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'rm QPLQTYZIWEQ I A fl . M W 3 W WW Q WWW YW mf My M W U fw ETSWMM iffy Nj fy W M N355 ' ig S KXw:Wf'fwV Mix ,Q Wy Gwwwx , Nm M My A Q . N9WfY ' 9 Q NM A ,W V3 WWW ik in ,ggdififfffwf lm My WM jfgwony ff W W if M W VM K ff FM., 69 I. J" W MQ iyww ffwf WW M1 093 M '6 My Ur W jjfwwffyfjf MJAW pf i pig 'v gin. MW " Q04 My Nb X Q A Liv- Of W3 X1 W 55" ' MXL 1 G . f X U , - 1' - 14" f ' fn-. I . ' IQWAEQQNPXQMGW My MTKWKM 501303 Q iff-WM ZPWVNUCQ .6 My U! dqm W J,l5f5Q7lI'm1Wjiff-Qlw QWW :vl W L ,1 - fl 'li' 5 I QTL-'C' ANA , U VI' W, G , 14 " 1 www!! p, M 1 P I f'o jf ffm W WW I 3 wyww W i I I5 If IJ ,ff fy ,f 9 .jf , A 01' npf I 0 . 'Ld ji ,W M7017 ' M' JV I zzlfwgyvdzlixg L17 iffy! f Iv , ' ff I 70 Q, i 4' I ,. W9 A L V M7 If J Vw TWWW W A WJ f JW! ff, XXI A X THE EL RANCI-no PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OF EL RANCHO HIGH SCHOOL I RIVERA, CALIFORNIA WHITTIER UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT I A VOLUME2 WE'RE CDN CUR WAY IN THIS YEAR OF ACHIEVEMENT In This year of progress and achievemenT, iT comes Time To dedicaTe The I954 EI Rancho Yearbook. ATTer much ThoughT and discussion we Tinally reached a decision. Who would be more deserving oT This honor Than The graduaTing class of l954. These young men and women are To be The TirsT ever To graduaTe from El Rancho High School. They have pioneered The way Tor all oT The oTher senior classes which are To Tollow. Yes, They are To leave, buT whaT They have accomplished will noT leave us, Their worlc in esTablishing our TirsT sTudenT governmenT, The TradiTions which They have sTarTed, These Things will noT be TorgoTTen. Some oT Them are To sTarT Their college careers This Tall, oThers will go inTo The armed services, some oT The girls will sTarT on Their mosT imporTanT of all iobs, ThaT of being house- wives, oThers will go inTo business. Every graduaTe is on his way To Till his place In socleTy Some may be desTmed To be our TuTure scienTisTs and professional men. OThers may become The generals of our armies while sTull oThers may become our sTaTesmen. All of Them may noT achieve The highesT honors Tor ThaT is life buT all are of lmporTance They are The Americans of Tomorrow, The people who will make The peace or desTroy iT No ma'Her whaT They may do, They are on Their way. EL RANCHO ADMINISTRATION MR. ROGER WEEKS Principal Deon of Girls MISS LOIS WINTER Principal of Adult Education MR. SAM WARREN "'Q::.nv- MR. ROYCE LAPP Deon of Boys MR. DON DOUGLAS MISS DARIA CHARLES Vice-Principal Wilh El Rancho's second year al an end, we would lilre lo lalre lhis opporlunily lo express our deep gralilude lo lhe lacully and sludenl body ol El Rancho Hig School for lheir line spiril, cooperation and Ioyally in bringing aboul such a wonderfully successful school year. Il has given us a greal deal of personal salisfaclion lo be asso- cialed wilh such a line group of sludenls lhrough whose combined efforls lhe results piclured in lhis bool: have been accomplished. Parlicular allenlion should be drawn lo lhe achievemenls ol lhe lirsl gradualion class in lhe hislory of EI Rancho High School. ll is enlirely filling lhal lhis boolr is dedicaled lo lhose senior sludenls who conlribuled so greally lo lhe success of lhis young school. A greal share ol credil also belongs lo our young lacully for their marvelous spiril of unsellishness and willingness lo go lhe "Second Mile." ll has been a job and leasure lo become associaled wilh lhis school. May we exlend our personal and Kearllell lhanlrs lo all concerned and may we add a special word lo lhe gradualing seniors: Thanlrs and good luclc in your lulure plans. We who remain here will do our besl lo mainlain lhe line record lhal you have given EI Rancho lhis year. -ROGER C. WEEKS. and STAFF Director of Student Activities Under 'lhe far-sighled, efficienf guidance of Superiniendeni- C. H. Wennerberg, +he WhiH'ier Union High School Dis+ric+ is well on Hs way +o becoming +he Iargesf H. S. disfricf in Sou+hern California. El Rancho was 'rhe resul+ of years of planning and prepara+ion by Mr. Wenner- berg ancl his slaff as 'lhey foresaw 'rhe 'I'remend- ous growlh of fhe grea'l'er WhiH'ier area. MR. C. H. WENNERBERG District Superintendent DISTRI ,.,--- I ,mf ' 2 ----"""' if l .V ,.,,W,.Ha.,,. A., ,W V li' I V rg z ,sr d'sNH!fJ lllflll F F K, Q ,, I ,il :alumni :ang f lif XDMINISTRATICDN , ga.. DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES X i N U WW W-M-M -l'lll31i'ml.llfCWl I x.sf, Q, , QV ia ,ff f W4 'XX 'Q Left fo righh Mr. Wennerberg, Dr. Maxwell Flanders, Mr. R. Leo McNitt, Mr. Jack Swain Mr. Wallace Wiggins, Mr. Douglas Ferguson, and Mr. Jack Lewis, Business Manager. WE'RE ON OUR WAY HELPED BY 4+ A .r xfdy rm a i ' V "k. 4 ' 1 . 4 Q g ,. ,,.,.,, ii. MR. JACKSON MR. MAYS MRS. OLSEN MR. NEVILLE Language Language Language Basic Course MR. MOORE MR. FREED MR. JILLSON MRS- TYE Journalism Language Basic Course BUSih8SS THE EL RANCHO F Wifhoul' 'l'hese men and women, EI Rancho could noi' exis'l'. They are our feachers, l'he people who labor and s+rive 'lo leach us nof only +he 'rhree R's, bu+ how io live wifh each olher. Many sludenls will graduale in Ihe years 'lo come, bul l'he facully remains, making each new sludenl' a personal challenge, a clean blackboard on which Io in- scribe foreverelhe knowledge which fhey possess. Noi' only because if is 'lheir iob, bu'l' because of iheir personal inleresl in all of 'l'he sfudenls, all of 'rhem have a cheerful hello no ma'H'er whaf fheir personal problems may be. You see 'lhem al' foolball games, al' dances, al' all El Rancho aclivi- 'l'ies, cheering lhe loudesl, clapping lheir hands 'I'he hardest They are always lhere, helping lo make This Ihe besl high school in Soulhern California. A.. We MRS. PURCELL MR. ADAMS MISS BROADY ' Basic Course Art FhY5- Ed' ie., W. .wr sw 6 " MR. GOTTSCHLICH Basic Course MR. HEARD Malh nf f 'J i W. W Q! fr f f , 14, f 4 af ni ay f f l Q MISS JENTGES Home Ec i MR. BRUCE MR. TAMMEN MR. NOLAN Science Basic Course Malh MR. BROIDY MR. STANLEY MISS MEAIRS Shop Phys. Ed. Home Ec. 7 'iieii I fsee 1 M ,f L... ...Q ' V fly 4, ' f . . .. 2 2:1 of ' I Sa.. ,JV MISS CARROLL MR. HANSEN MISS QUANDT MR. WINEINGER Basic Course Basic Course Librarian Phys. Ed. MISS HAGLER MR. DeVRIES MR. CORNELSON MR. McLELLAN Phys. Ed. Science Business Phys. Ed. xx XA MR. TOOHEY MR. NOBEESSWN MR. soms Shop Basic Courfsikx Shop ma' CULTY l ix df ' 'W R: " "','- ' I g A MRS. HILKER MR. FISHER MR. STEDDOM MR. ESSELSTROM MR- MAL'-ANDER Business Math Basic Course Business MQW 5 , ,QV V. if , 2 ,g , , ff, A , .i ,wfivfi f . D - . ' 1 A M ' .. MR. DANDRIDGE I Phys. Ed. . D? 2. - I - I . u 5 Y' ' . Mp- 'fn Q MISS QUINN MRS. PELLET MR' SNOWDEN . Home Ec. Basic Course '- Phys. Ed. V V' S , 4. 5, MR. LA PORTE MR. KERR '37 'x V! Shop Basic Course l A S fs' MR. HARRIS MR. LEACH MR. DAVIS MR-,GARDNER Shop Basic Course Drama 'Banc Cowse MR. WARD Mass ANDERSON MR. HILLSON MR- ROBWSON Shop Phys. Ed. Music SCIENCE MRS. EPPERSON Basic Course WE'RE ON OUR WAY WITH AN ACTIVE JIM LINDBLAD President Going back 'lo EI Rancho's Cons'I'i'IuI'ional Con- veniion, we can se.e Thai- +he sIruc'I'ure of Ihe EI Rancho Cons+i'I'u+ion is an ideal form of govern- menI'. This Iype of governmenr is known as com- mission 'Iype. II' provides for a large number ofa DWCYNEP FALRCHILD s'l'udenI's 'Io parI'icipa'Ie and have a word in I'he JEAN TRENT 'ce' 'es' em funciions of 'Ihe siudenf body. I+ provides for ihe Secretary following offices and organizarionsz Leading Ihe siudeni' body and acling as execulive commission head is Ihe office of Presidenf, Jim Lindbladg Speaker of I'he Senale and acfing chairman in 'rhe absence of Presidenl' is I'he Vice-Presiden'I's iob, Dwayne Fairchild: handling all 'rhe paper work for Ihe commission is +he Secrelary, Jean Trent Rounding up 'rhe execulive commission were: Finance Commissioner, John Flowers: Chief Juslice, Ariel Davis: Publiciiy Commissioner, Barbara Blair: Assembly Commissioner, Shirley Mu'Io: Acliviiies Commissioners, Jack Trayler Ilsi' semesierl and Shirley Neff l2nd semeslerl: Pep Commissioner, Donna Aliieri: Grounds Commissioner, Sandra Bergland: Girls' A'I'hleIics Commissioner, Judy Han sen: Boys' AI'hIe'I'ic Commissioner, John DeGregorio: andCIaud Wooren, Speaker of 'Ihe House. COMMISSIONERS Bottom Row, Left Io righlf Barbara Blair John DiGregorio, Donna Alferie, Jean Trent, Top Row: Jim Lindblad, Sondra Berglcnd, Shirley Muto, Shirley Nehf, Dwayne Fairchild. GOVERNING BODY SENATE my-.w,,....,,,,. .,,, ., ,f.,,. , '-kk f l ffif E 2 ,q,. . 4 5 HOUSE OF REPRESENTAHVES 4? CDUR WAY GOES SMCCDTHER WITH iIHE These are lhe women 'Thai help 'ro keep our school in good order. Their iob is one which is of grealesl' impor- lance. They keep our alfendance records s'rraigh1', 'rhey place us in 'rhe righf classes, lhey handle our financial affairs, and give well deserved help 'lo Mr. Weeks and Miss Charles. , -N A4 SECRETARIES Boffom Row, Left to righf: Jeonefle Hemmerling, Belly Mogill, Dorothy Roubidoux, Franke Durrelt Top Row: Shirley Roy, Mary Brocklebunk, Betty Ball. ill-C 5 NURSES ,.. ns... , . - 6 s i ' , 5 gs Q if 1' f 4' ' Q MRS MERKEL School Nurse MISS FENSKE, Dental Hygienist From a hurl' linger +o a clean campus ihese men and women do all 'l'he work. Mrs. Merkel fakes care of our ills, Mr. Fisher lakes care of our campus and Mrs. Wohlford sees +ha+ whal' we ea? is rhe besl' food money can buy. All of fhese are fwenfy-four hour iobs which keep lhem busy all day. Lei us nof neglecl 'lhe ofhers who do as much, rhe orher cuslodians, fhe cafeleria help, and Miss Fenske fhe Denial Hygienist Here you see Mrs. Merkel faking Lee Smi'rh's 'lemperalure and Miss Fenske looking ai' Phil Arvizu's ieefh. IA 4 w. ,f 4' SONG AND YELL LEADERS SENT US ON OUR WAY 1 5'--fm WAV' Now! Gus TA FL? f?Ay Ego WA, YAYME DANIELS A ANNE A119115 WIC?- enyu: Roiscd Par CLARK Boziff H0495 OOWVA HDR Tiff? THESE LEAD THE WAY PUBLICITY COMMISSION Come to the Big Dance Friday Nite! Big Delicious Cakes will be sold in the Quad Tomorrow! Hear Joe Houston. Get Your Tickets tor the "Basketball" . .... Many such signs were to be seen everyday somewhere on the El Rancho campus throughout the school year. Barbara Blair and her Commis- sion are responsibletor all the tine publicity which was distributed to herald the torth- coming ot any school event or activity. Bottom Row: B. Hathaway, B. Kirk, B. Blair, J. Van Geen, P. Arvizu, J. Ritzer. Top Row: M. Gayler, S. Scott, T. Crawford, J. Rice, S. Johnson, Mr. Gardener. ASSEMBLIES COMMISSION Thanlrs,to Shirley Muto and the Assem- blies Commission, all student body assemblies were carefully planned, providing educational, as well as entertaining programs. AII athletic awards were presented to those who partici- pated in some s ort, in an assembly designed especially tor that purpose. Musical enter- tainment which included our own Don Band, and such professional talent as the Royal Guards, was received with great enthusiasum by the student body. Bottom Row: S. Mulo, H. Talbot, P. Davis, C, Buscarino Top Row: B. Wheeler, K. Ghelken, S. Wimberly. ACTIVITIES COMMISSION As one ot the most active organizations on the EI Rancho campus, the Activities Com- mission has sponsered such gala events as the Houston Hop and Western Days. First semester Commissioner, Jack Traylor worked very hard to put on the Houston Hop, which was a complete success. Second semester Commissioner, Shirley Nett carried on Jaclc's tine worlc and turned out a successtul Western Day program. Front Row: D. Aboud, S. Nehf, B. Werle. Back Row: Miss Meairs, J. Rivera, P. Renley, J. Stockberger, B. Van Oosting. Q . COMMISSION MEMBERS STUDENT COURT The Student Cour'I's main purpose is lo ins'IiIl responsibility and 'I'o help the student adjust Io the situations and problems which he will encounter sometime during his lifetime. Scheduled 'Io be started in 'the early part of I954, 'the Student Court was a big item of controversy. After much dis ule, Chief Jus- 'Iice Ariel Davis successfully organized a S'I'uden'I' Court which went into operation live weelcs before school ended. Bottom Row: G. Chavez, S. Chaney, T. Johnson, R. Cox, B. Johnson, B. Kirk, B. Voight, J. Lindblad, B. Cooper. Middle Row: G. Tolliver, S. Nehf, K. Klein, C. Ramos, P. Davis, C. Johnson, C. Rosales, A. Davis, D. Aboud, J. Van Geem. Top Row: D. Fairchild, S. Tetley, K. Gehlken, O. Ortiz, B. Hodge, S. Muto, J. Liniewicz, E. Roasted, J. Kaylor, B. Van Oosting, J. Neff, J. Renley. FINANCE COMMISSION Never lel' il' be said that the Finance Com- mission was ever caught napping. Every dance, athletic event, and for that matter every activity which involved 'the handling of linances for the El Rancho Student Bod , was 'Ialcen care of by John lMoney Bagsl Flowers and his most efficient commission. All the members of the Finance Commission are hand-piclced and have to be approved by the business manager of the district. Front Row: Mr. Heard, C. Heston, L. Mali, B. Rath, W. Seale, B. Packwood, R. Heald. Back Row: D. Lund, Y, Yoell, B. Nielson, E. Roasted, K. Swensen, B. Cox, B. LaGow. PEP COMMISSION The Pep Commission under the leadership of Donna AI'I'ieri has had a busy year. They were in charge of pep rallies, sponsored their own assemblies, purchased a megaphone, and pu'I' on a dance. Donna also attempted to organize a card slunl' section for the football games. All 'rhe decorations which were seen on the goal posts during a football game were strung up by the Pep Commission. All of 'these pep activities any many others helped EI Rancho 'ro 'turn ou'I' championship teams in all sports. Front Row: S. Finley, S. Brown, B. Peck, D. Altieri, J. Kimble, J. Hase, A. Marshall. Second Row: P. Hoflman, D. Porter, S. Kirk, N. Lowery, P. Clark, L. Grant, C. Engelbart, Mr. Noble. Back Row: J. Hamar, Mr, Hanson, D. Tippett, J. Hodge, R. Brown, J. Renley, W. Daniels, B. Richardson, R. Murphy. BOY'S ATHLETICS COMMISSION Taking over 'rhe responsibililies of Boy's A'I'hIeIic Commissioner was no easy job lor John Di Gregrio. He had Io sfarf righ+ smack in Ihe middle of a proiecl sei up by Dean Cook who had moved away. The proiecl' con- sislecl of a I'ournmenI', where all +he elemenfry schools enfered Iheir lop 8+h grade a+hIe+es inI'o such compelifions as foolball, baskelball, and 'I'rack. Under John and his Commission's capable hands, Ihe program ended a huge success wi+h El Rancho s+ar+ing anolher worlh- while Iradifion. Boflom Row: J. Moore, J. DiGregorio, S. Cheney. Sfoncling: J. Willis, R, Snow, B. Voight, P. Desmond, Mr. Dondridge. GIRLS' ATHLETICS COMMISSION The big projecl 'rhaf Judy Hanson and her Commission worked on Ihis ear was an eigh'I'h grade playday which inclluded all of Ihe eighfh grade girls who were alfending any elemenfary school in 'rhe Pico-Rivera area. The purpose of Ihis playday was 'ro gel' I'he girls acquainled wifh each oI'her and Io 'I'ry and form a uniled sporls program. Besides fhis proiecf, 'Ihe Girls' Alhlefic Commission sponsored 'rhe Black Cal' Dance and worked hand in hand wiI'h Ihe Girls' A+hle'ric Associa- Iion on many proiecfs of common inleresf. Sealed: V, Wogner, B. Jennings. Standing: J. Honson J. Giles, D. Snyder, M. Lovell, H. Calderon. GROUNDS COMMISSION Working under adverse condilions, Ihe Grounds Commission under 'Ihe leadership of Sandra Bergland have Iried Io sei u a clean campus campaign which would rid Ihe school grounds of Ihe unsighll Irash Ihal is Ihrown on I'he lawn by unlhinkling members of 'rhe Sfudenl Body. Conslanl reminders 'fo keep Ihe campus clean are heard over +he Public Address sysfem and in Ihe bulleI'in Ihroughoul' Ihe year. Sandra's Commission also has done an excellanl' iob of improving 'lhe appearance of Ihe campus b pain'I'ing +he frash cans which are spready liberally +hroughou+ Ihe campus wifh 'rhe color's of Ihe school. Seated: D. Turner, W. Longley, C. Rudisel, B. Romirez. Slondingf N, Toylor, L. Mihelich, T, Tubbs, C Soeillender, C. Schroeder, F. Welch, S. Berglond. WE SENIORS ARE ON CUR WAY ? ff if GQ Y X1 ff'W5l X fd fi 0 CABINET President, ist Semester, Stan Wimberly, Secretary, Treasurer, Pal Davis, Senator, Richard Zogob. PIONEERS-Thai' is +he s+ory of El Rancho's firsf Senior class, who combined 'ralem' wi+h hard work +o give +he infani' "El Rancho" an oufslanding record in +wo shorf years. ln s orfs, sl'uden+ governmenf, social life and scholar- ship-'rlile Senior "pioneer's" led fhe wa . Their abiliiy showed up in such 'l'hings as S. G. V. L. Championships- Oufsfanding speakers-And fhe esfablishmenf of 'many Senior fradifions and aciivifies. Seniors dominafecl ihe Execufive Commission, EI Rancho's firsi' olificial govern- ing body. The Opal-Green sweafers, class rings, and +he s+ar+- ing of fhe Senior-Wall! were bul' a few of fhe accomplish- menfs. Now-wifh 'Their job here finished-'ihey are On Their Way 'l'o even greafer achievemenls. Senior Class CJFFICERS 1954 fm f i i I soNe LEADERS Carol Noble, Louise Perris, Jane? Winner, YELL LEADERS Corrinne Johnson, Cecilia Rosales, Rose Rogers. ADDY MYLES GEORGE CHAVEZ ARIEL DAVIS JANICE ANTHONY JUDY CLARK CAROLYN DAVIS PHILIP ARVIZU PAT CLARK JOHN B. DAVIS all BEVERLY BARMORE DORLA CLAYBROOK LOU ANN DAVIS LEE BARTLOW JAMES BEEBE THOMAS COLANTUONO CORALIE CONTRERAS PAT DAVIS ELEANOR DE LA TORRE as isVl Q 2 no .A - 'M' ,J J A zaney display of talent was enioyed by all seniors at the second annual talent show, ROBERT EISCHER NONA GUSTAESON 'I BILL BENTLEY WAYNE R. COOPER ALBERT DOUGLAS BOB FLORER JUDY HANSON MILY BRONSTEIN WILLIAM BROWN BONNIE BRYANT WILLIS CORWIN SAM COSENTINO VIRGINIA COSTABILE FRANK DUARTE DOLORES ENCINIAS LORETTA ENNIS CAROL BUSCARINO BARBARA COX SHARON EPPS PETE CALIVA VIRGINIA CRAIG REFUGIO ESCARENO RICHARD CARO JOHN DAHLSTROM NONA EVANS CAROLE CARTER WAYNE DANIELS DWAYNE FAIRCHILD J I I lv -I ,sz J 1 ,rf fu - fi" , f R 'R I 1 JOHN FLOWERS GLENNA FORSLUND EDWARD GARCIA WILLIAM HATHAWAY df I, '29 GLORIA GARCIA GODFREY HENKE Q- rv-'il' I . I , 'Q' BENJI GARNICA CAROLE HESTON KEN GEHLKEN ROBERTA HIGGINS RONALD GILLESPIE JOHN HILL .ad ""f.3' ,-4-5 45, iw , -f-' , M 5. -1 I . ,,,. If 'zu K V i 4 A .31 If bf 14,, .W 'aa ,X 14 TERRY K. HOWE PAT LITTLE LESTER MALLORY SHIRLEY NEHF RICHARD A. POST ROSALIE HUGHES WILLIAM LORENSON ROBERT MARCELLUS NORMAN NICHOLS TONY PRIETO TONY HURTADO NORMA LOWREY ADRIENNE MARSHALL ROBERT NIELSEN CLAUDETTE PUTNAM CONSTANCE RAE IRVING DAVID LUND SUE MARSHALL CAROL NOBLE CELIA RAMOS I HENRY JAUREQUI GARY LUNDQUIST MIKE MASCARENAS MARY NOLAND IRENE RAMOS CORINNE JOHNSON DAVID MCARTHUR NICOLAS MEDVEDEFF CARLOS OLGUIN WILLIAM RANKIN KAREN KLEIN CAROL MCDONNELI BILL MORSE ' GILBERT OZAETA BARBARA RATII L 3 GARY KOCK ROBERT LA GOW ROBERT LAVENBERG YNTHIA MCHENRY CHUCK MADRID NONA MAJORS JOLORES MURO SHIRLEY MUTO JAN MYROW -IELEN PARENTI YVONNE PENKE LOUISE PERRIS BENNY REESE JOHN RENLEY GERRY RITZER JIM LINDBLAD LOUISE MALI BERT NEELY HELEN PIAZZA GARY ROACH JOAN LINDGREN LESLIE MALLORY JIM NEFF PAT POOLER KEN ROBERTS S .t 5' x K I N 'J ,O J I' ,X x.5' , s 'Q .1 R: 51, s 5. I S ' x I I : 1 S il I I R' s sn f sl' XL B B ob. . S' 0 X 'X ,f' I 5 1 Q: i ,- fi 1!lInwuzfuxv....v-,.., , , , ROSE ROGERS CECILIA ROSALES PAUL ROSE JERRY ROST JIM ROTHAERMEL LANNY SCHREIBER RAUL 5ERV1N JEANNE SHlRK HAZEL SMISSEN JERRY SMITH DON SWANSON HELEN TALBOT DAVID TAYLOR LUCY TQLUVER ALPANDO DONNA WALKER DIANE WEST ROBERT WHEELER STAN WIMBERLY JIM WTNN CESARIO VIERA RACHEL VLLL LOLLY-POP-HOP-The biggesi' record dance of 'rhe year was sponsored by ihe Senior Class. The proceeds were used 'ro help buy 'The Senior gifr for +he school. Helping make fhe evening a success, were parf of fhe records from a collecfion of five-hundred, clonafed io The school +hrough +he Senior Class by Mr. Tammen. "TV .AQ 'Ulf fx an fd '37 JACK TRAYLOR JEAN TRENT FRED TULLOSS JOYCE TURLEY ETHEL TUTHILL ROBERT VAN OOSTING JEWEL VARON JANET WINNER CLAUD WOOTEN GUY WRIGHT RUTH YARNIA YVONNE YOELL JEANETTE ZAKARIAN RICHARD ZOGOB ,,, 12, ,f wx MJ! .1 'X , r, wh: he xx.,-f f me 4. 4 ff., ' ff ff .KAL I ' , I L ifv in yiiviw' , or 675, V ,, , f it ,ff , M fff C551 1 -? V ag ., R! L54 Qovwxik W 277 WWW Ss 'Sf W4 'WMM SDAXOY' e vs QYC- msg Q V N B1 cv 1 V X ff ,rf 2, X -Ebxeevpy --Y V773 Gan 'VJ GCDING ALONG WITH THE CLASSES A 1 -fic! XXX W fi L-521 .' x X I f s SJ' 4 x X - w 5 rx- - dj" I ,v ' K , V F N ' s - 5 ' L ' f , I I N X I X Z , r I - , 1 ,Y I Z 0 X X , - f 1 r ' X I , K' rlx ' I X K' S ,, N ' 'Z ', f'l - - I 5, Afljhz nl 'I ' 0 5 X ' 1 ,ly ,Writ 1-, V f, 5' VI' 5. -if QQQ541 'S 5 A Q 11" .' P' K V' .5 'N-.ff 3, QS, , f,, , ' -- f I JV 0 'fl Vx -.5 h ,f :MW .5 , , ff wn A 1,4 - 'Mft' JY? f? 1 . QQ K , -13-ww ' oo , N QV' J ,4 r 1312, 1 ' ., 'J L .i. .SL , 2'-, If xx Q F H S.-- W 2. Wilh ou+ the support of the Juniors in sporls, dances, clubs, and other acl'ivi+ies, El Rancho wouldn'+ be such a greal' SUCESS. The Juniors, who are lhe backbone of the school helped prepare and plan for 'the Junior Senior Prom. They will be ready for an exciling and prosperous year, when they come baclc nexl' fall, as Seniors. Nl f . v X f . X U. f Af ' Q? f M516 .1 . C gl 'a . J . -. is 3 1? I J e i QW J- f PRESIDENT Ji., Umm' 4U SENATOR SECRETARY G 'l lui PAT WALKER WCM JANET WILEY PAM HOFFMAN . J , i My fp SONG LEADERS CV Song Leaders: Pat Renley, Joan Van Geen, Virginia Wagner, Jackie Castillo. Yell Leaders: Barbara Werley, Richard Murphy, Diane Snyder. 1' T, im ' YELL LEADERS Very Bottom Row: T. Henry, G. Edwards. Bottom Row, Lett to Right: M. Rumble, B. Freshwater, S. Solis, E. Muro, J. Portello, K. Amis, S. Berglcnd, L. Smith, T. Emerson, K. Vann. Second Row: D. Woods, B. Duke, W. Smith, S. O'Toole, B. Miller, A- Ramirez, J. Renfro, Miss Kneass. Third Row J. Burgess, B. Lund, B. Kirk, D. Molncr, W. Johnson, C. Cavarrubicr, A. Flores, C. Chase. Bottom Row: J. Treadwell, D, Spangenberg, B. Gannaway, T. Francis, B. Verdugo, E. Leizvock, L. Choate. Second Row: C. Chavez, M. Gayler, A. Cota, J. Meyers, D. Lemons, T. Tubbs, C. Schroeder. Third Row: W. Furbeck J. Hammond, E. Reuben, R. Arnold, L. Van Epps, D. Nagel, M. Riggio, L. Wrinkle, H. Torrez, Mr, Leach. Fourth Row: C. Hunter, M. Soto, P. Liuce, J. Adamson, M. Genovese, P. Covlin, K. White, C. Sollender. Ov qu. gp Bottom row: I. to r., R. Halley, J. Sergent D. Carmichael, R. Blodgett, J. Willis, B Voight, J. Jones. Second row: R. Cox, D Caruer, J. DeBold, R. Lara, J. Stephenson, R Allison, M. Carroll. Third row: F. Yanez, R Moneuso, G. Kinchen, B. Horsmon, J. Gru baugh, B. Reich, F. Anderson, D. Coffey, D Miller, D. Brown. Bottom Row Seated, Left to Right: S. Feldman B. Toney, S. Richard, B. Blair, O. Ortiz, J. Perlee M. Collins. Second Row: R. Quintero, V. Rosales E. Thompson, A. Garcia, R. Gonzales, J. Minge F. Luton, M. Jones, G. Williams, Miss Carroll Third Row: W. Duarte, L. Baker, M. Tubbs, D Guevara, H. Johnson, C. Torres, R. Mendez, J Cawthon, R. Murpy. Bottom Row: Left to Right. M. Walker, P. Hof?- man, J. Rivera, S. Munsil, P. Roseborough, T. Tilrinofi, A, Young. Second Row: Mr. Heard, S. Tetley, D. Osburn, D. Taylor, T. Johnson, G. Long, E. Flint, A. Nelsen, J. Dunham, B. Steven- son, J. Moore. Q! lir Bollom Row: Leff fo Right: J. Hammer, Y. Par rish, L. Hartness, O. Priefo, S. McDonald, L McGrath, G. Caballero, O. Garnico, J. Sta bcugh, K. Hardy. Second Row: C. Castro, L Hancock, E. Malchrzalc, E. Kelly, S, Ahalanian Mr. Leach, D. Briggs, E. Schultz. Four Piece band: S. Chaney, B. Thompson, T. Whittaker E. Flint. Row 1: P. Walker, S. Sterling, D. Aboud, J. Curd B. Werle. Row 2: S. Chaney, P. Holtman, J. Liniewicz J. Tickunoff, J. Van Geen, B. Kramer, J. Kaylor, J Castillo, R. Snow. Row 3: K. Vann, J. Wiley, B. Wenyzel J. Sfockberger, P. Renley, P. Miranda, P. Covlin, M Walker, S. Bergland. haf' fr-9 Bottom Row: V. Wagner, J. Miller, B. Werle, J. Kaylor, D. Altieri, C. Vinson, J. Curd, P. Walker, D. Aboud, J. Wiley. Second Row: B. McLean, C. Kyker, R. Kramer, H. Parenti, J. Bertini, L. Polk, T. Whittaker, C. Boles, E. Stone, J. Darling, Mr. Noble. ' 3 SOPHOMORE CLASS OF u56" The Sophomore 'lalenf show, calce sale, ancl 'I'he sophomore sponsored dance, lCinderella's Dreaml which were all a success shows whaf effori' ihey have pul' ou+ lhis lasl year. They made a greal showing and impression on lhe school as well as fhe communify. They will e fhinlcing abou'l' lheir senior rings, sweafers, and senior prom in 'I'he near fufure. SONG LEADERS YELL LEADERS BETH PECK, SALLY KIRK. JANICE HODGE, SUSIE LOWERY. PRESIDENT sENAToR SECRETARY Bm ,ACKWOOD ALEX MAGONA HELEN CALDRON 2 1 .4 Qin . . ax ',- Very Botvom: F. Colontucno, W. Horn. BoHom Row. W. Morgan, D. Benell, A. Profiif, E. Sher- wood, P. Nittel, M. Ottaway, D. Moreno, P. Ruiz, K. Wilson, P. Turley. Second Row. Mr. Steddom, E. Ocampo, C. Fcuelo, D. Olugue, L. Gilgen, J. Browning, R. Brown, S. Hess, D. Brod- show, L. Bewley, R. Goff, L, Robertson. Bottom Row, Left to Right: M. Malenlry, B. Thompson, R. Hansen, J. Tipton, C. Ducommon, P. Desmond. Second Row: N. McDonald, L. Shapley, D. Hourigan, B. Wood, N. Nix, Mrs. Salvi. Third Row: J. Bryant, B. Parenti, B. Cun- ningham, C. Yoder, A. Jones, S. Carey, D. Har- ris, A. Acosta. Bottom Row, Left to Right: B. Webber, L. McCol- lum, B. McNeil, L. Compton, B. Brown, N. Cox, C. Costabile, M. Retzlaff, L. Radowitz, Second Row: R. Peterson, A. Magana, J. Flavin, T. Bohne, T. Zagob, D. Costabile, B. Logunas, Mr. Moore. Third Row: G. Barilone, L. Smith, G. Stubbe, D. Johnson, J. Haslam, A. Costanza C. Oliver. Bottom Row: Left to Right: R. Lundquist, C. Bu- chanan, R. Hart, T. Lockhart, K. Graham, R. Wilson, C. Fontes, B. Derby. Second Row: J. Ramos, R. Warner, T. Gomez, D. Case, J. Hud- dleston, G. Smissen,, B. Fox, J. Myrenius. Third Row: G. Hackett, E. Diaz, A. Supe, J. Lopez, R. Wood, I. Bell, A. Brummett, C. MacDougle, J. Evans, B. Mosino. 11 Z Bottom Row: Left to Right: M. Little, G. Olivares, M. Ponce, M. Mendoza, J. Jameson, B. Sallgren, S. Russell. Second Row: L. Pullen, R. Eadie, J. Potts, S. LaFerr, N. Vaillancourt, T. Hargan, C, Romo, S. Rentro, Mr. Osterman. I DMM, .ffl .f. A90 G. Bottom Row: J, Ganaway, R, Castello, D, Deiardin, H. Naake, D. Willsey, R. Cantrell, M. Newman. Second Row: M. Frances, M. Ryan, J. Melendez, F. Dobbs, B. Walker, D. Millay, B. Bohne, M. Granberg, H. Centeno, M. Amato, Third Row: H. Ocampo, L. Dietiker, S. Gregg, M. Mayer, D. Kenyon, B. Allen, C. Hag man, J. Hodge, D. Porter. Fourth Row: K. Dutty, A. Nelson B. Kelly, J. Hunt, J. Haney, P. Cowling, T. Townsend, B. Thornp son, H. Lane, J. Trent, T. Ramirez, Mr. Epperson. fir E- I Bottom Row: Left to Right: P. Fisci, B. Atchison, R. Goldsuartley, R. Jines, D. Haynes, K. Linville. Second Row: S. Brown, B. Carr, N. Becuchamps, V. Herron, C. Lothridge, B. Kossky, K. Harper F. Gomez, P. Foul. Third Row: S. Eatman, P. Denney, J. Kimble- V. Oliver, J. Anderson, J. Turrill, J. Price, Mr. Hansen. Fourth Row: W. Ehlshide, W. Wilson, D. Brummett, M. Doffautty, J. Sullivan, A. Hernandez, T. Swenson, J. Lo Foy, K. Dummeod, B. Trujillo. if g , ,J , li J, lz ll ll ' CAMPUS SHOTS I .XJ x,gF'2 2.1 'Ak . Q , J X 417,115-ev' fu P, ' I ' . ' , , ,Q . w ' ' 'S 31, S5 A ' ag. ' 4317212 . 'J J wal' ' . x.,, A- 1.4, S. ' J 'lu Boflom Row: G. Johnson, L. Sanchez, S. Gon- zales, B. Hastlive, D. Bevand, J, Greiner. Second Row: N, Ellis, C. Nill J. Meyer, D. Bornn, R. Fairchild, M. Edwards, B. Peck, M. Bronzovic, S. Fosler, L. Dixon, J, Smith. Third Row: R. Chavez, D. Seidler, M. Rift, E. Fulcher, D. War- ner, E. Pico, J. Denne, Mrs. Salvi. Y 'ir Q VN Y' 97' Q-avi' pl wp 5 Bofrom Row: Lefl fo Righf: L. Pico, M. Yslas, S. Lowrey, J. Pounds, D. Urias, P. Zabala. Second Row: D. McCallum, C. Laws, R. Hathaway, J. Romero, R. Woodring, M. Nunez. Third Row: R, Gruenke, L, Logue, H. Polls, D. Miller, R, Houlc, J. Jolly, B. Elizalde. Bottom Row: Left to Right: J. Torres, E. Olague, E. Cowling, J. Devett, H. Carletello. Second Row D. Baden, M. Hill, E. Deluera, C. Templin, R Melandrez, Mrs. Pellet. Bottom Row: Left to Right: D, Walden, B. Gier- lich, J. Flanagan, D. Westwood, R. Eicher, B Darby, B. Holifield. Second Row: P. Henson L. Koop, J. Michael, S. Devitt, C, Cawley, S Brown, M. Nikitin. Third Row. C. Cobb, N Sandoval, C. Rosales, B. Hill, P. Varon, D Emerson, E. Muterspaw, B. Rickard, N. Merritt, B. Redd. ,ri 'dw' 95 ii 1 av' xf"'a"xi ,Wm Very Bottom Row: W. Seale, J. Headley, B. Pack wood, V. Weed, R. Weald. Bottom Row: S. Kirk D. Daly, G. Roech, H. Calderon, H. Arndt, K Swenson, J. Albright, C. Brown, M. Lovett. Sec and Raw: B. Jennings, J. Smith, D. Berry, E Bellavich, S. Jensen, B. Kratsch, V. Hieb, N Cornell, A. Weber. Third Row: N. Manis, R Borcherding, B. Bastic, R. Martinez, M. Davis A. Simmons, D. Boliclr, S. Blackmarr, R. Lampson J, Di Gregorio, Mr. Osterman. Bottom Row: Left to Right: J. Dominguez, Rodriguez, J. Alderson, S. Tranor, J. Kizziar, Vinci, l. Tammer, J. Fraka. Second Row: D. As B. Batchlar, l.. Graves, R. Harris, G. Ramblf Vasquez, Mr. Tammen. 1 FRESHMEN CLASS OF ii57" Allrhough The Freshmen are +he lowesf grade a+ El Rancho, They are The larges+ class, wi+h a 1-o+al of 379 s+uden+s. Under The direcfion of Ray Talavera, Presidenl, and Richard Jaime, Senafor. The Frosh have been guided Through a very successful year. Their abilily was shown +o all by +he Freshman Sophomore Dance. The Frosh are a lively bunch, al+hough 'rhey were +easecl by all. They also parficipafed in sporrs, dances and in many ofher ac+ivi+ies. PRESIDENT SENATOR SECRETARY RAY TALAVERA RICHARD JAIME TERRY TRAYLOR SONG LEADERS YELL LEADERS I l .wi . af --.,-.W-wvw Song Leaders: Flora Munsil, Judy Jiles, Lois Grant, Lorraine Evans Yell Leaders: Sharon Johnson, Jackie Rice, Rita Burgess. 5.1--.11 - Bolfom row: R. Piazza, M. McCollum, J. Brocling, E. Young, N. Heyne, R. Troy, J. Griffith. Second row: R. Townsend, .l. Lewis, K. Moyer, L. Hunsiclcer, D. Chadwick, N, Kish, D. Turner, T. Bechfold, J, Mosino, Mrs. Purcell. Third row: R. Arlea, S. Moreno, D. Fowler, C. Jolly, C Nunez, L. Newlin, I. Fernandez, L. Marrinez, M. Pavia. 'S-.32 , V 3 'X-Q," K wx 'K Qld' ' 4 wh V , Wm, V ly. sq: 5 .A K g I FRESHMEN ASSEMBLY Bottom Row: Left to Right: S. Shirley, I. Martinez, T. Arvizu, J. Naye, I. Enyart, T. Walker, J Hamorr, G. Bradley, B. Gonzales, P. Moran Second Row: J. Ayres, C. Marshall, J. Urbish J. Burke, B. Bloun, B. Latimer, L. Mullinnix, G. Yslas, R. Bugess, G. La Barbara, J. Janeway Third Row: J. Putnam, E. Miller, H. Naye, B Kendred, L. Diat, M. Fenderson, A. Zuniga, R Reese, Mr. Stanley. Bottom Row: Left to Right: S. Engrlsci, M. Vardez J. Mosino, D. Anderson, N. Taylor, J. Hughes M. Bedwell, J. Bevard, C. Leonard, L. Duran Second Row: Mr. Neville, M. Ramos, L. Elford D. Herold, B. Reed, J. Johnson, C. Coe, J. Bro- lran, A. Hernandez. Third Row: M. Combs, J Bertholmy, B. Murphy, R. Thorne, D. Swartz, G Arroya, D. Nichols, G. Madduy, C. Lopez, J Deming. ,"N ...L ...Mfr First Row Left to Right H Smith A Quin ero C Steele Second Row D Pollard L Rohn M Reichel C Nittel A Guzman F Ruiz A Guard ian Hernandez D D w Thur Row Wigiert P Guyett F Molinary B Ubben Mr Fitts J Woodbury A Verdugo L Flores D Cason. T Bottom Row: J. Wooten, R. Talavera, B. Magana M. Hoyle, B. Thomas. Second Row: B. Sanders, J. Ouellete, J. Littler, B. Ramirez, J. Rector, D Jenkins, V. Wellis, A. Stoner, G. l-lelbling, B Villanueva, M. Mercado. Third Row: H. Lara B. Fleming, G. Rodriguez, A. Lagunas, H. Me dina, R. Knap, A. Conforth, D. Anderson, E Romo, A. Buzard, Mr. Neville. Bottom Row: Left to Right: C. Andre, P. Lamb, L. Evans, B. Brown, A. Fitzer, L. Grant, P. Gilroy, C. Fisher, J. Wixted. Second Row: S. Johnson, C. Nusse, P. Sedgwich, K. Klein, G. Bates, J. Marshall, L. Jensen, C. Maldanada, J. Garcia, Mr. Davis. Third Row: S. Gomez, D. Schweiger, C. Hinkle, L. Barker, B. Millard, J. Barnhart, B. Mirando, B. McLaughlin, E. Costabile. First Row. Left to Right: G. Carothers, J. Pooler I. Carle, A. Dickens, L. Klasey, P. Houston, S Ramos, S. Haigh. Second Row: F. Caballero, L. Robbera, J. Machuca, T. Lopez, J. Dunham, P Hanchell, J. Hudson, Mr. Jillson. Third Row: R Finch, L. Panceroff, H. Miller, A. Vickonolif, R Hankins. . "N- Bottom Row: H. Adamson, R. Butala, J. King, J Nikitin, T. Vonoh. Second Row: P. Smith, V Smith, J. Mclnturff, J. Greenman, H. Dubrow C. Rudisel, C. Simon, S. Hagins, J. Henderson K. Ferris. Third Row: J. Roberts, R. Craig, Moore, R. Roma, J. Nicholson, B. Henline, D Serrano, M. Torres, D. Simpson, M. Ramirez, Mr. Freed. Fourth Row: R. Albitre, B. Cranney, R Graham, K. Miller, C. Kratsch, L. Duran, J Thorsen, G. Ostrander, M. Myrow. -4 Very Bottom, Left to Right: F. Saucedo, P. Log gins. Bottom Row: L. Mihelich, J. Giles, W Langley, E. Cleugh, A. De Young, G. Stobaugh H. Eilfort, J. Johnson, J. Etmund, F. Philleps. Second Row. T. Traylor, J. Stephenson, G. Farris, P. Curd, D. Tippet, D. Hussar, G. Larson, J. Guzzo, Mrs. Purcell. Third Row: T. Finger, D. Cobb, B. Lawson, D. Dakas, F. Clark, D. Inlay, J. Kettler, B. Robbins, R. Swanson, D. O'Mears. Bottom Row, left to right: M. Davis, G. Rot- gaber, D. Korgan, D. Ostrander, B. Green Second Row: P. Maichrzak, B. Wallace, B Davis, S. Finley, D. Kundert, D. Thompson, R Alkema, C. Caskey, M. Anderson, N. Tabor Third Row: W. Morales, R. Richardson, J. Rice M. Rodriguez, L. Muro, K. Taylor, J. Powers A. Ponce, M. Feldman, Mr. Fitts. Fourth Row R. Grayum, R. McCullough, R. Diaz, C. Engle bart, R. Arndt, C. Myers, H. Tipton, l. Eldeman R. Kiskla. Bottom Row: Left to Right: B. Hanison, R. Horn Second Raw: M. Miles, D. Grant, S. Smith, L Pina, A. Miller, P. Cusher, T. Crawford, L Schluter, L. Schommer. Third Row: D. Muienius E. Portillo, J. Keith, F. Munsil, M. Mendoza L. Barrera, J. Holder, G. Peterson, Mr. Jillson Fourth Row: J. Hewett, D. Sipuvedo, D. Haupt man, R. Carrier, W. Aslakson, K, Conrad, D Reyes, J. George, R. Morrow. 1 1 1 KMAQJXVJ SQNMUYISK gafifff 7 '---lf -5 "Nfk.fX-'SJ-Xf-N Q3 X .js H" 'x .L 1--f X,, ,b 'UL -AJ ,S O3 1-X X, -kfv A i- T if, X ,Q I . 1 yi Qf' X 7, ff, Mi 1 W . f I r' , + 1 T1 r l X X if I' fx f I FND , Q f XM QQ: f fa, LATIN CLUB First Row:'B. Stevenson, W. Seale, A. Simmons J. Headley, V. Weed, D, Osburn, R, Nelson M. Davis, R. Heald, B. Mosino. Second Row: K Kaylor, J. Kaylor, B. Berle, N. Cox, D. Daly K. Swenson, A. Weber, J. Voight, G. Peterson B. Wallis, S. Hagins, J. Benard, M. Bates, Mr Jackson. 1 I 1 I THE ROMANCE LANGUAGE CLUBS Latin, French, or Spanish, "i+'s all Greek 'lo me." but these ambitious students will go into the world with a better advantage over us. With the knowledge of at least two lan- guages, a person can go much fur- 'lher in life: not only will it help 'them in their iobs, if will help them make many new friends. With the advising of Mr. Jackson, Latin Club: Mrs. Olsen and Mr. Freed, French Club: and Mr. Mays and Mrs. Olsen, Spanish Club: these sludents have gained a popular recognition on Campus. FRENCH CLUB Bottom Row: ILeft to rightl C. Heston, L, Mali J. Giles, J. Greenman, C. Maldonado, H. Lara. Second Row: J. Falslev, C. Hagman, M. Retzloff, D. Hourigan, V. Hieb, C. A. Fisher, P. Lamb Third Row: Mrs. Olsen, R. Brown, B. Packwood S. Gonzales, M. Rafferty, Mr. Freed, 1 r SPANISH CLUB First Row: Mrs. Olsen, M. Amato, S. Sterling, P. Hoffman, J. Ricera, D. Snyder, C. Sollender, F. Anderson, R. Radow, Mr, Mays. Second Row: D. Porter, J. Costello, J. Liniewiez, B. Hodge, J. Hodge, T. Tubbs, C. Schroeder, M. Cote, F. Ramierez. Third Row. T. Johnson, J. Ritzer, D. Taylor, J. Willis, R, Lundquist, N. McDonald, K. Gragam, G. Stubbe, G. Long. Fourth Row: M. Riggio, A. Magana, B. Kelley. Y --i-W-Tv?-E5 .I 1' 2 5 The Radio Club, under l'he sponsor- shi of Mr. Buller, has an in+eres+ed and willing membership. These boys, whose inlereslr lies in radio mechanics, may some day be fhe communi+y's radio and TV repair men. Botfom Row: P. Guyell, R. Thorue, K. Graham L. Gammell, Mr. Buller, D. Simpson, B. Harrison, J. Dalsfrom, B. Kindred. Second Row: R. Arndl, R. Peterson, T. Beck, M. Newman, B. Ubben, A Conforli, C. Lopez, D. Nagle. Third Row: B Lawson, P. Honchel, D. Anderson, R. Kiskala G. Hoover, B, Sfubbe, A. Cosfanza, B. Mosino J. Mosino. I 1 1 RADIO AND SCIENCE CLUBS Wanl- lo learn lo discecl' a human? Nell, maybe no+, bul' 'lhe Science Club learns iusi' as much and more. Through- ou'l' l'he year 'l'he club has sponsored various +rips 'lo inleresling places. The advisor, Mr. Robinson, and +he Club's officers hope 'lo have an even larger membership nexl' year. Bolrom Row: A. Weber, N. Cox, R. Woods, J. Perkins, E. Raasled, M. Bales, J. Mack, N. Beauchamp. Second Row: J. Flowers, B. Fontes, N. Meclvedeff, C. Rosales, J. Hill, W. Daniels, D. Fairchild, H. Talbot, Mr. Robinson, C. Johnson. MODEL BUILDERS CLUB The Model Builders, under 'lhe direc- lion of Mr. Broid , are boys in'l'eres+ed in building models lo scale of various objecls, such as airplanes, boals and buildings. Fronf: D. Oslrander. Back: J. Hudson, B. Morales, C. Madrid, C. Lous. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Phologra hy Club has done a lo+ for 'l'he school lhis year: faking piclures al' all ac'l'ivil'ies and even having a A "Phol'o" con+esl. The membership is f nol' confined lo sl'uden'l's faking pholog- I raphy as a course. Advisor, Mr. Bruce, A 'M- says anyone is welcome +o ioin. 1 First Row: J. Hudclleslon, J. Perkins, E. Raasled H. Calderson, W. Seale. Second Row: Mr. Bruce, B. Morales, R. Allison. 6 Zi , QB! W4 3'-SS STAMP CLUB The Slamp Club may be one of lhe smaller Clubs on cam us, bu+ il' is one of 'lhe mosl' inferesling. Aiisor Mr. Harry Tammen and lhe boys of 'l'he club collecl slamps from all over The world. H. Tammen, J. Koller, D. Osborn, P. Loggins. 1"?qQ,, T FINE ARTS ARE WEl ART CLUB We're on our way, not striving to be great artists, but only to be able to draw or paint the beautiful things in lite. The Art Club, under the leader- ship ot Mr. Robinson Adams, sponsored its 'First annual student Art Show this year. Bottom Row Ileft to righfl R. Adams, V. Smith, J. Rector, E. Cleugh, J. Gues, B. Sherwood, M. Noland. Second Row: E. Stubbe, R. Castro, J. Lopez, P. Cross, C. Con- treras, C. Hunter, S. Lowrey, M. Walker, J, Von Green, V. Oliver. Third Row: W. J. Longley, S. Hogins, N. Tabor, M. Anderson, R. Alkemo, D Bornn, S, Foster, Sondra Munsil, J. Albright. DRAMA CLUB The Drama Class has done a tine iob this year. They have put out a lot ot eFFort and hard work. The students have displayed their talents by partici- pating in various productions: also pre- senting skits over the inter-com. With Mr. Davis as advisor, they have accom- plished a lot this year. Bottom Row: T. Emerson, S. Brown, C. Lothridge, L. Dixon, B. McBride, J. Folsleiv. Top Row: J. Tikumoff, B. Kramer, Mr. Davis, R. Brown, F. Pupia. EPRESENTED AT EL RANCHO GLEE CLUB Bottom Row: J. Michael, B. Hill, P. Varon, D. Emerson, R. Ramos, T. Emerson, J. Turley, L. Smith. Top Row: J. Alderson, P. Little, J. Falslev, P. Covlin, S. Golden, A. Proflit, D. Acinelli, R. Villanueva. The vocal departmentpf El Rancho has been well represented this year by our Chorus and Glee Club, under the direction of their capable advisor Mr. Art Hillson. Throughout the year they have given.us wonderful.presenl'a'lions in the art of music. Their special music at Christmas +ime added much 'lo 'l'he spirl' of the season. CHORUS Bottom Row: J. Pooler, B. Barmore, D. Briggs, C. Simon, J. Hannum, A. Hernandez, R. Artea, B. Blair, P ,Roseborough, C. McDougle, J. Voight. Middle Row: M. Verdugo, C. Rudisel, I. Bettencourt, D. Turner L. Elford, L. Koop, C. Cowley, L. McDougle, L. Enyart, C. Carter. Top Row: C.,McDonnell, N. Taylor, K. Hardy, J. Trent, T. Lopez, R. Laro, L. Gommell, T. Bohne, R. Costello, D. Thompson. 1 ', CREATORS OF HEL RODEO II., ,,-Lt' V' E It + ' ff I , KVI , . ,,, f 1 ,LjC" I5 I F, 4,fg,'g'Wv3 ' V 59 Hifgf f, i f iw ' ff rv in M1221 Elitifif U ' f r 7 ' ' i?"."x ,",":' Z? P A I ,L f I, MARIE VARON Society BARBARA BLAIR Society Editor BILL HATHAWAY Sports Editor MARGIE GAYLOR Society i' A .33 RQ ""14 vwlfjf f 5 ,.-ai ' ' 1' A Q,-3 ' A , gimme' ,, ii X1 ki 227,511 ' f I 5 - . N z. I ,,, ,V,g,, f f' f , If ,L 1-1 ,' 1 'fix-V5 4 I ,. . Ki., f DOLO RES MU RO Society GERRY RITZER Co-Editor FRED WELCH SPORTS JOAN HASE Feature Editor V- ,Q ,5,,,.sL 41- ,,.'L "V, , . f if f W I., if ' ' 2 7 X GERRY PERLEE News LOUISE MALI News EMILY BRONSTEIN Art Editor .IEANETTE ZAKARIAN Society 1332-, MR. MOORE Advisor JOHN HILL Editor BOB La GOW Photography I, 122: 52 f ,lf VI gaxsavioisifzewox I ri SCI-IQCL PAPER 'MW W ef fwsv an ami Many obstacles stood in the way of the EI Rancho Newspaper 'the "El Rodeo" and i+'s staff, but 'rhey came through, giving us all of El Rancho's news. Wl1e+her il' was political, social, sports, or humor, you got all four in this lop paper. This line staff and i'l's advisor Mr. Jack Moore sponsored many different polls, including "popularity polls, along wil'l1 "hit record" polls. The "El Rodeo" won 2nd place in this year's U.C.L.A. invi'ra+ional competition. The cubs also did more than their parl' in producing the "El Rodeo." This action shol' proves that. They ran out of gas while oul' on a story. CUB REPORTERS ff' ,, fwfr ,nav First Row: P. Walker, R. Cantrell, R. Murphy, M. Feldman, R. Knox, D. Aboud. Second Row: J. Kimble, C. Vinson, L. Grant, L. Smith, D Myremus D. Porter, J. Smith, J. Clark. Third Row: Mr. Moore, P. Hoffman, D. ColTey, F. Munsil, G. Williams, L. McGrath, G. Roesch, K. Van Selow J Green man, C. Putnam, L. Polk, R. Lewis. BAND THESE ADD TCD GUR PEP IN SPCDRTS Becoming one of the most recognized bands in the southland in only it's second year of ex- istance, the Don Band, under the direction of Mr. Art Hillson, has finally established El Rancho in music circles. Playing peppy music at our sports events, the band helped urge on our athletes to become champions. Music assemblies put on by our band, have given the El Rancho Student Body a chance to hear their fellow students display their musical talents. The purposes of the El Rancho "Donnettes" are to romote more and better school spirt at games andp other school activities, foster good fellowship within and without the group, and provide oppor- tunity for growth in leadership, fellowship, and character. The advisor of this sparkling group is Miss Anderson. First Row: C. Noble, B. Allen, B. Blair, C. Putnam. Second Row: F. Munsil, B. Wentzel, J. Mclnilurff, J. Headley, L. Sanchez, W. Morgan, 8. Fleming N. Ellis, J. Nicholson, J. Johnson, B. Walker. Third Row: Mr. Hillson, W. Johnson, D. Bennell, B. Thompson, D. Korgan, J. Kattler, K. Wilson, J. Thor: sen, C. Boles, B. Hemline, R. Lompson, J. Hanson. Fourth Row: B. Reese, T. Whittaker, D. Cason, P. Guyette, C. Templin, N. Vaillancourt, J. Machuca, T. Quintero, B. Goff, C. Kratsch, J. Trent, L. Denton, K. Amis, T. Lopez. Bottom Raw, Seated: B. Werle, M. J. Amato, B. Jennings, H. Colperon, S. Sterling, V. Wagner, S. Lowrey, P. Ruiz, B. Kossky, B. Bohne. Second Row Kneeling: B. Buoir, N. Lowrey, B. Allen, M. Lovett, M. Gromberg, J. Pounds, J. Curd, B. Toney, J. Kaylor, D. Snyder, J. Perkins, J. Castillo, D. Daly C. Putnam, C. Nohle. Third Row: D. Parter, R. Hodge, J. A. Liniewiez, G.Roescl1, C. Carter, P. Walker, D. Aboud, S. Foster, F. Dobbs, J. Van Green B. Carr, S. Von Selow, L. Polk, C. Buscarino, P. Davis, D. Altieri. Fourth Row: K. Swensen, S. Muto, P. Foul, L. Dietiker, J. Hodge, P. Renley, D. Bornn J. Stockberger. 1 DRILL TEAM .J THESE ADD T0 OUR PRESTIGE FIRST SEMESTER The Dons and Donnas who are "brains of the crowd" have opportunity to become members of the honorary Scholarship Society by acquiring I0 points at the semes- ter. As members, they are privileged to wear the pin of the organization. Membership in the Scholarship Society is a goal for which every Don and Donna should strive. SECOND SEMESTER Firts Row: W. Daniels, J. Hill, W. Seal, R. Heald, K. Graham. Second Row: B. Werley, M. Armato, P. Davis, L. Mali, E. Roasted, S. Muto, Y. Yoell, P. Hoffman, J. Rivera, M. Louett, V. Costabile. First Row: R. Woods, P. Clark, W. Daniels, B. Morales, J. Hill, W. Seale, R. Heald, B. Packwood, K. Graham, H. Eilfort, T. Tickunofi. Second Row: B. Werely, H. Centeno, G. Ritzer, G. Wright, B. Mossino, R. Cox, T. Whittaker, M. Miles, J. Rivera, J. Giles. Third Row: N. Cox, D. Horigan, M. Armato, J. Kaylor, G. Toliver, P. Davis, L. Mali, Y. Yoell, C. Heston, C.Hunter, E. Clue, M. Lovett, S. Haggins, A. Young, K. Amos, P. Hoffman, V. Costabile. STUDENT LEADE To further the spirt of good fellowship and democracy: install high ideals of service and good citizenship: and to encourage those activities which will promote higher ideals of womanhood in all girls at EI Rancho is the purpose of the Girls League. Each girl in the school is a member and has a vote in the election of the officers. The Girls League has many accomplishments to be proud ot. Among the most important activities they supported were: Girls League Formal Dance, Holiday Helpers, and Co-ed Capers. RS IN GIRLS LEAGUE First Row: V. Costobile, E. Moore, B. Davis, D. Jenkins, A. Miller, D. Encinos. Second Row: C. Swenson, C. Rosoles, J. Toliver, C. Johnson, L. Compton, J. Trent. if F is Bottom Row: R, Lcmpson, B. Pockwood, A. Mogonc, R. Holley, G. Wright, B. Hothowoy, J. Hunt. Second Row: C. Wooten, S. LoFerr, J. DeBoId, R. Foster, J. Lindblad, R. Cox, Mr. McLellan. Third Row: R. Schmitt, B. Johnson, S. Wimberly, T. Johnson, B, Voight, T. Whittaker. GIRLS LEAGUE OFFICERS DON CLUB The Don's Club is a social organization. but they also try to be of service to the school whenever possible The high standards set for membership in the club causes the members to set examples for the rest of the school to follow. FUTURE TEACHERS SPORTS, BUSINESS cmd TEACHING These ambious sludenfs have se'I' 'lheir goals high by plan- ning +o become lhe Fufure Teachers of America. Along wifh F, ' R J A , I Iheir adivisor, Mr. Go'H'schlich, Ihey are learning fhe Irials and rs ow Ibright, V. Oliver, J. Pooler, B. Krolch. Second Row' D H,,,,,9,,,,, ML Go,,,Ch,,Ch' ' ' Iribulafions of becoming ieachers. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS The purposes of fhe Fulure Business Leaders of America are: fo 'Irain sI'uden'l's fo accepf leadership responsi- blilies, 'Io creale more infer- es+ and undersfanding in 'lhe inlelligenf choice of busi- ness occupalions, and 'Io encourage members 'ro im- prove Ihe school, fhe home and The communify. They fry fo accomplish Ihese pur- poses by various acfiviliesf such as, field frips fo busi- ness esfablishmenls, Io ob- serve office procedures, and guesl' speakers. who repre- senf our local businesses. Former sfudenls have re- furned and have relaled fheir experiences in fhe bugi- Firsl Row: L. Gram, A. McConnell, S. Ectmon, D. Milloy, A. Miller, D. Jenkins, H. Eilforl. Second Row: ness world I. Bell, B, Wood, B. Weber, G. Oslrcnder, Mr. Cornelsen, R. Lora, J. Kimble, M. Rodriguez, E. Sherwood. KCDED KAPERS K. A744 Q6-lk! S M' 'H BLUE-GRAY VARIETIES 127 71 x W7 kki KQ 6'-1 ,oiygib cab WM JIMJ' il Z ff! 1 iv nf Q jf Q ww 7 X f 2 i 'H I ?5 X F X X 1 Z 3 Y f I , wx ,L J My 5 , w if 7 f ,A , ,, W, ,,. , 1 1 in f if "'fg"4',2 ' , Y , 5 In I , , Age ,i fc '14 E, fy I V' l l .a'!, E' lo Q5 my ,C S f i f . ff' ,.,, , MAKERS OF THE 1954 The Annual Sfaff have really been working hard lhis year: slriving lo makejhis year's annual l'he very bes'I'. Mr. Paul Gardner, our advisor, has been wonderful, and is really a swell guy fo work wi'l'h. We have had 'lop Pholograghers working wi+h us fhrougoul' fhe year: also an ex- perienced Edi'l'or. Knowing +ha+ 'lhe sludenls of El Ranoho will be looking al 'I'heir annuals for years lo come, we have s'l'riven io creafe a 'lop-rale yearbook 'lhal' 'l'hey may cherish forever. T S lfls T I , Klip . ,V'f,,,,,,,,, ,,VV7 ii, f Q if .I . V. PHIL ARVIZU Editor PETE CALIVA and JEANNETTE ZAKARIAN Classes Section 'A-.wr ' SHIRLEY MUTO and DOLORES MURO Senior Section 3 H fi ,uf MARY ELLEN NOLAND Clubs ond Activities RlCHARD ZOGOB Commissions Section EL RANCHO ANNUAL JIM HUDDLESTON, WAYN and EARL KELLY Photography MIKE MASCARENA5 and JOAN HASE Ads Section SHEILA LARSON Society Section E -5 ROBERTA HIGGINS WAYNE DANIELS GEORGE BARILONE TOM SANCHEZ and HELEN TALBOT Sports Section E SEALE x BILL MORALES 'JN b E X ' f' X ,kj ,Q f I F PHOTOGRAPHY M., Ixee ix ar? Wi' YET?" .4 A A ' . If-, A. -we E5 I fm yy- . 3 aaa! V 4 ' -rx it RGLLING ALONG' WITH SPORTS '1 faigk R V :Ja ' I mx Q. Z ll! Dons Take San Gabriel Valley League Firsl Row: I lo r, C. Woolen, J. Lindblad, T. Colonluano, S. Wim berly, J. DeBoId, R. Foster, K. Gehlken, B. Voighl, J. Renley, B. Rankin, J. Rothermal. Second Row: Coach McLellan, C. Madrid, R. Servin, T. Johnson, J. Traylor, P. Arvizu, R. Snow, B. Butler, B. Johnson, D. Cook, G. Lundquisf, Coach Wineinger. Third Row. T. Francis, P. Desmond, F. Ramirezf G. Majchrzak, B. Honchell, H. Maake, S. Ahaiinion, E. Flint, R. Hanson, L. Graves, A. Carmichael. "San Gabriel Valley League Champions," is lhe lille lhal will be worn by lhe I953 Varsily squad. Compeling for lhe lirsl lime in lhe new Don Sladium, lhe Don Varsily swepl lhrough 'Four league opponenls and posled an enviable season mark ol seven wins and lwo losses. Coaches Gene Wineinger and Orval McLellan worked long hours bringing lheir squad lo lhe championship. ln lheir lirsl ouling lhey edged Morningside 7-6 as Bill Rankin scored lhe louchdown and Woolen kicked lhe winning poinl. They lamed lhe Bellflower Buccaneers I9-6 lhe nexl week al lhe dedicalion ol Don Field, wilh Mad- rid and Bill Halhaway picking up yardage. ln lheir second home game. lhey ran up againsl Anaheim who laler wenl onlo lhe C.l.F. playoff and lied Sanla Monica. The Dons found lhe Colonisls loo much lo cope wilh, losing 32-I2. The Dons were viclorious in lheir lirsl lwo league games bealing Cenlennial I4-O and Paramounl I9-0. Then lhey played Arcadia in a non-league game and came oul on lop 32-7 wilh Rolhaermel scoring lwo louchclowns. ll look lhree exlra poinls by Claud Woolen lo lame lhe Braves from Baldwin Park 2 I-20 lo assure EI Rancho lhe lille. ln lheir lasl game ol lhe year lhe Dons allained revenge on lhe Bell Gardens Lancers by bealing lhem I3-6 wilh Claud Woolen making lwo sensalional runs. HATHAWAY ROMPS AROUND END CO-CHAMPS WITH TROPHY VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES ElRancho .....,...... 7 ElRancho ............ I9 ElRancho ............ I2 ElRancho ,.........., I4 ElRancho ....,..,.... I9 ElRancho ..........,. 32 ElRancho ............ 2I ElRancho ..........., I3 ElRancho ............ 'CIF play '6 off gams. LINBLAD ELUDES TACKLER LCQM ...,. if L . 'rr-N, inle Morningside .... Bellflower ........ Anaheim .......... Cenlennial ...... Paramounl ...... Arcadia .......,.... Baldwin Park ,... Bell Gardens .... Pomona .........,, , Y D! M . C. WOOTEN, H.B. C. MADRID, H.B. J. LINDBLAD, Q.B. B. HATHAWAY, H.B. B. RANKIN, H.B. G. MAJCHRZAK, T. C. FLINT, T. F. RAMIREZ, G. L. GRAVES, E. T. COLONTUANO, E, M. ADDY, Q. T. FRANCIS, H.B. By winning Ihe S.G.V. League Ihe Dons earned Ihemselves a chance Io play 'Ihe Pomona Red Devils. winners of Ihe Cilrus Bel+ League, in 'Ihe lirsf round of +he C.I.F. playoffs. The Dons found fhings harder fhan 'Ihey Ihoughf as Ihey played a poor game and were beafen 47-6 by I'he Red Devils. This year El Rancho placed four men on The Hrsi' sfring All League squad. Claud Woolen was a unani- A FUMBLE AGAINST POMONA WOOTEN SWEEPS CENTENNIAL END HATHAWAY CARRIES PIGSKIN LUNDQUIST SCORES T.D. l 4 f If . 5, I 2 V 19'-513: V . f , . A 4 af- 7.2. ' A 4 ' ,V ' 1 NI Ali' in D. COOK, E. A. CARMICHEAL, H.B. R. SERVIN, E. J. RENLEY, E. S. AHAJANAIN, G. P. DESMOND, T B. JOHNSON, T. P. ARVIZU, G. K. GHELKEN, G. B. BUTLER, G. J. ROTHERMAL, H.B. T. JOHNSON, T mous choice, while Ken Gehlkin, Sian Wimberly and Jim Lindblad were also placed on 'Ihe firsl' sI'ring 'I'eam. Tom Colonluano, Bob VoighI', and Jim Rolhaermel were all placed on 'rhe second sfring Ieam. Ofher Dons on Ihe AII League 'Ieam who made honorable menfion were John Renley, Ronnie Fos+er and Gary Lundquisf. ROTHAERMEL BREAKS THROUGH LINE ACTION IN THE LINE RANKIN RAMBLES MORE YARDAGE FOR WOOTEN CHAMPS S 1 J ' x J. osaoua, G. B. HONCHELL, G. G. Luwoouusr, H.s. R. sNow, c. R- FOSTER, C- G. HANSEN, E. J. TRAYLOR, G. T. Pnisro, H.B. in, han. ' 1 A , , y a. l A J B. voiGHT, T. s. WIMBERLEY, T. Varsity Coach, Orval McClellan, Cee Coach, Jim Snowden, and Varsity Coach, Gene Wineinger talking things over. Q. L i J 3 First String, Bottom Row: I to r, T. Colontuano, S. Wimberly, J. DeBold, R. Foster, K. Ghelken, B. Voight, and D. Cook. Second Row: J. Rothermal, C. Madrid, J. Lindblcld, and C. Wooten. Second String, Third Row: I to r, R. Servin, T. Johnson, J. Traylor, R. Snow, B. Butler, B. Johnson, and J. Renley. Fourth Row: G. Lundquist, P. Arvizu, M. Addy, and B. Hathaway. BEE GRIDDERS GO UNDEFEATED Rising io ihe heighi of El Rancho aihleiic feams, ihe l953 Bee Squad weni undefeaied in eighl' games. Coaching fhe Bee's ihis year were Jaclr Dandridge and Don Sayles, who did grea+ iobs in bringing +he Bees up from fheir cellar posiiion of I952. The Don middleweighis liierally ran over iheir firsl' +hree pracfice foes, swamping Morningside 40-O, smashing Bellflower 35-6, and disposing of supposedly rough Anaheim 46-6. In fheir iirs? league game, ihe Dons again ou+ classed 'lheir rivals, beafing Ceniennial 28-6 and in 'lheir nexi' game +hey se+ a new school scoring record as 'l'hey slaughlered an undermaned Paramouni feam, 6l-6, Againsf 'lhe California Condors 'the nexl' weelr, fhe Bee's ran info 'lrouble as +hey were held 'ro a I2-I2 lie even fhough our Bee's oufgained and ou'l-downed ihe Condors. They finished off 'lhe season laealing Baldwin Park 37-0 and Bell Gardens 8-0. Sparlcplug of fhe explosive Don offense which averaged 33 poin+s per game was haliback Manuel Melendrez, who was fhe leading ground gainer and scorer. Rounding oul' lhe Don baclriield were quar+erbacl: Joe Hunl' and halfbaclrs Sam Coseniino and Darryl Canirell. Leading +he mighiy Bee defense was linebacker Jerry Moore, while also s+arring on +he rugged Don defense were Ron Borcherding, George Barilone, Russ Halley, Bob Moreno, Rex Lundquisi, and Ray Carrillo. r L15 ii! H T U- 3 .1341 f Sam Chaney, Bari Kirlr, George Edwards, Louie Hancoclr, BEE FOOTBALL SCORES El Rancho ...,........ 40 El Rancho ...,........ 35 EI Rancho EI Rancho ,........... 28 EI Rancho a,.......... 6I El Rancho EI Rancho El Rancho Morningside Bellflower .... Anaheim Cenfennial .. Paramounf ,, California ,.,. Baldwin Park Bell Gardens 'F' QL- ,a,, J j E , S E I 5 , . .,..M R71- Q, x A 'ii-f I My - fi 9 9' . Ax i 1' i, f ,S I . ,f ,X y vi 1 1 'ii r e, . J ff i so X J. DANDRIDGE D. SAYLES R. BORCHERDING S. COSENTINO F. COLONTUANO G. EDWARDS D. CANTRELL D. FAIRCHILD J, HUNT M, MELENDREZ, gn CARRILLO B' KIRK R. LUNDQUIST S. CHANEY L, HANCOCK - R, HAI-LEY J. SCHNIEDER J. MOORE G RLPIIONF R MFDINA , ,341 4, 51 vw 'v www COLONTUANO MAKES A BREAK FOR IT. ALMOST A TOUCHDOWN AGAINST CENTENNIAL. COSENTINO SCORES AGAINST CALHI A I ,, . lf., , N w f , z A, lU4f,-My , f' L ' Lf pf 4' 'Q if Z' . ' E f wmv s, ,. , V -4 ,w gg, 34212 1 Fu "Mi Gif ffiill ?3?!i QQQSSSQ5 annum f , 1.f,f,f,,,,, ' new ew af M is Vfifx ' 52 if E, xx it 4. gy "ff , W4-Wm. P qwewfxaam g ,I f, ,,,, ', Ifffwl R. TALAVERA J. SERGEANT J. FLANAGAN B- REDD B. DERBY T. LOCKHART gg R f f 4 , ' I -ass. 4, I if -+4 , ,,,,,,, 49' f. f , .ff Q 1 ' , . ,, ,lr G A L ,f -MQ J 251 K X . 2, If I ,, 'W' 1 , ,f fz T. HOWE B. STEVENSON J. HANEY WW 'ww ff Mhkffigg B. WHEELER C. HINKLE T. WHITTAKER J. TRENT B. BENTLEY D. HATHAWAY B, GIERLICH J. TREADWELL F. EADLE f W fin L ' QWQL' ' , . f ,' ' ef-qv - I V1 ' J' A HW 2' JJ V M, . I' f -sp J vw . . MM, 7,121 V I 3f,ffj,,4! ,, Q Wt-.,,..,, .. MA V ,V ff,mvf.f ' Q , , ' ,f I wc, ,L fi 'W 1-V pg. 5121, ' .6,j,,',zf 'Th Q7 ,K L'l Mfg , , ff , G 1, , ' 5 ,5 Cee Pigslcinners Close Well Bottom Row: I to r, B. Richardson, B. Bell, G. Maddox, J. Hudson, J. George, B. Kelley, N. Monis, R. Hrohame, W. Morgan, J. Wood- bury, A. Ponce, G. Bates, K. Matthews. Row Two: B. Yanzer, Mgr. A. Diaz, W. Furbeclc, D. Bennell, K. Wilson, R. Arndy, A. Conforfe, J. Lewis, T. Clarke, B. Beck, F. Molinary, D. Schweiger. Row Three: Coach J. Snowden L. Gilgen, C. Cobb, C. Romo, C. Favela, L. Mullinnex, J. DiGregorio, B. Holifield, J. Demming, D. Korgan, A. Zuniga, D. Inlay, Coach B. Stanley. First Row: I to r, C Favela, K. Wilson, G. Bates, D. Schweiger, W. Morgan, A. Zuniga, F. Mullin nex. Second Row: N. Manis, B. Holitield, B. Kelley, J. DiGregorio. Hustling throughout the season, is what the Cee's did this year, but 'they tound the going a little harder than their bigger brothers. The Cee's dropped their tirst tive games, losing to Bellflower, Anaheim, Excelsior, Rosemead, and California, how- ever, they tinished in a blaze ot glory, swamping Baldwin Park 27-7 and defeating Covina I9-0. El Rancho ........ ,.... 0 Bellflower ...... ..... 7 El Rancho ........ ..... 7 Anaheim .... ........ 2 8 El Rancho ........ ..... 0 Excelsior ..... ........ 3 I El Rancho ........ ..... 0 California ...... ........ 2 6 El Rancho ........ ..... 0 Rosemead ......... ........ 6 EI Rancho ........ ......... 2 7 Baldwin Parlr ........ .... 7 EI Rancho ......... ........ I 9 Covina ............ ........ 0 ni' 33221 22:5 KELLEY ELUDES TACKLER DEFENSE TACKLES OPPONENT Dl GREGORIO GOES FOR A T. D OUR FIRST YEAR OF SWIMMING 1-:ff 3 ,X 52 4 I ' :ff gi ., ,,, ,- ..,!V Si , . f ' 3 f' f 3 Q is fr 1 J 5 I' A r I 4 P X 'M Boflom Row. L. toR., E. Leibrock, C. Chase, M. Hoyle. Top Row: Coach Jim Epperson, D. McArthur, W. Millard, Mgr. D. Pool, A'H'er geH'ing off 'Io a Iafe s+ar'I', +he newIy formed EI Rancho Swimming 'ream seHIed down for some hard work. Lead by Capiains Chuck Chase and Jerry Pu+nam, 'Ihe guys 'fook several 'iirsi' honors in I'he meeis. They mei' hard com- peI'iI'ion when Ihey swam agains'I Souih Pasadena, San'ra Ana, Newpori' Beach, Anaheim, Whi'H'ier IReservesI, California, and Long Beach Wilson. The Ieam works oui' aI' Palm Park, Monday 'I'hru Friday from 3:30 Io 5:00. The Ieam enI'ered Ihe C.I.F. Swim Preliminaries ai' Ihe cIose of I'he season and made a good showing. Boftom Row: L. to R., C. Hinkle, D. Harhaway, J. Dominguez, Capt. C. Chase, C. Laws, R. Melendrez, G. Melendrez. Top Row: Mgr. D. Pool, D. SepuIveda, M. Hoyle, B. Magana, D. DeJardine, B. Millard, J. Joliy, B. Hortline, G. Johnson, Coach Jim Epperson. J. DOMINGUEZ Boitom Row: L, to R., S. Gomez, Capt. J. Putnam, J. Lewis, M. Newman. Top Row: Coach J. LEWIS Epperson, D. George, K. Conrad, C. Romeo, R. Horn, Mgr. D. Pool. . ..-. r-Ln-nr--1 CAPT. C. CHASE CAPT. J. PUTNAM C. LAWS ' K Q 3. r ' P132 5,- V S If Mr: ,TV - fis'1g,ig3f34'r ' Q 5 '14 1 if A J. f., , W., f f .,.-., , y af... ww- l y fr 1' hy 3 . fVf"',' ' ' ' S. GOMEZ M. NEWMAN . I C. ROMEO Leather Lungers Zncl ln League VARSITY SQUAD BOB LAGUNAS ROYCE COX ALEX MAGANA TOM SANCHEZ WAYNE CRUM DICK COSTABILE ' ' BILL .. Q. . 7 ,eeL,,, e e, . ,Q 1:3 - ,1 PACKWOOD Bottom Row, left to right: C. Boles, J. Dolstrom, J. Hcslom, G. Ritzer. Bock COACH JOE OSTERMAN Row: C. Steele, J. Wooten, C. Nix, D. Olcgue and J. Dominguez. This year the Don Cross Country Team won second place in League standings. They made a fighting effort to win the champion- ship but lost to Baldwin Parlc in a close meet. ln an all league meet the Don Run- ners placed second to Baldwin Parlr, with Royce Cox talcing a second place for the Varsity, and Wayne Crum a tirst place in J. V. The team was sparked by such stars as Royce Cox, Tom Sanchez, Bob Lagunas, Alex Magana, Wa ne Crum. Diclt Costabile and Bill Paclzwool ,. CROSS COUNTRY El Rancho' ...... .......... 2 4 Centennial ..... ,,,,,,,,, 3 3 El Rancho ........ .......... 2 5 Paramount ..,... ,.,,,,.,, 3 3 El Rancho ........ .......... I 5 California ..,.., ,,,,,,,,. 4 5 EI Rancho ........ .......... 3 6 Baldwin Park ....,. ,,,,,,,,, 2 2 El Rancho ........ .................. l 9 Bell Gardens ,,,,,,,-,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 3 8 El Rancho .............................. 33 Rosemead .,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,.,.,,,,Y,,,,- 25 El Rancho .............. 33 Puente .............. 35 Alhambra ,,,,,,,, 62 El Rancho .............. 82 Cathedral ........ 63 Roosevelt .,,,,..,,, 5I M'l'. Sac. Invitational ...,.,.............,.,..,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, Third in divigign All League MBBJ' ...................................,.....,,.,,,,..,.,,,, Second Place El Rancho .............................. 28 Puente ..,,. ...,...,,,..,,..,,,,,,,,,., 2 7 'Low score denotes winner. Varsity Cagers Take Third Place Boffom Row, L. io R.: R. Cantrell, R. Lemon, K. Roberts, D, Astle, P. Caliva, B. Voighl, C. Chavez, J. Flowers. Second Row: D. Cook, R. Zogob, J. l.indblad, Coach Fisher, C. Escareno, J. Winn, B.' Rankin, C. Wright. From lasf place in fheir firsf year fo fhird place was fhe accomplishmenf of fhe El Rancho Varsify Baskefball feam fhis season. All of lasf year's feam, plus new sfars, reporfed fo coach Earl Fisher who fielded a feam fo give fhe large Rancho crowds many fhrills in fhe new Don gymnasium where fhey won fheir firsf fen games. The Fishermen fook six ouf of fheir fhirfeen pracfice games, winning from Puenfe, Covina, Garden Grove, Arcadia, Bonifa, and Pacific. Pracfice foes who defeafed fhe Rancheros were Monrovia, Downey, W. S. Harf, Cifrus, Morning- side, Paramounf, and Anaheim. The varsify cagers opened fheir San Gabriel Valley League slafe af Cenfen- nial, buf fhe Fisher five found fhe Apaches poor hosfs, losing 63-53. The Pico-Rivera boys fhen swepf fhrough fheir nexf four games, edging Paramounf 59-42, frampling California 6l-42, sfun- ning Baldwin Park 68-66, and winning on a forfeif from Bell Gardens. The Varsify hoopsfers found fhe go- ing rough in fhe second round of league play, falling before Cenfennial, Para- mounf, California, and Baldwin Park. ln fheir final game of fhe year, fhey de- feafed Bell Gardens 55-37. Sfarring for fhe Dons fhis year were Jim Winn, Bob Voighf, Bill Rankin, Guy Wrighf, Jim Lindblad, George Chavez, and John Flowers. El Rancho ............ 25 Monrovia .................. 42 El Rancho ............ Downey ...................... 65 El Rancho ............ 33 William S, Harf ........ 63 El Rancho ............ Puenfe ...........,..........,. 46 El Rancho ............ 40 Cifrus ..........,............. 49 El -Rancho ............ 53 Covina .....,................ 47 El'Rancho ............ 43 Morningside .............. 49 El Rancho ............ 3l Paramounf ................ 42 El Rancho EI Rancho ............ 46 Garden Grove .......... 50 Arcadia ....... EI Rancho ........,... 40 Bonifa ..... .........., 3 8 EI Rancho ..........., 48 Anaheim ..,,, ,,,,,,..,.. 6 l El Rancho ............ 48 Pacific ........,,.............. 46 El Rancho ............ 53 Centennial .....,.,........ 63 El Rancho ............ 59 Paramounf ,............... 57 El Rancho ............ 6l California .................. 4 2 EI Rancho ............ 68 Baldwin Park .............. 66 EI Rancho ............ Bell Gardens ................ lforfeif 'lo E.R.l EI Rancho Cenfennial ................ 74 El Rancho Paramounf .,.,..,......... 5l El Rancho California .,,............... 65 El -Rancho ............ 68 Baldwin Park .............. 72 El Rancho Bell Gardens .............. 37 ' K .3672 175,76 ' Zig , 5, , 1 44 f f 4, .5 , ff eff '. .bwf ,ZH 4,77 4 V 4, .W 5 '54 CAG EMEN , , . Mk.. . , 9252-yi ff ., 'Q - h I I I 3 T Q COACH EARL FISHER .I. WINN G. WRIGHT G. CHAVEZ B. RANKIN J. LINDBLAD B. VOIGHT P. CALIVA J. FLOWERS R. ZOGOB C. ESCARENO B. LEMON R. CANTRELL D. ASTELL J. WILLIS K. ROBERTS Bee Hoopsters Improve Thru Seoson This ear's El Rancho Bee BaslceTball aggregafion found vicTory harder To gain Than The oTher Don baslceTball squads. BuT The hard-fighfing middleweighTs, coached by Don Sayle. improved in every game. They ended The season wiTh five wins and five losses in league play. AfTer going winless in Their firsf year, The Don Bees finally broke info The vicTory column againsT PuenTe, 43-39. ln oTher pracTice games The Saylesmen were defeafed by Monrovia, Downey, HarT, Cifrus, Covina, Garden Grove, Arcadia, Bonifa, Anaheim and Pacific. ln Their firsT round of league play The Ranchers downed Paramounf and California, buT were defeafed by Cenfennial, Baldwin Park and Bell Gardens. ln The second S.G.V.L. round The Bees defeaTed Cenfennial, Paramounf, and Baldwin Parlc. They losT only To California and Bell Gardens. The I953-54 Bee Team feafured such sTars as: Andy Nelson, Rex LundquisT, Franlc Colonfuano, Joe HunT, Henry Medina, Ray Carrillo, Bob Lagunas, and Barf Kirlc. ElRancho ........ ElRancho .....,.. ElRancho ..... ElRancho ........ ElRancho ........ ElRancho ........ ElRancho .... ElRancho ........ ElRancho ....,... ElRancho ........ Elkancho .....,.. ElRancho ........ ElRancho ........ ElRancho ........ ElRancho .... ElRancho .... ElRancho ....,... ElRancho ........ ElRancho .....,.. ElRancho ........ ElRancho ,....... Monrovia ........... Downey ................ William S. Hari ........ Puenfe .............,.... Clfrus ................. Covina .................. Garden Grove ........ Arcadia ............. Bonifa ..,.. Anaheim .... Pacific ............ Cenfennial ...... ParamounT ...... California ......... Baldwin Park ..... Bell Gardens ...... Cenfennial ...... Pa ra mou nf ...... California ...... Baldwin Parlr ..... Bell Gardens ..... 4 1 Q COACH SAYLE R. LUNDQUIST A. NELSON B. KIRK J. HUNT G. EDWARDS R aoacnsrznursxc R. cARlLLo F. COLONTUANO Te , l i' A , K rr V' f if 'r, ea 577 T 'iv T ..iT """f , l T R W e fi I If 4 1 if B. LAGUNAS J. BURGESS J. HANEY ff uf ' ,,f .few . V f. r 2 ,fwf'ff,,ff'4,z, , , ,, , ff ,' 1 ' ff' 'y?,?lf'QVf,Zyf:f QQ , 'U 717' I f 1 . . 1' a ,.3320-7,45?Li2'iWf?ivYV' - V '?WfyyQffr5-- , , . , :K:v4f'f-ff. rw ,ycffffyfr ,rf .f , X V ew'-v.4g4.-zfqggf 'Af 1 .-g T , , , , K 4 ' WP! ffmf4iffffC'f,g,mw f V ' - f f Mio' wwcfff . .s V ' ff . I , , 9 If X ff Cees Are Champs, Dees Take 2nd El Rancho. El Rancho. El Rancho .....,...... El Rancho ,....,...,.. DEE BASKETBALL SCORES El Rancho. El Rancho ............ I8 El Rancho ......,..... 50 El Rancho ....,....... 39 El Rancho ........,... 35 EI Rancho ...,........ 43 CEE BASKETBALL SCORES EI Rancho ,,.,.,,,,,,, 39 Cenlennial El Rancho ,...,....... 64 Paramounl El Rancho California ..... El Rancho Baldwin Parlr. El Rancho ...,.....,.. Bell Gardens. El Rancho .v,,...,.... Cenlennial El Rancho Paramounf El Rancho .,.,...,,,., California .,,.. Baldwin Parlr. Bell Gardens. Cenlennial .... California ...,.. Baldwin Parlr.. Bell Gardens.. Cenlennial .... California ...... Baldwin Park.. Bell Gardens.. Bottom Row: I to r, B. Holilield, B. Kelley, J. DiGregorio, M. Mclenky, A. Lagunos. Top Row. N. Manis, F. Molin- ary, C. Cobb, R. Lampson, Coach DeVries, C. Romo, A. Zuniga, C. Favela, L. Gilgen. DEE BASKETBALL TEAM Boffom Row: Lelf to Righl: B: Bell, C. Romo, M. Combs, R. Swanson, D. Cobb. Top Row: Mgr. B. Blauw, T, Clark, L. Mullinnix, J- Nllillln. M. Feldmen, P. Turley, Coach B. Stanley. Champion is lhe word 'lhal describes every boy on 'rhis year's Cee 'leam. For il' was lhis mighly Cee leam which broughl' El Rancho ils 'lirsl' league championship lrophy in baslcefball. Coach Pele De Vries presenled a leam +ha+ played very well under pressure and had excellenl lighling spiril' which carried l'he Cees lhrough 'len league games undefealed. The only defeal' of l'he year for 'lhe Don babes came al 'lhe hands of Anaheim in a praclice game. a leam lhe Ranch hands had bealen lhree days before. Sharpshooler Bill Kelley was lhe leading Cee scorer closely 'Followed by John DeGregario. Olher boys who played greal' baslrelball lhis year were Buddy Holifield, Ar+ Lagunas, Mike Malenlxy, Noel Manis, and Larry Gilgen. We can also be proud of our Dee leam coached by Bill Slanley. The midgels placed second in +heir league and won mos'r of lheir praclice games. Paul Turley, Bob Bell, Larry Mullinnix, Dick Cobb and Jim Nilcilin led +he Dee a'H'aclc. ff' k 1 ff c gf 52 ig Z, QQ Wa? Ein ,Vg f U z .gy - tiwf ?wi?X'g,, f , Q22 E I5 3 fs' 4 Wo ,Q 9 mf W Fwf wwf 5 R QHKCOW wwf? A, . A ff -Hun gg : 'f 14 van 'wi s , - H sz Q., H 'a fl--XJ ' 1 .bf gfwaaai Ljlqwiif 2 E A ,gm wif m A Y H X S J 4 -f Ng 14 N, ,bf K .QM J. V. NINE WIN CHAMPIONSHIP FRGSH GAIN EXPERIENCE I l A l f ALM , al 4..-an g A I EW?- J V First Row: F. Romeriz, P. Turley, G. Edwards, J. Digregorio, M, Riggio, D. Horrigon, R. Contrell, B, Holitield. ' ' Second Row: Nlr. E. Fisher, B.Dokos, G. Buchonnon, D. Cormichol, B. McCleon, R. Schmitt, B. Kirk, K. Linville ond F. Welch. -TT.... ivi-il K . . Top Row: L. to R., I.. Gilgen, E. Ologue, R. Thorne, J. Powers, D. Botolo, I.. Mullinix, R. Craig, J. Wooten, U J V J. Woodbury., Front Row: G. Moddux, R. Morrow, R. Groyum, R. Reese, H. Noye, J. Marshall, D. Ostronder, K. Matthews. The colors of Blue and Gray were for the second time this year flying in the C. I. F. playoFFs. This feat was accomp- lished by the I954 EI Rancho Varsity Baseball Squad, coached by Jack Dandrige who gave us a Bee football champion- ship. The Don sluggers swept eight out ot ten S. G. V. L. games, defeating runner up Baldwin park twice. The Dan- ridge clemons blasted such teams as Monrovia, Santa Maria, Citrus, South Pasadena, Paramount, California, Centennial Bell Gardens and Baldwin Park. Only two boys on this years squad are seniors which means more glory tor EI Rancho on the Baseball diamond next year. Coach Earle Fisher gave us another championship as his J.V.'s blasted four hopless league opponents. The Fisher nine romped to such victorys as I7-6 over Paramount, 2I-4 over Baldwin Parlc, and I5-I against Bell Gardens. George Edwards led the men of Fisher in hitting, his pitching was also a standout. Other stars this year were, Buddy Hollitield, Ray Schmitt, Frank Ramirez, Art Carmicheal, Dennis Dalros, Diclc Costibile, Jerry Haney, Gordon Buchanen, Bart Kirlc and Tom Horan. EI Rancho also tielded a freshman horse hide squad. Coached by Joe Osterman the ninth graders played such teams as Citrus, Bellflower, Whittier, Excelsior and California. Troclcmen Victorious - Bees Grab Title Bolrom Row: Left fo Right: B. Van Oosfing, J. Roihermel, S. Ahaianicn, J. Renley, C. Covarrubius, B. Hathaway, D. Carver, J. Lindblad C. Wooten. Middle Row: P. Desmond, R. Escerino, R. Cox, C. Nix, D. Trent, J. DeBold, K. Graham, D. Asfle, 8. Johnson, J. Cooper, Coach O. McLellen. Top Row: Mgr. T. Sanchez, G. Hanson, H. Noake, G. Maichrzak, R. Foster, T. Johnson, L. Graves, B. Voighf, J. Johnson. .I P. .Take your marks, gel' sei, go!! was a familiar call heard very offen around fhe El Rancho Track as Don Spikers worked many long hours fhis spring. Bul' the work paid off as coaches Orval McLellan, Jim Snowden and Fefe DeVries fielded 'three hard fighfing frack squads of which fhe Blue and Grey can well be proud. Mac's varsify crew wound up fhird in fhe San Gabriel Valley loop with record of ihree wins and 'two losses. The Pico-Riverans fell before Paramounl' 40-62 and Cenfennial 25-79, but came back fo Clobber California 84-20, Blast Baldwin Pk. 70lf2-33lf2 and Lacerafe fhe Lancers from Bell Gardens 62'f2-4l'f2. Royce.Cox and Bill Johnson posfed 'lhe besf varsify marks fhis year. Royce foured fhe mile in 4.43.0, one of fhe fop marks in fhis area, while Johnson blazed fhe quarfer mile in 53.4 and is a good bei 'fo finish firsf in fhe league. Shof puffers Bob Vaighf, Ronnie Foster and Jim DeBold were a hard frio fo beaf lhis year, sweeping fhree meets. Voighi currenfly holds 'lhe school record with a heave of 46' 2". Brood Jumpers Jim Winn, Don Asile and Jim Lindblad will have 'lheir sighls sei on 20 feef at +he league meef. Polevaulfer Claud Woolen, Sprinfer Jim Rofhermel and Hurdler Bill Hafhaway were also consisfanf poini-geffers for fhe Rancho varsify. Coach Jim Snowden, produced one of lhe sfrongesf Bee aggregafions in Soufhern California. The Mighiy middle weighis had easy going swamping five hapless S G V L foes. Snowden's spikers suffered only one pracfice loss, ihaf 'lo undefealed Monrovia, 47-48, even fhough fhe Ranchers were wifhoui fhe service of two key performers lwhich would have meanr vicfory for 'lhe Blue and Grey.l Snawden's cinderspliflers also puf a feafher in fhe Don's haf by blasfing Whilfier in a pracfice meer. There were some fremendous marks furned in by the champions fhis year. Bob Redd, sprinting sensafion, flashed fhe l00 in lO.2 and 220 in 22.l. Larry Wrinkle also burned up a l0.2 hundred. The middies were very sfrong in fhe hurdles. Low hurdler George Barilone sfreaked +o an excellenf l3.6 fiming. Jerry Moore rockeled fo a greal' 9.4 'lime in fhe high hurdles. Ray Talavera also furned in one of fhe besf fimes in ihe C. l. F. wifh a l:25.4 clocking in fhe 660. Sam Chaney should fake ihe league l3.20 evenf, and Louie Hancock should place highly in 'lhe shot puf. The Bee relay feam of George Barilone, Ray Talavera, Larry Wrinkle and Bob Redd were also undefeafed, and sei new league records. BEE 8i CEE TRACK TEAMS NHC- c Qu! T Ya- UF' Qi le av.-nil' 'Rf We.. , 3' l A- A T V NR? y f 55, ... ,, 'RW -we 'H' new " ""'. . '1-Q',-gg flu 'R' x ' . f "151.,- ' ill Q V 'fiery A sl Bottom Row: Left to Right: J. Moore, S. Cosentino, R. Talavera, M. Melendrez, S. Chaney, L. Hancock, F. Eadie, L. Pullen, R. Lundquist. Top Row: Coach J. Snowden, Mgr. B. Blauw, B. Stevenson, A. Magana, D. Cantrell, L. Wrinkle, G. Barilone, B. Sergeant, R. Redd, S. Hayden, D. Blodgett. Bottom row: left to right: C. Roma, S. Renfro, N. Manis, D. Schweiger, C. Remo, B. Richardson, D. Hudson, F. Molinary, D. Inlay, A. Ponce, D. Bennell. Top Row: D. Jamie, J. Broding, J. Smith, C. Miranda, A. Morgan, C. Cobb, C. Favela, K. Wilson, Coach P. De Vries, L. Sanchez, B. Lawson, A. Conforti, B. Wilson, J. Deming, G. Bates. Racket Squad Places Second 4 ' Q 4 'I ' I 1 , ,1, hails. 31 if me l We 4 i-V 'yy4J J ii f ,Q COACH TAMMEN R. BROWN W. DANIELS R. LAMPSON T. WHITTAKER D. BRADSHAW S. LA FERR D. TAYLOR Bovlorn Row: L. fo R., G. Hackett, B. Goli, T. Tipton, B. Packwood, R. Peterson. Second Row: R. Lemon, T. Cardona, K. Gehlken, B. Wheeler, G. Long, B. Kramer, J. V. Coach Mays. S. TETLEY lCAPT.1 C. FONTES J. STEPHENSON J. HUDDLESTON This Year's EI Rancho 'lennis squad showed much improvemenl' over lasl year's. The raclcel' squad, coached by Harry Tammen, won mosl' of ils malches +l1is year and placed second in lhe San Gabriel Valle loop. The only squad l'hal' whippedy 'lhe Tammen-men was Paramounl, 'l'he Pirales defealed lhe Rancheros, 4-5, 3-6. The Dons beal Cenlennial, California, Baldwin Park, and Bell Gardens High Schools. Ray Brown was 'rhe number one man 'lhis year closely followed by Wayne Daniels, Capl. Sid Telley, Ronnie Lampson, and Tom Whillalcer. Coach Lou Mays did a fine iob wilh his J. V. nel'men lhis year. As lhe sea- son ended, 'rhe iunior Don Raclceleers were lied for 'l'irs+ place, having beal mosl' of lheir opponenls. Very few schools in l'he SGV League had J. V. l'ennis leams bul EI Rancho was forlu- na'le in having a lop nolch squad. The J. V's were led by Hil'l'on Tiplon, Jim Slephenson, and Gary Slorm. x . z A fn The Don golfers finsihed in fine form 'l'his season showing much improvemenl' over las+ year. Among o'l'l1er viclories, 'rhe linlcsmen clefealed Complon, Paramounl, and California High. The leam included many re- lurning leH'ermen such as Dave McCarl'hur, Phil Arvizu, Myles Addy, and also several new freshman recruifs. P. ARVIZU Golfers Good In X54 GOLF SQUAD K . .r . 5-J 1 'ws-15:4 Bollom Row: L. fo R,, B. Ubben, M. Combs, R. Yslos, D. Simpson. Second Row: N. Medvedeff, B, Fonres, P. Arvizu, B. Butler, M. Addy, and Couch Gene Wineinger. x K N f r s fix : ll ff ' ' 'f 1""' 1 . . , ' . ' L , in V- M' ,. ,, , ' V--fi:-V - 'mv' ,- ' ii 'SPM ', ' ,NW ' .,-. ..V.AZ2f'p' ' . , , , 4'-"Wi J . , . " r i ' 'I???l'Q2'2 ' ' X Q' . uf., '94 7 4.21" Q if 4 " ' I ,. V - , f . ? f.'Wf'f'4'1w.,f,Q.w ,.,' ,, 'f1'?':' s A f ff , l 5. fiifkzir pp' . . 5 . 47 ' . V ilzamif ning? -4 f , . , ,Q f . .. fi f ,ll ,. 11. ,wif fy 1, ,gsriki ,.. 2 'wwf' , V- ' ' L rw V ' I. 1 ,M "1-. .- ' . ,-'M' ...' - ' 4 361 7 r . .ir 5 .?""s:'K4 X ' . ,:14,,f:viw. i 'h 3 . 1' 4. .rw 1. 4 ' i 54' ff9W'Tq'i2"'2' ' 'vw' "'5,5x A '- . ' N. 77.1, f .f .,e-:gm .1 J' fix," Q: 11 i ' 35' f . , 1 322 i Mm 527 ' N- MEDVEDEFF . at W ' f f, l j., , -,', T , , an-. 401' ' F F I-M Size-K-ZH., ,. 'L ' " ,f-, ff-Y, Zz' .. . he ,,,q,,,Z,,f5, .kk, 0 gt ,WI f- - ,. f w f u ff. -41- 7 ff.www4 75 ,fha nigh K ' ff , V - N g., ' .m,ia.,:gg. f ,,. f ' ' B. FONTES 5, N' Wfwnugi- GIRLS SPORTS ON THEIR WAY IN SCHOOL ' , aff 1 I President MARION LOVETT Vice-President PAT RENLEY Social Chairman DEANNA DALY EE The Girls Alhlelic Associalion of EI Rancho has Jusl' ended an evenlful season which came aboul only wilh 'lhe excellenl JUDY HANSON cooperalion of all lhe members of 'rhe G. A. A. and Miss Hagler, advisor, Marion Lovell, Presidenl, Pal' Renley, Vice Presidenl, Helen Galderon, Secrelary- lreasurer, and Deanne Daly, Social chairman. The G. A. A. par'I'icipal'ed in such sporfs as: +ennis, hockey, baslcelball, Soilball, and Volleyball. The playdays I'haI' +he G. A. A. members allended were WhiHier's baslcel- Girls' Alhletic Commissioner ,M Q y ball play day and MonlebeIIo's Tennis playday. ,W , The G. A. A. sponsored a playday al EI Rancho inviling California High, Q, I 'P 1 ' I Whillier High, and Baldwin Park High G. A. A.'s. They also had a molher-daughler banquel' near Ihe end of lhe season. Ad , Some G. A. A. members will receive Ie'Hers and awards for lheir parlicipaiion V MISS BARBAETHAGLER in Ihis associalion. Secretory-Terosurer The inslallalion of officers for nexl year climaxed lheir evenls. HELEN CALDERON ADVISORS Miss ANDERSON, Miss HAGLER, Miss snoov ffwfzwmwffuvw.. f:,a,x,-fm. f.f-,egwnmw-M, M . ECDND YEAR ix V TENNIS Bottom Row, L. to R.: F. Munsil, D. Daley, J. Rivera, S. Kirk, J. Brokaw, L. Compton, C. Nusse, P. Smith, P. Maichrzak, V. Smith, H. Arndt, D. Danielson. Second Row: M. Anderson, C. Nittel, T. Crawford, B. Sher- wood, A. Weder, S. Eatmon, M. Mendoza, J. Lopez, W. Smith, B. Duke, D. Hussor, L. Grant. Third Row: R. Alkema, J. Kimble, S. Scott, P. Nittel, S. O'Toole, G. Stobaugh, P. Lamb, N. Taylor, L. Michelich, J. Mclnturft, J. Stobaugh, J. Giles, S. Johnson, J. Rice, R. Woods, M. Lovett, Miss Hagler. HOCKEY Front Row, L, to R.: P. Smith, J. Hanson, D. Snyder R. Burgess, B. Werle, H. Calderon, L. Compton, B Brown, N. Cox, V. Hieb. Second Row: P. Maichrzalr J. Giles, J. Rice, S. Johnson, R. Castro, L. Grant, A. Armenta, D. Danielson, M. Lovett, J. Mack, N Beauchamp, B. Carr, M. Yslas, S. Kirk, Third Row: W Smith, J. Rivera, R. Woods, A. Weber, C. Nittel, P Nittel, S. Scott, T. Crawford, O. Ortiz, S. O'TooIe D. Durbec, M. Cota, J. Lopez, P. Lomb, P. Denney 4 W R ,,v2e'fvmwf..,,,,,,,?,Ml Q 44-may iw, ' N i .- r L. Koop, J. Kimble, S. Eastmon, P. Varon, B. Duke J. Mclntruft. BASKETBALL AND SCFTBALL Front Row, Left to Right: L. Schluter, D. Encinas, C. Putnam, J. Brokaw, M. Lovett, B. Werle, H. Calderon, D. Milloy, L. Comton, P. Cross, B. Duke, B. Brown, L. Evans, S. Kirk, N. Beauchamp, S. Johnson, J. Giles, J. Rice. Second Row: J. Stephenson, D. Doly, G. Larson, E. Sherwood, R. Castro, J. Lopez, L. Grant, J. Ouelette, P. Lamb, S. Eatmon, D. Danielsen, M. Cota, A. Armenta, J. Stobaugh, C. Malendez, J. Mack, J. Mclntrutt. Third Row: J. Kimble, L. Koop, P. Denney, S. Larson, O. Ortiz, P. Hoffman, R. Woods, C. Nittel, P. Nittel, A. Weber, K. Swersen, D. Snyder, L. Kalish, G. Stobaugh, T. Crawford, F. Munsil S. Scott, M. Anderson, R. Alkema, J. Greenman, N. Cox, P. Majchrzak. Front Row, Left to Right: R. Woods, J. Brokaw, G. Helbling, D. Hussar, P. Smith, J. Holder, J. Urbish, J. Nicolson, I. Fernandez N. Beauchamp. Second Row: A. Weber, G. Olivares, B. Fox M. Francis, J. Henderron, V. Smith, P. Maichrzak, D. Snyder D. Snyder, B. Werle, D. Encincas, J. Rivera, M. Mendoza, S. Kirle, B. Brown, J. Mack. Third Row: D. Hourigan, J. Hobaugh, S. Eatmon, A. Cota, A. Armenta, W. Smith, B. Duke, S. O'Toole B. Shanklin, N. Cox, P. Cross,- J. Rice, S. Johnson, J. Lopez, B. Carr, B. Parenti, C. Costabile, B. Webler. Fourth Row: D. Vaienting J. Hanson, F. Dobbs, R. Alkens, V. Hieb, B. Kratsch, G. Stobaugh, L. Rohn, S. Scott, C. Nittel, T. Crawford, P. Nittel, E. Sher wood, C. Yoder, B. Wood, I. Bill. 1 Front Row, left to Right: C. Coe J Brokaw R Woods D Dannlesen P Smith G Hreblmg L Compton P Cr s Second Row: J. Rice, F. Munsil, M. Lovett C Mittel F Dobbs C Musse G Olnvares N Cox A Armenta G LaBarbero M Frank E. Malendez, V. Smith, V. Hieb J Holder Th rd Row D Snyder L Rohn B Carr J Kemble P Denney N Beauchamp S Kirk, E. Sherwood, S. O'Toole, L Grant R Castro J Lopez M Mendoza L Edwards M Cota J Stephenson M Edwards S Ramos, L. Barrera, M. Mercado P Moychrzak Lost Row J Hanson R Alkema M Anderson A Weber P Nlttel K Swensen J. Giles, T. Crawford, S. Scott, O Ortiz A Ramirez S Feleslft J Rivera Miss Anderson G. A. A. HOSTS PLAYDAY FOR SISTER SCHOOLS The G. A. A. of EI Rancho had a large turnout to their first annual playday. They in- vited the G. A. A.'s of Whit- tier, California, and Baldwin Park high schools to this event. All the schools found good competition when entering into the following s orts: tennis, volleyball, basketball and soft- ball. After the different events the girls met in the cafetorium for refreshments and a program performed by the members of El Rancho's G. A. A. SWINGING ALONG I K K7jf S lv , -ia ,i , IQQQV5 ? 51 Al 3? f Q g ' V + M4 y , 1, in 4 1 1 ,, ..1., VI' ,,?,,A,w 5 ' x,z',,v-'Q , egg Q 1' , ',a'6f,f, Q t. Q as 'c . a,. Jn .., . yu -w -w, 1 , M,,..,' f llwlptv pg . .' ' - -PIIIIIQHF , fruitful' up , . 'ua' ,ggqfg ,Z .: . '. .. , ', 4 . , 1' FU .Au , lv - - 2- ,u . X - . , G .. ' -1 4' , , w I I .,,,,,,A, ,A Q nlll. .-,. .Z U 1' , 4 , .v . '1.,:,.. 'U , , , A I V214 V ' wi' w- ' a " I 4 ' lv .' u ' Q ' 91' 1 4 ' ' u ' q Q ' Weq,,qV""" Af' ,f "U ' " ' , 7 '1 Q Q 154: Q 4 ' 1 , """""' W" ' I Q ' " ' . H 1- ' 0 ' v ' "o' 9 ' , ,, 1 4 .Q ,ff-1, , , 9 . 45 ", 0 s ao' , , . ,. , M, , Q 'Q ,..' .aj 3 T iv Q ' . . ff- A ui' . ' ' f 4, , 1, 1 ' o of' " f . . ' " V ,. ,, V . ,. , ,- Q' an., ,, a . 0 9 . 1 : Q ' Q , Q an Y , 1..,,:'. ' , .ixw . ' " ff-Q4 G 1 . .4,, KW if f A f, v 4' -h xifffl wa-4-W-" z W ff 'H ij u 4 .rf 4 ow. '4 ,-2 U Q I 4 0 K ' . - LU '75 'f-'-v-' 'M ' . " ' 54'1 ff :a fl 0 Q .L . '1':"q- oflk' ' ' In 1' 4- " "' ."' 5. tv '.' 'x'..s ls U' .4 In f 'V n , ' . , v, I .' 0 ' fg'-. -- .' W 5.0 ' -e f 0 . ,- ' ' 3 ,'. . ' .-0s...s.' 1 P ' .:g,,,-M I .,N.5..0 Q .wsu-n'S.' '.s ., .V .. , o 9 3' . Q - . -' , I .' 0 -"' - . L N nn. . N , .. H. to ls.: E., ..-A.- . , , , 4 U w ...Q Q A , 'u . 1. , sf 3 ,g f fs, 0 , - ' . 0 4 4' .'- ni-'!,,.1 ag' . - ".' 0 n .' 'lv' u . C .,,. 'n ox- 0 .a 5 v '.. 1 ,..c .4 N 4 , , , yr an u ff . .4 o'. ' ,r' .Q ,A 1 1 1 .I 'Q' ' .4 , X an n 1 gl 'fs 2, ,, " 's w Ll 1 Qu l 'o ,. , .-f I 4 Party time Modest Maidens Girls! Girls! Girls! Senior Singing Rogel -fx fe- XV? wk + P 4, 55 X s i N. is 4 l. 2 GQ? -J " Jx."1-'- s. " if 'W K' -A 5 A .8 Q Sludious Girls! Musclesl! Guys and Dolls You don'l soy? Q 0 9 'i Pom 'Hue 'M'- AII Smil 0 'ff l 1 -5 fx, AJ, 1? H Vo s"7 Pic er Chi? Cho? CVUIY CCY! Peek-A-Boo! Tip Toe Sun Bat mg r 1. y ez: fy 4f:,F"' , 1 V P Kon, Kon, Girls Check ihisll Guess Who? Cfozy Hof's U!6!'E8! Q5 FGQUQ fag' K Lf' "7 1 . Q! 1 1 li' i ,, f , ga Me, 3 1 l 1 1 -in Q --.4 "-f' I --ff aT The Av-3 ' in Q Is it Love? Thot's great Can you ride if? Posing is if good? Crazy mixed up kid! Mofffeo L Q Ewing out! Droppy drawers!! ls it loaded! ff 26? ,gf f f :QI 7 Pork-Cho fy' ,fe p y f W 2- 'W N X ff 1 4 W n Q Q61 f Hx K' f ,f X' 'H"'11"""'f- w--,HY 'W' f , , , , , ' W 3 A K W -f rm W+.a2',4. J n l ,, , l 5, may 7 If I '55 Q ev fm ...xv A GW 0 ' Qfffmww 7 X n Ronnie and Donna Whctl What! qv-r'x iiixih WOW! , lima W,- ., 14. f wwf, , Q . 'mv 0 N ff' ,. V 1 -yawn W 4001-411' , .113-W-.,. Tguwvv? W -V, X . rf 1 ,, , V4 , 1 4. W Ss f asa. Whot's happening? !, Be-boppers Who's boss? The thinker! Hockey Whqfg up From ' V Tunfor 5embr 70 F009 S 9 ' W A 5 !95 X NWN I ,J fx, f T' it if ..',.. ti i 3' l 2 522.1-. - -.. -EF '-'34-'-.. 2' -2- 3-1 '52,-iff? '-. QE'5--LJ' T 499-In 5'2., 3 iff' -.f - 21. O ' Q 1 Q' Q? ' A 'fjti-,EL "4e- 41-'- ' ,,, ' N i - g. 1- " X ,W gggg Q: .A 1. vi- -5 , -Qi: - "GET A LOOK AT THESE THREADS!" says Barbara Rafh +o David Lund and Joan Lindgren. All are aHired in sporfs clolhes from HORN'S DEPARTMENT STORE, 9248 Eas'r WhiHier Blvd. in Pico. For clolhes appealing io The eye and suifable for work or play, visif Horn's. 4. fa fw ,L 3 x "DIG THOSE JEWELS!" exclaims Bob Marcellus fo Cindy McHenry as she makes a visil' fo +he MARCEL- LUS BROTHERS JEWELERS. Cindy says 'rhal' Bob is righi' when he +ells her, "For more value al' less expense, i+'s Marcellus Brofhers, af 92II E. WhiH'ier Blvd. in Pico. "CRAZY!" is whal' Judy Clark is saying, she knows she will gel a high in+eres'r raie and +ha1' her savings will be secure a+ l'he PICO BANK, 9lOI E. WhiHier Blvd., in Pico. Mike Mascarenas is wai'ring 'lo s+ar+ a Chrislmas Club savings account M-49' -'ww A, fn. 1 7 "LET'S SCARF SOME FOODl" says Jim Winn, Joan Hase and Darrel Can+rell, Sheila Larson while looking over a menu in GEORGES dining room. Remem- ber! If i'r is food for lhe climax 'lo a big evening-Georges Din- ing Room, or an af+er-lhe-game snack-Georges Drive lnng bolh localecl af Rosemead and WhiHier Blvds. in Pico. "MAN l'M HEP!" says Lee Smi+h lo George Barilone, "l THAT'S REAL SHARP says Rober+a Higgins as she admires fhe apron Rachel Villapando made on her mo1'her's Adler sewing machine. For 'lhe besl' display in all makes of sewing machine's CORADO'S APPLIANCE is available for The Pico-Rivera area. l1"s loca'l'ed al' 9209 WhiH'ier Blvd. in Pico. lcnow 'lhai' MAHONEY HARDWARE handles only +he finesi' sporis equipmeni' besides servicable household appliances." "Of course!" answers George, "l+'s Mahoney's ai' 8532 S. Rosemead Blvd. in Rivera." 4 1 1 fsif if if "THlS DRUG STORE IS REAL . DARK GREEN!" is wha? Phil fn' gf RRRR Arvizu is saying +o Norma Low- rey as he opens fhe door fo +he ,QM RIVERA PHARMACY, 9253 RAARRH A Telegraph Rd. in Rivera. For fi all Pharmaceufical and miscel- i laneous needs, +he Rivera drug sfore is ihe place 'ro go. 7 gf I ,, fc 1 A ar 5 af ,, Q 1 ' ' , ,f' ' 5 ,k', f g :if 'dr7"t5- 5 L . iii" , Affl 5. five .1-'45 Q "THESE MODEL TOYS ARE THE MOST!" says Lee Bar+low 'lo Genniva Tolliver and Wayne Daniels as Wayne is buying a se'I' of model planes for his nephew. For all kinds of hard- ware facilifies, be sure i+'s The BARTLOW HARDWARE af 8442 Rosemead Blvd. in Rivera. , "This Hancock gas is REAL CHOICE" says Jerry Flannagan 'ro Buddy Holifield as fhey fill ihere +anlc af +he Hancock Gas S+a+ion a+ 9405 WhiHier Blvd. in Pico. "THESE SHOES ARE REAL CRAZY" says Carlos Olguin ro ihe owner of Wolfe's Drive In Shoe S'rore, 9046 Washingfon Blvd., Rivera. Helping Carlos pick our his shoes is Eleanor De La Torre. For real fine shoes a+ fhere finesi' qualiry, i+'s Wofe's Shoe Sfore. "L 'ii ' 1 lr 2 li Qi V Q I I- 2 I fi "HEY CHICKS!" Helen Talbof says +o Shirley Mu+o and Mary Ellen Noland while 'lhe girls are shopping for a par+y, "We can gef everyihing here ai' BEV-PARK MARKET." So remimber, go fo 4560 S. Durfee Ave. in Pico, Bev-Park Mar ef. "These hamburgers ARE THE MOST TO SAY THE LEASTI" fays Jerry Moore Io La Verne Koop. "They even 'l'as+e be'Her when 'lhe price is only I9 cenfs and malls are 20 cen+s." exclaims Gayle Larson and Eddie Leibrock. This "heaven lo fhe 'leenager" is WOODY'S DRIVE INN, Iocaied ai' 9556 Whi'H'ier Blvd. in Pico. , ...ff ' 7 742 , gxi,..'A ,.Z'lQ.'f42 -5hL EE. a i E "This Car is REAL FINE" says Jean Treni Io Ronnie Fos+er as rhey Ioolc over one of Kay Kaylors used cars. For cheap down paymenfs as well as low paymenfs, see Kay Kaylors used cars ai 'Ihe corner of WhiI"l'ier Blvd., and Durfee Rd. in Pico. "DON'T BE RANKl" says Helene Arndl "Do like Richard Zagob, Gay Kinchen, Marlene Jones, and Reinhardl' Arndl' and eal' al' lhe DURFEE DlNER." For delicious food and excellenl' service il's Durfee Diner al 49l5 S. Durfee Ave. in Pico. "LATER!" says Coralie Confreas as she is ready fo have her hair rinsed. Louise Mali is wailing lo have her hair washed, rinsed, and sfyled. Bolh girls place 'lrusl' in +he PATIO BEAUTY SHOP, 50I7 S. Church in Pico. Everyone lmows fhal' lhe Palio specializes in Permanels, hair sfyling and cuHing, and mani- cures. "THESE LOANS ARE THE MOST" is whal Lou Harlness and Earl Kelly are saying aboul' 'l'he Pico Rivera Building and Loan Associalion 92l9 Whi'H'ier Blvd. in Pico. For personal loans wilh lower inleresl, l'l"s The Pico Rivera Loan Associalion. "OH! THIS IS REAL GONE!" Exclaims Jeanefle Zalcarian +o Margie Gayler as +he fwo girls sample some of fhe exoiic per- fumes from CEENER AND PEARSON'S Drugs. JeaneHe and Margie say +hey purchase all 'l'heir coesmefics and mis- cellanous a'I' Ceener and Pear- son's Drugs, 9I20 Whi++ier Blvd. in Pico. , X ff ., T ,. . "THESE CHICKS are loolcing over a card +ha'I' lhe Rivera Prin+ing has jusi' made. The girls are Pa+ Clark, Rose Hughes, and Nona Gusfafson. The Rivera Priniing has jus? boughi' a news prinling press +ha+ cosl' over 55.000, rhey are locaied a+ 84l8 Rosemead Blvd. Rivera. it "MAN THIS lS A CRAZY PADI" is wha'I' Bob Wheeler is saying 'lo JoAnne Liniewicz. They are surrounded by 'Furnishings from 'l'he PICO FURNITURE STORE, 92l7 Whi'H'ier Blvd. in Pico, noi' only designed for beaufy bul comforl' foo. "THESE PRICES ARE A HASSLE" says Sandra Munsil as she "WHATS HAPPENING MAN" exclaims Tom Sanchez lo Pe+e nohce s 'I'he price on lfhe food which are so low, also wi+h her Caliva, as fhey sip There colces. JeaneH'e Zakarian is wafching are.Bar+ Kirk and .Carrol Sollender. Nu Mar+ S+ore 9252 some of lhe ofher cuslomers enlering lhe Hula Hu+ I03l3 Whifher Blvd. Pico, is where qualify is much higher fhan price. WhiH'ier Blvd. Pico. For rhe finesl' in colces as well as o'I'her fine foods il"s fhe Hula Hui' for you. Si'r'ring in fhe car wi+h Pele is Lola Dixson. 1 I "MAN THIS CAFE IS THE MOST ancl 'lheir service is grea+." Mary Ellen Noland and her girl friend are complimen+ing "Pop" for his leriffic service. This is 'I'he Sunshine Cafe, Corner of Washing'ron and Passons Blvd. in Rivera. Nex'l door 'lo 'lhe Sunshine is Rix's Barber shop which will give slraighl' and very clean haircu'l's. Nex'l'-door +o Rix's is +he Bow Cleaners where clolhes come fo you cleaner fhan clean wifh a mos+ impressive look 'ro you. All fhese s'rores are loca+ed a+ one place. Your boy 'Friend can ge+ a hair cu+ while you +alce your clorhes 'lo +he cleaners and lafer you bo'I'h can go for a coke. 9 . .. XX' ilk- "MAN! THESE ARE THE COOLEST!" says Bill Benl'ly as he looks over lhe house- wares deparlmenl al' P. B. CARROLL'S FIVE AND TEN. Arelene Jones and Dolores Muro are helping Bill selecl' a gill. You will lind many of your needs a+ 9l I0 WhiH'ier Blvd. in Pico al P. B. Carroll's. "ACTUALLY MAN!" says Lucy Muro "These clolhs look new." John Digregorio and Lucy are picking up 'lheir cleaning from 'l'he ORANGEWOOD CLEANER'S al' 8728 Passons Blvd. iusf oFl of Telegraph Rd. in Rivera. l would like +o fake +his lime +o 'lhank all 'I'he people who have made This yearbook possible. We have worked hard all year fo give you lhe besl' annual fhal' we could produce, and we lhink you will be safisfied wilh our efforls. Though mosl of 'I'he slaff was inex- perienced, fhey did a marvelous iob on fheir seciions. This year of I953-54 has been of high achievemenf, no'I' only in spor+s and ac+ivi+ies, bu+ in all respecfs. Wifhin +he pages of +his book you have, in condensed form, a record of whaf has +aken place wilhin +he pasf year. You can always pick up your annual and re-live 'l'he momenfs you cherish +he most Whenever ou do +his remember fhe kids who made fhis possible, 'l'he Annual Sfaff. PHILIP ARVIZU, Edifor W A W l J! . T0 WM K W ' LWV in . Wy 0Wf KW T WW fn' QM f ' 9 i 0 i , 3 ' ff VQQQG ' L lqlpv Qt? -1 1 '.,', 'U Q I qv! , ' Qin- S9 Q ,,.eY9J 60 ygdif Ig-'YJ .vivl 2 'Q , Nf,1,41q,f Q Q gk is 97 f3'hT 5y P 7' J 'J , , df if if ,449 , x ckTNg5i:7'G vi V: V D df" .A X VXI, '21 P100 lm, P Vi.-ffl 1 b Cf' Q, J A- - J? X 'QQ W g MLW' U A f M a X2 96 Q 1 5 'Q 552 MQ ,V 4 W1 TW ,W 4 QMyj,f .Nw 5 MWNWM W ,ff M Mfwffl pfjwx

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