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The El Paso High School Class Of 1978 Presents “The Cometeer”Table of Contents Seniors..........................................p. 3 Faculty..........................................p. 17 Underclassmen....................................p. 25 Activities.......................................p. 39 End Of Year......................................p. 86DALENE ALEXANDER “I’m not always getting in trouble; half the time I’m trying to get myself out of it.” Chorus 1 3; Madrigals 1; Span. Club 1; AFS 1 2; Annual Staff GORDON SCOTT ARMSTRONG ‘‘The courageous man is the man who forces himself, in spite of fear, to carry on.” Football 12 3 4; Wrestling 1234; Baseball 1 2; Track 3 4; E Club 1 2 3 4; Pres. 4; Sr. Play Ambition: United States Army CATHERINE CLINE “As I try to remember yesterday, wonder ing about tomorrow, I realize I should only concentrate on today.” AFS 123 4; Sec. 4; Span. Club 134;Tres. 4; Newspaper Staff 1 4; Pts. Chrm. 4; Concert Band 1; Oklahoma 2; FHA 3; 50 mi. Swim Club; Jr. Play; Class Tres. 3; Girls State 3; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: College JOHN TIMOTHY BARKER “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.” — I John 4:4 Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 1 2 3 4; Oklahoma 2; Basketball 1 2 Ambition: College CORBIN W. COLE “I finally had a spark of genius only after having ignition problems. Basketball 2; Track 2; Football 3; Sr. Play Ambition: Air Force ANTHONY EVART CLARK “It is not the success, it is the effort put into it.” Football 1 2 3 4; Basketball 1; Track 1; Chorus 3 GAREN LANE CORNETT “Accept me as I am, so I can learn what I want to become.” Basketball 1234;Co-Capt. 4;Best Hustler 3; Football 1 2 3 4; Tri-Capt. 4; Most Valuable Player 4; Best Back 4; Baseball 1 2; Track 3; E Club 2 3 4; Sec. Tres. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; V.P. 4; Math Contest 3; St. Council 2 3; Homecoming Att. 1 4; Class Tres. 1; Class V.P. 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: College 4MIKE CRADDOCK “Arise, go forth and conquer. Transfer student 4; Chorus 4 CATHERINE MARIE MONIQUE DURRAND “What can I ask for? I have everything to enjoy my life.” AFS Exchange Student from France; Chorus 4 Ambition: Travel KEVIN EDWARD CRUMP “Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.” Football 1 2 3 4; E Club 1 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; Basketball 1 4; Track 1; Wrestling 2; Jr. Play; Class V P. 4; St. Council 4; Sr. Play; St. Director; Annual Staff Ambition: Arizona State University; Architecture GARY LEE EICHELBERGER "Wear a ‘ - gnn and people wonder what you’ve been up to." Ambition: Caterpillar DOUGLAS WAYNE DEHORITY “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” Football 12 3 4; Basketball 1234; Track 1 2 3 4; Baseball 2; E Club 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; AFS 2; Jr. Play; St. Council 3 4; Tres. 4; Midstate St. Council Tres. 4; Scholastic Bowl 3 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 4; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: Law JOSEPH ENRIGHT “Dynamite comes in small packages.’ Wrestling 1 Ambition: Mechanic or Construction CATHY NADINE DUNCAN “Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.” Span. Club 1234; Pres. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; Sec. 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 2 3 4; St. Council 3 4; Scholastic Bowl 3 4 Ambition: Biology Teacher 5PEGGY GRAHAM EVANS “Laugh, for the time is brief, a thread the length of a span." Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 1 2 3 4; Swing Choir 2 3 4; Oklahoma 2; Cheerleading 12 3; Lib. Club 1; Perfect Att. 12 Ambition: Receptionist SHELLY LEE FINCK “Do what is right and let the consequences follow.” AFS 3 4; Span. Club 3 4; Jr. Play; FHA 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Annual Staff Ambition: To be happy and healthy DANIEL D. FEVER “No civilized person goes to bed the same day he gets up.” Chorus 1 2 3 4; Swing Choir 2 3 4; Oklahoma 2; Football 1; AFS 3 4 Ambition: Law Enforcement DEANNE LYNNE FORREST "Wouldn’t it be nice to be as sure of anything as some people are of everything?” FHA 3 4; Sec. Tres. 4; GAA 3 4; Annual Staff Ambition. Office Work; Real Estate DONITA MARY FEVER “Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do.” GAA 1 2 3 4; Most Outstanding GAA Member 1; Pts. Chrm. 2; Tres. 3; Pres. 4; AFS 1 4; Volleyball 1; Track 1; Span. Club 1; Chorus 1; Newspaper Staff 4; Natl Honor Soc. 4; Sr. Play; St. Director Ambition: College (NIU) REBECCA SUE FRIEND “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” GAA 3 4; FHA 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Annual Staff Ambition: Medical Secretary LORI ANN FURROW "The true beauty of life is not discoverec with the eyes or mind, but with the soul.’ Chorus 1 2 3 4, Madrigals 1 2 3 4; Swing Choir 2 3 4; Oklahoma 2; GAA 1 2 3 4; 50 mi. Swim Club; Volleyball 1234; Track 12 3; Cheerleading 1 2 4; Natl Honor Soc. 23 4; AFS 3 4; Homecoming Att. 2; Class Tres. 2; Class Sec. 3; Jr. Play; Sweetheart Queen 4; Annual Staff; Sr. Play Ambition: College 6EMERY GAREY “Hell hath no fury like a Chevy.” Wrestling 1 2 Ambition: Heavy Equipment Mechanic; Farming GARY L. GAUGER "An ambitious man can always find work to do.” Jr. Play; Sr. Play DAVID GREEN "Because the Lord is my Shepherd, 1 have everything I need.” - Psalms 23:1 Ambition: Lutheran Pastor DAVID WILLIAM GEISELMAN “Everybody should know how to work, although he doesn’t need to let the knowledge warp his life.” Football 1 2 34; All Conf. Offensive Tackle 4; Best Offensive Lineman 4; Track 1234; Basketball 1 2; E Club 1 2 34; Class Pres. 1 2; St. Council 1; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; Jr Play; Sr. Play; Natl Honor Soc. 4; Annual Staff Ambition: College KELLY MARIE GRUBB “My brother is the genius, but what am I?” Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 1 2 3 4; Swing Choir 2 3 4; Oklahoma 2; GAA 1 2 3; Pom Pon 1 2; Track 1; Lib. Club 2; Volleyball 2; Jr. Play; Wres. Cheerleading 3 Ambition: To be happy in life JAMES DONALD GEISELMAN "The last thing I want is money — also the first.” Football 1 Ambition: Aircraft Maintenance; Air Force LILLIAN HAAS “Laugh and be merry, remember, better the world with a song.” Transfer student 4 Ambition: State FarmANNETTE L. HOFFMAN “Do it right the first time so you won’t have to do it over." Transfer student 4 Ambition: ICC; Secretary CAROL JO HANNAH ‘‘Knowing that somebody loves you is the loveliest feeling known.” Pom Pon 12 3 4; Capt. 4; Flag Corps 1 2; Capt. 2; FHA 3 4; Pres. 4; GAA 3 4; 50-mi. Swim Club; AFS 3; Jr. Play; Newspaper Staff 4; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: Office Work; Marriage CATHY LYNN HUNSAKER "Character is a victory, not a gift.” Concert Band 123 4; Marching Band 12 3 4; Stage Band 2 3 4; Drum Majorette 4; GAA 1 23 4; Pts. Chrm. 4; Volleyball 1 2 3 4; Track 1 2 3 4; 50-mi. Swim Club; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; St. Council 2 34; Sec. 3; V.P. 4; AFS 12; T res. 2; Nat’I Honor Soc. 2 3 4; Class Tres. 1; Cheerleading 2; Homecoming Att. 3; Jr. Play; St. Director; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: College KEITH DOUGLAS HENRY “Our thoughts, words, and actions not only molds us, but they largely help to mold those about us.” Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 1 23 4; Swing Choir 2 3 4; Oklahoma 2; Football 1 23 4; Baseball 1 2; E Club 1 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4, Tres. 4; AFS 2 3 4; Tres. 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Nat’l Honor Soc. 4; Annual Staff Ambition: Marine Biologist MURRAY PAUL HYNES “Men who try to do something and fail are much better off than those who try to do something and succeed.” Football 1 2 3 4; Best Defensive Back 4; Wrestling 1 2 3 4; Most Improved 1; Tri-Capt. 4; Most Valuable 4; All-Conf. Honorable Mention 4; Track 12 3 4; E Club 12 3 4; Baseball 1 2; St. Council 2 3 4; Pres. 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 234; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; Math Contest 1 3 4; Scholastic Bowl 3 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Homecoming King 4; Annual Staff Ambition: College KIMBERLY ANN HINTHORNE “Owing to the law of gravity, it takes less energy to open the mouth than to close it.” GAA 12 3 4; Representatives; Volleyball 1 2 3 4; Most Improved Player 3; 50-mi. Swim Club; Track 1 2 4; Chorus 14; Madrigals 1; Oklahoma 2; Jr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: Zoology SHERRY KAY KING “If it is to be, it is up to me.” Lib. Club 3 4; Newspaper Staff 4 Ambition: To always have the chance to be and do what I want. 8WILLIAM R KOOS “You can check out, but you can never leave." Wrestling 1; FFA 3 4; Sr. Play Ambition: Forest Fire Fighter DEAN FREDERICK LUEDTKE “The sun rises and the sun sets; but these high school days well never forget.” Concert Band 123 4; Marching Band 123 4; Stage Band 3 4; Golf 1 2; Sr. Play Ambition: To be happily married and have lots of money. ONETIA MARIE LAWYER “Beauty is its own excuse for being.” Lib. Club 12 3 4; Sec. 3; V.P. 4; Span. Club 1 2 3 4; Math Contest 1 2 3; Oklahoma 2; Newspaper Staff 2 4; AFS 3 4; Sr. Play; Prompter Ambition. College JANICE LUTTRELL “ ‘Silence is golden’ — but I’d rather yell!” GAA 1 2 3 4; Representative 1; 50-mi. Swim Club; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Pom Pon 1 2 Ambition: Flousewife ROBERT LEE LOVINGS II “Hell trade places with a freshman any-day.” Wrestling 1 2 3 4; Baseball 2; Football 3 4 Ambition: Physical Education Teacher BRUCE ANDREW MARTIN “The mind is the great lever of all things.” FAA 1 23 4; V.P. 3; Pres. 4; Wrestling 12 3 4; Co-Capt. 3 4; State Tournament 4; E Club 12 34; V.P 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 4; Sr. Play Ambition: Farming; Jr. College VINCENT ARTIE MCDANIEL “The desire of power in excess caused the angels to fall; the desire of knowledge in excess caused man to fall. 9TIM MURPHY “The first 18 years were the easy part, now comes the hard part.” Ambition: Army TERRI SUE MCGHEE ‘‘My life is my message. AFS 1234; Math Contest 12 3; Chorus 12 3; Oklahoma 2; Nat’l Honor Soc. 2 3 4; Newspaper Staff 2 3 4; Editor 3 4; Flag Corps 1; Pom Pon 123; 50-mi. Swim Club; Span. Club 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: College PATRICIA ANN PFAB “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Concert Band 12 3 4; Marching Band 12 3 4; Pres. 4; Stage Band 3 4; Span. Club 123 4; Math Contest 1 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; St. Council 3 4; GAA 2; Oklahoma 2; Perfect Att. 3; Jr. Play; St. Director; Sr. Play; Scholastic Bowl 4; Annual Staff Editor; Class Sec. 1 4; Lib. Club23; V.P. 3; Nat’l Honor Soc. 2 3 4; Jr. Editor 3 Ambition: College SCOTT MICHALSKI “If you would rule the world quietly, you must keep it amused." Ambition. Welder PAUL JEFFREY PORTER “Show me a totally satisfied man, and I’ll show you a failure.” Transfer student 4; Football 4; Basketball 4; Track 4; Chorus 4; Madrigals 4; Swing Choir 4; All-State Choir 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 4; Sr. Play Ambition: College; Pre-med SUSAN EILEEN MOSER “The world is a wheel, and it will all come round right.” Concert Band 1 2; Marching Band 1 2 3; Wres. Cheerleading 2 3; Chorus 12; 50-mi. Swim Club; Sr. Play Ambition: Forestry DONALD MAC RAYMER III “I’ve done my duty, and I’ve done no more.” Football 1 2 3 4; Wrestling 1 Ambition: Electrician 10ANDREA KAY RAYNER “The best way to destroy an enemy is to change him into a friend.” Transfer student 4; Concert Band 4; Marching Band 4; Stage Band 4; GAA 4; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: College ANGELA RAE RAYNER “Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst, and take what comes with a smile.” Transfer student 4; Concert Band 4; Marching Band 4; Sec. 4; Stage Band 4; GAA 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Natl Honor Soc. 4; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: College PATRICIA ANN SCHAAF “Likeable, laughable, lovable lass.” GAA 1 2 3 4; Pts. Chrm. 3; Outstanding GAA Member 2; FHA 1; Track 1 4; Cheerleading 3 4; Homecoming Att. 1 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Annual Staff Ambition: Secretary; Stenographer THOMAS A ROGERS “Drive carefully; our lives depend on it.” Transfer student 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3 4; Pres. 4; Math Contest 3 4; Wrestling 3; Football 4; Track 3; E Club 3 4; Jr. Play; Natl Honor Soc. 4; Scholastic Bowl 4; Sr. Play Ambition: College; Aeronautical Engineer ERICH PAUL SCHERTZ “It matters not how long we live, but how.” FFA 1 2 3 4 Ambition: Jr. college; Agriculture DANA ERIN ROHRBERG “We are only young once — that is all society can stand.” Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 3 4; Swing choir 4; AFS 1 2 34; Tres. 3; Pres. 4; GAA 1234; Cheerleading 2 3 4; Capt. 4; Span. Club 1 2; Track 3; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Class Tres. 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Annual Staff Ambition: Speech Pathology; Audiology WANDA JANETTE SCHIEBER “This is the last of earth! I am content. Lib. Club 123 4; Representative 1; Sec. 4; Flag Corps 1 2; Capt. 2; Pom Pon 1 3; Co-Capt. 3; Chorus 2 3 4; Madrigals 3; Oklahoma 2; Wres. Cheer leading 3 4; Capt. 4; 50-mi. Swim Club Ambition. Secretary 11AUDREY GAIL SCHNEIDER “Wisdom is a fountain of life to those possessing it.” — Prov. 16:22 Chorus 12 3 4; V.P. 3; Pres. 4; Madrigals 1 2 3 4; Swing Choir 2 3 4; Oklahoma 2; St. Director; Bacc. Accompanist 23; All-State Choir 3 4; GAA 1 2 3 4; 50-mi. Swim club; Volleyball 123; Perfect Att. 2; Class Sec. 2; Class Pres. 3 4; Natl Honor Soc. 2 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; AFS 3 4; Jr. Play; St. Council 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Sr. Play; Annual Staff; DAR Award Winner Ambition: Lincoln Christian College MICHAEL SCHUMACHER “He lived a life of going to do, and died with nothing done.” Ambition: Caterpillar; John Deere JOHN PHILLIP SUTTON “It is human to stand with the crowd; it is devine to stand alone.” Football 1 2 3 4; Tri-Capt. 4; All-Conf. Honorable Mention 4; Basketball 1 2 3 4; Best Defensive Player 3; Track 1 2 3; Baseball 2; E Club 2 3 4; St. Council 1234; V.P. 3; Mid-State St. Council Pres. 4; Class V.P. 2; Homecoming Att. 2; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 2 3 4; Chorus 4; Swing choir 4; AFS 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: U of I; Agronomy LORI ANN SEGGERMAN “I can say, not in a shy way. . I did it my way.” Wres. Cheerleading 1 2 3 4; Capt. 3 4; Marching Band 12; Concert Band 12; AFS 1; Lib. Club 2 3; 50-mi. Swim Club; Chorus 34 BERNADINE TALBERT “A person who speaks badly about another person does not consider how they would feel in the same situation.” Lib. Club 1 2 3; Chorus 12 3 Ambition: Housewife; Mother KELLY FRANCES SENNOTT “The best friends are those who know how to keep the same silences.” Span. Club 1 2 3 4; V.P. 4; GAA 1 2 3 4; Representative 4; Lib. Club 1 2 3; Track 1 2; AFS 3 4; FHA 3 4; Jr. Play; Newspaper Staff .4; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: Operating Room Technician BONNIE TALBERT “Usually the people who make fun of others haven’t taken a good look at themselves.” FFA 1 2 3 4; Chorus 1; Art club2; Lib. Club 3 4; 50-mi. Swim Club Ambition: Training dogs for the blind 12DEBORAH RENEE TEGARD “Acting as a lady will always be in the height of fashion.” GAA 2 3 4; FHA 3 4; Home Ec. Award 3; Span. Club 3 4; Oklahoma 2; AFS 3; Pom Pon 4; 50-mi. Swim Club; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Annual Staff Ambition: Fashion Merchandiser MICHAEL RAY UNDERWOOD “Beware the fury of a patient man.” Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 1 2 3 4; Swing Choir 2 3 4; Oklahoma 2; Football 1; Lib. Club 1; Math Contest 2; AFS 3 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play Ambition: Industrial Engineer ROBERT B. THARIO “The footprints in the sands of time were not made sitting down.” Chorus 12 34; Madrigals 3; Swing Choir 4; Oklahoma 2; Wrestling 1; Baseball 2; E Club 4; Math Contest 2; AFS 3 4; Jr. Play Ambition: Caterpillar STEPHEN J. VALENTINE “The way I feel today I want to feel forever.” Ambition: ICC, Farming NANCY JEANETTE TRUNNELL “To look at me, you’d think I was a sweet girl, but once you’d get to know me, you’d find out that I’m a big tease.” Lib. Club 2 3 4; FHA 4 Ambition: Beautician ANNDEL KAY VAN SCYOC “You see things as they are; and you ask “why?” but I dream of things that never were and I ask “why not Chorus 1 2 3 4; Sec. 3 4; Madrigals 3 4; Swing Choir 3 4; Oklahoma 2; Volleyball 1 2 3 4; Most Valuable Player 2 4; Track 12 3; GAA 1 2 3 4; Representative 2; V.P. 4; Phys. Fitness Award 3; 50-mi. Swim Club; Flag Corps 1; Pom Pon 1; Perfect Att. 1; Lib. Club 2; Annual Staff Co-Editor Ambition: Court Reporter ALAN ARTHUR TURNER “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other." 13CAROLYN DEE WARD “Of high ideals and virtue was his speech; and gladly would he learn and gladly teach.” Span. Club 1 2 3 4; Sec. 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Newspaper Staff 1 2 3; Mu Alpha Theta 2 3 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3 4; Pres. 4; Annual Staff Co-Editor Ambition: Mathematics Teacher JOHN WEST “Everything comes if a man will only wait.' Ambition. Caterpillar Class Officers President: Audrey Schneider V Pres.: Kevin Crump Secretary: Patti Pfab Treasurer: Dana Rohrberg 14 Sponsors: Mrs. Stiles and Mrs. Musick151617Mr. Porter: Superintendent Education: B.S M S Ed. Adm. Indiana State University Post Grad.-U of I, ISU, Eureka College Experience: 26 years Family: Wife. 3 daughters, 1 son Hobbies: Sports. Electronics, Mechanics Favorite Saying: And this too shall pass Mr. Kays: Principal Education: B.S. Western III. University M.A. Univ. of Northern Colorado Experience: 28 years Family: 2 sons, 1 daughter Hobbies: Golf, Fishing Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Tipler Secretaries to Mr Porter Mrs. Hocker Secretary to Mr. Kays 18Ellen Besse: Librarian Education: Univ. of 111 1SU Experience: 8 years Family: Husband, 1 daughter Hobbies: Scuba, Skiing, Camping Horseback Riding Favorite Saying: QUIET! Virginia Brown: Home Economics Education: B.S.-Western III. Univ. Experience: 14 years Family: Husband, 1 boy, 2 girls Hobbies: Sewing, Knitting, Camping, Crocheting Patrick Cooper: Boys P.E. Football Basketball Coach Education: B.S. Illinois Wesleyan Univ. Experience: 4 years Family: Wife, 1 son Hobbies: Athletics Favorite Saying: You have to want it to achieve it! James Cozzolino: Driver Education Wrestling Football Coach Education: Illinois State University Experience: 3 years Family: Wife Hobbies: Reading, Jogging, Athletics Favorite Saying: When you make your own decisions, you make your own consequences. Pam Etcheson: English II Education: Bachelors-III. Wesleyan Univ. Post Grad.-ISU Experience: 6 years Family: Husband, 1 daughter Hobbies: Traveling, Tennis, Reading 19Robert Hageman: Guidance Counselor Basketball Coach Education: B.S. M S. ■ ISU Experience: 6 years Family: Wife, 1 son Hobbies: Sports, Furniture Refinishing Linda Hageman: Art Education: Bachelors ISU Experience: 8 years Family: Husband, 1 son Hobbies: Painting, Weaving Margaret Hankey: Business Education: B.A.-Clarke College Post Grad.-ISU, U. of Wis. Experience: 24 years Family: 3 sons Hobbies: Travel, Reading, Neddlework Favorite Saying: Don't panic. Well get it done! William Hoffman: Band Education: B.A. Western III. Univ. Experience: 2 years Family: Wife Hobbies: Running, Bowling, Golf Favorite Saying: Do the best possible job always. Ron Kramme: Social Studies Education: B.A.-Southern III. Univ. M.S.-Ill. State Univ. Experience: 9 years Family: Wife, 2 sons Hobbies: Hunting, Cooking, Sports 20Vicki Krugman: Health Education: ISU Experience: 4 years Family: Husband Hobbies: Running, Camping, Traveling Favorite Saying: Perfect practice makes perfect. Bill Marquardt: Industrial Arts Education: B.S. Eastern 111. Univ. Experience: 11 years Family: Wife, 1 son, 1 daughter Hobbies: Home Building Favorite Saying: “That’s” as wrong as lips on a chicken. Marilyn Moody: Individualized Instruction Education: Special Ed. ISU Experience: 2 years Family: Husband Hobbies: Sewing, Embroidering, Volleyball, Cooking Favorite Saying: You may not be perfect, but you’re loveable. Marilyn Musick: Chorus Education: BME 111. Wesleyan Univ. Experience: 6 years Family: Husband Hobbies: Flowers House Plants Favorite Saying: From the top, one more time. Michael Rabbe: Chemistry Math Education: B.S. M S. ISU Experience: 6 years Family: Wife, 1 son Hobbies: Sports Outdoor Activities 21Wesley Rayner: Biology, Varsity Football Track Coach Education: B.S.Okla. State Uniu. Post Grad. Tex. Univ., North Tex. Univ., Northwest Okla. State Experience: 19 years Family: 2 sons, 2 daughters Hobbies: Fishing, Boating, Traveling Favorite Saying: Don't Ding Around R. Jean Rodgers: Girls P.E. Education: III. Wesleyan Univ. Experience: 22 years Family: Husband, 3 children Hobbies: Camping. Swimming, Herb Gardening Favorite Saying: OK people let's go! Jan Schlickman: English 11-Substitute Family: Husband, 1 daughter Joan Scott: Math Education: B.S. Univ. of Arizona Post Grad ISU Experience: 9 years Family: Husband Hobbies: Reading, Golf, Sewing Favorite Saying. THINK! Carol Stiles: English Drama Education: B.A.-ISU Experience: 7 years Family: Husband, 3 daughters. 1 son Hobbies: Reading, Horses Favorite Saying: "If you meet a man without a smile, give him one of yours." 22Patricia Thurlby: Spanish English I Education: B.A.-ISU Post Grad.-Northern 111. Univ. Experience: 2 years Family: Single Hobbies: Travel, Reading David Wantland: Agriculture Education: B.S.-ISU Experience: 8 years Family: Wife, 1 daughter Hobbies: Fishing, Guitar Favorite Saying: Hi, Boys and Girls! William Wolf: Business Education: B.S. U. of I. M.S.-Eastern III. Univ. Experience: Ifi. years Family: Wife, 1 son, 3 daughters Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Hunting, Home Building Favorite Saying: “All great men are dying and I don’t feel well myself.” Richard James: Building Trades Occ. Experiences Education: B.S.-Western III. Univ. M Ed.-Univ. of III Experience: 22 years Family: Wife, 1 son, 1 daughter Hobbies: Fishing Hunting Debra Taylor: Volleyball Girls Track Coach Education: ISU Experience: 1 year Family: Husband Hobbies: Golf, Skiing 23are you ready •h Schoo Silcncion por favor la Musick Li W is basic y'j you see that? jene. Gene Dancing Machine I 2425Ales, Ronald Baer, Sandra Barker, James Baumann, Deborah Breach, Pandora Bushert, Shawn Campbell, Mary Car ley, Douglas Carr, Charles Clem, Mark Deerwester, Diane Dust, Cynthia Eichelberger, Karen Engel, Doreen Eskridge, Ronald WORKING TOGETHER Fairchild, Patrick Farrell, Lori Farrell, Wendy Forrest, Steven Geiger, Mary Geiselman, Peggy Goldstine, Brenda Gunn, Karen Haas, Frances Haas, Frank Hansen, Joann Hatch, Vickie Hayslette, Bradley Henry, Lorri Hinthorne, Tammy 26Hocker, Julie Hodei, Dennis Hudson, Oren Humphrey, Dale Jording, Todd Kearfott, Thomas Keene, Terri Kiesewetter, Timothy King, Colin Knepp, Janet Krostag, Teresa Krug, Debra Krug. Michael Lloyd, Kelly Loewen, Loretta DAY BY DAY Ludwig, Dennis Luedtke, Don Martin, Brian Miller. Steve Mullvain, Jo Ellen Newkirk, Donnie North, Barbara Phelps, Joyce Pinkham, Jon Poorbaugh, Renee Price, Jeffrey Rarick, Darlyne Schertz, Scott Schroeder, Jeffrey Scott, Joanne 27Sengpiel, Darrin Shawgo, Brad Sparrow, Kevin Sprehe, Cassandra Sturm, Gregory Swope, Lucille Taylor, Charles Thielemann, Rebecca Tornow, Tina Uphoff, Mary Vogel. Paul Volz, Patricia Walden. Richard Ward, Nancy Welbes, Michael Wilkey. Brenda Wilkey, Gregory Wolfe, Kimberly Zimmerman, Judith ABSENT WHEN PICTURES CLASS OFFICERS 28 Pres: Doug Car ley V Pres: Don Luedtke Sponsors: Mrs. Hankey and Mr. Cozzolino Sec: Judy Zimmerman Treas: Lori Loewen29Ales, Brenda Allen. Mark Angotti, Priscilla Armstrong, Kevin Armstrong, Michael Armstrong, Teresa Armstrong, Thomas Armstrong, Todd Beck, Linda Beck, Patty Benedict, James Boswell, Bryan Breach, Patricia Bryant, Rebecca Campagna, Anthony SHARING HORIZONS Carey, Ernest Dehority, Kim Dukes. John Evans, Mary Fairchild, Linda Farrell, Connie Fever, Mitchell Fever, Tommy Green, Barbara Grubb. David Haas, Clyde Haas, Larry Haas, Matthew Haines, Diana Hansen, Deborah 30Hayes, Beverly Heiken, Larry Heller, Martin Hill, Rodney Hostetler, Carol Sue Hudson, Julie Hudson, Kathy Hudson, Neva Hudson, Robin Hunsaker, Greg Hynes, Paula Keene, Kim Kilpatrick, Kevin Kilpatrick, Sharon King, Rebel THAT ARE NEW Krug, Kathryn Lbyd, Eddie Lovings, Patricia Luedtke, Dennis McDaniel. Lisa Moreland, Moni Morgan, Mark Moser, Todd Newkirk, Wayne Paternoga, Dean Patterson, Joanne Pfab, Terry Pfister, Ann Porth, Timmy Ridgeway. Laura 31Riker, Michele Rushing, Clayton Savers, Kevin Schertz, Amy Schieber. Roger Scott, Daniel Scott, Julie Shaw, Dennie Shepard, Mary Simpson. Martin Steffen, Jayne Stiles, Kim Stine, Suzanne Street, James Taylor, James Thielemann, Stephanie Tornow, Brenda Turner, Tony Turner, Gary Valentine, Denise Waller, Debra Wilkey, Teresa Wolf, Roger Zimmerman, Karen CLASS OFFICERS Pres: Greg Hunsaker V. Pres: Terry Pfab Sec: Carol Sue Hostetler Tres: Brenda Ales 32 Sponsors: Mrs. Scott and Mr. Rayner33Anderson, Marsha Andrews, Carl Angotti, Geneva Armstrong, Kim Aylward, Thomas Brown, Jerry Buster, Michael Callender, Michael Carey, Richard Carley. Michelle Charlett, Steven Clark, Scott Cleary, Ann Cleary, David Corcoran, Crystal WE’VE ONLY Crump, Scott Dambold, Teresa Dodson. Stephanie Duffy, Mary Edgecomb, Beth Eft, Donna Evans, James Farrell, Sheri Feeney, Charles Fever, Darla Finck, Connie Fletcher, Cindia Forrest, Alan Franke, Beth Gazelle, James 34Geiselman, John Graham, L»sa Grose. Jeffrey Grubb, Barry Grubb, Sheri Gustafson, Mcihael Haas, Russell Harshbarger, Donald Hasty, Sharon Heller. Sheri Hocker, Linda Hodges, Sherry Hudson, Becky Jording, Kevin Kelly. Brian JUST BEGUN Krug. Teresa Krug, Terri Lay. Dirk Loewen, Lyndon Lovings, Douglas Luttrell, Judy Malcome, Daniel Mason, Daniel Melchers, Henry Miller, Edward Miller, Robert Page, Richard Pfister, Jay Pinkham, Andy Porter, Toni 35Raymer, Brian Rhodes, Daniel Roth, David Schaaf, Robert Schlattman, Paul Sennott, Scott Shawgo, Barbara Shoultz, Linda Simpson, Rhonda Skolek, Ronald Smith, Kari Spikes, Cheryl Steffen, Amy Steidinger, Amy Steidinger, Ellen TO LIVE . . . Thario, Earnadean Tornow, Susan Turner, Jeffrey Valentine, David Waller. Robert Ward. Jill Weakley, Tracey Wiechman. Linda Wilkey. Trent Williams. J R Witkowski, Paula Zirkle, Barbara 36Class Officers Sitting: L. Graham-Tres., S. Grubb-Sec.; Kneeling: D. Cleary-V. Pres., C. Feeney Pres.; Standing: Advisors-Mr. Wantland, Mr. CooperAnnual Staff JR. AND SR. PLAY Kim Hinthorne Donita Fever Mike Craddock CHORUS Patti Pfab BUSINESS MGRS. Angela Rayner Lynn Hunsaker AFS Patti Pfab SPANISH CLUB Kelly Senott PROM Mike Craddock Kim Hinthorne PHOTOGRAPHY Murray Hynes Audrey Schneider Lynn Hunsaker Doug Dehority SR. PAGES Audrey Schneider Patti Pfab GAA Donita Fever BOYS SPORTS John Sutton Doug Dehority Murray Hynes Patti Pfab Editor: Patti Pfab, Co-Editors: Anndel Van Scyoc and Carolyn Ward, Jr. Editor: Cassandra Sprehe, Not Shown - Advisor. Mr. Kramme HOMECOMING Patti Pfab Shelly Finck LIBRARY CLUB Kelly Sennott ANNUAL STAFF Patti Pfab UNDERCLASSMEN Carolyn Ward Anndel Van Scyoc Audrey Schneider Patti Pfab FFA AND FHA Patti Pfab BAND Patti Pfab Carolyn Ward MU ALPHA THETA Cassandra Sprehe CHEERLEADERS Shelly Finck Patti Pfab FACULTY Patti Pfab STUDENT COUNCIL Kim Hinthorne Donita Fever Patti Pfab CLASS WILL Audrey Schneider NATL HONOR SOC. Carolyn Ward POM PON Patti Pfab GIRLS SPORTS Lynn Hunsaker Anndel Van Scyoc PAPER STAFF Anndel Van Scyoc END OF YEAR Patti Pfab 38Football — 1977 1st Row-S. Armstrong, B. Lovings, T. Rogers, D. Dehority, M Hynes, D. Geiselman, K. Crump, G. Cornett, D. Raymer; 2nd Row-Coach Rayner, J. Sutton, S. Miller, O Hudson, G Wilkey, R. Ales. T. Kiesewetter, T Kearfott, T. Clark, K Henry; 3rd Row-Coach Cooper, C. Taylor, J. Pinkham, D. Hodel, M. Fever, J. Dukes, J. Street, M. Morgan, K. Armstrong, R. Walden;4th Row-CoachCozzolino, T. Campagna, T Turner, D. Grubb, M. Haas. R. Schieber, M. Armstrong, J. Taylor, K Kilpatrick, M. Heller Coach’s Comments The 1977 Comets started the season rather slow due to the fact of new coaches, new offensive and defensive systems, and a rather small group of returning letterman. By the end of the season they were a team to be reckoned with. Finishing 4-3 in the conference, the Comets stayed in the conference race most of the season. Our highly motivated seniors will be sorely missed next year. They’ve set the tone for Comet football for 1978. Our primary goal was to show improvement each week. I think we met this goal. With the foundation established by this football team, I believe our football program is now on solid footing for the future. Coach Rayner 40. », if,- i. 3 renra % a Dennis Hodel Ron Ales 'll T r i C a P t a i n Murray Hynes, Garen Cornett, John Sutton S Coach Rayner D 41Dave Geiselman Tackle Best Off. Lineman All Conf. Scott Armstrong Guard Most Improved Bob Lovings Quarterback Garen Cornett Halfback Tri-Cap. All Conf Hon Ment Most Valuable Best Off. Back John Sutton Guard All Conf. Hon Men Tri-Cap. Murray Hynes Safety Tn Cap. Most Valuable Best Def. Back Keith Henry Guard Kevin Crump End Tom Rogers Safety Don Raymer Tackle Doug Dehority Quarterback Tony Clark Tackle Best Def. LinemanFreshmen 1st Row B. Schaaf, P. Schlattman, A. Pinkham, J. Grose, D. Rhodes; 2nd Row R. Skolek, G. Wickenhauser, C. Feeney. B Kelly, D Cleary; 3rd Row Coach Cozzolino, T. Aylward, T. Wilkey, B. Grubb, R. Page Varsity — 1977 Junior Varsity — 1977 El Paso 06 Eureka 30 El Paso 14 LeRoy 20 El Paso 13 Woodland 12 El Paso 28 Deer Creek Mackinaw 00 El Paso 14 Gridley 00 El Paso 06 Lexington 22 El Paso 06 Chenoa 14 F.I Paso 12 Minonk Dana Rutland 39 El Paso 25 Flanagan 12 El Paso 00 Eureka 08 El Paso 22 Flanagan 08 El Paso 00 Woodland 18 El Paso 12 DeerCreek Mackinaw 08 El Paso 44 Gridley 00 El Paso 14 Lexington 06 0 Paso 14 Chenoa 06 El Paso 08 Minonk Dana Rutland 22 4345Queen Dana King Murray 46Library Club Front L. to R Dak H., Tracey W . Peggy A. Pres., Onetia L., V. Pres , Jan S., Sec., Charlie C.. Tres., Joe E.. Mike W., Back L. to R. Lucy $., Bonnie T., Crystal C., Teresa A., Nancy T.. Bernadine T., Sherry K., Mrs. Besse Advisor Spanish Club 50FHA Row 1 Left to Right: B. Hayes, J. Scott, V. Pres., D. Tegard, Prog. Chm., C. Hannah, Pres., K Sennott, D. Forrest, Sec. Tres.. Mrs. Brown, Advisor; Row 2: K. Eichelberger, N. Trunnell, D. Waller, S. Finck, C. Cline, C. Sprehe. B. Friend. Kneeling Left to Right: E. Schertz, Pari., D. Carley, Sec., B Martin, Pres., S. Schertz, Reporter, S. Valentine, Tres., D Hodel, V. Pres., D. Ludwig, Sentinal; Row 2: T. Wilkey, D. Scott, J. Taylor. D. Roth, E. Miller,T. Moser; Row3: Mr. Wantland, Advisor, M Uphoff, E. Lloyd, D. Valentine, J. Pfister, R. Ales, B. Martin. FFANational Honor Society Sitting Left to Right D Luedtke, B. Martin, T. Pfab, D. Geiselman, J. Porter, K. Henry, J. Sutton, D. Dehority; Row 2: R Poorbaugh. K Lloyd, L. Loewen, Sec., P. Pfab. T. McGhee. L. Furrow, D. Fever, A. Schneider; Row 3: Mrs. Etcheson, Advisor, A. Rayner, L. Hunsaker, A. Pfister, C. Ward, Pres., C. Duncan, K. Dehority, J. Scott, C. Hostetler, J. Zimmerman, C. Sprehe, N. Ward, B Theilemann, D. Krug. “Comet Comments” Staff 52 Top Left to Right: C. Cline, Pts. Chrm., P. Hynes. Pts. Chrm., L. Loewen. Jr. Editor. T. McGhee, Editor; Row 2: D. Fever, K. Zimmerman, A. Schneider, K. Sennott, L. Swope. M. Riker. S. King, O. Lawyer. Row 3: D. Krug, S. Grubb, B. Shawgo, S. Dodson, M. Carley, C. Sprehe, J. Scott; Row4: A. Pfister, P Schaaf.S. Finck.C. Hannah,T. Campagna, Mrs. Hankey, Advisor.Mu Alpha Theta Kneeling: G. Cornett, V Pres., K. Henry, Tres., C. Duncan, Sec., T. Rogers, Pres.; Row 2; K. Lloyd. L. Loewen, N. Ward. K Eichelberger, C Ward, T. McGhee, A. Schneider; Row 3: J. Zimmerman, P. Pfab, B. Friend, A Rayner. M Hynes, Mrs. Scott (sponsor); Row 4 B Theilemann, J. Scott, D. Luedtke, S Baer, L. Hunsaker, D. Dehority; Row 5: C. Sprehe. J. Sutton. D. Geiselman, K. Crump, J. Porter, Mr. Rabbe (sponsor). Math Contest 53Comets Kneeling Left to Right: G. Wilkey, D. Carley, G. Cornett. D. Dehority, J. Sutton, J. Pinkham; Standing: Coach Hageman, T Kearfott. G. Sturm, B. Hayslette, J. Porter; Not Pictured: K. Crump, D. Ludwig. Coach’s Comments The 1977-78 seasons produced the first winning record for the Comets in the last three seasons. Led by co-captains Garen Cornett and Greg Sturm, El Paso finished the year with a record of 15 wins and 10 losses. Highlights of the year included a first place finish in our first (and perhaps last) Thanksgiving tournament; a third place finish in the conference; and a fourth place finish in the county tournament. Greg Sturm was voted to the first Midstate all conference team and Tom Kearfott was voted to the second team. Tom was also selected most valuable by his teammates. Garen Cornett and Doug Carley tied for the best defensive award and Brad Hayslette was selected most improved. With four returning starters and several other returning squad members, the 1978-79 Comets should continue to be successful. Varsity Schedule El Paso 69 LeRoy 54 El Paso 79 Odell 75 El Paso 57 Fairbury 46 El Paso 75 Flanagan 85 El Paso 85 Lowpoint-Washburn 77 El Paso 62 RoanokeBenson 89 El Paso 74 Chenoa 68 El Paso 59 Eureka 54 El Paso 48 Gridley 82 El Paso 55 Metamora 77 El Paso 69 Gridley 71 El Paso 93 Lexington 68 El Paso 88 Dee Mack 71 El Paso 63 Eureka 62 El Paso 62 Woodland 75 El Paso 53 RoanokeBenson 76 El Paso 73 M D-R 67 El Paso 68 Flanagan 67 El Paso 83 M-D-R 70 El Paso 71 Chenoa 69 El Paso 91 Lexington 78 El Paso 72 Gridley 74 El Paso 84 Dee-Mack 68 El Paso 52 Woodland 73 El Paso 60 Fairbury 74 54Garen Cornett Jeff Porter Lettermen Doug Dehority John Sutton Kevin Crump Greg Sturm Tom Kearfott Dennis Ludwig Greg Wilkey 55Junior Varsity Kneeling Left to Right: L. Loewen, J. Grose, J. R Williams, R Skolek, C. Feeney, J. Geiselman, Mgr.; Standing: S. Crump, D. Valentine, Coach Cooper, S. Sennott, B. Kelly. Left to Right: M. Haas, B. Kelly, S. Crump, S. Sennott. D. Valentine, G. Hunsaker, Coach Cooper, T. Armstrong, M. Fever, J. Street. T. Pfab, M. Heller, R. Skolek. FreshmenStudent Council Front L. to R. Doug D., Murray H., Janet K., Lynn H., MiddleJ. R. W, Audrey S.. Patti P , Renee P.. Karen Z., Ann P . Cathy D.. Sheri G., Barb S., Back-John S., Brad H., Kevin C., Judy Z, Debbie K.GregH., Kim D-,Tom A.. Chuck F., Mrs. Stiles Officers The Student Council of 1977-78 has been active and dedicated to stimulating school spirit in a variety of ways. In the fall, the “Welcome Back” dance and the homecoming activities were successful (even though it “rained on our parade”). The returning alumni and the students at the dance agreed that this year’s homecoming was one of the best. Council members were busy selling candy around Christmas in an effort to provide additional funds for more dances. How were they to know that the snow was going to cancel dance after dance. However, not to be defeated, dances were rescheduled and enjoyed even more. Who can forget — CARTOON DAZE — Mr. Kays as Santa? — “Let’s Do It Again” — the race to get your name in the S.C. minutes by moving to adjourn — Murray’s cowboy hat — John P.’s Front Mrs Stiles Advisor, Janet K-Sec.,LynnH-ViceP ,Back late arrivals — the pencil sharpener committee Doug D.-Tres.. Murray H. Pres ,he p]yjng Aces Sweetheart Lori - and those many, many Wednesday mornings. All in all, it was a very good year!t V0U1Scholastic Bowl Sitting: M. Hynes, J Porter, K Crump, D. Dehority; Standing: Mrs. Stiles, Sponsor, D. Luedtke, P. Vogel, P Pfab, J. Scott, C. Duncan, O. Lawyer, C. Ward, L. Loewen. 50 Mile Swim Club Sitting: K Hinthorne, D. Krug, J. Scheiber. M Riker, P. Volz, J. Mullvain, D. Shepard, S. Baer, J. Hocker; Standing: B. Talbert, T. McGhee, C. Cline, A. Schneider, L. Hunsaker, M. Uphoff, J. Patterson, P. Schaaf, D Rohrberg, A. Pfister, L. Furrow, A. VanScyoc,T. Krostag, M. Campbell. 621st Place Intramural Speedball Team Left to Right: 1st Row: M Swope, L. Loewen, S. Moser, T. Wilkey;2nd Row: Mrs Rodgers, N Hudson, B. Hayes, L. Hunsaker; 3rd Row: J. Scott, T. Krug, K. Hinthome, L. Seggerman 1st Place Intramural Volleyball Team 1st Row Left to Right: C. Finck, A. Van Scyoc, S King; 2nd Row: P. Evans, L Henry, P Volz; 3rd Row: Mrs. Rodgers, C. Cline. J. Schieber Intramural Bowling 2nd Place Team: D. Tegard, C. Hannah, K. Sennott, D. Forrest 1st Place Team: M. Morgan, D. Sengpiel, J. Schroeder, J. Sparrow Individual Bowling Awards HIGH GAME Amy Schertz Joe Sparrow MOST HELPFUL Mrs. Hankey HIGH AVERAGE Deanne Forrest Mark Morgan MOST IMPROVED Beth Franke 63Volleyball 1977-78 Kneeling: M. Carley, D. Baumann, L. Graham, L. Furrow, A. Van Scyoc, L. Loewen, R. Poorbaugh, Standing: M Riker, Mgr , S. Baer, L Hunsaker, D. Krug, K Hinthorne, J. Patterson, B. Ales, L. Hocker, D. Deerwester, Mrs. Taylor, Coach, Absent - Jo Ellen Mullvain Coach’s Comments Lori Furrow - A consistent setter and sure-fire server. She’s a real benefit to the team! Kim Hinthorne Her heighth and strength added greatly to the team. She’s a capable player with good spiking and blocking ability. Lynn Hunsaker - She’s a very knowledgeable well-rounded player. A plus for any team! Anndel Van Scyoc She’s a very versatile player; strong setter, good server, and a successful spiker. What every coach looks for! MOST ENTHUSIASTIC: Brenda Ales Senior Power MOST IMPROVED: Linda Hocker Brenda Ales 64 MOST VALUABLE: Anndel Van Scyoc Renee Poorbaugh65Kneeling Left to Right: M. Carley, T. Krostag, K. Stiles, P Angotti, P. Schaaf; Standing: B. Thielemann, Mgr,, L. Hunsaker, S. Thielemann, B. Ales, B. Hayes, Mrs. Taylor, Coach E Club 66AFS 1st Row Left to Right: K Henry-Tres., Cathy Durrand AFS Student, L. Henry, M. Underwood; 2nd Row: K. Sennott, J. Mullvain-V. Pres., D. Rohrberg-Pres., C. Cline-Sec., J. Porter;3rd Row: C. Hostetler, Miss Thurbly-Sponsor, T. McGhee, J. Sutton; 4th Row: A. Pfister, J. Scott, L. Loewen, A. VanScyoc, L. Furrow; 5th Row: C. Farrell, K. Stiles, M. Riker, K. Krug, B. Thario; 6th Row: P. Angotti, K. Zimmerman, K. Dehority, P. Hynes, A. Schneider; 7th Row: B. Hayes, J. Scott, L. Hocker, B Shawgo; 8th Row: D. Krug, J. Zimmerman, C. Sprehe, K. Eichelberger It has been an exceptional and wonderful experience for me to live in El Paso. But most of all I have enjoyed the many friends I found at EPHS and that’s something I will never forget. I want to thank all of you for your contribution to a perfect success of my senior year in the United States. I will miss you a lot. CoJdiu, 67GAA Left to Right: S. Baer, J. Scott, K. Dehority, B Ales, T. Krostag, A. VanScyoc, D. Fever, K. Eichelberger, S. Dodson, B. Shawgo, D. Fever, M. Carley, C. Hannah, S. Tornow; Row 2: L. Loewen, D. Rohrberg, D. Krug, B. Thielemann, K Lloyd, S. Thielemann, P. Witkowski, K. Hinthorne, D. Forrest, B Friend, D. Tegard, A. Schneider. B. Franke; Row 3: Mrs. Rodgers, L. Furrow, K. Sennott, J. Hudson, K. Stiles, M. Riker, P. Angotti, C. Corcoran, C. Fletcher, P. Volz, J. Hocker, C. Spikes, S. Grubb, A. Schertz, A. Pfister, B. Hayes; Row 4: A. Rayner, A. Rayner, L. Hunsaker, D. Engel, C. Farrell, S. Stine, D. Valentine, A. Cleary, D. Baumann, D. Shepard, M Uphoff, V. Hatch, G. Angotti, L. Graham, L. Hocker, J. Mullvain, J. Patterson, T. Dambold, K. Krug, N. Hudson. 1977 1978 Board President........... V Pres.............. Secretary........... T reasurer.......... Points Chairman..... Sports Chairman .... Class Representatives: Senior............ Junior............ Sophomore......... Freshman.......... ....Donita Fever Anndel Van Scyoc .. Jo Ellen Mullvain ........Patty Volz ....Kim Dehority Lynn Hunsaker ......Sandy Baer Janet Knepp ----Kelly Senoott .....Julie Hocker Joanne Patterson .. Michelle Carley 68Left to Right: Mrs. Scott. Mrs. Hankey, Mr. James. Mrs. Hocker, Mrs. Cluver, Mrs Moody. Mrs. Rodgers; Not Shown: Mrs. Besse, Mrs. Krug.El Paso Marching Comets Lynn Hunsaker, Drum Majorette The band had a very productive year. The Marching band performed at five football games during the fall plus the Corn Festival and Fairbury Christmas Parades. The pep band entertained the supporting fans during all the home basketball games. 1 he Concert band gave Christmas and Spring concerts and also took part in I.H.S.A. contest. After working hard to raise enough money the band took a tour in mid-April. Having played a concert in LaSalle they headed for Chicago to tour the Ludwig Drum Corporation and to relax. The band did a great job this year and showed much improvement. That is something everyone can be proud of. Mr. Bill Hoffman Band Officers Left To Right: B. Goldstein Librarian, N. Ward-Tres., P. Pfab-Pres., A. RaynerSec., Absent-R. Poorbaugh-V. Pres. 70Concert Band FLUTES Joanne Scott Angela Rayner Brenda Goldstein Jill Ward Geneva Angotti Stephanie Thielemann Neva Hudson OBOES Lynn Hunsaker Andrea Rayner CLARINETS Patti Pfab Nancy Ward Barb Zirkle Suzi Stine BASS CLARINET Carolyn Ward SAXES Marty Simpson Jayne Steffen CORNETS Mike Krug Oren Hudson Lyn Loewen Brian Kelly HORNS Renee Poorbaugh Becky Thielemann BARITONE Dennis Ludwig TENOR SAX Dean Luedtke TROMBONES Doreen Engel Lisa McDaniel TUBA Terry Pfab PERCUSSION Tim Kiesewetter Paul Schlattman Lori Loewen Mary Uphoff DIRECTOR William Hottman 72Pom Pon Kneeling: B. Hudson, B. Hayes; Standing: Mr. Hoffman Advisor, C. Hannah, T. Hinthome, D. Tegard, B. Goldstein, C. Corcoran Awards Night GIRLS PE: BOYS PE: NATIONAL CHORUS: MUSIC HONOR STUDENT: ARION (BAND): ARION (CHORUS): JOHN PHILIP SOUSA: MARINES BAND AWARD: TODD SKOLEK MEMORIAL Lynn Hunsaker Murray Hynes Lori Furrow Keith Henry Audrey Schneider Patti Pfab Audrey Schneider Patti Pfab Lynn Hunsaker Jeff Porter ENGLISH: MATH: SCIENCE: SOCIAL STUDIES: FOREIGN LANGUAGE: BUSINESS: HOME EC: ART: INDUSTRIAL ARTS: AGRICULTURE: Cathy Duncan Carolyn Ward Cathy Duncan Joe Sparrow Ann Pfister Audrey Schneider Becky Friend Terri Krug Paul Vogel Bruce Martin PERFECT ATTENDANCE: Carolyn Ward Steven Forrest Teresa Krostag Don Luedtke 3 Brian Martin 2 Jeffrey Schroeder Carol Sue Hostetler Julie Hudson 2 Kathy Hudson 2 Terry Pfab 2 Amy Schertz Roger Schieber Jim Street Debbie Waller 2 Karen Zimmerman 2 Kim Armstrong John Geiselman Susan Tornow SPECIAL AWARDS VALEDICTORIANS: SALUTATORIAN: DAR: Cathy Duncan Patti Pfab John Sutton Carolyn Ward Audrey Schneider 73Wrestlers Win District Kneeling Left to Right: B. Martin, P. Schlattman. C. Haas, M. Armstrong; Standing: B. Lovings, R, Haas, B. Martin, S Armstrong, M Hynes, J. Barker, Coach Cozzolino 74 Captains: Bruce and MurrayBruce Martin 138 lbs. Sectional State Murray Hynes - 132 lbs. Sectional Scott Armstrong - 167 lbs. Sectional Bottom to Top: L. Seggerman, S. Heller, M Riker, J. Schieber, S. Grubb, K. Smith Sectional Qualifiers Russell Haas - 145 lbs. Kneeling: P. Schlattman, B. Martin; Standing: J. Barker, B. Martin, M Hynes, S. Armstrong Wrestling Cheerleaders77Chorus 78 Row 1 Left to Right: T. Keene, K. Henry, L. Furrow, M. Underwood, J. Mullvain, J. Benedict; Row2: M. Uphoff, B. Thario, A. Schertz, J. Dukes, A. Pinkham, D. Rohrberg, D. Fever, A. Schneider; Row 3: J. Sutton, S. Baer, A. Van Scyoc, J. Porter.El Paso Holds Mid State Conference Title Again 1st Row Left to Right: J. Porter, K. Armstrong, M. Hynes, D. Dehority, J. Pinkham, M. Heller. M. Armstrong; 2nd Row: Coach Rayner, J. Sparrow, F. Lloyd, S. Armstrong, R. Ales, D. Lay, K. Kilpatrick, C. Feeney, A. Pinkham; 3rd Row: B Martin, G. Hunsaker, G. Sturm, D. Ludwig, D. Scott, T. Pfab, R. Page, Mgr. It was a delightful track season for the El Paso Comets, winning several track meets and placing in all the big meets. Four school records were broken in the process and the Comets won their third Mid State title in a row. Seniors Jeff Porter, Murray Hynes, Doug Dehority, Scott Armstrong, and Bruce Martin will be sorely missed next year, but incoming freshmen Comets seem to make the Comets track program look solid for track program look solid for the future. The Frosh-Soph won the Mid State Conference title for their second year in a row, so over all the Comets look rather solid for the next few years. It was extremely satisfying to me to be associated with these fine men and look forward to another banner year. Many thanks to Merlin Haas who helped with statistics, times, etc. so that the Comets could keep on winning! Coach Rayner 8081THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS “The Whole Darn Shooting Match” Director: Carol Stiles Student Directors: Kevin Crump Donita Fever Cast Chris Hadley.................................Garen Cornett Keith Leffler...................................John Sutton Elaine Stowe................................. Dana Rohrberg Orren Stiggler..................................Jeff Porter Rose Fremish.................................Audrey Schneider Jay Barker...................................Doug Dehority Eddie Billick................................Murray Hynei Arch McDermott..................................Keith Henry Alan Scott......................................Corbin Cok Harrison Kendring............................David Geiselmar Gordon Day..............................................Bill Koos Agatha Mittle....................................Cathy Cline Beatrice Barnes..............................Debbie Tegard Edna Hurlbut................................. Terri McGhee Clubwomen....................................Carol Hannah Andrea Rayner Angela Rayner Lyle Standcliffe.............................Mike Underwood Doris Beeman.................................Lynn Hunsaker Lt. Col. Morton Willing...................... Dean Luedtke 82“The Curious Savage” Presented By The Junior Class Cast Florence.......................................Joanne Scott Hannibal.................................................Tim Kiesewetter Fairy May....................................Renee Poorbaugh Jeffrey.......................................Greg Strum Miss Willie...................................Lori Loewen Mrs. Paddy.................................Cassandra Sprehe Titus Savage.................................Brad Hayslette Samual Savage............................................Don Luedtke Lily Belle Savage......................................Sandy Baer Dr. Emmett..................................Dennis Ludwig Mrs. Ethel P Savage.........v................Mary Uphoff Director: J. Schlickman Student Directors: Judy Zimmerman Paul Vogel 83In Memory Of Todd Skolek December 11, 1960 - July 24, 1977 Students and faculty of El Paso High School have and will miss Todd. He was taken from us in a tragic accident last summer. In honor of his track ability the Student Council will award a memorial to the most dedicated track member for the next ten years. 84 Aaa tw “Precious and Few” King Queen Doug Angela 85SENIOR SKIP DAY - May 25, 1978 On Thursday morning at 8:00 all the seniors assembled at Davis Lodge near Lake Bloomington for their Senior Breakfast of ham and eggs prepared by loving parents. Later at 10:00 A.M. everyone regrouped for their second practice before the big day. At noon everyone went their own way to enjoy the sunny afternoon. At 6:30 P.M. everyone once again met at school to board the bus for the ride to Peoria. In Peoria everyone got on the Julia Belle Swain for a four hour ride. A dinner of fried chicken was served and entertainment was provided by Hit Man. The sleepy busload of seniors returned home at 1:00 A.M. BACCAULAUREATE - Sunday, May 28, 1978 Speaker - Rev. John O’Connor Music Selection by the Senior Choir and Processional and Recessional by Judy Zimmerman. GRADUATION - Monday, May 29, 1978 Valedictorians - Cathy Duncan Patti Pfab John Sutton Salutatorian - Carolyn Ward Speaker - Audrey Schneider Music by Commencement Band and Senior Choir Jr. Marshals Sandy and Doug 86The Eternal Wait Welcome! Pathways The Senior Class of 1978 87Class Will I, DALENE ALEXANDER, leave. Did I hear someone breathe a sigh of relief? I, SCOTT ARMSTRONG, leave knowing that I was king of the board drill; and also knowing that my forearm shiver was better than Coach Cooper’s. I, JOHN BARKER, leave EPHS loving the teachers, theadministra tion, and the student body for all the help and advice they have given me during my years at this school. I, TONY CLARK, leave my football jersey no. 70. I, CATHY CLINE, leave Sharon Hasty my ability to rearrange the card rack while discussing the Einstein Jr. Theory. I, CORBIN COLE, leave wondering how Mrs. Stiles could resist such a hunk. I, GAREN CORNETT, leave knowing that Gridley’s football field will bear the mark of the “E” I, KEVIN CRUMP, leave rambunctiously! I, DOUG DEHORITY, leave my 3DBB to Putter and Hoagy, to help their golf game; and to Ales to diagram an atomic situp for the shadow. I, CATHY DURRAND, leave my seat in Mr. Marquardt’s study hall to Mike Welbes knowing that he will have plenty of detentions. I, GARY EICHELBERGER, leave knowing there is someone who has two years left; and to Flab, I leave my gearheading. I, JOE ENRIGHT, leave EPHS on the back tire of a Suzuki. I. PEG EVANS, leave my spot in Swing Choir and cheerleading to Lisa, hoping she will never have to be replaced. I, DANNY FEVER, leave EPHS knowing that I won’t have to bother Mr. Kays anymore for late slips. I, DONITA FEVER, leave hoping that next year at GAA Conven tion, Michelle Carley will keep her small article of clothing out of the freezer. I, SHELLY FINCK, leave knowing that I will never be ambushed by Corbin and Jim in the Senior hall again. (At least I hope not!) I, DEANNE FORREST, leave EPHS hoping that someday my name will be pronounced and spelled correctly. I, BECKY FRIEND, leave knowing that Monkey Shines will not need anymore protection. I, EMERY GAREY, leave knowing that Ike and I can’t wheel and deal in Speech class any more. I, GARY GAUGER, leave knowing that I am finally out of school. I, DAVE GEISELMAN. leave the El Paso tootball locker room knowing Campagna is still there! I, JIM GEISELMAN, leave El Paso High School on the back wheel of my Kawasaki. I. KELLY GRUBB, leave knowing Mr. Kays can’t catch Tony and I again. 1, CAROL HANNAH, leave waiting for Greg to graduate. I, KIM HINTHORNE. leave knowing that Mrs. Hankey will never catch me 3rd hour in the top floor john again. I, ANNETTE HOFFMAN, leave to the Freshmen the power to get along with the teachers, and get good grades. I, LYNN HUNSAKER, leave Renee in full charge of 2nd hour P.E. knowing that she will take good care of everyone in it. I. MURRAY HYNES, leave knowing that EPHS has gone through five Hynes’ and that four more are on the way. I, BILL KOOS, leave Brad Hayslette my ability to make it to T.J. in the worst of weather. I, ONETIA LAWYER, leave to El Paso High School, my little sister and bts of luck! I, DEAN LUEDTKE, leave the freshmen to live and let live; but don’t be a smart aleck. I, TERRI MCGHEE, leave my deepest sympathy to Mrs. Hankey, knowing she will still be worrying about getting the newspaper out on time after I’m gone. I also leave knowing Mr. Rayner knows that I known how to write my first AND last name on test papers. I, SUE MOSER, leave my ability to go to Roanoke to my brother, Todd. I, TIM MURPHY, leave EPHS knowing Freshmen are getting by too easily. Something should be done about it. I, PATTI PFAB, leave knowing that Steph D. won AFTER she found my socks; that Darla F. is edible; and that Terry will be cock-a-doodle dooing for two more years. I, ANDREA RAYNER, leave my locker no. 69 to the 77-78 basketball team in honor of their first victory of the season; and my ability to stay quiet in 6th hour study hall to Tony Campagna. I, ANGELA RAYNER, leave Dennis Ludwig my ability not to cause a disturbance during band, and some black shoes instead of his purple ones; to Marty Heller, I leave EPHS with our little secret about his lips, and last of all, I leave Eddie Lloyd with dreams of Colorado. I, DANA ROHRBERG, leave Steph Dodson my bloomers knowing that with two pairs, she won’t forget! I, PATTY SCHAAF, leave my big mouth to Jo Ellen Mullvain, hoping she will use it to her advantage. I, ERICH SCHERTZ, leave Mrs. Besse all of my old four wheel drive magazines so she will have something to read. I, JAN SCHIEBER, leave to be a RASSI. I, AUDREY SCHNEIDER, leave knowing that Judy Z. has never had a better passenger or chauffeur to and from EPHS. I leave Fish hoping that she will be able to evacuate from EPHS in two years. I also leave hoping that Carol Sue H. and Paula H. can find a better ride to Homecoming AND Prom next year! I, MIKE SCHUMACHER, leave knowing that there is someone here who has two years left. I, LORI SEGGERMAN, leave knowing P.E. will never be the same without “Cemetary” time, and the wrestlers will have to find someone else to shove their rumors on. I, KELLY SENNOTT, leave knowing that Teresa Krug will always have an A in Cooking because she doesn’t know what Spatula to use. I, JOHN P. SUTTON, leave knowing that I don’t “stutter” and that Mrs. Stiles is “kidding me” I, DEBBIE TEGARD, leave knowing Coach Rodgers will always mispronounce the number six in Spanish. I. NANCY TRUNNELL, (alias Shrink) leave knowing that there is someone else left to continue to give advice to the boys. I, MIKE UNDERWOOD, leave B Waller for Bonehead to babysit. I, STEVE VALENTINE, leave knowing I am the 3rd generation of Valentines to leave here; I also leave knowing DJV will look after LLW for me. I, ANNDEL VAN SCYOC, leave my ability to get hurt in volleyball every year to Linda Hocker. I hope she will be as great as I was. (Editor’s Note: Anything you say my friend, Anndel!!) I. CAROLYN WARD, leave knowing Nancy and Jill will for “ward” the family tradition. We.Scott, Dave, Doug, and Kevin, leave knowing that Garen’s will is OUR WILL We,Kelly, Deanne, Debbie, and Carol, leave knowing that we are 1!!! We.the Seniors in 1st and 2nd hour chorus leave Mrs. Musick with tears in our eyes. We.Garen, Murray, Kevin, Tom, and Doug, leave knowing that the MAFIA had complete control of Coach Cooper’s 2nd hour P.E. class. We.Peggy, Audrey, and Anndel, leave Bradley J. Shawgo all our late slips for second hour in locker 69 Whaaaaaah!!!!! We.Garen, Kevin, Murray, Tom, and Doug, leave knowing that we will never be together again to spell SP AN KY We, Patti and Audrey, (5th hour accounting buddies), leave never to forget the sun rays we lost on our last weekend of school on account of Campers’ Cove and B.B.!!!! 89£Autographs .Autographs u.s. YEARBOOKS DES MOINES IA 50317•V,s., ' • • . •

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