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 ...................................... I ■ 4 « ! •»’' i '■' • . . "■ •' , -94 , •'- :-s r- '■ ! A V-. m, i ‘v .-V- ‘ T . Nr « -' v 3 v.V Xi • p r J yu vy. V - • ♦ r • f- ,£”%• V«T '± V d »• 'V - f • J‘ « f IotJn ’ jj i n .v , t A •« w f YESTERDAY Belongs To History TOMORROW Belongs To God But, TODAY Belongs To Us. The El Paso High School Class Of 1977 Presents “The Cometeer”Table Of Contents Seniors p. 3 Underclassmen ..................................p. 17 Faculty P- 31 Activities P- 37 End Of Year p. 82 2GENE AGNEW 1 'Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well" THOMAS GLENN ANCOTTI 1 'The world is but a stage and all the people on it are actors.1' TRACY R. ARMSTRONG The future still remains.'' DAVID BEAL ' 'A little learning is a dangerous BRIAN E. BAUER "He look shy--but is he?" ANN ELIZABETH BENEDICT •'If you make two people happy, •ne of them is apt to be you. " PEGGY JO BERG "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. " JOAN BLUMENSHINE ' 'Each must find his own road. •' ■MARY ANN BROWN "You are what you are; You will be what you will be. " KEITH BROWN ' 'No school today tommorrow or ever.1' CANDY SUE BURKE "1 was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. 1 said I didn't know.'' PATRICIA JANE BURROUGHS ' 'This is only the beginning of what I want to feel forever." VIOLA ANN CAREY ' 'To dream the impossible dream VIOLET SUE CAREY ' 'Live your life one day at a time but don't forget to look at the future every once C a while.'' PATRICIA L. CARR ' 'You are hereby invited to become no one but yourself.'' GENE CLARK ' 'He does it with more grace but I do it more naturally.''MARIO DUARTE S. •' I give thanks to Cod for giving me the chance to live in this country, to know its people, and to understand them.'1 CAROL COPPLE 1 'To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming is life's goal.'' ROGER COOLEY "I'll never let school interfere with my education.'' RANDY ESKRIDGE ' 'Never ask someone to do something for you that you can do yourself." DAVID FARRELL "Cherished memories are to treasure.'' MARCIA KAY FEVER "If you meet a man without a smile, give him one of yours.'' WILLIAM E. FICKEN "Life is the song I'm singing." 6 LISA ANN FRANKE "Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important."ELIZABETH ANN HAAS "My mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts.1' TONY GRUBB "I am the Rock of Gibralter, and everyone owns a piece of the rock." DIANA C. GUNN 1 'Accept me for the things I can do and not for the things I can't. BEA HELMONTOLLER ' 'Be yourself- -no one can tell you you're doing it wrong.'' NANCY HAYES "Silence is golden." RICK HILL ' 'That was then; this is now.1' KIM HINTHRONE ' 'Life is a struggle, but not a warfare.'' DON HUDSON "Smile with an intent to do mischief."TODD JEFFREYS ' 'The present is the key to the future.'' MARTIN F. HYNES "It's the effort that counts, not the success.'' GWENDOLYN P. HUDSON "True friends are like diamonds; precious but rare; false friends are like autumn leaves . . . found everywhere.'' MICHAEL JORDINC "The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a JILL ANN KNAPP ' 'There is no substitute for brains, but silence does very well." MARLA J. KRUG "You only go around once in life so grab for all the gusto you KARLA JUNE KRUG "Experience is yesterdays answer to today's problem.'' RICHARD KNEPP "Work fascinates me--l can sit and watch it for hours.''TERESA ANNA KRUC 1 'Great women are not always wise.'' DENNIS B. LAY "When you laugh, the world laughs with you. When you cry, you cry alone.1' DIANE K. LOCK ' 'Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.'' EVERETT LOCKE ' 'Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." RANDY LOYD "1 was not put on this earth for your approval.'' DARLENE D. MITCHELL ' 'Love shall never die.'' JENNIFER A. MULLVA1N ' 'Kindness in words creates confidence, Kindness in thinking creates profoundness, Kindness in giving creates love. ROBERT NEWKIRK '' If you do not understand my silence, you will not understand my words.''KARLA RAE POORBAUCH "Happiness isn't having what you want, but wanting what you have.'' MARK ROBERTS "If I hadn't tired I might have died never knowing.'' PAMELA SUE SCHAAF I benefit myself in aiding DAVID SCHERTZ "Along with the world of the horse, I will live forever." RON SCHNEIDER ' 'How much better it is to have wisdom than gold.1' SARAH (MILLER) SCHUMACHER "It isn't necessary to blow out the other person's light to let yours shine.'' TERESA KAY SECCERMAN "Speak up to be heard, stand up to be seen, shut up to be appreciated." JAMES MICHAEL SKOLEK ' 'The more things a man is ashamed of, the more respectable he is."MICHAEL PHN SPARKS "To be bom a gentleman, is an accident; To die a gentleman, a success." LESTER SPARROW "I should not talk about myself so much if there was anyone better!'' CINDY RAE SPIKES ' 'A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves as something to aim at. MARIA LYNN SWOPE "Love is the best thing you can have out of life." CARY VANDERCRAFT '11 never think of the future. It comes soon enough." SUSAN VAN HORN 1 'THIS IS A covent I make between you and me and every living creature for prepetual TONJA YVONNE WAGNER 1 'A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.'' Proverbs 17:22 RITA WALTERS "Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest thing in the nicest way.1'MARVIN ROBERT DUFFY "like a self - willed man out of whom you can obtain all which you desire, if you will only treat PEGGY SUE YOUNG 1 'God, fill my mind with thoughtful stuff, but nudge me when I've said enough. " MICHAEL R. ZIMMERMAN The river of knowledge floweth deep. "Senior Directory GENE AGNEW - F.F.A. 1 2 3 4; Treasurer 4; Ambition: Farmer THOMAS GLENN ANGOTTI - National Honor Society 2 3 4;Senior Play; Junior Play; Marching Band 12 3; Concert Band 12 3; Newspaper Staff 23; Reporter 3; Football Manager 12 3; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; Vice-President 4; Math Contest; E Club 34; Ambition: Architect TRACY R. ARMSTRONG -- Football 1 2 3 4; Wrestling 2; Ambition: undecided BRIAN E. BAUER - - National Honor Society 2 3 4; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; Chess Club 2; Basketball 1 2; Wrestling 3 4; Golf 12 3; Class President 2; Senior Play E Club 1 2 3 4; Ambition: College DAVID BEAL - F.F.A. 12 3; Ambition: Mechanic ANN ELIZABETH BENEDICT -- G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; F.H.A.l; Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Concert Band 123 4; Mu-alpha-theta 3; Senior Play - Student Director; Band Secretary 4; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: Executive Secretary PEGGY JO BERG -- G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; F.H.A. 1 2 3; Secretary-Treasurer 3; A.F.S. 2 3; Library Club 2 3; Annual Staff 4; Class Officer 2 - Vice-President; Track 12 4; Junior Playj Senior Play; Pep Club 1; 50 Mile Swim Club; Ambition: College- Lab Technician KEITH BROWN - Ambition: Truck Driver JONI BLUMENSH1NE -- Ambition: undecided MARY ANN BROWN - - Pep Club 1; Library Club 2 3 4; Flag Corps 1; A.F.S. 1; Ambition: Data Processing CANDY SUE BURKE-- G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Representative 4; F.H.A. President 3; Junior Play, Senior Play, Bowling Team 3; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: undecided PATRICIA JANE BURROUGHS -- Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; G.A.A. 1 2; Pep Club 1; Junior Marshal; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: I.C.C. VIOLA ANN CAREY -- Ambition: To be understood VIOLET S. CAREY -- A.F.S. 1 2; Math Contest 2 3 4; Senior Play; Junior Play; Mu-alpha- theta 2 3 4; F.H.A. 1 2 34 - Secretary-Treasurer 4; Scholastic Bowl 3; Annual Staff-Editor 4; Ambition: To make it through basic training. PATRICIA L. CARR -- A.F.S. 1 2 3 4-Vice-President 2; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Band Treasurer 4; Health Careers Club 1 2 3-President 3; Student Council 2 4; Junior Play Senior Play; Annual Staff 4; Girls' State Delegate; Ambition: Obstetrics nurse so I can fulfill a dream that a friend of mine never got to. GENE CLARK - - Wrestling 2; Ambition: Work ROGER COOLEY -- Wrestling 3 4; Ambition: Heavey equipment Operator CAROL COPPLE -- F.H.A.; Ambition: To succeed in a secretarial career MARIO DUARTE S. -- A.F.S. Exchange Student from San Felipe, CHILE; Spanish Club; Chess Club; Ambition: To study Medicine and also come back some day. MARVIN ROBERT DUFFY -- Junior Cjass Attendant; Ambition: Lawyer RANDY ESKRIDGE - - Football 1; Wrestling Manager 1; Ambition: Navy DAVID FARRELL -- Concert Band 12 3; Marching Band 12 3; Stage Band 12; A.F.S. 4; Ambition: Caterpillar MARCIA KAY FEVER -- Class Secretary 1 3; March- ing Band 1 2 3 4; Concert Band 1 234; G.A.A. 123 4 Sports Chairman 3; Secretary 4; F.H.A. 1 3; Cheerleader 1; student Council 4; Mu-alpha-theta 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Pep Club 1; Band Vice-President 4; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: Executive Secretary WILLIAM E. FICKEN -- Student Council 1 2 3 4; Senator 1; Vice-President 2; Treasurer 3 4; Midstate Student Council Treasurer 4; chorus 1 2 3 4; President 4; Madrigals 1 2 3 4; Swing Choir 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; All School Musical; A.F.S. 4; National Honor Society 2 3 4; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; 1MEA Festival; Math Contest 2 3 4; Ambition: Music Engineering Technician LISA ANN FRANKE -G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; President 4; Secretary 3; Sports Chairman 2; F.H.A 1 2 Volleyball 3 4; Track 1 2 3 4; Pep Club 1; Junior Play; Senior Play; Homecoming Attendant 1; Marching Band 12 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; 50 Mile Swim Club; Ambition: Orthodonist Assistance TONY GRUBB -- Transfer Student; football 3 4; Most Improved Player 4; Baseball 3; Chorus 4; Senior Play; E Club; Track 4; Ambition: Athletic Coach DIANA C. GUNN -Transfer Student; G.A.A. 4; F.H.A. 4; Library Club 4; Track 4; Flag Corps; Ambition: undecided ELIZABETH ANN HAAS - - Cheerleading 1 2 3 4; F.H.A. 1 2 3; Secretary 1; G.A.A. 1 2 34; Representative 3; Volleyball 3 4; Marching Band 12 3; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Junior Play; Annual Staff; Ambition : Court Reporter MARK HANSEN - - Ambition: undecided NANCY HAYES -- Ambition: undecided BEA HELMONTOLLER -- Transfer Student; A.F.S. 1 2 3; President 3; Mu-alpa-theta 12 3; Secretary 3; Library Club 2 3; Treasurer 2; President 3; National Honor Society 2 3; G.A.A. 1 2 3; Sports Chairman 3; NEDT Scholar; Illinois State Scholar; Senior Play; All School Musical; Volleyball 12 3; Manager 3; Track 2; Newspaper 12 3; Annual Staff Business Manager; Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2; Ambition: High School Teacher RICK HILL - - Ambition: Construction KIM HINTHORNE -- Basketball 1; Ambition: Heavy Equipment Operator DON HUDSON -Football 1 2 3 4; Co-captain; Most Valuable Player; All Conference; Basketball 12 3; Ambition: Undecided GWENDOLYN P. HUDSON -- G.A.A. 2 3 4; A,F,S, 3; Band 1; F.H.A 3,4; Newspaper Staff 2 3; Library Club 3; Pom-Pon 2 3; Wrestling Cheerleader (Captain) 3; Spanish Club 2; Junior Play Student Director; Senior Play; 50 Mile Swim Club; Ambition: Police work MARTIN F. HYNES -- Football 1 2 3 4; Co-Captain; Most Valuable Back; Wrestling 2 3 4; National Honor Society 2 3 4; E club 3 4; Student Counsil 3 4; Class President 4; Homecoming Attendent 2; Homecoming King 4; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; Math Contest 2 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play - Student Director; Ambition: College TODD JEFFREYS - - Football 13 4; Track 3 4; Wrestling 2 3; F.F.A. 4; Senior Play; E Club 2 3 4; Ambition: College MIKE JORDING - - Ambition: undecided JILL ANN KNAPP -- Cheerleading 12 4; Co-captain 132; Volleyball 2 3 4; Class Secretary 2 4; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; Newspaper 34; A.F.S. 2 34; Secretary 4; Junior Play - Student Director; Senior Play; G. A. A. 1 2 3 4; Junior G. A. A. Award; Pep Club 1; Annual Staff - Editor; Ambition: College RICHARD KNEPP - - Student Council 1 2 3 4; President 4; National Honor Society 2 3 4; F.F.A. 1 2 3 4; Vice-President; Secretary; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Basketball 1 2; Junior Class President; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: College and Farming KARLA JUNE KRUG -- G.A.A. 1 2 3; Freshman Representative; Volleyball 12 3; Ambition: housewife MARLA J. KRUG -- Cheerleading 1 2; Ambition: To be the best 1 can be. TERESA ANN KRUG -- G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Ambition: Own a cake decorating and cateoring service. DENNIS B. LAY - - Track 1 2 3 4; Basketball 1 2 3 1 2; Junior Play; Senior Play; E Club 1 2 3 4; F.F.A. 4; Chess Club 1; Drama Club; Ambition: Radio and Television Communications DIANE K. LOCK - - Pom-Pon 1; 50 Mile Swim Club; G.A.A. 4; Sophomore Class Officer; Library Club 4; F.H.A. 4; Ambition: Secretary EVERETT LOCKE -- Wrestling 2; Ambition: Carpenter and Electrician RANDY LOYD - - Football 1 4; Wrestling 2 4; Art Club; Vice-President 3; Senior Play; Ambition: Be in the Service DARLENE D. MITCHELL -- Marching Band 1 2; Concert Band 1 2; Library Club 2; Chorus 2 3 4; Madrigals 2 3; Track 12 3; Phiscal Fitness Award 2 4; Ambition: Housewife and Mother JENNIFER A. MULLVAIN -- A.F.S. 1 2 34; Vice-President 4; G.A.A. 1 2 34; Representative 2; Points Chairman 3; Vice-President 4; National Honor Society 2 3 4; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; Spanish Club 3; Pep Club 1; Cheerleader 2; Concert Band 12 3; Marching Band 12 3; Band Secretary 3; Volleyball 2 3 4; Newspaper Staff 3 4; Class Treasurer 4; Senior Homecoming Attendant; Girls1 State Delegate; All School Musical; Annual Staff-Editor 4; Ambition: College ROBERT NEWKIRK -- Spanish Club 1; A.F.S. 1; Library Club 3 4; Swing Choir 3 4; Ambition: College KARLA RAE POORBAUGH -Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Drum Majorette 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Band President 4; Stage Band 3 4; Student Council 2 4; Wrestling Cheerleader 2; Junior Play Student Director; Senior Play; Newspaper Staff, Treasurer 3; A.F.S. 1; Spanish Club 2; Health Careers Club 3; Annual Staff 4; Ambition; Undecided MIKE PORTER - - Ambition: Undecided MARK ROBERTS -- Football 12 4; Wrestling 2 3 4; F.F.A 1 2 3 4; Snior Play; Ambition: Be successful in life and be able to give my family everything they want. PAMELA SUE SCHAAF -- G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; Chorus 2; Homecoming Queen; Ambition: House wife DAVID SCHERTZ -- F.F.A. 1 2 3 4; Reporter 4; Band 1; Ambition: Professional Horse Trainer RON SCHNEIDER - - Chess Club 1 2 3 4; Secretary 3; President 4; Baseball 3; Math Contest 2 3; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; Track 4; E Club 4; Ambition: Manufac-toring Engineer SARAH JOANN (MILLER) SCHUMACHER -Chorus 1 2 3; Library' Club 1 2; Flag Corp 1 2; Captain 2; Pom-Pon; Ambition: House Wife THERESA KAY SECGERMAN -Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Student Council 2 4; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; National Honor Society 2 3 4; A.F.S. 1; Newspaper Staff 4; Pep Club 1; Math Contest 2 3 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; 50 Mile Swim Club 1; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: College- Elementary Education JAMES MICHAEL SKOLEK -Transfer Student; Football 3 4; Wrestling 3; Track 3 4; Swing Choir 3 4; Madrigals 3 4; Senior Play; All School Musical; Ambition: Air Force MICHAEL JOHN SPARKS - - Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Band Vice-President 4; Class Treasurer 1; Class Vice-President 3 4; Newspaper Staff 1 2; E Club; Math Contest; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; National Honor Society 3 4; Football 1 2 3 4; Wrestling 2; Ambition: Architecture and Colleee LESTER SPARROW - Junior Play; Senior Play; All School Musical; Track 1 2 3 4; Wrestling 3; Football 12 4; Chess Club 1 2 3 4; Drama Club 3 4; E Club 2 3 4; Golf 3; Senior Madrigals 4; Ambition: College-Theater Production, Acting CINDY RAE SPIKES -50 Mile Swim Club; Ambition: Martial Arts Instructor MARIA LYNN SWOPE - - Library Club 2 3 4; Track 3 4; Volleyball 3 4; Ambition: Nurse GARY VANDERGRAFT-Ambitiin Carpenter SUSAN VANHORN -- Transfer Student; G.A.A. 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Library Club 4; Pom-Pon 4; Ambition: To be a cop TONJA YVONNE WAGNER -- Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigals 2 4; Ensemble 2 3 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Senior Play 4; Ambition: To Further my education RITA WALTERS -- F.H.A. 1 2 3 4; President 4; G.A.A 2 3 4; 50 Mile Swim Club; Ambition: Secretary and to get married DAN WATKINS -- Transfer Student ; Ambition: To be a Truck Driver or Automotive Mechanic CONSTANCE M. WILKEY -- Flag Corps 1; Library Club 2 3; Ambition: undecided TIM L. WILKEY - - Football 1 2 3 4; Track 1 2 3 4; Student Council 3; Wrestling 12 3; F.F.A. 1 2 3 4; E. Club 2 3 4; F.F.A Sential; Class Treasurer 3; Junior Play; Homecoming Attendent 1 4; Ambition: Farming JANICE A. WILSON -- Newspaper Staff 1 4; Student Council 1 2 3 4; Treasurer 2; Mu-alpha-theta 2 3 4; Preident 4; - ational Honor Society 2 3 4; Spanish Club 2; Junior Play; Senior Play; Voice of Democracy 3; Homecoming Attendent 2; Math Contest 2 3 4; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: Math and Accounting ROBERT DONALD W1TKOWSKI II -- A.F.S. 2; Ambition: Laborer or Truck Driver PEGGY SUE YOUNG -- Pom-Pon 1 2; Co-Captain 2; 50 Mile Swim Club 2 3 4; G.A.A. 3 4; F.H.A. 4-Vice President 4; Wrestling Cheerleader Captain 2; Ambition: Secretary and wife MICHAEL R. ZIMMERMAN -- Senior Play; Junior Play; F.F.A. 1 2 3 4; President 4; Football 1 2 3 4; Basketball 12 4; Track 4; E Club 3 4; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: College - Agricultural Business 14fWjAlexander, Dalene Armstrong, Scott Barker, John Bess, Michael Besse, Edith Breach, Eugenia Camacho, Wilfredo Carman, Alberta Clark, Anthony Cline, Catherine Cole, Corbin Cornett, Garen Crump, Kevin Dehority, Douglas Duncan, Cathy HERE TODAY Eichelberger, Gary Enright, Joseph Evans, Peggy Ewert, Harry Fever, Dan Fever, Donita Finck, Shelly Forrest, Deanne Friend, Rebecca Furrow, Lori 18Carey, Emery Gauger, Gary Geiselman, David Geiselman, James Green, Charles Hamilton, James Hannah, Carol Henry, Keith Hinthome, Kim Hunsaker, Lynn Hynes, Murray J or ding, Cynthia King, Sherry Koos, William Lawyer, Onetia GONE TOMORROWNagle, Allan Pfab, Patricia Pope, Kelly Porter, Phillip Raymer, Donald Rogers, Thomas Rohrberg, Dana Rutledge, Denis Schaaf, Patty Shertz, Erich Schieber, Jan Schneider, Audrey Schumacher, Michael Seggerman, Lori Sennott, Kelly Sutton, John Talbert, Bonnie Tegard, Deborah Thario, Robert Trunnell, Nancy Turner, Allan Underwood, Michael Valentine, Stephen Van Scyoc, Anndel Ward, Carolyn West, John NOT SHOWN 20Ackerson, Leslie Ales, Ronald Baer, Sandra Barker, James Baumann, Deborah Bowman, Kevin Breach, Pandora Bushert, Shawn Butler, Sharon Camacho, Lucia Campbell, Mary Carley, Douglas Carr, Charles Cramer, Linda Corcoran, Bernadine WE SHALL BE PATIENT Deerwester, Diane Dever, Douglas Dust, Cynthia Eichelberger, Karen Engel, Doreen Eskridge, Ronald Fairchild, Patrick Farrell, Lori Farrell, Wendy Forrest, Steven Geiger, Mary Geiselman, Peggy Goldstine, Brenda Gunn, Karen Hair, Connie 22Hair, Ronnie Hansen, Joann Hatch, Vickie Hayslette, Bradley Henry, Lorri Hinthorne, Janet Hinthorne, Tammy Hocker, Julie Hodel, Dennis Hudson, Oren Hudson, Theodore Humphrey, Dale Jording, Todd Kearfott, Thomas Keene, Terri AND OUR TURN WILL COME Kiesewetter, Tim King, Colin Krostag, Teresa Krug, Debra Krug, Michael Loewen, Loretta Lloyd, Kelly Loyd, Frank Ludwig, Dennis Luedtke, Don Martin, Brian Miller, Steven Mullvain, Jo Ellen Newkirk, Donnie North, Barbara 23Phelps, Joyce Pinkham, Jon Poorbaugh, Renee Price, Jeffrey Ranch, Darlyne Riggs, George Schertz, Scott Schroeder, Jeffrey Scott, Joanne Sengpiel, Darrin Shawgo, Brad Skibba, Lori Smith, Cindy Sparrow, Kevin Sprehe, Cassandra Taylor, Charles Thielemann, Rebecca Uphoff, Mary Vogel, Frederick Volz, Patricia Wagner, Shawna Walden, Richard Ward, Nancy Watkins, Bryan Weakly, Tom Welbes, Mike Wilkey, Brenda Wilkey, Gregory Wolfe, Kimberly Zimmerman, Judith 24THE NAIL YOU DUMMY. NOT MY FINGERI CONTEMPLATION? Ales, Brenda Allen, Mark Angotti, Janice Armstrong, Kevin Armstrong, Michael Armstrong, Thomas Armstrong, Todd Benedict, James Boswell, Bryan Breach, Patricia Bryant, Rebecca Carey, Ernest Dehority, Kim Dukes, John Durbin, Roger TO WONDER IS TO BEGIN Edwards, Anna Evans, Mary Fairchild, Linda Farrell, Connie Fever, Mitchell Fever, Tom Green, Barbara Grubb, David Haas, Clyde Haas, Larry Haas, Matthew Haines, Diana Hansen, Deborah Hawkins, Alice Hayes, Beverly 26Heiken, Larry Heller, Martin Hill, Rodney Hostetler, Carol Hudson, Julie Hudson, Kathy Hudson, Robin Hudson, Neva Hunsaker, Gregory Hynes, Paula Jording, Terry Keene, Kim Kelly, Mary Jo Kilpatrick, Kevin Kilpatrick, Sharon TO UNDERSTAND King, Rebel Krug, Kathryn Lloyd, Edward Lovings, Patricia Loyd, Theresa Luedtke, Dennis McDaniel, Lisa McNally, Thomas Moreland, Monita Morgan, Mark Moser, Todd Newkirk, Wayne Patemoga, Dean Patterson, Joanne Pfab, Terrance 27Pfister, Ann Porth, Tim Ridgeway, Laura Riker, Michele Rushing, Clayton Savers, Kevin Schertz, Amy Schieber, Roger Scott, Daniel Scott, Julie Shaw, Dennie Simpson, Martir Skolek, Todd Smith, Richard Steffen, Jayne Stiles, Kim Stine, Suzanne Street, James Taylor, James Thielemann, Stephanie Tomow, Brenda Turner, Anthony Turner, Gary Valentine, Denise Wagner, Harry Waller, Debra Wilkey, Teresa Williams, Ricky Wolf, Roger Zimmerman, Karen 28Annual Staff CHORUS Jenny Mullvain AFS Bea Helmontoller Jenny Mullvain ANNUAL STAFF Jill Knapp SR. PACES Janice Wilson Jenny Mullvain Pat Carr Karla Poorbaugh Terri Seggerraan ARTWORK Cindy Spikes PHOTOGRAPHY Karla Poorbaugh Pat Burroughs Diane Lock FACULTY Violet Carey Bea Helmontoller Jenny Mullvain UNDERCLASSMAN Jill Knapp Marcia Fever Ann Benedict Violet Carey PAPER STAFF Jenny Mullvain Jill Knapp JR. AND SR. PLAY Bea Helmontoller HOMECOMING Diane Lock Jenny Mullvain CHEERLEADERS Jill Knapp RAND Pat Carr Terri Seggerman Jenny Mullvain STUDENT COUNCIL Rich Knepp Terri Seggerman PROM Jill Knapp SPANISH CLUB Patti Pfab BOYS SPORTS Marty Hynes Mike Zimmerman Jill Knapp CU SS WILL Jenny Mullvain GIRLS SPORTS Jenny Mullvain Jill Knapp FFA Rich Knepp Mike Zimmerman NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Jenny Mullvain FHA AND CHESS CLUB Violet Carey MU ALPHA THETA Janice Wilson GAA Jenny Mullvain BUSINESS MANAGERS Tony Grubb Bea Helmontoller END OF YEAR Jill Knapp Jenny Mullvain LIBRARY CLUB Jill Knapp POM PON Jill Knapp Editors: Jill, Jennifer and Violet. Jr. Editor: Patti Pfab, Advisor: Mr. Kramme 30Mrs. Hocker Secretary to Mr. Kays 32 Mrs. Tipler Secretary to Mr. Hadfield Mrs. Simpson Secretary to Mr. HadfieldLinda Hageman- Art John Fleetwood - Biology 33MARILYN MUSICK Music 34 RON KRAMME English IDON JENKINS Var. Basketball Coach BOB HAGEMAN JV Basketball Coach MARY JEAN NOVY Band DAVID WANTLAND Agriculture 35RICHARD JAMES Occupational Experiences, PAMELA ETCHERSON English II O SAM WADSWORTH Commerse, Var. Football Coach MARILYN MOODY Individualized Instruction CAROL JENKINS Health, Volleyball Coach 36 THOMAS FEGLEY Math CAROL STILES English, Drama WILLIAM WOLF Drivers Ed., Consumer Ed.Football - 1976 1st Row—F. Loyd, D. Hodel, S. Bushert, D. Carley, M. Krug, D. Dehority, G. Cornett, Murray Hynes, B. Lovings, J. Pinkham; 2nd Row—Coach Grose, O. Hudson, S. Miller, C. Taylor, R. Walden, G. Wilkey, T. Hudson, D. Raymer, K. Henry, T. Clark, S. Armstrong, Coach Wadsworth; 3rd Row—Coach Fleetwood, C. Cole, T. Grubb, M. Roberts, J. Skolek, R. Ales, Marty Hynes, D. Hudson, J. Sutton, M. Sparks, K. Crump; 4th Row—T. Kieswetter, G. Sturm, T. Kearfott, L. Sparrow, D. Geiselman, R. Loyd, T. Jeffreys, T. Armstrong, M. Zimmerman, T. Wilkey “Coach’s Comments” The 1976 edition of football "Comets" was the biggest turnout since 1963. We began our season this year with a 60 man squad. In the outset of the year we had high hopes of being conference contender. However, because of a few key injuries and some bad breaks, we were not so fortunate. The high points of this season were the 20-16 victory against Flanagan and the 40-0 shutout win over Dee Mack at Homecoming. Nevertheless, our 2-7 won-loss record does not speak of the team as it should. We will miss the 12 Seniors who graduate this year. I have appreciated their every effort and sacrifice, and some day I'm sure that they will be rewarded for all their hard work. To all those underclassmen who will be returning next year, I have high hopes that we can conquer the losing attitude and strive together to turn around the football program at El Paso High School. (IoVucJ lJ 3839Marty Hynes Quarterback Don Hudson Halfback Co- Jim Skolek End All-Con- Mike Zimmerman End Co-Capt. Most Valuable Capt. Most Valua-Player ference Hon. Ment. Back All-Conf. Hon. Ment. Most Tackles All - Conference Tim Wilkey Halfback Randy Loyd Tackle Tracy Armstrong Tackle Mark Roberts Linebacker Most Valuable Lineman All-Conf. Hon. Ment. Les Sparrow Tackle Most Mike Sparks Guard All- Tony Grubb Guard Most Todd Jeffreys Tackle Spirited Conference Improved Player 40Sophomores F. Loyd, C. Taylor, M. Krug, S. Bushert, D. Carley, J. Pinkham—Second Row— Coach Fleetwood, D. Hodel, S. Miller, R. Walden, T. Hudson--Third Row--0. Hudson, T. Keiswetter, G. Wilkey, R. Ales, G. Sturm, T. Kearfott El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso Varsity — 1976 12 00 22 00 49 06 26 06 06 Argenta Eureka Flanagan Woodland Deer Creek-Mackinaw Gridley Lexington Chenoa Minonk - Dana - Rutland 18 29 15 12 00 16 50 38 13 Freshmen M. Simpson, M. Armstrong, M. Heller, M. Haas, D. Grubb, M. Morgan-Second Row--J. Dukes, T. Armstrong, T. SkoleK, T Pfab, T. Moser, J. Taylor, Coach Grose—Third Row—J. Street, M. Fever, T. Turner, R. Hill, K. Armstrong, T. Armstrong Junior Varsity — 1976 El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso 38 14 08 46 38 30 54 16 Eureka Minonk - Dana - Rutland Flanagan Flanagan Woodland Deer Creek-Mackinaw Gridley Lexington Chenoa 20 12 20 00 00 00 00 26 41Not ME Keith! Whose Man? Put another Falcon on the fire!"VARSITY 43Homecoming 44Seniors Jennifer Tim Juniors Lynn Bob Sophomores Diane Tim Freshmen Brenda TonyGAA Left To Right: L. Franke, A. Benedict, L. Haas, P. Berg, D. Lock, J. Knapp, B. Helmon-toller, Mrs. Rodgers; Row 2: P. Young, C. Burke, T. Krug, M. Fever, J. Mullvain, C. Spikes, S. Baer; Row 3: P. Schaaf, B. Friend, C. Hannah, D. Forrest, D. Tegard, D. Fever, K. Hinthome; Row 4: A. Schneider, K. Sennot, L. Hunsaker, A. VanScyoc, D. Rohrberg, L. Furrow, D. Krug; Row 5: M. Uphoff, J. Scott, L. Loewen, P. Volz, J. Hocker, J. Hinthome, D. Deerwester; Row 6: J. Hudson, D. Valentine, S. Stine, A. Schertz, J. Patterson, K. Stiles, D. Bauman, J. Mullvain; Row 7: B. Hayes, C. Farrell, P. Angotti, K. Krug, B. Ales, K. De-hority, M. Riker, B. Bryant 1976-77 Board President .......... V. Pres............. Secretary .......... Treasurer ............. Points Chairman ... Sports Chairman ... Class Representatives: Senior ............ Junior ............ Sophomore .......... Freshmen .......... .....Lisa Franke Jennifer Mullvain ... Marcia Fever .... Donita Fever Jo Ellen Mullvain Pat Schaaf Bea Helmontoller Pat Volz .. . . Candy Burke .. Kim Hinthome . Janet Hinthome ... Kim Dehority 48GAA Bowling 1ST. PLACE TEAM HIGH GAME Peggy Berg, Captain Teresa Krug Candy Burke Joe Sparrow Marcia Fever Ann Benedict HIGH SERIES Peggy Berg Darrin Sengpiel 1st Place Intramural Volley Ball Team From Left To Right, 1st. Row, Jill Knapp, Peggy Young, Mary Geiger 2nd Row: Lori Furrow, Marcia Fever, Lisa Franke, Mrs. Rodgers, Mary Sheperd Not Pictured, Lisa Haas: Captain - Peggy Young GAA Honorary Members Mrs. Hankey Mrs. Hocker Mrs. Rodgers-AdvisorComets Kneeling--Left To Right; D. Carley, D. Dever, J. Sutton, D. Dehority, J. Pinkham, T. Armstrong, Standing-Coach Jenkins, B. Hayslette, T. Turner, T. Kiesewetter, D. Ludwig, G. Sturm, T. Kearfott, G. Cornett “Coach’s Comments” Garen Cornett: 5'9" guard was our major driving threat. [Both his 98 free throw attempts and his 64 successful throws led the team. ] Garen made team leading efforts for steals, fouls, turnovers, and votes for "best hustler" and co-captain. Doug Dehority: 5'9" point guard was our ball handler. Doug ran the offense, broke presses, and passed off for a record of 118 assists. [In three of the five wins Doug had 13 points or more, including a game high of 19 points and 8 assists against Roanoke-Benson. ] John Sutton: 5'9" guard ignited the Comets press with a turnover or two to start a late rally. John's efforts for the year earned best defensive player honors. Greg Sturm: 6'2" forward was voted MVP by his teammates and first team All-Conference [by his opponents. ] Greg had five 30 point games, averaged 9.5 rebounds per game, and 20 points per game. Next season he will co-captain the Comets [and work to improve his total game. ] Dennis Ludwig: 6'3" center was voted most improved player by his teammates. His improvement offensively will be a major factor in the Comets success next year. Tom Kearfott: 6'0" forward sparked to his potential in February [with 26 and 29 point performances followed by 17 and 20 point games. ] Tom needs to become less dependent on his shooting touch and play a more consist ant overall game. Jon Pinkham leads the list of talented sophomores that will by vying for playing time [and could be a major factor] next year. Other top underclassmen include Doug Carley, Brad Hayslette, Tim Kiesewetter, Tony Turner, Tom Armstrong, Greg Hunsaker, and Mitch Fever. 50Returning Comets Garen Cornett Doug Dehority John Sutton Greg Sturm Dennis Ludwig Tom Kearfott Tim Kiesewetter 51 Jon Pinkham Doug Carley Brad Hayslette Doug DeverJunior Varsity Kneeling Left To Right—M. Fever, D. Carley, M. Heller, D. Dever, J. Street, J. Pinkahm, T. Armstrong, Standing—B. Hayslette, T. Turner, T. Kiesewetter, D. Ludwig, G. Sturm, T. Kearfott, G. Hunsaker, Coach Hageman Record: 15-10 Freshmen Kneeling Left To Right—T. Skolek, M. Armstrong, M. Heller, L. Heiken, T. Armstrong Standing--T. Pfab, M. Fever, J. Street, T. Turner, G. Hunsaker, T. Armstrong, Coach Hageman 52 Record: 5-2LISA 'll JILL 'llJo Ellen Mullvain J.V. Alternate - 1977 Junior Varsity Brenda, Terri, Teresa, Paula, Kim 55FFA Kneeling-Left To Right: S. Valentine-Reporter, B. Martin-V. Pres. , M. Zira-merman-Pres. , R. Knepp-Sec. , D. Schertz, T. Wilkey-Treas. , G. Agnew-Sentinal; Row 2: Mr. Want land-Advisor, K. Lloyd, E. Lloyd, D. Carley, B. Talbert, B. Martin; Row 3: J. Benedict, M. Uphoff, D. Lay, T. Jeffreys, B. Koos, D. Hodel, R. Ales, S. Schertz Awards Day ENGLISH: MATH: SCIENCE: SOCIAL STUDIES: FOREIGN LANGUAGE: BUSINESS: HOME EC: ART: INDUSTRIAL ARTS: Les Sparrow Be a Helmontoller Janice Wilson Marty Hynes Rich Knepp Cathy Duncan Marcia Fever Debbie Tegard Cindy Spikes Bruce Martin AGRICULTURE: GIRLS PE: BOYS PE: MUSIC: ARION(BAND): ARION( CHORUS): JOHN PHILIP SOUSA: NATIONAL CHORUS: Mike Zimmerman Cindy Spikes Scott Armstrong Les Sparrow Karla Poorbaugh Karla Poorbaugh Bill Ficken Karla Poorbaugh Bill Ficken PERFECT ATTENDANCE Kim Hinthome 4 Garen Cornett John Barker Becky Friend David Green 2 Patti Pfab Kelly Sennott Karen Eichelberger Don Luedtke Brian Martin Jon Pinkham Renee Poorbaugh Rick Walden 2 Kevin Armstrong Mitch Fever Barb Green Julie Hudson Kathy Hudson Terry Pfab Suzanne Stine Deb Waller Karen Waller SPECIAL AWARDS VALEDICTORIAN: Rich Knapp DAR: Jill Knapp SALUTATORIAN: Brian Bauer 56FHA Kneeling-Left To Right: D. Krug, K. Eichelberger, P. Geisleman, M. Geiger, E. Besse; Row 2: J. Scott, K. Sennot, R. Walters-Pres. , P. Young-V. Pres. , V. Carey-Sec. Treas. , C. Cline, C. Hannan, Mrs. Brown-Advisor; Row 3: D. Gunn, D. Lock, D. Tegard, B. Friend, C. Sprehe, D. Forrest Library Club Kneeling-Left To Right: M. Uphoff-Treas. , T. Hinthome, D. Humphrey, N. Trunnel, B. Corcoran, B. Talbert; Row 2: Mrs. Besse-Advisor, M. Brown, K. Sennot, B. Helmontoller-Pres. , P. Pfab-V. Pres. , O. Lawyer-Sec. , B. Newkirk; Row 3: D. Newkirk, K. Gunn, D. Gunn, D. Lock, S. King 57Mu Alpha Theta Row 1, Left To Right--J. Mullvain, V. Carey, G. Angotti, J. Wilson, B. Helmontoller, T. Rogers; Row 2—C. Ward, C. Duncan, T. Seggerman, T. McGhee, G. Cornett, D. Giesle-man, K. Crump, B. Martin, J. Knapp, Row 3—A. Schneider, P. Pfab, L. Hunsaker, B. Friend, J. Sutton, K. Henry, P. Burroughs, Mr. Fegley (sponsor); Row 4--Mrs. Scott (sponsor), M. Duarte, M. Sparks, B. Bauer, M. Hynes, R. Schneider, R. Knepp, D. Dehority, M. Hynes Math Contest 58El Club De Espanol Row 1, Left To Right--C. Ward, C. Duncan, K. Eichelberger, L. Loewen, C. Hostetler, D. Luedtke, N. Ward, J. Scott, P. Angotti; Row 2--Mrs. Scott, M. Riker, O. Lawyer, B. Bryant, S. Thieleman, A. Pfister, K. Zimmerman, P. Hynes, C. Cline, T. McGhee, L. Cramer, P. Pfab, Row 3--C. Sprehe, D. Valentine, J. Scott, B. Thieleman, K. Lloyd, E. Besse, K. Sennot, S. Finck, D. Tegard, J. Patterson “Comet Comment” Staff Sponsor: Mrs. Hankey Editor: Terri McGhee Assistant Editor: Carolyn Ward Reporters: Terri Seggerman Jennifer Mullvain Bea Helmontoller Nancy Ward Lori Loewen Tonja Wagner Jill Knapp 59Volleyball 1976-77 Standing Left To Right: Diane Deerwester, Deb Bauman, Renee Poorbaugh, Sandy Baer, Deb Krug, Lori Loewen, Jo Ann Patterson, Kim Dehority, Kneeling: Coach Carol Jenkins, Anndel VanScyoc, Audrey Schneider, Lori Furrow, Lynn Hunsaker, Kim Hinthorne, Sitting: Maria Swope, Lisa Franke, Jill Knapp, Lisa Haas, Jennifer Mullvain, and Manager, Bea Helmontoller “District” Team Records w L A Team 4 8 B Team 6 3 MOST VALUABLE: Jill Knapp MOST IMPROVED: Kim Hinthorne MOST ENTHUSIASTIC: Renee Poorbaugh i 60“Coach’s Comments” Graduating Seniors: Lisa France - Lisa missed most of the season due to a broken shoulder but healed in time to give the team moral support and add spiking strength for district and confrence play-offs. Jill Knapp - Jill proved worthy of being voted "Most Valuable Player" by serving 67 points and 41 ace serves. Her consistent court-play and reliable serves were valuable to the team's success. Maria Swope - Maria was a valuable R-team player and helped out on the varsity schedule. She displayed strong devotion to both teams which is difficult to do. Lisa Haas - Lisa improved consistently through the season and became an essential and very valuable setter and play-maker for the varsity squad. Jenny Mullvain - Jenny served 31 points for the B-team and gave the R-team leadership necessary for every team to win. She set the ball 53 times, completed 5 dinks and 13 saves, obviously a dominate play-maker. The varsity squad was rounded out with excellent support by Juniors: Lynn Hunsaker, Anndel Van Scyoc, Lori Furrow, Audrey Schneider, Kim Hinthome, and Sophmore, Renee Poorbaugh.Student Council Garen Cornett, Cathy Duncan, Doug Dehority, Karen Zimmerman, Renee Poorbaugh, Judy Zimmerman, atti Phab, Marcia Fever, Kim Dehority, Teri Seggerman, Marty Hynes, Pat Carr, Jamet Hinthorne, Murrey Hynes, Lynn Hunsaker, John Sutton, Karla Poorbaugh, Sponsor: Mr. Saunders Brian Bauer, Glen Angotti, Rich Knepp, Marty Hynes, Bill Ficken, Mike Zimmerman, Lynn Hunsaker, Janice Wilson, Violet Carey, Becky Thielman, Bea Helmontoller, Judy Zimmerman, Audrey Schnieder, Terri McGhee, Teri Seggerman, Mike Sparks, Jill Knapp, Jennifer Mullvain, Carolyn Ward, Lori Loewen, Cathy Duncan, Patti Phab, Lori Furrow SPONSOR: Mrs. Etcheson National Honor Society 62AFS 1st Row Left To Right: B. Ficken-Host Brother, J. Knapp- Sec. , J. Mullvain-V. P. , Mario Duarte-AFS Student, B. Helmontoller-Pres. , D. Rohrberg-Trea. 2nd Row: D. Gunn, D. Tegard, K. Sennott, K. Cline, A. Scheider, P. Carr; 3rd Row: J. Patterson, L. Loewen, C. Hannah, J. Mullvain, K. Dehority, K. Eichelberger, N. Ward, J. Scott, P. Volz, M. Riker; 5th Row: B. Bryant, J. Angotti, S. Baer, J. Hinthome, C. Sprehe; 6th Row: A. Lawyer, V. Hatch, D. Deerwester, D. Bauman, H. Hocker, R. Poorbaugh, D. Fever; 7th Row: T. BcGee, L. Farrell, B. Hayes, K. Henry, D. Krug, A. Pfister, J. Scott, B. Thario, Advisor, Mrs. Brown 5 Vvice. UL . (XsvJi oM sy - rruAAJt fo+jyd. 'u Cck u v- aJL-AxrtxsyS nrvXo A. io AvtX, Jlt oJUL "zo rvwje Aikc njJrJiN jCL wiJLk-eJl IkJL 'Urtfh foe gkUvfre Mario With Host Brother BillEl Paso Marching Comets Karls Poorbaugh, Drum Major The 1976-77 school year was a success for the E. H. S. band. After playing for all home football and basketball games, Corn Festival parade, Western Illinois University Band Day, Putting on winter and spring concerts, and giving an all-school assembly, the band was able to relax on a two-day concert tour ending at Indiana Beach. The Concert and Jazz bands both did a tremendous job. This year the concert band won a first place rating at the state contest. This is the first time since 1972 that the band has received a first. This group of young people did a fine job throughout the year, and I am very proud of them. I would like to wish them the best of luck in the future and continue success in whatever ventures they may attempt. Congratulations Band — You're the Greatest! Miss Mary Novy 64Concert Band FLUTES Karla Poorbaugh JoAnn Scott Lori Loewen Brenda Goldstine Stephanie Thielemann Neva Hudson Jane Steffen CLARINETS Patty Pfab Teri Seggerman Pat Carr Nancy Ward Lisa Haas Susi Stine Kim Dehority Kate Krug BASS CLARINET Carolyn Ward SAXES Lynn Hunsaker Mike Sparks CORNETS Terry Pfab Mike Krug Oren Hudson Greg Hunsaker HORNS TUBA Becky Thielemann Lisa Franke Renee Poorbaugh TENOR SAX Dean Luedtke TROMBONES Lisa McDaniel Doreen Engel PER C US ION Tim Kiesewetter Ann Benedict Teresa Krug Marcia Fever DIRECTOR Mary Novy 66El Paso Stage Band SAXES Dean Luedtke Mike Sparks Patti Pfab PIANO Lynn Hunsaker CORNETS Mike Krug Oren Hudson Renee Poorbaugh TROMBONE Doreen Engel VIBES Karla Poorbaugh GUITAR Becky Thieleman Director: Mary Novy DRUMS Tim Kiesewetter Basketball Pom Pon 1st Row Left To Right: Mary Evans, Peggy Geiselman, Suzi Van Horn; 2nd Row: Mary Uphoff, Terri McGee, Carol Hannah; 3rd Row: Patty Lo-vings, Joanna Hansen, and Neva HudsonWrestling 1976-77 Sitting—Left To Right--B. Lovings, D. Newkirk, T. Rogers, G. Riggs, B. Shawgo, M. Haas, D. Luedtke; Kneel-ing--B. Bauer, F. Loyd, M. Roberts, M. Hynes, J. Barker, T. Moser, R. Cooley; Standing—Coach Marquardt, M. Hansen, R. Loyd, B. Martin, M. Hynes, S. Armstrong, B. Boswell, B. Martin “Coach’s Comments” The El Paso Wrestling team ended the season 13-6. They finished 2nd at the Flanagan tournament and 5th in the Distri ct. Seniors Roger Cooley, Marty Hynes, Mark Hansen, and Randy Loyd helped lead the team. Bruce Martin and Marty Hynes each won over 20 matches. Brian Martin was the only qualifier for the sectional. One record was set -largest win in dual meet, we beat Chenoa by 57 points. Other outstanding wrestlers were Matt Haas, Jim Barker, and Murray Hynes. fj£f Marty Hynes and Bruce Martin Co-Captains 1976-77Patty Schaaf Kelly Pope Jan Schieber Lori Seggerman Wrestling Cheerleaders Michelle Riker Becky Bryant 70Chess Club Sitting: Greg Wilkey, Mr. Saunders; Sponsor, Ron Ales; Standing: Mario Duarte, Mike Krug, Joe Sparrow, Kevin Bowman Scholastic Bowl Team Left To Right: Doug Dehority, Glen Angotti, Rich Knepp, Marty Hynes, Mike Sparks, Mrs. Stiles; Sponsor, Catyy Duncan, Carolyn Ward, Bea Helmontoller, Terri Segger-man, Violet Carey, Janice Wilson, Murray Hynes 72Girl’s Track 76-77 Kneeling Left To Right: M. Swope, M. Riker, P. Hynes, A. Van Scyoc, L. Henry, J. Patterson, Standing: Coach Keith Leathers, D. Rohrberg, B. Ales, L. Hunsaker, L. Furrow, K. Gunn, Manager S. Baer 50 Mile Swim ClubChorus First Row, Left To Right--Lori Furrow, Brad Shawgo, Deb Bauman, George Riggs, Danny Fever, Anndel VanScyoc; Second Row--Terri Keene, David Grubb, Diane Deerwester, Keith Henry, Kelly Pope, Bill Ficken, Janet Hinthome, Jim Skolek, Audrey Schneider, Tim Kieswetter (Drums) Becky Thieleman (Guitar) 74Ensemble Sophomore Sextet Freshmen Ensemble Boys Ensemble Mixed Ensemble 75Mid State Conference Track Champions SEASON RECORD: WON 6, LOST 2 El Paso 66, LP-Washbum 65, Minonk 49 El Paso 72, Lexington, 58, Flanagan 50 El Paso 87, Lexington, 68, Chenoa 22 Minonk 75, El Paso 72, Gridley 31 El Paso 77 1 2, Minonk 72, Gridley 28 1 2 LP-Washbum 93, El Paso 79, Chenoa 6 El Paso 96, Gridley 45 El Paso 64 1 2, Lexington 47, Gridley 44, Flanagan 32 1 2 MIDSTATE CONFERENCE: 1st place, 69 pts. WOODFORD COUNTY: 5th Place, 28 pts. DISTRICT TRACK MEET: 4th Place, 25 pts. COGDAL RELAYS: 5th Place, 11 pts. NORMALS RELAYS (Class C): 11th Place, 6 pts. FROSH-SOPH CONFERENCE: 1st Place, 81 1 2 pts. FROSH-SOPH COUNTY: 1st Place, 72 pts. SCHOOL RECORDS SET THIS SEASON: 120 High Hurdles—Dennis Ludwig, 14. 9 sec. High Jump--Dennis Lay, 6ft, 6 in. Triple Jump—Dennis Lay, 44ft, 6 1 2 in. Pole Vault—Dennis Lay, 12ft, 1 in. 440 Relay—(Ludwig, Pinkham, K. Armstrong, Ales 45. 88 Mike Relay—(Ludwig, Cornett, Pinkham, Ales 3:36.7 2 Mike Relay-(Skolek, Sutton, Hynes, Street) 8:56. 9 76 LESTER SPARROW — Shot, Discus State Qualifier in DiscusDENNIS LAY—6th in High Jump in State Track Meet. High Jump Winner: District, Honor Roll, County, Conference, Dogdal Relays, Triple Jump Winner: Conference, county. Long Jump Winner, County, Conference. RON ALES—Sprints, Relays Conf. Champ: 100, 220 COACH'S COMMENTS The El Paso High Track team experiences one of the most successful seasons in the history of the sport. They ended the season with 6 wins and only 2 defeats in dual and triangular meets and broke seven school records during the year. The Comets brought home 3 trophies during the spring. The Frosh-Soph team won both the Woodford County Meet and the Midstate Conference meet. The most important victory was at the Varsity Midstate Conference meet at Gridley, when the Comets brought home the Championship trophy for the 2nd year in a row. Dennis Lay won the High Jump, Long Jump and set a new conference record in the Triple Jump. Ron Ales won the 100 and 220, while Dennis Ludwig won the 120 High Hurldes and set a new meet record in the 330 Low Hurdles. The 440 Relay team of Ludwig, Pinkham, K. Armstrong and Ales were winners and the Mile Relay team of Ludwig, G. Cornett, M. Hynes and Pinkham set a new Conference Record. Dennis Lay was voted the Most Outstanding Member of the team and scored 231 points during the season. Lay and fellow senior Lester Sparrow represented the school in the State Track Meet at Charleston. I was proud of the attitude and hard work of the team this spring and if it is continued, El Paso will have many successful seasons to come. Coach Stollberg DENNIS LUDWIG—Hurdles, Relays Conference Winner, High and Low Hurdles 77THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS “The Man Who Came To Dinner” Director: C. Stiles Student Directors: Ann Benedict Marty Hynes Sound Effects: Bea Helmontoller Cast Mrs. Ernest Stanley . Miss Preen ......... Richard Stanley .... June Stanley ........ John ............... Sarah ............... Mrs. Dexter ......... Mrs. McCutcheon .. Mr. Stanley ........ Maggie Cutler ....... Dr. Bradley ........ Sheriden Wiiteside Harriet Stanley Bert Jefferson ..... Professor Metz ..... The Luncheon Guests Mr. Baker .......... Expressman ......... Lorraine Sheldon Sandy .............. Beverly Carlton Westcott ........... Radio Technicians ., Four Young Boys ----- Banjo .............. Two Deputies ....... .....Lisa Franke .... Marcia Fever .....Tony Grubb ......Jill Knapp Mike Zimmerman . Teri Seggerman .... Candy Burke . Karla Poorbaugh .....Randy Loyd ... Janice Wilson .....Rich Knepp ... Lester Sparrow .... Violet Carey .....Mike Sparks .... Mario Duarte .... Mark Roberts Todd Jeffreys .... Glen Angotti .... Todd Jeffreys ......Peggy Berg ......Jim Skolek ......Bill Ficken ......Jim Skolek ......Brian Bauer Marty Hynes .....Greg Heiken Mike Carley Richie Jones Robbie Uphoff ......Dennis Lay ... Glenn Angotti Dave Schertz“The Nervous Wreck” Presented By The Junior Class Director: B. Ahring Student Director: Patti Pfab Lynn Hunsaker Stage Managers: Bob Thario Kevin Crump Dean Luedtke Tom Rogers Lori Furrow .... Murray Hynes .. Audrey Schneider {ohn Sutton...... Celly Pope .... Dave Geiselman Cathy Cline ... Keith Henry ... Garen Cornett . Dana Rohrberg . Doug Dehority . Kim Hinthome .. Cast ... Cinny Higgins .... Eddie Higgins .... Mrs. Higgins .... Ralph Wilson Alice Higgins ......W.M. Butt ......Gladys Butt ......Ivan Petroff Althea Goldwater Tildy Mae Jenkins Jimmie Washburn ......Madam XMini Courses April 4-7 80“Stairway To Heaven” Queen King Jill Mike82Memories . . . 83. . . Are Forever.Class Will I, GENE AGNEW, leave knowing that Jim and his bobasco sauce is a good combination. I, GLENN GNGOTT1, (Ama) leave Slime Bauer happily knowing we will be miles apart. I, TRACY ARMSTRONG, leave Kevin Armstrong in charge of things after 1 leave the school to watch the girls for me. 1, BRIAN BAUER, leave hoping never to see Amazon or Hugo again. I, DAVE BEAL, leave all my pencils to Mrs. Etcheson. 1, ANN BENEDICT, leave my ability for telling Mrs. Stiles good jokes to Jim. 1, PEGGY BERG, leave knowing I will never have another chance at the perfect attendance award. I, KEITH BROWN, leave knowing that 1 don't have to come back. 1, MARY BROWN, leave knowing Senior Hall won't be the same at noon without me. I, CANDY BURKE, leave my P.E. ways to Lorri Henry. I, PAT BURROUGHS, leave my Elm's companions Patty V. and Brad H. all the ' 'cupies'' they can handle. I, VIOLA ANN CAREY, leave all my unanswered questions to any wise man with a heart. 1, VIOLET CAREY, leave knowing the teachers won't have to listen to Viola and I bicker. I, PAT CARR, leave my spot on the studyhall steps to my brothers, Charlie and Jimmy, knowing it will be filled for the next 7 years; my bleoved 75 sweatshirt to Ann Pfister so she can fill my shoes in P.E. and I go with the warm and loving memories of the Boss. I, GENE CLARK, leave exactly what 1 put in to this school when 1 first came here-Nothing. I, ROGER COOLEY, leave all my good drinking days to hair lip, oh yes, we can't forget my good history grades. I'll leave them for hair lip too. I, CAROL COPPLE, leave EPHS with my diploma. From 1st grade through Senior took 21 years. Wonder why nobody called me speedy. I, RANDY ESKRIDGE, leave Rebel my towel knowing it will make him a good pet. I, IRENE EVERETT, leave this school nothing, now, but in years to come there will be a little Irene. I, DAVE FARRELL, leave my motorcycle riding to Corbin C., Jim G. and Mike U. I, MARCIA FEVER, leave beating my bass drum clear to Milwaukee! 1, BILL FICKEN, leave El Paso H.S. hoping 1 will never be called Filly Bicken again. I, LISA FRANkE, leave knowing that the cemetary plot that Murray promised has not been taken yet, unfortunately . And hoping Hocker will find a ride uptown at noon. I, TONY GRUBB, leave my abilities to play baseball to any one who can fullfill them. I, DIANA GUNN, leave my books to El Paso H.S. and my brain to Medical Science. I, LISA HAAS, leave Mrs. Stiles my 2nd hour lunch and ;ulie Hocker my big mouth. , MARK HANSEN, leave a Captain Jack extender Kit to Bill Marquardt to make him taller. 1, NANCY HAYES, leave Shelly Finck my gym locker. I, BEA HELMONTOI.I.F.R, leave my phone answering abilities to Mrs. Hocker and my Texas accent to the Beginning Speech class. I, RICK HILL, leave El Paso H.S. knowing that 1 won't have to find a ride uptown. I, KIM HINTHORNE, leave Tommy Armstrong my wet P.E. shorts knowing he'll do his best ringing them out. I, GWEN HUDSON, leave knowing Bea H. and I will not be rushing off from school at 2:30 to be at Hawthorne Lodge by 2:31 to clean up what C.H. and A.V.S. put out from the kitchen. And hoping Neva won't be there either. I, MARTY HYNES, leave knowing the faculty will go nuts changing from M.H. 's to P.H. 's. I, TODD JEFFREYS, leave Greg Hunsaker the ability to 85 put fear in the hearts of the boys in P.E. in a matter of seconds. 1, RICHARD KNEPP, leave hoping that the Freshman in 3rd hour P.E. class will find someone else to use their cologne next year. I, KARLA KRUG, leave Anndel Van all my gym clothes since she likes them so well. I, MARLA KRUG, leave El Paso High School knowing that ' 'Mr. Kays can't be everywhere at once.'' I, TERESA KRUG, leave Kimberly Hinthome my molding towel, knowing that she will always have a towel of her own. 1, DENNIS LAY, leave my respect and best years in Basketball to Coach Bill Wolf. I, DIANE LOCK, leave E.P.H.S. to Trace my life with a Strong Arm around me. I, EVERETT LOCKE, leave for Charlie's Place. I, RANDY LOYD, leave the name Bimbo to my little brother. I, DARLENE MITCHELL, leave for a greater future with Fred. 1, JENNIFER MULLVAIN, leave locker 48 to Keith, in hopes that HE can catch the lunch thieves. I, KARLA RAE POORBAUGH, leave Miss Novy my pink and purple striped undies only to be worn under white uniforms. I, MARK ROBERTS, leave my room at the heartbreak hotel to anyone who has the guts to put themselves there as often as I did. I, PAM SCHAAF, leave my ability in P.E. to Patty. I, DAVID SCHERTZ, leave my skill using the auto ana-lizer to anyone who is willing to use it. I, RON SCHNEIDER, leave Mr. Marquardt's shop class, knowing more than any book could teach. I, SUSIE SCHUMACHER, leave knowing that I've tried but didn't succeed! I, TERI SEGGERMAN, leave my ability to criticize Mr. Saunders (anytime, anywhere) to Diana, knowing that she will fulfill it well. I, JIM SKOLEK, leave my ability to sing, to Keith Henry. He needs all the help he can get. I, MIKE SPARKS, leave Amazon and Slime and the rest of the menagerie to whoever's fool enough to take them! I, LESTER SPARROW, leave wandering how Mrs. Stiles can survive another year and how she will ever find another person with so much talent! I, MARLA SWOPE, leave Mr. Walter Saunders all my peanut plants. I, GARY VANDERGRAFT, leave Vince McDaniel my wrecked front end, knowing there's no need to fix it. I, SUZI VAN HORN, leave Lori Seggerman all my pictures of Kenny. I, TONJA WAGNER, leave knowing J.K. and A.V.S. will sing louder to replace the gap I leave in Chorus. 1, RITA WALTERS, leave E.P.H.S. "VAN" tasticly. I, DAN WATKINS, leave Mr. Kays with the knowledge that some 1st hour study hall teachers can be bribed with cookies. I, CONNIE WILKEY, leave my ability to get along with Mr. Kays to anyone who is having those kind of problems. 1, TIM WILKEY, leave knowing that Mr. Kays and I will both be glad. I, JANICE WILSON, leave my ability to fill the pop machine to Mr. Saunders knowing he'll find another guinea-pig- I, BOB WITKOWSKI, leave cutting my last doughnut in E.P.H.S. parking lot. I, PEG YOUNG, leave E.P.H.S. to be with Bill hoping that Mary Uphoff learns to ride a horse better than I tried. I, MIKE ZIMMERMAN, leave wondering how a certain person received a certain job. I, BOB DUFFY, leave ' 'The Kid'' wondering if she realizes what she's losing. I also leave my stolen chalk collection to Murray, Doug, and Kevin. I, JILL KNAPP, leave K. Dehority, Knowing that her father is on the board and can help her as he helped me.98 Autographs .. Autographs . .

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