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-bw OIL A M Nuff VN K!-xjkx., lf 5 Wil Q 1 , -' P S 'fin X K N C, AX ' x 'A CA fl - Q' bg ' C R' H ff-'W , . ' 1:1 A J X" ri -2 l 3 9 ,rf f I M ' , ,4.-+-'- 13' 1 . M JN iff? ,ff cy . ,-. ' c r' ' - , ' Y - V x C-cf- - , , A Q- 3:0 f g , , I ,TM E, f' ' fx. , Mfg N 'L ' tx ' l fr Q. , 4 fx -F 5 X- , - L31 "fx I , A. 44- "H . , " 'A K F '. .L f 2 L. " O I 'x M' ' A- Uv v ' ' Q , ' T" . 1 1 . Nj " "2 -' . , f i T A ' . lf ,U ,I ,N 1 , I ,, 1 ' ' . . V ' ,, " g , : W A ,ff x .Iv ' xx ,., Z '44 I fz'! I. ' - I 'rf " A I , . . A ' , f cb Q ..,..- ,. f -A f 7, F ' f C, V- , . -.. ' . ,M I . v . -rf ,I X ,.. 5 I2-451. rv-sal-f E163 Cnaoxfi omvgexg Xkqxb SQMNNQPQQQ 'JN-.+U,,,,q5-xg 696' OWS NNN-'QQ X-VXLPCJE. Ng kgs- E M'NlXQQW kAM "'N""W" f:?QQm- 'Nga XQLYAQT. xi CWS RQMLQKTSLX MUSE , 3.-Lua. ,. - X '19 Ash Q mkjx XX WX XEESSQQLXQQL- as Q I. --, .F , , A 'X XNXQ 56 'Ax XT bQLxwlKQ SQLVSQXGW Aix A55-XS? XQtg.'XQQjX1vX.TQQ' QQ E Am law s Qgwm WQ jk Bqgi wks aww: EEK ixssehkwy Ukafxlskq? BEEKMX Q f fj 2 2 wffxwx Wgkdww aiwiiifff ' 2 ' KQSXF- . Pviyfh eg ,Tiff- Q 2 M3 6 5 Jw Wg 6 5 ix? 21 5 ? . 5 , .5 2 25 Ziff? ffif Mff y 990 3? way 54 J' 42 3 we gb Q 5 E dbfc ' 0 ova? +fNAf2ll'iQ0 ef Q M 5 f 3 gi N? ,Q ij f,i20iQViLi5fgiil3 Q 6 RQ E 1 5 f7 A 06,80 XJ' coqsolk Jag x-K dw fb CA -QN 0 g' 1 I ' A 4 . 0 ss , C X- Q 0 ,g E' "' ' ' ' U1 ,-fx? 04 F GOA ol- wk-X y Q' -rf 35 0 fb -om fb X O C' 5 Di ' - A -0 kk f .P px 5' w W KM 5 '55 ig I 'dm P0 " I L A fo oo min 1:30 i X ' 0 of ' ' I j ' ' pq a"' J' oxh OV J AC,-fx' X D Ago val' Roca 1 H ' , xl,-' KE' Ty 'Q ix cclox 'U O xgbc xox ,J ISL cf Q-Q n Q ,ofnoQ,,-Q u -0 so 555326 fx- Q5 lxQJwUfMUffLJ07JcJ44Jl4M,Q:c7L f 'MOL nf,Q.Q,!M eff? 999 fo Cwwg -Aliwfi ,jbifjc pw jww W3 wif MM www I LLULMQ, wujflkfm MMQQM5, W 'DO wmokfb - - MMMQJMLLG-fi!-'wf1ZiLwmLwHgn WWWMMMMQQ-Q MmwMcw gk KW VLKAMMMALUQQVLWA NMZQMQ P250 Wiw 'ff ff' 7 - is student life 10-29 trends 12-13 homecoming 14-15 spring fiesta 16-19 most F," VA 1 beutiful 20-21 military court 22-23 student government 24-27 all e.p.h.s. 28-29 1.-5 my -cfv student life 10-29 trends 12-13 homecoming 14-15 spring fiesta 16-19 most " -' - 4 -" beautiful 20-21 military court 22-23 student government 24-27 all e.p.h.s. 28-29 'xx 1 student life 10-29 trends 12-13 homecoming 14-15 spring fiesta I .g ...E seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors j .5 - '- 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 A ' seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors , T? I 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 'if seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors 30-55 seniors -E 'f"f?fif i Q'-aj sports 56-119 spirit 58-59 cheerleaders 60-65 basketball 66-77 volleyball 78-81 L tennis 82-85 football 86-93 cross country 94-97 gymnastics 98-99 baseball 100- ' - , j 103 track 104-111 wrestling 112-113 swimming 114-115 golf 116 soccer 117 rf '- girls major sports 118-119 sports 56-119 spirit 58-59 cheerleaders 60-65 basket- i , l ball 66-77 volleyball 78-81 tennis 82-85 football 86-93 cross ., ,g , ,.f-' ' 131'- Afifg-Q . Q clubs 120-141 audio visual 122 girls chorus 123 senior o.e.a. 124-125 junior it Q '53 'Q' 4 -of - .N If 'X ,,,,,.,........-.2 YM! 5 . f El! E if r' 2 , I K -1. I 1 cl paso o.e.a. 126-127 f.h.a. 128 lettermans 129 art honor society 130-131 french 132 latin 133 n.j.h.s. 134 n.s.h.s. 135 f.t.a. 136 speech and drama 137 kalavala 138 orchises 139 general science 140 medical science 141 clubs 120-141 audio visual 122 girls chorus 123 senior o.e.a. 124-125 junior o.e.a. academics 142-185 students who leave school 144-145 who's who 146-147 math 148-149 science 150-151 government 152-153 english 154-155 foreign language 156-157 art 158-159 vocational 160-161 band 162-163 orchestra 164- 167 d.e. 168-175 choir 176-179 spur staff 180-182 tatler 183-184 photogra- phers 185 r.o.t.c. 186-191 academics-142-185 students who leave school underclassmen 192-241 administration 194-195 faculty 196-203 juniors 206- 215 sophomores 216-225 freshmen 226-235 eighth 236-241 underclassmen 192-241 administration 194-195 faculty 196-203 juniors 206-215 sophomores 216-225 freshmen 226-235 eighth 236-241 underclassmen 192-241 admin- istration 194-195 facult 196-203 'uniors 206-215 so homores 216 high School loCDCD horth virginia cl paso texas 79905 ,2- n. K - J-: 3' K ff -Ba-Wai ,W xv. 'ik' f - r.g'1 -'2 ' A v f-Zak X., I '1!?fv'a a. " ,S:13'11L4f . 'LY All ' ' ,5.-giving? ,959 ' fgpmgg -5 ' Q '.4 '-4:1-1' 'wah '- z fl -L 5 . 4 an P ' ' -ff a 4 ' A y 1 , r JL 3 ,.,f" 1 ' 4' 1 3- 1- L 1 3 r 4 -. s 'V . g, f If .. f ff V sh "eff . ..-.5 1 -,-3 511-1-,N " - - - ' 'Q' 514 ,x,j5gf.J:2 ,Quik ' I X - 1 it , ff- I , .,' if nf. Q Lf, ' JJ 553'-1' 'L x ,M fgm--Q31 fx4,:giQ ,, ,. ,. fa gap f-.1-'v,,:, 1 if-Q t.,.:i, E315 fvfiskfvfifg-5 5' ' .kiwi W 5.5 ,354 .Qgpf 'fFg.x.ff. , J , J w-nik, fx- wsfggf Hi l l M4 I Q.. 1 1 1 I .. .3 a .4 5' 1 , .V . .. ?f4E? 1:17 . ly.: Y I ,lf 5-'2 A ,f f g -W -' - ill ' I V ' z "" 1 ,gg M Q94 I '4. ii , 3 .1 EK' M W, 5 , ' . ' ' ' 1 1 Q , V: c fi L 1 me ': ' M -2 1 p ,. Q ,, Q f ' 5 . V Q .W . -ff' f - ' 1 ' ' www f ' 129. ' - xii V" l i 'f E . ' ,. gfmgkgrifsgg 25,-1' ' Z . iff " 7,7 f gir 4 ' X, . 3 Q L -. 1 M, W . . V . 4 X fi 1, V- - me . 1S'V39F?? A .A 2 3, ' mga Q22 . RH ' T ' .x.,. , 'M , .. f--ffl ' ' e .ag .. Mig? mia. 1 -N V 29195 Tlfiifi Y wen. 5 2 I ' 2 .fig f J in M... Q6 f ? frzi' f f'1M ""' k .. af VI, - W 4, . , .W-. .,4.m,,.1,. X 'ind 411 ' W ', A f. - , 4- pifgdgik, M151 Nr ' s 4 n 5 f- - 1 A " .M L4 Y. . . . . M 1. K wr w, .1 .,,, J 'nv' .9 i- :H ff-f K . f Vf f If ', I fiff. m"Ti'!N' L-i!.:":Q-ff' - ' ' 'E an 7 11 iw? rs. . A '1'1"' Hifi Eff' 5 , ., .- , 1-ws' ws " ' ' , 1 1 . ' 1 f-fi LW ' I -. '1- . , '11-53-f5..., 1,4 ,-Z ,Qs 15' "'iQ"it I'Ll2!-G, A . Q ,W 'si 1 1. 4 i . mi 1" ' 7 YI V 4, ' zu V , 1 4 1,5 Egg? ' V + - " " 9 'T x M Y ' V Y V ,X-,g,,..,ws, ,31g::??-1. n 3' . ..,, whiff? , .. - r .. Z 4' -Q fl' . X mx ' ' A-Q U: xg X. Q, " "fi ' . . "I: 'E' -1 V-' ' -. , -' 2 E H -" - - ' . -f'fwf'.,,y, - f X .EL "-1.41 L fl f' ' 4 ,. - . gq -. - MI f ,mp 129.13 W fi. - sg 1. JJ. -sqfii iff ii.l - --. 14- . . . :sl 3 , Y t -'fr' ,- , H N 5533 ' ' . L.. 1 ."3J',w'fEfif1T.J:, ' ' ' 'HQEUZQQH-5gZK'5fJ':'fg ' " 'WA .1 . ,. . '15 'S' .,-- - 1'-I 4 t 1 , ax, wa.Mf-rf . -. -sm. I x ""? -4-Nm, V -.-,-4-Q MW "" '---W. ,,,5W-an --,-w .... -tithe- ---,, 1, X XM M 5 5 '- """'----,Q 'X ' :Q ' Q"""'-L. LM Sf' ,ir .. -'W' -4 - -8- tf V A A nm' H Ml nag,-Q... , , -F su -14.-K .vi 4 1 iff x L 9 A k 1 El Paso students are unique at having fun during free time. Nancy Villa finds it amusing when Louis Flores gives her a gentle shove onto the painted grass. She slowly gets up and realizes she is covered with paint. only way of having fun while visiting Stonehedge in Eng- land. . Sergio Montoya spends his free time playing tennis. The ever popular 4-wheeling is engaged by many EPHS E , 1 . g . ., fm- ' :X :fi, - . fgfliif if A ., lux:-E ik E Mfg' 'flu 1 'wif J'Y3:w'rYi vulxiih, ' 1 1' it N"f"f 'fit' W - Efxiilh-l ff' 1 ' f .. . ' f - ",L fag, O peel ng 5. 2 . ' 'iitlaz' " W2 shown is Bobby Srg?iith's' pride and joy. lt's a '77 Chevy 4 Wheeler equgipped pension Kit, 400 V-8 e gine, built in roll bar andalarms system. 3 5 i Inside, the blazer Sis air- with trucks, blaz- The blazer conditioned with a QB and AM-FM tape deck. 1 shorty N"o fi 1 ,M t is E .W VY 1 . dx... . -.X NR bm 3 Qiuwyyg if ' lg., . ' I .A 5 - . 11.1. ' we , , U . 1 :fgf , , JFK?-., W s 40 YM? Q 'wi r vsif A , '1 I . ..,,. -Wg V . Rf? i v 'i-i ' twill' W , ,:g,zvMl, 7 i with a Rough Countr' Sus-,in g - i , ggfiii . ia,- ,wp 5 ' lll ' ' A ' JJJJM , Ji, ,A J-lliri l W if-.12 New My lil? Q my A Ufwfgtot if N aff pow' 3? .S W we Xe' k,X U" , x Nfl. is K" 4- 6 Opening HT f'llGHT... 1 X Gw 'fb v, D 'M V K R 'S Lfl, ,487 fr 1 SIiY"gag-'51 - T 'i ' 5? L ,,l,Q , , ,A. ' .5154 .J fi' " L. ,fx ,. Q 9 Q ,fr As the sun sets on El Paso High School students, the nighttime spirits rise and become higher throughout the night. Whether the party is at the levee, as shown at this igma bonfire held e rly in the fall, or at the ark, or even in your own b ck yard, you can be as ured that at least a portion of the student body i indulging at their favorit party. The concerts i EI Paso have included almost all the big rock, j zz, and country stars. A smaller nam s have come to the g iseum or civic center back-up' and a year to glatdl' L ll , ' law: I I-if g 5 ig, ix: Q ' 1' E f f 0 5 l . if If Opening 7 find themselves the top billing attraction. Rush, shown in the lower left corner, is -the typical example. The first time around they backed up Iron Butterfly, the second time with Ted Nugent, and even though the radio spots claimed Nugent to be the major attraction, Rush made Nugent look bad. The third time Rush finally made the number one spot with Max Webster and U.F.O. backing them up. Mesa Beverage Depot. shown to the left, was the nighttime spot for over-18 students on a Friday night. I 'Q rl- i i I fr 1, I I , Q Q Q l ' li Q Q 0 intl Wd! or 'fgy - 2 js. x PAQ' A-9 Q, 1 i vkaqii . M 5' U v 2 . 'Z Q' V ,-' Y h'?l,Qg' . ,f x I Q 315,115 ,ffl , ,, U f""f-a.- 'J -. 5 A . f!l'4""!- fr m 4 L ' is .v 2se usa Mm, o ve ot er P Q A P"-p,v 1 ' " J 9 if gl 'L' wWQ'WJ3Hf?Q gQ S51 , Av . A , Qkvv L WNW o ,, . , 'V -1"' : - 1, 5 b 0 ' Q - 1, P ,Q V fue: M E, I Q ' A -,Wgm5!IqQQqi P2 Ia V' I6 .6 . reflec E J P - A H119 .W 'f p 'L Q or r -, s 1 I A ' fs? S3 9 ,E ,K an ff gf. X9 43, .ff 3 D 13 3 V 1 a .e 4 u. ,X 5 A JP U' x s -4, , 0' f www to Q5 'Bw ,immy Wade demonstrates skill, concen- ration and determination in the ping- iong tournament during homecoming week. Zharles Arroyo was caught engaged in a ess publicized, run-of-the-mill activity in he life ofa student. ,ike many other students during their 'ee time, Tony De La Rosa skateboards in a paved wave. .flabbergasted Racy Haddad is hoisted ty aggressive Irene Vargas. fy W W it NL tR3iElfJllD?S5 TQHHSGEHD illlillll his year saw a wide array of fashions ranging from tie-up shoes to the popu- lar hair combs. Other signs of the times included vibrum soles, cowl-neck sweat- ers, initial glasses, tooseball, backgammon, and frozen yogurt. Quite a few of our boys wore boots with tie-like vibram soles. A number of girls brandished cowl-neck sweaters. These sweat- ers, characterized by oversized collars, came in a variety of colors and styles which made them very compatible and easy to match. 'Q r,Af,,.,f A ,. TU 'Time Stands Still For No Man' Some girls wore the sweaters with dressy pantsuits or jeans and tie-up shoes known as 'espa- drilles.' Espadrilles are cloth shoes with long colorful laces which wrap around the ankles and calves. Recreation-wise, three old but popular games experienced a re- surgence this year. Skateboard- ing, fooseball, and backgammon proved once again to be popular comebacks for high school stu- dents. Trends 13 one-Nancy Villa wearing a cowl neck sweater. two-a vibram soled boot three- the popular comb four-tie-up shoes five- Johnny Kolster playing fooseball. six- Becky Schwarzbach concentrates on a backgammon game. seven-Becky Show- ery devours a scoop of frozen yogurt. l --W. 7222 i Y b ,. lg"-.9 '+ 1 , ' ' -'e' .tg , , , .x '-v ff" 'Y 'E fx , Q . 'N if -f as M - r re. if d ,nw- ' ' " 'my -Q J' Al- 'W-x 14 Homecoming omecomiq Aves delible emonks K eing chosen homecoming queen was very rewarding because there are so many seniors girls who were just as qualified as I am. I feel greatly honored by this privilege,' said Homecoming Queen, Laura Baca. Laura and lady-in-waiting, Melanie Rob- berts, along with the classification duch- esses and sweethearts were all presented at the morning assembly held October 21 The 61st homecoming festivities were carefully planned by homecoming com- mittee chairman Karen Tovar. Student Council Members adorned the gym and halls in orange and black creating a fes- tive motiff. The year's Outstanding Ex was Mr. Toby Tovar owner of Tovar's Flower Shop and a graduate of the class of 1928. The week of homecoming was one of true tiger spirit as alumni participated in ping- pong games, softball games and various other activities that were scheduled. one-B-team Sweetheart, Pearl Molinar two-Eighth Grade Sweetheart, Terry Barragan three-Freshmen Sweetheart, Brenda Berryhill four-Outstanding Ex, Mr. Toby Tovar five-Principal Burton Johnson crowning Queen Laura Baca at the morning assem- bly. six-Homecoming Court: lrma Cardenas, 8th grade duchessq Hellen Salazar, 9th grade duchessg Alicia Calderon, 10th grade duchessg Laurie Vene- gas, 11th grade duchess: Aurora Dominguez, 12th grade duchessg Melanie Robberts, lady-in-waiting: Laura Baca, homecoming queen. seven-The lighted E illuminates Jones Stadium. eight- The five squads of cheerleaders perform at the Eve of the E. M I in if ldxqwlir 16 Spring Fiesta .. I ff: .Xgaee iw' 'F 'SJ I 5 , s A Q. I .4 'P -Msg ' F52 en years ago when I was a child in the Spring Fiesta Court, I never dreamt that I would someday be be- stowed such a momentous honor," said the 32nd Spring Fiesta Queen, Melanie Roberts. Honored as lady-in-waiting was, Annette de la Torre who felt, 'a deeper warmth for EHS,' after she was chosen. The traditional six princesses chosen by the student body were homecoming queen, Laura Baca, majorette, Racy Haddad and varsity cheerleaders, Becky Espinosa, Linda Jordan, Andrea Plaza and Lettie Villarreal The Fiesta Court was presented at the Civic Center on April lst. The theme of the beauti- ful pageant was, El Ciro. Chosen from a field of 15 finalists the princesses are: seated, Lettie Villarreal, Andrea Plaza, Racy Haddad. standing, Linda Jordan, Laura Baca and Becky Espin- osa. Spring Fiesta 17 UEEN MEIANIE I 18 Spring Fiesta V? I klt lf- AY" I4 Sandra Spring Fiesta 19 'l Feel Respected By My Classmates Because They Chose Me To Represent Them." Sandra Saucedo Five Fine Lodieg ive attractive girls were cho- sen by thier classmates to represent them at the annual Spring Fiesta. Being chosen duchess is a very prestigious honor as only one girl from each classification is selected. Karen Tovar was the seniors choice while Sandra Saucedo and sister Marcella were elect- ed by the junior and sopho- more classes. Jana Christian was honored as the Freshmen duchess while Terry Barragan was the eighth-graders' choice. 20 Most Beautiful This year's "Most BeautifuI" pag- eant featured a bevy of beauties that would make any shiek proud to have as his harem. The twenty-two finalists who graced the newly-remodeled auditorium, were presented by XEROK's, "Mad Mexican," Rich- ard Ramirez. The annual pageant was spon- sored by the orchestra, using the theme "You Light Up My Life." Entertainment was provided by the advanced modern dancers and stage band. Contestants modeled three outfits: a school dress, a pantsuit, and a formal evening gown. Judges kept their eyes out for poise, appearance and natural beauty. From twenty-two finalists, ten semi-finalists were chosen. From there, the second runner-up, first runner-up and most Beautiful were announced. Emily Blaugrund, chosen Most Beautiful, was very active during her high school years. Emily participated in such activi- ties as editor of the yearbook, golf team, Teen Involvement, Student Advisory and NJHS. She was also chosen Basketball Sweetheart and sophomore Spring Fiesta duchess. Sandra Saucedo was se- lected as first runner-up. Sandra was active in the French Club, FHA, Speech and Theater Arts So- ciety, president of girls' choir, ju- nior class treasurer and junior Spring Fiesta duchess Racy Had- dad was involved in varsity choir and was a Student Council pro- gram manager, majorette and Spring Fiesta princess. The ten finalists were, Emily Blau- grund, Lauri Venegas, Tina Zun- iga, Liz Zubiate, Marcella Sau- cedo, Cindy Avila, Andrea Plaza, Racy Haddad, Ginny Kerr and Sandra Saucedo, Judges for the gala event were Miss Otilia Caire, 1977 Fiesta De Las Flores Queen, Blanca Garcia, art teacher at Za- valag Janda Ramos, hair dresser at the Mane Event: Shirley Staen, modern dance teacher at Corona- do and David Cohen, Student Ac- tivities Director at Coronado. Most Beautiful 21 Emily SHHQS BHQHTQQT Ei.. 22 Military Court Queen Liz Enlightens Military Ball , ow, I can't believe it!" commented Elizabeth Juarez when she was informed that she would reign as Military Queen. The annual Military Ball was held in March as Queen Elizabeth and her royal court reigned over the beautiful ex- travaganza. The court consisted of Queen, Elizabeth Juarezg Lady-in Wait- ing, Lupe Reyes: Senior Prin- cess, Cindee Aguilarg Junior Princess, Patricia Garciag Sophomore Princess, Ruth Guzman: and Freshman Prin- cess, Thelma Badillo. Also hon- ored on court were Drill Team Sweetheart Maria Ramirez, and Rifle Team Sweetheart, Rosie Perez. The girls were selected by ca- dets inthe ROTC program who voted by secret ballot. Queen Elizabeth, a senior, was in the girls drill team, officers club, and was Public Informa- tion Officer for the battalion. Military Court 23 one-Queen Elizabeth Juarez and Lady-in- Waiting Lupe Reyes. two-Queen Liz from the House of Juarez reigns as Military Queen. three-Drill Team Sweetheart, Luz Ramirez. four-Rifle Team Sweetheart. Rosie Perez. five-front row-Queen Liz Juarez and Lady-in-Waiting, Lupe Reyes, back row- senior princess, Cindee Aguif larg junior princess, Patricia Garcia: sophomore princess, Ruth Guzman, and freshman princess, Thelma Badillo, 1 X W 1 -I 24 Student Government SENATGSDIQS 'Through Student Council I have learned to care more about EPHS' Rosie Campos 6 y responsibility assenator is to serve the school as best as I can,' said spirit commit- tee chairman Cindy Jaques. A new committee system was established in order to organize various projects held throughout the year. Every senator was re- quired to take part in a committee. Committee chairpersons were Sherri Uecker, service com- mittee, Carlos Veytia, fund raising committeeg Lettie Viliareal, teacher apprecitation commit- tee: Martha Cardenas, newcomer committeeg and Karen Tovar homecoming committee. In the past, varsity cheerleaders were official members of the House of Represenatives but this year, the cheerleaders became senators. "lt is better that cheerleaders are now sena- tors because they do so much for the school,' said varsity cheerleader Linda Jordan. The senators' tenure of office ended at the end of second quarter. front row- Becky Gavaldon, Rosie Campos, Gloria Vargas, Suzie Cuaron, David Licon, and Dino Chiechi second row- Ginny Kerr, Monica Rivera, Marcella Saucedo, Yvianna Aguilera, Shiela Kandel, Kelly Caruthers, Cindy Barron,and Carlos Veytia third row-Cindy Jaques, Christy Garcia, Shel' ly Carr, K.C. Lerner, Annette Cordova, Birdie Gill, Brian Maddux, and Ben Gonzalez back row-Becky Espinosa, An- nette de la Torre, Linda Jordan, Andrea Plaza, Bobby Ne- varez, Christine Bostick, Aurora Dominguez, Karen Tovar, Lettie Viliareal, and Martha Cardenas, CQ? HH'fKi4ivE and , qw-nf 1 if xx M 1 Swwf? faq, eu ff '3 r Vice-President Tuffy Cleveland f mt' 1 ,, .-4-nv! O v Q' 9 'V ,,. ..-L , V04 .' uh 'r ,lk Q E1 Lfig Q ' -,Q 5 .,, ,,, ' .. f- 4- Q - , V 4q'Ff:.l' ' . .-- fi it .9 4 Q 77-78 Student Council Offlcers Q1 -'W' . .x,x,. l " Gfficers Spearhead A Successful Year tudent Council had its most active year, sponsoring more pro- jects and activities than ever be- fore. Heading Student Council were officers Danny Malone, presidentg Tuffy Cleveland, vice- presidentg Trisha Pitchford. sec- retary: Valerie Gillett, treasurer: Sylvia Ortiz and Racy Haddad program managers. i Officers started out the year by attending a convention in Austin, Texas. While there, they attended several workshops where they learned new skills and ideas in- tended to help them promote and stimulate Student Council. This year officers met before each regular Student Council meeting with committee chair- men to plan out meetings and dis- cuss various projects such as homecoming, fund-raising, spirit. service and twirp week. Night meetings were also held in which officers, cheerleaders and other interested persons planned out pep assemblies and various pro- jects to encourage spirit. For the first time, there were five standing committees. They were headed by chairpersons Karen Tovar, Lettie Villarreal, Sherri Uecker, Carlos Veytia, Cindy Jac- ..4vt" ' ' - V ques and Martha Cardenas. This year's Student Council was responsible for opening the new walkway to the upper parking lot making it a lot easier for students to reach their cars. They also sold Tiger decals, sponsored weekly skating parties, and other activi- ties such as Twirp week and Homecoming. Members also made a victory flag for the foot- ball games. During Homecoming week, a new tradition entitled 'Eve of the E' was established. The result was a beautiful night attended by highly spirited stu- dents. . , vis' n:3 of Cd gavgf Qs ill" 0 I o I I "" lf I 1 . T1'.4..llI1ll I 'fs- sl i i 92 C 1 G Dlurilbus, uo Student Council President, Danny Malone was chosen all EPHS boy because of his contributions to the school. He was also a senator for two years and vice-president during his junior year. He partici- pated in ESSA, was selected to Who's Who and received the Opti- mist Youth Appreciation Award. If MQnq,Tw0D All E.P.H.S. 29 Cindy Jaques was the teacher's choice for all EPHS girl. The sen- ior class president felt she was chosen because of her interest in school activities. Cindy was also a Student Council senator, senior favorite, a member of SNHS, ESSA, and Teen Involvement. C IYICILI 30 EIXIICDR as M - W I fl 0 fa f S is 2 " Mv'??i'Nzfi-H wmv, .4 .M X ,J 31 -f' i 'i Arthur Muela pours on the ole charm while Racy Haddad seems in- terested in something else. Kathy Malooly is having trouble get- ting a point across to George Veytia. Chuck Hanks receives a taste of his own medicine when he falls at the weekly roller skating parties. Rodney Marcee reads up on his fa- vorite subject. 32 Seniors v. f V f .,'-. egrfg ' -fee-5 " 55, , ","' X spa? ' g ' 1' " ,.. N F , my . --iv -,,u-- f -,."f: QU: 4 xl , .sy .- f t- " ' , . .gtifig Being such a small graduating class had its advantages as senior class president Cindy Jacques noted: "The class of '78 is very close and the seniors became more involved in school activi- ties." Year-round poster parties for var- ious occasions, along with skating parties, kept the senior spirit powerful. Keeping with tradition, the senior trip was a great suc- cess at Six Flags over Texas. I 4' . .qw Q ..- J . N, X, 'Q 5555i - 4 - ' N if Na e, 1 .Q . X, .nxftrg -am 'ff' 'P' .4- v-1' Q0 an' e fn r L ' n tu 4',f, as Q rt a"a vii .- 4: 0' ' v if No x ..I . 4 in lk, ,H A , , Cindy Leads X Class Of 319 I J J ' 3 --4 P , 1 Q' Wg 'L' Seniors 33 'VVQQHH3' P41 J 'Ne-xr 4. .1,,, S, VW' 'Q- 34 Seniors Favs Spread Fr endsnip 'fw -'wwf Senior Favorite Cindy Jacques gives Mr. John Doran's "bug" the treatment. opposite page - senior favorites Cindy Jac- ques and Bobby Nevarez. N wx, K X' f 1 gif, X If A ' H- i , x .- 's I7 A 93 7 .f , if Q- . ' nj V . V2 . - xv- 'A 'Em .z-KJ, . , A in .Tl ' .f i-it RT f'1iwq5Sv:."l'ff:.l . N ye.. '-,' "a' ft, ' '-v. ' . K -rf - V, .v 'Y V -:. I P. ,- 1:-:Jr vim Vw ,IU V i 4 l.z??.Aii.",-v Yfi 1, Ulf. 4 .gan g Xi,-'Sri 1 as --m'.":m of if mf , f- 11.9. ye- -, M-as 1. nf 451,11 - .. 'I ' .L W .ff X . . :il H " wr 3 " . .it v Seniors 35 The senior class of '78 elected Bobby Nevarez and Cindy Jac- ques as senior favorites. Cindy was in many extra curricular ac- tivities such as being the senior class presidentg a member of ESAA committee, Senior National Honor Society and Teen Involve- ment. Cindy's favorite hobbies are reading and traveling. Several of Bobby's activities in- cluded Teen lnvolvement and ESAA committee. He was an ac- tive Senior Senator of Student Council. Bobby's favorite subjects were English and Math. if z.. ' ' ' 36 Seniors M . , , tj? ff'- ,paul if H Sparks Up Spirit 38 Seniors East lVleets West Chiemi Yoshizawa was our foreign exchange student this year. She is from Kawasaki, Japan. Chiemi arrived in El Paso on August 15. A difference Chiemi noticed was the school's dress and behavior code. ln Japan, she explained, boys and girls wear uniforms to school and have very rigid hair style rules. During class there is no talking because "There is no time for talking!" Chiemi's favorite sport is basket- ball and she loves American food, especially steak. 'Q . , ft 1 ! 1 A X sf.f..F1. ' S ' V ievy. : ." -s fi I' . In ' J First experiences happen every day espe- cially for foreign exchange student Chiemi Yoshlzawa while she skates with the help OJ of Mr. John Doran. Opposite Page- George Veytia and Lisa McAlmon pose on a fountain in Amster- dam at the Hague during the summer Eu- ropean trip. all Q :ggi ,:5:.:, I . . I T, '1 afar. 1 Seniors 39 It began June 21 when thirty-four people from Mr. John Doran's Foreign Study League boarded the specially chartered plane to London's Gatwick Airport. Students traveled to England, Amsterdam, France, Germany, Austria, and Rome. Excitement overcame the group as they saw the ski jump of the Winter Olym- pics at Innsbruck. Transportation varied all through the trip as students traveled the seas by ship, covered beautiful lands by bus and train and flew a total of over fifteen thousand miles. 40 Seniors Ring In The Year V I msg Seniors 41 Tradition swept our school once again as seniors' minds became preoccupied with thoughts of pur- chasing senior rings. Rings came in a variety of styles, shapes, stone colors and metals. Prices for platrium started at 35 dollars and rose proportionately for white and yellow gold into the hundred dollar range. Stones came in a rainbow of col- ors and various cuts including fac- et, rainbow and sunburstl Students had a choice in deter- mining what was engraved in the side panels of their rings. Among the choices available were athle- tic designs such as a football or a basketballg first names: picture of the schoolg and achievement symbols such as ROTC, NJHS, etc. 42 Seniors Seniors ,C Graduation: A New Beginning 1 'My senior year was filled with good times and happy memories! -Aurora Dominguez 44 Seniors Seniors Fight For lndividualit Y 'Al hi Gia...wn ,pa Wrestling captain Moses Centeno has been wrestling for two years. Asked how he felt toward wres- tling, Moses answered, "lt's the best sport around the school." Their first take-down match was held November 27 and district competition started two weeks latter. Since the beginning of the season, wrestling coach Jesus Al- varez was impressed with Moses' work as well as with his attitude toward wrestling. "He got better every day," commented coach Alvarez. Moses does not intend to pursue wrestling professionally but hopes to join a free-style wrestling club upon graduation. Moses feels the personal satisfac- tion of wrestling comes when the referee raises his arm and pro- nounces him the winner. According to Moses, wrestling of- fers him great satisfaction be- cause it is an individual sport and victory is his own. vs..,.,,- pw T' Left-Moses Centeno holds Blake Albin for a pin. Opposite Page-Coach Jesus Alvarez trains Moses Centeno for his upcoming match. .rr-9 Xi V 1' 3 s lv- Seniors 'FY -A wa, -751. uw x. !'.r""f' '93 -Q... Seniors It's Time To Clown Around 5 ,ii i L5 -all -nr , i I 5 i 'iwwdiv QQ .Wye 13 'Y-'TY Senior Suzi Viiardell finds time to ham it up during Halloween. Seniors 47 48 Seniors Seniors Always Moving Fire- 1 ff tv Seniors 415 N, opposite page-Elizabeth Juarez hltches a ride after drill team practice. demonstrates. Jr V left-Senior life can be "Topsy Turvy sometimes as Lynn Thompson vlvrdly 50 Seniors Tiger Mascot Tantalizes Foes Last May a panel of six judges and the varsity cheerleaders chose Irene Vargas as the '78 tiger mas- cot. Upon being chosen, Irene said, "I can't believe it, thank you so much! When do we get started?" Her work began soon enough as she assisted the varsity cheer- leaders at the varsity football and basketball games, Irene, clad in a striped tiger outfit led the crowd in cheers. Her pres- ence reflected an old tiger tradi- tion, and added to the festivities. ,Q W' 4 2 J . 1 3 f 595-gf" wf'MeIanie Robberts '43 V419 Q1 - 219 Seniors 51 YP"-in ,ni f. , xg :wh I ' A i ' 'ss' '.rx ,. .fi !A -4 .A vagal " e ' Wi' .5 e ,, , -A e V, e . - M fav, 5 A nu , 'LL f .,."!'.4: jf e f ,T ev x V .gn L, 5 if A A .of x'1,'VVfs Z' V 'vW" xr I A jk!! . , sr A e . ,NX 1 - ' X ,N , : 1. x 3-5 e , 'I' , 1 we ' I .1"Uv-sf ,... 1 The purr-fect pussy cat was Irene Vargas. Seniors Grapple With Their Problems X s and Teenie Puga ch to decide who ays back. IW K1 4 j' 5 , -an 1"'J Seniors 1 , M9 ,-.A -4 WV pf 54 Seniors fi? fsa W1 ! L PAQ Ss' W ll 9 ,al Maggie Hits 'Seventeen' Magazine Seniors 55 l r v-1 '4""7 Maggie Nanez, shown on facing page, represented the Sears Teen Board on Dyer St. for Seventeen magazine. She was featured in an issue of Seventeen Magazine. She was selected out of 11 girls by her advisor Laureen Romanick. As re- presentative she reported to the magazine monthly what was oc- curring in good ole El Paso, On the Sears teen board she at- tended meetings weekly and modeled in fashion shows at Sears along with her other teen board members. Maggie was an active member of Art Honor Society. above: Bernie Carrlllo stops Lulu Chavez between gym classes to ask her if he can sign her cast. bottom: Tony Soto shows off his cast on his way out of the field house. Mary Jean Acosta gets ready to spike the ball. After a hard B-team football game against Irvin, Oscar Garcia rests in the bus coming home. Mrs. Blackstock questions a call from the referees. Mary Ann Blankenship edges past two runners just before the finish line in the regional cross-country meet in Lubbock. X-. V 1-"WB: " We were a school of 1700 students, but though our number was small, our spirits soared high. Our cheerleaders won many awards, fincluding the spirit stick held high by Lettie Villarrealh at camps and work- shops held in the summer. They car- ried that spirit into the year to lead a corps of spirited Tigers in shouting encouragement to our teams. The Tiger band once again upheld their tradition of being one of the most spirited groups in the city. They spent much of their own time pre- paring for halftime shows and 1- AAAA marching contest. Their hard work paid off royally as the proud Tiger band received a '1' rating, the highest possible in contest held November 5. Our teams, outnumbered by their opposition, dis- couraged by injuries and inexperience, nonetheless displayed courage, fortitude .and excitement Cas shown by Coach Willie Vasquez and the teamj on the battlefield. Girls' Major Sports devoted much of their early morning time to improving their records. Members of the basketball, volleyball, and track teams held practices at 7:30 in the morning. With their spirited teammates behind them, the dedicated individuals who participated in swimming, tennis, cross-country, gymnastics, and golf sported fine records and represented us with pride. Sports that were not as well attended, such as base- ball, soccer, volleyball and track, held the Bengal spirit that carried throughout the year. Although the bleachers were not always filled, we know that on the field and on the court, sport has spirit. 6,1 A SW WWMF H449 QS? ll HIllJiII4T . .. I 0 1 Q . S - s Q 9 Q . I 6, 0. f' A 0 jc! 0 5 Q . Q' . I 0 - . S ..,s H 0 . Q' l gs se at is , 55.0, :P I , --er 321.-L -:vm .!' .f :Nw Vx 1. Yi E rw- 5 NVPN 9 ,f V 4 ,, HA -' e- , . ,L 1 I ff., wif. 523555 5 W - ,Qrz ag -- . ff ? 1 JB? -I Q QP 1 S ' '7 pffiifl' ' Yr:-,L -Eff 1 W! a 9 , f-ff Qi fm " " Q W, ' h-' ff .k Q T ' -1 ' 5 BaH6jiQgrbwgXfih'e1ge.,d li June, B E5bmo55,MBrQa '1 A Plkial t1ap row, Linda 'A an, Le Villarredi, Adrora Dominguez I 5 1 -1 arg. wh , 1,1-1 ,,L,,,5- 3 A If away Q ,sv v . ,V V -Y , ' 9' ' v . '55, . "L gf, ,!K,,,1 'Q' 931. JP -fi, 3 M5 . ji . g 0 , 1 . 2? . C 4 ' ' , , ,, " V, Y v . Q. 1 is "la ' ' fa' "mi L E. ' AV, '. 'Q p '-'ai Q A - L Vf, 54 F7 7 fd V, 5 IP' ,H TL Al' ,' :E lf' 1 ' V ' 5 ,Vg k g X "Ti: rv A' 1 ,. , T ? '. 1 -A J, 2- ' f . iff- ' 7 f .v ii ' L Q V 1 -' I -XJ 5 L 1 e Y ,X I 3I'l'ea?i, 'u iw . M h .f' l . ,. -' W 'R 3 Jmdan A :E Le ' -1 -' , - Yi 1 .X 2 Q NR 0 f An a Plaza . 15 , , I. . X Q ii, p I jg' QE , ,I-,, - - I , ' iz - ' 2 jk Qi ' 1 N, '-1 . 1, N . A ' ' 4 A ' Y ...no Q' - ,x Y J' , Qgvf . ,ff if' -Pk ' Q - ' 1 , QQ x L' 3 X .r . - - x v .XE fi' "f A is ' 4 ' :fi 'fi Y' i- V ' E 1 ifw-A 4 N V' ?1 '1 :ix X R ,fr 2 ,R 1 ,J i at Q 1 , wi , K N gf Y Z If . If 4, " O ' n , ' I' I' . L E . A , .1 X . 'N I 9 , 4 -G "-fs Q? " ' . ? , y . f D - wg 2' . , , T 'vt ' ' 5 ky Espinosa in ,Q fp yaora Ijffzfmingud g . - Ahnette d la Tgfge '9 - , 1 - ' Qi . v4w ' J' jf Y f , Ngw ,M Rf we 'lr JUFJIYIU SER THMRSH T3 Junior Varsity cheerleaders at- tended the Andress camp, spon- sored by the NMSU Cheer- leaders, during the summer. The girls were taught new cheers and difficult stunts. They also re- ceived three second place rib- bons for cheering. In order to raise money for uni- forms, they held egg sales, bake sales, and carwashes. At the varsity football games, the Junior Varsity cheerleaders cheered during the third quarter and whenever the Varsity cheer- leaders needed a break. one-J-V Cheerleaders: Birdie Gill, Tencha Barragan, Laurie Venegas, Martha Clemente, Liz Maser. two-Liz MaseL dances to school song during an afternoon assembly. :TEAM B-Team Cheerleaders 63 Last summer the B-team cheer- leaders attended camp at An- dress High School sponsored by the NMSU Cheerleaders. They were taught a great variety of stunts, cheers, pyramids and a pompom routine. Also, the girls were awarded a third place ribbon and two second place ribbons. To raise money they busily washed cars and refuted the idea that cheerleaders couldn't bake. one-Cheerleaders sit and wait for their turn to rise. two-Bfteam cheerleaders: standing Alicia Calderon, Cindy Barron. Yviana Aguilera. Sitting are Leia Sanchez. Letty Ochoa, Pearl Moliriar. ff ' 'r " ' V :ip--1?"'!""" k U., 1 F i ?'5"i'M"'LL:' H4 ,nv 4 X f .1 i f A 1 1 , xg, Z, W , ft' . V , ..., C .5 K . - .,iw"?"l ix ,. 'il kv-"4r'g,,,bbf' ,,,......-v-s-'- limit sy 4 '- 'X ' f---H-Q N"ft'i"-w-A-va...,-L,,,,,-,gn F VVVV WW A V' .g 1 it M A 'cn' Y V i V K' A '- - --W -, g ' " "" I-,Y 1 A K. 'g-----is -,....,,, Y Y' "" mfr-QQIQW -Q M '-l ff'-'iimbaww-aivlvi. A vi.. f A . - -f-A-.,. ' "P I- N.. " my-A--mQ.....,.,g, f fYe.iegg,?,gg.,.., -f'-f Y M -A ,. 4 , , M ----...,,,,l A Q. v -nw -y.V, --.H ..s., V ' V " 'fff' -1 241 f5Jtai3l:.gA5,L 'vf1QTfi?9'E"Ji'1'Y-35, r 7 W-u w-'Q' W-W--A ,....WM A C . .. ,-D... MAf3:E'fi-.7'l' '1 "m:""-"Q- . , .ig ,-Nu ,V I 64 Freshnwen Cheedeaders The ninth grade cheerleaders worked closely together selling popcorn and conducting car- washes to raise money for their uniforms. Last summer at the Andress High School camp, the girls received three second place ribbons for cheering. The NMSU Cheer- leaders also taught them stunts and cheers to instill class spirit. The spirit arousers for this year were Gloria Dominguez, Gladys Mendoza, Letty Luevano, Eva Sal- cido, Dolores Molina and Kina Griffin. one-Cheerleader Gloria Dominquez urges the football team to defeat Austin at a pep assembly. two-Freshmen Cheerleaders: sitting, Dolores Molina, Gloria Dominquez, Letty Luevano, Gladys Mendoza. standing, Kina Griffin, Eva Salcido. 2 'ww 5 . ri--Jmbgz be 'W 1 4 . s 'qvfvl P - is-"5 .V 1 5 i gli YY .L AIS 65 ade M' .ar , Q 5 3 Quai 'Q 7,3 J A . ! i ' . .vga y CHILE Applies i . M The 8th grade cheerleaders got off to a shaky start this year hav- ing been chosen a week before Homecoming. In spite of the lack of time for preparation, the girls persisted and after a while a marked im- provement was noticed. The cubleaders for this year were Rosa Alva, Monique Ferry, Lydia Hernandez, Lupe Medrano, Lisa Morrell and Bea Ramos. one-Eighth grade cheerleaders: Bea Ra- mos, Lisa Morrell, Monique Ferry, Lupe Medrano, Lydia Hernandez, Rosa Alva. two-Cubleaders demonstrate one of their stunts. 66 Varsity Basketball Determination Varsity Basketball 67 3 Hard Work Pay Off Big Dividends F' c. K., K A is one-All-District Player, Oscar Alvarado stuffs the ball during a recent workout ses- sion. two-Varsity Team Members. front row-Robert Abdou: trainer, Jay Butler, Ar- thur Sobrino, James Coverty, Ricky l Briones, Mario Villanueva, Henry Moreno: manager. back row-Michael Adjemian, as- sistant manager, Charlie Ronquillo. Luis ' Rosas, Gabriel Barron, Oscar Alvarado, Ja- vier Marquez, Oscar Torres, Eddie Duran, C. D, Jarvis, Coach. three-Coach C. D. Jar- ' vis, who has been coaching at EPHS for the last 33 years. 68 Varsity Basketball Cagers Capture 2nd Place "This year's team has been one of the best teams, especially in attitude and desire," exclaimed Head Basketball Coach, C.D. Jar- vis, commenting on his top-rated cagers. Opening the season with five re- turning lettermen, including re- turning starters Oscar Alvarado and Charlie Ronquillo, the Tigers dropped their first game to Mid- land, 44-40. , ln the second game, the Tigers traveled to Clan country only to lose to Bel Air 51-49 in double overtime. It wasn't until their game against Lydia Patterson that the Bengals would get their first taste of victory, defeating LPI 29-26. The taste was short-lived as they soon fell victims to Ysleta 26-24 with only two seconds left on the clock in overtime play. Regrouping, the black-and-or- ange five then entered the EPHS tournament play, where they gored the Parkland Matadors, 40- 36. The Tiger team then lost their second game to the Bowie Bears, 45-34. They then avenged their loss to Bowie by taking consola- tion honors defeating Cathedral 51-45 and Parkland 44-35. Three days later, the Tigers trav- eled to the Ysleta District where they lost to Eastwood 49-35. In the Snyder Tourney in Snyder, Texas, the Cats upset their host, Canyon Reef 39-37. They then proceeded to squeak by Perryton 36-25. Entering the semifinals, the Tigers' hopes of staging a clean-sweep were quashed by Snyder 47-43. The resilient El Pa- soans bounced right back, howev- er, crushing Monterrey 43-37. For their efforts, Coach Jarvis' boys received a third-place rating. Savoring victory, the Tigers went on to slap Gadsden down 46-30 and thereafter proceeded to tame the Wildcats 40-31. The Ti- ger victory train came to a sud- 1 mi' den halt when it hit Silver City, December 21. ln their 16th non-district game, the Tigers lost to their opponent, Animas 75-70 in four overtimes. Unwilling to give up, the Bengals downed Douglas 47-46, and Aztec 49-35 thus receiving the consola- tion place. Returning to El Paso, they contin- ued their winning streak, edging Riverside by two baskets, 45-41. In district play, the cats faced the amu- Coronado T-Birds Dec 20, upset- ting what seemed to be a taller and stronger team, 36-33. Starting the New Year against Bowie, the Tigers were clawed by the Bears 39-34. On Jan. 6, they took revenge against Andress, plucking the Eagles 50-46. Four days later, the El Pasoans hosted Burges where they broke in the Mustangs 35-33. Unrelenting, they next stripped the panthers of their gold, 36-27 and then proceeded to outfox the - Foxes 41-36. With a 5-1 record in district play, the Tigers next battled Irvin for the undisputed leadership in dis- trict. Falling victimn to the Rock- ets' full-court press, the feline cagers went under 50-42. Undaunted, the Tigers next faced Coronado for the second place spot in district. Even though the game took place during a chilly night, the Corona- do gymnasium was hot with emo- tion as the T-Birds took an early lead only to lose it by halftime. While the T-Birds came very close to stripping the Tigers, the Cats managed to stay on top 49-47. Back on their court, Coach Jarvis' cagers once again faced the Bru- Varsity Basketball 69 one- Charlie Ronquillo goes for a lay-up shot. two- Phillip Cervin gets in on the rebound. three- Javier Marquez outips a Burges opponent for the jump ball. four- Basketball Sweetheart Emily Blaugrund receives a bouquet of carnations. five- Sweetheart Emily Blaugrund. six- Basket- ball Miss Spirit Sandra Alvarado. if fwfr 1 ' W awe-5 48-40. ing the Panthers in their own pit, ins from Bowie. Unfortunately the Bears lucked out on a foul call during over-time play winning the game on a free throw, 38-37. ln their second encounteg against Andress, the Tigers once again tasted victory against the Eagles in a much harder fought than ex- pected game, the final score was 41-39. In their next game against Burges, the Tiger pack proved unsuccess- ful, according to Coach Jarvis be- cause, "they played their oppo- nents' game." To make matters worse, the officiating was particu- Iarly bad during this game and the woeful score was 42-35. Four days later against a much weaker Austin team, the Tigers grew closer to playoffs by smash- The Orange-and-Blackmen then closed their district play in defeat against Jefferson and Irvin. Against the Foxes, the Tigers lost a bitter fought battle by only a basket, 46-44. ln a not-so-close game, the Bengals lost to Irvin, 61-44. Finally reaching the playoffs on Feb. 16, at the Special Events Center, the Tigers for the third time in a row, eliminated the T- Birds from the slate, 24-20. The T-Birds stall-type game proved in- effectual against a much quicker Tiger team. For the third time in a row, however, the Tigers once against fell victim to Irvin, losing 46-35. The Tigers gave the Rock- ets a good game leading their op- ponents at half-time. Again, the officiating seemed rather lopsid- ed which in no way helped. the Tiger cause. L 70 B-Team Basketball Tigers Lay Up The Wins Beginning in October, the B-team basketball boys, spent two and a half hours a day practicing and improving their game. Most of the emphasis was placed on defensive drills, while the re- mainder of their time was spent working on different offenses. According to Coach Ruiz, this years' morale was much better than it was last year. The coach- ing staff felt they had an excep- tional response as far as partici- pation was concerned. El Paso High's squad, consisting of 18 players, was the largest in EI Paso. Although not all the players played during the games, the coaching staff tried to get every- one involved. one-Bruno Romero carefully puts the ball through the basket during a B-team bas- ketball game. two-Jumping fairly high, Fred Hernandez dumps the ball in the bas- ket. three-Paul Williams attempts to gain a few points for the Tiger team. four-Trying to raise the tigers' score, Steve Fierro reaches high to throw the ball into the basket. five-With a frown on his face, Jerry Lopez looks for a teammate to throw the ball to. six-While being surrounded by op- ponents, Gustavo Torres tightly holds onto the ball. seven-B-team Basketball- front row: Javier Lopez, Gabe Hinojosa. Joe lsquierdo, Ray Maldonado, Javier Bar- ron, Tom Davis, Rodrey Lofftes, Felix Adame, Coach William Ruiz. Back row: Bruno Romero, Robert Perez, Jerry Lo- pez, Fred Hernandez, Steve Fierro, Paul Williams, Gustavo Torres, Jesus Rodri- quez, Robert Orona. EPHS 15 Coronado 25 EPHS 41 Bowie 36 EPHS 44 Andress 41 EPHS 17 Burgess 20 EPHS 25 Austin 28 EPHS 36 Jefferson 27 EPHS 35 lrvin 43 EPHS 32 Coronado 41 2 4 xf. 91" 1 fy Q wx,-.' 1 5, 1,35 NM, ?fAJM'1iff5i5"5ai.zt :C mf- 5552 A , , me 1' 1 '1 Li: ii f EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS 72 Freshman Basketball rt- 'J' 37 Coronado 40 20 Bowie 26 T 59 Andress 29 QQ 40 Socorro 38 gn 27 Austin 38 X 37 Irvin 38 CD 20 Coronado 26 ,4- 36 Bowie 32 Q' Spirit Of Competition The freshman basketball team was led by Team Captain Bobby Salazar. The high scorer for the freshman team was Ruben Lopez. Some of the wins included Gads- den, Bassett, Andress, MacAr- thur, and Socorro. The team was coached by Mr. Enrique Orona. His hopes for the team to im- prove became a reality as the weeks went by. one- Freshman Basketball Team: front row- Raul Baca, Pedro Morales. Sam Men- doza, Robert Anglayan, Ben Guerrero. back row- Rene Maldonado, Enrique Vega. Richard Gill, Bob Salazar, Joe Hernandez. Dan Daly. Ruben Lopez. Jose Alonzo. Mike Romo. coach Enrique Orona. two- Richard Gill outgumps the Coronado center. three- Ennque Vega executes a well-aimed lump shot against the T-Birds. t E KK! ' ' 1' fx ,224 Q, VGfSity x i . ..4 fxxi: N397 " N m, IQ' 31. Q 4 45 533, 4 . u1n!lQ'h"0'5'!"?'f," ' ' U Q Q ' -Die.1..',.-J..-. v, Q ,Q wwyggx w'Mu'U ,, "'f'Tf?'5F:3iff Z.,4,.,Uf-.,,.ygf, Ms . V 1- , :,gpf.'q .Q , ,M , , ,, . .,,2f,,wfM.- 1 ww 4 Y r,',,,,,,-,YXVJ .1 .f ,f , n f. 'nga if ,.,.... W 1 Q w-"Q n F fl! IH l I ' 'NWI v H I Q , . ag. ,A 1 4 ' ,, new V -H? If ? diu igxz v . f I ef' 11" ' , 1 -I . -ax 1. x 3 gl ' ' , SN 'A X 1, ' I A .f ,M ' wi Y X 4 " 3 EU f e EL fj- 4 5? i f ' gon ? 2: ' wnwmj 4 9 x 2-P . - R Hg: -wx 'iff g ' f ' 4, 25-"'I"A P"'f'Ar"f 'X V 7 5. A R,g..g'53j- ? ' 'en f f 4 V Q. "UN-Q: ,' - 4: I 1- 3' g?f,,'.3!.,, f,f,5g,,5,f-f, 0 "4 ' f' iw' 1125- ' - '. 1 fYFf3" , W ff ,Q ' Sf' i:5x '5i'P55 L' 'TW' ' ' x -' 1 1. 05 P " W5 'ffzi' f J L 'b ' 74' ' ' ,...H.,, - frm ,Q .6, ', '.-.i5 . -l- L, R B -fa mg ., S Yu., 5, 4 L, Sq' , 3:13 .QZEB V' ' 1 " 1 -I il X 1-,f , f .mp x V.. . ,, 1.2! 1' M, ,L ,i,f,,1.k L- ffflf' gif" ' ffq H 3, I. , gk? ,A A., -3j".f:.vf 4f,,g,:g., fx r5,J,,,S.A,5, 3eii: , 9 b ..,,. The boys' eighth grade basketball team did very well this year: It was the first time many of the players had an opportunity to par- ticipate together as a team since they came from El Paso High's threenfeeder schools-Lamar, Me- sita, and Vilas. l ?'The athletes I have coached this year on the eighth grade basket- ball team were super individuals." pommented icoach Bill Craigo, ffhe players responded well to my coaching and always gave me their best effort. I couldn't ask for more much more than l've re- ceived." one- 8th grade basketball team- front row- Mike Cervin, Fernie Rojas. Juan Aguirre. middle row- Mario Rosas. Gus Shaheen, Edward Lujan, Luis Mares. Oscar Molina. Manager Felipe Martinez, back row- Ricky Arce, Coach Bill Craigo, Pablo Delgado. Esteban Cortez, Florencio Salazar, Ernie Orozco, George Davis, Manager Felipe Go- mez. two-Oscar Molinar contemplates be- fore attempting a free throw. three- George Davis stretches to block Luis Mares' lay up. four- Fernie Rojas grabs the rebound and fights 'oft Mike Cervin and Mario Rosas. g Starting Out Together 8th-Grade Basketball 'rl EPHS 34 Guillen 39 QQ '1 EPHS 40 Canyon Hills 42 gp CD EPHS 35 Bowie 34 X UP EPHS 47 MacArthur 37 CD 3' EPHS 46 Crosby 49 ,-4. 3 Lydia U' EPHS 71 Patterson 45 m QD ' L' 3 i r l l i I n 7 Girls Varsity Basketball 75 Girls B-Team Basketball NYY exif is 3 ww' I , ,!. TS l Girls Sth Basketball 77 Little Dribblers, Big Hopes The eight grade girls' basketball team began the season practicing very enthusiastically and ener- getically. The girls' great enthusiasm and strong motivation compensated for their lack of size and speed. Consistent scores and good play- ing came from Enid Arrellano, Ma- ria Guillen, Letty Huerta and Jack- ie Spade. Rebounding power came from Ruth Gonzalez and Maya Men- chaca. The most improved play- ers were Nicholasa Pinon, Sylvia Ramirez, and Jenny Navarro. Martha Sierra, Martha Perez, Rosa Lopez, Pat Goeldner, and Virginia Romero contributed to the overall good playing and scor- ing throughout the season. EPHS 25 Bowie . 50 EPHS 28 Canyon Hills 36 EPHS 20 Crosby 45 EPHS 14 Guillen 30 EPHS 18 Lincoln . 41 EPHS 10 MacArthur 36 one- The girls are: front rowg Virginia Ro- mero, Nicholasa Pinon, Letty Huerta, Mar- tha Perez. back rowg Jenny Navarro, Jack- ie Spade, Pat Goeldner, Maya Menchaca. Rutl1sGonzalez, Maria Guillen, Rosa Lopez. Sylvia Ramirez, Martha Sierra, Coach Dan- iel Mendoza fnot showng Enid Arrellano and Manager Terry Barraganj two- Maria Guillen protects the ball from being taken away. three- Nicholasa Pinon dodges through with the ball. Varsity Volleyball Coach Jackie Blackstock and the varsity and B-team volleyball girls began practice at the "zero" hour of 7:30 to 9:30 every school morning. Many girls showed up half asleep and running around in curlers. However, this didn't af- fect the girls' playing abilities. Their hard hours of practice proved rewarding and the varsity volleyball girls ranked third in their district. Jefferson' vs. EPHS Burgess' vs. EPHS Andress vs. EPHS' Coronado' vs. EPHS Irvin vs. EPHS' Austin vs. EPHS' Bowie vs. EPHS' Jefferson vs. EPHS' Burgess vs. EPHS' Andress vs. EPHS' Coronado' vs. EPHS Austin vs. EPHS' Bowie vs. EPHS' TIVSAEITIOA one-Third year varsity player, Sandra Al varado hits the opposition another smasr serve. two-Bertha Murillo executes a blocl- against Coronado. three-Mrs. Jackie Blackstock gives her girls last minute instructions during half time. four-Irene Tarin, Frances Baca, Irma Alva, Rosemary Hernandez, Linda Macias, Sandra Alvar ado, Bertha Murillo, Anita Solis, Lulu Cha vez, Belen Fematt, Margret Gill five-Mar gret Gill 'sets up for Linda Macias. Varsity Volleyball 79 80 B Team Volleyball Gutierrez inspires- Team one- Sandy Hernandez thwarts an oppo- nent's spike. two- Martha Sotelo executes a high set. three- bottom- B-team volley- ball Linda Arci, Liz Delgado, Bertha Cal- dera, Lupe Rodriquez. Middle- Pearl Mo- linar, Mary Jean Acosta. Terry Vasquez. Patsy Salcido, Terry Vasquez. top- Delia Tarin, Lulu Ramirez, Martha Sotelo, Sandy Hernandez, Cindy Avila, Lupe Murillo and Bertha Gill. four- Coach Gutierrez Team Gains The 8th grade girls' volleyball teaam concluded their season with an overall 4 and 5 record. The outstanding, most consistent players throughout the season were Letty Huerta, Martha Sierra. Luz Chavez and team captain Ma- ria Guillen. Most improved were Nicholasa Pifion and Terry Barra gan. The other girls contributed Experience to team's success. Coach Mendoza gave the girls' credit for keeping good spirit and staying in condition throughout the season. "The girls should have a success- ful season in 1978 with this year's experience under their belt," Coach Mendoza stated. 8th Volleyball Bottom row- Nicholasa Pihon. Laura Si- gales, Rosa Lopez, Martha Sierra, Maria Guillen. back row- Letty Huerta, Cruz Mon- toya, Lucy Chavez, Manager Lucy Diaz. Coach Mendoza 8 Jefferson vs. EPSH' Andress vs. EPHS' W Eastwood' vs, EPHS ' Burges' vs. EPHS 4 Andress vs. EPHS O Coronado' vs. EPHS E Irwin vs. EPHS' rn Austin vs. EPHS' -4 Bowie vs. EPHS' T Jefferson vs. EPHS' 3,2 Andress vs. EPHS' ,- Coronado' vs. EPHS Irvin vs. EPHS' Austin vs. EPHS' Bowie vs. EPHS' White vs. EPHS' Crosby' vs. EPHS Canyon Hills' vs. EPHS Canutillo vs. EPHS' MacArthur' vs. EPHS Guillen vs. AEPHS' Bowie vs. EPHS' Lincoln' vs. EPHS TIVEIAHTIOA H18 82 Tennis 'mil ii Laura Scott fshown at righth dis- plays the strong backhand that accounted for much of her suc- cess in three years of varsity and tournament play. The netters felt somewhat dis- heartened at the beginning of the year after losing Coach Brian Gil- ley but their spirits improved greatly as soon as newly appoint- ed Coach Russell Lawrence start- ed their training. "Practice was long and hard," said the Coach, "But the work paid off in the round robin matches." M N Led by Francis Lovelady, team captain and sweetheart, this was the first year in which the team participated in fund-raising activi- ties such as a tennis marathon and a bake sale. Proceeds went towards new warmups. Tennis 83 The summer of '77 was filled with long hours and hard work for Os- car Ontiveros, Cshown at lefty, number one-seeded player in El Paso. Under the coaching of Brian Gil- ley, since the fourth grade, Oscar has competed in tournaments throughout Texas, Arizona, and California. He won the Junior Da- vis Cup in California against top- rated players from Tucson, Phoe- nix, and Albuquerque. Oscar was the first El Paso tennis player in ten years to win the Cup. Boys tennis team, front row, Gil Gutierrez, Brian Aboud, Robbie Rosas, John Corbin, Oscar Ontiveros, Nick Rangel, Steve Hoy, Tury Gonzales. back row, Gilbert Tovar, Sergio Montoya, Steve Lovelady, Henly King, Dino Chieccchi, Craig Lyons, Charles Arroyo, David Aboud, Shawn McKinney. Not Shown, Ruben Reza. Jimmy Wade, 84 Tennis 0 Tenn ls 5x2 Plus 19 In the fall round robin matches the varsity girls' tennis team proved victorious over such schools as: Coronado, Riverside, Jefferson, Bowie, and Burges. However they did not defeat Aus- tin, Irvin, and Andress. The boys had a better season de- feating Jefferson, Riverside, Aus- tin, Bowie, Burges, Andress, and lrvin. They lost by only one match to Coronado. one- First year player Robbie Rosas sets up for an overhead smash. two- Girls Top Six Roberta Bargman, Carrie White. Laura Scott, Frances Lovelady. Tricia Hardie. Erin McKinney. three- Freshman Laura Gonzales practices her cross court fore- hand. four- Senior David Aboud displays frustration with his volleys, five- John "Stooge" Corbin displays a proper follow through. six- Number three player Erin McKinney is attacked by athletes feet. sev- en- Top Six Boys Sergio Montoya, Steve Hoy, Nick Rangel, Steve Lovelady. John Corbin. , xl A CX ff' . 'TTT yfwvvwx' M1 ff'- xx 2 0 x -, 5-X --N xiiX'r,"X,,QX X X X ix iq x,w.xXss,wxYxxx 'v X x 4 X. X 1-V qw., NIC' Ns :gif Y' 1' N RK Y 3, -. few- ,',,9,, x x N. fl x wxuf',g, wa. x x- 'x 4 xwwa, elf' '+'?Q?v'W"'5WWfa 1 X ff ' 5 Y ' Y A 'KJ H V0 V x a N. Vx u X.-QQ .. ., A + hm1.m'wA b ,V ,Rm-J,,.k W '-x '-Y ' fixi- -f 7"'iv'NFE. 3? - ' ,-'-:.N- TT: '15 .gli iff I 1 A.gfQ"1'i L Pffff , 553 ... '3avwNmx,,Q , rv "th, sg 4-'-In 2 M-A .3 tab 'L A I ,.,., . ggi . , ',f I 93? 1 86 Varsity Football Coach Vasquez Resigns After Six A Our football team seemed des- tined to an ill-fated season even before the first kick-off Septem- ber 2nd. On September lst, the team was officially placed on probation by the University interscholastic League for using helmets one day before UIL rules permitted them to be used. The probation prohib- ited the Tigers from playing in any post-season games. Mr. Willie Vasquez, then head football coach, defended his ac- tion by stating that his team wore the helmets, not to take unfair ad- ! x .f 3' 4' ffllnm ' s vantage of the rule, but to protect the players' heads. Whether or not the ruling had an adverse ef- fect on the team will never really be known, and in the long run, the issue proved to be academic since the Tigers 'rocky road' was not to lead them to the playoffs. ln their first encounter, the Ben- gal battlers proved ineffectual against the Riverside Rangers, scoring only seven points to their 26. The Tigers' game was beset with interceptions, fumbles and an inability to muster a formida- ble defense against a much stron- ger offense. The ineffectual play O-0 . ,,,. A -ii M. 6 y G rl . 'L g X Q , 0 , I .7 of the Tigers was to be only the first of a series of crushing de- feats for a spirit-filled team. Leaving their home field, the Black and Orange men suffered their second letdown ,September 16 at the hands of the Parkland Matadors. Again they managed only to score a touchdown against the northeast team. It V was thought by many that in no other game was the spirit as it was during this game. A week later hopes of saving a sputtering debut grew dimmer as the Tigers hosted Carlsbad. The Cavemen proved untiring as they clubbed the Tigers 37-12. In the last game of a bad month for the Bengal men, the Tigers were outfoxed by Jefferson 7-6. A glimmer of hope was once again rekindled by this close, hard- fought battle. Unfortunately, whatever glimmer of hope existed was quickly snuffed out by the Andress Eagles October 7th. The Tigers were clawed 49-6. On December 15, the Coronado T-Birds traveled eastward to Tiger land where the Tigers held the highly-rated westsiders to seven points at halftime. The 7-0 score lasted only a short time as the scoreboard showed a score of 29- 6 when the final gun went off. Drained of whatever glints of hope they may have had, the- Tigers then experienced the first of four shut-outs. The first score- less game occurred against Bowie as the Bears romped over the Ti- gers 35-0, October 21. On October 28. the Irvin Rockets blitzed the Tigers 6-U in a game that could have gone either way. Facing Burges, who ultimately wound up tied with Coronado and Andress for district honors, the Black-and Orange cats were soundly stomped 27-0. In their last outing, the battle-wearied Ti- gers finally ended their season. Unfortunately, it was not to end in a happy note as the Austin Pan- thers Iambasted the Tigers 27 to zip. Shortly before Christmas vaca- tion Coach Willie Vasquez ren- dered his resignation after coach- ing at EI Paso High for six years. Ori January 26, Coach Carl Jack- son was named as his replace- ment. one- Quarterback Andy Amaya breaks through for the needed few inches of yard- age ot gain the first down. two- Tigers tear through the victory poster during home- Football 87 coming against Bowie, three- The tiger of- fense arouses spirit for the defense to grind the opponent's offense to the ground. four- Ruben McGurk takes a break to get a fast drink of salty Gatorade. Cf H eartbreaks Q A Season Starting the year off with little ex- perience, the eighth grade foot- ball team began to practice every day after school from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Since the first time the football team. practiced as a group they showed self-discipline and im- proved their game one hundred percent. When they began to practice, the team did not know anything about stunts, catching, passing and many basic fundarrientals. They then went into defense and of- fense specialties. According to Coach Jesus Alvarez the freshman team next year will be great. "I enjoyed working with this bunch and I would like to do it next year again." e 1-sq if me '11 . , 5. I, -V9 one- Varsity Football Team: front row: Luis Ramirez, Henry Moss, sRudy Torres, Tony Garibay,,Camilo Martinez, Ruben McGurk. Steve Fierro, Tony Soto. Tony Salazar. vertical row: Carlos Perez, Jorge Villarreal, Paul Zacour. Steve Campos, Andy Amaya, Tury Rodriguez. Joe Roberts, Raul Sifuentes, Carlos Ibarbo, Martin Garcia. second row: Kiki Hernandez, Francisco Guerrerro, Edward Frias, Manny Moreno, Thomas Valdez, Joey Haddad. Robert Abdou. third rowg Ruben Perez, Gauthier Gonzalez,'Ramon Porras. Tom Curlin, Stanley Mathews, Coach Willie Vasquez, Coach Enrique Orona. back rowg Ricardo Segoviano, Arturo Portillo, Valentino Sarrellano, Arturo Reyes, Austin Cleveland, Gilbert Perez, Alfredo Hernandez. two- Raul Sifuentes's drive for a first and ten is cut short by his opponent. three- Thomas Valdez seems to have found sanctuary below a raging battle. four- Coaches Orona. Vasquez. Munoz and Swisher watch disappointedly from the sidelines. o Varsity Football 89 53945 fam: v ,rf sv' ' 3 A Mainz . vi ,f L, F? -.f ,Q Q 1 JL' 3 4-az, 1 W -1 ffl 4 ' WN a.,4A 'N X 5. My ,fi-sg 1 5 R' Qjeaym Football fffivfft , 'f . f , . V I, if V ,. 1. k,K.g,i,5,iQy.:i. 8,1 qi Q 0. yj- . I V, , 4 I . ' -4 ' --'----'ABQ' ' ' f ' . .. f?2gzj. , V If 4' iw ' 7? fl? M f A4 2' ' 'mu A K " ' As n 7, -' , ' +-4 Y , , E 'L"?T . V. . . . 1 Q N f fp. L., U 5 A ,ffgy ,, ff' -f-3 my 3 5, ff-gs f--M . M-1, 4, if -- W , 54- f, tg-if. A 4 ,, .iafbag js' ,' all , :wk .,,mfv,s1iz.a A 65: V 4-11.24251 f . , - W K , . , I ,I V., , " 7F fan '. 1 1 f ..,,., xv' A s " , 74' " V 'A" . 4 , -K Ir,'fq,,.-Af.,,a'.-.'1.,,".-.r 1 7 E 'r , fiiiggfggg fiff a. . - A iff f , 3:32:11 ' " fazf f f' fi! 2,1 X, VAL 1 1 A. L A A A , A' 'f ' 'A V :vi I-xy. ,. - ' , , x X X W:--:5 5 .- -, , f we .3 V 1 If ' uw ' . ' A "-" f f + H 'ig ,- ig,.i5f3Q .N - ' V'-' -1--.xy ,B ,f 'A g5?'Yi'wh1::.1 --- N15 G5 ' X ,. '4 1 k f "' 5.- 3 1 .,.. - 7 7 a 5' r , "H W p I 4, 4, as .L C wi . fs. , ,N . . j-1. y A ,. Q m' X , D . ' K . +,.-' ,. 0, 'se 1 lv I utv 4 W 5 2, - ,gb , ' ,xy , I ' . K , ' " k, ,7, A , nfs, " ,av 'fa - W fivejv' ' 'u. ' ' 57- ,sf W . " " Rm Ls , , n , L 1 1, M .. 4 . A ,,.,Mg,, In ,, f -,f -.- ' ' -.h. 2-.3 " J f-54' '4,T4.HZ5s'n.3i" "br, 4' - 5 ' '-1" rv 1 - Q., ,Q W1 ,f '11 ' ,yffg U, , 5 ,, f 'f I 1 f. "WV I K rn, 1 ' ' , V I 4 V1 92 Freshmen Football Mistakes Main Factor For Loses The Freshman football team's mistakes were the main factor for their losses this year. Although they won only one game this sea- son, the others were very close. The boys practiced from 2:30 to 4:45. Practicing after school every day seemed rough for most of the team, but as a whole, they all agreed the time was well spent for future years. Hoping for a spot on either the B-team or varsity squad next year kept everyone working. Coach Rudy Licon said that the hopes for this team in the future were very high. J one-Benji Guerrero concentrates on avoiding a tackle. two- Freshman Football Team front row-Lenny Marquez. Frank Munoz, Jaime Chacon. John Herrera. Benji Guerrero. Charles Gonzalez. second row-Pablo Sifuentes, Luis Lozano, Frank Deharo, Juan Puga, Arturo Garcia, Hora- cio Chavez. third row-Tony Favela, Jaime Holguin, Adrian Yanez. George Rosas. Pepe Berumen. Felix Macias, Ruben Lo- pez. fourth row-Coach Licon, Hugo Perez. Danny Smith, Steve Adjemian. Lorenzo Salcido, Jesse Reyes. and Coach Terrence Baker. three: The players rush to catch the flying ball. one- ls! rowg Ricky Almanza, Felipe Go- mez, Andy Cintron, Vernon Brooks, Luis Mares, Ernie Orozco. 2nd row: Jesus Mar- rufo, Tony Pusey, Herbert Beard, Steve Nickey, Troy Weaver. third row: Bobby Baca, Ralph Gomez, Eddie Lujan, Vicente Armendariz, George Ramirez, Javier Cha- con, and Coach Al Quintela. fourth row: Fernie Rojas, Frederico Diaz, Florencio Sa- lazar, Richard Perez, Serigo Lopez, Guil- lermo Raudry, Oscar Molina and Coach Jesus Alvarez. two- Coach Alvarez and Coach Quintela give a pep talk before the football game. three- Tony Pusey runs in for a touchdown. 8th Grade Football 93 EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS Henderson Lincoln ' Guillen Canyon Hills Bowie MacArthur Crosby Gadsden Andress' vs. El Paso Austin' vs. El Paso Bowie' vs. El Paso Cathedral vs. El Paso' Coronado' vs. El Paso Henderson' vs. El Paso Hillcrest' vs. El Paso 26 24 30 13 6 20 14 12 l-ll 0:l 10 Ileq l-Il l9q100:l .ii -- 0 7? Varsity Cross Country Patsy Norman Wins State 2 Hr K it 2, Kr M' N44 ,,,, ,5 . H X , 2 " 1 L a , f f Q gf 213 sz 13 ,5 . Varsity Cross Country 95 The 1977-78 cross country sea- son was one of our best. The girls' varsity team won the District Championship and went to Re- gionals. The team was led by freshman sensation Patsy Nor- man. Patsy set new meet records at every meet in El Paso. She won the District Meet then went on to win the State championship and set a new state record. Patsy was the first female athlete in the his- tory of El Paso High to win a state championship. Patsy still has three years of high school to go, and maybe a spot on the next Olympic team in Moscow, Russia. The girls team was composed of Patsy Norman, Margarita Solor- zano, Debra Dixon, Marianne Bla- kenship, Carmen Solorzano, Glo- ria Castro, Norma DeJong, and Leonor DeJong. Margarita Solor- zano. Debra Dixon and Marianne Blakenship made the all district teams. The girls won six out of the eight meets they entered. The Varsity boys team was in a building year, with only one senior on the team. The team members were Agustin Puga-All District. Richard Pena-All District, Arturo Flores, Carlos Cabello, Javier Her- rera, Robert Valdiviez, and Robert Sanchez. one- Track star Patsy Norman two- Rich- ard Pena takes a rest after a long run. three- Girls Varsity Cross Country. first row: Marianne Blakenship, Norma De- Jong, Leonor DeJong, Gloria Castro. and Loretta Galaviz. back rowg Margarita So- lorzano. Carmen Solorzano. Debra Dixon. Patsy Norman, Laura Valenzuela. four- Boys Varsity Cross Country. back rowg Ja- vier Herrera, Agustin Puga. Gabe Hinoiosa and Arturo Flores. front row: Carlos Ca- bello, Robert Sanchez, Richard Pena and Robert Valdiviez. U96 B-Team Cross Country one-B-Team Cross Country: front row-Fer- nando Flores, Rigoberto Landeros, William Veck, Gerald Carbajal, Jose Delgado and Dan'ny Favela.. back row- Rudy Molina, Chuck Ethridge, Jesus Saldona, Miguel Herrera. James Bell and Robert Perez. two and three-Robert Perez runs around school for practice. Run For Their Money The Boys' Freshman Cross-Coun- try team won the District Cham- pionship for the second year in a row. The team was lead by Mike Hinojosa, Bobby Salazar, Gilbert Solorzano, Carlos Saucedo, Juan Diaz, Alberto Maldonado and Joe Nerrera. one- Freshmen Cross Country Team: front row-Arturo Rojas, Gilbert Solorzano, Al- berto Maldanado, Carlos Pusey, Joe Her- rera, Mike Hinojosa. back row-Richard Nicholson, Juan Diaz, Gene Chavez, Leon Jorjorian, Victor Venegas, Bobby Salazar. two-Freshmen Carlos Pusey and Mike Hin- ojosa jog around the track. three- A trail of Freshman Cross Country runners. 98 Gymnastics Composed of twelve girls, the gymnastics team commenced February 8 and terminated on March 21. The team competed against dis- trict schools and Ysleta. For the first time, area gymnasts were given the opportunity to advance to regionals and state competi- tion. Ten of the top gymnasts were able to advance in their district with U.I.L. rules in effect. one-Gymnastics team: front rowg Aiex Lawrence, Liz Maser and East Zaragoza. iddle row, Nora Villa, Lori Simone, Esther Estrada, Loly Ramirez. back row: Marisela Saucedo, Martha Espinoza, Mary Ann Bla- kenship. two-Loly Ramirez does a back- bend. three- Lori Simone and Liz Maser develop a skit on the balance beam. Q. at Advanced Modern Dance was composed of dancers who liked to perform and were well ad- vanced in technique. They tried to maintain a relatively small class with as high quality as possible. The group performed at feeder schools, civic functions and school affairs. They also per- formed at.Houston School for N their Valentine Coronation on February 14, Spring Fiesta and the annual Dance Concert on Feb- ruary 24. Modern dancers. front row- Molly Gonza- lez, Corina Armendariz, Connie Beltran, Laurezia Florez, Marisa Zandoval, Sara Gonzalez, Martha ltuarte. Carlo Campos and Denise Davidson. second row- Lori De La Tore, Jaime King, Sylvia Molinar, Anita w Modern Dance 99 Pollard, Helen Wingate, Gloria Stapelton. Ann Boling, Diana Menchaca, Monica Rl- vera, Terry Zuniga. third row- Margie Gaddy, Sylvia Gomez, Patsy Soto, Eliza- beth Abraham, Lisa Prendergast, Ginny Kerr, Tricia Licon, Ysela Fulton. Becky Hol- guin, Concha Zaragosa. Karen Tovar, Letty Ochoa. back row- Kelly Caruthers: Susy Vilardell, Janet Kristen, Sonia Hol- land, Norma Ballenger, Laura Navarro, Laura Smith, Sara Griffin. Yvianna Agui- Iera, Valerie Gillett. Mindy Savaadra, Kina Griffen and Roberta Gail Rosen. Living Dancing 2 I S., Q ls For 8 Q I 1 X, '. Varsity Baseball 100 I LTI 'AVIIIT A Varsity Baseball 101 A new coach, a new attitude, a new team, and a new pitching ma- chine were all used in the '78 var- sity baseball season. After his res- ignation last year, Coach Kenny Moorehead left the baseball dia- mond to dedicate himself entirely to the classroom. Coach Terence Baker filled the vacancy and a new spirit soon was apparent. Practice was long, hard and gruel- ing, often continuing into the night. Fortunately, the long hours paid off during competition. Lack of spectator support was no- ticed at all the games and it seemed as though the students will never be responsive to certain sports. Even without support, the '78 baseball team continued to show a strong and authoritative game. one- Varsity baseball: front row- Jamie Gonzalez, Rudy Aldalco, Luis Ramirez. Turry Rodriguez, Gustavo Franco, Danny Holguin, Ernie Gonzalez, Ruben del Toro, Fernie Mora. back row- Joey Haddad. Pe- ter Martinez, Ruben McGurk, Charlie Ron- quillo, Ted Muller, Raymond Porras, Enri- que Gomez. Alan Guard, Andy Amaya, Guthier Gonzalez, Coach Terence Baker. two- Ruben del Toro grabs a handful of dirt along with the ball during practice. three- Fernie Mora handles a line drive during practice. 102 Varsity Baseball March March March March March April April April April April April April April May May May ePHs sPHs EPHs EPHS EPHS EPHS -EPHS fzpns EPHS EPHS epus EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS ePHs VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS VS MacArthur Bel Air Coronado Bowie Andress Burges Austin Jefferson Irvin Coronado Bowie Andress Burges Austin Jefierson Irvin CDG, ' F13 ID B-Team Baseball 103 ine- Baseball Sweetheart Bertha Gill. wo- Tury Rodriguez scoops a line drive to hird base as Enrique Gomez backs him p. hree- Ernie Gonzalez attempts to tag out ernie Mora. nur- B-team baseball: front-row- Victor Jordon mgr.. Jesus Zarate, Abel Gomez. Benny Salazar, Tony Tafoya, Jose San- chez, Ricardo del Toro, Coach Toby Tovar. back row-Charley Hart, Roger Aguirre mgr., Frank Munoz. Paul Williams, Victor Hernandez. Gustavo Torres, Jesse Sierra. Sergio Rangel, Doug Davidson, -if s , , ' if iv ':f" fZ,rw ,A ff ar' . , wi' , A 2 N ,.,,,,,,,.,q,,... ,,y., -W P' WN, ,v W' AA ...mga ,, ,. .M M i-MMM, ,-Q-.Y if S W Rafi """"'-"-22 X-TN-2 Q-fffwv....4.,,g-.w,,..w. W. Q 2 ' i fvs-pw, 1 . ww. Q, xx. V W, I ' '1,f'rw2, dw 3' X 'fx KW- nder the guidance of Head oach Danny McKillip and Assis- int Coach Rudy Licon, the boys' arsity track team started the eason off with fourteen mem- jars. jur strength this year seemed to e with our distance runners. Of he 14 tracksters, five were re- rning lettermen: Tini Puga, Joe robert, Glibert Perez, Ricardo Se- ,oviano, and Valentino Serrel- ano. 'arsity trackmen and their events liciudedz Tini Puga Cmiiep, Ricar- lo Segoviano C400 meters, 400 lneter relay, mile relayjg Gilbert 'erez C400 meters, 400 meter re- y, Along jump, mile relayjg Joe Eobert Cshot put, discusjg Raul Si- uentes C110 meter hurdles, 330 jneter hurdles, 400 meter relay, mile relayii Richie Pena Cmilejg Rigo Landeros C100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meter relay, 330 hurdlesb. Others also included Javier Her- rera C880 yd. dash, mile relayjg Rudy Molina C400 meter relay, mile relay, 100 meter run, 200 meter runbg Bobby Valdiviez C800 meter dashjg Jose Delgado C100 yd. dash, 200 yd. dashjg Tury Flo- res Cmilejg Robert Perez Chigh jump, long jumpbp Valentin Serrel- lano C880 dash, mile relayj. Austin Cleveland, last year's top pole vaulter was unable to com- pete because ofa shoulder injury. Beside the district meet, track- sters participated in four other in- vitational meets including the fol- lowing: Fort Stockton, Parkland, Track El Paso-Coronado, Bowie, and Jefferson. The B-team, like the varsity, seemed to be stronger in the long distances. Members included Nick Hantzopulos Cshot put, dis- cusjg Joey Artega Cshot put, dis- cusjg Chuck Etheridge Chigh jump, 220 yd. dashjz Jose Cardenas Csprinterjg Chris Aguirre Cpole vaulterjg and William Veck Cpole vaulterj. Other B-team members included Jorge Villareal Cdiscus, shot putbg James Bell C880 yd. dashjg Fran- cisco Guerrero Cdiscus, shot putjg Eddie Colunga Csprinterjg Javier Marquez Chigh jumpll Gerald Car- bajal Chigh jumpll Luis Diaz Clong jump, sprinterjg and Carlos Ca- bello Cmilej. 107 as-vazw:-em ll mmm mmca lllf"" xllllllll lllllf lllll Rifilllll I BSNHIIHM ,. -X 108 9th Track The outlook for the 1978 fresh- men track looked real good from the very beginning of the season. Competing in a seven- team meet, the Tigers got a third place. This was the first of a series of a seven-meet season that led to the district 1-AAAA championship meet held ln April. Some of the boys who carried the burden for the team were Mike Hinojosa, a strong miler but also a point-getter in the long jump and 440 yard relay: Victor Bustillos, who jumped over 19 feet several timesg Louie Lozano and Leon Jorjorian in the hurdles. Carrying the black-and-orange banner were a group of middle and long distance runners including Daniel Retana, Gilbert Solorzano, Albert Maldonado, and Martin Saenz. Jose Berumen, a shot-putter and discus-thrower, and Greg Barron, a member of the 44 yd. relay team, also accounted for .some points. The eighth grade track team opened its season at Guillen on March 11. Under the -direction of Coach Al Quintella, the team began with some 30 members but as time went on and the training and competition got together, the team grew smaller in number. Some of the team's members in- cluded Ernie Orozco C100 yd. dash, 440 yd. dashjg Allen Uecker fshot putjp Edward Lujan C200 yd. dash, 440 yd. dash and mile re- layl: Richy Arce C440 relay, long jump, high jumpjg Diego Frausto C880 yd. dashb: Sergio Lopez fshot put, discusjg Juan Aguirre C440 relayjg and Richard Perez and Richard Armendariz Cshot put and discusj. 8th Track 109 Running For Their Lives, ilTheWl4opes,And'TheW , i School i i Dne- Louie Lozano outruns his opponent. two- Freshmen track team: front row-C. Pusey, G, Chavez, M. Saenz, G. Solorzano, P. Retana. kneeling-M. Hinojosa, A. Rojas, V. Bustillos, J. Herrera, L. Lozano, G. Bar- on, F. Salazar. top row-R. Nicholson, L. Somez, J. Puga, G. Rosas, J. Berumen, V. fenegas, A. Maldonado, A. Martinez, poach Munoz. three- Gene Chavez goes jver the bar at seven feet. four- eighth trade track team: front row- Herman So- pllo, Sean Carr. Joe Ersinghaus, Paul Ale- han, Mike Perez, Cesar Zamaripa, Alan fecker, Andy Villareal, Ricky Arce. iddle ow- Ernie Orozco, Sergio Lopez, Gerardo lelasquez, Diego Frausto, Eddie Lujan, Richard Armendariz, Javier Melchor. back low- Paul Siqieros, Ricky Rosas, Victor ?rovencio, Richard Perez, Danny Mar- inez, Chewy Martel and Coach AI Quin- era. five- Auturo Martinez trys to clear he bar at practice. 110 Girls Track "They're the greatest athletes at EPHS or anywhere else," ex- claimed Ms. lrene Araiza, describ- ing her hardworking track team girls, who sometimes ran as much as 15 to 17 miles a day. Ms. Araiza attributes the girls' dedication to the tremendous amount of spirit the girls possess. Their dedication paid off hand- somely this year as the ladies set and broke track records at var- ious meets. Two of this years top achievers were Junior Mague Solorzano and Patsy Norman. Mague set a new meet record at the Burges Invita- tional in the 880 with a time of 2:29. Another record-setter was Patsy Norman who established the mile record in a time of 5:30. Of 28 relay teams competing, the Tiger foursome consisting of De- bra Dixon, Gloria Mejia, Marianne Blankenship and Mague Solor- zano took fourth place in the mile relay. Returning track letterpersons this year include Marianne Blanken- ship, Bertha Caldera, Debra Dix- on, Loretta Galeviz, Julie Rivera, Mague Solorzano, Carmen Solor- zano, and Susan Stapleton. Prom- ising freshmen this tear include Patsy Norman, Kim McCullough, Gloria Mejia, and Linda Arce. -W-gg-wwc:Wqfe1,,,gr E951 mnmmzunmu -...S SUZEQEQEEEI ,xazaaw lllllll yl web x ,3 5 X f , HH , J , Q 1 M M, .4,, .M 3 I X Pune! 1 1- W We ,X ., Q . .r . , Q Q x 5 Y 74 xv' 3 3 in Y - 5'lWj"f'?' P N '19 ' "fi , - 'ff' 1 g 'f ,LV X xf. , ,K ,gg-f-xx X V I L , M ' ,M x L' , Q if 'L ' "W" , . " . 'JW A Y ' ,. , A , , x , 1 Jgwq 5- ,mfg JL f . fx' .wr . , mfswaxfbtf - 135543 71, ftzgzg, M , M . ,. V V , ' " - M- Q Q ' A ' 'i 'A J' l M 'tt I A ' x , n - , X"- ff , X kg - '21, 1-.Q -M '4'.f""'4- - L-if 1 -.., X in - Q. . , .rf A, N A 5 -W r " . 1 'T --,-..' . A A -V . .. ' ' if V V .,. ' , ,.. ,, '11, . H fm-' - ' -,MVV ,g,., ' , " ' I '24 T ,,, A 'ff' 'A" f '4" ' ' -' 1 E1 QLSFS' QT. fig? L4, -MW ,,f'v--,2..,'fQ 1 Q ,, .. ,fn1V15, , '-FW: ax , Hfivf ' ffh. si , ,, f., K 39,5 3.4 , .9 mm. Law: fwafkwiff' A 112 Varsity Wr Pin To Win "Pin to Win" must have been the slogan of this year's varsity wres tling team. The wrestlers had an excellent' season, winning match es against Bowie three times Austin twice, Roswell and God dard, among others. The Tigers won"the Carlsbad tour nament for the first time. They My were the most popular .team at mf:-gg the tournament from start to fin- ish. Camillo Martinez was chosen outstanding wrestler. Six of the twelve grapplers were J ' - :Q new to wrestling, and all of them 2 1, A gl except two will be back next year. g , kit- ' 1 one- Varsity Wrestling team. front row- Robert Kinsey. Victor Bustos, Oscar Gar- cia, Fernie Mora, Tury Medrano, Luis Ra- f , mirez. back row- Coach Jesus Alvarez. f Danny Tarin, Camilo Martinez, Juan 1 Duran, Richardo - f ' - Anzola, Steve Cam- pos. Carlos lbarbo. Manager Tony Gar- ibay. , LA I . s s two- Carlos lbarbo is seen putting three- Steve Campos is receiving l on the pressure while wrestling a some tips from Coach Jesus Al- is ' - Roswell opponent. varez, :aft l! QQ: B Team Wrestlers 113 Mat lVlen Get Down The B-team wrestling team con- sisted of freshmen and sopho- mores. Members of the team wrestled to gain experience and ready themselves for varsity. They were very strong and showed great promise, one- B-team wrestling. front row: Mike Castro, Jaime Compean, Mike Baca, Tony Carbajal and Steve Adjemian. back row: Jesse Reyes. Salvador Cervantes, Jesse Sierra, Johnny Herrera, Rene Escandon, Pablo Sifuentes, Carlos Rivera and Fernie Lopez. two- Camilo Martinez is about to pin a Roswell wrestler with a double arm lock. three- Wrestling Sweetheart, Terry Vasquez. , RM. 3 t v , -T? 1 . , In X ,A K ? R' 6.9, ' ' ,W--Q .' fr? f M Q, . I , f..7F' ff-9 aw. H f, , Lf, f .iff tvffuf I? 5, , ,aw f 4 ui! V W ii Q . 4. f 1- ,Wai J, ' 1 f 'M g + W 'aff . , HA 4 ,, ri' 4 f' Nags'-ff " fl , .: -9 A .W- . " V fm WJ ,QW Mg. fa 'YL Wa' A. Www ww 1 X . , 3 ' '- Y. ' L - . " 2' - Q g 4, 4 ? 4QA 1 f XXX ,p f I ,AH "H" N, , K, if 1 , A 2? . B Q39 . , , I 5 . K 4 ,' x ' , , 'CE ng Egan" ,i MM PP! P A ,f WS 9128 S wmmr W3 Mmm r , i-D.. . H- - F, ,MLW 3 - K 'fw- x H vt, ., , Jig, irjlf---dEA Q 'ti A'I,, i' Vikf , ,YI . 1 Q 3 f E'-. 116 Golf TUQQIEC Ki? Though half of our golfers were inexperienced, they were out on the course every day developing- and improving their skills. The boys were stronger but the girls did well scoring consistently.. Next year's boys' team should be stronger since they are all juniors and they will have more exper- ience under their belt. Only two girls will be returning. Practicing was from 2:30 to 5:00 at Santa Teresa Country Club Monday through Thursday. On Fridays the team went to Cielo Vista Municipal Golf Course. Q one- Lulu Chavez, Golf Sweetheart. two- The golf team. front row- Beto Salcldo. Mando Marquez, Joey Haddad, Larry Al- varado, John Coleman and John Gilmore. back row- Emily Blaugrund, Becky Muela, Teenie Provencio, Tammy Look, Lulu Cha- vez, Eddie Mendoza and Coach Skip Schmulbach. three- Teenie Provencio takes a few practice swings before hitting the ball. four- Tammy Look chipping the ball with her 9 iron. five- John Coleman lining up his one wood for a tee shot. Golf 117 118 Girls Major Sports '7'..T.""--, all 'S Girls Major Sports 119 President, Anita Solis led the girls major sports club in many of their money-making projects which in- cluded selling popcorn, tams and scarves. The club is comprised of a variety of members from different sports such as track, cross country, var- sity and b-team volleyball, varsity and b-team basketball, golf and swimming. The other officers were: Francis Baca, vice-president, Rosemary Hernandez, secretary, Irma Alva, UEILIE R tl'eaSUl'ef. front row- Bertha Murillo lv-volleyball, v- basketballjg Lupe Murillo fb-volleyballjg Su- san Miller Cv-basketball, v-trackjz Becky Salcido Cb-volleyballjg Sandy Hernandez Cb-volleyballjg Rita Alvardo Cv-basketballjg Sandra Alvarado iv-basketballjg Estele Tarin iv-basketballjg second row- Cindy Avila tb-volleyball, v-basketballj: Lela San- chez fb-volleyballjg Ana Perez -Cb-volley- bally Pearl Molinar Cb-volleyballjg Martha Cardenas Qpast president, trainerjg Mary Jean Acosta fb-volleyballjg Rosemary Her- nandez fsecretary, v-volleyballj. third row Rosa Perez fb-volleyball. b-basketballjp Debra Dixon Cv-cross country, v-trackhz Patsy Norman Cv-cross country, v-trackjg Francis Baca qvice-president, v-volleyballjg Lulu Chavez fv-volleyball, golfjg Irene Tarin qv-volleyballj. fourth row- Margarita Solor- zano iv-cross country. v-trackjg Linda Arce fb-basketball, b-volleyball, v-trackj: Mari- anne Blankenship tv-cross country, v- trackjg Alicia Herrera Cb-volleyball, b-bas- ketballjg Delia Tarin fbevolleyballlz Liz Del- gado tb-basketball, b volleyballb. back row- Ms. Araiza, Gloria Castro Cv-cross country, v-trackjz Norma de Jong tv-track. v-cross countryjg Leonor de Jong tv-track. v-cross countryjg Mrs. Foreman. standing near railing: Sylvia Delgado qv-cross coun- try, v-trackjg Irma Alva Ctreasurer, v-vol- leyball: Carmen Solorzano Cv-cross coun- try, v-trackj: Terry Vasquez fb-volleyballli Susan Stapleton Cv-trackj: Leticia Valdeviz fv-trackJ1 Anita Solis qv-basketball, presj. not shown: Julie Rivera Cv-track, swim- mingy Kim McCullough Cv-trackjg Bertha Caldera fb-volleyball, b-basketball, v- trackjz Anna Mares tv-basketball. v-trackjg Dolores Almarez fbabasketballjg Melinda Tovar fb-basketballjg' Monica Camarillo fb' basketballj: Rosie Favela fb-basketballjz Lupe Rodriguez fv-basketball, b-volley- balljz Margret Gill Cv-volleyballl: Belen Fe- matt tv-volleyballj upper right: Mary Jean Acosta displays an expression of entrancement during a team volleyball game. LUI3 Eddie Frias, Javier Marquez, and Corina Ybarra paint posters for a football game. Mrs. Hartmann and Norma Correa try to hook a rug. Bernadette Pedroza types away to finish her assignment. Linda Jordan laughs at a little teas- ing before skating at the fifties skat- ing party. in 122 Audio Visual "Ligf1ts.Comero. f-iction " "Maximum efficiency in minimum time-with courtesy." With this motto as its guide, the audio-visual depart- ment experienced one of its most ac- tive years so far. According to Mrs. Carmen Haddad head of the AV department, students learned various skills including operat- ing, testing and trouble-shooting, re- corders, projectors, speed-reading ma- chines and video-tape machines. Besides video-taping basketball games, and football half-time performances, AV students were instrumental in mak- ing recordings of many areas in instruc- tional materials used by students and teachers alike. EPHS's audio visual service was rated number one in Region XIX District. one- Tim Chapman operates a video tape ma- chine during a basketball game. two- Gauthier Gonzalez rechecks the focus on a video camera. three- Audio-Visual Club front rowg Victor Bus- tos, Hector Bernal, Ray Maldonado, Henry Mor- eno, John Farah, Farah Farah. second rowq Wafa Farah, Mrs. Carmen Haddad, Tammy Look, Rob- ert Abdou, Mike Duran, Charlie Ontiveros, Dean Howell, Marco Molinar. third row: Ronald Stubb- lefield, Tim Chapman, Tom Curlin, Robert Caf- frey, Chuck Ethrldge, Ray Nieto, Ruben Perez, Ricky Duarte. back rowg Arturo Portillo, Javier Matamoros, Charles Agan. Morgan Giadry. Girls Chorus 123 mmk - N QQ ivscllw Pus ' 79 'T -'FT Q S 0 '- , ,,T,- - Q1 65-vw-c"? For the first time in 16 years, E! Paso High had a girls Chorus. The chorus was comprised of 32 girls, several of whom participated in the musical play 'Sound of Nlusic', as members of the nun's choir. The performance was held Janu- ary 27, 28. The girls also held many projects to raise money for their yearbook picture and their dresses which were to be worn in choral competition. one- Girls Chorus: front rowg Stephanriie Creswell, Norma Guerro, lnez Barron. sec- ond row- Connie Beltran, Leticia Barron, Letty Ochoa, Gloria Aguilar. third row- Gina Hinojosa, Laurie Sevire, Lourdes Mo- rales. fourth row- Leticia Gomez, Terry Morguia, Lisa Sommers. fifth row- Lucy Raudry, Liz Maser, Estefana Salazar, Den- ise Mendez, sixth row- Pat Coronado. Joyce Ward, Barbara Pope, Virginia Arri- guicci, Martha Clemente. seventh row- lrma Campos, Lilly Romo, Jana Christian, Sandra Saucedo. eighth row- Tammy Hol- guin, Frances Acevedo, Nlarite Gonzalez. Melinda Saavedra. back row- Eva Sau- cedo, Rosa Chapa, Rosa Pena. fill li iFF,'WlQlflll'QlJl ijt SR. OEA Sr. Office Education Association COEAJ started off the year by sell- ing lollipops and collecting news- papers to pay for membership dues and workshop expenses, as well as contest entry fees. They learned sundry office proce- dures and were trained to qualify for office positions. Most club members received on-the-job training in office procedures. Ac- cording to club member, Mike Rayas, "This class is different from any other. You are really well trained to get a job for the future," and according to Yoli Vil- lalobos, "We don't have the same boring routine. The class is flexi- bIe." Sr. OEA officers this year were: Rosa Ortiz, presidentg Cindy Ma- ser, vice-presidentg Irma Campos, secretary: Irma Soto, treasurer: Belen Fematt and Yoli Villalobos were reporters- historians. I Xliforklliforklliforkl I Jn 9? NJ 4.- 4? l Romelia Olivares . I -A A Inez Estrada ,I f , fvsi V ' X X I , sf W N .1 l A :I T V 1 K ,M Patsy Terry Belen Coronado Hermosillo Fematt ' 4 47 , A -A 4 7 Q KN 9 A l "1 N. H1 Arageli Irma Frances Perez Soto Aceve-do ,Senior O.E.A. l 1 f I I R 4 ' H' N -, R Af . ', 1 I NK V VV ' i 1 .A ' , 1 rfaJ W' ' k ' K ,A Q4 1' l ' I l l 17. ' ll: i QQ 1 ima -' lrene Margaret Susie Enedina Carrie Rosa Martinez Gill Martinez Macias Martin Ortiz . U 1 y ,, R ,I L. v A ,, 0. ,, .. V.. 4 K ' i 'gg ,A ' " 4, y Q Y Av x 1 fi :- '-" ,, r Qi f A Q3 i . he Rose Marie rrank Arcie Irina Mike Lupe Cadena Lozano Yanez Barragan Rayas Reyes one- Yoli Villalobos adds up the class r Q I W grades. two- Arcie Yanez checks up on " " B A if Ronnie Welch. three- Terry l-lermosillo ' '- .'- ,T+L r 1,73 looks over an unfinished paper. if f I lin. f-- I l 1- Ronnie Bernie Cindy Herlinda Welch Pedroza Maser Macias l ggi, -, 126 JrO.E.A. - -- -- --i-- llnps lllmiflleril ist: I an Junior OEA members began the year by electing officers. Judy Sidransky was elected presi- dent, Martha Barton, secretaryg Sandra Betancis, treasurerg and Frank Lopez, parliamentarian. ln February, members partici- pated in an area contest. Skills tested included typing, short- hand, accounting, duplication, job interview techniques, and fil- ing. Contestants who qualified then proceeded to state compe- tition in Houston. Jr. OEA trains students so that they may successfully hold of- fice positions during their senior year. It also aims to develop character, inspires leadership and cooperation among stu- dents and members of the busi- ness community. In addition, OEA strives to improve the stu- dents' personality so that they may work harmoniously later in their jobs. Ms. Katherine Boyd is the club's sponsor. ai-' -0 Judy Sidransky , K M .2 g Martha Alva Robert Lopez vw I av ff., T , J 1 Sandra Betancis an I Dora Douglas Angelica Garcia f. N ,.. I Concepcion Barron rv IQ, -. Q Olga Bermudes ,cf Blanca Acosta 1 by ,gk ., ff nun Elina Compean Patricia Lumbreras Bertha Ramirez Rosalinda Unzueta v- Melinda Tovar 6 vi 1 mx Carolina auquiri 'r X.. f Connie Beltran Y-r ,Q V -af 1 i' . A- J, , A , Sandra Lozano "' vs if Luz Corona K l 'P 2. Jr, . Elizabeth Bertha Sommers Caldera -x 1 'if'- 1 ff Bertha Bertha Romero Gil 40 or at 'sf .Q-7 one-Alicia Gomez and Elina Compean display OEA characteristics of hardwork and good times. two-A Junior OEA idol. three-Practice makes perfect, but in the meantime, Bertha Romero continues to erase. four-Judy Sidransky strikes away. 128 F.H.A. Somcthingis- The Future Homemakers of America had a busy and prolific year. The 1977-78 officers who led FHA to an exciting year were: Mary Lou Vargas, presidentg Yvonne-C. Chavez, vice presidentg and Irene Vargas, secretary. The club was represented in the city council by Belinda Chavez and Pam Tabor. FHA attended various demonstra- tions covering a multitude of to- pics such as fashion coordination, interior decoration, and foreign food preparations. They learned about different hair styles and methods of applying cosmetics. The members made organdy flowers and cakes to sell on Valen- tine's Day. one- Sandra Saucedo and Becky Salcido cook a delicious mixture while Yvonne Chavez supervises. two- F.H.A.: front row -Belinda Chavez, Melinda Saavedra, Sandra Saucedo, Christy Maclntyre. back row- Irene Var- gas, Yvonne Chavez, Mary Lou Vargas, Carolina Jauregui, Cathy Raunum. F52 gf ,fi al 3 Burning 1 'Jul' - 2 . .V . 3 i ' 5 K r L E QQ .99 1 nel Sv Lettermen 129 A, ,M -gga-ax" .,ff.,.f.,, . v so fl The lettermens club is unique in that it holds no regularly sched- uled meetings, elects no officers, and collects no dues. Any athlete who receives a letter because of his participation in a sport can be a member. one-Lettermen Club, front row, Gauthier Gonzalez, Ruben Perez, George Villareal, Ernesto Gonzalez, Fernando Lopez, Israel Adjemian, Juan Duran, Carlos lbarbo, Tom Koehler, Ernest Vasquez. middle row, Os- car Alvarado, Martin Garcia, James Co- verty, Carlos Cabrillo, Austin Puga, Richie Pena, Bobby Galaviz, Tury Flores, Joe Roberts, Arturo Rodriquez, Raul Sifuentes, Austin Cleveland. back row, Javier Mar- quez, Robert Abdou, Ramon Porras, Rob- ert Butler, Jay Butler, Sergio Montoya, Os- car Torres, Gilbert Perez, Andy Amaya, Es- teban Campos, Coach Vasquez. two-Let- termen Gauthier Gonzalez proudly exhib- its his well deserved letter. three-Senior back Tony Soto runs through the poster held up at the beginning of the victory line, a new tradition started this football sea- son. 130 Art Honor Society ff W om, my Q ,mv 'wif one4Tim Chapman and Louie Flores try to throw Nancy Villa in a trash can full of paint, while Jane DeLay and Joyce Ward are busy working. two-Members of Art Honor Society are: first row, Mary Ramirez, Norma Correa, Mrs. Debbie Hartman, Adele Burrows, He- lene Windgate, Judi Wallace, and Nan- cy Villa Second row, Joyce Ward, Maria Cintron, Colleen O'Connor, Kathy Clark, Debby Kupfer, Chiemi Yo- shizawa and Nora Villa. Third row, Jane DeLay, Ernie Olivas, Becky Win- ningham, Becky Salcido, Carlos Perez, Laura Jackson, Becky Espinoza, Pat Salcido, Oscar Duran, Monica Mar- r. 1 Art Honor Society 13 fi tinez, Christine Shipley, Rozzana Natale, Javier Marquez. Not shown, Iris Kaim, Letty Villarreal and Eddie Duran. Three- "Hurry up and stir that paint," seems to be what Corina lbarra, Eddie Duran, Louie Flores, Oscar Duran and Javier Marquez are saying. four-Louie Flores, Judi Wal- lace, Nancy Villa, Corina lbarra and Tim Chapman show after-effects of painting on grass. five-Art Honor Society Officers are: Mary Ramirez, vice president: Norma Cor- rea, secretary: Mrs. Debby Hartman, sponsor: Nancy Villa, president, and Nora Villa, treasurer. Art Honor members combined business with pleasure and in the process, had one of their most productive and fun years yet. According to Miss Debbie Hart- man, sponsor, the club's goal was to have a good time while being of service to the school. Members also sponsored various money-raising projects in order to have money to pay for their year- book pages. "We accomplished various time- consuming projects such as bake sales, candy sales, Easter mes- sages, and Valentine messages, all without any major mishaps, added Mrs. Hartman. For homecoming, Art Honor Soci- ety members painted the end zones of the football field and dur- ing Spring Fiesta, they decorated the Civic Center. 1 132 French Club This year the French Club was very active. At the beginning of the year, new members were initi- ated and they had to eat escargot Csnailsj and fromage du chevre Cgoat cheesej. Informal meetings at the members' houses were called pause cafe's. At the pause cafe's, French was spoken and members ate different varieties of French cuisine: escargot, fro- mage du chevre, pate de foie gras QGooseIiverJ, and quiche lorraine Can eggdishj. Members entered a play called, "Le Figre et le Viellare" in the For- eign Language Festival. The mem- bers also entered the Foreign Language Speech Tournament. one-French Clubg front row, John Farah, Margot Erbe, Sara Griffin, Therese Levy, second row, Trisha Pitchford, Adele Bur- rows, Mary Scanlon, Sandra Saucedo, Jer- ry Reynolds. third row, Rosie Milliron, Chuck Williams, Christy Cornwall, Sandra Cyr. back row, John Gonzales, Ricky Vil- lalva, Connie Caire, Mrs. Powell, Denise Davidson, Ricky Cortes, Debbie Pusey, Laura Jackson. two-Sandy Lepe and Cecy Ramirez chat over escargot and cafe fran- cais, three-Chuck Williams thinks seriously about his French oath. "file mlzjfrannais H 'Dre i l Ulf' ,f ,Ar iiatinat This is the first year that the Latin Club has been in existence. The sponsor of the club was Mrs. Bar- bara Powell. Leading the club this year was Carolyn Levy, president, Loretta Galaviz, vice-president, Jackie Wiener, secretary, and Nora Tovar, treasurer. Some of the fund-raising activities of the Latin Club included bake sales and car washes. Some other activities featured a Roman wed- ding and a Roman Banquet in which everyone dressed up as a Roman wearing a toga. one-Paul Malooly and Carolyn Levy ex- change Roman 'wedding vows. two-Nlem- bers unite at the traditional Roman Ban- quet. three-Latin Club, front row, Rudy Molina, Ysela Fulton, Bobby Nevarez, Lo- retta Galaviz, Lauren Merworth, Carlos de Anda. back row, George Villareal, Trisha Hardie, Laura Provencio, Nora Tovar, Jackie Finger, Carolyn Levy, Torn Koehler, Mrs. Powell. I- on '21 3 Q c CJ' l1l CD CD 134 NJHS Get Smart! NJHS projects this year included: cleaning the EPHS letters, ventur- ing to Bluff Springs, and sponsor- ing a booth in the Junior Carnival. Fundraising projects, including lol- lipop and bake sales were con- ducted to help pay for the groups yearbook page and to pay for their trip's expenses. one-National Junior Honor Society, front row, Irene Salcido, Cindy Kelsy, Sheila Ros sen, Kathy Clark, Sofia Cazares, Rose- mary Salcido, second row, Christine Keohler, Elizabeth Brient, Kathy Goeldner, Ginny Kerr, Kim Strauss, Patricia Connor- ton, Becky Schwarzbach, Kathy Flores. George Davis, third row, Anna Mares, Gri- sela Adarne, Sue Stanley, Martha Espin- oza, Monica Rivera, Patsy Soto, Sandy Hernandez, Cindy Avila, Jackie Jordon, Patricia Licon, Mr. Carlos Aguillar Cspon- sorb, Eric Goeldner, Sean Carr, Keith Pan- nel. hack row, Mrs. Frances Cherry Cspon- sorj, Letty Valdiviez, Celia Guard, Barry Boetto, Denise Neil, Jenna Johnson, Lisa McNieI, Letty Chaparro, Linda Arce, Jerry Ahouse. N. st I 'WV N.S.H.S. 135 , 7 ""-,rwfw I Ui' Je .R .1 The Wise Guys! 'iZ'iri.Li LW. Yi '-,' 1' I5 ' gum a mini f.'7w J. one-Officers: front row, Donna Rosen, treasurer, Mrs. Anderson, advisor, middle row, Sherri Uecker, secretary: Debra Dix- on, reporter, Frances Lovelady, vice-presi- dent, back row, Tom Koehler, president. two-National Junior Honor Society, front row, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Anderson, Connie Caire, Dolores Chavez, Denise Davidson, Elizabeth Zubiate, Nora Tovar, Loretta Ga- Iaviz, Laura Jackson, Danny Malone. sec- ond row, Saul Gonzalez, Melanie Rob- berts, Tom Koehler, Debra Dixon, Miles Smith. third row, Bobby Smith, Mike Scanlon, Cindy Jacques, Annette De La Torre. fourth row, Carolyn Levy, Joy Fer- guson, Frances Lovelady, Aurora Domin- guez, Helene Kasner, Donna Rosen. back row, Sherri Uecker, Ricky Luis Campos, Gil Holland, Shawn McKinney, David Aboud. not shown: Steve Chew, Charles Abernethy, Lourdes Chavez, Rebecca Her- nandez, Romelia Olivares. Members of Senior National Honor Society appropriately nicknamed themselves the "Wise Guys." The high stan- dards set for the Senior National Honor Society, in the fields of scholarship, service, leadership, and character were upheld throughout all projects and ac- tivities. In order to bolster school spirit, members sold booster ribbons and manned a booth in the Ju- nior Carnival. Tutoring services were offered by members with a gratifying response from both teachers and students. These and other fund-raisers aided the completion of their annual ser- vice project. lg. 136 FTA An Apple A Day M Hard Corelle acher The Future Teachers of America, under the supervision of Mrs. Beatrice Lopez, held their mem- bership drive early inthe year. It was considered successful with a five percent increase over last year. One purpose of the club was to expose members to the different aspects of education. At every other meeting, the club invited teachers from different schools to come and speak about their special areas in education. The teachers explained what they did before they got their degree and what made them decide to be- come a teacher. The members conducted bake sales and message sales. They helped out with the school's car- nivals and participated in other projects such as selling souvenirs and refreshments at the Miner football games. The profits were used to pay the members' way to the annual Texas Future Teachers of America Convention held in Dallas, Texas, last February. one-FTA officers are: Gina Natale, histori- an, Debby R. Ku f r, president, Kris Mcln- tyre, historianggcianna a a e l Mrs. Lopez, sponsor: Susie Perez, vice- presidentg and Rosemarie Cadena, secre- tary. two- Becky Ewing discusses financial status with Abie Kupfer. three-Members of FTA: front row, Mike Ortiz, Gina Natale, Abie Jack Kupfer, Carmen Castillo, row two,GIoria Carral, Debby R. Kupfer, Jerry R e, Su- sie Perez, Norma Guerrero, Terry Corona, Pat Del Torrog row four, Sonia Mendez, Denise Mendez, l.ori Simone, Mary Sha- heen, Jlm Fashin back row, Rose Marie Cadena, Debbie. tt, Manny Quintana, Becky Ewiniban xneSiIvaK1 init? at Q S w me Bl, wi - ,M-v'-i""""" Speech 81 Drama 137 'Quiet On The Set!" Speech and Theatre Arts Society elected new officers during their first meeting. Heading the club this year was Suzie Vilardell, presidentg Racy Haddad, corre- sponding secretaryg Carmen Stubblefield, recording secretary: Trisha Pitchford, treasurer: and Jose del Valle, sergeant-at-arms. This year the speech and drama department, in cooperation with the music and modern dance de- partments, presented "The Sound of Music" in January. It was the first event held in the auditorium. The drama department co-hosted a workshop of one-act plays and mimes with UTEP. Schools par- ticipating in the workshop were Ysleta, Jefferson, Austin and Irvin. Taking a superior rating in set de- sign at the Riverside High' School tournament was Jose del Valle. Suzie Vilardell placed third in po- etry interpretion. one-Suzi Vilardell unruffles Carmen Stubb- lefield's dress. two-members of Speech and Theatre Arts Society front row, Zita Reyna, Sandra Saucedo, Judi Wallace, Christine Shipley, Mrs. Shirleen Becker, C.Dianie,AdLlis,Jane DeLay, Noemi Mendoza, Elizabeth Maser, Virginia Arrigucci, Debi Pusey and Becky Ramirez. middle row, Chuck Williams, Javier Flores, Kathy Goeldner, Racy Haddad, K.C. Lerner, Suzi Vilardell, Adele Burrows, Trisha Pitchford, Becky Salcido, Raquel Rodriguez, back row, Frank Lopez, Carmen Stubblefield, Rolf Brown, Christy Garcia, Nora Rojas, Ernie Vasquez, Richard Vandertulip, not shown, Jose del Valle. 138 Kalevala i QQ Kalevala Club had a very success- ful year as it almost tripled its en- rollment. The Kalevalans also sponsored various money-making projects. The club began gathering works for the annual creative arts maga- zine in September and worked throughout the year alongside the creative arts magazine staff to produce the magazine. l Co-presidents of the club were Adele Burrows and Lynn Thomp- son. Colleen O'Connor was the club's secretary-treasurer and - the sponsor was Mrs. Emily Gun- ning. one-Lynn Thompson and Colleen O'Con- nor revise copy for the Creative Arts Mag- azine two-lsha Rogers expresses her feel- ings on writing another Thanksgiving mes- sage, three-Kalevala: front row-Bertha I Avila, Mary Scanlon, Adele Burrows, Mrs. Emily Gunning, sponsor. middle row-Ysela Fulton, Colleen O'Connor, Erin McKinney, I Judi Wallace. back row-Sean McKinney, AI- lison McCollough, lsha Rodgers, Marian Haddad, Elaine Hirsh, Judi Hirsh, Denise Mendez, Marc Flores, Sonia Mendez, Chuck Etheridge, Chuck Williams. Ill-iles Im-" W3 Orchesis 39 NIJ Dance IsTo Livelv LiveIsTo Donce.9, I H Orchesis is the honorary modern dance club. New members were picked by audition by Mrs. Mary Ellen Robberts and last year's Or- chesis members. They were cho- sen on their ability to dance, in- terpret and the quality of their techniques. These girls worked together as a group to give per- formances for outside functions, such as the Junior Senior prom and Spring Fiesta. The club held various workshops twice a month on Wednesdays to help those in- terested in dance and to encour- age others to join the modern dance class. These workshops proved successful for those who attended. Orchesis also per- formed in their annual Modern Dance Concert on February 24. During the year they also enter- tained at El Pipo's hair design. one-Orchesis: Annie McAlmon, Deanna Ri- vera. Vanessa Ruiz, Terry Zuniga, Sarah Griffin, Claudia Scott, Patty Dent, Laura Smith. two-Claudia Scott exhibits a sit spin. three-Vanessa Ruiz leaps down the stairs in a bent stag. three-Laura Smith soars through the air four-Annie McAl- mon leaps with grace, 140 General Science Science, Science! e The General Science Club began its first year with a series of can- died-apple and bake sales. At the beginning of December, members held a car wash to round off their first four months of activity. After the Christmas holidays, they toured Hotel Dieu Hospital and the UTEP engineering depart- ment, learning about things like lung machines and how doctors prepare for surgery. Officers picked during the first meeting were Estella Ortega, president, Nora Rojas, vice-presi- dentg James Bell, treasurer, and Denise Mendez, secretary. The advisors were Miss Rojas and Mr. Aguilar. This being their first year in existence, the club accom- plished quite a bit. one-Members examine the bones and structure of the human skeleton. two-Glo- ria Vargas examines bacteria through the microscope. three-General Science Club: front row, Lourdes Rodriguez, Monica Ma- cias, Gladys Mendoza, Alicia Herrera. Ana Perez. Estella Ortega, Denise Mendez. Lydia Gutierrez. Sandra Angcayan. Gloria Vargas, Jerry Reynolds. middle row, Letie cia Chaparro, Linda Arce, Cody Morton, Marcella Saucedo, Yvonne Nader. Jose Luis Perez, Able Kupfer. top row, Miss Roe jas, Nora Rojas. Sherri Sommerville. Ja- mie O'Brien, David Torres. Barry Boetto. Celia Guard, Debbie Jett. David Torres. Y, l v f James Bell. four-Officers, front row, Celia Guard, reporter, Nora Rojas, vice-presr dent, Estella Ortega. president. back row, Denise Mendez. secretary: James Bell. treasurer, Medical Science "UUIlmot'f Up Doc The Medical Science Club was' started this year. Mr. Don Wof- ford sponsored the new organiza- tion for students interested in ' medicine. Officers leading the club were: Denise Davidson, vice- president, Dolores Chavez, presi- dent, Pat Mares, secretary and Vicky Campos, treasurer. On Oc- I tober 8, the club went to Sun Towers Hospital where Dr. W.. Berry showed them the Radiology Department. They saw x-rays of f the various parts of the human body and the x-ray equipment. , Many favorable comments were heard from club members who fa- - vor using advanced techniques for surgery. Students participating in the club will have their membership noted on their school records. The club sponsored many funds through- out the year. Members held bake sales to back up the club financial- ly, and to pay for their Spur page. .,v -and one-Medical Science Club: front row, Pat Mares, Dolores Chavez, Denise Davidson, Vicky Campos, Lourdes Ponce, Colleen O'Connor, Mary Scanlon, Charline Jaurez. back row, Sonia Mendez, Brian Maddux, Mark Flores, Chuck Ethridge, Scott Dug- gan, K.C. Lerner, Mr. Don Wofford. not shown, Debra Dixon, Loretta Galaviz, Tri- sha Hardie, Frances Lovelady, Nora Tovar. two-Brian Maddux performs major surgery on Chuck Ethridge. three-Denise Davidson performs CPR on a practice dummy. CHDEIVHC- A ,q.""+-s.Q..,,,,,M.+,N.,-M+,,,,,MM..,.,f...n..-.n,., '1"'f'W' " Lg,g,,M,:I , U1 - - K 3 .,, ." " 'M' 2 K, ,, g ', vi,-: ., W ff--1'--Qs-,sf,fLfQ W ' ' , ' K' . ' is U ...aids Aim A .QHQMQ sax? ffgegis aaa? .-zse , r fxiggm Rene Bustamante demonstrates his Spanish ability. Nora Tovar and Denise Davidson make accuracy look simple. Lilly Martinez and Eddie Martinez make good use of the library to com- plete a report. K.C. Lerner is acting his heart out during an assembly put on by the Speech and Drama club. 4 144 Students Who Leave School J Teen involvement Members Counsel Sixth This year fourteen students par- ticipated in a counseling program entitled, 'Teen Involvement' The program deals with teaching val- ues, encouraging decision mak- ing, and fostering communication between kids and adults. Aimed at sixth grade students, the program strove to reach sixth grade stu- dents through high school stu- dents. According to Ms. Yolanda Nesom, Teen Involvement sponsor, the program was effective because "students listen more to high school students then they would to their teachers or counselors." Graders Once a month, student counsel- ors, known as 'facilitators' or 'visi- tors' visited five of the surround- ing elementary schools to rap with students. El Paso is within the only district in Texas that of- fers this type of counseling. The student counselors, working in two's and three's were assigned to different feeder schools. one-Teen Involvement: front row- Jay But- ler, Lettie Villarreal, Ms. Yolanda Nesom, middle row- Karen Tovar, Mary Haddad. Cindy Jacques, Liz Zubiate, Deanna Ri- vera, Ana Primental, Maria Angelica Gar- ciagback row- Bobby Nevarez, Sylvia Or- tiz, Dolph.Sgyffert, Iris Kaim, Terry Zuniga. two- Deannahliivera goes through lesson with Lamar sixth graders. . . X' T 'lj L gf , ,, ' , Q A J Students Who Leave School 145 Telling lt Like lt ls This year's Student Advisory Committee consisted of twenty- four students representing eight El Paso High Schools. Represent- ing us were Andrea Plaza, student body, Rene Bustamante, student council: and Emily Blaugrund, journalism department. Students met once a month with superintendent J.M. Whitaker. To- pics for discussion consisted of problems faced by the El Paso school district. Joining the group of students were student direc- tors and consultants. Xa one- Student advisory, Rene Bustamante, Andrea Plaza, and Emily Blaugrund. two- Andrea Plaza, and Emily Blaugrund check over yearbook proofs. three- ESAA com- mittee, Racy Haddad, Ernie Rodriguez. Cindy Jacques, Donna Rosen, four- Ernie Rodriguez looks over committee notes, ESSA is a group of students and teachers who monitor the climate of the student body. Through hu- man relations workshops, which are city-wide, community mem- bers learn to interact with others and serve as facilitators for group sessions. ESSA sponsors Student Switch day where students are given an opportunity to plan and conduct classes for a day and evaluate stu- dent performance by changing roles with teachers, administra- tors and staff members. S X' , A v P 1 Q fi ii fi ak , 3 'Q' . X Q 146 Who's who -' , . W ' E7 ' 2 ' , . 1 -1 ,V V ffwf 'L "'L , , VV Q f,,..,-,,,f ,,,. :if H ' A' Q t in lf .. ' x 32 f 7 ' ' 1' W -"- ' "M aw ,V ZI- X L! V' Q' Q 5 A'2h Em' 4 b ff ,ff L f ,V,, V K , ,52 1 . H K tm ,. Q , K 4 Ln us 44? QM 4' at Wi 4, 'ww W Q BZ., 9 f v 3 ff We ffl Q' Q in ' ,tlf ,A' r A Who Jwho W Q ,Q ffl, 16 'rf I TZ l fly, lhlll Nowhere else is the word "well- whenitis dents ther based lion Vllhpfg, tt Yllhgz , Qanny,eMalone, Laura Q5ag3kst5n,,,lQ9bby Nevarez, Saul Gon- zalez, MlilEe',SggaQlon, Rick3gC'ampos, lris Kaim, Letty Villarreal, Racy Had- dad, Dolores Chavez, Joy, Ferguson, Frances Lovelady, Lourdes Chavez, Debra Dixon, Annette de la Torre. Not shown: Andrea Plaza, Donna Ro- sen, Shawn McKinney, Martha Car- denas, Qherri Uecker. , 1 148 Math t .jus El:1n'tPidEl-.. The math department, consisting of nine teachers, saw the addition of two new courses: Number The- ory and Theory of Equations. El Paso High was the only school in west Texas to offer the latter of the two. More and more sophomores each year have doubled up on their Al- gebra and Geometry courses. Taking these subjects early en- abled these students to take a year of calculus before gradu- ation. As in every year, last summer in- 353 terested students took part in an engineering program at U.T.E.P. University lnterscholastic League CU.l.L.j held Number Sense Com- petition in April. Number Sense members were Jerry Ahouse, Amy Rivera, Kim Strauss, Mark Ortiz, Paul Williams, James Bell and John Corbin. Student interest created a stu- dent teacher commission to buy a computer for the school. A peti- tion was written up by Lynn Slater and signed by students and teachers alike. Math one- Mr. Davis helps out calculator math students Lori Del La Torre and Jamie King. two- Ronald Stubblefield does some pa- perwork at his desk. three- Paul Malooly attempts to look like a serious math stu- dent. four- Brian Maddux finds a use for the calculator in trigonmetry class. 4 150 Science Besides dissecting cats, earth- worms, and pigs, science stu- dents also attended symposiums and field trips this year. This year also saw the formation of two new science clubs: the Medical Sci- ence Club and the General Sci- ence Club. "lt's good for students to study the anatomy of an animal be- cause if they are going into a medical field, they'll know what they are going to be up against," said senior Tom Curlin. "l've learned a lot, but those cats sure stunk," added senior Sylvia Ortiz. Science teachers encouraged students to enter various confer- ences and competitions. During the Health Career Conference held on November 11 at Bowie High School, students were shown medical films, exhibits, and were taken on hospital tours. Sev- eral students entered their pro- jects in the Trans-Pecos Science Fair held at Tech Center March 30 and April 1. Other students submitted scienti- fic papers based on their own re- search to the Southwestern Sci- ence and Humanities Symposium. Emphasis was placed on the pro- jects' importance to humanity. Still other students participated in junior and senior science semi- nars as well as in computer semi- nars. Participants listened to lec- tures by guest speakers, went on field trips and worked on projects. Examinations testing students' abilities to read scienfitic publica- tions were administered at the University interscholastic League Competition. Geology classes visited sites on Trans-mountain road, McKelligon Canyon and Mt. Cristo Rey. Science 151 t 'I +L IIE "I'llIlIilV 'C Llll III '-If 3 l one-Nora Tovar and Denise Davidson use a burette in physics class. two-Sonia Hol- land and Erin McKinney inspect sea life in their 'Survey of Animal Groups' class. three-Sophomore Nancy Menchaca stud- ies the insides of a clam. four-Science proves to be a hairy experience for fresh- man, Liz Millard. five-Raul Hernandez finds the study of algae amusing. 152 Social Studies FFGYYI PSST To Present Social Studies students were quite active as they involved themselves in a diversity of pro- jects. ln Law and the Courts, mock trials offered the students an opportu- nity to learn courtroom proce- dures as they stepped into the shoes of lawyers, judges, plaintiffs and defendants. In an Individual Research Semi- nar, 12 students conducted an in- depth study about a political, eco- nomic or social issue or problem. They then offered a presentation over their selected topic to the class. American history classes involved themselves with scrapbooks and reports. Using photos, cartoons and articles, students related past events with those occuring in the present. This year also saw a change in the curriculum as new courses were added, giving students more of a variety to choose from. Class loads were still bursting at the seams with classes averaging over 30 students. More students seemed to be par- ticipating in class discussions and in oral reading. Of course, as in most other classes, there contin- ues to be the challenge of moti- vating students whose interest wanes or those who have reading problems. With the additional courses added to the social studies program as well as the deletion of courses proving to be outdated or ineffec- tual, government and history courses became more relevant and worthwhile. iam, -"M Social Studies 153 A gy, one- Mr, Cage shows history students Jana Christian and Raymond Gardea some antique barbed wire. two- Edward Castro serves as judge for a 'Law and the Courts' mock trail, three- Socorro Sando- val gives an oral report in her 'Current Events' class, four- Teresa Levy and Alma Salazar join forces and work in the library. five- Bernie Velez works away on a report. 154 English English Dcpartmcn The English Department including journalism and speech classes, was composed of 14 teachers. The newly remodeled auditorium and an increase in the speech de- partment created a need for an additional teacher who is also a specialist in operating the expen- sive lighting and sound equip- ment. Students and teachers were in- volved in numerous activities out- side school. This year, as in past years, representatives competed in impromptu writing, spelling and plain writing, and various journal- ism categories. Teachers not only coached their own students but they also served as judges in oth- er district contests. In addition to University Inter- scholastic League competition, speech students competed in many tournaments around the city. Staff members also volun- teered their time to act as judges. 2 ,,.,f' . English 155 1118 A major undertaking this year was the production of "The Sound of Music." Music and speech stu- dents, as well as teachers, spent long hours rehearsing for what proved to be a highly successful production. For the past two years, profes- sional Shakespearian thespians have staged the English play- wright's plays as well as his son- nets, A-multitude of English courses in- sured that students' needs were met. Courses ranged from inten- sive language development, Cteaching students to speak Eng' lishj to advanced courses for ju- niors and seniors. Students had an opportunity to select from col- lege preparatory subjects as well as subjects benefitting those go- ing into some trade. one- Joy Ferguson. Deanna Rivera, and Mary Haddad are all wrapped up in the Readers' Guides during their 'Advanced Research' class. two- Ysella Fulton takes a makeup test for her English class three- Charlle Ronquillo takes a snooie during Developmental Physcology four- Lulu Chavez and Freddie Hernandez spend a restful hour reading popular non-fiction books five- Students hnd Slmkespeanan actress Mary Krause amusing 156 Foreign Language I'0IYgll0f ' one- French One students work on the lab. two- Bobby Nevarez and Rudy Nlorena practice their Latin on the chalkboard. three- Tricia Hardie shows her enthusiasm for Latin! four- Mrs. Powell shows blind- folded Ricky Cortez directions in French. five- Mrs. Solomons Spanish students wish they could take a Siesta. Foreign Language 157 . X 1,1 Y 1 ' A r il -A he foreign language department as comprised of two new teach- Mrs. Barbara Powell CFrench Latinj and Mrs. Helene Solo- CSpanishJ. Latin classes studied mytho- and took part in a Roman which was sponsored by Club. A wedding, holi- and feast days were also re- Spanish classes learned basics of Spanish and partici- pated in the language festival held at Bowie High School. French students participated in plays, oral conversations and used the listening lab extensively. Third year students studied French civilizations through the use of films and various projects. Each student chose a period of history or a monument as a sub- ject for their project. Many French students attended the French symposium in Midland where contestants throughout Texas competed. Categories in- cluded language proficiency, po- etry, and extemporaneous speak- ing as well as art and music. "My goal this year," said Mrs. Powell, "was to build up a foreign language program and to create more interest in the cultural stud- ies." 158 Art Ciriealiiwili Ullnllllmilbtedl The art department continuously grew, mainly in the fine arts divi- sion. The crafts division also grew but at a slower pace. Student in- terest likewise burgeoned rapidly this year. Eighteen different courses were offered this year including eighth grade art, leather crafts, jewelry, ceramics, painting, drawing, and others. Some of the projects undertaken by art students included con- nm' .4 ..in,J.. ., structing the backdrops for Spring Fiesta, the Beauty Pag- eant, and Military Ball. Students also made Thanksgiving, Christ- mas, Easter, and Valentine dis- plays in the front hall. Other pro- jects involved creating artwork on bulletin boards and various post- ers for school functions. Art teachers attempted to show the important role art plays in life, making it an integral part of the school. Art 159 i , one- Virginia Arrigucci forms a clay pot. two- Joe Talamantes works on leather in a jewelry class. three- Ignacio Torres and Estelia Tarin are engrossed in their work. four- Patsy Salcido lets her imagination run during her drawing class. five- Tim Chapman rolls his own Qclay, that is.J 160 Vocational ec lliirne To lteaimn Tech Center offers students an opportunity to learn radio and T.V. repair, auto mechanics, met- al trades, cosrnetology, electron- ics, and various other trades. Students attended Tech for three hours a day and received three credits for each class successfully completed. Classrooms were equipped with the latest and most sophisticated equipment avail- able. A job placement service was also available to help graduating seniors obtain employment in their field. "l liked Tech because I met stu- dents from all around the city," added Trinidad Fernandez, "and I received much training." 2 .Y vi ' A . , . V, A ' .Hf'74, I r ,. if A' f- C ff' , 425 ' f' T? A 'sc P- Mi! Vocational 161 fsvw""' ,s-4' 'ax-Dj I one-Tim Edwards works with an arc weld- er. two'Maria Elena Velasco punches away on the computer keyboard. three-Isabel Mendoza is one of many girls now working in the auto mechanics field. four-Armando Quinones tests the auto emission system. five-Tony Ochoa removes spark plugs as part of a tune-up job. 162 Band K.C. Rnd Hls aw 1 if fllik W2 Q D? 3 94 Qin- fi saw is F x 'Nam -Q 'Nvza JW aa-: Z Z5 , xiii ix number One Bond Success at last! For the first time in tive years, the Tiger Band re- ceived a "Superior" rating at the 20th annual Invitational High School Band Marching and Pag- eantry Contest held at the Sun Bowl Nov. 5. All those hundreds of hours of hard work finally paid off. Under the direction of Mr. Ken- neth Capshaw, 96 band members performed their precision drills to musical selections which included 'tRio Bravo," "This Masquerade," "Suncatcher," and "Superstar" All year the band worked under a system called the "4D's". They stand for Desire, Determination, Discipline, and Dedication. This past year they had various fund-raising projects in order to go to contest in Durango, Colora- do. lt all paid off as this year seemed to be a rebuilding year for the Mighty Tiger Band! one-Jenna Johnson smiles as she hears the band results, two-Able Bedoya con- centrating on hitting the right notes as she plays the school song during a morning rehearsal. three-Tiger drummer's get down with the beat at the marching con- test, four-Eddie Gonzalez jokes with band members. five-Steve Ginn is all smiles. six- Greg Barron holds his french horn high during a night rehearsal in Jones Stadium. Band 163 seven-Susie Corona marches off the field after an exhilerating half time show. eight- bottom row-Ken Capshaw, Lettie Villareal, Helen Salazar, Abie Bedoya, Jeanette De Anda, Sylvia Torres, Karen Tovar, Diana Torres, Kyle Neill, Ernie Rodriguez, Gilbert Perez, Rudy Rivera, Richard Ewing, Victor De Anda, Sylvia Ortiz, Racy Haddad, Me- lanie Robberts and Saul Gonzalez. row two-Terry Galindo, Andy Villareal, John Ba- ker, Raul Jaramillo, Belinda Chavez, Linda Pastrana, Rosie Campos, Susie Serrano, Arlene Bedoya, Lupe Morales, Otilia Montes, Belinda Roman, Laurie Venegas, Martha Clemente, Inez Barron, Terry Ra- mirez, Norma Payen, Evelyn Aguilar, Syl- via Martinez, Tina Zuniga, Nancy Haddad. row three-Annette DeLaTorre, Rachael Garcia, Cindy Colunga, Sylvia Armen- darez, Albert Peralta, Susie Corona, Gloria ltuarte, Ceci Torres, Thelma Badillo, Ve- ronica Salcido, Amanda Bedoya, Estella Gutierrez, Rene Rosas, Sylvia Patterson, Rosario Campos, Audrey Bedoya, Gilbert Tovar, Christine Bostick, Hilda Domin- guez, Andy Flores. row four-Irene Zamar- ripa, Delia Silva, Alan Uecker, Jose Car- denas, Rowena Flores, Mike Blanco, Juan Fernandez, John Rodriguez, Ruben Ber- nal, Robert Perea, Raymond Gardea, Vic- tor Valdez, Leon Ekery, Willie Kelsey, Rich- ard Roman, Martin Cardenas, Eddie Gon- zalez. row five-Sam Kupfer, Ricky Ayoub, Gilbert Tovar, Louis Portillo, Charles Ro- bles, Jimmy Prats, Tony Tafoya, Gloria Do- minguez, Gina Paredes, Sharon Bleck, Monica Kerr, Steve Campos, Jenna John- son, Joy Ferguson, Greg Barron, Mary Pratts, Trisha Ortiz. row six-Steve Ginn, Druary Shadrick, Barry Boetto, Ernie Del- gado, Dicky Duarte, Javier Matamoros, Jimmy Braun, Sammy Dominguez, Jose Torres, Marcos Hernandez, Ricky Cam- pos, Carlos Garcia, Johnny Vigil, Ricky Ro- sas, Hermann Sotelo, Irma Cardenas, Liz Ramos, Felipe Zamarripa. Varsity Orchestra 5. '. 166 B Orchestra 1, one- Teresa Corona and Arcelia Tafoya fid- dle around on their violins. two- Teresa Quezada reads her music attentively three- Beatriz Ramos shows enthusiasm while playing her violin. four- Jose Perez concentrates on adding a professional touch to his viola playing. five- Graciela Guzman and Patricia Del Toro get their timing just right. six- B-Orchestra: front row- Patricia Macias, Teresa Quezada, Ar- celia Tafoya, Beatriz Ramos, Diana Huerta, Olivia Nanez. middle row- Aizza Rodriquez, Teresa Carona, Lourdes Cor- ona, Patricia Del Toro, Gracelia Guzman. back row- Jose Perez, Antonio Munoz, Juan Aguirre, Herbert Beard. lv-Qrchestro Members All Strung Gut The El Paso High "A" Orchestra, finder the direction of Mr. George -eon, was involved in several ac- Livities this year. Bresident Judy Gonzalez led the irganization, assisted by Ruth 6 J 'ii' l l Corona, vice-president, Connie Caire, secretaryg Brian Nladdux, treasurer, and Lulu Ramirez, li- brarian. The goal of the orchestra this year was to become a top group and to perform well. The group has been improving over the past few years. The original musical scores from the Broadway Production of "The Sound of Music" were played by the orchestra on January 27 and 28 for the annual speech depart- ment play. The orchestra's second perfor- mance took place on February 13. For the past three years, Mr. Leon has been organizing the beauty pageant to raise money for the orchestra. Interested students chose a solo to work on and performed in the solo and ensemble contest in March. The group performed in the Jazz Festival on April 1. The contest featured popular and rock music played by stage bands and or- chestras from schools, through- out the city. The same night, the busy musi- cians performed for Spring Fiesta, playing background music during the coronation and ceremony. The high school orchestra com- petition in May featured classical type music on which the group worked hard in preparing for. All competition and contest per- formances were rated according to musical quality, rhythm, and musical interpretation. ., M N -AM .M , t 'Yi 5 k i '5 94 N X , i . l f f T 11 , l ,f i. -Siringers Tune In - year. In order to pay for their trips and needed equipment, orchestra members conducted bake sales and sold Halloween messages. B-Orchestra 167 The eighth grade orchestra con- sisted of 14 members and was led by Mr. George Leon. The mem- bers spent their class hours prac- ticing and preparing for the events which will be held next The group played for the Mesita School Christmas Program. Some of the students also played a solo ensemble at a contest held in March 4F 'lb 2. .4 - M ., , . Q. t W j-"'ff11f isaffsr. i.-s1.r.+ ,H 'M 4.- . ':'. ju ,f -,, A D . H W .- u,l.4, ' w ' r W 'ft 2 f:Ml7, vip sa. .- 4,g,,,.:g.l Q 168 D.E. Distributive Education identifies a program of instruction which teaches marketing, merchandis- ing and management. With selling a major part of the D.E. program, many projects were undertaken as part of the curriculum. A juke box was in- stalled in the cafeteria. As an an- nual fund-raising project, mums, garters and boutonnieres were sold for homecoming. During Christmas, the club sold jewelry. The funds made from all these activities were used to finance the yearly contests held in Feb- ruary and March. As social activities, a Christmas picnic was held and an employ- er-employee banquet was held at the Civic Center. To end the year, a dinner was held honoring all seniors. 4, Wi an ' na Pill .91 D.E. 169 Offers Gpportunities Toward New Direction one-D.E. officers: Gil Holland, treasurer, Bernie Carillo, parliamentariang Judy Ca- savantes, secretary: Maby Rojas, vice- presidentg and Rene Bustamante, presi- dent. 'two-D.E. members: front row- George Veytia, Arthur Muela, Tury Arias, Danny Lopez, Johnny Kayser, Abie Wardy, Dennis Hicks, Kim Meeham. second row- Fernando Palafox, Chuck Butterworth, Nick Bowington, Miss Janett Sarracino, Adolfo Villarreal, Vivian Jordan, Bernie Carillo. back row-Rene Bustamante, Albert Lawrence, Gil Holland, Judy Casavantes. three-Newly inducted members. four-D.E. beau Rene Bustamante and sweetheart Kim Meeham. five-Ricky Villalva stocks a nearby Walgreens. six- D.E., front row- lrma Alva, Frances Baca, Alma lvlaser, Be len Melendez, Lupe Zamora, Elsa Uribe, Lourdes Gomez, Cina Lauritzen. back row- Robert Araujo, Miss Janet Sarracino, Dan- ny Bustamante, Maby Rojas, Vivian Jor- dan Richard Bennett, Letty Hernandez Ricliy Villalva, Rosie Perez, Annette Cha- vez, Terry Ayoub, Saul Johnson. 170 Stage Band The UQIKCDQQM Under the direction of Mr. Ken Capshaw, the stage band partici- pated in various activities. They played for the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert and trav- eled to Durango, Colorado for competition. one- row one: Rene Rosas, Steve Ginn, Otilia Montes, Saul Gonzalez, Ricky Ayoub, Susie Corona, Gina Paredes row twog Gil- bert Perez, Javier Matamoros, Kyle Neill, Felipe Samarripa, David Sanchez, David Vigil, Ricky Campos, Carlos Garcia, Mar- cos Hernandez row three: Jane DeLay, Martin Cardenas, Jose Cardenas, Eddie Gonzalez, Willie Kelsey, Leon Ekery, two- Ernie Rodriguez all snared up. three- Mar- tin Cardenas strains as he hits an F sharp. four- Ricky Campos slides his trombone. ff5- AlI W!HbnQwKHcQmwf Stage Band 171 f-"" ,Nw 172 Drum Majors LeadersOf The Pack 1533 I , 1 L. if V z v f l Twirlers Spark e During Halftim Q gv -W-1 - ff 5 2 viii Ee f 12' i vf. 3 , . si f 4 .5 l. 1, cl ' . f 535' I: ' ' ' V ' 'N .- ' Q V f,-:3y,fL " ' , , - ' Q: .- ' +5 X ?".,f-Sim' Q FQ. - '?62.z-G 1 q gg, skit- :i3?2 '- ' 15:-flgiri I '-"u 'wt 22...-, SEN T ' Q ART 5 V' ' " ' wk .4 ,T-', f f" , 1- ,rp :sn ' - V 3 , 4. "Ii 5.11 ffzffl' ' -A ,iii 1521 UCS m M4m ,uw m.w f, ww ' ' ' r, J - , ' 1 ' - 3 ' ' .,:'m"f',, -.cg Y 1 , L," 49 ffyX' guqa' 1 i i R 1.,,,Q?.i., Y 1 Q 1 " v5.42 'Q is - ,fa-4:1 ' f..' f ' H 1 rg. Ov-f', "V , 1.-'f , ,, Q,-li .1 ,P Q.g-cfff',:"- . ,S - ,, i.lL gf"-ff 1 , 'Hi ix rf " ,,...!1 . , N, iifg 1"f- If .. . ly,-Riff ,' if X IP 3--' Li,-sf. - ",.:"' r ,,' . G? , ','1'!S'1 -f"'f 94: -,:f"". ,n' , f x 1 2 - ,im-.' ,,.' 1 2-...ff . - -L- , Q V' if r , W'-.ugh , , ' X , O , r R. N ,x , s' V . 3 f fg ' , -I A , V , ifliix , 1. - .3 w1,,,,- 14' 'J .- V... I . . l V 3 V it A ' ' ' . . 1. .J ' W 1 it , ,lf , " X ' a ,vw 'E ' A , E ff, Q ' ggige V Y H ' ,-X :F I A. .vt , - . I . 1 . . 1 A i w . . .1 - '?3'fAff15Qf '- 7 '- ' ' ' ' f. 1-1-"fi, :evil ' wF:f1L"2ffi'5-:icY'?1!1f,:"f,. 2,41 -'if -- ' Ea-:SES TW ff.gfff1,fFf5if'22g5A.gg,iQ1'S'-,41'fH "rf ' NN Exif .letf-illQ-j.3.4!:fef-are TrEf3'7'k5"'Pf'a,p,1s- ' - M 1-fy-,,',. . frriiwkf 'f + uf if-ggi ' '1- . 1' V 1i,w J 4 Y . S Q, 1 V ww aww ' , Z ' is 1 1 1 A X - WN- A ,-5 f b. , , f ,.WT'M--4- ,, .L I -A -'-"? g,,.L,,.-,,,...-J , f , ,1:f'.m-,',g:'.:w-::' ' T- WW .-.-,f .f , i - J - : ' . Ljwaw' ' ,mfQgg?gf N-,V ,ff-945-5 G ' - ,, ., gif. ,,,,,.V H -, ' K' 4,,.w' ' 'A :A-?""" 1,-L fl QQ- Legg iii- gif' ,Ji t k 'H Mn Racy M 1 f :gm 4 , 4 Q gi N' - P f ,,,,.-ucg"""' 1 ......- 174 B-Band i at tit'-af Under the direction of Mr, Ken Capshaw, forty B-Band members practiced and played music vary- ing from the school pep song to concert music. Members ranged from eighth to eleventh grade and for most of them it was their first year in a band. The main goal for the B- Band was to learn how to improve themselves and to get ready to play in the Varsity Band next year. In May, the B-Band played for the first time at the school's Spring Concert. one- Practicing the scales are clarinetists Andy Flores, Albert Peralta, Gloria ltuarte. Anita Pollard, Sylvia Nanez and Thelma Bedillo. two- Part of the brass section is composed of Trisha Ortiz, Joseph Ersingh- aus and Jesus Martel. three- Belinda Cha- vez toots away. four- Gloria ltuarte re- sponds to a question by raising her instru- ment. five- Sylvia Molinar, Bertha Trillo and David Cole practice rolling their fin- gers on their musical pipes. six- B-Band, front row- Sammy Kupfer, Andy Villareal, David Cole, Helen Salazar, Belinda Cha- vez, Martha Perez, Leonor Rodriguez, Syl- via Martinez, Terry Murgia, Mr. Ken Cap- shaw. second row- Delia Silva, Robert Perea, Ruben Bernal, Victor Lepe, Kiki Carillo, Albert Peralta, Sylvia Nanez, Anita Pollard, Gloria ltuarte, Evelyn Aguilar. Bertha Trillo, Martha Alvarado, Thelma Badillo. third row- Andy Flores, Trisha Or- ! fp V 1 tiz, Jesus Martell, Joseph Ersinghaus, Charles Robles, George Ramirez, Mike Or tiz, Tony Pena, Sylvia Torres, Abby Be doya. back row- Mike Perez, Manny Torres, Gilbert Perez, Danny Martinez, Patsy Quintana, Gloria Vargas, Ana Gon- zales, Fernie Campos, Roger Lopez, Druary Shadrick. .., fi , A EK a. ll 1" , ef f B-Band 175 B-Band Begins With Basses ff,,?ii,p ,yu ' I .mph 'ov-ww-vm' 5 176 Var Choir , Wx 1 L . . OI P I S Under the direction of Mr. Richard Haw- ley, the Varsity Choir made many appear- ances before the public. In October they performed along with four other schools at the Choral Festival at Austin High School. On December 11, the choir sang Christmas carols during the lighting cere- monies in San Jacinto Plaza. ln the Parade of Choirs held December 13 at Technical Center, choirs from each school partici- pated. Many of the choir members were partici- pants in the production "The Sound of Music". Racy Haddad played the part of Maria and Melanie Robberts played the part of Leisel, which were two of the lead- ing roles. fgffi. i ' L This year the choir captured the interest of the boys in school and the base section increased in number while the tenor sec- tion decreased. Q e u nole one- VarsityVQtLoiLQ'ont row, Stephanie Creswell, iane Addi , Lauren Merworth, Pat Luna, Cinde guilar, Monica Kerr, Bill Hocking, Raul Herrera. second row, Debi Pusey, Christy Garcia, Sherri Uecker, Yvonne Chavez, Melinda Saavedra, Mary Lou Vargas, Melanie Robberts, lris Kaim. third row, Helen WakefieldfiAlex Leal, Nora Rojas, Becky Ramirez, Carol Campos, Saul Gonzalez, Oscar Duran, Laura Provencio, .1QDavid Sanchez, Guillermo Guzmen. fourth Nrow, Terry Vasquez, Racy Haddad, Carlos lrbarbo, Richard Vandertulip, Rolf Brown, Charles Ronquillo. back row, Robert Caf- fery, Tuffy Cleveland, Paul Williams, Javier Marquezklklpb Seyifesri. two, Officers are5igDolph-,,Qg,yUeLi. publicity chairman, Racyllladdad, resident: Becky Ramirez, treasurerg ' ne A ' ,tour director',?Da- vid Sanchez, nor tion leader, 'Laura Proyerncio, alto section leader: Pat Luna, 'fsecretary2tQQ+1Alex Leal, librarian, Sherri Uecker, vice-president, three- Promoting the Christmas spirit, choir members sing carols in the front hall. four- Alto Rueben Rezas sings along with the choir five- The Boys section sings out. V v ,H U i PN fo 6.26 Q! Varsity Choir 177 178 Madrigals, Troubadors gg QPPLI XNAUSICITICILQPS MQIOJ Z9 .KX 5, gflkjt ' yxy, , , ,l xi i, l l x This year saw the creation of a new singing group, the Trouba- dors, along with the addition of new members to the old group, the Madrigals. The group per- formed ensemble music of the Renaissance era and the singers were dressed in the authenic at- tire of the time. The members participated in a Solo and Ensemble Festival on February 18, and along with the choir, they entered into solo com- petitions on April 21 and 22. one-Madngais: sherri uecker, Doigpasqyfl fel'LbRacy Haddad, David Sanchez, -E-gig, Charles Ronquillo, Laura Provencio. two-Troubadors: Cindee Aguilar, Rolf Brown, Christy Garcia, Richard Vandertu- lip, Becky Ramirez, Alex Leal. N WT ' I Q, 2' ,ii rf if ' ' U ' o ,Q f gf, , ui TW" ' ig, w at A i- , ' .1 X W X W K rx tx, J l 1 I i " N , f x 5 . f f,i,a,1l A Li ll-. Eighth Choir 179 The eighth grade choir grew in both number of members and tal- ent this year. The students spent their time learning the fundamen- tals of choral singing and prepar- ing to join the Varsity Choir or Girls Chorus next year.- one- Eighth grade harmonizers gather around the piano. two- A near-sighted choir member sings along with Debbie Shi- pley, Monique Ferry and Luz Estella Marin. three- Members are, front row- Luis Ri- vera, Rosa Lopez, Victor Gallegos, Mike Kennedy, Andy Cintron, middle row- Eliza- beth Bryant, Lisa McNeil, Alma Maturino. Luz Estella Marin, Lourdes Padilla. back row- Lydia Hernandez, Mark Pedroza, Marcella Douglas, Bobby Saavedra, Deb- bie Shipley, Lorraine Ortiz. Clwoiv ims EDP e iqlwi une YW XMI ..,, 1 59.--. 2 ri f ,R . A1 Q 8 riff abt, Spur Staff 181 Members of the yearbook staff experienced many innovations producing the Spur. Production of the yearbook is never an easy job. This year the staff had our fourth advisor and a lot of other changes came into play. To afford a 9x12 book, they went to a paste-up program where staff members did most of the work in producing pages and fitting pic- tures to size to save money. Since most of the staff is new, the book contains a lot of fresh ideas in creative magazine layout de- sign, picture locations, copy and more color than ever due to the great response of our clubs under a new color program called Por- trait Panel, designed for schools who want more color. After a lot of arguing between the editors and the yearbook representative, Mike Higgins, the program was modified to suit our wants. All these changes and the hun - DIL dreds of hours spent after school late into the nights, weekends and holidays in producing the year- book made the 1978 Spur very special. one-1978 yearbook staff. front row-Jim Schwarzbach, co-editor, Emily Blaugrund, co-editor, Ralph Chavez, photographer, Debby Kupfer, index, Nick Hantzopulos, photographer, middle row-Yolanda Villalo- bos, classifications, Bertha Trillo, academ- ics, Irene Silva, clubs, Judi Wallace, classi- fications, Andrea Plaza, student life, lsha Rogers, sports, Carlos Veytia, photogra- pher, Doug Garcia, photographer, back row-Silvia Ortiz, student life, Terry Zuniga, student life, Norah Braun, clubs, Adele Burrows, academics, Sylvia Molinar, dark- room asst., Patty Kell, sports, Mr. Hector Castelo, advisor. two-Yolanda Villalobos is hard at work on her classifications pages. three-Like so many others, Adele Burrows became delirious trying to meet another deadline. four-One of the darkroom duo Doug Garcia, is accused of having a nega- tive attitude toward life. five-Norah Braun is showing her respect to her editor Emily Blaugrund, by pouring rubber cement all over her. six-"You lost my pictures again," stated Irene Silva. seven-Mr. Cas- telo listens attentively to his staff mem- bers. 182 Staffs ITIOCDS CHPTUBED ITIOITIENTS CF pressure fatigue enxietg relief fc .ef . Q5'A'5??'E'i5f Q' T915 'i ' .x Xu .Q as Q W 1 4 Sili- x il 4 -Q. ,. ax Q 184 Tatler Staff x 1 . ., i ' K 5 , ' k R . . Q . . S . - 5 V K. . 2 2 ' .3 , ,, .R J W fgQ'1l- A L L . W 4' Always After The Big Scoop . NI ,gg 'f W -rm :V K ju i Tatler Staff 185 yer The Tatler underwent major sur- gery this year and from the reac- tion of its readers, the surgery was quite successful. Some of the changes included a new nameplate, an increase in the number of pages, full color for the first time and a number of new columns. Other changes included a larger staff, a new advisor, Mr. Hector Castelo, and two new photogra- phers. Both the advisors and the staff dedicated long hours work- ing on the newspaper and the re- sult was one of the best newspa- pers in town. In March, several staff members attended the lnterscholastic Press League convention held in Austin. The Tatler was headed by Tri-Edi- tors Allen Gilmer, Lynn Thompson and Raquel Rodriguez. Club editor was Becky Murrillo. Martha Bri- seno, Jackie Jordon, Syliva Mo- Iinar, Anita Pollard, Debi Pusy and Kim Strauss comprised the re- porting staff. Photographers were Ralph Chavez, Doug Garcia and Susie Stapleton. one-Club editor Becky Murrillo was re- sponsible for reporting on some 14 clubs two-Martha Briseno proofreads Copy for the Tatler, three-Editor Lynn Thompson successfully ramroded the staff into ac- tion. four-Tatler staff. seated-Ralph Cha- vez, Amy Pope, Martha Briseno, Nick Hantzopulos, Mr Hector Castelo. Chuck Etheridge, Lynn Thompson. Raquel Rodri- guez, Greg Ayala, standing-Mark Ortiz, Becky Showery, Becky Muela, Jenny Na- varro, Jane DeLay, Debi Pusey, Allen Gilmer top-Susie Stapleton, Charles Ar- royo. five-Photographer Ralph Chavez re- checks the focus on a picture for the newspaper, slx-Editor Raquel Rodriguez asks for suggestions for her column while reporter Debi Pusey finishes an assign- ment. seven-A grim and determined edi- tor, Allen Gilmer was instrumental in mak- ing the Tatler a success this year eight- Business manager Joe Motes organizes the tear sheets in order to bill the adver- tnsers 186 A 8i B Company Inspections Cause "Ten-Shun!" one- Girls 'B' Company: front rowg Luz Ra- mirez, Lupe Reyes, Cindee Aguilar Cteam captainj, Liz Juarez CAssistant captainj, Martha Ituarte. second row- Patsy Garcia, Bertha Ramirez, Irma Soto, Edna Arren- dondo. third row- Esther Lopez, Veronica Contreras, Terry Ramos, Sylvia Delgadillo, Myrna Enriquez, Martha Valdez, Carmen Zavala, Patsy Macias. Back row- Norma Porras, Debra Gallegos, Tina Cuttrell, Thelma Badillo, Rose Perez. two- Boys"A" Company: front row- Miguel Delgadillo CLt.J, Allen Gilmer, Manny Torres, Kenneth Schillinger, Arturo Perez. second row: Jerry Reynolds, Manuel An- chondo, Harris Wood, Pannell Williams, ln- ocencio Rosales, Roger Lopez, Fernie Soto. third rowg William Beck, Antonio Hernandez, Alfred ltuarte, Eddie Ramirez, Fernie Valle, Froylan Hernandez, Eddie Ro- mero. Fourth rowDanny Guillen, David Ru- bio, Chris Aguirre, Richard Guerrero, Har- vey Comer, Ernie Delgado, Juan Hidalgo. fifth rowg Manny Ramos, Eddie Campos, Robert Barraza, Edward Moreno, George Hall. back row, Rudy Rivera, Salvador Ro- cha, Mario Licano, Sergio Ponce, Rudy Meneses, Ray Nieto. This year was a year of change for the ROTC department. The two new advisors, Major Joe Moore and Master Sergeant Ralph Mo- reau, initiated many new pro- grams for the department. Run- ning the battalion was Cadet Lt. Col. Donald Lloyd and Cadet Ma- jor Cindee Aguilar was the battal- ion executive officer. Cadet Major Charles Abernethy was the battal- ion adjutant. The inspection season started off December 12 when Major James S. Gaines inspected cadets during their ROTC class period. A similar inspection was held on the foot- ball field with band participation February 3. The main inspection of the year was the Annual Feder- al Inspection featuring inspectors from Fort Riley, Kansas. T one- Boys' Color Guardg Fernando Solo. Manuel Torres, William Veck, George Hall, Daniel Guillen, two- Girls' Color Guard: ront rowPatsy Garcia, Veronica Con- treras. back row- Martha ltuarte, Luz Ra- mirez, Irma Soto, Edna Arredondo. Bertha Ramirez. Color Guard 187 Color Guard Leads The Troops The Color Guard started off the year under the leadership of Ca- det Capt. Chuck Vilardal. The Col- or Guard Commander is Cadet Major Luz Ramierez. Members of the male and female Color Guard are Martha ltuarte, Patsy Garcia, Bertha Ramirez, Edna Arredondo, Irma Soto, Manuel Torres, William Veck, Manny Anchondo, Danny Guillen. The Color Guard participated in all PTA ceremonies as well as school assemblies, football games and local parades. The grand finale of the year was when the Color Guard got together with all the other Color Guards in the district to present colors at the Annual Review and Drill meet held at the end of the year. 188 Boys Drill Team A If The 1978 Varsity Drill Teams, un- der the command of Lt. Col. Don- ald Lloyd and Major Cindee Agui- lar participated in four drill meets this year. Both teams also marched in the Veterans' Day Pa- rade on Novemeber 11, where they presented their drill routines to the visiting dignitaries. The first meet was held Novem- ber 19 at Bowie High School, where they received second place. The Burges Drill Meet was held at the coliseum on January 14. The mid-year drill meet on February 5 was held at Irvin High School. The last meet was held on May 25 at Austin High School. Awards were also presented at this meet. he Right DIFGCTIOH Girls Drill Team 189 one-Boys' Drill Team, front row- Sergio Ponce, William Vilardell, Donald Lloyd, Kenneth Schillinger, Arturo Perez. second row- George Hall, Miguel Delgadillo, Allen Gilmer, Rudy Meneses. third row- Mario Licano, Richard Guerrero, Froylan Her- nandez, Raymond Nieto. back row- Al- fredo ltuarte, Juan Hidalgo, Harvey Comer. two- The Boys' Drill Team per- forms a complex drill routine. four- Girls' Drill Team, front row, Luz Ra- mirez, Guadalupe Reyes, Cindee Aguilar, Elizabeth Juarez, Martha ltuarte. second row, Patsy Garcia, Bertha Ramirez, Irma Soto, Edna Arredondo. third row, Esther Lopez, Veronica Contreres, Terry Ramos, Sylvia Delgadillo. fourth row, Myrna Enri- quez, Martha Valdez, Carmen Zavala, Pat- sy Macias. back row, Norma Porras, Debra Gallegos, Tina Luttrell, Thelma Badillo, Rose Perez. three- The Girls' Drill Team presents arms to the school. . 'K ,4 V, ' 444 I A Iv! ' v Y ' a 5- 'il ,V f ,gf '31 ,H V rf Q I HA ,j lf rf' '51 The Rifle Team enjoyed a good year under the direction of Cadet Major Charles Abernethy. The ri- fle team opened up their season against Burges on November 10. The team fired twelve matches beginning November 10 and end- ing March 9. The team fired against Burges, Andress, Bowie, Jefferson, Irvin and Austin High Schools. one- "Hey, who moved the target?" said rifleman Allen Gilmer. two- Rifle Team: Charles Abernethy, Donald Lloyd, Chuck Vilardell, Kenneth Schillinger, Allen Gilmer, George Hall. .Ji Officers Club 191 The Officers' club was chaired by President Elizabeth Juarez. Vice- President was Donald Lloyd with Luz Ramirez and Irma Soto serv- ing as secretary and treasurer re- spectively. The Officers' club included among its activities the planning of the military ball, and other projects. The Officers' club also promoted friendly relations within the bat- talion staff and created good feel- ing between the NCOs and offi- cers. one- Officer's Club. front row- Luz Ra- mirez, Charles Abernethy, Donald Lloyd, Garcia, Charlene Juarez, Lupe Patsy Reyes. back row- Martha ltuarte, Rosie Perez, Irma Soto, Chuck Vilardell. two- Cindee Aguilar, Bertha Ramirez, and Patsy Garcia express tearful emotions after not having performed up to their expecta- tions. Cream Of The Crop 4 Z X f il 192 ffm55MEPL. gli-1. Sophomore Heriberto Olivas takes simulator driving seriously. Curly, Larry and Nloe? Wrong. Schmulbach, Mendoza, and Smith. Julio Pabon takes a taste of the American Mr. Pibb. Tim Chapman takes advantage of El Paso's one and only snowfall to hit the ground this year. 194 Administration ...Leading The Wo v Spearheaded by Principal Burton Johnson, the administrative staff proved not only to be strong and assertive when the situation war- ranted it, but just as important, it demonstrated compassion and understanding when dealing with the problems of students and teachers alike. During the past years, Mr. John- son has noticed that "discipline has become more of a problem and parental control of young- sters has weakened. This is re- flected in schools that lack the ability to discipline." The coordinator of guidance and instruction is Mr. David Rodri- guez. Commenting on the protes- tations by many of a return to more traditional, rudimentary courses, Mr. Rodriguez said, "The trend toward returning to the 'ba- sics' in education has had an im- pact on the quarter system. The entire 'newspaper' Clist and de- scription of coursesh was revised and courses considered not rele- vant to a basic education have been deleted. Because of a public pressure for a return to a 'basic education,' we may see the end of the quarter system within two years. Mr. William Burnside has the awe- some responsilbity of handling discipline problems of sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors. Ac- cording to Mr. Burnside, the most frustrating part of his job are "students who don't know better because of the way they have been raised and it's too late to change them." Mr. Manny Aguirre is in charge of eighth and ninth grade students, along with school bus transporta- tion. Before coming to EPHS, Mr. Aguirre was an assistant principal at Houston. Mr. John Doran, student activities director, handled a wide gamut of responsibilities ranging from cheerleaders, to ice cream sales, skating rink parties and even chaperoning kids to Europe. Aclministrot Vangie Lujan Monica Del La Rosa ' ' , gg ff, 1 34-2. ,V i 'g g' R titg Xlf5 ,,,.Q lt' Counselors , . . 4 cy w I " :AQ James Smith Shirly Rice Yolanda Nesom H3191 511-HCS Sylvia Resendez 1 Mynette Harding Counselors 195 Siler Helpful Advice Beatriz Lopez "Confidentiality and trust are two qualities of a good counselor, commented Mrs. Beatriz Lopez, counselor. "He or she must also be a good listener and be able to make sound decisions." Mrs. Yolanda Nesom, counseling department chairman and voca- tional counselor, also sponsored the Teen lnvolement program. Mrs. Mynette Harding, Mrs. Bea- triz Lopez, and Mr. James Smith handled a host of duties as coun- selors. They included scheduling, as well as group and individual counseling and guidance. Working with teachers, parents and var- ious agencies, the advisors strove to help students cope with their problems. Counselors were aided by clerk- typists Mrs. Sylvia Resendez, Mrs. Shirley Rice and Mrs. Hazel Stulce. According to Mrs. Nesom, the clerks "took a load off our back. They handled all paperwork and miscellaneous duties." 196 Faculty Give Me A Fish... Richard Graf, English The teaching profession contin- ued to become more and more challenging with each passing week. As the caliber of student improved, so too did teachers constantly continue to improve their methodology and knowl- edge of their field. And yet, amidst a world rapidly becoming more and more tech- nological, computerized and de- humanized, successful teachers continued to remain compassion- ate and conscious of individual differences and potentialities, making allowances for both. Honoring one of their own, teach- ers elected Mrs. Judy Ridley Teacher of the Year. The English, reading, and ESL teacher believes the most important part of a teacher's job is to challenge a stu- dent and having him accept it and ask for more. Mrs. Ridley expressed a close at- tachment to EPHS students, hav- ing graduated from this school several years ago. Debbie Hartmann, Fine Arts Carmen Stearns, Science Shirlene Mclntyre, Special Ed. Ken Moorhead, Social Studies vrr-rx:-yf'fw W - . ' . t4?J,::'r, 1233.2 .- -, if-31111. t ' 4 V tug.. T - ' "T ..... T Ralph Moreau, ROTC F. Lee Gerton, Special Ed. 1 5 2 5 2 3 El it 2 2 , '?1f.,f . ' i Toby Tovar, Math Sidney Smith, English Faculty 197 James Schmulbach, Science Jean Nance English Katherine Boyd, VOE Lab 10 df A i-1' Carolyn North, Home Ec. Guillermo Ruiz, P.E. Enrique Orona, Science 'I ,1- U' ' 1'6" ' my Joe Moore, ROTC fi , xl! f'l"'l"wn 2 1 w Shirley Seaney, Home Ec. 198 Faculty 1 Lanai Roberta Ratliff, English Ma rgaret Rausch, Special Ed. And l'll Eat FormA Day E Emily Gunning, English Mark Hanneke, Math Janet Sarracino, D.E. Barbra Powell, Foreign Language James Schenck, Nlalh 'fn --eq WM fl' William Steinmann, Social Studi 6 s ff on . vw. V f . fV,ye'E3?a?iH5 ,I lei. V55 ' .2 gf ' W ' Affk uJxH?iff5? me 'mexfwfo 1 ,QI 'gil' A, i.w..e,gQl'.Fr, E w QM, ' vs 'lggff tv, A fy 4, '4 ' L ' a ' Xgfgvma 1 -A ,J 8 A Q Alf'-s4uPg S ,fl vi , s y I ' A390 'ii . 1 S WA eggf., w yi ! F ,rfgsl Charles Davis, Math Sharon Karns, English gi, Shirleen Becker, Drama Facuhy 199 J.R, Simon, Science Daniel Mendoza, Social Studies Wynnell Dryden, Bus. Education Santiago Romero, Fine Arts V .i Q 4 i , Don Wofford, Science Rosa Rangel, Study Hall 200 Faculty leach Mele Fish. 4 , , A? i l rslse e r r 1 . -1 William Craigo, Bus. Ed. Mary Herrera, VOE Co-op x 'Lf 'um Russell Lawrence, P.E. "if Q"-:aah Hector Castelo, Journalism Margaret French, BUS, Ed- ! Danny McKillip, P.E. Rene Gutierrez, Math Irene Araizav RE. Jesus Alvarez, Special Ed Gwen Green Holly Berry Science English Hector Munoz, Science George Rubinstein, Social Studies George Leon, Orchestra Betty Lopez, English Kenneth Korn, Social Studies Faculty 201 Francis Foreman, Math Geraldine Murphy, Social Studies James Cage, Social Studies J 202 Faculty ...X-Wd l'llECJl FGVA Llf63lil'Tl63. l Emma Rojas, Science IN xssff- r Q4 Rudy Licon, Math Iris Rowe, Bus. Ed. Sylvia Provencio, Math u l li 1 'V'- ,-f .::2 "5 Frances Cherry, Language Willie Vasquez, Coach 1 ,W gk, S 1 i ' a 2i'a':sa'z 1 -I "Vi" 4 ' i 'j I 'f13a',, ..,, ,.., , 4 wa. E::L5W!..,,ii ref: .1 59:53 :K 'gg 3 Richard Hawley, Music l I 'MD' Judith Ridley. Language Faculty 203 i F I lk . .P .. Gloria Pena, Math Maurice Holland, Indust. Arts CD. Jarvis, P.E. Rose Galindo, Social Studies Kenny Capshaw, Band X .ey Q , l i , v , I Joan Gaston, Math 'r 204 Staffs Responsible for selecting, orga- nizing, and circulating materials in the library were Miss. Geneva Guider, Mrs. Esther Carrasco and Mrs. Clara Jones. They studied the needs of classes, pupils, and teachers and assisted them in re- search, indepth-study or in plea- sure reading. Attendance office clerks handled a variety of problems such as re- cording attendance, handling phone calls, writing entrance and tardy passes, passes from the building, drops, transfers, and turning in a school membership every six weeks. Mr. Grady Tyson, bookroom clerk, took charge of requisition- ing books from the textbook warehouse, issuing textbooks re- quested by teachers, maintaining inventory of books and perform- ing printing operations. Mrs. lrma Juarez handled the computer room while Mrs. Anita Berry took on the task of Regis- trar. Mrs. Carmen Prieto, business manager, tackled an array of busi- ness transactions ranging from ticket sales to club finances and the school's ledger. Our custodial staff did a tremen- dous job keeping our school in spic-and-span condition. During the first part of the year, their job was made more difficult than it usually is as workmen remodeling the auditorium continously car- ried dust throughout the building. But dust, dirt, and mud didn't pre- vent our maintenance crew from doing their job and doing it well. Andy and his staff went out of their way to help our teachers, administrators and students by bringing in extra chairs or desks, safekeeping the building, opening jammed lockers and by solving a multitude of other problems. The crew was headed by Mr, Andy Sal- cido. Preparing food and feeding sever- al hundred kids a day wasn't ex- actly the world's easiest job, but our cafeteria staff tackled the problem very handily. They of- fered two and sometimes even three complete meals and a vari- ety of treats at the snack bar. The staff was once again under the su- pervision of Mrs. ldonna Trotter. Staffs' Aid Indispensable Clara Jones, Librarian Carmen Prieto, Business Agent Esther Carrasco, Librarian Frances Polen, Att. Clerk Anita Berry, Registrar Betty Bonhart, Att. Clerk Geneva Guider, Librarian A ff" lrma Juarez, Computer Clerk Y A. V ,N i , ,ff -Q iw fi. 1 li, 7, .it 1 ,Q , , . in . Lum Elizabeih Hernandez Lunch Ticket Clerk 3555 s Staffs 205 'll Irma Bullard, Att. Clerk Cruz Talamantes, Gardener 4 -3 L 53: E' if f if Grady Tyson, Bookroom Clerk one- Janitorial Staff. front row-Joe Olivas, Andy Salcido, head custodian: Francisco Dominguez, Manuel Reyes. back row-Ju- Iian Almanzar, Nick Zarzazua, Eduardo Correla, Eddie Salas. Manuel Castaneda, Val Campos, Simona Santiago. two-Cafe- teria Staff. front row-Elvia R. Johnston, Mary H. Jordan, Connie Beltran, Elena Mo- Iinar, middle row-Oralia Delgado, Licha Pa- dilla, Lupe Molina, Mary l-l. Mendoza. back row-Nellie Reyes, Elsa C. Vega, Carmen Alancon, ldonna Trotter, manager, Con- cha Rivera. not shown: Nina Gaytan and Joe Ybarra. Juniors Officers Strive For Junior Involvement Leading the Class of '79 this year were Trisha Pitchtord, president: Christy Cornwall, vice-presidentg Laurie Vene- gas, secretaryg Sandra Sau- cedo, treasurerg Valerie Gil lett and Raquel Rodriguez, yell leaders, This year the Junior class got ready for the prom by selling Christmas and Valen- tine messages, and spon- soring some of the many skating parties. For the first time, the Junior-Senior prom was held at the Top of the Inn. Among the activities the Ju- niors held included making posters for the Junior sec- tion to hold at the pep as- semblies. iight: 'Ns on Juan Larry Alvarado Alvarado 'VV' , . filsgji 'gg , ., q' l in Q Fw Robert Robert Blanca Mary Jean Abdou Ab rego Acosta Acosta lrma Charles Acuna Agan Eddie Irma Augilar Aguirre . MU.. fs Lorenzo Martha Almanza Alva Sandra Alvarado Adriana Alvarez ,t if iff " A - s 11 f Sandra Tony Tury Virginia Anzures Arias Arias Armenta 1 ' V sfhgkf 'Ji - Y yy, B1 My Y f -4 7 QQ A Ana Edna Charles Ruben Arredondo Arredondo Arroyo Arroyo Sandra Richard Ayala Ayoub ., gf' 4 2. New be vi tif' Terry Arturo Ayoub Balderrama guniors 207 ,il ,, -, ,rv- Roberta Hortencia Bargman Barragan - x ,fa f is ' if . , 3 , Gabriel Inez Barron Barron 2 A fm: B M ,, , 4 A Maria Connie Patricia Olga Barron Beltran Beltran Bermudez gi V 15 ,ja 12,211 Vg K fd. Z. -'1 , 5 Q' Norah Richard Martha Rolf Braun Briones Briseno Brown 208 Juniors , , . l f t A ' at ,. . D 4 1 of T f ' 'H C ll f i -L W e fx , 't C Q Adele Scott Victor Robert Robert Bertha Carole Edward Esteban Burrows Brown Bustos Butler Caffery Caldera Campos Campos Campos Tuff An d Te noha ' I I Shelley Carolyn Friendliness Members of the Junior class ' elected a football player and Q f r ' r ls a cheerleader as theirfavor- -f 5 ites. 1 XQFQ ' , ., rl-it .m g When not cheerleading, Tencha played the guitar and relaxed listening to mu- Gloria Jose SiC. Castro Cazares Austin "Tuffy" Cleveland listed chemistry as one of his favorite subjects and if ls. 4 stereo electronics as his fa- , Q .Q ' 'i .- vorite hobby. The Student 'll Council vice-president was ' named an "All-District" is kicker on the first team dur- ing football season. Salvador pllllllp Cervantes Cervin Juniors 209 Marina Rafael Gabriel Dino Kim Lisa Martha Tuffy John Chavez Chavez Chavira Chiecchi Chong Cisneros Clemente Cleveland Coleman . t W 'A A . 5' .. rf XM ..... . -'-' Vt K K l R 'W :xx i ,4,,g'f"' I ff- ,, v rr Q iff ti . 1 ' A ' 'H Eddie Ricky Chris Elina Colunga Colunga Comaduran Compean . J 1 1 tg J ' 2. 54 t f aiifwi 5 'f - fi: K vi te- K' . any I ' 'H -s.. Annette Christy John Emma Cordova Cornwall Corbin Corona Tony Angela Ricardo Jeanette Leonar Larry guel Coronado Correla Cortes eAnda DeJong De la Torre Delgadillo Sylvia Delgadillo Jose Pat Patty Eric Delgado Delgado Dent Dixon X ii? - J .un -1?-it 7 J .qi lesi- .C 1 ze Q !4 , .A isx I Q. ,vs . may George Danny Juan Chuck Enriquez Esquivel Estrada Etheridge Salvador Kathleen Dominguez Driscoll one- Tencha Barragan and Tuffy Cleveland Junior favorites. two- Lee Zimmerman nervously edges his way across the skating rink. three- Becky Ewing and Irene Silva finally get settled at lunch, Ricardo Duarte Eddie Duran x QM it .. -.- Edwardo Delgado Ellen Eisenberg 210 Juniors Class Of '79 Has It All ,-fjfiT5f ml 3 . . K . ., , . , as 'f . --1 l .N s - . i , i"'- - W . ,tial K ,W 'L " a , .-, . -gr, v , ' S-as - -.iQp..J r M '. rf i .- up "fi , X '. i il i N1 rr' ' Vaxiyx i 37 A Q ,.n .W .gg pi-gw' H I Ag , -. , .K ,, Beffky Wafa Victor Maria Debra Arturo Laurencia Louie Mark EWIUE Farah Favela Fernandez Fierro Flores Flores Flores Flores one- Beto Saucedo displays his V ,I 1- is - , 5 .,.. 1- cowboy hat during Homecom- ' ' nj rg L x l , A , ,gi l, i N i ing's Cowboy Day. two- Proud ju- l ' K' K - y 'i .H niors stand up during a pep as- , V- ' --' , r sf ,V - ..W' A mfg . sembly to express their spirit. ' L fl?" 'i .QQ T three- second floor banner shows N - , W "i, .i.- "ii-,. My i K offiunior spirit, four-Junior varsi- y 'V ' 5: 'A' ' , , a I' t ' A ., ' 5. - ty cheerleaders Birdie Gill and .1!',A X 'l- 'U "S fri - if 'W 5351 " I' i X M ' Martha Clemente lead Junior ' 7 1 ff 2 I 'i 1 ' su. i fi' if L L class in a yell. five- David Rathbun and J0hl'l Cfbfbifl dBCide Wheihel' Ken Kat Sergio Yvette Margy Angelica Ol' not to S0 bafik to CIBSS Bffef an Flynn Francione Franco Fry Gaddy Garcia assembly. six- Carolyn Casner displays her unusual talent with bubble gum, Juniors 211 Christy DOU8 Patsy Rachel Tony Garcia G3YC'3 Garcia Garcia Garcia Garibay x if ' f 'unf- X' L X. .- R LL: Q , X 5 .1 as Lisa Birdie Valerie Gately Gill Gillette fi? f .. . . 'L .. ' 2 .fi . I F: S N i l ! N Diane Eduardo Emily Gerardo Gonzales Gonzalez Gonzalez Gonzalez - Molly Rosa Sarah Francisco Gonzalez Gonzalez Griffin Guerrero . ,, ,wx N sky., 'Ui my ,AEE r sssr G G 4- Joey Tricia Freddy Jose Haddad Hardie Hernandez Hernandez 5 M W, M i . X H " : iz G Z Y -5 . Q 'W' 5 ,ii, in -f ' page A 594 -Yi - -M 9 Javier Matilda Miguel Raul Herrera Herrera Herrera Herrera Jurnors -:ex 1 5' ii eyeeee y L to z-5.3, l , g I - if - 1 .2 -"- W' tm ' Q f 14 J at N L J . L N W --fl H N. - f if.-. " R 'Nga ' 7 2 XV' -fi J ' W -f,f- 'I' ,Q it . P - I J' .-1 - f Wl'T?"x.5e:'1t 3 i,-, 1-yah in ' Q A a 5' K f z Danny Tammy Steve Carlos Carolina Evangelina Saul Chuck l-linson Holguin Holguin Hoy Ibarbo Jaurequi Jimarez Johnson Karam -. -'LL Ei ' Miiffifi V , ' ' ' i1Y-fi!-A -' of ltr J--L IQWQ5 ,Ab A .a-. , A , -L 4 1 V, M Va I . . P 1 Y ff o", , l xg ,W ' i' Q p - - 1 . - , t it , . xg - ,N .- ' . ty ,f . . ofa a , 3 ,-9. I -X. ,ne ' A 4- s L. , A ,, of i . ,Q- Patty Willy Jamie JoAnn JOIWF1 Cifla Gustavo KC. David Kell Kelsey King Kinsey Kolster Lauritzen Lepe Lerner Licon L y H it .2 , of yy ff: V ' sy. 'QQ ' H Z N , k-,- 1 0- -M l lie? , l,WgW P ip,, ywp, Atanacio Frank Sandra Steve Martha Lopez Lopez Lopez Lovelady Lozano .le kw a' VL ,tif J K by H' 1 4 . 3 Q N i P4 ik', X I ' k, Y J ,J .-1 , fu A if ., ..,,. .WJVAVV K .3-g ym--,g'.:,, ' 1? K A rv A , V ,ina-ez.. meat- - -W ' if f - - -- - Sylvia Patricia Craig Brian Kelly Luevano Lumbreras Lyons Macldux Manclock fr -flrffwm gfgff ,,-- 53512:-1 y 1 yi Q J, ' r"i' , J time , 1 eg 334 35 age ,it gd lxai efW'Q4eWmf Lififitfk . ig v-i-M K ., i Paul Elena Camilo Peter Javier Y Malooly Marin Martinez Martinez Marquez one- Mario Melgar listens twice, i' , ' L, ' I , ' - V -. thrice, and many times more to a " A 5 A5 fffifjff ' ' f7'Tgj-.E ' , Spanish drill, two- Trisha Hardie M A ,nf A ,B "5Qg'jEig f L . J K. and Mary Scanlon pair up on twin 7 ' 7225. i Q? 'W , ' N' " 7 A L . , Za- Q day during Homecoming week. ffgf' , I .-yn 1 nm .1 if ' -' V' tg . .,,"-' I-1 Q 'gi 'fi three- Juan Alvarado, Inez Barron, ' . fm' 5 f Q ' Rachel Garcia, and Rudy Rivera to- ' .Ag ,W '- H ' n kat W ' gether make a double set of twins. ' . 5 ,5 - " if y L - ,hy , f X-wma: - Elizabeth Ann Alison Margaret Louie Mario Maser McAlmon McCullough McNickle Melgar Melgar Juniors 213 We'll Take A Double 3 5 1, ' C ., ' ' ' 1 ,'i??'fi'x C Diane Sonia Eddie Tony Rudy 8 k K Menohaca Mendez Mendoza Molina Molina 5 E Vi! L Q if M A " ' 1, sl, . i f f gfj law . ' ' A gigmiigemfffizsgyi AG' Albert Fernie Lourdes Henry Henry QQM3 Molinar Mora Morales Moreno Moss f eer- A L s a. A f 1 V 1 RAW , ,fs ff f m f. I A Q ' rrrl M J .L., I Joe Becky Emily Teresita Ray Motes Murillo Murillo Murguia Nieto Nm 3 '- x v . rf we 3 gg 'W A e re Y, A T - fxgiwr- ig. r.. Swv.: .A . f . A -, ' 'ez-L.: 1: 'gt g -' 1 it y K L, i.,.Q . P ' . fx 7 , S 4, in--f .,e.r -we ' I' L ' - - A ff f Q. M t War'-3 V' i V r - " ,' fr -4' ,g' ' -f 51 W X , N ' -Qi A WT' A Y ' ' ' . if ig A l.r f ' r V , A r :iii Q9 A, " X" A 1 if . :S ,,.,,,. ., Cecilia George John Bart Colleen Kim Manuel Carlos Shannon Norman Nungaray Ocala Ochoa O'Connor O'Hara Olivas Ontiveros Patton L Q T . C ' et i.,. . : Y " , A .yi 5 5 .. V L A gf xflkzl-n i'AA if Norma Arturo Robert Rosie Zenaida Patricia Anita Sergio Amy Payan Perez Perez Perez Perez Pitchford Pollard Ponce Pope ' ii?,fQ,f - V ' j Q' . ,iii " 'T up Q ' -, gzip me ' -r" , 'A ' 'V -A il A N 5 1 l- 475 3211. iff? fl i 2. W 7 . it J A i J if . ' if Arturo Laura Teresa Debi Bertha Jose Portillg Provencio Provencio Pusey Ramirez Ramirez 214 Juniors J ' lake It Easy During Lunch e T Q50 . -' - - ' 'K 'H A L X -0. 0. Iv 1 x 3 i .. ' Luis Martha Pedro Nick David Karen Jose Angie Ruben Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Rangel Rathbun Reason Retana Reyes Reza it -1 k,-' l M --, FZ: K y V t h' A V K s , lie' fig? ' 'Y ' - gl '. - ' 4 p Carlos Julie Joe Arturo Joe Lupe Lydia Margo Raquel Rivera Rivera Robert Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez xy' iz -L . at sk I-Q ' i 'W few ,L 'wrt L ' " M . L , L L RL, . , lsha Becky Bertha Eddie Rogers Rojas Romero Romero J J 'f R52 r W J aL+.a114 zgficfi ,jk LLLL l 1j1?3'QL 3. ff ..' zggfg ' 11 gg L 4, - N -L R QM Rene Robbie Ben Tony Rosas Rosen Ruiz Ruiz 5 A 12 " - 'L ' -L -, ,'E-11:33 'wr . - of -R 'T' - "1 . g 4 Q 7? as ,f J +L Q- wp-. .L - , Q , 4L,Lk 'L N as f f H r'ri - Lx V: 'M ?Lw'r1l - J J. it -LLH .L ii L i Vanessa Melinda Becky Letty Jesus Richard Leticia Sergio Valentin Ruiz Saavedra Salcido Salcido Saldana Salmeren Saenz Sanmiguel Sarellana Sandra Mary Ken Laurie Claudia Laura Ricardo Tony Susie Saucedo Scanlon Schillinger Schwartz Scott Scott Segoviano Segura Serrano Juniors 215 T -,595 ., ' I nf- 1. y.. f. R., '-Q., ' N Q A S' - 3' pix: 1 ' - J 1 J . Ef'f?24s f " ""- 3-'Q - - 'i - J Dolph Mary Jennifer lrene Lynn Laura Arthur Anita Margarita Seyffert Shaheen Shipley Silva Slater Smith Sobrino Solis Solorzano at L - ah- " '- 'Q A - ' 2 - ' , s 57- fm . t w . ' -W . - 2 --ffl 'f. 1i"-lli i wi .. -. Martha Karl Ronald Cheryl Arturo Rudy Gilbert Bertha Elsa Sotelo Stockmeyer Stubblefield Swafford Tafoya Torres Tovar Trillo Uribe yy W , in .,1 ' - ' M Ukwk fr, -Ei in A W .fe . L, ' liar' J S Bobby Laura Richard Laurie CHUCK Valdiviez Valenzuela Vandertulip Venegas Vilardell if I . f' - , ,qi , l Q Vwgxb- . ,V 1 wh K I kr A 53 :5 ,1 A 5' ivy Qfk x ' L h -4 Z ii X ' ff k Mario Judi Virginia Carrie Elsa Villaneuva Wallace Werthman White Zarazua A L. if" ' Jizz ,i m ' Z 'K' L , it it H, i Robert Lee Kamran Zavala Zimmerman Zoufn one- Steve Campos tries his skill at chess during lunch. two- Shel- l ley Carr returns to school after going out for lunch. three- Jackie Weiner laughs as Manclo Gallegos discovers what he just ate for lunch. 216 Sophomores Sophomores All Booked Up zz ' - L- X wi-a,., r A ,.-. M A A 'f J ff 4 lei? A .Q My f -i L. Q11 - -L f tj 1, L tl fy? fi J V , W r -1 5 K .i , L t A . V ' ks L . ,kkk 4. L ip: ., , A N L . L A E ' ' ' ' ' " ' R ' - ' 5 L'L ' ' V Janet Elizabeth Felix Grisela Gloria Yviana Chris Diana Jeremy Aboud Abraham Adame Adame Aguilar Aguilera Aguirre Aguirre Ahouse 41.553 gk Q - A m h f u s! ,+L ' , X l- QFJWAR -if-'-. .1 5 A ' i Bart Blake Lorenzo Dolores Juana Javier Carlos Laura Barbara Albin Albin Almanza Almaras Alonzo Alvarado Alvidrez Amaya Araujo Cindy Greg Miguel Avila Ayala Baca Virginia Susan Gina Jorge Virginia Joey Armenta Armijo Arellano Arredondo Arrigucci Arteaga - 'Si'-if' A .QW 1 , L, , b ,1 , ig 4 ,.:, , - K 2 - N v H ,. 'fx,. "X .' o William Tryna Arturo Sandra Baca Badillo Baeza Baeza - t.-is X ,f iyyl, i.. Z tes t i? 1 . it wg'-Q - ' 1 K. W . if t , 5 ski r Carmen Christine Cindy lrma Baldeffama Barragan Barron Barron one-The library is used for both studying and laughter for Virginia Lopez and Kathy Goeldner. two- Kim Strauss uses the Dewey Deci- mal system with success only after two tries. Javier Leticia Amanda Audrey James Barron Barron Bedoya Bedoya Bell -a ..' ez X X i I' E ,10 Q' 4 1 'x , r Sophomores 217 Robert Ruben Michael Marianne Ann Bermudez Bernal Blanco Blankenship Boling BN Q Q 1 X i 's J' X Q' K ' F' .It ,f fl xxx, 455: uric k . ,C , . 3 W, ' - 2 1 Alejandra Beverly Sean Gracie Kil-no Borges Brennand Brient Briseno Bustamante M , as 'af e Q , ' M C I gg . ff' .fr t ,r b og 4 ,.k W 1 I i Y , - ' 5 - ' xi: Donna Carlos Alicia Pat Monica Butler Cabello Calderon Calderon Camarillo Rosario Violeta Ricardo Sergio Jose Luz Alberto Kelly Ellen Campos Canales Carbajal Carbajal Cardenas Cardenas Cardona Caruthers Casavantes 1 .as draw wow, Adrian Castillo Rosie Car Chapa Chapin r A . ,K , A ex Chavez Beatriz Chavez Sandra Chavez Yvonne Chavez , ., C. 1 Anne Chuy Coleman Colunga Harvey Comer Jamie Peter Compean Connorton Martha Contreras Veronica Contreras Gloria Corral Hugo Corral 218 Sophomores Sophomore Officers Spearhead The Way , ,'fi " t,. Eb, X?- f rerr V. D r if w 2 Q 1. -ral - - Gilbert Lori Manuel Del la Rosa De la Torre Del Palacio A fxigs it I wwf- r fs 1 if 2- X7 gzgtwl 4 h is Juan Adele Stephanie Cotera Coverty Cregwall jg ' 'f . W fffgi ' ' ' 2 . .Q sis? .5 -Q' W fat f - 'z 5 1 Eduarda Natalie Tommy Cross Davis Davis S kg: 'ik N: . V ,li . V J Doug Carlos Lupe Davidson DeAnda Delgado Luis Gloria Hilda Diaz Dominguez D0mll'1gU9Z are - Rosa Gabriel Lucia Dominguez Duarte Duran S :ggi Sophomores 219 Tim Myrna Edwards Enriquez Rene Martha Escandon Espinoza Margret Erbe Julio Esquivel Esther Richard John Estrada Ewing Farah 7 1- ' A . - KY- :"" p-'72 I A 4 , , Q 53, - g y 4.2 -5 :Q Q . , , f va Aff- NH 'teeth ,H .. V, , f ' E Danny Rosie Juan Eddie Steve Barbara Favela Favela Fernandez Fierros Fierro Flores :M V g A Q -.' gg up X .. .., e " '- b"..':'.-"..... -..i'..-""' 'l -75 I Lucy Ysella Debbie Ruben Juan Luis Oscar Fults Fulton Gallegos Gandara Garcia Garcia e , 15.5 l A i gl-:ii-ii I i I Q . m p! 1 if . " sh K A8251 Y K' 1. egg? of ,I . I Kr N, W 3?-i. gf,-,i i 1 .gt 5 R -L l Benjamin Jaime Magda Merita Ruth Sara Gonzalez Gonzalez Gonzalez Gonzalez Gonzalez Gonzalez Taking control ofthe Sopho- more class were President Estella Ortega, Vice-Presi- dent Marcella Saucedo, Secretary Pearl Molinar, Treasurer Yviona Aguilera, and Yell Leaders Christine Koehler and Becky Holguin. one- Estella Ortega, president. two- Marcella Saucedo, vice- president. three- Christine Koehler, yell leader. four- Becky Holguin, yell leader. five- Pearl Molinar, secretary, six- Yviana Aguilera, treasurer. 220 Sophomores 1 le X ,rrw 1-i -, ' 3 -572355 li . 1 ,c-5511955 excl , , A I if VX Sandra Manny Norma Garcia Gardea Gasca ii 'I' .127P'3i? . 1 ' ' if f ' gh-' in 1 , cf' ' X A 1: S: 4 x. ' . Kathy Enrique Pam Goeldner Gomez Grunberger i . I A R .Q W :i Ag.-:bi , - Ricardo Richard Lydia Guerrero Guerrero Gutierrez ri, - y irir Ruth Marianne George Guzman Haddad Hall 11.1 X A ',!'i' Ag , . ..,L g .1 Nick Hantzopulos The sophomores chose two happy-go- lucky people as their favorites this year. Raul Sifuentes was a first-string half- back on the varsity football team and a member ofthe National Junior Hon- or Society. During his offtime, Raul enjoyed play- ing guitar and listening to music ofthe past, especially the Beatles. Christina "Teeni" Provencio spent her leisure time painting and playing tennis. At home, Teeni whiled away the hours watching her favorite T.V. program, Baretta, and listened to 'Boston' mu- sic. Sophomores 221 A Notch Above All Others P- ' V V- I-.. Q11 g f if . W 4, f 4,4 ,Q as '-" i V, ' M 2 ,i . ' y . it 3 .., 'iw " QNMX-ff' i f' .. 3 ,L i L x i 4 is W i ,Az . 3 . Charles Froylan Hilda Lorraine Raul Sandy VlC1Or Kirnberly .Aida Hart Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hinojos Hinoiosa 1.1 A l my Gabe Elaine Judith Sonia Becky Blanca Rosa Maria Salvador Alfredo l-linojosa Hirsch Hirsch Holland Holguin Huerta Huerta Huerta ltuarte 'T fl ' cr W N, z1r,..m ogg. sez. :ix -ff,s,ff--W1 N, 5 Q: . A M, I , ,. 'rf "fm .1 T Jose Fernie Jacky lzquierdo Jimenez Jordon ra J Q. ' K f:,..:2e aj . if ff . ' ,Q -' ' ffemfa Sheila Maxine Ginny H, ,, ,W Y Kandel Kasner Kerr Bob Christine Kenny Rigoberto Teresa Kinsey Koehler Kolasa Landeros Levy 11- 1.i.'f-1517? llflil, ,.., 4.,i3-aye , .,.,:q zz:,-.:,g:ii,g2.-tzizfxzt' wry Ar.3f.g:,::1g:g5. A A , Q is v A we 3, ei 3 f isse Q 34 f N , 1 ,i ,ii ' , I S' ,Q-' .A " S 1-J if! if iv,.r "i Virginia Sandra Susana Sergio Isabel Lopez Lozano Lozano Luevano Lujan Patricia Craig Licon Lloyd one-Teehi Provencio and Raul Sifuentes, Soph- Eddie Javier Lopez Lopez omores Favorites. two-Sheila Kandel day- dreams during one of her classes, three-Jimmy Wade returns a ground stroke double-handed- ly. four-Ricardo Guerrero, Oscar Garcia, Willie Baca, and Jesse Olivas, members of the B- team football express relief after a hard fought game. -l -1 222 Sopnomores Sopnomores Gather No Moss Patty Sylvia Martha Norma Roberta Luna Maser Macias Macias Maes L fi fxfzli , gy X' - ,"A, 21, - i ci fff W I i7'3l"' ,f-.1 Raymundo Anna Francisco Ana Rosa Leticia Maldonado Mares Marin Martinez Martinez if' I JS? 1 Q XQI' 1, 1 'Kg wh ? DJ 'W S Monica Martinez Arturo Medrano Rosario Martinez Veronica Medrano Robert McGregor Nancy Menchaca Erin McKinney Isidro Medina ia sag.. Denise Mendez Luis Mendoza 2 1 . !V 1 in 1 V 3 ff ,. fi' Q 3 ' :ia X 1 K r iv , A , , Qi 1 Xxx V i - R , Q al f -' ' M V .ef WF -:rw gig f in . - ' - , 7 V i , W L K J , 5 ' W - X Q ' Q, if , 13033 1 5 , 5 em am' ' X -be Sophomores 223 :Nfl -fig' i igfsi fst- A 4 -:wir . I ' i i 1 Neomi Susan Marcos Pearl Mendoza Miller Molinar Molinar i 9' qv af' W kv f. . 4' 'iff . 6 is-ff. ' 5 Q 5 1 L f , i ' f U . , 1 -. V O 3 Josie Danny .losefina Carmen Monarez Monje Montelongo Morales .qw 3, Aly' rf g qiib - Q is , I Er , Q - 5 if , 5' ,APY-ffjgt . I 95551 2 M , W - W ' ' 1 e ai "V -Y , Jesus Lilia Rosa Yolanda Morales Morales Morales Moya Q S S R 'if ,. W " . 'V I , .-K . 5 " 1 flag Becky Alberta Jose Luis Laura Lettie Muela Munoz Nanez Navarro Ochoa A VV X L1 X X K 9 f - Mitchell Robert Stella Anabel Griselda Orndorff Orona Ortega Ortiz Ortiz ifffff-ji 4 -Z " . ., , F. . ' 1 "', 1 3- if v f' 'O N - 122 f -f' " - .- ..K af lx - 0 .., , 21? . 'Rel I n . . 3 ik,-Vf 1 7 V- i i ss' JI T' I 5 "fW'1K'f Mark Julio Gina Chris Sylvia Yolanda Robert Richard Albert Ortiz Pabon Paredes Parra Patterson Payan Pearson Pena PGYBIYS one-Pat Salcido puts the final touches on her clay pot, two-Greg Ayala shows proficiency on his skateboard, three-One of the various bump- er stickers on cars around the campus. four- Cincly Avila takes a siesta after the big game. five-Jacky Jordon manages to find humor in a classroom situation. 224 So homores Wk -1 ,j W B Q t " it w x, '- . if ' - -1' . lffijifffr 9 "' H' 'S e A, ,sw 5 WM Q L V K Niki i ' N tl e . I .j - ,A V, M, .K,A . t t Robert Robert Rosa Mary Barbara Norma Norma Lisa Sievefl' Perea Perez Perez Pollard Pope Porras Portillo Pfendefgasi P'0Ve"lC'0 jg g Y , ' we , 1 Q ' 'V t V , 2 ' R Q' m Teeni Victor Lourdes Martha Miguel Sally Terry Leticia Roberto Provencio Provencio Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramos Ramos W - ggi:-.rn ' W -Y . X K A w gn, "' . ., 11" S- ,. T1 R is - is '. .- u' 'f' 'I ,f A .. , 'r i f at ' .. X- , iii, z xt, or - j Xr,' . g 'V -- fr. " 'r'r A 5 1 Terry Sergio Lucia Sabrina Zita Amy Cruz Monica Rudy Ramos Range! Raudry Reyna Reyna Rivera Rivera Rivera Rivera " 'iilliiaiiiz ' R 'il ' fi. X fs 4, t of 4 " Letty Salvador Evan Arnulfo John Jorge Rocha Rocha Roderick Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez S 9 ,ix l ,, Fernando Jose Belinda Bruno Jose Robert Rojas Rojas Roman Romero Romero Rosales Q 'N E - ff? ll W ff ' Ernie Maria Benny Estefana lrene Patricia Ruiz Ruiz Salazar Salazar Salcido Salcido one- During a football game Gina Arellano worries about injuries. two- Kelley Carutners seems interested during a Student Council meeting. Qt Sophomores 225 PLHHng Together Veronica Carmen Gustavo Jesus Leia Olga Salcido Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez , -K fe fi . we 1' Ta- ,. ,..,. I Q t C ' G 5 r- C 3 S . eff M Marisa Elizabeth Marcella Bill Dolores Jo Ann Sandoval Santa Cruz Saucedo Schmidt Scott Segura i Qi 61? l iw' A 'N Nfl . ' . . , K A 4 jj I gif t K4-V rl , ...i i , t A K ,W LW,Ac F HH " W W 1- sil l, 'E -'J ' ilmii ry I 'l . - my 1 - r , , at l kk " .ig l ' . .. Carolina Eddie Christine Jesse Raul Elizabeth Patsy Gloria Kim Serrano Servin Shipley Sierra Sifuentes Sigales Soto Stapleton Strauss 'V' , ft f it- , EW? S F -X f. , , , sl - , Carmen Pam Eva Joe Danny Delia Skipper Marta Diana Stubblefield Tabgr Tafoya Talamantes Tarin Tarin Thompson Tobar Torres . 5 i . T.: M er . 1 1 ' . 'K I " 51233: ' - 'L Wt g li: C r , 'lag .- 'fi T G - z, 5 2 .,,,k 1- ,.. - - K ,fs ' 'mt - M-J-11 x on V -14, ff " SN -- I- Gustavo Maria Herbert Manuel Martha Joe Martha William Carlos Torres Torres Tovar Torres Tugnon Turner Valdez Veck Veytia r - ' Q Q , Sym S is . 11,2113 -, - - - --'i - ' ' Y r -, 1' , , ta' 1, A E ' ' 1 f .- . t Q- Y: ' ' - -flitglgpg '1 , 5' is kg , ' 1 N C C -c V ' . '-2j3'i51t"- fx. QW' t Ai 'ffl' t.. 2 1 X t fi 'S' - .. ' SW, C -Q 1 ,Ugg 5,2 Q: . 3,5 'R' -jul W mf, QL nf 5, 4 51,4 -G '- gr fvbl C3 -: N f . ' .. 5-.E f - - ' i '.:.,--awvi 1 Q 'if Alfredo Patricia Herman Laura Palmira Jimmy Gary Paul Helen Villalobos Villalobos Villalva Villanueva Villanueva Wade Whittington Williams Wingate 226 Freshmen l Officers Pave W Q l ,, gli t,,, i ,ty gl li if A ee' s .. A , 'uk g ,. .. .. ,lx aww? , , A 12,5 .,,. -I ,.::x, f :fr-...fs , A -- if-4' Loule Rebecca Steve Dee Evelyn Sylvia Yolanda Roger Martha Aboud Acosta Adjemian Agan Aguilar Aguilar Aguilar Aguirre Almanza i Cecilia Jose Ceasar Maria lda Andrew Sandra Linda Nancy Alonzo Alonzo Alvarado Alvarado Anderson Andow Angcayan Arce Arellano i ..-.X , wwe,- gsg if .. Sylvia Lupita Thelma Edna Roberto Ana Debby Greg Armendariz Arroyo Badillo Barcenas Barraza Barron Barron Barron Q V l l, V2 1 -- A ' gflf?2Eg?E"I1i gr Q ' fffsf If . ze . . -i fag? -311'-sr l 14 .- 71 .V ---Q1 M-f f A f . ' K '3,f4'g3f..f :Za Brenda Jose DOI'0'fl'1y Sharon Barry Brent Berryhill Berurnen Binge Bleek Boetto Bunton 55 i .JT2 Y , -1 ' ,K H31- . t 5 52: fi . gi, . "dz -Q: ., --4 4 gl . .Q ..., me-4 '. Freshmen 227 a Sa I MA. g ' I Victor Bustillos Rosario Campos Carmen Castillo Josie Bustos Antonio Carbajal wwf' Sylvia Chacon x Sylvia Calderon Josefa Cardenas Oscar Chan Fernie Campos Daniel Caster Leticia Chaparro i V , ' . F :- Belinda Gene Rosa Jana Cathy Cindy Mariaugenia Greg He-CtOr Chavez Chavez Chavira Christian Clarke Colunga Compean Contreras Contreras , L 1 J , , V. Ll? Y K if - .-.J in View ' .k"' ,, . my ' A r- Um , A , .L g As , :ilk .-' , gfg- J QQX is V W , A , K K , Maria Humberto Gregory Tres Suzi Victor Sergio Norma UZ Cordero Correa Corvelli Craig Cuaron De Anda De Haro De Jong Delgado ' fit G Spurrin the Freshman class into ac- , Q tion were Liz Delgado, president: Ru- 'i 1 . QQ' , tif' 4.5 K H ben Lopez, vice-president: Sylvia i -g -h if if--F Torres, secretaryg and Linda Arce, , X53 pf " treasurer. Josie Bustos and Margie Mo- NARA ' YQ, -' i , 1 get rales led the class in yells. one-Liz Delgado, president, Ruben Lopez, vice- . . , . 'dentg Sylvia Torres, secretary, and Linda Ricardo Cindy Rodrigo Jane Richard Roxanne pres' - . - Delgado De La Tome Del Aveuano Del-ay Del Toro De Sham Arce, treasurer. two Margie Morales, yell lead Ri' A, N, Arturo Guadalupe Jaime Juan Gloria Martha Diaz Diaz Diaz Diaz Dominguez Douglas ET, 228 Freshmen f" gif'-f in , .1 xg A ' ' K. 'igfml fi L L , kylie ,W 3,1 y , ly., . L fi ' i W' r , e ,. if 5 , C A Elvia Claudia Christina Sheila Albert Duran Dwyer Echeverria Elias Enriquez E I f E A . N fi f ,,.. , C L X I ' V V K 4' . B II Laura Eddie Jackie Andy Leticia Escandon Fematt Finger Flores Flores 'Ji . .A 1 if f . M K . 1fi'f"k3 "Q I 1 f A -Q ,f .. i1f 'i"" ac'fx.' G V i,, ef ,- :, ' , -f X Q - 3 11: 'Sm .J .Q ff FP L fiffiigf f , gg1ii '-K?'t.v 1'X?- l Therese Terri Arturo Raymond Becky Font Galindo Garcia Gardea Gavaldon '- I A ' ' - ' " " 334 G ll -' " Q 'lf-rt -,J -4. .,, . ' if, W ,W A A it M 1 A at - , 1343 30 4- f H ' A - l Y . F G W- ff 1 - it X L We or ' Leticia Richard John Tommy Abel Lizardo Virginia Anna Charles Gill Gill Gilmore Goldfarb Gomez Gomez Gomez Gonzalez Gonzalez ,,f- X - " J , ," w f ' 4 9 F Z , 5 , -1 ' - , M A t r,,i, 3 t :wa , H t 2- 5 JJ ' S ral--Wi ff: X: Ml David Delia Louie Kina Celia Ben Daniel Norma Danny Gonzalez Gonzalez Grandos Griffin Guard Guerrero Guerrero Guerrero Guillen i 7- A :N - ,K J rx ."" , mga r QT., f ' , my r fi Clayton Nancy Angie Cynthia Daniel Engique Felipe Javier Tony Gutierrez Haddad Hermann Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez 1 ,e w Re f' ' ' yfii ff A L L- 5 im: ' A C ' . M- .2 - - ' a da I - 4- --M lg . 'r S Alicia Joe Juan Mike Kathy Jesus Cathy Carlos Isabel Herrera Herrera Hidalgo Hinojosa Hirsch Holguin Holmes Huerta Huerta W' ' '. i K . A.. -1 . A . M i gi 4 l I , V - 1 :za gi f 5 K f--L: .5 g ' 1-- x Patsy Raul Debbie Yolanda Jenna Thomas Huerta Jaramillo Jett Jimenez Johnson Johnson .f"r i i' "Rf J .gg we N' ' - i F' f H I fi ' N 'T' if-li 5 V J Q 9,3 H A -W 3 i . Q , .X K, .. 1 A .1 14 X, gi .. Q. .4 V. ,aged .1,, Leon George lrma Cynthia Monica Henley Jorjorian Juarez Juarez Kelsey Kerr King , mfg -t , z VI' 4 15: . ,mg is ' ---' mg, Able Sammy Paul Alexandria Tina Gustavo Juan Kupfer Kupfer Lawrence Lauttrell Lepe Lopez at ' J . ' ' J 5 ' .. ' . ' 12 -gzfftif ' - 1 if.. .. ...V . , ,i N ' V J Roger Ruben Luis Letty Felix Monica Lopez Lopez Lozano Luevano Macias Macias Freshmen 229 Sylvia,Victor Classmates Choice Chosen as Freshmen Class Favorites were Sylvia Armendariz and Victor Bustillos. Sylvia enjoyed skateboard- ing and listening to her favorite group, KC and the Sunshine Band. Born under the sign of Scorpio, Victor participated on the track team by competing in the broad jump, 100 and 220 yard dash, and the high jump. He enjoyed listening to KISS music and watching Soap. one-Juan Tarango gazes at eighth graders playing on the football field during lunch. two- Freshmen favorites Sylvia Armendariz and Victor Bustos. 230 Freshmen 1 I .iiuir 'ix Freshmen Get Involved ln School Activities Patricia Virginia Sergio Macias Macias Magdaleno K .Q ,ii-.1 ' l K: Q ,if . "i x ' . 9- f u r-1 Q c c Q- c Q- e te, I h 32 , -' h gig 4 ff i Susan Aaron Albert Makhoul Maldonado Maldonado any ., f 1 Q V , c t is Qu . 'i ii 'fi-T' i ff ' t'rr' ,A 1f":2i: 4 I Z i i t R K 'J if-7 Vg tm, . ' Rene Len Gracie Maldonado Marcus Marin L ' f - ' A T T ' l A ,T T A v 'S T I I if S T Pat Juan Sergio Sylvia Tury Otto Kim Kristian Gloria Marquez Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Maser McCullough Mclntyre Mejia 1 The Freshmen class, along with the fx g classes, participated in a variety of 4 tt' - school activities. V V ' T?-5 l-it ,A g . ' I to ff "if lsisi T , Skating parties at the Time Tunnel 2 ,D X ' ui' ggg V 'QE-gg t wereamajor form of entertainment on D , tx jx if ' l ug .Q gb T f' M Wednesday nights. . . , A ear: X - K 1 TQ A 7 li A A fi' Homecoming week proved to be a , Weekfv'!9ffUf1 and games- some Of 6222133 5323233 MSSQL v53'dl33i. 322225 the activities freshmen and others par- tiCipated in Were Frizz Your Hair Day, L , T ,, .b 5.1, ,,1,-,gg-,-wlrsf1'fge-tarp -"- A 13525213 Kiddy and Twin Days, ping-pong com- A g A V 'iii A .fu petition as Well as Cutoffsv Socks' and A il '..t ' . 4 S 9 - .S J i ' . Hat Da . , S 41 - y c W A T 12,25 an LF' :ffrf 1i?S??2svi A t Q y , ,K " W 1 - V M y i' ' i- - 'H-rr' ' H gZw' 5'52g,Q,,.'f T ix W 1 t sesteesisffriz' . ' vases Pedro Angel Ricardo Terri Cody Ted Morales Moreno Moreno Moreno Morton Mueller Freshmen 231 one-Robert Reason participates in Frizz Your Hair Day during Homecoming Week. two-Ter- ry Swafford, Kim McCullough and Lori Simone form the circle of friends. three-Oscar Orona checks out the musical selections in the juke box, four-Kristian Mclntyre and Dee Agans and quarrel over a toy during twin day, part of homecoming week activities. 1+ F .tee - - e - - i, 1 f X lt Q -rrea Frank Lupe Pat Gina Munoz Murillo Murillo Natale 1 'X . ' K Ft fvi J WW Q I 57.2 . , , fit N Eglin? Elena Yvonne Denise Richard Navarrete Neder Neill Nicholson ge ., , E ' Leif' . ' ' 1 an bh ssx -' k ' on .Az . I Quilt: 1 J K X KS.. 5 ,VBA , ! 4-at z 1- -+1 Y a.-if Patsy Gilbert Jamie Maria Elena Ernie Norman Nunez O'Brien Olivares Olivas , , I ll'i fl -K spa, 5 5 my I a t F 1 1 it e f"" el 'XE . X Heriberto Jesus Oscar Keith Leticia Olivas Olivas Orona Pannel Parra 'iil I 855' - 6. 4, H -YQ . i . , 5 " ' -if-52 ,mn J i K Q K LV,.kk - .t.1 K , .. 'le' gs .1 - ' U 3 114 ' . . f f' - Bonnie Jesus Rosa Ana Gilbert Patterson Pena Pena Perez Perez 232 Freshnien Looking l l'l 9 'il ffl? ff a a - 4- 'jg , , I ip F t r l R i U U e Hugo Susana Leticia Perez Perez Portillo K KV' 'Ii' M Lii:s,' gr, 'Eff 4 wxfjw LQ! , reef L ' iii' s j fr' X313 W ' X Lorena Mary Juan Charles Patricia Portillo Prats Puga Quintana Quintana i l: ' or -9 L ' F .R if an 'lk 5:7 t, F iii? ff k f i T' Jen L j 'W' - li mx' , - -- . .. ,il Y 3-ix JW K . K , - f U If ,- Q - N K 1, j . - . 4 R fvrf-'i.'s2f1f.ff:1 ,ifilif . L 1' V ' . Lolly Carlos Manuel Mary Kathy Robert Rebeca Daniel Jesus Ramirez Ramos Ramos Ramos Raunam Reason Rejon Retana Reyes . x' ' ,aj r 4, Amp K. K. . , 'Sl . -X - - u 1 .ga ' L , by Q93 L ' L ' . . . ' , - 'fs as Htl. . X " L ' -' . , 5 A ' J it 213.55 X A 5 -. 5455 ku.. an-I W l -f 2' ' 'Vg i5 -'? E2ii4'1H2'1:IL- L Q 'Q Jerry Mary Alice Bill Charles Pablo George Leonar Lourdes Rosalinda Reynolds Rios Rivera Robles Rocha Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez .X I 12. Az J D il - 9',av-rf: is 'iii' JQQW ' x ' ,fr ff W' W ll L ji Emi Marie Nora Terry Richard Lourdes Michael Rojas Rojas Rojas Roman Romero Romo Abe George Robbie Guadalupe Sheila Manuel Rosas Rosas Rosas Rosales Rosen Ruano 1 - TILL l , jkkk, jk' L , K K V- A ,L ., fff g f xiggfi ,Qu l .- P ' L Y ' K i-U --f, L L . - - L L 2 111 ? 1'-1 isp- ' 5-f55"1-if - i I ii ' 2, -: I Q of Q , ,, sfizs' ' Qs' .. , j .j jg?-k risti ' s L M iw if I I 4 X I List? h sim I i K L. 1 x s aid , fm - 4551,-1 L- K " 'QW J 'jig -sw, 5-L11 - '-.r Q3 A Q' 7 js. I b . .N j, A 1 36,50 jf A -I j X, S I Z bf' L - F F L L 1 rg. i A me David Laura Martin Bobby Alma Frank Helen Eva lda Rubio Ruiz Saenz Salazar Salazar Salazar Salazar Salcido Salcido Freshmen 233 we ' . ', , ,. -We 5 'A L A ' 'isis , 1+- L.: f if 14- ' . -T' - .' Q 'i 'YA my 4, tie. f 3'7" . ELL -" 3 1? . "ff 'S X" -Q' ' 'X' Te-, 5 .kf?5i?1' ""' i li M il ' 1 LW, 3 Q45 , ig 5 fe, ig . 1 ,,.... .5-""' K Mando Rosemary Jose Mayela Socorro Carlos lsidro Brett Druary Salcido Salcido Sanchez Sanchez Sandoval Saucedo Saucedo Seal Shadrich f' ' f .it V Yu .. ,- 4- Q., N 3 K ,. f I .Rf N' ' , i e- Q' i Q- 5' - -. 5? T- i f Q. 'L ig. ' ' x S., ..:2-ill. an N 51 .. Y V- ggx m2,e1 V .mx .LV T Q , ,, Qi... 4, . .GMA Q . 1 .. 1 W' 1, . : 153- - , W ' - - -ru K, t . W M-, . H 'H ' eg. R31 i ' ' e--,r Q 1. "A" . VT' ' li. . Becky Rudy Pablo Delia Enrique Danny Gilbert Elias Sherri Showery gigs Sifuentes Silva Silva Smith Solorzano Somers Sommerville . iff: I ' xt: s .kvk ml 8 Q My A ., A-E kgs' A5 5 5. Mary Terri Brad Tony Juan Spade Swafford Tabor Tafoya Tarango 4 3 . T ag L, 5 ' .Xi Q Ti 4 M N 4231:-QA J. David Luis Rachell Sylvia Le Thu Torres Torres Torres Torres Tran sages .L - 1 Vs y ,fn 55 Cathy Marisa Leticia Fernando Valdez Valdez Valdiviez Valle One-Abie Kupfer waves the spirit flag during one of the football games. two-Suzi Cuaron munches out on popcorn. three-Tina Zuniga works at one of the many bake sales spon- sored by the band. four-Becky Showery dis- plays her ever ready Bugs Bunny smile. five- Susie Perez and Kristy Mclntyre relax during one of the FTA Teacher of the Month elec- tions. 234 Freshmen Freshmen Excel ln Their Qwn Way if M ' Gloria T Vargas " I Am X ,uf 'L 11: Q' Victor Beatrice Vargas Vasquez RR .f-"" 'Vs Q r q Juana Enrique Vasquez Vega 'fiff f 7E?:i"i? .1 ' irr, VIS - l "1 'L V F . 'F 'fi A' 1.223255 Ffilffi A' "r' 'f ' , N Q-ff 1 L lL' ?5Qi.i3Q ' K ii ,f if'- -j""'f fi! 1 -l'4"f'- I -"- - f A r f Q 5Qi? ' -- 1 -111395 -.Kal Ii ' J ii, 1 ,,.. , P ,1f::.: :fri-.p::. U-1 ., ' -" - .- .c 5 . s -X . isrir iii -4 ' 'ri'r t , SL, y A pc, - ,V 1' I W 1-if ---sf? , . F ,...., . . . ' Becky Harris Hlb t Bernie v 1 Nora l??V'd Doug l 4 F6355 Velaiiiej Velel Velfegas Villa Williams Wilson Winningham Wood one- Jane Delay takes a breather from her back-breaking job of painting the endzones for the Homecoming game. two- Patsy Nor- man, superstar cross-country runner of EPHS, awaits for the beginning of the track meet, three- Dave Williams. four- Gloria Mejia and Bobby Salazar engaged in piggy-back rid- ing, five- Frances Vega and Thelma Badillo team up for a ping-pong game. ' .,,. 1 -111 5 1 ,e .,uW'Ji.....: f an 'I Luis Yanez Freshmen lu 'Y HSBIYF L -f Esperanza Ybarra 3 . kx g ' 'W V E Juan Irene Zamarripa Zamarripa Letty Irma Zamora Zamudio A Wfxsaog if P .Saw East Cindy Zaragoza Zotz R f eree 2 i k A ,E -, .-far? ex 4' 0' . 91:4 ,..-A .:-.- -' ' -' . ' . Tina Armando Tony AYTQ-'VO Zuniga Espinoza Favela Rows 235 r , . 236 Eighth I L, . 'i z ,. 't 5,tif'1" .. . r so L .f A , fliff' , 3 ' hai? N V Q L - . i . L , ,gKEil7Ig,.i5f L i Y . i. L ,Lf L X 'Qi u Q , - Y M5 mK...a if Lisa Jesse Juan Martha Ricky A830 Aguilar Aguirre Aguirre Almanza l . f 4. A ,mx 'xiii ii gf- ' WM r 2 I l i if Paul Paula Rosa Abel Lori Aleman Alonzo Alva Alvarado Alvarado I ., jf ,,,, foie, H 1-1 K 1: ,V . , L ' Q -FSM 'Xi' . wk 4-nag Mi Martha Patricia Olivia Ricky Teresa Inid Richard Vicente Robert Alvarado Anchondo Araujo Arce Archuleta Arellano Armendariz Armendariz Baca lf. :if Victor John Mark Adrian Terry Rosa Herbert Abby Tita Baca Baker Ballenger Banda Barragan Barron Beard Bedoya Bell L V ,. F L , I L g . ,, V 1 'Q mf 'dk 'f ' A ' ,K A 112 A . A . A 1 lf It 'Ni gin- 251 gf ex me A ,Q f' ,, ' 1 L " ' I V g ,X Q isti L .L r ' ' 1 , ' Snug ' r Mil, yf iggx ,lm g ift . N ' iz Mary Lou Evaristo Hector Armida Laura Jimmy Elizabeth Vernon Leonard Beltran Berber Bernal Betancis Bradford Braun Brient Brooks Cain A I 1 one-Mike Qrtiz smiles because he is the first one line. two- Linda Pastrana gives a good ole western smile. E - Robert Marco Irma Victor Sean George Campa Carbajal Cardenas Cardona Carr Castro ' ' iff , 1 ' ? L i.x If ' Y if A A 'fi W A A Y A , - fi' A Sofia Paul Michael Javier Luz Andy Cazares Centeno Cervin Chacon Chavez Cintron Eighth 237 Boy, Do We ea H ave I h i ngs -' ef fear, X ,X I I I o S m I I e Ab out h 55 .fl David David Patricia Jose Lourdes Cole Colunga Connorton Cordova Corona A K nw , t, L, .Q if v -fy - -I f"' I I N, I 'I akin I sdiyfktf :,e ,.,11 i,-' It-lain., , 'Qs-,rpf-6-fri. Terry Guillermo Esteban Roy Darryl Corona Correa Cortez Cyr Davidson " ' I F ' Q f .1 -j-'jf I 'ri,,,i' ' - 'I -'91 F2 L ek. , George Margarita Maria Martha Pablo Davis Delgado Delgado Delgado Delgado 1- 1:21 Hawrin I LV W ,,,g-W kk Q lvl je' -:S V Q i:,.Ug Q t Q, Q , 11 . N , Q ' ' get get lm Mia, ,, ' ' .K W tkinlgwwf '-N l I, ,K It :L . -a-was , . - , ' i W' L el Ti' , .4 ,J rf I I 1 Yly gg -gt ii ...ee -A hm' in 3" Vg Patricia Bea Freddy Lucy George Armando Olga Ramsey Joseph Del Toro Diaz Diaz Diaz Dix Dominguez Dominguez Eramya Ersinghaus I N D ig be ff ii I f -f R fi . it 49 at i r. - 5' A-f ee I z' lx: if? f . .. -' ' , 55 - 3 . , , he I 1 if .L A. . 4351.11-l f ivglg xai -if 5 A A Jim Ada Retana Franz Luisa M0nique Cathy Elizabeth Mike Fashing Favila Fe Felhaber Fernandez Ferry Flores Flores Flynn f., 9 - . t , 'Iv 1 i .. .. iv i i ,, I i" F ' H 31, FL' 'i af 4 P i ' Tir' ez .J i t .r?'M . I l - ' :i-zifiliiff gs dh. , -F J ' w e eg , W , F W , M -L Q- ' .5 y K t --i Q f' " ,nts sl' iv, 544' I. ,Q-X 3:-A yn " Q 2, I 3 - P '- ' 2 1 Paul Victor Ralph Cindy David Gloria Erich Patricia Kurt Fonte Gallegos Ganska Garcia Garcia Gill Goeldner Goeldner Goetting . , ' i G . f ' at ,JH '- r lgrplt Q 1 , " l ' . , C A . , I , l,-A , 1 .f - - ' A . , I F elie K c or .I I - 5, "f'fg-zgzzzssii ffl M P I gfi'Ki:'f1f5'Q . Sti ff- i'l3'l"Lf.' iv f If ' W - :VK Felipe Manuela Nancy Ralph Rachel Ruth Valerie Eileen Leticia Gomez Gomez Gomez Gomez Gonzalez Gonzalez Granados Granadog Guevara Eighth 238 Ernie Orozco and Laura Sigales were chosen from their class as favorites. Ernie's favorite class was social stud- ies while Laura's was science. Ernie and Laura shared the same favorite music group which was K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Laura was a member of the 8th grade volleyball team while Ernie played on the 8th grade football team. In his spare time Ernie liked to spend his spare time with his favorite girl, Laura. one-8th grade favorites, Laura Sigales and Er- nie Orozco. two-Andy Villareal takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin . 'S ts E ,gf .,,, 1 1 a . Maria Carlos Stella Gracie Molly Charlene Toni Helen Lydia Guillen Gutierrez Gutierrez Guzman Hammond Hary Hecker Hernandez Hernandez . ..,. ,H gg I , P 1 .gi 4 a M. K K .A Wm, ...3 Ai :Wi iiiii n . Ii -li t ., iw ii ff . .,,i ' . - .Ei . viii' .VM qt Q A NN I 6 ,gf f g N ,fp 1 . 1 . if - ,gg 1 . , A NV. l Martin Patricia Wendy Gay Diana Letty Velma Mario Rafael Hernandez Hernandez Hinton Horn Huerta Huerta Huerta Hyslop Gloria Saul Monito Vicki Bronia Mike Bruce Delia Thomas ltuarte Jimenez Johnson Joosten Kandel Kennedy Koehler Korpalski Limas I V- if . - K. fem:-1 ..gr,3lggg:fff3 ' T11 5 .L , ' - ., , G - i "Sill i 1 . i ' ' ,V i . jf. fkgxli . ' 'R - K t 'Z -. V l ip it ...Q e. . at E... 'sQ" ' t t 1 A '-i, if i . my - ' X. N rf ,. -g - Robert Rosa Sergio Jose Mickey Dale Edward Tony Shirlyn Lopez Lopez Lopez Loya Lozano Luckett Luian Lujan Luthro Eighth 239 1, ve- my ,Q 1 , kg, - ,. .. f3f.,,f' ' Q, A L M - at ' nk' 5 A3 i vff' 4 V 1 " - ' L Wxiili ' - ' if - ' 1 ' I-be 521: as Tommie Rebecca Luis Luz Estella Marco lsmael Rene Jesus Chuy Lyman Macias Mares Marin Marin Marquez Marquez Marrufo Martell J.: , , t I K --1 V L wif' - . 35 t R r' N-ffl fvfwfwmf ,i ' Iii. -'t M f M . Danny Ernesto Felipe Rebecca Juanita David Alma Tommy Lisa Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez Mata Matamoros Maturino Maxwell McNiell l ifmgi Lupe Javier Alma Maya Jerry Anthony Oscar Ricardo Alfonso Medrano Melchar Melendez Menchaca Minjarez Molina Molina Molinar Monreal r 3 'W in . X - L p .g.. . . M . Q 1 I . ' A n -P , . 'Q' Q22 5 Ffa L ' l i O ' .. l 'W fi. ' , f s O L Lala Cruz Connie Lisa Sergio Antonio Margarita Oliva Robert Montes Montoya Mora Morrill Moya Munoz Munoz Nanez Nanez fA 1 da W, K . i,, . i v ., , ,MF is ' V f' t SMT? . Sylvia Steve Luze Ernie Lorena Martha Nanez Nickey Olivares Orozco Ortega Ortega ,af nf we Q Lorraine Lupe Mike Tricia Lourdes Linda Ortiz Ortiz Ortiz Ortiz Padilla Pastrana M Q M. f Y ,.L, : f K .1 V fggiknfilt, L: W , V . K ..t, 21+ 17 if ' ' r F ' ff' t--t elf 1 f Mark Tory Jose Luis Martha Mike Richard Pedroza Pena Perez Perez Perez Perez 240 Eighth 4- 'tf ,ga Leadership Starts Here i Nicolasa Blanca Luis Jimmy Victor Tony Teresa Daniel Gregorio Pinon Porras Portillo Prats Puentes Presey Quezada Quian Quintana 'fl 'WX l ' . K ' ag - h . ff R ji . "ig r ' ae, Q:-L b - :Q ' 'R fa- lift' 'S 'Z' Q 1 Mi 1 L 'f 1 ' N nge Ti L x N , V-N, it E to ' . 1 ' ' V i L. A L Ha fi '- 7 i-,. George Juan Manuela Rafael Sylvia Arturo Beatrice Rafael Guillermo Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ramos Ramos Ramos Raudry a , ...Y W M, is- 3 'ff "' . Q Ti ti .. ,, - , ' , figs -- 21-if .S 'ssiss f we 525 . , V ffajtem A , , ,i M ,emit X S 9. :im :T q fb. '-x f --" - '1-it W' V . ' k " . E R - 9 Cindy Charlotte Rebecca Luis Fred Aizza Libby Fernie George Reason Reyes Rivas Rivera Robinette Rodriguez Rodriguez Rojas Rojas 1 .Q 1 I ..,, .L g v by 1- R ssls it r L as L- ' sid - P S ' L L S ' i. i ,el Q 'fr ' Virginia Anna Mario Ricky Bobby Richard Florencio Martha Lorenza Romero Rosales Rosas Rosas Saavedra Saenz Salazar Salazar Sanchez am Eighth 241 x 'V . . - - iw ,,,-gs. ' ., ' -. .T -i i .f- 4- "' ir. Q ki' X I 453: -its . V-Sf-t - QE iTv ,,s it g Q i up y . ,4' ' - 1.- E T.: n . Q A . i Rogello Lucy Becky Jon Gus Debbie Sandoval Sarellana Schwarzbach Schwartz Shaheen Shipley 2 .. L ' . , if L l 1 . it 115.1 sr 1:4 ' ,- dl '. - "Nw , 411 .,A. 1, ' i signer- i A' . l A 2 -f ' -'rw - ,iris .J , M -, Marta Laura Gilbert Raul Paul Mary Helen Sierra Sigales Silva Silva Siqueros SOm6I'S "N ,Q , ffm!-...,, T-il y Xt. it . . T . iv. - --1 5- -a -1 ! 1 1 V f 4 iss jf f i S if ' - ,fi :.-Nw. i'.- , W x ' ' Herman Jose Sue Araceli Rene Eddie Sotelo Sotelo Stanley Tafoya Talamantes Tarin .t.,w..., ' . 14,1 V4 Q H. U r' y L Y , .Sie , W ' - ' 3 f 'A . 51821 .1 2 'l "'ii 1' f A V ' at fi. ' . f 1 Cecilia Cuate .lose Maria Alan Esther Gerado Johnny Salvador Torres Torres Torres Truijillo Uecker Valdez Velasquez Venegas Villalobos ' 'ff'I5?. f f1?5fizzi 1 Q T f T - L T r - The Class of '82 started the year off -Q., - L- er- - V -L gs.: 1- , ,T . . . . X gg . in , f B . ',', J! V with inexperienced but capable offi- V 1 it o r ' S T i W. le. S. cers. M .. . - S yi fy ' ' ' f 'if' L , - gy '3 'T President Luis Portillo along with the ' if - wiiigegg A J ' , ' ' ' help of Vice-President Jimm Bruan 1 Am. . it fa ,s , Y l V 2-5:51 .ig,fg,gs.:igf:5g5p f i-if , sg' led the group through their shaky be- ginning. Taking minutes at their meet- AndreS Troy Patricia Cathy Cesar Arturo 'USS Was Terry Barragarl while Cindy Villareal Weaver Wilson Yanez Zamarripa Zarzosa Garcia kept records of all the money. one-Jimmy Bruan, vice president: Luis Por- tillo, presidentp Terry Barragan, secretary: and Cindy Garcia, treasurer. two-Luz Diaz, yell leader. Leading the class in spirit yells was Yell Leader, Luz Diaz. I' an Abdou Robert 67 88 122 20 Abernethy Charles 32 110 135 186 190 191 Aboud Davud 32 834 Aboud Janet 216 Aboud Louue 83 Abraham Eluzabeth 216 Abrego Robert 206 ACADEMICS 142191 Acevedo Frances 32 1234 Braun Norah 180 207 Baca Laura 14 34 Acosta Acosta Acosta Acosta 9 Acosta Acosta Acosta Acuna Adame Adame Blanca 206 Frank 32 Letucua 32 Mary Jean 57 80 20 Olga 206 Ray 206 Rebecca 226 Irma 206 Felux 70 216 Grusela 134 216 Addus Duane 32 137 176 178 AHS FTA Madrugals Speech 8. Drama Achour Adjemuan Israel 33 129 Aduemuan Muchael 67 Aduemuan Steve 113 226 ADMINISTRATION 194 Agan Charles 122 206 Agan Dee 226 231 Agan Lusa 236 Aguular Carlos fMrj 134 40 Agudar 178 Agunar Agudar Agudar Agudar Agunar Agudar Cundy 23 33 176 186 188 189 191 Eddue 206 Glorua 123 216 Jesse 236 Raul 33 Sylvua 226 Yolanda 226 Aguulera Yvuana 26 63 99 216 219 164 Aguurre Chrus186 216 4 Aguurre Aguurre Aguurre Aguurre Aguurre Aguirre Alancon Duana 216 Gerardo 33 Irma 206 Juan 73 166 236 Manuel fMrb 194 Martha 236 Carmen 205 Almanza Francusco 33 Almanza Lorenzo 206 216 Almanza Martha 226 Almanza Rucky 236 Almanzar .Iuluan 205 Almaras Dolores 119 2 Alonzo Alonzo Alonzo Alonoz Alonzo Ceculua 226 Duana 33 Jose 72 226 Juana 216 Paul 236 Alva Irma 33 78 119 169 Major Sports Soph class ycll I ader Frosh 8. Jr SC Alva Martha 126 206 Alva Rosa 65 236 Alvarado Alvarado Alvarado Alvarado Alvarado Alvarado Alvarado Abel 236 Ceaser 226 Javuer 216 Juan 206 212 Larry 116 206 Loru 236 Martha 174 236 Alvarado Oscar 34 67 68 29 Alvarado Ruta 34 119 Alvarado Sandra 69 78 119 206 Alvarez Adruana 99 206 Alvarez Jesus fMrj 45 93 112 200 Alvarez Jesus 44 216 Alvudrez Carlos 216 Amaya Andy 34 87 88 29 Amaya Laura 216 Anchondo Manny 186 187 Anchondo Patrucua 236 Anderson Evelyn CMrsj 135 197 Andow Andrew 164 226 Angcayan Robert 72 Angcayan Sandra 140 226 Anzola Rucardo 112 Anzuras Sandra 207 Baca Yolanda 34 Badullo Thelma 23 163 186 189 174 226 234 Badullo Tryna 216 Baeza Arturo 216 Baeza Sandra 216 Baker John 163 236 Baker Terence 1MrJ Balderrama Arturo 2 Balderrama Carmen 2 6 Ballenger Mark 236 Arauza Araujo Araujo Araujo Arce L Irene CMussJ 110 200 Barbara 216 Oluvua 236 Robert 34 169 unda 80 110 119 134 140 226227 Arce Rucky 73 236 109 Archuleta Teresa 111 236 Arellano Enud 77 236 Arellano Guna 216 224 Arellano Nancy 226 Aruas Tury 207 Armendaruz Ruchard 236 Armendaruz Sylvua 163 226 229 Almendaruz Vucente 236 Armenta Vurgunua 216 207 Armujo Susan 216 Arredondo Ana 207 Arredondo Edna 186 189 Arredondo Jorge 216 104 Arruguccu Vurgunua 123 137 158 216 Arroyo Charles 11 185 207 Arroyo Luputa 226 Arroyo Ruben 207 ART 158 159 ART Honor Socuety 130 131 Arteaga Joey 216 04 Auduo Vusual 122 Audutoruum 250 251 Avula Bertha 34 138 FTA Kalevala Soph 8. Jr Sec Avula Cundy 20 80 119 134 216 223 Ayala Greg 185 216 223 Ayala Sandra 164 207 Ayoub Ruchard163 170 Ayoub Terry 169 207 5 5 N Baca Frances 34 78 119 Homecomung queen Track Sprung Fuesta Pruncess Student Councul Baca Muguel 216 Baca Muke 113 Baca Raul 72 Baca Robert 236 Baca Vlctor 236 Baca Wulluam 90 216 221 Ballenger Norma 34 Band 162163 170175 Banda Adruan 236 Barcenas Bargman 0 Edna 226 Roberta 82 84 Barnhart Betty fMrsJ 04 Barragan Chrustuna 216 Barragan Hortencua 62 207 208 Barragan Terry 14 19 77 81 236 241 Barragan Truna 34 2 Barraza Roberto 226 Barron Barron Barron Barron Barron Barron Barron 2 2 Barron Barron Barron Barron Barron Barton Baseba Anna 226 Cundy 26 63 216 Concepcuon 126 Debbue 226 Gabruel 67 207 Greg 108 163 226 Inez123 163 207 Irma 216 Javuer 70 2 Letucua 123 216 Marla 207 Rosa 236 Martha 126 ll 100 103 Basketball 66 77 Bazdresch Adolfo 35 Beard Herbert 166 236 Becker 9 Bedoya Bedoya Bedoya Bedoya Shurleen QMrsl 137 Abby 163 174 Amanda 163 216 Arlene 35 163 Audrey 163 2 Bell James 96 140 148 2 6 Bell Tut Beltran Beltran O Beltran Beltran Beltran Beltran a 236 Connue fMrsJ 205 Connue123 127 Jose 226 Mary Lou 236 Patrucua 207 Susana 226 Benut ez Stacy 226 Bennett Ruchard 35 1 9 Berazza Robert 186 Berber Evarusto 236 Bermudez Olga 126 7 Bermudez Robert 90 217 Bernal Hector 122 236 Bernal Ruben 163 174 Berry Anuta fMrsj 204 Berry Holly QMrsj 201 Berryhull Brenda 14 226 Berumen Johnny2 35 Berumen Jose 108 226 Betancus Armuda 236 Betancus Sandra126 207 Bunze Dorothy 226 Blackstock Jackue CMrsJ 57 78 Blanco Muchael163 217 Blankenshup Maruanne 57 95 98 110 119 7 Blaugrund Emuly 35 69 116 145 180 254 Yearbook edutor NJHS Sprung Fuesta Duchess Most Beautuful Basketball Sweetheart Blaugrund John 5 Blaugrund Stuart 35 Bleck Sharon 163 226 Boetto Barry 134 140 163 226 Bolung Ann 217 Borges Alejandra 217 Bostuck Chrustune 26 35 16 Bowlungton Nucholas Track Gold 10th 8. 11th grade Football Boyd Katherune fMrsj 126 127 197 Bradford Laura 236 Braun Jummy163 236 Brennand Beverly 217 Bruent EIuZabeth134 179 236 Bruent Sean 217 Bruones Ruchard 67 207 Bruseno Gracue 217 Bruseno Martha 185 207 Brooks Vernon 236 Brown Rolf 137 176 178 Brown Scott 208 Bullard Irma 205 Bunton Brent 226 Burnsude Wulluam CMrj 194 Burrows Adele 99 130 132 1378 180 208 Bustamante Danuel 36 169 Bustamante Kuko 115 217 Bustamante Rene 35 143 145 Student Advusory Student Councul D E Presudent DE Beau Bustullos Lupe 226 Bustullos Vuctor 227 229 Bustos Josue 227 Bustos VIctor112 122 Butler Donna 217 Butler Jay 36 67 129 144 164 Student Councul Senator A0rchestra V Basketball VCross Country Optumust Award Butler Robert 208 Butterworth Chuck 36 viii Cabello Carlos 95 104 7 Cadena Rose Marue 36 1 6 Catfery Robert 122 176 208 Cage James CMO 153 201 Caun Leonard 236 Carre Connue 36 132 135 164 165 NJHS SNHS Orchestra French Club Orchestra Secretary Caldera Bertha 80 110 119 127 208 Calderon Calderon Calderon Camarullo 7 Alucua 14 63 217 Pat 217 Sylvua 227 Monuca110 119 Campa Robert 236 Campos Carole 176 208 Delgado NJHS Campos, Carolina 36 Campos, Edward 186, 208 Campos, Esteban 208 Campos. Fernie 174, 227 Campos, Irma 36, 123 Campos, Luis 36, 135, 147, 163-164, 170 Band Vice Pres., Orchestra, Who's Who, Student Council, Chavez, Belinda 163, 128, 174, 227 Chavez, Dolores 38, 135, 141, 147, JNHS, Who's Who, Scholastic Letter Award, Medical Science Club-Pres., FTA Chavez, Gene 97, 108, 227 Chavez, Lourdes 38, 55, 78, 116, 119, 135, 147, 155, Compean, Mariaugenia 227 209 Campos, Rosario 163, 217 Campos, Rosie 26, 115, 163-164, 217 Campos, Steve 88, 112, 163, 215 Campos, Val 205 Campos, Vickie 37, 115, 141, V-Swimming, Swimming Sweetheart, Honor Roll, MSC Trea. Canales, Javier 37 Canales, Violeta 164, 217 Capshaw, Kenny QMr.y 163, 170, 174, 203 Carbajal, Antonio 113, 227 Carbajal, Gerald 37, 96, 104 Carbajal, Marco 236 Carbajal, Ricardo 90, 217 Carbajal, Sergio 217 Cardenas, Irma 14, 163, 236 Cardenas, Jose 104, 163, 170, 217 Cardenas, Josefa 227 Cardenas, Luz 217 Cardenas, Martha 24, 27, 37, 119, 147 Cardenas, Martin 37, 163, 170 V-Band, Stage Band, Orchestra Cardona, Alberto 217 Cardona, Victor 236 Carrillo, Kiki 174 Carmona, Yolanda 37, 99 Carr, Sean 134, 236 Carr, Shelley 26, 208, 215 Carrasco, Esther CMrs.J 204 Caruthers, Kelly 26, 217, 224 Casavantes, Ellen 115, 217 Casavantes, Judy 37 Casner, Carolyn 208, 210 Castaneda, Manuel 205 Castelo, Hector CMr.j 180, 185, 200 Caster, Daniel 227 Castillo, Adrian 217 Castillo, Carmen 136, 227 Castro, George 236 Castro, Gloria 95, 110, 119, 208 Castro, Mike 113 Cazares, Jose 208 Cazares, Sofia 134, 236 Ceniceros, Carlos 38 Centeno, Moses 38, 44, 45 Centeno, Paul 236 Cervantes, Salvador 113, 208 Cervin, Michael 73, 236 Cervin, Phillip 69, 208 Chacon, Javier 236 Chacon, Sylvia 227 Chan, Oscar 227 Chapa, Rosie 123, 217 Chaparro, Leticia 134, 140, 227 Chapin, Carl 217 Chapman, Tim 122, 130, 158, 187 Chavez, Alex 217 Chavez, Annette 38, 169 Chavez, Beatriz 217 164 Chavez, Luz 236 Chavez, Maria 38 Chavez, Marina 209 Chavez, Rafael 180, 185, 209 Chavez, Sandra 217 Chavez, Yvonne 38, 176 FHA Vice Pres. Coronado, Tony 209 Corral, Gloria 136, 217 Corral, Hugo 217 Correa, Guillermo 237 Correa, Humberto 227 Correa, Norma 39, 121, 130 Corred, Angela 209 Correla, Eduardo 205 Cortes, Ricardo 132, 156, 209 Cortez, Esteban 73, 237 Corvelli Gre or 227 Delgado, Oralia 205 Delgado, Pablo 73, 237 Delgado, Pat 209 Delgado, Ricardo 227 Sylvia 119 Del Palacio, Manuel 218 Del Torro, Patricia 136, 166, 237 Del Toro, Richard 227 Del Toro, Ruben 40 B-team baseball, football, V- wrestling, baseball, Lettermens Club Chavez, Yvonne 128, 217 Chavira, Gabriel 209 Chavira, Rosa 227 Cheerleaders 60-65 Cherry, Frances CMrs.J 134, 202 Chew, Steve 135 Chiecchi, Dino 26, 83, 209 Choir 176-179 Chong, Kim 209 Christopher, Antonio 38 Christian, Jana 123, 153, 227 Cintron, Andy 236 Cintron, Maria 38, 130, 164 Cisneros, Lisa 209 Clarke, Cathy 227 Clemente, Martha 62, 123, , 8 Y Cotera, Juan 218 Coverty, Adele 115, 218 Coverty, James 39, 67, 129 Craig, Tres 227 Craigo, William QMr.j 73, 90, 200 Creswall, Stephanie 123, 176, 218 Cross-Country 94-97 Cross, Eduardo 218 Cross, George fMr.j Cuaron, Suzie 26, 227, 232 Curlin, Tom 88, 122, 148 Del Toro, Sergio 227 Del Valle, Jose 137, 209 Dent, Patty 99, 139, 209 De Shazo, Roxanne 227 Diaz, Arturo Diaz, Bea 237 227 Diaz, Blanca 40 Diaz, Freddy 237 Diaz, Guadalupe 227 Diaz, Jaime 227 Diaz, Juan 95, 97, 227 Diaz, Luis 90, 104, 218 Diaz, Lucy 81, 111, 237, 241 Dix, George 237 Dixon, Debra 40, 95, 110, 119, 135, 141, 147, Track, SNHS, Who's Who, Cyr, Roy 237 Cyr, Sandra 39, 132 Ji 8 5 Daly, Dan 72 Davidson, Darryl 237 Davidson, Denise 39, 132, Cross-country, Major sports Dixon, Eric 209 Dominguez, Armando 237 Dominguez, Aurora 14, 26, 40, 43, 61, 135 V- Cheerleader, JNHS, Senator, Homecoming Senior Duchess 163, 209-210 Cleveland, Tuffy 27, 88, 176, 207-209 Closing 249-256 CLUBS 120-141 Cole, David 174, 237 Coleman, Anne 115, 217 Coleman, John 116, 209 135, 141, 143, 149 Davidson, Doug 218 Davis, Charles CMM 149, 193 Davis, George 73, 134, 237 Davis, Natalie 218 Davis, Tommy 70, 104, 218 D.E. 168-169 DeAnda, Carlos 133, 218 DeAnda, Jeanette 163, 207 DeAnda, Victor 163, 227 Dedication 256 DeJong, Gloria 95 DeJong, Leonar 95, 110, Dominguez, Francisco 205 Dominguez, Gloria 64, 163, 218, 227 Dominguez, Hilda 163, 218 Dominguez, Olga 111, 237 Dominguez, Rosa 218 Dominguez, Salvador 90, 209 Dominguez, Sammy 163 Doran, John QMr.J 34, 38- 39, 194 Douglas, Dora 40, 126 Douglas, Martha 227 Colunga, Chuy 90, 217 Colunga, Cindy 163, 227 Colunga, David 237 Colunga, Eddie 90, 104, 209 Colunga, Ricky 209 Comaduran, Chris 209 Comer, Harvey 186, 189. 217 Compean, Elina 126-127, 209 Compean, Jamie 90, 113, 217 Connorton, Patricia 134, 237 119, 209 DeJong, Nor 119, 227 Del Arellano, Del La Rosa, Del La Rosa, ma 95, 110, Rodrigo 227 Gilbert 218 Monica 188 Del La Rosa, Tony 11 De La Torre, 40, 61, 13 Annette 26, 5, 147, 163 V- Driscoll, Kathleen 209 Drum Majors 173 Dryden, Wynnell 193 Duarte, Gabriel 218 Duarte, Ricardo 122, 163, 209 Duggan, Robert 40, 141 Duran, Eddie 67, 130, 209 Duran , Elvia 228 Connorton, Peter 217 Contreras, Greg 227 Contreras, Hector 227 Contreras, Veronica 186- 189, 217 Corbin, John 83-84, 148, 209-210 Cordera, Maria 227 Cordova, Annette 26, 209 Cordova, Jose 237 Corman, Patiicia QMrs.j Cornwall, Christy 132, 206, Corona, Corona, Corona, Corona, Corona, 170 Emma 209 Lourdes 166, 237 Luz 39 Ruth 39, 164-165 Susana 39, 163, Corona, Terry 136, 166, 237 Coronado, Patsy 39, 123-124 Cheerleader, Who's Who, Spring Fiesta Lady in waiting, SNHS, V-Band De La Torre, Cindy 227 De La Torre, Larry 209 De La Torre, Lori 149, 218 De Lay, Jane 130, 137, 164, 170, 185, 227, 234 Degazon, Leo 40 Delgadillo, Miguel 186, 189, Duran, Lucia 218 Duran, Mike Duran, Osca Dwyer, Claudia 228 P I" Q 122 r 40, 130, 176 iii Echeverria, Christina 228 209 Delgadillo, Sylvia 186, 189, 209 Delgado, Bertha 40 Delgado, Eduardo 209 Delgado, Ernie 163, 186 Delgado, Jose 96, 104, 209 Delgado, Liz 80, 119, 227 Delgado, Lupe 218 Delgado, Margarita 237 Delgado, Maria 237 Delgado, Martha 237 Editors Page 254-255 Edwards, Tim 159, 219 Eighth Grade Class 236-241 Eisenberg, Ellen 209 Ekery, Leon 163, 170 Elias, Sheila 82, 228 English 154-155 Enriquez, Albert 228 Enriquez, George 90, 209 130 Gomez Enriquez, Myrna 186-189, 219 Eramya, Ramsey 237 Erbe, Margaret 132, 219 Ersinghaus, Joseph 109. 174, 237 Esaa 145 Escandon, Laura 228 Escandon, Rene 90, 113, 219 Espinoza, Armando 235 Espinoza, Becky 26, 40, 61, Espinoza, Martha 98, 134, 219 Esquivel, Danny 209 Esquivel, Julio 219 Estrada, Esther 98, 219 Estrada, Inez 40, 124 Estrada, Juan 209 Etheridge, Chuck 96, 104, 122, 138, 141, 185,209 Ewing, Becky 136-137, 207, 210 Ewing, Richard 163, 219 I' Font, Therse 228 Fonte, Paul 237 Foreign Language 156-157 Foreman, Frnaces CMrs.j 110, 119, 201 Francione, Kat 210 Franco French French 200 Gustavo 41 Franco, . Sergio 210 Club 132 , Margaret CMrs.J Freshmen Class 226-235 Frias, Eddie 41, 88, 164 iii Faculty 196-203 Farah, Farah 122 Farah, John 122, 132, 219 Farah, Wafa 122, 132, 210 Fashing, Jim 136, 237 Favila, Ada 237 Favela, Danny 96, 219 Favela, Rosie 119, 219 Favela, Tony 235 Favela, Victor 210 Fe, Retana 237 Felhaper, Franz 237 Fematt, Belen 41, 78, 119, 124 Major sports, VOE Historian, B-team cheerleader, V-Volleyball Fematt, Eddie 228 Ferguson, Joy 41, 135, 147, 155, 163-164 Band Sweetheart, Orchestra, SNHS, V-Tennis Fernandez, Juan 163, 219 Fernandez, Luisa 237 Fernandez, Maria Fernandez, Trinidad 158 Ferry, Monique 65, 179, 237 FHA 128 Fierro, Debra 210 Fierro, Steve 70, 88, 90. Fry, Yvette 210 FTA 136 Fulton, Ysella 99, 133, 138, 219 Fults, Lucy 219 ' an Gaddy, Margy 210 Gaines, James QMaj.j 186 Galaviz, Loretta 41, 95, 110, 133, 135, 141 SNHS, V-Track, V-Cross Country, Latin Club, Major Sports Club Galindo, Rose QMrs.j 203 Gallegos, Debbie 186, 189, 219 Gallegos, Mando 90, 215 Gallegos, Victor 179, 237 Galindo, Terrie 163, 228 Galvan, Estella 41 Gandara, Ruben 219 Ganska, Ralph 237 Garcia, Angelica 126, 144, 210 Garcia, Arturo 228 Garcia, Carlos 41, 163-164, 170 A-Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, Honor Roll Gillette, Valerie 27, 206, 211 Gilmer, Allen 185-186, 189, 190, 211 Gilmore, John 116, 228 Ginn, Steve 41, 163, 170 Girls Chorus 123 Girls Major Sports Club 118-119 Goeldner, Erich 134, 237 Goeldner, Kathy 134, 137, 220 Goeldner, Patricia 77, 237 Goetting, Kurt 237 Goldfarb, Tommy 228 Golf Team 116-117 Guerrero, Guerrero, Daniel 228 Francisco 88, 211 Guerrero, Norma 123, 136, 237 Guerrero, Ricardo 90, 104, 186, 220-1 Guerrero, Richard 186, 189, 220 Guevara, Leticia 237 Guider, Geneva 1Mrs.b 204 Guillen, Danny 186-187 Guillen, Maria 77, 81, 238 Gunning, Emily QMrs.j 138, Gomez, Abel 228 Gomez, Alicia 127, 211 Gomez, Enrique 220 Gomez Felipe 73, 237 Gomez Gomez Gomez Leticia 123 Lourdes 169, 211 Lizardo 108, 228 Gomez Manuela 237 Gomez Margarita 41 Gomez Nancy 237 Gomez Ralph 237 Gomez Susie 211 Gomez Sylvia 42 T Virginia 228 Gonzalez, Anna 228 Golzalez, Arthur 42, 83, Tennis, Student Council, 192 Gutierrez, Carlos 238 Gutierrez, Clayton 164, 228 Gutierrez, Gil 83 Gutierrez, Lydia 140, 220 Gutierrez, Rene CMr.5 80, 200 Gutierrez, Stella 163, 238 Guzman, Gracie 166, 238 Guzman, Guillermo 42, 176 Guzman, Ruth 23, 220 Gymnastics 98-99 'i l'ttt Lab Manager, Mex. Amer. Club Gonzalez, Ben 26, 219 Gonzalez, Bobby 115, 211 Gonzalez, Charles 228 Gonzalez, David 228 Gonzalez, Delia 228 Gonzalez, Dianne 211 Gonzalez, Eduardo 163-164, 170, 211 Gonzalez, Emily 211 Gonzalez, Ernesto 42, 129 B-Baseball, V-Baseball, Lettermens Club Gonzalez, Gerardo 211 Garcia, Christy 26, 137. 176, 178, 211 Garcia, Cindy 237, 241 Garcia, David 237 Garcia, Doug 180, 185, 211 Garcia, Eli 211 Garcia, Fernie 41 Garcia, Juan Luis 90, 219 Garcia, Oscar 57, 90, 219, 221 Garcia, Maricela 41 Garcia, Martin 41, 88, 129 Garcia, Patsy 23, 186-189. 191, 211 Garcia, Rachel 211, 212, 163 Garcia, Sandra 220 219 Fierros, Eddie 219 Finger, Jackie 82, 133, 228 Flores Andy 163, 228 Flores Flores Flores Flores Flores Flores, Arturo 95, 104 Barbara 219 Cathy 134, 237 Elizabeth 111, 237 Fernando 96 Javier 41, 137 ROTC, B-Drill team, NCO Club, Speech 8- Drama, Officers club Flores Flores Flores Flores, Flores, Laurencia 210 Leticia 228 Louis 5, 130, 210 Mark138, 141,210 Rowena 163 Flynn, Ken 210 Flynn, Mike 237 Football 86-93 Gardea, Manny 220 Gardea, Ray 163 Garibay, Tony 88, 112, 211 Gasca, Norma 220 Gaston, Joan CMissD 203 Gately ,Lisa 211 Gavaldon, Becky 26, 228 Gayton, Nina 205 General Science Club 140 Gerton, Lee QMrs.j 196 Gill, Birdie 26, 62, 80, 127. 210-211 Gill, Gloria 237 Gill, Leticia 228 Gill, Margaret 41, 78, 119, 8th 84 9th Cheerleader, Baseball Sweetheart, V- Volleyball Gill, Richard 72, 228 Gonzalez, Gauthier 42, 88, 122, 129 Gonzalez, Jaime 219 Gonzalez, John 42, 132 Gonzalez, Judy 42, 164-165 Gonzalez, Laura 82, 84 Gonzalez Magda 219 Gonzalez, Maria 42, NJHS, V-Cross Country, Mex. Amer. Club, Cross Country Manager Gonzalez, Melinda 42 Gonzalez Merita 123, 219 Gonzalez Molly 211 Gonzalez Rachel 237 Gonzalez Rose 211 Gonzalez, Ruth 77, 237 Gonzalez, Sara 219 Gonzalez, Saul 42, 135, 147, 163-164, 170, 172, 176 Drum Major, Who's Haddad, Carmen QMrs.J 122 Haddad, Joey 88, 116, 211 Hadda, Marianne 138, 220 Haddad, Mary 42, 99, 144, 155 Haddad, Nancy 163, 228 Haddad, Racy 20, 26-27, 31, 42, 113, 137, 145, 147, 163, 176, 178 Choir, Student Council Program Manager, Speech 8. Drama, Who's Who, Majorette Hall, George 186-189, 190. 220 Hammond, Molly 164, 238 Hanks, Chuck 42 Hanneke, Mark CMr,J 115, 192 Hantzopulos, Nick 104, 180. 185, 220 Hardie, Tricia 82, 84, 133. 141, 156, 211-212 Harding, Mynette CMrs.j 189 Harp, Norah 42 Hart, Charles 90, 221 Hartmann, Debbie CMrs.j 121, 130, 196 Hary, Charlene 238 Hawley, Richard QMr.j 176, 202 Hecker, Arthur 43 Hecker, Toni 238 Hermann, Angie 228 Who, Stage Band, All Region 8 Area Band, SNHS Gonazlez, Sylvia 42 Goodman, Valerie 237 Graf, Richard QMr.J 196 Grnados, Eileen 237 Grnados, Louie 228 Green, Gwen fMrs.j 201 Griffin, Kina 64, 228 Griffin, Sarah 132. 139, 211 Grunberger, Pam 220 Guard, Alan 42 Guard, Celia 134, 140, 228 Guerrero, Ben 72, 228 Hermosillo Terry 43, 124- 125 Hernandez, Carlos 43 Hernandez, Cynthia 228 Hernandez, Daniel 228 Hernandez, Enrique 88, 228 Hernandez, Felipe 228 Hernandez, Freddy 70, 88, 155, 211 Hernandez, Froylan 186. 189, 221 Hernandez, Helen 238 Hernandez, Hilda 221 Hernandez, Javier 228 Hernandez, Joe 72 4 Hernandez, Jose 211 Hernandez, Leticia 43, 169 Hernandez, Lorraine 221 Hernandez, Lydia 65, 179, 238 Hernandez, Marcos 43, 163, 170 Hernandez, Martin 238 Hernandez, Patricia 238 Hernandez, Ralph 43 Hernandez, Raul 149, 221 Hernandez, Rebecca 43, 135, 164 Orchestra, NJHS, SNHS, Solo 84 Ensamble Kolasa, Kenny 221 Hernandez, Rosemary 78, 119 Hernandez, Sandy 80, 119, 134, 221 Hernandez, Sylvia 99 Hernandez, Tony 186, 228 Hernandez, Victor 90, 221 Herrera, Alicia 119, 140, 228 Herrera, Javier 211 Herrera, Javier 43, 95 Herrera Joe 95. 97, 228 Herrera, John 108, 113, 228 Herrera, Mary fMrs.j 200 Herrera, Matilda 211 iii lbarbo, Carlos 88, 112, 176, 212 Index 242-248 lsquierdo, Joe 70 ltuarte, Alfredo 186, 189, 221 ltuarte, Gloria 163, 174, 238 Ituarte, Martha 44, 186- 189, 191 X iii Jackson, Carl fMr.j 87 Jackson, Laura 44, 130, 135, 132, 147 Jacques, Cindy 26-27, 29, 32, 35, 44, 1135, 144- 145 All EPHS Girl, Sr. Class Pres., Sr. Class Favorite, V-Choir, SNHS Janitors 204-205 Jaramillo, Raul 163, 229 Herrera, Miguel 43, 96 Herrera , Miguel 211 Herrera, Raul 176, 211 Jarvis, 203 co, qiviry 67-69, Jaso, Elizabeth 44 Kalavala 138 Kandel, Bronia 238 Kandel, Elaine 45 Kandel, Eva 45 Kandel, Sheila 26, 221 Karam, Chuck 115, 212 Karns, Sharon CMrs.j 193 Kasner, Helene 45, 135 Kasner, Maxine 221 Kayser, John 45 Kell, Patty 180, 212 Kelsey, Cynthia 134, 229 Kelsey, Willy 163, 170, 212 Kennedy, Mike 179, 238 Kerr, Ginny 20, 26, 134, 221 Kerr, Monica 163, 176, 227 King, Henley 229 King, Jaimie 149, 212 Kinsey, Bob 112, 221 Kinsey, Jo Ann 212 Koehler, Bruce 238 Koehler, Christine 134, 164, 219, 221 Koehler, Tom 45, 115, 129, 133, 135 Kolster, John 13, 212 Korn, Kenny QMr.j 201 Korpalski, Delia 238 Krause, Mary 155 Kupfer, Abie Jack 136, 140, 229, 232 Kupfer, Debby Rene 45, 130, 136, 180 FHA, Spur Staff, FTA President, Art Honor, Honor Roll Kupfer, Sammy P. 163, 229 Lopez, Lopez, Esther 45, 186, 189 Fernie 45, 113, 129 Lopez, Frank 126, 137, 212 Lopez, Javier 70, 104, 221 Lopez, Jerry 70 Lopez, Juan 229 Lopez, Robert 126, 238 Lopez, Roger 186, 229 Lopez, Rosa 77, 81, 179, 238 Lopez, Ruben 72, 227, 229 Lopez, Sandra 212 Lopez, Sergio 238, 109 Lopez Virginia 221 Lovelady, Frances 46, 82, 89, 135, 141, 147 JNHS, SNHS VP, Who's Who, Varsity Tennis team captain, 8. Sweetheart, Varsity Band Lovelady, Steve 83-4, 212 Loya, Jose 238 Lozano , Frank 46, 125 Lozano, Luis 108, 229 Lozano, Martha 212 Lozano, Mickey 238 Lozano, Sandra 221 Lozano, Susana 221 Luckett, Dale 238 Luevano, Letty 64, 229 212 Luna, Patty 176, 222 Hicks, Dennis 43 Hidalgo, Juan 186, 189, 228 Hinojos, Kimberly 221 Hinojosa, Aida 221 Hinojosa, Gabe 70, 90, 95, 221 Hinojosa, Gina 123 Hinojosa, Mike 95, 97, 108. 228 Hinson, Liz 212 Hinton, Wendy 238 Hirsch, Elaine 138, 221 Hirsch, Judith 221 Hirsch, Kathy 228 Hocking, Bill 176 Hoffman, Carl 44 Jaurequi, Carolina 128, 212 Jett, Debbie 136, 140, 229 Jimarez, Evangelina 212 Jimenez, Fernie 90, 221 Jimenez, Saul 238 Jimenez, Yolanda 229 Johnson, Burton qMr.j 135, 194 Johnson, Jenna 134, 163, 229 Johnson, Monito 238 Johnson, Saul 169, 212 Johnson, Thomas 229 Johnston, Elvia 205 Jones, Clara QMrs.5 204 Joosten, Vicki 238 Jordon, Jackie 134, 185, Holguin, Becky 99, 219, 22 Holguin, Elva 44 Holguin, Danny 212 Holguin, Jesus 115, 228 Holguin, Tammy123, 212 Holland, Gil 44, 135, SNHS D.E., Select Honor Roll, Who's Who, B-Basketball 221, 223 Jordon, Linda 24, 26, 44, 61, 121 V-Cheerleader, JNHS, Senator, Volleyball, S.F. Princess Jordon, Mary H. 205 Jordon, Victor 164 Jordon, Vivian 44, 169 Jorjorian, Leon 97, 229 iii! Landeros, Rigoberto 96, 221 Latin Club 133 Lauritzen, Cina 169, 212 Lawrence, Alex 98, 229 Lawrence, Russell CMr.j 200 Leal, Alex 45, 176, 178 Leon, George CMU 165, 167, 201 Lepe, Gustavo 212 Lepe, Sandy 132 Lepe, Victor 174 Lerner, K.C. 26, 137, 141, 143, 212 Lettermans Club 129 Levy, Carolyn 45, 133, 135 Levy, Teresa 132, 153, 221 Licano, Mario 186, 189 Luevano, Ray 46 Luevano, Sergio 221 Luevano, Sylvia 212 Lujan, Edward 73, 109, 238 Lujan, Isabel 221 Lujan, Tony 238 Lujan, Vangis QMrs.j 194 Lumbreros, Patricia 126, Luthro, Shirlyn 238 Luttrell, Tina 186, 189, 229 Lyman, Tommie 239 Lyons, Craig 83, 212 INXS!! Macias, Enedina 125 Macias, Felix 229 Macias, Herlinda 46, 78, 125 V-basketball, Major Sports, OEA, B-basketball Capt Macias, Lupe 46 Macias, Monica 140, 229 Macias, Norma 222 Macias 189, , Patricia 166, 186, 230 Junior Holland, Sonia 149, 221 Holland, Maurice fMr.j 203 Holmes, Cathy 228 Homecoming 14-15 Horn, Gaye 238 Howell, Dean 122 Hoy, Steve 83-84, 212 Huerta Blanca 221 Huerta, Carlos 228 Huerta, Diana 166, 238 Huerta, Isabel 228 Huerta, Letty 77, 81, 111, 238 Huerta, Patsy 110, 229 Huerta, Ricardo 44 Huerta, Rosa Maria 221 Huerta, Salvador 221 Huerta, Velma 238 Hunter, Mario 238 Hyslop, Rafael 238 Journalism Dept. 180-185 Juarez, Elizabeth 23, 44, 49, 141, 186, 189, 191 Juarez, Juarez, Juarez, Junior George 229 Irma QMrs.j 204 Irma 229 Class 206-215 OEA 126-127 Licon, David 26, 115, 212 Licon, Patricia 134, 221 Licon, Rudy CMr.j 202, 104 Limas, Thomas 238 Lloyd, Craig 221 Lloyd, Donald 45, 186, 188, 189, 190, 191 ROTC P an Kaim, Iris 45, 130, 144, 147, 176, NJHS, Art Honor, Speech 8 Drama, A-Choir, French Club Pres. Battalion Commander, Drill Team Commander, Officers Club VP, Creative Arts Mag. Editor, Optimist Look, Tammy 45, 110, 116, Macias, Rebecca 239 Macias, Robert 46 Macias, Virginia 230 Maddux, Brian 26, 141, 149, 164-165, 212 Madrigals 178 Maes, Roberta 222 Magdalena, Sergio 230 Mager, Otto 230 Majorettes 172 Makhoul, Susan 230 Maldonado, Aaron 108, 230 122 Lopez, Atanacio 212 Lopez Beatrice CMrs.J 189 Lopez 201 Lopez Lopez Betty 1Mrs.p 136, Daniel 45 Eddie 90, 221 Maldonado, Albert 95, 97, 230 Maldonado, Raymundo 70, 122, 222 Maldonado, Rene 72, 230 Malone, Danny 27-28, 135, 147 Malooly, Kathy 31, 46, 115 Swim Team, Honor Roll Malloy, Paul 149, 212 Mandock, Kelly 212 Marcee Rodne 31 , Y Marcus Len 230 Mares, ,1 19, 134, 222 Mares, Luis 73, 239 Mendoza, Neomi 137, 223 Mendoza, Sammy 72, 230 Meneses, Rudy 186, 189, 230 Merworth, Lauren 133, 176, 230 Military Court 22-23 Millard, Liz 149 McGurk, Ruben 87 Mares, Patricia 46, 141 Marin, Elena 212 Marin, Francisco Javier 222 Marin, Gracie 230 Marin, Luz Estella 179, 239 Marin, Marco 239 Marquez, Ismael 239 Marquez, Javier 67, 69, 104, 130, 212 Marquez, Mando 116 Marquez, Pat 230 Marquez, Rene 239 Marrufo, Jesus 239 Martell, Chuy 109, 239 Martin, Carrie 46, 125 Miller, Susan 110, 119, 223 Milllron, Rosie 47, 132 Minjarez, Jerry 239 Molina, Anthony 239 Molina, Dolores 64, 230 Molina, Lupe 205 Molina, Oscar 73, 239 Molina, Rudy 96, 104, 133, 213 Molina, Tony 213 Molinar, Albert 213 Molinar, Elena 205 Molinar, Marcos 122, 223 Martinez, Ana Rosa 222 Martinez, Camilo 88, 112, 212 Martinez, Danny 109, 174, 239 Martinez, Eddie 143 Martinez, Ernesto 239 Martinez, Felipe 73, 239 Martinez, Irene 46, 125 Martinez, Juan 230 136 Martinez, Leticia 222 Martinez, Lilly 143 Martinez, Monica 130, 222 Martinez, Peter 90, 212 Martinez, Rebecca 239 Martinez, Rosario 222 Martinez, Sergio 230 Martinez, Sylvia 163, 230 Martinez, Tury 230 Maser, Cynthia 46, 124-125 Maser, Elizabeth 62, 98, 123, 137, 212 Maser, Maria Alma 46, 169 Maser, Otto 115 Maser, Sylvia 222 Mata, Juanita 239 Matamores, David 239 Matamoros, Javier 47, 122, 163, 170 A-Band, Stage Band, House of Reps. Matthews, Stanley 47, 88 Maturino, Alma 179, 239 Maxwell, Tommy 239 Medical Science Club 141 Medina, Isidro 222 Molinar, Pearl 14, 63, 80, 119, 219, 223 Molinar, Ricardo 239 Molinar, Sylvia 174, 180, 185, 213 Monarez, Yosie 223 Monje, Danny 223 Monreal, Alfonso 239 Montelango, Josephina 223 Montes, LaLa 239 Montes, Otilia 47, 163, 170 V-Band, Stage Band, Band Librarian, Mex. Amer. Club Montoya, Anabel 47 Montoya, Cruz 81, 239 Montoya, Sergio 5, 47, 83- 84, 129 Moore, Joe Maj. 186 Moorehead, Kenneth QMr.J 196 Mora, Connie 239 Mora, Fernie 112, 213 Murillo, Emily 213 Murillo, Lupe 80, 119, 231 Murillo, Pat 231 Murquia, Teresita 174, 213 Murphy, Geraldine CMrs.J 201 McAlmon, Ann 99, 139, 212 McCullough, Allison 138, 212 McCullough, Kim 119, 230- 231 Mclntyre, Kris 128, 136, 230-232 Mclntyre, Shirlene CMrs.j 196 McKillip, Danny CMr.5 200, 104 McKinney, Erin 84, 138, 149, 222 McKinney, Shawn 47, 83, 135, 147, 138 Honor Society, Select Scholar, V-Tennis, Who's Who, .French Club McNickle, Margaret 212 McNiell, Lisa 134, 179, 239 Ochoa, Marcos 48 Ochoa, Tony 159 O'Connor, Colleen 130, 138, 141, 213 OEA 124-127 0'hara, Kim 213 Olivares, Maria Elena 231 Olivares, Romelia 48, 124, 135 SNHS, VOE Reward Area Finalist Olivarez, Luze 239 Olivas, Ernie 130, 231 Olivas, Herberto 187. 231 Olivas, Jesse 221 Olivas, Jesus 231 Olivas, Joe 205 Olivas, Manuel 213 Ontiveros, Carlos 213 Ontiveros, Charlie 122 Ontiveros, Oscar 48, 83 Opening Section 1-9 Orchestra 164-167 Orchisis 139 Orndorff, Mitchell 223 Orona, Enrique fMr.J 72, 88, 197 Orona, Oscar 231 Orona, Robert 70, 223 Orozco, Connie 239 Orozco, Ernie 73, 108, 238 Ortega Lorena 239 N555 Nance Jean fMrs.J 197 Nanez, Jose Luis 223 Nanez, Margaret 47, 55 Nanez, Olivia 166, 239 Nanez, Robert 239 Nanez, Sylvia 174, 239 Natale Gina 136, 231 Natale, Rozzanna 47, 130, Art Honor, FTA Pres. Ortega, Martha 239 Ortega, Stella 140, 219, 223 Ortiz, Anabel 223 Ortiz, Griselda 223 Ortiz, Lorraine 179, 239 Ortiz, Lupe 239 Ortiz, Mark 148, 185, 223 Ortiz, Mike 136, 174, 236, 239 Ortiz, Rosa 48, 124, 125 Ortiz, Sylvia 27, 48, 113, 144, 163, 180 Majorette, 230 Pastra Medrano, Arturo 112, 222 Medrano, Lupe 65, 239 Medrano, Veronica 222 Meeham, Kim 47, Mejia, Gloria 110, 230, 234 Melendez, Alma 239 Melendez, Belen 47, 169 Melchor, Javier 109, 239 Melgar, Louie 212 Melgar, Mario 212 Menchaca, Diane 213 Menchaca, Maya 77, 111, Morales, Carmen 223 Morales, Jesus 223 Morales, Lilla 223 Morales, Lourdes 128, 213 Morales, Lupe 47, 163 V- Band, Stage Band, Mex. Amer. Club, Maj. Sports Club Morales, Margie 227, 230 Morales, Pedro 72, 230 Morales, Rosa 223 Moreau, Ralph CMaj.-Sargj 186, 196 Moreno, Angel 230 Moreno, Eddie 186 Moreno, Henry 67, 122, 213 Moreno, Manuel 47, 88 Moreno, Ricardo 230 Moreno Terri 230 Morgon, Gladry 122 Morrill, Lisa 65, 239 Morton, Cody 140, 164, 8. Treas., VOE, OEA, Who's Who National News 252-253 Navarrete, Elena 237 Navarro, Jenny 77, 111, 185 Navarro, Laura 223 Neder, Yvonne 140, 231 Neill, Denise 134, 231 Neill, Kyle 47, 163, 170 Honor Society, V-Band Pres., ESAA, Orchestra, Stage Band Nesom, Yolanda CMrs.D 144, 159, 194 Nevarez, Robert 26, 34, 35, 47, 133, 144, 156, 147 Nicholson, Richard 97, 108, 231 Nickey, Steve 239 Nieto, Ray 122, 186, 189, 213 NJHS 134 Norman, Cecilia 213 Student Council Prog. Manager, NJHS, Spur Staff, Band Ortiz, Tricia 163, 174, 239 I' an Pabon, Julio 187, 223 Padilla, Licha 205 Padilla, Lourdes 179, 239 Panne Panne I, Keith 134, 231 I, William 186 Paredes, Gina 223 Paredes, Gina 163, 170 Parra, Chris 223 Parra, Leticia 231 Pastrana, Art 48 V- Basketball Mg., French Club, Tatler Editor na, Linda 163, 236, Moss, Henry 88, 213 Most Beautiful 20-21 Motes, Joe 185, 213 Moya, Sergio 239 Moya, Yolanda 223 Muela, Arthur 31 Muela, Becky 116, 185, 223 Mueller, Ted 230 Norman, Patsy 94-95, 110, 119, 231, 234 North, Carolyn 197 Nunez, Gilbert 231 Nungaray, George 213 239 Menchaca, Nancy 149, 164, 222 Mendez, Denise 123, 136, 140, 138, 222 Mendez, Sonia 136, 138, 141, 213 Mendoza, Daniel CMr.j 77, 81, 193 Mendoza, Eddie 90, 116, 213 Mendoza, Gladys 64, 140, 230 Mendoza, Isabel 159 Mendoza, Luis 222 Mendoza, Mary 205 Munoz, Alberta 223 Munoz, Antonio 166, 239 Munoz, Frank 231 Munoz, Hector QMr.D 2, 88, 108, 201 Munoz, Margarita 239 Murillo, Becky 185, 213 Murillo, Bertha 47, 78, 119 555 Oalcala, John 213 O'Brien, Jamie 140, 231 Ochoa, Bart 213 Ochoa,Lettie 63,99,123,223 239 Patterson, Bonnie 231 Patterson, Sylvia 163, 223 Patton, Shanon 213 Payan, Yolanda 223 Payen, Norma 163, 213 Pearson, Robert 223 Pedroza, Bernadette 48, 121, 125 Pedroza, Mark 179, 239 Pena, Gloria QMrs.j 203 Pena, Jesus 231 Pena, Richard 95, 104, 129 223 Pena, Rosa 123, 231 Pena, Tony 174, 239 Quian, Daniel 240 Quinones, Armando 49, 159 Quintana, Charles 232 Quintana, Gregorie 240 Quintana, Jesus Manuel 49, 136, FTA, ROTC, Latin Club Quintana, Patricia 174, 232 I' Reyes, Nellie 205 Reyna, Zita 137, 224 Reynolds, Jerry 132, 136, 140, 186, 232 Reza, Ruben 83, 176, 214 Rice, Shirley QMrs.D 189 Ridley, 203 Judy 4lVlrs.j 196, Rios, Mary Alice 232 Rivas, Rebecca 240 Rivera Amy 115, 148, 224 Rivera Bill 232 Rivera Carlos 214 Rivera Concha 205 Romero, Eddie 186, 214 Romero, Jose 90, 224 Romero, Lourdes 232 Romero, Santiago fMr.j 193 Romero, Virginia 77, 240 Romo, Lilly 50, 123, NJHS, Girls Chorus, Who's Who Romo, Michael 72, 232 Ronquillo, Charles 67-69, 176, 178, 155 Rosales, Anna 240 Rosales, Guadalupe 232 Rosales, lnocencio 186 Rosales, Robert 224 - Polen, T,-ack, Peralta, Albert 163, 174, 223 Perea, Robert 163, 174, 224 Perez, Ana 119, 140, 231 Perez, Araceli 48, 124 Perez, Arturo 186, 189, 213 Perez, Carlos 48, 130 Perez, Gilbert 88, 104, 129, 163, 170, 174, 231 Perez, Gracie 48 Perez, Hugo 232 Perez, Jose Luis 140, 166, 239 Perez, Martha 77, 174, 239 Perez, Mike 174, 239, 108 Perez, Richard 239, 108 Perez, Robert 70,90,96,213 Perez, Rosie 23, 119, 169, 186, 189, 191,213 Perez, Ruben 48, 88, 122, 129 Perez, Suzie 136, 232 Perez, Zenaida 213 Pimental, Ana 48, 144 Pinon, Nicolasa 77, 81, 111, 240 Pitchford, Trisha 27, 132, 137, 206, 213 Plaza, Andrea 20, 26, 49, 61, 145, 147, 180 Spring Fiesta Princess, Who's Who, Spur Editor, Cheerleader, Student Advisory Com. Frances CMrs.j 204 Ramirez, 191, 2 iii Bertha 186-189. 13 Ramirez, Cecilia 49, 132 Ramirez, Eddie 186 Ramirez, George 174, 240 Ramirez, Joe 164 Ramirez, Jose 164, 213 Ramirez, Juan 240 Ramirez, Lolly 98, 232 Ramirez, Lourdes 80, 224 Ramirez Luis 88,112,214 Ramirez, Luz 23, 49, 164- 165, 186-189, 191 Ramirez, Manuela 240 Ramirez, Martha 214 Ramirez, Martha 49 Ramirez, Mary 49, 130 Ramirez, Miguel 224 Ramirez, Paul Band, OEA, First Place Art Rivera, Cruz 224 Rosas, Able 232 Pollard, Anita 174, 185, 213 Pollard, Mary 224 Ponce Lourdes 49, 141 Ponce, Sergio 186, 189, 213 Pope, Amy 115, 213 Pope, Barbara 164, 123, Competition Ramirez, Pedro 49 Ramirez, Rafael 240 Ramirez, Rebecca 49, 137, 178, 176 Ramirez, Sally 224 Ramirez, Sylvia 111, 77, 240 Ramirez, Terry 163, 224 Rivera, Deanna 50, 99, 139, 144, 155 A-Choir, Orchesis, Most Beautiful, FTA District Sec., Teen Involvement Rivera, Julie 110, 119, 214 Rivera, Luis 179, 240 Rivera, Monica 26, 99, 134, 224 Rivera, Rudy 163, 186, 212 Robberts, Mary Ellen QMrs.J 139 Robberts, Melanie 14, 50, 135, 163, 172, 176 Spring Fiesta Queen, Most Beautiful, Drum Major, SNHS, V-Band Robinette, Fred 240 Robles, Charles 163, 174, 232 Rocha, Letty 224 Rocha, Pablo 232 Rocha, Salvador 186, 224 Roderick, Evan 224 Rodrey, Lofttes 70 Rodriguez, Aizza 166, 240 Rosas, George 232, 108 Rosas, Luis 50, 67 Rosas, Mario 73, 240 Rosas, Rene 163, 170, 214 Rosas, Ricky 109, 163, 240 Rosas, Robbie 83-84, 232 Rosen, Donna 50, 135, 145, 147 Who's Who, SNHS, Select Honor Roll Rosen, Robbie 214 Rosen, Sheila 134, 232 Rosenbaum, James Jerry 51 ROTC 186-191 Rowe, lris QMrs.J 202 Ruano, Manuel 232 Rubinstein, George fMr.j 201 Rubio, David 186, 232 Ruiz, Ben 214 Ruiz, Ernie 224 Rodriguez, Arnulfo 224 Rodriguez ,Arturo 88, 214 Ruiz, Guillermo CMr.j 70, 197 Ruiz, La ura 232 Ruiz, Maria 224 Ruiz, Tony 214 Ruiz, Vanessa 99, 139, 214 Rodriguez, David QMr.D 194 Rodriguez, Ernie 145, 50, Salazar 224 Porras, Blanca 240 Porras, Norma 186, 189, 224 Porras, Ramon 49, 52, 88, 129 Portillo, Arturo 88, 122, 213 Portillo, Ernesto 49 Portillo, Leticia 232 Portillo, Lorena 232 Portillo, Luis 163, 240-241 Portillo, Norma 224 Powell, Barbara QMrs.j 132- 3,156-157, 192 Prats, J1mmy 163, 240 Prats, Mary 232 Prendergast, Lisa 224 Prieto, Carmen CMrs.j 204 Provencio, Laura 133, 176, 178, 213 Provencio, Steven 224 Provencio, Sylvia CMissJ 202 Ramos, Arturo 240 Ramos, Beatrice 65, 166, 240 Ramos, Carlos 232 Ramos, Leticia 224 Ramos, Liz 163 Ramos, Manuel 186, 232 Ramos, Mary 232 Ramos, Rafael 240 Ramos, Roberto 224 Ramos, Terry 186, 189, 224 Rangel, Nick 83-84, 214 Rangel, Rosa QMrs.j 193 Rangel Sergio 224 Rambiin, David 210, 214 Ratliff, Roberta CMrs.j 192 Raudry, Raudry, Guillermo 240 Lucia 123, 224 Raunam, Kathy 128, 232 163, 170 V-Band, Teen Involvement, Stage Band Orchestra, Sr. Yell Leader Y' x iii Rodriguez, George 90, 232 Rodriguez, Jesus 70 Rodriguez, Joe 214 Rodriguez, John 163, 224 Rodriguez, Jorge 224 Rodriguez, Leonor 174, 232 Rodriguez, Libby 240 Rodriguez, Lourdes 140, 232 Rodriguez, Lupe 80, 119, 214 Rodriguez, Lydia 214 Rodriguez, Margo 214 Rodriguez, aquel 137, 185, 206,214 Rodriguez, Rosalinda 232 Rogers, lsha 82, 138, 180, Saavedra, Bobby 179, 240 Saavedra, Melinda 123, 128, 176 Saenz, Martin 232, 108 Saenz, Richard 240 Sais, Rudy 233 Salas, E ddie 205 Salazar, Adalberto 232 Salazar, Alma 153, 232 Salazar, Salazar, Antonio 51, 88 Benny 90, 224 Salazar, Bobby 72, 95, 97, 234 Salazar, Estofana 123, 224 Salazar, Florencio 73, 240 Salazar, Frank 232, 108 Helen 14, 163, Provencio, Teeni 116, 220- 221, 224 Provencio, Teresa 213 Provencio, Victor 224, 108 Puentes, Victor 240 Puga, Austin 95, 52, 129, 104 Pusey, Carlos 108, 97 Pusey, Debi 132, 137, 176, 185, 213 5 5 S Quezada,Teresa111,166,240 Rausch, Margaret fMrs.j 192 Rayas, Mike 49, 124-125 Reason, Cindy 240 Reason, Karen 214 Reason, Robert 232 Rejon, Rebeca 232 Resendez, Sylvia CMrs.j 189 Retana, Daniel 232, 108 Retana, Jose 214 Reya, Sabrina 224 214 Rojas, Arturo 97, 108, 235 Rojas, Becky 214 Rojas, Emma CMissj 140, 202 Rojas, Fernando 73, 224 174, 232 Salazar, Martha 240 Salcido, Andy 204-205 Salcido, Becky 119, 128, Reyes, Angie 214 Reyes, Arturo 50, 88 Reyes, Charlotte 111, 240 Reyes, Jesus 113, 232 Reyes, Manuel 205 Reyes, Maria 23, 50, 125, 186, 189, 191 Reyes, Marina 50 Rojas, Fernie 240 Rojas, George 240 Rojas, Jose 224 Rojas, Luis 115 Rojas, Maby 50, 169 Rojas, Marie 232 Rojas, Nora 137, 140, 176, 232 Rojas, Terri 232 Toman, Belinda 163, 224 Roman, Richard 163, 232 Romero, Bertha 127, 214 Romero, Bruno 70, 224 130, 137, 214 Salcido, Eva 64, 232 Salcido, Ida 232 Salcido, Irene 134, 224 Salcido, Letty 214 Salcido, Mando 233 Salcido, Patricia 130, 158. 223-224 Salcido, Rosemary 134, 233 Salcido, Veronica 163, 225 Saldana, Jesus 96, 214 Salmeren, Richard 214 Samarripa, Felipe 170 Sanchez, Carmen 225 Sanchez, David 51, 170, 176, 178 Stage Band, All Stage Choir, Madrigals Sanchez, Gustavo 104, 225 Sanchez, Jesus 225 Sanchez, Jose 233 Sanchez, Lela 63, 119, 225 Sanchez, Lorenza 240 Sanchez, Mayela 233 Sanchez, Robert 95 Sanchez Rosario 51 sandi, iviarisa 225 Sandoval, Rogelio 241 Bobby 5, 52, 135 Talama Sandoval, Socorro 153, 233 Sanez, Leticia 214 Sannieguel, Sergio 214 Sigales, Laura 81, 111, 238, 241 Sigales, Elizabeth 225 Silva, Delia 163, 174, 233 Siva, Enrique 233 Siva, Gilbert 241 Silva, Irene 136, 180, 207, 215 Silva, Raul 241 Silva, Rick 115 Simon, J,R. CMr.b 193 Simone, Lorie 52, 98, 136, Scanlon, Santiago, Simona 205 Sarellan, Valentin 214 Sarellana, Saucedo, Lucy 111, 241 Beto 116, 210 Saucedo, Carlos 95, 97, 233 Saucedo, Isidro 233 Saucedo, Marcella 19, 20, 26, 98, 140, 219, 225 Saucedo, Rudy 51 Saucedo, Sandra 19, 20, 123, 132, 137,206,214 Scanlon, Mary 132, 138, 141, 212, 214 Mike 51, 135, 147 231 Siqueros, Paul 109, 241 Slater, Lynn 148, 215 Smith, Smith Danny 115, 233 Smith: James qivirq 189 Smith, Smith, Laura 139,215 Miles 52, 135 1 i Q S Tabor, Brad 233 Tabor, Pam 128, 225 Tafoya, Araceli 111, 166, 241 Tafoya, Arturo 215 Tafoya, Eva 225 Tafoya, Norma 52 Tafoya, Tony 163, 233 ntes, Cruz 205 5 8 5 Valdez, Carmen 53, 189 Valdez, Cathy 82, 233 Valdez, Esther 241 Valdez, Marisa 233 Valdez, Martha 186,189,225 Valdez, Victor 163 Valdiviez, Bobby 95, 215 Valdiviez, Leticia 110, 119, 134, 233 Valenzuela, Laura 95, 215 Talamantes, Joe 90, 158, 225 Talamantes, Rene 241 Tarango, Juan 229, 233 Tarin, Danny 90, 112, 225 Tarin, Delia 80, 119, 225 V-Football Manager, V- Wrestling Manager, Scholastic Letterman, Student Council Treas., Citizenship award Schenck, James 4Mr.j 192 Schillenger, Ken 186, 189, 190, 214 Schmidt, Bill 225 Schmulback, James CMr.j 90, 116, 197 Schwartz, John 241 Schwartz, Laurie 82, 214 Schwarzbach, Becky 13, 134, 241 Schwarzbach, Jim 51, 180, 254 V-Tennis, Head Photographer, Spur Editor Scott, Claudia 99, 139, 214 Scott, Dolores 225 Scott, Laura 82, 84, 214 Seal, Brett 233 Segovian, Ricardo 88, 104, 214 Segura, JoAnn 225 Segura, Tony 214 Senior Class 30-55 Senior OEA 124-125 Serracino, Janet CMissj 169, 192 Serrano, Carolina 225 Serrano, Susie 163, 214 Servin, Eddie 225 Sevire, Laurie 123 Seyffert, Dolph 176, 178, 215, ILILI Shadrich, Druary 163, 174, 233 Shaheen, Gus 73, 241 Shaheen, Mary 136, 215 Shipley, Christine 130, 137, 215 Shipley, Debbie 179, 241 Showery, Becky 13, 185, 232-3 Sidransky, Judith 51, 126- 127 Sierra, Jesse 90, 113, 225 Sierra, Martha 77 Sifuentes, Pablo 113, 233 Sifuentes, Raul 88, 64, 129, 220-221, 225 Smith, Sidney CMr.J 197 SNHS 135 Sobrino, Arthur 67, 215 Soccor 117 Social Studies 152-153 Solis, Sylvia 52 Solomon, Helene CMrs.J 157 Solorzano, Carman 95, 119. 110 Solorzano, Gilbert 95, 97, 108 Solorzano, Margarita 95, 119, 215, 110 Solorzano, Maria 52 Somers, Elias 233 Somers, Mary Helen 241 Sommers, Lisa 123 Sommerville, Sherri 140, 233 Sotelo 241 Sotelo Sotelo, Herman 109, 163, Jose 241 Martha 80, 215 Soto, Fernando 186-187 Soto, Irma 52, 124, 186- 189, 191 Tarin, Tarin, Tarin, Tatler Eddie 241 Estella 119, 158 Irene 78, 119 Staff 182-185 Tavera, Rene 52 Teen Involvement 144 Tennis 82-84 Thompson, Lynn 49, 52, 138, 185 Thompson, Skipper 90, 225 Title Page 1 Tobar, Marta 225 Torres, Cecilia 163, 241 Torres, Cuate 241 Torres, David 140, 233 Torres, Diana 163, 225 Torres, Gustavo 70, 225 Torres, Ignacio 52, 158 Torres, Jose 163, 241 Torres, Luis 233 Torres, Manuel 174, 186- 187 Torres, Oscar 53, 67, 129 Torres, Rachell 233 Torres, Rudy 88, 215 Torres, Sylvia 163, 174, 227, 233 Valle, Fernando 186, 233 Vandertulip, Richard 137, 176, 178, 215 Vargas, Gloria 26, 140, 174, 234 Vargas, Irene 50-51, 128 Vargas, Mary Lou 53, 99, 128, 176 Vargas, Teresa 53 Vasquez, Beatrice 234 Vasquez, Ernesto 53, 129, 137 Vasquez, Fernando 53 Vasquez Terry 80, 113, 119. 176 Vasquez, Willie QMr.J 58, 86- 88. Veck, Vega, Vega Vega: Velar d 129, 202 William 186-187, 96 Elsa 205 Enrique 72, 234 Frances 234 e, Hilberto 234 Velasco, Maria Elena 159 Soto, Patsy 134, 225 Soto, Tony 52, 55, 88 Spade, Jackie 77 Spade, Mary 233 Speech 81 Drama 137 Spirit Page 58-59 Sports 56-119 Spring Flesta 16-19 Spur Staff 180-183 Stage Band 170-171 Stanley, Sue 134, 164, 241 Stapleton, Gloria 225 Stapleton, Susan 52, 110, 119, 185 Stearns, Carmen CMrs.J 196 Steinmann, William CMr.J 192 Stockmeyer, Karl 215 Strauss, Kim 134, 148, 185, 225 Stubblefield, Carmen 137, 225 Stubblefield, Ronald 122, 149, 215 Student Advisary 144 Student Government 24-27 STUDENT LIFE 10-29 Stulce, Hazel fMrs.J 189 Students Who Leave School 144-145 Swafford, Cheryl 215 Swafford, Terri 231, 233 Swimming 114-115 Swisher, John CMr.b 88 Tovar, Gilbert 83, 163, 215 Tovar, Herbert 225 Tovar, Karen 14, 19, 24, 26-27, 53, 99, 144, 163 Tovar, Nora 53, 133, 135, 141, 143, 149 Tovar, Toby CMr.j 197 Track 104-111 Tran, LeThu 233 Trends 12-13 Trillo, Bertha 174, 180, 215 Truijillo, Maria 241 Trotter, Idonna 204-205 Truman, Angela 53 Tugnon, Martha 225 Turner, Joe 225 Tyson, Grady CMr.J 204-205 U... Uecker, Alan 109, 163, 241 Uecker, Sherri 27, 53, 135, 147, 176, 178 Who's Who, Honor Society, Madrigals, Choir, Teen Involvement Underclassmen 192-241 Unzueta, Rosalinda 127 Uribe, Elsa 169, 215 Velasquez, Gerardo 109,241 Velez, Bernie 153, 234 Venegas, Johnny 241 Venegas, Laurie 14, 20, 62, 163, 206, 215 Venegas, Victor 97, 234,108 Veytia, Carlos 24, 26, 27, 180, 215 Veytia, George 31, 38, 53 Villanueva, Mario 215 Vilardell, Chuck 187, 189, 190-191, 215 Vilardell, Suzie 46, 53, 137 Villa, Nancy 5, 13, 53, 130 Villa, Nora 98, 130, 234 Villalobos, Alfredo 225 Villalobos, lsela 53 Villalobos, Patricia 225 Villalobos, Salvador 241 Vollalobos, Yoli 53, 124- 125, 180 Soul Staff, Tatler Staff, OEA Historian, Select Scholar, Optimist Villalva, Hector 53 Villalva, Herman 225 Villalva, Ricky 54, 132, 169, FTA Treas., Cross- Country, D.E., French Club, B-Track Villanueva, Laura 225 Villanueva, Palmira 225 Villareal, Andres 109, 163, 174, 241 Vallareal, Javier 54 Villareal, Jorge 54, 88, 129, 133 Villareal, Lettie 24, 26-27, 54, 61, 130, 147, 144, 163-164 V- Band, Art Honor, V-Cheerleader, Spring Fiesta Princess, Who's Who Vocational 160-161 Volleyball 78-81 QW ll at . . . Wade, Jimmy 11, 83, 225, Wade - Zuniga 249 X7 2 , gl' li C NK QQ 0 J we M5 fy W3i?e2ieid,Heien176 Mglf If , f t Wallace, Judi 130, 137-138. 180, 215 y by WF In 2, yr be 5 Wmmfg D f X ff U Weaver, Troy 241 Welch, Ronny 54, 125 Werthmann, Virginia 215 Whitaker, JM. 145, 251 White, Carrie 82, 84, 215 White, Tim 54 Whittingham, Gary 225 Who's Who 146-147 Wiener, .lackie'82, 133, 215 Williams, Chuck 54, 132, 137-138 Kalevala, Superior Playwriting, Speech 8- Drama, Sound of Music Cast, French Play Cast Williams, David 234 Williams, Paul 70, 148, 176, 225 Wilson, Doug 234 Wilson, Particia 241 Windgate, Helen 130, 225 Winningham, Becky 130.234 Wofford, Don QMr.J 141,193 Wood, Harris 186, 234 Yanez, Arcelia 54, 125 Yanez, Cathy 241 Yanez, Luis 235 Ybarra, Corina 54, 121, 130 Ybarra, Esperanza 235 Ybarra, Joe 205 Yoshizawa, Chiemi 38, 54, 130, Sr. Senator, Art Honor, Royal Visitor, Foreign Exchange Student from Japan T 1558 Zacour, Paul 54, 88 Zamarripa, Cesar 109, 241 Zamarripa, Felipe 163 Zamarripa, Irene 163, 235 Zamarripa, Juan 235 Zamora, Letty 235 Zamora, Lupe 55, 169 Zamudio, Irma 235 Q Zarazua, Elsa 110, 215 Zargoza, Eustalia 98, 235 Zarzazua, Nick 205 Zarzosa, Arturo 241 Zarzosa, Concha 55, 99 Zavala, Carmen 186 Zavala, Robert 215 Zimmerman, Lee 207, 215 Zotz, Cindy 115, 235 Zoufn, Kamron 215 Zubiate, Elizabeth 55, 135, 144, 164 A-Orchestra, Teen Involvement, Honor Society, Sr. Science Seminar, Scholastic Letter Jacket Award Zuniga Tina 20,163 232,235 Zuniga, Terry 55, 99, 139, 144, 180 Jr. Class Yell Leader, Orchesis, Spur Staff, Teen Involvement. 4 if .D n J MQ Cfa y .7 C1056 Q 67 i . . j4q,QfVl 53 566 7L'0'7f3 2' Q we fm 1 X Z ' . . wth aff? 6, M Z7 f 'X 7L!l!'L'7 ff 71 X f ZLQKVL . as 5 if Q 7LfO474fC 32,155 0 f Z'?C7f'Cf ptfffff . f f . Logan 676 !f l -S ff 3 6663 Q1 Lag 6? X 0 PH? gi Cr 1 f 1 C me 7 ft ewif ow Q5 Q13 76574121 I .JL I 6 LCV! ft ff C169 A . Q4 K4 f fe 7 fig A Q 175767 my 57 6, XX? 1 ,N - S new 7 I 7 f 74 zMZ7 X27 ffl A 194 . V , KR AIQA7! i K, CXXKQ . 60046 OM 7 Kb gf? W6 . ,. , Ci C!! Wffamgf f 1 QLZZVWQQ New 'f ff 250 Auditorium ecJP. Ic1 ucliforium . N - x ii: Wx- iz: sl P: my ,, ' I I " 'isggifr .gfugjfgg - .- . Ziff f-, Q X. MX , x L, 1- ' W , , 11.:is1xmsg3s1sw 1 ,f w an 1 , Q , :Q .16 P A ' . 4"X,,.,k '- 'x Nm. ' . 1 H N-. . , . , A 1 ff ., 3 I Nm -. 5 NN ' r ' ' 9 9 1, , . 1--M. 3 . . W3 4, .KA ,, ' l,?""'- -3'F'?1 .. 1,3 . ' "-ff, Wg- fri' M Q V K- V+ A Q"-...,, 1,5 . '- ,Nj 7' F be s ace i f-A L , , 1 252:55 4 t ms., S . wtf ff ' .1 fxaslffiif , .ig -.rem swf . V . i l ,.,.t -- i Q . , ,-, lb' l l l I . i i l i 4 i l r l l l - o A 'M W ti? .,. V 2 , . K 1 W' may .W X- -5 ., 7 I. l 5 S A . 7 S., 'U nz . 1. , ,. . 5 X M X 'S- 2 After nine months of work, our auditorium was rejuvenated, giv- ing it a clean, fresh and modern look. Renovation started April 18, 1977 when the doors were closed and the whole auditorium was gutted. The interior was enhanced by re- placing the old wooden chairs with new molded plastic ones. This means no more splinters. A foyer was added and the stage was extended 14 feet in a fan shape. The floors of the audito- rium and foyer are tiled and the aisles carpeted in red. The walls were repainted a pale yellow and an acoustic material covers the old interior window area. New curtains were installed on the stage and the brass railing on the balcony was polished bright. Behind the scenes, new lighting, air-Eanditioning and sound sys- tems were installed. Boys' and girls' dressing rooms with lighted Auditorium mirrors, showers, sink and lava- tories were built on the floor be- low the stage. A prop room was also added. The whole project cost a little over S600,000, ln comparison, the renovation cost S100,000 more than it did to build the en- tire school in 1906. 1237 people can be accommo- dated in the new auditorium which will be the center for per- forming arts staged by schools in the El Paso Independent School District and other organizations. Superintendent J.M. Whitaker of the El Paso Public Schools stated that for the longest time he has had a dream of a theatre for the performing arts for all the schools to share and enjoy. He couldn't have chosen a more beautiful building in which to make his 'dream a reality. i'?v,khYMA Nqqit 6N"""'--., My """k't'--1. at NiZU'l'll0N. BIIMBSIIQYER me LEVEEDM1 "Q 221' iii? C0L'?WFNTER f Ikccfmt gb Q Q n rm g,1SjP35'1g'1sI0RERff' FITI-94 - r a 'O"SS152'1f25'5 fgqgfges' .JFS .Iliff fiiii AL KAN PIPB2,LINE'N':'-ATI: MQno cl q lEd l3.I S0625 liquid protue 'ISLITIQIRLII lrux s ID DALLAS cow W IIISNDIISF QUMQUQCS Freddy Prinze WQN'L1?"Ii'!liiE?KEGSmfmholg2H STAR WIAFIZSGR UCHQUA 'ffggf GUNS SHQW., gsm 1-SDHMIEGQ pQhAea1e41xx'ss1fwawf2?EZe21Q11f53PE15hSe W J N SUN QF SAM ABQRTIQISE I'lbllIWlIh0Il 01 mul ihn-illm BQIQG E, SCs3m1mm m i5f TMTTFiTSYIf61Ql:X ll:DQ E I1 I QP D I Ml IN .l0LUI5UcaJw I.5I.HCiJI3Ill3WlUNlEMIDIL'U llIE Ql59Ia tri J 331043 RM U JMIANK :E E mwwunmmm nufmwgrwgfuuw LW!! mg ggpgg E??QRE5f'iPffiAPg,5glz1g1zQ.3 PQLICIY ESHIQEGE QD mms Yhllysj gflgggcglg 25 W Cbkbrsv NQIQMHXN 15511 SLJXN EES :FIRST LAIEJYVISITS 5.12. P ' Wcmmgnf ftnii UIBAIZU BRA: C0085 SEAT TILE ycvunng IDI AMIN IDADA 'SJ Z Ewunilwlc-Qzvcaafs 4 H SVG Slofm 5'f'W'PSST'Awlf',i"'EE5'fKTHT 91IlLHLfl5 'QCALIFORNIA DRGUGHT IIEBAC GAMMONBI NG Clacbsh Y QQJ SEWWFRAMPTQNMMWAMW g33 TTJlHllN EL gg Gm. Q d 4.5 sfQP zmmlwunmllmu M11 iEwmlk!N'Le9JSW! E5 932251, .. 254 Editors Page HAH Co-Editors: Emily Blaugrund Jim Schwarzbach Student Life: Andrea Plaza, Editor Sylvia Ortiz Terry Zuniga Sports: lsha Rogers Patty Kell Clubs: Nora Braun Irene Silva Academics: Adele Burrows Classifications: Yoli Villalobos Judi Wallace Index: Debby Kupfer Photographers: Ralph Chavez Doug Garcia We had a general idea of what we were getting into, but never imagined putting in an average of 2200 hours, starting from March '77 through March '78, All the weekends, staying after school til midnight, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays was worth the ulti- mate reward, what we be- - VCU lieve to be the best year- book El Paso High has ever seen. We owe alot of people thanks. Most of all our advi- sor, Mr. Hector Castelo. He was a tremendous help in every way. His lack of knowledge in the beginning was soon replenished. His high spirits and jokes kept everyone going as the hours grew long. From Jostens American Yearbook Co., our thanks go out to our representative Mike Higgins, plant consul- tant Howard Youngberg, and plant artist Steve Stiffler. We would certainly be amiss if we did not thank the ad- ministration and faculty, es- pecially when it was time for retake after retake. Last but not least: James Watts, C8lW Color Lab t Don Bailey, Popular Photo Studio Erik's Restaurant Granada Royale Hometel Belen Femmatt Raquel Rodriguez Editors C LCDIDG 1978 EI Paso High School SPUR: This is the 62nd consecutive Spur published. 800 spring-delivery copies were ordered from Jostens-American Yearbook Company, Box 795, Topeka Kansas, 66601. The book contains 256 pages using the offset- litho printing process. Base color was black on dull 199 80 lb. paper. For the first time in three years, the staff pasted-up the pages themselves, our first paste-up from Jostens. The cover was a custom screen, red-orange 365, on a black 535 styleiine material. The design was thought of by the co-editors and submitted to the plant artist for modification, suggestions, and reproduction. The endsheets are black 180 lb. burnt-orange 297. Copy throughout the book was News Gothic, 4311. Body copy was 10 pt., caption copy was 8 pt., tab- folios were 18 pt., and headlines were 30 pt. All decorative headline were 36 pt. Chartpak lettering hand set by staff members. Copy in the opening and closing sections was 12 pt. unjustified right. Type for the cover, Title Page and Division Pages was Formatt 'Minnett Mystique' hand set by the co-editors. This year's color was Portrait Panal', a color program offered by Jostens for groups and clubs: opening section color was 'Pro-16', a program that offered one full signiture, 16 consecutive pages, of color. All portraits were taken by Popular Photographic Studios. Page 255 This year we dedicate our yearbook to human l d. t. 256 perserverance - that C-od-given inner strength that s e 'Ca 'On allows us to face adversity and experience defeat, only to persist with more determination. Q lt is this same strength that helps us endure hardships and disappointments, death, and destruction. Hs fire tempers steel, so too does misfortune strengthen our character. Human perserverance has made it possible for us to do more than endure - it has possible for us to evolve. "fb Maj of I OJ Xfxcfb QNX, j:P X C Yxbo X 1 YW Klww' Gf .f movq! NV dfddf Y Y-pp Au cf Yi I XX' Q " qv ppwm WPW' X .D 4 9' Wf ox WO' we ff? fx .MX Wa 0 4' Ag, 6 co gf C1 Jr 5 lf! ,:?91 P6 5 Ofb ?7 Q73 31 O6 ff cf 5 X ,NNY 'VNV 0 af :ff jo? 630 XF fx fi Kidd' Qqfbgl bl J: ' Oper' , D ' X' gf 'fa f W QM -af .Q D Qc, 542 Qf' af W V559 E JW W XWMXM4 My 1 'yum Nfuf' J X Qxxrfgf jj 8 0 0090 if 0 5jWXn54fYWVXQ M" -2 'W wfwvlffy WKNWXUV M WYfJvWwX NNODJ , 5, X! BX f iff J ow MGA! L .Uh X059 oX0"N'iNoy,Qy6Q553 XP 9' f 'i buff! T X . wx 5,,e-'WVDXP Q5 L 0HpWWMWw ASZYAX 7735065 4 L-bxfgw X6 Dk-jur-A O 0-OL 6 WL MK ,XX fjff C SJW Q44 MOA, Na Ji Q, 5 C' 7 '. deff yy xp of? bi Q 1 0' 19 kd fx 9 ,?kfRgQffSf Efi4 ?Kff bi?Wi:gSP S A W NQXEW Rf yyygvimgffg fQ3f5'isf7Tif9ff'I wwf Jfff wifi? pfs1v W 3 in 5 QWMXMM5 .fbg M? Q' M5 N My Dfw QW Q' 556 Ji 4215? fifwgfsvifi fjgfilf Eff Ny ae? w,sGf5,axf G ES gwguwggvyiwffvifwywogggoggw- Qyggwkc Q QV ' Viv? RMK M fm Wbggyf iwkf gig? 9332 Sgjbl MvYj,,,Qf'Wyi W ffswffxff iiifwfyysg ,Sf 53299 RMS, . - M . . M M y l,J"f"-CLK 1jffJbLCJf0'f' rvqlf , ' Tyuba.-R1AL,a4.oL.4l.0,,m'uvG..AAd1lMl M2C'fWf-AO-fwfo-gbvwvfw ,mul 9,,,,p,-wf.u.Q-1a.nvww-vbxow-A wo-UQLAEPW , -E014-1 p,,,k,0.,,.1,rM.oNa1L-Jwf fQMHwo-My-wwUJ01SwMM e.-,0.Qu4ecad-mJQ.U-twfx won 'IWW Wu'-'wU'h Aww mywmxkluuqww wi thai ax wwfffqovw o6.,1ww.. 0.wA,..A:.L.WANa. pubi- wvnxo-M"Mo.wax.A 7AYNi5Gwvxd Avi-A-Qfkgtor b-Qj.J.gJQl,rx 'KW Lkpnwq QwNdVYmAd6J,gk50NMK3g,Qpngba4LaLpgu4u4uyJfuxwQUwLCndLZ5DLN RV'-A wb C111-vw.v. Tm... Lying-UQK beak 2,140 f0'L1Ll lju-50,0 , Wm my dwnnbfl D f.7x,N.A.nJs W H'VMQ+"xLvxfYL,,.,1 Uv pq- L Uucsxua, A 0q'LL'-"-"'3A:2Uuka.L.h. AML 1? l4rw+k K0 bsffku- fl, -Y-Ck-Ax, fu. Wunlk l-JAA A. ri Q L g K-'ML po IN-4-vvvlrki 4 n..U 0 uyt g QU-X,-J 43199 wk? xp'-'..VL-if A4466-U0d,O.,.-J Jjiy'-7? 'KL x 'l 'ffxf C5'u'Tv'..L x 'V I 1 u I . 5 xc 5 I-l I , , - Mkt . " , n ' 1 I f ' I . . J , E h 2 5 8 s , , . . ' ' l I ,I 1 4-I ' A . ' Q . A I, ,Q 5 m kj 'Lk L, L,lXklX-'K .J .AL r-dl-all-.4 I if ' Y C . xx, . K ,, I -V v-AL3 . . .uit-dx , .ix A kyhtl lt -f K I 1 'L K GJ. - ,wwf v- QIJ ' if . V v ' 1 4- . ,, . .wk hcl .Jai his-,I-1 r, .1 QL.. ' V vff' Q NV- ' nl '. 7 1 fl I, 1 - PX ,L L-- 5 1-5 .W ' w, .411-H H+ A v ' , , h - i V A . 4,4-, K 1 xx . ' 'l' yy: . L,.Y,L 1.1.6-.ul.l'x,,l yylquuf. l l,A1f 4 1 1 .1 . I! f 1 '93-L, ' kx'k,"!X all 4,,,Q -, VL 'A J.-I . l H ' P, 1 1' A : . - r 4- vt A, . . , ,gift-il KJ J lkff. , v- A- .1 . .1 K it ' H " 'i Uf H. K fg xv,+.r-- 1" I . K X " n Q: 4 9 h Vg t ,, . A ' VL . " . NM' ' KJ -., L.-1' ' ' L-L5 -"ffl U, , Cl .S .JI Cx,g,.g,f, kJY,,rLA In 5- :, 1 .V f :fx 'K A . ' N , . . A , ', , I - f I - C' , , , .' ,L -,, .s,.J .1 s, n WL. ' X' I v ,Lx k..l.,"YNf4' LS 12144, - EL' ,XA rskil L.: t HN1- t Al, - srl s.-L in 4 ...gk ., , - , 3 5 , ,wel 5 f v V rub? iixllv' -f Lx- ,.,ij'w"- J ly-.-an n, cy1,AYL.n G! 4,1 'fy-g Afllfdv nav! +L.. . ' fr ,' ', r f ' A M .. f-,. ,L"' 5.-'NG' LL,.,,J'1-, Vfx, ,. .. , g f , L' p 1 'X r All . , cj HJAX i U Y 1 A i ' ' 0 5 ' ' ful '- W N A -:AJ 7, l J4 , f I f 4 . . .V ' L, A fy !, J I. 4 glam X .x Q W iq' f X. . A I, X' lwwil , 1 gb, C V V H ' V Y J' k' ' ' 1' D A . R ' L '. 2 . LJ 1 X 1' UV 1 A P, . 1 ' 7 ' A . - f. f K Y ' 1j-- Lf C,i1fji1.. 4, 73-'.1.f.j' f .. I ' - A 3 1 J 'LAL 1 C-343 315' if If 1 'I If N 'Q UU'

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