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' w o A P 7 ' UT ' lL V ' .15 Tf KI Sx -fe " J f . , ■ ' « ' ' ? ' " - — S s - -c -. j zr. 7 sBi N J» }£S i.. — v-ercimO ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' ! ' ' ' " V ' )Nrj v: ps - V r A ' |fv.- : cn rpvx ' Q pcdiiJied t ii i ciaited Student o v C. H. Wennerberg District Superintendent The past year has been one of great change and accomplishment in Whittier Union High School District. Many important decisions were made and the fourth high school started con- struction to be completed by September of 1955. High praise and recognition has come to the dis- trict from all over the country and many of the practices in each of the schools and the district administration have been studied and used by other districts. Highest of all have been the splendid achievements of the graduates of El Rancho and Whittier as verified by the many scholarships and awards given them. On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Dis- trict, and the entire administrative staff, I con- gratulate all of the 1955 graduates. We believe that you, too, will continue to distinguish your- se lves in school and community. C. H. Wennerberg Superintendent Mrs. Marian Hodge Director of Curriculum and Guidance Heber Holloway Assistant Superintendent John F. Lewis Business Manager Leonard Grandy Administrative Assistant V ' o c tcct BOARD OF TRUSTEES D,o glas i=erguson, MoKwel Flanders, Wallace Wiggins, R. Lee McNitt and Tom Folsom. Z, ' Allen Austin Elizabeth Pellett Everett Jordan Leula Mae iccio Coordinator Coordinator Director of School Psycnotogist Industrial and Teacher Materials Adult Education Vocational Education and Continuation Schools Dr. Leila Kernkamp DeLoss Williams Eleanor Walsh Marion Frasier Director of Director of Audio Director of Driver Training Health Services Visual Resources Nurses hfarolcb ' H. Litten X) P HazeL:Jones iDifector of p CiM?rdinator Cblicaitoni In-SfeWlce Troinin 7 Ross Drake Norman Eisen Cafeteria Coordinator Supervisor Distributive Education and Placement Robert Olsen Director of Child Welfare and Attendance Beverly Fenske Dental Hygienist ' Dedicated W0k i M " 5 ' ■ ' :••:, ' - ' ■ ' •; ' . fs ;:: ;:: ' ' -- ■M l -.■ , iSI M ROGER C. WEEKS Principal, El Rancho High School Whittier Union High School District In the early days of California, the Dons were among the leaders of the country. These Dons presided over large land grants called Ranches. It is from these historical leaders that we take our own school teams ' name and it is hoped that we will be remembered as leaders of our times as the years roll on. But we the students of El Rancho are too inexperienced to be called leaders as yet, and the early Dons are just a memory; therefore, we need someone to whom we can look to for leadership and guidance. We have found a leader, gracious yet firm, cultured yet friendly, capable yet understand- ing, — a modern-day Don. We have found him right here at El Rancho. He is our Principal, Roger C. Weeks. And so it is with sincere wishes and a hope for many years of continued leadership that we dedicate the 1955 edition of the El Rancho Yearbook, For El Ano, to you, Mr. Roger C. Weeks. The early Dons of California, experienced as they were, could not administer their Ranches single handed, but relied upon fathfiul and capable assistants. The members of the El Rancho Administrative staff are men and women well trained and capable. Their responsibility is to see that the directives and plans of the Principal are developed and carried out. Mr. Royce Lapp Student Activities Director Miss Daria Charles Vice Principal Mr. Nolan Noble Basic Course Department Head Mr. Sam Warren Adult School Principal Miss Lois Winter Dean of Girls Mr. Don Douglas Dean of Boys Teaching Home Economics, Row one: Miss WeyancJ, Miss Jentges, Mrs. Blalock, Miss Mecirs. Teaching Math and Science, Row one: Mr. Fairbank, Miss Dreyer, Mr. Jenkins. Row two: Mr. Nolan, Mr. DeVries, Mr. Johnson. Teaching World Cultures, Row one: Mr. Moore, Mrs. Solvi, Mrs. Harvey. Row two: Mr. Powers, Mr. Leach, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Steddon. OK acuit f Teaching American Life, Row one: Mr. Osterman, Mr. Epperson, Miss Carrol, Mr. Kerr, Mr. Mack, Mr. E. Johnson, Mrs. Harvey. Teaching Industrial Arts, Row one: Mr. Cook, Mr. Harris, Mr. Soltys, Mr. Toohey, Mr. Stiener, Mr. Porter, Mr. La Porte, Mr. Buller, Mr. Broidy, Mr. Jordon. : " Teaching foreign languages: Mr. Jackson, Mrs. MacMillan, Mrs. Olson, Mr. Mays. The teachers at El Rancho show a wealth and training. They invest a great deal of energy and time in guiding student activities. They are constantly striving to do a good job of teaching. They are friendly, helpful and understanding. Teaching the Fine Arts: Mr. Orr, Mr. Davis, Mr. Hillson, Mr. Bruce, Mr. Adams, Seated: Mrs. Mc- Fadden, Miss Quant. Teaching Business Education, seated: Mrs. Hilker, Mrs. Tye, Mrs. Sellard, Miss Atwood. Standing: Mr. Delgetty, Mr. Sayle, Mr. Cornelson and Mr. Esselstrom. UH- ' d ' Teaching Driver Ed.; Mr. Eads, Mr. Snow den. Teaching Senior Problems, Row one: Mr. Tammen, Mr. Ott, Miss Carrol, Mr. Noble. Row two: Mr. E. Johnson, Mr. Hanson, Mr, Epperson. Teaching English Orientation, R ' ow one: Mr. Neville, Mr. Aquatero, Miss Moyle, Mr. Gardner. Row two: Mr. Freed, Mr. Gotschlich. Si ' MC Bill Johnson Associated Student Body President Royce Cox Chief Justice Jim Willis Vice Preside, JoAnn Liniewicz Secretary Elva Lee Moore, Judy Giles and Evelyn Cleugh Song Leaders ,}} " Donna Alterie Claudette Lothridge StucCe »deaden4 Julie Rivera Assembly Commissioner Janet Wiley Activities Commissoner 6 Beth Peck Darlene Aboud Yell Leaders Commissioner Margie Walker Pep Commissioner Marian Lovett Girls ' Athletics Commissioner 1 m I Joan Von Geem W Publicity X L Commissioner ! ■s Doug DeJardine Boys ' Athletics Commissioner George Edwards Speaker of the House of Representatives EL RANCHO SCHOOL SECRETARIAL STAFF Lending a hand to help everyone, are our superior staff of secretaries, custo- dans, cafeteria workers, and our nurse. The secre- taries by their efficient handling of school records, the custodians by their faithful attention to detail and the cafeteria workers by their careful prepara- tion of school meals have all contributed greatly to a smoothly run school and campus. Row one: Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Kragness, Mrs. Barron, Mrs. McGiM, Mrs. Roubidoux, Row two: Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. Trojonowski, Miss Brocklebank, Mrs. Loustounau, Mrs. Hemmerling. EL RANCHO SCHOOL CUSTODIAL STAFF Row one: P. Pico, W. Muller, C. Gordon, W. Harvey, A. Fisher, F. Gnffin. Row two: E. Orjas, J. Bertholomey, E. Jones, A. Oliveri. EL RANCHO SCHOOL MEDICAL STAFF Mrs. Merkle, our school nurse, serves the school in many ways. First aid duties, accident reports, home visits, and sponsoring the Junior Red Cross are just a few of the responsibilities undertaken by this capable person. Mrs. Merkle, our school nurse, gives Ronnie Allison a check up. EL RANCHO CAFETERIA STAFF 11 STUDENT SENATE The House of Representotives and the Senate, student governing groups at El Rancho High School, are pat- terned much like the national law-making bodies of the same names. All requisitions involving money must originate n the House of Representatives. After the House has approved the requisition it is sent to the Senate for further approval. If the Senate does not approve or wishes to change the bill it must return to the House for further consideration. The members of these two groups have had a good chance to realize to some extent the responsibility that falls upon a member of Congress. Row one: B. Kir k, J. Huddleston, P. Lamb, L. Mihelich, J. Johnson, P. Hoffman, D. Aboud, B. Werle, T Tickenoff, A. Young, H. Arndt. Row two-. R. Allison, B. Stevenson, R. Jamie, S. Valero, A. Magano, S. Chancey, B. Thompson, M. Conner, J. Willis, Mr. Lapp. Row three: T. Johnson, K. Graham, B. Voighf, J. Moore, D. Enloy, D. Reid. STUDENT HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Row one; B. Cunningham, K. Moyer, C. Chapik, M. Amoto, J. Evans, C. Bohne, S. Larson, G. Kinchen, P. Hoffman, J. Pounds, S. Johnson. Row two: T. Aghanian G. Momola, M. Serna, E. Toth, S. Julius, P. Curd,J.Kaylor, J. Stevenson, E. Malendrez, J. Pooler. Row three: S. Renfro, J. Powers, A. Wolden, J. Keyas, F. Eodie, R. Carrier, tj. Lampson, O. Reed, F. Molinary, J. Doe, B. Lawson: SW at T4J(n FINANCE COMMISSION The duties of the Fi- nance Comnnission w ere: to sell tickets at athletic events, collect money at school dances, and han- dle all student finances. ACTIVITIES COMMISSION The Activities Commis- sion took the responsi- bility of planning all dances held on the campus and made a huge success of " West- ern Days " Row one: I. to r., J. Rector, L. Schluter, S. Munsii, M. Franks, S. Hagins, P. Lamb, E. Roasted. Row two: S. Tetly, W. Seole, R. Heold, C. Engelbart, R. Arnold, A. Ponce, D. Taylor, W. Hogue, D. Inlay, Mr. Jackson. Row one: J. Wiley, J. Johnson, F. Munsii, S. Kirk, B. Werle, L. Evans, J. Mosino. Row two: B. Ferguson, P. Renley, J. Hansen, N. Cox, J. Kaylor, J. Curd, P. Curd. ASSEMBLIES COMMISSION Planning ail student assemblies and special programs plus arrang- ing an outstanding ex- change program was taken care of by the Assembly Commission. Row one: N. Rudolph, J. Dietiker, B. Munsii, J. Wixted, J. Lim, J. Rivera. Row two; J. Etmund, D. McCrillis, S. Julius, B. Rohn, S. Evans. PUBLICITY COMMISSION Publicizing all school games and dances, making signs and post- ers and contributing to the newspaper and bul- letins were the respon- sibilities taken over by the Publicity Commis- sion. (M, ( amaU ioH ' WTtf-ljJ Row oner J. Rice, J. Mo x-x Geem, R. Burgess, J. Dimmett, S. Foster. Row two: J. Stockberger, C. Fisher, M. Loquet. PEP COMMISSION Row one: W. Lemore, E. Cieough, B. Bennett, M. Walker, L. Newlin, J. Wooten, S. Findley, D. Coffey. Row two: J. Giles, D. Tibbett, J. Homer, B. Wallis, B. Davis, J. Rector, M, Valdez. Row three: C. Coe, P. Rogers, S. Desmond, F. Dobbs, M. Gronberg, P. Roseborough, C. Graves, D. Udell. M. Yslos, M. Lovett, D. Aboud, D. Urias, J. Van Geem, J. Lopez, D. Daly, Miss Meairs. Row one: R. Lundquist, S, Chaney, A. Magana, B. Kirk, R. Borcheding. Row two: S, Larson, Row three: J. Liniewicz, O. Ortiz, B. Hodge, J. Kaylor, E. Roasted, B. Woods. Row four; Mr. Leach, B. Johnson, D. Osburn, B. Voight, T. Johnson, R. Heald, R. Cox. To decorate goal posts, make up new songs and yells, build up general school spirit at El Ran- cho has been the job done by the Pep Com- STUDENT COUNSEL To interpret the school constitution, to pass on the Constitutionality on any amendments to the constitution and to ad- vise individual students, were the duties under- taken by the Student Court. Tftem n BOYS ATHLETIC COMMISSION Row one: G. Edwards, D. Willis, J, DiGregorio. Row two: C. Cobb, D. Dejardine, B. Lawson, Mr. Eads. GIRLS ATHLETIC COMMISSION The boys Athletic Com- mission worked hard throughout the year planning and organiz- ing tournaments and games for the two junior high schools in this area under the keen eyes of advisor Mr. Eads. The girls Athletic Com- mission worked hand in hand with the boys Ath- letic Commission set- ting up the El Rancho youth center, and also carried out many GAA play days. GROUNDS COMMISSION The Grounds Commis- sion did a very good job of keeping our Cam- pus clean tnrough the medium of a reward which was — getting out early on Friday when the Compus was clean. Row one: K. Osborn, C. Williamson, P. Nitlel, J. Strobough, M. Lovell, D. Walgren, J. Thomassen, S. Jones. Row two: D. Brown, C. Simpson, M. Littlefield, Miss Banks, M. Hansen, E. Cawthon, M. Duke, B. Duke. . ifir " T|» k ! Row one; P. Arriola, L. Pichc, P. Miranda, D. Wright, F. Welch. " ? ' , ' ■ -Jfe .f " . .Wf W r - . Air tt. » MiHM BiiB Ba» %: m ' m m — I i miwv ' - ' Senior wC ' c l i ;i Bart Kirk President Los Senores! The Class of 1955 has become a busy group of compodres this year. What with the Senior Play, " My Friend Irma, " and the decals for your car and books in the fall to the Senior Mothers Tea and the all night gradua- tion party in June, besides passing Sen- ior English and Senior Problems, the class had a full year of activities. The class provided leadership in sports, stu- dent government and most of the other school events. Bob Voight Vice President Loretta Smith Secretary REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE Sandra Munsil Don Osburn Barbara Werle Bill Stevenson mzd Darlene Jeanette Jessie Steve Ronald Donna Aboud Adamson Aguilar Ahajanian Allison Altieri Karen Amis Lorry Baker Frances Anderson Shori Anderson Adelaide Armenta Lenora Arnold Mary Botes Virginia Bee Bob Bell " ondy Bergland Ronald Arnold Jeannine Bertini Irene Bettencourt Myrno Bicknell Dick Blodgett Charles Boles Lynn Dee Loras Boza Briggs i% if -4J A Jk . Roselle Brightup Dana Brown Darryl Cantrell Tom Cardona Donna Carlisle Don Carmichael Don Carver Jacquelynne Castillo Jack Cawfhon Mary Alice Goto it! Patricio Covlin Royce Cox Billie Crocker Judy Curd Patricia Curtis Jinn Darling Jim De Bold Sonia Feldman Bernardo Diaz Earl Flint Hester James Duke Duke Angel William Flores Fontes Marylouise Franks Wayne Furrie Bill Gannaway Alfred Garcia i Jk Ronald Foster George Edwards Tom Francis David Garcia Olga Luna Garnica Kathryn Gates Margie Gayler ' F Margie Genovese Sylvia Golden Helen Golen Rudy Gonzales Phyllis Dan Jacqueline Russ Jackie Lewis Guerrero Guevara Haden Halley Hammer Hancock Charlotte Harrison Bobbie Horsman Pat Hill Carol Hunter Roberta Hodge Thomas Johnson Pamela Hoffman Wayne Johnson William Johnson Jerry Jones Marlene Jones Richard Juarez Joann Kaylor Joyce Keith Earl Kelley Gay Kinchen Maxine Kingsland Bart Kirk Ray Kluck Robert Kramer Frank Kuplent Clayton Kyker Richard Lara Sheila Larson Eddie Leibro ck Mildred Lim Jo Anne Liniewicz Ray Llanes Gordon Long Vera Lopez Carol Love Bill Lund Fred Luton Eugene Majchrzak Elaine Malendez Veronica Mancuso Betty AAcCullough Lee Ann McGrath Robert McLean Manuel Melendrez Raoul Mendez Jean Meyer Dolores, M Jonis Miller Pat Miranda Moore ' - Robert Ricky Sandra ; Ernestine Richard Jeannette Moreno Mrosek Munsil Muro Murphy Murry Richard Nagel Jay Neeley Andrew Nelsen Charles Nix Olivia Ortiz Don Osburn Susie Yvonne Jackie Geraldine Danny Janet OToole Parrish Perkins Perlee Pool Portillo Ofelia Rose Ellen Risa Aida Lupe Prieto Quintero Raasted Radow Ramirez Ramos Pat Shirley Michael Julie Cecelia Vera Renley Richard Rivera Rivera Rodriquez Resales Margie Tommy Ray Carrie George Jim Rumble Sanchez Schmitt Schroeder Semler Sergent LI k ijiu . . ii ' ...i.«— k-« R3mtaic Barbara Shanklin AAory Soto Loretta Smith Wanda Smith Ronald Snow Jim Stephenson Janet Stobcugh JoAnne Stockberger Sally Soliz Sharon Sterling Ed Stone Carolyn Sollender Don Stevenson Gar ry Storm David Taylor Don Teevans Sidney Tetley Jack Thomas Earl Thompson h J f J L4yL Lee Thon Tanya Tikunoff Barbara Toney Jimmy Treadwell Jo Roe Tubbs Melvin Tubbs Trudie Tubbs Leonard VonEpps Joan Van Geem Katherin Vann Kip Van Selow Celia Villalpando Charlene Vinson Jim Willis Dorman Woods Francis Yanez Arlene Young SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR Charles Chase Notividad Duarte Benji Flores Bonito Johnson Margaret Lane Sandra McDonald Damon Furbeck James Hammond Jerry Hansen Bruce Polk Pat Rosenborough Richard Spangenberg Tommy Sanchez, Ronnie Allison, Shelia Larson, Barbara Toney and Ronnie Foster are all dressed up for Graduation. t:«E! 04 OUe(€€ i President Alex Magana Los Jovenes (the Junior class) hove been active in school this year. They have sponsored the Junior Play, the Junior-Senior Prom and have filled important positions on school teams. Next year they can be counted on to assume the leadership of the entire student body. Vice President Robert Thompson Secretary Gayle Roesch Janice Hodge Alden Simmons Donna Porter Richard Heaid .N ROW ONE: R. Warner, J. Hunt, F. Colantuano. ROW TWO: J. Mack, B. Fox, B. Webber, N. Beauchomp, M. Bronzovic, D. Kenyon, S. Gregg, C. Hegman, P. Niftel, E. Sherwood. ROW THREE: J. Greiner, F. Ramirez, P. Desmond, L. Graves, R. Harris, A. Nelson, P. Frelding, D. Astle. ROW FOUR: H. Ocampo, D. Olague, B. Thompson, B. Gierlich, T. Gomez, R. Contrel, W. Eheshide, Mr. Epperson. ROW ONE: J. Price, N. Sandoval, J. Smith, J. Ramos, L. McCollum. ROW TWO: V. Oliver, D Johnson, R. Fairchild, N. Ellis, R. Woods, C. Till, M. Moyer, P. Thomas, C. Costabile, B. Mosino, P. Varon, N. Nix, B. Myers, F. Shapely. ROW THREE: K. Linville, J. Browning, W. Nelson, M. Rafferty, N. MocDonold, R. Peterson, B, Redd. D Warner, S. Renfro, D. Bennell ROW ONE: L, Pullen, C. Docummon ROW TWO: M. Gronber, J. Lopez, D. Diaz, J. Meyer, J. Anderson, J. Smith, D, Seidler, C. Carrier, C Yoder, M. Lovett, F. Dobbs. ROW THREE: D, Bornn, W. Morgan, L Sanchez, I. Bell, J. Anderson, R Carrillo, D. Walden, K. Duffey, A. Flores, R. Lampson, Mr. Osterman ROW FOUR: R. Lundquist, B. Thomp son, R. Hart, G. Flavin, T. Zogob, S. Hess, D. De Jardine. 30 ROW ONE: R. Foul, D. Acinelli, C. Cowell. ROW TWO: D. Houligan, A. Magana, J. Davidson, S- Blackbarr, K. Graham, A. Weber, J. Haslam, E. Toth, Miss Carroll. ROW THREE: M. Davis, R. Heald, E- Stubbe, G, Buchanan, D. Bradshavi ' , J. Taylor, G. Hobbs. ROW ONE; S. Davenport, D. Daniel- son, D. Milloy, B. Borne. ROW TWO: B. Woods, I. Crane, D. Urios, S. Sanger, P. Bruton, D. Harris, B. Carr, V. Hieb, A. Gold, J. Raymond, R. Costable. ROW THREE: K. Dunmead. B. Derby, R. Borcherdmg, D. Bolick, J. Gannaway, M. Newman, C. Pontes, R. Brown, Mr. Johnson. ROW FOUR: L. Smith, A. Costanza, J. Honey, J. Flanagan, J. Costable, l. Bewley, R. Willsey, R. Goff. ROW ONE: J. Bryant, B. Cunningham, B. Brown, M. Hill, D. Moreno, R. McElvain. ROW TWO: D. Hawmon, B. McBride, P. Jameson, M. Fra:ncis, S. Brown, E. Zabolo, P. Tisci. ROW THREE: C Cobb, J. Lim, J. Kimble, N. Cornell, R. Lemon, H. Reves, A. Hernandez, Mr. Mack. ROW FOUR: G. Banlone, J. Rockfellow, N. Monis, W. Horn, G. Johnson, J. LoFoy, H. Laine, B. Shirk, B, Lagunas, J. Huddleson ROW ONE: M. Nunez, R. Chavez, M. Mendoza, E. A eluerQ, D. Stocking, J. Kizziar, A. Dolan, L. Pico, Mr. Osterman. ROW TWO: D. Hothoway, S. LoFerr, B. Batchelor, P. Turner, J, Jolly, J, Dominguez, J. Torres. ROW ONE: Miss Carrol, T. Horgan, I Tammer, M. Ponce, M. Bronzovie, J. Romero, L. Zamora, E. Cowling, T. Swenson, ROW TWO: F, Eodie, M. Heimbokel, J. Zamora, D. Boden, E. Olague. P. Cowling. ROW ONE: W. Seale. T. Townsend, D. Bevard, D. Turrell, J. Sullivon ROW TWO: M. Armoto, M. Otto- way, H. Ardt, C. Lambert, P. Tur- ley, J. Albright, D. Daly, H. Colde- ron, N. Fisher, G. Roesch. ROW THREE: A. Simmons, B. Bostick, P. Henson, K. Swenson, T. Lockhart, R Hanson, Mr. Epperson. ROW FOUR J. Smith, B. Peck, B. Kelly, B. Jen nings, J. DeGregorio, B. Kossky, M Molenky, A. Wilson 32 ROW ONE A. Arnold, S. Kirk, M. Yslas, J. Evans, S. Brown, G. Smissen, B. Allen, P. Ruiz, C. Lofhridge, B. Sallgren. ROW TWO: L. Koop, P. Denny, S. Eatmon, N. Cox, S. Foster, M. Ann- Brooks, E, Bollovich, S. Melendez, J. Myrenius, J. Hodges, D. Porter. ROW THREE: D. Miller, S. Sambrano, S. Ruiz, J. Lindgren, G. Brown, S, Gonzales, J. Headiy, E. Ocompo, W. Baxter, B Hougen, B. Haynes, J. Mack. ROW ONE: R. Woodring, A. Acosta, S. Russell, R. Castro, E. Parrebt. ROW TWO: Mr. Noble, R. Villanueva, G. Olivares, D. Rodriguez, P. Zabala, J. Pounds, M. Little, S. Lowrey. ROW THREE: J. DeVitt. C Lows, C. Templin, L. Denton, N, Hall, B. Broeske, H. Carletello, • l " 04 ( CC( J. President Ray Talavera Vice President Richard Jaime Secretary Bunny Wallis Los Chicos (the Sophomore Class) selected their rings, planned a talent show, conducted a successful cake show, and sponsored the Frosh- Soph Dance to fill out a year of activities along with regular studies. REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE 34 Saundra Finley Dennis Dckos Chuck Hinkle Rita Bugess wragw f ' v L ROW ONE: S. Haigh, L. Duton, M. Cowden, B. Edralin, N. Talbot, J. Ovllette, S. Nolton. ROW TWO: J. Brokaw, S. Smith, C. Jolly, M. Fenderson, J. Befholomey, B. Ubben, J. Putnam, G. Yolas, R. Grayum, R. Reese, K. Conrad, R. Tolovora, G. Maddox, J, Marshal, M. Feldman. - ij! ROW ONE: C Maldonodo, B. Gonzales, N. Chapped, P. Huston, L. Elford, L. Chadwick, H. Loro, P. Lamb, S. Garcia, P. Moron. ROW TWO: R. Graham, D. Walton, R. Albitre, D. Hawkins, M. Hoyle, L. Baker, O. Lopez, Mr. Moore. ROW THREE: K. Kline, H. Medina, G. Bravo, J. Roberts, K. McDonald, D. Houptmon, D. Kerby, B. Lingford. ROW ONE: L. Rohn, P. Cross, P. Yarino, L. Kalish, M. Mercado, M. Mendozo, L. Muro, Mrs. Salvi. ROW TWO: D. Dow, E. Esquer, E. Young, R. Murphy, L. Duron. 35 ROW ONE: H. Sebznoff, R. Townsend, P. McNichols, P. Robinson, B. Dunmead, L. Billhimer, M, Reichel, J. Broding, K. Mayer, Mr. Steddom. ROW TWO: D. Timmerman, G. Paniagua, A. Vickonoff, K. Mothews, J. Dunham, R. Mormitt, J. Griffith, P. Chavez, G. Cowling. ROW ONE: A. DeYoung, D. hussar, J. Holder, K. Ferris, M. Bedwell, G. Larson, L. Barrera, L. Mihelich, M. Miles, G. Stobaugh. ROW TWO; Mr. Leach. ROV THREE: B. Millard, G. Timmerman, H. Tipton, R, Morrow, F. Sauseda, D. Reed, C. Robbins, R. Cobb, T. Finger, T. Vonah. ROW ONE: C Fisher, L. Grant, L. Stenger, M. Herrerg, M. Davidson ROW TWO: C. Hasslock, L. Muilin- nix, N. Taylor, G. Brodley, M. Rod- riguez, P. Ma|chrzak, J. Pooler, E Lighthart, A. Ponce, M. Ramirez, J. Burke, G. Rodriguez. ROW THREE: D. Herold, E. Costobile, B. Latimer, W. Murphy, J. Weiman, R. Thorne, P. Honchell, F. Nave, R. Carrier, J. Johnson, Mr. Mallender Front row; J. Nikitin, D- Fronswcy, J. George, M. Coombs, R. Jamie, C. Hinkle, F. Molinory, T. Beck. Second row: D. Serrano, B. Henline, J. Nicolson, B. Pickett, L. Schommer, C. Simpson, J. Janeway, R. Weeks, D. Donaldson, G. La Barbera, B. Bloke, L. Mina. Mr. Hanson, B, Wilson, R. Craig, J. Homor, H. Butula, J. Rector, R. Arndt, A. Schile, D. Ostrander, J. Hughes, F.Correou, B. Davis, D. Swartz. Front Row: M, Valdez, J. Mosine, E. Cleugh, J. Wixted, B. Villonuevo. Second row; M. Anderson, R. Alkema, K. Coskey, D. Anderson, J. Giles, I. Martinez, C. Nusse, J. Wooten, D. Inlay, R. Kindred, Mr. Powers. " Third row: J. Thorsen, R. Kiskilo, M. Dotson. Fourth row: R. McCullough, B. Boza, A. Lagunas, B. Richardson, R. Troy, D. Lambert, R. Miranda, J. Powers, G. Bates, J. Deming, B. Mogona. Front row: J. Lewis, L. Gommel, H. Bennett, L. Jensen, E. Melendrez. Second row: Mr. Cotes, N. Kish, C. Cline, L. Watson, L. Newim, A. Dickens, F. Ruiz, L. Pauley, Row three; D. Coson, M. McCollum, J. Hudson, H. Smith, R. Honkms, L. Hoover. ROW ONE; L, NQvarette, A. Peregrino, A, Machuco, B. Heffel, G. Mills, F. Ruben. ROW TWO: Mr. Leach, R. Knight, T, Torres, L, Fernandez, J. Guzman, A. Marquez, A. Guardian, E. Melendrez ROW ONE: S. Hagins, E. Moore, P Curd, J. Guzzo, D. Tippett, F. Mun sil, J. Schroeder, W. McLemore, H Eilfort. ROW TWO: M. l.oquet, A Miller, J. Rice, G. Farrio, T. Traylor B. Wallis, J. Johnson, V. Smith, P Smith, J. Gtmund, D. Sepulveda, J Barnhart. ROW THREE: Mr, Sted dom, J. King, ROW FOUR; P. Hog gins, T. Clark, T. Forbush, B. Sharon D. Dakos, B. Morales, J. Kattler, C Engelbart. ROW ONE: J. Keith, C. Nittel, L. Evans, P, Gilroy, J. Voight, C. Coe, ROW TWO; K. Kaylor, S Johnson, D. Grant, G. Helbling, D. Jenkins, M. Ramos, C. Marshall, C. Rolto, J. Bevard, S. An- derson. ROW THREE; Mr. Orr, K. Miller, I. Edelman, K. Fincher, B. Fleming, B. Widner, D. An- derson, R. Horn, G. Hoffman, R. Diaz, P Cono, W. Aslanson l?ow one: C. Fowler, M. Reichel, C. Simon, S, Ramos, M. Pavia, J. Aguilar. Row two; J. Woodbury, T- Lopez, G. Clork, D. Simpson, V. Robinson, L. Flores, C. Ramos, Mr. Powers. Row three: P. Guyett, D. Pollard, J. Mosino, T. Brechtold, G. Machuco, L. Roblero, L. Pan- ceroff, E. Diaz. Row one: L. Fredrickson, A. Stoner, H. Dubrow, D. Woods, L. Francis. Row two: C Zamoro, C. Leonard, D. Myrenuis, V. Wells, G. Patersen, L. Enyarf, B. Urios, M. Nelson, Mrs. Salvi, L. Scbluter. Row three; C. Martin, H. Adomson, C. Myers, J. Hewett, G. Surdberg, D, Reyes, M. Short, C. Gratsch, D. Korgan, R. Knox. a TfiKC » . President Mike Conner - r Vice President Sam Valero Secretary Sue Evans Los Ninos staggering through their first year at El Rancho spent most of their time getting used to high school life. But they found time to help plan and present the Froshman- Sophomore Dance. They also sponsored a cake sale and were active in C D sports. All these made this an active class. Carol Long Richard Cabrera RtKRESENTATIVES AT LARGE Joyce Smogye Murry Clark 40 Row one: R, P. Williocnson, L. Picha, L. Mul lins, S. Wilson, M. Steele, S. Lindblad, T. Guttierrez, B. Hansen, N. Cawthon, P. Fort. R ' ow two: D. Zelna, C. Simmons, G. Butler, R. Lopez, R. Schumacher, J. Sherman, S. Valero, C. Wilson, P. Miller, Miss Moyle. Row three: G. Wilfinger, C. Embrey, G. Wild, J. Keoys, B. Nelson. Row one: L to R: L. Colderon V. Lyons, S, Retke, S. Julius, B. Montano. Row two: G. Gomez, H.Maldonado, J. Visser, P. Dobrenen, J. Dietiker, C. Kindred, C. Hagman, P. Byard, C. Cifaldi. Row three: B. Harrison, P. Ribbins, M. Stempel, W. Baxter, D. Casky, V. Hughes, M. Ried, S. Edwards, M. Meyer, R. Martin. Row four: Richard Hayes, E. Ortiz, C. Gannaway, M. Conner, B. Jackson, L. Schildberg, K. Ruffolo. Row one: R. Bartoli, I Sepulveda, P. Comacho, M. Serna, L. Lagunas, R. Garcia, C. Pounds. Row two: Mr. Milelich, B. Anthony, T. Lewis, R. Riggle. Row three: J. Brown, D. Allen, R. Armitage, B. Smith, Y. Pineda, G. Passage, J. Mendibles. 41 ROW ONE; J. Tubbs, K. Schlegel, N. Con rod, G. Schoof, C. Bohne. ROW TWO K. Asborne, J, Thomassen, I. Romero, C Wilson, L. Schneks, D. McCnIlis, C. Soenz M. Thompson, J. Simpson, D. Sullivan ROW THREE: M. Clark, B. Boynlon, B Kuplent, R. Cabrero, Mr. Aquatero, P. Westoreland. ROW FOUR: T. Smissen, J Livesay, L. Palazuelos, J. Rixhardson D. Baler, D. Osburn, Bi. Zochring, B Georgius. ROW ONE: P. Cross, R. DeGarmo, D. Udell, P. Finney, 1. Pontes, S. McCue, L Darby, ROW TWO: K. Dangle, B. Brad- ley, C. Boyer, P. O Holloran, J. Smith, S- Frey, M. Littlefield, M. Case, D. Scencer, C. Grdues, Mr. Miletich. ROW THREE: M. Millspough, L Collins, D. Vandel, A, Walden, B. McWhinney. B. Markley, B. Shapely. ROW ONE: J. Stephenson, R. Byrd, S Clark, S. Jay, B. Mayo, J. Annabel, C. Kotsay, E. Torres, B. Bromback, A, Win- gate, C. Minke. ROW TWO: C. William- son, T. Hofelich, A. Avino, L. Cornell, S. McDevitt, P. Close, D. Brown, K. Dennis, S. Hodgson, D. Wright. ROW THREE: J. Briggs, T. Stoddort, B. Taylor, Mr. Davis. ROW FOUR: L. Stutz, B, Waters, R. Mor ris, L. Markillie, J. Stuart. ROW ONE: T. Garcia, A. Acosta, E. Long acre, I. Prieto, M. Morales, D. Elizalde M, Espinosa, E. Herrera, E. Duarte, Mr Gardner, R. Betz. ROW TWO: S. Galindo L. Diaz, L. Guordian, E. Ortiz, J. Green A. Ologue, D. Houk, C. Bliek, J. Rey nolds. 42 Row one: R. Cabrera, N. Conrad, K. Schegel, B. Georgius, J. Livesay. Row two; Mr. Aquatero, B. Zach- ring, J. Tubbs, C. Santoro, C. Saenz, C. Bohne, G. Schaaf, J. Thomasson, L. Schrieks. Row three: K. Osborne, C. Wilson, L. Romero, D. Sullivan, Row four: J. Richardson, T. Smissen, M. Clark, D. Osburn, P. Westmore- land, D. Baier, L, Palazuelos, B. Boynton, B. Kuplent. n Row one: E. Owens, J. Valenzuela, W. Hogue, R. Bittner, R. Combs. Row two: M. Merrone, P. Janis, A. Diaz, S. Wallace, D. Shay, B. iJohn, T. Martinez, L. Hieb. Row three: F. Bravo, G. Smith, R. Boles, A. Acosta, E. Zabala, V. Andujo Front Row: M. Duke, D. Blodgett, J. Mrosek, G. Burnett, M. Henry. Second row: T. Deitz, M. Mason, J. Hanson, C. Walker, B. Ellis, P. Mar ques, I. Ortega, G. Gomez, P. Den- nis. Row three; T Arnold, Miss MacFadden, J. Deitrick, J. Lang, T. Caldwell, S. Miller, S. Jones, M. Anderson, S. Howman. Fourth row: R. Brindley, B. Gran, W. Walls, J. Alteri, T. Hensley, J. Ewort, D. Du- common, D. Ghere, D. Mackewiez, C. Cooper. Row one: A. Pirez, R. Juarez, D. Sears, R. Hodges, J. Shallenn. Row two: P. Henrichs, P. Rogers, P. Den- ton, J. Janning, P. Prather, R. Her- nandez, B. DeBold, C. DiNardo. Row three: K. Gront, L. Gorber, L. Bates, T. Ahuonion, M. Scholle, B. Nunez, A. Savighac, K. Neville. ROW ONE: J, Martinez, V. Jackson, S. Clark, S. Evans, J. Ross, B. Brown, B. Ferguson, J. Han- son. ROW TWO; Mrs. McFadden, J. Cowley, M. Hazietine, S. Haskell, N. Rudojph, B. Munsil, P. Koriker, C. Grieg, V. McMurray, P. Louritzen. ROW THREE: J. Nozzoliuo, D. Kaylor, K. John- son, K. Wolff, C. Fuller, B. Broy, D. Chnstman, D. Tappey. ROW ONE: D. Leventhal, C. Santoro, J. Smogye, E. Ayres, D. Turner. ROW TWO: S. Woldron, R. Villonueva, L. Virgo, P. Salozor, S. Ruiz, Lydio Viero, Julia Peregnno. ROW THREE: Mr. Aquotero, R. Martinez, F. Griffin, R. Griggs, D. Harris, L. Hieb, A. Ezrre. ROW FOUR: M. Comp- ton, W. Schwartz, Manuel Marquez, B Melendrez, R, Garcia, R. Blondo. ROW ONE: G. Momola, C. Bollazar, J. Truiillo, E. Qarcio, R. Segucr. ROW TWO: D. Gonzales, A. Torres, R, Muzquiz, C. Costabile, V, Gon- zales, R. Villa. ROW THREE: G. Zieg- ler, D Ramirez, G Duarte ROW FOUR: A. Dickins, J Campos, T, Covarrubios, R. Cleemnts, D. Beach, W Gunterman, ROW ONE: S. M. Wallis, P. E, La Foy, J Wisdom, P. Miss Moyle. M. Garcia, R. F. Cortez, C. Wallace, J. Carletello, Harberf. ROW TWO: More, P. Beville, B Arriola, I. Desmond, ROW THREE: R, Frios, Montoya, J. Martinez, Del Real. G. Michael, B. Wick, B Richards ROW ONE: C, Chupik, B. Joyce, B. Cummings, K. Jackson, R. Acinelli, J, Dimmett, R. Beckley. ROW TWO: E. Cote, D. Bee, S. Rctchie, C. Long, L. Abel, S. Enna, M. Erienmeyer, R Mullins. ROW THREE: S, Rogers, R, Barlass, H. Velez, T. Vickers, F. Le- desma, K. Chupik, H. Ledbett, L Delarios. ROW FOUR: T, Dunn, P Foster, W. Socdbson, J, Davis. P Meredith, P, Duron, R, Lamb, D. Duron. ROW ONE: B McMohow, D Pollock, P Lowe, ROW TWO: P, Houser, L Martinez, G, Riggins, G. Quesado, L, Lutsky, C Parkhurst, J. Moore. ROW THREE R Collins, D. Willis, F Martinez, L. Bennett, B. Barber. ROW FOUR: J. Matmwig, T. Price, J. Un win, B. Ward, L. Carlisle. R. Melen- drez. H Ramos. O, Reed. D, Mossie m ■:. ' ■ i mtim ;4tUetiu at BC ohc McACa Sta A7 m- Getting off to a slow start in San Gabriel Valley League play, the defending champion El Rancho - —f - Dons, coached by Gene Wineinger, Orval McLellen, , A-? Jack Dandridge, had to settle for a fourth place tie iT »fc » Sf ' kA with Bell Gardens in the seven school circuit. A last quarter rally by the champion Covina Colts J in the first league game for the Rancheros spelled , - ' R doom for what could have been a second straight mL f{ championship for the Blue and Grey Gridders. j ' ■ " The best Don performances were turned in against South Pasadena and California, their fifth and eiqhth games respectively. Against South Pasadena, a team thai ' tied Covina the week before Wineinger ' s Wreckers pounded out a well earned 14-7 win over ihe Tiger eleven. Against the Condors the Dons amassed a new school record as they clobbered Calhi, 34-14. fTk End Frank Colontuono and Tackle Bob Voight were E ' VJ placed on the First String S.G.V.L. team while holf- i backs Jerry Honey and Ron Foster mode the second I . eleven. Colontuano ' s pass receiving broke the backs of nearly half the opponents he faced. Voight r teamed up with Jim DeBold, Bob Butler, Tom John- ' k V son. Bert Kirk, Jerry Moore, Ronnie Hanson, and Bill Johnson to give the Rancheros a formidable forward y wall. i ( Backfield stars included Joe Hunt, all League hon- orable mention; Tom Francis, leading Don rusher; Jerry Honey, Rex Lundquist and triple threat Bruce Polk VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES " ' Ktf V li VS ' ° 2 V hittier 43 El Rancho 14 Paramount 6 El Rancho 12 Covina 20 El Rancho 13 Baldwin Pork 24 El Rancho 14 South Pasadena 7 El Rancho 7 Bellflower El Rancho Bell Gardens 7 El Rancho 34 California 14 Si ' tc adi -)) « ,jja«.i ji«»M»»m.r- m See ' Pca Cmten Midnight came a trifle too early for El Rancho ' s 1954 Cinderella Bee team as tfieir championship dreams were blasted by California, in their last S.G.V.L game. Rated as a weak sister before the season opened, the Rancho Middies, coached by Ken Cotes and Ernie Johnson, turned out to be one of the real powers of the area and posted a creditable second spot in the seven school Son Gabriel Valley League. The major factors of the Don success were the vast improvements of an otherwise inexperienced eleven, intensive team spirit, and a great |ob turned in by Gates and Johnson in their first year at Donville. The highlight of the season for the Catesmen was their stunning 13-0 upset victory ever previously un- defeated South Pasadena in their third league game Another memorable game was turned in by the Blue-Grey Bees the following week as they outscored a power-laden Bellflower eleven 24-18. Mainstays for the Roncheros included Ray Talovero, Steve Hess, kon Thore, Bill Murphy, Tom Lockhart, Bob Derby, Noel Manis, Wayne Morgan, Jerry Flanagan, Bill Kelley, Bob Gierlich, George Barilone, Ray Carrillo, Dick Hathaway, Carl Clayton and Bob Redd. BEE FOOTBALL TEAM 1 ± 9. BE E FOOTBALL SCORES El Rancho 12 . . . Whittier 13 El Rancho . Paramount 26 El Rancho 16 . .... Covino 7 El Rancho 6 . Baldwin Pk. 6 El Rancho 13 . S. Pasadena El Rancho 24 . Bellflower 18 El Rancho 16 . Bell Gardens El Rancho . . . California 27 A . . (»«» r«t» m. rXi Ml " !% fe ' ktA ktA ROW ONE: B. Derby, G. Favelo, G. Ziegler, B. Murphy, C. Romo, R, Carrillo, J. Treadwell, B. Kelley, B. Gierlich, D. Jaime. ROW TWO: R. Wilson, N. Moms, R. Carrier, I. Bittner, R, To jvjra, A. Zunigo, G. Banlone, D. Hothowoy. W. Morgan ROW THREE: D. Francewoy, K. Grant. S. Hess, T. Lockhart, H, Noye. F. Molinary, K. Matthews, J. Wooten, C. Clayton, J, Flonagan, R. Thome, B. Millard. OFFENSIVE TEAM DEFENSIVE TEAM ■♦ •- ■■■■■■ ». -jt- ' " ■ -w r ' a!Kr. ffie »xi« ■ .. ..3a -rT- ; • -? " » --. " -t.: - « i-7 CEE FOOTBALL TEAM ( ec (i UcCme ' I . ' . ;■,£ £ , . e:c L C-raham J Hudson R Arndt G Bdres, F- Turley, J. Marshall, B. Harrison, J. Lewis, T. Clark, J. Nikitin, J. Livesay, D. Oslronder. ROW TWO; Coach Stonley. T. Ahajanian, J. Martinez, J. Powers, J. Crane, T. Smisson, H. Ledbette., A. Conforti, R. Reese, B. Yoder, W. Walls, H. Shannon, B. Ward. R. Lopez, Cooch Snowden. -J3» Putting together the best Cee season in the three year Don history, Jim Snowden and Bill Stanleys Rancho midgets came through the ' 54 campaign sporting an identical 4-4 record to garner third spot in the S,G.V.L. Starting off the year with a couple of heart- breaking losses, the Don Cees fell before Whittier 7-6 and Alhambra 6-0. In S.G.V.L. plav the Snowden men clobbered Covino twice and butchered Baldwin Park for their three victories. The Rancho midgets were drooped by California and Bellflower. Paul Turley, Jim Marshall, Jim Martinez, Sam Valero and Ronnie Grayum led the Don attack with able assistance from line- men George Bates, Reinhordt Arndt, John Lewis, Anthony Conforte, Tarvin Clark, Jim Nikitin, Jim Hudson, and Burt Harrison. CEE FOOTBALL SCORES El Rancho 6 . . . Whittier 7 El Rancho . . Alhambra 6 El Rancho 30 . . Covina 13 El Rancho 20 . Bd win Pk. El Rancno 7 . Bellflower 19 El Rancho 12 . . . Covino 7 El Rancho . California 14 The Don Cross Country team put forth their best efforts to grab the S.G.V.L. Harrier Flag bul were nosed out by a loss to Bell- flower. Again the team copped second place in the League. The team was spirited and starred a terrific Varsity which probably was one of the scrappiest teams in the League. Varsity spots were filled by: Royce Cox, Alex Magana, John Deming, Dick Co- stabile, Cruz Lopez, Steve Blackmarr, and Tommy Sanchez. El Rancho 17 Bell Gardens 46 El Rancho 23 California 37 El Rancho 48 Bellflower 15 El Rancho 24 Rosemead 3T El Rancho 25 Baldwin Pork 30 El Rancho 22 Covina 33 El Rancho 29 Cantwell 26 El Rancho 17 Puente 38 Low score wins. JAY VEE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM • ■■ ' • ' . ' « " « BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Deon Swartz, Gerald Michael, Charlie Boles, Craig Steele. SECOND ROW: Mgr. Ron Martin, Kenneth Graham, Dave Olague, Joel Haslam, Tom Vonah. 1 5 ' y I J. Hunt R. Lundquist H. Medina Ending the year in the S.G.V. League cellar. Coach Don Sayle ' s El Roncho Varsity Cagers found victory a little harder than their smaller Don B others in the 1954-55 season. And although the Don hoopsters tasted defeat throughout most of the year, they hustled and played heads up ball all season, which paid off in their last game with Cal Hi. Going into the Cal Hi game 10 points underdogs, the " Saylesmen " played an exceptional brand of ball to defeat the Condors 51-48 in a real thriller. Aside from the Cal Hi victory, the Don Varsity Cagers blasted Bell Gardens for their only other S.G.V. L. win. In practice games they pulled in victories over Temple City twice and La Habra, while being downed by Monrovia, Citrus, Hart, Paramount, Anaheim, Downey, San Bernar- dino and Long Beach Poly. Lack of experience was the big factor in the Don cellar wind up, while most of the Rancheros were also short in stature. Seven of the twelv squad members will be back next year which will mean a possible title contending cage ag -egation. Center Bob Voight, only returning letterman from last year ' s squad, spearheaded the Rancho offense as well as doing some excellent rebounding. Forward Joe Hunt led the Rancho scor- ing parade and was a real mainstay all year. Regulars Hank Medina, Bart Kirk, Frank Co- lontuano and Rex Lundquist also proved valuable with their hustle and fine team play. B. Voight G. Edwards T. Caldwell - - - MIk. ■ J :W ; ' J 11 i B. Kirk A. Simmons |i 34 n } 3 ' )3Sl E. Flint V F. Colontuano A. Nelson El Rancho . . . . 26 Monrovia . . 35 El l?ancho . . . . 51 Temple City . 40 El Rancho . 32 Anaheim . 40 El Rancho . 30 San Bernardino . 50 El Rancho . 48 Wm. S. Hart . 57 El Rancho . 30 Downey . 68 El Rancho . 33 Citrus . 57 El Rancho . 41 Monrovia . 54 El Rancho . . 30 Long Beach Poly . 50 El Rancho . . 35 Baldwin Park . . 50 E! Rancho . 30 Paramount . . 49 El Rancho . 33 Covina . 48 El Rancho . 28 Baldwin Park . . 67 El !?ancho . 43 Bellflower . . . 48 El Rancho . . 51 Bell Gardens . 48 El Rancho . 47 La Ha bra . 29 El Rancho . 39 California . 59 El Rancho . . 35 Covina . . 65 El Rancho . 25 Baldwin Park . . 65 El Rancho . . 20 South Pasadena . 37 El Rancho . 32 Bellflower . . . 52 El Rancho . 38 Bell Gardens . 49 El Rancho . 43 Alumni . 38 El Rancho . . 40 Temple City . . . 37 El Rancho . . 38 La Habra . . . . 52 El Rancho . . . 43 California . 40 El Rancho . . 38 Faculty . . . . . 56 J. Haney « ' ■ r v wE . • L P ■ v " ♦ f 83 f aa€fU BEE BASKETBALL TEAM Top row: Coach Don Johnson, J. Burgess, R. Thompson, K. Matthews, R. McWhinney, D. Dokos, F. Molinary, L. Mullinnix, A. Correau. Front row: G. Wilfinger, B. Lcgunos, C. Pontes, R. Carrillo, A. Lagunas. M. Malenky, N. McDonald, J. Di Gregrio, B. Kelley, D. Walden. Playing a great brand ot basketball all year, coach Don Johnson ' s powerfu Rancho Bee Hoopsters ended SGVL play with a 7 win 4 loss record and a third place in the final standing. Although extremely small in stature, the Don middleweights displayed tremen- dous skill and hustle which led them to the most successful Bee season in Don history. Twin losses to Covina blasted their SGVL tilte hopes as they were also stopped by Bellflower and Bell Gardens. The season was highlighted by a pair of vic- tories over California. Bill Kelley led the Bees in the scoring column, while John Di Gregorio, Ray Carrillo, Art Lagunas, Bob Lagunas, Dennis Dakos, Larry Mullinnix, and Mike Malenky shared the spotlight. El Rancho 22. El Rancho 32. El Rancho 45. El Rancho 36. El Rancho 38. El Rancho 49. El Rancho 43. El Rancho 48. El Rancho 39. .Monrovia 20 .Temple City 36 . El Monte 46 .Hart 47 . Downey 35 .Citrus 35 .Monrovia 45 . Paramount 28 .Covina 45 El Rancho 47 . . Baldwin Pk. 38 El Rancho 58. .S.Pasadena 45 El Rancho 30. El Rancho 35. El Rancho 56. El Rancho 53. El Rancho 32. Bellflower Bell Grdns. La Hobra .California .Covina 33 34 17 52 50 El Rancho 73 . . Baldwin Pk. 45 El Rancho 45. .5. Pasadeno 34 El Rancho 48. .Bellflower 40 S8?ancho48. .Bell Grdns. 49 El Rancho 47 . . Temple City 26 El Rancho40. .La Habra 23 El Rancho 52. .California 42 cc ' T ec !ua6 ' TJle CEE BASKETBALL TEAM CEE CHAMPS Top rov : Vince Andujo, Sam V- -: : :• ::; = , Pete DeVries, Wes Baxrer, Bob Bell, Tarvin C;c: ., Stg.-. . ' . ' .=.-- Second row: Bill Nelson, Paul Turley, Gordie Yslas, Bob Ward, Mike Feld- mon. DEE BASKETBALL TEAM DEE CHAMPS Keith Johnson Tec ■:•■. ?•- ? C- z Louie Polozuelos, Jim Martinez, Corl Re-: ::. ' : .; = :-f row: Jerry Ewart, Ron Lamb, Mur- phy ::- = = . ' - ' - ' ;6-»on, Don Ducoomon. CEE SCORES El Rancho . . 26 Covina 23 El Rancho . . 51 Baldwin Park . 23 El Rancho . . . . 27 Bellflower . . 23 El Roncho . . . . 47 Bell Gardens 9 El Rancho . . . . 57 La Hobra 15 El Rancho . . 20 California 15 El Ifancho . . 27 Covina . 29 El Rancho . . 42 Baldwin Park . 40 El Rancho . . . . 81 South Pasadena . 12 El Rancho . . . 25 Bellflower . . 31 El Rancho . . . 33 Bell Gardens . 20 El Rancho . . . 65 Temple City 30 El Rancho . . . 58 La Habra 11 El Rancho . 29 Coiifcmia . 27 El Rancho . . . 34 Covina 27 El Rancho . . , 42 Baldwin Park 14 El Rancho . . . 33 Bellflower . 19 El Rancho . . . 50 Bell Gardens 17 El Rancho . . 35 La Hobra . 26 El Rancho . . 38 California . 13 El Rancho . . 21 Covina . . . 29 El Rancho . . 42 Baldwin Park . 26 El Rancho . . . . 42 Bellflower . . 27 El Rancho . . . . 35 Bell Gardens . 24 El iancho . . . . 50 Temple Gfy . 24 El Rancho . . . . 48 La Hobra . 12 El Rancho . . . . 35 California . . 34 Two out of the four S.G.V.L. Basketboll championships were won by El Rancho teams. These two titles were garnered by our spectacular Cee and Dee cagers who put forth a tremendous effort that will long be remembered by Rancho fans. It was the second straight year Pete De Vries has won the Cee titled and the initial championship for Bill Stanley ' s Dees. Sam Valero, top Cee scorer, wth Vance Andujo, Dick Cobb, Bob Bell, Stan Miller and Paul Turley rounded out the Cee regulars. Leading El Rancho scorer ond Dee ace Keith Johnson topped the Pee Wee lineups which included Jerry Ewart, Carl Romo, Ernie Ortiz ond Jim Martinez. 4- " ( Scuimmifi VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM i ■-I hMx%M% Row one: Coach Shraeger, M. Davis, J. Wieman, M. Tubbs, D.Jardine, D. Osburn, C. Hinkle, C. Chase. BEE SWIMMING TEAM Row one: M. Hoyle, K. Matthews, H. Reeves, D. Sepulveda, R. Randall, J. Domin- guez, E. Esquer, L. Shelburg, T. Stoddard. Kneeling: B. Bozo, G. Melendrez, J. George. GEE SWIMMING TEAM ?•• .., ♦»{ ff , f x «« VnK,c i p K MnHB Row one: J. Lewis, R. Horn, B. Harrison, B. I obbins, J. Putman, S. McCue, D. Kirby, B. Peach. 60 The swimming team this year had a great deal more experience, depth, and encouragement to go out and show their best in some tough fought contests. The finmen gave a creditable account of themselves. At the tme of writing they had just given Glendale High a decisive dunking by the score of 49-19, which shows their improvement. Chuck Chase " fish wonder " from El Rancho, was never beaten in con- test throughout the year. ( - - - A k (dtf m tic GYMNASTIC TEAM During the past year at El Rancho, a gymnastic team, coached by Tom Eads, was formed. Although the Don gymnasts did not participate in many meets, they gained unmeasurobie experience from their nightly workouts In the gym modi- fied room. Next year the Don Acrobats will en- counter a full time schedule against C.I.F. competition. Row one: J. Hansen, D. Hathaway, W. Morgan, R. Carrier, T. Smissen. Row two: B. Shirk, R. Gonzales, B. Lawson, L. Pullen, D. Turrell, G. Arroyo, K. Duffy. Row three: N. Monis, J. Garcia, M. Newman, T. Lockhart, F. Edaie, D. Jaime, Coach T. Eods. TOcUex ' PoiO ' Sfoia AenA VARSITY WATER POLO TEAM Row one: G. Melendrez, J. Dominguez, M. Hoyle, J. George, C. Hinkle, M. Fen- dersen. Coach Schroeger. Row two: D. Schweiger, D. Osburn, M. Davis, T. Car- dona, J. Willis, M. Tubbs, H. Reves, L. Scheldberg, C. Chase. CEE WATER POLO TEAM El Rancho fielded a Water Polo team for the first time in its three year his- tory last fall. Although the teams coached by Dick Schraeger lost all of their meets they put forth a lot of effort which in turn gave them needed experience for next fall when El Rancho ' s Water Polo pic- ture should be considerable bright- ened. Due to a small turnout of Bee per- formers the Dons could field but Varsity and Cee teams. They com- peted in the C.I.F. Free-Lance League. I Row one: L. Pazuelos, J. Shaleen, J. Putman, Coach Schraeger. Row two: R. Fox, L. Collins, C. Robbins, G. Wild, K. Conrad, S. McCue. 61 M t f Sluaaen 62 iaseball hit Donville once again on a high note this year as El Ranches power- ful Varsity and J.V. squads went out to defend their S.G.V.L. titles. When " Por El Ano ' hit the compositors mid A ay in April, the El Rancho Varsity was sharing the S.G.V.L. lead with Bellflower while the J.V.s were holding down second in their league. Although Coach Jack Dandridge ' s Varsity hiders lost the majority of their prac- tice tilts due to lock of hitting, the Don diamondmen come back with booming bats to take a first round 6-5 victory over powerful Bellflower. Biggest asset to the fine league start of the Dondridgemen was the excellent pitching jobs turned in by Gary Timmerman, Bill Lund, Bruce Polk and Dave Olague. Coach Earl Fisher ' s J.V. nine also played well under fire in winning the majority of their games in practice and early S.V.G.L. play. A 4-3 loss to Covina in their initial loop game gave the Fisher-men a comeback job to perform if they ex- pected to regain honors. J. J.V. and Freshman Baseball were also in session at El Rancho as Joe Osterman sent his future " Big Leaguers " through a schedule against local schools. y v 63 JAY VEE BASEBALL TEAM Bottom row: K. Linville, D. Costobile, B. Murphy, P. Turley, B. McLean, M. Riggio, B. Marshall, D. Horigan, D. Car- michoel. Row twor D. Nickols, D. Butoia, F. Ramirez, G. Buchonen, L. Mullinix, R. Schmltf, A. Zuniga, R. Cantrell, Mr. Fisher. 64 El Rancho ' s most spectacular Track and Field season was in the midst of its process this year when " Por El Ano " went to press. Not only were the Ronchero Varsity Runners in heavy championship contention but the Bee and Cee Oval men were also making their bid for title honors. With the help of a few Bee stars, Coach Orval McLellan ' s class A cinder stars caused havoc nearly everywhere they went, especially in the big invitational meets at Santa Ana, Huntington Beach and Ontario. The Don forces garnered second out of many schools at the Santa Ana Relays and Southern County meets, and at Chaffey they came back with some fine individual performances. Running their hearts out in their final year at Donville were seniors Bill Johnson, Sam Cheney, Royce Cox, Jerry Moore, Earl Kelley, Darryl Cantrell, Bob Voight and Ron Foster. Even more spectacular in the Varsity cause were McLellan ' s trio of elevated Bees Bob Reed, Ray Talavera, Cruz Lopez. Talavera set a new novice Chaffey invita- tional record of 2.02:9 in the 880. Other Varsity stars include John Sherman, Jim King, Phil Desmond, Steve Aha- janian, Leo Graves, Manuel Melendrez, Rex Lundquist, Ron Hanson and Noel Manis. Even though Jim Snowden ' s Bees lost a few of their best performers to the Varsity ranks they nevertheless won most of their meets. Bob Gierlich, Jerry Flanagan, Tom Vonah, Gary Brown, Carlos Miranda, Gobe Rodriquez, John Deming, Gary Ziegler, Chuck Pounds, Joe Seeley, Claud Cobb, Wayne Morgan and Pino Ramos were the big spokes in the Bee wheel. A creditable year for the baby Cees was also in progress as Don Johnson ' s midget tracksters were unbeaten in S.G.V.L. play. Tom Ahajanian, Don Steward, Ira Bittner, Dave Vandel, Bob Ward, Gary Camp- bell, Jim Hudson, Tarven Clark, George Bates and Howard Shannon hauled in the majority of Cee points. FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM Row one: G. Groffoot, M. Millspaugh, M. Connor, B. Hague, D. Befier, L. Morkillie, D. Osburn, R. Garcia, f. Stocking- Row two: J. Osterman, W. Nunez, T. Caldwell, W. Boxtey, C. Del Real, J. Livesay. ■ VARSITY TRACK SQUAD Row one: F. Ledesma, S. Cheney, M- Melendez, R. Lundquest, C. Lopez, B. Redd, R. Tolavero, N. Monis, T. Thownsend. Row two; D. Froncewcy, S. Agoionian, J- DeBold, J. King, D. Cantrell. J. Moore, S. Hoden, B. Johnson, P. Desmond, J. Sher- man, Coach McClellan. Row three: L. Graves, B. Voight, R. Foster, P. Weigert, R. Cox, J. Sergent, R- Honson, E. Kelley. 65 See " e iaden Ptea BEE TRACK SQUAD ' 11 ' ' r:., :-f ::-: : :- G. Ziegler. B. Flemming. D. Wolden, B. Kelly, R. Gierlich. J. Demming. D. Bennell. 7. F -ge. ' , D. Inloy. Row :wo: C Cobb, D. Blodgeft, R. Ruffalo. R. Romos, J. Flonagon. R. Richardson, K. Brown, W. . " itorgon. J. Hoslom, J. Seeley. Cooch SrKiwden. Cowthrec: C Oayton, R. Mirondo. T. Bona, J. Broding, A. Dickens, C Ptounds, D. Swartz. R. McWhinney, C Cooper. CEE TRACK SQUAD Row one: W. Aslokson. T. Ahojanlan, J. Martinez. J. Ewar?, L Lopez, T. Conforti, I. Bittner, J. Nikitin, O. Shannon. T. C ■ tooch Johnson, D. Vorxiel, R. Tappey, J. Hemsley, F. Collins, D. Hudson, G. Botes, J. Aheri. W. . . - . . - w . R. Ward. 66 v « 67 ' acc ueteefU Top row: Hilton Tipton. Getting off to a flying start in S.G.V.L. play, Coach Harry Tammens Varsity Racket Men established themselves as the team to beat for the league crown, when Por El Aho went to press. With nearly his whole squad back, Tammen fielded a team that was rated as one of the finest in the area. Number one man Ray Brown took his share of honors, winning a trophy at the annual Fullerton tourney and taking the majority of his season matches. Ronnie Lampson, Gordon Long, Sid Tetley, Hilton Tipton, Carlos Pontes, Tom Whittaker, Dave Taylor and Stan LaFerr rounded out the varsity squad. Coach Stan Steddon ' s J.V. ' s, although not as consistent in the win column, showed signs of improvement throughout the 1955 season. At the time of publication, the J.V. ' s were tied for second in S.G.V.L. ploy behind South Pasadena. 1 V n Tom Whittaker, Stan LaFerr Ronnie Lampson. Bottom row: A. Schiele, B. Gran, D. Horton, D, Dow, R. Bleosord, B. Stephenson, J. Huddleston. Row two: G. Long, A. Nelson, D. Johnson, G. Storm, B. Goff. 68 T Ray Brown Coach Tamman % 9 7 r i M m Dove Pontes f3 Sid Tetley 7, it ' " • J A f C. Pontes T. Johnson K. Klein J. Thorensen M. Clark G. Yslas U mCK At the time the Por El Ano went to press, the Don Golf team was in the midst of a hard fought season. Although scores were not available the team had high hopes to finish well in the first division. r Bottom Row: B. Wicke, D. Simpson, M. Combs. Two: R. Ailison, R. Oulette, B. Ubben. Rov Nancy Cox Barbara Werle K Jackie Rice ] Deanna Daly Miss Hagler The purpose of the Girls ' Athletic Association is to further interest in athletics, to promote social activities sponsored by the G.A.A., to encourage a spirit of loyalty, friendship, and sportsmanship. G.A.A. sports include basketball, hockey, softball, volleyball, and tennis. Other activities of the G.A.A. include sponsoring cake sales, dances, playdays and assemblies. The big event of the year is the annual spring mother-daughter banquet, when the officers ore installed and awards are presented. 70 Solly Kirk Miss Haa ' er, Miss Anderson, Miss Banks, Mrs. Brown GIRLS TENNIS Row one: S- Tromer, E. Zobalo, A. Ramirez, M Bronsovict, O Artiz, F Yanez, P Foul, N Sandoval. H. Calderon, D- Malloy. !?ow two: E. Deluera, J. Kizzar, C. Cawley, B. Weber, J. Lopez, B. McBnde, J. Davidson, N. Ellis, N. Fisher, D. Miller, C. Till, J, Meyer. Third row: Miss Anderson, L. McCollum, N. Nix, C. Hagler, C. Yoder, M. Otfway, R. Albright, J. Smish, N, Nunez, M. Ponce, R. Chavez, N. Walker, G. Kinchen, M. Bronzivic, B. Fox. GIRLS BASKETBALL ' " " ih ' ' % Row one: P. Ma|ckrzak, S. Garcia, L. Mina, L. Duron, M. Mendoza, T. Arvizu, B. Pickett, A. Dickens. Row two: J. Johnson, R. Burgess, S. Hoigh, T. Walker, J. Holder, L. Grant, L. Milelich, D. Donaldson, M. Reichel, L. Grass. Row three: M. Loquet, L. Eltord, T. Crawford, C. Fisher, L. Kalish, M. Miles, P. Robinson, P. McNichols, L. Klasey, C. Simpson. GIRLS HOCKEY - ■ w Row one: J. Duarle, C. Graves, D. Udell, M. Harp, M. Haarp, B. Close, J. Simpson, N. Wetzel, C. Walker, P. Rozen, P. Kereker, J. Mrosek, S. Evans. Rovi ' two: D. Elezaldes, C. Herrera, B. Mayo, C. Muk, J. Hansen, D. Shay, A. Diaz, I. Prieto, L. Ivonnero, L. Hieb, M. Morales, T. Martinez, P. O Halloran, J. Cawley, D. McCrillis, C. Craig, B. Rohn, D. Sullivan, E. Torres, V. McMurry. GIRLS SOFTBALL 72 Row one: J. Stephenson, L. Picha, R. Woods, N. Conrad, C. Santoro, B. Hunsen, J. Mrosek, E. Cawthon, G. LoBarbara, L. Compton, P. Smith, M. Lovett, C. Nusse, J. Brokaw, E. Dulura, S. Evans, S, Julius. Row twO: B. Sherwood, V. McMurray, C. Williamson, K. Osburn, F. Munsil, S. Johnson, H. Arndt, J. Rice, J. Tubbs, D. Udell, B. Chase, V. Smith, O. Dickens, M. Chase, M. Littlefield, B. Close, N. Smith. Row three: B. Corr, C. Cowel, C. Nitel, P. Nitel, C. Swenson, L, Kietiker, B. Kratsh, P. Foul, V. Hieb, N. Ellis, C. Simon, D. Brown, D. Johnson, G. Stobaugh, A. DeYoung, A. Ramirez, G. Olivers, S. McDevitt, P. Kariker, M. Mendoza, P. Ma|chrzak, J. Smogye. VOLLEY BALL Row one: P. Mcjchrzok, M. Littlefield, J. Mrosek, K. Swenson, S. Jonees, J. Stobaugh. Row two: Miss Banks, M. Lovett, M. Moroni, S. Spencer, C. Grieg, N. Conrad, P. Koriker, V. Smith, C. Santord, P. Smith, H. Arndt, D. Brown, G. LoBorbora, L. Bozo, E. Munsil. Row three: G. Stobaugh, J. Kimble, S. Retke, C. Hagmon, D. Stocking, J. Oulette, R. Radow, V. McMurry, J. Thompson, J. Stephenson, J. Lopez, S. Ramos, L. Barrea, J. Wixted, C. Nitel, V. Hieb, B. Kratsch, R. Alkemc, M. Anderson. n2 73 ■ . ' fVA ' ' 1: . ' ■r t ■ ' J,- ' T ' - ■ ■ : - v .,.;.:.?i U. ' . 1 1 ■ -fl B ■ H -Li, H I H Hk ■IBiBI «HII I ■ JL ■- ' HM ■■■H Hll H B 1.1. H ■• ■Na sgi ■HHB 1 .LI II 1 ■ ' ■ H H H ijH I ll 1 ■ ' l ' ' l W-B S3 1 H i; S3 1 X. X. 1 1 1. 1! E 3 MV v 11 a .■■» 37 ;4cti(AitieA (U S( DIE DEUTSCHER VEREIN it sc Familiarizing themselves with the cus- toms of foreign countries were the for- eign language clubs. Representing the romance languages were: the Spanish club, Los Rancheros, supervised by Mr. Mays; and the French club, Les Pare- siennes, under the direction of Mrs. Olsen. Lost but not least was the German club which chose as its name Die Deutscher Yesseligkerts Verein Fin Vissen Und Un- terhaltung. This organization was also supervised by Mr. Mays. LOS RANCHEROS [l £ -( rs Row one: K. Dongel, D. Bee, N. Fisher, L. Schulter, P. Hollaran, H. Eilfort, D. Baier. Row two: B. Morolez, B. Thompson, T. Townsend, M. Millspough, R. Borcherding, M. Newman, K. Duttey, D. Inlay, Mr. Mays. Q! V«5 mmM LES PARISIENS " i Row one: C. Myers, B. Morales, P. Tischi. Row two: A. Armenta, J. Johnson, J. Nicolson, M. Ramirez. Row three : Mrs. Olsen, L. Mehelich, Mrs. McMillan, G. Stobaugh, B. Henline, V. Smith, R. Jordan. Row one: E. Cots, J. Dimmitt, L. Picha, J. Ouellette, P. Guerrero, P. Lamb, J. Giles. Row two: F. Kuplent, M. Rafferty, R. Heald, C. Fisher, N. Taylor, S. McDevitt, H. Lara, Mr. Freed, Mrs. Olsen. 75 Studmt F.B.L.A. Row one: R. Georgius, N. Ellis, S. McDevin, K. Dennis, P. Henrichs, A. McConnell, J. Henson, Mrs. Merkel. Row two: A. Weber, J. Mack, Mr. Dalgetty, C. Sontoro, J. Annabel, N. Conrad, D. Milloy, J. Mrosek, S. Haskell, Mascot Bimbo. Sparking the students ' vocational interests this year were the Jr. Red Cross Club, the Art Club, end the Future Business Leaders of America. The Jr. Red Cross was guided by Mr. Dalgetty and Mrs. Merkel, while the Art Club was spon- sored by Mr. Gardner and Mrs. McFadden. Mr. Cornelson and Mrs. Sellard were the co-sponsors of the F.B.L.A. These clubs participated in many activities this year. The Art Club designed and painted the sets for the Senior Play. The " Snowland " Dance was sponsored by the F.B.L.A. The Jr. Red Cross, being an educational group, spent their time listening to various lectures and participat- ing in various activities pertaining to nursing. ART CLUB Row one: V. Oliver, J. Albright, S. Lowery, J. Van Geem, V, Smith, P. Miller, Advisor Mr. Gardner. Row two: E. Stubbe, R. Murphy, T. Finger, A. Ponce. F.B.L.A. CLUB Row one: S. Gonzales, D. Bornn, C Lovo, G. LaBcrberc, N. Sandoval, A. Miller, D. Hussor, P. Smith, S. Larson. Row two: M. Gronberg, J. Kimble, W. McLemore, P. Nittel, S. Eatmon, M. Rodriquez, E. Ocampo, S. Hegins, J. Moore, D. Anderson, Advisor Mr. Cornelson, V. Smith. Torn Sanchez Pat Colvin Gay Kinchen •7 AY FRIEND IRMA " Pot Walker, Pot Covlin, Sandy Bergland, Gay Kinchen, Bob Kramer. Bob Kramer Clayton Kyker THE BOGEY MAN ' Pat Cavlin, Don senior, was chosen to portray ■ " Irma " " , in the first all-senior play, " My Friend Irma " . Gay Kinchen portrayed Irma ' s best Jane, with Pat Walker as Mrs. O ' Reilly, Sandy Bergland as Madam Magda, Kip Van Selow as Winnie, Janet Wiley as Mrs. Peterson, Charles Boles as Abercrombie, Tom Whit- taker as Don Turner, Royce Cox as Teddy, Clayton Kyker as Richard, Tom Sanchez as Al, and Bob Kramer acting as Professor Kropotkin. The story concerned Irma, a hilarious blond who manages to get herself into more difficulties than can be counted. Working on the production end of the play were: Mr. Richard Davis, Director, Roselle Brightup, Assistant Director. Make up was handled by Jackie Castillo and Charlene Vinson. Junior class aramotists teamed up to haunt the campus with a " Bogeyman " , El Rancho s first onnuol junior class play. Portraying two college boys who try to save an old mansion from being sold to a college sorority were Jerry Headley os Ez Dixon and Alan Gold as Lanny Harper. Sup- porting them were Steve Blackmarr as Professor Smith, Marion Lovett as Mrs. Whipple, Alex Mogona plays Charlie, and Joy Falslev appears as Ellen. Aiding in the plot were Claudette Lothridge as Peg Howard, Pat Denny as Vicky Green, Juliet Ramos as Lible Green and Pat Bruton as Pat. Stage management was handled by Mike Rafferty, Vicky Oliver and their crew. Assistant director for this play was Jo Albright, while Mr. Davis directed. Other production angles were hondled by Susie Brown as wardrobe mistress, Laverne Koop and Esther Zabala on publicity, with make up by Sally Kirk, Dixie Danielson and Roberta Fairchild, Row one: Claudette Lothridge, Alan Gold, Jerry Headley, Mike Rafferty. r ' -ow two; Ron Borcherding, Pat Bruton, Pat Denny, Marion Lovett, Joy Paisley. Alan Gold GIRLS GLEE CLUB Row one: S. Clark, L. Smith, M. Franks, M. Bicknell, P. Miller, R. Brightup, L. Koop, P. Roseborough, P. Gilroy, C. Gates. Row two: E. Astle, J. Falsley, M. Kingsland, S. Golden, J. Murray, S. Bergland, P. Colvin, M. Giugrich, L. Enyart, E. Zoballa, J. Voight. In the way of vocal music, the main groups were the Girls ' Glee Club, the Seven-Teens, and the newly formed Boys ' Chorus. These organizations proved valuable throughout the year singing for such events as grammar school assem- blies, the Blue-Grey Varieties, the annual Christmas program and various exc hange assemblies. Row one: F. Ledsema, S. Chaney, J. Seeley, J. Livesay, D. Bronstein. . ow two: R. Brown, J. Wooten, S. Ahajanian, R. Foster, B. Deerby, C. Hinkle. Row one: J. Falsley, S. Clark, C. Lambert. Row two: S. Chaney, R. Brightup, P. Gilroy, 17. Brown. 78 BOYS CHORUS PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB y? a ( Some of the active hobby clubs were the Photography Club, Radio Club, and the Student Speakers Club The Photography Club, advised by Mr. Bruce, set up photo concessions at the Girls ' League Dance, the Junior Senior Prom and the Western Days. They also sponsored an Inter-school photo contest. Mr. Buller headed the Radio Club. This group spent its time experimenting with radio equipment. The Student Speakers, co-advised by Mr. Hanson and Mr. Powers, studied speaking techniques and entered in many speaking contests. RADIO CLUB Row one: Mr. Bruce, J. Perkins, J. Huddleston, M. Hoyle. Row two; B. Morales, P. Tisci, D. Ostronder, R. Allison. STUDENT SPEAKERS CLUB Row one: B. Anthony, M. Conners, P. Honchell, B. Ambro, B. Gran. Row two: J. Altieri, B. Zaring, E. Stubbe, R Peterson, G. Hoover, R. Craig, D. Knox, R. Cabera. Row three: T. Vonah, T. Beck, B. Wilson, J. Green, Mr. Buller, D. Long, I. Eddleman. Row one: A. Moore, B. Ramirez, V. Smith, R. Allison. Row two: Mr. Powers, Mr. Hanson. 79 FIRST SEMESTER MEMBERSHIP Row one: B. Werle, M. Walker, M. Lovett, L. Mehelech, J. STivero, J. Koylor, P. Curd, J. Curd, E. Clough, A. Young, T. Tickunoff, H. Elford. Row two: P. Hoffman, N. Cox, J. Giles, R. Heald, D. Hourgan, K. Graham, B. Johnson, D. Osburn, R. Jordan, J. Kattler, B. Lawson, B. Mosino, D. Inlay. LIFE MEMBERS ScMan Ufi , One of the finest clubs on campus this year was the C.S.F. This club has the highest entrance standards on the campus. The club, advised by Mr. Kerr, was active in many things. Among them was a trip to the C.S.F. Convention he ' at U.C.L.A •y , y ' Bill Stevenson Pam Hoffman LIFE MEMBERS s ' ■ ' ' 1 i l Barbara Werle Margie Walker Julie Rivera SECOND SEMESTER MEMBERS Don Osburn Row one: D. Inlay, J. Kattler, H. Eilfort, T, Tickunoff, A. Young, J. Curd, J. Rivers, N. Cox, M. Lovett, M. Walker, B. Werl e, T. Finger, P. Logins. Row fwo: B. Lowson, R. Allison, R. Heold, K. Graham, P. Hoffman, D. Osborn, B. Johnson, R. Jordan, E. Ocompo, S. Hodgson, S. Eolon. n ty ' All Aboard ' was the wonderful fun-filled tour of some of the most fobulouF cities and countries in the world which all El Rancho girls took at the second annual Girls ' League Co-ed Capers, March 1 1 in the Don Gym. Two skits tied for first place, namely, China ' s Little Devils ' and ' Where in the World but in America ' . Second place went to Destination Disney-Land ; while ' On the Ship ' took third. Other skits in the show were: ' Oui, Oui, Paree ' , ' Down Mexico Way ' , ' Paris ' , ' Yukon Yokels ' , Copy Cot ' , and ' Back in Your Own Bock Yard ' . SECOND ANNUAL ALL-G PM CO£D CAPERS AfAJ C H£ m . i ' n S( ' Pl !uu, EDITOR Sheila Larson ADVISOR Mr. Gardner OPENING SECTION SENIOR SECTION CLASS SECTION ACTIVITIES SECTION SPORTS AND ARTWORK SPORTS SECTION SPORTS SECTION 1 Barbara Toney George Baritone Tom Sanchez Alex Magana V Ronnie Foster AD SECTION Lee Smith AD SEaiON Jim Huddleston PHOTOGRAPHY ' cSS The Annual Staff, under the capable direction of Editor Sheila Larson, is the group responsible for the composition of this book. Any special problems were brought to the hands of the Advisor Mr. Gardner who solved them expertly. This years staff was rather green at the first of the year, having only four members who had worked on the staff previously. This did not slow us up, however, for those who were inexperienced soon learned the ropes to turn out a book we hope you will be proud of when you show it to your friends. The staff struggles to meet the deadline. The Don Band played an important part in raising the school spirit as did the Donettes, our girls ' drill team. Mr. Hillson was the band director, while Miss Anderson and Miss Hagler shared the direction duties of the Donettes. Marching along with these two groups were the flag- sters and the majorettes wielding their flags and batons. THE DON BAND Row one: (kneelingi D. Porter, B. Kosky, K. Swenson. Row one; (seated) W. Johnson, F. Munsil, C. Wilson, J. Fox, B. Word. !?ow two; J. Smith, S. Sanger, J. Johnson, B. Wentzel, B. Henline, C. Boles, J. Headly. Row three: L. Sanchez, J. Raymond, D. Tappey, N. Villain- court, A. Sovignac, J. Martinez, J. Nicolson, D. Korgan, J. Ross, L. Carlisle. FLAGSTERS Wayne Charles Katie Karen Johnson Boles Amis Swenson President Vice-President THE DONNETTES Secretary Head Drum Majorette Kneeling: Coreen Coe, Marion Lovell, Marion Reichel, Maary Jane Amato, Margie Voldez, Karia Kaylor, Lorraine Evans, Moorgie Yslas, Beverly Carr, Beverly Jennings, Bunny Wallis, Janet Wiley, Barbara Davis. Standing: Carole Simon, Judy Hamor, Dorothy Thompson, Pot Curd, Marilyn Gromberg, Joan Rector, Flo Dobbs, Rosemary Alkema, Pat Smith, Margaret Anderson, Verne Hieb, Barbara Kratch, Mary Bates, Barbara Wood, Helene Arndt, Donna Anderson, Pat Walker,. 86 Row one; K. Amis, J. Hanson, B. Fleming, M. Chose, B. Morkley, G. Roesch. Row Two: R. Lompson, B. Bray, T, Whittaker, B. Goff, R. Hankins, J. Machuro, L. Collins, L Darby, B. Hodge, D. Daly. Row three: D. Reed, D. Coson, C. Templin, J. Kattler, L. Fouls, J. Millard, C. Krotsch, C. Anthony. MAJORETTS Row one: Head Majorette J. Liniewicz, B. Werle, P. Ruiz, S. Lowrey, S. Finley, B. Bohne. Row two: J. Mosino, B. Sollgren, J. Rice, A. Miller, S. Johnson, P. Gilroy, S. Kirk. Row three: L. Compton, C. Newsy, J.VonGeem, S. Brown, J. Etmund, L. Koop, J. Curd, C. Andre, J. Wixted. Row four: I. Bell, J. Rivera, D. Tippett, J. Kaylor, J. Stockberger, J. Hodge, P. Renley. 87 Zf ' odea Sdttca , Pam Hoffman Editor Mr. Moore Advisor Fernando Sauceda News Editor Publishing a consistently excellent paper bi-weekly throughout the 1954-55 year, the members of the El Rodeo Staff worked many hours in preparing one of the Southland ' s best school papers. Under the able supervision of Advisor Jack Moore and Editor Pam Hoffman, the Don reporters took honors at various journalism days at colleges throughout the area. Highlights of their journalistic year was the presenta- tion of a school dance called the Rhythm Rodeo which featured the " Larks. " The Cub reporters, many of which will be on the El Rodeo Staff next year, also gained valuable journalistic ex- perience. Nancy Cox Susiness Manager I Richard Murphy Staff Artist 88 Darlene Aboud Feature Editor Pat Walker Feature Editor Donna Porter Society Editor Reporters: Tom Whittaker, Ernestine AAuro, Gerry Perles, Richard Lara. fg-..-. JKJK »■ » • . ' -Tf IB -J -L " George Bcrilone Sports Editor Mike Feldman Sports Editor Bill Morales Photographer 89 4 Senuicc (liu . DONS CLUB Row one: Advisor B. Stanley, D. Olague, J. DeBold, J. Deming, J. DiGregorio, R. Halley, B. Pontes, A. Magano, B. Lagunas, C. Pontes, C. Hinkle, B. Kirk, J. Hunt. Row two: E. Kelley, A. Costonza, R. Lundquist, R. Hansen, R. Borcherding, S. La Pert, R. Foster, B. Voight, L. Graves, P. Desemond, J. Haney, E. Leibrock. GIRLS LEAGUE OFFICERS Row one: B. Hodge, (?. Burgess, P. Renley, D. Tippett. Row two: L. Compton, M. Amato, D. Jenkins, A. Miller. Row three: P. Curd, S. Johnson, J. Hamor. 90 The officers of the Girls League Club were elected for the purpose of furthering the spirit of good fellowship and democracy; producing high ideals of service and good citizenship; and encouraging those activities which will promote higher ideals. Among the most important activities of the year were the Girls League Formal Dance and ' Co-ed Capers ' . This is a unique club in that every girl in school is a member and has a vote in the electon of its officers. The Dons Club offers leadership to sports minded boys who have lettered in some varsity sport. Sponsoring the ' Varsity Drag ' was a high point in their year. FUTURE TEACHERS Three more leading campus clubs are the Future Teachers, Science Club and the Caderettes, a girls service club. Mr. Gottschlich coached the Future Teachers, who have been getting fa- miliar with their ambition by visiting various grade school classrooms. The Science Club, advised by Mr. Borg, took many educational field trips to spots of scientific interest near Los An- geles. The Caderettes were present at almost every major school presentation to lend their services as expert usherettes. This group was sponsored by Miss Anderson. SCIENCE CLUB Row one: L. Mihelich, P. Lamb, B. Kratsch, D. Hourgan, S. Retke. fwo: R. Aguera, R. Martin, Mr. Goftschlick. Row Row one: B. Stevenson, B. Pontes, R. Lompson, P. Loggins, R. Cabrea. Row two: B. Goff, D. Johnson, B. Lawson, Mr. Borg. CADERETTS Row one: P. Nittle, D. Born, N. Cox, J. Meyer, J. Anderson, B. Kratsch, P. Lamb, V. Heib, A. Young, R. Castro, J. Lopez, Miss Anderson. Row two: E. Sherwood, M. Meyer, V. Oliver, J. Albright, T. Tick- noff, P. Guerrero. PW Society cit Si HC 0 ' FOIINAL WL ON DECEMBER ll,H54 . : (V t , V i w|r»«T| PO S-QR ED I ANCE i STAIR ' WAY, rcr«e STARS - JUNIOR SENIOR, PR OH MAY?, n55 ' ; ' ' 7 " f J ; .: ■ 1 ' ' : " .: OANCl? MARCH 4 SPONSORED 6Y FUTURE BUSINESS LEADER.SCLU5 -i.t - -r .: f f " Short on top! " says Claude Cobb and Ronnie Foster as they have their hair cut by the best of barbers. Remember you can always get a swell haircut at RIX ' S BARBER SHOP on the cor- ner of Passons and Washington Blvds. " You can always buy the best in radios and televison sets at PERKINS T. v. " , says George Barilone to Alex Magana, as they step inside the store at 9016 E. Washington Blvd. Before ' joy riding ' Jerry Moore always takes his car to CURRY ' S SHELL STATION. It ' s located at the corner of Wash ington and Rosemead Blvds. i .»-- ' ' " Remember students can get a discount on all items at CAMPBELL ' S AUTO PARTS " , says Terry Swenson as Jack Dunham inspects a CMC pis- ton. This auto parts store is located at 9444 E Whittier Blvd. . •V J- . .-■I m Here we see Judy Giles and Tom San- chez enjoying cokes during lunch time at HIVELYS CAFE. Everything in fine foods from cokes to a complete family meal can be had at this popular eating place. Sheila Larson and Darryl Cantrell are admiring the fine selections of watches and jewelry that can be seen at MARCELLUS BROTHERS of Pico. This store is also well known for its fine line of merchandise. " Nice fit and good looking too " , says Darlene Aboud as her friends Pat Walker and Donna Alteri look on. The latest styles at the fairest prices are to be had at WOLFS DRIVE-IN SHOE STORE. ' ! ' Looking over the menu at the HICKORY HOP are Sharon Johnson and Jerry Honey. With so many good foods to choose from it ' s hard to make a choice. But every thing will be good they know. iHbi Ronnie Mancuso, Margie Rumble and Yvonne Parrish are looking over the large and varied selection of appliances and gifts at P. B. CARRELLS, 9110 East Whittier Blvd., Pico. Depositing her hard earned baby-sitting money is Susie Lowery % while Becky Allen, Jo Anne Pounds and Janice Hodge await their turn at PICO-RIVERA SAVINGS AND LOAN, 9219 East Whittier Blvd., Pico. " Wouldn ' t I like to drive this cor home! " soys Ronie Allison as he sits in one of KAY KAYLORS fine used cars. For good, clean dependable used cars visit Kay Kaylors Used Car Lot at Whittier and Durfee Blvds. « . ■ Seen looking over the large and varied assortment of tools and garden imple- ments at BARTLOWS HARDWARE are Andy Nelson and Donna Tippett. Bart- low ' s Hardware has a repution for ex- cellent products and service. ; 0 ' ?jlS ?r; Joan Evans waits while Joe Hunt checks the tires after filling his car with gas from the UNION OIL STATION, corner of Rosemead and Washington Blvds. This is the station to stop at for quick and courteous service. J«»- N " Mm - m - - m , pretty good, " say Madelyn Bronzovic and Joe Seeley. They realize which store carries the best quality drugs and cosmetics. So drop by the RIVERA PHARMACY, 9253 E. Tele- graph Road, when you need drugs or jndries. Soft, huh? Anyone can tell how comfortable the furniture is at PICO PALACE SALES from the dreamy looks o the faces of Beth Peck and Bart Kirk. Located at 9561 Whittier Blvd., is this store dealing in fine furnishings. Bobbie Hodge and Earl Flint seem to be happy about something. It ' s probably because they enjoy a good game of bowling using the fine facilities at the WHITTIER BOWLING ACADEMY. A good evening ' s sport may be enjoyed at 9553 Whittier Blvd., where the Academy is located. » «l|,||| r - ' -m X s. A " A penny saved is a penny earned, " says Gayle Roche to Sally Kirk as they make out their deposit slips at the PICO CITIZENS BANK, 9101 Whittier Blvd., in Pico. Watchng to see that the arithmetic is correct, are Jim Wooten and George Edwards. MildreclBronzovic and Rex Lundquist are awaiting their order in HARRY ' S CAFE, and you con tell by the look on their faces that the food will be wonderful. Harry ' s Cafe, 9257 East Telegraph Road in Rivera, has always had a reputation for the best in foods. ' ' , :. " S ' " " after a gruel- ing track meet are Bob Voight and Ron Foster. What beverage supplies this energy. Why an ORANGE JULIUS of course. 9148 E. Whittier Blvd. is the location of " a devilish good drink " plus good hamburgers and other goodies. Dig those smiles. By merely looking at the happy expressions on the faces of Jim Huddleston and Bill Kelley you can tell that a haircut can be fun at RUSS ' BARBER SHOP. For that neat, well groomed look go to Russ at Washing- ton and Rosemead Bivds. Smiling back at the smiling service at YOUR MARKET is Jackie Rice while Frank Colontuano looks on. For fine groceries, fresh vegetables ad friendly service, you can depend on Your Market located on East Telegraph Road Rivera. 1 - Smiling over the possii iRty of owning a part of the brilliant arjMy of exquisite cosmetics are Katie Amis and Beth Wentzel wHji ' le Tom Whit oker and Dornnan Woods are looking on and thinging of the fine books, magazines and other items on display. All this is taking place at CALLS DRUGS, located at 9322 Washington Blvd. in Rivera. wf? What causes these happy smiles? Why, the delicious malts from HUMPTY ' S DUMP, for one thing. Pat Bruton, Ray Talavera, and Evie Cleugh are commenting on the delicious French fries while Scott Haden, Chuck Hinkle and Lee Schommer laud some of the other good things from Humpty ' s kitchen, located on the corner of Possons and Washington Blvds. ' i o. esc L ' ' , =ajii ' ; , .-O ' l-C-.-C ' , - - 0 v«EWa » ' ML c -L 6: 4 » lf ■YEAR BOOKS FOR THE DISCRIMINATING " EJ S ' OF 1 A (2- ze ilearbook JLouse wm ' " U »- Ci ytlAC j I J 5 ; S vr-v rr V w jii - ' J fa ■.:M yU f

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