,142,257 Martinez Cruz 233 Martinez Daniel 257 Martinez Danny E 257 Martinez Elizaijeth 257 Martinez Frank V 138,233 Martinez Hector R 257 Martinez Henry P 257 Martinez Jolin C 85,115 Martinez Johnny J 85,178 Martinez Josepliine 85,178 Martinez Louis P 244 Martinez Margaret 85 Martinez Mary H 244 Martinez Rosemai ' y 233 Martinez Shirley 233 Martinez Yolanda M Marquez Anita M Mascarenas Katlieri 233 Mason Gary L 47,257 Massaro Martin F 244 Massimi Judith R 257 Masters Linda 178,233 Mateus David E 117,127,244 Matheson La Vaune 257 Matkins Michael L 40,44,48,85, 111,114,123,129,213,104,288 Matkins Ronald R 138,244 Matko Hermine A 85, 204 Matko Irene M 204, 244 Matthews John A 244 Matthews Steven B 138,244 Matthews William L 200,257 Mauterer Susan 233 Mayorquin Rose 237 Mc Bui-ney Diane D Mc Cabe Kathleen M 262 Mc Candless Ann E 208,244 Mc Cleary Rebecca 47,223,257 Mc Clure Cydney L 204,257 Mc Cormick Virgini 50,169,233 Mc Coy Linda L50,85, 184,185,206 Mc Crea Suzanne L 54,244 Mc Culler Evelyn M 169,212,233 Mc Danel Darlene F 257 Mc Daniel Dyanne M 85,178 Mc Daniel Gayle L 178,233 Mc Daniel Mark S 138,245 Mc Donald C M 245 Mc Doniel Edward L 85,174 Mc Dow Linda L 245 Mc Dowell Melody A 178,257 Mc Ewan Beverly L 257 Mc Farland Chester 233 Mc Farland C M 86 Mc Grail Richard J 86 Mc Kenney Susan C 206,245 Mc Kinney Ronald 118,233 Mc Kinney William 144,237 Mc Kown Mary E 218,233 Mc Laughlin Nancy 237 Mc Lean Richard E 138,174,257 Mc Mahan Robert E 233 Mc Nabb Myrla L 245 Mc Omie Stephen D 219,245 Mc Pheeters Susan 86 Medina Anita L 233 Medina Gil A 142,245 Medina Irene 233 Medina Lupe 257 Medina Rosalie 233 Meeks Larry H 86 Meindl Michael R 119,138,245 Meindl Patrick C 214,257 Mejia Diana L 258 Mejia John R 245 Melemdez Lydia M 258 Melendrez Ernesto 245 Melendrez John D 233 Melkonjan Norbert 214 Memler Caryn S 245 Mena Linda Y 258 Mena Minerva 245 Menchaca Voctoria 223,258 Mendez Bertha 158,258 Mendez Richard R 86,120,142 Mendiaz Gilbert L 118,223,245 Mendoza Armando M 86,209 Memdoza Arthur 245 Mendoza David 245 Mendoza Frances 258 Mendoza George E 245 Mendoza Gloria 233 Mendoza Gloria S 258 Mendoza Joe D 47 Mendoza Mary H 86,178,217 Mendoza Oscar J 258 Mendoza Sylvia L 245 Mendoza Victoria G 178 Meneses Mary J 86,178 Menser Dennis 86,123,140,178 Menser Gary P Meraz Rose M 245 Mercado Benita L 86,208 Mercado Linda D 258 Merritt Sheena E 178,258 Mesa Adolph D 126,207 Mesa Renee 46,55,86,286 Mesa Greg 128,205,237 Mesa Yvonne 233 Messersmith Jamet 218,233 Mestas Janet M 100 Metje Steven E 219,258 Miles Mike J 245 Miles Timothy G 86,273 Millard David W 258 Millard James M 47,48,50,86, 129,213,288,104 Miller Arthur A 196,214,216 Miller Dondeena R 258 Miller Earl E 233 Miller Harold A 86,152,201,280 Miller Jack 86,152,153 Miller John R 86,142,276,277 299 Miller Stacia L 46,211,216,233 Millon Daniel J Milton Daniel M 87,245 Mitchell Charlotte 245 Mitnik Robert P 245 Moberg Larry D 258 Moffat Margaret 219 Molina Gloria J 262 Molina Mike 118 Moncayo Corine A 157,159,163, 245 Moncayo Richard S 87 Mone Michael A 245 Monger Larry W 174,262 Monson John G 87 Montenegro R C 258 Monies Elizabeth M Monies Lyoia D 258 Montes Thomas Montgomery Susan L 178,233 Montoya Christine 258 Montoya Felix 258 Montoya Manuel 117,245 Montoya Mary T 258 Montoya Phillip 258 Montoya Vincent A 233 Montoya William D 245 Mooney Charles R 127,138,258 Mooney Robert L 174,245 Moore Beverly A 245 Moore Cheryl J 169,217 Moore Richard E 234 Moore William J Moorman Janice F 87,178 Morales Amelia 258 Morales Barbara M 87 Morales Danny 245 Morales Esther G 207,245 Morales George 118,148,223, 234 Morales Henry 245 Morales Margaret H 258 Morales Michael 127,138,223, 245 Morales Rachel 178,258 Morales Ralph J Morales Richard G 245 Morales Richard M 87 Morales Richard T Morales Ruben J 118,245 Morales Sammy 127,138,174,258 Morales Teresa 207,245 Moreno Drake R 133,212,237 Moreno Marlene M 258 Moreno Olga 234 Moreno Phyllis 87 Morey Karen L 178,258 Morey Susan C 234 Morones Leo 137,204 Morones Martin L 245 Morquecho Rene 140,87 Morris Dean H 258 Morris Ginger L 234 Morris Michael D Morrow Betty M 178,245 Moses Dicky L 87,118 Moskwa Nancy 87 Mosqueda Gliria 245 Moyer Jim A 234 Moyer Phillis A 87,178 Moyes Richard C 87 Muir Janell L 48,234 Mulherron Charlie 245 Mulligan George R 212,234 Mullinnix Kirk Mulvinhill Norden H 245 Muniz Mary 234 Munnell Barbara M 48,52,87, 169,283 Murillo Armondo 234 Murillo Irene 245 Murillo Ri chard L 87,219 Murillo Rose Marie 87 Murphy Eddie L 87,120 Murphy Larry D 138,178,258 Murray Richard P 142,218,258 Murray Robert W 120,245 Muscato Samuel P 245 Musgrave Jack W 258 Musgrave Lee Musselman Kenneth 138,234 Myers Kenneth D 245 Myers Linda M 52,154,163,245 Nagel Michael H 129,207,239, 245 Nakano Gerald S 258 Naman Maire 234 Nava Robert 258 Navarro Delarie 164,154,159 Navarro Juan 234 Navarro Marilyn 234 Navarro Martha A Nave James E Nelson Guy M 258 Nelson Kristine 258 Nelson Sandra L 88 Nelson Terry D 245 Nerbovig Perry M 234 Nerbovig Susan M 258 Nevarez Doris C 88 Nichols John A 219,246 Nichols Steve E 88 Nichols Wayne E 117,138,258 Nieto Sylvia 258 Nieves Tom G 88 NLkitin Allen G 246 Nila Yolanda 47,258 NLxon Barbara J 200,216,218, 238,246 Nixon Fred S 200,246 Nome Evelyn M 234 Noonan John 119,128,246 Noonan Kathy L 50,52,171,226, 234 Norris Lurline 258 Norris Stephen E Novakow Ann M 88 Nowicki Lynn A 152,153 Nunez Evelyn H 246 Nunez John R 118,174,175,258 Nunez Peter T 174,175,234 Nunnally Timothy C 246 O Born Linda S 88,169 O Born Thomas W 234 O Brien Nancy 147,53,163,169, 200,234 O Campo Bill S 246 O Campo Timothy L 88 O Campo Yolanda A 154,157,158, 159,163,178,212,246 Ochoa Hermelinda 178,246 Ochoa Marcella R 88,178,206, 219 Ochoa Marina 258 O Connell Sharon K 218,234 Oden Janice C 234 Oestreich Diane A 178,258 Ojeda Elaine 258 Okada Richard 47,48,50,58,88, 152,212,213,222,279 Okawa Richard M 206,234 Okawa Ronald M 234 Okeson Linda L 88 Olaugue Abel F 258 Olague Charles R 246 Olague Jenny 88,169 Olguin Barbara R 234 Olivarez Raymond 246 Olivas Mary H Oliver Vianna E 48,88,169 Oliveras Edward J 258 Olson Virginia 234 O Neal Linda S 178,258 O Reilly Christine 88 Orona Christine Orona Marcos N 234 Oronoz Jeanette A 246 Oronzco Geraldine 234 Ortega Albert 258 Ortega Angel 246 Ortega Isadoro 246 Ortega Lupe F 100 Ortega Randy J Ortiz Arnold S 258 Ortiz Bertha A 246 Ortiz David 114,130,222 Ortiz Rene R 88,140,288 Ortiz Ruth C 234 Ortiz Sandra 258 Ortiz Teresa 258 Orwall Sandra C 246 Oster Gordon E 133,219,246 Ostrander Mary A 258 Ota Ray K 128,142,234 Ozuna Linda B 158,178,246 Pace Carol S 246 Packwood Rodney L 56,218,258 Padgett Robert A 200,258,272, 273,274,104 Padilla David I 234 Padilla Linda A 88 Padilla Michael A 219,234 Padilla Rebecca A 246 Padilla Sylvia 89 Padilla Theresa C 246 Padilla Yvonne J 208,259 Pagett Willaim C 45,89,209 Palacio Lydia R Palacio Xavier 259 Palomarez Diane B 89,169 Panceroff James F 128,200,201, 246 Paradise Armondo H 210,259 Paraiiorito Carol 52,89,170,221 Pargen Paul C 140,234 Parker Richard H 214,246 Parkhill Judy 259 Parra Anthony A 121,205,259 Parra Dolores I 246 Parra John A 259 Parrish Linda L 43,44,48,53, 163,169,212,234 Parsons Gene R 142,246 Partida Michael P 133,204,262 Paschall Patricia 246 Patino Charles F 46,130,246 Patterson David W 89 Pavia Charles N 89 Pawelczyk Edward S Pawlowicz Peggy Payton Susan M 49,52,89,169, 212 Pearce Dorthy L 164,208,259 Pearce Jerry W 214,234 Pearson Marvin D 117,259 Pekar Donna R 234,259 Pekar Janet L Pekar Vickie J 89,275 Pena Allan G 89 Pene Ronnie E 47,133,259 Penner Victoria A 178,207,246 Penny Sandra L 178,246 Pennington Diane A 89,178,200, 201,286 Perea Maria V 89 Perez Carmen A 170,178,234 Perez Clark J 121,142,259 Perez Dolores 169,234 Perez Douglas F 142,259 Perez Gloria J 89 Perez Rebecca 178,207 Perez Ricky A 259 Perez Rosalie M 178,246 Perez Ruben 259 Perry Jack 118,259 Peters Alvin T 178,211,259 Peters James R 234,259 Peters Laura R 246 Peterson Cathy 208,246,259 Peterson Dennis D 56,138,234 Peterson James L Peterson Kathryn 164 Pettus Gordon L 89,213,222,278 Pevehouse Jerry M 89,140,200 Pflug Steven C 89,275 Phyllips Charles L 246 Phillips Lynette C 164,259 Phillips William V 90,121,142, 214 Phipps Paul D 50,115,130,234 Phipps Paulette A 90,221,275 Piazza Joseph A 234 Pico Eddie R 200,234 Pico Lorraine J Pierce Mary L 246 Pineda Arthur 234 Pineda Edgardo F 259 Pineda Steve 50,234 Pineda Victor A 211,262 Pinon Jimmy 121,259 Pint David H 246 Piper Katherine L 218,259 Pisarczyk Richard 259 Pittman John L 133,246 Ploeger Jeffrey L 90,124,152, 200 Poehlman Beveryl 246 Poehlman Thomas F 259 Pohl Sharon L 169,207,212,246 Ponce Benjamin 259 Pons Silvia G 234 Poochigian Andrane 178,246 Pope Micharl J 212,213,234 Portillo Martina 246 Pounds Dennis Powell Gary G 234 Power Steven 204,234 Pratt Larry K 118,138,246 Preciado Frances 246 Preston Robert I 90 Prince Ronald T 259 Pringle Gwen M 249 Pritchard Eddie O 90 Pritchard Susan L 234 Privitera Paul 259 Provencio Linda J 259 Provinse Michael A 132,144 Pruitt Daniel A 235 Pruitt Patricia A 259 Puente John N 259 Puga Richard 246 Pusateri Joseph 235 Pusateri Linda 259 Quesada Linda T 259 Quevedo Raul J 235 Quezada Billy R 138,259 Quintero Cecilia M 259 Quintero David 259 Quintero Mary E 259 Quintero Richard 90 Quiroz Louis D 246 Quist Terrance A 235 Ragusa Laura 178,246 Raine Annette A 90,200,201 Raine Raymond J 90 Ramirez Carmelita 208 Ramirez Emelio 235 Ramirez Gabriel L 235 Ramirez George G 259 Ramirez Larry L 259 Ramirez Raul 259 Ramirez Renaldo J Ramirez Shirley A 259 Ramirez Shirley A Ramos Alex 246 Ramos Anna M 259 Ramos Erlinda 235 Ramos Gerald G 208,259 Ramos Gloria 259 Ramos Richard 235 Ramos Tony 249 Ramsay Steve G 246 Rangel Mary H 259 Rankin Linda 259 Rankin Paulette 247 Ramval Bertha A 90 Rascon Daniel V 62 Rascon Diane V 178,247 Rasmussen James 235 Rasmussen Ramus P 259 Realyvasquez Ramon 247 Reed Charles A 138,237 Reed Roxie A Reeder John C 48 Reed Robert R 262,278 Rego Lawrence 235 Reid Rhonda L 90,209 Reid Scott 115,137,184,185,222, 235 Reinhard Teresa J 154,163,164, 259 Renshaw Michael W 200,235 Renteria Eleanor B 247 Renteria Guadelupe 247 Renteria James G 259 300 Restivo Sonia L 169,235 Reyes Daniel 219 Reyes Esther J 259 Reyes Gloi-ia 90 Reyes Linda R 260 Reyes Maria J Reynolds James B 128,216,247 Reynolds William F 90,178,196, 216 Reynoso Lupe 247 Reynoso Alex 117,260 Reza Emma I 247 Reza John G 90,118,274 Rhodes Judith A 90,178,221 Richards Michael A 247 Richards Steven L 260 Richardson James M Riede Ronald C 90,209 Rienderoff Elizabe 260 Ries Edward F 47,91,196,211, 212,213,216,104 Riggs Kathryn L 218,235 Rincon Julian N 260 Rincon Pearl M 247 Rincon Raymond E 262 Rincon Stella 260 Ringgenberg Gene R 91 Rivas Ernestine K 91,169 Rivas Helen 260 Rivera Evangelina 235 Rivera Martha G 260 Rivera Raymond J 91 Rivera Victor 118,247 Robar Harold L 235 Robbins Elizabeth 91 Roberts Jackie Roberts Sheila M 260 Robinson Rene L 235 Robison Kenneth S 56,128,152, 153,210 Robledo Mary E 235 Robledo Yolanda M 260 Roblero William 247 Robles Ruben M 247 Robles Steven 91,132 Rochon Edward J 137 Rockwell Charles W 247 Rodarte Robert R Rodelo Jaime Rodman Larry E 235 Rodman Susan L 48,49,50,52, 91,169,283 Rodriguez Albert 247 Rodriguez Daniel 49,91 Rodriguez Danny 47,212,235 Rodriguez David R Rodriguez Dolores 60,91 Rodriguez Esther M 91,219 Rodriguez Grace L 91 Rodriguez Jessie 260 Rodriguez John V 48,50,91,114, 137,279 Rodriguez Joseph A 114,274 Rodriguez Magdalen 91,219 Rodriguez Nancy A 249 Rodriguez Paul 247 Rodriguez Raymond 60,91,152, 153,204 Rodriguez Rebecca 260 Rodriguez Shirley 178,260 Rodriguez Terry Rodriguez Vivian M 52,170,235 Rogers Candace K 91,200,277 Rojas Lillain Roll Dennis L 235 Romero David Rooney Joan C 178,247 Resales Rudy G 247 Rose Jean M 92,277 Rowe Dennis S 138,235 Rowland David E 235 Rowland Gail P 235 Rowland Gary W 260 Rowland Larry M Rubio Herlinda M 247 Rubio Maria E 50,92,178 Rubio Vivian F 235 Ruch Donna C 92,178 Ruch Kurt B Ruckman Joan 235 Rueda Maria 260 Ruiz James M 184,185,234 Ruiz Donnie 128,260 Ruiz Raymond C 117,204,235 Ruiz Rodolfo 260 Ruiz Yoland V 260 Runyan Dennis P 260 Runyan Jerry L Russell Robin E 55,92,169,286 Russo Marie Ruvalcaba Albert M 247 Ruvalcaba Mary A 260 Ryan William F 53,92 Ryland Patricia A 52,157,158, 159,163,260 Saavedra Alfred G 117,127,260 Saavedra Patsy 50,92,217 Sabedra Ezekiel I 260 Sabedra Frank R 114,235 Sabedra Robert 119,260 Sabedra Ruben M 92 Saenz David 260 Salazar Angelina M 247 Salazar Gilbert S 247 Salazar John Salazar Martin A 260 Salazar Viola 219,235 Salcido Richard Samaha Sheila J 92,274 Sambrano Rita 24 7 Sanchez James 260 Sanchez Richard A 100 Sanchez Ronald D 247 Sanders Pamela J 260 Sanderson Dale M 235 Sandoval Cecilia 219,247 Sandoval Donna J 207,247 Sandoval Ignacio C Sandoval Valdemar 247 Sandoval Yvonne San Pedro Antoinet 260 Santa Cruz Nellie 247 Santee Ronald W 235 Santoro Betty J 92,178 Sarabia Kathleen 159,207,247 Sarno James D 235 Satz Cheryl P 218 Sauceda David Sauceda Amada Saucedo Christine 260 Saucedo James F 237 Saucedo Trine 260 Sawyer Gerald J 130,247 Sawyer Robert B 92,276 Scarborough Doris 52,157,158, 159,163,260 Scarborough Linda 43,44,51,52, 53,92,105,155,157,158,163, 209,276,277 Schlecht Dennis L 260 Schlecht William E 92 Schmitz Robert A Scmitz Sheila M Schreiber Pati ' icia 235 Schulz Shirley G 92 Schy Cathy L 47,200,217,235 Scott Dan B 50,115,137,247 Sedgwick Marcia M 260 Seeley Terry L 235 Seligman Larry G 47, 174, 175, 200,201,206,247 Seligman Louis 44,47,49,51,92, 200,213,280,105 Sellers Dennis W 47, 133,223, 247 Sena Anna M 260 Sena Ernest D 235 Sepulveda David A 235 Serna Albert G Serna Tino 130 Servin Victor R 92 Sesma Robert 93 Seten Brenda M 235 Seten Cynthia D 158.174,260 Sevillano Steve 117,260 Shatzen Deirdre E 93,275 Shaw Dianna 260 Shawhan Richard D 117,200,260 Shepard Daniel A 260 Sherlick Ronnie G 129,260 Sherwood Esther A 43,44,48,52, 54,93,170,275,232,104,105 Shirk Richard E 235 Shirley Mary 260 Shirely Sylvia H 93 Shubin Alfred W93 Sibley George M 93,132,144 Siebum George 237 Silva Charles 47,50,93,152,219 Silva Darlene R 178,247 Silva Edward R 235 Silva Janette 235 Silva Janice 235 Silva Kenneth J 128,260 Silva Kenneth L 138,260 Silverman Glenn S 127,214,260 Simmons Mary Beth 261 Simmons Sharon C 261 Simpkins Diane D 201 Simpson Carl N 118 Sinohui Theresa 47,154,157,164, 261 Singer Susan A 216 Sipera Kenneth A 49,93 Sisson Sandra f 247 Sizemore Eugene Sizemore Ralph T Skeels Dorothy I 56,93,210 Skvicalo Steve S 117,247 Slessor Barbara L 93,223 Slininger Roger 24 7 Smith Anita L Smith Dewayne Smith Diane M 93,201 Smith Edwon F 93,178 Smith Linda M 178,247 Smith Margaret S 93,178,286 Snyder Kathryn B Soils Bardemar 247 Soils Virginia 93 Soils Wally 235 Soltero Rosie S 218,261 Soochkoff Victor V 93 Soto John R 117 Soto Ofelia 178,235 Soto Susan L 94 Spargur Mary E 94 Sparks Carol J 94 Sparling Fred G 94,115,140,209, 222 Sparrow Cathy 196,216,217,235 Sperry Lester 235 Spicer Charles W 247 Spiegelman Susan L 94,196,200, 216,286 Spivey Timothy E 247 Spofford Gail L 261 Stacey Beverly A 94 Stackpole Harvey A 174,175,236 Stalter John R 117,130,247 Stambaugh Nicole A 247 Stanfield Beverly 94,178 Stanyar Susan M 247 Stearns Ronald C Steed Alan L 51,94,278 Stegman Victor H 236 Steinway Richard K 133 , 236 Steinweg Susan E 155,218,236 Stell John M 94,115,222 Stepnicka Gale L 94 Sterner Jeanne 261 Stevenson Edward 261 Stewart Curtis H 127,251,261 Stewart Linda A 247 Stewart Robert M 48,129,130, 236 Stiel Sherree E 52,60,236 Still Cherie 261 Stinson Marilyn G 236 Stinson Therma K 236 Stoffel Roberta J 2 36 Storz Mary J 52,169,207,211, 212,213,249 Stotler Sandra 236 Stubbe Dennis 94 Stubbs Richard P 47,261,276 Sturdevant Carol A 94,275 Suarez Fernando 261 Suares Louis C 118,236 Suarez Napoleon 207,247 Stuffecool Diane L 178,261 Suffecool Dwain 119,261 Sullevian Thoman H 248 Svee Marsha C 94 Swanson Robert S 50,115,130, 222,236 Sweet Maria 248 Sykes James B 236 Tafuri Susan A 184,185,236 Tamashiro Irene T 94 Tarin Herlinda 178,236 Tarin Juan 118,248 Tatum John D 205,248 Taylor Barbara J 94,178 Taylor Ella V 47,178,248 Taylor Jr Glenn 115,137,222, 248 Taylor Kerry R 94,132 Taylor Larry G 118,236 Taylor Robert S 95,152,278 Taylor William A 95 Telles Irene M 207,248 Tellis Loretta M 248 Tellis Michael P 236 Templin George F 95,114 Terrazas Ernest 248 Terrazas Mary Ellen 52,236 Terrazas Michael 261 Terrazas Patricia 95,196,276 Terzenbach Leonard 95 Teter Susan L 159,169,248 Tetro Charles A 219,261 Tetro Kathleen D 46,236 Tharp Anthony 261 Tharp Lupe C 95 Tharp Ray 261 Thomas Geraldine L 216,236 Thomas John B 132,133,248 Thomas Lawrence 56,236 Thomas Linda 236 Thomas Randy J 261 Thomas Richard H 178,262 Thomas Steven L 95, 144 Timmerman Dixie 95 Tolmasoff Fred J 261 Torres Abelino 248 Torres Anthony J 261 Torres Bill F Torres Charles R 207,248 Torres David 248 Torres Donna O 236 Torres Elaine Torres Emily S 207,261 Torres Frank B 261 Torres Frank 248 Torres Freddie 95 Torres Gilbert M 95 Torres Gloria J 261 Torres Gloria P 261 Torres Jose L Torres Lucy A Torres Marcelina 100 Torres Mary H 95 Torres Robert T 117,248 Torres Soffie L Trammell Edith F 261 Trammell Joseph J 95,120,178 Trammell Mary E 169,236 Traslavina Alexand 236 Traslavina Gustavo 95,118,274 Tribunella Marie A 248 Tribunella Theresa 261 Triggs Larry W 95 Truitt Mark A 248 Trujillo Anthony J 118,128,261 Trujillo Christioph 236 Trujillo Johnny R 95,178 Turk Charles F 214,236 Turney Dennis R 95,115 Tustin Daryl C 206, 248 Tustin Douglas K Tuston Dwight W 236 Uehara Sharon L 96 Umscheid Grace J 96 Urazoff Carol L 207,236 Valdez Atondo Norma 96 301 Valdez Ernest 208,261 Valdez Steven 248 Valenzula Jeanett 52,154,164, 206,212,213,248 Valenzuela Mary Valeriano Gilbert 117,261 Valeriano LucQle 47,52,170,236 Valle Frederico 261 Valles Dan} ' 236 Valli Ruben A 261 Van Atta Alan C 261 Vanderhoof Gerald 96 Vanderhoof Sherri 96 , 223 Vanfeloff Darleene 261 Van Horn Glenn W 96,121,140 Van Horn Kenneth 236 Vanhorn Ljun 261 Van Horn Robert L 262 Van Meter Ronald B 248 Van Sickle Pat 240 Van Winkle Bill G 248 Van Winkle Janet 237 Varela Dorothea M Varela LucUle 47,223,261 Varela Martha A 216,237 Vargas Dolores 261 Vargas Patricia L Vargas Rajinond Vasquez David 261 Vasquez Diana C 261 Vasquez Eileen 237 Vasquez Jimmy A 96 Vasquez Lawrence 261 Vasquez Lorraine 248 Vasquez Maria E 248 Vega Eva C 248 Vega Lillian R 96,169 Vejar Ernest 47,96,222,105 Velasco Anita 248 Velasquez Antonia 261 Velasquez Martin S 217,248 Velasquez Tony 237 Velez Celso N 200,237 Ventrella Michael 261 Veronin Lorie 248 Vick Marj ' 237 Viera Elvia 178,261 Viera Gloria I Viera Ysidro M 223,248 Viera Vickie H Villa Franxes H Villa Gilbert 96 Villa Jane A 178,248 Villalovos Linda O 96 Villanueva Michael 261 Villanueva Teresa ViUard Gary B 96,128,152,213, 216,222 Villegas Jimmy L 133,261 Villegas Lydia E Vincent Mary A 52,61,96,288 Vincent Vivian 261 Vinson Darrel B 261 Vital Linda J 178,248 Voight Judith G 96,275 Wachtler Robert R 47,237 Wagner Paula M 97,169,276,277 Waite Kathleen J 56,210,248 Walden Janet K 52,169,200,205, 211,248 Walden Janis K 47,49,50, 52, 55, 169,200,205,211 Walden Kristan 129,261 Walden Particia F 49,200,232 Wales Diane M 49,96,178,213, 218 Wales Susie 261 Walker Shirley J 97 Wallace Billie W 248 Wallace Suzanne L 248 Wallick Grady L 133 Walls Roger D 138,261 Wanke Glenn P 262 Wanke Shar -n S 97 Ward Judy L 207,248 Warner George A 237 Wasserman Roger 51,152,153, 237 Watson Barbara A 262 Watson Pamela J 164,169,207, 248 Watson Sandra K 262 Weatherby Allen C 97,219 Weatherby David P 237 Webb Ralph D 97 Weiss Diannah S 97,277 Weitz Sharon H 262 Welborn Larry A 262 Welborn Stephen 248 Wells Linda L 248 Wells PhUlip 248 WeUs Robert 138,201,237 Wells Sandra D 52,55,97,274, 278,105 Wercker June B 178,262 West Pamela D 237 Wheeler Shirley L 248 Whelchel Linda S 178 White Barbara L 248 White David C 262 White Howard A 237 White Lenny 237 Wliite Linda J 97 White Richard C 237 Whiting Nancy 237 Waiting Richard E 138,248 Whiting William P 97 Whitworth William Wilkes Mike 262 Williar-is Charles S 130,219,236 Williams John W 119,262 WUliams Richard W Williams Virginia 97 Williamson Lyla J 55,201,248 Williamson Sandra 262 Willson Jane G 262 Wilsey Ronald P 236 Wilson Kathleen A 237 Winger Harley J 262 Winner Jeffrey P Winter Helen J 200,262 Winters Louie 117,248 Wirth Gary C 97 Witham Lee C 262 Witham Rhichar H 97 Wohl Barbara L 213,262 Wolfe Robert L 262 Wolverton James 49,97,282 Wood Dennis H 97 Wood Mary L 97 Wooten Wallace N 114,128 Wright Cynthia A 50,54,100,286 Yancey George E 236 Ybarra Nanuel Ybarra Rita M 248 Yepiz Emma G 249 Yniquez Robert 249 Yontz Yolanda P 249 Youmans Cheryl R 100 Young Dennis M 100 Young Greg W 100,276 Zakour George 237 Zamora Geraldine E 249 Zaragoza Yolanda 100 Zardebetta Raul E 130,237 Zarragoza Alexande 249 Zessin Carlene L 169,237 Zude Sharon F 159,169,207,249 TEACHERS Adams Keith 16 Adams Rita 14,15,16,19,208 Alari Stanley 16 Allen Robert 16 Antonik Arthur 15,16,251 Baker Laverne 16,218 Bilyeu Dean 16 Bradley Ludmilla 16,32,204 Becker Helen 16 Bryan John 16,39 Burke Maria 16,204 Christopherson Keith 16 Cochrane Allan 16,19 Colby Anne 16,217 Crawford 16,19 Crooks Thman 16 Dl lorio Gennaro 16,19 Dorn Eugene 16,19,67 Doucet Edward 17,205 Draper Sally 17 Dull Sherry 17 Eads Thomas 17 Edmonds Margaret 17 Evans Dennis 14,17,227 Fanning Rita 17,205 Fiorito Carl 17,251 Fishke Shirley 17,239 Flores Praxs 17 Garson Alan 17,144,132,133 Gerdts Donald 17 ,19,216 Goings Nancy 17 Gonzales Beatrice 17 Grande John 17,19 Greding Vernon 17 Herman Donald 17,239 Herrera Daniel 17 Hilt Ralph 17,19 Holland David 18,19 Honchell Pamela 18 Hughes Billy 18 Hughie Carleen 18,19 Hussein Marcella 18,218 Itnyre Terry 18,57,210 Jacobs John 18 Johnson Donald 18,123 Johnson Ernest 18 Kane Ralph 18,227 Kreyche Eugene 12,19 Levin Lydia 18 Mc Candless Roger 18,144,132, 133 Mc nwain James 18,120,121 McKelvey Margaret 18,19 Mannuzza Carmela 18,19,67 Marsh Warren 18,35 Marsters Marlene 18,36,221 Martin Carolyn 18 Merkel Margaret 20,208 Miletich Mathew 12,45 Miller Leroy 20 Mothveiller Herry 20,211 Ness Gary 13 Nobel L. Nolan 11 Noriega Levi 20 Ogas Ray 20,47,128 Olsen James 19,20,31,127 Osterman Joseph 20,129 Petti Joseph 20,222 Pulliam Donald 20 Radke Gene 20,118,138 Ramsey Wesley 20 Reinbolt Richard 20,46 Schwang Richard 13 Smith Donald 20 Smith Renee 13 Smith Terry 20,223 Spoon Lorraine 20,221 Stafford James 4,5,19,20 Steddom Stanley 12,19 Stepleton Rodney 13,48 Stumpe Richard 20 Swan Dorothy 20 Swedland Keith 20,118 Talmadge Jeremy 21,67 Tammen Harry 124,19 Tarsala Edward 21 Taslitz Howard 14,19,21 Veale Harrison 19,21 Waingrow Daniel 21,214 Walker William 21 Weidmann Jo Mary 19,21,209 Weiss Walter 21 White David 21 White James 19,21,119 Whitherspoon 21,127 Willet Franlv 19,21,55 Winter Lois 13,48 Wirtz Peter 21 Worley Burl 21 Wright Jack 14,21 Ysais Ray 21 Zimmer Robert 19,21,30 Zuccaro Robert 21 SECRETARIES AND MAINTENANCE Addante J 28 Heals W 28 Capps E 28 Carpenter M 28 Dellazoppa M 28 Farrari O 28 Funk A 29 Furgusen L 28 Hageman G 28 Heitmann J 29 Joans J 29 Kelso S 28 Kennenberg B 29 Krebs H 28 Lane E 28 Lange H 28 Littlefield M 29 Magill B 29 Muller B 28 Noonan V 28 Norton J 28 Oliveri A 28 Parker I 29 Pomniano P 28 Pratt R 28 Robar D 28 Roll V 29 Sale V 28 Sanders B 29 Sandoval A 28 Schlegel K 28 Steinway L 28 Stobough J 28 Trojanowski P 29 ADMINISTRATORS Burlington W 10 Hiebert Dr. L 10 Kimbrough V 10 Mc Clain Dr. J 10 Moore Dr. J 10 Robertson J 10 Ronley D 10 Tallman L 10 White F 10 303 fml . Q CL - ' Cl Z - (Z6 tJ-L % ;•■ : m i S 5 1 1 1 m?% -; V ' - m: m . ,S5f K fiP

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