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The El Paso High School Class Of Nineteen Hundred Eighty Presents “The Cometeer”TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS...................4 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY.. 16 UNDERCLASSMEN...........24 ACTIVITIES..............38 CLASS OF ’80 2 89Lt.Tj Q j)BRENDA LEE ALES “To be able to love someone is one of the greatest gifts that you can give.” Annual Staff 4; Cheerleading 1; GAA 1 2 3; Volleyball 2; Girl’s Track 1 2; 50 mi. swim club 3 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 4; Swing Choir 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play, Student Director; Homecoming Att. 1 4; Class Treas. 2 4; Chorus Sec. 3 4 Ambition: Secretary MARK EUGENE ALLEN “Do thy duty. Leave to Heaven the rest.” Ambition: Tech. School or Work JANICE PRISCILLA ANGOTTI “One minute of sadness is sixty seconds of happiness missed." Annual Staff 4; Newspaper 3 4; Span. Club 1 2 3 4; Ind. Arts Club 3 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; FHA 234; GAA 1 2 3; Girls Track 23; AFS 1 2 3 4; Marching Band 4; Concert Band 4; Chorus 4; Jr. Play Ambition: Wife, Mother, and Elementary Teacher % m MICHAEL DEAN ARMSTRONG "How a man plays the game shows something of his character; how he loses shows all of it.” Annual Staff 4; Football 12 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Bas ketball 1; Track 1 2 3 4; E Club 2 3 4; Wrestling 2 3 4; Sr. Play Ambition: College, Profes sional Baseball THOMAS MICHAEL ARMSTRONG “I awoke one morning and found myself famous.” Annual Staff 4; Football 1; Basketball 13 4; Student Council 1 2 4; E Club 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Ambition: College TODD ALAN ARMSTRONG “Conscience is the playback of the still small voice that told you not to do it in the first place.” Football 1; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Math Contest 3 4; Bas ketball 1 2 4; 1 Mgr.; Schol. Bowl 3 4; Jr. Play; Chess Club 4 Ambition: Pharmacy KEVIN WILLIAM ARMSTRONG “Don’t cross the bridge till you come to it is a proverb old and of excellent wit.” Football 1 2 3 4; Industrial Arts 3; Track 1 2 3 4; E Club 1 234 Ambition: Work JAMES M. BENEDICT “Even though you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” AFS 1; Chorus 12 3 4; Mad rigals 3 4; Swing Choir 23 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff Ambition: College 4BRYAN L. BOSWELL “Life is just one thing after another.” Wrestling 1 Ambition: Undecided PATRICIA LYNNE BREACH “We are one in the spirit and we are one in the Lord.” Chorus 12 3 4 Ambition: Artist DEEPTHIKA PRIYADAR SHANEE CALYANERATNE “I can do anything that they can do. I may take a longer time than them or I may do it sooner than them. But I know I can do anything, if I want to. Newspaper 4; FHA 4; Bas ketball 4; GAA 4; AFS 4; Chorus 4; Chess Club 4 Ambition: To help my brother and sister to get a good education. Be a good housekeeper, travel around the world to see the other countries and to get a good education. KIM MARIE DEHORITY “Happiness is doing with a smile what you have to do anyway.” Annual Staff 4; Span. Club 2; Nat’l Honor Soc. 2 3 4; Math Contest 1; St. Council 1 2 3 4; V. Pres 4; GAA 1 2 3 4; Treas. 3; Pres. 4; Volley ball 1 3 4; AFS 1 2 3 4; Marching Band 1; Concert Band 1; Chorus 12; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Class Treas. 1; DAR Ambition. College, ISU JOHN STANTON DUKES “Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to.” Annual Staff 4; Football 1 2; Spanish Club 2; St. Council 4; AFS 1 2; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 234; Swing Choir 2 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Ambition: To be successful CONNIE LYNN FARRELL “Silences make the real con versations between friends. Not the saying, but the never needing to say, is what counts.” Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 3 4; Co-Editor 4; Span. Club 1 2 3 4; V. Pres. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; FHA 3 4; GAA 1 2 3 4; AFS 1 2 3 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play Ambition: College PATRICIA CRADDOCK "Love is oceans of emotions. surrounded by expanses of expenses.” Newspaper Staff 4; GAA 1; Track 1; Chorus 3 4; Sr. Play Ambition: Caterpillar MITCHELL TEE FEVER “Who does not love wine, women, and song, remains a fool his whole life long.” Football 12 34; Basketball 1 2 3; E Club 234; Junior Play; Homecoming Att. 3 Ambition: Undecided 5THOMAS C. FEVER “A good friend is like a sister.” Chorus 12 3 4 Ambition: I C C ANNE FRANZEN “Learn like you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow” Transfer Student 4 Ambition: College, I S U BARBARA JOAN GREEN “Today, well lived, makes yesterday a dream of happi ness, and tomorrow a vision of hope.” Chorus 3 4; Madrigals 4; Sr. Play Ambition: Secretary DAVID LEE GRUBB “The smallest person in the world is one who is all wrapped up in himself.” Football 1 2; Chorus 1 2 4; Swing Choir 1; Wrestling 3 Ambition: Work LARRY STEVEN HAAS ‘‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Ambition: Auto Mechanics MATTHEW PAUL HAAS "I'm a member of the better sex, but personally I prefer the other.” Football 1 2 3 4; Basketball 2; Track 3 4; E Club 12 3 4; Wrestling 1 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Ambition: College DIANA LYNN HAINES “If at first you do succeed .. .try hard to hide your astonishment!” Annual Staff 4; Newspaper 3 4;GAA 123; AFS34;50mi. swim club 3; Chorus 12 3 4; Madrigals 4; Jr. Play 3 Ambition: College, Account ing Clerk FRANK K HARROLD “When hunting, shoot first then look." Newspaper 234; Math Contest 3; FFA 4; Basketball 3; Chorus 2 3 4; Chess Club 4 Ambition: College, Compu ter Programmer 6BEVERLY ELIZIBETH HAYES “Don’t fret over what you do with your time if you could live it over again. Get busy with what you have.” Newspaper 34;lnd. Arts34; Treas. 3; Sec. 4; FHA 2 3 4; Sec. Treas. 3; GAA 1234;4 Senior Rep.; Track 2 3; AFS 1 2 3 4; 50 mi. swim club 3 4; Chorus 3; Junior Play Ambition: Secretary CAROL SUE HOSTETLER “The best and most beauti ful things in this world can not be touched or even seen, they must be felt with the heart.” Annual Staff 3 4; Jr. Coeditor; Co editor; Spanish Club 1 23 4; Treas. l;Sec. 3; Nat’I Honor Soc. 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Treas. 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; FHA 4; GAA 3 4; AFS 2 3 4; Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Sec. 2; Ambition: Elementary Education LARRY DEAN HEIKEN “If today is the first day of the rest of your life, what was yesterday?” Ind. Arts Club 4; Basketball 1; Marching Band 1 2; Concert Band 1 2; Stage Band 1 2; Junior Play Ambition. Auto Mechanic MARTIN LOUIS HELLER “Fate makes our relatives, choice makes our friends.” Football 12 3 4; Natl Honor Soc. 3 4; Ind Arts Club 3; Basketball 123 4; Track 1 2 3 4; E Club 1 2 3 4; AFS 3; Chorus 2 34; Swing Choir 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Homecoming King 4; Football Cap. 4; Basketball Cap. 4; Track Cap. 4 Ambition: College. Heller Ford Sales JULIE VIOLA HUDSON “How a man plays the game shows something of his character; how he loses shows all of it.” GAA1234 Ambition: Registered Nurse. Pediatrician KATHY LEONA HUDSON “There are two things in this life for which we are never fully prepared; and that is twins!” Track 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Basketball 4 Ambition: Registered Nurse RODNEY J. HILL “To do anything I please without somebody saying something.” Football 1; Ind. Arts Club 3 Ambition. EMT Perametic NEVA LYNN HUDSON “God bless thy year, Thy coming in, they going out Thy rest, thy traveling about. The rough, the smooth. The bright, the dear: God bless thy senior year.” Newspaper 4; Ind. Arts Club 3 4; Sec. 3; GAA 123; Track 2 3; Marching Band 1 2 3; Concert Band 1 2 3; Chorus 2 3 4; Homecoming Att. 3; Pom-Pon 1 2 Ambition: Work 7GREGORY ALLEN HUNSAKER "Don’t do things by halves it may be the other half that counts.” Annual Staff 4; Math Con test 1; Basketball 1 2 3 4; St. Council 2 3; Track 1 2 3 4; E Club 123 4; Marching Band 1; Concert Band 1; Home coming Att. 2; Class Pres. 2; Junior Marshall 3 Ambition: College, Business PAULA JEAN HYNES “A friend is one who comes in when the whole world has gone out." Annual Staff 4; Cheerlead ing 1 2 3 4; Newspaper 2 3; Spanish Club 1 2; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Math Contest 1; St. Council 4; GAA 4; Track 1; AFS 1 2 3 4; 50 mi. swim club 1 2 3 4; Chorus 234; Swing Choir 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Sec. 3 Ambition: ICC, Court Reporting KIM MARIE KEENE “If fate means you to lose, give ’em a good fight anyway.” Annual Staff 4; Cheerlead ing 1 2 3 4; Volleyball 3 4; Track 3 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Sweetheart 4 Ambition: College KATHRYN ROSE KRUG "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear." Annual Staff 4; Newspaper 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; St. Council 3; GAA 1234; Jun ior Rep.; Volleyball 3; Track 1; AFS 1 2 3 4; Marching Band 1 2; Concert Band 1; Chorus 1234; Pres. 4, Mad rigals 3 4; Swing Choir 4 Ambition: Accounting Clerk, Marriage, Children EDWARD A LLOYD “Who does not love wine, women and song remains a fool his whole life long.” Football 3 4; FFA 1 2 3 4; E Club 4; Chorus 4; Wrestling 134 Ambition: Jr. College PATRICIA LOUISE LOVINGS "It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts. Chorus 12 3 4 Ambition: Make people laugh CHARLES K. KILPATRICK “A friend is someone who knows all about you, but likes you anyway.” Football 2 3; Track 1 2; E Club 1 2 3 Ambition: Work DENNIS MICHAEL LUEDTKE “I’m cute but not modest." Chorus 2 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Chess Club 4 Ambition: College 8MARK AI.AN MORGAN "To each his own.” Too!ball 1 2 3 4; E Club 3 4; Junior Play Ambition: Undecided TODD EDWIN MOSER “What you don't know would make a good book." Football 1 3 4. FFA 2 3 4; E Club 1 3 4; Chorus 4; Madri gals 4; Wrestling 1 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Ambition: Work or College AMANDA JANE RIDDLE “The only success is to be able to spend your life in your own way.” Annual Staff 4; Newspaper 4; Spanish Club 4; GAA 4; Vol leyball 4; AFS 4; 50 mi. swim club 4; Senior Play Ambition: Lawyer MICHELE RENEE RIKER “As soon as the rush is over I’m gonna have a nervous breakdown ... I owe it to myself and nobody is gonna deprive me of it!” Annual Staff 4; Cheerleading 1 2 3; Newspaper 2 3; Span ish Club 1 2 3 4; Math Con test 2; GAA 12 3; Volleyball Man. 2; Track 1 2 3; AFS 1 2 3 4; Domestic Student 3; 50 mi. swim club 1 2 3; Chorus 2 3 4; Sec. 3; Treas. 4 Ambition. College, Regis tered Nurse TERRANCE JAMES PFAB “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." Annual Staff 4; Football 134; Spanish Club 2 3 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Math Contest 123 4; Basketball 12; Track 124; E Club 1 2 3 4; Marching Band 1 234; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Stage Band 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Vice Pres. 2 3; Band Pres. 4 Ambition: College ANN HELEN PF1STER “What you are is God’s gift to you; What you make of yourself is your gift to God.” AnnualStaff4; Newspaper2 3 4; Spanish Club 1 2 3 4; Nat'l Honor Soc. 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; St. Council 13 4; Schol. Bowl 3 4: GAA 2 34; AFS 1 2; Vice Pres. 3 4; 50 Mi. Swim Club 1 2 3 4; St. Council Con. Sec. 2; S. C. District Vice Pres. 4; Class Pres. 1 3; Vice Pres. 4; Chorus 1 2; Junior Play Ambition: Altruism KOUROSH SAFRANG ”1 do my thing and you do your thing, I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other it's beautiful.” Football 4; Track 4; Wres tling 4; Homecoming Att. 4 Ambition College. Doctor AMY CAROLYN SCHERTZ “The whole world is singing my song.” Annual Staff 4; St. Council3; GAA 1 2 3 4; Volleyball 3 4; Track 3; AFS 3 4; Treas. 4; Marching Band 4; Concert Band 4; Stage Band 4; Chorus 1 2; Swing Choir 2; Junior Play 3; Class Sec. 4 Ambition: Nursing 9ROGER ALAN SCHIEBER “Do it, before it does it for you. Football 23 4; Man. 1; Track 4; Man. 1 3; E Club 2 3 4; Chorus 12 3 4; Madngals 13 4 Ambition: Caterpillar MARTIN D. SIMPSON "One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.” Annual Staff 4; Football 134; Spanish Club 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Marching Band 12 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Stage Band 1 2 3 4; Treas. 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Ambition: College DANIEL PATRICK SCOTT “Things ain't what they used to be and probably never was." Football 4; Spanish Club 2; FFA 2 3 4; Sec. 3; Pres 4; Schol. Bowl 4; Track 1 2 4; E Club 4 Ambition: ICC JAYNE DELORA STEFFEN “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." Mu Alpha Theta 4, Math Contest 1; Track 3; AFS 123 4; Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Stage Band 2 3 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 4; Chess Culb 4; Senior Play Ambition: ISU, Music Therapy JULIE ANN SCOTT "Success is a journey, not a destination.” Newspaper 2 3 4; Co-editor 4; Spanish Club 123 4; Pres. 4; Natl Honor Soc. 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Math Contest 1 3; FHA 1 2 3 4; Vice Pres. 2; Pres. 3; GAA 3 4; AFS 1 2 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Ambition: Aurora College, Nursing MARY LOUISE SHEPARD "What is beautiful is good and who is good will soon also be beautiful." Chorus 2 3 4; Pom Pon 2; Ambition: Registered Nurse KIMBERLY G. STILES “Lord, give me patience but I want it right now!" Newspaper 3 4; Spanish Club 2 3 4; GAA 1 2 3; Track 2; AFS 2 3 4; Chorus 12 3 4 Ambition: Secretary SUZANNE MARIE STINE "Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes and softly sits on your shoulder. Annual Staff 3 4; Jr. Coeditor 3; Co ditor 4; Span ish Club 2 3 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Vice Pres. 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; St. Council 4; GAA 1 2 3 4; Spts.Chm.4; AFS34;50 mi. swim club 3 4; Marching Band 12 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Vice Pres. 4; Chorus 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Ambition: ISU, Computer Science 10JAMES CHARLES STREET “You see things as they are and ask ‘Why?’, But I dream things that never were and ask ‘Why not?”’ Football 1 2 3; Basketball 1 2;Track 123 4; E Club 123 4; Chorus 1 23 4; Madrigals 4; Wrestling 2 3 4 Ambition; Work JAMES ARTHOR TAYLOR "The one who doesn’t have the first laugh, has the best laugh." Football 1 2 3 4; FFA 2 3 4; Treas 4; E Club 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Ambition; ICC DENISE RENAE VALENTINE “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” Annual Staff 4; Spanish Club 1 2 3 4; Natl Honor Soc. 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; Schol. Bowl 3 4; GAA 1 2 3 4; Pt. Chm. 3; Vice Pres. 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Treas. 3; Class Pres. 4 Ambition: U. of I., Lawyer DEBRA LEE WALLER “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Annual Staff 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Math Contest 1 2 3; FHA 1 2; Vice Pres. 2; 50 mi. swim club 1 2 3 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4, Madrigals 3 4; Swing Choir 3 4; All State Choir 4 Ambition: Registered Nurse STEPHANIE ANN THIELEMANN “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise, than saved by criticism.” Annual Staff 4; Newspaper 3 4; Spanish Club 2 3; Treas. 4; GAA 2 3 4; Track 2; AFS 3; 50 Mi. Swim Club 2 3 4; Basketball 4; Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Junior Play, Student Director Ambition: College MICHAEL ALAN VANDEGRAFT “He who will not when he may, may not when he will.” Transfer Student 4 Ambition: Work ANTHONY WAYNE TURNER "There was never a good war nor a bad peace." Football 12; Basketball 123 4; E Club 3 4; Homecominq Att. 1 Ambition: Work TERESA L. WILKEY “To all who read as they pass by. As you are now, so once was I as I am now, so must you be. Therefore prepare to follow me. 50 mi. swim club 23 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4 Ambition: Undecided 11ROGER JOHN WOLF “Life is a march from innocence, through temptation, to virtue or to vice.” Spanish Club 1 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Pres. 4; FFA 3 4; Track 12 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Ambition: Eastern Illinois KAREN RENEE ZIMMERMAN “People who matter are most aware that everyone else does, too.” Annual Staff 4; Newspaper 2 3; Spanish Club 1 2; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3 4; Math Con test 1 2; St. Council 1 2 3 4; Sec. 2 3 4; Volleyball 3 4; AFS 3 4; 50 mi. swim club 4; Chorus 2 3 4; Madrigals 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Homecoming Att. 2; Queen 4: Class Sec. 1; Junior Marshall 3 Ambition: ICC, Clerical work EARNEST M. CAREY “I have not yet begun to fight.” Chorus 2 3 Ambition: Welding or Farming DEBBIE ANN HANSEN “When life gives you lem ons, make lemonade.” Ambition: Secretary Denise Valentine President Ann Pfister V. President Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Stiles Mr. Rabbe (not pictued) Sponsors Amy Schertz Secretary Brenda Ales T reasurer 12What can I say they love me!! Alright r that Who 1 B masked man BooFoo £kBoard Members Mr. Brown Mr. Delaney Mr. Dehority Mr. Rieffel Mr. Mool Mr. Porter Mrs. Fever Mr. Porter: Superintendent Mr. Kays: Principal Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Tipler: Secretaries to Mr. Mrs. Hocker: Secretary to Mr. Kays Porter 16Mr. Bates Industrial Arts, Assistant Wrestling Mrs. Brown Home Economics Mrs. Christensen BusinessMr. Hageman Guidance Counselor, Basketball Coach Mrs. Heck English I 1819 Mrs. Mohundro Mathematics Mrs. Musick ChorusMrs Rodgers Mr. Schroeder Girls P.E. Boys P.E., Football and Wrestling Coach 20Mrs. Stiles English III IV, World History Mr. Shive Band Mrs. Scott Mathematics, Spanish I II Mrs. Taylor Volleyball Coach Mr. Wolf Business 21Alford, Jeannic Anderson, Marsha Andrews. Carl Angotti, Geneva Armstrong, Kim Brown, Jerry Callender. Michael Canull, Gail Carey, Richard Carley, Michelle Charlett. Steven Cleary, Ann Cleary, David Crump, Scott Dam bold, Teresa ALWAYS AND Al Dodson. Step m Duffy. Mary V ' ■ I ..ins, la::.." Farrell, Sher. Feeney, Charles Fever, Darla Finck, Connie Fletcher. Cindia Forrest, Alan NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Franke, Beth Geiselman, John Grose, Jeffrey Grubb, Barry Grubb, Sheri 24PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Gustafson, Ben Haas, Russell Harrold, Joanna Harshbarger, Donald Hasty, Bobbie Jo Hasty, Sharon Heller, Sheri Hocker, Linda Hudson, Becky Hufeld, Dan Kelly, Brian Krug, Teresa Krug, Terri Lay, Dirk Loewen, Lyndon FOREVER Lovings, Douglas Malcome, Daniel Mason, Daniel Merritt, Franklin Miller. Eddy Miller, Robert Page, Richard Pfister, Jay Pinkham, Andy Porter, Toni Raymer, Brian Rhodes, Daniel Roth, David Safrang, Bozorgh Schaaf, Robert 25Schlattman, Paul Sennott, Scott Shawgo, Barbara Simpson, Rhonda Smith, Kari Stanford, Paul Spikes, Cheryl Steffen, Amy Steidinger, Amy Steidinger, Ellen Thario, Earnadean Tornow, Susan Turner, Jeffrey Valentine, David Waller, Robert Ward, Jill Wiechman, Linda Wilkey, Trent Williams, J.R. Witkowski, Paula Zirkle. Barbara Pennington. Kurt I £ S Sfc ',% SORRY, NO PHOTO CLASS OFFICERS Pres: Sheri Grubb V. Pres: Paula Witkowski Sec: Connie Finck Tres: Linda Hocker Sponsors: Mrs. Mohundro, Mr. Marshall and Mrs. Musick 2627Ales, Terry Allen, David Andrews, Tammie Armstrong, Tammy Armstrong, Terri Attig, Bruce Baxter, Todd Benedict, John Breach. Brian Breach, Teri Carey, Tom Carmack, Will Clark. Scott Clements, Scott Crammond, Rebecca HERE TODAY Cremer. Myra Eichelberger, Kevin Evans, Tony Farrell, Daniel Faulk, Gerald Feeney, Becki Folks, Norma Fritz, Michael Fuller, Teri Garrels, Bobbi Garrett, Steve Gates, Douglas Gazelle, Candy Giles, Robin Graber, Linda 28Gunn, Sara Haas, Lori Haas. Paul Haines, Lisa Harroun, Tracy Harvey, Diana Hayslette, Todd Heiken, Richard Hill, Rhonda Hinthorne, Larry Hinthorne, Linda Hudson. Gary Hynes, Peter King, Stormy Lawyer, Susan GONE TOMORROW Loewen, Landis Lovings, Tracy Malcom, Patty McWilliams. David Meier, Margie Miller, Sonia Mitchell, James Paternoga, Mark Pinkham, Todd Rhea, Skip Robbins, Janet Rogers, Linda Schertz, John Schifferer, William Schroeder, Lisa 29Scott, Barb Seggerman. Ronald Seiver, Diane Shaw, Duane Shawgo, Denise Shepard, Mark Shoemaker. Greg Sizemore. Carol Smith. Kay Stanford. Bruce Stine. Stephanie Stoller. Brenda Taylor. Buddy Terven. Michael Trunnel, Duane Underwood, Shelly Valentine, Suzanne Vogel, Sheila Wahls. Michael Watson. Lisa Wickenhauser. Gary Wolf. Ronald CLASS OFFICERS Pres: Patty Malcom V. Pres: Landis Loewen Sec: Becki Feeney Tres: Linda Rogers Sponsors: Mr. Wolf and Mr. Schroeder 30Aeschliman, Stephanie Alexander, Edie Allen, Karen Andrews, Tim Armstrong, Frank Armstrong, Jeff Baer. Brad Baer, Brenda Bailey, Michele Baker, Lisa Baumann, Marilyn Bergquist, Mara Burtis, Karen WE SHALL BE PATIENT Callender, Elaine Canull. Pat Carey, Larry Charlett, Eric Clark, Nick Cleary, Thomas Clements, Jeff Colburn, Thomas Cox, Lynn Craddock, Cynthia Dambold, Troy Davis, Karla Deerwester, Ralph DeKeyser, Jodi Delaney, John 32Denham, Eric Edgecomb, Beth Elyea, Tim Ewert, Carla Fever, Beth Fever, Ann Finck, Ron Finck, Vicki Forrest, Brian Franke. Sandee Garrels, John Grubb, Gary Flaas, Jeff AND OUR TURN Haas, Raymond Hall, Lori Hanson, Julie Heibenthal, Sheila Heller, Ricky Hinthorne, Raymond Hoffman, Teresa Hunt, James Jackson, Cindy Janssen, Lynne Jording, Lisa Kelley, Michael Kelly, Brad Kocevar. Marianne Kraft, Sherri 33Krug, Janet Locke. Betty Lloyd, Donald Lovings, Robbin Lovings, Dena Luttrell, Joyce Malcome, Larry Malcome, Terry Marshall, Charlene Martin, Brad McCormick, Diana Meier. Michael Messer, Lori WILL COME Miller, Richard Newkirk, Kathryn Oliver, Donald Page, Pam Pfab, Tracey Pfister. Mary Pinkham, Amy Porth, Jeff Reeves, Mary Reynolds, Larry Rhea, Peggy Ridgeway. Hoagey Roberts, Brad Rogers. Joy Schieber, Darwin 34Schifferer, Gary Scott, Lori Sizemore, Jerry Stanford, Joe Steffen, Dennis Stimpert, Craig Sutton. Julie Thario, James Tornow, Dennis Trunnell, Sally Volz, Susie Waller. Diana Waller. Michael Watkins, Sally Wickenhauser, Keith Garrels, Nancy CLASS OFFICERS Pres: Peggy Rhea V. Pres: Nick Clark Sec: Dennis Steffen Tres: Tracey Pfab Sponsors: Mr. Cozzolino and Mr. Rayner 3536Annual Staff UNDERCLASSMEN Darla Fever Connie Finck Karen Zimmerman Suzie Stine BAND Terry Pfab Steph Thielemann CHEERLEADERS Paula Hynes Kim Keene PHOTOGRAPHERS Kate Krug Priscilla Angotti Michele Riker Brenda Ales STUDENT COUNCIL Kim Dehority Karen Zimmerman John Dukes FFA AND FHA Brenda Ales Priscilla Angotti MU ALPHA THETA Connie Finck FACULTY Terry Pfab Carol Sue Hostetler Ann Pfister BOYS’ SPORTS Terry Pfab Tom Armstrong Matt Haas Greg Hunsaker Mike Armstrong NATL HONOR SOC. Ann Pfister END OF YEAR Steph Thielemann Bev Hayes CHESS CLUB Todd Armstrong GIRLS’ SPORTS Kim Dehority Karen Zimmerman Brenda Ales Paula Hynes Amy Schertz NEWSPAPER STAFF Connie Farrell HOMECOMING Kate Krug Diana Haines PROM Kim Dehority Karen Zimmerman Paula Hynes CHORUS Kate Krug Diana Haines ANNUAL STAFF Suzie Stine Darla Fever SCHOLASTIC BOWL Kim Dehority SENIOR PAGE Suzie Stine Diana Haines Kate Krug AFS Kim Dehority Julie Scott EPRA Denise Valentine SPANISH CLUB Amy Schertz JUNIOR SENIOR PLAYS Brenda Ales Connie Finck 38 Editors: Suzie Stine Carol Sue Hostetler, Assistant Editor: Terry Pfab, Junior Editors: Darla Fever Connie Finck, Advi sor: Mr Kramme (not pictured)FOOTBALL hrsl Row J Grose, J Taylor, R Schieber, T Moser, M Haas, M Heller, T Pfab, K Armstrong. M Fever; Second Row B Raymer. C Feeney. B Kelly, A Pinkham, T Wilkey, P Schlattman, R Page, S Rhea, Third Row M Morgan, K. Safrang, M Armstorng, E Lloyd. M Simpson, D Scott. K Eichelberger, Fourth Row B Schifferer.T Armstrong, D Rhodes. B Schaal. P Hynes. L Loewen. T Hayslette, Fifth Row: D Gates. T Pinkham, D McWilliams, J Faulk, D Farrell. R Seggerman. D Allen; Sixth Row R Wolf, B Taylor. T Ales. P Haas. G Hudson. M Tervin, M Fritz; Seventh Row T. Baxter, J. Pfister, F Armstrong. D. Steffen. Coach Cozzolino, Coach Rayner Coach’s Comments The 1979 Comet football team experienced the ups and downs of a young football team. The season started rather slow for the Comets, but by the end of the season the Comets were playing outstanding foot ball. Our Seniors played very well and were supported well by our underclassmen. The Homecoming game against Gridley and the season finals against Wood land were both excellent football games. The squeakers against Chenoa, Dee Mack, and Leroy will also be remembered as highlights of the season. The 1979 team will long be remembered by the Coaching Staff as very hard workers and dedicated to the program. They are very fine young men, and indeed a pleasure to coach and be associated with! Coach Rayner 39Mitch Fever Co-CAPTAINS Marty Heller 40Eddie Lloyd - Guard Todd Moser - Nose Guard Matt Haas - Flanker. Best Marty Simpson - Def. End. Blocker Most Improved Player Terry Pfab - Tight End, All Con. Hon. Mention Marty Heller - Fullback, All Con. Off. Back, All Con. Def. Back, MVP, Best Off. Back, Co Captain, Coach’s All Star Game Mitch Fever - Guard. All Con. Hon. Mention Off. Guard, Def. Linebacker, Most Tackles, Co-Captain Mike Armstrong - Center Mark Morgan - Center Dan Scott - Split-End Roger Schieber - Tackle Jim Taybr - Tackle 41First Row: S. Rhea, T Pinkham, P Haas, J. Faulk, K. Eichelberger, D, Farrell, L. Lowen; Second Row: B. Schifferer. T. Ales, D. Mcwilliams, M Fritz, D Allen, G. Hudson, T. Baxter, T. Hayslette; Third Row: Coach Cozzolino. D. Gates, B Taylor, R. Wolf, R Seggerman, M. Terven, P Hynes Sophomores Freshmen First Row: D. Schieber, T Dambold, L. Cox, J Haas, G. Grubb, N Clark, B Martin; Second Row: B, Kelly, J. Garrels, D. Loyd, B. Baer, T. Pfab, T. Cleary; Third Row: G. Schifferer, T. Elyea, J. Clements, J. Armstrong, R. Hunt, F. Armstrong-Mgr., Coach Cozzolino Varsity Record El Paso 00 Eureka 20 El Paso 14 LeRoy 12 El Paso 06 Minonk Dana Rutland 27 El Paso 08 Deer Creek Makinaw 14 El Paso 16 Flanagan 14 El Paso 30 Gridley 13 El Paso 18 Chenoa 21 El Paso 08 Lexington 22 El Paso 35 Woodland 06 42 Do the twist "e practiced real aard this week." » Follow the bouncing ball Sr " CHAMP 43Mu Alpha Theta First Row: Mrs. Mohundro Advisor, C. Hostetler - Tres., B. Zirkle - Sec., S. Stine - V. Pres., R. Wolfe Pres.. Mr Rabbe -Advisor. Second Row: J. Williams, S. Tornow, L Hocker, C. Finck, J. Ward, A. Pfister, P. Hynes, D. Fever. Third Row: K. Krug, D Waller, A Steffen, G. Angotti, D. Valentine, C. Farrell, D. Thario, T. Dambold, S. Grubb. Fourth Row: C. Feeney, R. Page, T. Pfab, J Brown. T. Armstrong, D. Valentine, S. Sennott, S. Crump, M Simpson, M. Armstrong Math Contest First Row: Mrs. Mohundro Advisor, D. Steffen, M. Waller, A. Pfister, D. Eft, M Kocevar, C. Spikes, J. Ward. S. Tornow, Mr Rabbe Advisor. Second Row: B. Baer. K. Krug, P. Rhea, C. Hostetler, D. Thario, T. Dambold, J. Harrold, S. Stine. Third Row: B Zirkle. T. Armstrong, B. Scott, T. Pfab, T. Evans, B Kelly, S. Stine, D. Valentine, C. Farrell. Fourth Row: R. Page, T. Baxter, T. Pfab, J. Brown. T Armstrong, D. Valentine, S. Sennott, D. Luedtke, M. Armstrong, R Wolfe 49FHA First Row: Mrs. Brown, P Witkowski V Pres.R Simpson Sec. Tres .T. Krug Act. Chmn; Second Row: L. Flail, T. Armstrong. J. Robbins, L. Schroeder, D Harvey, B. Crammond, L. Janssen; Third Row: L. Baker. C. Fletcher. A Cleary, C. Spikes, C. Eft; Fourth Row: J. Scott, D. Calyaneratne, B. Flayes, P. Angotti, C. Hostetler, C. Farrell, Not Pictured: L. Wiechman Pres. 50 First Row: J. Schertz, J Delaney. M Waller, K Eichelberger. B Attig, G. Schifferer. E Denham, B Schifferer; Second Row: B Waller, R. Wolf, D. Mason. T. Wilkey, E. Lloyd, E. Miller, D. Scott, J. Pfister, D. Valentine, T. Ales, J. Taylor, B. Gustafson, C. Stimpert, B. Scott, Mjss BocockNational Honor Society Row 1: M. Heller, S. Stine, T. Pfab, K. Dehority, P Hynes, C. Feeney, L. Loewen, Sponsor: Mrs. Rodgers. Row 2: K. Krug, D. Valentine, A Pfister, C. Hosteller, C. Farrell, K. Zimmerman, B. Stoller, P. Hynes. Row 3 B. Zirkle, C. Finck, T. Dambold. S. Grubb, L. Hocker, B. Kelly, S. Stine, S. Tornow. Not present: J. Scott, J. Brown. Sponsor: Mrs. Etcheson. Newspaper Staff Row 1 M. Fritz, S. Grubb, C. Farrell and J. Scott; co editors, D. Fever, S. Tornow, R. Wolf. Row 2: M. Wahles, T. Fuller, G. Angotti, S. Underwood, K. Krug, B. Fever, P. Angotti, T. Andrews, M. Terven. Row3: F. Harrold, S. Thielemann, T. Craddock, B Hayes. Row 4: D. Eft, C. Spikes, D. Haines, K Stiles, P. Witowski, C. Fletcher, C. Finck, R Simpson, T. Krug, T. Armstrong, D. Harvey, B. Crammond. L. Rogers, S. VogelClub de Espanol First Row: T Andrews. D Fever. S Tornow. J. Scott Pres . S. Vogel, R Wolf, P. Page. G Angotti, J. Ward, P Angotti.L. Haas. L. Rogers, L. Graber, B. Fever, D. Steffen. B. Zirkle Tres.; Second Row: S. Underwood, B. Shawgo, S. Dodson, C. Marshall, B Baer. M Bergquist. L. Schroeder. B. Stoller, C. Finck. B. Crammond, A. Pankham, M Kocevar, C. Spikes, D. Eft.C Hostetler; Third Row: K Stiles Sec., L. Hocker, S. Stine, M. Anderson. D Harvey,S. Aeschliman, C. Feeney, T. Dambold.T. Armstrong. D Allen, P Witkowski, J. R Williams, B. Franke, L. Janssen, Mrs. Scott; Third Row: P. Rhea, T. Baxter, S. Stine, M Wahls, M. Fritz. B Kelly, J. Pfister, S. Sennott, S. Crump, D. Cleary, S. Thielemann, M. Riddle. D. Valentine, C. Farrell V. Pres., M. Duffy Industrial Arts First Row: R Heiken Tres . L. Loewen Pres . B Hayes Sec , J Geiselman V Pres . Mr Marshall; Second Row: L Reynolds. K Eichelberger, S. Rhea. L. Loewen. F Haas. T. Elyea; Third Row: D. Trunnel, T. Wilkey, L Heiken. B Roberts, P Angotti 52Student Council Seated: C. Feeney, K Dehority, K. Zimmerman, M. Carley, Left to right: Mrs Stiles, advisor. S. Stine. B Kelly, L. Loewen, C. Finck, P. Hynes, L. Rogers, S. Franke, P. Hynes, P. Rhea, B Stoller, T. Ales, D. Cleary, J.R Williams, J. Dukes. T. Armstrong, S. Grubb. B Kelly. T. Pfab Officers The 1979-80 Student Council calendar was a busy one. The summer meeting was especially memorable at Feeney’s at Lake Bloomington. It didn’t seem possible that a year that began with so much fun could involve so much work. In September, El Paso hosted the Prairie 8 district workshop with about 100 students attending. Ann Pfister, district vice president, was in charge and everyone worked to make the day a huge success. Homecoming 1979 had a western flavor. The parade was capably handled by Kim Dehority while the games were done by Karen Zimmerman, who did a bang up job. Christmas soon followed - a “trying time” (first we tried this movie, then we tried that one) - but everyone was relieved that “The Sting" was the movie title and not the reaction to it. Dances were frequent and varied - remember Polaris, Kim as sweetheart, seeing Matt Cornell again, Jay as disc jockey, and KZ? We served lunch for the scholastic bowl contest, learning that we didn’t need as many onions, but 10 dozen donuts are too many. The year was not without learning experiences the workshops, district convention, state convention, and Chuck’s week at ICE in Spring-field increased our awareness of the importance of leadership and the activities of councils around the state. The year ended as it began - lots of fun at Comlara - a time of relaxation after a hectic year. Mrs. Stiles Seated: M. Carley. Treas.; K Zimmerman, Sec ; K. Dehority, V. Pres.; C. Feeney, Pres. Standing: Mrs. Stiles, advisor; A Pfister, V. Pres, of Prairie 8 District; B Stoller. Sec. of Midstate 5354Basketball Kneeling: Manager - D. Steffen, Coach Mr Hageman, J. Pfister Manager; Standing (Left to Right): D. McWilliams, L. Loewen, T. Armstrong, J. Brown, G. Hunsaker, D. Valentine. S. Sennott, T. Armstrong, S. Crump, B. Kelly, M. Heller, not pictured, Tony Turner Coach’s Comments The 1979-80 Comets suffered through a 6-18 season. Inconsistent shooting and ball handling plagued them all season. Rebounding and defense were strong points throughout the year. The highlight of the season was winning the Consolation Championship of the Woodland Tournament. Senior Marty Heller was captain, most valuable, best defensive, and led the team in assists and steals. Leading scorer was Junior Scott Sennott who was also selected to the Midstate conference 2nd team. The leading rebounder was Senior Greg Hunsaker. Selected as Tri-Captains for 1980 81 were Scott Crump, Scott Sennott, and Dave Valentine. With five letterman returning, the Comets are looking forward to next season. Coach Hageman 55Todd Armstrong Lettermen Tom Armstroi Jerry Brown Scott Crump Greg Hunsak Marty Heller Dave McWilliarr Scott Senno: Brian Kelly Landis Loewen Dave Valentine 56Junior Varsity Kneeling: Coach Cozzolino. Manager D. Steffen; Standing (Left to Right) L. Reynolds, S. Rhea, D McWilliams, J. Benedict, L. Loewen, D. Farrell, M. Paternoga, R. Finck, B. Kelly, B. Baer, S. Clark, T Pfab, E. Denham. Freshman 57 (Left to Right) Manager D. Steffen, L. Reynolds, T Pfab, B. Kelly, R Finck, B Baer, S. Clark, E. Denham, Coach - Cozzolino.HI - y.1l0Jlsc : wa4 v 4 ' r -- aaaln ? j r El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso 37 Lowpoint Washburn 41 Dwight 64 Braidwood 69 Woodland 51 Roanoke Benson 45 Lexington 49 Chenoa 34 Gridley 57 Eurkea 70 Minonk 40 Flanagan 57 Woodland 60 Roanoke Benson 63 Eureka 48 Dee Mack 51 Gridley 47 Lexington 56 Chenoa 69 Minonk 61 Flanagan 59 Dee Mack 60 Woodland 59 Gridley 56 Roanoke-Benson 585960VOLLEYBALL First Row: S. Dodson, B. Shawgo, S. Grubb, P Rhea, A. Cleary, J. DeKeyser, M. Kocevar, B. Fever; Second Row: C. Fletcher Mgr,, M. Carley, K. Keene, A. Schertz, S. Stine, K. Dehority, K Zimmerman, L. Hocker, Coach Taylor, Not Pictured: Sheila Hiebenthal, Stephanie Aeschliman, and Mandy Riddle. Coach’s Comments SENIOR POWER Senior Players: Kim Dehority - A very consistent player in all areas of the game. Set a school record of 26 good spikes in a match, Kim Keene - A strong, well skilled player. Plays with determination and enthusiasm for the sport. Amy Schertz A good sportsman and hardworking player. A good example to follow. Suzie Stine - A very reliable player. She has really improved her skills through her career. Karen Zimmerman A never fail server and super setter. She has enough energy for the entire team. The Varsity record was 5-9. MOST VALUABLE - Kim Keene MOST IMPROVED - Stephanie Dodson MOST ENTHUSIASTIC - Karen Zimmerman 6162Girl’s Basketball Standing left to right Miss Kahle; coach, R Giles, K Hudson, J Dekeyser, B. Scott, S. Thielemann, S. Aeschliman, L, Hocker, M Carley. Kneeling: D Harvey, T. Armstrong, Statiticians, C. Fletcher, R. Simpson, managers. Standing left to right: R. Giles, S. Gunn, L. Janssen, A. Cleary, S. Franke.S. Aeschliman, S.Trunnel, M. Berquist, A. Pinkham, J. DeKeyserCoach’s Comments Considering this was the first year for girl’s basketball, the team finished with a remarkable 3-4 record. The girls improved drastically over the season despite a ridiculous schedule which had them play two games in five days then wait a month before playing again. Junior Linda Hocker was easily the leading scorer with a 23.7 point per game average including games of 35 and 30 points. Her lowest game was 18 points. Linda was also leading rebounder with 6.6 a game. Freshman Steph Aeschliman was second leading scorer with 5.0 points a game with a high single effort of 16 points. Freshman Jodi DeKeyser was second leading rebounder with 5.6 a game. As a team, El Paso averaged 39.6 points to their opponents 42.4. Best offensive effort came in their biggest win, a 59-47 victory over Lexington. Worst defeat and most points given up came in the 54 38 loss to Wenona. A 34 26 win over Low Point Washburn provided the best defensive effort. Guard Kathy Hudson is the only regular to be lost to graduation (Steph Thielemann was out because of back injury), therefore the coming season looks encouraging. The girls are not only basketball players, but also well-rounded students. Coach Kahle 64Track First Row: L Watson, K Armstrong, S Hiebenthal, L. Messer, J. Rogers, B. Scott, N. Folks; Second Row: B Ales, K Hudson, A. Cleary, A Pinkham, M Baumann, T. Breach; Third Row: Coach Kahle.S. Trunnell.T Armstrong, D. Haruey, M Berquist, J. Sutton. Managers; C. Fletcher, R. Simpson Coach’s Comments The freshman dominated El Paso High girls’ track team had a reasonably successful season. The girls improved on last year’s dismal performance and could develop into a contending team in a couple of years. School records were set in three events and were threatened in three others. Marilyn Bauman set a record in the discus and Mara Bergquist set a record in the 440 yd. dash. Lori Messer was the most spectacular record setter, breaking the record in the mile four times. Her final best of 5:55.3 was 47 seconds faster than the record at the start of the season. Lori was also most valuable on the team and was leading scorer with 36‘ 4 points. Shot putter-hurdler Jodi DeKeyser was second in scoring with 29' 4 points and high jumper Barb Scott was third with 19 points. Track letters were awarded to senior Kathy Hudson, junior Ann Cleary, sophomore Barb Scott and freshman Lori Messer, Jodi DeKeyser, Marilyn Bauman, Julie Sutton, Sally Trunnell, Joy Rogers, Mara Bergquist and Amy Pinkham. Coach Kahle 65A F S 1st Row: D. Fever, J. Scott, J. Ward, A. Schertz Treas.. K. Krug, M Riddle, D. Calyaneratne, C. Hostetler-Pres., A. Pfister (not pictured)-V. Pres., C. Finck Sec., J. Robbins, Mrs. Scott, advisor. 2nd Row: G Angotti, P.Hynes. B Franke, K. Zimmerman, L. Hocker. B. Crammond. S. Grubb, K. Stiles, D. Haines, S. Tornow 3rd Row: T. Armstrong, P. Angotti, M. Anderson, A. Steffen, L. Schroeder, T. Krug, P. Witkowski, D. Thario, J. Steffen, B. Hayes, T. Fuller. 4th Row: C. Farrell. A. Cleary, K. Dehority, S. Stine, S. Thielemann, B. Scott, T. Baxter, T. Armstrong, D. Harvey, B Zirkle. This year has proved to me that the saying “It’s the people who make a place” is true. I have been made so welcome and feel so much a part of EPHS that I will always regard El Paso as my second home. Words are inadequate to express what I feel but 1 want to thank everyone - you’ve made my year in the U.S. fantastic. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially my friends and teachers, for their help, time and understanding throughout the year. You all have made this year one I’ll always remember. Dee 66 MandyChess Club First Row: Sponsor Mrs. Mohundro, F Harrold, D. Luedtke. B Safrang, J. Brown. R Page. Second Row: D Calyanefd,ne Steffen, T. Baxter, T. Armstrong, J. Mitchell, L. Reynolds. E Club 67 First Row: T Pinkham, B Raymer, A. Pinkham, M Heller. M Armstrong, D McWilliams, D. Gates. Second Row: T Moser, P. Hynes, L Loewen. T. Wilkey, M Haas, B Grubb, T Pfab, B. Schifferer, C. Feeney, R Page. Third Row: Coach Rayner. E. Lloyd, D. Valentine, S. Sennott, S. Crump. R. Schieber, B Kelly, J. Brown. T. Armstrong, Coach CozzolinoScholastic Bowl Row 1: A. Pfister, D. Eft, B. Zirkle, C. Farrell. Row2: Miss Rahn,advisor, T. Armstrong, J. Brown, D. Valentine. Capt , Dan Scott (not pictured) (not pictured) Congratulations to everyone who helped with the Midstate Conference Scholastic Bowl held in El Paso. It was a job well done! 68E.P.R.A. First Row: (Board) B Hayes, Sr Class Rep.;L. Hocker, Jr. Class Rep . M Carley.Treas . D. Valentine. Vice Pres ; K. Dehority, Pres.; A Schertz and B. Scott, Sports Chrms.; S. Stine and D. Fever, Pts. Chrms.. S. Stine, Soph. Class Rep; B Fever .Fresh, Class Rep.; Mrs. Rodgers - Advisor. Second Row: L. Graber, S. Trunnell, S. Underwood, B. Baer, A. Fever, J. Sutton. J. Rogers, S. Volz, S. Tornow, S. Dodson, T. Fuller, T. Andrews, A. Pfister, K. Krug, B. Crammond, T. Armstrong, T. Hoffman. Third Row: L. Haas. S. Vogel, J Krug. M. Kocevar, S. Hiebenthal, M. Pfister, C. Craddock, L. Rogers, C. Finck, B Franke, S. Grubb, C. Hostetler, S. Spikes. D. Eft, P Angotti, S. Farrell. S. Valentine, M Duffy. Fourth Row: C. Marshall, L. Messer, M Reeves, P Rhea. S. Watkins. S. Aschelman, J. Harrold, J. Hudson. T. Dambold, M Riddle. C. Farrell. B. Zirkle. L. Schoeder, D. Harvey, T. Armstrong. 50 Mile Swim Club 69 First Row: Mrs. Rodgers - Advisor, S Underwood. L. Rogers. S. Vogel. L. Graber, L. Haas. M. Bailey Second Row: R Haas. P. Witkowski, S. Dodson, B. Scott, B. Zirkle, T. Armstrong, D. Harvey. Third Row: A. Pfister, P. Hynes, B Ales, P. Lovings, S. Stine, M. Riddle, J. Steffen, B. Hayes, D. Waller. Not pictured: S. Thielemann, K. Keene.Bowling First Row: 1st place winners; M. Simpson, K. Zimmerman, K. Dehority - High average. T. Pfab. Second Row: K Krug Most improved, 2nd place winners K. Hudson, D. Luedtke. D. Valentine. T. Fever. 3 Court Volleyball Champions First Row: P. Malcome, G. Hunsaker. Second Row: P. Page, M. Armstrong, T. Armstrong, J. Brown. S. Kraft, L. Scott. Not Present: T. Armstrong, M. Shephard. Speedball Tournament Winners First Row: S. Hiebenthal, B. Franke, S. Dod son, D. Fever, J. Harrold. Second Row: T. Hoffman, J. DeKeyser, S. Aschelman. D. Lov ings. Not Present: B. Shawgo. 70Row 1; B Fever. L Cox. B Baer. P Rhea. J. Krug, L. Messer. Row 2: C. Hostfetler, C. Farrell. K Krug, E. Lloyd, T. Moser, J. Street. Row 3: D. Fever, S. Tornow, B. Franke, S. Dodson, S. Grubb, Coach Rodgers. Not present: B. Shawgo. Row 4: S. King, M. Fritz, B. Feeney, L. Loewen, S. Stine. Not present: D. ShawgoWRESTLING Row 1: J. Haas. D. Franzen Row 2: B. Safrang. D. Schieber. M Terven. T. Andrews. T. Dambold, D. Oliver. M Kelly, R Heller. J. Porth, G. Grubb. K. Safrang. Row 3: D. Gates. M Armstrong. T. Moser. J. Street. B. Grubb, E. Lloyd. P Hynes. M Haas. E Charlett, T. Andrews. J. Franzen, Coach Schroeder CO-CAPTAINS 72Mike Armstrong - 138 lbs. 17-12 Eddie Lloyd - 167 lbs. 13-10 Todd Moser - 145 lbs. 17-10 Jim Street - 132 lbs. 10-11 •The day on which Matt achieved his 31-0 record coincided with his parent's 31st wedding anniversary!Coach’s Comments The highlight of the 1979 1980 season has to be the State Championship effort of Matt Haas at the 112 lbs. weight division. This was not only the first State Championship in wrestling in El Paso’s history, but the first in any sport ever. Congratulations to Matt and best wishes for an even more successful college career. The dual meet record was 118. The El Paso wrestling team won the Midstate Wrestling Invitational, was placed 3rd in the Flanagan Invitational and had three boys advance to the sectionals. They were, of course. Matt Haas, Barry Grubb, and Joe Franzen. The wrestling team wishes to thank the cheerleaders for their loyal support and all the fans who came to cheer for the guys during the season. Coach Schroeder 7475Marching Band Geneva Angotti, Drum Majorette Officers The 1979-80 El Paso High School band began its performing season by marching in the annual Corn Festival parade. During the football season, the band performed at the five home games as well as the Homecoming parade. The pep band provided the entertainment during the home basketball games. The concert season began with the Christmas concert. In February, they put on “An Evening at the Pops” which was full of surprises. In April, we took part in the IHSA band contest. In May, we went on tour to Saybrook and Tri Valley with a picnic in Peoria the next day and then we played for El Paso’s grade schoolers in the park. The season climaxed with the spring concert. The jazz band was also active: playing on tour, for Kiwanis Club, and the Spring Swing. 77 M. Simpson: Tres., B Zirkle: Sec., S. Stine: V. Pres., T. Pfab: Pres.CONCERT BAND FLUTES Stephanie Thielemann Geneva Angotti Jill Ward CLARINETS Suzie Stine Barb Zirkie Lori Messer Janet Krug CORNETS Todd Baxter Terry Pfab Lyn Loewen Barb Scott Donny Oliver Brad Martin TROMBONES Bruce Attig Scott Clements SAXAPHONES John Sc hertz Marty Simpson Tracey Pfab Dennis Steffen Jayne Steffen Terry Malcome Mike Terven BARITONES Eric Denham Larry Malcome BASSOON Craig Stimpert PERCUSSION Paul Schlattman Mary Pfister Amy Schertz Tom Colburn 78Jazz Band Row 1: M. Terven, J. Schertz, J. Steffen, M. Simpson, D. Steffen. Row 2 T Baxter, T. Pfab, L. Loewen, B. Scott, D. Oliver, S. Clements, A. Schertz. P. Schlattman, Director; Mr Schive 'T faking it easy SENIOR POWER" 79Chorus Officers The El Paso High School Chorus performed the first time during the 1979 80 school year at the Christmas Concert. The chorus presented a cantata “Unto Us A Child Is Born” with taped accompaniment at that concert. In the spring, El Paso hosted the IHSA solo and ensemble contest in which 12 of our entrees received superior ratings and 12 received excellent ratings At the IHSA organizational contest, the newly selected Honors Chorus, Women’s Chorus, and Men’s Chorus each received Superior ratings. This marked the first time in 3 years that all 3 choruses received Superior ratings. From the results of the 2 contests. El Paso was ranked 8th among all Class C Schools. The Modulations had an active year: performing for the Kiwa nis Club, at Corn Festival, on tour, and at both concerts. They completed their year with the Spring Swing concert. The 125 voiced chorus climaxed their year by presenting a Spring Concert, going on a concert tour to Clinton, Chenoa, and Univeristy High School, and spending a day at Mariott’s Great America. The chorus worked very hard this year. They have performed a variety of styles of music for many different audiences. They continue to grow and improve their performing excellence. Mrs. Musick 80 Row 1: S. Dodson; V. Pres., K Krug; Pres , K. Zimmerman; V. Pres., Row 2: D. Haines; Tres., S. Grubb; Sec., B. Ales; Sec.Madrigals 1st Row: J. Steffen, D Waller. K Zimmerman, J Harrold. 2nd Row: S. Tornow, B. Franke, C. Finck, K Krug. 3rd Row: B. Waller, T. Baxter. J. Dukes, C. Andrews. 4th Row: T. Moser, S. Clements, B. Grubb, J. Benedict Swing Choir IUUIJ From Left to Right: B. Grubb, B. Ales, B. Shawgo, A. Pinkham, T. Pinkham. S. Underwood. M Heller, P. Hynes. J. Dukes. S. Dodson. D. Waller. S. Clements. B Feeney. J. Benedict, T. Baxter, K. Krug, M. Carley. J. Grose. Accompanists: A. Schertz, P. Schlattman Oq the First Day 81Track Js Row 1: P. Hynes, M. Haas. M Heller, A. Pinkham, T. Pinkham, D. Gates, C. Feeney. Row 2: J. Franzen, T Pfab, L. Cox, L. Loewen, K. Eichelberger, J. Street, D. Allen. Row 3: E. Denham, J. Porth, R Hinthorne, N. Clark, R. Schieber.G. Hunsaker, M Armstrong. Row 4: Mr. Rayner Coach, E. Miller, B. Kelly, B. Grubb, K. Safrang El Paso Wins Fifth Consecutive Mid State Championship Coach’s Comments The 1980 track team finished their season at Eastern Illinois University at the State Track Meet. Overall the season was very successful as the Comets won their 5th straight Mid-State Conference Championship. Several new records were established. The 2 mile relay ran a 8:37.4 at the District meet to establish a new record. The runners on the relay were Matt Haas, Chuck Feeney, Bill Schifferer, and Greg Hunsaker. Marty Heller tied the High Hurdle mark at 14.9 and established a new record in the330 yd Hurdles at a 38:51 clocking and placed 4th in the state. Matt Haas set a new 880 yd record as he ran a 2.07:6. The Comets also were undefeated in five dual meets and the Frosh Soph team won the Woodford County and placed second in the Conference. The Seniors participating this season had an outstanding year. Kevin Armstrong, Mike Armstrong, Tom Armstrong, Matt Haas, Marty Heller, Greg Hunsaker, Kourosh Safrang, and Roger Schieber will be missed but the lower classmen coming up will have something to shoot for next year. Coach Rayner 82 Marty qualified for the state meet on May 23. The class of 80 was disappointed he could not attend graduation but was proud of his accomplishments. 83THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS “Cheaper by the Dozen” Director: Carol Stiles Student Director: Brenda Ales Prompter: Kathy Hudson Cast Ernestine..... Frank ........ Mr. Gilbreth .. Anne........... Martha......... Bill.......... Lillian....... Fred........... Jackie......... Dan........... Mrs. Gilbreth . Dr. Burton Joe Scales Mrs. Fitzgerald Miss Brill..... Larry ........ ......Suzie Stine ....Jim Benedict .....John Dukes .....Paula Hynes Karen Zimmerman .. Mike Armstrong Connie Farrell ......Matt Haas ......Roger Wolf ....Marty Heller ....Kim Dehority .. Tom Armstrong .....Dave Grubb .....Barb Green Mandy Riddle .....Todd MoserTHE JUNIOR CLASS PRESENTS “Meet Me In St. Louis” Director: Edward McGroarty Student Directors: Beth Franke and Amy Steidinger Prompter: Trent Wilkey Cast Mr. Smith Mrs. Smith Lon Rose Esther Agnes T ootie Grandpa Prophator Katie Mr. Dodge Mr. Duffy Mrs. Waughop John Shephard Lucille Pentard Fred Gregory Ida Boothby Conductor 85Prom “Always And Forever” Another year goes passing by Another Prom is here To some this bring a joyous smile To others, brings a tear For four years you have tread a path From dawn to setting sun But now the path gets steeper And the climb is just begun. We’re very glad to know you We’ll miss you when you’ve gone And to the class of ’80 We dedicate our Prom. —The Juniors 86Awards Night GIRLS PE: Kathy Hudson BOYS PE: Roger Schieber NATIONAL CHORUS: Kate Krug, John Dukes MUSIC HONOR STUDENT: Jayne Steffen ARION (BAND): Suzie Stine ARION (CHORUS): Debbie Waller JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA: Amy Schertz MARINES BAND AWARD: Terry Pfab TODD SKOLEK MEMORIAL: Marty Heller, Greg Hunsaker ENGLISH: Marty Simpson MATH: Ann Pfister SCIENCE: Ann Pfister SOCIAL STUDIES: Kathy Hudson FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Linda Hocker BUSINESS: Karen Zimmerman ART: Diane Siever, Myra Crammer INDUSTRIAL ARTS: Russ Haas AGRICULTURE: Mike Waller PERFECT ATTENDANCF Kevin Armstrong Todd Armstrong (3) Earnest Carey Kim Dehority Kathy Hudson (4) Terry Pfab Roger Schieber (2) James Street Karen Zimmerman (4) Don Lloyd Diana Waller Donna Eft Connie Finck Linda Hocker Dan Rhodes Tammie Andrews Rebecca Crammond Candy Gazelle Landis Loewen John Schertz (2) Dena Lovings Lisa Schroeder (2) Michelle Underwood Jeff Armstrong Larry Carey Ron Finck Brian Forrest Lisa Jording Brad Kelly Marianne Kocevar Tracey Pfab VALEDICTORIANS: Carol Hostetler, Ann Pfister SALUTATORIANS: Suzie Stine, Denise Valentine DAR: Kim Dehority 87BACCALAUREATE - Sunday, May 18, 1980 Speaker - Reverend Cowley Music Selection by Kate Krug and Debbie Waller -Processional and Recessional by Todd Baxter. SENIOR CLASS TRIP - Tuesday, May 20, 1980 At 6:00 a.m. the Seniors met between the schools to start their trip. After a pitstop at McDonalds, they arrived in downtown St. Louis to get their first good look at the Arch. At 11:30 they were ‘revolving’ at Stouffer’s and eating strange foods. Then off to Six Flags! After a day filled with ghosts and goblins, the Screaming Eagle, and cotton candy, they were ready to head home; this time with a few extra “stuffed” passengers. They arrived back at good old El Paso at 2:15 a.m.! SENIOR BREAKFAST - Thursday, May 22, 1980 The Seniors met at Davis Lodge, Lake Bloomington on a beautiful sunny day. The senior's parents prepared a breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham. After the farewell comments and a game of learning everyone’s future plans, the Seniors said good-bye — but only until the final night. GRADUATION - Friday, May 23, 1980 After a dreary, rainy morning, the Seniors’ spirits lifted with the weather. At 7:30 p.m. the entire Senior Class met once again for the final commencement exercises. VALEDICTORIANS Ann Pfister - “Trials, Trust, and Triumph' Carol Sue Hostetler - Class Farewell SALUTATORIANS Denise Valentine - “Once Upon a Time” Suzie Stine - Class Welcome Music by the Senior Choir - Processional and Reces sional by the Commencement Band. AMERICAN LEGION AWARDS Ann Pfister and Terry Pfab Denise Valentine and Greg Hunsaker (runner-up) ORVILLE HAAS AWARD Carol Sue Hostetler - First Place Suzanne Stine - Second Place After tearful good-byes, the Class of 1980 took their first step on the “Long and Winding Road” . . . 88“This is it By gosh" Mixed Feelings Wake up Todd' 90CLASS WILLS I. Brenda Ales, leave knowing that I will never be called "Boom Boom" again, and that I had the meanest "Torino" in the family. I. Priscilla Angotti, leave my quietness to Terri H . my ability to give to Freshmen'to A S., D.T ., M A , J.M..S.F .and Roundman, and knowing that L M . K A . B R , T A . B M . K.P , M B . R H . C.S.. K B., D R . T M . and Mike will carry on our noon hour tradition I. Mike Armstrong, leave my wrestling singlet to anyone who can fill it and find it I, Todd Armstrong, leave EPHS wondering how many seniors of 1981 will pass any science classes without my presence. 1, Jim Benedict, leave knowing that H1F1, DC, and Paul will take care of things next year I, Tnsh Craddock, leave John G my Beach Boys tape I, Kim Dehority. leave knowing that Terry will be gone so Beth F will have to find someone else to wait for I, Connie Farrell, leave knowing Mr Rabbe will miss my late passes I, Tom Fever, leave knowing that Kim and I will never have to stay up until 2 o’clock doing our accounting I. Barb Green, alias "Puppy", leave all my "puppy snacks” in “Swiss Poodle's” locker I, Matt Haas, leave thankful for the sliding windows in Mr Kramme’s room. I, Diana Haines, leave Kay and Patty the ability to "criticize with humor" and to be able to spot a "Bucko" when they see one, the ability to keep coach on her toes to my cuz Sue. and my loved ways in the library to Michele C and Darla knowing they will keep up the tradition of pestering Mrs Besse I, Bev Hayes, leave John G. the keys to my car so he won’t have to break in with a bobby pin and put shaving cream all over it. I. Larry Heiken. leave EPHS, knowing Susie V. will always be around when the moon comes out, and John G. the privilege of racing out at Marathon instead of First Street I, Marty Heller, leave knowing that Opie Taylor will never skip his rocks across my marsh again. I. Carol Sue Hostetler, leave knowing Mrs Hocker is looking for someone else (Amy S.) to willingly do her errands And as "co editor". leave my yearbook bag to Connie and Darla knowing they will make great "co editors". 1, Julie Hudson, leave knowing that Amy Schertz will follow me wherever I go (St. Francis), right Amy? Also someday people will be able to tell Kathy and I apart and that Teresa D will be left behind until we seniors return once again! I, Kathy Hudson, leave Becky my ability to attend school regulary. Lisa Watson my ability to get to class on time and Amy P and Mara B and Steph A my ability I, Greg Hunsaker. leave knowing that Joe F will be the only stud left in EPHS. I, Paula Hynes, leave knowing that EPHS has made it through thirteen years of Hynes’s, but still has nine more to go I. Kim Keene, leave Tracy H to take care of the garbage can by the bank at all Corn Festivals and Steph D to keep the Varsity Squad together and try not to fall out again 1, Kate Krug, leave knowing that Mrs Besse will never have to put up with my pestenng her and that 1 will find her slang dictionary someday I, Denny Luedtke, leave EPHS knowing that certain persons will be heart broken 1, Mark Morgan, leave Bozork S. my right spike hoping he can fill it to his best ability and needs during football season 1, Todd Moser, leave my finger splint to Terry Ales I, Terry Pfab, leave the nickname monkey to Tracey who will have it for three more years and knowing that I went to Prom with a Queen I, Ann Pfister. leave my hand me down »75 sweatshirt to my sister. Mary, so she can take my place in PE as I took Pat C’s . to BAZ I leave our secret contract so that a certain person never finds out what happened on a certain date . and to Charro I leave my sincerest apologies I. Mandy Riddle, leave knowing that you’re all a bunch of nasty little cheats 1. Kourosh Safrang. leave my math book to anyone who will take it I. Amy Schertz. leave knowing the freshman got off easy this year and to John, I leave the ability to get the John Phillip Sousa Award 1. Danny Scott, leave a marked deck fo SI assorted playing cards to Lyn L. I. Julie Scott, leave EPHS knowing that my sister will have to carry on my tradition of breaking glass in Chemistry I. Marty Simpson, leave Brian Kelly all the Elf Cola I couldn’t drink and I leave Troll with a shiny new shower massage I. Jayne Steffen, leave relieved to know I will never leave my locker taped shut again I. Kim Stiles, leave EPHS and my ability to sing loud to Susie V. hoping she will use it to her advantage, and also knowing for a fact, that Mandy isn’t really a "SEZ" I. Suzie Stine, leave the S.S. Award and the nickname that goes with it to my sister hoping she will appreciate it more than I did. I. Denise Valentine, leave the Scholastic Bowl Captainship !o Jerry and Barb. I. Debbie Waller, leave Carl Andrews the title of Miss All State and Susie V my gymsuit I. Karen Zimmerman, leave EPHS with some great memories!' And to Linda H I leave knowing that she will always “Hock it to Zim" without me. And to Lyn L. I leave His autograph We. Kim, Terry, Brenda. Marty, and Danny, leave knowing that there will never be another “Terrible Table" like ours. We. Denise. Terry. Suzie, Marty, and Denny leave knowing that aD the STOP signs in town will be put to good use next year by BAZ We. the co editors, of COMET COMMENTS, leave our ability to get the paper out on time to Paula W and Rhonda S who hopefully will not need it We. Suzie, Terry, and Marty, leave knowing that fourth hour will never be "Zoo Time" again because it has lost a monkey, two dogs, a giraffe and the ringmaster We. Trish and Bev. leave Sharon H our numbers 1 and 2 in second hour PE We, Kim, Diana, and Amy. leave knowing that we will never again have a chance at the “Great PE Award"9293, .VS . V4k Bras iUS'i ir E W? •- -t % v, ' 1 i K SaMSBB areag S?.a»t,: sSSSfl 

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