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WE’VE ONLY j CD m The El Paso High School Class Of 1975 Presents “The Cometeer” Copyright 1970, Irving Music, Inc. (BMI) All rights reserved. Used by permission. Lyrics: Paul Williams Music: Roger Nicols Table Of Contents Seniors p. 3 Underclassmen p. 15 Faculty p. 25 Scores p. 30 Athletics p. 31 Activities p. 51 End Of Year p. 76DORIS ACUNA DIANNA LYNN ANDREWS HERBERT ARBUCKLE "If you find a void in yourself fill "God loves a cheerful giver." "Look out world, here I come!" it with love." RONALD ARMSTRONG "A rolling stone gathers no moss." PAMELA BAKER "I have no other but a woman's reason." PATRICIA BERG "Take me for what I am—not for what I seem to be." 1 4DONALD BOSWELL "This world surely is wide enough to hold both thee and me." LARRY BYRD "Something attempted, something done." MICHAEL CLEARY "He that would govern others first should be master of himself." PAUL ECKHART "Too low they build, who build beneath the stars." MARK ENRIGHT "What hath night to do with sleep?" RICK GEIGER "The trouble with being a good sport is that have to lose to prove SHARON JUNE GRAHAM "To know that which before us lies, is the prime wisdom."PEGGY HAAS "I believe in music." MARY LU HAAS "This little light of mine, Pm gonna let it shine." GREGORY HARRIS "As large as life and twice as natural." RANDY HILL "Be yourself—no one can tell you you're doing it wrong." DENNIS HOCKER "Wise to resolve and patient to perform." THOMAS HAAS "If music be the food for love, play on." RANDALL HEIBENTHAL "The present is the key to the future." DORIS HOSTETLER "I am what I am, and I always will be."SUE JOHNSON "There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to MATTHEW HYNES "Life isn't always what you think it is." MARJEAN KNEPP "Smile, it makes people wonder what you've been up to." KAREN KRUG "You get out of some' thing what you put into it." JAMES LLOYD "In silence also there's a worth that brings no risk." TERESA MARTIN "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." KATHRYN MCDANIEL "The only way to have a friend is to be one." 7SHARON MILLER 'Fling us a handful of stare, RICHARD MOBERLY "A good argument leads to good friends." RICHARD MORGAN "Had we but world enough and time." FREDERICK MOSBACH "The old order changeth. GREGORY MOSER Strike while the iron JEFFREY MULL VAIN "Each has his own reason and pose." ANDREA NAGLE "There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do. " BRIAN NORTH "There is nothing permanent ex' cept change."GAIL TURNER OYER "You see things as they are, and ask why. But I dream things that were and ask why not." RICK RARICK "There never was a good war or a bad peace." BARBARA PUNKE "Born with a smile and a twinkle in her eye." WILLIE RASAY "An individual who is peaceful is always very likeable everywhere. BETH ROBBINS "My heart is not my own; but it's in good hands." DEBBIE ROBERTS "Manner, not gold, is woman's best adornment." CYNTHIA RIGGS "I will not follow where the path may lead but will go where there is no path, and will leave at •PATRICIA SHOULTZ A heart for every fate." LARRY SHEPHERD "Not by years, but by disposition, wisdom is gathered." THEODOSIA RAE SCHUMACHER "Go and catch a falling star." RICHARD SNYDER "Life is what you make it." DAWN SLUDER "A happy face means a glad heart." SARA SWANSON "For everything you have missed you have gained something else. NINA CRISTINE STEIDINGER "I never let my schooling interfere with my education." ROBERT E. SNYDER "Life is like a peach, sweet to eat, but always ending in a pit,DEBBIE SWOPE "You are not what they think you are, you are what you think you PENNY TALBERT "If all the world and love were young." CHARLES VAN SCYOC 'Throw fear to the winds." MARY KAY VOLZ "Life is not life without de light." LARRY WADSWORTH "There is no such word as fall." CELIA WAGNER "For softness she, and sweet attractive grace." WILLIAM WALDEN "About the woodlands I will STEVEN ALLEN YOUNG "Thou hast seen nothing yet.Senior Directory A DORIS ACUNA-A.F.S. Foreign Exchange Student 4; Chess Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff 4; Ambition: Study Medicine or Literature teacher in Secondary School. DIANNA ANDREWS- Student Council 3; Chorus 1; Flag Corps 2; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: Private Secretary. HERBERT ARBUCKLE- Junior Play; Ambition: U. S. Marines. AMY ARMSTRONG- A.F.S. 4; F.H.A. 1 2 3 4; Library Club 3 4; G.A.A. 4; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: To find happiness and to be a success. ELLEN ARMSTRONG- A.F.S. 1 2 3; F.H.A. 1 2 3 4; Library Club 1; G.A.A. 12 3. RONALD ARMSTRONG- Football 1 2 4; Senior Play; Ambition: To become a professional butcher and retire at 40. B PAMELA BAKER- F.H.A. 2; Li bra ry Club 3; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Foreign Language Club 1; Ambition: Marriage and Secretarial Work. PATRICIA ANN BERG- Student Council 1; A.F.S. 2 3 4; F.H.A. 2 3 4; Secretary Treasurer 4; Library Club 2 3; G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; Marching Band 1 2; Concert Band 1 2; Track 3; Bowling 1 2; Senior Play; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Ambition: Midstate College - Court Reporting. DONALD BOSWELL- Transfer; Marching Band 3; Concert Band 3; Wrestling 4; Ambition: Welder. MORGAN BROWN- Wrestling 12 4; Marching Band 1 2; Stage Band 1 2; Class Secretary 2; Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. LARRY BYRD- E-Club 3 4; Key Club 1; Basketball 1 2 3 4; Baseball 3 4; Track 3 4; Chess Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: Accounting - Business Administration. C MICHAEL CLEARY- Student Council 1 2; E-Club 1 2 3 4; Key Club 12 3; Football 1 2 3 4; Wrestling 4; Baseball 13 4; Track 1 2; Annual Staff 4; Homecoming King; Foreign Language Honor Student; Ambition: College - University of Illinois. E PAUL ECKHART- Basketball 1, manager; Chess Club 3; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: ARC Welder. MARK ENRIGHT- E-Club 1 2; Football 1; Wrestling 1 2. JAY ETCHESON-E-Club 3 4; Basketball 1 2 3 4; Spanish Club 1 2; Senior Play; Junior Play; Junior Class Officer; Ambition: College - Illinois State University. G RICK GEIGER- Transfer; E-Club 3 4; Basketball 2; Baseball 2 3 4; Chess Club 3 4; Annual Staff 4; Golf 4; Ambition: Southern Illinois Architectual Engineer. SHARON GRAHAM- Student Council 2; National Honor Society 3 4; A.F.S. 4; F.H.A. 3 4; Library Club 4; G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; Sports Chairman 2; Secretary 3; Vice-President 4; Chorus 1; Track 2 4; Volleyball 2 3 4; Cheerleader 1 2 3 4; Senior Play; Junior Play - Student Director; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Freshman Treasurer; Foreign Language Honor Student; Ambition: Col- !ege. H MARY LU HAAS- G.A.A. 1 2; F.H.A. 1 2 3 4; Library Club 12 3; Treasurer 2; Track 2 3 4; Chess Club 4; Cheerleader 1 2; Captain 2; Senior Play; Junior Play; Pep Club 3; Health Careers Club 2 3 4; Annual Staff 4; 1975 Yearbook Editor; Ambition: Cosmetologist - University School of Beauty. PEGGY ANN HAAS- A.F.S. 4; F.H.A. 2 3 4; Library Club 3 4; G.A.A. 2 3 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigal 1; Volleyball 4; Spanish Club 3 4; Pom Pom 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Health Careers Club 2 3 4; Music Boosters Scholorship; Flag Corps 2 3; Captain; 50 Mile Swim Club; Ambition: To be a free spirit and be happy in life. THOMAS MICHAEL HAAS- E-Club 2 3 4; Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Stage Band 1 2 3 4; Football 1; Basketball 1; Track 1 2 3 4; Senior Play; Junior Play; Spanish Club 3 4; Annual Staff 4; Drum Major 3 4; Mexico Trip; Ambition: Millikin University -Music. GREGORY HARRIS- F.F.A. 1 2 3 4; Vice-President 4; E-Club 1 2 3 4; Baseball 1 2 3 4; Chess Club 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Ambition: Farming. RANDALL HEIBENTHAL- F.F.A. 3 4; Football 1 2; Wrestling 1; Track 1 2; Ambition: Wildlife Conservation. RANDY HILL- Football 1 2; Ambition: Sheet Metal Worker. GARY HINTHORNE- A.F.S. 1; Basketball 1. DENNIS HOCKER- E-Club 1 2 3 4; Football 1 2 3 4; Basketball 1 2 3 4; Baseball 1; Golf 1 2 3 4; Chess Club 4; Key Club 1 2; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Junior Class Officer; Ambition: Eureka College. DORIS EILEEN HOSTETLER- Student Council 3 4; Reporter 4; A.F.S. 3 4; Junior Representative 3; F.H.A. 1 2 3 4; President 3; G.A.A. 34; Senior Representative 4; Chorus 1 2; Madrigal 2; Volleyball 4; Bowling 3 4; Cheerleading 2 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Freshman Secretary; Flag Corps; Ambition: Mennonite School of Nursing R. N. MATTHEW HYNES- Student Council 1 2 3 4; Treasurer 3; President of Midstate Student Council 4; Nation Honor Society 3 4; E-Club 1 2 3 4; Football 1 2 3 4; Basketball 1 2; Baseball 1 2 3 4; Track 1; Senior Play - Student Director; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Homecoming Attendant 1 4; Boys State; Ambition: Michigan State Parks and Recreational. J SUE JOHNSON- F.H.A. 4; Library Club 3 4; Treasurer 4; G.A.A. 4; Archery 4; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Health Careers Club 3; Ambition: Secretarial Work. K MARJEAN DEE KNEPP- Student Council 13 4; Treasurer 3; F.H.A. 1 2 3 4; First Vice-President 3; G.A.A. 3 4; Chorus 1 2; Track 1; Volleyball 4; Bowling 3 4; Pom-Pom 1; Senior Play - Student Director; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Health Careers Club 2 3; Homecoming Attendant 1; Ambition: Mennonite School of Nursing R. N. KAREN KRUG- National Honor Society 3 4; F.H.A. 12 3 4; Treasurer 4; Library Club 2 3 4; Secretary 3; President 4; Track 13 4; Volleyball 2 3 4; Captain 3 4; Archer ' 4; Flag Corps 12 3; Senior Play; Junior Play -Student Director; Annual Staff 4; Health Careers Club 3; Class Treasurer 2; Vice-President 3; G.A.A. Physical Education Award; Field Hockey 3 4; Captain 4; Ambition: I. S. U. Physical Education. L DEB LAY- Student Council 2; A.F.S. 1 2; F.H.A. 1; Library Club 1 2; G.A.A. 12; Track 1; Volleyball 3; Bowling 3 4; Cheerleader 1 2; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Health Careers Club 2; Class President 2; Ambition: Social Worker. JAMES LOYD- Transfer; Ambition: Heavy Equipment operator. M TERESA MARTIN- A.F.A. 4; F.H.A. 1 2 3 4; Library Club 3 4; G.A.A. 4; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: Office Work. KATHRYN Me DANIEL- Library Club 3; Color guard 1; Chorus 2 3 4; Madrigal 4; Annual Staff; Pep Club 3; Health Career Club 3; Ambition: ICC-Licensed Practical Nurse. SHARON MILLER- Library Club 4; Chorus 1; Health Careers Club 1; Ambition: Housewife. RICHARD MOBERLY- F.F.A. 1 2 3 4; President 4; E-Club 4; Wrestling 3 4; Chess Club 2 3 4; Sr. Play; Annual Staff; Class Officer 4; Vice President. Ambition: Military Service.Senior Directory RICHARD MORGAN- A.F.S. 1; E-Club 2 3 4; Key Club 1 2 Football 1; Basketball 12 3; Golf 1 2 3 4; Boys Track 2 3 4; Sr. Play; Jr. Play; Annual Staff; Pep Club 3; Class Officer-Freshman Vice-President. Ambition: College, Business Administration. FREDERICK MOSBACH- Ambition: Mechanic GREGORY MOSER- Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; Chorus 1; Wrestling 1 2 3 4. Ambition: A Mechanic JEFFREY MULLVAIN- Student Council 3 4; Nat'l Honor Society 2 3 4; A.F.S. 2 3 4; Representative 3 4; Key Club 1; Marching Band 1 2 3 4; Rep-2 Treasurer 3; Concert Band 1 2 3 4; President-4; Stage Band 1 2 3 4; Wrestling 3; Spanish Club 3 4; Pres. 4; Sr. Play; Jr. Play; Annual Staff; Health Career Club 2; Class Officer-Jr. President; Boys State Award, State Scholar; Paper Staff 1; Ambition: Medicine N ANDREA NAGLE- Transfer; F.H.A. 4; G.A.A. 3 4; Girls Volleyball 3; Bowling 4; Archery 3; Annual Staff; Health Career Club 3; Ambition: College BRIAN NORTH- Golf 1 2 3 4; F.F.A. 1 2 3 4; Key Club 1 2; Football 1 2; Boys Track 1 2; Ambition: Ag. Work O GAIL TURNER OYER- Library Club 2; G.A.A. 3 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Volleyball 3; Bowling 2 3 4; Chess Club 1; Pom Pom 1; Sr. Play; Jr. Play; Annual Staff; Pep Club-President 3; Homecoming Att. 1; Class Officer-Secretary 3; G.A.A. Bowling Award 3 4; Health Career Club 1; Ambition: Beautician, and Mother. P BARBARA SUE PUNKE- Student Council 3 4; Secretary 4; A.F.S. 4; F.H.A. 1 2 3 4; G.A.A. 3 4; Volleyball 3; Annual Staff; Pep Club 3; Health Career Club 3 4; Ambition: Secretary R RICK RARICK-E-Club 2; Baseball 1 3 4; Class Officer-Secretary 4; Ambition: WILLIE RASAY-A.F.S. Foreign Exchange Student 4; A.F.S. 4; F.F.A. 4; Wrestling 4; Sr. Play; Ambition: Siliman Univ. in Philippines-Medicine CHARLES RICE-Baseball 1 3; Ambition: Caterpillar. CYNTHIA RIGGS- Student Council 4; A.F.S. 1 2; F. H.A. 1 2 3 4; G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; Chorus 1 2; Annual Staff 4; Health Career Club 3 4; Foreign Language Club 1 2; Ambition: Secretary and Farmers Wife. BETH ROBBINS- A.F.S. 2 3 4; F.H.A. 3; Chorus 2 4; Spanish Club 2 3 4; Sr. Play; Jr. Play; Annual Staff; Yearbook Editor; Girls State; Flags Corp. 1 2; Paper Staff 4; Ambition: Secretarial work and Happiness DEBBIE ROBERTS-Nat'l Honor Society 3 4; F.H.A. 1 2 3 4; F.F.A. 3 4; G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigal 4; Volleyball 3 4; Sr. Play; Jr. Play; Annual Staff; Pep Club 3; Health Career Club 2 3 4; G.A.A. Numeral, Letter, State; Perfect Attendence; Red Cross Swimming; Mexico Trip; Ambition: To see the world smiling. MARGARET DIANNE ROSE-Transfer; A.F.S. 4; F.H.A. 3 4; Vice-President 4; G.A.A. 4; Annual Staff; Class Officer-Treasurer 4; Homecoming Queen; Ambition: Secretary MICHAEL RUST- Transfer; F.F.A. 2 3 4; E-Club 3 4; Art Club 3; Boys Track 3 4; Sr. Play; Annual Staff; Pep Club 3; District FFA Soil and Water Management; Section 9 FFA Reporter; Ambition: Herdsmen; ICC-Ag Bus. Management. DEBRA RUTLEDGE- F.H.A. 4; Library Club 3 4; Secretary 4; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Health Careers Club 3; Ambition: Work with Animals. DENISE RUTLEDGE- Library Club 3 4; Vice President 4; G. A.A. 4; Chorus 4; Archery 4; Senior Play; Junior Play; Health Careers Club 3; Ambition: Office Work. S 14 TAMIE SCHAAF- Transfer; Library Club 1; Art Club 1; G.A.A. 1 2 3 4; Track 1; Volleyball 1 3 4; Bowling 3; Archery 3 4; Junior Attendant; Ambition: To work with underprivileged children. VERNETTE C. SCHIEBER- Library Club 1 2 3 4, Art Club 2. ROBERT SCH1ATTMAN- E-Club 3 4; Art Club 1 2; Football 1; Wrestling 2 3 4; Chess Club 3. ELSA SCHEITL- Foreign Exchange Student; A.F.S. 4; G.A.A. 4; Spanish Club 4; Senior Play; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff; Ambition: Interpreter. THEODOSIA RAE SCHUMACHER- Art Club 2; G.A.A. 3; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigal 3 4; Bowling 3; Archery 2; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Homecoming Attendant 4; Hockey 3; Ambition: Wife and Mother. LARRY EUGENE SHEPHERD- A.F.S. 4; E-Club 2 3 4; Key Club 2; Football 3 4; Basketball 2 3; Baseball 3 4; Track 2 3 4; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Homecoming Attendant 3; Most Valuable Back 4; Ambition: Police Work. PATRICIA SHOULTZ- Library Club 2 3 4; Chorus 3 4; Annual Staff 4; Health Career Club 3 4; Ambition: Travel. DAWN SLUDER- Transfer; G.A.A. 4; Volleyball 4; Senior Play; Annual Staff; 1975 Yearbook Editor; Ambition: I.S.U. Business, Secretary. RICHARD SNYDER-E-Club 1 2 3 4; Football 1 2 3 4; Basketball 1 2 3 4; Annual Staff 4; Student Council 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Golf 3 4; Track 1 2; Pep Club 3; Foreign Language Club 1 2; Ambition: University' of Illinois. ROBERT SNYDER- National Honor Society 3 4; A.F.S. 1; E-Club 3; Basketball 2 3 4; Football 2 3 4; Golf 3 4; Track 2; Spanish Club 2; Senior Play; Junior Play; Senior Class President; Ambition: University of Illinois. NINA STEIDINGER- G.A.A. 3 4; Flag Corps 1; Chorus 1 2 3 4; Madrigal 3 4; Volleyball 2 3 4; Bowling 3; Archery 2 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; Pep Club 3; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: Stephens Academy of Beauty Culture, Beautician. DENNIS STONE- Stage Band 1; Ambition: ICC - Welding Technician. SARA SWANSON- Chorus 1 2 3 4; Vice President 4; Volleyball 3; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Health Careers Club 3; Color Guard 1 2; Ambition: Modeling Career or Fashion Design. DEBBIE SWOPE- Transfer; G.A.A. 3; Ambition: Secretary. T PENNY TALBERT - G.A.A. 3; Chorus 1,2,4; Madrigal 4; Senior Play; Pep Club 3; Annual Staff 4; Ambition: Office Work and Housewife. V CHARLES VAN SYOC - Ambition: ICC Farming. MARY KATHLEEN VOLZ - A.F.S. 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4; Library Club 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Points Chairman 4; Chorus 1,4; Archery 3; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Health Careers Club 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; Ambition: Stephens Academy of Beauty, Beautician. W LARRY J. WADSWORTH- National Honor Society 2 3 4; F.F.A. 1 2 3 4; Football 1 2 3 4; Basketball 1 2 3 4; Chess Club 3 4; President 4; Spanish Club 12 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Class President 1; Mexico Trip; Ambition: Eureka College-Botany. CELIA WAGNER- A.F.S. 4; Senior Play; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Health Careers Club 2,3; Mexico Trip; Ambition: College. WILLIAM WALDEN- E-Club 2 3 4; Football 2 3; Wrestling 1 2 3 4; Track 2; Ambition: Fish game, and wildlife management. y STEVEN YOUNG- E-Club 1 2 3 4; Key Club 1 2; Football 2 3 4; Basketball 1 2 3 4; Baseball 1 2 3 4; Chess Club 4; Senior Play; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Most Valuable Back 4; Ambition: Junior College. WALKING Dalene Alexander James Armstrong Scott Armstrong John Barker Edith Besse Eugenia Breach Wilfredo Camancho Alberta Carman Anthony Clark Catherine Cline Garen Cornett Kevin Crump Douglas Dehority Marvin Duffy Cathy Duncan Gary Eichelberger Joseph Enright Mark Ewert Danny Fever Donita Fever Shelly Finck Barry Fisher Perry Fisher Deanne Forrest Rebecca Friend Lori Furrow Emery Garey Gary Gauger David Geiselman James Geiselman Peggy Graham David Green James Hamilton 1f Laura Hamilton Carol Hannah Keith Henry Kimberly Hinthome Lynn Hunsaker Murray Hynes Cynthia Jording Steven Jording William Koos Onetia Lawyer Freshman Officers President David Geiselman, Vice-Pres. Garen Cornett, Secretary Patty Pfab, Treasurer Lynn Hunsaker. Sheila Lay Robert Lovings Dean Luedtke Janice Luttrell Bruce Martin Carl McClain Vincent McDanielTerry McGhee Scott Michalski Susan Moser Tim Murphy Allan Nagle James Oliphant Patricia Pfab Kelly Pope Phillip Porter Donald Raymer Dana Rohrberg Damon Rose Patty Schaaf Erich Schertz Janette Schieber Audrey Schneider Michael Schumacher Lori Seggerman Kelly Sennott Holly Sluder John Stanley John Sutton Bonnie Talbert Deborah Tegard Robert Thario Nancy Trunnell Allan Turner Michael Underwood Stephen Valentine Anndel Van Syoc 18Gene Agnew Marla Andrews Glenn Angotti Tracey Armstrong Wesley Armstrong Marvin Ballard Brian Bauer David Beal Ann Benedict Peggy Berg Michael Bess Joni Blumenshine Keith Brown Mary Brown Candy Burke Patricia Burroughs Viola Carey Violet Carey Patricia Carr Gene Clark Roxanne Clark Randy Eskridge David Farrell Marcia Fever William Ficken 19Sophomore Officers Donald Hudson Gwendolyn Hudson Martin Hynes Todd Jeffreys President: Brian Bauer, V. Pres. Peggy Berg, Secretary: Jill Knapp, Treasurer: Diane Locke. Jill Knapp Richard Knepp Dennis Krug Karla Krug Donald Jording Michael Jording Linda Kearfott 20Teresa Krug Dennis Lay Diane Lock Everett Locke Randall Loyd Sarah Miller Darlene Mitchell Leslie Moser Jennifer Mullvain Robert Newkirk Sonja Piper Karla Poorbaugh Michael Porter Mark Roberts Pamela Schaaf David Sc hertz Ron Schneider Teresa Seggerman Steven Smith Michael Sparks Lester Sparrow Cindy Spikes Maria Swope Gary Vandegraft Rita WaltersSteven Baer Mark Benedict Dewayne Bess Julie Breach Cindy Brunson Penny Bushert Michele Burke Sandra Buster William Carey Matthew Cleary Charles Cline Galen Cornett Marcia Cowley Rebecca Dehority Marcia Drake Steve Dressier Amy Dukes Connie Duncan Deborah Engel Kevin Evans Carol Fairchild Garry Fever Joseph Fever Dennis Furrow Valerie Garrels Kaylene Geiger Terry Grubb Thomas Grubb Murray Haas 22Junior Officers President: Dennis Savers, V. Pres. Jim Hocker, Secretary: Amy Dukes, Treasurer: Jackie Luttrell. Mayebeth Hadfield Theresa Hair Nancy Hale Michael Hankey Thomas Hansen David Hartman Patrick Hasty Wanda Hatch Julie Hayes Lisa Heibenthal James Hocker Cindy Hufeld William Kearfott Jeffrey King Joe Koos Patricia Krug Rodney Krug Deyon Luedtke Jackie Luttrell Larry Martin Timothy Matzke Jim McClain Patricia McWilliams i Cynthia Miller Sandra Miller Thomas Mitchell David Myers Janet Patterson 23David Pope Dixie Price Joyce Rice Scott Richard Daniel Rohrberg Kurt Sampen Dennis Savers April Schertz Lynn Schumacher Darrell Schieber Lori Sennott Benny Shepherd Dale Stephens Cynthia Steffen Larry Stimpert 24 Larry Stotts David Sutton Mary Sutton Irene Sturm Pamela Taylor Rebecca Thario Teresa Tipler Kevin Tracey Laurie Turner Paul Uphoff Laura Wagner Gladys Ward Elizabeth Williams Kathy Witkowski Stephen Young Kathleen ZimmermanSimpson Loretta Tipler Secretaries Pres. Wallace Etcheson Secy. John Sutton Donald Zimmerman Melvin Moreland John S. Delaney Larry McKee Monte Lindsey Richard Hadfield Ann Hocker, Secretary i Udau 0 BEN AHRING: Chemistry, Physics, Algebra RICHARD BECK: Football ELLEN BESSE: Librarian VIRGINIA BROWN: Foods, Clothing, The Home. Family Living PAM E1CHESCN: English, American Lit. THOMAS FEGLAY: Geometry, Practical Math, Math IV, Computer Programming MICHAEL GROSE: Counselor LINDA HAGEMAN. 2D and 3D Design MARGARET 1 LAN KEY: Off. Pr., Shorthand, Typing ANN HIESER: Anatomy, Biology, Man and His Environment RICHARD JAMES: Building Trades, Occ. Exp. CAROL JENKING: Health KATHLEEN KIESEWETTER: Ind. Instruction RON KRAMME: English, Modern Problems RICHARD LEE: Baseball BILL MARQUARDT: Millwork, Electricity, Sheet Metal Drafting, Arch. Drafting, Shop, Metallurgy, Wrestling MARILYN MUSICK: Vocal Music MARY NOVY: Instrumental Music R. JEAN RODGERS: P.E. WALT SAUNDERS: History, Modern Problems NORMA SCHULER: Nurse JOAN SCOTT: Spanish, Algebra, Prac. Math CAROL STILES: Amor, and British Lit., Speech, Composition, Drama, Creative Writing JEFF STOLLBURG: P. E., Track, Basketball, Football SAM WADSWORTH: Typing, Intro, to Business, Accounting, Football, Basketball DAVID WANTLAND: Welding, Suburban Ag. , Animal Science, Sm. Engines, Electricity, Landsv aping, Ag. Mechanics WILLIAM WOLF: Drivers Ed., Consumers Ed., Basket ball, Golf  7Vi -c uc. -i O e t z P C cuv 28 ff)( d y - A ( )r)Lrrr’ OjC A . + • jlj l»r» (P}ruy -' loJjL r FOOTBALL El Paso Opponent 19 Warrens burg 6 15 Eureka 22 U Chenoa 12 8 Minonk 12 14 Flanagan 40 Woodland Dee-Mack 20 13 ° Gridley 31 13 Lexington 0 BASKETBALL El Paso Opponent 83 Washburn 73 74 Roanoke-Benson 64 83 Chenoa 62 67 Flanagan 81 65 Dee-Mack 95 72 Bellflower 54 56 Roanoke-Benson 60 71 Minonk 53 60 Gridley 83 67 Minonk 56 66 Princeville 88 92 Knoxville 65 73 Peoria Heights 70 72 Eureka 68 52 Woodland 67 61 Roanoke-Benson 58 74 Lexington 67 68 Minonk 50 80 Chenoa 71 64 Flaftagan 71 67 Gridley 63 48 Dee-Mack 50 68 Lexington 71 60 Woodland 52 69 Fairbury 75 WRESTLING El Paso Opponent 21 Green Valley 33 18 LeRoy 44 24 Chenoa 33 27 Flanagan 36 26 Oeta via 26 27 Fairbury 30 20 Illini Bluffs 38 0 LeRoy 59 45 Roanoke-Benson 22 50 Delavan 30 36 Central Cath. 33 15 Flanagan 43 60 Roanoke-Benson 12 30 Peoria Heights 33 24 Octavia 31 TRACK El Paso 55 Gridley 79 53 Woodland 89 2nd Gridley-Chenoa 2nd Minonk- Roanoke 91 Cornell 45 2nd Roanoke-Lostant 5th in Long Jump-Normal Relays 1st Lexington-Dee-Mack 10th Delevan Relays 3rd Mid-State Varsity 1st Woodland- Dee-Mack 3rd Woodford County Meet 1st Chenoa-Flanagan | BASEBALL El Paso Opponent 5 Dee-Mack 0 24 Dee-Mack 4 1 Roanoke-Benson 4 9 Woodland 12 4 4 Gridley Gridley 23 Toluca 7 3 Central Cath. 5 6 Eureka 16 0 Roanoke-Benson 10 GOLF Matches with LeRoy Heyworth 1 i irhury Odell I Pontiac Peoria Heights Eureka Woodland Delavan The 1974 football ''Comets" suffered a dismal 2-7 season, but despite this record we did create several highlights for which we are quite proud. First of all, we scored the second highest number of points against the class 1-A state champs, Flanagan. Secondly, our defense gave up only 156 points for the entire season. Finally, we passed this season for more yards than in any other year since I have been head coach at El Paso. This year's seniors began four years ago with 24 boys out for football. This year they were down to nine. I am real proud of these men and wish them the very best of luck in all their future endeavors. To the underclassmen I say, a job well-done, and am looking forward to next year with much zeal. To the remainder of the student body, I say thanks for all your support and spirit, and I hope we can put together another winner in the future. Coach Wadsworth Row Is Murray Hynes, Scott Armstrong, John Sutton, Gary Fever, Jim Hooker, Dennis Furrow, Mark Roberts, Garen Cornett, Doug Dehority, Glen Angotti. Row 2: Mr. Stolberg, Mr. Beck, Dennis Hocker, Dave Geiselman, Tim Wilkey, Dave Hartman, Murray Haas, Matt Cleary, Don Hudson, Marty Hynes, Mike Sparks, Kevin Evans, Matt Hynes, Coach Wadsworth. Row 3: Steve Young, Larry Shepherd, Ron Armstrong, Galen Cornett, Rob Snyder, Mike Cleary, Larry Wadsworth, Steve Baer, Rich Snyder, Tracy Armstrong, Mike Zimmerman, Woody Camacho. Not Pictured: Les Sparrow, Todd Jefferys, Ben Shepherd.RICH SNYDER (Captain) Linebacker All-Con.; Most Tackles; Most Val. Lineman; MVP; Most Spirited LARRY SHEPHERD Halfback Most Val. Back LARRY WADSWORTH Defensive-Back All-Conference DENNIS HOCKER (Captain) Quarterback Con-Hon. Mention; Most Val. Back MATT HYNES (Captain) Center Most Injured ft covct MIKE CLEARY End Con-Hon. Mention ROB SNYDER (Captain) Linebacker STEVE YOUNG Halfback Con-Hon. Mention; Most Val. Back RON ARMSTRONG T ackle 35Returning Lettermen 36 ™ r vfc Dave Hartman Guard Steve Bear Half Back Matt Cleary Center Jim Hooker Quarterback Sophomores Mark Roberts Tim WUkey Don Hudson Tracy Armstrong Mike Zimmerman Marty Hynes Mike Sparks Freshmen Keith Henry Danny Fever Tony Clark Vince McDaniel Jim Geiselman Mark Ewe it Kevin Crump Gary Eichelberger Mike Underwood Murray Hynes Garen Cornett Woody Comacho Dave Geiselman John Sutton Scott Armstrong Doug Dehority Donny Ray me rGreg Moser 5-7; 3rd in District Todd Jeffreys 5-9 Murray Hynes 12-4; 1st at Flanagan; 5th at Le-Roy; 3rd at District; Most Improved Rich Moberly 8-6; Co-Captain; 3rd at Flanagan Dale Stephens 15-6; 2nd at Flanagan; 1st at Le-Roy; 3rd District; Most Outstanding Co-Captain Larry Martin 6-2; 5th at Flanagan Bruce Martin 9-12; 4th at LeRoy Dennis Savers 12-6; 3rd at Flanagan; 3rd at LeRoy; 4th at District; Most Pins Mark Hansen 6-14; 4th at Flanagan; 4th at Le- Roy 37Players-Left to Right Standing: Coach Wadsworth, Dennis Hooker, Richard Snyder, Jay Etcheson, Larry Wadsworth, Larry Byrd, Robert Snyder, Steve Young. Kneeling: Coach Wolf, Jim Hocker, Mike Hankey, Galen Cornett, Steve Baer, Coach Stollberg. LARRY BYRD—An aggressive center who, when he was hot, was unstoppable. He worked hard to become a starter. What he lacked in height, he made up with desire and hustle. JAY ETCHESON--A very good shooter. A starter for two years and a very able performer. El Paso's Townsfolk will not forget Jay helping break Gridley's 18-game winning streak. It was his best game of the year. RICHARD SbA'DER—Began the year where he left off playing football. He hustled and boarded well. Although he did not start all year, he came off the bench to provide added punch to our ball club. LARRY WADSWORTH—A11-Conference Forward, All-Tournament Team in Peoria Heights Tournament. He was elected Most Valuable Player by his teammates for the third year in a row. He was our scoring leader, and rebound leader. He is a college prospect, and with much determination and dedication, he will represent El Paso in the future. ROBERT SNYDER--Rob was a starter at guard. He had a good tournament at Peoria Heights, and should probably' have been on the All-Toumament Team. He was a good shooter. He was hampered by illness, but provided good help when going full blast. STEVE YOUNG—"Sweet" became and earned a starting position at guard at the end of the year. He was elected Most Improved Player by a vote of his teammates. He showed outstanding hustle and desire throughout the season. DENNIS HOCKER--Was our floor general and leader for the past three seasons as guard. He was selected to the Second Team All Conference, and did an outstanding job. All year he helped bring the ball down against the press, and added needed scoring punch to our defense. He will be sorely missed next yrear. STEVE BAER, GALEN CORNETT, MIKE HANKEY, JIM HOCKER, DENNIS LAY, DON HUDSON, AND MARTY BALLARD round out our 1974-75 team. They will need improvement and much hard work to fill in the place of these graduating seniors. 39Jay Etcheson Senior Forward Larry Byrd Senior Center Larry Wadsworth All Conference, MVP, Little All State, All American, Senior Forward Dennis Hocher -Senior Guards- Steve Young Hon. Captain; Hon. Men. All Most Improved ConferenceJim Hocker Mike Hankey Steve Baer Junior Guard Junior Forward Junior Guard Standing: G. Cornett J. Sutton J. Barker D. Geiselman W. Comancho K. Crump D. Dehority Junior Varsity Team Kneeling: Coach Stollberg B. Bauer D. Hudson M. Zimmerman R. Knepp Coach Wadsworth Standing: C. Hanna J. Schieber T. McGee G. Hudson P. Taylor K. Pope Seated: P. McWilliams S. Miller A. Van Scyoc J. Lutrell D. Rohrberg P. Wilson 41 Pom Pom SquadTrack Field Congratulations to the 1975 track team on a very successful season. The team worked hard to win four track meets and placed third in the conference and third in county meets. Special congratulations to the 880 Relay team consisting of Tom Haas, Larry Shepherd, Rick Morgan, and Mike Hankey for qualifying for the finals at State, and Larry Shepherd who qualified for the finals in the Long Jump. Coach StollbergThis year's baseball team was hampered a great deal by a lack of experience. They played very well at times but the element of experience seemed to be too much to overcome. The services of seniors, Mike Cleary, Greg Harris, Matt Hynes, Chuck Rice, and Steve Young will be missed. However, the future of Comet baseball is in the underclassmen who competed this year. I am looking forward to the development of these young men and the subsequent progress of our baseball program. Coach Lee TT -Girls’Sports 1974-75 Archery Pat McWilliams Denise Rutledge Donita Fever Jill Knapp Karen Krug Dixie Price Becky Dehority Kim Hinthome Sue Johnson Karla Krug Cindy Huefield Mary Sutton Bowling High Game Gail Oyer High Series Peggy Berg High Average Laurie Turner Most Improved Sheila Lay Most Valuable Sub Miss Lynn TEAM FIRST Gail Oyer Laurie Turner Joni Blumenshine Nina Steidinger Michele Burke BOWLING SCORES IVC Tournament E. Moline - 2109 Chillicothe - 2009 El Paso - 1960 Olympia - 1880 Morton - 1867 PONTIAC DISTRICT Minonk- Dana-Rutland - 2082 Flanagan - 2026 Pontiac - 1998 Gridley - 1991 El Paso - 1931 Volleyball A Deb Roberts Kelly Pope Joni Blumenshine Nina Steidinger Sheila Lay Dawn Sluder Kim Hinthome Pat Krug Holly Sluder Bea Holmonteller Jill Knapp Peggy GrahamVOLLEYBALL A Sharon Graham Janet Patterson Lynn Hunsaker Karen Krug Doris Hostetler Karla Krug Jenny Mu 11 vain Donita Fever Anndel Van Scyoc Audrey Schnieder Lori Furrow Maijean Knepp TRACK Shot—33 6"--Karen Krug Discus—86 10"--Karen Krug Long Jump—14'11"—Patsy Wilson High Jump--4'9"—Janet Patterson 50yd. Dash--6.9—Deyon Luedtke 100yd. Dash--12.7—Janet Patterson 220yd. Dash--30.2--Darlene Mitchell 440yd. Dash--l:18.8--Kelly Pope 880yd. Run--1:49.9—Anndel Van Scyoc Mile Run—7:33.7--Sharon Graham 80yd. Hurdles--11.4--Patsy Wilson 110yd. Hurdles--16.5—Patsy Wilson 440 relay—58.0—D. Luedtke, M. Knepp, J. Patterson, D. Mitchell 880 relay—2:07.6--K. Sennott, L. Furrow, L. Franke, D. Mitchell Mile relay—5:32.0—M. Haas, T. Tipler, L. Hunsaker, A. Van Scyoc 47Golf Standing: Murray Haas, Rich Snyder, Brian North, Rob Snyder, Rick Morgan, Dennis Hocker, Rick Gieger. Kneel--ing: Coach Wolf, Jim Hocker, Dean Ludke, Brian Bauer, Ben Shepherd.Queen Margaret King MikeDANCE TO,V(CTOR EAnnual Staff SPORTS Steve Young Rick Geiger Paul Eckhart Dennis Hocker Matt Hynes Rich Snyder Larry Shepherd Rick Morgan Larry' Wadsworth Larry Byrd Jay Etc he son PHOTOGRAPHY Mary Haas Mike Rust SNAPSHOTS Matt Hynes Greg Harris Tamie Schaff Mark Enright Kathy McDaniel Gail Oyer END OF YEAR Rae Schumacher Deb Lay Doris Acuna Ellen Armstrong Andi Nagel CHEER LEADING Sharon Graham PLAYS Dianna Andrews Jeff Mullvain Elsa Scheitl SENIOR PAGES Marjean Knepp Doris Hostetler Pam Baker Gail Oyer Sharon Graham TEACHERS Amy Armstrong Teresa Martin Denise Rutledge Sue Johnson Deb Rutledge ART Willie Rasay Doris Acuna (cover) Bob Schlattman CLASS WILL Sara Swanson Gail Oyer Deb Lay Andi Nagel UNDERCLASSMEN Cindy Riggs Kate Volz Penny Talbert Gail Oyer Deb Roberts ORGANIZATIONS Karen Krug Sharon Graham Doris Hostetler Marjean Knepp CHORUS and BAND Peggy Haas Tom Haas Deb Roberts Jeff Mullvain PROM Doris Acuna Marjean Knepp Doris Hostetler HOMECOMING Barb Punke Margaret Rose Celia Wagner MEXICO Beth Robbins Celia Wagner BUSINESS MGRS. Patty Berg Cindy Riggs EDITORS Mary Haas Dawn Sluder Beth Robbins ADVISOR Mrs. Hankey 56FFA FOUNDATION AWARDS Com - Greg Harris Soybeans - Mike Rust Small Grain - Mike Rust Beef - Mike Rust livestock Specialty - David Schertz Swine - Dennis Krug Sheep - Debbie Roberts Dairy - Rich Moberly Soil Water Conservation - Mike Rust Fish Wildlife - Randy Heibenthal Dale Schlipf Award - Mike Rust Dekalb Award - Rich Moberly OFFICERS 1974-75 President - Richard Moberly Vice-President - Greg Harris Secretary - April Schertz Treasurer - David Hartman Reporter - Mike Rust Parlimentarian - Larry Wadsworth Sentinal - Debbie Roberts 57The Marching Comets Pom Pom Squad Pat McWilliams, Cindy Steffen, Patty Schaaf, Gwen Hudson, Dana Rohrberg, Pam Taylor, Kelly Pope, Wanda Hatch, Peggy Young Tom Haas 59Concert Band 60Chorus Senior Madrigal Freshman Madrigal Soloists Trios Officers Pres. Nina Steidinger V. Pres. Sara Swanson Secty. Rae Schumacher63Chess Club Newspaper Staff Editor-in-Chief: Kurt Sampen Assistant Editor: Dave Pope Secretary: Gladys Ward Treasurer: Kathy Witkowski Graphics: Lynn Schumacher Advisor: Mr. Kramme Doris Acuna, Darlene Angotti, GlenAngotti, Debbie Engel, Melody Carey, Tom Grubb, Maye Hadfield, Wanda Hatch, Bea Helmontoller, Gwen Hudson, Lynn Hunsaker, Teresa Krug, Pat McWilliams, Willy Rasay, Beth Robbins, Elsa Scheitl, Lori Sennot, Mike Sparks, Larry Stimpert, Mary Sutton, Pam Taylor, Carol Ward, Beth Williams, Peggy Young, Kathy ZimmermanF.H.A. First Row: Mrs. Brown, Patty Schaaf, Joyce Rice, Sharon Graham, Kaylene Geiger, Cindy Riggs, Margaret Rose, Patty Berg, lisa Haas, Lu Lu Haas, Second Row: Ellen Armstrong, Teresa Martin, Violet Carey, Doris Hostetler, Karen Krug, Deb Roberts, Marjean Knepp, Kate Volz, Peggy Haas, Amy Armstrong, Julie Hayes, Third Row: Cindy Brunson, Sue Johnson, Peggy Berg, Barb Punke, Penny Bushert, Andi Nagel, Lisa Franks, Viola Carey, Deb Rutledge, Rita Walters. E. Club Standing: Coach Stollberg, Coach Wolf, Matt Hynes, Rob Snyder, Dennis Hocker, Jay Etcheson, Larry Wadsworth, Rich Snyder, Mike Cleary, Greg Moser, Mark Hansen, Greg Harris, Dale Stephens, Bob Schlattman, Coach Wadsworth, Tom Haas, Sitting: Mike Rust, Mike Hankey, Galen Cornett, Matt Cleary, Steve Young, Jim Hocker, Rick Morgan, Murray Haas, Jeff Mullvain, Rich Moberly. ' 65Flowers For Algernon 'I Senior Class Play November 15, 1974 CAST Doctor Strauss.............f.Demfc Mocker Professor Nemur............ . Stqfve Young Alice Kinnian................Sharon Graham Bert Seldon...................Jay Etcheson Charlie Gordon . . . . . . Jeff Mullvain Doris....................... Dianna Andrews Nurse........................ Celia Wagner Frank............................ Mike Rust Gina........... . u . . . Nina Steidinger Mrs. Donner............................Doris Hostetler Joe...................... h Mother..................................CaiJ Oyer Little Charlie................... Jeff Haas Mrs. Feldman.............|. Dianna Andrews Ellen...............AW . j . .Celia Witgner Father . . . ............... .Richard Snyder Teen-Age Charlie..............Willy Rasay Connie...................ji Nil i Steidinger Bernice................... . Pe:my Talbert Chairlady...............I. . Niv. Steidinger Mrs. Mooney.............!. . . Elsa. Schlitl Mrs. Nemur . . . • Pelfey H as Mr. Haney. ... L ... . : c. Morgan Jackie Welberg . . .1 . . .. . Nina Steidinger Anne Welberg. . . . J . . Penny Talblrt Norma.................... . . M; : Lu Ha; Director...................Mrs. CarWSti es Student Directors . . . x . MaJjeal Knopp Matt Hynes! Viva La Mexico! Senbra Scott Beth Robbins Marcia Drake Amy Dukes Larry Wadsworth Rick Morgan Teresa Tipler Tom Haas Deb Roberts Celia Wagner Jill Knapp Becky Dohority Not Pictured: Jeff Wickenhauser Last summer a group of 12 students and 4 counselors set off at 4:00 A.M. for O'Hare Airport, where we would fly non-stop to Mexico City. While in Mexico City we learned about the cultures of the people that once lived there and a brief history of Mexico and Mexico City. We visited such places as Chapultepec Park and Castle, the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon, The Zocalo, The National Palace, The Shrine of Guadelupe, and saw a Bullfight, La Montana Ruso (the world's largest roller coaster), and The Ballet Folklorico. The highlight of the trip was the two day visit to Acapulco. In Acapulco we went on a cruise, saw cliffdivers, and saw the houses of many famous movie stars. We also visited some beautiful beaches. We all enjoyed it very much and I for one am ready to go back anytime. Senorita Robbins 67Junior Class Play March 21, 1975 CAST Jenry.......... Jim............. Joe............. Bob............. Jean.......... Kitty.......... Kathym .... Gertrude . . . . Peggy ......... Marilyn . . . . Eugene . . . . Harold . . . . Helen.......... John............ Miss Smith . . . Mr. Wheat . . , Mr. Change . . Mr. Snell . . . Mrs. Johnson. . Mrs. Witt. . . Mrs. Gabb . . . Jonsey.......... Smithy .... Director .... Student Directors . . . Dennis Savers . . . .Tom Grubb . . . Murray Haas . . . Jim Hocker . . Maye Hadfield . . . Mary Sutton . . Laura Wagner . . Teresa Tipler . .Janet Patterson . . Beth Williams .... Dave Pope . . . .Steve Baer . . . Amy Dukes . . . Matt Cleary . Marcia Cowley . . Galen Cornett . . . Mike Hankey . . . Kurt Sampen . . . Val Garrells . Kathy Zimmerman . . . Lori Sennott . . Steve Dressier . . Mark Benedict Mrs. Pam Etcheson . . April Schertz Deyon Luedtke Accidental Hero By The Junior ClassForeign Language Club Library Club President Jeff Mullvain planned the main activity of the year which was a Pasada, held in the cafeteria on December 18. OFFICERS Pres. - Karen Krug Vice.-Pres. - Denise Rutledge Secty. - Debra Rutledge Treas. - Sue JohnsonUILLKOflHEN El ELSA DORIS Upper Picture--with family in Austria. Lower Picture--with American Host Family. AMERICAN Doris with American Host Family. During my travels in Illinois I learned of the vastness of the U.S.A. I saw huge cornfields and plains, I missed the mountains and skiing, I enjoyed the hamburgers, the basketball games, the various school activities and the unexpected close relationship with teachers. I found a nice host-family, I came to accept church activities, small cultural events, but I missed European city life. I became very fond of A.F.S. and I will miss my American friends. Thank you for this year! Elsa Scheitl I am Doris Acuna from Guatemala in Central America. It's been marvelous for me being an A.F.S. student. I had through my year in Illinois a lot of great experiences in many aspects of life. Being an A.F.S. student I had the opportunity to learn about another culture, to appreciate and get a clear concept of the philosophy of living in the U. S. A. I had a nice sharing of experiences with my host family, the teachers, the students in the High School and the whole community, I learned about other people and also I learned a lot about myself. Through the year I had to adjust to many different things; this fact made my experience a lot more interesting. I will never forget the wonderful friendship of the people in Illinois, as well as all the activities we had together. Thank you very much for the fantastic year. Remember that in Guatemala you'll be always welcome. Your friend through A.F.S. Doris with Mother and Father in Doris Acuna Guatemala. 16 calle H-77 Zona 1 Guatemala. Civdadwith family in Phillipines. with American host family. My AFS year has been the most unforgetable experience Pve ever had in my life. I had the opportunity to stay with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sampen and family which made my stay here more meaningful and enjoyable. El Paso High School was a perfect place to be, and to know the excellent teachers and friendly students. The knowledge that I had acquired and the pleasant moments I most enjoyed will be of great help for me in the future. My presence here will be very valuable in achieving international understanding among nations. I wish to thank everybody who made my living here more fun especially my host family, AFS friends, my mentors and the Student Body of El Paso High School. WILNORIE PASCUA RASAY 106 Bonifacio Street Vigan, Ilocos Sur 0401 Philippine Islands Wanda Hatch and Doris Marcia Drake and Elsa Kurt Sampen and WillieStudent Council President: Larry Vice President: Bill Secretary: Barb Treasurer: Janice Reporter: Doris The council completed many projects to better our school concerning: trash cans, a pop machine, ping pong table purchases, and also supervised activities such as Homecoming, Intramural tournaments, Student Council Week, and several school assemblies. National Honor Society Standing: Brian Bauer, Rich Knepp, Glen Angotti, Jenny Mullvain, Kurt Sampen, Teri Seggerman, April Schertz, Marty Hynes, Janice Wilson, Deb Roberts, Jeff Mullvain, Karen Krug, Mrs. Etcheson, Beth Williams, Kathy Zimmerman, Pat McWilliams, Darlene Angotti, Lori Sennott, Sharon Graham, Gladys Ward, Matt Cleary, Bill Ficken. Sitting: Steve Baer, Steve Dressier, Mike Hankey, Galen Cornett, Rich Snyder, Mike Cleary, Rob Snyder, Larry Stimpert, Dennis Savers, Jim Hocker, Marcia Drake, Jill Knapp, Doris Hostetler, Mary Sutton, Maijean Knepp, Maye Hadfield, Dawn Sluder. Not Pictured - Matt Hynes. 72SENIORJTIS — 1975 SKIP DAY - Saturday, May 17. Two busloads of Seniors to SIX FLAGS, MO. Left El Paso at 5:30 a. m. Arrived home at 8:30 p. m. BREAKFAST - Monday, May 19. Eggs and Ham at The El Paso Golf Course in Kappa. Volleyball and golf. BACCAULAUREATE - Sunday, May 25. Speaker - Rev. Joe Martin. Reception in the Cafeteria. Music Selection by Senior girls Chorus and Processional and Recessional by Larry Stimpert.Senior Class Will I, PENNY TALBERT, leave my ability to walk on the GRASS to Jodi. I, RAE SCHUMACHER, willingly leave to become an Armstrong. I, DON BOSWELL, boss of 2nd hour P.E., leave Tim Murphy my P. E. locker picture and Mr. Stollberg a pile of shaving cream. I, SARA SWANSON, leave my seat in chorus to Karla Krug knowing she will keep it warm in case I decide to come back. I, BARB PUNKE, leave to take better care of my FEVER!! I, GREG MOSER, leave Roger Cooley a pot of black coffee. I, KATHY MCDANIEL, leave my seat in the office to Vince. I, NINA STEIDINGER, leave my big mouth to some shy freshman. I, PAM BAKER, leave to become a Birchenall. I, CINDY RIGGS, leave a bottle of rubber cement to Lori Senott and Cindy Steffen. I, AMY ARMSTRONG, leave my lap-swimming ability to Cindy Steffen hoping that she will get 50 miles. I, PEGGY HAAS, leave knowing that Pat Me and Gladys W. will be stuck here next year. I, SHARON GRAHAM, leave my organized train of thought to Mary Sutton, wishing Mr. Grose a lot of luck. I, PATTY SHOULTZ, leave giving Bobby Newkirk the ability to sing as loud as I do in chorus. I, TERESA MARTIN, leave my ability to keep the library quiet to anyone with a big mouth. I, MARY LU HAAS, leave my space in the Elephant Slide Park to Teresa Tipler, hoping she'll use it wisely. I, MARJEAN KNEPP, leave my waitressing ability at the Elm's to Kaylene Geiger, knowing I won't be there next Mother's Day. I, DORIS HOSTETLER, leave the future Anatomy students a Webster's dictionary, hoping they will leam how to spell. I, BETH ROBBINS, leave my love life to Lynn Hun-saker and Suzie Moser knowing that they will take good care of it. I, MIKE CLEARY, leave, knowing that I will miss the peace and tranquility that El Paso High School gave me, and hoping that nobody believed what I just said. I, BILL WALDEN, leave E.P.H.S. knowing I will not have to put up with P. E. I, MATT HYNES, leave my position on the football team and my crutches to anyone who can fill them. I, ROBERT SNYDER, leave, knowing Mrs. Stiles still has a few hairs left in her head. I, GREG HARRIS, leave my base-stealing abilities to Pumpkin Cornett. I, CELIA WAGNER, leave a you-know-what for you-know-who, because of you-know-when in you-know-where. I, JEFF MULLVAIN, leave my ability to leam lines to Marcia Cowley. I, MARK ENRIGHT, leave without spinning my tires. I, RON ARMSTRONG, leave my abilities in building trades and my spot on main hall to Gary Fever. I, DEBBIE ROBERTS, leave to see the world smiling. I, DENISE RUTLEDGE, leave locker 216 to the Janitor. I, DEBRA RUTLEDGE, leave, knowing that I have a whole new life ahead of me. I, GARY HINTHORNE, leave my RED BEAST to Benny Shepherd, knowing he'll handle it with care, just as I did. I, HERB ARBUCKLE, leave, to get a head start on tomorrow. I, DENNIS HOCKER, leave, wondering how Mr. Saunders will be able to put up with "Sliver" and "Shag" next year in U. S. History. I, DEB LAY, leave ahead. I, RICK MORGAN, leave wondering "Why they call him Wilkey" and also my ability to tear off my exhaust to Tim Wilkey. I, LARRY SHEPHERD, leave, wondering who's man that really was Wilkey? And I leave the wooden pole on the country black top to Benny. I, STEVE YOUNG, leave Keith Henry my knuckle-ball, knowing that some day he can use it to "throw strikes." I, ELLEN ARMSTRONG, leave my sweet and innocent ways to Nancy Hayes. I, RICHARD SNYDER, leave my ability to get a morning pass to Tim Wilkey. I, LARRY BYRD, leave my rebounding ability and two handed shooting ability to Dennis Lay. I, ANDI NAGLE, leave. I, JAY ETCHESON, leave so that Mrs. Stiles can't hit my any more. I, DAWN SLUDER, leave all the dandelions on the front lawn to Mrs. Stiles. I, LARRY WADSWORTH, leave my basketball ability to Woody, hoping someday he can make a lay-up in practice. I, ELSA SCHEITL, leave my fondness of SHORT Spanish questions, to John Sutton. I, FRED MOSBACH, leave Kevin Evans all the fun times I had in P.E. 1st hour, and I leave my thoughts of P.E. with Mr. Stollberg. I, SHARON BOUNDS, leave to my sister, Susie Miller, my ability to stay out of trouble that can lead to more trouble. I, TOM HAAS, leave Patty alone second hour so she can do her sewing without being interrupted. I, DIANNA ANDREWS, leave Patty Carr my seat in English and hope she sleeps as well as I did. I, PATTY BERG, leave my BIG sister "Piggy" my ability to stay on a diet. I, GAIL OYER, leave my organized ways to anyone who can understand them. I, KAREN KRUG, leave, hoping Mrs. Hieser gains some points in the popularity poll. We, Mike Cleary, Jay Etcheson, and Matt Hynes leave the Trophy Case to go out in the world to find something else to lean on. We, Mary Haas, Maijean Knepp, Doris Hostetler and Patty Berg leave a set of car keys to Teresa Tipler and Cindy Miller hoping they will have a ride up town at noon. Dottie Hostetler, Karen Krug, Deb Lay and Marjean Knepp leave a bottle of perfume to the junior girls in the middle section in 2nd hour P. E. We hope things smell real good. We, Beth, Lu Lu, and Dawn leave blood, sweat and tears to next year's editors. We, Richard Snyder and Tom Haas, leave our ability to go to the Root Beer Stand 6th hour to anyone who likes soggy french fries. We, Gail, Rae, Sara, Penny, Kathy and Nina leave the first floor john to Carol, Laurie and Val hoping that IT'S OK. 7677Dianna A Dennis H Ricky G Dawn SY«UYeUY«UY0||Y9U karenkrugwoodycamanchoteresamartindonitafevermarkhansensheilalaymarciafever YOU Y UYOUYOUY0U theroarlng20 snancyhayestinwilkeykelthhenrymikeclearyTnurrayhynesbethwilliams Y«U YOUYOU Y@U YOU scottarmstrongpamtaylorflowersforalgemonmarciacowleyjoekoosstevedressler nl Y1UY0VYOUYSUY0W knappdonhudsonjanicewiIsonsixflagslestersparrowdianelockmartyhynesvolleyball YftUYlVY WYOUYiW lollysluderpatburroughsjayetchesonstudentcouncilsuejohnsonpattyschaaflarry wadsworthhappyblrthdayrandyhelbenthalceliawagnerflebbi obertsricHffioberlymiT YUYWY6VY ®UY ? U rustnarjeankneppdavidschertzsarahniillerbriaiTOorthsteveyoungwho’shavingaparty YOU V®VYOUYO MY! V thisveekend?cindyTnillerjinbockerklinhinthorna?oocffSlljennifeTWrilvHngailoy Y U Y f U YsUY 0 U YOU ninasteTdingerdebrutledpecoacnstolber - laveahappydaybobschlattnantoinhaaskatt Y?UYOUYOUYOUY U z irauernanmerrychris tmasrickmorganlorisenno cur t sampontomg Dbacctten talhe Y UYOUYrUY UYOU pennybushertgaryhinthorneraatthyneslet'sboogiegladyswardmikehankeycindyrigg how'syourlovelife?richsynderkellysennottwhen?inike,Widerwoodpambake eggyhaas Y Our UYOUY'UY- U janetpattersonstevebaerpeggyallenit'stherealthingconnieduncancharlieclijiei’d Y UY ' U Y»UY 0 UYOU liketoteachtheworldtosingronarmstrongwhatdidyousay’dennissaversteresatioler knightsinwhitesatlnlarrymartingalencornettletthegoodtimesrolldebswopewe've onlylustbegunmikesparksdevonluedtkecoachwolfsummertimewhenthelivin'iseasvbve 79 41 WE'VE O JUS We've only just b hyito live. White lace and prd hjM. A kiss for luck and -vra on our way. Before the rising sutkfmjp fly So many roads to c!WKt We start out walking and leam to run. Sharing horizons that are new to us.. Watching the signs along thjp way, Talking it over just the two of us, Working together day to day. Together. And when the evening comes, we smile, So much of life ahead We'll find a place where there's room to grow We've only just begun. And yes, we've jflflH on our way. fly 80

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El Paso High School - Cometeer Yearbook (El Paso, IL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


El Paso High School - Cometeer Yearbook (El Paso, IL) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


El Paso High School - Cometeer Yearbook (El Paso, IL) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


El Paso High School - Cometeer Yearbook (El Paso, IL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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