El Paso High School - Spur Yearbook (El Paso, TX)

 - Class of 1932

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El Paso High School - Spur Yearbook (El Paso, TX) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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' 1 '1 1 Hhsmummns gAM RosENBERc y . g gy m U lDlElDllCCATlION To the Graduating Classes of1932, whose spirit and energy have been a constant stimulus to the school, and whose lofty ideals will ever remain a beautiful memory, We pridefully dedicate this 1932 issue of THE SPUR 2 W l 1 Q ADMINISTRATION W - Members OIF the SOIIIIOOII Board MR. LOUIS A. SCOTT Prefident MRS. M. A. WARNER Senfelmfy MR. W. R. BLAIR MR. R. G. FOLK MR. A. L. MCKNIGHT MR. C. E. FINNEY MR. JAKE MILLER LYNN B. DAVIS, Prinfijml VERNON HILL Auiftanl Principal and Dean of Girls MRS. JEANIE M. FRANK Head of Englifla Department MRS. MYRTLE PHARR English MARJORIE THOMPSON English ' W. D. PATRICK Manual Arif MRS. MARY ANNA PATRICK Hixtory MRS. ELIZABETH R. WOOD Head of Madern Language Department CATHERINE FLYNN Head of Latin Department A CLYDE KEY Manual Arm MRS. ANGELA CARROLL Office Aniylanl LILLIAN HUGGETT C 0 m in erce WINIFRED WILSON Commerce FRED BAKER A.r.fiJtant Pfinfipal MRS. NORA WARD English MRS. EULA HARLACKER Art MRS. LAURA YARNELL WARREN Head of Hi.fto1'y Department ELEANOR PHILLIPS H iftory F ANELLE DORNAK Head of Comm ercial Deparzm em' A MAR-IORIE CONGDON Head of Masir Deparlmemf NE LL SCOTT Art MARIE HATCHELL Spaniyfo LUCIA HUTCHINS Dramaiic Ari MRS. RUTH PERRY Head of Home Economicy Deparlment I ISABEL WORK A French 1 ANNIE HARPER Latin PEARL O. PONSFORD History MRS. IVIAIVIIE LYLES Librarian THEURMON PETTIE Manual Arn REBECCA GOLDSTEIN Head of Malbemalicf Deparzment MRS. DOROTHY WIMBERLY Scienfe EMMA BRASWELL Matlaematirf FLORENCE BYMARK C 0 mmeree MR. J. BYRON JONES Head of Science Deparmzefzz EMMIE WHEATLEY H iflor y MRS. RUBY TAPPER Scienee CLARE WOOLDRIDGE Spanifb MRS. DORA DUPREE Science MRS. LONDALINE BALES Home Economicf MYRA WINKLER Commerce JOSEPHINE MORSE Science ANNE KELLY Mathematics CORDELIA CHARLES Secretary lo Principal LOLA TI GNER Englixh CHARLEE KELLY Mathematic! MAUDE ISAACKS Englifb KARL JOHNSON Band and OrclaeJtra MRS. MINDORA AVRETT Hixlory RAY STILLWELL Amiyzanz Librarian ELLIS M. BARNETT C ommerfe LENA GALATZAN C om nz erce MARTHA NEAL Study Hal! Sujzewixof' HELEN OLDHAM English HOWARD R. EMERSON Science MRS. LEONA ELLIOTT Englixb YETTA INIAE SLAYTON Spanifb LENA GARRETT C 0 nz nzefrce MRS. LEILA OLIVER Srienfe MAYBELLE LONG Head of Pbyxiral Education Department MRS. MARY NELL DRUKE PloyJir:a! Education J. D. OSBORNE Malbefnalifx CLYDE WAFER Head of Phyxical Educazion Department MRS. HAZEL OSBORN Basinefx Agent MRS. LUCILE SHAVER Mazflaenzaliw FACULTY MEMBERS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR MATHILDE ALONSO .... WILLIAM BALCH -- EVELYN BARRON -,,.,, - , .,,.. --- LESTER BRUMBELOW --- ---- REBEKAH COFFIN --- FANNY FOSTER ,... COL. JESSE GASTON .... LAWRENCE MCCONACHIE -- LENA MCKIE ....... SGT. G. W. ROBISON -- MRS. TOMMY WEBB -- -- --, Spanifh ,,,,-----,-- Mnfir , Physical Edncation -- Phyfical Education Matloenzaticx --un-,--, Englifla ------ R. O. T. C. Attendance Clerk Sindy Hall Snpervifoff R. O. T. C. Home Econofnicx FACULTY SCRAWLS CLASSES SENIIORS Class of January 1932 MILDRED WEISS MARY LOUISE HARLACKER EMILIO PEINADO FREEMAN HARRIS Captain R, O. T. C. Glee Clubg Football--'30, '51 "Ichabod Crane" "The Big Idea" NADINE HALE MILDRED BIGGERSTAFF Valedictorian TAW WONG ALFONSO ELORES FRANCES KINDEL MILDRED WARDEN "The Big Idea" Boosters-'28, '29, '50 FRANCES GRIFFITH MARY SCOTT Spur Staff-'28 Fencingg Orchestra-'29 House of Representatives National Honor Society WALLACE LOVE QNickJ mouse of Representatives-'29 Boys' Booster-'29, '50, '31 EDSALL LANE FRANCES VIRGINIA CAMPBELL Senate-'28g Kalevala-'31 House of Representatives-'29 Library Council--'30, '31 CECILIA REICHL FRANCISCO AYON LEO ROSENBERG REFUGIO ALVARADO LOUISE ZWICK MARY HARRIS PORFIRIO GONZALEZ ROBERT PHILLIPS MARY LOUISE LEIGHTON Courtesy-'29, '30, '31 Pres. National Honor Society CLAUDE DAVIS REBECCA MARKOWITZ Scholarshipg Cibola House of Representatives-'30, '31 National Honor Society PAULINA R. HEIN Library Council RAMON JUAREZ ALFRED KELLENBERGER JUANA FERNANDEZ ZOE RUTHERFORD Girls' Athletic Commissioner "The Big Idea" JOSEPHINE LEAVELL Sponsor-'29, '30, '51 Most Popular Girl-'30 JOHN CROOM Booster, Math Club House of Representatives Science Club LAURO BARRIOS ELVIRA CAMPBELL Courtesy Club-'28, '29 National Honor Society e EVELYN CRANDALL ERNESTO BURCIAGA National Honor Society Engineering Club-'30, '31, '52 Orchestra-'28, '29, '32 THOMSON STANFIELD CELIA CHAPARRO Salutatorian Scholarship Club National Honor Society CARMEN J. HERNANDEZ Girls' Bandg Booster Home Economics Club Ist prize M. J. B. Contest GERALDINE E. LEIGHTON House of Representatives Alchemist Council Home Economicsg Glee Club RUTH MAR'I'lN Tumbling Team-'30, '51 National Honor Society GLENN ALKHQE ALBERTO GAVALDON National Honor Society MARY ELIZABETH POTTS Art Clubg Courtesy English Pageant of Poetry MARY I. WHITE Tatler-'50g Kalevala Scholarshipg Courtesy Library Council-'29 Library Assistant PASCUAL FRANCO AVITIA Spanish Club-'30, '31 Boxing Club-'50 MARY CATHERINE CROWLEY National Honor Society Booster Club-'31 Courtesy Club-'51 WANDA LENORE HOWARD Girl Reservesg "The Big Idea" Pres. Kiowas Council-'50 National Honor Society AMAD ITA PERCHES Glee Club BILL MALCHOXV RUTH LEUTY OSCAR VERTIZ CARMEN PINON LUGARDO R. GARCIA lsr. Lieur, R. O. T. C. Spanish Club-'28, '29 Boxing Club-350 ADELINE PINON B. T. DINGWALL Pres. Pro-Tem Senate-'31 Pres. Courtesy Club Football-'31 HOLLIS IXIUSTAIN Football-'29, '50, '31 5 Track-'29, 150 K Science Club, Mach Club E JANUARY GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES Do NOT APPEAR BATES BELK RAUL NIETO ROBERT BRIGGS FRANK O'LEARY HOYT CALLAGHAN MARY PAGE JACK CHINN JACK WATSON ROBERTS GILBERTO COBOS JOHN STROUT ECHART DORRIS JACK TARDY FRANCISCO MARTINEZ DONALD THOMAS PABLO MENCHACA Class of May 19332 1 I 3 IRVING RAVEL ? Business Manager Tatler Business Staff of Spur MARY WHITE National Honor Society Scholarship Club Editor Spur, 1932 TESS HERLIN Valedictorian Scholarship Club National Honor Society House of Representatives V. Pres. High juniors PHELPHS GREER ' Football, Track CLINTON A. LUCKETT C'Bud"p Captain R. O. T. C.-'30, '31 Athletic Commissioner-'30, '31 President High juniors Yell Leader-'29, '30, '31, '32 BETSY MEANS Pres. High Freshmen-'29 Sec. High Sophs-'30 Scholarship Club National Honor Society ROSALYN WEINSTEIN Courtesy, Booster House of Representatives Sec. High juniors National Honor Society BURNEY WARREN Pres. National Honor-'32 Pres. Scholarship Club-'31 Pres. Courtesy-'32 Captain R. O. T. C., Senate ISADORE KAHN Business Staff of Spur KATHLEEN TILLEY Saluratorian Pres. Scholarship Club V. Pres. National Honor Senateg Sponsor i 2nd Place State Latin Contest l 5 JOSEPHINE ALTON Senior Dramatic Club Courtesyg Scholarship National Honor Society FRITZ WOODWARD Football-'31 Boxing Team Spur Staff-'32 National Honor Society KENNETH L. RICE Captain R. O. T. C. Yell Leader MARGARET WILLIAMS Sponsor-'50, '51 Pres. Cibola-'31 National Honor Society Scholarship Club FRANCES LEVY Courtesyg Scholarship Senior Dramatic Club "Three Live Ghosts" National Honor Society ARTHUR MARTIN Senate I MARY ANNA STALLINGS Booster-350 Courtesyg Glee Club Office Club-'32 MARION FLORINE PITTINIAN Scholarship Club Courtesyg Orchestra JOHANSEN MAX MOYE, Jr. 1 MARGARET STANSBURY Sponsor-'50, '31, '32 BETTY SHEEHAN Pres. Latin Club-'30, '51 MIRIAM GRIFFITH qrfsandyvp House of Representatives Pres. Kalevala-'32 Tatler-'30, '32 BLEVINS MCKENZIE GENE MCKENZIE Cibola, Kalevala Club Valencia Library Council MARY HUTERA JEANNETTE LEVENSON men-y,'J Courtesy Club-'29, '30, '31 Office Clubg Glee Club "The Bells of Capistrano" MARY BUSTOS Senate-'32 Library Council-'30, '31 JESSE ARNISTRONG fujudgenj Courtesy Club-'27, '28, '29 House of Representatives Engineersg Science Club BETTY KING FLORIDA BROWN R. O. T. C. Sponsor Spur Staff BILLY LARSEN JOE HERRERA Capt. Co. D., R. O. T. C. SARAH CREGOR fShrimpj Courtesy Club GRACE KAYSER Cfoadiew R. O. T. C. Sponsor Sec. High Seniors PETER V. R. SCHUYLER, Jr Pres. Low juniors Speaker House-'30 Business Manager Spur-'32 Captain R. O. T. C.-'31, '32 LEE METCALF Debate Senior Dramatic Club "Three Live Ghosts" LOUISE VALDESPINO f"Val,' R. O. T. C. Sponsor V. Pres. High Seniors ARIEL RANDEL Glec Club "The Bclls of Capistrano" NANCY ORNDORFF Courtesy Club '1 An l l 1 i i 1 4 ROY B. SINCLAIR 1 House of Representatives Debate Society-'31 Dramatics Team-'32 ROBERTA LEE "Three Live Ghosts" JUNE SAUNDERS JOHNNY WALKER Pres. Archaeology Club House of Representatives Senateg R. O. T. C. HAROLD CROWSON Courtesyg Booster Band-'27, '28, '29, '30, '31, '52 Booster ROSALEE HARRIS Courtesy, Booster Office Club, Math Club Senior Dramatic Club ELIZABETH HAWKINS DAVID E. GOODMAN qffpapavp Senate-'28g Debate-'32 Pageant of Poetry Spur Staff-'32 Senior Play-'32 GENEVIEVE SOPER Girl Reserve-'28 Courtesy-' 31 Sec. Cibola-'32 . BIRDIE FARBER fHTillie"Q Athletic Club-'28, '29 ' Courtesy-'29, '50, '31, '52 lsr place Pan American Essay A 1 i I AMPARO HOLGUIN National Honor Society VAUGHN STEWART JACK ARCHIBALD Scholarship Club National Honor Society lst Lieut. R. O. T. C. ROSE WILSON f'iDimple"j R. O. T. C. Sponsor THALIA SWEENEY R. O. T. C. Sponsor ED THOMASSON PERRY CHISHOLM IMLAY BAKER Entered Jan. 1931 from San Diego High Courtesy Club Scholarship Club MARGARET DeCOURCY Cfcofkyny Courtesyg Tiger Band V-Pres. Booster Club-'32 Girls' Rifle Team-'30, '31 RAFAEL IBARRA Spanish Club A "The Bells of Capistrano' RUBEN AUSTIN CLAIRE GENE FELTY R. O. T. C. Sponsor JENNIE LOUISE FRANCIS FRANCIS CARSKADDON House of Representatives lsr Lieut. R. O. T. C. CELSO REVILLA National Honor Society LOUISE TESSIER EDNA MAY WILLIAMS Courtesy Club Art Club MABEL WHEELER Scholarship Club All-Star Basketball, Hockey, Baseball Teams Tumbling Club FLORENCE PICKLES Cibola.-'29, '30, '31 Students' Welfare Association Courtesy-'51, '32 JAMES NEBHAN VERA BESS BAKER Best Girl Arhiere-'31 R. O. T. C. Sponsor ORLAND BONAGUIDI Boys' Chorus-'51 lst Lieut. R. O. T. C. Officers' Club-'30, '31 Advertising Mgr. Tatler KENNETH COONROD MADELYNE HUGHES R. O. T. C. Sponsor-450, '31 MARGE XVHITE Courtesyg Booster-'50 R. O. T. C. Sponsor T. RUSSELL f"DukC"J President Student Body Spur Staff--'30, '31, '32 Senate SELDEN KIRBY-SMITH FANNILEE ZOLLARS Girls' Band Courtesy JOSEPHINE BECKMAN ROBERT 'NYSTROM Band LEE IVEY "Three Live Ghosts" lsr Place Latin Essay EDNA SULLIVAN Attended High School in California and Mississippig Entered El Paso High in September, '31 EVELYN PARKER National Honor Society Scholarship Club Debate LOUIS MUN OZ BILL MEAGHER LOIS DANIELS Booster-'30 Courtesy--'29, '30, '31, '32 MELROSE ROBINSON ADELBERT O'KEEFE Booster Tatler Staff KEITH KELTNER Booster Club 'lst Lieut. R. O. T. C. MARY ELIZABETH WILSON Kalevala Booster Club q HOMER SALOME f'4Moco"5 President Senior Class Captain Football, Basketball, and Track Teams Major R. O. T. C. NATHAN STERN Basketball-'31, '32 Track-'32 WALTER E. ARNOLD, JR. C'Pop7'J Nightshift-'31 Courtesy Club Track-'52g R. O. T. C. KATHERINE AYERS TOM RICHEY DORRIS MILLER National Honor Society "Three Live Ghosts" Senior Dramatic Club Office Club FRED FINO Basketball-'31 EDINIUNDO R. ARGUELLES Booster Club-'31 Glee Club "The Bells of Capistrano I-IENRIETTA YBARRA THELMA ROSS Boosterg Courtesy Debateg Library Council Managing Editor Tatler ANTONIO MORALES MARSHALL FINLEY National Honor Society Tarler Staff LEONARD CHANT lsr Lieur. R. O. T. C. CORINE HERRON National Honor Society Library Council Tumbleweeds ANNABEL GARCIA ABILL COATES P. A. PAREDES, JR. Engineers Club-'28, '50 Football-'30, '51 lsr Lieur, R. O. T. C. Boxing Team-J31 MERCEDES BILLMAN ROBERT W. PAGE, JR. q'4B0b"J Kalevalag Library Council Senior Dramatic Club Senior Debate Club TRAVIS MARION JOHN B. INIURPHY National Honor Society Speaker of House of Reps. Captain-Adjutant R. O. T. C. RICHARD O'CONNOR "E" Club HELEN JOSEPHINE HERRERA Library Class-'29, '30, '31, '32 House of Representatives-'52 Library Council-'30, '31 ROSE GRAHAM Spur Staff-'51 Kalevala ERNESTO BEN COMO EFREN R. SALDIVAR Spanish Club-'29, '30, 31, '32 Boxing Club-'31 ELLA RAY OTTO Summer School Graduate MANUEL E. LOPEZ CHARLES SHOWS, JR. Summer School Graduate Kalevalag Art Club Trackg Archaeology Club Sports Editor Tatler AGNES GRAY Summer School Graduate OSCAR CUELLAR Summer School Graduate MARIE ORRANTIA Summer School Graduate VELMA COUND Summer School Graduate HECTOR SILVA Summer School Graduate EL? 7 I MAY GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR CESAR ARROYO EFA LOU BENNETT DOROTHY BOEHM GEORGIA BRYANT SALVADOR CASTORENA DICK COOR HOWARD CURD GORDON DUNN JUSTA ELENES ANTONIO FERNANDEZ MIGUEL FRESQUEZ SALVADOR GONZALEZ DOROTHY GOODMAN RAUL GUERRERO DOUGLAS HART HECTOR HILL TRUETT MADDOX ,IL ., A ,, J 'a. CONSUELO MARTINEZ JOHNNY MENDER SAVIOR MENDER MARGARITA MUNOZ WILLIAM ORME MARGARET OTERO MARIA PEREZ ROY PETTY CANUTO QUINTERO EMETERIO REYNA JIM RHODES S I N. V. ROMERO CATALINA VALDEZ CARMEN VARGAS EILBERTO VELEz ROBERT YOUNG i JUUNIIORS 1 PETE KENNEDY ERNIE WHITE VIRGIL RANDAL CATHERINE SHEEHAN RUTH BLAUGRUND NELLIE BESS BEAL ETHLYN HALE KATHERINE COLDWELL BOB WHITLOCK BONNIE BETH READING F AYE ALLEN BOB MILLER MARY FRANCES VANCE ALICE RAMEY NED MYERS ESTER BLEECKER N EVA LOUISE MUMFORD VIVIAN ERICKSON ALICE DENTON IDA ROSENWASSER BRAINARD DOUGLASS LUCERNE WEAVER HELEN TENNYSON MARCUS TURK 1 I KENNETH FRIEDKIN RUTH STANSBURY MARGARET REBER LORENE I-IOWLIND ROSEMARY WEST ARDETH KELTNER OLGA GANDARA FLORA GRAY IRMA STEIN BILL WARD JACKIE HICKMAN RALPH BOSWELL GILBERT YOUNG EMMA ADAIR CHASE MARJIE CATHERINE SHERRELL HAZEL SMITH ALICE MAQUEO CONSUELO ELIAS EDGAR BROWN F ANN Y WRIG HT JAMES W. CARTER ADA LEE SHANNON MARY SERRANO ALFONSO PEREZ NEYLAND INABNIT EUGENIA GATES MARY FRANCES SMITH FRANCES BEALL ELEANOR QUESADA JOSE GARCIA CECILE INABNIT NELL KREKELER DORIS SHOWS MAE LLOYD JEAN BOWMAN MARY BERNAL MOISES MACIAS RUTH GILLETT JEROME RAVEL EDMUND BARNETT YVONNE HESSER MARGARET QUAID SUPHOMURIES HIGH SOPHOMORES lf, High Sophomoires Agar, Ralph Alcala, Lupe Anagnostou, Sophie Armstrong, Ross Armstrong, Jim Baldwin, Eloine Barnes, Margaret Bauer, John Beckley, Billy Bell, Elizabeth Bellman, Anna Blinebry, Genevieve Boehm, Fred Boulware, Glenes Boyd, Harwood Brownlee, Lenita Button, James Campbell, Bill Casarez, Betty Chinn, Patty May Craige, Ernest Crimer, Johnell Daniels, Dorothy Davalos, Magdalena Davenport, Lucille Davey, Frank Davis, Roy Dawson, Mary Dominguez, Dick Dorris, Christina Douglas, Janie Duke, Jack Dunn, Emet Edmondson, Manning Elliot, Ruby Farrell, Floyd Fernandez, Benito Fernandez, Elena Fessinger, Louis Forbes, Elsie Foster, Richard Frank, Annette Fresquez, Santiago Fuginaka, Tom Garnard, Marie Gates, Sue Geck, Guillermo Gessler, Albert Gaffield, Sterling Goodman, Dan Goodman, Ralph Gordon, Lucille Green, Lenore Griggs, Iva Guinn, Dick Gutierrez, Jose Hageman, Gayle Hall, Mary Beth Hardage, Margaret Healey, Gene Herndon, Billy Herrera, Albert Hickman, Ben Holguin, J. L. Holguin, John House, Hilda Ruth Huffman, Lucille Huguely, Ed. Hungerford, Merel Jameson, Louise James, Juanita Jimenez, Luis Joseph, Moien Kerley, Kathleen King, Mary Knight, Corrinne Lambert, Elaine Lane, Eva Liesen, David Lott, Ellison Lunt, Maxine Lyles, Mac McClelland, Lucille McMillan, Joe McRae, Jean Macaw, Harold Martin, Louise Mender, Mable Millard, Billy Moye, Adelaide Murphy, Luis Mustain, Richard Neal, Allen Onick, Jimmy Onick, Louie Ornelas, Joe Ortiz, Manuela Otero, Eloisa Pearson, Margaret Pickrell, Elizabeth Pittman, Newton Porras, Billy Prado, Miguel Ramsey, Joe Reading, Robert Redd, Teresa Ritter, Bob Rivera, Carlos Robinson, John Romero, Robert Ross, Rose Rutherford, Marjorie Saenz, Lawrence Saenz, Lucrecia Salis, Mario Salome, Gladys Sayles, Allan Sibert, Billy Schumacher, Jane Schwartz, Herbert Schane, Hyman Schanberg, Alvin Shelton, Irene Skelton, Frances Smith, James Sparks, Quinn Sparks, Russel Stead, Jack Stockbridge, Josephine Terrazas, Alfredo Terrazas, Nick Trujillo, Carmen Twining, Blanche Van Court, Allan Vega, Arnufo Velasquez, J. L. Vijil, Manuel Waide, David y Webb, Mary Lois V Wiggs, Joe Wiggs, John Williatizs, Lewellen Wolfe, Theda Yantis, Scott Zimmer, Harry Zlabovsky, Julia Zollars, Virginia LOW SOPHOMORES Low Soplhtoimoires Acres, Kathryn Adams, Billy Aguilar, Armien Alvarez, Javier Armstrong, Byng Austin, Roy Avocato, Pedro Aza, J. A. Barnes, Billy Barrett, William Berryhill, Lavonne Beys, Nick Biggerstaff, Mary Lee Bishop, Ewell Blackerby, Cecil Boewn, Mary Louise Bogardus, Kathleen Bourland, Betty Bowman, Betty Brandberg, Darwin Brothers, Orville Brown, Wilma Lee Brownlee, Peggy Campbell, Pauline Carpenter, Joe Cena, Julia Chew, Tony Cisneros, Margarita Coffin, William Colley, Ernest Cooup, Frank Corona, Humberto Cound, Arthur Courchesne, Marie Crowson, Van Cuellar, Francisco Davalos, Margarita Davidson, Rosalyn Davis, Roy Edward Davis, William M. Delgado, Stella Dickerson, Jimmie Dickerson, Russ Dorris, Margaret Duchene, E. P. Duckett, Dorothy Duncan, Robert Durel, Minette Durham, Margie Eddleman, Bill Ellis, Elaine Escontrias, Betty Ethridge, Pearl Fausnacht, James Fernandez, Tomas Fino, Ben Fitzpatrick, Mayois Folkers, Juanita Forrest, Harry Frietze, George Gallo, Victor Galvan, Juliette Garcia, Pedro Garcia, Yolanda Gardea, Javier Geck, Ernesto Gilcrease, John Gi ron, Angeline Goodwin, Louis Green, Owen Gutierrez, Rafael Hagee, Dale Hale, Dick Hamlyn, Dorothy Hardie, Thornton Heinrichs, Allen Hendrickson, Curtis Hernandez, Louis Hjelm, John Hopper, Arthur Houston, Joy Johnson, Bill Jones, Adrian Jones, Alice Lou Jones, Brooks Kayser, Peggy Kellenberger, Conrad Killen, Cortez King, Bob King, Dick Krause, Bill Liggett, Billy Loomis, Jane Lovelace, Knollin Mack, Irma Madland, R. D. Madrid, Mary L. Marcus, Margaret Martin, Stella Martinez, Pete Mauldin, Phyllis McKie, Rosa McNeal, Jim Milford, Genevieve Miller, Edgar Mitchell, Ellis Ruth Montenegro, Alfonso Moore, Jack Moore, Jean Morriss, Marjorie Murff, Pat Murphy, Marian Murray, George Negrete, Frank Paganini, Lydia Page, Sally Palm, Mary Jo Paredes, Abel Parker, Andres Peinado, Maria Pence, Nellie May Porras, Mary Louise Priego, Josephine Pritchard, Daisy Purdy, Delbert ' Quevedo, Alberto Quintana, Peter Randall, Louise Rice, Douglas Richardson, Charles Robinson, Mary Jo Roll, Dorothy Romo, Armida Rosa, Maria de la Rosenberg, Sam Roundtree, Leota Severance, Virginia Shamaley, Selma Shankle, Dorothy Shinds, Ruth Silberg, Arthur Singer, Lipman Slaughter, Jarrett Sparks, Blanche Stark, Rosalee Strout, Annie Tapper, Gladys Terrell, Georgia Torres, Mary Triolio, Jerome Urias, Ernesto Valdiviez, Eduardo Van Court, Pauline Walters, Walter Wardy, Richard Weiss, Harold Wells, Flake Wertlmeim, Hannchen Wilson, Boyd Wilson, Cora-Beth Wosika, Leon Wulfjen, Bertha Wyatt, Louise Young, Bess Young, Margaret Zlabovsky, Ester M , 1 1 - I ci -dn ll J Wx, O 9 H X Q w PD i l in Exam ,dsl 1 21 4 .3 A Har LLLL Ll IFRIEISHMEEN HIGH FRESHMEN Abbot, Billy Alkire, Kathryn Ames, Mary Anagnostou, Ernest Andrews, Charles Andrews, Leard Armando, Ignacio Armendariz, Louis Armstrong, Wfoody Austin, Bob Avina, Helen Avina, Rita Ayoub, Josephine Bacon, Joseph Bailey, Mary Lee Baker, Frances Baron, Imogene Barrita, Mike Baumgarter, Carolyn Beaudet, Ann Benitz, Hector Bennet, Barbara Bevan, Don Black, Wilma Blanco, Victor Bledsoe, Lois Borja, Margarita Bowers, Louise Brient, Frances Broadhead, Louise Brock, Juliette Butcher, Herbert Campos, Joe Carrasco, Joe Carrena, Blanch Carrillo, Lucrecia Carrino, Alma Carrion, George Castorena, Edward Caviness, Bill Chavez, Josephine Church, Charles Cisneros, Armando Clark, William Cleveland, O. C. Cobos, Oscar Cohan, Marti Copenhaver, Mary Co rdova, Mary Crawford, Isabel Crockett, Reva Crowell, Catherine Cuskman, Helen ll-lliiglhr lfiireslhmenril Davey, Richard Davidson, Quida Mae Davis, Adalay Dawson, Jerry Dawson, Margaret Demke, Donald Dierback, Ola Mae Dinwiddie, Geraldine Dunlap, Jack Dwyer, Paula Eden, George Enriquez, Henry Escontrias, Felix Estes, Pauline Fant, Jackie Fernandez, Martin Fierro, David Foster, Elizabeth Friday, Dorothy Frietze, Albino Fugate, William Gavaldon, Selsa Gilcrease, Bill Given, Sherman Gomez, Margarita Grider, Jane Hall, Bernice Hall, Helen Hamlin, Paul Hampton, Robert Hamrah, Mary Harper, James Harris, Myra Harrison, Nat Hays, Alice Hearn, Kathryn Helney, Dorris May Hermes, Eileen Hernandez, Masie Hewitt, Virginia Hinds, Aury Hines, Bill Huchton, Louise Hughes, John Hughey, Clyde Irvin, Wesley Jordan, Marjorie Jordan, Buddie Jordon, Joe Juneman, Joe Kaeriver, Ruth Kennedy, Virginia King, James King, Kenneth Kirkland, Jane Kruger, Doris Kurita, Isabelle Lackland, Nancy Leatherman, Curry Leddlell, Margaret Lezarraga, Servando Lommori, Thelma Lopez, Lupe Love, Joe Lujan, Grace Lujan, Raymond Macias, Elias Magness, Annabel Maese, Beatriz Manning, Joe Manning, Mary Joe Maquieo, Robert Marcy, Eloise Marshall, Sue Betty Martin, Celia Martinez, Frank Mayer, Jeanette McCallick, Oscar McClure, Alice McComas, L. D. McDougall, Arthur McEndorfer, Helen McMahan, Zelma McXVilliams, Nona Louise Meece, Bessie Melomcaw, Wimfred Merritt, William Michel, Eliza Miller, Dick Milliron, Winifred Mitcham, Robert Mitcham, Tom Mockert, Dorothy Monroe, Donald Moore, Joe Anna Moore, Leo Mora, Salvador Morriss, Kathleen Mumford, Griffin Muzzy, Mary Neathery, Paula Newman, Gladys Nichols, Naomi Packard, Rose Parkman, Jeff Perez, Anita Perkins, Peggy Perry, Gregory Poole, Margaret Pittman, Helen Porras, Raul Portugal, Carmen Prado, Enrique Revilla, Raul Rhodes, Mae Rickter, Frieda Rodarte, Alfonso Rodriguez, Artemia Rodriguez, Bertha Sabin, Margaret Salas, Jesus Santoscoy, Carlos Satterfield, Bill Shane, George Shelley, Wilma Silva, Consuelo Simonson, Ira Smith, Mary Margaret Solutner, Marie Stablein, Betty Stamps, Fawn Stanford, Leland Stanton, LeRoy Stevenson, Boynton Stansbury, Virginia Strause, Quina Sweeney, Joe Swope, Lahome Teague, Keith Thomas, Jack Timmerman, Harry Tipton, Stanley Tomlinson, Shield Valencia, Samuel Varela, Adolfo Veiscas, Margarita Vigil, Maria Walford, Bess Pat Ware, Jo Dorris Warner, Vern Wildstein, Jeanette Wilkenfeld, Helen Willianus, Ruth Williamson, Aylene Wood, Mary Beth Wylie, Hurley Wylie, Oscar Zelman, Norman Ziler, Donovan 11-Ji LOW FRESHMEN alexander, robert anguiano, margarita anthony, james aragon, moises arguelles, eduardo aulds, george austin, george avocato, angelina ayoub, joe ayoub, rose bakofsky, charles bennett, joe berliner, eddie berryhill, doris bew, margie lee balock, william blouncl, paul bonaguidi, arthur borundo, octavio bourne, mary bowden, dick boyd, fain brooks, bill brown, david bunner, ed buntz, junius Calderon, luis Campbell, elizabeth Canales, refugio carrasco, miguel cater, berdena louise Childress, james Cisneros, enrique Cisneros, paulina clark, robert cobos, victor coulehan, lee cononan, stephen Connor, dorothy Cramer, henrietta crawford, exa crysler, austin Cuellar, javier davis, jane davis, roy deane, jervis delgado, oralia denny, mary des landes,katherine dillard, ellen dompier, billy douglas, ralph fail, rose farah, josephine feiner, sam ferguson, jimmy fitch, kenneth flores, ernestina folkers, Wanda folkers, Wilma folkers, W. j. llow freshmen frank, ben franklin, susan friday, gerald garcia, armando gilchrist, george glass, verne glaves, charles goodrich, gordon goodwin, marie goalby, dorothy gonzalez, maurine goodman, paul gordon, bernice gordon, jane gutierrez, doris gutierrez, mary louise hamel, terrell harris, tom hernandez, fernando hirschberg, elinor holdsworth, julia holland, carl holling, henry howland, marjorie hutchison, erma johnson, albert jones, jimmie johnson, billie may kaewer, nora kaho, rose pearl kane, gregory kelly, bob kennedy, temple king, adrian krieb, alberto leon, efren lickel, william long, dorothy lopez, alicia lunt, frank lyles, lawrence mcdaniel, blanche mckenzie, laro mcrae, virginia macias, laura marker, margaret martin, ed martizey, simon matthews, gordon maud, bill mitchell, john mitchell, edgar mitchell, owen mier, carlos micklejack, raymond montgomery, irene moore, marion morey, paul moriel, juliette naismith, james nance, t. j. navarro, ralph nicholson, george ortiz, eliza osbourne, marie parra, francisco patrick, a. l. pederson, eileen pera, consuelo perea, robert pilcher, hughey ponsford, olga quesada, estella rice, joseph richmond, ethel richmond, rosemary rosenberg, harry robertson, warren roman, newman ryan, betty salazar, maria salome, dorothy sandidge, robert Sandoval, ophelia saucedo, carlos schaafsma, mary schaumlfoffel, addie Scruggs, leo silva, lucilla small, bill smith, harriett smith, nancy souffle, aurora soto, rodolfo spence, corvell spicker, mildred spinks, bill stanton, lawrence starling, w. c. stubblefield, billy sweeney, james taylor, ed terrell, ralph thomas, ted torreo, alexander trimble, elizabeth triolio, carlos trowbridge, beulah Valdes, evarista valdez, oscar valle, javier villalobos, bertha waide, gibson whellock, theodore white, james Wilcox, Cecil Wildstein, leona Wilson, Curtis wilson, james Winner, james Woodard, phyllis l i 1 l I I C I i1 l l l 1 Qvwgpwad Comic ,Stamina The QLD OQOEQ Cl-IANGETH '- ONE' COKE' AssEmaa."r f 3 5113 fav , vi J. A.-r' W1 I 115,17 ggi I .-. gs' X XQQXO odx " '-2 Q X00 ww ' WE FHGGEQED QUT GUS? M VXIHAT AAAKE5 'Q Q Ovgw Q .ZXTIHLETEE 27 EQEEEFO ITS-MAH IXTTAELQTXQN pf- seem-Wm. ' m,,,f e,.f? ,--L "fi-Q 1-1-1 4 WY FEATURES THALIA SWEENEY Most Beautiful Girl LENITA BROWNLEE Sponsor E. P. H. S. - Austin Football Game JOSEPHINE LEAVELL Best All-Round Senior Girl A HOMER SALOME Most Popular Boy, Best Athlete and Beit All-Round Senior Boy Z 1 l i - ERNIE WHITE Mon' Popzzlar Girl and Vice-Prexidem' Student Body T. J. RUSSELL Pfefidefzl Slmienzf Body ATHLETICS 4 4 E 1 v - THE 1931 FOOTBALL SQUAD I -x Asst. Coach Capt. Salome Coach Wafer Brumbelow Mender Greene Thomas The 193311 Football Season If the matter of victories and defeats determines the success of a season, then the 1931 record of the El Paso High School Tigers may be pointed out with pride. The Bengals opened the season with a victory over Ysleta. The game was easily won with a large part of the scoring done by the second team. Score 46-O In the second scheduled game the Tiger gridmen turned back the invading Douglas Pumas. The Arizona team was highly rated and a strong eleven but failed to score in El Paso. Score 44-0 The fast Albuquerque Indians held the fighting Tiger eleven to a tie in a football classic. Score 7-7 :i-- i l I I- gt sf Al all ,,A, , En ii .- f. Mustain Strout Dingwall Paredes Woodward Wilkenfeld A powerful Bowie eleven made a determined effort to score a win over the Bengals but the final whistle found both teams tied and exhausted. Score O-O The second team opened the fifth game of the grid season by scoring 7 points against Cathedral High in the initial half. quarter and scored heavily. An over-confident Tiger machine put Fabens. The over-confidence was a result Shift". The seventh game found the Bengals Cruces Bulldogs. This was our first game from our schedule in 1928. A powerfull aggregation cf gridsters f ' The regulars entered the game in the third Score 446-0 on a poor exhibition of football against of a previous win over Fabens by our 'fNite Score 18-O in aphard-earned victory over the strong Las with Las Cruces since we suspended them Score 19e12 om Tucson were doped to score heavily but Q i .. , Maddox Callaghan Hernandez Echart Briggs Dunn Cobbe by sheer determination and that old Bengal battle spirit, the Badgers were handed the short end of a light score. Score 7-0 Our age-old rivals, the Phoenix Coyotes, eked out a win over a mud spattered Tiger eleven in the Phoenix stadium. This was our only defeat in a highly successful season. Score 0-13 One of the surprises of the season was our victory over the strong Albuquerque Bulldogs. Score 39-6 The keen rivalry existing between the Austin Panthers and the Tigers was very evi- dent in the City Championship Game. Austin rallied late in the game-too late. Score 30-20 In a post-season game with the Bowie Bears the Tiger eleven exploded a number of theories in winning a hard fought game. Score 6-O Though most of the lettermen were graduated this year, we look forward with hope to the 1932 season. THE 1932 BASKETBALL TEAM F Coach Wafer Kahn Capt. Salome Stern Greene The 1932 Baslketlballll Season The 1932 Basketball season was one which cannot be looked back upon Without a few heartaches along with plenty of pride. The un- successful season was largely due to the lack of veteran material. Led by the redoubtahle captain, Homer Salome, the Tigers fought to the finish through a season of seventeen games, winning nine and . losing eight. V In the City Tournament Austin High walked off with the cham- pionship with High School and Bowie tying for second place. Lettermen returning for next year are Louie Kahn, Mike Krause, Frank Armstrong, Remus Thomas and Moises Flores. s Us El El El El El El El El El El El El El El El El El HE' Flores Thomas Wilkenfeld Krause Guerrero Armstrong Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso Paso High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High School School School School School School School School School School School School School School School School School 1932 Basketball Scores 19 Fabens ,........ 34 National Guard .... 23 Ysleta .......... 22 Las Cruces ........ 41 Ysleta ............. 20 Albuquerque Indians - 28 Anthony ,.......... 24 N. Mex. Aggie Frosh 29 N. Mex. Aggie Frosh 22 Anthony ........... 21 Phoenix ........ 15 Phoenix ,.,-.-.... 24 Austin High School -- 21 Bowie High School -- 25 Bowie High School -- 26 Austin High School -- 30 Cathedral High .... 3 - I 1 1. i Top row, reading left to right: Coach Wafer, Commissioner Chagra, Lyles, Martin, McMillan, Stern and Hat- chell. Middle row: Murray, Sparks, Cisneros, Barron, Schuyler, Crawford and Paul. Bottom row: Thomas, jim- encz, McSpadden, Wiggs, Inabnit, Capt. Salome, Maddox, Kirby-Smith, Green, Guerrero, and Shows. The 19332 Track Squad Coach Clyde Waferis Tiger Track squad turned in some mighty fine performances this season. The Tigers' only defeat of the season was in a three-way meet with Austin, Ysleta, and E. P. H. S. competing for honors. This was also the qualifying meet to de- cide which men from El Paso would go to the district meet at Alpine. Austin won the meet, scoring 81W points and qualifying 16 men. El Paso High was second with 59W points, qualifying 7 men. Ysleta scored 19 points. A The Tigers came back strong the next week in what was probably the most exciting track meet ever held in El Paso to win the city track title over Austin. Green, all a- round Tiger athlete, broke the city shot put, discus and javelin records in this meet. The feature race of the day was between Capt. Salome, of the Tigers, and Sullivan of the Austin Panthers, in the 440 yd. event. It seemed that the runners finished in a dead heat, but the judges ruled that Salome won by a nose. Score E. P. H. S. ,,.......,.,.r....,.,, 65 Austin ,...,.............-.-,,,,,- 59 A week later the Tigers, with only 7 men, won the district track title scoring 45 points to Austin's 41. At the time of this writing the Tigers are looking forward to the state track meet which will be held at Austin. The men Wafer will take to Austin, with hopes of bringing back the state title are Capt. Salome, McSpadden, Green, Thomas, Inabnit and Maddox. - : Maddox has turned in some fast time in the 100 yd. dash this season, twice stepping it off in 10 seconds flat. Thomas in the half mile, has also made many good marks. The Tigers are looking forward to another good season next year 5 our only regret is that we will not have Coach Wafer who has made a marvelous record as a track coach at E. P. H. S. Q High point men of the season in order: Green, Maddox, McSpadden, Salome and Thomas. ' 1 G. Ball Kahn R. Ball 'llfeinuuiis El Paso High School has been represented in tennis this year by George and Russell Ball in the doubles and Louie Kahn in the singles. Both teams won over Austin High in the city tournament, thus Winning the right to compete at Alpine, where they met little opposition. After winning the bi-district meet at San Angelo, both teams went to the state tournament at Austin subsequent to the Spuris going to press, but it is safe to say that they fared well there. We look forward to a very successful season next year, as all of these boys will be back. Giirllsg Physical llitlluoatiion Department MAYBELLE LONG Girly' Comb The Girls' Physical Education Department completed another successful year, with a larger turn-out for sports than ever before. Three girls, Helen Munoz, Rosemary West, and Mercedes Ornelas, were awarded sweaters. The Seniors won the volley ball, bas- ketball, and hockey tournaments. The inter-gym class baseball tournament was won by the second period class after some close games. There were 40 entries in the tennis tournament and the swimming meet was held at the Army Y. pool May 14th. All the classes in the department, assisted by the 4'Tumbleweeds7' and the "Natural Dancing Club", put on the annual "Demonstration,' in the Austin High Gym Decem- ber 12th. The costumed numbers were especially good. A show was given April 1st to raise funds for athletic awards. The interpretive dance by 4'Kenneth Sz Abdouv made a big hit. AQQlaS1tanr Volifrey Ball Team Reading from left to right: Anita Perez, Helen Cushman, Eduviges Villa, Carmen Pinon, Glynn Sparks, Marjorie Rutherford, Mildred des Landes, and Isabel Craw- ford. AllllaSitair Baseball Team Reading from left to right: Mercedes Ornelas, Helen Cushman, Eduviges Villa, Carmen Pinon, Mabel Wheeler, Glynn Sparks, Hilda House, Rosemary West and Peggy Shupe. AllleSrie1r Baslkertbagg Flfeamm Reading from left to right: Ruth Martin, Carmen Pinon, Helen Munoz, Mabel Wheeler, Vera Baker, and Mercedes Ornelas. Allll4Staur ll-lloolkey Team Reading from left to right: Helen Munoz, Carmen Pinon, Mabel Wheeler, Eduviges Villa, Teresa Redd, jane Crysler, Rosemary West, Winifred Melancon, Peg- gy Shupe, Margaret Dorris, and Mercedes Ornelas. L I v 1 r 1 1 ORGANIIZATIUNS ... ..... .. ---...........--I R.. O.. T.. C.. JESSE GASTON G. W. RoB1soN Ll. Col. U. S. A. Ret. P. M. S. 8: T. Sgl. U. S. A. In,rM'11Cl01' Officers and Sponsors Reading from left to right, First row: Major Homer Salome, Eugenia Gates, Cap- tain-Adjutant john B. Murphy, Captain Durwood Link. Second row: Captain Kenneth Rice, Ernie White, Captain Pete Schuyler, Margaret Quaid, Captain Joe Herrera, Vera Bess Baker, Captain Burney Warren, Kathleen Tilley. Third row: 2nd Lieut. Albert Blinebry, Frances Skelton, lst Lieut. Leonard Chant, Juanita McClure, lsr Lieut. jack Archibald, jane Schumacher, lst Lieut. Francis Carskaddon, 2nd Lieut. Jimmie Davis, Cecile Inabnit, 2nd Lieut. Bob Miller, 2nd Lieut. james Kennedy. -' l- 1 ll l ,, -.-......-.......+..... .i-I I The Rifle Team The Rifle Team of the El Paso High School had a fair season this year. The team fired two matches with the A. 8: M. College of New Mexico. One of these matches was a triangular meet, A. 8: M., El Paso High, and Austin High participating. The A. 8: M. marksmen took first place, the Tiger team was second, and the Austin team placed third in the meet. The Tiger team fired in the Hearst Trophy and the Sth Corps Area matches but did not place in the high totals. Next season should find the El Paso High team in very good shape. There will be eight men back to show the local teams some good scores. With Sergeant Robison as coach the team should go a long way toward the city championship. El Paso High took first and second place in the Scotten individual meet of the high schools. Durwood Link was first and Frank Kirby-Smith was second. The five lettermen for this year were Captain Frank Kirby-Smith, Durwood Link, Henry Wingo, Burdett Musgrove, and jack Moore. The other members of the team were: Bob Miller, Thomas Gibson, Bob Bowie, james Kennedy and Martin Johansen. Captain 1rt.Lientenant --- 2nd Lieutenant -- Zrt Sergeant --- Woody ' Armstrong Bill Beckley Darwin Brandenburg james Burton james Carter William Coffin Arthur Durnm Louis Fessinger Richard Foster Victor Gallo Ernesto Geck Company Sergeantr Donald Archibald Corporalr George Bernhardt Robert Crockett Cadetr Thomas Gibson Dan Goodman Bill Hardie Arthur Hopper Edward Huguley I. L. Holguin Martin Johansen Adrian jones George Kurita Charles McMahan joe McMillan 66A99 --- KENNETH RICE LEONARD CHANT ALBERT BLINEBRY ------ BOB BOWIE Arturo Islas Bill Ward Fred Billman john Ewin Pat Najera Roman Newman Raul Norte Charles Richardson julian Roberts Harry Stafford Vern Warner Flake Wells Henry Wingo Company MB99 Captain ,,,,,,, ,U ,,,,-, BURNEY WARREN Inf Lieaieaamf U- H, FRANCIS CARSKADDON 2nd Liezztenam' U ,,,-,,--, JIMMIE DAVIS 15: Sergeant ,-- ,UFRANK KIRBY-SMITH Sergeantr A. M. Badouh Bill Chambers Hubert Dekker Bob Whitlock Corporalr Floyd Farrell Louis Goodwin Albert Herrera Robert Reading Cadeff Armin Aguilar Charles Bakofsky Cecil Blackerby Bill Campbell Edward Castorena Frank Coons George Eden Owen Grein Robert Hampton joe jordan Curry Leatherman L. D. McComas Seymour Neufeld Arthur Silberg Ed Valdiviez Bob Austin Nick Beys Orville Brothers joe Carpenter Ernest Colley Arthur Cound Tomas Fernandez Dale I-Iagee Bill Hines Richard King Servando Lezarrago jack Moore Alberto Quevedo Joe Sweeney Oscar Wylie L...-.- Company 'WCM Captain ..,,,,,,...,,..,,,.,.- --,, P ETE SCHUYLER 1.rt Lieiitenant ,U ,M JACK ARCHIBALD 2nd Lientenant -- ---, JAMES KENNEDY Irt Sergeant ,H U, JEROME RAVEL Sergenntr Nile Ball john Harris Frank Feuille Arthur Knapp Corpomlr Albert Gessler Louis Hawley Henry Horwitz Charles Roberts john Robinson Billy Sibert Cadet! Allen Sayles Billy Adams jerry Hilsworrh Quinn Sparks jack Chew Maier Joseph Dean Treat jack Duke Jim McNeal Joe Wiggs Manning Edmonson Jimmie Onick Leon Wosika Ralph Boswell Reese Dickerson Charles Duncan Julius Escontrias Bob Folk Dick Guinn Herbert Gore Billy Harnden Merle Hungerford David Leeser Allan Neel Louis Onick Bob Ritter Andrew Parker Robert Romero Russell Sparks jack Stead Arnulfo Vega Llewellyn Williams Hurley Wylie Company MDM Captain ...........,,,, ,-,,., .,,.. J o E HERRERA lr! Lieutenant -H M, PETE PAREDES Zna' Lieutenant -U -,-- B05 MILLER IJ! Sergeant ,,,, ,H H. ALVARADO Sergeant! Raymond Curtan Emil Schoemann Alfonso Perez Eugene Sullivan C orporalr Emet Dunn William Liggett Thornton Hardie Sam Rosenberg Robert King john Wiggs Lance Corparalr Gordon Goodrich George Shane Caalefr Charles Andrews Edwatdo Arguelles George Austin Eddie Berliner Arthur Bonaguidi William Brooks junius Bunts Miguel Carrasco james Childress Jarvis Dean Billy Dompier jimmy Ferguson William Fugate Terrell Hamel Carl Holland Wesley Irwin Albert johnson James King William Lickel Frank Lunt Gordon Matthews Raymond Mikeljack Edgar Mitchell Donald Monroe Marion Moore Leo Moore T. J. Nance, -Ir. A. L. Patrick Warren Robertson Harry Rosenberg Robert Sandidge Carlos Saucedo Corvell Spence Bill Spinks Lawrence Stanton Leroy Stanton James Sweeney Ralph Terrell ,Tack Thomas Alexander Torres Evaristoi Valdes Samuel Valencia Adolpho Varela james White Bill White james Winner J I T i MARY WHITE PETE SCHUYLER Editor Bminers Mamzger 'rim rosa spur starr Reading from left to right, Top row: Duke Russell, Art Editor g Tess Herlin, Classes, Florida Brown, Snaps, Margaret Williams, Organizations, Fritz Woodward, Athletics. Second row: Mickey Cole, Asst. Att Editor, Rosalyn Weinstein, Classes Isadore Kahn, Business Staffg Kathleen Tilley, Asst. Editor, Burney Warren, R. O. T C. Bottom row: David Goodman, Asst. Business Manager g Betsy Means, Athletics. 9 EDITORIAL STAFF C0-Edna,-I ....... ................... A LICE DENTON AND BEULAH HALPERN Managing Editor --- .....,,-.....,,,-M-,,,,,,.....,.,. .d..... T HELMA Ross City Editor .......... Afmriale Cily Editor --, --. .... MARIA ORRANTIA ---- FRANCES SIMONSON Sociezy Eiiizor -, ..... ....... 4 .... R oSE Ross Dramazic Crizic --- ,,,,-,,,,,.,, , ,,..... -- LUCILLE MCCLELLAND Colamnifz H .....,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,-,, , , ...,,.,,.....,,.,.,. ...... S ANDY GRIFFITII Aymciale C olnrnniftf ALVIN SHANBERG, HENRY HORWITZ, CHARLES SHOWS, AND CHARLES NEWMAN Boyx' Spam .................................... - ...... EUGENIA GATES AND CHARLES SHOWS Girlx' Spam -- ..................... EUGENIA GATES R. 0. T. C. --- W, ......................... HENRY HORWITZ joke Edizor ,, .... ..,,.,.. . . .,..................... ADA LEE SHANNON Re-Wrize Editor: ................ .......... . IDA ROSENWASSER AND MILDRED BIGGERSTAFF Reporlerf BILL MILLER O. J. BARRON ADVISORS MRS. JEANIE M. FRANK LYNN B. DAVIS BUSINESS STAFF Baxinesx Manager ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I RVING RAVEL Amifzanz Eminem Mgr-I. ---ROSELYN DAVIDSON AND ALFRED MERKIN Advertixing Manager .... ,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,---,, 0 RLAND BONAGUIDI Circulation Manager .... -,,-----,,-,--,--,,,-- W ADE HAMILTON Exchange Editar ........... Axfiszant Exchange Editor ---- MARGARET WILLIAMS ---- MILDRED BOYNTON 1 l nl xii National Honor Society Preridenzf ,,...-.,,,-,,,.,,,,...,, BURNEY WARREN Vice-Prerident ,,.. ,H KATHLEEN TILLEY Serremry-Tfearmfer ,H M, JOSEPHINE ALTON Parliamenfminn ,,., .......-... M ARY WHITE Reporter ,,.,,,., .,,, M ARGARETV WILLIAMS Membership in the National Honor Society is based on character, service, leader- ship, and scholarship and is made up of fifteen percent of the High Seniors, ten percent of the Low Seniors, and five percent of the High juniors. The Society, as its name implies, is national in scope and organization. Miss Catherine Flynn is sponsor of the El Paso High School branch. The membership num- bered twenty-two in the fall term and twenty-one in the spring term. . The membership for the spring term includes: Tess Herlin, Corine Herron, Evelyn Parker, Kathleen Tilley, Burney Warren, Mary White, Josephine Alton, jack Archibald, Marshall Finley, Frances Levy, Betsy Means, Lee Metcalf, N. V. Romero, Margaret Williams, Fannilee Zollars, A. M. Badouh, Olga Gandara, Maurine Howell, Dorothy Schale, Ana Velasquez, and Ernie White. I ,Ll 1 i ll- Tlhle Senate Ptfefidetcft Student Body -,,,,.,,,,.,.., DUKE RUSSELL Vine-Pref. Student Body and Prey. Senate---ERNIE WHITE , Prefident Protem ---,,,,-,,,,-,., MILDRED BOYNTON Sect'ettzry-Tretzrttrer ,.,,, .,,-- R EMUs THOMAS The goal of the Senate has always been to voice the feelings of the Student. This year the Senate has done some very constructive work. With the House of Represen- tatives, it wrote to schools all over the United States in order to compare the work of their Student Bodies with ours and to get helpful suggestions. Besides this, with the House, it helped in registration and acted as official hosts to the grade schools on the occasion of their track meet. The Senate, as usual, gave a party for all out-of-town students to help make them feel at home in E. P. H. S. The members, two chosen from each class, are as follows: Arthur Martin, Mary Bustos, Tony Hernandez, Louise Morrow, Remus Thomas, Ardeth Keltner, Romulus Thomas, Louie Onick, Marjorie Rutherford, Harold Weiss, Wilma Black, Keith Teague, Dick Miller, Bill Brooks, and Margie Lee Bew. Miss Catherine Flynn is sponsor of the Senate. House of Representatives speaker .....,.,,......,.,..,,,., JOHN B. MURPHY Clerk ,,,.....,. ...- L OU1s GOODWIN Pm'liamen,fm'ian --, ..... O. J. BARRON Sergeamt-at-Awnr -,-. .,-, M AURICE GREENE The House of Representatives is composed of one member selected from each home room group. During the year, it has Qlj sponsored registration, Q25 compiled and studied information from questionnaries sent to 240 schools, Q35 acted as hosts and hostesses for the grade school track meet, Q41 enjoyed six talks by 'prominent El Paso- ans, Q51 had two parries. Members are: Byng Armstrong, H. D. Baldwin, O. J. Barron, Al Bonaguidi, Eliza- beth Campbell, Francis Carskaddon, William Clark, Dorothy Daniels, Bill Davis, jimmy Davis, Frankie Edwards, Frank Feuille, Dorothy Goalby, Louis Goodwin, Maurice Greene Dick Guinn, Terrell Hamel, Margaret Hardage, Myra Harris, Helen Herrera, John. Hil- burn, David Koortz, Knollin Lovelace, Laro McKenzie, Harold Macaw, Annabelle Magness, Carlos Mateus, Griffin Mumford, John B. Murphy, Mae Rhodes, Dorothy Roll, Leland Roll, Allen Sayles, Dorothy Schale, Louis Shelton, William Spinks, Laurence Stanton, Bill Wade, John Walker, Alyne Williamson. The Scholarship Club Preridenz ---,,,,,..-.,.,,,-,-,,,, KATHLEEN TILLEY Vice-Prerident U- --- BETSY MEANS Secretary --,,,,,, .,..-- T ESS HERLIN Parflialnefztarian ,-,- ,,.,.,... M ARY WHITE Reporter .,,,,.. ...... F ANNILEE ZOLLARS Family Spofzror H- ,.,, MISS MARIE HATCHELL The Scholarship Club is an honorary society open to those who have made at least ninety in every solid subject the previous semester. The membership for the spring term, which is exceptionally large, is fifty-five. The other members are: Josephine Alton, jack Archibald, Roy Austin, A. M. Badouh, Imlay Baker, Edmund Barnett, Mary Lee Biggerstaff, jean Bowman, Wilma Brown, Perry Chisholm, Ernest Craige, Catherine Crowell, Margaret Dawson, Mike Dipp, Pauline Estes, Cesar Fernandez, Frank Feuille, Henry Galbraith, Pedro Garcia, Margarita Gomez, Arturo Gonzalez, Rose Graham, Thornton Hardie, Myra Harris, Maurine Howell, Kathleen Erwin, Elaine Lambert, Frances Levy, Beatriz Maese, Annabel Magness, Billy Millard, Seymour Neufeld, Evelyn Parker, Alice Persons, Florine Pittman, Enrique Prado, Miguel Prado, Alice Ramey, Carlos Rivera, Marjorie Rutherford, Dorothy Schale, Herbert Schwartz, Virginia Stansbury, Eugene Sullivan, Ana Velasquez, Burney Warren, Margaret Williams, Mabel Wheeler, and julia Zlabovsky. il Three Giirls9 Glleee Club Pferidemf ,,-,, .,,-, M ARGE WHITE Vice-President .,., ,U DOROTHY GOALBY Secifetfzry-Treazfzzffer -U ,,,- e JANE LOOMIS The Girls' Glee Club, with a membership of seventy- five, is one of the largest clubs in El Paso High School. Members took part in the Operetta, in a concert during music week, and a city-wide contest on May third. 'The Girl's Quartet is composed of Ann Kirkland, jane Kirkland, Alice Persons, and Emma Lee Smith. William Balch is sponsor of the Club. The Boysi Gllee Club President ...... ..-, V IRGIL RANDAL Vice-Preridem' ,... ,.,,- R AUL NIETO Secretary-Trearurerf --- ,-, BILL KRAUSE The purpose of the Boys, Glee Club is to stimulate in- terest in all musical activities. The membership this semes- ter numbers forty-five. The organization took part in "The Bells of Capistranong a musical contest on the third of Mayg and a concert dur- ing Music Week. Members of the male quartet are Gayle Hageman, Raul Nieto, Billy Park, and Virgil Randal. William Balch is the club sponsor. The Mixed Gllee Club The Mixed Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. William Balch, has developed into an organization we are all proud to know as our own. Among the several events during the year in which the members of this club took part was the Operetta-"The Bells of Capistrano',-- which proved to be one of the finest programs ever presented at El Paso High School. Included in the cast Were: Ann Kirkland, Raul Nieto, Virgil, Randal, Dorothy Joseph, Jane Kirkland, Seymour Neu- feld, Leonard Chant, Emma Lee Smith, Jeanette Levenson, Gayle Hageman, Stanley Gregory, Javier Alvarez, Bill Krause, Kenneth Fitch, Owen Mitchell, and Edna Louise Taylor. The Club also participated in a city-wide musical contest and a Music Week Concert held during the first part of May. The Mixed Quartet is composed of Ann Kirkland, Emma Lee Smith, Gayle Hageman, and Raul Nieto. The accompanists for the Club are Florine Pittman, Vivian Erickson, and Virginia Dyer. Kallevalla P1-efidenf ,--,. ,,,.-,-,.-, .,-- M 1 RIAM GRIFFITH Vice-Prerident ---,, -...., C HARLES SHOWS Secretazry-Treazruref' --- ---, ELIZABETH PICKRELL Some ten years ago Kalevala, under the the name of the English Club, was organ- ized by Mrs. Frank for the purpose of encouraging originality in literary work. The membership limited to 20, is gained by competitive writings. Every member must contribute. an original work to the program monthly. This year the club has been divided into two groups, under the leadership of Charles Newman and N. V. Romero. Each group takes its turn in the program and at the end of the term Mrs. Ward, the sponsor, is to be judge of which has done the most for the club. The losing members will then give the winner a banquet. The annual banquet this year is being given with Cibola, the sister club. Members of Kalevala are: Ernie White, Alvin Shanburg, Bob Page, N. V. Romero, Elizabeth Foster, Mary jo Robinson, Charles Shows, Mary Elizabeth Wilson, juan Hol- guin, Ernest Craige, Elizabeth Pickrell, jean Bowman, Ester Zlabovsky, Beulah Halpern, Rose Graham, Sandy Griffith, Gene McKenzie, Charles Newman, Billy Millard, and Mary Catherine Harmon. Girlsg Booster Club Prefident ,g-,,,..- ,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,- P EGGY KAYSER Vife-President --- --- MARGARET DECOURCY Secretary .,.- ,.,, M AXINE BETHAL Reporter -,,. ,..-, T HELMA Ross Courteous, eager, willing, Up and on her toes, The joy of helping others Every "booster" knows. The Girls' Booster Club is a live-wire organization and has done many things in the Way of "boosting" during the term 1931-1952. The club made one hundred dollars by selling coffee, attended football and basketball games, decorated floats, gave five dollars to the Associated Charities, collected, donated, and distributed food and clothing, gave a Week's supply of food to six families, and Uboostedl' the Operetta and the Senior Play. Boys? Booster Clhullb Prefidemf ,--,,,,, -,,-.,.,. M IKE KRAUSE Vice-President ..,.., ,.-, B ENITO FERNANDEZ Secretary-Trepzrzzrer -,,, .... C ORTES KILLEN Reporter ---...,-, -,, JULIUS MUNOZ To f'boost" means to push forward, to lift up-and that is what the Boys' Booster Club never fails todo for the El Paso High School. The club is one of the most active organizations in School, not only in athletics but in the regular routine of school life. The membership of this club is from a select number of the most active boys in school activities. The Olympian Council Officer: Full Term jupiter, Prefident ---, ,,,,.-.,..,,.,,. .,.,.-- B 0 B MILLER luno, Vice-Prexitlent -,, ,.----,- BEN HICKMAN Minerou, Secretury 4, --- LA VONNE RATHBUN Ceref, Treufurer ,,,,,,,,,,-,-, ,-.,- M ARY DAWSON Venn! ' Pro rum Committee LOIS BLEDSOE Apollo g "' ' FRED BOEHM Mercury, Reporter ........-. an JOHN ROBINSON Officery Spring Term jupiter, Preficient ,-.....,..,,,,..,..........,.,, FRED BOEHM funo, Vice-Prefitlent U- .,,, JOHNELLE CRIMEN Minerou, Secretury --, .-,, BETTY CASAREZ Neptune, Treufurer ,.,.,-.,, -, FRANK MARTINEZ Vmm Pro rum Committee ALICE HAYS Apollo g "' " BILLY BECKLEY Mercury, Reporter ,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,,.,,,,,.,...,-, BL1ss BELL Club Sponsor-Annie L. Harper Club Valencia Prerident ,,,,,, ,,,,,.., RA FAEL IBARRA Vive-President .... ...,- S ALVADOE GONZALEZ Secretary -,,, ..,, A LE JANDRINA VALENCIA Reporter ,.-,, --....-, M ARIE ORRANTIA Sgt-at-Army ,,,, U SALVADOR CASTORENA Crifif -,,-.,, ,..-, G ENE MCKENZIE The Spanish Club '6Valencia,', a club organized for social and educational activities, was composed this year of nineteen members interested in Spanish speaking countries, their people, history, commerce, literature, art, music, etc. Members of the Club are: Johnny Mender, Connie Sandoval, Eleanor Quezada, Mary Serrano, Ana Velasquez, Efren Saldivar, john Murphy, Alfonso Montenegro, Andre Desouches, Ernesto Bencomo, Pedro Martinez, Roberto Valle, and Ruth Labrado. Mrs. Elizabeth Wood is sponsor of the Club. The Office Club Prefidem' .,--. ,H VIRGINIA CAMPBELL Vice-Prefidenr U, L-- FRANCES ALLEN Secretary ,,,., -,-, M ARY WHITE The Office Club was organized under Mrs. Dora Dupree in 1927 for assistance in the Attendance Office, but it was not until 1930 that an independent light credit was given for the work. ' The Club now assists in the offices of Mr. Fred Baker, the Assistant Principal, and Mr. Lawrence McConachie, the Attendance Clerk, both of whom are sponsors. The following are members of this organization: Vera Bess Baker, Mary White, Mary Anna Stallings, Betsy Means, Margaret Wil- liams, Olga Gandara, Rosalee Harris, Frances Allen, Virginia Campbell, Dorris Miller, Catherine Sheehan, Ben Hickman, H. D. Baldwin, Pauline Kramer, and Elena Escu- dero. The Courtesy Club President ,-,--,,,,.,,.,,,.,-M -H BURNEY WARREN Vice-Pfefidenz M, H CECILE INABNIT Sewfemry -,--,, ,U MARGARET OTERO The Courtesy Club has been a valuable aid in promoting an atmosphere of co-operation, politeness, and understand- ing among members of the faculty and the student body. The principal duties of the Club are: Keeping the halls clear, directing traffic in the building, welcoming visitors and new students, observing student passes, running er- rands for teachers, and at all times promoting a polite atmosphere for the students of the high school. Scholarship, character, politeness, and efficiency form a basis for membership in the Club. The Courtesy Club is sponsored by Miss Vernon Hill, Dean of Girls. Senior Dramatic Club Preridemf ,.,.. .,.,, B UDDY LUCKETT Vice-Pferidenz ,,-, ,.,. , ,- VIRGINIA LUCKETT Sem'elm'y and TI'64ZJ'Il1'6'1' ,... M, FRANCES LEVY A Members of the Senior Dramatic Club are: Josephine Alton, Mary Catherine Broy- les, Birdie Farber, Olga Gandara, Ruth Gillett, Rosalee Harris, Frances Levy, Clinton Luckett, Virginia Luckett, Charles Newman, Dorris Miller, Max Moye, Robert Page, Charles Waite, Pearson Woisika, and Zoe Rutherford. The club this year has had programs planned by the members with the help of Miss Hutchins. New plays have been discussed and books on modern actors reviewed. Miss Lucia Hutchins is sponsor. : The Exhibition Club Prefident .,.-,,, --,,,,, G LYNN SPARKS Vine-Prefidenz - - , , - , MICKEY HUTCHISON Secretary ,.,,,- --,, M ABEL WHEELER Treazfmfer -U ,,,- HELEN MUNoz Under the supervision of Miss Maybelle Long, the Exhibition Club was organized in 1931, for the purpose of performing between halves at football games. The Spring term has been devoted to baseball, archery, and tumbling. Much interest is shown by the members and all look forward to the coming year. Members of this organization are: Paulina Cisneros, Isabel Crawford, Helen Cush- man, Mary Denny, Irene Espinoza, Selsa Gavaldon, Jane Grider, Hettie Harrison, Maria Hernandez, Hilda House, Mickey Hutchison, Jean McRae, Virginia McRae, Winifred Melancon, Helen Munoz, Carmen Pinon, Bertha Ornelas, Elisa Ortiz, Teresa Redd, Minnie Samaniego, Glynn Sparks, Eduviges Villa, Rosemary West, Elinor Hiller, Mabel Wheeler, Hernietta Ybarra, Janie Douglas, Josephine Chavez, Blanche Carreno, Rita Avina, Rose Graham, Louise Martin, Mary Harmon, Manuela Ortiz, Juliette Brock, and Alma Correno. -I Mathematics Club Preridefzr ,,,..,. an CLINTON LUCKETT Vice-Preyidenr .,-. .,.,, L ours HAWLEY Secretary-Trearwer H- .... JOHN MURPHY Reporter ,,.-.,-.,,.,,,,,,-.-..,.,,,, JANE CRYSLER Program Committee: Donald Archibald, Carlyn Krupp, Dorothy Hamlyn. Club Pin ,-..,-.,..---,,.-,,,,.,.,.,-.,. Pentagram Club Colors --- .-,, Crimfon and White Club Motto --- -- "Valem et Volemv Members: Donald Archibald, Robert Alexander, Dick Bowden, Ewell Bishop, Doris Berryhill, Stephen Canavan, Robert Clark, Arthur Cound, jane Crysler, Allen Crowder, Margaret Dawson, Geraldine Dinwiddie, jack Duke, Ralph Douglas, Ruby Elliott, Marshall Finley, William Eugate, Paul Gillock, Sherman Given, Margarita Gomez, Bernice Hall, Louis Hawley, Aury Hinds, Eileen Hermes, Dale Hagee, Dorothy Hamlyn, Doris Kreuger, Clinton Luckett, john Murphy, Beatriz Maese, Sue Betty Marshall, Max Moye, Gordon Matthews, DeForest Metcalf, Marie Osborne, LeRoy Stanton, Marie Soltner, James Sweeney, Roman Newman, Blanche Twining, Fanny Wright, Ernesto Valdez. The Library Council President -,..,... , BETTY BOURLAND Vice-Pafefidenz ,-.. ...,.. F ELLow PAUL Secretary ,,-,-- ,.., N ELLIE BEss BEAL Treamrer- -,-.,,-,, U WANDA FORBES Program Chairman --- -H BEss1E BROMBERG Sponsor ,,--,.,,, ,,,, M RS. M. H. LYLES Between the second and fourth There comes an hour of play, When some of us go to the library The end of the week, on Friday. Someone tells us about the bookg Another collects our dirnesg We discuss the latest newsg And we always have good times. This is the LIBRARY COUNCIL5 And to distribute the slips we are told. Everyone knows about it Though it's only three years old. i l The Art Club Prefideni -- .............-....,. ,.,, C ARL HOLLAND Vice-Prefidem .... U, LOUISE BOWERS Secretary ..... ..... ...,, , , FRANK SANCHEZ I The Art Club serves a three-fold purpose. First, the activities of the club are plan- - ned to give all art students more time to think and work in a field in which there is unlimited opportunity for creative effortg second, it gives an opportunity for studying art to those students whose daily programs are too full to include this subject, and third, through this club new artists are often discovered who are not in the regular classes. Since the organization of the club, the following problems have been taught: Soap sculpture, design, basket weaving, sketching with colored crayon, contour drawing, and block printing. Any one who is interested in art and who has a desire to have some extra time for this fascinating and intriguing subject may sign up for this club. MRS. MARY JORDAN DEWEY MRS. MINNIE DYE Manager Arrirtmei The Cafeteria The one room in the High School in which every student is interested, be his hobby French or science, history or geometry, is the cafeteria. It is a lively scene indeed when the boys pile into a line at one cashier's win- dow and the girls rush into a line at another, to buy five-cent lunch checks. Then the students scurry to the lines leading to the counters. There are four of these latter lines. One line is of boys getting hot lunches from the steam tables and another is of boys getting cold lunches. Then there are two similar lines of girls. When a student has purchased his food, he hunts the table at which his particular pals are seated and there he eats. Besides Mrs. Mary Jordan Dewey, manager, and Mrs. Minnie Dye, her assistant, there are thirteen helpers including three students. This cafeteria corps serves about 1100 students daily. To do this requires 1000 sand- wiches, 100 salads, 10 gallons of ice cream, and a quantity of other food. I.-. Honors and Awards Won By lEll Paso ll-lliiglh. Selhrooll During 1931432 ATHLETICS Q11 City football Championship. City and District track Championship. City, District, Bi-District and State Doub- les Tennis Championship won by George and Russell Ball. Q41 City, District and Bi-District Singles Ten- nis Championship won by Louie Kahn. Q51 City boxing Championship. C21 451 WINNERS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING AND ESSAY CONTESTS Ernie White-First place, Citizenship Contest, Senior Division. George Ball--Second place, Citizenship Con. test, Senior Division. Second place, City Oratorical Contest on U. S. Constitution Qsponsored by D. A. R.1 Billy Millard-First place, Citizenship Contest, Junior. Division. First place for boys, City Declamation Contest. First place for Boys, District Declamation Contest. Winner in Texas Hero Contest. Ernest Craige--Second place, Citizenship Con- test, Junior Division. Lucille McClelland-Third place, Citizenship Contest, junior Division. Margaret Williams-Winner in Texas Hero Contest. Nile Ball--Tied for second place for boys, City Declamation Contest. Winner in Texas Hero Contest. First place, City "My Home Town" Con- test. Alice Hays-First place for girls, City Dec- lamation Contest. Bob Page-First place, City Oratorical Contest on U. S. Constitution Qsponsored by D. A. R.1 Second place, District National Oratorical Contest. Evelyn Parker and Kathleen Tilley--Girls' team winning City Championship, Inter- scholastic Debate. Dorothy Boehm and Bob Page-Members of debating team which defeated Phoenix. Ruth Blaugrund-Judged best individual ac- tress in the District One-Act Play Contest. Robert Bowie-Second place, City "My Home Town" Contest. Fannilee Zollars--1First place, D. A. R. Ora- torical Contest, Written Division. Perry Chisholm-Second place, D. A. R. Ora- torical Contest, Wlritten Division. Tess Herlin-Third place, D. A. R. Oratoricsl Contest, Written Division. Frances Simonson-First place, City and Dis- trict lngerscholastic Essay Contest. Lee Ivey-First place, 4th year, District Latin Essay Contest. Maurine Howell-First place, 3rd year, Dis- trict Latin Essay Contest. Sam Rosenberg-Second place, lst year, Dis- trict Latin Essay Contest. MILITARY SCIENCE QR. o. T. ep Q11 Best Parading Company in Armistice Day Parade, sponsored by Chamber of Corm- merce. Company HAH commanded by Capt. Chinn. Q21 Cup and Lone Star Flag for best drilled Cadet Corps, City Competitive Drill. Companies "A", "BH, 8: "C", com- manded by Mayor Homer Salome. Q31 Cup for best drilled freshman company, City Competitive Drill. Company MD" Commanded by Capt. Joe Herrera. Q41 Medal for best drilled freshman cadet, first place, City Competitive Drill. Cadet Warren Robertson. Q51 Medal for best drilled senior cadet, second place, City Competitive Drill. Billy Sibert Q61 First place, Frank D. Scotten medal for best rifle shots. Durward Link. Q71 Second place, Frank D. Scotten medal for best rifle shots. Frank Kirby-Smith. ART In Scholastic Awards Contest, Pittsburg, Pa. Qa national contest for high schools.1 Q11 Martha Muerdter won first prize in De- sign Applied to Textile for wall hanging painted in oils on silk. Eddie Joe Martin won two prizes. Frances Kindel won prize for cover de- sign. Q41 For cover design Francis Carskaddon, Sterling Gaffield, and Guadalupe Hol- guin Were given honorable mentions. Q51 For work in this contest Roy Petty, Mary Potts, Cager Mullins, and Ester Simon were given honorable mentions. C21 Q51 Li--- .. ESSAY WINNING FIRST PLACE IN DISTRICT SEVENTEEN OF INTERSCHOLASTIC ESSAY CONTEST. Why II Dozngt Want to Grow up BY FRANCES S1MoNsoN "Hello, Baby, what are you doing - masquerading in your mother's clothes ?U-This from my almost-bald and very sophisticated cousin, who thus destroyed my pride in my first evening gown. I had thought that I looked quite grown up. That is one reason why I don't want to grow up -I couldn't if I wished. Anyway, I could never outgrow the names which my cousins delight in calling me-Baby, Infant, the Little 'Un, and the Brat. However, these are the least of my reasons for not wanting to grow up. I donit want to lose my childish joy in simple things, and my belief in God and the inherent goodness of human nature. I was reared on a farm near Chicago. The Sozzlh sixty was a hilly pasture, where I spent most of my childhood hours. Here I could be alone among the green hills. There was a gravel pit, with slabs of sun- warmed stone, there were ponds, with tiny rushy bays, there were neigh- borly groups of oak trees and maples, there was a brook, bordered by willows, locusts, and wild grapes. Best of all, there was a tiny woodland climbing down a hill, and making cool twilight about a small pond. Here there were tall oaks and scrubby wild cherry, spreading maples, and grape vines. There were violets, arbutus, spring beauties, may-apple, jack-in-the pulpit, blood-root and Dutchmanis breeches. In this little plot of woodland, I first felt that kindred with God and nature which is the heritage of childhood. I want to keep that kindred all my life--I want to be able to dream the impossible dreams that every child has-I want to believe in good fairies, as I did then. Another trait of childhood that I want to keep is the belief that every one would be good if he had a chance. Although I have seen my theory disproved often, I shall always believe it. In grown-ups, there is seldom found the simple and sincere belief that children have, and that belief is what I want to keep. In spite of my almost-bald and very sophisticated cousin, who is atheistic, Bohemian, and an artist, and very proud of it all, as I grow older in years, my faith grows stronger. M-- rails out against my very youthful ideals, for he is very scornful of ideals and religion, and likes to tell me of the mis- takes into which they will lead me. But so far, I, in my childish belief, have made fewer mistakes than he, and have been-and will be-much happier. Besides, when one gets as old as M--, one loses hair and gains much weight. R E 5 yan 1:5 E D U C AT IO N ' alxwxxr Y I 5,V - 41 Visa. I . ...Q ,,.q i :cf . H V Q ' 7 ' Q4"':f:555ffg. X ' 12' ,. :fb . q pixo' MILK V575 I I IW og, DEHEN'::Du?f0W5! 'E S W SSEQSWRE R O F Q DIDERMOPHYTOSIS ' ,me 3 S l NYXONATADE5-E PINK room anusuy FXX "5--gf' A A A, 7 A YKAY Q q 3 H0-1' 'rAmAm. vf 1.4 V PKK 1 WHI T E , ,i , ,. EEIME I J :i-1 :4 1: - .5 . YLOERN M V ' X , .Q:,.,.. ,,., , HAL 3"4v4 - INABNVV PAGE -- l W 3 .. 2? 25 ' ""' 1 'Y' ', " I 5 'B - 1 ijt , ,af B 9: X Z f , E x W I s 'NF' A .15 1 rj' 5 'f ' 5 u f ' Q lql o ,' i sfa' - Q 7. ' ,vga Q E ails.. t k f f X mtg:-,S A M W 2 K, ,W x ffx TH , 4 N 1Ji LQQ 5 Q , ,Q W' 1? ' JNL 1 - S , . v . , N if.22 me ' f"1if:2a:: :1gZiiT.4 ,..,,A,-Mr: I Q fam.-one f f f In every person there is that Wonder differe the ot the pr that re ful something which ntiates us one from ner. We specialize in oduction of portraits fleet your personality. 'Y-3 BIERCGNJERSS STIUDIIU Officia l Spur Photographers 119311 Q 31932 rg' 1 It had to he good to get Where it is Win 1 'Q hwy, 054 MMIII C i p :'M'lmv5..'Ii'l'EfQ ., , khulfy Vzszt Uur Clean Plant WM f 0 an wh MngnoIna iCooavCCoIa1 IBot1t'I111n1g Cot. "D k h d'ff b "The only difference between you and a beringogoyol? angolieixfgebachfrence etween horse is that a horse wears a collarf, ffWhaf'5 the diffefenCe?'9 f'We11, I wear a collar, too." uThat,s what I Say? 'fThen I was wrong, there isn'r any dif- l U ference at auf, Loure K.-"How can I make ann-freeze ?" Mr. Emerson:-'4H1de her woolen pa- jamasf' 3 -rrr 1 PAS r - f X f I lxx x N Q 1 NA1r'?oNAL BgNK JIIEWVIEIIIJIEIIES I Jfilton -" .Wotelr Julius J1.Alberts, Mgr. Texas and Stanton EL PASO, TEXAS IBRUWNQS 50 Bars are DC. C0 CC1r'oWeII QSC Co. INSURANCE SURETY BONDS Clean and Pure Main 8800 355 Myrtle Ave. l 1 1 7'- nd,l 1 1 l 1 ' COMPLIMENTS OF ' Ep., A r -A w X ,gn Un fhe Dlaia X o 5 Q. S .num-EPENDENT. -.3 A Home Owned Union House P r- : 'ef -Z 'WW' -. tl ' .-- CQMPLIMENTS OF 1 + re-'c"2i4 ABDUU PRUDUQEIE iflwff-dmv-1 ffm wmesrhe trim fi uve of'Ch mem-er . N Out of genuine, tes-proof cqnjil, Corn stonnon tot. 't f Nu.qQ17 P ----csq Butternut and Jumbo Bread It has long been the proud boast of the Purity Baking Company that Butternut Bread is HEI Paso's Standard for More Than a Quarter Century." jumbo, But- ternut's big brother, inherits that repu- tation-and Purity is doing everything possible to make that slogan truer to- morrow than it is today. PTURIITY pBAiKING CUMPANY "El Paso's Standard for More than a Quarter Century" PTGGLY WTGGLY fAll Over the Worldj ECONOMY and THRIFT. The girls and youths of El Paso have the opportunity of learning ECONOMY and THRIFT by visiting the Piggly Wiggly. Mothers do not hesitate to send children to the PIGGLY WIGGLY to purchase Groceries. They know that the environment is respectable and wholesome, and that the child can shop there as well as the "Grownups9' and that they are being taught ECONOMY and THRIFT at the same time. If you are not yet a customer, we suggest that you give us a trial. 511 E. San Antonio-Opposite Court House. 1212 N. Copia-Near Pershing Drive 911 N. Piedras-Five Points. 2111 N. Piedras--Manhattan Heights. 3727 Alanleda-Camp Grande. 210 Mills St.--Opposite Postoffice. 423 N. Oregon Street. "You buried your wife just a month ago. If she knew how you are tearing around she'd dig out of her grave." f'Let her dig. I buried her face down." Casey: "Hey, jake you know my wife really kisses me every day when I come into- the house." jake: 'fGreat affection? Casey: UNO, investigationf' lst Drunk: 'fThis Listerine of your tastes lousyfi 2nd Drunk: "That's not Listerine, thatis Flitf' 'fwliatchgotna package ?" "Sabook.'i 4'Wassanaimuvitt ?" 'fSadickshunery, fullinaimsf, "Wife gon- na gettaplecedog and gotta gettanaimferimf' Donut Thompson, Tino.. Bassett Tower EL PASO Headquarters for Sporting Goods of Every Kind Kodaks and Kodak Finishing Less Selling Expense - Carload Buying Factory Shipments - Consequently Money-Saving Pricet on The Brunswick Tire Distributed by QL. CJ fLeRoyJ Williams and Schuller Washing - Greasing - Polishing One-Stop Service - Storage Cor. Stanton and Montana, Phone M. 42 8: 393 Open all Night I11fe1'nah0nalE135faV1n Co Vlam1692 5 f f f was ff 'B 0' , J ' zz Xw 0 0 Lff' 4 vA,,'j , fx V Q J - :,, qq ,,. ,. , .. -,.' l f N P V"'LqA ' , f L f , W ,,,,1, ',",1 fuf ,', ' ! gf , Q A ' , XZ ff . X X xx if GRADUATES! vu-ions M me N W... QS' 5' I Gxrrhcxo comm mn...-2. MD Mesa WISHES YOU HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry NATIONALLY PRICED AND ADVERTISED - ON CREDIT he A 0 'Z O0 1 C. u 1 SPEQS QP-sl? Qw ij,e'X'64 S e ' OX 99 QV S4 RYXNS X s An Englishman was on his first Visitlhere. While driving along he saw a sign that said "Go slow, that means you!" "By jovef' said the Englishman, "How did they know I was here ?" Pecos: "What's a stuffed olive ?" Abdou: "A Pickle with a tail light, sir." Mrs. Frank: 'fThe lady fed milk to the carl' Now, Alvin, what is the indirect ob- ject?i' Alvin: "The kittens, dear teacher!" COMPLIMENTS OF Ameriiean Groeery Cor. Distributors of the Famous Little Duke Canned Vegetables COMPLIMENTS OF Empire Products Corporation Beverages and Candies Refreshments for all occasions Phone Main 1533 Office and Factory On Mills and Florence Gunning N Casfteell Drug Co. Four Convenient Locations Saylotis and Whitman's Chocolates ll'lL. To PUNSFURD 8: SONS General Contractors and Builders 914 East Missouri Street Telephone Main 803 Queen: Charles, the baby has a stomach ache. King: Page the secretary of the interior. What has two wings but can't fly? E. P. H. S. 7 Virginia L.-'fYes Ma'am I paint pictures in a day and a half, and think nothing of it " Miss Scott :-'4Neither do I." RENFRUQS The Rexall Stores Two Conveniently Located Stores CCAMlPBlElLlL9S Barlher Shop and Beauty lParllor Natural Croquignole S350 No. 1 No. 2 Plagiigglgligtre Hulgsrffgnn Latest Styles in Hair Cutting Main Main Main Montana vii Q - i 'wi' za. QEZRK If f U , . V ! 1 f X L X TQ E W7m'lDl3NVll3 IHN Q ' ' 2 CVM SUIIT IBUB WAGE H VU-V071 NG" mmnmzcri GREENE gQU,3lUX!,,lf,Q'N2V HM A wU:UX",..., I YFAARIPS Shows 5 Welre Sorr Too! It will be just 100 years before there will be another class of 32 We're moaning the fact that there won't be another class of '32 . . . such fine chaps and co-ecls are leaving their Alma Mater. But there's one bright side to the affairfe COLLEGE! Andeven though youire leaving E. P. H. S. you can still shop at your favorite department store where you're bound to get the authentic clothes for ? university wear. Our fourth floor people will be more than happy to give you any informa- tion possible. POPULAR F O.R.H DRY GOODS COMPANY SHOPS ----- THE NICNIATH COMPANY, INC. PRINTERS WYOMING AT CO'l'l'ON PHONE M-507 Prof: 'iYoung man, do you realize that "Say, didn't you work in a marble quar every day spent in this school is worth YY W 1 W, "Yeah, but they fired me." 310 O0 ro you. uwhat fOr?,, Small BOY5 g'C0u1d You advance me a "Oh, they said I took too much for gran small sum, sir ?" ite." 66As the Twig is BGHT99 The purpose of this little message is to explain the reasons why you can get better service-better quality-better values at a J. C. Penney Store. Perhaps the most important of these reasons is that twenty-nine years ago the Founder of this Company, James C. Penney, laid down certain rules of dealing with customers that have been followed rigorously ever since. True, the J. C. Penney Store of 1902 was but a small "General Storen, but to every customer was given the same fair treatment, and in every package Was Wrapped the fullest possible measure of value and satisfaction. 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IN THE YEARS TO' COME We shall no doubt find it necessary to consult with those of you who enter the business World N MEANWHILE A Discuss with us M l your Catering lifffifigs Entertainment Problems. . - HOTEL PASO DEL NORTE Jack Chaney, M gr. The Travelers llnsnranee Co.. of Hartford, Conn. Life lmzmmce in Farce Over fam' and three-fomila Billiom John D. Williams Wm. D. Mayfield An Elderly Lady Qpaying ticketj: "To Chicago, please." Ticket Agent: "By Buffalo?" Lady QOffendedj: "No, by trainli' He fas they drive along a lonely roadj: f'You look lovelier to me every minute. Do you know what that means She: f'Yeah. Youire running out of gasf Q77 COMPLIMENTS OF W.. T, Grant Q85 Co. The Tower Szandlwiieh Shop "At Your Servicev For Delicious Sandwiches, Salads and Spanish Dishes. A Trial Will Convince You 2101 Montana St. Main 1826 DANIEL BROS. Props. COMPLIMENTS- Natimnan , Photo Print Co. Commercial Photographers Furniture Co.. Corner Texas and Stanton 504 N. 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