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Board of Education GENE WILKEY DON ZIMMERMAN MELVIN MORELAND WALLACE ETCHESON President RICHARD HADFIELD Superintendent MONTE LINDSEY JOHN SUTTON Secretary GILBERT KAUFMAN Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Four: Congratulations to you upon reaching one of the major crossroads of your life. Hopefully, the effort of earning a high school diploma will assist you in the decisions you will make concerning your future. The goals that you have set for yourselves are always attainable, but in this rapidly changing world, never lose sight of the need to learn. Best wishes to you as you enter an entirely new learning situation. May the experiences at El Paso High School, and the influence of your home, church, and community give you the background to attain the success that I so earnestly wish for you. Wally Etcheson, President Board of Education, District 375 JOSOPHINE MORRIS Sec. to Mr. Hadfield (Retired Jan. 1, 1974) WANDA SIMPSON Sec. to Mr. Hadfield KARMY KAYS Principal1. Carol Stiles 2. Pamela Etcheson 3. Billy Jo Marquardt 4. Margaret Hankey 5. Richard James 6. David Wantland 7. Ellen Besse 8. Ronald Kramme 9. Marilyn Musick 10. Benjamin Ahring 11. Ann Heiser a time to keep silence 3I . and a time to speak ' 1. Linda Hageman 2. Eldo Roy 3. Alice Winburn 4. Thomas Fegley 5. Walter Saunders 6. Michael Grose 7. Bernard Jenkins 8. Virginia Brown 9. Joan Scott 10. Rachel Johnson 11. Robert KneppC00KS MAINTENANCE Sena Crump, Barbara Krug, Alice Schramm, Betty Shoemaker, Pearl Gene Phillis, Tony Messner. Tipler.Football ’73 S. Graham, A. Holt, D.Hostetler, M. Sutton, M. Hadfield. 1st ROW: D. Furrow, G. Fever, D. Hartman, M. Cleary, J. Hocker, T. Haas, D. Hocker, D. Stephens, S. Baer, S. Young, B. Sheperd, D. Rohrberg, K. Evans, 2nd ROW: Coach Beck, M. Haas, T. Enright, T. Hair, L. Armstrong, Rich Snyder, M. Hynes, S. Young, Rob Snyder, T. Stauter, G. Bauer, L. Sheperd. 3rd ROW: Coach Stollberg, G. Cornett, D. Hodel, Keith Mool, B. Walden, L.Wadsworth, M. Cleary, M. Uphoff, G. Wilson, M. Benedict, Ken Mool, T. Tipler, Coach Wadsworth. KEN MOOL Guard All Conference Most Val. Lineman TOM STAUTER Fullback Conference Hon. Mention Most Tackles Most Spirited KEITH MOOL Guard All Conference Most Val. LinemanTONY HAAS Halfback Little All-State Special Mention All Conference Most Val. Back—Most Val. Player TIM ENRIGHT Center Most Improved Player GREGG BAUER Linebacker DARYL HODEL LES ARMSTRONG Tackle Flanker All Conference Conference Hon. Mention MIKE UPHOFF End Conference Hon. Mention GARY WILSON Tackle TERRY TIPLER Tackle All Conference TONY HAIR Defensive Halfback Conference Hon. MentionOffense Tri-Captains 14Sophomores COMETS COMETS GOME'S COMETS COMETS COMETS COMETS 6 41 COMUS COMETS COMETS COMETS o - - r 1st ROW: K. Evans, D. Rohrberg, D, Furrow, G. Fever, D. Hartman, J. Hooker, D. Stephens. 2nd ROW: B. Shepherd, M. Cleary, S. Baer, M. Benedict, S. Young, G. Cornett, M. Haas, Coach Beck. Record: Won: 2, Lost: 5 Freshmen 1st ROW: R. Hill, R. Eskridge, M. Zimmerman, M. Sparks, M. Hynes, M. Roberts. 2nd ROW: Coach Stollberg, T. Wilkey, T. Armstrong, R. Lloyd, L. Sparrow, D. Hudson, B. White. Record: Won; 2, Lost: 3. 15In Appreciation WE WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION TO MERLIN HAAS FOR HIS ATTENDANCE AT ALL our athletic events...this past football season merlin made a booklet for our comets representing their splendid season...merlin is shown with tony haas, our little all-state winner...we would also like to congratulate tony for his contribution to an outstanding team for a victory filled season! SEASON RECORD Warrensburg- Latham EL PASO OPPONENT 32 12 Eureka 24 6 Lexington 0 40 Chenoa 20 2 Mi nonk-Dana-Rutland 40 14 Flanagan 26 10 Woodland 36 o Deerereek- Mac k i naw 31 8 Gridley 38 2 16a time to cast away time to be plucked up a time to build upComet Cheerleaders EClub 18G.A.A. GAA and interscholastic girls sports groups worked together this year to offer sports opportunities to all girls in the high school and to increase GAA activities. Hiking, archery, field hockey, swimming, volleyball, dodgeball, bowling, softball, campcraft, and track were included in the year-long program. A successful candy sale early in the year financed the GAA program including full camperships for two camp delegates. A ski trip was also provided by the GAA for all students (boys or girls) between semesters. Part of the $400 sent by the GAA to the National Muscular Dystrophy Association was taken from the treasury. Most of the money was collected by members who went door to door or were stationed at special places around town on a "Shamrocks against Dystrophy Day." A co-operative hike to Secor in the fall included 263 girls from eight different towns. El Paso hosted a state GAA workshop and a state GAA playday this year. The playday featured a "quilt" upon which a winning team placed their patch to determine the final winners at the end of the day. Six schools attended. Thirty-four girls were formally initiated into GAA at a supper held in Eureka in April. Mr. William Wagner showed a film and told about his visit to the 1972 Olympics in Germany. He also presented bowling trophies to: Gail Turner, Deb Lay, Sandy Rein-kensmeyer, Mary Sutton, Julie Breach, and Becky Dehority. The constitution was revised this year to include "outstanding member awards." These were presented on honors day to: Senior, Regina Weber; Junior, Karen Krug; Sophomore, Pat Krug; Freshman, Karla Krug for their participation, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and service in GAA. G.A.A. Board President Diana Miller Vice FVesident Sheryl Swanson Secretary Sharon Graham T reasurer Linda Benedict Points Chrm: Jane Dukes Cindy Riggs Sports Chrm: Pat Krug Michelle Burke Sr. Rep: Sandy Reinkensmeyer Jr. Rep: Tamie Shaaf Soph. Rep: Mayebeth Hadfield Fr. Rep: Karla Krug 50 Mile Swim Club Girl’s Track Team Miles Covered 10 Janet Patterson 50 Pam Baker 10 Rhonda Paorbaugh Sheryl Swanson 30 Amy Armstrong 10 Diana Punke Paulette Wilkey 30 Deb Roberts 10 Cindy Riggs Karen Krug 20 Barb Punke 10 April Schertz Lulu Haas 20 Pat McWilliams 10 Diane Schuler Pat Berg 10 Penny Bushert 10 Rae Schumacher Janet Patterson 10 Betty Jean Carey 10 Lori Sennott Theresa Tlpler 10 Becky Dehority 10 Cindy Steffen Deyon Ludke 10 Jane Dukes 10 Nina Steidinger Pat Krug 10 Cindy Engel 10 Mary Sutton Deb Fussner 10 Mayebeth Hadfield 10 Sheryl Swanson Peggy Berg 10 Donna Kaufman 10 Theresa Tlpler Lisa Franke 10 Karen Krug 10 Rita Walters Lisa Haas 10 Pat Krug 10 Beth Williams Darlene Mitchell 10 Deb Lay 10 Judi Lock 10 Darlene Mitchell 19Pom Pom Squad L. TO R.: Cindy Steffen, Jackie Lutrell, Diane Lock, Peggy Young, Karla Krug, Penny Bushert, Michelle Burke, Judi Lock, Nancy Hale, Becky Dehorlty, Laura Wagner, Patty McWilliams. Flag Corps L. TO R.: Jan Stitt, Karen Miller, Rosa Funk, Susie Miller, Karen Krug, Connie Wilkey, Mary Brown, Peggy Haas. SITTING: Kurt Sampen, Shirley Moser, Marcia Drake, May Hadfield, Annie Holt. STANDING: Tom Haas, Ron Harper, Bruce Smith, Dave Parrel, Mark Kays, Kevin Kaufman, Larry Stimpert, Deyon Luedtke, Jeff Mullvaln.Student Council FRONT ROW: B. Smith, D. Punke, S. Reinkensmeyer, R. Knepp, M. Sutton, D. Andrews, J. Wilson, B. Ficken. BACK ROW: J. Mullvain, M. Up-hoff, K. Mool, T. Haas, D. Miller, M. Hynes, B. Punke, A. Dukes, A. Holt, M. Knepp, D. Hostetler, W. Saunders. OFFICERS President-Sandy Reinkensmeyer Vice Pres.-Bruce Smith Secretary-Diane Punke Treasurer-Matt Hynes Sponsor-Walter Saunders National Honor Society SENIORS N. Zimmerman J. Cowley D. Delaney M. Graber S. Ales A. Martin S. Reinkensmeyer S. Moser N. Zimmerman A. Holt D. Hodel JUNIORS M. Hynes S. Graham R. Snyder D. Roberts R. Snyder L. Wadsworth J. Mullvain K. Krug M. Knepp SOPHOMORES A. Schertz M. Hankey M. Drake G. Cornett K. Sampen M. Sutton L. Stimpert M. Hadfield 22 Sponsor-Pam EtchesonFuture Fanners of America Oct. 3 YEARLY PROGRAM OF FFA EVENTS Land Use Contest Fairbury Oct. 9 Section 9 Organization Meeting East Bay Camp Nov. 7 Parliamentary Procedure Contest Fairbury Nov. 9 Section 9 Grain Fair Saunemin Dec. 8 Winter Ag Teachers Meeting Normal Dec. 26-28 IAA-FFA Holiday Conference Springfield Feb. 6 Section 9 State FFA Interviews Gridley Feb. 13 Foundation Awards Pontiac Feb. 15-23 National FFA Week Mar. 2 American Farmer Interviews Mar. 13 Public Speaking Contest El Paso Apr. 4 Section 9 Mechanics Contest Forrest Apr. 25 Section 9 Dairy Judging Contest ISU May 4 Section 9 Livestock Judging Contest ISU June 27 46th Annual FFA Convention Urbana June 27 State Dairy and Livestock Judging Contest Urbana FFA AWARDS, OUTSTANDING FFA MEMBER: Daryl Hodel, DEKALB AWARD: Myron Graber, GREENHAND: Dave Hartman. PRODUCTION AWARDS: Beef - Mike Rust Dairy - Rich Moberly Sheep - Ron Harris Swine: Daryl Hodel Corn: Daryl Hodel Soybean: Myron Graber Crop Prod.: Dave Dressier r OFFICERS President —Daryl Hodel Vice President—Keith Mool Secretary—Dave Dressier Treasurer—Mike Uphoff Reporter—Myron Graber Sentinel--Rich Moberly Advisor—Mr. Knepp a time to plant, and a time to be plucked up.Freshmen Gene Agnew Brenda Alexander Marla Andrews Thomas Angotti Tracey Armstrong Wesley Armstrong Marvin Ballard Brian Bauer David Beal Ann Benedict Peggy Berg Michael Bess Mary Brown Candy Burke Pat Burroughs Viola Carey Violet Carey Patricia Carr Gene Clark Tonja Dye us Randy Eskridge Brian Fancher David Farrell Marcia Fever Lesley Funk Bill FickenBrad Harbin Nancy Hayes Ricky Hill Kim Hinthorne Donald Hudson Gwendolyn Hudson Martin Hynes Todd Jeffreys Donald Jording Joan Jording Michael Jording Linda Kearfott Pam Kilpatrick Jill Knapp Richard Knepp Dennis Krug Karla Krug Teresa Krug Dennis Lay Diane Lock Everett Locke Randall Loyd Sarah Miller Darlene Mitchell Leslie Moser Jennifer Mullvain Richard Murphy Robert Newkirk Sonja Piper Karla PoorbaughMichael Porter Mark Roberts Pamela Schaaf David Schertz Ron Schneider Teresa Seggerman Steven Smith Michael Sparks Lester Sparrow Cindy Spikes Jan Stitt Gary Vandegraft Rita Walters William White Connie Wilkey Tim Wilkey Janice Wilson Robert Witkowski Peggy Young Mike Zimmerman Class Officers President Bill Ficken Vice-President Brian Bauer Secretary Marcia Fever T reasurer Mike Sparks 261st ROW: Ms. Besse, L. Haas, D. Fussner, K. Miller, D. Engel, R. Funk, S. Miller, R. Weber, K. Krug, 2nd ROW: S.Kilpatrick, T. Grubb, D.Kaufman, C. Wilkey, P. Kilpatrick, S. Miller, A. Armstrong, T. Martin, B. Smith, 3rd ROW: P. Haas, E. Armstrong, P. Berg, G. Turner, B. Crawford, K. Volz, C. Engel, P. Wilkey, T. Tilper, P. Schultz, E. Jording, 4th ROW: P. Canull, D. Rutledge, S. Johnson, J. Patterson, D. Lay, K. McDaniels, S. Swanson, J. Cowley, G. White, C. Eckhart, Deb Rutledge. H e a I t h SIT: D. Hostetler, G. White, S. Moser, N. Zimmerman, 1st ROW: L. Haas, B. Williams, T. Hair, S. Buster, K. Miller, L. Wagner, 2nd ROW: D. Kaufmen, R. Funk, C. Duncan, P. Kilpatrick, S. Miller, S. Kilpatrick, P. Wilkey, C. Riggs, Mrs. Schuler, 3rd ROW: P. Haas, S. Swanson, C. Eckhart, B. Punke, K. Zimmerman, P. Canull, D. Roberts, P. Schultz, D. Rutledge, S. Johnson, K. McDaniels, 4th ROW: S. Ales, Deb Rutledge, P. Carr, G. Ward, A. Nagel, N. Zimmerman, K. Volz, M. Knepp, D. Lay. 28Jr. Varsity 1st ROW: R. Knepp, K. Evans, M. Hankey, K. Hinthorne, J. Hocker. 2nd ROW: Coach Wadsworth, D. Hudson, B. Shephard, G. Cornett, S. Baer, D. Lay, M. Zimmerman. Not Pictured: B. Bauer, M. Ballard. J.V. FROSH 2-19 1-10 Freshmen R. Knepp D. Hudson D. Lay M. Zimmerman K. Hinthorne Coach Stoll berg Not Pictured B. Bauer M. Ballard 29Comets D. Hocker, T. Haas, G. Bauer, Rob Synder, L. Byrd, L. Wadsworth, J. Etcheson, Rich Synder, T. Stauter, R. Morgan, S. Young. COACHES: Mr. Wolf, M. Stollberg, Mr. Wadsworth. Tom Stauter Guard Gregg Bauer Forward Tony Haas GuardReturning Comets 1. Dennis Hocker Guard 2. Jay Etcheson Center 3. Larry Wadsworth Forward 4. Robert Synder Guard, Forward 5. Rick Morgan Guard 6. Richard Synder Forward 7. Larry Byrd Center 8. Steve Young Guard 31Piece Great Together a Team! G. BAUER...starter for two yrs...outstanding shooter...good jumper and good rebounder..."Most Improved" In '73 and proved It in '74. J. ETCHESON..."Most Improved"... great touch in shooting...improvement on defense and jumping... could be outstanding. T. STAUTER...filled...shoes ...person...substituted...good defensively and rebounded well...Team Leader. D. HOCKER...floor leader...great guard in Midstate with Robby. Regional Tournament EP OPP. 63 Gridley 74 T. HAAS...excellent on defense...real scrapper. EP OPP. 57 Roanoke- Benson 68 78 Chenoa 69 84 Flanagan 74 70 Deer Creek-Mackinaw 75 57 Gridley 65 69 Minonk-Dana- Rutland 61 63 Eureka 49 87 Low Point-Washburn 74 73 Woodland 50 75 Roanoke- Benson 68 61 Lexington 80 64 M i nonk - Dana- R ut 1 and 68 58 Chenoa 51 72 Flanagan 65 60 Gridley 59 58 Deer Creek-Mackinaw 60 64 Lexington 70 77 Woodland 66 WOODFORD COUNTY TOURNAMENT 61 Metamora 65 73 Wapella 48 71 Low Point-Washburn 58 L. SHEPHERD...very quick...action filled year on the court next year. S. YOUNG... good ball handler and shooter... capable replacement at guard. R. MORGAN after bout with illness, RICH. SYNDER...we look for him to work hard and...to see more action...and become a starter. Coach's Comments And Schedule L. BYRD...real hustler and scrapper ...by far hardest worker...front line sub...contributed greatly...this yr. ROB SYNDER...starter...end of year...excellent shooter...with determination could become one of the best guards in conference. improved all year...will challenge those playing In front of him. L. WADSWORTh ...led,.scoring and rebounding. All Conf. 2nd Team and All Tournament... maturity and strength... spectacular. Peoria Heights Tourney EP OPP. 61 Toulon 60 63 Peoria Heights 69 64 Bradford 69MARCIA MARCIA MARLAWrestling SEASON RECORD 1-16 COACH'S COMMENTS Considering the student participation in wrestling this year, the gentlemen who worked for the team did an outstanding job. Constantly fighting an up-hill battle because of the lack of numbers, this year's team had a surprisingly good season. The individuals improved with every meet and the team finally won a duel match by defeating Peoria Heights-quite an accomplishment considering the fact that we went into all meets down 18 to 30 points before we even started wrestling. The nine men who started and finished wrestling should be proud of the fact that they had enough guts to stick it out and represent the school to the best of their ability. I would like to personally thank these men for making this season a successful one. I would also like to thank Randy Eskridge for his contribution and support to the wrestling team as manager. 36 1 i v GARY WILSON-H.W. 15-10-1 M. Val. Wres. 2d Flan. Toumy Most Pins 3rd LeRoy Tourny Hon. Cap. 73- 74 2d Die. Sec. RICH MOBERLY 145 3-21 GREG MOSER 185 6-16 BOB SCHLATTMAN 138 6-13-1 BILL WALDEN 155 3-7 6th Flan. Toumy BILL GALLOWAY 132 8-7 6th Flan. Tourny JEFF MULLVAIN DALE STEPHENS MARK HANSEN 132 126 98 1-14 6-13 11-12 M. Improved Wres. 5th Flan. Tourny 4th Flan. Tourny 5th LeRoy TournyChorus 1st ROW: K. Miller, P. Kilpatrick, P. Wilkey, T. Dycus, R. Funk, Sue Miller, J. Jording, C. Baize, S. Miller. 2nd ROW: P. Allen, P. Bushert, K. McDaniels, B. Crawford, C. Fairchild, P. Krug, P. Schultz, S. Swanson, R. Schumacher, N. Steidinger, Ms. Musick. 3rd ROW: K. Eckhart, K. Krug, Sara Swanson, J. Lock, L. Schumacher, C. Aylward, S. Ales, B. Ficken, A. Barker, D. Hudson, R. Harper, L. Funk. M adrigal FIRST ROW: B. Crawford, R. Schumacher, N. Steidinger, S. Ales, P. Krug. SECOND ROW: Ms. Musick, S. Swanson, K. Krug, B. Carey, R. Knepp. THIRD ROW: P. Bushert, R. Harper, B. Ficken. 38CONTESTANTS—Superior Ratings CHORUS BAND Solo: Sheryl Swanson Senior Sextet: Sue Ales Brenda Crawford Sheryl Swanson Colleen Baize Judi Lock Paulette Wilkey Junior Trio: Sara Swanson Gail Turner Nina Steidlnger Soloists: Gladys Ward Karla Poorbaugh Marcia Drake Kurt Sampen Trios: Marcia Drake Cindy Engel Karla Poorbaugh Gladys Ward Shirley Moser Debbie Engel FLUTE S. Moser M. Drake G. Ward C. Engel D. Engel K. Poorbaugh SAXOPHONE J. Mullvain A. Holt M. Hadfield D. Angotti M. Sparks TRUMPETS D. Kitchell B. Smith M. Gary D. Farrell CLARINET T. Grubb J. Mullvain L. Franke L. Haas M. Fever T. Seggerman G. Hudson BARITONE SAX R. Harper TENOR SAX T. Haas D. Luedtke FRENCH HORN K. Sampen D. Mitchell BASS C. Cline PERCUSSION M. Kays B. Galloway G. Moser L. Moser G. Angotti D. Fussner A. Benedict TROMBONE K. Kaufman L. Stimpert 39A.F.S Walking, Talking, and Welcoming together has been the experience of our AFS Chapter this year. We started off the year by welcoming Giuseppe to El Paso on August 9, 1973, and he started his struggle with the language. But as time went on he learned all the little words and was accepted by the school as just another "freak." The next big event of the year was a Donkey Basketball game to raise a little money. It was very successful on December 10, 1973. By this time it was almost Christmas and we decided to give Guisy a five-minute phone call to Italy ind a football. He loved both of itiem. After Christmas time we started to think about Carol's return from New Zealand which was to be We decide io give her a party at Drake's house and a coming home gift of money. The party w One of our better accomplishments this year was to start a new AFS Chapter in Minonk. About this ti to have something Italian, so the adult chapter sponsored an Italian Spaghetti Supper on March 30 AFS week tf fs year began with a welcome of 12 short term exchange students from Hersey High School in Arlington f S'. xs Ilmaxed with 24 district students here for an AFS weekend. AFS week began on April 22 and "was a vwy good week of real international fellowship. international student and helped our community to communicate a little better. 17, 1974. jccess and Ah Mg C} 4 £ V-nGIUSEPPE CONZADORI VIA Roma N 36 PARATICO (Bs) 25030 ITALY ujy | IlO'S.LiS V Ely'PnSO s Tun f)TS 73 -7 V • i • President Bruce Smith Vice President Kurt Sampen Secretary-T reasurer Diane Schuler Advisor Mrs. Heiser OfficersSophomores Peggy Allen Sergio Alvardo Nora Angotti Julie Armstrong Chris Aylward Steven Baer Mark Benedict Dewayne Bess Julie Breach Cindy Brunson Michele Burke Penny Bushert Sandra Buster Betty Carey Bill Carey Matthew Cleary Charles Cline Galen Cornett Marcia Cowley Colin Craig Rebecca Dehority Marcia Drake Steve Dressier Amy Dukes Connie Duncan Debra Engel Kevin Evans Carol Fairchild Garry Fever Joseph Fever Dennis Furrow Debra Fussner Valerie Garrels Kaylene Geiger Terry GrubbTom Grubb Murray Haas MayeBeth Hadfield Teresa Hair Nancy Hale Michael Hankey Thomas Hansen David Hartman Alan Hasty Wanda Hatch Julie Hayes Lisa Heibenthal James Hocker Rebecca Hooper Randy Kearfott Joe Koos Patricia Krug Rodney Krug Deyon Luedtke Jackie Luttrell Larry Martin Pat McWilliams Cynthia Miller Sandra Miller Thomas Mitchell Jeffrey Moser David Myers Janet Patterson David Pope Dixie Price Joyce Rice Dan Rohrberg Kurt Sampen Dennis Savers April Schertz 4JDarrell Schieber Lynn Schumacher Lori Sennott Benny Shepherd Larry Stimpert Cynthia Steffen Dale Stephens Larry Stotts Irene Sturm Mary Sutton Pamela Taylor Rebecca Thario Teresa Tipler Kevin Tracey Laurie Turner Paul Uphoff Laura Wagner Gladys Ward Beth Williams Kathy Witkowski Class Officers President Mike Hankey Vice Pres. Galen Cornett Secretary Mary Sutton Treasurer Michele Burke 44Baseball '74 SCHEDULE Deere reek-Mackinaw Minonk Central Catholic Streator-Woodland Chenoa Wenona Metamora Toluca Eureka Roanoke-Benson Chenoa Metamora Gridley Wenona Minonk Toluca Eureka Flanagan Gridley Roanoke-Benson Record: 6-10 FRONT ROW: D. Rohrberg, T. Tipler, R. Rarick, S. Young, R. Geiger. BACK ROW: T. Haas, M. Hynes, G. Cornett, M. Cleary, G. Harris, L. Wadsworth, Coach Lee.Golf FRONT ROW: B. Bauer M. Haas, B. North, B. Sheherd, J. Hocker. BACK ROW: R. Morgan, Rob Snyder, D. Hocker, Rich Snyder, M. Kays, G. Bauer, Coach Wolf (not pictured). Track FRONT ROW: M. Cleary, M. Hankey, D. Lay, L. Sparrow, M. Haas, S. Dressier. BACK RO W: Coach Want-land, L. Byrd, M. Rust, Tony Haas, Rob Snyder, Tom Haas, R. Tony Haas qualified for the state track meet by winning the district 330 yd. Low Hurdles in a time of 39.0 seconds. Tony and Larry Shepherd also participated in the Pant a graph area Honor Roll Track meet. Larry represented the Comets in the Long Jump and Tony in the 330 Low SCHEDULE—1974 Peoria Heights Low Point-Washburn Odell Fairbury Leroy Peoria Heights Golf Tournament at Madison Pontiac Odell Low Point-Washburn Eureka » Pontiac Fairbury Leroy Normal Community Eureka Washington District SCHEDULE Eureka and Roanoke-Benson Chenoa Minonk-Dana-Rutland Woodland and Gridley Flanagan MDR and Flanagan Lexington Marquette Normal Relays Low Point-Washburn Fresh-Soph Conference Delevan Track Carnival Varsity Conference Deer Creek-Mackinaw County Track Meet Woodland and Chenoa District 47THE PA PER Staff Mr. Kramme; adv., Ann Crawford; editor, STAFF: D. Walden, Diane Schuler, P.McWilllams, K. Sampen, T. Mitchell, S. Swanson, L. Stlmpert And G. Ward. FIRST ROW: R. Raymer, L. Shepherd, D. Davison, J. Hocker, M. Cleary, G. Conzadori, SECOND ROW: D. Savers, M. Benedict, T. Stauter, M. Cleary, R. Morgan, M. Haas, B. Shepherd, Mr. James: a 49o r e • g n L a n g u a g C 1 u b e 1st ROW: Ms. Scott, G. Conzadorl, J. Cowley, K. Zimmerman, A. Dukes, L. Benedict, M. Drake, P. McWilliams, C. Duncan, C. Steffen, T. Hair, B. Williams, 2nd ROW: C. Fairchild, I. Sturm, P. Haas, T. Grubb,N. Angotti, D. Luedtke, J. Hocker, M. Sutton, A. Holt, M. Hadfield, K. Witkowskl, L. Sennott, J. Patterson, P. Krug. 3rd ROW: J. Breach, T. Schumacher, M. Burke, A. Schertz, B. Smith, R. Weber, D. Lay, G. White, S. Swanson, B. Robbins, G. Ward, R.Newkirk. 1st ROW: Ms. Brown, K. Krug, D. Hostetler, M. Knepp, K. Volz, L. Haas, 2nd ROW: T. Martin, A. Armstrong, P. Haas, D. Roberts, P. Baker, B. Robbins, S. Moser, 3rd ROW: P. Berg, E. Armstrong, M. Burke, M. Fever, L. Franke, B. Dehority, 4th ROW: D. Lay, K. Savers, Lulu Haas, B. Punke, P. Bushert, M. Rose, Penny Berg, S. Graham. “A Time to Sew"March 29, 1974 Junior Play Cast JUNIOR PLAY CAST SILAS WESTON......................Larry Shepherd MARTHA WESTON....................Marjean Knepp NELLIE WESTON.....................Doris Hostetler AUNT SARAH WESTON..................Pam Baker JACK MERRIWELL.....................Matt Hynes FRANCIS (DESPERAT0 DESMOND . . . Jeff Mullvain JIM BURKE..........................Rick Morgan HI PERKINS.........................Jay Etcheson DAN FOGARTY......................Dennis Hocker MAGGIE CLANCY (OLD MAG)...........Gail Turner MULLIGAN..........................Rich Snyder SADIE MAY..................... Nina Steidinger MONTY MORAN........................Tom Haas SLICK McCOY...................................Jay Etcheson LILLIAN MORRISON..............Dianna Andrews ENTERTAINERS.................................Herb Arbuckle Celia Wagner................................Sara Swanson Peggy Haas......................Debbie Roberts LuLu Haas.........................Marty Stitt St. Director: Karen Krug Sharon Graham 52Juniors Dianna Andrews Herbert Arbuckle Amy Armstrong Ellen Armstrong Ronald Armstrong Pamela Baker Albert Barker Partricia Berg Donald Boswell Larry Byrd Michael Cleary Daniel Davison Raymond Dossetter Paul Eckhart Mark Enright Jay Etcheson Rosa Funk Bill Galloway Rick Geiger Sharon Graham Mary Haas Peggy Haas Thomas Haas Phil Hansen Ron Harper Gregory Harris Randy Heibenthal Randy Hill Gary Hinthorne Dennis Hocker Doris Hostetler Matthew Hynes Sue Johnson Marjean Knepp Karen Krug 53Debra Lay James Loyd Teresa Martin Wendie McAvoy Kathy McDaniel Karen Miller Sharon Miller Richard Moberly Richard Morgan Fred M os bach Gregory Moser Jeffrey Mull vain Charles Myers Andrea Nagle Brian North Barbara Punke Rick Rarick Charles Rice Theresa Ridgeway Cynthia Riggs Beth Robbins Debbie Roberts Margaret Rose Michael Rust Debra Rutledge Denise Rutledge Tamie Schaaf Vernette Schieber Robert Schlattman Rae Schumacher Larry Shepherd Patricia Shoultz Richard Snyder Robert Snyder Nina Steidinger 54Marty Stitt Dennis Stone Sara Swanson Penny Talbert Gail Turner Richard Waters Geraldine White Kevin Wolfe Steven Young m Charles VanScyoc Mary Volz Larry Wadsworth Celia Wagner William Walden 55a time to. . . rememberA rsenic A nd Old Lace DIRECTOR: Mrs. Winburn November 23 and 24 STUDENT DIRECTOR: Paulette Wilkey SENIOR PLAY CAST Abby Brewster Martha Brewster Teddy Brewster Mortimer Brewster Jonathan Brewster Elaine Harper Mrs. Harper Dr. Einstein Mr. Gibbs Mr. Witherspoon Ms. O'Hara Sue Ales Diane Schuler Kevin Kaufman Fred Drake Gary Wilson Annie Holt Deanna Walden John Whisker Jeff Wickenhauser Ron HarperAnnual Staff PHOTOGRAPHER MUSIC Regina Weber Fred Drake Jane Dukes Shirley Moser Janis Cowley Kevin Kaufman SENIOR PICTURES JR. SR. PLAYS Sandy Reinkensmeyer Gary Redinius Paulette Wilkey Beverly Duncan HOMECOMING ADMINISTRATION Diana Miller Diana Punke Nancy Zimmerman Diane Schuler CHEERLEADING SNAPSHOTS Annie Holt Regina Weber Janis Cowley UNDERCLASSMEN BUSINESS MANAGERS Sue Ales Linda Benedict Judl Lock Shirley Moser Editors NORMA AND PATTI ORGANIZATIONS Bruce Smith Carol Aylward Guisseppe Conzadori Myron Graber Deanna Walden CLASS WILL Cathy Eckhart Donna Kaufman Pam Heibanthal END OF YEAR Karol Krug Delora Burroughs Rhonda Poorbaugh Colleen Baize ASSISTANCE Bruce Smith Tom Stauter Ray Patterson Fred Drake 59 SPECIAL ASSISTANCE Nancy ZimmermanClass Will I, Sue Ales, leave for men and medicine; in that order. I, Carol A. leave my good fortune to travel so much to Chris, and hope that she'll be as lucky! I, L. Armstrong, leave a spot on the border line and my privilege to laugh in P.E. to Larry Shepherd. I, C. Baize, leave the American Government class my mark in history. I, A. Andrews, leave for the golden sunset in my Pinto. I, G. Bauer, leave Charlie a gold-plated scoop shovel, autographed by Gene Tracy. I, L. Benedict, leave Katie to take care of my size 12 flip flops. I, R. Breach, leave my Soft and Dry to Ellen Armstrong. She likes it for what it doesn't do. I, D. Burroughs, leave my respect for the teachers to D.L. I, P. Canull, leave for a bigger town. I, G. Conzadori, leave to see a world of peace and love. I, J. Cowley, leave my limousine Rambler to Marcia. I, A. Crawford, leave Pam Baker a year's supply of Purina Puppy Chow in Locker 16. I, B. Crawford, leave my famous spot at the lake to Kathy M. and Sara S. I, D. Delaney, leave Mr. Wantland wondering about a mounting bracket. I, R. Dirks, leave my P.E. kick-out record to Rainbow. I, F. Drake, leave my "who cares?" attitude in P.E. to Steve Baer. I, D. Dressier, leave my moldy T-shirt to Kim Hinthorne. I, M. Duffy leave my habit of being tardy to Dee Meyers. I, J. Dukes, leave Cindy M. with her "flawless" hair hoping she can solve her problems by herself once I'm gone. I, B. Duncan, don't have nothing to leave but my gram-mer, and I don't make no mistakes in that—right, Mrs. Hankey? I, C. Eckhart, leave Kathy and Sara the ability to get along with the G.I. shoes. I, C. Engel, leave my ability to play the flute to the Carey twins. I, T. Enright, leave my ability to get in trouble in P.E. to anyone who can continue it. I, R. Evans, leave Larry Byrd a notebook full of paper to scribble on. I, M. Graber, leave all my spare time to Coach Marquardt. I, T. Haas, leave my football helmet to Matt Cleary knowing it will fit perfectly. I, T. Hair, leave with Rosa. I, R. Harris, leave one-on-one with Mr. Marquardt to Coach Stollberg, knowing he'll never win. I, P. Heibenthal, leave without force. I, D. Hodel, leave my speaking habits to Rainbow. I, A. Holt, leave my "points" to any Brownie in the Jr. Class who thinks they need them. I, P. Jeffreys, leave Todd my ability to roam the halls sixth period. I, J. Johnson, leave my wrestling abilities in P.E. and Building Trades to Bud, Randy Hill, and Charlie. I, E. Jording, leave my shorthand to Ms. Besse. I, D. Kaufman, leave my ability to swim laps to Debbie Engel. I, M. Kaufman, leave the art of sleeze to Tom, Pee, and Dumbo. I, M. Kays, leave my dad to hold the fort. I, J. Kearfott, leave my absentee record to Patty Berg, hoping she can keep up the good work. I, S. Kilpatrick, leave my tank suit to Brenda Alexander. I, M. Kuebler, leave my ability to get thrown in the pool to Kim Hinthorne. I, A. Martin, leave, having been told this year by a certain Physics teacher that nothing makes seniors better than anyone else. I, G. Miller, leave my used pieces of bubble gum to Mr. Knepp for his own enjoyment. I, Keith Mool, leave my pest-shooting ability to Dennis Krug. I, J. Koos, leave my neck brace to Randy Hill. I, Ken Mool, leave my bombardment ability to Coach Stollberg. I, R. Patterson, leave the Shell Station to Matt Cleary to make his first million, just as I did. I, R. Poorbaugh, leave, hoping Karla and Terri make it through high school. I, C. Porzelius, leave El Paso High on my back wheels, spinning 'em. I, J. Price, leave, knowing that I will never again have to worry about passing P.E. I, D. Punke, leave "Up-hoff and away." I, G. Redenious, leave Herb Arbuckle some tri-power for his car, so it moves. I, S. Reinkensmeyer, leave my smile and "Points" to D.L. I, K. Savers, leave, knowing that Amy Dukes and Michelle Burke can take a joke. I, D. Schuler, leave my messed up life to April Schertz, hoping she can do better. I, B. Smith, leave my ability to get kissed on the cheek every day in band by Amy Dukes, to Jeff Mulvain. I, R. Steffen, leave my fire extinguisher to anyone who can put it to use. I, T. Tipler, leave Don Boswell my shark-resistant Hawaiian swim trunks handed down by the MAN from Wild Kingdom. I, M. Uphoff, leave my tom P.E. shorts to Brian Bauer. I, R. Weber, leave my space in the parking lot to Debby F. I, J. Wickenhauser, leave my space in the parking lot to Joseph F. Fever. I, J. Whiskers, leave my seat in Mr. Kay's office to anyone who will sit and take it with decorum. I, P. Wilkey, leave for Alabama and better things in the future. I, Nancy Zimmerman, leave two little white jackets to Kurt S. and Jeff M. in the Art II class, knowing they will enjoy their stay at the zoo. I, Norma Zimmerman, leave with NO MORE HOMEWORK. We, the seniors of 2nd hour P.E., leave the Freshmen in our class, saying "No thank you", and "Whip it," hoping that you guys picked up a few of our pranks, and to you, Franke, and Berg, maybe we taught you to S-L-I-D-E into home. We, Norma and Patti, Editors, leave 'mid candy wrappers, dummy sheets, bleed pages, knowing that mission is accomplished. 61SUSAN RUTH ALES "Fair in words and deeds." Natl. Hon. Soc. 3,4; Sec. 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Sec. 4; Madrigal 3,4; For. Lang. Cl. 2; Jr„ Sr. Play; Annual St.; Health Career Cl. 4. Ambition: Registered Nurse CAROL JEAN AYLWARD "There's a world of people to see, and I want to see it all!" A.A. to New Zealand; A.F.S. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1,2,3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2,3; Art Cl. 1,2,3; Chorus 2,3; Ambition: Interpreter at United Nations ALAN ANDREWS "Some day I'll cast off my boyish pranks and become a man." Baseball 1,2; For Lang. Cl. 1. Ambition: Drafting Engineer LES ARMSTRONG "I have fought a good fight." E Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 3; Baseball 3. Ambition: Undecided COLLEEN BAIZE "You're never fully dressed until you're wearing a smile." Transfer; A.F.S. 3,4; Chorus 3,4; Health Career Cl. 3; Madrigal 3,4; Pep Cl. 3; Paper 3; Annual St. Ambition- College GREGG BAUER "Discretion is the better part of valor." E Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Golf 3,4. Ambition: College LINDA BENEDICT "What now if the sky were to fall?" A.F.S. 1,2,3; Lib. Cl. 3,4; G.A.A. 2,3,4, Treas. 4; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2,4; Jr. Play; Annual St.; Pep Cl. 1,4. Ambition: Secretary ROBIN LANETTE BREACH "But I have promises to keep." St. Coun. 2; Track 1,2; For. Lang. Cl. 2; Class Sec. 1; President's Physical Fitness Award; Annual St. Ambition: Data ProcessingDELORA L. BURROUGHS "I benefit myself in aiding him." A.F.S. 2,3; Art Cl. 1; G.A.A. 3,4; Annual St. Ambition: Business Career PHYLLIS M. CANULL "Anything for a quiet life." F.H.A. 3; Lib. CL 1,2,3,4; Health Career Cl. 3,4; Annual St. Ambition: Working Housewife GIUSEPPE CONZADORI "A friend of every country." A.F.S. 4; Key CL 4; Track 4; For. Lang. CL 4; Sr. Play. Ambition: Foreign Rep. for Business JANIS COWLEY "Words sweet as honey from her lips." Transfer; A.F.S. 4; Lib. CL 4; For. Lang. CL 4; V. Pres. 4; Annual St.; Pep CL 4. Ambition: College ANN CRAWFORD "You'll never know my secrets by the look of my eyes." A.F.S. 1,2,4; Rep. 1; Art. CL 3; G.A.A. 3; For. Lang. CL 1,2; Jr., Sr. Play; Girl's St.; Annual St.; News St. 3,4, Editor 4. Ambition: To be successful BRENDA C. CRAWFORD " Let me tell the world." Lib. CL 4; Art CL 1; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 4; For. Lang. Cl. 2; Sr. Play; Annual St.; Health Career Cl. 4. Ambition: To see a world full of love. DENNIS J. DELANEY "The world must have great men." Natl. Hon. Soc. 3,4, V. Pres. 4; Basketball 1; For. Lang. CL 1,2; Jr. Play; Class V. Pres. 3; Annual St.; III. St. Scholar. Ambition: Engineering RAY L. DIRKS "I hope I shall have the leisure to make good." Jr. Play. Ambition: Mechanic 65FRED DRAKE "I would rather be right, than be president." A.F.S. Sr. Rep. 4; Mar. Band 2,3; Con. Band 2,3; St. Band 2,3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Sr., Jr. Play; Annual St.; III. St. Scholar. Ambition: Career in Banking DAVE DRESSLER "No man loves life like him." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To join the world of work MATTHEW DUFFY "I'II do it my way." Art Cl. 1,2; Track 2; Jr. Play. Ambition: Technician JANE DUKES "It may be for years, and it may be forever." A.F.S. 2,3; Art Cl. 3; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Mar. Band 1,2,3; St. Band 2,3; Con. Band 1,2,3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2, Sec. 2; Sr. Play; Class Sec. 2; Pep Cl. 1; Annual St. Ambition: Undecided BEVERLY JEAN DUNCAN "The only gift is a portion of thyself." Annual St. Ambition: Secretary CATHY L. ECKHART "A friend to the human race." F.H.A, 2,3,4; Lib. Cl. 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,4; Sr. Play; Health Career Cl. 3,4; Annual St. Ambition: Secretary CYNTHIA L. ENGEL "We are such stuff as dreams are made on." F.H.A. 2,3,4; Lib. Cl. 1,2,3,4; Mar. Band 1,2,3,4; Con. Band 1,2,3,4; Sr. Play; Annual St. Pep Cl. 4. Ambition: Clerk Typist TIMOTHY W. ENRIGHT "What hath night to do with sleep." E. Club 4; Football 1,2,4; Wrestling 1,2; Annual St.; Class V. Pres. 2. Ambition: Auto mechanic 66RICHARD W. EVANS "He hears a different drummer." Ambition: Mechanic MYRON GRABER "I grow old learning something new everyday." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Treas. 3, Reporter 4; Jr. Play; Annual St. Ambition: ICC and farming TONY HAAS "A likeable fellow with a breezy air." St. Coun. 4; E Club 1,2,3,4; Key Cl. 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Golf 2; Home. Atten. 1,4; Annual St.; Class Pres. 2; Pep Cl. Sec. Treas. 4. Ambition: College ii TONY HAIR "In silence there is also worth." E. Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2; Track 1,2,4. Ambition: Construction RONALD E. HARRIS "A faultless body and a blameless mind." St. Coun. 1; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; E Club 3,4; Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Annual St. 4; Pep Cl. 4. Ambition: Farming PAMELA LYNN HEIBENTHA L "The heart has its reasons." Track 1; For. Lang. Cl. 1; Annual St. Ambition: Data Processing DARYL HODEL "How poor are they that have not patience." Natl. Hon. Soc. 3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; E Club 2,3,4; SAR; STAR Greenhand Award; Football 1,2,3,4; Annual St.; Pep Cl. 4. Ambition: College and Agriculture ANNETTE MARIE HOLT "I like to talk fast because I can say more." St. Coun. 4; Natl. Hon. Soc. 3,4; A.F.S. 1,2,3,4, Sec. 1; Art Cl. 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Mar. Band 1,2,3,4; Con. Band 1,2,3,4; St. Band 1,2,3,4; For. Lang. 4; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Jr., Sr. Play; Home. Atten. 1,4; Class Treas. 1, Pres. 4; Health Career Cl. 3; Pep Cl. 1,4; Annual St. Ambition: English Teacher PATTI DIANNE JEFFREYS "I disapprove of what you $ay but I will defend to the death your right to say it." F.F.A. 3; Art Cl. 1,3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Jr. Play, St. Dir.; Health Career Cl. 3; Annual St., Co-Editor. Ambition: Graphics Character JAMES C. JOHNSON "He who can call today his own." Football 1; Wrestling 2; Annual St. Ambition: Undecided EVELYN JORDING "I was raised on country sunshine." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Lib. Cl. 2,3,4; Annual St. Ambition: Filing Clerk DONNA KAUFMAN "One who loves her fellowman." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Lib. Cl. 1,2,3,4; Sr. Play; Annual St.; Health Career Cl. 3,4; Pep Cl. 1,4. Ambition: Clerk Typist KEVIN KAUFMAN "One man in his time plays many parts." Mar. Band 1,2,3,4; Con. Band 1,2,3,4; St. Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Jr., Sr. Play. Ambition: College MARK KAYS " Be always sure you're right—then go ahead." E Club 4; Key Cl. 1,2,3,4; Mar. Band 1,2,3,4; Con. Band 1,2,3,4; St. Band 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Golf 1,2,3,4; For. Lang. Cl. 1; Jr Sr. Play; Annual St. Ambition: College JANET R. KEARFOTT "A life on the ocean wave." F.H.A. 1; Art Cl. 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Track 2; Pom-Pom 2; Annual St. Ambition: Business Career SUSAN D. KILPATRICK "Fling us a handful of stars." F.H.A. 1; Lib. Cl. 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Sr., Jr. Play; Health Career Cl. 3,4; Chess Cl. 4. Ambition: Nurse 68DAVID KITCHELL " Brevity is the soul of wit." Mar. Band 1,2,3; Con. Band 1,2,3,4; St. Band 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Wrestling 1. Ambition: College JOHN KOOS " Much might be said on both sides." E Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2. Ambition: College KAROL KRUG " Let us then be up and doing." F.H.A. 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Track 1; Pom-Pom 1, 2,3; Home. Atten. 3; Class Sec. 4; Annual St. Ambition: Business Career MARK D. KUEBLER "You have no certainty until you try." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Cl. 4; Annual St. Ambition: Farming JUDITH ANN LOCK "She moves a goddess and she looks like a queen. Chorus 1,2,3,4; Pom-Pom 1,2,3,4; Jr., Sr. Play; Annual St. Ambition: ISU-Business Ed. ALAN R. MARTIN "Toil is the sire of fame." Wrestling 1; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Jr. Play; III. St. Scholar; Annual St. Ambition: Catepillar (Engineer) DIANA LYNN MILLER "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." St. Coun. 4; A.F.S. 1,2,3; Lib. Cl. 1; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4; Pres. 4; Track 1; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Cheerleading 1,2; Class Treas. 2, V. Pres. 4; Pep Cl. 1; Annual St.; Art Cl. 2. Ambition: Secretary GARRY MILLER "Answer me in one word." Ambition: Truck driver 69 nKEITH A. MOOL "It takes two to speak the truth-one to speak, and another to listen." St. Coun. 1,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, V. Pres. 4; E Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Cap. 4; Home. Atten. 3; Annual St.; Pep Cl. 4. Ambition: Farming KENNETH L. MOOL "Am I my brother's keeper?" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, V. Pres. 2; E Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Cap. 4; Home. Atten. 2; Class Pres. 1; Annual St.; Pep Cl. 4. Ambition: Farming SHIRLEY E. MOSER "Get sick boys, I'm going to be a nurse." A.F.S. 2; F.H.A. 4; Mar. Band 1,2,3,4; Con. Band 1,2,3,4; St. Band 3,4; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Health Career Cl. V. Pres. 3,4; Annual St. Ambition: Registered Nurse RAYMOND PATTERSON "The best is yet to be." F.F.A. 3,4; Jr. Play; Annual St. Ambition: Mechanic GARY PINKHAM "For everything you have missed, you have gained something else." Ambition: Undecided RHONDA SUE POORBAUGH "Saddle your dreams before you ride them." A.F.S. 4; F.H.A. 2,3; Lib. Cl. 3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Pep Cl. 4; Chess Cl. 4; Annual St. Ambition: To find what I really want in life. CHRIS PORZELIUS "The old order changeth." Football 1. Ambition: Undecided JOHN WILLIAM PRICE "Now or never was the time." Football 1,2. Ambition: Carpenter 70 DIANA LYNN PUNKE "For too much rest itself becomes a pain." St. Coun. 3,4, Sec. 4; A.F.S. 1,2,3; Art Cl. 1,2; G.A.A. 2; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Jr. Play; Homecoming Queen 4; Class Treas. 4; Annual St. Ambition: Secretary RANDY RAYMER "Curfew must not ring tonight." E Club 4; Key Cl. 3; Football 2; Wrestling 3; Base-ball 1; Golf 1. Ambition: College GARY REDENIUS " Let me lift and loosen old foundations." Football 1,2; Basketball 3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Annual St. Ambition: Catepillar SANDRA K. REINKENSMEYER "No woman dares express all she thinks." St. Coun. 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Natl. Hon. Soc. 3,4; A.F.S. 1,2,3; Lib. Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4; Track 1; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Cheerleading 1,2; Jr. Play; Class Treas. 3; Faye Crusius Award' IL. St. Scholar; Annual St.; Health Career Cl. 3; Pep Cl. 1. Ambition: College KATHY SAVERS "Should I have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?" F.H.A. 3,4; Sr. Play; Annual St. Ambition: To get taller. DIANE SUE SCHULER "All the world's a stage." A.F.S. 2,3,4, Sec., Treas. 4; F.F.A. 4; Lib. Cl. 2,3, V. Pres. 3; Art Cl. 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3; Madrigal 3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Jr., Sr. Play; Home. Atten. 2; Annual St.; Paper 2,3,4, Editor 4. Ambition: College-To help others help themselves. BRUCE SMITH " Many loves of many a mood and kind fill the life of man, and mold the mind." St. Coun. 2,3,4, Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4; A.F.S. 1,2, 3.4, Pres. 4; Lib. Cl. 1,2,3, Pres. 3; Art Cl. 1,2,3; Key Cl. 1,2; Mar. Band 1,2,3,4; Con. Band 1,2, 3,4; St. Band 1,2,3,4; Madrigal 1,2,3; Football 1,2; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2,4; Jr. Play; Class Pres. 3. Ambition: Hotel-Motel- Resort Management TOM E. STAUTER "The women, they give me no peace." St. Coun. 1,2,3; E Club 2,3,4; Key Cl. 4; Football, Cap. 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2; Golf 2,3,4; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Jr., Sr. Play; Annual St. Ambition: CollegeRICHARD WAYNE STEFFEN "Worry, the interest paid by those who borrow trouble." A.F.S. 2; F.F.A. 3,4; Art Cl. 3; Wrestling 1; For. Lang. Cl. 1. Ambition: ICC and farming DONALD L. STEPHENS "Tomorrow will be a new day." Wrestling 2. Ambition: Carpenter SHERYL ANN SWANSON "For she wishes not to seem, but to be, the best." A.F.S. 4; Lib. Cl. 1,2,3,4, Sec. 4; Art Cl. 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Spts. Char. 3, V. Pres. 4; Mar. Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3,4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Madrigal 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; For. Lang. Cl. 2,4; Jr., Sr. Play; Pep Cl. 1,4; Annual St.; P.E. Award. Ambition: Veterinarian TERRENCE R. TIPLER "You can ask me for anything you like except time." E Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 2,3,4; Annual St. Ambition: Forester MICHAEL LEE UPHOFF "I came, I saw, I conquered." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Sentinal 3, Treas. 4; St. Coun. 3,4; Home. King 4; Class V. Pres. 1; Football 1,2,4; Basketball 1. Ambition: Farming DEANNA WALDEN " Bright as thine own sunny sky." A.F.S. 2; Lib. Cl. 3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Jr., Sr. Play; Flag Corp. 2,3. Ambition: To get married and be happy. JEFF WICKENHAUSER "It's always good weather when good fellows get together." A.F.S. 1,2,3; Lib. Cl. 1,2,3; Art Cl. 1,2,3; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2,3; Sr. Play; Annual St. Ambition: To travel REGINA WEBER "It is not good to want and to have." A.F.S. 2,3,4; Lib. Cl. 3,4, V. Pres. 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2,4; Jr., Sr. Play; Pep Cl. 1,4, Sr. Rep. 4; Annual St. Ambition: BusinessJOHN WHISKERS "I am going to seek the great perhaps." Chorus 1,2,3; For. Lang. Cl. 1; Lib. Cl. 1,2,3,4; Health Career Cl. 3; A.F.S. 2; Art Cl. 3; Annual St.; F.H.A. 3; Madrigal 1; Sr. Play. Ambition: To be myself and to do what I want to do. PAULETTE WILKEY "All for one, one for all." Lib. Cl. 2,3,4; G.A.A. 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Track 1,3,4; Sr. Play, St. Dir., Jr. Play; Annual St.; Health Career Cl. 3,4; Ambition: Travel GARY WILSON "He would not budge an inch." F.F.A. 3,4; E Club; Football 4; Wrestling 4; Sr. Play; Annual St.; Pep Cl. 4; Chess Cl. 4, Pres. 4; Ambition: Truck Driver NANCY LEE ZIMMERMAN "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars." Natl. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4, Pres. 4; A.F.S. 2,3; Art Cl. 1,3; For. Lang. Cl. 1, Sec. 1; Jr. Play; Art Award 3; D.A.R. 4; Annual St.; Pom-Pom 1; Health Career Cl. 4; Ambition: ICC-Occupational Therapy Annie Holt President Dianna Miller Vice President Mr. James Advisor NORMA LYNN ZIMMERMAN "Wise to resolve and patient to perform." Natl. Hon. Soc. 3,4; Chorus 1; For. Lang. Cl. 1,2; Pom-Pom 1; Annual St.; Co-Editor; Health Career Pres. 3,4; Jr. Play, Sr. Play; Ambition: Receptionist MAURICIO BIRCHINALL "Oh, what men dare do!" Trans, from Columbia, South America. Karol Krug Secretary Diane Punke T reasurer Mr. Grose AdvisorSAR-DAR Daryl Hodel — Nancy Zimmerman Top Eleven Dennis Delaney 3.88 Diana Miller 3.74 Janis Cowley 3.73 Sandy Reinkensmeyer 3.60 Diana Punke 3.55 Nancy Zimmerman 3.51 Annie Holt 3.48 Shirley Moser 3.41 Alan Martin 3.41 Robin Breach 3.30 Tom Stauter 3.24 74A j-mie to plant, f a l me to e Packed up. A tini?1o kill, gfk and a time to heal A time to break down, J and a time to mitld up. A time to weep, m m and a time tola ugh. A A time to mourn. aritflfifme to dance. A lime to cast away stonf[. I Jj and a time to gather stones together. A lime tSemhrace, and a lime to refrain from A time to get, and a lime to los i A time to keep, and a time Io ca m A lime to nuM. and a lime to sew, A time to keep silence, and a lime to speak. A time to love, and a time to hate. A time of war,' and a time of peace. . . . EcclesiastesAutograph 77A utograph 78A utograph 79A utograph 80

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El Paso High School - Cometeer Yearbook (El Paso, IL) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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