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i ■I ' 4 jMi Mm USS EL PASO LKA - 117 32nd MAU Det. LIMA MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE 1975-1976 YOU ' RE LOOKir GOOD! USS EL PASO BT BT ALLanTFLtJ8?.75 ' " ° ' ' 5 ' ' £°MNAVSURP, . ' " ' ERIOR ACH.EVE- 04J4272 SEP 75 INFO r-r PASO BT " " =« THREE " NCLas E r t „ ' 2 AUG 75 TURNER, USN. il40136Z AUG 75 51 GROUP " .9 I ™ ' ° u " eL PASO 7 1444 AUG 75 Vm COMSIXTHFl-T TO USS EL PASO INFO CTF blA BT „TO NOiO ' O ' ' TURNER. UNCI.AS E FT ° ' ' REPORT ,=„RE VADM F. C. TU fESfSpA ' - ' " ' ' " ' ' " " ™ t501 «°s XONE FM CT JV PASO TO USS El- l " " BT li " ' ' iV sixow ■ ° " ' o ,m0312» ' ' OBSERVANCE PA BT 291034Z NOV 75 FM CTF SIX FOUR TO CTF SIX ONE USS EL PASO USS INCHON HMM TWO SIX ONE USS HERMITAGE INFO CINCUS.MAVEUR LONDON UK COMSIXTHFLT BT UNCLAS E F T O NOI300 MEDEVAC EXe " ut!S " o ' ?sU Ec™Sp ISo ' ' p ' ' t™ ° ™ ' ■ PROFESSIONAL IN SPEEDING°POl " p " ? ? % rS?a™ vJuR IbILITV TO OUICKLvYN n " " " " " GRAZIE " . RADM NIcSJlson SEnAs " APPRECIATED. " MOLTO 300949Z NOV 75 FM CTF SIX ONE TO USS EL PASO USS INCHON USS HERMITAGE HMM TWO SIX ONE INFO CTF SIX TWO BT UNCLAS E F T O mol300 MEDEVAC A. CTF SIX FOUR 291034Z NOV 75 1. REF A NOTED WITH GREAT PRI BT ■ , T O ' NO ' L ' Ird nominees roM t ' Ss.s5ur.oM:.EEs ' ■ US5ELPA?° RT ... „cATEGOI »?rP ° ...W.HOU...OO.. 2218012 JAN 76 B USS EL PASO UNCLAS PCS DUTIES 232213Z OCT 75 FM COM.3IXTHrLT ™rSTsfE?5Lr™=™Noc USS PIEDMONT HAS CORPUS CHRISTI TV ??;% " 5 5 --°-°NUK CTF SDC THREE BT cS rs% o°r; ' e ' S " 1 THE rOLLO ' ' ' ™ " ' -- " " r, - jr.v=?r " " ° " ---Tc ' M i. WINNER - JAMES R H,nr, . ' ' ' ™P " = CHRISTI TEXAS 220752Z JAN 76 FM COMSIXTHFLT ?0 COMPHIBRON TWO IXJ r.oMNAVSURFLA -ES°c " oS °uVrAKT.OKEO.KVA 55cI.AS E F T O NOOOOO MEDITERRANEAN BRAVO Z " ' ' " ,.,oN OF VOUR DEPARTURE FROM T TATE 1fls°0%P™ r- R°oTfofpx3o£Vo«RSHIPS- feLi: ' isy : .iSS?oVRf?u " NrpiiSiN INGENCIES IS A TRIBU IJJ. jj ND rif orMlSE roJa WAV back TO CONUS I WISH VADMF. C. TURNER, USN BT Captain Charles Bryan Hunter graduated from Jasper High School, Jasper, Florida in 1948, attended the University of Florida for two years and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1954. Captain Hunter served as the Assistant Navigator aboard the USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN until 1955, at which time he reported to NAS Pensacola, Florida to begin flight training. After receiving his wings in 1956, he flew the A-4 Skyhawk and F-7U Cutlass with attack Squadron EIGHTY-THREE. His next tour of duty was in Washington, D.C. as Aide to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Air, from 1960 to 1962. He returned to the A-4 community in 1963, served with Attack Squadron EIGHTY-ONE, Attack Squadron FORTY-TWO at NAS Oceana, as an instructor pilot with Attack Squadron ONE TWENTY-EIGHT at NAS Whidbey Island, and Attack Squadron ONE NINETY-SIX on board USS CONSTELLATION (CVA-64). He reported aboard Attack Aquadron EIGHTY-FIVE ui July of 1968 as Executive Officer and assumed command in September of the same year. He next served in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations as A-6 Program Coordinator from 1969 to 1972. He reported to USS EL PASO (LKA-117) from a tour of duty as Executive Assistant to the Commander in Chief Atlantic, Commander in Chief U.S. Atlantic Fleet and NATO ' s Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic. Among Captain Hunter ' s personal decora- tions are the Navy Cross, the Legion of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal, and the Navy Commendation Medal. Captain Hunter is married to the former Sander Finlayson of Jasper, Florida. They have two sons, Tim who attends Georgia Tech and Bryan who is Plebe at the United States Naval Academy. CAPTAIN HUNTER AT NAVY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Captain Charles B. Hunter, USN COMMANDING OFFICER USS EL PASO LKA - 117 COMMANDING OFFICER USS EL PASO (LKA-117) FPO, NEW YORK 09501 7 JfHNl 7 ICtfeP UP TtH? ($.Ct »06 » , tA|VM fi . Vcu M Trt€ ft€ T. Captain William H. Greiwe USN Captain William H. Greiwe entered Naval Flight Training in the summer of 1952, following his graduation from Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington. His first fleet squadron after receiving his wings in December, 1953 was Patrol Squadron FORTY-SEVEN, homeported in Alameda, Califor- nia. In 1957 Captain Greiwe was assigned as a flight instructor at NAS, Saufley Field, Pensacola, Florida. His next tour was in Argentia, Newfoundland as Aide and flag Lieutenant to Commander, Barrier Forces Atlantic Fleet. In 1961, Captain Greiwe reported to Attack Squadron SEVENTY-FIVE at NAS, Oceana, Virginia where he flew the Douglas A-1 Skyraider. Following a two year tour as a detailer in the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Captain Greiwe attended American University, Earning an MA degree in International Relations. He then reported to Attack Squadron NINETY- THREE, followed by Attack Squadron ONE NINETY-FIVE, where he was Executive and Com- manding Officer, flying the A-4 Skyhawk during three combat cruises. Captain Greiwe returned to the Bureau of Naval Personnel in 1969 as Head, Aviation Lieutenant Commander and Junior Officer Detail Section. In 1972 he assumed command of Attack Carrier Air Wing TWENTY-ONE aboard USS HANCOCK completing his fourth combat cruise. Following a tour in the Strategic Plans section of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Captain Greiwe relieved Captain Hunter as Executive Assist- ant to the Commander in Chief Atlantic, Commander in Chief U.S. Atlantic Fleet and NATO ' s Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic. Captain and Mrs. Greiwe, the former JoAnne Wood of Tacoma, Washington, have five children. EXECUTIVE OFFICER Commander Gary L, Barnum July 1974 - February 1976 fest CO OF TROOPS Captain Robert Pryor July 1975 - February 1976 J f • • • rv A- -» ' j s: ' fK;;ra. ' y.-V: :;:K.:a ,-.-5 ;s-.i- :; mmmmi tiia tm UNDERWAY JULY 28, 1975 — UNDERWAY NORFOLK, VA. - EL PASO GOT UNDERWAY TO COMMENCE A SIX MONTH SCHEDULE OF OPERATIONS ON HER FOURTH MEDITERRANEAN DEPLOYMENT. NINE MONTHS IN THE YARDS AND A SERIES OF DIFFICULT TRAINING READINESS SESSIONS HAD GONE INTO GETTING THE SHIP OPERATIONALLY READY TO JOIN THE SIXTH FLEET. ON THIS DATE, SKILLS THAT WE HAD BEEN DEVELOPING IN THE PREVIOUS MONTHS WERE PUT INTO PRACTICE. FOR ALL OF US IT MEANT SAYING GOOD-BYE JULY 29, 1975, MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. — A. T. FINER EASED US IN AND THE MARINES HELPED LOAD US OUT WITH ONE OF THE LARGEST LOAD DISPLACEMENTS CARRIED TO THE MED BY A LKA. IT WAS OUR LAST LOOK AT THE STATES FOR 6 MONTHS. J i.. 1 ■ ' ■i , ' :€ Ik% H . v 1 • ' ' ' f ' - iteta iJBiJ«£LJaL P p - I i ;u " i I ■ M m k i 1 i r % mm ji . m ' s mi ' " - CHANGE OF COMMAND WE WERE IN THE MIDST OF DESNAIL WHEN WE SAID GOOD-BYE TO CAPTAIN HUNTER AND WELCOMED HIS RELIEF CAPTAIN GREIWE ON 7 JANUARY 1976. ' ■qi ' " :7« fi,»™.,.ji..j o i«. ot lC d ' .if " ! ' . a ' t- s. j ««h,, ' 11, j - iV.»j ..iff C «fl.O.J «, ,i«to Ti ' iaim J . g;«to.. It =s. ' «»! aj Slallon iAil... iV lu. «5 ial« «. " In his long pursuit for those elusive objectives he has labeled peace and security, man has found them often on board a ship, away from the ghastly reminders of land. . ..after a few days at sea he achieves a sense of rhythm and balance to an extent which never seemed possible on land; his mind becomes lulled by the space and physical order and time compresses itself into the single tense: the present. " — Jerre Mangione DECKi DIPiRTM ■1 UNREP i ' —f ' 1 -, 1 w m mmm: TROOPS OF THE ITALIAN SAN MARCO BATTALION STORM ASHORE FROM EL PASO LCM-6 BOATS DURING " DEEP EXPRESS 75 " . .,;, i i--« . s fe- -w, - " S? ,EN piNEERING DEPT. HTC DAMMANN - " SO TfflS IS WHAT MAKING CfflEF IS ALL ABOUT? " MR2 NORMAN IF THIS SHIP CARRIED ICBM MISSILES WE ' D PROBABLY HAVE TO FIX THEM. d H rfi P 1 1 M " 1 s m wBttll A i wMi ' ' — ■ ' " ' w 1 31-31 1 I TOLD THE CHIEF THE PROBLEM WAS GREMLINS IN THE SWITCHBOARD. EN2 PLATTE AND EN3 SHEETS NAVIGATION DETAIL IN THE STRAITS OF MES- SINA - QMSN LEACRAFT NAVIGATION 0M3 SIEVERT AND QMSN FENENBOCK LEFT: LAN - QMl KUENTZEL AND QM3 BROADUS THE GANGS ALL HERE " GOOD TIMES " - NAVIGATOR LTJG MEAD OMSN COATE 4 - OMSA FENENBOCK THIS IS CAPTAIN DAVIS, I HAVE THE CONN QMl ' OSCAR " - OUR MAN OVERBOARD DUMMY " BROADUS " - OUR MAN ON BOARD DUMMY OPERATIONS DEPT m m : ' " ' a . ■ i . ' . JLJ P Esa - ■ |„ |,, n K i ■- ' fi !» ' • J(t ■Be ■ W ■ " i Hni| - -= H H a 1 n 1 1 WGIA TV-TEAM - " WE GOT IT ALL TV ' THE WHOLE 9 YARDS " - LCDR KELLER HF i tJ B s jBH BRir-— H m K KIL LPO RELAXIN ' - ET2 MOORE BRING ON CHIEF HATCHET! - BIG AL RM3 SPIVEY BRAVO YANKEE, BRAVO YANKEE? SUPPLY DEPT DKl SANTELLA AND ENS PRIEST MISS EL PASO - 47 DAYS TO GO BMl INGERSOLL WARDROOM CREW MSSN ASTARITA - MAKE OURSELF AT HOME $6 MILLION MAN - SN CONNERTON InHMiia W!- ADMIN • THE GREEN PEN - CDR BARNUM, XO AIRMAIL - PC3 ADAMS, SN VAN NESS, SN CULPEPPER CHIEF MASTER-AT-ARMS BMC " JOE " SHEPHERD ALWAYS AT WORK-PN 1 TAYLOR FUTURE YN-SN OC ASIO-C ARRION ASS ' T MASTER-AT-ARMS BM2 HAYWOOD CfflEF MASTER-INARMS - EMCS BROWN 4 ASS I 3 M COORDINATOR-EM2 RICHARDS WHO? - PC3 ADAMS 3-M COORDINATOR-BTCM LEE PNSN KLIMCZAK DISAPPROVED! - YNl KELTZ SN RICKARD CHAPLAIN WALZ, THE SQUADRON CHAPLAIN EMBARKED ON BOARD THE SHREVEPORT, PAID MANY VISITS TO EL PASO. HE OFFERED US A TIME OUT FROM A BUSY DAY OR HOLI- DAY ROUTINE TO REFLECT. 1 C MIDSHIPMEN THAT SPENT SEVERAL WEEKS WITH US THE XO THE BMCM - BMCM BANKS " ' k MEDICAL i HMC CRINER - THE DOC HMC ALMACHAR HM3 GROSE HM3 OWES HM3 PISCITELLI HM3 JOHNSON NAVY LEAGUE BICENTENNIAL OBSERVANCE - PALMA DURING THE WEEK OF 23 OCTOBER, USS EL PASO ALONG WITH THE USS JOSEPHUS DANIELS AND THE USS MITSCHER WERE SELECTED TO REPRESENT AND PLAY HOST TO THE EURO- PEAN COUNCILS OF THE NAVY LEAGUE ON THE OCCASION OF THE NAVY LEAGUE BICENTEN- NIAL IN PALMA. COMMANDER SIXTH FLEET, VADM F.C. TURNER, WHO MADE HIS SECOND VISIT TO EL PASO, ALONG WITH SO NAVY LEAGUERS AND MR. MOORE OF " JANES FIGHT- ING SHIPS " ENJOYED A MEAL AND TOUR OF " EL BARCO MAGNIFICO. " THIS WAS TO BE OUR SECOND OF FOUR PORT VISITS IN OUR " MED- HOME PORT " , PALMA. COMMANDER SIXTH FLEET - VADM F. C. TURNER MS2 PIO BUGAOISAN, EL PASO SAILOR OF THE QUARTER, WAS HONORED BY THE NAVY LEAGUE. PALMA SPAIN " The sea has many voices. Listen to the surf, really lend it to your ears, and you will hear it in a world of sound; hollow boomings and heavy roarings, great watery tumblings and tramplings, long hissing seethes, sharp, rifle-shot reports, splashes whispers, the grinding undertone of the half-heard talk of people in the sea. " -Henry Beston PALMA— (ENS. FENTON PRIEST, 1ST PLACE PHOTO CONTEST, PP. 1,49,52,53,56,57) PALMA ' CENTROebla PALMA CATHEDRAL - OSSN MERKLING- (3rd PLACE PHOTO CONTEST, PP 53) BARCELONA, SPAIN a ROME NAPLES ■i A ! ' 1 ■ . t j 1 ITALY ROME VIEW OF NAPLES MERCHANT OF NAPLES .-0 THE ITALIAN HAND LANGUAGE FLEET LANDING, NAPLES MED MOORED, NAPLES SWISS GUARDS, VATICAN - LT. ROBERT GRAY, 2ND PLACE PHOTO CONTEST PG. 60 d WHILE IN NAPLES, DURING THE MONTH OF OCTOBER, MANY OF US HAD OPPOR- TUNITY TO SEE THE BEAUTIFUL CITY OF ROMA. SPECIAL FRIENDS, ITALY OPEN MARKET, ROME ST. PETER ' S, ROME ST. RAPHAEL RIVIERA I ' i cr ' i tr 5! W v .v-eo- .v l ' ' ' i.O»5 GOOP ' .£? ■ lOtJ- EL PASO PARADES THANKSGIVING CHRISTMAS No one will forget " Sgt. Withers Lonely Hearts Club Band, " Robo the Clown, BM2 Santa, BMSN Baby New Year 1976, the crowds on the forecastle watching us wish the Shreveport Season ' s Greet- ings, and what it did for us on those lonely holidays away from home. H ftv -- rfi m ■1 Bm ' h SH B n Bm r nW M AV B K ?ai I AXES MARINE C RPS ?a5 - M 1 i 32ND MAU DET. L " A FEW GOOD MEN, " A PHRASE TAKEN FROM THE MARINE RECRUITING SLOGAN, SPEAKS OF EL PASO ' S FEELING TO- WARD THE BEST DETACHMENT IN THE 32ND MAU. THE EL PASO - 32ND MAU DET. LIMA TEAM. ■I ' ?.-.... ?B? 1ST LT. BOB LOUGHLIN 8TH MOTOR TRANSPORT A FEW GOOD MEN XO-IST LT. BOB MANCHA " G " BATTERY 1ST LT. ED ZERBE " G " BATTERY IST LT. GREG WARNER " G " BATTERY 1ST LT. STEVE BURKE BLT 1 2 STAFF SGTS STAFF KNEELING (L R): SSGT GUY, SGT DEVIDS, SGT GILBERT. STANDING (L R): 1ST SGT MOR- GAN, GYSGT BAKER, SSGT KLAUS, SSGT MARTIN DEFENSE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS TEAM CPL Wolfgang, SGT Wolfe, L CPL Goshert, CPL Johnson. 2ND ENGINEERS HMM-261 2ND ENGINEERS - Kneeling (L R):SGT Gilbert, L CPL Brandriff, CPL Veler. HMM-261 - Standing (L R): CPL EUis, CPL Ollinger, L CPL Cassidy, PFC Lippert. 8TH MOTOR TRANSPORT Kneeling (L R): CPL Cooper, CPL Schufletowski, CPL WaUace, L CPL Cruz, CPL Jackson. Standing (L R): SGT Boylan, CPL Upthegrove, CPL Minnich, L CPL Batch- helder, L CPL Bradford. HST L CPL Cook, L CPL CasUlas, L CPL AUen, PFC Hane, PFC EIrod. GOLF 3 10 BATTERY HEADQTS-COMMUNICATIONS Kneeling (L R): CPL Zero, CPL Yarbrough, L CPL Tompkins, PFC Rother, PFC Palmer. Standing (L R): CPL NeUl, L CPL Harder, L CPL Orgeron, PFC Fillmore, SGT Lanpoye. GOLF 3 10 BATTERY HEADQTS. Kneeling (L R): SGT Smith, CPL Pruitt, CPL Fetherson, L CPL Seward, L CPL McCleary. Standing (L R): L CPL Rogers, L CPL Kinson, CPL O ' Malley, L CPL Kelley. BLT 1 2 Kneeling (L R): CPL Reaves, CPL Thomas, SGT Hill, LCPL Holman, LCPL Owens, SSGT Klaus. Standing (L R): SSGT Martin, CPL Blaekwell, CPL Boles, CPL Guinn, SGT Hogan. L CPL Simon. GOLF 3 10 BATTERY GUN PLATOON Kneeling (L R): SGT Meeks, SGT Kinsey, L CPL Gaya, CPL G.B. Jones, L CPL Rennicks. Standing (L R): SGT Fiore, L CPL Dozier, CPL Owens, PFC Talbert, L CPL Griffith. EMBARKED CORPSMEN Kneeling (L R): HN Stogsdill, HN Carroll, HN Freed. Standing (L R): CPL Koger, L CPL Fidler, HN MacArthur. GOLF 3 10 BATTERY GUN PLATOON Kneeling (L R): SGT Fortune, PFC Clark, PFC Henson, PFC Lee, SGT Gilbert. Standing (L R): L CPL Palmer, PFC Williams, CPL Woods, LCPL Flores, L CPL Valdez. PERSONNEL NOT PICTURED THE FIVE N.Y. SERGEANTS OF F TROOP SGT Fowler, SGT Fortune, SGT Fiore, SGT Foley, SGT Fletcher. 1 2 MOTOR " T " HMM-261 L CPL Imwan, L CPL Percy GOLF BATTERY SGT Kearbey, CPL Parrott, CPL Judd, L CPL Garcia, CPL Brady, CPL Pristash, L CPL Flipper, L CPL Lombardi, L CPL Revera, L CPL Zucca, L CPL Farmer. 8TH MOTOR " T " DCS 2ND ENG L CPL Baker, L CPL Sprouse, SGT Haynes, CPL Chappie, L CPL Lane, L CPL Bailey, PFC Geter. wow - LOOK AT THOSE GREAT LEGS LT. ZERBE ON THE LINE - MlOS ' s " RAU-GER, OUT " - THE BRITS WHERE ' S LT. ZERBE? LT. WARNER .yr ' lS ' ' l5P GREAT - HUH! IT DROPPED WHERE? THERE ' S A PAIR OF PANTIES IN HERE! SPECTATORS LT. MANCHA ■ i " - lii».. Sj I jaw ' r iIf Rb ' fll « g ' ffe i ' kt- j S ; .i w MMMM-M, C-RATS 3 DOWN TOGETHER USMC BIRTHDAY 200 YEARS OLD DAILY MAJORCAN On Monday, the men of the USS El Paso gave a party for the children of the orphanages Belen and Minonas, and though the kids had a marvelous time, I don ' t think that they enjoyed themselves a bit more than the sailors who were their hosts. Special Services Officer Ensign Jim Shaw was the one who organized the party, which started with a one-hour cruise in the Bay and then a tour of the huge ship and a typical American lunch, followed by ice- cream and cake and soft drinks and an hour of cartoons. The children were also taken into the ship ' s television room, where they could see themselves on the closed-circuit TV screen. They all received gifts from Santa Claus who, in real life, is BM2 Ed Rapp, who had to cover his dark beard with a white one to play jolly Saint Nick. Then, to wind up a wonderful day, the sailors accepted the challenge of the young boys to a game of football (which the Yanks, like the British call soccer). I happen to be on board the El Paso while the party was going on, and I couldn ' t help thinking that the men of the US Navy are probably the best Goodwill Ambas- sadors that the US Government has ever had - and, I might add, the least expensive, because the money for the party came out of their own Welfare and Recreation Fund. They are also paying for the materials to do a paint job on the orphanage today. I am sure that the youngsters will long remember their big brothers in the US Navy who gave them such a good time. PALMA ORPHANS THEY STOLE OUR HEARTS 200th BIRTHDAY Jf EL PASO BASKETBALL THE FOLLOWING PLAYERS ENABLED THE " HOT DOGGING " EL PASO TEAM TO EDGE A FRENCH NAVY TEAM BY 1 POINT, WHILE ON A PORT VISIT IN ST. RAPHAEL, COACH CAPT SGT FOWLER, IC3 SPENCE, HM3 PISCITELLI, RM3 SMITH, L CPL SHAW, L CPL MACK, L CPL BAKER, L CPL VANN, L CPL DENNIS, PFC BAKER, PFC PARKER, AND SA JOHNSON. TWO BIG MEN UNDER THE BOARDS 1 J TEAM PHOTO - CAPTAIN, EL PASO TEAM, FRENCH NAVY TEAM, AND FRENCH OINC POST GAME CELEBRATION THE CHAMPAGNE? WHERE ' S TALENT SHOW THERE IS A LITTLE BIT OF HAM IN ALL OF US, BUT ALOT MORE IN ENS SHAW AND SN CONNERTON. BUT SERIOUSLY, THE SECOND BI-ANNUAL EL PASO TALENT SHOW EXHIBITED SOME OF THE GREAT TALENT AMONG THE EL PASO SAILORS AND MARINES. SN OCASIO - CARRION - MODERN DANCE RUNNER-UP IN 6TH FLEET MASTER-OF-CEREMONIES - ENS JAMES " IS THERE A BOAT- ALL-NAVY TALENT CONTEST SWAIN ' S MATE HERE WITH HAIR ON HIS A.., " SHAW ]«« inr ■1 ---V» " . " WE, BLUES-HARMONICA YNSN SHEETS, BASS QMSA FENENBOCK, AND LEAD MSSN DEARDORFF « 1iLli,:iLlllili " CROW CREEK PASS " - USMC THE CROWD SN CONNERTON AND BM3 KUENSTER «.y te-yt jw y ■ Amphibious Squadron 2 Weather Delays Ships; 7 Hurt By JOHN STEVENSON vlrglBlan-Pllof lUH Wrlw NORFOLK-High winds and heavy seas have delayed a Navy amphibious group that was to arrive in Norfolk today, and have caused serious injunes to one sailor and minor injuries to sis. spokesmen said Monday. The Navy said that a staff officer with Amphibious Squadron 2 received fractured ribs and a broken leg when a wave crashed into (he flag bridge of the amphibious transport dock Shreveport The unidentified officer was listed in serious but stable condition. Six other men aboard the Shreveport received cuts and bruises when the wave broke glass in the flag bridge. Spokesmen said the seriously injured officer would be taken off the ship by heUcopter when weather permitted. The Shreveport has a doctor on board. According to spokesmen, five ships of Amphibious Ready Group 2-75, returning from the Mediterranean, were to have arrived in Morehead City, N.C.. Monday to offload Marines They should have completed that task and arrived in Norfolk today. However, only one of the five ships, the amphibious cargo vessel El Paso, cleared the storm and docked In Morehead City late Monday. The others Monday evening were tiding the weather about 100 miles off the North Carolina coast, steaming slowly in a northeasterly direction to await more favorcible conditions before coming in. They were the Shreveport, amphibious assault ship In- chon, dock landing ship Hermitage, and tank landing ship Fairfax County. Spokesmen s d that the Shreveport suffered minor damage to its superstructure and antenna systems. No new arrival time for the ships was known late Monday. The Navy said additional information will be an- nounced as it becomes available. ESCHON BEGINS TO TAKE HEAVY ROLLS THE CREW MMCM Philip Roberts BTCM Murray Ue EMCS Paui Blown RMC Leon Dean SKC Maurice Martin EMC Wayne King ENFN Joseph Adams PC3 Larry Adams SMt Harold Albertson SA Roger Allen BMl Julian Anderson BM I Ronald Anderson PNSA Tilo Arandela Jr. SH3 Nicanor Araracap EMI Douglas Arthur MMSIN Michael Aslarita EN3 Otis Auclair BMl William Avelino SMSA Harold Balfour BTI Russell Hull EM3 Ken Ballock RMSN David Baranauskas MS3 Elpidio Satan HTFN Chester Bator SA Rhealord Bell MRI I ' aul Beach BT3 Robert Beasle; SS(,I ( utii ' , Uciidci BM2 James Bendzunas MSI n inaM Birkhimer SA Marlon Bouer IITKA Michael Boulka FTG3 Terr; Brant VN2 Micheal BrenI QM3 Batlisle Broadus SN Arthur Brown MM2 James Br son IN Joseph Brzezinski SHSA William Bucsching MS2 Pio Bugadlsan MM2 Neflalv Castro BM3 Raymond C«recerez EM3 Ronald Chamberlain OSSN Kenneth Chambers BM3 Jimmv Channel GMGSA Keith Charetle SN Laid Cheek SA Jeffrey Chenaille SN Jeffrey Cheresnowsky FA Michael Chevis MSI Richard Ciaypool QMSN Philip Coate FA Blaine Coblenti MS3 Gary Codei MSSA Kenneth Cody SN Thomas Connerton SA Elijah Cooks EN2 David C DKSN Julius Crescines PCSN Waller Culpeppei FN Lauro Dclim SN Jeffery Dennis SH3 Mtiniu Dessus MM3 Kd MSI David Draper EM2 William Drinkwaler FN Russell Duggan FTGl Richard Dunn EMFA Dana Ellis FA Elmer Etherton MSSA Sullivan Evans SA Barry Featherston QMSA Richard enenbock FR Randy Fennel MS3 Cliffotd Frederick MMFA Sleven French SA Rick Frey SN Roger Frjmyer MMI Merlyn GaddU RMSN Jamet Gamble SA Elio Garcia ENFN Gary George EM3 WiUlam Go GMG3 Roy GoIb MR2 Julian Gomez Jr. MSSN Bryant Gray HN David Gri SN Mark Grubb SMSA Ted Guy SA Ranald Haanpaa FTG3 David Hale BM3 Jeffrey Hall BT3 Mark Hammond ENFA Joseph Harder OSSN Patrick Harris ?i SN Ervin Hart MMFN Harold HayhursI BM2 Boyce Haywood FN Jimmy Haywood BMl Donald Hecke MMI Emory Helsel MR3 Mark Hendershol EMFA Herbert Jackson MMFN Scott Jackion sa Carl Jakim HTFA Raymond Jakubek EN3 Norman James FR Harry Jericho MAI Alan Johnson SA Robert McGIU SMSA Eric McLaughlin ENFN Thomas McLaughlin BM3 Craig Main HTl Chris Matha SKSN Gar) Mathis SA Thomas Ma FN David Meters OSSN Mark Merkling SA Charles Middlelon FA Russell MIddleton BM3 Lavauehn Mines FA Terry Moehr FN Da id Mongomery MSSN Di id Rc.lniiit. SN Billj Reed EN2 Ed»ard Rich OSSN Craig Richardson ENFA George RIchev SA Kevin Roberts SA Juan Romeros Jr. DKl Justo Santella SHSA Gregory Salterfield BTFA Richard Scholle HTFN Lloyd Scribner EM3 William Sebastian MSS Henry Seramur HT3 Thomas Shaneytell ENl SUnley Sharp SA Charles Shay NSN Greg Sheets FN Stephen Sides QMSN Michael Sievert BM3 Jay Sit FTG2 Dennis Slate EMFN Dale Slattet EMFN Stephen Slocum SN Charles Smith SA Dennis Smith J02 Gary Smith RM3 Jur Kenneth Smith ICFN Gary Spence HTFN David Spicer RM3 Wilberl Spivey $K3 Clarence StanHII SN Marvin Stapleton GMGI Edward Sleiner SA William Stewart EM3 Robert Theberge SA Roger Thompson BM3 Arthur Tobie MMFN Marl( Torrey FA Jon Tulliu SN Dennis Ulrich EMFN Hans Vandenbosch ETN3 WiUiam Wamock MMFN Darral Waters EM3 John Welbley SN Charles WeUs EMFN David Weill RM2 Richard Wells MM2 Carl Werli EN3 Charles West BT2 B urton Wheeler MM3 Michael White SR Michael Wilson BT3 Paul Wllwn RMSN David Wise BM3 Robert Withers ENl Phillip Wolf MRFA Ralph Wood BM2 William Woolums MSSA Don Wright BM2 William Wright Not Pictured GMGSA Bernhard Behling MMFN Thomas Forehand SN Thurman Lennon Not Pictured SKSA Alan Malec SN Donald Parker MSSA Craig Richard Printed Published by Liskey Lithograph Corp. Norfolk, Va. Ijuuorrwi jvv ' innan uoixrjooouuiwwwiniiiionnnnnn nr i nnnr i -T nnni--- ■ t-«--- ' ' - ' ' — - ' « ' « « ' ' ' -» « -» ' » " ' ' - EUROPE FRAXCE ' 4 •St Afiv BARCELONA., VALENCIA ' JT , 7 PORTO SCUDOl • 4i?fi, 0 £i? AS SCHEDULE OF EVENTS M JULY 75 ENROUTE PROM NORFOLK TO MOREHEAD CITY 31 OCT ■ 7 Nov 75 PHIBLEX 576 MONTE ROMANO. ITALY r lULY 75 ON LOAD 32 MAU AND EQUIPMENT DEPART FOR MED »-l3 NOV 75 PVST PALMA. MALLORCA •-IS AUG 75 PVST ROTA. SPAIN 17-!l NOV 75 PVST BARCELONA. SPAIN 16-ia AUG 75 CARBONERAS, SPAIN TRA ANCH 2fr-2» NOV 75 PVST VALENCIA. SPAIN 1».27 AUG 7S PVST PALMA. MALLORCA 30 NOV ■ » DEC 75 PHIBLEX 5A-76 CARBONERAS, SPAIN M AUG ' 1 SEP 75 PORTO SCUDO. SARDINIA TRA ANCH 915 DEC 75 PVST SAINT RAPHAEL. FRANCE 4-7 SEP 75 AUGUSTA BAY. SICILY TRA ANCH 16-22 DEC 75 PHIBLEX 6-76 PORTO SCUDO. SARDINIA S-ISSEP75 GYTHION. GREECE ENROL ' TE TRA ANCH 23 DEC 75 2 IAN 76 PVST PALMA. MALLORCA l».2» SEP 75 DEEP EXPRESS. NATO EXERCISE. TURKEY .1-21 IAN 76 PVST DESNAIL ROTA. SPAIN » SEP 75 ATHENS. GREECE 22 JAN 1 FEB 7b ATLANTIC CROSSING THE STORM 111 OCT 75 P ST NAPLES. ITALY 2 FEB 76 ARRIVE MOREHEAD CITY. OFF LOAD MARINES UN OCT 75 PVST PALMA. MALLORCA 3 FEB 76 ARRIVE NORFOLK. VA. luu pon n oi-wi i i iinnO n rinnnnnnnn-rn r i nn ri nnn ni innnnnnm irii ii » iririi mijui ii ii ii ii ini ii iiii ii ii ii iiinnnnnonnnrinnnnnnnnnnnoorf ju uijiM M ynttao o ooiyo oimoiyiyrrmiroffnm nnnnnrjQ e o oooo oa oQO Mu ooo uuuu oo iMu aoBO»

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