El Paso High School - Spur Yearbook (El Paso, TX)

 - Class of 1946

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El Paso High School - Spur Yearbook (El Paso, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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to N 3? ,W 3- Wryifrff 0w9i?My WyfZV 4537 . f ww QQIW Wifi E ii V Wfii W fMfa m?g5LwW ff WW fjxfgfgf mf fM S s R 2, XXX Ulf RQTQW isis? 3 2233? ZWMW f foffy-62 ,ff fJjfy f 'le jjlxwf - ff , fm Qpfffkqmf 3, f'M"' W' WM Q Q W W W ff f W W Cffmlw WW S541 ggxffw 3 7355 iii WX fbgmyffxfj , V ,, , AwP-'wr7'w5g.- -P1 f ,V-V'-ff-3'-Ns-,gvr .. ylnqtrfgpngrmf-F , , A .. R - -,L K . ,,, ,L .,,,, 455 ,G ,,,, . , . , r , , u ,V ,K . . f33Lff ? 'f 5 ". g ' ' - ' f W 0 W k :7f.: A , - i., 4., ff W as gm EW? V YQ fig 4 5 W gg Q3 ig it ,xii ' X K V A -2 ' , ,f A 'ill -X ' ff Pb .JPAQX W SJW M' W ww PWM WWW W2 s ,,,,W M gWy6 MWQQQQ W 41' MQ 17,5 AX Q 'Sl 6551. 7gZ:iQkz'f7 Ca 725 1 I 4? 61755 2 E G9 32 if af 596 u Qgijfa , ,R 5 fm B 19 s?'?pg4i.LMW 1,85 Ent I asm ip ur igb inzbunl 1946 Murray Yaeger - - .......... ......-... E dilw' Ralph Snodgrass , , 3 -, - ff, . L ,.- ,... .... A Jliildlif Ediilif Lillian Miller . ,. -f ....., ..... B ufineff Manager M1355 ki? ff l - 5 13 ,SW bm 3, K A an 'f i"' I MV an MISS ANNE KELLY 'Whose true epes Goo pure uno too honest in aught to oisguise 'Uhe slneet soul shining through them. Qbomaro Robert 25uIlner 'lllptton ,L sniff' pq 4. 3951: ' g,'.2:.,'2'fv'. 1. N qw-if A -1 jf if 1. M' . -,., V,V, . .,,,,, Q. A '1 -av, Y , 51 1 Q -V ,Aqt A ,A v -M . an yfffad' 5 4 .' QS 'E ur A 4 f W 6 in J! ' 0 Q' 2 .. 65 I X 'N Q Q ff 2, ' ff?-Q, iw 'SN I wb at 8: . K K fy' V- A A V, gwk ,1 339 ' 1? NM , gs ,. fda ,Q 5 Xa Q f Q Q is ,? .F A 4:1 5m gm f ijf3?7 'awgpr' ,lwww ., , 5144? . . '!wxWgff'92agM - - 4'-Hzrigi R md, A-,T 1 ..iv,:f1 'E M L X I 'X 4 wx -' ,W 1, '13 K? M5 gM QQMVU ,an ,y L ,. us' A 5 ' ii'- I , ,ff I M' 3 FOREWORD To the students of El Paso High School we pay tribute, for these students are El Paso High School. As they go about their daily tasks of work and play, they give life to the school. Old students graduate and new students enter in a never ending cycle. We hope that the Spur may, in some measure, preserve a phase of this cycle. C 0 N T E N T S Faculty Classes Features Organizations Military Sports Snapshots Advertisements EL PASO HIGH IN THE SNOW S 1 , 1 ,fi f-1 , X ' ' ' 'hw as 'W 6 1 'R' , 1 T 7 Q vm 11 M wi fff Mm of-5 gt Q1 X, ffx r if xNXXXXX x X jf-A fix' t f 7- X f ",i?or though thsp his, pet shall they lube" Principal ffffz ,f Assistant Principal 5,s COUNSELORS Wilftl Snumlcrs gs 35 OlflfICll STAlfl Coffin Bell Byrnes Hobson Hamcra ENGLISH Lon g Hutchins Mulcahy Iverson Foster lssaacs Bozeman Thompson M 5 Stephens Fai rbu rn McNcc-ly .1 SQA , n ,R . Q , g '50-.1 'YXJJ B ' JXXAZSXN SCIIZNCQIZ Oliver Gramly jones Gooden MATHEMATICS Hansen Osborn Cfoblentz Shaver Springer Kelly Coffin Clark 1 , 4, ""- :2f2 will ll l illlll i 5 HISTORY Haney Winkler Sims Hill Jarvis Huggctt COMMERCIAL Barboglio johnson Reed LANGUAGE Alonzo Bozeman Ingalls Stamps Lk, Q FINE ARTS Parrert Hutchins Reeves IQ fs-X5:.,i'7 f s 1 ' .1 I N R . STUDY HALL LIBRARY and BAND 'llirvcr Mcngcl Kennedy Long FT K.. ,QT PHYSICAL EDUCATION -A Smith 'nwebb Cook Zereztke Brown Lon g Jarvis Fairbu rn Springer ,' f Z-f ' f 14' ,g,tj'yr'Y ,A VOCATIONAL and INDUSTRIAL ARTS Tillct Cardwell Tapper Maxwell Tompkins Tomkins ff ff X 1 iff, ,, 31 Nm A Af A33 if-X J f I - ljfff X XX Ji lfx ff! xJ N N M' X f 1 E ' j ,...-- CLASS OI' jANUARY 1946 Q 2' TAD SMITH Pl'?,ffLlPllf JIMMY FAGER Vive Plwidefll www , ff , av gf? JIMMY HACCARD At f ISL!!-1 CLINTON DEAN Ya!! Leader OSCAR ABEYTA "E" Club Mgr. Football Track Class Yell Leader NAZRY ABRAHAM Officer's Club ROSALINE AYOUB I.eader's Club journalism Club Advanced Chorus Courtesy FRANK BARGER y We National Honor Chess Club 355: "E" Club Wi 1 Wm was f fi ' i V 1 , 1 l 'N-vmnflw BLANCHE ABRAHAM P. E. Leaders journalism Club Taller Staff Courtesy H M K Club Quill and Scroll JOSEFINA ANCHONDO Courtesy HELEN BAKER Senior Follies Homemaking Club Pan American Club Senior Play '45 One Act Play '45 Courtesy Dramatics Club 2nd Best Actress ELLA BINNEY Drum Maiorette Student Council Band Leader's Club Courtesy I9 HERBERT BLEIMEYER BEATRIZ BREACH National Honor Homemaking Club Courtesy Leader's Club DAVID COHEN Pan-American Club JIMMIE DEGROAT "E" Club Football '44, '45 Basketball '44, '45 Track '44, '45 All District Basketball '45 All District Football Class Officer Captain R.'O. T. C. P. E. Leaders Fire Marshal Courtesy Merit Company Senior Follies '44, '45 Stage Manager Office-r's Club "" 'bi 5 i R in 3 S Y A tub , 1 4 U v A 'K J55 wzi S N if .. rea ti , QN4, A Q' ' ff - 1 Q X Q f .e ' 3- EDNA BRADFORD Courtesy LEOPOLDO CARDENAS Rifle Team Officer's Club N. R. A. National Honor Declamation '44 Spur Staff '44 CONCHA CONCHA Courtesy Homemaking Club MARY ANN DOMINGUEZ ARMANDO FLORES EMILIA GARCIA NUNEZ Courtesy Homemaking Club Music Appreciation NORMA GRAF Kalevala TONY HADDAD X, ', 5534 - W .. . .A , We , K t Y t tibia lf' V N S7 1 5 r .1 5 X C1 if N Q f we YFQQJ K X6 if 5425 , Q MYQX N? QW? fi x R-in 3, is ga Sf? BETTY ROSE FRANCES National Honor Latin Club Library Club P. E. Leaders Courtesy ANA MARIA GONZALEZ P. E, Leaders CAFA HADDAD Assistant Editor Tatler Spur Staff journalism Club . Quill and Scroll Club JIMMY HAGGARD Gymnastics P. E. Leaders Niteshift Football '44 Class Officer Band Rifle Team Officer's Club 'N. R. A. 21 WILLETTE HARRIS P. E. Leaders Latin Club Homemaking Club Courtesy Band NADINE HOLLAND P. E. Leaders EMMA ITURRALDE Homemaking Club Homemaking Council--V. P. E. Leaders JEANNINE KINCHEN Student Council Football Duchess '43, '45 Nutrition Committee Homemalcing Council Latin Club Bengal Brigade P. E. Leaders Class Officer Dramatics Courtesy ' Sweetheart of F. F. A. 22 ANGELITA HOLGUIN Courtesy Homemaking Club V GEORGIA HOTIS P. E. Leaders Class Officer Courtesy FRANCIS JONES Latin Club Home Economics Courtesy MARY LANNON wr Q ,ff ILDEFONSO LOMBRANA at A N- R- A- ii il A F. F. A. ' ' TJ ' Senior Play - ' j T Officer's Club ' V r ' f Q r iii' L 'l 25,394 gf ' 5, w r , i2.3fii.gf5Qfl Hmfgriigg LILY JANE LYON Library Club REBECCA MARTIN National Honor Kalevala P. E. Leaders MYRTLE PEABODY Senior Band Courtesy Orchestra X : '-gfN'xk,, , MBI? Y X 'QV i x x . r,'M::':,,z,zayg, 1. fi , , 0 , I L ,, Us -I fi . K Egg, A dm-'LV ,EW ' X... 1 i "' - i f MARY ANNA LOWE Leader's Club Kalevala Club Library Club Courtesy Pep Squad f Tatler Beauty '44 Orchestra MARY LOUISE MAPULA National Honor P. E. Leaders Courtesy Library Tatler Staff BLANCA ALICIA MONTENEGRO National Honor Society Pan American Club Courtesy Homemaking Club DONALD PEREZ 23 BALVINA REAVE Courtesy Club Homt-making Council P. E. Leaders Homemaking Club TAD SMITH Niteshift Basketball 0fficer's Club Major R. O. T. C. Kalevala Club Spur Staff Canteen Representative President Senior Class LOIS TOOLE Spur Staff National Honor Art P. Leaders-Pres. National Honor Pan American Hostess Club Courtesy Beauty Contest Student Council BERNICE WEILAND Courtesy Tatler Staff Spur Staff Homemaking Club Homemakin 1 Council I- Senior Band Student Hostess 24 Soc. M DAVID SMITH Band Senior Play '45 Officer's Club N. R. A. MARIA ELENA. TEJEDA P. E. Leaders Courtesy AUDIE ANN VAN TREASE Pep Squad Courtesy Chorus Tennis PUG WILLIAMS Courtesy Home-making Club ia EUGENE WOME LDORF Senior Band OFELIA YZQUIERDO journalism Club Pan American Club P. E. Leader Courtesy G. A. A. Tarler Staff Senior Follies Homemaking Club Q KX Y f is Q ,. . .. .wi R W Ht , E 5 ,? It it Wm 1 A gif Xi Q V A. J J' gi Xa ea gf 1 3 rw 5 r Q 'bi 5 f Y I v if x 1 P fa? vim, .E -4 .i 5, , ' Nfillggi . . , P ff is fEt"L 'WN s lil.lSA YIP Spur Staff Student Council P. E. Leader National Honor PAUL H. SMITH Pres. Student Association Battalion Commander Natl. Honor Society Kalevala Student Council Class Officer Rifle Team Officefs Club Debate Senior Plays Senior Follies 25 CLASS OF MAY 1946 Q W MMT QQWWWM M, ,Q 35 L V' Q,4.. x I " --b-- 8 'gif' 1 WN -":' I 2 , N 4 X9 . A 3 Q , , " k 'W Is' Q Wx E: .L A M -,-- gt 4: . k H ,F E ':'::"- i ,"1 LL ..,-f' I J5ffl'x -W Y . ei ' ' W 6 5 K my J 3 Us Q90 fr J J S fm ff W S .W Q 3 W'-as I ... .,. 'N 9 :UC QCD sp 'XXI S QC ,- Nav 'TT ill Us ,-.. NI' ir" Q-r' -L4 3:9 WO in . ?:f- I xx TX 1 M73 'E 25 225. Q. -5 'Qi I 2 nv' . . Lx ff 5 . Q . .Bl LL THOMPSON Yell Leiuler V CLASS Ol: JANUARY I9-17 JJ Ill I g Ni X Q, ... 1 -2 4-N-. xx "' in I ,E ls 'Xa' 'SX bi , if 3 1:Aq l . 'Q ROSS MANNING ARMANDO VILLAGOMIEZ MORGAN BROADDUS 12,Vd,,,jL1,f,f Vive Preamfrlll Sm'r'eI.zr'-y BILL WOOD 25 Yvll I.l'L1LlLfl' DONNA ADAMS HORTENSIA ALARCON Latin Club Courtesy P. E. Leaders LEE BARRIER 1 CARMEN BLANCO Courtesy 2 - , . , X git QM ' CARMEN ALARCON P. E. Leaders Courtesy MARIA ARRAMBIDE Courtesy Library Club Homemaking Club P. E. Leaders Pan American Club JULIA RosE BENCOMO ' Pan American Club Senior Follies MERLE BOWERS Courtesy 27 BARBARA CALISHER Pan American Club Hostess Club Girls Council Band Student Helper One Act Play Courtesy ANN CARLIN Spur Staff '45, '46 Student Council-Sec. ' Bengal Brigade Beauty Contest Library Club Class Officer Student Council '43, Girl's Council Tiger Canteen Student Helper Homemalting Club Courtesy RU BY CH AVEZ P. li. Leaders Beauty Contest Courtesy TONY CONDE 28 MARGARET CANTRELL Homemaking Club Library Club Courtesy National Honor--V. P. Class Officer '45 Student Council 9' CONRAD CHLARSON E ,f.,,,., 4 55" LUCY CONDE Homemaking Club RU BY MARIE DALY TED DANIELS Senior Band R. O. T. C. Band Merit Co. '42, '45, Capt. R. O. T. C. Orchestra Niteshift Officer's Club Courtesy DOROTHY DENT Senior Play Tatler Staff Senior Band '4 ANDREA DOMINGUEZ MARIA GALLEGAS X R! x if In 4 It J W , ,.,-...N..,1, , .. ii is 4 I an I - 4 'iq S Xt't'ee if 1 , ' nf n ,wr I -f if fi Qxy me ft in is f . Q 'ttr .tee S f I- 95' I ' A I e -f-.rpm -fww ' ' . ,sem . ., . ,X . . pf-fiizgg, 'si 1,5 i f tif CARMELA' de la TORRE National Honor Pan American Club P. E. Leaders Homemaking Club Courtesy ISELA DIAZ Senior Band fb POSEY FOX Sponsor '45 Football Princess Spur Staff Officer's Club Courtesy ESPERANZA GARCIA 29 JAMES GIVEN Football '44, '45 Tennis '45, '46 Spur Photographer Merit Company "E" Club 'I' :MM IRENE GOTTLIEB National Honor Spur Staff One Act Play '43, '44 junior Declamation '43 Dramatics Club P. E. Leaders Tiger Canteen Courtesy CHULA HAYWARD Sweetheart '45 Yell Leader R. O. T. C. Sponsor Library Club Bengal Brigade Tiger Canteen Spur Staff '45, '46 F. H. T. State Corr. Sec Freshman Favorite Class Officer P. E. Leaders Football Princess '45 NANCY JENNINGS Senior Play One Act Contest Pan American Club Bengal Brigade Courtesy JACK GALLOB National Honor Pan American Club Courtesy Student Council Senior Follies MICKEY GRAVES DELIA HOLGUIN Courtesy Homemaking Club YETTA KATZ Beauty Tatler Staff Homemaking Club Courtesy Quill or Scroll EMILY LAPOWSKI N. R. A. Tennis Squad Pan American Class Officer Courtesy CHERRY LOWRY Vice President '44 Bengal Brigade Beauty Contest Homemaking Club Student Council National Honor Dramatics Club DOROTHY LYON ALMA MARTIN Kalevala JIMMIE LAUDERBACK Drum Majorette Student Council P. E. Leaders Tennis Library Club Class Officer '43 V JOYCE LOVE JOHN MAGRUDER "E" Club Football ,44, '45 Basketball '45, '46 Track '45, '46 Class Officer R. O. T. C. Officer's Club BLANCHE MARUSIEK Distributive Education Club ALMA ALEVIDO Latin Club P. E. Leaders Advanced Chorus MIGUEL AVINA ARMANDO L. BRIONES Pan American . Advanced Chorixs Student Conductor Band, Sr. '43, '44, '45 R. O. T. C. Meri: Company CORINNE CHERNIN Senior Play '45 Dramatic Club P. E. Leaders 'F . '94 . Mg .f"' EDDIE ASMIR National Honor P. E. Leaders Tarler Artist 3 x f. w CRISTINA BERNAL Orchestra Taller Staff GEORGE BU FFINGTOIN Senior Band F l l I JIM COFFIN Niteshift '44 , l Ili nh HARRIET DODSON Orchestra Latin Club , I, my 11 PETE HERRERA 4 4 1 DOROTHY KAPLAN Tatler Staff journalism Club JNNIE LOU MCDONALD Courtesy Orchestra Tennis Homemaking Club . fs5N,t,,-'sat 'N' ,N - Q fb K, ,tint W ,x . , ,J iww QR' s 'ie it ge Q ,,f 1 5 t if Q fr ' , Ywas 5180 M35-affii MONA Jos FLACK Courtesy P. E. Leaders Bengal Brigade ALBERT ISLAS Football Niteshift Football Varsity '45 Track Jr., Sr. Senior Follies BILL MATTHEWS Student Council '42, '43 Class Officer '44, '45 Football '44, '45 Basketball '46 "E" Club HARRIET McDONALD Band Courtesy Hostess Club Colonial Dames Contest First place-City Second placsState LOIS ANN MCKINNEY Tatler Staff LILLIAN MILLER Spur Staff Homemaking Club Girl's Leader Courtesy Bengal Brigade Tiger Canteen Girl's Council a PEGGY ANN MILLER Latin Club Courtesy Library Club Spur Staff TESSIE MORFECY Pan American Courtesy P. E. Leaders 34 JEAN MCNAY Lady in Waiting R. O. T. C. Sponsor Student Council Spur Staff Beauty Contest Football Duchess Courtesy Library Club Tiger Canteen O ficer's Club NATALENE MILLER Spur Staff Homemaking Club Courtesy BEN MOORE ' National Honor Merit Company BEATRIZ MORA Pan American Club P. E. Leaders Courtesy Senior Follies ROBIN NORTON National Honor Library Club Tiger Canteen' Student Council Courtesy Spur Staff Bengal Brigade GLORIA PADILLA Photography Club MARGARET PARRA Courtesy HELEN REED Band Courtesy Tennis Library k lelit EDWARD OPPENHEIMER - , Y 7 a s L K i sf L .W , 1 4 1, 2? y Q if 1 , nes a Q- ,Af gf t t X 'V M P.. Z ef 3.28 ei? V- 1 ag...-vagal xigxjzm 1 1 x .7 W N rf ba af 5 an H2 E 3 H it A 54mp'?'fwb xg ggi L A 5 4 Q xi ml 5 Q YE ' 2 w, , , as xl . fr 31 X M i ,a Q 2 H i 'J ' Q W Mila JOSEFINA RAMIRIZ Latin Club SUSAN RAY Band City -Health Declamation Winner Drum Major Southwest Champion Twirler Kalevala National Honor Hostess Club P. E. Leaders Beauty-lst. place N. R. A. Pres. Student Body 3 Q it , W .XE ,Q x . , s., NEAL REZNIKOV Pan American Club Officer's Club Wav. , L. as , ,M 355 53, - M5251 ,-tf.w,.a.wf,g ,, , .i..wla'.,., mm . V A i ft 1 .:. wma a si. at Q- fm T 5 , YQXSSV iasgf' YEgei?nQ'Qi,jw, Aw. N aw gk 'awww , ff?f.5wJ':+4a ' 'A i swgwfkaffj I . fwiwfs Q ,iw QW. ,wi..f. .Mm ,.:lgsg2.fp., k .2 1,-x wliisgff 7 - Q il,.g,iin N72 ma .ff we QAM 'IR If DQNALD RICHARDS H1 f Z we 7?-rm fyffw. 5 ffl- . c ans-f Ufficf' Mer:-C 51"-'za'Q BUD ROLAND Football '45' Basketball '45, '46 "E" Club All District Football '45 MARIO SOCORRO P. E. Leaders Homemaking Club J. HAL SHARPLEY National Honor Kalevala Pan American Club-Sec. National Honor Art Society-Pres. Dramatics Club Senior Play '45 Senior Declamation Spur Staff '45, '45 36 i ,ma Juuo Rojas Q Us if A aff' 52 , QE ff' 'fi Q, Bev , 1 'al l-li' -5. , . . f, ff Football Track Sr. Basketball Sr. Band R. O. T. C. N. R. A. KATHRYN ANN SCHULLER. Courtesy Senior Play MARY EVELYN SHACKLETI Band Senior Play National Honor Society Dramatics Club P. E. Leaders CAROLINA SILVA Sr. Band Courtesy Library Club MARJORIE STEPHENS National Art Honor Spur Staff Courtesy Homemaking Club JO ANNE STEVENS Courtesy Student Council Hostess Club Spur Staff Homemaking Club Bengal Brigade J. T. McCREARY Student Council Rifle Team Merit Squad P. E. Leaders Class President Night Shift '44 JANET MCKIE Student Council Class Officer Band Courtesy Latin Club DARLENE MARTY P. E. Leaders JOYCE STONE National Honor Courtesy P. E. Leaders MARGARET GRIFFIN Class President '45 Student Council Band P. E. Leaders Courtesy Homemaking Club OLGA GONZALEZ Homemaking Council Courtesy Band 37 CAROLYN MANN BILL THOMPSON Football '43, '44, '45 "E" Club '44, '45 R.O.T.C. Merit Company All District Football jr. Track '45 Class Officer LAURA ANN.TOMPKlNS Beauty National Honor MILDRED TRAFFORD Homemaking Club Latin Club NANCY LEE SELLY HELEN TIGHE Tennis Squad Homemaking Club Courtesy Bengal Brigade .Student Hostes ance fax? ji Z , V, 1 ,Ai f vi.: REFUGIO FLORES Q ARBA DALE VAUGHN P. E. Leaders Homemalting Club Band Courtesy 'R i W. 5, ew-V X "' A A in JOE VEYTIA rt , DICK WAGNER W Q Q, 5 Q 4 Z Q NANCY WARREN Football Queen '45 R. O. T. C. Sponsor Class Officer '45 Beauty Contest P. E. Leaders Tiger Canteen Spur Staff Senior Favorite PAQUITA ZORK Hostess Club Bengal Brigade Homemaking Club Spur Staff Courtesy EMILY BUTLER Library Club Band Courtesy Leaders Club Class Officer N. R. A. las. .5- QW 4 'fer R YING YU WONG Officer's Club Merit Company Spur Staff PHYLLIS BRADFORD National Honor Class Officer Spur Staff Hostess Club ALIEN ROSE CAHOON MARY GASPAR Latin Club Home Ec. Council-Pres. Library Club Tennis Squad Kalevala English Essay Winner N. R. A. BETTY LOU 'GOOD LOE HAROLD GOODRICH l 0 JEAN LITTLETON 40 W. my A if XX ,N G2 5 5 ,.: arssqw- A f 5,5 J F W mls I , ein' ,ALL it Q.:l1fa' PATRICIA CRAIG DOROTHY GOODMAN Hostess Club Courtesy Spur Staff '44 Latin Club Nurse's Helper BILLY HAGGARD Class Officer Yell Leader Officer's Club LAUREL LUNDY Latin Club Library Club CAROLINA JIMENEZ ART GORMAN "E" Club Football '45 Basketball '44, '45. '46 All Dist. Basketball '46 Spur Staff Class Officer Captain R. O. T. C. Officers' Club Fire Marshall RUSSELL XVATERHOUSE "E" Club Football '42, '43, '44, '45 Captain '45 Class Officer Student Council Nat'l. Art Honor TACK SUN JOE BOB SQUIRES Pres. Senior Class "E" Club All Dist. Basketball '45, '41 Football '44, '45 Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46 Track '44, '45. '46 Most Popular Boy MURRAY YAEGER Nat'l. Honor Society Program Mgr. '45-Spr. - Kalevala Pan-American Spur-Editor Student Council Tatler Staff Quill and Scroll Senior Follies Tiger Canteen Fit WM fzzisgzig, X wb?JLf fJ7WW wiwoww TYMJWSI ,W'jjfWMfMf?fwf?y af! 'mf g f Y wif gzi .f VK IW 152' ,WW U 6 wwf?-fm? QMQMMQQQQCQQ WM QJQTQMV My WW we l i ci v 'EQ gg-x ,X ,-,,.. , fm- 'kai 'K V f-1211? f .Qf4x :xi Yi 'fi :Y J 1,7 Y A Nkggiff,- f ' vx +21 .- . ' X X XX F Z , ,1 X x 4 f Q Tin' K fi i V J: V :VY l f. lr . x . :,,,. 2 ,,, ff A Qzfzlky x , ' 4 2' 4 , A 6 kg' X ' - ' if f:.x Q f " fu , 1-Xxx , . , Rf 1" 1 -, L' f , f + 4, " if .7J'r1'4-xrglifl 'fl' 'fl Q X S M Q ZR, V - ,L -, ' 111 ,, X Q . f i X 17. Q-.1 ' 1 ,,. f f JAY 1- 4 A X X , 1-ix f fw -f l A K if Yliyfg , Y '41, f1WxS3w k1MN,Ti ,,f3iEf i141 gain! YV Tix -i Y , Y- ' ii "--4' ,4 , -.V -- -iz .4 L 1 5 i f. --r..'-- M W - ,XQ P ,lx . - -Y . Y - ,- 43 Class of May 1947 l 5 l r 1 Ng , ww e 15 B 6 Q Ben Olngfy , ,,,,,,,,. ,,Pf-erfidenr joe Carroll ........ Vire-Prefidenl jack Watzke --- Y...H Sen-emry Lee Keily --- ..... Yell Leader Class of January 1948 Ill Ili 1 llv Mitchell Abraham .,.... Prerident Ernesto de la Torre--Vice-Preriderzl Alfonso Cardenas ...... Serretary X! N K 4 M, is VILL-.. sl +C., RC 'Hang " I Ig Q It ,ba , 3 L :Z .,.. X, 2-' '-'4 HASKELL ARONsoN BERNICE ARNOLD ARLENE BARNETT JIM BOYD IJ NANCY BROADDUS " PAT CENTER JAMES CLIN Q w MARY CROFT JOE DEAN JOAN EEINBERO ALLAN FINE IUNE MARIE FINK BETTY FUNK DICK HARRIS MARION HESLER LA MOYNE HOWARD DOREEN JORDAN BOBBY HALL HENRY G. KOLSTAD IR NANCY KREBS JOY KROEGER ROBERT LEAVITT MARILYN LUST -nf? f? df. I rf? ff' OLIVER LUTHER AMELIA MARTINEZ DOLORES MOORHEAD BARBARA MCELROY FRANCES MERBETH BETTY MIDDLETON BARBARA NORMAN DOLORES MONTANO ELEANOR MCDANIEL BETSY OWEN ROMA PAYNE RUTH PRICE HEI.EN ROSENBERG IEAN SALAZAR MARY JANE SMITH RALPH SNODGRASS X, CLAIRE STEFFENS RUTH JANE STRELITZ MARGARET TYRA MARIA OLGA VALLES DAURICE VOWELL DOTTIE WEAVER MARIETTA WINDSOR HUBERTINE YATES eQSSN Q X lb - N XX xx L. R N if 1 , -YW 1- J- - f ' A ....., V 4 XXX X! -N A '-- WX-X . N ,X N XD' 1 A' .r g fx x X X K X -. X., -:gm fm J- . N XKQXXX X 4 "1 Nl! , uv w Ur x.f X f 1 f m y W n X X L ' x 1 'I Eli XQN ' H X , 'N J X' M UV TSI, V iw k I W Y NW kv K if Xi Xw X ., xxx X.X Q Ox' X1 V '5' h 1' L -. ,f I X f. xiii ' r A vXkji . , xi! Q? NX, L Q T 3. JT- W J' I ff! r Y . fl W X i K f A' X X Y NX 01, L X , N K K fx l v I X els " 5 an 5 V' XV! W Wf zfh QQ K N N N A5?i3:iE:Y Y ff' X Class of May 1948 David Kidder - ,,-.,Pre.ride21l Pete Gonzalez ...,. Vice-Preridenl Shirley Morris -- .... Serretarj Louis Chavez ,,.. Yefl Leader Class of January 1949 Delia Ariazn , ,,., Prefidenl Larry Nickey .,.... Vive-Prearideul 'QP FRANK PONSFORD I ANNA AMELIA QUINONES GEORGE SWAIN LUPE WONG YING LUPE GAYTAN EMMA MARTINEZ JEANNETTE WHITE AMELIA LEVY CORAL McCRAY SOPHOMORES MARY ELIZABETH CURTAN BARBARA BANNER KAY DERHAM'i'Ju-,Ja MINNIE EARP LILIA ESCARENO SARA FESSENDEN HELEN FINE ROSALINE GOODRICH HALLETT MENGEL HELEN HOLMES LOUIS LAG' SHIRLEY MORRISS 49 MQ, 1 'ffl 1 x PEGGY WATER1-1oUsE JEAN wmcox MARY LOU NEELY JAN NEELY EDDY JEAN PRUETT CONCEPCION RAMIREZ LUCY READE PATTY ROBERTSON BARBARA STUART DOROTHY WALTERS :ft -Q 1 Class of May 1949" v ' N 0 1, Dick Wciodiil , - 7 .Praridefll jerry Clark -- ,, ...,. Vire-Prefidwzl Joann McN41y ,,.. , - -Sefref,qr-y Pierre Mueller, .. ..Y. Yell Leader Class of January 1950 fl f 'rf Irma- Dial J ,Preiideril Albert Hanna V .,... Vire-Prendezzl Robert Barala , ,, Serrefizrj Lewis Maldorado . .--Yell Leader Wk.- .- ',. , . . . I 4. 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Elisa NNT' 'VA NOR dqq X I ... A .. .., Al l if' 'XV .Wonror Vg' L' HIGH SENIORS Banner, Bill Bradford, Phyllis Cantrell, Margaret Carroll, joe de la Torre, Carmela Earp, Marian Golloh, -lack Gottlieb, Irene Lowry, Cherry fBettyj Moore, Ben Norton, Ruth Ray, Susan Shacklett, Mary Evelyn Sharpley, Hal Stone, Joyce Tompkins, Laura Ann Yaeger, Murray I J 'xv ixrfmdansfwmfyx Calishcr, Barbara Chlarson, Alice j. Craig, Patricia Davis, jim Feinberg, joan Gaspnr, Marv Gomlman, Dortby 58 ,Z A 1 if Hesler, Marion Hill, Gladys Krebs, Nancy Luther, Oliver McKie. janet Marlin, Alma Middle-ron, Betty jc-an Norman, Barbara Nusbaum, Robert Payne, Roma Ray, Susan Sharpley. Hal Strelirz, Ruth jane Vowell, Daurice Williams, Robert Windscwr. Marietta Yaeger, Murray ALMA MARTIN P1'e.fid en! MRS. ISAACKS Sprnzmr PF?-GEF' W if e rf, 'Wh 'bf BEATRIZ MORA Prefid 6711 MRS. M. H. STAMPS Sponror Armendariz, Clarissa Barraza, Beatrice Bencomo, julia Rosa Calisher, Barbara Chavez, Alma De la Torre, Carmela Gollob, jack Hanley, Patsy Jennings, Nancy Lapowski, Emily Mena, Robert Mora, Beatriz Morfesy, Tessie Oppenheimer, Edward Reeves, Ralph Reznikov, Neal Salazar, jean Sharpley, Hal Yaegar, Murray l BL .4 Arrambide, Marie Cain, Sara K de la Torre, Carmela dc la Torre, Rose Duarte, jackie Farris, Martha Gonzalez, Olga ll Lafayette, Micaela Meyers, Eva Padilla, Gloria Paxton, Helen Salazar, Carmen Tejeda, Martha lf' W , Wvjfjjfgf 60 if Sl if iff li JACKIE DUARTE Prerident K J. TILLETT Sporuof QZHWPZWZQI FHGZCQG DO LORES MOORHEAD Puniidezzt .J Q-r L Tail MISS BOZEMAN Spozzror Abraham, Dorothy Accvedo, Alma Airna, Robert Bill, Kenneth Bowers, Earleene Byerly, loan, Candelaria, Fred Chonolis, Marton Compton, Dorothy Cooper, jack Cortes, Margot Delgado, Ramona Emmett, Robert Engel, Stephen Flores, Salvador Goodman, Dorothy Hawkins. Lois Heasley, Robert Holguin, Alfonso liinenez, Bobby Iinienez, Edgar ,NSSQJ-,ia .1 1 . , .g ,Q ,ty .af Katz, Fenton Lundy, Laurel Maloolt, Gilbert Mareus, Herman Mc Daniel, Eleanor Mc Kie, Donald Mellen, Eleanor Merbeth, Frances Moorhead, Dolores Moses, Arden Murphy. Myra Musick, jean Nickey, Lawrance Norman, Barbara O'Neal, Ed Lee Owen, Betty Palmer, Arline Paxton, Helen Payne, Roma Pounds, Paula Price, Ruth Pruett, Eddy jean Rechy, Johnnie Richards, Annabel Rios, Raymundo R. Rodriguez, Leopoldo Roloton, Dick Ruiz, Raul M. Sa doval, Lily Qoimlider, Doviy Seyffert, Dora Sloan, Lavern Smith, David M. Smith, Dorothy Smith, Mary jane Spier, Werner Way, Donald Weissman, Robert Walters, Dorothy Weaver, Dorothy ff Barger Brnaddus CIIZDZITFID Chavez, Vicxor Chcsak De Groat Fagcr Gurdncr Qiven , Gorman Kcily Ni1l4LII'llLit'l' BOB SQUIRFS Prewdnll Manning Matthews Mena Mercada Quijano Rago Roland Squires Thompson Villagomez Waterhouse Wood, jim X xii, K. C. BROWN Sponsor H79 FPZQHHPZ QQEHGCW 75262 in if HAI. SHARPLEY Prerident ELSIE REEVES Sponsor Asmir, Eddie Boyd, jan Carrasco, Fred Dean, joe Feinberg, joan Fink, june Marie McDaniel, joan Mendoza, josefina If ,f 14 if s.,,,4' Middleton, Betty Ortiz, Alfred Owen, Betty Sharpley, Hal Stevens, Margie Windsor, Marietta Young. Dianne X fgofafy - I I 'li F31 I. r , was 1 S4 Blaugrund, joAnn Caldwell, joan Calisher, Barbara Cenrer, Patricia Charles, Faye Divine, Frances Dreasher, Priscilla Earp, Marion Earp, Minnie Lee Gamero, Rosa Goodman, Dorothy Harding, DeEtta Harmon, Katherine McDonald, Harriett Magruder, Mary fSiste-rj Neely, jan Y Palmer, Arline Paxton, Helen Ray, Susan Ritter, Peggy Schwid, Elaine Seay, Betty Lou Stevens, joAnne Zark, Frances .1 945. JOANNE STEVENS Pfefidenl M. LONG Sponsor EQW Z mm E556 4 f 4551 1 XZ . ' g- X 1 -- - x . X. X. I 45:1 x lg K M -y V1-I J-,, 1, -. K 6 X xkl! C gf 'XB X I ,I A' , S X t K- - K! X I ,ff I ,Q MN I' "'? 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E PH YLLIS BRADFORD PEGGY RITTER PRICILLA DRESHER HELEN PAXTON Football Duchesses 1 -,H I S, . 4' v V Y Q Y f 5, fx 'f FRANCES DIVINE PATTY HOCKETT ROSA de la TORRE JANET RAW I! ?6 w fffaff, wwf' 1 lingua , ,f 5 ,,..iN-bf, R' .Q , ' 5 ,ff Ml V - Q, , l i :R Mi l I 2 JEAN MCNAY Lady-In-Waiting-Fall 1945 B K e ' i I I 9 1 1 F 'I f,- :5 ,V - U Q V ' M ,V is 1 f g X, f Q ,Q 3 4 ., , 4 1 - 5 ag , 1- I xv " . if , A ' , Q. , 3- , , ,M . ,L 4, n ml, 1 - w . Q Q fx, , Q as " Q 4 , . 3 ' ' If I Q ' 'Q ex 5 S 'U , ,Xi U 4 a , A Q 5 W. Q 4 f ' ' 5 HI w . s Q 4 1 I . i 'mi S ff 1- w 4 , I -: la n b 1 x?'i?f5'l'l2?3Q- qg . S' " V457 K x ,J Q if SUSAN RAY Most Beaufiful Girl , 75 LAURA ANN TOMPKINS Second Most Beautiful Girl YETLA HELEN KATZ Third Mori Beautiful Girl I, N . BOB SQUIRES Most Popular Boy MKWM W X f A44 "3 If ,,,, ZEit""dV4 EEPHW .. . aww,--....,...,.,. 0-..W...,,,.M.,.,. I ,, r 1 DOROTHY DENT Editor WF , fx i H 'TQ-5 K L or i J MISS E. B. STEPHENS Sponror Asmir, Eddie Barela, Regina Bosrick, Peggy Esparza, Hortencia Jennings, Nancy Kaplan, Dorothy Labrado, Carolina Luther, Oliver McKinney Lois Ann Moss, jerry Rodriguez, Joanne Walker, Barbara Windsor, Marietta ny C ...X I l'llN I 9 N5 ull ,ji-my Asmir, Eddie Avina, Robert Bautista, Ricardo Blaugrund, Stanley Botello, Ray Boyd, Jimmie Boylan, jack Cain, Johnny Chavez, Lewis Darrell, Russell Dreasher, Max Evans. Ray Fine, Allen Gibson, Bill Gibson, Edward Gonzalez, Pete Hotis, Tony Kemp, Maury Lindsey, Walker McCrearv j. T, Martin, joe Mena, Robert Mengel, George Mercado, Mike Muller, Pierre Olnc-v, Charlie Ben Ortiz, Alfredo UN Taylor, Bill Poe, Alton Saenz, Armando Showell, Archie Snyder, Lee Spillar, Walton Swain, George Tillman, Ray Villalobos, Mike Walls, Charles Weiland, Paul Young, Tommy Yip, Benjamin 3 STANLEY BLAUGRUND Prexidenl 1 fs Y S C. JARVIS Spomor F' EEE? CD55 V175-i5?tiiE" wigs Alarcon, Carmen Anderson, Eleanor Araiza, Delia V Barela, Regina Barraza, Beatrice Bencomo, Julia R. Bernal, Martha Bradford,RPhyllis Carreiffiargot Chavez, Ruby Center, Pat Cherrin, Corrine de la Torre. Carmela Derham, Kae Dow, Martha Earp, Minnie Escareno, Lelia Fine, Helen M. LONG Sponsor Gottleib, Irene Grado, julieta Graves, Alla Faye Gwyn, Glenna Rue Hanley, Patsy Hayward, Mary F. Keehn, Helen Kleser, Lora Mae Krebs, Nancy Lacy, Louise Lauderback, jimmy Littleton, Jean Marquez, Irene Martin, Alma Martinez, Amelia Marty, Darlene Monedero, Martha Montano, Dolores Morris, Shirley LOIS TOOLE Pferidrnl Mowad, Angelina Neely, Jan Neely, Mary Lou Payne, Roma Pruett, Eddy jean Pixley, Betsy Ray, Susan Robertson, Patsy Robinson, Avita Robey, Jacqueline Roth, Beatrice Roth, Freda Shamy, Helen Samaniego, Alice Stuart, Barbara Warrm, Nancy Waterhouse, Peggy Wilcox, jean Uzeta, Gloria Backer, Ferrell Barela, Robert Bcahler, john Benrly, Henry Bickley, Barney Brown, Lawrence Cain, johnny Durrill. Russell Farlow, Richard Farnsworth, Eugene Ferro, Eugene Gibson, Edward YASA Gwyn, Grayson Harrington, Vernon johnson, Eugene Kerr, Bill Lawrence, Doyle Lozano, Isobel Licon, Ruben Pollcy, Eddie Perlmutter, George Ponsford, Frank Presrwood, Edward Reade, Luis FRANCES DIVINE F. I". A. Sil'eellJer1rl Na., El Richards, Donald Sandoval, Carlos Saunders, Ross Scoggins, Ralph Smith, Bill Snyder, Lee Swihart, Harold Taylor, Bill Wadley, Dick Welsch, Fred Wilkerson, Curtis FRANK PONS FORD Preridem E ega nfaa r ' r l G A V01 I r I : K SN Q Q 'Q M 4.4 j. CARDWELL Sporzrar' Mir:-wig? EQ KWPWEHF QCFG MARY GASPER Prefidenl LONG Spozuof Alarcon, Alicia Aceveda, Hector Bass, Mickey Benetsky, Aida Bickley, Barney Crawford, Margaret Christian, Florence Clayton, Elizabeth De la Vega, Freddie Duarte, Jacqueline Fine, Helen Fletcher, Bobbie Gasper, Mary Holt, Betty june jiminez, Caroline Levy, Amelia Loras, Helen Lundy, Laurel Lyon, Lilly McDonald, Lucile Marnsich, Bertha Nabhan, Ruby Neely, Mary Lou Pienado, Arnold Steffens, Clair Trice, jerry Villegas, Bobbie i 1. Y -'lf' 1 Ui. X X as Ay. bww I X N 5 1 X X Q , X x ' . f f Z ,ff I 4 4 X ,.f .4 . S' fi, 5 X 3 7 fm in Z- -1 wav 4 Junior Band gm Aguilar, Lelia Anderson Eleanor Anderson, Gretchen Avila, Carrie Bibo, Bill Buffington, George Butler, Emily Calisher, Barbara Catuna, Alva Chavez, Horace Clark, Ernest Cole, Dolores Conde, Tony Cook, Preston Cooper, Frank Couey, Tommy Cousar, Phillip Cozby, jean Loye Daniels, Ted Delgadillo, jose Diaz, Isela Dirion, Violet Dominguez, Andrea Driskell, Pat Edwards, Ronald Senior Band Escajeda, Ruben Fierro, Emma Findley, Robert Forti, David Galbraith, Gail Harris, Laverne Hockett, Pattie Isbell, Bill Kane, Bobby Katz, Fenton Kelsay, Buster Lauderback, Jimmie Lowe, Ada Loya, joe Lundy, Lolly McCord, Howard McElroy, Barbara Martinez, Amelia Meek, R. A. Mowad, Angelina Muller, Pierre Orrantia, Fernando Parsons, jack Paxton, Helen Pinchard, Charles - 9 my M aiwwwa. -- Ramirez, William Ray, Susan Rodriguez, Joanne Rodriguez, Terry Rojas, Julio Ryder, Oneta Saenz, Armando Shacklette, Mary E. Short, Bobby Sloan, Nancy Soto, Alice Stablein, Lawrence Strecker, Robert Stuart, Bill Suchowiesky, Ben Sutherlan, Colleen Terrazas, Bertha Terrazas, Manuel Thomason, jerry Tillman, C. R. Trice, jerry Valenzuela, Paz Williams, jack Windstar, Marietta ,. ...M -f-w""" . ...-ni .ar-if of 67 AIAMES I.. TARVER FENTON KATZ Direflru' Captain Af 'iv2'wf'!4niA M Q SUSAN RAY Drum Majorette First Place Winner of T the Southwestern Twiller's M Hg, I Contest -1045 1322 'V 5 ELLA BINNIZY JIMMIE LAUDERBACK 'SHZEECTHCQ FHFEZCQCT Anderson, jackie Barela, Robert Bencomo, julia Brewen, Fred Broaddus, Nancy M., Butler, Emily Cantrell. Margaret de la Vega, Fred Escareno, Lilia Farquear, Winston Gonzales, Pete Harden, Thad Harris, Laverne HELENE TIGHE Pfefidenz Hicks, Barbara Hogge, Eva Kaufman, Hal Lopez, Manuel Lust, Marilyn McCord, Howard McCreary, -I. T, Meyers, Eva Dell Miller, Anna Moreno, Ruben Parra, Bobby Paxton, Helen Rau, Janet Ritter, Peggy Roettzel, Tom Sandoval, Rudolfo Saucedo, Herminia Seay, Betty Lou Sifert, Doris Smith, Dorothv Valesguez, Ernestine Villalobos, Raul Wagoner, Franklin Waterhouse. Peggy Wilson, Andy Young, Robert P. L. HANEY SPOYZIOI' ,Qt- 89 L 7, la MURRAY YAEGIER MRS. HELEN BYRNES Ifdilm' ffm Umr RALPH SNODCRASS LILLIAN MILLER LOIS TOOLE A.rri.rl.1z1l Iidjlnr Bfzmzen Manager Ar! Editor PAQUITA ZORK Affbtant Blu, M gf. 'gs A :Aga . t Lfg A ...- ,M .-A Q XM, if I Spur Staff ROBIN NORTIN Circulation M gr. N N NANCY WARREN Family Editor --g.........................., ,HILZ no I X I yigsm. 'lx CHULA HAYWARD POSEY FOX HAL SHARPLEY Ofgdnjzafjonj Organization AJ.f'l. Aff Editot' I f It EQ , -- I "'-f' ..r"'fJ JEAN MCNAY ART GORMAN ANN CARLIN Boofterf Sporlf Editor Feature! Editor I I , . I I I I ii f a? ,.: I El I EK E52 A A ogghgigi fWf' W , . 5 E RE gb, ,I A DAVID SMITH NATALENE MILLER JIMMY GIVEN Freuhmafl Editor Claffef Spur Photographer ART STAFF - MARJORIE STEVENS AND EDDIE ASMIR 'Q-2"5"' .ELI HONEY EARP Senior Editor Q-'nib' JOANNE STEVENS Ir. 6 Sopb. Editorx YETTA HELEN KATZ Clauef ... W--.-.--...qv-. YING YU WONG Smzpthoi Editor ...M Distribggive Education Oiiice Training MR. D. YOUNG, Spomor 'WWW-W """"llu-my MISS GREEN, Sp0f1J0f N mmx ., mf,- 5 X ,f my 1, fora! 1 o ,W NP H' do X fi, I 1 0 f ff 3 as lm ! , , N E 49' E 1 FIRST BATTALION OF EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL MAIOR R. K. MCMASTER SGT. GEORGE REEVIQS ffrnu mamlfml Sllppfy S'e1'tg e,1 ul LT. COI.. PAUL H, SMITH lifzlhzlfiml Cffnzzfnzfnlw' 'wr 'Jo' 5. "1 fl ' ' f , 'f , ' --fl" .fmfrff W ,N-Z"""'j"l G .Wy Y FF' ,,. - , I uni, I' n W ' -M'f"+' , A , 4 , I' rf'3"'f'f1" T5 ftffftfb 515 J, yf?' i'Tf 5f5' Lf' 4' ,J ,Q f if f ...A fgmlgii ,Qzz , rs '-wk. . S . xg X . 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Rollis, Guss Rezlnikov, Neal Saaved ra, Armando C. , Smith, David M. Smith, Paul H. Snare, Raymond j Taylor, Zackie Terrasas, Manuel Tamson, Bill Torres, Ignacio Valdez, Adolfo White, Billy Williams, Marvin Wong, Ying Y. Wood, Billy Wood, james A. Wood, Ted Nanq' Warren Sponsor Co. A Second Platoon Abraham, Roger Alvarez, Antonio j Anderson, Roy Aranda, Alfonso Arce, Ricardo Banner William, Cap'i Adj. Bleimeyer, Herbert E. Calderon, Alfredo Calderon, Oscar Couser, Charles R. De Groat, Jimmie, Cap'x. Dgnovant, jack i V f -Escareno, Rigobeito G. , , ,Rv-For v-T., Evans, Raymond? Farquear, Winston Garcia, Alfredo Gonzalez, Manuel U. McDonald, Charles Gonzalez, Rudolfo Gorman, Arthur Haines, Marlen Hall, Robert A. Rernanclez, Roberr Holcome, jim Hynds, Jack Jimenez, Edgar joe, Mainsun Kemp, Maury Kidder, Terry Leib, Lewis Lombrana, Ruben Lueuich, Walter Lust, Bill C. Lurher, Oliver P. Nugent, james Oppenheimer, Edward M Orona, Ramon Parshall, Clarence T Rodriguez, Blas Rolston, Dick Sanchez, Willie Sanders, Rose F. Sosebee, joe B. Snare, Robert C. Thomas, Bill Watske, jack T. Wolf, Thomas Lloveras, Charles Veytia, joe Art Gorman, Captain Posey Fox Sponsor Co. B First Platoon .rf Alarcon, Armando Barger, Frank Bantista, Ricardo Boyd, Jimmie Briones, Armando Chaparro, Daniel Chlarson, Conrad Coffin, Jimmie Cohen, David Conley, Charles Crowley, Burnett Daniel, Thomas Delaney, Jerry Droutsas, Louis Gaddy, Charles Gamero, Charles Gardner, Bruce Gollob, Jack Haggard, James Ji hn Magruder, Captain -Nampa-me auuunuvna nsvnshualh ,-....-.W-va-0 Haggard, William Hale, Amory Hicks, Gordon Keily, Lee Leavitt, Robert McCarty, M, L. McCreary, J. T. Magruder, Johnnie McGuffie, Richard Matthews, Bill Mena, Robert Mengel, George Morrow, Bobby Moses, Arden Nunez, Homer Olney, Charlie Parra, Bobby Pei-lmutter, George Ramirez, Angel Richards, Donald Reid, Laury Rich, Santiago Jr. Rojas, Julio Shinaut, Jack Showell, Archie Snodgrass, Jerry Spillar, Walton Sullivan, Billy Swain, George Valdez, Jose Valdez, Robert Williams, Robert Wilson, Andy Wilson, Robert Wildon, Joe Wilson, Robert Womeldorf, Eugene Young, Tommy Chula Hayward Sponsor Co. B Second Platoon Aronson, Haskell H. Avina. Miguel Uejarano, jose Berrier, Willis L. Boone. David Boylan, jack Bracewell, Lauton Clinton, james D. Davis, jim Denm, joe B. De La Torre, Ernesto Dreasher, Max D. Farnsworth, Eugene Fine, Allan E. Flores, Salvador Hord, Richard F. jack Smirh, Captain Howard, LaMoyne Hustace, David joe, Tack Sun johnson, Thomas Katz, Fenton Kiser, Donald W. Lombrana, Ildefonso Malooly, Donald Marcus, Herman Marshall, Howard Matt, Edward McKie, Donald Stuart Meunier, Gene Moore, Ben Moss, jerry Nogaim, johnnie Riley, Eugene Rios, Raymundo Rodriguez, Leopoldo Smith, David Smith, Hubert R. Smith, jack W. Smith, William D. Snyder, Lee Stablein, Lawrence R. Walker, Emory Weldon, William F. Wilkenson, Curtis W York, james Young, Robert Yaeger, Murray Pinkard, Charles jean McNay Sponsor R. O. T4 C. BATTALION STAFF 1, .Q , H.. 2'- L i ,f Wi... i .VRF RIFLE 'TEAM Q 1, K ' lr '.,1?IQ, .X X' yu yas Q ' 14 W2 A,:' f wif - X' Qtf' , ,. X , X N - X- .L --fix Haggard, Cardenas, MCGuffie, Smith, Wilson xy, 5 I x , .vf 1 ff Q A ff ., 'V h n lv' iff l ,. 1' A ? X W X I , 'J E N U4 'O' f X 4439" ff x if 'W 1 ' 1 I 4 fl! lx WM X X , 1 W XX I' n f ll! I , X 1 XE, L , ,- , fl- ' , '-,x ,, . ' ..i, ,f ' 1 uw I f qi fum if v my A X V I W ML, Y ,V X iz: f'f'2,' - . J v ' fn ' fig x P fx , ,- I W , bixx in 1 1 : 'ww . 1 QI X , ex if , I xxx X X if X '- M I., , Xl 3 ,I X-:',W'f X - , f 44,5 ,- ,f 1 - , X + W! i W yy ' , ' N, L W 714' x .Ir . J f .14 ' - ,iiih - X 'l -1 H, f ff l Q 1 IL 41 U1 I f if Z x ALM! 5 V 7 9 Y ,kg V . ' 55 ', i , A NVQ: fix FT 9 .H fx. :r rr V. 'N-14 Z-4 - 4 5 . za :s L. Y... 6 5 E 3 ff 4 A 9 Q5 x 7 U-9 1 ff fllg if ,M .4 . ,Iv f 5 -5 rf Nh' 1152 E' a. 04,4 if yr '?,ff9? ,rg as 'nw Mefwlib msywwn 'S E M ww,M..,.k ,, - X GRUDER Johnnie was hampered by leg injuries throughout the JOHN MAR - ear but his hard figh.ing "stick to it" courage overcame these setbacks and he Y , proved to be an important member of the squad. WATERHOUSE "Little ltch" was without doubt the hardest hitter RUSSELL - on the squad for his size. His agileness in returning punts was a valuable asset District championship. Russell was co-captain of this year's team. in winning the MORGAN BROADDUS-Morg was one of the hardest fighting linemen on the s uad and was one of the reasons for the good line of the team. Morgan has one fl more year of eligibility and should be one the mainstays in the El Paso line next year. s o I My , . , v is 4 LOUIS DROUTSAS-Louis was the team's hardest charging guard. Louis played glyp A . .. V well in every contest he was in and always had his share of tackles. Louis also -,'x4. ,A 2 , , . . f has one more year. fi ll' , - Q i' t Q' ':..,' - ' 'ff ' RIGOBERTO ESCARENO-"TRO" was a hard w services will be missed next year. ' S 1 ing 3 BILL THOMPSON-Bill was in starting, but by the end of the season he was the second best tackle on the squadf He also earned a place on the All-District team. ARMANDO VILLAGOMEZ-Armando consistent offensive and defensive playing made one of our most valuable backs this season. Armando has one I... more year eligibility and much is expected on him. uv-if BILL CHESAK-Co-Captain, sparkplug of the team and all around player "Chess" lead the Tigers to the Bi-District play-off. His tremendous line plunges and outstanding defensive work earned him the most valuable player trophy in the 4AA District and a place on the All-District team. BOB SQUIRES-"Squeek's" versatile playing terrific tackles hustle and spirit brought him the admiration of all the members of the squad. jlM DE GROAT-Hailed by some as the best tackle in the state, jimmy was outstanding at his tackle post. His aggresiveness in every game gained him an All District position as well as a place in the Second team All State. f' JIMMY FAGER-jim was the best end in the District. A ART GORMAN-Art was a good defensive man and a me star pass receiver and a bulwark of line defense, jim won passer. His excelent playing will be missed next year. himself a place on the all-District team. BUD ROLAND-Whenever a tackle was made in the op- LOUIS QUUANO-A terrific kicker and blocker, "Quijo" ' ' ' position's backlield, chances were that Bud was the cause. was outstanding in every game in which he played. His superb playing throughout the season earned him a position on the All-District team. FRANK RAGO-Frank was a very good defensive tackle BILLY MATTHEWS-Bill will always be remembered for and a fine offensive as well. He has completed his eligibility his great run in the Phoenix game. Bill was a very good and his services will be missed when football season rolls passer. He has one more year of eligibility and should prove to be the sparkling of next years team. around next fall. in G R... att 5 1 SS? 1, .W , BRUCE GARDNER-Bruce's pile driving tackles have him the respect and 5' ' admiration of all his opponents. Bruce has one more year eligibility and should , :" D 5. X develop into one of the best ends in the state. . , in - .. .fs A ii ...,, is t , .,,, F zisr' JULIO ROjASJjulio was a very hard ,and ambitious worker. His fine playing , and attitmle will be missed next year. x al 1 . ' V. . K' a ' . .f K V 7 5 rt 1 1 . l . BOBBY PARRA-Bobby was another of the squad's workers. Although he did not see much action this year, next year should see him a fine player. CHARLIE BEN OLNEY-Charlie Ben was one of the hardest workers on the team. He played every position on the team. Charley has one more year ot eligibility. LEE KEILY-"Leaky" was one of the roughest and hardest tacklers on the team. He also played a fine offensive game. Next year he should be one of the out- standing players in the district. ' 1 W,,,,,,,, . ...AA 5 . in I y, i t., D 5 tv: V + gf- N ?o ., , I MITCHELL ABRAHAM-Mitch was one of the largest JAMES GIVEN-"Stewie" played his usual goal game at center all season. jimmy should be one of the best centers men On the team and always showed plenty of fight when in the district should he return as expected. called upon. Mitch will play next year. is , gi: i 4 :.I, rs. A S I X ROSS MANNING-His ability to take it when the going VICTOR CHAVEZ-Victor was one of the hardest workers was hard gained Ross the respect of all. He has one more on the squad. Victor's attitude and hard playing proved to be of great value to the team. year to play. BILLY WOODS-Bill was a good defense and a good JACK EISENBERG-A willing and capable guard, jack f blocker. Bill will be eligible next season and much is ex was an asset to Tiger squad. pected of him. Nightshift Squad, 1945 R. L. SPRINGER Coach Lindsey, Walker Perlmuter. George Moreno, Ruben jabalie, Eddie Wfood, Bob , Nugent, james BkQ:grund, Stanley Lozario, Isabel Ortiz, Al Watzke, jack Hall, Bob Walls, Charles Nunez, Homer Garcia, Armando Chavez, Lewis. Boyd, jimmie, Leavitt, Bob Velarde, Alfredo Reznikov, Lawrence Gonzalez, Pete Smith, Bill. Kidder, David , White, Bill Evans, Raymond Wise, George Woodul, Dick Medrano, Mario Snare, Raymond Blanco, joe Horwitz, julian Biclcley, Barney Botello, Ray Avina, Bobby Taylor, Bill Austin, jack fMgr.J Snodgrass, jerry fAsst. Mgizl 'Wu ,,,,,f., ,. .vp , .Www NS wmv kv. wr ww i, . . 1 f 7 fa Q . 5 5 , x. Q . .1 , V Q' 5 X S . 4 . 4 ' 1 - ' Q P . 'W . S 1 Q . jf jg! 5 7 viwf ' ' .Q x 'L f-iw J ARSITY SQUAD I. V OTBAL VO 3 -1 I9 HE T El Paso V5, Carlsbad lil Paso VS. Carlsbad El Paso vs. Carlsbad El Paso vs. Ysleta Snr El Paso vs. Bowie E SCORES OF 1945 SEASON EPHS EPI-IS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPHS EPI-IS EPI-IS EPHS EPI-IS 25 ........o.... Roswell 6 .... - - Odessa 20 .... .... 19 .... --- Mexico Carlsbad 19 .... ..... Y sleta 32 -- ,-- Phoenix 32 - - - - - Bowie 7 .... .... M esa 2 5 .... - - - Austin 7 .... - - Odessa N 4 it qw , W , N WAX. 4. 'i W " f, 5 J I "' ' ' ' W' ?T'HE DISTRICT? --"f g ?41-an cnumvf -1 ' J Q 40 1 X Q 4 ' S : t E f 9' f I r V .A . , 5 E I ff 11 6 4 - so ME , ,fa xi GL Wxxlm 4 THANKSGIWNG- 6 8 , "5 ff lf' ', 1 E' 5 .. 1 1 s.-X , , 1 : V V ,W -I f A X 'Hx 6 522' :A l V U X 6 '-V-4, ff ff 5 , 15" ,Ei J -if 1 PSA I A ai ex 'N 5 . A M 6' 1 2 ij k X , ie , 5 Lf f f ? i ' 55 F ' ZM ' A I ' ,Lg A Y VAX, ir AUSTIN 7 - Y-- 'Q f- .1 i' -5- Y -: EE: "-,-:' Z: -5? :fy f 3 EL PASO gin S L 3 lll VQ' X. W tw Roland tackles! Bill gets away! lil, PASO VS, ODESSA FOR THE Bl-DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP alln "'m Field Goal! just try to stop him! ow M,-,,,,a . Russell is stopped john lays him low! 112 l X 1 1 ART GORM AN ROBERT MENA BILL MATTHEWS is BOB SQUIRES JOHN MAGRUDER l RAMON ORONA g g.-B V5 e ."al li, 8 . .- W 1 K'-'1 . ,..x 'L , ' N 1 "':' 4 BUD ROLAND N ,- f A - , f i 5 f. ! BOBBY PARRA RAY KNAUT 1 x r 4 , . 1 ff X X Ae Y Df DANNY JAMES V R wwf g , , A 2 ! P4 J,-I 5. 4 J I in f Af' fi? I I 'Q R xy A :QQ 1 3' '. L r X .Aw It ' N' ' Q Q" Y 2 If ,. A N nl k D Q 3 s C H 5, R S 1 ME X 1 Juuo RQQAS X . JOSE PALAFOX :N A S ' 'N h ' fi 1 1 . A -qc 3 A A Z A : - Q? 1 AA A ' km , I K . In A V ' 'K' ARMANDO VILLAGOMEZ X 9 i R 5 K, , N 1 M RICHARD MONTOYA MARVIN WILLIAMS A I if Champs ct fDistri City ',.,.-Q.-... A f g ,ggi A is V, ,,., QF Mx N ZAP5' Q fbwigilgffw VARSITY BASKET BALL SQUAD-1946 19415 Niitzfeslfiiiillit Basketball Squad E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S 1E,P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S l:.P.H.S li.P.H.S.,A- E.P.H.S E.P.H.S lZ.P.H.S 1E,P.H.S li.P.H.S E.P.H.S E.P.H.S li.P.H.S I, , 3.P.l"l.b.-,, l2.P.H.S l?.P.H,S l1.P.H.S.--- VARSITY SQUAD SCORES -- 43 -- 44 ,- 26 -- 32 -- 53 -- 45 -- 41 -- 31 W 37 114 ,, 35 34 27 -, 46 -, 41 -- 33 -, 60 .- 18 -- 25 -S 22 Basketball 53rd Battalion -- Atomic Raiders - 55th Battalion ...... S. P. Shops ........ 51st A A A Battalion Swegler 8: Reese --- Alamo Drug .,.... 51st A A A Battalion Ramblers ......... Sith Battalion -- Ysleta ....... Cathedral - - - Bowie ..,. Austin - Ysleta ..,. Cathed ral - - - Bowie - - Austin - - - Abilene - - Abilene Abilene - - if Y ' x 2 N S' .Q .- f fi I I f s . 4 23 f .Q .1 W ek 1'h 9"hF 1 if Planning The Strategy COACH C. D. JARVIS COACH JARVIS, BOBBY SQUIRES, AND ART GORMAN He coached his team to win th City-Distric: Championship. ' 1 I w 1,5 7 A I J, l, 444: M XE.: ,, ,xfgh ,fied ' A "" 5 I f ,,. I W - ' M ' F - WT I ,,,, f If Q J ' ' K f I 'KN xx ix, ' WJ' JJ '- X xx x 9 H N Y XX K Xi 'N v A 1 , xx X W S ff ,riff ' X x ff Q, f if W ,Y , 1 K XX xxx 0 X x Qmvxr-WW .,fwX.,,. Track Varsity Squad 1946 r',, ' , K . Niteshift Track Squad b 4, ar.W..W,Wn MN COACH K. C. BROWN MERCADO, SQUIRES, GARDNER, CHAPARRO JOHN MAGRUDER :R s .SS "xr Sprint Relay High 1'-HUP . j- is K sn all Sflff M - , 'I E' My M 3 i 4. if E if x wm a l an ffl 1 3' x WN ,, :ji 2 ,3 ig 4 I -wijw V L- W K W X- '5,i"1 M M Y Q , M e ,K xx W . . . , W. ,. y l 'X' R R+ , F qlimrewm A . H . Aj - - W . .'7'?:"ff2'.+-'l2,.... , vililgfwfl'-'ff' ,fm A7 fx' dv, A' BOB SQUIRES RAGO. KEILY, BROADDUS, JAMES, ROLAND High Hurdle Weight Men gm -'E iii ig fx :A 1, N " fe , 'W 4 ffl li .. ll A....V D . 5 wimzf? h gh A A Q V' aa . ,..' ,miugfwi fspf- f ,. -gf R,,V ' Wil ley 1 3 Q' , - ff P Am -lm Q I: 5f1?f'5f mmeh llii ' g, Mm. ,ra 'N A Q-4 ff : A gm W .X , ,L W we . 'S MENA. VALDEZ, GIVEN, MERCADO ROLAND and DROUSTAS Mile Relay Low Hurdle Girllsg Tennis Squad ,xg Boys' Tennis Squad COACH SMITH ...,... Spomm BMW E 1 ? E 5 kr. F -rg 5 L E I G .4 1 Past Presidents Attend National Founders' Daly Tea it .lllll .. 5 I u -- i A group of those honored in February at the National Founders' Day celebration of the El Paso High School Parent-Teacher Association includes Mrs. Pascal M. Kelly, organization president, and a group of past presidents, Mesclames, F. j. Davey, F. A. B. McKeiI, C. E. Kelly, Mr. Allan Sayles, J. E. Quaid, H. E. Stevenson, B. F. Stevens, W. D. Howe and A. McDonald. Past presidents unable to attend were, Mesdames, O. J. Allen, C. L. North, Maurice Schwartz, E. E. Miller, Ralph Sanders O. F. Metz and Mr. R. j. Folk. D. lrvf and EL PASO HIGH S Preridenl ...... ...... Firrf Vire-Prerident ..... Second Vice-Prerident ..... Third Vice-Prerident .... Recording Secretary ....... Corferpanding Serfetary- - - Tfedfufef .......... ..., Hirlorian ....... Parliafnentarian .... Pferidenfr Aide ....... Faculty Reprerenlalire- CHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION 1945-1946 OFFICERS -----.MRS. -----.MRS ----.MRS --,,NIRS ----.MRS ---.MRS --.' IRS ---.MRS ---.MRS. ----MRS --,-lNIR. PASCAL M. KELLY TOM NEELY JOE NEELY E. G. MAGRUDER E. E. FARQUEAR SHEROD L. MENGEL J. C. BUTLER . 3. R. DALBY BEN NORTON A. MCDONALD KING SIDES, Principal STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Mesdames, Charles Levy, L. N. Nichey, E. F. Flores, W. R. Squires, Ruben Escajeda, P. Wilhmnks, Chris P. Fox, Gosen Hacldaj, Eugene Smith, 1. T. Moorehead, Otis Allen, rig Leih, C. E. Waterhouse, jessie Saunders, George Millar, Forrest Smith, J. M. Broadus, W. F. Ritter and Mr. C. S. Bean. Band Parents' Club ......,.................L..... Preridenl. MRS. VAN R. BAKER M0thC's' Home Making Club ..........,...L......... Prexidenl, MRS. TOM NEELY Patrons. Alumni, Teachers, Students fPATS Clubj L... Chairman, MRS. F. E. FARQUEAR Memorial Fund Chairman ...L .........,........, ............... M R S. LUIS ZORK The Memorial Fund is a fund being established in honor of and in memory of students faculty members who served in World War II. IU! ,.,, 1:51. LIBRARY MUSIC ROOM 'II I 124 SPANISH D1i11AR'1'M12N'1' HISTORY DIiI'AR'I'MIiN'I' ,U A ,,,,,,we-4Pwf- gr 1,1 DMMIZRCIAI. DFI-'AR'I'INIITN'I' MIQQHANIQAIV DRAQQIINQZ, - I f I IiNC 9I.I5H DIiI'AR'I'M IiNT ENGLISH DISPARTMENT 126 ,I-f1fLfEf:ff" uf?-'lf' , if , ,ff .ff"' A ijififffff- - -'j,f..:, E 4- I . s, v - o i L Y ' ' . nf Q qgx, ,, i f Y? 6 'E' Q3 3? 'f V '- X s .F V 9 Jaxx .v 'f fm, 'tififlvlzgig if x 2 .fi-gf' r .H xl ri Q, QM X b M., X X-is XS Mx ,f-s NA 6' ,Q '41 v ' s n F Q '36 S! 5 "I ' -' nfl, iffy A A"-L A ' Y in Y ff?" ff' 77,-K.ZA46KW 1 I m',,,,,x avg V :Q:?J,Z:" Z. 6 14, 04 J inf' mnilv k . ,Q , W J wif f"10" if 'Ch 5, Adgwf 47771 J wwf ' 'Q X. ' f 9, ,,-f M . ,gl ei M' W f-'ff' P ix! A ZW iff, 17 ' . 6' ff , 7, ,ff 6 , ff' i k '4 ,579 f K 3 X X Y X of ,Q 4 N 7' ff ffsf ,A f fm. M2 1 ff 95 4' ' ff' ' I 1 l x X ' 'C f f . , 'lf 11"..f !o ' hid r X 'P' M3 .24 . ,V 1 If Cffif' f I5 I 'es-em.. X' 3 J, s.,m X M! 4, A. 51 j f 1 ,f 'fa' X :Rx Uv I hffx sag F , , Q .,. C 9 A you: lr 0 'ot 2 9 aa A 9 7 .Qf f' f, I -X - X N 72 S N2 X , .X,., ...,.g,t,efa gg , f 5:-rg W... ,...h. K .M rp-...,. ...V-,.,....,......----A ' '4,,,,.....--- , ,....-,,.,...-0--f -""',,3."..,..,.--15 -- ,......., .... , - R ., ,,,3QI..Mi , wyxxaammum k.k' xx? M-A ,...,.,,. si Western Day ' xx 1i"'W SAMBO BLAUGRUND Best Dressed Cowboy ARMANDO VILLAGOMEZ "Least like 11 Cuwlmyw Q ,s 5 Q EDDIE JEAN PRUETT Best Dressed Cowgirl ' mf 1 .I ..- lil E JULIA BENCOMO Second Best Dressed Cowgirl vm VH I L 1 I jEAN LITTLETON MURRAY YAEGER PAUL H. SMITH R YETLA KATZ PEGGY MILLER BURNET1' CROWLEY 1 .N T' 4 - ,, . -. H I Q- ' ' -uw 1 ' - ,K ,.m5f?,,,v- u JIMMIE LAUDERBACK NANCY WARREN 4 Y, . ' - :if-Z .-' ' "F A 1- M ,. , ' ,. ne- 41? MORGON BROADDUS OSCAR ABEYTA POSEY FOX YING YEW WANG ARMANDO BRIONES CORRINE CHERNIN SAMBO BLAUGRUND NATALINE and LILLIAN MILLER RALPH REEVES HELEN REED S 7 lla :if A , y A y.p5,..LJ .sgjw A , ,asf ai 5, , -5. 'S f Era' ,W x if' .. 2... -' I JACK AUSTIN PAT DRISKELL l'l'l GQ-Q Sa 5 'QQPG A r f -s El Paso vs. Austin game Tarver shows them how Coach presents football to Mexico City Repassembly Ella gl jimmiu El Paso 8: Odclessn Wfainwright ws 'g "ig ,,. ll ' 'timmy 13? bu y ? Q 4, W 45+ ff rgjbf fkvf, M s Q' .5 -, , '- nw ' t 1'5SQfi' ., 535, - . ,W .?g,?f, Auf 1 3 4 N ' X gf 5 t for Wfainwright Wfainwright Gen, Wfainwright at E.P4H.S "E" after painting Crowd gathers to welcome Walinwriglmt 1. 44" .... . . llgfiagw. f .sas 1 Sv! ' .I I' X PIGEON TOED MILITARY PIN UP kv , if Iv: "Ns Y I BLUES IN THE DAY Ii J -Is L I 4 . MOST POPULAR BUD 81 BILL "LEGS" Boo GOON Anything Can Gather an Crowd WHAT FOR? ??? And You Want Z1 Caption Too! VUORKING ON THE ,, PM II I I I4 I v J:g1'ii.Ii'7, CATS! AA A .Ln N. SMILES -69 my R .. I ' - R . f f -. ' ' I , sf' P f 1: I G X ' ff Y li I an ' , 7' xi A - PD. P055 H JIMMIE IMPORTED I GLORIA JEAN WARREN Coronation Crown Bearer ' 11' p f R 4, I 1 Ii 5 MOTORCYCLE M . - Q Q , M 'r . " 'Z 'W I ,L I I I A W' Q ,IT . Qxv V ? ',,f,.f! wir I . 5 I A 1, f n Y A 1 THE MILITARY RULE Ii ERLLL L rr LEADERS! Y NJ I , I V. STRUTTIN' HER STUFF PATTY COCK FIGHT PAINTERS AT WORK REEVES -. tiff- Ni. mg a -.Ju ' .gkiff ,5 I ' ff? I . ' if ' if, ,R R wvfiifxfq I REAR VIEW xx ix I I as E7 L in CHULA AND NANCY I YING 'rf 'F 1' Q -fl .L I zhtx In ':" S - I I S - ' 1 I PATSY I xg "Bn" HAWAIIAN TOUCH MUSCLE MAN JEANNINE SR. KID DAY I I "ON GUARD" DAVIS "MUSCLES" CUTE SNOW MAN in ' j ig, ..,, 1 I 5 s ki. w. f 5 ,, Q. if f ' .f- 'bf , 'N 'K Q I 545 ,S f If Q Q 1' 4 A I '9- CUTIES q is gn Q. . ' QI. QE, ' N f " Y - IL. Eg figs S+ 6: . I KID DAY Sgr If E X KX A 1 E' I ' Q : . A xg I1 A . I . x Q gmc .- -Q I QQ. I I .. - I -lf L X' S, Your guess is as good as our REED AND 'CYCLE 9 SMILE PLEASE PRETTY SCHOOL MORE KID STUFF F!-4' "I if F ri ' r 1 r 4: ds' BOW LEGS AND ALL H Qi Sf M N lg a x I I I 4 , gg CNE: -1 ' I S S . 352' Q BLUSI-I, BLUSH! SHOPPERS TEDDY BEAR WALLY . I If "LEGS" M: sv HONEY TOMMY CHULA CLINTON fx: I fx ,. CN: 1. E t if : "E" CLUB INITIATION N' T bg! ! I ...1 Q? A:" . Y 1 N V ., MAJESTIGS PEEK! .. ..,. I,..:,.. I 5 H it Q we A 'fi .fl-11 -Q-- ,.,, 2'-Q 54 , ggi? "A, I , 1, 1 5 I ' "A' 1 Q W my 'A' A I if I . .. - --a- J ,TA in nvqvni E I F ESQ BEWILDFRFD I ,K V, 5 POOL CLUB . w' I W , t -'-'E Q Q X J I -".. K .tx V, ,il xx TEARS? I I 1 E,,i'f'Tw, N14 1 xx h wki . Q 1Qf,5F-' 5 L BEHIND THE BAR OFFICERS LOLLY GETS IT MORE "E" CLUB sr I. ,ff PEG AND SQUEEK I FOOTBALL COURT me .. , .5 . 4 I , if D . WW, ww 25? M? :lf ' 9 5,44 QM, 1 5 Q ' K ,!ZS2264,,l JU' 1 .Q M114 J X I, X. M HXX M iq g J w XX 1- X 'Ny FQ-ex A ! X W X - . hx 4 , 5 5 AQAQQ QW ?,: I E '1 5 5 e 5 1 5 , . ,Q gffwjlim M9 MM? Q ,,,,1 Q - Z W 'WN is Q0"Sfffq 7W bfi Ex ,W K My .WM f4M'?ffM5J,i3,zQf4i'Z2Z M ' M M 0y0WmQfL ik Mft 7gR Mjg,:..3 yy W qvvbix Wy QWASWXWB' MQ? MW 'jf M Mm YXMLVI F 3 M53N laWM3w FHEW fgww wwwfifiiqik ' , , ZZ ,M Qof ?ff229iyfZ7 Qiiwffgyjgfw fm is Wffmiqifgaw ww W,-1 Qw M' ' gb 9 f MWWQ sim -I qi i, ix l I: fl L4 ef Q , i 1 5 T Locomotive, Locomotive Steam, Steam. Steam! Pull Together-Pull Together Rickity-Rackity Russ Were not allowed to cuss. But jam it to iell We're doing so well We really feel we must! Give 'em hell, Tigers! Give 'em hell, Tigers! Rip 'em up-Tear 'em up! Give 'em hell, Tigers! Wash 'em out Wring 'em out Hang 'em on the line We can heat Any old time! w Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry pie! Vrl-C-T-O-R-Y Are we in it? Well. l guess!! Tigers! Tigers! Yes! Yes! Yes! Drag :em through the graveyard! Cover up their feet El Paso Tigers can't he heat! Team, Team, Team! X X Blow that whistle! Rane that ben! if Y! Yea, Tigers-give 'em hell! X " all X ll , N i-2-3-4 Lg, X my 5-2-1-4 ' R Q ll T R Wliti for? What for? ' Y Who you gonna yell for? X il,- T'T '-, G Q fe ills -f Q I ' Sk Y' f li-li Q A R-R ' Q5 1 5 s-s t ' Q 2 ' 'l'i,Qers, Tigers, Yea! A' '- T S. , -fs ll ? 2 - ! , " H! 1 ,,2 Step on the gas ffl sf Put 'er in low, E - If ,, Yell. Ti!-ZCYS, Whisper Yell 9 Y i 1-CVS gill t-t-tig e'e-ers 5 . f ' X A Tig-ers Tigers E ' t X 1-'rtT'G E-E-ERS XX X it , VX 'rio 1-xs TIGERS! X , , I X rf i XX . ' 1 t l I ' i f f 5 5 " , ff X ,A X , I ffl 142 X T ' ' ' 1 fl X , 1- , T ,Q SMART HIGH-SCHOOLERS R00 on the juniors' Own Slmp. . .Fourtlz Fluor For Head- Turning Fuslzrions It's fun to watch heads turn-your way? it's easy to start the coveted motion when you're Slick-Chick in a junior fashion that makes the best of your best features! Choose frorn the famous label exclusives you'll find in the Fourth Floor Juniors' Own Shop!--headquarters for head-turning fashions? POPULAR DRY GOODS COMPANY i Compliments of NORTON BROTHERS Your Headquarters f OI' School and Office Supplies g . I I2 Texas Main 496 1: Phone Main 4688 GLASS APPAREL SHUHP if sg. --'1 sf A111:' 1522153 l ff: ' Z ."'A "" I FASHIONS FOR JUNIORS , ,,,u.: I... 4, AZ. r.:o, EE5f5:f ':'- '::.'.' 'g-. .- 114 T 219 E. s A f ':,.. EL PASO TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF UNION FURNITURE CO. EI Paso, Texas I Friendliest People I Ever Met! . And we're mighty glad to hear you say so. . . because we want you to feel wel- come to come in any time for advice or a friendly talk about your problems. El Paso Nafrbnal 726 fiflefzdy MWK 205 I5 5 S' ' M B23 Texas G' Stanton El Paso, Texas COMPLIMENTS C994 4 Clldvfzkffy Bug!! Qlvmwmws. . . Alsparkling diamond. If you want OF ' brllhance m a diamond. you Q t fin q l'ry b f th f + u rr d d rn y ,. ' ygwgog-J pf ur r b II d b ry - Kern Place Pharmacy fy 3" "' , " ,, " " " "' g - f mo the quallty of jewels and you can K7 depend on their advice and the New stock quahty of theur merchandlse. f ellr Com an 0 Sheldggso 'LEX for thgy-five years p y Schaeffer's Life Time Pens ' Compliment: of Guarantee Shoe Company Fashion and Form in Good Shoes Complimmty gf ZGRK HARDWARE CO. WHoLEsALE D1sTR1BUToRS THE UASISH 5 RECREATIONS T0 SERVE YOU FIVE PUINTS MESA AVE. TOWN PUMP PLAZA - - - GRILL Bowl for your Health at Mesa Bowling Alley 609 N. Mesa LADIES INVITED COMPLIMENTS OF I Friendly pause 'W 1x I Q l -2 I5 ' qi l ' . In ll EF ' V' ' . .. IOIIIID UND!! AUINOUIV Ol VII COCA-COIL CGIAIAIY IV Your Summer Sporting Goods Headquarters . . . No matter what your favorite sport, you'Il find the equipment for it at this complete sporting goods store. And you'II find here, too, camera s and gifts. Drop in and "brouse around" . . . you're always welcome at . . P- L DON THOMPSON BASSETT TOWER EL PASO, TEXAS I... i COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of the gf the MODEL BAKERY Imperial Furniture Co. 417 N O I M 1509 H6 S St M 5054 Compljzzzemtv of Given Brothers Shoe Co. Visit Fulwiler otor Co. T ZIP SERVICE Bos! Dvul in Town 615 Texas St. Phone Main 2440 El Paso, Texas 0 I I SMART WOMENS STYLE CENTER 209 N. MESA THROUGH TO OREGON STREET COMPLIMENTS OF Il-llautffiifclldlgs Fllccmriisrt Compliments of Q 720 M Y M 1620 07dM'!Z f.IllNf!'l1'Ufl 111.1 uf llvzufs Grocery U 2 I7 C t Main 408 ' I OF OF AMERICAN MUUS GROCERY CO. 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Mesa at Texas O HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL WEARING APPAREL 150 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES FROM R THE WHITE HeUsE Y F h' St S' 1900 We Hope the Future Brings You Happiness And Success 411 Q , vw . mff"ifW W WMZWCYSW mai!! Kfiw fff,W A ZZQWQMQQW - fwpj Y We '65 ' gwwwwmbwif' WMQ W www W WM + QePA29HfS.T 'MW m.s.,UMc,a mane , M M4 W rl a 4 Q WH-EY 215- ' I 1 ,Q 'Q " In , f U2 ' .. Mt.: f Q ft u' - f I L , if J 3 Q, fi? MJ I 3,f',3MQ,mMi ,J QQ A H? by Q! 5277257 5355 M My W ifyffffkxx 57 , I EX E ji 32 QQEQ53 1, Q I Hiafwgw 0.41.4 2:26431 W WM Vf ,X mic AWZ47, Q? , ag mf W bw? SE N fffiffl Q3 5 W My W , ,,13fAi1 W 3 WML Mgqfjlw + 40 5iQ'y?fE3 fW4 'N JW

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