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,- X A., JW , , I K pf jfow. 75 WW Dv My W W 4' M XJ j , fig ' I Z M 32117, 3 ,MM.Q.1f25gm.,u.. cod LLL JL? ,M W 652 ff' Www' ,Q Zymyf Q Q ,SY cp- 2? . Sq'?oJ1o ! . Fi df 3141! 1 vfqffggf ,Quai 72 from Ae . Q 2094 Q, ?4 HKCN 7' 74' f., 7 ff X - , ff!!! K P cus N 1? 64 I Q' xc 7.7 Q U 71Ysc,7 , " X Celebrating 300 years of American High Schoolx il-' ' VOLUME NUMBER --"""'-'l I ML L 9 3 5 'eva . 4 ,L yy 7 L' wx,-f"'y-.Q,"fs, we X2 me My gif! ,D fiwfi 4, W e ' MMM 0, - Fw ' 17 Nbszif WM dm! 11 fdkewvfijwj QQ? JF 'JM Vffk ff My f 4 X f 1 2 Q Q Q J ff aff X' Rs 3 33 ,sf ,Z ef' W Y K-5 xy' JJ' ivg,fJ' Y Q XV? ,,xA ,A3f'JQiSg5,J dw ' E if , N f , - i s X-sf - 4 Q ' Wyf . gf I . 1 U7f'f75:1., V' K. , f -' 3' ff? W fWW f W , M E fff - WNW Ll! li , Z 415 J' I MNA'-.avi 5- I U ff! '.ff'WiVW+w gnfff ....4gZZQZ p a, 110-fi" af .Z f fi. '. f . - 5 - ff - .f??5M'4'ZfZ. '7 f . , .,. -52:1 1' '-,Q '3,f.:E m 7? I :gt Lrg fl 49141 .I 4' -, if '74 1, r?1 ,lux ,gn Lf iFog 4 .zfyI!'mphl, 4,1 n1,f,"'-ef, - ' fi? 151 i Lf k r ii 'J 2,1 gr: f V :if 'UV Z: 2 ? ,glE "'.' I . K7 -09' T- 6 1 ml fi! -Sgfiifig fx W . if 'f1a3!lilVn 1 f5j555Ff'E:7 Lg - 1,4 .-4 ', .lla 51+ -5? ililfg-ff? " -T-' ' -'l ' .r 'V f J - - -2 ,gwmq .jg rf 5 SE' - '1 ' W ' Um! "??'f? iff?-i..Ej'5lf + Y K ! W - ' . "" ' 37 fl' i V Elini: ' - f ,,,,,g'M,m,,www...,M,x,,,g, LOU! 511 BOWERS ' -7- TYOYTW ,ff fe . X. X c I K L h b Vw WW MQ-WMV ka PM 8U SN wwf' B0 T 0 LATI SCHOOL FIRST AMERICAN msn SCHOOL FOUNDED 1655 W' DEDICATION A: a mark of tlze exteem in fwlziclz we hold lzinz, fwlzo in fllif quiet and unauurning manner, is tireless in his ewrts for tlze beneyft of tlze.rclzooL and fwlzoxe ability to create entlzu- siasm in otlzers tlzrouglz lzis own en- flzusiasm, has caused lzim to be looked upon fwitlz respect and ad- miration by every student in tlze .rclzool-tlze Class of '35 dedicatex tlzis Spur to R. RANDOLPH JONES PRINCIPAL TRQLOGUE Thrice a hundred years behind us, VVhen the pioneers first settled, There was built a school in Bostong For the wise men of our country, Looking far into the future, Saw a nation eier progressing, Growing greater, always greater. This they knew to be important: T hat their sons, upon whose shoulders Soon would rest a heavy burden, Have a liberal education. In the early days of high-school Boys alone were granted learningg But the years brought many changes, Off'ring studies that would some day Be of value to our people, And among these great advancements Stands one higher than the othersg For the first time in our country Girls and boys might learn together. Education in our own day Is America's great workshop VVhere we learn the fundamentals Of good conduct and right living. So in this our Senior year book, With a prayer for future progress, VVe will dedicate -our efforts To the founding of our high schools. ADMINISTRATION Coincidental with the three hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Boston Latin Grammar School is the Iiftieth an- niversary of the first graduation of El Paso High School, established in the old Elks' Hall. In 1901 it was moved to the building which is now hlorehead School, and in 1916, to its present site, where it has since faithfully served the interests of El Paso. Page number ten EL PASO HIGH SCH BUILT 1914 OOL - A. , 11 V F ff' t, i , x 4 ,! ,-. ,V ,JH HI, 1.1' ,r,: . 6 f b,P','i'!!Wffl!lW1'I5?IfF J' .1119 " Q' x v H ,., IH u 'w H ,,,'f"gf:, I l 1 1 ax N , taxed- 19' r :Z 1 H N 61 "4f.,Ix.? win!! lvmllil I w, 'H 0 Jw 1-n-1... f-- ,,,, ,,sgH4+w'HEf'P'f'?''H':" l1P.m11u .,'p,2g,r2L.L'5- - MQ! H . 'I' I T mv. ggfal f .,.y 2.3 3: J Vp! f l W-:ml gig-lml.4lH4IalH2lmf H ,lm , H , ENV- -sm" ' W :Nu xl 4 1 - , ri V I VI L. UVFJQZ1 K LIL: 4, I il Riu' 1 !l 1 HHH 'TI Egg gf-f' H H15 , I, ,Q 11 H f Q," slf' A ' H rg U ij H ll ,Nfl , 3' P1 F3 Xia, n . 1 ' HIIIIIII 3 fll' v fu 1 4 i mmrwrf- Hi - H 2 ' , . ' ffl,IlJ!"'u ' H -:W 'H"' w'4"'lH ,H Q J H fl! 1 .I My v 5 ' 4,N i "N, I' Ts f- , . -U' ' fi Uh. .fm .1 I -H :l1x'1 1 M ' ' H I + 'ir HY 725-g?,'m: H f lfs f Ei, ' ah X My H Q- if-izrfffi L' H - -H Q , H I 1 f f MRS. MARIE STAMPS CATIIERINE FLYNN MRS. LUCILLE SHAVER MRS. MARY DEWEY llaylor University University of Texas University of Missouri Cafeteria Manager A. B., Spanish A. Il., Math. Dept. Head A. Ii., Matllelnativs EMMA BRASWELL University of Chicago B. S., lvlathematios State A. Il. San Sebastian, Spain Librarian A. B., Spanish MRS. LEONA ELLIOTT R. WV. TAPPER FLORENCE BYMARK Vanderbilt University The Stout Institute Sul Ross State Teachers B. A., English Industrial Arts College li. A., C'ommerc'e S. ELIZABETH WOOD FLORENCE DUNCAN MRS. EULA HARLACKER MARJORIE THOMPSON University of Mexico Mills College Baylor University State Teachers College Northern Arizona Teachers ll. A., Public Speaking Ii. A., Art Farmville, Virginia College B. S., English Spanish Department Head Page number twelve Xxx. MATHILDE ALONZO MRS. MAMIE LYLES University of Louisiana State University ,MW 5 K.:-.. gig, We 5. I ' fix: xx ly? , ,M A ses Q, , . Yggwx is ig F 5? . X 2 E: 1 1 E' K X X A i lls 9 at v KV I it me g 3? 3 figs if is sziifii Q 3 5 M gggl 4 1 Ni s 2 at sez S ig . 5, . g i A K. ,wig 3 f if 5 Q., 1 is g f sf' . ..... , li .... .Iss 2 Us R 3 t ef Qi 2 I mg E Q .2 ss Q 9 Si if ' .4 8. .ii Q L l s 5 X l K I , xx .Q . 35 sis, i .f353.,'i 1 Q :Ir rs' .1 st . ' - !s ,,, . ' img' 'fi 12 1 M ,K 4? ZFQXQE ek if '13, gf? jeff. ill, s,lQtN'1' E: flfggi T 5 if g A 4 F, :iw I li. ,. , W., ,. ,, ., X ww, ff.-if , .fir-iff v ,, K gt.- gg ,.,' Q 221 iff wife i?Q:f,'j 1' mf 3.1311 Qs .,, , , cg wr, , ,, 1..P.wf-. i ff if gf 5 fa -,,- 1 -5' 'ge 'Zi-V'w ,, 4. ? .5 7 ,rf J, ' K A. 'S , 115 .uw 5352! 1 ' . .- W.. 4- f ,Hag 3. , Q. wg-v, ,..1 A fs. , ,,, 55 E 2 . L , 32 :fer fm 1 A4 5 M Q -a gt ffm, 1 IM- , 1 -in iw " ' 4 ' ww tw nv-fix., - -wlfQf,2'.1g,1'7-ls: f ,f3,5g,2,a, - 3. ' E . ,,., " ff Q: , l .. Zi? Q., qi kai :",s..S:6 341' K ff l 42 39 Q fe MRS. NHRA WVARD .IEANNE M. FRANK IIIQLEN OIADHARI AIRS. RUBY 'l'A1'1'1Q1L Baylor University University of Glasgow Ilglylgr Univm-sity yvclleslcy College P11- 1:-, 1911211511 111. A-1 1'111!11S11 110115 1191141 A. Il., English Il. A.. C0ll'llllCl'Cifll ITOII' lleall FLORENCE BRADY MRS. RUTH PERRY VERNON HILL ELEANOR PHILLIPS University of Califernial UlliVEl'Sify of Missouri Baylor University University of Texas A. ll. and M. A., History ll. S., Eraomics Hczul l'l1. ll., Dean of Girls M, A., History ue? W1 kyr. V, Ei .gwg "1., ,L .,j1,, qgsfffc ... - ifkkiaii mr? . M -,.:.' ,,-:.: L 1 . ANNE KELLY J. D. OSIEORNE, .TIL University of Texas liaylor Ilniversity li. A., Matllelnatics A. IS. and M. A., State Matllelnatics I C1'IA1lLl4IIC KELLY lluiversity of Texas Columlmia Il. A., lXI:lfl1e1natis-S A L' VV- LICCOIXIAACIIIIC C'. L. KOELSCHE MARTHA NEAL MRS. N01-th Texas University of IS. S., Peabody College DOROTHY NVIMIEEILIA State Teachers College Southern California ll. S., Cumberland College Simmons University Attendance Clerk A. Il. and M. S., Science Study Hall Supervisor IE. A., Science Page number thirteen 5 n l 1 I MRS. DORA DITPREE ANNIE HARPER W. D. PATRICK FRED RAKEII University of Texas lfniversity of Texas North Texas V North Texas Il. S., Science ll. A., Latin State Teachers College State Teachers Cqllege ll. S. Industrial Arts ll. S., Manual Trallnn MLS. LEILA OLIVER MISS LOLA TIGNER University of Mivhigan University of Arizona B. S., Science B. A., English University of Mexico A. B. Secretary to Principal Faculty members whose pictures do not appear WILLIAM BALCH M. BARBOGLIO J. COLVIN E. CHAPARRO W. H. EMERT FANNY FOSTER EDITH GIDDINGS LUCIA HUTCHINS J. BYRON JONES L. W. KIRCHNER REBECCA KRUPP OTHOL MARTIN LENA MOKIE HAZEL OSBORN Page number fourteen PEARL PONSFORD ED PRICE LOUISE SHOFFNER NELL TAYLOR TOMMY TERRELL MRS. L. Y. WARREN J. W. WHITAKER MRS. BESSIE NIXON Texas Womans College W' 1 A S .ff . WH 1 5 Stu ent oznernmem Page number fifteen . - f ,, ,L wh v., -33" ,-V.-" '11 -' ' 1. -,J if 5: PA .my ,.,,,,e. , 9 ,ax MLW . fe, f .11 mn mw,,f3.1 -,, uk 33 u , 1 It ' f' ag .mHABfmWn ?6aL'?QgHh'HG:wI?i. ' ' f I "'f. - y. - lv 'J 1'3" , ' ' 'XII'-"AIf"7h'Q45 'V' Ki Qwflwfmqxmw . ' 'fl lN, 9'm'WWN57' , Fw 'V , 'f-'-V'3-17 M f'Q?9L3W 1' JACK FAN T President Sludent Body Page number sixteen 5 fl 3- - I ' . :ii ' x 1 fa N A M 2 Q 4 QQ. iv S S 3+ X 5 if ,Q S 1 2 ii 14 iw 1 -55 S '52, v, ,. 'fiiff . .3 5 ' v iw g f. .. ' -' :flew-filfa W 1- fiifibgifl, f 152-fgiklf T1 Qi 2 ' L . M, . :W - , . gk 2- -ffl . in X - Khgiiigl ' ' iigeiif is .SA..ew Lx -nm, f .Bw m,,,f,Z1A s 1 1? is J L i . . -3 , 3 .5135 :Qgii'1,,fQ:24. 1 Y glgifgzfwefx xv f .isfxfsgiiifi 5 wk -1 g .K k ai ggggi Y 'MS ' -,q', Q 2f Q E5 . Sm fi 1 ' Es Q. W SSE gg , f ak 'YN , Q Ei f p X is E if . ::- wigg- Lf. fix! 1 'EQ Q-:J,g,g 5 fx 552 i f ' 5 , i . K . I 1 1 I if-frge E 3 7 3 wsssgiy -, I 1 Z 325 xr- Q, 'T P5 .. A ' Y Iliff, - ni, ' V 'TS P 1 in g --gQ,z,-' .,2zg- gif L ::?' .':s W h S, M , M 57 ff, f- V 2 ,ff 5 5,2 PM W ef w N335 1 5, QTJWE1 s ,J 593 S159 5 55:22 W 9 :2 1 asf' X Gil 4 y- - :H W , Q 24 51555 1 sf, Q .n W ..f .' gg i ? 2 , 1 2 Q ag en: H 5 xiii' f 2 E a KLM sg: . ' 2 ..Q, i , i n y,. ., ? , , ,ysw ii S 4, 5.2,-: Ffa'-4 .. .5 .,,15,,. PE -5,53 5,51 - 1 115, 2 f.r::f:w E grfiviiiiai:-'I ,ff '- ' e, Sei' may ge Ei Q ,2 M1 c: slag H , sl' E, E . . ,I if w u s . H f ,- 1 X Q- 1 ' 2 M ek eff? -, fi:-H 5 5 if 3 2, .,,,.. 315, zg fif :.,- fg, --k g .Ja ,-S 2 ,- Q si l e 5 . g 5525? ,,... fw- 2 WW mi? ' l:mH 1 BYNG ARMSTRONG Vice-Prexident Student Body Page number .seventeen air P STUDENT COUNCIL tm Top Row: Bob Clark, High Seniorsg Louis Davis, Low Seniorsg Charlie Munoz, High Juniorsg Mike Carrasco, Low Juniors. Second Row: Abie Kahn, High Sophomoresg Kenneth Terrell, Low Sophomoresg Kurt Hain, High Freshmen, Darleen lVIcDerm0tt, Low Freshmen. Louis Davis , , ....7,,., . .,., Prefident Bob Clark ,,,...,,,. ,.,..... V ice-President Charlie Munoz ..,, , ..,,,..ie ...,,,, ,,,,,, e,,,e,, .,.....,,,....,..,,ii,,.,.,,,,,,,,,e.,.e,,,,, S e c r etary There is undoubtedly no larger task in El Paso High School than the adminis- tration of school affairs. In a spirit of modern democracy, student participation in government is evidenced by a steady progress in school administration. A new system of student body government, the Student Council, has recently been introduced into El Paso High School, one in which it is possible for each class to have its own representative. This new form of government is young yet and its members are feeling their way--not satisfied that they have done all that could be done, but trying to work in the right direction. Their work has been rather unobtrusive and its results perhaps little known. With this splendid foundation for student government, and with the whole-hearted support of the Student Body, no one can say that student participation in government is a meaningless phrase in El Paso High School. Page number eighteen -,,z,.,, .s vs 1 .. V- ,, , n ,.,,. .. ,.,.. Classes Page number mneteen If . -- K ,, gy, i:?,:,JEz.P wma-m,mw..,-m mm M-whim, ww.- l.. 4, SCRAWL ik ML Page number twenty S 9 pl' if y Q .' 11 115. 5V U 0.9 S ,f f 4 ' - 1 4 f1'r J, 1 ,' K .3 , ' f IQQVH aff P 41 In -3 11 of QQ ' Y! 'A 4' AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL E5i?Nf Qgjwfig FOUNDEDIBSS Tl- 'n f' I A Q ' w . x 94,5 if " gf Y, -295.5 4-gngvjf' - - J '3 X, 1 I 'i g if A-N 55. ,A f ' Liiiggl n fn 'gm ' Fl ""45E5?1'im ' N, Q YYY , ' 4, Nv:f,:'-5:-"- H' 'ci-1' 1 ' ,1 S 1 Xl f iig f ff 2fWy :az-1f:::.:r:-"'- ..f- 111 11 4 1 ' , n ,4 f 49:5-kgs-f"" A 11, 'I 5 ' -, 'iff . H K W1 f .' , sa"'.1z'-bb ,, ' ' x ,lf C233 f1i?f3Q" " 75' 'vw 'H ALF ! p , -Q 1' W ff V' 7 f Z , iz? ' , -- jg. f ?? ' F""D "' J. vw f 'ffgffiy K' :M W f L Q 'gg ff 'EZ' f yy b ' ffm , , K if :'i"""-:H ' "' fl Z':Ti-A - 'E-f--f - H1 ,f'3f":',' 7 H -X 1:1 , W 1' 53 2575 , xi. X N fvgnf 2-1 V , fi- , '. -2' -X ,f,'-X41 . fi-Q2 ,-' MK EQ 'Qws f f' 4- L - I -1. 7,4 " X cl, l ' i, V, hi. f 'L' i ' if i, f 1 ' , , A . hi " 1 f f Q a 15 17 Q QV" F' lfy M , 1 lv ,yi f f' '1 Q fn 24? im W s 1 7 'r x N fi f' ' ' 7 sz- N - . , I ' x' 'fi 1 dm' 1' IA, 1, .J - My if E X L,e",,f1' "ff X U 'f,,f,3hS ' gl I A N 4 : I , .Wvx ' 1 4 J' T X A' W 'H ex y - .534-A .. if-. " T XP- pf QI' 5- ,5 - r N f- 2 E , r- ., V , , x N K N ' x - am. -34579, ,j ,5w dl! Frovvv dh .- fl J- , -. A 45 ' - OA D Pmrvrkg. N F 7, ., 2 -M n Aqmrofx KOMO Y L SENIGRS A Page number twenty-one CHAIIIES RICHARDSON BEss YOUNG l DICK KING Preszdent Vice-Preszdent Secretary JANUARY GRADUATE OFFICERS SENIORS The year 1635 is oI1e of great import- ance in the history of high schools, for it was in this year that the Boston Latin Grammar School was established. It was characterized by its restricted curriculum and was open only to boys. Here was laid the cornerstone of our great American institution, secondary education. DICK MILLER JIMMY KING ALICE HAYS Preszdent Vice-President Secretary MAY GRADUATE OFFICERS Page number twenty-two I- 15455: .z -,,, , .-2.5: -- . , ,ss --X stares: .5 53 I in 1 sz. . I gig s U- A E if Y , I i its if Lil' I. .I . I X 5 2 K N is Q I I i I if It , ,. if ,f r.f. ,. 5. K is Q Sgjgig F K I ' fi i -I . Isww .Q 3 wa -T I , f i r 2 xii is I 53 5325? S1 " 4, K : - U .4 W? I . I i flee F7 is YL M ,L . 5 kihi .gwsa L Q.. I L . ---- Q .A ' il' . 'FI 'fsirm :ffm gi: f , f5'5f'-I vm. . ...QE :1..7,:i.1 . I,-A.. 4- LA: I., , Anbgi 3 I: ,, 5, -' . Ii, i Ir ii ,I ME, -1-,g:g.z:.. I ., .Iv 1". "lt: 5' v 5: 'wee' 'l. ' bij .,,. E. .:,, 2 4:13 ff, ,mills ...qu lm, MAXINE LUNT ENRIQUE PRADO National Honor Society Scholarship Club Valedictorian SELMA SHAMALEY BILL LIGGETT Ufliccrs Club '33 LOUISE IKANDALL National Honor Society Scholarship Club "Clarence" VICTOR NIANUEL GALLO Trzivk '34 Nzitionul Honor Society R. 0. T. C. '32-'33 OSCAR WYLIE Oflicers Club R. O. T. C Bass YOUNG Vice-Pres. Seniors HOY AUSTIN MARION MURPHY Senior Play "Clarence" 'THORNTON HARDIE SCh01:l.l'Slllll Club Naltionul HKJIIOI' Society Football '34 AI.I,EN SAYLES, JR. Oiiicers Club '31-'35 R. O. T. C. , 1 L ff ,f ggxjr 'Q E' I L' 'an I , , , 1 " I f A. S. Page number twenty-three DICK KING Football '32-'33 Sec. of Seniors "E" Club HAZEL BRAEM LIPMAN SINGER ANNETTE FRANK CHARLES RICHARDSON "Chile" Pres. of Seniors Football '32-'33 Glee Club "Carmen" "Chonltu" Football '32-'33 R. 0. T. C. GLADYS SALOME Ay f ,X Ny! I ,f ,VH ' T xg A. Ig' - A ,. - F tb 11 '-'34 f'- -Q' fgx ' 'O O0 gfrack '33 ' ' "Clarence" Q f ll f , 'mmi C. R. Page number twenty-four BILL ADKINS Tatler Staff '33-'34 Dramatics '34 MARY LEE BIGGERSTAFF Salutatorian Scholar hip Club National Honor Society J AVIER Luls GARDEA "Harvey" Courtesy '32 Orchestra '32-'33 Band '31-'34 "Clarence" JEANNETTE SHANNON ABEL PAREDES Archeology Club '32 House of Representatives "E" Club '33934 Football '32-'33 SALLY PAGE WM. MUZZY LEON RICE WOSIKA Archeology Club '31 Buss BELL R.0.T.C '30, '35 Band '33 Art Club, Latin Club Senior Yell Leader Spur Staff '34 Officers' Club '34-'35 s Rifle Team '33, '35 Woom' ARMSTRONG Lt. lL.O.T.C. Ufhm-ers' Club ,gf 1 ff' -,Q f -qs! , ' J .Air-' f Z I 3 1 J .lf f .7 AFR If C S41 fc f X VV. A. Page number twenty-six HARRY ZIMMER Louis GooDw1N Baud '32, '34 Tatler Staff '35 Colonel R.0.T.C Boxing Team KATIII.EEN BOGARDUS Glee Club '31-'IH "Hells of CIlIllStl'2lllUw UCHVIIIQIIH AURY HINDS Library Assistant Tl", "ll Ilfilllliltii' Club 'IH Courtesy Club '31, '35 l'rc-Med Club '35 BYNG ARMSTRONG Vice-I'resiIlent Student Body House of IfQ1ll'0Sl2Ilt'IltiVOS '32 Spur Staff '35 llnnml '31, '35 M URIEI, DOUGHISRTY Alchemist C'luh '34 'l'nfl0l' Stuff '34 Joie U. SWEENEY Captain R. O. T. C. Officers Club '34-'35 Latin Club '32 Spur Staff '35 l.I.oyD SEIDEMAN Hflivvrs Club 'IH-'35 Lt. Il. 0. 'l'. C. W PAU LIN I3 VAN COURT BIERNICE HALI. VIRGINIA I.IcI2 KENNEDY Home EC0ll0Illi0S '32 Pre-Med Club '35 BIEATRICE MAESE Scliolastiv Club '32-'33 Spanish Club '35 N2lti0ll211 Honor Society House of Renresentatices '33 MAYXfIS FITZPATRICK Home ICCllll0lllil'S '32 P1'QAD'lBtl Club '35 MARY IKOSENFIELD SCll015ll'SllilD '33, '35 Nnlional Honor Society '31 Courtesy Club '34 Kalevala '35 Spur Staff 35 X 1 l, O fi X f If P7 yi. 2 , X X ,N I A If W f' 'S f L.S. Page number twenty-seven 'KICHARD DAVEY Courtesy Club '31 b ff REVA ELIZABETH CROCKETT Girls Glee Club '31-'32 Latin Club '31-'32 Girl Booster Club '32-'33 Sgt. Gi s R. O. T. C. Co lrtes lub ARTHUR EISERT Alchemist Club '35 Photography Club ' 5 ILMA BLACK R. 0. T. C. Sponsor '33-'34 Art Club '32 Courtesy Club '32-'34 bFnvANno LIZARRAGA Archeology Club '32-'33 Science Club '32-'33 French Club '33, '35 PAULINE Esrlss Scholarship Club '32 Glee Club ' mmm. .Lfi""lff4.!Zb' 3' I m 'lox ICU "Q ',f, M gh If lv v ,Q X4 R. E. C. Page number twenty-eight Fkrrz MOELI,ER SHERMAN GIVEN Scholarship Club National Honor Society Basketball '34-'35 Tennis '34-'35 FRANCES BAIRD Library Club l're-Med Club '35 HARRY f2REGG MAE RHODES Glee Club "Carmen" "Hells of Capistrano" NIARGARITA GoMEz lffilllliitlff Club '31 Sf-holarsllip Club '31-'35 National Honor Society '34-'35 Spur Staff '35 EILEEN HERMES Debate Club '32 llfilllliltii' Art Club '32-'33 Library Council '35 'l'atler Staff '34-'. 5 Spur Staff '. ' LEE COULEHAN 3 'lo Pres. Low Seniors '34 Library Council '32 Good Reading Club '31 KEITH 'IYEAGUE National Honor Sooiety Senate '32- '35 '33 Il. 0. T. C. Sponsor '32-'33 LEROY STANTON Lt. R. 0. T. C. Olllcers Club '34-'35 Math Club '32 STANLEY TIPTON SClCIQ?9 CE1btg312r PFW ed lu "0 JUANITA FOLKERS 0 ' l at ' '31- 33 ltgg?11E1e?3Q2a Archeology Club!'31 '32 House of Representatives '31 I .faguffeay 12113 Vg? lx ary o c . 4 f .1 . if 9 I . 1 . 7, , 5, " Wx 'S f Y ff . 1 x f Pg .ffi"94s Q ke CL r S. G. Page number twenty-nine GORDON Goomucn Ifootball '33-'34 llnsketbzlll '33 III oster Club 'Ill I BETTY STAIILEIN A Capella Choir "C!ll'lll9ll" Courtesy l 31-'52 x RORERT MITCIIAM Xlilllllill Art '31-'33 Cll0IHiSfl'y Club 'IH 1'1l0f0lLfl'illlY Club '35 Courtesy Club '35 ELIZABETH 'IQRIMBLE Glen Club "C3l1'lIl0ll" "ClIOI1if:1" ANGELINA GIRON VIRGINIA SWORD SIflI0laI'slIip Club '32-'33 National Honor Society Spur Staff '34-'35 VIRGINIA STANSIIURY "Ginna" Sf-holarsllip ClIIb '32-'35 National Honor Society 34-'35 ll. 0. T. C. Sponsor '32 '35 Spur Staff '35 NORMAN ZEIIMAN uzelu Captain R. 0. T. C. Spur Staff '35 '1':1tle1' Stat? '34-'35 '1'I'n0k CELIA MARTIN Math Club '32 JACK RUTIIERFORD Elltefed from AIII:II'illu Otlicers Club '35 LOUISE BOWERS Archeology '31-'1- Art Club '31-'32 Spur Staff '34-'. Clothing Assistant '5. W SIIEILDS 'l'oIvII.INsoN 7 Pvc. Pre-M041 Club f lloosfcl' Club '32 X Courtesy Club 'RQ'-'f'5' f 7 1 0 f 0 , R. M. Page number thirty ,ref kv - -v -J .N - Cl Cl Q iz ll Q. J gl 5 5' 5, .Ps Eh 55, SK ' 551 g. .l- l A to :gui L JS M X it A P L if-2 Q4 W' 25 Sf if fi' tan Q gg, wx, A .A ,, Asa gf A L H5 5 :ffl ml. - f . ,sagg y . .., ,.. SW. IN, fl f Q e 1 - K Q 5 E 5' 533: .Af 1:.i , Zz :V .ilz 599 . . w ., ..-gg l , .I .,... , 'M' gfferig 2 52435513 3 3 fl, , - i gag 5 A3 . , xl. L -at-'f 1 " C iq V J g, 6 as . :i - ' Z ,Se Gigi ig. 5. lv- lw K LZ - li? 4 1-Q 5 5 , ,115 "f s li I 551. gf ' lr' Q 1 .5 3 1- if 'J , ,: ,ll 'QM-1 - -:im . 1 kj 'S 5 .I L Eifi. 52 fag.. N, 'E im' -1 "EL: . - :. f- 3 5? Fr W1 Lf., ml on L Ek - yi? A, l-TSVT Q 52 K -fm ,f . W, , sqyffikg A 155-:G E, ,Er fl with 'S 9 1 4 F 1-af!-s .SL 5 .. ,125 ff L,- lf ,Q5,4fgx5 gl il ggffiflgl Sf TV' f . lit. A . l DOROTHY MOCKERT Library Council '32 Courtesy Club '32-'53 BOYNTON STEVENSON Courtesy Clllb '32-'Il Latin Club '33 Glee Club '33 In-hate '33-'34 RUTH KAERWER Natural Dancing C All Star Club '34 Sports Club '35 GERALD CoRDELL liaml 'Ill lPl'1'll9St1'Il '31 Basketball '33 l'1'c-Med Club '35 Louisa BRoAnuEAn Library Council '32 l'l'4--M041 Clllll '35 SAMUEL VALENCIA Otiicors Club '34-'35 Sf-llolarship Club ,1 National Honor Society 'Sl-'I Glcc Club ull' ffl. IK HAROLD WEILLER Courtcsy Club '34 ELVAREE LINCOLN Library Council '35 A Capella Choir '33-'35 ARMANDO CISNEROS ucils-Un Football '32-'34 Basketball '33-'35 Track '33- 35 "E" Club '33-'35 CJLA MAE DIERBACH Courtesy Club '32 Booster Club '33 House of l:PIDl'0S0llf11llV9S '33 Doius HELVEY DORIS KRUEGER .F ' Courtesy Club '32-'33 "' office '34-'35 Tatler '34-'35 K Alix 1 ,Q N ffi. X KJCS' - if! , E bull 1 A 4 tl ' U' f L2 X Lk Page number ' , ,ghifgy-Um- B, S. 0 2, ' tr F1 o1sE IVIARCY 4411-0 l'l11h '::1 '1 'l'11t14-1' Stuff ZH RAY KE 1 C0113 j 1111 '13 Foo ll 'Sli -" I Q i 1 ff, W 1 Wm S . ls - fmsg. . 1 2 1 ls I 1 1 , 1 Y Q 1, 3 1 3 1 1 L 1 ffl lf 11 . in 2515, , is-'Z 2 1' DITH BRYAN ' 1'1-+-7111111 l'l11l1'i!5 1 , 'l'2lfl0l' Shlfl' 'IRIS-'35 'iw fi 51,1 ,,..W 1 1 E 1 QSIE IVIEECE ' 15, A Glvv Ulub 'Sill 4 l'u111'lc-sy 011111 'ZH I .gigs :gg 1 1 1 f 1 N:1fio11:1l llullul' Suvivty 2,11 Ifllll-'Villil '35 Slllll' Staff FVARISTO x7A1,l7EZ Math P11111 '32 11211141 'itil P DUARDO ARGUELLES Art 011111 '32 H ltlive-rs Club 'ilu I. ll, 0. 'l'. U. Q el . g1.g5?s:,., f 1 Q X225 sg? 5 fa 1 E1 :+A-11211 3 Q V 1 HW ?A1,,wf"1' 1-M. Q- 1 fgi fx x' , Q ' 5 rj 1-Qty, ll S. P. Q. 11. '32 A ,, 1 S 1 1 1 14 '15 1 V147 ,D 1 ' ,M .3 11 0111 1 1 '11 . fvgff I 7-1 1 ! Y-31 X '51 ' I ' Q 5 2, ' X ' If' f ' ,- ' 1 ' m'-LN sv 1 gg' A ' X: 111. 1:. Page number thirty-two 3 1 1 1 1 QQ, 1 I , , 1. . ,-Q BILL FUGATE Scholarship Club '33-'34 National Honor Society Captain R, 0. T. C. Officers Club Spur Staff '35 MARY EDENS Pre-Med Club '35 Library Club '35 Girls Sextet '34 E G. JORDAN Officers Club '34335 Dramatic Club '33 Photography Club '35 Rifle Team '34-'35 Captain R. O. T. C. NAOMI NICHOLS A Capella Choir "Ca rmen" To1vI MITCHAM Junior Mechanics '33 Alchemist Club '34 Photography Club '35 Courtesy Club '31, '35 MARIE SOLTNER National Honor Societ y '35 Scholarship Club '35 Math Club '31-'32 Glee Club '31-'32 '34-'35 gilltzip MARY ZoE NICHOLS Tatler Staff '33, '35 Business Manager Tatler Tennis C'lub Dramatic Club Glee Clllb ALYENE WILLIAMSON House of Representatives '32-'33 GERALIJINE DINWIDDIE Girl's Athletic Commissioner Z -1 "E" Sweater and Pin Ofiice Assistant Best Girl Athlete wif MARY LEE BAILEY Glee Club '31 Scholarship '33-' National Honor Society ' Courtesy Club '31-'33 Spur Staff '34-'35 34 35 FRANCES BAKER EVA ELKINS f Q 2 M Z YQ I R. F. Page number thirty-three OSCAR Cosos Football '33-'34 'l'1'aI'k '34-'35 Oll9llllStl'y Club '34 1'lI0t0g'rnphy Club '35 AN NE NIORAN Courtesy Club '34 Urlive '35 Art Club '34 BERNARD HANSEN 'l'1':Ir'k '24 UI1i0e1's' Club '34-'35 IAM ES HARPER 'l'I'af-li '33 Lt. ll. 0. T. C. lH'illll2lfl1'S O0llI'l,1-'Sy .. D. MCCOMAS, JR. Business lwklllagel' Tatler Spur Stuff 1,ICK MILLER Senate '32 l'I'esideut of High Seniors Business Mzulager Spur Iglllltl '31, '35 'gf 'ff AQX xl "Qiy'Q 'Q' E? S12 ill, M - L 5529. X A. H. Page number thirty-four MARGUERITA VIESCAS "B ootsien ' Glee Aesthetic Dlmuug 31 MARY LOUISE BRUEN JOE ANNA MooRE A Calwell-1 Cholr ALICE HAYS Secretaxy of SBIIIOIS House of Representatives Editor of Slllll DOUGLAS RICE Orchestra 30 '14 Courtesy 31 2 SARA ELDRIDGE Transferred from Phoenm Summer School Graduate Spur Staff 'S Secretary of Low Semors 'ln gplga ,m:, 1.3 - 2 wif., k X Q l 5 Q ' , X . , V f I Amzhmyfl , A A '25, ' ,fvlzkbx - i : .5fvg',2fZ1ifEZ , fy M5524 wg mia ,gwfggw flif ' 5? V 1 wr1f,ip,- 'MIX 'iff ' y wzf,.r+132A fi 'A V552 , Eliiifiij- vzgffq ,-.. E, wi. .. A ' Aa . E -wi WIN MQ W'-1 I gill.. R Y Ng? IJOROTHY Hom. I Hnuso of ltvpwsm-111:11iw-s 'Jil-'32 Svllntle ll. U, 'l'. C. SIHIIISUI' lluxingr SINIIISUI' 'ZLZI t'nl1l't0sy Clulm '32-'35 HELEN CUSHMAN Girls Atllll-tic' Unllllllissiullm-1 'Sill-'IH lil-st Girl Atl1l0fu'2H Spur Sl:1f'l"I!5 'l'ul1nis Cll:l1np'2H-515 ANGELA Fxokns N:1li4m:1l lltllllll' Srwivly NI.-XRION 'l'AP1mN .l.xcK IVANT l'n-sinll-111 Stlull-nt Ilmly l7l'1lIll2lll1'S '32-'::5 'l'l':l1'k 'HIS-'HS llollsv ol' IU-Ir1'4-sv1lI:1fiV0s IJOROTHY SEIDISMAN I ff 1 X H , kiiyv G. M. BILL COFFIN Spur Stuff 'Z' Ihilo Vlbillll .,l Bunmn JORDAN Ilomm- l'I1-omnnivs '21 rv 1 m M ll. U. 1. L. nl- .lu IXIARGARET l,EDDEI,L 2' Y . 'N bR11f1f1N U, RD t nrt:-sy Club '31-'R nm, it'lPl'9S9llf2ltlV1'S 'SL '4 ,eulogy Clulr 'SSH-'Il 1'1'l"AlQll Club 'Zin 'l'1':11'li 'CH X IIIQLRN HALL Howfx D ' uihb :1tlv1'St:1ff'34-'Zi Spur Stuff 'Zi Payf' numlufr thirty-ffm' Nlzljm' Il. 0. 'l'. C' Boxing 'l'0illll 'ZH f10lll'll'SY t'lub'Zl1-'Zig rr if Joi: RAMSEY Tatler Staff Spur Staff blx BAUL REVILLA Basketball '32-'35 National Honor Society JIMMY KING ent Seniors L3-'34 I Club l '33-'35 O. T. C. fin J. K. Page number thirty-:ix VIRGINIA SEVERANCE MARIA SALAZAR DAVE WAIDE Boosters '32 Spani h Club '34 FOUNDED PHILIPS ACADEMY AN D OVER and FINANCED by SAIVPUEL PHILLIPS I778 ff'T,.45nd CONDUCTED NEAR HIS fx X W X Q PLANTATION HOME 1 ' f ' fi? f! f H5 2 -,QQ-vi' Q- 7 AQ N I fig iffy: f aj ,g ' 9 'Wg ff, f' A 'Lf f " , I,,l,!,,' pd ,df ,gi f , ,gf ff " V2',2f'7 Af---' :ini 'f 5 'r Mgt Q. ,:?-ld? ff f' V k f Q- 'I In 'T 1 U ' fax 3.1" 4 41 255, f,-3 4 3 3. 'W fill. f 'gif fi ff' - ff , ng If 53, ff ' Lf ,. 1.0711 V '. 2 , '.gg5i? na p'::., is Til ' 4 ,fgjilg :xiii fx , , , -, H Z A' - Jf fy - 4 7 114- My ff , JL? A,, -ffl? 4 1""g' K JNX- V -ff ""' ' HY I-d rglfflifii X AXA , F, 7 ,, s A x gf V ,Z Wx -f"'Y, RHw "',g,,," 51- M lin-F "-' . . ff- 1 'M-xg -. W ' " f .f' ,JAr a "S"q'1, :E-A41 ii ' - fm -1 ,f Q. , --4 X V ' ,J , :fax Nffxflff W ' J-aka'-K - - mf- L A5 jAY llygifv 1',ZE'2':,'i,w '-'Qpx' X , N A - , 6 X5 af , RQ .l J A MX .fx . - x " ' u 4 -11.55 f C Q '- -f-4 ' f xv! JJ 'M ,157 115 ' ' 'f m y Qs' I ENJSARA I5LDr2mDE5 QQ Wy.,- A I X f 'I U le-I im an O P 3 mff m f ,JU A CRS I ge number lhzrty J U 1 Tm THOMAS Louis DAVIS SARA ELIJRIIJGE ' ' i f . UMW I i i: W' so W 2 5, 5 AA 1 rmidcfzt Vine-Presidelzt Sefretary l,OVV SENIOR CLASS Ol'lFlCEl'lS JUNIORS Sczlrcely less iniportzuit, hut not so widely known us the founding of the Bos- ton School, is the establishment of the first Phillips Academy at Andover. lllassachusetts, in 1778, followed in 1781, by at second Academy at Exeter, New Hzunpshire. These schools were influen- tial in giving the acadeniy recognition as education. SAM DWYER EDWARDA KEI,TNER WILMA HYNSON President Vice-President Secretary JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Page number thirty-eight i ' FI-mei' ,. . ' Qiywgsge 2 5, .. - fs Ga 13 -i.l l',- A K I L. Q 'V 7354222 xiim? A , gil if 5 2 fs 'Q S4515 PN: 'if f '1 4 : A - f LLM ! ,,.,,AEs,. -f +- New 2 g, K ., l 2 w W, M, . N-. new A- f.,e . . IM, W3 W . I , 1 W'-mf. 4 2 A I pf. .. , I SSM I' I,,l 1. HPfl,FN GAIIIRAITII BOII N1CKI'I'l'RIQYK BII.I,IE IVIAE JOHNSON JOSEPHINIC IXYOUIS AIIALAY HIzImIII'1"I' January '36 ICUNICIQ PIQRILINS TOM D. LOVE Hoss NIARY NIORRIS ICNNIS BRQIKDKS .IIIANITA l':l.l.l0T'1' IJAN BOYD IIOIS IIUCKEY J:IIIu:Iry T56 M OI.I.IIa IXCRE MAN IDAVID 'l'AI'I-AN NIAR Y COIPIIN I I AVLR IiA'1'HlillINli IIEARN J:1IIIIz1ry ,36 .F" I x X BOII HUIEY IDICK l"I,nTcIIER BII,I, KAUIPMANN BQARILYN I"RI'Iz EARL IIOOKER Page number thirty-:zine .10 :P v" QJSCAR Conos f5 L-'O xx January ,36 ROSE FAIL RUTH LISTER Pagf number forty JOSEPHINE CLARKSON NORMAN AGNEW BETTY EDWARDS January ,36 BILL KYLE January '36 EMMA LUCILLE KRIMMEI, I-db 091-ova Pano Lwqg, G lu. gxxxt MlI.TON H INSON Kfkvv, n-3 EDNA 1'1ARI.I3 HARMON Bon FOLK IMDGEN Ii BARROVV BERNICE GORIIKJN January '36 bmi EDWARD CASTORENA SUSAN FRAN KLIN IAUCILLE VOELZEL JDE AN NA BfIO0RIi JIMMY NICNEAI, EVANGELINE XVELEZ JANE I.ooMxs January '36 JDE CAMPOS J JJ A A fa R 1 yay, KK' 5 ,.-gf .f- . A ,.L1 A ' , 5 . 5 Fifi? 7:5 'JW L ,5 -W . .2 :Avg , J 331233-5. 1-, Ri gmg ,Ip R, ii? "W 142,26 'I I I ifiw I ,jg IIA 5 I Ii. I ,Vg WA' K ff I ' f 1 ' ff' ng, 5,1 ?,.'Q'3',5 9 f 9:11 , ETL -S ,I R I uv, ., iw- ,3 'Esau gt. , AA. , I R, ,AE -AAI5 y,:.+5f1-2 I W , if ., ., 5 , ..,,1py,,,,f,Mf I I jwsjfgfw vu J ',-' , E A-idx f' 'za SE-fem if B? I 2 is --S2 Q5 LL L i ',mL 5 Ei if-U nfl , 'I 1-I 49, V I my W If ,7,,,5. :I .w -2.1 I W ,z I , .sz , , I lf mm A 'Q ,. . , ..k,. A E - , I .fr Y f 'Q I If 1 X? FW FR 312 I f? I I , 5? 'Y fm ,LIL- -waz AMT. ,k.V. Y , ,--,., I A951 I ' ' 'm'k' U ,J Q f:g.5fv,:-3 in 4 Qi A Li mv ff: 4 vw:-if vii E -5 V ,z-Q? ? MWA 'W W 1 sa. BILL SMALL CLARA AvII.A Page number forty-one LOUISE SANTUS FRANK KNIGHT CAROLYN BAUMOARTEN ALBERT SCIIWARTZ NORA WILLIAMS EIJWARUA KELTN ER ORALIA DELGADO WILLIAM BLALOCK BETTY DYER CARMEN PORTUGAL . KENNETH HEINEMAN BLANCA VEI,ASQUEZ LOLLIE KIRKPATRICK BETTY THOMPSON ROY DAVIS LARRY DUTHIE CHARLIE MUNOZ JANE POSKE LOUIS DAVIS wUW 1, L , , , F1 vi fy 5 SCRAWLS E W' pm' "'G""6 1. ix 5: I-, if Vaizfifff bw QQKMKJ ix L fzf Q ' L Q. KQV 555 553 gifjw Q4fE!y.3?5? if ,M Q PQ if 5 4 K-7f, VIRGINIA SWORD ? f?if':-' s 0, Q Qawfiizggfgq IPUUGIFI SQDQGJQL wlllillulw IIIIIIIUI mmuu num! lllllllull mmmw vfnumnuuuu COEDUC ATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. CHuc:Aco-l85cQ- PH QMOR P llHlZb67 f h CLASS OFFICERS SCPHOMORES In 1865, in the city of Chicago, the opening of Central High School marked an important step in the advancement of secondary education. Girls were here ad- mitted on a co-educational basis for the first time. Page number forty-four CHARLES BROWN Rov SALOME Vice-President Secretary K f .M 1' I 5? 3 ff 4,4 4 5 'ff ag? 1 , if lf 3 ,,,.a 5 ,eg L .,,,12, L, H sfqzgggffik A J Jilly inf-'wi J 2 ilri i .1 1' J ,. --ww-Q . 4 .,l.,,.j-I -, , 4 if ,5.. , - x ,Q -irifi' 1 , . in , at -a as. fi f 1 , iw w fi, - M 5 ii - A L'?39LifW z ' if ,S Q ..,, L v,,k ,L at swf 1 V '21-' .Q A 21.3 f' fvq , QW.-, " eswuek? 73 ,k., .,kL .., L w ma, fs fa wig S4 f Q - . C . Q E . if if. , ,, ,-3 is M Top Row: Virginia Cross, Nlarjorie Hilworth, Jack Ellis, Snookie Sparks. Helen Beyes, Gerald Dinwiddie. Marguerite Summers, Jackie Griffin, Ada Gillett, Celia Chavez, Mary Jane Hanna, Linda Dweck. Evelyn Hawick, Walter Voetzel, Rebecca Porter, Dorothy Chappel, Nelda Bell, Thomas Brennan. Emma Jane Westmoreland, Jerry Hall, Joe Dupree, Candelaria Armendariz, Verne Murphy, Louise Hayward. Billy Ritter, Charles Gish, Ernie Kaufman, Jim Reed, Liddie Hardie, Marbiy Ponsford. Estelle Doris, Nlary Baehr, Freddie Boothe,Alma Poske, Earl Freson,Dorothy Williams. Anna Flores, Cleo Balderramo, lNIa1'ia Carraseo, Jesus Cuesada, Lara Aceabo, Patty Lilbauser. Page number forty-five 1. QW Top Row: Doris Campbell, Robert Lawrence, Grace Jones, Floyd Taylor, Mary Moran, Jack Sturgeon. Humberto Pena, Helen Sweeney, Fred Hernandez, Rowena Shelton, Vivian Lands- downe, Fernando Gonzales. Virginia Nlorrow, Charles Watts, Elsie Silverman, Charley VVebh, Helen Summers. Mary Louise Lindlof. James Davis, Bill Wehner, Leona Faye Jones, Fletcher Greer, Helen Hendryx, Mary Baehr. Beatrice Sada, Larry Duthie, Robert Given, Jean Dawson, Probert Hover, Earl lwarble. Raul Hernandez, Florence Whitten, Amelia Morton, Francis Miller, Jack VVatson. DeWitt Walden. Pepe Salcedo, Bertha Vertiz, Salvador Mena, Julian Mills, Steve Grant, Vernon Hopper. Page number forty-six yy .,,,., ,sax Y fl r 5' X it i Eiga- ,.,. ,K - , est, K . ' ' Lil iff g g- -my-l, , N if 'tw Sitkh 51 l 'i V x P FRE51-IMP: , ' l vrl, ' 4 , sv' v v, -'Wa x1:'q o f MQW ? 1 1 f XXf TAKESHI Moivm MARJURIE THURSTON ELISEO CARRASCO Preszdent Vzce-Preszdent Secretary FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMEN Step by step, for three hundred years, secondard education has climbed to the lofty summit upon which it now stands. A symbol of progress and attainment, it is a monument to America's highest ideal, good citizenship. Page number forty-eight X-.W ' Paga number forty-nine FRESHBI AN CLASS Page number fifty FRESHBIAN CLASS . . , wf ga f 'S Q Q. lf' 5 Q K rw 5 I xabgful Jw., RW. X' qw K X. .G J JM WM., -, f ...gg , 'fiiffi g iksfgts N K , is N- , figs .fs :N . 1 in Mm. 'E Q3 H 46 S s iz H ff- 113 VT" TWI?f?"y'lV,f' 'QU 3 HW 1V 'NHIIV T' "VW WX ' L 1 fa1'r5v 'eSfne:n 1i '1'Y'Wf f"" V W' lW'lW"mHm J"Wi,,l'1'l ', :mv 'A 15 1.'J1:l2:,lw ,, 'w ' nwlja' - I-'U -' ", ' 11' H' blgfft fl ,G Wil lwNlhlzI9I.iI1 q,,1!f'. U+4 'yf!h',f'U WUI' :A,!"!AgM H4 1.Lll.'tf v m Qv jgn:l!?,,1.fff fA-f'rf . f Q MQ ff- wfwwxi - fi H f ' H+ ,F , A , yj7fW 4 , J M123 ,ij If Vi 45 ' 'S Qimfl vf, Ui 1' , 'hw 'Q "jc ' , j 153' mkyff gf 33,110 AR, ,AX QfM,5,7fQ,,z? 14.41, qjfn,I ' 5x,.,L. Jiffwmkwii I J-,-5',:ir.WQ ,Hannon wg igmxfw 'f 4 1 Q 2 fl . ,,Yr,f0Qg'Q f E hi i WW3 W W' 17.65,-if A ' K ' lg ,N 7, C,l'i' l, L VN: N- 'Will E gp . 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Hor TANXRLE f BATEIINQ SUITI A POCKET BOOK WITH A Nuuoafn DOLLARS AND A BOX OF PILLS IN IT. RETURN TI-IE HUNDRYD DOLLARS AND T ,B 5 ,, KEEP THE HE EAUTY PoT f 0FO0Rsr.HO0Lf - DQ 7'-iv X ' Smwy ng oonmo SMOKE? I DON'T EVEN L T PERSPIRE! T+fITT"I GHG y Gm I V f - Tosvs AK My AH- fd Q gina SCHOOL- Q TI-IE LAND or me AT LASTf X ' IDNIQIIT Sous! , Jvvl i A: ? i Payyw llllIlI!lI'7' ffl lr . , ,L . f, ...MW 4 f , , . .U 4 ,. A N, .A ,, Q, , ,,.v .Q A- -, , , y. .eg -. "If -www " f ' ""W M - 14 .4 f-9 fl . 1 . w' IM.-:wr X.-af ' f ev. Ml .. ' A x 1' ,J v -- 2 - Q-mg:-. 1' ffm 'la W, k Q , V . W Pub!z'm1fz'ons 1 5 A , TF? X S . S 0. . l Page number ,fiftyfthree ku 5 Q , . x ' X -, -, 1.,,1-:-ZMQ' SM: : ,. - ,.-, :,."fw,::.'g .M H . if.. . ,- ,Q.. L 1. :yi -.iwxffe , n ,,.i,2w..r.?4::. .X .s,W.g-,,v .Av.:,.4.:J , .'.J4s:,ma,a, IL: .. 13, , W wx' -V 3, I 'FT' ' ' in 1 . ' 1 ,, ,djs 35,5 .QQ -. ng" 313 ' -,Liga . ' 'iwf ,Fj , K, ,A., 2 as ' '11 'F 1-- , ' 15' 4 -3.51. ' E-Il' -, S .M Eff A Q ffm Jn. J,- 'JQ' , -'Wh N nr 0414 +,, , M sf 'W 1 F Fw, , 1 11 2. . 4 75 9' Z , l ' 'A 4 I u W .. 'le we v MI'- ALICE HAYS, Editor BILL FUGATE, Assistant Editor 0 EDITORIAL STAFF Margarita Gomezn, ...,....,,,,,,,,7,,,,ss...,, Senior Editor Eddie Keltner s.......A,A,. junior and Sophomore Editor Marjorie Thurston Virginia Stansbury Helen Cushman ,,,, Lawrence Lyles ,,7, Bill Coffin .,,.sls,s ,,,i,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,Freshmari Editor , s,,,, Activities Editor ,,.Gir!s' Sports Editor Photography Editor ,, ,.,,,, R. 0. T. C. Editor In order to edit this book, the co-operation of both the student body and faculty was a vital factor, and the Spur staff takes this opportunity to thank the many persons assisting in this publication. Particularly are thanks due to Mr. R. R. Jones, Mrs. Eula Harlacker, Miss Lola Tigner, to Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Nixon and "Mac," and also to Julian Holmes, of Phoenix, Arizona. Explanation of our choice of theme seems almost unnecessary in this year of wide celebration of the tercentenary of American High Schools. therefore, that we use as the theme of this, the fourteenth editigin It seems fitting, of the Spur, the developments leading up to the present school system in The staff has endeavored to preserve a few of the little which have been near and dear to each of you in these past four will stay with you throughout the coming years. LITERARY STAFF Mary Rosenfield , ,,.,...,,.,. Editor Lois Bledsoe ,.,,,.. .- ........ Associate Ruth Williams ,,,...,,,... , .,,,,,,..,,,,.... ........ A ssociate ART STAFF Virginia Sword Mary Lee Bailey Bessie Meece Shields Tomlinson Boynton Stevenson Sara Eldridge Norman Zelman Armida Homo Louise Bowers Page number fifty-four you something which The Editor t 1-. - we L. D. MCCOMAS, Axsistant Businexs Manager DICK MILLER, Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF Byng Armstrong Howard C. Smith Joe Ramsey Mary Zoe Nichols Joe Sweeney The Business Staff wishes to thank the advertisers for the splendid co-operation received from them to help make this book possible, but due to a lack of finances it was necessary to put on another gigantic Carnival. This was done with the aid of Mrs. Retta McSain and some of the parents, and again the Spur was saved from a deficit. The Staff also wishes to thank Mr. Buie and Mr. Edwards, of the Hughes-Buie Company, for their efforts in helping edit this 1935 edition of the Spur. Page number fifty-five .,,,,,,, , , V ,Y STANSBURY CUSHMAN SWORD 'I' ROSENFIELD ARMSTRONG Q ZELMAN SPUR STAFF Page number fifty-six K MEECE COFFIN STEVENSON RoM0 RAMSEY 3 . Q l 'N 3 a 4 , -.W . fs a S 3 -...M L-My ,X A 2 K 1 i f 'S g Tjf L 55531 A DQ Elini'-e - V ' .- U 4 ,L - Eg- -: rf ' "if fig! gs. 4 ' 'lam 3 5. 1 2 'lc Q -x ,lg-A FRED BAKER For sixteen years a member of the faculty of Ill l'aso High School, admired by all for his upright character, esteemed as a friend, honored as an in- structor, he has been for all these years advisor to The Spur. Although for the past few months, serious illness has deprived us of the personal in- piration of his presence, the staff has always felt the influence of his spirit, and has sought for his sake, to Ucarry onf' f Page number fifty-.raven gj lvl AFX , X g RJ X XX gl 'k 'g is O... X 0 A B913 CLARK, Editor ?D As, Business Manager QQ Society Editor ,,,,, . - . . , City Editore- ,.....w,..,.... . ........., -. Girls' Sports Editor ..vv,s,, Feature Editor ......., Exchange Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Howard C. Smith, Jr. Boys' Sports Editor ..,.,e .- ..e,e,.,, .Norman Zelman Helen Cushman . .,,,,,e Doris Krueger ..-,,,,Steve Canavan E e.,,., Edith Bryan Columnists ,,,e.e,, .....,e . A eeee,,,,.,,,.,e, ,e,e,e,e,,,,,,e C ecilia O Connor, Norman Zelman Reporters ,...,.. .,,,r.,. E dna Earle Harman, Susan Franklin, Adalay Redditt, Charlie Munoz, Roy Davis BUSINESS STAFF Advertising Manager ,,.,e, ,.,,,.,.,...e J oe Ramsey Circulation Manager ..,,,e .,,e. , , Eileen Hermes Page number fifty-eight Y .Mg K, ,Z S 5 wt li drag V44 at i2 ri fi :L it gli if 54. lie 2 s if wie is in Sk E. 3 WE ?' 5 se 2 :fn-I 'V Wgfg, wa :J fn. .451 xiii it ra, sf 1, 'ftjw slim 521+ 'Q 55 in ying W 2 is K Hai ASAE, 5555521 5 M r E.: gli R Q? M ,na fm .-M3 ea' we ,aaa yi is rf 1 few 'ai QE ,ga ,, . 2 Kris? fat' f-M231 ,JQZQW M 1,11 Q aW,iPf'.mfZ-- 5 1 taut e ,fi 'ati f iitrai f - . a 4 if E "W rffgglki- .. .J++ Y A 2, -S- ... . ,yr 5 Q .f.1:-K W is .1:"":" H' 559321 L r S.-H iq - izffirrzw ' ' is t ' , aa 5, i . ef. sr 'sa - Li,hA, ,,, . .. V. gf 3 , 4.1. - .::Q!'f'-iv it ff! r f, f -5 .4 ' .- ffl. . .. 12292 ' fi' 52,453 1 if ... , ' ' ,-za ' fr E ' 3 fi Lh. , 1 . fi? 1 mf., a " ' .:f- -.f,f.iE,?.?if'i E ' I -.ff5 ,'3Qfz2:fVKlIl?2 Q R Q, Q I 'uiy yixjf ssiizif ' , .. ,,,. r gf. ,, f,f. A f f. t..ma1.? , QXS! ATLER STAFF KRUEGER RAMSEY REDDITT SMITH ZELMAN CUSHMAN DAVIS BRYAN HARMAN MUNoz HERMES THE TATLER was originated in 1905 as a magazine. In 1913 it was changed to the school annual, and in 1922 it became what it is now, El Paso High School's weekly publication. In 1924, the Tatler won first place in the Texas Interscholastic League Contest. Last year, the Tatler staff edited the regular edition of the El Paso Herald-Post. The staff reported at seven-thirty a. m. and worked all day. The paper was considered quite an accomplishment. This year a new feature was added to the Tatler to insure its success. An original "Diary of a Forty-Ninerf' found by Frank Knight, a student, was run in regular installments. Page number fifty-nine af. 3f'E'1F"V f M'-1, Nmffsvffgt-1"Mvff"w1e:q-1w,.' ,-'-5-wgfjwrgvf:-rf -1 rx SCR LS F, wgggj F Page number .sixty 'P X J 1 Lx.-Q:-.z6Qw1!i4-'51--NTL-'Su iv ,- .1596 9':'11'4?1ii:kIs5fwkai,vi-5' wwf ff , '4I'1, ' . 'Z A fx ff Q w ,R pf. A f ' 4 '44 Md ww- ? 1' ,L Q, 44 ' wr . . 1 L 1 , , . , is 'P 1? lympian Council OFFICERS Gene Curtan AA.......,, .v.,,,,, J upiter flpresiafentj Marjorie Thurston ..,.r Juno fViee-Presidentj Joyce Upperman . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Minerva fSeeretaryQ Jim Cronenberg ,r,,,, , ,,,,A..,,,.,,,,r,...,., Neptune f Treasurer j Jenny Bob Crimen ,,.... - .... Cleopatra Chairmen of Newton Lassiter .,,v,, ,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,s,,,,. . .,..,, A pollo Program Committee The Latin Club, known as the Olympian Council, is open to all pupils interested in the classics, and wishing to understand the practical and cultural value of Latin. Miss Annie L. Harper sponsors this club. Acason, Gloria Acreman, Molly Armendariz, Alberto Carter, Gilbert Carrasco, Maria Cavanaugh, Warren Chappell, Dorothy Cole, Charlotte Cottingim, Dee Downey, Jane Elkins, Ernest MEMBERS Fausnacht, Virginia Schrobanek, Cecelia McConnell, Gladys O,Connell, Betty Jo Page, Annie VVhitlock, Betty Lance, Donald Greenawalt, Noreen Roybal, Minerva North, C. L. Sayklay, Sam Page number .sixty-two . f e M, -Qa- V f s Rs ss x 5 vm ,Q f , ,EX 1 S' New M e x 62, 6 i L, mi-'S 11 QSGQP Exsiigjff Fil, a-lwfxsf-+ we-wT2w Rvws? sm f at xkffagf , V Q32 fc ? is is if is-1 , 1: 35 . c io i. i ii ,::v'f5E : Tl W ' Yra i ll. , IL- I-R , ra YQ TXT Ml : 1 2 r e ' 5:5'- 1i'5Dr?S5,.: 'tfigfy Ya SR wx vs 'if' A ar 5 Hs '. 1 :F ,Q -l 1 5 ,,..-, -.f.- k.,: I i gfffl -3- E5 . -S3116 f .ififsea-l'I Q15 Q '- 5 , J., 'll " fs 1 ,- qi Ifiiza :Sf fx .6W1:,L,-, . 2- It ,sl-L. 1 . ,,k, M., . be ,aei gap VV vi e,,,,,e .aifwi Q, 1.5, ,Q Kamik,-. e ez .f as , .ag r, rs i '- ' , m y ,I rnr-'zlgmfki ' 5 f Q is -Ili? fi-7? Zia , V Y :wr K7 : r 5 L y"L.L i 'f,-' 'fi 1 . fe' pf if iiyif'-sFfTu ,z--fa, .L-L , EJ: "5 gm ,ft -,pg ati.. itsf , me Y.,, l , . 'V 4353 T K V1 a ,,,, p 4 N ,r 4 ,,7V7.yr ii, 9 . ,.k. I J , A va , f 4 K ,V 1, mia ,Q fr -1 wwe-r-pw'-If , , f 2, M 3, fr 5:21 'i rr l -15.1 my 1 5- a fi. 2, . ay? ,T 'P 9 sf . Pan American Forum OFFICERS Beatrice Nlaese ,,,,, ,,,,,,, , , ,,,r Prgyidgnf Estelle D0rriS , , .,..r.,,,,,r Vice-President D1Ck Patterson ,,,,,,,,,,.A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , .,7,...,,,,,, Secretary-Treasurer The Pan-American Forum is a Spanish Club organized to improve the students' speech in Spanish and acquaint them with the customs of the Latin-American people. Plays and programs are given by the club each semester. Miss Chaparro is club sponsor. MEMBERS Aceba, Laura Acosta, Ophelia Allen, Marie Alden, Catalina Beckman, Vera Benjamin, Elsie Bracknell, Ella Elkins, Ernest Garcia, Amelia Garcia, Armando Garcia, Ezequiel Hall, Darrell Loomis, Jane Means, Dorothy lNIOntes, Sofia Nunez, Maria Oliveros, Luis Porras, Roberto Quijano, Teresa Rico, Luis f Salcido, Raul Saucedo, Alfredo Shannon, Betty Sue Silva, Rosa Valencia, David Valencia, Elva Velasquez, Blanca Zuniga, Antonio Page number .rixiy-three I x if Photo y Club OFFICERS Laurence Lyles W W ,. ....,,,, .,,.,,,,Pre5ident George Spikes , .,..,,,, Vice-President Joe Jones .c.. c C ,,,A., Secretary Martin Fernandez F so FFFFF.FFFFA.FFFF., Treasurer This important and interesting club has recently been organized by J. B. Jones, head of the Science Department. With 57 members the Photography Club is one of the largest organizations in school. The purpose of this club is to teach the science of photography. One of the main interests of the club this year was to take and develop many of the "Spu rn pictures. Alexander, Robert Aliaj a, Francisco Aragon, Moises Booth, George Brooks, Ennis Brown, David Campos, Joe Carroll, William Chew, Tony Cobos, Oscar Crysler, Austin Cuella, Javier Davila, Eugene Duthie, Larry Eisert, Arthur Fant, Jack Fausnacht, Jimmy Flores, Alfredo Garcia, Armando Gonzales, Abraham Greim, Owen Hooker, Earle Hover, Robert Jorman, Bob Kelly, Bob Knight, Frank Lee, Charles Liggett, Bill Marble, Earl Mariscal, Louis Nlariscal, Luis Mayer, James Mena, Salvador Mendoza, Hermilio Nlier, Carlos A. Mitcham, Robert Mitcham, Tom Mitchell, John R. Page number sixty-four Munoz, Emilio Nance, T. J. Neindorf, Harl Parades, Abel Rapier, Grady Redd, Raymond Rodriquez, Pablo Ryan, Freddy Schneider, Ned Stanford, Leland Stanton, Lawrence Sweeney, James Terrazas, Nick Trillanes, Mario Valdez, Oscar Wylie, Oscar Yates, Weldon Yee, Albert r, 3, f :ef sg W. ff S 's 2 . ia. X. E f. ., 7 - or rg. ' . 2 , if S J tg, lg -iii 3 5 ' 'gfrzz' ., . tai Magi, , V3 It it f f ig .ry fx. Y-lf'i:9:Y 'V . . 5 ., Ze, , S a ,,-' 1,- '1 -'.- A .Wea it r- . . Y ...L ,ir - ..: 1 1 ye - J - ' ge-r .- if i I f' FE r V r 35 S . nfegz, --i'7i?1lifiR.' l r ' ,Q fo K 1: .L TS Pre-Med Club 5 N OFFICERS Shields Tomlinson ,,,, 7 ,,,,, 7,,77 , H President Mike Carrasco , , ,7Y,,7,7, Vice-Pfffsiafeni Helen Hall , lll, 7 ,C A Secretary The Pre-Med Club is composed of students interested in the study of medicine and pl inning to enter medical schools after graduation. VVith seventy-two members, this organ ization is the largest in school. Nlrs. Dora Dupree sponsors the club. Agnew, Norman Ashley, Marjorie Baird, Frances Baron, Joe Bartholomae, Emerine Baynes, Edward Broadhead, Louise Brown, Peggy Bryan, Edith Bunts, Junius Caylor, Charles Canavan, Stephen Cordell, Gerald Cofund, Arthur Cleveland, 0. C. Cisneros, Armando Dorris, Hollis Davis, Roy Edens, Mary Fitzpatrick, Mayvis Friedman, Sara Gaddy, James Gonzalez, Abraham MEMBERS Gordon, Spencer Gil, Gilbert Good, Stanley Hinds, Aury Hearn, Katherine Hamrah, lNIary Kennedy, Virginia Labrado, Emma Lambert, Bill Loomis, Jane Mitchell, John Murphy, Elizabeth Marshall, Sue Betty McGuire, Vetta Nlateus, Carlos Mueller, Jimmy Newton, Howard Ormendoz, Alberto Ortiz, Concha Purcell, Jack Ramsay, Joe Rascon, Joe Rhodes, Mae Page number sixty-five Rogers, Pat Sanders, Isabel Schneider, Richard Schuller, Harry Smith, Harriet Smith, Howard Stubblefield, Billie Swain, Alfred Stanton, Lawrence Smeider, Roy Terrell, Raymond Terrazas, Nick Tipton, Stanley Thurston, Marjorie Triolo, Laura Ellen Trujillo, Tony Valdez, James VValter, VVilliam Walker, Clarence VVren, John Wong, Herbert Whitten, Florence ational H or Soclety lv tv xJL.l.,lx,f1.4.lu,1 Bill Fugare cecccece . .i , President Sher an Given .,77.w Vice-President ' lT'l1A'ague , .. f, . S ecrftflfy Samuel 7a1CnCia YYYYV YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY--,-AYvYYYYYYYYYYYYY-,,Y,w,,YYYYYYY,YYYY,,,,,,,, P af'liLZ7l'l67Zfd7id7Z In the sp ing of 1927, the first local chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in El Paso High School by former principal Lynn B. Davis. This Society, as its name implies, is national in scope. Menibership in the organi- zation is limited to students in the three highest classes. These students are elected by the faculty for outstanding qualities of character, service, leadership, and scholarship. Miss Catherine Flynn is sponsor. MEMBERS 1 fee 9 ,-.. 3 .5 ,,-. K .l .- 'Q all M Bailey, Mary Lee Baker, Frances Berliner, Eddie Biggerstaff, Mary Lee Bledsoe, Lois Brown, Wilma Campbell, Elizabeth Corral, William Crowell, Cathren Dodd, John Edwards, Carol Escontrias, Betty Flores, Angela F ugate, Bill Given, Sherman Gomez, Nlargarita Gordon, Bernice Lyles, Lawrence lVIeece, Bessie hfeese, Bessie Bevilla, Raul Rosenfield, lWary Schwartz, Albert Small, Bill Soltner, Marie Spikes, George Stansbury, Virginia Sternglanz, Donald Sword, Virginia Tappan, Marian Teague, Keith Valencia, Samuel Vega, Arnulfo Voelzel, Lucille Wadlington, Frances Zlabovsky, Esther Page number sixty-.fix . ,,. L 5. . if . 3 -.V -ego cg, . Akp. 3 Ji 6 5 : - .4 eq . F . , K gk . 1 -1 ' -1 4- , - -ww s I Q -.- af... Wg, ,5- ssdim., , SSIQEN rw Jeyefili ga PTE .-.,- p szw .f A . feat EM X .., . , gaea Sea? gage . g -ite 1 - 1 , T 1 a 3 .... , aaai i . ,xg -ta, L. 55 5 . .k . -wise . Y? an ' iiwsf. K -- :sf-wi srfiffail ffi iif- S1 Q? f all -iii -" QS " a QS' rea -A file d i- 5. ,,?'ff' is - se f .53 25 , 551 M? df" : 1 ' Y ' is . m . I-iii. :rf .X . ' was 9 L .fi A I4 .Qt f: K Wx- ff S iik i ,xx Q ii 5 S ff, , .,,,, SW E 5, lf , .ae sfwaa i al- as ' . , 1 - fa J 5 . Q5 'S , fa. . ' K Q , 5 555 . E E 5' .Q i 'V bit s Agni if if ,K r r we .2 r if .. . ...5 i R lf , - i. cr f , --in ' - 375232 gees e rgyd r 1-get 5.3, ,K ..,- .. ' .X-1 ' i? fi XS.. fm Q We rw- -A -... ax , - M H' ff- Tu x E5 5595. 'Sy f Scholars M xwffpf' an OFFICERS Virginia Stansbury 7 7,,777, 77 7 ,77,,7,7, 77 f ,,,,77,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P resvzdgmf Albert Schwartz 77 7 7 7Vice-Presidenl Mary King 777777777777 7777777777777777 S ecretary Herbert Schwartz 7777 7 7777777777 7777777 7 7777777 7777777777777 7 7 Parliamentarian The Scholarship Club is one of El Paso High Sehoolis oldest and largest organizations. It includes only students with high scholastic stand- ing. To belong to this club is one of the highest honors for students of Fl Paso High School. Mrs. Marie Hatchell Stamps is club sponsor. OTHER MEMBERS Acosta, Ophelia Alton, Noel Ayub, Pablo Bailey, Nlary Lee Bledsoe, Lois Edwards, Betty Edwards, Carol Franzini, Joe Given, Robert Gomez, Margarita Gordon, Bernice Hancock, Bennie Hanna, Mary Jane Heil, Betty Hain, Kurt Hinds, Aury Howe, Dick Huey, Bob Jones, Grayce Levenson, Sam Levy, Harold Lindlof, Mary Louise Maese, Beatrice Manriquez, Enriqueta Mueller, Jimmy Nance, Benny Alma Nance, Billie Louise Nelson, Lloyd Perkins, Eunice Porter, Rebecca Rice, Lonnie Robinson, Milton Rosenbaum, Arthur Rosenberg, Dorothy Rosenfield, Josephine Small, Bill Soltner, Marie Sorenson, Harry Paul Spikes, George Tappan, David Tappan, Nlarian Terrell, Kenneth Thoirs, George Tomlin, Betty Jeanne Zlabovsky, Esther Page number sixty -seven ff 1 n -1 Y 'r :fl -ws ,, . . 5. s T! :. f. "ff-. W . . 15 . W-r .- J if v ,M 12, ,,. fw- K 'f el: V I ri 4 , 'T IX -H, :Hx 55- . Y.: , H v-2. Q-321 A ii Q1 uv, I ., "' ff R gi, .,. 1, 1: any .1 .. .rp v Q . 1 w. H' ., .e ..' ,gg . ro, -S x - gf gi :-L. ' Q. 4, cw , 4 3' -- J, 3. F f - ,L Qifif AJ, - , Q " 4 qw, . Wi' my . 13 3 J ,X 1. e ,g-. f N. Hifi :Zh L. A 33' q w if, 3 .N 31-'I ff' z , -,X 'J 1 3 W. 4 ,M-1, . s M. ,M ., Y - 1, ,W . U. .V ,, .-. 54, .,,..'A.q ,, ' ,,L ,.-- 4, Q.. Q f. 4. ,. V 1 , , A, - ., + 1 1 .1 Q. . Y. ,f .,,3-M.. -, , L. A ,g -H' -. M4 514 ,M - . 9 .. W , - sf, ' A V -af. F.. ,fx Jr- -,QC v-A ,vw-wh. ,M - W ., . m. J. Hr-, U, w. frn. v ' . - ""1n- . f I. ,N K, .y,,. ,Q ,H fx, . - , K, V f, .- ,ty J . M ., 11 5, ,L ,, V- .A - JvH,7.,,,,Q,. - 1. M52-1i,:fA,,gQ.5g It Mx. ,- . ly? 1 , W, ni L, fr 4, x-,.Y,'1g A ,. , MA , V, . ,f ,7,-:A X V4 Y .- rx ,An N 4.7. , 3. .M ,K Q .5-. ,. . ,. . . , V , ., V . ..., . . , . I K 4 ,.. F . A,,, , . , I , V I. . , , W ., . , Mililary wha, Page number sixty-nine ' Q-I . , wwf- , 1 , ' : 1JN:tg?a.,. M ,gp 1 ,ML , H.,-f 1 4, ,. , .M N-Q sf. . -1:5 4 "stil '-1. ,: . -: ,Q " - I - ffvrwzg' mr- an-' f'Z.,nw , . - -Lmsqmzla :4f1!2?.:,:?4" ',H:M2:s,.'i,4,qv71:.fL,...-1 ,n,1:,v-1 h::,2. ' ,5 Mm. 'f Arm?-,b,.Q+?41:s..f5,,.m.::'fxsagmyimpgwafizwnk' fE'Z1:1a.?A:?5:fL.m'l.ffDiJ'--A-hm :...+ Q Y f V In-y 'grifE,5,..4ezg'. Liner' iv, SERGEANT L. SEx'roN X MAJOR JAMESIP. Moons P. M. S. and T. R. O. T. C. The first junior military unit in Texas, that of El Paso High, was established in 1914, thirty-one years ago, and located in the old Morehead building. Upon application to the VVar Department, the corps was furn- ished with an instructor and with rifles, but not with uniforms. Uniforms were not then provided in the National Defense Act. General Pershing, commandant of Fort Bliss, detached Martin Shalinburg, a staff officer on duty at the Fort, as the first instructor. In 1916 the corps was transferred to the new El Paso High School. Soon after we entered the World War, and the R. O. T. C. was neglected until 1920, when the school authorities issued an official application for a regular unit to be established in El Paso. In 1928 the unit was divided and extended to Austin High School, but it was not until November, 1933, that it was definitely established as part of the regular school system. From that time on the regiment has grown and for the past three years it has been on the honor roll of the Eighth Corps Area, a difhcult position to attain. Page number seventy 2 g 1 ,A WN nrma W"4n,,mi6 gi? . THE COLORS V .N ff-- . ,,,- THE BATTALION Page number Jevenly-one STAFF Front How--fBolm Austin, Colonel g Bill Collin, Major. Second RowAfNIike Czirrusco, But. Adj.g Bill Fugute, Reg. Adj.: Jimmy King, Supply Caiptq .lzinivs W'vlllf9, Supply Oflicer. Third Row--VVoody Armstrong, Ind. I,ieut.: D 'ild Sternglainz, Reg. Sgt. Nlajorg Howard Newton, Stuff Sgt.: Norinziii . gnew, But. Sgt. Nlajorg Iron XXv0Slk2l, ls! ieut. RIFLE TEAM Front Row: Jimmy King. Bob Austin, Joe G. Jordan! Second How: Leon Wosilca, Gail Flzllierty. Jeff Pzirlizim, Robert Hover, Howard Newton Page number ,vfvewty-tzlm K x , if 5 , Q , i W , 'H r, ,v,, ix ,Q , Fw t-, S :,c,g1,.,:1 i y.,.,t., fa- ftjtii, ', , ' iVmt'5,5iJ,s Q 2A W? FSM, Ji, E s 'i3fiEtg,,,,f , .. vqaq met uw ,Q H, www, ,wt ,ew fa, 1 i.,,fQ.w X, , .Wet , 5354? i , if-ft1,',.,,, .r ,x,Q i I-ig ,es A rg, Minka we V Fi? .3 xy, N' . 2 ? 1 xii: , P-ffm, s +1 w,51,, 1. I .7 L, Y 1 Q , 5 , . fi 1701. - 55, Z' fg,,fff',1,Qg K. . ,rf ' L75 5 wf.' i Q , ,g- if -ni i Eimvmusms-ummm. N- .,,, Q, I '-W - .RSP G 153 2 E , ,L,L,, W X V . ,X . ,air 'Z' ig, 1 , - f, l W, ,, ie 1, mira! e r te pq, , ,, . M Hansen, Bernard Perdue, George ee,,, Arguelles, Eduardo Eden, George ,,,,,,,,.,.. Austin, George ,,,. . , ..,.... eee,,.,,.. aptazn ---...-.,,,,--.,,.First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant int Sergeant , ,mari Aliaga, Francisco Arredondo, Cecilio Avila, Manuel Bemis, George Calisch, Charles Cordero, Frank Elkins, Ernest Farah, William, S Flaharty, Gayle Fletcher, Dick Gaal, Buster Gish, Charles Gray, Rex Heitman, Wallace Hernandez, Fred Hopper, Vernon Jordan, Dempsey Lopez, Jaime Lum, Frank, Sgt. Marble, Earl Nloye, Edwin hfluzzy, John Neel, Jimmy Null, Bob Overton, Charles Phillips, Ulysses Ramos, Ezequiel Scaife, Terry Spinks, Bill Thorne, Lansing Torres, Alex Tomlinson, Alton Vigil, Victor Waldman, DeWitt Ward, Oscar Ware, Elbert Winner, James, Sgt Yee, Albert Page number seventy-three WI. W ,aw Jordan, Joe ,,,, Parham, Jeff N Valencia, Samuel Stanton, Lawrence H Ryan, Fred N Aliago, Fernando' Bonaguidi, Al Bunts, Junius, Sgt. Carroll, Bill Cruze, Donald Cavauangh, VVarren Casey, Doyle Faubert, Victor Foster, George Folk, Bob, Sgt. Ferguson, Jimmy, Sgt. Fugate, George Franzini, Joe Greer, Elgtghgr o mes, Pete Q Herrera, Fernando Hemley, Allan Howe, Dick Hover, Robert Jordan, Everitt Lindlof. Ed IX COMPANY B CADETS Captain , First Lieutenant , ,,.. First Lieutenant ,, Second Lieutenant ,,,,,,,,FirJt Sergeant Lickel, William Martin, Robert Nfoore, Iieo Nlunoz, Charlie Neeson, Jim Najera, Refugio Oppenheim, Charles Oosterveen, Wzilter Reed, Jim Rivas, Angel, Sgt. Ramon, Filemon Rice, Joseph Rosenbaum, Arthur Ryan, Freddie Smallberg, William Shook, Hugh Spencer, John Tomsic, Frank Watzke, Donald Wong, Herbert Page number Jeventy-four .3 ., , 1, ,MM LU., E 'ii 'f 1 'ti We .. . .-3 -g. f , Im sf' if gy 5 ea tete C g.. wrswzgy -si! -ami., -.5392 ,'.' ' , me 'if 1:15:17 ,fr . iiffi f f ws Kiki Q 'Sis-se ' wa ,aw -we We , li ,. . -Qw.,r,W, ff i Kg,a,. K- -..k 51? I4 ,-11-1a!.a2,, f vf,.-mimi' .2 -1 '..,.. Q. gi ,Q 3 -- Q 2 5 . 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Page number .reveuty-five COMPANY D Sweeney, Joe 7 7 77 ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, 7 7 7 ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, . 7 77 Ctlpfdlll Harper, James 7 7 ,,,,, 7 ,,,,,,,, 7 7 ,,,,, 7 -,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 7 Firm! Lieutenant Warner, Verne 7 77777777 7777 S econa' Lieutenant Woodhouse, Evans 77 Nloore, Marion 7 77777777 77777 7 Amis, Frank Akeroyd, Edward Armstrong, Bill Austerveen, Milton Clark, Jack Carpenter, John Deane, Payton Feuille, Rickie, Sgt. Foster, George Gabriel, Charles Goldfarb, Bill Gilchrist, Frank Herrera, Alfred Hancock, Benny Hungerford, Willizlin Hall, Cyrus Jorgenson, Pete Kaufman, Bill, Sgt. Levenson, Sam, Sgt. Levy, Harold Linton, Allen CADETS 7 7Sec0nd Lieutenant 77777Fir5t Sergeant Montoya, Salvador Nlorrs, Nixon lNlills, Allen Nlessina, Levis lN'lcCallick, Hugh r .. T QQMQ K 1 E x ga ,7rA A E rr.. I ii:-, L S Q- X . ,7i Q iff: NN, 7 . lN'IcKittrick, Bob, Sgt. Blanuel, Silva Page, Charles Rutherford, Hart Rosemund, Ignacio Royal, Billie, Sgt. Ramos, Filemon Rodman, Willy Sanders, Lee Schneider, Richard Snoddy, John Tippin, William Townsend, Frank Wells, Ervin Wright, John Page number .reventy-six il ii an l A it 2 1 .f if vis , gg i ii' X -5 Q , gg 55 is fli- glial! z fl? V4 if x ii A Kiwi E59 gi f 3 X 1? ,s IEE Elm EVE X3 :, , ig 5? it 5 lf X A M as 1 fmf: e,,,f:f:, ,,, Mg- ff W: ef-vert: vi ,.,:fw,,,, gy ,f ewiifaiegi it 'A K ,M ,N --,,, lt JE N, ,I J l, ,,,, .G e,w 5,,, if XF . W4 ig sassamsmmslvrar A lv wh? .K X GIRLS' COMPANY ELIZABETH BELL ..,. ,.A,,..,,,.A,......,,,A, .... . ..,,,w,.,.. REBECCA PORTER 7,,E.,, ROWENA bHEi.ToN ..,E.,,E ...,,,,.. JEAN DAWSON Alonzo, Jessie Araiza, Alina Armstrong, Mary Louise Ashley, Marjorie Avilia, Clara Bell, Nelda, Sgt. Blount, Wanda Joe Byrd, Rossmary Camino, Lucy Campbell, Elizabeth Carrasco, Maria Chew, Grace Cole, Charlotte Cunningham, Mary Jane Dawson, Grace de Leon, Margarita Denny, Mary Dillard, Ellen Doris, Estelle Dyo, hflitsuko Gaddy, Francis Gardea, Julliete Gonzoles, Aida Gutierrez, Doris 1 Hanwick, Evelyn " Hardie, Elizabeth Hayward, Louise Hendryx, Helen Hewitt, Billie Holguin, Dora Holguin, Bertha Horne, Frances Jones, Dorothy Jones, Leona Faye Jordan, Buddie Kurita, Isabelle Lizarraga, Ligia Lyons, Mildred Mattox, Lillian McCullough, Margaret McDermott, Darleen McKee, Rosa, Sgt Miller, Frances, Sig? Nlontoya, Josephine Page number seventy-seven Captain ,.,,t,-,Fir5t Lieutenant .Second Lieutenant ,Second Lieutenant Moore, Jean Morgan, Beryl Nagg, Mary Naismith, Marie Nance, Bennie Alma Nance, Billie Louise Oppenheim, Lillian Payne, Marilyn Peinado, Elvira Perkins, Eunice Peruyera, Angela n Poske, Alma Pnuijano, Teresa Salome, Alice Sexton, Peggy Soucek, Mae Southworth, Jeanne Thoire, Christine hompson, Betty, Sgt. Thomsic, Dorothy, Sgt Trido, Laura Elona White, Lucille My I nfl' Pt. O. T. C. BAND Adkins, Jess 3.0 0 Alvarez, Albert Ball, Joseph Carter, Gilbert Darr, Vernon Delgado, Pablo Dinwiddie, Gerald Gardea, Aurelio Gardea, Javier Goodman, Paul Hatch, Merle Hill, Howard Jackson, Frank Louret, Fred Lynch, Clark Mayer, James Nelson, Lloyd Payne, Dayton Hapier, Grady Ritter, William Robinson, Milton Sabin, Fred I--df? Wm- - Simonson, Ira Small, William Stoddard, Blister Sturgeon, Jack Tappan, David Trillanes, Mario Twining, John Verela, Adolfo Wehner, William Weiss, Harold Williams, Llewellyn Williams, Lloyd ' iler, Donald v ,I Page number seventy-eight S ail ages: H1 - if N391 fi k X :fgg ., s FIR! f S I - "1 A-rss? Q ,X W 1 Q e 52 ,se iff? gem ci L ik. f si K1 ' 4, , .tg it as, if fit 14. L .-as , 'ass i' 2 t o ,.,, . . .ear gif? K :fl Til! 5 , 2 15 S , sk t :'. atat Va lli? 51 f ' L 1. :312ffg1:, A J . . . Q ' 'l:Q:.. .m . :FF : lg? Q 'gl fx, 515525 .Q .3 .. -U, 1.-pf v . K -.s- J ,gs .,,,,.,,.'1 1 ' Ev ,-qgt liwg e 41 2 - 2-T12 I Ia iw: be.vsse,L:Qiiis- sfzv A4 yx X I f" fax 4 QU a l Q ., 2 'N ff f , ' ! f Z - Q - 5 .Q -N +- '42 + d Aaff"u.f -fi A 'W' j '::1x!',.v.2i i J fi .H A mf Q + x ,- 2? -' . r.. :M . . xl Hiffwngxx 1, yi -L'L ?... A, f- 51:5 Z, ?qJj1ig' ,f p ff .,-. TA 'if' if X ' G: . .mf AxJ? r 'far' A Qty , jlwf 1 xl hx L 'Inu 5 - A f . ,,- , K. Q ,L 1-UT' --n 3 .4, . 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Page numlffr eighty-two 1 i f ' .1 My f 'ills Q 1 5 2If??Qf'Ffff' - 4 ? gs Li X 3 M V'V: 5 . k I 1LfLf . f 1 xe 2 Q 'GQ W 5 5 Y X A4 V n ' 4? 1, Eg 1 , E Y 1 A 4 1 5 ,M as -is Q. m , 455514 If A M LN . Ls ,3. . 5:5 ",!hI' W xi Y W xg A 1 Lg AMW SS! i Wi' K2 S . 3 f i E E 2 E N E 1 3 ww k.:-. TED THOMAS Most Popular Bay Page mmzber nigh ty-three 4 2 M. s y 6 2 Q l 1 3 i g 1 f' 3 E K i 5 Q 3 YW if' X f K A J. 4 ' ' ,.Q ' L fi .4 f Q ss R r xiii 5- -Z'iff?. i- Q 'a n s Q dy-, . 4,4 .ww , fa ,in ,. K, .,.y .K GERALDINE DINWIDDIE ' Best Girl Athleie F Pagzf 7l7H1Z17l'1' eighty-four , W 5 5 2 1 A 5 I 1 a-:Ei-,hs 1- am ., L F 'E' .gif iv. Q' iff, j: if '-,: :yi ng ffk, K. .,1. 2 . 1:25525 P ,N 5 K 'Q ' ., .ft ,U 1 I., ' .L gif ',:. A , ' ,gi QI -5-9 5 5 55 P, 57 gg? as ' 12 if 7 . .L , QI' A Z. . F 5? IV 3 Pl , - - W... ra.-5 5 ED TAYLOR Best Boy Athlete Page number eighty-fu ALICE HAYS x sgigsw. Bent All-Round Senior Girl Page number eighty-six T- ,M -.K 3,451 .W - .fir sf. f W: ,M 5. A wifi ' l-71, s Q" f' 3 K? Q " , 1 1- f, ,.,f,g,,- isgasfgg wwf' if .ws?v?R+v? .f ,.,,.Q,zmZ,,,... ..TTif?ZS1?i f J-114 ,f 2 'l wi e V' eww fe .f 52:5 V, .kr 5 ii 2 K , Sm, k 'f5f2f?i?f ?i1 ' Q ygf i, 23? IA'-WE,-ffk ,. a iff 51 Yiviwlug 5 fiiyfissz-'Vi fmfguzfz I fri L Z Q as , za, U- 21,2 WWW Q, 1 1 gif 1 IQ! ,Ll .,,:L W .,,. ,Mg 'xiii 'I i Q' gQ,Qz17'sf 'T gizsezlsfgfx ,Ntfi.,zT 5 1152 fi YL, 1 . my E 65, . ,L 35 xl fr - 5033 , A 5 K . 8 , .few A 1 ess ff E q f, S -F six jf W ggi .Q Su J 235-imsgfi 4 ' f Xiu 1-wg Z, , i Sigff' ' Lgffmlu.. K A Q if 1 ' V: -WSW' is 5 dylan, , k FE e,- V I Dmfwx. ,rg . CW '9'5lf'155SQELi?f. ' fngkqff, . fissafiifkaf W-, ' , H sie.- if 1512-g. , g,vhs,,, ' i'w'25.g 1 Isivgjimz . 52 'I fi: gi... I 52 2 5? im X 5 , , 12 , W Ei I . fun! E, K . 5 43, L,,L , M .iq M. 5 - H, ,L A 5 1 ! :gi ' P E Q lg i.g5'Q,-mi. Qjwjgg--'iii f ,sir I 1' Q 79 A. 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WL x W, f M , Mg um 1 ATHLETICS Page number one hundred one gzvf ' fi x. n E To Our Coachgs OTHOL fAbej MARTIN and ED PRICE and to the lugs! football team in the history of El Paso High School we dedicate this section of " THE SPUR " Page number one hundred two if ' fsjif. ,: K' V :sf gf ' l' 5 Q 5 4 ' 1 lg V is S 5 9 'i piiseg .,, . 5 we r if f ,e i ' 3 :iff 4 l QQQ , -.ji ' if ' ' 1 .11 is fig, -M W L il, QGW s Pay? zzumlzer one hundrrd three Q 'C Q Oz IJ,S OTBA FO 934 1 N E 1" '53 S6 716 -Fu? EF OZ NJI E5 N if 5.r if '53 gd an M3-1 JT Sl w can X . W2 'E-cz V 1-1 Sa fix .Ea C13 52 nl! Qi vo 25.0 E5 C. L: 5"Q up-1 E . :E CQ? mf mf- gg.: U r Civ: .EE Q5 LTU UCD C-' - 572, CQL-a fli En 'EJ :Da- EI -52 OS YLAQJ am 'U C 3 S- . of D55 5- A E U4 .E' E.-T T ,.-C'- Cl! ZS 1:6 5-1 1 Sh? uf ,jeu ...,,g: bu we as QC , , BS Qc ,E ,MIC mf SU CU f FE Ut -:ff .C:'.I L.. 115 Ou-4 Sn Q: QE 43 3: 33-4 :E AS QU 33 Oc mi -of .bg -Co Ph ERNEST MITCHELL Mitchell came up from last yearis squad to letter. A fighting reserve end, he did much to help the team. With the same spirit he has shown Ernest should come back to star next season. Weight, 155 pounds ED TAYLOR Together with the charge of a young bull and a guard-around play, Taylor succeeded in dealing out much misery to his opponents. Although handicapped by a bad knee, he was placed on the All-City and All-Star teams. Plfeight, 165 pounds RAY KEATING Keating, a flashy guard, was a hard blocker and a good man on punts. Placed on the All-City and All Star teams, Keating proved his worth in the Sun Bowl game. Weight, 160 pounds ED BUNNER Bunner, the fastest man on the team, was hard to stop once he got started. On a spinner play which sent him to the weak side of the line, he made long gains all season. Ed was placed on the Sun Bowl and All-City teams. Weight, 168 pounds Page number one hundred four si 2 ma iii 14.5- 3 f is Y. is ' Q? ' iff 'ee TSRLIQQSQ gg. .t V: hiv Nei ' Six Yi-WL . ,. 'R : . 5 e.,. 2, .,.,. Lgrg g .-rigid lfii? its-fgiiiifiii 1 WFJ TQ f' I ef 322 1 fi 5' , 7,554 si, W 1 Q ..,. . S QE l ! Q e , Ea A ,..,L J, ..,. I T i i i' i f .'.X - ,,'.'. ig, Y K, 1 ff --f 'jfkifiiia ' - fi wg. ,f .gals 7, 7 Y IV GORDON Goooiucn Goodrich, a fighting halfback up from the night shift, beat out some of last year's squadmen for his position. Especially good at defensive half, Goodrich put in as many quarters as many regulars. Weight, 150 pounds Joi-: MUNoz . Munoz, reserve end and expert pass snatcher, played a good game at his end of the line. Charging in on the defense, he broke up many plays. W eight, 160 pounds TED THOMAS CCaptainj Ted "Urch" Thomas captained the "Tigers" during the most successful season in the history of the school. Besides being one of the best ends in the city, Ted supplied much of his team's spirit. He was also Captain of the Sun Bowl team. Weight, 158 pounds H. C. WErss1NoER - Weissinger, midget backfield star, was a fast, shifty ball-carrier. Though injured part of the season he carried the ball for many long gains. Weight, 138 pounds Page number one hundred jive C 7' . , .2 -.7 'LJ KENNETH HEINEMAN i Heineman, stellar quarterback and passer de luxe, was the unan- imous choice for All-City and All-Star honors. Together his deadly accurate passing and fine ball carrying helped win many games. Weight, 150 pounds JIMMY KING King, a regular at tackle, was one of the hardest workers on the team. He 'was light for the position, but he was a fighter. King's work stood out in the Phoenix and Amarillo games. ' Weight, 150 pounds GEORGE ATTEL Attel, at guard, was a good blocker and tackler. He improved during the season, and his work in the line in the Indian game was excellent. Weight, 169 pounds DAN BOYD Boyd, a reserve guard, playing his first year for the "Tigers," was a small and gamey player and one who capably filled the duties of his position. A Weight, 135 pounds Page number one hundred six -- Qi f a ll J N. 'Sri-be 23' . . . We jig . f. rf 1 , Ag f K. . 2 Q ,Q m'., we 39,5621 wks! f,,miey gf we :mu f-es aw, 32 ersr f ' JI, Qliiii 2 L 5 5 " if 1 , ,L , ,f ,fe J. ' Y- rf- H s E "3 iiee J. 1 3333 iii W 51, 1221, i 5, EEK? its Q, f pig, . - we we i . fy. .,kL., WM.. . lr.. 3. gi i 5 Louis "CrashH Davis, playing at fullback, made a good line- backer. A fine passer himself, his snagging of Heinemarfs passes in the Austin game was particularly noticeable. Weight, 167 poundf BORUNDO Borundo, a reserve playing at half, was a good ball-toter and blocker. H0cto" could punt farther than any man on the team. Wfeight, 145 pounds SAMMY DWYER Dwyer, sparkplug of the "Tiger" attack, was chosen for the All-City team by every paper. His accurate passing and his splendid work in backing up the line made him one of the team's most valu- able players. Plfeight, 1.57 pounds' GEORGE CRYSLER George "Jughead" Crysler was probably the best all-around end in the city. A hard-hitting tackler, he caught passes almost infallibly. Crysler was placed on the All-City and All-Star teams. Wfeighi, 158 pounds Page number one hundred seven I ARMANDO CISNEROS Cisneros was the most consistent punter and place kicker on the team as well as a good ball-carrier. "Ciso" was elected to both the All-City and All-Star teams. Weight, 155 pounds JUN1Us BUNTS Bunts, a big tackle from last yearis squad, was a consistent player and a good linesman. Although hindered by a bad knee, he played his position well. Weight, 185 pounds JOHN SHAW Shaw was the biggest man on the team, and a regular at tackle. He was a good defensive player, and was placed on the All-City and the All-Star reserves. Weight, 200 pounds MIKE CARRASCO 4 Mike was a hard-hitting player and the hardest blocker on the team. A member of the All-City and Sun Bowl teams, his ability as a blocking back helped to bring success. A Weight, 155 pounds Page number one hundred eight t'y,jgsQff1't". J .Q Mai T 7 as K A 2 5 4 E., X um MMA Wuxi N It sl? sag? if Ja. it uf WM Stal'-if as 552 L M- ' 5-1 5, i f at' i f I 'fi wif 135 A W ' , C ,,...-,. SUN-BOWL SQUAD For the first time in the football history of El Paso, the four high schools, El Paso, Austin, Bowie, and Cathedral united the outstanding players on each team to face a powerful outsider. This resulted in the forming of the Sun-Bowl team, coached by Harry Phillips and Mack Saxon of the School of Mines. On New Year's Day they clashed with the Ranger Steers, considered the second best team in the state. The outcome of this game was victory for the All-Stars, the score being 25-21. El Paso High School Stars, ten in number, made up the major portion of the squad. They were Ed Bunner, Armando Cisneros, Kenneth Heineman, Ted Thomas fcaptainj, Ed Taylor, H. C. VVleissinger, George Crysler, John Shaw, Ray Keating, and blike Carrasco. To Don Bevans, manager of the ,34 foot- ball team, and his assistant, Wesley Carvajal, goes much of the credit for the success of the team. "Bevo" was perhaps the best liked and hardest working manager we have had. He also had the honor of managing the Sun-Bowl team. Page number one hundred nine SEASON SUMMARY .They did it again! For the second time in the history of the school our fighting Tigers beat Phoenix. And' that's not all! They ,captured the City, District, ond Southwestern Conference Titles. With the exception of Losses 'tow Amarillo, ,the state champions, and Big Spring, bi-district winners, the team won every game, and proved itself to be the best ever producedxby El Paso High School coaches. P EPHS EPHS .,....... EPHS ......,,. E Prius ,...,... . EPHS ......... EPI-IS EPH,-S EPfHS 1-:Bus EPHS H EP-HS ,..,...-, SCORES 59 FABENS o o AMAn11.1.o 27 21 S ALBUQUERQU1: INDIANS 1 42 YSLETA o 14 BOWIE 7 44 LAS CRUCES o 21 TUCSON ,. .- o 44 PHOENIX 13 40 . CATHEDRAL o 18 AUSTIN ' 2 7 BIG SPRING 19 Page number one hundred ten .. 4..:,.b4u324.2L1fQ1m:,1-ii.w. .1 g,,1f135,i:Q:zi,.gg5!:yiQ..,,g ?""r-"rw I 9 A45 3 I pi 2-!i, 'T ww ll II ll Pagzf numbvr one hundred elfven HAD SO lfw C0 CN VJ U .-1 ..-1 r-4 Z B O CG 'U CI O Q ua ED sl cu P 3 Q E E G J: rf GJ P Sherman Gi 51 .-. ,-.4 .... P Q.: CIS A V 5-4 A x-1 C 'U rs ? .-4 G as, S IT Po E3 ra m vz O 1- Q1 CI rn U ando l'l'1 Ar ,Y 5 O cd 5-J C1 C va... r-Y-4 u CI cd E e GJ ts.. 'S C -C O T 3,f"N 6-5 fc? ,DLA oi f'4"O ,EW 's EW? OE Pa: gf gn CTO gs: OS mai V35- v-45- :vm QQ MTE CID .IIT-T fm f. E32 C- gn! U5 , 3:2 F-40 4-F as 5: .:: w.: :EO :GW mE Eu fo CJ: ge N ,Cm 'L' .X ,vii ip r-Y-4 CG Q63 ID gill N - jjfx nil- VM gn Sf: ada-do , ' ,raft 1' vc. ' y SAMMY DWYER, All-Czty Guard Dwyer, a hard driver and fighter from the start, was still plugging when the final whistle blew. His good defensive work and skillful dribbling made him one of the outstanding players in the team. RAUL Poiuuxs Capable and steady, Porras made a good player at both guard and forward. Besides his ability to hit the basket, Raul was an excellent floorm an. l r RAUL 1-:VILLA "Taca" once a ain characterized his la b his "never sa . . . g P Y Y. .Y die" spirit. He was honored by the captalncy this year, and his fighting efforts were an inspiration to his team mates. BILL RIKE f Long and rangy, Rike at forward position was a hard man to guard. His play improved greatly during the season, and K RALPH CASTILLO 1 Although a bit slow, Ralph was a steady, dependable player at the pivot position. With more of the same spirit he 5 Page number one hundred twelve Q another year should make his one of the best. has shown, he should develop into a star player next season. 5 , .,2,Q,, - M .. .rt ,, 1 e P+ J aiming .- .'L..L,: '.'.1n' If . ar .. - f.. ,,. ,,.o..,.,.p . ttf., H.- SALVADOR Mom, All-City Guard Always a thorn in the opponent's side, Mora was fast on the dribble and deadly in the accuracy of his passing and shooting. High-point man on the squad, he was feared and closely guarded by the opposition. SHERMAN GIVEN ' Given, playing his last year for the Tigers, made a fine for- ward, and undeniably a valuable man on any team. Steady, yet always full of fight, Sherman was one of the high point men on the Tiger five. ,K q ARMANDO CISNEROS "Ciso" in his last year with the Tigers, used his accurate long range shooting to good advantage. A flashy guard, we shall feel his loss greatly next season. Jon MUNoz Munoz, playing at center and guard, was one of the coolest and smoothest men on the squad. He had the aggressiveness necessary to make a good offensive as well as defensive player. JOHN WREN, Manager The one job in the athletic calendar in which there is little honor, yet requires a great deal of work, is that of manager. Johnny was a hard worker and capably fulfilled this position. Page number one hundred thirteen s., i 'QQ .3 . 1 A. U' ,Q Eg s, X if Eg Q 2? get B. Bw MQ. vim 9 :- 3'-it , Six!! + .ml LOW' P Basketball SEASON SUMMARY Playing a steady game of ,basketball most ofthe time, the Tigers wound upitheir'1934-35 season with the record of 15' victories and 5 de- feats. The Tigers, working a screen offense, introduced an entirely new style of play to El Paso fans. Handicapped by lack of height, but helped greatly by excellent coaching, the El Paso High Five was runner-up in the City Series. Coach Price was said to have had "the best coached team in the city." SEASON SCORES JMS? "lbw ess? 55 M .Q we ,V 'z E, .tesrnvfypagf c . -gm if ia T. K 4. 4 A ts", EPHS .- ..... -- it.. . ....,..,,..,.,, 29 Fabens ....... e, E P H S .... 58 Fabens E P H S ....... - .....e,,. 28 Vocational ...... - E P H S .g... . .vA- 33 Tucson ..., - EPHS EPI-IS 22 17 Albuquerque Anthony .,..... iffffl Indians E P H S-- ...... ......... 3 1 Lordsburg ....,... ..,, E P H S .,,.. 19 Mesa .... 4 .s...............,.e. E P H S .,v.,.... 23, Mesa ......... E P H S 20 Phoenix ----,., E P-H S 19 Phoenix E P H S -.,, 15 Vocational .,.. E P H S , .... 17 Faculty .... ..... E P H S -- ,,.. 18 Cathedral ...... E P H S 25 Austin E P H S - .... 25 Bowie ...... - E P H S. ..,,.... .- W. 36 Anthony ...,.,., E P H S ...... 38 Cathedral ......... E P H S -- .,,.. 34 Austin ...,,. E P H S .,...... ...... 3 0 Bowie N, A Page number one hundred fourteen f A 1 5' I N , 'ri a, ,Mi A 'R 's f,,5...,M ' w,,m Q, ,MX .7 ,K i ,,: , ., .ea 1 if: gf 11 4 ve, ,. api, fm :5fz,ig.,iM I a':'i3!7TXfg" '65 'Q 4 ,At W f ,.. -sw 14 M , we K., 1, . ,, .Q I ,.7,if, .M igitllfg , . , ,ff J, " Qty age -, .mwah if 4535 A J, isa, ' 5. f , Q: i,c M 1935 TRACK SQUAD Front Row-Armando Cisneros, Bob Kelley, Armando Garcia, Shelby Armstrong Octavio Borundo, Mike Carrasco, Oscar Cobos, Luis Rodriguez, Ed Taylor Second Row-Oscar Hernandez, Carlos Veale, Bob Folk, Dick Patterson, Norman Zelman, Emilio lN'Iunoz, Robert Alexander, Tony Yggg, Lawrence Lyles. Third Row-Shadow Pomar Cmanagerj, Jeff Parham, Martin E. Fernandez, Jack Fant, Frank Knight, Ted Thomas, Wesley Carvajal, Tommy Terrell Ccoach The Tigers started the season off- with a bang in their first real meet by taking eight out of fifteen first places, and downing the Panthers of Austin by an 86-34 score. In the district meet, however, the Tigers were not up to expectation and were nosed out by one-half point. They made a good comeback in the regional meet, and at the time of this writing eight men fCisneros, Cobos, Black, Borundo, Fernandez, Munoz, Patterson and Pnodriquezj are being sent to Austin and are expected to go far in the state meet. Page number one hundred fifteen TENNIS TEAM Left to right-Coach I.. W. McCo'nachie, Arthur CWoodyj Gilliland, singlesg Bob Folk and Sherman Given, doubles. The El Paso High School tennis team established for itself an enviable record for the year 1934-5, ringing up an unbroken string of victories at the time of this writing. The doubles team of Given and Folk has a good chance to take the state title, and Arthur QVVoodyj Gilliland, the smooth stroking singles player is sure to show to good advantage in the state meet. Page number one hundred sixteen 1 'Q J ' 'ff 5 A X' se ii Mm 93 f X Y ri e 5? J vi 1 X lg, 4 X ig 2 4-e Q s y is gy -x K W ,Qi 1 . S , i ii 3 S 3 xg-5-' L My 5 5-3952? .f ,t -,mgfsrg ' 12: 2 E4-J' A f is K 4 -SF fi! Q! .. ,M wfxwvi ' f 1 4-fir ER. 5 , fs-'si - Q it in lf ,, 4 . tr., E, . s w., A S 5 4 gv fegis ,go Iggy-fargi. Q' .i9:"f5fF V- gsyasfggh -,: . fist.: r rise. . . 'E 'fizszaffsf 5 -,ig-.et:f:H:::.: Q-if 5 A : - , P5515 'figs 1 r Q " exif at as 1 Tm ' Q ff? Yi-13 5, it 2 3 Q - ', gf,:,:i s gg f :Sgr S t ,,,,. ,S X 5 f if 5 S' 2 YE 5 xi X5 2, i , E , we? E 5 l .1 , ,iff Q , , 3 if x if ,L .,., V , Q ..,. 3 135 ni E i Q egg- - ,i I W- K "Flin, K j . 1 ,,. -- I 'fairy U iiffiil eiee T EK. MISS MAYBELLE LONG Girlx' Athletic Direcior Under the able supervision of Miss Maybelle Long the girls' physical education department of E. P. H. S. has expanded until it has become one of the most active divisions of our school. The "Tumbleweed" Club, sponsored by Miss Long, is one of the most active organizations in school. A girls' E Club also has recently been organized in which the girls get sweaters and pins after they re- ceive a certain number of points for participating in each sport. All in all, this has been a very suc- cessful year for the "Tigerettes," with more and more girls coming out for athletics. Geraldine Din- widdie acted as girls' athletic commissioner. Page number one hundred seventeen '6 ' + Mm 1531, 4+ f+f f"'T T fy L N M is 4 'lup: 'Fmmis Club vllvlon UIISIIIIHHI isingh-si, Mx" ' Vuln-th Svlm-lIlvl'. Sc-lsu Gaxvnlnlun Qll0llb1PST In rtllzl 1H'Ilt'l2lS. N .A n is-nuts-rz All-Stal' Ynlle-yhnll---Ruth Sllillllll. Svlsn Gzlvaldoll, llc-Ion CIISIIIIIZIII, Alllmhvl Allon, hull Kllllil Lislvr, Irs-Ile Dwyer, 1-h'l':ll4lill6 1TillXVi4l11il'. I40l'2lillP SZIIUIHEX, l:t'1'fll2l UI'Il0I2lS. , . Y. . . , , , uttmn: All-Stal' llovkey-l1o1'tl1:l Orlwlzls, Llllilillt' Silllblllthlnllfll Slllllilil, X11'g:1111:1 h1'unlns.N'ls:l inn' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - 1 ' ' - 'f - " " xllll'llH'l Xllc-11 lldnm, Mary M11-llvl, lwrnldlxw l3lllNYl1lllll',1211011 lflllillll, Ilxlc-'11 Lllhllllldll, In IH Im Q1 1, . . . Page number one hundred eighteen 2 ,QMW 4 ,fczmff Q , i s f a 5 f "x .WWE X Q wi ' 'Nw ,Q TlllllhIl'l'S' Ullll! -Im1':lim- Snlmlw. Ann-lin Nlmwlull, Ilvrltlm Urlwlns, E114-n Dillurml. Doris Uzunpbc-ll, lmrntllv XYilliIlII'S.1IlXl1'Il UKISIIIIIEIII, Imlliw 1":ni1-. .lnniv lhvllglsns. Iilzlllwx Y4'l2lS41ll4'Z. I1'l4v1'r-In-vUv:-rlun. I4lII'ilIL'.Y1ll'lZ!'l. l,411':xi1n-I.:n1lg', '- we 'R .XH'SfIll' lhlslu-H1:1Il ICH:-n I3ill2lI'Il,Ul'I'llI1l lVl'll1'l2lN, Allllilllvl.XHI'Il.lI4'l1'll l'iItn1:xI1.lll1!I1 Annu Lislvr. lIl'l1'll1'llSllIllZlll. awk as 41' All-Shtau' Ilnsm-lull! -Hllfll Sllinmlu, 1101-1113 Urn:-Ins. IIvlf'n CIISIIIIHIII, Ilnlh Ii3l0l'XX'0l', Alcj:1mI1'n Quinn, LUITIIII4' Sulunn-. Annzxlu-l Allan, IN-nv Ibwyf-1'. Pagf numlwr nuff hundred nineteen i S 4, 7 ,gm N. .,, . . . my X. .AN f3,k f,ks ky- vi s ff. 5 i '32 Ia" ww if x.5. ,.Q, xiii? X si ,T . 24121, ., XZ? i -fl 4, Q fi 5 'L as Q X T z1z'!z'ng5 6b ffwfq , E , ,MMM ywfffdfofofw-LW-ffp Qwfffb Zwtfzmfw, EXMWQ7 R. ' 5:1 1 sg W 5n,y JMAXM Egg L POPULAR' . Fourth Floor f ,A.,. ,.,.,.- 5 - .,.. ...... O it-i .... Q DRY GOODS OO. 5 9 This is tne greatest suit any young man can own . . . tne smartest . , . tne most economical! lt's correct tor every occasion. Tnere's tne sports jacket ancl contrasting pleat slack tor dress . . , the tnree-piece suit tor general wear . . . tne odcl slack tor a round ot golt or 'rouncl tne nousel You couldn't ask more ot a suit . . . especially wnen all tnese combinations can be nad tor . . . 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U O O Shee-"You certainly do keep your car nice and cleanf, He-"It's an even deal-my car keeps me clean, toofl o o o Keiih-"You can't believe everything you hear." lVilmrz-"No, but you can repeat it." o o o Ufife-"I can read you like a hook, Johnf, Husband-"Why don't you, then? You skip what you don't like in a book, and linger over it in me." hundred twenty-five Sfgrq- 'Is YEABMFOOD GROCERY COMPANY ,fwf- Qm 100 per cent El Paso Owned Our Good Merchandise, Low Prices, Courteous Service Will Please You. We Appreciate Your Business SEVEN CONVENIENT STORES Moderate Priced READY T0 WEAR TO FIT THE Junior Misses F R A N K L I N ' S 205 Mesa Ave. Phone Main 3598 SMITH'S HATCHERY and FEED STORE FEED, CHICKS POULTRY SUPPLIES 613 E. San Antonio St. Main I426 U. S. TIRES Built with Tempered Rubber Give Mons SAFE MILES U. S. TIRE SERVICE 900 N. Mesa at Montana Main I007 Congratulations on Your Spur BURTON-LINGO LUMBER CO. I80I Texas St. Phone Main 50 Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY Peggy-"I want to help you, dad. I shall get the dressmaker to teach me to cut out gownsf, Dad-"I don't want you to gov that far, Peg, but you might cut out cigarettes and taxi billsf' O O O "Topsy," said the mistress to the maid, "just look at this table. Why, I can write my name in the dust." "It must be wonderful," commented the col- ored maid. "Ah wishes Ah was educatedf' O O O i'Just think, while I was out with some fellows the other night, a burglar broke into our house." "Did he get anything ?" "I,ll say he did-my wife thought it was me coming home." O I O Does the giraffe get sore throat if he gets wet feet? Yes, but not until the next week. O O Kitchenettie--"Why did you marry such Z1 homely man ?,' Humidoreas-"He asked me, dearief, O O O "From what I hear, your wife is a bit of an angel." "Oh, rather. She's always going up in the air and harping on something or other!" O I O Magislrate CIn London courtj-"You admit tearing a handful of hair from your husband's head C?" Defendant-"I wanted some to put in a locketfi o o o "Did ye hear about Sandy McCullough iindin' a box of corn plasters ?" "No, did he ?" "Yes-so he went and bought, a pair of tight shoesf, Page number one hundred twenty-six f ,644 -Vx" Jff-4 . 14.0-I-I f A d ,, ,.. '. ff, +P HUGHES-BUIE C Y , ef , L, ,fc,,Wb, .-.,- 1. -fffzz J: ,-,zfff "1 J.v-- - . "' PRINTERS -of -X - U BINDERS ' R U L E R s 2 Loose Leaf Specialists Exclusive Selling Agents j?2r G. F. STEEL OFFICE EQUIPMENT G. F. ALUMINUM OFFICE CHAIRS FLEXI-POST LOOSE LEAF BINDERS Printers eznel Binders of This Edition of The SPUR QJOfD Plant and Offices: 400-2-4 NORTH EL PASO STREET EL PASO, TEXAS 4 I . fi - 0 L.. Page number one hundred twenty- INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE The SouthWest,S Leader for Thirty-six Years Entire Top Floor Blumenthal Building MRS. M. E. ROLL, Manager The Mos! Interesting Person I Know AURY H1NDs There is an old saying that no man is a hero to his valet. So that allows me to write this account and still be in keeping with the wisdom of the great sages. The most interesting person I ever knew was our cook. I was seven-and she was my idea of perfection-tall, fat, with a gold tooth in front, and black. She often told me about that tooth as I sat on a high stool in the kitchen and watched her mix biscuits. Mamie fher real name was Cleopatra Maria, but we called her Mamie for shortj had saved up money for eleven years to buy that tooth, and then she "caught" a nigger-dentist for a beau and he put it in for half-price. So with the money left over she bought a pair of opera glasses. Mamie never had gone to an opera and probably never would, but she wanted them put in her right hand when she died. Then when she had on her wings and a long white dress, she could look down from heaven and see everything. Mamie lived in a cabin in our back yard, and once when I was out there she let me see them. Oh, they were beautiful QI thought thenj. Bright, shiny, gold-colored ones they were. VVith rubies stuck in them! She even let me look through them. But they made everything jump up and down and my eyes water. So I just looked at them instead of through them. Besides having a gold tooth and some opera glasses, Mamie had three husbands! I often wondered how she did it. My aunt had been trying to "hook" the English professor at the college for eight years, my father said. But then, my aunt didn't have a gold tooth in front. Mamie's first husband died "as a result of another niggah inflicting a razah in his neck." The second one ran away, but Mamie said that she was glad because he was a "no 'count jelly-beanf' The one she had now was so nice, I thought. And so popular! Mamie was always having to iron him a shirt so he could go to a Hsittin'-upl' with some one of the colored folks who died. Maybe she "caught" her husbands by wearing perfume. Three kinds! It made my nose itch on the inside to smell her when she was all dressed up to go to a "gatherin'." There is no doubt about it. Mamie was wonderful, if for no other reason but that she is such a "colorful', person to look back upon. Page number one hundred twenty-eight T he Mos! Interesting Person I Know Bon CLARK All of us have dreamed in our heart of hearts of sometimes meeting our favorite story book character, whether it be The Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, King Arthur, Oliver Twist, or any of the legions of legendary and historical characters that the modern youth is acquainted with. I, too, have dreamed, but I, differing from the rest, have had my dream fulfilled. I am acquainted with my demi-god. My story-book hero is not noted for his bravery-he never saved a life in all of this long and persecuted one. He was not a man to make the most of his opportun- ities-he was eternally "waiting for something to turn up." I speak of none other than Mr. Micawber, of Davie! Copperjielaf fame. I have met a man who is the embodiment of all that Micawber was-his ver- bosity, his foppish dress, and his miraculous ability at obtaining goods without the necessary "coin of the realmv with which to sicken the esthetic souls of the shopkeepers, glancing with scorn at the sordid minds of bankers. This man, whom I shall call Mr. X, has a most delightful background. As he so bashfully admits, he is the only person known that has a letter of recommendation from every sheriff between here and Los Angeles. But his chief attraction is his "art of expounding a superfiouous vocabularyf' as he puts it. Never does he use a small, three-syllable word where a seven-syllable will fit. It sickens him to hear a supposedly- educated person say "Let,s go eat." He cannot, will not, and would not, utter such a trite, but necessary statement. To him, it must be, "Allow me to undertake a pere- grination to some structure where victuals can be obtained for fulfilling that gas- tronomical urge." Our teachers, no doubt, tell us that this form of insanity is provincial, and no "really educated person would think of doing such a thingf' Yet, is this hobby really any worse than that of collecting first editions, purchasing "priceless" paintings, or working on jig-saw puzzles? It is certainly no sillier than seeing a grown man work- ing far into the night in order to make the smallest electric train-on-record, or carve the Ten Commandments on the head of a pin. My friend has none of these failings. He sleeps nights, perhaps in the jail, he spends what little money he has, not on paintings, but on the artistic work of satisfying his creditors. But my Paragon certainly could not be accused of having a "shop-keeper's" soul. His dress alone would prohibit that. His suits are works of art, a trifle loud, and "neat, but nae gaudy" as Freckles' Woodland cupboard is pictured by his Scottish friend. His shoes were always mirror-perfect, but shine no less than his hair, and little more than his nose. His socks have never been known to have a wrinkle, and hats appear to be of the newest. His shirts are always master of laundering, and collars seem to be made of sheet-iron, they are so stiff. However, it is in his ties, "cravats," he calls them, that his soul of Rafael breaks forth. He usually wears a muffler to quiet the tone of them. The most eccentric designs possible are discovered in these Creations. Some look like a botanist's night- mare, while others seem to have been planned by a maniac with a modernistic-painting urge. One, I remember, is of a deep shade of lavendar, crossed with quarter-inch bars of shiny gold, and dotted, at intervals, with glaring greens. 'The dress of companion "X," his eccentricities and mannerisms, his vocabulary, all tend to dazzle this writer. It is with a sigh of regret that I realize he will soon leave, pursued by his relentless creditors, and leave me with a memory of him, still "waiting for something to turn up." Page number one hundred twenty-nine WEEKS-REDMOND OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS for 1935 SPUR of EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL EI Paso's Better Photographers "Where photography is an art" M. 2839 220 Mills I. D. WALTERS Used Car Dealer Since 1916 811 Texas Street Compliments of R. .I. WILLIAMS Bankers Life Company Des Moines, Iowa ILLIAMS PPENHEIMER WILLINGQ OBLIGING ...SERVICE... GAS - OIL 1 STORAGE FORD SALES SERVICE Montana at Stanton Phone M-4-2 "And this beautiful jar," said Jones, proudly exhibiting his treasures. "It cost me fB5O.l' "Well, well, SSOIH said his friend. "I suppose they threw in the marmaladef, Page number one A party of tourists were enjoying the wonders of the Grand Canyon. A native passing was asked by the driver of the car: UI say, neighbor, can you tell us what caused this terrible gorge ?" "Well, they say a Scotchman once owned a ranch near here, and one day he lost a golf ball down a gopher hole." o o o "I suppose you will miss your boy while he is at college T' "Yep,,' replied Farmer Corntassel, 'II dunno what Illl do without him. I-Ie got the live stock so they won't move unless he gives ,em the college yell, an' I can't remember it." I O O Cushing Young Thingh"It was wonderful of you to drop ten thousand feet in a parachute. Do tell me your sensation." Bored AvZatorA-'KOh-er-it was just a kind of sinking feeling." O O O "Did you know that I had taken up story- writing as a career T' "Neg sold anything yet ?', "Yes, my watch, my saxophone and my oven coatf' hundred thirty AL HARDY OIL COIVIPA Y HIGH QUALITY G A S O LIN E The Gasoline that starts with the Click of the switch High Quality Motor Oils at 501k Saving fasper-"What made you leave lNIrs. Blah's boarding-house after living there for three years ?" Casper-'KI found out they had no bathtubf, C O O "'You say your son plays the piano like Pade- rewski ily' On S P U R "Yes. He uses both hands." O I C 0 f the M 0 M E what sim!! we say? 4111-' EATS! PEYTO ' THE SUPER GRADE wo ai + "Tinned tripe is now being soldf' says a news- paper. We know a movie theatre that takes a lot of it. "I've got a new idea. Fortune in it.'l "What now ?" "It's an alarm clock that emits the delicious odors of frying bacon and fragrant coffee." I O O Telephone Operator- It costs seventy-five cents to talk to Bloomfield." Caller-"Can't you make a special rate for just listening I? I want to call my wife." o o o Friend-'KYou will soon forget her and be happy againfy fzlted Suitor-"Oh, no, I shan't! I've bought too much for her on the instalment system 3" I O Q He fin hotel dining roomj--"A scientist says that what we eat we become." She fseizing the menuj-"I.et's order some- thing rich." O O O A man who was motoring along a country road offered a stranger a lift. The stranger accepted. Shortly afterward the motorist noticed that his watch was missing. Whipping out a revolver which he happened to be carrying, he dug it into the other man's ribs and exclaimed: "Hand over that watch Y" The stranger meekly complied before allowing himself to be booted out of the car. When the motorist returned home he was greeted by his wife. "How did you get on without your watch ?,' she asked. "I suppose you know that you left it on your dressing-table ?', Page number one hundred thirty-one What Chrysler has today Others will have tomorrow A. B. POE OTOR Company Chryy erlP!ym0utl1 NI I L K .... A Food for Athletes M ICE CREAM Will make a delightful surprise for everg member of the familg and a timelg dessert for gour partg guests. "Is old Angus a typical Scotsman 'Zi' "Is he? He's saved all his toys for his second childhood I" 0 O I Pam-"Hasn't Harvey ever married 'ZH Beryl-"No, and I don't think he intends to, because heis studying for a bacheloris degree." O C U :A ' ' 7' You and your sister are twins, are you not. "We were in childhood. Now, however, she's five years younger than If' A town guy said to a farmer: "You ought to be getting along all right. You have your own milk, butter, eggs, meat and vege- tables. You have enough to eat and a place to sleep. That's a lot in a depression like this." 'LUh, huh," assented the farmer. "But you come around about eight-nine months from now and you will see the fattest, sleekest, nakedest farmer you ever beheldf, I I O "How can I get my husband to discuss his business affairs with me?" inquires a corres- pondent. "Ask him when he intends to buy a new carf, o o o Passenger-"Porter, two of my trunks are missing." Porter-"Yes, lady, but don't worry your 'ead about ,em-this ainit a dressy placef' o o o Bandit-"Hands up! Out with all the money you've got." Post-office 0.7?ICtd!Ll6OHC minute, please -- kindly fill out this Withdrawal f0rm.', o o s Club Expert-J'Your trouble is that you donit address the ball properlyf' Novice-"VVell, I was polite to the darn thing as long as possible." C U C Mr. Bridemore-"Did you make that split-pea soup for dinner ?,' Mrs. Bridemore-"I've started it, but we can't have it till tomorrow. It's taken me all day to split the peasf' ' 0 . 0 The new play was a failure. After the first act many left the theatreg at the end of the sec- ond most of the others started out. A cynical critic, as he rose from his seat, raised a restrain- ing hand. "Wait!" he loudly commanded. "VVomen and children first." Page nuvnllfr mm hundred thirty two Diner-"You advertised that this restaurant is under new management, but I see the same manager is still here." Waiter-"Yes, sir, but he got married yes- terdayf' o o o "No soup, pleaseg I just had my suit cleaned." o o o "Yassah," said the little colored boy, "Ise named fum my parents. Daddy's name was Fer- dinand and Mammy's name was Liza." "VVhat's your name, then ?', "Ferdiliza." o o o The vicar, awarding prizes at the local dog show, was scandalized at the costumes worn by some members of the younger fair sex. "Look at that youngsterf' he said, "the one with cropped hair, the cigarette and breeches, holding two pups. Is it a boy or a girl ?" 'A girl," said his companion." She's my daughter." "My dear sir!" The vicar was flustered. "Do forgive me. I never would have been so out- spoken had I known you were her father.', "I'm not,', said the other. "I'm her motherf' o o 0 Head Cook-"Didn't I tell you to notice when the soup boiled over ?" V Assistant-"I did. It was half-past ten." O C . Agitated Caller-"I want something to quiet my nerves." Lawyer-"But I'm not a doctor, I'm a lawyer." "Yes, I know. I want a divorce." 0 Q O Pupil-"Do you think it's right to punish folks for things they haven't done ?" Teacher-"Why, of course not, Willie." "Well, I didn't do my home work." o o o "I've just got rid of my saxophone in part ex- change for a new Car." "I didn't think they accepted things like that for a car." "Well, this case is an exception. The dealer happened to be our next door neighborf, o o o Salesman-"Yes, sir, of all our cars, this is the one I feel confident and justified in pushing." Prospective Customer-"That,s no good to me. I want one to ride in." O C C "VVhy did you break off your engagement, Jack?" "Well, we were looking over a Hat when her mother remarked that it was rather small for three." Usual Detour-And anything you tell a wo- man goes in one ear and over the back fence. o o o A lot of things have been uncovered in the past few months, but the bathing-suit manufacturers are probably responsible for more than all the rest of the country put together. I 0 0 B055 fwith a hint of sarcasmj-"I noticed in the paper that there were 20,000 people at your 'sister's wedding' yesterday." Office Boy Crising to the occasionj-"I c0uldn't be sure of the figure sir, but my sister is very popular." O l O A local citizen burst into the office of a rail- road official and demanded: "I want you to give orders that the engineer of the express that passes through Elm Grove at ll :l5 be forbidden to blow the whistle on Sun- day mornings." The railroad official retorted: "Why, that's impossible. What leads you to make such an un- reasonable request 'F' "Well, our preacher preaches until he hears the train whistle blow-and that confounded ex- press was 35 minutes late last Sunday." o o o A little boy was saying his go-to-bed prayers in a very low voice. "I can't hear, you, dear," his mother whis- perfed. "Wasn,t talking to you," said the small one Hrmly. o o o A man looking at some neckties tossed one or two aside rather contemptuously. Lingering, after having made his purchase, he noticed that the clerk put those he had so positively rejected in a separate box. "What becomes of them T' he inquired. "We sell them to the women who come in here to buy ties for men," was the reply. 0 O 0 "Mother, I know what snow is.' "Well, dear, what is it C?" "Popped hailstonesf' o o o First Man fin art museumj-"H Mona Lisa." Second Man-"Aw, come on! That dame's smile reminds me of my wife's when she thinks I'm lying." Q O . 5 allo! I-Iere's Tommy-"Grandma, if I was invited out to dinner, should I eat pie with a fork ?" Grandma-"Yes, indeed, Tommy." Tommy-"You haven't got a pie in the house that I could practice on, have you, Grandma ?" Page number one hundred thirty-three Riff V f fi! :ff frfs ,IFJ X '69 Inf fg A 79.9,-fffpara. 3 XF Evil! 'IHDLQ7' uaD5Llnlf A nf' ' "? f fag wfmiypyf 3 aff: ,if'Qj,f ' '11, W 53" ' 83? Compliments offb in sf' Q J' XINTERNATIONAL Q ENGRAVING Co. S 'gg 5 ax - N E , 17: 208 San Franmsco Street X EL PASO, TEXAS 3 5 X 7, jf' Phone Main 1692 S N WJ' Engravers for the 1935 Spur Q v7 . ,- 51,035 I, eq ' - fy ff ' I K V 'e 55 f of M X f Tj-Ji G if - 5,..'Q4-nj Uhr 7 l H8511 'intra Since 1880 El Paso's Home Newspaper Congratulations to Senior Class SUREBEST BREAD FRESH DAILY at Your Grocer SUNLITE BAKERY CORPORATIUN El Paso "How could Pinehpenny be a successful busi- ness man when he has to sleep in the stable ?" "He's got the whole hous-e rented out to touristsf, o o o Teacher-"Really, Orville, your handwriting is terrible. You must learn to write better." Orville-"Well, if I did, you,d be finding fault with my spelling." O I C "Now, girls,', said the restaurant manager, "I want you all to look your best to-day. Add a little extra dab of powder to your cheeks and take a bit more care with your hairf, "Why, what's the matter?" asked the head waitress. "Butter bad again ?" "No," said the manager, "the beef's tough." 0 Q l Spimlerw-"So the waiter says to me, 'How would you like your rice 'Q' " Friend-"Yes, dearie, go on." Spinster-"So I says wistfully, 'Thrown at me, big boy.' " Q O O "You must be pretty strong," said Willie, aged six, to the pretty young widow who had come to call on his mother. "Strong? What makes you think so L?" "Daddy said you can wrap any man in town around your little fingerf' O 0 O His wife returned from the morning shopping expedition and called her husband into the room from the garden. "Frederick," she said heavily, "when you came home last night you told me you had been to the Grand Hotel with lWr. VVilson. I've just met Mrs. VVilson, and she said you were both at the Trocadero. Why did you lie to me 'Zn Hubby groaned. "VVhen I came home last night I ':ouldn,t say 'Trocadero,." Page number one hundred thirty-ive WMM VW ' Q? fiffwffoif' J 9553" fjyffffy SW 3' 3-iff, iff XWW Q www 3 If WA f W ff Wim wwf? X , ' 91 . xx M owjfgf S? f wg?-wg p,,t Jf7wfZfQ xE ' ,ff sf w FU S PM ff? 5 , N 4 ,, ,Y Nr fm E 5 ix SX g ,X fn w - YR X gy mmf, S Q R xg? N QMBEMQM Pl L Q if Ea ik in YG L5 112 W lf ei If K. . L W' f i sv , ,, 'f 1 1' ' . 1.5 S541 ' 'A V 4 Lf 7 5 i f, , eff' X5 jf 5" 'M ' J ' ff ' V f L - V ' Q. I 'T V Q rf JM r f ' w:W:3WlWF1i"NA'il'R-E' H4 .,-,,-, . ! k 1 fl ,IX 'X ff T w ff X. xg QL! f ll F V I ff 'll K - Ry 9 f '- sk , M, I QSM 3 of y- 9, ly XY' , , ' .AMX j 8 'J ' pf pfbx 1' ,eg ,. - R, ' Pf' "M Af 5 V' A .1 i -' if . J ' if , H l gg, ' Q 1? E V X X j Cfjfcw, X AYIYE

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