El Paso High School - Spur Yearbook (El Paso, TX)

 - Class of 1949

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W-. .QQ?:iqVfT1' 7fMf! P bf, F r . D . ,g gnfr? gl ' , Kp X 5 f-15. in uf. I u ry. 2 A , I f' 5 JJ vo 5 f Q A--1. QC-5-8 J. eo 1 53? JMU! X 35 5 I f i 3 ? f My fx X9 J 5 A f' ' C 29 ,ol ff ,bf , gi I , ' ' M fQf,5.f 0 3- Q sg M X 51,3 ,XJ ' ?fX.P "' 9 90 4 ,M SX. sf . 5 QPFJ gi Y S MM! Q' 5' PT PM Q' I f W' gg? M Fi f gfici uw PV ff 1 Q r lijygf Eff? ff-U 5 A rw ' qw 1 3 . .gf A 0? .UW my J Q-sfiigg , 1 N52 X Q A , 0, X V x Ok dx N 3 FSR EQWEM xiii SAS WMQZWWKQ 1 13222 53 -..,Nlgu..... . V -.. ,-.f..,.4rIqp.,....Yf-.H-.V,Vw... i -L-ww-YF , ,ativan-yfjll-V- -Y , 2 V - U v '-- V Y -.- -' .. .- n f-:"' 1 ff r " J S 0 . U I fl fl I . X fx f A J : r. ?-,hr-my 'fgwxJ:iigZL"' Y.,3!Lf'llf'i"fk,4',fi.f'AJ! f, E . U V." , . lu iw - A , JR.ffffZ9'V'L cfLf.,x,4,,UahfQ4 , b111N T-ff 'JM 4 J ff V ,,,. JAJ'1,1r,,,L,,J, VQ,, ,LJ A ,x g.,u.,L, a,.f 1' V r V U' .fx W ' - 4 : KJ , . y , 'Q 6 V, I, 15 4' ,, ' f ' , 'yfg 5 , .1 q 1 yr I 4: ,sf-,f-JL,e., , -W A-1-+112 ,Lv-W1 Wvxvw 'N f,.1f' I , X I A f I ' ' ' 2 ' , , KI, .1 2 , V' -. knhciff l lf ,!'J.xv!!.-J ,,f?f'kA.-" A N1 'l W,4v4id,fL-Liu 'J . 3 . if vs, ' -Q f - A M Vifwifl-Jil-b-: Q N H ,U xm,f , ,. f Lf -Zgawff .Q 754-.34 V2'fcv.Q.Q' QQ: A A Laf4f-'ff cw-Q!!! 55254 ffiwffw fa ff z -fain! gk 7 i'Time is the most valuable thing man can spend J PLATO K SQ if ,wwf J K-' 1 X , , A 2 wgfifh a Ravi? 1 A .I f W W , W V W-ffff K ,-, f nf--fuulsl-, , -YW -. HU-WT, , A , A, - W " .wi , 4 . G X ' N W QJJFEJ A ' ,U YW ,K pf, X A N mf XM I X ' ,V!f Y MJD! W JN XX WM , My -ff! -yi fy W K7 U 'M J U L1 W Q . , 1 mf My Q W MMWESMS Mm - Y J BVXWWQUQWW, mMyjjJWj30,9v f X039 ww JWNK J KW ' wwf Le ?WJ M4 W Qmwf WNV OJ V W Wfaww ' 1 KJ Nw Wu WA. VM ,1 Wy ff W 'ff W W , AJ ' Q? NW 2 .BoLo.EELLj9 ,dw 3 TEEiB DAVID SMITH ,,.,..... SPUR F5ke4endmi Egg EEZ Fnnca ??Z74'f5m4aaZ STAFF ,.,,..,.....,....Editor AMY SANDERS ...,.....,...,.. ......... A sst. Editor EDDY MCNEELY ,......,.......... ............. B us. Mgr. CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT .....,.. .......... S enior Editor BETTY SEAY .,....,..,....,..... ...,..,......, I unior Editor ANN POOLEY ............... ........ S ophomore Editor BILL CULVER ...,..............., ...,.A..... E reshman Editor SANDRA SCHWARTZ ......,........... Asst. Class Editor IAN BOYD ..................... ................ A rt Editor BARBARA STEVENS .......... .i.,......... A sst. Art Editor S MRS. oL1vE WHEELER ...... BILL SUTHERLAND .,,........i Faculty fs Photography DAVID KNAPP .........,.,.......... Sports CS. Photography GEORGE STATEN ,,...,............ Student Government PEGGY ROBERTSON TITO GARCIA .Clubs and Organizations MARY IEAN MILLER ..,....... Activities IOHN RECI-IY ...A........... LARRY I-IIESELHQ .....,. . MARILYN GOTTLIEB G Snapshots .......,,Asst. Ads ARTURO MORENO ........ ...,,,..,..A.,......,.....Sponsor WWW in ......Asst. Ads Phouto raphy gs ' W itititi tfwtft I 5i55i25iA 9 4 9 tt? RBS EI Peso Public Schools SCHOOL CALENDAR l 9 4 8 - l 9 4 9 Mdopfed June 29Q 1948 by The School Board? Red Square means end of Attendance Perioclg Red Circle means end of Pay Roll Perioclg Red Underscore means end of Report Card Period lRepor't Cards go out Tuesday follow- ing, except at end of semesrerslg Red Triangle means last dey of Free Entrance Period for 6-year-oldsg Red Numeruls indicates Holidays. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER 11 1' W T F NI T W T F i 11 'r w 1? 11 1 21 3 1 A 1 2 3 fi 5 1 6 7 8 9 10 4 5 6 7 8 8 9 10 11 12 g 13 14 15 RCRWARD 11 12 14 15 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 223E12IQAlFIQTS 19 20 21 22 22 27 28 Q 30 FACULTYZANEGAWNIISYRAZEON 29 so . 23 25 26 4, ., . .,. , ....... ,. ,1....1....,,,,. DECEMBER IUNIQDRS JANUARY FEBRUARY T 'W T 1 W T F 1 M 'I' XV T F 1 2 QOHHOIQORES 5 7 , 5 1 2 Q 4 5 7 2 9 1cl:RESlll14EN191 12 13 14 7 5 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17EIGHlFi'l GBAD15 20 14 15 16 17 18 ' STUDENESGOZGERNMEISFS 21 22 23 24 25 SPc:911Ts 28 MARCH CLUBS APRIL MAY M T W T F M T W' T F M 'I' VV T F 1 2 Q FEATURES AND PEfisoNA1.3T1Es, 4 5 6 7 9 9 10 11 E-T-139 AWARE WTQXTNFRS9 10 151 12 13 14 15 16 17 A 11SN112PETS1AAN1Q5AG3TIYLfFIE'1S7 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 18 A1:9JEa91sE111-:N2'2s 23 24 25 26 28 29 30 Q 25 26 27928 Q29 SM M23 iii QL? M i I .- QLffff',Jff2QWifW ,gff WMWZQW dlf P' WWKQW ' 6 70'W5w0md . 1115- an 555199 gvg bgou-QPKL . K P 111 ve! O - 5 xh 5 'L - 5' 506' oi ni 50096: 15 nolhet take 'Tiine is cunenii nopt bf! and digg". ng is 1 an 15 we swf-BPX dn gnu be U05 siio yi ' hx- X - 190 tgijg. cmd was - MARCUS N588 li 3 133 SQL? The Spur Sm PGSsing events Cingqiliiuggit to ccxtch q few se 9 em in th' Cure fr0m the ravages of time. is book' I Th I do D . . shadow ot the e teacher who walks in the temple. among his toiiowers. gives not ot his wis- rn but rather ot his iaith and iovingness. li he is indeed wise he does not hid You into the house oi his wisdom. but rather leads You to the threshold ot your own mind." Reprinted trom The Prophet by Kchiit Gibran. by permission oi t inc Ptiired A. Knop , . Kchiii Gibran' Copyright 1923 by MISS VERNON HILL 4.11 THE SCHOGL YEAR lt started with enthusiasm, and the pace was kept into the fall and through the spring. The usual things such as clubs, studies, lunch table talk and assemblies occupied the major portion of our time. But beginning with football season new events took their place. Before the district games bonfire pep rallies were held on Davis Field. The lighting of the "E" accompanied the games. With the sendoff the team received at the station before the game with Oklahoma City, school spirit reached a maximum. In the spring the senior play lived up to its good reputation. During this semester a renewed interest was shown in track, baseball, and tennis, The music department contributed something new in the way of an operetta, "The Bells of Beaufjolaisu. But the real highlight was the P. T. Afs first annual Spring Festival. A queen and court reigned over the occasion. E. P. H. S. keeps moving. The class of '49 leaves and the class of '54 prepares to enter. Though we can't stop the years, may this Spur keep the events of '48-'49 fresh in your memory. -3 W gif .lk Qi TU. Writ ax! gs 3355, 23-1h,,,,a,.,2'35' ' ,isa--' l if . Y -V M , , ,.-...ggi X 5 ' Q ' .jg are , . -wi X 'Q ' i. Chu 5 ' Q " ' . ' .Af Y E. Q' cf. f f f A W4 ,ggt' 5 lf:2'::Egit'?yysg:- kgs. , M4 W hauS'1e6 ?4w0W ' ds the exe H e win th agmn- dw! 'lim ths Xenq BURNS "'Yxi1S Ne mon the We chain to IU!! MR. P. L. ARMOUR ASST. SUPERINTENDENT or SCHOOLS MR. A. H. HUGHEY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS k SCHOOL BOARD Left to Right: C. F. SAUNDERS LAWYER I. G. BENNIS ERNESTO VALDEZ CALVERT C, TUCKER EUGENE R. SMITH IAMES A. DICK, IR. A. H. HUGHEY Those Not Shown: ALLEN G-RAMBLING M. L. HUTCHINS ggfyg-,J vw 3 f, f 5. M4 my 4 55 '!Tx1'Ig1Y. Qzxwiifz 1 'Q Q'-fsgffxfggsgzigaf 'ZW'-P55 N-1 my V f WM ww .x,,,fwW,f fh,,iY,,.Qm. 743255 5 1 .MM qv, K, ,X 1 W, gZ,.,W.,, . F fZW2i'f SWQJGEYP H new ,V 1 , vgfvfi vllibi L Sim f-251' 2 -1,1 , pw, ' ' W ,www 1 x ,gf 5 gil QR ,aww ww I fax. L Y M 9.2 f xa,1,,. X5 5V,'7liif5f1" 111 - A ' ' f if tk? Qf M xp, ,M wg ing fgxffmgitgg -f i 1 S Q ws 26 , x K isyfwagfgk 4 f 7 Ufifffw- Y .':"Z 3 all 5 Q X 4 f E , w 3 4, gg , f- .. f 4 Q f .V Ya ,ig Eg x V ' TQ ,wif I v aw W M as-mm x Q 5'-ww ZIV .I f A Tifififf W, vg4..sv,, 1 UN. A ,K ,f ,fzsf gsm, .1 A 5122. .WY MR. I, VERL GROCE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MRS. HELLEN BYRNES MRS. KATHLEEN MITCHELL BUSINESS AGENT ATTENDANCE CLERK MRS. MAURINE ALDRICH SCIENCE MRS. EILEEN BLAKE HOME ECONOMICS MR. RICHARD BLANCETT BAND CAPT. T. BOYLE f R. O. T. C. MR. G. V. BOSTIC LANGUAGE 6 . MISS SUNSHINE BOZEMAN LANGUAGE MR. KENNETH C. BROWN PHYSICAL EDUCATION ,KZIPEMWU MR. I. N. CARDWELL AGRICULTURE MRS. VERNA CAWLEY ENGLISH MRS. ALMA COBLENTZ ' K 65 X Vx. Y Y XY' -5 g MATH QMQZQ MISS REBEKAI-I COFFIN MATH MR. IOHN I-I. ESTES MATH MISS FANNY FOSTER ENGLISH MRS. ADA GALBRAITI-I COMMERCIAL MRS. LOUISE GRAMLY SCIENCE R4 MRS. LEILA GROTI-IE MATH MR. P. L, HANEY HISTORY MRS. ELIZABETH HANSEN MATH MISS ANNIE HARPER ENGLISH MISS VERNON HILL HISTORY MISS LILLIAN I-IUGGETT HISTORY MRS. SYLVIA INGALLS LANGUAGE MISS MAUD ISAACKS ENGLISH MISS MARGUERITE IVERSON ENGLISH l. . MR. C. IARVIS PI-IYSI EDUCATION MISS VIVIAN IOI-INSON COMMERCIAL MISS I-IILMA IOYCE COMMERCIAL MISS ANNE KELLY MATI-I MISS I-IARIET LERNER ENGLISH MISS MAY BELLE LONG PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. ROBERT LOTHRINGER SCIENCE MR. EDWARD MAIESKE HISTORY MRS. CORA MENGEL STUDY HALL MRS. CELESTINE MOONEY COMMERCIAL ,fffffwf MR. HARDIS R. MOYE PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. LOUISE NELSON HOME ECONOMICS MRS. LEILA OLIVER SCIENCE SGT. IAMES M. OWENS R. O. T. C, SGT. IOSEPI-I PERKINS R, O. T. C. MRS. IONE REED COMMERCIAL MISS ELSIE REEVES ART MRS, IANEDA RUSH PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. IESSIE SAUNDERS ENGLISH MRS. LUCILE SHAVER MATH MISS BEATRICE SIMS HISTORY MRS. AUDREY SMITH PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. MARIE I-I, STAMPS LANGUAGE MISS EDNA STEPHENS ENGLISH MRS. MYRTLE STEWART MUSIC MISS IESYLE STIMSON ENGLISH MISS MARY BELLE STOCKTON MATH MISS MARIORIE SUTHERLAND HOME ECONOMICS MR. B. W, TAPPER DRAWING MISS MARIORIE THOMPSON ENGLISH MR. ALEX TOMKINS WOODWORKING MISS MARILYN WADE COM ERCIAL MRS, NO ENGLISH ARD MRS. VIRGINIA WELLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. OLIVE WHEELER SCIENCE MISS MYRA C. WINKLER HISTORY C14 MRS. FANNY COFFIN BOOK CLERK MISS MARY FRANCES GRISSOM REGISTRAR MRS. WELTA SCRUGGS LIBRARIAN MRS. BLANCHE KINNIDY LIBRARIAN MRS. MONA LOPER REGISTERED NURSE MRS, OLIVE HATCHELL CAFETERIA MANAGER MR. IOHA W. EMERSON BUILDING ENGINEER MRS. MARTHA N. IUDSON ART MR. I. H. TAYLOR SCIENCE MRS. LEVA G. GODDARD HOME ECONOMICS fra? ,Kiwi ' . IAQ e,wL gf'-'ff"f!?d'9'2f"'f .D Q -iuce! gaiyii , ,fffpewdybte 5546004 ting be sweet." "Peace my heart. tet the time tor por TP-GORE t CLARK KLEINSCI-IMIDT President , A fir f ::- CLARK KLEINSCI-IMIDT President . ,,,,: 1 - EAH :fa . Q: Not Shown: ' I " ' " V ' A IOI-IN CAIN Secretary 1 SJ - PAUL WIELAND Ye11LeQder A Dllkff ms? fliffs l 'iii , A I RUSSELL DURRILL MARGIE LAY President Vice-President SENIORS CLASS OF IANUARY 1949 F all Officers DUDLEY PRICE IIMMY PRUETT PIERRE MULLER Vice-President Secreiczry Yell Leader CLASS OF MAY 1949 Spring Officers ' u .. , 'i " wil 71 -5 .g 1 ,-,'-Wiz:- Q M, 'W ' . 1- vm g ' Q I ,Q ifg I V .: ' k ,. .5 If sg k H V- K. ve faififgzfg , '-sf, , 5 fl 'JY fi I X In I f ' IV' f.WA,,,ygw : ww 3: fm A, .- f wmf, . ff-QU I-4, -I - DUDLEY PRICE PAT BERTHELSON PIERRE MULLER Vice-President Secretary Yell Leader Fall Officers DOROTHYE ABRAHAM Latin Club, Gir1's P. E, Leaders, Top Ten Graduates, Senior Follies, National Honor, Student Council BEATRIZ AMPARON GRETCHEN ANDERSON Band, P. E. Leader, Advanced Chorus af '49 IOHN BALLANTYNE Latin Club, P. E. Leaders, National Rifle Association CONGER BALLARD KENNETH BELL D. E. Club, Latin Club, All IACKIE ANDERSON Tennis, Snow Duchess '47, Yell Leader, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, Hostess Club DELIA ARAIZA EMILY BAILEY LACQUELINE BAKER F. H. A., Allied Youth Kalevala, Track, ied Youth SOCORRO ARTALEIO D. E. Club CAROLYN BLAUGRUND AIDA BINETZKY IOSEPHINA BENCOMO P. E. Leader, Senior Play, Senior Follies, Office Training GRACE BENDALIN Vice President Student Body '48-'49 PAT BERTHELSON Hostess Club, P. E. Leader, Senior Play. Class Officer, National Rifle Association. Officers Club, R. O. T. C. Sponsor DE, Club, Pan American, Allied Youth, Library Club, Courtesy IOE BLANCO E. Club, Allied Youth, Football '46-'49, Track '48 Hostess, Tatler Staff, P, E. Leader, F. H. A, Press Club, Student Body Officer, Pan American, Allied Youth, Advanced Chorus, Student Council I I I CHARLOTTE BLAUGRUND Hostess, P. E. Leader, Student Council, Yell Leader, Allied Youth, Program Manager, Advanced Chorus IAN BOYD National Art Honor Pres., P. E. Leader, Quill and Scroll, Senior Play, Class Officer '45, Senior Follies, Spur Staff, Student Council, Allied Youth ROSEMARY BOYLAN F. H. A., Slide Rule, Library Club President """ Courtesy MOLLY BRlNEGAR F. H. A., Pan American, Courtesy SHIRLEY BROWN IOAN BYERLY Latin Club, Tatler Staff, F. H. A., Press Club, Masque and Gavel, Slide Rule, Debate Club, Debate Squad '48 IOHNNY CAIN P, E. Leader, Class Officer '49, Senior Follies CARMEN CALDERON CESAR CASTILLO EVANGELINE CHACON Latin Club, P, E. Leader, A Capella Choir, F. H. A., Debate Club, Office Training I of 4? ALBERT CHAPARRO Band, Track '47-'49 PAYE CHARLES Top 'Ten Graduates, Hosless Club MORTON CHONOLES Latin Club, Senior Play, Slide Rule BERRY CLARKE - P. E. Leader, Class Officer, E. Club, Track '46-'47, Student Council, Class Favorite, Yell Leader ESTELLA CLAUDIO Senior Follies, Band ELIZABETH CLAYTON Tatler Staff, Quill and Scroll, Press Club, Masque and Gavel, Kalevalcx, lunior Humane Society CARLOS DE HERRERA TOMMY COUEY IEAN COLLIN SON Hostess Club IOAN COLl..lNSON Hostess Club PRESTON COOK Senior Follies, Band, Officers Club P. E. Leader, A Capella Choir, Trebel Clel , F.H A., Band, Kalevclcf BARBARA CUSHING Taller Stuff, P. E. Leader, Quill and Scroll, Press Club, Student Council, Debate Club, Courtesy MARIA DE LA TORRE ARTURO DEL CRUZ RAMONA DELGADO Lcxtin Club, A Capella Choir, Treble Clef F. H. A, MARGARET DE LUNA DELIA DOMINGUEZ F. H. A. National Art Honor Senior Play Student Council National Honor Society Class P E Leader Student Council Allied Youth, A Capella Choir Ritle Club Base Ball '47-'48, National Rifle Association Glee Club, Ollicers ,,.. Q ,Y ' ---- 4 V ,Z , P E Leader F H A Senior Follies, ,Q I J' S 915-1 3 - sei, ,L 463351 i f 1 .: . .f.53- 5-51 i f . -. t Mi is X AMPARO DURAN Varsity Tennis, National Rifle Association DELFINA DURAN P. E. Leader, A Capella Choir, Treble Clef Senior Follies, Pan American EVA DURAN F. H A P E Leader ROBERTA DURRILL RUSSELL DURRILL F.H. A, P. E. Leader, Rifle Club, Class Olticer, Senior Follies, Student Council, Slide Rule, National Rxtle Association, Allied Youth DELIA FERNANDEZ RUBEN ESCAIEDA D. E. Club, Band MIKE ESTRADA WILLIE ESTRADA Natonal Rifle Association, Boxing CLARENCE EVANS Rifle Team, Senior Follies,Ofiicer's Club. Wood Work Club BARBARA EARLCW D. E. Club, A Capella Choir, Treble Clel, Class Officer, Senior Follies I ELENA FERNANDEZ P. E. Leader, F. I-I. A., Slide Rule, Library Club HELEN FINERON A Capella Choir, Office Training HILDA FLORES ld ,,,.- Hostess Club, P. E. Leader, A Capella Choir, ""' Treble Clef, Class Officer, Pan American DORIS ERIEDMAN National Honor Society, Tatler Staff, P.E Leader, Quill and Scroll, Top Ten Graduates Press Club, Student Council, Pan American Allied Youth, Masque and Gavel X ROSEMARY FRIEDMAN Latin Club, P. E. Leader, F.H.A., Pan American, Allied Youth FELIPE GALAVIZ P. E. Leader, Rifle Team, Base Ball, Student Council, Allied Youth ARMANDO GARCIA National Art Honor, PE. Leader, E. Club, Co-Captain Track '48, Co-Captain Football '48, Spur Staff, Pan American, Allied Youth MIKE GARDNER D. E. Club RoDoLFo GAYTAN JOHN GEAN Kalevala, Officers Club I of 4? IOSEFINA GOMEZ LUPE GONZALES D. E, Club, Latin Club, F. H. A., Debate Club MARILYN GOTTLEIB PE. Leader, PH A., Quill and Scroll, One Act Play, Senior Play, Spur Staff, Pan American, National Rifle Association Allied Youth IULIETA GRADO National Honor Society, P. E. Leader, Top Ten Graduates, Senior Follies, Student Council, Pan American, Class Officer IOAN GROSS National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Hostess Club, PE. Leader, Tatler Staff, Tennis, Press Club, Pan American, Tatler Editor ALEX GUERRERO .nv ,,.,--f ARMORY HALE SAM HADD1-XD Senior Follies MARY RUTH HAHN D. E. Club TS!-XU HALOW -N MARILYN GUERRY D. E. Club, Tennis, Library Club IOAQUINA GUZMAN PHA., Bond, Allied Youth FREDDlE HADDAD Slide Rule, Courtesy Senior Follies, Slide Rule, National Rille Association, Wood Work Club,Ollicer's Club KATHERINE HARMON DOLORES HARRlS GENE HATFIELD HORTENCIA HERNANDEZ P E Lender, PH A. GILBERT HOFFMAN Rille Club, Senior Play, Senior Follies, Library Club, Slide Rule, National Rifle Association DORA HOLGUIN Allied Youth, Oflice Training BETTY HOLT D. E., A Ccipella Choir, Treble Clel, F. H. A., library Club HM HORD IULIAN HORWITZ A Capella Choir, E. Club, Football '45, '47, '48, Basketball Niteshiit '47, President Student Body '49, Pan American, Debate Club, Ollicer's Club, Colonel R, O. T. C, 4? HAROLD IACKSON P, E. Leader, Slide Rule, Library Club IIMMY IACKSON BOBBY IIMENEZ Latin Club, PE. Leader, Senior Follies, E. Club,Basketball, Tennis, Track, Student Council, Slide Rule NECEILL IITER P. E. Leader, F.l-l.A Pan American DOROTHY lONES Taller Stall, Press Club, Allied Youth, R. O. T.FSponsor, Advanced Chorus 9 1 DICK ISAACKS CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT BOB LA BRANT HAL KAUFMAN A Capella Choir, Senior Play, Track. Student Council. Allied Youth BARBARA KELLER Hostess Club, P E. Leader, F, H. A., Secretarv Student Body, Student Council, Football Princess '48, Pan American. Allied Youth BUSTER KELSAY Band, Tennis National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. Senior Play, Class Officer, Band, E. Club, Kalevala, Spur Staff, Student Body Officer, Councilman at Large, Allied Youth, Tennis '47-'49, Student Council DAVID KNAPP Quill and Scroll, Tennis, Kalevala, Spur Staff, Student Council, Slide Rule, National Honor Society MARGIE LAY Hostess Club, P. E. Leader, Top Ten Graduates, Class Officer, Senior Follies, Kalevala, Student Body Officer, Football Duchess, Snow Fiesta Duchess, National Honor Society, Student Council, Class Favorite LUIS LEIB A Capella Choir, E. Club, Football '46-'48, Track '48-'49. Pan American, Allied Youth BLANCHE LEMIEUX F. H. A Officers Club Ft O T C Sponsor IOSEPHINA LEMUS DAVID LEONG ROSEMARY LESTER Tatler Staff, A Capella Choir, Treble Clef , F.l-l A., Student Council, Allied Youth ROLLIN LEWIS PE, Leader, National Rifle Association, P. T. A. Award for Wood Work, Allied Youih, Courtesy FRANK LEYVA V GLORIA LOPEZ PCE, Leader, F. H,A., Allied Youth I I IERRY LOPEZ M4 of 'dy 1oEi.oYA ANNE MARSH RAMIRO MARTINEZ Tailer Staff, F. H. A., Press Club, Senior Follies, E. Club. Allied Youth, Officers Club BONNIE MATT!-l EWS Latin Club, F.H. A., Class Officer EDWARDO MARQUEZ IRENE ELSA MARQUEZ Senior Follies, Band, Officers Club, Night Shift Football :"w:l.'::::.7I .Sf 'ii ' - 1-"i ' ga4:5-gs.:?1-girw- . 41 Yavi' eggs .- .. ... .'.,5:4a"sf . , .. eil' if ' if Y " . ,,gg,gE,g.3m. ARMANDO MENDEZ Football, Officers Club LILLIAN MCCALLICK LUCILLE MCDONALD Slide Rule, Debate Club, Allied Youth. Library Club MAUDELLE MCGUFFEY A Capella Choir, Treble Clef, F. H. A., National Rifle Association, Allied Youth, l Advanced Chorus IOANN MCNAY Hostess Club, P.E. Leader, F.H,A., Class Officer, Senior Follies, Student Council, Football Duchess '47, Snow Fiesta Duchess '48, Class Favorite, Yell Leader, Allied Youth, National Honor Society FRANK MCNEAL F. F. A. 0 CARMEN MENDOZA XAVIER MENDOZA MARY IEANNE MILLER Latin Club, F. H, A., Class Officer, Spur Staff. Allied Youth, Pres. Library Club, National Honor Society RITA MOLINAR Student Council, Pan American, R. O. T. C. Sponsor SOCORRO MOLINAR F.H.A., Senior Follies, Pan American. Allied Youth SEFERINO MONTOYA P. E. Leader, Rifle Club, Boxing Team, Allied Youth, Officers Club ALLEN MOORE Senior Play, Masque and Gavel, Slide Rule. Allied Youth IIMMY MOORE A Capella Choir, Basket-ball, Track ROMELIA MORALES ARTHUR MOWAD P. E. Leader, Senior Follies, Football af '49 MARCELLA NEWBERRY A Capella Choir, Treble Clef HORTENCIA NIETO P. E. Leader, F. H, A., Pan American TOM NIVEN .l ED LEE ONEAL Lalin Club, Rifle Team. Courtesy, Officers Club Allied Youth, DIANE ORNDORFF F. H A., Senior Follies, Pan American Club DUDLEY PRICE DARLENE PHILLIPS .,4,a,,,,, DORA ORTEGON MARILYN O'SULLIVAN Latin Club, F H A, Senior Play, Pan American Club, Slide Rule, Allied Youth, National Honor Society BETTY PERLMUTTER Latin Club, F. H. A., One Act Club, Senior Play, Masque and Gavel, Pan American. Allied Youth P. E. Leader, A Capella Choir, Treble Clel. F. H. A., Football Duchess ELEANOR PIPKIN P. E. Leader, Treble Clef, Senior Play, Tennis Class Oflicer, Courtesy, Debate Club IIMMY PRUETT Class Officer, E. Club, Tennis, Slide Rule, National Rifle Association BERTHA QUESADA MIKE RAMIREZ LUPE RANGEL IOHN RECI-IY Latin Club, Editor Tatler Staff, Quill and Scroll, Top Ten Graduates, Press Club, Senior Follies, President National Honor Society, Kalevala, Student Council, Spur Stall LAWRENCE REZNIKOV E. Club, Football, Base Ball, Student Council, Pan American, Slide Rule, Debate, Allied Youth IACQUELINE ROBY D, E, Club, P. E, Leader, F. l-l. A, Senior Follies, Allied Youth MARY LOU ROCHE Hostess Club, P. E. Leader, Councilman at Large, Duchess Football Court '47, Fan American, Allied Youth, Football Lady in Waiting '48 AIDA RODRIGUEZ F, H. A., Allied Youth EDLINDA RODRIGUEZ F. H. A., Pan American, National Honor Society l Wd 4? GASTON RODRIGUEZ KARL ROMINE D. E. Club PHYLLIS ROSENBERG National Honor Society, Tatler Stall, P. E Leader, Quill and Scroll, Top Ten Graduates, Press Club, Senior Play, Masque and Gavel, Senior Follies, Pan American, Allied Youth PATSY RUSSELL SUSANNA SAENZ ANNE SALlS DAVID SMITH HECTOR SAMANIEGO A Capella Choir, National Rifle Association Tennis DOVIE IO SCHNEIDER Latin Club, P. E. Leader, F, H. A., Senior Play, Slide Rule, National Rifle Association, Allied Youth BETTY SEAY Hostess Club, Latin Club, Class Officer, Tennis, Spur Staff, Student Council, Snow Duchess '46, National Honor Society, Yell Leader, Racket Club President Student Body '48, Spur Editor, National Honor Society, Kalevala, Ouill and Scroll, Student Council, Debate Squad, '48 DOROTHY SMITH Hostess, P.E. Leader, Treble Clef, Top Ten Graduates, Senior Follies, A Capella Choir PATRICIA SNODDY F.H.A., Pan American STUART SOLOMON I Tennis, Kalevala, Pan American, Slide Rule, Allied Youth, National Honor Society GEORGE STATEN Vice President Student Body '48, Councilman at Large '47, Student Council, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Stage Crew, Spur Staff, Slide Rule RONA STEIN Tatler Staff, A Capella Choir, Treble Clef. Quill and Scroll, Press Club, Kalevala. Football Princess, Pan American IOHN STEWART - Rifle Club, Senior Follies, National Rifle Association, Officers Club BILL. SUTHERLAND Spur Staff, Slide Rule, National Honor, National Rifle Association, Allied Youth -4 HAROLD SWIHART D. E. Club, F. F. A. MANUEL TERRAZAS Band, Oliicers Club NATALIA TERRAZAS F. H, A. IERRY THOMASON Senior Follies RODOLFO TORRES I Q! 4? PAZ VALENZUELA Latin Club, F. l-l. A., Band, Tennis, Allied Youth ERNESTINE VELASQUEZ P. E. Leader, F. H. A. Secretary, Student Council, Football Duchess lAMES VIGERUST ' Latin Club, Wood Work Club, Student Council ERNESTINE VINEYARD AN ITA VOGELPOHL P H, A., Courtesy MARY KATHRYN WALKER National Art Honor, Treble Clef, F,H,A., Slide Rule, Allied Youth, National Honor DORA YIP DONALD WAY Latin Club PAUL WIELAND P, E. Leader, Class Officer, Senior Follies, E Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Allied Youth. IOANNE WILLIAMS P. E, Leader, Treble Clef, F. H, A., Library Club. ERNEST ZENTENO Baseball DONALD ANDERSON Football, Track, Basketball, E Club, National Honor. RAUL GONZALEZ E Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball. GRASON GWYN ART MEDRANO E Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Student Council. yr' KENNETH PENN ROBERT SERRANO Acappella Choir, E Club, Football. Pan American, Olficer's Club. IIMMY SMITH GILBERT VALDEZ fRil1e Team! IOAN GOODSON RAYMUNDO CHAVEZ KP. E. Leader, Track '48 - '49J IACK AUSTIN CE Club, Pan American, lr. Humane, N. R. A., Mgr, State Champion Basketball Team '47, Student Councill GILBERT HOFFMAN fOflicers' Club, Library Club N. R. A.l BEN ITO RODRIGUEZ CA Cappella Choirl BILL HINTON CD. E., Vetercms, Senior Follies? W l'il1Qf,,2 Y A 'f , uxv' ' M gwffge 1 g i, ei ,M , Q Z W , ,D , Q .5551 up - f ,.: , :., , , ll 3 , ,z 1 f Z 2 Zig -if LUIS SOLIS CRifle Team, Slide Rulel ROSEMARY WOOD CDebuteJ RAUL GARCIA PIERRE MULLER CA1lied Youth, P. E. Leader, Class Officerl ,ff ,giil 3557 S as Sgiis i 53? Q 5 W ALFONSO ALVARADO LOUIS MACEYRA KD. E., Student Councill 1 d oi time has but cs Xime way to Hy ' 6. is on the wing". 'The bi! d the buf maaum an Y "ik A ' , - nil . A Q. W' 1 , . ,.v.. ,.,. . . .W w S2 Q , M. Y - warez? V HERBERT HARREL Secreiclry IUNIORS CLASS OF IANUARY 1950 Full Officers Not Shown: RICARDO VILLA Yell Leader EDDY MURDOCH President WILLERMINA LORANCA Spring Officers Secretary RAUL VILLALOBOS Vice-President RICARDO VILLA Yell Leader BOBBY MADRID Secretary IIMMY DICK President CLASS OF MAY 1950 Spring Oiiicers HARRY ABRAHAM Yell Leader LARRY l-IIESEL Vice-President 'Rnd ,A 4LW,, B ., e L .Y 1 Q, .. , Q fig .' 3 , if 5:5 3 sm ? l i ly 4 . ' 1 7 34 1: l lg '5 iff? "" V ii ,'Q- ' s au T if i i EDDY MCNEELY FRED STRELITZ CARLOS UZETA IIMMY DICK President Vice-President Secretary Yell Leader RAUL VILLALOBGS Presideni MARGARlTA GARCIA Vice-President Fall Officers cr.Ass or 'sn 4 A 4 , 5 14, Q, LEONOR AGUILAR W WW? " if, A B W ' 1 RAUL M A ' ff -T f ' AR AGNAC ,JXTQBQSSQ . ROBERT BARELA .. GILBERT BUSTAMANTE ffffg, W L52 a n f2j???i 7Q - -' 3 5 A F x' ' ' f BRO., n . T :BALL .1 4 i , 'f 1' f QA "' ri M E,if"'fL A ' 'k A FERNANDO CAMPOS if A g A 1 L A jg I A ALEONSO OERVANTES 1 Q RAYMUNDO CHAVEZ - ' A a if -av 5 ' 1 1,1 A GRAYCE COLEMAN A Al A Be 2 is A Q ., .I 1 L ,,-. , A . .. B W . 7 1 f -Af- Aww , f L4 - A AM, . - SARAH COPPINGER CHARLIE DAVIS MARIA ENRIQUE HECTOR ESPARZA 'J ' ID, Q :" . ROBERT FERNANDEZ " B, ALFONSO FLORES :li OELEBTINA ELOREB 'Q ? f K J 1 x 4 L, A OscAR GALVAN Ng A av W. 5- ,7 K.: . f L 1 A Q m , 6 rf- ev my QW M if f .:- A T, f2'ffi..,2 K I A MA +A- L. MBT f if if We , ' if fwl W PAUL GILCHRIST FRIEDA HADDAD HERBERT RARREL1. i i. BETUE H01-I-ENBECK 2::2w:- I A T, 7fT T Za BTTTEB J- A YE wif . Y Viva 5 : 'Oxy gfwfi' ' L 7 5 351, , 1 B, V- ' '- if gfia ,K ' N T1 35 , ix Vi- A 3 .R B Twig ' Y ' WS ' ' if-5 ' V- A Q NL, Ag' - N glf z CELIA HMENEZ ' K M " T-TR 93' - 4 My-5 Q ,g ELIZABETH KYLE Q M' 'f , V ,, -T f A .1555 Ami 1 :12. ,,. , qffgj 1, -' . 'g sywv-S55 4 L4 SEBASTIAN LOPEZ A W, A g n Q eww-' 'f A ai" Pjgkw ii RAYMOND MENA A A T ' ,J T. I - 5. ' I ., 'i'fH ' ' M I V ek- .X . . """"W. Q1 YT ' Q. ., 1. -.:,!f. Ik 1 T 1? .K iff. , MI. M W I I iw 'L' x QW G WA Ii ' AII I fwfr-'ff V1g':' :I 1 Q -' I I . ., fi A HQ V fi' I sf , an J ,4 xi? r Q, - 'I if ff in V ,..: Avllb 1 2 zq, . I I N Of 3 'KJ I ":' ,,A,,. A X V My .fc , " 7 .4 img. l -2-2 .f W , -mmf , W .., I 3159 ' I ' .4 .. - . I .I 5 x K mg I Q, I I in ah ,,1K, K 4, I A 1. .: 'fm' f f ge ' , , 'Q ' I ' 9533 I ' Q' " Aj iam-:I-, vg53'II '. Q L ," A Til if I X NX 1 - 4 IUNIORS EDDY MURDOCH ESTELLA MURILLO SEBASTIAN PEREZ PAT ROBINSON LUISA RUIZ RAYNALDO SALAZAR PHYLLIS SAMANIEGO IACK SAUVE GRACE SWAIN IOI-IN URANGA GEORGE VEYTIA BOBBY VIIIL RICARDO VILLA RAUI. VILLALOBOS BEVERLY VINCENT LOW IUNIORS HARRY ABRAHAM SANDRA ANAGNOSTOU IOAN BAILEY NANCY BALLINGER CARLOS BLANCO MAZIE BOUTWELL PATSY NELL BRANDES BILLY BUCKLAND CLASS OF '50 ELIZABETH BYRNE IUNE CASE CARLOS CABALLOS ARMANDO CHAVEZ LILLY CHEW HAROLD COLE FRANCIS COOK DAISY CULLEY MARY LEE DARNALL STELLA DE LA TORRE ARMANDO DELGADO IAIME DELGADO MARTHA DELGADO ROBERT DELGADO JIMMY DICK ROBERT LEE DICKINSON LOIS EARL JACK EATON MARIA ESMAN EVANGELINA ESTRADA MARTHA FERRIS IUAN FAVELA ELIZABETH FERLET THERESA FLORES I 2- if -M. I K N - f I ' llabl , ' ' ,A 'f i - M 'W fe Q 2 " M-f , , , EQ " I , 2 5 1 in ,X , , u A 4 w w iii, , ' X' Q X gy I iff f QF mf, I .- - " - 4 .. 2- v W I . ' ,r -"ry , , ,V., V,.,. 4 , . , , . we , , , , ' " 253.35-., ' , M '45 A I " v ' 7 ...Q " I Lf?-. A 1 if , A fb' Y ' v 'F' A ' ' ' -5 , gg' - .I EI A if ' . -Zn.. t ij: slfigf gg V 1- 'x - ' ' i Q, - if . A ig I WW' f 'f V . ' v u: 51: , . F X XXWTW H 1 I Aim, fig 5. ' by A vigrx iw , I. gVg,5kn2q . ,f 7 -'--' , x ' - 2" I , W - " :I i 5' , J 56 0. - af'- , .5 . f 4 5 K- 4 I . K ig- gl., .,.L 3 V: ,V f , ,wr ma ' w w w ' 5 , A ' ,, WWHW , 4 - I Q . ' Ev X 1 4,5 Q ra, 54-r5:I:x15F3t img! 4 , in I V1 Y - .T , V35 . sg' 1 5 ,J jf , I -, '- A 1-'K , A 2 Y I :gf f Av Q. Q wx I 1 , IV x I ,iz 7.z 'Xi f 4 '11 ,, , ' - 'V .Im ' ff I 1 ' , I 1 X Y X' I 'i l:.1.?,j - ....., , f Q. img I I 'LTL I A I ' I - f V 53' 9? ' - - , fm . ' 'img Tffilih 7 ,. 33. ' A-. ,X ' ,5 51 . , , ,TW 5, T yxig' , - S , -. 7: A L L A. . f- ,':-?53?'f'.':--237121 Ji. , Sf ' M " 4 'I' LW' , , . - I4 -"'i 5 : , mngih A ' S'fi g:':55f " 2, 1. - A- I 56:85 gl 5' A . V MB-ff' 1, , , f " :." SRA Nf I Z k kl, f t f W I ' I I I ay X A A 1 XJ -A , If 'Nw E? I I A ,v . - , w,'ww1gsL - J-I , 79 I 1 1 : 55, A2514 If 'f f 'wg V I 1 6,79 . , .I f H - 171,25 IW lffifl ' .-W, .yd 'I f '. , ,. H g ' r , " Hi, ini: V 5? 553 I ASW 14 54: -, 'H "f dia. ff .' m e .,.. 151, -'f 4' , JZ fgf a .K Q, MZ, Q , .Ai -LK ' 51 f r 4 gi-:H I E ' ,V I 5 3 - ,155 1 'Z ' f. -5 ' 55 I 'I' 3 ,f qi A 5 - g .3-Q9 T2 553 M 'IM I 'V ' ' .Lf1gf:I':r ,.'55 by if xy' AN' f 5 I f 68' I, , fy Q Ig I my 2, Egg, ' f I fl, ' 1 3. Q' I I Iliff fi ,gg QA 3 'if me i ,QQ 61,2 M .1 G- Mi, .fA,1.fQ QQ N if 2,I.4""" , 1 xv- ' f , in 4 .,", . I 2 M-N , , X if 1'1" - '1'-" I 1 WV . I '- f, V E45 Any' z , , Q 'K y Q Blur" xarg IUNIORS GORDON FROST IOSE GARCIA BILL GILBERT MONTE GOLDBERG HECTOR GONZALEZ LEOPOLDO GONZALEZ IANIE GUTHRIE SOPIA GUZMAN THAD HARDEN PAT HARLLEE ALICE HEGSTAD LARRY HEISEL RODOLFO I-IERNANDEZ BARBARA HICKS BILLY HIGGINS IANE HINES -BILL I-IOEFNER 'bf EVA HOGGE LAWRENCE HOLLINSON LEON HONEY MARGEE HOWELL MARGIE HUDGENS CLIFFORD mvm WENDEL1. IACKSON CLASS OF '50 MARTHA IENKINS MARGARET IOE IERRY IOHNSTON IIMMY IOHNSTON fi-HRH ,Aviv ag, MARY IOSEPH r . gg ' PAUL KENNEDY 5, , RUTH KURZ TONY LAMA 4 r 5? if I I ..,, :Q . S K1 K ifl I 1 :RAIN Y Ah My A, gm, ., ,A , I F o W 4 'E' . UI.: gg- L A.W:R..: R " ' P, ..,. , ..,x '2 I 1 A was R I , Y 2? Y, USM 4- L 'Y M if WF 351, I g 1 ig WSJ I :Q ,, ,G -I3g-:s3 zs- I .: ' , -1 , lzzfvzx .wwf . :ew ,, A H w7R,7 'SQ A gf -I .q:",' A U ,sig me 2.-is A , is 'Q Ng, I 'Yi ,Q if'f:,1 I' ,IVA - ' '?"g?5fvH A a f:- 1- Q1-Lg, A 51, " v - -wfgfszfsw . V. Y- .Rm , URI :Ax w, .IIA,,v- - I :sv ,R . 1 f is fi , Ia 5: A '7 am 1, ' A I I J? In MER R 4 Aging YMQW 15,3 ' I - ,lm fy 915, ,, , Q 0, L2 ,K I 2 ?, Q ' 'I I ' 4 I ea' -' ,,, , Ff1 -. If I lffiiyfsf 2 ff, 'find-1 - fi .l,',., df? ,agvgvyffg I I - iz ,I .5 Q V F' ,t R, A ge. M I Ig gg f PYNPMA I , gifs sf' :QI .V 3 -1 ,Ng QV 'A N A 5, I . . Q A J: Ra ff! - I I x-'ISM-fzxwisgffpz C? - is I-. ' l : . I t K I LEE LANDERS . L WILLIE LICON ' IRMA LOPEZ A WILLERMINA LORANCA RAYBURN LOVELADY fjiigi DAVID LUCERO I SW' A FRANK LUTHER hi A BOBBY MADRID Mi! IAI f CHARLES MAIS X ' IGNACIO MALDONADO , ' If ALICE MARION A PATSY MARTY "'I: ' x wh- MARY KAY MAYES Nine ERNEST MCCALLICK I if LELTJA if f . KM .A . "I-. ga g If A I, I tif? 'Wi 5 A Av - 1 . IGNACIO MAYNEZ I -L I f. , y g I I X -YIA - DOROTHY MCCARTY , DQ,g,e gI 5,55 , L A y j , 4 I A gi Qimfff WY ima, I, 'Y A Y I 4 " 4 F. 4- ff- 'rf Hr M, .- I Vx I nlub b g. ' 112 ' T? g , 1 g li! , V ww - ,. my ' N 555 , I - , ' "" 'W' 1 vi gk f i -.g if 71 jp A' ALI I V5 I f 'Z W f, zfiu 1 7' 'fx' 3,3-"dirL. -fl' My ? - W A 'A 3 I 1: xl' in .rf 4,51 ., K: LN A if Q , M IJJQ1, 3, .A " g-' ff, L 3 'J' aw A f I I' A Y I r I :F 7 W 'E ,K , 1522.-1 ?'g,: ,u , 'gfhy ,Emmy . " W ' I I W I I If . .5 I. Q .M ,gr MM, f Ylfzifflz' I sw "lk w . M,feQ,Vf. gf,,,3,5g , . ff, --,Q H825 ' 2 'H I- 'Rm' Z? xv X' 1- ,Q if VW331N ' ' i I "' 2 33 I I M I X Vw ? I? I Y I Z2 9? N ,A I g'Y?gZg3 WY I . asf, ,M mf- WH nigw -5,5 ,,.. f 5 - w1v4,.:,,.,. . I , V .::2zv2' WW. - II I ff? Af I :-z5f:f' ' ff A M ' ' 5 A ,iff I' QP 5 :Q - I .Z,. ,-I5 33 ,Aga 3 x, 2 fr Y , I ny- I 4 54 ,k L s ' ai gtg 'Jr' V I? :QI Li.. L I , .,., . ..., , .52 X Yg'I'v..IW., Vw? 1 1 A ff1'fM Q ,ng I 2 A A . tx ff' ,ff K IUNIORS EDDIE IVICNEELY EDMUNDO MENDOZA ROY MERWORTH V' HUMBERTO MEZA .----+1 6 """uu 0 CARLOS MONEDERO RUBEN MONERRO ARTURO MORIEL DUNLOP MORTON WILLIE MOWAD DONALD MULLEN EDDY MUSICK MILLIE NADIR BETTY MAE NEBHAN MONICA NICKOLS PEGGY OWEN IOSEPHINE PENA ESTELLA PEREZ IACKIE PERKINS IESUS PINEDO CHARLES POLLOCK ESTELLA PORRAS ESTHER PORRAS CODY PRESTWOOD YIM PUCKETT CLASS OF '50 DIANE QUIGLEY IRENE RAMIREZ MAGDALENA RAMIREZ ALICIA RAMOS STEPHANIE RANE RAYBURN RAY LUIS REYES HECTOR RIOS MAGGIE RIVAS BETTY GWYN ROBERTS PEGGIE ROBERTSON LORENZO RODRIGUEZ PEGGY RODRIGUEZ BARBARA ROSENBAUM BETTY ROTH CARMEL ROTH DELIA SALAZAR EMA BERTI-IA SALCIDO IRWIN SALMANSON MARTHA SALOM WILLIAM SAMUEL AMY SANDERS PATSY SI-IEA KAY SHERMAN 2 'dstffw H if F? " mv :Ia 'QW 5 N ig, git if I ,imijggfqfk A ETQF' jg xxx' xx I, ,, .fn I wi? EKU' I Jim 3 ' . ,, Q . f ,M ,. QM, I+ M-w.gI,f,wef. . V '- r, 275 ' Q 1, , K, 9 My ,. .V,.,M,V1 , M +, B1 , I Kr I Y 5 1 i A II I f I I L I 3 1 .4 . 'I ' 92 A5 T533 gif f 11 M g "-' jg A , 5? " 152655 : 2 'F P ,ffzff .. ik-fb V A ff '?3 ,H 1, ' ff f' g ff?4Q?i3QI , , 1 f , 11 - - v-. 1 Q 1 1 A- G12 .aff I 4,w.,"H wfig 1 . 15. ,- : . .--qw' ,Q -, 'yWgfmhf?iA 453520 . I I A - .z,. ev 2 '55 '. r 1513 ' ' a .,,, . . If , "' I . ff f T in I fi 54 , , Vw-ug? .X ' V NNW 5 vgzf 45 -u, in 52 W5 Ami? fi Q1 I 3 L, , -,, , . gmvqRj" .E ' :QW , ,E -' 1 sz.-' , ., gy .. 'ilx ff Y I GFUIZZ D f " f-Sim 'fm L9 ,wig 1,w3g'g4 ' F, ,gif TM V .ww 4- QE- ,zw ,mi ,Vf43'f. ff' :vw 3, ' neg , ,",'qwN U '4gg?iS?5 uhj--YaiQ55,1grf?,.. 'A fWfI7' If? 4.vfs4w.l,M',hHkN' mmazff v , mfs 'ifw-5312, 1? ' 1"2f.1,5i .,:. " " 'AAIII qi Q '4 wig? - QQ 5 f ' 5' 25 ' if I Q2 I f 2?-iQ, 3iWQ:f 1 , My JE if M1 554 Q. fx- , 192193 gsgmeisgv ,-Iiimg 31' im ,Q ,ggi D""4Zf K fi: X B ww 2, . fm fm?5'91f'X 2' Af --Girsw zz Sha . , .. 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A A5 X H ' .- 2 " ' 5' ' .WV . .9 , wr -7. 5 ,Q V5 if Lf. 5.5. I .- 3.535453 . . 5 -Qu: IUNIORS GENE SKIDMORE IIMMY SKIPWORTH LEWIS SPRINGER HELEN STRAIN WILMA STOWE SANDRA STRAUSS FRED STRELITZ MARY ANN SZOKE VIOLA TELLEZ PILAR TERRAZAS TOHN THORNTON EDELMIRA TRUIILLO SARAH FRANCES TURNER CARLOS UZETA CAROLINA UZETA NAOMI VASQUEZ PATSY WALSMITH NANCY WILBANKS DOROTHY WOELFEL KENNON WOMELDOHF ,,--'KNN' woLF MARY WOOD MARY SUE WRIGHT 1. W. YOWELL ,Eywudj Vw Z"?4M'f fggfgfwfiy 4am4Q fMLL0 Mwfxu-Jmfw , l4A .W -- ZX? bwwwjwij ,imma ,QL, AW'e!'a:4,7d'6a "Time and the hour run throng SHAKESPEARE h the toughest 6.511 A l il ' L' - , .f b V f . , I wiv, SAMMY HADDAD RICHARD COMPOS AURORA MUNOZ PETER RAMIREZ President Vice-President Secretary Yell Leader Spring Oliicers LOU MARTINEZ President AURORA MUNOZ Secretary PETER RAMIREZ Vice-President RALPH LOWENFIELD Yell Leader me 3 5 ? CLASS OF MAY 1951 Spring Officers BOB KELLER President ORLANDO CERVANTES Vice-President BOBBY FLORENCE Yell Leader HOPE IONES Secretary BOB KELLER BOBBY FLORENCE IANIS MELVIN ORLANDO CERVANTES President Vice-President Secretary Yell Leader SOPHOMORES CLASS OF IANUARY 1951 Full Officers Fall Officers CLASS OF '51 4 GERALDINE ABRAHAM BENITO ACEVEDO IAIME AHUMADA PILAR ALDERETE GRACIELA ALEMAN ALFREDO ARENIVAR ESTELA AVILA MARIA AVILA REUBEN BENCOMO MARY ELLEN BETHANY KATHERINE BEYS ARLYNE BLAUGRUND DONALD BREESE IEWEL BRINEGAR WAYNE BROUGHTON BLANCA BUSTAMANTE RAMON CADENA RICHARD CAMPOS MARIA ANITA CANALES ERNESTO CARRIZAL ESPIRIDION CASTILLO GRACE CASTRO LUCY CASTRO MARGIE CHAVEZ CARLOS CHEW HELEN CHEW ALICE CHRISTAKIS AMIN DAVID BOBBY DAY HORACIO DEL VALLE MARIA I.IIIsA DOMINGUEZ RICHARD I:I.I.IsoN IOAN IfAI.coNI ' GLORIA FAVELA ELVELIA FELIX P, ,aim Iwml w I IVA ,K K.- Imm Wag f fx I A .f ww M '-,I . W, ' A Egg , .. G - , 2 lV'gl,Q,h,A 'H , A. I ' I if f SQ 3 f ' 3' V Q Ill . na g? 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N I I I 7' ww , 4? ,Q 6 2 , j frm lQ..- V1 W, I n,,,..J-,W ,, my I ., ' t ,Raza K A, gl seg. . ' . . 1' . ng-A I TW al l l' K I N . I J' if f 'Q 1 .1-L. -, .. 4. ,wggizfg ' , SSP g .4-., Z - -hw, ' v...,S w n QQ -, f NI, ,f " Q. I L' 4' 1- .af 'r i -QQI 5 ,Q as MI J? I Azl M Aw ,, 5? 1. 'K ,mr V 4 +I. 5 'Will . ,AW iL'L 3 5' ,A , H 1' x ' ' if ' if wa 'E , . , 57 .4 . . 1' ... , Q .Q 3 Ag 1 A if "' s 4. . . W, :A zx..-:g ,- if 5 , Hr A fig? - - I - "eww . Q ff-. fi I Sl! .1 , S W. W , .1212 I ., .., ..- ..,. , Rv I I "E ,, -.Wf Ib - A .I wigf, A I V- ,X 5 bg ig . A M 1 'ff wQ:'xfz1 - , , 1, ,W 8:34221 Y I 5457: . , - ,K c Ig , I ,. Ig--W W ,E wg I M84 if I tlilmxi' ' va SOPHOMORES GLORIA FLORES MARY GABRIEL NORMA GALICIA BERTHA GALINDO ALICE GARDEA EDWARD GIBSON ROGER GOFOURTH i' GLORIA GOLDMAN '-1' IAMES GONZALES LUCILA GRAIEDA NORMAN HADDAD SAMMY HADDAD ROBERT HANNA LLOYD HARRIS MARGARITA HERNANDEZ EDDY HERSKOWITZ BOB HETRICK IENNIE MAE IOSEPH BOBBY KING ISABEL LIGHTBOURN MARTHA LOERA RAMON LOPEZ RALPH LOWENFIELD HENRY LOZANO LUIS MACIAS MARGARITA MAROUEZ LOU MARTINEZ PATSY MARTY BILLY MAYHALL EDWIN MCCRAY RUTH MCGUFI-'IE RICARDO MEZA OLGA MISHEL ERMINDA MONTOYA AURORA MUNOZ CLASS OF '51 IAMES NICKELS ELIA OLIVAS EDWARDO PADILLA HUMBERTO PANDO CHARLES PLATI' ROBERT PON IOSEPHINE PORRAS TEDDY PYE IRMA QUINONES RAMONA QUINONES IANE RAINWATER AURORA RAMIREZ EMMA RAMIREZ GLORIA RAMIREZ PETER RAMIREZ EVA RICHIE ELENA ROSALES IULIA SAAB BETTY IEAN SHARP IUANITA SILVA TOMMY SPRINGER RODOLFO SUCHOWIECKY ISELA SWAIN IOSE TALAMANTES MARTHA TEIEDA ANGEL TELLEZ ALBERTO TERRAZAS CARMEN TERRAZAS ROBERT THOMPSON HOLLY THURSTON LOUIS URENDA GUILLERMO VELARDE ISABEL, VERA FRANK WAGONER FRANK WHITE il k WF?" A , . 2 7 lu ,fr A ki . i'LQ""'-f?f5IlHIKWg" KIQQQKII-A ' kg- , Q E I Q, ,L x J, - A - Q A I Img: , if nf ' I N f 4,5 5 ,Sm V , Veg: iv Q35 ,mfvii L -pf , ' izxfirunxv F2319 I - iv ,D 3' 3. If 5 " I , ,- I A ' , QWWQWQ Q " " uf", fit , A ' f Q 4 Sze I Z E, I 52 A N-I gy f if RW 'SSS Q 1 QM ., . a4effffsfIh. L' 'rm 53 ' .If ' if ,wk 'a I W, ' YY Z 5 3 aww I .ei I 4 I I ., gt ,I , ,l -i f I I f.,,lf LLL a"M'm"Z if A 5 is I is if ,firm I 5? wx QQ 40 ,lf-47,53 LL.. ,Ei FW? if figfig . sg JN I Q, 5 x F Q vim , 5 vw Wai ' . A, W 3 266' , 3 . ' . Q." f fi f. 1. M . '5 if 53 555 , 'T y , I -: 4 Z A , I ' 'I 'fYQi ' 5E,I1if7A" ' .Ml . S z - ew 'V+ Aw. OFM.. 5 1 QQ. J' a 3 X rv J' XA Q. , I I K ' fi .a X FP, 'Lag' '? 3 AWK QA 'R-5 5 Q, Q LL A ..1n A2 5? 'S 3 Xa, , M I ' "f-Wy? I W " - II , 1. "lf-l?f 'EAZ H A A , fffggrjfff ,f ff . R 1 fff fi I I- ,M xi 1 K, I , ., . V - -s-. ff A . , "', V"' ' .",V, T 1 S321 A ,I ,,,,V W X I ' ' Z S 4. 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'.: ', , f 5 I- Xi lyi lrfiyfig A,:,,,, S 'i 1 A M ,O 3 is N Q ,ilu V wqx VX V W SOPHOMORES LAWRENCE WONG ALFONSO YIP MARLENE ABRAHAM MARIA ELENA ACEVEDO FERNANDO AGUILAR LUCY AGUILAR OCTAVIO AGUILAR ALICE ALDERETE, PILAR ALDERETE ERWIN ALKIRE SALVADOR ALVA OFELIA ALVARADO OSCAR ALVIDREZ LUIS AMADOR FRANCISCO ANSALMO IRENE ARAIZA CARMEN ARANDA VICTOR ARDITTI WILLIAM AZZIZ VICTORIA BACA CONRAD BARRETT CARLOS BEIARENO CAROLINA BENCOMO IOSEPHINO BENCOMO, IR PAT BENSON IOE BICKLEY BETTY BINNEY HUMBERTO BLANCO ROY BLAYLOCK LORRAINE BOBBITT CARLEENE BONEY LAWRENCE BRAY c1.Ass or '51 Jo ANN BROWN ANN BUSTAMANTE MARTA CARPIO GERARDO CAMPOS ALICIA CARDENAS RAUL CASTANEDA ROSA CARRILLO ORLANDO CERVANTEZ LANDA CHAVEZ MARGARITA CHAVEZ MARCELLA CHERRY CAROL CHLARSON ALVIN CLARK ELEANOR CLAYTON BOBBY CLOUD MAXINE COHEN DON CONGDON ALICIA CORONA LOU ANN COUGHRAN MAX CROW VIVIAN DALBY ISELA DE LA TORRE MARTHA DE LA TORRE TERESA DELGADO MARTHA DENNY CARMEN DIAZ ALBERTA DODSON ANTONIETA DOMINGUEZ ELIA DOMINGUEZ GLORIA DOMINGUEZ BILL DURRILL WALTER DWYER IULIAN DYOUB BILL ELLIS RICHARD ELLSWORTH .IN Y s VV V V, 3 :7 I wi 5. I ' :gf S ' ' 1.- ": I Q :ik ' , ' I +-5' 1 i f Li A 155: -' W-Af' ig' V V V :Q V .:', a 'iw-' gm A . 4. IV ,aj ' LV A .,-3? ' I A I A'II' 1 ' . . -: i m ' "- " ff NN f 5 Q I. ff' A EE W ' ,V Z V 9 V. VV VV . ..:. fffivffji .V 'V in-T? VQHWAV V V, N7 , ,-, -g,., V F my VVVVV V A ' . I A A ,I .,,.- Q v A w I .'v' ' I . .V ":' A I Q' 5 Q""'f' A , V , . . ib, A V V 1 .H ' V , QI I ,, J V ' VV? V , E ' A in A N A ww IQ A X" A Q, 99321 A w 35' f75 R. ' I' IZ -A 1 5 g :,. ' A , I - . , -' f -f,: - - ',.sf1,:f11 ,pk W A v,,A-' I A ,, ,A 5 :V we. J' ,Kim 1: - .. 'ww R4 P A W . :., LI I '14 IT NM, -A wg 4 Q fix v Vg V If? IWW, if' w , ' V , WK 1 A' 51551, V 41 +" ,42i : A p A f 292' T' w 99 1 32, - 'w i if -- V, 1.595331 A 411, . F5521 f ' I . ax ,: ' Tk yv. ,, I if 2 A 2, Q 4,.,WM 1 W,7...,,:,,w,A-g .AWB , AVA my A Amy-wf'1'g::',1,5A-LWQA mg, . ,Q , W R3 1 Ki A A' E? ". :,: Q A ,BBQ Zw ff , WQYZELZ' ' is 4, Q. A A XA v-..j , -ya M U : . ff , AA,.. l L nf AA,., ,LL ' I I I 'I W J J, " f wi -A Qdeyikgii ? 6 '54 L qgydg ' au A .f 3 in ,V J 2 A X 2' A is Agnus? W W Y A A 12 'IX' Y 'MAR ' B B , A A wg Ai. .- M W M, QL, in-nw , IF, fir 5 msalss-. ii i Eff L ' A y' ., I A, I ' ' ..'QfZ'51sB W -m,,,,,,, , ASX! 1 0 f ,vp Z 49' Qff, ...ff J' W x Z D I ,, HK w Q c y A I bil VA , . :F 'iv ' P K :N B A D if F3 ff'-x,,'f" Q 1 I , if I Ag. , Q - A ' L rf l A A I Z ia -ff" A "Q .,.. ' rzvgifrf- 1 f5' ?I,.i " ' J . 1 W I , if Ali? --3 - M Q A V, ,,. " : 4 .. ' 535. . ,' ' " V ,ZH .. ' 1. " , - B- - , FL 4555! '- ' 1 , A I I A '1'gs'1x,f,, A ' A 11 ' -32 '1 YW I 5 .. ,,, fig ? "" V' . fy' lk -ff' 5 ' "H f A ' .A ' A AQ A , 1: SQFY-tx gg? qi 5:15 ' ' ' A I .R A ' I ' -' 1 - --HM sf' .4 ., A 1 fix! Q f 4 A L, .. M .1: : :iV K A lf A gg i j 51 . iff ' 'E,'3:' 11551. f , .. f" :3 ., " M-3 A ' L vaifg I A' K ' :w t f ' I'5:"ff-Ale V . A SOPHOMORES MIRIAM FEINBERG ALICIA FELIX DORA FERNANDEZ ISELA FERNANDEZ TOMMY FIORETTI BOBBY FLORENCE BEN, MI PLOB1-is LIOYCE FRIEDMA MARIA ELENA GARCIA OLGA GARDEA LUZ GAYTAN ELEANOR MARIE GIBSON IOAN GOLLOB EMMA GONZALES IOE GONZALES MARIA GONZALES LILIA GONZALEZ SAUL GONZALEZ PEARLE GRACEY IOAN GRAHAM ONA MAE GREEN ADELA GROHMANN EDMUND GUERRY BETTY GUEZ MAYNARD HADDAD ENID HALL BRUCE HANKEY FRED HANSEN DICK I-IEMLEY HELEN HEREDIA PAT HEREDIA RENE HERMANN BILL HERRERA GEORGE HIRSCH DAN HOEFNER A CLASS OF '51 LOUISE HOFFMANN L'CENE HOLLINGSWORTH IEAN HOLMES PAUL HUCHTON EDWARD HUDSON ANNE HULSE IOAN HURLEY RAYMOND IGOU ALEIANDRINA IACOUES IOSE IIMENEZ ROY IOHNSON WILLENE IOHNSON HOPE IONES BOBBY KELLER ALFONSO KENNARD LARRY KERR MARY IANE KEY WALTER KILGO OTTO KIMBALL DON KNAUT ALBERT KOURY PAUL KROEGER IOSEPH LACY FRANK LASINI LORENZA LIRA 1 'x GEORGE LOPEZ NINFA LOPEZ ' STELLA LORANCA SHIRLEY LOVE IAMES LOWN BALTAZAR LOYA ROGER MANSFIELD ALICE MARQUEZ RAYMOND MARSHALL EMMA MARTIN f' W Q ,X K If il I-S I QA S+ 33 J fx I Q- Q It , Q 3 ' ww jk ,1 .V mgppf 54, 3 944, ,545 We-A 1:-" as A -4 f , . :I ,g k ...,, v:..- :ga z :Z I K L- . i g 'M 5 . A 3, . . ,f ,N ,Mn ,-D. 5 Ea' z -5 Q g shim if .X mx N5 hi: W, 3 S . , - K L 5 I 'f 3 ' in rm fr, ,Q I f I Y I ,I S I , 4'V1. z ' Sis .,., Aa V I, I A "I 4, f: ff, wg 3, ' . Mm ' f - zz, U5 1. f r I - ..v, :,,..V I , 4. .K zul Z V . "' .,,., ' 3-gfL1ig2'Q, 1 "" , I S 4 E5 Zi ' gi. ' . 4 fs gigi w 'fx .,,. , ., ' If ,V ' Q. ij "" fzzffw . 1.4 ,I 44 4: I A 5 5 A W 5 ' ij ' , f ' ., W .V ..... : if A if " 2 . 1, 53 ' J L nga' - ' f:5,fffl'zA .5fJZ'fl?JA V I Sqifw .-, I 2 haf 3i'i5'5ffW5Q"f 5' 4l3f'7?5?5Uf1V'f7mf5'3f ,, - -E ' ,,.. - Qfi ' A 13. ' V i v .. F I nw! if -- 2. X , ,sf . ..' 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A I I L 13 A 1 .3 1 16 ,1 if f sw- -LWQ., 5 -:, I W iv 5 M nf - 15 it I:-L ' .WMISZY 3 1 ASI N5 .Q ' . Z1 'X 1 L - Sf". ' 'ENV' vi: I A ,, ,ii Q . f"M:Y I 1 , , 1 . ' 'H f fl Q 4, .ff , kk ,f A S 3 W ,,., 'Wg J .,1 1 f- , zz- X ' '19 1 gfmzg 1 I . I K ga ni A ,,, ,A XL Q ,L gig! If 1 fa 'f 6 A -51 2.-: - x 1, ' ,r . I '5 W I - QM Q I :I I I "" I W lm Ama H A , ,JI Tang a' 1 M , Y ' I I RNS-1 'M ' L- . ', " 'S i" 'gI.,z""Vf ..,-:Q Q 'QI I -fx '--- 75? if 7 rf A ' A , . '- I' "' A Ag..-.-.,.,,N',' jf ASE i ' I1 '- f -I I I-I I I I :- in-wlizksl 'WI A , fy 31 x an' ,L 7,5 K: Enya SOPHOMORES IEANENE MARTIN PETE MARTINEZ FERNANDO MAYNEZ GEORGE MAYNEZ DAN MCCALLICK CLARENCE MCDONALD IANIS MELVIN GLORIA MENDOZA NANCY METCALF ALBERTO MILEDI CARLOS MOLINA ERMINDA MONTOYA ARTURO MORENO MANUEL MOYA DANIEL MULLER EVELINA MUNOZ ESTELA NAVARRETE GILBERT NICKERSON DINA NUNEZ ALICE OCHOA MARVIN OGLE SALVADOR OLIVAREZ CARMEN ORTEGA OLGA PANDO CHARLES PEINADO CAROLYN PERKINS ANN POOLEY ALMA PRUETT JAMES QUIGLEY DOROTHY RAGER LAWRENCE READ TIVE READE CONCHA RIBOTA BOB RIVAS CATHERINE ROCHE CLASS OF '51 IACK RODEHAVER AIDA RODRIGUEZ IDELFONSO RODRIGUEZ ROSENDO RODRIGUEZ ELSA ROSALES SYLVIA RUSK SAMUEL RUTHERFORD HARVEY SADLER CRISPIN SALAZAR BERTHA SALDIVAR MARIA SARABIA SANDRA SCHWARTZ H. A. SEAMONDS CAROL SHOEMAKER ENRIQUE SILVA HOWARD SLUTES WILLIE SOSA ANITA SOTO LORRAINE SPIERS BARBARA STEVENS LTV ' ' I' , A IIQA 435 QQA. ,. E QILA, A A I - , I ,A-.ASN : ,f.. 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CHART:-IE ZAMORANO RAYMOND ZAMBRANO LAWRENCE BRAY IOE BICKLEY IANIS MELVIN 7.,,44w4" movement "Time is iniinite e moment oi rest. without on TOLSTOX A 1 f-v-' ' 52 ii 'V' ' XQQV ' "1 WC: - " A A Q A-9 2215-5 . U A ,W ARTURO DE LA TORRE BENIAMIN GUERRERO MARY HELEN YIP IOE CARTAGENA President Vice-President Secreicry Yell Leader Spring Oificers ARTURO DE LA TORRE President BETTY IANE PIPKIN Secretary ALPREDO ABEYTA Vice-President IOE CARTAGENA Yell Leader CLASS OF MAY 1952 Spring Officers CHICO WOODUL President SAKINAT ESMAN Secreiury PAUL CLARK Vice-President ROLIE KEMP Yell Leader FUED ESMAN CAROLINA HERNANDEZ IOY HULL ROLIE KEMP President Vice-President Secretary Yell Leader 1-'RESHMEN CLASS OF IANUARY 1952 I-'all Ofiicers Fall Officers ALFREDO ABEYTO LILY ABRAHAM WILLIAM ABRAHAM RAUL ALARCON RAFAEL ANAYA CLAYTON APPLETON SOCORRO ARANDA ATANACIO AREVALO SERAFIN AVITIA RUBEN BARRAGAN A A " R P57 if 41 ac, I5 , , ., rfg iaiiffifi 52 - .A : - - V 3 .-.... - II-I-,:,A :,::5I I if - ' -V-B, H f . 33 gg 34 fix Q Fw?"'rLI?fI3.. '?8!'1: . gg , I I fk . x f 1 Q A , '- f 2 X , , 'rd ,f V A A I, I ,.,.,. I f .,.. A A I -. ,I I ---:- ALFONSO BENAVIDEZ .I .A -A B. W 1 BARBARA BOULTON I -A 1, ,,'A . . 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C I ' PQQ' flf- sf JI, A if :21 I -ZH N .1 W 2 3 , N.. wg I , X A 'I ,QNX I ANTONIETA GIUST KATHERINE HADDAD VIVIAN HARRELL ARTURO HERNANDEZ IRVING HERSKOWITZ FRANCES HOGGE IANE HOLMES WENDELL I-IOLT CAROLL HONEA IAVIER HUERTA IO LEETA IONES LILLIAN IOSEPH MARY IANE KOURY THELMA KUSTOFF LORENZO LUIAN GENOVEVA MALDONADO TERRY MANN MERCED MARTINEZ PHILLIP MARTINEZ ALICE MCCORD PATTIE MCPHERSON MARIA MONTELONGO RAMONA MONTELONGO LEO MONTOYA 'SEDDIE MOWAD-'B IOHN MUNDY FERNANDO MUNOZ FRANCISCA MUNOZ DAVID ORTEGA HERMINIA ORTIZ BETTY PIPKIN ALICIA RAMOS IEAN RIBAIL ROBERTA RICHARDS OSCAR RIOS MARVIN ROTH IOHN SALAZAR ARMANDO SANCHEZ RAMIRO SANCHEZ ROSE MARIE SANCHEZ MANUEL SANDOVAL BENIAMIN SHERWIN NELDA STEELE GEORGE STEWART AMELIA TORRES KATY VALDEZ ENRIQUETA VALLEIO DAVID WILSON MARY HELEN YIP ALBERT ABOUD LOUISE ABOUD OLGA ABRAHAM 'WILLIAM ABRAHAM IOYCE ADLER BERTA AGUIRRE GUILLERMO ALVAREZ MIKE ALVAREZ RICARDO ALVAREZ GLORIA ALVIDREZ BILLY ANAGNASTOU OSCAR ARELLANO HOWARD ARMSTRONG MIGUEL ARTALEIO BARBARA BACKER ARTURO BOEZA I-IUMBERTO BANTISTA IAMES BENCOMO ANNE BALLACHEY BOB BOONE , Q 51 r , X I R1 Yi H5 I - if I - wgffffis - - ' I his i Ib' A if f x x "' 5 'iff '- yi IM f 1 -I? 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ARTURO DE LA TORRE f fjff S2 ' ' I M y BROOKE DE WITT f , Eff' M I 2 f-E - I LUIS DURAN IOHN EICHELMAN FUED ESMAN SAKINAT ESMAN MARIA YSELA FIERRO DONALD FLAIZ CRISTOBAL FLORES, IR. IESUS FLORES ROSA FLORES ETHEI. FOX BOB FRANCIS FILIMON FUENTES RICHARD FULLER DELIA GALLARDO TIMOTHY GALLEGOS HARRY GERDELMAN IUDITH GOGGIN ALICE GOLDEN MARY ELLEN GALLEGOS RUBEN GOMEZ-LEON CELIA GONZALES BETTY GRAHAM RICHARD GRAVES BENIAMIN GUERRERO IONE GUERRY BERTHA GU TIERREZ OkI?fIibJI:A!E3I.lI,'jEREEE we In K 'IOHN HALEY CHARLES HALL THOMAS HALL Myiy, 'X , . sdtg , 4 'XM f, If M -AI i sf My x 5391 E , , , Q. .E my in '12-.a '- YT A x X 1 31" Qi: If f A I i .,A1ffif?IgS. QT I , A 1?-QV, ,,.. W3 I I I EIIE A ,E 'fI i Ii- I --:' 51-aw, ' ,,,,, , H , I '-wx . .- I - , 1 5,5 V ,4 Q NW ,gf I 'Q' if 'f'-'W-vw , aw? ' . -X, I I ya I 4 J 4 sf :Ni A ei . , ,I ., 1 , w 1,, ,K 4 1-,W-55 ,E 7,545.3 .-E I I E Y No. fi I 'X fx M I x my 4 . 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J ' if . .1 , , IX I- ' . wk , PATSY PERRY RUSSELL PHILLIPS SALLYE PICKERING ...-DICK POE.9- OSCAR PORRAS BARBARA POTTER IULIE POTTER AURORA QUIROZ ALICIA RAMIREZ HECTOR RAMIREZ IOSE RAMOS FRANCES REMPEL FLORA RESENDEZ LLOYD RICHMOND HARVEY RING IOHNNY RODRIGUEZ IIMMY ROGERS CATHERINE ROGOWSKI BERTA ROIAS IOSE ROMERO GEORGE ROSA IUNE ROSENBERG EVERETT RUNTE CARLOS RUIZ VICTOR SALAS SALVADOR SALAS OLGA SALAZAR ROBERTO SALCIDO EVANGELINA SALCIDO AMELIA SALOME LUIS SANCHEZ BILL SANFORD BERTHA SARABIA PAT SARABIA SAMMY SCHNEIDER GAYLE SEXTON WILLIS SEYFFERT ALICIA SILVA TERESA SILVESTRE PATRICIA SKIPWORTH NIELS SORENSEN PEGGY SPALDING BILL STEWART SHIRLEY STEWART LOUISE STRAIN ALICE SULLY IANICE TAYLOR BETTY THORNTON RACHEL TORRES ESTELLA TRILLO FELIX TRINIDAD ADELINA URQUIDI ALICIA VASQUEZ MARY MAUDE VAUGHN RUBY LEE VECK VENETIA ROSE ATHERIN BILLY VERTRESS LUIS VILLA VELIA VILLA IOSEPHINE VILLALOBOS MARY HELEN VIGIL TI-IELMA WALDEN IACK WALTRIP MARLENE WATERSON HECTOR WATT MARGARET WERTHERMAN PLO NELL WESTMORELAND SUE ANN WHITMIRE ROGER WILSON IOANNE WINDBERG I E I 1 I I I . I E,I I I " , 1 I Lkfm, ,Q Q 4 ,,.: ,K M .av A I5 , pi, .F 4:33 , 51 9 W , 3 A. 4' 4 -M,-,,, 435 3:1 A-if W 3 QI ZA A if:2xf5.I" IA AI. gang ,. , 4 55, . .. :: fi ,gf 2 ,li L 3 ,Agni :,, ,:,.: , 5, E .Q., , ,.,,.., :1 1 I I H X ,E . 4 A , f jf I 112 f A . e " ,, '-3 ., kg :fm z 'lsfL5f"V Ni I f iigw, I ii I V. , 4 e 3 gui, gf, I n - C WI S A I ' ' Y r- ' .. fx 9 iw: ' iw fwfwft 42 ggi, .:.A: . 43 . :tv 17? 2: .',- 'mf f a M 5 gf? I ww? 4' iv, my . vw, 34 U I3 MK 'M 64 , .. .,,. . in ! ..,. C ? l kt T... 1. - ,,,E.., iti- 0 x 23219255 , . f n Ski? ::gfEfLxy,w 5 fi. .Q , , ...,. 4. f1f'5'E5f,:i4m ' . " F ' F r vyfgq .V x X R .... : fy . K .K I 5 9 MARLENE WINTROUB FRANK WINSTEAD cl-uco woonur. -f cfxEfoLcYogy, GEORGE zAcoUR if ANASTACIO ZAVALA DANNY ZENT RI-IEA ZISSMAN IESS TAYLOR I 4 3 f 'v 'Time stream 1 go iiihinq iff is but the 'YHOBEP-U 'fi f 1 ' I, If "'2',. ',,,' A R . '5 15523: H ,, 'lf f '. ,,,, . W I ,, .- f ..., ,-- -.3 ' .,,.,:,, IQ- h """ , 5 1 .. 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MA ' " Y if A: ' xff DAMON GABREN CLARENCE COOPER Presrdem f Vice-President GEORGE ACUNA President SOYNA MEDRANO Secretary CAROL ELLIOT Vice-President BILL CASTILLO Yell Leader Spring Officers CLASS OF MAY 1953 Spring Officers , , I ' 2 , Vixslf ,525 w.WWr'r',:f' M, ANNA LARANCA IAY SILVA Secretory Yell Leader CLASS OF IANUARY 1954 Spring Officers EIGHT!-I GRADE CLASS OF IANUARY I353 Fall Officers Fall Ofiicers ROW 1 BARBARA GOODWIN MARGARET COBOS ROW 2 GLORIA GRANILLO MANUELA FLORES ROSA RAMIREZ ROW 3 MISS HARRIET LERNER DELIA GONZALES LUCILA PANDO CARMEN OCHOTORENA MILLIE VILLA ROW 4 ROSALIA LANDA EVANGELINE BARRON PEPITA MELENDRES IRENE MARTINEZ VICENTA RAMIREZ LYDIA SALGADO ELOISA HERRERA GLORIA VALENZUELA SIMON GARCIA HUMBERTO AMPARAN ROW 5 LAWRENCE WONG ALFONSO GARIBAY HECTOR MORENO ROBERT REYES RAUL PACILLAS EDWARD NAIERA EDWARD IUAREZ ARMANDO LUEVANO MIGUEL SALOM LOUIS LUTON ABEL ALVARADO ' li! ifU9l'E.2l" ROW 1 MARIA VILLA ALICIA BAUTISTA ROSALIE BARRIOS MARY ESCAIEDA BARBARA ANN EVANS ESTHER ESCAIEDA ANITA FLORES ROW 2 ELIZABETH FELIX BERTHA ANAYA CATALINA LABRADO YOLANDA REYES DOROTHY MILLER DOLORES MARTINEZ LEDGE lst ROW RICHARD FUENTES BILL LEVY LAWRENCE HATFIELD HERMAN HIRSCH NOBLE MOORE TONY GRANILLO RUDY QUINONES BILLY ORTIZ MR. MOYE LEDGE 2nd ROW IOE TREMARELLO CARLOS IAQUEZ FIDEI. BARRON DANIEL DOMINGUEZ BILLY BAEHR ROW 1 EVANGELINA SANCHEZ ROSA TEIEDA ELODIA MACEYRA LUELLA NICKERSON ROW 2 RUTH BENCOMO SALLY IOYNER THELMA GARCIA ROW 3 TOMMY DE LAS CASAS IOSE LOPEZ CLOIE FANNIN BILLY ELLIOTT IOSEPHINE SANCHEZ ROW 4 IOHN FLORES FERNANDO GUERRERO STANLEY MAGEDSON ARMANDO OUINN HOWARD PRESTWOOD ALFONSO LOPEZ MRS. CAWLEY ROW 5 IACK FARRELL CARL LEWIS ROW 1 SHIRLEY RASBERRY IEANENE PETERSEN MARY KILBURN IANET BERTRAND ESTELA GARCIA ROW 2 VIRGINIA WOOD LAURA GRIFFIN BERTHA SUCI-IWIECKY ESTELLA RODRIGUEZ ESTELA TERRAZAS ROW 3 LOIS MACKIE IO ANN KERR GEORGIA BEYS BEVERLY BOYD MARY SULLIVAN ROW 4 MISS IVERSON KAY ZEUGNER SHIRLEY DIAMOND BARBARA COCHRAN WILMA KAERWER MARY ANN ARMSTRONG SANDRA KING HOW 5 BILL CLAYTON HERBERT KORDISH JIMMY LOPER IOHN BALES PHILIP SONNICHSEN IESUS ORTIZ BOB MAPULA ROW 6 TERRY FLACK MIKE AGUIRRE STEVE ROSENBERG CLIFFORD I-IARNDEN LLOYD HAMILTON EDDIE CHEW ROBERT IAMES ALFRED LOWENBERG RAMON MAESE fg , 1. ROW l ANN HOGGE CARMEN HERNANDEZ EVANGELINE RAMIREZ ANN BACCHUS IOAN SHOCKLEY MYRA BOSWELL BARBARA REDDELL ROW 2 ANN SPRINGER MARGARET TITUS BARBARA WRIGHT BERTHA ALVA BOBBY MAYHALL RICHARD SCHWARTZ ALBERT LEONG ROW 3 BERNARD KA'I'Z NORMAN HADDAD PAUL ANDERSON LEO MOMSEN PHILIP IACOBS IACK LAPPE HECTER HOLGUIN WICK CURTIS IIMMY HADDAD MRS. HANSEN ROW l IANICE BERNARD BULAH FAY MYERS BETTY TREEBY CAMILLA LANDAVAZO ROW 2 MARYBETH DEYOE IOANN DIFFENDERFER SHIRLEEN SHARPLEY ELAINE ABBOTT PATRICIA HALEY ROW 3 LYNN HORSLEY IIMMIE PAYE MAXWELL AMANDA WILKEY MAXINE KRONSBERG BARBARA BREESE ROW 4 DON YOUNG TONY GARCIA RUSSELL HUDDLESTON CLARENCE COOPER IOHN DVJYER DAMON GARBERN MISS SIMS VVILLIAM IRVIN MERVILLE DARNALL CURTIS SPIER ROW 5 BOB HARRIS ROY MAR WILLARD SENSIBA BILLY MCDILL IOI-IN DONOHUE DAVID CRAWFORD IACK SCI-IULLER DON HARDEN ROW 1 SHIRLEY CLOUD EDITH ANN ENGLISH TILLIE DELGADILLO ROXANA SCHMEICHEL IO ANN AMADOR ROW 2 IOSEPHINE AGUILAR MARTHA VALENCIA ETHEL MAE HUGHES ROW 3 BLANCA ARELLANO MARY LOUISE NICHOLS MRS. IANEDA RUSH GARY CROW LUIS GARCIA, IR. HENRY BIXLER IIM ALEXANDER CHARLES HADDAD ROW 4 IOE ABRAHAM LEONARDO SAMANIEGO DAVID ELIAS ANTONIO AGUILAR VICTOR MOORE MIKE BIDAL IOSEPI-I FESTE IIMMY MERRITT 2 x. ROW I ANA MARIA VALDIVIA BETTY SKINNER MARIA ELENA AMAYA YOLANDA VILLA BEATRICE CARRANZA ESTELLA DIAZ ROW 2 MISS IESYLE STIMSON LUPE RODELA DELIA NAVARRO ROW 3 FRANK POWERS WILLIAM PURDY GEORGE ZENTENO PAULINO QUINONES FRANK PORTILLO ROW 4 ROBERT SAENZ MARCO TRAMARELLO ALFREDO GARCIA BILL CASTILLO MIGUEL SALAZAR WILLIE GAMERO 'Ki ROW I DORA CASTRO SOCORRO OBREGON VERNA BETH KNIGHT BARBARA I. BROUGHTON BETTY MANCILL ANNA LORANCA ANDRA HARPER ROW 2 ARLENE GUERRY BETTY MCPHERSON CARMEN ZUBIA ELIA HERRERA DOLORES SHAFFNER ROW 3 SAMUEL ARTHUR APODACA PETE MEDRANO SANTIAGO H. DURAN GEORGE ORR MRS, GROTHE NACIM MILEDI CLAUDE M. WALLACE, IR. BILLY WELSCI-I ROW 4 RONALD HALE CLARK DALE WILSON IOHNNY HADDAD CLASS OF I AN UARY 1954 'HW :MOH XDVH 'HHSNIHHLOT WIVCII8 CDIIIN 'HOGVNV .LHHEIOH 'OHHHHEIFIED OISHES 'SVVIEI GIAVG :MOH PIC dI'IIHd 'H3IdS SILHHO 'SHODVI 301 'VNHOV HDHOEIED 'ZHCINVNHEIH 'VHEIHHEIH :MOH PUZ 'T1'1VcI H 'NOSHEICINV A5190 'hwnw NHOI ONOG DH ANNHOI 'H SEVICIFIH 'TIHSSFIH 'GVCICIVH OJ. EIITHVHD 'N SNOIdINX'lI-ICD 'ITVEILHPISVEI AMO I-ISDH-I 'HI MMM 6f0,,WWen6 ima is a qiecm Xegcmzex. even We Yxekl oi 1901451 ' f'NYESCXC'EX4 '4ZU'.1U'-+CDL'1'JT"U 'HZU'.1UC:'HUJ 4UOw QZHwwm CD42-LOU-' F ,,,-. 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Y , N kb X, -.,, A 1, 3,-,w -.,A,. J M:,,.,.: g " . S sf' Mi Q .8 -. A,...... ,agili- s. -312, . - ,.-.-.ww ...,. i, .qi unwise..-.an-YHVPIK ,.,........ , V,.,:,,..55 'Avi'- IACKIE ANDERSON CONGER BALLARD BETTY SEAY QAlternc1teJ 'Play the game well, ior the time to play is short." -OXLEY 1949 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD IST ROW: ROBERT HANNA, ALFONSO FLORES, IOE BLANCO, MANUEL PADILLA, REYNALDO SALAZAR, ROBERT BARELA, ROBERT SERRANO, GRAYSON GWYN, JIMMY DICK, CODY PRESTWOOD. ZND ROW: LAWRENCE REZNIKOV, HERBERT HARRELL, BOBBY HEFRICK, BILLY HIGGINS, BILL MAYHALL, RICHARD ELLISON, IULIAN HORWITZ. SRD ROW: COACH BROWN, PIERRE MULLER, TITO GARCIA, BOBBY KELLER, ART MEDRANO, RAUL ARMAGNAC, TONY LAMA, KENNON WOMELDORF, LUIS LEIB, LLOYD HARRIS, COACH IARVIS. ' 4TH ROW: DICK SHINAUT, DICK HEMLE, RAUL GONZALES, DONALD ANDERSON, IACK EATON, WAYNE BROUGHTON, CLIFFORD IRVIN. -A-1 f . N ...,, , , ---- 4 ...., qgnzfr-I -"' -'-f . 5 -:v:...::.,g"gQ """ -1' -R-.l. fi: f., :::tz1gZ.I.-- .,'l'1':fl. .... 'LIN -:-1" TI., ' -,-. : ' ,, . 'm,' 1 Ti Sat e A l:f 21'ff"g-1.5 - - if j j if fe gi f, -,., : ne e : We 1 3 '-1 - ' :4I.:?:-I t-tt, ' - , . . . . ... yM3i,G,gQ5vik,w.:ggyN,gg, l , ft Mgr? gAxQ3m3w,,w3.f ,Wg 25 4 ' A Q , ' scfe-w 75225 me 3 1 'A ' 5 COACH BROWN COACH IARVIS COACH LOTHRINGER SCHEDULE SCORE Date Tecrm Played We They Sept. 9 - Roswell 6 13 Sept - Arlington Heights 2 31 Sept - Odessa 14 41 Oct. 8 - Douglas S 25 Oct. - Ysleta 0 21 Oct. - Phoenix 33 13 Oct. - Bowie 6 7 Nov. - Mesa 35 27 Nov. - Oklahoma City 0 22 Nov. - Austin 0 8 SAMMY HADDAD Mcrncrger Co-Captains ARMANDO CTitoJ GARCIA GRAYSON GWYN GET IT TONY! 4 A 1" :H 2 ,uv JH , 1442 ,.,1 - WN ' Wsfiis ,,,,, f 5 ' K ffV '1'Q , g-az - 2 Z7 ' 5 ' VN " 5. - N " ' ' A' .sl Pzi- w N W, DONALD ANDERSON RAUL ARMAGNAC ROBERT BARELA . JOE BLANCO WAYNE BHOUGHTON CHARLIE DAVIS iw WL gqgiwg IIMMY DICK IACK EATON RICHARD ELLISON ROBERT HANNA ALFONSO FLORES RAUL GONZALES HERBERT HARRELL LLOYD HARRISS KELLER C THE RUN. DICK HEMLE Wim KW BOBBY HETRICK BILLY HIGGINS IUL IAN HGRWITZ CLIFFORD IRVIN BOBBY KELLER TONY LAMA LUIS LEIB BILLY MAYHALL ART MEDRANO TFTCD WILLIE MOWAD MANUEL PACILLAS PIERRE MULLER CODY PRESTWOOD BREAKS AVVAY K . ,L 1-'R ' . I IW-If 1 .fm -q I wwf W WX .4 .. X. 4 I 'I'I .. :zlf 'I N' f 3 . ff . if ky V 'W M-:fmwdudi ww 1 ,,3.-, 5 -3:,:.:.,,N A ' rv My fish: Y I M., . v ' V li SEBASTIAN PEREZ LAWRENCE REZNIKOV ANG ON O IT! P 1 REYNALDO SALAZAR Q gg KS! I - ' nt z 0 I? - . ra, ' fb ,Q .z v 3 ' Qff iw -' Q, - 'W ROBERT SERRANO DICK SHINAUT r b U mwwfmwz1uw QvQ , I v 5 If IIM SMITH GEORGE VEYTIA KENNON WQMELDQRF FT FOOTBALL SQUAD Cathedral Yslefa .... Bowxe ...... Austin ..., Catlfedral Bowle ...... Ysletct ...... Austin .... HK DAVID AMEN CONRAD BARRETT BILLY BUCKLAND TITO CAMPOS BOBBY DAVIS ARNULFO DELGADO HORACE DEL VALLE FUED ESMAN TOMMY FIORETTI IAMES GONZALES TONY GONZALES BEN GUERRO EDDY HERSKOWITZ IRVING I-IERSKOWITZ DON KNAUT LOUIS LAMA LOU MARTINEZ MERCED MARTINEZ PETER MARTINEZ PHILIP MARTINEZ GEORGE MAYNES EDDIE MCNEELY +..EDDIE MOWAD,.1. FERNANDO MUNOZ , X, 'Wy-41' ,gat , sp: : I-m ,U :MW A ,ggi is --" . " If .F :1k1,Z,fI ' 4 ' ' "P .Jw - ,QV ,, . .wifi ,. , '15 . Sf " " 2 W Ifzlxfigg I N '.' . .lEge:5fy I W . , A I ' fin li. - 2 .5 1 A25 I S' H' I ii, 5 'ii If kv X53 ' Au If I 25 f., 53, , mu f "fig 'X 5 f 5 fa S I- 2 4 Q, L 53 ,Q X35 I fp 04 L EJ jg s 4-1 fn. ' If A. 'I . - ,..,3?qNNw '2- 3451 ' ' I ..., if L. -,... gi f M 52 3 ' ..,, Q 2 "ij, f ,. fy' . ,... vw up fb ., I-.:4..::.wfm.,mf we , -, .-x .-..:.. J ,, A . -V - Las 1 . - gm, I 4-fm I i I gg, I 33 If I W -V ,P izigm -' :I f 9:2 I X ww 4 W 5, Q I 1 wi , iii? A Se , Q21 9 J L g A may 5? f f ,4 Y M I If 15, ,W ,A ,I .:- .: P 1 1 5. W. -e , .gsm f 'sg M y ' 4- I 1 zgmgssf 25:2 ' A .,., if 'R v ,K , .P . ,Z T A :-,:. . Q , sw R gi M ., I l ERN? . IQ K i 4 Q fx L DFW I I ? ,gl N Z- 8 K' 'S N. .. ..... , . ., .Nm M , a www 255211 .I ,.. f W 5' H ,I ,M M ,, Q-Q- 7: 2? "K'::i:e+ ' I - ::z mi: V, 1 Q- wi-I gi ,I I ug -' a- . 1: ,fu M f aww: . .::::, ,gy " J v 'b'iE"1'f:, -va-1 ..-ri? , I f D ' "' ,151 wwf. :f.,.,j.yzi,:: ' cw, 'X 4 i A: 2 A? S 9 ,f Q 5 1 'ggi 3 W2 4 L W7 if mfg' I H f K 'Ham ,1 A . ,,,., Q5 M I xy ' - QM, 2 wg 41 5 O K 1, 5 J I 34 Z any , rf ws 313 I S Wwfanm 5 2' be B0 3 ax Xa V W 5 , if . VL f ff -' fiiifv babg A I I .1 pw Q MQ- aw x ,. V ,R '11 --use WWW N qwqgiw' -mms zz if M Baffin . ,. . , ,A:. -f , ' -'- . Ja "SG f 'i4'VlH3'1 f V 1 , , .is if 'v M, ...':-1:v-2 -- .7- wfwfiv-:A :Qi - .... 1 ...,, . ,lziw-QW ? :f1'E1i'fEffFfif ' iQ, ' wi A ROY IOHNSON CHARLES PEINADO CHARLES POLLACK CARLOS RUIZ ROBERT SCOTT ALFRED TORRES RALPH VANDERPOOLE CHICO WOODUL 1949 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD , I IST HOW: LARRY KERR, KENNON WOMELDORF, BOBBY MADRID, BOBBY IIMENEZ, RAUL GONZALES, RAY MBNA, ART MEDRANO. BACK ROW: REYNALDO SALAZAR, CLIFFORD IRVIN, BIIILY GILBERT, DONALD ANDERSON, JACK EATON, PUNKO LOWENFIELD, FRED STRELITZ, TONY LAMA, ORLANDO CERVANTES, COACH C. D. IARVIS. Ian. Ian. I an. Feb. Feb Feb Feb. Feb. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Bowie ,,,,,,,,.. ,,.. 3 6. E. Cathedral .. .... 45. E. Austin ........ .... 5 4. E- Ysletc: .......... .... 2 9. E. Cathedral .. .... 45. E. Bowie ..,,.......,.. 40. E. Austin ......... .... 5 4. E. Ysleia .......... .... 4 3. E. mmmiif?-T-:F WF? S ......... S ......... S ......... 31 34 37 48 30 32 S S S ......... S S ......... COACH C. D. IARVIS LARRY KERR, Mgr. CAPT. BOBBY MADRID DONALD ANDERSON ORLANDO CERVANTES TACK EATON I V I i P BOBBY IIMENEZ BGBBY KELLER TONY LAMA RALPH LOWENFIELD ART MEDRANO RAY MENA THERE IT IS! REYNALDO SALAZAR FREDDY STRELITZ KENNON WOMELDORF I-IIFT BA rms'r now: GLENN MARSH E GONZALEZ qc C pmmy, FUED ESMAN qc s BENCQMO ROBERT SALCIDO. SECOND ROW: BOBBY FLORENCE PHILLIP MARTINEZ MARVIN RENE HERMAN LEO MONTOYA LEROY ELLSWORTH COACH THIRD ROW: DANIEL SEPULVEDA KMg J EDWARDO NUNEZ WENDELL HOLT BILLY ANAGNOSTAU MICHAEL POLLEY Cathedral Aushn ..... Bowie ..... Ysleta ..... Bowie ..,.. Cathedral Austm ..,.. Ysleta ...... MOYE TRACK ROW 1-BALLENTYNE, WOMELDORF, SHINAUT, ELLISON, DICK, LEIB, ANDERSON, MEDRANO, PACILLAS, SALAZAR, VEYTIA, MOWAD, CHAPARRO. ROW 2-IRVIN, MURDOCH, SAUVE, WAY, HARRELL, AGUIRRE, GILBERT, MARSH, BROUGHTON, LAMA, SCOTT, CAMPOS, KELLER, MARTINEZ. ROW 3-RODRIGUEZ, D, MULLER. GONZALES, MAYNES, LEVY, ELLSWORTH, BUCKLAND, HETRICK, HERSKOWITZ, KNAUT, MAYHALL, PEINADO, PRESTWOOD HOW 4-DEL VALLE, DAY, MARTINEZ, CHAVEZ, HARRIS, MORIEL, FUENTES, BAUTISTA, LOPER, SANFORD, VANDERPOOL, ZAMERANO. ROW 5-COACH BROWN, MOLINA, SORENSON, CRUZ, MANDELL, BARRON, MAGEDSON, HORWITZ ROW 6-MARTINEZ, MCPHERSON, ABEYTA, RASOR, TREMARELLO, MAPULA, PRESTWOOD, ORTIZ, ABOUD. SAMMY HADDAD, Mgr. COACH K. C. BROWN ART MEDRANO Zetafznazg DONALD ANDERSON ART MEDRANO BQBBY MEDRANO, KELLER, MOWAD, LEIB HORACIO DEL VALLE WILLIE MQWAD BOBBY HETRICK BEYNALDO SALAZAR RAUL VILLALOBOS RAYMUNDO CHAVEZ HECTOR GONZALES IOHN BALLENTYNE HORACIO DEL VALLE LLOYD HARRIS BILLY GILBERT HUMBOLT MANDELL HUMBERTO BAUTISTA GEORGE VEYTIA RICHARD ELLISON KENNON WOMELDORF TECH IQHI mCQmHU MWFUTCI BOBBY IIMENEZ IIMMY DICK DICK SHINAUT 1949 BASEBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW--GEORGE LOPEZ, MIKE MANAGO, ART MEDRANO, RAUL GARCIA, BOBBY VIIIL, WENDELL HOLT, ERNEST ZENTENO, ALFONSO CERVANTES, RAMON LOPEZ, MERCED MAR'I'INEZ, SEBASTIAN PEREZ. SECOND ROW-IGNACIO MAYNES, ORLANDO CERVANTESJILL HOEENER, GENE SKIDMORE, KENNON WOMELDORF, BOBBY IIMENEZ, RAUL GONZALES, RAMON MENA, BOBBY MADRID, TRUETT RODGERS, " ' THIRD ROW-PHILLIP MARTINEZ, ARTURO DE LA TORRE, MOREY RING, HUMBERTO MEZA, LOU MARTINEZ, PETER MARTINEZ, ALFONSO DE ANDA, IOHNNY RODRIGUEZ, PETER RAMIREZ, LAWRENCE REZNIKOV, COACH MOYE. BACK ROW-PAUL LUCKETT CMgr.J, BILLY GILBERT, OCTAVIO AGUILAR, RICHARD MEZA, ARMANDO SUSARREY, FRANCISCO ANSALMO, ARTURO HERNANDEZ, ALFRED CRUZ, LEWIS SPRINGER. I PAUL LUCKETT, Mgr. COACH H. R. MOYE PHILLIP MARTINEZ GEORGE LOPEZ - -, 2 ' ,Vv,5M,3w3fif v,'f','.mfaafe'- , , ,,, ,. vii .. W., ,G ,Wy -4 .V f , 4 - x L, -ck -,v,w3b1fb,,.i.2uf1' - if ' ' yka Yeti-'W .fn , " 1 .I:- ' J X ' FJ :.:"- - . .1 2 .- 'Q M - f Q : ,Krew eg : - 2 Ez J w f I 'Y A 85- .. 3 - Jgwhwx' lwsvwxfffz f--'- j V'-' P' ci .. '-N . ', 7 , ' - 5: ,-1. .- . -5 :. ' 5- -jg : I' 1 2-eve-:ip-1, ,, .za -gz:Z!'.'zfl 32223, W2 'SAF 'S .sa 'f ,:.-sv.-.Q 'iii-Zig iff 'f pf , ' - M' - . "1 . 4735, 'f"3n.1,1fJi, :v WAAS KC ff? 1"-JH E- '- ' ' 0 M Q 'xi ii QA if 5 4 1-H: -as W-11-r.-'-E-1' 1 O. U "- a BM -T"x'4':4ff - -"' . A X '1 4 ,. M if ff? Q: a ,:5f.,,1 4 Z. PTY - .- - wwmvdszzzsffwr r 4, R-S m, 1 , gy - am fm -.M . 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Y,,, imrvn- , I-1? llnllls. , ,, .........m Y Q BOBBY MADRID ' ERNEST ZBNTBNO RAMON MENA MERCED MARTINEZ 1 ' WENDELL HOLT TRUETT RODGERS KENNON WOMELDORF ARTURO DE LA TORRE LAWRENCE REZNZKOV BOBBY VIIIL LEWIS SPRINGER FRANCISCO ANSALMO OCTAVIO AGUILAR RICARDO MEZA , -.W ,, A K -.1 'Y' '35 1 A 4 ,,, v-ig W. . , 1 my iffy ,.. mmm ,ga n ,, 5 x L ng 1 ,Q ' HW V - T - A ' -vf-wwFai.wMwiiiwgsgwzi 51 2 Y 2 f - 'Qifw'f3"?7f?Z?5fifE2g 'iffi'-Efzviwfi .1 4, X M QQEQQQM3 .. wkmf'5g,kga , M , 4k ,, Q., ww my eg-gmw -, "" fk wxmg ,,g33gwu.f M, , .,!A., , ,,,,,,,,,. s Q ..,2:,, . .,,:..,.:,V-. . 2 ,,,. 1-.gnftfv-iffmfffwffn ' W? ff K Tj -P?"-1 fpnzrsyy A fx M , K V, ,Wifi 9 35, 235 ? af- ' . ,K . -' ,fy f fm,,5y4Q5,,-4, J xg, mw,4,f.,w-4,5 . PETER RAMIREZ SEBASTIAN PEREZ RAUL GARCIA XX HUMBERTO MEZA ff AHTURO HERNANDEZ 5 1, .- BOYS TENNIS SQUAD ROW 1-RAUL VILLALOBOS, BOBBY IIMENEZ, STUART SOLOMON, TOMMY SPRINGER, CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT, TEDDY PYE, CHARLES PLATT. ROW 2-RICHARD COLEMAN, LLOYD RICHMOND, VICTOR ARDITTI, MONTE GOLDBERG, BUSTER KELSAY, RAYBURN LOVELADY, BOBBY BROWN, HM PAGET, HECTOR SAMANIEGO, RAYMOND MARSHALL, I-IECTOR GONZALES, ROBERT THOMPSON. ROW 3-BILLY HERRERA, FRED I-IANSEN, PABLO VILLALOBOS, PAUL HUCHTON, HARVEY SADLER, BILL DURRILL, BOBBY CLOUD, MARVIN ROTH. BOBBY IIMENEZ RAUL VILLALOBOS CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT' STUART SOLOMON MISS MAYBELLE LONG ,,,, , l--M CHARLES PLATT BOBBY BROWN TEDDY PYE TOMMY SPRINGER STUART SOLOMON, BOBBY BROWN, TEDDY PYE, TOMMY SPRINGER, CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT, BUSTER KELSAY, CHARLES PLATT. PEGGY ROBERTSON BETTY SEAY ELIZABETH BYRNE THELMA KUSTOFF CARMEL BOTH LELIA GONZALES BETTY SEAY PEGGY ROBERTSON MARY KAY MAYES MARY LEE DARNELL ERMINDA MONTOYA PAT ROBINSON GIRLS TENNIS SQUAD ROW 1-LILIA GONZALEZ, PAT ROBINSON, MARY KAY MAYES, PEGGIE ROBERTSON, BETTY SEAY, ELIZABETH BYRNE, MARY LEE DARNELL, ERMINDA MONTOYA. 2325902-BILLY GRACE BRANDES, IOSEPHINE VILLALOBOS, AMPARO DURAN, EDLINDA RODRIGUEZ, DOROTHY WOELFEL, BETTY ROTH, GLORIA GOLDMAN, THELMA ... FF. ROW 3--MAE CHEW, CYNTHIA HULL, SANDRA ANAGNOSTAU, CARMEL ROTH, MARY HELEN HEREDIA, SHIRLEY HATFIELD, PATSY NELL BRANDES, PAT SHEA, AMY SANDERS, DAISY CULLEY, IOAN GROSS, PEGGY OWEN. 2.0.76 In the great hour of destiny they stand." SASSRON COMPANY A HARRY ABRAHAM, NED ABRAHAM, RAUL ARMANAC, IOHN AUSTIN, CARLOS CEBALLOS, ALFONSO CERVANTES, ALBERTO CI-IAPARRO, FRANCIS COOK, IOHN COUGI-IRAN, HORACIO DEL VALLE, JIMMY DICK, IOHN GEAN, WILLIAM GILBERT, HECTOR GONZALEZ, ALEX GUERRERO, ELMER HANKEY, ALBERT HANNA, THAD HARDEN, RAYMOND HAYS, LAURENCE HOLLIMAN, IIMMY JACKSON, WENDELL IACKSON, PAUL ICROEGER, ROBERT LA BRANT, ROLLIN LEWIS, EARNEST MCCALLICK. GUY MCNEAL, HUMBERTO MEZA, CARLOS MONEDERO, GILBERT NICKERSON, CHARLES POLLOCK, MIKE RAMIREZ, RAXYVNAQQXOVESELAZAR, ROBERT SCOTT, ROBERT SERRANO, ALBERT TERRAZAS, DONALD WAY, KENNON WOMELDORF, I. . . MIKE RAMIREZ IOHNGEAN BLANCHE LEMIEUX ALEX GUERRERO BOBBY SERRANO COMPANY B BENITO ACEVEDO, IOE ACOSTA, IOHN BALLANTYNE, DONALD BREESE, IOHN CHARLSON, MORTON CI-IONOLES, PRESTON COOK, CHARLIE DAVIS, IAIME DELGADO, ROBERT DELGADO, ROBERT DICKINSON, LUIS DOMINGUEZ, ALEX DURAN, MIKE ESTRADA, WILLIE ESTRADA, FELIPE GALAVIZ, ROGER GOFOURTI-I, FREDDIE HADDAD, MAYNARD HADDAD, ESAU I-IALOW, PAUL HATFIELD, GEORGE HIRSCH, GILBERT HOFFMAN, DICK ISSACKS, IAMES IOHNSTON, JERRY IOHNSTON, FRANK LEYVA, XAVIER MENDOZA, ROY MERWORTH, ALLEN MOORE, ARTURO MORICH, EDDY MURDOCK, EDDY MUSICK, IAMES NICKELS, TOMMY NIVEN, DUDLEY PRICE, MOREY RING, HECTOR SAMANIEGO, IAMES SKIPWORTH, HOWARD SLUTES, LEWIS SPRINGER,BILI. SUTI-IERLAND, IOSE TALAMANTES, IOHN THORNTON, GILBERT VALDEZ, ISABEL VERA, RICARDO VILLA. PRESTON COOK IACKIE ANDERSON .-ESAU HALOWN-f XAVIER MENDOZA COMPANY C BILLY BUCKLAND, GILBERT BUSTAMANTE, FERNANDO CAMPOS, ARMANDO CHAVEZ, ARNULFO DELGADO, IOSE DYOUB CLAYTON EDWARDS, HECTOR ESPARZA, CLARENCE EVANS, ALFONSO FLORES, GORDON FROST, IOSE GARCIA, RODOLFO GAYTAN, LEOPOLDO GONZALEZ, GRAYSON GWYN, LAWRENCE I-IEISEL, RODOLFO HERNANDEZ, BILLY HIGGINS HAL KAUFMAN, PAUL KENNEDY, LEE LANDIS, WILLIE LICON, DAVID LUCERO, FRANK LUTHER, LOUIS MACEYRA, CHARLES MAIS IGNACIO MAYNES, EDDIE MCNEELY, ARMANDO MENDEZ, EDMUNDO MENDOZA, R. A. DUNLAP MORTONMIERRE MULLER ED LEE O'NEAL, KENNETH PENN, SEBASTIAN PEREZ, IIM PUCKETT, LUIS REYES, LORENZO RODRIGUEZ, IR IN SALMANSON DICK SHINAUT, EUGENE SKIDMORE, FRED S'I'RELI'I'Z, MANUEL TERRAZAS, CARLOS UZETA, BOBBY VIIIL, FRANK WHITE IAMES YORK, IGNACIO MALDONADO. CLARENCE EVANS ED LEE O'NEAL ARMANDO MENDEZ RITA MOLINAR LORENZO RODRIGUEZ , COMPANY D FERNANDO AGUILAR, DONALD ANDERSON, ROBERT BARELA, CARLOS BLANCO, RAMON CADENA, ESPERIDION CASTILLO, CESAR CASTILLO, ORLANDO'CERVANTEZ, RAYMUNDO CHAVEZ, HAROLD COLE, BOBBY DAY, RUSSELL DURRILL, IACK EATON, EDDIE ELIAS, IUAN FAVELA, ROBERT FERNANDEZ, OSCAR GALVAN, PAUL GILCHRIST, AMORY HALE, TONY LAMA, LUIS LEIB, IERRY LOPEZ, IOE LOYA, SEFERINO MONTOYAMIAMES MOORE, WILLIE MOWAD, DICK OLSON, IAIME OXACA, IESUS PINEDO, CODY PRESTWOOD, RAYBURN RAY, IACK SAUVE, IIM SMITH, LUIS SOLIS, ANGEL TELLEZ, IOHN URANGA, IOE LOYA PAT BERTHELSON EDDIE ELIAS SEFERINO MONTOYA CAPTAIN THADDEUS BOYLE LT. COL. IOHN P. STEWART COL. IULIUS HORWITZ LT. COL. MANUEL TERRASAS SGT. JOSEPH PERKINS SGT. IAMES M. OWENS OFFICERS CLUB FRONT ROW-BLANCHE LEMIEUX, PRESTON COOK, IACKIE ANDERSON, IOHN P. STEWART, GRACE BENDALIN, ARMANDO MENDEZ, RITA MOLINAR, PAT BERTHELSON. mnnu-: ROW-IOHN GRAN, IULIAN HORWITZ, MIKE RAMIREZ, DAVID SMITH, LORENZA Ronmclmz, Luis LEIB, ESAU 21131-Oyg, IOE LOYA. BACK HOW-MANUEL TERRAZAS, EDDIE ELIAS, BOBBY SERRANO, EDDIE O'NEAL, SEFERINO MONTOYA, CLARENCE EVANS, LUIS DOMINGUEZ, XAVIER MENDOZA. In ,.- ww 'Ui " , ,f ,J,,,.fC,g v11MSLL.f4.. -L -M COLOR GUARD TOM NIVEN CHARLIE DAVIS LEWIS SPRINGER IIMMY SKIPWORTH ,fT K Z JL L, A' STAFF IOHN P. STEWART GRACE BENDALIN IULIAN HORWITZ MANUEL TERRAZAS 'A - A Y ,I x,V,,,..1 g,d,obV ,M is S i I L f wflQ'.Q?' ' :ir A I W I K, , ' A , . I .. I ., A K ' ' 1 A I . I '67 7?,J'1 v I, 5' 4' I I W1 A Z- ' Y ' - . . 5 I ' ifviffi ' . A 4' I' I -ff I A iff I ..-f-'wwf L w ' 2 ' ' ' IK MW 1 . q I i ,A Q ' I I4 A ' M- K IQ RIFLE TEAM FRONT ROW RUSSEL DURREL, IAIME OAXACA, IOHN STEWART ED LEE O'NEAL, IIM SMITH. BACK ROW DUNLAP MORTON, ALFONSO FLORES, SGT PERKINS, WILLIE LICON, CLARENCE EVANS. R. O. T. C. ON PARADE SENIOR BAND SANDRA ANAGNOSTAU, GRETCHEN ANDERSON, HOWARD ARMSTRONG, PAT BENSON, BETTY BINNEY, BARBARA BREEZE, RAMON CADENA, EUGENE CANNON, IUNE CASE, ALBERT CHAPARRO, ESTELLA CLAUDIO, DAVID COLE, PRESTON COOK, TOMMY COUEY, ALFRED CRUZ, IAIME DELGADO, LUCILLE DE SMITH, ALBERTA DODSON, MARIORIE ELIAS, IUAN ESCAIEDA, GLORIA FAVELA, BEN FLORES, RAUL GARCIA, ALICE GARDEA, RUSSELL HARDING, LEON HONEY, IAVIER HUERTA, RAYMOND IGOE, WENDELL IACKSON, BUSTER KELSAY, ALFONSO KENNARD, HERBERT KORDISH, CARLOS ORTEGON, GEORGE LOPEZ, BILL LEVY, LOU E. MARTINEZ, PETER MARTINEZ, RICARDO MEZA, ARTURO MORENO, IOHN D. MUNDY, JESUS PINEDO, MAGDALENA RAMIREZ, IEAN RIBAIL, LLOYD RICHMOND, PEGGY ROBERTSON, PEGGY RODRIGUEZ, WILLARD SENSIBA, DANIEL SEPULVEDA, DOLORES SHAFFNER, BENIAMIN SHERWIN, PHILIP SONNICHSEN, LORRAINE SPIERS, IOSE TALAMANTES, RODOLFO TORRES, EDILMIRA TRUIILLO, PAZ VALENZUELA, RALPH VANDERPOOL, RICARDO VILLA, ROY WOOD, ALONZO LEGARRETO. IR. BAND ls! ROW: LUIS MENDEZ RUTH A. BENCOMO ERWIN ALKIRE FRED CHAVEZ BARBARA A. EVANS KENNITH MOODY 2nd ROW: CELESTINO NAIERA LUIS GARCIA OFELIA VALLEIO BERTI-IA ANDRADE DOLORES CURRY 3rd ROW: ROBERTO HURTADO RUBEN LEON ROLAND ANDERSON IAY SILVA IERRY THOMAS ARTURO HERNANDEZ TONY GARCIA B BAND lst ROW: RACHEL TORRES NORMAN HADDAD EVANGELINE RAMIREZ MARIA AMAYA ARMANDO LUEVANO WILLIAM PURDY RACHEL NICHOLS EISA ROSALES GEORGE STABLEIN 2nd ROW: PHILLIP GAMBLE DANIEL DOMINGUEZ ESTELA NAVARETTA ESTHER ESCAIEDA MARY ESCAIEDA IOANN MILLER ROSALIE BARRIOS 3rd ROW: SERGIO GUERRERO ANTONIO AGUILAR ABEL ALVARADO LUIS VILLA ANASTACIO ZAVALA BLANCA ARELLANO FAUSTINO SARABIA ATANACIO AREVALO 4th HOW: RUSSELL HUDDLESTON ARTURO MORENO HUMBERTO AMPARAN R. BLANCETT lDirector7 My ,4 5 1. -'-- Q ' if 'f W' if fa 'sf Q M , W 'Rica 5: :v , ilifilff 1 TQ? 25121552 WENDELL IACKSON ALBERT CHAPARRO QCO-captain? KCc1ptc1inJ MR. K. C. BROWN Sponsor FIRST ROW-CODY PRESTWOOD, ARMANDO GARCIA, LAWRENCE REZNIKOV, IULIAN HORWITZ, LUIS LEIB, GRAYSON GWYN, WAYNE BROUGHTON. SECOND ROW-LLOYD HARRIS, RAYMOND MENA, IOE BLANCO, BOBBY MADRID, RAUL GONZALEZ, RAYNOLDO SALAZAR, BOBBY IIMENEZ, DICK SHINAUT, RICHARD ELLISON. THIRD ROW-BOBBY KELLER, ARNULFO DELGADO, ALFONSO CERVANTEZ, IGNACIO MAYNES, TONY LAMA, IIMMY PRUETT, ART MEDRANO, IACK AUSTIN. FOURTH ROW-SAMMY HADDAD, IIMMY DICK, LACK EATON, DONALD ANDERSON, LUIS MALDONADO, RAUL ARMAGNAC, ROBERT SERRANO, KENNON WOMELORF, MIKE MANAGO, K. C. BROWN. lst HOW: IOANNE MCNAY, DOROTHYE ABRAHAM, MARY IEANNE MILLER, BILL SUTHERLAND, BETTY SEAY, FREDA HADDAD, ROBERT FERNANDEZ. 2nd ROW: -EDLINDA RODRIGUEZ, CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT, IOYCE DYAL, PAUL GILCHRIST, PHYLLIS ROSENBERG, IOAN GROSS, GRACE BENDALIN. 3rd ROW: GEORGE STATEN, STUART SOLOMON, DONALD ANDERSON, DORIS FRIEDMAN, OUIDA STONE, PAYE CHARLES, MARY WALKER, 4th ROW: DAVID KNAPP, IULIETA GRADO, DAVID SMITH, IOHN RECHY, MISS MYRA WINKLER KSponsorJ, DELIA ARAIZA, MARGIE LAY, MARYLIN O'SULLIVAN. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IOHNNY RECRY Y MISS MYRA WINKLER President V Sponsor 'N 1 I I fu I , I - ' f 'NW , W Lg Y ,V', , ,V BILL CULVER MISS BEATRICE SIMMS President Sponsor NATIONAL IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY ROW I-BILL CLAYTON, BENIAMIN SHERWIN, FRANK CLAYTON, BILL CULVER, ALICE SULLY, IOY HULL, IACQUELINE BROADDUS, SUE ANN WHITMIRE, PATSY COADY, BROOKE DEWITT. ROW 2-MAE CHEW, CARRIE CONN, MARY HELEN YIP, HUMBOLDT MANDELL, CARL HUTER, LLOYD RICHMOND, PAUL LUCKETT, IOHNNY BALES, IERRY FLACK, IOANNE WINDBERG. ROW 3-HERBERT KORDISH, THELMA KUSTOFF, KATHERINE I-IADDAD, NORMA GONZALEZ, SOCORRO ARANDA, IRVING KATZ, COLLETTE CLINE, IUNE ROSENBERG, SHIRLEY LEE, MOLLY KOPILOWITZ. ROW 4-SAKINAT ESMAN, IRMA HERRERA, LAURA GRIFFIN, ESTELLA CARRERA, BARBARA ANN NICI-IOL, IIMMY LOPER, TONY GONZALEZ, MARY ANN ARMSTRONG, MARY KILBURN, SHIRLEY RASBERRY. ROW 5-MAGDALINA ORTIZ, IULIETA ORTEGA, LLOYD HAMILTON, MIKE AGUIRRE, SHIRLEY STEWART MARLENE WATERSON, MISS SIMMS. ROW 6-HECTOR WATT, RAYMOND MARSHALL, FRED HANSEN, ROBERT PEINADO IRVING JIMMY ROGERS CHARLES PEINADO, EDDIE CHEW. FRONT ROW: MISS MAUD ISAACKS CSponsor1, TOMMY COUEY, SARAH FRANCES TURNER, MARY ANN SZOKE, RONATSTEIN, DAVID SMITH. 2nd ROW: DAVID KNAPP, KAY SHERMAN, AMY SANDERS, IOHN BAILANTYNE, DIANE QUIGLEY, PATSY NELL BRANDES. Grd HOW: STUART SOLOMON, NANCY ANN WILBANKS, IOHN GEAN, ELIZABETH CLAYTON, DUNLAP MORTON . MISS MAUD ISAACKS Sponsor KALEVALA ELIZABETH CLAYTON President MISS ANNIE HARPER Sponsor President TON I WOODALL IUNIOR KALEVALA Ist ROW: WILLIS SEYFPERT, IUDITH GOGGIN, BLANCA BUSTAMANTE, NANCY METCALF, IOAN FALCONI, EVA RICHIE, TONI WOODALL. 2nd ROW: WILLIAM ABRAHAM, ANNE HULSE. MARIA ELENA ACEVEDO, VIRGINIA GILBERT, BARBARA TURK, MISS ANNIE L. HARPER iSponsorJ. 3rd ROW: IAMES QUIGLEY, IIM PAGET, FRED HANSEN, LAWRENCE WONG, BARBARA WELHAUSEN, ANN POOLEY. 'IRQDIIEQWISYEELIZABETH BYRNE, MARY LEE DARNELL, PAT ROBINSON, BETTY SEAY, RAUL VILLALOBOS, BOBBY IIMENEZ, 2nd ROW: THELMA KUSTOFF, BETTY ROTH, STUART SOLOMON, MARY KATHERINE MAYES, CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT, TOMMY SPRINGER, IIMMY PRUETT, RAYBURN LOVELADY. NOT SHOWN: PEGGIE ROBERTSON, ERMINDA MONTOYA, LILIA GONZALES, DOROTHY WOEFEL, BOBBY BROWN, CHARLIE PLATT. . RACKET CLUB MISS MAYBELLE LONG BETTY SEAY Sponsor President IOYCE DYAL Spring President IAN BOYD MISS ELSIE REEVES Fall President Sponsor NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY IST HOW: CEDRIC HUSTACE, VAUGHN FOSTER, VALERIA DELGADO, IOYCE DYAL, NORMA GALICIA. 2nd ROW: ALFONSO ORTIZ, DAMON GARBREN, NANCY BALLINGER, ELENA FERNANDEZ, BARBARA POTTER, ESTELA DIAZ. 3rd ROW: DIANE OUIGLEY, HOLLY THURSTON, MISS REEVES CSponsorJ, IANE HINES, AMELIA TORRES, VIRGINIA FASSETT. NOT SHOWN: I. W. YOWELL, MARY WOOD, VVILLERMINA LORANCA, EDMUNDO MENDOZA. J n SUE ANN WHITMIRE, LOUISE STRAIN, MARCELLA BOUTWELL, BROOKE DEWITT. 2nd HOW: BILL CULVER, MARIA ACEVEDO, CATHERINE ROGOWSKI, HARVEY RING, IRVING KATZ, DANIEL MULLER, CHARLIE PLATT, IIM PAGET, WALTER KILGO. 3rd ROW: BETTY PERLMUTTER, HECTOR RIOS, BARBARA WELHAUSEN, MOLLY KAPILOWITZ, VIVIAN DALBY, IACKIE BROADDUS, MARY VAUGHAN, ELIZABETH BYRNE, BOBBY CLOUD, IULIE POTTER, MISS SUNSHINE BOZEMAN ISponsorI. MI: ROW: BOBBY VIIIL, MARY ANN SZOKE, ROY MERWORTH, MARTHA IENKINS, KAY SHERMAN, NANCY WILBANKS, MARIA ESMAN, MARGIE HOWELL, RUTH KURTZ, ANN HULSE, HOPE IONES, CARLOS BLANCO. Sih ROW: RAUL GARCIA, FRED HANSEN, LEWIS SPRINGER, DUNLAP MORTON, CARLENE BONEY, IANIS MELVIN, CAROLYN PERKINS, RUDY CANDELARIA, ALBERT KOURY, BOB KELLER, PAUL HUCHTON, I , lst ROW' OLGA ABRAHAM SHIRLEY HATFIELD, IUDITH GOGGIN,'ROSEMARYXFRIEDMAN, SHIRLEY LEE, - LATIN CLUB BOBBY KELLER MISS SUNSHINE BOZEMAN Sponsgr President MRS. MARIE STAMPS Sponsor FIRST ROW: VARGAS, MARTHA FLORES, HILDA DURAN. DELFINA DOW, SARA GROSS, IOAN STEIN, RONA KELLER, BARBARA GOTTLIEB, MARILYN BENDALIN, GRACE DICKINSON, ROBERT PAN AMERICAN CLUB SECOND ROW: MRS. STAMPS NIETO, HORIENCIA IITER, NECEILL GOMEZJEOSEFINA RODRIG Z, EDLINDA FRIEDMAN, DORIS ROSENBERG, PHYLLIS O'SULLIVAN, MARILYN PERLMUTTER, BETTY ROCHE, MARY LOU BLAUGRUN D, CAROLYN THIRD ROW: AUSTIN, IACK FERNANDEZ, ROBERT UZETA, CAROLINA MOLINAR, SOCORRO GROHMAN, ADELA GRADO, IULIETA RANGEL, LUPE BRINEGAR, MOLLY SNODDY, PAT DELFINA A. DURAN President FOURTH ROW: VEYTIA, GEORGE GARCIA, "TITO" MENA, RAYMOND SALAZAR, RAYNALDO HORWITZ, IULIAN REZNIKOV, LAWRENCE LEIB, LUIS SOLOMON, STUART MENDOZA, IAVIER lst ROW: CAROLYN BLAUGRUND BETTY SEAY KATHERINE AHARMON VIVIAN DALBY BETTY BINNEY BARBARA KELLER xg-I-ANIS MELVIN -S-f CHARLOTTE BLAUGRUND CARLEENE BONEY CATHERINE ROCHE ARLYNE BLAUGRUND PAT ROBINSON MRS. MONA LOPER Sponsor 2nd ROW: AMY SANDERS PAT HARLLEE PAT BERTI-IELSEN IACKIE SYLVEST MARIA ELENA ACEVEDO KAY SHERMAN IAN THOMASON COLLETTE CLINE MARY LOU ROCHE HILDA FLORES BETTY GUEZ TONI WOODALL IOAN FALCONI HOSTESS CLUB 3rd ROW: MRS, MONA LOPER fSponsorJ ELIZABETH BYRNES IEANENE PETERSEN IOAN GROSS RONA STEIN ANN POOLEY LINDA BLAINE MARGIE HOWELL PAT SHEA GRACE .BENDALIN AMY SANDERS President 5 L ,H IOAN GROSS MISS EDNA STEPHENS P 'd 1 resl en Sponsor TATLER STAFF :qs6S1EgggRGDORIS FRIEDMAN, IOAN GROSS, RONA STEIN, ANNE MARSH, DORTHY JONES, PHYLLIS Znd ROW: MONTE GOLDBERG, MAURICE BRYSON, BARBARA CUSHING, MISS EDNA B. STEPHENS QSponsorJ, IOAN MOORE, DICK ISAACKS, IOHN IRECHY, IIM PAGET. , lst ROW: FERNANDO CAMPOS, TOMMY FIORETTI, RAUL VILLALOBOS, MANUEL MOYA, HENRY SILVA, JOSEFINO BENCOMO, HARRY ABRAHAM, BOBBY CLOUD, IACK RODEHAVER. 2nd ROW: WENDELL HOLT, DAVID WILSON, BOBBY DAY, PETER MARTINEZ, BOBBY IIMENEZ, IACK SAUVE, ALFREDO ARENIVAR, HUMBERTO MEZA, DAVID ESPINOZA. 3rd ROW: MAX CROW, BOBBY KELLER, MIKE MENAGO, RAYMOND CHAVEZ, VIRGIL GALICIA, GENE SKIDMORE, CLAYTON EDWARDS, CHARLIE ZAMORANO, CARLOS CHEW, HORACIO DEL VALLE. 4th ROW: COACH IARVIS, RAMON CADENA, HERBERT HARRELL, ARMANDO GARCIA, RALPH LOWENFIELD, CLIFFORD IRVIN, EDDIE MURDOCH, RICARDO MEZA. 5th ROW: SEFERINO'MONTOYA, JOE CARTAGENA, SAMMY HADDAD, MANUEL PACILLAS, WAYNE BROUGHTON, RICHARD ELLISON, CODY PRESTWOOD, PIERRE MULLER, CARLOS DE HERRERA. BOYS' P. E. LEADERS MR. C. D. IARVIS Sponsor Q1 K1 MARY LOU ROCHE . President Sponsor MRS VIRGINIA WELLS GIRLS' P. E. LEADERS lst HOW: TOMMY COUEY, VIOLA VILLAGOMEZ, NECEILL I-ITER, CARMEN MENDOZA, BETTY BINNEY, SANDRA SCHUARTZ, KATHERINE BEYS, MARY ELLEN BETHANY, PAT ROBINSON PAT BERTHELSON, DORA YIP,SANDRA ANAGNOSTAU , , ROSE - MARY FRI N, BARBARA STEVENS, VIVIAN DALBY, LUPE RANGEL. i' 2nd OW: IOAN HURLEY, ALICIA RAMOS, HORTENCIA HERNANDEZ, OLGA ABRAHAM, EMMA RAMIREZ, IOSEPHINE BENCOMO, BETTY GUEZ, DELFINA DURAN, CHARLOTTE BLAUGRUND, BARBARA KELLER, MARILYN GOTTLEIB, IOAN GOLLOB, DELIA FERNANDEZ, IOSEPHINE GOMEZ, STELLA LORANCA. 3rd ROW: NAOMI VASQUEZ, IRENE ARAIZA, HILDA FLORES, HORTENCIA NIETO, MONICA NICHOLS, IACKI , IOY HULL, PHYLLIS ROSENBERG, MAXINE COHEN, MARIA ELENA ACEVEDO, PEGGIE ROBERTSON, SCHNEIDER, RUTH KUR'I'Z, MARIAM FEINBERG. Mb ROW: CAROLINA UZETA, ESTELLA PARRAS, MARY KATE LAW, ARLYNE BLAUGRUND, ELEANOR PIPKIN, DARLENE PHILLIPS, IAN THOMASON, CATHERINE ROCHE, BARBARA CUSHING, JOAN GROSS, PEGGY PARKER, HERLINDA YOUNG, MARTHA DE LA TORRE, TONI GUERRY. ' Sih ROW: IULIETA GRADO, IULIA SAAB, ISELA SWAIN, BLANCA BUSTAMANTE,"'JERRY WALDRON? GAYLE SEXTON, ERNESTINA VELASOUEZ, NORMA GONZALES, DOROTHY SMITH, IOAN McNAY, ELIZABETH KYLE, L ISE HOFFM , IANE HOLMES, IEAN HOLMES, DOT ABRAHAM, ALBERTA DODSON, IANIS MELVIN, IOAN FALCONI. Jig! lst ROW: RAYNALDO SALAZAR, VICTORIA BACA, ALICE CARDENAS, ALICE ALDERETE, ALEXANDRIA IACQUES, ANA MARIA BUSTAMANTE, BERTHA SALDIVAR, EVA DURAN, NECILLE IITER, KATHERINE HARMON, TOMMY COUEY, IOAN HURLEY, ELEANOR GIBSON, LOUISE HOFFMAN, LOU ANN COUGHRAN, OFELIA ALVARADO, EMILIA TREVEZO, ANGIE VALENZUELA. Znd ROW: KENNETH BELL, MARILYN GOTTLIEB, IACQUELINE BAKER, HORTENCIA NIETO, IOANNE SALOME, ESTELLA PORRAS, PEGGY SPALDING, OLGA GARDEA, HELEN HERREDIA, MAZIE BOUTWELL, EDLINDA RODRIGUEZ, HORTENCIA HERNANDEZ, MARY EVELYN SULLIVAN, BETTY GUEZ, LOUISE ABOUD, MAXINE COHEN, MIMI FEINBERG, PHYLLIS SAMANIEGO, ROSE ATHERN. 3rd ROW: BERTHA GALINDO, ERNESTINA POLANCO, ROSA DE LA TORRE, MARY ESCAIEDA, CARMEN SUBIA, BERTHA ALVA, IRENE RAMIREZ, GLORIA RAMIREZ, LANDA CHAVEZ, IACOUILINE BROADDUS, MARY VAUGHN, VIVIAN DALBY, ISBEL LIGHTBOURNE, ROSEMARY LESTER, ALICE HEGSTEAD, EVANGELINA SALCIDO, AURORA BUSTAMANTE, STELL DE LA TORRE, HORTENCIA VILLA, MAGGIE RIVAS. 4th ROW: GLORIA FLORES, IEANNE PETERSON, GRACE SWAIN, WILLEBMINA LORANCA,CONCHA GONZALEZ, MARY GABRIEL, LILY CHEW, MARY IANE KOURY, BARBARA STEVENSJ GENOVEVA MALDONADO, BROOKIE DEWITT, CAROL SHOEMAKER, IOAN DIFFENDERFER, VERNA! BETH KNIGHT, CAROLINA BENCOMO, MARTHA CARPIO, ISELA SWAIN, ONEZ, IRMA QUIN 5th ROW: CAROLYN LASINI, PEGGY PARKER, MARY KATE LAW, SHIRLY DIAMOND, BARBARA COCKRAN, ESTELLA RODRIGUEZ, LOURA GRIFFIN, ROSA CARILLO, ESTELLA MURILLO, CELIA IIMENEZ, ELENA FERNANDEZ, NATALIA TERASSAS, PAZ VALENZUELA, MARTHA DE LA TORRE, MARTHA LOERA, RAMON QUINONES, CARMEN DIAZ, CARMEN ORTEGA. FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA MRS. LOUISE NELSON -- MRS. EILEEN BLAKE IRENE MARQUEZ Sponsors President I I. N. CARDWELL Q FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA BOTTOM ROW-I. N. CARDWELL, Adviser, BILL BUCKLAND, ROY IOHNSON, IACKIE SYLVEST, GIBSON, KENNETH PENN, GRAYSON GWYN, IIM SMITH. Sweeihecrrt, ED SECOND ROW-BOBBY DAY, IERRY MANN, TOMMY BOWERS, ROBERT BARELA, FRANK WAGONER, NED ABRAHAM, TOM HALL, LAWRENCE BRAY. THIRD HOW-DAVID COLE, CARLOS ORTEGON, GEORGE HIRSCH, MANUEL SANDOVAL, BILLY VERTREES, IUAN FAVELA, CHARLIE MAIS. FOURTH ROW-H. A, SEAMANDS, CLARENCE MCDONALD, DON CONGDON, WILBURN IONES, ALBERT HANNALPHILLIP MARTINEZ, RICARDO VILLA. FIFTH ROW-SAMMY SCHNEIDER, STEVE PARRA, RICHARD MOORE, BILLY STEWART, ROGER MANSFIELD, HARRY GERDELMAN, HECTOR MORIEL. MEMBERS NOT IN PICTURE-BARNEY BICKLEY, BILL BOYD, TOM DOUGLAS RUSSE , LL PHILLIPS, LARRY GARUM, WILLIE LICON, FRANK McNEAL. Sponsor ls! ROW: BOB HARRIS, BILLY MCDILL, ALBERT LEONG, HERBERT KORDISH, NACINI MELIDI, IAMES QUIGLEY. Znd ROW: ROBERT THOMPSON, STUART SOLOMON, CATHERINE-ROGOWSKI, BERTHA ALVA, IOAN DIFFENDEFFER, IOAN SHOCKLEY, FRANK CLAYTON. 3rd HOW: MRS. ELIZABETH HANSEN CSponsorJ, IAMES LOWN, EDDIE CHEW, DAMON GARBERN, LARRY HEISEL, LOUISE STRAIN, NANCY WILBANKS, HUMBOLT MANDELL. gl1?iA5VQFVcgiDHARRY ABRAHAM, THAD HARDEN, BEN UZETA, FRED HANSEN, ROBERT PEINADO, BILL LEVY, DAVID NUMBER SENSE CLUB ROBERT THOMPSON MRS. ELIZABETH HANSEN President Sponsor 'Riagg X Y -1 2 WK 1 I ' .V K M ' - -I1 :'f',..,-,::'.' g,:1.,. I ' - M 1,1 27, ,ft I ,J ,mi Igy, I ,, I. I X i,:gyjyffiaaf , , , y i 7,1 rw ,, -,,,,.g,......-.,:..,..,1usls!l..., MISS REBEKAH COFFIN LEWIS SPRINGER Sponsor President SLIDE RULE lst ROW: HARVEY RING, CHARLES PLATT, MORTON CHONOLES, L E WIS SPRINGER, T O M M Y SPRINGER, R O B E R T THOMPSON, MARIA CANALES. 2nd ROW: CARMEL ROTH, IOHN EICHELMANN, IRVING KATZ, BOB FRANCIS, BOBBY BROWN, BILL DURRILL, LESLIE HAYS, RAYMOND MARSHALL, IOI-IN ESCAIEDA, DICK COLEMAN. 3rd ROW: ALLEN MOORE, CARL HUTER, CHARLES PEINADO, PAUL LUCKETT, VICTOR ARDITTI, PAUL HUCHTON, IOHN SALAZAR, SEBASTIAN LOPEZ, MISS REBEKAH COFFIN ISponsorJ. 4th ROW: EVALINE COADY, NORMA GONZALEZ, BROOKE DE WITT, IOHN URANGA, IOEL URANGA, LEE LANDIS, IAMES QUXGLEY, EUGENE CANNON. THIRDVEOIAFLIIAERY-AEEAIIAM, IHAD HARDEN, ERMINDA MONTOYA, GRACILIA ALEMAN, DIANE OUIGLEY, IOANNE WINDBERG, BROOKE DEWITT, MISS KELLY fSpOnSorD. FOURTH ROW-LAWRENCE RRAY, BOB WILLIAMS, LOU ANN COUGHRAN, LOUISE HOFFMAN, NANCY WILBANKS, JAMES OUIGLEY, ERWIN ALKIRE, AMELIA TORRES, IACK AUSTIN, Nor SHOWN-MARIE ELENA ACEVEDO, cARMEN MENDOZA, RAYMOND IOOU, PATSY cOADY, MARLENE WATERSON, MILDRED WATERSON, MAZIE BOUTWELL, CAROLYN VAN TREASE, WAYNE BROUGHTON, ELIZABETH CLAYTON, IERRY THOMAS, TIIELMA WALDEN, RUBY LEE VECK, MARLENE WINTROUB. IUNIOR I-IUMANE SOCIETY HUMANE PLEDGE I pledge myself to trecft kindly every dumb creature with which I come into contact. I shOII1 inflict no form Of cruelty or negtect, cmd I will use every effort tO prevent Others from doing SO. MISS ANNE KELLY ELEANOR CLAYTON Sponsor President SAKINAT ESMAN MRS. WELTA SCRUGGS President SPQFSOT LIBRARY CLUB lst ROW: BARBARA ANN EVANS, CAROLYN LASINI, BERTHA SALDIVAR, KATHERINE BEYS, OLGA GARDEA, IRMA QUINONES, BOBBY BOONE. 2nd ROW: ERNEST MCCALLICK, LILLIAN IARVIS, MARY SUE WRIGHT, GENOVEVA MALDONADO, DOLORES ACEVEDO, IRENE GUERRY, ROSE MARIE PERKINS, CLIFFORD HARNDEN, FRANKLIN MCNEAL. Grd ROW: WELDA SCRUGGS fSponsorl, ELENA FERNANDEZ, STELLA LORANCA, WILHEMINA LORANCA, AMELIA TORRES, SAKINAT ESMAN, BLANCHE KENNEDY KCo-sponsorj. E L lst ROW IACK AUSTIN EDDIE ELIAS DOVIE SNYDER PEGGY OWEN ROBERT DICKIN HARRY ABRAHAM DOVIE SNYDER EBSU HALOW "' Znd ROW EUGENE CANNON PAT BERTHELSEN IERRY LOPEZ JOHN STEWART ROLAND LEWIS ENID HALL MARILYN GOTTLEIB PAUL GILCHRIST OSCAR GALVAN IOY BLAIR N. R. A. 5 ' ' I 1 , Aww rg A IVA . VV 'sn' Q ' , A ,..q ..!A V A I1 gig 'yr i' Q I, 1 N I I N. , A f I-fifgrilr MISS LILLIAN HUGGETT Sponsor DEBATE CLUB DAISY CULLEY President ls! ROW: CARMEL ROTH, BARBARA ROSENBAUM, ISAUL GILCHRIST, MONTE GOLDBERG, MARY ANN SZOKE, BILL CULVER. 2nd ROW: MISS LILLIAN HUGGETT, CSponsorJ, ENID HALL, LAWRENCE REZNIKOV, MAURICE BRYSON, IOAN BYERLY, DIANNE QUIGLEY. 3rd ROW: CONRAD BARRETT, EMORY WHITE, ALFONSO CERVANTES, IOAN BAILEY. BETTY SHARP JEAN MCMORRIES FRONT ROW MILDRED WATERSON YAMEL ELIAS STEPHANIE RANE MARILYN O'SULLIVAN MARILYN GUERRY MARY LOU MORIEL HILMA IOYCE IANUARY GRADUATES PAYE CHARLES OUIDA STONE ARTURO DE LA CRUZ SOCORRO ARTALEIO SECOND ROW EDDIE MUSICK ARLENE HOFFMAN VIRGIL GALICIA BETTY HOLT EVA HOGGE RUTH MCGUFFIE IEAN EATMAN THIRD ROW DONALD BREESE LUPE GONZALES CONGER BALLARD CLAYTON EDWARDS BERTHA SALCIDO EVA BUSTAMANTE ALICE POLLAKOFF IACQUELINE ROBEY IRBY BARBARA FARLOW RUDY TORRES CON GER BALLARD President if '09 it M ,qs 5 ,, I H? 5 'W 4 2:j '1:' . L. Q . ,:f:, ..,. mqgfmw 2 'A A ' f ,x .. 4 ' ' n mt fx X, BACK ROW LUIS MALDONADO RUBEN ESCAIEDA KENNETH BELL HAROLD SWIHART RUDY CANDELARIA MIKE GARDNER ALI-'ONSO ALVARADO OTHERS BARNEY BICKLEY GRAYSON GWYN BILL BRANNON KARL ROMINE LUIS YAMEL MISS HILMA JOYCE Sponsor V. I. C. CLUB VOCATIONAL-INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE OFFICE TRAINING CLASS CHAPTER OF ETATE ORGANIZATION. FIRST ROW: DORA I-IOLGUIN, HELEN FINERON, RAQUEL NAIERA, PATSY RUSSELL, BERTI-IA QUESADA, IRMA LOPEZ. SECOND ROW: MRS. ADA GALBRAITH, LUCILLE IONES, IOANNE WILLIAMS, MARGARITA GARCUA, MARIA ENRIQUEZ, LEONOR AGUILAR, EVANGELINE CHACON. THIRD ROW: BILL-HOEFNHE RAMON CADENA, AND CHARLES BOYD. Icmuary Graduates: CNot in Pictureh DELIA ARAIZA EDWARD MARQUEZ EMILY BAILY IRENE MARQUEZ CARMEN CALDERON LILLIAN MCCALLICK FALL TERM OFFICERS President ,,,,,,, ..,.......... C ARMEN CALDERON V, Pres ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,..,... - .,.....,,.. D ELIA ARAIZA .- ..,.. LILLIAN MCCALLICK -.......EDWARD MARQUEZ .........PATSY RUSSELL Secretary .........., Treasurer .... ..... Reporter ......... MARIA ELENA DE LA TORRE ADA GALBRAITH Sponsor LOCAL FIRMS EMPLOYING O. T. Watt Realty Co. Interstate Theaters Guarantee Shoe Co. Dr. B. K. Byrnes Tolbert Barron Lowenhaupt American Roofing and Supply Tony's Shade Shop E1 Paso Electric Co. Given Bros. Shoe Co. Midland Specialty Co. Popular Dry Goods Burdick G Burdick Newbex-ry's Love1ady's SPRING TERM OFFICERS President .......... ........... - ........... C HARLES BOYD V. Pres ......... .......... P ATSY RUSSELL Secretary .......... ....... R AQUEL NAIERA Treasurer ....... L. ................ BI-l:I.fH9EPNER Reporter ....... -... ...... -..RAMON CADENA STUDENTS Friedman-Bendalin Co. Mann Overall Co. Commercial Sales Co. T. B. Society W. F. Mayhall, Accounting Stokes Insurance Service QUILL AND SCROL w-M' lst ROW: BARBARA CUSHING, MARILYN GOT'I'LEIB, RONA STEIN, AMY SANDERS, GRACE BENDALIN, IOAN GROSS, MISS EDNA STEPHENS iSponsorJ. 2nd ROW: DAVID SMITH, ANN MARSH, DICK ISAACKS, KAY SHERMAN, CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT, ELIZABETH CLAYTON. DAVID KNAPP. PRESS CLUB M, I-'ff' lst ROW: IIM PAGET, ROMERO MARTINEZ, IOHN RECHYZ, MONTE GOLDBERG, MAURICE BRYSON, DICK ISAACKS. 2nd ROW: PHYLLIS ROSENBERG, DORIS FRIEDMAN, KAY SHERMAN, IOAN MOORE, CAROLYN BLAUGRUND, GRACE BENDALIN, RT Y IONES. 3rd ROW: BARBARA CUS ING, IOAN GROSS, MISS EDNA B. STEPHENS CSponsorl, RONA STEIN, ANNE MARSH, ELIZABETH CLAYTON. K e H EEEQQISQWISE L I 2 HOW l LEONOR AGUILAR MILLTE NADIR MARY WALKER KATHERINE RARMON EVANGELINE CRAOON IOAN MOORE VIVIAN HARRELL HILDA FLORES NAOMI vAsQUEz TOMMY COUEY ROW 2 MARLENE WATERSON ROSEMARY LESTER NELDA STEELE GLORIA GOLDMAN IANN THOMASON IOY HULL RAMONA DELGADO NORMA GALICIA BETTY HOLT MARCELLA NEWBERRY RONA STEIN BOW 3 ROW 4 IOHN URANGA ROBERT PON HAL KAU1-'MAN BILL-HOEFNER EDDIE ELIAS IULIAN HORWITZ TRUETT ROGERS PAUL KROEGER HERBERT HARRELLJ ED LEE O'NEA1. ROBERT SERRANO REOTOR SAMANIEGO li:- Ist HOW: LEONOR AGUILAR MILLIE NADIR KATHERINE HARMON JOAN MOORE VIVIAN HARRELL BARBARA FARLOW DELI-'INA DURAN HILDA FLORES RONA STEIN 2nd ROW: 49- 3rd HOW: IIMMIE MOORE IIM I-IORD GUILLERMO VELARDE -BILLHOEENER E . N EDDIE ELIAS PAUL KROEGER IULIAN HORWITZ WAYNE BROUGHTON A CAPELLA CHOIR-Second semesfgr if ' IIM PAGET JOSE GARCIA fi' A 51 A Lf ' 1' I f If I f 1 T N - I 5 P fx? nn f iz! p if pf' .. X - J I J ' .. 5 'X 1 ' 1' f' - 4-f? ROW I MAY CELIA HUSBAND SHIRLEY BROWN ROMELIA MORALES OLGA SALAZAR BARBARA KELLER CAROLYN BLAUGRUND CAROLINA- HERNANDEZ CARMEN LOPEZ ENRIQUETTE COLMENERO LAURA COOK IO TOMSIC ROW 2 ALICE SULLY IOAN PARKER ROSA TEIEDA GRETCHEN ANDERSON DOROTHY MCCARTY IOYCE DYAL ROSEMARY LESTER PAT HARLLEE DOROTHY IONES HOW 3 CHARLOTTE BLAUGRU ND IUNE CASE MARY IANE KOURY MONICA NICHOLS IOAN GOODSON RHEA ZISSMAN IANE HINES ANNE HULSE MARY LOU ROCI-IE ROW 4 GEORGE VEYTIA BOB LA BRANT IESUS FLORES HECTOR AGUILAR CLIFFORD HARNDEN ART MEDRANO DICK SHINAUT ROW 5 IIMMY MOORE CODY PRESTWOOD TONY LAMA GRAYSON GWYN RICHARD ELLISON ROB-ERT SERRANO TREBEL CLE? ROW 1 RONA STEIN IOAN MOORE BETTY ROTH BARBARA WELHAUSEN MAUDELLE MCGUFFEY IANIE GUTHRIE v-' VIVIAN HARRELL RAMONA DELGADO BARBARA FARLOW ROW 2 TOMMY COVEY BETTY HOLLENBECK ,MARY WALKER ,IERRY WALDRON-Q ROSEMARY LESTER HILDA FLORES N DEL I N DORA YIP ROW 3 NAOMI VASQUEZ DARLENE PHILLIPS IANN THOMASON ELEANOR PIPKIN DOROTHY SMITH GLORIA GOLDMAN BETTY HOLT ALICE SULLY IOY HULL Q Hoff-1 J,,,,,,,, -' ' 4,00 - 40 0:06- 17'-QQ! Q! ' L06 gwgjf-'-k . 'Y e whole lite oi man 15 but a point oi time: Xet us enioy jk. therefore, while it lasts." ' ' fPLUTABCH J t"L-'1:ulIJHOO"rJ CIO Zmm mOtD'!1JCD Z'-1t"'1ZD'UZE1'JCD fm' aww g,,,,,,, :pr-' AU Zlil 2 Huw 'H Q2 Z nb- Arn GGL-4 Om :EQ l"'J IOYCE F RIEDMAN BA Xxx RB N90 ARA If ymfwe P PEGG Y H OBE!-2 TSON OLGA SALAZAR QOSP' 5196 MARY ELLEN CAMPOS I IUNE CASE CONCHA GONZALES TONI WOODALL MARIA TERESA GUEREQUE VIRGINIA WOOD MARGIE LAY EVA RICHIE DARLENE PHILLIPS HMMY PAYE MAXWELL ALL E. P. I-I. S. BOY CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT ALL E. P. H. S. GIRL BETTY SEAY I SENIOR FAVORITE RUSSELL DURRILL SENIOR FAVORITE MARGIE LAY IUNIOR FAVORITES IUNE CASE and RAYMOND MENA SOPHOMORE FAVORITES IACKIE SYLVEST and BOBBY KELLER FRESHMAN FAVORITES CHICO WOQDUL cmd ROME KEMP IUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES CLARENCE COOPER and IIMMIE PAYE MAXWELL MCDST BEAUTIFUL GIRL LINDA BLAINE , W, , lnnulln'-UL , YWHJIL---Julnluesq SECOND MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ELIZABETH BYRNE TI-IIBD MOST BEAUTIFUL GIBL NANCY METCALF IUNIOB HIGI-I BEAUTY IEANENE PETERSEN axwmmwmammwmm-1 1 fn Q I I SQ. NSA A ,fx .,.. .. G f Q "": M M , " A :,,4 :-f- Xkn aw - 51 if A Q11 V L ,?f v gQg'rgQ,:v 142 , 2 .1, x., 'f wflii A wwf! b, V famffm if -'-: -wif ' if :gym iw Mai if 'Qifggfjivflf 55171 H' lfiif 'S ww? rgfwgfi-12+ n'x'fQ!,:' wif? -iii, fuffgigiiy 2157 A2 , , . gggyjgg '2YZi?mf, ,Q , ' flxiwziv mffyff 1' if y "fWlb?3fLf':: :iq 5551 "Z may g - if . ,Wi ' ' A KATHERINE BEYS ARLENE GUERRY ROLIE KEMP BLANCHE LEMIEUX PEGGY OWEN 56413 IEANENE PETERSON IACKIE SYLVEST BETTY PIPKIN LORY TALPIS PEGGIE ROBERTSON IUNE CASE CONCHA GONZALES PAT HARLLEE DOROTHY IONES MARY IEANNE MILLER TONI WOODALL Peuonaldzfiee STUART SOLOMON Winning "Honorable Mention" in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search is only one of the many achievements of Stuart. He is a member ot National Honor Society, Kalevala, Slide Rule and Number Sense Clubs. MARY ANN SZOKE Mary Ann was a charter member of both the Iunior National Honor Society and Iunior Kalevala. She won second place in the district for debate in 1948, cmd was third place Winner in the Freedom Train essay contest. IOAN GROSS Ioan is a Senior, a member of National Honor So- ciety and Quill and Scroll. She was editor of the Tatler last semester. DAVID KNAPP David is a member oi National Honor Society, Quill' and Scroll, and Kalevalcz. He won "Honorable Men- tion" in the Westinghouse Talent Search contest. He is an outstanding student, and a valuable member of the Spur Staff. MARGIE HOWELL Margie is a Iunior. She has been a member of Na- tional Iunior Honor Society, Iunior Kalevala, Hostess Club, Student Council and Latin Club. She has also served her school as Program Manager. IULIETA GRADO Iulieta was a member of the Top Ten Graduates in Ianuary. She is a member ot National Honor Society, Pan American Club, and P. E. Leader. Her work in Modern Dance was outstanding. Pazaaaaaletdeo IERRY IOHNSTON Ierry is a Iunior who came to El Paso Hiah from Haiti, and has been quick to make friends with teach- ers and pupils alike. He is Student Council repre- sentative. CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT Clark is a member ot'National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, and Kalevala. He is president ot the Senior Class, and Councilman-at-larqe in the Student Council. He is a member of the E Club and Senior editor of the Spur Stall. ii1Sl2iu95,S'2f3i.?14 ?w ifiiefiftilt A ix ,fi A-' . if ' A' Lf' A 'I-'VP F 4 MARGIE LAY Margie was a member ot the Top Ten Graduates in Ianuary. She is a member of National Honor Society, Kalevala ard the Hostess Club. She was chosen Senior Class Favorite. IULIAN HORWITZ Iulian was chosen President of the Student Body for the Spring semester. He is a member of the E Club, Officers Club, Pan American, and Colonel in R. O. T. C. He played football and Was on the track team. He sings in the A Cappella Choir. AMY SANDERS Gifted Amy Sanders is an outstanding leader and personality in El Paso High School. She deserves much credit for her three years Work on the Spur. She is a member of Quill and Scroll, Kalevala, and the Hostess Club. She is a member of the National Honor Society. DAVID SMITH David has served as president of National Honor Society during the Spring Semester, President of the Student Body in the Fall Semester. He is Editor of the Spur, a member of Quill and Scroll, and Kalevala. .,.. .. :..-l,.,...,,,:,..,gm..,,,:mm,,... ---- , -W., ,,,.. ,.. .. gr v,,. if ,:.: . C 1 W C 5 3 ii- 13i2Uif2fii?s'i?fIi.lift1 1 A f' I I t WM 47564 eiilifsa-f Q 2-2-:--' IQ- i e ' t 5 k my ' BOBBY KELLER Q 3 si Bobby was chosen class favorite for the Sophomore 5 . f Class this year He is a member of the E Club and ' P. E Leaders Club He plays football basketball and All D1str1ct football team t View R we X kb ,t ll x A-ff: if ""' fra my .wa -M wnmueww 'wifi' I .Y . l t t f uf' . 3 5 1 5 t . ,w ii- X , M t . H . me 1 -35 l S A V, IEANENE PETERSEN Ieanene won the Iunior High beauty contest this year. She is a member oi the Hostess Club and F.H.A. She Was Duchess from her class to the Spring Fiesta. L is on the track team He was selected on the second IOHNNY RECHY Iohnny's literary abilities and accomplishments have made El Paso High proud of him. He has been editor ot the Tatler and president of National Honor Society and Kalevala. He was among the Top Ten graduates in Ianuary. He was a member of Quill and Scroll, Press Club, and the Latin Club. He represented the school in the state journalism contest. ROLIE KEMP Rolie was selected as Yell Leader and class favorite ot the Freshman Class. She was Duchess in the Spring Fiesta. ?ewaemZ61!6e4 IACKIE SYLVEST Iackie was a charter member of Iunior National Honor Society. She is a member of the Student Council and the Hostess Club. She is F.F.A. Sweetheart, cmd was Duchess in the Football Court, and The Spring Fiesta. She was selected Sophomore Favorite. ANNE MARSH Anne is a fine student and personality. She has been very active in Student Council work, and serves as Councilman-at-large now. She is on the Tatler Staff. CLIFFORD IRVIN Clifford is a Iunior. He was a charter member of Iunior National Honor Society, and Iunior Kalevala. He Was President of the Freshman Class and a mem- ber of the Latin Club. He has a high scholastic rating, and plays football, basketball, tennis, and is on the track team. He is a P. E. Leader. BILL SUTHERLAND Bill is a Senior, and a member of National Honor Society and the Officers Club. Bill has a good per- sonality and a variety of interests. He has been a valuable member of the Spur Staff, KAY SHERMAN Ka is a Iunior she was a charter member of both 77 Zdtdea LAWRENCE REZNIKOV Lawrence is a Senior, and one ot the outstanding boys in his class. He is a member of the E Club, and plays football cmd baseball, He represented the school in the debate contest at Baylor University this Spring. Y , the Iunior National Honor Society and Iunior Kalevala. She is a member of Latin Club, Kalevala, Hostess Club, Quill and Scroll, and Press Club. She is Secre- tary of the Student Body and is a delegate to the Tex- as Association of Student Councils. PATSY NELL BRANDES Loyalty and a Willingness to cooperate have made Patsy a favorite with students and teachers. She was a member of Iunior National Honor Society, and Iunior Kalevala. She is a member of Kalevala. She has Won both the English and the Biology P.T.A. awards. LAWRENCE WO'NG Lawrence came to El Paso High from China less than a year ago. He has made many friends among teachers and pupils. He has demonstrated unusual ability in learning the English language. pfflddltdffftzd BETTY SEAY Betty is best known for her tennis playing. She is fff l 'Q IHZA 4 3 A , . ., it gay- .3-, 1, T, . ,- " 5, Q ' 'H-fig seize - ' ' - ri 'F Q . , . ' .. ' '. -' I - ' ---- - K M wp mg ig V ggi? Qt M it ., I g , si.i,,,,, i t:,,, Q arg, A , V2 , x in r, X . A .R LZ, 2 ull: 1 N V A... V --lv 5 I A .. 3 t g, er' Lg ' W- .1 "1l' ' if-ia?" Ezs i 1 Q' V, '5' ' Q. 9' tv zllifff, i if ' 'riv a l' " 2,-Z . Y I. : Q ' f W X W 1 ,.,,,,N . L ,wt . . , at . 5, A its 2 3 tg: nf x EK ' QW I at P l 53 Ji! 4 3 ,, x 3,7 3 Q pw? 11 3.2 Q J 5, we X Q Q W ji lg i xg 5 , ,. A A W U - J .t,,.,,,i., .M K, .WM wggggwi, 1',:,-:aiu fr- .,,i A .Q Q.. , 'A f- - , 1 1 v W My wsfmgf qwffq fliyy ..-'-,, :v.,,if,.3" ' , , " " ' ' f ' 7 ' - 'itllfft'N5'l?TSH,' iz? y,,M.Lk, , , , , . ,T , 1 ,,,. Wfgwgf, L ., , ., et-..a,,. ,ww '- 'W W L Sy f , . A ,,,, , 5, I .,.. , g . x ,U sw, '11 .' , , . we-'f'rfn greg. K . . Q. ,i . . .it - f A aww ffibhfiii lv. , -A ' " 'ii if Mft - M A A . '.-tJf'itl5?ifZ't??Yf' z 5 l a member of National Honor Society, the Hostess Club, li 4f'i'i7 ,iff 5 and the Racket Club. She was chosen All E. P. H. S. li-' ff?2'ft iirfi-if"'fr"ii'l5Q?l' + 1 Girl this year. . BARBARA ROSENBAUM Barbara was a member of lunior National Honor Society and Iunior Kalevala. She has been a Student Council representative for three terms. She belongs to the Debate Club, and Pan American. Her work in Modern Dance has been outstanding. B on .. , . ix 32.3 1 55,35 gsmgr f , ' f ,iliifiz is 1 45 eww f . . 7, ',?593's3v73f5fZ'?mE3 f N "1 1 , 1 5 . J" f ,,l.,,4w' . r ff, if l V' , 7 X get . M , 1 Qi.: M . e A t ' r f.,ww :+i fr ? , 1 .1 S If I gf jillsf 'ftiliiffii DONALD ANDERSON Don is a Senior. He is a member of National Honor Society and the E Club. He plays football, basketball, and is on the track team. He holds the District 4AA record in Shotput, and received Honorable Mention on All District football squad. Q1 i Qt F' 5 in , Q BILLY CULVER illy is a Freshman, and is president of Iunior Na- tional Honor Society. He has served on the Student Council, and is Freshman and P. T. A. Awards editor the Spur Staff. naught GRACE BENDALIN Grace has served as Vice-President of the Student Body both semesters this year. She was Queen of the Football Court, and Lady-in-Waiting at the Spring Fiesta She is a member of National Honor Society, Ouill and Scroll, Pan American, Officers Club, Press Club and Hostess Club. She is R.O.T.C. Staff Sponsor. ELIZABETH BYRNE Elizabeth Won third place in 1948 and second place in 1949 beauty contest. She was a member of Junior National Honor Society. She won second place in declamation in 1948, and Won the Girls' tennis doubles in the Sun Carnival tennis tournament. She is presi- dent oi Allied Youth, a member of Racket Club, Hos- tess Club, and Latin Club. Pmnmiazm RUSSELL DURRILL Russell's sincerity, cooperative spirit and pleasing personality have won him the respect of students and teachers. He was Senior Class president ot the lan- uary Class, and was chosen Class Favorite for the Senior Class. BOBBY MADRID Bobby is a Senior, a member ot the E Club. He plays baseball and basketball. He was captain of the varsity basketball squad, and was leading scorer in 4AA basketball tournament. He was a member of the All-District team and an All-Toumament member at the Pecos tournament. WN ff-'Y7A.1- P. T. A. AWARDS AMY SANDERS Ufkdvanced Latinj IOSEPHINA MENDOZA CAM and use of ar! to school communityj ALFRED CRUZ CBest all around Bth grade boy athlete! IRENE ARAIZA QBest all around Freshman girl clihleiej CAROLYN RAWLINS CBest all around 8th grade girl athletej THELMA KUSTOFF CEng1ish IJ BOBBY PARRA Clst year D. EJ ..,..p-+ P. T. A. AWARDS BLANCA BUSTAMANTE KLatin 1 and 2, English 33 PATSY NELL BRANDES KBiologyJ BILLY CULVER CI-Iigh 8th grade boy's cilizenshipj ALICE SULLY CHigh 8th grade girl's citizenshipj IACQUELINE BROADDUS ELEANOR PIPKIN CBest all around Iunior girl athletel CI.ow 8th grade girl's citizenshipl MAYNARD HADDAD lBest all around Freshman athletej 1 P. T. A. AWARDS GEORGE STATEN CThree year mechanical drawingg stage manager! BARBARA WELHAUSEN KEng1ish 21 BARBARA ROSENBAUM KSecond year Spanishj ARMANDO SUSARREY KLOW eighth grade boy's citizenshipj DAVID KNAPP fChemisiryp second year mechanical drawingl JOHNNY RECHY Uournalismj ANNE HULSE CFirst year speechj '12 , eflgfm Q 'Y ami A ' W.. , ri r . A if Y W 1 P. T. A. AWARDS MANUEL MOYA CFirst year wood- work! MORTON CHONOLES CS1ide Rule! H. A. SEAMONDS CBest first year farming PFOQIGIDJ ARTHUR MOWAD CBest P. E. lecderl DIANE QUIGLEY KEng1ish 42 BARBARA FARLOW CVocc11 music! PETE GONZALEZ lVoca1 znusicj DAVID SMITH AMY SANDERS DAVID KNAPP IAN BOYD IOI-INNY RECHY CLARK KLEINSCI-IMIDT MRS. OLIVE WHEELER BILL SUTI-IERLAND MARY IEANNE MILLER ' GEORGE STATEN BETTY SEAY . BILLY CULVER PEGGIE RGBERTSON ANN POOLEY MARILYN GOTTLEIB SANDRA SCHWARTZ BARBARA STEVENS wgyjhfp ow fwgggw lwtd s and 1 time io Act c use I "'Yhere's cx time tor some thing . ah tkimgsz a fume ior great Mmgs. and cx xx mags." fCYlYNP-NTYLS S106- MSMM I DANCING AT TBAL THE D L CORONATION THE VICTORY DANCE BEAUTIES CORONATION OE THE FOOTBALL COURT COACH MOYE AND ' CECILIA ANNE AT THE AUSTIN GAME FROM THE NURSERY SCHOOL THE HARDWORKING SPUR STAFF! PEP RALLY BEFORE THE AUSTIN -GAME THEY FEED US! OH HAPPY DAY! OUR NIGHTSHIFT D. E. EXHIBIT NATIONAL HONOR INITIATION ,Y-. 'Me Ewa! Zami of tie Spun? 7mm 145 74a Spam? 73464 704 .late 70 A. B. CTitoD POE, IH Senior TOP TEN OF IANUARY MR. E. M. OLSEN MRS. RUBY PUTNAM MRS. THELMA LORSCHEIDER GOOD 'OLE PHYSICS! ,L .fftfqf:u,f,ge.Q S ,A,:: , " .2,. ' x f--- -, W-LH W ..,.,.. ff 'WN , WWE 'J "9 ' IIE-:.52?E.5'Wav ,5Q:".-. we . 4, : w , WML 'L-gf My - 'zz g ,N ,Q .. -. p 4 -' Ib- 'M'-"'fr'f f. - MN ..... ' ' wfw J W -. 44. 1 ,Q- , " , 15 35 ' ,, f?2. Q1--- Q .WZ 1 ff :KW W,- 1 2 Q 'Mx f -..- : 'B B at .-ff , QV 'EV L ., ii E. . Q. W 1 AVS'-'D IX ,,.., - , , gg. f, .,,, . .W 'vw-fm U S , I . :5".11,fga 'I ', L1 , c t , I I Q '31, X 95.1 - 'W , V I 1 :,, ., a li W 'ff iw M' 'V X B Nga . f X? J if W., ff' ' P 2 ,L 1 Q QQ J E 1 W ik 'kia 3 w 16 4 X s H f-A In ,1 'fa .. Q., ':-' 3 . f f' 1 ' , f 'L I g A 'N ' i -QKL-g L'-. . , Q4 A, V, 5 ii ,Q 1' N .. r I if YA 4 ,, 5 Q 1 at w 2 Z . -.... '1S"Zw V . . .. ,Li L fx 1 .-G if 3 ggi,.,f- 5 .vi Q !z':1 '.'? ffm. ,, " 1 'h ai livin - ""f ' . " - AV. M .. W . ,,AV - nm , -1 vw I J Q:--1 Eff ffffw . , my 32' .V , ., , .,,,y N , ,Q . rf..,,, Q-ww 1 . H - . . .W ,.f . -Q ,. was ff. W fqfq . 5-. I . 1 - Q :..:-:-3-,: - 11 ig --f-' . , H K V Q, , V ,fy 1 Q :W , ff1E"iV'? 9' " -f 1. :ff1'ffi' U 'W ' f '1T5 , ,:,,. .Z 4 i x V Qi Q Q X V L BOY WHAT ENERGY! THE LAST OF THE MQHICANS EVEYONE WANTS IN THE ACT LEGS! LOOK AT ME! BEVY OF BEAUTIFUL GIRLS WHICH IS THE DOG? WHAT 15 IT? THOSE WONDERFUL T-SHIRT GIRL! EOQTBALL TRIPS! 1 'Q ,'-N .,4,f,,,, ff 25551, M 'ik ef! 11143, , I YE A ffiiwxwx '-s. K 1, .M e ' 5 V -Q" 4 ff 5 X ffm, 1, f guru ,OE BLANCO TOMMY COUEY BARBARA H1cKs BETTY IUNE HOW IOY HULL BARBARA CUSHING SHOTSIE MILLER AND CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT GEORGE VEYTIA P" HELEN FINERON x f i MARY ELLEN ACEVEDO IANIE YOUNG IANIE GUTHRIE PETER RAMIREZ Compliments Compliments of f O Wdazzen 7m C a. ml P G I' a n d e 510-A North Stanton Street Courts A HIGHWAY 80 Dial FUR COATS - FUR CAPES - FUR SCARFS REPAIRING - CLEANING AND GLAZING 3-4721 RESTYLING - STORAGE Take if easy! .RIDE 455 .I A51 G LEAM 74 ' Disinfectont - Cleanser - Deodorizer - Bleacher TH E B U S Manufactured by I. D. 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WATT, Realtor ASSOCIATES INIBICI 1380 On Your Dial Hospitality in your hands X I, .ul-,B I I 'tvs 'S Ili L A5 'Q 3 X V - ' lf 'f ' -sgf j 3 AI rl 1,5 A 1- If, '-151' ffffw-1 1 'E : 'Rf' X 1. - 1 i - I- '1 X l AMERICAN eRocERY co. emi freed Wholesale Grocers Good Buy O 909 S. El Paso St. Dial 3-3445 or 3-3446 E. M. Lovelacly, 5c: +o SL00 S+ores Visil Your Neighborhood Shopping Centers at 1010 North Piedras St. fFive Pointsj 2914 Alameda Avenue 3316 Fort Boulevard Where Your Money Buy! the M011 5' -S9 . 'J ' lb IZ F lllglllfyila wuilm. BREAD IS GOOD BREAD THE COLCN THEATRE For The Einesl in Mexican Films O Recently Remodeled For Your Convenience I 507 S. El Paso St. 3-1342 Complimentf of EI Paso High P. T. A. 416421.23 new 720 Montana 2-3132 Flowers For All Occasions MR. AND MRS. JOHN B. COLE, Owner: BERNARD FURNITURE CC. FRIEDMAN - BENDALIN SEE OUR NEW COMPLETE WEsT1NoHousE LINE Floor Coverings and Paper Coverings 225 S. 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