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,.-ggi, '-' had-, .Tsar K ...A2e..,f.,.1. .rf-Nr:-w.s:.. 4?-+2-A. .vita vm- shi 1'-,ff my .,.... 14,-Q,b, x,,, nffe-v,f,,, f 5 ff ,wx 1-1? 4. :uf 'qc'-Q 3,5 vwxey- N 1-X-,N-.. gyw 39 R. W fra.. --B 'by 4:14 'J 'w 'R '9!'v" ' w W s-v1 N-Q g J ., :L 2. L -ff zi'L'?:1a-:: ,. . "2 : 1-Hw gsm a.. 'fi' -Q. 1 :-' + ' ,ag -1 grin .f :. - ' g,, a..g:- .f'f.p:,f.,5:L,Q-::::,f.A Ayn, - - m x - 4 - , Y-- -, ' f' ., Q ... .znmzx - J' A -:LH X.."- ff..b-j ,L J '::.::1aAh4-vas:-Q-:gf 4 1 -w , - : - , Q J - v V, -"'- -'-:frm -. ur: - -'Y'-,Y '.L"N- Hg- f .ff 1 sf: H. , -' 9 .4 .' . k 1 A -4 -' Af, Qs: " ' 1, ' f' 1,v ,- 5 .,,-4 . , r ., 1 ,mgvffgmi ff N X M Ma? K h 5 Q ff , ' xmfh wfefwi M ,uh 551' W1-X , : Hh. Q:A3w YES-fx. 5QxL wwn. 6.5.1 .gf Q 5 V ea-my W A V. 4 wa, 344-, , I ,W X . lf-1 '.-.' 4 " ' 'i'?,.f:- I- ,W J . ,.hy4,Wi,,-nf-f-:- I- ., TNI. , Hs, ' MV' 1 wwf .N W Jw ,V-N 'fn ,V r Q- M. , my Nw ' " -wa, 7-AF' UQ' f wwf, w T 41, V I .- ..xr N- K+- H YWQI x H 'W' , Q W- V 1 -QQ, H , s Y - rw-Q. F 7 VL, V ww ,-fbvliji.. , f . f "' ,yah-1 Lvl: it 531' . . ,.., rcvy- wngqxaun. -- .-... . f-Q , --'- ,.... ?EF f lil? f' 112: r. . :XE .- Qv S2T'21i'EtGi2'5.Z9ifQ1'3519?2Zi'2 Zigi E'-533'22'E'-'Z'f475i1h'41 F- ?Y E125 11153 fc 1 3 ffl' -li ii- i Effffzffi-24' 215 . , fl 1-:AS7 ki CTTLLIE1 E415 :I 315211 1 175 iT?:ii-.IQJ35ATl:A2f?QiLt1d 1:52 5:L:'f7,1'-Z i-'FL':'L"1?.xiQi L4 YA ' i 5: . Iii ii Er .l ffl 1 '. 1 B S Q, L "it .QI s Q. I, 3 ,i 1 -1 E lx 1 I 2 E 1 1, M ' 2 1 V i ' I , M Ei Q: 1: . Q 31 , gi , E 1 1 I 1 1 1 3 1 W 3 n 1 x 1 1 4 1 , 5 Q A 2 1 ix ,I 5, yu N TABLE OF CONTENTS COMMAND HISTORY COMMANDING OFFICER USS EL PASO LETTER FROM THE CAPTAIN COMMANDING OFFICER MSSG 26 EXECUTIVE OFFICER USS EL PASO EXECUTIVE OFFICER MSSG 26 COMMISSIONED OFFICERS CHIEFS OF THE EL PASO SENIOR STAFF NCO MSSG 26 BLUE WATER WORK UPS DECK DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT SUPPLY DEPARTMENT FIRST SERGEANT .......,.... O O O 1 f ' COMBAT CARGO OFFICE ,...,. LIFE ON THE MEDITERRANEAN MSSG-26 ...................... MEDICAL PLATOON ........... ENGINEERING PLATOON ...... COMMUNICATIONS PLATOON . TRUCKS PLATOON ............ MAINTENANCE PLATOON .... SUPPLY PLATOON . . . . . . , SHIPIS PLATOON ..........,.. HEADQUARTERS PLATOON .... LIFE AND TIMES ON THE MED . MED. BABIES ...........,.,.... DID YOU KNOW? .............. WASH DOWN: ALMOST HOME . . THE LAST 1A .................. WELCOME HOME ............ CRUISE BOOK STAFF .... 1 7 . 7 I , . 7 I I VH I7 I 7 .,'.7 G 43k 57' 497 W 652 73 im 1 Q . 70A 72' 74 177 , 7' I 77, 87, J 827 A 89 90 92 94 96 f f X f Fo 60 ton foe, U 2111 nited and cargo well are 12 booms Cof which engmeeurmg systengg C Aiward, N, gf :fu,rgs.e..Q-fra. W4 'g 'Hasan' -,nf ,,fM:,5-Q'-:1 .. fr fi If-1 " C 02131173 OF Captain Morris M. Kemple Jr., from Erskine Lake, New Jersey, is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy class of' 1964. He completed flight training and was designated a Naval Aviator in January 1966. L Captain Kempleis operational tours include VA-172, VA-72 and VA-46, flying the A-4 Skyhawk and A-7 Corsair II from the carriers FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT CCVA- 42j and JOHN F. KENNEDY QCV-671. He has deployed to the Western Pacific, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and North Atlantic. He was Commanding Officer of VA-46 from July 1980 until September 1981. Ashore Captain Kemple has served two tours at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, MD. A graduate of Test Pilot School Class 53, he served as a project officer in the Flight Test Di- MORRIS M. KEMPLE, CAPTAIN, Us ,NAVY rectorate and then Flying Qualities, Instructor and Chief Flight Instructor at the TestPi1ot School. He completed graduate school as a CNO Scholar in Geneva, Switzerland where he earned a license degree in Political Science. Post command tours include OPNAV Strategic Concepts Group QOP-6031, Commander, Carrier Air Wing Reserve Twenty and Executive Officer of USS SARATOGA ICV-601. Captain Kemple's military awards include four Meritorious Service Medals, five Air Medals, two Navy Commendation Medals Cwith combat "VND and the Navy Achievement Med- al. , Captain Kemple is married to the former Judy Earhart of Arlington, Virginia. They have three children Mike, Laude and Theresa. :1 j f-fn -W '-if A - 'me r' - maz6 "fff:.g.ggf5f 1' 1 -"gf jf 'gi l-ff"t" j"r " k i i1f ""f ':l4f'w7' 1'ff'i" L-:'f- ?9 -- g:,.Q. 1Y -Evil-f.i.gr ": 7.iEx:h.?i.S141:L-"""'-71we-1 'L ' Y ln. asf- .. 1,.."a1.s... L.-5,-r:Z1rr.f'7.5i 1 4, 'f4.,, X, PASO L QE-TTER FROM THE COMMANDING OFFICER THESE PAGES CHRONICLE DEPLOYED SHIPBOARD LIFE AS EXPERIENCED BY THE NAvY AND MARINE OFFICERS AND CRE' OF THE USS EL PASO CLKA-ll7,. SIMPLY STATED, THESE MEN TRAINED FOR AND SUPERBLY CONDUCTED AMPHIEIOUS THROUGHOUT THE MEDITERRANEAN FOR SIx CHALLENGING MONTHS. TO THE OUTSIDE OBSERYER THE PICTURES CONTAINED mum ARE AT BEST "INTERESTING', BUT TO THOSE SAILORS AND MARINES, WHO TOILED DAY AND NIGHT THROUGHOUT THIS CRUISE, THESE PICTURES POSSESS A MUCH DEEPER MEANING. RECORDED IN THESE PICTURES IS THE TESTIMONY OF MEN DEDICATED T0 PROFESSIONALS HARD YORK AND SELF-DESCIPLINE. TIBIR EFFORTS EA M 'ELL DESERVED RESPECT AND APPRECIATION OF OUR NATO ALLIES AND FRIENDS THROUGHOUT THE MEDITERRANEAN BASIN AND SIGNIFICANTLY CONTRIBUIED TO THE REDUCTION OI' TBNSIONS IN THE REGION, TO THE BETTERMENT OF WORLD PEACE AND FREEDOM. In' I5 HY HOPE THAT IN FUTURE YEARS YOU CAN UTILIZE THIS BOOR AS AN INSTRUMENT T0 DBSCRIBE T0 YOUR FAMILY AND' FRIENDS, NOT ONLY THE. DAY T0 DAY OPERATIONS THAT TRANSPIRED, BUT ALSO, THE CAMARADERIE AND SPECIAL PRIDE SHARED BY THOSE OF US WHO SAILED ABOARD USS EL PASO DUILIHG 'MARC bu". M.M. KFMPLE f , F Nl f , V I I I I 75" X' -..-G I it --H - ff -1 - - F-A ""Ts'- ff "Will ASW? -1 'H - lj' A Ia' - P ff I, 1 .X I 'i Z an -. -- 'Q , v A df ' 'nam' I' 'A 'x' 'dig' ' " ' 'HW ' IIA ' , A .,, .-I . ' ' P' 'IIE 1' Y- Pl A - I if f41.!.t'fE.4:..:, ' , . AA..-M .:E:..". 117 . - E+ :'1F1:f2+ M-S""1 , . . ' I-gigrfuz W w l 4 ku . . . . . 5 I . I ---J ' ' ' ' ' -, , Cf H ..-7- ,fix it - 3, .1 I h ' H :mF,,v-, - , -- .A .,- ..--- ., f 7---:f3a:.tf1E.:- 4141- L- I ,-- ,,. -- if - -.-..-1" ' ---...:x. ' . .tl 5+: 4:-. I I S COM Dwight R. McGinnis J r, was born November 13 Brooklyn, New York. He was commissioned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps from Villanova University in 1969 with a Science Degree in gade eny served CLTCOL1 --..,...1,.f-,Y,.-,J1-...L-...-:ff ' 1- -L- 'va .- 1' - - T- OFFICER L .--bfwf - 2- Pu f ' ' ' 2 ' v ,- , I KA-11 was born in in W, , f My ff 1 1 f ff 1 4 f , ,ff 4, 1 ffff V4 we f -an K ,XF V,,. W, M W .,. 47 .M M, ,gzwggw uf' f Wafffwf fs-s-+ K Q, . X, "Ek ww 4,1 -J 1 ff L 2 1 s Q x 1 1 1 I Y! u x A v A 3, N lx. 'x l 5 as 4 A . p x i g 5 ri ' ,f!??i. -'S " P5 ,- 1 i.-gY:.1fv'f-""F' -"v : "lit-+ . 1 P ' ' ' ' HX is-, ,T 1 Q. li 1 W v W W9 ' ! ' ,!- 1'L ,-s:.wf " -um! 4. , ,. ,, ug-U47 Ag, f vu . - .,,1Jf' fn, fm V .,fff. 10 ff' -5 ., ., 7. nf' A 3 . QM!! iw' Il? 5 N ,X I Sh ,I I 1 L, if if 71,1 Emi ig 314 if V I I .,1 J E 5 , 1 1. iff, U Elf W l i 5 A 55 U Q . IO 1 - X 1 ff Y' 1- fa 26. COMMISSIONED CFFICERS QBACK ROWJ CAPT. Kemple, LT Pridgen, LT Cunha, LCDR, Scalet, LTJ G Cox, Lt Roe, LTJ G Harnden, CWO2 Soar, LT Erickson, ENS Byrd, LCDR Brewer QMIDDLE ROWJ LTJ G Beardsworth, LT Hingtgen, LT Hernandez, LT Black, LT Stump, LTJ G Nix, LTJ G Mucklow, LT Lyon CFRONT ROWJ CWO4 Huck, CWO4 Willoughby, ENS Fleming, ENS Litsch, CAPT Holman, LT Graham, LTJ G Teichman. Y if ,mx .1 ..., 4 , . r,'f . '4 rf 9 f ml ff H 'ax ' S -f 2 f ,,,-ff' 1-'sz-Q "TS w 5 is 52 QQ g, M E A! s 5 wygfny , r r'-il l J!'5'f!?'??f??f5?'?"T"3?'5'F3???fe - 335' 25355121 M-.-Lf -f ,L-,gf ': A- -L.,.--1,-. J-. . .-.f1-.- :L A -A-3 X W5 fi fw nf' w M E, ..,, 7 EL PASO,s Finest Low Visibility Watch! Hi Mom!!! ! BLUE WATEREURK-UPS Boat Division hard at work, or is it hardly working. During "MARG-1-88" waiting for mail was sometimes quite frustrating! I "Hey, Sandman!" But WHY!!! 'il' - . - ' i- ! ' r A V ,i., J ! l I .. ' "Up and out, up one.', SN Gerlach, SN Zalac rig boat for hoisting while SN Johnson ...pf offers assistance. -MW 8 I Refueling at sea. I Ma f Www MM RooSEY RGADS, P ERTo Rico GMG2 Shantz, shoots shotline for underway replenishment. BM3x Cassoutt if,-'itlstgshanging aroinigl. S A 2' :. A . A V , al wi 1 Il 15 .Q- MMJ, , ,,,5p.,. ,,u.:w ww-.."'l -.1 i '-" 'f N . X N L K X I X I , k 1 W F X X , w ist Divlslo QBACK ROWJ BMI Stelloh, BM3 Cassoutt, SN Swain, SN Rickard SN Bertrum, SN Martin, SN Voss, BM3 Jackson, LTJ G Cox, SN Allisonl SN Hoppe, SN Lee CFRONT ROWJ SN Dunn, SN Bush, SN Toro, SN Dinoia, SN Reyes, SN Hilpmen, SN Reynolds, SN Ramos, SN Wilczew- ski, BM2 Dandrea. First Division consists ofa bunch of hard working Boat- swainls Mates and undesignated seamen, who, together, under the able leadership of Boatswains Mate First Class Richard M. Stelloh, were responsible for all deck evo- lutions forward. From the time "Now Set Condition 1- ALPHA" rings throughout theship, to "Secure from 1- ALPHA," often up to twenty hours later, these men, plus a- few others, borrowed from other departments, can be found swinging trucks, cargo and boats, from the ship, over the side and later back on board again. Throughout MARG 1-88, they continued to amaze the task force by their ability to perform in all weather conditions. In addition to their key amphibious assault roles, First Division was responsible for maintaining the spaces forward of Frame 67, and issuing paint, deck tools and cleaning gear to the rest of the ship. Underway, First Division personnel could be found standing watches on the bridge. When General Quarters sounded, they rushed to gun mounts, the bridge, or to repair lockers, to stand by to react to battle conditions. In port, they stood security rover, quar- terdeck and foc'sle watches, liberty boat bow hook and shore patrol. 5 ff iif fi X "2 5 .Z Sf- '- ' 'lx 1, i ' S ia a ' it i s i i 3 Q s r S Q'Q"' is r ' . ' BACK ROWJ SN Hunt, SN Q, f gialvin, SN Kiefer, SN Scho- l ' t A dxf if field, SN Harvey, SN Cooper, SN Hammock, CMIDDLE ROWJ BM2 Kinnison, BM3 Fanelli, SN Barnes, SN Cowgill, BMC Chicketti, LTJG Nix, ABH3 Baker, SN Johnson, SN MHCKCY, BM2 Sandman QFRONT ROW? BM3 Dautrich, BM2 Murray, SN Gamer, SN Morrill, SN Sheppard, SN Whistler, SN Emanuelle. nd DIVISIO Second Division is responsible for the operation and upkeep of all deck equipment aft of frame 94, and the port quarterdeck. With the aid of four 15 ton bombs, one 40 ton and one 70 ton boom, Second Division's main responsibility is cargo and boat handling. From loading stores for supply department to full operational cargo offloads, Second Division can be relied upon to complete 1-ALPHA tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Underway, 2nd Division safely and expeditiously controls the replenishment and transfer of fuel, ammo and stores. In port, 2nd Division runs the sail locker producing anything from water proof covers for delicate electrical equipment and small arms mounts to sewing patches on a shipmate's jacket. Maintaining the flight deck for helo-ops, vertreps and refueling of helos is but another one of Second Division's responsibilities. All said, "No job is too big for the men of Second Division." K B0 T r DIVI IO Boat Division is made up of a unique combination of Boatswain's Mates and Enginemen. The main function of this di- vision is amphibious operations in which assault landing craft are utilized for trans- porting marines and cargo to the beaches. In between landings, they tind time to carry mail, haul cargo and help lost ma- rines find a home. Aside from the normal work load, this division contributes a great dealt in many deck evolutions, by manning the motor whale boat during flight quarters, man overboard, and un- derway replenishments. The enginemen work long strenuous hours keeping the E1 Paso's boats in top running order, often in adverse conditions. In performing these day to day duties one can easily see that this division takes great pride in El Paso's boats. QBACK ROWJ LT Hemandez, SN Clemons, EN3 Hager, EN3 Rass- mussen, EN1 Redden, FN Lehr, BMC Workman CFRONT ROWJ ENFN Mitchell, FN Sullivan, ENFN Powell, EN2 Craig, EN2 Weber, EN3 Rhoades. LT Hernandez, SN Meroney, SN Moore, BM3 Beller, BM2 Carmouche, SN Bridges, SN Drag- on, SN Dawes, BM3 Ledingham, BMC Workman QFRONT ROWJ SN Flores, SN Payne, SN Phillips, BM1 Ware, SN Jackson, SN Wattleton, BMI Wheeler, SN Bauman, BM3 Culp. 19 Underway in the Mediterranean, time 1330 +2B, Weather, clear Sum, skies, wind off the bow at 12 knots. As the sunlight glints off the uy barrels, the gun crew stands ready, alert and silent. g n Suddenly, a "Fire Mission" comes in. There's land on our starboard beam, range 6600 yards, a target awaits destruction. With the Command "Batteries released MT3l, commence fire!" there is a flash and a loud report. The first of many rounds to be fired is on its way down-range at over 2700 feet per second. This shot falls long and to the right. Drop 500 yards and set right 10 mils deflection. Set sight, load, shoot when on target, fire. Ten seconds later the shot arrives on target. Switch to rapid salvo, "Fire for Effect " The bombardment lasts for two minutes, cease fire. Bores clear, 24 rounds expended. Hard over on the helm, the ship responds unmasking mount 34. Again "Batteries released, commence fire!" with a flash and a boom, more hi H explosive ammunition heads down range to the target. Spot applied "Fic for Effect." With a flick of a switch, rapid continuous fire mode is selected. In three seconds, all remaining rounds expended. Over a hun. dred pounds of high-explosive ordnance arrives on the target nearl simultaneously. When the last round hits and the smoke clears, what one! was a target is now no more. 4th Division, "Top Guns" of the MARG, "Licensed to Kill!" 5 f J ,i t , 4 X 1 Q mf 40. e fa. .... , ty X 7' ' .yt ff 3' 1. 3 T iv ft y I if J - fr f, J gf! V r DIVISIO A-Division fA-GANGJ is made up of both enginemen and machinist mates. Although highly diversified, the primary goal of A-Division is the repair and maintenance of all auxiliary machinery throughout EL PASO. This division's personnel are directly responsible for the upkeep and operation of the ship's steering gear, anchor windlass, air con- ditioning, refrigeration, ship's service diesel generators and all material han- dling equipment. A-Gang is without a doubt the action gang of engineering. ,Q CBACK ROWJ LTJG Harnden, ENl Lavalette, EN- FA Burgess, ENl McIntosh, EN3 Scott, MMC Nichols mer, EN2 Hatcher, FN Smith, MM2 Miniet, EN2 Devault, FN Lewis. CFRONT ROWD EN3 Plum- N. 49 DIVISIO QBACK ROW SITTINGJ FN Stebbins, FN Spice, HT2 Rado, FN Smith, HT3 Aguilar, YNSN Axleson, HT3 Ballweg QSTANDINGQ HTI Kelly, HTC Kelley, MR2 Sturgill, HTFN Roby, FN Porter, HT3 Gooden, DC2 Parker QFRONT SITTINGD HTFN Labonte, DCI Peevy, FN Tumer, FN Hemmings m"""' EL PASO'S repair division is a well trained, highly motivated group of men who are more commonly referred to as HT's fHul1TechniciansIl, DC's fDamage Controlmenj and MR's fMachinery Repairmenj. Manufacturing and machining repair parts and per- forming all types of welding repairs to both piping systems and the shipis structure are routine jobs com- pleted by division personnel. As damage control ex- perts, qualified R-Division personnel are the back- bone of the ship's underway firefighting team ffirecracker teamj and are tasked with training the ship's company personnel in damage control and firefighting. The superior work and training carried out on a daily basis is a reflection of the pride the men of R-Division take in their job. F i . CBACK ROWJ EMC Blasa, EM3 Turner, EM3 Yagleski, EM2 Mitton, EM2 onh, ICZ Huck, EM1 Nietes, CWO4 Huck QMIDDLE ROWJ EM2 Scoglund, EMFN Scott, IC2 Kunkle, EM2 Zamarrelli, ICFN Bansale QFRONT ROWJ IC1 Cecchini, EM2 McKenzie, EM3 Erceg, EMI Barnes, IC3 Coleman. -- DIVI IO q 'EL PASO'S Electrical Di- vision consists of a team of professionals that maintain the power, lighting, and com- munications of the ship. They take on the responsi- bility for the maintenance, operation and repair of the E four generators that provide up to six megawatts of electricity. They also operate and maintain one of the most modern telephone switchboards used in today's Navy. Additionally, this division performs mainte- nance and repairs on numerous other electrical and electronic equipment, including all deck operating winches and 400 cycle motor gen- erators, degaussing control with mine counter measuring equipment, all sound powered tele- phone circuits, two ship gyrois, closed circuit television broadcasting station, ships general an- nouncing system, and the assault boats' elec- trical systems. Moreover, this unique division maintains an ongoing electrical safety program and a preventive maintenance program that is unsurpassed. E-Division's motto is: "Communicate with shipmates and light up their lives." A 24 L.. 8 Main Propulsion Division is assigned the high priority task of providing the driving force to move USS EL PASO wherever duty calls. Consisting of 47 dedicated men, this division strives tirelessly to provide safe and reliable water, steam, air, electricity and propulsion power. MP,s high standards of engineering excellence were proven once more by passing the latest operational propulsion plant examination with flying colors. Always working with a strong team effort, the "Heart" of EL PASO continues to strive for excellence, demonstrating to all that "Nobody sweats it like MP Division." CBACK ROW STANDING! BTC Werth, MMFR Lewis, MMI Moss, BT3 Sidburry, BT3 Davis, MM3 Gonzalez, BT3 Hickman, BTI Kelsey, MM3 Fogle, BT3 Hayes, MM3 Stern, BT3 Vaughn, BT2 Speenburg, BT2 Jones, MM1 Trammel, LT Stump, LTJ G Lyon CFRONT ROWJ BT3 Barner, MM3 Rhoades, BT3 Norfolk, BT3 Maki, FN Phebus, BT3 Barbee, BT3 Finley, FN Mitchell, MM2 Hughes, FN Lynch, BTFN Minyen, BT3 Garcia, MM2 McAuliffe, FN Johnston, FN White, FN Davenport, BT3 Wyatt. 'v-gg :Y---fp , , rr 'wg 1 -3 4 . ,,. . - -,, , -, X-NZVQ -' zffffff?-'?'5ff..,f13i'??-ff' ff .. m.ss:wm.1:WuX -- X ' 'A f , Wm, 0m,,,,wy Hanky 5 S:' im 16: if Z1 SQ ?E , ' if ,. al' S. 3 Y - 5, S. 'Z ge EE ,1 ki X ms .Y ii: E? ilt A fvf 4.. r ife fm 1 my ,f . 1, af M . , f f -uf. , , I , , , V.-1": V f. ff' f V , - 4 W 3 . .Mm fm M , fi X , yy l'l! 1 f 1 , I ,.v ,, , r 1 QX Q km wa . VIH. W 1 i l fl i I 'x 1 1 K I X I N if 5 'N 'Q r fig' ' I l , v I Hr fx, -.yi a-.,,+:1nn Q- , 6- 4 ,f 1 f wa! fff wx' xxvww 'W W 2 7 W 4 5 3 C V ffffw X X , , ,,,,-a ,wwf V Q A A CSTANDINGJ LTJG McKinnon, QM1 Walk- er, QMSN Leakes, QM3 Brooks, QMC f Hungerford QFRONT ROW? SN Lugo, QMSA Dorsey, QMSR Dean, QMSN Lewis. i V H5 F E W nk s i w w L 4 X , Q N V, i Ri . PM Q12 2 23 N ies 1 .,M"""' NA IG TIC DEP RT ,www 4 W N r -Mlm., 2' The Quartermasters fQM'sJ of EL PASO are a few dedicated men who comprise the foundation of the Nav- igation Department. Serving as QMOW,s CQuartermasters of the Watchj, they safely navigate the ship underway and ensure the safe posi- tioning of the vessel at anchorage. In addition to standing watch, QM's are tasked daily with maintaining nav- igational instruments, correcting nav- igational time and rendering proper honors and ceremonies in accordance with national observances and for- eign customs. Under the leadership of QMC Hungerford and the guidance of QM1 Walker, the Navigation team QQM3 Brooks, QMSN Leaks, QMSN Lewis, QMSR Dorsey and QMSR Deanj safely piloted us around the Med into new and exotic ports and most im- portantly home again to family and friends. MEDICAL DEPARTMEN CBACK ROWJ LT Pridgen, HMC Bur- chuk, HM1 Farran, HM3 Gassen, HM3 Dean QFRONT ROWJ HM2 Turpin, HM2 McGrath, HM2 King, HM3 Alfonso. W , M. 1 If X W! X . ,- '7fff1". my ' pf 'V B Medical Department has the overall respon- sibility for the health and welfare of the crew. The Medical Department is made of personnel with different specialties and advanced school- ing, including operating room, x-ray, labora- tory, and preventive medicine technicians. The department is run by Lt. Pridgen, the Medical Officer, usually referred to as "DOC," Re- cently EL PASO's Medical Department has updated their medical technology with the ad- dition of modern equipment, some of which includes a computerized EKG, advanced lab- oratory equipment and a new X-ray machine. Some of Medical's personal achievements are HM3 Alfonso's Sailor of the Quarter, for Jan- Mar, Petty Officer of the Quarter by HM2 Kessinger for Oct-Dec, a Navy Achievement Medal awarded to HMC Burchuk and HM2 Stevens, and a Good Conduct Medal awarded to HM2 Turpin. The department runs a very smooth and professional health care plan for the entire crew. It continues to improve itself for the better care and welfare of the crew. f nf Hymn -dr" Q , X f f Q Vi '+-'L-...I X XXX .X .X X k XX XX NX x x 5 X X X X F X -i X-.XQX X X X X5-XXX XXX N X1 X. X- X XX XX X. t XX M X X X X XX .w is XXX X X - s E J sv' '- :,: ,r .,.. ,.,w.-- A, 5- ., V -.,-4.4, ,. g A.. - -- - OC-DIVISIO fLeft to Rightj RM3 Parker, RM2 Berry, RMI Lewis, RM3 Hammock, RMSN Davis, RM1 Deckner, RM3 Milton, RM3 Law, RM3 Fuller, RM3 Bames, RMSN Montgomery, RMC Rice, RM2 Zschiegner, RM2 Springsteen. Radio Communications Division is re- sponsible for rapid, reliable, and secure communications between our command- ers ashore and afloat using morse code, voice, teletype, and satellite communica- tions. Communications is a constantly changing field and although morse code is the oldest, it is still the most reliable, even with modern advances such as satellite communications. The radiomen also maintain the military affiliated radio sys- tem CMARSJ often used by our sailors and marines to communicate with their loved ones ashore. The radiomen's mascot is Oscar the oc- topus, representing the radiomen who seemingly have eight arms while at work in the Radio Shack, one arm on the tel- etype, another answering the phone, an- other taking messages off the broadcast, another to answer the message pick-up window, and another xeroxing messages. "We are the voice of El Paso." ' V 1 f f '- r ,V -- . - 5 ff fflh- .- - -3, ,gy M .'-.. -tq:..--e.: " - ...,,.-..aA:.:n...,..... x,.,..,...,.,g,4.-,...ag..: -. .Q ...t....a.,... .- . -. . ..,.-4. .,... .-,... ....,,.qaf-...L..-W... 1A.t....:...... L Q E 3 l i 1 E sv-wgwi-mms-syn., I-af was mn- :wi wr 'W 'E' QWWQWNWWW fy OE-DI I IO CLeft to Righty EW1 Parker, ET3 Kloha, EW3 Mor- tilla, EW2 King, ET3 Pomerleau, LTJG Mucldow, ET3 Schroeder, ET 3 Kennedy, EW2 Walsh, ETC Young, ET1 Davis fSittingJ ET3 Brabson. f f, U ,Q OE01 Division is made up of two dif- ferent rates, Electronic Technicians and Electronic Warfare Technicians, who are trained in highly specialized fields. Their responsibilities include maintenance of all communication gear, navigation equip- ment, Xerox maintenance, electronic equipment, as well as SNAP II system maintenance, and 2M micro-miniature re- pair. Under sound leadership, this division has proven that quality results are achieved when quality personnel work to- gether to accomplish command require- ments. l 1 Y, QR 'C i fav-Q OF-DI I IO "OFF Division is a relatively new division added since the El Paso's last med cruise. Fire controlmen CFCJ make up G'OF,' Division and perform both preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as operate the highly technical MK 15 MOD 2 close in weapons system CCIWSJ - also known as phalanx. As a result of their attention to detail, quick response to casualties, and system expertise, the FC's have achieved a better than 95'Mm up time for both CIWS gun mounts over the past two years. In addition to maintenance and operation of the Phalanx System, the FC's are also involved in various other shipboard ev- olutions: ammunition handling, preventive and corrective maintenance of the SNAP II Computer System, micro-miniature repair, damage control, condition 1-alpha and ship's self defense force. Relatively new, "OF" Di- vision has shown itself to be a strong, integral part of the El Paso team. - QBack Rowj FC3 Matteson, FC1 Sinnett, FC3 Gilbert, FCCS Chaney CFront Rowj FC1 Whit- tington, FC3 Smith, FC2 Debevc, FC2 Green. , . ...,,, . . ......,.. . , .,....... ...,.,,.... ,.,,. . ., .. ,:,i,,1 l Q., f KW, sie'-f ,Et-11 gfyz. 1Q:rf:we-1.1fi:35:i!'1'!f'3' -nvfffigfi, , 4 nd . W 1 M' va. QTop to Bottoml OS1 Payne, OS2 Bridges, OS2 Windley CStandingJ OSSN Herring, OS2 Stew- art, OSSN Howard, OSSN Turner, OS3 Willis fMascotJ OSSN O'Donohue CSittingj OSSN Connick, OSSN Johnson. 01-DIVISIO i ,nr I '-..,,-,,,..f f-.ia-4 HL. OI Division is made up of Gperation Specialists COSJ whose primary job is to collect, process, display, evaluate and dis- seminate information to the bridge and other key command and control stations aboard ship. The OS rate is a multi-faceted one, in- volving all warfare areas and skills, from strike warfare and air OPS aboard a car- rier, to anti-air!anti-surface!anti- submarine warfare aboard CRUDES ships, to amphibious warfare aboard "gators." Specifically for El Paso, the OS's support the bridge with shipping, navigation and maneuvering information and act as co- ordinator for boat control, and 1-alpha op- erations. 36 l -1 H'-'-V , I - "-1--',--- :N-L--5-a-,Q-Q is-D'--:--1-av -Y-------..,.,,, 'dm----.-rL.f.:i,':,g 5J'...,5.4Lf,H - g7,,1,g: ,,,g,11,2' gw-ff: ::,E,3,.,T,, : '33, ..,'im:.iAg',,, xg-Zxihgb LV-1 in W. -... Xs 1 N V ,X 'fe is H fln Box Back Rowj SMSN Cason, SM3 Sanders SM , SN Hughey, SM2 Devos fln Box Front Rowj SMSA Wells, SM2 Trigg, SM3 Blaylock S ' Q ittingl SMC Bryson, SM1 Lominac. S-DIVISIO ! ,M P 1 , 1 ,XWEZ S OS Division CSIGSJ is composed of A an elite group of Si almen who serve V the El Paso in a two- ld capacity. As ' "communicators" OSS Division is tasked with maintaining positive vi- . sual- communications with ships in company via flashing light, flag sig- nals, and semaphore. As "Lookouts," theemen of OS are experts in iden- tifying shipping for intelligence gath- exings and passing honors. i- Although they are not highly vis- iblegperched in the 05 level, the lg signalmen of El Paso take pride in ltheir-rate and do their job well. "OS Division really jumps into their work 'a with both feet? . P r I I l fp 2 XR 1 Q. E ,fi . 3 - 5 ix " lf ,Q 1 4+ ,, . ,Q f,4f""" 1. 1 y f 1 f. .H 3 i M a 5 i s I a I I I , fStandingJ LTJG Teichman, LT Ericson, SK3 Stewart, SKI Loubier, SK2 Branch, SKC Llagas, LT Green CSittingJ SK3 Schadewald, SK2 Laidacker. -1 DIVISIO r S-1 Division is made up of Storekeepers CSKJ who are the supply clerks of the USS El Paso. The SK's are responsible for the proper management and optimum utilization of the ship's OPTAR foperating targetj funds. The SK's process paperwork for supplies and services incurred during the ship's port visits. Moreover, S-1 Division procures, stows and issues repair parts, office supplies, cleaning gear, paper products and plastic ware for the mess decks. Always responding enthusiastically to the ship's supply needs, "are El Paso SK's". il 'il 1, 5. l 15 ii it E 1 5.1 E5 fl z'i I5 fl 'I . it 1 1 it ii 1: ll 1. 1 1, ll 1 ii 1 l 1 E li ll lf I5 li .1 15 Til ii lg f 1 1 .1 1 .E .F ffl 'l : 1 'i i, 1 1 I tl 1 I2 . 5 . . ' 5 .3 'i 5 5 3 1 5 - Y. si n ,i 1 DIVISIO The mission of the Food Services Division is to provide the crew of El Paso with wholesome, well balanced meals served in an atmosphere that is conducive to enjoyable dining. The S-2!S-5 Di- vision consists of fifteen cooks feeding over five hundred personnel each meal. For a typical meal, the bakery provides 800 cookies, 36 pies, 1000 dinner rolls, 40 loaves of bread and 500 ham- burger rolls. The cooks work long, hard hours providing the crew with approximately 320 pounds of meat, 150 pounds of potatoes and 50 pounds of vegetables. This division's workload requires these men to start the working day at 0400 and continue until 1900 everyday, including holidays. Their pride and professionalism was re- flected each day by the quality of food they pre- pared throughout "Marg l-883' fBack Rowj MSC Rhoades, MSl Hanish, MS1 Jackson, MS3 Smith, MS3 Flemming, MS3 Mc- Coy, LT Ericson fMiddle Rowj MSSN Lee, MSSN Rowlett, MSSN Moore, MS3 Marshall, MS2 Cat- lin MSSN Hefron QFront Row MSl Emanuelle , l , i 40 MS2 McCoy, MS3 Jenkins, MS3 Madrigal, MS3 Charland MS3 Cooper R44 ,X fg.',,,552',"!1'?.j-in Xj13.y,.f'g,: gg-1 -'qf'j,Qg'.rzf- ig' ,g'.'f.',.g ty, 1 lg -2 .-'g:g:g.,1 v, ga, S05 ,TQ'j,f,vff . v.1f,j5'fT,,'y!.i.,- 'QT' . . -- ...l..iT .....M.,,,, ..,,,,, .f,,,iK,.-..,,:..,... A - DIVISIO '4Service to Crew" is S-3 divisionls motto and job. This job includes pro- viding the crew with clean laundry and as wide an assortment of merchandise as possible in the ship's store. S-3 also keeps the crew well groomed by main- taining and running the ship's barber shop. It should be noted, the service provided by retail sales at the shipis store and vending machines generates further service by returning profits to Welfare and Recreation. fBack Rowj SH1 Bryer, SH3 Brown, SH3 Griffin, LT Erickson fFront Rowl SH3 Seidenstein, SHSN Gard- ner, SH3 Eye, SHSN Hogans. if V f ' I f rf, , f..- Jw, fi 7. Z E 1 I lf it 113 V it li ,M at il' si il R -4 DIVISIO fF,rom the Leftj DK2 Dorsey, LTJG Teichman, DKSN Linton. S-4 Division, better known as the Disbursing Office, is USS El Paso's '4Full Service Bank." It offers a wide variety of services to the crew and embarked marines. Services offered are check cashing, registering allot- ments, exchanging foreign currency and of course paying the crew! The crew rarely deals with S-4 Division except for payday, but you can be assured they constantly audit pay records, compute travel claims, mon- itor changes in pay entitlements and receive monies collected from the ship's retail activities. "Happy is the day when a sailor and marine gets his pay-" 'KX COMBAT CARGO OFFICE fLeftJ Capt. Holman, fRightJ SSGT Myrick l l ! W ,rr i s The Marine Corps Combat Cargo Officer CCCOJ and As- sistant CCCAJ are members of the ship,s company specially trained in the techniques of planning and supervising loading for an amphibious operation. The CCO and CCA are the Commanding Officer's principal advisers on plans for loading and unloading troop cargog troop communication require- mentsg and plans for embarking, billeting, and messing troops. Other duties include the management of USMC Land- ing Force Operation Reserve Material and preparation of the Ship's Loading Characteristics Pamphlet. ,uf Wi: ff XXNN Rv Xxx X X is 5 if 3 1 , i 3 5 2 E z i E L S 5 11 i E L 1 3 I li if W I QQ x Q X--- Xixx A . xxx X - SWQ. .X 5 f ff , E A aw CX? 4. I . :fi X f E Y ink.-,:,,-., - - K Y, -1 ..,f1: i, ma., ,,,l,?-55:-mf - - nn, f - '-ff""f" V i givffzwi, , , , V V, f14g'-'-f!g2a:-gf5-q:f,:a.T.QLl-- +11-1-ff1r..,.g,-M,Q.,-31:34,-3 A mer his ,M 1 .X w x :- ' 1- LIB TY CALL, L ERTY CALL!.! A 1 L L L gi 1 f 1 if 1- , H Y l ' , :nfs 1 5, W '-sw: 5 v',' ii ga ww ' 1 1 41 I 1 A I 'l ir H sd Fig: 1 'M Q ,fx RN gl I 1 il EJ M, , I K E i w i I I E 9 ? 1 MA SPAI gm ,X , Rx .-f yn ati' , 7 X If ,.-5, aa... 1 1 , . I .W- Qi? 7. .Emi - :?T'1:..UU A A '. l '34, fb 4 vi? 3 wmwmmwwy .aw W5-nk' g...,,,.. Jwisrzr- .wwivwari-aim. ,- V, r-'Q iv ,vena-rseul 1 S' w.uM " 1 1.E1':4Q -,Q-ffitf u-gyq,+gr1g,:Qy21e'vqfgaa-fmqyzfq-nf. Ji- '-1g,'l"j we 3,,':s-.Qfnqr T' V75 -I V 7' V ' - A' A 1 1 1 -1 . N--..,.,4n' .I i J I X ' , f ' N f C '-- 4 Q 1 3 .. . u xV'x'M' .W-M.. . 4 E N 4 mx. mi figs. EQ - ' ll Sm 3 l in LI Q15 9 r i 1 I Q 1 z x 3 R 1 5 1 k 5 5- E Q ref L ,tx Nfl V X.L.x Q ix ll 'Si V if KE ,K 1, L 1, . , -E . - 1. V, .fs-, Sb.,-.QQrfsiwffvimi-E,..v:f',i:ffff16htfevw9-ferevmwf , I L n 1 ,, R 1 .U,,,,,..- ., 5- fx'-"LH'-' wi: C - . V- - 'Q- L I' -J- D -3. Y 1 c , ' I . -lc v- . , . Q -Z ' ' . 5... A I ' -Jr. . . , , v Weil 1 T: . H- N bd, . 'xv A SPEZ A ,f - k ,V , , , ,. ,, 4 H A 1 , , ,f , 4 gg," ,jj ' 1 ' fm" i-""'-'-"' "+'--fffv---lf'-f---"-'Wf'1-'A -4- -- - -A J, . 1. Y .-.1x,'.,- ,f,,-,-:4 1- .,,g:,1i , -,',,,g,,3-f,,131555 f. V! 11 1 1 1 P ,..4nn:l 1 1 1 1 .1 'w N 11 W n N APLE 'A i 11 xx vw ggi? 'f 'gf T.-ig. "1 ' l?'f95X A 1ijf?isg1" X 535+ 1 1 f EJ. ' .f, 'el , ,f ,. K Q4 Q, 44 Cf'-H' T0 ULU , Q g us L X- 'Q 5 ' 'S ag ,iiif v ' iii S' X x WS X W QQ ' X X X X P XE xxx 33 Q . X iv sf, MM. RX-N K- N X W E ' Xxx N X A 5 S X 5 A X -Q K ,N , X S s VK X X wi x X ff FRANCE UGUS BAY SICILY ' H Y A ' "' ' T A ' - ' ' f ,- mu 1' Y 4 1 ,A x 5 ,-,,,- ,.-- ..v.. V ,, . , ' Y 9 f A L ff tj- ! ,-f J '7 2 f , 1 ' ' 49" 'M 1 fl wflhu0:11-v.-A4-:f-.w'P!'1'H--s.2u1:fm-fv:L"f1:s",gf:x:-w-m:'wf3.wmff-Q.wg-Sv.,ffmffwyv.-'---... 'K f .f . Q- I f 1 I I 2 U 5 .W.R,k, l' F i 1 J I 1 J w ii U Y H WN V H w, , fx E , 1 5 9 ,f.f,A.QL Q :wifi 1-.nf if :11.fs:,a..:.1-.1244-1.1.9-::g14z.1f-.4,u4..t:1.-4.L ...fggfipui-a1..g,g gg,,.,5gT:g.g..g,,:45,,g,.:...:..SaE2x4s.-Ax.:5nLL :.-..:9.w:.uLi.-...-f-w:..:cg:.gz.s+- -.f2.4.......A.g-.::-.53-.a-u-u.x.14.....f. - ,.., , V ,..4. M.. -.. -A.. .. .Y . ,, ,ib- TIBE ! ff'-,uw Nwauuv rv 15 FRANC , ,,,w., ' wife' - 1,,::Qzwwhw.x ,, , ..,. 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N -5 . f -- - , Y I-.'-gg.-,zgyj ,jx.1.-,f1::,r,,-z,g,qZf,:-'-:g.f:-- -:.4f:f'.f:.::1:e,f:4 4.-2: .f.-g:,-,:f':-,..u,,,5L-..2L:.: .5gg:',:.:.': :npr-205 511: -1. f N - - ,Q A , A , 1 , - , ,V ' ,.-3:25, ,..:JSg:S::pcfff3:2'1"'--Eiaiiigtf ,:'i1iaiE.r:1'f?i5'- 1Q-:Ziff2-':.-filiikii--is-'ILE:..fZ'-.g31ff-.'-i?pI1- T-1f'7'l.j:1',: .1 'f S CTL-' '- 1219 ' f -Q ' - 'f- x , ' f , f 55 P ...,, ', E K UQ 9, 1 , 1 MEU SERVICE SUPPORT GROUP MSSG 26 S ERVICE SUPPORT GROUP OPERATIONS W X1 OF AMPHIBIOUS , f fff X, X ffff ffyff X ff!!! ff f ffffff X fffjf ff?!f!f f ff!!! ff Wfjgff ff ffff f f ff .1 ff ff f f ff ff ff ff f 9 A :ff if , , H. f' ' ,Y V2 '3 37 V7.1-SJ ii3,j'f7' 'lzifbfi' 'lu t21'Wu?gQ 55""Ef5 EL. si i X E bz.Jf:',,L ' is 6 . ,VNA L, 'Z 7 V 132321 4, M1 W ii 1. E4 gl ZS 5: Ki N1 Hia 3' + 51 ,fff QQ Z 3 a 'E 4 if S. 36' 1133. 1? f gl 1 ? if Qi: , 7:2 ' m 'seg ' N gf? : Els E: 4' . 5. F3 '1 fi fl 3 2 3325 .inf ,ll l QI4 1534 Vu-'q H251 ,.i', , ' l EDICAL PL T00 Medical Platoon is comprised entirely of Naval Personnel: one Medical Officer, one Dental Officer, 20 Hospital Corps- man and one Dental Technician. The mission of the Medical Platoon is to establish a beach evacuation station for the collection, stabilization and seaward evacuation of field casu- alties. In the event of sustained operation, the Medical Pla- toon has equipment and supply assets to establish a 40 bed medical treatment facility. When augumented with requisite personnel, other medical taskings may include medical and dental civic action programs. On board the USS El Paso, the Medical Platoon assist the ship's medical department in pro- viding healthcare services. faa 1 5 553 Ms r-gr I sl 51 H 2 is fi 5 3 1 sf is 5 3. 2 url I 55 1 r 5? if? 1152 M? 1 wa ,-,'- ' 55 1 "2 .4 2: fi , F, ' F H f za 5 E3 5 K ,Q is w! aw fir 5 L- : 125. WP 5 55: si 5 15574 2 n f N54 Y f , L5x4 1. , X- ,,,u , ,fn 1-1 NG NEER PLATO0 it -3k iL:L4.x h . ASC. C' , V 1- . gr. , P -iii. l I X X , f, ,ow --.-Q.. X FT, afliffx' '11,-1 7,5 ,,,, , ,WW,Z,,,,V wry' V , f, V4 444y,, A-ffm , ,,,f4,W , , I ., ff I X f Y , LM...- The Engineer Platoon is organized and equipped to provide engineer support tothe 26th Marine Expedi- tionary Unit, Special Operations Ca- pable, to include heavy engineer equipment support, mobile electric power, bulk fuel, potable water pro- duction, and distribution, and com- bat engineer construction support. Whether it was building bridges, set- ting up a fuel farm in France, or pro- viding washdown support in Israel, Engineer Platoon was there to get the job done. 69 ,mx .. 'tfffivevrffxfrewl-1:-:raves-nv,-, n -, X w v- W. , ,.,, ,,, , A COMM N CATIO PLATO0 3222 P22 f , ,fall ff' 1 if , Z0 ? 'fxgzh fm, 445 ,I gr 3? Lvl ,,, ,, ,Q ..,..,,,..n ....,.v . ..,.,...,... W...-..1...,,.. Com message center service to MSSG 26 enablin th ' munication Platoon provided radio, wire and - g e unit to effectively provide combat service support. Working out of the "COMM SHACK" while afloat, the platoon as- sured the coordination of resupplying beans and bullets to th M ' ' ' ' e EU prior to each amphibious operation. Once ashore, the platoon established communications to han- dle resupply requests, mobil operations, and range safe- ty. As Communication Platoon says "YOU CAN TALK ABOUT US, BUT YOU CAN'T TALK WITHOUT US." L l w 7l H1 ww- xwafffvn 1- -s vii if? nl L, 2 6 - 1 5 qv 3: TRUCKS P I ,A I 00 Motor Transport Platoon is organized and equipped to provide medium motor , transportation support to the 26th Ma- ' rine Expeditionary Unit, Special Oper- l ations Capable. Throughout the deploy- ment, the Motor Transport Platoon logged over 30,000 miles by continu- 4 ously transporting personnel, food, fuel, water and cargo from beach and landing zone support areas to formed points of issue. Motor Transport Platoon's motto: , "YOU CALL, WE HAUL. ,. 3. is 91 fl 3 i it l e 5 2 s E, ll gi. , ell 1 last ,9 11.-Z'+i'L2L1.i,::Q:,-' fi.: :2ff,Ezmf3Q4LL:.E 2150 '.:,Z:-233,42 s,2.':1-341.1 fffm+?.eQ1'1+J:1"if1zA?1 . 1-5111" 1-153 . 4' , V , --. nf - . 5.25.-QT' 'JL-f:.:.,f1-'TC7-'::Qff"g.3' '1f,","i1E3it-7-o'5g"'Zhi' 61 . ay E '27 I 1 1 , , X A' uf w v 1-1, -' .- --...,,,,,..,-.,.- , . N wr 0 ,Egg XX , X fi " l 9 , wwvwp... wawfm 7 f A1 fo ff ............ if - V . f, , V , A J V XV '- Bw:-v 1. 1-.nm .-1:21 'rl' :Q 1--ef.-bf - iw- wi.-.ink .law-rrwmw'.-we-afmffwz4wu1::,-N xv' -ff tv -sub"-vv1f x-.-'d-.suafff:f1vMawaeAmx,e:n4 uffaf-s'-x-eww -Q . -'-' . ,in hav vim- ..f'-uizf .X A V . ., .. ,rg ,X . . A. VT ., qxxxgqf ,v J. . A. ,, ,-. ,v,x.,,.., ,. A .. , ,. , P' xy' x, . s ., ,. ,A . . . N- . ,..,,.-.. Iv, rfl-'-5-+"?t-:fi-sg-w:12:':1?Q., ,ff .9 ffrwrcz .u.h.,2,1.f-'fggsm!!'5i.f1v,1,EE,2f-W?E!,25w-meanw:1f'Y1?fvbEm9Jfw?f,ey,n,xg 5-x.f.,,f-W ,5f,,,,,.,,.,.,,,z.-.mai , ,- -ry N -1--F V -:Nil-'13,-'vg. 4-jj-j.,,-,iff--, 'g,g--,lg-fs,-qv -,--H:-,cv-+11 J-1A.'-iff-,,--4::,. .-rf. "--1.. -' f - 1'-ff '- , - " -- ' ' ' ' A NTE NCE PL T00 ,Qf , A Q - V. 1. ,.,.. -g -V -V Vt. . :,- -,gr , -'L ,wr 1. .g . . , .4 -. .-,. , V., :. 33.- X r Maintenance Platoon is tasked with providing 3rd Echelon Repairs to the Marine Expeditionary Unit. The platoons mechanics are trained to repair a wide variety of equipment that is used by all the units. Eve- rything from tanks and amtracs to trucks, optics, weapons systems, com- munication equipment, boat motors, engineer equipment and refrigeration units just to name a few. Through the hard work of the platoon's mechan- ics, the MEU has been insured of staying combat ready at all times. Maintenance Platoon Fix'em and Fight'em. SUPPLY PLATUO The Supply Platoon provides support to the entire MEU for food, individual equip- ment, fuel and oils, ammunition, uniform clothing, organic major end items, medical supplies, open purchase procurements, and repair parts. During amphibious opera- tions, supply support is pushed ashore from the amphibious platforms to a supply detachment sent ashore to expedite supply requests. - ff I wg, f- S RRR' K 7 Q , sQf-,wsezwgs 71,-m ,.,. s 5, 5492-Z- ' .A ' "' :F-fi:--5-'--.-,, 1 X " "f'f5"'2Ef:e,4, , f 1 J 421-:'4:.:57,.f, .N H J A Y S' , ' 1 , . an-.'..........Q SHIP'S PL T00 f,, 1915!- WW Headquarters Platoon is staffed to provide command and control of MSSG 26 resources and operations. In addition to doctrinal com- mand and control functions, the Headquarters Platoon is also organized and equipped to pro- vide combat service support to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Special Operations Capa ble, for the following functions: postal support, disbursing support, military police support and explosive ordinance disposal support. - -,"4'-,we X Y 1 ffm .gywffuzfswMulti,-', y":1.:y:.Q .r1fg',.1q1fw5f15 -15,-1 ,-:mf .a'gi..:-L,,.,9,-ggi..yguy,,.4-,Q .Qfum -, .. .4 vugf-,n,.,f,.g-,E z ,. ,....', , , SET DITIO xv,....q-M 1' i ag 1 X 516, - ii 1' Q I if W..-N,-A4 ,pw WM' 5. , 1 V 1 W P 4 X . LL" ,gy f f , 1 1 3 ? 6 VI 1 1 ,W ',Wf7 Mk, " w Z2 V W'-+20 A .gi GRE 1- LPH LH rmffifr :--iif'wf1?:12:.:f 112-2"2ff'fi2':'?if"S'.2 P ,- f if M 6 HX f. I m 5 QI Er 5 1 ,L 1 N ! 1 ' x 1 5 Y N ll 1 r I , K My ! J , x I E f 3 E 83 ,Wa " MLM! ff 'M 'J Q I ff' V 2 .4 ?5"Tff'?fV5'., -1 -'-' X1 . , ff 'Q , my f- ,WLVL , MU-,Q ff 'MO 'Twfffhf' ,J .at . W 1 W ' W . F0 ,- . W ff ,MWMM ,K swo st Esws QUALIFIED DURING MARG 1-88 Surface Warriors of "MARG 1-88" LTfjgJ Hamden, LTfjgJ Beardsworth, EMC Blasa, SM3 Blaylock, BTCM Braunshausen, SH1 Bryer, HMC Burchuk, FCCS Chaney, BMC Chicketti, YNCM Corriveau, ET1 Da- vis, FC2 Debevc, FC2 Green, MSI Jackson, DCI Kelly, BM2 Kinnison, SKC Llagas, MS3 Madrigal, HM2 McGrath, MM1 Moss, EN1 McIntosh, BM2 Murray, MMC Nichols, EM1 Nietes, MSC Rhodes, RMC Rice, BT3 Huber, BTC Werth, GMG2 Rush, BM2 Sandman, SK3 Schadewald, YN1 Scott, FCI Sinnett, FC3 Smith, MR2 Sturgill, FC1 Whittington, GMC Williamson, ETC Young W'W"'vv'v-vw 2 X.. -W ,F , J: L40 f H 1 K X 0 f x xkv 'Q' ' X if 9 X X F, X , CCVV , C. ,SQ V. X V S2 l J 'Q si ei 'mal .., ai . Q K , , 4 r Q? e mc ' if E . Tl 3 ,gw im 'N 1 3 Q21 SU ,,iw.,. QQ 3 C ff a 4 -Z K 2 J Q A JJ j 1 'xx SW f D 7 'ffl Q 9950 fjx J ee fe Q N X 5 2 f Z 1 2 , if , ! frkl. , K Z if LCDR Scalet, Ship,s 1st Lieutenant, alias Indiana Joe, kept the wardroom entertained with his infamous tales of yesteryear! R , s 0BllI1l!W'56lj16'l1f Lmff W H 1 H E Q 2:4-122 -S655 fzzf?-Rf 5 T? ffiilg-Pav?-f.-'f J. 2 1-':. '- ,, .. .-:f..- -, .. A . . , - ' "'- '-.v'-ju-'gg:',gs,-it 11-91 .g- .2.'4.'gj J'.'.'j,:-1, 5,-.-,,l'wl,y .1 .:'4-,.':Q,-,---w,g:'!Ls wg- 1,1 gf-xg-,I .I -Q, .1- ,,,.,.l . A-,,. .. .::- 'fl' L - '- A''':f55:'lf?.'fEx':i':l1,'1'g1?.'3'fr"1-"Z,'l'1r::"1-ihjilgliieu' - - 4-11554. sms. It - '- t, .4 f . --f--- - -- - -- 06 wxsd v-A 'ft NL X X XL X . If" iii:-i Q A 1 V M , .fix fn' e D L, '- f,1Q7'k-rj is f- X A " ' -' .. lm f Ca md falmllhf, 7 if S ' 322' ia G "': ff' 'n Ck ii4cd9i'-Q5 i Af fypljj it . fi f"' . Q19 fx, Q Q A 25 XHYX I W" Q J . , ff I F '-Z? ',,..i X , Q QD D fx' ff , 1 ' ,J 5 ar r 4 , i a X f I X if . ... K N A'.. 'H C i..., ,.i, .,..a , .. . i V Ma, W . t Q ., . . lift J 3 50, if if s ' '1l'. , ' CALL THEM I n ,,A,',,,., Q- if., Y55,gfi-533g-3..i.sjf'ZQ'-if ' Q' COTHZVMOUTH 1 f " , .fi T 1 i I ! w 1 iCongratulations to' the following men, who lfwere promoted during MARG 1-88 deploy- ment: LT Hernandez, LT James, LT Lyon, LT Cu- nha, LT Black, LTCjgJ Teichman, LTCjgJ Harnden, LTCjgJ Mucldow, BM1 Wheeler, EN1 Lavalette, MM1 Trammell, EM1 Barnes, BM2 Carmouche, EN2 Weber, SK2 ,Laidacker, IC2 Huck, -DC2 Parker, OS2 Raseta, EN2 Craig, BT3 Maki, RM3 Barnes, zBM3 Culp, BT3 Vaughn, BM3 Ledingham, BT3 Fogle, EN3 Scott, GMG3 Jankowski, PH3 Carrick, EN3 Rhodes, GMG3 Speicher, GMG3 Fitzgerald, MS3 Cooper, SH3 Eye, EM3 Turner, BT3 Barbee, BT3 Garcia, IC3 Coleman, SK3 Johnson, GMG3 Lacasse, BT3 Davis, EN3 Plummer, RM3 Hammock, BT3 lHickman, EM3 Erceg, EN3 Hager, BT3 Sidbury. .1 , I OFFICER ENLISTED MED ADVANCEMENT 2 W 2 M My in ,f 3 29 Feb 1988 . 04 MAR 1988 19 JUL 1988 14 MAR 1988 26 MAR 1988 26 APR 1988 28 APR 1988 29 MAY 1988 12 JUL 1988 22JUL1988::: 19 AUG 1988 ............ 88 . . JOSE LUIS VILLARONGA JR NADIA MARIE TORO . . . . .ARCHIE "BUD" SCOTT III . . . KAILA TIARRA MARSHALL . . . . . . . . Q . SHAUN MICHAEL JOHNSON . . . . . MALIA SHANEEA SEALS . . . . . . . . . .KATHERINE ELISABETH GRAHAM CYLE BURK . . KEVIN ROBERT LAVALETTE . . . . TABATHA EVELYN LEWIS . . . .TARA ELIZABETH J OINER ED-B BIES 47 V629 lu DID YUU .-v""" idmuaksczm Did you know: While the El Paso was away from our beloved friends and families, the El Paso crew and complement of embarked Marines traveled 17,831.8 miles during HMARG 1- 88.,' On the mess decks, we ate 255,738 meals which included 2,447 lbs. of bacon, 4,855 lbs. of hamburger patties, 3,283 lbs. of steaks, 7,538 lbs. of chicken, 7,630 lbs. of fresh potatoes, 3,035 lbs. of fresh lettuce, 2,674 lbs. of fresh tomatoes, 5,986 gallons of milk. All totaled El Paso's supply department spent a total of 326,885 dollars and 48 cents for all the food and beverages that we the crew consumed. The El Pasoas fond families and friends sent the El Paso crew a precious 3,682.15 pounds of mail, and the crew reciprocated by sending 2,883.53 pounds .of mail home. All these vital statistics transpired during a total underway time of 4,368 hours, 45 minutes. "Good God it's great to be home again!" . ' V ' T' " V+-42220 W"?iLf?'WififftffSrw?2V5VgLbEf3ff1'fr1V22fm Fffifffibf? gif V VVL- V TEP CLO ER T0 HOME x vw' -Vf..f hhfvnlwfmf- MM . f,, , f- -fLVVLfVf,VL ' 7? V L 'V 4 Lf? V V4 5 V V L L 3 VV: L V L ff: 4 L 5' -NLVWCVXL ZW V 1 f M f MJMVV WW?ZZZWWVWWWWWZZZW'WW!VfWf7Wf7?WZZZWW7WLZL7LWZ!WjM2 V ff 5 , V ,V M ,V of W' fi? V, .V V4 fy fV fn -Vw Vf V y wyMfWLfMMWWWWM2fmfffyffffffffmfwffwwwWWLVMWLLVLMLVLV V V M- V V ff V fL V Lf 4 4? f V- g, fwfwfmffffffwffwfffyzMfffffwwffffwwfMfWfwLfWLff-fwMW ' W 2 f V ' ff VV '4 VV f"' WW4WWZWWZMZWWZW!!4ZfWffWf2fWWWf!W2ff?W4f-4WWWZW V V VW, WL LVL V V 5 fwwwfzwzfwMfwfwfmwzwwwfwfwfwfWWWWWW L , . L . 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