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f an W., "Sis I I If 'lf My Hi tory -Eaufiuue Uzrouglz Pa L Presmf And Hufure For El Paso High School. it's not just the end of another year. but the begin- ning of many more. There is no other high school in El Paso that can claim the lengthy history of "La High." EPHS is the culmination of an evolu- tionary process. its ancestor was Cen- tral School, opened in I884. The high school was on the second floor of Cen- tral. ln I9Ol, the high school students moved to a new building, later referred to as Morehead School. Because the rapidly increasing enrollment caused crowed conditions, the final move was made to El Paso High in l9l6. We, the school and its people, have been here ever since. Through time. several concepts. have changed, but others have become in- stilled in El Paso High, never to be re- moved. The original football arch rival was El Paso Military Institute. The prime target is now the Austin Pan- thers. Dress styles have ranged from ankle length dresses to mini-skirts, from suits with stiff white collars to T-shirts and blue jeans. Until the mid- twentieth century, many of the rules were designed to keep the girls sepa- rate from the boys during school hours. Boys had their lockers, went to and ate lunch using the south side of the build- ing. Girls used the north side. Teaching methods and course offerings have also varied. ' With the changes, there came perma- nence. As the physical elements were being altered and transformed, intangi- ble characters were being developed to last through lifetimes. The soul of the school was being shaped and formed. It grew until it filled the whole school and the people who inhabited it. Though there was but one entity, it had diverse personalities. each person seeing and feeling only one or maybe several at different times in their life. For some it was a warm and comforting being, pleasant to live with, happy to think back on. For others it was feeling of disquiet and unrest, something to be 2 Opelziug lived through. As it inhabits' people throughout their lives. it may turn and show a different facet of its personality to its host. a facet never before shown. Whole families have attended EPHS. Grandparents tell stories of their wild high school days to their children, and they to their children. Even as the grandchildren hear the old tales, they are living their own, storing memories until it is time to drag them out and let them be told and retold to their own children. Homecomings bring allages of life together for a week, elders re- membering how it was and younger generations showing how it is. EI Paso High has lived its past through a great depression, four wars. and the development of weapons-which can destroy the entire world. It isliving its present with a nation being held hostage, prices rising. people starving and basic needs becoming harder and harder to fulfill. Will it live through the future? Yes. " s , f, , 1 f , , lf , ll ' . ' f R, 1... ,s f ' "L +G 0 'il Q ig 8' A 2 W l' ' 4 , R . .lr 11 M W tw 4- Q U y 1 lx l' 5 ll' llflmlfgfl G V ww 5 fOpposite. Ieftj Gloria Meiia makes a mad dash for the tape in the Relay Rolling Chair Race. fOp- posite, rightj 'First we look for deformities, then we take a BIG bite. and then we finish with a smile. fAbove, lefty Victor Bustillos. Frank Sala- zar. and Cody Morton pull off a tricky three mana two step. all facing the same way country-western dance step. CAhove, right? Keeping up the tempo at a football game. Gilbert Perez pounds out a furious beat on the drums. fAboveJ Luis Lozano Q45 and Adrian Yanez 1693 lead the Tigers onto the 'field of battle. Qleftj The boy's and girls' cross country teams gather together on Tiger Night and showed their unity. I Cnrengn Une llenr, Une Orange ,And Bleek nreieee 4 Opening QAbovej Morehead School around I9I2. lt re- placed Central School and was the predecessor of EI Paso High. Ukbove, rightj "James and his flock," l968. flower rightj Pep rally in I950. "Go. Tigers. go." QOpposite, top rightj Averil Big- gers. keeping with the l944 Spur theme "The Air Age". perched on an airplane for a features photo. fOpposite. bottom righty Presenting: the seniors of El Paso High, class of I98I. Pajama Day. fBack rowj Adrian Yanez, Frank Salazar. Keith Pannell. Leon Joriorian. Ruben Lopez. Luis Torres, Sheila Elias. CMiddIej Victor Bustillos. QFrontj Patsy Norman and Maria Elena Alvarez. QOpposite. bottom lefty Coach C. D. Jarvis during a I977 strategy session. By the silv'ry sands of the Rio Grande. The Orange and Black floats high: She's a grand old rag. the fairest flag That floats in the Western sky. For loyalty, for courage true. For love she'lI never lack. While the Tigers strong. and the Tigers brave Defend the Orange and Black Fair is her name bright is her fame ln defeat she s never bowed- Hers is the right hers is the might The Orange and Black so proud She stands for strength for honor stands On high may she ever wave ln the Western sky for El Paso High The sturdy old colors so brave Then wave on high your banner May its spirit never die And give a rousing rah rah rah' For old El Paso Hugh Then wave on high your banner May its spirit never die And give a rousing rah rah rah' For old El Paso High AW 5 , 5 4 , . O wi ,L 21531 fy 'W ww 4 N Vg? K I iw! mafzsifzm M W MnQ3::,z5x?:p,- A : f Y ww -'Qgrw 1- I , , V Z L 5 L A- g p? J , X I X ' I 'z,,:'f1:, , ,, 'Q y'f2?g1fy:'mifrTiH ,Lf ' K ' EW Q ' iw :ws 1. Q . , 'Ku-an 1 I ,KRW ao., 3 M -QSQ.-gzwyf ' Q15 ffQ'Q,i' W 7 ' , s by A,Z, , f I I X ' Y g 4? .' uw" za 'g E 6 if 1:4 Q 92 23 '53 22 QQ if :L 2 2 5 1 K 34 5 Q if mg gf Z S 'Z l , .RN i. 2 .lifflf . llELlt:lmggE W' 5 Q M l . My ar . , 3 Lum' f R if if F .:' ,W if . f ivy, President Sheila Rosen and Vice-President Fernie Campos admire each other's pajamas during lunch at one of the many fast food restaurants. Rogelio Aguirre Dolores Almares Cecelia Alonzo Jose Alonzo Jr. Robert Angcayan Sandra Angcayan Linda Arce Maria Armendariz I2 Smiars Lysa Agan Evelyn Aguilar Sylvia Aguilar Rebecca Acosta Dee Agan ' I Q .1 Ei? Q, in . g, in ' fi 15- f. L ' N K gp , f R: - , in '-fff: . 1 La y , we 1354.-T I N -,L -'wr 54' Bryan Aboud David Arroniz Guadalupe Arroyo Raul Baca Thelma Badillo Karla Ballenger Jackie Bannon John Bannon Edna Barcenas Gregorio Barron Susana Beltran Stacey Benitez .lose Berumen Veronica Betancourt Sharon Bleck Seniors I3 Barry Boetto Guadalupe Bustillos Fernando Campos Richard Bueno Victor Bustillos Rosa,-io Campgg Isabel Cardenas Sylvia Chagon Rosa Chavira You see. Adrian got up kind of late this morning and. well, he just barely had time to get if --I 'K--A -1-Aww! to school so . . . W Y ,V 4 V WZ, 4 Y , Ki Belinda Chavez Jana Christian Linda Colmenero Gene Chavez Carolyn Cole I4 Sminrs Cindy Colunga ' 'TT Maria Euginia Compean O J S Hector Cortez Gregory Corvelli Roxanne De Shazo ' iA 'iw Rodrigo Del Avellano Ricardo Del Toro Arturo Diaz i Hughbert Craig Gregorio Contreras l Mary Correa John Cordova Juan Cruz i Elizabeth Delgado W -- -f---7W.-., n.... ,s ..., i Gloria Dominguez ' effing foo This year's Senior Class proved to be f one of the most spirited groups to ever i attend El Paso High. The class was led 1 by Co-Presidents Sheila Rosen and Vic- tor Bustillos. The main obiective was to unify the class. As the seniors looked y back at their years in El Paso High, they ' recalled many memories. i Things like ditching for the very first t time and being late to class were just some of the memories. High school life was a mixture of little bits of all differ- ent types of feelings and attitudes. There were the very scholastic stu- l l 1 i ' dents. whose main obiective was to en- rich their knowledgeoand strive for their best personal scholastic records. Then there were the students who did not pay any attention to their school work or for that matter anything else. All in all, the 80-SI class tried to perform at their very best. The seniors will never forget all the things they did at El Paso High memories were things like getting the family car for the very first time. iust to go out and have a good time . . . cut- ting class to go and do something more enjoyable than sitting for a whole hour in class and then having homework to Martha Cruz Senivrs I5 Admerilanda Duran l i ' h Claudia Dwyer Elvia Duran Sheila Elias Laura Escandon Farah Farah jose Favela Jacqueline Finger n Zum Off Che fights Che Par y I Over I6 Seniors look forward to . . . The only problem about cutting class was the risk of being caught by one of the two narcs. If it wasn't the ever familar lady narc, it was "Big Mac." One aspect of student life that brought happiness not only to the sen- iors but to all classes were the many parties that there were to attend on weekends. If there was not a party go- ing down, there would always be a movie or a friend's house to go to. When there was nothing else, cruising would satisfy the senior class. After high school would come the test to see how, the seniors would per- form in the world. Many were planning for the future. by picking a college to attend or by looking for employment to help them pay for their future educa- tion. The road ahead of them will prob- ably be a long and hard one, but the class will hopefully make it through and succeed in all their aspirations. High school life will never be forgot- ten by the Class of '8I. But then of course high school is never forgotten by anyone, for the rest of their lives. l ,, Andy Flores l Hiram Galindv Graciela Gasca Terrie Galindo ----ii Richard Gill Rebecca Gavaldon John Gilmore Abel Gomez , Anna Belinda Thomas Goldfarb '-l1afd0 500191 Gonzalez Q Charles Gonzalez Laura Gonzalez Georgina Griffin Celia Guard Ben Guerrero Francisco Gurrola . N H dd d clayton Guuerrez ancy a a Gretchen Heidel Charles Hary Angeline Hermann .lose Hernandez John Herrera Felipe Hernandez Alicia Herrera Seniors I7 Juan Hidalgo Kathleen Hirsch Patricia Huerta I8 Seniors Michael Hinoiosa Jesus Holguin Rosa Maria Huerta Raul Jaramillo Jeanette Johnson Deborah Kay Jett Arthur Jordan lrma Juarez Leon Jorjorian Any run-ofethe-mill day for most seniors was having to Gal in the cafeteria. Richard Nicholson shows that you can eat while making a fool or yourself. Cynthia Kelsey Samuel Kupfer Lisa Kenner y L Abraham Kupfer Monica Kerr x 9 Ruben Lopez A Michael Lynch Letty Luevano On U15 160 d Again Graduation was a long awaited moment in the lives of the Class of '8 I '. The journey on the road to success has just begun. Seniors I9 Banks Virginia Macias Stacie McClure Y ' ' .L.i.,l. Rene Maldonado Patricia Marquez WHJVK Made if 20 Seuiars Sylvia Martinez Kristian Mclntyre Gladys Mendoza Samuel Mendoza Lauren Merworth Leonard Marcus Gloria Meiia Rodolfo Meneses Jaime Meza Carmen Miller Reyna Dolores Theresa Molina V Cody Morton Veronica Montes Molina Ted Mugllgr W 1 Gina Natale Frank Munoz Laura Nicholson Richard Nicholson Maria Elena Olivares i Keith Pannell wa!! Patricia Norman Denise Neill Seniors 21 fCl70k ing into Che Zufurc Leticia Parra Roxanne DeShazo is greeted with a big surprise as she leaves the journalism room. The surprise be- ing a flasher. portrayed by Mick Lynch. The en- counter took place during Homecoming. Laura Pastrana Bonnie Patterson Hugo peru Lorena Ponillg Ana Marie Perez Susana Perez -lose Prals ' " ' Charles Quintana i Esther Ramirez 22 Seniors Mary Pl-arg Patricia Quintana Q Laura Ramirez Katherine Raunam Carlos Ramos Manuel Ramon Mary Ramos Rosa Maria Reed U Mary Alice Rios M Rebecca Relon William Rivera Charles Robles Rosa Rodriguez z .lose A. Rojas Leonor Rodriguez 0 Sylvia Rodriguez Norah Roi-is Richard Roman ' R 'WWW 'af' "A Teresa Rgiag lVllCl13El Romo Seniors 23 Book Ou! Wzfrld, 'Kan 6 Here Karnes Zhi? Glass Uf '81 Guadalupe Rosales George Rosas tmnm ""p- David Rubio Abelardo Rosas Sheila Rosen laura Ruiz Martin Saenz l--- Alma Salazar Vera Ruiz Adalberto Salazar Francisco Salazar Esther Sal-cido l Armando Salcldo 24 Seniors Helen Salazar ' Eva Salcido Rosemary Salcido Diana Sanchel D"U3fY Shadfick Alicia Sanchez SOC0l'l'0 S3I1d0V3l Y r r, Rebecca Showery 4. ij l Delia Silva Enrique Silva Otto Maser and Victor Venegas study??? Daniel Smith ,--- WW- ---- Y- A YY ---- - Y---W - 7 Manoi Solanki l M K K 4 'zbi V Jesus SDIO V Y Mwgwm--'W-AA YV, Mall' Spade Gilberto Solorzano Mario 5010 Smiars 25 Debbie Stewart Anthony Thompson Catherine Valdez 26 Seniors Terri Swafford r' Y David Torres Marisa Valdez John Tabor Luis Torres Gloria Valverde Antonio Tafoya Sylvia Torres Ann Thomson Eva Tovar Gloria D. Vargas Leticia Valdiviez Beatrice Vasquez Enrique Vega Frances Vega Laura Villanueva Veronica Vega Felipe Velasco Greg Vickers Nora Villa Rebecca Winningham i Renee Wroblewski i Q Luis Yanez lrma Zumudio Melissa Walker Esperanza Ybarra Irene Zamarripa Harrie Wood Eustolia Zaragoza Cynthia Zotz Seniors - 27 Q! K,,1 Sy, , z,,g Qi :V rn I N 'R 411 .. FFS , ,-Q .fffmfii V.. 4, ET .. . an I x 1 ,.,M1..m.- wma., ..,. , 1 5, M. 'M ,iff ,f1?,?.f2g,,,,f,,,M ww g 3 2 Ready For A Grammy t I 0 1 0 0 Q 73 we , First row: Concha Payan, Melinda Coronado, Lauren Merworth, Barry Boetto, Mando Salcido, lay Benitez, Stacey Pope, Pancha Gorgonia, Paula Scott. Second row: Bobbie Yowell, Monica Moore, the Statue of Liberty, Miss America, losue johnson, Hiram Galindo, Fred Seyfert, Denise Neill, Lisa Michaels. Third row: Nora Rojas, Patsy Marquez, Lorraine Comecaca, Luis Riverra, Ramon Pobre, Anybody, Barbara Pope, Dee Agan, Melissa Walker. Fourth row: loe Vasquez, Luis Torres, Charles Quintana, loe Hernandez, Anthony Thompson, Rene Maldonado, Bobby Saavedra, Oscar Silva, Richard Saenz, Sandra Enriquez, Becky Winningham. Left: Fernie Campos and Fred Seyfert sing their hearts out. Officers: Bobbie Yowell, Hiram Galindo, Cody Morton, Fernie Campos, Barry Boetto, Remne Maldonado, loe Hernandez 4.5! L., Q w ,fi "U 1 , .W "-' 1 it r N i i W Back in the 30's the choir was called the Glee Club. They met every week for forty-five minutes. They usually sang songs of the era. Seventeen years ago they changed from Glee Club to Choir. Now the choir is better than ever. If you had a class on the third floor this year, you may have heard the Varsity Choir singing their hearts out. The choir is directed by Mr. Richard Hawley, who has been with us for eight years, and done a very fine job. Chey L7 c With ,4 my In The 'r Hearts Girls Choir has been an extracurricu- lar activity at EPHS since the early 20's. Though the class was small it has done a superb job. They met every day to make their voices sound harmonious for competition. They went to competition at UTEP last April and performed very well. They also went Christmas caroling. They did a wonderful job and expect many good years ahead. Qllpper leftj Vice-President Barbara Pope takes a break, Qllpper rightj September Bogenholm, president, smiles pretty. QAbovej Secretary-Trea- surer Maya Menchaca appears calm and poised while Qcenterj Denise Neill and Melissa Walker concentrate on singing some tunes. CCenter rightb Mr, Hawley stresses a particular note. Girls Cho- rus fFirst rowj Yvonne Flores, Miyyuki Yo- shikawa. Monica Faivre. QSecond rowj Blanca Hernandez, Sandy Cedillos, Monica Macias, Den- ise Neill. CThird rowj Esther Salcido, Maya Men- chaca, Martha Aguirre, Elvira Jacques. CFourth rowb Irma Favela, Rebecca Reion, Barbara Pope. September Bogenholm. 30 Qinc Arts tw.. In U16 l5'ig Time g fq QFirst rowj Sue Stanley, John Mares, Sylvia Soto, Dolores Cardona, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Melissa Romero, Guadalupe Molina, and Cody Morton. CSecond rowj Barbara Tovar, Mike Kaprosy. Ant- onio Aguirre, Gracie Macias, Yariela Garza, San- dra Rangel, Lucia Heredia, and Gabriela Murguia, QThird rowj Theresa Valasquez. Olivia Nanez, Maria Elena Cantu, Monica Gonzalez, Roberta Gonzalez. Rose Mary Gonzalez. Hugo Melchor, Roberto Martinez, Louis Borunda, and David Gu- tierrez. QStandingJ Clayton Gill. Many people seem to think that or- chestra is boring and that they only play Bach or Chopin. Well, they're wrong. Our orchestra played a lot of up to date music for competitions and school functions, such as the annual beauty pageant, which they sponsor. Orchestra was not only fun but was also a learning experience. lt taught many students how to better them- Sfine Arts 31 ,, ,,,, ,, ., W f fw Q -W 5 M bmw' H E-fn,-1, ga 1 n. s 2 f r gg ft V A: Q ? Q, 5wa,gf,,im if imp VV ir' .:,fLwf1mf4W Y. 41 1 :Mf- 5 fu Gaining 901' U16 Big Uma' B-Orchestra is a stepping stone to higher achievements. B-Orchestra con- sisted mostly of eighth graders who worked their way towards varsity. It was here that they got their valuable exper- ience so that they will progress to varsi- ty. Under the fine direction of Mr. George Leon, b-orchestra strived to- ward All-City competition in May. ln the past b-orchestra has received a I rating at this competition. P" CBelow. clockwisej lsela Maldonado and Alex Frias clown around. Jesus Camacho and Alma Cantu practice hard. Director. George Leon. Vic- toria Vega gives up. Matthew Bell squints for the picture. B-Orchestra members are fFirst rowj Matthew Bell, Leticia Molina, Victoria Vega. Catherine Roy. Cindy Carranza, Dena Alarcone. Alex Frias, Guillermo Cintron, Edgar Guevarra. CSecond rowj Liz Natera, Jesus Camacho, lsela Maldonado, Lorena Delgado, Maria Maturina, Tony Beltran, Rafael Duarte. Abel Rodriguez. if xx , They fund Out As Baader Of U16 Wide 'Hu lit nab t I Uopj Band Officers are Flag Captain Cindy Kel- sey, Librarian Veronica Montes, Chaplin David Griffin, President Mary Prats, Quarter Master Rick Rosas. Secretary-Treasure Joseph Ersinghaus, Ii- brarian Yolanda Roman, Quarter Master Irma 34 57116 Arts Cardenas, Flag Captain Denise Neill. fMiddle leftj Tuba player Richard Perez blows his heart out. QBottom leftj Mr. Capshaw. fCenterJ Drum Majors Greg Barron and Abby Bedoya. The Mighty Tiger Pride band drum majors were Junior Abby Bedoya and Senior Greg Barron. Together they led the band through contest and half-time shows. "I loved being drum major! I know it was an honor, but it was also a lot of hard work," explained Abby. Greg said being in the band for the last five years helped him a lot. Greg commented, "Being in band has been a fantastic experience and being a drum major for the last two years was the peak of the excitement. I owe a lot to Mr. Capshaw and band camp for helping me get through each rehearsal." U16 jazz Men Cake W1 y gflllf Away In 1 F? IM, 2? 'ing Stage band was formed in I97 I . Back then the band was small and all male. Today the band has more people and includes girls. The band puts on annual Christmas and Spring concerts. Stage band is essentially part of the band, except they play jazz music. ,, 9 Y Stage band members were CAbove, front rowj Gilbert Perez, Brian Aboud, Charles Robles, Cody Morton, Mario Rojas, Qsecond rowj Sergio Gonza- lez, Jimmy Prats, Johnny Sherman. Stella Gutier- rez, Cami Rocha, Cthird rowj Jamie Dominguez, Ricky Rosas, Jose Luis Torres, Richard Perez, Qfourth YOWD Danny Silva, Jose Cardenas. Steven Ersinghaus, Rick Roman, Mary Prats and Mr. Ken- neth Capshaw. QLeftj Mary Prats and Rick Roman practice the music. fAbovej Gilbert Perez keeps the beat. Hina Arts 35 fs- My 7,41 Cigar Pride ICH Marching I , , 11 ""-'1 f ii ' f j UIQ fwi:y l,,, f gg: . V , Q . gs Wx - , M, ,, - , ,,,,q,.,.-Y W ,,, R ,, A ,mf -1 ' - :'ff'11"1f L J?fM1,, H, , S A' 1 V AM Q L , bf W ,Q -'f1 y f 1 , V ,V 1. 151. . 1. ' .M ' 'fn' '.cw:"i " -. -WI' ' x x fn., W 1 f , 1 I W, g "53'.G ,-,-5 V, I f1,Z'AV1lj5,g, ,ggi hge Y ' , ef ' l W Q, .:1f '?'jb?g S 4 , 1 cfs. . an YA ,V ff f X -,Q YQ, QW-'aie vgyg f -Q vw 'K Z fl f A M ' ' , f QE-IV. fill fl5l'251'C?w1? is 2 fb V ,iff Q Wffw ,lt A' X A vigrx: x, 22 , , 1 1,. qv 'lr ii: wax , The EI Paso High School Marching Band was formed in the early 30's. They played at every football game giving an excellent halftime show. The band has been well received by the hundreds of audiences they've played before. As the EPPS Invitational High School Band Marching and Pageantry Contest that was held on Nov. I drew near, the band prepared for the major competi- tion by holding practices before school, during lunch and after school. This was supplemented by daily sectionals and some private tutoring. This year the band received a Jil rating. They have received a ifl rating for the last four years, Kathy Saucedo, flute player, com- mented, "lt's a group the school could not do without because of its spirit and unity." I , , . V ., M l Q a F, A yygy Nl, V z., . . ,LQ A V , ' 1' ,f 5 r et, ,, - 2 A ' , z .F if . , v . r vrra -' f i" , A- . . ' , , T' 4 x 4 t"i , ,y,a iif " In R " 'f"1:ifw:v f , , ,.. fr" ' " ' as S ii ,, r , A W ,V A ., V ., V ' 1, 9' 1 s ,Q kell - I ,,., ' - " ff if V , ' S ' ,Q 3 , , , 2 I 5 A f -fs": , H ' Y ,gn A W S ff z- ,.,- . , I A f . , e,', ,J I V A I V li 1, W-'l ig, - -Q ft fFirst rowj Mr. Kenneth Capshaw, Abby Bedoya, Greg Barron, Miss Karen McLaughlin. QSecond rowj Flag Girls Linda Gaucin. Laurie Adams, Bob- bie Yowell, Gigi Rivera. Patsy Barron, Gloria Do- minguez, Mary Lou Beltran, Debbie Jett, Denise Neill, Rosie Campos, Lysa Agan, Monica Moore, Nancy Olsen, Tish Torres, Kris Mclntyre, Cindy Kelsey. QThird rowj Phil Provencio. Monica Smith, Amy Dent, Raul Jamarillo, Sylvia Martinez. Espy Cortez, Martha Alvarado, Mario Rojas, Vicky Pro- vencio, Danny Martinez, Patsy Quintana, David Griffin. QFourth rowj Nancy Haddad, Bella Kurita, Melissa Jaques, Belinda Chavez, Kathy Saucedc, Pam Schmidt, Dottie Hemperely, Rosario Sigales, Baron Fletcher, Lauren Merworth, Yolie Roman, Kelly Spivey, Nelda Reyna. Candy Morrill, Ana Portillo, Irma Camacho, Gracie Carbajal, Lisa Gil- lett, Cathy Bailey. QFifth rowj Davis Gilmore, Ma- lena Cardenas, Shirley McCaskiIl, Rachel Simon, Martha Marufo, Edna Jamarillo, Sandra Kelsey, Julie Unger, Espy Molina. Nadine Camacho, Ma- rie Chavez, Thelma Badillo, Darlene Fairchild, Arthur de la Torre, Luis Portillo, Peter Skelton, Tim Stuart, Margaret Gardea, Vincent Winslo, Rae Eastland. Thalia Badillo, Junior Aguilar, Car- los Torres, Carl Anthony, Danny Silva, Patsy Perez, James Drake, Jose Cardenas, Steven Er- singhaus. Qtop rowj Robert Kirkwood, Joseph Er- singhaus, David Hutchon, James Ferreri, Mary Pratts, Robert Veytia, Bob Eastland, Irma Car- denas, Eric Bargman, Rick Roman, Jaime Moreno, Terrie Galindo, Oscar Palido. Also shown are Evelyn Aguilar, Maria Alvarado, Victor Beltran, Sharon Bleck, Sam Drake, Sergio Gonzales, Stella Gutierrez, Sam Kupfer, Veronica Montes, Sylvia Nanez, Jay Passmore. Richard Perez, James Pratts, Charles Robles, Maria Rosas, Richard Ro- sas, John Sherman, Anthony Thompson, Patricia Torres, Sylvia Torres, Andy Villareal, Jose Torres, Nadine Camacho, Maria Cardenas, Able Galindo, Tim Gilmore. Terri Lozano, Joe Marhsall. Mike Parra, Francisco Rivera, Cami Rocha, Victor Sala- zar, Robert Torres, Patrick Vilardell, Monica Jac- ques, Juan Aguilar, Danny Aguilar, Carl Anth- ony, Manuel Corona, Laryssa Estrada, George Fairchild, lmad Farah, Angel Gutierrez, Ramon Guzman, Tiffin Hackett, Steve Martel, Claudia Ra- mirez, Christy Reed, Kelly Spivey, Tim Stuart, Lopo Villareal, Andrew Yabnez, Robert Witter- stauter, Brad Milliman and Cathy Warren. 5711: Arts 37 ,ge LT , w ffaytimc Krew Kesps Krrfufd Enferfained 'Ir The l980-SI Flag Girls were COpposite page, first rowj Nancy Olsen. Bobbie Yowell, lysa Agan. Laurie Adams, Monica Moore. fSecond rowj Pat- sy Barron, Kris Mclntyre, Patty Torres. QThird rowj Mary Lou Beltran, Linda Gaucin. Gigi Rivera. QFourth rowj Gloria Dominguez, Deborah Jett, Rosario Campos. Qlixtreme lefty Flag Director Miss Karen Mclaughlin. CTop leftj Flag Captains Cynthia Kelsey and Denise Neill Hop rightj Cap- tain Niese shows them how it's done. fBottom lefty Freshman Nancy Olsen has got the power. QMiddIej Senior Kris Mclntvre kicks the habit. :Winn Flag Girls has been in existence for three years and the experience showed through every time they stepped out on the field. The girls have all become ex- perts at handling a flag and marching at the same time. It wasn't an easy job. The corps kept up with the times and changed their twirling techniques. All moves that were invented were thought up by the sixteen girl troup and the instructor, Miss Karen McLaughlin. With her help they were able to con- duct civilized practices and rehearsals. "The flags have come a long way since it began, but we can always im- prove," commented Senior Debbie Jett. "We're the core of the apple of the band," adds Sophomore Bobbie Yowell. Captain Cindy Kelsey feels they've been trying to reach ultimate perfection but it has been a difficult task, Wm' ,Arts 39 E 1 is E 3 5 3 I i S : i E E s s E i E E 5 ,z 5 3 f O W. K , f , k X. 2 1 ,f sz 1 ' Was U15 Same tary Couchdown Chat Weren't Pcmzlfie Chat I6 ally Hurt 6 I QCIockwise from Topj Carlos Ramos QSSQ shows his great ability at catching a ball. The head train- er, Mary Sprague, helps Ernie Orozco C442 with a leg injuriy, Juan Puga C545 gets a rest on the sidelines during a game. Ernie Orozco 1445. Luis Lozano CISQ and Adrian Yanez C693 try a running play. Luis Lozano looks for an opening in the line. Herman Sotelo C275 shows his speed by getting away from a defender. Catching a ball in front of the defender is David Garcia USD. David Garcia C455 tries to get away for a touchdown. Sports 41 42 Sports 5 fOpposite page, clockwise from top, first rowj Ruben Lopez, Daniel Quian, Frank Munoz, Robert Baca, Herman Sotelo, Ernie Orozco, Jim Fashing, Javier Chacon, and Luis Torres. QSecond rowj Coach Carl Jackson, David Garcia, Sergio Lopez, Bruce Koehler, Steve Nickey, Alan Uecker, Steve Adjemian, Troy Weaver, Charles Gonzalez and Trainer Mary Ann Sprague. CThird rowj Assistant Coach John Camacho, Juan Puga, Carlos Ramos, David Arroniz, Adrian Yanez, John Herrera, An- gel Moreno, Luis Lozano, George Rojas, Felix Ma- cias and Assistant Coach Hector Munoz. The coaching staff talks about a play during practice. Sergio Lopez C473 leads the team out to play, Carlos Ramos 1881 breakes away from the line and goes out for a pass, The team takes a time- out to get a drink of water. Qleftj Frank Munoz U65 tries to stay up off the ground. QClockwise from upper leftj Jaime Chacon COIJ takes a break during practice. Ernie Orozco 1443 looks at the crowd while on the sidelines. Luis Lozano heads up field. Ernie Orozco fights his way to a first down. Jim Fashing hits the Burges quarterback for a loss on the play. Depth, amber Work Again I Var ity Squad Zfzfufards Sm 171415 Emi ' The team started out with high hopes, but soon realized that quantity is sometimes as important as quality. The team had 27 players but due to injuries, often only 22 suited out for games. The opposing teams were usual- ly double in number and had more ex- perience per player than the Tiger team. The team was plagued by injuries. Starters sometimes missed two or more games. Excellent efforts made for many exciting games, but soon inexperience and lack of depth began to show. Mo- rale began to fail and the Tigers wound up the season I-l I in season play and 0-7 in district play. All in all, it was a very disappointing season. Sports 43 "A champion must have the desire for perfection, and the will to punish himself in the process." This was the b- team. This b-team was full of dedicated players and ended the season with a 4- 5 record. But as Coach Robert Pancoast commented. "Records are made for coaches, not for players." The three goals for this year's b-team were: learn offensive and defensive var- sity philosophy, represent EPHS as good students and athletes, to win district. and to beat Coronado and Burges. The team met and exceeded all of these goals except for the district achieve- ment and the Coronado defeat. "This is possibly the best team l have worked with since l've been coaching. and this includes my six district cham- pionship teams. They worked hard in practice and played with intensity dur- ing the games. I believe many of these 20 high quality athletes should provide a solid varsity team," concluded Pan- coast. e an 5 Des ffm , Def , ire . I 4- p .Jn , , , . ,, ,yn V GMM, MyVM,L,i, ,kt- , fp, iw -f , rg ff? 'Y ,es J ,Make Che Best Squad Pancmsf Ha 60 chad il I g un- 1-nu CTopj Mike Rasor kicks a field goal. . A -i- ' "' V Q fMiddlej Paul Aleman runs with the football. Cln- ,. -in W W 1 2.55, sertj The team watches from the sidelines. CBot- L, , m Q 'AQ' ,df -A-1 'T tom. first rowj Jonathan Jackson, Mario Borges, , is T m at V Q f T ,, . Hector Luna. Jose Ramos, Paul Aleman, Enrique " 'fif' A ",,- --,, if L 'W l v J .- Meza, Andy Olivas, Ricky Mora. Javier Sandoval. fSecond rowj Roberto' Martinez, Robert Domin- guez. Charles Baca, Juan Escajeda, David Ortega, Gonzy Garcia, Alex Felhaber, Edward Sifuentes. Edward Jimenez. QThird rowj Coach Robert Pan- coast, Rudy Perez, John Esquivel, Charles San- chez. Alberto Alonzo, Martin Hernandez, Jose Chaparro. Robert Nanez, Mike Rasor, and Coach Rudy Licon. 44 Sports I 'fy 5 ww L'5'Af - V V ae fifff In A -:,.,.,-a,r:11i.g:11"' A - I -ww-1, "'?!?1P't"' ,aiwmwggasy-fpwpa , WE' in EM-at 91. Gram Of Cllr? ytlfll 16' wks 511614 714 District urpri cs Hath Cfoache QTop. First rowj Pedro Rascon, Tony Venegas. George Mora, Francisco Aldas, Sergio Witter- stauter, Ricardo Ramirez, Edward Lilly. Juan Quian, and Jose Jimenez. QSecond rowj Manuel Ramos. Julio Montes. Gene Wolf, Luis Borunda, Phillip Flores, Johnny Hernandez. Ernesto Busta- mante. QThird rowj Coach William Ruiz, Jessie Trinidad. Hugo Melchor, Ricardo Castanon. Ar- turo Barragan, Angel Rodriguez. William Benge. Raul Marquez. Gerardo Pena, Jose Murga, Wil- liam Gonzalez and Coach William Craigo. CMid- dlej The freshman football team in action. Julio Montes C465 heads into the center of action dur- ing a game. fBottomJ Pedro Rascon picks up speed as he races around right end during a home game. The Freshman football team is the varsity team of the future. and the fu- ture is looking pretty bright. The fresh- men ended the season 5-5. In division play the record was 3-3. "There were more talented people than there have been in past years," commented Coach William Craigo. This freshman team was a pleasant surprise to Coaches Ruiz and Craigo. Coach Craigo confidently said. "This group of football players has the best chance of turning the football program around and heading in the right direc- tion." Sparts 45 fnefper 'ence if id rf! law Zlzfung Umm .., ---.................,....., , ., ,,, . ., ,,,, .,,, ..,, V . ..,.,q.s ...y.......s,JJw-....,..,.s..,... ,,,, 4 The Tiger cubs had a rather rough season. They started off with 4I players and as the season progressed the num- ber dwindled down to l9. Although they were faced with overwhelming odds, the Cubs never gave up," said Coach Victor Luera. They started the season slow, losing their first six games. Then they made a comeback to beat Lincoln and Bassett. Their season record was 2-7. Though they lost several games they had no shutouts. "They've got a lot of talent," commented Coach Al Nardone. Cop, first rowj Andres Olivas, Rene Delgado, Jaime Sigala, Mike Apodaca. David Flores, Jaime Perez, Hector Montes, Frank Johnson. Joe Ro- sales, Jorge Solis, Carlos Gomez and Coach Al Nardone. CSecond rowj Carlos Munoz, Thomas Villalva, John Rasnor, l.aIo Torres. Mark Masini, Ismael Trinidad, Angel Gracia, Gustavo Yanez, Paul Armendariz, Alfredo Gomez and Coach Vic- tor Luera. QMiddlej Gustavo Yanez runs the play. QBottom leftj Coach AI Nardone watches his team in action. fBottom rightj Rene Delgado runs with the ball for the last gain in yardage. 46 Sparls ' Clic' Kig Kids O14 U16 16711 k M Hard work and determination were the main ingredients that led the Varsi- ty cheerleaders to an excellent season. Their cheering season began with the I98O baseball campaign. Fund raising activities and summer camp filled their vacation time. At one camp sponsored by the New Mexico State University cheerleaders the girls brought home a first place trophy. Money was raised for the purchase of uniforms through cake sales, car wash- es and egg walks. When school started the girls began practicing Monday through Thursday from 3.45-5:00 p.m. The girls continued practicing until their season ended with the conclusion of wrestling. Most cheerleading squads in school try not to entertain the students, but to im- prove school spirit. This group was dif- ferent because no one quit the squad before their season was concluded. QTop lefty Hopie Ybarra, Gina Natale and Terri Swafford show their great school spirit in an as- sembly held for the football team. fTop right. first rowj Terri Swafford. Sylvia Torres, Gina Natale. CSecond rowj Evelyn Aguilar, Eva Salcido and Hopie Ybarra. QMiddIeJ Gina Natale shows her jumping ability after finishing a chant. CBottom rightj Sylvia Torres cheers for the fans at the Austin game. Sports 47 Sports has been a part of school life almost since the begining of education. but cheerleading didn't begin until the early l930's. Yet it wasn't cheerleading as we know it. Instead, they were Yell Leaders. They were both male and fe- male. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, like the Yell Leaders of the 30's, spurred the team to victory and tried to improve the school's spirit. They attended cheer- leading camp this year at Bowie High School. At this camp the girls were awarded the spirit stick and a first place ribbon. When camp ended the hard part be- gan: raising money to buy new uni- forms. They had carwashes, eggwalks and sold tumblers. The thing that made them different was the unity between them. During the summer the girls prac- ticed two to three hours every day, in order to perform better stunts and new cheers. Bea Diaz commented. "Be- ing a .l.V. cheerleader was hard work because we had three to four games a week. But overall, the hard work was rewarded with all the good memories and great times during the year." Uopj Lisa Morrill, Bea Diaz. Terry Barragan, and Patricia Goeldner do a chant in the game against lrvin. CMiddle rightj Terry tries to get school spirit at a game. fMiddle leftj Patricia Goeldner has fun cheering against Jefferson. CBottom left, first rowj Lisa Morrill, Terry Barragan. Qsecond rowj Patricia Goeldner. Bea Diaz, and Martha Perez. fBeIowJ Bea Diaz keeps the spirit going. 48 Sparta Y V Kalsfcrs School fir I ,s.iV.z.l. t t 4 , 'Tx Kell Kahs 5710WCogefl1er14ess 5 f"'5 5.1 , km "A V y As the athletic program expanded, so did the need for more cheerleading squads. The result was the formation of several more team squads. This year's b-team cheerleaders are great prospects for their varsity year be- cause of their great show of spirit. During the first week of June the b- team cheerleaders attended a cheer- leading camp at Bowie High School. On the first day of competition, they were awarded a second place ribbon fol- lowed by two first place ribbons on the second and third days. Overall, the squad received a second place trophy and the spirit stick. Kathy Saucedo commmented, "Camp did a lot of good for us as we were able to perfect our stunts." One thing the cheerleaders had go- ing for them was that they had already cheered together for two years. Sara Navarro said, "We strived to bring uni- ty and spirit into our class of '83." They cheered for the b-team football, basketball and baseball squads and also helped the varsity cheerleading at the assemblies, 'll Hop leftj Cheering together comes easily for An- gelica Sigales. Kathy Saucedo, and Marisela Fran- co. Hop right, first rowj Angelica Sigales, Sara Navarro, and Marisela Franco, fsecond rowj Me- linda Coronado and Kathy Saucedo. QMiddIej Kathy Saucedo cheers at the Austin game. fBot- tom leftj Marisela Franco displays a terrific ex- pression at a game. QBottom rightj Melinda Coro- nado and Angelica Sigales cheer at Tiger Night. Sparts 49 Our freshman cheerleaders worked through several car washes and many hours of hard practice. At the New Mexico State University Cheerleading Camp, sponsored by the NMSU cheerleaders, these Tiger cheer- leaders obtained the highest honor at camp when they were rated the number one freshman squad out of all schools participating. This group of girls showed true dedication to cheerleading and school spirit. Five of the six mem- bers were in band and had night re- hearsals and fund-raising activities for both organizations. They had to main- tain a "C" average and still have enough pep and spirit to cheer for the victorious freshman team. Melissa Garibay commented, "Our goals were not to entertain the crowd. but to help lead our teams to victory and to keep up school spirit." She ad- ded. "All six cheerleaders will stay to- gether through their varsity year." CTopj The freshmen cheerleaders were Cfirst rowj Rosario Sigales, Nelda Reyna. Melissa Gari- bay. QSecond rowj Candy Morrill. Ana Portillo. and Pam Schmidt. fMiddlej Rosario Sigales. Pam Schmidt and Nelda Reyna keep the spirit going at the football games. CBottom leftj "Give me a "T" are the words that Melissa Garibay and Ana Por- tillo are saying. fBottom rightj The freshman cheerleaders do a stunt during a football game. -V - wt ,,,a 50 Sports Aflarfm Sam Beads Che Crrmp The boys cross country team has been successful since Coach Daniel McKilIip's arrival in l97O. The team, which consisted of only ten members, surprised its followers by finishing as runner-up at State. The following year the five-man team made all-District. all-Regional with the State title. It was the Tigers first in 24 years. However, the district sport was not recognized by the University interscholastic League CUILJ until I976. The cross country scene has changed from the regular two mile course to a three mile course. The change was made because UIL officials thought two miles was no longer a challenge since meet records were being broken on a regular basis. This season the team didn't fare too well compared to its prior achieve- ments. The lack of a strong fifth-man kept the team from a trip to regionals and possibly state. The pack had only one man returning from last year's dis- trict runner-up squad. The team didn't perform well at the beginning of the season. In the first meet at Bel Air, the team was hoping to run side by side with last year's State Champion Bowie, but could only man- age a seventh place. That following week the cross country team fell to eighth place at the Coronado invita- tional. They didn't have a real team leader to follow and look up to. At the Las Cruces Invitational, Martin Saenz assumed the role of captain with a sec- ond place finish. The remainder ofthe season found EPHS finishing fourth in many of the meets. District runners were Martin Saenz, Gerardo Velasquez, Victor Lepe, Flor- encio Salazar, and Manny Rodriguez. Martin eventually made it to regionals, where he finished tenth, thereby quali- fying him for state. He finished 43rd in the championship meet. if , I , -,..-Cf .. .,,,'--1 xff' I-fa'-""""' Mxf.-f" 'll' FS' v .. .V lm A he -- I ff Jr' W f'f'1fQf M54 ,sta W , if , , 'fu' . ,W -3 - Uopj Gerado Velasquez shows the speed that helped him become one of the best runners in the city. QMiddle lefty Martin Saenz takes the lead at the start of the district meet. QAboveJ Gilbert Solorzano shows his form at the Ysleta Meet. CLeftj The Cross Country team returnes home from a meet. Sports 51 gag,-P+ I YJIV Wig' if if Q ' A' Vx 4, r, A' 'ir M ' 1 , Y: 'R 3 S ,J x,,. flop leftj A young face in the racing field. Manny Rodriguez. QTop rightj Team members are Qfirst rowj Victor Lepe. Martin Saenz, Florencio Salazar. and Coach Daniel McKillip. fSecond rowj Victor Provencio, Jesse Aguilar, Gilbert So- lorzano and Gerardo Velasquez, QMiddleJ Coach Danny McKillip. fMiddIe, bottomj Victor Lepe runs during the district meet. QMiddIej Managers Alma Adame and Tury Rojas. CMiddIe right, Flor- encio Salazar introduces the cross country team in an assembly. CBottomQ All Regional runner Martin Saenz runs a great race at district. 52 Sports Q. I ' N- N' V 'failure t l . I .-..,-3.4:-rc We ,4 5 Che Hhampiou Winning the district meet has be- come a big tradition, not only for the varsity girls cross country team but also the junior varsity boys team. After a very slow start the team fin- ished the season as they had in l979. as district champs. The team started the season at the Bel Air Invitational with their first look at the three mile course. The team performed well, as the first place position exchanged hands at each meet. The team finished seventh overall and was lead by Junior Edward Lujan. Then the team traveled west to the Coronado Invitational, Junior Jesse Aguilar dominated this meet. He fin- ished twentieth there and tenth at Las Cruces. Led by Florencio Salazar, who fin- ished thirteenth, the team started their move to the top at the Gadsen Invita- tional. They returned to the Yaleta course and finished fourth. Oscar Silva, who finished seventh. was the only great performance. At the Bowie Invita- tional. the JV harriers cruised to their second great performance as freshman Ernesto Tamez finished seventh. At district meet. Victor Provencio finished first with an admirable perfor- mance. Following Victor in the meet was Freshman Ernesto Tamez, Sopho- more Guillermo Mayargo, Freshman Arnold Plaza, Junior Jesse Aguilar, Ju- nior Mark Monroe and Sophomore Os- car Silva. They helped the team take their second straight district champion- ship. I Hop leftj Victor Provencio runs like a champ ln the district meet. Uop middlej lt's hard for Guil- lermo Mayorga to pass the other guys. QTop Ieftj The beginning showed who the best team around was. CBottom right, first rowj Edward Lujan, Mark Monroe, Jesse Aguilar and Pepe Perez. QSecond 'I rowj Richard Nicholson, Guillermo Mayorga, Juan Garza. David Griffin, Oscar Silva, Juan Aguirre, Adrian Landeros and Alex Torres. CMid- dlej Jesse Aguilar finishes strong at the Ysleta meet. QBottom rightj A big surprise this year, Oscar Silva finished with a good season. Sports 5 3 Freshman boys' cross country ran a two mile course instead of the normal three mile run this year. The team was one of the best in recent years. They started the season very strong getting second place in several meets, just be- hind a powerful Ross Junior High team. In the first meet, the team was paced by Ernesto Tamez who finished in the top ten. Manny Rodriguez was the big- gest surprise of the year at the Coron- ando Invitational. He broke away from the pack late in the race and took first place. Then most of the freshmen took a week off, except a few members who were moved up to the junior varsity for the Las Cruces meet. The team had a slight lead at the Gadsen Invitational. The only ones who performed well were Manny Rodriquez, Arnold Plaza and Tim Gilmore. The Ysleta Invitational was not good the second time around. Coach Daniel McKillip made a big move to help the varsity attempt re- gionals. He moved the two top runners to var- sity and the third to junior varsity. This changed the way the team finished at the Bowie and district meets. They fin- ished third in both. The team showed a lot of potential for the upcoming varsity team. Cop Ieftj Tim Gilmore and David Hernandez try to outrace the Bowie runner to the finish line. CMiddle leftj Miguel Wisseleman runs on air. CMiddle rightj Ernesto Tamez and Arnold Plaza try to keep a steady pace at district. fBottom Ieftj The freshman boys cross country team was ffirst rowj Miguel W-isseleman and Keith Fong. QSec- ond rowj Manny Rodriguez, Arnold Plaza, Brent Luera, Ernesto Tamez, David Hernandez and Tim Gilmore. 54 Sports fl! The Cap Uf. .. ----1 1 I Y -I V ff , , , M5 Uop left- Leti Arce shows how she became an all-regional runner. Hop rightj The biggest race I for any cross country team. the State Meet. QMid- dlej The varsity team after a great district race. The team members are Qfirst row, bottomj Leti Arce. Patsy Norman, Gloria Melia and Susan Gil- more, Qsecond rowj Terry Quezada. Marcie Con- treras and Olga Dominguez, Sparta 55 . U16 Path QTopj Terry Quezada runs along the highway at Yslate meet. QMiddlej The queen of cross coun- try, Patsy Norman, showing all kinds of emotion from a sad face to the biggest laugh. QBottom leftj Susan Gilmore comes down the hill of Coronado with a big kick to finish the district race. CBottom rightj One, two, four well, Marcie Contreras may be one of the best runners in the city, but that does not mean she can count, Cross country is not one of the most popular spectator sports in the state, or even in the country, but the varsity girls' team has made a big name for itself in this field. Girls' distance running did not exist until I976 when the University lnter- scholastic League CUILJ recognized it as an official sport. Coach Daniel McKillip had a very small group of three mem- bers the first year on the girls' team. Cross Country had a bad start not only at El Paso High but throughout the state. ln I977 the team increased member- ship and began to get a little more rec- ognition, but not like other female sports such as volleyball and basket- ball. Then, in l978, Patsy Norman started her career, which will be remembered for a very long time. That year, the Ti- ger harriers did not have much success, except for Patsy. She won the Individual State Title, Since, the girls have dominated the State meet two years in a row with Patsy winning each championship. Most people thought that they would again win state, but that would not be. The season started with a great win at the Ysleta meet and then every meet after that. The district meet was held on the hills of Coronando, There the girls proved how strong they were by placing five girls in the top ten: Patsy Norman, Leti Arce, Gloria Mejia, Marcie Con- treras and Susan Gilmore. Prior to the State Meet there was the regional race at Lubbock. The girls ran poorly, but were able to come home with first place and a trip to the State Meet in Austin. The girls didn't win state, but they finished second. Gloria Mejia com- mented, "I think we put too much pres- sure on ourselves and didn't run the way we should." The girls lost by only seven points and placed one girl in the ton ten, Patsy, who finished second. L... i 56 Sports own 270 U15 Wire . 1 V V 1 1 1 I I 4 We had the best iunior varsity girls' cross country team in the city. These words were true except for one point, which kept them from winning their third straight district championship. s Following in the footsteps of the var- sity state team, it's kind of hard to get noticed, but the girls found a way. They went the entire season unbeaten. Terry Quezada finished first at the opening meet. This helped the team win their first place trophy at the Bel Air Invitational. lt became a weekly event for the girls to finish first. lt didn't matter if Terry Quezada. Nora Villa, or Lucy Sarellana came in first, the team still won. The big disappointment was the dis- trict meet. They lost the title by one point. Coach Daniel McKillip comment- ed, "We took district too lightly. lt's a lesson to be learned." From this team there are a lot of bright spots for next yea r's varsity team, like Lucy Sarellana and Yariela Garza. fTop lefty Nora Villa, Lucy Sarellana, and Mary Ramos warm up before a race. fTop middlej Bea Vasquez tries to keep a steady pace. fTop rightj Lucy Sarellana shows how hard it is to run two miles QMiddle lefty Gabriela Garza passes an Ea- gle harrier. fMiddIe rightj Nora Villa takes the lead while Gloria Meiia yells for her. fllight, first rowj Cecilia Perez. Norma Carrillo, Ruth Hernan- dez, Mary Ramos and Frances Gonzales. QSecond rowj Yariela Garza, Elena Cantu. Michelle De- Shazo, Nora Villa, Lucy Sarellana. Bea Vasquez. Frances Hernandez, Annette Garcia, Sylvia Nanez, and Judi Sanelli. QAbovej Michelle De- Shazo dashes to the finish line. Sports 57 V L-I ,411 Around Knnnrr iii I flop left. clockwisej A bunch of champs in their own way are Patsy Norman, Coach McKillip and Victor Provencio. A bunch of brave gals take the lead in the start of the most important race of the year, State. First place isn't everything, it's the only thing and the varsity girls show how they feel about getting second. The girls get together around coach before the state meet. The only seniors on the varsity team were Patsy Norman 58, Sports and Gloria Mejia. No matter what size you are, you can run cross country..!udi Santelli and An- nette Garcia prove it. Annette shows her emo- tions after running a very strong race. Patsy's strongest opponent at State was Christy Meeks. fyyyywmzsznazzas M l my ' irr Wrmmsrr Z in 1- nnsmhnsswsnm .s........., M., - ' evrrr rrrrr 5-'?ff' " W 3 0-gi, ff, I '42 ylxl' Q i fs JY iw fi duh E"'ff I "f7f1','f"f sw f. 4,-an 1 W rg. M Hai? ,fp .Q 3' 499' waxy fvf ng-an Y I 5 4. 2 F J 2 Q ' M 9: - W . , ' is 5 I .gm , : t ' v, ,fi V K gf K ' fbw ' I , :'f's?l ,MW .o-' f,' w . 2 Var ity Drive Chrvugh Sfzfrm Qkightj Senior Linda Arce spikes the ball as team- mate Junior Wendy Gonzalez looks on. QBottom right, bottom rowj Manager Angie Mendez, Ma- ria Guillen. Stacey McClure. Wendy Gonzalez. Virginia Macias, Sylvia Chacon. flop rowj Yvelle Alaniz, Gloria Vargas. Linda Arce, Alicia Herrera, Nicolasa Pinon and Martha Sierra. Cllelowj Junior Wendy Gonzalez attempts to block an opponent's spike. Qllottom lefty Assistant Coach Rene Guiter- rez and Head Coach Irene Araiza watch intensely during a close match. ,Q Sports 0 I Qcfur Zfsars Of Kcbuzldzng Sets Z9 cs 2 ff' 4 X 3 ........ T . , ..,, .1 nnl 1 l s le l I1 'b ,T l H rl Since I974, when girls began playing competitive volleyball, the B-Team quads have been having roller-coaster finishes. The first year, the ll-man team faired well. ln I975, a smaller team produced a poorer record. Fight- ing back, a I4-member group finished with a I6-I record in I977. During I 978, I979 and l980, the teams were rebuilding not only in quantity but also in height. The l98l team was again a rebuilt I squad. Coach Rene Gutierrez had the xperience, but the height and tight plays were just not there. The girls started out quickly by win- ing four out of their first five games. When district started the irls were ' 8 ogged down by some tough losses. he girls bounced back and finished the season with many close games and QTop leftj Crystal Molinar bumps the ball to one l of the tough opponents. qExtreme top rightj Terry errera hits a super serve during pre-game warm- fTop rightj The girls b-team consisted of up. Sandy Cedillos, Kathy Salazar, Blanca Luna, Ro- berta Garcia, Carolyn Thurton, Sandra Chacon, Patsy Maldonado. Crystal Molinar, Laura Gomez. Rosa Valles, Luz Chavez, Terry Herrera, Rosa Ran- gel, and Virginia Romero. QMiddle Lefty Sandy Cedillos poses as a frog while waiting for a serve I from the opponent. fllottom leftj Rosa Valles and Kathy Salazar wait intently for the return ball. several wins. Returning from last year's team were Juniors Luz Chavez, Laura Gomez, Sophomores Patsy Maldonado, Crystal Molinar, Rosa Rangel and Kathy Sala- zar. Sophomore Virginia Romero was sidelined last year due to knee injuries but returned this year. Those who had eighth grade experience were Sopho- more Terry Herrera. Freshmen Carolyn Thurton and Rosa Valles. New people in the program included Sophomores Sandy Cedillos, Blanca Luna, Freshmen Sandra Chacon and Roberta Garcia. Coach Gutierrez has much hope for next year's team. He will have several players returning. Also, he will have members from the newly created fresh- man squad who have several hours of playing time and experience. Sports 67 The freshman girls' volleyball team was a new addition this year, and their season was five games long. The girls finished I-4 in district play. "The team played well for their first year," said Coach Rene Gutierrez. "Some of the girls may be next year's starters for the b-team," added Gutier- rez. Hazel Salazar, Miriam Castro and Patricia Herrera were standouts accord- ing to Gutierrez. Next year, when they go to b-team, they're going to improve and possibly be contenders for the district title. The freshman schedule was Bowie vs. EI Paso, Irvin vs. El Paso. They then played Bowie, Irvin, and their last game was Bowie at Bowie. The team captain was Miriam Castro. lt's a new and very small program but in a few years it will continue to grow and expand. The new team showed a lot of pride when they went out on the floor, whether they won or lost. cw Bank 014 Cllr? warts fTop right, first rowj Miriam Castro, Lupe Go- mez, Patricia Herrera, Yoli Blanco. CSecond rowj Alicia Cordero, Sylvia Soto, Lisa Heredia, Hazel Salazar, Rosario Myers, Anabelle Antunez. QMid- dle rightj Rosario Myers, Lisa Heredia, Patricia Herrera and Hazel Salazar wait to set up. Qllottom rightj Miriam Castro is setting up so one of her teammates can spike it. Qliottom Ieftj Hazel Sala- zar, Patricia Herrera, Miriam Castro. and Patricia .lacquez wait to set the volleyball, 62 Sports ffighfh Grader Cr kd Am! Zfried Again The eighth grade volleyball team tried but they did not perform that well this year. Their district record was 0-6 and 0-8 overall. The team moved to another division this year. Coach Daniel Mendoza said. "We could handle the competition. but it seemed that the breaks that we need- ed to win a game never came our way." However, the girls got enough exper- ience to help them on next year's b- team and varsity. The eighth-grade volleyball team practiced from 3:30 to 5.30 p.m. Mon- day through Friday to prepare for their Saturday games. The outstanding players were Patsy llosales, Linda Arellano, and Rosa Loya. Most improved players were Kimberly Baily, Marisse Alarcon, and Tana Long. Most consistent players were Lupe Magda Melchor, Isabel Rodriguez and Tessi Robert. CTop leftj Marissa Alarcon sets the ball to the sky during a pregame warm up. fMiddlej Rosa Laya practices on her serve. fTop rightj Coach Daniel Mendoza and Manager Thel ma Badillo. QBottom. first rowj Marissa Alarcon, Ana Ve- Iasco, Kimberly Bailey. CSecond rowj Patsy Her- rera, Tessy Robert. Rosa Loya, Magdalena Mel- chor, Linda Arellano. Sparts 63 More Downs Cfllllfl lips 5 il Spf J 4 fOpposite page, Clockwise from outsidej Oscar Molina shoots a high one against Hanks. Bobby Salazar plays his defense tightly. Rick Arce nudges his way in for a shorter shot. Esteban Cortez makes an attempt to scare the opponent with his massive CD size. Roger Sandoval magi- cally casts the ball over an Irishman. QClockwise from top lefty Oscar learns to dribble with his feet. Bobby battles for a flying ball. The manager and statistican were Joe Alonzo and Gloria Meiia. Rick squats for a jumpball. The Tigers huddle to gather their spirit together. Mike Cervin watches the ball go out of play. Sports I J Yarzfzs' 36171 Kampazgu .,...l ff , i I i 1 In the past four decades. Coach C. D. Jarvis has led the Tiger varisty team to several district, regional and state championships. This year. though, the boys had their problems. They started off great with a win against J. M. Hanks. The following night the Tigers beat Cathedral. In the next three games the guys only cap- tured one victory. The rest of the sea- son followed in a similar pattern, a win here and a loss there. 32 . X w . ky '.."l-1 N Sandoval. Arce and Cortez were the lnexperience was the main problem leaders. of the squad. Only three of the players returned from last year's starting line- up. One of the big surprises of the year was Cesar Alvarado. Cesar had no test- ed time on the court other than junior varsity. Almost halfway through the season. Cesar got all his talents togeth- er and started to compete and help the team in almost ever game both defen- sively and offensively. Posts Rick Arce and Esteban Cortez. when he was not out with a sprained ankle, led the team in rebounds. Offensively, Oscar Molina. Roger 66 Sports Next year, Coach Jarvis will be look- ing good with most of the team return- ing. fTop row, rightj Roger Sandoval lays one up after an interception. fMiddIej Rick Arce shoots over a Knight opponent. QRightj Rick out re- bounds an Irishman during one of the preseason games. QMiddIe. leftj Mike Cervin sprints out in front of his opponent. QMiddle rightj The boys' varsity basketball team consisted of Cstandingj Manager Joe Alonzo, Mike Cervin, Javier Sando- val. Luis Mares, Enrique Vega, Esteban Cortez, Cesar Alvarado. Rick Arce. Daniel Daly, Daryl Davidson, Oscar Molina, Bobby Salazar. Richard Gill, Roger Sandoval and Ckneelingj Coach C. D. Jarvis. QRightj Esteban Cortez hauls in a rebound from underneath the basket. 7' Crux fer ,4 dd Pizzazz all 161- Umm 22 When a transfer student comes in from out of town, most coaches talk I about how sad it is that they cannot play varsity ball. Coach William Ruiz was probably saying how nice it was that Junior transfers Ahmad Holmes and Tom Skidmore would be playing for him instead of Coach Jarvis. Coach Ruiz had two of the better postmen in the district on the same squad and used their talents correctly. Until Ahmad came, Tom was the lead- ing scorer and rebounder, plus he led the team to victory in several close games. His inside moves gave the team a close spirit. Ahmad just fit right into the program. The Tigers literally had two of everything worthwhile. In the ball handling department. Mario Borges, Luis Caballero and John David Aboud rounded out the rest of the program. From the bench, all the athletes were talented. Next year's var- sity will be packed with all of the up- ' coming talent plus what there is return- ing. lf I. UL ii QClockwise from top leftj Tom Skidmore nabs a rebound from an opponent. Rudy Perez gets caught from behind while rebounding. Coach Ruiz explains the necessity of good passes. Luis Caballero and Tom play hot potato in the back- court. The b-team consisted of ftop rowj Mario Borges. Raul Noriegn. Franz Felhaber, Tom Skid- more, George Davis, Hector Alvidres, Rudy Perez. Ahmad Holmes, Qbottom rowj Luis Caballero. Rick Milliorn, Larry McManus. Mike Rasor and John David Aboud. Sports 67 Biffle Wcshm lfl Gain Sfperience 301' 82 With the increasing numbers of boys trying out for basketball, the adminis- tration created a freshman basketball team several years ago. Under the di- rection of Robert Pancoast, this year's team was one of the best yet. The boys played the same type of patient offense as Coach Jarvis empha- sizes. The defense was also that of Coach Jarvis, determined and physical. At the beginning of the season, the boys were required to practice with the varsity and junior varsity boys. When football season ended, Coach Pancoast started to work with his boys everyday. Practice was long and hard. Learning the plays was first, then came the im- provement of the basic skills. Next year, the boys will be trying out for the varsity and junior varsity teams. The experience they gained this year will help next year and the following years. QCounterclockwise from belowj The freshman squad consisted of flop rowj Fernie Guzman, Ja- vier Aldaz, George Mora, Manny Ramos, Sean Meehan, fbottom row, Marvin Powers, Jose Ji- menez, Jesse Trinidad, Phillip Flores and Ernesto Bustamante. George tries to put an out-of-bounds ball back into play. Javier takes a shot from the outside. Hauling down the rebound, Javier starts to look around for a fastbreak. Sean passes the ball throughflj an opponent's hands. George gets stuck in a corner but help is on its way. 68 Sports fTopj The eighth grade team consisted of ftop rowj Gus Yanez, Martin Beltran. Javier Men- chaca. David Esquivel, fmiddle rowj Coach To- var, Manager Stuart Davenport. Rene Delgado. Guillermo Rios. Angel Ortega. fbottom rowj Jorge Solis, Juan M. Flores, Ramon Sanchez, Mar- cos Munoz and Joe Rosales. fMiddIe lefty David Esquivel grabs a rebound from an Austin opponent. fUpper middle right, David, Guillermo Rios and a fellow teammate battle for the ball in a preseason game against Austin. flower middle rightj Stuart Davenport intently stares at the book while the guys warm up. flower Ieftj One of the Tiger cubs shoots the ball up and over an attempted block by the oppo- nent. flower rightj David fakes to the inside and makes a move around his defender. Cigar glib Mn e lntrf ew Frvgram The Tiger cub squad is essentially one of the best feeder teams to the varsity and junior varsity levels. In the past four years, the squad has changed coaches four times. This year was no different. Toby Tovar took over the helm and brought a new attitude to the program. Coach Tovar had more than twenty boys try out on the first day. After the final cut was made, there were thirteen members. M5645 Sports 69 Jlflighty M idgefs Make Chair Moves ln the fall of I972, the athletic heads cleared girls' basketball as an official UIL sport. Since then. the program, the coaches and the girls have changed. Rene Gutierrez, one of only two male girls' coaches in the city, finished his third year as varsity coach this season. "We lacked a lot in the height depart- ment," commented Coach Gutierrez. "We improved during the preseason Next year most of the team will be re- turning." The three seniors were Edna Bar cenas, two year letterman, Celia Guard. three years, and Alicia Herrera, two years. Juniors included Maria Guillen, Wendy Gonzalez, Helen Hernandez, Maya Menchaca, and Laura Sigales. The only freshman on the team was Perla Molina. v .,..,' 9 3 QOpposite page, top lefty Coach Gutierrez in- structs Virginia Bastidas on the proper technique for shooting shots. fTop rightj All right you suck- er, iust try to drive around me. fliottom leftj Alicia Herrera gives a disgusted look as she looks up court and sees only tall opponents. CBottom rightj Maya Menchaca and Laura Sigales use their special powers to hold the ball suspended in mid air. flop leftj This is the way you shoot a lay- up. if you're a guy. flop right? Laura and Maria Guillen prepare to run the offense. CMiddle leftj Edna Barcenas jumps her highest against a T-bird. fMiddle rightj The varsity team members were Qtop rowj Maya Menchaca, Celia Guard, Perla Molina, Helen Hernandez, Coach Rene Gutierrez, Qbottom rowj Wendy Gonzalez, Laura Sigales, Virginia Bastidas, Maria Guillen and Edna Bar- cenas. fleftj Coach Gutierrez discusses the prob- lems in the first half. - -.xr XJ w,,3,4, ., , ,,- , 1 wg- fClockwlse from abovej Maya Menchaca shows her style on the lumpshot Vlrglnla Basil das tights for a rebound In the Coronado game Wendy throws the ball over a Bulldog Edna Bar cenas tnes to beat a T bnrd to the basket Laura Slgales picks up the pomt positron on defense Edna goes after the ball ln a close game. 72 Sports --.gm Sea on lacks Evnsisfsucy , sul, ,i , -W - .1 ., . . My ' I Mix . 4 x 4 ' n -f A A 6 riff 2 W 1 T ,II Y 7 Statistically the team improved in several ways during the season. ln the early games. the girls failed to rebound offensively and defensively. The oppo- nent often ran up the score due to their controlling the ball. With practice and experience, though, they eventually in- creased their number of rebounds. The highlight was against Parkland when the players equaled the extremely tall Matadors in the rebound column. All of the players gathered a fair share, but usually one of the girls would lead in one game. In the scoring department, the oppo- nent's average was considerably larger than that of the teams's. Celia Guard led the team with an average of a little more than Il points per game. Edna Barcenas was second leading scorer with approximately six points. The rest of the girls followed with between one and two points. lnterceptions were the strong points of the defensive side of the team. Edna and Alicia led with several key steals. The main problem was a lack of capita- lizing on these recoveries. Turnovers also hurt the Tigresses. Several bad passes and fumbles lost several of the close games. The poor passing was what spread the scores in losing efforts. "This year was an up and down year." commemted Coach Gutierrez "Improvements came slowly, but the team made progress through the first half of the season." Injuries and attitude problems hurt the team more than anything else. Edna suffered a severe finger sprain which kept her on the bench for the better part of a week. Celia played in several games with a sprained back. Maria Guillen was struck with leg and foot injuries. Maya Menchaca was sidelined during many games with a bad ankle. Alicia also had problems with her an- kle. Virginia Bastidas started the sea- son with shin splints and played in most of the early games with them. "The girls began to adjust and. l be- lieve, the second half of district looked better in terms of improvement, the quality of play and attitude," conclud- ed Coach Gutierrez. Sparts 73 l6'- Gamers Su min Z7 rflflcm The junior varsity squad had its prob- lems throughout the season. Injuries. attitude and ability were the main detri- ments to the program. The season started off well with a win against Lydia Patterson. The entire road from there on out was rough. Loss after loss was suffered. In district play, the girls won against Bowie in a very close game. The team was led by Junior Nicolasa Pinon. Nicolasa's high game was against Coronado where she scored 9511 of the points and tallied several interceptions. The post position was filled by Freshmen Roberta Garcia, Pa- tricia Jacques and Sylvia Soto. Wing players were Sophomores Jackie Ang- cayan, Freshmen Anabel Antuiez and Lupe Lundy. U, W . X ' 4 R we The team was under the direction of first year coach Penny Bulman. Miss Bulman came from Germany and has started her career of coaching with the b-team. Hopi Nicolasa heaves the ball inbounds. CMid- dle row, middle, Pat prepares for a pass to her teammate in the court. CLeftQ Coach Bulman lis- tens to her players during halftime. CRightj Sylvia drives towards the basket. Qliottom row, lefty the b-team girls were Ctop rowj Coach Bulman. Pat Jacques, Roberta Garcia, Cmiddle rowj Nicolasa Pion, Anabel Antunez, Qbottom rowj Jackie Ang- cayan and Syvia Soto. flower rightj Roberta Gar- cia shoots the ball while an opponent tries to block. W.- sg:-1 74 Sports ,M ini Cigereffes Play Ce Place . C, M-ez Coach Daniel Mendoza led one of the most balanced teams in the entire basketball program to a second place finish in district play. The team goals included learning ba- sic basketball skills such as dribbling. passing and shooting. The winning spir- it was instilled in the Tiger cubs early in the season and stayed there through- out. The team "quarterback" was Tessy Robert. Tessy called all the plays and handled the ball. Marissa Alarcon was the team's leading rebounder. Linda Arellano, Patsy Rosales and Liz Sias were only a few of the main scorers. "These girls will be a great asset to next year's "b" and varsity teams," commented Coach Mendoza. Most of the girls will make up a possible fresh- man squad. fCountercIockwise from belowj The eighth grade team consisted of ftop rowj Angie Men- chaca, Rosa Loya. Liz Sias, Linda Arellano, Aizza Rodriguez, Coach Mendoza. Cmiddle rowj Magda Melchor, Marissa Alarcon, Patsy Rosales, Tessy Robert, fbottom rowj Nora Flores, Anna Velasco, Betty Garcia and Mary Lou Watts. Not shown is Kim Bailey. Linda and Patsy fight for the ball with an unfriendly opponent. Linda jumps for a high one. Linda and a teammate defend an opponent. Tessy calls the play number or maybe the team status, i Sparts 75 lfumlfcrjacks J-lack Away Along with the many personnel changes, a new addition was made to the tennis program as Coach Robert Cottrell took over the program this spring. The round robin season ended with a girls 6 - I record and the boys with a I - 6 record. Coach Cottrell feels that the Tigers showed great school spirit. This was especially evident when the girls played Coronado. In the past, victories over the T- Birds had been few and far be- tween, so the win was one to savor. "The most positive thing in my mind is the girls team. which is capable of competing with any of the girls teams in the state," commented Coach Cottrell. "The only disappointment is in the boy's team, which is far better than the record indicates. With a little more pride the same team could have had a winning record." 76 Sports QOpposite top. sittingj Thomas Goldfarb, Bryan Aboud, Jose Prats. Qstandingj Sam Moore, Barron Fletcher, Russell Jarmiolowski, Scott McKinney, Mac Rogers. Sal Villalobos. Arie Braun. flnsert. sittingj Sam Moore. Sal Villalobos, Scott McKin- ney. Russell Jarmiolowski, fstandingj Thomas Goldfarb, Bryan Aboud, Mac Rogers, Barron Fletcher. QMiddIeJ Tommy outdoes his opponent. QBottom Ieftj Sal bends for a forehand. fllottom rightj Jose Prats reaches for a volley. QCounter- clockwise from top rightj Tommy prepares to bite the bullet. Russell Jarmiolowski's strength lies in his racket. Bryan Aboud watches the ball. Jon Bannon can't decide what to wear for tennis. Mac Rogers puts all his effort behind the ball. QMid- dlej Scott McKinney hits a powerful serve. Sports 77 78 Sports QUpper left, clockwisej Pati Hernandez hits a smashing shot. Laura Gonzales smiles as her op- ponent misses a shot. Gina Ruiz follows the path of the ball entering her side ofthe court. Laura Bradford searches the sky for the ball coming towards her. Jean Sterling hits a powerful serve. QMiddleJ Cathy Valdez concentrates on a back- hand. QOpposite, topj Jenny Navarro displays her two-handed forehand. fOpposite, middle leftj Jackie Finger uses her forehand to place a shot. QOpposite. middle rightj Hadley Huchton hits overhead. QOpposite, kneelingj Jean Sterling. Gina Ruiz, Laura Bradford, Jenny Navarro, Pati Henandez. Hadley Huchton, Sheila Elias. 1Stand- ingj Jackie Finger. Daphne Halow. Cathy Valdez. Laura Gonzalez and Merry Elias. I , . 1 , P , fadibs Wliifile Af District Zhamps I l I QOpposite page, topj Karen Stauss shows her great ability on the uneven bars. fMiddIej Sylvia Gonzales preparing to get off the bar. QBottom leftj Connie Chaparro shows smoothness on the balance beam. CBottom rightj Melissa Grado and Ann Joriorian get butterflies over thinking about upcoming competition. fClockwise from top mid- dlej Connie Chaparo displays great balance on the balance beam.. Doing a handstand is hard. but not for Ann Joriorian. Pam Chavez pulls her- self up with her strength. Team members from top to bottom are Karen Strauss, Delia Heredia, Ann Joriorian. Rachel Rosenbly. Pam Chavez. Rosa Salcido, Lorraine Ortiz, Melissa Grado, Connie Chaparro. Not present, Sylvia Gonzales. Coach Odessa Wood plays the music for a floor exercise. Melissa Grado performs a floor exercise. 80 Sports msff ' .::ifw16?ri55fl'ifZU,, ,' 5152, nfl' , .,,, ,c, . s , ..,,, V ' W 1 5-J, V' ' ' ,k ' . , , 5 ,. . be Hang Cm The Hard Way Odessa Wood reviewed her class ros- ter and wondered where she was going to get the necessary experience for a competitive season. The experience may not have been there but the girls' team made it known that they could perform with the best of teams. The team of the future is not here yet . . . but they're on their way. Although they spent many hours on just the basics, they managed to sur- prise a few competitors and themselves. It is apparent that their opposition will soon be looking up to the Tiger squad instead of at them. 4 fr Sports 81 5 . , ' , '?, ", W L5 rrras gt T T , a li rryy T r "'f W 'fl .. ,,,,,. Our swim team is in hot water! The swim team practices at the heated in- door pool at the YWCA. They are under the direction of Coach Susan Krakaus- kas and practice with the Burges swim team every day from 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. Most of their competition takes place at the Westside Pool. Swimming season started Dec 5 and the team placed sec- ond in their first competition. The com- petition is open swimming, with various schools around the city participating in the events. This year's season ended on a promising note for next year. l 82 Sports U16 Di 5 901' ,Ucrf cfmu The boys' swim team consisted of fback rowj Robert Kirkwood, Wesley Smith, Abe Rosas, Dan Smith, Mick Lynch, Coach Krakauskas, ffront rowj Martin Juarez, Yani Widjagi, Raul Silva. and Dan Gutierrez. CTop leftj Michael Lynch and Dan- ny Smith Iead the team. fTop rightj Patricia Ed- wards pulls forthe finish line. fMiddlej Marcella Chavez, Patricia Edwards. Malinez Bustamente, Cindy Richardson, Lupe Morrillo, Christina Por- tillo and Coach Susan Krakauskas. QBottom leftj Danny Smith at a workout. QBottom right, Patricia Edwards does the backstroke. Uopj Some of the team members fooling around in the swimming pool. QMiddle leftj Two of the team members preparing for practice. QMiddle rightj Coach Su- san Krakauskas instructs the team. fllottom Ieftj Danny Smith leaps off the blocks. Sports 83 Zmimfr 16' mme Zfmalc O ienfed .lim Porter became the first head trainer in l954. It was also the first year for student trainers. This year, Miss Mary Ann Sprague became the first fe- male trainer in our ranks. The first facilities for training were small and inadequate. There was very little the trainer could do for a bad injury. Now there is hardly any injury that cannot be taken care of. Rehabilitation was another aspect which was taken on this year. In the past, there was rehabilitation for sprained ankles and muscle pulls. This year, there were exercises for knees and I backs, too. Miss Sprague introduced cryokine- tics: a series of exercises together with ice. which was used to numb the ankle so the physical routines could be ex- ecuted. The student trainers became more in- volved than in the past. They not only went to games and observed practices. but they worked with the athletes on rehabilitation and learned how to be housekeepers. Having one of the lar- gest facilities in El Paso, the room had to be kept spotless. ig 7 CClockwise from topj Frances Vega stares on in amazement at a football game. Miss Sprague wraps Luis Lozano's finger for practice. The train- ers are Qtop rowj Vicki Joosten. Barbara Tovar, lrma Favela. Cbottom rowj Doug Perez, Frances Vega. Miss Mary Ann Sprague, Pat Del Toro and Olivia Nanez. Miss Sprague trims her nails while Olivia supervises. "Don't you ever wash your feet, boy?" 84 Sports gem. ifgw' ng., ,. -ww-...a-v M' 1 1 ,w 'C' A S- ,, - -P. ' K 7 G Q-me N ff. S Q. 1. 1 sf 1 ,fwnwi - a-sz,5"V"A? " x . F ' Ti re a I5-V 1 if , A V5 A A ,yrs .3 V e .N J- L, . an y '-5 W, . A-.... Z' G M! '4 Z s. . " Q fa at ve. W A ,W .Q ' , r is we t s, 1 ,. .t 5 t ,. oo- i . I -.. " y 'Hel 'rf '. If - 4+ V Q-fs?1f?lf,, Q it .., . V Q' if' - ' ,ef , . f ' Different Afternoon Sfreke ln the early I970's, golf was added to the sports program. There have been many changes since. There have been girls, boys, new coaches and new courses. In recent years, the number of girls participating has decreased. This sea- son. there were no girl golfers. There were, however, several male strokers. Returnees included Seniors Chuck Hary and Lenny Marcus and Junior Patrick Santoscoy. Other team members were Seniors David Arroniz, John Cordova. Greg Vickers. Juniors Erich Goeldner. Andy Villareal, Sophomores Ruben Es- candon. Bradley Goeldner, Victor Gon- zalez and Freshman Sean Meehan. The main goal was for the team to hit in the 80's. Practice to achieve this goal took place at Santa Teresa Golf Course. They worked from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. or until the sun went down, whichever came first. l T QTop lefty Greg tees off at Santa Teresa. Hop rightj Victor concentrates on a short putt even though he can't see the hole. CMiddle lefty "Forel" CMiddle rightj The golf team members are ftop rowy Victor Gonzalez. Patrick Santos- coy, Mick Lynch. Greg Vickers, David Arroniz. Sean Meehan, fbottom rowj Coach John Cama- cho. Ruben Escandon. Bradley Goeldner. Eric Goeldner, Andy Villareal and Charles Hary. QBot- tom lefty Pat Santoscoy follows through in style on a tee-off. QBottom rightj Lenny Marcus and John Cordova discuss a short putt. All the discus- sion was in vain because Lenny kicked the ball. Sports 85 K My Z0 Sfplodc El Paso High's wrestling program had many changes this year. The members had to face a big challenge, a new coach, different philos- ophy, and new ideas. Although Al Nardone isn't new to El Paso High, this was the first year he coached wrestling in the El Paso area. The new program got started in early October with practices starting at 6 a.m. and ending I5 minutes before school began. The lack of re- turning lettermen proved to be the only thing that kept the program from being a winner, The team had a big setback when 49 of the 52 wrestlers that joined got injured. The three that remained uninjured were Senior Steve Ad- iemian and Juniors David Garcia and Art Gar- 'Kr Q52 L cia. The future looks good because most of the team members are underclassmen and Coach Nardone will have a year under his belt. Coach Nardone admits that this is not one of his best coaching accomplishments, but his team has heart and a desire that is sure to reap a championship in the future. lt is no secret that the only thing more impor- tant than physical training is the desire to be the best, and Nardone claims his young squad has that desire. . lf! 86 Sparls QiWN, :.: , QOpposite page. clockwisej Steve Adjemian about to take down his opponent. Ernesto Rivera is being held in the referee's position. An oppo- nent has Art Garcia in a complete stop, Team- mates wait for Steve Adiemian to return after a match. Dave Hernandez is going for the oppo- nent's leg. "How do I get out?" David Garcia thinks. fleftj The heavyweight of the team is un- happy with himself because he lost the match. QMiddleQTeam members are Cstandingj Charlie Sanchez, Robert Dominguez. David Torres, Enri- que Meza. Steve Adiemian, David Ortega, Ernesto Rivera. David Garcia, Dave Hernandez. Coach AI "Big Red" Nardone, Csittingj Jose Arrendondo, Hugo Melchor, Jesse Perez, Mike Apodaca, Hi- ram Galindo, Qlyingj Angel Rodriguez, Art Garcia. fBottom lefty David Torres tries to get out of a hold by flying away. fBottom rightj Robert Do- minguez is caught with his legs up. Sports 87 , ,W ,,.,,., ,Wm The 2:30 bell rings, and the girls rush to the track to start their daily workout. The day began with a little jogging to warm up and then exercise. After that it's their usual workout. That's what the girls track team did from early January until the end of the season. Last season only Patsy Norman went to regionals and state, and won the mile at State in record time. The team finished fourth in district. Since then the team has been hoping for a better finish. The team has nine returning let- termen: Sophomore Leti Arce, Juniors Lucy Diaz, Lucy Sarellana, Maya Men- chaca, Marcia Contreras, Frances Gol- zalez, and Cindy Fong, Seniors Gloria Mejia and Patsy Norman. The team was competitive in the 3200 meter run with Leti. ln the 800- meter run, Gloria was also one of the top runners in the city. The mile relay team also came back strong after a tough loss last year. The relay team members were Gloria. Marcia. Leti and Patsy. The girls started the season with a practice meat against west-side rival Coronado, where the team fared well. The team then traveled to Bowie where they competed against nine area schools. They placed in the top three. Medal winners included Patsy, Gloria, Leti, Maya and the mile relay. There were a lot of new faces in the crowd. Freshmen Judi Santelli and An- ette Garcia helped the team consider- ably. Adding aide to the team's point total was the 800-meter relay team. Lucy Diaz, Lucy Sarellana, Nora Villa and Judi added to the team talent. 88 Sports s gf... 'I 4 Q J' fz"w. 'Q 5- f' 'f!:'f'm ' 'Q-Hsfffgmtw. ws"'?"s' . W .,y,, ,. - I..- -... .. ...I wk... 1, Cigrcss Ziff: In C716 gil I ,Cane ,... , ,, KH , COpposite page, top lefty Susan Gilmore and Gloria Mejia head down to the finish line Ctop rightj Lucy Diaz shows her blazing speed as she starts the relay. QMiddleJ On your mark, get set, go, and l.ucy Sarellana is gone. Qllottom lefty Leti Arce tries to overtake Patsy Norman at the end of the IGOO meters. Qllottom rightJ Patsy finishing one of her races. Hop rightj The beginning of the 800'meter race, flop leftj Marcia Contreras, Mi- chelle DeShazo, Leti Arce hear Patsy's advice. Qllottom Ieftj Team members are ffirst rowy Ceci- Iia Perez, Jackie Angcayan. Lorena Carillo, Mar- cia Contreras, Mary Ramos. Annette Garcia, Monica Faivre, Cindy Fong, Patsy Norman, Gloria Mejia and Normal Carrillo CSecond rowj Leti Arce, Lucy Diaz, l.ucy Sarellana, Nora Villa, Maya Menchaca, Patsy Herrera, Judi Santelli, Irma Fa- vela, Frances Gonzales, Vicki Joosten, Perla Mo- linar Cthird rowj Coach Irene Araiza. Coach Pen- ny Bulman. and Manager Susan Falardeau. Sparta 89 I " " l L, J 3 WM M A 'Wt' ' - f A-gi I ' ' ' . sv ,E ' h 1 i ,,., , 'C a ' ' a 4'5" li r at 1' g'J.,, , li m . 1 V l -4 ' . A ul 2 5 1 Q NK X :Za 4 . flop, clockwisej The sprinting team Cbottom rowl Luis Simoned. Juan Soto, Mike Ortiz. ftop rowj Edward Luian, Mark Monroe, Paul Aleman, , Richard Klenkenberg, Albert Maldonado, David Lepe, Julio Martinez, Guillermo Mayorga. Ernesto Tamez, Jesse Aguilar. Manny Rodriguez, Luis Ri- vera, Martin Saenz practice hard. The long dis- tance runners are ftop rowj Oscar Silva, Oscar Pulido. Martin Saenz, Juan Aguirre. fmiddle rowj Gerardo Velasquez, Jose Treio, Jesse Aguilar. fbottom rowj Adrian landeros. Mark Monroe and Richard Klenkenberg practice their starts. James Ferreri excells at the pole valt. Gerardo Velasquez finishes up the 800-meter dash. CCen- terj Gerardo Velasquez and Martin Saenz sprint to the finish during practice. qOpposite, topj Coach Danny McKillip talks to his team before a meet. fOpposite, middle lefty The weight-men are John Miller, Troy Weaver, Charles Sanchez, John Shamaley and Pedro Naranjar. COpposite. middle rightj David Lepe stretches before a meet. QOppo- site, bottom Ieftj The vasity track team: fbottom rowj Paul Aleman, Juan Aguirre. Jesse Aguilar, Mike Ortiz, Adrian Landeros, David Griffin, Guil- lermo Mayorga. fmiddle rowj Troy Weaver, Ed- ward lujan, Gerardo Velasquez, Luis Simonedi, Mark Monroe. Juan Soto. Jose Treio, Juan Garza. Alben Maldonado, Oscar Silva, Ctop rowj Coach Rudy Licon, Charles Sanchez. John Shamaley. Richard Klenkenberg, Martin Saenz. Oscar Pu- lido, Julio Martinez, John Miller, Pedro Naranial and Coach Daniel McKillip. QOpposite, bottom rightj Running at full speed David1Grift1n pre- pares to vault. 90 Sports I v I: W ., L.. , s 1 Urs l6'rsf Runners ,4 r Cigrrs S . .. lk 'V . Sis ' my ff sr , at I lt's not the quantity, it's the quality that counts. The old saying certainly fits this year's track team. The team had several outstanding and dedicated peo- ple this year. The team leaders included Martin Saenz, Mark Monroe, Gerardo Velasquez and Edward Lujan. The team practiced after school everyday and their meets were held on Fridays and Saturdays. "The team's goal this year was to finish in the top ten," said Coach Dan- ny McKillip. "The team strived to main- tain a winning attitude and put forth their best in compeition." Next year's team looks very promising as there are only three seniors graduating this year. Sports 97 We Get Che ff 911 fer The freshman track team was one of the most talented teams Coach Hector Munoz has had in the past years. The team started its hard work outs right after Christmas vacation. We had four of the best in freshman division. They were Manny Rodriguez, Ernie Ta- mez, Arnold Plaza and Luis Rivera. Members first saw action in a prac- tice meet against Coronado and Jeffer- son. Then Coach Munoz took his squad to the Burges Invitational to run at the b-team level because the freshman sea- son did not start until March at the Coronado-El Paso Invitational. They had a very fine season finishing up with a great performance in the dis- trict meet held at Burges. Again, long distance proved to be the biggest point score of the team. wif' , Top Freshmen team members are ftop rowj James Torres. Lynn Apodaca. Ernie Tamez, Micky Wisselman, Freddie Felhaber, Louis Rivera. Ar- nold Plaza. Coach Hector Munoz. Cbottom row, James Ferreri, Manny Rodriguez. Daniel Sanchez. Keith Fong. Hugo Melchor and Tim Gilmore. Qmiddle lefty James Torres lands in the long jump pit. QMiddle rightj right arm over left leg. Freddie Felhaber stretches before running. fBottom lefty Vincent Winslett finishes a race in a practice meet. QBottom rightj Ernie Tamez cools off after practice. 92 Sports , M- I 11, Ways L- 'ff-1 -Z 'W Q ri 5f::,.24Q'a4-Lg w: ' . ' a.f"f jiwfl ff I G K J T an f wwe .n "7?7:',:f' 4 1 , ,,, ,, ,,- ,M , l jifiwikf ' ' , w , ., , ,,,f,,,.,,,- , .f new 1 -1. W - 1- "" -::,.' M . 2 . f 4. -y,,,.,,,, A 1, f ' 1' , , .. ' 1 ji,f'Qt- ,A , , , l , it W f V, 7 x ' Q 'G D , at x V H I , W? ' S 4, AA ff JJ b 1 'F F , V M A fginlllw 2+ We tk' Y .,,,,, ,V , ,,. eff" r ,fieeaxm j,,Qt.,Mgm,,g,,L,,gf,-I , .ww-M. :f ., Q' -wif ,ff 5 N: ' A e , . ,,M'f'vff3,'f"gf?Pv9'QfM1 T i -'.. ercfiea. , .pt ,. ,V 'V ' - 5227 -' 1, , 'X l gnaegegfiesfa V' If . 1 f - " ' f W A was :fx weaxwafazmziwwf Yizmgggipfgivafiszzgmp f f::--..7,,f- Q..J'-TU V096 15011 1500 ,limi 9 7 ' The eighth grade girls team members are Kim Bailey, Paulette Valdez, Mary Alice Barron. Mar- issa Alarcon, Kim Pannell, Tessy Robert, man- ager, Maria Herrera, Magdalena Melchor, Tana Long. Adena Alarcon. Roberta Wiseman, Coach Danny Mendoza. QMiddIe Ieftj Polly: "What do you mean work?" CMiddle rightj Kim composes herself before starting the daily workout, QBottom lefty The best way to get eighth graders out of your hair is to tell them to hold up the wall so it won't fall down. CBelowj The boys' eighth grade team members are Gustavo Yanez. Matthew Bell, Stuart Davenport. Jose Rios, Edgar Guevara, Rob- ert Ramirez, Vaughn Granados, Manuel Flores, Andy Olivas, Ramon Sandez, Luis Daher, Guil- lermo Rios, Hugo Bustamente. Paul Armendariz. Juan Aguilar Carlos Torres. Rene Delgado, David Esquivel, Andrew Dean, Todd Main and Luis Ta- mez. fl Pisa ' ,ox Sports 93 ' 1, 4' fx WH ww army, i ,,,, , 1 . W K 'H 4 of 32 ,yr 94 Sports Kaseball Kay Baseball has been one of the best participated in sports for several years now. Once again, the sport tried out several students from the ninth through twelfth grades. When the final cut was made, Coach William Craigo had one of the top- notch teams in the city. The line-up was made up of several returnees. Senior Ted Mueller, all-dis- 1511! Chair 16? I trict pitcher, was the main team leader. Other leaders included Seniors Abel Gomez. Paul Alvarado, Rica Del Toro, Ruben Lopez. Tony Tafoya, Enrique Nega, Rene Maldonado and Junior Er- nie Orozco. In the past, baseball has drawn large crowds. This year was no different. Even at practice games, the stands were considerably full. Controlled hitting was one of the keys to the winning team. There were no power-hitters, just fully talented players who gave it their all. Next year, Coach Craigo will have another successful season. Many of this year's team will be returning plus he will have some excellent b-teamers moving up to varsity. an I - ,T " :LH A ..,, K , i,-" ' "" ff: f-,ff , ef? 'P "--",, Aa. W' : ,N , , ,. H., ,,..,.. I COpposite page, top lefty Roger Aguirre takes a full swing at a fastball. QTop rightj Tony Tafoya rounds first in an effort to take second. QMiddle lefty Mickie Perez uses some body language to keep a ball in play. fBottom leftb Paul Alvarado dives for the plate, but the ball still beats him there and he's out. QBottom rightj Abel Gomez takes an easy turn around first on another of his homeruns. fSeries abovej Ted Mueller demon- strates the different faces of hitting: the hit, ela- tion: the possibility of a double, determination: and the out, disappointment. Qleftj The varsity baseball team consisted of flop rowj Paul Alvar- ado. Adrian Yanez, Ted Mueller, Rene Maldon- ado, Ernie Orozco, Coach William Craigo, Qmid- dle rowj Manager Luis Torres, Mickie Perez. Andy Cintron, Steve Nickey, luis Portillo, Cbot- tom rowj Roger Aguirre, David Garcia Ruben lo- pez, Rica Del Toro, Abel Gomez and Tony Tafoya. QNot shownj Enrique Vega, Richard Gill. and Bat- girl lelia Guard. Sports 95 Diamonds ,4 ,4 l6'0y's 166 I 91' 'end 5 mg .. 'M VAAA M 4 1 I .,., F ,wash hh A :L ,W 'Y 'E '- as fav M ' Sze r 4 Wg' 'T N 'Q Mwtff A. E, ' I ' JW, , .. "" A - , H, ,. 4 W N .fl fs,p,..,mv.f- dy 4. Qiafw- ,IJ J' ,,, J, . f - , uf :inf fm' ' ,f:?4ii'm"f ' K ' - 2 - - ,H it Maia, xr- ' Y W-A' M" ,.'V Q.. 3 Q s iz 1' e f, E If if 1 - f, ff f ' e 4 ' K, " " Hop leftj Adrian Yanez makes a face at me runner and shows him who's Iuckier. Hop rightj "Advice, advice, and more advice. That's all they ever give. Don't they think I know anything?" fAboveQ Rene Maldonado throws out the runner at first. fkighty Tony Tafoya pulls a hit to left field. I 96 Sparis 3 , f y if ' gil, '. M , 'f Y, I, ' 65. . ,W V ' . fy .1 High Hope Kvnfiuue 901' 16'-team When a team finished 2-5 for the first half of district, it is unlikely it will finish anywhere in the top three teams. Last year's b-team did it, though. After do- ing poorly in the first round, they came back to place first. Many of that team came back.to do a similar feat do well in district. Coach Toby Tovar coached for his third year and produced another successful team. Team leaders included Juniors Marco Carbajal, David Hernandez and Arturo Zarzosa, all returnees from last year. Sophomore Louie Porras was an- other leader. Others who fared well were Juniors Richard Perez and Danny Martinez and Sophomore Hector Aguirre. Next year, Coach Tovar will again have many returning players. The varsi- ty squad will not be losing too many players. Therefore, many of the b- teamers will stay at the b-team level, g, rw .WM W Uopj The b-team consisted of Qtop rowj Rene Orozco. Danny Martinez, Felix Castro. Richard Perez. Johnny Mejia, David Hernandez. Edmundo Jimenez, Coach Toby Tovar. Qmiddle rowj Danny Contreras, Louis Porras. Favian Sanchez, Raul Marquez. Javier Garcia, Hector Aguirre, Peter Rascon, Qbottom rowj Louis Salcido, Victor Mir- anda, Roger Tafoya, Arturo Zarzosa, Marco Car- baial, lres Lily, and Julio Montes. QFar leftj Javier takes the throw from first. QMiddlej Johnny throws with an unorthodox style, or so it seems. fAbove lefty Rene takes a throw from third, while Coach Tovar looks on. QAbove rightj David Her- nandez runs after the ball in an attempt to field a grounder. ii M. 'N -2 ., - KI L' L . , Ifrezi3::3'HaIwvfI 1:w2?25Efs:II1f'I'ff.liifeweiifzfflfA il 'I M ' A AISI.. ,iH"VVf I : A .zwlwfff I: iilaiiffv 4.1?:2fs1:fEfJ'zf 4ts?3.mQg:fQxmiiltm z,s:wff:awIKw.W Jrfs24,:.::fZi:w,,mz?15252551mmfm.. :Iwi I Q . IIm,I..,x . W,J,f255,ft I ,,I.,,iI,,.,,Nt V, x,,mgMM.q:,: WM, dwg 35'-.x,,:'ww+g 11gp.M,M,.y,,,f yy.,-I.w,,fvQ ,IWIMQIIQI , ,U MgMINf,,MI .magna j,:,,W3 KMMIXLG A j..V,,I1f5Q, wwf.. gf, 4, 35Iy5.4vi53w - -5,W,I,5,I1z,M,.I ,,,.INw,Mx.W vm-aww-wf? Q I wf,LQfg.p,ff'V:y2- Mmiqgwfwwgf Aram,5m,,...gew51w33,f ,IH NM. Wu, N--My Mwrgwfzf I. I N K 16- A-A I "Ig , X MVWMIX I' ff NI ' :www-fn via Q 'Zin 7 PEM Wnslk fl wfwvpaw-QI.. 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Homecomung Week guves us a chance to break free and un some un stances ut allows us to luve our fanta sues Mrs. Rudley does a great job en couragung students to dress up and par tucupate un varuous actuvutues " The week began wuth Socks. Hat and Cut Offs Day. Everyone had an oppor tunuty to come to school comfortably Tuesday was Fuftues Day It was tume for poodle skurts. greased haur and pon ytauls. People's faces were smeared wuth pue and whupped cream un the Pue Eatung Contest Wednesday was Solud Color Day A Pumpkun Carvung Contest was held un the small gym. The senuors. havung won 73 the contest receuved an award Thursday was Costume Day Cos tume ludgung and a Neckung Contest were held that day The Neckung Con test was a lot of fun for the people playung as well as for the people watch ung ut Fruday was Dress Up Day Many gurls came decked out un dresses and mums The boys were very nucely dressed and wore boutonnueres At the assembly un the football staduum the seats were full of roarung students The homecomung queen and the pruncesses wuth theur es corts were presented Margaruta Tovar and Hector Ayoub Outstandung Exs were also presented After the presen tatuon teachers dressed as wutches per formed a routune to Dung Dong the Wutch us Dead Student Councul ar ranged for a hot aur balloon show Dur ung the assembly the balloon was unflat ed and by the end of the program ut was ready to fly away Posters of a tuger were hung on the balloon They funally took away the stakes that were holdung ut down and away ut flew. Towards the end of the school day everyone was ready for the nughttume festuvutues The football players were fared up wuth confudence. We played the Andress Eagles that nught. Al though we lost. our football team played a very good game. Andress got an early start at the be gunnung of the game wuth a score of I4 0 We scored late un the game to make ut 2l I4. but wuth about four munutes left un the game we fumbled the ball away to Andress Ieavung the score 2I I4 Scores came on a four yard run by Ernue Orozco and Senuor Danuel Quuan's ab A ' .-My ' , A , i M 4 A, + . ' ffl?- J' 5 E , . Q - f v - . . ' ' r . I I ' ' ' ' an - I u N - - n . . , , - - - . f . , . 0 IOO Distiuctiaus 25 yard pass play to Carlos Ramos. Ben Guerrero was named Outstanding Play- er because he played well at the line- backer position and caught two passes as a tight end. During halftime the queen and prin- cesses were presented. To many people Oct. SI seemed to be the same old scary Halloween night. Children running from door to door. teenagers having their annual costume parties---it was iust any old Halloween night. But little did people know EI Paso High had a unique Homecoming Dance. As you walked towards the building, dry ice gave the appearance of a dark London night. Just above the mist tombstones were placed through- out the ground giving an eerie sensaf tion of a cemetery. Streamers hung over the entrance and paper spiders weaving paper webs stared at the guests. The glass tiger case was con- verted into a coffin where skeletons stood surrounded by jack-o-lanterns and spiders with webs. Tables with small candles lined both sides of the hall. At the entrance Senior Sheila Ro- sen and Junior Monique Ferry made you feel more than welcome. They rang a bell and announced your arrival. The queen's throne was in front of thelldispli' case.'lHerthrone was black with hands reaching out towards her. Queen Cynthia Butterworth was pre- sented midway through the dance. She was given a bouquet of flowers deco- rated with tiny jack-o-lanterns. - Mr. and Mrs. Ratliff were the first ones on the floor to start dancing. After that everyone got into the action. One of the most popular dances was the Cotton-Eyed-Joe. All kinds of music were played. everything from Rock-n- Roll to Country Western, from oldies to Mexican folk music filled the hall There were a couple hundred stu dents at the dance. with several faculty members also present. Mr. and Mrs Robert Onick and Mr. and Mrs. Ridley were doing their share of dancing. Both Mr. and Mrs. Burnside and Mr. and Mrs. Aguirre were also enjoying the party. Aguirre was seen dancing several times. There was plenty of food and refresh ments for everyone as well as laughter and good times. But the end ha to come. The crowd started to get thin Time started slipping away. The lights began to flicker. There is one thing that will never die and that's the memory of Homecoming '80 fOpposite page. upper lefty Junior Jim Fashing escorts Junior Princess Molly Hammond. fMid dlej Senior Cody Morton participates in deadly fashion during Homecoming week. Qupper rightj Senior Cindy Kelsey shows her true self on Dress Up Day. CCenterj Four of El Paso High's teachers demonstrate their out-of-school hobbies. QBot tomb A filled stadium was the scene at the Home coming Assembly. fUpper lefty Seniors Juan Puga and Patsy Norman look on at the crowd while waiting for the Homecoming queen presentation QUpper rightj The new tiger mascot pepped up the entire homecoming week. fCenterJ Freshmen Tres. Lilly and Ana-.Portilloffpatiently await their presentation during halftime. QBottomJ Seniors luis Lozano and Queen Cynthia Butterworth de scend the stadium stairs at the Homecoming As sembly. Distiuctiaus lOl af if Eighth Grade Princess Tessy Robert and escort Rene Delgado Freshman Princess Ana Portillo and escort Tres lilly Sophomore Princess Terry Herrera and escort Edin ndo Jimenez. Junior Princess Molly Hammond and escort Jim Fashing. mf fd 5, I8 orman Bassas Spring Qissfsz Uifls xbx Distinctions 703 Princes es Kzfund Ou! Rhine fam' kvuudup 'War ll ,gn 11. 1 V1, C! I x If N 3 ff 'mf' ,M f :if-f ' n K K LV ,rfb 1 1--.. C ,E C, C C . A ga ., yi L"c""" Jackie Bannon Cynthia Butterworth Becky Showery Cindy Zotz Eva Saicido Rosie Campos 704 Disiinctiaus .7 5935.9 I Q 'N- N. 2 Q Q Q N Q Dlslmcfzans IO5 swei.. Q, l ' IO6 Distinctians w 9mm llnifrfrm Z0 Zfrmal We 4' J D17 ff ,411 gill' U15 WZ ilifary Kal! , 3 , A Senior Military Princess lrma Juarez and escort Karl Kuehn Sophomore Military Princess Norma Tennessee and Sergio Duarte. is i P, mf V if Y l E: , 2155. ,. if 4 2 E Junior Military Princess Graciela Guzman and escort Juan Cruz. Freshman Military Princess Sandra Maturino and escort Abel Alvarado. Dislinctions IO7 l6'irds 9mm Che Crcfpicfzl lfaradise Runner-up Mghssxa Most Beautaful Melissa Garlbay IOS Distinctians 5 KJ Unnef up lb. Whrfs Who ,Af U16 Grp QFront rowj Abie Kupfer, Evelyn Linda Arce, Celia Guard, Rosie Campos, ron. Elena Olivares, Rosemary Salcido, Aguilar, Belinda Chavez, Hiram Ga- Sheila Rosen, Ruben Lopez, Denise and Cindy Kelsey. Not shown are Ray lindo, Becky Gavaldon. CMiddle rowj Neill, Nora Villa. CBack rowj Greg Bar- Gardea and Jana Christian. Disliuctiaus 109 will gpfftg Kay Cfndyjiflortvn Being musically inclined is a talent that most often does not win athletic awards nor does it win popularity con- tests. However. All EPHS Boy Cody Morton has excelled for four years in orchestra, stage band and choir. He has been awarded several first place divi- sional competions and numerous other awards in other musical areas. "I was very proud to be selected All EPHS Boy," he said. "lt was nice know- ing the faculty thought so highly of me." Cody was also active in other school areas. He was a member of the science club, Mafia, National Junior Honor So- ciety, and the spirit club. He was also a semi-finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Contest and selected to Who's Who. He plans on majoring in music at North Texas State University. COpposite page, top leftj Patsy Norman sitting outside during the lunch hour. Hop rightj Dec. I7 is Patsy's birthday and here she is celebrating it with the cross country team. CBottomj Patsy's everyday smile. CTop rightj Cody Morton playing the piano during one of his musicalclasses.CTop Ieftj Who can forget this face? Cody shows how he really feels about taking pictures. Qkightj Only Cody knows what kind of devious thoughts are going through his mind. IIO Disfinclious ! 155953 2 W 21 ,Q .aa Erik f Q 4 7? 1 HW 'J fl!! 5191! 6111 Mzfsy Nvrman The Honor of being selected as an All EPHS student is one of the highest re- spects that any student can be paid. To be recognized as such singles out that particular student from his peers and elevates them into a select group of responsible citizens. Patsy Norman was worthy of this award and rightly so. Her high school career has never been equaled by another student in the past and probably will stand for the upcoming history books. Athletics were no doubt her stron- gest and more recognized of all her accomplishments. Her numerous gold medals, titles, ribbons and record breaking performances are going to stand for many years. Her accomplishments do not reveal the Patsy that attends classes and sup- ports her fellow students. She displays the spirit and camaraderie that is so often lacking or non-existant in schools today. Patsy is indeed in a class by herself as an individual. Her accomplishments are not solely limited to the track field or distance course. For this reason she was selected as All EPHS Girl. a laurel to top her honors. Disiinctions Ill Q ff, giiwwiigiwfviirtfk 1? . gi .., .,,,,,.My Q ,w-ww:-QW ---"- - 1, wwiiih fm 1. :L xr 7 . f . 42222, ' in eww zgjhyh , H , VW, g X ill 'SIM ' ,. M5211 133535 .M flliliim V 5631. HULL. m,,.,.4., w Xilixiiifi, z 1. A www? Xgwggw gwwgggw aw W ' f S - 0 U ff ' Wm J, , .V.,mwXqy, -,,,M1 f, amiga ffwfbiiff 7gii12i4?2 U ,.,.,1fgA5:,:,, , mfam. 3 25 ,,.:,,W,,:mig553Ef: ,.f551jgg2,igfZ:.f 7 ,.:mMf2gzfi5:::W9zig K--sm, EMM, sxzkigll K gyif?f1f.Li5:xfKZi: may ll- , 1 My Q? 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WWXQS W Q 'P NS-1555 gm wr Sk 5232, f izggw "QR SQ V 'wgwxiiw mfqxx WQKQQQ5 EM' if Z' x ,mx 2, R, W Sw, Q? K W Q QW 5 f wk Wyxm Q M5 S gi 4 R YQ W X s i x Z! 2 2 Z 5 f. ii E Q 5 Q 5 x E Q 2 E 5 x E? i QE vf W , ....,...,...,.... ., , ----- .--- - ' " ' Q +, .f -isis: K Q Q X as M A ,NNN K 132255, My pm QL is E: W if SS N??3,,iLx Z Ki, 3 ,mgwixsgg Qmflfisiwgigk -rwwefi'7X?11Q,12wff'NgziQIJw wx MVT' ' Q , ff. . ,pw , :3--3-Q15-I'--: wwf' S ww' . fssvsiif 'igxfmdhh X Q' i r My AW gfikfiggx M, mi ww.: MQ Q Nt W ' ' ' 'Y 5 , 'Y Q X MMM . Wm QM . X5 Wk Q x Ready Willing Am! ,4 ble C0 Serve QAbove, lefty JROTC advisers lst Sergeant Ezell McKinnon, Major Joe Moore and Master Ser- geant Segura. CAbove, rightj Martin Grau takes aim during rifle practice. The JROTC group, fabove, middlej consisted of officers Sergio Duarte, Carol Miner, Bertha Rocha, Martin Grau, Irma Juarez, David Rubio. Lydia Amador, Manny Ramos. Abel Alvarado, and Company A. QBottom left, top rowj Abel Alvarado, Sergio Duarte, .lay Passmore, Manny Ramos, Martin Grau, David Ru- bio, Ignacio Yanez, fbottom rowj Alex Bahls. Car- ol Miner, Lydia Amador, lrma Juarez, Bertha Ro- cha, Graciela Guzman and Juan Cruz. Orgamzutzaus 113 Varsity Boys Drill Team Qabove, bottom row! Martin Grau. QSecond rowj David Rubio, Rafael Ruiz, Ignacio Yanez, Walter Ganska. fThird rowj Jay Passmore, Fernie Guzman, Chris Gray. Juan Cruz. QFourth rowj Phillip Horwitz, Jose Gomez. Marcus Blando, John Fong and Ctop rowj Samuel Drake. QRightj Walter Ganska. Rafel Ruiz. and Juan Cruz stand at attention during a Tuesday inspection. Varsity Girls Drill Team Qbelow, bot- tom rowj Grace Guzman. fSecond rowj Leticia Madrid, Marina Sanchez, Irma Juarez. Bertha Ro- cha. fThird rowj Arnulfa Rodriguez, Teresa Ve- lasquez. Linda Pantoia, Lydia Amador. QFourth rowj Virginia Rodriguez. Maria Campos. Cynthia Collins, Carol Miner. QTop rowj Robin Ausderau, Christina Ogaz, Sandra Maturina and Sandra Rangel. Fil P .,, ,,...----- 174 Organizations ,4 Imut Zzzce Pcrf cf Score J nnna M..-anynddv ff if 1312 " QAbove. lefty Letty Madrid and Sandra Maturino march in formation. Orienteering team consisted of Cabove, top row to bottom rowj Walter Ganska, Ernest Guinn, Ricardo Andrade, Marcus Blando, Justin Reed. Chris Gray, John Fong, Jim Shaheen, Jay Passmore, Ben Passmore. Felipe Velasco, Da- vid Rubio and Martin Grau. CLeftJ The Varsity Rifle Team consisted of Qtop rowj Rene Velasco, Feline Velasco, Abel Alvarado, Martin Grau, Ri- cardo Andrade, Qfront rowj Jay Passmore and David Rubio. T ,se A93 Organizations 175 1Rightj The Color Guard was made up of Cbottom rowj Ignacio Yanez. Qsecond rowj Ben Passmore, Phillip Horwitz. John Fong, Walter Ganska. Qtop rowj Chris Gray, Rafael Ruiz. Fernie Guzman and Justin Reed. QBelowQ The Junior Varsity Rifle Team consisted of fbottom rowj Jay Passmore. David Rubio, Qsecond rowy Juan Enriquez, Ben Passmore, Peter Marrufo, Jim Shaheen, John Fong, Qthird rowj Fernie Guzman. Phillip Horwitz. Justin Reed, Chris Gray and flop rowy Marcus Blando. fBelow, rightj Grace Guzman, Bertha Ro- cha, lrma Juarez. Marina Sanchez, Christina Ogaz and Arnulfa Rodriguez make preparations for an upcoming inspection. II6 Organizations 1,52- misss ,. ,W za aa. to . gl X V gr is l.-3551 R Sfircd lip nd I6 My C0 50 EPHS had the very first Junior Re- serve Officers' Training Corps UROTCJ in Texas. Training of cadets goes back to l888. The corps was open to any boy who was physically fit and at least elev- en years old. They remained members until they became I9, or until gradu- ation. Members wore the West Point style uniform at all times while in school. ln April of l888, the residents of El Paso raised S250 to send the cadets to the inauguration of Governor Lawrence Ross. The unit performed so well that Governor Ross appointed them as his official bodyguards. Since then, many prominent citizens of El Paso have been in this program. Congressman Richard C. White was Battalion Commander when he attend- ed school, and banker Chris Fox also served in the Cadet Corps. JROTC has come a long way since then, but their rugged standards and high goals have not decreased. The main goal of JROTC is to develop responsible citizens who learn to think and act on their own, to be sure of themselves, to get their ideas across to other people, to be self reliant, and to take part in community affairs. Today. JROTC is a proud and re- spectable organization, Most cadets found JROTC to be a worthwhile and meaningful experience. CAbovej The varsity rifle team members were Cbottom rowj Martin Grau, Abel Alvarado, David Rubio, Qtop rowj Felipe Velasco and Rene Ve- lasco. QFar,leftj Martin Grau executes a simple toss of his M-I. Cleft, David Rubio easily per- forms the same release. Organizations 117 Che Wyiug Cigars Cake Uff President Rosie Campos Vice-President Cindy Kelsey Secretary-Treasurer Mava Menchaca ',,,....--. ...... rw..-as P, Councilman-At-Large Kris Melntyre Program Manager Monique Ferry Qfllflig ' fig- 2 - r ' 1, ,, , ,gt i . 1 .,, QTop rightj The senior senators were Cfirst rowj Greg Vickers, Sheila Rosen, Able Rosas, Cindy Colunga. Eva Salcido, Evelyn Aguilar. Sylvia Torres. Abie Kupfer. QSecond IOWD Mick Lynch. Monica Kerr, Becky Gavaldon, Jana Christian, Sam Kupfer. Victor Bustillos. Fernie Campos. Frank Salazar. Barry Boetto. CThird rowj Melissa Walker and Becky Winningham. Ukbovej The ju- nior senators were ffirst rowj Patricia Torres. Pa- tricia Goeldner, Jenny Navarro, Patricia Hernan- dez, Laura Bradford. QSecond rowj Bea Diaz, Lisa Morrill, Terry Barragan, Marisa Amador, Cathy 718 Organizations Flores, Elizabeth Brient. Clhird rowj Sue Stanley. Lisa McNieI, Cindy Fng, Vicki Joosten. QFourth rowj Mark Monroe and Tom Skidmore. QOpposite page. lop rightj the sophomore senators were ffirst rowj Mariselo Franco, Kathy Saucedo, Sara Navarro. Melinda Coronado, Angelica Sigales. fSecond rowj Kelly Jenkins, Gina Lasini, Eric Bargman, Monica Moore. Gonzy Garcia. Laurie Adams. Mike Farris. Ghird rowj Sandra Enriquez, Lisa Gillette. Charlie Deckert, Maria Elena Rivera, Bobbie Yowell and Karyn Levitt. CBottom rightj the freshman senators were Qfirst rowj Malinez Bustamante, Sandra Kelsey, Teresa Velasquez, Melissa Jacques, Cindy Richardson. Laura Gonza- lez. QSecond rowj Ana Portillo, Candy Morrill. Pam Schmidt, Nelda Reyna, Melissa Garibay and Sylvia Soto. QTop leftj Elizabeth Brient demon- strates her ability to find things during a project sponsored by student council. QBottom leftj The adviser for student council was Mrs. Judith Rid- Iey. Mrs. Ridley helped organize the meetings. projects and activities during the school year. Student Council is a form of leader- ship that gives individuals an introduc- tion to government. EPHS has always had a strong government body, but has always needed the voice of the students in order to be productive. As in the past, Student Councils' two main projects were promoting school spirit and improving the homecoming activities. To express their appreciation to the teachers. each member of Student Council was appointed to a specific teacher. These students were known as Secret Students. They put notes, candy and other things in the teachers' mail- boxes to try and brighten the teachers' day. One reason for this was to get more support from the teachers. Organizations 119 liiiii ,,.s-,S fsgzssvilmaigiidanws Bf'i"da Cham Mafia Eugenia Comm' Mm A""f"df"'1 irsuicia have a ?f. A X' s X '- K ,M X , W X. l i Q ,l t x+ Alicia Herrera Veronica Betancouri rff"'Xss l p gggy olyscy ' ation ghas been ini existance. hh ' it'iioneryiesseniials'were iaiifevrfbfotlie ,g r m3eUY,Y9l!fl!g. Sllldefiti dCYfl9l? l -fights -sold. This club had guestrcspealb g findfflaetterjiraining skills can secrei iersiaiwhoi showed them various things T Viarialllworlci such-ias typing, filings and including ways toimproveetheirsappear- working with various kinds of calcula- tors. They associate with different peo- ple everyday, This club worked in many places do- ing various things. OEA also held sev- eral + fund-raising projects. Candies, BIICCS. lOpposite page, lopj Carmen Molinar concen- trates on her assignment. qOpposite page. bot- Tom fAizza Rodrigueztakes a snooze during class. QBelowj OEA members working hard. so Q. rw ws 0 l,,t ' fa - if-ag gf' 53 , - gp X 5 x , . ,K:. 1 sssese lfaas s erss. s al' irc! P 1 A. is 1,iIiAna1PexeigQiw, Veronica Montes eaal iiai 512112 "'f fi.a'lYFifa1i:5 5 , y,..g T Q iiiiiaai evvvseavv - ssey sels sss as eavsae aeeae e veelva r a as Hua. :Wav ! A swmy sm Graciela Guzman Virginia Romero Carmen Lopez Luz Chavez Liliana Jacquez ssociafivn Works Zvufzzrds lf- -L Dolores Molina m .LQ i ranna annn ann anaaia L aainr an Eva mmf mf. VT lv Rosa Ag L Leticia Gill Esther Ramirez Dolores Almaras , Organizafims r 721 Deva is U15 Oldcsh If I Che 156 I 122 Organizations Qlopj Club officers were John Bannon, Cynthia Butterworth, Laura Ramirez, Carolyn Cole, Ms. Janet Sarracino. adviser, Rebecca Winningham, Kina Griffin and East Zaragoza. Cleftj Carolyn Cole, Gabriela Cordova Qin costumej and Susana Beltran gather together for coffee during a group get-together, QOpposite page, topj Mary Alice Rios, Rebecca Winningham, Melissa Walker. Gina Natale, Gloria Dominguez, Esperanza Ybarra and Gabriela Cordova sit by the fire. Qllottomj Members Jerry Reynolds, Cindy De La Torre, Becky Gavaldon. Kina Griffin, Michael Flynn, East Zaragoza, Kathy Hirsch, Susana Beltran and Raul Crouse grab a corner at the Coronado Country Club. Organizations 123 ffs jV0!wdy'.s' 15,11 imfss gllf Uzeiris' 'QL l w I I l . Q Viv' "' , 1,572 X if ' ni" N lx X X ., , iw, sm! Q 'f ,. b ' . Mtg , A VV ,lk , gk A Mikal K 1- fx! Q, .L .. X .A A NA, V QA ,Q - "' 1 -vw h L XII! A ' v 4 X 5 X ,W X. k K: s I I . wh NN if ks 4 E 3 I - X .I ,. V V XX ' . ' ' x .. . ff 3 -Q., vw., K I . ,M 1 5 A , l , 3, ' tb ji M ' K . K Q ig 1 J 'J WL 1 ' I Q F jibff' Q .ffm f., I X . Q, x . Q wx w 5 xl: VH' sf 4+ Q " H ax We i s if " ,Sq-.. ' V 1. Q'-Rnd A . a . T. Z X px Q W 1 N m ." is . 1, Qi:-Q at . . N 4 IW-,s Q- iii I 33' , , g + - w,u-,iwsf w'-- 'fx J. -saww ,yn 4 ,. . .. , - K -. ,si , .lf x - - . QN,-,,.,,i.X ., A 'Nagy mu- ..,,,,, .,, .. .ww ., X .Q - fw x -VTR. .'f1wn.s A k ,tpxf I jyf3'5+:,K'x - 1. if -W is K x . 5'isai5,,9'fv, 2315.1 ax.,- . X . ., A ., .. -,,v- W, ., s , ,Ax I . .-.,, , A - A NAL I 8 . . if I sw VM.. .-ga 4 x L. L3s4Q,fWfF423x xi,Q'.i'i.Qf15 ' , , ' ,QQSLA k k ' A 3. .Q .. y,-x.K4iiefxkkf2Lgi 41 vw X I --avg, we - -., ' +--' 'r Htl' , "9 , Q 1 +1 Nj2l'.33'4Q',5.,:?'f,g4 51,9 X-K. xxx. .v-, Ny Q ' 1 . 4 A .f 'M x .X ,- . ix .8 , . .. A , , . 4 P wr' , Mgiixf, .5-c -Q.-.,.wXM.X,g 3x,,,.,.,1-,x .3155 1-gi ,B .4 A - , ' 0 .' -- N ,K ,LD xr, Q ,Q . 'f ,MX , . ja K, Q -Q NI, X, k Y 0-ff Qi- 'iwr v f'm'f?"f' :wfi.1ET,i-H.'Y2 '."'w.F:,v' Hyatt 124 Organizalians COpposite page, topj DECA members Robbie Ro- sas, Jimmy Braun. Cynthia Butterworth, Thomas Goldfarb, Laura Ramirez, John Bannon, Carolyn Cole. William Rivera, Mike Hinojosa and Rox- anne DeShazo line up for the camera. C0pposite page. bottomj Other members include Alben En- riquez, David Williams, Otto Maser, Danny Monje, George Rosas, Charles Quintana and Fer- nie Jimenez. Qleft. topj The DE beau and sweet- heart were Mike Hinojosa and Kina Griffin Cleft, belowj Roxanne DeShazo clowns around while a fellow member sells hot chocolate to a student. El Paso High's Distributive Education Club of America, DECA, Ls the oldest one in El Paso. It was organized in l948 as a charter member in Texas. The objectives of the club were to develop education in marketing and distribution, which will contribute to occupational competence, and to pro- mote understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free competitive enterprise system. This is the only national student orga- nization operating through the nation's schools to attract individuals to careers in marketing, merchandising and man- agement. Last year, DECA sponsored an animal from the El Paso Zoo. They paid for its keeping. Their sponsorship improved the maintenance of the zoo animals. Organizalians 725 X K5 ix. 0 ffm' ing ,4 num! fTopJ Gretchen Heidel. Celia Guard. John Gil- more, Rosa Salcido, Linda Arce, Hiram Galindo. Mrs. Evelyn Anderson. Mr. Burton Johnson. QMiddle lefty Gretchen Heidel performs one of the many duties of the SNHS by tutoring a student. fMiddIej Rosa Salcido and Hiram Galindo listen during an SNHS meeting. CMiddle rightj Advisers Mrs. Evelyn Anderson and Mr. Burton Johnson. CBottomj John Gilmore was caught doing his homework. The Senior National Honor Society is an organization that was formed 54 years ago to promote scholastic excel- lence and service to the school. Even though there weren't as many members as in past years, they were very active. During the school year, SNHS members sold candy canes. bought a gift for the school and tutored lower classmen. Their officers were President John Gilmore. Vice-President Gretchen Hei- del, Secretary Linda Arce. Treasurer Rosa Salcido, Reporter Hiram Galindo and Tutoring Chairperson Celia Guard. "We were a small group but enjoyed doing various projects together", said Celia Guard. I, nz ,, Missing 619 The National Junior Honor Society consisted of 42 members. In order to be a part of this club, you need to have an A average, a history of good citizen- ship, provide service to the school and strong leadership. During the year, their activities in- cluded the selling of balloons for Homecoming and several educational field trips. The members also printed the teachers' names on cards and placed them above the classroom doors in time for parents' night. Officers of the club were President Lisa Gillette, Vice-President David Grif- fin, Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Saucedo. Their sponsors were Patricia Corman and Holli Berry. "NJHS should be the goal of all eighth and ninth graders." commented Mrs. Berry. QTop, first rowj Rudy Ortiz, Robert Kirkwood, Jean Marie Sterling, Kim Bailey, Tania Long, Kim Pannell, Roberta Garcia, Sylvia Soto, David Huch- ton, Qsecond rowj Monica Martinez, Cindy Rich- ardson, Daphne Halow, Trisha de la Torre, Marie Chavez, Debbie Ekery, Gabriela Rivera, Bo Harris. Justin McKinney, Arthur de la Torre. fthird rowj Kelly Spivey, Malines Bustamante, Sandra Kelsey, Josie Jordan, Karen Strauss, Bobby Yowell, Mari- sela Franco, Hector Avidres, Lopo Villareal, Mark Masini. Qfourth rowj Keith Fong, Jackie Dwyer, Rosemary Gonzalez. Christy Reed, Nancy Olsen. Katie DeLay. Blanca Luna, Cfifth rowj Bernadina Reichel, Lupe Molina. Shirley McCaskill, Christy Elias. fMiddle leftj Blanca Luna is caught day- dreaming. CMiddle rightj Kathy Saucedo and Mrs. Corman appear to be having a good time at one of the more serious NJHS meetings. QBelow, first rowj Adviser Holli Berry, David Griffin, Lisa Gil- Iette, Qsecond rowj Adviser Patricia Corman. Kathy Saucedo, Ana Walker, and Monica Moore. Orgauizatiaus 127 r--gy S rr: infn Grader lfcarn Ca Katia all r Although Teen Involvement is not one of the oldest clubs, it has joined ranks with the other clubs. Teen ln- volvement started as part of the Drug Education program and then became part of the curriculum. This organiza- tion helped sixth grade students set up good values as a step toward rational decision making. It was designed so the members visited Lamar, Houston, and Mesita Elementary Schools. Mr. Bob Onick and Mrs. Yolanda Ne- som were the supervisors of the group. These two adults gathered the students for meetings and organized all the ac- tivities. 128 Organizations yr as as ,..,, E, Hop left, first rowj Hadley Huchton, Luz Olivares. Frances Vega, Mrs. Nesom. CSecond rowj Patricia Goeldner. Maria Elena Olivares, Rosemary Sal- cido. fThird rowj Jenny Navarro, Maya Men- chaca. Gonzalo Garcia. CFourth rowj Becky Gal- vadon. Rosie Campos, Sheila Rosen. fFifth rowj Mr. Bob Onick, Kathy Hirsch and Greg Vickers. CMiddIe leftj Rosie Campos, Greg Barron, Eva Salcido and Greg Vickers explain how things should be done. QBottom leftj Greg Barron poses for the camera while Eva Salcido and Greg Vickers listen to the students. QTop rightj Rosie Campos shows how big an inch is. CBottom rightj Rosie Campos checks the students' work. i 1 L l l l 5 1 N51 Q fd . ..,, ,, . 5, Na b ' s F! . -, 'ms Keprc eating Che Major 'fy The Student Advisory Committee QSACQ has been in existance for ll years. Many people still don't know how important it is to our student body. Through SAC, we have an opportunity to get what we want for our school and ourselves. This committee consisted of three re- presentatives from each high school in the El Paso Independent School District who met monthly with the superinten- dant from EPISD, Dr. Ronald McLeod. This committee discussed various is- , sues from the different schools and tried to resolve any problems brought to their attention. Our Representatives were Jana Chris- tian, student councilz Monica Kerr, stu- dent body: and Abie Kupfer, journal- lsm. This committee was important be- cause it provided the students with a r c voice in their school. fAbove Ieftj SAC members Jana Christian, Moni- ca Kerr and Abie Kupfer. CAbovej Monica Kerr poses for the camera. CBottom lefty Abie Kupfer after a tennis match. Qllottomj Jana Christian re- laxes on the front steps. Organizations 729 This year's Math Team consisted of fTop rowj Keith Fong, Gaye Horne, Coach Russell Lawrence, Ramsey Eramya and Matthew Bell. QMiddle rowj Chris Gray, Vicki Joosten and John Mares. QBot- tom rowj John Fong and Cindy Fong. This year's Math Team not only in- creased in size, but also gained many new members. The main purpose of the math team was to compete in various city meets, trying to achieve a perfect score. With the introduction of a new line of computers to the Mathmatical De- partment, the team had a chance to expand its total knowledge as a team, This year's math team adviser was Mr. Russell Lawrence. umber D0 Make cn fr W1 afia 'S Secret Zfrmula 130 Organizations The Mathematics Association Fea- turing Interscience Academics CMA- FIAD was organized in l978 to try and encourage student interest in math- ematics and the sciences. The Mafia members invited many dif- ferent guest speakers from a wide range of fields to come and speak to the club. ln past years, Mafia members laid a good foundation for the association and for any future students who be- come involved with the club. New Mafia members were put through a very strange but interesting initiation. However the new members did not seem to mind the one day of embarrassment. This year's adviser for the Mafia Club was Mr. James Schenck. QFirst rowj Stella Gutierrez, Maria Elena Olivares. Gaye Horne, Sue Stanley, Cody Morton. 1Second rowj Liz Guitierrez, John Mares, Melissa Romero. Salvador Villalobos. QThird rowj Mr. Schenck. Ramsey Eramya. Rosa Salcido. Ending ,4 Filth Cn Zhi? llnkmfwn The General Science Club was orga- nized four years ago to expose students to science related fields and organiza- tions. The club planned many activities which included candy sales, bake sales, and several field trips including a trip to McDonaId's Observatory. Their goals were to increase the number of field trips taken and improve membership. 'Wrmg,,g-W 1 5 .., 2 CAbove, leftj Jose Luis Perez admires a well-done project. QAbove, rightb Adviser James Schenck has mixed feelings about his lunch. CAbove, first rowj Cindy Fong, Olivia Nanez, Sylvia Lopez, Pa- tricia Hererra, Liz Guiterrez. Leticia Guevarra, Sue Stanley, Gaye Horne. QSecond rowj Cody Morton. Lisa McNiel. Maria Cantu, Yariela Garza, Kathy Yanez, Liz Flores, John Mares. Terry Quesada, Cathy Flores, Jose Luis Perez. CBack rowj Ramsey Eramya, Luis Torres, Stella Gutierrez, Juan Garza, Jayne Chapman, and Mr. James Schenck. Cleftj Juan Garza calculates the approach of a ping- pong ball as he plans his attack. Orgauizatians 137 jets Ss!! Chair Way Us Success --w. Lemon-straw sales, fossil hunts, a fossil sale, and a trip to the construc- tion site of one of the El Paso Natural Gas buildings were among projects the Junior Engineering and Technological Society members participated in. Lead' ing them in these projects were Cindy Kelsey, presidents Rosie Campos, vice- president: and Cathy Flores, secretary- treasurer. Originally. the club was formed to carry over the junior and senior mem- bership of the General Science Club. The students, however, showed such an interest in the field of engineering that the organization relies solely on its own membership. Jets members are QFirst rowj Rosie Campos, Cindy Kelsey, Cathy Flores. QSecond rowj John Mares, Irma Martinez. Liz Gutierrez, Ramsey Eramya. Lysa Agan. Clhird rowj Kathy Yanez, Liz Flores, Sylvia Nanez, Karyn Levitt. Kris Mclntyre. QFourth rowj Stella Gutierrez, Lisa McNiel. Cindy Fong. Gaye Horne, Mrs, Stearns. QFifth rowj Vicki Joos- ten. QAbove leftj John Mares concentrates on a fossil find while Cbelowj Vicki Joosten examines an odd artifact. fBeIow, leftj Carmen Stearns and Robin Ausderau discuss a point. QBelow, rightj Adviser Carmen Stearns. -QQ..-.W ..p six ff , xi fmw soar' ij 'l 132 Organizations Chr? 5411441114 17141711 fiflfl 6111411111112 The German Club is an organization which involves many occupational things, such as knowing and learning the German language and culture. The club had an Oktober Fest, a Christmas party with German Christmas songs and a few luncheons. They also had several bakesales. Their most outstanding ex- perience was going on a picnic with the University of Texas at EI Paso German students and faculty. The goals of this club were to provide extra curricular activities concerning language and culture, and to deepen the students' interest in the German languages. people and culture. German club members are QRight, first row, Rosa Salcido. Frau Grieb, Angie Hermann, Frances Vega. CSecond rowj Pam Chaves, Karen Strauss, Sofia Cazares, Elizabeth Brient, Karyn Levitt, Rae Eastland, Sue Stanley, Lisa McNieI, Nancy Dalton. CThird rowj John Cordova, Justin Reed, Barry Boetto, Mario Soto, Tony Munoz and Raul Nor- iega. QAboveJ Frau Grieb was the German Club Adviser. fAbove right, clockwisej Sue Stanley sparks some excitement during a class meeting while Lisa McNeil points out a place of interest. Jose Luis Villarreal, Adviser Grieb and Tom Mi- liorn discuss a club matter. Organizations 733 The French Club is a non-profit orga- nization which provides extracurricular activities for students interested in French customs and languages. The club was very active and planned many activities during the school year, such as carwashes, luncheons, writing a French play, and a Christmas party with French food and French songs. The club was organized by President Mick Lynch, Vice-president, Kathy Sau- cedo, Secretary-Treasurer, Catherine Fletcher and Adviser Grieb. Lnncn on , eating , Plngufriting, ftignlignt A p lferg ,llc inf: lint M 5.4 French club members were fFirst rowj Ricky Mil- liorn, Gloria Valverde, Thomas Milliorn. Cindy Fong, Terry Archuleta, Sofia Cazares. fSecond rowj Liz Flores, Claudia Dwyer, Sara Sidransky. Cathy Bailey, Maricela Franco, Letty Guevara, Cathy Flores. fThird rowj Cathy Yanez. Gaye Horne. Jayne Chapman, Jana Christian, fFourth rowj Matthew Bohne, Paul Ratliff, George Davis, Jose Luis Villarreal, Jane Delay, Katie Delay QFifth rowj Mrs. Grieb, Catherine Fletcher, Kathy Saucedo, Mick Lynch. QTop leftj The French Club Adviser was Mrs. Grieb. Qllottom rightj President Mick Lynch, Vice-President Kathy Saucedo and Secretary-Treasurer Catherine Fletcher. 134 Organizations Hz? a' .9 sr 1 ' - Qin LC .Xu is -sq? X is Y-'I F 5fHc 'mcg With ffiquetfc EI Paso High had the first Audio Vi- sual Department in the city. The AV Tigers played a vital role in the life of EI Paso High. The purpose of the depart- ment was to insure maximum service in the minimum amount of time. In the past, AV was able to function smoothly and with top effeciency because of its male Tigers. This year, however, they have a very effecient female tiger along with Mrs. Carmen Haddad. AV Tigers are selected or they volun- teer and are accepted only after they pass all requirements: passing grades. dependability, honesty and trustworthi- ness. Hop lefty Jose Berumen prepares a projector for use. QMiddIe left, First rowj Juan Puga, Greg Cor- velli, Kelley Jenkins. Steve Adjemian, Sheila Ro- sen. CSecond rowj Jesse Chavez, Denver Hopkins, fThird rowj Art Jordan, John Herrera, Jose Beru- men, Felix Macias. CFourth rowj Richard Gill. Hector Bernal. Marco Carbajal, James Ferrari, Bobby Salazar. QBottom extreme leftj AVl's adviser Carmen Haddad. fBottom leftj AV student films football game. fAbovej Sheila Rosen and Steve Adjemian kid around while taking a break. Organizafians 135 ,W my 3 '.,,, .ag "" ' in . f , 3 i if ,ju V ,V I A ,W , VVVA Q"hA' f Z , : ,l ' Q ff t' 2 s 12 r ig., ag. S. P N. ,y I he, 5! '55, 9 rf f '- . ,w.., ,A ,Miy . ..,,, ,j,ii,L,. 2 f v 'ik ' , Q' 54 , iii- N,.A, E y ' f' ' W 1 I l 'M J .1 - Szfcry Which Way lgllf Sane One of the most spirited groups we have at EPHS is the Teachers' Pep Squad. Although we've always had spirited teachers, it wasn't until recent- ly that they decided to form their own cheering section. Performing various skits during as- semblies, trying to bring the student body and the teachers closer together, and promoting spirit were the main ob- jectives of this group. "I did it because I love the students and my heart belongs to EPHS," said Mrs. Pat Corman, eighth grade teacher. 736 Organizations Hop leftj Willie Nelson and Freddie Fender entertaining the students. Qlop middlej Mrs. Rid- ley discovers that her deodorant did not work overtime. flop rightj Mrs. Dryden, Mrs, Nance, and Ms. Woods do a witch dance during the Homecoming Assembly. fMiddleD Mr. Manuel Aguirre. Mrs. Patricia Corman, Mr. Kenneth Cap- shaw. Mrs. Roberta Ratlff. Mr. Angelo Pokluda, Mrs. Sherry Karns, Mr. Robert Onick, Mr. Toby lovar. Mrs. Holli Berry, Mrs. Jean Nance, Mr. Melvyn Harris. QBottomj Mrs. Corman and Ruben Lopez seem to be getting along quite well. iiliii ga 5 ,-'17 L",, rn," Geek ing Zip term The objective of the Future Home- makers of America is to help youth as- sume their roles in society through home economics education in areas of personal growth, family life, job prep- aration and community involvement. Most of the I I members were inter- ested in careers in homemaking and other related fields. Belinda Chavez, president, was again in the FHS City Council. During the school year, FHA mem- bers had bake sales to raise money for different expenses. Their officers were President Belinda Chavez, Vice-President Dolores Mo- lina, Secretary Janice Perez, Treasurer Sharon Bleck, Program and Projects Chairperson Hector Bernal and Report- er Stella Gutierrez. 1 rlop left, first rowj Stella Gutierrez, Dolores Molina, Hector Bernal, Janice Perez, Monica Bea- mish. fsecond rowj Lisa Heredia, Terry Moreno, Debbie Raunam, Crystal Jones, Sandra Maturino. CTop rightj Dolores Molina prepares a delicious dish. 1Above lefty Mrs. Seaney discusses fund raising projects in a meeting, QMiddIe leftj Moni- ca Beamish pays close attention to an FHA meet- ing. QAbovej Sandra Maturino is caught day- dreaming. CBottom lefty Crystal Jones takes a sip of her coke during an FHA meeting. Organizations 737 9mm Kzfmic trip Cv Reality i n 3 , Ami ' 'ILLI' A ..,, "i" +z g117L,,,, L L -:xm-,w ' ' rf' -- - LL L LW,,,, L, L Z""xf,1 eil r VV f, X f, f ,wnkih Vrrk , , i ,Z . ' , L, LLLL .LLL ,L LL fl 'Dr 'N Q 1,, L, f ,f W, , , Q " 1 Drama, which is an organization that tries to extend the members' knowl- edge of the theater arts, has been part of EPHS's activities for a long time. Drama members were kept busy par- ticipating in various events. Among them were performing at two PTSA meetings, competing in tournaments and one act plays, and participating in city wide competition, where a student can advance to regionals. They also at- tended the UIL Students Activity Con- ference at UTEP. One of dramas' main events was the production of the musi- cal, "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." The officers were President Debbie Jett, Vice-President Elizabeth Brient, Treasurer Abie Kupfer, Secretary Lisa McNeil, Historians Paul Ratliff and Rox- anne DeShazo, Sergeants-At-Arms Lenny Marcus and Carol Miner. QAbovej Snoopy, portrayed by Paul Ratliff, leaps off of his doghouse to celebrate suppertime. fTop rightj Officers are: Abie Kupfer, Carol Min- er, CBack rowj Lisa McNeil, Debbie Jett, Elizabeth Brient, Lenny Marcus, Adviser Elizabeth Domin- guez. fMiddle leftj Jose Luis Perez plays the piano while Elizabeth daydreams. QMiddle rightj Really acting out the role of Charlie Brown is Kelley Jenkins. QBottom, first rowj Claudia Ramirez, Eli- zabeth Brient, Tina Ewing, Daphne Halow, Sandy Smith, Carol Miner, Lysa Agan, Vicki Joosten, QSecond rowj Stewart Davenport, Cathy Yanez, Debbie Jett, Lenny Marcus, Richard Jett, Jose Luis Perez, Lisa McNeil, Karyn Levitt, Cathy Flo- res, Melissa Korpalski, and Abie Kupfer, 138 Organizatiaus 5 5 Iu :urw---W -f flXIN M N WW HM, ,. ,E f" ,Q M . ky is Uzo Kimi! ?or Ki ing School Soir 'f 1 The high flying Aviators have be- come one of the most popular groups. What is so surprising about this is the fact that this is their first year. The 50 member group was organized by Stu- dent Activities Director Judith Ridley to replace the defunct Vigilantes. Mrs. Ridley was assisted by the Unit- ed States Air Force in assembling the club. Recruiting Sgt. Ivan Torres worked closely with the organization to help each member earn his wings. a symbol of school service and support. The Aviators not only promote school spirit, but they whole-heartedly support all school activities to keep the student body flying high. fAbove. first rowj Mrs. Ratliff. Marielena Oli- vares, Frances Vega, Victor Bustillos, Rosa Sal- cido, Cody Morton, Patricia Torres, Rosie Cam- pos, Kris Mclntyre, Cindy Kelsey, Abie Kupfer, Frank Salazar. fSecond rowj Laura Castanon. Luz Olivares. Vickie Joosten, Maya Menchaca, Cindy Fong, Hector Bernal. Andy Villareal, Melissa Grado. Monica Moore, Bobbie Yowell, Margaret Gardea, Blanca Luna, Carmen Correa, Elena Cantu, CThird rowj Yariela Garza, Sandra Herrera. Juan Garza, Mairna Sanchez. Rene Velasco, Jose Luis Perez. Martha Marrufo, Malinez Busta- mante, Tonia Long. Nancy Olsen, CFourth rowy Robert Vigil, Stewart Davenport. Joe Rios, Angie Menchaca, Amalia Ramirez, Alma Murray, Carlos Silva, Terry Beard. Kim Pannell. Sandra Granados, Claudia Ramirez, Patricia Corman. fMiddle pic- tureb Roberta Ratliff, Kelley Jenkins, Laurie Ad- ams, Mark Monroe, Mrs. Corman. fBottom leftj Air Force recruiter Sgt. Ivan M. Torres addresses the Aviators. fBottom rightj Lets all see how loud we can get. Organizations 139 The main purpose of the yearbook staff was to produce a publication which serves as a history book. The yearbook got started early in EPHS's history as a record keeping tool. Originally. it was a newspaper but eventually became a separate periodi- cal. Pushing to meet deadlines. rewriting copy, pasting pictures, keeping late nights, and coming in on weekends were all part of what was needed to put out the yearbook. There was an im- provement from the past. Though inex- perienced, there was some good talent and experience in the key positions. "Luckily, the staff had a lot of interest in their work." said adviser Mr. Pok- luda. Hop A couple of journalism gigolos. QMiddle lefty Gretchen ets excited over the darkroom CII Kill V4 Dmdlim' ,P ' , L1 1- , S male pinup poster. CMiddle rightj Mr. Pokluda is caught with his hands full. CBottom rightj Bobby Morales appears to be working on a puzzle. QBot- tom left, first rowj Jose Luis Villarreal. Edward Luian. Richard Jett. Patrick Santoscoy. CSecond rowb Terry Galindo, Mary Ramos, Gretchen Hei- del, Celia Guard.'Ana Perez, Vicki Joosten, Laura Bradford. QThird rowj Danny Contreras. Arthur Jordan. Terry Ruiz-Velasco. Sylvia Chacon. Cindy Colunga. QNot shownj Jaime Chacon, Gene Cha- vez, Lysa Agan, Carmen Molinar, Robert Morales. and Bobby Salazar. 140 Organizations ,f"i 'N Aggf swf nm-Q ...gi fff " ,, . igz m w fn- ff f- .,. M ' '1 1, V "' . Fw -K, Keninn Uni Scenes In I907. the first official publication of the Tatler was printed. This newspa- per started out as a school publication read throughout the community. Twenty years ago the paper was pub- lished once a week. Now it is published once every three weeks. Editor Celia Guard said, "Our inexperienced staff produced a newspaper which broke even, something that hasn't been done in atleast four years." For the first time in its history, the Tatler was sold on the first day of school. It took many long hard working hours to meet all deadlines. For every issue that is put out two deadlines must be met. On the first deadline, news and feature material were submitted to the editor, and on the second one sports and news stories were submitted. In or- der to meet these deadlines, the staff had to put in many extra hours of work. The publication is a member of the lnterscholastic League Press Confer- ence and Southwest Scholastic Press Association. Uopj Laura Gonzalez smiles in relief upon completing her work. fMiddle lefty Ted Mueller and David Arroniz discuss their sports layout. QMiddIe rightj Lenny Marcus asks himself, "What the heck am I doing here?" fBottom, first rowj Ted Mueller. Jane DeLay, Lenny Marcus, fsecond rowj David Arroniz. Maria Trujillo, Laura Gonza- lez, Barbara Armendariz, Carlos Ramos, Diana Medina. John Cordova, Abie Kupfer. fBeIowJ Nancy Dalton puts her head down in exhaustion. Organizations 741 .. .. X .... , ,.,. , . .,,. ,,.,., mmm.M,m, .... ...,,,. M .M,,,,Wm,muww mmm .-..:., . ..... ,.., . .. ms.. -ga., 10--qi-, ,,,.,1w1::m.,w,.....g:gM:qn.NV V 1 ,f . j,1.NL,..Q1 ,,,,, N W 4,1 , .... ,ME ,.... .-. W N -'ww , f , M 1 K ., ..., , , ,li . Y , A .......-,mx . ..,,,, .. ,.,.,. -..W W, Ss .... ,WW ,,..,, ,,,.., ,,g,..M .W NA f 2 3 TW E gg mTfQM:.:1.1VM-1 ml W1-fL...'55?3?'w'F5:iM' ...wi v Y, ' . fimmmg..,.,.T Z..rQZ.NJ..1.: ' ' nlmfxfmi N. M , ,. ,n fl2 ff W MMWWM' WWW E w JE fe :E ,., ..,.. Q. - ---' ::f E 222256 E : :-7-- " 4:25 1 i .sw W" ' 52555:-2:2 ie ,...I ,,,.. N- E?A 1vA:.1 .VA....,h213,. , 1 ,A,A,,. , , . .,1.,,.,,A:..,...A .,,.:,. .. .A,. . . 'W' "W-JW' ww 'L " W ' I 5 J ""' Wim f Qf jig. mmwmjiwg 'X Dwgsgx X xg liwwxgwnm if "'N1m,..1m.Q' f sf W +1 Qwmmgs mam Iwi' . . MW K - "" .gg """ : L ' ' -N Ns wifi ' W f' W wjjwmb N 11 W mmgmw .. W: W 5 s A w W M N x ' W """ W W ,umm .,.. " 1' N WSW ww Q3 NQ g1Wk QW wig X rf? x X .bmw ' aff- WWA MW'-H .. '1 -v--- - "mg WMI Sm lui YQ MW i ' ff ----- M-V. ' 5 Q55 Ezf wWbW5 1 R a .2g-sQ: QQ.'5:g.- WWAL AQ W .... Ei. 5 M 'f-sf Vw I 31' Q ,W + Q 'N -':":'E.i-2: ...... ig- .12 f 4 A N V MN mx ,EX 4 ' 'N 4 X O2?a?i.1iSNN'Wf E wwf. 95 Y Q J fi-iff? lg , X .N Iv' Q: X' 'ff Mmwzmm , ,Img ' my W fy sl il s 2 ii 1 555 -ff .a i 5 i, 2 WF! 9550 0 4 'lui I 'N' 'K E U 3' ,gf Z KW. ,H ,iw , 4 ..:,.:.,,.... , . mf . H ,ii y W ' ENE 2252 1 E552 . 55552 F " M I 5 1. ,E 5 Llc 'f"W I S ,J AMEQ1 , S 5 ei, H W A F v P3 In 4 . Q' as Q., .J 1. .7 L i E if ' , . ,.:..- 1 .. 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Andres Olivas Gilbert Orona Josie Orozco Rene Orozco Terry Orozco Ana Ortega David Ortega Osvaldo Ortega Dwayne Ortiz Iieana Ortiz Enrique Ovalle Rebecca Pabst Irene Badillo Frank Palacios Phillip Pannell Jay Passmore Danny Payan Janice Perez .lose Luis Perez Rudy Perez Robert Perez Doralina Ponce Stacy Pope George Porras Lois Porras lliana Porras Eugenia Posada Oscar Pullido Jose Ouian Gary Ragland Joe Ramos Lorenzo Ramos Patricia Ramirez Raul Ramirez Rosa Ramirez Zlasszfzcalzous I5 9 Misa Stuhhlefield spends 'Monday morning think- ing about her weekend events. e Angelica Rodarte Dora Rodriguez Maria Elizabeth Rodriguez Velia Rodriguez Yolanda Rodriguez Macintosh Rogers Yolanda Roman Lupe Romero Melissa Romero 760 Cflassificatims Martha Ribail Becky Rivas Harlyn Rivera Maria Elena Rivera f ww , V iff ii , Q 1f:z,g:u Mike Rasor Paul Ratliff Bettie Reichel ..,,i .,,. Lorena Ramos Rosa Rangel .. . ,,,...,. we l F' gf M ll lliii 3 - Fernie Ramirez W , , Mg . 'tpfr' 'WY . 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I is hw A will MJ X I W In 7 Eva Hernandez Johnny Hernandez Jesus Hernandez Ricardo Hernandez Lilia Herrera Patricia Herrera Alicia Holguin David Hernandez John Hernandez Edith lllarramendi Ana Ives Edna Jaramillo Melissa Jacques Monica Jacquez Russell Jarmiolowski Rosaura Jauregui Jose Jimenez Josie Jordon Ann Jorjorian Jose Jimenez Jorge Jimenez Thelma Kandel Michael Kaprosky Robert Kirkwood Sandra Kelsey Rosa Leyva Lawrence Leyva Tres Lilly Silvia Lopez Jose Loya Mario Lozano Brent Luera Jose Marshall Arturo Martinez Cesar Martinez -34. gififagang Q day off. Robert Molina Julio Montes George Mora Fernando Morales Martin Morales Gloria Moreno Jaime Moreno Mauro Moreno Teresa Moreno Candy Morrill Kimberly Muela Ricardo Munoz Jose Murga Gabriela Murguia Guadalupe Murillo Julie Holguin Phillip Horwitz Sergio Nunez Cesar Ogaz Arthur Olivas Nancy Olson Danny Ortega Victor Orona Juan Ortega Patricia Ortiz Javier Ozuna Linda Pantoja Katia Paredes 766 Iilassificalivus Maria Martinez fill Roberto Marquez N- f mftfviflm if Mario Matamoros - ' Moises Matamoros ' i 1 1 L Peter Marufo 1 A YM' Sandra Maturino . yyyv E , it yey . ' P Shirley McCaskill Q V Sean Mecham , A A-' ,, I V ' ., i my Hugo Melchor ' ' A 4' Z-2' 1 Elizabeth Michael f, ' ' ' Ke a H ' A v 'J ' ' I Carla Miller 0 Q. V, ,, V' Patricia Miller , ,,. if i i MV' f f Q Lupe Molina f-4' ' i f vi Perla Molina A '.'i' H . if .ii AQ - 1 fi f , Y . V f Q Q U 1 t - v's2 5 'J 4 .ile mf I j ' 1 ' , '. vgiv - , , kv'-'-2-1"f P 4, it J J P ' 'iili i ,V A .,V ,, A W y, y 5 A I . 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A Ramirez Michael Parra Ben Passmore Cynthia Pena Jerry Pena Yolanda Pena Carmen Peralta Arnold Plaza Alfonso Ponce Miguel Ponce Ana Portillo Cristina Portillo Mario Portillo Carlos Rodarte Alicia Rodriguez Angel Rodriguez Claudia Rodriguez Carmen Rodriguez Manny Rodriguez Patricia Rodriguez Juana Romero Norma Romero Maria Rosales Sara Rosenberg Joanne Roth Glassiicatians 167 Manuel Ramos Ricardo Ramirez Pedro Rascon Sandra Raudry Deborah Raunam Justin Reed Margarita Reyes Nelda Reyna Cindy Richardson Gustavo Pina Ernie Rivera Francisco Rivera Luis Rivera John Saenz Hazel Salazar Silvia Saldana Victor Salazar Javier Saldana Daniel Sanchez Maria Sanchez Paula Sanchez Patricia Sandoval Jude Santelli Pam Schmidt Donalynne Scurry Carmen Serrano Lucia Servin Laura Short Rosario Sigales Michael Smith Danny Silva Juana Sifuentes Sylvia Soto Heather Stafford Jean Sterling Karen Strauss t ey .. E.. aw R il J' K if ,f" lf J- 'Q' , 2 'ff ' f f.: iff ,I I . 1 V? f fi P i , " L E lv V . 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"M" 2 as 5 gg 3 gi ,NZ 5 5 E S l - Mm. Sw. , , X N3 3 N EM V Q is 2 5 is 5 52? , E , z I 2 5i3::3:Qi.l5,..1,.,f5 E, if .,.,....... N 5 QW, ' 2 W 5 gi fl M 2 "" 'mm I E 3 1 ...X ,,,V ,Q . ,kk, 3 , 53- af 's f' 3" ,,1 QQ L E "L s Mr. john an And His iff! Ka mls ' l f Wm ,, X, ,,f. . s The administrators are flop leftj Principal Burton Johnson. Hop rightj Mr. Johnson performing one of his many duties, distributing scholarships. QBottom row! left to rightj Assistant Principals William Burnside, David Rodriguez and Manuel Aguirre. ,Administratiau 185 kuunzn Che chaff! Wztlz Klass ln the early years the school staff consisted of a secretary, registrar and a few people to help them. As the number of students grew, the staff had to grow with them. Now we have a business agent, a re- ceptionist, a student activities director, attendence office clerks and coun- selers. Without this staff the school would have a hard time operating. Mary Lee Mulhern and Carmen Prieto are the ones that take care of the money that enters and leaves the school. Judy Ridley is the student ac- tivities director. She is in charge of everything from Homecoming to Spring Fiesta. Irma Bullard, Frances Pollen and Berttye Barnhart are the ones that keep a record of student body absences and presences. The counselors are Beatrize Lopez. Julio Ramirez, Bob Onick, and Yolanda Nesom. They help students se- lect their classes and prepare for col- lege. The registrar, Anita Berry, keeps a record of all students and also super- vises transcripts. Grace Hernandez and Monica De La Rosa are the clerks and secretaries for the assistant principal. fTop righty Mary Lee Mulhern and Carmen Prieto answering phone QMiddle rightj Judy Ridley pre- paring for Homecoming Week. fCenterj Grace Hernandez and Monica De La Rosa checking over some papers. QAbovej Irma Bullard, Frances Pol- len and Berttye Barnhart give out entrance passes. Qllottom rightj Beatrizeclopez, Julio Ra- mirez, Bob Orick, Yolanda Nesom preparing for second semester. fBelowJ Anita Berry wonders why her picture is being taken. 63 Xl , N lfilfrar illfl Key O14 15,17 k Know-How The library has been one of the more permanent features at El Paso High. The original library was located where the current eighth grade section is. Due to the increased number of books pur- chased by the school, the library was then transferred to what is now the cur- rent main office with the eighth grade library adjacent to it. The library decor has not changed much. Along the walls are arranged a selection of paintings and busts. The main attraction is a panoramic view of El Paso. The painting hangs directly over the reference material section. The three persons who ran the library were Miss Geneva Guider, Mrs. Esther Carrasco and Mrs. Nell Jones. All three ladies are experienced and know the daily routine inside and out. QAboveJ Panorama of El Paso that has hung in the library since I933. It was donated to the school by Mr. and Mrs. Lee Orndorff in memory of their son, Lee. It was painted by Audley Dean Nichols. Before its residency in the library, it hung in the now defunct First National Bank. fleft. top to bottom, Esther Carrasco, library clerk: Nell Jones, assistant librarian: Geneva Guider, head librar- ian. fleftj Thelma Badillo to Stacie McClure. "Okay, Okay. so they caught me talking." Administration 187 1 How would you like it if you had to clean up the school before going home? Well. students in the early days of education had to stay and clean the schoolhouse before leaving. Until later years. the head of schools only hired one person. Now, the schools have many custodians. El Paso High has had custodians almost since its beginning. Who are the people who really run EI Paso High School? The principal? Wrong, lt's the custodians. Another year has gone by and Andy Salcido staff worked from the early morning to late in the evening through snowy, rainy or sunny weather. They worked hard to keep the school looking great even though their iob sometimes goes unnoticed. They do one of the best jobs around the city. The custodians have seen many stu- dents come and go through the 6O's. 70's and now the 80's. Some years it's hard to keep the school clean because some classes have been cleaner than others. No matter, they do their job. i 788 Administration Zin: dnwl' Hidden lenders QUpper lefty Daniel Chaidez picks up trash from a classroom. Qllpper right? After lunch Angel Mon- tanez collects the trash. fllottom lefty Cruz De Luna fixed the lights in the hall. fllottom rightj Andy Salcido working in audio. fllpper Middlej Back Row- Consuelo Chavez, Simona De San- tiago. Daniel Chaidez, Angel Montanez. Hum- berto Aguilar. fFront Rowj Manuel Figueroa, Jose Morales, Andy Salcido, Cruz De Luna, Dennis Epps Choy u,o,oorf Cho School How would you like it if the cafeteria was divided into two parts: One side for the boys and the other for the girls? G YN., That's the way it used to be in the early X years of the cafeteria. Supervisor Idonna Trotter's staff be- ... gan every day by preparing breakfast M , N l' I I I 1 V V I I + 6 it f' Ui l x for the many students who ate break- fast at school. After breakfast the staff had to clean up and prepare for the lunch hour. Besides preparing two meals a day, the staff also ran a snack bar to give students a food choice. Everything from the chile cheese bur- rito to the everyday hamburgers was offered by the snack bar. Then it was time to clean up and get ready for the following day. The clean- ing took a lot of time because they had to clean all tables and change the menu signs. Just think. lf there was no cafeteria a lot of people would either eat cold food or wouldn't eat at all. P .. ,.. . ., QUpper Ieftj Eloisa Padilla preparing for the lunch hour. fMiddIe Lefty Joe Ybarra cleans up after lunch. QMiddIe Righty Gloria Dominguez putting on some food to cook. QAboveJ Idonna Trotter checking the schedule. Cllottom leftj First Row: Gloria Dominguez, Maria Jordan, Brenda Jones. QSecond Rowj Maria Padilla. Guadalupe Molinar. Leonar Aguilar. Matilda Colunga. Eloisa Padilla fThird rowj Joe Ybarra. Carmen Alarcon. Idonna Trotter, supervisor. 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Treasurer YAC Journalism Student Council Gabriela Cordova D E Choir John Cordova General Science Club Journalism Photographer German Club Jane DeLay NJHS Orchestra French Club Journalism Who's Who Art Honor Society Best Dancer Sheila Elias Honor Roll Tennis Tri-Hi-Y Class Officer Yell Leader Always Late Hiram Galindo NJHS Wrestling Choir Secretary Who's Who Mafia Honor Roll Most Likely to Become President Terrie Galindo Journalism Band Orchesis Clayton Gill Orchestra President Choir Tennis Student Council Tommy Goldfarb Tennis Honor Roll DE Swimming Most Likely To Suceed Laura Gonzalez Tennis Tri-Hi-Y Journalism Celia Guard Basketball General Science Club Tatler Editor Spur Assistant Editor Math Team Atlantic Pacific Math Team Baseball Scorekeeper Scholastic Letterman NJHS SNHS Who's Who Gretchen Heidel SNHS Vice-President Spur Editor Scholastic Letterman Most Intellectual Angie Hermann Track German Club President Creative Ans Magazine Swimming Jose Luis Hernandez Track Basketball Choir fls Speech and Theatre A Art Honor Society Alicia Herrera Volleyball OEA Most Stubborn Yell Leader Spring Fiesta Duchess General Science Club Homecoming Duchess- Debbie Jett I Staff Society FTA vice-President yi ' llillllilll Speech and Theatre Art General Science Club Flag Corps FTA Sweetheart Drama Sweetheart Arthur Jordan Journalism AV Irma Juarez ROTC s, Society President! Drill Team Officers Club NCO Club Color Guard Cindy Kelsey Sophomore Senator Teen lnvolvement NJHS Vice-President NJHS President JETS President V V Flag Corps Captain ' "'1 ' Student Body Vice President Student Council President Cutest Nose Monica Kerr Student Council Junior Program Manager Yell Leader PTSA Representative SAC Teen Involvement" Band Craziest Personality Abie Kupfer Student Council PTSA FTA Officer Speech and Theatre Arts Soc Sophomore Class Officer General Science Club Journalism Student Council Class Yell Leader Who's Who SAC Most Obnoxious Vigilantes President Lenny Marcus Football Speech and Theatre Arts Soc Golf Journalism Most Outspoken Best Actor Rudy Meneses ROTC Baseball Danny Monje Band Cross Country DE Journalism Veronica Montes FTA Historian Band Band Librarian OEA " Stage Band Cody Morton Orchestra iety iety Stage Band Choir Math Team General Science Club Aviators Who's Who All EPHS Boy NJHS Mafia Most Musical Ted Mueller All-City Pitcher All-District Pitcher Senior Favorite Class Officer Journalism Friendliest Denise Neill Flag Corps Captain 5 ,',, Speech and Theatre Society Student Council iff? J Sophomore Class President Wittiest A , Richard Nicholson Track Cross Country Art Honor Society Patsy Norman ',y, Q Optimist Of The French club F Track NJHS Track Sweetheart Junior Favorite Creative Arts Magazine Staff Varsity Cross Country Homecoming Princess Most Athletic Homecoming Lady-in-Waiting Athlete Of The Decade All EPHS Girl Spring Fiesta Queen High School Track All-American Maria Olivares NJ HS Mafia Teen Involvement Who's Who , ,g,VV,V V Atlantic Pacific Team Ana Perez Photographer OEA Volleyball Yell Leader Most Spirited Baseball Sweetheart Science Club Carlos Ramos General Science Club Football Journalism Mary Ramos General Science Club Cross Country Track Journalism Vigilantes Cutest Walk Kathy Raunam YAC FHA ,Junior Achievement Frank Salazar Football Track Student Council Choir Vigilantes Aviators Most Spirited Helen Salazar Band Student Council Homecoming Duchess FHA Modern Dance French Club Golf Sweetheart Enrique Vega Basketball Frances Vega FTA German Club Teen Involvement Trainer Most Likely To Becom Victor Venegas Cross Country e President General Science Club Nora Villa Journalism Cross Country Track Art Honor Society Adrian Yanez Football Track Baseball Baseball Captain Choir Senior Class Historian Most Gullible Srrziars 199 Q w S 5 E 5 3 i mints Show Chair Zz' e Halal' Seniors will be Seiorsl Cleftj Senior Favorites, Ted Mueller and Sheila Rosen. CMiddIeJ King and Queen of Fred's. Mr. Simon and Roxanne De- Shazo. Qllelowj Best Dancers, Jane DeLay and Leon Joriorian. CBottomJ Dirtiest Mind, Gene Chavez and Kris Mclntyre. fBottom rightj Most Intellectual. Gretchen Heidel and Danny Smith. . f , www.- Senior Prafilcs 201 5 'Z 202 Senior Prafilcs Q ii WM lisa' What 11011 flu 6 K ...lt Seniors are looking good! QOpposite. clock- wisej Cutest Smile. Cynthia Butterworth and Felix Marcias. Always Smiling, Robbie Rosas and Sylvia Torres. Sexiest, Laura Pastrana and Juan Puga. Most Visible, Brad Tabor and Jackie Bannon. Best Dressed, Eustolia Zaragoza and Abie Rosas. Pret- tiest Hair, Kina Griffin and Ricky Vega. CTop. clockwisej Cutest Nose, Cindy Kelsey and Fernie Campos. Cutest Walk, Mike Hinojosa and Mary l.amos. Biggest Flirt. Becky Showery and Richard Roman. Cutest Legs, Linda Arce and Victor Bustil- los, Prettiest Eyes. Raul Baca and Stacey Benitez. Semor Prafzles 203 E'hut's Jlfl y line Seniors are the most: fCounterclockwise from rightj Most Invisible, Anthony Thompson and Terry Molina. Most Llnlucky, Gina Natale and Daniel Daly. Biggest Appetite, Terry Swafford and Jaime Chacon. Most Likely to Succeed, Tommy Goldfarb and Rosie Campos. Wittiest, Denise Neill and Tury Rosas. 204 Senior Profiles T? 1 . I l 'Q fl if if 14 .1 .sf ,Y 1 1" Seniors of a feather flock together. fClockwise from lefty Most Gullible, Adrian Yanez and Becky Gavaldon. Most Stubborn. Alicia Herrera and Tony Tafoya. Friendliest, Angie Hermann and Ted Mueller. Straightest, Susie Perez and David Ru- bio. Most School Spirit, Ana Perez and Frank Salazar. Semor Profzles 205 Kc What you Want Seniors have the gift of gabl flop, Most Out- spoken. Lenny Marcus and Lelty Luevano. CAbovej Most Obnoxious, Abie Kupfer and Lysa Agan. Hop right, Most Bashful, Jose Berumen and Cindy Zotz. fMiddle right? Most Dependable, Laura Gonzalez and Greg Vickers. QBo!lomj AI- ways Talking. Sheila Rosen and Steve Adjemian. 206 Seniar Profiles Q , Q ' V1 1' ,, 5 I mf sc--q Senior know howto have a GOOD TIME! fTopJ Cutest Bottom, Angel Moreno and Becky Show- ery. Hop Ieftj Life of the Party. Dee Agan and Brian Aboud. fAboveJ Most Likely to be the Host of the Today Show, Cathy Valdez and Mick Lynch. CMiddle Ieftj Always Late, Sheila Elias and Robbie Rosas. Qliottomj Most Musical, Jana Christian and Cody Morton, Senior Profiles 207 an I ii V, , 'Mi F ,. in ,JJ 1, 'E mm Q?" Seniors act like seniors. QCounterclockwise from rightj Most Athletic, Patsy Norman and Luis Lozano. Craziest Personality, Monica Kerr and Richard Gill. Most Courteous, Bobby Salazar and Rosemary Salcido. Most Likely to Acquire Mil- lions Before Age Thirty. Susana Beltran and John Gilmore. Most Likely to Become President. Fran- ces Vega and Hiram Galindo. Best Listener. Ru- ben Lopez and Nancy Arellano. 208 Smiar Profiles lfvu ,Arc Only What Ifvu Wcfrk Cowards fm i. 51 Z , gi J 1 V , I .W :XX Ccacher ef Gm! Swmple 5 Teachers keep us amused with their different little quirks and attributes. QClockwise from lefty Most likely to Succeed as Principal, Joe Moore and Geraldine Murphy. Cutest Smile. Sharon Bun- ton and Andy Salcido. Most Outspoken, Daniel Mendoza and Frances Cherry. Biggest Flirt. Dan- ny McKilIip and Penny Bulman. Cutest Nose, Wil- liam Craigo and Grace Hernandez. Zeacher Profiles 209 210 Ucacher Profiles fTop middle, clockwisej Straightest, Alfredo Williams and Rosa Galindo. Most School Spirit. Patrica Corman and Melvyn Harris. Prettiest Hair, Janet Sarracino and Santiago Romero. Most Like- ly to Acquire Millions before age IOO. Liz Domin- guez and George Rubenstein. Wittiest, Russell Lawrence and Linda Shannon. Always Late, Wil- liam Ruiz and Sharon Karns. iff y 'bkwm Uzey Cfezught Jlfl y Fez' e ezlify 1 6 ee? -ze E 3 , , lAii I yel M 1,, ,r 4 C : .egg ' 1? ,,1:.,, ,.,. A l,,1, ::,:: ,,,, A ..,,,. ,. 1 '--,, 5'-Z CAbove, counterclockwisej Most Unlucky, Carl Jackson and Berttye Barnhart. Dirtiest Mind, Charlie Davis and Roxanne Michel. Always Smil- ing, William Burnside and Beatriz Lopez. Most Likely to Never Be Forgotten. Robert Pancoasl and Clair Murphy. Cutest Walk, Bob Onick and Gloria Pena. ' Zfeaelzer Profiles 217 Cmchers Arc Z9 0,016 Cao . . . 5. N. it CCountercIockwise from rightj Most Courte- ous. Victor Luera and Jean Nance. Sexiest. Al Nardone and Roberta Ratliff. Most Stubborn, Olga Terrazas and Bob Lozzi. Most Gullible, Hec- tor Munoz and Iris Rowe. Most Dependable, Eve- lyn Anderson and Richard Graf. Biggest Appetite, Angelo Pokluda and Debbie Hartman. 212 Teacher Prafilvs zz, es-L s f W I M Sta 1' i I gi: . ,..,X.y,.. my if Bfwb iw -wiv-5? ff eff fs., Y' 4 ' air" "I Y-'A ,53?,g'l'k2g...1. g.!::2585:,:A,lgf.i A 1 2, 5692 Xiu?-Etsy: uw . . . Seezeefieeze fCountercIockwise from abovej Most Intellec- tual, Carmen Stearns and Toby Tovar. Cutest Bot- tom. Shirley Grieb and Rudy Licon. Most Invisible, James Cage and Mary Gibson. Most Athletic. Robert Cottrell and Irene Araiza. Life of the Party, Ronald Simon and Holli Berry. Zeaeher Profiles 273 Q' ,. in 6 fffzfv fCounterclockwise from right, Maurice Hol- land and Mary Gibson are Most Bashful. Most Visible Judith Ridley and Burton Johnson. Pret- tiest Eyes, Gwen Green and Kenny Capshaw. Most Likely to Become President, David Rodri- guez and Norma Garcia. Cutest Legs. Karen McLaughlin and Rene Gutierrez. Friendliest, Car- men Haddad and C.D. Jarvis. 214 Zfeaclzer Profiles 0.3, Cell It like If fs Cv' CClockwise. top rightj Always Talking, Shirley Seaney and Tony Baca, Most Musical, George Leon and Mary Ann Sprague. Best Dressed, Mary Herrera and Manuel Aguirre. Craziest Personal- ity. Margaret French and James Schenck. Best Listener. Julio Ramirez and Yolanda Neson. Ueacher Profiles 215 Aboud, Bryan 35, 207, 77 Aboud, John David 8, 67. I54 Adeves, Dora I54 Acosta, Martina l54 Acosta, Rebecca I I Adame, Alma 52, I20, I43 Adame, Jesus Adams, Dana I74 Adams, Georgina Adams, Laurie 39, ll9, I54 Adjemian, Steve 43, 86, 87, I35 Agan, Darla I64 Agan, Dee 29, 207 Agan, Lysa 39. I32, 206 Aguilar, Evelyn 47, I I8 Aguilar, Guillermo I74 Aguilar, Mr. Humberto I88 Aguilar, Leonar l89 Aguilar, 53, I43 Aguilar, Juan I74 Aguilar. Pablo, I74 Aguilar, Sylvia I I Aguilera, Jesus I74 Aguilera. Maria Isabel I54 Aguilera, Patricia Aguiree, Antonio 3I, 32, I64 Aguirre, Daniel I74 Aguirre, Fidel I54 Aguirre, Hector I54 Aguirre, Juan 53, I43 Aguirre, Juanita Aguirre, Mr. Manuel I36. I85 Aguirre, Martha 30 276 Jude! as sf QEQIQSSQYQ Adie15xi?fQfss!v,sf2sn3sQQM. neraowvnme. 7 wwf, Aguirre, Rogelio I I Alaniz, Yvelle 60 Alarcon, Adena 33. I74 Alarcon, Carmen I89 Alarcon, Marissa 63, 75, I74 Aldaz, Fransisco 68, I64 Aldaz, Gilbert I43 Aldaz, Marina I54 Allan, Mr. William Aleman, Paul I43 Almaras, Dolores I2l Almaras, Susy I74 Alonzo, Alberto Jr. I54 Alonzo, Cecelia I I Alonzo, Francisco I43 Alonzo, Irene I54 Alonzo. Jesus I74 Alonzo, Jose Jr. 65, 66 Alonzo. Merced l54 Alonzo, Paula I43 Alonzo, Virginia I74 Altus, Melissa I54 Alvarado, Abel II5, II7 Alvarado, Cesar 66 Alvarado, Maria I54 Alvarado. Martha I43 Alvarado, Paul I43 Alvarez, Annette I43 Alvarez, Domingo I74 Alvidres, Hector I54 Amador, Lidia I I Amador, Marissa II8, I54 Amaya, Guadalupe I74 Amaya, Rosa Anaya, Ralph Anchondo, Esteban I54 Anchondo, Manuel ISS Anchondo, Miguel I74 Anchondo, Patricia I43 Anderson, Dylan Anderson, Mrs. Evelyn I26, I Andrade, Ricardo I I5 Angcayan, Jackie 74, I55 Angcayan, Robert I2 Angcayan, Sandra I2 Angelini, Roy Anthony, Carl I74 , 206 Antunez. Anabel 62. 74, I64 Anzures, Mariana Apodaca, Lynn I64 Apodaca. Mike 87. I74 Araiza, Miss Irene 88, 59, 60 Arce. Leticia 55, 56, I55 Arce, Linda 59, 60. 203 Arce, Rick 64, 65, 66. I43 Archuleta, Delma I64 Archuleta, Teresa I34, I43 Arditti, Lizette Arellano, Enid I43 Arellano, Linda 63, 75, I74 Arellano, Nancy I2, 208 Arenas, Blanca I64 Arenas, Maria I55 Armendariz, l4I, I55 Armendariz, Maria l20 Armendariz, Paul I74 Armendariz, Ricardo me Marcus lI3. I64 ,,,..., di ff I If . 'z K ' f,k ,, ' Nm"" is ' MQ1FffFQefiT2'11iEI's.sP'?d9af'F5!?5!5iPffSII"diP"" - S ArmHo, Susan Arredondo, Francisco I64 Arredondo. Jose 87, I43 Arroniz, David 43. SS. I4I. I2 Arroyo, Guadalupe I2 Arzate, Barbara Assi. Muneer IS4 Atilano, Carolina Atherton, Mrs. Martha Atilano. Juana Ausderau. Robin I32, ISS Badillo. Thalia ISS Badillo, Thelma I2, 63, l87 Bahls, Alex I43 Bailey, Catherine I34, ISS Bailey. Kimberly 63, 7S, I74 Bailey. Katherine ISS Baker, John Balderas, Martin Balderrame. David I64 Ballenger, Karla I3 Banda, Luis Bannon, Belinda I74 Bannon, Jackie I3 Bannon, John I3, 77, I22. I2S Banuelos. Luis I74 Banuelos. Saul I44 Barcelata, Angela I74 Barcelata, Rodrigo Barcenas, Edna I3, 70. 7I. 72. 73 Bargman, Eric II9, ISS Barnhart, Miss Bettye I86, 2I0 Barragan, Arturo I64 Brennand, Susan ISS Brient. Elizabeth II8, I33, I43, I44, Briseno. Alice ISS Briseno, Freddie Briseno, Jose I64 Brower. Daniel Bueno, Ramon Bullard, Mrs. Irma I86, 236 Bulman, Ms. Penny 74, I94, 2I4 Bunton, Mrs. Sharron 2I3 Burciaga, Ernesto I7S Burciaga, Lorena ISS Burnside, Mr. William I8S Bustamante, Ernesto 68, I64 Bustamante. Hugo I7S Bustamente, Magdalena Bustamante, Malinez 83. II8, I64 Bustillos, Guadalupe Bustillos, Victor 3, 5, I4, II8 Butterworth, Cynthia I4, 99. I22, IOS 208 238 Barragan. Terry 48. II8, I44 Barrios, Ernesto I74 Barron, Gregorio 36, I28 Barron, Jesus Barron. Lourdes I74 Barron, Maria I74 Barron. Martin ISS Barron, Patricia 39, I64 Barron, Raul I74 Barron, Rosa I44 Bastidas, Virginia 70, 7I. 72, 73 Beamish, Monica I37, I44 Beard, Teresa I74 Bedoya, Abby 36, I44 Bell, Matthew 33, I30, I74 Beltran. Antonio 33. I7S Beltran, Martin 69. I7S Beltran, Mary Lou 39, I44 Beltran, Beltran Susana I3, I22 Victor I44 Benavides. Jamie I7S Bencomo, Mario Benge, William Benitez. Jay 29, ISS Benitez, Stacey I3, 2I0 Bernal. Hector I35. I37, I44 Berry, Mrs. Anita l86 Berry. Mrs, Holli 8, 9, l36, 237 Berumen, .lose I3S. 206 Betancourt, Veronica I20 Black, Steve Blanco. Armando I24 Blanco, Raul I7S Blanco, Yolnada 62, I64 Blando. Ayala, Miguel I2 Avila, Maria Baca. Mr. Antonio I94, 2IS Baca, Arturo Baca. Carlos Baca, Laureen I43 Baca. Raul I2, 206 Baca. Robert 43, I43 Baca, Rudy Baca, Victor I64 Badillo, Adriana ISS Badillo, Irene Badillo, Juan ISS Bleek, Sharon I37 Bockman, Frank I7S Bockman, Lucy ISS Boetto, Barry 29, II8, I33 Bogenholm, Chris Bogenholm, September 30. ISS Bohne, Matthew I34, l64 Bonar. Jill I64 Boonshim, Wanchai Morges. Mario 67, ISS Borges. Norma Louis. Borunda 3I, 32, I64 Bradford. Laura 78. II8, I44 Bradford. Laura I64 Bradford. Rosalie ISS Bratsberg. Brenda Braun, Arie 77, I64 Braun, James I2S. I44 Caballero, Luis 67, I64 Cage, Mr. James I93 Caldera, Sandra Caire. Emilio Caire, Yvonne I7S Caiachance, Veronica Camacho, Jesus 33, I7S Camacho. Mr. John 43, 85. l93 Camacho, Maria Camacho, Nadine ISS e,srs4e?xf2.!S2f??fEQ8ivS,i?Q"1g5QiES!3i" I ' f , G rw 8 . Iec, I ,,,,, -1 I Tir ., Jude! 217 Cisneros, Armando Camarillo, Raymundo Campos. Angleica I75 Campos. Beatriz !75 Campos. Fernando 29, I I8 Campos. Gabriela Campos, Martha ISS Campos, Rosario 39. IOS, I28, l32 Campos, Teresita ISS Cano, Robert ISS Cantu. Alma 33, I7S Cantu, Maria Elena Sl, S7, I3I, ISS Cantu, Rosa I64 Capshaw. Mr. Kenneth 35, 36. I36 Carbajal, Emma ISS Carbajal, Grace I7S Carbajal, Marco 97. l3S, I44 Cardenas, Irma 36, ISI Cardenas, Isabel Cardenas. Jose 35. ISS Cardenas, Maria Cardona, Victor I44 Carillo. Jaime Carmona. Jorge Castor, Castor, Castore Castillo Castillo Daniel Felix 98 na, Martina l65 , Carmen , Cindy Castillo, Jaime ISS Castillo Castillo Castro, , Mabel , Sergio Evadina I75 Castro, George Castro. Manuela QMiriamj 62 Castro, Mike I44 Castro. Rafael I65 Cazares, Sandra: Cazares, Sofia I33. I34. I44 Cedillos. Sandra 30, 6I, IS6 Cervantes. Maria Cervin, Michael 65, 66, I45, ISI Carranza, Cynthia 33. I7S Carrasco. Mrs. Esther I87 Carrillo, Enrique Carrillo, Jesus Carrillo, Lorena ISS Carrillo, Luz I75 Carrillo, Martha Cardona, Alberto I44 Cardona, Javier I44 Carrillo, Norma S7. I44 Carrillo, Rosa I64 Carrillo, Victor I44 Casas, Emigdia I64 Castaneda. Ruben I44 Castanon. Laura I20. I44 Castanon, Richard I6S Castanon. Tania IGS Chacon, Jaime 43 Chacon, Javier 43, I45 Chacon, Sandra 6I. I6S Chacon, Sylvia S9, 60 Chacon, Yolanda I56 Chahine, James II3, I6S Chaidez, Daniel I88 Chaparro. Concepcion 80, S Chaparro, Guadalupe I7S Chaparro. Jaime I6S Chaparro, Jose. Chapman I3I. I34, l45 Chapman, Jody I6S Chavez, Arturo Chavez. Belinda I4, I20. l37 Chavez. Mr. Consuelo IBB Chavez, Gene l5, 201 Chavez, Guillermo Chavez. Jacqueline Chavez, Jesus Chavez, Luz 61, l2l, l45 Chavez. Marcella 83, l45 -iw .ACP Chavez, Marie I83 Chavez, Marisa Chavez, Martha Chavez, Pam 80, l33, l65 Chavez. Patricia Chavez. Ruth I65 Chavira, German Chavira, Rosa IS Christian, Jana IS, ll8, I29, I3 Christobal, Patricia Cintron, Cintron, Guillermo 33 Jose QAndyj 98 Cisneros, Irene Clifford. Clifford, Laura Roseanne Coel Carolyn l22, I2S Coleman. Daniel I65 Collins, Cinthia I56 Collins, Solomon I56 Colmenero, Linda IS Colunga. Cindy IS, l I8 Colunga. David Colunga, Matilda I89 Colunga, Sandra Compean, Erasmo IS6 Compean, Maria l20 Connorton, Patricia l45 Contreras, Adrian Contreras, Carlos Contreras, Daniel 98. I56, 239 Contreras. Gregorio Contreras, Lucia Contreras. Marcia SS, S6 Contreras, Maria l6S Contreras, Ramon I6S Contreras, Sylvia Cordero, Maria IS6 Cordova, Gabriela I22 Cordova, John I33, l4I Cordova, Jose l45 Cordova, Gina Cormon, Mrs. Patricia I36. I96 Corona, Manuel Coronado, Corral, Aleiandrina Correa, Carmen I56 Correa, Guilermo l45 Correa. Javier l6S Correa Mary I5 Correa, Minerva Cortez, Espernza I65 Cortez, Esteban 64, 66, l45 Cortez, Hector I5 4.2 218 Jude! Corvelli, Gregory I3S, IS Cottrell, Mr. Robwrt 76, 77 Craig. Hughbert ffresj I5 Craigo, Mr. William 4S, 94, 95, Crouse, Raul l22 Cruz, Carloina I6S Cruz, Jesus I56 Cruz, .luan I6 Cruz, Martha Cuaron. Octavio I4S Curry, Mrs. Emma I94 Cyr, Roy IS 07 Melinda II8. 49, 29. IS6 I95. aiissk-vfffmlfffei Desai. Achla l56 Daher, Luis Dalton. Jennifer Dalton, Nancy ll3, I4l Daly, Daniel 66, 204 Daniell, Mrs. Lee Damas, Pat Darley. Veronica Davenport, Bryan I56 Davenport, Stephen Davenport, Stuart 69 Davidson. Darryl 66, I45 Davis. Bruce l65 Davis, Mr. Charles I94 Davis. George 67, l34, I45 Dean, Andrew Deane. David l56 Deckert, Charles II8, I45 De La Cruz, Salvador l65 De La Rosa. Mrs. Monica I86 De La Torre, Arthur De La Torre. Christine l65 De l.a Torre, Cynthia ID De La Torre, Patricia Del Avellano, Rodrigo DeLay, Jane l4I, l34, 2Ol DeLay, Katie I34, l56 De Leon, Sylvia De Luna. Mr. Cruz l88 DeSantiago. Ms. Simona l88 Delgado. Alma I65 Delgado. Cruz Delgado, Danny Delgado, Lorena 33 Delgado, Marco I46 Delgado, Margarita Delgado, Maria IS6 Delgado Martha I46 Delgado Pablo Delgado Rene 69 Delgado. Susie 5 .,,, ,iii 'P P4 'K Delgado, Teresa I56 Del Toro, Patricia I46 Del Toro, Ricardo I6 Dent. Amy 22 . f , . ,ufwww,wwc,vw.f,fs-wwwfw wt miie: in,- ""l?i"' sl aw' DeShazo. Michelle 57, I56 De5hazo, Roxanne I25, 20l Diaz, Arturo Diaz. Beatriz 48, I I8 Diaz, Guadalupe 63 Diaz, .laime I5 Diaz, Juan Diaz, Luz I46 Diaz, Olga Diaz, Patricia I56 Diaz, Ruben I65 Dominguez. Armando Dominguez, Mrs. Elizabeth I38 Dominguez. Ms. Gloria l89 Dominguez. Gloria 39, I22 Dominguez, Juan Dominguez, 55. l46 Dominguez, Robert 87 Drake, James I65 Drake. Samuel fPerryJ Dryden, Mrs. Wynnell I36, I95 Duarte. Duarte, Duran. Duran. Duran, Duran, Dwyer. Dwyer. Rafael 33 Sergio Abrew Admerlinda l2l Michael l65 Sylvia I65 Claudia I34 Jacqueline l65 Eastland, Rae I33, I65 Eastland. Ross l65 Edwards. Patricia 83, l46 Ekery. Deborah Elias. Christy 78, I56 Elias, Sheila 5. 78, 207 Emery Karen Enriquez, Albert l25 Enriquez, Juan l56 Enriquez, Margarita vt zz:'.:z'fgwy:Q1Q.1f11f2iF2Si?ii::::5fZ,2Qsz:Qsi:1:::.x3g'ff,:f,-,4g,,ggf,'f ii Staff Index 219 fllelowj Pittsburg Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw was caught on the green at the golf course while the golf team was practicing. Mr. Bradshaw was in town warming up for his partici- pation in the Cancer United Way Foundation. Mr. Bradshaw was one of the professional golfers in- volved in the golf tournament fund raiser. .,,, ,V,, ,, ,A , L ,M.W, ??"""f22iMv fwfr' Enriquez, Ramon Enriquez, Sandra 29. ll9, l56 Epps, Mr. Dennis I88 Eramya. Ramsey l30, I3l, I32, I46 Erivez. Gloria Ersinghaus, Joseph 36, I46 Ersinghaus, Stephen 35, l56 Escajeda, Jesus Escajeda, Juan Escalante, Jaime Escondon, Laura I5 Escondon, Ruben 85, I56 Escudero, Jorge Fematt. Egma Fematt, Lorrie Ferrell. David Ferreri, James I35, I65 Ferry, Monique I46 Fetner. Scott Fierro. Carlos Figueroa, Carmen Figueroa, Mr. Manuel I88 Figueroa. Ramon Finger, Jacqueline I2, 78 Fletcher, Barron 77 Fletcher, Catherine l34, I57 Flores. Alicia Galaviz. Galindo Glaindo Margarita . Abel , Araceli Galindo, Hiram 29, I26, 86 Galindo, Juan Galindo, Miguel Galindo, Terrie I6 Galindo, Mrs. Rosa I93, 2I4 Flores, Andy Flores, Armida Flores. Catherine II8, I3I, I32, I34, I46 Flores, Danny Flores, David Flores, Elizabeth I3I, l32, I34, I46 Flores. lsidro Flores, Juan 69 Flores, Leticia Flores, Lilia Flores, Luis Flors. Maria Consuelo Flores. Martina l65 Flores, Nancy I57 Flores, Nora 75 Flores, Phillip 68. I65 Flores, Rebecca l65 Flores, Rosalia Flores. Saul Flores, Yvonne 30 Flynn, Michael I22 Fong, Cynthia II8, l3O, ISI, l32, I34, l46, I44 Fong. John II3, I30, l65 Fong. Keith ISO, l57, 54, I65, l66 Fraga, Irma Franco, Marisela 49, II8, I34, I57 French, Mrs. Margaret I95 Ganic, Mrs. Bertha Gallardo, Juana I66 Gallegos, Victor I46 'I M? Esposito. Tara Esqueda, Miguel Esquivel, Carmen Esquivel, David 69 Esquivel, Johnny 57 Estrada, Larisa Estrada, Louie Estrada, Sandra I65 Estrada, Teresa I57 Ewing, Kathleen Ewing, Tina IS7 Fairchild, Darlene Fairchild, George Faivre, Jorge IS7 Faivre, Monica 30 Faivre, Patricia I20. I46 Falardeau. Susan Farah, Farah I5 Farah. lmad Farah Laura Farris, Michael II8, I57 Fashing. Jim 43, 6 Favela, lrma 30, 84 Favela, Jose Favela, Jaime, I57 Felhaber, Alec I57 Felhaber, Franz 67, I46 Felhaber, Frederico I65 220 Frias, Alejandro 33 Fuentes, Jose l66 I fAbovej Head trainer Mary Ann Sprgue often wished and prayed Barbara Tovar's mouth was bandaged shut. Only the wall made it, however. "AOYHHAHl" Gamez, Maunela l46 Gamez, Teresa IS7 Gnaska II3, l57 Garcia, Andres Garcia. Angel Garcia, Annette 57, 58, I66 Garcia, Arturo, 86. I46 Garcia, Betty 75 Garcia, Carmen Garcia, Cynthia Garcia, David 4l, 43, 86, 87. I46, 98 Garcia Derrick Garcia, Esther Garcia, Eva I66 Garcia, Gonzalo fGonzyj II8, l28, I57 Garcia, Javier I57 Garcia, Jesus Garcia. Juana l66 Garcia, Juana J. Garcia, Juanita I57 Garcia, Lucila l66 Garcia, Lydia Garcia, Maria G. Garica. Maria M. Garcia, Maura Garcia, Mrs. Norma 2I0 Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Patricia Roberta 3I, 6I, 74, I66 Sandra Ubaldo Gardea, Margaret I57 Gardea, Raymond Garibay, Melissa 50, II8, I66 CAbovej The Magnificent Seven without theirs guns. Terry's, Marcee's, Gloria's, Patsy's, Leti's. Susan's and Olga's running shoes were packed away in semi-safe places - their suitcases - before their flight to Austin for the State meet. Garnica, Robert I 57 Garza, Juan 53, I3I, I57 Garza, Rosa Garza, Yariela 3l, 57, I3I. l57 Gasca, Graciela I20 Gasca. Irene Gasca, Hilda Gaucin, Linda 39. I66 Gaucin, Lynette I58 Gavaldon, Rebecca IIS, I22, I28 Gayton. Eliza Gibson, Mrs. Mary 2II Gilbreath, Raul I66 Gill, Gloria Gill, Leticia I2I Gill, Richard 66, I35, 208 Gillett, Lisa IIS, I58 Gilmer, Davis l58 Gilmore, John I26 Gilmore, Susan 55, 56, I58 Gilmore. Timothy 54, l66 Goeldner, Bradley 85, I58 Goeldner, Debbie I66 Goeldner, Erich 85, l46 Goeldner, Patricia 48, II8, I46 Goeldner, Sonya Goetting, Kurt l46 Goetting. Russell Goldfa rb. Thomas 77. l25 Goldston, Mario Gomez, Able Gomez, Alfredo I66 Gomez, Ana Gomez, Araceli Gomez, Barbara Gomez-Banuelos, Carlos Gomez, Carlos Gomez, Carmen Gomez, David Gomez, Felipe I46 Gomez, Gerardo I64 Gomez, German I64 Gomez. Jesus I46 Gomez, ,lose I I4 Gomez, Laura 6l, I56 Gomez, Lizardo I6 Gomez, Lupe 62 Gomez, Maria Gomez, Martin I56 Gomez, Miguel I64 Gomez, Moises Gomez, Nancy I46 Gomez, Ralph I5l Gonzales, Laura fGiggIesj 78, I4I, I98, 206 Gonzalez, Anna Gonzalez, Arturo I64 Gonzalez, Charles 43 Gonzalez, Delia Gonzalez, Efrain Gonzalez. Francisca 57, 88, I46 Gonzalez, Gerardo Gonzalez, Juan I64 Gonzalez, Laura IIS, I64 Gonzalez, Monica 3I. I64 Gonzalez, Ramon I64 Gonzalez, Raquel Gonzalez, Raymundo Gonzalez, Ricardo I56 Gonzalez. Rose 3I, I27. I64 Gonzalez, Sarah Gonzalez, Sergio 35, I56 Gonzalez. Sylvia 80, I56 Gonzalez, Victor I56 Gonzalez, Wayne Gonzalez, Wendy 59, 60, 70, 7I, 72 Gonzalez, William 45 Gonzalez, Yolanda Grado, M Graf, Mr. Pancha 29 Gorgonia, elissa 80, Sl, IOS, I39. I56 Richard I96, I97, 2I2 Granados, Louis Granados, Randi I74 Granados, Sandi I64 Granados, Vaughn 93, I74 'Grau, Martin II3, II4, II7 Gray. Chris ll3, II4, lI6, I30. I64 Green, Mrs. Gwendolyne I97, 2I4 Grieb, Mrs. Shirley I33. I34, I96, 2I3 Griffin, David 36, 53, 90, 9I, I27. I56 Griffin, Georgina fKinaj I22, I25, 203 Grau, Frank Guard, Celia CChellaj I7, 70. 7I, 72, 7 I26, I37, I40, I98, 239 Guerra, Blanca I74 Guerrero. Guerrero, Guerrero. Guerrero. Guerrero, Guevara. Guevara. Guevara. Albert I56 Alex I74 Benjamin I7, I00 Daniel Fernando Edgar 33, 93. I74 Leticia -I3I, I34, I46 Maria 3, 95 Guider, Miss Geneva IS7 Guillen, Maria QMicaj 59, 60, 70, 7I, 73 Guinn, Ernest II3 Gunning, Mrs. Emily I97 Gurrola, Francisco Gutierrez, Angel I74 Gutierrez, Carlos I56 Gutierrez, Carlos I74 Gutierrez, Clayton 3I Gutierrez, David 3I Gutierrez. Elizabeth 3I, I3I, I32. I56 Gutierrez, Ivan I64 Gutierrez, Jaime Gutierrez, Patricia Gutierrez, Mr. Rene 60, 6I, 62, 70. 7I, I92, I94,2I4 73, 22 Gutierrez. Stella 35. I3I, I32, I37. I47 Guzman. Fernando 68. II4. II6 Guzman. Graciela II3. II4. IIS. I2I, I47 Guzman. Jesus I56 Guzman. Juan Guzman. Ramon I74 Guzman. Sandra I74 Hackett, Tiffany I74 Haddad. Mrs. Carmen I35, l9I. 2I4 Haddad. Nancy I7. 37 Hagans. Mrs. Bernice I93 Halow, Daphne 78. I27, l3S, I64. I74 Hammond. Molly l0l, I47 Hansel. Layla . Hantzopulos, Aleiandro I64 Harmon. Elizabeth I74 Harris, Magan Harris, Mr. Melvyn l36, I9I, 2I0 Harris. Theodore fBoj I27. I74 Hartmann, Mrs. Debbie l90, l94, 2I2 Hary. Charlene Hary. Charles I7, 85 Hawley. Mr. Richard Il. 29. 30 Hecker. Toni I47, I49 Heidel, Gretchen I7. I26. l4l. l89, 20l. 239, I40 Hemperly, Dorothy 37. I27 Heredia, Delia 80. IS6 Heredia, Lisa 62, I37 Heredia, Lucia 3I Hermann. Angeline 2l. I33. I98. 205 Hernandez. Hernandez. Hernandez. Miss Grace I06, 209 Helen 70, 7I Irma Hernandez. Jesus IGS Hernandez. Johnny l65 Horwitz. Phillip II4, IIG Huchton. David 37. I27. I74 Huchton. Hadley 78, I28. 7 Huerta. Leticia I47 Huerta, Patricia I8 Huerta. Rosa IS Huyck, Michael I47 Ibanez. Horacio I57 Iglesias. Gabriel I57 Iglesias. Gabriel l45 Zillarramendi, Edith l65 Zillarramendi, Luz I82 Hernandez. .lose Luis 29, I98 Hernandez. Julianna I47 Hernandez. Lucy I75 Hernandez, Manuel 45, I74 Hernandez, Maria I47 Hernandez, Marin 44. 7 Hernandez. Olga Hernandez. Patricia 78. II8. I44. I47 Hernandez. Ricardo l65 Hernandez. Ruth 57, I56 Hernandez. Sandra l56 Herrera, Alicia 2I, 59, 60, 70, 7I 73, l20. I98. 205 Herrera. Mrs. Esperanza l9I, 2I5 Herrera. Herrera. Herrera. Herrera, Herrera. Herrera, Herrera. Elva I74 John 43, l35 Lillia I65 Maria I74 Mrs. Mary I93. 2I2 Oscar Patricia 62, 63. I3I, I65 Herrera, Sandra Herrera. Teresa GI. I56. ISI Herrera. Mr. Baleriano Herrera. Victor Hildago. Juan I 8 Hinajosa. Michael I I. IS, I25, l98. 203 Hirsch. Kathleen IS. I22. I28, l98 Holguin. Holguin. Holguin, Holguin. Holguin. Holguin Holguin Holland Holland Holmes, I r I Edgar Esther Ivan I74 Jaime Jesus I8 Julie I57 Omar I57 Mr. Maurice I94. 2I4 Thelam I74 Ahmad 67 ltuarte. Gloria Ives. Ana l65 lzquierdo. Monica I57 Jackson Mr. Carl 43. I92. I93. 2I I. 240 Jackson Jonathan 44, I57 Jacques. Melissa 37, IIS. I65 Jacques. Patricia 62. 74 Jacquez. Elvira Jacquez, Lillian l2I. I47 Jacquez. Monica Jaramillo. Edna 37, IGS Jaramillo. Raul IS. 37 Jarmiolowski, Russell 77. I65 Jarvis, Mr. C. D. 5, 8. 9, 66. 68. 2l4 Jauregui, Rosario I65 Jenkins, Kelley lI8. I35, l38, I57 Jett. Deborah Kay I8. 37. 39. l38, I9 8 Hernandez, Alfredo l56 Hernandez. Ana I56 Hernandez, Bertha I74 Hernandez. Daniel Hernandez, David 54. 86, 87. 97, I56 Hernandez, Eduardo I47 Hernandez, Eva l65 Hernandez. Felipe Hernandez. Frances 57. I56 Hopkins, Denver l35 Horne. Gaye l30, l3I, I32. I34. I47 Wili?Clfi'gr'-i.PQ'i 5 - y.gf.ff-.wIf3.4fw.'h3fa2.:g.y. . Q A 1 . . . 222 Jude! Jen, Richard Iss, 140, 239 Levitt. Karyn lls, I32, 133, iss, I57 limas- Thomas '57 Jimenez, Jimenez, Jimenez, Jimenez, Jimenez, Johnson Johnson Johnson, Johnson f , Edmundo 44, 97, I57 Fernando I25 Jorge I74 Jose 45, 68, I65, I74 Saul I57 Mr. Burton I26, IS5, 2I4, 2I9, 240 Frank 46, I74 Jeanette I8 Josue 29, I47 Jones, Brenda IS9 Jones, Mrs, Clara IS7 Jones, Crystal I37, I57 Joosten, Vicki Lynn 84, 88, IIS, l30, ISI, I32, ISS, l39, l40, I47. 239 Jordan, Arturo I8, I35, I40, l98, 239 Jordan, Josephine I27, IGS, I74 Jordan. Maria IS9 Joriorian, Andrew I74 Joriorian, Anne S0, I65 Jorjorian, Leon 5, IS, 20I Juarez, Francisco Juarez, George Juarez, Gilbert Juarez, Hector I47 Juarez, Irma IS, l33, II4, II6, I9S Juarez, Martin I57 Kandel, Bronia I48 Kandel, Thelma I65. IS2 Kaprosy, Daniel I48 Kaprosy, Michael 32, SI, I65 Karns, Mrs. Sharon I36. I96, I97, 2I0 Kelsey, Cynthia I9, 36, 37. IOI, I32, I99 Kelsey, Sandra 37, IIS, I27, I65 Kemp. Elizabeth QPagej Kennedy, Michael Kenner, Lisa I9 Kerr, Monica I9, I IS, I29, I99, 205 King, Shannon I74 Kirkwood, Robert 37, I27, I65 Klenkenberg. Richard 90, I4S Koehler, Bruce 43. I4S Kohandel, Mohsen I4S Korpalski, Delia Korpalski, Melissa ISS. I74 Krakauskas, Miss Susan 82, I92 Kupfer, Abraham I9, IIS, I29, l38, I4I, 9, 206 Kupfer, Samuel I9, I IS Kurita, Isabel 37 Landeros, Adrian 53, 90, I57 Lara, Miss Marie Lasini, Gina IIS, I57 Laumas, Mika I4S Lawrence, Mr. Russel I30, I49, 2l0 Lechuga, Lechuga, Cynthia Rita Leighton, Darin I57 Leon, Mr. George 33. 2I5 Leonard, David Lepe, David 90, 9I Lepe, Victor Sl, 52, 57 Lerma, Alex Lerma, Gilbert I74 Lerma, Ricardo I74 , 203 Leydia, Lawrence l05 LONE' TUUI3 63, l27. '39 Leydia, R053 l55 Lopez, Mrs. Beatrice IS6, 2I I Lydia, Tgny I57 Lopez, Jose I57 Licon, Alejandro I57 L9Pe1' Marlin I74 Licon, Mr. Rudy 44, 90, 2I3 Licon, Susan lf"vf fdwafd CWSP 45' 91- 'OL '65 Limas, Joanne I 57 Jude! 223 A ,,1pZza'f.lz1 filly, ggligi ,'fq?w,iz4-H112 .Wzlgrff A Lopez, Ray I74 Lopez, Robert I74 Magdalena, 'Sergio Main, Todd 93 Maldonado, Aaron Maldonado, Alberto 90 Maldonado, Isela 33 Maldonado, Patricia GI, I58 Marez, Consuelo Mendez. Lopez, Rosalinda I74 Lopez, Ruben 5, I9, 43, 95, l36, l99, 208 Lopez. Sergio I43, I48 Lopez, Silvia l3l, I65 Loya, Carmen I57 Loya, Jose I65 Loya, Jose I57 Loya, Rosa 63. 75, I74 Lozano. Luis 3. 4l. 43, l0I, 208 Maldonado, Rene 20, 29, 95, 94 Marcus, Leonard 20, I38, I4I, I99. 206 Mares, John 3I, l30, I3I, I32, l38 Mares, Luis 66, I48 Marin, Jesus I58 Marquez, Ismael Marquez, Patricia 20. 29 Matamo ros, Mario I66 Mathiasen, Richard Maturino. Ima Maturino, Maria 33 Maturino, Sandra II3, II4, I37. I66 Maynard, Priscilla Mayorga, Guillermo 53, 97. I58 McCaskiIl, Shirley 37, I27, I66 McCIanahan, Jay McClure, Stacey 20, 59. 60, I87 Mclntyre, Kristian 20. 37, 39, I32, 20I McKillip, Mr. Daniel 5I. 52, 54, 56, 57 58 90, 9l McKinney. Justin I27 McKinney, Scott 77, I58 McKinnon, Mr. Ezell I I3 McLaughlin, Ms. Karen 37, 39, 2I4 McManus, Lawrence 67, I58 McNiel. Lisa Il8, I3l, I32, I33, I38 I48 Medina, Blanca Medina, Diane I4I Medina, Ernesto' Medina, Esther Medina Horalia Medina, Lorenzo Medrano, Armida I58 Medrano, Guadalupe Meehan, Sean 68, I66 Meiia, Gloria 3. 20, 55, 56, 57, 58, 88 22I Meiia, Johnny 97, I58 Melchor, Francisco Melchor, Hugo 3l, 38, 87, 92, I66 Melchor Melchor Melchor , Javier I48 , Lourdes I58 , Magdalena 63, 75, 93 Menchaca, Camarina I58 Menchaca, Evangelina 75 Menchaca, Javier 69 Menchaca, Magdalena CMayaj 30, 73, 88, I28, l4I, I50, l5I, I80 Angelica 60. I20. I48 7 Lozano. Maria Lozano. Martin Lozzi, Mr. Robert 2I2 Luera, Brent 54, I65. I74 Luera, Mr. Victor 46, I92. I95, 2I2 Luevano, Lefty I9, 206 Luian, Chrixtina Lujan. Edward 53, 90, l40, I44, I48, I80. 239, 240 Lujan, Manuela I75 Lujan, Marsha IS7 Luian, Martin I75 Luna. Blanca 60, 6I. I27, I58, I8I Luna, C Luna, H armen ector 44, I 58 Luna, Sandra I75 Lundy, Gina I58 Lundy, Maria Clupej 74 Luthro, Shirlyn Lyman, Tommie I48 Lynch, Michael fMickJ I9, 83, 240 Macias, Felix 43, l35, 203 Macias, Gracie 3I Macias, Marisela I75 Macias, Monica 20, 30 Macias, Virginia 20, 59, 60 Madrid Madrid 224 . Alfredo , Leticia l06, II3, II4 Jude! II8, I34, 207, Marquez, Raul 45, 97 Marquez, Rene I58 Marrufo, Jesus Marraufo, Martha 37 Marrufo, Peter lI6, I66 Marshall, Joe I65 Martell, Steve Martin, Therese Martin, Arturo I65 Martinez. Martinez. Cesar I65 Christina I 83 Martinez, Daniel 37, 97, Martinez, Elvira Martinez, Gloria Martinez, Irma l32, I58 Martinez, Juan I58 Martinez, Julian I58 Martinez, Julieta Martinez, Laura Martinez, Leticia I65 Martinez, Louie Martinez. Manuel Martinez, Maria I66 Martinez, Marisela Martinez, Monica I27 Martinez, Pedro Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Robert 3I, 44, Martinez, Sally I82 Martinez, Sandra Martinez, Silvia 20. 37 Maser, Otto 25, I25 Masini, Mark 46, I27 Matamoros, David Mendez, Antonio Mendiola, Sandra I58 Mendoza, Mr. Daniel 63, 75, 93, I92. l93. 209 Mendoza, Gladys 20 Mendoza, Jose Luis ISS Miller. Patricia I66 Milliman, Bradford Mendoza, gamut., 20, 'gg Milliorn. Richard 67. I34. ISS Meneses' Rudolfo 20' 'gg Milliorn. Thomas I33, I34 Mercado, Lourdes Miner, Carol II3, II4. I3S, ISS Marin, Armando Miniarez, Christina Merril, Juan Miniarez, George Mefwanh, Lauren zo, 29, 37 Miranda- Vifwf 97 Meza, Enrique 44, S7, ISS Mizcles- David Mem' Jaime 20 Molina, Anthony Mem, Jorge Molina, Esperanza Michael, Elizabeth 29, les Molina- Guadaluve Sl, I27. IGS Michel, Mrs. Roxanne 2I I 4 Y N Y Milan, Isabel i ri E 3 1 - , Miller, Carla I66 I ,Q Miller, Carmen 2I ' 3 as me wlthe i"L L. Miller, John 90. 9I, I4S I MQ ' f,,j!RNf!Z4?P953Y1,1 , .L Molina. Hector COscarj 46, 64, 65, 66, I4S Molina, Leticia 33 Molina, Patricia Molina, Perla 70, 7I, SS. I66 Molina. Reyna ffoloresj 2I, I2I, I37 Molina, Molina, Robert Theresa 2 I , 204 Molinar. Carmen I2O, l40. S, 239 Molinar Molinar Molinar Monje, . Crystal GI. ISS . Guadalupe IS9 . Irma ISS Daniel I25, l99 Monroe. Mark S3, 90, IIS, I39. I4S Montez. Montez, Montez, Montez, Hector 46 Julio 46, 97, I66 Sandra Veronica 2I, 36, I20, I39 Montanez. Angel ISS Monson, Norma Moore. Moore. Maj. Joseph I I3, 209 Matthew Moore, Monica 37. 39. IIS. I27. ISS Moore, Danny 77, I4S Mora, Consuelo I49 Mora, George 45, 68, I66 Mora, Richard 44. ISS Morales, Fernando I66 Morales, Jose ISS Morales, Margie Morales, Martin I66 Morales, Roberto I40. ISS, 239 Moreno, Angel fBuggerQ 43, 207 Moreno, Bernabe Moreno, Gloria I66 Moreno, Jaime 37, I66 Moreno, Maria Moreno, Mauro I66 Moreno. Robert Moreno, Terry Morrill. Morrill. Lorrain QCandij 37. S0, IIS, I66 Lisa 4S, IIS, I49 Morris. Sylvia I49 Morton, Cody3, 2I, 29, 3I, 35. IOI, IIO, I3I I99, 207 Moya. Martha Moya, Sergio I39 Muella. Mueller. Kimberly I66 Theodore 2I, 95, I4I, I99, 20I, 205 Munoz, Antonio I33, I49 Munoz, Carlos 46, 69 Munoz, Munoz, Munoz. Munoz, Munoz, Munoz. Murgo, Frank 4I , 43 Guillermo Mr. Hector 43, 92, I92, I95. 2I2 Louie Marcos 69 Ricardo I66 Cecilia ISS Murga, Jose 45. I66 Murga, Veronica Murguia, Bariela 3I, I66 Murillo. Murillo, Murray. Guadalupe S3, I66 Leonardo Alma Mulheen, Mrs. Mary Lee IS6 Murphy, Mrs. Clair I96. I97, 2II Murphy, Mrs. Geraldine I93, 209 Myers, Rosario Nance. Mrs. Jean I36, I97, 2I2 Nanez, Daniel Neanez, Olivia 3I. I3I, S4, I49 Index 225 Nanez, Nanez, Robert 44, 9 Sylvia 57, I32 Naranjar, Pedro 90 Nardone, Mr. Albert 46, 86, 87, I92, 2I2 Natale. Natera, Gina 2l, 47, I22, 204 Pedro Navarro, Jennifer 78, II8. I28, I44, I49 Navarro, Sarah 49, I I8. I58 Neill, Denise 2l, 29, 30. 36, 37, 39, I99, 204 Nelson, Jon Nesom. Mrs. Yolanda I28, I86, 2I5 Nguyen, Cwong Nicholson, Gloria 2l Nicholson, Richard I8, 2l, 53, I99 Nickey, Stephan 43, 95, l5I Noriega, Raul I33, l5S Norman, Patricia 5. 2l, 55, 56, 58, 88, 99, IOI, IIO, III, I99, 208, 22I Nunez. Sergio I66 O'Connor, Mrs. Alice I92 O'Hara, Shawn l58 Ogaz, Cesar l66 Ogaz, Christina II6, l58 Olivares. Luz I28, I49 Olivares, Maria 5, 2l, I28, I3I, I99 Olivas. Olivas. Olivas, Andres 46, 93 Andres 44, I59 Araceli Olivas, Arturo Olivares, Manny Olson. Nancy 37, 39, I27, I66 Onick, Mr. Robert I00, IOI. I28, I36, I86, 2I I Orona, Gilbert I59 Orona, Myra Orona, Victor Orozco, Ernesto 4I, 43, 95, I00, I49 Orozco, Ignacio Orozco, Joseph I59 Orozco, Oscar Orozco, Rene 97, I59 Ortega, Ana I59 Ortega, Angel 69 Ortega. Danny I66 Ortega, David 44, 87, 9 Ortega, Luis Ortega. Maria Ortega, Moises 9 Ortega, Osvaldo I59 Ortega, Rosalva Ortiz, Dwayne I59 Ortiz, Ileana I59 Ortiz, Lorraine 80 Ortiz, Michael 90 Ortiz, Patricia I66 Ortiz, Rudy I27 Ovalle, Enrique I59 Ozuna, Armando Ozuna, Javier Ozuna, Maria Padillo. Mario Palacios, Grank I59 Palacios, Laura Palacios, Lourdes Palafox, Eddie I49 Pancoast, Mr. Robert 44, Pabst, Rebecca Pacheco. lliana Pacheco, Yolanda Padilla. Eloisa l89 Padilla, Guadalupe Padilla, Maria l89 226 Jude! 2l0 Pannell, Keith 5, I2, 237 Pannell, Kimberly 93, I27 Pannell, Phillip I59 Pantoja, Linda II4, I66 Paredes, Katia I66 68, I90. I02, I95, Parra, Leticia Parras, Maria Parras, Michael I67 Passmore, Ben ll3, II6, I67 Passmore, Jay II3, II4, II6, I59 HW WHY New on fi Wm 42? was 3 R251 Pastrana, Laura 203 Patterson, Bonnie Payan, Concha 29 Payan, Daniel 32, I59 Payan, Laura Pedroza, Mark Pena, Cynthia I67 Pena. Gerardo 45 Pena, Mrs. Gloria 2II Pena. Tony Pena, Yolanda IG7 Peralta, Carmen I67 Peralta Peralta Peralta Peralta Perez. Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez. Perez, Perez. Perez, Perez. Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, , Daniel , Guillermo , Jose I67 , Juan Alfredo Ana I20, I40, I Cecilia 57, 88 Dagoberto 84 Gilberto 3, 35 Hugo Jaime 46 Janice I37, I59 Jesse 87 Jose Luis 53, I3 Lorena I67 Manny Maria I67 Martha 48, I49 Mike 95, I49 Patricia 37, I67 99, 205, 239 I, I38, I59 Richard 35, 36. 97, I49 Rudy 44. 67, I59 Sergio Perez-Rubin, Susana 205 Pina, Gustava Pina, Jesus Pinon, Nicolasa 59, 60, 74, I49 Plaza, Arnold 53. 54, 92, I67 1-7 hr, ,f A df my , Ana s1,so, lou, los, ns. use A fliiiii A J Pobre. Ramon 29 Pokluda, Mr. Angelo I36, I40, I4I, I9I, I97 P0l'iill0' 2I2, 239, 240 Portillo, Benny Pollen, Mrs. Mary I86 Portillo, Christina 83 Ponce, Alfonso I67 Portillo, Dario Ponce, Doralina I59 Portillo, Lorena Ponce, Miguel I67 Portillo, Luis 37, 95, I49 Pope, Barbara 30, I29 Portillo, Mario I67 Pope, Stacey, 29, I59 Ponlllo' Manha Porras, Blanca I49 Posada- Eugenia '59 ponas, George I59 Powell, Archie I67 ponas, mana I59 Powers, Marvin 68, I67 Porras. Luis 97, I59 Prado' l-eo lgilliiaryn did'W5Si?Sk how to'Cf9liiilie Cot- itoiilliyed Joe, axickgythe next thingishe knew y kiigaagas step. ste9,jkicit.kick. bqilfigf--. Prats, Jimmy 35, I49 Prats, Jose 77 Prats, Mary ll, 35, 36, 37 i4Difwvr,lfSii1i,if?"' CaPS'1?Eif35f1vvinPs 7 5 Leif?-ighinn hefearigggdfiar 20 lapsgiyglrunning 7 . iffialfbfiiesaihbffsf 7 A ' mi-,rbi , it , ,,,, gym use-nj I if fa Jude! 227 Prieto. Mrs. Carmen I86 Prospero, Jaime Prospero, Rene I67 Provencio. Phillip 37 Provencio, Steve Provencio, Vicki 37, I67 Provencio, Victor 52. 53, 58, I49 Puga, Juan fRockyj 3l. 43, I0l, l35, 203 Pulido, Gilberto Pulido, Herman Pulido, Oscar 37, 90, I59 Rubio, David 24. I I3, I I7 Ouesada, Quezada, Mr. Claudio Teresa 55, 56, 57, Quian, Daniel 43, l00 Quian, Jose I59 Quian, Jose l59 Quian, Juan 44, I69 Quintana, Charles 29, I25 186, 2l4, 240 Rvmero Ramirez Rivera. 2I2 Quintana, Patricia 37 Quintana, Ramon Quintero, Patricia Quintero, Roberto I67 Ragland, Gary I59 Rains, Mrs. Shirley Ramirez. Amalia Ramirez, Cirilo Ramirez, Claudia I38 l3l. I49,22l Raunam, Katherine I99 Raymundo, Jose Reed, Christie I27 Reed, Justin II3. II6, l33, Reichel. Bernadina I27 Reion, Rebecca 30 Renteria, Ruben Retana, Fe Reyes, Margarita l68 Reynolds, Jerry I22 Ribail, Martha I60 Rosales, Jose 69 Rosales, Maria I67 Rosales, Patricia 63, 75, 93 Rosales, Samuel Rosas, Abelardo 24, I I8 Rosas, Ana I6I Rosas, George 24, 43, I25 Rosas, Mario 35, 37, I50 Rosas, Ricky 35, 36, I50 Rosas. Robert 207 Ramirez, Esther I2l Ramirez. Fernando Ramirez, Flor Ramirez, George I49 Ramirez, Isena I74 Ramirez, Ramirez, Ramirez, Ramirez. Ramirez. Ramirez, Ramirez. Ramirez. Ramirez, Ramirez, Ramos. Ramos Ramos, Ramos. Ramos, Ramos. Ramos, Ramos. Ramos. Ramos. , Martin Rangel Rangel, Rangel, Rascon . Mr. Julio l86, 2l5 Rosen, Sheila 24, II8, l28, I35, l98, Rosen. Steven Rosenberg. Sara Roth, Andrew Roth, Joanne I67 Rowe, Mrs. Iris l90, I95, 2I2 Roy, Catherine 3 3 Rubenstein, Mr. George 2I0 Ruiz, Angelica I67 Ruiz, Elvira 24 Ruiz, Francisco Ruiz, Gina 78, l6l 20l, 206 Richardson, Cindy 83, lI8. I27, l68 Ridley, Mrs, Judith I00, IOI. ll8, I36, l39, Rios, Guillermo 65, 69, 93 Rincon, Jesus Rios. Jose 93 Rios, Mary I22 Rivas, Rebecca I60 Rivas, Cecilia Laura I22, I25 Maria I67 Manuela I49 Narciso I67 Patricia l59 Rafael Raul I59 Ricardo 45, I68, I Robert 93 Ruben Beatrice I49, I 80 82 CarIos4I, 43, I00, I4I, I99 Jose 44, l59 Laura Lorenzo l59 Manuel 45, 68, I68 Manuel II3 Margarita Mary 57. 88, I40, I99, 203, 239 Patricia Rosa GI, I60 Sandra 3l, II4. I69 , Pedro 45, 97, I68 Rasor. John 46 Rasor. Michael 44, 46, I60. I92 Ratliff, Paul I34, I38, I60, I8I, 238 Ratliff, Mrs. Roberta I00, IOI, I36, I96, l97, Raudry, Guillermo Raudry, Sandra l68 Raunam, Deborah I37, I68 228 Jude! Rivera. Ernesto 86, 87, l68 Rivera, Francisco l68 Rivera, Gabriela I27 Rivera, Harlyn I60 Rivera, Luis 45. 90, 92, I68 Rivera. Luis 29, I49 Rivera, Maria Elena QGigij 37 Rivera. Sonia I49 William I 25 l8, I60 Robert, lessy 63, 75, 93, l05 Robertson, Mrs. Berdine I92 Robles, Charles 35 Rocha, Bertha II3, II4, II6, I50 Rocha. Camille QCamiJ 35, I67 Rocha, Margarita I67 Rodarte, Angelica Rodarte, Carlos I67 Rodriguez. Abel 33 Rodriguez, Aizza 75, I20 Rodriguez, Alben air' Rodriguez, Alicia I67 Rodriguez, Angel I67 Rodriguez, Arnulfa Rodriguez, Carlos I50 Rodriguez, Carmen I67 Rodriguez, Claudia I67 Rodriguez, Mr. David I85, 2I4 Rodriguez. Dora I60 Rodriguez, Elsa I50 Rodriguez, Isabel 63 Rodriguez, Laudelina Rodriguez, Leonor Rodriguez. Rodriguez, Maria Elena I60 Rodriguez, Martha Rodriguez, Patricia I67 Rodriguez, Paul Rodriguez, Ramiro Rodriguez, Rosa I2l Rodriguez, Silvia Rodriguez, Virginia Rodriguez, Yolanda I50 Rogers. M acintosh 7 7, I 60 Rojas. Yolanda I50 Rojas, George Rojas, ,los 8 Rojas, Norah Rojas, Tersa Roiero, Carlos Roiero, Jaime Manny 5l. 52, 54, 90 Roman, Roman , Richard 32, 204 Yolanda 36, I60 Romero, Guadalupe I60 Romero, Jesus Romero, Juana I67 Romero, Leticia , Marcos 92, I67 Romero, Melissa 3I. l3l, I60 Romero. Norma I57 Romero. Mr. Santiago I94, 2I0 Romero, Virginia 6I, l2I, I50 Romo, Michael Rosales, Guadalupe 24 Ruiz, Laura 24 Ruiz, Rafael l6l Ruiz, Roxa na Ruiz, Mr. William 45, 67. I92, l95. 2I0 Ruiz-Velasco, Teresa I. 239 Saavedra, Robert 29, I6I Saenz, Corina Saenz, Elsa I6I Saenz, John I68 Saenz, Martin 24, 5l, 52. 90 Saenz, Richard 29 Holi. Hs, naar Ham? He's gas: helping me study anatomy, uh, wildlife, uh 'ff -mf Stafford, Heather l68 --igiizs' ' ' if . t , P I 0 a if, .1 t iifiri I :,,, Y 'Jr'+"? f i Salazar. Adalberto Illobbyj 24. 64. 65, 66. l35. l40. 239 Salazar, Alma 24 Salazar. Florencio 5l, 52. 53. I44. I80 Salazar. Francisco 3. 5. 24. I I8. l99 Salazar. Hazel 62. I68 Salazar. Helen 24. I99 M at l Mmm i -2 if It 5.5. . Salazar' Katherine wa s 2 1 5 3 g m . z' .ig 1l .!S'i5W " gi f 1 Salazar- Martha I50 M56 . 55 5 s . as 5 ., ,. .. ., Y , .5 f as sw if :,':55:: "'.5 w ..s?' 5 9 5- i f 3SE1525,f5ggy.gg5'?gaf'U Salam, Sandra ss...2Si5s3siQ3sfgs2ggigsi Salazar. Victor I 68 Salcido. Sandra . Sierra. Martha 59. 60 Salcldo. Mr. Andres QAndyj I88. 290. 240 Salcido. Armando 24, 29. 238 Salcido. Esther 24. 30 Salcido. Maria ffvaj 24. 47. I l8. I28 Salcido. Louie 97 Salcido, Rosa 25, I3I. I33 Saldana. Jose Sanchez. Carlos 90 Sanchez. Cesar l6I Sanchez. Daniel 92. l68 Sanchez. Diana 25 Sanchez. Fabian 97. l6l Sanchez. Graciela Sanchez. Jorge Sanchez. Lorenza Sanchez. Marina Sanchez. Sanchez. Myra Paula I68 Sanchez. Roman 69. 93 Sanchez. Rosa Sanchez. Veronica Sandova I. Javier 44. 66.I6I Sandoval, Patricia I68 Sandoval. Rogelio 64. 65. 66. I50 Sandoval. Socorro 25 Santelli. Judy 56. 58. 88. l68 Santillanes. Martha Santoscoy. Patrick 85. I40. 0. 239 Santoyo. Guadalupe Santrellana. Lucy 57. 88, I44. I45. I80 Sarracino. Miss Janett I22. I90. 2l0 Saucedo, Kathryn 37.49. I-I8. I27. I34. l6I Schenck. Mr. james l30. I3I. I90. I94. 2l5 Schiffler. Silvia I6I Schmidt. Pamela 50. II8, I68 e Schwarzbach. Beekyl'5T Scott. Paula 29 Scurry, Donnalynne l68 Seaney. Miss Shirley I37. I9I. 2l5 Serrano. Maria Serrano. Rosa Serrano. Teresa Serratos. Gloria l6l Sifuentes. Eddie Sifuentes. Juana I68 Sigala. Jaime Sigales. Angelica 49. I I8 Sigales. Laura 70. 7l. 73. I44. I80 Sigales. Rosario 50. I68 Sigholz. Richard Silva. Carlos Silva. Danny 35. l68 Silva. Delia 25 Silva. Enrique 25 Silva. Gilbert Silva. Oscar 29. 53. 90. l6l Silva, Raul Silva. Sally Simon. Mr. Ronald U.R.j 245. 200. 295 Simon. Rachel Skelton. Peter Skidmore. Thomas 67. II8. I44. I50 Smith. Daniel 25. 20l. 82. 83 Smith. Monica I50 Smith. Sandra Smith. Mr. Sidney l96. I97 Smith. Wesley 82. 83. I6I Snoddy. Sam I50 Solanki. Manoj 25 Solanki. Rakesh Solis. Jorge 69 Solorzano. Gilberto 25. 5l. 52 Solorzano. Guadalupe Sotelo. Herman 4I. 43. l5l Soto. Jesus 25 Soto. Juan 90. I6I Soto, Leticia Soto. Mario 25. I33 Soto. Martin l5l Soto. Sylvia 3I. 62. 74. II9, l68 Spade, Mary 25 Spivey. Kelly l82 Sprague. Ms. Mary Ann 4I. 43. 84. I95. 2l5 220 Servin. Lucia l68 Seyffert, Fred 29. I6I Shadrick. Druary 25 Shaheen, qus I50 Shamaley. John 90. 9l Short. Laura I68 Showery. Rebecca 25. 207 Sias. Elizabeth 75 Sidranski. Sandra Sidranski. Sara I34 Stanley. Sue 3l. IIS, l3I. l33, l5l Stapleton, Elizabeth Stearns. Mrs. Carmen l32. I95. 2l3 Steinmann, Mr. William Sterling. Grover IGI Sterling. Marie 78. I68 Stewart. Debbie 26 Still. Russell Stockmeyer. Anna I6I Strauss. Karen 80. Sl. I33. l68 Jude! 229 Stuart, Timothy Stubblefield, Misa IGI Swafford, Terri 26, 47 Tabor, John fllradj 26, 203 Tafoya, Antonio 26, 95, 205 TaFoya, Araceli I20, ISI Tafoya, Rogelio 97, I68 Talamantes, Rene Tamez, Ernesto 53, 54, 90, 92, Tamez, Luis 93 Tapia, Agustin Tarin, Eddie ISI 1:ss1w,1 sf ,S-ss1:,1,f-,1 www 11 ,1 ,U ,w,1,,1 .N F we 'sw13fWf1f5fi1'15 A giiglgwglgvy X isinwsw s1 11 15555, ,e1,1,. ,Na :me,m11,f ,sr g. ,I ,1 , ,sm ,11,s,11,111 1.7 ,ea ,,s,m,:s1 bpm 'NFQZ w wi s sg wel., I , M U ,-,sh ., ,, , sbs ,Hs , 4 , U , J -ss we fa t1e,:1:faZfP:kimif,tw1111J:isa,21:s'aff,s2ie1?E::Q:Qim,21:'A15515553525?2Dw?i25u1Wj,s ,Ze ,z,,5.af.,sIb,,.Qw,, ag, ,1g15s1 .e,5.1,s,,,s,,1 I . 230 Jude! ff -f., ifriiifs ?w,i,1ewU 1411,w:g 13, sffsf rg 45,2 va, ,ew,g1ga, .,,, , .f s. , V, , M , , , , , , ,, ,, , , , . . , , , . :sr .11,w:3fw61,fff11, mfs1,i1131,1n':s.:a:w1s2,5., ,:giw1s3wf, ,, www sq ,,p2v2Ir,g1Se- Tavera, Miriam Tennessee, Miguel I98 Tennessee, Norma IGI Terrazas. Tony I68 Terrazas, Mrs. Olga 2I2 Thomas, Leslie I7I, I83 Thompson, Anthony 26, 2 Thomson, Anne 26 Thomson. Stuart I82 Thurton, Carolyn GI, I68 Ticali, Devarah Tirada, Francisco Tiscareno. Jorge Tognaci, Gina Tognaci, Mia Torres, Alejandro 53, ISI Torres, Araceli Torres. Carlos 93 Torres. Cauhtemoc Torres, David 26, 87 Torres, Eduardo Torres, Grace IG9 Torres, James 92 Torres. Joel Torres, Jose Luis 35, I3I 9, 204 Torres, Luis S, 26, 29, 43, 95 Torres, Martih I69 Torres, Mary Torres, Oscar IGI Torres, Patricia 39, I I8 Torres, Raquel Torres, Robert IG9 Torres, Susan l6I Torres, Sylvia 26, 47, I I8 Torres, Victor I6l Tovar, Barbara ISI, 84 Tovar, Barbara IG9 Tovar, Eva 26, I2I Tovar, Mr. Toby 69, 97, I Treio, Jose 90 I Trinidad, Ismael 4G Trinidad, Jessie 68 Trotter, Mrs. ldonna I89 Trujillo, Maria l4I Tyner, Sabrina I40, 236 Uecker, Alan 43, ISI Urias, David I69 Unger, Juliandra 37 3G, I92, I94, 2l3 Valdez, Catherine II, 26, 78, 207 "What do you mean I flunked? I'm a ball pla yerI" Valdez, Esther ISI Valdez, Hugo Valdez, Marissa 26 Valdez, Martha Valdez, Paulette 93, I7I Valdez, Victor ISI n I82 Valdiviez, Leticia 26 Valenzuela, Diana Valenzuela, lsaura IGI Valles, Oscar Valles, Rosa GI, l69 Valverde, Gloria 26, I34 Vargas, Gloria 26, 54, 59, 60 Vargas, lvette Vargas, Victor Vasquez, Beatrice 26, S7 Vasquez, Joe 29. S7 Veale, Arthur IGI Veale, Carlos IG9 Veale, Estella IG9 Vega, Anthony ISI Vega, Elizabeth IGI Vega, Enrique 26, GG, 95. I99, 203 Vega, Frances 27, 84, I28, I33, I9 Vega, Veronica 27 Vega, Victoria 33 Velasco, Anna 63, 75 Velasco, Felipe 27, I I3, I I7 Velasco, Rene II3, II7, IGI Velasquez, Enrique IG9 Velasquez, Gerardo SI, S2, 90 Velasquez, Teresa 3I, II4, I I8, I6 Velasco, Gabriela Vences, Islea Vence, Mario Vences, Patricia Venegas, Tony 45, IG9 Venegas, Victor 25, I99 Verastequi, Raymundo Veytia, Roberto Vickers, Greg 27, lI8, l28 foot- 9, 208 9 Vijil, Robert Villardel, Patrick lG9 Villa, Nara 27, 57, 88, I99 Weeks, Lee West, Mrs. Becky White, Pamela Villagrana. Aurora Villagrana Patricia Villalobos. Elizabeth Villalobos, Roberto Villalobos, Salvador 77, I3I, ISI Widiaya. Jani 82, I69 Widiaya, Martino Wilbanks, David I69 Williams, Mr. Alfredo I94, 2I0 Williams, David I25 Villalva, Herman Villalva, Thomas 46 Villanueva, Laura 27 Villareal, Andres I5I Villareal, Leopoldo I27 Villarrea, Jose Luis l33, I34, I40, I47, 239 Villegas. Luis IGI Wagner. Sean I69 Walker, Melissa 27, 29, 30. I IS, I22 Waters, Porfirio I69 Watts, Maria 75 Weaver, Troy 43. 90 fax, he 1 isfieijgitage, Gxistaiegiiyanez iv sivsffiiihsak P'f'ifi'fif0f his I L s ,ax R 5 , I r , L , ,,,f 4f,1QE.,, , sr izf A Wilson. Luis Winningham, Rebecca I I, 27, 29, IIS, I22 Winslett, Vincent 92 Wiseman. Ranier Wiseman, Roberts Wissleman, Miguel 54, 92, I69 Witterstauter, Robert Witterstauter, Sergio I69 Wolf. Gene 45 Wood, Harris 27, 236, 237 Wood, Mrs. Odessa 80. 8I, I76, I92 Wroblewski, Jeffrey Wroblewski, Renee 27 Yanez, Yanez, Andrew Catherine I3I, I32, I34, I38, l5I aa.. . 7: Sports announcer Dennis Scott munches Yanez, Gugiavg 46, 69, 93 out during Cross-Country's birthday party. Yanez, Ignacio II3, II4, II6 Yanez, Luis Mdrianj 3, 5. 27, 4l, 43. 95, I99. Zogz, Ka,-en 205 zubaa, Luis use Ybarra, Esperanza fHopieQ 27, 47. I22 Zuniga, Johnny Ybarra, Joe I89 Yasikawa, Miyuki 30 Young, Karen Yowell, Bobbie 29, 3-7. 39, I I8, I27 Zamarripa, Irene 27 Zamudio, Irma 27 Zaragosa, Eustolia 27, I22. 203 Zarazua, Ruben I69 Zarzosa, Arturo 97, l5I Zotz, Cynthia 27, I04, 206 Zuniga, Lucina Zuniga, Renne kf19lE,l.3Y fl'?4i5Y?!Y' that fflfg? V252 c L c, ve ijjf3i923 Yell! I M-, , iii' Jude! 237 i 5 Zigi ' 5 E it i Q-3 gl f E ,:,,g ,.,... . 5 4 , -- inf S m 3:3 ag: kgfggs , fi g ig? 1 it Tiifggioggeg igggiimxi' 35 wi w sizzix .QF Www I EH-23532 X X fgfq 5 A I fi'51searM1E..T:f:fwmfiEQ S fiiwew-MEM.,,,gg,.--Q mglmlf gmi,syAf.p,,' - 5-. 2 S' iifiiiawi is is A X 55.19 H uigfia. .3 .Nigga ,f was Q U Kiwi? i fi i ga ki Ea 552 2 . A . , f .:c , ii I 5 , .,,.,:,,l lg j 1, 25 W i gram, za., :Wea E reams . aiiggif ir' 2 M, 1 ggr gx .. :.:: ,.i if gi 5, L? . i E ., E 5 iixvr fl aa , iz .iff fn-ggeiggi , ggfg.35sw?2 5 t 1 a an 1 . M5325 : i , 4 Egg 5553 sg? 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Do you remember when , . . Every- body's older except Harry Abraham! . . . never thought l'd end up with the life I have now Me? l'm up to no good . . . I've traveled the world over but keep coming back to El Paso and then I headed west My son died in Vietnam . . . whatever hap- pened to . . . no school in El Paso has as much or more tradition . . . Peggy! I never thought haven't seen you since graduation thirty years and you in Senior Follies . . . feel like I talked to you yesterday . . . thank goodness for name tags he isn't here . . . we're back home now . . . six children? that last sock hop boy, was I in trouble the next day . .. went straight to the service . . . and in "Never Pass Nebhardt's" class . . . Peachy keen! I haven't heard that . .. we were like brothers . . . it's been so long . . . 234 dosing I ? Q' Nl .sn if 3 'as W va ' Q fa 4' KRW , yyeei .. J . ,c.,, , it A ,gli-V' '95 5 CAbove. far lefty Magdalena Manago entertains her former classmates with a bellydancing rou- tine. fleftj Lilly Soo Hoo talks over things with an old friend. Mrs. Soo Hoo is a member of the Alumni Association. fAbovej After going steady from eighth to twelfth grade, Ana Najera and Charlie Mais got married soon after graduation, Hop rightj Barbara Irby ponders a question. She got married on graduation night. CMiddIe rightj Jack Eaton tells about his present life. He married his high school sweetheart, Ann Wolf, fllottom row right, going from left to right, Jose Dyoub reflects on the years past. Joe Wiley U,W.j Yowell talks about what he has done since gradu- ating from high school. Ray Salazar, former El Paso mayor. Peggy Robertson knows that talking is the main event at reunions. 1 I 1 11 ,yy W :,, ' 3 45. V I 'i Cflasiflg 235 34 E Old Sclzvvl Never Die. . . Stand quietly in the school at night and you can hear the past. Echoes of classes. assemblies and crowded halls of long ago faintly fill the darkness. Because of the work of Ana Mares and the i980 Student Council, EPHS was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in November of I980. The school earned the appointment for its contribution to the history and peo- ple of El Paso. O looks like we're going to be around for awhile both structurally and spiri- tually. Who knows? If we ever return after we're dead and are looking for a place to haunt. we can always hang out here and become our own ghost story. 236 . Elosiug xf' ' wk v get . -, I ' X , G 1' s x,.,- vs. . tr i l i Qlopj The senior section at Homecoming As- sembly. fMiddle leftj The mighty Tiger mascot shows off all of his pride and strength at his debut. fMiddle rightj One day. Harris Wood went crazy on Mr. lawrence's blackboard. Shown from left to right are Mr. Lawrence. Gonzy Garcia. Sara Navarro. Brad. Jackie Finger. Erich Goeldner. The Masked Tiger. the Hobbit and Cesar Alvarado- .flefty Mr. Burton Johnson presents Mrs. Irma Bullard a SIOO check from the school for the Anthony E. Bullard Sickle Cell Anemia Associ- ation. fOpposite page. topj Barry Boetto. Sam Moore. Harris Wood and Keith Pannell were awarded trash detail by Mr. Ag ' re after execut- ing a magnificent air raid on th round below Mr. Simon's room. QBottom lefty Bru eytia and David Huchton are all ready to pl r the masses on Band Initiation Day. fllotto tj David Arroniz "flies through the air with greatest of ease" to try to block a shot again Tres lilly. The shot rolled off the back of the rim. QMiddIeJ Mrs. Berry displays the winning form that helped her and Mrs. Ridley capture first place in the First and Only Charlie Brown Memo- rial Jacks Tournament. 'K been J . . R . i ,Q wwf-' :mr szzsk E., .- uzgai 3 EXYRSB Glasing 237 ,llctrrrs And Zglzfcr Or Hath Hop rightj Willie Nelson in all his glory at the Special Events Center. Hop lefty Salvador San- chez punishes Juan LaPorte with a direct hit dur- ing the WBC Featherweight World Championship Title bout. Sanchez won the match. fAboveJ at the Army Chorus assembly. Charlie Brown asks that oh so often repeated question. "Why does everybody keep pickin' on me?" CMiddIeJ The complete cast of the school play "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." From left to right: Jose Luis Perez as Schroeder. Susan Brennand as Patty. Kel- ley Jenkins as Charlie Brown. Armando Salcido as Linus, Elizabeth Brient as lucy and Paul Ratliff as Snoopy. QBeIowj President Ronald Reagan and President Jose Lopez-Portillo meet at the Cordo- va Bridge for President Reagan's first foreign di- plomatic conference. 238 Hlasiug ,, ,Ya-.YW Qs ,gi xg -5 53 Gretchen Heidel Editor Edward Luian Assistant ,Editor Lysa Agan Fine Artsp Teachers Laura Bradford Sports ' Gene Chavez Classifications. Jaime Chacon Classifications Syliiia Cliacon Organizations Cindy Cdlunga Organizations Organizations Daniel Contreras Classificahions. Terrie Galindo Sports Distinctidris, Seniors Celia Guard hzL.,Jnd.ezi,,,W,,M.llll,,,,,l,,,s.,,,, MM W S' 51 7' wav A- . 'f f W , , , -v ,Q r W QV. 'ff X a ,QM .. HW f1::,u,f- Joe" Pl A okluda an Richard Jett Fine Arts, Profiles. Senior Brags Vicki Joosten lndex Arthur Jordan Seniors Carmen Molinar Distinctions, Classifications Bobby Morales Distinctions. Classifications Ana Perez Photographer Mary Ramos Organizations . Teachers Teresa Ruiz-Velasco Distinctions. Classifications Pat Santoscoy Photographer .lose Villarreal Photographer Bobby Salazar V Phowgraphar, ,, Sabrina Tyner .f Photographers. ,,,.. , ..,,, , gl., . IA so y y ,... ,.,. ,,..,, . . 4 ,Q . ,. ,,,,, . fbi. '15, alas , Ei K K V ff, 1 i V I r , N I l 1 I V Zo we ffm ,limi 5.14 ml Public i E l 'noA or apnllle18 tsadaap Aw 'aaull nok lnotlllm o8e aurgr Suol e Azen auo3 DAVE' plnom l 'sapgsag -ne Olll ll! la! or uels Suguum poo! e 108 Il lseal IE 'noA llllm 'punoi8 Dill uo palp OAEII plnom ll nok IIIOIIIQM 'rl 10 llel pue 'smoqssona 'Sulns Jql iq plnom ll,eA 'atpl e uaaq PRI' alooq Slql ll 'nail a1,noA Allan MOI-II N014 'HPD PU' "WPI "P"l'l0d 'IW 'NCI 'S'd WWW' 's.moA lle 5.1! pue 'll apetu noA asneaaq QOOQ Jlll Aolua noA adoil l -ul pallg oqm noA 10 lsai Blll Ol pue elonb moA passed oqm noA lo IIE or S1llPll1 -aiaql nam oqm asoql .iq poolsxapun aq Aluo ue: ll 'auasqo pue ul alll Ol Sugqlaunos Alleaa sem uollemls alqenallaqun 'aldoad lsoiu aol lensnun 'alqeuleldxaun aloqm alll ' ' ' llam mgl :aqlo alll 'HOOQIEZA alll uo Sul -HIOM luads auull alll 10 M05 llasktu paAolua l lnq 'Aem auues Bill laal lluop noA 10 lle ams Ill.. 'leur alelaasdde l pue CSDBUHPEBP moA q3no.ul1 la3 Ol uoglealpap lo lol e 100l ll -ll Q0 lno pallnd noi moqawos lnq 'saurll lsoua ul8l: luam 8ulqloN 'alel -oaorp IOII to 'iaddad -sq 'aalloa illgm .l8lll380l llasanok d33l1 Ol An pue satugl leaalias A.r8uml o3 'alel Aels 'aullpeap e sol ilsnd Ol PEI' noA leql 133M llail auo 1323. I2 peq noA 10 lly 'SPUBHBBM uo sawn 10 slol pue looqas :alle satullawos 'ssela Sulmp Suplaom 3ll,llM ll,eA unoxl aldoad lnoqe pauneal l leilm Sugslidxns s,1l -lsmq aneq plnoa l leql noA 10 pnosd os sem l samull :aqlo asain aiaql lnq 131301 e q8no.ull tool Au: lnd Ol paluem l paleusml os lo3 l uaqm samugl alan anaill -noi lo lle illlm PBHIOM aneq Ol poo8 sem ll 'lllalll mo: -Aouuol aullpeaq 'mou lllll allm llam se lllsllll l 'llerg zeaq 240 We Live On. . . Dear General Public. I know there aren't as many color pages this year as you have been used to in the past. We would have enioyed working with a lot of good color. But, inflation has hit the journalism field as well as the rest of the world. You may have also noticed there are fewer pages. That was to force us to tighten up the book and use the pages rnore efficiently. We all worked hard and I think most of us had a good time while doing it. too. I can't declare this yearbook a wonderful one-that is up to you to decide. After living life of. by. and for the yearbook for the better part of a year. my judgement would be very biased. Our thanks go to Luis Villalobos and Julio Luian of The El Paso Times. Reinhart's Furniture. Cowboy Country Club. Colonial Terrace. Mick lynch. Mr. and Mrs. .lack Eaton. Magdalena Manago. Mr. Burton Johnson. Mrs. Judith Ridley. Andy Salcido. Coach Jackson. Santa Teresa Country Club. Dr. Alben Unger. Alan Doby and Sue Aguilar of Pop- ular Photography. the Southwest Section of the El Paso Public library. Four Centuries '8l Associ- ation. and Mike "Mikey" Higgins of .losten's American Yearbook Company. Our adviser. An- gelo Pokluda. receives special recognition and thanks for keeping the whole operation together and bailing us out when we ran into a seemingly unconquerable obstacle and we could only seem to trip over our own feet. I think he did a terrific iob. Thanks. Daddyl Q Gretchen Heidel. Editor 1 w 4 W N W 1 i 1 I I I W i w 1 3 1 1 1 I 4

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