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Mr. Porter, Superintendent Mr. Wagner, Principal School Board •y Rieffel, Conrad Porter. Row 2: Larry Stoller, Dale Brown, Ron Mod, Gary Wierman. (Members not pictured: Paul Schmitt and 9A Look At The Secretaries Mrs. Hocker, High School SecretaryTeachers Mrs. Cope — Individualized Instruction Mrs. Besse — Librarian Mr. Dozier — Welding, Ag. Mechanics. Horticulture, Intro, to Ag.Teachers Mr Kramme — World History. U.S. History. Modern Problems Mrs Musick — Chorus Mi Schrocder — Boy's P.E ., Geography Mr. Orr — Anatomy. Biology, Man Environment, Motion . Force 10 Mrs. Scott — Advanced Algebra, Spanish I, Spanish IIMrs. Stiles — English III, English IV, Speech, British Literature Mrs. Steffen - Introduction to Computers Mr Wolf — Typing. General Business, Accounting Mrs. Wadsworth — Beg. Foods, Adv. Foods, Family Living, Child Care 11 Mr. Unzicker — Driver's Ed.. HealthWhy do they look so happy — because The look of a true scholar they're SENIORS?!•• iSHER JILL SARA A Look Back 4 DAVID ALAN AUFMUTH "What is a teenager, I was asked one day. They are the future unfolding, don't stand in their way." ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 2, 4; Track Mgr. 1; E-Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Bye Bye Birdie 2; Madrigals 2; Swing Choir 2; Chorus 1, 2; Class Treas. 1. AMBITION Navy and College. CISELE RENEE BAILEY "My sense of God is my sense of wonder about the universe." ACTIVITIES: Pon Poms 1, 2, 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Library Aid 3; Perfect Attendance 1; Top Ten 1, 2, 3, 4; Illinois State Scholar. AMBITION: Medicine: Anesthesiology or Neurosurgery. CINDY BAKER No Biography Submitted. MARK BIGGER "If hard work is the key to success, I, like most people, would rather pick the lock." ACTIVITIES: Track 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; E-Club 3, 4. AMBITION: College. MICHAEL HARVEY CARLEY "No Guts, No Glory." ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club 1, 2; E-Club 3, 4; Class Pres. 3; Chorus 1, 4; Swing Choir 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Honorable Mention All-Conference 3; Footall 1, 2, 3, Tri-Captain 4; All-Conference Tight End 4; Honorable Mention Linebacker 4; Honorable Mention Defensive Back 4; Best Defensive Back 4; MVP 4; Musical 4; Homecoming Attendant 1; Boys State. AMBITION: Navy Pilot. BRETT ALLEN CHARLETT The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is apt to be interrupted by someone doing it." ACTIVITIES: Homecoming King; Wrestling 4. AMBITION: College. TANYA ANNETTE DAMBOLD "A man's friendships are the best measures of his worth." ACTIVITIES. Student Council 3, 4; National Honor Society 2. 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, Sec-Treas. 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Class Officer 3. AMBITION: Millikin: Accounting. DONALD DWAYNE DOWNEN "Cows may come and cows may go, but the bull in this place will stay forever." ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2; Wrestling 2, 3, 4. AMBITION: To work hard, to get what I want, and to have fun.KRISTI FARRELL No Biography Submitted. KRISTI SUE FEENEY "Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.'" ACTIVITIES: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Advisory Board 1, 2; Senator at Large 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; AFS 1, 2, 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3, Pres. 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Swing Choir 3, 4; Madrigals 3, 4; School Musicals 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Leading Scorer 4; Basketball 1, 2; Class Treasurer 3, 4. AMBITION: To go to Millikin! RANDY FINCK No Biography Submitted. SHANNION JOE HAIR "He who never made a mistake, never made a discovery." ACTIVITIES: Football 1; Wrestling 1, Spanish Club 2, 3. AMBITION: Navy, then college for electronics. GREGORY ALAN HEIKEN "Always try to drive so your license expires before you do." ACTIVITIES: Industrial Arts Club 1, 2; FFA 3, 4 AMBITION: Major in Police Science Technology. JODI ANNE HALL "Children are like sponges. They absorb all your strength and leave you limp. But give them a squeeze and you get it all back." ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, MVP, Most Enthusiastic, Most Spikes 4; Cheerleader 2; Class Pres. 1, 2; Class Sec. 4; Student Council Representative 2, 3, 4; Oklahoma Student Director 4; Homecoming Attendant 2; Honors Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus Sec. 4; Swing Choir 4, AMBITION: Go to college, become an Elementary Education Teacher, marry Greg Mool, and have a family. KEITH DUANE HINTHORNE " Smile it makes people wonder what you're up to." ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2; Honorable Mention 3, All-Conference 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3. AMBITION: To be in the Air Force and to be an Aircraft Mechanic. 18MICHAEL LEE HINTHORNE “Success is never fatal and failure never fatal." ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, Best Defensive Back 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track Mgr. 1; Chorus 1, 2; Musical 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; E-Club 3, 4; Boys State; Student of the Month — Sept.; Homecoming Attendant 2, 4. AMBITION: College. TAMMY JO HINTHORNE “If God puts a tear in your eye, it's because He wants to put a rainbow in your heart." ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1; FHA 1, 2, 4. AMBITION: Cosmetologist. TERRY JOE HINTHORNE True friends are like diamonds, precious but rare; False ones like autumn leaves, found everywhere." AMBITION: Sports Announcer. STEPHEN RICHARD JONES “God created all men alike — tranquil and peaceful — and then He made the Class of '87." ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2. 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Musical 3. AMBITION: Army Mechanic. KATHLEEN ELAINE JOYCE "Men are like pantyhose; You need two in case one of them runs." ACTIVITIES: Pom Pons 3; Spanish Club 3. AMBITION: To attend Southeastern Academy. JEFF WILD THING" KEARFOTT "As hard as you can; As fast as you can; And as long as you can. ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Wrestling 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3 AMBITION: Go to the service and live up to the nickname "Wild Thing". MICHAEL RENARD KEENE "Sometimes you just have to say. "%$ @!" " ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2; Wrestling 1, 2; Track Mgr. 1; E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3. AMBITION: Navy — College — Success. GINA MICHELE KELLY "Men talk of "finding God", but no wonder it is difficult; he is hidden in the darkest hiding place, your heart. You, yourself, are a part of Him." ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1, 4; Swing Choir 4; Homecoming Attendant 1; Homecoming Queen 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Track 1. 2, 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; AMBITION: Nursing 19RON KILPATRICK No Biography Submitted. TONI SUE KURG "True friends are like diamonds, precious but rare; False ones like autumn leaves, found everywhere." ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Most Improved 4; AFS 1, 3; Spanish Club 3; Bye Bye Birdie 2; Chorus 1, 2; Office Helper 4. AMBITION: College BRIAN MCCORMICK No Biography Submitted. GINA LOUISE LUEDTKE "Unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat." AMBITION: Western Illinois University: Elementary Education. TINA MARIE LOVINGS "If a good face is a letter of recommendation, a good heart is a letter of credit." ACTIVITIES: Pom Pons; FHA 1, 2; Spanish Club 3, 4; Chorus 1; Track 4; Office Helper 4. AMBITION: To attend the School of Art Institute of Chicago to become an artist and to attend Stephen's School of Beauty to become a cosmetologist. LAURA LYNN NEWKIRK "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains." ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1, 3, 4; Pom Pons 1, 2, 3, 4; Musical 4; AVC 4; Spanish Club 2; Library Aid 1, 2, 3; FHA 3, 4 AMBITION: To finish cosmetology and to open my own salon. MILINDA KAY LUSH "God will mend a broken heart if you give him all the pieces." ACTIVITIES: Choral Officer 4; Honors Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigals 3, 4; Swing Choir 3, 4; Musical 2, 4; Class Officer 3; Student Council 2, 3, Treas. 4; Pom Pon 2, 3. AMBITION. Work, marry Brent Albrecht and live happily ever after. 20MARIA V. PFISTER "There are so many things in this world to get me high, I want to try them all just once before I die." ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1; Powder Puff Football 2, 3; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2. 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; AFS 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Class Vice-Pres. 1, 2; Class Pres. 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Academic Award 1, 2, 3, 4; Student of the Month 3; Illinois Governmental Internship Program 4. AMBITION: SIU or bust. CHRISTINE ANN RAASCH "Sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen, but if you don't take a chance, nothing happens!" ACTIVITIES: FHA 2; Spanish Club 2, 3, Sec. 4; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Annual Staff 3; Annual Co-Editor 4; Student Council Class Rep. 4; Academic Award 1, 3, 4; PSAT NMSQT Commended Student; Illinois State Scholar 4; Student of the month — Nov. AMBITION: College, a career, and whatever happens along the way! DARLA KAY REYNOLDS "You know you've made a friend when it hurts to say good-bye." ACTIVITIES: Pom Pon 2, 3; Basketball 3; Track 3; FHA 2; Chorus 1. AMBITION: To get married and to go the Art School. KURT ALLEN REYNOLDS The man who never makes mistakes loses a great many chances to learn something." ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, Tri-Captain 4; Basketball 1, 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Track State Qualifier 1, 2, 3; 7th in 2-mile relay State 3; Track school record for 3200 m and 3200 m relay; Spanish Club 2; E-Club 1, 2, 3. 4. AMBITION: Work or go to college and to be happy. GWEN RENEE ROBERTS "Keep your face to the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind." ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club 1, 2; FHA 3; Office Helper 3. AMBITION ICC-Occupational Therapy Assistance. JOHN HENRY ROBERTS "All through life everything depends on your name, so make a good one for yourself." AMBITION: To Survive. CYNTHIA JANE SCHAIRER "If music be the food of love, play on, play on, play on." ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1. 2; Cheerleading 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4; AFS Club 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Musical cast 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Swing Choir 3, 4; Madrigals 3. 4; All-State 3; IMEA Districts 1, 2, 3. 4; National Honor Society 2, 3, Treas 4; Academic Award 1, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; DAR Recipient; Girls State Delegate; Illinois State Scholar; AMBITION: U of I College of Education. 21SHERRI LYNN STILES "Big shots are little shots that kept on shooting." ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1. All-Conference 2nd Team 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 2; Student Council 1, 2, Treas. 3. Pres. 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; AFS 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2; Chorus 1, 4; Musical 4: Homecoming Attendant 3, 4. AMBITION: College: Nursing. JACK YORK No Biography Submitted. RICHARD WILLIAM SCHIEBER "If hard work is good for you, why am I so tired? AMBITION: To go to college to be an auto mechanic. CAROLYN DENISE SCOTT "Everyone lives under the same sun, but not everyone has the same horizon." ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2, 3 AMBITION: College: Majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design. JILL MARIE SUTTON "Dreamers Believe; Believers Achieve; Achievers Do; Doers Make Dreams Come True." ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading 1, Capt. 2, 3, Capt. 4; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, Treas. 4; Show Choir 3, 4; Madrigals 4; Musical 2, 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; AFS 1, 2, 3; Track 1; Basketball 1, 2; Student Council Rep. 1, Senator at Large 2, 3. Advisory Board 4; Class Sec. 1, Vice-Pres. 3. AMBITION: Public Relations News or Sports Broadcasting. ROBERT SCOTT UPHOFF "Too many people are like wheelbarrows; useful only when pushed and easily upset." ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2; Track 12. 2, 4. AMBITION: College. SARA JANE WALKER "It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness." ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2; Spanish Club 2, 3; FHA 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Chorus 1. AMBITION: Methodist School of Nursing, then a BA degree in Nursing. 22UnderclassmenLooking Into The Juniors Nikki, you look so innocent! Look! Moe, Larry, and Curly! Looking into one another's eyes.Juniors Mike Allen Karen Aucutt David Baxter lan Bergquist Kathy Bigger Melissa Brown Jeff Burtis Kevin Clements Georgia Cluver Necha Delee Julia Delaney Wade Durbin Traci Faulk Michele Garrels Angela Garrett Dawn Graham Kevin Haas Dori Hall Kyle Henry Bobby Howell Carrie Jackson Julie Jensen Becky Jones Kristen Lehr 26Worth Looking Into Drew Lindstrom Rick Lovings Becki Martin Tami Martin Barb Micetic Jonna Mitchell Cathy Mool Troy Mool Tricia Neisler Brian Parkhouse Joe Perry Amy Porter Cassie Ringger Mary Roberts Nicky Roeske Barrett Scheuermann Ryan Schlipf Tracy Servis Myra Shepard John Street Brian Ulrich Gloria Waller Nikki Wickenhauser Steve Wichenhauser Mark Zinn Not Pictured: Jeannie Armstrong William Delee Ray Schmitt Tracy Supan 27Looking Into The Sophomores Why are you looking so sad. Does this look like cheating to Tange? you? Well look here Looks like John and Chris are en-28 A look between friends. joying their |unches. Dawn looks like she's getting a good work-out! Would you look at this Junk we have to eat?Sophomores Kristie Armstrong Tammie Armstrong Sara Attig Randy Baker Kim Borger Nikki Borger Don Boyd Amy Breach Angie Buffett Rodd Ryrd Matt Carley Mike Cline Paul Craig John Denham Tricia Dunlap Atricia Evans Belinda Evans Brian Everett Jody Farrell Tom Geiselman Robin Gray Chris Haines Penny Hammer Mark Hartman Sean Hastings Tom Hempstead Mick Hickey Phil Hynes Trisha Kearfott Danny Kemp 29Sophomores Jennifer Kidd Bill Kilpatrick Michelle Kraft Brad Kupferschmid Don La Puma Justin Lowe Dena Marrone Joe Malcom Donnie McKinley Tammy Miller Susan Montgomery Tina Moore Jeff Orns Jeff Perry Randy Rarick Tami Rieffel Peggy Ringger Dawn Rinkenberger John Roth Carie Rutledge Marty Rutledge Jared Schlipf Brian Schneider Sue Schulte JOWorth Looking Into Mindy Seiver Heather Smith Quint Stimpert Stephanie Swanson Tracy Tennison Mary Thario Jeff Tipler Teresa Vandegraft Angie Wadsworth Becky Walker David Weber Monte Weirman Caroline Welsch Pat Welty Amy Wickenhauser Amy Williams Christy Williamson Jodi Wolf Tange York Kevan Zinn Not Pictured: Lisa Closen Robert Crowe Brent Seth Jennifer Vandegraft Vickie Whitton 31Looking Into The Freshmen The freshmen look like they're having fun!!!!! Looking out for the "PDA Pa- . . ° What are you looking at? 32 Freshmen look forward to a break at noon.Freshmen Kelly Allen Dawn Anderson Terry Aucutt Mike Baker Scott Baxter Ty Bergquist Greg Buffett Andrew Burton Candace Casino John Cleary David Elston Beth Everett Karen Finck Todd Fischer Rose Folks Mark Foster Paul Grube Tim Haas Anna Ham Jacki Hany Mike Harrold David Hinds Kurt Hinthorne Karen Jamison 33Freshmen Jodi Jensen John Jones Lee Jones Richard Jones Tyler Jording Jenni Juricka Randy Kemp Heath Kilpatrick Rod Kupferschmid Chris Ladage Beverly Levier Mandy Lovings Janet Lush Jerry Luttrell Connie Marrone Chris Micetic Jeff Miller David Mool Jeff Neisler Mike Noonan Dale Pannier Dee Punke Brian Raasch Brian Rettig 34Worth Looking Into Shawn Rigsby Everett Roberts Steve Schairer Chad Schearer James Schmitt Justin Sears Denny Seggerman Mark Sizemore Robbie Stiles Rusty Stone Lance Tyson David Wagner Jenni Wagner Jackie Weber Erik Wessel Jason Whisker Dave Wickenhauser TeAnn Wilkey Shane York Not Pictured: Lance Groves Eric Juricka Pat Welty 35AthleticsFreshman Football (Row 1) Scott Baxter, Jeff Miller, David Mool, John Jones, Robbie Stiles. (Row 2) David Wickenhauser, Everett Roberts, John Cleary, Jeff Neisler, Todd Fischer, Mike Noonan, Brian Raasch, Shawn Rigsby, (Row 3) Ty Bergquist, Paul Grube, Steve Schairer, Dale Pannier, Mark Foster. Mike Baker, Heath Kilpatrick, Eric Juricka, Lee Jones. Junior Varsity Football (Row 1) Eric Juricka, John Jones, Ty Bergquist, David Mool, Robbie Stiles, Dale Pannier, Mike Baker, Mark Foster, Steve Schairer, Heath Kilpatrick, Lee Jones, Paul Grube, (Row 2) Donnie McKinley, Don Boyd, Jeff Miller, Everett Roberts, John Cleary, David Wickenhauser, Brian Raasch, Jeff Neisler, Todd Fischer, Mike Noonan, Shane York, Shawn Rigsby, Scott Baxter, (Row 3) Joe Malcom, Bill Kilpatrick, Jeff Tipler, Mike Cline, Randy Rarick, Quint Stimpert, Rod Byrd, Phil Hynes, Mark Hartman. 38Varsity Football Row 1: Troy Mool, Phil Hynes, Rodd Byrd, Jared Schlipf, Jeff Tipler, Mark Hartman, Bill Kilpatrick, Chris Haines. Row 2: Coach Unzicker, Randy Rarick, Mike Kline, D.J. Stone, Jeff Burtis, Ricky Lovings, Kurt Reynolds, Joe Malcom, Mike Hinthorne, Jeff Kearfott, Coach Schroeder. Row 3: Matt Carley, Wade Durbin, Keith Hinthorne, Ian Bergquist, Ryan Schlipf, Mike Carley, John Street, Quint Stimpert, Kyle Henry, Brian Parkhouse. Tri-Captains Seniors Kurt Reynolds, Keith Hinthorne, and Mike Carley. COACH SAYS: We started the year with only six seniors and although we didn't have a lot of quantity of seniors, we did possess some excellent quality. Our seniors would not quit despite fairing a very difficult schedule and a tough start. Their leadership allowed our team to finish strongly winning our last 4 of 5 games. This will give us momentum going into the next year. Our outgoing seniors will be a great example to our younger players in regards to pride and never quitting despite the odds. Row 1: D.J. Stone, Jeff Kearfott. Row 2: Keith Hinthorne, Mike Carley, Mike Hinthorne, Kurt Reynolds. Row 3: Jill Sutton, Cindy Schairer. 39Looking For A Victory Opponent Ep Eureka ft LeRo Lexington 'Chen'oa-.u.. Them MDR Woodland Dee-Mack i k Flanagan 0 Gridley 2Sports Worth Looking Into Golf Marty Rutledge, David Weber, Terry Aucutt, David Hinds, Sean Hastings, Brian Everett, Mr. Wolf (Coach). Powder Puff Football SENIOR PLAYERS: (Row 1) Gina Kelly, Tina Lovings, Jill Sutton, Kristi Feeney, Tanya Dambold, (Row 2) Kristi Farrell, Carolyn Scott, Jodi Hall, Christy Raasch, Sherri Stiles, Toni Krug. SOPHOMORE PLAYERS: (Row 1) Tricia Kearfott, Atricia Evans, Christy Williamson, Jodi Wolf, Tammy Miller, Dawn Rinkenberger, Tami Rieffel, Kristie Armstrong, (Row 2) Heather Smith, Tricia Dunlap, Robin Gray, Amy Wickenhauser, Tracy Tennison, Angie Wadsworth, Jennifer Kidd. JUNIOR PLAYERS: (Row 1) Amy Porter, (Row 2) Traci Faulk, Tricia Neisler, Jeannie Armstrong, Kristen Lehr. (Row 3) Carrie Jackson, Dori Hall, Jonna Mitchell, Becki Jones, Julie Jensen. FRESHMEN PLAYERS: (Row 1) Kelly Allen, Karen Jamison, Karen Finck, Jackie Hany, (Row 2) TeAnn Wilkey. Beth Everett, Mandy Lovings, Jenny Wagner, Jackie Weber, Dee Punke.Junior Varsity Volleyball (Row 1) Jodi Jensen, Heather Smith. Tricia Dunlap, Atricia Evans. (Row 2)Tami Rieffel, Tammy Miller. Beth Everett, Dawn Rinkenberger, Dee Punke. Miss Moore (Coach) 42Saybrook W Lowpoint-Washburn L Minonk L Woodland W Toluca L Flanagan W Octavia W Woodford County Tourn. L Dee-Mack L Gridley L Chenoa W Lexington L Saybrook L Toluca L Minonk L Flanagan W Gridley L Roanoke L X Seniors Gina Kelly, Kris Feeney, Toni Krug. Jodi Hall. Varsity Volleyball (Row 1) Mary Roberts, Amy Porter, Kathy Bigger, (Row 2) Miss Moore (Coach), Kris Feeney. Toni Krug. Julie Jensen, Gina Kelly, Jodi Hall. Dori Hall.Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Mr Unzicker (Coach), Steve Schairer, Sean Hastings, Robbie Stiles, John Jones, Chris Haines, Heath Kilpatrick, John Denham, Tom Hempstead, Quint Stimpert, David Wickenhauser, Mike Cline, Rodd Byrd, Scott Baxter, Mike Noonan, Lee Jones, Brian Everett, Mark Foster, Bill Kilpatrick. Varsity Boys Basketball (Row 1) Bill Kilpatrick (Row 2) Barrett Scheurmann, Kyle Henry, Brian Parkhouse, Quint Stimpert, Mike Carley, Matt Carley, Keith Hinthorne, David Baxter, John Street, Mike Hinthorne, D.J. Stone, Troy Mool, Mr. Orr (Coach). 44Look At These Hot Shots!Hall-Township US THEM 70 77 Wenona 70 58 Henry 58 35 Roanoke-Benson 83 63 Saybrook 57 53 Lowpoint-Washburn 74 52 Chenoa 91 63 Flanagan 55 52 Dee-Mack 77 53 Gridley 82 63 Low Point 67 60 Eureka 73 64 Minonk 69 54 Lexington 75 67 Eureka 73 79 Woodland 58 61 Gridley 72 65 Chenoa 83 64 Flanagan 65 61 Dee-Mack 53 54 Woodland 74 50 Minonk 73 57 Lexington 74 63 Gridley 65 55 Roanoke-Benson 78 80 The Boys' Varsity basketball team completed its third 20+ game season in a row. This year's squad won both the Woodford County - Midstate Conference titles for the 2nd year in a row. Good man-to-man pressure defense and balanced scoring was responsible for our success. Mike Matt Carley was 1st Team All-Conference selection and D.J. Stone was a 2nd Team choice. Brian Parkhouse Keith Hinthorne played important roles in our success rounded out the varsity starting team. Mike Hinthorne was our 6th man contributed valuable playing time off the bench. We hope this years' sophomores and juniors will be able to continue the winning tradition of this years' seniors. Coach Orr Senior Players Mike Hinthorne, Mike Carley, D.J. Stone. (Keith Hinthorne not pictured.)JV Girls Basketball Seniors (Row 1) Jodi Jensen, Mary Roberts, (Row 2) Robin Gray, Atricia Evans, Mandy Lovings, Karen Jamison, (Row 3) Dawn Rinkenberger, Jodi Wolfe, Angie Wadsworth, Tammy Miller, Mrs. Kelly (Coach). Sherri Stiles, Gina Kelly, Kristi Farrell, Toni Krug, Jodi Hall. Varsity Girls Basketball (Row 1) Jodi Jensen, Mary Roberts, (Row 2) Tami Rieffel, Becky Jones. Tammy Miller, Angie Wadsworth. (Row 3) Dawn Graham, Jodi Hall. Sherri Stiles, Gina Kelly, Toni Krug, Gina Kelly, Georgia Cluver, Kristi Farrell, Mrs. Kelly (Coach). 47 US Them Eureka 40 32 Metamora 26 25 Eureka 56 30 Roanoke-Benson 47 35 Ottawa Marquette 38 37 Chenoa 45 22 Saybrook-Arrowsmith 45 23 Tri-Valley 50 33 Gibson City 51 32 Pontiac 30 23 Dee-Mack 53 34 Lexington 38 21 Woodland 51 18 Minonk 50 35 Roanoke-Benson 67 40 Chenoa 49 25 U-High 48 32 Dee-Mack 36 28 Central Catholic 46 26 Lexington 63 27 LeRoy 58 51 Woodland 67 21 Minonk 55 30 Tri-Valley 39 30 Peoria Bergan 43 37 Dunlap 52 44 The 1986-87 season was a very successful one. We won the Midstate Conference with a 10-0 record, placed 3rd in the Woodford County and won the Tri-Valley Round Robin Tourn. We kept the home streak going. Winning 38 in a row dating back to 1983. Our consistent play on defense was the key to our success along with the desire of the girls to win. The five seniors did a fine job and will be sorely missed next year. Coach Kelly 48Junior Varsity Wrestling Davi 1 Mool, David Hinds, David Wagner, Rodney Kupferschmid, (Row 2) Brian Ulrich, Tom Geiselman, Donnie McKinley, bhawn Rigsby, Brian Raasch, Marty Rutledge, Dale Pannier Varsity Wrestling (Row 1) Kevin Zinn, Brad Kupferschmid. Phil Hynes, David Aufmuth. Jeff Tipler, (Row 2) Rob Crowe, Joe Malcom, Ricky Lovines, Randy Rarick, Jeff Kearfott, Drew Lindstrom, Jeff Burtis, Brett Charlett. 49senior Wrestlers Jeff Kearfott, Dave Aufmuth, Brett Charlett. i »• completed the youngest team its 1 - least 10 years. Most of the squad was made up of freshmen and sophomores and the juniors and seniors were boys with limited experience on the mat. The future looks bright with many of the younger boys attending tournaments and camps. Some of our season highlights included a District Championship for Jeff Kearfott at 155 lbs. and a third place finish for Brett Charlett at 145 lbs. Both qualified for Sectionals and did a fine job there, although neither placed. Many of our young boys placed well in our Frosh. Soph. Tournaments so our future looks bright. Thanks to all who helped with our home meets and to everyone who assisted in our fund raiser. Coach SchroederJunior Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: Jodi Wolf, Jackie Weber, Angie Wadsworth. Row 2: Carie Rutledge, Kristie Armstrong, Susie Montgomery.Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: Cindy Shairer, Amy Porter, Nikki Wickenhauser. Row 2: Mary Roberts, Jill Sutton, Tracy Faulk.(Row 1) Sara Attig, Carrie Jackson, Becki Martin, Vicki Whitton, (Row 2) Jonna Mitchell, Cathy Mool, Tracy Tennison, Michelle Carrels, (Row 3) Tricia Kearfott.Boy's Track Row 1: Brent Seth, Troy Mool, Barrett Scheurmann, Mark Foster, David Mool, Phil Hynes, Jeff Tipler — Manager. Row 2: Mike Hinthorne, Heath Kilpatrick, Brian Parkhouse, Joe Malcom, Mark Bigger, Matt Carley, Randy Rarick, Kevin Clements, Kyle Henry, Jeff Neisler, Wade Durbin — Manager. (Not Pictured: Kurt Reynolds, Coach Schroeder.)Girl's Track Row 1: Tracy Faulk, Becky Jones, Tricia Neisler, Atricia Evans, Jodi Wolf. Row 2: Coach Kelly, Dawn Graham — Manager, Kim Borger, Tina Lovings, Tracy Supan, Robin Gray — Manager.Track "The 1987 track season saw three school records broken. Kevin Clements broke his own record of 6'8" in the high jump with a jump of 7'. Brian Parkhouse bettered the existing pole vault record by two inches, with a vault of 12'3V2". A sixty year old record for the mile was broken by Kurt Reynolds who ran it in 4:31. As could be expected, all three of these boys qualified for the state track meet. (At the time of this writing, no results are known.) Season highlights have to be the winning of the last Midstate Conference track meet. Congratulations? A special thanks goes to our seniors, Kurt Reynolds, Mike Hinthorne, and Mark Bigger. Also thanks to Merlin Haas for his efforts with our throwers." Coach Schroeder 56E Club Row 1: Brad Kupferschmid, Mark Bigger, Mike Hinthorne. David Aufmuth, Mike Carley, Jeff Tipler, Phil Hynes, Kevan Zinn, Scheurmann, Kyle Henry, David Weber, Brian Everett, Bill Kilpatrick, Troy Mool, David Mool. Row 2: Rick Lovings, D.J. Stone, Brett Charlett, Matt Carley, Kevin Haas, Ian Berquist. Ryan Schlipf, Randy Rarick, John Street, Jeff Burtis, Wade Durbin, Kevin Clements, Drew Lindstrom, Marty Rutledge, Sean Hastings, Monte Weirman. 3-Court Volleyball Row 1: Greg Heiken, Maria Pfister Row 2: Terry Hinthorne, Wade Durbin, Don Downen. Row 3: Shannon Hair, Angie Wadsworth, David Aufmuth. 57Student Council Mindy Lush — Treas., Cindy Schairer — Sec., Sherri Stiles — Pres., Brian Parkhouse — Vice-Pres. 58 Student Council Officers (Row 1) Mrs. Stiles (Sponsor), Jodi Hall, Amy Williams, Tami Rieffel, Heather Smith, Julie Jensen, Kristi Feeney, Jill Sutton, Kathy Bigger, Jodi Jensen, (Row 2) Jeff Tipler, Kurt Hinthorne, David Mool, Steve Schairer, Robbie Stiles, Gina Kelly. Kyle Henry, (Row 3) Mindy Lush, Christy Raasch, Cindy Schairer, Tanya Dambold, Brian Parkhouse, Sherri Stiles, Ryan Schlipf.Spanish Club (Row 1) Mike Hinthorne, Cindy Schairer, Mark Bigger, Christy Raasch, Cassie Ringger, Melissa Brown, (Row 2) Julie Delaney, Carrie Jackson, Michelle Carrels, Cathy Mool, Jeff Neisler. Troy Mool, (Row 3) Nikki Wickenhauser, Amy Porter, Phil Hynes, Jill Sutton, Carie Rutledge. Amy Williams, (Row 4) John Street. Kristie Armstrong, Tricia Neisler, Julie Jensen. Randy Kemp, Barrett Scheurmann, (Row 5) Brian Raasch, Sean Hastings, Steve Schairer, Robbie Stiles. Kyle Henry, Tina Lovings, (Row 6) Tanya Dambold, Kristi Feeney, Becki Martin, Mrs. Scott (Sponsor) (Row 1) Mary Roberts, Gloria Waller, David Baxter, Brian Parkhouse, Atricia Evans. Lee Jones, (Row 2) Vicki Whitton, Chris Micetic, Jenny Wagner. Peggy Ringger. Angie Wadsworth. Kim Borger, (Row 3) Beth Everett, David Weber, Jodi Wolf, Jeff Burtis, Mike Cline, Kevin Haas. (Row 4) Georgia Cluver. Karen Aucutt, Karen Jamison, Jenny Juricka, Janet Lush, David Mool, (Row 5) Tammy Miller. Dawn Rinkenberger, Tricia Dunlap, Heather Smith, Jodi Jensen, Todd Fischer. Melissa Brown — Treas., Cassie Ringger — Pres., Christy Raasch — Sec.. Mike Hinthorne — Vice-Pres. Spanish Club OfficersFuture Homemakers Of America (Row 1) Kevin Haas, Randy Finck, Greg Heiken, Julie Delaney, Mr. Dozier (Sponsor), (Row 2) John Roth, Paul Grube, John Cleary, Jason Whisker, Chris Ladage, (Row 3) Kevin Clements, David Wickenhauser, Jared Schlipf, Quint Stimpert, Ryan Schlipf, Matt Carley. F.F.A. Officers (Row 1) Matt Carley — Vice-Pres., Jared Schlipf — Rep , Kevin Clement — Rep . Mr Dozier (Sponsor), (Row 2) Kevin Haas — Sec., Quint Stimpert — Treas., Ryan Schlipf — Pres. Future Farmers Of America (Row 1) Tina Moore. Tange York. Connie Marrone. Karen Jamison. Jeannie Armstrong. (Row 2) Julie Jensen. Necha Delee. Janet Lush, Kristen Lehr. Mrs Wadsworth (Sponsor). (Row 3) Sara Attig, Tammy Hinthorne. Michelle Kraft. Sue Schulte. TeAnn Wilkey, John Roth, Rose Folks, Jennfier Vandegraft, Lauri Newkirk. Beverly Levier. Tammy 60 Armstrong. Jennifer Kidd F.H.A. Officers M rs. Wadsworth (Sponsor), Jeannie Armstrong — Pres., Julie Jensen — Sec. Treas.National Honor Society (Row 1) Amy Williams, Nikki Wickenhauser, Jeff Burtis, Kyle Henry, Troy Mool. Tammy Miller, Peggy Ringger, (Row 2) Tanya Damtx ld, Jill Sutton, Tricia Neisler, Cindy Schairer. (Row 3) David Baxter, Cassie Ringger, Brian Parkhouse. Maria Pfister, Julie Jensen. Mu Alpha Theta (Row 1) Melissa Brown, Georgia Cluver. Karen Aucutt, Tricia Neisler, Nikki Wickenhauser, Cindy Schairer, Kristi Feeney, Maria Pfister. (Row 2) Tami Martin, Becki Martin, Julie Jensen. Cassie Ringger, Jeff Burtis, David Baxter Mr Rabbe (Sponsor), Troy Mool. Mike Hinthorne, Kyle Henry, Amy Porter, Kathy Bigger, Gisele Bailey. Mu Alpha Theta Officers Christy Raasch — Vice-Pres., Mr. Rabbe (Sponsor), Kristy Feeney — Pres., Tanya Dambold — Sec. Treas. 61Annual Staff Dave Baxter — Jr. Editor, Cindy Sehairer, Maria Pfister — Editor, Karen Aucutt — Jr. Editor. (Not Pictured: Mr. Kramme — Advisor, Christy Raasch — Editor) Newspaper Staff Row 1: Carolyn Scott, Sara Walker. Mrs. Besse- Sponsor. Row 2: Jeannie Armstrong, Kristen Lehr, Gina Luedtke, Gisele Bailey. Row 3: John Roth, Don McKinley, John Denham. 62Scholastic Bowl (Row 1) Karen Aucutt, John Jones, Steve Schairer, Sean Hastings, Mrs. Cope (Sponsor), Susie Montgomery, Brian Everett, Melissa Brown. Kevin Haas. Office Helpers (Row 1) Jill Sutton. Mr Wagner, Tina Lovings. (Row 2) Cindy Schairer, Kathy Bigger, Julie Jensen, Toni Krug. Mary Roberts, Michelle Kraft. 63(Row 1) Peggy Ringger, Sara Attig. Jenny Wagner, Caroline Welsch, Stephanie Swanson, Cassie Ringger, (Row 2) Scott Baxter. Kyle Henry, D.J. Stone, Monte Weirman, Paul Grube, Andrew Burton. Mr. Beagley (Director). Senior Class Officers Mrs. Scott (Sponsor). Maria Pfister — Pres., Christy Raasch — Vice-Pres., Jodi Hall — Sec., Kris Feeney — Treas., Mrs. Musick (Sponsor). Sophomore Class Officers Penny Hammer — Treas., Mrs. Evans (Sponsor), Monte Weirman — Vice-Pres., Matt Carley — Pres., Mrs. Wadsworth (Sponsor), Peggy Ringger — Sec. Junior Class Officers (Row 1) Mary Roberts — Sec., Cassie Ringger — Vice-Pres., Julie Jensen — Treas., (Row 2) Mrs. Hageman (Sponsor), Tricia Neisler — Pres., Mr. Hageman (Sponsor). Freshman Class Officers Mr. Orr (Sponsor), Steve Schairer — Pres., John Cleary — Sec., Dee Punke — Vice-Pres., Shaun Rigsby — Treas., Not Pictured — Mrs. Christensen (Sponsor).Show Choir (Row 1) Mindy Lush. Tricia Neisler, Susie Montgomery, Jodi Hall, (Row 2) David Weber, Monte Weirman, Bill Kilpatrick, (Row 3) Atricia Evans. Jeff Burtis, Jodi Wolf, Tammy Miller, Kyle Henry, Jill Sutton, Cindy Schairer, Brian Everett, Becky Jones, (Row 4) Mike Carley, Gina Kelly, David Baxter, Kristi Feeney, Brian Farkhouse, John Street. Madrigals (Row i) Cindy Schairer, Mindy Lush. Cassie Ringger, Tricia Neisler, (Row 2) Kyle Henry, David Baxter, Brian Parkhouse, Mark Zinn.Chorus (Row 1) Def Punke. Karen Finck. Susie Montgomery. Atricia Evans. Carie Rutledge. Kristie Armstrong. Sara Attig, Rusty Stone. Scott Baxter. Brian Schneider. Shane York. Brad Kupferschmid. Bill Kilpatrick. Jodi Jensen, Kelly Allen. Tricia Neisler. (Row 2) Beth Everett. Peggy Ringger. Cathy Moot. Michelle Carrels. Carrie Jackson. David Mool. Rod Kupferschmid. Bobby Howell. Brian Everett. Richard Jones. Becky Jones. Traci Faulk. Tracy Tennison, Mr . Mustek (Sponsor), (Row 3) Mandy Lovings. Connie Marrone. Cindy Schairer. Mindy Lush. Dawn Graham. Jodi Wolf, Tammy Miller. Christy Williamson. Mike Carley. Mike Cline, John Jones. Jeff Perry. Robbie Stiles. Steve Schairer. Paul Grube. Kim Borger. Penny Hammer. Teresa Vandegraft. (Row 4) Stephanie Swanson. Caroline Welsch, Amy Wickenhauser. Jackie Weber. Candace Casino. TeAnn Wilkey. Kristi Feeney. Jill Sutton, Lauri Newkirk. John Street. Jeff Burtis. Mark Zinn, Kyle Henry. David Baxter. Brian Parkhouse. David Weber. Gina Kelly. Sherri Stiles. Jodi Hall. Cassie Ringger. Jenny Wagner Chorus Officers And Row Leaders Jill Sutton — Treas., Mindy Lush — Sec., Cindy Schairer — Pres., Soprano Row Leader. Kristi Feeney — Vice-Pres., Jodi Hall — Sec., Mrs. Musick (Sponsor), Brian Parkhouse — Tenor Row Leader, Kyle Henry — Bass 66 Row Leader, Tricia Neisler — Alto Row Leader.ActivitiesAll-School Musical (Row 1) Jackie Weber, David Mool. Dee Punke, Jodi Jensen, Carie Rutledge, Jodi Wolf, Tammy Miller, Susie Montgomery, Atricia Evans, Kristie Armstrong, David Baxter, Stephanie Swanson, Penny Hammer, Rusty Stone, (Row 2) Robbie Stiles, Paul Grube, Steve Schairer, Jenny Wagner, Cindy Schairer, Brian Parkhouse, Mike Carley, Tricia Neisler, Peggy Ringger, Kyle Henry, Kevin Haas, Sara Attig, Kristi Feeney, David Weber, Sherri Stiles, Brian Everett, Bobby Howell, (Row 3) Scott Baxter, Bill Kilpatrick, Mike Cline. Jeff Burtis, John Street. Directors Crew Mrs. Musick, Mrs. Stiles, Jodi Hall, Gina Kelly 68Looking Into Oklahoma!Homecoming 1986 11C' • 1 P bilver bcreen Looking Good! Looks like hard work. The Greek look. One last look. The wild look.Look At These Stars LEADER OF THE PACKLook How Our Work Payed Off!A Look At Royalty QUEEN AND KING: Gina Kelly and Brett Charlett. SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS: Tami Rieffel and Mark Hartman. FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS: Dee Punke and Brian Raasch. 73Prom 1987 “Dreams Can Come True"A Look At The Prom CourtLook At These Wild Seniors , - »-- LEAJT 4f WU. TO R®f TMUMKfi VVER.The Senior Class Trip to Six Flags on May 27, 1987, began at a very early 6:30. Some of us remember the length of the bus ride, but others were more occupied with intense thought. Fortunately, our day was filled with sunshine and loads of fun. For relief from the heat, the water rides were very popular. The ride home was much more crowded. It seems we had picked up a few Spuds Mackenzies and Richie had found a friend. We got back to El Paso at about 11:00, worn out and sunburned, but happy.A Look At the "Real" Us Least likely to settle down and raise a family — Ron K. Most likely to become manager of the deli at IGA — Mindy L. Least likely to become a barber — Jeff K. Most likely to buy stock in a bumper sticker company — Dave A Mom likely lo gel on the Joan Rivers show — Gisele B Most likely to own a Bachrach's store Mark B Most likely to become a pimp - Mike C Most likely to be on the cover of GQ — Brett C Most likely to finish her term paper by the end of college Tanya D Most likely to inherit Jerry Lewis Telethon - Donnie D Most likely to be arrested for disturbing the peace — Kristi Fa Most likely to throw up from too much excitement — Kristy F Least likely to move away from home Randy F Most likely to become a garbage collector - Snannon H Most likely to play on a guys basketball team — Jodi H Most likely to become an onion farmer Greg H Most likely to raise beef cattle — Keith H Most likely to work for Mike C Mike H Most likely to become a homemaker — Tammy H Most likely to fall out of a car Terry H Most likely to become head dishwasher at the Elms — Rich J Most likely to get laryngitis again — Kathy J Least likely to stay home alone again — Mike K Least likely to hurt anyone's feelings — Gina K Least likely to hem her pants — Toni K Most likely to write poetry — Gina L Most likely to become a truant officer - Tina L Most likely to open an El Paso branch of Mother Murphy s Brian M Most likely lo become a hairdresser — Laun N Least likely to ever leave a party early Maria P Least likely to ever have a chest — Christy R Least likely to get married in high school — Darla Reynolds-Myers Most likely to win an Olympic marathon - Kurt Reynolds Most likely to become head of the El Paso Humane Society — Cwen R Least likely seen in a jungle — John R Most likely to go Geek at U of I - Cindv S Least likely to ever change his name — Ricnard S Least likely to ever complain — Carolyn S Most likely to ael skin cancer Sherri S Most likely to become Miss America — Jill S Least likely to put a razor company out of business — Rob U Least likely to ever have a question — Sara W Most likely to forgive — Jack V Most likely to become a Harlem Globetrotter — D.J S. Joe Milk Truckers — Rob U. and Kristy F. Joe Flirts — Mike H. and Cindy S. Joe Blow-off — Tanya D. oe Nark Greg H and Kathy J oe Friendly Mike H and Cindy S oe Jock Kurt R and Gina K oe Singei Mike C and Cindy S oe Drive — Jack Y and Kristy F Christy R oe Partier Dave A and Maria P oe Burn out — Brian M and Laura N oe Rebel — Jack Y and Maria P oe Eyes — Brett C and Sherri S. oe Hair — Shannon H and Tina L oe Personality — Shannon H and Jill S. Cindy S Gina K oe Blow-Off - Randy F oe Legs Mark B and Jill S. oe Dimples Mark B and Jodi H oe Student — Mike H and Gisele B oe Workaholic — Rich J and Tina L oe Slob — John R and Carolyn S lest Dressed Joe Mike H and Sherri S oe Dancer D J. S and Jill S oe Beautiful Brett C and Jill S. oe Big Mouth Jeff K Kathy F oe Quiet Richard S and Kristi F oe Feet — Donnie D and Christy R oe Rowdy DJ S and Tanya DLook At These Special People The captains of the 86-87 basketball team accept the trophy for their Midstate Conference Championship. Jill Sutton is presented a trophy to represent her being named Illinois Junior Miss. English Award — Cindy Schairer Math Award — Gisele Bailey Science Award — Gisele Bailey Spanish Award — Tami Martin Social Studies Award — Gisele Bailey Home Economics Award — Gina Leudtke Art Award — Mark Zinn Donnie McKinley Girls' P.E. Award — Jodi Hall Boys' Track Award — Kurt Reynolds Todd Skolek Award — Kurt Reynolds Music Award — Cindy Schairer Arion Award — Cindy Schairer Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Award — Mike Hinthorne PTA Scholarship Award — Cindy Schairer Boys' P.E. Award — Kurt Reynolds 79One Last Look STUDENT OF THE YEAR: Mike Hinthorne. TOP TEN: Gisele Bailey. Cindy Schairer, Christy Raasch. Maria Pfister, Mike Keene, Tanya Dambold, Sara Walker, Jill Sutton, Sherri Stiles, Kristy Feeney. VALEDICTORIAN: Gisele Bailey. SALUTATORIAN: Cindy Schairer.ORVILLE HAAS AWARDS: Cindy Schairer and Runner-up: Sara Walker. LEGION AWARDS: Cindy Schairer and Mike Hinthorne. Not pictured — Runners-up: Gina Kelly and Mark Bigger. SAYING GOOD-BYE: Maria Pfister.Look What We Left You I, David Aufmuth, leave EPHS knowing I have some good memories with C.VV. and that no other class had anything as fun as our Milk Truck! I. Gisele Bailey, leave EPHS in search of the great Spam farms indigenous only to the south. To K.B. I leave El Paso — free spring breaks, to M.C. I leave my ability to bump into the only person you tell not to roam the halls everytime you're roaming the halls, to P.C. I will my gymnastics talents, and to Mrs. B., I leave my high metabolism. I, Mike Carley, leave EPHS knowing that Ian B. will get lip cancer from Red Man, that Jeff K will own the Elms by the year 1990, and that Joe is the only melon I know. I, Brett Charlett, leave EPHS encouraging all young freshmen to take note of my keen study habits. Thank you T.R. for all the happy (and sad) moments we've had. I, Tanya Dambold, leave EPHS knowing I will always be one of Carol's biggest procrastinators. I also leave knowing that Mr Rabbe will never teach another class as "WILD" as ours. I, Don Downen, leave EPHS knowing that I had all the fun possible. I leave D.L. my parking place and V.W. my ability to have and enjoy the last years of school. I, Kristi L. Farrell, leave EPHS knowing that no one can take on the responsibility of being "Joe" Bombardment player in 5th hour P.E. class. I, Kristi Feeney, leave EPHS knowing I studied my accounting all night, right Tanya? I leave knowing that Tricia D. and Peggy R. will keep the Miami Vice code top secret. I, Shannon Hair, leave EPHS knowing that no one will ever be able to charm Mrs. Stiles like I did. I, Jodi Hall, leave EPHS knowing that 3rd hour wsa for the GOONIES, right Mindy and Sherri? And to Tami Rieffel I leave a great big Jim, Jim, Jim!!! I. Greg Heiken, leave EPHS knowing that I will not need any more passes for studyhall! Right Carol? And I leave Drew Lindstrom the right to my crooked parking place. Boozer, watch out for those Pepsi cans! 1, Keith Hinthorne, leave EPHS knowing that I like to remember the time at Wild Thing's house when Ian was passed out and I took two bottles of his. I hope Ian keeps living it up. I, Mike Hinthorne. leave EPHS knowing that I survived Colburns Hill with Coach Schroeder and that Mr. Rabbe really doesn't like the Beastie Boys. I, Tammy Hinthorne, leave EPHS knowing that the other Hinthorne's will take over now that the Senior Hinthorne's are gone. I also leave my very special friends and all the wonderful times we had. S.A., S.M., J.J., T.M.. M.W., M.H., M.K. I, Terry Hinthorne, leave EPHS knowing that 1st hour P.E. will never be the same, right D.A., D.D.. J.Y., R.F., M.K., S.H., M B., J.M., G.H., J.S., W.D., and also knowing that I will never be able to block M.A. from getting into his car. Also, I leave many friends behind and Beth is my 1. I, Jeff Kearfott, leave EPHS knowing that Ian will take over the parties that we made Sc attended this school year. I.Gina Kelly, leave EPHS knowing that Tami R will never again have the privilege of riding to school in my BOMB and that 1 will never see Mrs. Stiles face when she hears, "I have a question ". I, Toni Krug, leave EPHS knowing that G.K. will no longer have to worry about certain things on the basketball court and to D.R. I leave the right to bug Fats. I, Mike Keene leave EPHS on my way to the Navy with my closet half full thanks to BHM and MP. I, Tina Lovings leave EPHS knowing that people do know me by my real name and not just by STUBBY! To M.L. Sc R.L. who's H.S. absents added together for four years won't come near one of my 6 weeks. I, Gina Leudtke, leave EPHS knowing that some of the best friendships can happen with the most unlikely people. I, Mindy Lush, leave this school knowing that Jodi, Sherri, and I skipped out 3rd hour for Gooney adventures and to the senior class, even though we were hated as a class, we were one of the closest ones. And to this class I leave my love! I. Brian McCormick, leave EPHS knowing my Pinto is still running strong, my Carmaro is still not done, and that my mark (BHM) is left on the school. I, Laura Lynn Newkirk, leave EPHS knowing that no one will ever have so much fun getting into trouble after B-Ball games — right Constance? I also leave wondering if it was a real person or a dummy in the window at Gridley — what do you think D.H.? I also leave knowing that no one will ever know who Myles Kline is. I. Maria Pfister, leave EPHS not caring what everyone thought of me. I leave with my hairy legs, knowing that they were worth all the attention I got. To Mr. Rabbe and R.S., it's time to find someone new to pick on. I know that C.R. and K.F. will do anything to get what they deserve. To K.F., you still owe me an ashtray for my car, and M.K., one day you'll get what you deserve from me. I, Christy Raasch, leave EPHS knowing that my mom and dad will never leave town again. I leave looking over my shoulder so that D.A. won't always see when I'm doing something wrong. I leave S.H. lavendar cotton balls and a roll of TP. I leave knowing that Five Alive, bananas, snow, pajamas, and TP made for a great evening, right S.S.? I leave Mrs. S. a term paper, if I can find someone to write it. I leave anyone who can sit at an angle my car. And finally, I leave knowing that no one will ever fill my shoes! I, Gwen Roberts, leave EPHS knowing that I couldn't ask for a better best friend than D.R. and that I won't have to put up with Mrs. H. nagging I, John Roberts, leave behind a very special person. I also leave knowing that the EMT's will never die! I, Cindy Schairer, leave my unique sense of humor to Steve. I leave Muppet and Sean their own lockers, and Nikki a Greenhouse and a box of Kleenex. I leave with a bottle of aspirin for M.H. and mouse traps for D.A. and M.P. I, Carolyn Scott, leave EPHS knowing I never would have made it through Chem I Sc 11 without G.B., and that T.K. and I got plenty of exercise racing to Target's shoe section, right G.B., T.L., and R.L.? I, Sherri Stiles, leave EPHS knowing that signing out of school never really surprised anybody. I also leave Robbie hoping he can keep up with my truly dedicated study habits. And last, but not least — My Mommy — I love ya — LOTS!!! I, D.J. Stone, leave EPHS knowing that Rodd Byrd is the funniest man on earth and that Gina Kelly is really the Pope. I, Jill Sutton, leave Kyle with an unfinished tennis match, unsure of the way he plays the game — my winning bets ability, esp. World Series Games — a Star Search audition, a black wardrobe, a plane ticket, and knowing he still owes me a bet. To Tracey — a brutal B.C. ring-toss game. I. Sara Walker, leave my ability to talk all the time in the library to my sister, Becky, so she can pester Mrs. Besse. We. Gisele Bailey and Carolyn Scott, leave EPHS knowing that no one else has ever had to redo their chemistry experiments as many times as we did and that when we mixed chemicals, Mr R. always had a hand on the fire extinguisher. We, the class of 1987, leave EPHS knowing that the school is now safe!!! 831C TENS 

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