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 - Class of 1934

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"QF" 1 mqrwnvm, I I ,f ! gczff . V A M . la fyjlfwij -Ki ' W, f +?E2 Q a, g wf QW gg, rr x S! ET Q U7 , ,f up fw.Q, ,i L 4 1 by J! ff'f"Af fi tfbfux I rfVy7,,,, .3 .,-A ? 9 - x 5 'F M' 0 V J x ' ' IIMT ,JJ V59 , ' X551 I ,gif QJJ? EF? , :Q ,Jf -afzz, , 'J 'vffff 7? ggfiiiffiff JVM ,, ' wa iffjyy bak K Wff aff Q XS Offs' 5 5 S ik 3 fx Wi' N 1 x -1 5? 3 ww ' Y .J - fi ,Ji ' ' x , Q x fx " 'I U NJ , 'Q I, A 'wld -.! -'ffl-'fa ,H -2 -A-if f X r N u J JW X .! ,ff-if , 71" J J ,RJ J ' jrJ2J W ' ww xW ' .J Jr Yi' .J ,Qyyr ,V .I fnli' X W" V' W L X J' Qty' Q5 N if L ' J wx X WJ E w rj 3, X' N N - 'x 9 A Q L 'Y ,xxx . ff A ' ff QV . M! ,J ' NY W I,f' ' I If xxx , ra M 57: NB 7 ' X51 gli 1 W gl W T xl q , Q Q . .1 E 'XJ ' . X -I 3 4 J . 5' N w ' E 22 L v R3 - K, Xxx -A N, ,ks .I Q L3 S- Q N . 2 , 4 11 Egbfi L3-is I ' V,v"T'1JT ' 8 X ' YL 'J J ' xi? M 1 .xxx T X LJ X' T xxx, ' QXUN X, 'A 'H 5 ,v xt XI, x fig ' YL . ,V RR ri J ix fix- pq Xp SX' X' 'R -T X X Ai li TXQF' TH, Rrfjix 6 -Q 3 M7 f JIXBWL mzua! Qugficafion .7 y-yn X' 6? BY AND FOR THE STUDENTS f OF CC! QJCLSO gfiqk Salma! EL PASO, TEXAS 1 x wi? 5009 U QPF www? 535-'A MV 0' QM T3 si 5.5 I X ' 5" :,-' " ff , "3 Q5 ff? 3 fair, . 'Z f x 'N THE SPUR D If D I C A T I 0 N To om' fmzrfy .... LESTER UMIKEH BRUMBELOW and bfi fmixfmzf .... OTHOL MARTIN the Spur Jfaff of 1934 rfeffimfes Ibiy Spur in apprefiatiofz of their splendid work dzzrifzg the pay! year in puffing fortb dean, bz1i'5??-fjghfblg, and well- coacbecz' teamf. Pg5 THE SPUR FLORENCE BYMARK Sul Ross State Teachers College B. A. Commerce J. B. JONES University of Texas B. A. and B. S. Science Head MRS. LUCILLE SHAVER University of Missouri A. B. Mathematics JOE FRIEDKIN Texas College of Mines B. S. Science MRS. LEONA ELLIOTT Vanderbilt University B. A. English CHARLEE KELLY University of Texas Columbia B. A. Mathematics CATHERINE FLYNN University of Texas A. B. Math Dept. Head MRS. MAMIE LYLES Louisiana .State University Librarian MARJORIE THOMPSON State Teachers College Farmville, Virginia B. S. English ANNIE HARPER University of Texas B. A. Latin LOLA TIGNER University of Arizona B. A. English JEANNIE M. FRANK University, of Glasgow M. A. English Department Head 6 T Q af' SCHOOL BOARD DR. GEORGE TURNER MR. C. C. COVINGTON MR. 1. G. BENNIS MR. ROLAND HARWELL DR. E. J. CUMMINS MR. C. K. JAMESON MR. R. H. WILCOX Page 9 LENA BEHRMAN University of Texas, B. B. A. Commercial J. D. OSBORNE, JR. Baylor University A. B. and M. A. Mathematics MRS. NORA WARD Baylor University Ph. B. English W. D. PATRICK North Texas Stgte Teachers College . S. Industrial Arts MRS. RUTH PERRY B. S. University of Missouri Head Economics Head ELEANOR PHILLIPS University of Texas M. A. History MRS. RU BY TAPPER Welleslc College B. A. Commercial' Department Head MATHILDE ALONZO University of San Sebastian. Spain A. B. Spanish REBECCA COFFIN New Mexico State Teachers College A. B. Mathematics IVIRS. DOROTHY WlMBERI-Y Simmons University B. A. Science ELIZABETH WOOD University of Mexico Northern Arizona Teachers College Spanish Department Head MRS. MARIE STAMPS Baylor University A. B. Spanish THE SPUR EMMA BRASWELL Universirg of Chicago . S. Mathematics L. W. MCCONACHIE North Texas State Teachers College Attendance Clerk HELEN OLDHAM Baylor University A. B. English MRS. L. Y. WARREN Columbia University M. A. History Head VERNON HILL Ph. B. Baylor University Dean of Girls C. L. KOELSCHE University of Southern California A, B. and M. S. Science B. W. TAPPER The Stout Institute Industrial Arts MRS. LEILA OLIVER University of Michigan B. S. Science ANNE KELLY University of Texas B. A. Mathematics MYRA WINKLER North Texas State Teachers College B. S. History FLORENCE DUNCAN Mills College B. A. Public Speaking MRS. LONDALINE BALES Baylor College B. S. Home Economics I 4 Q 9 iff. l S- Q, N' .3 ff. Q E3 K il 5 1 I 'S S S. . ry 3224: r -2. 5351? it x f .-ik: 1 . .- I 1 ',. ' - e as I . .1 , . H25 Z A ' ,J Ei' . 1 'I' ' in HQW-. 'Alfa l n Page 11 THE SPUR I I ...gm f K 2,51 I v 'iz . i - A W' 4... in A QR iw' YETTA MAE SLAYTON Simmons University B. Spanish MRS. EULA HARLACKER Baylor University B. A. Art FLORENCE BRADY University of California A. B, antl M. A. History MARTHA NEAL Peabody College B. S. Cumherlantl College B. S. Study Hall Supervisor MRS. ROSALIE CURRY College of Industrial Arts B. A. French MRS. MARY DEWEY Cafeteria Manager MAY BELLE LONG University of California B. A. Columbia University M. A. Physical Education Heatl MRS. DORA DUPREE University of Texas B. S. Science MALTDE lSAACKS University of Texas B. A. English FRED BAKER North Texas State Teachers College B. S. Manual Training DEDIE CHARLES Secretary tu the Principal 1:ilt'lll1'l' Menlberxa 'Il'lJ0.l6' pirlurei' do not appear XVILLIAM BALCH EDITH GIDDINGS Musit' Department FANNIF F05-I-ER English uma Maura FHM" Study Hall Supervisor NELL TAYLOR Study Hall Supervisor Page 12 1. 4 l, X :SQ . ff AN' THEiSF:UR KATHERINE COLDWELL EUGENE SULLIVAN Scholarship National Honor Captain R. O. T. C. Courtesy '33 Senior Play Technical Staff MIKE DIPP Scholarship Club '31, '32 National Honor Society '32, '33 Spanish Club '31 House of Represenratives '30 Salutarorian EDMUND GIVEN Archaeology Club '30 Track '33 Band '30, '31, '32 Drum Corp '31 Manual Arts Club '30 LOUISE MARTIN Tumble Weeds GLENNIS SMITH Glee Club '33 Tumble Weeds '32 "Noth1n2 But the Truih" Office Club '32, '33, '34 ANDRE R. DESOUCI-IES President Spanish Club '31 MARY ALICE MOONEY Booster Club Courresy R. O. T. C. Sponsor Promoter of Senor Play HARRY STAFFORD Scholarshi '33, '34 National, Honor Courtesy '30, '31 Archaeology '30, '33 BEULAH HALPERN National Honor Kalevala Class Sgeaker Tatler ditor Tarler Business Manager Senior Play Program IANUARY SENIORS Page 15 THEfSfUR JANUARY SENIORS 2 . WINIFRED MCVEY Scholarship Kalevala "Nothing But the Truth" MAIER JOSEPH R. O. T. C. '30, '33 First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Ass't. Reg. Adjutant Boosters '31 Courtesy '30, '33 Officers' Club City Winner in Constitution Essay Contest '33 J. LELAND ROLL Engineers' Club '29, '30 DAVE DAVIS Boosters ' 32 JIM ROGERS Officers' Club '29, '30 Archaeoloa Club '31 Science lub '29 Math Club '32 LUCILLE MCCLELLAND National Honor A House of Representatives "Tatlet' Staff Cibola Third Place in Oratorical Contest '32 ALFONSO G. MONTENEGRO Spanish Club ROBERT CROCKETT National Honor Society Lt. Col. R. O. T. C. Treasurer Officers' Club Corporal Courtesy '31, '33, '34 Latin Club '30, '31 MARGARET BARNES ROSE ANN COHEN Page 16 THE SPUR JANUARY SEN IORS FERNANDO ALVAREZ FRED MARSTON JR. Club '32 Track '52, '33 Secretary of Archaeology Club '33 WALTER YOUNG Track '32, '33 GLYNN SPARKS Vice Pres. Senior Class '34 All-Star Volley Ball '32, '34 All-Star Baseball '32, '33 All-Star Hockey '33 Best Girl Athlete '33 Tumble Weeds Vice President ELSIE FORBES "Nothing But the Truth" R. O. T. C. Sponsor '33 Senate '33 JAMES FARAH Dramatic Art Club '30 GEORGE BERNHARDT "Nothing But the Truth" Capt. Co. "A" R. O. T. C. National Honor Society FRANCES KEATING Senior Play Scholarship JERRY HAGGARD Boys' Boosrer '29, '30 Senior Debate Club '33 "Nothing But the Truth", '34 MARY FRANCES KIRKPATRICK Page 17 THE SPUR JANUARY SENIORS FLORENTINO MUNOZ Track '32, '33 WILMA GALLOWAY DEAN TREAT BERTHA MCLEAN National Honor, Scholarship, "Carmen" JOHN HARRIS Pres. Officers' Club '34, Major R. O. T. C. Interscholastic One Act Play Contest at Alpine "Nothing But the Truth" Pres, Senior Class '34, Athletic Commissioner Track '33 Club House of Rspresenteyives '31, '33 .mate Archaeology Club '51 ALFONSO RAMIREZ BLANCHE SPARKS Nothing But the Truth RICHARD FOSTER 'Nothing But the Truth Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Boys Glee Club Archaeology Club '30 KATHLEEN ERWIN Slatz Valedictorian, National Honor '33. '34 Scholarship Club 4 years Kalevala '33 Senate '30, '31 Debate ALBERT HERRERA R. O. T. C. '29, '34 First Lieutenant Co. "C Officers' Club Page 18 -tj X, 5 rr In af, ,V I HERBERT GORE "Nothing But the Truth' National Honor Capt. R. O. T. C. Scholarship '52, '33 DORIS SHOWS "Tatler" Staff '32, '33 Booster Club '31, '32 Glee Club '30 BILL HARDIE Lieutenant R, O. T, C. Scholarship National Honor EDNA LOUISE TAYLOR Scholarship National Honor Senior Plav Courtesv '32 "Carmen" "Bells of Capistrano CHARLES HYMAN "ClaizzleJ" Orchestra '31, '35 Courtesy '31, '34 LENITA BROWNLEE Football Queen '32 R. O. T. C. Sponsor '32 Pres. Library Council '32 Sc-c'y of High Seniors '33 ED HUGULEY SEYMOUR NEUFELD "Bells of Capistrano" "Carmen" january Seniors whore pirturer do no! RALPH AGAR ARTHUR DUMM MARIA ESCUDERO IRENE ESPINOZA CEASAR FERNANDEZ GLENN FERRIS DAVID KOORTZ ENRIQUETA LOYA THE SPUR r',. f ' film JANUARYKS N R . in 3 ,L 4 ul I 2 A' ,., . I appear PABLO MARTINEZ MARY MUNDIE 71 JOHN MURPHY ALKIE NICHOLSON JENNY Nici-ioLsoN EMIL SCHOEMANN AMALIA VASQUEZ MANUEL VIGIL fail.: THE SPUR LOUISE jAMESON "jamie" Vice-Pres. High Seniors "Spur" Staff IOHN S. ROBINSON Spur ' Staff '34 First Lieutenant Co. "A" R. O. Latin Club '31, '32 Archaeology Club '33 BILLY IVIILLARD Scholarship Club -I yrs. National Honor Declamation Debate MARY KING R. O. T. C. Sponsor '32, '33 ARTHUR SILBERG Courtesy Club GLENES BOULXVARE National Honor LOUISE DODSON LUCILLE DAVENPORT Upug., R. O. T. C. Sponsor '32 "Most Popular Girl"-'35 Booster Club '32 Courtesy '35 JOHN BAUER President Freshman Class Courtesy Club '30, '31 xv! W' MAY SEN IORS 1 it lI9'C' sli- Latin Club ' Scholarship National Honor 3 l 3- Q PAULINE CAMPBELL "Polly" X ' Sec. High Seniors . Sponsor '50. '31 ' S Page 21 K ' XX-f THE SPUR MAY SENIORS RUSSELL SPARKS Basketball '34 MARGARET HARDAGE ERNEST CRAIGE National Honor Society "35. '34 Scholarship Club '3I, '34 Kalevals. Spur Staff '34 District Latin Essay Contest-First place '3I. 'Ur District Extemporaneous Speaking Contest First Place '33 Buss BELL ' JANE OMOHUNDRO Office Wtzrk '53, '34 CATHRYN NICHOLS Office '33, '34 Booster Club '32, '55 JOHN WIGGS Courtesy Club '30 Haskctlaall '34 Officers' Club - ELIZABETH FRANCES JIMMY ONICK House nf Representatives R. O, T. C. Freshman Yell Leader Senior Ycll Leader JERRY HILWORTH Kalevala Scholarship R, 0. T. C. Capt., Cibilla Page 22 JOHNELL CRIMEN junior Dramatic Club '30 Latin Club Vice-President '31 Booster Club Scholarship Club National Honor Society '34 MARGARET QUAID "Quaid" Courtcsy Club National Honor Sponsor '32, '33 Clerk, House ol Representatives '32 MILDRED BOYNTON "Midge" R, 0. T. C. Sponsor '30, '31 MARGARET PEARSON Courtesy Club '30 Archaeology Cluh '31 junior Dramatic Art Club '3I Vice-Pres. Booster Club '32 KATE LAWSON JANE SCHUMACHER R. O. T. C. Sponsor '31, '53. '34 "Spur" Staff '3 3 Editor "Spur" '34 Senate '33 National Honor Society Scholarship Club '34 NANCY ROSENFIELD FRANK COONS Capt. R. O. T. C. Officers' Club Courtesy V "Spur" Staff -1. L. VELASQUEZ LUCILLE BRYAN THE SPUR MAY SENIORS SJW W LAURENCE SAENZ Courtesy Club '32, '33, '34 Track '53 Club Manual Training Club '33 RAYMOND KLEIN LOUIS FESSINGER Courresy '30, '3l STELLA HOWARD Leaders' Club '32, '33 Tumblers' Club '32, '34 DOROTHY DANIELS Glee Club Courtesy House of Represenrafvee ADALAIDE MOYE Library Assistant I JIM ARMSTRONG "Swifl'v" Fnmball '32 I D HARRY ZIMMER JULIA FARRELI. Boosters BILL MCCARTI-'IY Albuquerque High School Page 24 THE SPUR BERTHA ARROYO ROSE ROSS "Spur" Staff "Taller" Staff Kalevala House Ol Representatives A L,- FRANCES SKELTON-ROGER Courtesy , Sponsor '32 f 'i ' Booster j House of Representitives If , UIQ 4 s . fl :UM ,IUANITA JONES 5 , "Nita" "'I'atler" Staff Dramatic Art Club '32, '33 DICK GUINN Major R. O. T. C. Archaeology Club Courtesv Club "'I'atler" Staff House of Representatives Officers' Club NICK ABRAHAM JR. UKSK.. Football '30, '32 Courtes French Club MAC LYLES Booster "E" I Club Track 33, 34 House of Representatives ALICE PERSON dll IJ House of Representatives '51 Debate '32 ' Courtesy '33 ' Glee Club '3l. '34 French Club '31, '32 Scholarship Club '31, '34 National Honor Acappella Choir '32, '54 Y . s JUDITH NATIONS A WMU CARLOS RIVERA MAY SENIORS J Page 25 bl .K ltjyvvfv- THE SPUR MAY SIENIORS Milt JOE SIMON Band '51, '32, '35 Orchestra '32 Art Club '32 Courtesy Club CARMEN TRUJI LLO MARY FLORES R. O. T. C.. bptxnsur 32 Tumbling '51 ul- L' Ml GLADYS TAPI-'ER Library Council '50, '31 Library Assistant '53, 'H Buosrer '50 Courtesy Club '51 BETTY BOWMAN Acappella Choir Girls Glen Club Mixed Glee Club MANNING EDMONDSON R. 0. -l. C. Ulliccrx' Club '54 JOE CARPENTER Courtesy '29, '30 MARY NEESON Courtesy '5l, '51, '33 Booster Club '30 MARY jo PALM Latin Club Courtesy Club Acappelln Choir Girls Glee Club Mixed Cilce Cluh MINETTE DUREI. Page 26 THE SPUR ALFREDO TERRAZAS LOUIE ONICK MARIE GARNAND PEDRO GARCIA Football '33 Basketball '34 LISBETH PICKRELL Yell leader '33 Pres. Kalevala '35 R. O. T. C. Sponsor '35, '54 Pres, Student Body '34 Pres. Cihola '55 CORTEZ KILLEN Club Secretary '32 Speaker of House ot Representatiwcs Football '31, '32 Capt, Basketball '52, '3-1 Track '32. '35 Booster Club '31 DAN GOODMAN "Spur" Staff Courtesy '31, '52, '55 MURIEL STERNGLANZ HERBERT SCHWARTZ Pres. National Honor Society Scholarship Club Business Manager "Tatler" BEN HICKMAN MAY SENIO S Lf Page 27 J jf R 0 I' ANNA LEE BELLMAN Courrcsy NORMAN LITTER . C. ltmd Clmnnmndcr Cum rcxy ELAINE LAMBERT Ll ICRIZZIA SAENZ J. L. HOLGUIN Kalcvala "vI. 'M Editor "'I'.uIcr" KIIIIYC KIIIICCI' R. O. T. C INIERLIE HUNGERFORD und I.iculcn.xm R. O. T JEAN If. INIOORIZ Lihrauy CULIDCII '32. '33 BILLY PARK BILLY PORRAS JOHN NEBHAN THE SPUR DAVID WAIDE BLANCHE TXWINING ELLIS RUTH MITCHELL VIRGINIA ZOLLARS Library Council MIGIQEL PRADO Sclmlurship Club Nzuionnl Honor Society R. DEE IXIADLAND BOHBIIE LEE COLLINSXVORTH BILLY BECKLEY Officers' Club I.lICII,I.Ii COLLINSVVORTI-I NICK TERRAZAS I MAY SENIORS B A 'I fm-. 1-fu . .2 .35-:,::-. H 1: :Nr ,V . if ak I Ma, v Page 29 if THE SPUR MAY SIENIORS G N X2 Q Q ISLSIE SULLIVAN JACK STIZAD Cuuxrmy Clull LIENORIZ GREENE Courumsy Clulu Booster Club Lc.ulurN Club Glue Club GIEORGIZ MCNIZAL BOB XX'Hl'l'l.OCl'i Prcs. High Suninrs Isl Licux. R. 0. 'lf C. Capt. Rillc 'l'u.uu '58 MABIEI. MIZNDER f:UIIlIIIQIkILIl Cluh Spanish Clulw RAYMOND CURTAN Capt. 11. o. '11 cz. BILL DAVIS LUIS VIIMINEZ Arr Clulw '50, '51 'l'rnck '33, '55 Isl Vlguc Ngnl, Snap Saulpnuru '55 "T.lIlKl"' Sklll '52, '53 BOB lll'l"l'lfR "Spur" Sr.xtI 'H Haml Urm'l1usll'.l Page 30 THE SPUR ELLISON LOTT MURRAY KRAMER ARTHUR I-IOPPER LICIII, R. O. T. C. Officers' Club '34 Ritlc Team 433. '34 EDDIE AIOE MARTIN I:ImIII.IlI '52 VIIIHICIC '35 "IZ" CIIIIT BILL BARNES MAY SENIORS .III15 SEIHUIQI zzfmw Il71I'In1'e',I Jr: Im! I1.I7pI.II' MALCOLM ANDERSON , ,FRED BOEHM5-,'. I' ,IAc3K CI-IEW' PATTY MAE CHINN DIOHN Com' HARRY CQHEN FRANK DAVEY CHRISTINE DORRIS JACK DUKE EMET DUNN RVBY ELLIOTT ELIZABETH GIINNINQ ...Q n - f A,,Jv4"4L1"1- K N., . 1'i ' OHN HOLGIIIN ALICE LOIS JONES DAVID LEESER ARTHUR MCGURN EDGAR MILLER JOHN ORME ROBERT READING TERESA REDD ROBERT ROMERO GEORGE SAVELY BILLY SIBERT Cbufg LLLNQQUINN SPARKS MARY BETH HAI.I, I, - PAIII. WILKERSON BETTYE HARRE -IITLIA zI.ARovsKY I' kiqlyxkfiov 1'iVI.l.u-'P Page 31 J' 1 Y X ' 1 px, Qi, gm ,Ex ix, -w I J Y U. XWILMA BLACK RAIIL REVILLA ALYENE VUILLIAMSON LOIS BLEDSOE ALFONSO RODARTE DOROTHY MOCKERT JEANNETTE SHANNON ANNE BEAUDETT BOB AUSTIN ROY AUSTIN VIRGINIA STANSBURY MARGARITA GUM EZ CATHERINE CROWELL VIVIAN BLALOCK DORIS KRIEEGER JERRY DAXWSON VIRGINIA LEE KENNEDY MARTI COHEN THE SPUR MARIE SO LTNER BILL ADKINS ROSALIE STARK Page 38 lj, . ,W .W ff THE SPUR MARGARET SABI N BILL KYLE JULIET GALVAN M BILL JOHNSTON BETTY BOUR OSCAR VUYLIE MARTIN FERN KEITH TEAGUE IOE Gl TTIERREZ JORDAN Page 56 AURY HINDS LELAND E. STANFORD CAROLYN BAUMGARTEN QIACK DUNLAP FRANCIS BAIRD ARY ROSENFIELD LAND BERNICE HALL ANDEZ OLA MAE DIERBACH SAM ROSENBERG ADA LAY DAVIS NANCY LACKLAND ' BEATRICE MAESE THE SPUR JL f' lv C .f' FRANCES BAKER ALLEN HEINDRICKS BESSIE FRANCES MEECE DE LBERT PLTRDY KATHERINE HEARN ELIZABETH TRIMBLE W CIR DOROTHY ROLL HELEN CUSHM MARY FX x5 I, QW LOUISE Bow? Wofg wi' I 0' .wi ' I., JM R L tolli!! LEE ILEY 1515 'fqii,ZfM,LUNI0RS '-, Page 3' nl U GUI v Ll LLLCC- If ,f THE SPUR bl, ,WJ f W I , nf J, HIGH SOPHUMORES v 1 .r '-:Y - vw- xf ' if dsx 'Vt UF! NJN JNL K 4., 'ff' . 1" x , xf ffiwf . M X afwbilj' rm 3 1 r I - I N'1 P4 '- uI If is Q 'X J THE SPUR I Lilrv to See the Trees BY j. L. Hoi.taiuN I like to see the trees Shaken by the breeze Vlflien it ruins. l like to see them jerk .mtl t Antl wriggle in the mist Ol' the r.1ins They .ire like so m.1ny lmpjwy Sending out their joyful slit 'lhrilletl for their being. lnnotent, they toss their vert lln.1sh.imetl, they let it kiss l9l.itl in their being How like the trees our lives Cheerful, euntent, and free lfxultimt for just beingl w ist louis Jutsv- l.mt h.iirg the moistenet eoultl be- Pnue -L' - J 1 VM- -'f -f-":rJ'!.2Z-sv S R I J x S N fy N IEII THE SPUR uf' ff i x A , K fi I' xxx HIGH FRESHMEN ,nl I X171-Tiff-f IA DW FR ESHMEN Pgc45 . 3 fd: - .f . cL,4A THE SPUR 11lPllIUI'il?S Curtains nt opcn windows, Dusk in ll Lllliift l.mc, Birds in thc curly morning, Ul11l1I'L'lI1lS in tllc ram. XXIJICI' on shining l'UOf-IOIXS, Moon behind duklingg pine All mcmurics to lI4L'LlSllI'L', llllll DOI .l5 dull' .15 IUIIM' NAM Y RUSlfNlflI 1 lv P.1gc 46 tis 5 ..nzI33...n-+a..-.- - -hm. KNN-g., 's,NmR FEAT y,lE W ,vu Miz:- THE SPUR LISBETH PICKRELL President Student Body Page 49 THE SPUR MARY BROCK MARTIN School Beauty Page 50 THE SPUR flu FAY HUGHES 1 Most Popular Girl yu Page 51 Y THE SPUR af?-5 .f YQJQJ lf? fx JERRY DAWSON Host Popular Hoy 3 P2 1 J THE SPUR i 1 HELEN CUSHMAN Best Girl Athlete Page 55 THE SPUR CURTEZ KILLEN lfvst Hoy fltlllvla- Page il gf f 1 .- ,,v,J'r T-4 -1, V1 1. wa, .,,. .., ln is SX ,, . .k ..--.-....-. - . RUIBICRT READING RAY CURTAN Atlvnflanl Duke lo Dislrirl Pagvant at Alpine THE SPUR HALL Cf FAME Idwil Cnzzpfe-Wlilrna Black and "Chile" Richardson Pzflafic EIIFHIU1' No.1-Freddie Ryan Secomz' Garbo--jane Omohundro 565071111 F1z111ke1i.rf4'i11-Jillius Bunts Mezifr Bigger! Wfozvy-"Midge" Boynton Mickey Maine-"Corky" Minnie Mnzife-Mary Moran-, fn' fn vi'-'fJ'A-Z Fizirt Chi. 1',u' Cfzlllifll Switcher-Lisbeth Pickrell Mizxiriii Pei1'e.f-john Robinson fflonsult A. Harperj Mor! Cwzfeifeff W'1'efclv-R. D. Madland Mor! C0llL'6if6'!f Wfwiflv-Keith Teague M1111 Almzn' Tozwi-Ray Curran Tei1z'lve1",r Perl fMi1fej--Orville Brothers Teurlaerfr Perf fliwiiizfej-jane Bancroft Big Chief Lum! Nlnzifla-Dick Guinn Mor! Tizfkiifire Girl-Margaret Harduge Blonde Venux-Minette Durel Mort Arrofiitfzlirlyefl Lim'-Dena Kirkpatrick "Hi Skzzlen Slirker-Billy Sibert Grew! Sfmiefizce-Nancy Lackland Tei1rher'.r Pet-Margaret Quaid P1157 ITIIS -'f-1 THE SPUR 1 X, W- T gi. , ff FDUTIBALI. SEASUN Playing hard and fast games, El Paso Tigers captured the Southwestern Foot- ball Championship this season for the second time since 1927. Coach Brum- below and his assistant, Martin, had good material and made much use of it. The real "high-lights" of the season were turned on at the Phoenix Game. The Tigers played steadily and fast, hold- ing the Coyottes to a scoreless game. The Austin battle revealed all the revenge the last season had inculcated in the hearts of Tiger men, and Thanksgiving saw a real game. The Bowie game, although lost, was a hard fought battle that brought forth plenty of fight from both sides. Altogether, the season was a victorious one, and the team under the leadership of two of the finest coaches in the South- west played one of the most successful seasons that a team has ever played. Page 61 T .www 'ww en W. 'N f 'X if - ' ' ' 5 K .. -- '- W1 f. 1 1.9: . A - - - f - - Q .... 1, I, ,Bef 1 T r- Q. " . - . N . . 4 , . hil, 'A 1. THE SPUR Page 62 Q 4 U Q li ALL S T 0 F0 1933 THE THE SPUR Bevans DThomas Taylor DON BEVANS "Bevo" la ed center osition and was P Y U P A H placed on one of the all city teams. He was Captain of the "Tigers". Weiglit-162 pounds TED THOMAS Playing the position of running guard. Thomas was a small but hard fighting man. He played defensive halfback. " . . Weight-145 pounds ED TAYLOR In the Austin game Taylor starred with a "guard around" play. He was a hard hitting backfield. Weiglit-1'IJ pounds DICK KING Q King came up from last years nightshift, and was a good suh-guard this season. Weiglit-140 pounds QUINN svamcs Sparks was a good tackle who backed up the line on the defense. spirit to the team. He also supplied much Weigltt-1613 pounds Garcia Bunner QR, Richardson King Sparks PEDRO GARCIA Breaking his shoulder at the first of the season, Garcia played under handicap, hut was a fighting sub end. Vleight-160 pounds ED BUNNER As a wing-back Bunner played a hard hit- ting game. This was his first year out. Weight-165 pounds CHARLES RICHARDSON Witli a slow but tremendous drive, Richard- son was a good blocker and punter. He played the position of full-back. Weiglit-1115 pounds TONY CHEW Chew was a light, fast player who had the position of halfback. He was also the best pass receiver on the team. Weight-125 pounds ,IACK MOORE Being hard to stop when he got started, Moore played the position of a defensive tackle and an offensive full-back. Weight-190 pounds Chew Moore Page 65 THE SPUR Cisneros Heineman ARMANDO CISNIEROS Cisneros was the fastest man on the team, the hest punter, and the "all-city" halt hack. He starred in the Tucson game. Weiglit-155 Pounds KliNNIi'l'H HIQINEMAN Plavinq position of tiuartetback, Heineman was a good leader and the best passer in the city. Weiglit-153 pounds Mllili CARRASCO Ciarrasco was a blocking-half that was one of the ht-st blockers on the team. This was his first year out. Weiglit-150 pounds H. CI. NXXFISSINGER We-issingc-t' was the fast and shifty quartet'- hack who didn't care what he hit nor what hit him. Weiglit-125 pounds Carrasco Weissinger GEORGE ATELL Atell was a sub-guard who lettered this seat son in his first year out for football. Weiglit-lil! pounds BEN FINO Being a two year letterman who never had an opponent gain a yard over his position as tackle during the season, Fino was placed on one of the "all-city" teams. Weiglit-165 pounds -IERRY DAWSON Dawson, beside supplying the team with spirit, was a good blocker that played end position. Weiglit-1-40 pounds ABEL PAREDES Playing a very steady game, Paredes proved to he an end that was small but plenty mean. JOHN MURPHY Muir lit was a ver consistent end who used . Y . his head. He was the hest defensive man on punts on the team. Weiglit-155 pounds Weight-ltlll pounds Att Fino Dawson Paredes Murphy 'Un Page 64 THE SPUR BASKET BALL SEASON Starting off in a "big way", the basket ball players under Coach Brunbelow and his assistant, Martin, really outplayed themselves at the beginning of the season. It was not until a few games had been lost that the boys found themselves and really started playing basketball. There were few old men from which to pick the team, but there was plenty of new material. It was hard work getting the team to play in perfect form on the court. When the El Paso High boys won two games over the superior Phoenix team, the "Tigers" came into the spot light, and the future City Basket Ball Championship battle looked more interest- ing than before. But the Phoenix game proved to be the fight in which the "Tigers" really reached their best playing and the peak of the season. They made serious threats in the city championship games but failed to reach their mark. However, the Coaches did some very hard work in order to keep the team "clicking", and as a result a hard-fighting team represented El Paso High in basketball during the past season, SEASON SCORE We They New Mexico A 8: M. Freshmen 20 25 New Mexico A. Bc M. Freshmen 20 55 Bisbee, Arizona 53 35 Bisbee, Arizona 27 30 Anthony, N. M. 25 27 Mesa, Arizona 25 40 Mesa, Arizona 23 24 Pecos, Texas 32 9 Odessa, Texas 27 17 Big Spring, Texas 18 20 Colorado, Texas 50 29 T Barstow, Texas 33 11 Wink Faculty .12 - 18 Phoenix, Arizona 19 18 Phoenix, Afizona 19 15 Cathedral Hi. E. P. 2-1 25 1 Bowie, E. P. 20 27 Austin, P. 19 28 Cathedral, E. P. 20 30 Bowie, E. P. 28 30 Austin, 12. P. P 34 31 Page 65 THE 1934 BASKETBALL SQUAD THE SPUR .V ,....,---a.,..-vQL- .u-....-..dl'In-4..-.........,..,,,,,.....a,..a.,, ,,,,fAW,,,,,,,i:i,, M. . . , .K rv, - ' 1- W f.,. Mfmgx--3 f-egg-. , TRACK TEAM From row, lefr to right: Martin QCoachD, Davila, Nance, Lyles, Bunner, Cisneros, Chew, Black, Mena. Back row: Pageant QASSI. Coachj, Bevans, Munoz, Gallo, Cobos, Vega, Love, Wilkerscwn. Front row: Goodwin. Second row: Del Hierco, Given, Hernandez, Chew, Sanroscoy, Hilworrh. Third row: Litter, Gray, Killen, Creighton, Coffin, Quijano. Page 68 THE SPUR GIRLS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT i K A -, i ii . ,W 1' U HEI. -N CUSHMAN Girlf' Alhlefir Cfl7Illllj.fJ'f0lI6l' MISS INIAYBELLE LONG Girlr' Alhlelif Dfl'6L'f0l' This was a very full year in the girls' gym. The classes were large and had plenty of "pep". The mid-winter Demonstration in December gave everyone an opportunity to display her ac- complishments. The spring, an advanced section became the members of El Paso High Girls' R. O. T. C. A new "All-Star" club was started in the department, meeting at Home Room period along with the "Tennis Club" and the "Tumhleweeds." All the girls joined in having a big time at the May Frolic to end the term. ....M.g... Page 69 5 3 THE SPUR 'Yr X1 GIRLS' ATHLETICS If quantity had decided championship, the Freshmen would have led all classes this year, nor were they short on quality. Ask the juniors and Seniors. The juniors won the volley ball toumamentg the Sophs won first place in basket ballg and the combination Soph-junior team was supreme in hockey. The baseball championship is still undecided as this goes to press, but the "Army" and "Alley Oop" team look very strong. ' ln addition to the regular interclass tournaments this year, there were the Basket-Ball Play Day, for which E. P. H. S. reams were hostesses to Austin, the Alumnae hockey games, and the Base Ball Play Day, with Austin girls as hostesses. It was a fine year and we are looking forward to many more like it. Page 70 ufy' ' W .fy - X LN kr? L V. I .1 - L W , mf ? 'lk J- THE SPUR QQ Us -I-O Co MAJOR JAMES P. MOORE, P. M. S. 84 T. Clllllllldlldcllll of Cbzden' STAFF SERGEANT G. W. ROBINSON SERGEANT L. SEXTON Iz1m'1n'fw' - In Billmliwz 1zz.rir1zrtw'- 2nd Bcllhllfllll Page 77 IGH SCHOOL SO ON R. O. T. C., EL PA TTALI A TB 1S HE SPUR y y R R. O. T. C. COMPANY COMMANDERS AND SPONSORS Billy Beckley, Lucille Davenpurrg Frank Comms, Lislnerh Pickrellg Sue Gates QGirls' Cumpanyjg john Wigfzs, Wfilmu Bluckg Ray Curran, Midge Boymung rmim Litter Qliumlj, Georgia Terrell. Pictuire does not appear: Mary Moran. l l MAJ 1, i 1,7 1 N .ly R. O. T. C. REGIMENTAL and BATTALION STAFF and SPONSORS Front row: Billy Siberr QLieur. Coll, Margaret Quaidg jerry Hilworrh fRegimemal Adjurzmtj, jane Schumaclierg Dick Guinn fMajor-Battalion COI'l1I'I'l2lIlLlC'fJ, Lislneth Pickrell. Back row: Louie Onick-!LBarrulion Adjutanrjg jack Chew flsr Lieur., Asst to Regimental Adjutamlg Davi Leeser Und Lieut. Staffj. Page 79 THE SPUR v i OLSrffl'7fL91i iLLC'.A.o1'Q COMPANY MA" Company Commander fCapt.j - ........ - --- Beckley Billy lst Lieutenant, Company Executive Officer -- --- Robinson ohn 2nd Lieutenant ......................... - .... Liggctt Bill 2nd Lieutenant .......... Battalion Sergeant Major -,- lat Sergeant .........,. Aliaga, Francisco Archibald, Frank Armstrong, Wfoody lSgt.j Brooks, Willialii Bunts, junius Butcher, Herbert Custorena, Edward Caskey, Richard Dautli, Bob Davis, Roy Eden, George Edmondson. Manning Farah. William Fernandez, Thomas fSgt.j Feuille. Rickie Folk, Bob Grein, Owen Hanson, Bernard fSgt.J --- Coffin, Williaiii -- Goodwin Louis Bell Bliss Harper, james Holland, Carl Holmes, jack Hernandez, Oscar Kaufman, Bill McKittrick, Robert Mills, Allan Moore, Marion fSgt Newton, Howard Royal, Billy Rayan, Fred 15,411.1 Schneider. Ned Shaw, john Stanton, Lawrence Taylor, Lloyd fSgt.J Warner, Vern Williams, Ned Wting, Herbert Zelman, Norman Page 80 THE SPUR COMPANY HB" Compmy Commander lCapt.J ........v....... --- C0003 Fffmk lat Lieutenant Company Executive Officer ..... f,.... W hitloflx Bill? 7nd Ileufenam .,.,,,,,,,,,..,,......... .... H ungerford Merle and Lieutenant -- .... Vega Arnulfo Ist bergetnt .................. .................. N eel Alln Austin, Bob fsgtj Austin, George Barhoglio, Pete Bell, Edward Berlinger. Eddy Blalock, Vfilliam Bonaguidi, Arthur Caffey, Eugene Calisch, Charles Carrasco, Miguel Q Coulehan, Lee Crombie, Bill Ferguson, Jimmie Fletcher, Dick Hoffpouir, Byrl Holman, Elliott Hooker, Earl jones, Joe jordan, joe fSgt.J Kyle, Bill Levenson, Sam Lickel, Williztnl Lunt, Frank Lindoff, Edward Sgt.J McNeal, jim fSgt.j Naiera, Refugio Nance, T. -I. fSgt.J Oosterveen, Walter' Oppenheim, Charles Overton, Charles Perdue, George Porter, Bill Quevedo, Alberto Rivas, Angel Rosenbaum, Arthur Rosenberg, Harry Sackett, james Saucedo, Carlos Seideman, Lloyd Stewart, Paul Torres, Alexander Valencia, Samuel fSgt J Ware, Elbert White, james Winnei', james Wtiodliouse, Evan Wrmsika, Leon Wiggs, Joe QSgt.J Page 81 THE SPUR COMPAN "C" .xv Company Commander fCapt.j .... '- ...... --- Wliggs, john lst Lieutenant Company Executive ficer .... --- Sayles, Allen 2nd IJCUICDIIIII .................. ..... - - Hopper, Arthur Znd lieutenant --- .....,,. Duke, jack ISI Sffgealnt -.-----.-... .......... C hamberlain, Pau Andrews, Dick Avila, Manuel Agnew, Norman Bemis, George Carrasco, David Cuen, Mario Davis, james Flaherty, Gayle Fugate, Bill fsgl. Gaal, Buster Gish, Charles Goodrich, Gordon Greer, Fletcher Herrera, Fernando Hooker, Forrest Heitman, Wallace Hernandez. Fred Holmes, Pete Hover, Robert jordan, Dempsey 7 ISQI-J King, jimmy fSgt.j l.opez, jaime Marble, Earl McCoy, john Mendoza, Cesar Mizener, Harry Moye, Edwin Muzzy, jolm Murphy, Robert Neel, jimmy Nichols, Elmo Null, Bob Munoz, Charlie Ramos, Ezequiel Robinson. Dick Rice, joseph Scaife, Terry fSgt.j Seitz, Arthur Sherman, Ray Shipley, Roy Shook, Hugh Shumate, Frank Silva, jose Spence, Corvel Stanton, Leroy fSgt.j Stinnett, Burley Tomlinson, Alton Tomsic, Frank Waldman, DeWitt Watzke, Donald Wfilliams, Lloyd Ward, Oscar Page 82 THE SPUR COMPANY "D" Comp iny Commander CCapt.J ........ .. .,.. Yv.. C urtan, Raymond lst Lieutenant Company Executive Officer ..... --- Holguin L 2nd Lieutenant ......................... .... N zlierl P11 and Lieutenant --- --- Harndon Billy lst Seig.,eant ............... ................ W ells Fllke Aliaga, Fernando Arguelles, Eduardo fS Childress, Willis Carroll, Bill Cruse, Donald Curran, Eugene Eaves, Donald Farlow, Durward Faubert, Victor Franzini, joe French, Charles Frey, Lewis Fritz, William Fugate, George Ferguson, Billy Hamlin, Pete QSgt.l Hopper, Vernon Holmes, Tommy Howe, Dick Johnson, Ray jordan, Everett johnson, Paul Long, Horace McKinney, james Martin, James at-J Medina, juan Mills, julian Najera, Refugio Neeson, jim Orme, Bob Parham, jeff fSgt.J Portillo, Francisco Quesada, jesus Reed, jim Sandidge, Robert 15g Smallberg, William Spinks, Bill Steel, Cyril Sweeney, joe fSgt.J Thomas, jack Thorne, Lansing Tinclell, Hilary Tiesu, Thomas Vigil, Victor Watzke, Dick Welde1'tmtl1, Ed Wiggs, Harold Willianisrun, Bill Wylie, Oscar fSgt.j Yee, Albert Yee, Yuen Pan Page 83 i THE SPUR I P , v ,GIRLS' COMPANY , f 1 ,C "" ' Company Commander fCapt.j .C6A'.A?!im-12515-15------ GH-685, SDC rgf Igcuienitnt ,,,, ..4fz1:9::f.1'5-A-:Q-:z--f. ......... --- Poske, jane f 2nd Lieutenant Q- ................... ...... .... IN I cRae, jem lst Sergeant --- Bell, Elizabeth Broadhead. Virginia 6 Caskey, Helen Church, Gardenia Conner, Dorothy Crockett, Reva, Sgt. Dawson, jean Denny, Mary Duclrow, Letitia Mary Dijo, Mitsul-co Elliott, Ernestyne Elliott, juanita Franklin, Susan Fritv, Maralyo Fryer, Rose Mary Gavaltlon. Selsa Griffin, Anna Marie Harmon, Edna Earle Harris, Rosemary Hernandez, Felipa Herron, Nancy Holguin, Dora Holguin, Lucille Horne, Frances jackson, Sue johnson, Billie Mae Kane, jane - ---,--- Cushman, Helen Kurita, Isabel Matrox, Lillian Mayer, jeanette' McKee, Rosa McRae, Virginia Metcalf, Nilan Miller, Frances Ann, QS Montoya, josephine Morton, Amelia Muzzy, Mary Nagy, Mary Naismith, Marie Pilcher, johnnie Poppenhousen, Mary Porter, Rebecca 1Sgt.j Portugal, Carmen Ralcestraw, Virginia Rodgers, Pat Rotlriquez, Bertha Saenz, Lucrecia Shelton, Rowena fSgt.j Smith, Harriett fSgt.j Soucek, Mae Stowe, jimmy Lou Thompson, Betty fSgt.j Tomsic, Dorothy Wildstein, Bernice Page 84 I-I THE SPUR R. 0. T. C. BAND john Armendariz, jesse Adkins, Byng Armstrong, Charles Bakotsky, William Barrett, joe Ball, Dan Boyd, David Brown, Van Crowson, Gilbert Carter, Thomas Conde, Vernon Darr, Gerald Dinwiddic, E, P. Duchene, Fred Ferguson, Paul Goodman, William Gilcrease, Aurelio Gardea, Javier Gurelea, Howard Hill, Merle Hatch, Mur- ray Kramer, Tom Love, Norman Litter fDrum Majorl, Dick Miller, james Mayer, john Mitchell, William Nicholson, Lloyd Nelson, Dayton Payne, Humberto Pena. Douglas Rice, Wfilliam Ritter, Brent Rickard, Fred Sabin, Joe Simon, Ira Simonson, Floyd Taylor, Jerome Triolo, David Tappan, William Tolc, Oscar Valdez, Evaristo Valdes, Adolpho Varcla, Jack Watson, Harry Zimmer. Alf- s i RIFLE TEAM Front row: jimmy King, Bill Coffin, Bob Whitlock lCapt.J, Arthur Hopper, Howard Newton. Back row: joe jordan, Bob Austin, Leon Wosika. Page 85 s 2 THE SPUR History of the R. 0. T C. By Act of Congress of june, l9l6, fThe National Defense Actj it was decided to modernize the armed defense forces of the government. Among other provisions there was created the Reserve Officers Training Corps QR. O. T. CJ, units of which were to be established in universities, colleges, military schools and high schools of the nation, the authorities of which should make application for the same. Colleges were provided with senior units and preparatory schools with junior ones. This plan was delayed by the entry into and participation of the United States in the World War. Following the war the school authorities of El Paso fin the Spring of 19201 made application to the Federal Government for a junior Unit of the R. O. T. C. to be established in the El Paso High School. Previous to this, before and during the war, a Drill Corps had been maintained. Now the official application was granted and a regular unit was opened in September 1920, the first established in Texas. At that time there arrived the first Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Major Paul X. English, Infantry, U. S. Army, accompanied by the sergeant-instructors. The R. 0. T. C. Unit was, for eight and one-half years, confined to El Paso High School but, in january of 1928, was extended to Austin High School, the unit having been divided between the two schools since that time. At present the corps is organized as a two-battalion regiment with regimental headquarters and band of two sections. The lst Battalion, fCo's "B", and "D"j, Znd Section Regimental Band and part of the Regimental Hq. are located at El Paso High School. The 2nd Battalion fCo's "E", "FH, "G" and lst Section Regimental Band and the remainder of the Regimental Hq. are at Austin High School. The total enrollment of the corps is 603 Cadets, 290 at El Paso High and 318 at Austin High. This constitutes 46.38W of the male enrollment of the schools, a percentage which is constantly increasing and has never before been exceeded. On November 2nd, 1933, the Board of Education recognized the grow- ing value and importance of the Corps of Cadets by granting to it a Charter which established it as a definite and autonomous unit of the school system to be carefully preserved in its rights and perquisites. As an adjunct to the corps a girls' regiment has been begun by the organization of "N" Company at Austin High and "R" Company at El Page 86 THE SPUR Paso High. The girls' units, of course, cannot be enrolled in the R. O. T. C. Unit but form an attractive and inspiring auxiliary to the Corps of Cadets. In April 1933 and 1934, as a result of the annual War Department inspection, the unit was placed on the Honor Roll of R. O. T. C. units of the nation. This year's cadet rifle team placed third in the Corps Area Rifle Matches and was selected to enter in this year's National Matches. The Professors of Military Science and Tactics have been as follows: Major Paul X. English, Infantry,-September, 1920, to August, 1924. Captain Brisbane Brown, Infantry,-September, 1924, to August, 1928. Major William H. Henderson, Engineers,-September, 1928, to Decem- ber, 1930. Captain Andrew Wynne, Cavalry,-December, 1930, to january, 1931. Lt. Colonel jesse Gaston, Infantry,-january, 1931, to August, 1932. Major james P. Moore, Infantry,-September, 1932, to present. The present Sergeant-instructors are-Staff Sergeant, George W. Robison, Infantry, and Sergeant Lafayette Sexton, Infantry. The objects of the R. O. T. C. are to build better physical men, to instill a respect for authority, to cultivate the habit of prompt and exact obedience, to develop the habit of neat, cleanly dress, and to give a thorough basic military education on the drill field and in the class room. Four years with the R. O. T. C. always proves its value. xl V, X' 7 , ff N, Page 87 THE SPUR ' , THE SPUR-1934 W jANlZ SCHUINIACHER BILLY SIBERT Editor-in-Chief Bll.l'f?1t.'.l.f Aftlildgfl' The Editorial Staff of the 1934 SPUR was somewhat hampered by rr lack of funds with which to put out an elaborate year book. However, through the cooperation of El Paso business men, the encouragement of Mr. Davis and the faculty, and the enthusiasm of t.he staff the publication of a representative annual was accomplished. The theme of the book was the Chicago World's Fair-"A Century of Progress". The work, done entirely by students, is very striking in its modernism. Page RR ' THE sPuR ' THE SPUR STAFF 'f In , 1 I , First Row: Ernest Craige, Assistant Editorg Louise jameson, Snap Editorg Frank Coons, Busi- ness Staffg Rose Ross, Literary Editorg Fred Boehm, joke Editor and Business Staff. Second Row: john Robinson, Organization Editor and Business Staffg Don Goodman, Assistant Snap Editorg Margaret Quaid, Art Editorg Bob Ritter, Business Staff. Those whose pictures do not appear: Allen Sayles, Assistant Business Managerg George Savely, Athletics: L. D. McComas, Business Staff. Jeff? "' to if U X , , A: l r"4"'- On account of the "depression" the Business Staff was not altogether successful in its campaign for "ads" from business corporations in down town districts. Thus, it was decided to hold a lavish carnival in which coronation ceremonies, dancing, and all varieties of entertainment and food would figure. The profits derived were more than sufficient to solve all the SPUR financial difficulties for the year of 1934. Page 89 THE SPUR X' HE" CLUB The club-is composed of lettermen in the three major-sports: football, basketball, and track. In addition, members must pass at least three solid subjects in school for eligibility to the club. The following are members: Don Bevan, Ted Thomas, Cortez Killen, Ed Taylor, Luis Jimenez, Pedro Garcia, Eugene Davila, Russell Sparks, john Wiggs, Laurence Saenz, Eddie joe Martin, Ben Fino, George Savely, Kenneth Heineman, George Attel, Dick King, Raul Revilla, Armando Cisneros, Jerry Dawson, Ed Bunner, Mac Lyles, Abel Paredes, Quinn Sparks, Tony Chew. Page 90 W-gp ,MQW NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Election of members of the National Honor Society is based upon scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Only five per cent of High juniors, ten per cent of Low Seniors, and fifteen per cent of High Seniors may be members first of all be in the upper twenty-five per cent failed more than one course in his high school year of his high school life in a high school other he is eligible on all these counts, his name is put during any term. To be eligible, a student must of his class, scholasticallyg he must not have career, he must not have spent more than one than the El Paso Public High School system. If on a list, and members of the faculty who have taught him vote on his leadership, character, and service. The membership for the spring term of 1934 includes: Herbert Schwartz .... ....... P resident john Bauer ..... --- Vice President Alice Person -- ........................ Secretary Miguel Prado --- .... Chairman of Program Committee Mary Lee Biggerstaff Wilma Brown Ernest Craige johnell Crimen Glenis Boulware Elizabeth Foster Beulah Halpern fP. GJ Pedro Garcia Victor Gallo Thornton Hardie Lucille McClelland Billy Millard Miguel Prado Margaret Quaid jane Schumacher Harry Stafford KP. GJ Julia Zlabovsky Carlos Rivera Page 91 THE SPUR I lx l JP I SCHDLARSHIP CLUB The Scholarship Club, with a membership of forty-four, has become one oi .tlselmost popular in school. The officers for the spring tqrgyef ci, Iirnest Craige ........ .... Herbert Schwartz ......, Mary Lee Biggerstaff ,-- Mrs. Marie H. Stamps -- Other members are: A-F Noel Alton 'fu Mary Lee Bailey liclrnuntl Barnett john Hauer Wfilma Brown Eugene Caffey -johnell Crimen Catherine Crowell jutlith Fenton Bill Fugate Margarite Gomez Lidtlie Hardie jerry Hilsworth Mary King Grayce jones Juanita jones Mary Louise Limllof Beatrice McLeroy Virginia Stansbury Donald Sternglanz Virginia Zollars -------- President ---- ViceAPresident - .... Secretary - - - Sponsor Billy Millard Virginia Morrow Atlalaide Moye Alice Person Elizabeth Pickrell Euroll Otilia Porr Rebecca Porter Enrique Prado Miguel Prado Margaret Quaid Louise Rantlall Lonnie Rice 115 Josephine Rosenfieltl Lucrecia Saenz Albert Schwartz Herbert Schwartz Harry Stafforcl Mary Rosenfieltl Esther Zlabovsky julia Zlabovsky Page 92 11' SPUR x I I if ffif f, A CAPELLA CHOIR Dolores Darlingto Bernice Hall Luchea Acosta Betty Bowman Elvaree Lincol julia Zlahovsky Mary jo Palm Pauline Smith Louise Coggeshall jo Anna Moore - Harriette Herron Mae Rhodes Betty Stablein Pauline Estes Norma Williaitisiiti Alice Person Ruth Williams Mary Copenhaver Mary Coggeshall Margarita Anguiano Dena Kirkpatrick Naomi Nichols Mary Beth Hall Mary Neeson Mary Lois Webb Gladys Vesey Marie Goodwin Eliz Gurning Lucille Reeves jackie Griffin Page 93 ,sf THE SPUR TENNIS CLUB Nelda Bell Grace Chew Helen Cushman Irene Dwyer Judith Fenton Selsa Gavaldon Louise Hayward Elizabeth Hardie Phillipa Hernandez Betty Ann Hill Frances Hord Mary Lauderbuck Margaret McCullough jean Metcalfe Betty I.ou Millard Ruth Monroe Virginia Morrow Judith ' ' Mary E. Schaeffer Margaret Munoz fy Beulah Trowbridge Lucille Wliite Page 9-4 --..,,, THE SPUR TUMBLERS CLUB Teresa Redd --- 'lean Dawson - jean Mc Rae --- The other members a ---- President Vice President - ---- - Secretary re: X005 Joy Houston 5,1 Janie Douglas Helen Cushman Geraldine Dinwiddie Bertha Ornelas Lucille Voelzel Loraine Salome Kelly Reid Virginia Grooms Dorothy Williailus Blanca Velasquez Amelia Morton Emerine Barthalomie Ellen Dillond 'T' 1 Page 95 THE SPUR DECLAMATION CLUB The Declamation club, sponsored this year by Mrs. Lyles, took part in the Interscholastic League Contest. jack Fant won the first place in the junior Boys' division and Lisbeth Pickrell, first place in the Senior Girls' division in the district contest. Senior Declaimeis ire junior Declaimers are: Lisheth Pickrell Eileen Hermes Louise Dodson Henrietta Casesarez Norman Zellman Merle Hungerford james Harper jack Fant Albert Schwartz Williaim Farah Wzilter Osterween Harry Saunsen joe Dupree Iohn Goetz Jimmie Lou Stowe Darrell Hall Pauline Smith Betty Sue Shannon janet Foote NATIONAL ORATORICAL CONTEST The D. A. R. Organization has yearly sponsored a written essay and oratorical contest on some phase of the national constitution, The federal civic classes of the high school have taken part in the written contest, while in the oratorical contest those especially interested in public speak- ing have taken part. This year the following students have entered the oratorical contest: Elizabeth Pickrell, Rose Ross, Juanita jones, Nancy Rosenfield, Billy Millard, Merle Hungerford, joe Scherer, Enrique Prado. Page 96 4 Svyf TH shit A i ' S! 4 of X6-Fi ny CARMEN This year the Glee Clubs made another step forward in presenting the grand opera "Carmen" by G. Bizet. This Spanish musical drama was given by the Glee Clubs and the Orchestra under the direction of Williain Balch. head of the music department. A few of the outstanding musical numbers from this opera included "The Habanerau, "Toreador Song", and "Smoke Song". The cast included: Carmen --- .... lidna Louise Taylor Escamillo - ..... Bill Johnston Don -lose --- -- Seymour Neufeld Micaela --- ...... Lucia Acosta Zuniga --- --- Edmund Barnett Frasquita --- .... Charlotte johnson Morales --- ...... Oscar Valdez A CAPELLA CHOIR The A Capella Choir, composed of a select group of twenty-five girls from the Glee Clubs. did unusual work this past year. Besides appearing in Christmas programs at 'Trinity Methodist Church and in the opera "Carmen", they took part in the production by Dubois, "The Seven Last Vfords of Christ", during Easter week. GLEE CLUBS or thirty to a membership of 125 to 150. The beautiful oratorio by Dubois, "The Seven Last XY!ords" was just one of their many achievements during the past year. For the past three years the Glee Clubs have grown from a membership of twenty-five ORCHESTRA The orchestra, under the direction of Williitni Balch, has a membership of over thirty, each member with the exception of the string division being chosen for his musical ability. A number of players are also members of the El Paso Symphony Orchestra and the El Paso ,Iunior Symphony Orchestra. Page 9' l . THE SPUR JANUARY SENIOR PLAY lfroru lelr ro right Dirk Foster, Whnilrcd MCVey, HCFITCYI Gore. Frances KL'AllIIlK, Cm-urge Beinliardt. irlennis Srurrh, lzlsre liorhes. Blanche Sparks, jerry Haguard, john Harris, lzdna Louise laylor. The Senior Class ol -lanuary. ninereen hundred and thirty-four, presenred rhe IllI'CC'Lll'l comedy, "NOTH- INQ. llll'I' Tllli 'I'liU'liH", hy james Montgomery, on Friday evening. Deeemher lilreenrh. 'lihe business pair or rhe production was ahly handled hy Maier joseph, heulah Halpern. and lugene hullrvan. Mulh ol the success ol rhe play was due to the unusual sixreen page program whieh was semnred rlnough rhe ellorrs ol Beulah Halpern. lierrha M1l.r-an Mary Frames Krrkparrink, and Mary Alice hlooney worked on properties and prompt- ine. THE FIFTH PERIOD DRANIATIC ART CLASS-FALL 1933 Srmrig lc-lr ro rrghr Mary Flores. Peggy Appl ron, Rose Cohen, Berrha Mflean, Margaret Pearson, Vrrgrrira Zollars. lilleen Hermes, juanita jones, Mary Frances Kirkpalrink, Miss Florence Duman. Sldlllllllgr lelr ro l'I2ill"Iikil11l. Louise Taylor, Herbert Gore. Lenila Brownlee, George Bcrnhardt, XX'inl' lied MeVey, Dick Foster. Cilennis Smith, Dave Waicle. Blanche Sparks, R. Dee Madland. Students nor in plume lilalne Lamhert. Hill Hardie. Frcrl Blllman, Mar1.:.u'et Poole, jenny Nneholson. The tilvh period draniaue ar: class worked as a unir ro produce plays lor assembly during the lall srnrzsfer. llveryone in ll-e glass had a parm in play prorlurtion. Page 98 ,K sz , 5 1 ,2 N 5 , ee.. i e Ks A THE SPUR lily Pet Animals BY LISBETH PICKRELL Winner in City High Srlmol Erray Context I am thinking back to the "ago's" when expressionless dolls took on a vivid reality, when lead soldiers rose to magnificent heights and proudly marched across the rug under the dining-room table, and the magic strokes of twelve brought the animated quar- rel of the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat Qwhich I often waited up to see but always fell asleep beforej. In his stuffed menagerie every imaginative child .has a few favored toys which take on a more nearly real existence than all others, my loved ones were Beepee Pooh, Benjamin Basset, and Nambly-why. Beepee Pooh was a beautiful yellowish teddy-bear, his eyes long gone, being the kind that had wires that pulled out. His yellow fur ran in jag- ged stripes due to long arduous hours of "barber-shopping", he was crippled, and minus one arm, giving him a rather unusual appearance even for a teddy-bear. He was on very Intimate Terms with Benjamin Bas- set, a long, creepy, orange and purple snake who slept with him and carried on "Inter- esting Conversashunsu at night when I was asleep. jimmy said he wasn't an animal, he was a reptile, but on the Circus billboard was a picture of one of his relatives and it said "animal-trainer"g and animal he was until the day we went swimming, but that's ahead of my story. Nambly-why was the last of the trio, his original name being just Nambly, but he made a funny noise which said, "why? why?"-therefore the addition. Nambly was a kind, white hobby-horse, his ears bat- tered and shaggy because they served as "holding-on-to's" during the wild exciting rides when the flying miles of carpet became too rough. His once regal tail was fastened on with a piece of red grocery-string, but his most striking feature was the wide green stripe around each of his eyes, decorated one day when my career was rocketing down the paths of artistry. He was the most loved of all the pets as he stayed by my bed in the nursery every night and kept away the lions and tigers that visited and devoured little boys, especially when they were bad. When rainy days came around, as rainy days will do, and the soldiers refused to march in line, and the tractor wouldn't run, I would go in to Nambly-why and mount his lofty saddle and ..... off to the lands of Tick-tock and the Wizard of Oz, where King Arthur slew dragons by the dozens, single-handed, and the trees were covered with candied apples that didn't .have all the candy cracked off because it "makes you sick". Nambly and I would talk over the mysteries of the glass hills and princes and the sword trees and the castles. But when we came near home again, the fire would die out from his snort- ing nostrils, he wouldn't prance or trot, and .he wouldn't snort, but that was all right and I understood, because he told me once, very Privately, that if the Grown-ups knew, they wouldn't let me go with him any more, Page 99 THE SPUR because they were afraid of dragons as they didn't know how to approach one. One day Nambly-why didn't feel very wellg so Beepee Pooh and Benjamin and I decided to go down the creek to the bridge and take off our shoes and socks and go to seas and pirates with the creek. We went against nurse's orders, Nambly-why's pleada ings, and the command of my "Inman" who alx.ays says, "I told you so", when I do things he says not to, which I always do as he always says not to. Everything was fine and dandy until Something Happened. By that I mean some way or other, somebody from somewhere slipped up behind me while I wasn't looking and pushed me right down in the creek! I turned around and Benjamin had been behind me when I leaned over. As I wiped the mud from my new pants which werent very long as I wasn't big enough yet, something mean seemed to tell me that Benjamin deserved a ducking. My "Inman" must have gone home because nobody told me not to- Mother said later that perhaps we could put new cotton in him and paint him over, but big purple tears ran down his face and his tail was all orangy. I cried because I sorta felt choked up and because being tied to the bed-post where Nambly could look at me with that "shouldn't have" look wasn't very soothing, but it was his fault anyway because he was sick and couldn't take care of me. Today I sympathize more with Benjamin and I have a faint idea of who that some- body was that pushed me ing but I know Benjamin forgave me as I "really couldnt tell", and maybe if more children had Nama bly's and Benjie's and Pooh's, ducking ani- mals would be against the law and "In- man's" would take better care. My animals are gone nowg they left to go to the Place Wliere Animals Are Happiest, and maybe today some little star-child is sewing Nambly's tail, re-stuffing Benjie, and giving Pooh hair tonic in spots. Page loo Sept. Sept. Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. NOV. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. THE SPUR C A I. If N D A IQ I What Happened When j ll-School opens. More worry! 14-Beginning of a long series of very fine assemblies. Oh yeah? 25-Heinernan and Weisinger enter at Amarillo game. Not a bad game to start off the season. 28-"Pick" and the world traveller, Captain McDonald, amuse students by speeches. Mostly "Pick." 6-Albuquerque game. The Injuns were a little too wild. Takee too much score. 12-Beginning of Dramatic Art Plays. "Pink and Patches" first. 13-More exams to flunk. Also Ysleta game. Nice score--16-7. 21-Bowie game. And the score-.! It was a good game, anyway. 23-Cards. No more dates and no more car. Outta luck, son! 27-Senior Ditch Day-oooooo! More fun! 28-Las Cruces game. Score 46-6. Not bad! 3-Tucson Badgers met Tigers. Cisneros cinched place on "all-city team." Also co-ed dance-She knows how it's done, fellows. 7-Martin Marionettes. 9-Armistice Day Program. Heard the annual playing of "Taps" 11-Phoenix game. We clidn't get no score, but neither did they, folks. 11-2 5-National Book Week. All is forgiven, books, please come home. 16-"Farewell Cruel World." No, only a Dramatic Art play. 17-Cathedral game. Not a bad score-14-0. 22-More flunking of exams. 24-Fabens game. Scherrer talks on "Esperanto" Every one got all excited. 28-Thanksgiving Program. 29-Annual cafeteria Thanksgiving dinner-including dressing. Shirt-tail Qyeah, I saw youj parade and bonfire on mountain. 30-Austin game won by Tigers. Also had castor oil after turkey-rather in courses. 6-Those never ending cards! Allowance cut down. Pretty soon I can flunk with- out any fear of losing anything. Page lOl Dec Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec Dec jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. l'eb. l'eb. If eb. Feb. l'eb. lieb. Feb. lfeb. Mar. Mar, Mar. THE SPUR C A I. If N D A D f What Happened When j 8-Opera "Carmen". Congratulations for the splendid work. I5 -Senior Play "Nothing but the Truth." And how it did hurt I6-Girls' annual "show off." IH 22 25 Z7 -Basketball season opens. Tigers play New Mexico Aggies. -Out of school till next year. Rah! -Santa was good to me too. -28-Bisbee Union High game. '78-P. K. dance. Had a fine time there, but the next morning li. 2- More resolutions to break. Back to dear old P. H. S. just dying to go-Uh uh. We imagine 5-qBasketball game with Anthony Hig.h. ll-Mr. Davis and "Pick" on another assembly program. I8-At last we get rid of those conceited seniors. Also the best bcnior Prom YCLUS. 22-New term. Still more worry. 26-27-Tigers win over Phoenix Union High. l-Cathedral and Tigers open "City Series." 2-llowie game. The score-oh well, who cares? 5-High seniors' official elections. More conceited seniors! 8-9-IO-More basketball. I6-Elections for a beautiful, popular, and athletic student. Of course I knew 22- she'd win. school holiday. 23-Another failing list? 25-Heard music of Paul Gooding and his saxophone. Not bad, at ill 1-Texas Hero Contest. More honors-as per usual! 2-Texas Independence. S-"Spring was sprung." Began football practice. Good material. Page 102 "XVhat This Country Owes to Wasliingtoii''--Patriotism-'Iherctorc one Mar. Mar. Mar. THE SPUR C A I. E N D A I2 f What Happened Whenj 6-Cards. Oh well, I didn't like the teacher any way. 6-9-Senior week. More fun and more freshies killed in the rush. 9-Senior Ditch Day. It wasnt my "vacation" but I still got sunburned. Mar. 16-lnterscholastic essay contest. Mar. 19.-Miss Duncan takes Public Speaking Class to Nachos Cafe. Mar. 19-20-Annual R. O. T. C. inspection. Mar. 22-Tiger boxers beat Austin. W.hat a knock-out! Four out of five! Mar. Z3-Tigers win over Austin in track meet. Mar. 24-City Interscholastic contests. Mar. 30-Spring football game with Brumbelows vs. Martins. And the Martins wonlll April 6-7fDistrict lntcrscholastic contests at Mines. Treated pretty "swell." April 13-Physical Ed. Show. April 20-Minstrel Show. April 28-Representatives of E. P. H. S. give pageant in Alpine. Also had typing contests. May vi-3-State interscholastic contests. May ll-Senior play, "Brewster's Millions." Cast all ready for Hollywood. May 20gBaccalaureate services. May 215-Commencement. A very good program carried out. May 25-Last day of school, and am I happy! Don't forget to come back next term. Page 103 THE SPUR Back ard Cats BY MIIRRAY KRAMIiR Backyard cats have found a friend at last! Never will one single shoe, one load of "buckshot," or one piece of the ill-favored "wedding-gift" china disturb cats or kittens from their nightly vocal aspirations in my back yard! The whole cause for this decree started about three weeks ago, when one evening the air was particularly fouled with the yodeling of the felines. It lacked about a half hour of midnight, and I lay in my bed, seized by a tremoring rage. "Darn those cats! Some day I'd cram a boot down their throats and they'll stop that yodelingf' The "me-ows" and "ow-tts" grew louder and louder. Screeches met blasts at mid-scale to form one grand symphony. A chorus of half 1 hundred lined the fence, blotting out the moonlight. Slowly, silently, as if I were a mummy leaving his tomb, I rose from my bed, tightly clutching a size eleven boot. "I-Ia! Now I'll show 'emln Witli a soft "whrr" the shoe left my hand. As it sped across the infinite waste of twenty-five yards, I stood, leering at the black forms. Suddenly all "singing" ceased. Then came a peculiar, twanging "mee-owr" like a distant wailing. It was prolonged for about ten seconds. Then it silently died away. In an effort to discover the extent ot damage wrought, I rushed out into the yard. There lay a long, "scraggly" looking cat, heaving occasional sighs. Beside it, like a triumphant Napoleon in stately glory, stood the boot, erect as a sentinel. In a flash I saw what I had done. Witli a sigh, I sat down beside the cat. Soon its feline relations re- turned and softly, pitifully sang a funeral dirge to accompany their friend to "cat- heaven." As if they had human intelligence, they crowded about the dying one and crooned softly. At regular intervals, they would stop. and let out a soul-searing screech, meant to reprimand me for my "feli-cide" or cat murder. I stayed out all that night, entranced by their voices. It all resembled a "voodoo" ritual. When the dawn slowly rose, they dis- persed to spend the day at some other oc- cupation. As I stood watching them go, I made a promise to "cat-dom." They could enter my yard, my home, even my very room, and never would they be molested. No more flying boots, no more chinaware to inter- rupt them. I abhorred their music no longer. The midnight ritual with them had instilled a love of "me-owing" in me. In fact, I am an addict. I must have cat music to sleep! Backyard cats have found a friendl Page I0-l THE SPUR Philosophy I have a. new philosophy, It helps me quite a lotg When people are unfriendly, I just pretend they're not. When I have hurt my ankle, And no one rescues me, I pretend the reason is That I um lost at sea. Wlmen my game of golf is rotten, And the tears would like to fall, I think that I am playing well, The troubles with the ball. And so I keep on smiling, Though things look very bad, Sometimes I may look foolish, But, then, I don't look sad. If this perennial sunshine Should fail me, and it might, I'll feel a little girl again, And hide way out of sight. NANCY ROSIQNFIELD Page 105 THE SPUR f 1 XAAAIX P'-1""'Y -I iff' Y 'sv4.. I 2 'give f XY. JI Q '49 A., HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT The bungalow of the Home Economics Department has been the setting for many attractive affairs this year. The bungalow has been made into a ,home-like little place through the work of the clothing and foods classes. The principles of decorating, arrangement of furniture, pre- paring and serving meals have been put into practice by the girls in their attractive work in the department. Home Economics is one of the most important courses now offered by the El Paso High School. There needs to be developed in the minds of the young girls of today the ambition to become good cooks and seamstresses. Taken as a whole Home Economics forms one of the most valuable as well as most pleasant elective courses offered in the school. The instructors in Home Economics are Mrs. Ruth Perry and Mrs.. L. Hales. Page 106 O THE SPUR Julius Caesars Waterloo or, HOW TO SWIM IN THREE LESSONS A f1f.zy in llwee .ids am! fm .lTL'1lL'l"1 The tttst fthe l-Lll'tllCl', the lwetterj A villainous vill.1in, , ,--Pl.1yed hy L1 x'ill.1in A heroit heron ,, A young girl A dog -,, A weasel- Pl.1yed by Ll hero Y ,e-Pl.1yed hy .in old maid ,,-,Pl11yed hy Howard Smith ,--,Pl.1yed by Holguin QAs tl1e Lllfldlll goes up, the heroine goes in, and the audience goes out.j llvmfzlax Wlltll .1 nightl Wl1.1t Ll nightl fxllll .l'l7jl1L'.l IIHYIIIKLIIT 1171111011 1 l'fm'1f nfl ,il.1lqt'.' CJ-lee-ool.1yf--eeehoooo Qlslnoqlx is he.1rd on door, heroine opens window, and hero comes in through the ehimneyj llemg fCf1.1rlf111tg X111 iilffpj Clit .1 long legged doggie. ll"e.1,it'!.' Hwy 11fn11'!1.1l.i11llyj Plttl l ling: ft'fINIl1l.Q in mf !ljti"lL'fL'! Arl, Art! llu1'n1f1e.' fiizeelfjj Serum, you viper. llfrffs fu1.1i1'uff11fg lui 111n.il.11'ff1'j Ahtth, mah proud beauty, Allltlll. If you do not p.1y tl1e mortgage, youll have to marry me. Ahtthl ll"e.1.ief.' fiznzrffflg -from l1111'.1rffu,f1e1l!.1 Bl'ff.IlIiiLX1j Pfttttt. ling: fltlggllllg lui e.ir,ij Bow Bow I llvmfffu' filfffllmtg lu!1.11wf U11 lflte 1x11'jvelj Aw nuts! fHero is .ihout to kiss heroine, when vill.1in enters in gl new 19511 Airflow Chrysler, with knee .lLflOH, SlI'C.lITlllllll14Q, liree wheeling, floating power, and two t'l11t tiresj l'fN.IHl,' Ilillfmffej H.1lt, you reptile in the weeds! llemmtm' 115.1112 Help, Sueeotirl Ilvmx fSfff1i'.i11ffj XX!ho's .1 sucker? ll'1f.i.itl.' ffllmj Pfrm ling: f'l'1'11ffij Bow Bow Arl' Arff l'1ll.1nf.' fffigfflg ff-lj 11fw'fg.1gt 111111 llt'i'f111l1',' Cioody-goody. ll"1'.mff.' Pltt, plitt, ll0OfLlyl I Jug 3 M eeee-oooooow www ,ilnl-111.i1'l1111c .l'fll.Q.ll Now, be.1t it! llelwx fci.11'1r.1fi11g IZ11' !7L'l'fljllL".l' 1lr1lf1it'ifi11'My .1fm1l'ej KOlSlfSl fAudiente hi1s three minutes in which to give their t'ondolent'es to etteh otl1er before they Sl.ll'l throwing fruit 11nd rotten eggsj Page HJR -loi1N W.1x1.sii W ' f -- v.-1 I N H E Y w HER E s . S 'THE .ELEVATOR5 P 41.1 ? l A' . -aft X, K p l Q , ullrlmmll. Ill 1 ul l . f 1 f U a ' . Q . Q - 1 I I 1 I I A' 4 X' 5 WY , w .W ., X - ' lp P If ' I , - 5 A K 4 - X -- fix' . ' fg , :1,T11'i yx, ,',fffT5fQZi: r 1831.5 EQCJEZ R H1555 giuiqufrfxwue Q 74 Q AUDUORQUM 1 - K'-' E12 gf' I D ' :'.'--gm A -V 3 TIESU- 2,1-11 J 'T Q f ' BARON- ' '?5-FZ' T Hx S S PAC Q '25 DY HALL 560- Resewaveo Fora FRQSI-NCQ Q ' ' f ' nu 'vit mu. Jounson 'BEWAREU JII1 5l"', mv NNR5.WARReN's IDEA or A STQOEHT ca-nevvxwe, GUM J RA 52 M J au' W THE I wARrnmG nncLuoED 1-E.. .pw ' inc wHoLa scHooL .M rAcuu:rY I My THE SPUR Private Life of a Goldfish With pen in hand fl mean, typewriterj, I pause on the threshold of this article to look askance for ask anybody elsej at the title of this treatise ffor 'tis a treatj. A goldfish, you see, hasn't any privacy at all except in the Nudist Colonies and there they're all birds of a feather for is it fishes of a scale?j. The first goldfish was a sardine that was served to King Midas for breakfast. His name was Goldylocks and he was no relation to that dizzy blonde that got mixed up with the Three Nudist fl mean the Three Bearsj. Now, Goldy fthat's what his Great- aunt Susie called himj was a sort of an adventurous young lad fthe poor fishj and when he felt old Midas' finger and saw himself going on the gold standard, he made a New Year's Resolution. Viz: "No two-by-fours' King is going to guzzle me for breakfast." So Goldy led with his left, crossed with his right, and Midas ,hit the floor so hard he's still bouncing. fMidas now has a job as bouncer in Lobby No. Zj. Goldy fell in love with a chorus girl fa gold-diggerj and when the dust finally settled, the goldfish race was off to a good start. Long about 1900, old Goldy the had seen eighty summers and had been blind the other twelvej kicked the bucket-I mean-the bowl. From then on the goldfish people went to the dogs-that is-to the cats. just before the war, goldfish began to reform, led by Ima Oldmaid, president of the New Deal for Goldfish, Inc. falso Onions, Spinach, and Garlic, Inc.Q. First they began asking for blinds to put on the bowls. Next, they got Prohibition and stopped drinking fa lot of goldfish perished on account of thisj. Finally, they stop counterfeitingflol' And so, my dear public, now the golden age of goldfish has reached the zenith of posterity, the Utopia of business success, the very pinnacle of happiness. fThat sounds as good as something I've read in 333 books. In fact, that's where I read itj. :ft Midas wasn't so hot in them dar days. fThis is supposed to be a footnote but my feet hurrj. TW In those days, you had to drop your goldfish to see if they rang right. You were liable to get lead or zinc. Page 111 DAVIS HUNTS '-' THE PATH. 5 ,if x ML - iff mm , f ' f Q .BXCQZQF ' 55 16620 '- "' " ' FROM DAYLIGHT 'TILL DKRK- WHE DAILY QOUND3' qHEgg'gJ'a1'.E:uDU.5TER5 Do mueavaar! UN DLEHSUQE CDPQOUNUY ' H-maxim 2395.-2-mmm KX J Q .1 ii' J Y P 7. 'J yay Qermemem -- , Uyg fhe new arsity-town Qoihea 2 9' 0 i 944,14 MW? fm' WZZLM, W'e give you smart style . . . keen originations . . . careful tailoring . . . unchallenged value! Wie give you in Varsity-town Clothes the 1934 idea in sophisti- eaterl styling. And to make our presentation com- plete . . . Varsity-towns are shown with Talon- Tailorecl Trousers . . . the modern trouser closing for quality elothes! I DIRY coons COMPANY Pgli i THE WHITE HOUSE It is our sincere belief that in supporting the High School in its many enterprises . . . some of the joy and enthusiasm of these ventures becomes ours, and we are amply repaid. Prisoner: "No, Your Honor, except tlmt it takes very little to plc-use me." City lioy-"Say Dad. ltow many kinds of milk Daughter fltaving just received at new mink cont from fatlierj- "Prisoner, have you anything to stty he- judge: fore I ass the sentence!" .. . . P Wltatt I dont see is how such it wonderful fur can came from such it low, sneaking beast." Father-"I don't itsk for thanks, dear. but I really insist on respect." .41 ,ii .itil ure there "' l:ilIllL'I'-iiXvL'll. tliere-'s evttporttted milk, butter milk. mitlted milk .ind-hut why do you wish to know ?" City lloy-Milli, I'm drawing it picture of at cow ind I want to know how many spiggots to put on her." 'I'here's tt story going the rounds about .1 traveling man who was stopping in one of those quiet South- ern Hotels. A colored bell hoy knocked at the door and stud, "l've got u telegram for you. mister." "just slip it under the door," replied the guest." "I can't," sighed the lwell hop, "Its on at plate." 'i""'l'li""""" "I Compliments of DON THOMPSON INC. Western Battery 8: Magneto Co. IRIIHSPII Tower 41110 and Rflfliv Elertrieians "Everything in Sporlsu 618 Montana Main 1830 Page I I-I J, f I 'xx r ' IK, 1 .L 1 .L 'I x 'MJ f X X' 4 I T T1 W P' f yb' I I A , jf L, , X X My g . T P A N . ,l I jjj W K N,fQ3j A2713 -'N f I' 4 N My "' X ,Jw J 5 'VA W V2 A Wx? MX? ff ,7 f gf Qi' .V ' fjwq fd 'T - W-. . I .5 "SST" .-'.?'Ew 1 -1 fin' -1- ' ' ' fffwu ' ' i l l 'ffl E-em 'V ,wh E .11 3 ' as A,', f ' - .E - 4 , Largest and Best Equipped PRINTING PLANT in El Paso Producers of the 1934 Spur The McMath Company, Inc. Mmlvralv Prirwi "ll"lu'r1' SfIllil'Nf8 and EI Pasuans flrv lfvtlvr Svrrvrl junior mul Miss A M ERI! IAN PRINTING COMPANY l"liANKl,lN'S Rvmly I0 Uuvrlr lo Fil ilu' -106 lf. 1,Yl'l'IiI1lll M-8988 209 N. Mrsal Avv. Nl-3508 XX".1x1ul k'II4'l'Q15'--illklllllfl ll l1.111' 1'g11m111g story In Al HITD XVAIT A XVllll.l3 lull' llmklul uhm' Viillig A Negro mllul .II tlmc l1mp1t.1l lllhl s.111l "I C.lllc1l to are lnm' m.1l1 lltll' -luv li1'1m11 xmm Awk111'11 .1 11111.lu1'11 fQll'l fm' .1 km 1: l1l4c iIlL'.llQll13l gettin' allnngf' 111 .1 xpL.1lw.1Ny .lllxl .xxlmmg fm' .1 CQ111'.1-CQ11l.1, Tlu- nurnc mud: "XVl1y, llL'.N Qblllllgl .lllllljl fimi NWN YW l1u's CUllY.1lL'5ClIlg 1111w," I I , V , "XVcll." mid thu 1l.11'l4c1', "l'll pun Sll Ll4lXK'I1 .1111l 'fls lu 111 I1' Yxlmy, l ll.lnlal.l wl.1p llllll Illl'l'C Illllth Him mm! IW15 Ilwuuchl'-' lv1t111'1 I l14.1x1- Ill. ' -1. Wm --gwff ll.ll'4l1lj.Ik" llL'l'l'9 :llc 11111111-y lm' LlL.111111g my win- 'IX11111115' f.llvIL'l' .1 1l111111p111gJ-?'Y1111A1'c .uvlul ll.ll'xl 1l1'NS." 1111 INC. MJ, XX'1111lmx 1 ll'.lllL'l'I "lik .1l1'c.11ly P.lI1l fur, IXl.11l.l1m'." M111l1c1'-!"l'l1.1l's l7K.'k.lll5C y1111'vc ln-L-11 XL'l'Y Ihlllgllly ll.11'1l.1g4: Y1111 1111-.111 my l'.11l'L-1' 1111114 c'.11'c of it!" .md x1'iclaul." Xxllllkltlv f'lk'.llIk'I'I "Nu M.1'.1m, 11 xx.1s 1111- y111111g 'l'111n111y--"XY'ull gurl Yun xlmuhl l'L'INL'llllWL'l' 1l1.11 111.111 111 1l,1 llL'XI l11111w." you .li.l11'1 1111- yllllllg 5-11111xL-lf, nb ICI, IFKSQVS S'I'.NNllAlilJ FUR NURIC THAN .K QUMi'I'l1IR CICNTURY Tlml's mon' llmn jus! un mlrf'rlising slogan-it is n slalvnwnl of fav! lmrm' ou! by millions of Ionvvs of Ifullvrnul Iffl'lHl Imkwl :luring llw pus! lwvnly fire' yvurs. Bll'I"l'EliNll'l' BREAD Marla' Ily ilu- Purity linking lfo. l'.1gc l I 6 oi if l . , f OU'VE heard the old proverb-"one picture is worth ten thousand wordsgn but that is not necessarily true unless it is a good picture. And in printing, a good picture is dependent on good printing plates. In El Paso good plates are made by the Wt. A. Wall Engraving Cot. Herald Post Building - Main 2556 EL PASO, TEXAS Page 117 CUNNING 8 CASTEEL DRUG CO. Four Convenient Loi-ations SAYLOIPS 8 W HITM AN,S CHUCOLATES Home of Double' Ric-It IN' Crvmn 'JHIIIIIIIIHFIIIR of CIIANE-0'I"ALI,UN CU. C. R. Curtain. Mmmgvr EDWARD HINES, INC. Lumber mul Coal Main 2740 U. S. TIRES Uuill willt Twnlwrvll Rubber QUICK TIRE SERVICE, INC. Ml-sa and Mlllllilllil Streets Main 7007 AZAR BROTHERS PECAN SIIELLERS s. Amit, Pr..,.. XXfliy tlu they put sn many lmnlcs in Swiss cltccsc wlicn itis tln' I.llIllWlll'j.IL'l' tlmt I'L'.llly nc-uls thc ventilat- tinnf .liiiniu 4-ntcrul .I stgttionuiy SIUXL .intl uslu.-tl for at pnnntl tin of flnni' w.1x. "l'in snrry, Miss," sintl the clerk. all wc curry is scilin 1 jg xxtlxf' "Dont lwc silly," slit- snnppul. ..XX'l1o'tl want tu unix ll Cbllllljl K" Cmssrmuls Mcrclmnt: "No, sir, I 1tin't gt goin' tn advertise." Stranger: "XXfl1y not?" Mcrclulnt: "I tfiul it nncc .1n' it ncttrly ruined mc. People Come from miles uwgty nn' they lwuuglit tlurn neat' all the stuff l land." "l lmvc two wnmlsn lugs. Is it pnssilwlc fin' mc to get life insurance ?" "You tlun't want lift- lI1Slll'1llICC'. You uutnt fiiu insurance." LYON AND COMPANY Tlw largest profluve laousv in the Sonlltwvsl TIIE IIICST FIKUITS AND VI'ICI'1'I'AIlI.I'1S PIIUIIUCED Cmnplinwnts of The American Croce-ry Co. Inc. EI. PASO. TEXAS ACME LAUNDRY and CLEANERS Phonv Main 4300 OTTO C. VETTEII Evvryihing Elvrlrival WIIIINII FIXTURES AND SUPPLIES Always Snlisfnrti irrl All-Whys Stanton ut Yandell ISIv'd EI Paso, Texas Page IIS 1112 ' 12,364 in lining El Paso's Home Newspaper IDC Llewellyn COIHPHHY Cannibal Scout: "A floating university just sank and at crowd of Coeds have been washed ashore." Young Cannibal Prince: "Goody, goody! Now we can have lady fingers for tea." ioi Traveling Salesman: "This place is dead. Come away with me to the city." Furmer's daughter: "For good?" Traveling Salesman: "Dont be silly!" Teacher: "Now, Robert, to drive home the lesson which was on charity and kindness, if I saw Nick heating a donkey and stopped him from doing So, what virtue would I be showing ?" "Brorherly love", said Bobby. io-- Fay: "Believe it or not, I said "No" to seven dif- ferent men during the summer." Jerry D, "I don't douht it. What were they sell- ing ?" eros IN ELDASO 7 , 1 . -wg ' . ' I mourn aim, - '!:f.v?'f",l'QIQ3!fI5i-. ',-. H . .,.J??K-,..,..,., When you see meats so branded, they are right THE MARK OF QUALITY Page 119 lfmuplimvnls of R. J. WILLIAMS 50I-5 Iiussfll Towvr EI I' "l,ifv lnsurunra' Svrrirt' Q Tlu' l,m'v Tlml Nvrvr Divx' Bunk:-rs Life- Co. DES MOINES, IOWA uso, Texas Com plim ents of ,I Frivml ' W 7yI.f0.4L1.-1 RIN- LLAAAN Af,.Nk .-III Amt-ri a'1xln Ilrivvrs 2-I-I-I unnl r Svrviu F-W ' +f,'Iff' L- S . MAIN 1' I 15 j ass and 500 OQJLQQ 'E' nuwn T.. yv.. -Five Imam. ORIGINAL VE'I'ERAN'S TAXI liinust: "l lI.lIl' tluinlw xvuiiiuii liilly: l'All1l-f .1 xxuingin IILIICI' "Wt'll, Mnsc, linwk tliu garter 'nusnicxs "Oli, still linltling up Pftlly fair." Voice nvt-r plimiu: "Huw inucli is cnttl nnw IJL'AllL'IAI "Ififm.-n-fifty it run." Vnicc mul' plinnc: U-lil-Jill I gnttti nil lwurnui Dnctni' lmtl fnrgnttcn lns pnticnfs n.1nic. but nut willing tn utlinit it, s.1itl: ' ls your nninc spcllctl with nr ?" Tlic atsttniirilml patient itiiswwul: "XXfl1y, tlnctnr. my ntnnc is Hill." Tltc Cult nf nntlisni nnw luis inillinns nf cntliusi- astic ftrlltrwcrsgif you Count tlit- innsquittwcs. EL PASO COTTON INDUSTRIES, INC. Mtmufm'lurl'rs of lfullon Svml Ijfllllllffs lfuyvrs mul Cinnvrs of lfnltun lfrnp l,l'lllllll'lilIlI Luuns I'. O. IIOX I-19I EI. I'.-ISO, TEXAS BARNEY ODEN SERVICE STATION FIVE POINTS lfomplelv Om'-Stop Svrrirf' ROAD SERVICE M-7443 Bnulc-vard Croce-ry K lVIurkPt Quality und Svrrivr' EI. PASO, TEXAS Malin 631 718 E. Iluulevur Congralulalions lo llw Class of '34 CENTRAL GARAGE Uppusilv Timvx Bldg. QI DRINK Coca - Cola fvvl fit for whufs ulwafl f:llllllIIIllH'lIl3 nf TIDWELL FUEL 84 FEED CO. COAL. WOOD and KINDLINO DAIRY and POULTRY FEED Tel. M-I27 Texans and Dallas Streets Page 110 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE The Southwesfs Leader For Thirty-Five Years Entire Top Floor Blumenthal Bldg. Mrs. M. E. Roll, Mgr. WALTER POFAHL GOODYEAR TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES VULCANIZING PASOTEX ROAD SERVICE PRODUCTS Phunv 620 TEXAS STREET Main 703 EL PASO, TEXAS IN THE YEARS TO COME we shall no doubt find it necessary to consult with those of you who enter the business world. Meanwhile discuss with us your catering and entertainment problems. HOTEL PASO DEL NORTE JACK CI-IANEY, Manager The girl with the most sex appeal in all America is "Miss Depression"-shes been felt by everybody. mo-... Mary: "Have you ever been pinched for going too fast?" jack: "No, but l've been slapped." Mr. Plack: "Whzit do you mean bringing my daughter in at this hour?" "Chili": "Well, I gotta be at work by seven." Elsie: "Say, it's past midnight. Do you think that you can stay all night?" Corky: "Gosh, I'll have to phone mother first." I'll teach you to make love to my daughter." I wish you would, I'm not doing so hot." "You're a peach, Olive, how about a date?" "We'd make a good pear, old bean, but I'm plum stuffed for this week." We hasten to point out that while every man has his wife, only the iceman has his pick. St. Peter: "Who goes there?" Teacher: "A teacher with two friends." St. Peter: "What! A teacher with two friends Enter." EL PASO NATURAL GAS CO. and WESTERN GAS CO. fThe pipe lille companies, BASSETT TOWER AQLWAY srorii -I Page 121 BROWN"S Quality Candies BARS AND BOXES UNITED ARMY SUPPLY COMPANY 212-S. EL PASO-214 EL PASO, TEXAS Modern bathing suits are liked a barbed wire fenceg they protect the property without obstructing the view. ..l,i. She: "I can't go to the dance tonight! My trunks liaven't come." I-le: "For goodness' sake, what kind of a dance do you think this is going to he"" ...Q-. First Old Maid: "Do you always look under the hed K" Second: "Always" lst: "Ever find anything there?" Znd: "Only in old-fashioned hotels." ..U-. Magistrate-"Can't this case be settled out of court?" Mulligan-"Sure, sureg that's what we were trying to do, your honor, when the police interfered with us." ..-0... Teacher: "Canaan was a land flowing with milk and honey. Now, children, what do you think a land flowing with milk and honey would be like?" Iidith B: "Sticky" As the dancer, fMr. Silbergj took his fair partner, fPugj down to supper she seemed to hypnotize the waiter assigned to serve them, for he seemed in- capable of taking his eyes off her. At last the dancer said: "I say, my man, what makes you stare so rudely at the lady ?" "It ain't rudeness, sir, believe me, it ain't," re- turned the waiter. "lt's the fifth time the lady has been down to supper tonight." iiol Alan: fro lady in ultra gownjz "Do you enjoy wearing evening dress ?" Caroline: "I feel that nothing is more becoming to me." Alan: "I have no doubt of thatg but wouldn't that be going a trifle too far?" -.Oi AT THE CONCERT "Samantha, what's thet ehune the orchestry's aplay- ing now!" "The program says it's Chopin, Hiram." "Well, mebbe-hut ter me it sounds a deal more like sawin'." lv.. Mr. W. Sr.: "Did you have the car out last night?" Bobbie W.: "Yes, Dadg l took some of the boys for a run 'round." Mr. W. Sr.: "Well, tell them I've found two of their lipsticks Y" , C? L4 EL PASO ""-L., NATIONAL BANK ' Texas and Stanton EL PASO, TEXAS OVERLAND SHOE SHOP 308 N. Stanton St. EI Paso, Texas QUALITY SHOE REPAIRING AT REASONABLE PRICES l Salisfaelion Guaranteed ABDOU PRODUCE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Modern Colal Storage Facilities CHRISTIE, FRIEDMAN 8: DAWSON WHOLESALE -- - POULTRY-Bucs-CHEESE and BUTTER I' "P "'s""""" R"""'ls Phone Main 2052 130 E. Overland St. 303 Myrtle Ave. Phone M-1562 Page 122 YEARWOOD GROCERY COMPANY IOOWQ EL PASO OWNED 0ur Good Merchandise, Low Prices Courteous Service Will Please You WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS SEVEN CONVENIENT STORES Miss Philips: "How is it you both have the same answer ?" Hardage: Well, you see, history repeats itself. io-A Pick: "I hope you enjoyed the books I lent you." Freddy: "Very much but not so much as the letters used for book marks." ..-0... Frances: "I bake and I cook and I get nothing." jim: "No, but I get indigestionf' -mo, H. C.: "Wtmmen are like tl jigsaw puzzle." Ken: 'Alf they are, Mae West is nicely put to- ge-ther." Divorce Court judge: "Upon what grounds are you applying for a divorce, Mr. Brown ?" Mr. Brown: "Extravagance, Your Honor." judge: "How's that?" Mr. Brown: "Well, sir, my wife continued to buy ice after I bought a frigidairef' Lioi, Minette: "Don't turn out the light, Frank. Don't you know that love is blind?" Frank: Yes, but your mother's not in love. io..- Knollin: "That chicken that we had at the Pump today was an incubator chicken. Midge: "How do you know ?" Knollin: "Any chicken that had a mother couldn't get that tough." NATIONAL PHOTO PRINT CO. t: o M M E R c 1 A L Compliments of EMPIRE PRODUCTS CORPORATION PHOTOGRAPHERS Beverages and Candies Refreshments For All Occasions Main 2890 PHONE MAIN 1533 504 N. Mesa Ave. El Paso, Texas ' Ofliee and Factory on Mills and Florence "Whats wrong, Henry?" asked his wife. 'lMy razor, fboomed the voice from within the bathroomj, It doesn't cut at all." Don't be silly. Your beard can't he tougher than the linolc-um!" Mio,-.. He: "Does any kissing go on back of the stage?" She: "You'd be surprised how much goes on right under my nose." ...O-. Mother: "My son has many original ideas, has he not ?" Mrs. Frank: "Yes, especially in spelling." ii?- Almost any day now we expect the service boy at the filling station to lean in and pick our teeth. Neighbor: "M1's. Dingbat, do you know that your dog barks all night ?" Mrs. Dingbat: "Yes, I know he does. But don'r worry about him-he sleeps all day." -.tgyli Pug: "The man I marry must be bold as a lion, but not over-bold, handsome as Apollo, industrious as Vulcan, wise as Solomon, yet meek as Moses-a man all women would court, yet devoted to only one woman-myself." Malc: "How lucky we met!" ...Oi Bob fSighingJ: "Well, since you don't want to marry me after all, perhaps you'll return my ring." Jane: "If you must know, your jeweler has called for it already." Page 123 MILK. . ,-1 Food for flllulutvs 7 A f ICE CREAM Will malu' u clvlighljul surprise for vrvry nwmlwr of llw family mul u limvly dessert for your party guvsls. lutlgc: "Six inunths un thc fuck pilc. HklN'C you tiny thing tu say?" Hfkudnng ncns,ywur hunnuu ,gui "Ohl My licrnl Oh my In-ru! Oh, my tlitrling funthatll lit-ru! Huw tlitl your .lrm get hrukcn Fuullull l,lAlyL'1'I "Thu hunch turned uvcrf' ...,,-- wliun Dr. Ayn w.uitul tu operatic un hcl' huslmi iuitl hui' sun!" Aslw-"XXfliy did Mrs. Clytlc misc such it row id "Ill lilxc at cuuplc uf liiirtl built-tl cggs to lLlkC out," sttitl Mr. D. Guutlitiitii to thc girl .lt thc lunch cuuntcr. "All right," rcplicil the xv.1iu'css with ii smile, "hut yuu'll liaivc tu wait. Maiuiu and l tlunt gc! muff until ten." .-7U,, Muihcr: "Rickey, how is it l lintl yuu nith your litind in the cuultiu l3ll'?'l Tuininy-"l ulun't lxnuw, unless it's hutxuisc you Wtill' ruhhci' licclsf' Dunn-"5l1c siiitl she diiln't want strangers tn bu upt-ning lm' iiiiilcsf' ,-0.1 liustnc-ss nun: HYUS, clout' it wha-n yuu gn i "H.ivr you an ivpuiing fur Al hriglit young initnfu ' ' mt." WYU, She: "Fur 17 yL'ill'5 l It-tl .1 life of sli.uuc." Hu: "And than l suppnsc you i'cfui'iiit'tl!" Shu: "Nu, I gut uvvi' lx-ing gisliiiiiiulf' HULDSW70RTH di PEA RCE ,lvwvlvrs lil, PASO. TEXAS 205 MILLS ST. PEAK-HAGEDON MOIRTUAIRY 320 M0NT,tN,x sTl:i:i:T PHONE MAIN 456 EL PASO. TICXXS Pxgc 124 PIGGLY -WIGGLY ECONOMY and THRIFT. The girls and youths of El Paso have the Opportunity of learning ECONOMY and THRIFT by visiting the Piggly Wliggly. Mothers do not hesitate to send children to the PIGGLY VVIGGLY to purchase Groceries. They know that the environment is respectable and wholesome, and that the child can shop there as well as the "Grownups" and that they are being taught ECONOMY and THRIFT at the same tinic. If you are not yet a customer, we suggest that you give us ll trial. 801 E. San Antonio-Toltec Club Bldg. 911 N. Piedras-Five Points. 2111 N. Piedras-Manhattan Heights. 1212 N. Copia-Near Pershing Drive. 3727 Alameda-Camp Grande. 210 Mills St.-Opposite Post Office. 423 N. Oregon Street Country Constable-"Pardon miss, but swimming is not allowed in this lake." City Flapper-"W'hy didn't you tell me before I undressed ?" Ctinstiihle-"Well, there ain't no law against un- dressing." Blonde Waitress: "I have stewed kidneys, boiled tongue, fried liver, and pig's feet." I-lard Executive: "Don't tell me your troubles sister, give me a chicken pie." -OM Bobby R. "I'd like to see some good second-hand cars." Salesman: "So would I." CAlVIPBELL'S BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY PABLOB Main 3591 613 Montana MINE 8: SMELTER SUPPLY CO. "I-low are you feeling?" Fine. Swell! Ha-ja-ja!" Never better! Ho-ho-ho! "Well I'm glad to hear that. Things clicking well! "Sure I.ife's the swellest thing! It's marvelous! I-la-ha-ha l "Want to make some money " "Of course I do. He-heh-heh." UO. K. Come to our broadcasting station tomor- row night, and take a front-row seat near the mic- rophone when the comedian goes on the air. ..-OM Boresome Husband-"I.et's have some fun this exerting." Bored Wife-"O. K. and please leave the light on in the hallway if you get home before I d0.' Margaret: "I had a date with a professional ex- plorer last night." Kate: "Huh, that's all I ever have dates with!" -..0-.. The old fashioned girl who struggled to get ri new gingham dress now has a daughter who ceased struggling and got a mink COLII. M-OL, A man caught Nick in his garden stealing apples, and handed him to the police. As it was the boy's first offense, the judge let him off, but told him never to yield to such temptation again, adding: "Ye should have fled from the evil One. "So I did, sir," replied Nick. "but he caught me before I got over the fence." MEATS - GROCERIES FRUITS - VEGETABLES The Complete Food Store 909 N. Piedras O. ll. LEACH, GROCER Tent 8: Coodbrate Market WORLD-NEWS EL CONTINENTAL MAIN 3030 Home Owned, Controlled and Edited RE FRO' N7 Two Conveniently Located Stores ' No. 1 No. 2 Plaza Theatre Bldg. Hotel Hussmann Main 176 Main 161 Page 125 You can lluy few things that cost so lillle and mean so much in our daily lives as Electrical Appliances. EL PASO l ELECTRIC COMPANYi NOT SO STRONG "We'we got to give him something thi1t'll lwilcltfire , , A - h A - on his nose rind make him sneeze." s.1id Dr. Aus- -limmy giggled when the teacher tend the stoiy of A , U at mam who swam A1 river three times lvefore bfC1llCiLlSI. PKC- the V'ffUmlU'lm L-lllfil YU UC-lf fllc lumbff' "You do not doubt than in trained swimmer could pick. "Mix up in pint of linseed oil. in half cup of U0 flflll Llfl Ylluf s.1lt brine, some Castor oil and red pepper. Let me "No, sir," replied -limmy, "hut l wonder why he did not make it four, and get luck to the side where his clothes were." know in the mornin' how he feels." The next morning the foreman Cillled the horse doctor on the phone. ,--l,Y- "Olie sneezed lust night" he said. "Thurs fine, said Dr. Auspice. "How many A minister attempting eulogy in il funeral sermon: UHW5 ?" "We have here only the shell: the nut is gone," "Three," snorted the foreman. "Once before and U-- twice ixfter he died." -.,,f- Kc-'tl 1 Ulf ou kiss me, 1'll scream." . .. . . ., ' ' 1 My , d H Ifresliz May I have an R. O. 'I. C. uniform! lxfnfwfllf Nm will All 'MW l"f"'l"l"f ilmlm - Sergeant: "How do you want it-too large or too Keith: "Well, let's find it quieter spot." small?" lfmnplinwnls of lfumpliuwnts of KNOX HOTEL A FRIEND GRADUATES! T- C . Y zcilwl bp: I 1 A1-nnunn WISHES YOU HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY We Will Appreciate Your Account Page 126 HARTFORD MORTUARY Main 197 Main 1044 Limousine Ambulance Service ROBERT E. McKEE GENERAL CONTRACTOR El Paso, Texas Los Angeles, California "I heard Charlie got caught cheating in his anato- my exam." "Go on, I'm breathless." "They found him in class with some French post- cards." H.l,-. At a recent wedding one of the guests brought her young baby, it cried throughout the ceremony. Thing: "Wasn't it annoying the way the baby cried ?" Other thing: "lt was simply dreadful. When I get married, my invitations will have on them, "No babies expectedf " Angry Wife: "Very well, now I have a Frigidaire --see what you can do about a mechanical steno- grapher. lo? "Mom, when is the Fuller Brush man gonna play pool with pa?" "Why, Willie, what a foolish question." "Well, didn't you tell him this afternoon that yOu'd give him his cue when you saw pa coming?" -..0-- "Would you care to go to the Senior Dance?" "Oh, I'd be delighted." "Well, will you buy your ticket from me?" ANDY'S PRODUCE 419 N. OREGON PHONE MAIN 626 Compliments of W. T. GRANT COMPANY W. T. HIXSON CO. El Pasffs Jewelers Since the Eighties 118 Mills Street El Paso, Texas -' Tm- TATE F161-Gag-.n'uc. '- ELPASOIIXAS ' I2lDHf55th Missionary fhorrifiedjz "You say you ate your own father and mother? Why, that means you're a Automobile Driver Qto girl who has succeeded in begging a ride from himj: "How far are you cannibal." going?" ' lc b ' "N h " i '- ' ' " Bldf OY- 0. im UFP fm- She: I knew there was a catch in it. -o- lo-- "You say Sarah dances worse than a street Taxi Driver: "My, what 3 dutch!" Clyffleff i , H Voice from the rear: "Say, you, watch the road. Yes. She couldnt even follow a horse. This is none of your business," Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY PHONE 3438 You Are Invited to Visit the OYSTER LOAF CAFE TONY CARLOS, Prop. 301 Mills Street El Paso, Texas Page 127 X. S T 0 C K S For Food Economy PIIUNIC MAIN 3480 Iforner Slunlon and Iioulevartl P X 11 Fx X Compliments of X S. H. KRESS St CO. s N4 J lilllHlPIIllH'lll8 THUIRSTON 81 GIIIDEII lfnmpliuu-nls BURTON-LIN-GO LUMBER CO. john R.: "Has not fortune ever knocked at your door?" Beggar: "He did once, but l was out. Ever since, he has sent his daughter." .lohn R.: "His daughter, who is she ?" Beggar: "VUhy, misfortune of course." -.Wof- Then there's the one about the laziest man alive who would Cut a cigar in half so he wouldn't have to draw the smoke so far. lip., Then there was the absent minded college pro- fessor who tested his wife and kissed the spark plug. --,,-.. She was only a driller's daughter but she was never boring. --4,-- Then there's the story about the Scotsman that spanked his children and then put them out in the flower bed to cry. -..U-- Mrs. Wfarren: "This exam will be conducted on the honor system. Please take seats three seats apart and in alternate rows." 'mug- Alan N.: "XX7aiter, did you think it was next Christmas that l wanted that duck?" XX'aiter: "No sir, but will you please be patient- the management thinks she is going to lay an egg." A young lady, when asked if she played golf, replied: "Oh, dear, no. l don't even know how to hold the Caddie." ..-Um- johnny cried because the Camel in the zoo wouldnt lay a pack ot cigarettes. ..-,,-- Both them hula girls loved the same man. so they pulled straws for hitn. ..-l,-- Patrick: "NXfhat are people called who are always trying to point out other people's defects ?" Willie-1 "Teacl1ers,' --,,-- Father: "Yes, my boy, l'm a self-made man." Son: "Gee. Pop, that's what l admire about you. You always take the blame for everything." +oY-- Dan: fas they drive along a lonely roadl: You look lovelier to me every minute. Do you know what that's a sign ol? jamie: Sure. You're about to run out of gas. lm-- The young bride sadly said: "Men are too mean for anything." "XVhat's the trouble now!" asked her best friend. "Wl1y, l asked -lack for the Car today, and he said that l must be content with the splendid Carriage that nature gave me." AETNA LIFE INSURANCE CO. of H.utTF0un. CONN. .L I.. lVIt-KNIGIIT, lll'lll'l'lIl Ag:-nl 901-5 Bilsell Tower READ A TRAGEDY UF LIFI-I IIy I'I. V. Wilkitts, N. Y. Times Frm- Fur The Asking 222 Mills Bldg. Tel. M. 4449 Page 128 E . W 1 f f MJ ! X QI X Lisb- WM 'sf J' MJ K! U' ' -ff' gi V' M! L W x J, 7 Ll ph! 4 X V JA," fx ntl' fl! 4,11 .V 1 K 9 , ,ka I ' 1 V . . kj x A . L, Q A 0 x I! L , r 1 1 A .:" Jr' If 4, J. ' J - N -fi , , b V' ,IN X wv'NVVX " 'V 'L' E Cla 'ry fi x ' K I .. ff" '1 f 1' V, . ,XV L , x ,X -., G x I .J , f 1--L .rf K X. ,, p ,,A,,.,1 4..- 1 I -,Q ,. 'rj A g.'1 ., , Q . , X X cf BVI? fa ff an 6 PL f Ly X ff L 9 XJf Q' f My f gf V! M " E Q bk KR c X QQ V rw. j ,Qi , H 1 ul Lp X gy 4 x j y -g Kfk NJ K R 1 jwkxt x L 1 X 1 wx J 1 V. j ' - V Ab ,A . IW' A Y ' M ' uf if H LA xx H .1 f gy N,Don'f' Forge fn 1 L L Q rlcd L 'QMHVYH C0ff"0'f" 6-111, Af 7 ff-1, fl A ,K Xfxh... v N1 f 4' J Hal , A as M K MWSQQL, . NRQQJQ., L'LJ ' stink, r, V. T- ' 4..,L L,f'C.-C5,,-I-Ji Z-Aj! L, 1 4 f I . ,f PL-'C 'jg J ly x - Q "L .v f 1 1 . ,J O ' 31, A A 1 J' ns Q I ,162 IX X xx A ,' qi LV I' if K2 ' H TJ f x J s I -r 'df U 'I t if-5 !Jx al V., fi:-.fx rf xx' YV W V q' ,I .full " XQOA N ix fx X! 1 E I 46 I1 KI' J ,'b IIXJ 1' n4'44p,fVl-Itk cf' '1 K , x Y fl! J V x V X. A W X. f x XWV ' x . . , , ,. f Q. 1 11 1' 4-c-.' ,I " V ' I' " xg' '. W A 'A . .1 XJ al ,FXX Q ' ' ' N. ' 1 al ' X in M X ku K 01 if k S K f b. X , yi 3 , "X '-4. . , 'x Q W Q .m , Ky, ff 1 Aj Q V Nw- ,J . J -.ss xi NX N. 1 N

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