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Y y . M' Q4 p J' . W,-1,6 -f',,ff"f , 5 ' P P N 9 Q ff bfi' W WW -, fm - jx '- Ygjf ff Q I W I ,"O. y YPLDVU if ek fejiffsf 'IMI gtg: f Q . , b E 0 1-,.,, ,444 gi, Af W! K4 L! 'MN JV' Q-in FU JV 631551 1' I 4? ,fav H 3 xi, 'W Q ll J, n NJA S ,vig df ffsfgqa nl-ak nf! , I . r H :I I T gr' Z K' iff n fxiglffm A X-7 if 'J f 74 mn ,V 2 ,, W! 'D ' 7 W ff sms? W vig A my Vffgifywffy Q-Fi? ff? My 'SWK 'ffdygi 'Wx of 'V Wiz fyfim X M W .53 M ?N'5'16.Jf'+., z 7 46 mmm Q 0 -Qgfsjfgtifufgos., WWWM xgaiif QW . 0 za,f,,,,,, .1 C-Q 'QOL P33 famiigdwfafiqh X . 'X' wx H XM 1 i Q4 I, ' , 'X I " I . I K S .7 N 4 , gl ggi 1 1 ,MQ 3 Y 1 A Q ' fx' . I R' as i . X f X: 1 f , v Q x ' " V , , 4 ffl' 9 A 4 's is x 3 Q , X V X Ap 4 ' .735 ,Tx 7 fx' 2k 3 X Q - 4 x E Bw U S KX! Y! x 3 is 25-2 K li -K . A, Q ."5dgg 4 Q-., -..Y- x . . f fn. . .- . Cr' - '. ,, , ,n.Qfr-1 M 11' Z , V 'W' I 3 A-v-ssliilsri X 'M' -,, A ' ii, , ' y x . I 1,3 f ,, 0 V A , .gv-lu-EMA M- .-, W' M N- ' - ' '14 -'f":'f 14 :13 if A ll., .ah .4Qf"" " ' "k'.-wi-ff' The I9 EL FMU MIN-I umm mmf 0 N To a, true friend Loper, the 1953 Spur More than just shown interest, every student. ww: fe Mm! ff 54 :v,. . ' 9. gg Q in S' or A n e A 1Q1j""7 eaders In Memoriam ... Principal , .,,. Foreword io,.. Diges 5 Activities ,.........,o..... ,..,.,,....,......,. S tudent Life 9 Student Council ,,.,.,,..e..,... Good Housekeeping 27 Organizations ,,.,,... ., i.,..... .,.....,.... H obbies 41 Features ...,...,....,. ....... L ook 75 Sports ........ ......,,.,...o.......... S port 105 Music ...,,. R.0.T.C. ,.., , Faculty ..o... Seniors ..... J unlors .........,.. Sophomores .....,, Freshmen ........ Junior High ......s. Advertisements ...v.... Acknowledgments ,.........School Musician 139 Combat Forces 147 Guiaepost 157 169 188 196 206 218 227 255 u The memory of Clell R. Smith will linger long in the corridors of El Paso High School and in the hearts of all those who knew him. He endeared himself to faculty and students alike with his sincere friendliness, the trust he placed in us, and in the deep personal interest he took in each one of us-in our problems and in our successes. Re- spected by all, our former principal possessed those sterling qualities of patience, understanding, and sincerity, which he exemplified to us in everyday life. Mr. Smith was always behind the student body, the P.T.A., and their projects, en- deavoring to do anything which would benefit the school. The influence of Clell Smith on El Paso High will remain as a lasting tribute to his memory. 1. New V' "1,.JEJL' ' ,' 7 2 ' GY QW UVA may .A QXUXCXA SUWQH W QZSAV HMV E Vwffff QS X YQKNQQA BU W EEXQYNSXUQQ W E :Z ,E ,-vA E pf.:- The following pages show that one can have the Time of his Life at E. P. H. S. fgilvliles N 7 N we a Cover layout used by permission of the National Association of Secondary School Principals. fall activities VVhile lazy students basked in the summer sun, Coach Grounds roughed it. 5 Lunch to a boogie beat-we all appreciated the new juke box sponsored by the ROTC. .Eggs a bar- 000011 blip fl lg- Affalbq- 'led Ohlf: 5,1-11100 Q '12 il Our first football pep assembly found EPHS "ready 110, 153, iq 011, rarin' to go." and 'Ia .e 1 'flfff of es, GPS lg!- spattefllnxl' Q 64 JA ,.. 2 '. A' Jlxmlmi "V 1 l - 1 ev- ' -2 .91 . e e EQ , a if ,fs nf, .... . - M fm' e ' 4 . L r . -1192? X. at f.-',F,,C,,, Q Q :Q-fx, P , M V ...1.,Ji'5, hi-i . fe ar" fm if we 1 ff as fall activities M'-"W -- A f 4' . sri,-e wi f as as s . xv F, .1-I., "lg'G" 5' a ' N' l ' K , .lg vsp ve' ' ', st R 9 ',,f.'J,9n,' ,fel x D'-P ' 'rg . w , HG if ff- -- i' lf ' ,fit . W A -as , -an .wc-fe J c MM- Q'i- 1' 5 L - , 1 ' nl' '. ' rv "-' v l V 5 1 . A ,,,,,,,,,,,, " .. A 71.1 .- W W-WW Students responded to the "come ship- , I- Q :nw I D ' ' D t ' A' ' "' ""' wrecked" dance so enthusiastically that 5: , ' ' ' 1 1 -"- 'FU Q. : .,.......- ..,..... frightened residents reported a brawl at ,Q - L , - t . Q. L, .-:,, .Q Q ,, . -- EPI-ls. ' fi' ' -V s '-- - mf? -X Y? H- wk 4 Q. x 3' Sm MJ. vw ex? . gi-is M'Q...-we , 53, f gi ,,,,5sM,. A ,, i -Q ig ssysd- X gp- as gm Q.A . bf. K ,-3 -- - -' - .. 'Q - es- s AQ. X ' f 'X X ' ' 'S' "' -- - as ' . ."""'5Sf: , " ' 'rv .' , K . " N i" mit 7: Y? 'W' 4" 5? sw- S2-P: if' T634 S 3'1i,f Contrary to all appearances, this is only a group of student council members giving their version of what will take place on the train to Albuquerque. IZ Something' seems to be worrying the members of the first card trick practice. ' The football team ls off to Carlsbad, and a loyal student body is on hand to cheer. ,fan J fall activities The refreshments' presents each with a corsage Beauty contest Judges look over the final lme up before making af -S W x , 9 LQ. -Ji 5 X1 q n' 9 Q A Ny' ,lx 5 Our hard working band ls being entertained for a. change by the antics of the clown. The big day is here! Some of the tension which has been mounting during the week before the EPHS-Austin game is let loose during a joint pep assembly. .4 c Qt rf' High-stepping majorettes, the band and the football court, escorted by R.0.T.C. sponsors, help give the team a big send-off before the game. 14 X 1 WINTER ACTIVITIES 2, The candidates listen as President Charlie Herrera in- troduces the next hopeful speaker. PRESIDENT CDUNULMEN EEERETRRY age The Student Council helped introduce the candidates to the student body through a bulletin board in the main hall. These students took time off during campaign week to decorate the school Christmas tree. Out of the confu- sion pictured here, a beautiful tree was the highlight of yuletide decorations. R551 ' .. i P . .G47'v1f.w, 5 The cafeteria staff decorated the lunch counter to get us in thc proper mood for a. dcllclous turkey dlnner. 1. 1 ir' 55 WINTER ACTIVITIES To make the last day before Christmas vacation a little brighter, the Radio Club played suitable records over the public address system. At one of the best assemblies of the year, Mr. Jones, our new music teacher, directed the choirs in a Christ- mas program. The dramatics class chipped in with a skit. 16 Say Aaaaaah Nearly everyone had a. cold during the winter as an outbreak of flu During Twirp Season the girls got their chance to pay back the boys for all the favors shown them throughout the year. Charlie and Cookie joined in the spirit of the times with Cookie's getting the heavy end of the deal. fwfr 7 The fall senior class showed us what they were going to do the night of graduation. I fi? N No llquor served to Indians." WINTER ACTIVITIES ,wi 'r Mm-5 .' P., I X , A x Kiwi? .Q x As Clayton and Boone read last week's newspaper, we wondered how much the guy on the floor had to drink. x 99 fg. age .90 A V ff' 5' Q. Pits x.,n0"9 9906 veg Q .-fi' we xww . P' dotaxx 6560 XX 'S eve V90 go' 00" ,ae 'aid Best squad! Once during the tenn the student body receives a report from the Student Council Committee chair- men. Here, Maurice Bryson discusses recommenda- tions of the Parliamentary Procedure Committee. These models, as built and shown by Mrs. Aldrich's solid geometry class, will prove helpful as teaching aids. WINTER ACTIVITIES Even though these seniors look rather serious, they are trying to make us laugh at the things they generously are leaving us in their "Will and Pro- phesy". f - ,fi , , 1M. .i' rf- L3, -43:11, 2 z, I This looks as if it should sound good, anyway. 19 t WINTER ACTIVITIES P3 0 my 2 Thu victoria-s of our husk:-thnll I1-mn gnu- our ye-ll lvadc-rs the- right to hm' "up in the- air" as thvy le-ad tha- studt-nt body in "l5 for tha- Nam". ,CWA In spitv of the he-avy boots wnrn by the boys, the seniors eq gel' as a had a finv time at the Studvnt Council hom:-room dance. B0 cgi? kcxlw - 8 x. ri' gxxdidyftx 0 an K 9 eva: Lava . X0 9 Q 50- . 'gs i 0-Q. Vac 4 gh uw asa: thx tus? Benedi- 1-Dvi 1-06 yY0n 9 Ygxn vp t-as bvonssav 51,0 N unc 0 , X91 uf 1' 9 6 . B901 vioxx .A xfbf X 30 EPA avi". mill ,.c00" an U, ht Sgt. Nichols instructs a class of military two's in Map- lsnnnfltwgtw' Rvading which constitutvs the gre-ater part ofthe R.0.T.C. mwg, course during the st-cond scmestvr. Trvatlng a she-ll-shock victim are Joe R1-yes and ' Jvrry Bak:-r who he-Ipod tc-ac-h first ya-ar military stud:-nts first aid. Q lA,-LI' 'b.."' A..il1!iiV' W. I l .fir fi - 'S . Y 58 V023 9"'ge5W' 5 64 ,n 919 -59 X XX 3190290 Joe "Slim" Festa leads a round of applause for the winners of the best dressed cowboy and cow- girl contest. Winning "stomp:-rs" were Jim Mer- ritt and Fredricka Stock- meyer. Terry Stein and Tillie Lowenfield were the "dudes." SPRING ACTIVITIES Ebeneezer, Satchmo, Rastus and Jaybud pose with Miss Foster, who was the lnspira tion for one of their lovelier ballads Hey Miss Fanny." Tha go ,etc 0 gov' SP es ' 6, awe LW' tnegnti nw. Sac ext. " SPRING ACTIVITIES me student ed by 0090: At thi- first high senior meet- ing, our nvw rluss oficers out- line-d the se-ninr activities. The of- fice-rs we-re: Chnrlvs Hvrrl-ra, president' .luhn Donohue- ' , ure-prvsidvntg Mndvlim' Mnndoll, svcrctarw ' ' 3, Mike Ihdal, yell leader. These- guvs showed us uh t l . ' a to 1-xpvct at the Spring Fiesta. 22 These three senior girls arc fixing up the bulletin board before the Senior Play, "Don't Take My Penny" was pre- sented. ? , ... -S coach talked while the military escort stood by... H :ae -' W Rosa Ramirez puts on a Spanish dance . . . ,V - Q, . . . this charming couple danced C ?J . . . SPRING ACTIVITIES f were . L, uw.- ,.,.,.s ...............JKdim. ,4...v-,ww M .4 ,muah-w 'N ...and an excellent arrangement of "Happy Day" was sung by this group at the annual track assembly. Crown Bearer Jan VVisbrun Our principal, Mr. Hardy, crowns Nancy Loper Queen of the Fiesta .1 K ' ,Rf er, ,X 2 X li Queen Nancy and train bearers Donald and David Cameron q ' e' 'Q Ng, SPRING ACTIVITIES ----.q-.- The more daring of our faculty realized that part of edu- cation is experience. So that we might see the "can-can" under the Faculty assembly. glam" b lb Fla' ohillr us .' t n 1,0 aol' ar mng your par ner. . . 'low ers 'fsggh We always wondered how to Ps, 0:09 11,0 U XX do a square dance! .PIG 8000 "lv 3. ll 24 the proper circumstances, they demonstrated the technique at at 2 J Q ESQ. MIP' JM yas sliols Art guild. Anyone eall me? lleh, lleh! We got you cornered. Ili llo Hlohber, Awayyyy! And THIS in Marty Callcry. Colonel Moloney at play. Colonel Moloney at work. My, how they've changed. Editor Bob steuls the limelight. Looking for Bill? lllancu's reudy for afternoon tea Our own little girl. Contemplution. Too had it was windy. Ile-mun und friends. Kuhn-men. 0 happy duy. l do. Watch lt, kid. El' forever. We've got our love to keep us war This, it in useless to deny, is posed shut. Anyone rare to see-sow? limm, good. Sleepy Timo Gul! The end. llie! Through the key-hole. fiusnie und flung. ffnteh it quiek. I need it for my b collection. Conspirutorn. No what? Excuse me, pleune. lle's off! That s'no man at ull. Whut. n huildl Standing room only. Which twin uses Chlorodent? Look nt the swell head. Ghost rider. Sleepy Time Gul awakened. Playing leupfrog. VH-ll, Ronnie, whlrh was more fun ug f. Q. A 2 f ' f 53351 ww 9 .-, hp.. w f K .fi Cf ,i- ig. my I X: ' I Ti- uuncll FF ' s GO0D H0 EKEEPI G Q Used by permission Good Ilousvkvvping, New York, N. Y. 28 A CHARLES HERRERA President of Student Body-Fall Term 29 MADELINE MANDELL l'r4-sinh-xlt of Student Council-Fall Term 30 i Jimmie Faye Maxwell The council gets down to work as Madeline ex- plains the projects of the fall term at the first meet- ing. 4 fi 35558 HUPH PQFUDPEHNOHM 31 Good sportsmanship was pro- moted at the Austin and El Paso High School student councils. T JOE FESTE Councilman-at-Large - Fall Term 'L EFFIE LOU GRAHAM and RICHARD CONCHA Program Managers-Fall Term NANCY LOPER Councilman-at-Large - Fall Term 32 JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Diana Nadir. Estelle IVIIIIPOIIID, Justine Walker, Kay Carter Marilyn Moore, Lavon llartriek Row 2: Bobby Aguilar, Jack Nelson, Bill Purdy Not Shown: Roger Livingston . Ill -an -sag i N Q , fa-1 or mn '-T --...... SENIOR RI-IPRICSIGNTATIVI-IS Row 1: Camilla Landavazo, Carole Sadler, Malcolm Barrett Row 2: WVidgie Irvin, Hector Holguin, Eddie Chew, Dan Boone Not Shown: Rita Salazar, Joanne Buchanan :ze-vm.-za -ft wwf: H4 mul-1' li :ij Y' -.-.... FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Concha Ochotorena, Elvia Fierro, Martha Muse, Elvia Gon- zales, Margie Perez Row 2: Armando Juarez, Jesus Rubin, Arturo Islas Not Shown: Fred Knapp, Juan Stockmeyer if 'er 'L SOPIIOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Mary Ann Kennedy, Nancy Daum, Jeanine Becvers, Myl ette Harding, Stella Quinones Row 2: WVilbur Iiohnle, Jimmy Stewart, Ted Engel Not Shown: Ed Sherman, Herbert Feinberg, Mary Frances Wal rip JUNIOR IIIGII REPRESENTATIVES Row l: Robert Asher, Betty Woodside, E' ' " , Hector Solis Row 2: Tom Jones, Bob Nava- rra, Arthur Gonzalez Not Shown: Adrian Baca, Rob- ert Kennedy, Hugh !Vright, Richard Grant Miss Dorothy Box, Spoi MA Am. som noUGl-ASS ENE GUERRY R10 NIARTINEZ YELL LEADERS 1952-1953 ' Q- -lv. Q .V . JOHN DOUGLASS 34 JAY SILVA JOE FESTE Student Body President -- Spring Term 1953 35 FRED GROSSMAN Student Council President - Spring Term 1953 36 0,1 Q29 919 9 0 . 92144 nba ogiigencp 309694, 0509 e9 QS' 0 We 945' +409 . 66 65 16960 K9 JEANNE ELLIOTT- Spring Student Body Secre 1953 37 Fred Grossman listens to the reading of his long list of respon- sibilities as vice-president. -X TANA HORWITZ MALCOLM BARRETT COUNCILMEN-AT-LARGE SPRING, 1953 RAFAEL CHAVEZ ANN BACCHUS I 31. - v . . ,wif-'Him H, - W A A -A .1 PA A -- ,f 1.33-xg? A . ,. , PROGRAM MANAGERS - SPRING, 1953 38 JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Rosemary Lopez, Jeanine Beevers, Marian Heg- sted, Marilyn Moore. Row 2: Ernest Goeldner, Rafael Gonzalez, Jerry Stewart. FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Carol Holt, Martha Alvidrez, Concha Ochotorena, Jo Ann Abraham. Row 2: George Cleveland, Armando Juarez. 39 SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Shirleen Sharpley, Bill Purdy, Lavon Hartrick, Socorro Obregon, Josephine Aguilar. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Irene Gonzalez, Beatrice Donovan. Row 2: Lee Chagra, Leland Key, Jody Goodell, Eric Goeldner, Carlos Ornelas. "L" lg .. u 'W all li"l N' I' EIGHTH GRADE RE . PRLSENTATWES fi-5 " N 1? f rf' bf' ., A, I C , 5' s ,.. 11 a-.,. .E if SYECKAL REPRESENTATIVES Curtis Spicr, Mary Alice l'c-imulo, Carole Smllvr, Marklin llxry Vance, Nancy llrvson. Damon linrlxern, llob llarris. Row ln 1 Wooilsislv. Row 2: Tn-ml linglr, Maurice , Noi. shown: Jolm Donohue, Tito Morton. Th.. I. 'B-ll and Sllrin H St , udm nt Councils W0 I . ri t 0 complete thei r Pr 0101 1 'ts. jdjil ,. N-,gmv 'll ,1 wxswm 4 ' q,....-f""- tl ww -M 6 ws Q15 Then- is an organization for every taste E. P. H. S .... Whz1t's your hobby? 1 1 V' 'I pau-ww OFFICERS : Freddy Grossman, Janice Bernard Joe Feste Bill Clayton, Ed Chew NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY El Paso High School has had an active chapter of the National Honor Society since 1927. Its purpose is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a de- sire to render services, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in high school students. Membership in this organization is limited to not more than 1515 of the high senior class, 107, of the low senior class, and 51, of the high junior class. Candidates eligible for membership must have a scholarship average of B or above. Miss ANNE Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Charlie Herrera, Madeline Mandell, Jimmie Faye Maxwell, Joan Douglass, Camilla Landavazo, Effie Lou Graham, Evangeline Ramirez, Nancy Lopcr, Jeanne Elliott, John Bales Fred Grossman, Bob Harris, Lavon llartrick, Bettye Smith, Martha Ray Vance, Joe Feste, Estclla Carrera, Alicia Bautista, Jimmy Loper Pito Morton, Damon Garbern, Maurice Bryson, Nelson Fink, Janice Bernard, Bob Souda KELLY, Club Sponsor 43 NEWBERY MEDAL AWARD CLUB The purpose of the Newbery Medal Award Club ls to foster interest among its members in the reading and receiving of good literature, and most particularly those books receiving Newbery Medal Awards. C J Bow Row Row Row Row Betty Chanibers, Kate Lee Wood, Najette Halow, Dean- na Hellman. Dian Horwitz. Martha Lou Florence, Esther Lynch, Mary Lou May- hall, Maxine Moore, Geraldine Ward, Rachel Pedlgo. Jeanette Duncan, Harriet Relsel, Vesta Levy, Patsy Abraham, Judy Talpis, Kay Broadwell, Betty Wood- olde. Marvin Runte, Donna Lee Lewis, Billijo Sexton. Joteen Sezall, Robert Kennedy, Jon Lee Davis, Larry Dlshart, Priscilla Lane, Nancy Latham, Julia Lord, Ed- ward Polanco. Tom Jones. Xavier Harrison. Steve Steen, Herbert Katz. James Brown, Douglas Dav- id. Tlssle Goodell, Freddy Tuggle, Robert Taylor. Club members pose with Award books. 44 25 OFFICERS Xavier Harrison, Edward Pol anco, Marvin Bunte, Julia Lord Tissle Goodell. ---1 'in ..,,s as 3 KALEVALA CLUB The purpose of the Kalevala Club is to foster and promote good writing among high school stud- ents. The club is composed of juniors and seniors who have literary ability and excel in English work. The members are selected on the basis of their abil- ity and interest in writing. B. Miss Isaacks, sponsor, Cynthia Garbrecht, Bettye Smith, Joan Douglass, Lavon Hartrick, Nancy VVod- side. Frank Lewis, Maurice Bryson, Shirleen Sharpley, Martha Ray Vance. Madeline Mandell, Nancy Loper, Damon Garbern, Nelson Fink, Philip Seeger. Kalevala members ponder over themes. 504410494 7395 Sclence Club members must be junlors or sen- iors and must have finished or be enrolled ln their second year of science. The club takes an active Interest ln current science achievements and often has movies and field trlps. P, I -.rv---vi! Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Jimmy Loper, Bill Clayton, Bobby Souda, Charlie Herre- ra, Maurice Bryson. Nancy Brown, Bettye Smith, Nancy Woodside, Jane Spler, Cynthln Garhrorht, Philip Seeger. Billy McDlll, Frank Lewis, Nacim Mlledi, Mike Stauning, Charlie Herrera, Bill Clayton. Dick Given, Howard Sazor. Clark lVright, George Bailey, I-Eddie Chew, Frank Middleton, Mr. Blatchley, sponsor. Maurice Bryson, Bobby Souda, Jerry Kellen, Jimmy Loper. Energetic club members pursue the scientific factors of life. A--n .ad es the OLYMPIAN COUNCIL CLUB Miss Harper discuss- plans for the Roman Banquet. Row 1 : Row 2 : Row 3: Row 4: B a rb a ra transacts some business with the members. 47 ,W-ff' X swf' wr" , John Malooly, Rodolfo Hucrta, Josephine Salcido, Adela Murillo, Elvia Fierro, Mary Frances !Valtrip, Shirley Brandes, Alberta VYaring, Jacqueline Stroud, Mary Ellen Coady, Edith Hamilton, Lindy Lee Waters, Mary Ann Kennedy, Dolores Ramsey, Rox- ann Barrett, Barbara Hibbert. David Thorman, George Isaacs, Lee McDaniels, Jean- net Halow. Hope Abraham, Rebecca Villeias, Larry McDonald. Wilbur Khonle, Arturo Islas, ee Dunn, lvlirtmi. Miller, Karen Spain, Jolie Burt, Tillie Low- en 18 . Lance Miller, Freddy I-Ikcry, Micky Kahn Marvin Bell, Richy Spence, Vincent Kemendo, Bill Miller, Mildred Garbern, Carol Chambers, Carol Holt, Jewel Palmer, Deanne Macky, Elaine Boone. Mallory Miller, Joe Halow, Guillermo Balderas, Ron- ald Briggs, Jonathan Schwartz, Raymond Briggs, Nan Clayton. Row lz Row 2 Row 3 OLYMPIAN COUNCIL I 4, ' U" ' 'ik V 1' -i 1. ? H M wi Q ' OFFICERS Miss Annie I-larper, Sponsor, John Staten. Kathleen McElroy, Nancy Daum, Leland Key, Jeanne Elliott, Cecily Schwartz, Victor Moore. Patsy Latham, Ann Harmon, Mary Ann Kennedy, Mary Ann Taylor, Shirley VYeatherby, Beth Sanders, Carol Bell, Cecily Schwartz. Richard Montgomery, Ed Marshall, Ed Sherman, Susan Anderson, Nancy Daum, Pat Dunnigan, Kathleen Mc- Elroy, Helen Young. llllly Spler, Luis Cortez, John Kemp Calixto Membri- la, Leland Key, Victor Moore, Ted finish DoTh Hat- lleld, Frank Middleton, Harry Garbar, ancy oper. Victor recognizes Nancy 48 Xa OFFICERS Malcolm Barrett, Josephine Aguilar Justine Walker. Richard Concha Tillie Delgadillo. 'Wu' PAN AMERICAN CLUB The purpose of the Pan American Club is to strive to bring about a better understanding and relationship between the peoples of the American continent, and to provide an opportunity for its members to learn to work together for the good of all. Members of this club are elected by the Spanish teachers, and they must be interested in this subject. Rove Marv Daeuble Della Haddad Jill Donohue Tillie Del gadillo, Annie Cabrera, Richard Concha, Bob Hemley, QSM .am Arturo Alvarez, Bob Prensky. Row 2: Miriam Reisel, Aurora Bustamante, Socorro Obregon, gllstella Carrera, Anna Loranca, Hector Holguin, Ed ' erman. Row 3: Diana Nadir, Mary Alice Peinado, Madeline Mandell, Justine Walker, Kay Carter, Josephine Aguilar. Row 4: Effie Lou Graham, Charlie Herrera, Nacim Miledi, Carol McKee, Bettye Smith, Nancy W'oodside, Helene Vogel- pohl, Nancee Kinscherff, Norma Levine. Row 5: Jerry Kellen, Malcolm Barrett, Bill Clayton, Fred Gross- man, Nelson Fink, Ed Sanders, Kiki Cooper, Jack Nelson. Mrs. STAMPS and Miss PROVENCIO, Sponsors 49 NUMBER SENSE CLUB The Number Sense Club devotes much of its time to mental arithmetic, and its meetings are spent learning and practicing short cuts for all kinds of arithmetic problems. The group is composed of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, who are selected to membership through competltlve exams each September. El Paso High placed first in State Interscholastlc competition ln 1950 with Nancy Wilbanks, in 1951 with Jlmmy Webb, and ln 1952 with Maurice Bryson. OFFICERS: George Bailey, Wilber Khon- le, Betty McAfee, Bettye Smith. Q!-4 -- ow ---I--v Row l: Yolanda Araiza, Jeanine Beevers, Frances Gold, Mimi Relscl, Philip Seeger, Arturo Islas, Irma Yslas, Jane Spler, Cynthia Garbrecht. Row 2: Eric Goeldner, Marilyn Fithian, Nancee Kinscherff, Ronny Briggs, Raymond Briggs, Tommy Tickle, Jody Goodcll. Row 3: llc-tty McAfee, Linda Livingston, Ann Roth, Mary Ann Kennedy, Richard Montgomery, Lnvon llartrick, Nancy VYoodside, Bettye Smith. Row 4: Wilber Kolmlc, Eddie Chew, Jerry Kellen, Pool VVebb, Ernest Goeldner, Leland Key, Mrs. Hansen, sponsor. Row 5: George Bailey, Maurice Bryson, Ed Marshall, Teddy Engel, Bill McDiIl. Wednesday morning drill S Z ' sm OFFICERS Jane Spier, Betty McAfee, Charles Grant, Fred Gross man, Miss Coffin, sponsor. SLIDE RULE CLUB The Slide Rule Club, sponsored by Miss Coffin, is open to all high school students interested in learning how to manipulate the slide rule. The club is active in the Interscholastic League. Row Row Row Row Row 1 :nDavid Herbert Ehrlich, Charles Grant, Fred Grossman, Jane Seeger. David Smith, Walter Case, Mickey Schwartz, Tom Tickle, Nacim Miledi, Sergio Burquez, Richard Montgomery, Miriam Reisel, Frankie Gold. Marion Simon. David Griffiths, Leland Key, Donald Anderson, Lavon Hartrick, Paco Luckett, Larry Macdonald, Ed Chew. Marilyn Fithian, Harry Garber, Jody Goodell, Nancy Brown, Jean Abersold, Wanda Cates, Henry Masterson. Jerry Stewart, Jack Mann, Norris Agee, Miss Coffin, sponsor. 51 Senlor Kalevala Club. Its members are chosen from freshmen and sophomores who are tal- ented ln wrltlng. po - JUNIOR KALEVALA CLUB Thls club ls the junlor counterpart of the Bow l: Alberta W'ar4-lng, Jody Goodell, Leland Key, Edward Marshall, Jeanine Beevers, Ted Engel. Row 2: Sheridan Mott, Nancy Daum, Evelyn Hyder, Dorothea Fink, Lillian Follett, Llndn McCasland. Lucille Hannon, Mr. Kelly, sponsor. 52 OFFICERS Ann Harmon, Nancy Damn Linda McCasland, Tllly Lowen field, Mr. Kelly, sponsor. JUNIOR HISTORIANS CLUB The purpose of the Junior Historian Club is to study Texas and local history. Students interested in joining must submit an historical theme. OFFICERS Mr. Goodman, Martha Ray Vance, Letltla Ornelas, Camilla Landavazo, Marilyn Moore, Shir- leen Sharpley. rlwmf. N 1 f A fmwsm.pa.qg,.,,.4i PWWW ' Row 1 Row 2: -Marilyn Moore, Harry Garbar, Cynthia Garbrecht, Bettye Smith, Ruth Key, Letitia Ornelas, Martha Ray Vance. Nancy Woodside. Linda McCasland, Lucille Hannon, Dorothea Fink, Shirleen Sharpley. 53 JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members of the National Junior Honor Society are taken from the upper 1075 of the high eighth and freshmen classes. They are chosen by virtue of their scholorshlp, leadership, character, service, and citizenship. it . ff A l I ' 'T ,vzspissg , T.,W,....,,., T1 ,.r'i'i 1 s Row I: Mlss Lerner, sponsor, Elaine Boone, Rosalie Henderson, Julia. Lord, Gloria Ayoub, Norma Figueroa. Ann Roth, Adela Murillo. Row 2: Bill Kleinsrhmidt, Mary Margaret Key, Mary Lee Leavell, Mildred Garbern, Juanita Ortiz, Laurice Solomon, Marvin Runte, Vincent Kemendo. Row 3: Arturo Islas, Linda Livingston, Jane Holmberg, Linda Lee Waters, Anne Achter- berg, Joan Iilfers. Armando Juarez. Bow 4: Mary Ann Kennedy, Sally Sue Evans, Ronny Briggs, Raymond Briggs. 54 4 3 -we-1 OFFICERS Miss Lerner, sponsor, Linda Livingston, Mary Lee Leavell, Arturo Islas. NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Miss McPeek, sponsor, Ruth Key, Marybeth Deyoe, Rafael To get into the National Art Honor Society, one must have at least a C average and at least a B in deportment. Each prospective member must present eight drawings in at least three different mediums. The judgment of these paintings by qualified judges will determine one's entrance into the club. lu ll ' X1 Af J .pix V 0 Q, ,v , 1 Chavez, Rafael Gonzalez. 55 nnwi Row 1: Rafael Gonzalez, Luis Arenas, Edward Escalante. Row 2: wghtard Gonzalez, Rene Gonzalez, Rafael Chavez, Chuck I e. Row 3: Miss McPeek, sponsor. Mildred Garbern, Ruth Key, Mary- beth Deyoe, Damon Garbern, Pito Morton. These paintings were done by club mem- bers to be entered in an exhibit. The EI Paso High School Radio Club was organ- ized to promote- Interest ln radio broadcasting and to serve El Paso High School through the mainten- ance of thc public address system. Y - I I !. I Row Row Row Row RADIO CLUB f , 1 Camilla Landavazo, Wanda Cates, Mimi Reisel, Nance:- Klnncherlf, Estelle VVintrouh, Irma Yslas, Tana Horw- itz. Misa Michael. Marian Hejstad, Nancv Lolgzer, Paddy Hogan, Franky Hadlock, ustlne Walker, ay Carter. Arturo Islas. Dan Boone, Nancy Daum, Louann Causey, Ann Bacchus, Joan Douglass, Charlene Stein. Richard Given, Frank Middleton, Bill Hartshorn, John Douglass. Ronald Calhoun. - Bob does the thinking while John does the talking. OFFICERS Ann Barchus, Miss Michael, spon- sor, Justinn WValker. Row 2: Bi.lL1lgrtshorn, Kay Cart er. John Douglass. 56 OFFICERS Row 1: Kenneth Borden David Stewart, Billy Veck, Richard May. Bow 2: Kenneth Carpenter J. N. Cardwell, sponsor Grady Calhoun, Vance Smith. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CLUB Members of the F.F.A.. are students enrolled in agriculture and students previously enrolled in agriculture. Boys may be members until they are twenty-one years old. il PQ ffm, MEMBERS Row 1: Gary Grant, Billy Weeks, Eddie Macdonald Nancy Daum, Sweetheart, Bill Williamson, Billy Vecfi, David Stewart, Harlow Norman. Row 2: Mr. Cardwell. Jack Holmes, David Livingston, Kenneth Borden, Wesley Read. Richard May, Grady Calhoun, George May. Row 3: Bert Goodloe, Jerry Furr, Russell Scott, James Veck, Hugh Davidson, Nelson Martin, Jim Sitton. Boys see how the cotton picker operates at Eric Brandes Farm. 57 TIGERETTES CLUB The Tlgerettes, an organlzatlon of select- ed girls who make up a twlrllng corps, per- form durlng football games. These glrls are chosen on appearance, ablllty to march, ablllty to twlrl, coopera- tlon, and enthusiasm. X :ww Q . - ,ff W- N :,"j,, . , , , Q' Leader, Tlllle Delgadlllo Bow 1: Irene Sosa. Corinne Loera, Sonia Carscallen, Melis- sa Nicholson, Carole Frantz, Carol Holt, Julleta Mo- reno. Row 2: Nancy Clayton, Martha Alvidrez, Yolanda Flores, Elena Lands, Mary Blanco, Estella Villa, Helen Marquez. Bow 3: Angelina Sarabla, Mary Ellen Mapula, Stella Quinn, Celia Gonzales. Elvla Gonzalez, Gloria Rodriguez, Angle Reyes. Bmw 4: Carol Vesfer, Glorla. Gallndo, Ann Flowers, Rachel Gonzales. Norah Perez. 58 Tlgerettes at the game . . . , , fi JN, -M' --.,g" gt1y.,.x.'1,:.4L ,-2-V: 'vis 5' + -L. -Eu.. 2 M ,Q 14- - , :, ,KA - H- : 4--, 41-1 Lime ' -s.ff,w.3:,fl-sQ-13115. gif ' rf- lfii' "T" for Tigers . . . , .-f OFFICERS Nancy Loper, Shirleen Sharp- ley, Damon Garbern, John Donohue, Ronny Calhoun, Mrs. Edmondson, sponsor. 59 MASQUE AND GAVEL 'The Masque and Gavel Society is an honorary speech and dramatic organization. Its objectives are 111 to recognize and promote significant achievement in any area of speech in high school, 123 to assist the student in raising his standards of speech through appropriate activities, 133 to sponsor a better relationship between the high school and the community by encouraging coopera- tive programs with service organizations and com- Row 1 Row 2: Row 3' munity groups. Nancy Loper, Norma Levine, Bob Harris, John Donohue, Frei! Grossman, Steve Rosenberg. Lavon Hal-trick, Camilla Lnndalvnzo, Bcnttic Anno Jones, Ronny Calhoun, Charlie Horn-ru. Shirleen Sharplcy, Damon tiarbern, Maurice Bryson, Ed Sherman, Philip Seeger, Mrs. Edmondson. NEXV MEMBERS J. 0. Stewart, Ann Bacchus, Ted Engel, Ina Salzman, Wanda Cutcs, Joan Douglass, Mimi Reis- MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB The Donald Sternglanz Music Appreciation Club was organized to give students a chance to listen to and learn more about good music. Regular meetings are held each Tuesday after school in the Sternglanz Room. New members are accepted by vote of the club and payment of membership dues. OFFICERS: Mr. Jones, sponsor, Naomi Bonner, Rosa Ramirez, Jay Silva. N Bow l Naomi Bonner Jenn Waldron Guiller mina huereque Rosa Ramirez Rose Eisenberg Phnlhne Heller Row 2: Ricardo Pena, Billy Foo Chow, Wade Smith, Graeiela Guereque, Letitia Ornelas, Blanca Martinez, Elza Meza. Row 3: George Bailey, Frank Middleton, Jay Silva, Fredricka Stockmeyer, Mr. Jones, sponsor, De Ann Hobson TREBLE CLEF CLUB OFFICERS Treble Clef members are chosen by try- outs before old members. They are judgeil on voice quality, blend, accuracy, sight reading and range. The club has presented several e programs this year. Mary Alice Peinado, Justine Walker, Carole Sadler, Ann Bacchus Row 1: Mary Alice Peinado, Mary Frances Zaner, Mad- eline Mandell. Helene Vogelpnhl, Maryheth De- yoe, Socorro Obregon, Arlene Guerry, Mr. Jones, sponsor. Row 2: Betty McAfee, Janet Griffin, Effie Lou Graham, Elsie Chew. Monte Armor, Velma Jackson, Lavon Hartrick, Martha Ray Vance, Shirleen Sharpley. Row 3: Carole Sadler, Joan Douglass. Janice Bernard, Gloria Hernandez, Justine VValker. A few of the Treble Clef mem- bers practice for an assembly. 61 BASS CLEF CLUB The Bass Clef Club, sponsored by Mr. Jones, was formed to provide an opportunity lor all boys interested ln vocal muslc. The Club has appeared on several programs. pn- s C ' , ' Mr V, M, f f, 3p 1 ffm..4,rs.fa X. Y 'i ' ,. N. C ,,d.. o , W f' Ming t X "- :: " Row l: Don Stewart, Billy Foo Chow, Clarence Cooper, Robert Pena, Jerry Maloy, Howard Sagor, Richard Backer, J. 0. Stewart. Row 2: Malcolm Barrett, Jack Bailey, Frank Middleton, George Bailey, John Douglass, Wldgie Irvin, Ronnie Calhoun, Johnny Haddad. 62 OFFICERS Mr. Jones, J. 0. Stewart, Gary Crow, Naclm Mlledl, Donald Stewart. Singing 1?J Definitely! OFFICERS Mrs. Davis, Miss Guider, Sponsors, Worth Schermer- horn, Hector Holguin, Dan Boone. NM--Q-f....,.,,.M,.,. ,e WFT? -,....,,..M.,. dass sv-mu. PROJECTOR CLUB The purpose of the Projector Club is to serve El Paso High School by operating audio-visual equipment. The members must be licensed by the Audio-Visual Department of the El Paso Public Schools. Film strip, film, opaque projectors, and record players are operated by the class when re- quested by the teacher. For admittance, applicants must have interest and a thorough knowledge of a wide variety of projecting machines, and must maintain a high C average. Row Row Row Row Bow John Melby, David J9n.l:.n-5-t-o-ll, Bill McDill, Tommy Tickle. Q Mus MF ew Richard Gonzales, Clark Wright, Lance Miller, Herbert Ehrlich, Gary Mann. David Thorman, Julio Herrera, David Blanco, Willy Ga- larza. Joe Halow, Raymond Mowad, Bill Isaac, Steve Harper, Jess Harrison. Jack Mann, Joe Bashnm, Bill Carruth, Gary Doyle, Is- mael Gonzales. Robert Kennedy, Dan Boone, George Isaac, Worth Schermerhorn, Paul Davis, Mrs. Nina Davis, sponsor, Miss Guider, sponsor, Luis Pcinado, Mike Bidal, Dolph Hatfield, Eddie Abraham. Familiar s c e n e in the projector room. 63 LIBRARY CLUB The Llbrary Club ls composed of students who are courtesles In the library. The purpose of the club is to serve El Paso High School by providing efficient library service. The members help ln all phases of library work, Including charglng books, shelving, maintaining the card catalog, and dlstrlbutlng delinquent notices. For admittance, the applicant should have an Interest ln books and a deslre to serve. It ls necessary to maln- taln a hlgh C average. -it l . as 1 2 ll Q 95--,.......,,. OFFICERS Josephine Duran, Dolores Hall, Norah Perez. Back: Mrs. Kennedy, Miss Guider, Sponsors. Row 1: Nancy Latham, Norah Perez, lldgp Bcns , Anita A 0- daca, Nancy Clayton, Putty Fernaiiliifsmmsephine Igu- ran, Eva Ortega. Row 2: Beth Ann Bray, Rose Eisenberg, Jo Anne Pennies, Do- Lornstglall, Ann Flowers, Aurora Bustamante, Lillian o e . Courtesy at work my 64 OFFICERS Miss Joyce, sponsor, Gardner Tre harne, Richard Hyder, Mary Ellen Castro, Lynn Horsley, Cruz Serrano, Johnny Haddad, Pat Rucker. 5 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB i "Distribution" is defined as "retailing and wholesalingl' It is a field that always needs many people and different talents. To people who can perform these functions profitably, Dis- tribution offers excellent opportunities, year- round employment, and security. - ll! 253 may vue.. www-qw,-,.,.,,..,,, 'Z MEMBERS Lynn Horsley, Mary Ellen Castro, Mary Gray, Rosalie VValler, Peggy Smith, Eloisa Herrera, Pat Rucker, Betty Husband, Barb- ara McAlester, Harriett Mclilorries, Martha Salas, Nora Miranda, Martha Valencia, Cruz Serrano, Jim Merritt, Lupe Doblado, Richard Hyder, Johnny Haddad, Betty Gray, Mary Najera, Ros- alie Landa, Margaret Cobos, Jack Farrell, Travis Layton, Shirley Cloud, Spencer Treharne, Gardner Treharne, Paul Johnson, Fred Kyle, Jess Morrow, Manuel Villasana, Rowland Anderson, Jerry Smith. New students help sell peanuts, a D. E. project. 65 t x BOHBO IRVIN PACO LUCKETT Row l: liow 2: Row 3: Jerry Daugherty, llcrl Gnodloe. Jim Haddad, Mike Salom. William Spier, Don llnrdc-n, Mario Martinez, John Douglass, F Jerry K1-llc-n, llxiviil Griffiths, Joe llnlow. Rudy Alituilnr, Ronald Mcfurty, Ahed I-lsman, Frank Middle ton, Juc Baker, Jerry Stewart, Clark Wright. OFFICERS Bert Uoodloe. Jimmy Haddad, Jerry Daugherty, Mike Salom. 66 STAGE CREW The boys on the Stage Crew work in setting up the props for the assemblies. They pull the curtains and control the lighting. .IOHNNY STATEN NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION The N. R. A. Club is open to all boys under nineteen years who are interested in guns. The club has been active in competition with other schools. l OFFICERS Rita Salazar, John Dono- hue, Josephine Aguilar, Til- lie Delgadillo, Mrs. Nichols, 8D0ll80l'. ss COURTESY CLUB The two main endeavors of the members of the Courtesy Club are honesty and accuracy. They must take a pledge promising to make new students feel at home, stimulate courtesy among students and teachers and help students get all the information about school they wish. They must be courteous and helpful at all times. Busy People! 2 Row Bow Row Row Row 67 1. 2. 3. 4: 5. Lory Talpis, Martha Alvidrez, Tillie Delgadillo, Rita Salazar, Josephine Aguilar, Martha Muse, Louann Causey, Margaret Holguin. Janice Bernard, Bonnie Given, Carol Chambers, Angeli- ixa Sarabia, Mary Najera, Elva Galvan, Shirleen Sharp- ey. Mrs, Nichols, sponsor, Nancy Daum, Jeanne Elliot, Mary Anne Vines, Patsy Wood, Jolie Burt, Sandra Scott, Mary Ellen Gil. Mary Lee jaeavell, Shirley Moore, Luella Bunte, Patty Orr, Carolyn Stone, Pat Rucker. Ronny Gillett, Jose Hernandez, Howard Mowad, Victor Moore, John Donohue, Mario Martinez, Bill Schneider. UTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CLUB The F. H. A. motto ls "Toward 'Jew Horizons." This motto of the Future Homemakers of America :xpresses the purpose of the or- :anlzatlon-leamlng to live better today ln order that their llves and those of their families may be bet- ter tomorrow. Colors are Red and White, and the flower ls the red rose. f.. '? O OFFICERS llorls Webb, Pat Daugherty, nalle Waller, Peggy Smith, llle Delgadillo. Z swf Irma Acosta, Josephine Aguilar, Margaret Aguilar, June Ansalmo, Horteneia llntiveros, Irene rredondo, Marcela Reyes, Teresa Baca, Uma Faye Bailey, Ernestina Barrien- tos, Elaine Boone, Mary Sue Brewster, Barbara Broughton, Annie Cabrera, listella Carrera, June Chancellor, Mary Castro, Pat Daugherty, Mary Darbonnier, Tillie Delgadillo, Josephine Duran, Rose Eisenberg, Jeanne Ellis, Celia Fer- nandez, Manuela Flores, Romelia Flores, Anne Flowers, Bonnie Given. Elvia Gonzalez, Irene Gonzalez, Andra Harp- er, Felicia Harris, Lilia del Hierro, Victoria Lara, Enri- queta Lopez, Blanca Martinez, Lucy Martinez, Carol Mc- Kee, Margie Mcliemy, Sally Myers, Socorro Obregon, Cnr rilia Quinones, Irma Rey, Gloria Ribota, Luella Runte, Mary Saleido, Angelina Sarabia, Peggy Smith, Lauriee Solomon, Dianne Staunding, Irene Vasquez, Consuelo Va- lles, Martha Vela, Rosalie Waller, Doris W'ebb, Patsy H'ood, Helen Young, Sandy Mann, Maggie Haddad, Irene Sosa, Hein Benson, Mary Baehr, Betty-Newsom, Harriett Mc-Morries, Corinne Loera, Evelyn Hyder, Mary Frances Zaner. Sandra Robbins, Maria Vasquez, Estella Qulnones, Sandra King. MW- v'-1 i 2 Row Bow Row Bow Row Row Row That's Dancing? ? ? ? 69 P. E. LEADERS CLUB Girls who wish to become P.E. leaders must be high sophomores or above and be recommended by the physical education teachers for leadership, dependability, and superior ability in sports, dance, and health. Leaders form 'L' 'Q' Officers: Rosa Ramirez, Joyce Schneider, Blanca Are- llano, Yvonne Griffin. Dora Castro, Maria Elena Amaya, Evangelina Ramirez, Jane Spier, Pat Daugherty, Ruth Key, Mary Vigerust, Estella de la Torre, Irene Gonzales. Mary Frances Zaner, Jill Donohue, Mercy Loranca, Shirley Moore, Tana Horwitz, LW Talpis, Carol Mc- Kee, Mary Alice Peinado, Justine alker, Beatrice Don- avan. Helene Vogelpohl, Sally Myers, Franky Hadlock, Jim- mie Faye Maxwell, Elaine Abbott, Ann Bacchus, Janice Bernard, Kathy Galindo, Louann Causey, Yolanda Arai- za, Betty Mancill. Esther Escajeda, Mary Escajeda, Emily Diaz, Wilma Kaerwer, Phyllis Stevens, Sandra King, Martha Joe, Blanca Martinez, Frances Jessup, Betty McAfee, Grace Holguin, Mary Ellen Mapula. Lucy Martinez, Anita Palacios, Delia Gonzales, Socorro Obregon, Margaret Aguilar, Tillie Delgadillo, Beatrice Calrranza, Estella Carrera, Norma Layton, Angelina Sa- ra la. Miss Long, Estella Quinones, Josephine Aguilar, Bertha Holguin, Annie Cabrera. ,- ' Z . tg 5 r er A A A 'I 4 ' ' A . JI! ' -3, wwl i'- it h ' X. + y ' ' 1 h If if A ff Prro MORTON BOB HARRIS JIMMY LOPER Editor Senior Editor Class Section Supervisor I-f . MRS. MABEL PORTER Sponsor DAMON GARBERN Faculty R.O.T.C. spur Staff ED SHERMAN Layouts Assistant Editor MRS. SUNSHINE CALLERY Sponsor fi NANCY WOODSIDE CYNTHIA GARBRECI-IT NANCY LOPER BETTY HADDAD Junior Editor Senior Editor Organizations Advertising Manager 70 5 I. J-wk 4' , QQ 7 V A , JY' JIMMIE FAYE MAXWELL FRED GROSSMAN Features Ads -E v,- , K 4,..,. 1 ,AV,:., , gg .F t 1 W ' Q ,.,, f .zy f ' I MICKEY KAHN Eighth Grade Editor TANA HORWITZ Sophomore Editor DORETTA BENDALIN ELAINE ABBOTT Features 5 Q A as X 13 Wu . ' MALCOLM BARRETT Sports am 'lm JILL DON OHUE Freshman Editor BETTYE SMITH Junior Editor LUIS GARCIA Photographer Eighth Grade Editor H CHARLENE STEIN FRANKIE GOLD POOL VYEBB JEANIN E BEEVERS Clubs Sophomore Editor Sports and Ads Freshman Editor 4? A ln p 2 , pi? TY MARTHA RAY VANCE Copy Editor X I I 'L -4 ' . I l GEORGE BAILEY Photographer ADELE HADDAD Ads We' . 596.53 FRANK MIDDLETON wgix' Photographer 6555 A Q- 0 lx 1' A E ANN BACCHUS MIRIAM REISEI Ads Ads 5-I ,, , DAN WHITE BEATTIE ANN JONES MICKEY SCHWARTZ Sports Ads Photographer 72 4: ' 1 f V. r - ny . S ,YQ PACO LUCKETT Ads xii.. Q9- WSP ANN ROTH Ads pi 5 i TOMMY BOONE Layouts MYNETTE HARDING Ads xii' TATLER The TATLER is El Paso High's official publication. Issued weekly, it is the chronicle of all school events throughout the year. At right, some of the staff rests up after the weekly deadline has been met. The first period journalism class learns some news- paper theory. Page editors confer before starting work on the next issue. 73 TATLER The Tatler Staff mills over new page assignments. Tana Horwitz makes a sale to Marian Simon. The Journalism 1 class tries to think of "Crusading editorials. ...I Nfl Eafures M ,ff LOOK AT THE STUDENTS WHO MADE THE HIT PARADE '75 football court all ephs boy and girl beauties favorites fiesta court who's who C vm-r layout and trmla- mark "LOOK l ih rf-gish-l'v4l IIS. Put. nffivv and llSl'l h pm-rnussiun of COWLI-ZS MAGAZINES, INC. fe. , . V 1 Her Majesty QUEEN ELAINE ABBOTT John Donohue ESCORT 77 , r f l952 football princesses JOAN DOUGLASS f.'w:fgf,z5mQg:ssr::1 - ' - JOANNE BUCHANAN Escort STANLEY MAGEDSON Escort MIKE AGU IRRE -as ARLENE GUERRY '79 'WSG Escort BOBBY MAYHALL . 1 L 3 FE Escort JERRY FLACK JIMMY FAYE MAXWELL PADDY HOGAN lkcort BILL SCHNEIDER Escort ARTHUR APODACA MARTHA RUIZ Escort l952 football duchesses Escort RICHARD CONCIIA VICTOR MOORE Spa- 1 1 1-, .5 A Escort A E H Escort MALCOLM BARRETT DON HARDEN LAURA GRIFFIN SALLY MYERS Iibcort OSCAR PANDO YOLANDA FLORES FRANKY HADLOCK MARIAN HEGSTED lkcort Escort GUILLERMO CONTRERAS TIO COOPER ' f Z WV NANCY GERMANY Escort JACK NELSON lbcort Bcort DOLPII HATFIELD STEVE STEEN 4,5 GLORIA AGUILAR EVELYN SIMON -3 A . A ' ' I Q. gg, , dw I - A LYNN CARTER MARTHA LOU FLORENCE I 80 EDDIE CHEVY All El Paso High School Boy 81 viii?-QQ an ' -sf . bfi ' Tw: 'li as -. f . " 1. MARTHA RAY VANCE All El Paso High School Girl 82 l Q 6 Ky : H l - '- K A QMS Y xxx 4- X ----' ' .. 'S '15,::.g::.:.Q.:.p355:5 'El fl X Q , X X KAY CARTER Most Beautiful Girl 83 -' J: It ELAINE ABBOTT Third Most Beautiful Girl l 84 JOAN DOUGLASS Second Most Beautiful Girl EWQU- Q05 W S 5. V ,NHL DON HARDEN senior favorites 85 Q kai Q.. -,,,, ' cf ,WWW X. L -:fr if 14 lf' 'f-saafw' I, JERRY STEWART junior favorites VICTOR DE ANDA sophomore favorites M om sv Ag, 13" JONATHAN SCIIWARTZ Freshmen favorites 88 AAG ff' JEANNE LLLIOTT FRANKY IIADLOCK ANN BACCHUS 1953 SPRING FIESTA PRINCESSES JOAN DOIIGLASS JOANNE BUCHANAN 91 ARLENE GUERRY 1? 3 J' is Vw " X ' KATIIY GALINDO MARION IIICGSTICD Low 12 Iligh ll lil-LATIKICI-Z CARRANZA Iligh I2 Fi - 'X 1953 SPRING FIESTA DUCIIESSES 'F' NANCY G I-IRMANY Iligh 10 'QT' tw YOLANDA FLORICS Low 11 Q VIRGINIA IIYDICR I-Iigh 8 l Q9 'X 1:55 ' "" "" . . . IRENH SOSA "H 'Q-I5'k'l'W 1-:vl-:LYN SIMON Low I0 , ' g ., Low 9 LYNN CARTER High 9 92 ESTELLA CARRERA wh0's who RODOLFO QUINONES JOHN BALES wh09s who BILL CLAYTON VICTOR MOORE 1-. 5 ,Ms EDDIE CHEW J ANICE BERNARD wh0's who MAURICE BRYSON H ' SHIRLEEN SHARPLEY wh0's who DON HARDEN .mwh-a ANN SPRIN GER CLARENCE COOPER 96 ff V ,ff ,f ,441 If f O 1 BOB HARRIS wh0's who MADELINE MANDELL NANCY LOPER wh0's who RONALD CALHOUN CAMILLA LANDAVAZO FREDDIE GROSSMAN LAVON HARTRICK wh0's who HENRY MASTERSON JOE FESTE wh09s who PHILIP SEEGER JIMMIE FAYE MAXWELL V 7 ..--...-- 'A' if J 47' ' f "sf PITO MORTON 100 'Ss..,Mh Q--"""L""-'E-,-Q I I wh0's who NELSON FINK MARTHA RAY VANCE JAY SILVA M51 amnmi' lffw Mi . ww, wh0's who JOAN DOU GLASS SERGIO GUERRERO OW, .4-no Q Ei .., . .....gi. CHARLIE HERRERA 102 DAMON GARBERN wh0's who ROSA RAMIREZ JOHN DOUGLASS Q-A-9-"q""'f wh09s who : Q MICKEY SALAZAR ARTURO ISLAS CURTIS SPIER 104 W9 B'9???j k' F Within our sports journal are chronicled the triumphs of our athletes and the student body. 'iw HW' if' QANWFSH' N ii U K "'n'if 4 ' 'N 4. 4-In Lg' E4 " S S 'Inf vs fi Q W N",Al,l .,:1 I' A ..v. gifs, g erhgyfimsfg? +1 ei Qfxg S95 J:"fsg is Bo Head Coach 011' :ft on ,cf TEBBELL YABBBOUGH 'fag 801: G90 EQ VVho Won ? 3 Guesses! Head Mgr. Manager BERNARD KATZ BOBBY AGUILAB 107 bk BUDY QUINONES Cathedral Albuquerque Carlsbad Kermit Ysleta. Bowle Jefferson Lamesa Austin co CAPTAINS , W. , Sea,son's Summary 6 EL PASO 12 EL PASO 19 EL PASO 83 EL PASO 13 EL PASO 7 EL PASO 0 EL PASO 40 EL PASO 40 EL PASO lx. . 'T ,W ,. - . ' ,. fflfiivkkmk..-uma-1 JOHN BALES 33 18 32 0 41 14 34 0 13 -..,,..- ,NK -....,,, 'lug- my Bow Row Row Row Row Freddy Peinado. ..-,..,.........a -V Xf-A Carlos Hernandez, Bob Mayhall, Don Harden, Victor Moore, John Donohue, Jerry Flack, Bill Schneider, Richard Con- cha, Richard May. Fidel Barron, Rafe-r Livingston, Ramon Ramos, Freddy Pulacios, Bill White, Memo Contreras, Charlie Armijo, Mike Aguirre, Jack Ne son, Coach Yarbrough. Mgr. Bernard Katz, Alfonso Garihny, Rudy Quinones, Gary Crow, llurris Hatfield, Pool Webb, David Guillen, Pat Don- ohue, Tommy Gahricl, Juan Wilson. Coach Marcell, Malcolm Barrett, John Bales, Mickey Salazar, Stanley Magedson, Arthur Apoduca, Raul Pacillas, Abraham Tango, Oscar Pando, Coach Grounds, Mgr. Bobby Aguilar. 108 ARTHUR APODACA BILL WHITE JUAN WILSON Borland and Palacios stop an Indian offender as Salazar looks on. El Paso humiliated Ygleta 41-13 in a very one- sided game. RICHARD CONCHA FREDDY PALACIOS 109 MICKEY SALAZAB RAMON RAMOS VICTOR MOORE PAT DONOHUE .QV- mwwiwwwvw llfrv MIKE AGUIRRE DON HARDEN CHARLIE ARMIJO I Nh Bales carries around right end for one of the three touchdowns he scored against Jefferson. MEMO CONTRFRAS FIDEL BARRON ABRAHAM TANGO GARY CROW ,Q in wi' qw l. , , .mDE'm!mll' wiw 'W .. DAVID GUILLEN OSCAR PANDO STANLEY MAGEDSON qs . qi d Y N 'A TOMMY GABRIEL JOHN DONOHUE " 'K A ' ' ' Wm F'W""Ff . .qi sf " ' 'Lx Q K . A Bear catches a. pass as Bales and Donohue close in to make the stop. The Tigers beat Bowle 14-7 In the most exciting game of the season. MALCOLM BARRETT 112 JACK NELSON HARRIS HATFIELD RAUL PACILLAS Quinones scores on a short pass for the first TD against Bowie. BILL SCHNEIDER BOB MAYHALL RICHARD MAY w 3-5 " ' 7" LARL05 lll-RNAINDEZ f . ., 7-0 :LNEVA R393 'K 4-. -, . We -- "" H"'.'1' 25553 5' -. '.' hal I HUMBERTO BRIONES LUIS ARENAS HENRY JURADO +V ,- sig!! Y 1 a ll- -sa . Q JN Z wg? - .Eg 1,3 ff -Q. 543,28 rf f , - Biiwff GILBERTO CAVILLO ERNIE VALDEZ TONY GARCIA LARRY MacDONALD PACO LUCKETT JACK MANN FERNANDO MERCADO DAVID STEXVART BOB HALL ALFONSO MEDRANO PIPO BARRAGAN KIKI CONTRERAS JOE CHAYEZ JOHN RAMIREZ LENCHO PERALES I A 32528 4,5 NWS xwswvwswh WILLY GALABZA WILLIAM ELIAS CURTIS BROUGHTOW EL EL 'EL 'EL 'EL 'EL 'EL PASO PASO PASO PASO PASO PASO PASO K- . 1 Garcia gains as El Paso beats DOL l'll HAT Fl BLD Cathedral - 12 Austin - 0 Ysleta - 6 Cathedral - 14 Austin - 19 Jefferson - 6 Bowie - 0 .,.. ir, 1-1 A . E' 1 avi .i,..,,', Jefferson 13-6. LUIS PFIWADO VARSITY BASKETBALL Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers SCHEDULE - 51 Gadsden - 29 Pecos - 53 Odessa - 46 Roswell - 19 Roswell - 52 Gadsden - 54 Cathedral - 39 Cathedral CITY TOURNAMENT - 38 Bowie - 39 Cathedral - 39 Austin - 57 Jefferson 45 32 38 39 50 45 27 38 33 40 33 58 Coach J ABVIS L... A - , TRI-STATE TOURNAMENT Tigers - 76 Crane Tigers - 58 Jefferson Tigers - 40 Bowie PECOS TOURNAMENT Tigers - 49 Rankin Tigers - 44 Balmorrhea Tigers - 47 Pecos Tigers - 41 Alpine DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Tigers - 42 Ysleta Tigers - 46 Austin Tigers - 53 Jefferson Tigers - 27 Bowie Tigers - 50 Ysleta Tigers - 62 Austin Tigers - 56 Jefferson Tigers - 45 Bowie VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD - 1952 - 1953 Row 1: Rudy Quinones, Mickey Salazar, Sergio Guerrero, Bob Hemley, Armando Mercado. Bow 2: Coach Jarvis, Curtis Spier, Fernando Mercado, Robert Amador, Mgr. Jimmy Flack. Row 3: Robert Reyes, Humberto Briones, Alfredo Sanchez, Luis Alarcon, Johnny Bitticks, Fred- dy Palacios. 117 Nl V . .V we g A -, ,f.."1 N- . ,, 4 Q,-M 51- Qfiiyl 7 u'v.f,x Q . 4 W Q Mui, 5? 7 if Q? Q 52 I , U . 51, 1 :J-' .:j,:.. A T x - R 5:3 :': 'v I,5!,.,' " dvi . W 4 .3 A , A R ff 35 KJ? 1 5' I A 'Aw W 4 K 'sn wwgx . 'Wi 1 S Nu QP 2 iss, -gan M . Ywffif-L-Aiia, , ' 4 . .. 1 , 4 ,.., 3 5 'X In W. ' X ,Q , U Q ' 1 T' JJ ' o 'Y' ' s an 14 'E 5,4 in if 'W 4 1 C ik -N23 'Hmmm l fini H5 GPA ,, Q5 V' , N ig VVII N Lf , A X 21 I Mic-km-y Salazar jumps into thc- air to score- two more- points for the- Tigvrs. INDI! ll ICMLEY 1 1 Q f'ln iw jf, ns 012 5 N1 FERNANDO MERCADO ROBERT REYES 9? 'Zi 03 N gf Q A LQ.-an Y A' Qin S4-rgio with a jump shot in a dc-n uf foxes. Armumlo Mc-ri-xulo 1 AS 1 4 Fr gwf. ' W fUXES Mgr. Jimmy Flack 9 Alfred Sanchez 1? , 'X ,if U1 g YKS0 XA V-1:1 IJFIIS 573 gf' xv P4 NIGHTSIHF1' BASKETBALL SQUAD 1952-53 Row 1: Jack Gage, Salvador Castillo, Edward Escalante Row 2: goacilh George Grounds, Henry Morales, Joe Niceum, Henry Jurado, Johnny Ramirez, Lorenzo Perales, Mgr. Amos ug ton Row 3: Luis Arenas, Abed Esman, John Melby, Manuel Valadez. Alfonso Medrano. Ernesto Limon . W Coach GEORGE GROUNDS 5 if K x 29 if Manage! JOHNNY SALVADOR MANITEL AMOS RAMIREZ CASTILLO VALADEZ OUGHTON 123 J ACK HENRY GAGE MORALES ' -. - ai: , nl A rl' LOBENZO JOHN PEBALES MELBY ABED ESMAN WILBUB KOHNLE JOE EDWARD av 'Q LEBOY JOE GLABDON CHAVEZ NICCUM ESCALANTE ERNESTO LUIS LIMON ARENAS 124 HENRY EDWARD JURADO ABRAHAM 3 1 BASEBALL lst row: Paco Luekett, Henry Morales, J Niccum. Rafael Ramirez, Steve Schuster, Jo Ramirez, Fernando Salas, Milton Smltherml Lcncho Perales. 2nd row: Ernesto Llmon, Charlie Arml, Charlie Herrera, Ruben Logvez, Charles C: tgllo, linl Smith, Ileiley Le leur, Fred Pa c os. 3rd row: Mgr. Amos pughton, Harris Ilatlh Jose Perales, Juan Wilson, Luis Alareon B4 ert Amador, Pito Morton, Earl Clarke, Sen Guerrero. Coach Georfe Grounds. Not Shown: Bob Hem ey, Jesus Moreno, D ld Guillen. oce- QQXBS Qian ba,SeU9'n t ein' sw 'Kms uv W wh '50 me W Y-WS' E we 125 Manager AMOS OUGIITON and Coach GROUNDS 1 .,,,,.4.,,1,.,,...- ,hu ,ll It-Fil F S BASEBALL Sm 1 I li w J N I I V o 1 ' HAL SMITH. EARL CLARKE, BAFAEL BAMIBEZ v r . , - ,,.,, J, X ,, ,.. ,.,, A., -V .W 4- Wm. M w - - sw'-3L,gwf' ' Q Q wmHv'e , X' 1."4.- fvfl. ' ,, . k'm"I1, ,'1.:'2 z.'f" 'LAM -Xxx ... 1 FEBNANDO SALAS. STEVE SCIIUSTEB, JESUS MOBENO IUE PEBALES, CHARLIE ABMUO, JUAN WILSON I I 126 BASEBALL BOB HEMLEY ROBERT AMADOR RUBEN LOPEZ MILTON SMITHERMAN CHARLES CASTILLO FREDDIE PALACIOS 127 HEFLY LE FLEUR SEBGIO GUERRERO PITO MORTON I BASEBALL LOBENZO PEBALES JOE NICCUM LUIS ALABCON moo LUCKETT clunnm ul-zluuezlm :mums HATFIELD l ' 1 W ' w. . ,b x 128 JOHN RAMIBEZ EBNESTO LIMON HENRY MOBALES eg if V? X I . JOSE ALVA VINCENT KEMENDO GOLF MB. KELLY Golf Coach EDMUNDO DE ANDA WARD HALLA Www X I i Hn A L 1 v iw! 1 5.1 ,L Es. y 7 mw . 121: -'-.ff . .9 L 6594 , ,.,-Q A ,AA AQ' :E fir fm +1 wr y L. - . R ww , J- w cliff-A , 5513+ 'QQQ j j' L". 'Q'-IRQQSZ1' .- Q'f3u?41 1 if 15 A A ,av 2 :avi 1 , ,,?'i?"4i-jx Q1 ' Y 1, ,Nw ' eq: :,s'f'1 ,- A H .1w"i' X - 1 ' 'ff M.. V Q .L ,gli-,Qfig?'f' N - V ,A , w, S 1 ,Y . Q Q' ig 24 " x M.. uf- .lf ,Q - K K W, K L,yl.ue izi NANCY LOPEB ANN SPRINGER MARY ANN BAEHR 131 LINDA LIVINGSTON ELSIE CHEW GIRLS' TENNIS 1952-53 , , ,435 Coach MAYBELLE LONG K Xia, Q vu, " My li Q ' W Row l: Row 2: r x .. W. K. Y 4 .Qs N - Sheridan Mott, Sandra Robbins, Kay Carter, Angie Zacour, Marian Simon, Elsie Chew, Lnella Nickerson, Nancy Loper, Ann Springer, Mary llaohr, Linda Livingston, Susan Anderson, Paddy Hogan, Cecily Schwartz, Mary Polley, Jo Anne Pennies. Mary Margaret Key, Linda Waters Jane Spier, Lynn Carter, Mary Holcombe, Barbara Schuller, Sally Sue Evans, Nancy VYood- side, Carol Bell, Mary Ann Kennedy, Joan Elfers, Peggy Abraham, Rosemary Zacour, Shirley Brandes, Maggie Haddad. Gloria Rodriguez, Miss Long. 132 HENRY MASTEBSON EDDIE CHEW BILL CLAYTON BOB HEMLEY 133 WIDGIE IBVIN PHIL WARD Coach HARRY BROWN BOYS' TENNIS SQUAD 1952-53 134 W ,- my 'Pr' Z ' 'QV mf GXQK PK Q, EDUARDO NAJERA JOHN DONOHUE SAM MERAZ ALFRED VALLES ERNEST GOELDNER RUBEN SALAS HECTOR SOLIS LUIS ARENAS ROGELHJ CORDOVA JACK NELSON HMMY DICUS BOB FESTE LEOPOLDO r Am' S A BARRIENTOS 6ROYV IQAINDI5 Iimaamaii Mrw a:':Q. wwf vtl rfsm 'ii ll! fx.. 0 m7H E' v , 1 -- -,153 ,vm Q1 I 'ff ,, , K5 W ww wwf r DANNY RAMSEY TOMMY GABRIEL EDWARD PALANCO LEE McDANIEL JOHN HALL ALEJANDRO MONTES MIKE BIDAL ,... , I W 325 gg S gd +L - if ,..f :.-G iam. .- ,... :.M . ..21. -: :,5,:, . .:::..,fD,:,,: :,-:. iz, A ....: 5 I I JOE MONTELONG 0 SALVADOR MERAZ JOE FESTE JOSE IIERNANDEZ ABELARDO ROSAS FRANCISCO CONTRERAS RICARDO VALADEZ JUAN VVILSON REYES MORENO RICHARD MAY BILL SCHNEIDER ELIASM MALCOLM BARRETT PHILLII' ALVA ERNESTO REYES Ck 1' vlcrfm ALAN CHAR! IF MORFINO KAHN ARMIJO ROSA RAMIREZ Basketball Duchess SPRING SPORTS DUCHESSES SONIA CARSCALLEN Baseball Duchess 138 MARY FRANCES ZANER Track Duchess USIE Our school musicians prove that "Music hath charms .... " 75 hool Y: ur " Q A . ,u, ' J Q hy' if' 'QQ - .- .I s, 1 y .2 '?N:via'rg-J ' Q. .. 11 . Q I qi ' I Q , . , .,.. .5-gs ., , X x ., is . sn. .I . . Fxi' 1 QF' Ty- , In ' -, .v....xA- A . ' f.q4.'n'..iAl -.. . .Q Q lj Teil. n I Q if 'ffigi'-I' 25 ,s . J ar- Ls . X l I X + x ' rw--1 2 - 1 Q. av. . ,O ' 'Q' 3 it Q52- . 1.- ,'.:1-.fa':'s r'r-.4ff.!+rw,':-.-f V2 'J S + -'a:b,- '?m"',f H:l."XV,ap sag swf L. 41' ': '.-'54-9i3:1l"Ez:'i' Wgaiif ' 5 ." as " -.. . ,, if hp! . ww' S--'sa f 0 is .g xg Q -Q . .fs 0 if , at gf 5 . - .' 0' Q V i eff' 'N 1 1 Qgi, X 'R 1 .E X t W1-bb Rosa Ramirez is ner, Dor Oll i B eda, Naom scajedu, Esther Escaj E ary M 1: W R0 argarita Mar- am, M ah e Abr 013 Purdy H Lord, Hazel Ramirez, Jack llolmborg, Bil Julia rta Vfaring, he w, Al Capsha Mr, Row 2: ootlx nnichsen, Mr. B So iilip ez, Pl tin ll Z 5 ai 'S : f 2 3 aw 'S s: B' 2 Q Q ug . 2 H 2 3 o -5 2 F' ll 53 :E v E J. 5 3 5 3 5 E 'E 3 E '5 -u F, 1 .. O .T Q .: :3 E 1 - S Q2 " .2 E L.. ft 3 Q A ,- 1? E E lu CI? E I! F 2 5 : ,-. 'Z E: 4 Q - OT' L-1 .f '.u5 Nil! 3 Q L 5':D'g E55 15 U5 .2 Q- :N M QU . lnfld W 'S .2 -:s eu .-Q ,, Ea .2 Em A .co 5 U .Egg -A ss 3 ,Q e .. . -: Es? - .E ev UI sq M .En o .- Q23 EE ,L '1-1 al A3 3 3 o o I M An do ailcy, Victor de B rge add, Geo G l sf Lorne rs -. E P4 ss E H T -on Terrazas, Chavez, Refugio Feinberg, Xavier rt . llc-rbe rt einha R Bob Stnblein, P rg 00 Juarez, G undo Rafael Ramirez, Arm Row 5: -E p Alva, lV1ldo Smt il Bubh, Ph Ylfhite, Helen David ry Moralos, BI! H Colom Ramon rmnny Bob Keith, Alfonso Medrano, John Ra- Ge r stobal Flores, Nancy lVallor, Ch Stunning, Robert Cooper, Mike i k :Ki 6 OW R herff SC Roberto Alvarez, Nancy Kin Fox, illo, Wayne st Ca Charles mirez, paran Am berto Ill Colly, Hu ugh I-I wis, uerta. Roy Lo H Guerrero, Rodolfo Mallory Miller, Alfred Vargas, Sergio 7: OW R Q . ' " QJNQX V , . . ST . :',z,.-L6 -X ', ix, 1 aI,g5X?LQ.fi: ' si wi- 1 Q X X R y A s'j A30-vu """-1 . ROSA RAMIRI-:z '14 wh A is 'gmfi rzsnmn r:scA.1mm lllIli0l'0tl1eS MARY ESCAJEDA A ' Q x TT - U '53 f I . ' 'nf A' A i N Q tl ll ' 235, V U YJ 4 7 if sM.v"'W' if 1 rw Q LN - Q , in I4 -91. ' -. u N . -P ":-writ' DORIS VVEBB ' x r" '. half ,Q 1 ale- .... .. ...-. '---...,,- 1... AMW his uw. 'Y 142 ., , .M U, -aww-0-.....,.. M.. . .W W... -V -.-. -Q ., NAOMI BONNER f k N. 1 Q as Q' . A,,,,,siRm,,, J A N-mu-mx., ' . X wx-...X gl new-g,.,.. X ""'- 'X mfMN,,.,.....,,-. -.N . Q' K H"f,'-iw-1-nanny V M, 'OWU' .A ORCHESTRA directed by Mr. R kaQjl1P Jr. BAND directed by Mr. ROSS CAPS!-IAVV 143 The Tigerettes in action at the El Paso - Austin parade music activities oo' Q45 Q 81, 0 Q00 I Q 0 01' '11, I efvaafr Q 94+ oe, zo fo 145 The Bass Clef S C ACTIVITIES The . Juni 0l' BandTD ifected by M ' R . S C APS HA W 4.7 fag ' N J, A ' N55 1 .2 . 1 ' 1 4 in '- xxx X ' Al ' x 1 I I 1 QM WL .E -.--,f ' pms One gms B-og renders harm sammy. The A Capewa Chou periorming M the Chrkstmas assembw. Sweet Fwe new in an as The Ckkii meh heautkim N F . ,. YR' 11- ., r- Q- "'-,-- -1- .. . iwtsxi ,, . fm " r ,, . .. ,I 'favs' ' A psgI,..- - a .K ,s-as-M -, lip MA i is ' kg' , w',W,, f- ' M ' - 'W' fsymg "1 ' '- if . 1 1 V-W., ,K-1 .isdw , ' 'Ui ' Jia , was F ' 4QN' ALk49:kNlg,1"4fM,qW,,m - Qggzyixt K iw QW M ,R r A if , QF 1 " ' if gpg vf , ' x U5 AWK K in ,gg .,? Ylsfxi.E , V . , Misa .i , i ,, L . :ff,sNfw" .MM Thi . R 0 . .TC . Band at an R .0 T . .C P . al-ml? 146 I 1 1 , V 4 I , . V 2 Q x 5 E f X 6 6 4 ff ? 0ur R. 0. T. Battalion passes in Review r 3 i If L i 5 147 . UNITED STATES ARMY it M X JS 'E ' Sxsawww N , ' .z.....wA.: ' v . 319' .h ,W-V--A 4 ,X vrs'-:gtg no - K l- A X .9 ,V -, 1., 4.1.1 .- ...A v 'I has lkkk A is N T Jin... :H-Aa..4..,.. , -.SMR 5 uni- v-N. A, M ' . X "H ' 7.11 ' . ,-,,, T x 9 x f K 'X . ' T: K A. N ,xi .Q . I ww, I KL- .3 X 4. A A xr x A kg.-, .QM . .-., , .T W ,T-A ' AL ' if v A I- , ' T 4- 3 4 , u , . b Tai A .... V ,uqCover.l8yq1it pgrg?iqgiggQy'Association of fhpfgif. S. Afmy A Y ,., A 'N S X 1. , .1 Q , Y " 148 X compan 'af ...vo--u we-ww ' f 'W 'X Marvin Abrams, Hector Aguilar, Richard Aguilar, Rudolfo Aguilar, Rafael Bustamante, Bill Castillo, Richard Concha, Gene Coykcndall, Jerry Daugherty, Edmundo De Anda, Travis Edens, Herbert Ehrlich, Joe Feste, Allan Friedman, Alfredo Garcia, Simon Garcia, Richard Gonzalez, Charles Grant, David Griffiths, Jimmy Haddad, Joe Halow, George Isaac, Bobby Mapula, Henry Masterson, Pete Moreno, Donald Morris, Jesus Ochoa, Freddy Palacios, Bobby Prensky, Josc Reyes, Steve Rosenberg, Victor Salas, Miguel Salome, Jack Schuller, Fred Souflec, Harry Springer, Phil Ward. U H Hand Salute OFFICERS Bichard Concha, Joe Reyes, Joe Feste 2 ...Q- l -ua. compan ' 9 U 1.!':.h0luvuouUni.L.g. ,. :L 1 , 7 1 cu sa.: ,pm .ia W, Joe Abraham, Jose Alva, Philip Alva, Arturo Alvarez, Paul Anderson, Richard Backer, Norman Baker, John Hales, Marvin Bendalin, Jimmy Bitticks, Daniel Boone, Jim Bowlin, Aurelio De La Torre, Ralph De La Torre, Richard Deyoe, Ben Endlieh, Reymundo Escarciga, Jerry Flack, Jimmy Flack, Harry Garbar, Fred Grossman, Jack Haley, Russell Harper, Bernard Katz, Dick Knapp, Jlm Kreimeyer, Helley Lefleur, Frank Lewis, Paul Longmire, Jose Lopez, Larry MacDonald, Stanley Magndson, Mario Martinez, Bob Mayhall, Carlton Nichol, Salvador Salas, Ed Sanders, Oscar Villanueva, Fred Weldon. Russel Williams. "Present Arms OFFICERS Grossman, John Bales, Bobby Mayhall J.-.--......wm....,a4...-n.,f.wm f vm ll ,qmwwwiwn--f 150 ----Q " company 'fs' "Rifle Salute" Ernest Aranda, Reymundo Aguilar, Bobby Aguilar, Robert Amador, Charlie Armijo, Arthur Apodaca, Jack Bailey, George Bailey, Guillermo Blanco, Kenneth Borden, Robert Bowlin, Maurice Bryson, Ronald Calhoun, Rafael Chavez, Guillermo Contreras, l'aul Davis, John Douglass, Gilberto Esparza, Ramiro Flores, Tommy Gabriel, Felipe Garcia, Alfonso Garihay, Rafael Gonzalez, Rene Gonzalez, Bert Goodloe, Jose Hernandez. Charlie llerrera, llector Holguin, Thomas Foster, Jerry Kellen, Roger Livingston, Alfred Lopez, Jerry Maloy, Ronald McCarty, Bill MeDill, Armando Mercado, Frank Middleton, Luis Moya, Edward Najera, Amos Oughton, Raul Pacillas, Rudy Qui- nones, Ramon Ramos, Louis Rodriguez, Philip Seeger, Manuel Silvas, Sam Skidmore, David Smith, Vance Smith, Curtis Spier, Billy Spier, Don Stewart, J. 0. Stewart, Clark WVright. OFFICERS Ronald Calhoun, Alfonso Garibay, Rudy Quinones, Charlie Herrera 151 compan ' 9 f 'H -.-,,...,,, f 4 1 4 J., -1 W I Mike Aguirre, Leopoldo Harris-ntos, Malcolm Harrell. Miki- llidal, Louis Horland, Joe Casares, Carlos Castaneda, Clarence Coupe-r, Rogelio Cordova, Gary Crow, John Donohue, Pat Donohue, Norman like-ry, John Elias, Mitchvll lisp:-r, Nelson Fink, Jesus Gallvgos, Charles Haddad, Ed- ward Hampton, Bob Harris, Vernon Harris, Harris Hatfield, Bob Hemlvy, Carlos llI'l'l'llllldl'Z, Wldgie Irvin, Phillip Jacobs, Henry Jurado, Hob Knapp, Jark Lappo, Roy Lewis, Henry Licon, Allred Lowenberg, Armando Luevano, Richard May, Sam Mc-raz, Hector Moreno, Pito Morton, Carlos Navarette, Jack Nelson, Jose l':-rules, Rolwrt Reyes, Louis Robbins, Joaquin Ruiz, Howard Sagor, Mike Salazar, Alfred Sanchoz, Hill Schneider, Robert Souda, Richard Sotelo, Tommy Tay- lor, Bill Tyra, James Veck, Bill Waterson. 'OFFICERS MP0,-t A,-ms Robert Souda, Nelson Fink, Hector Moreno, Allrvd Lowenberg ,.....1- 5 IA, .9-..-mv-ve pu-T., 152 Captain NANCY LOPER First Lieutenant J AN ICE BERNARD Lieutenant Colonel JOAN DOUGLASS "-s.,,, - ml 'tm v WMM WWE s Nab X A' A S fe wi fi Ng ! Major ARLEN E GUERRY I F. First Lieutenant ELAINE ABBOTT '::': j ' -J ff First Lieutenant First Lieutenant X JIMMIE FAYE MAXWELL ANN BACCHUS Q "' ""' ' w.,X,Q Qi '4V. W eaos , Q5 to A F, F ,, If Q! I 2 Xi 'NW , Captain L "'- ' H M JOANN E BUCHANAN xiii? ' 'M pl' .if f . 1 1 4 - Captain Captain ROSA RAMIREZ CAMILLA LANDAVAZO Captain FRAN KY HADLOCK 153 I ft: x . J 1 Flrst Lieutenant MARY ALICE PEINADO 1- Sf-cond Lieutenant CAROL McKEE fs ., 'U fe 9 . I A! 4', U , 4vX.b I Second-Lieutenant MARTHA VELA N., Yi... y'6.'g Kai 'CB r Us - , L ' H N 5 R ,fi,e First Lieutenant SALLY MYERS S4- 1,5 is b- Second Lieutenant- JEANNE ELLIOTT X .X . ,. .4 45 Z XX ' K5 ,J 1 A W Second Lieutenant MADELINE MANDELL 154 E 'X VD tv V, 5- il A ? I ., First Lieutenant BEATRICE CARRANZA K ,AR ,fi Second Lieutenant SANDRA WOLFE rj, X f ,ff f Second Lieutenant JOY SCHNEIDER First Lieutenant PADDY HOGAN Second Lieutenant LAVON HARTRICK Dv ,'? Second KATHERINE GALINDO w COLOR GUARD Amos Oughton, Raul Pacillas, Bert Goodloe, Don Stewart .am . RIFLE TEAM Row 1: Mike Salom, Jerry Daugherty, Rudy Aguilar, Bonnie Calhoun Bow 2: Sgt. Nichols, Don Harden, Hector Aguilar, Jim- my Haddad, Bert Goodloe 'Sf N ' , I .A :U v1 MJF: wr, b w . .J ,A 'unix M '59 9 A va ew- , MW M: 5295 OBO! lst Sgt VIC TOR NICHOLS Commandant of Cadets f"?'f5'7w ' 5' 'u '. - iw.. lst Sgt. FORREST HILL Instructor S Cad.. elzt Insgfilflggl, 00:0 ,sg 1' Recruits ! Z! Q I 156 -1-Q,,,b B attaljon S ' cr laff . -,,.m,:','f,' M, N x::-,.,.,M .mxma X '-0-.Qs , IQSTM Mtv'-,,, - W -L. x - n W' . My ... P , . W0 PITU ar:uIT AN ALBUM OF THOSE WHO HAVE LED US THROUGH OUR SCHOOL YEARS. , -'- VV.. '. r -...Q an--4-'1 A' A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL LIVING MR. J. LLOYD SAUNDERS Assistant Principal MRS. EVELYN NICHOLS Attendance Clerk MRS. RUTH WILBURN Business Agent 159 A MRS. HELEN BYRN ES Student Advisor MRS. KATI-IRYN GOODLOE Records Clerk Soatml loft to right: Dr. Brown, M. S. Hutchins, mn. .. . . ,.-,, nd Allen R. Grambling. Cnlvurt Tucker, Ted Andress, a. E L PASO CITY SCHOOL BOARD and SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS 160 DR. MORTIMER BROWN MISS JENNY ARMSTRONG Physical Education MRS. MAURINE F. ALDRIC Mathematics Jaw Q H 3 fn. Mafw MRS. KARL ALLEN Cafeteria Head E 4f-- '1 ,'-: V - , KE 5. - .e-1 S I Wt J ' n mg MRS. JEANNE BARTHOLD in my Speech -ajft' MB.. CLIFFORD BLATCHLEY H Science ' MQ :., 15 P R ' S M 33, K L- ag, 'Q' ix 4 S MR. ROBERT BOOTH MRS. EILEEN BLAKE ":' xllune i f h A Q5 Music Homemaking 'LLL .cze ..eR R .,RA fa e Re 9 y L'-'Q. 'R , A' S MR. HARRY BROWN Physical Education MR. ROSS CAPSHAW Music 161 MISS DOROTHY BOX Social Studies MR. J. N. CARDWELL Agriculture M...-it MISS REBEKAH COFFIN Mathematics MRS. SUNSHINE CALLERY J ournallsm MISS MARGARET CRAWFORD MR. JOE CRANK English Social Studies MRS. LOUISE CROSS MRS. NINA DAVIS Homemaklng Library Way' WF' I Wi MRS. NORMA DOWNEY 162 English S MISS AMELIA FORWOOD Mathematics ,1- I , . W" . VA I 1 sf: ,x., ' wk W Q 01 ti me ,Q I ffiyij 3 2 , M MISS FANNY FOSTER English MR. JOHN ESTES Mathematics . , Wi .,. MRS. LEVA GODDARD MB. GEORGE L. GROUNDS R- A ' ".. I -' J Homemaking Social Studies A I-'Z ' 43 as N.. s 'V 'ha--f MR. PAUL GOODMAN MISS GENEVA GUIDER Social Studies Library MISS ANNIE HARPER Latin f' vhi',iki ii-I A " b ZIV Z., E ,,.AV A v4wlfYVa,l 'S ' I .l:a. A aaif 3? 'Gif 5, M, 4 J A 'fr is MRS. LOUISE GRAMLY MRS. ELIZABETH IIANSEN Science Mathematics 4 163 MISS MAUD ISAACKS English MRS. OLIVE I-IATCHELL Textbook Custodian MISS VIVIAN JQHNSON MISS MARGUERITE IVERSON MRS. SYLVIA INGALLS Spanish -Q ts. .,., I ., is '5'X I 'X .T . it Q 'rl I ii gf .tv l qkk My .if .t g , .. ANN , , , T f ,JM . - ,nS. fi?-4 3 ,kink - XR. S m Q 3 MISS HILMA JOYCE Com erclal English W X. MR. EDWIN JONES MR. C. D. JARVIS Music Physical Education F' 5 3 MISS ANNE KELLY Distributivn- Education 164 Mathematics MISS MAY BELLE LONG Physical Education MRS. BLANCHE KENNEDY Li brary MISS CAROLYN MCPEEK MR. DONALD KELLY English MRS. LOLA MCMATH MISS HARRIET LERN ER Commercial English MR. JACK MARCELL MRS. MONA LOPER Physical Education Nurse fwliil V .:,: "':' , A gi Q. W ' MR. JAMES P. MALONEY Art MISS ANN MCNAMARA Social Studies Physical Education 165 MISS VIVIAN MICHAEL Social Studies X . 'N MRS. CORA MENGEL Study Hall MRS. CELESTINE MOONEY MISS LEILA OLIVER Commercial Science MfSgt VICTOR NICHOLS MRS MABEL PORTER R 0 T C Journalism MRS. DOROTHY MELTON Nursery Wx., Y Mus. MARY BELLE RUTHERFORD Miss VESTINA PRovENc1o M tn, xi - a ima cs Spamsh 166 MISS JESYLE STIMSON MISS JEAN SUTHERLAND English English MRS. MARIE STAMPS Spanish x-,...h,-7 I yfll Rf MR. ALEX TOMKINS MR. B. W. TAPPER Woodwork Mechanical Drawing MRS. REITA TIER MRS. NORA WARD Mathematics English MISS MARJORIE THOMPSON MR. TERRELL YARBROUGH MR. ALVIN Wl-IALEY English Physical Education Science 167 V,..f AND P' . ' if - '- , A . 1 L ,Y X. 4 .. f . o , , . ,a x ' i M 3 1 . , 4 . Q ' V H X 1' fa 1 5 X 5 1 , -,,.-.,j,g,7lf ' ' ..- ,....ffi7,.. -1'- ? A A ' 1 CAFETERIA STAFF 0 A hm MA . - .- - , 'ua xx 0 . '- " Mk?" - Yburrn, Mrs. Bass, MTS- YM' - 'll n. Mrs ol '0 . -m. v . nm, - 1 Kon ... Kxrsfsin' Mm' Dads, Mrk. D, 0 ,ZX MAINTENANCE STAFF Row la Lufilh- Jones, B4-rnicr Gray, Hector Castnncda, Carlos 'l'l'C'll. ' ' Sumxmia-go, Jesse Ortiz, Domingo Huh Row 'la Mr. Emvrson. lzddw Nm-rio, Jos- Rey, Lawrence l'crc1.. MR 'Ol s I W B A 'VME - . uilding Enging:05 168 Mi.-.rm x DIR NI .Z ' - S 15 IN: h ', IARKE zz t watchmann I lil' ' I 1'f1 1 I mai' ll' C I M MW WH' dE.A1.Q.LDN As Sophisticated as the "Now Yorker ELAINE ABBOTT Football Queen Fiesta Princess Spur Staff G rls P.E. Leaders Officers Club A Capella Choir Class Favorite R.0.T.C. Sponsor N.B..A. Beauty 3rd Place JOE ABRAHAM Night Shift Football Bags P.E. Leaders B. .T.C. Senior Follies MARVIN ABBAMS B.0. T.C. Senior Follies .44 it 4 in - li if 'Z' - 1 A y , rf, V , 2 . k Wf...,s,z K Q M. 4 L K ,, 5 lifaM'M5w JEAN ABEBSOLD Slide Bule Club Student Council P.T.A. Award Orchestra A Capella Choir Sternglanz Club K 1 ' - . rg - s x seniors f "" ', as 3 f' V il. b M N ff" ,,,e ,- ,, W- , 4 1 if if ' fr Q . ef l ef 5 ,5 ..x,, , , j IL , A ELVIBA ALABCON "' N"--A -- .1 F.Il.A. Mun' 'E N.R.A. A f Senior Follies f P.T.A. Award .Q . S Q fs gf 5 1 Q in I ' BUDOLFO AGUILAR B.0.T.C. 4 Senior Follies l S ' i?596i5eiE??Is ,Q5f, IIECTOR AGUILAB ' Spur Staff """ Press Club ,,,..-'42 1 , Tatler Staff Bass Clef .. , A Capella Choir Rifle Team Sr. Band To x Y S FF ' " 5 ,Y X, .fl is 'W KA m y E? 4 1 9 is x f 2 Q N.B.A. Student Counc R.0.T.C. I Senior Follies JOSEPH IN E AGUILAR Tatler Staff Senior Follies S bein. OL A 483 V 0 'ldqq EPIC 4113 01-J, lies E' 195 all P1-833626 3 Wag 0 eq! RE lv W . L ME Pfegr, gt-4 'denoll' '70 e"'8zo"Iz t 1? 'ilk by E04 4 L'i"ffff01v A- Wi. ,gg p is J 5 2 . Q .,'.p- p as X fsifssiff GQQQQA zl' Q5 3 twat ? Zlz A' P 12,3574 9 if Q I H1 IRMA ACOSTA Pan American F.H.A. N.R.A. Senior Follies Sternglanz Club TONY AGUILAR MIKE AGUIRRE PHILIP ALVA k Jr. N.H.S. Sf- Band fiTl1lJ?T.C. Football R-011'-0 . Senior Follies lgasebiall S0lll01' F0lll09 ' . Band 'ac sr Boys P.E. Leaders Bass Clef Slide Rule "E" Club N.R.A. Class Officer R.0.T.C. 171 Senior Follies G Y A ROBERT AMADOR Basketball "E" Club R..0.T.C. P.T.A. Award CLASS OFFICERS May 1953 193 ' N CLARENCE COOPER President ROBERT BEYES Vice-President JANICE BERNARD Secretary MICKEY SALAZAR Yell Leader MARIA IJLENA AMAYA Alrnlelrlizn P I - '- adcr r.n.s. " N.R.A. Senlor Follies seniors BOWLAND ANDERSON Latin Spur Sta!! D.E. B.0.T.C. BLANCA ABELLANO Pan American Girls P.E. Leaders Tatler Stall F.l-l.A. N .B.A. Student Council Senior Follies Sr. Band ERNEST ABANDA Baseball Golf Tatler Staff F.ll.A. B..0.T.C. Y . mf ARTHUR APODACA FootbaU Baseball Track Boys P.E. Leaders Tatler Stall "E" Club B.0.T.C. sn. W., 45 E ,, X X N Uv i ANN BACCHUS Football Duchess Fiesta Duchess Spur Stall' Treble Clef A Capella Choir Senior Class Favorite B.0.T.C. Sponsor F.F.A. Sweetheart Senior Follies A Senior Play - P.T.A. Award V I I 'N A y ,E AT mam Club l , A if fl' ta Z.. , 6 1 ' 1' 1 ' 5 Y ' ',' 1 'I S115 -we . A Q ' 4. .- S51 gil .42 ' x A ',,:: - A K R A 1 ' i ts ti fx ' .Y X? ? nal -x n z I, xx !X gil V! 'x. 'X if ' . f xxi X N A fe J MARY ANN JOHN BALES ABMSTBON G Lnflll Clllb Jr. N.H.S. Jr. and Sr. N.ll.S. Fiesta Princess Fiesta Duchess Hostess Club Tatler Sta!! B.0.T.C. Sponsor Student Council Class Officer Senior Pla Senior Follies Officers Club 172 Football Track Boys P.E. Leaders "E ' Club Student Council Cla Offl ss cer B.0.T.C. Senior Follies Who's Who Science Club TERESA BACA F.ll.A. N.B.A. Library Club GEORGE BAILEY Pan American Jr. N.ll.S. Spur Stal! Press Club Sr. Band Student Council Number Sense Club R.0.T.C. Senior Plafr Senior Fol les l'.T.A. Award Science Club JACK BAILEY Latin Club Bass Clel N.B.A. B..0.T.C. Sr. Band A Capella Choir MALCOLM BARRETT Pan American Councilman-at-large Football Track Spur Staff Bass Clef "E" Club Student Council B.O.T.C. Senlor Follies FIDEL BABBON Football Track Boys P.E. Leaders Bass Clef F.ll.A. Offlcers Club "E" Club Student Councll Clals Officer B.0.T.C. Senior Follles ALICE BAUTISTA Jr. and Sr. N.ll.S. Press Club Tatler Stal! Library Club Llbrary Club - FJ-l.A. Class Officer Senior Follies JANICE BERNARD Jr. and Sr. N.ll.S. Football Lady-ln- waitlni Footba l Prlncess Fiesta Prlnceos Flesta Duchess Secretary Srur Stall C ass Favorlte B.0.'l'.C. Sponsor Student Council Clasl Officer Wbo's Who X A , EW 2 3 of ERNESTINA V' BABBIENTOS 7 : , F.ll.A. ,S+ N.n.A. A 'U' Senlor Follies X E X . dw' fqfw fX 515 ATM-'j'v f 'xxx W LX I Q 1 is M fi 5 ,"" -4-' . it Y ., c A AP QQ - K, f Ax A O gf , w V X ' w 'M . A W ,, ,. . af ,, Y, , We A giffq A ' X A bo F 1 L f x XX I , 2 , ilu .f ' V fe f, . 1 uf DAN BOONE Student Council Radio Club Senior Follies Debate , B.O.T.C. 173 eniors JIMMY BOWL! B.O.T.C. Senior Follies MIKE BIDAL Night Shlit Football Track N.B.A. Student Council B.O.T.C. Senlor Pla' Senior Fo les Who's Who Projectors Club Officers Club 3? 'M ,sss Foe I ia BABBABA BBEESE F.B.A. Sr. Band Senior Follies 0 KP bgqaoq 92356 2' Q' vEv'l 910' Wg ' 9x':5'. K7Y?'9t:'u"'z1'0 e ov' 080 09 " ox gs ,e 'oi 0 0 XS MARY BLANCO 0" 49,09 glgsAP.E. Leaders 499 ,QP . . . 59 Senior Follies 3 1 1 BETH ANN EBAY Jr. Kalevala Library Club F.lI.A. Orchestra A Capella Choir ' BARBARA BBOUGHTON Jr. N.ll.S Tennis F.H.A. N.B.A. Senior Follles seniors NANCY BROWN Sterngsntz Club Bllde ule Club Senlor Follles Z' JOANNE BUCHANAN Football Prlncess Glrls P.l'2. Leaders Tstler Stull R.0.T.C. Sponsor Student Council ANNIE CARRERA Pan American Glrls P.l'1. Leaders Tatler Stall F.ll.A. Senlor Follies Press Club The Senior Homeroom Dsnce sponsored hy the Student Councll wsu a rest success and met with the spprovsf of sll present. RONALD CALHOFN l Rifle Team Bass Clef N.B.A. Student Council Class Officer Masqille snd Gavel R.0. .C. Senior Plav Senior Follies lt'.T.A. Axgfardk Ixtem . 'pea ing Who'spWho 4, l 3 A , V K , X XX S t Xl X l if wil X1 l M MAUBICE BRYSON Jr. sndlSr. N.ll.S. Kslevs u Ttutler Sta!! Sllde Rule Club Student Council Number Sense Club R.0.T.U. Debate Who's W'ho P.T.A. Award Masque and Gavel Science Club HELEN BUSH Sr. Band ff" M, A Mmm x x All xr I AURORA BUSTAMANTI-I Pan American Tatler Staff Library Club F.H.A. Senior Follies 5 . 72 . D 5 , . . Lg' ,D S., L silly! N1 V ,lf . A N X gl ,... 4 .V 4 BHATRICH BEATRICE CARRANZA CHILDERS Girls l'.l'1. Leaders R.0.T.C. Sponsor l".H.A. N A .R. . Senior Follies 174 Pan American Hostess Club F.H.A. Allied Youth Senior Follies I-:STELLA CARRERA Psn American Glrls P.E. Lenders Jr. and Sr. N.H.S. Press Club Senlor Follies Tstler Staff Treble Clef A Capella Student Council Clsss 0i!lcer Who's Who P.T.A. Awsrd DORA CASTRO Psn Amerlesn Girls P.l'J. Leaders F.H.A. N.ll.A. Senior Follles EDDIE CHEW Jr. and Sr. N.ll.S. Kslevsln Tennis All EPHS Boy Slide Rule Club "E" Club Student Council Number Sense Club Debate Who's Who Science Club BILL CLAYTON Pan American Jr. and Sr. N.H.S. Kalevsla Tennis Selence Club "E" Club N.B.A. Class Officer R.0.T.C. Senior Follies Who's Who MARGARET COBOS gigs P.l'l. Leaders 0.T. Student Council Senior Follles Senior Band CLARENCE COOPER Football Bus Clef Sr. Band "E" Club Student Council Class Officer Senlor Follles seniors WM M N s r ,F-HW ' : ELM , ' l .,.,.,.... . A L C' 9 , 3 , . . ,,ye f 5.5" ' A K 1 s f Iz' 5 'ig 1 7 Ne, ll 5 , AURELIO DE LA W X ...M , ,4 W ,... : - , TOBBE V"'W"" ' A gf ga B.0.T.C. c 3 tl jj Senior Follies kv. , ' 245-s" f 'V ' " - lg ,lf5g C'fe?vm'iZfff ' a n u 4 - . -Q iff' A Jr. N.H.S. I , "" A A Q if-Exllevall T A PATRICIA DAVIS oh.: . yi .. . Q gaxella. Choir Senlor Follies A senior Fumes '- P lgff vg . , gg N' 1" .. yi-'vb , I kifoesoi 0 a OLGA sv -9' . CONSTANTAKIS Q2 sg.-9' S W 1 "'- ' 595539 in 53 ,. V A :.l . : A0 ef' Q' Wi- , 5? ,,,, 1 WC 0, 0"-wb I nal: -:,- x , N A - :gui ,. 5, 6 M ....,,..- H 2, I A V 5 4, . X f i A is H Ag. F , .,.,. Allo , 4 it L ' ' 55-2 3. A J 5 " ,e,,.... ., ' i' llll kk ',, I A ' Qi, 3 , GARY cnow 1 " l Football X .X Q' 5raekPE L d ii' . oys . . ea ers A L' A Bass cm 54, A Cagella Choir 'E ' ' MEN lub , A A - .1 A "Q N.n.A. RA 5-if wk 2 lf , faux I L V glbdgnz-:Council E2 'a f i c , ' A Senlorlliollies .Q-if M sv K .A .:.. .win .,.V Ai, M' Www 3 -si, ,-: as 3 '- , 5 .f 2 - - 5 ,..,. ' V ' ' --1V ' A Q- 1:1 -"-,, ,f na: .g.:- , U I . RICHARD CONCHA PATRICIA TOMAS DE LAS HUMBERTO Program Manager DAUGHERTY CASAS DE LA TORRE Football Girls P.E. Leader R.0.T.C. F.H.A. Baseball F.H.A. Senior Follies gtvadgng Council Senior Follies Officers Club Senior Follies 175 IC TILLIE DELGADILLO Pan Amerlcsn Glrls P.l'J. Leaders Tatler Staff F.ll.A. N.B.A. Senior Follies Courtesy Club Tlgerettes -- seniors EMILY DIAZ Glrls P.E. Leaders R.0.T.C. Sponsor Officers Club Senior Follies JOAN DOUGLASS Jr. and Sr. N.ll.S. Jr. and Sr. Kalevala Football Princess Football Duchess Fiesta Princess Yell Leader JOHN and JIMMY Treble Clef Senlor Pla Senlor Follsfes Who's Who fthe retty onesh seem ntra d lthlt I l the genlor Pla "Stn eFor :sugar gn er?gql'alsn K comedy Ya three acts was s bigphlt. MARYBETI-l DEYOE Pan American Jr. N.H.S. Kslevsls. Jr. Kalevala Treble Clef F.ll.A. Nat. Art llonor Treble Clef N.B.A. A Cafella Choir R.0. .C. Sponsor 1' L f f FI A N- I Mi? , JOHN DOUGLASS Jr. N.lI.S. Yell Leader Bass Clef A Capella Choir Radio Club Sllde Rule Student Council Class Officer B.0.T.C. Senior Plav Senior Follies Who's Who X 3 ix A . i . 3 i V JOSEPHINE DURAN 'X Llbr Cl b F.H.xy u E ,V - al X A x I 6 .,,.,, ,W A. . 'Z' 1 if x .F - R Q V 7 N H Y I " V I Vg, ::: , 152 ' TN at , ' :'- ' Q I 2 '- ' ' S JOHN DONOHUE ROSE EISENBERC' JACK FARRELL 5-:tg gig'-' FFR-y Club ' lfrliqhgshift Foosball ggggklll Sfernflanz Club Masque and Gavel Club "" N.R.A. Student Council Class Officer R.0.T.C. lVho's Yvho P.T.A. Award 176 JEANNE ELLIOTT Latln Club Sr. N.H.S. Girls P.E. Leaders N.R.A. F.l'l.A. Courtesy R.0.TJC. Sponsor Officers Club Secretary ESTI-IEB ESCAJEDA F.lI.A. N.B.A. Student Council Senior Follies Drum Majorette Senior Band MARY ESCAJ EDA Girls P.E. Leaders F.H.A. N.B.A. Student Council Senior Follies Drum Majorette Sr. Band JOE FESTE Latin Jr. and Sr. N.Il.S. President Councilman-at-large Track Slide Rule Student Council Number Sense R.O.T.C. Who's Who Officers Club JERRY FLACK Jr. N .I'I.S. Football Boys P.E. Leaders Radio Club Science Club Slide Rule Club E Club N.B.A. Officers Club Senior Follies CBISTOBAL FLOBES Slide Rule Club R.O.T.C. Senior Follies Sr. Band Sternglanz Club Science Club senior NELSON FINK Pan American Jr. and Sr. N.II.S. Kalevala Jr. Kalevala Slide Rule Club Tennis Officers Club R.0.T.C. Who's Who P.T.A. Award S5 Nix, VN A lr. :ff f 4 -e 2' ...M , R. .4-v"7V i. 'jf Z:i:" ' H . .V K .Q 'e'q'1 ..nb 5 i X W , V4 A f f , . lf Q5 .L. ' ' H Q . ' . -ts , ' fer: '? 7 . fm.. wil f 41 ang? A Ae '17 . - . A... ESPERANZA FELIPE GARCIA FLORES Pan American Girls P.E. Leaders R.O.T.C. Senior Follies Senior Follies 177 If , 5: . s x A J - 3 5 5 .. W is ' is is f lj K 5 X . X if .g x ,e , Q., Q eg 5 X A Ya, :Wy A so 5 Q. LUIS GARCIA Night Shift Basketball Spur Staff Tatler Staff Bass Clef A Capella Sr. Band N.R.A. Student Council R.O.T.C. Senior Follies DAMON GARBERN Jr. and Sr. N.l-LS. Kalevala Jr, Kalevala 1SIpur Staff at. Art Honor Student Council Class Officer R.O.T.C. Who's Who P.T.'A. Award Masque and Gavel CYNTHIA GARBRECI-IT Jr. N .I'I.S. Kalevala Jr. Kalevala Spur Staff Science Club Jr. Historians Slide Rule Club Number Sense Club F.I-I.A. Senior Play Senior Follies Student Council SIMON GARCIA B.0.'l'.C. u - V Q l we-ff ,, ,MAJ .A . x A if y i2f:!'5"i 'zzl .., rag F , M X I f K-.v ' 1 I EAN 13 Q ..-. ,, , no ii..- V, .5 it gi , THELMA GARCIA Fiesta Duchess F.I'I.A. N.B.A. QV K xmas: :gd ,x we V091 sg. xe ' W -x nw, K:':'?,1eet x V 36599 we 6 11 he 'gb do .eq , 22 X. .- ...,. x if . ri 4 4 " ki? is K QQ P 55 3 DELIA GONZALEZ Girls P.E. Leaders F.I'I.A. N.R.A. Sternglanz Club Senior Follies P.T.A. Award senior I l i lr, L5 Q i' ' mfrm Lou . A GRAHAM Pan Amerlcan W Jr. and Sr. N.H.S. 2 Program Manager E Spur Staff I Treble Clef , I' 'J . I 5 Sllde Rule Club Q ' 'Q Student Council I , ' 1 N 1 l I Senlor Follles . 45 1 .J Who's Who Sextette FRED GROSSMAN Pan American Jr. and Sr N.H.S. Vlce-Presldent Spur Staff Offlcers Club Masque and Gavel Slide Rule Club Class Officer Number Sense Club Senior Play Who's Who P.T.A. Award 4 4 El . 11 1 'Qu 't lu U if I A, f t if X 3 ' x 2,3 l ,. 9' 3 'T 2. fl, ' f K CHARLES nannan I QK Nl ht Shlft Football ' n.5.'r.c. by g Senlor Follles ' X S , 4 ' 9- These darllng boys are just Hlgh Seniors actlng their age. JIMMY HADDAD X A J f N.n.A. , A Student Council F B.0.T.C. x 1 . sl X 1 i .4 4, '41 J. lgl 1 xl Q s A V MXH" , ne l VA 3. elfw ' I' I 1 Y M ' X H l LAURA GRIFFIN SERGIO GUERRERO JOHNNY I-IADDAD Jr. N.H.S. Football Nlght Shlft Football Tatler Staff Basketball Track gmaaitgall Duchess gasfbag d gain Clef . . - f PII 0? Bll . . Student Councll "E" Club Class Officer Senlor Follies R.0.'l'.C. R.0.T.C. Sternzlsnz Club Senlor Follies Senior Play Who's Who A Capella Cholr P.T.A. Award 178 ,, ,,,,,.....-- s' f gl.. X' N ui X 'X ARLENE GUERRY Football Prlncess Flesta Duchess Yell Leader Girls P.E. Leaders Treble Clef Sextette A Capella Cholr R.0.T.C. Sponsor Student Council Class Officer Senior Follies i We 'Fl 5' 1 nfs. if ll HL 1-Y' I K RV If Z""'h h ' . l ' , f A .ei B , I DON HARDEN Jr. N.H.S. Football Class Favorite "E" Club N.R.A. Student Council Class Officer R.0.T.C. 0fficer's Club Senior Follies Who's Who P.T.A. Award FBANKY HADLOCK Jr. N.H.S. Football Duchess Girls P.l'Z. Leaders R.0.'l'.C. Sponsor Llbrary Club F.H'.A. N.B.A. Senior Follies Tumbllng Club Radio Club JOHN HALEY R.0.T.C. JEAN ETTE HALOVY Senior Plaf Senlor Fol ies 0 ANDBA HARPER Jr. N.H.S. Jr. Kalevala Girls P.E. Leaders F.H.A. Nat. Art Honor Number Sense Club Senior Follies l'.T.A. Award Tigerettes PAT HART R.0.T.C. Band Senior Plaf Senior Fol ies Sr. Band Projectors Club BILL HARTSl'IORNy Track Slide Rule Club N .B.A. Student Council Senlor Play Senior Follies Radio Club Science Club Projectors Club seniors "1 233 Q , ' . 3 2 -1 .-. .. M Bon HARRIS A ,I , Jr. and Sr. N.l-I.S. E2 ,M Spur Staff Radio Club 1- ..,., 1 Science Club Student Council Number Sense Club R.0.T.C. A ,Q if t Wi 5 Q Q M, ,Zyl '1 fi 2 is w lt af' NQ,, W N be X vu, W ELOISA HERBERA Pan American BEBTHA HOLGUIN Football Duchess Girls P.E. Leaders F.H.A. Senior Follies P.T.A. Award 2: Wh0'5 who . " ' D.E. 1f'I-T-'L Awafgs I . senior Follies ,4 USGUC and We ,,,. P.'r.A. Award we l f Qxze' A -vi 9' is Y agi 09' 694 6' . vvgg Q6 dxsma ' -fo 4? "' Nga gi-e H . M xxx. we ' ,gzi A XGQQQS N0 , 5090 ctw' .. is 5 9 43 ,,,, ,. Z V . ,, w xx '0 , , ag '9 T , "" S ' if cAnLos . B 'L i no " B Q 15"2?k o E Club -' ---' . i f A R-0-fl'-G if x Ls ip 1 f P.T.A. Award Q 5 A QQ ' A E52z..,E .. - it - A' - GLORIA E HERNANDEZ i uuuu K ' Q, , Senior Follies it , Q A 5 ' W gi E7 te' ' Q V tv -W we .,s, u l A N it -, S mf a W - A C, , 112. "" : ,ff m 523 i' 'A ' A M I ' i V of it 'CTSQQ3 , , 6 H - H 'f ' i in if e Q ' ' tl lie-fi S6x1t, , . E - .gl V53 , i lu 4 V1,,p,FgWxmAU , QM? be 42 w ggiggjii . .sagg ing , , f J A BOB HEMLEY Pan American Basketball Baseball Tennis Officers Club "E" Club Student Council B.0.T.C. Senior Follies CHARLES HI-IRREBA Pan American Jr. and Sr. N.H.S. President Councilman-at-large Night Shift Basketball Baseball Tennis "E" Club Student Council Class Officer VVho's Who Masque and Gavel 179 PADDY HOGAN Football Princess Fiesta Duchess Tennis R.0.T.C. Sponsor F.H.A. N.R.A. Senior Follies Radio Club HECTOR HOLGUIN Pan American Tennis Student Council R.O.T.C. Senior Follies 4 - 6. Q' I -Y llv LYNN HORSLEY Latln Club Jr. N.H.S. Glrls P.l:J. Leaders F.H.A. D.E. Masque and Gavel wfdinl X..i senior ,,,.. A A ,.,. I fn. l 5- 4 Ex . M, A ll xfl , WIDGIE IRVIN Latln Club Football Basketball Baseball Track Tennls Golf Spur Stall Bass Clei "E" Club Student Council Class Olflcer Football Duchess Glrls P.E. Leaders R.0.T.C. Sponsor F.l!.A. Senior Follies Tlferettes Of lcers Club Where were you on the night of the murder?" A Senlor Clvles Class ls lesrnln the funda- mentals of court procedure. ll 1 lf All I fl 1 I A .4 o JON HUBLEY B.0.T.C. Senior Follles Projectors Club Radlo Club W C BERNARD KATZ Football Mgr. Baseball Mg. Boys P.E. aders "E ' Club B.0.T.C. 3' , N PHILIP JACOBS Night Shllt Football Night Shllt Basketball B. .T.C. WILMA KAEBWEB ls. 'f M .. .V . " ' 14 f -1 F' 1 I, lk Q A . A zs, . X "l ll -k ij ANR VRUQHKEY Pan American Jr. N.lI.S. Student Council Girls P.E. Leaders F.l-LA. Allied Youth Senior Play Senior Fol ies Sternglanz Club 180 is .f Qs-. xv E is I JI MARTHA JOE Jr. N.H.S. Girls P.E. Leaders F.lI.A. Senior Follies 4 .sr: A 33 . ?' is F ll 4 ll- 1 4 l I 5 3 e" Z X , 5,5 X ,. X, f . +39 ' Lg. 'W' S.. 4 , . use w CAMILLA LANDAVAZO Latin Club Jr. and Sr. NJ-LS. Kalevala Jr. Kalevala Treble Clei Beauty R.0.T.C. Sponsor Student Council Senior Play Who's Who Masque and Gavel Radio Club ' 1 SANDRA KING Jr. N.l-LS. Girls P.E. Leaders Press Club Tatler Sta!! F.H.A. Number Sense Club Senior Follies FRED KYLE D.E. 0.T. B.0.T.C. ROSALIE LANDA Pan American Treble Cle! A Capella Cholr D.E. 0.T. Treble Clel Senior Follies JACK LAPPE Latin Club Jr. N.H.S. N.B.A. B.0.T.C. N OBMA JEAN LAYTON Girls P.E. Leaders F.H.A. Senior Follies FRANK LEWIS Jr. N.H.S. Kslevela Slide Rule Club N .B.A. Student Council B.0.T.C. Senior P1131 Senior Fo les Science Club x AF gg' A x Y' A il Q K QF 4 if Wx ,Y 2 fi M- 4 if 1: yix 5 VICTORIA LARA Pan American Girls P.E. Leaders F.H .A. Senior Follies Q. , gg ,.,.. x ,W 4 Q , .. I ' x 1 x i Q , 3 R V f 2 ,33 5 ,.,,-ff 84, Football Basketball Baseball Sr. Band Student Council R.0.T.C. Senior Follies lfxkx ,.,: 1 :,1- 2 -.'----:- - E ROY LEWIS ,, seniors Bovs Slide N.B.A. Science Club Officers Club Radio Club Senior Follies X9 4 exgiityb Wei 1 'So eo ef sz? '99 fe s if u 45290 ' "-' "',. A , , 5 7 , 000 sas fag ' Y ' PAUL LoNGMmE 1 .,..,,. - V 'EQ Football Q Truck gf gz.: g,,." if 3 f,,-gy,q.5,,.1efX'- :gf F.F.A. lf ig iil ff!! 7 ' N-E-A ' 5 X55 P.T.A. Award -lv? Q' '-:' fi-1 A JIMMY LOPEB A Jr. and Sr. N.H.S. A A Night sum Football ' Srur Staff ' Vg . iigeglule . . . g 2' ..V,. Student Council ' .1 , EPEAH , E . Class Oillcer Officers Club Ne 4 J B.0.T.C. I - Senior Play , W Senior Fol ies Q 45 Science Club . X o c fi ENBIQUETA LOPEZ F.H.A. N.B.A. Senior Follies P.T.A. Award 181 JIMMIE FAYE EABLENE MALON E seniors t, Q wwf . V Q, ... f- ,, 2? 1 ,b LJ gs- W e ff , ,qt N 4 Nllxt MADELINE MANDELL Pan American Jr. and Sr. N.lI.S. Kalevala Jr. Kalevala Vice-President Glrls P.I'J. Leader Treble Clef B..0.T.C. Sponsor Senior Follies Who's Who mx ye, li -W l Delegate to T.A.S.C. Delegate to S.A.S.C BLANCA MARTINEZ Girls P.E. Leaders Tatler Staff F.ll.A. A Capella Choir Senior Follies Sternglanz Club ACTIVITY PICTUBI-1 "TO BE OR NOT T0 BE!" cozy Dramatlcs Class listens to Mrs. Edmond- son as she instructs and comments on the forthcoming play. "Z 6' 4 I x xv es, ., ti ' n V H+ x e -. n l x N X BETTY MANCILL Girls P.I-J. Leaders N.B.A. Senior FoUles LUCY MARTINEZ Girls P.E. Leaders FJ-LA. le 9, 6. 'v i SARAH MANN F.H.A. N.B..A. Senior Follies :fi .sit Q 4 . G, 2. , ,M - W, x, F 2 , .. Q lg, if 'IK al 2 'fn 0' 1 51? ,7 f I , if , p Q' MARIO MARTINEZ Yell Leader Track N.R.A. Student Council R.0.T.C. Senior Follies Radio Club 182 BOBBY MAPULA Track F.F.A. B.0.T.C. Senior Follies A ,X , 45 , XM P 9 5 I F xx X .la N 1 SY lp W 'W' ' 3 N 1 x ff, I I ' 46 xy E. x ,,-- BILL McDILL Jr. N.H.S. N.B.A. Number Sense Club R.0.T.C. Senior Play' Senior Fol ies P.'I'.A. Award Science Club Projectors Club 15 BOBBY MAYHALL Football Track R.0.T.C. Senior Follies Offlcers Club E.P. Barbell Club MAXWELL Latin Club Jr. and Sr. N.H.S. Football Princess and Duchess Secretary Spur Staff Girls P.E. Leaders Treble Clef Class Favorite B.0.T.C. Sponsor Student Council Class Officer Who's Who BONALD MeCABTY Bass Clef Sllde Bule N.B.A. Class Officer Debate CAROL McKEE Pan American Jr. N.ll.S. Football Princess Girls P.E. Leader B,.0.T.C. Sponsor F.H.A. N.R.A. Student Council Courtesy Club Officers Club PEDRO MEDRANO Track R.0.T.C. JIM MEBRITT F.F.A. D.E. FRANK MIDDLETON Latin Club Jr. N.H.S. Spur Staff Press Club Bass Clef A Capella Choir Science Club Radio Club N.R.A. R.0.T.C. Senior Play Senior Follies .udp -, -M . 'LTKQNQ ' .Q Q . Vx ,A f fl. Wk U Q X ,-:H "IQ .'i'J ':' Xxx iii -1' I ' , V47 :- "EI 'f 3 5 J ' h Q 'F ii Z Ex X E it Q y Mx, , V. .gi ' xg w M mi X. 3 1 W' N? Al is 5. 2. A 5 C of ..v:,f:.35az1 , . '-x- 5 . -ww "5 W i s Ev il '.- . Q U . . l 3 we My S, , . 4' ,SA Lk . H9 .. 315.-sig:-+ cling? A of 1 V gil Q 3. Y gg: N ,I A 4 Wi " m, lp fl xi, WJ 'xiii if K M f S . we V ...,. V .--:.: . R 113,94 M. - ff- 4" 3-f 'bf - .,.., . '1"" Q E523 .,., , W mf, 7 ' I Q wigs -LI E. in . ' '- 4 1 2221 Q' A ,yi .. up .ig ' if H. P isufff vu ...an M. ,y,1,..s NACIM MILEDI Pan American Jr. N.H.S. Bass Clef Masque and Gavel A Capella Choir Science Club Slide Rule Club Senior Follies P.T.A. Award LUIS MOYA R.0.T.C. 183 MARY J OANNE MILLER Library Club Senior Follies VICTOR MOORE Latin Club Jr. N.H.S. Football Track Slide Rule Club "E" Club N.R.A. Student Council R.O.T.C. Senior Follies Who's Who Courtesy Club HECTOR MORENO Track Slide Rule Club N.R.A. R.0.T.C. Senior Follies Officers Club PITO MORTON Latin Club Jr. and Sr. N.l-LS. Baseball Spur Staff Press Club Nat. Art Honor Student Council Class Officer R.O.T.C. Senior Follies Who' Who si 2: :., is .,., lg , A .4 CELESTINO NAJERA Boys P.E. Lenders Sr. Band N.R.A. , Class Officer R.O.T.C. Senior Follies SALLY MYERS Radio Club Jr. NJ-LS. Football Duchess Fiesta Duchess Girls P.E. Leaders R.O.T.C. Sponsor F.H.A. Student Council Class Officer Senior Follies Officers Club seniors MARY NAJ ERA F.I'I.A. N.R.A. Senior Follies Courtesy Club Tumbling Club DELIA NAVARRO NATIVIDAD NAJERA Girls P.E. Leaders F.ll.A. Tlgerettes D.E. F.H.A. Senior Follies D.E. O. T. Senior Follies v. Si S 1' A lb- x , . r 1: A . Q X ' ,A-A ' BETTIE NPIWSIDDI J F.l'l.A. Senlor Follles H1 JESUS OCHOA RAUL PACILLAS Football Track R.0.T.C. Senior Follies ' JI fr Li " -'x i' l S 'I I .pf-V' l ,,...W Q 'fs NN -Q :rl llgaglglg' Stiff nlQRYN1Zi.,lgl-1 . . . . EI Senior Follies Pan American Jr. N.ll.S. Jr. Kalevala Girls P.E. Leaders Tatler Staff Treble Clef B.0.T.C. Sponsor gtudcijnt Cgounclal b N um er . ense u Senivl' Plug' Senior Fol ies A Capella Choir LUELLA oo a uc ess F N2S'lF5'S'l.N rm. club QOSIHFRALES Tatler Staff 0:3901 b Treble Clef R 0 T 3 """""" P"r'A' A ra Qgagella Choir ' ' ' W' seam-'Follies -1 ' 5 S 6 g ERAIIFK PORTILLO c Bgm P.E. Leaders ,XX Senlbr' follies 'X S-rl' K' F - 1 " Wx N ,l VI, . I -1 if! , , 4: f 4 ! X r S is l ' ' N . .W ui 1 'pq x, . , f' SOCORRO OBRI-IGON CARMEN Pan American OCHOTORENA Girls P.E. Leaders F.ll.A. Tatler Staff Treble Clef F.ll.A. N.ll.A. A Cngaellu Choir Cour esy Club Senior Follies N.R.A. P.T.A. Award Tumbling Club Senior Follies 5 A ii Y We 4 . , I 5 'V N .f , 'n ' ,X 1 Agn 9 ' : .,.. ,gi ' .:- ' RUDY QUISONES Football Basketball Track Boys P.E. Leaders Tatler Staff "E" Club Class Officer R.0.T.C. Officers Club Senior Follies Wh ' Wh o s o P.'I'.A. Award 184 8, ., . 1 . V Ji N lx WM on C7 fn. v .l v f I T53 ,X Z, mf' - S 'all' X Yi 7 ,gf 3 I 5 ROBERT BEYES Basketball Track Bass Clef A Capella Choir Class Officer R.0.T.C. RAMON BAMOS Football Bois P.E. Leaders F. .A. Senior Follies EVANGELIN E BAMIBEZ Jr. and Sr. N.H.S. F. I-I.A. Student Council Senlor Follies Sr. Band Glrls P.E. Leaders BOSA RAMIBEZ Pan American Fiesta Prlneell Councilman-at-large Girls P.E. Leaders Sr. Band Class Favorite ll.0.T.C. Sponsor Student Connell Class Officer Senior Follies Who's Who P.T.A. Award IBMA BEY F.ll.A. N.B.A. Senior Pla Senior Follles YOLANDA REYES FJ-LA. N.R.A. Senior Follies Sternglanz Club LOUIS ROBBINS Jr. N.ll.S. Track Slide Rule Club R.0.T.C. Senior Play ESTELLA RODRIGUEZ Girls P.E. Leaders F.H.A. N.B.A. Senior Follies STEVE ROSENBEBG Science Club N.B.A. R.0.T.C. Senior Plaf' Senior Fol ies 5, S N"--.. Q, i , w, F 3 , , , ,X gk 2 1. ,,...... ,. , 5, sl ' f ,. fi Us 2 U E XX ' ' 'S X i , -dll, " V 'Mali . sf . 'I . 33: ,V ,-.:... 'Q C, N - fE5'. ,.f,132lQ ,... ' .. 522311 M : Y P ..... P '12'E2i?v'i'- i2 '2i5: -.-. f.f' 'Wifi' W ,.fff.' - ,I - 1: 15 . E3 . e f Q S ' 4 r ifgiiif ' f PAT RUCKER Girls P.E. Leaders Tatler Staff F.H.A. D.E. Senior Follies M, , .,..,,. i K 1 lx 3' in 'B ' ' .ew 16' if M 'H' 4 K l 5 if 4? I i if ,E if WZ? L3 , x lb ll is J-sq .. M ww sn. ,ne R Q :M .. ' CAROLE SADLER Girls P.E. Leaders we-W i Treble Clef A Maw-L' Jr. Historians gf . V 4 A Capella Choir ci "-' ' Sextette jg , F.n.A. 1 H A Student Council f V: A , u , e,,, , sx, A l ""i' up ,:.,i . ' i'i: ' - ' -, A ' ri :"' I ,. A ' ig gf A ED SANDERS Pau American Spur Stat! Tatler Staff gi. , A gi Slide Bule Club 5' fir- as F B.0.T.C. 7 A I ' y Senior Follies 5 vm' J r jf MIGUEL SALOM Football 1?r'i'i'i SALVADOR SALAS - - - Baseball B-0-T-0 R.0'T.C. Sternglanz Club Senior Follies Rifle Team P.T.A. Award VICTOR SALAS B.0.T.C. Senior Follies MIGUEL SALAZAB Football Basketball Track Class Favorite "E" Club Class Officer B.0.T.C. Senior Follies Who's Who P.T.A. Award Senior Follies enior ANGELIN A SABABIA Girls P.E. Leaders F.H.A. N .R.A. Senior Follies Tlgerettes ll 5 JOY SCHNEIDER Girls P.E. Leaders B.0.T.C. Sponsor mf- , ,, J ' ' 1 R f fi 25 l ei 5 RITA SALAZAR ALFBEDO SANCHEZ Girls P.E. Leaders Golf Treble Clef F.F.A. A Capella Choir R.0.T.C. Student Council Courtesy Club 185 Slide Rule Club N .B.A. Student Council Class Officer Allied Youth Senior Follies I ff 9- ' MANUEL SILVAS Jr. N.l-LS. I , R.0.T.C. 3 l l ' 1 N 'fy . 'l N 5 .. A x lv.. o J 1- M . Ne xx J tal N I X l X fi mu. SIEZIINI-:lumix . I- ' F th x Tggckn 'J - Boys P.l'I. Leaders --I-2" Club , , Student Council A X , ' Clans Offlcer l Y : R.0.T.C. ' - ' v Y 'JY' . x ll l SfHK,SEBRAN" m-:TTYIJ SMITH D.E. Pan American ' ' 9.1-. Jr. and Sr. N.H.S. I . Senlor Follles Kalevall X X 2' Jr. Kalevala - mx gr , . .7 -0- M it Spur Staff A y Y 'ruler sem I it Science Club W f . Jr. Historians A ' Student Council Number Sense Club JACK SCHI'LI.l'IR Jr. Kalevala N.R.A. Senlor Play Senior Follles PHILIP SONNICHSEN Latin Club Sr. Band Jr. Historians Orchestra D.E. N.R.A. . Student Council R.0.T.C. '- Senior Follies w , Q, 'MAX' 4 ,lt lI.0.'l'.C. A 1, 'PK V . . 'L' ff f J 1 . I l F ' ,e I n RICHARD SCHWARTZ Night Shift Football Slide Rule Club N.R.A. R.0.T.C. Officers Club Senlor Folllcs ROBERT SOUDA Jr. and Sr. N.H.S. Slide Rule Club N.R.A. Student Council R.0.T.C. Senior Follies P.T.A. Award me " .-eff: ' l ' 5 i ' ,. mr A ' as 3 . it .E l ia an ,lf iw? I --s-'- "' ' - ' I . 711 ff ' as SHIRLEEN CURTIS SPIER SHARPLEY Latin Club Jr. NJ-l.S. Jr. NJ-LS. Knlevala Basketball Jr. Kalevala Slide Rule Club Spur Staff N.R.A. Girls I'.l'I. Leaders R.0.T.C. Treble Clef Science Club Student Council Who's W'ho Senior Play Who's Who A Capella Choir Masque and Gavel Jr. Historians P.T.A. Award 186 N ' + 6 I X is . .. e. X 2 . f. ff Mk its 5 5 3 fp .qs F f 'SX 'Ll l m 'l n I 6. 1 S X xx .XX T. X sl 5 l iimtx DONALD STEWART Jr. Kalevala Night Shift Football Bass Clef Slide Rule Club N.R.A. R.0.T.C. Debate JANE SPIER Jr. N.ll.S. Girls IRE. Leaders F.II.A. Slide Rule Club N.R.A. Student Council Number Sense Club Courtesy Club Science Club Tlgerettes Senior Pla? Senior Fol les ANN SPRINGER Tennls Who's Who GEORG E STABLEIN Boys P.E. Leaders Library Club Sr. Band Jr. Historians Downbeats N.R.A. Student Council Class Officer R.0.T.C. P.T.A. Award PHYLLIS STEVENS Girls P.E. Leaders F.H.A. N .B.A. seniors J. 0. STEWART JR. Nigmsnin Fotball Boys P.E. Leaders Bass Clei Radio Club F. F. A. Slide Rule Club R. 0. T. C. Debate LOBY TALPIS Jr. N. H. S. Jr. Kalevala Fiesta Duchess Girls P. E. Leaders Tatler Stal! Librarx Club F. H. . Student Council Senior Play JOY UPHAM Senior Follies Courtesy MARTHA VALENCIA Pan American Jr. N. H. S. D. E. 0. T. , P. T. A. Award -.1-1 1.2 A . , ,v .. S. W... 5 .. ... .. MARTHA BAY VANCE Latin Club Kalevala Jr. Kalevala ' Spur Stall Tatler Staff Treble Clef All EPI-IS Girl Student Council Senior Play Who's Who P. T. A. Awards A Capella Choir MILLIE VILLA Helene Vogelpohl PanNAmerican Jr. .H.S. Girls P.E. Leaders Treble Clef A Capella Choir Radio Club Tumbling Club Archery Club F.H.A. N.R.A. M 4 ' . ..-1 TQ PVAQ . I.. .,... f . Qfgfgfir 3 a . 4 . 4 W , -M . K 1 ? Z Aj it g ..:: vw?" 'F Huw K M ' E ' 3 N Iii , W i- :eg gs 'l E 1 'J E ix 416 I CONSUELO VALLES A Capella Choir Sternglanz Club F. H. A. Senior Follies i . .. .,........ .,..V.. iiii 2 3 . if is . ...gs . - l sg. ri MARIA VILLA Sternglanz Club Senior Follies 187 Pan American ,MW W- ff" Hostess Club 1 F.H.A. 2 N.n.A. 3 M l S Senior Follies .V '- "' f .5 s ' 5. MARTHA VELA i R. 0. T. C. Sponsor ggggiswixnn 3' 1'G'i."2' sgesgg-gf C'-b ...A . .. . Oififiefi Chl'-' StudeutlCouncil X' 'Ffh S f 1' I Senior Follies R'0.T.C- , 3 2 ' Z7.. Josh vlcnnvsr Latin Club 4 Allied Youth ,V ' ,... I 43- ....- . 4 SANDRA WOLFE 'E ' Latin Club Jr. Kalevala Tennis if S ' T f Girls P.E. Leaders 5 Q Q X R.0.T.C. Sponsor Q - Nat. Honor . ' ,EIWW A 5 Senior Follies X I kg: 4 1 A2 Jr. Historians E , w V 2 2 MARY VIGERUST Latin Club ' 'M' 'S- Girls P. E. Leaders Jr. Historians F. H. A. .fz . A N. R. A. " M Allied YOUU1 NANCY WOODSIDE GZ Pan American Latin Club an " W Jr. N .H.S. - Tennis , ' Spur Staff 5 ' Science Club Student Council v ix Number Sense Cluh L 31.3 Wm W Senior Play gm 'K' A X' W I f Q Senior Fol ies 'C l Jr. Historians . 2 3 . y A 5 A 2 5 YOLANDA VILLA CLARK WEIGHT, JR. Girls P.E. Leaders N-R-:L F,l-LA, R.0.T.C. N,B,A, Senior Pla Senior Follies Projectors Club Science Club E l XXQAKSYS 'hi-u " ' . 1 4- .WSQF I ,. R k it 3 . J,x I nil! . V ,Jn 1 ' P FALL LOW JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BOBBY AGUILAR, President MARY DAEUBLE. Vice President LOUANN CAUSEY, Secretary MARY BLANCHE POLL!-JY, Yell Leader SPRING LOW JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ERNEST GOELDNER, President JIM DICl'S. Vice President JEANINE Bl-JEVERS, Secretary PEGGY ABRAHAM, Reporter FERNANDO MERCADO, Yell Leader JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FALL HIGH JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRED SOl'FLI'lI'1, President ALFRI-IDO SANCHEZ, Vice President MAG-DALI-INA ADAIJTO, Secretary TOMMY GABRIEL, Yell Louder Knot shown! SPRING HIGH JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS RAFAEL CHAVEZ, President BOBBY BLANCO, Vice President CHARLIE ABMIJO, Secretary GARDNER TREHARNE, Yell Leader tnot shown! g NWS 64 1 'I fi! ml ' E I, I L ,z O Q Q- HOPE ABRAHAM ,'1! .'N v 'hw X HITMBERTO AMPARAN X 3 n .MIX 1 " 'XMIIQ ANNA BARBLA ROBERT BOWLIN 3. A's:?f' KAY CARTER .gms 'G LILIA CASTILLO Y . DANIEL CHAVEZ 4 0- MAGDALENA ADAUTO C. 1 -1 ' J f or , PAUL ANDERSON Ji LI'IOPOI.D0 BARBI HNTOS .al-' f- X Q-'7 'hr' Al MARY SUE BREWSTHR 4 ,J I .a v-, ,f 'f 52215 1'- Qa i Ls. I I' .V ' 1 im 'J cAnLos cAsTAsmoA J MARY CASTRO of . - A I 'asf' N GBOBGB cBAvBz XJ Hn BOBBY MARCARFT REYMUNDO RICARDO AGUILAR AGUILAR AGUILAR AGUILAR . ' J H 9 A ,Q T371-'in ab-I I. ' I .. fi -W3 X '-,, 1 6 ,..N.,y,f 'I f X' fg'K1ofJ" if j .E ' L-1 ' -fn mia SUSAN NORA RICHARD MARY ANDERSON ARMENDARIZ BACKER BAEHR 19 I - N.. . Q V i . K.. t ' X EMMA ,HELEN LILY GUILLFIRMO BAUTISTA BENSON BETANCOURT BLANCO 7 fi N juniors O, .lm 'Q l gl.- RAFAEL IIORTENSIA BUSTAMANTE CABRANZA is - . 190 During a half hour of hot politics, the Low Juniors elect their class officers. A v. ,. Nknx an 1 A. ANx, N Jos:-: ARTUBO ALVA ALVAREZ OMA JERRY BAILI-:Y BAKER i ,I - , '25 l 1 5' 7 . if ' f'l'!f' is Q ., fu ff "T" III-:NNBTH LOUIS BURDI-:N BORLAND A K L. A Af' - o oR A 1? I 4 f A'h ' W 'I SONJA ALICI-3 CABSCALLI-:N CARTAGENA .5 Q ff N' , f u 1 BILL CIIABLI-is CASTILLO CASTILLO 555:-I ,V , WAND.-I LOUANN CATES CAUSI-:Y lQkf"M'. 'N Y 1 L'3 B 1 f BAFAI-:L I-ILSIIJ CIIAVI-:z CHI-:W ,J-N an K MARY LOU ROGELIO CORDERO CORDOVA - - A A ' I '4-Eff-E JILL PAT DONOI-IUE DONOHUE 12 '75 ':- 1- 'X Z W3 CAROL BEN ELLIOTT ENDLICII 'li an A K' .1-.S , iw! ,C g, I. K RAMIRO PATRICIA FLORES FOBD , f A '25, ,iq V. RICHARD MARILYN GIVEN GOLDBERG i .Vai in I A ml LJ , is RAFAEL RENE GONZALEZ GONZALEZ BETTY MARY GRAY GRAY 5. Q 'ff gc Sw K' Qjf. ,E iv ii N ' A XR K V31 2,1 ' . 'Y :3Gy ,, DIARY JERRY ICDMFNDO RICHARD JI'LIE DAEIYISLE DAUGHERTY DE ANDA DISYOE DITTDIER .H . . . W FW A H - : J" ' ' I , N H A Q In 1 ... A N cu. Q." ,-if law ' " f K- I 5 Hui. .gg .4 . A f ' U XX. . f-2'-1 'H K- LUIS SANDRA TRAVIS HERBERT NORMAN DURAN EATMAN EDENS EHRLICH EKERY in I 5 , if - as 5- w,gif': L V G ,. y :L I. . I : V W T sh .R u, -,X Q X G s -. M S - , REYMUNDO MITCHELL CECILE SANDRA ESTELLA ESCARCIGA ESPER FEINER FLAIZ FLORES juninrs 1 - FQ NZ' ' ALLAN TODIMY KATHERINE FRIEDMAN GABRIEL GALINDO A Junior Dance at which the Seniors did all the dancing. ANTONIA GONZALEZ . .,,...,,. , , if . -. ' ' -P.:-:,.-rsfw , U 59 51353 ""' 5 .:f.,. A 1 " bi 9:-5.3 ', p 'W' 7 U lf 5 .V at 1 WZ .. "1" N P' vxfivflmif . L53 'V . MMI? f .,- .. zifiaw . Lili I ,.., is BERT GOUDLOE - 12" wg :K YVONNE GRIFFIN ,- 1 n AL Gl'ADALI'I'l'2 DOBLADO JOHNNY ELIAS 1 no 2. 1 V if ff MAN l' ELA FLORES zu -,A w.- ry J HARRY GARBAR CELIA GONZALEZ 1 .xg Q CHARLES GRANT XJ '??,I DAVID GBIFFITIIS 4 'in- BETTYIC HADDAD 1 IIERMINIA HERNANDEZ FRANCES JESSUI' .A Q 5 J JIM KREIMEYER I '11 41.3 JOS E LOPEZ ABMANDO LUEVANO II ELEN MARQUEZ 5 LAVON HARTRICK .1 1 . . N X ll m-:'r'n' HUSBAND ,A M 1 Zi. 5 NANFEE KINNCII ERF L- 'Jw ROGER LIVINGSTON 57. 2 " 14' s w.7. I all ., 1 51 fx ' M EDITH SERENA RUSSELL VERNON HAMILTON HAMILTON HARPER HARRIS nw 6' A - ' f. -.Y 5- X 7' Ll PHYLLIS GRACE WANDA MARY LEE HESLER HOLGUIN HOLT HOUSE ' s 9 - . ,' LN ' 1' Aw .i. , . , , '- Z ' f:..' -1 0 v s I :Q - GRACE DON BEATTIE ANNE JERRY JOE JOHNSON JONES KELLEN W1 , I - juniors . Q VZNQ' , 2 leg, f S ., 1 4 Hl'2I"LEY NORMA LA l"LEI'R LEYINE K ua ' 1 , gd . f f' K f : N' 0 A ROSEMARY LOPEZ ' 1,1 .04 " I 1' ? , ' f Q 1 JERRY MALOY -17' f 4 ROSE MARY MARQITEZ 192 3 ai 9 P' I N ...X A ,O 1 nfs 5 1 Q Dick Shinaut urge-s the Student Body to bark the football tram. F Y", ' x I HARRIS HATFIELD X JE-" 1-3 ,.- xjx RICHARD IIYDER 3 1 Y I HOD KNAPP CORINNE LOERA MERCEDES LORANCA SANDY MANN Xp. MARTHA MARTINEZ " 'LW .- X MARIAN HEGSTED ff ' ig QR YELMA JACKSON , I - -1. xX'Q ' 1 DICK RNAPI' A 'ra NANCY LOPER I 5 XA .. . PQ--, , ' W' - 5 Tx . R' BEATRICE LUERA f' r A 9 I I 1 MARY ELLEN MAPULA I 1 " X ,' ,. A :x . HENRY MASTERSON v w 5, . A rv ,Jjw 4' gf 5 iw? if X 5 was sim W. .5 f ll ,gxi W aim, W Qu. ,K gas A SA J X 'ge Y k XL Aw.. 3' f .ssl Y . 2, ...,. I f,,,,hV : .g1 N Aw N- 5, In JOHN RICHARD BETTY BARBARA MARGIE HARRII-:TT CALIXTO SAM MATTOX MAY McAFEE MCALESTER MCKEMY MCMORRIES MEMBRILA MERAZ A ' ':" - V ' 51- Wsh . , U Z JV' 'W -,A- +1 f- 55? X352 A ,QD , ,Q 'P W gn f' my ' "L v jf A A ag, gel? l -- Al ' 4 R In I . ,- . Y 2. mv 'IEA Z -5 -I "" "'I E I I K 'I' , ARMANDO NORA MARIA MARILYN MARY HELEN SHIRLEY JESS HOWARD MERCADO MIRANDA MONTOYA MOORE MOORE MOORE MORROW MOWAD R5 ' Y :Q L yw wi Q ' W fr , ' M 2 vs A :L ' E 3 I X A X Q fl - 1 ' YOLANDA JOAN DIANA CARLOS JACK CARLTON LETITIA CECILIA MURILLO MURRAY NADIB NAVARETTE NELSON NICHOL ORNELAS ORTEGA A sw- 1' Q AN, , " gn. A ,Q juniors 5 . 'i 1 x M , I .fix X iq M if gf! X 5 2 1 4 D that an 3 FLORA ANITA FREDDY jgnylgjgva DELORES RICARDO MARY PADILLA PALACIOS PALACIOS G A PARRA PENA POLLEY x - .,.., , ,J tp, ,W A? . 'A V NM ffx Q 4 4 5115-3 f x 1 Q ff A BOBBY CAROL BILL CECILIA PBENSKY PUCKETT PURDY QUINONES vw gw -t 'Z' on Q? ZA - f Z x sl' , Hg, ,, :L W 5 'A Q A A S 2 5-N. BOB MIRIAM EVA FRANCES REINHART REISEL RENTERIA REYES N ,. N 1' .ff W A f ' E ff' Mlss Coffm's fall Algebra 3 class ,M : ,kg - is trying to look intelligent. Q 5 . Q A fm - . JOE MARUELA LUIS SHIRLEY BEYES BEYES RODRIGUEZ ROSEN 193 f H I - , 3 an i L -. fi-". - "D I ., ,I qi ' " ' f. Ei , " - f ' E- . if " ' 'H zu wf 43? 5 M. ' I A x ' I I- ' ' I I LEANORE JOAQUIN LUELLA HOWARD MARTHA ROSA ALFREDO YVONNE ROSENIIERG RUIZ RUNTE SAGOR SALAS SALAZAR SANCIIEZ SANCHEZ -35' -at , 1 . 3 ' v, ., ,' A . j 1 --W 5 , .M 1. U, Q wil V. I A Q K W4 , Ga n- ? in -3 N f V In A V . is F N , " Ai " I ' .--' S I . W .wx . .QI gn ,Rh Q ,lx csv N " x .. Q XV .Ex x Q ' I ' A 'B A K. I 6 I I X A ANN - CECILY PHILIP LUCILLE MARION SAM DAVID JERRY SANFORD SCHWARTZ SEI'1GER SEPULVEDA SIMON SKIDMORE SMITH SMITH , A ef , if 4. 4' , ..- " T7 .- ' ' EW' 'R V X Q 2 :Q ' W nj. ' I 6' N., ' . , f -... g, " A , ' j ' '5 iw s I -in 1' X A . in ,A Irv!! N4 sg I f X X 6 17, fn IP A W A fx Q . " . kd A -,-v - Q " In I 5 fu . Y ' N 1 v7 . 's PEGGY VANCE WADE RICHARD FRED MICHAEL CHARLENE PHYLLIS HMITII SMITH SMITH SOTELO SOUFLEE STAUNING STEIN STEIN Qty!-1 A . Af A - Nqr ,YT7 XM? 3 X f' A ,- -.gg x ., 'N if M if X7 V. . 5 . Q 4 4 5 I 'Q s l V 3 I I fi I 1 ' X . ' ' Q ' I GERALD GARDNER BILL MARY JAMES DOLORES STEWART TREHARNE TYRA VASQUEZ VECK VERA V I af 2. T ' - A Hn' ' - -- mf- ,gr ,. Q s A T. Y I 'F x ' ,- . K OSCAR MANUEL MARY ANN JUSTINE VILLANUEVA VILLASANA VINES WALK!-33 W5 I " f ' ? .f W' . Y , -. Q s . ' 7 X , ROSALIE BILL DURIS FRED WALLER WATERSON WEBB VYELDON The Student Body pulls for the nicesmfm ' I A' xl .Y while they play Cathedral. ' ww' I Q- if I . I X f RUSSELL ESTELLE M Y FRANCE ' TANA WILLIAMS WINTROUB ABZANER S HORWITZ 19 4 Hen Party! The boys are in an R.0.T.C. parade. American history can't be that funny. Mlriam's got the answer! I see you, too! 22, Bill Purdy always manages to get hi face in somehow. ii-ni llil! v" l V " "'h - " k - - fi ni - -. , I-- ,J I Q5 wg' f-"- , -L A , . .I-,,,-V-f N QM s f A P V, 3 1 ' f-f -A' ian-iii. fm if - A, , -1 V- M Q """'F"' A I 1 5 f , SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FALL HIGH SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, JOHNNY HADDAD Vice-President, RICHARD NAJI-IRA Secretary, YOLANDA FLORES Reporter, RICARDO VALADEZ Yell Leader, HECTOR BARRAGAN SPRING HIGI-I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, ALBERTO YIP fnot shownl Yell Leader, JUAN WILSON Secretary, MARGARITA MARTINEZ Vice-President, WILBUR KOHNLE FALL LOW SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President. LORENZO PERALES Vice-President, w0R'rH SCHERMERHORN secretary, Jx-:sus AGUILAR Yell Leader, DOLPH HATFIELD SPRING LOW SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, BERNIE SIERRA Vice-President, JESUS AGUILAR Secretary, ARMANDO NAJERA Yell Leader, RUDY I-IUERTA Reporter, IBENE SOSA Q X K-x .ll'l.lA AIi0l'Il 'ov MARY ALVAIIAIIU 1737 SYLYIA AIIM IJU A5 --v .ll'IANlNl'1 l!l'1l'2Yl'2lIS 4 5 , Y v IIORIGTTA li ICN IPALIN 2 JOAN LI'Illlil'2NSON 1 4 - 1 2, m liI'll!AI.D SUSWTILL xii' 1 " 1, ' 3 . A' ' ' F Q B -x m nfs . , Q., 6 X 4 ' ' v Q-' . X WL.. I' ' ' so sb. ,vc h rznwmur mum' .low-rp Ll'lS mmm ,xNNAm:l.l.r: AHRAIIANI Anlmnmn Auuzrz ALAm'ox .u.m:m:Tl-: ALVA - '. 79' ... 'Z " 4 J, , . . '-' , -A 19 'f o 'ji W4 A H- il? ' M 9' 2- A . N 'x X nmnmw IVIARGARITA mmnno n0NA1.n YQLANDA 'roman' Al,vAm:z AMAYA AMAYA ANDERSON Amxlzn ARCINICGA 2 C' W A 5, 'vs N- 1 I " - , v , , s v ' '-' +L x v o M 1' nmN'rr: mrxxrz mmm urzomu-3 IIECTOR ROXANN ,union fmmznuxno umm ummm HARRAGAN BARR!-ITT g s ...N 1 sophomores - . "-' 5 I ' i fv ,,,,, I 1 H 1 Wm X LY f U, X . -1 I Nl ills' ' mum, MARVIN m'Mm:nT0 PAT mxm, mzu, muomzs BROOKS '. ? ,gg u X . ll , 413.3 , X MARVIN JAIFWS lil'1NDAl.lN 'H RT I .K JOHNNY 151141, liITTll'KS CARRERA ..,,g,' ANNl'I'l'Tl'l BUYER 198 ,, fn' K I, if jj his o, , 'C xx D ARI'l'll.l-IA ALYA CHARLI E ARM I-I0 I v W.. lxql JOE NASH MAN . -v ,rk SERGIO lll7RQl'l'2Z F S . Q . 'Q if i MANY!-II. Ill'NTAfVlAN'l'E ,As- '14 ,fb v--. GRADY CALHOUN N X. Thfy Call if Gaming- lu-:NNI-:Tn JAM!-:s c'Am'r:NTr:n CARR I f Us A WA Y, ,V if 'SS 1 JOE CASARES ing' rf , gf. . K- 7, JOE CLEVELAND A If .Q I A -Q s' M., K fa g , galil? . CARLOS CUARON .rbi fe' LILIA DEL HIERRO A x v A is K M ' , Sip? BEA DONOVAN x PAT DUNIG AN IZ' TONY DURAN o 1' - - A f. :.... A fif if A A . --Z 'E - f f ,V Q , A ? lx im' ig W it . ., e-'55 A . 4- ' -:Zvi f f? 'A , - ' 'M 1, '3- 4, ,W --,- -I x I . Av Y 3:5 2 ,.-- 1 -4. A A , WALTER ANCELINA SALVADOR LEE 'rl-:Rn-:SA MARGARET CASE CASTILLO CASTILLD CHAGRA CHAPARRO CIIAvEz 1 Ar W , 1 A i2i12SQ ':y X' H' I .- ,R A gf? 8 . ':':' 1. ' ' -'-.Q ggg-:z-' If V Wm... N x K Q , T ' is . I :Q-'C ,V X, 4 I V KM xx is 1 Z it X I I RAMON GUILLERMO HILDA LUIS RICHARD GENE COLOM CONTRERAS CORREA CORTES JR COUNTS CDYIIENDALL - -sw- :E -I Z - . 3 Q 5 4. . ,F NANCY PAUL VICTOR BLANCA NAzARI0 I-:STELLA DAUM DAVIS DE ANDA DE LAS CASAS DE LAS CASAS DE LA TDRRE 'R h 'R' ' '- Y SOP 0Ill0l'0S Q43 ,h A A ,W M, , X A A 'M 'A 5 VY Q -1 Y yy H WADED WILLIAM BQXBIQZ ELIAS ELIAS ,I 1 i in A 4 .' , W L"-I Eg: 3,-, -.,-. GERRY DOYLE TED ENGEL K ISELA EDWARD DURAN ESCALANTI-I .:.:., - 2' if' Q 1 .. q! IE, ZLZ, I ' 'M 5 ' It was good to see ALBERTO YIP at 'L '- 'Vg the El Paso-Austin game. A A Q23 .' 1 ' M1531 -A A SUBELI-A GILBERTO LLIAS ESPARZA 199 3 rr.- qi ,,. " P lv I I XAVIER CHAVEZ X N. ,N .1 ,,,, f ur 5 MARGIE CRAWFORD if 51 I A-wg RALPH DE LA TORR 5' JOSEPH ELLIS 1 1 CEZAR ENRIQUEZ ANNA ESCANDON fn... -an X - - K 5 ,,..,:, 1 - A .5 ADELAIDE EVANS L if P' HERIIERT I"I'1lNIIl'IRU v on ,V WAYN E FOX pf' N ,, in .,o EMMA GAVIDIA .fl ...Z ', KV , . A , JODY GOOD ELI, fo " 1 X . 1 IILANCA GUZMAN 'F 4, 19 I JOHNNY IIAIDDAD . 64 1 I . i gl A X 1 JOE IIALOW' I . Q, 4 Y K I "Q an J , , , . '- nmnmnm BEN FINK FISHER I Y A-A 1' 't 'gy ff Y .I - X 2- wn.Lv GLORIA uALAuzA oA1.1Nno fl 7' 5 5 f Jap' I ' 1 NANCY x-znmzsfr ur:nMANv uor:LuNr:n i T ' I' .msrs Lum-: rmA.1wnA uur:vAnA D ELLA IIADIIAID .1 -3 4 J JOIIN IIALL 4-mfr EIIVVARII IIAMI'TON 3 ' x MARILYN JIMMY FITHIAN FLACK D9 'fri Fd ,J f 1 E JESUS ELVA GALLEGOS GALVAN W as 2, . , 3, war we 7 I 1' , FRANKIE ALICIA GOLD GONZALES sophomores .. A A I W. if AJ ,wx YOLANIIA ANNE FLORES FLOIVERS V I Q X . ox S YK' Xl . R 4 ALFREDO ALFREDO GARCIA GARCIA, JR. IRENE ISMAEL GONZALEZ GONZALEZ 8 LUCILLE HANNON 200 All those in favor of . . . f MYNETTE IIAIIDING ANNE IIARMON nu. , 4- s,y- I f I DOLPH IlATFlI'ILII 5-'Ea , A e JOSE II ERNAN ll EZ L J LILLIAN FOLLETT I 1:- db ' 4, N., K .VF I S18 ALFONSO GARIBAY 'Q L. MANUEL GONZALEZ Q J 'V fd 65 p by NORMAN HARLOW ew, Y af 1 I n MILTON HART r J SHIRLEE HENDON , v 2 IIOROTII Y HOFFMAN A - ' A f ' Evogql A I Q : . Q :f V I s V' 'V .V -5' - ff Z: .Q MARY MARGARET JACK RACHEL EVELYN BOBO rmncoms HOLGUIN noLMEs HORNEDO HYDER mvm ,. ge f.: 'QZVS Y M A DOROTHY JOSEPH "F ,bf WILBUR KOHNLE JESUS LOPEZ f HENEE MAESE 3 ., f V ' JOHN MALOOLY I '- rn , JACK MANN MYRNA HENRY NINA JOHN MARY ANNE JOSEPH JURADO KAZIN KEMP KENNEDY gg, ..,. .iwgoffh 4 IM Ay 1 Ez: , In .V 'W K , A . A wwf 4' 'A 'err A-3' sf, :"2. . 'X , - ' A A 'Y' f" fp ' PATSY MARLENE YvoNNE MARIA RAYMOND LATHAM LAvIs LEGARRETA LEOs LEW IS EOA E, 'Z wi 1 ,. M2215 ' A - --1 H ,...., A A sophomores TILLY LARRY CLARA, Lowl-:Nl-'IELD MACDONALD MABQDEZ ' in . Xa 7' MIRIAM MAGEDSON GARY MANN ,ow bp- x ANG ELA MARQUEZ f 1' gf? xt .,,, G. Qm,.,Wz, nf.-ff,-A A 'A+ 5: .,iiL?., . A v , ,ri ,Q . , , 4 s . w MS. 4- , E - ,mm ,AMW , , I 5 -V " if , 3 f -7 4 W' 4 ,Xe xg mxtvx X I i! GEORGE PAUL ISAAC JOHNSON ij LELAND KEY X A S X "' 1 1 RUSSELL LEVVIS ,Af 4 np, rl 1 33. , r Q .. EDVVARD MARSHALL JOHN KNIGHT .ar BERNEY LOPEZ . My .,. 5 5: ,- CELIA MARTINE A - Q wfzgfag, A was .,.... G Q 1 M , 50 MARGARITA HOWARD MARTINEZ MAS:-:RANK 'x i ,fx LINDA KATHLEEP DICCASLAND MCHLROY 4' fn A ff.. E M 7 CARLOS OLGA The TATLER Staff confers MELQINDEZ NIENDEZ on the latest issue. 201 Z .1-" I. .V mg .21 MARIA LICNA MIGRAZ A 4 if 'cw YM' mx! M e .k, ALICJAN DIIO MONTHS . 'Z 1 . Q 1 x . L, ICDIIIIC MOVVAD 4 nl ' . i J'-f X I 1 N rx + I- BIGATRICIC OCIIOA EVA ORTICGA !I 'Q- 1"'x , 9 1 I AMOS OUG IITON -3 I H N'- OSCAR PANDO Q3 --if '.n 4 I"I'IRNANIlO MICRFADO 'U 5'9- Q. I! s RICHARD MONTGOMERY - I i X 'K SUE JIFRDOCK I Al SIIIRLICY OESAU 4-' ' -If "" -'J' RODOLFO OR'I'I'XiA 15: ' V si, , ISICLA PACIIECO , I I IIOTHNSIA PAYAN .n - - J ' ww ICLSA M I-IZA I CARMEN MORALES 5 5. NAMRA NACIM 4 R PATTY ORB .y H ,, ARTHUR BLANPA WILLIAM MICHI-:L MILEIJI MILLER 4 . .Q H ' 4 A f -:' . ' V . X Wk Q.. kwa CELIA VICTOR IIEYES MORALES MORALES MORENU H L 5 ,:.,:. 1 .Qi fo A ,. I " ' 'U Hunk 7 -A 1 :::?:57'W5,f'f"Ji ,I A i:g.."f:.g.:!,j1,,,'- , fsesrff-:f.+ f N 1 SANDRA RICHARD Bon NAIL NAJI-:RA NASH A 2 Q sophomores W LOUIS PIJINADO E.P.H.S. Show during half-time' at the Austin game. 202 .,s - A I S- W TERESA MOLINAR I ROY MORIICL I PAUL NAY ,442 , JESUS I"I'IRAI.I-IS A .- ,f X L OSCAR PISRALES , 5 ' A ,Yr 1' ig 'I .Q V0 'I wiixx IIIAGDALICNA I'ONCI'I DICK POWERS Wu - of -I 2 IRMA MONTELONGO R Y.. f .-Q, I SHERIDAN MOTT 4 MELISSA NICHOLSON .3L, ..sf 14 'Q Ak Qs. LORENZO PERALES 4 A MILDRED PIELMIISR i ANASTACIO PORRAS 1 X ENEDINA POZO 2E? ..,,: . 55 k -F' 1' A M dm W 1 A if - if +V- L - X E , M K, - f Q , ' A L1 ' 7 .V f M M ,Q 5 A 4 , I fig sTELLA ESTELLA DOLOREs HAFAEL BRUCE RAUL QUINN QUINONES RAMEY RAMIREZ RATHBURN REYEs zo . . ,A A - no "' ,, .,,,,, . ..If 1 A yt ,W , , :Tv nd V:-,lg Q W: 5 ham, , ,A H. HEW?LfKg .1 . ' I A ' 4' ' ' R1 4-. , A "' 1 . DORA RICHARD 1311355 ELMA ABI-LLARDU MARTHA RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ ROQUE BOSALI-is ROSAS RUIZ 'HN A--L M' MGH' - ' 4 4' N A M - A 4 A -Mr V. fr i- , -f-V A M u is QA . ,W v + A 5 A vx ' Wa u Z ' MARY FELIPA INA ESPERANZA BETH WVORTH SALCUHI SALGADO SALZMAN SANCHEZ SANDERS SCHERMEHHOHN l Wm ,. ..,. . K in so 0 , sophomores V' N 21 5 .-:I . '-Z J x X, 'LL MARTHA ED SHARON GLENELL SHAMY SHEEMAN SKJDMORE TALLMUN www 4 ' ' K . Aw- wg 3 ' 1 X K in 11 MILTON BILLY SMITHERMAN NPIEH M no lr' go A , , . A A 5 I R' 4' as M xy j 1 Vg! ' X ' Q N" 535: - . I , x 1 A E W HARRY IHANNE U' SPRING BR DAVID STEVYART S'l'Al'NlNG EQLNKWQQ xg. Q '- i k? X M"?7A3g' JIMMY STENYART The Tiger Bench. 203 J ,XTX f SYLVIA BEYICS f CARMEN SALAS Qi , f' I Aqgiiiilip 4. BARBARA SCH IILLHR W, o, ooo , , Xu? , Q x fb- wks 1 ff' A N a ' .- , X M K -.aw Q H 'Win-A 'I '. AL A I MARY RICE 'fm , V 57' ok r Q AM HELEN SALAZAR W1 ,PV M MICKEY SCIIVYARTZ ABRAHAM MARY ANNE TANGO TAYLOR . Ji W X . . A ' V ,V - 5 f fl M' ' TOMMY Rl'1Fl'Gl0 TAYLUR TERRAZAS Q an MA 1 l 5' . -u X' Q if ,. 33-55'iH 9 TOMMY RICARDU 'l'lCKLl'l YALADICZ K X ' , dwlh ff 'A A ' 1 5 X , x A 5 RUSH IVIARY LYNl'l'l'Tl'I VALLADULID VANCE . zg:,:.?gf SE. "U vi XT f - ' ' 'D' 2 .4 Q"- N 2 I ' . ,Q W? .WF I- Ai X I It , l E A , Q ' A LUIS RUSICNDO IRMA ICSTELA CRIVZ VASQITICZ VASQUICZ YIJII. VILLA YILLARICAI, ,S ' N 5 4: A hr V? U U Y M' - LM-. x 4 1 silk w f ' Al.lil-ZRTA l'lNll. sllllamzx' HILL JUAN WAHI-:ING whim wr:Tllr:lmr:r: IYILLIAMSUN WILSON '1 "if- x,..f-N' is . Q I .4 I I I' -'SLI' A, Qvqna 0 u Qug Q, i 3 6 A 1 1 . 2 T. . . X Kg, .ar ,sm 1 I Q I . s ' -r ,, 'I ' -- 9 - l ' 5 V0 Only une- vote- to a pe-rsnn. 2 fn' 'tv' i' 71" . .K f 14 And so. .. v '4A. 1 . A M : ff? sr all fh .5 ., mu if Ili mkgl ' ? at I . . ll"l'J5 Now lf't's sw-- .. . I ., . A , ' h V . V you do it lflngc rs bla N art laps the horn x. blindfompdi l 1 4 ,Q Q . 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SPRING RICHARD GRANT, President GEORGE QUINN, Vice President CHARLIE MAGLORIN, Secretary JOE ROSALES, Yell Leader FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FALL BERNIE SIERRA, President JOHN RAMIREZ, Vice President ADI-ILA MURILLO, Secretary PACO LUCKETT, Yell Leader FALL JONATHAN SCHVVARTZ, President FRANCISCO CONTRI-IRAS, Vice President COCHA OCHOTORENA, Secretary BILL WHITE, Yell Leader I iii A 3, ' I' 1 W 'HTF is ill gr miffggw A 'Nfl' V If L 2, sie .. 4 A 1 1 K4 I " 4 r ' 'I rs o f A f W, ' I y ,nf L ax ' 1:7 rl V Y I ' ' ..l, Q 5 - ...Q kt X J ,,, W- 1 4 IA ' L 5, 2 I L A fy' v f I ' r K- f . I MANl'l'Il. JO ANN ANNE LOl'RDl'lS CARMICN NORRIS IEILIAJIUIQ AISHYTA ABRAHAM ACIl'I'l'jRlSl'lRG ACOSTA ADAIQTO AG I'lI'I 5Gl'l'LAR 'L' ' f '0 - 2 J Q' uv Q G X I-: ., - . 1 V 'II' ' F' 1' f . " 4 Qi' , .X , 7 A 7 , :ull Ill fum . fd . IIOIIICIITO VIf'I'IN'l'l'l HOBBY - , ABQANCA JOSIE UCTAVIU CICLIA AGUILAK AGUIRRII ALDACO if! LI ABADO ALVARADU ALVARADO ALVARI-LZ , V A 5 Z 3 Q. , 'I 3 Q y W . I-I .. A A .5 A ' 1 I N1 If Q .'g':,. Ah, fiy H ' . .I ,- J ALICIA HENRY JlTLIl'ITA MARTHA IRENIC ANITA RUTII ALVIDIHCZ ALVIIIRHZ ALVIDRHZ ALVIDRHZ ANSALMO APODAUA ARCE .'g ,, 1' A 9' ' ., A A -1 freshmen .Jw 1. wb. s X I I I Xi N A ff - , qv ' ' ., 17 f Q53 p . I"I'II.ICITAS ALBHRTO GLORIA NAOMI ICLAINI-I AIlGl7l'1I.I.l'2S AYALA AYOUB BONNER BOONE 2, ' 'v-14 x A Nl r I 'Nl ' JACK GUII.I,I'2RMO CHARLOTTE BAKI'.R BALDl',IiAh BURDI-LN K . 1- r . If nl .4 I'A'I'IlIf'IA ARMANDO I'ATIlIl'lA BAUMAN HAUTISTA liRANDI'INBl'RIi U V Y , A 'I' , L 5 A .KJ Cl-ILIA GEORGE RAYMOND BLANCO BLANC!! 11315155 20 8 Fr:-shman Danm- GLORIA AGUILAR if - ROIHGRTO ALVAREZ 1.3-?vu' 1 Q., 7 LUIS ARENAS W-P ... - EL -I I s 3 TOMMY BOON E . T .4 SHI-IRRY BOIYEN 4 SHIRLEY BRANDES . 'E r ' six - ' Q51 'W Z5 1 ik A RONNIH BRIGGS . 0 wx I A MffT'5gf .,,,A ,M sig? ,Ny 9 C? Wg- ' N K A .,.,, i M I , ' 1 Vi fiifx? iflif- CURTIS ROBERT TOM JOLII: MARGARET ROSA MARIA LILLIAN BROUOIITON BRONVN BROWN BURT RUSTAMANTI: CARALLIQRO CALDILRON 3 . .. in I 7 A , N W VVM DIL :A It F fl A :: .Q ' E ?4 NW,,j, I 2.2, ,A ., ,V:V... is , Q IC ., f 1' ' --AA- Zi- fi Lf .. ' .22 ' .. K .L I ' ,O if A ii I i , K it 1 km GILBERT LYNN CAROLINA CONSUELO JESSIE CAROL JUNE CALVILLO CARTER CARRASCO CASTILLO CASTILLO CHAMBERS CIIANCILLLOR v5f'iIr" , . is V I .V , haw 'I Ms I A . 1 W M ,MI M A . AV . , . , , K ri N we A Y F Q. 'L 'I "' W4 i f V f - --'l: Z JOSE LILY MARIA ELENA BILLY FOO NAN MARY ELLEN CIIARLICS CIIAVI-:Z CIIAVIQZ CIIAVIJZ CIIOW CLAYTON COADY COFFILY f V' , -. .H ISM R fk"2"2 , f M I ,rw X Q freshmen E ,R , I, , ,M , T A4 ,Yagi . E WN l 6 1 KAY ROBERTO FRANCISCO RICHARD ARMANDO CONGDON CONSTANTAKIS CONTRI-IRAS DELGADO DIAZ Q :,: , 1 I ,E BENJAMIN RAUL MARY CORDERO CORDOvA DIAZ i 9 . SANDRA MARY LI-:Ii CRAWFORD DARBONNIER DVNN xr. Q. W -'W R in ' I we ' EV: 'Gi 'X 'fn I T' ' X s HUGH ABELARDO Courtesies hard at work, and J. 0. pklqmn- DAVIDSON DE ANDA "' h K tag' I 4 5, ' BOB CALll0l'N - s +I K K GUILLI-IRMO CHAVEZ M. WT' 7. -0. Af' HITG ll COLLHY An U MARIA DIAZ ta at -of rn 14 X WH YW k M, A 5. A X1 A 4 L an 1 I 1 :Gif Q X 5 f J s Y P ,, X JERRY INIRRIS fu CUNNIH DYRUN 1. X IIARY ICY just - - - Sits- 209 PIKPIRY ILIDINOI-'If I .. .,,- Q 4 I If I 1 JOAN I'JLFI'2IIS Lk .J f . JI SALLY SITE EVANS '-Q 1' IRIGN I'I FLORI-JS LORNICLL GADD ,Lp ICP' mv hr . . X "NG X' 'N "Z: ADRIAN GARCIA 0 1 , -V ' I. I - 4 x, A u Nm. CICCILIA GARCIA f Na .I . 1 ,I 5 n '- ,: 'uv KWH- K g,.a,,y : ' 15,3-, I ,:,grA MARIA GARCIA L, I o JICANNIG ELLIS 3 MARY FERNANDI-JZ LUCY FLOBHS 1 :T .5 X - 's I ' x I XI ' JACK GAGE ARMANDO GARCIA 4 of 5 LUZ GARCIA -'vs .fu 4 TONY GARCIA af- MAGDALICNA MARIE ALICIA ELIAS ICNDLICH ESCANDON . I A f 13 35, 'F X 4 by f -'W Xivs 5 ix - PATTY BOB ELVIA FIGRNANDEZ FESTE FIERRO VG Q -, : ::- ...J Y Y . I' I " al ' 5 gg fx, 'A I Q ., f . n - I li' 1 ' - PEDRO RAUL RICARDO FLORICS FLORES FLORES freshmen MILDRED GARIIBRN I f . 4 ANDREA ESCARCIGA , -A gi! W TOMAS FIERRO ROM ELIA FLORES A -us- + Q . Q BEVERLY GARDNER Yea, Team, Fight! 210 ., fag . 'f ?? '41 wk I .M Xi QQ' 755 FBANClsc'0 ABI-ID ESCOBAR ESMAN w . us- Q x f A ' " X' fv- fm AN-'fs V Wiqaslqf' '- ,. 1 6.8.1 NORMA RAQUI-:L FIGUEROA FIGUEROA Q 2 QC 1, x K -L F ve X I CAROL!-I GLORIA FRANTZ FRUTOS M ' M W if if ., A -A -f .. K A A A wx? ,. g g. . . .,':, . ,"f,,. Nd' ,V MARY l-:LLEN 1' ' :fir cu. 1, f S . I N15 WANDA BONNIE GIPSON GIVEN A'A, ' Q Wi - Eg lv X A -1 . 1 W M- ' .LQ gfvi . sf ' ' 51 LQ i LE ROY ERIC GLARDON GOELDNER 8, L ,A 31: ELVIA ICHARD GONZALEZ ONZALEZ f-1 I gi.: .... '43 'ak' 3.5. ,J I, , 1 w., N f-41, - t sf, . - ' -5' 21... ,..Q WR 4 A 125 . W A 3, 6 t I I , 7 if ,Haw l Mm -Q - . - ,wx 5 'W I V A A I SM s 1' ANA GARY ALFRED JANET OFELIA RUBEN GRAJLDA GRANT GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIJALYA G UERRA Q N5 ' K ig: 'f .... 3 YL '-'IRE' MARIA NELLIE MAGGIE DOLORES GAY STEVE GUTIERREZ GUTIERREZ HADDAD HALL I-IAMMOCK HARPER it x '4xk, i z z 7 W I I -My l .ix , Ann. A Sim. xiii: ., , gg, Mx, 9 A A , A , x ---fv - A ' u.. 1 v Kaz iff' ff'--A Ez A f Aa., X .il JESSE PHILLINPI ROSALIE EDVVARD EDWVARDO MARIA HARRISON HELLER HENDERSON HERNANDEZ HERRERA HERRERA .. Y A " ,y ,A , PBS lllell "7 ' - :' . . ' X s, ' ' A ' . , mv, I . V 5' 'N 5 JACK JANE CAROL y' fx ' MARIAN HOLMBERG HOLMBERG HOLT ' 2 ' JON ES I f EE - A , A 21 lx A - Y WEE .. . A gk X, . ROBERT RODOLFO HOOKER HUERTA M . , ,. ' if f ,ff J , ff ' if 'U' A ROBERT ARTURO HUGHES ISLAS M ,, .f fi ' ' -,Af . . . , 4 , ' K A 1 Working Dlhgently. A 5 . J' X DOROTEO 'DAVID' JACQUEZ 'JOHNSON S 211 A l GILBERT G IT 'I'IERREZ A wg 'U' FELICIA HARRIS "ri . ' as Z? a iw BARBARA HIBBERT Md X 1 BY' ALICE JORDAN ,lit ,aw-, -JP ,M r MARY JORDAN .... x! W, , . MICHAEL KHAN L X v 4 VINCENT REMENDO 4 U1 f V LIRRADA G U T I E R R E Z .A 4, ' Q 5 MARY FRANCES HARRIS H 5, - . - R . , ef M L i s-,ia Yi ,L "' A .N 3 iam? As' ,A fi A ED NV ARD H O LG U I N 2 N I HFRTON JORDAN 3 j Y it ARMANDO J UAREZ 'JJ if I. FREDDY KAUTZ "" MARY ANN KENNEDY 1 i S ., et,- 'F5 I R' I ' S '1 Y 1- 'V I' 3, mlb 3"" Q " 1 I . : w Q I V , . , .fix A M S fa N. I V654 tv" A fi -, A , , .f Ig., A ws Ji.: I . y I ,fi AY ,!.gh,u.wfw. I wtf XI H. pw:-, .2- TW' . H - . v. M. A st fs. f' .- . - N'll.l.0 MARY N'll,I.lAM I-'RIAZII SAMMY MARTIIA RLIJNA LARRY RI-:NNILIIV Rm' I.I-:INsI'IIMIII'I' KNAPI' RRANz'I'IIOR LACRILY LANIJA LANI1 '. M YF, f A 5' ' , . ' ' - . A ' ' 'I 'I ' 3- , 'H J A ' I - N 4 ' . W g ,I I I l'llll.l.ll' MARY LI-:I-1 WAII IIILDA JI'LII1 CARMI-:N JI'LII:T LIIIRAINI LANI: I,I:AvI:LI. LI-:IL LICVY LI-LYVA LICI-:A LICON LIMAS .4 1 A . ,, Q-' ' ,- RF' .11 " X Q Om n U A I, -3. 1 v A.: 53 ' 4 X Q' A HRNIIC IsAIAs IIIINNA DAVID LINDA ALI-'RI-LD IIIJRTIIA RI'III-:N LIMIIN LIMIIN LINNANIC LIvINus'r0N LIvINIIs'I'0N Lurrzz LOI'I:z I.0I'I-zz I gt. I I ' 2 'z' "' 'Qi ' or ig, X I-H, X Q freshmen Xi Vf A ' 'IPI' 4 fa I f f ' , ' L..--4 I VIRGINIA MAIuaI'I1RITr: MARIIARI-:T "' NELSON DOLORI'1s IJVI-:LINA l,0I'l'1Z LUYA I,I7cI1:R0 ff MARTIN MARTINIJZ MARTINI-:Z I Nfl? 'lt' ' 4: .. ! X IILOYZID X IHZIIICN ,105 gl-3031315 Ll CKE l"I l.lrJAN QIARTINEZ QIAY ,Q fs '13 '17 A A lt, :L xx . ' sf K ' I ' - tw? f - . ' f ll 'gf "ti I 'f 5 'a f JUAN. RIIIIIIJ LEE ANN LIIINN MAQ IIIINALII MCDANIEL MCINBTYRE I . v I 5 P' , ps 'ff' . V .5 t 0 J Mighty Mathematicians - . ' 5 ' 1 ' x ,f 5 1 A 5' -. .A 1' 2 I mr: ANN LAI'RA HAL - N NIA MAI'IuI: MALImNAIm DICLANE MCRFANN 212 A f A A Film 31 LANCE MILLER .M Ju 5 .N JULIETA MORENO ,MVA D ,M MM ., AW v I N M-W ,gn i ARMANDO NAJ ERA gi U QR Q Z 1 five , A' L4 QNX Af. A i'- OSCAR OROZCO A l V -ivxf .fa EQ W I- ,:.. Q ,, R. A ' "Q , I - "" iff ' 334 : ig , Yi,-ww gm 'sr A3 ill? In M A ix ' s If I - lwws' MARY RUTHIE Jour: GEORGE sALvADoR MCNUTT MRCRRM MRLRY MENDOZA MERAZ ,-1 ,..,. . :1 y , ,,,Z, f A . MA A A-4 .N W ,Q QAM Q VA 7, A 1 " 5 .: 'f , :',::,,","5.- , BEVERLY mLDA GABRIEL HENRY: .msgs MINCEB. MINJARRS MORALES MORALLS MORLNO ' A . M, A 'K sa I ,. - 4 71, M Q H1 J - WU? f ' . I -f A i,., A 4 A A g,.,,r,5kji my I 3 7 A Q NTONIO GLORIA ADRLA MARTHA .nM Anon MUNGUIA MURILLD MUSE NADIR A , freshmen 1. f JOE WILFORD RICHARD NICCUM NICKEBSON ocnoA f , M N iw, . ' -:gif N,,Q -' R li J 5 , xt- CONCHA EDWARD OCHOTORENA OCHOTURENA F t. A y .. A A lx AMW? .1U1.n:'rA RuAs ocAs oNnvRRos I A-.M D.: Aw rx 3 2 ' HORTENCIA CARLOS vote For HIM' om-xvmnos DRNRLAS I-Ie is just darling! .iii 'Hs 213 MALLORY MILLER M, vw A,,,,4 VELIA MORENO " tyyggi A QAM. A 1 Q ARMIDA NAJEBA A A i Af 2 ff-A sf 'R 'un .4 JULIAN OBTEGA . . At.. I A A . .U RALPH PEINADO Y SW 'flirt J0 ANN PENNIES 'M , 'R 7 K 'CJ' X MARGIE PEREZ A I I A fi 4 MARTHA MILLER VICTOR MORENO ,bi 2. f .A ii , 4, Nw KH 2 1 5'-1 zriw Nia' W' , A gin. n wa A JOSEPH NATALE 'Q G f JEWEL PALMER al OTILA PEN A FRANK PEREZ N ORAII PEREZ I P xgfibfffg 'A l 'f , - 1' 'W Q .' 4' V , 7 ' 1 Q ' -.A . X - V- x r. ., . V-.ly -,..f1 -vv . f .. Q . ' V' V B I wr, M In -A Q . N I , w.. ki' R. X A . . L. X Y 4... J s' ' U xx 5 1, l I I X I I TOM CLAYDIA CELIA CECILIA JOHN ROMONA NICK GEORGE PINKSTON POE PORRAS QUEVEDO RAMIREZ RAMIREZ RANGEL READ ff -I fx ff , -Q ' 4"' Y 1 I X I. J, we - .1 A Q, U ,I Ay X B Eg-Q: :,' 'R "': I Q xg nv, : 'VA' x .lf whim! ' m -' ' W " , . A nm A LOIS ANGIE GLORIA CRUZ FRANCISCA SANDRA CONSUELO GLORIA REMPEL REYES BIBOTA RIVIERA RIVERA ROBBINS RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ Q' Q- 17 f .- if-Q 'ln Q N . V 4 .3 ' ' -x I Xb . X, . V .IRMA SUSANA DELIA JOSE JUAN ANN JESUS LARRY RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ ROJAS ROQUE ROSALES BOTH RUBIO RUCKER A A gr Q. RV .. I ' i .. Q Q ' 'I' . ' 1 g W, ' a 'i ' Q' , -. ' -Y . ,. , .. .K 'A 3 Y . - ' freshmen ,N , A K . 'B ' Ai A US Q 0- . . r . - . - ' ' 'L 'l - ' 4' , 3 'Sf " 5 ' 5 f A 5'X'Y1'Y.l 5 lm: ALFONSO FERNANDO DICK STEVE JONATHAN SAENZ SALAS SANDERS SCHUSTER SHCWARTZ 1 . ' 1 ' V In GUADAI.lTI'I'I CECILIA RUSSEL SANDRA .AS SALAZAR SCOTT SCOTT 1 ' 21 . I Y f V w Q 4' ' m ,xg 'NY I , - If " f ' ' "1 I I ' 1 5- f fx Ji ', ' g' ,X 1 ff- LINA . I .GARY BERNARDO MARTHA V SALAZA '- sAl.MON SIERRA SILVA I-' ' N "2 .4 . 1 d -X , Q . U K , . A rg , Q' 1. , X .4 ':" , A 1: 4 f-. A ' Ir A 1 X RUBEN ARTHUR AIl!'llyS l'82LlIy to hvlll. JIM DOROTHY SANCIIEZ SANDERS SITTEN SMITH I MARY SMITH J Nix RICHIE SPENCE Y! I' . Q3 .. LESTER THOMAS 'Na f r 'Q Oi I 4 4. FW' ALFREDO VARGAS 'I V4 wi A ' Ti. V-. iii - :N 2 . iifk I , I 2 ROBERT SMITH 2 3 ' fix M' I JOHN STATEN .' Qwgm... SHR X A imc CLARENCE TQM ,hy Ri W' 1' FRANCISCO VASQUEZ Yv0NNE BILLY VEALE VECK .X RN ,S MQ xi K' A 1F.""I 3 E X I 45' 2- xt ' f 75 BERTHA ELENA VEGA vEL0z .P ' ' f R, " K.. , X CAROL DAVID VESTER vILLALoRos 5 iii? UB!! 'Yr Vi A JAMES SMITHERMAN ,B W ,Q 'Rik W' , I, sf an ' 'Lip 1' IRVIN STEELE X Q W MN! I S 2. . ,. . ,S . M, NORMA TOMLINSON I' ix ' W' IRENE VASQUEZ ww 4.-A: ' If-T L' " " a 1314 gk I , NX Civ?-A I '31 I , 'I f I LAURICE AUGUSTA IRI-:NE SOFIA KAREN SOLOMON SONNICIISEN SOSA SOTO SPAIN xi ,Y 25-N W f ki ' 'A' " yi In TERRY CAROLYN .IACQUELYN MANUEL DAVID STEIN STONE sTR0I'D TALAVERA TIIORMAN f ' ,' 4 2, :H ,, , - fig In ln, fm V 43" A A I I . A 1 EDDIE LILIA A T I-: MANUEL ERNIE TORRES TORRI-is TRUJILLO VALADEZ vALDI-:S If freshmen YOLANDA CARLOS IIERMAN VILLESCAS vIRAM0NTI-:s VITELA I K 'um Mm X ? H M , ,SL x Nl ' , . CAROL" ROBERT WALDRON WALLER ff- 2' F I A ' gl ,AY .. Exam LINDA ARLENE WATERS WAXMAN .,,... . ,Y L I ,I H t , i BILLY MARY ANN4 Just try to stop hum! WEEKS WERTHMAN. 215 1 , C 5 I Q l!Il.l, W'lll'l'l-1 P ROI! I'1Il'l' ZAK'0l'Il ,'ov1 -. .rv xg-' . QL c'llI'f'K IVIIITI-I . ' 4 P'-.,.1'i' 1 ' A ' ' ard Trick: rs perform anothc r stln L0t's Danci- Afte-r-gmnv climb to dr:-ssing ronms. I ,, Si, 5 ' EPHS Boys rvpuir thc- "IC" JJ. , ,Q ' . s X ' ,- X .fl ANGIE ZAC0l'R C 1'- v Y JOSEPHINE ZYBIATE lllllll'l , JUNIOR HIGH OFFICERS Miss Forwood's Low 8th grade Arithmetic class finds humor in a problem. FALL OFFICERS President. HERBERT COOPER Vice-President, ESTELLA ORTIZ Secretary, IIAZEL RAMIRI-IZ Yell Leader, IIUDY ORTIZ SPRING OFFICERS President, STEVE STEEN Vice-President. VIRGINIA HYDER Secretary, BOBBY NAVARRO Yell Leader, HERBERT KATZ Smiling Student Council committee chair men listen to Effie Lou's report. 217 ' 1 J I gi A bi , , , M 1 'g " A - I .,.,. , l-.,. . .. . .,,.,.,,,.,,. 5 AWQY 'Htl A N14 K L Q1-,xg u , 5 V ' Q W A M t 11 wr ,A - - 4 -mam. . , if - 1, -2 1 4 , K ' . ,Q A , X , .,-L' , . . ,Ah J... ,.:a,,.v' ,. 4,15 M. , Y k b Q fC5fxy.aff , , --ru 1- 3 - 1 y 3 i , , . -I I 4 -5 x y- 1 ' ki N :s I 1 Q is N V X I 'Q fHf"" V .1 :qw I .Ag FRED ABEYTA ANDREA ALVARADO PATSY ABRAHAM , , Vs.- f ,428 as E AMINTA ALVAREZ ADAMS BILL OLGA JAMES GLORIA AGUILERA AKINS ALARCON V H wgwmggi , A S2 Rf ,, E9 , --zliln liz' as lp ,,'-:E3v,.: CARMEN ROBERT TOMMY ARAUJO ASHER ATEN ERNESTO BARIIIENTOS Q- .:.. .XZEPH HUMBERTO BERTOLLI lk WY vm? A ,vi . SHIRLEY BROOKS fs Q " 'Xi JAMES BROWN BOB CADY A ' 55,322 ADRIAN BACA , 49? .N X'-if , BETTY JAN E BELK 3572 2 'bill ,I?'mYiW',Q5V'?2 W5 MW, ,SWA f 2 xx Q X ' A ROBERT CAMPUS PETE COLEEN HECTOR OLGA RARRON BARTON BAUTISTA BAUTISTA 21 Q Ei ' i f 4' junior high ,A ' an , , A ' Ax A GRACE KAY Rlrncxs BROADVYELL 33 w 5 Abu I V x BARBARA RR0wN GARY BRUNSUN RICARDO CAMPUS VK . .,4.., ,, K x -- " QLD' " GURNEY SILYERIO ALEXAN D ER ALVA A EDDIE JOSEFINA BARELA BARRAGAN WL ' 'VA . if DEANNA BOB HELLIVIAN BENDALID . '-' A A . as Ri , ,.,.. , JULIETA HELEN CANALES CANO 1' nf' N 33, .mi JOE STELLA CARBAJAL CARRANZ. -R 0 QA . V 'wr ' if :,:. NX .. f ' fha 91 Y- ,.:. - BIARIA BAITL CARRASCO CARILLO A :,,,.-1 RA 5- '37 Q 'wx' A YOLANDA BETTY We hear about seas0n's prospects. CARILLO CHAMBEI 219 X '-, I IRENE CIIAVEZ 41 Z 47' 'W I BEVERLY COTTLE LARRY DISIIART Q nd, J GLORIA ELIAS 3 .117 f I LINNY FEINER 1,5 MI'RIl'II, FISHER AI, FLUR ES K fk mmm CHAVI-:z .1 . 'V 1 JEAN COULTER g at ' -- 5 , -se XX ' MARY DOHLADO 9' 1 YOLAN DA ESPAIIZA fxlf. '55 FRANK l"l'lLIlAliER 1 Q 1 ll MARTHA I"LORl'1NCE I FELI l'l'2 I"I.0R ES '5 v . N. ,Sm A Dania' .n 4 m Q sl, X 'Q Osh' f ' 5, :L , --.l Q f "ff . Q 51:11 x N .A I -" 31-.-'--If ROSE V RICHARD GEORGE ROSIE LEE IIERIIERT CIIILDLRS CHURCHILL CLEVELAND CUNATSER C00l'l'2R .' F' 7.57 E - ' .Q tk ' "fi ' , V ' , x -.. , 1 'rf X A . 'x' D U ' . V 9' u0nNl-:Y ERED DOUCLAS JON ENRI Im mg camo nAmsoNNmR DAYID nAvls '?0RRE . 1 f A ,xi . : M 9 ' .- 5 ' M, Q' 31 W ' f -15' A "I lv I ' ' 3 . K V . - -c 4' f' f X ., MARGARET OSCAR RUBEN JEANETTE STANLEY DROUTSAS DUABTE DUARTE DUNCAN DUNN -f.. W junior , M , - f. 400 1 W 1 r " R , .G high - .E A A ,G 9 5 'qu If J: ,gg X -..., ,Q K . M ' ' x Ai vf CQNSIIQ-:Lo HELEN SIDNEY L3Ql1luDA FORD FORSYTII f 1 P L I MARGARET GALINDO 'gi 4 ESTELLA Wg, GALLARDO 1 X , . . FRANK What IS thus, :L Marathon? GARCIA 220 A SYLYIA CORRICA , vbr. PEGGY DE LUNA R 5 - X 3 iv' Q' 3 X FRED EDDLEMAN ,., .K -a K -:sg ELVA GALINDO .45 .ar X W, XJ LEANORE LINN '3 ANNABELLI- GARRAR .TSN I f A LEANOR GARCIA H . .,,.. I ' ' , , ' Q A I -ig? ' If "" A., ff- ' 1' I 4" ' HA? 'Aff ,, If A QI . W3 R ' - A fw' ff a M If f E- A A fax' f' E31 I 4 A Rx ' eg i X ing? Rf ', mig ,... f ' Alnl, ' I 1 Af Zi? if ' 7 ' f rf' :zz Q Q1 - . 'QSM . X N ff .nk I 'WW' PAT SUSAN MICHAEL BENJAMIN IGNACIO PEDRO AMADOR ARMANDO GIBBS GLASS GOLDMAN GOMEZ GOMEZ GOAIEZ GONZALEZ GONZALEZ Aw I -' 2 M yi 'f Q . 3.3 gf, if j.. .. C.. V x VJ v' Q V. 3, sa 5 A ' , , 'Jr I ' V. wr L, Q I I f f 1 1 4 v uk -ag. O 5 it M . , 1. I ,. . l W ff: A l NZ I y Sk ,' . . I ,Ok 'Ag R N as fx X, iff A ' f 'ff A, 'fig 'A 'J W 9 1 A ' A ff A f A L f- A S U. 0 A-, 'K-I ARTHUR CARLOS MAGDALENA TISSIE FRANCIA RICHARD RICHARD RAY GONZALEZ GONZALEZ GONZALEZ GOODELL GOODWVIN GRANT GREEN GRIFEITH I ' I 1' W A I Q L f EN -:-. , .. Mag? . .. if : xl lk s.w H :.faf i X Q W Vw? M ,Q 5 I W in V: ff. ., gk. GRACIELA GUILLERMINA MARGIE WARD NAJETTE BETTY GLEANDA FRANCES GCEREQUE GUEREQUE GUTIERREZ HALLA HALOW HAMELIN HAND HANNA AA.. 'Q 31 A "K si ' i'lni0l' ' A --1 A -ek -.g A , " M5 L. 1 - 0' N """' 'Evil 'M' . . - , Af. hi h was KW A "RR Z CIW g , C.. W I I - Aw- ' 9 1 "i N . 1 A 1. K . W In I - dk xAvIER SHARON ALFRED TOMMY DeANN FRANKLIN HARRISON HELLER HERNANDEZ HINES HOBSON HOGGE 'C A 3' , Hg ? :SA ..,, 'H ff ,. 3? ,.,, . ,Q .,? I i . At be W 'A . VICTOR ELVIRA I R"' DIAN RAUL HERNANDEZ HERRERA K 1 HORWITZ HUERTA A L I 2 .I A y A A I .. pwquwsi-ww ,Ch. I .. ,, u iwwyffzt I' I. 'gs WNW ,I 1 y Q ' A -: , P 'Q - A in Q -,ji 4 I f ' I , . ,IR A I Q :ilk ,A avi, ' PflEsx?z5,ii?i'AZ 21 1 Y ' H f Q I . L I , M y f vf ' if I , P A ' 'QW' 4 If V' "":, E ,gk 1' ' 0 I QM , V I M ' , Ai ,,.. , J Aim 4 W Q la ' QW GRACE .IULIO ,S A gt 3 QE Q M1 VIRGINIA BILL HERRERA HERRERA A Q A so M A ' HYDER ISAAC ig ' W if ' I U V I ' W ,GA i ii: 9,ggZ4:1g5,i I Qu: A ' :gg Gi ni-'Q gg ' 5 I ,gl -V . . -is ,ill .. -:A Q - ,L im, y VV U A A, in L 5 . A M RAFAEL KENNETH - - 4 GEORGE M. F. HERRERA HILL 'Ir' Rm' makes a gan' of 15 yank IGYANAGA JACKSON against Jefferson. 221 I , Q I P -. . 4- I 5 1 f i 'J S ,h EK ' 1. K EQL If " - M "Li ef N 'I 'ef ffl fwfr . x ,Q , and F X .tg I 1 If I, ."'5f-ln' L' f 1 no H A Ia '- is I i I I , .INIDIKIIA IlI'Irl,m' I-Zs'l'III'1Ic T031 ALAN Ifltlilbln' .I A I-'I-'I-J JAMA mea JIJI IQN IQZ .ION I-is KAIIN KAN I-3 'r f' 4' I 7 wr' 1- er I 'V ' 1-., '51 Lg. x w Pj, ' ,wg :Ziff , I WJ. s 1 -, ' '03 u 'V .S 'TA' 'W A A .mst ff I ' vi I0 M -mx ykhgw ! . N F .mg A Q Y: A I N- ft .' 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'- 'Nh QF I A A 451 wx 'A R x is I III1IuII:I:'r DAYID KATZ KIILTON Yi .gh ,. , I bv 4 r:s'rIII:Ic NANCY LARA LATHAM 'we 4: A ex, 4' 31 .msrll-'INA I:s'I'HIf:R LIIZANO LYNFH 35 fx ,ii 'SK FV, - 5 uf- ELISA CIIARLI-ZS MEIJIIANO MIIJGLIURINO 29 ff ga XP' JI'LII-:TA I-:STI-:I.I.A MENCHACA MHNDEZ ., Q- I. -- -' f as X Q 0ARI,0s BURKE MIAJIIAZ MILLER I 'R A 'I ' fi I FRANK JOE MULTANIJ MONTI-:LONGO +1 L . J in YOLANDA MONTES RAYMOND MOVVAD Q- 4 ,- 'fx W Biz. Q CECILIA ORTIZ I 'i MARTHA PINA QW ,- ESTELLA POZO Q x In 2 r GEORGE QUINN 'dv' IIAZEL RAMIREZ I' Q'1h L R. f L f.1 A , , MAXINE RALPH CARMENY NORMA OLGA RUTH ANNA MOORE MOORE MORALES MORALES MORALES MORAN EDYVARD ALICIA JOHNNY BOBBY HAROLD DELIA MUELA MURILLO NAVARETTE NAVARRO NICKELS ONTIVEBOS 1 4 df R -cw W E' ,M A ' .Q ' Mxrflf ' 7 A Al Wi" Q . A D wg , , , S? I V 'f 'mil A 5 A ESTELLA JESYS JOSE RUDY IKE RACHEL ORTIZ ORTIZ ORTIIIZ ORTIZ PAIILI PEDIGO , z 'U Q E' .U tgx QA, .,., 3 . I i . an . I. .I EDVVARDO JOE HARRIET PAULA POLANCO PONCE DE LEON REISEL RENTERIA -rn -vm , .,.. H I , V , - 1 4- z 'M M It 4 X nb DONA EDVVARD F. PRESTVYOOD ROBINSON In A' 4, O A Arhr V,-,WJ , 44? FRANK SALVADOR RACKLEY RODRIGUEZ 'F' f GLORIA RAMOS Plays like this paved the way for the se- cond undefeated Season in Jr. High Fnnfhall. 223 W... ,W fbfi, I JITLIO ROJAS, JR. ? ,., x I- Zx Q x, LOUIS MORENO fn , 'riff MARTA ORTEGA " 2 A' aw K, Q wr CYRUS PERKINS Tx nk 'P ,stu Q ,J i M ' WV 44 f M 'Z f' , f f 5 ja '- M 11 W WWE, 'Ui JOE REY 'E sf . ,--z it 'ti MANUEL RODRIG UEZ I PAUL ROGERS JOE ROSALES R 8 Y :X A ' 'Zh 'Q y ' , V-li' ', ,,, . . 4 W :I AK 'nf - 4- I ' I A 1 K gg 'S , fu... A I 'Aff ff W - '- f ' .I.I:. .mnnzs AI.II'IA uI'II.I.I:Ium MAIIVIN IIILNIII' IQYBI-Elf! N ROSA Im. IJNH. III'I'I-' III'Iz III'Iz Rl NTI: sAI.As sAI.As sAI.I Inu V A v Q - "' f 0- 9 g5f5fIg,g if 4 I A In , H, J.: 4 W 'J A fu . Q' in f I 1 K!" ' - . 'S . ' .N , Y . , . . N xxx, ' I Q, iw? I .X 5 ff 4 .fi-L I If A cAu0I, NORMAN FRANK RI:uINAI.u ADALIII-:RT0 CAIIMIQN FRANCES .mTI:I:N SALIIMII sAI.ImI: sANcIII:z SANDERS sANTAI:I,I.A sAI'cr:u0 sI'HIun:IxI-:Ie sI:uALL -- Ax af, , .6 - "' at , 7, 0' If N. -o . 1' 4 , ,- W '- ' 5- 1.-J A Q'?Q.f V ' . , . , X .. N Q J ' A , x 5 . 5 lu' ,rr A - I I A A lH'ITll MvI:'rI,r: IsII.I,Y .Io IcAnIoN arm' ImnoI,Fo I:vr:I,I'N DUN sIIIvII'I.II sr:vI:IINs sl-:x1'0N SIDA SIERRA sILvA sIII0N sI.AI'uIITI-:Ia wi V ' .1 junior - f I , Ju If F J .2 'vi - S mgh IgA-'f -2 I , I N I K A I , 1 u .Ia AMA 9 ' X i M 5 A - Iuml-:RT Immsv DONNA JEAN s1'I:vI: If'I:I:ImII'IcA Nnmm SMILHY SMITH SMITH s'rI:I1:N s1'uCInII:x'I:II s'r0L1'z 1 2 ,lx 'I A 7, rl 'Q - .11 ', Il .- "'yq'f' Li 60 ' III:I:'ron ARMIIIA JOHN 'rl-:m:sA sous SOSA swAI'KIIAsnII1lI swAIN oi I 1- 1 I, . - -, 'QI N' . I I A A NORMA svI.vIA .II'IxI1'II .nzsrs so'rr:I.o soTI:Lo R, 'rAI.I'Is 'I'ANIao .I 5- 0 L .' , fi .-. K N A V' x ,X In 5 XM A, Mi 4' ' I W5 A V V ' TUNY JIMMY 1 . . . . , -- . , . Imm:u1' wII.I.IAnI sI'r:AIzs sI'II-:If c' ""'h """'k'h Wh I" "0" 'I'Ax'I,0Ic TIIOAIAS 294 History Class. Fmfk Q 0 'a .g I Xu df 5 if 1 PM Q 1 ff A fl Mi ALFRED VALLES WED? Ks. QA J? JERRY VVARD AE rw . 4 ifgiaeg KATE LEE WOOD If 5 'J 8 Mi JOHN F. ZUSIGA I Eff' A ,vVA- A ' '1-- I gl A .V ,N '.:..' A ::. , CAROL MURRAY GENNY FREDDIE WVANDA LUPE ANITA THOMPSON TOMBOSKY TOVVNSEND TUGGLE TUTTLE VALADEZ VALLADOLID ' ' 5 K W "' A I 'W VV.: V , ., . " M W A 'F H , W , ff' Z? ,..- Z- . y - Y : I 7' I 5 A A W RER EE A A EEEE REEE I CATALINA GEORGE HERMAN IIECTOR BILL JAMES PATRICIA VARA VAUGHAN VEGA VILLA WALKER WVALKER WALKER f , A . - A 41 - - A , :,.' Q A , ff' . -- - Q ' Ag Z F55 I N I LN? ' A ., uzv' t f 'iz R GJ A , A b1,. , JL V.,., f ,". ' Q 15 ,,,.,, '-:,--.- H - ,I .,.-' + A-,, 5: ' E A X ww. in A ARTHUR TOMMY GRAEME COLLINS ALFRED HOVVARD LEONARD WERSHAW WICKER WILKIE WISEMAN WITHOLDER WONG WONG .Mk , , ' Y: 'IEW i f V MW 'mg J 4 . . 'X BETTY HUGH MOSS CARL GRISELDA ESTER WOODSIDE WRIGHT YEE YSLAS ZARATE A 5 A A 4 f .. .f I "'1 . A.. 5 L ' 'fi ,5 A f Rf A A A D31f"'2 is SUFJUFM 51T'l75fN?"A Q RQAJ ..,J-, A -"" ' A A fy - , 1 .,,, ' ' I , I . ,, ' 'hy 4 'ww City Jr. High Football Champs. M, A , H I , ,1- X 225 L , H 1 4 W Q- g Y? K . Q '11 .N.,oaA.,,iw41U. sQJ',4,u,oo,f!.dA' 9wfJuff'fJAf 4M.aL,7a-wzbl-V a..fvw.,0y4-Lo 1-ighth grade beauty fwfk Ii IEV LYN SIMON favorites HAZEL RAMIREZ 226 GUILLERMO RUIZ Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF' SUPREME LAUNDRY 0 CLEANERS DIAMOND CLEANERS Q LAUNDRY LAN AII Over Town Compliments of , - ,... - - - - -7 X X X I Complimenls of mm" quill? J. E. M o N R o E 411 .... ...... - om:GoN AT 'rsxAs TEST YOUR GROCERY I. Q.": O Where can you buy only the top three government grades of beef with a, money-back bond? alfa , R 7 I4 'I VVhere do you "save as you spend" by receiving S 81 H Green Stamps . as your bonus for every cash purchase? g-J 0 Where are you ass1u'ed of top quality foods . . . and quick, courteous service? WHERE ELSE? .... BUT I3 CONVENIENTLY LOCATED STORES IN EL PASO 227 DIPP'S MARKET "MEAT YOU CAN EAT " Corner of COTTON WHITE SPUR and MONTANA SWIMMING POOL COFFEE Sl-IOP WESEMAN MOTOR HOTEL At City Limits 7011 HIGHWAY 80, East DIAL PR.2-2754 EL PASO, TEXAS Britt, Lewis, and Hubert Weseman Complimenis of BANCO MERCANTIL DE CHIHUAHUA S. A. A , Qjania Q22 gurniieurc QU. YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR BEST BUYS ZENITH PHILCO T. V. PALM'S SHOE STORE 216 NORTH STANTON EL PASO, TEXAS Compliments of SHAMALEY AND COMPANY YOUR TYPEWRITER HEADQUARTERS N I Sf! Congmfulaiiom W 'W fn Harding and Url' FUNERAL I-IOME L. R. Harding James C. Orr Complimbntf of , QUICK TIRE SERVICE 900 N. Mesa at Montana El Paso, Texas Goomn-:An Tmes - OBILGA ou. K. L. Armstrong, Mgr. Phone 2-5645 WELLS GARAGE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING BODY WORK AND PAINTING 800 Wyoming Ph 3 2242 EIP T Complimenfs of C. D. Lee Insurance Agencg I405 Firs+ Nafional Bank Building Complimenls of R. D. L O W M A N GENERAL CONTRACTOR Complimenls of HI-WAY AUTO SUPPLY coMPL1MENTs OF ELLIOTT INSURANCE AGENCY M E S A C H E V R O N SERVICE STATION 110 N. STANTON 901 N, MESA PHONE 2-2491 ' I AN PM 5 MADE TO MEASURE SHOP CONGRATULATIONS School Sweafers and Chenille l.e'r'rers School Bells Bancl Uniforms BEST WISHES KEMP-COLDWELL INSURANCE CO MAYFLOWER BAKERY BIRTHDAY and WEDDING CAKES OUR SPECIALTY Phone 3-6441 407 N. Mesa FRANCIS WAGNER COMPANY CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Robert E. McKee GENERAL CONTRACTOR, INC. ' TEXAS LOUISIANA CALIFORNIA NEW MEXICO OKLAHOMA CONGRATULATIONS Ponsford Brothers GENERAL CONTRACTORS 9I4 E. Missouri S+. EI Paso, Texas :-Ffiii ' E., is If g , FINE JEWELRYW CORNER STANTON and MILLS ABDOU PRODUCE AND COLD STORAGE CO Serving +I1e SouI'I1wes+ Since I9I5 ABDOU PRODUCTS HIGHEST OUALITY APC SUPREME YARD EGGS Consori' Hens Holmes Peerless Fryers Turkeys Oleo Cheese Mrs. TucIcer's Producfs COMPLIMENTS OF Weeks-Lindsay Studio Mills mag. 2-2051 Specialty Portraits by ACHILLES WEDDINGS - CHILDREN and BIRTHDAY PORTRAITS Phone 2-8082 105 E. San Antonio El Paso, Texas THE MILITARY SHOP L. L. Aaronson, Prop. CHARLES F. DAVIS HARDWARE AND BUILDING SUPPLIES 301 MILLS ST. C R 0 S S R 0 A D S Your Supplier ot R. O. T. C. Upper Valley Equipment Dial 3-3091 Compliments ot Bernard Furniture Company Compliments ot W E L C H FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of Compliments of 5 A F R l E N D Friend l S. M. "RED" RAMSEY. JR. Ly l wg 551- Sys' REPRESENTING L. G. BALFOUR CO. ,wipe fl e FM WW soun-1wEsTERN DIVISION Q Dallas, Texas - YOUR OFFICIAL JEWELERS AND STATION ERS - GLASS APPAREL 114 TEXAS DOWNTOWN 4718 Montana Loretto Suburban Echlin - Irvin - Crowell 8: Company INSURANCE - Surety Bonds D. C. Crowell 8: Co. REAL ESTATE - RENTALS 355 Myrtle Ave. Phone 2-4421 BOOKER LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. WHOLESALERS SEE US FOR ROOFING OF ALL KINDS 1817 Magoffin Ave. Phone 2-1653 Parmalee Radio Shop Radio and T. V. Service Holdsworfh Jeweler 205 Mills Street El Paso, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF THE TEXAS STORE "Piece Goods Department" EL PASO, TEXAS Drive Safely io Your Sou+l1wes+'s Finesi DRIVE-IN THE BRONCO THEATRE Compliments of LA CROSS FUNERAL HOME 915 PAISANO DRIVE 24 Hour Ambulance Service AUSTIN woo'rEN EL PAso, TEXAS We Specialize In High School "Men" HUFF'S BOYS STORE 212 N. stanton 2-8045 DE WITT 81 REARICK REALTORS Fon SERVICE sr DEPENDABILITY 4 OFFICES 40 SALESMEN Phone 5-2748 BAKER-RAY STUDIO Offers CONGRATULATIONS RODEHAVER - MILLER and FUNERAL HOME BEST WIS!-TES +o Jrhe GRADUATES 409 E. Franklin 2-9051 2600 E. Yandell Blvd. El Pas from the press of U Y N E S PRINTING COMPANY "Makers cf Good Impressions" 620 NORTH STANTON EL PASO, TEXAS 235 Compliments of R. S. C R O W E L L Compliments of NEAL FRANKLIN'S SERVICE STATION KTSM KTSM-TV 1380 CHANNEL 9 Compliments of the UNION FURNITURE COMPANY 24 years IN EL PASO 205-15 S. Stanton 3-2486 NBC NBC Compliments of El Paso, Texas Compliments of NORTON BROTHERS Your headquarters for School and Engineering Supplies 112 TEXAS sr. 2439 EL Paso TEXAS Kern Place Pharmacy Nothing , Succeeds Like Success Try Us Compliments of HILTON HOTEL DRUG S, . X yrpl . C mpliments of 1 WW Q59 sy Sgk ,Args sf EE IIEQ, gif ' ' + EW 'fbfnifure Ea DIAL 3-3463 STORE FOR HOMES Compliments of lI6'24 S. STANTON ST. A FRIEND 5 COMPLIMENTS OF EI Paso High School Parent Teacher Association WlLLIAMSON'S SUPER MARKET SOUTHWESTS FINEST BAR-B-QUE Thirst, too, seeks Q MAGNOLIA c:ocA.coLA 5 ,V m S BOTTLING COMPANY Q QS lb TX x QL! ,, M V b 575 sy' RW V N URN L5 W JVL if u, W ' f' W v Y W1 GUARANTEE ,TW sr-noe COMPANY TWO ENTRANCES 110 Texas 211 E. san Antonio FINE SHOES Sinc 1905 UNCLE DAVE'S CAFE WHEN YOU WANT GOOD FOOD, COME IN TO UNCLE DAVE'S CAFE Where prices tell and quality sells Matta Elias, Prop. Phone 2-0807 616 E. san Aimmio lweldon ewe ry C5 Mills and Mesa Enjoying the Confidence of the Community for Over 35 Years TEL. 3-2621 COMPLIMENTS OF HATFIELD'S FLORIST MR. 8: MRS. JOHN B. COLE 720 Montana 2-3132 EMERSON MOTOROLA ZEN ITH 'v C. W. J O N E S RADIO 8: TELEVISION Sales 84 Service TEL. 4-1208 820 MONTANA ST. Dean's Grocery 8: Merkel' 217 CINCINNATI ST. "GOOD THINGS TO EAT" C om pl imentr of 0 I sMAn'r womsws srvua CENTER WI-IERE SMART WOMEN SI-IOP FOR LESS CROSS NURSERY CO. Tom Mays, Mgr. LANDSCAPING, EVERGREENS, ROSES, SHRUBS, TREES A Complete Line of Acclimated Stock Un Highway 80 Just Above Country Club Crossroads Lindberg Dr. 2-9381 AARONSON BROTHERS A complete line of WOMEN'S JUNIORS, and CHILDRENS APPAREL San Antonio and Mesa BUY SELL TRADE Used Cars and Trucks BEST WISHES RAY S. WATT ENDLICH MOTOR COMPANY AND Assocmes Dial 3-6511 614 Myrtle Ave. REALTORS El Paso' Texas 2921 PERSHING DRIVE PH. 6-1665 LYON AND COMPANY 827 E. Paisano Drive EL PASO, TEXAS Tel. 2-3653 COMPLIMEN TS OF WHITTEN FU RS 600 North Stanton St. FUR COATS--CAPES-STOLES-FUR SCARFS REPAIRING-CLEANING AND LUSTERIZING RESTYLING COLD DRY AIR STORAGE LUMBER, ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HARDWARE, FARM TOOLS, PAINT BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY PH. PR. 2-1481 7015 HIGHWAY 80 E EL PASO, TEXAS Compliments of TOVAR'S FLOWERS H.ToBYTovAR Owner 107 S. KANSAS PH. 2-806 ROGERS and BELDING Real Estate, Rentals, Insurance 406 E. Stanton St. 2-3636 UNITED LLOYDS INSURANCE COMPANY 100 TEXAS STREET EL PASO, TEXAS M"lQffkf,,f1'3i - x W ' 'gf' feAT 1nvfj .al O, aasvrlone s so dylich " ' egunder th y b ldgef' To in ce curity, money ' .I 'iff t be ly? acter and confidence 'J X r S y evevpl e habit of thrift. st r to A ' l . In i ve wh ou are young. Enjoy th p ide gf 2 X' X s lsf on of having y g ac xv' r he 1 fp- , l 1 -" ---- -- new - T ll ll , N l k K , x 'V T ..s:'5!'?-,'-35.f - ,.. - T k .2-5-E '?T-'-T-Q.,::-Af, --52, 2 st Slari' your Savings Accounl al' THE STATE NATIONAL, of Course' THE STATE NATIONAL BAN K OF El. PASO SINCE 1881 memes renew osrosn' msunmce conronmou SAN IHTONIO If OREGON fwyffw 4 l Wd d sincere Yap, Ms 02 is besi' wishes Q . of o X' PJ for success Southe Union Gas 011794647 Helping Build 'rhe Greaf Soufhwesf - E. M. Kelley, Dist Mgr. 240 Say Guys And Gals! Meer Your Friends Under The CIocIc...aI' CLOTHING CORNER SAN ANTONIO and MESA AGRICULTURAL SUPPLY W H I T E S P U R PURINA CHOWS BABY CHICKS and SUPPLIES FERTILIZERS and INSECTICIDES RI. 2 Box 245 3-9I I2 m u A V1 N4 'F 1 Qjvr 711411 mi I I In ..-- MIGHTY Q - mm si? wa IEDDY KILOWITT U Y r electrical servant f th 20th C tury .... makmg your l brighter, more enjoyable. Eve th job to administer comfort, prot ti and pleasure, Reddy Kilowatt herald the Atomic Age! ll Unto ll Q10"47fd"'7' A Ill-'AVON' PUIIIC IIIIIIIV FORDS OUT FRONT WIII1 +I1e Finesi' Car in Irs Field 01953 MIRACLE RIDE" and We Wish You The Greafesfr Success In PuHing Yourself "OUT FRONT" F U L W I L E R MOTOR COMPANY El Paso's Only Ford Dealer THE Hl-cRowD gat: 1:1 lb Gig STARTS THE SUMMER IN OUR FOURTH FLOOR JUNIOR SHOP They're irling into the sunny new season in the comfortable new cot- tons, the cool sheers, the glamorous date fashions this collection has to proudly offer. And They're setting the smartest fashion GUNNING CASTEEL Drug Stores . ,, - "' -" K 31 3 zgfziv , H f f w m n , A ,. ' , 1 ' y .I .,Q,A.,,,A, , xi- .,,.. c,,...3L -7 . U ' ",....L 1I'f ' . . V , A ' .F - -4 'fc ' X n 'P' F 4 " i 5 fl y 9 1 Q DON'T MISS THE THRILL OF SEEING CARLSBAD CAVERNS NATURE'S UNDERGROUND WONDERLAND a pleasanf one - day frip from EI Paso by CARLSBAD CAVERN COACHES 1615 East Paisano Drive Compliments McKEE'S Presc:rip+ion Pharmacy man 2-2693 COMPLIMENTS OF W. T. Granf Company 105-A E. San Antonio El Paso, Texas Tgxag at Mesa COMPLIMENTS OF Akffk auf... HAIR STYLING 909 N. Mesa Phone 3-7429 COMPLIMENTS OF R. C. SEMPLE, INC. 243 Geo. S. Thomson Co. Inc. COMPLETE STOCK or INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT SINCE I902 El Paso, Texas Phoenix, Arizona BarreH' Molor Co. BE WlSE ANTHONY Aelanize willn Life Insurance Your Upper Valley Ford Dealer Ae'l'I'I6 lI'ISUI'6hCe CO. Only 25 minutes from downtown El Paso J. W. Donohue 603 Bassett Tower , :'KY"f'x':i WJZII' ix 'P F59 I A' I ,257 sig. I I BE EF f Ifffllw Illmfczv . "-Fi. I 1, cm H, uw? 244 Williams and Glassburn WM' J' ELLIOTT REALTOR-DEVELOPER 1330 EAST YANDELL EL PASO' TEXAS 110 N . s anion Phone 2-2491 Wearing Apparel 'For Discriminafe Women Complimenifs of Zorlc Hardware Company Q i .. W Z E , El Paso, Texas 226 N. MESA 2 1891 WHEN some PLACES STOP BY 7743 WMM H'-ff QJM90 MMM WW Z3 The VANS AQWMMNMM 36 75 Wlvwm, -fwffwx uw on nm., N sozuaruixed bywl Cloud llousekoeplng M43 Annum Nw, with original, exclusive 5xIIY"IflGq'S we if MADE HERE IN EL PASO By The HorI'ex ManufacI'uring Co., Inc. 213 s. oregon s+fee+ AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY PRINTING PUBLISHING For Qualify H"s .... ARCY Make Sure Your Local Drug S+ore's PhoIo Finishing ls Processed By Us ARCY PHOTO SERVICE DIAL 3-6001 3227 Alameda Ave. los E. SAN ANTONIO SEE HARRY UIIIIEII IIIHII 8 JEUIEIHII IEEIIVIIIPHIIU Established 26 Years EY NE EL PA SO, TEXAS K co.,nm - cowboy boots ALSO EL PASO'S LEADING SHOE REPAIR I05 E OVERLAND EL PASO TEXAS ,"I5'I"X L9 If 701111 :z X : ' COMPLIMENTS OF "WE SHOE THE SOUTHWEST" Compliments of FHKKZ Your Friendly Neighborhood Grocery 9 coNvEN1EN'r LocAT1oNs Three Cgnvgnient Lgcations 209 Cincinnati 2020 N. Piedrae. 808 Montana 4000 Dyer 425 N. Oregon 3527 Hueco DOWNTOWN LORETTO ilanleda Oll alla 310 E. San Antonio 4834 Montana 3028 Pershing THE VILLAGE SHOP 906 N Piedras We Give Frontier Saving Stamps Compliments of EL PASO SPORTING GOODS COMPANY In the BasseH' Tower 208 N. Stanton Dial 2-3772 247 GRANPAPPY WAS A REAL GONE CHARACTER . . . WAY BACK THERE N HW! Hi G dh II hd ki h tA I hkt lthh I r hll Sundny b t d I I I th t hi b d llklng shoes U t I k t to the White Hou I th I d p t t t d e'd be back n d J TV sell. So ke Ith t dItI EL PASOS FIBST AND FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE I d THE THE DEL NORTE ARMY TRADING STORE POST I06 EAST SAN ANTONIO ST. 201 SOUTH EL PASO STREET GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES, PRODUCTS OF HIGH QUALITY, AND AN AIM TO SERVE HAVE ENABLED US TO MAINTAIN OUR POSITION AS EL PASO'S FOREMOST DISTRIBUTOR OF INSIGNIA AND UNIFORM EQUIP- MENT. SEE US FIRST FOR YOUR R.O.T.C. REQUIREMENTS. 248 When in Juarez Visii' +he C I T Y O F P A R I S The Border's Finesf Sfore STANDARD 0Il 0F TEXAS PRUDUCTS WX, 1 H. EI Paso WI1iI'e Truck Sales 1615 East PAISANO DRIVE TELEPHONE 2-4624 THE EL PASO WHITE TRUCK SALES CO. "For More Than 50 Years The GreaI'es+ Ngfme in Trucks" Compliments of BOLTON'S CAFE BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES FROM A FRIEND L-51'a-'cb'-b I'LL BE SEEING YOU AT THE T U R N T A B L E 900 N. Piedras 5-383I L O B B Y C A F E Juarez, Mexico Compliments of ARMENDARIZ STUDIO PHON There's No Donufs Like Dixie Cream Glazed DonuIs "WorId's Finesf DonuI's" 8-7681 620 E. YANDELL EL PASO, TEXAS R . A . B R O W N ' S GROCERY and MARKET 1213 East sAN ANTONIO street STAPLES and FANCY GROCERIES FRESH VEGETABLES and PRODUCE DIAL 2-1645 DISTINCTIVE GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION CHRISTOPHER'S Mesa at Montana MOTOR SUPPLY CO. 308 Chihuahua PATTERSON'S PHOTO SUPPLY WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN PHOTOGRAPHY v CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISI-IES 'From LEAVELL, BARNES, and BROWN General Insurance IIIIQEIQS EI Paso's Oldesf Jewelers SinCe I888 118 Mills Street Compliments of Mesa IPCO Service Siafion 601 N. Mesa Phone 2-0965 Greelings from ELSIE B. . agvffyjvffmfwl 4 ff! WJ! 1. 6 V, ' I A Mifwf and all +l1e Folks al' "Borden's" as my Complimenis of VETTER CLEANERS 712 Octavia. Street !Ve Give S 85 H Green Stamps DRY GOODS SHOES NOVELTIES CURIOS DEPARTMENT - SECOND FLOOR MARCOS M. FLORES, S. A. THE STORE OF HONEST PRICES 115 N. Juarez Ave. Phone 1-50 CIUDAD JU Z, CHIH. OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT CINDERELLA BEAUTY PARLOR 24 Years Satisfaction to a Discriminating Clientele- Specializing in PERMANENTS and HAIR TINTINTG SCALP TREATMENTS 510 N. Stanton Street gf, Com plimenis of Wywalif 'J A A FRIEND My . 252 314111013 pun XIQIIIOAD zafnplgqj mf ,uaurflhprayn Q swgod g umoaumoq SVHCIHIJ LEIEIIILS ,lo fb I-IJIUON 300 S'I'IIW 9U .FJOUEW U! J0!9VNl QM.. Lander Lumber Company SELECTED BUILDING MATERIALS DIAL 3-4481 1830 Texas Street ESTABLISHED IN 1908 Complimenfs of Wholesome Dairy, Inc. Q' "Q Complimenfs of LOYA'S FOOD MARKET 500S.Stanton DEL NORTE SADDLERY El Paso's Mos'r Comple+e Wesfern S'rore 110 WEST SAN ANTONIO STREET 253 yu 5 III I 'ill Il 'X A. n. Pon Moron co. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH E., Sales and Service LEO'S FINER FOODS is CONVENIENT LocAT1oNsm "The Besf in Mexican Foods" 717 E. San Antonio St. 1901 E. Yandell Blvd. 5103 Montana. St. EL PASO, TEXAS El Paso Employmenl' Service SALES-TECHNICAL-CLERICAL EL PASO'S OLDEST PRIVATE AGENCY Miss Willie Yarbrough, Owner 8 Mgr. 16 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN PERSONNEL 301V2 Mills St. Dial 2-1477 Complimen+s of H. WELSCH COMPANY LA TAPATIA CAFE "MEET YOUR FRIENDS HERE" Phone 2-0141 600 N. Oregon St 254 65 LA FERIA GROCERY 513 S. Stanton Street JOE I. GOURLEY DISTRIBUTOR O LONGHORN POTATO CHIPS O MAZITAS O ASHLEY'S TOSTADOS O ADAMS' KORN KURLS 4410 Chester Street PHONE 5-4434 "Where Your Money ls Worth More: 5644-V-GJ 6laAZ,r:a? QL04? ' Atv' STEAKS, ROASTS, HAMBURGER, QZJGJ diff-'J Fwd! ' I and SAUSAGES V i ?-44 Li li' ' ' OWNED and OPERATED BY "1-1-':7:5"" " '-" T ' ' Jack Tiller and J. M. Jennings . l 1 Q l . 7 I A ' 4' t JJL' s ' i y 708 E. San Antonio Street ' ' D J ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . . . 4, uma-,pt eimw.f,!,7f4.. Swanky Franky Drive nn Fmsfr IN 'nm FINEST or Foon EI Paso's Finest Car Hops 5419 Dyer St. El Paso, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF Columbia Furniture Company A. J. BLAUGRUND Corner Overland at Mesa El Paso, Texas an annual staff requires the aid of outside sources in preparing its yearbook. the SPUR staff wishes to take this oppor- tunity to thank the following for their as- sistance in the publication of this bookg for their kind permission in allowing us to use their cover formats on our title pagesg SCHOOL LIFE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING HOBBIES LOOK SPORT SCHOOL MUSICIAN COMBAT FORCES JOURNAL GUIDEPOSTS for their assistance in letting us have some excellent sports picturesg I-IL PASO HERALD POST EL PASO TIMES for their patience and understanding, without which this annual could not have been com- pletedg Guynes Printing Company for their co-operationg Mr. Hardy, lil Paso High School Students, and Faculty for their aid in developing our plcturesg llcrrotcran Brothers Robert Harris, Editor Sunshine Bozeman Callery, Sponso 255 I . r 65:02 Mm mm.-,. ff? 2fZJZ?'h"' Um STEVE fn...4.L.fz..q.Qdf,f..g,a Q YZ Qia"'Qi1 ' if 2 Eg if H N? iiwflflg EQLAFQQ2 3? 'K fmkfgx QXXSDHO 3 8, , X.. JJ-W 9, EQ n ,VX w Q63 Wifi v QM 5 nigga iw 'X 74 CK-v1ZjK gMm,C 3 !lf.Le.we ' oo IC ode pa D Q MUS PWR A ' Wwwm-M - T .H f ,Hr I XXSXPIZV GMU-J wif AW iiwwgj W M W5 WMJWE wfrel' 0 I - 1. . ,DP "V" WWF Mai M ww- M Q ww mi zJ,5l'f"'QM3jfWQQgV M o 01C . P h . Q I 9e1?g'i"'w H 67 MMM' MMT QQ 0 f 'r X J niaijf r , Q 0 , QRK1oS ki W! WSW 21f79M '?fww WH gligkggwfaeifm YJQXWM I E ' gig Q Qin? 51255 5 J1fWH.gZ,U RQ mm kfxk r E W Q. i, E' - 1 E v Wpjjwpwignvlww Mfwgjf F, S9652 ywfjmw ig YMR f , , Q Q! xlv vifiv bl? I A 051, l I U, I1 F I J' 2 "" Y A, ,, . If ,LW ' X yn' f ,Q f"' ,- ffl- ' ' 'Vi 6 f . Ag wg, w A 1693 Y 4' ' f . Mg. Mx A' rm ,gf ,I r f '7 L? rf, w .f my K . .1 71 , ' A 1 x 1 ' 9, ' .3 - ' I R ,fy ' A h . .ff B! 1 X1 , '34 I , , L' f r ' .A 3.1 . ' , f f .r ' W , . L 'V 4' w ,1 f H A . ,X X , K, 1 N. R V ,sf I f 'Q ' -A ,w f" ' ' "Q L ' .. t Q3 fl . 5, ," 1 I' f xi "J I Xi, f A, ' V gi. -' K f ,fag 5 , i ' Q 'LZ' HI 5' ' , Q- T! X X. '- Q Kg, .V ' v I f ' '.f?ij'?fSfZ-if K ja J G - Y! figyqz' X Q r - .f ..-v 1 K A '.f.Lx 1' Jr-.. ,f . v 'T 1 1 I .42 A! ,vi Q' s and closed with proiitfa- alcott

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