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sy um Jr I» Ixs : • V r f « - i- •. « ' • % • « . » % : ' £►« 9m £ r - • 900 9 - ,J J - ' , jV v 4 . » '», • A ..% i- »x : «V f . • .nV ROW ONE: K. Gilliland, S. Farney, C. Kauth, W. Crump, P. Meador, M. Herncjar, D. Weirman, B. Miller, E. McFall, J. Shuman. ROW TWO: Miss Moser, Advisor; J. Finck, A. Crusius, B. Feeney, P. Gunn, S. Sprehe, J. Porter, D. Hartman, C. Knepp, T. Heckendorn, B. Gossmeyer, J. Jones. ROW THREE: L. Waller, G. Nevius, D. Salyards, K. Schertz, J. Gibbons, J. Kelsey, D. Donze, J. Claymon, M. Haas, C. Vandegraft. ROW FOUR: J. Kauffman, T. Patton, L. Messer, R. Waller, J. Delaney, R. Wollenschlager, G. Childres. D. Dodson, L. Armstrong, G. Volk, J. Bigger. COMETEER STAff ADVISORS................. EDITOR.................. ASST. EDITOR............ JUNIOR CO-EDITORS........ BUSINESS MANAGER........ ASST. BUSINESS MANAGER . PRO PHOTOGRAPHER........ ASST. PHOTOGRAPHERS . . . ARTIST.................. TITLE PAGE............... COMETEER STAFF........... SENIOR CLASS............. CLASS WILL--BABY PICTURES Mr. Sullivan, Miss Moser . . . . R. Wollenschlager .............J. Shuman . A. Crusius, K. Schertz ...............D. Donze ...............S. Farney .............Mr. Vallow . . . E. McFall, J. Porter ................P. Gunn . C. Knepp, D. Hartman . J. Delaney, T. Patton . . .J. Finck, W. Crump ............K. Gilliland M. Herncjar UNDERCLASSMEN.......J. Porter, S. Sprehe, S. Farney ADMINISTRATION--FACULTY--LIBRARY CLUB....... D. Dodson, D. Weirman, J. Bigger STUDENT COUNCIL--NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. . . . T. Heckendorn, C. Vandegraft BAND............................L. Messer, G. Nevius CHORUS..................................J. Kauffman F. F. A...........................T. Mool, R. Waller G. A. A. --GIRLS INTRAMURALS............S. Farney B. Feeney "B CLUB--BOYS INTRAMURALS..............D. Donze G. Volk LANGUAGE CLUBS- - SCHOOL DANCES--F. H. A, KEY CLUB ......... HOMECOMING . . . . JUNIOR PLAY....... FOOTBALL.......... BASKETBALL ....... TRACK............. BASEBALL.......... CHEERLEADERS . . . . DUMMY COMMITTEE M. Haas, C. Knepp .................C. McGhee . . P. Meador, B. Gossmeyer . . . A. Crusius, K. Schertz .................D. Salyards .................J. Gibbons ..................J. Kelsey .................G. Childres ........C. Kauth, B. Miller . . . W. Crump, D. Hartman M. Herncjar, T. Heckendorn 2JERRY ALES "Sturdy oak. Rock of Gibralter" F.F. A.; Track 1.2; Basketball 1; E Club; Football Ambition: Farmer PAUL ATTIG "He’s short and he's wise; he’s a terror for his size" F.F.A.; Sec. 4; Boys’ Intramurals 2.3.4: Track 2. Ambition: Farmer WILLARD BAKER "Sometimes I just sit and think, other times I just sit" F.F.A. 3: Safety Club 3. Ambition: Farmer JAMES BIGGER "Men will come and go. but Chevies will live forever" Safety Club 3; Football 2; Baseball 1.4: Annual Suff. Ambition: Teacher WILLIAM CASEY "Life offers a lot of fun and I Intend to have my share of it" F.F.A.; V. Pres. 4; Safety Club 3; Track 2.3. Ambition: To see the world GENE CHILDRES "Take me for what lam. not for what I should be" Jr. Play: Football; Baseball 1.2.3; Track 1,2.3; Basketball 1.2; E Club 2.3.4; Annual Suff. Ambition: BarberJOHN CLAYMON “All great men are dead or dying.....1 don’t feel so well myself" Safety Club 3.4; Football 1.2. 3.4; Baseball; Track; E Club 2.3.4: Annual Staff; National Honor Society 2,3.4. Ambition: College WANDA CRUMP “Talking, talking all the day. she always has things to say" F.H.A.; Recr. Chr. 4; Sr. F.H.A.; G.A. A. 1.2. 3.4; Points Chr. 4; Jr. Play; Mixed Chorus 3,4: Girls Chorus 1.2.3,4; Ensemble 1.2,3. 4; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Class Sec. 1,2,3.4; Soph. Homecoming Attendant; Annual Staff; Intramurals 1.2,3,4. Ambition: Marriage JOHN DELANEY "He'd stop St. Peter in the middle of roll call to argue" F.F.A.; Reporter 2.3; Jr. Play; Key Club 2,3; Annual Staff; Intramurals 1,2. Ambition: To be a success RICHARD DODSON "When I feel like exercising I lie down and the feeling goes away" Safety Club 3; Football 3; Baseball 2: Intramurals 1; Annual Staff. Ambition: College SHARON FARNEY "I m a little live-wire, but I've never shocked anybody YET! " F.H.A. 1,2,3.4; Hist. 2; Pub. Relat. 4; Girls' Chorus 1.2,3; Sr. F. H. A.; Ensemble 3; Class Treas. 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1.2,3. 4; V. Pres. 4; Pep Club 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Capt. 3; Annual Staff; National Honor Society 3,4; Treas. 4; Intramurals 1,2,3.4. Ambition: Secretary BARBARA FEENEY “No civilized person goes to bed the same day she gets up" F. H.A. 1,2,3.4; Parliamentarian 3; Hist. 4; G. A. A. 1. 2,3,4; Sports Mgr. 3; Pres. 4; Girls' Chorus; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Steering Com. 3; Annual Staff; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Sr. F. H. A. Ambition: SecretaryJOYCE FINCK "It wouldn’t be life without a little bit of mischief' F. H.A. 2,3.4; Sr. F.H. A.; French Club 3.4; Spanish Club 4; V. Pres. 4; Pep Club 3; Student Council 4; Jr. Homecoming Attendant; Annual staff; Intramurals 3,4. Ambition: Foreign Language Teacher JAMES GIBBONS 1 find mischief much like a mouse trap, easy to get Into and hard to get out of" Spanish Club 2.3.4; Football; Track 1.2; Basketball 1; E Club 3,4; Pres. 4; Annual Staff; Intramurals 2,3.4. Ambition: Civil Engineer KAREN GILLILAND "Excuse me while I blush" G. A. A. 2,3,4: Treas. 3; Spanish Club 3: Girls' Chorus 4; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Student Council 3; Annual Staff; Intramurals 2.3.4. Ambition: College BONNIE GOSSMEYER "Next to boys I like girls best" F.H.A.; Sr. F. H.A.; Jr. Play; Girls’ Chorus 2,3.4; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Library Club 1.2; G. A. A. 2; Annual Suff Intramurals 1. Ambition: Beautician MARGARET GUNN "She has more fun In a minute than others have In a life time" F.H.A.; Pub. Relat. 3; ST. F.H. A.; G. A. A. 1.2. 3.4; Jr. Play; Girls’ Chorus 1. 2; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Class Reporter 4; Annual Suff. Intramurals Ambition: Money MARGARET HAAS "Life Is full of fun. and guess who's full of life" F. H.A.; Section Officer 3; V. Pres. 4: Sr. F.H.A.; G. A.A.; French Club 3.4; Jr. Play; Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Girls' Chorus; Ensemble 1,2,3.4; Band 4; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Annual Suff: Intramurals mbition: Elementary TeacherDORTHY HARTMAN "A mighty fine girl to meet, one just as good as she Is s sweet" G.A.A.; Pep Club 3: Library Club 2.3; Annual Suff. Intramurals 1,2,3.4. Ambition: Marriage ANTOINETTE H EC KEN DORN "I am as I am and always will be" Spanish Club 2.3.4; Jr. Play; National Honor Society 3.4; Pep Club 3; Annual Staff; Intramurals 1.2; Saluutorlan. Ambition: Social Work MARJORIE HERNCJAR "I'm on time! something must be wrong" F. H.A.; Sr. F. H. A.; G. A.A.; Mixed Chorus 2.4; Girls Chorus; Ensemble 2; Pep Club 3; Library Club 1.2; Class Treas. 1; Student Council 2; Annual Staff. Intramurals Ambition: Airline Hostess JACK HE YUNGS "Don't look at me girls; It make me nervous" F.F. A. 1.2,3.4; Reporter 4; Intramurals Ambition: Farming JO ANN JONES "A smile costs me nothing" F. H.A.; Sr. F.H.A.; G. A.A. 1.2,3.4; Librarian 4; Pep Club 3; Library Club 1.2; Annual Suff. Ambition: Business Career JOHN KAUFFMAN "He prefers his women younger than he " F.F.A.; Sec. 2.3; Pres. 4; Mixed Chorus 1.2,3; Ensemble 2; Safety Club 3; Football 3.4; Track 2; Baseball 3.4; Basketball 1; Key Club 3,4; Annual Staff; Intramurals 2.3.4. Ambition: WorkCAROL ANN KAUTH "A 'naming youth.....we mean her hair" F. H.A.; Sr. F.H.A.; G. A. A.; Sec. 3; Spanish Club 2; Jr. Play; Girls' Chorus 1; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Library Club 2; Class Reporter 2.3; Cheerleader 1.2. 3.4; Annual Staff; National Honor Society 3.4; V. Pres. 4. Ambition: Private Secretary CAROL KNEPP "My true-love hath my heart; and 1 have his" F. H.A.; Treas. 2; Points Chr. 3; Pres. 4; G. A. A. 1,2.3; Jr. Play; Mixed Chorus 3.4; Girls' Chorus 1.2,4; Ensemble 1,2,4; Pep Club 3; Class V. Pres. 1; Fresh. Homecoming Attendant; Annual Suff; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Sec. 4. Ambition: Happiness CARL McGHEE “Country Gentleman" F.F.A.; Treas. 4; Band 1,2,3: Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Football 1.2; Track 1.2; Annual Suff; Intramurals Ambition: Undertaker TERRY KIMPLER "What can't be cured must be endured" Band; Football 2.3; Intramurals 1,2,3.4. Ambition: College EULAVIE McFALL ”1 put teachers to despair and shame when they try to pronounce my first name" G. A. A.; Girls' Chorus 1; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3: Library Club; Pres. 3; Annual Suff. Ambition: Secondary School Teacher PAULA MEADOR "She has a smile that won't come off" F. H.A.; Treas. 4; G. A. A.; Spanish Club 2.3; Jr. Play; Mixed Chorus 2,3.4; Girls' Chorus 4; Drum Major 4; Band 1.2,3,4; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Library Club 1; Annual Staff; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Ambition: Elementary TeacherLLOYD MESSER ”1 never trouble trouble until trouble troubles me" F.F.A.; Sentinel 4; Band 1,2,3; Safety Club 3; Annual Staff. Ambition: Farmer BONNIE MILLER "Sterling silver, crystal, fine linen" F.H.A.; Sr. F.H.A.: C.A.A.; Treas. 4; Jr. Play; Girls' Chorus 1; Pep Club 3; Safety Club 3; Library Club 2; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Cape. 4; Homecoming Queen; Annual Staff; Intramurals 1.2,3.4. Ambition: Secretary and Homemaker TERRY MOOL "The main business of life is to enjoy it" F.F.A.; Sentinel 2; Jr. Play; Safety Club 3; Class Pres.; Football 3.4; Track 2; E Club 1,2,3.4; Annual Staff; Intramurals 3. Ambition: Farmer LEONARD NE1SLER "Music is his master " F. F. A. 1,2; French Club 3.4; V. Pres. 3; Mixed Chorus 1.2. 3,4; Pres. 4; Ensemble 2.3.4; Band 1,2,3,4; Safety Club 3; Key Club 2,3,4; Sec. 3; Pres. 4. Ambition: Music Teacher GARREL NEVIUS "Lead me not into temptation, but show me where it is" Jr. Play; Safety Club 3; Annual Staff: Intramurals 1.2,3. Ambition: College TOM PATTON "Quiet and shy. but..Oh my!" F.F.A. 1; French Club 3,4; Key Club 3.4; Sec. 4; Annual Staff. Ambition: College; MusicJUDITH PORTBl "I couldn't be good If I would and I wouldn't be good if I could' F. H.A.; Sr. F.H.A.; G. A.A. 1,2,3.4; Cheerleader 1; Annual Staff; Intramural 1,2,3,4. Ambition: Secretary DAN SALYARDS 1 have to much to do, 1 think 111 take a nap Jr. Play: Safety Club 3; Football; Track 1,2,3.4; Basketball; Baseball; E Club 1.2.3,4; Sec. -Treas. 4; Key Club 2.3, 4; Board of Directors 4; Annual suff. Ambition: College CAROL SCHROEDER “Live and let live" Transfer from East Peoria High School. Ambition: Career Girl LARRY S EGG ERMA N "Surprised only by the atom bomb" Ambition: To get out of school. SONJA SPREHE "She has an indefinable charm about her" Annual Staff. Ambition: Marriage CAROL VANDEGRAFT "Sugar 'n Spice and everything nice“ F. H. A.; Sr. F.H.A.: G. A. A. 2.4; Spanish Club 2; Mixed Chorus 3.4; Librarian 4; Library Club 1.2: Girls' Chorus; Ensemble 1, 2,3.4; Pep Club 3; Annual Suff. Ambition: College and MarrUgeGARY VOLK "Butter and Egg Man” Class V. Pres. 2.3.4; Key Club 2,3,4; Treas. 4; Football 3.4; Baseball; E Club 2,3.4; Annual Staff. Ambition: Design and Test Engineer LARRY WALLER "If only desks had pillows I'd be at ease" Safety Club 3; Intramurals Ambition: Carpenter LESTER WALLER ROGER WALL® "Beware! I may do something "Way back home" sensational" Annual Staff; Intramur- Mixed Chorus 2.3,4; Ensemble ais 1,2,3,4. 4. Annual Staff; Intramur- Ambition: Farmer als Ambition: Farmer DONNA WE1RMAN "It's nice to be natural when your naturally nice" F. H.A. 1.2.3,4; Sec. 4; G. A.A. 1,2,3,4; Sports Mgr. 4; Jr. Play; Spanish Club 2,3; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Sec. 4; Girls' Chorus 1,4; Sec. 4; Ensemble 1,2,3.4; Pep Club 3; Sec. 3; Library Club 2; Annual Staff; Band 1,2.3,4; Intramurals Ambition: Special Education Teacher RICHARD WOLLENSCHLAG® "The early bird catches the worm, but who the heck wants to eat worms ’" Safety Club 3; Student Council 2.3,4; V. Pres. 4; Football 3; Track; Basketball 1. 2.3,4; Baseball 1,2.3,4; E Club 2,3,4; V. Pres. 4; Key Club 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Jr. Editor 3; Editor 4. Ambition: School TeacherRICHARD DONZE Valedictorian S.A.R. "Some lay he's bashful, others doubt it" Jr. Play; Mixed Chorus 1; Track 1.2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; E Club 4; Student Council 1, 3; Key Club 2,3,4; V. Pres. 4; Annual Staff; National Honor Society 2,3,4; ftes. 4; Intramurals 3.4. Ambition: College JANE SHUMAN Valedictorian D. A.R. "Your dramatical ejaculations are too copious for my common comprehension" F. H.A. 1.2,3.4; Pub. Relat. 4; Sr. F.H.A.; G. A.A. 1,2.3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; V. Pres. 4; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Jr. Play; Girls' Chorus; Ensemble 1,2,3.4; Band 2; Library Club 1,2; Student Council 4; Sec. 4; Annual Staff; Co-Editor 4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2.3. Ambition: College JOHN KELSEY Valedictorian Let's invite the juniors, too!" Spanish Club 2.3.4; Jr. Play: Mixed Chorus 1: Band; Ensemble 1.2.3,4; Safety Club 3; Football; Baseball; Track; Basketball 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3.4; Annual Staff. National Honor Society 2,3,4; Intramurals 1. Ambition: College The Top Ten Students based on seven semesters Richard Donze.........................................................................3.96 John Kelsey...........................................................................3. 96 Jane Shuman...........................................................................3. 96 Antoinette Heckendorn ................................................................3. 82 Carol Knepp...........................................................................3.73 John Claymon..........................................................................3.57 John Delaney...........................................................................3.54 Sharon Famey.................................................................•........3.46 Carol Kauth...........................................................................3. 21 Jim Gibbons...........................................................................3. 00 131 Jerry Ales, leave my football talents to anyone who can fulfill them. Paul Attig. leave.... So what? ? ? ? Willard Baker, leave my melodious voice to haunt these Halls of Ivy forever. Jim Bigger, leave in my Chevie fishtailing from the school to Front Street. Bill Casey, leave.... by way of the back door - the girls are after me again. Gene Childres, leave my way with women to Steve Qulram. John Claymon, leave my Church Key to Beaver. Wanda Crump, leave my quiet manner to Sally Holt. John Delaney, leave my pile of books to Darrel Duley. Dick Dodson, leave my wardrobe of can to... .on second thought, I'd better take them with me. Dick Donze, leave a portion of my L Q. to each member of the freshman class. Sharon Famey, leave cheering, "Let’s go North. " Barb Feeney, leave my ability to write love letten to anyone who has a guy in service. Joyce Finck, leave to represent America in the International Goof-Off Contest. Jim Gibbons, leave my wisecracks to Gary Flanigan, that is, if he will put them to good use. Karen Gilliland, leave my ability to fight and make up to any couple going steady. Bonnie Gossmeyer, leave... .but where’s my Toad? Peggy Gunn, leave my ability to keep late hours and still complete my school work to anyone who is capable of handling it. Margaret Haas, leave.... Meet me in St. Louie. Dorthy Hartman, leave.... Don't be so impatient, Leonard. I'm coming. Toni Heckendom, leave my ability to make good grades to Jack Pfister; hell need it. Margie Heme jar, leave my love for 2nd hour P. E. to anyone lucky enough to have P. E. in the morning, swimming and all. Jack Heyungs, leave my ability not to be attracted to any female to my brother Jim. Jo Ann Jones, leavy my love for sports to Connie Harms. John Kauffman leave.... Hop on. Nancy, I’ll take you home on my cycle. Carol Ann Kauth, leave all my empty Kleenex boxes to Jeanie Jones. John Kelsey, leave Sally in the care of anyone who can afford to feed her. (But merely in the care of) Terry Kimpler, leave my Chemistry book, which I seldom used anyway, to Mr. Roy. Carol Knepp, leave to further my study of electricians. Eulavie McFall, leave my typing troubles to Lynn Jones, who certainly doesn’t need them. Carl McGhee, leave my ability to get along without girls to Roger Miller. Paula Meador, leave.... if the senior boys will please put my car back on the ground. , Lloyd Messer, leave my ability to get along with everyone to anyone who can figure out my echnique. , Bonnie Miller, leave to break up the Tom and Jerry twosome of "58." , Terry Mool, leave my ability to get along without studying to Sam Wadsworth. , Leonard Niesler, leave my car to Rebbec's. They have it most of the time anyway. , Garrel Nevuis, leave my trapping ability to all the Kappa cats. , Tom Patton, leave my quiet ways and nothing to say to Nancy Abbott. , Judy Porter, leave.... puff puff puff . Carol Schroeder, leave my Ford to Judy Garrels if she promises to give it the best of care. , Larry Seggerman, leave my love for school to anyone who wants it. We, Jane Shuman and Dan Salyards, leave our meeting place in front of locker 52 to Jean Shuman nd Roger Miller. , Sonja Sprehe, leave with a diamond on my finger and bells on my mind, , Carol Vandegraft, leave my love for distant places, things, and persons to Maxine Ewert. , Gary Volk, leave with my bongos to join Dizzy Gillispie and his hot combo to play in an expresso ellar. Larry Waller, leave my ability to keep late hours over school books to Jim Hunt. Lester Waller, leave my.... I think I’m a senior now. Roger Waller, leave my abilities to tease girls and get by with it to Joe Wendland. Donna Weirman, leave taking my ability to direct pep band with me. No one would want it anyway. I, Rich Wollenschlager, leave this school.... We aren’t meant for each other anyway. We, Karen Gilliland and Margie Herne jar, leave our ability to get our annual pages in on time, without any prompting, to anyone fortunate enough to have Mr. Sullivan behind them. We, the Senior Class, leave all the trouble and grief which we have given our faculty to the Junior Class and hope that they will carry on as well as we have.  MSOHICLS. Armstrong 1. Aucutt O 7 D. Armstrong B. Bonner R. Bradle L. Brunson R. Carls K. Claymon A. Crusius18 D. Kaufman P. KriegA. McClure B. McFall C. McKinley J. Rosenbury S. Sam pen 1921 'VVe-ti . J LV% c-Xv f'-f'i vx fcVo •;...: VO Va O $ « ,v V«j? ... ;’f• 7i«o'tO Q 0v,' IT'- Ai y7| Q© 0 b® • cl: c-o © o” 0 © o' ® o m o a " J $ © s oi $ » r,6J» £ 0 0 O ,, V . . 1 rt (• v •’ 9.«(-‘f i f Qft . ;« i-s5 Nfc s il6 o,o7r o"i o ' j si ‘' r » j'; V. ...- % .© VA o, V ... J” fi - , i Vt»4Lf ' .. P - - «- - .Sr«. jS - I w A. R. Barker L. Baugh R. BensonM. Sunkel 26 J. White R. Yates27R. Sunkel D. Schlipf R. Shoemaker S. Stimpert —' J. WilliamsonCongratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1962. Plan, work and get what you want, or you may docilely like what you get. Without work or planning it would likely be mediocrity. Goals are aspirations. Make yours high and worthy of you and the success you have already attained. W. M. Claggett Superintendent James Milikin University A. B. University of Illinois M. A. George Washington University ADMIMIST RATION You have reached the twelfth rung on the ladder of life. There are many steps up this ladder; but through education, determination, and faith the top can be reached. Congratulations and sincere wishes to each one of the graduates of the class of 1962. Charles Sullivan Principal-Ath. Dir. B. S. Eastern Illinois State College M. A. Western Illinois State College 34STANDING: Laurence Guard, Gene Kline, Dave Wagner, Bill Dehority. SEATED: Art Henderson, Dwain Mool, Kenneth Crusius. BOARD OF EDUCATION JEANNIE JONES To PrincipalDONNA ARMSTRONG Vocal Music B. S. in Ed. L S. N. U. MARGARET DRESSLER English II; Librarian B. E. LS.N.U. M. S. L S. N. U. LUCILE HISERODT Girls' Physical Ed. A. B. Overline College Summer sessions: I. S. N. U. Columbia Univ. ; Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Wise. KARMY KAYS Practical Math; Geometry; Advanced Math; Math IV Western 111. State Univ. B. S. Colorado State College of Ed. M. A. KENNETH KUESTER Baseball; Social Studies; Boys' Physical Ed. ; Football; Assistant Basketball Coach Coe College B. A. Univ. of Iowa M. A. DONALD LA FOND Biology; General Science B. S. in Ed. L S. N. U. LOWELL MAY Instrumental Music Bradley Univ. B. Mus. Northwestern Univ. M. Mus. Univ. of Conn. ; Univ. of Hawaii. MARTHA MAY English I; French II; Spanish I Bradley Univ. A. B. JUDITH MOSER Bookkeeping; Typing I, II; Shorthand I, II; B. S. in Ed. I. S. N. U. BRUCE MURPHY Am. History; World History; Basketball Coach: Track; Ass't Football Coach: Springfield Jr. College A. A. Western 111. Univ. B.S. Univ. of 111. M. Ed. H. E. RECKLING Industrial Arts I, II, III, and IV Eastern 111. Univ. B. Ed. Indiana Univ. M.S. In Ed. ELDO ROY Chemistry; Physics; Algebra; Oakland City College A. B. Indiana Univ., Millikin Univ., I. S. N. U. EARNEST SANCKEN Agriculture I, II, III, IV, Univ. of 111. B. S. and M. E. SANDRA SEEGREN Biglish III and IV, Univ. of 111. B. A. NORMA WHITE Home Economics I, II, III, B. S. In Ed. I. S. N. U. DORIS KUNKLE BARRY HEATON Bookkeeping; Typing I, II; Student Teacher Shorthand I, II; I. S. N. U. B. Ed. 37COOKS G. Schertz; S. Crump; N. Hicks; A. Gottel; F. Smoots; Not pictured R. Ball. 6us otnvtns F. Jones; R. Hocker; F. Lock; J. Kauth; R. Benson; O. Hocker; L. Morgan; H. Schlink. JANITORS 38 B. Arbuckle; G. PhyllisSTUDENT STANDING: Marshall Neisler, Steve Schertz, Joyce Finck, Steve Wagner, Mr. Kays, Jean Shuman, Ken Schertz, Jack Kearfott, and Larry Knapp. SEATED: Jane Shuman, Richard Wollenschlager, Sam Wadsworth, Sally Holt. NOT PICTURED: Terry Mool OFFICERS President-Terry Mool Vice President- Rich Wollenschlager Secretary- Jane Shuman Treasurer-Sam Wadsworth Publicity Chairman- Sally Holt This year the Student Council, governing body of the school, sponsored the Homecoming Dance, 3 assemblies, a talent show, and a Christmas movie. In order that the student body could be aware of council activities, a new practice was begun. The minutes of all council meetings were posted on the bulletin board. 40COUNCIL A.F.S. MEETING NOON MOVIENATIONAL HOHON SOCIETY mmTCS 13 Ntw t tmCHS m R ACTC R $ t R if ICZ SCHQL fiSHXP tCADC $"ZP ROW THREE: Mr. Murphy, Mick Rippel, John Kelsey, Roger Bradle, Steve Schertz, Danny Salyards, John Claymon, Gary Volk, Jack Radebaugh, David Cox, Jim Gibbons. ROW TWO: Laura Aucutt, Diana Davison, Jane Stoller, Diane Jones, Carol Sturm, Toni Heckendorn, Suzanne Gustafson, Pat Krieg, Jane Shuman, Sue Sampen. ROW ONE: Treas. Sharon Famey, Sec. Carol Knepp, V. Pres. Carol Kauth, Pres. Dick Donze, Ken Schertz. 42 ROW ONE: Mrs. Dressier. C. Sturm, N. Simmons. D. Jones. C. McKinley. R. Yates, A. Radebaugh, S. Fosdick, W. Poole. ROW TWO: K. Claymon, K. Gilliland. E. McFall, L. Stauter. C. Roberts, M. Sunkel, M. Ewert, D. Holderly, P. Kreig. N. Finck. SEATED: J. Stoller, L. Aucutt, B. McWilliams. NOT PICTURED: D. Davison. $TVD£ T 8 COY The Library Club with Mrs. Dressier as its advisor, has been very helpful to the student body this year. It helps students check out books and find reference material. 43the concert ROW ONE; D. Weirman, H. Haas, P. Jakob, J. Edwards, D. Jones, K. Kaufman, J. Stoller, J. Radebaugh. ROW TWO: J. Patton, S. Baker , B. Attig, R. Dressier, S. Fosdick, L. Neisler, J. Wendland. ROW THREE: A. Radebaugh, G. Grube, D. Burroughs, J. Waters, L. Jones. SOLOS and ENSEK LCS ROW ONE: D. Weirman, J. Shuman, S. Sampen, D. Jones, J. Wendland, R. Attig, J. Hinthome, D. Donze, R. Bradle, A. Cruslus. ROW TWO: R. Attig, J. Wendland, P. Mea- J. Kelsey, dor, D. Lykkebak, J. Kelsey.BAND The high school instrumental department, under the direction of Mr. Lowell May, has helped to highlight the year with many activities. The band presented half time shows at all home football games and participated in a number of parades. They played at several basketball games and gave concerts during the year. They also took part in the County Band Festival and the Illinois Band Contests. The Dance Band played at dances for our school and other schools in the area. ROW ONE: J. Stoller, J. Radebaugh, R. Donze, T. Kimpler, J. Kelsey, D. Lykkebak. ROW TWO: L. Neisler, J. Wend-land, R. Attig, R. Donze. ROW THREE: D. Burroughs, D. Jones. ROW ONE: T. Kimpler, P. Meador, A. Crusius, S. Sampen. ROW TWO: D. Donze, R. Knepp, R. Bradle, J. Hinthorne, D. Lykkebak, J. Kelsey. ROW THREE: Mr. May, R. Mayne, Band Manager. DAA CC BANDROW ONE: K. Dodson, A. Heckendorn, C. Vandegraft, K. Gilliland, J. Shuman, J. Shuman, D. Scheer, N. Talbert. ROW TWO: Miss Armstrong, Director; D. Hunsinger, M. Sunkel, S. Armstrong, M. Bay, S. Stimpert, A. McClure, M. Ewert, C. Knepp. ROW THREE: S. Lebo, A. McClure, M. Haas, D. Weir-man, M. Herncjar, P. Meador, K. Ulrich, B. Gossmeyer, J. Jones, W. Crump. €xt£,t 5 P. Meador, C. Knepp, S. Sampen, J. Shuman, M. Haas, J. Jones. »It C. Vandergraft, W. Crump, D. Weirman, A. McClure, J. Shuman, D. Scheer. 46ROW ONE: J. Shaman, C. Vandegraft, D. Schoop, D. Cox, M. Neisler, R. Zehr, C. Knepp, D. Scheer, J. Shuman. ROW TWO: A. McClure, M. Haas, D. Weirman, L. Waller, D. Birch, L. Summy, L. Neisler, M. Herncjar, P. Meador, W. Crump, Miss Armstrong, Director. NOT PICTURED: D. Betts, J. Kearfott, R. Shoemaker. D. Weirman, W. Crump, C. Vandegraft, J. R. Knepp, L. Waller. L. Neisler, G. Grube. Shuman, R. Knepp, J. Kauffman, D. Cox, L. Neisler. 47ROW ONE: H. Haas, Points Chairman; E. Tipler, Second Vice-President: S. Farney, Public Relations Chairman; D. Weirman, Secretary; C. Knepp, President: M. Haas, First Vice-President; P. Meador, Treasurer; B. Feeney. Historian; W. Crump, Recreation Chairman; Miss White, Advisor. ROW TWO: S. Gingerich, C. Harms, M. Bay, C. Vandegraft, J. Jones. J. Patton. E. Porth, S. Stimpert, D. Craig, S. Reeves. L. Reeves, D. Cox. C. Krug. J. Waters, K. Claymon, J. Shuman, T. McFall, P. Hunsinger, t. Breach. ROW THREE: J. Shuman, B. Miller, C. Kauth, N. Abbott, J. Rosenbury, N. Simmons, J. Finck, L. Brunson. K. Smoots, J. Porter, P. Gunn, P. Krieg, S. Fosdick, D. Holderly, S. Reecer, S. Patterson, J. Stoller, L. Stauter, B. Bonner, J. Meyer, A. McClure, D. Hun- singer. ROW FOUR: M. Hemcjar, P. Jakob. P. Martin, A. McClure. L. Aucutt, K. Ulrich. S. Armstrong. B. Goss-meyer, N. Armstrong, P. Ludwig, B. Ortmann, S. Graack, C. Roberts. C. Lock, N. Finck, K. Dodson, S. Lebo, J. Lewis, D. Jones. §fSW ACTIVITIES F0R FHA The El Paso Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America has planned its 1961-62 program around five F. H. A. objectives; Getting To Know You, Family Unity, Furthering Interest in Home Economics, Teenage Consumer, and Youth Can Do. Some of the new activities this year were selling pompoms for the homecoming game, serving punch and cookies at the homecoming dance, sponsoring the Freshmen Hi-Senior Bye party, and setting up the Student Government Day. Also, the chapter was honored to accept at the section rally a public relations award earned by the 1960-61 club. The chapter parents are Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tipler and Mr. and Mrs. Denver Aucutt.The El Paso Chapter of the F. F. A. did many things during the year. On Field Day it invited the public to see die demonstration plot where F. F. A. boys had planted several varieties of hybrid corn. The members attended The International Livestock Show in Chicago. The Chapter helped the Key Club plant trees and donated two trees to the school. To raise money for club activities, members sold garden seeds and received money from the demonstration plot. At the end of the year, the club went to Missouri for a camping trip. I5C3S TOP ROW: J. Heyungs, M. Niesler, C. Rossman, B. Casey. T. Harris, L. Baugh. D. Duley, J. Carmen, B. Copeland, J. Ales. ROW THREE: R. Shreck, R. Mayne, T. Franklin, W. Baker, R. Bertlien, T. Brady. D. Kaufman, R. Kaufman, R. Carls, R. Bradle. ROW TWO: J. Delaney, L. Messer, J. Heyungs, E. Roberts, P. Attig. J. Kaufman, A. Copeland, L. Haas, C. McGhee, B. Casey, L. Armstrong. ROW ONE: R. Attig. H. Wright. D. Schlipf, R. Knepp, J. pfister, B. Baker, D. Jording. G. Kraft, J. Mitchell, G. Aldrich. Mr. Sancken, Advisor. NOT PICTURED: T. Mool.LEFT: top to bottom S. Holt Secretary S. Graack Reporter S. Farney Vice-President RIGHT: top to bottom W. Crump Points Chairman D. Weirman Sports Manager B. Miller Treasurer B. Feeney President G. A. A. sponsored noon hour intramural for girls as well as after school tournaments in speedball, baseball, and tennis. Club activities consisted of the annual Snowball Dance and Basketball Banquet. Skill development, sportsmanship, and social highlights fulfilled G. A. A. goals for the year. G: K. Ulrich, A. Crusius, M. Bay, N. Talbert, M. Ewert, K. Kaufman, J. Edwards, A. Ballard, S. Reeves, D. Cox, D. Scheer, T. McFall, L. Breach, P. Jacob, J. Holt, J. Patton, D. Davison, N. Abbott, K. Smoots, A. McClure, D. Hunsinger, L. Aucutt, S. Sampen, A. McClure, S. Armstrong, S. Stimpert. A: H. Haas, B. McWilliams, B. Bonner, N. Simmons, C. McKinley, S. Gustafson, J. Lewis, E. Porth, S. Patterson, S. Reecer, B. Ortmann, S. Lebo, S. Graack, K. Dodson, C. Lock, P. Martin, N. Finck. S. Holt, L. Stauter, C. Roberts, B. Feeney, B. Miller, J. Porter, L. Brunson. A: J. Shuman, A. Radebaugh, K. Claymon, N. Armstrong, P. Meador, D. Jones, M. Haas, C. Sturm, W. Poole, D. Hartman, W. Crump, J. Finck, K. Gilliland, J. Jones, C. Vandegraft. M. Sunkel, M. Herncjar, P. Gunn, C. Kauth, Miss Hiserodt, Advisor, S. Farney, D. Weirman, J. Stoller, E. McFall.ROW ONE: J. Kelsey, R. Wollenschlager, G. Chlldres, J. Claymon, T. Mool, D. Salyards, S. Wadsworth, G. Volk, J. Gibbons, J. Ales, Mr. Sullivan. ROW TWO: M. Ripple, K. Schertz, D. Donze, R. Evans, D. Kaufman, S. Qulram, D. Armstrong, R. Bradle, J. Kauffman. E "CIVI-E - SPONSORS 00W-M0VR ACTIVITIES The El Paso High School Lettermen's Club of 1961-1962 was headed by Jim Gibbons as President and Richard Wollenschlager as Vice-President. Dan Salyards was Secretary-Treasurer, and John Kelsey acted as Statistician. One must receive a letter in one of the major sports to become a member. The "E" Club supported the Noon-Hour Basketball Intramural Program and was very successful in setting up a Round-Robin Tournament. A sock hop was sponsored by the boys in order to raise money for trophies awarded in the intramural program. An A11-School Ping Pong Tournament was held in the old gym with awards given to the two top winners. In March, the Class Basketball Tournament was held, and the annual softball game between the students and the teachers was played on Annual Day. A special fund was also set up to provide Danny Kaufman a television set for use in his hospital room. Danny was seriously injured in a truck accident on October 26. 51dRLS I V TRAM URALS TOP. S. Armstrong, N. Simmons, B. McWilliams, S. Holt, H. Haas, D. Hunsinger. SECOND: S. Gustafson, B. Bonner, A. McClure, N. Abbott, A. McClure, D. Davison, S. Sam-pen. BOTTOM: K. Claymon, K. Ulrich, J. Rosenbury, L. Aucutt, A. Crusius. TOP: C. Vandegraft, J. Jones, M. Herne jar, D. Weirman, P. Meador. SECOND: B. Feeney, J. Porter, B. Miller, M. Haas, W. Crump. BOTTOM: J. Finck, B. Gossmeyer, D. Hartman, E. McFall, S. Farney. V • sR T L ✓ ' TOP: J. Lewis, C. Sturm, B. Ortman, N. Armstrong, M. Ewert, N. Talbert, J. Stoller, SECOND: L. Stauter, C. Roberts, N. Finck, K. Dodson, S. Graack, S. Lebo, A. Radebaugh. BOTTOM: W. Poole, R. Yates. M. Sunkel, E. Tipler, J. Shuman, D. Jones, S. Patterson. TOP: p p°rth, acob‘ D S. Stimpert, E. D. • Bay. SECOND: C. Harms, D. Cox. J- Patton ’ L‘ Reeves- J- ards. BOTTOM: L. Breach K Kaufman. S. Reeves. T. McFall.Boys Imtoamurals VULTURES D. Birch, C. McGhee, Coach G. Volk, L. Waller, J. Hey-ungs. NOT PICTURED: L. Tyson. LA ME-DUCKS J. Pfister, S. Quiram, J. Ales, Coach J. Gibbons, D. Schlipf, R. Mayne, B. Knepp. SHARP-SHOOTERS j. Hinthorne, R. Sunkel, Coach G. Childres, B. Waller, D. Betts, R. Evans, B. Kauffman. Mool’s Maulers started out strong at the beginning of the season with Gibbon's Lame Ducks running a close second. Volk’s Vultures showed improvement during the contests, while Childres's Sharp Shooters kept the same pace. Kaufman's Rough Riders and Ripple's Ruffians provided entertainment through many spirited games. The Noon Hour Basketball sponsored by the "E" Club drew large crowds during the noon break, and provided entertainment for those who participated and for those who watched. RUFFIANS M. Brown, L. Haas, D. Donze, Coach M. Ripple, J. Waters, D. Burroughs, P. Attig. ROUGH-RIDERS B. Holt, G. Flanagan, J. Wallace, Coach I. Kaufman, D. Roy, B. Roeske. MAULERS B. Attig, R. Schreck, J. Sengpiel, L. Seggerman, Coach T. Mool, J. Wendland, D. Duley, J. Wagner. 53ROW ONE: J. Edwards, S. Baker, S. Armstrong, S. Sampen, J. Finck, D. Davison, A. Crusius, J. Lewis, G. Roberts. ROW TWO: M. Ewert, N. Talbert, P. Ludwig, J. Shuman, J. Shuman, S. Holt, T. Heckendorn, L. Stauter, Mrs. May. ROW THREE: J. Kelsey. J. Gibbons, R. Miller, R, Nohren, G. Vogel, G. Flanigan, J. Wallace. JVI IN 1 CO The Spanish Club consists of students who have completed two years of Spanish and those taking Spanish this year. The club sponsored a sock hop and a chili supper in order to finance their trip to the Council of Pan American Leagues convention in the spring. 54ROW ONE: P. Martin, J. Finck, D. Cox, reporter, S. Wadsworth, treasurer, J. Rosenbury, president, D. Davison, secretary, L, Aucutt, vice-president, J. Delaney, L. Neisler, K. Schertz, B. Constant, Mrs. May. ROW TWO: J. Holt, D. Scheer, A. Bollard, M. Sunkel, S. Sampen, M. Haas, J. Shuman, N. Abbott, C. Sturm, D. Jones, S. Gustafson, M. Rippel, M. Rosenbury. ROW THREE: R. Schreck, L. Summy, D. Birch, D. Lykkebak, M. Neisler, S. Schertz, T. Radebaugh, J. Wendland, T. Patton. Grots Hdeft»rc« The French Club, under the guidance of Mrs. May, has completed its second year in existence. Sponsoring the "Sadie Hawkins Dance” in November and a sock hop later in the year and is now on the way for a permanent standing. 55ROW ONE: G. Volk, Treasurer; T. Patton, Secretary; D. Salyards, L. Neisler, President; D. Donze, Vice-President; J. Kauffman. ROW TWO: J. Wendland, M. Ripple, S. Schertz, S. Wadsworth, D. Lykkebak, S. Wagner, J. Rade-baugh. ROW THREE: D. Cox, M. Neisler, D. Birch, D. Roy, R. Miller, J. Kelsey, K. Schertz.Queen Bonnie Parade is ready to start Don't bum your fingers The homecoming festivities started on Thursday, October 5, with a bonfire and snakedance. On Friday the Comets won a 27 to 6 victory over Cornell. The old gym, which was decorated as a football field, was the scene of the 1961 Homecoming Dance. The dance was sponsored by the Student Council. Music was furnished by Joe De Zutti and his orchestra. At eleven o'clock Jim and Bonnie were officially crowned King and Queen by Terry Mool, presid ent of the Stud ent Council. Bonnie's attendants were Marge, Ann, Sue, and Pat. Make them straight, Dan Aren't we cute! 61 Snake Dance no doubt Shucks--for me! Ko. fch 9 Qtudent CouncilBetty MacDonald, Don MacDonald , Anne............ Joan............ Howard......... Roger........... Claud........... Claire Fessenden, Lesley Arnold..., Margo........... Miss Garvey...., Bee Gee......... Salsie.......... Kitsie.......... ,... Sue Sampen ,.. Joe Wendland .. Diana Davison Helen Haas , Sam Wadsworth ,. Kenny Schertz ,.. Darrell Duley Connie Goodwin ,...Jo Rosenbury .....Sally Holt ,. . .Karen Ulrich ,.. .Laura Aucutt Nancy Simmons Karen Claymon Mrs. Watson's Harry New-Motor Marvin. Mr. Curtis........ Mrs. Curtis....... Lyda.............. Jim............... Dotty............. Joey.............. Phil Murray....... Delia Murray...... Old Buddy......... Announcer......... Sailor............ Student Director... ....Lynn Jones ... Steve Wagner . Jack Radebaugh Sharon Armstrong . Carol McKinley ... .Steve Quiram ... Nancy Abbott .. Mickey Rippel Roger Bradle ....Ann Crusius ... Richard Evans ... Richard Evans ... Steve Quiram .....Patty Krieg The play was under the direction of Miss Seegren, assisted by Mrs. May, Assistant Director; Patty Krieg, Student Director; and Ann Crusius, Prompter. ROW ONE: S. Quiram, K. Schertz, R. Bradle, J. Wendland, S. Wadsworth, R. Evans, D. Kaufman, S. Wagner, D. Duley, M. Rippel, J. Radebaugh, Miss Seegren, Director. ROW TWO: C. Goodwin, J. Rosenbury, D. Davison, S. Sampen, S. Armstrong, C. McKinley, K. Ulrich. ROW THREE: A. Crusius, S. Holt, H. Haas, L. Aucutt, N. Simmons, P. Krieg, N. Abbott, K. Claymon. 64 PbROW ONE: G. Childres, D. Kauffman, D. Armstrong, K. Schertz, J. Gibbons, J. Claymon, G. Volk. D. Sal-yards, J. Ales, J. Kelsey, D. Donze, S. Wadsworth, R. Miller. ROW TWO: Mr. Sullivan, Ath.-Dir., B. Constant, J. Feeney, J. Armstrong, G. Flanigan, G. Vogel, D. Evans, S. Quiram, D. Roy, S. Wagner, D. Lykkebak, S. Schertz, J. Kauffman, Coach Kuester, Coach Murphy. ROW THREE: R. Dressier, Manager, G. Hocker, R. Evans, R. Woosley, B. Seggerman, R. Sunkel, L. Knapp, M. Rosenbury, D. Birch, J. Kearfott, J. Bohlander, R. Barker, Manager. T. Mool not present when picture was taken. The El Paso Comets finished the season with a three won and five lost record. El Paso was hoping for a winning season with nine returning seniors, but injuries hindered the Comets throughout the season. The Comets started off the season with losses to Eureka, Gridley, and Flanagan. The Comets then won their next three games with wins over Cornell, Lexington, and the conference co-champs Chenoa, followed by losses to Minonk and Morton. Jim Gibbons was named co-captain along with John Kelsey. Jim was also named the Most Valuable Player. Dan Salyards won the Tackling Trophy with 84 tackles. This is the second time Dan has won the trophy. El Paso 6 El Paso 6 El Paso 20 El Paso 27 El Paso 33 El Paso 13 El Paso 6 El Paso 6 Eureka 13 Gridley 13 Flanagan 27 Cornell 6 Lexington 0 Chenoa 6 Minonk 19 Morton 25 66G. VOLK 38 J. CLAYMON 22 K. SCHERTZ 21Ath.-Dir.-Prin. Mr. Sullivan, Alan La Rochelle (last years M. V. P.)p John Kelsey, Dan Salyards, Jim Gibbons, Coach Kuester, Coach Murphy.Prin.-Ath. Dir. Sullivan, Assistant Coach Kuester, B. Constant, S. Wagner, J. Garrels, S. Wadsworth, D. Armstrong, D. Salyards, J. Claymon, R. Evans, R. Bradle, R. Wollenschlager , J. Kelsey, Student Teacher B. Heaton, Coach Murphy. VARSITY The Comet team was made up of five seniors, five juniors, and one sophomore. The Comets won second place in the El Paso Holiday Tournament and received fourth in the Midstate Conference with a record of 10 wins and 14 losses. Rich Wollenschlager was voted to the Midstate Conference All-Star Team by the conference coaches. Dan Salyards and Sam Wadsworth received honorable mention. Roger Bradel won the Free Throw Trophy with a . 689 percentage. El Paso 52 Eureka 54 HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT El Paso 41 Gridley 36 El Paso 47 Chenoa 65 El Paso 67 Cornell 45 El Paso 51 Roanoke 71 El Paso 43 Wenona 53 El Paso 57 Cornell 37 El Paso 58 Le Roy 35 El Paso 56 Flanagan 46 El Paso 66 Lowp't-Washburn 62 COUNTY TOURNAMENT El Paso 58 Minonk 43 El Paso 49 Metamora 41 El Paso 40 Roanoke 62 El Paso 60 Lexington 44 El Paso 29 Metamora 49 El Paso 42 Minonk 39 El Paso 48 Gridley 50 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT El Paso 40 Cornell 44 El Paso 46 Roanoke 69 El Paso 50 Chenoa 58 El Paso 37 Forrest-S-W 50 El Paso 49 Flanagan 63 El Paso 51 Chenoa 66 El Paso 47 Lexington 56 70C0MCTJUMP, SALYARDS, JUMP! ANYONE FOR BALLET? FLATFOOTED TWO POINTS REBOUND ONE POINTAssistant Coach Kuester, Student Teacher B. Heaton, R. Shoemaker, M. Neisler, L. Knapp, B. Constant. J. Kear-fott, G. Vogel, C. Tegard, R. Miller, R. Nohren, M. Rosenbury. J. Armstrong, R. Barker, J. Bohlander, G. Hock-er. Coach Murphy, Mgrs. , J. Kinthrone, L. Jones, D. Duley. Ju r 4or Varstty The Junior Varsity this year lacked a big man under the net. Although the team displayed undying spirit, it finished the season with a 8-10 win, loss record. The team has shown great ability and will be a great help to the Varsity next year. HI Paso 38 Eureka 60 El Paso 33 Gridley 25 El Paso 27 Chenoa 34 El Paso 33 Roanoke 46 El Paso 36 Cornell 31 El Paso 34 Flanagan 37 El Paso 35 Low p't-Washburn 57 El Paso 32 Minonk 46 El Paso 33 Metamora 50 El Paso 43 Lexington 56 El Paso 31 Minonk 32 El Paso 44 Gridley 33 El Paso 39 Cornell 29 El Paso 36 Forrest 35 El Paso 39 Roanoke 47 El Paso 51 Flanagan 35 El Paso 46 Chenoa 42 El Paso 44 Lexington 27 73FRONT: Bonnie Miller, Helen Haas. STANDING: Sharon Famey, Carol Kauth, Sally Holt VARSITY Boosts S JiO©f S The Varsity Cheerleaders participated in several activities during the school year instilling spirit in the crowds and team. Their endless enthusiasm, time, and efforts deserve much commeration.LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Jakob, Linda Stauter, Diane Craig, Jean Shuman, Pat Martin, Lois Reeves. JUNIOR VARSITY — BUiLOS The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders gained valuable experience this year by their practice and loyal attendance. These six girls are worthy of praise for their practice and enthusiasm.ROW ONE: Prin.-Ath. Dir. Sullivan, R. Wollenschlager. J. Kelsey, R. Steffen, R. Abbott, A. LaRochelle, K. Hartman, G. Bell, D. Salyards, J. Claymon, Coach Murphy, Ass. Coach Kuester. ROW TWO: J. Wallace. J. Hin-thome, B. Casey, R. Miller, S. Wadsworth, D. Armstrong, D. Donze, R. Evans, M. Neisler, G. Childres, S. Wagner. TRACK Last year El Paso won five of seven dual or triangular meets, received 2nd place in the County Track Meet, and won the Midstate Track Meet. The Comets broke eight school records, and the holders of six of the new records are returning. Although El Paso has only six returning lettermen, they are hoping for an even better year. 1961 Flanagan 57, El Paso 56, Minonk 26 April 3 El Paso 106, Gridley 31 April 11 Metamora 73, El Paso 39 April 13 El Paso 63, Roanoke-Benson 55, Chenoa 37 El Paso 68, Lexington 63 1 2, Gridley 24 1 2 April 16 El Paso 69, Minonk 55, Wenona 12 April 24 El Paso 73, Lexington 47, Chenoa 36 April 28 El Paso 38, 2nd in County Track Meet El Paso 15, 5th in County Track Meet April 30 El Paso 59, 1st in Mid-State Track Meet May 2 May 5 May 12 1962 . . . At Gridley, with Flanagan ...................At Minonk .......At Low point-Washburn, with Roanoke-Benson . . . At Chenoa, with Flanagan . . At Lexington, with Chenoa Midstate Track Meet at Minonk Normal Relays at Normal ...................At Gridley . . At Minonk (Varsity F. S.) . County Track Meet at Minonk . District Track Meet at Peoria 76DAN SALYARDS Hurdles, discus, relays RICH WOLLENSCHLAGER Hurdles, 880 jm JOHN KELSEY Dashes, relays DON ARMSTRONG Dashes, relays, discus SAM WADSWORTH 440, relays, high jump JOHN CLAYMON Hurdles, relaysROW ONE: Principal-Athletic Director C. Sullivan. J. Kelsey, D. Salyards, R. Abbott. R. Steffen, A. LaRochelle, G. Bell, R. Wollenschlager. Assistant Coach B. Murphy, Coach K. Kuester. ROW TWO: J. Kauffman. J. Clay-mon, G. Volk, S. Wadsworth, D. Armstrong, M. Rippel, R. Bradle, L. McWilliams. ROW THREE: R. Miller. B. Constant, M. Neisler, J. Wallace, G. Vogel, J. Singpiel. BASEBALL 1961 El Paso failed to regain its Mid-State Championship, although, they did end the season with a 3-3 record for 1961. The Comets dropped their first three games. They won their last three games by defeating Lexington 6-0, Gridley 4-0, and Flanagan 7-0. EL PASO 4 . . . 9 EL PASO 12 EL PASO 4 . . 12 EL PASO 6 EL PASO 3 . . 9 EL PASO 4 EL PASO 4 9 EL PASO 7 Cornell 16 Lexington 0 Gridley 0 Flanagan 0 78Uow, tell ua what is corn? Count downi 1 t come on i fter a hard da; Valentine? nd this is Volleyball? 7 lance i 2 2 s so irnoce Can't I Dream? I crown you ueen, Noon hour er workin ? ? Out for Lunch ‘kOunlight altz Hollywood ?4 ain't I sweet J Riding high Logpatch Eraggersj GrandpaWc C oy Guess who's BOo now MtootUll herojj Never a quiet c.irte Giddy-gTI. 8o hi« Q а. Carl M. 3. Gene C. If.. M»r )arat H. S.Carol K. б. ffo t r Vf. 7. Jin e. 8,i9.cK W 8. Wanda C. Q.Tonyh. H. LesfcrW. io. Arb £■ ao. "Paul I. II. Dort H. a . Garre -VT ,a. PaulaN. aa.Gar VC 13' jconad a 8. Sonja S. HJohn K. a.V.Caro A « ;3-. Caro S. Jim G. b.JoA™ 3 34,. Joyce f. H'Sh ronf £.1. 6. D»ck Dons. : John A'AuffhianBest Looking Girl: BONNIE MILLER Best Looking Boy: JOHN KELSEY Miss Personality: DONNA WEIRMAN Mr. Personality: TERRY MOOL Miss Scholar: JANE SHUMAN Mr. Scholar: DICK DONZE Girl Athlete: BARB FEENEY Boy Athlete: JOHN KELSEY 82 who s mo IN Pa jo Class Flirts: PEG GUNN LESTER WALLER The Senior Most Likely To Succeed: TONI HECKENDORN •Class Cut Ups: JIM GIBBONS GARY VOLK Miss Music: DONNA WEIRMAN Mr. Music: LEONARD NEISLER Most Popular Girl: BONNIE MILLER Most Popular Boy: Quietest Girl: KAREN GILLILAND Quietest Boy: Most Mannerly Girl: DONNA WEIRMAN Most Mannerly Boy: Class Artists: PEG GUNN GARY VOLK RICH WOLLENSCHLAGER JACK HEYUNGS DICK DONZE CVTSrAHDWG semens Class Peach—Bonnie Miller Silliest Senior--Judy Porter Class Brunette—Marjorie Herncjar Most Artistic Girl--Peg Gunn Class Blond—Carol Vandergraft Peppiest Senior--Jo Ann Jones Sweetest Senior—Bonnie Miller Most Dignified Senior--Wanda Crump Cutest Girl--Joyce Finck Most Sophisticated Senior--Carol Kauth Cutest Boy--Bill Casey Class Go-Getter--Margaret Haas Tallest Girl--Marjorie Herncjar Class Wisecracker--Paul Attig Tallest Boy--Danny Salyards Class Grumbler- -Dorthy Hartman Class Midget--John Kauffman Night Owl--Dorthy Hartman Loyal Senior--Terry Mool That Ipana Smile--Paula Meador Best Dancers--Jane Shuman Danny Salyards Most Feuding Couple--Judy Porter Jim Bigger Class Bookworm--Toni Heckendorn Girl with the Best Figure--Sonja Sprehe Class Genius--John Claymon Girl with the Best Legs--Wanda Crump Class Poet--Eulavie McFall Girl with the Prettiest Hair--Carol Kauth Class Busy-Body--Margaret Haas Best Natured Girl--Sonja Sprehe Class Moocher--Dick Dodson Best Natured Boy--Larry Waller Study Hall Walker--Jim Garrels Girl with the Prettiest Eyes--Carol Kauth Teacher's Pet--Carol Knepp Most Thoughtful Person--Sharon Farney Teacher's Pest--Paul Attig Class Loafer--Larry Seggerman Class Gossipers--Bonnie Gossmeyer Jim Bigger Class Love Birds-- Bonnie Gossmeyer Logan Armstrong Class Bluffer--Gene Childres Favorite Pastime--Dating Most Wide-Awake Senior--Tom Patton Favorite Subject--Bookkeeping Favorite Song--School Song Favorite Car--Chevy Senior Speedster--Jim Bigger Most Traveled Senior--Jerry Ales Favorite Hour--12 Midnight Most Muscles--Willard Baker Class Joker--Gary Volk Sweetest Sax--Terry Kimpler Most Bashful--Roger Waller Red Head--Carl McGhee 84 Most Reserved--Lloyd Messer Least Number of Classes--Carol Schroeder

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