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A'DMWJSZKAZJOM Mr. Porter was originally from Cayuga, Indiana, attending Indiana State University and teaching in Covington, Indiana. He moved to Illinois, teaching at Georgetown, IL and then became a superintendent at East Lynn and later at Bellflower. He and his wife, Marilyn, have four children. In his spare time, Mr. Porter enjoys playing with cars or electronics and flying. Porter foresees a bright future for El Paso schools. He says the students now in high school and the incoming classes are high quality. They have the drive to make this an excellent school! 2 Mrs. Fever, secretaryMr Odle attended East Alton-Wood River High School, Southern Illinois University, and Northeast Missouri State University. He taught in Alton Public Schools and was a principal in La Plata, Missouri. He and his wife, Carol, have three daughters Mr. Odle has been a principal in El Paso for three years. Mrs. Hocker, secretary 3A WOK AZ ZMS JACliCZy 4Mr. Hageman, Mr. Dozier, Ag. Mrs. Etcheson, English Counselor Mrs. Hageman, Art 5UOAKD 07 emeAZJOtf Back Row: Larry Stoller, Earl Ringger — Secretary. Larry Rieffel — President, Dale Brown Front Row: Dallas Schuler, Ronald Mool, Dale Schlipf. 10 I could have sworn I filled one of these out before!David Aufmuth Gisele Bailey Cindy Baker Janice Beaulieu Dennis Berlin Mark Bigger Brett Burns Michael Carley Brett Charlett Tanya Dambold Steven DeKeyser Donald Downen Cindy Durbin Kristi Farrell Kristi Feeney Randy Finck Shannon Hair Jodi Hall Gregory Heiken Keith Hinthorne Michael Hinthorne Tammy Hinthorne Terry Hinthorne Richard Jones Kathleen Joyce Jeffrey Kearfoot Mike Keene Gina Kelly Ronald Kilpatrick David King Toni Krug Hmmm let me see now." Typical freshmen 12Tina Lovings Mindy Lush Brian McCormick Mindy Munn Jane Myers Lauri Newkirk Gina Perotti Maria Pfister Debra Rarick Darla Reynolds Kurt Reynolds Gwen Roberts John Roberts Cynthia Schairer Richard Schieber Carolyn Scott Sherri Stiles Jill Sutton Lori Thrasher Robert Uphoff David Vandergraft Sara Walker Todd Williamson Jack YorkDancing the night away. Mike can't see; so what's so funny? What do you want? Another boring assembly! Hey. I'm Cool' Cheery friends Greg attempted to spit seeds. H.S. Homework sure is tough! What's going on down there? 14Cindy Armstrong Rhonda Arnold Jim Attig Kimberly Attig Kimberly Aufmuth Sandra Baker Kami Bergquist Katie Blackmore David Buck Carol Burtis Tony Byrd Susan Cleary Todd Clements Angela Dambold Donna Downen Brian Edgecomb Janice Evans Michelle Graham Sophomore Homecoming Attendants Karen and Ken are ambitiously typing.Brenda Grubb Timothy Gubitz Michele Haas Brian Haines Vicki Haines Toni Hall Rhonda Hanson Tony Hickey Brenda Hinshaw Bryan Hoggins Kenneth Hudson Rick Kelley Troy Mann Larry Messer Lisa Miller Lori Minor Tina Mitchell Thomas Moore Ken Noonan Janice Orns Kathy Parkhouse Robert Patton Janice Perry Daniel PinkhamClint Ramsey Glenda Ridgeway Matt Schertz Jennifer Scheuermann Lori Schulte Daniel Sizemore Belinda Smith Steve Sparrow David Stine Scott Sturm Stephen Sturm Timothy Supan Troy Tegard Karen Tipler Robert Turner Roger Waller Colleen West Karen Wickenhauser MOB Cleaning? Ken looks like he's having fun. Todd Williams Kristin Wolf Rick Wolf Sophomores onlooked the Homecoming activities 18 Somebody must love the class of fk Nick Aeschliman Donald Ales Edmund Alexander Jackie Andrews Kevin Bailey Shawn Bergquist Mike Bigger Tina Brubaker Roger Callender Theresa Carey Diane Casner Jeffrey Clements Jane Colburn Brian Copple Kraig Crump Christopher Dodson Laura Dukes Greg Feeney Traci Fuller Lenette Hadden Lisa Hamilton Tina Harrold Amy Heller Cory Hinthorne NO PHOTO AVAILABLE 20Melody Hudson Sheila Jones Kim Joyce Nelson Kaupp Richard Kidd Ann Lindsey Barbara Lush Tony Lush Debbie Malcome June Marshall Steven Mason Greg Mool Scott Mool Scott Morgan Tina Murrell Dennis Myers Daniel Newkirk Tina Oliver Laura Owcarz David Pfister David Rhodes James Rieffel Jeffrey Rieffel Gary RobbinsDebra Roth Crystal Scrivner Mark Seiver Mark Sennott Ed Shaw Rodney Smoots Chris Stiles Thomas Trunnell Susan Uphoff Becky Vandegraft Ann Vogel Russel Waller Gregory Ward Jamie Weber Renee Weber Patricia Welty Deborah West Michael West Kevin Witkowski turn Three jive mice. Wheel of fortune. Cramming for Exams? Spitting for fun. 22SENIORS Sponsors: Mrs. Stiles. Mr. Wolf: From top to bottom: S. Schroeder, President: K. Ellir-, Vice President. K. Waller, Treasurer; M. Baker, SecretaryAMY RAE AESCHLIMAN "The more I see of the representatives of the people, the more I admire my dogs." EPRA 1; Spanish Club 1, 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Scholastic Bowl 1, 2. 3, 4 Ambition: ISU — Pathologist PAMELA DENISE BROWN As for man, his days are as grass, as flowers of a field; so he flourisheth. Psalm Track 1, 2; Basketball 1. 2, 3; Volleyball 1; Scholastic Bowl 1. 2; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Computer Club 3, 4; Named Who's Who among American H.S. Students 4, Newspaper Staff 1, 2; EPRA 1, 2; 50 Mile Swim Club 1. Ambition: Radiologist — ICC. CHARLOTTE ANN ANDERSON "How we live today determines who we will be tomorrow." Class treasurer 1; AFS Pres. 4; Track 1, 2, 4; EPRA 1. 2, 3; AFS 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 2; MIP track 1; Play 3. 4. Ambition: Avionic Mech.; U.S. Army. BELINDA ROBIN BURNS "Little boats must keep the shore; large ships may venture more." FFA Sec. 3, Reporter 4; Track 1; Art Club 3; FFA 2. 3, 4; Newspaper Staff 3; IL State Scholar; Top 10; Named Who's Who Among American H.S. students. National Honor Society; Chapter Farmer 4; De Kalb award 4 Ambition: Armed Forces THOMAS LEROY ARMSTRONG "You only live once, so live it up party Hardy" Wrestling 1. Ambition: Work for state highway marry Denise — start a family. MICHELLE BAKER "A secret becomes a treasure when it is shared with a friend." Class Sec. 1, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 — Pres.; Prom Attendant; Cheerleading 1, 2; EPRA 1, 2, 3; Newspaper Staff 3, 4; AFS 4; FHA 4; Spanish Club 4; Student Council 4; Annual Staff; Named Who's Who among American H.S. Students; Winner of Voice of Democracy contest 4; Play 3, 4. Ambition: English Education - ISUJAMES GLENN CARR "The main business in life is to enjoy it." Class Pres. 1; Class Tres. 2; Football 1. 2, 3, 4, Track 1. 2; FFA 2; Valentine Cupid Ambition: Undecided ANDREW CHARLES DENHAM Knowledge is but the academic test of ignorance; a question of degree. And he who knows the most, knows best of all how much he cannot know Football Mgr 1. Basketball 1 2, 3. 4 — Best Freethrow percentage. Track 1, 2. 3 — M1P 4; Ind. Arts Club 1, 4; E-Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Ambition. Sports Broadcasting. Air Force R DOUGLAS FLETCHER We are all manufacturers in a way — making good, making trouble, or making excuses." Football 1. 2. 3, 4 Wrestling 1. 2. 3. 4; E-Club 3. 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4. Ambition: College — Mechanics KRISTY JOANN ELLIS "A day is not wasted if a memory is made Class V P 2. 3. 4; Student Council Tres 4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Prom Attendant Basketball 1. 2, 4; Track 2. Student Council 2. 3, 4; Spanish Club 2. 3, 4; Newspaper Staff 3, 4; FHA 3. 4. Mu Alpha Theta 4 AFS 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society; Annual Staff. Play 3, 4; Jr Marshall; Named Who's W'ho among American H.S. Students. Ambition: U of I — Journalism HOLLY JO ESKRIDGE "If you want your dreams to come true, you have to be like a rainbow; while you are around, make people happy." Pom-Pon Squad 3; Flag Corp 3. 4 AFS 4; FHA 3. 4; Chorus 4. Play 4 Student of the Month, Nov. 4. Ambition: Cosmotolagist and continue writing.CLEARANCE EDWARD FRIEND "It's better to have wrestled and have gone to state to have played basketball at all Football 1. 2. 3. Wrestling 1. 2. 3. 4. Track 1. 2. E. Club 1, 2. 3. 4. Ambition: work DANIEL HARSHBARGER "A small town is where anybody can tear the telephone book in half." Industrial Arts 1; Chess Club 1 Ambition: Mechanic Electrician JACQUELINE RENEE GARRETT "Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness." I Chronicles 16:29 Pom-Pon co-captain 3; Spanish Club 2. FHA 1; Scholastic Bowl 1, 2; Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Jazz band 1; Honors band for President Rega 2. Named Who's Who among American H.S. Students 3. Ambition Secretary and Marriage MARCIA LENETTE HALL "The worst thing about doing something right is not even knowing you've done it." Pom-Pon Squad 3, 4, Flag Corp 2; Newspaper Staff 2. 3: AFS 2. 3; EPRA 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4 Ambition: Work and Marriage CURTIS ARTHUR HANY "God created the world in seven days; partied for six and pulled an all nighter!" Football 1, 4; Track 4, Industrial Arts 1; Chess Club 1; E Club 4 Ambition: Mechanic THERESA M HARSHBARGER "Got along without school before I started. Gonna get along without it now!" DECA Class History 4; Pom-Pon squad 3, 4; EPRA 1, 2. 3; AFS 1. 2; FHA 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 1. 2. 3; Library Aid 1, 2, 3 Ambition: Photographer — WorkPATRICIA JOAN HYNES "Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. Being true to anyone else or anything else is not only impossible, but the mark of a false messiah." Homecoming Attendant 2; Prom Attendant; Basketball 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3. 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3. 4 — co-captain; N.H.S. 2, 3; Pres. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4 — Sec; Computer Club 3. 4 — Sec.; Spanish Club 1. Sec. 2. Pres. 3. 4; Jr. Play; Annual Staff. AFS 4; Student Council 1. 2. 3 — Sec.; Named Who’s Who among American H.S. Students; Girls State Delegate 3; DAR Award; Spanish Award 2; Perfect Attendance 2. Ambition U of I. DELORES ANN KRUG "The highest kind of giving is done from the bottom of the heart" Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4 FHA 1. 2; AFS 2. Spanish Club 2, 3; Office Help 3. 4; Jr Play. Volleyball Mgr. 1. 2. Ambition Marry Larry and work. DELORES KAY KURTENBACH "Others see things as they are and ask "Why? But I dream things that never were and ask. "Why Not?" Volleyball 1. 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4. Student Council 1, 2. 3. 4 — Sec NHS 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4 — Pres.; Math Contest 1; AFS 4; Computer Club 3, 4; Chorus 1. 2; EPRA 1. 2. 3 — Sec.; Jr. Play; Annual Staff; Named Who's Who among American H.S. Students; IL State Scholar; Newspaper Staff 2. 3, 4 — Co-Editor. Ambition: ISU — Applied Computer Science JEFFREY PAUL MALCOM "Learn to eat all of your problems for breakfast" Prom Attendant; Football 1, 4; Wrestling 1, 2. 3, 4 — Captain; Track 1, 2; Chorus 4 Ambition: College THOMAS CAREY MARSHALL "The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher." Ind. Arts Club Sec.-Tres. 2. V P 3; Band 1. 2, 3, 4 — Pres; Jazz Band 2; AFS 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Play 3. 4 Ambition: CollegeTINA MARIE MARTIN Where there is Peace. God is.” NHS 4 AFS 1 FHA 4. Student Council 1. 2. 3; Spanish Club 2. 3. 4. Newspaper Staff 4 Mu Alpha Theta 3; Chorus 1. 2, 3; Student of the Month 4. Ambition: Secretary-Receptionist ANGELA SUE MILLER Hope for the best; be prepared for the worst; and take what comes with a smile.” Track Mgr. 2. 3; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4 — Captain 1. 4; FFA 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Newspaper Staff 3, 4 — Pts. Chairman. Play 3, 4; AFS 4 Office Help 3, 4; EPRA 1, 2, 3. Annual Staff; Spanish Club 4. Swing Choir 2, 3. 4. Chorus 1, 2. Sec. 3. Treas 4 Ambition Black Hawk East Campus, Horse Science Technology DALE LAWRENCE MILLER Remember: Pleasure is a sin, but sometimes sin is a Pleasure.” Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1. 2, 3. 4; Ind Arts Club 1, 2. 3. Ambition: Work and Travel GREGORY ALAN MORRIS ”A smart person never avoids the chance to listen, for he may learn something new." FFA Sentinel 4 — 1, 2. 3; AFS 4. Ind Arts Club 1. 2. 3. Play 3. 4; Perfect Attendance 1; FFA Chapter Farmer; FFA Dairy 1, 2; FFA STAR GREENHAND!! Ambition: Diesel Mechanic TRACY JO MOOL "Smile! It makes people wonder what you've been up to.” Art Club Pres. 4. Basketball 1; Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4; FHA 1, 2; AFS 2; Spanish Club 2. 3; Art Club 3, 4; Valentine Sweetheart, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 — MVP Ambition: College — Photography JANET MURRELL Autobiography not availableJOHN MURRELL If you have a faithful friend who is true to you, change not the old one for the new.'' Football 1, 3 — court volleyball 4 Ambition — work a Pfisters JEANETTE MURRELL Money can't buy happiness, but it makes misery more enjoyable.' Basketball 2, 3 Ambition Work DAVID MUTURI Never argue with a fool; people might not notice the difference.' Wrestling 4. Track 4; AFS Exchange Student Ambition: Be successful ROBERT PAGE KEVIN WILLIAM PARKHOUSE "I have the simplest of tastes; I am always satisfied with the best ' Homecoming Attendant 2; Prom Attendant; Football 1, 2. 3. 4 — tri-captain; Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4 — captain; Track 1, 2, 3. 4. E-Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Spanish Club 3. 4; Student Council 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4; NHS; Jr. Play; Computer Club 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4; Swing Choir 2, 3, 4; Madrigals 3, 4; Boy s State 3; Top ten; Second team All-conference — Basketball. Ambition: U to IROLAND O. SCHIEBER If singing is supposed to be good for you, how come I have a sore throat all the time?'' Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4. Ambition: Work ANDREW THOMAS PATTON "Oh how skillful grows the hand that obeyeth lower command Class Pres 2. Band 1, 2 — Rep., Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4: Football Mgr. 1, 2. 3, 4, Wrestling Mgr 3; FFA 1. 2. E-Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Spanish Club 3, 4; Computer Club 4; AFS 4, NHS 4. Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3; Jelly Bean Award in Band Ambition I.S.U. — Doctor GEORGE SCHMITT. JR "He who walks in another's tracks leaves no footprints.” Wrestling 2. 4: Industrial Arts Club 1, 2. 3; Mu Alpha Theta 4. Computer Club 4 Ambition: ISU — Computer Engineering LORI LIN RIKER "The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your whole life running up and down the field and never scoring." Class Sec 2; Student Council Senator-at-Large 2; Tres. 3; V P 4. EPRA 1 - 2, 3. Chorus 1, 2. 3 — V.P. 4; Swing Choir 2. 3. 4. Madrigals 3. 4. NHS 2. 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4, Math Club 1; Computer Club 3, 4. Jr. Play. Annual Staff — Editor. Newspaper Staff. Girls Basketball 1; Track 1, 2. 3 — MIP, 4; Cheerleading 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain 1. 2; Named Who's Who among America H.S. Students; Top Ten Ambition ISU — Business Management JAMES NEIL ROBERTS "You're only as good as your equipment.” FFA 1. 2. 3. 4 — Pres.; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4 Ambition: ISU — Farming MICHELLE LYNN SCHROEDER There is never a lip curved with pain that cannot be kissed into a smile again Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; EPRA 1, 2. 3 — Rep.; 50 Mile Swim Club 1, 2, 3; Newspaper Staff 2. 3 — Pts Editor. 3. FHA 1. 2, 3 — Sec.-Tres., 4 — Pres.; Library Club 1, 2, AFS 1. 2 — Rep.. 3. 4; Freshman Homecoming Attendant, Homecoming Queen, Office Help 4; Annual Staff; Perfect Attendance 1, 2. 3; Prom Court; Student Director of Jr Sr Plays; Class Pres. 3, 4, VP — 1; Ambition Secretary. CosmotologistDEBRA ANN SCOTT It is not necessary to hope in order to undertake; nor to succeed in order to persevere. Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Track 1, 2. 3, 4. Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4. Spanish Club 1. 2. 3, 4; AFS 4. Band 1, 2; Girls State 3; NHS 4. Volleyball 2. 3. Ambition: S. Francis School for Nursing MARLA JEAN SHEPARD A man s friendships are one of the best measures of his worth ' Art Club Treasurer; Pom-Pon Squad 3. Flag Corp 2. 3. Ambition: Corporate secretary BRADLEY PAUL SMITH "I look at things from one point of view — MINE; because I think everybody should have a right to my opinion Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1. 2. 3, 4; Chess Club 1; play 3. 4; Computer Club 3. 4 — VP; Ind. Arts Club 2. 3. Sec.-Tres; E-Club 3, 4; Newspaper Staff 1, 3. 4; Chorus 1. Ambition: To live long and to prosper SONJA JOY STIMPERT "The best feeling in life is doing the things that people say you can t do. Cheerleading 1, 2; FHA 3. 4, EPRA 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff. Newspaper staff 3. 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4; Office Help 4; Play 3. 4 Ambition: Secretary; Cosmotologist BRIAN SCOTT STOLLER Home is where we tie one end of the thread of life. FFA 1. 2, 3. 4 — VP; Student Council 4; E-Club 3, 4; Homecoming Attendant 1. 4; Swing Choir 2. 3; Madrigals 2, 3. 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4; Football 1. 2. 3, 4 Basketball 1. 4 Jr Play Ambition: ICC — Agricultural Business; FarmKELLY KATHLEEN TURNER I told you once. I told you a thousand times. "I'm Stupid and she is Dumb! Pom-pon squad 3. 4. EPRA 1. 2. 3, AFS 1. 2; FHA 1. 2; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4 Newspaper Staff 1, 2. 3; Library Aid 1; EPRA Class Rep. 2. Ambition Work JULIENNE LOUISE VALENTINE Walk in the sunshine. Wish upon a star, and reach for the sky." Flag Corp 1, 2. 3. Spanish Club 1, Perfect Attendance 1, 2. 3; Newspaper Staff 4 Ambition I.S.U. KELLY ANN WALLER A man’s reach must not exceed his grasp or what's a Heaven for?" — R Browning Class Tres. 3, 4. AFS 2. 3. FHA 1, 2. 3. 4 — Sec.-Tres., Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4 — VP, NHS 3. 4 - VP. Spanish Club 2. 3, 4 — Sec.I Annual Staff. Newspaper Staff; 2, 3 — Co-Editor. 4 — Editor-In-Chief. Math Contest 1 Computer Club 4; Student Director Jr Play; Scholastic Bowl 2, 3; Top Ten; Named Who s Who among American H S. Students; U S. Business Education Award Ambition: DeVry Institute of Technology KERRY JOHN WOLF "God created men and women, then to keep it from falling apart, he created humor." Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4. Track 1. 2; Jr. Play; Math Contest 1. Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4; Swing Choir 2, 3; Madrigals 2. 3; Student Council 4. Computer Club 3; Ind Arts Club 1; FFA 1, 4 Ambition To be happy, maybe wealthy DONNA JUNE ZIMMERMAN "In his heart, man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Class Sec. 3; AFS Sec. 3, 1. 2; Spanish Club 2. 3, 4 — V.P.; Prom Attendant. Newspaper Staff 1, 2. 3, 4 — Editor-in Chief — Art Editor. NHS 2, 3, 4 — Sec.-Tres. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Madrigals 3. 4. Math Contest 1. Library aid 2. February Student of the Month 4. Salutatorian, Volleyball Mgr. 1. 2, Named W'ho's Who among American H.S. Students 4. Ambition ICC — Child Development MID-TERM GRADUATES JULIE KAY BURTIS MICHAEL KELLEY DENNIS TORNOW SENIORS NOT PICTURED TERRY FORRESTER DAVID HUNT MISTY KRAFT KENNETH LOVINCS DOROTHY RIDGEWAY TROY J WILKEY "Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the Earth " Homecoming Attendant 3; Prom Attendant; Football 1. 2, 3, 4. MVP. Most Tackles. Best Blocker, wrestling 4, State Qualifier, most pins, most takedowns. 1st at Districts. 3rd at Sectionals. Track 1. 2. 3. 4. FFA 1. 2. 3. 4. E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4. All Conference Linebacker 4 Ambition: MarinesVMS eCASS 84 'Hard work never hurt anybody, but we re not taking any chances." "I'm really innocent I only look guilty."zms wav wensSPORTSCOMSZ WOZtiACC 3£V£K! Varsity Bottom row left to right: A. Patton, Mgr., S. Morgan, T. Supan, D. Newkirk, K. Parkhouse, G. Feeney, R. Kelley, B. Patton Mgr., Second row: B. Smith, G. Robbins, C. Hany, T. Wilkey, E. Alexander, D. Hunt, J. Malcom, B, Haines, C. Dodson, Third row: T. Williams, D. Flethher, T. Clements, T. Armstrong, B. Copple, L. Messer, D. Rhodes, S. Mool, Fourth row: Coach Hummel, B. Stoller, T. Hickey, D. Myers, R. Smoots, K. Bailey, G. Mool, J. Carr, R. Waller Zri-Captains VARSITY RECORD El Paso 13 Eureka 18 5 LeRoy 8 7 Flanagan 19 0 Gridley 28 0 Lexington 26 10 Chenoa 12 0 Woodland 26 0 Minonk — Dana — Rutland 8 27 Deer Creek — Mackinaw 0 MVP: Troy Wilkey MIP: Brian Copple Comet Pride Award: Troy Wilkey FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: Troy Wilkey, linebacker Honorable Mention Defense: Brian Copple, down lineman 36 Troy, Kevin, Tom37Hr. Varsity Bottom row left to right: T. Supan, M. Carley, R. Kelley, K. Reynolds, D. Aufmuth, Second row: D. Buck, M. Keene, M. Hinthorne, R. Jones, J. Kearfott, B. Haines. Third row: R. Uphoff, T. Clements, D. Downen, M. Bigger, L. Messer, T. Williamson, S. Hair. Fourth row: K. Hinthorne, C. Ramsey, T. Hickey, D. Stine, T. Tegard, R. Waller, T. Williams, D. King. Comments: "In the spirit of true sports, the 1983 football season can be termed a success. The players showed continued improvement throughout the season. Their spirit never diminished in spite of facing eight straight losses and seeing many of their teammates sidelined by injuries. In the final game, their season-long struggle netted them a long awaited victory. The main purpose of sports is to ingrain the idea that determination and hard work will result in success. A lesson well learned by the 1983 football team." Coach Hummel 38 Comets 1 fans!The offense blocks to help Danny gain yardage. 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? ► L: 4BP -r - - • %J - S « - •4JU-rr Scott puts a halt to the Falcon rush. Troy dives for a catch.MUMP ... sez... SPJKS ... From left to right: S. Jones. L. Owearz. J. Colburn. T Mool, S. Uphoff, C. Stiles. L. Dukes. D Kurtenbach, A. Vogel. R Weber, A Heller. Manager A. Lindsey. Coach Miss Kollath Laura Spikes one with Ann covering for the block. Between games a pep talk always helped to get the girls back in the game.Standing from left to right Coach Miss Kollath. K Wolf. S Stiles. C. Kelly, T. Krug, T Hall, R Hansen. K Feeney. J. Perry Front Row: M Lush. J. Hall, K Tipler. K. Parkhouse. K Blackmore. K Aufmuth, M Haas, S. Cleary Kristy W. challanges with a block.POM POM SQUAD Standing: T. Hall, R. Hanson, S. Jones. J. Colburn, G. Bailey, K. Wickenhauser. Sitting: T. Harshbarger, K. Turner, B Lush, J. Andrews, L. Newkirk. Halftime Entertainment Jane swings to the beat 44noys KASK8ZKMC Varsity standing: K. Parkhouse, S. Morgan, B. Stoller, C. Dodson, R. Smoots, K. Wolf, D. Myers, K. Crump, D. Phister, A. Denham, J. Rieffel, J. Rieffel, Coach, Mr. Orr; Mgr. S. Bergquist Seniors Kevin, Kerry. Andy. Brian Varsity Record 7-18 El Paso 61 Lowpoint 68 El Paso 55 Roanoke 62 El Paso 48 Minok 58 El Paso 52 Lexington 92 El Paso 67 Gridley 65 El Paso 81 Metamora 60 El Paso 39 Woodland 55 El Paso 64 Gridley 68 El Paso 67 Flanagan 59 El Paso 43 Chenoa 77 El Paso 65 Eureka 77 El Paso 46 Dee-Mack 62 El Paso 44 Woodland 57 El Paso 60 Minonk 52 El Paso 44 Lexington 60 El Paso 58 Gridley 88 El Paso 47 Flanagan 57 El Paso 49 Chenoa 60 El Paso 51 Dee-Mack 56 El Paso 51 Woodland 62 El Paso 53 Flanagan 58 MVP - Kevin Parkhouse Best Defensive Player — Rod Smoots Best Freethrow — Kraig Crump Most Improved Player — Dennis Myers 45lJr. Varsity Standing: Coach Mr. Rabbe, M. Hinthorne, B. Patton, K. Hinthorne, S. DeKeyser, J. Kearfott, B. Burns. Kneeling: M. Carley, T. Williams, D. Stine, K. Noonan, T. Supan, D. Pinkham, K. Reynolds. In for Two Todd works on defense. 46mfti •. tif' 4 -a "The 1983-84 basketball season started off on the right foot with a first place finish in the Wenona tournament. After the first 10 games, we were 5-5. We had upset Gridley and had beaten the first place Woodford County tournament seed, Metamora. Then the roof caved in; we ended up with suspensions and injuries, and won only 2 out of our last 15 games. The future looks good for the 1984-85 season. We will return five players who were varsity starters at one point or another during the season. Our bench, which only scored 56 points and shot 29% from the field, should improve dramatically. We have a good sophomore group coming up that will provide us with good depth and a possible starter or two. Kevin Parkhouse made second team all conference with Rod Smoots and Kraig Crump getting honorable mention. With quality starters and a good bench, we are looking forward to a good 1984-85 season."GJKjCS KASKSZ Varsity K. Bergquist Mgr., S. Jones, K. Wolf, T. Hall, S. Stiles, D. Scott, K. Ellis, C. Stiles, D. Kurtenbach, A. Heller, R. Weber, T. Carey, A. Lindsey, Coach Speck.{junior Varsity Kneeling: J. Perry, C. Scott, M. Pfister, T. Krug; G. Kelley, K. Wolf. Standing: K. Bergquist, Mgr., S. Cleary, J. Hall, J. Sutton, T. Hall, S. Walker, K. Feeney, C. Schairer, COACH SPECK! Tri-Vallcy Inv Central Catholic Pontiac 58-51 M D-R Gibson City 38-5 3 Chenoa Tri-Valley 45-42 Roanoke Ottawa Woodford Co Tournament Lexington Low Point 65-17 Dee-Mack M D-R 61-44 Forman at ICC Mrumoii 42-59 Flanagan M D-R Chenoa 47-28 Grid ley Lmngton 43-23 Toluca Dee Mac k 50-34 Gridley U High 47-39 Sectionals Flanagan ©0-34 Regional' Bradford Eureka 62-51 Peoria Ht 50-40 34-47 56- 46 63-35 67-48 63-30 72-47 5-50 52- 29 57- 36 53- 23 43 41 51 20 40-42 A Winning Smile!! 49 Together We Can Do Anything.rneszaM RECORD: Eureka Fairbury-Cropsey Chenoa Central Catholic Mt. Zion Argenta-Oreana Flanagan Metamora Washington Streator Spring Valley Hall Peoria Heights LeRoy Gibson City U High Illini Bluffs Tremont Delavan Canton Mahomet-Seymour Pontiac Manito Forman L W W W L W W L W L W W L L W L L W L L L W 18- 35 54- 12 56-12 52-18 11- 47 33-26 58-12 9-45 37-27 31- 34 41-24 55- 8 16-47 20-35 32- 28 16- 47 19- 42 45-15 17- 50 12- 54 15-49 40-29 % Captains for 1983-84 were: Jeff Malcom and David Hunt. Standing from left to right: Eddie Friend. Troy Wilkey. Brian Copple. Scott Mool. Brad Smith, David Hunt, Danny Newkirk, Jeff Malcom. Mike Bigger, Troy Mann, Coach Schroeder, Mike Keene, Kneeling: Richard Kidd. Dale Miller, Ed Alexander, Greg Mool, David Rhodes. Doug Fletcher, Gary Robbins, George Schmitt, David Buck. Center: David Muturi 50QJKC’S ZKACK Kneeling: A. Lindsey, M. Graham, K Bergquist, M. Jones, J. Sutton, R. Weber, K. Blackmore, P Hynes. Standing: K. Wolf, D. Kurtenbach, D. Scott, S. Uphoff, L. Dukes, G. Kelly, S. Stiles, L. Riker, A. Heller, Coach Specketernoys zrack Kneeling: C. Ramsey, B. Haines, R. Uphoff, J. Kearfott, K. Hinthorne, K. Reynolds, D. Muturi, M. Keene, Mgr., D. Aufmuth, Mgr., M. Hinthorne, Mgr. Standing: C. Hany, D. Hunt, K. Parkhouse, S. Morgan, D. Newkirk, R. Smoots, D. Meyers, A. Denham, J. Clements, G. Feeney, M. Seiver, D. Rhodes, T. Hickey. Andy clears the bar? S3BOM'S Am mcs ZKACK SZAZS QUACmSKS Girl's Medley Kelay Patty Hynes Laura Dukes Amy Heller Sheila Jones Girl’s $00 Meter Kelay Laura Dukes Michelle Graham Lori Riker Sheila Jones Key’s 3200 Meter Kelay Greg Feeney Kurt Reynolds Brian Haines David Stine Key’s 1600 Meter Kelay Jeff Clements Greg Feeney Rod Smoots Mark Seiver Girl’s 1600 Meter Kelay Dee Kurtenback Gina Kelley Amy Heller Sheila Jones jCeng [Jump Laura Dukes 800 Meter Kun Amy Heller 400 Meter Kun Mark Seiver The Dark Shadow A Groping Ape! Laura Duper Duke Dukes 54 Mark Seiver Does the Triple JumpACTIVITIESCASJNo njqxz Left: Homecoming King and Queen were Curt Hany and Shelly Schroeder Below: Mini King and Queen were Andy Van Syoc and Jennifer Fever. 56«-n N Brian Lori Rodney Chris1. Ann's favorite senior is obviously Kevin! 2. Lori, Chris, and Sherri got into the homecoming spirit by wearing their crazy combinations. 3. The varsity football players rode in the parade. 4. The Grand March was one of the many highlights at the dance. 5. The SENIORS had the winning float!! 6. The sophomore's float came in third place. 581. Steve kissed his favorite teacher. Miss Specketer. Dave made an excellent Stevie Wonder. Nelson was unwillingly one of the seven man studs. The juniors float came in second place. 5. Amy and Chris were casino dealers on double or nothing day. 6. The freshman's float got honorable mention. 59Front Row: L. Riker, Vice President, K. Ellis, Treasurer, D. Kurtenbach, Secretary, G. Feeney, President, Second Row: Mrs. Stiles, Advisor, D. Hunt, G. Schmitt, J. Sutton, T. Carey, M. Baker, K. Tipler, K. Blackmore, Third Row: S. Stiles, C. Schairer, D. Stine, G. Kelly, L. Owcarz, K. Wolf, S. Morgan, B. Stoller, K. Parkhouse, A. Vogel, D. Zimmerman, Fourth Row: M. Haas, K. Parkhouse, K. Wolf, L. Dukes, R. Weber, A. Heller, C. Stiles. SZUDSJVZ eOUMKs.p.ks. js joozcooseMS Front Row: C- Anderson, G. Feeney, J. Weber, Second Row: P. Hynes, D Muturi, A. Miller, A. Meller. A Lindsey, S. Jones, C. Stiles. L. Thrasher, K. Feeney, T. Krug, Third Row: Miss Smitley, B Vandegraft, K. Wickenhauser, D. Newkirk, K Tipler, S. Schroeder, M Baker, C. Dodson, T. Oliver, C. Schairer, R Weber, J. Sutton. Fourth Row: T. Moore, D. Buck, K. Ellis, D. Kurtenbach, A. Patton, G. Morris, T. Marshall, C. Stiles, L. Dukes, G. Kelly Well! What can I say, El Paso has been real nice to me. Since I first joined the Community. I think AFS means a lot to the while world. AFS is an organization of bringing the whole to one community, understand each other and be good and cheerful friends. I remember my first day in school, I thought I would never make it, keeping in mind I was an exemption, but after a few weeks I adjusted to the place and thought I was really at home. Actually I found it fun, teasing and cracking jokes. Anyway special thanks goes to those students who helped me adjust to the environment which was completely different to what I was brought up in. Also special thanks goes to the teachers who helped me in various grounds especially in Accounting, English, Algebra, History, P.E., Anatomy and also not forgetting Miss Smitley and the AFS Club. I am really glad I came to El Paso. I will never forget the Comets. They are Number 1 and the "84". Seniors stay cool. David N. Muturi "84" AFSTop row: L. Minor, C. West, R. Arnold, K. Ellis, S. Stimpert. Bottom row: Mrs. Brown, Advisor, S. Schroeder, L. Miller, K. Waller, T. Mitchell, M. Baker, T. Martin Top row: K. Wolf, S. Bergquist, B. Stoller, T. Lush. Middle Row: B. Copple, G. Mool, J. Clements, T. Wilkey, M. Schertz, G. Morris, J. Roberts, D. Pfister. Front row: Mr. Dozier, Advisor, J. Roberts, D. Ales, R. Burns, N. Aeschliman, A. Miller 63MZJOM£ HO soe Front: Mr. Nemetz — Advisor, L. Riker, D. Zimmerman, D. Kurtenbach, K.. Waller, P. Hynes, Middle: R. Weber, A. Vogel, T. Martin, A. Patton, K. Ellis, C. Stiles, M. Sennott SCHOCASZJC nowc Front: A. Aeschliman, J. Perry, Back: D. Buck, M. Sennott, Mr. Nemetz — Advisor, S. Bergquist, T. Lush. 64MU MPMA ZM8AZ First Row: S. Uphoff, A. Vogel, K. Parkhouse, D. Kurtenbach, K. Waller, P. Hynes, D. Zimmerman, A. Miller, J. Colburn, Second Row: A. Lindsey, S. Jones, L. Riker, R. Weber, Thrid Row: K. Ellis, A. Patton, Fourth Row: Mr. Rabbe — Advisor, S. Morgan, G. Schmitt, A. Aeschliman, C. Stiles, R. Smoots, S. Bergquist, J. Rieffel, M. Seiver, T. Lush, M. Sennott COMPUZSK cam First Row: N. Kaupp, S. Uphoff, G. Heiken, M. Seivers, S. Jones, B. Smith, C. Dodson, A. Patton, K. Hunt, Second Row: P. Hynes, A. Vogel, T. Oliver, K. Waller, R. Weber, S. Bergquist, J. Rieffel, C. Stiles, J. Weber, A. Lindsey, Third Row: S. Morgan, J. Colburn, Mr. Rabbe — Advisor, K. Parkhouse, T. Lush, K. Noonan, S. Mool, A. Aeschliman, G. Schmitt, P. Brown, D. Kurtenbach, D. Newkirk, K. Tipler, J. Perry, D. Muturi, M. Sennott, J. Rieffel. 65s earn Back Row: E. Friend, D. Myers, B. Copple, G. Mool, D. Ales, J. Carr, G. Feeney, J. Clements, A. Denham, S. Bergquist, D. Pfister, K. Crump, K. Wolf, K. Parkhouse. Middle Row: B. Smith, D. Rhodes, A. Patton, D. Fletcher, C. Hany, T. Armstrong, E. Alexander, T. Williams, J. Malcom, Front Row: D. Newkirk, D. Muturi, B. Stoller, S. Morgan, T. Wilkey, D. Hunt, S. Mool. mUSZKJM akzs cam Back Row: M. Schertz, D. Vandegraft, G. Heiken, D. Buck, G. Mool. Middle Row: S. Sturm, A. Denham, S. Mool, R. Callender, J. Kearfott, Front Row: Advisor Mr. Marshall, K. Bailey, D. Newkirk, D. Rhodes. 66SPAWSM emu Front Row: S. Morgan, P. Hynes, D. Zimmerman, K. Waller, R. Weber. Second Row: J. Colburn, T. Martin, A. Lindsey, S. Jones, K. Bergquist, L. Thrasher, G. Roberts, C. Schairer, S. Stiles. Third Row: J. Perry, C. Stiles, A. Heller, A. Miller, L. Owcarz, L. Dukes, M. Carley, A. Vogel, T. Oliver, K. Wolf, K. Parkhouse, K. Tipler, Advisor Mrs. Scott. Fourth Row: R. Kelley, T. Supan, K. Noonan, K. Parkhouse, K. Wickenhauser, S. Bergquist, G. Kelley, M. Baker, D. Pinkham, J. Weber, G. Feeney, K. Wolf, T. Lush, A. Patton, P. Brown, D. Buck, K. Ellis, S. Sturm. I owes MSjCPSKS R. Schieber, S. Sparrow, J. Colburn, S. Schroeder, S. Stimpert, D. Ridgeway, D. Krug, A. Miller, Secretary Mrs. Hocker 67MIVSPAPSK SZA?7 Sitting: A. Miller, K. Waller, D. Kurtenbach First Row: J. Valentine, D. Zimmerman, B. Vandegraft, R. Weber, S. Schroeder, B. Smith, Second Row: L. Riker, M. Baker, C. Scrivner, T. Martin, K. Ellis, Back Row: T. Marshall, S. Stimpert, T. Fuller, Mrs. Besse — Advisor CMKAKXJ AJT S Front Row: J. Valentine, B. Smith, C. Baker, J. Orns, B. Vandegraft, D. Downen, J. Evans, T. Mitchell, Back Row: T. Trunnell, S. Mason, T. Martin, B. Lush, D. Roth, Mrs. Besse — Librarian R. Calender 68AMHUjC Front row: L. Hiker, D. Zimmerman, A. Miller, Middle row: K. Waller, P. Hynes, Back row: J. Garrett, D. Kurtenbach, S. Schroeder. We, the editors of the 1983-84 Cometeer, would like to thank the Annual staff for their outstanding work. They put in many extra hours of work after school. We would like to especially thank you for making time during your busy schedule. Because of you the yearbook is a success! Top: Editors: D. Zimmerman, L. Riker Middle: Jr. Editor, A. Heller Bottom: Jr. Editor, C. Stiles 69CASZ First Row: A. Heller, A. Miller, D. Zimmerman. Second Row: C. Stiles, B. Lush, M. Baker, G. Feeney. Third Row: K. Ellis, D. Fletcher, B. Smith, J. Clements, T. Marshall, C. Dodson, L. Dukes, D. Newkirk. PCAV emv First Row: G. Morris, R. Callender, T. Trunnell, S. Mason, K. Witkowski. Second Row: M. Sennott, S. Schroeder, B. Smith, T. Marshall. Third Row: A. Vogel, S. Stimpert, D. Fletcher, C. Dodson. 70Student Directors: M. Sennott, Mrs. Stiles, S. Schroeder From start to finish the first-ever Jr.-Sr. Play was an adventure. No one was sure if this coalition would succeed but soon the "class struggle" disappeared and a unique unity developed. The Wednesday morning rehearsals were uninspired but all the rest were creative. Tom's ad-libs were an adventure for the rest of the cast ("Which act is he in now?") Angela's spontaneous "How's the Doctor" line and her long awaited entrance will live on in history. And who could forget Donna's hatred of doorbells and phones, Amy's exercises, Luigi's sleepwalking, the Doctor's long diagnosis, Kristy's "You talked real mean to him," Laura's spine tingling "yoo-hoo", Chris's "Luigi you haven't changed a bit," devilish Danny's tights and pitchfork, Jeff's "Don't be hasty," Barb's "Ernst", Brad's glasses and "what man?", and the soap-opera duo Greg and Michelle in — "It's, it's he heart"??? Mix these with salt water, lurid pictures, and a crazy backstage crew and you can "Rest Assured" that the memories will live on for all of us. 71CM OK US The Chorus has had a very successful year. We participated in 2 Illinois High School Association contests, one of which we hosted. The results were excellent with 14 Solos and Ensembles receiving Division I (Superior) Ratings and 7 Solos and Ensembles receiving Division II (Excellent) Ratings. The Honors, Men's, Women's Choruses received Division I ratings, also. Twelve students participated in the IMEA District Festival and Jamie Weber was selected by audition for the All State Chorus. The Chorus presented a Christmas and Spring Concert. They also presented an all school assembly and went to Cornel and Chatsworth on a one day tour. Mrs. Musick Officers Left to Right: Mrs. Musick, Michelle Baker, Katie Blackmore, Laura Dukes, Lori Riker, Angela Miller, Renee Weber.ba m First Row Mr. Calhoun. Katie Blackmore. Jim Attig. Melody Hudson. Second Row: Kim Attig. Debbie Malcome. Tom Marshall. Third Row: Jackie Garrett, Lori Thrasher, Kevin Witkowski The Band participated in the Christmas Concert and a Festival in Lexington. Solos received Division II and a Division III at Solo-Ensemble Contest. Officers Kim Attig, Tom MarshallMADKJQMS Row One: D. Aimmerman, J. Weber, J. Scheuermann, T. Carey, Row Two: L. Riker, L. Dukes, S. Uphoff, R. Weber. Row Three — D. Rhodes, C. Dodson, S. Morgan, K. Parkhouse Row Four: B. Stoller, G. Feeney, A. Patton, D. Newkirk Row One: L. Riker, A. Vogel, K. Parkhouse, A. Miller Row Two: D. Rhodes, D. Newkirk, K. Parkhouse, A. Patton Row Three: R Weber, K. Wolf, J. Weber, L. Dukes Row Four: G. Feeney, S. Morgan, C. Dodson, R. Callendar 74pkom eounz SZAJKWAV ZO MSAVStf King Jeff and Queen KristyMichelle n' Jeff Donna n' Curt Shelly n' TroyZcp Zen Top Row: D. Scott, K. Ellis, R. Burns, Middle Row: L. Riker, D. Kurtenbach, K. Parkhouse, T. Martin. First Row: P. Hynes, K. Waller, K. Zimmerman Awards flight English Award — Kristy Ellis Math Award — Dee Kurtenbach Science Award — Patty Hynes Business Award — Marla Shepard Art Award — Marla Shepard, Tracy Mool Boys P.E. Award — Andy Denham Girls P.E. Award — Angela Miller Agriculture Award — Brian Stoller Arion Award — Andy Patton History Award — Amy Aeschliman National Choral Award — Michelle Baker Spanish Award — Sheila Jones Todd Skolek Award — Dave Stine Music Award — Jamie WeberSSWOK SKJP MVZJMjC MSMOKJSS A. Everybody wants Stevie Wonder's autograph! B. Pam, Theresa, and Brian prepare for the night they have all been waiting for. C. "Now, how do I spell my name?" D Dee helps Michelle prepare for the big moment. E. This is it! F How much longer?? G. Jackie and Tom conquer the stutter step. H. Last minute contemplating. I WE ARE HAPPY!! J. Scott and Ann were Junior Marshalls 8081eCASS 07 ’84 “Omits Exist Only Jn Our Minds”I, Amy Aeschliman, leave EPHS laughing because everyone thought I was so mean. I also leave my great 6th hour study hall abilities to Nick and Nelson I. Charlotte Anderson, leave EPHS knowing the people here have changed my life and have left me with many memories to treasure. I, Tom Armstrong, leave El Paso High School knowing that Glen will have enough coffee for next years Seniors, Right Doug, Curt, and Danny? I, Michelle Baker, leave to my sister, Sandy, all the joys of accounting and her own locker for the next 2 years. I also leave knowing that disected biology frogs make nice gifts, right D.K.? I, jim Carr, leave EPHS knowing that there won't be any more miles to run! I, Andy Denham, leave EPHS knowing Jim Carr will never use my calculator again, and my high jumping abilities to D.N. I, Kristy Ellis, leave knowing I wasn't as "board'' as everyone thought I was. And to L.O. I leave many more concerts and lead guitar players. I, Holly Jo Eskridge, leave EPHS knowing that not only did I make new and very dear friends, I finished H.S. for myself and my growing family. Also 1 leave to Tina Brubaker knowing she can come to me anytime to have zippers fixed, and also to always have a smile on her face in any situation. I, Doug Fletcher, leave El Paso High School knowing that I will never have to ride to and from school in a blue and white sunbird that won't start and the radio doesn't work; especially after the girl's basketball game at Lexington — and D.H. runs us off the road, right B.S., G.R., AND D.H.? I, Jackie Garrett, leave knowing that after all these years, ' Our Chance Will Come' and to "You know who You are ", I LOVE YA!! I also leave knowing I've raised my little girl all by myself with no regrets. I, Marcia Hall, leave EPHS knowing I will never step through these doors again. We, Danny and Theresa Harshbarger, leave EPHS knowing that the teachers will have one more Harshbarger to put up with in a few years. I, Patty Hynes, leave knowing that next year will be the first in 14 years that a Hynes hasn't been in EPHS. To L.D. I leave our favorite parking spot, my urge to rampage, and some deep dark secrets. I leave knowing that A.V. takes wide turns and that she'll be down to visit me next year. I leave A.H. and Speck with some black puke. To Mr. Rabbe I leave knowing that he liked us girls after all. I, Dee Kurtenbach, leave all my killers. Quarters, and Creepers to Amy Heller; a new pair of scissors to Mr. Rabbe, Kerme capers to Sandy Baker to carry on the tradition and I leave knowing that few people ever give 21 minute How To" speeches, but I DID! I, Jeff Malcom. leave the fate of the wrestling teams future in the hands of M.K.; I leave in a suitcase on the way to Kenya with Dave Muturi; and I leave being the only one to ever be shot in pigeon combat. I, Tommy, leave fast dancing, nice dressing, ties, long johns, loose fitting shorts, being a slob, monitoring the lounge, my playing cards, extra credit on Carol's World History test, being last in jogging laps, saying most stupidest. Hazel my wife, singing Louie, Louie to any poor slob who can take it! I, Tina Martin, Alias "Louie", leave EPHS knowing that I will never have to complete another job packet in Typing II and in Office Practice. I also leave the title "Louie, Louie" to my sister, Tami, who will be a freshman. I, Angela Miller, leave knowing that R.W. will miss me my food at camp, and A.V. won't have to listen to all my problems with C.L. I leave Miss Speck with all my energy. I, Dale Miller, leave EPHS with my $35 Mustang still running. I, Tracy Mool, leave EPHS with Jimmy "Crash" Carr. I, Janet Murrell, leave EPHS knowing that I will never have to build another sawhouse in Ag. class. I, Jeanette Murrell, leave EPHS knowing that no team will ever beat the faculty at a softball game. I, John Murrell, leave EPHS knowing that Holly E. will not have to be my secretary anymore. I, David Muturi, will never forget the cold I had in this place, the coats I got for Christmas because I had one cover for winter. I will never forget the fun I had in El Paso during my AFS year. I, Kevin Parkhouse. leave S.M. the 1 position; uphold it with dignity, Scotty. I also leave knowing that Annie will take care of "C.B. 1-6!!! I, Andy Patton, leave to my brother, Bobby, full power as the head manager; I leave knowing I will never tape another ankle at EPHS. I leave knowing that Michelle B will never struggle with Mathematics again. I leave knowing that graduation was my last chance to embarrass Char Anderson. I leave to the school the fear of our return! I, James Roberts, leave all my speeches about nose picking to anyone who can give them. I leave Jeff Clements the job of FFA President knowing he will do a good job. 1 leave wondering if Robin Fick will ever call Mr. Dozier Big Guy again. I also leave someone very special behind. I, Shelly Schroeder, leave EPHS knowing I learned a lot from being President of my class for two years, and most of all working in the office 4th hour for J.O. A.H. I, Debra Scott, leave EPHS knowing Mrs. Besse won't make me chaperone A.A. anymore. To Coach Speck, I leave my sister, make her work hard. To Carolyn, all my love. I, Marla Shepard, leave my ability to write shorthand at 120 words a minute to anyone who thinks they can handle it. I, Bradley Paul Smith being of unsound mind and sound body, leave Chris D. the right to complain about every little thing in P.E. I leave my classy Hawaiian shirt to M Bigger, and my flirtatious ways to Gary R., but what I will most be relieved of is riding to school in a junky Nova and a tarnished truck I, Sonja Stimpert, leave knowing that I am never going to have to worry about the completion of Accounting assignments on time again! I, Julienne Valentine, leave knowing that a librarians work is never done. I, Kelly Waller, leave knowing that Mr. Rabbe will never see me at the De Ro De again and he will have to find someone else to pick on. I also leave knowing that next year's young accountants will have fun fighting over the computers. I, Troy Wilkey, leave with a gun in hand, knowing I will never go pigeon hunting with J.M. again, in his truck. POW!!! I, Kerry Wolf, leave El Paso High with many fond memories and a few not-so-fond memories. I also leave my ability to go out with 5 different girls to Web and Scott. (Split the last one, fellas) I, Donna Zimmerman, leave EPHS knowing that Mr. Rabbe is a Mickey Mouse fan. too, and that I have too many logs in the fire, and I also leave my ability of being a MEAN" senior to the junior girls from 7th hour P.E. Good Morning!! We. Lori and Donna, leave hoping that A.H. AND C.S. will have better luck meeting the yearbook deadlines. We, Kelly and Donna, leave EPHS knowing that we will never corrupt another person's locker!! Right Mr. Orr?! We, Greg and Brad, leave knowing that if it wasn't for us, the class of "84 wold have never gotten two first place floats!! We, the seniors of 3rd hour Boys P.E. leave never playing a rough game in P.E. because of all the underclassmen. We. the Class of "84" 1st hour Junior English class leave "Big Carol" a roll of tape and a box of staples!! We, Uncle Bradley and Little Snot nose Tommy, leave our Battery Powered Outfits," our "Tiny Bubbles, and don't forget those "straw hats", to our favorite freshmen, Mike Keene, and Randy Finck. Yeeaaa!!1 We, John M and Holly E. leave Mrs Brown a 10 acre Paprika field. We, Delores and Angela, leave knowing Mr. Odle and Mrs. Hocker will miss us! We, the senior cheerleaders, leave knowing that we almost made it to Dallas! We, Angela, Kelly, Patty, Donna, and Jackie, leave EPHS knowing the yearbook was a success because of US!!!! 83Students and faculty of SI Paso High School will miss Mrs. Hrown. who is retiring this year. As sponsor of the S.M.A and as a classroom teacher Mrs. Hrown’s hard work, sincere efforts, and friendly smile will be long remembered. N. JOSTENS

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