El Paso High School - Spur Yearbook (El Paso, TX)

 - Class of 1948

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El Paso High School - Spur Yearbook (El Paso, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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"1-12:1-ww , V , . 5 . ., YwW,mmf4gm1ma Y " - .A!4l.s9.A Wm1uN M fy wwf Q qliffgifqflf gm SE? N w!JgiiyVJ W' M Q9 Hfffgzyfff JffL5iiW XYJQSQQQJAQN fu W R EJ f Q!f1iyy w f' 5W ,gggm ik y y 5 Emi fiwifffiff Qixiglx if WM qs-,V'-fx?-.Qu-v--Y . ' 0 - 4 gm 1- x mrxN X a,f kS1:M g4qg,g5 fgS,i!wI H WW ,H x wg Qfgzmwnxix 1 X. A0'64'4L'f"Hf-F Jgi3,2,, fffffN"',,,f11f ff W MW WMWWW amp' Wfrsamw L .Q Q Q37 WEQ3 W if MN 4224 iq. km 3 QJLQMQQL 5 Wa fg,,,0'.WT! ,M W W QQ mmwmwwwpqfnhwi V ' WL WNWWM? X 4 My Awww 0 ffTf'?'y5 M Gif' W Y 'Wg W QF My vfffgx !gZ KffM5 , E"f,5i'57Zfi25m pm W 3 WTJJWJSUQ WS f E QM QPZQ 3354352 Q 'Sf X SQEQQEEEZQ fi D Hwrlvsllxil 0-if ww dems sect WLT 'fk4Q'k' XPQKQ. LOT ag Xu!-SQ KCYDNEX Suv- lk QX img .Hai K . PBESEIJTIIIB . . . 112,-fffwzc,,wMf2C-M15-W-'ffl'-1 if iw, ' lid 9-if is . A -?V 940 N L f.:1X 5 -, Oz fl. J, fic 'QD X ifglg , X N MEQN Qi 2 'NS , 2 A 0Q144,f,., 490 fZZv ,cfzfda-,37fD'-"""f-. J0'f'46,Lv"rWL,. f4-A-0-1J,l'vlszT f f "1-S3 1 x 'E EJ rl If I SIPUB STHFF - 1 . Q , ,S if 'gh 4 'X 335 1 ...F R. L. SPRINGER BILL KEBR Sponsor Editor ' :far - MQ f I . n 'v 1. 5901 DAVID M. SMITH CLARK KLEINSMIDT Associate Editor Business Manager Advertisements Activities SPUH STHFF GEORGE STATEN, TR. Layout Manager Student Government Assistant Art Editor Cover Design is .X . WN LARRY NICKEY Faculty and Administration Clubs, ROTC and Band 4 IAN BOYD Art Editor f ..f.,iug e- Q.. . A AMY SANDERS EDDY MCNEELY Features Sports Editor Sq . Hf x tgi H' i h I f" 5 Sigh , 46 N.., I D t N t Q O 7" i' ' Q ..,f- , . 'iq I M is I I iw I I ., ,,. b L X CONGER BALLARD Iunior Editor IOAN HAGGARD Typist NNW? ,gg BETTY SEAY Advertisements tl I' fi fl f f' DIJJI Effrlrf MARGIE ABBOTT ANN POOLEY Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor T ' gf' is ALICE POLLAKOFF ARMANDO GARCIA Advertisements Those not shown- SHIRLEY MORRISS-Senior Editor TI-IAD HARDEN-Assistant Business Manager BILLY CULVER-Eighth Grade Editor IOAN MCNAY-Assistant Typist DOROTHY SMITH-Advertisements CARMEL ROTH-Advertisements Our special thanks to RUBEN MORENO whose photography was a big help. FUBELUUBD Post-war years are times ot uncertainties, re-evalua- tions, and the blazing ot new trails. As we enter into the Atomic Age We hesitate, as We contemplate the future, and look back on our heritage to the principles upon which our democracy is built. ln our adventure into the tuture We are encouraged and comforted by those ideals rooted in the past. Likewise, as our high school days become history, We hope that the l948 Spur will serve as a memoir to which each can refer in recaptur- ing the glory ot youth and the idealism upon which successful living is based. To this purpose the l948 SPUR is humbly dedicated. I W JI Mx y W fwfiy My I 'I r. I1 'I sg y I 9 g'5 r- rl DEDICATION I bo ADMINISTRATION cmd FACULTY STUDENT GOVERNMENT SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESI-IMEN MILITARY cmd BAND FEATURES CLUBS SPORTS ACTIVITIES VVI-IO'S WHO SNAPSHOTS ADS Q? I iiffff? v 0 1 iff ws, Q X'Z'5,w .1. : N' 5- N '--gm QQ'--viva: x 3 . ff -+1 'YQ 'M-ww 4 'ff x ,sm 41, :5gg':- .gi ' 1 : fx W ,, ,M I- X 5 - 3 tug x - Qi -9. " .X .1-2 gf ML , ,:,.:.- 2- Hmgff-' 1 Haw, . Kkggpg. K. . bbviz v ' K 4 gf' if f iw T-wfs ' fag? Q 3.5 MISS MAYBELLE LUNG DEDIBHIIUII TO MISS MAYBELLE LONG WHO EXEIVIPLIEIES TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP AND WHO IS ALWAYS GRACIOUS AND UNDERSTANDING IN HER RELATIONSHIPS WITH STUDENTS AND FACULTY ALIKE, THE SPUR IS AFEECTIONATELY DEDICATED BY THE CLASS OE 1948. PIREWCDRKS QVER E. P. H. S fswmm 3 A Jministraiion and Faculty I'IIfLIIN ISYIINES Ii11:sin0f::: Acmxom VIRGINIA EISK, Secretory and EESS ONEAL, Heglsstrur KATHLEEN BELL Attendance Clerk FANNY COFFIN Book Clerk SY S WS. I.: I if - . 1- in X' New . -5-5: SQ X 9, - h X X ,. . Xe MONA LOPER Heaisiered Nurse CLIVE HATCHELL Cafeteria Manager L. F. MCKINNEY Building Engineer gil Q55 MAUD ISAACKS FANNY FOSTER MARIORIE S. THOMPSON ANNIE L. HARPER Texas University Beloit College Virginia State Teachers College Texas University BA. M.A. B.A. BS. BA, MA. EDNA B. STEPHENS MARGUERITE IVERSON VERNA E, CAWLEY IESYLE STIMSON University of Arkansas Texas College of Mines Texas University Southwest Texas State BA. M.A- B.A. MA. BS. Teachers College B S HABRTET LERNER I, T. IOHNSON MRS. F- E- HEWITT Northwestern University Tennessee Stqte Teachers College Kansas State Teachers College, BS B,S, BS, Columbia Teachers College, M.A. affi REBEKAH COETIN MRS. LUTHER COBLENTZ MBS. LUCILE SHAVER ANNE KELLY New Mexico State Teachers Texas University University of Missouri Texas University College, B.A. BA. BA. BA. Sul Ross State Teachers College, MA. ELIZABETH HANSEN LEILA F. GROTHE MARY BELLE STOCKTON University ol Oklahoma, AB. Iohns Hopkins University Texas State College for University of Colorado, MA BS. Women, BA. 57165 fofz IOHN H. ESTES Texas College ol Mines BA. VERNON HILL LILLIAN HUGGETT MYRA CARROLL WINKLER Baylor University University of New Mexico, B.A. North Texas State Teachers B.A. Northwestern University, M.A, College, BS., M.S. BEATRICE SIMS Texas State College for Women, B,A. Sul Ross State Teachers College, M.A. ""-my py L. HANEY EDWARD MAIESKE Stephen E Austin State Montreal University Tr-Cwlif-rs: Collivao, B S 13 A MARIE HATCHELL STAMPS Baylor University A B If ua 5 ' 'W . 1 X MRS. LOUISE M. BOGARDUS SUNSHINE BOZEMAN MRS, SYLVIA INGALLS Hardin-Simmons University Louisiana State Normal, BIA. New Mexico Highland BA. Texas University, M.A. University, AB. University of California AB Texas University, M.A 0652265 , ., ' " lv i 1 5E.:.:: 1 - ES if sr R ' . 5 I . " .:i::. ' H ' - . ..... X' -: . - --r'-- If , I f 5- ' AL 5,3 1: -2 ,rf- -. .,.. I, BYRON IONES LEILA OLIVER LOUISE GRAMLY Mississippi State College, BS University of Michigan Texas University Texas University, BAg M.A. BS. AB. MA. MAURINE F. ALDRICH University of Illinois BS. MILDRED CREEK Universiiy of Wyoming, M.S Chicago Universiiy, Ph.B. gbgyaicaf fjcfuczczfion K. C. BROWN C. D. IARVIS H. R, MOYE, IH. MAY BELLE LONG Baker Universi.y Texas College of Arts and Southern Illinois Normal University of California, B.A US. Industries, B.S. University, B,Ed. Columbia University, M,A. I -S, X V i1-s ---- s N 1 .-1' ' z A M 4 5 A51 5,1 Z . 1: ,r'. , if D .51 lx ,E .,,.. b l , .t ' f -' -'-- i 3 1 . 1'ss 452 L , i .,:- , ,. " - 'X .r t MRS. IAMES A. WELLS AUDREY SMITH MRS- THQMAS H. RUSH D University of Arkansas North Texas State Teachers Baylcr University BS. College, BS. B-S. jncfuzfziaf ana! flfoaafiona EILEEN BLAKE B, W. TAPPER ADA Y. GALBRAITH ALEX TOMKINS Tr-xas College ol Arts and Stout Institute I-Iardin-Simmons University North Texas State College Industries, B.Ag BS. B.S, B,A, BS, M S, I-IILMA IOYCE Texas Tech BS. wtf' I. N. CARDWELL Texas College of Arts and Industries, B.S.g MS. LOUISE DUKE NELSON MARIORIE SUTI-IERLANI3 Mary Hardin-Baylor Oregon State College BS. BS, 'arm' VIVIAN IOHNSON North Texas State Teachers College, BS. ELSIE REEVES Mary Hardin-Baylor College B.A. ommefzcia 'SN IONE REED Sul Ross State Teachers College, BS. 0416 and Jlfluiia R. BLANCETT Hardin-Simmons University BA. MRS, NINA ARMOUR Texas University BA. RALPH H. RIDER University of Cincinnati BS, 1-if MAIOR R. K. MCMASTER United States Military Academy BS. Jmififazbcf Master Sergeant First Sergeant T. E. STUART IOSEPH D, PERKINS cgfucfgzjflaff ancf lfigzafz 'Z is-ix 'Novi COBA MENGEL 9 ' fl. S , X if , sb it X xi! , t .. .. .. ..: ...s,.. NORA B. WARD Baylor University, Pl1.B. Texas University, M.A. WELTA SCRUGGS BLANCHE M. KENNEDY Texas State College for Women University of Arizona, B.A. B.A. University of Southern California, M.A. O LLIZQE O 'Li . ' , . 'tri 1 X :wx ,Ei fy, : 5.5 4, 5 so f 1 .T Qigtetf li' R. L. SPRINGER IESSIE SAUNDERS Texas University George Peabody College B.A. M.A. B.S. x13 nn, L X1,,ff'-'-5' , ,,, s ,....l ., K9 iff? :QMEETING X HALL ,. - - 1? NN VK D l 'g SE -Q-fx -,ill ,iii-4--v ,, 'i,,-- in K 51 -A-M 1 g ' gnu ? .- viii ' IT C-DX T -A ARTURO AGUIRRE PRESIDENT, STUDENT ASSOCIATION FALL 1947 K .I " ' e N: fx. 5 I-IALLETT MENGEL PRESIDENT, STUDENT ASSOCIATION SPRING 1948 RAUL M. RUIZ Vice President Student Association Foil 1947 GEORGE C. STATEN, IR. Vice President Student Association Spring 1948 MARTHA BERNAL Secretary Student Association FQ11 1947 GEORGE STATEN, IR. Councilman-ot-Large F011 1947 MARY FRANCEE MAGRUDER Councilman-Qt-Large FQ11 1947 IAN-E HOLDER Secretory Student Association Spring 1948 LAURANCE NICKEY Counc1lmc:1n at Large Spring 1948 MARGIE LOU LAY Councilman-at-Large Spring 1948 FQII 1947 1 STUDENT COUNCIL 1 Spring 1948 RAUL RUIZ EDWARD MAIESKE GEORGE STATEN, IR. President Fall 1947 S FRED BREWEN IYDDY IIIAN PRUITT IOHN RIICHY RUSSELL DURRILL JERRY CLARK WENDIIL BROUGHTON ART MIIDRANO GILBERT BUSTAMANTI RAUL VILLALOBOS PIIGGIE ROBERTSON FRANK LUTHER LEWIS SPRINGER BABARA ROSENBAUM BERTHA GALINDO RALPH LOWENFIELD IOE ORTIZ EDDY HERSKOWITZ IACK EATON RAYMOND MARSHALL IACKIE SYLVEST LAWRENCE BRAY CARMEN REYES IACK RODEHAVER CAROLYN BELL BOBY KELLY TONI WOODALL MINNIE FEINBERG NORMA GONZALEZ WILLIAM ABRAHAM IAMES KERR LLOYD RIDMOR IANE REED BILL CASTILLO CAROLYN RAWLINGS BILLY COLREN ROBERT IAMES CARLOS RUIZ HUMBOLT MANDELL DOROTHY WALTERS RAUL RUIZ GRACE BENDALIN BOBBY VIRGIL THAD HARDEN CAROLINA UZETA CARMEN DIAZ BILLIE ROSE LUTZ VIRGINIA LEWIS ROSIE FLORES HECTOR ACEVEDO HELEN SHARP ARNOLD PEINADO ALFONSO HOLGUIN DORIS FRIEDMAN CESAR CASTIIQQ ANNE MARSH ADOLPH ZEUGNER IACK AUSTIN PAT ROBINSON RAUL VILLALOBOS IEANNE SCHULTZ EDDIE MCNEELY MARTHA IENKINS EVA HOGGE BLANCA BUSTAMANTE ESTHER PARRAS MARY ANN SZOKE KATHERINE BEYS DANIEL FRAED IOYCE FRIEDMAN President Spring 1948 LORRAINE McLAY JIM PAGET FRANES HOGGE LUIS CASILLAS PEGGY PARKER ROBERT SOUDA ALICE SULLY NIELS SORENSEN TED PILLEY PAUL LUCKETT HELEN PAXTON BILL ISBELL BILL BIBO IEAN WILCOX MICKEY BRASELTON MARY FRANCES MAGRUDER GEORGE STATEN, IR. HALLETT MENGEL LARRY NICKEY MARGIE LAY IANE HOLDER MARTHA BERNAL HALLETT MENGEL Fall 1947 ASSEMBLY PROGRAM MANAGERS IO1-1N BEA1-ILER Spring 1948 PEGGY WATERHOUSE Spring 1948 7, fx f FN QQ M CLASS OF IANUARY 1948 w wa iff' 3-Ev: ROBERT HEASLEY-President EMMA MARTINEZ-Secretory MITCHELL ABRAHAM-Vice-President MORGAN BROADDUS-Yell Leader CLASS OE MAY 1948-Fall Term STANLEY BLAUGRUND-President EDDY IABALIE-Secretary MARY 'FRANCES MAGRUDER-Vice-President WALKER LINDSEY-Yell Leader l CLASS OE MAY 1948-Spring Term STANLEY BLAUGRUND-'President LEWIS CHAVEZ-Secretary WALKER LINDSEY-Vice-President BILL BILBO-Yell Leader Honor 'I Senior Follies SA Snow Duchess ' A Student Council Top Ten Spelling ' 1 BERTHA AGUILAR ' ' HECTOR ACEVEDO K . MITCHELL ABRAHAM ,ee 'sz av- ' ARTURO R. AGUIRRE YW' mcimoo R. ARCH t a President Student W Q Association, f47 ' Interscholastic Counci Juvenile Court - f ' Olficer's Club I ' - Senior Play 1 Baseball '47 E Club Oiticer's Club D. E. Club Senior Follieis ' A S. 'e f - ""' , MARY ASHWORTH I7 Allied Youth , . Baseball '47 Class Officer '44-'47 1 Club ' Football '45-'47 t Pan American - Track '46-'47 9 i I H 5- . " 'i 9 ..lt 5 ,Q el l l ALFONSO ARANDA ' ,Chorus , ' Dromatics Director of Treble Clef ', Senior Follies .L ' Senior Play V f Band Student 'Conductor x " Y Teens Chorus F. H. A. Senior Follies MORGAN BROADDUS IR PAT CENTER FRECIA CHAVEZ SHIRLEY I. COX All Dxstnct Football Basketball 46- 47 Class Ofhcer Co-Captcm Football Fo8tbal1 43 47 E Club Latin Club Track 46 47 Chorus Hostess Club Latm Club Masque and Gavel National Honor One Act Play 46 P E Leaders Semor Play 48 Semor Folhes Speech Club Top Ten 48 Pan Amenccm Semor Follies F. H. A. Hostess Club National Honor O. T. Club P. E. Leaders Senior Follies Top Ten '48 C1085 Officer 47 48 ARMANDO BUSTAMANTE Semor Follies Shale Rule 47 Student Councnl 47 Track 45 46 E Club MELESIO CASAS I Ncmonczl Honor Kalevala '46 Lcmn Club '46 Student Council IOE D CAMPOS I z FREDERICK CANDELARIA 'fn no o T 3 ei Allied Youth Chorus P. H. A. Library Club XWCAE DERHAM iUL1A DOW I LILIA ESCARENO I ,4 HELEN FINE P. E, Leaders Senior Follies Pan American P. E. Leaders Senior Follies Slide Rule Student Council Allied Youth Debate Club National Honor N. R. A. P. E. Leaders Senior Follies Top Ten '48 T R. O. T. C. ERNESTO DE LA TORRE GEORGE DAVIS DELFINA DURAN Slide Rule R. O. T. C, 1 Woodworkers Club Allied Youth Class Officer '48 E Club Football '46-'47 Fire Marshall Lenin Club R. O. T. C. Officers Club Senior Follies ROBERT HEASLEY U l I i Class Ollicer E Club Football '46-'47 P, E. Leaders R. O T. C. Rifle Team Track '45-'47 TONY HQTIS MICKEY LAFAYETTE AMELIA MARTINEZ EMMA MARTINEZ NINA MCCAIN we ..,, . Allied Youth Band Chorus F. H. A. P. E. Leaders Senior Follies Class Officer 45- 47 F. H. A. Senior Follies Pan American Senior Follies '48 Senior Follies Treble Clel Chorus P. E. Leaders Senior Follies Treble Clel Quintet '47-'48 BEATRICE MAROUEZ ' r. H. A. O. T. Club Chorus F. H. A. National Honor Senior Follies Treble Clef Quintet '47-'48 RHOBERTA ALICIA E. LOYA I v club - 1' 47 48 Chorus National Honor Pan American P. E. Leaders Senior Follies Slide Rule Top Ten '48 MANUEL A' MOHRIU' A' RUBEN MOHENO MARTHA MONEDERO 1 Band P. E. Leaders Senior Play Senior Follies ANGELINA MOWAD I RUBY NABHAN MYRA ANN MURPHY r F, H. A. Pan American Senior Follies ' Slide Rule I Boxing 47 R. O. T. C. Slide Rule Woodworkers Club DAVID A. NACIM A Band ROTC ANNA AMELIA IEANNE SALSBURY HELEN SHARP IACICA SHINAUT MMIREZ BONNIE D. E. Club American Follies Slide Rule R- O. T, C. F, H, A, IOVSE nommomzz Senior Follies Z,"",:..""'--2 Allied Youth Chorus E Club Football '45-'47 F. P. A. Ollicer's Club Stage Crew '44 ' MARTA ROSALES National Hond- P. E. Loaders 5 Top Ten 2 ESTELLA ROIAS r 1 1 ' ' 1 ,, I .,,-,h . ,... f"J3kf.'2 l lx . n Q not-sp 4 . x if t ' ..., fig, aj? Q 1? 5 .'-. Z i , A , ,a. ,i 3 if ,,,,f RAY TILLMAN ...al K E. leg IGNACIO TORRES Sl' X 3 E it I Allied Youth Band D. E. Club Football '46-'47 P. E. Leaders Senior Follies R. O. T. C. Oiiicer's Club Pcm American P. E. Leaders Senior Follies Bancl Football' '45-'46 Pan American Rifle Team BEN SUCHOWIECKY LYDIA SIERRA Allied Youlli Chorus F, H. A. l GLORIA UZETA if Football '47 ADOLFO VALDEZ Q Chorus F Baseball '47 Senior Follies E Club l, Football '45 , National Honor M b Press Club -- W"w' lc' 5 . Quill and Scroll ."- Q W - Senior Follies Q- Student Council - . Tatler Stall 5' .. -' ' ' TOP Ten . , " . .l.l..,'. 'l i ' ...., -i-' - Aumsno VELARDE-GARAYZAR BILL WHITE JACK WXLUAMS 'bi v' W LUPE WONG YING MARIA LOUISA ARANDA W, X X X S .5 'riff' 3.5 E G lg QE X Q ' "-x .a- 'wx': "4 ' - , QW ww - - - TIS. L X L ' 3-l l 'I:.fEl': 'C HM 'QI N91 ..I. l 'I:.'E-. 'Z -JEANNETTE ATTEL Ncxtional Honor Pkm American Top Ten FHA ADAMS Allies. Youth Q- Tennis Squad sgniar i,-owes l ALICIA ALARCON Football '47 ALVARADO Allied Youth Chorus I-'. H. A. Orchestra Pan American P. E. Leaders Press Club Quill and Scroll f Tcrtler Staff Treble Clel A '- uuA ARHAMBIDE l' IOHN BEAHLER DOROTHY BENSON l mm. also , Allied F. H. A Pan American Tennis Squad RALPH BARNETT BARBARA BANNER Allied Youth Allied Youih ' F. H. A. Class Officer MN. R. A. F, F, A, P, E. Leaders Delegate T. A. S. C. Convention Program Manager '48 3 Senior Follies - Studeni Council Allied Y h Chorus out Senior Play Allied Youth Bcmd Class Officer M. C. Snow N. R. A. '48 MARY BOTELLO f Allied Youth Co-Op Club F. H. A. O. T. Club 'IQ 4 . 1 EARLEENE BOWERS SARAH CAIN HORACE CHAVEZ I I l 2 Allied Youth P. H. A. Latin Club Allied Youth MILTON BRASELTON Allied Youlh - v Chorus ' Boy's Glee Club Debate Club ' Football '45 A - Ollicer's Club R. O. T. C. Bcttallion Commander . Senior Follies Student Council Yell Leader '47-'48 Class Officer National Honor N. R. A. Slide Rule Student Council Cham FRED BREWEN F. H. A. ' P. E. Leaders Allied Youth Band D. E. Club Pan American Senior Follies R. O. T. C. Allied Youth Class Office: '46-'48 E Club Football '45-'47 P. E. Leaders Track '46-'47 Woodworkefs Club OLGA CABRERA Tennis Squad '46-'48 Chorus CHANNING BROWN Press Club Ouill and Scroll Taller Staff LUPE CORDERO DOLORES COLE PEARL CHEW ' V F. H. A. Library Club Allied Youth Chorus Baseball '47 IO ANN CONNALLY Basketball '48 Track '47 DAGOBERTO CONTRERAS Band R. O. T. C. Band PHILIP COUSAR 4 D. E. Club Allied Youlh wx """" Allxed Youth D. E. Club Alhed Youth ., MARGARET DAY PEGGY LOU CURTIS A , f M M BEVERLY DAHL U up if L t R 5 I W . t A N. x..Ww,m.v,,,.,,,....,,w-,n,.,,.....,. ,. . PRISCILLA DREASHER 'ROBERT BMMETT Wig QSTEPHEN ENGEL Kalevalq N. R. A. f National Honor Ollicefs Club Slide Rule Debate Club Latin Club N iteshift Basketball '47 Slide Rule Allied Youth Chorus Editor of Tctler '48 Orchestra Pan Americcm Press Club Quill cmd Scroll Senior Play '47 Taller Staff Treble Cla! Am-:Ls BERTHA ESCKIEDA q N LOUIS DROUTSAS '. MINNIE EARP ' Tennis Squad Allied Youlh Class Officer Becruty '47-'48 Hostess Club Officers Club P. E. Ledrlem R. O. T. C. Sponsor Snow Princess Student Council RUBEN DOMINGUEZ A TOMASA DURAN 'B ROSA GAMERO auwcn snr. O mono-mr cmcumsr LOUIS GONZALES Chorus P. H. A. Pan American P. E, Leaders D. E. Club F. H. A. Football 37 P. E. Leo ers Slifie Rulf National Honor Pan American Treble Clef N. R. A. Ollicer's Club Pan American Rifle Team OLGA FUI-IN'l'ES 1:1.vmA ESCAIEDA D. E. Club F. H. A. BILL GIBSON . Pan Am ' Orchestrgnccp F. H. A. Chorus M Allied Youth PETE Club PEGGY mt.:-wwwe e 1 -. -New , 4 , X.. -,,:.:.-Q-:Nw-w , ....N,.QX l -,1m -f- f- - ' ' i Q- -2'LH:'fm f'w - .Q EVHLYN Grmvzs . FOAN HAGGARD ELBA l-IERRERA HELEN HOBBS Chorus F. H. A. Pan Amerisan P. B. Leaders Allxed Youth Secretary ot Student Association '48 Allied Youth Kalevala National Art Honor Press Club Taller Stall Y Teens LOIS HAWKINS' X X' l 'Q kuiid YOUTH 7:5 f'-1' A -3 4P- E.:LeadetS' ' " Y Teens ' Allied Youth Chorus N. 'R A. Press. Club Taller Staff Y Teens Allied Youth N. R. A. Otiicex-'s Club Slide Rule Allied Youth Latin Club N. R, A. Student Council '46 Y Teens ,Q DOROTHY HAMMOND ALBERT HAWKINS BILL HONEY HERBERT HUNTER EDDY IABALIE IACK KELLY D. E. Club R. O. T. C. Co-Op Club Co-Captain Band '46 O. T. Club One Act Plays '45, '46, '47 Rille Team Student Council Student Director ol Iunior Band Oueen's Escort to Snow Festival Yell Leader '47-'48 'R. O. T. C. Basketball '46-'48 Track '44-'48 Football '44-'47 E Club '46-'48 P. E. Leader Baseball '47-'48 HELEN HOLMES AL HOLGUIN Debate Club Latin Club National. Honor Oflicer's Club Student Council KIENLE IOANNE KAVANAUGH DOROTHY LORAS ADA LOUISE LOWE ROY LOWN '46-'47 F. H. A. N. R. A. Latin Club Press Club P. E. Leaders Senior Band '45-'47 Senior Follies Tatler Stall Quill and Scroll Allied YOU!!! Debate Club F. H. A. . Loaders Press Club Tatler Staff Y Teens Allied Youth Chorus Kalevalu Masque cmd Gavel P. E. Leaders Press Club Senior Band Tatler Stall Y Teens E Club our S2451 5 New A 2' .53 Q . we 53 BEVERLY KORDISH Quill Treble P. E. Leaders Allied Youth Library Club Y Teens Student Coun WALKER LINDSEY aglEdAYouth Library Club gqflexcgraff FGM. ub Y ?l'eTens SPGQCII Award ' Chorus Co-Ed Club E Club Foczball '45-'46 Class Ollicer '47-'48 P. E. Leaders Distributors Club Boxing Team cil 46 LOUISE LACY use-N AMELIA LEVY MARY "SIS" MAGRUDER GILBERT MALOOLY IOHN MANLEY Beauty Class Football Football Queen Snow Princess R. O. T. C. Sponsor Kalevalc! Hostess Club - Treble Clet Senior Play '47 Councilmcm-at-Lange '47 Delegate, to T. A. S. C. Debate Club Latin Club N. R. A, TONI McDONALD Allied Youth Chorus Debate Club Football '47 Press Club Otficer's Club Tatler Staff R. O. T, C.-B 1. BONNIE MANCILL est Co. IACK MCCULLEY Town Hull Latin Club N. R. A. gr Glas Club . HERMAN MARCUS .L ...J BERTHA MARUSICH Club Society MEAGHER Allied Youth MARY Lou NBELY P. E. Loder Football Duchess Q8 National Honor Pan American Club F. H. A. National Honor I E Club Slide Rule FRANK MENDOZA President Student Association '48 Student Council Program Manager '47 Interschool Council T. A. S. C. Convcnlion Iuvenile Traffic ' Court Judge Kalevala Laiin Club Hostess Club Football Duchess '47 Snow Princess '47 All 1-:. P. H. s. Girl '48 Tennis squad HAu.r:1'r MENGEL O. T. Club MERRITT Veteraxfs Club I ISAN PAULI I 5 HELEN PAXTON EDDY IEAN PRUETT Yell Leader '47-'48 Snow Queen '47 Beauty '47 Student Council Vice-President Student Association '45 Iunior Favorite Football Duchess '45 Football Princess '48 Drum Majorette '47 National Honor ' Latin Club Hostess Club Queen of Hearts '47 Allied Youth vt National Honor Society Masque and Gavel Otficer's Club Library Club Slide Rule Pan American Club Baseball '48 ' Student Council Interschool Council f Allied Youth National Honor Allied Youth N. R. A. P. E. Leaders Latin Club Student Council Y Teens Best-Dressed Cowgirl ' Pan 1 '46-'48 '47-'48 '45-'47 Pan American Club Student Council D. E. Club Class Otficer Chorus Boy's Glee Club 's 1 Club MARGARITA OGAS D. E. Club F. H, A. Allied Youth Track '48 Woodworkers Club F33 WILLIAM RHEY I Allied Youth D, E. Club D. E. cmd O. T. City-Wide Queen F. H. A. Latiri Club Library Club Pan American Club Duchess to Snow Festival Honor Society P. E. Leaders PATTIE ROBERTSON Qhoms 'lreble Clel O. T. Club Vice-President of Stu ent ROIAS l LILY SANDOVAL ELSIE MARY SCOTT FHS Duchess Princess Club Princess Follies Council V op Ten Beauty- atler Staii Club ' A Cowgirl '48 WILLIE SANCHEZ - Association '47 Student Council '47 E ' Intexscholasiic Council Latin Club National Honor Boxing Team '45 Baseball '47 Officer's Club R. O. T. C.' RAUL RUIZ WERNER SPIER RUDY TELLEZ KAE TIGNER Alhed Youth D. E. Club SHIRLEY SHARP Youth Cie! HELEN SHAMY Allied Youth Chorus F. H. A. Bcmd P. E. Leaders Program, P. E. Leaders Oificefs Club ' Hostess Club Fooibcdl Princess Chorus WATERHOUSE SX - NRS A , IEAN wn.cox EMORY WALKER GEORGE BARELA Senior Allied Youth Chorus N. R. A. ' Oflicefs Club R. O. T. C. . BETTIE WOOD Sen' P1 '4 Slid:2rRul:y 8 Tonnis Squad '45-'46 off- ' Club Pcricifrfmericcn Club . R. O. T. C. . Merit Co. 4 .K 5 f , IZSTELA ,BONOUILLO 'a E Chorus Boy's Glee Club R. O. T. C. ' Allied Youth RAMON ORONA Chorus F. H. A. Treble Clel Slide Rule ' umoqg 10N INVI- SH 'HI SNISDIM NOG 'TIIHHON GTV og xuoxi OCINVWHV'M 'I ALLEIH 'SOHHNSID HO O09 'I AHHVH 'EIO'ICI 'ZLLHO CIHHQVIV 'XD 11009 OH EIHIIV 'SHEICINIIVS CIHHJ 'HWOCTIOH NII-M OCI HEICVIVO 'NO HH NHVSSDN HOD M761 'IOOI-IDS HHIAIIAIHS :IO SSVTD 'DNILVHCIVHED .f f xx Y f Qfvwjlivwf Mm Muvkf W3 Cl' ' 7 X YCLN' W M ATL Z N. W X N0,44f-A,,... Xu! xx X - M f N 94 'Xb ' 7 0 .. Nb 2 - ' - 'XX 2 Q' X- ,1-' V, X I O ,KV A uni vs ,.,.. CLASS OF IANUARY 1949 FALL TERM wx! 'W-vm Fw 5' M PreI:ldCr1lA RUSSELL DURRILL Secrelciry-MARGIE LAY Vice President-HIIMMY PRUETT Yell Lecrder-KENNETH PENN SPRING TERM VV W! ,. ,.,,!.,v-1 S11 qs A fr 9 f TT H 1 , Qu-..- .fb f PresiclentfMlKE RAMIREZ Secretc1ryfDELIA ARAIZA Vice President-MARGIE LAY Yell Leader-RUSSELL DURRILL -wx CLASS OP MAY, 1949 FALL TERM """"""'w-Q-l....,,,,,. """""m""W-w.l...,,W,,, my All I fm-,....,,,,,,mN President-GRAYSON GWYN Secretary-MARY IEAN MlLLER Vice President-IIMMY IO SMITH Yell Leader-PIERRE MULLER IANUARY, 1949 SPRING TERM CI-HGH IUNIORSD 1 l E -M l ? E i L, . 5 3 ,,,,.....,,, M M sn. 'S -'WP-,,,,,gL.,-.Nh i NR A T T' 0 9. N U- I M, ., B' I ,Sai 'W' R ' 'K -, . - A f KL, ,X A 1 ,..,. .. ...-....... 3 K X .......g... N 'Q MX lt! W ww, ..- - - 'f . .n-lailnaisf ff' President-IERRY CLARKE Secretary-PAT BFRTHALSON Vice Presidenl-IULIAN HORWITZ Yell Leader-PIERRE MULLER BEATRIZ AMPARAN' DELIA ARAIZA IOSEFINA BENCOMO IAN BOYD CESAR CASTILLO IEAN COLLINSON IOAN COLLINSON PRESTON COOK RUSSELL DURRILL CLARENCE EVANS DELIA FERNANDEZ DORIS FRIEDMAN LUPE CORDERO TITO' GARCIA ALEX GUERRERO MARY LOUISE KEMPTON MARGIE LAY IRENE MAROUEZ XAVIER MENDOZA RITA MOLINAR SOCORRO MOLINAR DORA ORTEGON IIMMY PRUETT LUPE ANGEL IACQUELINE ROBEY PHYLLIS ROSENBERG SUSANNE SAENZ BOBBY SLAUGHTER GEORGE STATEN ANNA SOLIS IERRY THOMASON ERNIE VELASQUEZ IIMMIE HORD SOCORRO ARTELEIO DONALD ANDERSON EMILY BAILEY IACOUELINE BAKER IOHN BALLANTYNE CONGER BALLARD KENNETH BELL S T- sz". " xg M ,I 1 N " Q ' .Wx ' V., Q' Ti, f GRACE BENDALIN PAT BERTHELSON AIDA BINETZKY IOE BLANCO CAROLYN BLAUGRUND CHARLOTTE BLAUGRUND ROSEMARY BOYLAN MOLLY BRINEGAR WENDELL BROUGHTON IOAN BYERLY CARMEN CALDERON EVANGELINA CHACON MORTON CHONOLES ESTELLA CLAUDIO ELIZABETH CLAYTON SARAH COPPINGER IEAN COSBY TOMMY COUEY MARGARET CRAWFORD DON DIXON DELIA DOMINGUEZ AMPORIA DURAN EVA DURAN RUBEN ESCAIEDA MIKE ESTRADO HELEN FINERON FELIPE GALAVEZ MIKE GARDNER IOHN GEAN IOSEFINA GOMEZ LUPE GONZALEZ RAUL GONZALES MARILYN GOTTLIEB IULIETA GRADO IOAN GROSS IOAQUINA GUZMAN AMORY HALE MANETTA HANDY LAVERN HARRIS GENE HATFIELD A L ESAU HALOW HORTENCIA HERNANDEZ DORA HOLOUIN IULIAN HORWITZ NECEILL IITER LUCILLE IONES HAL KAUFMAN BARBARA KELLER BUSTER KELSAY LORA MAE KLASEN CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT ROBER ,,L . L t , IUANITA LANE LUIS LEIB W LESTER 0' HOLLIN LEw1sj GLORIA LOPEZ IERRY LOPEZ JOE LOYA LUCILLE MCDONALD i 1 uhm SNP' , www , .f mi J I Lv ..,, xxggs 36 s-wx X -4 I QV X f - A. A ,.,: , g I , lp' I MAUDELLE MCGUFPEY Q IENNIE MARCUS ::... KANN MARSH .fx RQMERO MARTINEZ 3' F 3 -:s,::g::5. I .f 'Q R Q s 5 I I Q, I I NX , , if n KA ,eh u S' 5 .gi swxqciw- X W I YA 1 i.: 1 ggi? BONNIE CARMEN MENDOZA EVA DELL MEYER MARY IEAN MILLER Rxfxx A Q Q X 95 4 'vm :R ' .L-f SEFERINO MONTOYA ALLEN MOORE IIMMY MOORE ARTHUR MOWAD ' 1 Q . :S '- -ww PIERRE MULLER NANCY MURDOCK ED LEE O'NEAL DIANE ORNDORFF FERNADO' ORRANTIA MARILYN O'SULLIVAN ROSEMARY WOOD IEAN PORTIS MMI, 55-Q ,.W...4 ,... . .,..,E. . ,w DUDLEY PRICE LAWRENCE REZNIKOV MARY LOU ROCHE AIDA RODRIGUEZ EDLINDA RODRIOUEZ TRUETT ROGERS HELEN SAMMONS DAVIE SCHNEIDER BILLY SMITH DAVID SMITH ROBERT SNARE PAT SNODDY ROBERT SALMOND , STUART SOLOMAN BILL SUTHERLAND HAROLD SWIHAR EDDIE TORRES PAZ VALENZUELA ERNESTINA VINEYARD DONALD WAY 1: fa n w L 'L ' A X. 3 ,N , K X ::::::'::.-:,2:.f-QS.,,.f.,. 5. 2, Q4 ' Q ""' xfam. 1 V: 15-..' . X 1 . ,. N- WM V bi x' J YY , 1 I .L Mffifbfrv W f "' ' ' Xi xi ,lk F' X5 A' 'Ear M' K, may if 6 fciammm 'I v 'Q if , ww., 4f f ie?fi1'f'sww -J' N ..- KW' 'M-J WN-V Wm Sw as ,mga X f, XN.fK XX ,fxxi 4A,,x..f fQ17'CV J 7 'N if L . D Q .lf f SN f Z , X ff A - x X -ff ff l .XX 1 K Q F5- X I f - n f X' Z' .K J ,K - ,xbvfxf NY I7 f7 5 I7 ? ffl ' im 2' L ll ,. ,-..m....,.,., CLASS OF IANUARY 1950 FALL TERM PresidenifRAYMO'ND MENA Secretary-IOYCE DYAL Vice President-BETTY SEAY Yell Leader-RAUL VILLALOBOS E 7 ..l1'lf'kW " M"'M"""-"'M-'-- ,W . .,,,,,,,M, ,. .M W.. ,,,,x,, 5 1 -Q-M. A-+ i my M 2 -wha-s.-......,..,.-, ' M1hnnuJ-sp...,,,. 4H n' ' av-1--o-o-.--my CLASS OF IANUARY 1950 SPRING TERM President-STACY HOTIS Secrelfrfry-HILDA FLORES " Vice President-IOYCE DYAL Yell Leader-ARMANDO CHAVEZ UQ 'Ill I an L... rm-f 04 IQ X H CLASS OF MAY l95U FALL TERM Preside-ntsKENNON WOMELDORF Secretary--CLIFFORD IRVIN Vice President-LLOYD HARRIS Yell Leader-IIMMY DICK lwiml ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,.,.,, s ig I I Il 5 ll CLASS OF MAY IQSU SPRING TERM President--LLOYD HARRIS Secretary-MARGIE ABBOTT Vice Presider1tgTONY LAMA Yell Leader-IIMMY DICK BERNICE ACKERMAN LEONAR AGUILAR ANGEL ALDERETE IACKIE ANDERSON LELIA ARMENDARIZ EDDIE BARELA ROBERT BARELA MAIZIE BOUTWELL GILBERT BUSTAMANTE FERNANDO CAMPOS ALFONSO CERVANTES ARMANDO CHAVEZ HELEN CHEW HAROLD COLE DAVID CREEKMORE ARMANDO CRUZ CHARLES DAVIS HORACIO' DEL VALLE IOYCE DYAL MARIA ENRIOUEZ HECTOR ESPARZA ELENA FERNANDEZ ALFONSO FLORES CELESTINA FLORES HILDA FLORES 'X CAROLYN FOGHT VIRGIL GALICIA OSCAR GALVAN RAUL GARCIA PAUL GILCHRIST IWW 's 5 .. 5 if ' f l L., ' ' I X Q I N 'if V if 3 is SQ Qgssm . C. - ww yi gi I CONCHA GONZALEZ MARILYN GUERRY FRIEDA HADDAD ALBERT HANNA, KATHERINE I-IARMON HERBERT I-IARRELL ROSA ELIA I-IERNANIJLZ ROSA MARIA HERNANLEZ TERESA HERNANDEZ STACY I-IOTIS WESLEY KERNS ELIZABETH KYLE LUIS MALDONADO ERNEST MCCALLICK ADRIA MEDIAVILLA RAYMOND MENA EDDIE MUHDQCH HSTELLA MUHHJLQ Hmm MUSICK uns NAJERA BETTY MAE NEBI-IAM MARCELLA NEWBERRY SEBASTIAN PEREZ LRNESTINA POLANCO PAT ROBINSON BENITO RODRIGUEZ LORENZO RODRIGUEZ PATSY RUSSEL IDELIA SALAZAR RAYNALDO SALAZAR PHYLLIS SAMANIEGO IEANNE SCI-IULTZ BETTY SEAY DICK SI-'IINAUT VICTOR SOSA ROSIE STEVENS GRACE SWAIN WILLERMINA TORANCA ROSA DE LA TORRE IOHN URANGA ROBERT URENDA MARY VERA GEORGE VEYTIA BOBBY VIIIL RICARDO VILLA RAUL VILLALOBOS IOANNE WILLIAMS -A QBETTY HOLLENBECK, NW 435,41 D fi I ?',j'Q I XL Q. I A QW X A A .xi A - ,, ms Q R Q 'xx 4 MARGIE ABBOTT HARRY ABRAHAM NED ABRAHAM IOE ACOSTA MARY ADAMS PILAR ALDERETE ALFONSO ALVARADO' ISELA ALVARADO SANDRA ANAGNOSTOU YOLANDA AYALA NANCY BALLINGER GLORIA BARELA MARIA CANALES RUDY CANDELARIA MARIA CARRASCO GRACE CASTRO' CARLOS CEBALLOS LUCY CENA WEBB CHAMBERS ARMANDO CHAVEZ LILY CHEW FRANCIS COOK GRACE COLEMAN IUANANUS CORYEL DAISY CULLY MARY LEE DARNELL ARMULFO DELGADO IAIME DELGADO ROBERT DELGADO IOYCE DENSON LUCILLE IHQSMITI-I MAIIIA IUII LA TORRII ESTILLLA IIE LA TORRE IIMMY IDICK YIOLET IJIRRON IOSI1 IUYOUB IIOBERTA EATMAN IACK EATON MAHIORIE ELIAS YAMILL ELIAS IILOIUIA EELIZ FRANCES ESCARCIGA MARIA ESMAN IIVANCIQLINA ESTHAIFA MAITIIIA EAHIIIS IUAN VAVELA TERESA ELORIIS ALBERTO GANEM IOSE GARCIA WILLIAM GILBERT MONTE GOLIUBERG HECTOR GOMEZ CONCIIPCION GONZALEZ HECTOII GONZALEZ LEOPALIDO GONZALEZ ROSE GONZALEZ SYLVIA GOTLIEI3 IEANNETTE GRISHAM IANIE GUTI-IRIE SOFIA GUZMAN , , . A. ffm, , km ., bm ,awnmi i M5 .5 2 df' mi I I 9. 5 we , ' 4-' 1.1 Q ..., Q .. .... X h DE ETTA HARDING THAD HARDEN MARCIA HARTFORD LLOYD HARRIS ALICE IANET HEGSTAD RODOLFO HERNANDEZ LARRY HIESEL BILLY HIGGINS GIBNER HILER IANE HINES EVA HOGGE ARLENE HOFFMAN DICK HOLCOMBE LEON HONEY MARGIE HOWELL CLIFFORD IRVIN WENDELL IACKSON MARGARET IOE ROGER IOYFOURTH IENNIE IOSEPH MARY IOSEPH ERIEDA KAPLAN BUSTER KELSAY MARY IANE COURY TONY LAMA WILLIE LICON SEBASTIAN LOPEZ RAYBURN LOVELADY DAVID LUCERO ANA MARIA LUIAN FRANK LUTHER CHARLIE MAIS IGNACIO MALDONADO ALICE MARION BETTY MARTINEZ ROSALIE MARTINEZ PATSY MARTY DOROTHY MCCARTY GARLAND MCCLURE EDDIE MCNEELY EDMUNDO MENDOZA ROY MEREWORTI-I EVANGELINA MESA LOUISE MELLIRON MARY IO' MOESE CARLOS MONEDERO MARTA MONTEMAYOR IOAN MOORE RUBEN MORENO ARTURO MORIEL DUNLAP MORTON DONALD MULLEN ANA MARIA NAIERA MONICA NICKOLS ANNETTA NOVAKAVICH DICK OLSON ANTONIO PALACIO IOSEPHINA PENA MARIA ESTELLA PENA MARY PEREZ U W IACKIE PERKINS IESUS PINEDO ALICE POLLACKOEE CHARLES PQLLOCK ALFREDO PQNCE ESTELLA PORRAS CODY PRESTWOOD IIM PUCKETT DIANE OUIGLEY MAGDELENA RAMIREZ STEPHANIE RANE IANET RAU RAYBURN RAY LUIS REYES PEGGIE ROBERTSON PEGGY RODRIGUEZ ALICIA RAMOS I-IECTOR RIOS MAGGIE RIVAS BARBARA ROSENBAUM BETTY ROTI-I CARMEL ROTH BERTHA SALCIDO IRVIN SALMANSON MARTHA SALUM WILLIE SAMUEL AMY SANDERS EMMA SAN ROMAN STELLA NAVARRO' ROBERT SCOTT -' 782-jpcf-474 PATSY SHEA KAY SHERMAN GENE SKIDMORE IIMMY SKIPWORTH LEWIS SPRINGER WILMA STOWE FRED STRELITZ MARY ANN SZOKE IOSE TALAMENTES RO'BERT TAPIA IOHN THORNTON PILAR TERRAZAS SARAH TURNER CARLOS UZETA CAROLINA UZETA AURORA VALDEZ PEDRO VALENZUELA LUPE VARELA NAOMI VASOUEZ VICKI VICKERMAN HORTENSIA VILLA BETTINA WALLACE PATSY WALSMITH MILDRED WATERSON NANCY ANN WILBANKS DOROTHY WOELFEL KENNON WOMELDORF MARY WOOD I. W, YOWELL FRANK WHITE "LJ f 5 A .iz ' ' I ' s Wx iw I I 3 Q in ,ix I f.-fl: ' 1.- X x X V rin -W.: E.. 3 L... m CLASS OE FALL 1950 FALL TERM Preuideni- PETER RAMIREZ Secretory-V-AMIN DAVID Vice President- GLORIA RAMIREZ YQII Lecidwr RGBERT HANNA I ,im msn- I . 3 ,- i -sri' 1---......... CLASS OE FALL 1950 SPRING TERM President-WAYNE BROUGHTON Secreiury--f-IOAN FALCONI Vice President--RICHARD ELLISON Yell Leader- LOU MARTINEZ 'I Ml M1 ff '11 'u--uw..-pm,...,, W an----V-----' I Nw- 1:3 GERALDINE ABRAHAM ARTURO ATAIDE GRACIELA ALEMAN IAIME AHUMADA ALFREDO ARENIVAR YOLANDA BARRAZA MANNY BARRAZA RUBEN BENCOMO BOBBY BENNET MARY ELLEN BETHANY KATHERINE BEYS ARLYNE BLAUGRUND WAYNE BROUGHTON BLANCA BUSTAMANTE ELIZABETH BYRNE ALFONSO CALVILLO RICHARD CAMPOS ERNEST CARRIZAL CLARA IANE CARSON LUCY CASTRO CARLOS CHEW ALICE CHRISTAKIS ALICE COOLEY -X GILBERT CORDERO DAVID AMIN BOBBY DAY ISELA DE LA TORRE MARTHA DELGADO ELIA DOMINOUEZ RICHARD ELLISON P... X X X IX X N 'X X P Q ? XX I f 1 OM, Qsxvk -if Rf: jr HN! XX A . I 1 X 5 I X YS' X-N I ,, XA 'se X I. I , X . . , :N , I+ -wx, 2 A X X 1 I xx 'IX ENRIOUETA ESCARCEGA IOAN FALCONI GLORIA FAVELA GLORIA FLORES IULIA FRANCO MARY GABRIEL IJORMA GALICIA BERTHA GALIDO CARLOTTA GALINDO RENE GALINDO ALICE GARDEA GLORIA GOLDMAN IAMES GONZALES LUCILA GRAIEDA NORMAN HADDAD SAMMY HADDAD ROBERT HANNA IACK HARRIS MARGARITA HERNANDEZ EDDY HERSKOWITZ BOB HETRICK BARBARA HICKS HOMER IACOBS SHIRLEY KERNS BOB KING DON KNAUT ALONZO' LEGARETTA TONY LEDESMA ISABEL LIGHTBOURN MARTHA LOERA VINCENTE LOMBRANO MANUEL LOPEZ RAMON LOPEZ STELLA LORANCA RALPH LOWENFIELD BALTAZAR LOYA HENRY LOZANO BILLY LUPER LUIS MACIAS MARGARITA MARGUEZ BILLY MAYHALL RUTH MCGUFFIE . CELIA MEDIAVILLA RICARDO MEZA OLGA MISHEL ERMINDA MONTOYA GILBERT NICKERSON ERNEST ORTEGA IOE RAY ORTIZ EDWARD PADILLA HUMBERTO PANDO CHARLES PLATT ROBERT PON IOSEPHINE PORRAS TEDDY PYE CARMEN OUINONES AURORA RAMIREZ EMMA RAMIREZ GLORIA RAMIREZ LYDIA RAMIREZ PETER RAMIREZ DELIA RIVERA DELI-'INA ROMERO ELENA ROSALES ELEANOR SINGH IULIA SOAB TOMMY SPRINGER RUDOLFO SUCHOWIKY ISELA SWAIN MARTHA TEIEDA ANGEL TELLEZ ALBERTO TERRAZAS HOLLY TI-IURSTON LOUIS URENDA GUILLERMO VELARLE ALFONSO YIP MARIA ESTELA AVILA ALONZO LEGERETE ROBERT THOMPSON IERRY WHITE ,L I K . 4 ', 3 T X 'Y 'sw vi, Q ' 3 I gg :Lf I 5-f ' Q . 1' '.---'5 ' i w, K Y gl 17" sq -- ,- XMI X 'Tr Nix I 'Sf ,I i'32'f E' ia -My VI if ,v 2 ? x 0 v 31 at I -2 .- 5 v. , Vs, kpay, il: QX MARLENE ABRAHAM BENITO ACEVEDO MARIA ELENA ACEVEDO LUZ AGUILAR OCTAVIO AGUILAR EERNADO AGUILAR ALICE ALDERETE ERWIN ALKIRE SALVADOR ALVA OEELIA ALVARADO LUIS AMAIDOR FRANCISCO ANSALMO IRENE ARAIZA IESUS ARANIJX VICTOR ARIDITTI MARGARITA ARELLANO IANICE ASHBAUGII WILLIAM AZZIZ VICTORIA BACA GUADALUPE BARREGA CONRAD BARRET CAMILLE BATES CARLOS BEIARANO CAROLYN BELL CAROLINA BENCOMO BETTY BINNEY PAT BENSON IOE BICKLEY BECKY BILBO DOROTHY BIRCH HUMBERTO BLANCO ROY BLAYLOCK LORRAINE BABBITT CARLEENE BONEY TOMMY BOWERS LAWRENCE BRAY GRETCHEN BROWN IO ANN BROWN NADINE BROWN SUSAN BROWN ANA MARIA BUSTAMANTF IULIAN CABALLERO GERARDO CAMPOS ALICE CARDENAS AFELIA CARMONA MARTA CARPIO' ROSA CARRILLO RAUL CASTANEDOS EDMUNDO CASTRO LANDA CHAVEZ "MARGIE" CHAVEZ MARGARITA CHAVEZ MARCELLA CHERRY CORAL CHLARSON BILL CHURCHILL BOBBY CLOUD OLGA CLOUD MAXINE COHEN DON CONGDON ALICE CORONA V? wx 1 Q. LOU ANN COUGI-IRAN ANN CULLIGAN VIVIAN DALBY MARTHA DE LA TORRE TERESA DELGADO' CARMEN DIAZ ALBERTA DODSON ANTONIETA DOMINGUEZ GLORIA DOMINGUEZ TOMMY DOUGLAS MARIA DURAN BILL DURRILL IULIAN DYOUB FLORENTINO ESPARZA ERNEST ESPEDEL MAR FAN MIRIAM FEINBERG ALICIA FELIX DORA FERNANDEZ ISELA FERNANDEZ TOMMY FIORETTI BOBBY FLORENCE BENIAMIN FLORES IESUS FLORES IOYCE FRIEDMAN MARIA ELENA GARCIA OLGA GARDEA ENRIOUE GARIOOUEZ LUZ GAYTAN ELEANOR GIBSON IOAN GOLLOB EMMA GONZALEZ LILIA GONZALEZ MARIA GONZALEZ SAM GORUM PEARLE GRACEY IOAN GRAHAM ONA MAE GREEN ALLEN GREENFIELD EDMUND GUERRY BETTY GUEZ MAYNARD HADDAD ENID HALL FRED I-IANSEN HELEN HEREDIA PAT I-IEREDIA RENE HERMANN ARTURO' HERNANDEZ LORENZO HERNANDEZ BILL I-IERRERA GEORGE I-IIRSCI-I LOUISE HOFFMANN ENRIOUETTA HOLGUIN IOE HOLLAND IEAN HOLMES PAUL I-IUCI-ITON EDWARD HUDSON ANNE HULSE IOAN HURLEY RAYMOND IGOU Jr 1 maxim ROY IOHNSON WILLENE IOHNSON HOPE IONES MARTHA KAUTZ BOB KELLER TOM KELLY ALPHONSO KENNARD LARRY KERR MARY IANE KEY OTTO KIMBALL PAUL KROEGER IOSEPH LACY IESUS LANDA SHIRLEY LANG FRANK LASINI MARC LEMIEUX LORENZA LIRA GEORGE LOPEZ NINFA LOPEZ SHIRLEY LOVE JAMES LOWN ESTER LUIAN LORENZO LUIAN BILL LYLES LOUIS MACHUCO IERRY MANN ' GENOVEVA MALDONADO IEANINE MARTIN ALICE MARQUEZ RAYMOND MARSHALL s L., I x. A -A N. EMMA MARTIN FERNANDO MAYNES GEORGE MAYNES IESUS MAYNES CLARENCE MCDONALD PATTY MCPHERSON IANIS MELVIN IRENE MENDOZA NANCY METCALF ALBERT MILEDI LAURA MILLER CARLOS MOLINA IMOGENE MOORE AMELIA MORALES ARTURO MORENO MARY LOU MORIEL BILLY MORSE MANUEL MOYA EVELINA MUNOZ FRANCISCA MUNOZ NANCY MURPHY ESTELA NAVARRETTE DINA NUNEZ ALICE OCHOA OLGA IOY O'DELL MARVIN OGLE SALVIDOR OLIVARES ROMELIA ONTIVEROS BERTHA O'RRANTIA CARMEN ORTEGA ni- XX iii? KLA' -an 'QF' X- IIM PAGET OLGA PANDO LILY PEDRAGON CHARLES PEINADO GEORGE PERALES CAROLYN PERKINS ANN POOLEY LUCY PRIETO ALMA PRUETT IAMES OUIGLEY DOROTHY RAEGAR PETER RAMIREZ LAWRENCE READ TIVE READ SERAFINE RETA CARMEN REYES CONCHA RIBOTA CATHERINE ROCHE AIDA RODRIOUEZ GLORIA RODRIQUEZ IDLEFONSO RODRIOUEZ IUAN RODRIOUEZ ROSENDO RODRIOUEZ VICTOR RODRIOUEZ ELSA ROSALES SYLVIA RUSH SAM RUTHERFORD HARVEY SADER CRISPIN SALAZAR RAMIRO' SANCHEZ MANUEL SANDOVAL MARTHA SAUCEDO H. A. SEAMONDS IOSE SAENZ DORA SEGOVIA MARGARITA SEMENTO ENRIQUE SILVA MARY SINGH MARIA SERABIA ORLANDO' SERVANTES HOWARD SLUTES DON SMITH WILLIAM SOSA ANITA SOTA BARBARA STEVENS IERRY STRYKER IACKIE SYLVEST SANDRA SCHWARTZ IERRY THOMAS IANN THOMASON THOMAS THORNTON EMILY TREVIZO BARBARA TURK IOEL URANGA ANGIE VALENZUELA MARIAN VAN KIRK CAROLYN VAN TREASE SALVADOR VEGAINA ROBERT VEGA TONY VEGA E xxx! 'b. 1' U . :QQ -,gym ,wg ld' 2 , I wwf' QE I ! I . .XF- 'T ISABEL VERA HILARIO VILLALOBOS IERRY ANN WALDRON HARVEY WALLEN BARBARA WELHOUSEN IONNALOU WEVER EMORY WHITE ROBERT WILLIAMS NADINE WILSON EVA WISE ROY WOOD STEVE WOOD . TONI WOODALL BARBARA WOODARD MARY YORK HORTENSIA YOUNG PEARL LOUISE ZACOUR SALVADOR ALVA EDDY ARELLANO PAMON CADENA ALVIN CLARK BELIA ESPARZA IACK RODEHAVER TONY SANCHEZ CLASS OF IANUARY, 1952 N2 FALL TERM President-BENIAMIN GUERRERO Secretary-AHTURO DE LA TORRE Vice President-BOBBY BROWN N- f .swarm X .HM i Sm , l ',I?'. 's 1. 2 'L 'f 3 5' SPRING TERM President-BENIAMIN GUERRERO Secretary-BETTY PIPKIN Vice President-RAFAEI.. ANAYA Yell Leader-BOBBY BROWN .4--gg:--o-1-u ....--1-.ggg JUIIIUB HIBH SBHIJUL .q,-s-nuunv0""-P"""'Q- ,-,,,..,.......-.-..-an-lv-"" -vw--ans--.-........., CLASS OF IANUARY 1952 iunuulU"""" CLASS OF MAY 1952 W wus Q90 1 mt '51 jg'l"l"l 'lf ,A if FALL TERM President: BUDDY IACKSON Secretary: PEGGY PARKER Vice President GEORGE ZACOUR Yell Leader: COLLETTE CLINE SPRING TERM President: FUED ESMAN Secretary: HUMEOLT MANDELL Vtce President' GLEN MARSH Yell Leader' CHICO WOODUL JUIIIIJB HIBH SBHUUL 1 , ". ix X X' 23:5 f 4 . S :P M LY , JS. s -v ' g 429 f iii gl V fs P 515 'gk N -,X . Q -, ' .ii . W ., . I. K S K - 5 -W NM' SHS v QQ ft - ,432 g . Q was N -53,2 .-,X : Q. x ' - .vm X SSN X W . w.,.S,Q.. 2. v X ' x wwf. X X .ff L - 'X - . 1 . A x 5 , s Xi . . ui Q M : A J: f . -L .,:.-. WIN-g. -1 X .SS x' - . is , - f ww .. ' .- wsw W .x QQWX A xx kr Y 5 , - if of- ,, A 'Si5. ' Yi' f -1 QQ ' A 5,-X if f X -1 51 -5 QA? :F X ,SX k -1 .5 W4 , .W i . V N x N.. Q51 ., 0. X ,Sf 85, .4-., " in 1353 X by . QM 1 x if N si S XSQMR X X N xp X5 -.X x X Q X Q xi X X X 2 N W M Q K xx X-'MSR gig? A Xxx. X W Q: :xx NE.. . X YM MX W A X X 3 Ns. W X X X N 'H' X 1 X X , . . , X WX X Q X X K XM, Q.-Q 4 :Z w Q Q Q Q Q i Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Cadet Lieutenant Colonel ARTURO R. AGUIRRE MILTON BRASELTON Fall Semester Spring Seinmztor Adjutant Captain Sponsor Lieutenant Colonel GEORGE BARELA PEGGY WATERHOUSE COMPANY A SAMMY ABOUD MITCHELL ABRAHAM CHARLES BOYD WENDELL BROUGHTON MELESIO CASAS HAL KAUFMAN ARMANDO MENDEZ XAVIER MENDOZA MARIO MEDRANO RICHARD MONTOYA BOBBY DAY IAMES MOORE 11:1 Lt. ERNESTO DE LA TORRE LUIS NAIERA DON DIXON PAT O'BRIEN RAY ESQUIBEL ' 2nd Lt. RAMON ORONA MIKE ESTRADA GUS RALLIS IRVING FIN-K IOHNNY FREY EELIPE GALAVIZ EERNANDO GARCIA MIKE GARDNER JOHN GEAN ALEX GUERRERO GILBERT HOFFMANN TONY HOTIS 2nd Lt. ANGEL RAMIREZ LORENZO RODRIGUEZ TRUETT ROGERS Cczpi. WILLIE SANCHEZ ROBERT SERRANO ALBERT TERRAZAS EMOBY WALKER DONALD WAY Cadet Captain WILLIE SANCHEZ COMPANY B I-IECTOR ACEVEDO cam. TOMMY ADDIs DONALD ANDERSON Znd LI. RIOARDO ARCE ALFONSO ARANDA IOI-IN BEAHLER FRED CANDELARIA ALBERT CHAPARRO LEWIS OHAVEZ RAFAEL CHAVEZ PHILIP COUSAR EDDIE ELIAS AMORY HALE Ist LI. ALBERT HAWKINS ALFONSO HOLGUIN WILLIAM HONEY IULIAN HORWITZ DAVID LEONG FRANK LEYVA GILBERT MALOOLY RICHARD MANDELL IACK MCCULLEY ARTHUR MOORE FRANK NEVAREZ IOSE RODRIGUEZ HECTOR SAMANIEGO .f-Ist LI. IACK SHINAUT " DAVID SMITH 2nd Lt. ROBERT SNARE ROY TROWER RODOLFO TORES GILBERT VALDEZ BILL ZENT Cadet Ccxptoin TOMMY ADDIS COMPANY C EDDIE BARELA RALPH BARNETT BARNEY BICKLEY FRED BREWEN ALFONSO CARDENAS CESAR CASTILLO ALFONSO CERVANTES CHARLES CONLEY IOHN COUGHRAN LUIS DOMINGUEZ ALEX DURAN ROBERT EMMETT RUBEN ESCAIEDA CLARENCE EVANS RUDOLFO GAYTAN PETE GONZALEZ ESSA HALOW Ccr t, ROBERT HEASLEY LOUIS MACEYRA BILL MEAGHER ARTURO MEDRANO SEFERINO MONTOYA PIERRE MULLER IAIME OAXACA 2nd Lt. ANGEL OLIVAREZ ED LEE O'NEAL ARNOLD PEINADO KENNETH PENN Ist Lt. CHARLES PINCKARD MIKE RAMIREZ IOHN RECHY KARL ROMINE RAUL RUIZ ARMANDO SAENZ CARLOS SANDOVAL LUIS SOLIS P IIMMY IACKSON WILLIAM KERR Cadet Captain ROBERT HEASLEY BEN SUCHOWIECKY 2nd Lt. ADOLPH ZUEGNER I .t Y 'a-. F,""'.m y:ff':i. IIT I3 v Ii 4 I I I I ff 1 I ' Q55 I I fx- A COMPANY D A , I 2 ALFREDO ALVARADO GEORGE BARELA KENNETH BELL IAMES BESSINGER 2nd Lt. BILL BIBO PRESTON COOK GEORGE DAVIS WILLIE ESTRADA RICHARD FARLOW EUGENE FERRO CARLOS GARCIA DANIEL GENERA LOUIS GONZALEZ EREDDIE HADDAD PAUL HATFIELD Capt. BILL ISBELL LUIS LEIB ROLLIN LEWIS IOE LOYA STANLEY McCALLICK DAVID NACIM LARRY NICKEY EERNANDO ORRANTIA DUDLEY PRICE WILLIAM RHEY ROBERT SALMOND BILLY SMITH IIM SMITH WERNER SPIER IOHN STEWART BILL SUTHERLAND HAROLD SWIHART 2nd Lt. RUDY TELLEZ' Ist Lt. IGNACIO TORRES GEORGE WISE IAMES YORK X W .rs .E ,- s f mx, ,HN ,, A gw' QQ A x N , , X X my Qxx Q x X x N Q S N 5 X N xx .X N Jgx N N N S V si.sRn , . X AX x .X 'P , e WM Wxms. ,Q QAAW g!Z???e.w-ww + E X as , ,s. - i!BI""' - ,-W, , , , ,, , , My x ,fTQ,LSg.1 " N V ' Y? '- ': - 'f-lf:-SWW? .. ,W A Q 3, .,,, ,. X 3 . A 52 ff A ., 'e I ,x5,,a'-.g,a'.' t Y v- A fm 1' em M? ' 3 was I ? 'WQUBMG My We, ' ' "sa-MW ,""?f FSM ie? W iii .-.Wav mg TI-IE TWIRLERS SENIOR BAND SANDRA ANAGNOSTOU HOWARD ARMSTRONG DORTHY BENSON PAT BENSON IIMMY BESSENGER BETTY BINNEY RAMON CADENA EUGENE CANNON ALBERT CHAPPARRO ESTELLA CLAUDIO PRESTON COOK IEAN COZBY IAIME DELGADO LUCILLE DE SMITH MARIORIE ELIAS RAUL GARCIA ALICE GARDEA DE ETTA HARDING ROSA HERNANDEZ BILL HONEY LEON HONEY TOMMIE HYDER RAYMOND IGOU WENDELL IACKSON BUSTER KELSAY CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT ALONZO LEGARETTO GEORGE LOPEZ IOE LOYA HENRY LOZANO IOSE MARTINEZ LOU MARTINEZ PETER MARTINEZ STANLEY MCCALLICK LOUISE MILLIORN ARTURO MORENO IO'E ORTIZ IESUS PINEDO PEGGY ROBERTSON PEGGY RODRIGUEZ IOSE TALAMANTES RUDY TELLEZ MANUEL TERRAZAS IERRY THOMASON RODOLFO TORRES RALPH VANDERPOOL PAZ VALENZUELA PEDRO VALENZUELA RICARDO VILLA ROY WOOD IUNIGR BAND 'Meg' WT Direcior Captains: R. BLANCETT RUDY TELLEZ cmd IOE LOYA Vmfay 4 x x ' ,Kiki f'N , Jw K 7 UPC ' "Y M w MARGARET FLORES 302m ZH' HQUDPW QZHHHPS , kwmm 3 QW x X? YN X, 2 2 Q 3 ff HALLETT MENGEL MINNIE EARP SNOW PRINCESSES "SIS" MAGRUDER IEAN WILCOX MARY SCOTT PEGGY WATERHOUSE SNOW DUCHESSES MARGIE ABBOTT IACKIE SYLVEST IOANN MCNAY F JACKIE ANDERSON LILY SANDOVAL IOAN FALCONI MARGIE LAY 3 u CQLLETTE CLINE IOAN TENNINGS BETTY IANE PIPKIN rzuuwgb r'C'1f-WBCDD-mm 40:05 SIS" MAGRUDER 3rd MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ELIZABETH BYRNE 2nd MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IEAN WILCOX W. --Q .... is n::..,, . 'A .5.,5.,.::::- ..:f::. ,,a:::.:..:i:31.N .,.. gzgxag. --4: ,::-.-.- , I -U.-3. M .if , JS -55.:,:xs. ::-,- I I I as ':':'::' div 'K ::..:Ei5:: Ixiggg .g5I::'i.-..,g' f . ,, .5-:SA -,. f - il ," 'X 'l 9 M .Kb V3 SQ HALLETT MENGEL QW X Cx ii 5 is K wwe, fs X W g V , 'yy Na, , , w 1. .wf,f,.,Q M , W , 3, ff be .fish Q e ,,-4.535 0 ff '39 sf as xqk, it Q ,, 1,9 . Y Q I. W, :-:::,,, x- w r N s Qwzsgffi 2 ADM , A 'YM Va K 5? wx: .Z 1.-wx, N-Ziff' R 1' MARY MAGRUDER IEAN WILCOX QZHQHQHS ZH wwnww L-+w:ww+HOOH1 MARGIF ATTBOTT FOOTBALL PRINCESSES PRISCILLA DREASHER MARY SCOTT DQHTTA IIARDING VYOLA VILLAGOMKZ MARGARET VLORES Wm IANET RAU FCQTBALL DUCHESSES CONCHA GONZALEZ ARLYNE BLAUGRUND ! in CAROLYN RAWLINS BETTY PIPKIN BELIA PLACENCIA MARY LOU ROC!-IE BERTHA AGUILAR IANIS MELVIN HALLETT MENGEL FRESI-IMAN FAVORITES MA wwmwwmwww gk 'FIVE READ12 BGB KELLER SCDPHQMORE FAVCDRITES xv' Q MARCIA HARTFORD TONY LAMA IUNIOR FAVORITES if . , 'rz Ns? exif? I I Q. - IOANN MCNAY SENIOR FAVORITES IERRY CLARKE 1 'TUTI" FLORES BENIAMIN YIP YELL LEADERS nw 'W' HELEN PAXTON ' BILL ISBELL BILL BIBO MICKEY BRASELTON IEP-N WU-CGX WI-IO S WHO HALLETT MENGEL The Honorable President of the Student Body, Her Honor, the Iudge of the Iuvenile Court, a capable tennis player, tops in every way-all E.P.H.S. girl. BOBBY PARRA One ot our top athletes in both football and basketball. Leader in E club and many school activities. EDDY IEAN PRUITT GEORGE STATEN, IR. All round girl athlete who A politician, an architect, a adds leadership scholarship drattsman, a scholar, and and a swell personality to her stage manager are a few at- athletic ability tributes to identify George with the best. BILLY MAYHALL MARGIE LO'U LAY ootball tennis scholarship Active in student government, popularity sincerity are a few R. O. T. C. sponsor, clubs. A assets that identity Billy with most useful citizen around the the best in his class campus, rw as t t , t i ' ' ', i f f , lil, 1 a E 3 N-.b3" '-...- WHO S WHO ROBERT HEASLEY An unusual leader, President of Senior Class, Allied Youtlx, Fire Marshal, football, radio, All E.P.H,S. boy. IAN BOYD A god student, an accom- plished artist, and active in many clubs. ARTURO AGUIRHE A veteran who returned to complete his education, A good student, President of Stu- dent Body and tops in mili- tary science. BILL KERR Many things improve with age -so has Bill. As Editor of Spur, leader in Ag class, RO. T.C. color bearer, and im- proved scholarship, Bill leaves E,P.H,S. on the road up, WI-lO'S WHO EDDIE McNEELY Another fine Soph personality, potential athlete, participates in many activities, expert in vocational testing. PEGGIE ROBERTSON An outstanding Sophomore. A grand tennis player, ping-pong champ, active in clubs, fine personaliey. M a k e s g o o d grades. TOMMY SPRINGER Many times president of his class, "A" student, line tennis player, outstanding M.D. stu- dent, swell personality. KENNON WOMELDORF Another outstanding Sopho- more-football, tennis, track, president of class, Iunior Na- tional Honor, and a swell per- sonality identify "Little One." CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT Scholarship, w ri t e r, tennis, don't begin to describe a boy beaming with personality, re- spect and line manners. IOHN RECHY Tops in journalism, a good scholar, and active in many school activities. MARGIE ABBOTT A scholar, a beauty, a depend- able worker, a P.E. leader, and active in many school affairs. LARRY HEISEI.. A Soph with much ability, a co-operative spirit, and end- less energy to help classmate and teacher as well. W-4 in QS! WHO S WHO BOBBY IIMENEZ Tennis, basketball, slide rule, scholarship, track are num- bered among Bobby's accom- plishments. Another year re- mains to test his mettle. DUDLEY PRICE Hats off to a swell fellow who does his job well at all times with little fanfare. DAVID SMITH Few can lay claim to as many accomplishments as can David. We expect him to stand out among his fellow- students in the years ahead. ELIZABETH BYRNE CLIFFORD IRVIN A fine leader in the Sophomore class. A scholar, good man- ners, grand personality, po- tential athlete. ANN POOLEY One of the Freshmen stand outs. Freshman Editor of Spur, active in clubs, a real scholar. KAY SHERMAN A writer of renown. Winner of many scholastic contests, active in clubs, outstanding student. MARY ANN SZOKE In her Freshman year she has Excellent student, radio speak- won a place of leadership and er, debater, active in many admiration from her fellow-stu- clubs. dents. mi' .,. fix, W I 42 Q 0 KX ' Q Q: 1 I e NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MYRA WINKLER Sponsor BERTHA AGUILAR DELIA ARAIZA FRED CANDELARIA PAT CENTER SHIRLEY COX FRED BREWEN ROBERT EMMETT HELEN FINE DOROTHY GILCHRIST IULIETA GRADO ALFONSO HOLGUIN BEATRICE MAROUEZ IOSEPHINE MENDOZA MARTHA MONEDERO SHIRLEY MORRISS MARY LOU NEELY FRANK NEVAREZ LAURANCE NICKEY HELEN PAXTON ARNOLD PEINADO EDDY IEAN PRUETT IOHN RECHY LORRAINE RICHARDS PATTY ROBERTSON ESTELLA ROIAS RAUL RUIZ ALFREDO VELARDE LUPE YING WONG FRED CANDELARIA President KALEVALA in X FAY CHARLES ADA LOUISE LOWE ELIZABETH CLAYTON MARY FRANCES MAGRUDER IEAN COZBY WILLIAM MEAGHER ROBERT EMMETT HALLETT MENGEL IOHN GEAN IOHN RECHY IANE HOLDER DAVID SMITH CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT MAUD ISAACKS MARY MAGRUDER Srwnwor President ,num if S g,,,,,..a rg' 'ff H -'H 1 Q Q i img Y ?? 39? if wi 1,555 ,L PAN AMERICAN CLUB MITCHELL ABRAHAM HECTOR ACEVEDO ALFONSO ARANDA GRACE BENDALIN AIDA BINETSKY CAROLYN BLAUGRUND MARY BOTELLO MOLLY BRINEGAR ALFONSO CARDENAS MELESIO CASAS PAYE CHARLES ERECIA CHAVEZ DELFINA DURAN DELFINA A. DURAN BERTHA ESCAIEDA LILIA ESCARENO MARGARITA FLORES DORIS FRIEDMAN ROSEMARY FRIEDMAN OSE GAMERO LUPE GAYTAN DOROTHY GILCI-IRIST MARILYN GOTTLIEB IOAN GROSS ELBA HERRERA BARBARA KELLER NINA CAIN IOSEFINA MENDOZA MARTHA MONEDERO MARY LOU NEELY DIANE ORNDOREF RAMON ORONA MARILYN O'SULLIVAN BOBBY PARRA ARNOLD PEINADO BETTY PERLMUTTER ANA AMELIA OUINONES CONCEPCION RAMIREZ LAWRENCE REZNIKOV MARY LOU ROCHE PHYLLIS ROSENBERG LILY SANDOVAL OUIDA STONE BEN SUCHOWIESKY GLORIA UZETA LILIA VENEGAS LUPE WONG Y UE" CLUB 3 1-Q-X .,W "W ' W I SAMMY ABOUD MITCHELL ABRAHAM IACK AUSTIN MORGAN BROADDUS STANLEY BLAUGRUND LEWIS CHAVEZ IERRY CLARK LOUIS DROUTSAS RAY ESQUIVEL IUAN EAVELA ARMANDO GARCIA PETE GONZALEZ GRAYSON GWYNN LAVERN HARRIS EDDY IABALIE DAVID KIDDER WALKER LINDSAY RAMON LOPEZ ROY LOWN BILL MEAGHER ARTURO MEDRANO MARIO MEDRANO RAMIRO MARTINEZ RICHARD MONTOYA RUBEN NAVARETTE FRANK NEVAREZ RAMON ORONO ANTONIO PALACIOS BOBBY PARRA GASTON RODRIGUEZ 1'IACK SHINAUTX-1-' ROBERT URENDA ADOLEO VALDEZ ALFREDO VELARDE DICK WOODULL 11 Q 1g1qmvx,'11 BOBBY PARHA III ILIIISCWF President SLIDE RULE HARRY ABRAHAM RAUL ARMAGNAC CARLOS BLANCO MARY BOTELLO ROSEMARY BOYLAN GILBERT BUSTAMANTE IOAN BYERLY ELIZABETH BYRNE MORTON CHONOLES GEORGE DAVIS ROBERT DELGADO IOHN EICHELMANN ROBERT EMMETT STEPHEN ENGEL LILIA ESCARENO ELENA EERNANDEZ ROBERT FERNANDEZ CARLOTTA GALINDO ALBERTO GANEM WILLIAM GILBERT IOAN GOLLOB FRED HANSEN LESLIE HAYS RAYMOND HAYS ALICE HEGSTAD GILBERT HOFFMANN RAYMOND IGOU BOBBY IIMENEZ IACK KELLY IUANITA LANE SEBASTIAN LOPEZ BILL LYLES IIM MANN EDDIE MCNEELY ROY MERWORTH ALLEN MOORE WILLIE MOWAD DANIEL MULLER EDDY MURDOCK DAVID NACIM I-'RANK NEVAREZ IAIME OAXACA MARILYN OSULLIVAN PATRICIA PADDOCK HM PAGET CHARLES PEINADO CHARLES PLATT MIKE RAMIREZ IOSE RODRIGUEZ CARMEL ROTH IRWIN SALMANSON IEANNE SCHULTZ MARY SCHULTZ VICTOR SOSA LEWIS SPRINGER TOMMY SPRINGER BARBARA STEVENS ROBERT E. THOMPSON IOHN URANGA PEDRO VALENZUELA L I B R A R Y C L U B r-'O mvqipun-I-JU UJCI . f i-fr ifw rw fe fi t-' Aj'??M,Q'-,.-,fx 1 2:9 vx 5 X . , 'fs ':'f'f': f ' Sfkgzm egg - :' A 2 Q4 rw' , gi- x Hi' ' ' x W' i' ' -' '1 2, - 2: 1 1 LX. NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION BENITO ACEVEDO VICTOR ARDITTI FREDDY BREWEN GILBERT BUSTAMANTE PEGGY CALWELL IOE CAMPOS FRANK CLAYTON DAN DRESSER BILL DURRILL IANE GUTHRIE FRED I-IANSEN PAUL HUCI-ITON IOAN KAVANAUGH IACK KELLY ALFONSO KENNARD MARY IO MASON GEORGE MAYNES ff! IOAN MOORE LUIII NAIERA IAIME OAXACA IOE ORTIZ EDDY IEAN PRUETT DIANE QUIGLEY IAMES QUIGLEY MIKE RAMIREZ PATTY ROBERTSON HARVEY SADLER DAVID SMITH LEWIS SPRINGER BILL SUTHERLAND ALONZO TEGARRETA MARLAN WATERSON MILDRED WATERSON IRAN WILCOX TCI I SGT T. F STUART DAVID M SMITH Spcmzzor ALLI D YOUTH ' IQ 192919 IV 11Ii12'IP!.'i Quan: --A 1 Ag, fl W: WM, A v iw- 1+ A , ,:A Wk : Q if ww . x ' A ..g,.,. ....... ..,.. L .........-..-W-......-M. ,,..,,,,,,,, ...r---m.m...N,. --f-Q-f.-.xtm .. ETTLTL W I ' v -......,.M..-....,....,-... .A -.-..........W.. , W... 1' ..:..v:, .,.,, , glkkeyf Z X35 1 - New S: Q5 ,W w i,- ' ' sn -W-..,,L ... ,-.,. . , , . ,Y -zur? f'Q"uiarc7"'T-ii: - A','-Q'T"1':'-we--1 W. W L.: M W nam W mv LH-,?xVMVW W - Nz A X I ,I .LX-X gs, ' vw . ,V ,,,,.S.,,,5 - - . -- , .. . V f K..,,., g., ll' Y W W U y is M WV V .M-W......,...,..,. ,.... .. ...m,.,,.,.,,L.,:,.L..,. ....,. , , in in A Q E . E - A X , .L . :I-'g1:s2ii-,iii-I ,: 132x551-5, g I.'IAEf'lII AI--IIIWI' 1?AMMY.A.IfVIII' MIIVIII II. AIJEJAIIAM MARY III '.A Al 'I VI I" MAI-IIIA AIWAIJJ IV IMMY AI IIILl I'I II'IA'III'I A' IIIILA I AI.IIT!A ALAN 'I "1 IAHI-III ANIHI IMII WI I.II.IA A:-NAME-IIIII' Rf III? RI' AIJINA G 'I-1' II I1 RAIIAEIII IfA'fIfAIIA IIANILI In rf.AI.I II IJARTII 'I I I 'UA IIAI':IALIA.II IIIIIIYI If AIII,I II 'II 'I"I Y I'I II 1LIiA4'2Il RI 'IIIALIIJ IIILI. 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' IIM TEMPLIITON IERRY THOMASON RAY TILLMAN IOIIL URANGA PAZ VALIINZUIILA PIINNY VAN HORN MARTHA VARGAS MARY VERA GEORGE VEYTIA BOBBY VIIIL RICARDO VILLA EMORY WALKER -MARY WALKER... DOROTHY WALTIIRS IQCK WILLIAMS N WOLF"L-' KIINNON WOMELDORE BETTY ANN WOOD DICK WOODUL WILLIAM ZENI' ROBERT HEASLEY President OFFICE TRAINING DELIA ARAIZA LUPE GAYTAN EMILY BAILY BILL ISBELL IOSEPI-IINE BENCOMO ALICE LOYA MARY BOTELLO EDUARDO MAROUEZ MAZIE BOUTWELL IRENE E. MAROUEZ CARMEN CALDERON ROBERT MERRITT 4 DOLORES COLE LILLIAN McCALLICK SHIRLEY COX CONSUELO ROIAS VELIA DE LA HOZ ELISA SOTO MARIA ELENA DE LA TORRE VIOLA VILLAGOMEZ ADA GALBRAITH ROBERT MERRITT SPUUNOV Presideni ff . .-4' :W T xiii M an X' ei 4516 E f E woman- 23:31 5 S in . ii -ammun- iW ,Q ,. gd mv ,ax . As i':T8W4"" gh, 36125 Af E 2 W Qi I Q '.s::35f15:.? "5 'ff , Q i A in 4 4-ssf , '-:H : ? x, q, , Q E f Mwwm :2', --iif , :-.. f 5 J A E 1 NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY IAN BOYD IOSEFINA MENDOZA IOYCE DYAL DIANE QUIGLEY IANE HOLDER ELSIE REEVES ELSIE REEVES IAN BOYD SDOUSOT' Pmfsiderxt YI?-S A HOSTESS CLUB MARGIE ABBOTT IACKIE ANDERSON ARLIINE BLAUGRUNID CIIARLOTTE BLAUGRUNIU PAT CENTER EAYE CHARLES IOAN COLLINSON IEAN COLLINSON SHIRLEY COX IDAISY CULLEY PRISCILLA IDREASHER MINNIE EARP IIE ETTA HARDING KATHERINE HARMON MARCIA HARTFORD MARGIE HOWELL IOAN IENNINGS MARGIE LAY MARY FRANCES MAGRUIDER HALLETT MENGEL HELEN PAXTON KATHERINE ROCHE AMY SANDERS NANCY SAUNIDERS MARY SCOTT BETTY SEAY DOROTHY SMITH PEGGY WATERHOUSE MONA LOPER PRISCILLA IWREASIII R Spfwrlgxrwr IjI'F'11Idf'III FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA NED ABRAHAM ROBERT BARELA BOBBY BENNETT BARNEY BICKLEY TOMMY BOWERS BILLY BUCKLAND ORLANDO CERVANTEZ DON CONGDON RAY ESOUIBEL RICHARD FARLOW IUAN FAVELA IESUS FLORES IOSE GARCIA ROGER GOFORTH GRAYSON GWYN RENE HERMAN BILLY HIGGINS GEORGE HIRSCH BOBBY HODNETT ROY IOHNSON OTTO KIMBALL BILL KERR WILLIE LICON CHARLIE MAIS IERRY MANN FRANK MARTIN FERNANDO MAYEZ PI-IILLIP MARTINEZ CLARENCE MCDONALD CARLOS MOLINA CODY PRESTWOOD SAMMY RUTHERFORD ANTONIO SANCHEZ CARLOS SANDOVAL MANUEL SANDOVAL H. A. SEAMONDS IIM SMITH IERRY STRYKER HARO T GE SKIDMORE FRANKLIN WAGONER Sweetheart IACKIE PERKINS LATIN CLUB MARIA E. ACEVEDO LEONORA AGUILAR IOHN BALLANTYNE CAROLYN BELL MARTHA BERNAL CARLEENE BONEY MORGAN BROADDUS BLANCA BUSTAMANTE ELIZABETH BYRNE BOBBY CLOUD IEAN COLLINSON IOAN COLLINSON MARGARET CRAWFORD DAISY CULLEY VIVIAN DALBY MARIA ESMAN MARTHA FARRIS ROSEMARY FRIEDMAN LUPE GONZALES ROSE GONZALES FRED HANSEN MARGARET HOWELL PAUL HUCHTON ANNE HULSE CLIFFORD IRVIN HOPE IONES BOB KELLER ALBERT KOURY FRANK LUTHER HERMAN MARCUS ALICE MARION IANIS MELVIN HALLETT MENGEL NANCY METCALF MARILYN O'SULLIVAN CAROLYN PERKINS IACKIE PERKINS BETTY PERLMUTTER CHARLES PLATT ANN POOLEY IOHN RECHY HECTOR RIOS CARMEL ROTH HECTOR SAMANIEGO AMY SANDERS SANDRA SCHWARTZ BETTY SEAY KAY SHERMAN LEWIS SPRINGER TOMMY SPRINGER HELEN STRAIN FRED STRELITZ MARY ANN SZOKE VIOLA TELLEZ BOBBY VIIIL BETTINA WALLACE MILDRED WATERSON BARBARA WELHAUSEN NANCY WILBANKS KENNON WOMELDORF TATLER STAFF EDNA STEPHENS Sponsor LILIA ARMENDARIZ LILIA ARRAMBIDE GRACE BENDALIN RACHEL BILBO CAROLYN BLAUGRUND OLGA CABRERA ELIZABETH CLAYTON MARGARET CRAWFORD ADELE BERTHA ESCAIEDA DORIS FRIEDMAN IOAN GROSS DOROTHY HAMMOND IANE HOLDER DOROTHY IONES IOANNE KAVANAUGH BEVERLY KORDISH .an mau- C -in AMELIA LEVY DOROTHY LORAS ADA LOUISE LOWE RAMIRO MARTINEZ IACK McCULLEY BILL MEAGHER IIM PAGET IOHN RECHY MARY ANNE ROGERS PHYLLIS ROSENBERG MARY SCOTT KAY SHERMAN RUDY TELLEZ ALI-'REDO VELARDE DOROTHY WALTERS ADELE BERTHA ESCAIEDA IOHN RECHY BOYS' LEADERS 'QQ 1 . J.,,u:Q .1 . ---,.,L, L :ISS iiilgi v C. D, IARVIS Sponsor HARRY ABRAHAM IOHN BALLANTYNE STANLEY BLAUGRUND WAYNE BROUGHTON RAMON CADENA FERNANDO CAMPOS LOUIS CHAVEZ RAFAEL CHAVEZ RAYMOND CHAVEZ CARLOS CHEW IERRY CLARKE BOBBY CLOUD BOBBY DAY HORACIO DEL VALLE RUSSELL DURRILL CLAYTON EDWARDS RICHARD ELLISON VIRGIL GALICIA ARMANDO GARCIA BILL GIBSON IOE GONZALES PETE GONZALES SAMMIE HADDAD HERBERT HARRELL LLOYD HARRIS QXAYSIC4 ,515 IC4 4 I FQ. sw" ,xo W' I I". 01.1.3-mm! Difcnxixi PAT HINEDIA WENDELL HOLT CLIFFORD IRVIN HAROLD IACKSON BOBBY IIMENEZ BOB KELLER IESUS LANDA RALPH LOWENFIELD PETER MARTINEZ RICARDO NIEZA ARTHUR MONIA MANUEL MOYA PIERRE MULLER EDDY MURDOCK ANTONIO PALACIOS CODY PRESTWOOD IACK RODEHAVER IACK SAUVE ENRIOUE SILVA GENE SKIDMORE RAUL VILLALOBOS PAUL WEILAND IERRY WEUTE BENILMIN YIP WILLIAM ZENT 00341 xo? al QW1'ilIj4l ,,wQvc, '77Ucnx0' QQVI q STANLEY BLAUGRUND President GIRLS' LEADERS N ,N - f" MN . wr . NFQTW "Ia, X- Q 5 XY E3 ' -..' R MRS I. A. WELLS Sponsor MARGIE ABBOTT DOROTHY ABRAHAM MARIA ELENA ACEVEDO SANDRA ANAGNASTAU IRENE ARAIZA LILIA ARMENDARIZ GRACE BENDALIN MARTHA BERNAL MARY ELLEN BETHANY CATHERINE BEYS BETTY BINNEY CHARLOTTE BLAUGRUND IAN BOYD BLANCA BUSTAMANTE SARAH CAIN EAYE CHARLES LINDA CHAVEZ MAXINE COHEN ALICE SOOLEY TOMMY COVEY IEAN COZBY VIVIAN DALBY ALBERTA DODSON SARAH DOW PRISCILLA DREASHER FRANCES ESCARCEGA DELIA FERNANDEZ ELENA FERNANDEZ HILDA ELORES x.J DORIS FRIEDMAN ROSEMARY FRIEDMAN IOSEEINA GOMEZ MARILYN GOTTLIEB IULIETA GRADO IOAN GROSS BETTY GUEZ IOAN HAGGARD ELBA HERRERA IOAN HURLEY BEVERLY KORDISH LUCY LACY MARGIE LAY GLORIA LOPEZ DOROTHY LORAS STELLA LORENCA ADA LOUISE LOWE IOANN MCNAY IANIS MELVIN ELIA NAIERA ANNETTA NAVAKOVICH MARY LOU NEELY MONICA NICHOLS HORTENCIA NIETO MARIA ESTELA PENA CAROLYN PERKINS DARLENE PHILLIPS ELEANOR PIPKIN ESTELLA PORRAS EDDY IEAN PRUETT IANET RAU PATTY ROBERTSON PEGGY ROBERTSON CATHERINE ROCHE PHYLLIS ROSENBERG IULIA SAUB DOVIE SCHNEIDER HELEN SHAMY DOROTHY SMITH BARBARA STEVENS ISELA SWAIN IANN THOMASON ERNESTINA VELASOUEZ MARY VERA IERRY WALDRON DOROTHY WALTERS IEAN WILCOX DORA YIP Ao and 52 W W W: Wsiw , ' 'Z ' . W!! I X1 wQw. Y I R ., . N X N W .X Q -Q T x 'X 'P Ii A"0ffff!I'5flInv IIIAN WILCOX President ADVANCED CHORUS IN KW 'bn N 40' MRS MYRTLE STEWART A . ZOIQQ ROMIE ARMENDARIZ LELIA ARRAMBIDE BEATRIZ AMPARAN CAROLINA BENCOMA DOROTHY BENSON BARBARA BOULTON IO ANN BROWN BETTY BELL MILTON BRAZELTON OLGA CABRERA EVANGELINA CHACON IEAN COLLINSON IOAN COLLINSON IO ANN CONNALLY SARAH CAIN PRISCILLA DREASHER RAMONA DELGADO DELFINA DURAN EDDIE ELIAS ADELL ESCAIEDA RUTH ESPARZA RICHARD FARLOW BARBARA FOWLER HILDA FLORES " MARGARITA FLORES DORIS FRIEIDMAN DELIA FERNANDEZ HELEN FINERON IOYCE ERIEDMAN OLGA FUENTES LOUIS GONZALES PETE GONZALES SYLVIA GOTTLIEB ROSE GAMERO BEATRICE GARCIA PEGGY IEAN GRAHAM EVELYN GRAVES IANIS GUTHRIE HERBERT HARRELL xf IULIAN I-IORWITZ"s' BILL HOEFNER QBETTIE HOLLENBECKYS KATHERINE HARMON L'CENE HOLLINGSWORTH HELEN HOLMES IOANNE KAVANAUGH BEVERLY KORDISH IEANIE KOURY PETE MINOR LAURA MILLER MARGIE LAY ADA LOUISE LOWE AAROSEMARY LESTER RICHARD MANSEIELIKN IIMMY MOORE GILBERT MALOOLEY MARGUERITA MARQUEZ TONI MCDONALD MAUDELLE MCGUFFEY NANCY METCALF SOCORRO MOLINAS IOAN MOORE MARCELLA NEWBERRY MILLIE NADIR RAMON ORONA ANN POOLEY WEA-w -:wk 0 BOBBY PARRA HELEN PAXTON ALMA PRUETT ,, "BETTY CWYN ROBERTS PHYLLIS ROSENBERG BETTY ROTH PATSY RUSSELL IIM RUTH IANET RAU LUCY READE ESTELLA RONOUILLO DON SMITH HECTOR SAMANIEGO MARY SCOTT HELEN SHAMY SIPATRICIA SHEA -' BERTHA SALCIDO ELSIE SCHNEIDER DOROTHY SMITH RUDY TORRES IANN THOMASON MARIA ELENA DE LA TORRE CAROLYN VAN TREASE PENNY VAN HORN VICKEY VICKERMAN GEORGE WISE PEGGY WATERHOUSE BARBARA WILHOUSEN ENN WOLF - BETTY WOOD IERRY WALDRON --MARY WALKER-f DORA YIP Iuimon ononus ,ff L, F' MCKINNEY Sponsor ww STAGE CREW 1 , ' if M' lx iv GEORGE STATEN LARRY NICKEY Electrician Sound Engineer 'FW FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS OE AMERICA -.-...WN ,Lv W ff , 'V ,WTI 4 . 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W., , , . ,A-A X SI-IELEN HEREDIA ELBA HERRERA CARMEN HERNANDEZ HORTENCIA HERNANDEZ MARGARITA HERNANDEZ IOAN HURLEY ALEIANDRINA IACOUEZ CBLIA IIMENEZ MARTHA KAUTZ CAROLINA BENCOMO IOANNE KAVANAUGH CAROLYN BLAUGRUND MARY IANE KOURY EARLENE BOWERS MICKEY LAFAYETTE ANA MARIA BUSTAMANTE"'ROSEMARY LESTER A EVA BUSTAMANTE SARA CAIN MARIA ANITA CANALES ALICE CARDENAS MARTA CARPIO LUCY CASTRO MARGARITA CHAVEZ LOU ANN COUGHFAN DELIA DOMINGUEZ ELIA DOMINGUEZ MARIA LUISA DOMINGUEZ KAE DURHAM EVA DURAN MARIA DURAN YAMEL ELIAS ELENA FERNANDEZ CELESTINA FLORES ROSA FLORES BEATRICE GARCIA ROSE GAMERO OLGA GARDEA LUPE GAYTAN EMMA GONZALES GLORIA GONZALES ELEANOR GIBSON IANIE GUTHRIE NINFA LOPEZ MILLIE ANN NADER MARY IO MAESE GENOVEVA MALDONADO IRENE ELSA MARQUEZ EMMA MARTINEZ LORRAINE MCLOG SOCORRO MOLINAR AMELIA MORALES EVELINA MUNOZ NANCY MURDOCK ELEA OLIVAS CARMEN ORTEGA IOSEFINA PENA BELIA PLACENCIA TERESA QUEREOUE LYDIA RAMIREZ LUCY READE ELENA ROSALES ,, ROBERTA RICHARDS AMELIA ROGUE , , BETTY GWYN ROBERTS BERTHA SALDIVAR MARTHA SALUM PHYLLIS SAMANIEGO HELEN SAMMONS MARY SARABIA MARY SCOTT ROSE SI-IERWIN MARGARITA SIMENTAL MARY SINGH BARBARA STEVENS ANITA SOTO GRACE SWAIN ISELA SWAIN MATALIA TERRAZAS BARBARA TURK PAZ VALENZUELA ANGIE VALENZUELA LILIA VENEGAS BETTY WESTMORELAND NADINE WILSON EVA WISE SARA CAIN President H 'U iq-M-W My 5-4F""CII0 GZIP' UJZ CUC. FO PRESS CLUB MAI., 'ff-., C7Onzf26fn2a1zi'1 of gf .qgcuo Scggvof fpwzanf - Uicldgii Cfqiaociczfiofz x L ' fa" i ' J - 5 5253? X wg. .2 K fm ..A'Q9a -,. 1 rj XQKV A ' lm 1 1 CCDACHING R L. SPRINGEH Tennis H. R MOYE Baseball Football UB" Basketball "B MISS MAYBELLE LGNG Tennis sv , 4 wil if Q, M. ,gd 'fa , ...av-""' ff . -an .4 nw I X1 N' as gg' 5 ALI, 5 . X, ' . "1 , Qbl. I , Y A M9 X Q- WN' 1 in .21 .f --Q , Q -f 'K N s w XS' . lag ta Hflslgf NT' Iii. 7 gig ', Mtv. , .at-ssh ' . K ' 4. Q43 Q 52 ug K- w YQ?" t rwwt-mt gt- ,uggg gig: swf Qsifpff-Q 3 mais? N' mKXkf.x.Q...+ J., N, ,,.,,, t W., - t , 5 f N ,. t. - -M STAF F K, C. BROWN Football Track C, ID. IARVIS Basketball Football X ,-i :gi-l r -Li I ' Y -1 V I S :i'f:.4-il ,fl I X 1 1? -- , 1' X "L+" 'v Tft1f--fs. 'l -- i"'f-"' -- ' .'i1 f--f-Af-ig' - ' '5- , A - f'i--- . '-h'H"'-i-r:1,Zl- I - - ,.. -r-- ,,A -1 -q - V P .,- r I' X , .- , Tl - -V "' A 'A' -? - ,. - - ----- AL: , '-'-2. 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Roswell Arlinglon Hts. Albuquerque Douglas Yslela Phoenix Bowie Mesa Oklahoma City Austin SAMMY ABOUD All-District back with plenty ot sped and deception. Excelled as a broken-field runner and pass receiver. A two letter senior. LEWIS CHAVEZ An all-round backg that is, he played every position in the backfield and was good at all. X. IARVIS - BROWN BOBBY PARRA A smart quarter-back, a sen- ior. Good ball handler and passer. STANLEY BLAUGRUND Excellent passer and punter. "Sambo" called a smart game. A senior. LOUIS DROUTSAS -Q 'HGQQGH tu l I MITCHELL ABRAHAM Honorable mention all-district tackle. Played his best when the games were toughest. A two-year letterman and a sen- ior. Q ,www MORGAN BROADDUS W All-district tackle. "Marg" let- tered three years and was a - tower of strength on defense. Co-captain and a line leader RRA GAINS AGAINST ARLINGTON HEIGHTS E.P.H.S.-6 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS-27 v PM in-Q , , , , .mn A I it ., J ,, . Sfffrisi - ' 8 All-District fullback, "The Gal- loping Greek from St. Vrain Street" was hampered by in- juries during his senior year, but had no peer as a line- backer. ARMANDO GARCIA "Tito" lettered his junior year as a back and is expected to be an outstanding perlormer in '48. diy? nlilxi ARI MHDRANO A junior letferinan at center Art iiiiproved rapidly this sea- son and lie is expected to be a arciat player his senior year. ADOLFO VALDFZ Tee Pee performed a. of the districts best ends. He excelled as, a pasq receiver and defensive inan. A two- yunl""' year letterrnan. ABOUD AND GILLIS CLASH , . 1. E.P.H.S.-20 YSLETA-20 it iii: l nomar HEASLEY in Mueu-.WWvwws.- I Senior letterman at end. Bob improved greatly and his pass- ttt. - tiii cdtcliing and defensive play Q tX'tt A will be missed. I ---- ttti . X -xx- .. i i t GRAYSON GWYN A E Lette-red at guard as a junior. Expected to be an outstanding player in l948. w'?'W :gi 'N' gsm . ,. k ' V1 1 ' +1 Q, I. ,. ,W V bi., .y , Q -i . '- K L ,.?'M..- , A PETE GONZALES A pint-sized guard, who let- tered as a senior, won the ad- miration of all by his fight and determination. ij I EDDIE IABALIE ,, Senior letterman at end. "lab" 5 vw W, was a good pass receiver and if always showed a lot of hustle. . ' in , BROADDUS OVERTAKING LOPEZ EPI-I.S.-I2 BOWIE'35 ,K , , MARIO MEDRANO of iniuries, A fine pass catcher and defensive man, Lettered at end during his senior year in spite of a series DICK WOODUI. A lunior letterman at tackle, One of the most improved players on the team and a ' A- '. spirited leader. 1 ' r 'H' ' S f,..,.,.,,... ...... Q.. swqmsgxw, W W. rc. 's ROBERT URENDA A scrappy guard who couldn't be held out on defense. Play- ing his lirst year, tered in his last year of elig- ibility. "Welton let- TONY HOTIS A senior letterman as a back and lack-oi-all-trades. T o n y will be missed next year. 'tTlTO" BULLDOGGED AFTER LONG GAIN E.P.H.S.-19 MESA-20 Q-iz 08:00 ""IACK SHINAUT ' NX' A two-year letterman and a senior. Although by injuries, lack defensive man. handicapped was a good an . DAVID KIDDER A center who excelled on de- fense. David gave a good ac- count ot himself to letter as a senior. ,. ,MV , We ' BOBBY AVINA t,,,,,,,,,., " ,Q f Senior letterrnan, a fullback, A ' Bobby played a good defens- ,.f If ive game and was very de- , 'I E pendable. F1 ,.': " , , Nwwwm RUBEN MOBENO t "-, 1 Ruben recovered from a i'f'1 , wounded loot to letter at guard Tig 54 Q ' as ci senior. A steady player - 'good blocker. MCGEE SHOWING HIS HEELS .-U ,. , E.P.H.S.-7 OKLAHOMA-20 IOE BLANCO' Reserve end with another year ol eligibility. loe can develop into an outstanding wingman with added determination and confidence. RAY BOTELLO A junior backlield ball of fire with another year ol eliczibility. iss: RAY TILLMAN "Big C. R." added reserve strength to the tackle position, but graduation prevented his developing into a real star. CODY PRESTWOOD A fine sophomore guard whom we should hear much about during the next two years. ROUGH PLAY MARKS AUSTIN GAME E.P.H.S.-O AUSTIN-6 LUIS MALDONADO "Crazy Legs" should be our best broken-field runner next year. He's fast and shitty. A junior. RAUL ARMAGNAC One of the most improved players on the team as a sophomore guard. His scrap and fight will carry him far in football. EDDIE BARELA A sensational runner who has one more year to prove his right to stardom. IACK EATON One of the teams largest men as a soph is expected to play as big a role in our athletic success as his size indicates. PAUL WIELAND A senior back who added depth to our reserve strength. BILL GIBSON His first year on the squad and Q Senior. Lots of tight. LUIS LEIB Tackle, guard, center. Luis finally settled at center and great days loom ahead for his senior year. 5 N we IACK MCCULLEY Senior squadman and a back Always doing his best IESUS MAYNES ROBERT BARELA IIM SMITH Back Tackle Tackle All eight of these Tigers will return for future grid battles, and their appearance on the 1948 squad would put cr twinkle in any coach's eye. LAWRENCE REZNIKOV ART MOWAD Tackle Back IIMMY DICK RAY SALAZAR DICK Sl'llNAUT Back BGCIC End E. P. H. S. E. P. H. S. E. P. H. S. E. P. H. S. E. P. H. S. E. P. H. S. E. P. H. S. E. P. H. S. Co-Champs NITESHH-'T FOOTBALL SQUAD - 1947 'Ysletu - 20 Bowie - 12 Austin - 6 Cathedral - 0 Ysleta - U Bowie - 12 Austin - 6 Cathedral - 0 . 5' Q .Q Wxia Kihei? fM""""1'f'5V'9!'f r ' A WGWQ' t '. Z". KENNON WOMELDORF and BOB SERRANO' Co-Captains I W ---- x Qs --- Ui? S I fl I--w T""7 QQ ask VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD - 1948 TPI' E-WFP: W Sf' I . S. - 46 . S. - 23 42 .P.H. .-43 .P.H.S.-36 .P.H.S.-51 .P.H.S.-44 .P.H.S.-42 .P.H.S.-58 .P.H.S.-27 .P.H.S.-34 .P.H.S.-57 .P.H.S.-50 .P.H.S.-44 .P.H.S.-47 .P.H.S.-34 .P.H.S.-27 City-District Play-oll Las Cruces - 33 32 Carlsbad - Roswell -- 31 Roswell - 29 Amcxrillo - 37 Amarillo - 61 Lubbock - 32 Bisbee - 19 Amarillo - 32 Bowie - 45 Austin - 36 Ysletcx - 37 Cathedral - Bowie - 35 Austin - 30 Ysleta - 25 39 Bowie - " IUAN FAVELA Head Manager RAY ESOUIBEI. All-District, senior, two-year letter- man, Excellent shot, good team- INCH. PETE GONZALES Two-year letter senior. Pete fought his way up to a starrting berth despite his lack of height. A fine defensive player, RAMON ORONA "Tacho" recovered from an ankle injury to spark the Tigers to a district tie. Twice all-district, sec- ond high scorer, 3-year letterman, his height won us many games -a really line player. STANLEY BLAUGRUND "Sambo" opened the season with a bang. A senior and two-year letterman. His height and eagle eye will be missed. BOBBY Senior, 3-year and twice all-district. B was the team quarterback, a scorer and natural leader. BOBBY IIMENEZ Playing his first year as a junior, Bobby showed promise ot devel- oping into an outstanding player. A letterman. EDDY IABALIE A senior and two-year letterman. lab played hard and was an in- spiration to his teammates. IACK EATON A sophomore whose height and fierce play made him a valuable reserve. Two great years should be in store for lack. A letterman. BOBBY MADRID A junior up from the niteshitt. The team's best shot - great things are expected ot Bobby in l949. A letterman. RAMON MBNA "Little Mono" started out great but suffered a broken jaw. An- other year of eligibility will give him a chance to prove his worth. A letterman, DAGOBERTO CONTRERAS A good reserve who completed his eligibility with his first year ot varsity play. ROBERT DELGADO With height and two years of el- igibility left, Robert should devel- op into a valuable player. COACH c. QD. 1ARv1s Led Tigers to State Championship in 1947 and lst place district tie in 1948. ln three years Coach Iarvis has proved himself one of E.P.H.S.'s all-time great coaches. IESUS PINADO "Chuy" was the fastest and most deceptive player in the district, but the age rule prevents further competition. ART MEDRAN O A junior and first year on the varsity. Art improved rapidly and will bid for a starting assignment in 1949. CITY-DISTRICT PLAYOFF BOWIE----39 If P. H, S. '27 AUSTIN EPI-1.5 E. P. H. S.-47 AUSTIN f 30 Q hill!! IQPIIS NITESHIFT BASKETBALL SQUAD - 1948 E. P. H. S. - 34 E. P. H. S. -26 E. P. H. S.-18 E. P. H. S.- 35 E. P. H. S. -25 E. P. H. S. - 33 E. P. H. S.-25 E. P. H. S.-31 District Runner-Up Bqwie - 22 Austin - 39 Ysleta - 28 Cathedral - 28 Bowie - 26 Austin - 18 Ysleta - 15 Cathedral - 15 COACH MOYE GIRLS' TENNIS SQUAD Kneeling Ileft to rightl-LORRAINE RICHARDS, PAT ROBINSON, BETTY WOOD, BETTY SEAY, EVA BARRAGAN, ALICIA ALARCON, HALLETT MENGEL, IANE HOLDER. Standing Cleft to rightl--MARY LEE DARNALL, CARMEL ROTI-I, AMY SANDERS, CAROLYN VAN TREASE, PAT Sl-IEA, BETTY ROTH, COACH MAYBELLE LONG, DOROTHY WOELFEL, BARBARA TURK, EDLINDA RODRIGUEZ, THELMA KUSTOEF, TOMASA DURAN, ERMINDA MONTOYA, MARY HELEN HEREDIA, LILIA GONZALES, MARIA ELENA ACEVEDO, ELIZABETH BYRNE. K. BOYS' TENNIS SQUAD Kneeling Ilelt to rightl-TOMMY SPRINGER, TEDDY PYE, RAYBURN LOVELADY, BOBBY IIMENEZ, Cl-IANNING BROWN, IIMMY PRUETT, BILLY MAYHALL, CHARLES PLATT. Standing Ileft to rightlf-PAUL HUCHTON, VICTOR ARDITTI, CLIFFORD IRVIN, IIMMY PUCKETT, KENNON WOMELDORP, IOHN BALLANTYNE, ALLEN MOORE, STUART SOLO- MAN, IIM PAGET, LEWIS SPRINGER, BOBBY BROWN, RUSSELL DURRILL. SQUTHWEST TENNIS CHAMPS TEDDY PYE, BAYBUBN LOVELADY, BOBBY IIMENEZ, BETTY SEAY, IANE HOLDER, LOB- RAINE RICHARDS, PEGGIE ROBERTSON Cnot shownl, S U N CARNIVAL TOURNAMENT POINT WINNERS IN GIRLS AND IUNIOR GIRLS DIVISIONS. COM- BINED EL PASO TEAMS WON TEAM TROPHY. POINT WINNERS FOR BOYS AND IUNIOR BOYS IN NEW YEAR'S SUN CARNIVAL TOURNAMENT. RAYBURN LOVElAl1Y Doubles clicimp, singles runner-up. BOBBY IIMENEZ Doubles and singles champ. VJ INSTON FAROUEAR' Singles Smitliwmal in Ncitioncxls. 1 X Semi-finalist. Represented SOUTHWESTERN TOURNAMENT CHAMPS 1947 STATE MEET 1947 IANE HOLDER: Singles: and cloublcas champ. LORRAINE RICHARDS' Doubles climnp. RODOLFO GONZALEZ and BILL LUST: Doubles Finalist-i946 and l947. South' west doubles champions. SY! I .i A , . R, L. SPRINGER, Boys' Tennis Coach, admires ,TEDDY PYE and BOBBY IIMENEZ, Boys trophies won by both Boys and Girls Teams in Doubles Representatives of the Southwest 1947. in the Nationals. ,t x ts Q DISTRICT MEET Sifmwifgf as BoYs DIVISION I f 1947 A .T I Q as . K 3. ,f --- XX CLARK KLHINSCHMIDT and STUART SOLOMAN Runners-up in Boys Doubles. A, L. KBUSTERJ KELSAY, Boys Singles Champion. Aww JI 1 fig gum 1 GL '45 L PM gf VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD-1948 QL PA X. Vkxv 3 .Q ...--ww TRACK SQUAD-1948 7, 1 Y , -K W iv ,li-, f in-Qi i - 5 -1 v - - ., xi J -Q i W -- Sh -L.:,. ,gh Vh- g .. ' .- ' A ,-,,-. ,,,.-- 'lx iii' - ' 'MT' 1.1 ..If1',l1T""' - , ,, -N Y -t , Q F ,......- ..: Mi - " 1 ' :,,,...l., ...T - ,T'+ N YH- -, i . l ..T A , , -, ,- ?,i '+ g ' ' ' ' ' Q., ,,,..i. -R H .,i.i ... ,-lil. f' '----V V -T f ,il, f- - '-' -ii 1, K S- ,, 1 - v- l f ,- - Y , " ' 'W' ' V iff' v "i --ff'-'H-'l+ Wi v-i 1' if" 1 - - fu- N ?... , ,,,,Y-- A -M g fi, -V Y , 1. -L-fig. W li SN l START zgao .- , . 24 40 R i L -A ,ina ,W , YVYY fn- -T-W 4-T -. ---- Y- ,.,. W ' -Y ,,,.,f1- .4 Y Y- - l Inu' ' urals DAVID NICEN CAESAR CASTILLO EDDIE BARELA BOXING SQUAD--1947 ffv M.. . ,. . .X..X.x 4 . .... .,....f..1. A Www, A. 1 M35 - ' . '44 N IOE CARTAGENA HECTOR ESPARZA CONRAD ARAMBIDI 9 COACH BYNUM ALEX GUERRERO Ricardo started boxing two years ago at the age of fourteen. ln 1947 as a ilyweight George Simpson Villa went to the finals of the Stale Golden Gloves Tournamenl only to RICARDO VILLA WALKER LINSAY lose by the closest margin. Ricardo can claim the title as the states best sixteen year old boxer. TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPS--1947 ,gm if sv ,NN SOFTBALL CHAMPS-1947 SPARTANS AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPS TENNISTERS TEXAS LEAGUE CHAMPS SHARPSHOOTERS INTRAMURAL CHAMPS .Aid . GIRLS BASKETBALL CHAMPS ARCHERY-1947 4 gp iff. QQ ' .. SW sf - 3. ,gn in ,A ' ' f A A N iw '3' 5, is Q Qin' ,. - 9 vp xy, Ax ,Q xp ' - .. N :-,.' '. ' diff P ,. 3137 ,. ,gig ,L -N W A . P L ff' .1 '.f".,g: f 5 ly- 1 5 t QQ ' ,.-S "Ya -u N, .. - 1' ' N' 'I+ f ff' 51 .!ff?3" Wm- ' 3, . ' A , ,-'gal il -:hug :E -z .. .V ,,-- ll ggff '. v M I , 9 -V'- RUNNER-UP CHAMP NANCY BALLINGER DOROTHY COMPTON GIRLS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS PEGGY ROBERTSON PING PONG CHAMP-'47 BADMINTON CHAMP4'47, '48 ,kxv X xhj-if-"X 1 SKN A, xl,- Z'-L-rx 'x1., xx if ctivitif G. x? MAYOR PONDER CROWNS HELEN PAXTON COACH BROWN CROWNS MARY FRANCES SNOW QUEEN MAGRUDER FOOTBALL QUEEN 2 TQ 3 5 ? 1 , A 3 1 " 3 Q ' I 5 12 f Q . , S Q 5 ' 3 EX T mf f 3 3 S FOOTBALL QUEEN AND HER COURT L Nix X xx M GRADUATION, MAY, 1947 I " ' 'Q " ' " f'S.'fE f'fifk-I1 , ':f'.'E.f:.':.- ' 5. 1 "1-X WAI-- " ' :fff??P': ?Iff55?i?5f??'?iIi:f:i NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ASSEMBLY v FILL, HELEN BILL IEAN MICKIIY BILBO PAXTON ISBELL WILCOX BRASFTLTON Left to right: GEORGE STATENQ MARGIE LAYg HALLETT MENGELg Sponsor, EDWARD MAIESKEg LARRY NICKEY Delegates to Texas Association of Student Councils Convention San Antonio, Texas. February 6-7 Bm... K Ak M fig . '1 'ei Q Q 'isa A A COMPOSITION PROM MODERN DANCE CLASS -wwf v-,M Q NV? 'lMUMRF3ES OUARTETH COACH SPRINGER presents bouquet to MARY bemof MPU195 FRANCES MAGRUDER, winner of Beauty Conte-:sl Xx wf Q5 ,159 N s f R M, x Q-. x QB X. x X X QU? X w! x EN QR. x X fr di W SNAPSHOTS 'if' K Km Pmsswiikws 5 O Q ,ix Nami Qs' Of A FT' -, msj' 5 .: 5 3 Q . kr! .,..:,., RTE, I.. we H? N XVSNS . Tn . f -R za , x T Q 5 e 'Ta .-9 i X If ix BABY PICTURES x I 6 . Y . Q Nm YP gi . 5 5 32335-fe - mi . 3 1 ,Wg h. 3 , X ,F ..-f b , .KWV1 s Ah' a x ,Sf .:.-w:, " 's... .::.:m-..:-a g I 2 Mfr 5 1- ' 4 , , .z k -Q, s , 1. Q Y ., u 11 ,, A x gf F 5 my WMV., . 4 ' E 3 S A, ,Ez ,gf :AW S "'- : 3, 4 4 -:,. 2 af" ' " , ' As :E f' - 3 , A S. l 'L 93 x - x KR' W W X g,:EZg1:' .5 :ik i Ni sy f f tb , 3 18' 'tw M45 lfikg ,Q , f ,. ' W? ' Af if ? ,., Q.. fi .K -5 xg : Q, -Q . ,wt 'tg ., - P wi: 5: -.'+X.1' - .,.f I A ' 3 M' Q, 5 4 W 1 . W K y 0 Liv : 5 2. , x ' Xa 9- 1-1. .vjif 1 3 'N 3 fiifgip Jiffy: 'x..,,-f 'Q ,Mb gxawygs- g- A .N s 1' 5 39 wa X .. N, X wwwxx ' AMY sANoan.s JAN!CE MELVIN X SANDRA STRVAUS x Q A 3 N N X 1 ,X Q X :wr W xx Wx .H N WS: , xg gs x S '51 is K Q X x E-ILL zsaau. JOE QLOUISE Lzxcv L3 I BARBARA 8, BOBBY KELLER LOIS HAVVKINS Q X i Q X X ,SX X X V- vi M, , '5:. ,,' Q ' it . fx 'ff sw ' , "s.155':g Ff-.':--5-3:22 . J T. .i., ,.,. -1 ,:s:.,: :2::s::::::::-mf CARD u.v,N Q, SA M150 BLAUGRUND EDDY PRUBT T CAIKOL- HONCA ANN POOLCD1' ANNA MAP-IA GUINONES JANQ, QIMMIE efovo Emo HALL BNA. FLIP-Ps HELEN SAMMONS ,F 4-.,, , 2:3 .4 A W' if K af vi v x Yea Q, -55: N ff - H .w w 1 N is nl-is .N 'S ' 'm m ,- X-','-WS. -,wax 3.5 np -:::- A 'W fi, ,fi -' wygjif. Y ' ,.,. V .V - I M 2, K- ws, W . Q X , Q in , :Q 1- . N M., U y , QQ Qxf fgbjw - ' Ni c:: Q Qs. .,,' A fi at S4 ' -' . Q5 ? 5.3 in 13 X wk A Q J x X, ar 5 Ai Q JRSL ,. -4.1 W 2 4,.. -wihfyw SNAPSHOTS V . Eff , 'V I' . V' ' X bb V , . ' X ,gil 'gf A 'fs if 2 ' 9 'Q Am: i wg ,W 2 1 'Y X Q Q X in X 3 L 2 diva- X I Q. Qs. 4 ss ...f 4 va K! 1 , x.. 1, as Q ..::.'4,g5:,:::::-:QQ 4-,..1-5:4-!5::.:5! if ,",- . I-5 iii X . '14 W Q. 1 ag f f ' 1 VN ,Z is fff f iq: J A1 . ':.:: x - , :LI x' ,:55: : be ,,.,,q ZZQ Qvr QE 1 ' ., A gg! S .A :,... xx" XA ., fx- A SNAPSHOTS Q, Q? my S . ew Q fx f' Le " N 'V .mir f ., aw wif' f:: N"' li -X ' ' Q' f ' .,.. q Q Q 2 V S- a . X - , ":. .. U "'- 7 X X w 1 X' AA t 2' .-J-f""L'J I 1 r' g 5 x y K :rv g . , X M ' 'fm 'fri Q x .5 5 ig . ' 1 'w Q., f x ' -m Q fan mw P. J . X X ' ' . X z. be H X at x AH Q43 bf XL- game xv-'uni My ,2- S Q 5 f 52 f K A S , 'WX vi 5 ggffi 1 . Mfr g--'wi-Wi' K Q ' , V ' 6 m U . M, my m 9 in y. A ff . M K-Qftx t Q 5 F Y K f' ,A 3 - Q -M ig "l?QWvs-fx . Af' R' a 5 ' "' , Q N- M W f 'A X Hu, 1 : J, , Q Y R -' L- . Q. gm s f J' xqm hx Q 'A 1 we 9 ,g SENIOR KID DAY f-H+' gan U, -w .-Hs wifi u M X, 2 K -Q. Q dw ,,,. f., ., 5 ,. fr., , , OH! ,fa no 09' lq .,W 1 X . A W 5 Q 5 1, 3 X v ,, -n., x ' ' . X' 5 f-A 5 , ' f 7 N MK ' " .. -' ' ' t K ,Q 1 fx 3 aww f Q .R- l??,,qo'? t ' 177 C " ,, 3 Q ff 9' A 'SEQ Q' f iiiiixiiim. f W . .,,,: 'bll f1,:E, :EIIZ :IK H AAI 1. I . S M ,s ?E?aiws J1. xQ'? gif V, xi ' i :Zim . A. 1 X 2,0 f lt .. I '- ' ' "V Q I V '- '5' -53 ., up , ,, , . ., .nk 3 Q V 5:4 A ,IE Q 5 8 Q X .. 5.3 'S ,wi K ,fr 0.5 66 Q 4 ' Xi Jw, H j,- - 1 I, . I J ,. K- fs in rg at .GM my 'X sf. V CD if :IV I , X ., ---: A 2 . ,,.- - V- 'I f, - g - , .fu-Q as ' awww 15 .. ' - X1 ' ,T Jpv: E L:-. . , .Q I ku A . : H ff -Q--A- f 3: , I ,P , X b , . QVDVIV Q uvlzn , is I, -,: -Q xg 1-is-,: 6,13 Q , Q sf ., K- SA K N wg? 3 ' A A ,Sim Ax, V: 5 .. wg? ' W 14 VF' V ' '-,. x 'I -55525-. , , ,.: E - ' -. I., 4. f WAN T NSY IVAQWUYIIE , iw xx- - - V .Fa -k,, . Q. A xl ' :,.g.i ,: I , , ,P eg . ..: Q -Q J I b 1- S X' Y am, A . if , .N , E , ,, J KV Q5 at A 5 " ' W Q , ,.,,, 2 X W ', - - I ' , 1 3: :,::., WW' ' , I 5 ..,.. fi? n 5f"ifz,L g k b L 0 ' 7955232 f : F . " - 1, ' '- " :" "' iw 5. , ,.,. P- Lf - S W' 4 Q , Q, 9 "fI Sb 'L'g N' I f , 4, i ..::5:. M E I i Q K- NfQbrAw f A' ' iffQA ' i 5 5 KA 1, 'J' I QM , va "V 5-15' bi ,. if SNAPS CF SUR CLASSES XX ,.,,..- 5 v' , if ' ,,, tw' 'N " N, . -r"" . 9, WK Q kai' M55 I G ,A 'W' S L'-Q- vi , 1 ,ff 35" ,X A H-3,1 wb HMI ..""? -1 Qi' ,, W gif be 6. 1 fr 94 'FZ 1 1 1 1 1...1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1....1....1....1 1 1 1 1 ..-. 1 1 1 1 1..1 1 1 1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1....1..4.1....1....1 1 1..1..1.....-....1....1 1 1 1.1 1 1...1 1 1 -gf ------------ - --------- -------------- - -- -1- COMPLIAIIENTS OF El Paso Laundry and Cleaners W. T. HIXSON CO. . Cnn1f1fi11fw11,r of lf! l,4l.l'U'.Y 'le11'efel'.r Sjllft' 1888 1 ' TUNY LAMA ll8 Mills Street i ITL PASO, TEXAS i i 1 . ff EHEHHVIHG CUHIPHHY E E -fwwm COPPERPLATE PRINTING i PHOTO ENGRAVING Q STEEL DIE EMBOSSING EL. PASO. TEXAS W- I -1- ------------------ -------- - ------------ p.-...1.1111.111-.111111.1...11 4' .,.-..,- .... - .,., .. - -...-..- ,.,. - - ,,. - ..., -...-.-. ..,. .. ,,,. - ..., -..-..,,...,-..-. -A I 1+ COMPLlMI?N'l'S 017 EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CC. HARDWARE - 1 PUMPS MACHINERY 120 S. Caiiiiplnc-ll 5-3691 DIAL 2-5522 COMPI.lMI5N'l'S OF CfAtl'C!e.i C50 c7'!'C0l'LJ0l'l Specializing in Pants, Sport Shirts, etc. 304 S. EL PASO ST. EL PASO, TEXAS AMERICAN Brncerq Cn. Wholesale Grocers 909 S. EL PASO ST. DIAL 5-511415 OR 5-5-1116 10.1...1..,1M..1..1...,-mr1...r.-.ln1.m.1un1vm11.U1.r..1nn..m.1lm....--.1M1....-m.--m-rm- -,.,.1,...1,..,1..,,...,...1.t..1..r.1.ru-..r..1....1y...1.4..1.,..1,.r.1.,.4.1.r...-,.,.1.,.1.,.,1 CON1f71iHlC'l1f.l' of PURITY BAK: c co. o 40 Years The Leader ln El Paso 0 m..m HILTON DRUG Hilton Hotel Prescription - Specialists 3-2696 Open Zfi Hours C,llllIlf7ljIlll'llf,Y nf flu' llllllllll Fllll Ylllllll C0. 205-15 South Stanton DIAL 3-2486 .1,...1...,.-.1 1 1 1,.,1 .1..-...uv-1 ......1..,1..1.1.1 1. 1 1.1.1 1mu-W1...iiuinn-I...-I..I-in-in.1,,,,1.11.1miilml,,..1ni.-.u.im.1un1nu1nii- ni.1nii1.i,i1....-lm,I..Iiil...-i...1..i.1m.1m YOU'RE SURE TO BE LISTED AS THE BEST DRESSED GAL IN EL PASO HIGH . . and no wonder, since you buy your clothes in our womievful NEW JUNIOR SHOP Yes . . . the best dressed high schoolers select their fashions from our wonderful new Junior Shop, on our Fourth Floor. There you will find everything you need for Super wardrobe . . . :III in one fell swoop. Nt'll'flll1jlll'.Sxl7ll,? . , . 1:flllI'flTI"!00i' 111.-1.11.-.1.1uu1....1,1.--1111111111111111111111111.-1.m1n IEL PASO MACARONI CO. HOME OF I e MACARONI "What III Paso Makes- Makes lil Paso" 1 1 1 1--1..1p1 1...-u1.uu1m-1u.1..1-u1..1..1n-1un1..1 1 1 1 1 1.-M... Compliments of ISL PASO HIGH SCHOOL EX'S JOE eq MIKE OKIS :lt PAY LESS DRUG CO. Compliwenlf of A47 : . II "lV0rld'.r Finer! M0lnr'r'3'z'lc"' "Indian" boldr more world remrdx lban all otherir mn1bined" INDIAN SALES CO. WALTER IE. LUPTON 215 W. Sem Antonio 2-9241 EIL PASO, TEXAS 1 1 1n.1un1..1uu1 1 1 -- 1 1u.1u1.u....1..1...1..-...1 1. 11.1 .1 1.11.1 Since I88l -Dependable Banking Service 24 SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS TO SERVE YOU o THE BAN K OF EL PASO Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1 1 1 1 1 1....1..1 1..1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1....-.,.,,1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-.............. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1....1....1....1....1....1 1....1- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1.. 1.11.-....1un1 -- 1- -- -1 1 1 1 1 A'slji.1k,z Yliilll DITIVI se plgmauti 770166 7114664 Sflffcf .md SC'7'I'jLIC' SEE US FOR YOUR CAR NEEDS A. B. PDE MOTDR C0. 1..1 -. .1....1..1. 1 1.1 1.1 1 1..1..1. 1 .......1......-....1....1....1....1....1....1 1....1....1 1....1....1....1....1 1....1,.,.1...... 1 I EI Paso Sand Producls Co .Swcwwzezf Sami' for Any RC'qIlil'l'l1' Sffvcifimliwl C'Ulllf7fIlllC'1lf,l' of 'Tilly Tile Kid" i O Fill Dir+ Honrnx - i O Concre+e Blocks MANUFACTURING i I O Ready Mixed Concrefe COMPANY, INC. I Carlsbad Road I 2-2851 ROBERT E. McKEE General COIIIFZICIOI' TEXAS NEXW MEXICO CALIFORNIA C07llIIll7ll6'Ill.f of El Paso Natural GamCompany fm. pq.. fe.. IIIVIIC Tlll IUIITIWIIT ' GAS NzllIll'l".I' Perfvcf Fuel --------.---------.u-..-...T.. C om pl imentx of Gunning-Casteel DRUG STORES 1...-. .. 1 1 -. 1 1 .. 1 .. -. 1 1..1..-.gl-.-1-. T w ll I l C0lllfIll7ll6'Ill.f of 1: T R. T. Hoover 8: Co., Inc. li . . 1 "5 ,, Collon Merchanls L l DOMESTIC - EXPORT l l + I ll Bassett Tower-El Paso, Texas I l l .--111 - - Ill-ll1ll'1ll1Il 1111111111 1-n1..-L, l l You will recall lhal we have said, "Tl1ere'J a Ford in Your Future" " ALONG WITH THIS PLEASE ACCEPT OUR VERY BEST WISHES FOR GREAT SUCCESS HEALTH AND HAPPINESS ll l "IN YOUR FUTURE" i l Fulwller Molor Company L li Fl Pa.ro',c Only Ford Dealer l 615 Texas St. E1 Paso, Texas ll Il ll 3... .- 1 Q- 1u1.I-giuiuiq-4.1.ginigglqg-...1..1u1.q-...1.. -H- 'P ----- "-"-'1' 1-1.-.-111-..111111.--nn1..1up1u,1'.111111111 Compliments of The While H owe Going foruwrzl' 1l'ilb El Pam and the great J'0llff71l'6'.ff I With El Pcxso's only escalcrtors. 0 With the convenient exclusive Charger-Plate credit system. 0 With the new second floor shops cmd Credit Office for your greater convenience. jzw White y I-I I 7j.....el.L,1,,. .LS1.,.S'..u 1000 01456 " DIAL 2 Illll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 mmmmmqm ......... ummmmmmhmn ..... -----mm1 COMPLIMIENTS OF NOR'l'0N BRDTI-IERS YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL AND ENGINEERING SUPPLIES ' 112 Texas St. 2-2439 Best of Luck Tri-S+a+e Music Co. lSince 19191 220 N. STANTON STREET lff Pzl.tYl'.t' INIIVJ' Crmlfrfele IIIILYIL' Smre HATFIELD'S FLORIST 720 Montana 2-3132 Exclusive Florisf IOI Main St. 2-9611 MR. AND MRS. IOHN B. COLE, Owners 1.1.1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1.1 ......1u.. 1 1 1 1 1 1m-me--.,..1.,,,1 1 1 1 1 1..1...1....1,.1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1 Kzmzwz for llalllllkf W.T.GRA'ICO. Headquarters for School Wearing Apparel 1..,.1 .1....1 1.1 .1.. 1 ..1.,..1....1t...11-I-1....1 1.1 -.m.1m.-I-..1..rr-. 1uu1ur. Crnllfwlimwlfr of WM Amb44 EVERYTHING IN FURS-CLEANING 0 REPAIRING RESTYLING ' STORAGE With MoIIie's Style Shop ' 206 N. Stanton St. ' EI Paso, Texas Campus Shop ' 2128 E. Central ' Albuquerque, New Mex. ...1...1,, 1,1..1,.1...1....1..,,1....1.....1,, 1,..1,.,.1,,,.1,...1 1.m1.,.,1,,,... COIN plinlentr of ROLLI MOTOR C0. V Your LINCOLN - - MERCURY Dealer 511 Montana 2-5676 1.0.1 1 1 1 .....1...-.1..........,-. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.11 1....1 1 1 1.1 1 1 .1. 1.1 1....1 1....1 1...1 1 1..-...... 1....1....1I...1..I.1....1....1....1....1....1.....-.....1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1....-- 1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1....1....1....1....1.... S P C.'rm1fv!in1w1f.f 11 f aa! P. Qaacfmaa AMERICAN FURNITURE Co. HII"l7L'I'c' 'l'lu'jf1-1' flnzzlwznzkwxr Shop" ..1. .1 ..-. 1 1 1 1..1.1....1....1...1...1....1....1.1 1 1 1....1.... GOOD LUCK CIASNIER MOTOR COIVIPANY, INC. 1-1 Your Sllltlllfbnlkw' Deufer I-1....1111111..111..111111111 -.I u....u...1....1....1 1. 1 1....1..1.I..1..........1....1..,.1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 Coke stop I I BLOUNTS ! I MARKET I V I I f FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS I 1100-1102 E. Yandell Blvd. Ph. 3-1221 i : Cruzffrfizflvzllx nf lanefs' umiture Company AT FIVE POINTS E 'A' I i 2730 MONTANA 5-1473 1....1....1....1....1...1 1 1 .1 1 1 1...1 1 .1 1 1....1..v. 1...1 .1 1.. 1...1....1....1....1....1..1....1....1...1....1...1....1 1 1 1 1 1..1....1....1 DAILY SERVICE TO CARLSBAD CAVERNS Carlsbad - Hobbs - Lubbock - Wichita Falls and Oklahoma City CARLSBAD CBVERN CUACHES Paso Del Norte Hotel Dial 2 3404 -.n......,......- .... - .... - .... -.... .... .. .... - .... - .... - .... .. .... ...., ..... ...?.--..- -. ..... ....-.- .. - -..-..-n,- l -Wee Q ! I 5-3631 Q I HESSES MMM 17 SLACKS Crnzzplifzzwftx of SPORTSWEAR ' N.P'd if I .s. I . l -- EIP. Txas Z FIVE POINTS HARDWARE 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1,1 1,1 1 1.1 1 1,,,,,1,,,,,. -M1.K1M1..-....1....-....-..--..1-.-.-..-..-.1.-..-..1..1.......1.,1 Angelus Cleaners ! 806 N. MESA I KRUDO-T13 l 1... CBS NEIWURK ' 4, V, - . U . x U L' Calor In Ylmxe 11 lm Clare 1 1 .-M..-m,1,...1....1.1.1 1 .1 .-...-......-...I..N......tn-..,.1n,.-,..,....,.--M-un1..1 ....,..1,,..- 1.....,...-.....-.........1,..,....,...1.,.,.-....1 S A WE BUY 1,-fl WE SELL-il--WE TRADE-l?-WE Fl OFFICIAL Square Deal NEW AND USED CARS 2801-2809 Montana Street El.. PASO, TEXAS Home of Satiwed Customers NANCE OFFICIAL 24 Hour Wrec d Tow Serv 5-2775 4, - - - -.. .......... ............. .. ......-M.-..-M....-.....K....-.,-M....,....-..-..-..-.........-..-....... - - - - - ..5. GUARANTEE SHOE CO. 110 Texas 211 E. San Antonio 5 FINE SHOES Since I905 min -.II1Im1IIn1n.I1IIn1nn1..n 1- .- 1 1nu-.Im-...II1IIII1uninn-uw1.u-uqinninqinqi 1 1 -uni "EVERYTHING AUTOMOTIVE" Ji- Wag rqula Supply 1405 T s S1 Tel. 2-1466 E1 P Texa JOHN D. WILLIAMS AND CO All F0rm.I' of Il1J'lll'zlllt'L' i john D. Wi11i'aIIIs - Lou Glassburn Ray S. Waitt, Realtor Associates 101 1 1 1 1 1 1...i..1.n-...1.II1nv.1ulinni-ninni 1 1.Iu1.,,--Im-m.- 1 -. 1 1 1 1 lm.-,..1 1 1 1 1 -. Q 1 1 101 IEL PASO HOTEL SUPPLY CO. Eooo SERVICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 112 S. Oregon St, Phone 2-4414 TEX-SUN LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 1451 Texas Street 2-4681 - 1-.iw-in-1-.in-.1.,.1 1 1 1..I1nn--In 1'-1.1: C om jvliflzwm' of L0 E '11111 MIl'l'II1I CII. uk 3-1481 1....1nu-nn1nn-nq1nI.i,.I- -..,.1.n.-M-.II-.-I..-.II Li1111..1-11111-1111I41uu 1 1 .1 .1....1....1...1....1...........1....1....1....1.....- -.....1....1....1....1....1. 1.... 1.... ....1. 1....1....1.1 .1 ......1....1....1....1....- 1.....1...........1....1 .1 1 1 EL PASO SI'0li'I'I 011000 00. ,Q F, R H . 1....1 1...1.....1.. 1...1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1....1....1....1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1...1....1.-1.1....1....1....1...1....1..1..1....1 PIN UP POHTRAITS Von Zell Sfuclio 303 MILLS ST. PHONE 3-3832 .I-....1...-.....1.....-....1....1.....-...........1 1,-.1 1 1 1 1....1.....1....1....1.... I 1 f,'UIllflfIl1lC'Ill of CAMP GRANDE COURTS HIGHWAY 80 3-4721 -....1....1....1....1....1. .1 1 1 1 1.1.1 .1 .1..1...........-....-...1 1....1 Selfs Salon HAIR STYLING 909 N. Mes.. 215721 ..1.....-....1....1....1 1. -.1. 1 .1 1 1.. 1...1....1 ..1..1 ..1....1....1....1 1.1..1....1....1....1....1....1.... .1 1 1.. 1 1....1..1.1....1....11...1.11111111-1...--.1111....1 .1 11 1..1.1...1..1..1 1.1 1 1 1 1..1..1. 1 1..1..1.1 1 1 1....1 -....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- 1 1....-...g-.....1....-M14..1....1....1....1....1 1 1 1 11.1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1... Cm11plimw1t.1' of The Ullinmle In Qzmlily and Sw'I'iz'e omcs AND PLANT -DIAL 3-2842l- --- l6Ul WYOMING sfr. H. D. MCCUNIT MISS HELEN MCCUNIZ 1111 llll -1 llvl 1 VIIA 1 vlll 1 vlll 1-mfr llll 1 llll vlul llll 1 llll 1 lllx 1 Illl 10TH iill 'lll l ll'lq'l'4Tl1'l" 7TlliiTl?llii 4? lllil-1-limits: ! Mafmn 1 ! O C C Rogers Hoyf Furnifure Co. Q Cpwck -I-'re Serwce I ,sw-..z1.g 151 PM Iwi. 1111... i MOBILGAS l"1rr11ff11rv Sim? 1888 I Operated by V. A. Williams . - i ! . I Stanton G Ycmdell D1c1l 2-1872 i 900 N. Mes.. Gt Momma Dial 2-5645 c.'flllf!,!jUfl',1.,,f nf ! PoHer's Flowers WAGNER CGMPANY i CORTEZ HOTEL ' ! ' I CONSTRUCTION DIAL 2-6543 EQUIPMENT I Harry I.. I-lussmann Ir. Inc. Cnmplele Frmd .S'erz'ic'e Eqllifllllfllf Cfzfeleriu Szzflfrficaf EI. PASO, TEXAS DIAL 2-1595 ...1 1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1....1.1..-....1....1 1.1.1 .--. 1 1 1.. 1....1 ..1...1. 1 1 1 1.1.1 1.. 1 1. 1.1.1....1 -.....-.1....1.-1....1.--...11.-...........1111--,.1.,.1,,.1,' EL PASO HDTEL I-lSSOClA'l'l0N, Incorporated GATEWAY HOTEL ,, ., ,, , , , CARL HARPER, Manager HOTELS ST. HEGIS AND LAUGHLIN . C, PRICE WILLIAMS, Manager HOTEL COHTEZ ,, , , ,l, W. DAVIS, Manager HILTON HOTEL , IACK DROWN, Manager CAMPBELL HOTEL IACK OSBORNE, Manager WESTERNER INN FRED HERVEY, Manager KNOX HOTEL , IOE H. TOOLEY, Manager HOTEL PASO DEL NORTE R. L, MILLER, IR, General Manager COllIPL11lIlfNTS Ol: ' Wa 'Wffe Shu 710 Soulfuuedfn TWO CONVENIENT LOCATKDNS Downtown The Village Shop 310 East Sun Antonio 906 North Piedras il.-.lqiuigp-.9-n'ill1un1. 1 I-nninnlnng -:lin Com plim ents 'ff THE MYERS COMPANY L1 530 E. OVERLAND For Spori' Clothes and Sporfs Equipmenl' It's Don Thompson and Sons, the finest and most complete Sporting Goods Store in the Southwest. You'll find everything you want to outfit you for your favorite sport. Here too, are those unique and unusual gifts that everyone loves to receive. The next time you buy try Dau Z medians BASSETT TOWER C 0 nz plim en!! Of TRI- STATE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Gantt Jewelr 00. MANUFACTURING IEWELERS School Rings ond Pins Made to Order 405-406 Abdou Bldg. -uu1w- 1 1 1 -.l1,.1g41,,n1n,.1,,,,1 -m,1,,,,1n.1,,-. 1 1 EL PASO, TEXAS 1....1...1 ..1. 1....1,...1.m1U..1.-u1....1..,.1I...1..-.,.,1.I.,1....1 1 1. LION SHOE STORE IIB-II8 S. MESA AVE. Established 1915 Phone 346532 S1 vrfc f .v for flu' llnlvffle Fdlllify Cmzzplinzcnts 11 f PAUL HAMMOND STORE FIXTURES ZIU S. Stanton 2-7015 1,.I.1,..1....1,,,.1........ .1. 1....1 1. 1..1 1. 1...1 1.. 1..1 1....1n..--m.1..I.1....1M1....1...I1.-.I1u..1..,.1....1M1,...1..,..-H-.1.-..1....1I.,.1....1.,I.-.,..1..I.1 - - Compliments nf -f RUGEL MOTOR CO. IDODGEA DODGE IOB RATED TRUCKS -'PLYMOUTH 326 West San Antonio 1,.,.1....1....1., 1,.,.1...1..1....1. 1lm..N...W1W1...I1m.1....1.......,.,1IH. E. M. LOVELADY, 5c 'ro SI.00 STORES um-ff mn- mfg1,em-zmmf Slwppmg Came 1-.v - .11 29I4 Alameda Avenue IOIO Norllw Pieclras SI. Ilzive Poinlsl 33 I 6 Forl Boulevard lI"lvercf .TOIIV Illfllll'-'I' 1711-YJ' Ike nmyt 1m...-, ,I1...I1....1.H-1W.-.....-...1m.1m,1...1..1....1..-.1n..1....1 1.4 1..I.1....1...1...1 WHEN GOING PLACES STOP BY Tb E I UATSIS 1..1...,1..,.-....1...1..1..1..1...1 .1 .1 1 1..I.1I...1....-ul.1...-.....-....1....1.... 1.m14m1I...1.I..1.I..1vV..1..1..1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1..,.1 .1 1 ..1..1...1....1....1....1....1u..1...i1i..i1..-...1. 1...1i...1....1 1..1...' I I 1 I .1....1.1 1.1 1 1.1 1 1 1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1 1 1..1.... EVERYTHING 'L , ,M ' .N ll : 7 " ,A.. 2 g f A WAV TU SUIT A YUUNB MAN'S FANCY 4,Qf.m0'f e' IN C'LO'l'Hlf.Y .... AT THE NEW' I A ', 'V , . 2 made TN l :Ae ff:-wt mf x fav' A 4 i"""mm i R 0 fnvb I ' N41 ' f' FUHNEN z CORNER SAN ANTONIO AT MESA E This race for education and ll lot ol' lcarnin' ii- "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" '-i"- "" -M'-' "" -"'- "" - "" -"- - - 'L" - "" " isn't so bad, with old Reddy Kilowatt X hchind you every step of the wily! Wlietlier I you continue school, or go into the business CU1llf7!flllt'11l.l' of ' world. Reddy-'ll .ilwnys be around--A-ready 0 g to help when you need him. Look SQu'I'hwe5-I' Na-hgnal Bank z ro ELECTRICITY for gm-.0..5 ' living. of El Paso j 305 Mills Sr. J. v W ' I " If 9 i - A 3 00,45 A y .. C o M iz: A N v .. I 1. .1 1 1 1....1..1. 1....1 1....1....1....1i...1....1....1....1....1....1.i..1....1....-.....1....1.... 1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1. 1 ..1 1 .1 .1....1 LUSCIOUS l., fux j . lx Si 'XXX W: X '-N .1 1 X .1 lxgcl AJ J 'i'f5'f'Qfj ls Q if R xx I j V H- 4,4 J X il x -J X .4 Ns , X I L1 After school or after the show, stop by your favorite drug store, and delight your date with 21 dish of Velvet IC it's tops with the teens. e Crezun . . . Made and Distributed by PRICE'S CREAMEHIES, INC. 1.1 1.1 1...1 1 .1.,.1,.1 1....1.1 1..1 1 1 1 1...1 1 1 1....1....1....1....1....-...1....1....1....1....1.... 1....1....1..1 1 .1. 1 1....1 COMPLIAIENTS Olf El Paso High School P. T. . Kemp, Coldwell, and Thornfon COn9"a+uIa+ion5 i Class of '48 ll1A'lH'4Illl'L' mmf I31n1d.r Q STATEN FLORIST I 347 Myrtle Avenue Dltxl 2-3496 913 N4 MESA AVENUE 1.,.11...1 1...1.1,.,1..1..1. .1 ..1.,1 1..1 1.1 1 1 1 .1,.1.........u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 --I-n COMPLIAIENTS OI: THE MADERA COMP 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1m-1..-.1..1.--1.-1.111 1 1 1 1 ..1 1.,. 1 ,1,.1 .-.,i,,,,, 005311 ilimwy 3f'XXNx.:. MD Lfgdiiifw 1 vf U fp 'ELF Pljfm +!il,u.4vlf by WW A X MW G V if E' A WOWWW - X f 55 0,2 w .fi m 5 149+ W f V if Q 2 W W 5 ff X ff L' li " ' ,ff ' A is -QTQM 1'wf' Q YE N ala JHJM W KMM, A mv x pony' Qi? Q, - gh mW t as of I' ' I . , X ' . N u1f I f ,Maggy 96,9 ii if , - V ..f'Y"' fi ff f' 5anM,,M X N R b' 3 SIL? JJ!! 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