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1965 COMETEER EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL EL PASO, ILLINOIS PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASSROW 1: s. Krug, C. Krug, S. Gingerich, P. Jakob, S. Fitz Henry, T. McFall, J. Patton, K. Kaufman, L. Patterson. ROW 2: Mrs. Hankey, L. Reeves, S. Reeves, G. Grube, G. Hocker, M. Brown, D. Schlipf, D. Brush, E. Porth, S. Stimpert, J. Wagner, D. Scheer, S. Jeffreys. ROW 3: M. Rosenbury, J. Kearfott, L. Harrawood, J. Edwards, L. Terven, L. Haas, S. Scott, C. Harms, L. Aylward, J. Waters, M. Greene. Cometeer Staff 2George Aldrich "Life is a serious problem--Girls too." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3. Ambition--Auto mechanic John Armstrong "He likes to win in football and love." Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Track 1,2; "E" Club 2,3,4; Student Council 2. Ambition--Trade School Robert Attig "The squirt from A1 Hirt." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3; Vice Pres. 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Senior Play; Intramurals 1,3. Ambition--High School Teacher Don Betts "I know what's what, I'll tell the world." Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Intramurals 1,3; Spanish Club 2; Chorus 1,3; Ensemble 3; Music Contest 3; Talent Show 1. Ambition- -College Robert Boertlein "He looks shy, but is he?" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Reporter 4. Ambition- -Accountant Jerry Bohlander "Serious occupation is labor that has reference to some want." Football 4; Basketball 2; Wrestling 2; Baseball 3; Intramurals 3,4; "E" Club 3,4; Vice President 4. Ambition—College 4Terry Brady "Sometimes I just sit and think; other times I just sit." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Ambition--To make Money Donald Breach "If silence were golden, he'd be a millionaire." Ambition--Undecided Linda Breach "Fair and Softly goes far." Ambition--Eeautician Mike Brown "From pros and cons they fell to a warmer way of disputing." Wrestling 2,3,4; Football 3,4; Track 2; Intra-murals 1,3; "E" Club 2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; President 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 3; Senior Play; Class President 3. Ambition--Commercial Artist Dick Brush "His laugh is contagious, his remarks outrageous." Football 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Junior Play; Senior Play. Ambition--Law Enforcement Dave Burroughs "I agree with no man's opinions; I have some of my own." Intramurals 1; Key Club 2,3,4; Director 4; National Honor Society 3,4; President 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; A.F.S. 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Treasurer 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Senior Play; Boys' State; Commander of the Color Guard. Ambition--Corporation Pilot 5Pete Casey "The terrible burden of having nothing to do." Track 1,3,4; Wrestling 2; "E" Club 3,4. Ambition--Heavy Machine Operator Ron Evans "Don't let my innocent looks fool you." Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,4; "E" Club 2,3,4; District Wrestling Champion 3. Ambition--Work and Success Jim Feeney "School is made of bluff study. Of the two evils I have chosen the least." Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; "E" Club 2,3,4. Ambition- -College Sandy FitzHenry Get sick boys! I'm gonna be a nurse. Transfer from Paxton. G.A.A. 1,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Librarian 4; Chorus 1,2,3, Junior Play, Senior Play; Newspaper Staff 3. Ambition--Registered Nurse. Alvia Copeland "Little said is soon amended." F.F.A. 1,2,3. Ambition- -Farming Sharon Gingerich "Doing what comes naturally" F.H.A. 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition--Medical TechnologistGarry Grube "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." Key Club 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Lt. Governor of Division 10, 4; Spanish Club 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Ensemble 4; Yearbook 4; Junior Play, Boys' State. Ambition--Advertising Artist Leo Haas "It's a great plague to be handsome." F.F.A. 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1; "E" Club 3,4; Key Club 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Junior Play; Class President 4. Ambition--College Connie Harms "One whom we all look up to." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 4; Intramurals 1; Library Club 3; Spanish Club 2. Ambition- -Beautician Lowell Harp "People who know little are usually great talkers, while men who know much say little." National Honor Society 3,4; Vice President 4; A.F.S. 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Senior Play; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-Finalist. Ambition- - Journalist Bill Harrawood "He looks quiet but you'd be surprised." Wrestling 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2; "E" Club 2,3,4. Ambition--Retail Management Gary Hocker "I couldn't be good if I would, and I wouldn't be good if I could." Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Key Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition--CollegePeggy Hunsinger "My heart is not my own, but it's in good hands." Ambition--Nurses' Aid Pat Jakob "Dark hair, twinkling eyes, there in them mischief lies." G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Second Vice President 2; Class Representative 4; Cheerleader 1; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Librarian 4; Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Music Contest 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Class Secretary 2; Freshman Homecoming Attendant; Snowball Attendant. Ambition--Secretary Steve Jeffreys "It's not what you do, it's what you get away with." Transfer from Columbus, Neb. Track 2,3; Football 2,3; Intramurals 3,4; "E" Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Co-editor 4; Class Vice President 3; Newspaper Staff Art Editor 3. Ambition- -Architect Dennis Jording "Life is a struggle, but not a warfare." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Ambition--Farming Bob Kaufman "I'd rather fight than switch." F. F.A. 1,2,3,4. Ambition--Farming Karen Kaufman "I'm on time! Something must be wrong." G. A.A. 1,2,3,4; Vice President 4; Intramurals 1; A.F.S. 2,3,4; Reporter 3; Vice President 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Reporter 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3; Ensemble 2,3; Yearbook Staff 4; Junior Play; Class Reporter 3; Newspaper Staff 3; Girls' State. Ambition--Registered NurseJack Merle Kearfott "Why try? I'll get by." Track 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3; Ensemble 1,2,3; Music Contest 1,2,3; Class Vice President 1; Talent Show 2. Ambition--Automotive Mechanic Larry Knapp "All great men are either dead or dying. I don't feel so well myself." Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; "E" Club 3,4; Vice President 3; Key Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3; Class President 1; Vice President 4; Homecoming King 4. Ambition--College Bob Knepp "Nobody knows it, but once I was bashful." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; President 3; Secretary 2; Basketball 1; Track 2,3,4; Football 4; Intramurals 1,3; Key Club 2,3,4; Board of Directors 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 4; Treasurer 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Music Contest 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; Talent Show 2. Ambition—Agriculture Economist Larry Kraft "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; "E" Club 3. Ambition- -Farmer Carol Krug "Her heart is like the moon, it's got a man in it." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Recreation Chairman 4; Library Club 3; President 3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Co-editor 4; Junior Play; Class Treasurer 3; Homecoming Attendant 3. Ambition--Secretarial Work Tim Lampe "Class periods should be ten minutes long--five to come, five to do." Key Club 1,2. Ambition--Auto Mechanic 9Treva McFall "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?" G.A.A. 1; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1; Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition- -Secretary Rose Noe "Study is a dreary thing." Transfer from Our Lady of the Highlands, Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Chorus 1,2; Ensemble 1,2; Talent Show 2. Ambition--Housewife Jean Patton "What! No boys in heaven! ?!" G.A.A. 1; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1; Cheerleader 2; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Secretary 4; Band 1,2; Chorus 2,3,4; Ensemble 2,3,4; Music Contest 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Junior Play; Class Secretary 3; Homecoming Attendant 2. Ambition--Cosmotologist Elaine Porth "Early to school, early to class, won't make me happy, might make me pass." G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; President 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Second Vice President 4; Intramurals 1; Library Club 2,3; Secretary-Treasurer 3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Chairman of Sophomore Coat Check; Chairman of Junior Stand. Ambition- -Beautician Sharon Reeves "I'll tickle your catastrophe." G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1; Spanish Club 2,3,4; President 4; A.F.S. 3,4; Student Council 3; Reporter 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Class Treasurer 2; Newspaper Staff 3; Talent Show 2; Senior Play; Snowball Queen. Ambition--Medical Technologist Mark Rosenbury "To be occasionally quoted is the only fame I care for." Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; "E" Club 3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 3; A.F.S. 2,3,4; President 4; French Club 1,2,3; Treasurer 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 2,3; Senior Play. Ambition--CollegeMike Rinkenberger "Can I help it if I'm the manly type?" Transfer from Gridley; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Football 3; Intramurals 3. Ambition- -Farmer Carlos Salas "And gladly would he learn." A.F.S. Exchange Student from Costa Rica; A.F.S. 4; Spanish Club 4. Ambition—Engineer or English Teacher Dora Scheer Without music life would be a mistake. G.A.A. 1,2; Intramurals 1; Library Club 2; National Honor Society 2,3,4; A.F.S. 3,4; Reporter 4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Ensemble 1,2,3; Music Contest 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 2,3; Assistant Editor-in-Chief 3; Talent Show 1,2; Book Fair Chairman 2,3; Senior Play; Education Division of the National High School Institute at Northwestern Univ. 3; Betty Crocker Award 4; Illinois State Scholarship Semi-Finalist. Ambition--Music Teacher Dale Schlipf "Late hours aren't good for one--but alright for two." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; President 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,3; Yearbook Staff 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; F.F.A. Public Speaking Winner--1st in section, 2nd in district, 4th in state; F.F.A. Outstanding Fresh-Soph Award 1; F.F.A. State Winner in Pioneer Com Yield Contest 4; F.F.A. Section Beef and Livestock Production Award. Ambition--Farmer Drew Shopp "The less I learn, the less I have to remember." Spanish Club 2; Chorus 1,3,4; Ensemble 4; Music Contest 3,4. Ambition--? Steve Scott "He can't dance, but boy can he intermission." Basketball 2,3,4; "E" Club 3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Pres. 4; French Club 2; Yearbook 4; Newspaper Staff 3. Ambition--Bio-chemist IIBill Seggerman "What never? Hardly ever." Basketball 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intra-murals 3,4; "E" Club 3,4; Senior Play 4. Ambition--Trade School Ron Servis "Give me the simple life." Ambition--Mechanic Ronnie Shoemaker "If school is liberty, give me death." Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 2; Intramurals 1,3; "E" Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1. Ambition--Auto Mechanic and Body and Fender repair Sue Stimpert "Always studying—men or styles." G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Library Club 2,3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Yearbook 4; Junior Play; Class Treasurer 4; Newspaper Staff 3; Snowball Att. 4. Ambition—Secretary Ralph Sunkel "Skip class? Me?!" Wrestling 2; Football 1,3,4; "E" Club 3,4; Intramurals 1,3,4. Ambition--Plumber Lynda Terven "She wears her fame lightly." Transfer from Saybrook--Arrowsmith. G.A.A. 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Second Vice President 2; President 4; A.F.S. 4; French Club 2; Student Council 2; Yearbook staff 4; Junior Play; Class Secretary 1; Newspaper staff 3; Speech Contest 1,2; Senior play; F.H.A. First Vice President of Section 17, 4; Co-Chairman of Prom 3; Delegate to National F.H.A. Convention 3; Homecoming Att. 4. Ambition—Happiness John Waters "A more good natured soul ne'er trod on shoe of leather." Wrestling 2; Intramurals 1,4; Spanish Club 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Yearbook staff 4; Junior Play; Newspaper staff 2,3; Senior Play. Amibition--Math Teacher or Accountant Howard Wright "Who blushes?" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Reporter. Ambition--Farming 12Joan Edwards Valedictorian "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Reporter 3; Intramurals 1; Nat'l Honor Society 2,3,4; Sec. 4; A.F.S. 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Sec. 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Major 4; Music Contest 4; Jr. Play, Student Dir.; Class Treas. 1; Newspaper Staff 3; Senior Play; 111. State Scholarship Semi-Finalist; Ensemble 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Ambition--Math Teacher Leon Aylward Salutatorian "Let's invite the sophomores!" Nat'l Honor Society 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Newspaper Staff, News Editor 2; Senior Play; 111. State Scholarship Semi-Finalist. Ambition--Math Teacher Lois Reeves D.A.R. "I've a great fancy to see my funeral before 1 die." C.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Points Chair. 2; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Capt. 4; Nat'l Honor Society 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Junior Play; Class Sec. 1,4; Senior Play; Homecoming Queen 4. Ambition--Registered Nurse Jeff Wagner S.A.R. "Men come, men go, but I'll flirt on forever." Wrestling 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,3,4; "E" Club 3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; A.F.S. 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; V. Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Senior Play; Class Pres. 2; V. Pres. 1. Ambition--Civil Engineer Top Ten Seniors Joan Edwards...............................3.81 Leon Aylward...............................3.77 Jeff Wagner................................3.70 Dora Scheer................................3.53 Lois Reeves................................3.43 Lynda Terven...............................3.26 Lowell Harp................................3.17 Elaine Porth.............................. 3.10 Mark Rosenbury.............................2.94 Robert Knepp...............................2.90 13Class Will , George Aldrich, leave my best jokes to Mr. Burnell. , John Armstrong, leave my football abilities to Doug Shadewaldt. , Bob Attig, leave my tremendous height to Don Pannier, he needs it more than I. , Leon Aylward, leave my knowledge of Spanish to Bob Snodgrass. , Don Betts, leave ... El Paso! , Jerry Bohlander, leave, a few steps behind the rest of the class. , Robert Boertlein, leave my superb ability of singing the Spanish National Anthem, off key, in German, to anyone who wants a start in show biz. , Terry Brady, leave my height to Don Pannier. , Linda Breach, leave my green tank suit to Karen Evans if she can fit into it. , Mike Brown, leave my ability to win a match when needed, to "canvass-back" Bob Seggerman. , Dick Brush, leave my standby swimming "suit" to Kathy Volk. , Pete Casey, leave my good looks, my gracefulness, and my charming ways to Howard Harms. , Alvia Copeland, leave my mathematical abilities to John Ballard. , Joan Edwards, leave . . . for the desert wasteland of Arizona. , Ronnie Evans, leave my physique to David Schroeder. , Jim Feeney, leave my well-groomed hair to Danny Robertson. , Sandy FitzHenry, leave a bicycle to Larry Harrawood and Harry Hinthorne so they can turn every corner on two wheels. , Sharon Gingerich, leave hockey to anyone who can understand the game. , Carlos Salas, leave dejo un solo pie para jugar fu'tbol a Dennis McMillian. , Carry Grube, leave my very common, ordinary, simple sense of rhythm to the one who needs it the most, Jerry Smith. , Leo Haas, leave my serious attitude to Jerry Hinthorne. , Connie Harms, leave my books to anyone who thinks he can learn something from them. , Lowell Harp, leave my cruddy P.E. shoes to Mr. McCracken. , Bill Harrawood, leave my good looks to Mr. McNealy. , Cary Hocker, leave for S.M.U. with my spurs and cowboy hat. , Peggy Hunsinger, leave my love for P.E. 7th hour to anyone who wants it. , Pat Jakob, leave my marching abilities to Marilyn Berg. , Steve Jeffreys, leave my good looks, personality, finesse with the women and winning smile to anyone man enough to take them. , Dennis Jording, leave my English book to any member of the Junior class lucky enough to receive it next year; I didn't understand it anyway. , Bob Kaufman, leave my ability to pester Mrs. Rinkenberger to anyone capable. , Karen Kaufman, leave my ability to play the alto sax to John Sampen. , Jack Kearfott, leave my P.E. clothes to anyone who can stand the smell. , Larry Knapp, leave so that Tom Harvey can make flame-throwers in the lab. , Larry Kraft, leave my ability to skip P.E. to my brothers, Ricky and Cary. Good Luck! , Tim Lampe, leave my . . . forget it, it's too hard a question. , Treva McFall, leave my troubles with Mr. Cromwell, my 3rd hour slave driver, to anyone that is strong enough to shoulder them. , Rose Noe, leave my outstanding intelligence to Alice Pfister and Mary Ann Scott. , Jean Patton, leave my ability to "mooch" gum from people to Kay Ingerski. , Elaine Porth, leave my ability to get kicked out of the library without even trying, to Martha McGough. , Lois Reeves, leave my pom poms and rosy cheeks to Mr. Ed Bell. , Sharon Reeves, leave my quiet, studious, and organized ways to Kathy Faulk. , Mike Rinkenberger, leave my ability in wrestling to Don Pannier. , Mark Rosenbury, leave my "Hairy Chest" to Mike McWilliams. , Bill Seggerman, leave my ween-end activities to Jimmie Everett. , Dora Scheer, leave my trouble with newspaper and chorus to anyone with journalistic inclinations, who decides to be a music teacher. , Dale Schlipf, leave all my days of absence to Jim Stoller, who needs a vacation from this place. , Drew Schopp, leave my superior intelligence and good looks to David Neisler, my star pupil. , Steve Scott, leave Steve Jeffreys as a cadaver for Mr. Roy to do experiments on. , Ronnie Shoemaker, leave my "Mags" to anyone with a paint brush. , Sue Stimpert, leave my flirty ways to Ellen Armstrong and Patty Janssen; I don't need them any more anyway. , Ralph Sunkel, leave my fear of the water to Howard Harms. , Lynda Terven, leave my ability to look well-fed to Darlene Duley. , Jeff Wagner, leave my love for Barney, the town cop, to any high school student who gets stopped by him. , John Waters, leave my favorite (??) teacher, Mr. Cromwell, consoled in the thought that I'm the only one at E.P.H.S. who knows his middle name is ATWOOD. I, Howard Wright, leave my boastfulness to Jimmy Stoller. We, Carol Krug and Steve Jeffreys, leave all the problems of editing the annual to next year's editors. We, Robert Knepp and Dave Burroughs, leave our good looking girlfriends at E.P.H.A. to anyone who can find them. We, Sandy FitzHenry and Sue Stimpert, leave our bottle of Clairol to Laura Patterson and Meriam Summy. We, Donald Breach and Ronald Servis, enthusiastically leave our school spirit to Sandy Bowman. 14Arends, Debbie Armstrong, Ellen Armstrong, Evelyn Breach, Joey Bradle, Mary Brunson, Cheryl Armstrong, Vicky Ballard, John Barker, Alice Carrithers, David Cline, Alan Cooley, Florence Greenwood, Pat Harp, Gary Harper, Carolyn 16Harrawood, Larry Harvey, Tom Hershe, Barbara Jeffreys, Bryan Kaufman, Leslie Kearney, Ann Kingdon, Barbara Kraft, Gary Krieg, Mike Lindsey, Jennifer Lowder, Linda Martin, Kathy McMillian, Dennis McWilliams, Dicky Mool, Carol 17Moreland, Gail Patterson, Laura Peters, Marilyn Pfister, Alice Pinkham, Marjorie Quiram, Doug Rebbec, Robert Rist, Mickey Robenstein, Diane fffyr J, Scheer, Mike Schmitt, George Schuler, Dallas Scott, Mary Ann Smith, Charles Smith, James Sparks, David Summy, Meriam Talbert, Linda Van Scyoc, Allene Wagner, Hank Williams, Donna Woosley, Ralph Evans, Karen Ewert, Billie Jo Faulk, Gary Finck, Dave Durbin, Anna Edwards, Patsy Etcheson, Jon Evans, Christine Grager, Henry Greene, Jim Grube, Dennis Gustafson, Mildred 9 6 1?) Haas, Kathy Haas, Marilyn Hankey, John 20 Hartman, KarenHartman, William Harroun, Dennis Hering, Larry Hielscher, Gayle Jarman, Delmar Kaufman, Sharon Kays, Karmy Kearfott, Joyce Hinthome, Jerry Hocker, Nancy Hodel, Vickie Hoobler, Wesley 21Punke, Nancy Pollock, Bonita Reeves, Larry Rist, Robert Roberts, Keith Roeske, Ronald Rossman, Tom Sampen, John Shadewaldt, Douglas Snodgrass, Robert Steffen, Danny Stimpert, Danny Stoller, Jim Vandegraft, Shirley Vogel, Marcia Wickenhauser, Tom Wikenhauser, Charles White, Helen Woosley, Majorie Wright, Jerry 22Berg, Marcella Berg, Marilyn Blackmore, Larry Blackmore, Roger Boertlein, John Bowman, Sandra Cleary, Steve Copeland, Wayne Davidson, Steve Duncan, jerry Edwards, Marilyn Egger, Pam Greene, Mike Haas, Steve Haas, Suzanne 24Harms, Howard Heiken, Rick Jeffrey, Gloria Jeffreys, Leanna Jones, Glenda Jones, Roger Jording, Roger Kilpatrick, Karen Kilpatrick, Mike Koch, Kathy Knepp, Curt Krug, John Liddle, Judy Lykkebak, Barbara Mayne, Cindy Miller, Joyce Mool, Karen Nelson, Sandra Pannier, Donald Pearce, Leonna Pinkham, Steve 25Porter, Dick Rinkenberger, Ronald Robenstein, Donald Robertson, Danny Salyards, Jane Sampen, Donald i Scheer, Julie Schreck, Dennis Schroeder, David Schuler, John Simpson, Trent Smith, Jerry Stokes, Margaret Thompson, Donald Vandegraft, Yvonne Sparks, Susan Steffen, Joan Stimpert, Frank Volk, Kathy Wickenhauser, Debbie Wikenhauser, Jane 26 Young, CarolBoard of Education SEATED--LEFT TO RIGHT--Melvin Moreland, Dwain Mool, Kenneth Crusius. STANDING--Dr. Robert Lykkebak, Art Grube, Lawrence Guard, Gene Wilkey. Superintendent Principal WALTER M. CLACGETT James Millikin University, A.B. University of Illinois, M.A. George Washington Universtiy WILLIAM A. McNEALY Illinois State University, B.S. University of Illinois, M.S. 28EL WOOD BURNELL Social Science Aurora College, B.A DAVID CROMWELL Foreign Language 111. State, B.A. MRS. MARGARET DRESSLER English, Librarian 111. State, B.E. 111. State, M.S. MRS. MARGARET HANKEY Business Education Clark College, B.A. DONALD JENKINS Agriculture Univ. of 111., B.S. MICHAEL GROSE English 111. State, B.S. GENE CWICK Football Coach 111. State, B.S. ROBERT JOHNSON Biology, Driver's Ed. Eastern 111., B.S. 111. State, M.S. No Picture Available 29KARMY KAYS Mathematics Western 111., B.S. MRS. NORMA MARTIN Home Economics 111. State, B.S. john McCracken Physical Education Eureka College, B.A. H.E. RECKLING Industrial Arts Eastern 111., B.Ed. Indiana Univ., M.S. MRS. BESS MAYNE Mathematics Northwestern, B.S. Knox College, U of Cal. ELDO ROY Science Oakland City, A.B. Indiana Univ., Millikin Univ., 111. State MRS. JEAN RODGERS Physical Education 111. Wesleyan, B.A. English, Speech 111. State, B.S. MRS. RETA RINKENBERCERMRS. JOSEPHINE MORRIS Secretary to Superintendent MRS. LORETTA TIPLER Secretary to Principal JOHN TALBOT Guidance 111. Wesleyan, B.S. MISS NANCY REYNOLDS Student Teacher English Eureka College 31 ELDON DANIELS Student Teacher Mathematics 111. State MRS. DIANE ICENOCLE Student Teacher English, Phys. Ed. Eureka College ICooks Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Crump, Mrs. Hick, Mrs. Ball, and Mrs. Gottel. Not pictured: Mrs. Roth, and Mrs. Harris. School Nurse Bus Drivers Larry Cline, Glenn Burroughs, and Floyd Locke. Franklin Jones, Roger Benson, Gordon Crawford, and Harold Schlink. Janitors 32 Leo Finck and Bill Armstrong. Charles Arbuckle and Gene Phillis.ROW ONE: Mike Brown, Bob Knepp, Leo Haas, Mark Rosenbury, Ron Evans, Larry Knapp, John Armstrong, Bill Seggerman, Ralph Sunkel, Jerry Bohlander, Roger Evans, Bob Snodgrass, manager. ROW TWO: Coach Robert Johnson, Coach John McCracken, Cary Harp, Keith Kelsey, Rick Bohlander, Dave Finck, Doug Quiram, Dave Sparks, Dallas Schuler, Tom Harvey, Bob Seggerman, Tom Wickenhauser, Dan Stimpert, Don Lindsey, Head Coach Cene Cwick. ROW THREE: Gregg Brush, Harry Hinthorne, Roger Jones, Ron Rin-kenberger, Dan Steffen, Steve Pinkham, Dennis Schreck, George Gauger, Trent Simpson, Steve Cleary, Don Ray Sampen, Karmy Kays, Jerry Hinthorne, Hank Wagner, manager. ♦Conference games ♦♦ Homecoming Sept. 18 Eureka El Paso 0 Opponents 24 There Sept. 25 ♦Flanagan 9 21 Here Oct. 2 ♦Woodland 20 6 There Oct. 9 ♦Lexington 26 0 Here Oct. 16 ♦Gridley 18 16 There Oct. 23 ♦♦Chenoa 33 31 Here Oct. 30 ♦Minonk 27 18 Here Nov. 6 ♦Cornell 18 7 There Nov. 13 Metamora 7 26 Here j. 34Comets in A ction The Homecoming contest, which was with Chenoa, proved to be one of the most exciting games ever played on the Comets gridiron. Being down 25 to 6 at the end of the first half, El Paso managed to score only once in the third quarter while the Redbirds extended their lead 31 to 12. With seven minutes remaining in the last quarter and many of the disappointed fans leaving, the Comets caught fire. Harvey executed perfect plays with Armstrong chalking up two quick TD'S. With two minutes on the clock, the Comet's rally seemed sure to be in vain as Armstrong fumbled on a punt return. But it wasn't over as the Comets recovered a fumble on the next play and Quirm received a pass for the winning TD. This vaulted the Comets to first place and the next two decisive victories over Minonk and Cornell gave ths school its first conference championship in seven years. 35Senior LARRY KNAPP All-Conference JOHN ARMSTRONG All-Conference BOB KNEPP All-Conference BILL SEGGERMAN All-Conference RON EVANS Tackling Trophy All-Conference Midstate R. EVANS D. QUIRAM T. HARVEY D. LINDSEY D. SCHULER All-Con. Most Val. All-Con. Player All-Con.Lettermen MIKE BROWN RALPH SUNKEL LEO HAAS MARK ROSENBURY JERRY BOHLANDER Champs—365 K. KELSEY D. STIMPERT D. SPARKS B. SEGCERMAN R. BOHLANDER D. FINCK 37Varsity L. to R. Coach John McCracken, Jon Cruisus, Jon Etcheson, Jim Greene, Doug Quiram, Leo Haas, Dennis McMillan, Tom Harvey, Larry Knapp, John Armstrong, Head Coach Woody Burnell, KNEELING, Manager Dick McWilliams. El Paso 54 Eureka Opp. 82 54 Cornell 62 41 Roanoke 80 66 Flanagan 83 62 Chenoa 66 55 Christmas Tourney Flanagan 74 71 Cornell 53 68 Minonk 64 53 Gridley 51 82 Minonk 69 77 Woodland 57 59 Lexington 69 El Paso County Tourney Opp 7 Roanoke 24 56 Chenoa 75 59 Cornell 72 47 Roanoke 79 66 Flanagan 75 63 Minonk 70 71 Gridley 54 49 Lexington 86 69 Woodland 71 54 Metamora 86 Regional Tourney 46 U. High 86 38Jr. Varsity (L. To R.) Steve Davison, John Schuler, Danny Stimpert, John Hankey, Tom Wickenhauser, Keith Roberts, Rick Heiken, Jerry Lay, Karmy Kays, Don Lindsey, Rick Bohlander, Coach John McCracken, KNEELING, Manager Gary Faulk. El Paso Opp. El Paso Opp, 47 Eureka 45 71 Chenoa 39 47 Chenoa 30 60 Cornell 22 55 Cornell 30 49 Roanoke 47 53 Roanoke 65 58 Flanagan 62 46 Flanagan 49 59 Minonk 51 54 Gridley 37 60 Gridley 49 56 Minonk 30 56 Lexington 65 53 Woodland 42 57 Woodland 50 61 Lexington 67 53 Metamora 42 County Tourney 5 57 Metamora 62 39Comments from JOHN ARMSTRONG John was one of the best guards in the conference. He was the quarterback of our ball club because of his fine passing ability. John also was probably our most solid defensive ballplayer. LEO HAAS I felt by the end of the year Leo was the most improved ballplayer on the team. He worked hard, rebounded well, and had a real determined attitude. L e LARRY KNAPP "Mr. Competitor" is the name for Larry. A real hard worker with a wonderful team attitude. His use of speed was ideal for our fast-break type of play. It was certainly a pleasure to work with such fine young men, and it will be a difficult job replacing them. 40Cheerleaders The Varsity Cheerleaders and the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders work together to boost school spirit and encourage sportsmanship. Both squads represented El Paso High School well and backed the Comets with pep and enthusiasm. JUNIOR VARSITY: Sandra Bowman; Kathy Faulk; Leanna Jeffreys, Captain; Glenda Jones; Joan Steffen. 42TOP ROW, L to R: M. Greene, (1-0); T. Carr, (1-0); B. Hartman, (1-2); J. Bohlander, (2-1); B. Segger-man, (0-1); C. Wikenhauser, (0-1); SECOND ROW: M. Brown, (11-3); M. Rinkenberger, (13-4-1); R. Evans, (19-1); D. Finck, (15-3); S. Cleary, (6-10); FIRST ROW: J. Wagner, (13-5); J. Sampen, (3-7); R. Evans, (7-5); D. Harroun, (2-1); C. Harp, (16-2); H. Wagner, (3-4); M. Kilpatrick, (0-2); D. Schroeder, (0-1); Not pictured; B. Rist, (11-7); J. Hinthorne, (8-4-1). Wrestling Ron Evans, in his 4th year of wrestling, turned out a good season. Ron, pictured with Coach Johnson, received 1st place at the District Meet at Pekin, and went on to the Sectional Meet at Champaign. He has a record of 19-1. m TH] Octavia 39 15 Metamora 28 23 Eureka 24 24 Niantic 36 14 Morton 41 11 Le Roy 32 13 Trinity 23 29 Morton 40 18 Octavia 41 10 Chenoa 55 2 Metamora 29 17 Le Roy 35 11 Chenoa 50 7 Eureka 28 20 Fresh.-Soph. BJHS 26 28Baseball COACH John McCracken FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Seggerman; Rick Bohlander; Eugene Hostetler; Trent Simson; Tom Wickenhauser; Dan Stimpert; Jim Green; Tom Harvey; Bill Seggerman; Rick Heiken; Charles Smith; Allen Cline. Apr. 29 El Paso 13 Minonk 10 May 3 El Paso 1 Gridley 2 May 4 El Paso 6 Lexington 7 May 10 El Paso Flanagan (unplayed) May 13 El Paso Chenoa (unplayed) May 17 El Paso Woodland (unplayed) May 20 El Paso Cornell (unplayed) District Tournament May 11, 12 (unplayed) 45Track COACH Woody Burnell FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike McWilliams, Rick Bohlander, Don Lindsey, Gary Harp, Roger Evans, John Krug, Steve Cleary, Ralph Sunkel, Steve Davison, Ron Rinkenberger, John Schuler; SECOND ROW: John Hankey, John Etcheson, Dan Stimpert, Tom Harvey, Doug Quiram, Karmy Kays, Steve Jeffreys, Keith Roberts, Jerry Lay, Rick Heiken, Tom Wickenhauser. Apr. 10 Pana Relays 6th out of 15 schools Apr. 13 Minonk Lost Varsity and F. S. Apr. 20 Pontiac, Roanoke-Benson Last place Apr. 27 Midstate Con. 4th Apr. 28 Normal Relays 2nd out of 12 schools May 1 Woodford County Meet 1st F. S., 6th Varsity May 5 Minonk 1st J. V., lost Freshmen May 8 District Failed to qualify anyone for the state meet. 46ROW Is (L. to R.) Wickenhauser, D.; Harp, G.; Wagner, J.; Edwards, J.j Knepp, B. ROW 2: Schuler, D.; Crusius, J.; Schuler, J.; Quiram, D.; Roberts, K.j Burroughs, D.; Ortmann, B.; Punke, N.; Mr. McNealy. Student Council Officers of 1964-1965 Student Council: President...................... Vice President................. Secretary...................... Treasurer...................... Advisor........................ Jeff Wagner Gary Harp Joan Edwards Bob Knepp Mr. McNealyHomecoming Uw Day 1964-1965 Calendar of Events Sept. 11 Oct. 19-23 Oct. 31 Dec. 23 Feb. 19 March 10 March 26 Apr. 9 Apr. 14 Apr. 26-30 Apr. 30 Apr. 29--May 1 May 14 Back to School Dance Homecoming District Convention Christmas Program Dress Up Day All School Assembly (Movie) Dress Up Day Election of 1965-66 Officers Talent Show National Student Council Week FHA and Student Council Law Day State Convention Honors Day Talent Show Talent Show 49National Honor Society FIRST ROW: V. Armstrong; G. Harp; J. Wagner; J. Edwards, Sec.; B. Knepp. SECOND ROW: D. Scheer; M. Pinkham; K. Ingerski; L. Terven; D. Burroughs, Pres.; L. Reeves; C. Mool; L. Aylward; L. Harp, V. Pres.; Mr. McNealy, Sponsor. Not pictured: E. Porth; S. Scott; M. Brown; G. Moreland; M. Bradle; L. Patterson; M. Summy. Also not pictured were six probationary members. S- -Scholarship L—Leadership S--Service C--Character A formal induction of former and new members of the National Honor Society was conducted by the Chenoa Honor Society representatives. This ceremony was followed by a Tea which members, their parents, and members of the Chenoa chapter attended. At the end of the year the chapter nominated four teachers from which the student body elected the "Teacher of the Year." Plans were made for the selection of Students of the Year. Outstanding students in each field were selected by teachers, and the students' names will be placed on plaques in the main hall. 50A.F.S. CLUB 1st ROW: J. Wagner; C. Salas; D. Carrithers, Sec.-Treas.; M. Rosenbury, Pres.; D. Burroughs; K. Kaufman, V. Pres.; G. Harp; J. Stoller. 2nd ROW: Mr. Grose, Sponsor; L. Mahaffey; M. Summy; A. VanSyoc; D. Scheer; S. Reeves; L. Patterson; L. Talbert; H. Wagner. 3rd ROW: M. Kreig; B. Ortman; J. Edwards; L. Terven; M. Scheer; J. Crusius; L. Harp. I have never had so much happiness in my life as this year in the U.S.A. I have really been very lucky coming to this beautiful country to learn what the U.S. is like through the program of the American Field Service. I have enjoyed very much my stay in this country and have never had a monotonous hour. I have certainly been very glad to attend El Paso High School where everyone has been so good to me. I will always keep an eternal thankfulness to everyone in El Paso. 51ROW Is (L. TO R.) Mrs. Martin, Sponsor; M. Woosley; D. Duley; S. Krug, Public Relations; M. Duffy, Vice-President; L. Terven, President; B. Kingdon, Points Chairman; E. Schlipf, Historian; D. Robenstein, Secretary; E. Porth, Second Vice-President; V. Hodel, Treasurer; C. Krug, Recreations Chairman. ROW 2: E. Armstrong; A. Barker; E. Armstrong; D. Arends; G. Hielscher; K. Hartman; K. Evans; D. McClure; M. Haas; K. Kaufman; G. McGhee; A. Van Scyoc. ROW 3: T. McFall; C. Seidel; J. Liddle; S. Casey; S. Bowman; L. Reeves; P. Jakob; S. Haas; K. Koch; G. Jeffery; M. Bradle; S. Reeves; J. Patton. ROW 4: B. Hersche, C. Harms; L. Pearce; S. Stimpert; K. Hunsinger; M. Aylward; H. White; K. Kilpatrick; Y. Vande-graft; C. Sue Young; P. Egger; P. Janssen. F.H.A. Mrs. Martin served as advisor for the 1964-65 Chapter of Future Homemakers of America. Chapter parents were Mr. and Mrs. Rex Pinkham and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bradle. The activities of the group included both worthwhile and "fun" projects. Members of the chapter sponsored a bake sale, U.N. Day, World Clothing Week, F.H.A. week and Law Day assembly. The girls were kept busy making "Get out and Vote" posters, serving punch at the Homecoming Dance, serving the Faculty-Board Dinner, planning the formal initiation, and during the Christmas season they went caroling at the rest homes. Many members thought that the Plowboy Prom and the annual trip to Chicago were highlights of the year. The year's program was climaxed by the Family Night program which was presented by F.F.A. and F.H.A. 521st ROW: B. Attig, V.P.; W. Hoobler, Sentinal; D. Neisler, Parliamentarian; D. Schlipf, Pres.; J. Stoller, Sec.; B. Boertlein, Reporter; E. Hostetler, Treas. 2nd ROW: Mr. Jenkins, Adv.; D. Schreck; G. Gauger; L. Reeves; D. Schroeder; D. Pannier. 3rd ROW: L. Kaufman; H. Harms; C. Knepp; H. Wright; R. Aldrich; J. Boertlein; S. Cleary; T. Simpson; R. Rinkenberger; D. Porter; H. Graber. 4th ROW: K. Kelsey; M. Rinken-berger; D. Jording; D. Schuler; J. Crusius; D. Sparks; R. Roeske; J. Wright; D. Kingdon; L. Blackmore. 5th ROW: B. Knepp; G. Aldrich; A. Copeland; M. Kreig; M. Scheer; T. Brady; B. Kaufman; T. Carr; W. Copeland; D. Grube. AWARDS AND DEGREES CHAPTER AWARDS Outstanding Jr.-Sr. 64-65 ................................................Dale Schlipf Outstanding Freshman-Sophomore............................................. Jim Stoller DeKalb Award...............................................................Mike Rinkenberger Scholarship Award.........................................................Jim Stoller Star Greenhand............................................................Jim Stoller Public Speaking Winner....................................................Dale Schlipf High Salesman.............................................................Jim Stoller PRODUCTION AWARDS Livestock Beef Sheep Swine Dairy Crop . Jon Crusius Soybean . . Jon Crusius Com . Eugene Hostetler SECTION AWARDS Pioneer Com Yield Sec. Beef Award Livestock Award Sec. Extemp. Speaking . . . Fatstock Judging ed (also 3rd high Ind.) (also 6th high Ind.) OUTSTANDING RECORD BOOKS Senior........................Dale Schlipf Junior........................Jon Crusius Sophomore.....................Jim Stoller Freshman......................Ron Rinkenberger DISTRICT AWARDS Pioneer Com Yield...........Dale Schlipf Public Speaking 3rd.........Dale Schlipf Duroc Judging 2nd Ind.......Dale Schlipf ATA Judging 4th Ind........Curt Knepp STATE AWARDS Pioneer Com Yield...........Dale Schlipf 53CLUB FRONT ROW: B. Knepp; J. Crusius, Secretary; S. Scott, President; M. Brown, President; T. Harvey, Treasurer; G. Hocker. BACK ROW: G. Harp; L. Knapp; G. Grube; C. Wikenhauser; J. Hankey; L. Haas; D. Burroughs; J. Wagner; K. Roberts; D. Quiram; E. Hostetler; D. Schuler; D. McMillan; J. Me Cracken, Adv. The El Paso Key Club is a member of Key Club International, a Kiwanis-sponsored youth organization, devoted to "Service and Leadership." 54Boys participating in the youth recreation received shirts with the Key Club emblem on them. Basketball, swimming, and wrestling were offered as sports to the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade boys. 55The "E" club is an organization for El Paso athletes who have earned a major award for participation in high school athletics. The basic aim of the club is to promote athletics through participation, leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. The club sponsors several fund-raising projects throughout the school year. Any money brought in from these projects is used for the purchase of athletic equipment. “E” Club ROW I: Harroun, Dennis; Wagner, Hank; Evans, Roger; Knepp, Bob; Shoemaker, Ronnie; Hinthome, Harry; Haip, Gary. ROW 2: Bohlander, Jerry; Hankey, John; Stimpert, Dan; Lindsey, Don; Bohlander, Rick. ROW 3: Harvey, Tom; Jeffreys, Steve; Finck, Dave; Evans, Ron; Casey, Pete; Wagner, Jeff; Brown; Mike; Kearfott, Jack; Sunkel, Ralph; Armstrong, John. ROW 4: Feeney, Jim; Seggerman, Bill; Roberts, Keith; Quiram, Doug; Scott, Steve; Haas, Leo; Harrawood, Bill; Schuler, Dallas, Knapp, Larry; Rosenbury, Mark. Mr. Burnell, Advisor. 56The G.A.A. girls were very active under the leadership of their new advisor, Mrs. Rodgers. The girls participated in bowling, archery, hiking, and held tournaments in volleyball and softball. Money making projects included the sale of sweat shirts and flowers. The G.A.A. sponsored the Snow Ball Dance. As service projects they contributed to the March of Dimes and the ice skating rink. Twenty-one girls were initiated at a formal dinner with guest speaker. Two officers of the club will attend G.A.A. Leadership Camp this summer. G.A .A. ROW 1: B. Kingdon, Reporter; M. McGough, Sports Manager; L. Patterson, Sports Manager; L. Talbert, Secretary; E. Porth, President; K. Kaufman, V. President; P. Jakob, Treasurer; K. Ingerski, Points Chairman; V. Armstrong, Points Chairman. ROW 2: Mrs. Rodgers, advisor; S. Haas; K. Faulk; M. Petere; C. Jones; J. Wiken-hauser; M. Woosley; J. Lindsey; S. Krug; M. Haas. ROW 3: K. Haas; M. Berg; K. Evans; M. Vogel; S. Bowman; K. Volk; J. Steffen; L. Jeffreys; A. Kearney; P. Brown; K. Mool; J. Salyards. ROW 4: D. Arends; D. Roben-stein; D. Wickenhauser; C. Seidel; J. Liddle; S. FitzHenry; S. Casey; K. Hunsinger; E. Armstrong; M. Summy; L. Reeves; S. Reeves; C. Brunson; N. Hocker. ROW 5: S. Vandegraft; C. Mool; M. Pinkham; M. Aylward; N. Ballard; A. Pfister; P. Greenwood; J. Edward; L. Terven; C. Harper; M. Berg; E. Armstrong; P. Janssen; S. Stimpert; C. Harms; B. Ortmann. 57ROW Is L. Harp (Treas.), K. Kaufman, D. Burroughs, S. Reeves (Pres.), J. Patton (Sec.), D. Quiram, J. Bohlander (Vice-Pres.). ROW 2: Mr. Cromwell (Advisor), J. Wagner, G. Hocker, M. Brown, B. Snodgrass, A. Kearney, L. Patterson, G. Moreland, P. Janssen, L. Herring. ROW 3: L. Reeves, P. Jakob, K. Hunsinger, K. Evans, K. Ingerski, M. Pinkham, C. Mool, V. Armstrong, C. Salas, D. Scheer, C. Brunson, D. Arends. ROW 4: A. Durbin, N. Ballard, J. Edwards, E. Porth, S. Stimpert, L. Haas, R. Rebbec, T. Harvey, L. Alyward, M. Scheer, J. Waters, J. Sampen. The Spanish Club ROW 1: M. Vogel, M. Haas, S. Krug, K. Evans, C. Krug, K. Volk, J. Wikenhauser, B. Pollock, P. McFall. ROW 2: D. Wickenhauser, S. Sparks, N. Punke, M. Duffy, G. Hielscher, N. Hocker, D. Barker, D, Lindsey, P. Brown, G. Harp, D. Kingdon, K. Haas. ROW 3: S. Davison, R. Bohlander, K. Mool, M. Edwards; J. Salyards, D. Stimpert, S. Pinkham, J. Stoller, S. Vandegraft, D. Sampen, S. Nelson, C. Wikenhauser. ROW 4: D. Benedict, J. Lay, M. McGough, P. Edwards, K. Hartman, J. Ballard, D. McMillan, D. Schuler, H. Graber, M. McWilliams, K. Roberts, R. Heiken, J. Greene. Activities of the Spanish Club included a Christmas "Fiesta," with Mexican food, a talk from Carlos Salas, and a "Pinata" breaking ceremony. A Chili supper open to the public was held in the spring and was a great success. 58Mr. Cromwell, Kay Ingerski, Donna Kilpatrick, and John Krug study the tape recorder which is used in French class. French Club FIRST ROW: M. Peters; J. Smith; J. Krug; J. Steffen; B. Lykkebak; J. Scheer; A. Van Scyoc; M. Berg; D. Scheer; M. Summy; D. Robenstein; L. Mahaffey; T. Rossman. SECOND ROW: Mr. Cromwell, Advisor; V. Bell; M. Gustafson; M. Berg; C. Mayne; K. Ingerski; D. Kilpatrick; M. Pinkham; C. Mool; V. Armstrong; J. Schuler; C. Evans. THIRD ROW: D. Shadewaldt; K. Kays; C. Smith; T. Wickenhauser; B. Ortmann; J. Etcheson; J. Hankey; S. Jeffreys; M. Rosenbury; M. Stokes. 59Last fall the 60-piece El Paso High School Marching Comet band was very busy. Wherever they went, they made a tremendous impression with their new uniforms. The band, under the direction of Thomas Swain, was led by drum major Joan Edwards. The band's twirler was again Vickie Armstrong, and majorettes included Carolyn Harper, Linda Talbert, and Kay Ingerski. The Marching Comets started the season with a parade in Streator, Illinois, helping to celebrate Labor Day. The band accepted an invitation to march at the Gridley Homecoming football game in Gridley. The next day they marched in the I.W.U. homecoming parade. Against open-class competition, they took the first-place trophy for the best high school marching band. The band marched at all home football games, presenting flashy pre-game and precision half-time shows. The band ended their season by entering parade competition at the I.S.U. homecoming parade. 60Concert Band Dance Band Bonnie Ortmann, Danny Steffen, Dennis Grube, Mike Scheer, Jerry Lay, John Hankey, Bob Attig, Dennis Schreck, Martha McGough, John Sampen, Dan Craig. 61Members of Quartets Solos and Ensembles Members of Trios Instrumental Duet and Vocal Soloists Instrumental Soloists Members of Brass SextetsCHOIR ROW 1: J. Scheer, A. VanScyoc, M. Summy, J. Patton, L. Mahaffey, G. McGhee. ROW 2: M. Berg, K. Hartman, J. Schuler, D. Barker, J. Sampen, B. Lykkebak, N. Ballard, M. Stokes. ROW 3: K. Mool, C. Richards, D. Kilpatrick, D. Neisler, M. McWilliams, D. Grube, B. Ortmann, V. Bell, S. Nelson. Vocal Music The choir is the major performing group in the Vocal Music Department. The members of the group are chosen by audition at the beginning of the year and the beginning of the second semester. This past year it rehearsed three days a week during the noon hour. Its performances included the Christmas Concert, the County Vocal Festival, State Music Contest, the Spring Concert, and the Music Dept. Assembly. Its repertoire consists of both sacred and secular music with the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods of music represented. CHORUS ROW 1: J. Scheer, J. Wickenhauser, A. VanScyoc, B. Lykkebak, L. Mahaffey, S. Krug. ROW 2: D. McClure, M. Summy, J. Patton, D. Barker, J. Sampen, J. Steffen, K. Evans, G. McGhee. ROW 3: K. Hartman, M. Berg, J. Schuler, M. McWilliams, V. Bell, N. Ballard, M. Stokes. ROW 4: K. Mool, C. Richards, S. Bowman, M. Edwards, D. Kilpatrick, D. Neisler, D. Grube, B. Ortmann, S. Nelson, S. Vandegraft.P' 1,C ll!,C‘oBrUnSOn’ (Scc--Treas )i K- Ingerski, (Pres.); L. Talbert, (V. Pres.); M. Peters; G. McGhee. ROW 2: C. Harper; N. Punke; M. Duffy; L. Patterson; M. Woosley; D. Duley- J Lindsey: M. Duffy; A. Kearney; A. Pfister; N. Ballard; K. Haas; S. Vandegraft. ROW 3: Mrs. Dressier, (Advisor); C. Evans; P. Edwards; M. Alyward; B. Kingdon; K. Hunsinger; P. Greenwood; M Pinkham; L. Lowder; G. Moreland; M. McGough; H. White. Library Club The Library Club supplies a working staff for the school library. The members help students find reference materials and check out books. Furthermore, they work with library records and help to keep materials in order in the library. The library club sponsored a sock hop in January. They enjoyed a Christmas party, and had another party in the spring. 64SENIOR The Moonshines On The Comets Still Attendant Lynda Terven The Homecoming week started on Monday, October 19, and was offically opened by an all-school assembly in which Jeff Wagner, president of the Student Council, announced the King, Queen and her court for the 64-65 Homecoming. Larry Knapp was named King, and Lois Reeves reigned as Queen. Queen's attendants were Lynda Terven (Senior), Diane Robenstein (Junior), Marcia Vogel (Sophomore), Debby Wickenhauser (Freshman). On Tuesday, the students dressed in school colors, purple and gold. Wednesday, was officially declared "be- JUNIOR Focused on Victory Attendant Diane Robenstein 683rd SOPHOMORE It's Written In The Stars Attendant Marcia Vogel 2nd FRESHMAN They Will Never Fly Again Attendant Debbie Wickenhauser kind-to-iootball-players day." Thursday was the first time the school held a "Powder Puff Game"; this contest ended in a tie. Friday, school was dismissed early and the El Paso High School band lead a colorful parade which consisted of floats representing entries by each class. Friday night at the homecoming game, the Comets triumphed in a 33 to 31 victory over the Chenoa Red Birds. At the homecoming dance, which was sponsored by the Student Council King Larry and Queen Lois were crowned at an impressive ceremony. 69Snowball Dance The annual G.A.A. Snowball Dance was held on Saturday, December 19, 1964, from 9:30 to 12:30 in the old gym. Music was provided by the Viscount Five. King Leo Haas and Queen Sharon Reeves were crowned by last year's royalty, Roger Miller and Sally Armstrong. Attendants were Pat Jakob, Sue Stimpert, Bob Knepp, and Mike Brown. Crown bearers were Lisa Haas and Todd Jeffreys. 70Senior Play "FATHER OF THE BRIDE" Mrs. Rinkenberger Director CAST Mr. Banks................Mark Rosenbury Mrs. Banks...............Lynda Terven Kay Banks................Lois Reeves Ben Banks................Mike Brown Tommy Banks..............Jeff Wagner Buckley Dunstan..........Dale Schlipf Buzz Taylor..............Bob Attig Peggy Swift..............Sharon Reeves Delilah.................. Elaine Porth Miss Bellamy.............Dora Scheer Mr. Massoula.............Leon Alyward Joe......................Lowell Harp Mrs. Pulitski............Joan Edwards Red......................Dick Brush Pete ....................Bill Seggerman Tim's Man................Dave Burroughs Student Director.........Connie Harms Prompters................Sandy FitzHenry John Waters The Senior Class of El Paso High School presented "FATHER OF THE BRIDE," a 3-act comedy on Friday, November 20, 1964. The splendid performance was under the direction of Mrs. Reta Rinkenberger and her student director. 71Who's Who Most Mannerly Senior--Bob Boertlein Most Helpful Senior--Treva McFall Football Hero--John Armstrong Natural Blonde--Connie Harms Cry Baby--Bob Attig Apple Polisher--Leon Alyward Class Steadies--Pat Jakob Jack Kearfott Class Girl Scout--Jerry Bohlander Craziest Laugh--Karen Kaufman Class Busy Body--Lyn Terven Class Astronaut--Dave Burroughs Biggest Eater--Mike Brown Most Mischievous--Don Betts Class Goof-Off--Dick Brush Prettiest Hair--Linda Breach Class Live-Wire--Sharon Reeves Class Sleeper--Pete Casey Class Bluffer--Ralph Sunkel Wrestling Champ--Mike Rinkenberger Hardest Worker--Alvia Copeland Silliest Senior--Sandy FitzHenry Class Tarzan--Ron Evans Night Own--Jim Feeney Most Innocent Senior--John Waters Study Hall Walker--Ron Shoemaker Class Songbird--Dora S cheer Horse Jockey--Howard Wright Quietest Senior--Don Breach Class Lover--Drew Schopp Best Dresser--Steve Jeffreys Class Go-Getter--Dennis Jording Class Joker--Steve Scott Most Conservative Senior--Lowell Harp Class Authority--Gary Grube Most Loyal Senior--Larry Knapp Shyest Senior--Ron Service Rosiest Cheeks--Lois Reeves Most Muscles--Terry Brady Industrial Arts Pro.--George Aldrich Family Man--Larry Kraft Class Butcher--Bill Harrawood Teacher's Pet--Joan Edwards Teacher's Pest--Bob Kaufman Class Bookworm--Rose Noe Top Stunt Speaker--Dale Schlipf Most Likely to Succeed--Mark Rosenbury Class Scholar--Jeff Wagner Money-Minded Senior--Jean Patton Country Squire--Bob Knepp Top Magazine Salesman--Carol Krug Best Natured Senior--Leo Haas Friendliest Senior--Carlos Salas Class Loafer--Tim Lampe Class Speedster--Gary Hocker Brightest Smile--Sharon Gingerich Sweetest Senior--Peggy Hunsinger Class Flirts--Sue Stimpert Bill Seggerman 72 Loudest Senior--Elaine PorthFIRST NIGHT JITTERS! Hotel Book Gif "Stranger in the Night" was presented April 9, 1965, by the Junior class under the direction of Mr. Grose. This three-act play was full of comedy, suspense, and excitement. It was well received by the audience. Mr. Grose Dire ctor Junior Play Cast Sylvia Lee Mabel Crane Grant Terry J. T. Rutledge Velda Stevens Cliff Newkirk Nona Pollard Eddie Breach Rose Jordan Sam Fisk Marcella Bender . . . . , Sandra King Student Director . . . . , Stage Managers Jennifer Lindsey76Cl (1 S n Utmui U 'j JAMES J. FEENEY Born: October 5, 1947 Died: May 25, 1965 We have been friends together, In sunshine and in shade. 77Sharon Ronnie Donald Alvia Robert Dennis Ronnie Treva Ronald Linda i f 'I yf J • JL •? ' J t •v t SI , ; A J i 4 x • . . .1 r. A «V ri } % ■ A S’ V ‘ 4 r jyt Jk A V; -' - .■ J T T ? fjg£ • I V Mir i. y JT 4? • 4 a fetf M c£ .y x X - i v- W 4 . J ?jjp .Xi' j»r I i j v i - •'f x- s •' V. . 1«! I H, •=3 r -x »- ’w- v 'c ' jjgL x. 4r , i WF U J?,+S... A r€ v fc.-'ifc K'if.v 'y • J - i i. : tVv . -fc j‘ z3 TJT t m .ij w Sa .f a ; r . , » nrar j a+ I + • . . M . «i . - --V' , • 4t . • i Vv ' 1 vX 4- a % • . A-vX -wA v V ’ •S." jrri e - u • - - vi i wvv y vl i V. 3P ' - X ,f- ; X f .4 Ay y V 4 V »C I.' v jf ifc i •-i mV •i w :: • 1v . --. - Tj S» zi • LW ✓ - - -Ji. '■ u A.flSr (' -f JF? J S iy‘ i + a36.- » ( • T' . M k V: «£,- aT : v i • w. "v sr a U 5 1 mM v JH • s i ;v A' • . • . $ x k y ffe- , v‘ V.i -v f r ‘ V i . i r% t 1 i • • 4 ; £ ••-a •'•' i i ? X , •• S -? - .V • V x •. w z f ; r . JR sy »iV J v' 3 YvV fc 4 ’ A r TBT1 V j A ! 1 I vlfi r% V • - • - A vv • - V , x Ci ■ -v i % • V V Vs Xf UT. ?H St »jC v w ri j A- - v . x v .Vj P if r. ■ v m v T A xv •? ■ i f X s ViA ■ r • » V - S '1 7 i V." • A XviJ i V v S . W V ,sXA ; V.V1 r V .M i i MjJ X V v •ri: : - - iTT v4 . lC •.:' 4 - ’ y ir vv 3 jlS V ✓. t i y.. jf; . a -H- V ‘M ■ 4 J • IB? - J, ' e y- •' ' jkV, - y Rl Jsi S 1 • -i %r s • “S - V- s A Or " v war mm V • 1. jN f 4 +r i . M , jW F % '• vn) Ck v s £rf- w it ■X1', i V V' . y5 4. V r -T' f .Af t.yr yf AJ AXI? 2; A y, -y SM .Z . I ,s.t ‘ i V , nS ; n A X- : SfT i I li M '(Mr L S T j y .v 7 ' -.X - 2kM i it JvflL Pf, 4yf$ A f M Jf -A'v ■ $ .y t » «A K ’i 9 ' if. Cv 3DT 4 . 1 . -45 Ii . wfr V 1 r -7 i: A , i K JT Ai - - ►i jk A V. x

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