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5 W-..,,mN -M , ,gk ,mfg 'ww 4 Q. Q -R, i ,,.a.-1g,f.'j 2, 1 1V A I -fav I Q' D -N , . -v-...-....... W-a.,.,u k5'zw-.:'-If-za'-4 7' 'ln- 4? 'N' A -1 , fi ' , X, N , nail'-f I 'f -QV! ' 4 , , 3' ll I!" --I A' 'W f, V W'f'u"x'm 1 ' S 1 1 11 -ww, of K-14.4 lil ,L . M.: QW , i. we 'f 3' . fn-5 ..,4,gnI 91' ' 'p I ,.Jn.,,.. .5 Y T, 25"-N' 'N ""f f-vw I fy.,-.,q' 4. W Q Mg' d , 'W-1. !f"Q.x.'?'i' :- 1, H'-R14-fi1,.Va,,:':" "ff A , . ,, , f-W, 1, av- , . . . N 'W ' 1 f.. .::' :'..:r1J:, - - . .-1 . , .,'a.. rv f" V, ug - ' K , W lt .Vis f 9 1 -I 31454 ' 5 ' I . ..... .f .-?'x'f":!ff! . A . 'I' I1 . ' 'Q ' 'fi' . ' JJ '!- , x. , . . x, , . 1 ., 'a,.p4y4-Q -' A 'fgffvyf , ,, V, gl,-1 . xt.. 5. .Q . - - V' 1 gh' m . -X Q Q I., 1 19.54 PRESENTATION Out of the golden haze of the desert a clty of dreams took form m men s mmds At the edge of a barren waste a small cowtown grew mto the metropohs of the Southwest As It grew lll slze It grew ln lndustrlal rmght m culture and ln beauty Thus the clty of El Paso was bom To nts cltlzens It represents the vlslon come true-a blend of the beauty and sunpllclty of the desert wlth the wealth and securlty of a city A school hke a city grows m slze and beauty until lt symbollzes the height of enh ten n and self perfection In this book we portray the tu tion of two ldeals-the knowledge exemplified by o ool and the charm d power of our cnty El Paso UREWIIRD Presentation Foreword ,.... Dedication In Memoriam Spur Staff Activities Faculty Seniors Jumors Sophomores Freshmen Jr High Sports Student Government Features Music Clubs Thanks "' Yv' - , ,. f?'w6" - ' ' W in- EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL -1902- . 6 427' f H of - ip To Miss Marjorie- Thompson, who is 1-ver ready and willing to Understand our shortcomings, who is always Q our friend it 1-ve1Ging we undertake, we gratefully 'Z dedicate ui? 1954 spur. 4 f f - t - - 'sn 0 X M M0 1 X HU XM J Dr 11 wifi Dr NFN Xu DC U' VRS? vi KH' S MR JOHN 1' HARD! Principal of El Paso High School Always ready .md willing to coopfrate lu has non our respr ct and friendship. Everyday our admiration for him grows deeper. ,l IEANINE BEEVERS Assistant Editor FRANCES GOLD Senior Editor JOLIE BURT Sophomore Editor MRS. SUNSHINE CALLERY ED SHERMAN Sponsor Editor spur staff "' PATSY LATI-IAM Assistant Editor BETTY HADDAD Senior Editor KAY BROADWELL BETTY WOODSIDE BILLIJO SEXTON MARTHA LOU Sophomore Editor Jumor High Editor Junior High Editor FLORENCE Junior High Editor Qld Q Q xr . 5 x X "' ,A W A! If 1 47' s , V 4 dtht A 1 A 'Iii jk 6" HARRIET REISEL MILDRED GARBERN DICK GIV it EN ALAN KAHN MNCHAEL GOLDMAN Freshman Editor Freshman Editor Photographer Ph to o grapher Photographer D45 IRIAM REISEL Clubs RAFAEL CHAVEZ Sports JERRY KELLEN R. 0. T. C. TR' spur staff xii Nur' TANA HORVVITZ Cl-IARLEINE STEIN PHYLLIS STEIN R. 0. T C. Features, Muslc Features, Music LETITIA ORNELAS Clubs ROGER LIVINGSTON Sports ff CECIE FEINER Art I 6 f, I T I I .,4' .A , Ni - Li, , V- . WV 'v:'Y:. QM , -Z 3' - rw ' K: V ' , ' 'V Y, V4 'I x X X1 , Q, 4. I -QQ V 4 E M pt 'Y X X . 1 if..-4 .I ' F f 1 ' - -A up 9 I JEANETTE DUNCAN MARY FRANCES Jo ANN ABRAHAM Ads WALTRH' Head of Ads Ads ESTELLE WINTROUB Ads C' PATTY FERNAIN DEZ Ads I? Y Q-w CECILY SCI-IWARTZ MARIAN IIEGSTAD ds Ads spur staff ROSEMARY LOPEZ Ads MARY ANN VINES Ads .1 A 'xv GRACE GOODELL Ads NORA ARMENDARIZ ds N W, X ,, PATSY ABRAHAM Ads f J. A PHILLINTE HELLER ds CARLOS ORNELAS Ads MARY FRANCES ZAN ER Ads , AAAA d 'W A A A A if A . .L 'P LA A 1 A ' f , A .. llv- X M 2 ai A :zl " V' il i x' EN. 'K xx ' A A ACTIVITIES El Paso feels the pulse beats of activities, the bustle at the crossroads of the nation. Early life in El Paso was marked by gun fights and the clatter of hoofs along the dusty streets. As the city grew m refine- ment the people thronged to political ral- hes to hear campaigners promismg to put El Paso on the map And ln a short tlme it was on the map the tolmst center of the southwest, the gateway to Mexico and California New Industries and inhabitants need room to expand so El Paso grew up ward and outward Still growing it repre sc-nts the lmtlatwe of an ambitious people the hopes and dreams of willing citizens Our school IS a microcosm of our city for it traces the stages of growth of the cnt: zens of tomorrow It portrays the activity of the youth of our city ln athletics stu dent government and social actlvlties - M., ,. was , 15 - .,+. Ma 'lf--. Im ACTIVITY IN MODERN EL PASO-1954 UMM EARLY ACTIVITY IN OLD EL PASO-1915 il s mi I W ffl'-' ' - nge Q.. f--- QNWQUHRG -IL I HQQQFIF ' Asn!"-if Z' ' -his 'www " ""' " l'Vl!!IIlIlP'UEi llif Y I 'ff' I U4 'QIQ-?'Jl.L'n.LnI?"-F' 1 l Q Through the co operatlon and hard work of a great number of the student body the card tricks were presented for their third year at El Paso High Q-.Y il ?. is ' L. 'ix hi hll ht fth f tl f tb ll ti Ed Shennan, Spur Editor, presented the beauties Louann Cau 5:5 crfwnglg gf Qu1essJiYfDglosueclxoggacglnqtits sey, Marion Hegstad, Marie Endlich, and Charlotte Poole with I Y h h. their prizes re l ar roug FOOTBALL REIGNED AS THE TO A The exciting pep assemblies brought our spirit to a new high as vue cheered the team on their games. The well plamled dances held after the games met with enthusiastic approval and gave us a chance to celebrate our sic tories. The bonfire, the El Paso Aus tin parade, the assembly competition , , . , iw :,y.LV,:,,3 z.1, :aj , v- vi' 1, 'gear' p we-f f Mft, Q T.. Jkt ...ann I , I ifirrr rr 54' 41 J ,..Q.r- 1 ,, -'ffTi,ij,T.c- M.-., .- 6.1. ' "-,- f '.' A , -, I . Q A ,fag it Aff . k' - N ' 4 - ' ' a 1 'n , V , c , , , v, ' V .1- :T 9. 'F Q!! V--4... P t ' 3 ' ---' 3- -- l . SK v ' 1 is ' E VZ ,Vi .f .K I 6 -, ,Q , ' I gg The students waited for the second day of the term to start with new books ln their arms and eager looks on their faces Hop' Tlger' Hop was the theme as the band and yell leaders bfought 3 new Spirit to El P350 Highs Wlth much gravity the students introduced their parents to cheering their teachers and hoped for the best at Back to School night TIGER TEAM ROLLED ON SUCCESSFUL SEASON and the hghtlng of the E all combln ed to keep our splrlts hlgh for the big game on Thanksgiving day The won derful assembles the operetta the se lectmn of Whos Who and Class Fa vorltes, and the National Honor So ciety initiation made the fall term one of fun and enjoyment. " E A I ti ,f H: 4 v G ,4 X. ,f f V! 7 I 4' 1 I v , " I '-v n ' .- v Q ' . , - 13 El Paso High s own little song birds entertained the students at an assem Y The Choir with the help of the Masque 8 Gavel Club did a wonderful job of presenting a fine op- t AN OLD KENTUCKY ARDEN ere ta, G Mr Hardy cited our former wins during a serious moment at the football pep assembly THE BEGINNING OF A NEW CAUGHT THE STUDENTS IN We again hastily scribbled out our re glstration cards hoping to fmmsh be fore our fax orite class was closed and prepared for the first day of the new term with new teachers and students. The inauguration of the fall officers keynoted the new term. The winning of our first game 21-7 against Cathe- dral forecast the great season that followed. Our card tricks section made us prouder that we were stu- ulwmzuv , 0 .s S U QW E Jlm Lucas brought the Korean War closer to us at assembly ww The Tiger band was a real asset at the El Paso Austin Parade SCHOOL YEAR AT E P H S A WHIRLWIND OF EVENTS dents of El Paso High. We really proved that we were behind the team at our first pep assembly and the many other assemblies that followed. Our beautiful and charming football court added a note of glamour to the season. The beauty contest, the Foot- ball Coronation, the school trip, and "Back to School Night" all proved that the beginning of the school year was a success in every way. El Paso High students poured into the stadium to fonn the card tricks sectl at the 0ll EL PAso AUSTIN Thanksgiving classic. ibn.-.. lp Nllll th: hands .us the seniors voted on -Ill Important Issue out ln the third .annual llolld n Halle ans-nlblw Mrs Wllburn was H-ry hung as the students nallnd that sl LBS would soon go up to S400 U lNl THE BEGINNING OF THE LIGHTED BY PREPARATIONS The Christmas season at lul Paso Hugh was welcomed m rowalls as the stu dents partlupated m the mam Yule tlde actnltles The Hohdas Belle as sembls marked the begmnmg of De cember ulth bcautx and chaml As Christmas neared, the Clubs partlcl O 0 if . Z V , v. A, .H 8, , , .x ,,,.., I M S5 I n Ah- " I' v-Mv i The In-autyland inge-nuity4of lil I'asu High was brought A 4 . .. . ' ' , K - I " 1 ' Wu WINTER SEASON WAS HIGH FOR CHRISTMAS pated ln the door decorating contest and added beauty to our halls The low ely and msplrmg Christmas assem bls was an msplratlon to all Closelw followmg Chrlstmas was TWIRP CThe Woman IS requested to Pay! season Altogether December was a month of fun and excitement tlecuts dung! xpseas II m b k g I us the sophomores ere f ted ln n th Nl rch of Dimes Drl . Thu- hugs re-ally took adxantugq- of I o r 0 ieli shonn the-m hy the girls rn wr ' on. ,, v I V N11 , r Mc ' 1 r' , fi 3 ' , ' , 4 I o croom dances nvrc ac a u'n ' Y l-- xx e ,' a frm- dance 1 e ". a " ve. . . 7 Y I I l 0 I . Y Y 4 o 1 L L V lf . t . . v . . . . . I Y The to Western Da, assembly was one of the flrst of the new term Here Ld presents the win ners wlth two tickets each to the rodeo The campalgn spezclus topped off .1 week of campaigning as sc nt them the next tl rm 1 One of the mam planks of the New Admlnlstratlon platform was to have the student body learn all ol our school Alma 'tlater A special assembly was held by the choir and the band to teach the student body the l'l Paso Hugh School song THE CAMPAIGNS FOR OFFICE JANUARY AND FEBRUARY W hen the students returned to school after the Chrlstmas holidays, they noticed a change ln the halls Campaign posters and banners coxered the walls, and candidates met them wlth smiles and dodgers Durmg the week of campaigning that followed, confusion reigned Howexer, the students got a good Idea of the candidates quahfl catlons The campaign assembh ended all campaigning and the electron was over . l V ' " . lr, the students listened closely to see whom they wanted to repre- . . , . . The ll Paso High Basketball team had won the dls trret champlonshlp the first time ln slx years The vyhole student body celebrated their yrrtory and cheer ed them on the Bl dlstrlct Mm One of our outstanding, a semblles was present 1 za group from lilggs l'leld Here the quln trite gnes thur rendltron of Swing Loe Sweet 1 ll.ll"l0t AND BASKETBALL SEASON MADE THRILLING MONTHS The new offlcers yyere joyously lnaugu rated and they pledged a full and construe tlye program for the coming term In ad dltlon, basketball season yyas on its yyay and the Tlger basketball team yyon game after game The thrilled fans sat spell bolmd as our Tiger team yn on the dlstrlct championship after sux long years ies, January and February yyere cmrtamly months to remember The proud oftlurs snulrd happily after their electron and pre pared to make th: Sprung. ta rm ot l'h4 the bust eyer 4-.l hiv," 1- -l-H' nu '. J w Y' - EW r to z'. at ' sc , . I ha ' H: .. 4. A ,A vzp ' as ,X A- . I. . x ' R. K .1 l .n A p en p 1 A., d ha ball e e honor 590009 31 , 5s. t- ab 1. I-I P h n t no wa fe tu ed ln a sp mg assembly ENTERTAINING ASSEMBLIES END OF THE Some of the best assemblies ln the hlstorx of Ll Paso l-hgh were pre sented durlng the last part of Febru an The students were fasc-mated bw the wonderful tale nt assemblies pre sented by E P H S students and out slde performers The Cowboy Band from Hardin Simmons I nn erslts dns 'fx 7 5 W r z .- I Y . S 'Q . 1 - 5 f Tl I larious plg' " Case of N ringtime" was pres ted hy Y 3 n nt class of 1954. K - I also Hig 's ow' r' ' s a r ' r' '. s . o I u 1 ' r'n' Sports, basketball, track, an se w' r - ' eir queens were crowned at a special assembly. 4 - A I + no 1 H X K ,N 3 . ,w Q 7 xx ' A 1 A X K ' E1 ' 2 ' ' J ' A f ' i A . . A s . l ' . , , . 5 1 v- x If h v I . v . ' 3 . -- tg - . b .- Mu lc had Nest rn t uch as the co b v b nd frmlla dl Sl n played atl'PHG FEATURED THE WINTER SEASON played a unlque form of talent An El Paso Hugh combo The Three Squares and a Chuck was formed early ln Feb ruarg Of all the assembhes the Cor onatlon of the Sprmg sports duches ses was outstandmg In addntlon pre paratlons were alreads bemg made for the Sprung Fiesta al ool Jan P epa at al adx h mg m de f the ip 1 g Fiesta r tl ec n n prepa e the le s and fl vsers J0 llu 01 19 4 Spr ng l- sta MONTHS OF HARD XWORK IIN THE BEAUTY OF For over a month the P T A and stu dent council worked dlllgently for a wonderful 19.14 Sprung Flesta The losely Flesta court was chosen and the theme of Sprung Fiesta ln Ha wan was decided upon Flnallx the Fiesta w as here Fne hugh sparkling pineapple hung from the cenllng and colorful lens decorated the tables Booths were operated by the clubs gt k f the Blu I much tudet d dll 4 '55 WERE REPRESENTED THE SPRHNG FIESTA for the enjoy ment of all The beautl ful coronatlon of the Fiesta court was the hlghllght of the ewenmg as the spotlights were turned on their row al representatives After the coronatlon three hours of dancing kept the stu dents entranced As they went home that night all agreed that this was the blggest and best Fiesta ew er en joy ed bw E P H S students 9 1 4... I V- 4, . ,,' 3. i of ,mage . 'ii' The art of Concentration. Best of all. Where there is happiness there is gaiety. Don't faint girls, it's Henry Lovcbirds. Muscles and Little Flower. Monkey does as monkey sees. Which twin has the Toni? Look out below, Beck! Go, man, go! You're in the army now. "This is the way I see it," says Marty. Interesting subject? snowing down South! Troop 80 misses you. A scene from "My New Juarez Bar" Hopefuls. The Two Dears. The one that got away. Practicing up for the special convention. Music soothes the savage heart. We want a touchdown. The good old days. Why didn't I study my lines? Beauty and the Bottle lof Pepsi-Cola? Practice makes perfect. Shh-h-h! Case of Key. Miss Beeftooth of 1953-54. I'm the boss here. Dig that crazy shower! Who fills these shoes? What's coming off? Say that again! Student Council painters at work. "W'ith these hands." The line iorms at the rear. Musician's Convention. 24 I 'K ,hx f gm Z 4,3 an Y Q 35014 Qi A? A KN If gy. A .J E! W, K fr, W .av A 5 4 .14 A 4 Q ACULTY FACULTY A progressive city represents a cultured and resourceful people. Early El Paso, iso- lated from all other civilization, at first re- ceived news only from stage coaches and ex- press rlders People waited at the stage sta- tions to receive their mail and news from the rest of the world Soon the stages became outmoded as a means of communication as telegraph lilies began to span the country El Paso was no longer isolated but could obtain the latest news ln a matter of minutes As El Paso increased in size radios became a neces sity in the homes and ln the last few years have been replaced by television Through the development of communication El Paso has become an Intelligent well informed city Like a means of communication our facul ty represents a means of information for the young mmds of our city Like television the faculty sends out rays of leamlng and edu cation as an assurance that the citizens of to morrow vull be intelligent and well bred Early stagecoach-1890 MRS HLLLN M BYRNES Counselor MRS RLT!-I WILBLRN Business Agent MR LL0l D SAI NDLRS Assistant Prlnclpal UU fl' tl MRS KATHRYN GOODLOE MRS ROSE, NICHOLS Records Clerk Secretary to Prmclpal MILS Bikllll' Pll'Rll' VIRN IWIIINI' Nll IIUIN Clerk Attrnmlanw L If-rl. DR MORTIMLR BROWN EL PASO CITY SCHOOL BOARD and Supermtendent of Schools -gl Seated Left to Right: Dr. Mortimer Brown, M. L. Hutchins, Mm. T. P. Clendenin, C. M. Inin, J. F. Hulse, E. D. Medrano, Calvert Tucker, Ted Andress, Allen R. Grambling. our fa ult wks MAI RINL -KLDRICH ,,, Mathematics MISS JENNY ARMSTRONG MR TOM BARRLTT 'FI 1' VIR ROBERT BOOTH MUSIC MISS DOROTHY BOX History MISS I' RANCLS BOW LLS Lngllsh MR HARRY S BROWN Physical Lducatlon Ph, Slcal MUCBUOII Commercial MR. R. W. ARMSTRONG Science JCMN MRS. EILEEN BLAKE Home-making ' 1 MRS. FRANCES BYRNES Nursery 30 'X our facult MRS SL NSHLN E CALLI-.Ri Journalism 'VIRS NINA B DAYIS Lnbranan WIN STON FARQL EAR Tennis lg. MR JOHN H LSTLS Mathematics MISS AMLLIA L FORVW OOD Mathematics 5 ,5 A 4 Q , 7 , 5' , f, Q M V W I A MR. A' L' ' . ' . ' MRS. MARION CANDELARIA MISS REBEKAH COFFIN 3? M 1 X ,, I n 4 i , D Q f K1 3 K X English 4 1 MR J N CARDWELL Agriculture Mathematics MR .IOL PALL CRANK HISKOFS and P L MISS FAYINH FOSTER L.l1gl.ISh our facult MISSANNIEL. SLS- M MRS. LEVA GODDARD Homemaking MRS ELIZABETH HANSLN Mathematics MR PALL GOODMAN MISS GEINEVA GLIDLR lhstory Head Llbl'B.!'l8ll ini MRS OLIVE HATCHELL MRS SYLVIA INGALLS Bookroom Custodian Spamsh MRS LOL ISL GRAML! Science MISS MINNIL B GLTSCH Physuml Education MISS MALD ISSACKS 1-:ngusn our facult C D JARVIS Physical Educatlon MISS VIV IAN JOHNSON Commercial MISS MARGIJERITE IW ERSON English and Readmg MISS ANNE KELLY Mathematics 1 DF KELLY Mn Enus KENDALL English MR J EDWIN JONES Music MISS HILMA JO! CE Dnstnbutwe Education MRS OPAL M KELLY Nursery MRS BLANCHE KENNEDY Lllrrarmn our facult MISS HARRILT LILRN ER Speech MISS MA! BELLL LONG MR KLNINLTH McGlIRE Mathematics Phgslcal Educatlon MRS WON A LOPI' R Nurse' MRS. LOLA McMATH Commercial MR JACK MARCLLL Phy slcal MUCBIIOII ' u vi 'VIISS ANN McNAMARA Phg slcal Education MRS LORA MLNGLL Study Hall MRS WIINNII- -Xl lil- 1lchlNS'l'l-X Numa-rx 5115.8 DUNN A 'Ml-.RRII l Nurse-rx VIISS X I3 IAN WIICHALL Huston Vw 4,3 MRS CELESTIINE MOOWEY MRS LEILA OLIVER our facult "1 1' A 4 Jif ,Z GEORGE POHAIN History MRS GEINE SANDROCK Arts and Crafts Commercial Sclence MISS DOLORES 'VIOORHEAD Speech M Sgf WICTOR NICHOLS ROTC MISS VESTINA PROVENCIO Spamsh MRS FLORENCE SILVER Commercial MRS MARIE H STAMPS Spamsh our facult 'MISS IESYLL STIMSON 'KISS MARJORIL THOMPSON hngllsh and Reading Lngush MR B W TAPPER MR ALEX TOMKINS Mechamcal Drawmg Woodwork MRS NORA B WARD Lnghsh MR ROGLRB WELLLS Who IS dllfhlllg today Music MR CLINTON l' WILBI RN nth brad:- MR. TEKRELL YAKBROYGH Physical Education M AINTELN D BBW BCIW Q CAFETEBJA STAFF barra, Gavins Yarra. nie 1-luhxig, Vera Dmon, Dohie Walker, 80110 1: Oscar Ybarra, lose Y 2: mira. Ahern, Dohfei Yarra, All Mad Lee Ballard, Ampsro Navarro, Emilia fragow, Maria Cordova, Eunice Patterson, Kemv, 3095 Garcia. .- .W MRS . KAR L A Cafeteria H elld MR Q L. C . MOCRDRY N ight wqchman MAINTENANCE ST AFF Emerwa, Mrs. Gray, Mn. Jones. Mr. Cutaiieda Bow 1: Mr, 'I' Br. Serta, hir. HUYKIBB, Mr. Yrlgoyen, Mr. Treio, Mr. Liwn, Buena, B0W . IWW 3: Hr if I 1 N V, N, '-.E Q 5 .ff MR. Jo Bm HN EMERS lding Engl ON Deer SENIIIR Old El Paso now IS but a memory The thrlvlng metropolis which has grown up holds few traces of its humble begmnmgs Yet its cltlzens are proud of then' heritage proud of the falth and vlslon whlch brought men here to carve a clty from the sand and cactus The semors too will soon flnd Ilfe at El Paso Hlgh School but a memory but they too wlll look back up on their days hc re Wlth prlde remember mg the eagerness and ldeallsm vshlch char acterlzed their hlgh school days 1'- EL PASO-1884 HOPE. ABRAHAM Latin sr Band F H A 0 T 'V B A Science Club Senior Pla Senlor Fol les Courteay MAGDALMN If ADAUTO Class Favorite F I-l A Class Officer Senior Follies MARGARLT AGUILAB Senior Follies Class Officer F H P L Leader BAYMUNDO AGLILAR Track Night Shift Football Student Council Class Offlcer R 0 T C Senior Follies Courtesy RICARDO Abl ll AR llass Officer Senlor lollles R 0 T C Officers Club ROBERT Af I ILAR Mgr Football Basketball Baseball Track P l' Leader Class Favorite Class Officer Student I ouncll P T A Award Senior Follies R 0 T C N B A I- Club Projectors I luh 40 Fi IU: YJ if av! -1 SENIIIR JOSF ALWA Golf Courtesy Senior Follies R 0 T C ll ll ABEL AL! ARADO ir Band 0 T C B 0 T L Band ABTURO ALVARPZ Pan American Jr National Honor Society Sllde Rule Club R 0 T C Sl SAW ANDI- RSON Latin Club Jr National Honor Society Te l nn s Student Council B 0 T C Sponsor NORA ARMENDARIZ Spur Staff P L Leader Tatler Staff Courtesy Llbrarv Club B 0 T C Sponsor CHARLIF ARMIJO Football Baseball Track P E Leader Class Officer Senior Follles f if K' ROTC PAUL Ah DI' RSOIN IRENF ARR! DOIN D0 ,jun Senior Follies Sllde Rule Club Student Council Courtesy Courtesy F H A R 0 T C FALL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President FRLD S0l FLLI- Hee President ALFBEDO SAINCHLZ, Secretary 'VAINCY LOPFR, Reporter PHYLLIS HLSLLB Yell Leader, TOMMT GABRIEL SENIIIR RICHARD BALKLR A Capella Choir N B A Octette B 0 T L Bass Clel MARY ANN BALHR Latin Club F H A Slide Rule Student Council Senior Play Senior Follies Spur Staff JERRY BAKI' R R 0 T C Program Manager Olflcers Club Student Council AIN NA BARI' LA Pan American P l' Leader F H A Sv R API vp. emor aw Sennor Follnes Courtesy Muslc Appreciation LLOPOLDO BARBILYTOS Y arslty Football Track E Club R 0 T C I' MMA BAL TISTA Varsity Tennis Tatler Staff Library Club F H A Seniors Follies Courtesy DOBETTA BENDALIW Pan American Jr National Honor Society National Art Honor Society Student Connell P T A Awards Spur Staff HLLLN BI' NSON Library Club F H A Senior Follies '27 is fs X 1, I? 'S ...ff 9 xv- Mx mk 5 2. Haul Q FALL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, JFRBY DALGHIRTY, Vlce President JACK NFLSON, Secretary MARIAN HI' GSTAD Yell Leader, CHARLII- ABMIJO LILY BETANCOUBT F H A N B A Senior Follles Courtesy CABOL BLACKWI' LL Jr National Honor Society National Art Honor Society Sllde Rule Club Student Council Number Sense GUILLEBMO BLANCO Varsity Night Shift Football Varsity Basketball Class Officers B 0 T C Senior Follies P T A Awards DF KLNNLTH BORDI' N FF BOTC LOUIS BOBLAND "F" Club Student Council B 0 T C Senlor Follies Varsltv Night Shift Football Track 41 I. I 1 IA -A 'R Q f 1 n , . , I 'I sigf' ' ,K J ,fd 1 we x f f ,Jr 0, I I 1 J . - A Q W. . s A 57' 3 1 I4 A F1 . ' . n F 5 f M 1 . . . f' 7711 5 . . . ' If Q J iq, JQVKL fy M, li i 1 ' loci A I ,.., ' 'J ' ' 1 W U LESLIE Boom-1 K' 7 I V V 'eV 1 5 A X23 It X 'f , 5" 9 A ' I y ' U , .2 1 :Az . A x ROB!-.RT B0 WLIIN B 0 T C Semor Follies MAR! SUE BBLWSTEB F H A Senior Follles Senlor Plsy Sr Band Orchestra WANDA BROCK Jr National Honor Society Tatler Staff Semor Follies Top Slx BAFAEL BUS TAMAN TL Tatler Staff N B A Semor Follies Courtesy B 0 T C ALICE CABTAC LNA Pan Amencan P E Leader Music Appreciation Courtesy Club F H A N B A Senior Follies KAY CABTLB Pan American Club F tb ll oo a Lady in Waiting Yell Leader Beauty B 0 T C Sponsor Student Councll Cholr F II A Vnrslty Tennis Bmdlo Club Flestn Duchess 42 A I CARLOS LASTARI' DA Varslty Tennis Officers Club B 0 T C Semor Follies CHABI l' S LASTILLO Baseball Sr Band Courtesy Club B, 0 T C Senior Follies Senior Play LII IA CASTILI 0 P I- Leader Senior Follies .-I WILLIAM CAS TILLO Night Shlft Football A Capella Cholr Senior Follies B 0 T C Class Otticer Student COIIDCII N- SENI0ll MARY CASTBO FI-IA. DE Student Council Senior Play Semor Follies Archery Club Tumbling Club WANDA CATES Pan Ameru-an Jr and Sr National Honor Society Slide Rule Top Sax Student Councnl P T A Award Radio Club Semor Folhes Masque and Gavel Who's Who Stl has Semor Kslevnla ,J LOUAINN CAL SPY R 0 T C Sponsor Student Council School Beauty Class Ofhcer P I' Leader Who s Who Fxesta Duchess DANIEL CIIAVI' Z Student Council Semor Follies Track Spur Staff Tstler Stal! Latin Club P E Leader i fk Dulx Now Who Is That buy We re Voting For ' SENIOIl My BAFALL LHANIZ 4' i' f fri! Pan Amerlcan Presldent of Student Body Program Wlanage Student Body Spur Stat! Tatler Staff National Art Student Council Class Officer B 0 T C W ho s W hr RLSII' CHLVI Pan American V arslty Tennis Treble Clei A Ca lla Choir F H Student Councnl Senior Folhes Music Appreclatlon KJ ROGI- I I0 LURDON A Fl'A RUTQ WIABY DAI' LBLI- Pan American Latln Tatler Staff Radio Club R 0 T C Sponsor Student Council Class Ofhcer WILLIAIWPCLARK JI' RRY DALGI-ll' RTY Latin Baseball B 0 T C Jr National Honor Society Sr Kalevala Class Favorite Class Officer B O 'I' L Rifle Team N B A Who s Who Student Council Senior 1' ollles Vice Presndent of Student Body PERRY CORN PDMUNDO DI' ANDA R 0 T C Tatler Staff gjjffhl' BOTC The boys at the senior homeroom dance surely do look hanvy Could lt be that because there were no gurls to dance vuth or may be they just wanted to look good ln the Spur' 'KX 'A BLAN CA DE LAS CASAS Library' Club Senior Folhes Courtesy RICHARD DEYOL Jr National Honor Society ROTC LUPE DOBLADO F H A Senior Folhes JILL DONOHUE Pan American Football Queen B 0 T C S onsor Program anager Student Body Who s Who Bldl0 Club Student Council PAT DONOHUE Varslty Football Student Council B 0 T C Senior Follies Golf BOSE DOW P E Leader Senior Pla Semor Follles Sr Band 0 48 Q . -I' ul it ' ono'?0c'm S I ' ILE. , '. q ' .' ' ' Dill: ' 1 I . V ' . ., . V f' . . . . , SAM DUKY Ilbrarv Club R 0 T C HI' RBI' RT I' HRLII H 5Ild9 Rule Ilub Ntudent I ouncnl Numb r Nenae I lub sen-nce Iluh le-hate senior l'ollles NORIIAN I- RI' Rl I lass Officer I ourtesy Nemor Follies R 0 T C JOHNNX l'LlAs rojem-tors Iluh Sf-mor lollles larmtx and NIKIII shift Football R 0 T I sl Rl-ILA I-ll.-is I' leader Nr Band I lass Offlrer Nt udr-nt I ounrll H ll ADI-D Il IAN F II A Nr Follies 44 v -Q3 if wif SENIIIB Ill-N INDLII Il Hell leader Tennls Ntudent I ounrnl l'lre Ylurshall D T I lass Ilffleer Tl-D INI1l'l I atm Nr National Honor Nom:-tx lr Kalexalu Tennis Ntudent I oum-ll Nllde Rule I lub Number Sense I lub Ylasque und I-aul l T A Award ll ho s ll ho Rillll NDO ISI ARI IIIA R 0 T C P T A Award WIITI Hl'l L I'NPl' R Jr National Honor Socletx Tatler staff Bass I Ief I lass Olfleer Student I ouncll Projector s I'Iuh 0 T N R A R 0 T I Offlrers I lub 0 T I II ll I- Fl-INIR l atm I lub I lIll'8l'N I lub Npur Ntafl l l- lea Student Iounnl I' ootball I rum-ess IIARII IN I'lTIllAN Jr Natlunul Honor 50I'll"IN Slide Rule I lub Number Neuse I lub SANDRA FLAIZ Jr National Honor Som-:eh Student I ouncll Number Sense I lub Courtesy Tlzeretlee F F A Sweetheart F H A R Il T I Sponsor I'NTl'IIA l'LORl'N Student I ounrll D F H A I-PHS Senior Ilass, ln a xerslon of l tht Jurx rrnfnmmm- I sf MANULLA FLORLS KATHERINE GALINDO Sr. Follles F. H. A. -..f If ,nfl -uf 'Q Pan American Fiesta Duchess P.l-J. Leader Officers Club Courtesy Music Appreciation Club F. H. A. B. 0. T. C. Sponsor R. 0. T. C. Princess P. T. A. Award Sr. Follies PAT FORD JESUS GALLEGOS D. ll. ALLAW FRIEDMAN Pan American Teums Courtesy Student Council F F A B 0 T C Sr Follles IOM GABRIEL Warsnty and Nnght Shaft Football Track Bass Clet Courtesy Class Officer L Club Sr Follies R 0 T L F F A Bass Clef Sr Follies Football B 0 T C HARRY GABBAR Latm Club Sllde Rule Club Debate Sclence Club Jr lllstonans Student Councnl B 0 T C I' 'VINIA GAY IDIA F H A Sr Follx Courtesy Everyone ln the cast of the Senlor l'ollles crled except Bull He wasn ing any more Sk Q. 15' 'r'?'45 f r Nl? r in 'vi lm is uf J t suffer Hug, 4 if DICK GIVEN Jr. National llonor Society D. E. Spur Stall Student Council Class Officer Badlo Club B. 0. T. C. Sclence Club MARILYN GOLDBEBG Sr. Follies Badlo Club F H A ANTONIA GONZALL P E Leader Sr Follies Tlgerettes Llbrarv Club Tatler Sta!! CELIA GOIN ZALEZ Tigerettes Football Prlncess RAFAEL GONZALEZ Pan American V Ice President of Student Body Natloual Art Honor D L Student Council W ho's tl ho BENE GONZALEZ Pan American Latin Club Junior Kslevala Alternate Yell Leader Sclence Club Student Council B 0 T C Sr Folllcs 45 BLRT GOODLOI- F F D N R B 0 T C Rifle Team CHABLEQ GRAIN 'I' Jr National 'Honor Yell Leader Track Bass Clet blide Bule N B A student Council Number Sense R 0 T C Vlho s Who BLTTY GRAY FHA DL MARY GRAY FH DE VONNE GRIFFIN Pan American Jr. National Honor Football Duchess P. E. Leader F. I-I. A. Class Officer N. B. A. Music Appreciation Courtesy Club DAVID GRIFFITHS Pan American Night Shift Football R. 0. T. C. Slide Rule N. B. A. F. F. A. 46 3 1 C ff. 711 5 . . ti. ga xxxl l ' SENIOB BRI CE GRON ICH B 0 T C Rifle Team Propectors tlub BIuTTY HADDAD Latin Club Spur Staff P 1- leader B 0 T C Sponsor N B A Student Council Class Offlcer Fire Marshall Radio Club RI SSFLL HARPI' R Latin Club Junior Kalevala R 0 'I' C P 'I' A Awards Projectors Club Slide Rule Club WABZA HARRIS F H A Slide Rule Gtudent Council Music Appreciation QERLNA HAMILTON X I' RNOW HARRIS Latin Club Jr and Sr National Honor Junior Kalevala Student Council Number Sense W ho s W ho Jr LBIIODBI Honor N B A Student Council R 0 T C 'VIYNETTI' HABDINO HARRIS HATFIFLD Treble Clel A Capella Choir Student Council Spur Qtaff Senior Follies Latin Club I arslty Football Baseball Glide Rule E ' Club Student Council Class Officer B. 0. T. C. VYho s VV All E. P. H. S. Boy My but dont those senior rings look beautifu ew 491, if MABIAN HILGSTAD GRACE HOLGLIN Latin Jr Natrona! Honor Socxety Football Duchess Flesta Duchess and Lady ln Wanting Secretary S ur Staff C ass Officer B 0 T C Sponsor F l-l A Rep to Austln In Actlon 2nd Place Beauty I' T A Aw ards HEBMINIA HEBNANDEZ Pl-IYLLIS HESLLR Latin Jr Natlonal Honor Society Tatler Lditor Student Councxl Class Ofhcer Sr Follnes Muslc Appreclatlon Top Six PATRICIA HOGAN Sr Follies FHA At last the blg day arrlved Mr Hardy looked very happy as Blll Purdy re- cened his diploma at the January graduatlon Pan American Jr hatlonal Honor Socxety P E Leader F H A W Ah DA HOLT Sr Folhes Stlildent Council F H A SUZAINN HOBWITZ Jr N atlonal Honor Societ Collncilmen-atf arge Spur Stall P E Leader Tatler Staff Slide Rule Club Student Council Class Olficer Radio Club B 0 T C Sponsor N R A Track Duchess BluTTl HLSBAND Pan American Tlgerettes Courtesy Sr Pla Sr Fol les Vluslc Appreclatnon F H A Top Sax Y LLMA JACKSON Treble Clel Courtesy Slide Bule Club Jr hatlonal Honor Soclety Choir FRA!! CES JLSSLP Latin P E Leader Student Council Science Club Sr Follies GRACE JOL Orchestra Sr Follles P In Leader BLATTIE ANNE JONES Pan American Jr N atlonal Honor Soclet Student Council Debate Masque and Gavel Inter Scholas c Spur Stal! P T A Award F H A Jr Kalevala Who's Who CARLOS JULIAN Sr Follies Baseball Basketball JERRY KELLEN Pan Amerlcan Jr Sc Sr hatlonal Honor Society Spur Staff Track Slide Rule Club Student Council Science Club Music Appreciatlon Number Sense Club N B A B 0 T C Square Dance Club 47 NANCEE KINSCHIJBFF Pan American Jr. lk Sr. National Honor Society Football Duchess Student Council Number Sense Badio Club Science Club Band Sweetheart B.0.T.C. Sponsor BICHABD KINAPP Sllde Rule N B A B 0 T C ROBERT KNAPP Slide .Bnle B O T C JIM KBEIMEYLB Slide Rule Club Sr Play Sr Follies B 0 T C Bass Cie! HLFLEY LA FL!-.LB E" Cl b Student Council B 0 T C Tatler Stal! Wight Shllt Football Baseball MARIA LEOS F H A 48 NOBMA LEVINE Masque and Gavel Junior Declamation Debate Student Council Pan American Jr. Kalevala Sr. Play HLNBY LICON Slide Rule Student Council B 0 T C Night Shift Football BOGLB LIVINGSTON Latin Club W arslty Football Night Shift Football L Club Student Council ur Sta!! B 0 T C Tennis Number Sense Club COBINWE LOERA Tigerettes A Capella Choir Who s W ho Masque it Gavel SENIOB NANCY LOPEB All EPHS Glrl Fiesta Queen, Duchess Council-Man At Large Who's W'ho Class Favorite B.0.T.C. Sponsor Class Officer Jr. 8: Sr. National Honor Society Salntatorian Kalewala P T A Aw ards Top Six JOSL LOPLZ N B A Student Council B 0 T C Senior Follies Bass Clel BOSEMABY LOPLZ Pan American Jr National Honor Society Spur Staff Tatler Staff Tlgerettes Library Club Student Council MLBCEDLS LOBANCA P L Leaders Pan American F H A Varsity Tennis Student Council The band is getting warmed up for the pep assembb as the seniors give their class 3 ell i SENIIIR BFATBICI' LI. I' BA KATHI Fl' N F H A. Sr Play P T A Award Sr Folllos Masque 8 Gas el Sternglanz Club Student Louncll ABMANDO LULVANO F F A Student Councrl Nlght Shlft Football Tatler Staff Class Ofhcer 01flcer's Club R 0 T C. 'WCFT ROY I atm Football Durhl nw Student Fnunrll R 0 T I Sponsor Fu-sta Duchess dz Princess P l' Leader MABJOBII' McKF'tIY F H A. Student Connell Sr Follies Tlgerettes Courtesy BETTY McAFFF MIBIAM MAGFDSON Latin Club Choir Jr Q Sr Natlonal Music Appreclstion Honor Society Club Sllde Bule Club Science Club Number Sense Club Treble Clef Choir Jr Kalevala BARBARA MISALESTEB Jr ESI' National Honor Society P T A Award Senior Band Student Connell JFBBY MALOY Slide Rule Bass Clef N B. A Student Council Choir B 0 T C Third lunch shift appears to be all seniors, who feel that they can get along wrthout eating GABY MAINN Jr National Honor Soclety Nlght Shift Football Slide Bule N B A Student Council Projectionlsts Club B 0 T C Masque 8 Gavel SANDRA BIANN Muslc Appreclatlon Club Student Connell F H A. MARY ELLEN MAPULA Jr National Honor Society P E leader Tl erettes HELEN MABQUEZ Football Duchess A Carella Cholr Treb e Cle! Tlgerettes Sr Band Drum Ma orettes Program anager Fiesta Prlnu-sa Boss Many usnqlmz F 11 A EDWARD MARSHALL Pan American Club latin Jr E Sr Natlonal Honor Society Jr l Sr Kalevala Slide Rule Student Council Number Sense B 0 T C Tennis 49 , l I 1 Y 1 I I i , :Q N ' . ' P.E. Leaders 1 ' glgrary Club .4 Y ,A y LY 3? Z2 ,,,. A. , U C 5 MARTHA MARTIN LZ P L Leader Tlgerettes Sr Follies F H A Natlonal Art Honor Society HEYB1 MASTLBSON Tennis Bass Clel Music Appreciatlon Club Sclence Club W ho I W ho Slide Bule Club Sr Follles B 0 T C N B A P T A Award P T A Scholarship JOHN MATTOX Sr Follies BIC HARD MAI Nl htshilt 8 Yarsltw ootball Track Bass Clet E Club Projectors Club F F A B 0 T C P T A Award CALIXTO MLMBBILA Latln Club Sr Follies B 0 T C OLGA 'VU' N DLZ P I' Leader F ll A 1 SENIOR SAWI MLBAZ Yell Leader Baseball Track Student Councll IN R A B 0 T C LLZA 'til-,ZA P L Leader Music Apprecxatnon Club NOBA WIIBANDA Football Duchess Class Othcer Sr Band Sr Follxes F H A N B A 'VIABILXN MOORE. Pan American Jr 8 Sr hatlonal Honor Soclet Councnlman at arge Student Council Tlgerettes Basketball Queen Jr lilstorlans B 0 T C Sponsor W ho s W ho Warsxty Tennis Masque 8 Gavel The high semor graduating class ot Januan 1954 holds Its annual banquet at Del Camlno Restaurant WIABI HELLN MOOBL Jr Kalexala Orchestra Music Appreclatnon Courtesy Sr Folhes F I-I A SHIRLLX 'VIOORI' P L Leader Courtesy N umber Sense Club Student Council Sr Follies WIABIA MOWTOX A F H A P E Leader Student Councll HOW ABD MOW AD Radno Club B 0 T C Courtesy Student Connell SENIIIR IOLAINDA MLBILLO JACK lNLLs0N F li A senior Follxes JOAIN MLBRAX Latxn F H A B8dl0 Club Treble Clei student Councnl Class Fas orxte Courtesy Tatler stall DIANA N ADIB Pan American Honor society F H A senlor Folhes Courtesy CABLOs NAVABLTTL Night shift Football Track sllde Bule N B A student Councll Class Olhcer B 0 T C Ulhcer Club Pan American Jr Natnonal Honor socxety Varsity dz Nlghtshlft Football Track P L Leader L Club student Councll Class Ofhcer N umber sense B 0 T C P T A Awards VI ho s V5 ho CARLTON N ICHOL Latm Club B 0 T C P T A Awards BACHLL NICHOLS Varsity Tennis senior Band F H A student Councll semor Follies P T A Award LLTITIA 0BNLLAs Pan American Club spur staff sr Play Library Club Jr Hnstorlans Club Music Appreclatnon Club student Council Orchestra Courtesy Slide Rule Tatler Co-Lditor We wondervwhy Mr Lstes looks so happy ' Dld you Just want to look good CLC ILIA ORT LGA Pan Amencan Club P L Leader F H A Student Connell senior Follies Tatler DOLOBES PABBA National Art Honor Society Senior Follies Sternglanz Club Tatler ANITA PALACIOS P E Leader Senior Follies Courtesy Student Council FBLD PALACIOS Varsity 8 N lghtshlit Football Varsity It Nlghtshlft Basketball Baseball L ' Club R 0 T C BICABDO PLSA Pan American Bass Clei Music Appreelation Club Senior Band A Cagella B C MABY BLANCHL POLLEY Varslt Tennis Class avorlte R 0 T C Sponsor Class Olhcer P T A Award Senior Follies Student Council 51 sr. National. P.r:,1.eader Ff1r'.A. 1 l - . . . . l ' ' '. H V .o. . . Football Princess BOBBY PBEWSKY Pan American Tatler Staff Square D nce Club Student uncll B 0 T C CABOL ANN PUCKETT Jr National Honor Society Library Club F H A. Senior Follies A Capella Cholr WILLIAM PUBDY Bass Clef D E Student Council Class Offlcer B O T C Senior Follies Courtesy CECILIA QUINONES Pan American 8 Duchess Hostess Club P E Leaders B 0 T C Sponsor F H A Courtesy HIBIAM BEISEL Pan Amerlnn Jr E Sr National H S lt onor oc e y Sr. Kalevala S ur Staff L brary Club Slide Bule Student Council Number Sense Masque E Gavel Badlo Club Sr. Play EVA REYTEBIA Student Council Jr. Historians Courtesy SENIOR FRANCES BEYES P E Leaders atler Staff F H A Senior Follies JOE BEYES Varsity 8 Nightshlft Football Track Bass Clef N B A Student Council Class Offlcer B 0 T C Officers Club MABCELA BEYES Sr National Honor Society F I-I A Senior Follies Courtesy Top Six LUIS RODRIGUEZ Bass Clef Projectors Club BOTC SHIRLEY BOSEN Tatler Staff F H A Senior Follies LEANOBE BOSENBEBG Sr Pla Sr Fo les Courtesy Masque E Gavel GEORGE RUBINSTEIN Jr Historians Student Council B O T C Senior Follies MARTHA BUIZ Football Princess Class Favorite S B d r an B O '1' C Sponsor Student Council HIGH SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, JACK NELSON, Vice President JOE .BEYES Secretary MABI ON HEGSTAD Yell Leader, CHARLIE ABMIJO Qnot shownl 'EELS -F--ll li!! HOW ARD SAGOB INA SALZMAN Jr Kalewala Tennis Spur Staff Tatler Staff Bass Clef A Capella Choir Radio Club B 0 T C MARTHA SALAS F H A ROSA SALAZAB P E Leader Courtesy F H A MARY SALCIDO F H A Latln Club Tatler Stal! Jr Natxonal Honor Society Music Appreciation Club Debate Tlgerettes Masque 8. Gasel F H A ALFBEDO SAN CHLZ Varsity 8: Nlght Shift Basketball L Club Student Councnl Class Officer B 0 T C Sr Follies YVONNL SAINLHI' Z Latnn Club Jr National Honor Socletv Jr Kalevala Sr Band 'Student Councll Sr Follies ANN SANFORD Nahonal Honor Society President Fl' BNANDO MLBCADO Nice president JI- AININI' Bl'I'Wl'RS Secretary Blklz?'gIARY ZACOLR Reporter IBMA IIOIL If-ll Leader HPC TOR DAB BARBARA SCHL LLLB Library Club F H A Sllde Rule Club Newberry Wiedal Award Club Tennis CLCILY SCI-IW ABTZ Pan American Latm Jr National Honor Society Football Duchess Tennis Spur Staff P L Leader Class Favonte R O T L Sponsor Fiesta Princess PHILIP SLLGLR Latin Jr 8: Sr National Honor Soclet Spur Staff Sllde Bule Club Student Council Number Sense Club Sr Play Who s Wh Masque 8 Gax el P T A Award LUCILLI' SLPULI LDA Sr Band F H A PALLINI' SIMMONS FHA YIABION SIMON Jr 8 Sr National Honor Society Tennis P L Leader Tatler Staff Sllde Bule Club Student Council Number Sense Club Radio Club B 0 T C Sponsor Secretary Tatler Co-editor Flesta Prlncess 53 SAW NKIDNIORI' D YANCI' SMITH l' BOT I T A Amard W ADI' SMITH sr Band Sternglanz Club R 0 T C sr hatlonal Honor Som-nets sr Follies RIC HARD SOTILLU Nlght Shift Football IN ight bhlft Basketball Tatler btaff Student Councll R 0 T C P T A Award l'RI'D S0l FLI' I' Pan American Track Student C ouncll Class Officer Music Ap rerlutwn R 0 T R 0 T L Officers C lub Sr Follles KIIARLI' NI' NTI' IN spur Staff I' I' Leader Tatler Ntsff Treble Clef Slade Rule K lub Rudlo L lub Ntudent Councll F H A YH " 8 . ,,., S gt X, 4 ! is 'M' ill SENIIJB I HI LI IS STI' IN spur staff student I ouncll JI' RRY GTI' W ART Jr National Honor SOCICIY Jr ,ir Kalesala Bass Clef Fire Marshall Class Fuorite Slide Rule Club Student Council IN B 0 T C F F A I5 ILLIAYI Tl RA student louncll Bass Clef C lass Officer Courtesy B 0 T C R 0 T C Officers N B A Sr Follles WARIA Y ACQI I' Z sr Follies F H A GARDNPR TRI' HARINI' DOLORFS II'RA Class Officer Student Council F F A F H A D E Treble Clef iw 'th dont the teddy hears take a good picture SENIIIR Bass Clef Student I ouncll Nr Follies N R A D T VlA'Nl l' L VILLABANA Nnght Shift Football sr Follnes D D HAR! ANN WIN!-N Spur btaff Student Louncll Lourtesw Club Follies F H N ll A up OSCAR WILLANLLSA JIETINL WALK!-R Pan American Latln Jr National Honor Socu-tx I I- Leader Treble Llef student founcll C lass Officer Radio Club Cholr 0 T sponsor N A 5 L Delegate RONAI ll' Vt ALLI' R FHA D R055 N ANDRI' X 1 ourtesx 'Z' ITA OT Seniors are haung a wonderful time with their wagons ou-rslzed candy stlcks and trlrwcles on Kid Dax V an il in W-db S .' .. flu, BILL W ATI' BSON Night Shift Yarsltw Football Night Shift Basketball student Louncul scnence Club R O T L N R A P T A Award DORIS N l' BB Hostess Club slxde Bule Club Class Offlcer Student Council sr Band Tlgerette Mujorette Sr Follies F H A P L Leader Rl SSELL W ILLIAMS Progectors Club Sr Follies F F A R 0 T C P T A Award l-,STELLE WINTROUB Pan Amerlcan Jr National Honor Society Spur Staff Tatler Staff Radio Club Student Council Class Officer PATSY WOOD W ho s Who Tlgerette R 0 T L sponsor F H A P l- Leader MARX FRAN Cl' S 'sf 'Cl ff ZANER ff X' Latin 1575 Jr. Sr. National Honor Society ' "'f' - Fiesta Duchess ,J Treble Clef 1 - Se x tette A Spur Staff ., , , Alternate Yell Leader Class Officer I I Student Council A Capella Cholr 1 5 sf. Follies 5, R. 0. T. C. Sponsor 55 JU IIIR As a town grows and prospers it reaches a point where it may be called a, city. It has become a close knit, well integrated community representing a common striv- ing towards the good llfe By the time the Junior year is reached ln school the stu dent, too has become a part of his school he IS confident and contributes to lus school and commumty EL PASO-1900 M721 I I L fy. , ' 'Q ' '1":' Jl'LIA ABI'0D 4 li " T? q , N 'L N JOYCE ACRE!-1 I mmm' mmm: . I ,. ABRAHAM ALARCON f J A, , l I I ,' ' 5 wx fd 5 sgf I-IDVYARD ABRAHAM ARCI' LIA ALVA DON ALD AN DI' BSON TOMAQ ABCIN IILGA WIONTI' ARMOR I'TlII'L BAC RPR gm S III' CTO!! IIARRAGAN 5 UNIIIR I ' f 4- ' 7' 1 ' ' I ROXANN BARRI- TT 13" ,- 5- J0l" JPANINI' JOAN CAROL BA5HAN1 By!-Sl-RS III' IIIH' NNUN Bl' LL Tir! if A ANNA Bl-II.I,l- ALYA EMMA ALDI-IRl'l'I'I-L ROBI' RT ALI ARI' Z I OLAN DA ARAIZA SIL! IA ARNIIJO BI-I IA BAQA In I' ORG I' BAKI' R VIARY IN III' LI PAT BROOKS Ill MBLBTO BRION F9 JAMFQ BI. BT GERALD BOSWELL ANNETTE BOYER KFWNPTH CARPI' 'VTFII BILL CARR! 'I'l'I -. ANGI' LIN A CASTILLO TERESA CHAPARRO Y-an JOE CLEVELAND L '....455 2 I mmox mum uns mssgz Muzcm smmnox CULOM COBBEA. conncs COBTU cnnwl-'onn CHUM GEBBARD CABDILLO GRADY CALHOI. W BOB CARR WALTER CASE BEWE CASTILLO XAVIER CIIAVEZ MICKEY COADY S. N :W 2 '- 5 Q -9- 'Q " 1 ,- f i CARLOS CUARON 4 fb CUELLAR NANCY DAUM DAY E DLYOI' f Q NAZARIO Db LAS CASA! DE ANDA DE LA TORRI' .- 9 DEL HIEBRO RALPH DE LA TORRI' JAMES DICIS BOB DONOHL I' ISLLA DLRAIN W ILLIAM I' LIAG CEZAB I- INBIQUI' Z ILDW ARD YQCALAINTI- ADI' LAIDI- HLBBI- RT CELIA SLZANINI- EQ ANS FLINBI- gg, FLBIQANDLZ FESTI' of BARBARA DUBOW ITZ TOINY DUBAIN JOL ELLIS X' ' ANNA MARIA LSCANDOIN 'X 'H DOBOTHI' A FUNK A my A . -A in t t 5+ t H 'f' Q U, C mm W, . , . ' A y my A . , , , W ' . ' f 1 . . 29? Y ' A A J ,g li ' i N, 'AA' 1' ' A , ,, , l L- , 5 - , xg ' xv l ' 2 'I A I wg . . . I I I MARY Lol' " A v1c'ron ESTELLA LILIA l - ' 5 v -A W! ' 1 L 4 J! ' , 1 ,Ai , , 1 as Q' , ' n- BEN FISHER JIMMY FLACK JFBBY FLRR GLORIA GALINDO ALFONSO GABIBAY ERNEST GOELDNER J ODY GOODELL ff 1 ANWF I-'LOW FRC I OLAYDA LILLIAN FLOBES F OLLETT OLGA FBAIBI' CBIZ FBAIRI- W AYNI' FOX UN IOB Wwlw MARIA GARCIA NANCY G FBMANI WW vu.- - H FBANKIF ' GOLD . J ' f' ': ALICE IBENE 1 ISIIMAEL GONZALES GONZALEZ GONZALEZ LEDIUM GOODWHN MANUEL ROBERT ALFBEDO GONZALEZ GBAJ EDA GRIFFIN LUPE GUEVABA BLANCA G L ZMA N ANNE HABMON DOLPH HATFIELD MARY HOLCOMB E RACHEL HOBNE D 0 BOB IBVIN DOROTHY JOSEPH MM!! 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UPHO URES Model-T Fords beganto replace the horse and buggy as El Paso reached its adoles- cence It was now truly a city young and vigorous standmg on the threshold of greatness The Sophomores at El Paso High too represent the awakemng spmt of leadership They are about to step into the places of prominence and great servlce to then' school EL PASO-1911 JOANN Axxr Lol Rm- Q xonms ABRAHAM ACHTI' nm-.nu ALOSTA Af 1- r V35 K 5 GILBI' RT GLORIA Jl'QlS WICPINTB BOBBY 1 l'LlA AGL ILAB AGUILAR AGLILAR AGLIRBI- ALDACO AI VARI' Z 0Pll0 0RES ROBFBTO ALICIA If WRIQL I' JLLILTA ALVAREZ ALVIDBEZ ALW IDRILZ ALVIDBLZ FALL LOW SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFILERS President JONATHAN SCHWABTZ hee-President MARTHA ,BLNF FRANCISCO COWTREBAS Secretarv JOANN ABBA ANI,-A RUTH ALVIDBPZ AINSALMO HAM YH' Lad" BILL WHITE APODACA ARCI' Ll IS Fl' LICITAH CARLOS 'VIARTHA ALBI' RTO 1 LORIA 1 I lLLl'liM0 ARIN-55 ARI l PI-Lfq ARTALPJU ARTALIJO AYALA AYOIB BALDPRAN as PATRICIA ARVIANDO num w num u IIA BM MAY BMTISTA Bl-NDALIN mwxrrr BLANLU hu 4,4 I Q,-. .K Y ix OIORGI' SIRYANDO NAOYII PLAIN!- BLANCO BLANCO HON N I' B BOONI' TOYIWI1 LHARLOTTI- BOON I' BORDI' N SHI' RRI BOW I' N -5 ROBI' RT TOM BROWN BBOWW FALL ROBI' RT GILBI' RT LALHOLN CALY ILLO RAY WON D PAT SHIRLI- I BRANDPNBLRY BRANDIS OPHO ORES BRIIII S JOLIIL Bl RT RON AL BRI00 ROSA CABALL ERO i HIGH SOPHONIORE CLASS OFFICERS President JOHNT STAT!-N Vice-President JOHN RA MIRLZ Secretary HURT!-NCIA ONTIYI-BAS Report er ANGIF RPYI-S Iell leader RODOLFO HIFRTA LYNN CARTI' R JOI' CASABIS .Q 'K 3 CONSII' L0 JFSSIF SALVADOR LEF CASTILLO CASTILLO CASTILLO CIIAGRA Www JOSE LILY MARIA CHAWEZ CHA! 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JESIS ALFOINSO ROSALI' 5 BOTH BL B10 SALNZ BEBTI-IA FEBNANDO GLADALL PE SALNZ SALAS SALAS 'VI' .Q t'7 'Q' 1 K5 BLBEN SANCHLZ 0Pll0 ORES LIN A JOSI' FINA SALAZAR RICHARD SAMPLIL ABTHLR SANDLRS SALCIDO BUSSELL SANDRA SCOTT SCOTT for ,4 'il Haven't we seen them Q CLCILIA SALAZAR PAL LA SCHEBEB BEBNARDO SIERRA JONATHAN SCHWABTZ MARTHA SILVA JIM DOBOT HY b9f0l'0 9 ELIZABETH MARY SITTEN SMITH SMITH SMITH BOBEBT JAMFS LALBICE SMITH SMITHILRMAN SOLOMON S IC 45 Al Ol STA IBEWL SOFIA KAABPN ONN HSE Ii SOSA SOTO SPAIN BITCHII' JOHN TERRY CABOLIN JACKIF SPILNLIL STATIN STLIN STONE STBOID R 6 v 4 3 ' Sf , 1 I H S ' V Sf I . , 1 ' , QI ' ' i A Q ts I ff ' , , "' P M l X- f f- L fx., r, A , Of , Fi? ' .11 iff S if , , - If A- Q ,f M Dfw '-I I- X .N 5 I if V ' 0' L1 .. ' I ' ' 'ap ' E- is .,, 'vw I , f -H f B171 t' Q, xx bl K inf! I A P I-1522 X V. , ,gsm V ,, . , Q, H . . S , I- f Tv' Q. 5 - 7 9 ', . , ,ti , r 9 ' ' if -1 . ffv,-'Q . - Q'4 ' 'mu' .. J' 1 1 , -1. ,Q I .' 57 2 'QQ 'S' 5 7 '- 'Q 7 K 1 -- JOAN TILLH ERNIE VALDLS CAROL W I' STI' R CABL VOTA 3- .fx L MANLEL norms LENTPR DAXID TALAS 1-,no TA! LOB rnmms THURWAN JACQI I' LINI' TILL MARY VANDIVEB if DAY ID VILLALOBOS 4.-0 .M T7 CAROL BOBEBT W ALDBON W ALLFR CHL CK W HITE 'Q LLARI' Nl I' NORWIA I' DDII' TOM TOMLINSOY TORRIQ One of those gay elections' l W' 'W ABLI' NF WAYMAW BILL W EEKS .0 RALPH W ILCOA YIP YSLAS CLI' 'KLNCIA IBMA LILIA P1-A11 T0l7-R55 TRLJILLO ,Q .F ALF BED IBLN E VABGAS VASQL EZ YOLAWDA HERMAW VILLESCAS VITLLA MARY AVN WFBTHMANN ANGIE ZACOUB fu BILL WHITE 1' I ' 1 ,' A 7 U I , . 4 J ,T fg f mx Q " L. , ' v W if i' I v ' , Z' 6 , 16 l xx X Q I ly 1 J t I 'Q . ' . v . . . . . .J A N 1 . X J U Q Q C - E ' 1 , 1 1 R , ' R . , 2, ,- I -g' 7 - , ,Ja 1 ,7 'A' h 11- V: ' V5 f F z ' ' S . , r V Ai- , . 5, ,, Qguygm U ' ' 'X 'L ' N, 1 . W A I ff? ,Q ' L , - A ' .. , 2' A if I A if ww A -53 ' ,.. 5' 0 1 A ff . ' 5 "Te , asf-2 ' - P , . 7 ' gi A X ' 'V 1 1 f I , 5 E' :Gr A ' wg I FRESHMEN The 1920's found El Paso a bustling city of over 100,000. It had become a mecca for touristsg it was at the height of expecta- tion of prosperity and fame. Its first sky- scrapers began to pomt their fingers to the brilliant sunny sky El Paso was growing thriving eager The freshmen too stand on the threshold of great expectations For them the fruitful years of high school loom straight ahead and they step mto them happily and eagerly ,,r .f-2 s-1, . EL PASO-1925 41 at XS, ' al, PATSY BILL CABMEN OLGA ARTUBO SILVERIO ABRAHAM ADAMS ADAUTO AGl'ILEB,A ALVA ALVA 1 5 V n KA Y 71 l 1, ., H Q, 5. -sexi ,. I ' 4 ll' J 'Q . . 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I E g Virgil ' w t A JESUS AVILA Q s x 4 BLANCA BALEANO I 4? -r E 2 ' A PETE BABRON BOB BENDALIN -5 BARBARA BROWYN 5 W jf' V g ff' JAMES MARY GEORGIA FRED MARGARET BARBARA BROWVN BUCHANAN BYRKHALTER BUSTAMANTE BFSTAMANTIE BUTCHOFSKY ROBERT CAMPOS 4 0 1 Q, JULIETA CANALES CAROL ANN MARIA CARR CARRASCO 2' 6, a EMILY IRENE CEPEDA CHAVEZ Q Y' R DICKIE RUSSELL CHURCHILL CLEVELAND SYLVIA CORREA ENRIQEE DE LA TORRE fb , wg Q , nl-:LEN RICHARD JOE ADOLFO CANO CANO CABBAJAL CARDERAS f ff, ,W 3 fi. ' 1 , , M Y- , X f K l V, , N 0 'Q A If x RAUL YOLANDA CARRILLO CARRILLO FIIESIIM IRMA CHAVEZ BEVERLY RONALD JEAN COTTLE COEEY COELTER wwf. N' ,. ' . I s: A, A ,. , 1 . A, I A I .rf f X A FRED DOUGLAS JON DARBONNIER DAVID DAVIS DANIEL CHERRY Q v .Z ' 7 if fi BOSIE LEE HERBERT CONATSER COOPER RODNEY CRAIG ISMAEL DeANDA fv- ,..' LINDA PHYLLIS DAVIS DEAN RICARDO CAMPOS ANNETTE CARDINAL NORMA CARBUTH Q.. ROSE MARIE CHILDERS I A. SHIRLEY CORNELL MIGLFL DQANDA or JUDY DELGADO I , e A F TL V . w,- xx. X 1 . 1 7 TJ , N 1 I' 1 , ' ' ' A , , - I , GUADALUPIC LARRY MARY ALBERT MARGARET OSCAR DIAZ DISHABT DOHLADO DOMINGl'EZ DROIITSAS DUABTE W V . ' 9. 'ir :fi ' , ' . b, I' ,L Su' ,r 'V ,, . 3 , I' ' ' -+ V f . 5 1 JIIANETTE STANLEY LUIS BILL DONITA FRED DUNCAN DUNN DURAN DUTTON EASTMAN EDDLEMAN . Qin l ., l ma: fx ' Y QS , A 4 29. .,, A I ' . , , 3 f , . V gf.: W Qt , ' av' 35 ' MX 1 'IJ 4 if SHIRLEY LEE 4 LUIS YOLANDA ICMMETT EPSTEIN ESCABCIGA ESPARZA 5 g'- :- S f FRESH E A 1 ,.., -F , up , - , : . I 3 A' 77 , . ,ff-' M ' I lu.. K 1 r Y Y LINNY FRANK GLORIA KATHLEEN FEINER FELIIABEB FELIX FESTE fh Q , 4 Z 1 ' is l, Q2 , f ' fel "fav MARTHA L0l' AL FICLIPE SIDNEY FLORENCE FLOBES FLOBICS FOBSYTII 55 ' - "2 f . Q " Q ,- ' v- 'H . ' . X ii- t 1 'E' , 'N X. - .ff f X 'Q H 'N f. lf. ICLVA MARGIE LICANORA ESTELLA ANNABELLIC Bl-JRTHA GALINDO GALINDO GALINN GALLABDO GARBAR GARCIA ,fda t-A .cg ,- J . , . H. .hr ,..X A r-M ' 'QT 'Q 'F Q, R . . f Y gf., 4 ', 1 ' ,- . A fd A - - D a- sa ig ' V' f gg., -E R up -va A ., , fwdi -.t - .S ,,-.:!:::i. 7 N FRANK LENA LEONOR SAM LOBAINIS GINGER GARCIA GARCIA GABCIA GARCIA GIBBS GILCBEASE Y f f' fs .. A '14 ' A 5 A , ,, . V . RUTH LEONARD SUSAN MIKE BENJAMIN IGNACIO JI'.-15 GILLETT GIVEN GLASS GOLDMAN GOMEZ GOMEZ GOMEZ 4 A I 4: I A F7 ,f " :- f , 4 1 Q . N ' , f , ,I s .I - 4 ,- ,W ' . n J' 7 ff ' g ' V,--. f I . , ' AMADOR ANDRES ARMANDO ARTHUR CARLQS TISSII-I FRONCIA GONZALEZ GONZALEZ GONZALEZ GONZALEZ GONZALEZ G00131-QLL GO0Dw'IN 'Q 1 I ' 0 I, ' -JZ, K ' V t . ,WV X . Az! X . ls-. 1 23: 2' RICHARD RICHARD RAY ,JEAN JQAN GRANT GREEN GRIFFITH GROESREECK GROESBEECK ' M' 'L' 7 ' FBESIIMEN Rf' 'Y ' I 4 sf" 7 ' 1 ' 1 1 GRACIELA GIJILLERMINA AURORA GLORIA NEOMI GUEREQIIE GUEBBERO GUTIERREZ GUTIERREZ 12 in 1' 5. ' .1 Y r , y M, F , fix ,,- 1 'H w I X WARD NAJATTE HOPE FRANCES XA! Il' R HALLA HALOW HAMEB. HANNA HARRISON S I 2" 1 , 2 v ' G1 , ' - e - 7'-V Q ' A ,G 1 ' Vic! s W -' f' 2 ' v H SHARON ALFRED BENITA EVA LORENZA REATRICE RAFAFL HELLER. HERNANDEZ HERNANDEZ HERNANDEZ HERNANDEZ HERRERA HI' RRI' RA My 'A ff 4 , in -N6 . I ' . W I ,I v Jiifffy A 5 FRANCES TOMMY LORENZO DeANN FRANKLIN ANITA DIAN HIGGINS HINES HINOJOS HORSON HOGGE HOLGUIN HORVVITZ 5 CZ, IA if'L SYLYIA RAI L CLARK BILL AN DRILA DLDLEY HOWVE HLERTA HFGHES ISAAC JAFFE JAGGARS . 'fu' C ., f 'V ' .Q , 1 77" , , f . u. L jf? ROBERT KAMONA TOM ALAN HERBERT DAVID ROBERT JAMES JASSO JONES KAHN KATZ KELTON KENNEDY HOLLIS JAMES KING KING ESTHER NANCY LARA LATHAM DONNA BETTY LEVYIS LITTLE-IOIIN 4 EVA ROBERTO LU I' I-IZ L0 P EZ LORI- Nl- NORA WICDANIII Wlchl I'I'l'l ANNE KLEIN 6 QE? FQ ff JACKIE LOEBA .4 4:1- xf V' JOEL PRISCILLA KLEINFELD LANE FRESIIME f ., 4 .Q K 9 . . 4 LI ROBERT JESUS LEE LEE LERMA CARLOS LOPEZ EDYVARD LOPEZ Jl LIA LORD A n 0l'0B0l- JOQI-FINA Tl'D I'i'I'Hl-R LOWI-BY LOZANO Ll PRA LYNCH , V, , Idsf? , DON ML-KINSTBY MIKE Jl'DY JUDY JCLIETA McMAHON MALONE MANN MABQUEZ W , 5. RAYMOND SHELBY MABQIJI-ZZ MARTIN REYES MARTINEZ 'D 3. I ELISA MEDRANO V 1 I ANA MARIA MARTINEZ 12' EDVYARD FRANK MARGIE NORNIA MARTINEZ MARTINI-IZ NIABTINEZ MARTINPZ VVILLIAM ESPERANZA MARY LOL ROBERTO MARTINEZ MATA MAYHALI. MEDEL 3 1 M 9-W CHARLES JULIETA MEGLIORINO MENCHACA CARLOS M EDINA 0 6 ESTELLA MENU!-IZ JOE Ml-IDINA I CARLOS MERAZ FBES MEN f-.P :wa 5 - ERNEST CARMEN BRYCE BURKE CAROLYN MERRICK MIER MILLER MILLER MILLER Q , S A I , " ez. . K 4 ,. ' V . RICARDO FRANK JOE YOLANDA MAXINE MOLINA MOLTANE MONTELONGO MONTES MOORE 2, 'gg Q' "iff - 3 7: W, I A9 at Q f' 25533, A , I . In I I I If fgff. E V JL ' - ll , 4,3 RALPH DOLORES MATILDE OLGA PEDRO Bl'TH LOl'IS MOORE MOBALES MOBALES IKORALES MORALES MORAN IVIORENO ' - 1 ' if x W A fe' 1 , A ,, I' . 'Q Q RAYMOND JOSEPH JOHNNY BOBBY HAROLD GENE ANN MOWVAD NATALE NAVARRETE NAVARRO NICKELS NICHOL NORMAN Q ROBERT ONTIY EROS JOSE PARHDEZ Q- I :,,g,,,-.,. I ,I :hit I ul ' 'dfivli' , lug' .' 1 jf' uf ' 1 J' - , , I- CYRUS PERKINS ,- 1- MANl'l'2L QFINTANA -a HENRY HI-ITTIG ' ' I-. 6- 7, , F .. g 4 - . ., Y I . ,X "' I' - . 24 XB t 'X if-.. K S-X ALICIA I-JLILNA XAVIER CECILIA APOLONIO Dl-ILIA oCII0A 0cIIoA OCHOTORI-INA OLIVAS 0NsI'nI:z ONTIYEROS 1? in I . I f W I f I JONITA MARIA CECILIA I:s'rI:LLA JOSE om: OIIIIANTIA ORTEGA 0R'fIz ORTIZ 0BTlZ I M' 5- 5 kt - X A . 55? A, I -42:71 V :' 3 1 Agia .: RUBY IIITA MAILGARITA ARTHUR olvrlz OTIJBA PALACIOS PARADA if .- - . - FRESIIME 5 , f 5 x, X if it A Q O 'Tall ' ' 1' 1 1.1 x . ISIIAM .101-1 RACIH-IL PAITL PAULI PAYAN Przuluu Przxuczo .- - 1, kr IN L, -0 -' '- .I IL .AN '- MARTHA I-IDl'ARDO STANLEY I-'sn-:LLA PINA I-oLANc0 PO0Ll-I Pozo 'L I HAZ!-IL GLORIA KATHERINE HARRII-IT F5113 pA1'LA RAMIRI-:z RAMOS RAWLINS III-:IsI:L m:MPI:L In-:N'rI:nIA f If - 'F . . ' R ,X I W I 9 n .K z J ' 1 , A, v A I' , .- I 14 .101-, ALTAGIIACIA AIIMAND0 IIILLI' I-IBMINDA PAl'L Rl' Y In-:YI-:s RIYAS BODRIGUEZ gwnmqygz nocsns PAl'L ROGERS 1 ? . Cx 4,1 za. ,. 1' fl A 7f JOHN Jol-3 ALEX ROLLINS ROSALI-:S ROSE Ei 1 X I ,zl 1 V ff fr ROBERTO MARVIN MARY L0l' Rrlz Rl'N'rr: SALAS Q A , A . 15- '15 -1 . 'Q' , I V. - I '!f?'h. NORMAN ANG!-:LA SALOME SANCHEZ RHGINALD ADALBICRTO SANDERS SANTAELLA FREDHRICO SAPIEN ,,f'N ANN FRANCES Sf'IIl'lRMl'IRI'l0RN SCHROEDHB -his-,- 1'- fs U ELLEN JAMES ROSHNFELD BUFF N Q s I 5. r A J 1 9 -I "4-' 573. ' an RI'BI'lN I-ILSIIC SALAS SALCIDO T Y . 7 f' FRESIIME W' 5 If - 5 CARMICN SANCHICZ lx , Q asa. K , .pf BILL SCOTT IZSTHICR Gl'ILLI'lRDl0 Rl'IZ Rl'IZ 5 'I . ,N I ROSA CAROL SALCIDO SALOMII M FRANK NCI-II'Z MAR! SAINCHIZ T7 SAIC I' D0 I ARVII' IN NANCY Nl HAFFI' R in JAMES SICFTON JOTl'.I'.N SEGALL f X " ' ,f Xxx ' fi far If fe A . MYRTLE BILLIJO JOHN Q RANION sl-IVERNS sr:x'mN SHANBU M SIDA RUDY SIERRA r ft X11 vi? ,ps If A I' RODOLFO SILVA EVELYN SIMON NICREY DON BOBBY DONNA HI-:c'r0R PATRICIA NORIVIA SITTON SLAUGHTER SMITH snrrn sous som-:Ns0N SOTELO 7 1 A If L., JIM GLS FRI-ZDRICKA NORMA PATRICIA SPIER STEARNS STOCKMEYI-IR STOLTZ STROI'D 6 , 1 , A N ' J ,L I r g l , TIGBICSA JUDY JI'ISl'S GASPAR ROBERT RAYMOND SWVAIN TALPIS TANGO TABANGO TAYLOR TELLES I WILLIAM CAROL ANNE Mrmmv THOMAS THOMPSON 1-noun: 'ronmosxv 5 FBESIIM N I yi , . - , V, , -.f ,,'. BARBARA MARIA Ll'Z HAROLD 1,1145 'rm-:HARNI-: TRUNFOSO TURLEY VALADEZ MS' 'S' t i ' 'Y ,fi 4' X - 1 lfr 'S t ANITA ALFRED MARIA TONY VALLADOLID VALLES vAsQl'Ez vAsQl'l-:z .A is my M r' U 6 1 A A , V u , ' HICRLINDA CARMICN IlI'1l'T0ll LILIA NORMA HILDA VICGA VERA VILLA VILLALOBOS VILLALYA YIRAMONTI-IS .A A . -N. , . I fl, BILL JAMES GERALDINIC GARY SAM FRANK WVALKER YTALKER YVABD VYEBB W'EBSI'l0W' MIISTI-JB -Q- TOM SHIRLP! W ILLIL ALFRPD HOW ARD LPUNARD Rl' TTI : FBESHME A F li- A . ' is 1 , ' :ff ' f 1 X' , I ' A . , I R af ' H VVICKER AWYILSUN WILSON YYITHOLDER YVONG YTUNG SVOODSIDI' HUGH YVRIGHT CARL Yl'll'1 li. If :li LOW' FRESHMEN SPRING OFFICERS President, MANl'l'1L MARTINI-IZ Vice President, BERNARD LIGYYA Secretary, SPIKE VVISBRYN Yell Leader. EDMYNDU OCHOTORENA DICK GRISHLDA JOHNNY I-ISTHER YERRY YSLAS ZYSIGA ZARATE LOW FRESI-IMEN FALL OFFICERS President, Rl'DY ORTIZ Vice President, MARTHA FLORl'1NI'l'I Secretary, BILLIJO SEXTON 'Ti-1 I " HIGH FRESHMEN SPRING OFFICERS HIGH FRESHMEN FALL OFFICERS President, BILLY RODRlGl'l-:Z president gl-303151-3 Ql'lNN Vice Prvsideni. KATHY RAWLINS Vice President, HI-JCTOR SOLIS Secretary, Rl'DY ORTIZ Secretary, FRANK GARCIA Yell Leader. BOBBY NAVARB0 Yell Leader, JOE BOSALES JU IIDR HIGH And so the new El Paso replaced the old. Superhighways grew up over the rutted pathsg railroads and airlines streamed into the city to oust the stagecoach. Steel and cement replaced adobe. El Paso came of age and was the first city of the South west The same pattem goes on m our school days The faces of the new eighth grader appear to take the place of other faces now graduated brlngmg new Ilfe new vigor and new hope It IS thus that El Paso High remains forever young A- THE CITY OF EL PASO-1953 is JAN ICE FRI' D ABOL D ABRAHANI I' RNI' STINA AGL ILI' RA ox lj I AMPARO ALV ARADO 4 MARY APOD ACA CARMFIN BACA SIDNEY BITTICKS MARIA CABRILLO 'Qs NIANI I' LA AGI ILI' RA ALI' JAN DBO ALV ARI' Z GENOVI' VA ABCINII' GA TOMMYE BAII I' Y ANN BLAI GRI ND JOI' LI' PLDA JU I0ll HIGH - ..... 9... fgfi' Z3 LOW EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS President Jesse Medrano, Vice President, John Shepherd, Secretary Eddie Mapula, Yell Leader, Lovllia Garcia NDA BAILI' Y BABI' TTA BOYT is 1n '19 ROBI' RT C IIA! I' Z JOHNNY MARY KAY BARFLA BARN FS BILLY FDWA RYI' R3 CARRERA J-KNIII' ARTIIIR CHIIR KUIIIN I W ON N I' ABRAHAWI FRI- DD! ALDALO LUIS ALVAR QOLI' DAD ARTALI' J0 1, yi BI' BNARD ABRAWISON KAY ALKIRI' 'N 1 x ALFON Q0 AWIPARAN 33' ,ffiff OLIW IA AZIZ I' DDIE MARTHA BARRAGAW BALTISTA OSCAR CABBAJAL 'Q' REBECCA CARRERA NIXLIS GAII LOHLN COUNS COOPER KIM CRITZ XAVII'R. DI' LA PII'DBA SIDWI' Y DIAMOND HI' RMILA DUARTI' RACHEL CORD IGRO .-, TAD DAI' I BLI' OLIVIA DI' LAS CASA? ROBI' RTO DIAZ ISI' LA DUARTE JOI-IW SOWIA I'l LIOTT IzLTI'R MARTHA SANDRA l'l OBIS FLORIS UNIOB HIGH ,Al Ill little' HIGH EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Lainy Friedman, Secretary Anmmdo Ocho torena, Yell Leader, Freddy Aldzwo, Vice President, Esther Yip President CARMFN ALBERT LINDA FCHFVEBBIA EDDINGS EDINGTON as HII DA LIIS ILNRIQLIZ ISCAJI' DA Sl SII- Fl' INRI' R0 v 15 JACKIE CORN!-QLll'S 4-5 fs MARY DI-AN BAMOWA DF LLWA QAWIHY DIAZ DI' LLA LLIAS 'U Iv' LI-LTHA COULSTON RALPH LA PABBA ABNIAWDO DEL BIO luv' JI.LIAN DOW SANDRA LLLILRBE LI' LIA Cul ILLLRWIO FERNANDIZ FLORI'S rf HILAINI' LI' ROY HONIIR ATLNO LI- TILIA FRII-.DNIAN UA!-fl' RAW GALICIA GARCIA GARCIA , ' A A , 'f L A ' A . , F' If f A CM K ' 5 fa. 3' 1 A ' f t, 1 1 DE 1' 5 Fi . A A A I V ' tx! K . ' " A V? ' f 12 ,f I ' c' , , Q A 1 ' f . I I as Q .5 . . ' v Y JW, I ' L I f ' VI , b f , . 'Vg I - V X I L , T :f ,I i' , M I If 4922: P ,fa Ik: 1 " ,, :ar s .l in -I h 7 V- ,V 1 - ex 3 ' R I 'vs , .. 5- I x A If ' ' - I f V, A ' 4 X zz LO! ILIA GARCIA RICK! GUVII- Z RICHARD GONZALI' Z Rl THLLIL GROSSMAN IOLAIN DA bl TII' RRI' Z -sq BRI' NDA III- NDIRBUN A THIRI' NI IIUI GI IN I' I -lNhI'LINI' GARDIA All SIRGIU 00'Vil'Z JLRR! GRIFFIN OFI' LIA GI LRRIRO 'N OTILIA I'lAAb JLLIA HLPPNLR UNIOR Ill ll LOII EIGHT!-I GRADE SPRING OFFICERS ll 'I President 'VIANI I- l I- STRADA I Ice I resident TON! RIN I- RA Serra-tnrs FRANK VIARQI PZ Wlllih HARDI' N TON! HLRNANDI- Z gnu-mv 'IIARIL HARMON MIN LR! A HARRISON fbi ALBI' RT TIARIIARI' T HI' RRON III' RRON C ARLOS OIL NI ZANNI' UOLD iff ALFONSO FRANK ISLO l10NZAI I' UONZALLZ CLRTIB GRIFFITH GLININ JR ILTLR ROSS I 4 GLTIIRRLZ Llh DA GUY HALGHTON HAL PTMAW BARBARA II ILLIAWI HILI' R HII I nm Ni-INI II 'rmnn ANTHONH 'roxx Lr uns um NIMI r x noun no nl Rl I- 1 INAAI JABALI Jrssl 1 ve V, A " .A ' 'fr , I 4 L I 1 f 9. .N , , , . . , A 11- ' - - I ,J - 1 111 ' 1-11 A A 4 - .M A S - - . vs l . I 1 -51 I Z0 ' " j . ' .1 1' 'H .lil 'Af A' W "V , Q I, , . 1 . Ji, 4 A I , W I . V ' - f A Y . P 1 - . A, I , h. s,.f,gQ,-ik . G I .. tg 1 3 ' , . . ' 1 , If fy ' - 1 3 ERNEST ALI-'0Ns0 ' - 63- I AAYI S 1 -I ff ?' - 1 - Q 1 Q 'try if M , ' 7 . ' A - r I 1 -17 -, ' 4 Q x J ' I, 'V I X 1 .1 Al. 1 ' ' - f , A A I A af '11 V, '-:I I '- X' V ' D h :qv-1 ,Qi I I I ' 1 1: 5 A A ' 5 ' l : ,, , ' X' ' I , -. A 5 - 1- U . A I Id 'X I I V' .1 I S I n ' if . ' " 1 'If I A X N . -WW, , 44, ,U,,,4,-w . ,M ,I 1, fy, .nw f hw.-L, Hn. Q LIIS JIWII-Nl-Z ROSII JOSI' PH JOHN KI' LLI' I Jw WD C AROLI' LAN l- xl Ll' STLB LILBLRMAN :Y 4'-r LL! A 'IlACIAb 'Mawr EDVI IN McELBOY 'fr AI 4, ATBIL IA JOI- 'U- NTI ART KAHN -N fu.. I- DWARD lxl' LL! .ak YIAN l I- L LEOS JOSF LIMON 'ia I' I AN GI' LIIN I' NIACIAS Q LMMETT MCINTYRL 'JJ UNIOB III ll HIGH EIGHTII GRADE SPRING OFFICERS Agn ak President SPRGIO GOWIILZ hee President JOHN Sl-ll-PHERD secretary BILL! Bl LBS Yell Leader HAR!!! JOSLPH Q I RISI' LDA LOPLZ N TIAGO WAR GLLNIN lIIcKINN LY L NIIGL I' L RAYION LOPI' Z LOPLZ I WIAN I. l' L 'IIARTIN I' Z 5 I OLANDA WIEDINA SARA MARTIN l' Z 4- rf' JESSL WILDRANO LIA JOHN STON W 'Fw SAI I ADOR KAN A., n BROCK KILR 'UWM Q BI' RNABD LLYWA IRI' NL Ll EVANO as i YOLAN DA WIABTIN I- Z in PETBA MEDRANO HAR! I' I JOSI' PH f In JAMLS KABAM JOYCE. KRYK ARLI' IN I' LICIITIN ROSA LL EVAYO 2 DON MATTIIN GLY 'WHL -vs EVEBETT MELBY BILLI MIIRFA -. ' , UNIOB III ll I IRGIN IA WIOWINI- N IRI- N I' MARIA NIORI' N0 'VIORI' V0 GI' NARD NAPOLI' Q YOLAN DA OLIW AS DOROTHY PI- N -I CII-'IRI OTTI' 1001 I' ,A -Q " ELI-:NA Rl-:H0I,I.0 GERARD N Ll WIANN RICARDO OWTIVEROS NANCY PPNNIIQ Ix-II I ORTI' R 'nw Rl 'ARDO RICNTICRIA ef? Look whos on the fnrst ron' TOMAS OBT FGA DOLORI' Q PI RL-I s ISI IR-INZA ROIII- RT ORTII I O I 070 Oo- TUNY RONIQIIARY RHYI-QS RIPIIII-1 IRMA OBTEGON STILLA PI' RI' A IRI- N I I RADO VRAFII-1I.A RIOS IIII II-I WIONTI I ON! 0 1 fn AII-Rl'D ill RIIIO v VIRGIN IA OAXACA MARIA ORTIZ ,f X X umu- WI-IPI LA J- AI If IA VII RII I 0 ARWIAN DO OCIIOTORI' N A MAR! PI' ARSON ,I IDA PIN-ON PON L I- MARTHA QI INTANA I' ICORI' Ii ROBBINS Rl RI Rl' AD 7 ICSTII ICR RODRIC' l'I-ll OSLAB BODBIGL LZ ?4i GINJA Ll, BOSI' HOMI- R SALOML .-N ISTHER SAWCHEZ I' LGI' 'IIA SCHI. STI' R GLADYS SKOBKA YOLANDA SOTO I NI I IRGIN IA RODBIGLLZ ,f f Bnu r Rosy x FRI' DDY SAL! ATTI MANL l'LA SANCHI' Z "N f LARRY SHAPIRO an ROBERT SMILEY G ,L MARILYN STEELE UNIOR III ll ?' They LOOK very studious bu V5 ILLII' IGNTACIO SAVFORD SANTAI' LLA jr LUCILLE JOHN CHI' PPARD SHI' PHI' RD Q 1 , 'f f 4 x JAMES KARMA SMITH SMITH SOLOMON CALVIN M D0-ANN EDIYARD FRANCISCO STFVI-INS TELLFZ TFRRAZAS DAY ID ROJAS In bf HI' TH ROSS ALLJAWDRO SANCHI' Z DAISY SCHAFFINO GLORIA SIDA va ABWIIDA SOSA JFAN AWN THOMAS RI' HI-CLA ROMAN -vs 'D Y 'VIOISI' S SAI AZAB Cl' CILIA SANCHI' Z MARK ARI' T SCHABIN AU Q.. I' STI' LA SILVA STAN SOSA FDMUNDO 'FORBES 5' I J L I . 1 4 ,, . '27 I 5 v 4 Q , .-" 5 . X ' I I' , ' , - 1 I ,- I SAYNDRA REBECCA JAYH-IR l-JSTHER LEO TRASK TRUJILLO l'Zl-LTA VALLADOLID YASQFEZ n 'b C L . r , , ' EDVVABD MARY LINDA VECHOT VEGA VYALDROP 92 . 'as' .. WIALCOINI DOROTHY W LBB W HITL MARY LLBOY ESTHLR w ITHOLDER YIP Yu' SEVENTH GRADE ,Q 7 Z I A YVONNE WAKEEM mi GLRALDIN L W ILCOX fist TAYLOR X Ol. NG 4- K 1, Y f ,Fx -A "l MICHAEL WALKER F2 SON DBA W ILLIAMS IRMA ZACABIAS Bow 1 Manuel Lstrsda Wlaxlmu Anna Ran larcm Raul lallndo Dame-I Flores Alina Ampa ran, Antonia Horns Ieraldmf- Pr-rez Bow 2 Robert Padilla Iouw Flor-eg Raul Diaz Tonx Rlura Frank Marquez Nnrglnla Xanez Martha Nalenzuc-lu K racn-la lordoxa Row 3 I-plfamo Pena lrnutu Nlungum iuadalupe Nato llura Salle-rs Martha Wlarquez slllxl' Ayub Wlncc-nt lopez Jlm Rodrlguf-1 Tom Nong Bow 4 Alexandra wClIdl0lB Gu-gona Lnrnquez Fernando hugs:- I ,,- , A . l- "I If V . , J 'Y K V. - Q v V .. 1 .L s , A 1 5 , . - D , FL. q , v X A, -4 I Y r "' 4 up M1 .- - 5 t , J I. 1 2' l -' U -1 1 . A Q . f I' O I i .- , . . . , I 1 , 12' ',l U. v',i - , I' 'A ,. , ,." . Q 4 l 1 ' Z A . ' . , .. ' .I . JUNIOR HIGH BEAUTY CHARLOTIE POOLE JUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES BARBARA HILER ALBERT HERRON "ll"'4 I 5 2' ffffz, 'Q XY u -5 - 5 , V4 , , V K r . 1 l V x I ff. N ,Av v g-at..-Q,"-, . iw f JW. fa vf'.f',f" ., ., .-., ,v ,. . 1, ' , . .'-41"-v"'-4, fa", "A 1 A . A 'ww 'rv' A I Z wwf., 71, X , 1 v' ?.'.'-'.'?.'f."- 1 "'v ' U- , : ,A-rw-,--.' 1 -7 V - , .g.:,-,.,. X , L I P , . , h f :3 M.,-M ' A 9, : ri' fi .1 .',f,!-'.L-3,9331 0 u SPURTS The ancient Greeks taught that a man must develop his body as well as his mind. And to the modern age, sports have be- come not only an instrument for fuller development of the body, but also an in- strument towards community lmity and spirit as well El Paso had become an in- tegrated center of actlvity by the time the flrst baseball team was formed Interest nn sports grew unt1l It became the center of Southwestem athletics and the Sun Bowl game was lnaugurated El Paso Hugh sends many of ltS sons to partlclpate nn this focus of Southwestern sports The trauung they recene here prepares them for the greater field of athletic achlexe ment ln the future l.L1?'V5' " EL PASO BASEBALL TEAM-1900 1953 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Rowl Row2 Row3 Row4 Llne Coach 1+ A Y JACK MABCELL Juan Wilson Joe Reyes Tommy Gabriel Henry Jurado Alfred Hernandez Joe Nlccum Lorenzo Perales Tommy Arclniega John Elias, Louis Borland George Quinn Coach Yarbrough Johnny Staten, Ernesto Reyes Leopoldo Barrientos Ruben Barragan, Hum: berto Briones Ken Carpenter Jack Mann Ernie Valdez John Ramirez, Ruben Lopez Coach Marcell Coach McGuire Richard May, Pat Donohue Emesto Llmon Guillermo Ruiz Herbert Cooper Freddy Palaclos, Jose Chavez Bill Waterson Nick Rangel Oscar Pando Bobby Blanco William Elias, Dolph Hatfield Mgr George Vaughn Michael Kahn, Bob Feste, Harris Hatfield, Pool Webb, Roger Livingston, Charley Armljo David Guillen, Jack Nelson, Mgr Alberto Yip Head Coach Backfield Coach sew, KENNET TERRELL YARBROUGH ALL DISTRICT SEASON SUMMARY Assistant Mgr Head Manager Assistant Mgr Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso 21 Cathedral Levelland Kermit Plainview Ysleta Jefferson 2 Bowie Las Cruces 6 Austin AND CITY CHARLIE ARMIJO Guard 1 HARRIS HATFIELD Guard JUAIN WILSON Center 3 POOL WEBB Center JACK NELSON Back OSCAR PAIN D0 Back JOE REYES Linebacker 317515 it ALBERTO YIP ALAIN KAHIN GEORGE VAUGHIN N W S a 4. M wiiffg 1- S 'K 1,9 K 4 15 - 'A 'A ,,,,g." , f:w in ,-1, I 1: LPA, Q1 V M 5 4 f , H' 4 nf rr "'t" 2 b y o X , . A , .vlp ,,,,V, ,Q Q, N, ,, 1.5, iv g V A--v , .- W 1 f ,:,. ao"" ' is ' 51? , T' , ff ' 1 ' lUNlcGl6TE V 1 V yd. P M34 HA Q, 1 Nr E ,K VM . X fb X. EI 1 I 77 El 0 19 y 15 413551. , 1 1 ',k517'f5 ff. I , . El 21 19 A 33:1 igrge. 1 El 14 ' 26 1 W 'f'-ii? A D C 'L' 'NN V ' . " 4 ' El ss 0 - 4 - h , ' J El ss - 6 'Wk A if' X. ' pg A , . x , X 1 I N . . El 7 14 1 1 1 P - P . x' Z 1 I 1 . ' El 22 V v Q El 14 84 Panda Lead El Paso so To 21 7 Gnd Vlptor THL C-STH!-DR-XLI1-XXII: Sept 11-Coach Terrell Xarbrough s favored l-l Paso Tigers came through Frlday night wlth a hard fought "1 1 uctory ln their season opener as Poundlng Oscar Pando smashed the Irlsh defenders for all three Bengal touch downs Both elexens were plagued wxth fumbles ln the early stages of the game Pat Donohue drew the crowd to its feet when he took a pass from Quarterback Jack Nelson but the play was called back -Uter defensne standout Tommy -krcmxega blocked an Irlsh punt and Pando smashed oser the goal two plays later Vhnutes later Pando bucked over agam front lu yards out In the flnal quarter Pando scored agam on an end sweep Henry Jurado comer! ed after the three markers scored on a long pass play for the Irish Uutstandmg players for the Tigers were Joe Rey es Ireddy Ialaclos Oscar Pando, and Nlllxam I-has STATISTICS I' I P550 IATHI' DR-Xl I- Irs! Dow ns Net Xards Rushnng., 'Net Xards Passlng I asses I omple tul asse s Intercepted In Uwn fumhlts ruou rad I enaltles for .50 of I ts K Aserxgt ids 10" tor zz Safety man Nelson bears down on the Cathedral player after a long pass, w hlch ff ll Incomplete ln the Tlger Irxsh tussle at Jones Stadium Nelson proyed to be chlef Bfngal defensne weapon as he repeatedly Town! tore ln to throw Lathedral s backs down or bat down Irlsh aerlals ARUNHGA El Paso won the season opener, "1 4 63tr.-:B 30? if J R1 4 IHKLH mc Tor: I r 0I'0I no RUBPRT lm I, ARWUU BARR-M-Ah BARR!!-,xros BI AM o m,RLA-el, I 1 105 ' ' "W" . ws , ' , . - 5.74. ' ab J ' , ,f , , 8, K a M jf , ,4 0 Q , , I i I R .f I V. H J" ' ' . L' , . ' I' A . A l A A 1 , h ' ., . , . ' v I1 ' . . 14 V V I 9 1:49 'W ' 24 24 A A ' us 14 of 8 fi of 20 1 ' 1 5 of as I ' 1 of fs 5 of 45 v I 6 ' xo. ' - - 1 - ' N h :iii 10 -- A, I we 4 'W 1 ' I I ' v I . -I ., ,' 1 , ' . . ' ' ' D . x -. 1 ' v 5' V ' .Af .. ' V '. v. . , , .4 . 1 I . , 'W , .1 8 -L X 1 Mysore gee K rmzt 21 I 1 Glas Tigers THI' KI' RVIIT UAWII' Oct 2 Although the Kermit lellom Jackets held a commanding 19-l lead at hal! time the H laso Txgers putting on an Inspired fmlsh scored twlce ln the last quarter to edge the Jackets 21 19 m an upset um Junior Ruiz scored the Txgers only hrs! period marker on u dazzling 1 ward ku-koi! return l'arls m e fourth quarter lxermlt attempted u pass dee ln nts own terrltorx but Llneback ool Wh-bb grabbed the ball from the hands ol tts Intended reeener and rambled 51 yards for the score Then mldwxn ln the same period Oscar I an do charged mer from the 2 to cllmax a .0 ward drne Henry Jurado s gifted toe prouded the margin of uctors as he booted all three extra points EPHS 1 3 o-41 106 STATISTICS KLBNIIT I' lrst Dow ns iards Rushing a X ards Passing Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes Intercepted Punts Ax erage Penalties Own Fumbles Becoxered 0-28 4 40 nd HLVIBI' RTO BRIONES Jack Nelson prepares to lunge on the ball aft: r lt had bun Jarrsd from the hands of the Kermit back bw Harris Hatfield 'Slowing up on the play ln the barkground arc Juan Wilson, Bill W aterson, Lharlle AFIYIIJO, Rug: r IIXIIIKSTUII, and Tommy Arunu-ga The Tigers edged Kermlt, '11 19 mB"'ll.j:4I'K.f P n 1 B fl F7 0 JOI' lil-NNI-TH T10 PAT JOHHNX CHA! hl CARP! N Tl' R LUOPI' H DONOHl l- l- LIAR Lf V' N ' - Q. ,-sr-,Q ' I' I ' I 1, II- ,: 55' life. . ' 2 , 1 Q Aa.: fig: 7 er? , 4 ' :ff .levf V H i 'ff' ' fb W gi . ,, LZ. g .14 A , r - A p A L ,:, 4" '. , " , . Ag? ., I V -I ' . 9 w ' y 4 9 . ,: ' 1 ' V - . h . 1 . TZ. 5 " - , V , 3 5 ' th er Y' ' I I A, h - 10 " ' A 16 85 Y ' 1'2 34 ' ' 114 11 14 -l 8 2 0 :- 1 V -. ' 1-1 f - its panda Holds wma Bm luurnmm lfhr vm Nh .. Shm Lead Tigers Show Crushing In Scormg 0laarhndotheBPuol!Igl pounds: soared one toucluloq mditborelypfevend hsmghkdtybhhdd had as other players onhim Jack M51 lun! ihcetlqqpg- 5 fmlklidnkhthpbbhilgggg Brulslng Oscar Pando bulldous has was through a huge hole nn the lsleta lme The Txgers npped the Indians for thelr fnrst dlstrlct wln .33 0 15 Offense ln Loop Wm THI' XSLLTA GAME Ort 16-Jack Nelson turned ln a won derful performance as he steam rolled through the isleta Indians for a mas sue 234 wards and three touchdowns The Tigers dropped the Indians by the tune of 53 0 The game started the Dlsf trlct 2 AAAA race Swift, Oscar lando and Linebacker Lharlle Armljo racked up two other Tiger tallles Henry Jurado converted after three of the touchdowns I-me of ensue perormances were turned ln by lack Nelson Joe Reyes Oscar landu and Jumor Ruiz The entnre Tiger de fensne hne and secondary stood out They are lat Donohue Richard Wing Juan lhlson Roger Lnlngston Tom my Art-:mega lharlle Armuo and Pool Nehh NTATISTKN XNLI' TA First Dow ns li iards Rushing Yards Passing asses Attempt asses I ompleted asses lntereepted ilu n If umbles Reeoxered Penalties I unts Axerage 4-50 A 3 1-11 '49 N ILLIAW I' I I-ix B2 R752 HUB TOWN! naw ID Dol PH naman Fr sn, c.,mmr.L 1.1 nu N nan ILI D HATFILLD 10 ' 5 . . K . . . . ' T 9 me ' L A king - ' lil' . ,' 1 Q39 . ' I 2? lj E" ' ,- ' 93 ,fr '-,WN T I: 4 Q ed 16 fs ' 5 ,L .. . Q 'he-. Q- H- ' ' . ' 34 L-'Q ' ,- - --1 X f x B C . T + s ' I '. 7 s ff 'L A I ' 1 f S .i ' I ci? -5- Nelson Scores llnly Bengal TD ln Battle THE BOW IE GAME Oct 23-The Bowie Bears topped the ll Paso Tigers before 11 000 fans as the Tigers suffered their first district loss Bowles two first half touchdowns proved to be the margin of victory 14 4 l'l Paso s lone tally eame as a result of an alert play by Tiger safety Jack Nelson Nelson picked up the rolling ball on the Bears 40 yard line and sped Tigers stumbled weakly in the first half and lost the ball twice on fumbles dee in their own terrltorx The Bows range and Black same back strong ly in the second half hut nexer eould quite gather the needed scoring punch Neweral players including Charlie Ar muo Junior Ruiz Jack Nelson, and Us car Pando stood out for the tussle NTATISTICN BON ll' First Dow ns X ards Bushing 1 ards Passing Passes Attempted Passes Completed dCr ALFRED HEBNANDEZ ' fs. .,,f" ,aff -. 3 , ,- ,4sl.'Q-3,-in Y' ., , Jack Nelson goes after his own flunble as Bear defendcrs close in. Shown in the background for the Tigers are: Pool VH-bb Louis Bourland, Tommy Gabriel, and Char- lie Armijo. Bowie edged the Tigers, 14-1. is Q o 1 HENRY - MICKEY I-LRNESTO ROGER RUBEN JYBADO KAHN LIMON LIVINGSTON LOPEZ . . sw it , ' 0 , J .--..... .Xt --H fr- ..- .s...., f.-. I . ..... I down the sidelines' all nh? way. The in , I ' EP .' 5 ' 1 7 ' - 7 71 ' ' 109 34 ' - so 12 12 6 , A 4 , nv il' ! if 1, ' j 1 au b .hh-Q, x r 1 v hx 4 1 git ' y. 1 ' N .1 AT x ,. 1 , . , D El Pa o Defeats J ffer ony Aerial f Attack ms For Tlgers JLFFLBSOIN GANIL Now 3-Junior Butz unllmbered his unheralded passing arm and tossed three touchdown passes as the flghtmg Orange and Black smashed Jefferson Hugh, 39-26 for their second dnstrxct wan ln three contests Bulz connected with Pat Donohue on the Tlgers first senes for a 52 yard counter Then Jack Nelson lugged l sec ond Butz pass oxer from the four yard hne for the second score Mmutes later Tommy Arclnlega grabbed another us and made lt all the way with Jack el son throwing a key block Fullhack Os car Pando drnlng through the Jeff llne for consistent yardage smashed his way to two more markers which ransed his total to 42 points Halfback Joe Reyes also added sux points with a plunge up the middle STATISTICS JPFF First Dow ns X ard: Bushxng Yards Passing Passes Attempted Passes Completed 14 101 Penalties-Yards .70 Ow n I' umbles Recon ered 36 Punts Average 5-32 av, 19 MWF: 'rt I -A' -9 2-.44 'H Speedy Jack Nelson picks up some nlce yardage ln the Jefferson game Guard Charlie Armuo mos es up to clear Nelson s path Shown m the background IS Txger tackle John OQCAB ny Elias The Tlgers bowled ow er the Jeffs ln the dxstrlct game, 39 " PAFD0 'ISU3 ron bs: JACK RICHARD JACK JOL FRED MANN MAY VLLSON NICCLM PALACIOS s l 9 P b . 1 . Ar' ' 1 - X p a a 1' ' . ' ' V f w - f ' . Q ' . lv , I 1 V 'v' , ' :Us A . A ' ri ff ,M - ' ' I vt R - EN 7 ' . , I . V ' . - N. ,ef y . . . . I1 l'l.I". -' 4 .' I . 21 ' ' 14 219 V ' 181 184 ' 89 E 14 6 ' T 3 v . . 6-. 1-1 ' 1 ' 3-4 3- - ' f ' fm WA . . W? ,M 5 ,ear-fi , ,-j, X 'ef' V, ixzlg 4 J W , , .L - , A mf ' , , , 'mi "?4'.?""E- , H--sf '-ze.. ..., J- f-- 1 2-. W Q' , . . . . 74 K . . . ,A , ' . . . -H6. . fb U l I' ' ' s ' 8 ' b 'Z K 'F a A L 109 as--rf' J, ww Leads El Paso Over Las EP Registers 22 6 Wm 0ver Tlll' IAN IRICPS 1 ANU- Nos li Aftmr Nlllhlllg one and losing one in order throughout th: season, the dcllrmlnid Tlgsrs of I-I Paso High stomped the las Irurcs Bulldogs to thc tum of U 6 at Nun 'Vlexnno A A 'VI stadium Coach Yarbrough s fighting., TlLIfh scored first with a ir xard seampar In quarterback lunlor Run 'Vllnutls later Run tossed to Tommy Arm mega for the mcond eounter The touchdown had been set up bg a h0 xard plag by Osear lando l as I ru ees scored its lone marker in the thlrd period on a long pass The T: :ers tallied again in the fourth quar ter when Pando ripped mer from the fue yard line Herbert Looper converted aftrr two of the touch downs In the closing seconds of the game, a Lruees passer was trapped ln the end zone In four Tiger hm men, Charlie Armuo, Roger I nmg ston, Tommy Arclmega, and Roh l'este for two more points Standouts for the Bengals ner: Junior Ruiz, lack Nelson Tommy Arcmlega, Us:-ar lando and loc- R4 yes LORHN Z0 I IGRALIIS Bulldogs 440 Linebacker Charles Armijo hears down on Austin back David Borland. Fred Pa lacios moves up behind Armijo while lohn Elias watehe S. The Tigers lost the Turkey Day tussle '34-I 3. l x unoxurz JOHN Nl! K, Qrlxx RAMIMQZ nAM.r.L R X l'lRNl'lSTO KI-1Yl'lh JOE KHYICS Au tin Blasts El Paso Hi h ,, 3 Aushn s Furs! Half T errors Smash Tigers ,-CQ fu. lpn gf 41:4 w ,v in -MY 9 '94 if ,jaw 5,4 r Ziiwfm 1 4 W ,few 513' tffmiz lyk iff in Q- ' f-fjWfLf4zQ ,W f ft' Q aff, ww mai A Z M ' f 9 at :QW iff, fi' ,A 1 dx J? El Pasos charglng lmemsn headed by Tommy Arclnlega make a futile attempt to block an Austm punt Tigers shown ln picture are left to right Pat Donohue Juan Vhl son Bill Waterson, Charlle Armljo The Tlgers lost thls one, 34 l'3 A l 1 IOHN LBN Il' BILI POOL STATEN VALDI' Z N ATI' Rb0N W LBB Tllh Al STIN l ANU' Nos 26-I-l Paso High lost its h nal game of the season to nts tradl tional rnal Austin Hugh 34-13 Al though the dlstrlct title was not on the lme the loss hurt the student body as much as the Bowne game Austms flashy backs proxed too much for the Tigers Although the game was lost all the boys were there flghtlng all the may Ll Paso s first. touchdown came on a 42 yard sprint around the end This touch down gave l ando a total of 94 points and the dlstrlrt and clty scoring titles Late ln the fourth quarter Junior Bull tossed to Lnd Ernesto Llmon for the final Txger tally f the season C LILLI' RNIO Bl IZ 76 JLAN N ILSON 111 ! . T' - L ,1:,,,5..24L,, 4, I J 4. , ' 1 .U 8 A- W- J - gy ,M 5' A ,ff r Q V. .W , ,ov . I , . , , A MA Q ,AN 4131- L, v V - 3, 4 4 Q A f: , W., V Q 14- -' f W ' . ' HY- , . ' iff., f. ' , .4 ' , , ,.. -4 , .V M ,,.41, V f' ,, -, 1, ,fa ' ' , ' , ' -' 1' ' . ' -. , ' I ff, ' - nh ,,., ' W 1' f . ,. ,I y ,W 'shi' - ,"', , . ' V' 4:4 if- I . J 'D' ' f ' ' T , 'N . . " f ' f ' I , 1,1 ' 2, 3, , ', 'f f f - - ,V ,N , 4 ,, -W U-V, .yr ,, 9 ee I ,rw N ft , , N Z0 ' - ,V W ' ls, . g 5, V: ' 4 ,F we 1 f M - , . 'I , , ,M I , . Q? Q - . v " U I . . n . . Z , iw , . . . . - - . -, , ,M ,, ' ' A - 1 1 Q , , y s V, I N . - . , . - - , . Y 1- ,Y fm I 4 1' V , -1 ', . I 1 ' f gjgis. - 1 , A. . . ,A '71 '-1 ' ' . , , 1 ., . I . . , . f Wifi ,, - ' - V - 'A it ' V' ,W .iff ' ' - 1 J ' I ' . ' "wif . . 1 - - . 16 . . A .,f ' ' 0 - Yu 4, W 1 39' f ' r 14,1 2 ' , , .4 W ff G " I LSU 1 . I L 'wh ,.,,,,, 7 4 f mf v 'W x ff' , at g , 'fx f,,, 1 , ,X " I V - , ' A -' f f s ' ,,' 'G rf,w A no o e, ,, ',,e wists t , , ' f ' ' , f ' f , , A 1 V V , V 5 wi, ' Q V Q4 ge 3 , ' ,, 'L g",y', 4 ,Q ' 4 v V f' 'K ' W' f . , ff 1 , 41.14, J f, ' 4. f f e raw' ew,f,+Y f f e Q W . , -, gf ' U V- , , 4 , gg 'aww ' ,f . , 2, V ' 2 Q M , ' Hag? ' Nw "P", ,f M 2 M, f ,1 ,e5w,.aef I I . 0 , ,' I V. W H. I , , , y ,, f , W y , a g if M o ' , , ,gr-l,f M , as lr 2 ,, , 0 , Tl I' .. L 2,-Y ,gill I,-, H ry ,, W K, , 4'-,f,,,w ,To ,Q ,QV !f7:xf,55A A - ' 17" z, 15. 'Umm - - " YA , A fzf " M, 4 'Lv A 4 m we M Y' "Q, gf, Q' 'A 'l in I A ' " the " , ,, ., M " ,,, fl' ' iifsg ' 4 'g ,,'1M I J 'f L , 'f 5 , M ,. M, Q , 'af K I I 5 2 f 7' fel. ' ff T J? 6 F, fm " Y fa' . ,H . b vqflrf o .,, ,Q '44, new , ,, ,Q , ,ff f '." ' fwa in -2' .' ' ' ' , W . 1 - - , , , - ' , ' s 5 ' 3 A I - . ' . f ' 1 ' J , . .. . . K h A . 4 - I I Y T I I f ., ,Q ' 1 v' v .ze L s ,. A u ' ' I. ,' v v' -' QI v 1 ,Q v V Y , 1- V LDDIL BARELA NITE-SHIFT ROBERTO AGUILAR GILBERT CALYILLO HARRY BROWN BILL ADAMS Coach Manager ROBERT ALDACO HLGII COLLLY SEASON S Sl MMARY uso Ysleta Paso Jefferson l Paso Iefferson 0 aso Ysleta aso Aushn Paso Bowie 0 Paso Cathedral LLIS ARENAS ALBERT DOMINGLEZ SERS ANDO BLAINCO TONY GARCIA -IRM-KNDO Jl AREZ CARLOS LOPEZ RAI WIARQI LZ ALFRED GRIFFIN 5 I El P 47 0 El sz s El 32 . El P 1 13 El P 18 ' 26 " ' El 26 ' El 44 6 ' C fav A .V ' ,L b , " ' 5 , N V I . Y L I V. a. 5 1 ' If . NITE SHIFT if F00'l'BALI. NLISON MARTIN RLBEZN SALAS GLORGL NIA! ALFOINSO SAEVZ LDDIL 'VlcD0'NALD EDWARD POLAINCO BERN ARDO SIERRA HECTOR SOLIS 'hm hw' nanny LARRY NlcDONALD ALFONSO MEDRANO NEMO MELBI CARLOS ORNELAS RICHARD OCHOA BOBBY NAVARRO NICKY SITTON ALFRED VALLES HERMAN V ITELA FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1 Jose Ortiz, l'd Martinez, Rafael Herrera, Ralph Bleu Henry Bettig, Joe Bosales Frank Garcia, George Lowery, Eduard Lopez Row 2 Bill Scott, Amador Gonzalez Manuel Quintana, Harold Turley, Clark I-lnghea Joe Monte- lougo, Art Gonzalez Row 3 Alfonso Gutierrez, Richard Grant, Adalherto Santaella Frank Webster Frank Felhaber Raul Carnllo, Ward Halla Armando Rlvas Tom Aten Ignacio Gomez MIBBIIIQ ldmundo Torres JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM Ateno Garcia Sergio Gomez 'stan Sou Ted Deauble Ignacio Santarlla Bow 2 Roberto Dlaz, Ylalculm Webb l'ddx Mapula Jerrx in-:Hin Roy l'ddi gs, Glen Mclilnnep Willy Melbp, Arthur Cohen, I-dd, Nechot Alfonso Amparan Aluandro Sanchez : . ' 1 ' , Q , , , , , 5 1 . 1 1 : D ' ' ' t , S , w , , , I I x - . , - BDW 12 llllliilll' HBITDII. TOP! Reyes, Spike Wishrun, Edwin Mcl'2lroy,' John Kelly, Mike Harden, 1 , l . ' , , l . ' I ' A ' 1 1 .' . .' ' ' . 3, " ' 3 ' ' . . I Kneeling Lorenzo Perales Alfred Hernandez, Freddy Palacios, S alvador Castillo, Emesto Lrmon, Guillermo Ruiz Ronald Gillett Standing Coach Jarvis Luis Alarcon, Joe Chavez, Wilbur Koh nle, Fernando Mercado Johnny Bittlcks, Luis Arenas Alfredo Sanchez, Manager Harry Springer 1954 DISTRICT 2 AAAA BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS wg, Harry Sprmge, SEASON S SUMMARY Coach D Jawls Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso CITY Las Cruces TOURN AMEN T Austin Bova I8 Cathedral Jefferson Deming TRI STATE TOURN ANIENT Paso Wildland Paso Ysleta GADSDEN TOURNAMENT Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Tularosa Hot Springs Alpine Alpine Cathedral Las Cruces Cathedral DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Jefferson Austln Bowie Ysleta Austin Jefferson Bowie Ysleta BI DISTRICT Pampa Pampa VARSITY BASKETBALL LUIS ALARCON SALVADOR CASTILLO Alfredo Sanchez goes up in the air to make a pass as Joe Chavez watch- es. This game, played against Jeffer- son, was the Tigers' final game in the City Tournament. The team wound up with two wins and two losses. The Tigers dropped this game, 50-42, with Freddy Palaeios scoring 14 points, Fernando Mercado with ll, and Al- fredo Sanchez with 7. 116 LUIS ARENAS JOHN BITTICKS biz vi A., it MM as f- 1' . 59" Q17 a stray ball while Emes iz be m th Austm la nning, 52-38. They had def ' ..' I ,f v iff I , 'nl 5 WILBUR KOI-INLE ERNESTO LIMON FERNANDO MERCADO -. FREDDY PALACIOS The Tigermen of coach C. D. Jarvis met Jefferson's Silver Foxes in the initial district contest. The team dropped their earlier game with the Jeffs in the City Tournament. The Tigers staved off a belated Fox rally to come up victorious by a score of 57-52. The Orange and Black led at half-time 35-24. Joe Chavez lshown tipping' the ball ln with assistance from Fernando Mercadoj led the team with 16 points, followed by Fer- nando Mercado and Junior Ruiz with 15 and 12 points each. E5 I ,fa -q Lorenzo Perales Tlgers put one through the basket as they march on toward the dlstrlct championship The boys ln orange and black swamped the Austin Panthers :12 38 and went on to defeat Jefferson and Bowne before dropping their flnal tllt with Ysleta The loss to isleta was the Tigers only loss during the tour nament The team won seven games 3 wet thg 1,5 no take nw funn,-o championship lt was the first time an l-l Paso High School basketball team had won the dlstrnct since the team took the state tltle ln 1947 Four players were named to the all dxstrlct team They were Guards Fred dy Palaclos and Junlor Rulz forward Wilbur Kohnle and lenter Fernando 'tfercado Freddy Palaclos and l'ernan do Mercado will he lost for dlstrlet play next year The team journeyed to Pampa for the bldlstrlct playoffs The lfaryesters are defending state AAAA champs The Tigers really made all the student body proud wlth the terrlflc tight they put on Fernando Wfercado was the bug gun for the Tigers as he swlshed ln "4 points ID one game Scores of the games were Ll Paso o2, Pampa 64 and I-l Paso 46, Pampa 42 UM? ,paw f Guillermo Run Alfredo Sanchez Q, 94,9 an 1 1 4 lr N VI 7 Z . I 1 . A r P 1-so I ' V I,-, 5 H V . 'x , 1, 0 , . ty V Q Wu. Paso Paso Paso Paso NIGHT SHIFT BASKETBALL F 6 3 A 0 P 5, NP 4 94,43 Rom 1 bllbert Calvlllo, Bill Rodriguez Ray Marcus l'ddle Barela Bill Scott Harold Turley NIIIKP Goldman Bow 2 Jack Gage Roberto Wledel, Johnny Zunlga Nick Sutton Pdwardo 'Her nandez Fernando Salas Jim SDIQF, I-rank lelhaber Row 3 Alfonso Wiedrano, Jim Sltfon Leroy Glardon, Ab:-d l-sman Armando Rh as Y its CITY TOLBINANIENT DISTRICT TOL BNAMENT Austin Bowie Cathedral Jefferson ill 4 we T2..,-- QI 'bl Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Pa so Paso Paso Austin Jefferson Bowie Ysleta Austin Jefferson Bowle Yaleta LEROY GLABDON ABED ESMAN 9, EDDIE BARELA .gf 4'-1..,.,,v 1 Coach HARRY BROWN Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Austin Cathedral Bowne Yaleta Cathedral Midland Cathedral Holy Family GILBEBTO CALVILLO FRANK FELHABER 4l -A S ' Y " 1 Y K , I ' x. '4 L CJ P4 j A K V f' Tn ' t 1 . 3 3 - 1 - ll I , A X ft ' - Lf Y 3 I af WH! C ' v Av 'K I v v v El - 34 as 55 4 ,g ,' -jg El - so El - 35 ' so I an - 37 El - 24 43 4, ' .E I El - 45 V El - 44 za A A w El - 37 I M!! - 5'-,gf El - 43 I El - 45 1 'ire - A , El - ze ' Q 3, h, 1 as El - 39 4 ff 3:65 I 1 v 4,3 Q A 'Q 3 W, , , 5 W' ' I I JACK GAGE 3 .S , f 1 rw 3 . -' 3 3 3 5 El - 33 23 '- 5 , If ff V 4 - Y El - 43 so 2 , . A El -E za ' 33 I rj ge. El - 32 32 3 ff by El - 30 30 I A 4-" W 4 ff rn - 39 . zo X I ' W A I El - 33 37 N ,Q V 4, El - 45 39 'm i , ' X - If Q ' Q? " ' X. 4 ' I - , 3 X ,- W f Q 3- N, K Q X X' , so " ' it .K I N n J MIKE GOLDMAN NITE SHIF1' BASKETBALL 'inv- EDWARDO IIERNANDEZ 'X RAY MARQUEZ BILL RODRIGUEZ "" f ALFoNso MEDRANO xg x BILL SCOTT NICK SI'I'I'0N FERNANDO SALAS JIM SPIER HAROLD TURLEY If ROBERTO MEDEL ARMANDO RIVAS JIM SITTON JOI-HVNY ZUNIGA L V' , . .agw . N. Coach KENNETH 'VIcGUlRE ,fbvbr ALI' RED I-IERIN AN DEZ Pltcher 1 L. BASEBALL . A .NN ufyeg' f a f ES ,L jppmf!-RW! rv-1 A I Q :TUE A ,W L I 'W 1' 'I L t I 4' . ' YJ'-' 4' , ' A , 1 Y J A I 1 4. " ' BASEBALL SQUAD Rovl 1 left to right llenrx 'Vlorales Johnny Ramirez Freddy lalaclos Joe 'Vlccum Albert Dominguez Joe Rosales Ruben Lo pez Nhlton Smlthermun Dane Beck Tom Jones and Ted Luera Row 2 Bernie Sierra Prank Niartxnez Joe layan Harris Hat held Hal Smith Al Plorex, Roberto Dlaz Alfred Hernandez Heflew LaFleur lrrnfsto Llmon and Amador fonzalez Row 3 Manager Juan lhlson Tommx Arclnlegx bulllermo Ruiz Alfon so Nledrano l'dmundo 'lorreb Daud Gulllen Marun Bell George Quinn Luls Alarcon Lorenzo lerales and Coach 'VIcGulre 1954 SCHEDULE Dlstrlct Nlarch 99 Paso Jeff Aprll Paso Austm A nl Paso Ysleta Aprll Paso Bowne April Paso Jeff April Paso Austm May Paso Ysleta 'Slay Paso Bowie FREDDY PALACIOS HEFLEY LaFLEUR Left Fielder Center Field 122 Manager JUAN WILSON in ERN LSTO LINION Third Base ,Mor .ry LOREN Z0 PER ALES Short Stop 'W'-mv -KMADOR GONZALEZ HARRIS HATFIELD BERNTARDO SIERRA First Base Catcher Outfielder BASEBALL I-lsSa.fe me M9424 4-ff fm JOHN RAMIREZ MILTON SMITHERMAN Infielder Pitcher Freddy Palacios flashy Bengal outfielder slides in safe ly under the pltcher's tag to score El Paso's first run against the Jefferson Silver Foxes m a practice tilt at EPHS Palacios scored on a passed ball in the first inn ing as the Tigers went on to drub the Foxes 11 2 ini-an RUBEN LOPEZ TOMMY ARCINIEGA JOE NICCUM Pitcher Illfielder Catcher Infielder . ' l N I I .7 F 4 D.-,: '4' 'X .141 I V, ' , ' , , - "..,' ., fh-' 1 ' " ',, V,,7-.., , Ji: 1 , , Q 'if ' - ' A , , , '.,,,, ff 2 ' V . 5:1 -., . ' 'Z' - gf , ', ' ' f-' ' " 1 si . . e' ' . 'Zn M ,W I ' f , , Zif f' 1 ' if X 'I' ik, A 1 1 i f Q , , ,iz 'Q . si qlnhgw ma-3 A ' f N ,fffy r 9 ' ! I Q ' 9 ' ' - if 2 A S .r f-K "fr: 'H' , , ,V I ' 10 ml , FRANK MARTIN EZ Outfielder gzdifgy -494' w Y OM HAL SMITH Outfielder BASEBALL And There It Goes HENRY MORALES Outflelder ' w 4 I' A 4 -an , My -.-4:4 Alfred Allie Hernandez displays his usual hitting pow er as he lets go of a long one in a practice game with the Silw er Foxes Alfred provided the victorious Bengals with the needed hitting attack, as the hill toppers vsarmed up for the District season with a rouslng 11 2 win over Jef ferson Ruben Lopez winning pitcher ln this game is to the right on deck to hit next Lopez struck out eleven ln this, his first game and collected some good hits off his opponents af-Hit Q WW JOE ROSALES Short Stop swam., Jw W EDMUNDO TORRES Outflelder 5 P' ' 3 AE? s A. MARVIN BELL AL FLORES ROBERTO DIAZ Pitcher Outflelder Catcher FIRST BOW left to right John Kemp Pedro Monles Arturo Alvn Vincent Kemendo BACK BOW left io nght Edmundo De Andn Roumdo Vasquez ABTUBO ALVA Conch JOE CBA!! K S "i'Y1'TF Coach DON KELLY ...A M mqki f' PEDRO MOBALES JUNIOR HIGH A Ju -"YJ JOHN KEMP BOSENDO VASQUEZ BASKETBALL TEAM sv.. Front row left to rigth Glenn McKinney Stan Sosa Ruben Montelongo Frank Marquez Al bert Herron and Sergio Gomez Second row left to right Coach Crank Elms Zamora Tom Wong Brock Kxer Jnmes Kornm Harvey Joseph Eddle Mapnla and Wnllne Martinez Mgr 4.-4 wa-M " .ffnnvl""'iaf'2'I. ,c---..fi."'2 ark "'r1 VINCENT KEHENDO Vw ...I Mnnnger WILLIE M ABTIIN EZ 5 1 26 GIRLS' VARSITY NANCY IDPER TENNIS M5 D. 1,4 1 "in ,FM 'a,. I -f,. ,vivn ,.., ,, A 'f fy, y - EISIE CHEW LINDA LIVINGSTON MARY BAEHR MARION SIMON Row l Row2 Row! "lf Jo Ann Pennies Glorla Rndnguex, Mereedm Loranca, Linda Lee Waters, Nancy Latham, Mary Margaret Key Sheridan Mott Patty Fernandez. Tksie Goodell, Nancy Loper Carol Chambers, Susan Anderson Cealv Schwarh. Beth Sanders Exelyn Simon, Maggie Haddad Lynn Carter Eku- Chew Mary Blanche Polley Marion Simon, Peggy Abraham Angle Zacour Mary Ann Kennedy Carol Bell Barbara Schuller Mary Baehr linda Ijvingston, Pat Bauman f. w., rd. ' fm, '. '- 3 ,-X. .W Y'-Y' 16 K. .' .L,e..f, , . ... 3 v ' '. 1 - p - , - ' . 5 v 1 ' . v ' ,H - Q , . I k BIIYS W ABSIT1 TENNIS Coach W IN STOIN FARQL EA ff- 0' ! 746,14 -1 v'7l We '-V 1. o A' WW , ,, Row 1 Jerry I,0l'I1S, Bxll Klemschmldt Lee Epstein Gerry Doyle Ben Fisher Norman Harlow Row 2 Worth Schermerhorn, Ronnle Briggs, Rag mond Briggs, Jimmy Stewart, Ben Endllch, Russell Clen-land C Y 7 I 7 Y '7 :viii Lil G l s I 1 1, 1 1 " , - ' I ' -V H- . I 1' " , 7-' ' B 7414., ' + .B 1 - U j ' 'va ,ji r, - ' 1 ' P' , , I 1. - B 0" "" 1 gh. 2 , 1 - , Ns, i ,.g.,,Qf Q - ,Y gl , .. M M 4 Q ,, "VB, , I 4' 1 rf x 1 ' if' , . 1' I . A, . V R B fp , fp 4, A I 4 I 1 ' 1 , ' "9 I I ZW., f . lf' bk lB',A-FFL!! - ' f ,4,- g 5 ' x' B 4 .1 IP. , I' vo-, H Q A . A 1, "' - fan- A W" B B ' - ' I M ,-1.41 Q. , . . x ,B B By.,!s.fIB .E ill, 4 B n B B B 4' 'Q' 1 ,, w W 1 , ,Yi gh! .Italy ,E .Xu ya' M I I Q Q 1 I 1 ERNEST 'VIILRRICK LEE EPSTEIN BILL KLEINSCHWIDT B 2 'N933' Img, 514 A M ,uno----A VARSITY SQUAD Row I Guillermo Bull John Knight, Alfred Valles Victor Moreno, Pool Webb Frnesto Llmon, Ernesto Reyes, Franclsco Contreras, Coach Marcel! Bow 2 Manager George Vaughan, Al Yip, Jan Davls, Manuel Gonzalez, Tom Brown, Hector Solis Johnny Navarrete Jack Nelson Bow 3 Mlke Kahn, Ernest Goeldner, Carlton Nichol Bob Fe-ste Leopoldo Barrlentoa Sum Meraz John Hall and Ishmael Gonzalez ,nm LEOPOLDO I' RNILSTO BABBII' NT03 LIHON 'sir JOIIIN TOM KVIGIIT 'mow 1' .nc K MABcr LL Coach +1r"'4' FRA!! CISCO BOB JOHN MIKI' CON TBEBA9 FESTIL HALL KAI!!! T A T R ' n R A W, -K e A AC C K 'N' I , , 1, , K T 2' ' - ' T E L '. 2, A , A . ' N E A V "N A AK . '-1 A F ' I A M ' of A M s g " f : . ll I I ' A. l .Ng-,. Y g p if :, 113 t 'f ' ' . Kxy I ' . . ,i 1,5 .. A b .XQQJLL Y :A 4 M ' I I TRACK Q' '1 . -1" T -.. i 'X' -,,, s .NIM wk, Ve 1 gf , U M Q :.. . , Q ,X N. ,Q wil I . Q , 'L A wguglffkk if ---N 'N h4.h . 'ig ' H X Y V 51N Pu 4 X N " 'lv A . . , iff? N I V - N X5 ll ,gm-,.v - , .. , I A . ,N L. A it Nz X , nj' V H ffeldsif . , ' ' 4 5 V s I i i N 1 - it N is if .,,' Q. N 15 v '. , N ' 3 , 'X is ' ,-'fx - ': ,. , 42 1 r ei' 4x G l 7' . . V, -fa 1 . a X As .. ' : gg. .4 'gl , I A f 1 " s ,f 4' , xl K Q ' A g L' . ' Psy 4,0 . ,. I D- hx: b 4 vu. A . 'S ,' 'T A 45" .. gl M Y I ,.Q55 , to . 't ..,'.. -" . h ' F., , I 5 Q ,Q A N i Kb 'N , H C 'R of ' Q 5 9 ' , E H f ' i ' , ' ' ' l 1 a Q ' , bi? ' , L4 - G , ,A lil . 4 , Q ' 4? - -A ,Jil g ' - ' 1 . N- 5 ""'f' s .yr h I l . r 'Q , N o G 2 G U' r A 1 .2 Q G ' , F 'of -L F - . is l 4 Q J A . 4 f ' ' num 5' 1' nf! B TEAM Row 1 George Lowery Gene Nnchol Carlos Gonzalez Albert Dominguez Robert Campos Row 2 Manager Herbert Katz Bernie Leywa Oscar Duarte Arthur Cohn W 43 Alfonso Gutierrez Amador Gonzalez Row 3 George Way Rudy Sierra Fred Abeyta "' 'aw' Ruben Qalas and Herman Htelu 'wi ,naw W alles Clears 4:4 ar" SAM NILBAZ 'O I x 1 1 phvwww WMM? f ,,.-fav,- w ILTOR 1 wronnxo Track mlmbers ln daily practices milf as- vi. i v ' 4 if " f fr! 4' ' . Q P iy, 1 4b "'1y""'Z JACK ILRNTESTO IILCTOR NLLSON BEYLS 501,15 --.4 xp- mally YIP DG Ike., P001 W LBB 4-9 1 -KLFRI' D Y ALLLS S UDE VE A growing city needs the security of law and order. Thus El Paso was transformed from a lawless westem town to a law abiding, friendly community. Its citizens no longer feared the unlawful. As it grew, it became the county seat, the administrative center of govermnent of huge El Paso County The centers of order grew up from the early Victorian Courthouse to the present modem site of county govern ment These buildings represent the successful efforts of visionary citizens to tame the border That such spirit might be instilled in the young citizens of our city an organization for student government was established at El Paso High a vehicle for the training of the leaders of to morrow .Nb 2309 EL PASO COUNTY COURT HOUII, ll. PAID, TIXAS EL PASO COUNTY COURTHOUSE -1954- flfi' 11531: ,i ff. K' , I' ,xv EL PASO COUNTY COURTHOUSE -1885- I RAFAEL CHAVEZ Student Councll President-Fall Term 1903 RAFAEL GONZALEZ 1 Secretary Fall Term 1953 MARIAN HEGSTAD 13 WX, , :- ' 1 . . ,. . , A 4 f I I M M e f , ,T 4 wif' , w G ' a'2 hw, I I 1 .Q , Y 1 Councilman-at-Large-F all Term 1953 ED SHERMAN Councilman at-Large-Fall Term 1953 MARILYN MOORE i Program Manager-Fall Term 1953 JERRY BAKER -ow, Program 'Vlanager Fall T1 rm 19.33 IILL DONOHI E 5 EL PASO HIGH YELL LLADERS 1973 1934 SAM MERAZ KAY CARTFR BEN EN DLICH BLANK A GUZMAN fi CHARLES GRANT MARY FRANCIS ZANER Alternate SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Jesus Rubio, Bill Kleinschmidt John Staten, Vincent Kemendo Eddie Torres, Angie Zacour Sacha-Stroud, Joe Benteria. K, fd its 'N V i? 1. FALL STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Eva Ortega, Mary Bice, Della Haddad, Margie Crawford, Ann Harmon, Ernest Goeldner, Jimmy Stewart. ,1 13' f GJ A FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Ruthie Gillett, Martha Lou Florence, Maxine Moore, Carol Ann Carr, Hazel Ba- mirez, Evelyn Simon, Margie Martinez, Steve Steen. 137 ED SHERMAN JLRRY DALGHLRTY Student Body Vlce President SPRING TERWI 1904 MARION SIMON Student Body Secretary SPRING TER!! 1974 JIMMY STEWART Councnlman atfLarge Sprung Term 1954 LELAND KEY Councilman at Large Spring Term 1954 -um- wi' ,rr fy! sf P .e-.W MARY HELEN MARQLEZ Program Manager Sprung Term 1954 VERNON HARRIS Program Manager Sprmg Term 1954 vw 00' 'v U Ab, 0 .t I ,:n,'A QQ. .,,::s., as'ln 'Ocular ll nu af ""5'1un soul: 'nafv" 'U .gypsum :lqllg 410 1-.n::":' 9""' s 7 Q Q .I JI Q. ' yn: 1 , 900' QR H. .L 'A 94 42.4 "H:Rn'irn"u . . Q, nk' df" N' -Jil E V 7 g, A I ,nz --., ,,.,,..h2AV 51.5-gg. o' W .a"'. ,,:j:,,5:j:. Lb r ...,.v A, , ' '.,o- ,oh 2 ',o:s':-v'f " H' fi QA ' V n AU.: Q 5:11- 11 4 ' 4' 4 ' 'L A .A . ' f . X W ' . , . v V- X, 1 4 l... , . 1- . , , , , X .' Q. 4 , , ., .- U 1 'Q . ,.4 ' ' . 1' 4 1' ' A ,, .'11v, N Z... 5 , tl 1 ay- Y - Q 'V ' I , o .n 4 UNIX -,H 'r Q N E - . 1 0, Q H vb.: rr ,P .3 A 9 Q, 0 pls A. A ' 4 ,QQ ','l,l ,' ' . .9 " O V Nl. fx . ey. . . , ' ,Q o ' -'Q . V . -A . 'N 'L + R vs- SEN IOR REPRESENTATIVES : Peggy Abraham, Louann Cau- sey, Betty Haddad, Mary Blanche Polley. Abelardo Rosas, Bobby Agui- lar, Hefley LaFleur, Howard Mowad. xw ' SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL f c REPRESENTATIVES wld ff fl! soijuouggg REPRESENTATIVES: . "ft-if f,,,2 6- Row Q 'Stroud, Juiiza Lord, Jo Ann braham, Patsy Bauman, Hilda Minjares, Elvia Gonza- lez, Irma Yslas. Row 2: Arturo Gonzalez, Arturo Yslas. JLNIOR HIGH REPRESENTATIVES: Carmellar Haddad, Gail Coons, Mary Louise Harmon. Manuel Hornedo, Don Matting- ly, Manuel Adauto. , bi 'Jai Ronnie Gillett, Li Lee, Richard Grant, Mallory Miller. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES David Stewart, Al Yip, Dolph Hatfield, Chuck White. Richard Gonzales, Hortencia Ontiveros, Adele Haddad, Margie Crawford, Mary Ann Kennedy, Ann Harmon. .z .va-seabt x- ' FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVE Judy Malone, Najatte Halow, Georgia Butrkhalter Kay Feste, Maxine Moore, Gracie-la Rios. Ted Luera, Robert Kennedy, Steve Steen, Jon Davis, Petter Gross. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION STUDENT COUNCILS CONVENTION EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL EL PASO TEXAS NOV 4 7 1953 On Nov 5 1952 El Paso High was g'lven a great honor by the high schools of the entlre south El Paso Hlgh was elected secretary of the Southem Assoclatlon of Student Councils and thus the host of the 1953 convention Through the combined efforts of all the students teachers, and parents the con vention held here on Nov 4 7, 1958 was a great success The 800 delegates were entertained with a bullflght ln Mexico three banquets a formal dance sightseeing tours and the generosity of real Tex ans The general assemblies were exceedingly impressive and the delegates gained much knowledge about Student Council work Yes the SASC convention will always stand out as a proud event in the history of EPHS The El Paso High students banded together to greet the delegates wlth card tricks as the band spelled out SASC The El Paso Hugh ROTC Sponsors lined up ln the maln hall as they prepared for the impressive flag ceremony at the first session of the convention ,msn 14 SASC CONVENTION WORKERS FRANKIE GOLD SANDRA ROBBINS Housing Committee Registration Committee NAN CY LOPER SASC Secretary JLSTINE W -SLKER 'NI-XGGIE HADDAD NIALLORY MILLER Decoration Committee Registration Committee Publicity Committee ,J I f , . . y Rl THU: GILLETT RICHARD GONZALEZ DELLA HADD an Scrapbook Committee Poster Commune Registration Committee- SASC COIN VENTIOlN WORKERS I T-SNA HORVS ITZ HARRIS HATFIEID SASC C0 Chairman S-KSC Co Chairman IODX GOODFLL SERLN -X HAMILTON LOI ANN C-XLSEI Transportation Commltef Tvplst Program Commlttef- 14 1 Y , V .f o IAA Z ' , 'IV ljf HI 'Ill R 6 S Shtlmut tht hard uork and the guiding hand of our student rnunell sponsor Wim- Dorothy Box the romentlon could not hate bee n the -u s xt was 'Vlnss Box worked day and night alunu thmlum. al the Interests of the students and teachers Her lrnndlx smllv always cheered us when the road ahead was rough In Ylnss Box all the members of Ll lnso High say a great blg Thank you On the openmg day of the convention, dele gates from all parts of the South streamed in to El Paso I-Ilgh The schools running for of flces filled our halls with campaign posters and banners as our students greeted them in traditional xx estem style All tht delegates had looked forward to the opemng dns of the comentlon and non lt nas a realltw kollon ing the lmpresshe flag cere mony the manw outstanding speakers outlined the purposes and Ideals of the Student Colmcll EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL CONVENTION DELEGATES r Row l Bow 2 Entertaining the delegates was a big Job for El Paso High students The band Tigerettes, Ysleta band, and other El Paso High students all worked together to entertam the delegates at the hand show on the flrst day of the convention if IMI Jill Donohue Marion l-legstad Ld Shermnn Mari lyn Moore Justine W alker Rafael Chavez Arturo Islas Rafael Gonzalez Ted lungel M JS?" -An 1' 2, 5' .fl vention RX Co operation and teamwork were demonstrated as the choirs of El Paso Austin Jefferson Bowie and Ysleta. banded together to form a beautiful choral group Arranged by Mr Edwin Jones, this mixed choir was one of the highlights of the con 14 f 0 N L V ' , E wx N , 57"-T L T H I O , .4 fi a N X.. . I . A4 X .. - . : r - D v s N V 1 ' - . 1 , ' . . . H .14Q,ff.f ' P - e H of ' 2,1 -, ' be 'Kraeg +V "- I .. f . , X ' . J' L : . ,A ' 7 ' f ', ' V g 8 ' -' if ' Y I 4 , A . 1, - 1 2 V J W ' W J 3 ' ' A ' ' " 4' .fff".f,,..1 .,.,, '-B7 T" I . ,,.'.w..A.,: V h V A A W K . , ,L ia- . l I ', , . . A: 'fail' "' ' . n V W, f - '- , f- sw-. "' A' , ,. -. ' , 3 .b 'H ' 3121. ' km 4, . -T . W g 1' 18. " '-- .. ff-11, Q V .w, , ' N 9 P Y I 1 0 V 7 48 FE A growing community soon begins to manifest its group life And one of the sur- est tests of commlmity splrlt is the effort of a city to create beauty-for itself and for others Pageants and parades denote CIVIC pride and cooperation The slght of lovely ladies yylth fluttering parasols has been replaced by floats of exquisite beau ty carrying El Paso s message of friend ship and beauty to the Southwest ln the Sun Carnly al parade And adding not the least to the panorama of loy ellness is the charm of feminine beauty some of vshlch we portray on these pages RES Yvrg .nlfa Preparedness Day Parade-1916 'WB . Q QUEEN IILL DONOHI L bscort POOL W LBB LADY IN WAITING C ......5....... KA! CARTER Lscort HARRIS HATFIELD F00'l'BALL PBINCESSES iz:- CECILE FEINER MARTHA RUIZ escort escort LEOPOLDO BARRIENTOS CHARLIE ARMIJO -'CS BLANCA GUZMAN CECELIA QUINONES escort escort JUAN WILSON GUILLERMO BLANCO ig LYNN CARTER CELIA GONZALEZ escort escort DOLPH HATFIELD FRED PALACIOS IU' 'B N ORA 'VIIRAIN DA escort IOSE CHAVEZ H 12 HELEN MARQL EZ escort ALFRED GRIFFIIN L12 EW A ORTEGA escort oscAR PANDO H 11 V YOLANDA OLIVAS MARGARITA MARTINEZ escort escort LLIAS ZAMORA HENRY JI RADO L11 1953 FOOTBALI ff DUCIIESSES IRMA ZACARIAS LUCY GARCIA 05 escort escort EDDIE MAPIYLA JOHN RAMIREZ H- 10 '8- X MARY LOU MAYHALL escort GUILLERMO RUIZ L-9 HAZEL RAMIREZ escort ERNESTO REYES H-9 CONCHA OCHOTORENA escort TOMMY ARCINIEGA L-10 ,ff All El Paso High School Boy HARRIS HATFIELD f, , All El Paso High Schf:JGlmGirl NANCY LOPER G96 999 wh0's who P59 HENRY MASTERSON A535 -N-mx, " 1'- If 83116, 'fe W5 JOE REYES wh0's who BETTY MCAFEE " 4 E736 4 If 0068? Enni- BEATTIE ANNE JONES V Y E QF 1 k. ,-. 1 . J , a . . 11 H ,, .s, ,. ,i ,V ,..,f , ,fa yi , 61 , wh09s who MARY FRANCES ZANER ' 1 JERRY STEWART Y WM' XXX NW VELMA JACKSON wh0's who HARRIS HATFIELD JILL DONOHUE JACK NELSON wh0's who X 1810 QD -5 96 CORINNE LOERA x Qwbco Ngatb Z GRACE GOODELL wh0's who -55 MARILYN MOORE f IQNOE L NANCY LOPER O ebgve Y-P6 1 ,.-F 'B I wh0's who LOUANN CAUSEY OSCAR PANDO KAY CARTER wh0's who A MMM! Q' RAFAEL CHAVEZ fy If 4 an MARION HEGSTAD ex: RAFAEL GONZALEZ 5 Q ,wi 16 3 QW' wh0's who 'X-Q. 096' 96' i NANCEE KINSCHERFF 'L can If 63 jun'- W AIN DA CATLS wh0's who PATSY WOOD if R331 J. Mmm -1 naw: Fm? 4110 1140 L 1.1, ,I SERENA HAMILTON 'K 3? Y' 09961 93 65' 'lf JERRY DAUGHERTY A , Mg, menu-',. f' ' ' -L 7. 5. Emsalffi senior favorites JOAN MURRAY junior fax orltes f.,,,,.!1 fwW',,.wfWE YOLANDA FLORES OSCAR PANDO 0 sophomore fan orites JONATHAN SCHWARTZ PATSY BAUMAN freshmen favorites , 951' gr- ' , 4-2 M, f HAZEL RAMIREZ fi.. mf? GUILLERMO RUIZ 1---Q but .J ...Q y A f, 7' ' 'V ,, , 1i -diff LOKANN CAUSEY MARIAN HEGSTAD Second Place Beauty 4 1 H.- H. - MARIE ENDLICH Third Place Beauty Ili ,AW-v K 1 Q 43 an' ' .- has fu 'a, wa' ' .Q 45 M9-'ff w 5 fl Nw, " I ix nb, PIIINLESSILS Z, Z1 fm H -UEION 5lMON Pivot! -llmnll Slvuarl A., NIMH HHN! ls IKNIR lsurfl Inu! 4 nflllh- s VII., gm ,yd ll N J I l nl ' Y .1-" s- . X 'I 1 bu ' WW' 'f l.1.."'f1 "Wu , I A4 man In-lm st W' MST t A 1 aiu ht, K .Kwan ' 1 1 1 1 A A K f- , .Mg fy u W- 1 , , :fi-Q " buffy ANI' 'l x x' 1 "M, V ' ' 40' lar' A ' .Y ' 15 N x . 0 t 1 x 1 3, x N , tx I y 1 5.32. -.4 ' xg . . ,. .' 1 .1 lf' K 4 . 3 f 1 , ' rf, ' ' ' mg C L ul DUCHESSES e ffvwf 1 Y Plahbi umxuui ul x ww! .1 14 -X 0 0' I, nmrgf- l-.uf "Pm ' " W ww' L v B AN NKNDI A SCOTT Pwnrl lunalhan Svhuarlz II lil ,EQ Q . : 'Q' -Q 'ffff' -. , N 1, sk 'fum on ,ff rd 1 I' l IA YIURLNO esrnrl Vhllx halaru 1 vu mm' l-ISIIIR Pwnrl Saltudnr liullllo 1, 1 1-:nmxlu RHIIRIGI zz ,f A ifsvorl rmnu, :mlm-am -9 ,, M, 43,3 ., 1 A , , ,4 s. 1 4 5,67 n lfli llln- - 1-Q7 'UR Firm, wr' 4 RUN l,Q:"""'lm kfzu, L0,:gccA I X we GMP smcrnu B.-UTISTA 1 x,-S PQCUI1 Hvurp .Iurado H-8 rl' 1. V ,, A I 1 MUSIC Nlusle aluaxs IS an expression of the heart of a peoplc lt IS sald that songs uere made for the pure and free, and one of the flrst signs of El Paso s eme rgt me as a Cltl oi order and unltx was the formatlon ot Mc-Gmtx s band The square ln which the eltlzens gathered to listen ln the exen lngs gan plaee to a modern eoneert hall, and the band uhuh plaud stlrrlng marches and llltmg ualtrcs mms re placed bs a flne sx mphonx orches tra faaturlng famous guest artlsts Music' ln El Paso reruns better cxpresslon and more attcn tlon Yllth uc rx war Our sehool trams the xoung lllllSllldllS ot the tuture to express the splrlt of a tru and toruarrl loolung pcople 691' Q 7 EL PASO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA -- l 953- N. I -., ima. MCGINTY BAND-1890 4 -M2 1 - v .1 v v 1 .- ..- 5- A ..- ,- .- - - A - .- - - Wu lrn H M1 fix DT Us Bd ll xm 0 9 - . . I 5E'. 'LTFJ' A:-:Lv 2 :ft L faf : ,-L :L :L.F. p'v :2:F, .E ,EL gzip., Q:-fs z-EJ5.i H 3- .sg- 3 hs - I ':EEQ-a Qui.: I 9 ! 9 'QEEE E A - - 1232... 3::'E E . f. 5 Uvshl- 5:'::s2 Fiisnr ilu -Pb Visit' :,Q':-e .ltlgizl aiig :Z -,. . - 5212244 s'm.. affix! :.gz'f2 Sw". H ' 5541355 ,, hiifjlg ' .:fwE 14, -f , : Ei!! r 2s-EE:' 9:?gg x QQZ- -- 3- iw? :,79, Ezlffgs -M . EI-6513: 'AESEEF ffizzas -:. :- in E-EH Izisiii 1 :r - -pl-ii! Jijycg LEM5- 39Q:IgL :E Ev 2 ,ggsigg EQQYX: 1- SFEEZ 3EE'E-E zfissit ifgfigs , 'P -2 Edt' 7-f -n. --I P' isbi.. gffsgzr -Q' v: :::.:-: : se-Q Z'i1g J -5 :- g.5eJ-: 4,2-'--'ss 152553: Fgzff : ':5 :QA v'Fe:, 2,.1 I' -:uae-- ::f::E3 f'E 25 Afgil 5 . -?Q: 5225355 :E': is -,-l-I ,': 225 igf Qfsafa '.L,y: -!:,j2EE l'uLf:: Lf.: if Shiza : 'QEAJT' 51635: . 35,25 2--2 'u 1' ' - In Z-: 5-' :rgiggf i:1ICZ3 L'1C:: 2 .pdl . 'AJ "l . - ' :J -I E--Zmzq -z.Z1l-- -91425 ":iE:5 'E ,nu ORCHESTRA Roberto Alvarez, Raymond Briggs Ronnle Briggs Larry Dlshart Wayne Fox Leonor Garcla, Mlke Goldman, Ricky Gomez, Patrlcla Joe Brock Kler, Sammy Krantzthor, Ramon Lopez, Mallory Mlller, Mary Helen Moore, Gabriel Morales, Victor Moreno Ernesto Reyes Irene Roque, Guillermo Ruiz Marvin Runte Larry Shapiro Francisco Terrazas, Esther Valladolid Orchestra conducted by Mr Booth V! ayne Smith playmg a solo durmg assembly I . , . , . , , . . . Ana Grajeda, Gilbert Gutierrez, Jesse Harrison, Xavier Harrison, Jack I-Iolmberg, Arturo Islas, Dudly Jaggars, Grace Joe, Row Row Row Row wg. 3 Nlarjorle ucnemx Irene Sosa Slars Hflen Nlarquez Jacque-lme Till Augusta Nlllllllfh sen Sherry Bowen Angelina Iasllllo Dolores Vera hlorla Rodriguez Hllda 'llmjares 'blargle slkiftlflll lwelwn Simon Karol Ann Puckett Joan Wlurraw Ylonte Armor Jewel Palmlr Hilda Correa Kelma Jackson Joan Hfers Lcanore tallnn Margie Crawford 'bien-edes Loranca Beth NIcAfee Ihsllls Jane Hesler Sandra Scott Naomi Bonner Nhnette Harding Path Orr Blanca Vllledl Mary Holcombe 'Vlxrlam Nlagedson, Dorothx Joseph Xolanda Aralza Nhlrlee Hendon Put Hogan Row Row Row Row Wltchell fsper John lxnlght lharlle Armljo Alberto hp Thomas Gabriel I-duard Hampton Wah Iee Henrx 'Wasterson Joe thaxez lool Webb Charles Grant Richard Backer Jerry Wlalox Wir Welles sponsor Ntanlex loole Wilbur Kohnle Juan ysllsllll Jerry Stewart Brll Purdx Wiallorx Whller Rn-hard Wins W as no lox Blllx Spler Jesus ballegos, Bull Castillo Carlos Castaneda ...ni .--1 S-. ig 3, T ' Ms, R E '75 7 B . 2 L r ' E V 4 E 2, fs, , KT F -1 ..f' I , - I I ' ! I .X- l X .NA ,zz " -' ' . '. '. ' .' A.., HA . t . 3,3 I, Q , , 4: - ," AA K." 3 I, '- J, - L. 5- - 1 . H, V , ' 1 - , Q . - Q A VA K if df dk , X V. Q- .J X 5 ,- ,X 0 " X C k, ! 1 L - A f. Nlx ' E , F 1 .ll .4-4-uv L :L -4 C. 4: i Z zfl nik J: , -...: s-5 . A. --J ,.:... ,- 1.4 Jr'-I --L.- ,-. . 1 :SE-' 'ISLE 3 .1 :SIE Ish? ..-,-,. Tag! 55:6 213:1- E472 ,..:, fzzg 3.5. fi-if .Q-LF :gif C-'E ff-15 pig: . :I-- :AZLE :' .1 4 .. EG.: ,:1L 95.15 f-1-.. i'21i 1 'unix -rg?-:-Z -7274" S555 ..---- BEGINN ERS' BAND Rlcardo Aguilar Rudy Araujo Robert Asher Pete Barron Blll Castillo Sergio Chavez Jullan Dow Carmen Echeve ma John Daud Elliott Al Flores Lorain Glbbs Rlcardo Gonzalez Alfredo Grlffln Gllbert Gutlerrez Xavler Iiarnson Frances Mata Ann McIntyre Irma Ortegon Margie Perez J1mRodr1guez Pete Rodrxguez Fernando Salas Ralph Wilcox Taylor Young JUNIOR BAND Slherlo Alxa Benjamm Bnlney Oscar Carbajal Rlcardo Caro Raul Carrlllo Sammy Diaz Oscar Duarte Ruben Duarte Frank Garcia Tony Garcia Rag Garcia Lorame Glbbs Dolores Hall Xavier Harnson Albert Herron Rafael Herron Haney Joseph Joel Kleinfeld Robert Lee Donna Lmnane Manuel Nlartmez Alfred Niurlllo Emmett McIntyre Eddie Ochotorena Rudy Ortiz Rachel Pedxgo Larry Shapiro Robert Lee Taylor Murray Tombosky Ennque de la Torre Gary Webb Mary Jane Vlitholder ! ! 1 ! Q 7 1 - I 9 I ! 7 i ! Y I 'Y l 7 1 I ! ,. , . if Ast .,ff.- .e ., gjyig fx , - xx? v u Q w v v 1 A 9 1 I I 1 A 1 'X ' A V A 9 9 9 ' l Y V ' A V A 4 I I I I I Y Y ' 9 1 V . U A l MUSIC ACTIVITIES GIRLS TRIO OCTETTE S A S C MASS CHOIR OPERETTA CHOIR 1 MAJIJRETT t Vrwgw, , 4. Y A y if o mi r X..f'I 9. 445 564-fr Q5 0 LL 5 , QVSU H109 43' -ff-1 3 53 '?5E!A f,f, F iris. EBANU .f"' 'Y ND EL HELEN MARQU ELVL4 GONZ rp' x 3 If 9194615921 iii' 3521-W 'aZ"W4i Aman Wdg wgi if -P 2 HIE!-I 0 o fxsm bf 0:1113 N 4 ,ff .1 ' Y- ' 1 Z 'fr , A x ni A IN ' qw' x A fb Q .., , f . . , . .V J., ,,,, ' Q, I f 1 zz , I s, 'gk 3' ,,,, A ' ' M J X .K Y 5 71 xr V A WP" X A 1 t J 1, I . K, 1 3 . 7? If M J if 1 q , All Q A, M - L. ,mi-1wf:1-,g,fl', , .' , W' 4' 4 ' ' "' sy M ' '15 ' i' 'K ,W fl' V A ',7'1Zsif elim fr 5' ,, 7 f ' -' 3w?i '55f3f A A ' fx . V X, . 4- Ti is t I . , ' rg A f U HI ' , O ff via 67 4 Q f qv. Q 447 , .4 if O 7 - -I 1 f - 1' Lu ' Q1 4 Q I X. ,S Pl ' P f Nx!MND Q P13391 NOW' H' DORIS I " EL PASO HIGH TIGERETTES J' -f 'ts M TIGERETTES Bow 1 'llarw Lllen 'Vlapula Angle Reses iarole Frantz l-ste-la hlla Rosemarw lopez Rachel Hornedo Row Martha Aludrez Gloria Rodnguez Carol Holt Irma 'llontelungo lormne Loera Tom Gonzales Row Felicia Harns Stella Quinn 'llellssa Nicholson llorla I almdo Irene Nosa Nancy Claxton Mars Helen Diaz Mass 1NcNamara 1 'fb' N " www., -g A. 1 V v I .y ' af -if 6 f, 4 Q' e- e , A-u. i 1. f R.0.'l'. . It was a great day for El Paso-the day the Army came. The new fort established on the mesa meant increased security for the desert outpost. In the space of a few years the rough, hewn-log stockade gave way to a vast widespread center of activity The cav- alry mounts retlred to gne place to anti air craft guns and guided missiles And through out El Paso s mterest and support remained a Splflt of cooperation and help character ized the relations of Fort Bliss and the city Today that splrlt stlll remains as El Paso High offers her sons and the army trams them ln strength and character FORT BLISS-1954 OLD FORT BLISS-1848 "' f ' of fu compan 'a' 4 , I -u . r . n . LLL f . rr 5 , R ,-L 'f Q yllzqfplli E 99 2 Captain L HARLI-,S GRANT 4 'N pe if VTWV' ff f .- r' Muff 2' " L.: e ff p .1 l!! lst Lieutenant Ll IS GORTLN 2nd Lleutenant JO! ALVA mlb 43' r I' YI WGQPVK' 1,5 -K' -mf- M-snr.-:'w-Q-vzc,4uv"i-"' Jose Alva, Robert Aharez, George Baker, Marvin Bell Thomas Boone, Gerald Boswell, Grady Calhoun, Kenneth Carpenter, Salvador Castillo, Vhlham Clark Luls Cortes, Jerry Daugherty, l'dmundo De Anda, wlCt0P De Anda James Dlcus, Jerry Dutton, Reymundo I-scarclga Francis ro l'scobar Jimmy Flack, Alfred Garcia, Jr , l'nc Goeld ner, Richard Gonzales, Ledlon Goodwin, Charles Grant Daw ld Grlfhths Russell Harper, Vernon Harns, John Knight Jesus Lo z Lee McDaniel, Henry Masterson, Richard May Freddy alaclos, Oscar Pando, Ricardo Pena Oscar Pera les, Gibson Potter, Robert Prenskg Rafael Ramirez, Daud Stewart, Crm hllarreal, Ross Wandrey Juan Wilson 3 4.1. KOLOR Gl ARD Richard Knapp Hefles lal'leur Ronald Rosen Robert Knapp 2nd Lieutenant W l- RN 0V HARRIS -40. blah Q-A-1g,,,,,. . -wx mbsf-A ex' sf- ---.... . , f mi ..,.... . .. , -N 1 .. R , I 5 1 f .,,, MW, .. .,,.,,.,.m..M n ,- ... .V .....-I 7 I , , , . K 'vs 4 . , , .H v. , . 4 , A . . ' 4 v , '- . ,. . . ' A w ,. ' ' Y 1 1 I , A, A ' . 4 , ' . A - . . . I ' I ,u '- , . , , 4 J ' , .' . . ' , A Q, . Q.. il , . s,. , , ' ,. , 4 wa, V' , A 1 ' ,uk ' si ' '+ .5 . - sy" 2, I.. 'L Q ' V - f .3 , -.., f X ,....,,, .- ' . l . A . . yu' 'ki . .3 rf .QW "JZ - " , -v-.. ,W , 'L ' . . J 14 U, ' t nw 5-,Q .. gi- In f w , ' 'QL 7 . , ,Q-.-gr.. '-. .- x'g , 1 ,.., , J - V, ,. . Hn. 7-J -' .' V 1.1 , , . . , V ' f . - p. I .4 ' I Q I ' compan ' 9 lr.,4" ,aw Robert Aguilar Rleardo Anaya Tomas Arclnlegn Kenneth Borden llumbc rlo Brlones Robert ialhoun Jerrx Cardlllo Nil llam Iarruth Joe lasarcs Ralph De La Torre Tonx Duran Ben lndllch luusto l'nrlqueL Edward lwcalante Herbert Feinberg Ben l'lsher Raul Flores Harrx harbar Alfred hrlfhn Bruce Cronlrll John Haddad John Hull Joe Halow Robert lrun 1-:urge Isaac larry Vlaellonald John Vlalools Jack Nlann Nil lmm Nhller Ru-hard Ocho.: Rodolfo Ortega Amos Oughton Lo rf-mo lmralen, Frm-sto limes Joe Rexel, George Rubenstein Rxelmrd Nampla North Nchermerhorn l'd Nherman Austin Nmlth Jnnus Smlthermun James Ntenurt Tnmmx Tawlor Lester Thom as Ruben Turns Rosrndo Nasquez lldlld Ylllalolms Alberto Xlp ' mini.. - A RIFLE TEAM sgl. Nichols Jerry Daugherty Richard Sotelo Dzuid friffiths Bruce Uronich Luis Cortez Jne Casares. ll-lu..,,.,,.N compan fc if ,g"! aww Captain J EBBY BAKER 2nd Lleutena SAM DUKE Edward Abraham Jesus Agunlar Regmundo Aguilar Jose Alar con, Arturo Alvarez Worman Baker Hector Barragan Servando Blanco Robert Bowlln Alfredo Campos Charles Castillo Lee Chagra Rafael Chavez Perry Conn Rogello Cordova, Paul Dans Richard Delgado Sam Duke wlllllm I-has Allan Friedman Alfonso Ganba! Ismael Gonzales Manuel Gonzales Rene Gonzales Jody Goodell, Rob- ert Grajeda Dolph Hatheld Robert Hooker Henry Jurado Paul Key Richard Knapp Robert Knapp, Wilbur Kohnle Hefley LaFleur Henry Llcon Charles Muller Eddie Wlovsad Richard Najera Harlow Norman Louls Pemado Ronald Rosen Howard Sagor James Salome Alfred Sanchez Irung Schwartz Fred Souflee Gerald Stewart Dan Taylor Refuglo Terrazas Tommw Tickle Luis Wasquez Vhlllam Keck Oscar hllanuexa Russell Williams Ball Vhlhamson lst Lieutenant BAFALL CHAVLZ 2nd Lneutenant FBLD SOUFLLL Batalllon Staff rf- A 1. L ,. ' ' ' , I d , 'h l A . ,S 3 A ff' can - fr sl H , 43? f -2 fav., m 1 y -- ... Q. V. N .-.H ., . , . 1 . 1. K " ' f f f1:A'f,g,-4, M11 - I f v.weg,f:,A.- , yu ' .R A., LJ Q . fi' nt V "V" . . . v 1 ' I ' V ' 3 - . . , 1 ' 1 I 1 1 . 1 ' ' '11 . ' , - .Y V , . ! ! ' 4 1 I V 49 . . I 1 . I 1 1 H 1 .' 1 " . ' . . - - ' 1 - ' 4' I' . t 1 A I I A 1 V ' 7 ! ' ' I I ' .' ' ' ' ' . '. , ' ' .: . V Y 7 -Y I l 1 , . - . V . compan ' 9 Captain 1il'1'CHl-.LL 1' 5Pl-.R v-navy., Q fw1a,g..z,f3gf+ vm 1 Wfswwqif lst Lieutenant LARLOS NAVARLTTI- yi .1 faq, if 2nd Lleutenant 2' 2nd Lxeutenant Nommx EKEBH -,we H H181 mcuaan AGLILAB ku-urdo Agunlar Donald Anderson Paul Anderson Richard Backer Martin Bendalln John Blttlcks Rafael Bustamante, Walter Case Carlos Castaneda, Rene Castlllo Carlos Cuaron liorman I-ken Mltchell Psper Jerr Furr Jesus Gallegos Alfred Garcla I-rnest Goeldner dward Hampton Mllton Hart Jerrx Kellen John Kemp Russell Levus Armando Luewano Jerrx 'tlalog Gan Mann Edward Marshall, Alfonso Medrano Cahxto 'tfembrlla Sam Meraz l'ernando Mercado Arthur Mlchel Carlos hawarette, Carl ton Nichol Vhlford Nickerson Anastaslo Porras Abelardo Rosas Philip beeger Nance Smith James Smltherman Richard Sotelo, William Spler Harn Springer Ricardo Waladez Ralph Wilcox. 1 . New R.0.T C Building STAFF Major MARIAN HEGSTAD ROC'l' Captain KATHLEEN McELROY st Lt MARILYN MOORE SPON SOBS Lt col SPON SOBS KAY CARTER 'U Captain JILL DONOHUE lst Lt TAINA HORWITZ Captain PATSY WOOD lst Lt JUSTINE WALKER Captain MARY FRANCES ZANER BOCT Captain BLAN CA GUZMAN lst Lt MARY DAEUBLE Q: 5 m f p W ? p O gb, ff '.. 0 0 0 0 . E 0 I 0 0 fi: A 4IAA f l ita ,, , Z! ' .. , I A J 2 5 . , .Q 1 1 f O 1 - an , f 1, 3 I X 'F ' I L 1 . J L - ' . 1 . v . ' ' 3 lst Lt lst Lt. lst Lt Capt BETTYE HADDAD CECILY SCHWARTZ LOUANN CAUSEY ll 0 C T sP0Ns0ns 2lId Lt 2nd Lt znd Lf CECILIA QUINONES MARTHA RUIZ SUSAN ANDERSON gud Lt 2nd Lt 2nd Lt NORA ARMEMJARIZ SANDRA FLAIZ MARY BLANCHE POLLEY NANCEE KINSCHERFF Band Sponsor 2nd Lt YOLANDA FLORES 2nd Lt MARIAN SIMON 193 2 M .,,' . X - f " ff' 4 7 , f A f, f J 'f, , F ' ' L 5 N W: 1 , 3 , at 0 0 l 0 x 'www' ' rf . If I P , , , if X ff. , Q f 'fl ' ' ' .5 4 , V 9 f jg 4, f f Q..Ji1 x A " 421 f , f ll ' .I , X A K - 'Z Y 2 I 1 x nfl f 1 eo ,Q Q9 Q fy, 0 b N25 23.1 '90 ixooxeke QQ, V C' C5 'Z K Z lp K ' ov '13, ao '1 If 26 J! 6, 0 Q 'QQ 61 G. ""S JOE REYES JERRY DAUGHERTY Cadet Lt. Colonel Cadet Major ,,,, Wg. Q W-x-.1.... A f H li 5. e Q A iv... A , C W' CS' k 5 C My 4 MMM n"' R. O. T. C. Battalion 1 " P J 5. r' U' 0. 1 I '. ' , , 1 ,1 . . .xnlulh 1, U .f ss n I O I EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL R. O. T. C. BAND "":qf1+"'- "' "1 't ' ' "' Y, '.f'i j.' 1 T ff- fa -- - -' M .Nm-V - I 51. 'A -. V -,4 qi' fel .ug QQ-1 V 1 1, J, ' .5-. ' um A Af , 4q1qg5ff"v,35,,, ' A A f - M M W, i. ,- wi 1 G. ' '- f- ...., . i"""', 'f 9 h l ff-,.,,' , S, 6. 'T - -.Z4 E6,i'H?m, l V -V, , .L ,T,m+ 1 , f "ist -H . O2 , .73 3 ,775 ' 1 ' A 251- - ' L. 6' " uf L Ja. we ', Q' 7 ,,Q,:Ej'g4f1.,l,f57T, . ge, ,. no , 5 . ' . , 'y:-f.'fxA! '.'X,',. ya 4 A , 1'K -- "wA.,f w " ,,. ' I , 2-vg , , s, ' I v . A -gui, 93, -, 5, , I I I-I I ,. ALM ,. ,L , ,, Q,,,,,, .M - A , Q. W, ' -.4-'Q-aim . O' ' Roberto Aharez James Broun, Gllbert Calullo Charlie Castillo Xauer lhaxez Russell Us-neland Hugh Collex Ramon lolon, Francisco Contreras Herbert Cooper Waxne Fox Amador lonzales Richard Grant Gilbert Gutierrez Jack Holmherg Rodolfo Huerta Arturo Islas Armando Juarez Robert Keith Wllllam Klemsehmldt Don 'blclimstrg William 'llartmez 'Vlallors Miller, Henry Morales, hetor Wloreno, John Nanarette l-ddle 'Nunez Ricardo Pena John Ramirez Armando Ramos I-rnento Rexes W ade Smlth Reluglo 'Derrazas Alfredo Xargas Herman htela Robert Waller Nalueee hmscherfi Usponsorl u-an 'lr P 'I me ,U l-RNll- Rl'1l-S , X -r Drum WlaJor . . . V C . I , ul 1 .' ' , V ' ', .' I . . 1 . I , 1 . 1 ' ' 1 Y - v - . 4 v U v f v . n ' ' -' ' . ,. . ' 1" .' ' . , ' . ' . f 1 H v 5 Q .1 V - . -' - - - . 'n A w . A .' . ' 1 l .' . A. l v . ' , 1 H . , I Q. U . 4 , A ' l' , ' I I I U v P I -A P - ..N . ,N,,,.,,A , ,WN ,,,,-,,,.,,,w,.,.,-..,,, Vx' 1 -,.-.......m. W., ,.,,,,,,,.,,,,-, M X. -. , Y Y ,-, nn-Y 'H ,- V , I' " , ,, X .il ,,,,,4, . . - ,J7s,t ,. I -X N I V 1 X. 1 - .... W w. -.-.-1' ,N,,,,n A.--A f, . wx-. Div ' . X I O V x ,, Nz, Q 1 ' 0' I Q , 'Qrr . , , 1,-4--,,. 'ea -I ,' ', A I 5- K Q 'K . .h A G '11 A ' . 1 - ' " ' v P I' . A " '. ' ,fJ.f.:'., " '5'?'gT-:w,, 'f-"' f'Y-'f 4 C- ' ., -. .,x1-'fi' y . ' vo, 7, ,5 gg ' " ' ' .3 . - cl. . . . . Y . , N fiayggfi . ' :Ti CL BS The exchange of Ideas keeps a com- munity allve and energetic The rapport requires knowledge as well as the stlmu latlon of other mmds El Paso early rec ognnzed the need for a center of mforma tlon and culture so the Pubhc Library was bullt The new hbrary IS a sign of our de sure to preserve and protect the freedom to exchange ideas lll Amerlca So nn the same way do our clubs allow us trauung ln free thought and expresslon There the vltahty of dlscusslon IS preserved m the meetmg of young mmds Q' , ,. -0 . -v , ' P: - raving ' I V .,, f. V , ,,, , W ' 0 ff 2 'ifyv . ,- 1 y , mfr, X fh- Q AL 1Q ' . ge L .,..,3-it , ,..- Q wink L. , . f'flf'!" -' ' ' fre,-as-N. , v...,A,.,w. . ' -A awww.. ,......,,, 4 ' ""'K"2i , gy,-YL is Architect's sketch of El Paso Public Library now under construction-1954 El Paso Public Library-1904 SENIOR KALLN ALA CLI B Row l Wanda Cates Mary Frances Zaner Serena Hamllmn Nancy Loper Betty McAfee Jeanxne Beevers Miriam Relsel Beatrice Luera Row 2 Miss lsaacks Nancee Klnscherff Dand Gnfhths Ted Engel Phlllp Seeger Jerry Stewart Edward Marshall Jerry Daugherh Henry Masterson Not Shown Ed Sherman Officers Row l Mass lsaacks, sponsor Nuxcce Kinscherff secretary Row 2 .lern Daugherty noe president Phlllp Seeger presxdent hiss Row 1 Mallory Miller Row 2 Mr Kelly Sponsor Tissue Goodell Raxmond Briggs Herbert Katz Jesus Rublo Ronnie Bnggs Not Shown Arturo Islas Mildred Garbem ss? 'lb-L... JL xlon KALEVALA Officers Ronnie Bnggs use president 'vhldred Garbern were-tan Rm mond Briggs prmldent Not Shown Arturo Islas adusor Q Q 'I Nl 3!. ,gig VII J - 1--- Ji o . . 0 10 O 1 SLIDE Rl LE CLI B Hmmm 1 En MWF' 'WW ,wary iw W 1,433 5 awww 53, 1, Rowl Row? Row 3 'iE"KBHWfW4af AMW 5 in M 'aff' awww wfnmii Adyanced Harry Springer Herbert Ehrllch Charlea Grant Iody Goodell Phlllp Seeger Walter Case Alan Kahn Muse Coffln Sponsor Carol Waldron Frankie Gold Ierry Stewart Harry barbar Mary Ann Baehr Norns Agee Mickey Hahn Louann Cauaey Henry Masta-Non Wllham 'Vhller Marilyn Flthlan Betty 'VIL-Alee Herbert Katz X W ""'d"4S Ron Rnyy Ron 4.-. Begmners l Arturo -klyarez Edyyard lwealante Jerry lyellen Ldyyard Marshall lose Alyarez Gerald Boayyell Gary Mann 9 Susan Glass Ellen Rosenfeld Ruth Moran Beyfrly Cottle Garbar Warm Harns Ben Flshar ll lee George lyyanag ary Ann henna-dy Ann Nlelntyrl Waters l-rank Sanchez A Rnvy 4 hm Spler Ralph Moore Tom W It lu r Dudley laggus Paul Pelnado lohn Nialooly Herbert Feinberg Will-te Goldman 1 le-sus Ruhlo Waryln Runte Bull lylelnwhmult I-enrge Baker H1 nry Ln-on Rnvy 6 Ramon Qlda Rlrhard Grant Bllly NPIPF ll-rry Wlaloy Rua:-do laladez I arul Blavlyyymll 4 iv' Q ' A 1 'TIT - Q' :wg H ef mf if -'H ' "'ew'f. A . wt - YN wk' 4 iz r.f7'9J'G'13:'qf s'w2"f1' 'fi' 5 V if F., 'We 'W V f ff , SQL! " D ' ' ' e, 'ff Y . M' ' Yu ef W ." fa" U 5 .wfzuf 'JL' 1' - .21 , : V , , "' ' Y K --' 'ff' V Af' - 2 - 7- . v',X:,,Lww-faidiiggffr :MJ , 1 . 7,1 I 1,39 -, fu I '. ' " Gmf' 51' V4 'f1mj!3,'.k: , Q ,xg lim .M F1154 A' 1 , , ., A +3 1 ' ,, 5,2-gga,gizf,,,, , . 1 ,. . 3 ' l l v ' ,' ' v ,' Y 1 ,' 1 l . - 1 y X I X T1 I ' : . . ' . ' If , s' ' , ' ' , . I , Q . . ' , ' , -' . . V ' .1 I A :, .' , . , ,' ' . J A . N -4"" . A -- ' , A 4 n xi ': ' v - ' 1 u L75 P 2 we '- Row l Charles Grant Ronald Gnllett Arturo Islas Bull Klelnschmldt Vhlbur kohnle Tommx Tlckle Ronnie Bnggi -Iodx Goodell Fmest Goeldner Ravrnond Briggs Daud Thorman Phlllp Seeger Herbert Katz Row Betty McAfee 'Wan Lee House Lee Dunn Wan Ann Ixennedx lrene Gonzalez Yolanda Ara: ra Jeanine Beexere Sandra Robbins Frankie Gold Imda lnlngston 'Ierrx Kellen Alberta Waremg hancee Kmwherff Margaret Lucero Mlml Relsel Irma islas Not Shown Norrm Agee Martha Artaleyo Anna Lseandar Alan Kahn Lance Muller Gabrul Morales Manlyn Fithlan Pool Webb Carol Blackwell Row 3 Q NL NIBER SENSE CLL B Otncersz Y Row 1: Betty McAlee. president- Arturo Islas secretary-treasurer: Alberta Wareing reporter. Row 2: Jerry Kellen vice-president: Mrs. Hansen sponsor. XAIION AI. HONOR NOK ILIX Q-su. .Jw--1 ,Q Royy Ed Sherman Wade Smith Hope Abraham Phyllis Hesler Betty Husband Wanda Cates Manon Simon, Jeanine Bc-ex ers Linda McCasland Mlllll Reisel Beatrice Luera, Marilyn Moore Serena Hamilton Louann Causey Marcela Reyes Nancy Loper Row 2 Walter Case Jack Nelson Ed Marshall Jerry Kellen Mary Frances Zaner Barbara Mc Alester Diana Nadlr Betty McAIee hancee Kmscherff Phlllp Seeger Officers: Nam-ee Kinscherff secretary' Betty McAfee reporter' Diana Nadir parliamenmrian' Marcela R4-yes vice-president: Nancy' f A-4 202 ILNIOR xAT1OxA1. HONOR SOCIETY Row 1 Miss Harriet Lemer Harriet Relsel, Joteen Segall Deanna Bellman Esther Lynch BIHIJO Sex ton Jnlln Lord Row 2 Tlssle Goodell, Martha Florence Lennore Gallnn Kay Broadwell Exelwl Slmon, Jeanette Row 3 Ramon Slds, Jon Davis Alan Kahn, Robert Kennedy Stew Steen Ruth Moran Ellen Rosen leld Leonor Garcia Russell Cleveland James Ruff IJ Lee Jam Spler Tom Jones Herbert Katz Officers Row l Robert Kennedy vice president Steve Steen president Row 2 Mlss Harriet Lerner sponsor Ruth Moran treasurer Ellen Rosenleld secretary New members repeat the Society pledge I o I I ax , x I L 'X I : . . , . ' " - , . : . , ' , ' ' ' . ' Duncan, Najatte Halow, Betty Woodside. , : . 3 1 ' Q , , - , , . . . . , f I 1. , 4' 1' V J' 04 FUTURE TEACHERS OE AMERICA Wh-mhvrs lakf- the- oath nl Installation urn-mnnlvs Thl :lub ls upon-mrs-d In Vlrs 'Nallrins -kldrhh and 'Mr Fllls K1-ndall DONALD STFRNGI A157 Ml SK APPRI' FIATION I I I B Row I Loraine- Lopv1 Flu 'VI' su Maman t S1 harmau I' l-In Nah ulu Dolon n I urru ow Roo-marv Inllulolld Iss la Iluran Nunn: Kms: hu rfl ing: In Slarque 1 Ian Irv Ahoud F-:thu-r Ialladolld I :lla Aharw Ram 3 'Nr Junls Anita Sulladulld Aurora I-usrrf-ro lnrrx Knllvn Blllx Spur I- perlml iam he-1 Hlldu Mlnjarw. newly orgamud I-uturn Tuuhnrn of Anwncu C luh In I'l Paso Hugh snks lo unruuragn slullnnls to cultnah qunllllvs ol pe-rnnnallly and mhararh-r uhuh are foundations for nucrvssful hluhing xml lo proxull stualmnlw about opportunities ln Ihr- xurmux fu his of I llunatlon IWW!! 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Norma Martinez Ralph Blea Mary Salcido Bill Isaac Joel Klein feld Douglas David Oscar Orozoo Ralph Moore Tom Jones. it 41 LIBRARY CLUB Q9 ' Ron I Martha Pma lo Anne Penrues Ann Flowers Anna Apodaxa Irma Montelongo Martha Aludrez lllllan Follett Llnda Dane Row 2 Nanm Clagton Genm Townsend Patsx Abraham Rose-man Yalladolld Lornell Gmdd Indy Malone Miss Genexa Guldcr Mrs Blanche lxennedx sponsore Officers Row 1 Nancy Clayton vlce president Lomell Guild secretars treasurer Jo Anne Pennies president Row 2 Mme Genexa Gulder and Mrs Blanche hennedx sponsori Checking out a book the kes to adsenture 71' 443 Dorothea Funk karen Porter Naomi Bonner Irene Gonzalez Man Anne Kenn Tlta Ornelas Sheridan Mott Mary Lou Cuellar Lucllle Hannon Annette Bo! er Ewa Rente na Olga Morales Mr Goodman sponsor Mildred Garbem George Rubmstem Harry Garbar Jimmy Ruff Joe Renterla Iesus Rublo Row l Row Row 3 Officers 'IL'NlOR HISTORIANS CLUB fry! X f in Mr Goodman sponsor Man Anne Kennedy treasurer Tata Omelas president Harry Garbar vwe president Dorothea Fmk secretary Three of the 'Twelve Traw elers PPP dlsplay for the SASC Comenhon ppb P-Q-F P""P' P-I-1. N 4- 'htm- gl X!! PM 771 If Q umnmsq Y Hg, 'Q' i 0 FLTLRE HOMEMARERS OF AMERICA Left to nght Mrs Goddard sponsor Marx Salcnlo rm porter Marx l-ran ces Zaner song leader Dons Vlebb hrstorran Loncha f,1h0l0l'lll3 secre tary Elsre Chew xeep Helen Benson presrdent w Q 4fr:i'f!I: , -O' ni' it-lv' Au gKt,v 10678 Rowl Row2 Row3 Row Row Row Row o f Dons Webb Helen Benson Eugenra Schuster Ark ne lnhtm Elura Gonzalez Concha Ochotorena Benrta Hernandez Laurlce Solomon Marla Carrrllo Martha Bau tlSt8 Carolwn Miller Marx Salcrdo Carol Ann Puckett Charlene Stern Sandra Robbrns Joan Mur ray Juheta Lrcon Joan Groesbeeck Yolanda Medrna Jean Groes beeck Yolanda Gutlerrez Phrlllne Heller lnonne Abraham Mars Frances Zaner Maru Harrls Elsre Chew Sandra Mann Joanne Abraham Shrrlee Hendon Pat Murrax Man Darbonnler Ceha Femandez Harrret Rer.sel Hsu- Saludo Mary Lou Cuellar Arcelra Aha -lulreta Alndrez ironne Abraham Mars Llena Chasez Nancy Jo Pennies Romelra Flores Anna Mana Lscondo Lllra del Hrerro Carol Wester Esther hp Maxine Moore Marla Gutrerrez Susie Fernberg Allcra Alwrdrez Ann Blaugrund Marla Garua lnelma Martrnez Rebecca Correa Lucy Garcia hxangelme Gardea Marx Helen Moore Row l Marcella Reyes I-rances Hanna Mars Yasquaz Rosamarra Caba llero Frances Reyes Otrlra Pena Hrlda torna Martha Sharm Angela Marquez Row 2 lmra Garcra Carmen Adauto Bertha Saenz Mauna Moore Ber tha Garcia Connre Duran Row 8 Man Jordan Esperanza Sanchez lfredrrcka itocltmeur ln ne lasquez Consuelo Castrllo Jullta Mormno hrgrnra Lopez io landa I-aparza Ross 4 Joanne Abraham Marran Jones Hma Rosales Olga Morales Marganta Martinez Irene Gonzalez Rout? Martha Salas lolanda Murrllo Romelra l-'lores Mars lfllen Cha xez Carmen Morales Angelina Castillo 1 1' Aw miami WJ wi' bfhnfun DISTRIBL TIN F - - rm c ATION Bowl Row2 Mary Ellen Castro Dianne Provenclo Gardner Trehame Ann Sanford Betty Gray Barham Kieselburg Nina Kazm Rosalie Waller Nannette Wllson Norma Mchlxmn Enedma Pozo Becky Vlllegas, Connne Loera, Sherron Crum Glenn I-lusted Richard Rodnguez David Stewart Luis Rodnguez Howard Mowad David Dewoe Joe Ellis Bert Goodloe Sam Skidmore Wig H4 Q14 134 q --7 Row I Sherron Crum reporter Connne Loera secretary Rosalie Waller uce president Sam Skidmore president Ill Row Duck Gnen promotions manager Bert Goodloe parhamentarum LLLB MISS HILMA JOYCE qmmwr SX L41 7 xzq 211 0 'NEXX BERRX MEDAL ANR ARD CLL B Ron Row Row Row Fdwln Wlsbrun John Kelley Edwin McElroy Bruce Rosen Gerald heumann Taylor Young Larry Shapiro Don Mattingly Gall Coons Kay Alklre Bobby Walshe Peter Gross De Ann Stevens, Brenda Henderson Gladys Skorka Ginja Lou Rose Dorothy White Sandra Ellerbe Jean Ann Thomas Mane Louise Harmon l-hlda Montelongo Dorothy Pena Sandra Vhlliams Ruth Lee Grossman Patncla Feinberg Eugenia Schuster Ann Blaugrnnd Linda Haughton Beth Ann Ross Loulia Garcia, Margaret Herron lmia Zaearias Rowman Richie Jamce Aboud Kas Porter Arlene Llchtln Albert Herron Bemard Leysa Eddie Mapula Jewe Medrano Bllh Bxers Arthur Cohen Barbara Hiler 'bliss Stzimson Barham Friedman Officers Row l Margaret Herron librarian Linda Haugh ton seeretars Ann Blaugrund reporter Row Bernard Lena uve president Peter Gross president Arthur Cohen treasurer ' 11 " , ', ' ', , ' . ,' , ' I I ' ' Row 4: Everett Melby, Luis Jimenez, Ateno Garcia, Yvonne Abraham, Mary Virginia Rodriguez, Row Row Row Row 1 Hugh Daudson secretary lance Smith presldent hathx Ravi lms sweetheart Vlr Cardwell sponsor Row " Blll Williamson use presldent Kenneth Carpenter rc-porter Grads Calhoun sentinel Daud Stewart trfasurer Not Shown Russell Lexus and Bull Keck second and third ucv presidents PL TL RE FARMERS S Si' fb gl 'X I 0 21 OF , l Q N L 5 x xx f ' - 4 ' ,r I, if x K an f O f F f X , fj J 0 Q wg ' va ' l: Don Slaughter, Alex Rose, Gary Grant, Kathy Rawlins fswf-e-th:-arty, Di:-ky Churr-hill, ROW2: K ',, A W , 3 , 1' - I ' . ,' ' , " V4: 5 -Y . ,, h.. '. ' !A ' -4 lf I 1 'X , V ' I X Q A PROJ ECTORS CUQB 03? GOV Row Row Ron Kon Old Members Row I 'Nance-e Klnecherff Elsie Chev: Jlll Don ohue 'Vllml R4-lsel Blanca 'tllledl 'Norma Levine Rou 2 'Ylarx Daeuble lushne Walker Jeanine Beexere Grace Holguln Doretta B4-ndalln Row 3 -Kdelc Haddad Bobby Prensky Daud Gr lfflths Kat Carter Jerry lxellen isonne Gflffln Not Shown lady Nelwon Diana Nadlr Row Keeping up old customs of frlendshlp are Tlta Omelas and -illan Friedman Row PAN AMERICAN CLL B Officers Row 1 Mri Mane Stamps Miss Westma Proxenclo sponsors Abelardo Rosas wwe president Katherme Galindo treasurer Row 2 Arturo Alvarez president Wanda Cates secretary Carlos Ornelas Jesus Lopez Robert Alwarez, Allan Friedman Jody Goodell Beattie Ann Jones Tlta Ornelas Rosemary Lopez Cecllg Schwartz Martha Rulz Emest Goeldner Rafael Chasez Rafael Gonzalez Cecllla Ortega lktelle Wmtroub Alice Cartagena, Mercedes Loranm Fred Souflee Cecllm Quinones Row Ronald Glllett Alfred Grlffln Ricardo Perla Edward Marshall Raul Pemado Enc Goeldner Rene Gonzalez, Manlm Moore nt Shown llarns I-latfu-Id .. , Z e . . V- 3 . ,. .' . . .A . ' : l :' 'I ." ' '. lf V - ' ., , . I , :A v -. .' -- fu .' v .' v ' - . . ':- ' , ' .' '. New Members: '12 r . - , ' ' , I, ' . 1 . Q. ., , ,. . 1 . 'Zz " ' , v ', U. , ', -. L I . - l I A 1 7 I V. ,3: . P .., . -' . ' . ' . , , . 5 , . . N : ' . 'bm .M-I A PHYSICAL EDL CATION LEADERS CLL B cu. Row I Row 2 Row 3 Come on gurls make that basket' '75 W MMa Consuelo Cashllo Elm Mem Irene lasquez Irene Gonmlez Olga Mendez Antoma Gon zalez Leonor Garela Maggie Martmez Dorm Webb Angela Marquez Carol Waldron Cons-ha Ocholorena Cer-:lla Ortega lllla Castlllo Jeanine Beewers Cecile Fenner Justme Walker Mercedea Loranea Charlene Stem Qandra Robbins Hilda Correa Katherine Galmdo MRS Bl AC KSTOQK sponsor .hip .A- I n a ,A I I A sf, , , 6.11 W H, -A 1 - eg, X YM M ' f b N ' . ,sg 5, ,Su , , , f Y - V A V , , - .fy 5 3,.f..,A'w K- 4,33 I ' 7 -' n f , v v A v ' , , . . ' 3 r r - . . 1 , ' . . ' 7 f 1 v - f v -Y . n U. . . , . . , .' ' . y n - COHRTESIES Siillillii Rosy l Joanne Abraham Ann Roth Manan Jonas Dlan Horyutz Lucllle Sepulyeda Elma Rowalew Margie Galmdo Rosy 9 Kay Feate De Ann Hobson Margaret Droutsas Ann Morgan Mary Jordan Margaret Martinez Elena Landa Bertha Lopez Juha Leyya Bella Moreno Rosy 3 George Blanco Raymond Marquez Dayld Goodell Marllyn Moore Kay Carter Rose Wandrey Jill Donohue MRS 'NICHOLS sponsor Row Roy! Royy Row 2 3 4 Adelaide Eyans Juhe Leyya Bertha Lopez Alice Cartagena Hope Abraham Llly Betancourt Jeanne Ellla Armlda Nagera. Louann Causeg Sandra Flanz Susan Anderson Mary Zaner San dra Robbins Kathleen McElroy Marcella Reyes Diana Nadlr Carol Chambers Laurlce Solomon Gall Smith Joanne Abraham Selma Jackson loan Murray Estelle Wmtroub Sharon Heller Maggw Haddad Alfred Grlffm Charles Grant Mickey Lsper Charles Castillo Norman Ekery Blll Tyra Blll W'hlte BAFAEL CHAVEZ HLLEN YOLNG MICKFY l'SPl' R 'NOBA ARMFINDARIZ 1.-,U Fall nn Fall Spgrtg Ldlgor W rlter Page 1 I' ditor Page W rlter Page 2 1 tatle BOBBY PREIN SKY Fall Sprung W rlter Page -I WANDA BROCK Fall Writer Page l PHYLLIS HESLLB Fall Ldltor in-chief Fall Fall W riuer Page 3 Writer Page 4 taff Sl'lN SHINI' CALLI' Rl Sponsor IVA OBTLGA ROSLMARY LOPLZ FRANCES BFYFS 'DIARY ANN VIN!!! Fall Fall Fall Fall N rlter Page 3 Circulation Mgr Writer Page 3 Writer Page 3 , X V 4, - - ' ' l : 1 ' ' , RAFAEL BUSTAMANTE SHIRLEY BOSEN , f V F ' -' l 1 1 1 ' if? '. , I K sl , + 1 8 fwwu WM! Fall Fall Herald Post Reporter Busuness Mgr Sprung Sprung Page l Ldltor sports Ldutor The TATLER. is the weekly newspaper of El Paso I-Ilgh School HOW ARD SAGOR Fall Busuness Mgr Sprung Page 2 Edutor PI' RRY CONN Sprung W ruter Page 1 MARION SIMON Sprung Co-edutor Fall Page 3 Iudutur LPCILIA ORTFGA HAR! SALCIDO Sprung Sprung Curculatuon Mgr W ruter Page 1 TITA ORYELAQ Sprung Co edutor Fall Page Z Edutor is a four page publica- tuon prunted by the Amer ucan Pruntung Co, and sells at the rate of fuwe cents per COPY TONI GON ZALI' Z Sprung Tumes Reporter Sprung Page 3 Fdutor SAWI VII' RAZ Q rung Adwertusunu, Hgr DICK bl! I' N Sprung W ruter Page 2 yi JOAN MLRRAY Sprung Herald Post Reporter u 219 . u ' . 5 , 1' 7 . A I , ESTIJLLIL YYINTROUB RICHARD SOTELO MARGIE CRAWYFORD 3 Q . X 7 . , -P I r It - 'Q f ' A . ' ' A f ' A ' 'Mfg A ' if A V 0 THANKS It takes more than Just the Spur staff to put out the Spur Wlthout the cooperation of many El Paso cltlzens the flne results of our yearbook could never have been accomplished On behalf of the 1954 Spur Staff of El Paso Hugh School we would like to express our thanks and appreclatlon to the followmg flrms and mdl vlduals who have contributed to this year s Spur To Mr Hardy and the faculty of EPHS who have always cooperated ln makmg It posslble for a yearbook to be put out To Mrs Newland of the Popular Photo Studlo for taking pictures of the faculty and semors To Mr Chrls Fox who gaxe us assistance and ldeas for the title pages To Mrs Helen Farrington of the El Paso Publlc Llbrary who furnish ed pictures from the Aultman collection for many of the tltle pages and who also supplled pictures of the old llbrary and an architects drawlng of the new To KROD for the use of the picture of the televlslon tower To the U S Army at Ft Bllss for plctures of the old and present Ft Bliss To the El Paso Tlmes and Herald Post who gave us all the action shots of sports To Davld Thorman under the dlrectlon of Mr Tapper of the EPHS Pag To Mr Cleofas Calleros who gave of his tlme ln asslstmg with ldeas for a theme To Mr McElroy for uslng hls plcture of the aerial vlew of the Sun Bowl game To the El Paso Chamber of Commerce for the use of many of thelr pictures To Mr Ben Roberts of the Smelter and Refmlng Co for the picture of the Smelter which was used on the end sheets To Mr Marshall Wllhs of the El Paso Natural Gas Co for hls time m asslstmg with the theme To Berroteran Bros for taking the picture of the Sun Carnn al Parade and for their assistance ln dew elopmg pictures To the businessmen of El Paso who adx ertlsed m our book To Arcy Studio who took pictures of all the class sechons except the Seniors To Mr Dutton of Guy nes Prmtmg Co for his assistance at all times And last to the wonderful El Paso Hugh student body we say Thank You Ed Sherman Editor Sunshine Callery Sponsor 2. . ' ' ' ' 4. i .. , ' , ' ' ' ' - 5. ' ' ' . 7. ' ' ' 8. ' , ' ' . Mechanical Drawing Department, who did the art work for the title es. 10. . Y . . . p . . 11. . ' ' 12. . 1 ' ' . ' 13. 0 U. . ' ' . . ' ' ' 14. . ' n , " 15. ' ' ' ' ' . 16. . ' ' . . ' , 17- 0 , v 5 . . q . . . O 18. ' ' . ' " COI.IPLIf.fE!'lTS OF Agffk Cfafm HAIR STYLING 909 N Mesa Phone 3-7429 Southwestern Produce Co. 205 S. Florence Wholesale Fruifs and Yegefables 2-460 I 2-4602 COMPLIMENTS OF TI-IE TEXAS STORE PIECE GOODS DEPT LARGEST SELECTION OF PIECE GOODS IN THE sOuTI-IwEsT 206 S MESA 4 1547 THE KINGS WAY 28 I 0 Monfana Food FH' For A Kmg We Cafer fo Banqueis PHONE 5-84I 3 GLASS APPAREL 114 TEXAS DOWNTOWN 4718 Montana Loretto Suburban LAUNDRY CLEANERS Lmen Servlce Wanna! Spdclspan CONGRATULATIONS Ponsford Brothers GENERAL CONTRACTORS 9l4 E MISSOUTI S+ EI Paso Texas I 0 Dial 2-2455 408-20 S. Oregon 221 FIVE POINTS FLOWER SHOP Jorm srocnmfvfn W A FRIEND W7 THE HOWELL COMPANY LANES FURNITURE CO BANCO MERCANTIL DE CHIHUAHUA SA "Say If Wifh Flowers" 27I3 Monfana S'I'ree+ EL PAS .TEXAS O E In - N I1 I1 - Compliments of Complimenfs of K ' IA 5-823I CompIimen+s of Television Engineers N d S I exas COIJIPLIIJIENTS OF I I I 'lr Parmalee Radio Shop Vglllblii I K I co.,nu:. Radio and T. V. Service cowboy boots ALSO EL PASO'S LEADING SHOE REPAIR I05 E. OVERLAND, EL PASO, TEXAS BE PREPARED FOR HOSPITALITY lf s always correcf fo give flowers Drive Safely To Your Soulhwesl s Fmesl DRIVEIN GH- fhe H-ORIS1' THE BRoNco THEATRE F M GW PHONE 3 7081 609 E San An+omo Sfreef SEE HARRY UIIIIED IUHII 8 JEIUEIHU IJUIIIPHIIII DIAMONDS WATCHES AND JEWELRY bl lr d 7 Echlm lrvm Crowell 8: Company EL PAso TEXAS INSURANCE Surety Bonds ,A Be prepared for hospitality D C Crowell 8: Co nb:-TQX TEE : f V REAL ESTATE RENTALS l V aaa M rtle Ave Phone 2 4421 QQ lv. ngfggma I 223 I I 103 E. SAN ANTON . Esta is s 2 Ymrs D Q F' Y v V ii E O O 5 QV' 5 KS . . . F 'Eg --' V EA X Q - 1 lln lx' I ' 201. . I ,T l "LE 21- l 3' W I Ft, eff- "' . vl 3-' I .r I' 1 75- f . - rf , X !-U ' I , I I A ., ie .M "'?' I ,ff I-, 1' N I M f . I f 4, , K- x 'sl" " ' ' f I' 1-Ag! Ii V A E ' . X .lm 14, ,X , I l I UOTNIOHIOCIAUUUOUYYOPDUCOCA-COLA COMPANY IV EL Complimenls of 8: CLEANERS CO 910 S Santa Fe St Since l89I El Paso Texas Tex Sun laundry 81 Cleaners fldon EWG .ry C6 Famrly Work Our Specially Dellvery Anywhere In Crly and Valley MMS and Mesa 3 e TEL 3 2621 l43I Texas S+ Phone 2 468I I LL BE SEEING YOU AT Tl-IE CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE T U R N T A B I- E RECORDS RADIOS PHONOGRAPHS Anfhony Texas Tel Allfllbny 6 2121 900 N Piedras 5 383l THE SNACK SHACK Barrell' Molor Co 9'3 N Oregon ANTHONY Nexl' io Tech Your Upper Valley Ford Dealer GOOD FOOD FOUNTAIN Only 25 minutes from downtown El Paso Phone 2.0080 24 I Enjoying the Confidence of the Community for Over 5 Y cirs ll I' C""""""en's of Whites Auto Store Gregors Photo Supplies 222 Tw-55+ Your Photographic Headquarters THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES N Oregon Deal 2 67l I Phone 3 2608 FARMERS DAIRIES Supenor Dairy Products Formerly of Week, Lmdsay Producers of Gold Seal Milk l00 Home Owned lnshtuhon Now at Armendarlz Sfudlo To Serve and Save You Money 504 Nm" Mesa Ave 7239 N Loop Rd Phone 3 145: EL PASO TEXAS Wi ll u -Q-A ll llll A B POE MOTDR C0 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sales and Servlce 225 I Q , ,Z .. llll I I I I DIAMOND FLOUR HIGHEST PATENT FLOUR M A G 0 M E Z WHOLESALE Complnmerws of Wholesome Daury Inc Complnmerds of Compllments of the HI WAY AUTO SUPPLY UNION FURNITURE COMPANY Say Guys And Gals' CompIlmen'I's of Meef Your Friends Under The Clock CLOTHING CORNER SAN ANTONIO and MESA 806 Texas SI' El Paso Texas Comphmenfs of MISSION GARAGE 4I7 Malls SI' 2 6372 I 205-15 S. Stanton 3 2486 . . . ai' NORTON BROTHERS HATFIELD'S FLORIST YOur neadquarfers fOr SQHOOI and MR gl MRS JOHN B COLE Engineering Supplies 11 TEXAS sr. ---4 fl 720 Montana 2-3132 EL PASO TEXAS MAYFLGWER BAKERY Wllllams and Glassburn BIRTHDAY and WEDDIING CAKES 1330 EAST YANDELL OUR SPECIALTY EL PASO TEXAS Phone- 36441 40 N Mesa S M RED RAMSEY JR L G BALFOUR CO SOUTHWESTERN DIVISIGN 2107 McKinney Ave Dallas I Texas 1 01 R 01' 1' ICI-U 11311 1' LLKS AND STATIONLRS 227 3 - 7 . R II ll REPRESENTING 0 nl fhq , Locpnt vig 3X xi-V' .te COMPLIMI-:NTS OF W T Granf Company Pepxdesabgjob o th st d g d jo f t t I-Ive t Jb ur Pp-ClCpyLcmgIl C mi h d a. at'Vla GOOD SHOES SINCE I905 Guarantee Shoe Company For Every Member of 'Hle Family ztyNY 4 flocalbottl wb wane y Complumenfs of EL PASO SPORTING GOODS COMPANY In fhe Bassefi Tower 208 N Stanton Dial 2 3772 228 L Q I O I Tex S . esa s' o i n ir an a oo b or as e. a some "on he 'o " yo self. . O esi oaoman, sa ',.. Franc ise Bottler: Namco er einser re P Fl E Q Enff ' . I . ar' ' A V , , 0 P SMITH S HATCHEIIY HoIdswor+I1 Jewelers E S 205 Mills st t 3 1742 DUCKS CHICKS BIRD FEEDS E' P FEED PARAKEETS RABBITS seems C f T H gh S h COMPLIMENTS OF C ll g THE ME WE Gus Hansens Fmer Foods WHEN GOING PLACES STOP BY The ASIS I 6I3 . an Anionio ' ree ' aso, Texas We a er o i c ool And o e e Girls I I af Five Poinis S rom the press 0 GUYNES M ker f Good Impresszons 0 NORTH STANTON EL PASO TEXAS Hardmq and Urr W AWJFENERAL HOME R Ha clung James C O ff 4 S 0 ' ff 62 Congmmlazliom I JL- l . wk' W , r ' . rr CONGRATULATIONS All 'lhe employees of El Paso Nafural Gas Company exfend lhelr con grafulahons fo flue sensors of EI Paso Hugh School and besf wlshes +o lhe olher sfudenls EL PASO NATURAL eAslv COMPANY CHARLES F DAVIS + I Compllmen S O HARDWARE AND BUILDING SUPPLIES VETTER CLEANERS 712 Octavia Street CROSSROADS Upper Valley G s 6. H G Dlal 3 3091 S For Quallly Hs ARCY WHEN YOU Wgbig if-SOD FOOD Make Sure Your Local Drug Sfore s Pholo COM UNCLE DAVE S CAFE Fnmshnng ls Processed By Us Where prlces tell and quallty sells Mana Elias Prop ARCY PHOTO SERVICE Phone 2 0807 616 E San Antonio DIAL 3 6001 3227 Alameda Ave 281 ., I . in ' ' If - l . 131 I W'e ive ' recn Stamps I ' I I l I , . A Prcture Xfn- ff! That Cant f,7,yJfni Be Bear' W, B 'I'he prcfure of your fulure glowmg wrlh hope and promlse of fulfrllmenr whefer Hr s+ar+s wr1'h College or Career' Whrchever pafh you choose your 'frrsi sfop should be al' +he Whrfe House where youll fund fhe clofhes 'lhai' are complefely fashron rrghl priced +o consuder your own personal clo+hes budge+' I N E L A S 0 and fhroughouf fhe nafron MORE WOMEN COOK WITH GAS fhan all o'l'her fuels combined! H"s Fasfer - Beffer - Cheaper! H"s Modern! Southerg Union Gas .M'mk f nnrmc luuo rr-re oxen souruwzsr y 0 420 Eas+ San An+onio I EI Paso, Texas 232 'C ' f'ff?Q-A se 'V' . 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TEXAS LAKESIDE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER Down 'II'1e VaIIey Highway 80 Easi' Beffer Sfores - PIen'I'y of Parking LA BARATA LOWEST PRICES IN REMNANTS and PIECE GOODS PRECIOS MAS BAJOS EN TELAS Y RETAZOS S Mesa Phone 2 826I Iohn R Elchelberger Thaf Lafe Insurance Man STUDENT POLICIES A SPECIALTY MuIIs Bldg EI Paso Texas Phone 3 1607 ROGERS and BELDING Real Estate Rentals Insurance 406 L Stanton St 2 3636 Sfandard Onl Producfs Charlie Tupper Servlce PARKING EL PAso TEXAS UY SELL TRADE Used Cars and Trucks OI PLII! NTS OE ELLIOTT INSURANCE AGENCY Dlal 3 6011 114 'Nhrtle Axe 110 N STANTON El Paso Tc xas PHONE 2 2491 O O O I I I . - 400 N. Stanton 2-1011 B C ,-XI ' IE 1 ' - E i I v' . ' . 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Ou-.J Babu, Complumenis of ACE KEY FITTING Keys Locks Guns Ammunlhon 606 N S'I'an+on 3 4882 Phone 2-3808 Open E en'ngs l'I's0K a'l'OKays Army Supplies Men s Wear Nexi +o I07 Souih El Paso Ellanay Theafer El Paso Texas 0ll IE Llkes ou eaffmf Jewelers EL PASOS LARGEST AND MOST Beauhful Jewelry Sfore Corner of Texas and S+anfon LOBBY CAFE Juarez. Mexico COMPLIMENTS 1 xg nel. Nome 1 L- sAnnLEnY EL PASO S MOST COMPLETE WESTERN STORE ws A+ S+ 7on4Hgh yaoE DI3587I EIP T 237 Y X vu. 1 Q, . o df I I l I ago., 41" 0002 V 0 Grieg: E N ' . . ' " '-'-.eo . M122 o' K A Y s I Q L u H I till 9 Sa: 9 I. . I O o Y , . .644 l , ff , OF "' T X, ALL THAT G-LITTERS IS NOT GOLD XIII, Q Adbyfh + 9 b 'fhyy i f f HE e STATE NATIONAL BANK OF EL PASO con o so nun noun nrosn wsuuucz colrounol TEST YOUR GROCERY I 0 WHERE YOU CAN GET Q.: o SAVE AS You SPEND sa.:-I GREEN sTAMPs W' 0 BONDED MEATS 0 BETTER SERVICE XJ 0 FRESH PRODUCE W E ELSE7 UT I3 CONVENIENTLY LOCATED STCRES IN EL PASO 238 I I I S E I' .X X E j I CT, +u ...llgld Y 5 X ' 3 + .H y Id ' y b g S- W, cco+++h S++N+'nalBlc.Thse f It 4 AX ' I X A X pennies a foday may no+ gliffer Ik .Q X. v . Ne, gold nugge b + +h y'U provide securify hen y - 'W 1 ,..... -, 4 R Y . 1-Q ' need i+. Pl f y fu+ure +oday . . . ope ' L f ving f f H1 S+ + Nafional Bank. -4' ,rr-'gd j 'l 2 - 1 A 'T NXT X X flilwo, 1 5'Sinc Q un sAN Anromo sr. AT Rl N '01.,,.',,a0' ll ll Q O 0 . . . fx T ff- ?-Q ' 0 ll ll 'if T' x T H E R O . . . B 1 T an Geo S Thomson Co Inc Complefe Sfocks of lndusfrlal Supplies and Equlpmenf Smce 1902 El Paso, Texas Phoenix, Arlzona DIAL 2 4561 La Vlolela Jewelry Co We Ioan money on anyfhmg of value Wafches Dlamonds Jewelry Guns Clofhlng Radlos Cameras Tools eh: eh: 3 I 07 Alameda El Paso df LLXQ C CompIlmen+s of foal A FRIEND Wllllamson and Daeuble Confracfors Compllmenfs of C D Lee Insurance I-lgencg l405 Furs? Nahonal Bank Bulldmg Complumen+s of A F R I E N D N EI Paso s Olclesl Jewelers Sunce l888 118 Mllls Street 0 C 0 I O C ,-JSAA j - 1 7 I :N Affuz ce f -I .Q f . L" 13 1 Q La: fc 4 If 1 h Ld!! . K KMQ' . J . A D K, 'V , . 1 ,M fkjg 1 x k Lk? - 7 ' Lfx,,'-ff? uf' I I I I I . I 0 I I -gd X 'X .X f , I ue,-rv , ., . L7 ' ' I 0 0 I I ,ZR . rl fl . f I . A I i uf, Q -,IL X, L. Jv I . " ' I f 4. 15 -,W 'J !.t,L,,"f1 kia -'I A 5, f .. '.. ffhgaf N 4 y' 6,47 6 LIE RS I ,V . I I 239 KAY BROADWELL Thank You I+ has been a pleasure +o have had +he sfudenls of El Paso Hugh School In our Sludlo Q. 1? 6 YQ g B ibn-p 1 rv' N Lighfs your classroom day afler day7 Provides power for modern educahonal auds7 Worlrs for pennles a day? Makes llvmg learmng playung pleasanler every way7 WHY REDDY KILOWATT OF COURSE' WE SPECIALIZE IN SCHOOL PORTRAITS fy Von Zell Porlrall Sludlo " "" """"",,,,:,,,,,,i,. 7l9 Norlh Slanlon Sfreef Phone 3 3832 LZ EL PASO TEXAS I Ill UIIIIIY marriage or career? if ""' 'Gil' 'G' Yo d beHer prepare for boih abol 2X3 of all omen who ork are marraed ' You may ',.f- kno fhe luclry man ed Ile fo gesl lhe career become a Complomeler Ope afor The ad anlages7 Shorl easy co rse I0 fo I2 eeh Excellenl slarf ng salar es lnleresl ng off ce orl llh fr endly p ople Tho sands of operalors needed by bofh b s ness and go ern menf for 'obs all o er lhe counffy' Free lfel me placemenl ser ce lhro gh I68 con emenlly localed Complomeler Schools lhro gho 1 lhe orld The nexf fme youre an io n shopp ng-slop n and gel fhe full de la ls on ho you can become a Compfomeler Operalo THE COMPTOMETER SCHOOL m m NATIONAL BLDG PHONE 2 me DON T MISS THE THRIL CARLSBAD CAVERNS NATURES UNDERGROUND WONDERLAND a pleasanl' one day frlp from El Paso by CARLSBAD CAVERN COACHES 1615 East Palsano Drne Ay ? Bw fi, 1 X r 42 g M QS YN 1 00 W9 Q EX 0156 QB SWSO 063' Clever ew Faslvzonsf You II be surprlsed when you see whaf a wonderful wardrobe you can compose on our Fourfh Floor For fhere you wlll fund everyfhmg a hugh schooler needs smar+ casual fashions for school wear ar momzlng separa+es beauhful formals for fhose very special dares Vlslf our Fourfh Floor soon and see! JUNIOR'S OWN SHOP . . . FOURTH FLOOR df? - DRY eoons co. 241 f THE QUALITY NAME GRAIN Q , FOR ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS 7, f f' RM' 'iff mf E NATIONALLY FAMOUS AND THEY RE MADE RIGHT HERE' A 52Qg48ks1Q5,Q,L 'WA My 742 A1 IEE fffffffxffff HORTEX MANUFACTURING COMPANY EI Paso Texas 242 :N ' if 1' no l f KX , .VV ,I "5 " , Q1 J' .11 '?f, ff"-ffff BE EF ? my 1,-ylqlyf Vlplfdlir A ,fvlrif-', ., 1 'f 1 4 'E' -11.1. -:JW Q -1- ., N.. -- Q A Y -af" - ' ,f A Af-A 1 X -' A CQ ' ,in Maj 1 U I I u O .-.- cgi?Eggzgifgggggfgiggggzgfig:ESQ::.:.::j,j.g..1.-g:5,.:,..525 -:E .,,.. U , .l.. , 1 E x A N . . ' A ' '-'4 .A,.,,, in I STANDARD DII. DE TEXAS PRDDUCTS MZZJZW C and N WHOLESALE C0 FRITO PRODUCTS C0 X 2 3532 The Besl' Radro Programs Are On KROD CBS 600 On Your Dial You II See More On Channel 4 KROD TV cn Congrafulahons Senlors Your Phofographer POPULAR DRY GOODS CO Phoiograph Sfudlo ABDOU PRODUCE AND COLD STORAGE CO Serving The Sou+hwesI' Since I9I5 ABDOU PRODUCTS HIGHEST OUALITY APC SUPREME YARD EGGS Consor+ Hens Holmes Peerless Fryers Turkeys Oeo Cheese Mrs Tuclxers Proclucfs Mrs Tucker s Producfs For All Your Drlvmg Needs FULWILER MOTOR CO Your Frrendly Ford Dealer CARS TRUCKS PARTS SERVICE 6I5 TEXAS PHONE 3 2434 I TED COTTLE Realfor REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE II2 N S'I'an+on PHONE 3 3401 24 ' 0 n I I , . "Inspec+ed by U. S. Governmen'I" O ll ' ll . 4 Need Some+hmg7 - Youll Fund If A+ Lb - In 1' !',-933 El Pasos Home Owned Sfore 6I7 N STANTON DIAL 2-687I Your Pafronage ls Appreclafed HILDEBRANTS Unclaimed and Damaged Merchandise PHONE 3 5603 R D Hnldebranf 2500 Eas+ Yandell El Paso Texas L E JI ! FINE JEWELRY Two Lacahons CORNER STANTON and MILLS 4904 MONTANA 245 M fi " ffi , 1 Beit fffwfd J emi M n. ch 25 SPUJR BOCJSTER3 fn ff' QW W XA L QYVWUAM Cal iw NO Tggghgef 7 LQ 5, QW ff 'M N .5293 EXXQN-1 WU E yy Q0 W C wi Y' 3 X f9 w S ,ff Bob feng Qmpfff, R, f, JLOMX big, HWS lro EP uxbx L ff W 'xv X ff QQ Qnilfuw QJUWJC R fl V He QM! LW X QWQ Uv? 2 MW I W XV f Lf! WW MXN Wmgpl Z X 2 fvl fjf 250294 diff? HQ fs win lm iw? Qkwvv W QM QA 6U QX 5 QSQZQQC BM pkfpxf 1 Y Q X1 WU W ? 655 K if f Qgqjfwlif X Xu? wwf! F' ,Kar 11223121-' MXUWWZZZ' QM! 5 af CM W Q! if-f 24 f 9 ? H R B N 7' 'A X mhz 1 , jvkovwax? -QPQJRA QQ gy ,df , , A fl W jf , W :I v WP ww a riff f w f yy f A vb X fx X V If Y, ' J CL H ' ft ff -M. 'JJ YB 6 M J, W ky kr X m is 'fis ' .N H 'X Y ,b if Neff Y E5 f fha? ff S i 'ff' 'J M ff! ,f ' - Q Q fl 7,54 f X . . ' ' Kd Myf Q1 4 A CDW ETSI x x ff 1 f Lf ' 'VV - . y t " I ' - K e 5 X ax ' ,7 7'! W W x ff 4 V W ,T J ,, b ,S 'N I KJ QV fp fx f X K j ,S Qwf9'hgL5.,f,f QD gI Jb ,j, f if 0 V ,f JK 7 wlhvy -' f ' .fi A 9 W ,, ,hx yf X 1 fx 'fXX,nIQjV!' Uk ff Q ff 5 1,1 ' 1 K Q55 xx X 1 4 A J X J In 'Fax ,ay X ' fy? EX 1 Wifff' ,jf XJ A 'ni : J, ,' ,V fx A, 2? O 31 ww rpg. A I' k 65264, 4 A Q Mp. 1 9 X Q bf A WML iw my M ,f 'K X lj! Q LL' 0, 'VY pf 'L Q39 'SP f V ' f J ge ff ff W Q Qld., - V fx ff, is Xqgx Kffff QU 4' - , l X Q A OX X ,f ,f - L 0 K , 51 L Q Q x J W , KJ KU' , X ' Q Q QV xl' C, 4 f fo 53 V J M 'XAYWVX fab ' V ' VJ, v J, I ' M X- XV J T v f NVD XV ,A 'av 1 f , O EJ! lv 551 J XW 01? X -J f X 1 , ' K 1 .9 ' ' gf - IX OWN my 5 I 4' r J X X X P xwll, Q' 'Y ' YU N XX tg. , ,'! Q, 3 y uf X 9 f .ww , 1 A7 f if gf A ,yn XV C, ' N, N f " : V LJ JYVM A X .. " MW. gf!-lf? Q A Y f , Ln -F. I fT Tl ffm y fl if ,V G Ci . K JA Q xiqx A f ' 'IQRL N u , , , ,X :ff , ., I' X N h U7 , , , KM , J! K, f ga f ffl M My 0 I A544 eww- , f - ' 1 J W 4,12 , 4 Cf ' - " W X - ' f ff WA W Q gl fl' , ,, wif .Mes L-in Mu X657 6 SAFETY COMMITTEE PASO HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL f x 2 :fx 12 Nw we , Cf-2 f I Tito the Safety Tiger says Drne Carefully the life you save may be someone you love Wfrs HASKLLL HATFILLD P T A Representative MEMBERS OF THE TIGER SAFETY COUNCIL: Frankie Gold, Richard Gonzalez, Jack Nelson, Ted En gel, Jody Goodell, Patsy Wood. Not Shown: Ruth Glllett. The Safety Committee of El Paso High School is sponsored by the El Paso High School Student Council, under the guidance of the El Paso High School P.T.A., with Mrs. Haskell Hatfield as representative. 247 EL v ,. ,.,,,f --I .. K. Pa T' V fir:-21,212 vi ,. I, f 1- I 'J 3-ew . ,I Q, :xg 'mf"'1'., Q 1 f as -f V A nf, , re. 142. 2 In Simi in wt.. C sim er. , N WL. I 5 :K 'N"+-,Q I s ' ' ii L T. . 9 E ,Ls Y Y il X 1 I ip X I. 1 aff, ffif,i.L ,df lik?-it ' l . I I . ll ' v 1 ' . , n,, I ix v .f"nTQ:5 A I f " xf R' jzfflm cflfllmilfyirwao. A UTOGR APHS get W W 2035552 , W 'Cav Qffwff W 25:35 MQMGW WM ww 4 Ni 3 f Q Qi X iimiiix Q-gigs my C5556 QV ' QW GW , 1 ,gf 1 ' a 0' J WH " Xgsf .rf Jr, X my X . Xxx, gf Vx 5 ' Q W QE: xi Vivlwi-JK, Jig lic NJ re 1 X ' QF". Im E NK ' 31 'rj UI! N I J fl f . ,X V A , .LEX 6 ,Rr QQ T , , Q X yy, m ei XTX Q xg -L 'X L. ' 248 JW Jw? Wwfgyiwu I xA . cf 1 , f Cvyvwfyx , J, 1 , 5'-3 'Yk4..,'. 'fl T! ' V v Q r- . . V 4 - ' f a Y M3 1, -, R ., , 1' md QWP' . A A , r, "1,iu-nv-f E -' I ., 4. N... ff . 1 'Eg-Qw ye 5, kff wiw fiiikie K' , x, ffffwfm Triax G N21 yi-2-2-. . f f , we , ,V '1f'fi.g,A -1'w5W'?.q A '?i:I:2ii"2:'j-Q New : --,w-My eq . ,ff me my A .e,?gw,- J Mevuill-5 r l, as h 'e me ., f fr we 'Q ,A rr ' 4 L, P i, , V, X, A W f .. Uv 1 , A gy g wg... ., -x.: ffw, ,R ., ,. K fy + -L :H v,3 ,if,,?35Lg,5,,,.1e5f:g,ffqvv ,:K 5W,,,?f,ww 4,Q2wf55Q?Z-iuwi 'X V , -f'1Qa-on me 1 L !'w l7 : "ff" 4-if , 4 w .K ,. i ff L. I . Q , V " iyofgf L, Lmffgy Wag -2- X rf." k K' , pe A 5"':g'zf-V - A 2, f wfggfvf rf " ,igefgmefgmif f' f Y i R' ig 0 ,- ' ,W ggfgwriv' L f - V K zkfifirw : ' 4 , Jvwfw W igwrq g 3 H if nys, KU N ,,4.'4. wwf' 'K iz, 5' ' ,W 5- V if' 'L M' emi K Z Q ,Mi .oemnmu Rm , 4 I if Q Riff 'th vjtqfqi Vx-ing? vlvh -:K , -gi +35 " W H K and close it with the knowledge that forever in our hearts we shall cherish the memories of our youth spent at El Paso High School. wa fwfr, ywge Q

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