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J ff 1 Bells are hh momorzes, they have a way 0 echomg long ajier they have souna'eaf" gvgfv' DA V7 S , fbi! . KX ' 'ff' Wy J" nw 0 ' 'ff I haf 1,-A Du fb ff x I U ,f ' ,f if W ,ef 'W ' - y lf' y ' N i Y! 'rhy 1915! 1 r fx If 'K 'll li ff Xxx 2 ' K3 I , KV' Q11 X L+ VD, A 114. " J V V 1 ,, f if My 3 ff V," 'I ' ,,,. ' V, , U 'VL Y V 1 Ny!! JI, xx 04 ff I J y A, In 'J XIV A ,- X fy W ,I V 'P 'AV I! fir W AV h 'KM I , f vi X fl! KX 1 -7 ff ' J .-lf f yi v lf, U M 1, . ,gf I , L hh lik fl V! I L7 y4,.,f jeg L ,f Mg fl vt. Lf ,f f X A H174 xiii ,I ' ,X W I7 If Y U 'Y .,' Y 'lk -N WJ f X ffl ' ,-fc! af" ji ' ' X XL ' ,ff fm' 6 ff Ive V . i - 2 f f f fy " f' .W iw . ' e ' 1 1 - V X ffhf fe' A V-N' e ,J U 1' y 1 1 'N 'x 1 Q Y 'fl I' f' ' x ' V 4 AW f 1' 1 ff 1 X, . I Q 1 r Eg f N I if' 1 If 1, 'Xt . A Y ,LV F. ' XV Z al TT y ' -A X 1 x' 1 f , if ' - -a .A ly 1 . ff . ' T ' ' f My V I4 I XL, I Q ,I JJ Tin Ax V, -1,2 v K w Y '7 'Q H 'l x . I ff l X ,W Xi X . ,fi J X xy L ye , , , A X y he e f , X . q e f ,z ,V J ,. ' 1 ,411 6 X All I 'U ,Q ' 'X 'L D K ', 4 , , -I ,- f f fi af ,L N if gk -h , J- 'Q ' 1 l ax I ,AI Li, I I i . ' I 4 I 3 W ' K I fx . ' 'X' Y ' 5' 'F' ' 1 kj' P i ' " ' . ' , ' I -X 5 V ' U J fx 9 X 1 I XF Y 'I ' Q1 ' V xl h A Bw ef, A K A A ' , ' V f , - y h . . , lx X L in ' Q A , Xi? -fe - rf I l l e f X T I f L - 'X nn ir 1 ' nil' ' X' .3 .fl , W ' - ,Aiilu Tv , Lx. L12 r U ff' ' V Q ah gl' Qiyhn,-1 :N D L f 1.x ,Lu 'X P1 1 A . . g 1 N 1: .f gl-,n I lj I' V O' v 1 My jg - I' 1 . sf VX 4. - ' I I 4 1 I V I. . I I w 1 Llf'4'j' '1 in . Y -rl, MAL' 1 ,JI ' I I ff! C 104, RM X1 1' Q fx , ff"z:'4f" ' XX J R ' Z x "' I' inf' xx . 'L gy - W I ' X dl ll L ' Q If ll! X J mv fx f ' , f f I ' Pl f li f, . ' I L - . - " lf X L f 1 Z ily f' ' ,e f' L RIA, 1 r I 1 I - V16 fly? 'V Xml, ,V f . I '1 , lffm L- Mp- if , I X iff! ,gqlizl z, - 1 , X 34 A fiigjf 'AlI'n, f I fl! f fesemwq SVG QX -ae 9 Seven 93999 'Ye 'A X966 Y' Y 0 kg' X 9g 13 9 FIIREWURD Our world of merriment, study, and memories will in- deed reverberate throughout the pages of this, our almual, and through the halls of El Paso High School. There are echoes of joy like the jingling of sleigh bells, reverberations of study awakened by the pealing of the school bell, and reflections of memories, rekindled in our minds and hearts, chiming sadness and regret or gaiety and happiness. Never- theless, in the following pages will be seen a record of the jingling, tolling, and chiming of the bells during the rever- berations of our past school year. 2 f I, .1 nrt' ., avg! . A. ? A Mfr,-Wm. ,,.,4,,4...,,., , I f - -k ' -, .W . " 'x .w" .A' - - a- -' 'i'w.sf.- '1'gif:'1:1A - 1 ' Tl' 31.555 X . t 1. F lwkvyff 34 V,-L ,f-v,d55w, . t.,,,ira,-xfim I .UE . a 'M ' ' - - . ' 1 . I 0' ary- . ,,4.,...- 'iii .18 , Q ., 'ffiiiwy' - if 'fn QQ, ,, w V. , A 'QW V , , it V ' . 7 " X,-wif' Af' 7 sf w gf ', f f ei' , 212. f V5 P, ,iv W, .4 Q I , 3 4. 523, ' W Q 4 " "1 ' f uf 2 . 1 , 5 'H ' ff .' f ' frfvff, I ww. nb 4" . -A :A ,,. M A , ,555-gi ,Vw . I A, f, Y ., H b IQ, 3 ,..4,,l,??Q--3,, 4? Gqkwgw ,V el 'wi -5 -'es , . -1 'W1:,':,.5- . . 'gm f, f ' --5 . . Lf- VY? V ,W VA ,, QI., ' 11,29 V , . 931333 ,, .55 J H K T7 Q, x it ,bv in :kk t. , Ei , h M . Ax mfg, . f '- -f 'fm-. 2 A' Qwgxvf 'F' . 2 TABLE 0F CON'l'EN'l'S Presentation Foreword Dedication Faculty Publications Activities Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Junior High Sports Student Government Features Music R. 0. T. C. Clubs P. T. A. Awards P. T. A. Officers Thanks Ads v ' , To Mr. John E. Hardy, who combines wisdom with a sense of humor, and who gives unselfishly of himself to make our school the best one anywhere, we affectionately dedicate the 1955 Spur. 5 FACULTY The metallic ringing of the school hand bell aroused a sense of responsibility in the children of pioneer settlers. The solmd provided a challenge to all youth to surpass the feats of their forefathers and to go forward seeking the key of enlightenment. The pealing of this bell was indicative of the strength upon which a greater America was to stand, and was a symbol of the wisdom and courage that has dom- inated the teaching force of our mighty land. Our faculty serves as an inspiration to our student body and always exerts its influence for the betterment of all. S Q . ,fy Q x x 1 1 "' 1 's ,f . iz Y x NW' Q ,F 'X f' MR JOHN HARD! Prmcxpal of El Paso High School 8 CITY SCHOOL BOARD SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS EL PASO, TEXAS DR. MORTIMER BROWN Seated left to rlght E D Medrano Dr Ralph Homan Ted Andress Allen R Gramblmg C M Irvm Mlss De E Shelton Secretary to Dr Brown Dr Morhmer Brown M L I-Iutchms Mrs T P Clendenm J F Hulse 9 mm! , . . . , . y , . , . . , V . - . , . , . y - - , 1 . . , a 1 o ADMIN ISTRATIIIW MR LLOXD SALNDERS Counselor MRS Hl' I EN BX RNES Student Adusor ' 1 I I ' 1 Hr slit' ' w I I' r,4!,1,, 'vi' MR JOHN H ESTES Asslstant Principal MRS KATHRYN GOODLOE MRS ROSE BELLE NICHOLS Registrar Secretan to Pnnclpal 'NRS EY ELXN NICHOLS Attendance Clerk Am nddnu Helpf r HRS Rl TH W ll Bl RN Busmc ss Age nt 10 VIRS BXRDII' Pll' RCL VIISS FRANCES BOWLBS English WR-S SINE!-FINE CALI LR! -lournallsm KISS GENL! A Gl IDER Lzbnrmn VIISS ANNIE L H-KRPLR bun R5 sxum I Spanish yGAl-LS msg UA: Klivl. YAACK 'Use WARM ER Englm' 'Tl H L N ""' Rumi 'UB HRS CAROL HOW1 L Llbr-an Clerk SS Ll CIA P HI TCHINS Speech UAGE A cultnated mmd ls the guardian genhm of democracy WIRABEAI. B LAMAR Some nf the members of the 1955 Spur Stl!! are looking lt least years umlnl to get some good ideas 11 ,Jig MRS. VIRGINIA ANN HAYNILS rznglsn MR. ELLIS KENIIALL Enguxn HRS BI ANIME YI kl' NNID1 kssnsunt Lnbrnrmn 'KIKS HARRIVI I I RNLR Spewrh und I' nghsh 'HKS I IAIYIS HONTIAJHIRX GUAGE So nlgh ls grandeur us our duet So nur nn God to man W'hPn Duh whispers low TIIOI HI 91' The youth replles I CAV RALPH W EMERSON All ls not work with the E.P ILS teachers. A few ure shown here ll their lunch shift. I' nglnh -4... :ans 'I tyfl-sa' 107- W wdmv- ull B N HKS NEST' xi IFN ff' rs 12 QI ull" uh 119 spin. ,vw- wang Klyx, 'llc T 50112 MCG I IRL SLE, sm. P uk 01, 4091 rw- 1,05 KISS -lI'.SYI.E STIWSON English and Reading MISS HARJORIE THOMPSON lnghsh HRS NOR! B WARD Lnghsh MR CLIFFORD H BIATIHLEI -IR Science URS L01 ISE GRAW! I Scnrnrs LA UAGE SCIE CE ABT Sum up at mght what thou hut done by day GEORLE HERBLRT Hr Blnlchlq In shomng hrs Phuws Il clue an experiment on series :nd parallel clrcuha 13 HRS ADLLAIDF ADAMS K ommernal T031 B-iRRl'I'I'l' C ommerfml KISS Y INIAN JOHNSON Commercial MISS HILUX JO! C I' Dmtnbutne Educ-Anon URS lill A Nirw-ITH K umm: renal HRA lI'll'STlNE B MOONLX CIIMMEBCI L DUSTBI Ns-wr la-axe that ull tomorrow which you mn do today BENJAMIN FRANKLIN I ommvrclal Mr Tomkms Woodwork begmnors are karmng to assemble small prroyvcts 14 c WDW v- 5 w.,wW"e LL w 1 N N I 1 101 ,X w xx W ,jx v. . 1 ' 9 155 X K hY55r'I::x vxliqillf- si ' nan' yhff 'N QM x GQ" 'fl Y , W wg R-S 151.12431 T Mxlhemukx 5 9' MRS, EILEEN BLAKE Humemnking MILS. LEYA GODDARD Homemlking MRS. MAYRINE ALDRICH Mathfmntim MISS RILBEKAH COP!-'IN Mnthrmndm MR, A. B. CORl'M Hllhemllici use AQELIAI mm-OOD 1 Whthemnum MATHEMATICS Knowledge is of two kinds we knows suhyect our selsrf or we know who-rr we can find information about It "Iss A "m,,,,lmfLLy Nytk SAMLLL JOHNSON Mr Comm is explaining A theorem in Plane Geometry II about tangent md eeeaab. I at Low 's 15 NILSS JENNX AR5lNTRONf Phwunl Bduotkrn MISS MINNIE B I ITSCH Phguml Edu:-ation KRS KAR! ALLLN lnlelenn Held PIIYSIC L DUCATIGN .. .,,..... hunt.. yesterday somewhere between 'sunrise and sunset two golden hours each se! with sixty dm mond mlnutn No rf-und is offered lor they are gone lorex er IIOKACI' 'HANN Mus Gutsrh and her modern Dulce Class Nuna- NIR WINSTUN I' ARQI PAR Tenniu 16 K4 RN V' xx ix 1: nw, N 2 'WED- .1 AC "A,-,non Yu, sl' 1 msimyuu 1FRgfJ3'UmA,xi0" HW ,1,,,5v-J R 1 5 Tluf A or IR G E0 F P0 Hula, H,qy 'IR RUBI' RT P IINDSIX Il lhslun MISS I I5 IAN Will H-llzl Histurw SGT, YICIOR NICHOLS R.0.'I.l'. MR. HARRY S. BROWN Hislnry MR. STEPHEN L. Hfll RIGAN Hismry BOT lhstnry as ths- P bxogrnphnes -1 hplcal Scene ln 'Hrs Foddard s ndxan I 'l'0Bl uw-nw ol mnumvrablv THOVIAQ QARI il L oe-d loodn 4-Inc llfx I 564, 1, a'N1. , MR, ROBERT BOOTH g Music MR. -I. EDWTIN -IUNIF Music MRS. JEAN FHANDLER SANDRIKK Arts xnd Craft- MR. JAMIE R. YVILLIAMS Munir USIC HRS DONNA B-INNISIER Nurs!!! 'HRS 0IlXl' HXTKHIII f I Bookmom I uslmllnn .lfil Some ul th? membw-1 ol In Sandrovk Q C rafis chu arv hnng vnamcl pm-n m kiln The soul nl mum- slumbvrs m the Shell Tlll unkrd and kmdlfd ln lhr maulvrs spell And leelmg he-arts lnurh thzm but rightly pour -1 thousand melodies unhu-ard bllurv NANII l'I R01 PILS Wh!! s thls' Thou ur the chlldrrn ln thr nunuerx which is under thn- dlrorttun ul Mrs Buxnlnu-r 4. 1 'Q'- 18 .4 :aiu Thur bun se-fm In he gnmg Mr Isle-s l llllle lroublr ln the iltrndunmv Ulhrf ...J CAFETERIA STAFF And step by step since time began, I see the steady gain of man. W'hlttier The lunch line as seen by the cafeteria staff MRS KARL ALLEIN Cafeteria Head ,rm Row 1 Concha Ramirez Dolly Walker Marg L Bullard Mana Cordova Rosa Garcia Row 2 Lmeha Fragosa Rose Kemp Bea Conn Vera Dnllon Annie Huhn Snmona Buchberg l-unlce Patterson l-speranza Jacque: Claudia Genson Mrs Karl Al en Jose Ybhrrl 19 T, ' 3 M' , '1 X -s 1 'I ' K ' ,, 4 1 tv 5 X I ' . l 'M 1 .tx MAINTENANCE STAFF f'oX The lundest man The best condutnoned and unu earxed spxrlt In domg courtesles Shakespeare MR JOHN EMERSON Bulldlng Engineer Mr L C McCRORY Bight Watchman 4,41-LL 9 Row 1 Jose Holguin Domingo Neria John Emerson Enrique Licon Row 9 Carlos Huereca Jesus Ortlz Jose H. Paua Carlos lrlgoyen Lucille Jones Bernice Gray 20 V A ,4 ll 3 , . . A 5 LV ' N zz: 1 - -' ' v' , Q , v if 91. , Q 3 Z 1-'M 5 N, 1" .. 1 . 1 A 4- . ' ,A ' ' k"'9X X 5 . '-'Y V u - X ' F T f ,, , ' ', s A-,-Q 0 an , A l- .J 5' I f' 1 .1 Y l I5 ., . 1, g f 1 .1 ' Q v : , . Av ' ' . 'NZ - 1 E . 1 1 J 1 i ,I ' 1 1 nw BEE f Spur Huw MBS SUNSHINE CALLERY Spur and Tatler Sponsor PUBLICATIONS MARGIE CRAWFORD Tatler Editor 21 PA SHUI' TSY LAT Editor . . lx um R1-dx um 4 . I V x V, , 0 V ILN x-. .. -....x.....o-.W ! - "V H K fx DAVID THORMAN Art Editor MARGIE CRAWFORD Features and Music RUTHIE GILLETT CARLOS ORNELAS Clubs Clubs WILBUR KOHNLE SANDRA CRAWFORD Features and Music BERT WAREIN G Sports and R O T C Sports and R.0 T C MICKEY SCHWARTZ JANE HOLMBEBG SANDRA ROBBINS Head Photographer Faculty 22 VICTOR BERROTERAN Photographer sv 1 Ads PHILLINE HELLER Seniors BILLIJO SEXTON Seniors MARY DIAZ Juniors JOLIE BURT Juniors JIIH FLACK ds MARTHA LOU FLORENCE Sophomores MARGARET DROUTSAS DONNA LEWIS Sophomores Freshmen DONNA DEAN SMITH Freshmen X . 1 , DEANNA BELLMAN Junior High 'Ar 28 V Ru., MARY MARGARET KEY NANCY LATHAM Junior High Junior High BUTHIE MORAN Ads NAJATTE HALOW Ads JOTEEN SEGALL Ads fl .', 'p HENRY JUBADO Ads ,A-.25 re 1? BERT SEMPLE Ads ELVIA FIIEBBO Ads is Ja Q 1 'Q f M Q ff' mf 17n::,5i:v-ZXVA if Au M ,ww 3 'X M X ww A Mivgf a JUAN STOCKMEYER Ads 24 ESTHER LYNCH 5 , 5 wg- f . V W, J. 'J :ph ymfff , X ADELA MURILLO Ads OLGA MOR LES Ads ' xx ,g , X ? X R- 1 Q , ' 4 ERNEST GUINN LESTER LIEBERMAN Ads Ads n F RAN KIE GOLD Page 1 Editor-F all ffkafi' ' ' ,Q .Q V s 1 :fi Ni BERT SEMPLE Editorial writer IRMA VIJIL Co-Editor Page 3-Fall LEOPOLDO BARRIENTOS Page 4 Editor-Fall ff? ESPERAN ZA SAN CHEZ Circulation Manager . 'X me . ,xi .x xv' 5- , ' f.... 1 4, . . x . , xg.-N "' wav. n xi -v' . ' N V0 ""':-"' T ' 1' 'N V' .1 -. , ,ri nf' l, - . 4 mf' 1 E Pug , ,.,k.,'+. Q ' f,,J.. . -9 31.1 . . L Y , ,. q+:,,y-1 1 i......'u sm.-...iw 3 Q nm. si... ' ,, ' lil----1--A Y--r 'M ' m yn, ,',,,,,,,,, 1 Mfwr- mmm... - Lin-lui ' n-.1-.M ' ' haul- umufwx 5 TATLER STAFF JIM FLACK Business Manager-Spring 25 PEGGY ABRAHAM Page 2 Editor-Fall 49531- TOMMY TAYLOR Business Manager-Fall ' 5 'fy fj 5 P A P ls? Vi, K SYLVIA REYES Co-Editor Page 3-Fall HUMBERTO BRIONES Page 4 Editor-Spring ANGJE BEYES ARCELIA ALVA C0-Editor Page 3-Spring Girls Sp0l'tS Edit0l'1Spl'illg TATLER STAFF ,T df nga . ,wr K ' ' 'H' Ax N f .x vumkrf- "',,.f"i 'f"""' vwm V ' 1 X , 1, J" -mfg I-k""fx L , fans,-,.g1, ' -W-' 1z.o.'r.c. Editor-spring DAVE Copy Reader-Spring ns L! s ELENA LANDA Society Editor-Spring SMITH Page 1 Editor-Spring 26 SHARON SKIDMOBE Page 8 Co-Editor-Spring rx TERESA MoLmAn Writer Page 1-Fall N WORTH SCHEBMERHOBN Writer Page 4-Spring MARY HELEN DIAZ Writer Page 3-Spring JUAN STOCKMEYER Business Manager-Spring TATLER STAFF LUZ GARCIA Co-Editor Page 1-Spring 27 ACTIVITIES Bells have a Way of expressing the moods of people in everyday life. They tell a story of happy people, discontent- ed people, laughing people, and on and on, until there un- folds a picture which depicts the activities and environment of high school students. Not unlike the firebell are the acti- vities of El Paso High School. Always hustling, bustling, full of energy, they depict an unequalled form of well rounded amusements. 28 A Vt. I I ' 0 f , lf 5 5 0 ,A s I ,S 6 Q o ' 5 - fx. 55 -H .sh xx 4 U i I px 9 ,.. 5' if in 0 s- Ug 7 as Nl .Q-.Tx Q Us 2 Q' Q O ,.-43' Q ff 1-1 .g . .gi i 2 Ed Sherman ex offxcxo con gratulates Dolph Hatfield upon being mstalled as Student Body President for the fall term 81- 8 'Z g1..,'jjw1 e 1 a 0 fall Iasggfhezigll 0 sg 'gb 0 or 4"'ne'e'a Us otgeitb by ice a Over 1400 pictures of students were taken by Arcy Studio for the class sec- tions ln the '55 annual. nil' , wg, "gf-'15 . we-1vf'fw 22.1-ixefgc "3-af or 5:2558 bieaqs ollts' were hem ' . dye 55 D of the 9 The month of September marked the beginning of El Paso High's 38th year as one of the outstanding schools in the Southwest. The month was fill- ed with many activities and all ex- pressed hope that our excellent foot- ball team would capture the district crown. Although this hope was not fulfilled, our team carried the name of the "fighting Tigers." to new lau- rels and praises in the field of sports- manship and football ability. Ou hkhgr ' Hr 'Dr on T ulf the t dgsfrg CJ: cathegrst ran , I fl I' H1 ll our 8 the ei Er: Mg: H 'e"' "name Huff 'O af help? 'fer I On September 3 the fall student body officers were installed ln an im pressive ceremony Soon after the nu merous clubs at El Paso Hxgh were reorganlzed for the fall term Class offlcers were elected as were student council representatives The Spur and Tatler staffs were announced for the forthcoming school year Truly the 1954 school term at El Paso Hugh was off to a glittering and profxtable year Un Nsptemher I0 fnarh Terrell l urhruugh .announced thu starting lineup to thu Ntudc nt liodv at the first fuotlull assembly of the wear That eunmg H lanu Hugh defeat ed lathedral lhgh School 210 X 0 c : 5 cram? :tc 5 we 9 K5 wo C' 9 gs -95 90 Y ,X 1,90 'nov c ssonxerxxe V- 3 X catnxzg Q K. YEKVQ G59 0 20 0' X sveeipt 31 I-I Paso Bowne 22 the I-l Paso Tiger splrlt Bears 20-7 before S fans A C T Judge Fraser, associate justice of the Court of Cisil Appeals, pre- I sents his program on Crime Pre- vention to the itude-nt Council V I T I E A u, " S D 4's 8 gldph 'bus Ito I U al 317. I0 S 3:-7"4'e,iZ9 the fe,.qfs ,O Our beautiful football queen Nancy Daum and her glittering court were resented to the Student Body ln an assembly ctober 4 'Q-in 32 ls ef' ua Sang ysvthe stu BxtL1lswrsoN 'A b xi e wfucsl Wold-ville' N depth 3 September faded into October and El Paso High was in full swing with its fall 8CtlYlflt'b The glittering foot ball coronatlon was held on October ' following the student body trip to Ke rmlt, Texas The ne wly reorgan lzed ROTC batalllon looked sharp at the first R O T L parade as did the newly elected R 0 T C sponsors Dur ing October thirty sux outstanding students were elected to W ho s Who Class faworltes were chosen and El Paso Highs 'ilost Beautiful Girl was selected At a special assembly Herbert A. Philhriek, a former member of the communist Party and F. HJ. spoke to the student bodv. He told of his experiences while S A T C U T D I E ,l.': Y In S Pleq Pllfemb 'Or me Ulm, 2' R0 In 0 neu, Bongo C on o P""'Ion In a rs F Ps "Mir J 5111- SPI' Mom, fri rf-4-put? e off: l morn? 01150 '71 fa mr Cer, a H urn, are Dian' Fr Pom II ofhve shaun E31 I' ite? ing t he El Paso High students were fortu nate to hate the opportumty of hear ing an eloquent speech by Herbert Philbrick a former communist for the FB I His forceful address made the student body realize the lmpor tance of our freedom and the true meaning of democracy without fear of oppression The desire to be better citizens in the community nas instilled ln the minds and hearts of the students by Judge Fraser in his successful Crime Prevention program in El Paso Oc tober certainly was to be remembered as an outstanding period of the fall term serving for nine years as an F.B. I. agent. V N :Pix 'ff-'if o 1, e x x6 YV tv' pf ot Q 9' 0 'YV -A efvfvfiea 06 X W 6 sf g Q- 549 9 cies The annual Spur Beauty Contest was held October 19 at which time I-l Paso Highs Ylost Beautiful Girl was selected from a held ol twenty fue lou-lies Judges were Miss Bev erly lack 19a-I Yiaid of Cotton, 'bliss Margaret Jameson T H I Dean of Women and Wir Bruce Brooks of Radio Station K R 0 i 33 S T A U C D T E I V N T I T I ces -2,6 me gh' M2211 Mg 1- usages sr Z, In 'G Hr el' 1 s .I Nz, fe a ell 'G 'I r F" shined rf, "hf'eeu 'Half I9 01 3 'de 0 5 In 1 Pa s, s s P I' I9 f GQ 4' -Ya asa ' ev" 'bf eff r g 1. 'fs Fs PI' ou S:-0 Hu als ll S0 B del, "LD- At the pep assembly held before the Ys- leta game, Indian Key and Tiger Tickle argued whether I-Il Paso High or Ysleta High was going to win the game. El Paso High defeated Ysleta High 16-T. L T L October 1 was the da! for the annual school trip Oxer 2:0 students and sponsors made the trip to Kermit, Texas, to support our football team in a thrilling game ,,.4"" af a 34 "it the in ders l math? 9 3 e W' Sum: X Q mf' , N n Q :gl W u :PNIOVE to with XB Sl' h 9 Bm si mx, dlbttxct S 8 AAAA muh As the year 1954 came to a close, Senior actnitles were in full stung The Senior I-ollles were held Decem ber 3, and the Senior plav Fly -Sway Home was presentzd on December 10 In the Christmas edition of the Tatler Principal Hardy rewealed the top ten per cent bCh0l8StlC8uY of the January graduating class T H: :euClu-lshn as Eg are 'reef-""bo1,:D"It , nd I he D 'nam he bp 281119. sv A4 S A T Coach Yarborough wished the Aus- C U tin High School Panthers good luck during the joint pep assembly be tween I-Ll Paso and Austin High re- T D ceding the lil Paso-Austin footgall I E V N 0 QV 1 we eq MP6 exe ws 1 50" 09' sv, Bvwgttext xv get 011 December 8 the foods classes held their annual open house In the homemakmg depart ment 0 tree 'lrsery all lu ch, dare A high scholastic honor was be stowed on Rational Honor initiates in the 55th initiation assembly An excellent Christmas assembly was presented through the combined ef forts of the A Capella choir, the band, and the orchestra As the year came to a close, teachers and students agreed that 1901 had been a profit able as well as a memorable year n G -539 Ml fi! Q lil! 35 ' f I T 5 I E i y s 1257, ., --f hasnt' H ,, 5 X , ' o ,- W' UW- veg 'Y K-9 19 , qviotes' YK 9eAe9' 'YY ' 9 JI f d H15 ' I, U -. I ' ' ' ' 'iron semi, In the eq brat E' Paso ' h . . ' H ' .I K , E5 ' g.? 2 ' zflg' Q g , 1. . L.. , . . . . . 'X fi . ' X 7 ' I ,VX . .1 . - 2 3 F ' , Q '- R '7 'Q' ' S T U D A o V The student body officers for the spring semester were C installed in an impressive ceremony on Jan. 24. Dolph Hat- T field, outgoing president, congratulated the new president of the student body, Wilbur Kohnle. The first edition f 'El Tigre' the school magazine was a tremendous success The magazine was dedicated to a proml nent l'l Pasoan and an ex student of EP I-IS Frank Feuille author of the novel 'The Cotton Road " At the presentation ceremonies Sandra Robbins co-editor of the magazine presented Mr Feullle with a co y of "Fl Tigre ' The new student body officers for the spnn term are shown previous to the first stnden council meeting which was held Jan 31 They are Margaret Loya secretary' Vhlbur Kohnle presldent Della Haddad vlce president On the second row are Joe Halow and Sandra Rubbms Councilmen at-large and Elvla Gon :ales and Tommy Arcimega Program Man IIICPI oe Casares Fl Paso l-Ilgh's own Pddle Fisher thrilled e student body with his singing 14' 'Q V04 36 January marked the beginning of the spring semester We had come through half the year and the big activities of the second semester were yet to come Homeroom repre sentatives to the student council were elected and also class officers were chosen Twenty five varsity football boys recehed their letters at an award assembly on February The wlnners of the Go Western Day" contest held on February 8 were Mary Jane Thornton Johnny Sullivan and Liz Crumb The Go Western Day as- sembly was a tremendous success After much delibera tion the lucky winners were selected and presented with tickets to the rodeo held at the il Paso Coliseum ll An impressive brotherhood as sembly was held during Brother hood Week and the freshmen show ed us some of their talents in a tal ent assembly. The chief occupation was study- lng, but our thoughts kept turning to the outstanding event of the spring semester, the Spring Fiesta. ,W Many students of El tended the 'MW NS their team to , ff The student body and faculty enjoyed the singing of the "Tun ettes a newly organized music group at EPHS Paso High at es to cheer ,341 RW l 37 HZPHUGHUP Uiflil-'I-3'-'4"'b-BOW N' The Sports Queens were crowned nn a special assembly early in the Spring They were again presented at the Sprmg Fiesta. e F S 4 Here Queen Margie IS pictured with her small fry attendants The trambi arers are Dorothy Patrick and Jimmy Burns and the crown bearer ns Stephen Blanks The Princesses m the Fiesta were Semors who were chosen by popular vote of the student body ,f""J, 38 Each classlflcation was represented by a duchess at the Spring Fiesta X The Sprmg was filled with many and col orful actlutles Among these were the Lrowmng of the Sports Queens, the PTA Award assembly and best of all the gay he sta which took place nn the Coliseum on 'Vlarch lf' Crowds jammed the booths and the beau tlful Queen was crow ned ln one of the most colorful flestas we haxe had An assembly which was both different and humorous was one presented by the latln Club on the Ides of March in com booths at the Fiesta was the basketball booth sponsored by the Junior Historians One of the most popular N57 ZPJUGH-lm n-14'-MACD Queen Margie enters through the Eiffel Tower to be crowned at the Spring Fiesta. H Chl!-1"1l'i r' f' 'M l I Many students were enjoying the Cake Walk and the Marriage Booth at the Flesta Mr Hardy crowns Margie of the House of Crawford Queen of the Ninth Annual Spring Fiesta held on memoraticm of Latin Week Many of El Pasos well known radlo announcers par ticipated in the colorful assembly, along with members of the Latin Club Then there was the lnductlon of new members into the Semor hatlonal Honor Society The assembly was held March 22 and new members were selected by the faculty on a basls of scholarship leader ship character and service All in all the Spring of 1955 at EPHS was a busy and happy one for all March 12 l X Q,-. sg. Lauri'-L, 39 ibn Masque and Gavel forever -f Aln't low e grand Three Hands " um Legs' Y..J And baby makes three And this ls Smarty Callery Helpful Harriet " ,- The Senior Shlndlg' ge JASON ,exe hi 0X9 Mommy' Daddy' xi Is that a REAL elephantf' Z Ride em Cowboy ' Happy Lovers vfww ,Q , H , 1 X956 mme, Hatfield s if Polishing' the floor' And at the price of Whipping Cream! ., -vs Hldeawa Y Miss America's Sunbath Blde em Jimmy on Thursda Y Paleface' Wow, lt couldn't that what's he for '? 2 JP' Q arf- , Candidate for Beauty " N on the 8 'I G . ' '? 9 y - an we- ! . a f.' ,A 5 K, rn ' w J ' -.T The Duel Hello Margie .5 MAP HOT Let's yell The Seniors try to rehearse n up girl At last someone shorter Grace " What's the matter Ng. -,pf Tu ms " The morning after the night before GQ Wha hoppen " Fishing or drinking 0 Lmmm goodies Fish 0 Tree or boy' i B U V There s no escape Triplets Coach, Don't take It so hard Louise Again' See Twins A ,. - " um "AA du- - i-lg-T ' - n W QW" , " , 1 Pi - l nglli xi - Myl r. nf f- n --' T sg 'Y . av ,wr T Q Q 'V . 1 Mi. ' ' ,W , K 4 , V' D ' ' ' 1 1' T T 'F Y . .A 49 - 4 1 If n I ' I V .-- I - A , - ,J V G S :Q ,, - A , 'Mil " g tg - - 2114+ , ',: '- , L QA,-f i - - I - I' 1 y -4 g ' - ' ' . In Head. ' , r Sleepy Time guy SEN IOB The San Francisco de los Tejas bell bearing the date 1690 is regarded today as the oldest bell in Texas. It was brought to East Texas for the mission, San Francisco de los Tejas. Portions of the bell are missing, but in spite of the mutilated condition of this relic, the sight of it arouses the feeling of ecstasy and awe. So do the Seniors arouse a feeling of respect and admiration, for as the bell signifies, they have broken into the world of maturity, leaving behind the remains of adolescence. As Seniors, they have attained one of the goals of education and walk proudly on to what the future may hold. They hover over the threshold of lead- ership and willingly and courageously go forth to accept the responsibilities of mankind, forever striving for the better- ment of the world in which we live. 42 From Mission San Francisco de los Tejas, dated 1690 Courtesy Mrs Bessie Lee Fitzhugh Waco Texas IRENE ALARCON Tigerettes F.Ii.A. Student Council Bep. Library Club Senior Follies ANNA ALVA EDWARD ABRAHAM JOYCE ACREE Courtesy Girls Choir Girls Chorus Music Appreciation F.ll.A. Class Officer Niteshift Football P.T.Q'. Award B.0. .C. Projector's Club Bass Clef Courtesy Music Appreciation Cnllb PEGGY ABRAHAM Class Officer Secretary Varsity Tennis Fiesta Duchess Student Council Representative Courtesy Tatler Sta!! Senior Follies JULIA ABOl'D F.l-I.A. L NORMA ALVA F.H.A. Pan American Club Senior Follies ALICIA ALVIDBEZ F.H.A. Class Officer Here at last! VVhat a thrill! YOLANDA ARAIZA Number Sense F.T.A. A Capella Choir Senior Follies Courtesy P.E. Leader Student Council N Rep. 44 A DONALD ANDERSON Slide Rule Club R.0.T.C. RUBEN AGUAYO EMMA AI.DERllTl'I Courtesy Club F.ll.A. Senior Follies ABCELIA ALVA Ml :I s. ROBERT ALVABEZ R.0.T.C. Pan American Club Senior Follies GEORGE BAKER Slide Bule B.0.T.C. BOXANN BABBETT R.0.T.C. Sponsor T' rette nge A Capella Choir Treble Clef giusic . Y precia ion Clliib Latin Club Girl's Quartette ALBEBTO A! ALA Jr. Nat'I Honor Pan American Slide Bule 1 we JOE BASHAM D.E. Projector's Club P.T.A. Award Senior Follies SYLVIA ABMIJO F.H.A. Courtesy Club Senior Follies fb JP iii: TOMAS ABCINIEGA Student Council Varsity Football Varsity Baseball B.0.T.C. 0!ficer's Club Class Officer P 'd t resi en Niteshilt Foot ball Niteshitt Baseball MONTE ARMOR B.0,'l'.C. Sponsor Number Sense Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Treble Clei A Capella Club 0Hicer's Club Music Appreciatio Club BELIA BACA Slide Bule Science Club F.H.A. F.T.A. P.E. Leader Music Appreciation Club I 5 9 V? 1, I? ,1v':-ei x il " These are the high seniors at their Hobo Party. I ,M VV 4 JEANINE BEEVEBS Jr. Q Sr. National Honor Junior, Senior Kalevala Number Sense Masque H Gavel Councilman-atf Large Spur Editor Pan American Latin Club Class Officer P.E. Leader Who's Who Sr. Class Favorite SPIN' Co-editor Salutatorian BELL MARVIN Baseball Varsity Tennis S.A.S.C. Delegate Student Council Latin Club Slide Bule Projector's Club B.0.T.C. Sr. Follies P.T.A. Award 45 BELL CAROL Latin Club Science Club Student Council P.E. Leader Varsity Tennis Jr. Historians Sr. Kalevala Who's Who JACK BEAUCHAMP HEC TOR BABBAGAN Varsity Football Projector's Club Orchestra B.0.T.C. Senior Follies Class 0fiicer's Yell Leader Track LEOPOLDO BABBIEN TOS Varsity Football Track "E" Club P.E. Leader Senior Follies Tatler Stall' B.0.T.C. NAOMI BONNER Majorette Sr. Band B..0.T.C. P.E. Leader Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Treble Clei Music Appre- ciation Club Jr. Historians F.H.A. HUMBEBTO BBIONES B..0.T.C. Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Nlteshilt Basketball Band Class Officer Sr. Follies MARVIN BENDALIN JOHNNY BITTICKS Niteshiit Basketball Varsity Football B.0.T.C. Projectol"S Clllb Student C0l1l1Cil ,A i ff'X Student Council Bass Clef 0fficer's Club N.B.A. JAMES BIBKELO D.E. all 1 f. .3 at '43 'S 131 .-ef' " , 4 ' 1 f , DOCIE BYNUM 141 . gf 49 JEANNE BELMONT D.E., F.H.A. High Senior class officers: Hector Barragan, Yell Leader, Abelardo Rosas, Vice Presldentg Ed Sherman, President 5 Peggy Abraham, Be- porterg Jeanine Beevers, Secretary. lui ALFBEDO CAMPOS I ! WALTER CASE Kalevala Jr. 8 Sr. Nat'l Honor Soc. Masque 8 Gavel Science Club Slide Bule Student Council B.0.'l'.C. 46 A ll GEORGE BLANCO B.0.T.C. Courtesy Music Appreciation Club Pan American Sr. Follies wr . av E' ., ,Maw ,gr fx T fi ffl! O GERALD BOSWELL B.0.T.C. Slide Rule Projector's Club JAMES BUBT Student Council Latin Club Slide Bule B.0.T.C. GBADY CALHOUN F.F.A. Slide Bule , Music Appreciation Sr. Follies B.0.T.C. G EBABD CABD ILLO B.O.T.C. Latin Club National Honor Society Science Club TEBESA CHAPABBO XAVIEB CHAVEZ Sr. Band Projector's Club B..0.T.C. Band Student Council MABY ELLEN COADY Latin Club F.T.A. F.H.A. Student Council -.M ff F.H.A. Music Appreciation Sr. Follies Girls Choir L. ,lu S-Q I VU .f R 1 I9-., , Htl l LUIS COBTES Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Sr. Nat'l Honor Society Sr. Follies N.B.A. Rifle Team B.0.T.C. 0Uicer's Club Science Club Pro,iector's Club Latin Club Music Appreciati Sr. Play 'ii BENE CASTILLO B.0.'l'.C. in x AN GELIN A CASTILLO A Capella Choir F.l-LA. Treble Cle! Class Oilicer Music A preciation Sr. gollies B-Team Varsity Basketball Track B.0.'l'.C. I Student Council N ol MABGIE CBAWFOBD G Fiesta Duchess Student Body Sec. on Tatler Editor W'ho's Who B.0.T.C. Sponsor A Capella Choir P.T.A. Award Treble Clef Class Officer Spur Staff Sr. Play Well, Jeanine, what happened? MARY LOU CUELLAB N.M.A. Club Jr. National Honor F.H.A. Student Coun -M 2- ma.,- 71" ff Jr. Historians ' Library Club I'.E. Leader 17' 47 fx B SHEBRON CBUM D.E. CX .L idk. SALVADOR CASTILLO MARGARET CHAVEZ l".H.A. P.E. Leader JOE CLEVELAND Slide Bule B.0.T.C. Band Sr. Band Varsity Tennis A Capella Choir Bass Clef Science Club Sr. Follies BAMON COLON Jr. Band Sr. Band Jr. Nat'l Honor Society B.0.T.C. Band WV ,- '77 Ci 71 I, if .4 ' A , if A , v ly i-ogg IBENE COBTEZ F.H.A. P.E. Leader NANCY DAUM Football Queen R.0.T.C. Sgonsor Fiesta Duc ess F.F.A. Sweetheart Jr. Nwt'l Honor Society Student Council Rep. Jr. Kalevala Sr. Kalevsla Who's W'ho Latin Club DAVE DEYOE Varsity Tennis Projector's Club V4 l LILIA DEL HIEBRO F.H.A. F.T.A. P.l-J. Leader Qin :sg Bon DONOHLI' I-JST!-JLLA DE LA TORRI-1 F.H.A. P.l'I. Leader Music Appreciation Sr. Follies Courtesy Sr. Hi Football Sr. Follies Science Club B.0.T.C. N.R.A. Projectol"s Club VICTOR DE ANDA Class Officer Vice Pres. Sophomore Favorite Rifle Team Latin Club Sr. Band Officers Club FALL LOW SENIOR OFFICERS: Wilbur Kohnle, Pres.: Lencho Perales, Vice Pres.g Humberto Briones, Sec.g Al Yip, Yell Leader. CEZAR I-:NBIQU-:Z gm fl? B.O.T.C. , ll Art Club TONY DURAN WILLIAM lv-ILIAS F.F.A. Niteshilt Football R.O.T.C. Varsity Football Trark Projector's Club R.O.T.C. Projector's Club 48 RALPH DE LA TOBBE NAZARIO DE LAS CASAS pn- i. ISELA DURAN Music Appreciation Sr. Follies 0 MARY KAY DELANEY JIM DICUS Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Slide Rule Sr. Band Jr. Track NJ-LS. ADELAIDE EVANS ,,, . ED WARD S-fffjfsl' I, ff " ESCALANTE ME1icbAppreciation gtladgna Council u .... " l' Nnesmu Football Latin Club Nat'l Art Honor Society Sllde Rule Club HERBERT FEINBEBG Science Club Slide Rule Club Student Council Rep. B.0.T.C. Band li YOLANDA FLOBES Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Class Favorite Fiesta Duchess B.0.T.C. Sponsor Pan American Club Class Officer Tigerettes Student Council Rep. .pnn...s,.,. What's so interesting on the ceiling? You're supposed to be yelling. WAYNE FOX A Capella Choir Sr. Band R.0.T.C. Band Bass Clel Latin Club Orchestra Music Appreciation All State Orch. 49 " Manoir: Fox 41 5 99 'a+ Q 2 ix 'W -if if A fi? I if 3? W3 Q 1 2' ' fi 'H , , xgwydla ' 94' ,i M4 K' if V 7 L2 'fi ANNE FLOWERS Library Club F.H.A. Tlgerettes JULIA FINK N.M.A. Club Jr. 8 Sr Nat l Honor Soc Jr. Kalevala Sr. Kalevala Pan American Jr. Historians F.H.A. P.T.A. Award JIMMY FLACK Tatler Staff Spur Staff ERNEST GOELDNEB ALICE GONZALES Girls Choir P.E. Leader Treble Cle4 F.T.A. F.H.A. Sr. Follies MARIA GARCIA F.H.A. Sr. Band Sr. Follies ALFREDO GARCIA GLORIA GALINDO P.E. Leader Tigerettes F.H.A. Library Club LUZ GARCIA Football Duchess F.H.A. Courtesy Sr. Follies gf ' -:,,- 1 , ,Q ' 1 22 f to 9 7 K ISIIMAEL GONZALEZ if Some of the Seniors eating during the first lunch shift. Science Club Projector's Club Track B.0.T.C. JODY GOODELL Masque 8: Gavel Jr. Kalevala Who's Who Pan American Club Student Council Number Sense Slide Rule Club ALFREDO GRIFFIN Pan American Club Courtesy Sr. Follies R.0.T.C. Niteshift Football 50 lx or 1 x l D. I NANCY GERMANY Football Lady-in- Whiting R.0.T.C. Sponsor Football Duchess Fiesta Duchess Band Sweetheart F.H.A. Sr. Follies Rand P.E. Leader Girls Trio .9 Q -, 4 3 I, .,., 4- 3 ROBERT GRAJ EDA O FBANKIE GOLD Spur Staff Tatler Stall Number Sense Slide Rule Club S.A.S.C. Delegate Sr. Follies Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Courtesy Safety Council Delegate Magazine Sta!! IBENE GONZALES F.lI.A. P.E. Leader N.M.A. Club Jr. Historians Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Number Sense Courtesy Club Sr. Nat'l Honor Jr. Band P.T.A. Award Sr. Band MANUEL GONZALEZ Science Club B.0.T.C. Track EDWARD HAMPTON ANNE HABMON Jr. Kalevala Sr. Kalevala Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Sr. Nat'l Honor Society Latin Club P.E. Leader F.T.A. Student Council JOHN HALL R.0.T.C. Track Niteshift Football BLANCA GYZMAN Girl's Choir Football Princess Fiesta Princess R.0.T.C. Sponsor F.H.A. P.l'I. Leader 0Hicer's Club Student Council Spur Stal! Ll' PH G l'l-IVARA F.H.A. Student Council Tigerettes PJ-J. Leader Sr. Follies ADI-ILE HADDAD R.0.T.C. Sponsor Student Council Program Manager Pan American Club Sr. Band T.A.S.C. Delegate S.A.S.C. Delegate Student Council 0fticer's Club tVho's Who JOE HALOW Q - ' Latin Club ' Projector's Club Bille Team Student Council 0fIicer's Club B.0.'l'.C. N.B.A. f LUCILLE Q HANNON Jr. Historians Jr. Kalevala Jr. Nat'l Honor ,ff sl KX ' 71 wmv uoncommz ,-.. Society T "75'A'4'g 'BDOLPH HATFIELD -,U f mow V s M ,, . ' V.- ...a,..... H g Q , N t The Senior Follies of GEORGE ISAAC Student Body Yell Leader Bass Clef Latin Club Projector's Club f B.0.T.C. 0Hicer's Club Rifle Team Student Council N.B.A. l 955. Club MARGARET HOLGUIN Courtesy Club Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Pau American Club Student Council RACHEL HORNEDO an ROBERT IRVIN gigerletteg Projector's Club . l. a er Seniorgfollies ' N X a ' X 4 l Sl BARBARA KIESELBUBG WILBUR KOHNLE MYBNA JOSEPH F.H.A. Music Appreciation Mun ANNE KENNEDY club X , Jr. Nat'l umm- sr. 1-'anim ' .tous Kaur 1. Socletf' Sr. Nat' Honor Socle? P.T.A. ward Student Council F.T.A. Jr. Historians , Latin Club F.H.A. N.M.A. Club DONNA LAN DRL Ni Rl ser LL Ll- w IS MARLENL LAS IS B 0 T C Sponsor Music Appreciation Club F H A DOROTHY JOSEPH gnslxcl 1 Q re e e f ' Student Council I ,Y Mlasic i preciat on 1 ' Sr. gullies an Wnlham Elias a, la Mae West D Projector s N B A YVON N E LLGABBETA P F Leader F ll A Niuslc Appreciation Student Council Sr Follies S2 L ELAND KEY Councilman-at-Large Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Sr. Nat'l Honor Society Masque 8 Gavel Jr. Kalevala Sr. Kalevals W'ho's VYbo P.T.A. Award Number Sense Slide Rule JOHN KNIGHT Varsity Track Nlteshlft Football Student Council Blfle Team B 0 T C Officer s Club F T A A Capella Choir Bass Clef Sr Follies N B A SHIRLEY KRAMER F H A Girl s Choir Mixed Choir PATSY LATHAVI S ur Co-editor S udent Body Vice-President B 0 T C Sponsor Girl s State Jr Nat l Honor Society Sr Nat l Honor Society Latin Club W ho s tt ho S A S C Delegate T A S C Delegate Officer s Club 'A 3' z I , , "" A . r Q ' V g . fi if l I i , +9 F ' 'S p All E.P.u.s. cm 4 if ' '-ly. 5. af' JACK MANN ROTC Projector's Club Slide Bule N itesluft Football Varsity Football DORA MARRUFO FHA Football Duchess B 0 T C Sponsor 01l1cer's Club Music Appreciation Club TILLY LOWENFIELD Jr Nat l Honor Society Jr Kalevala Latin Club Pan American Club Jr hat l Honor LARRY MacD01N ALD Society Jr Nat l Honor Student Council Society Sr Kalevala Officer s Club MARGARET LIICERO Sr. Band Number Sense F.T.A. Slide Bule Club Science Club Courtesy Club Music Appreciation Club Nnteshift Football Rifle Team Masque 8 Gavel Slide Bule Club Projector s Club Latin Club N B A Bass Clef B 0 T C NCBBMA McMANN in JESUS LOPEZ B.0.T.C. Student Council Pan American Club P.T.A. Award Sr. Follies Slide Bule Club Our own Siamese twins. BLANCA MILEDI A Capella Choir Treb e Clef Student Council Pan American Club Y' Music is Appreciation Club , Courtesy Club 3 Sr. Follies P.E. Leader JOHN MALOOLY Latin Club Science Club Slide Bule Club B.0.T.C. Sr. Nat'l Honor Society X. 5 . 5 K ALICE MERAZ FLRNANDO MERCADO ' f ' A MICHAEL MIDDLETON' Class Officer Senior Follies Nitesluft Football Varsity Basketball B 0 T C 1 vu ' 1 - u ,. . A - 1 v 1 W, w vsfm -a 53 CLARA MABQUEZ D.E. F.lI.A. Sr. Follies MABJGABITA MABTINEZ Student Council Yell Leader Sr. Band Football Duchess P.E. Leader Pan American B.0.T.C. Sponsor F.lI.A. Sr. Follies Courtesy Club Class Officer BEYES MOBENO EDDIE MOWAD IBMA MONTELONGO Student Council Tigerettes 0fficer's Club B.0.T.C. Sponsor F.H.A. Library Club Sr. Follies Courtesy Club P.E. Leader TEBESA MOLINAB Newbery Medal , . CARMEN MOBALES Sr. Band I-'.l-LA. Girl's Choir Sr. Follies CELIA MOBALES SANDRA NAIL F.'l'.A. Courtesy Club Sr. Foll ea Award Club Tatler Staff F.l-LA. Sr. Follies Student Council 1. 1 , Y s -V if 1 r rf And so the Hlgh Seniors leave HOWTABD NESOM Wan X HARLOVV NORMAN 4- R.0.T.C. l F.F.A. Varsity Tennis 1 . ,I Ji 4 'P o V ififil 54 ll 'I fn , X I fi!! S ELISSA NICHOLSON M Alt. Yell Leader Football Duchess Student Council F.H.A. F.T.A. B.0.T.C. Sponsor Pan American Club 0fficer's Club Tlgerettes Sr. Follies Courtesy Club P.l-3. Leader JULIETA MOBENO RICHARD NAJEBA Class Officer B.0.T.C. 0fflcer's Club Nlteshlft Football Projectors Club Track Student Council PT.A. Award Sl-IEBIDAN MOTT Class Officer Pan American Jr. Kalevala Sr. Kalevala Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Masque U Gavel Jr. Historians R.0.T.C. Sponsor Varsity Tennis Student Council Spur Staff Science Club Officers Club NAMBA NACIM F.ll.A. F.'l'.A. Courtesy Club Student Council Newbery Medal Club Treble Clef Music Appreciation Club Sr. Follies Mixed Chorus '-.fi!1d?f-. LORENZO PERALES AMOS OUGHTON Student Council F.T.A. 0fIicer's Club Jr. Hi Basketball Niteshift Football Jr. Hi Track Varsity Track R.0.T.C. Niteshift Football Niteshift Basketball Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball B.0.T.C. Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Sr. Nat'l Honor Society P.T.A. Award P.E. Leader Sr. Follies JEANNE POLL!-IV D.E. F.H.A. Texas D.E. S weet h eart NT?" l-IVA ORTEGA Football Duchess Student Council Tatler Staff Pan American Club Library Club Courtesy Club F.H.A. Music Appreciation Sr. Follies P.E. Leaders J CLIO OBDAZ RODOLFO ORTEGA 'Y of A ' ha High Seniors at play. W2 g n tg Y 'la ,,,' J' l Hiro 1 "We ENEDINA POZ0 P.T.A. Award P.E. Leader D.E. F.H.A. Sr. Follies Music Appreciation Club Girl's Choir 1 , STELLA QIIINN all JOHN RAMIREZ Sr. Band Varsity Baseball Niteshift Football P.E. Leader Sr Follies Varsity Football Class Ollicer 55 v ESTELLA QUISONES Football Princess lR.0.T.C. Sponsor Student Council P.E. Leader 0flicer's Club Sr. Follies I-IOBTENSIA PAYAN F.H.A. Courtesy Club P.E. Leader Sr. Follies VIRGIN IA PBUITT USCAB PERALI-ZS ANASTASIO POBBAS Varsity Track Niteshift Football Sr. Follies B.0.T.C. DORA RODRIGUEZ F.ll.A. IBENE ROQUE 4 X5 MARY RICE D.E. Courtesy Club Student Council ERNESTO BEYES Sr. Band Newbery Medal Award Club Latin Club 'R.O.T.C. 0fficer's Club Orchestra Niteshift Football Varsity Football Niteshilt Track Varsity Track SYLVIA REYES A Capella Choir Pan American Club Tatler Staff Treble Clef Sr. Follies OTILIA BOD!-IRICK Football Duchess Student Council F.H.A. ,R 1 All RAFAEL nammzz 'f 5' R.O.T.C. ' 1- sr. Follies , A Bass Clef ' A , Sr. Band ' 0f!icer's Club 1' V A Q if ' f 7, , gf' J SQMTG'-" The High Seniors buy the school maga- zine, which was put out in January. ABELABDO ROSAS R.O.T.C. Track Jr. Hi Football Student Council Courtesy Club Pan American Club Sr. Class Ofllcer Sr. Follies FELIPA SALO ADO Sr. Follies Courtesy Club F.H.A. FEBNANDO SALAS HELEN SALAZAR Nitcshllt Football P.l-I. Lender Band F.l-l.A. R.O.T.C. Sr. Follies P.'l'.A. Award 'sf 55 CABMEN SALAS Courtesy Club P.E. Club F.H.A. P.T.A. Award 1-- ENRIQUE RODRIGUEZ ELMA ROSALES H,on. , ED SHERMAN Student Body President All EPHS Boy Spur Editor Councilman-ab Large Class Officer Masque 8 Gavel N.H.S. Jr. N.H.S. Kalevala Club S.A.S.C. and T.A.S.C. Delegate R.0.T.C. Who's Who SHABON SKIDMORH Student Body Yell Leader R.0.T.C. Sponsor 0fficer's Club Student Council Courtesy Club F.H.A. tgp- -' "H . I ELIZABETH SANDERS IRVING SCHWYARTZ Slide Rule Club Latin Club Bass Clef Spur Staff Golf Team R.0.T.C. Student Council x 2 f' .L .f Vi: 7 a ni '- KABIN SMITH Slide Rule F.T.A. Jr. Nat'l Honor Society Sr. Nat'l Honor Society Jr. Historians Student Council I'.T.A. Award Latin Club Varsity Tennis P.E. Leader Student Council Science Club Jr. Historians HSP!-ZRANZA WORTH J I SCHEBMERHOBN R.0.T.C. 0f!icer's Club Projectors 'Club Class Officer Varsity Tennis Program Manager Student Council SANCHEZ F.H.A, Music Appreciation Tatler Staff F.T.A. BERT SEM PL l-I Tatler Stat! R.0.T.C. D I-' 0fficer's Club Student Council N.B.A. Courtesy Club Varsity Tennis Slide Rule Spur Stat! Q Q LOW SENIOR SPRING OFFICERS HERNARDO SIERRA-President JOE CASARES-Vice-President ANGIE ZACOUR-Secretary ERNII-I VALDEZ-Yell Leader 8 4 BILL SPIER DAY ID STFW ART F T A Student Council Courtesy Club R 0 T C Sr Follies Music Appreciation Slide Rule Club Niteshlft Football 57 Uv 1 ' wi DIANE STAUNING D.E. Tatler Staff D.E. Sweetheart Fall Term JOHN SMITHERMAN R.0.T.C. Varsity Baseball MONTE SHERRILL HAL SMITH R.0.T.C. 0fficer's Club BEFUGIO TEBBAZAS Sr. Band B.0.'l'.C. Band Orchestra Sr. Follies EDDIE TOBBES Student Council Jr. Band MARY ANNE TAYLOR GAIL STRICKLIN D.E. Music GLENELL TALLMON Appreciation F.l-LA. Fiesta Duchess Courtesy Club Girls Choir Treble Clef JIMMY ST EWVART Music Apprciation Club Latin Club F.'l'.A. Library Club Nat'l Art Honor Society M ABY VANC I-I 'TT i Ll-JLAND KEY-President POOL YV!-IBB-Vice-President JODY GOODELL-Secretary MARY VANCE-Reporter BEN FISHER and AL YIP-Yell Leaders IRMA VlJll. Class Officer F.ll.A. Fan American Club Sr. Follies Tatler Staff Girl'n Choir . AX i, ,rs Rael MARIA VASQUICZ RUSENDU YASQYICZ 58 THOMAS TAYLOR Projectors Club B.0.T.C. Taller Staff LUIS VASQl'I'JZ TOMMY TICKLI-I Jr. N.H.S. Student Council R.0.T.C. 0fficer's Club Masque H Gavel Slide Rule Club Number Sense Projectors Club ROS E MARY VALLADOLID Library Club l'.T.A. Award Music Appreciation Club 1 K .nw ..,, ALBERTA WAREING Tatler Staff Jr. Kalevala Courtesy Club Student Council Sr. Band Number Sense Orchestra Latin Club F.T.A. Music Appreciation Club Spur Stal! Sr. Play POOL WEBB Who's Who Class Officer Varsity Football Varsity Track R.0.T.C. Jr. N.H.S. Projectors Club .4mv......, REBECCA VILL!-IGAS Latin Club Pan American Club D.E. :- x 1 5 Y V l ' I .' .C ' U f "fl i xiii BILL YVILLIAMSON F.F.A. Slide Rule Club Student Council gr . HELEN YOUNG D.E. Latin Club Sr. Band Jr. N.H.S. F.H.A. Sr. Follies Student Council Tatler Staff DAVID VILLALOBOS Class Favorite Bass Clef B.0.T.C. Niteshift Football Niteshift Basketball Student Council N.B.A. Projectors Club Varsity Tennis T" 'W . I-LST!-ELLA VILLA Tlgerettes P.E. Leader F.H.A. Sr. Follies K x E Q L. CRUZ VILLARREAL P.T.A. Award R.0.T.C. Track H Projectors Club . f xv ls: i 1 il Some of the Seniors during Twirp season. LOBETTA WONG 59 ALBERTO YIP nf FJLA. all O MARY FRANCES WALTRIP F.ll.A. Jr. N.H.S. Student Council Latin Club Spur Staff 1. LINDA WATERS Jr. N.H.S. Newbery Medal Award Club Varsity Tennis Slide Bule Club Science Club Music Appreciation Club F.T.A. CHUCK WHITE Student Council Jr. N.H.S. Sr. N.ll.S. Spur Staff Niteshilt Football B.0.T.C. JUAN WILSON Bass Clef Sophomore Favorite Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Varsity Track B.0.T.C. Class Officer ROSEMARY ZACOUR Class Officer Football Duchess Courtesy Club Student Council Sr. Follies Varsity Tennis P.T.A. Award JUNIQIBS In 1772, a large bell was placed in the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas, and soon became known as the Alamo Bell. After the battle of the Alamo, it was proclaimed the "Bell of Texas Liberty." In the turbulent days after the fall of the Alamo, the bell was removed to the San Antonio River and abandoned. During that year, the historic bell was brok- en at the rim when dragged across the plains of Texas. This bell of Texas Liberty has ha-d its moments of defeat as well as of glory. Juniors, too, have experienced many trials, but achievements have begun to crack the shell of youth, and maturity lies ahead. Trustworthiness and leadership have been attained in their positions at El Paso High School. 60 The original Alamo Bell, dated 1722. Courtesy, Mrs. Bessie Lee Fitzhugh, Waco, TQXIS-,if ,Zi Aw 15 'Q F fk ff L.. .E "P-w.. far Z1,'?-u., 1 'Au H' 101 ..N,,. , , .,, 1 .C ,L -fi ,fyki-N -1 -'49 5.7: X w 'Nm 1' ,Q Af.: - 'gn-' JOAN 'V ABRAHAM -'rf VICEN TE AGLIRRL JULIETA ALVIDREZ LUIS ARENAS GLORIA AYOLB K! 6 ILLAINI- BOONE ui. K4 4 ANNE ACHTERBERG ol LI, IS ALARCON ,Af 1' MARTHA ALVIDREZ FELICITAS ABGUELLES GI ILLERMO BALDERAS NORRIS GILBERT AGEE AGL ILAR ROBERT ALDACO Q1 AIN ITA RL TH APODACA ABCE CARLOS ABTALEJO PAT ARWIANDO BALWIAN HAI. TISTA CHARLOTTI- SHIRLEI BORDEN BBANDLS AN X' GLORIA AGL ILAR ROBERTO ALW ARLZ I J U JESLS AGLILAR ""f HEWRY ALVIDREZ 'f FALL LOVV JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President JONATHAN SCHVSARTZ W Ice-President ILRNI- STO LINION Secretarx CONCHA OC HOTORFNA Reporter ARNIANDO JLARLZ Kell Leader JOHN NILLBY IOB J UNIOII rv' RAYNION D BRIGGS Q15 -ul ROSA CABALLERO pu BONNIE BRIGGS KX Iv ROBERT BROW N BOB GILBERT CALI-IOL V CALVILLO HIGH JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President. BERNARDO SIERRA Vice President, CARLOS ORNELAS Secretary, VELIA MORENO Reporter, HORTENCIA ONTIVEBOS Yell Leader, ERNIE VALDES JESSE CASTILLO LILY CHAVEZ . 'uf' HUGH COLLEY TOM BROWN LYNN CARTER 9 JOLIE BLRT 'HPI JOE CASARES LFE CAROL CHAGRA CHAMBERS MARIA CHAVEZ , 1.. NANCY CLAYTON MARGARET Bl STAMANTF 'Uw- VW faux S gf CONSIJ ELO CASTILLO if JOSE CIIAVEZ .4 GINGER CLOUD .rr ,. Y 0 KAY ROBERTO FRANCISCO CONGDON CONSTANTAKIS CONTBERAS 4611 3- C0 'I-' I 3 U ,,w BENJAMIN ESTELLA SANDRA CORDERO CORTEZ CRAWFORD !'l A-S. CARLOS CUAROIN ,Q-on ...nn 'Y SANDRA DICKI' NS fx.. JOAN FLFERS ft 1 r' FRANCISCO ESCOBAR BOB FESTE i ROMELIA FLORES ABELARDO DE Ah DA Q- .J GLRRY DOYLI' JANL ELSBERG 1 r. ABED ESMAN ' -s ELVIA FIEBBO 7 T s ! nr ESTHER FRANCO 4' ! L Rl GH DAY IDSON BARBARA DUBOW ITZ MARIL LNDLICII RICHARD DELGADO "if" Llulu DUNN ALICIA I' SCANDON ..1 JERRY ELIA EVEBETT FEBN AN DEZ Noun lucmzno FIGUEBOA Fl-0355 Q'- n 1 . ,n a o 2. I LORNELL GADD 64 NIABI DIAZ CONINII' DLBON UNIOB ROSI' LLA DIAZ PRI' DDY I' KI' RY SPRING LOW JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, HI-BMAN VITELA Nice President, BILL SCOTT secretary, HAZLL BAMIBEZ Hell Leader, GLOBGL QUINN X , rf." , - 1 1 6 V il - Q L C dm X vi . L A X v I .1 ' 4.3 I . L X ij , , f A "iff 4 I , , X654 .H . - gi, ff' . 'N s . 9s , . -A L" 3. 'fx ' f f x - " ' - I ,J Q ' 5. C F E , X , , --M , I . In g J 4 ' 'Q It f-'Af X I PV ! ' -A'l:::'?5':L .X ,-,, ,A - - X4 m:w..:i:::---a.1-- s.- . 7, 5' Y' S' - , ,Q A. X '9 , I Y, I VA by V It 5 X 1 . f 1 5 I I. I I z I I xl' A f Q' " , . I , 1 ' . Q., , 1 a - Y Iffd, - ' ' v ,:'!1.5'fe,. 4 ..,.,. - ,NM " ' , ', ,gif , - 1, , .1 ' P w a., L C . X , f "' A 1' 1 A Q lv t., . I x , , ,S 1 4 I 1 I J UNIOI-IS 1114 I MILDRI' D GARBI' BN I f RONALD L-ILLI' TT fu I? ADRIAN GARCIA W AN DA GIPSOIN SPRING IIIGH JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President JONATHAN SCHWARTZ WlcePres1dent LRNLSTO LIMON Secretary CONCIIA OCHOTORI- NA Yell Leader JOF CIIAWLZ ,gea- T ?'Xxx BLBTHA CLCILIA GARCIA GARCIA " 6 Q91 R BONNII' LeR0l I IW I' N I LARDON ,Q LLVIA RICH GONZALI' Z TON! GARCIA I'BICI'I GOELDNI' R QQ!! Q T4 RICARDO GONZALI' Z GONZALI' Z D an if LI'l' JI' QUQ GOODWIN UO! TIA F' DA! ID GLILLLN RUBI' N GUI' BRA MARIA GUTILBRI Z 65 ANA GRAJFDA GILBERT G U TIEBRI' Z 'E' WIAGGII- HADDAD 1' GAY hI'.LLLR IQ 'KICIIAI' L GOLDMAN 'U' 6 .-o DAVID 0 OODELL 1? ny! 5 54 GARY GRANT 'gf LIBRADA GUTIERBEZ 4:- r"Vs '7 DOLORI' S HALL 'Pwr ANN HAMILTON ,.- an MIKE HENDERSON all HOLGUIN CAROL HOLT if :.1.:'f3:f, GLENN HIISTED 1 3 7 EL swf, ROBERT JONES STEW E HARPER ROSALEE HENDFRSON AA 9 LLIDA HOLGUIIN FELIC IA HARRIS N MARY HARRIS -7' HENRY FDV5 ARD HFRNANDLZ HFRRERA 5-I JACK HOLMBERG Q43 MARY RODOLFO HOUSE HUERTA ARTI RO ISLAS tk ALICE JORDAN DAY JOHNSON I BURTON JORDAN 9 JANE HOLMBERG t BOBBY Hl GHES 3. MARIAN JONES JESSE HARRISON MARIA HFRBERA J NIOB PHILLIN F HELLER BARBARA HIBBERT ,,-.. Everyone's excited while Mr. Hardy makes his speech ln the big pep assembly!! UNIOB MAB! JORDAN WIARIANNI' S ABNIAN D0 HI' NR! Jl ABEZ Jl R ADO -ww X Q W ILLA MAR! 'VIABGARLT I' LFNA LAN DA She s trying to learn how to sen ! JI LIETA LICON LINDA WIICI-IAFI KAIIN BILL KLI' IN SCIIWIIDT 40 or WAII LEE LIBRADO LINIAS 41 lx Bl' RTHA I II INOSTON LOPLZ 67 -L in I S wx r ' 1 ROBFBT IIINCFNT KEITH KEMFNDO 51' Q 'bun N-v FRFD BAYNIOIND LEWIS Us I' RN I' STO LIWIOIN RLBEN LOPEZ 'N n 0: I '. fr," I 'A NIABGLERITP. JOAN LOYA Ll ONS SAM CARMEN LIC EA DONNA LINNANF M V IRG IW IA LOPEZ Q Q-WQI W 1 I Xf x LDDIE MACDOIN ALD Z L 1 , V' , tx' Y' ' ,Q sv Q ' I 8' A . h PM . V .. , Q U .- I " M. ,fa V I l X nl ' 2 J I ' af - du. f ,J ' N , Q ! 5K Yi ,VVV:' V . 1 9 y A an - . 4 Q .1 x b A , . ! I Q .I . S' A x 57 I ,. l 4 1, , X A .4 -gf. if . f I ' I A - gl I .Kr:NNi:ISIr: KEIINEDY ZKEY 1 3 A- A KNAQP KBANZEHOR I, . I . fl' . f I -x I I Q V V- A 7' 'Aki , if -I I " Q V . If T P ' Y? .' A P - , xx .5 x Q rl f N 0 Y I A 4-W ff, i 'Wav' 4, .1 A ,,, ' .L I' W , f 1 I ,I A I L . J , V Vf t. il 'wr 'W' RONALD WIQECANN af- M I RUTIIIE MECHEM gk as-'if LEE NIcDANIEL ALFONSO MEDBANO TYR MALLOBY MARTHA MILLER 'T HENRY WIORALES ROY MOBIEL Q v ARMIDA NAJEBA MILLER 1 VELIA MOBENO Y' 'il l -mi' ANN McINTYBI- J OIIN MELBY ll I-IILDA MINJABES VICTOR MOBENO Tv ll GLORIA MUNGLIA x '5- n 1 J ALICE NEGRETE ADELA MI. BILLO fift- Y. JOE NELSON MARTIN X x I' SALVADOR MEBAZ GABRIEL MORALES 'Ss 'i' AN N MORGAN JINI NADIB .po 40 sig' 4 A1 f W ILFOBD Nxccmu N1cm:nsoN "nl ,,.-- Q, DOLOBES WIABTINEZ BRUCE MILLER I' GEORGE MAY LANCE MILLER Those good old txmes in class meetings" UNIOR DE ANN A NORTON -7 IU' f FELIPL OLIVAS EDDIE NL WEZ I-IORTEN CIA ON TIVEBOS No talking whale the teachers back IS turned, boys BIC HABD OCIIOA CARLOS OBNELAS xv! BALL PEIN ADO A-, MABGIE PEBEZ IU' CELIA POBBAS Y! ABMANDO 69 BAMOS IC CONTCHA OCI-IOTOBENA 13' OSCAB OBOZCO JOANNE PENNIES N ORAH PEBEZ GIBSON POTTER ANGIE BEYES EDDIE OCHOTORENA JUANITA OBTIZ JIU OSCAB PEBALES TOM PIN KSTON' YS 7 GILBEBTO QL ESADA GLORIA BIBO TA 1,1 JULIE TA OGAS 4- JEWEL PALMER FRANK PEBEZ CLAL DIA POE CECILIA QUEVEDO SANDRA ROBBINS 5' I , . 7 Zi D l "Fw: ' av X' ' 7 L I jf I.- O- W b 4: , 9 5 , I V n 1:1 I 'V x I , 2- an Q - X .1 , ' H' ? Y 5 PN' X F a i I , A . Z A . If if ' , 3 A ff I Y - A ' I ff' T V at I iv 1 ,A - ,K I A X' 'V 7 . ' . II - I .. A 'Z Tu. A I A, 'V7 ! ff H I AA sf GLORIA IRMA RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ J ES US RUBIO 19 .JG LUCIA SALAZAR ARTHUR SANDERS BERNARDO SIERRA ,- MARY SMITH EDWARD RUIZ KNUI JOSEFINA SALCIDO DICK SANDERS MARTHA SILVA v 2 SUSAN A RODRIGI. EZ ALFONSO SAEN Z RICHARD SAMPLE JONATHAN SCIIWARTZ JIM SITTOW ROBERT LAL RICE SMITH SOLOMON UNIOB DELIA JUAN ANY ROJAS ROSALES ROTH gf GIJADALUPE CECILIA SALAS SALAZAR BERTHA SAENZ V'-. RI, BEN SAWCHEZ -Y' K RI SSELL SCOTT JN BON NIE SKIPPER Hurry back to class students ALGI. STA SONNICIISEN 70 "- , I . 1 .1 , V Q 1 , J , - I I ' A f - ' . Q f 1 'U it W 'ix , ' dv J' X- 1 ' I V-I 'df f ff 1 .4 f, .' ' f' N S 4 A 1 ,.. , fi ,W 1 13 f if f-1' 1- A ' , Q I , 1 ,ff , f - , lo ' :H 7 f V 0 M- A x ' ur ' , 4 'A -Lo' . 3 , A1 , .. . A I J. H v . M , 15, A A I JUNIOB SOFIA SOT0 CABOLYN STOINE Can t you spend your money on somethmg better, Johnny BITCHIE SPENCE ff-'US JACQLELYIN STBOLD 71 qs IM SPIEB DAVID TIIOBMAW PETE TBLJILLO IBEWE VASQL EZ 0-or ARLEVI' W AXMAW LEONARDO WONG di if otha JOI-IIN STATEN JACQL ELINL TILL ful 9-0 un! OBWIAN TYBEE 'X 'Q 1... IBVIN STEELE CP NOBMA TOMLIN S018 A., EBVIE VALDES sf-4 A CAROL YOLANDA VESTEB VILLESCAS BILL W EEKS aua- 157 CLEMEN CIA YIP Ya 9 WEBTHMANN I IBMA YSLAS JUAN STOCKMEYEB LILIA TOBBES ALFRED VARGAS QT BOBEBT WALLER AQ i BILL W IIITE Jr"'5 -nf.. Q-v-4 ANGIE ZACOUB SOPIl0MOBES The "Ave Maria" or "Angelus Bell" was found in the San Antonio River in 1845 and for many years was used by a hotel to summon guests to dinner. So also, in a com- parative way, are the Sophomores being summoned to posi- tions of higher honor in their school. After a period of sev- enty-five years, the bell was returned to the Alamo, where it remains today as one of the historical treasures in the state of Texas. Beautifully embossed with the Spanish Cross, it is of superior workmanship. Perhaps the Sophomores will someday gain that perfection which is now being molded into their lives. As the bell gratified its maker when it had been taken from its mold, so too, does it gratify the antici- pations of El Paso High School to see the Sophomores form friendships and distinctive qualities of lasting value. They realize that the future belongs to them and they eagerly await their moment of glory. 72 A, -ff' ,. U ,2-f,,., Q --W - ' , , 9 -4' 'I J V' 'FF -f 'Q 5 X Q . " k ' 3 - Af 3' U ', I - . -- -' Q 'Q . , k . '1 "HJ ' ' ',J . 7 N ' 'af-bf , 'V N h fig .. 31' -- , A i ,. 4. xx! im, ' I I 'L' wb?" A. '?'31M. -Q1 g is l , T4 ' 0 4 ' 'A X 5 1 .-1 x 5X X, . x V f 'i - - 5. . Yr Y ,x OW . NF xi? -. M 'I' A' ,uf , . fx . '., Q ' ' Vx, .- 4'- 'S Nx,"f,, 7 5 .. K, N ,. Navy... in W Y . FJ? 4 .X S 54" s..' io' " an 1-wx C N. xx .. - -5441" gxfll A A Oi , 1 5 I! 4-' -A' I' ,K . 4 ',AQ'. 1.3 . ll 5 1 Q 4 14 I Q :A 'N Q,-QI. 'liz 5-:if ":1?'4JQ',.v I- r' . ff' ' 91 L. nr , my . luigtudl JJ. 1. dp , A .at -- 6 A. Yi nz'-I FRED ABE! TA ABTUBO ALVA CABMEN ABALJO PEGGY AYBES DAN I' BECK qi' RALPH BLEA BILL ADAMS PATRICIA ABRAHAM i JOSE ALN AREZ SILVEBIO ALVA BIC ABDO TOMMY ABELLANES ABGLELLES 'U' 109 BL TH LDDIL BACKER BABELA FV ROBERT Bl' N DALIN DEAN N A BLLLMAN li XVINII-'RED BORDFN MARILYN BORDEN FALL SEWIESTFR LOW SOPHONIORE Ol-FICERS lresldent Rl D1 ORTIZ secretary WAR! LUI 'NIAXHALL hoe lresldent HI- RBI- RT KATZ Tell Leadu ANIADUR GONZALEZ ROBERT ASHEB M JOSEFIN A BABBAGAN :ff R IH BAOLL BLBEL on FRANCES 5,4 TOWINIY ATEN W ILWIA BATLWAN Hl NIBLRTO Bl' RTOLI I Lfr BREWVSTER BROADWTELL 74 Z' PATTX AXBEB OLGA BALTISTA GRACE BITTH KN i it CYRTIS BROFGHTON 1" FALL SEMESTER HIGH SOPHOMORE OFFICERS President GEORGE QLINN Vice President BILL SCOTT I V7 4 A OSCAR Secretary CARNILY ARALJO Yell Leader ROBERTO MLDEL ,- I BARBARA BROW N DARRELL BI, CHANAN E BARBARA BICARDO ROBERT BUSTAMANTE BUTCI-IOFSKY CAMPOS CAMPOS 'L f 'Q 1 I JOE RICHARD CARBAJ AL CARO X' C! f -f' IRENE CHAVEZ IRMA CHAVEZ 'YY , 1 RAI, L CARRILLO 1 . X ROSE MARIE CHILDEBS 'QF' A - fv p g JEAN COULTER BODNEY X X DOUGLAS CRAIG DAVID 75 YOLAN DA CABRILLO RUSSELL CLEVELAND Qs JON DAVIS JAMES BROWN MOLLY BLCHANAW X-A 'SN 'X xkvznx JLLIETA CANALES IP EMILY CEPEDA ini 5.4 HERBERT COOPER LINDA DAVIS 7- Y AUGHIN BROWN GEORGIA BLRKHALTER QC HELEN CAN O GUILLERMO CHAVEZ fs fn! SYLVIA CORREA ISMAEL DE ANDA in I 1, x . LL IS DL LA TORRE .4 GUADALUPL DIAZ P" ALBERT DOMIWGLI' Z 'Y- JI' ANFTTI' DUNCAN ng IOLAN DA I' SPARZA ,Q I'0'IIAS I' II' RRO 1 'D JLDITI-I DELGADO LARRY DIS I-IABT Fx JERRY DOBRIS S FANLLY DUNN ix I 0'NSl I'L0 ISQLI' DA 5 'III RII' I FISIII' R AMADO DIAZ MARY DOBLADO f I MARGARI' T DROUTSAS 1 WILLIAM DUTTOIN ...nf I ATRIC IA NI I' I' I' INIII Rb -nf IIARTIIA LUI I- LORI' NC I- OSCAR DUABTI' i DONITA I' ASTMAIN LINNI I'I'INI-It AI FONQU I' I ORI' N 76 SPRIN G HIGH SOPHONIORE CLASS OFFICERS Nl ce President ALFRED HFRNANDIZ Secretan CI'NI' INICHOI Yell Leader AMADOR GOINZALI-Z mv. RUBEN DIJ ABTF b at :Alt LEE I' PQTLIN fs K LORIA I' I' LIX AF" 9' QIDNI' I FORSITII JEAW DUB AWAY l AIN DREA LSCARCIGA KAI FI' QTI' 4 4-9 'Sw V352 HARRII1 I'lI'IAINI- I'Rl'I'LON0 FBIPDWON 2 vc hx V I i . 1 I TW I I X TQ. l if I f - , Q A5 Q - , Q - ff R 3 3"'hA,'1--,-Zgwwf. v' 3- , I -, -r' I V " Av I Q I V 1- 1 A Q v v w LI I ,..x N. ll x Y H. 7:5 I :Avi v I v I I F 1 , ' ' vs A ' U . ' ' .. -Q- xi Q .4 Ii A :II Ki at acl: 1, L' . f F ' E ' '-1 'A'?' ,M 11 I 9 4, 'I I 1' A -l-- f dia? ki .3 Eu, SL .- .I Lv ef ll' af Q C, ...Q- I ' fm -5' 3 1 , I A T 3- In , ali In fV,. A . , 1 2' 5 5 Q ,V J V . , if 4 -I If xv In ,,.' I I A' Q I 5 ' Q 5 ' I QI Y 2' if -.f J K2 . ' I jd .HY f, 5 nv, f in W " .A , ' ' if - X flu.. I ri ra I4 . R All v x ' 'H I Q4 . 2 4 fx K t. x ' K 'I ' x . ' - gg! X vbrk! X X , ' -- .Q ' N - . Q A l XMI X X ' ' 1' ' Z X LOW SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President MANULL MABTINEZ Vice Presxdent EDMLINDO TOBRES Secretary IBMA ZACABIAS Yell Leader ABMANDO OCHOTOBENA fl FRANK GARCIA IBMA GARCIA 'N 'P'- LORAINE GIBBS GINGER GILCBEASE 6- 7 A IGNACIO GOMLZ AMADOR GONZALEZ J J TISSII. GOODELL FRANCIA GOODWIN LFON OR GARCIA rv RUTH GILLETT ARMANDO GONZALI' Z RICHARD vm 95 .1 ELVA GALIWDO FST FLLA GALLARDO LINA GARCIA vu LEONARD GIVEN I ARTHUR GONZALI' Z a'l JEAN GRANT GROLSBELCK 77 'U' t-1 MARGIF GALINDO ig AIN NABFLLE GARBAR 'ix SAM GARCIA SUSAN GLASS I .4 CARLOS GONZALI' Z JOAN GRO IuSBl'.I'ICK I LFAN ORI' GALINW BI' RTHA GARCIA 26 BEVFRLY GIBBS BFWJAMIN GOMFZ MAGDALI' NA GONZALILZ Pl'.'l'l'IR GROSS 4' A A V 4 7 W R Us ha V 3' J ,1 ' yt V ' V, X W f : , ni. 4,2 H. K V I , I' li 1, - , f -."- f- 'fx 'x if jg 'V a-f K1. ' Sf' ' ' l ,, j, I Al' 5.32 . V,11 4 , ,,u, 5: .V IIA 1 l Q ,A ,XL 'C bvax 2' I . . ' 1 v V1 I t WX Ci , L xx 1 1 X .E V 1' . I 0 I ' i . .W -25m. 1 as V ' A I L MTM! 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' 1 , ' D3 C, 'VA J.. , ., ,, ' -K iw. I ' 3 1 , ff! h Q , QV-fs , A N V2 XII:-J: k 1-' A- ' .' A 52 555. I ' , 7: H- 8 1 A , A" ,hear 5.-TTEA .IL I . 5 V X ju I W fxlfw 1. mf ,nf f ' "','.f'Q-21:3 f I ' 1 . ' 4 ,iff A J, - :H 2, .M yi, A A, A- FBESIIMEN So far as years number, the bell in Sherman, Texas, is comparatively new, for it is dated July 4, 1893. Provisions were made by its donor that the bell be rung on Indepen- dence Day of each year. Through the year, the ringing of this bell has guided the lives of many people and marked the birth of new citizens. Each year at El Paso High School, the figurative school bell has rung in a new generation of Freshmen. These young men and women will be guardians of democratic beliefs, but as yet, their bell is new and in- experienced. Nevertheless, like those who preceded them, they will lay the foundations of their aspirations and, filled with hope, they will endeavor to acquire the pleasing rever- berations of their accomplishments. 86 v ,CM x ',? . . , z E Fan , 55 ,. n Q .xgaji-'X' ' .gem , . 44 'v gf! M ,,,.L '88 A . Qffstf 4 vi? U A Q 'Q 13,0 - . 53 R r Q ' J,w 14. -fir , 1 , fx. .., ' w n A 2 n I Q.. JANICE ABOUD FRED ABRAHANI YVONINE ABRAHAM BERINARD ABRAVISON PAULINE ADLER ERINESTINA AGUILERA MAINUELA AGUILERA OLGA AGUILERA YSABEL ALCAINTOR FREDDY ALDACO ALFREDO ALDERETE CARLOS ALDERETE KAY ALKIRE MELVIN ALKIRE RAY ALKIRE bt If f. i IB ig-f n'-7? L ps -sr fi ll as "' 4-? ROBBIE ALKIRE ELENA ALVARADO MARIA AMPARO ALVARADO ALEJANDRO ALVAREZ LUIS ALFOIN SO ALVAREZ RICARDO ALVAREZ 2 SUSAN AMSTATER CAMILA Ah AYA ROSA AIN CI-ION DO MARY APODACA ANITA ARAN DA GEIN OVEV A ARCIIN IEGA GUILLERMO ARCIN IEGA CARLOS ARELLANO DOLORES ARELLAN O .... IN ORMA ARELLAN o "' FRAIN K ARRL FAT .J SOLEDAD ARTALEJO PETE AYOW CARMEN BACA TOMMYE BAILEY 6 d V5 AN DA BAILEY JOSE BALDERAS EDDIE BARELA 'Q A .. za: V51 F F 'Y v 7 -X fi Y . 1 ill, . B . A K f gli' F E . ' , 'F S Y .. , G., I . H ' 'Q I I I xl M ' A " E ,Q N 'T4 , .X .232 '44 c - 1 ' , . , . I 'af .5 V I? 6 . . .3 'iw - , 9' , Y :VW A A ' ' I id? A 1. 1' . ' Q - 5 ALFONSO AMPARAN 'A I? 1. Y Cp' S ' A L' . . 0. .1 Y A I -' V +, , , . -Tp: . Av A 5, rm ef . A '- ' ' A ' ' 1-W' I ' if 1 A ' if A ' N ' li", ,'5' F' A I -.' '-' N " 88 fqna MARY KAY BARNES EDDIE BARRAGAW MIKE BARRL ETA MARTHA BALTIST-1 SLZLN BEHRNIAIN ALAN' BEIN HORN SIDVEY BITTICKS FREDERICK BLACKVVELL ANN BLAUGRUND JOSEPHINE BORDEALX 'K TOVIMIE BORDEW OLGA BORN STEIN " PHILIPP BORN STEIN 6-. BILL BYERS EDINA CABRERA ELIZABETH CAMPBELL OSCAR CARBAJAL REBECCA CARRERA BOBBY CARRILLO MARIA CARRILLO by FRANK BLTCHER BOB BUTLER Zi v 54 KARL CARSOV 1 JOE CEPEDA JEROIN IMO CHAVEZ 71" CLAUDIA CLARK ARTHUR COHEN MYLES COHEN JANE CONRAD GUMECIIN D0 COIN TRERAS RAVION CON TRERAS GAIL COONS YOLANDA COOPER RACHEL CORDERO LORETTA CROW XAVIER DE LA PIEDRA OLIVIA DE LAS CASAS RAMOINA DE LUNA ARMANDO DEL RIO FERIN IE DEL TORO E M U01 'Q' '- 1 'LAY Q-323 'L TAD DAEUBLE ROLLIE DAY EN PORT B ARB ARA D AY IS MIKE DELAN EY PETR A DELGADO ROBERTO DIAZ SANINIY DIAZ JLLIAN DOVV HERMILA DLARTE RALPH DLCHEINE BARBARA DUN AWAY I7 3 40 :Q JIMMY DUNIN JUAN DURANT CARWIENI ECHEVERRIA ALBERT EDDIN GS 3 5' 4' IW N 'S JO AN N EDIIN GTON LIN DA EDIN GTON N EVIER ELIAS SANDRA ELLERBE JOHN DAVID ELLIOTT HILDA EN RIQI, EZ LEWIS ESCAJEDA LL IS ESC -XRCIGA SON IA ETTER CELIA FERIN AN DEZ ifilz n JLDY FIELDS " " Awoxso FLORES --1 GL1LLE1mo FLoREs JLAN Fnomcs MARTHA Fnom-:s bn mm r LORLS Rn EORRISTER LLNORI' PRFIDEN " Lf Rox Q. xu FR ax Howrn c aucu R-XII 1 ALINDO fl' RIS-Xl -Xl I XRDO SLI-RPDO 04111405 DXIID 1 Allll O5 PDI -XRDO 1 XLLLOOS 90 ' Q r Av 1 rr A I -A . 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ADOR G ALLEGOS -KTENO GARCIA IRWIA G ARCIA LETICIA GARC I -I LOW ILIA G -XRCI -I 1 EW AN GELIN E GARDE -I THELWIA GARRIS SIDNEY GEORGE. WIARJORIE GILLETT SL ZAN N E GOLD PATRICIO GOMLL RICARDO GOVIEL RICKEY GOMEL SERGIO GOMEZ ALFOINSO GONZALEZ ,-f"!1-: Ji Ql- 4-nf N' LUIS HELDT "" BRENDA HENDERSON X JULIA HEPPN ER ALEJAN DRO HERN AN DEL ?7f' Ywffn 91 - at V 5 A ff 4 ' fd!! f I ' vt- yall? -3 . - -I ,tl A . ll 4 4, ,, ,gg A - 4 A - A - F A Av I S ,fi I ' H ' A A II ' 9 A 5 A A if A If M g A 3 l W Y , A E V V 1 4' ' V w A I AAA ! A , N 'Q , ' , f', M, ', '. ' , I A A .' I if ' N, f . .8 4' A ' ' , Z i, , a...J' 1 Q A, A I lvz X V ,, f71 . V I Q LJ uf A 4 K lf 'V f , L' iv. -, ' 4' ,V x , I A, L Y 4' A 1 I A A ,.- - 'R 4 ' 1- ' 14: .. - A Av V! Q I V A' V I Lg, fa GG A , 5 I W A I , A ' ' Q15 ' I A if L' V ' N ' L A I I ,Q ,K 2 -X 8 A Av 7 Y Y , rl. 'J A at .4 5 ' v , 1 ,Av ' R' 5. A A A ml I g 1 , I A " v v v v P, ,1"' V f I nm: I I Av . ,gt i4 I , It I-:WSG A .Y . . f 25 ,I -f R FI ,Lf A-,xi ,i I A ,'ff,, . 5 I V I ' ,f x N ' 7 Y' . U, A . - 423 1 H ff: '25, M f is 4 SALVADOR HERN AN DEL TON Y HERN AN DEZ ERN ESTIN A HERRER A RAFAEL HERRERA ROWIELI A HFRRERA ALBERT HERRON WIARGARET HERRON BARBARA HILER WILLIAM HILL 'VIANLEL HORN EDO TOMMY HURLEY ANTHONI ISAAC TONY JABALE LEW IS JESSUP LLIS JIMENEZ 'T' '1 x tv I, dk!! -490 A 9 turf f ZX 5 A 'JW U PATRICIA JOE HARVEY JOSEPH ROSIE JOSEPH STUART KAHN STEPHEN KALSTROM SALVADOR KAN JAMES KARAM JOHN KELLEY J ENTRY KEN DALL JUDITH KENIN EDY DONALD KIELY BROCK KIER MARCIA KLEIN FELD ARTURO LANDIIN CAROLE LANE MANUEL LEOS BERNARD LEYVA JOSE LIMON CRISELDA LOPEZ MIGUEL LOPEZ RAMON LOPEZ TONY LOPEZ SIDNEY LOVE CAROL LUCKETT IRENE LUEVANO 'IR 'Y' iT M at Nl X u?' ROL ALD MAYLE 'VIARGARITA MEDIINA YOLAIN DA MEDINA JESSE MEDRAINO PETRA MEDRAINO EVERETT MELBY ! 1 s,v ?""' Q., f 'uf ig' CATALIN A LLJ AN EDYVIN 'VICELROI I AY NICELROI D AW ID 'NICFADDEN ILDITI-I 'NICKFLY I GLEN W NICKIN N E1 EY AVGELIN E NI AC LAS N ARCIZO NI AIN EZ FDDIE 'VIAPL LA 'NI AN I, EL NIARTIN EL ROMELIA MARTIN EZ SARA MARTIN FZ YOLAN DA NIARTIN EZ MARIA DIATA DON NIATTINGLY MARIA MEWIBRILA A PEDRO MEINDOZA RAMON MEN DOZA BILLY MERFA LOLA MIER .fl 4' "x wr--Q CONSUELO MIRELES " " VIRGINIA 'VIOWISEN HILDA 'VION TELON GO RUBEN MON TELON GO IOSE MORALES NICOLASA NIOR ALES IRENE NIORENO Nl ARIN A WIORENO JIWIWH WIORRISSEY JOE MLNOZ RICHARD NIL SOZ ALFRED NIURILLO ALICIA WII, RILLO JACK NIURPH! af ,tj I . J 9 4: ff sfkl fic qu-li 44 I I-NARO NAPOLI-N BARRARA Nl-IAN YIARI ARPT NILAN GILRABD Nhl 'IIANW III'lTOR NIIARIZ Rl BLN OC I-I0-1 ARNIANDO OC IIOTORI- NA IOLANDA OLII As RAI BINA UNNI RI'7 BLAS ONNI RI'Z LARRI ONTIII-R05 ARMIDA ORDAZ IURRINI- 0RTI-GA I' I GPNI- 0RTI'I A IRWIA 0RTI'f ON ri s 'GZ f -s. I I rf1'W 'N 40 5 :- p-1 or m', . vw XZ fx 9 TOWIAS 0RTl'I A TIARIA I'STI' LA ORTIZ WIARGARI- T PALWI TRL NIAN PALWIIR BARBARA PANKAI JI D1 PARNI'LI JI LII' TA PARRA WIARI PI' ARSON DOROTHY PINA NANCI PPNNIIN I I'0 I I' RALI'S NTILLA Pl'RI'A N KAROLIN PI'TI'BNON fb NIAROLXN PLTEBSON ,, KI- ITH PIATT Q ILI-NDA PIIRQI' A 'IIARI ARITA II 0 .r,,,, BIATRICI' PUNCI' ,- V no Q.-f 91 'IIARX PONI I' 'IIARI PONNI-URD JUI- PORRAN ROBI' RT PORSRI- RI RAI PORTER I' NPI' RAN ZA I OZU IRI-NI PRADO RORI- RT I URTII L0 I ARI IRI ITT NIARTIIA QI INTANA RI BI RI' All I' LI N A RI- BIILI 0 I'I'RNI I I-NA spy A- -V 1 s V ' 4, V l . 9. 3 1' TQ , ', I J: , i' . , ' . ' '. ' 1 . . . , , :gg,',1,lAj Lk - n I 'I ' V' :Iii 15, M 'I I I ' f I I 0 , ' 'ff ffl I V ' 'A 1' .ff 3' F7 'J I-' ,g If SA. A, 'I Y ' ' ,ff , RN . . ' f, " A 4- .Q ' 1 ' ' :Q 3 za ' "' W 12 fr I Ii J ,M F 5 4 . ' ,"'--v A' I A ' LV I A 4, . f I , K, , O 4, N 2 A, I A A " . . , +A ' ' Y pf' K " Av Av v :AvAv I.. I ' D ' Q , 'V X75 I ,An . ' , . M! A EJ I, , if -' x 4. - + , , 'Q A 1 ' ' .4 ' ' '11 A :Q 1 'z , ' K Q - fiigfgvgix A 5 ' S N - A .3 1 U 1 3 J ': I A . KIA iw - at I J. , ' .-- Q. v ' 1 .' 3 A 'I 5 'C' - ., J u v: , 5 4 I? ' I A I , . I I ,N 2.11 3' I wr - - I ' 1 f ' . , H " xg-I 1 ' I oy mx! , X x 2 W Av' :D A. fag' I X I V .L Q I fi , A .K A , , f K . x x 94 '50 iv 1 'H ls! BRI CI' ROSI' N NTI' I I' Rl BIO ROBI' RTO SAAW LDRA NIOISILS SALAZAR RLBFN SALCIDO HOWILR SALOYII- FRI- D SALWATTI AI IJANDRO NANIHPI IARNII-N NANCHI-Z CILILIA SANLHI-Z I-STHLR SANLHPZ IRLNI' SANCHPZ lOl- NANDOIAL IIILLII' NANFORD IGNALIO NANTAI-LLA VIRGINIA S-KRABIA JOHN Sl HAI' FIR NIARGARITA Ni HAI'I'INO NIAROARITA SCHARNAI EIGFNIA SCHISTEB I ARR! bHAPIRO JOHN SHI-PARD 'IIIREF SHOOK GLORIA SIDA I-STILL-1 SILNA WIILDRID bINQL-KIR PI-GG! SIsIPPI'R IL-KD!! bIxORIxA ROBI- RT SWIILI-I CAL! IN NWIITH at 4.- am. vu Q ps. ,Q ,A 1 nh. U' , I ,Q CI X951 vw fx I? Ci X li IIII-'N RI-'FYI-'b RILARDO RI- NTI' RIA TON! RI'lI'S ROSI- HAR! RILHII- IRAC II-I -X RIOs ALIC IA RII ILRA TONY RIWIR-1 GI-OR! I- ROBBINS I-NTHI-R RODRII ll-7 JOSI- RODRIGI I-7 OSI AR RODRIGL I- Z ROSA RODRIGI. I' Z JAWIIS JOI' ROC LRN DAY ID ROJAS GINJA Ll ROS!- ur' fi I "' fr-an " l 74 4. 1'0- ji H-w 25' 'S 5'-9 .i cw' 'X JANIES SNIITH KENNETH SWIITH KARVIA SOLOWION EST AN ISLAO SOSA N ORNI A SOTFLO DAY ID SOTO I OLAN D A SOTO P ATT! STALN IN G 'NIARILX N STEELL LFONA STEPHAN DE AN N STEY ENS SHIRLEY TALLNION SYLY IA TATE ANN TAYLOR BILL TAI LOR rl gli, O 96 'BH 1 ffl fi 450' i ,. 5- 'P ffl if Xfxxnx "' EDDIE TELLEZ 'NIARIA TELLEZ I' RAIN CISCO TERRAZAS JEAIN AININ THOMAS HOLMES TILL EDMUINDO TORRES GEININY TOVI INSEIND REBECCA TRLJILLO JIMMY ULNIER ESTI-IER W ALLODOLID FELIX W ASQUEZ LEO X ASQIJ EZ MARY Y ASQLEZ EDVS ARD X ECHOT MARY VEGA NIAROARITA X I' I Ol IOILI' XI'RTRI'I'S DON XLD X IGI' Rl ST DPIIA XII I l'h-IS NIARIAXIIIPSI KS BXRBARA V5 X1 NI-R IXONNI- VNXKI'l'NI NIIKHAPLN XI hI'R IINDA W XI DROI A A A f if "L A' A - 7 5 ' .1 - ' f' A ' 2- R A A A A A AA 1 A Lats A. . I ,IX I I lA ,Y . -A A Tha - - A ' 1 II A 1 f A A ' A ' f A f A '.'. Qjfi M I, ' vii,-tri, ,V A A AA f 'F an ' f-. I ' A A N . N A A V, , X A 2 A A A , 'g,,f ' -f' . Vx - V ,ii 'Af 1 AA, ' , - K , K ' x Q 'W 'A I 3 Ag I wi A ' ' ,I 4 - ,N I A,AA I V H A A .Amffi L U? A ik Jas A , , . 1 V V v v 'K A -5 , 4 .. ,, 1 SAUNDRA TRASK ... 6 g if I , A IA f A- SILLA1 Q,1'R 'mf " ' f f! -A1 5651 'AN Ai. Q A. AA V . v , .Q Q J .f if V v 1 E J , ,., ' V I X b 4 1 Y I IVA L "4 A 'J 2. E' ' ' . ' ':. '. x 0 -- H r- A. . ":': 22. ,X f-1 xr 4 Q A.: . . I - , - I , 1. . ' . . 2 2 I , A Axim .,' 4 . 1 ' , ,, . , A A ,- A .A 1 A, M' 5 1-4 . -A -f A - - - 1 1 5 w .. I . .v . A, . ' ' A ! H 1 I X - X ,I 1 "' Ax .' my Rx , 4 3 non WALSH:-z sum' WABLING 4' "' MALCOLM WEBB urzoncm wrgsxs A - JIMMY wr:LLs 'F .-Q' - . TOM VYHITE GIIBALDINE VVILCOX , SHARON VYILDSTEIN , V , SPIKE VYISBIIBN I Q 0 5 A i I I 4 I 8 LIBBY WILSON -,I 3 .J ' - 1' f X ,lf .L x ff L A wmv VYITHOLDEB 13 V A Jrsus wor:Ln:L I , LEROY vm: ,,, - 1 1-zsrmzn YIP , ' rumen YOUNG I C I . 'I ' IRMA ZACABIAS 4 g, PLIAS ZAMOBA ANA MARIA ZAVALA CARLOS ZAVALA ,QF FALL FALL LOW FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS HIGH FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President SEBGIO GOMEZ Vlce President ALBERT HE- President RICARDO Bl'NTl'RIA Vice President Ll'O BBON Secretary CBISELDA LOPEZ Yell Leader, HAR- YASLAS Secretary IBMA ZACARIAS Yell Leader AR- VFY JOSFPI-I VIAINDO OCHOTORENA SPRING SPRING LOW FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS IIIGH FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICFRS President BOBEBTO DLL BIO, Yell Leader, JIMMY I resident Al lil- RT III- RRON W ce I rumh nt I- Illllf CHACON 'WAPI I A Nm nun and Treusurf r IDA! Ill Sh I ADDI- N 97 lell I.-ad.-r nam H .msn H J 1 4, ilu? .igfz ' , ov' xy 9 Adj I A xxx , dx, C. N . . : ' ' , V H I 3 2 . , 1 1 I I V I A l 1 1 Z ,Q f X Sf I A . 1 44,1 LI: I .2 ' . x ' - - '. '- 1 .' J - - , ' , 4, , . . , 1 YA, - Z . JUN l0Il HI Il As the log of the U.S.S. Texas expressed it, "Wherever the war has been, the Texas Bell has been." These are sign- ificant words, for the Texas Bell gallantly heralded many allied victories in European waters during the first World War. In World War II, the bell proclaimed the name of her mighty state from the shores of Normandy to the beaches of Okinawa and echoed far and wide the raising of our American flag on Mount Suribachi. Similarly does our Jun- ior High show its fidelity to our school, proclaiming proud- ly El Paso High School's accomplishments and traditions. We look with pride at our up-and-coming citizens as Amer- ica looked at the brilliant record of the U.S.S. Texas and its heroic bell. Knowing that they will some day take our place and ring out greater achievements for El Paso High School, we can face the future with confidence and trust. 98 Bell on U.S.S. Texas as it hangs on ship's deck, dated 1918. Courtesy, Mrs. Bessie Leu Fitzhugh, NVaco, Texas. 'YD 5 Y bv' vu G7 Us -in W QQ. ov' QS' NI AXIMO AN AI A RLDY ARAUJO LELIA ARENAS FDMUN DO BALA 'VIARIO BARCEIN A JOHN N Y BARELA NI ARIE .ABLRSOLD IRENE ALOSTA NI AN I FL .AD AI, T0 LLISA AGLILERA OSC AR ALARCON RLBEN ALI A AY ELIN A ALI AR ADO GLORIA ALA ARADO BERTHA ILLIA ALA AREZ C ARNILN ALA AREZ ALICIA AWIPARAN I' A it 1 c lvl" I ' X Y ' -sv D ' . . " . 1 A Jn: ' Y 'A a ,A Q 1. . , 'fr ' ' ? x I A . 'I-v I4 A V. Xl- ff . " A A N. A - X' v v I e .sr 1. 4 ,AA E., ' I ' ' " A JUNl0B HIGH 'U' I ' , ' A af. , W xi!! WIN A ' f .Y 1, I A 6 1 ,Q Q ' 1: S N '- ':. ' ,B 7' . I, -' 5 I ,fx 1 I, . 'I ' f I X lv' Ar' 'sv qv' ,Q ,4- I VIIKE BARELA ROSE MARIE BARELA MICHELLE BERN STEIN Y ICTOR BERROTERAN LEW IS BREW STER NIICH AEL BREW STER ii'- '7- E- 100 L ARRI BL RT STEPHEN BYRBF WI AN L EL CARO L ASILDA C ARRILLO A ICTOR C ARRILLO TONI L ASTAQLD A IRFNI' 1 AQTILLO "' EDW ARD C ASTOR ROBERT I ASTOR FD L ASTORFN A BE ATRIC I' C ASTRO PATRICIA CHAGRA BILL CHAMBERS si SERGIO CHAVEZ 1: 1?-X - BARBARA CLAYTON . ALICIA CONTRERAS GRACIELA CORDOYA f 7 A CARL CORNELL CAROLE COTTLE RAIIL DE LA TORRE JOSEPHINE DE LUNA LUIS DE LIQNA J UNIOB HIGH ALMA ESTRADA MAN UEL ESTR ADA IDA ETTER VIDA ETTER BYROIN FARLOII HEX RY FERN AN DEZ MAIN-LEL FERN -XNDEZ TOWINIY FERN AN DEZ JAY FIGLEY ll-.. ALBERT FIGUEROA CAROLYN FISHER 'Nb , A I 5' .XM A 7 . J sf' "f 'Q' .- iv-X , , " A G-A ROBERT DEL RIO AN NETTE DARBON N ILR PETE DAY IS RALL DIAZ ROBERT DIAZ YOLANDA DLARTE FRANK DURAIN ALBERT EDINGTON DAY ID ELIAS BILL ELLIOTT OLGA ESCOBAR CELSA ESPARZA 101 4. .fs Q Gsow A fi , J 1 Gu 3 - Nz. X px 'L 540 N z ' 1 K 'H-.- -1 6 ' ,-J y 'C f 7' 11 -.XA iv I fs Y fi Nm .DN 'Q 1 x I x , D . ,A ., E V ' A - M 'Q A as , , A .f a Q. A' ,J ' ft ,, . ' F 5 ,N ' ff ' ? N 9 A - ne. A A .U - The I' 'O L, .. 'U I f "' A 'V' I ' X ,I "Lk L I 's , , . I . 4 1 gxw' - .Ji - H . iii - A . - x ' V -' . . I 1 , - af A , E I E, A 5 G. f A ' Na X 4, A , 5, A 4 -I J" ' x X -. ATA' N 7' 1 1' D A .I ,4 . . 'A .. A x I , 1 . I I , fm ,. X V ',, 5' A ' 1 ' , v Q ' , 45 ii NORNIAIN FLAIZ AN TON IA FLORES DAN IEL FLORES JACKIE FLORES LOUIE FLORES YOL AN DA FLORES JIM MY FLORIAN J AIN FLOI D 'OU DALE I' OLSOWI l 4-no 4. ,wg ww-1 --- 4, Q ,f bxq 119' tix' I Mx tv TONY GALINDO FDDIE GALLARDO XIRGINIA GALI EGOS ,,.-a ALBERT GARCIA DORA GARCIA JESUS GARCIA 'VIAR1 HELEIN GARCIA RAY GARCIA RUTH GARCIA 4--A JB If RAN K GARZA SAN DRA GIBBS GILBERT GIL wx, l.A.f pn D 102 JANIES FOSTER STAN LEY FOX J UNIOR HIGH W ICTORIA GIL C HARLEN E GI! EN DAY ID GOLDFIEN ARNIAN DO GOMEZ-LEOIN EN RIQUETA GOMEZ ROBERT GONIEZ -KCHILLES GOWZALEL NI ARTHA GON ZALEZ NATCHO GONZALEZ SALLY GOODELL HELEN GAIL GORDON Y X ELENA GRAJEDA VICTORIA GRANILLO ' DAPHNE GREEN , . IRMA GRIFFIN , ' "' -- CURTIS GRIFFITH ' JAINIES GUMPER ' 1, 2' ,-ug Ju' x , ' A 1 . - 3 1 6 X 1 hh , 1 . ,1 if 1u- A'- -Y , ELIZABETH GUTIERREZ NORMA GUTIERREZ MIKE HADDAD KENNETH HANKE CAIVIELYNA HARRISON of 5- 2 'C' JAMES HAVENTS NIARGARITA HERRERA MARY ALICE HOFFWIAIN ALIDA HOLLIN GSHEAD REBECCA HOPPER ELIZABETH HUGHEY J UN IOB HIGH SUSANT JAFFE JUDY JAGGARS CARL JOHN SOIN ROBERT KOLLIWER MARY KRAUSS ALICE LASINI GLORIA LEDESIVIA GEORGE LEE JUDY LEE NELLIE LEGASPI E- CARLOS LOBO GUERRERO ENRIQLE LOBO GUERRERO " MATIAS LOPEZ VINCENT LOPEZ 1 JENNIE LYINCH ALICE MADRID 'wr"w, K-,,. ' 103 Saab f ff an 'qi' Q ' 1 + ., . '4-:-Ju .'l".l. M Wx In i H.. ll PS as bo 'D ,Q X' Q4 45 M... A 15' ' 1 1 A . I' ' A K I 4, 11 , G 3 w I ,, , ff, fx I Z I I iff X J. X NA, Y A A . A 'gl . I x I A 11 ,ff I ' r , f gp K 4 , x i . 'V N I . wr ' -' - , G TOM LEE .9 f Q-3 ,za QE I 3 , ' , wil, , 'J ,1 , A , . A - v ,' i. I ,, 'E 5- A A 5,17 f vlf- IV Y flfi . X ,fi :QM . ' f 5' '1 iff- I A . Q A ETX ' In - A . 1212? G ' I wr 'ED ,ff Q gnl.4"' sl 'IK- YV 1-.4 'T M 2- 7? MERCEDES MORALES DICKIE MOREINO LUPE MOREINO MARTHA MORENO ELISA MOTA LUCY MUELA ERNESTO MUNGUIA GRACIELA MUNOZ SOCORRO MUNOZ ALICIA IN AVARRETE JANET IN ELSON FRED N ORTON 'N Q 'Y Q-I gi Z' 104 F RAINK NIARQUEZ MARTHA MARQUEZ ROY MARSHALL RUBEIN 'NIARTIINEZ ALBERTO 'VIAYNES GLORIA MEILI LEO INIEN CHACA ALEJAIN DRO MEN DIOLA "' EN RIQLETA MONREAL VICTOR MON TES BEATRICE MORALES JUNIOR HIGH KATHLEEN OCHOA ALICIA ORTEGA ABEL PAREDES RICHARD PAURA EPIFAINIO PENA If dh X HORTEN SIA PENA ISELA PENA MARGARET PENA DOLORES PEREA GER-XLDIVE PEREZ KAREN PERSING OSBELIA PISA RUDY PINO ARNIANDO PONCE NIARY OBDULIA PONCE 'VIELVIN POTASH EDWARD PRADO ROGER QUINONES HUMBERTO RAMOS HERMINIA RASCON JUAN REBOLLO .34 vi TL OLGA REYES gg, J UNIOB HIGH JUSTIN ROTH MICKEY ROTH IRVING RUBIN DIANA RUFF ALFREDO SALAS FRANK SALAZAR WILLIE SALAZAR ARTURO SANCHEZ MARGARET SANCHEZ ALICIA SAUCEDO CARLOS SAUCEDO RODOLFO REYES ANN RIGGS SANDRA LEE RIGNEY AURORA RIVAS LINDA ROBINSON JIM RODRIGUEZ PETE RODRIGUEZ RUDY RODRIGUEZ MARTHA ROJAS VICTOR ROJAS PATRICK ROLLINS SANDRA ROSEN 9 hi' fir-1 -0 N' Lv I 105 4 Q CT' xii 8 wo' 71 1 fin X- xi-Ei 'G' 4 gf- ALEX STEPAN OW JOHN STOINE TERRY TEED MARY JANE THORNTON J OHNIN Y TIC KLE IRENE TORRES KARMA LEE TORRES WALTER SCHWARTZ CHARLES SENSIBA KAREN Sl-IAIN FRANCES SHANBLUNI JAMES SI-IELTON MARY JEAN SHORRIS JOHN SILVERNI-KN SANDRA SKIDNIORE LLPE SOTO ITA SPIER ROY SPRINGER J UNIOR HIGH MARY ESTHER TOVAR IINEZ UINDERWOOD LAZARO URANGA RAMIRO URANGA R.. 'Q 'Q 1 E 'J sr 1 Q TN- A ' .- is " 3 106 RICHARD VALDES MARTHA WALENZULEA 5 ELVIRA VALLES 1,4 FERNAINDO VARGAS PATSY VELEZ ft . J 'IH -V HECTOR VELEGAS RAUL VILLA TOM WOWG SANDRA YATES EVELYN YSLAS GEORGE ZUBIATE . ,,,. f kk Nl .L A A 4' A A f A ' in ' ' A . T'111r:2f5i'Z x to in ' I! 1 I J I 'T fvf'-4-,45 1 E It , 3533 1 4 4 ' A f., , Q fi GLEN TALSOM r x - Mx Q.. U92 ' W Q,-, 3 5 if ,A . 1 Y A A :af , if A A ,sf 3 is at 14- V A' A . A 1 5 ' ' VY . 5 L 'Fw 'f' I . -76 f J uf' ' , 1, . . I A , . at 4? 5 ' A - Y -v . X ff- n I 'fb Z sl FALL LOW EIGHTH CLASS OFFICERS President JUSTIN BOTH Vice President CARL CORNELL ecretary IBEWF ACOSTA Yell Leader JOHN SILVEBM Altemate Yell Lender BOBEBT KOLLINEB J UNIOB HIGH iT 2,5 ex ? 1 'ii-" 1 J -1 4 I-HGH EIGHTH CLASS OFFICERS 5 i SPRING LOW EIGHTH CLASS OFFICERS President MIKE HADDAD Vice President HUMBERTO BAMOS Secretary SOCORBO MUNOZ Yell Leader BUDY RODRIGUEZ CHEER LEADERS Bow 1 Frances Shanblum Charlene Giv M rth G l en a a onza ez Bow 2 Hermlnia Beacon Linda Bobln lon Marie Aberlold Clta Spner 107 SPIDRTS The spirit, vivacity, and enthusiasm of the El Paso High School athletes, faculty, and student body have been as keen, and zealous as the gazelle which stands atop the bell. Like the gazelle, the eagerness of our loyalty to the boys who represent El Paso.High School has been unequalled and unrivaled. Also unchallenged is our sportsmanship. From football to tennis, from baseball to golf, or from bas- ketball to rifle matches, we have encouraged our athletes, win or lose. Nevertheless, throughout our entire sports year, amidst the clamorous shouting of our student body, bells have resounded victories for Tiger Teams. 108 4 'ru JACK MARCELL KENNETH M GUIRE Line Coach TERRElf,'g'MYQ:f,IZ,lfOUGH Backfield ccoach Row Ron Row Row 1954 V ARSITY SQUAD Frnie Valdes Tom Brovsn Joe Nlccum Lorenzo Perales Frnesto Reyes Alfred Valles John Staten Herbert Cooper Qersando Blanco Nelson Martin Alfred Hernandez Bernardo Sierra Fdmundo Torres Gilbert Calullo Bobby Navarro Nlckes W-ltton George Vlzn Coach Wiarcell Mgr Alan Kahn Tommy Arcmlega Bull White hrnesto Llmon Richard Sample Jose Chaxezh Alf4Lnso 1:4-drano Guillermo Ruxz Daud Guillen Tom Vhcker X Coach McGuire Cone ar roug Mgr Alberto Xlp Mgr Hector Solis Bull Scott George Quinn 'Vllchael Kahn Bob Feste Juan w'llS0ll Pool Webb Curtis Broughton ysllllklll I-has ALAN KAHN Head Manager ALBERTO ill' HFCTOR SOLIS Assistant Nlanager Assistant Manager 110 22.222 FO0TBALL ERNTSTO LIMON WILLIAM ELIAS POOL WEBB Co-Captain All Dlitnct Co-Captain All Dmtnct Co-Captain All Dlstnct EPI-I TIGERS TRAMPIE IRISH 21-0 A4 hw' mi? GEORGE QI INN Seen abou- is Tiger end Ernesto I lmon runnmg with the ball after taking TOMMY ARCIINIEGA All Dlstrlct a pass from Jumor Ruiz. Emesfn Reyes IS coming up to block for Llmon All Dlstnct lCour1esw of TlmP,5f HERBERT COOPER LORENZO PFRALES JI AW WILSON All Dlstrlct All Distric! All District lll Lamesa Beats Tigers, 33-20 On September 17 the Lamesa Tornadoes invaded and defeated the El Paso High Tigers 33-20. Their victory was credited to their speed and tight pass defense. Half-way in the first quarter of the game, Iamesa took a T-0 lead and the Tomadoes kept a 14-point lead throughout the game. The Tigers held them in a scoreless third quarter, but the Tornadoes came back strong in the final period of the game and scored two tallies. The El Paso High Tigers played a ground game and their main ground gainer wan Tommy Arciniega, who was a threat throughout the game The first tally for the Tigers was set up by Lorenzo Perales after he intercepted a pass and ran it from the 35 to the 12-yard line After three plays, Arr-iniega went over from the three yard line to score. The Tornadoes recovered a fumble by Perales as he retumed a punt, and after a series of three plays they scored. This gave the Tornadoes a 14-6 lead over the Tigers. The Tomadoes stole a Tiger pass on the Tiger 25-yard line and on the next play from the 23. The Tornado quarterback faked a handoff kept the ball. and went 73 yards to score. The conversion was made by Bartlett. Lamesa scored again after an inter- eeption on the Tiger 39 by Doyle Fan- cher who went all the way for the TD. The Tigers scored on a 42 yard tourh- down play when -loe Nicrum broke away on the 42. Tio Cooper converted the extra point but the Tornadoes scored on the kickoff when John Mid- dleton took the ball on his own five and went 95 yards for the tally. The final tally was made when Joe Chavez recovered a Tomado fumhle in- side the goal line. The game ended with the score 33-20 in favor of the Lamesa Tornadoes. CURTIS BROLGHTON All Dlstnct Pictured above are Junior Ruiz and Emesto Llmon as they oo me up to tackle a Tornado back tCourtesy of Herald Post! losr urn r-1 Joi 'situ wr BILL WHITE 112 N Y V i,, 1 X w x El Paso Ili h Rips Ysleta, I6-7 On Friday, October, 15, the El Paso High Tigers held the Ysleta Indians to 27 yards rushing and by doing so were able to defeat them 16-7 in the first District 2-AAAA football game at the Indians home field. After taking the opening kickoff the Indians were forced to punt, and on the first play, Tiger Quarterback, Junior Ruiz passed to Limon who then pitched to Tio Cooper who went all the way to complete a 49 yard TD play. Tio made the conversion and the Tigers took a 7-0 lead. After the first touchdown both teams showed fine defensive ball playing. and the first half ended with the Tigers out in front by 7 points. After taking the opening kickoff the Tigers carried the ball to the Indians 34 yard line. Tommy Arciniega then went all the way for a touch- down that was called back on account of a clipping penalty. After a series of plays Johnny Staten carried the ball from the five to the one-yard line and on the next play, Ruiz handed off to Cooper who plunged over for the score. Tio's try for the extra point was good and the Tigers took a 14 point lead After changing the ball back and forth a couple of times the Tigers were forced to punt and Indian halfbaek Sal Armla took Arclmegas punt on his own 25-yard line and went sew ents fne yards sldestepping and outf- runnmg the would be Tiger tacklers The oonwersion was added by Fernando Ihasoco and the score was now 14-7 in fasor of the Tigers The Indians booted a 10-yard kick and Pool Webb returned it to the In dians 48-yard llne After three downs the Tigers punted and the ball went out of bounds on the three and after two plays the Indians were caught behmd their own goal by William Elias. This gave the Tigers two more points As the game ended the Tigers came out m front, 16-7 WQWQ ALFONSO MEDRANO Shown on his way to pay du-t IS Tlo Cooper after taking a pitch out from Emmto Llmon. Llmon is commg to block a would be Indian tackler lCourtesy of Herald Postj Mm Aww ERNESTO REYES NICKY SI'I'I'0Nl DA! ID GI II I I' N 113 J- . , V h , . . I V . .V . , A V . . . , . . - . . . . I r 'ft .Wh ff' N 4 " W, ' 1 4 I ,.,, up , ,,,, "'-f5pf'iygm.,.f,. fi A M f " K 'WL 'f H ww ,, MN' W' V 1 f we N, H 4 -E , g EW' ,inf , , 'M1'42, ,, Z ,WWW I 1, 1 A 7 A N ' wwf ,gg , A' I ' T . . I. ' EPIIS Tigers Defeat Bears, 20 7 ted t 14 000 on the Tngers home held the El Paso Hugh T1gers defeated the Bowne Bears 90 A on I-'rxday October 22 Before a crowd estlma a The hrst quarter and most of the second showed good defensne ball plawng from both teams untll late ln the second quarter when a 34 yard pass to Ennque Camacho put the ball on the Tlger 9 yard lme On the next play Daud Holguin took a prtrh out and swept his left end for the tally Tony Lujan comerted the extra polnt and the half ended wnth the Bears ln front by seyen pomts ed t n nd was ln the openmg mmut knocked down on hms ow'n ll Johnny Staten then earned to the Bowie fne and on the next play plunged through the Bowie defensne lxne for the TD Coopers tn for the com erslon was no good Early m the fourth per f dlrt When Coo r made the comerslon the Tigers took a 13 4 lead late lll the fourth penod Sal Garcla threw a pass from hrs own twenty fne yard llne but Vhlham Elms always alert T1ger linebacker came out mto the flat and hauled the pass down and then ran lt mer for the Tug ers thlrd touchdown Cooper s luck was good and the fmal score was Ll Paso 20 Bowne A The mam factor for the Tigers noto- ry was their defensne work By forcmg Camaeho to run whale deep m hrs own territory the flrst Tlger touchdown was set up Whlllam Elias s mtereeptlon late ln the fourth penod agam proxed that the Tlger defensne ball club was re sponslhle for the Tiger nctory es of the second half the Tigers goth their first chance when Camacho trled to punt but was fore 0 ru a nod -lunnor Ruiz called a trap pass and tossed to Ernesto llmon who then went 64 yards or pay pe Pictured above IS Tiger l-lalfback Johnny Staten as he ls gomg mer for the fll"S' Tiger touchdown A Bowne tackler IS shown GLILLERMO RUIZ going for the fake by Junior Ruiz, thus Ieaying a clear way for Staten tCourt,esy of El Paso TIITIBSJ .,. 11'- ALFRED VAl,l.l'LS JOHNNY STATEN BOB l"l'lSTE 114 Arciniega Leads Team to 35-12 Win A determined gridiron eleven from El Paso High outclassed a Jefferson crew, 35-12 on Nov. 4, 1954, before a crowd of cheering Tigers at the R. R. Jones Stadium. El Paso High started the action by' roaring 40 vards Wlth Cooper and NICCIIIII plclnng up large yardage on every plav Tommy Arcmiega finally punched over for the touchdown Cooper converted and El Paso led 4-0 Arcm1ega, breakmg loose Ill the seoond quarter from the 40 yard lme ontran the ball to the slx before he was stopped On the next play he plowed over on a power play to put the Tigers out m front 14-0 at half tlme At the beglnrung of the second half after recovering a fumble on the Jefferson 17 the Bengals lost a soorm opportumty bv fumbling the ball away The Foxes talung advantage of the break passed for the flrst down mth end Robert 0l.lY8S netting the girst down on the 27 yard hne A wuple of power plays by Halfback Walenzuela and a touchdown pass bv Quarter Blancas completed a 89 yard dnve bv the Jefferson crew The Tigers determined to up the swre led a 69 yard dnve mth Cooper and Arcmlega dolng most of the nmnmg After plcklng up 21 yards by a sc-nes of passing and ground plays Cooper found an opening from 44 yards out and went all the way to make another tally for the Tigers Ea rlv ln the final quarter Joe NICCIIID then saw daylight through a bug hole and drove for 5 yards to help the Tiger cause before Perales passed to End Servando Blanco for the score 4' may Fullback Touyny Arclmega heads for Tiger pay dlrt wlth a twelve yard run against Jefferson Also llSlbl0 above are Ser vando Blanoo and Ernesto Llmon. ALFRED I-IERNANDEZ TOM BROWN ERWIE VALDEZ 115 Y I I I U , , MIL , A r fn , on f MICKEY KAHN A A 3? 4-"Q J .. Ml L, ' .n..l-'er U V ' h 'fa' ' , , . 'V Tigers Meet Foxes in District Tilt Jefferson, trying to get back in to the hall game, took to the air. Vasquez flipped a pass to fullback Oscar Benavides for two yards and then with Blanr-o's doing most of the passing, the Jefferson crew found themselves on the 14 yard line. After a series of losses by the Foxes, a 14 yard pass was completed to Valenzuela and a nine yard pass to Oliyas. The scoring play then came with an I8 yard pass to End Amiando Contreras. Jefferson, seeing scoring land for the last time, was outfoxed hy an offensive drive by the Tigers and stopped cold on track by a sharp de- fense. Lorenzo Perales, who took the signal calling post for the Tigers late in the first period, took the Tigers to the five yard line before he passed to end Bill Scott for the final score of the game. Highlights of the game defensively was a tackle by Lorenzo Perales, who played safety on defense. Perales tackled a -lefferson back close to the goal line to save a touchdown. Also outstanding defensively were Curtis Broughton, Emesto Limon, Joe Chavez, and William Elias. On offense, Joe Niccum was the game's outstanding player, along with Arciniega. Chavez and Blanco also did an outstanding job. Q' GEORGE MAY Tommy Arclmega Tiger fullback is shown going for a gain against Jefferson Joe Nlccum is coming up to block for him George May Pool Webb Mickey Kahn and Ernesto Llmon are assisting with the blocking fCourtesy of El Paso TUBES, vu "wg 10 1 wwf' kflfw , P -.H-we any .Q YQ ll'Sl N -Xt I ll AR BILL SCOTT SERS ANDO BLANCO 116 I , . safe" A ' - r. ' ., ' i, A , . -.W ,A 'f .W 1 " hw " ' 1 1 1 - l . . i . ' ,.V.', ,M of, . U fn -- V' f ' K " ,- Vw 'f , ' we ,..V: Q."-wt,.,:.J u .. ' f '. . ' -r.' ,,,.e..m 3153-E we -ff.-L., W- -I sg- L3-if 'iafwfe ' - t ',..-,fwag rf ' . ' D, ,Z f , -.fx - ....e, Q-.. "' ' ' 1 .. 21' " . -A '. - ' fx- " 1 A' - 1. 0. e my . - 1 . A -V . , , .l.".'.i'.. . ',.' ..' Panthers Defeat Tigers ln Dlstrlet Playoff On Thursdas Nm ember 18 at the Panthers homefleld Ll Paso bowed to Austln 14-0 -in 01 erflow crowd of 11 000 spectators saw the -kustm Panthers score twice m the flrst half Four costlx fumbles hurt the Tigers a lot, whlle Austin lost two fumbles out of fue The Panther defense dld a fme job of holdmg the Tlgers ln check but thelr offensne umt wasn t clicking against the Tlger defense Panther quarterback Don Spann went mer for the first tallx from the 13 ward line after faking into the lme and then skirting hrs end The conwerslon w added b J B lu Th as X lm roo ns e second touchdown was scored nght before the half ended on a seven ward plunge bw Norman Lane Brooklns agam booted the extra pomt l 0 9 26 On the next play Ernesto Llmon tool. a fancx handoff from Tommx Arcmlega, but tlme ran out wlth the ball on the Panther ll ward llne Defensne stars for the 'Pagers were Pool W ebb George Quinn and Emesto Lunon 10 WW' NELSON MARTIN Norman Lane ls shown aboxe as he I9 golng ower for the second Panther touchdown as Tiger safety man Lorenzo Pera les comes ln too late to help an umdentlfled Tiger Tackler Iunlor Ruiz number ll stands by fCourtf-sy of LP Tlmesj BOB NA! ARRO TOM VYICKER EDMUNDO TORRES 117 o o o o Idl Paso's only scoring opportunity was stopped by the clock. Pool Webb intercepted a pass on the Austin 30 yard line 'nd carried 't t th h Team Drills Before Game of the Week From September l untll the fmal game the Tiger football team worked out exery afternoon perfecting plays devel oplng lorm and working on blocking passing and puntmg ln the picture abowe the squad IS runnmg through plays er the dlrectlon of Coaches Yarbrough Marcell and McGuxre GI' NI' NICHOL BFRN ARDO SIERRA RICH ARD Q-KWIPLE 11B o .. ' 'r .. .rw . ,.. 'v . . . . ' . . V V .' . V' "- uf - Q , . . .y , , . ' 4 W w -Q' MNH Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso HARRY BROWN Head Coach NITE NITE SHIFT FOKJTBILLL SEASON S SUMMARY Austin Ysleta Bowie Austln Cathedral Jefferson Ysleta SHIFT SQUAD 1954 Ralph Blea, Robert Campos, Albert Dominguez, Frank Felhaber, Frank Garcia, Alejandro Hernandez, Tommy Hines, Bill Isaac, Harvey Joseph, James Karam, Brock Kler, George Lowery, Edward Martinez, Frank Martinez, Willie Martinez, Joe Monte- longo, Johnny Navarrette, Dan Orr, Joe Ortiz, Joe Porras, Gary Pruitt, Manuel Quin- tana, Ruben Salas, Ruben Sanchez, Rudy Sierra, Eugene Sledge, Kenneth Smith, Jim Spier, Johnny Sullivan, Herman Vitela, Bill Walker, Manager Amador Gonzalez, Man- ager Carlos Gonzalez. 119 1954 FRESI-IMAN FOOTBALL TEAM x if iii Qi: .., Alfonso Amparan Gulllermo Arcmlega Bobby Carrlllo Arthur Cohen, 'Vhke Delaney Ar mando Del Rlo, Roberto Diaz, Ateno Garcia Sergio Gomez, Albert Herron, John Kelly Don Klelg Jose Llmon, l'ddle Mapula, Ruben Martinez Manuel Wiartmez, Glenn Nlclimney, Richard Munoz Armando Untneros, Ricardo Ontneros Roger Qulnones Roberto bamedra Moises Salazar, l'ddle Vechot, Manager Tony Reyes ilnset Coach George Pohanb 1954 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM 'M ff A 9 Aa-hw! in 2103132 ni Q20 7 ,w 0- Wlga-6 Ella omg? T 1 L, ,s,, Y IQJQQ ' I-rnesto 'Vlangula Abel Pareden Robert kalllner Lexus Brewster Rlll I-lllott Robert Del Rio, Albert I-dm ton Juan Rebollo Vlanuel laro Achilles Gonzalez Janus Shelton Carl Cornell Mickey Roth Vll e Barela Prank Marquez Patrick Rollins l-rank Salazar MBFIO Rarcena, Row Marshall 'blanager Leopoldo Rarrlentos Manager Altonso Gonzalez tlnset Coach lrun Thacker y 120 Q , Y, L , M Q I U l . - . '.' Q1 1. :"' f A' R m - 1 y u Q , - 1 - Q V, - V, .A A V - , t - A v A I' i 1 N . 3 V Y ! ' Y I I ' I . , . ' 9 'l p-- ' 51 X 'HQ it ,' Q , , jar. K, AT Y r Q 'K r 'L H S 4 V 1,3 5 A- - 7 , N 1 ff B- . I 5 Sl , 0 N ' fx N 4 ' ! - ' A ' 57 : J V 1' 39 A.. 'wr . A 4145 ' 31 -79 K - g A 1"J" K . 9 - 4 y ' - ' ' f K a 4 ' .. ' ' . 4 ' x uh- 1 ' 1 , ' ' ag- fwgy,W9 v, f' -f'. A .. , A Y pf' , Q . ,1-az. ,' -5. -,rm Q' egg' , . . - h au! 'S v-xfrf.-11 .'-A' Liicirk' f ,' rd" ' ,H --I ..l'i'. "1 4. '4' . ' ' ,- , ' IK" .' 1f-wc4wH..-f- P . -M-f.q -' ""H-.1r:--'-- ' . ' P A"".s'L5f 1" -'7 , l"4 'ff' '4 , -' 'l'. , -, S 'MQ "Y '. Q l . . . ' 'b 55 HQ.. - u 5 ' A ' . '- ' ' . "' ' ' v ' 3 ' - -' ' ,Ai ,' 1. . Q V jo- :.., ', p ' I ' V ' 1 1 Q I I ' 0 ffl! LW' Coach C D JARVIS CITY TOURNAMENT Paso Bowie Paso Jefferson Paso Cathedral Paso Austin 4-.f HU' X, 945 HOWARD MOWAD DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Row 1 Jim Spier, Alfred Hernandez, Raymond Marquez, Bully Rodriguez, Salvador Castlllo, Ernesto Limon, Guillermo Rulz. Row 2: Coach Jarvis, Luis Arenas, Alfonso Medrano, Joe Chavez, Abed Esman, LeRoy Glardon Fernando Mer cado, Wilbur Kohnle, Ronnie Gillett, Justin Woelfel, Howard Mowad, Manager. RONALD GILLETT ALFRED HERNANDEZ SALVADOR CASTILLO EL PASO VS JEFFERSON The Tigers opened their defense of the district 2- AAAA championship title with a flashy 57-49 victory over Jefferson in the first district game. The Tigers, using a fast break, took an early 15-1 lead before Jef- ferson could hit a field goal. The Tigers showed speed and accurate passing to hold a first period lead of 19-9 and a29-19 lead at half time. The Tigers never led by less than seven points, with VVil- bur Kohnle and Junior Ruiz scoring with 14 counters each. They were followed by Joe Chavez with 11 markers and Ronald Gillett and Er- nesto Limon with 8 each. The Tigers played as a unit both on offense and defense. Outrebounding Jefferson 146-253 the Tigers held 19-9, 29-19, 47-35 and 57-40 per- iod leads. --sr' Joe Chavez is attempting to make- a hook shot. Junior Ruiz and Ronnie Gillett are seen in the background. l22 A Cf' LV ERNESTO LIMON ALFONSO MEDRANO RAYMOND MARQUEZ Ernesto Limon is going up for a lay up shot while Wilbur Kohnle, Joe Chavez, and Junior Ruiz follow up. 123 TIGERS vs INDIANS The Tigers dropped their third outing 50-61 to Ysleta. The Tl- gers, having a tough time hitting the basket the first half, were trailing at half time. The Tigers, during the first half, made many defense and offense errors, and had passes. Trailing by 20 points at one time the Tigers caught fire and moved up to within 7 points at one time. The Indians were too hot for the Tigers and moved away again. The Tigers were hurt when Joe Chavez foul- ed out early in the third quarter. Wilbur Kohnle led the Tigers with 17 points. EPHS VS AUS TIN VYith 2 wins and 1 defeat the Tigers entered their 4th district outing against Austin. The Tigers, led by Wilbur Kohnle's 26 pts. defeated Austin 48-27. The Tigers started slowly but held a 14-7 lead at the end of the first quarter. The Tigers then began to pull away after Austin moved up within 2 points Q17-151 to hold a 29-18 half time lead. At the end of the 3rd per- iod, with Kohnle scoring all but two of the Tigers' 10 points, and Joe Chavez controlling the Aus- tin Backboard, the Tigers held a 39-21 lead. When Coach Jarvis put in the substitutes at the mid- dle of the fourth quarter, the Tigers held a 44-24 lead. ABED ESMAN EL PASO 58 BOWIE -I0 The Tigers again defeated Howie in the second game of district play. The Tigers started very slowly holding a mere 20- 17 half time lead. The Tigers then decided to show the fans they were still a district threat and moved to a comfortable lead at the end of the third period. Coach Jarvis sent in his bench early in the fourth period. Then Bowie closed the lead to 9 points. VYilbur Kohnle captured high point honors with 22. Ronnie Gil- lett and Joe Chavez scored 15 and 13 respectively. EL PASO 40 JEFFERSON -I5 Jefferson got revenge on the Tigers in the first game of the second round. The Tigers, not being able to play together or hit the basket, were defeated 45- 40. The Tigers made only nine field goals for a per cent of 13. The only thing that kept the Ti- gers in the game were the 22 free throws they made. Ronnie liillett led the Tigers with 8 free throws and 3 field goals for a total of H points. VVilbur Kohnle added I0 and Joe Chavez 6. This was the Tigers' second defeat to move them down to a 3 way tie for first with Jefferson and Ys- leta. JOE CHAVEZ VVILBUR KOHNLE me 7 ' N .192 W" .. V ,J 'W II" Wilbur Kohnle is making a hunk shot from the side. Joe Chavez and Ronnie Gil lett are looking on. 124 as FERNANDO MERCADO GUILLERMO RUIZ JAMES SPIER ..v...... ay, Y JIIIV., 4 M-not A' Junior Ruiz is seen tipping the ball to Joe Chavez while Ernesto Limon and Wilbur Kohnle look on. 125 EL PASO vs YSLETA This was the big one for the Tigers, for a win here meant a chance for the crown. The Tl- gers, in the same manner as they defeated Ysleta in 1954, again passed the Indians and won a 38-33 victory. After the first few minutes of the game, the Tigers took the lead and retained the lead the rest ol the way. The Tigers held a 10-85 21-153 32-27 and 38-33 per- iod leads. Leading the Tigers were Ronald Gillett and VYilbur Kohnle with 12 and 11 counters. This win gave the Tigers a chance to tie for first place with Jefferson. TIGERS vs PANTHEBS The Austin Panthers smashed the Tigers' hopes for retaining the district 2-AAAA crown with a 61-55 victory. The Panthers, inspired to their breaking point, broke loose and held an early 22-14 lead at the end of the first quarter. At the half, EPHS was trailing 28-26. Austin caught fire and the Tigers, being tense, fail- ed to hit the basket. The Tigers trailed 46-36 at the end of the third quarter. Joe Chavez, Wil- bur Kohnle, and Junior Ruiz led the Tigers with 16, 14, and 14. This was the final game of the district, and although the Tigers did not win, they tied for second with Ysleta. This was the final game for three Tiger seniors - Wilbur Kohnle, Ernesto Limon, and Sal- vador Castillo, JUSTIN WOELFEL BILLY RODRIGUEZ GADSDEN TOURNAMENT The Tigers entered the Gads- den Tournament the first week after the Christmas holidays. The Tigers coasted to an easy victory over Hatch, New Mexico in the first game. Fernando Mercado set an all- tlme record by scoring 36 points against llatch. The Tigers then met Las Cruces in a second game, lu which the Tigers were defeated. The Tigers then defeated Soco- rro to win third place in the tournament. Thus the Tigers brought home with them another trophy. Mercado was hlgh man ln all three of these games, 359177 A LUIS ARENAS LeROY GLARDON 'm-T1 an-qv-. Junior Ruiz is making a jump shot while Fernando Mercado and VVllbur Kohnle close in for the rebound in the Gadsden Tournament. 126 GOLF TEAM " 1 11 a ..-"" Q 5-'O T lles, Arturo Alva, Antonio Vasquez and Juan Rosales JR HIGH BASKETBALL Row 1 Roy Springer, Manager Arturo Sanchez John Silverman Larry Burt Eddie Castoreno, Robert Kollin er and Daud Ellas Row 9 Coach Thacker Justm Roth Frank Salazar Carl Cornell George Arroniz, and James Shelton 127 L r " I . I : ' u 'r'-I C Q ' I 4 l A , , , ' ar f X A A x lla' . 4 " ' . 0 . If V A I N Left to right-Mr. Blatchley, Sponsorg Jose Morales, Luis Vasquez, Richie Argue- H ri K.. I 4 ' s l f A I ' .z , D ' , , , . ROBERTO CARRILLO CARLOS GONZALES ROBERTO SAAVEDRA EUGENE SLEDGE NIGHT SHIFT BASKETBALL ARTURO ALW A Coach HARRY BROWN SEASON S SUMMARY LUIS MORENO Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso El El El Paso Paso Paso 41 43 48 52 46 Ysleta Bow ie Bowie Jefferson Cathedral Austin Tech Jefferson Tech Bon le Ysleta Jefferson Austin Jefferson Tech Bowie Ysleta Austin I 128 HAROLD TURLEY ELIAS ZAMORA El - 44 4 El 1 87 El 47 ss El 49 48 El 43 52 El 48 31 El 49 28 El 48 52 El 65 40 . ' 1 El 44 ' 48 El 46 50 El 58 45 I El 48 46 ' ' 5 EI 51 52 El 45 31 NIGHT SHIFT BASKETBALL l ARMANDO OCHOTORENA TAD DAEUBLE EDDHE WAPULA l AMADOR GONZALES JESSE DUKE DELANEY RAUL 9 , -v yy, I 4 ,Q .Q :Q ' 1 V, 'ffxuw I r 1 w V29 Q B ,ig wail A ' A , gf: , V FRANK MAWHNEZ MEDRANO 3' CARRILLO ,I it ilfgfgg BUCKEY BOTH U9 BROCK IHER GIRLS' W ABSITY TEN WIS 1. 1' LINDA LIVHVGSTON if CAROL BELL ei,-M.. WINSTON FARQUEAR Coach SI-IERIDAN MOTT ANGIE ZACOUB Row 1: Carol Chambers, Gloria Rodriguez, Sheridan Mott, Nancy Pennies, Kay Porter, Nancy Latham, Linn Carter, and Claudia Poe. KNO: shown is Maggie Haddadr ROW 21 Mtlrihi Mi IU. TiSSie G00d0ll. Pflgy Abraham, Angie Zacour, Rosemary Zacour, Carol Bell, Linda Livingston, Jo Ann Pennies, MM-y Musa,-eg Key, 130 BOYS' VARSITY TENNIS LEE EPSTEIN HAROLD TUBLEY ERNEST MEBBICK RUSSELL CLEVELAND MIKE GOLDMAN BILL KLEHVSCHMIDT Row 1 Jerry Dorris Lee Epstein Harold Turley Ernest Merrick Row 2 Mike Goldman Russell Cleveland David Goodell Joe Rey 131 Manager MICKEY ARCINIEGA -...WN-sus Q-is ""---.... id? g fe- O E11 1-Q W U-4 if Z X Tir' Y .I HAL SMITH iiuga... -Q.. p-L ::,Y,,Z..- ---IF: n ' ' , .JA 2 I I w-' 1 wma: '1- A83 MW 'PQ 9-E1 E I A MMM """""' i Q. i .....a-m-.-- Ek EN T ui' ii Y -6-at ,,,,,,, BASEBALL Coach McGUIRE 'V R,-mx V' ilfwddilm fr"-min I Qr ? ii? ,fun haw lui, 'G ERNTESTO LIMOIN ...qssduss Y--a-nv.-,,7,:,,,,...'z Z nil' TED LUERA -A x ..-......,n,....... -1' 9 f- s. 1 pany?----'f"" 9'!""""' '53 JH TOM JONES m l"'E5.,'11lT! +-- iles'-s-qu 1-an-4 -Qi-vb gil Quin-MH STAIN LEY SETLOCK -......sN::--L, -4-,.,,-N-i. 4-4ln.,,,,,h 132 HEL RY MORALES wc, 'vm'-f-Q.. "M-air-....,, ""F'3-hp-l '446-us.. Q X my-SL, EDMUIN D0 TORRES W x! ALBERT DOMIIN GU LZ 5 Jw Z- F ,- ' 'V if" h Ti' ' M"f 'aim 4, ,, Q I v My ' v f , v . "' , ,,,, ,.,,.,... - -gf -J Vf AV V ,, ,. If : YV,w V 'A ,.. . , , ,V N , g Q., ,,,a , 1. V- wyfwg , 15'-A 1 V Wt' F V" ' ' A -- l 'v 'Q ' f 7 2 ,' V- Q ' , ' I 'Y T ' v - ' ' 4 g.l'i'f . . -W ' ' " 'Q V . n "RTW gm, if fm ' 1' ' V , -A . - ff V ' Y ff- 1 - 1 V, , A1 V 2, Y 3557+ ' " dl V' . r ' qi K ,L 'M' 1 5- A I Q . Q 1 '- ,V WI n ,QQ-1: ly, H I 1 V Q f K RV .t 4 . E ? "' f A 51" -'Y ' , ,Q , 2 ,g .'-3 . ,341 M, X . . v- , 7. W 1, U! 1 ,t V .3 , 'V ,F ' 3 4 :cya ws 7 ' .1 . 3-. ,-J 1 1 ' 4 ' 1,3 ' J " Q , I vl , . Ax af. A x fr Q gi-A ' 'I ' , : '- ' 4, ' - . . Q . , Q , ' ., W. ff' I . s V' ,, . ' 'K 1 " 1 3 , F , If 'L :M E. . - '7 , Q W , Y ,A - In ' Y .3 fl .Y 1' V ,A V V. ' 4 I L ffl i V ...V - -f - K .' 1 '-if J .V f'V'V""i ' , - V , ' f Y W' ' TRL - v -.1 V - -""4,, y ,i,1,f:f,,, W V -A .1 NF vff , ' 54, 1 , W M' , ' " "' .-- ,Lp X., ' I .K Y 5 I W, .M V4 V we , ' ' 1- A I A. 'V ,Ql',- --l" k I7 --'Y 111 L .5 1 ,gf 5 jr, ,, ,gg gi' .., -M ., Q K 'wMV- , -A ' ..4.. J V X Mm..-D V, .qw M fi I , ' V...... . , EU' - V X 1 'L' ' 'B V 91 V ' . P cf. X YM: WN., - yi. "W", """,.... W ,i""w'L""' 1 s f ' 0 QQMQQ. ff V ' ' ' ' H if , 1 . , if ts, ' '3 MM 4' 1 V 2 I A X Q' M . -.-v T - fi J , ' 1, . I - s NA 1 in V I . A Q, V l. lg- A I A ' V , 4' . . 1f?Q?fk'Tff:V5-I? Y L W wr My . ., V, MMM i"- --W...-,f, 'M ,ag V Qjl' ff j 4 V- It ,.g,,jN fx BTW M in ,L,mG'N.T:..?,,m 4 W, ham A, A 4 , W ,,., , .5 ,V W F - Mmm M 5,4 M-NM .V , A A ' ws. My M ,, M K N --. KN A VV ,- .-- -V 'M n-M-.A,,, ,Vw ,V-1 A 4 Q. W V- -,, - H A-,N A . ' H Q . . - , W' .QM ,Z 5 rw., f-.. ,, 'Wa ' .1 ,B AB h"'N4- N" 'iff XB 'IB L 5 JK ,. -, ,, , mfdwlw ALV4 v ,I A 3 I , A , -- .-....,., M -...... y ,, , , I , A ,V , R N W 5, x WWW, N, , , , Y .1 , """""'--V-A mm! --.- .-..,,,.. ,, ., 4, fr ..-:A Vinh vwllub I , .'-AW. ,V HM .,,. ""jj'TfT"'j""'I 41 .-. ....k- ' -V-32 ,zz fm-fn' Y ...--N-fn , , 4 5 , . .-. , f. - , - V 7' ,. ,- - - V , Z ' "n 5 J if ' Human- ,,.., ,M f F I ily, j -f--vfff"e . Q 5 ' 5 . V -f , V ' 4 fzvxkisf I ,, "' f u, J ut , 1 4 1 A , 3 f , ,V 5 , ,: ,-A' v 4 , - - f - , 1- ,N ' L , , -V wifi- 4-5 . Q' VV-MM- A V A ' n ' -.xwkb -Msixlx - 5-74 A f . Num- Y A ..,, -Q ' M , N" ' - -- , M - H V ' L -- x '-V. , -' ' Q, " A - -'-'s-' - ' Q , my W 'jk I - 'r- i.,..,,,,,, ' ----- --Y-Y V , """' - -....,,, f . T f- ,H - 1 6 .. .. , , ,,':-' 'N' 6 I 'A ' - ' - A :.2,,1,.., ,,,,,, """"'j ."ij -----N A , ' ' A f I J. S-w-... . ski 'SN'--N TOMMY ARCIN IEGA Y-. ..x ...J SAL I-IERWAIN DEZ "-'-.kg Ni---. JOE IN ILCUNI FDDIE BARELA I 'M-an Q 3'-v .. is LUIS ALARCON ALFRED HERNANDEZ WIILTOV SMITHERMAN ggi... BASEBALL 414111111-ga ,,, I 1511 LORENZO PERALES . Queen ELVIA of the House of GONZALEZ ROBERT DIAZ DAY ID GUILLEIN JOE PORR -KS WIARVIIN BELL 5 iixl L --L N--Xxs Q--L.. -ig-vw igsi '---....,, --q....... ,,.13.- --azz.: 13. V ' 1 I 5' ,,, las J-4' ' 5 L Y -. S-R 1 YN , -,-,W.M:jf-x,,,NNv1. L., , V M NXAT- .- ' '-V ek .T A W- - " A ' A' - , M ' ,Vs H -ig 5 w " ' f---.., M A ,--V 'M AJ M ,,.,, I I ' . 4 1-M ,.., V " .W ,-M mm' K A hiv' W ,- ,,.., , . A , W W . , .4 A M" N R -'- Q J "'-' . e-" Q Pisa ' , .V ,- 5 - I V Il I it A. A.. ff, M ' 4, - I , ,- as X K L .,.. XA! E U -------f -M f""""""" ' U ' A -,- - -' W- ' ' I u s , s 'vr ' , .f I , X g 'X , . u Y, 7 . . - i 1 A A A A W ' f57Qa4 t Y 'wzy'-44. .2 -'. .7 gf ' ' y f 'SFTQJ-' ...faxfa 1 - - - - Hag, 5 Y Ns 1 gran 5-, - A A ',,I.,-fe'-we 'F v 1 Y . v 4 A A A A A 4 A L '+ ' f , , ' ,fj , I V Q f 4.--...L ,N-,511 ,Ky L, if .K , 5 M I 2 V ' ,,......--.- 1 1, A f -nl, I 1 S, M-Mm 1 ff .f , -M' ' f - V. fu-M-4, 4, .LY s 5 3 f, A A M- E21 W W, V, y - ,, , ,M Q ' , I I' , ' . X, ' A vc I 1' ' '. if lf f 5 H :H ' ' z . f-,,rL r -if-'mv W .M . I A fg f , B ,Mint ,1 I ,V V ': I- fl gp Mf'j"J S W ,V f' - ' " f 'f,,"5'F as-. 1 ff 1 g ' 'ar' '. A v -"L1+-vqw... , ry. M.,,B,, N fj W - L . A 'N -ML 4. .' . MMV A N , I' W , . f ' fr , , 5 pan..-.Q--.-4.-... A , , -- - 'fe "' ' --,...... v f , I H' ' .M V 4.-V-. . A ,Fi , a A .vw-Y in I , , I 1-AN' 4 ' s A . , 5 Af V - V' Orr.-. ' ' . Qs ' 1 A V V Y . . . A I 1 Mxkxk- Em, g L I K W NH- S r l . Q- -M sxi I NL .- V - Ns" 'A 'W " ' -X wx- A ' ' ' - as 'PJ f-A ' I " 'Q ,x .wwf , - ,Skis A W4 , -V ., D ' at M I ' '- - I U., A ' A- L I - A M H N'-" 5 1 A -Xt -X 7. - l . ,,, A , , 1 . . A In H ,e...,..,M,, , A-L. 'Q A . W n ,ku ' V ' --...... - 4 -ANL . , -HA I Z: t I- T by A W K K .-H ....x...... I ,,, "----- K' 5 I - - ""' A M 'A' ' y..- x , ,.. . .-.-. -.W ., D n V S .L , 4,1-g4.,...4. -- .. - ""' -" , If' .J f- ,X ...M ' X K ,.- P I TRACK .r-441' Coach MARDELL 4' 1 BOB FESTE JOHN L 1955 TRACK TEAM W i Row Bow Row Bow fafieawilf ,nv Irvin Steele, Allred Valles, Joe Ponce de Leon, Joe Chavez, Curtis Broughton, Pool Webb, Mickey Kahn, John Hall, lahmael Gonzalez, Fran cisco Contreras, Coach Max-cell Roy Marshall Ernie Valdes, John Staten, Bill White, Richard Delgado, Alfred Salu, Pete Truglllo, Bernardo Sierra, George Lowery Pete Martindale, Nelson Martin, Arthur Cohen, Bob Navarro Roger Qumones, Gus Stems, Jlm Spler, Ricardo Ontiveroa, Lenny Fiener, John Melby Alfonso Gutierrez, Tony Reyes Albert Herron Willy Martinez Hector Solis, George Quinn, Salvador Rodriguez, Harvey Joseph, Wardo Gwen, Manuel Quintana, Ernesto Llmon, Tony Garcia l34 , A 19" V ' ' x 1 ., ol E, . ' ' 'Z . A , af Ju' 4 K - vf A Q v 4 l 6 b Cf I , -, , ,1 ' tfiq, '-' . , N K' V .,,, A M , V , X . ' ,ik MJ 1 A 'L.l.,,w,'. V, X - . , - - 1 V M ' W fo C f . V Z NN , . l Y L2 .. 3, L 1 . , , l , J 1 Y C l J 5 f " 'P' ,A 3 X . 'W 22. s f Y S 9 l G, y I - , v , 4 J - ' . I X Q . I , ,, 1 t Y ,I ' 'M-W --v - JA.-.J--WNY Q-M'-e' ""A "' 'N' -' ' --- - .-A --..,.,,-ww l 1: - 2: , " ' '. 8: , " ' , . 4: ' . . qv .'1'4,r" ' M mfs ge t xn ina th"0we - QWW' z We wil' 1' ve by f.hT0 he discus rs prec . 1 ,. ,E . , t 1: F75 in ,gem lclng, v-K The tef PETE MABTINDALE Manager 'R TONY BEYES Mnnagor Trafck Queen LINDA of the House of LIVINGSTON . ? "1 ff" 'l e efa1ee1eeea1,.ff'f ff ff e - 1' se. ' I ff' dfxk b A f' . 1' 1 A ' V ff! xxx' .1 ,eff""" -1t,Qr-3:11-.b1, 5- tw I3 V ,f"S': ,Av ,M p 8 - A ' -i - racuce EfIrth8 mem NK ' ' ' en dung 17818 0 -. Y ttefm . ll the Tr b E I - ,54 be ack team ' '. ' 1 "' 135 STUDENT GUVERNMENT El Paso High School's scope of leadership is As our leaders are chosen, we can be sure that their voices will speak for each of us as did the Liberty Bell proclaim the Independence of the thirteen original colonies. Because of that Declaration, we the student and youth of America, will become proud followers of the Stars and Stripes. Our own Student Council will serve as the cornerstone for the future as we become leaders of tomorrow. Yet, While we are gaining that experience, the proclamation of the Liberty Bell will ring out through our democratic Student Govern- ment. 136 737554 M - -'-gp-ls'-u--V+! - A. DULPH HATFIICLD 138 PATSY LATHAM Vlce President Fall Term 1904 MARGIE CRAWFORD Secretary Fall Term 1904 139 WILBITR KOHNLE Councilman-at-Large Fall Term 1954 jf ' l 140 X Y x - . JEANINE BEEVERS Councllman at Large Fall Term 1994 a DELLA HADDAD Program Manager Fall Term 1934 W ORTH SCHERMERHORIN Program Manager Fall Term 1904 YELL GEORGE ISAAC MARGARITA MARTINEZ LEADERS BEN FISHER Head Yell Leader RICHARD GONZALEZ SHARON SKIDMORE ! 4 I I ,, l, 5 5 ' M f , T rsw, 1954 1955 YELL LEADERS 1 BELL 143 NICHOLS 3 WILBIYR KOHNLE 144 82515510602 PQUOW HZFJUHMPHFUW CUZ'-5U"Um Emma UIUIQDH DELLA HADDAD hee President Spring Term 19.33 .jf tvx MARGUERITE LOXA Secretary Sprung Term 1905 JOE HALOW Councilman at Large Sprung Term 1915 146 SANDRA ROBBINS Councllman at Large Sprmg Term 1905 ELVIA GONZALEZ Program Manager, Spring Term 1955 TOMMY ARCINIEGA Program Manager Spring Term 1955 IW' SENIORS Row 1 Sheridan Mott Roxann Barrett Karln Smith Frankle Gold Peggy Abraham Ron 2 Chuck Vvhlte Blanca Guzman, Joe Halovu SOPHOVIORES Row 1 Ruth Glllett Kay Broaduell, Bllllj0 Sex ton, Beverley Ross Row 2 Ruben Salas, Alfred Valles Carmen Arau Jo Nardo Given, Judy Malone John Shan blum, Bewerly Glbbs 514-1 In M .Quan JLNIOR HIGH Ron 1 Janet Nelson Carol Cottle, Frances Shan blum Row " Niary Esther Towar Frank Nlarquez, Lupe Soto, 'Nhlun Potash STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES FALL 1954 fir JUNIOBS Ron 1 Jolie Burt Jo Ann Abraham Hilda Mlnja res, Jane Holmberg Row 2 Gnlbert Gutierrez, Marie Endlich Sandra Crawford Mary Anne Kennedy, Irma Ys las, Jam Spxer 4iFCwm FRESHMEN Ron Myles Cohen, Lovey Garcla, Margaret Ne lan Susie Gold Hllda Montelongo Row 2 John Shepherd, Mary Waremg Margaret Palm, Geraldme Grossman, Esther Ylp Margaret Herron LL Sponsor, NIR SALNDERS SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES 5,.,, SEINIORS Lucille Hannon Mary Lou Cuellar Sheridan Mott JUNIORS Armando Juare1, Betty Belmont Warne Endllch, Joe Chavez Nancy Daum Billy Spur, and Mickey Kahn PRESHMFNT Geri Grossman, Suzanne Gold Jamce Aboud Susan Behrman Carmela Haddad Ray Garcia Bruce Rosen SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVES Ronnie Gillett, Parliamentarian, Springg Mickey Kahn, Parliamentarian, Fallg Margie Crawford, Ruth Gillett, Chuck W'hite, Tommy Tickle. 149 SOPHOMORES Esther Yip Patsy Abraham Buzz Rane Nancy La tham Beverly Ross, Judy Mann, Mary Lou Mayhall JUNIOR HIGH Marie Abersold Melun Potash Jennie Lynch FEATURES Bells are beautiful whether you spell them "Bells," or "Belles" What is more enchanting than to see a lovely girl walk on a stage, receive a crown and with smiles thank her court and her worshippers? These next brief pages will show pictures of those we have chosen worthy of honors, but these pictures represent them as we know them-fellow students and friends. So- with a scent of budding roses and in sight of vivid decora- tions we hear the ringing of the silvery bells for our chosen. 150 J" Picture, Courtesy Potter's Flower Shop. . A -Q 1454" ' ' x . . 1,1 4' ' f Lgsgx '31TZ'A?-'ff' f-'H ff mix' ww ,ff-,ffmfff' x f 1' " 1 - ayfL.,fQ rf- , -1 A 4. ' 4 4 ,A ,Y "L '-,- X . M -1 ,gf y A. Q 5, " 0 N 24 , .1 HER MAJESTY Ql'lCliN NANCY llAl'M Amos Uughion l'lSC'0R'l' 152 ILSCORT 153 LADY-IN-VYAITING NANCY GERMANY Bob Ft-gfp CON CHA OCHOTOBENA Y l- LIA NIORFNU wwv JL Di TALPIS Tommy Arcmnega 1' SCORT Tio Cooper LSCOBT Joe NICCUIII 1955 Football Court PRINCESSES l' SCORT l'STl'lIAQllNONl-N '- NORAH Pl' RLZ KAY FESTL 154 W llham l- has l- QCOBT 4-Q 5 Juan N llson I- SLOBT 74 Bull W hlte l- SL URT ROSL HAR! DORA ZACOIR BIABBI. no High 12 Junlor Bulz ESCOBT WIABGARLT HLRRON l-hgh 9 George Quinn FbCOBT SAYD YATI' S Low 8 Arthur Cohen I' SLOBT Low 12 PAT Ml RPI!! Nlckey Sutton I- SCORT SANDRA David Gulllen ESCORT NORWIA STOLTZ Hugh 10 Blll Scott LSC OBT GIBBS I-hgh 8 if Alan Kahn 155 Esconr ANGIL ZACOIR High 11 Bernie Sierra LSCORT GLORIA RUDRIG l I' Z fb Low 11 Al Nledrano lf SCORT 1930 Football Court DU CHESSES VIARTIIA BAL TISTA Low 9 Lrme Valde ESCOBT 8 , ' . .A , I 4 L Am Q J Av A .A N , ,Y , 4 fr ia- 1 o z?" ' - -' L 10 A 3 ow 'fu G' . ,aa 'e-aim , ' ' ,f 'X , 1' I ' ., ,. L F A V w -9 . . BA ' . .n' :.' X. C 7 A All El Paso High School Girl PATSY LATHAM 156 LD SHERMAIN All El Paso High School Bos IRMA RODRIGI I' 7 'Host Bvauhful I lrl 58 MARIE ENDLICH MARY LOU MAYHALL Second Place Beauty Third Place Beauty 159 E 2, e 49 5 4 1 Q , I ,x I . I, 7 4 J 'f f R g if 2 ' j if A e If-A 5 gf f ff ' f f if E W ei .gf , I fix :Q Al: fy I 71, 5 e I f i e A Q , J' 5 j 1 33 2 5 ' ff . Q 5 gf , "" wi 'ff' 'K S IEANINTF BLEVERS Senior Fax orites BEN FISHER Jo ANN ABRAHAM Junior Favorites ERNESTO LIMON 161 M1 .4-0 ,' f' MARX LOI NIAXHALI Sophomore Faworites ALIONSO NILDRANO 162 1'--v f K ELIAS ZAMORA Freshman Favorites MARGARET IIERROIN 163 J 'T PAT CHAGRA and DICKIE MORENO Junior High Favorites SANDRA GIBBS Junior High Beauty ,. 3 gin 1.2 2 XQTQ: M1 , wfgggf ,, A x W' ,A 1 xi 53 'K 1 .M , . .L . ' 3 r l-. ,. l iw, xiii 0 Q x W -56 MARGIE CRAWFORD Belng edltor of the Tatler for two consecu tlve terms IS only one of Margle s many actl vltles She has also served as secretar of the 4'4'7"" Nsii POOL VS EBB Pool has been an outstanding member of the varsity football squad and actnve nn track He y has also been an officer ln the ROTC, and has student body, had a leading part ln the senior served on the Spur Staff play, IS an ROTC sponsor, and an actlwe mem ber of Masque and Gavel Club ,fm 'Ni i RICHARD GONZALEZ KARIN SMITH Rxchard is very outstanding in art bemg an Karm has sersed as presxdent of the FTA actxve member of the w2ltl0ll8l Art Honor and has been xery active nn the Senior Kale Society He has also served as one of the yell vala Club She IS also a member of the Semor lead f 1954 1 ers or 955 Natlonal Honor Society h fgg fs ' tv r . W E y ll A ' 0 xi .Q S , , JI W y H 0 be ' I O Lf A N , , i l W 9 I I' 5 5 165 ,O -wg - Fr' CAROL BELL Tennls has been the outstandmg sport for Carol She IS also a member of the EPHS Latm Club 'S'- MARIANNE KENNEDY Marianne is an ROTC Sponsor, an actne tennis player, and a member of the Student Council. WM ERNESTO LIMON Sports have played a very lmportant part in Ernestos actlvxtles, smce he lettered m four sports by the end of hls sophomore year He has been chosen Jumor Favorxte by has class mates W ALTER C ASE Bemg' president of the NHS ns one of Walt er's outstanding actnltles He IS also a mem ber of the Masque and Gawel, and Officers' Clubs. ' ,. A - w 0 my . " X-s-. 1 9 3 ' S S ' " y ' W I Q e.4tA H I fix' fl W y J A 0 W K V'QA 3 ' f A CX S 1 C , . Q- I B U ' ff' N 5' ,. , 1 . rl" 9 ' A . . A L . A . 5 xss DOLPH HATFIELD Dolph has been outstandmg as presndent of the EPHS Student Body He partlclpated m football for three years and was an active member of the Masque and Gavel Club R xX LELAN D KEY Leland has been actne m clubs havmg partncxpated m Masque and Gavel Sr Kale vala, and ISHS He also sen ed as Councnlman at Large LIN DA LIVIWGSTON Lmda has brought many laurels to EPHS m tenms and has been rated number one ten ms player throughout the Southwest She IS also an ROTC Sponsor and a member of the Yatlonal Honor Society ANNE HARMON Anne IS a member of Kalevala and WHS Clubs She IS also an ROTC Sponsor and quite active m Modern Dance S W Il 0 V Ca xi M l ' -lag ,W,a 4 9 V F gi' 5 ' x p " C so--as N V' 157 TILLY LOWENFIELD Tilly has been an actlve member of the Sen lor Kalevala Club, and IS a member of the National Honor Soclety She is also a member of Pan American and SPQR I-ERNAN DO 'NIERCADO Fernando was chosen All District in warsnty basketball for 1954 He IS also outstanding ln Art. MICKEY KAI-IN Mickey lS an actlve member of the student council, and a member of the varslty football squad He has held an office ln the Latm Club and ns a member of the National Honor So clety EVELYW SIMON Dramatlcs and Student council work hawe occupled much of Ewel5n's tlme at EPHS She placed second in state ln Girls' Declamatlon, and was also an offlcer in Masque and Gawel. 0 Q l I , em S V , ., . lg W ,. , ll ,hx 0 A" l 1 l 9 5 5 EY JULIA LORD BEN FISHER Julia has served as a member of the student Ben has served as head yell leader durmg council, and has been active m band work She 1954 and 1955 He was also chosen Senmr IS a member of the Jumor NHS and of the Favorite by his classmates Modern Dance group if fy, DOROTHEA FUNK ALAN KAHN Being president of the Junior Historians Bemg manager of the varsity football team Club is one of Dorothea s actlvlties She has for sew eral years has been one of Alan s major also been an active member of the Senior activities He has also served as Spur photo Kalevala and of the NHS rapher, and is a Student Council member 169 N W p ll S ' - 5 , 0 Ti 4 if V 'ff Il 0 V 529 5 5 k, K 5 I , VII ' sr , X 9 - 5 A . . 4 g . . - .i -.N 1...-4 'lf' ED SHERMAN PATSY LATI-IAM Ed has been outstanding as president of the student body, and also served as councilman at large He was chosen All EPHS Boy and served as president of the high senior class and president of Masque and Gavel He is a member of Nl-IS and was editor of the 1954 Spur WILBUR KOHNLE Besides being an outstanding basketball player, VYilbur has been Councilman-at-large and president of the low senior class. I-Ie was selected for All-District in 1953. Patsy has been noe president of the stu dent body, and was chosen All EPHS Girl by the faculty She IS an ROTC Sponsor, a mem ber of the Natlonal Honor Society and co editor of the 1955 Spur DELLA HADDAD Della was elected Lieutenant Colonel of the ROTC Sponsors and was Program Manager for the fall term. Della is active in the Pan American and Officers' Clubs. LIIN DA WATERS Lmda has been an actlve member of the Natlonal Honor Society and Science Clubs 'eng RM fi 'VY 4:-'lf' uh-"JJ ,f ROIN N IE GILLETT Basketball has been a very popular sport for Ronme, who has played for several years He IS also a member of Student Council and Number Sense Clubs AL YIP As an outstanding music student Al has partlcnpated ln all phases of the muslc field He also lettermd m football and u as one of the managers of the 1954 team W W Q 'mu-W-s-.M ras X N ANCY CLAYTON Nancy IS the leader of the Tlgerettes, and an active member of the Latm Club p W W H pq , 0 9 S I YV l 0 . '.A,: J I , .,f,: I A V.,. ,.,,, A ' 2 3 ggi gr 3 I 3 , pm, , f 2: V ,L - .Ve' C' 1 A ff A N Q A one -A 'e e e e V? ie ' 5 5 171 INAINCY DAUM Servmg as queen of the 1954 football court one of Nancys outstandmg actxvltles She is also an ROTC Sponsor and a member of NHS ,,..,..4v'-',,,.vM- ig -5-.9 JEAN IN E BEEN ERS Jeanme sen ed as co editor of the 1955 Spur, and was selected 1955 Semor Faworlte by her classmates She has also sen ed as councilman at large of the student body, is an actne mem ber of the NHS, Semor Kalew ala, and Latln Clubs iill JODY GOODELL Jody has been a faithful member of the stage crew for several years I-Ie also partici pated ln Student Council IS a member of Mas que and Gavel, and NHS JOHNNY STATEN Johnny has been actne m sarslty football, a member of Student Councll. and actne ln the Sllde Rule Club. He also served as stage manager. N W II C - . 9 P vb S . A R C w 1 0 We origin 5 J N -., 4' wi fy ' b l bf if 4 9 J i 5 A. 'Q' X 1 ' 172 LLIS CORTES Luls has been very actxve ln ROTC havmg the rank of Lneutenant Colonel I-Ie is also a member of the INHS ARTURO ISLAS Dramatlcs and muslc have taken up much of Arturo's time, as he has been outstandlng ln both. Too, he IS a member of Masque and Gavel, and presxdent of the Latm Club. He has also served as a class offxcer. in -W -.-vvwlen-ww -.kg 5 ur-or --Q PEGGY ABRAHAM '+ ?1 Peggy has served as page two editor of the Tatler, was fiesta duchess and class officer She has also been actlve m Varsity Tennis FRANCES GOLD Frances has been edxtor of page one of the Tatler, and secretary of the Safety Council She IS also an active member of the NHS, and a past member of the Spur Staff 1 V 1 'N "1 n , 1 ,1 W7 f C' S A H i I ,--yi 4.4.12 X 4 0 5 6 -...vi 1 A 9 n 3 V ee .... , n P 'M--A-at Q A 5 S I A 1 L Q 4 A GA W Q li I' H E? 0 i gi, A ! N ...fo ,,,r be We TM fm.-JW I 'A A N -. CN' li-AVN" l 91 5 173 Q6 i 1 Q-....ni"'4 MARGIL CRAYVFORD Queen of the 19.1.1 Sprung Flfwfa 174 1 A A . ,. 4 I 1 Q27 . 2: A, ,. Jw B .Q fu.. -W ' fi V ,Q ' 1 sgzwf, 7' I f. ' ' F , um , ' .- P- I - - 'A L - . M95 SANDRA ROBBINS Lady ln Waxtmg to the 19.1.1 Spring Flvsta Court 175 o XJ SHERIDAN MOTT DELLA IIADDAD Escort, Johnny Staten Escort, Pool Webb 1955 SPRING FIESTA P R I N C E S S E S viubzf., gl g i f-1 'J YQ? 3, ROXANN BARRETT SHARON SKIDMORE Escort, Bill Spier Escort, Leland Key MELISSA NICHOLSON SUZANNE FESTE Escort, Joe Chavez Escort, Bobby Hughes 176 1955 SPRING FIESTA DUCHESSES H-11 HILDA MINJARES escort Ernie Valdez L-12 MARIANN E KENNEDY escort Worth Schermerhorn I-I-12 GLENELL TALLMON escort Jimmy Stewart L-11 GUILLERMIN A GUEREQUE escort Johnny N avarrette IRMA ZACARIAS Herman Vltela and L10 8SC0l't H-10 MARTHA LOU FLORENCE YOLANDA OLIVAS escort Robert Kennedy George Quinn L-8 OBDULIA PONCE escort Juan Rebollo ELIZABETH HUGHEY escort Carl Cornell 177 AN NETTE DARBONNIER escort Manuel Leos MUSIC Bells have thousands of attributes to bestow upon us who listen to their ringing. They have age-old as well as modern stories to reveal. Yet, above all, they have countless numbers of songs to sing. They ring out songs of joy, re- sound carols of merriment, chime odes of solemnity, and tinkle diminutive notes of delight into our hearts. Why, music and bells are practically synonymous! What could be more appropriate to express human emotions than music? Life without music would be like Romeo without Juliet, like a symphony without bells! And so, to the accompaniment of ringing, resounding, chiming, and tinkling bells, our sym- phony of education unfurls. 178 af- 0' . 1 ' ,,' O ,vw O . to 0 0 to lf 0. . 5' , . 9 U X A .V Y . Q 's. . I L " g 7 I 0 a" ff' ' ' ' , f ," J I , . as A.. Q p ' ' O 'C ' .Q A' V 0 0 ' . . My ,p . Q2 , Q' bg . , ' ,fy .' ' ,'.. 'fx 1 ' A , 1,0 .' f 1 D 0 0 ' ., 'F f, 4' is 1 Of . A I ' ,VA 0 Ab Rf'-fl o al A . . ' -. ' 0 5 O . O bi 7, ff. qv! - ylff 1 OP u . . .1 H . ov- 9 0 9 . -0 ' I o 0 ,J o - . Z 0o."' AZ' ,0-' , L . - 47 . A+- -- a ' .I l X ' f .nl . , ,.:,g' 4' .0 lf. . r , Q ff.,- v,, , xl X f. .t 'XZ'-Q-Y 'Qx ' ' f Q .' 2 Y. , ,AQ ' .fl .3 ,S , ' O Q , 00,0 .x .V . X X '. gf .. . I . 0 as V? . W Y? . Q ,Q ' 'a 1:0 . I U L ,V Q, X Q . x, . x 'S' 9 3 VU W , 5 ' -F fi 211 6 t fv Yliyl 5 gi ' 'fb 9' Q 1 v 9 9 V ' V w I gl A 9. 5, 'Q 2' 1 41 f li ll 9 0 'V iQ 1 1 4 a '. 1 X s , X . N 4 f 2 'I SE' you W: hz I.: 1 hz. G 9 H bl In 'U 5 In -wiv P Q I Q I. U I- as is Et. J P in hw 03 on io! 'Hu II :S i IJ glu- L GE In Bo e o Q I. Fe 5 I as m nn G A U! - 1 0 18 'ta A 5 952s J S 'U 'U In Eff EQ EEO xg' Eu V0 - L 1 'S il? -u LGA a LD L. he H21 ii egg 1 ll s- Bl 'U sw 103 Q L in 2 5 I Al 1 sz 9 JH hz Es 25 Aa an he Qi 53 Q : 1.509 v'E2 ho F1 51 J age: fer, :I '- Q-q-'16 Q - is E3 o H a-sI gg :Eg - . shi if oc, 'isa-. 5' B ace 'O .sh g fig s' -- ET-z3 n- :U :QFEQ -L ss-: .h.E . 2f'h Q '52 .1151 -1-Q 3 :, ' n . up A -'QE mg . 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'ff ff'w::P-f,.Qi'2z.'!::.s.."N'f'1fAggTxa'kww T ATI ' " -v' 1-.1-Egg..-mm,.i..,,,, 1 . ' w W-W ng ..' fdwv , . W "k'Tff5?'7??v3m:xi'j-,, W' . - .. . M . ,,, .,.Qg,wX- , N 'I W 11 L EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 3"""""' -.aus-up-nn. - SECONTD VIOLINS Franclsco Terrazas Robert Asher FIRST VIOLINS Roberto Alvarez QC0nce1-tmasterj, Janet NGISOII Carl J0hIlS0n Esther V9.ll8fd0lid SUSE!! Xavler Harrison Larry Shapiro Mike Goldman Ana na Rodrxguez Judith Lee Rlcky Gomez Edward Pr!! Marla Zawala Patrlcla Joe Raymond Briggs Ronnie do Alfredo Salas Wlllne Joe Sanford Luns de Luna Briggs Irene Roque Luls Alvarez Leonor Garcla, Eddne Gallardo Margie Galindo Josephine de Luna Ernest Sosa VIOLA Gilbert Gutierrez CELLO Gabriel Morales, Larry Dishart Carlos Zawala BASSES Marun Runte Dudley Jaggers Henry Mora les Hector Barragan FLUTES Alberta Vlaremg, Elsa Gallndo OBOE Lorraine Glbbs CLARINFTS Bull Klelnschmldt Russell Cleveland Joe Cleseland BASSOONS Arturo lslas Guxllermo Balderas FRENCH HORNS V5 axne Fox Robert Waller SAXOPHONES Wlctor 'lloreno Lornell Gadd TRLWIPETS Herbert Cooper Refuglo Terrazas Xauer Chas ez TROWIBONES Richard Grant Armando Ramos Robert Keith TL B A Mallory Wllller PERLLSSION Jack Holmberg Julie Lord Hazel Ra mlrez 184 'GM W -we V .A , , .,. .Q A L : , , : , , - . . . . A 1 1 1 , , 1 , I 9 1 ' ' v , , , - - r V 7 r 1 V v . , , . : . n ' v ' 1 7 Brock Kler. u , y ' , . . . : , ' , . . : . ' , . . . : j .', . . . . , . . , . . ,- - - 1 1 . . : , , , , . . , . - . . . , , JP' R u l I xrlos Zudla Brock I r I nrrx Dash Ron 2 Roberto Ah urn Xnur Harrison Sl :run Runte Row Henrx W rum Hector hrrx 1n Dudley Inggxrs Wlr Boo 1 INTERVIEDI ATE ORCHESTRA ,a A Lune Ahare1 Robert Asher Josephme dp Iuna Inns de luna Vlfxrgn fallndo Pdrlu hulldrdo In-onor fnrela Rlekx Gomez Jack Holmherg Pntrlcm Joe I lrl Johnson Judith Iee Ramon Lope1 Janet Nelson Eduard Prado Susana Rodrlgue1 Irene Boque, Alfredo Salas, WVIHIP Joe Sanford, Ernest Sosa, lfranelbco Termz her Walludolld Ann Marm Zznula 185 I v ' o -N If , ,. W , WN, 4,1 Q ' :,,wW in , 'O 1 . V , , ' I ' , . , r ' r 'fyf . I , , I 1 , IJ V, ' ,Z , C' 1 I o' : ': .' 1 " ', -' iie , .1 , art. ' 2 'z H, .': "1 1 , . 1 " '. '32 .'.l0zI-.', - I1 :ga , D'-aff: .',. , H. 1 A A N 1 -....,. , Q, if" -' . ,,.- ,V fn, . ..v. f . ' A " f .' Y E . v . .V 41, S , . A yi. 1 'A..l:'. ':.i,' 'I ,l.'..,. ' ' ' '4 4 ' , ' 1 ' ., ' 1. ' , , ,. . , . , ,, . , , ,. .. ., .' " ' S' ' I .' ' " ' as, I-Ist ' ' , ' - '. ll "' -'nit nr .M wqwmmx ,as .955 'E D 'Cf' in EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL NIAJORETTES Norah Perez Angle Rey ei Carmen Araujo Elua Gonzalez 186 '1 IGERETTES .4 1-1 Bow 1 Nancy Clayton leader Row 4 Gloria Gutierrez Sglua Correa, Sharon Heller Row Felncna Harrls Gloria Bodrlguez Carol Holt Row 5 lrene Alarcon Carmen Licea Mary Helen Diaz Row 3 MISS Woelfel sponsor Gloria Gallndo Mary Do blado Irene Chasez -4 CA Gm PEI-LA CHOXR CHOIR BEGINNERS BAND Elva Galindo, Robert Keith, Ruben Lopez, Xavier Chavez, Hur- tensia Payan, Joe Rosales, John Ramirez, Carlos Zavala, Mr. Booth ilnstructorb, Reyes Moreno and Robert Lee. 187 BUTC What better manifestation of patriotism could be intro- duced than that of a young soldier saluting the flags that border the great symbol of Democracy, "The Liberty Bell?" Our military experience is begun and patiently developed during our years in high school. Since we are taught to know our country, and day by day to love it, then effective- ly will we be able to serve it. In the main hall of El Paso High School is a long honor roll, gallantly proclaiming the supreme sacrifice of those students who valiantly fought and died for liberty once proclaimed by the Liberty Bell. 188 Ni!! 4 HEADQUARTERS Co. t e A 'iz SGT. EDGE SGT. NICHOL SGT. BROVYN '79 JLAN WILSON RICHARD NAJERA POOL WEBB WALTER CASE Captain lst Lleutenant 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant s-... Case lhlham Lllas Lerox Glardon Will.: holdman Daxld ioodell Lduard Holguin Robert Hughes Daxld lohnson Nlnhael lxahn lhllnam 'llartln Charles Wlegllormo Ronald Wldann Roger Nlcllannl Whlte 'lllddleton Rlehard Nayra Rlehard Uehoa Manuel Qumtana Richard Sample Russell Mott Bernardo Sierra lohn Staten Daud Stewart Ramon Sula Tom Taxlor Pool Webb luan lhlson Rosendo Xasquez LuLs lasquez lleltor hlla Albert hp Lnrnque Rodriguez 190 , . """' ' ' - ,. - x l1dW'Bl'dN.Apl'Hh8ll:l, Norris Agee, .lesuq Aguilar, Armando .Bautista Frederick Blackwell. George Blanco, Grady Calhoun, Walter CGMPANY "A" JOE CASARES LIIIS CORTEZ AMOS OLGHTON Mayor Lieutenant Colonel Captain ! JOHN KNIGHT RENE CASTILLO TOMMY TICKLE BILL SPIER Captam lst Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Q--.-.,. use ax Jose Alarcon Tom Brovm Rag mond Brugge Ronald Briggs Senando Blane o Curtns Broughton Qalxador Castillo Rene Castillo Roberto Constantakls Lee Chagra Carlos fuaron Hugh Daudson lerrs llorrls Rnehard Delgado lames Dn-us Tom Duran Ledmn Goodwin Ishmael Gonzalez hllbert t utnerrez Robert Ieeste l-dn ard llerrera Nile hael Henderson Robert helth Wah Lee Ilbraxio llmae Ernesto llmon Iohn knight l'dmn Nlaellonald heorge ilu Iohn Nlalooh Fernando We-reado Rexes Moreno Felipe 0lna.s Carlos Ornelas Raul Pemado Lorenzo Perales Osear Perales lhllmm Pmleston Arthur Sande rs Iohn Sanders Fernando Salas Vhlllam Qpner Rltehle Spe nee lrun Steele llaud Thorman Tommy Tlelele lzddle Torres l'rme laldes Daud Vlllalobos Vhlllam Walker Wllllam lhlllamson Hector Barragan 19l , 1 Q 1 f W... ' 'L-WQY'-P-H -'f':::Q ,,. V , ,v --Y l,,,.e M... ..... LM , W.-.A ., . ,. W- Y, ,Y A f ,- ... . ..e,,,..-.,M,.-...,,, . - .. ,Q pq.- e ',. ,v-,,- .4 ,f , -.. , . .- , , , ,, ,, . , , , . . . , e - -e e A e 1 ' ' , ee - ' - A v . V ' v' " " ' ' . I ' - ' . ' . . . - 1 ' ' , . , 1 , , ', 4 4 , . ' . , e 1 . ' - - f .' , ' , , . . u . - . .. .3 , 4 4 . , 4 . . , - , , . , . K , . A , A , , ' - 1 . ' e . .- -. . . - " '. ' -1 ' - 1 e e e -, - -e e ee - - A 'v ' 1 .. . . . . , H v. , H . ' V . ' . . . . f -y 1 e A e K ' - A 'e e , e e- A -r v v f 1 - I damn-v CUMPANY "B" t 5,4 J0l'. HAI OW Laptam so 1 Vlcente Aglurre Robert Ah arez Edward Barela Humberto Brlones James Burt Robert Campos Guillermo Chawez Joe Chaxez Luls Cortes Abelar do de Anda Jerry Everett Frank Felhaber Tomas Flerro Richard Gonza les John Haddad Jesse Harrison Joe Halovs Rodolfo Huerta Robert Inm John Melbg Salvador Meraz Alfonso Medrano Lance 'Vllller Victor More no James Nadlr Joe N lccum Wllford hlckerson Eddie Nunez Juho Ordaz Oscar Pando Joe Ponce de Leon Amos Oughton Ernesto Reyes Bert Semple Monte Sherrlll Juan Stockmeter Pete Trujillo Herman Vltela Wllllam White Joe Casares Norman Ts ree RIFLE TEAM -In IL woo man V' ROTC .rl un Ing 4.-.f 5. adn N! null mu 03? OSCAR PANDO lst Lieutenant ra' -- lv- 4-1-ni Ron l Bull Spur hctor de Anda loc Halow Ron '7 Sgt Brown Larrx 'Vlatllonald Ioefasares Luis Lortez BLRT Sl' WI I L IICTOR DL AND-S "nd I leutenant nd I n utenant 192 CIIWIPANY "C" ,fr 1 HENRY JU RADO Captam Q' HOW ARD IN l:SOM 2nd I leutenant wvllwy af-4 Gllbert Agullar Robert Aldaco Donald Anderson Carlos Artalejo Marvm Bendalm Gerald Boswell George Brovm Calhoun Alfredo Cam pos Jerry Cardlllo Wllllam Carruth Ralph De Torre Jerry Doyle Fausto Ennquez Gilbert Espana Abed Esman Herbert Feinberg Ben Fisher Alfred Garcia Manuel Gonzalez John Hall Edward Hampton Ar mando Juarez Henry Iurado Raul Huerta Iohn Kemp Paul Keg Wllllam Klelnschmldt Fredenck Knapp Robert Medel Arthur Michael Howard Nesom Harlow Norman Jose Ortiz Frank Perez Anastaslo Porras Ra fael Ranurez Juan Rosales Alfonso Saenz Ruben Sanchez Adalbertfo Santaella Edward Sherman Austm Smlth Robert Smith John Smlther man James Stewart Manuel Talaxera Cruz Villarreal Wnlllam Weeks IIATTALIIIN STAFF I T- A nALsMrm Lt Col Lnls Cortez Sponsor Della Haddad Major Joe Casares Sponsor Nancy Germans Adjutant Amos Ough ton Sponsor Nancy Daum lst Lt Ed Sherman Sponsor Margie Crawford lst It Bud Coodwln Sponsor Melissa Nicholson lst Lt Worth Schermerhorn Sponsor Patsy Latham 193 lst Lieutenant ROBERT CALHOUN 2nd Lieutenant L -,- on p ve, Y ' it. , .,, , , ,V M., , 4, , , , V Q - 'M' 4 ,4-17 V ,.-, f , :-V. N, ,,f f- M13 , -,af "v fr 'ff 2 , '- .. A ,ww-f-4 ., , 'fy V -, . f , ,gy Y I I I , , , I1 , - I ' I I I I . I I I Y v I - I V' I I' I V7 I I I I v I V I I I - I V I I Y - 1 1 A ' v I ' fry? ' 1, . S . f-I I . f . . . , . , Q A , . . h' 3 , . , ' 1 . 4 . l ' , . . I I , 3 . t , .J U f . . COMPANY Qflw Luis Arenas Tommy Arcrmega Ennque Alvrdrez George Baker Marvln Bell Gilbert Calvlllo Hugh Colley Ben Cordero Edward llscalante Fred TOMMY ARCINIEGA Captam Ekery Robert Grajeda Jesus G0ytl8 Jody Goodell Ronald Glllett Daud Guillen Alfred Grlffm Ruben Guerra Milton Hart Henry Hernandez George Isaac Vmcent Kemendo Wllburn Kohnle Raymond Lewls Jack Mann Edward Martinez Bruce Muller Eddie Movsad Larry MacDonald Rodolfo Ortega Edward Ruiz lrvmg Schwartz Jonathan Schwartz Worth Schermerhom James Spler COLOB GUARD Left to rlght Adalberto Santaella Cezar Enrlquez Jose Ortlz and Cruz hllarreal LARRY MacDONALD lst Lieutenant DAX ID Gl ILI LN GEORGE ISAAC 2nd l wutenant 2nd Lieutenant 194 1'-cn TC BAND Ni -vii' 4 1-fm aff, ff ' 145- 44 .4-Q IAM 3 'Marlin' 4 ,f W'-':73W'0Q:4f7 fo,,,,,.. dau MJ w Jw ,uf W af Robert Asher Gulllermo Balderas, James Brown Francisco Contreras Hugh Colley, Xavier Chavez, Wayne Fox, Alfonso Flo res, Frank Garcia Tons Garcia Rlchard Grant Amador Gonzalez 1 nlhert Gutierrez 'dauer Harrlson, Lula de la Torre, Benjamin Gomez Jack Holmherg Arturo Islas, Joel Kelnfeld Henry Wlorales yslllltim Ylartmez Nlallorg Muller Johnny Wawarrete Eddie Ochotorena Rudy Ortiz Armando Ramos, John Ramirez, REfUgl0 Tcrrazas Alfredo largas, Robert WValler Sponsor, Naomi Bonner Inset Capt I-rnesto Res es SPONSOR CORPS gg, '-an Qs. Q ...u Della Haddad Nancy Germans Nmcs Daum Nlargne Crawford Wlehsn Nu-holson latsy Latham Suzanne I'este Irma Wlon telongo Sharon Skldmore Naoml Bonmr Nlaggne Wlartmez, Nherulm Hott Nxndra Robbms Angle Re es Rune Barrett Angu Zacour Dora Marrutfo, Monte Armor lzlma Rosales, Bonnie Gnen Anne llnrmon Marianne Kenned5, Iemencla lip Wella Wlore- no Estella Quiiones, Ylarlene Lavis. 195 NANCX FILRHANI NANK I DSI 51 llqor Adjutant DH I A IIAIIIIAD I le uh nan! I ulnnvl B 0 T C SPONSOIl NIC IIOI 80N PATNX I ATHAVI N AOWI BONNI' R MARC II' tRARIOItID 5II'lISh-K hrst lwutfnnnt I' I 0 tSlaHb hut I wutenanl 1513111 hrst lieutenant tktafll t aptam Hand . IRM X WUNTI' I 0Nl 0 NIIXRUN NIKIIIWUKI wiht II' HARTINILI Nl IXNNI IPINTP NIII' RIIPAN H011 tuptam lupus taptam I IPNID tuplun 96 I 4 Q fi Q . . Q 9 t S J I 1 A! f I N I 1' V l ., A t I 'll ANI II RI'II'N RUX-INN BXRRITT XXIII! liifll R DORA Ylilllll I'I'0 hrs! I n-ulvnant hrs! I u utvnant hut I muh nam hrs! I If-ulenanl RIJTC SPUN 0B lf' YI-IRIXNNI HINNIDI BONNII- GIIIN IIIWIINIIA IIP I'IVIA RONUI"4 Na-fund I Irutvnanl Sunnd I lrnlvnunl N4-vnnd I Ieutvnnnl SH-ond I lmllvnuni SANDRA ROBBINN hrs! lnvuu-nan! LSTEI I A QI IQUNI' N in-ond llvutrnnnl aw- MARIJINIC LAVIS ANNE IIARMON YICLIA MORHXO LINDA I.IYINf'S'I'0N MONTE ARMUR Q -und I.iPuh-nan! Srmnd I.iPul4-nan! Sf-cond Lifulenlnl S4-cond Lirutrnnnl Sm-und Livulennn! - N CLUBS What is more suggestive of the spirit of companionship and zeal than the atmosphere a person senses when he hears the tapping of a gavel on a table calling a meeting to order? Perhaps we could answer our own question and suggest that the tinkling of a bell would be just as appropriate as the solmd of the mallet. For truly do both signify the vigorous feeling of getting "down to business" as the popular saying goes. The clubs at El Paso High School are designed accord- ing to the different talents in different people. Whether that "certain ability" is found in writing or in discerning num- bers, in painting or speaking, or in the great numbers of "extras" God has bestowed, the rapping of the gavel and the tinkling of the bells will call us to order. 198 3 al , f I 1 , I' 1 f 904' 2, ww KARINI SMITH Secretary Mlss ISAACKS Sponsor , DUR 0'I'Hl- A FIN K President JIMMY STI' W ART I Ice-President W ALTI- R LAbl. Beporter Row I Nhe-rndan Hutt Mm. Isaac-km Jeanine Be-mera Beth sandc-rs Dorothea Fink Anne Harmon Rom lance Nllller Edward Sherman Nancy Duum Carol Ile-ll Nllldred 4-arbern Tully Lovsenheld harm smith Row 'l Jlmms Nic-wart Jody loodell Leland KM Ronald K :lla-tt John In-mp I5 alter Case Arturo Islas 200 Senior Kalevala Club Meeting ui ANNE McIN TYBE Sec y Treas LINDA WATERS Vice Pres HUGH DAVIDSON Pres JACK MANN Reporter Miss BEBEKAH COFFIN, Sponsor .ls The president is showing the class how to mul tlply two or more numbers on the slide rule Bow 1: Bow 2: Row 3: Joteen Segall, William Hlll, Tony Alvarez, Herbert Feinberg, Jack Mann, Hugh Davidson, Linda Waters, Ann Mclntyre, Mary Lee House, Shirlev Brandes. Henry Rettig, George Iwanaga, Manuel Hornedo, Ted Luera, Humberto Briones, Frank Perez, Henry Juri- do, Luis Alvarez, Ricardo Gonzalez, Joan Lyons, Lornell Gadd, Patsy Sorenson, Miss Coffin. Ruben Aguayo, Alberto Ayala, Harold Turley, Shelby Martin, Karin Ann Smith, Martha Miller Carlos Arts- lejo, Leonard Wong, Belia Baca, Linda Livingston. Bernard Abramson, Brock Kier, Norms fomlinson. 201 Y' 0 3155259 wx' Row 1 Row 2 Bow 8 gf Club members discussing theme Kay Broaduell BIHIJO bexlon Dian Man 3 Lou Florence Whse Bowles Sponsor MBTSIC Glllett Tlsm Gooden Ruth Gallett Deanna Bellman Judy Nlalone Najatte Halo glde ksfrry Dxshart Peter Gross Russell Cleweland John Shanblum Robert Kennedy Antomo sure: 202 Miss Bowles, sponsorg Kay Broad- well, Secretary: Ruth Gillett, Presl- dent: Betty Woodside, Vice President. GU . Mr -L 8 Q W, VTQU , 5 1 . 4 o 1 . , x i Q , . Q Ks. nh., ' Q Q " 5 'Q ll ' ' - 1 , .B .L 1 ' 2 ' , D U V' , ' 01' " A . ' 3 . ' y ' 5 - y n '- U 1 1 X ' . Q, . , s nu , 1 ' 1 1 1 V n 7 'n .11- Sandra Robbins, Secretary, Mrs Han sen, sponsor, Marianne Kennedy, Re porter, Alan Kahn Vice President, Ron nie Gillett President my if kj , 1' 1, Q if 'i an Row 1: Bow 2: Bow 2: Which one will bring home our seventh State Championship 9 BS Margaret Ann Lucero, Irene Gonzalez, Sandra Robbins, Dian Horwitz, Deanna Bellman, Jane Elsberg, Judy Malone, Marianne Kennedy, John Shanblum, Tony Alvarez. Ramona Valenzuela, Linda Livingston, Jeanine Beevers, Billijo Sexton, Najatte Halow, Mary Lou Mayhall, Patsy Sorenson, Betty Woodside, Jody Goodell, Luis Escajeda, Frank Perez, Jon Davis, Peter Gross. Mickey Kahn, Bonnie Gillett, Raymond Briggs, Lance Miller, Ronnie Briggs, Leonard Given, Carlos Artalejo. 03 1'-me QQ W iii N-2 i 1. Ill I WI 'rr .J- .iff Ill! i-..L, 6 x9 4 Q-6220069 90 QQ- Q52 6 90 Nlxss ANN KLLLY Sponsor VWALTLR CAbl'. President, TILLY LOW l-.NFILLD Parllamentarlan LD SHLRNIAN hee President ANNL HARNION Secretary JOHN KI- NIP Reporter Seen above IS the lmtlatlon of hatnonal Honor Society members during the fall of 1954 Row W Row Rom Sandra Robbins Nancy Daum Jeanine Beesers Wlarw Ann lxennedw Dorothea Fink Linda Lnlngston franc-eb Cold Lung lortes Patsx Latham harm Nmnth Anne Harmon Tlllw Lowenfleld Ld Sherman 'blush Ann hells ferard Cardxllo John hemp W alter Case Dan W hnte Leland Keg Jodx l oodell Jim Dlcus Bull Larruth Whchael lxahn Lorenzo Perales Wilbur lxohnle John Nlaloolg fNot ghoun are Irene Gonzalez and Lucnlle Hannon p 204 Miss Ll-IRNI-JR, Sponsor was ,,,F, owloe 04- e 00012 Af L 2 J v "ow fn, 0 4 P 4 It 41,,,.s ,.,f PETER GROSS. Secretary Y JOHN SHANBLFM, Treasurer ? HARRIHT REISEL, Vice-President 5 TISSII-I GOOD!-ILL, President Ron on Row Ron 9 Above IS seen the mntlatlon of the new members of the Jumor Natlonal Honor Socxety, 1954 Judx Nhlone Nondra Whllnms Ruthlee Grossman, Ann Illlugrunml llel.nn1 Irrnedmdn l'atrlel.x sue Feinberg, Linda lhughtun I-ugfma sc-hustur Klan lou Nlnhnll latsx Ahmhdm Deannx Hellman Bnlluo suxton Nlartha lou Iflorenee Jeanette Duncan, Kan liroaduell Sun luis I-seuula nel N njatte lhluu Je nn Ann Thomas I4 more I .nlmn I-lsm Salendo Ramona Walenzuela, Har rlet Relsel Tls el urn Harmon Yllss lerner sponsor arthurlzfohen John Shepherd I1 Lee, John Dans Jose Antonm Almrn Robert Kennedx Peter Gross John Shanblum ruee osen 205 who QUYX' Y-X05 gi gil FPL ff' 4 Ll S: R Q ANNI' HARWION Necrelurx ADI-LAIDI' IWANS, Song Leader 'VIAR1 ANN KPNNPDI hee President BARIN NWIITH President 'lil-LINNA NK HOLSON Historian HAR THA Will I lf R I xhrarlan FTA Banquet Y -ugk 1' S5 "'-Cn Row l on Ron 3 T nun N dual-on N .xrx Km Tnlor DQ lnn.l Ballm an Dun llorxu z Adelaide lfxans yllfflll lou lfloranu Ronin Henderson leorgu liurkhaltmr Anne ll xrmon Y Ars 'lnn lunnedx Tlssl oodnll Wllldrnd lnrln rn Lund.: Haters Illu del Hlerro Whrthx Wllller o B ll-1 B111 Num llxhx Ann.: Num I-wandon harm Smith Mm I Ann llllllll Lnsx Nm-pn,0n Nlrs Aldflfh sponsor 206 ,ul xx. Mis T 'L l...L.L. ft 4, JIMMY STLW ART President CI-ILCK WHITE WlcePresldent JODY GOODI' LL Reporter FVLLYV SIMON Secretary Masque and Gavel members to the rescue' ,- hum! -I Rovs 1 Jesus Rublo Arturo Islas Chuck White I-d Sherman Dolph Hatfield Alan Kahn John Shanblum Jods foodell Halter Case Leland Key Jimmy Stewart Row 2 Iolanda Aralza Jeanine Beewers Harriet Relsel Hortencla Ontneros Carolxn Stone Lu-lpn Qlmon Barbara Butchofsky Mary Anne Kennedy Sheridan 'Hiott Not Shown Arlene Waxman Jacque Stroud Larrv Macdonald 207 LATIN CLUB S P Q R Slave Auction 'H JLANINI- BPI-WI-RS Praetor Miss Harper, sponsor, l'LLl'N R0 NFLLD Quaestor ANN 'YIORGAN Aedlle TISSII' GOODPLL Praetor, NA TI- HAL X OW Aedlle JOLII' Bl RT Consul ARTLRO ISLAS Consul, LDWI WISBRIN Quaestor 9- 'o7.,r "W if onna lexus 51-he-r I Dun Hnruxtr Deanna Il llnmn I utrun Nue hlelnlvld J1.xnune-ljleexers lle-n Rosenfeld Judx lann Andrea Jaffe Ruth -Xnn Nluran Nlxrx liuehnnun l.xtr1e'1.1 Ntruu Juds Talpns yIlIdl'f'lI 4 erhe rn Wldry Ann he-nnedx Donnu Nmnh Nuutte lhlou Wlmrx Wlargareft he-X Wines Harper Ron Nnncx Nrhxffrr Ruthn WI ehnm Juln Hurt lee Dunn Ann Nlor .1 Ron Ras mond Briggs I .Inn Nllller Ronnie Briggs N .une I n N mrs lathnm 'IINNIP 4 oudell INN' 4 V055 AFYUFO Isl-N I-IIIHS Ruff U0llKl.1s D.nld Roburt l'.nlor Edu ard Iscalante llumeer ballcu Ron Rent Ron Kon Run Id Holguin Tom Broun Arthur lohe-n Bull Isaac kduln Yhsbrun 208 Cues Romam I 34' Row Row Ron Row 1- 'HIARTH IALLI' Ri Mascot of SPQR IATIN CLI B Ol' 1911 Senl Romann NEW MEMBERS SPQR LATIN CLUB ww F 1? -D igi- SL 1 647,811 14, QQ '1 avi 1 vq '........ MBL lfrnest Sosa Ted Luera Daud Wlcladden 'Harem Klelnfc-ld Je-nm Townsend, Ldum Wlchlrog, Blll Harris, Phllllp Born stem Olga Bnrnatem Margaret lalm, H1 tty W oodslde, Letlcla harcla Jean Groesbef-ck Joan Groesbeeck Anthony Isaac, Har J h Ltatzndllx pTrabk isela Tc-rrxnas Phlllme Heller, Anno Thorpe Thelma barns Leanore Gallnn Mlchael Delaney, Gerard Neuman Vhmfrud Borden Bernard Ahrumnon, John Shepherd, Rvbvrt Taylor Stuart Kahn Tad Daeuble 209 be 152 of , 1 0 I - ' . ff 4 ' ' L I 8 ' o ' v A ' . . ., 5 V . A", 1 A K N 5, , Y I s . A - 4 I , . X , A I 'L ' ff L 'VW 1. VV 7 l -. E 1 , -ff 4 A n . x L a 2 S .., , 4-W - ' 1 - -1, 1- 'I X 1 . l L x WT 1,.,,,,,, ,--, , -0 t an K E ' 4 Ill Q l, A , .,, F "' w L A -1 1' -T9 : V X F - x , s X x , . . 3: K-v' 5 ' . ' f. I , ' - 4 4 I ' 'A-U ' , A ' . r A H ' L' ' , " ' . I , ,Q- vw GLORIA GALIWDO Secretary SIDNEY BITTICKS Vice President MARTHA PIQA Preslde-nt CIIFCKING OUT BOOKS ' MISQ GI IDFR and MRS KI-NNI-DY Sponsors 1 Bow I ith Plltt Qldne-5 Blttlcks Nancy Pennies Imda ldlngton ClnJa Lu Rose Bow 2 nes Clayton Illllan Follett Luz Garcia Olga Bornsteln Blow 3 nr flowers Marx Lou Cuellar Irene Gonzalez, Ann Nlclnhre lraclela Rios Gloria llndo Margarita Qchaffmo 'Nllrthn Pins Wings binder Wirs 'Kennedy 210 OFFICERS Concha Ochotorena president Elma Rosales uce president Launce Solomon Secretan Otlla Roderick song leader Ioan Groesbeeclt dlstrlct Wim president Irma Garcla hsturlan Carmen -idauto Treasurer Fran ces Hanna Parhamentarlan Man Jordan PISIILSI lean Groesbeeck dns tnct corresponding secretary Lucy Garcia reporter 'Mrs Lewa Goddard sponsor Row Row Row Row Elena Rebollo Estella Mendez Lupe Guexara Lola Mler Esther Zarate Carmen Salam Dora Rodriguez Frances Ha na Lllg Chaxez Irene Cortez Olga Bautnsta Robbie I xnn Alklre Ysonne Abraham Marla Garcia Margaret Bustamante So fla Soto Estella Cortez hrglma Lopez Carmen Sanchez Iosehna Barragan Ermmda Rodriguez Coxmuelo Castillo LIIIB Torres Norma Alva Conme Duron Irene Vasquez Joyce Wertrees Isela Terrazas 4.4, 1 ,f h gf IIQAIIQ . :,1 ""cf"fe,,,S. 1141, Row 1 Estella Qumonce Nancs Germany Marlene Lawns Bella Ba ca Adelalde Evans Jane Holmberg Ioan Groesbeeck, Jean Groesbeeck Ircne Gonzales Row Hermxla Duarte Lows Garcia Crlselda Lopez Margaret Nelan Carmen Echexerrla Carmen Araujo Celia Arenas Ewelma 'Martinez Barbara Nelan agen wg, 1 1 Row Row Row Row Bafimailwildlfi 'iw Allce Jordan Arlene Iltchln Concha Ochotorena Dorothy Smlth Elsle Salcldo Man Ann Werthmann Carmen Arau jo Ann Roth Jane Holmberg Vhlma Bateman, Elaine Boone 'Man Jordan Susan Feinberg Fugema Schuster Cecelia Olnas Harriet Relsel Jeanette Duncan Laurlce Solomon Teresa Molmar Anne Flowers Lmda Edmgton Barbara Clayton Barbara I-Iller -imuda Ordaz Coniuelo 'Mlreles Margaret Haddad 'Marjone Perez 'Mana Elena Chax ez Iulleta Aln drez Carol Wester Ceclha Queredo Eitela Sllwa Ann Blaugrund Jenme Lsnch Nelhe Legaspl Daphne Green Manlsn Steele lun Allure Claudna Clark Lmex Garcia Marv Sanchez 9 Q96 Wxoe 69' fs Q05 999 QV fluf' ii Ls PLANU TS FOB. SALE ' ROBERT DONOHUE, President DIANNE STAIINING, Secretary RONALD McCANN, Vice President JIM SITTON. Treasurer BURTON JORDAN, Promotions Manager JESUS BUBIO, Reporter LEE GOODWVIN, Parliamentarlan iNet Showny SHEBBON CBUM. Historian Bow I Robert Donohue Jeanne Belmont Ronald Nlcfann tlemencls Yip Burton Jordan Car- men Lu-on Dianne Qtaunlng Jim Bnrkelo Bow 2 Robert Waller DeAnna Norton Wartha Artalejo Jesus Rubin Jeanne Polles Bonnie Qlnpper Juanita Ortiz Vlarthu Aludrez tmger tlnud Ru-hard Oc-hna Bow 3 Joe Holder Bull Dutton lee 1 oodum Stew Harper .hm button Russell Lewis Sherron I rum Daud Degoe Flenn Husted 212 L f . 2 . . . .' ' , 1 ' , -' -- '. ' '- J. ' 7 , ' -,. r . D I S E T D R U I C B A U T T I DIANN E STAUN ING S W E E T H E FALL TERM -4' TOP FIWE LONTESTANTS Left to nght Martha Aludrez Dunne Staun mg Suzanne lfeste Jeanne Polley Jeanne Belmont HILM A JOYCL Teachc r C0 ordmator 49 QS' Y' qs, ,5-?' 2+ IO1 I 1. FALL OPPIKFRS Row l Judith lee Vlarg Jane Thornton l-ran ces Nhanblum Karen l'e-rising Ron 2 Meliin Potanh William I-llioti SPRING OFFICERS Row l Johnny Tickle James bumper Justin Roth Row 2 Charlene Linen Daphne Green, Elizabeth Hughey Sally hoodell 11 4 do' Bow 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4i Row 5: Ann Riggs, Daphne Green, l-Ilizaheth llughey, Sally Goodell, Frances Shanblum, Marie Abersold. Jennie Lynch, Karen Shairi, Charlene Giien, Susan Jaffe, Alida Hollingshead, Pat Chagra, Virginia Gallegos, Barbara Flaylnn. Sandra Rigney, Karen Persing, Parole Cottle, Gail Gordon, Mary Jane Thornton, Marg Hoffman, Sandra Skidmore, Mercedes Morales. Arturo Sanchez, Nh-lxin Potash, Johnny Tirkle, Jame, bumper, Alex Stepanow, Terry Teed, Pairick Rollins, Hill l-llliott, Justin Roth, Robert Kolliner, Matias Lopez, Roy Springer. 214 441 41.1 04 F0 To 0, QQ F 0111, 4104.8 ON THE FARM! MR.CARDH'I'1LL, Advisor Hl'GH DAVIDSON President BILL N ILI IANISON 3 Ice I resident HAROLD Tl RI I- 1 Seeretury Rl SSI- LL I I- N IN Treasurer hI'0RhI' 'WAX Reporter NI-LSUN YIARTIN Sentinel SAN DRA GIHBS Sweetheart W-I Bova Bova Bow Row George Mas Bill wllll8mSOH Hugh Daudson Russell Levns Nelson Martin Harold Turley James Dunn Kenneth Nmlth Vlehm Alklre Raw Forrlster I-ddle Tellez Jentrg Kendall Taylor loung Ferny Pena Ixarl tarson Tony Rnera Isabel Alcantnr Leo Pernles J N Cardwell Adusor Jimmy llmer I'dd1e MacDonald Daud Lnmgston Russell Scott Leroy blardon Blll Weeks Ruben Sanchez 215 S0 ,J if J J! .Lflffci uf mffj?1,Jf Wu J La W lff A vw gc Q df " 7 LLJJV J' I D ' wtf WWW! ff? 5 W N A 1 Q Vx qfWlJlL4,ff 1 vf . PRUJPKTIUNINTN AT H URK Jl L10 ROJAS Sec-retarx W ILLII' K HAS I- Z X :ce I resident MISS ULIDPR Sponsor L Rl Z S ILLARRI- AL President Hove Ron Rom kduard We-thot Roberto Ruiz Uwar Duarte Nldnud Wlartlnez Robert Nample Hanes Joseph loe Rex Tonx Jalule Ralph Bla.: ll Lee Rnchard lonules Jail. Wlann Donald hgsrust l-red malxattl Nlarun Runte kugene Nledge leorge lnanaga Jun Dans llollls hum., lruz Nlllmrreal Daud Rojas xlibs hulder mnlnndur Rodriguez Nlllle fh8BPl Gaspar Tarango Put Rollms Nu-phen Hsrne- John Rollnns Iullu Rupp If-Ros halceron Mrs Houle 216 -1- A TOIKH OI' THI' OLD fill NTRIIS 41642104 C ARLOS ORN I' LAS Treasurer ABI LARDO ROSAS Knee President I' RN I' ST GUI' LDN I' R President SANDRA ROBBINS Secretary Sponsors VIRN I I' STINA Rl I' I' IN and 'VIRS MARII- H STAMPS Row Row Row Row Nlot 1 Gloria Aguilar, Yolanda Flores Blanca wllfdl Hortencla Ontneros Clemencla Yup Ann Roth Sandra Robbins Jane 9 I I-lsherg John Shanblum Jody hoodell George Ivsanaga, Ll Lee 'Kehssa Nicholson Jeanette Duncan Harriet Relsel, Becky Wille- gas I-stella Qumones Maggie Wiartmez Jeanine Beeyers Ronnie I lllett Jose Antonio Alsarez Frank Perez Roberto Alyarez Allred Grlffm, I-sa Ortega Betty Vloodslde I-rnest Goeldner Sylvia Reyes Kay Broadnell Irma Yijll Henry Jurado Abelardo Rosas I-nch hoeldner Alberto Ayala, George Blanco Carlos Ornelas Jesus Lopez Shown Adrian Garcia, Margaret Holgmn Tnlhe Louenfleld Sherldan Mott Harold Turley Adele Haddad Ralph Pemado, Dorothea Fink Patsy Abraham 217 nf' Rom Row Row Row Row 09 fx 1 ! X ff Q 4 H Row l: Nancy Germany, Nancy Danm, Della Haddad. Row 2: Joe Casa:-es, Amos Oughton, Luis Cor- tez. Officers don their civilian clothes and celebrate with fun and food J 'W rlene Laws Roxann Barrett Bonnie hnen Monte Armor llemencia hp Angle Reyes Irma Monte Germans a longo Maggie Martinez Nharon Nkndmore l'lma Bosales Della Haddad Shernlan Mott Naoml Bonner Anne Harmon Xeha Moreno Angle Zarour, Dora Marruffo Melissa Nlch olson sandra Robbins 'Vlarw Ann Kennedx Danny Daum Amos Oughton Joe Iaaares Luls Cortez glgatsy Latham Pstella Quinones Llnda Ll5lllKBf0ll, Suzanne I-'este Margie Craw l'd erman ford Tommy Tackle I-rnesto Reyes Henrs Jurado Joe Halou George Isaac Bull Spler Daud Quinn Worth Qchermerhorn Hal Smith Marun Bendalln Larry MacDonald Juan Wilson John Kmght Tom Arclnlega Oscar an o Nancy P d Bene Castlllo Pool Webb Ru-hard Najera Bud Goodwin, Pete Case 218 A 1 K A 'I 14 gs li , sf' X, 1 ' f ' 3 I A lil I , -fax g -Q 14 4 tr .1 .X ' , V A ' 0 , K -, 1 Q if .ll Ai ri x 'UR Nr, ujfxh , f, I i. A 1 " N , , 5 I . - , I. , I 1 ' f If - . ' i 1 I A ll '52 I l . 'g r - l - V , ' -v v I . Bow 1 Joe Casares Della Haddad, Henry Jnrado Sandra Bobblns Bow 2 Blchard Najera Nancy Daum Bert Sem ple Margie Crawford Bow 3 Lee Goodwin Melissa Nicholson, Blll Spler Patsy Latham Bow Bow Bow Row 0 gee? BATTALION STAFF 1955 Officers Get Their Commissions Richard Najera Henry Jurado Joe Casares Della Haddad Sandra Robbins Nancy Daum Melissa Nicholson, lrma Mon telongo Naomi Bonner Sharon Skidmore, Maggie Mart nez Frnesto Reyes Ledlum Goodwin Bene Castillo Bert Sem le Margne Crawford Angle Zacour Suzanne Feste Dora Wlarrufo Angle Reyes, Irene Gonzalez, Sheridan Mott Pool We b Juan Wilson Bill White Hal Smith Fstella Qninones Marianne Kennedy Linda Llvlngton Marlene Lavls Welia Moreno Bonnie Giv en Clemencla Yip lulma Bosales Tommy Arclnlega George Isaac Davnd Guillen, Henry Morales Joe Halow Rafael Ramirez Bull Spler Marvin Bendalin, Lar rv MacDonald 219 1 . . : I I ' , . 2 . . h gh' , X 'x , . ' , J ', 7 n 5 , . xt, , , 5 , ' ,i ,W t 1: l. . . , ' I . - , . . . - U 9 5 U 1 v I V ' 2: ' . . ' N . . . A . 3: ' .l 1. 4 ' . l '. ' . , ' . - . . . - 41 . . ' . '. . ' . - x0 oe or 63' Q65 QS 1 23 Row Row Row Row Li Mr. Jones gives a little of the back- ground of each record before playing them for the group. President SUSAN GLASS Vwe President BILL Secretary, ANN I KN i Mr Jones R03 Sprung: r Lesh r l uberman, I arlos Laxala I-rank Perez George Iwanaga Roberto Al warn Ann Mclntgrc, Joan l'Ifers Margargt Scharnou Norma Arellano Lornfll Gadd Joanne Penmea 'Vlar tha l-lures Susan Glass Ann Roth Joteen Segall Janice Ahoud Llnda Lfe Waters Adelaide Ewans Martha Nhller Ldna Sanchnz Llsu Salcndo, Ana Marla Lawala, Bnlhe Lopez, Mary VS aremg 220 - 1 1 , f 1 Y in -. Q . 'lv , ' . .1 . '. 1 f . - ' - , ' - -1 1 - 4 ' - 1 v 1 . ,. .9- 1 , ' . ' . - . - S. . 4 ,, , . . , , , ,. 'qi , 3. 1 . . I 1 . V . ' --1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 A - , , - , . . . 1 , . . . . 4. '. 5 . 'S ye i ff 'I Oo 4 'z 06, 'Vo 00 4 I ' 61 49 Row l: Olga Morales, Jane Elsberg, Mary Lou Cuellar, Irene Gonzalez. Row 2: Mary Anne Kennedy, Mildred Garhern, Dorothea Fink, Sheridan Mott, Adelaide Evans, Shirley Kramer, Lucille Hannon. Row 3: Tissie Goodell, Carol Bell, Mr. Brown, Sponsor. Row l: Margaret Lucero, Linda Lee lYaters, Eugenia Schuster, Sondra Williams, Dian Horwitz, Sharon Heller, Concha Ochotorena. Row 2: Patricia Sorenson, fharlotte Borden, Anne Thorpe, Marilyn Steele, Sandra Nail, Kay Feste, Sidney Bitticks, Rosalee Henderson, I-Ivangeline Macias. Row 3: Mrs. Byrdie Pierce, Mrs. Nichols, Susie Feinberg, Marjorie tiillett, Mary Lee House. Frankie Gold, Lornell Gadd, Laurice Solomon, Jo Ann Pennies, Mary Jordan, Alice Jordan, Armida Najera. Not Shown: Mary Anne Taylor, Adelaide Evans. 221 " L-2 Q J by annihil- t f Af .dl 1'-A Below IS a lxst of all students who received P T A Awards ln May 1954, some of whom are pictured above PTA AWARDS FOR SPRING 1954 MATHEMATICS Betty McAfee, Philip Seeger and Marlan Slmon-straight A for 4 years ENGLISH Straight A for 4 years-Serena Hamilton hancee Kmscherff Beatrice Luera Betty McAfee Barbara 'VIcAleste vilrlam Relsel, Phxllp Seeger and Mary Frances Zaner SOCIAL STUDIES-Stralght A for 3 years+Ierry Kel len Phyllis Stem and Ted Engel SCIENCE Laboratory Science Straight A 3 years- Phxlllp Seeger CHEMISTRY Outstanding student Karin Smith PHYSICS Phllllp Seeger BIOLOGY Mildred Garbern HOVIEVI AKING Foods Outstanding student 1 year Julieta Ogas, Outstandlng student 2 years Carmen Salas CLOTHING Outstanding Student 1 year Aminta Al warez Outstanding Student 2 years Patsy Wood JOURN ALISM Outstanding Student Letltla Ornelas LATIN Outstanding Studc nt 1 year Najatte Halon Outstandmg Student 2 wars-Arturo Islas Outstand lng Student 3 years-'Slary Anne Kennedy SPANISH Outstanding Englxsh speaking Student Ronnne Glllett Outstandnng Spamsh speaking Student Rose Niary Yalladolld SPEECH Outstanding Student 1 year Exelyn S mon Outstandmg Student ' years Jerry Stewart Out standxng Student 3 years--Beattxe Anne Jones DE-Outstanding Stundent 1 year Marla Pozo Out standing Student 2 years-Betty Gray COMMERCIAL Outstanding Student 2 years Kay Carter Outstandlng Student 2 years-Grace Holgum MUSIC Outstanding boy ln Vocal music Howard Sa gor Outstandlng gurl in Vocal music Mary Frances Zaner BAND Outstandmg Student in Senior Band hancee Kmscherff AGRICULTURE-Outstanding beginning Student Har old Turley Outstnadlng advanced Student Vance Smith MECHANICAL DRAWING Straight A for 4 years Russell Harper Outstandmg Student 3 years-Tommy Tickle Outstanding Student 2 years-Leland Key WOOD WORK Outstanding Student 1 year Robert Kennedy Outstanding Student Adyanced-Cruz Willa rreal Asher Outstanding Student Adyanced Mary Helen Moore ART Outstanding Student ln Art Tomas Flerro Out standing Student nn Crafts-Ifernando Mercado STH GRADE-Best Citizen Boy Tad Daeuble Best Cltl zcn Glfl1IPBD Ann Thomas GIRLS P E Outstanding Girl-8th grade-Lowle Garw ma Outstanding Girl 9th grade Prnscllla Lane Out standing Olrl 10th grade Celia I-ernandez Out standnng tnrl Dance lulxa Lord Outstanding Girl Tenms Sondra Williams Outstanding Girl P Leader Sandra Robbins BOIS P E Outstanding Boy-8th grade Tom Holms ley Outstandxng Bow 9th grade Alfonso Gutierrez Outstandmg Boy 10th grade Ronald Glllett , , ,. y v Y ! I , A I I Q I K ' 4 'f . 3 4 , Z p A d' , N .L at - Q- an xx S y" -L' , - y - . - 1 ! V ! u . . 0 , 'v - - l , .- ". - ' ORCHESTRA-outstanding Students Beginning-Robert Q 1. ' K vjgvj si' v A . - .5 - 1 V- Q 1 .E' 222 OUR P.T.A. Right Mrs J B Robbins Pres Ldent of the l-l Paso Hugh School T A if Above Some of the Fiesta chair men Left to right Mrs Herbert hnen, Mrs Albert Horwitz, and Vlrs J N broesbeeck "' A A nun ,x Our I T A oflxcers are 'VIRS VIALLORX 'DIILLI-R 1st hee Some ol' our PT A mothers gather around the l'uhhc Ad President 'VIRS PHII IIULWIBI- Rl 2nd Klee President 'Hrs dress System a gift of the I T A Standing are 'Vlrs A J J B ROBBINS Presxdent and WIRS Tk D LOTTLI- Serre Reese-rs and Mrs Ralph Dans Seated IS 'Vlrs Walter Case tary 223 THANKS On behalf of the 1905 Spur Staff of El Paso Hlgh School we would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the follow mg firms and indlvld ua s who have contributed to this year s Spur To Mr Hardy and the faculty of EPHS who have always cooperated ln making lt possible for a yearbook to be put out To the businessmen of El Paso who advertised in our book To Mrs Bessie Lee Fltzhugh for pictures from her forthcomlng book Bells Over Texas To Mr Carl Hertzog of Texas Western College for his assistance m securing pictures for the title pages To the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce for the picture of the Liberty Bell Mr A H Hughey for use of the Bailey School hand bell the El Paso Times and Herald Post for the sport pictures Potters Flower Shop for the beautiful title page for Features Mrs Cora Mengel for the use of her bell collection Mrs H D Hatfield for her assistance wlth the book the Popular Dry Goods Company for takmg pictures for the fac- ulty and seniors To Arturo Islas for his assistance vuth the write ups To Mr Adair President of the Southern Pacific Railroad for the picture of the S P engine Thanks to Miss Marjorie Thompson who assisted ln the write ups To the wonderful El Paso High student body we say Thank You Jeanine Bees ers and Patsy Latham Co editors Sunshine Callery Sponsor 224 To . . . ' . To ' ' . To Mr. Dutton, of Guynes Printing Co., for his assistance at all times. To ' ' ' . To . ' . To . . . ' ' ' . To . . k?'LM Q. .l XLLBAA ly! Ulhlll.. NULLLJ. .M KxlL..L ACA L n 1 C ,", X ,J if 'A L X lj - X 1' K ,Nu ' ' R Af f , 'lf' X L' V Vp, Z fyugky LV A11 .C Lf 5 f 5 1 f A - 1 of pf ,af QQ W y gf, fn5Wa'a0l3 aff-mf . 4 A v - , fe l A, fll viQl'y,f5?0VliC Q lyvl Wi Tj 1 Ay! l la O Pc' 'L l I, jiy ,C Ky ,J ' mae Q "9 Q O - ' A Av , of O? Oo ' gil q 0 T4 o 1 A9 T Gy fb my - oo9 . 'Rl J' Q, W 1 f' . .QL VU' gl , mf MV Oy ., 0 oo 0 o 0 5 Tom ooo own Tlln 3 f' 0 -,- f Jewelers 0000303 L EL PASO'S LARGEST AND MOST Begufiful Jewelry Sfgre All lhe qualilies 'fhaf go lo malce a good loaf of bread are yours in TOWN TALK-'lhe Sou+l1wesl"s finest So Corner of Texas and Slanlon always reach for lhe loaf in flue fresh while wrapper wilh 'l'l'l6 red, yellow and blue lellering. KAHNS BAKING COMPANY EL PASO TEXAS QQ FOR VALUE PLUS Shop and save af Food Maris 12 convenlenf neighborhood sfores, for bonded meals qualify merchandise plus S G H Green Sfamps Q4 Q 2 996 Y X i X XX 'N K 225 I o o .a 7 ' f A l 11 '1 'Ilrxx C 3 , 4 .1 5 L Y S L - "lx X- " l a la Nwuuxvl ' r . 5 x I Jrlflf' '. N xx . r N TN X y N wks LL. ..' .ull TM. inks 1l..l'.x .x MQ. .1 T ANAL-x. 5--ro U 'LISA 1 TED COTTLE Complimenfs of keanu, VETTER CLEANERS 712 Octavia Street REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE I' G" S8cHGree ams H2 N S+an+on PHONE 3 3401 FRANKS comp'-mef-+5 of Conoco Service Stahon o Moior Tuneup ACHILLES STUDI Washmwderemg 929 N Mesa PHONE 2 0880 A Good School A Good Church A Good Drugs+ore and you have A Good Commumiy G LA 55 A P P A R fl KERN Pucf PHARMACY Downfown BasseH Tower Texas Sfreef Lore1'+o Suburban 48I7 Moniana Si' 230 Cmcmnah Ave Comphmenfs of El Paso Texas 226 o W n St p I o o ll II Il ll Il ll ll 0 ll I . N N X 1 'lk AESXLA, al. lm. X X X Phone 2-3777 Speedome+er Repairs PARKER AND NEAL Powzn EQUIPMENT Mofor Mas+ers in Au+omofive Power and Economy" 40l Mon+ana S+ EI Paso Texas x , X' , N , ' x . K W K K hh AK A nuts. .wk E. .Ax .x-bk X g N N N X Complimenis and besf wishes of TONY CANALES STUDIO STUDENTS Play Prachce Golf ai' MESA FAIRWAYS CHARLES F DAVIS HARDWARE AND BUILDING SUPPLIES C R O S S R 0 A D S Upper Valley Dlal 3 3091 Complnmerds of EL PASO SPORTING GOODS COMPANY In fhe Bassefl' Tower 208 N Stanton Dlal 2 3772 I x R I COMPLIMENTS OF Gus Hansens Fmer Foods x XXNILI Lick E P AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY 8II Texas S+ PHONE 2 3406 Worrres .........,... at SEARS' IN FIVE POINTS ILL BE SEEING YOU AT TI-IE RECORDS RADIOS PI-IONOGRAPHS 900 N Predras 5 373I N El Paso s OIdes+ Jewelers Since I888 118 Mllls Street Tex Sun Laundry 81 Cleaners Family Work Our Specralfy Dellvery Anywhere In Clfy and Valley 4 Texas S+ Phone 2 468I For Qualrly II' s ARCY Make Sure Your Local Drug Srore s Phofo Fnmshunq Is Processed By Us ARCY PHOTO SERVICE DIAL 3 6001 3227 Alameda Axe Ask for IdeIIe Creme Shampoo and IcIeIIe Hand and Face Lohon Made rn EI Paso +o sud' fhe people who Irve rn fhrs dry cIrma+e IDELLE BEAUTY SUPPLY CO. rmsry 228 X X x X M X N N0 I Parking e rrssssy TURNTABLE W . . IIIQLS ' JE . . . ' I3I . - lxx x xn WHEN GOING PLACES STOP BY W I VL, J, 4, Judd c ASF? from the press QF GUYN ES "Makers of Good Impressions" 620 NORTH STANTON EL PASO, TEXAS Q I H X y N , . X X . E - . tvs. N msn x. M94 -5 . U. uk N x..xs in ...w ' .Ln 1 uh . who X ' X X V 1 , 'IL Vx 1 ,4',,.,,,,f2 of 4 , 19 wlvw' 5 -M , ' ,M WNW ,4.. ' 0 Your Phofographlc Headquarfers PATTERSON PHOTO SUPPLY II3 ll9E Mann S+ IRMA VIJIL Congralulahons H gh S M. bee ap. C1'!'f5, h"L"..a., +he S, de VICTORY f00p MARKET we SPECIALIZE IN scHooL PORTRAITS 62I N Campbell Von Zell Porlrall Sludlo JEFF WISE Owner 7I9 Norlh Sfanlon S+ree+ Pho e 3 3832 EL PASO TEXAS Complumenfs of IIIN es., Dual34522 BANCO MERCANTIL LOUS BEAUTY SHOP A Over I8 Years Malung PRETTY GIRLS PRETTIER 230 i enior as n e r av u n'I's of El Paso High School in our S+udio. I I .1 n . . M ' - I ' Sl Al EL PASO LAUNDRY 8: CLEANERS CO 910 S Santa Fe St Sunce I89I COMPLIMENTS OF HATFIELDS FLORIST MR sl MRS JOHN B cous 20 Montana 2 3132 Seven CompIe'I'e FIoors of Home FurmsI1mgs AMERICAN FURNITURE C0 Servung 'I'I1e SouI'I1wes'I' for 42 Years Oregon of Texas DlaI 2 5784 928 S EI Paso S+ TROUBLE SHOOTER GARAGE WILLIE RICHIE Mgr FursI' Class Aufo Repalrmg Offacnal Inspechon Sfahon EL PASO TEXAS AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY PRINTING PUBLISHING Complxments M c K E E S Prescrlphon Pharmacy Dial Z 8693 I01 A li. ban Ant nl H Paso Texas Compllmenfs of PARMALEE RADIO SHOP 2720 Monfana Phone 5 753I EL PASO TEXAS I l 7 - I . I I I o o I 231 SINCE 1902 COMPLETE STOCKS OF INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 81 EQUIPMENT EL PASO TEXAS Geo S Thomson Co Inc Thank you for cboosmg .usiz ' Complimenls of R C SEMPLE INC 'l g li H 9 P YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER HAPPY AS A LARK U essyo sttbldng p 0 Q es egg no efee Sl ma eo 'f Q0 'T tThS eNato fm E ea be happy s lak 'l'l'lE STATE NATIONAL BANK OF El. PASO MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SAN ANTONIO AT OREGON 232 O O O O O O I And or ph fo rap s of all 'l'l1e olher imporlanl evenfs in your life your O O O p Official P olo rapher will be ha py +o give yo special help and service Y . O 4- Z fl J nl u ar ui i u y ur . I ' n t w, while you'r r as Je a bird. . .you y b ut on a limb X N ' D lat r! S why not open a savings ac- ! ' 3 count a e tat i nal right J g1 4 ,L X away? Be an rly bird . . . and you'll ' a a r I B K E82 D Southwestern Produce Co OY I30SFIo WoleslF f Vg CBS JOHN SEXTON 81 C0 afacf hlelG P O B 448 JUAREZ Mexico DALLAS 2 TEXAS I E Likes ou le .IOHN H. STOCKMEYER FULWILER TRUCK DIVISION I005 Texas S+. EL PASO, TEXAS See Al Porras for A Beffer Deal The es? Radio Programs Are O .... 600 n our Dial ' renee ' h ae rui s and e efables You'II See More On Channel 4 K R 0 D - 'I' V 2-460I 2-4602 , CompIimen+s of a M nu uring W o sae rocers . . ox 5 Y o u una O O :ru O o o o Y CompI'm n'I's of THE SNACK SHACK 9I3 N Oregon Nexf 'l'o Tech GOOD FOOD - FOUNTAIN Phone 2 0080 NEED GLASSES7 A S K S E G A L L Since I90l SEGALL OPTICAL CO I02 E San Anlomo S+ Iweldon ewefy C5 Malls and Mesa for Over 41 Years TEL 3-2621 ROBINSONS Where you always 'fund hugh fashioned merchandise 200 N Mesa Ave El Paso Texas PHONE 3-564I The Swing IS fo Ford FULWILER MOTOR CO Your Frnendly Ford Dealer CARS TRUCKS PARTS SERVICE TEXAS PHONE 3 2434 Comphmenfs of PEDRO N GARCIA CITY OF JUAREZ MEXICO ll ll O I Enjoying the Confidence ol th Co nity ' ' ll ' ' ll I O I bl 5 - 234 Phone 5-2748 RODEHAVER- MILLER FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Service 2600 E. Yandell Blvd. El Paso Complimenfs of El PASO MEAT COMPANY 700 E. San Anlonio PHONES: 3-42I2 and 3-6I I2 Complimenls of CARTERS FLOWERS 23I0 N Pledras 39I2 Pershing 3830 N Pledras 20I7 Monfana COMPLIIJIENTS O' CS If Caron 909 N Mesa Phone 3 7429 BarreH Molor Co ANTHONY Your Upper Valley Ford Dealer Only 25 minutes from downtown El Paso Slandard OII Producls Charlie Tupper Service PARKING EL PASO TEXAS 400 N Stanton 2 1011 Used Cars and Trucks ENDLICH MOTOR COMPANY Dual 3 6.111 614 'lly rtle Aw El Paso T xas TOPS lN QUALITY AND SERVICE 263I Wyoming A+ Fwe Pomls PHONE 5 1407 ' E 3 BUY SELL TRADE Supreme Laundry - Cleaners O S M RED RAIVISEY JR Rl- PRLSLN TIN! L cs BALFQUR coif SOUTHWESTERN DIVISION Dallas I Texas XOI R OPPILIAI JLVI LLLKB AND STATIONLRS CONGRATULATIONS All fhe employees of EI Paso Na+uraI Gas Company exfencl +heur con gra1'uIahons +0 'fhe seniors of El Paso Hugh School and besf wishes fo 'Ihe o+her sfudenfs. ELM PASO NATURAL GAS CGMPANY 236 ll ll 0 I I 0 I ' '.' fi 2I07 McKinney Ave. I TIE AN Compliments of the UNION FURNITURE COMPANY 205 lo S Stanton 3 2486 Compllmenfs of Parent Teacher Association Comphmenfs of Your Moforola Dealer I I9 E Overland 2 6252 11 Compllments of NORTON BROTHERS Your Imeadquarfers for School and Enqmeermq Supplnes 2 TEXAS ST 39 EL PASO TEXAS IOE I GOURLEY DISTFIIDUIOT LONGHQRN POTATO CHIPS MAZITAS ASHLEY S TOSTADOS ADAMS KORN KURLS 44I0 CI'1es+er S+ 5-4434 HoIdswor'rI'1 Jewelers 205 MIIIS Street El Paso Texas CONGRATULATIONS Ponsiord Brothers GENERAL CONTRACTORS 9I4 E Mlssouru S+ EI Paso Texas f . 811 RM e n y . P L P O - I - SW ' COWPLII EN1S OF ELLIOTT INSURANCE AGENCY 110 N STANTON PHONE 2 2491 LINCOLN MERCURY Rollms Mofor Company EL PASOS FINEST USED CARS SEE a d HEAR Toasf of The To KROD TV each S day 6 7 P M Compllmenis of BROADDUS AND MCGRATH 3II exas El Paso Texas Besi of every+I-nng fo 'Ihe Senlors and hopmg lo see all 'Ihe resl of you nexl' year KERN FLDWER SHOP Compllmenls of YANDELL MARKET I4-00 E Yanclell 2 5l2l EI Paso Texas DIAMOND FLOUR HIGHEST PATENT FLOUR M A G 0 M EZ WHOLESALE 'R . K 1 if S, fl' 'Wg T ey y T X a u p 238 Hotel Restaurant School FOOD SUPPLIES H 8: R WHOLESALE GROCERY 2509 Texas Street EI Paso Texas Pl-IONE 3 77l6 Compliments t THE TERRACE Medical Center an La Fonda Dlnrng Room ,N Milli Cowbcy boots ALSO EL PASOS LEADlNG SHOE REPAIR 0 OVERLAND EL PASO TEXAS Compliments ot THE TOP NOTCH MANUFACTURING C0 9 O Robert E McKee WHO . . . GENERAL CONTRACTOR INC '-JAY dy7 Y TEXAS WHY REDDY KILOWATT OF COURSE' LQUISIANA CALIFORNIA Z7 NEW MEXICO OKLAHOMA lllllir IYLICIZCH I , - - . O d 'SHHSETVK 3 , 7 R1 t ,Q A if IITXX -L"' " ' 1 it 15 SQ' -Z! ' A K W x,.i. . E -V7 . . .E .fs . ,. I . ,,,... .- . r 5 E. , , Q ' '9 O Y Q lv if Qu 41, 'R - - '1 Li h s our classroom day after clay? Provides power for modern educational aids? Worlrs for pennies a a . Makes living, learning, pla ing pleasanter every way? U I ' A x-u uno nuns In 239 COMPLIMENTS OF Neff Buckner Hol'I'. Inc WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 500WPa'5an0Df E L P A S O T E X A S DOWNTOWN 5 POINTS 300 Texas Sfreef 906 N Pnedras LORETTO LAKESIDE 3 405 COMPLIMENTS OF LA BARATA LOWEST PRICES AND BIGGEST SELECTION SOl.l'l'hWBS'l'eI'I1 Emplbymehi' IN PIECE GOODS offlce I II S sa Phone 2 826I COMPLIMENTS OF Caples Busldlng Phone 3 I325 COMPLIMENTS OF TI-IE TEXAS STORE COMMNTSOF "'e'e G""S MP' GUNNING cAsTEEI. Largesi' selechon of plece goods In The Soufhwesi' DRUG STORES 206 S MESA PHONE 3 5547 240 -I 4834 Monfana S+. 70I8 Hiway 80 Easi' O . Me - . I O O ABD O U ' S PIanIs 892 SINCE I9I5 Now Governmeni Inspecfed APC and Supreme Yard Eggs APCO PouI+ry Consori' Hens TURKEYS OLEO CHEESE BUTTER 70 Easi' Overland Sfreei' MRS TUCKER S Producfs Telephone 2 5658 COMPLIMENTS OF E F HuH'on 81 Company COMPLIMENTS OF EI Paso Torhlla Co SPECIAL MADE ORDERS OF TAMALES AND TOSTADAS 3425 Frufas Phone 3 I560 BILL WILLIAMSON FINE FOODS SUPER MARKET WE GIVE FRONTIER SAVING STAMPS Prescrlphon Drugglsi' SERVING THE UPPER VALLEY COMPLIMENTS OF RANCHERO TEXACO BILL CHESAK Mgr 300 Monfana Phone 2 0584 COMPLIMENTS OF PROVINCIAL SHOP Early Amerncan Furmfure Gnffs Rugs Lamps and Accessorles IN KERN PLACE PHONE 3 057I 241 325 w I L L I A M S 0 N,S Communifx Drug Sfore ff 1 1, xf' -,L Vf' . L 4' J' fx rl 7, ,rv wk , . A f ' V' . yx ,s , J: ,P J I: MJ 1 1 'V ' , " 1' " L f . C - ,f , N :Q 4 V V rv.. N, 7 I ,I r q 5 A 'QjM.,.,.,,.z- ,S , f -E' we x A x 1 1 1 A, , 1 . if D' .V n ' V Lv fl-,J XV- LL Mf HIGH SCHOOLERS CHEER OUR FASHIONSH. and fhe clofhmg from our Four+h Floor Shops rafes ihem' Jusi' 'Phe rlghi' amouni' of sophsshcahon ihe pre case land of 'Frl' Hue mfer eshng lund of fabrics and fhe easy lund of prices 1' ai' makes fhem fri' rlghi' Info your hfe your fun' 5' U 118 QW DRY GOODS CO ye-WRX XV ips., if V 2 242 KWWW , W ff W M34 5 f g i! J A g2525 f xx ! To 'Ihe Graduahng Class and 'fellow sfudenfs Andy and I'he Whlfe House send +hns wlsh A happy up for every down a dozen smiles for every frown a buf of laughfer 'For each sigh a rainbow for each cloudy slcy and +he Whl+e House for fashlons' DIA 2 I4II Berroferan Brofhers HOME OF BEROTONE PRINTS 607 N Florence EI Paso Texas Champion Shoe Shop I09 S Mesa EI Paso Texas Dual 2 0438 SHOES DYED ANY COLOR SHOES REPAIRED WHILE LI WAIT LEO'S Finer Foods 5l03 Monfana 7l7 E. San Anfomo 7872 Norfh Loop I90I E Yandell 2I I9 N Pledras GOOD SHOES SINCE I'-705 GUARANTEE SHOE C0 EOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY 243 I I xx f f,,.ff.f,,, ff -, ... I yi, 1. , f5,g,,.,. ,. ,, v y ?4gy,',,:,:7:-fe H ' f ff ff-afgffg ' -I - 2 fag f I 32? M5 f X4 1 9' 1 - U-Z Q s 9 7 Wi? 3 . . ' I , X ll ll ll ll - I N Q s ' X I I . . 1 i . . , - f. L - I ' I . ' 1 xm Bl DEL NORTE SADDLERY EL PASO S MOST COMPLETE WESTERN STORE Two Loccxtlons to Serve You 7014 Hlghwcry 80 E 110 West San Antomo HEADQUARTERS Fon EL PASO I-HGH TIGERS M1d Central Flsh Company SEAFOOD AND FROZEN FOODS Ph 3 2641 E S W1se ' 0 iff V o X UY Sunnse1 244 1 ' 1 . . - 718 . cxnAntonio Be fy ' 'W nv" QQL ,-. ,f fr B R? Ig IRR MARRY THAT BOY' E HANDLE HOME FURNISHINGS One Televlslon Sales and Service Ng Uomklns Ave Telephone 6 1601 Comphments of EL PASO WHITE TRUCK SALES CO 1615 Pcnscxno Dr Teleph'-9119 2 4624 FOR MORE THAN so YEARS THE GREATEST NAME IN TRUCKS Ifwvj J pf' ' ggi X -I .. . COMPLIMENTS OE CI LUNDELL CS SCN ROOPERS El Paso Venet1an Bhnd Co 5950 Alameda Boulevard EL PASO TEXAS PR 2 2777 VENETIAN BLIND MANUFACTURERS 41- ! -.gf 'Ik 1 ULQJLDLDCDCIJ f ' nn DONT MISS THE THRILL OF SEEING CARLSBAD CAVERNS NATURE S UNDERGROUND WONDERLAND a pleasani' one day fnp from EI Paso by CARLSBAD CAVERN COACHES 1615 East Palsano Drne COMPLIMENTS OF W SILVER SCRAP IRON SCRAP METALS PIPE AND MACHINERY 1720 Magoihn Ave DRINK DR. PEPPER COMPLIMENTS OF Western Constructors Inc 209 LAUREL TEL. 3 8303 f"i+ his COMPLIMENTS OF Tom s Toasted Peanuts To keep you feehng AS YOU Shfiuld COMPLIMENTS OF WHOLESOME DAIRY Wholesome M1lk the mllk that tastes 11ke cream Dnnk PRICE S MILK Its Mmmmm1ghty good' 6982 H1way 80 East PR 2 2751 QJ 11 g '::X X ff AX PM 65 Groesbeeck s Crazy Boots Are Fme f They Have the Newest m Des1gn' Groesbeeck s Western Wear 109 E. Main St EI Paso Texas 247 4 ' ' 1 , - F, an Q' 'ff L ' s I I .' . I I I l , J! f . - 5 , f , I R ' - III! I Nd ,E x. 1,4 !!-' - N miie lgix ' fp 1 ' ,. - ,J V-' if I, IEW ' . Q - I Always F1rst W1th The Latest Styles For Young Menl Al Shop Fo Men p oes themsel es on l mber ot yo mg me lto make AI 5 Shop tlwer teadq a te s tor the latest most portant styles' You too l ou t endly se ce and up to tlwe m mute styles 3 COMPLETE FLOORS TO SERVE YOUI Clothmg Corner Scm Antoruo :S Mesa X FZ 216 MILLS ST 2 5730 ACME LAUNDRY Wal 1 X S J XX Best Ll I X l V I Q OMPLIMENTS or uv THE BORD N CO N DRINK IT DIRECT FROM ITS GWN FROSTY BOTTLE Mcrgnollcx Coca Cola Bottlmg Co EL PASO TEXAS af' ttegnu F U rllnwl V 1 . - - I I u r r , , ' lm ' Q . , wil lilce I' fl VVI - - - l Xi l Ltvbb, Ce" Lbvlwljk vi' able, I I I H st K M' . f L Du' N4' jp' V J . tip-K1 K X I lv vt '19, ' V W- I 2 , 2'-lt Jvf 1:,,lL IX Ive., 30,0 I ,,l'.Vl6,k: 'cojgqvigix xy N rl If bc X, ' I LO' y If I I tts x X lx It F My A Q Q KLLLL DQ' SLL, 1' I VIL X Q, X to ft N15 X - X ' . 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' - A LA O I ,V ' '- K :ya XX ff yy! ' U XJ D 'Jxggx t 9 V A X O f ' 6 0 V' v' ,J 0 X X ' Y . ,Xl Q53 X .S jc, Q fx j 1 ff XFN I N 95, A - Q , 0 X f ' I Ci YJXY-b,XiovNLx5'xN'0oSQR' 'mi-f 4 Q ' 9 I I L14 r S: V WMDX QSM 2 Q 1 4' lf!,y"' K 0 Af ' K-2 f L! V. CA A 249 Compllments of Complnmenfs i bm: Q ! mia wv, vfurnlfufe 00 DIAL 3 3463 H6 24 S STANTON ST STORE FOR HOMES F R I E N D QW AUTOGRAPHS Alf Vw wwf nc 1 ,MX NY' 250 V- ,...f-' "" I 4 of N n - I I A P 'A o A M. P I , .3 ,W FQJWN N f ,,,,fb1 , L f 1jkjLk f My Lp f av , f xO O ,EL P JMX, A QA xg, ' M LfL1f H Riff? :jd N M I .. XpNM C,u LAL ' ,V ' LM R xv W? Yr' JDJ f" A, if ' 'J , J ' . 1 , m I. . t,' xr J, lj' r 'll"'j . U 7 W Y . k V, X V ' x" ' ,f i x, X : J 1 , W W REI! lanjfj 3 ig Q J -- , Z Ld1 Sglqezzilcf' 'fLQ?gJ,4LLA,,,,e, 2fQgL.'6cJ.n. ifimaqffufuf Q. dy ,,. , ,a,u.eGf3QQLuw4,4'e4w4,ufblfWCfwa!MLbCLLcLa'w7g4,UD f K . Le FLQfwMoi61bwJwJJJ,QwL,LQ?4M,f4zge4,LAA WM wwwwwwfu MEX udeyummwwwdwwffavflgmwivmwu MMMJKWMWMWMAWMW md JQWLL gywggw Www Q We WSMMLMJ ,-fg4,,,g,7LiQ,wMJQf4MJ Jawa? ge else? ,ww QQ Www fQ,wc,Q!2 MMU J6fv,,1l3 M Qluffzffw fiemaa, and so at last the bells have toll a' cmd there zs notlazng ZW to tell I l 1,4 il' I . I 1 Lx . " f 1 , f f ' f f, ' Q 47 f 5 f J ff U5 1 ' 2 I f .K L, I ' UI fx My e .1 , ooo j 'V ' ' n A1 0 I,

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