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ROW ONE: Miss Moser, Advisor; B. Riker; L. McWilliams; T. Lewis; G. Bell; R. Steffen; R. Abbott; L. Stoller; J. Holt; H. Armstrong. ROW TWO: N. Burton; J. Williams; L. Graack; T. O'Leary; M. Williams; J. Wagner; S. Kimpler; J. Jones; S. Hunsinger; J. McClure; P. Wallace. ROW THREE: A. LaRochelle; B. Aucutt; C. Greene; D. Whiskers; E. Reinhardt; P. Bagby; K. Maier; S. Dressier; J. Ripple; S. Thorndyke; V. Hartman. ROW FOUR: D. Donze; R. Wollenschlager; H. Farney; L. Graack; C. Bell; E. Jakob; B. Stauter; S. Beoletto; L. Corrigan; B. Toole. ADVISOR.................................Miss Moser PRO PHOTOGRAPHER................Mr. Vallow EDITOR........................A. LaRochelle ASST. EDITOR...............R. Wollenschlager BUSINESS MANAGER..................L. Stoller ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER......D. Donze ASST. PHOTOGRAPHERS............M. Williams L. Corrigan ARTIST....................................B. Toole TITLE PAGE...................L. McWilliams T. O’Leary COMETEER STAFF................... B. Aucutt ADMINISTRATION--FACULTY.......... J. Wagner J. Ripple; S. Thorndyke SENIORS...........................R. Reeves S. Kimpler; N. Edwards UNDERCLASSMEN....................L. Corrigan K. Maier; N. Burton SPORTS...................R. Steffen; L. Graack GAA--CHEERLEADERS..................B. Toole J. Diener STUDENT COUNCIL..........B. Riker; R. Abbott NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY........... T. Lewis L. McWilliams F. H. A.........................S. Dressier; C. Greene F.F. A....................................... L. Stoller GIRLS INTRAMURALS "E" CLUB............ BOYS INTRAMURALS KEY CLUB............ PEP CLUB............ SAFETY CAR CLUB..... LIBRARY CLUB........ FRENCH-SPANISH CLUBS BAND................ HOMECOMING.......... DANCES.............. JUNIOR PLAY......... SNAPSHOTS........... CALENDAR............ ...........S. Kimpler L. Corrigan ..............B. Riker ...........L. Stoller T. O'Leary .... .T. Lewis; B.Riker R. Steffen ...........H. Farney L. Graack ............P. Bagby L. Graack ...........D. Whiskers V. Hartman= ...........J. Diener V. Hartman J. Jones; M. Williams ........M. Williams N. Burton ...........N. Burton R. Wollenschlager D. Donze ........S. Hunsinger J. McClure ........K. Hartman T. O’Leary s ADMINISTRATIO WALTER CLAGGETT Superintendent of Schools James Milikin University A. B. University of Illinois M. A. George Washington University The sages say. "Wise men. though all laws were abolished, would lead the same lives. " Th e y have learned humility, self-control, and regard for others. How wise are you? Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1961CHARLES SULLIVAN Principal. Athletic Director B. S. Eastern Illinois State College M. A. Western Illinois State College Congratulations and best wishes to the members of the graduating class of 1961. Each one of you has just completed the preliminary stage of your life for orbit into the world of challenges and opportunities. You have acquired the tools of education. Now is the time to work with these tools of learning so you may make a place in this ever changing world.Board of Education SITTING: Kenneth Crusius, Dwain Mool, President; Don Sutton, Secretary. STANDING: Art Henderson, Eugene Kline, David Wagner, Lawerance Guard JEANNE JONES To Principal JOSEPHINE MORRIS To Superintendent FACULTY THELMA BUCKINGHAM English II; Library A. B. MacMurray College M. A. Northwestern University Favorite Song: Wonderland by Night KARMY KAYS Practical Math; Geometry; Advanced Math; Math IV Western Illinois State Univ. B. S. ; Colorado State College of Education, M. A. ; Favorite Song: Anchors Aweigh DONNA ARMSTRONG Vocal Music B. S. in Ed. I. S, N. U. Favorite Song: Tenderly CATHERINE N. BRUCE R. N. St. Joseph's Hospital, Peoria, Illinois B. S. New York University, New York School Nurse GENE CWICK Typing 1; Assistant Football Coach B. S. in Education Illinois State Normal Univ. Favorite Song: When the Saints go Marching In LUCILE HISERODT A. B. Oberline College Summer sessions: I. S. N. U. ; Columbia Univ. ; Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Wise. Biology. General Science Favorite Song: Mit Might as Well be Spring KENNETH KUESTER Coe College B. A. University of Iowa M.A. Baseball, Social Studies, Boys' Physical Ed. , Football and Ass't. Basketball Coach; Favorite Song: Sailor's Marching Song LOWELL MAY Instrumental Music Bradley Univ. B. Mus. ; Northwestern Univ. M. Mus. ; Univ. of Conn. ; Univ. of Hawaii Favorite Song: My Funny Valentine MARTHA MAY Bradley Univ., A.B. English I, French I, Spanish II Favorite Song: This Nearly Was MineMARY McCOLLEM English III, IV I. S. N. U. B. S. in Education, University of Illinois, Illinois Wesley an University Left at the end of the first semester JUDITH MOSER Bookkeeping, Typing I, II, Shorthand I, II B. S. in Education at Illinois State Normal University Favorite Song: Summertime BRUCE MURPHY Am. History, World History Basketball Coach, Track. Ass't. Football Coach Springfield Jr. College A. A. Western 111. Univ. B. S. Univ. of 111. M. Ed. Favorite Song: Look for a Star H. E. RECKLING Industrial Arts I, II, III, and IV: Eastern Illinois Univ. B. Ed., Indiana University M. S. in Ed. Favorite Song: Star Spangled Banner RUTH JEAN RODGERS Girls’ Physical Ed. Illinois Wesleyan University B. A. Favorite Song: April Showers ELDO ROY Chemistry. Physics and Algebra: Oakland City College A. B.. Indiana Univ. , Millikin Univ. I. S. N. U. Favorite Song: America the Beautiful ERNEST SANCKEN Agriculture I, II. in. IV University of Illinois B. S. and M. E. Favorite Song: Stardust SANDRA SEEGREN English III and IV B. A. University of Illinois Favorite Song: Poetry in Motion NORMA WHITE Home Economics I, II, UI B. S. in Ed. Ulinois State Normal University Favorite Song: Harlem NocturneR. Benson; O. Hooker; E. Bell; G. Corbitt; H. Thorndyke; F. Lock; L. Morgan; R. Hooker; H. Schlink; W. Burroughs, Bus Supervisor C. ArbuckleROHN ABBOTT 'Let his deeds speak for themselves" F.F.A. 1.2; Baseball 1; Football Track 2.3.4; Intramural 2.3.4; “E" Club 3.4; Junior Play; Key Club 3.4; Safety Car Club 4 Ambition: College GILBERT ARMSTRONG "Never let studies interfere with your education Track 1; Intramural 1.2 Am ition: Truck Driver HENRY ARMSTRONG "A quiet but loyal classmate is he" F.F.A. 1.2. 3.4; Treasurer 4; Annual Staff 4; Safety Car Club 4 Ambition: Navy LOREN ARMSTRONG "He worries not; he hurries not; his calm is undisturbed" Ambition: Work or go to college ROBERT AUCUTT "He who can bottle up his temper is a corker" F.F.A. 1,2,3; Treasurer 3; Annual Staff 4; Track 2. 3,4; Junior Play; King of the Heart Hop; Safety Car Club 4 Ambition: Farmer PATRICIA BAGBY NOLL "A ring on her finger is worth two on the phone" F.H.A. 1.2,3.4; Senior F. H. A. ; G. A. A. 1,2.3.4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural 1.2. 3.4; Girls Chorus 2; Marching Band 4; Junior Play; Pep Club 4; Library Club 2 Ambition: HappinessCAROL BELL "In her eyes are floods of laughter" F. H. A. 1.2,3.4; Secretary 2; Senior F. H. A. ; Treasurer; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play; Student Council 1; Homecoming Queen Attendant 2; Girls Chorus 1.2; Mixed Chorus 1.2 Transfer. Saybrook-Arrowsmlth High School Ambition: Secretary GARY BELL "Great men have made mistakes; I have made mistakes; therefore. I am a great man" F.F.A. 1,2.3; Baseball; Basketball 1,2.3. 4; Football 1,2,3.4; Track; "E" Club 2.3.4; A Cappela Choir 1; Mixed Chorus 2.3.4; Vocal Contests; Junior Play; Snowball Dance Attendant; Key Club 4; Safety Car Club 4; Director; Pep Club 4 Ambition: College SANDRA BEOLETTO "A llvewlre never gets stepped on" F.RA.; Senior F. H. A. ; G. A. A. 1.2.3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Marching Band 1.2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Instrumental Groups 1,2,3; Pep Band 1.2,3; Contests 1,2,3; Junior Play; Snow Ball Queen Attendant; Safety Car Club 4; Steering Committee; Pep Club 1. 4; Transfer: Eureka High School Ambition: Secretary RICHARD BOHRER “I think girls are silly" Marching Band; Concert Band 1.2,3.4; Instrumental Groups 1.2. 3.4; Contests 1.2. 3.4; Assistant Librarian 3 Ambition: Railroad Communications Man NANCY BURTON “She likes them tall, she likes them short; you know she likes them all" F. H. A.; Song Leader 3; Senior F H. A. ;G. A. A. 1.2. 3.4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural 1.2,3.4; Girls’ Chorus 1.4; Mixed Chorus 2.3,4; Ensembles 2.3.4; Vocal Contests 2,3.4; All State 4; Marching Band 1.2; Concert Band 1.2; Instrumen -tal Groups 1.2; Contests 1.2; Junior Play; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Elementary Teacher LUAN CORRIGAN "As quiet as a thunderstorm" G.A.A.; Sports Manager 3; Vice-President 4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Instrumental Groups 1,2.3; Dance Band 2.3; Contests 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3; Junior Play; Class Reporter 3; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Medical TechnologistJUDY DIENER "Colorful as a rainbow; refreshing as a summer shower" F. H. A.; Treasurer 4; Senior F. H. A.; G. A. A.; Annual Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1,2; National Honor Society 4; Junior Play; Homecoming Attendant 3.4; Valentine Dance Queen 2; Heart Hop Queen 3; Girls' Intramural 1,2,3; Class Vice-President 3; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4; Cheerleader; Library Club 1.2 Ambition: X-Ray Technician SHARON DRESSLER "Music is well said to be the speech of the angels" "B. A. A.; Annual Staff 4; Girls’ Chorus 1.2.3; Mixed Chorus 4; Ensembles 2.3,4; Vocal Contests 4: Marching Band 1. 2,3.4; Concert Band 1.2,3.4; Reporter 3; Vice-President 4; Instrumental Groups 1.2.3,4; Contests 1.2,3.4; Girls' Intramural Ambition: Commercial Teacher NANCY EDWARDS " Her heart is like the moon--there's a man in it" F. a A.; Senior F. H. A. ; Reporter; G. A. A. 1.2,3; Annual Staff 4; Intramural; Girls' Chorus 1,2.4; Mixed Chorus 3.4; Ensembles 2. 3.4; Vocal Contests 3.4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Student Council 1 Ambition: A good job HELEN FARNEY "It isn't what you do; it’s what you get away with I F. H. A.; Senior F. H. A.; G. A. A. 1,2,3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural; Girls' Chorus 2; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1.2, 3; Librarian 3; Instrumental Groups 1.2.3; Contests I. 2. 3; Junior Play; Heart Hop Attendant 3; Snowball Queen Attendant 4; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Secretary DAVID FRANKLIN "Waste no words" F. F. A. 3.4; President 4; Intramural 3.4; Junior Play Transfer: University High-Normal Ambition: Professional Barber GLEN GARRELS "The harder I try to be gooder. the worser I am" Basketball 1.2,3; Intramural 4 Ambition: ArmyLYNDA GRAACK "She put her worries in a pocket with a hole in it" F. H. A.; Senior F. H. A. ;G.A.A.; Intramur all; Girls' Chorus 1; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4; Vice-President 4; Library Club 3 Ambition: Physical Therapist LYNN GRAACK "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow" Basketball 1,2.3; Intramurals 4; Annual Staff 4; Safety Car Club 4; A Cappela Choir 1; Mixed Chorus 2.3.4; Vocal Contests; All State 1.3.4; Key Club 4; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Accountant CONNIE GREENE "Personality plus, which explains why she's a hit" F. H. A.; Senior F. H. A.; G. A. A. 1,2.3. 4; Intramurals; Girls' Chorus 2; Marching Band 1.2.3; Concert Band 1,2.3; Assistant Librarian 2; Instrumental Groups 1. 2.3; Contests 1.2.3; Homecoming Queen 4; Class Vice-President 1.4; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Elementary Teacher VIRGINIA HARTMAN KENNETH HARTMAN "We would call him a quiet man but we know him too well" Basketball 1.2; Track 1. 2.3.4; "E“ Club 3.4; Intramural 4; Annual Staff4 Ambition: College "Smiling and always ready for a good time" F.H.A, 4; Senior P. H. A.; G. A. A. Annual Staff4; Intramurals 1.2. 3.4: Marching Band 4; Junior Play; Safety Car Club 4 Ambition: Beautician JACK HOLT "Make room for a man" Football 1; Track I Ambition: CollegeSHARON HUNSINGER "I like to talk fast because I can say more" F. H. A.; President 3; Senior F.H. A. ; G. A. A. 1,2.3; Annual Staff 4; Intramural 1.2.3; Girls' Chorus 1,2; National Honor Society 4; Junior Play; Class Treasurer 1; Safety Car Club 4 Ambition: Secretary-Receptionist ELLEN KAY JAKOB "One who wins everyone’s heart" F.H. A.; Senior F. H. A.; G. A. A.; Intramural 3.4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play; Safety Car Club 4; PepClub 4; Treasurer 4 Ambition: Commercial Artist ERILYN JONES She knows the bliss of a cholar on report card day" H. A.; Histori-in 2; Senior F. H. A.; G.A.A. 1.2. 3.4; President 4; Annul Staff 4; Intramural; Marching Band; Concert Band 1. 3.3.4; Instrumental 3roups; Contests; Assistant Librar-an 1; Treasurer 2.3; Pres-.dent 4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Secretary 4; Junior Play; Snowball Dance Queen 4; D. A. R.; Class Reporter 2; Class Secretary 3; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4; Cheerleader 1.3,4; Library Club 2. 3; Reporter 2 Ambition: Commercial Teacher ALAN LaROCHELLE SANDRA KIMPLER "I take things as they come--easy" F. H. A.; Senior F. H. A.; G.A.A. 1.2.3. 4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural; Marching Band; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Instrumental Groups 1.2,3.4; Contests; Reporter 4; National Honor Society 3.4; Junior Play; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4; Library Club 2. 3 Ambition: College "Full of fun from dawn to sun--his jalopy can really run" Baseball 2.3; Basketball; Football; Most Valuable Player 4; All Conference Offensive and Defensive 4; Tackling Trophy 4; Co-Captain 4; Track 1.2,3.4; "E" Club 2, 3.4; Secretary-Treasurer 3; President 4; Annual Staff 3.4; Editor 4; Mixed Chorus 2; Junior Play; Student Council 2.3.4; President 4; Homecoming King 4; Snowball Attendant 4; Class Reporter 1; Class President 2; Key Club 3.4; Treasurer 3; Board of Directors 4; Safety Car Club 4; Steering Committee 4; Pep Club Ambition: Mathematics Teacher TOM LEWIS "Men like me don't come in pairs" Basketball 1.2,3,4; Track 1; "E" Club 2,3,4. Secretary-Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 2,3.4, Treasurer 4; Spanish Club 3.4; Junior Play; Student Council 3; Class Vice-President 2; Key Club 3,4, Director 4; Safety Car Club 4; Annual Staff 4 Ambition: To be a success AREN MAIER She works quietly, but well" nnual Staff 4; Girls’ Chorus 1,2,3; Marching Band I, 2. 3. 4; :oncert Band; Dance Band 3.4; Instrumental Groups4; Tontest 4; Junior Play; Pep Club 4; Latin Club 1.2; Newspaper taff 2; Mixed Chorus 1.2 "ransfer: FairburyCropsey High School mbition: Teacher A NET McCLURE Happiness is a habit she's acquired" H. A.; Vice-President 3.4; Senior F.H. A.; G. A. A. 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; Annual Staff 4; Girls’ Chorus 1.2; Mixed Chorus’s Accompanist 3; Ensembles 2.3,4; Vocal Contests 3; Safety Car Club 4 ARRY McWILLIAMS You may not hear him. ut he’s here" annual Staff 4; Baseball ,4; Intramural 2.3.4; National Honor Society .4; Safety Car Club 4 ambition: Engineer TOM O’LEARY "The fair sex is his department" Basketball 1; Football 1.2 3,4; Track 1.3,4; Intramural 2.3.4; E" Club 4; Marching Band 1,2.3. 4; Concert Band 1.2,3,4; Efficiency Manager 4; Instrumental Groups 2.3. 4; Contests 1.2,3.4; Key Club 3.4. Director 3. Treasurer 4; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4; Boys' State Ambition: Engineer JOHN REEL "We know little of thee, but what we know is good" F.F. A. 4; Safety Car Club 1 Transfer: Nornal Community High School Ambition: Farming RITA REEVES "Full of pep. full of fun. full of the pep that gets things done" F.H.A. President 4; Senior F. H. A. President: G. A. A. 1.2. 3.4. Reporter 4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural;Girls' Chorus 1.2; Mixed Chorus 3.4; Ensembles 2.3.4; Vocal Contest 3.4; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4; Library Club 3 Ambition: Home Economics TeacherELEANOR REINHARDT "One of our stars--at least she's out every night" F. H. A. 1.2,3,4; Senior F. H. A. • Corresponding Secretary 4; G. A. A. 1.2,3.4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Instrumental Groups 1,2, 3; Contests 1,2,3; Student Council 4; Secretary 4; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Stenographer BOB RIKER "A great lover of facts and 'figures'" Basketball 2.4; Football 1. Manager 1; "E" Club; Intramural 3; A Cappela Choir 1; Mixed Chorus 2.3,4; Vocal Contest 1.2,3.4; junior Play; Student Council 1.2,3.4; Treasurer 2; Vice-President 3.4; Class President 1,3.4; Key Club 3. 4; President 4; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4; Boys' State Ambition: College JUDY RIPPEL "Happy-go-lucky, gay and free; nothing exists that troubles me" F. H.A.; Senior F. H. A. ; G. A. A. 1.2.3; Annual Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1,2; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Secretary LINDA SCHROEDER "All the world loves a quiet girl" F. H. A. 1.2 Ambition: Beautician HENRY SPREHE "It pays to be good--I tried it once" Intramural 2 Ambition: College or business career BARBARA STAUTER "There's mischief in those eyes" F. H. A. 3.4; Historian 4; Senior F. H. A. ; Recording Secretary; G. A. A. 2.3.4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural 4; Girls' Chorus 1. 2.3; Vocal Contests 2; National Honor Society 1,4; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club Transfer: Eureka High School Ambition: Registered NurseRONALD STEFFEN "Girl irritate me--I love to be irritated' Baseball; Basketball 1; Football; Co-captain 4; Track 1,2,3.4; "E" Club 2,3,4; Vice-President 4; Intramur al 2.3.4; Marching Band 1.2,3; Concert Band 1,2.3; Assistant Efficiency Manager 3; Instrumental Groups 1.2.3; Contests 1, 2,3; Junior Play; Class Treasurer 3.4; Key Club 4; Safety Car Club 4; President 4 Ambition: Coaching. Teaching LARRY STOLLER "There's nothing he can't accomplish--once he puts his mind to it" F.F.A. 1.2,3; Reporter 2. Vice-President 3; Football 3.4; Track 3; "E Club 3.4; Annual Staff 3.4; Business Manager 4; Intramural; National Honor Society 2. 3.4; Treasurer 3; President 4; Student Council 3.4; Treasurer 4; King of Snowball Dance 4; S. A. R.; Class Treasurer 2; Safety Car Club 4 Ambition: Farming SHARI THORNDYKE "Honest and patient, loyal and true" F. H. A.; Senior F. H. A. ; G. A. A. 1,2.3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1.2; Junior Play; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Special Education Teacher BONNIE TOOLE " Just look her over, but don't overlook her" F. H. A.; Treasurer 2; Secretary 4; Senior F. H. A.; Annual Staff 4; Intramural; Girls' Chorus; President 2; Mixed Chorus 4; Ensembles 2.3.4; Vocal Contests 4; Marching Band. Drum Major 1.2. 3.4; National Honor Society 4; Spanish Club 3; President 3; Junior Play; Homecoming Queen Attendant 2; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4; Cheerleader 1.2. 3.4; Library Club 1.2 Ambition: Teacher JUDITH WAGNER “Her faults are few and far between" F. H. A. 1.2,3,4; Parliamentarian 3; Senior F. H. A.; G. A. A.; Reporter 2; Annual Staff 4; Intramural; National Honor Society 2.3.4; Secretary 3; Vice-President 4; Junior Play; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4; President 4; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award Ambition: Secretary-Receptionist and Successful Homemaker PATRICIA WALLACE "Blushes are not always a sign of bashfulness" F. H. A.; Secretary 3; Recreation Leader 4; Senior F. H.A. ; G. A. A.; Annual Staff 4; Intramurals 1.2,3. 4; Vocal Contests 2.3.4; All State 4; National Honor Society4; Junior Play; Homecoming Queen Attendant 1.4; F. H. A.Sweetheart 1; Class Secretary 1,2,4; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4 Ambition: NurseJIM WEBER "If wise cracks and laughs were part of the course. I'm sure he'd be ahead of the rest of the force" F. F. A. 1,2,3.4; Vice-President 4; A Cappela Choir I; Mixed Chorus 2,3,4; Vocal Contests; Junior Play; Safety Car Club 4 Ambition: Work DARLENE WHISKER "Dynamite comes in small packages" F. H. A. 1.2,3,4; Senior F. H. A.; G. A. A. 1.2.3; Annual Staff 4; Intramural 1.2; Girls Chorus 1; Junior Play; Pep Club 4 Ambition: College-Special Education JERRY WILLIAMS "Hard work never did agree with me" Annual Staff 4; Intramural 3; Junior Play; Class Reporter; Key Club 4; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Lawyer MARY ANN WILLIAMS "Silence is golden, but she'd rather yell" F. H. A.; Senior F.H. A. ; G. A. A. 1.2.3. 4; Annual Staff 4; Intramural; Marching Band; Concert Band; Instrumental Groups; Contests; Assistant Secretary 1.2,3; Secretary 4; Junior Play; Cheerleader 2; Girls' State 4; Safety Car Club 4; Pep Club 4 Ambition: Dietition CLASS OFFICERS ROW 1: P. Wallace. Secretary; C. Greene. Vice-President; B. Riker. President; R. Steffen. Treasurer. ROW 2: Mr. Kays. Advisor; A. LaRochelle. E. Reinhardt. L Stoller. Student Council Representatives; Miss White. Advisor.JERILYN JONES Valedictorian D. A. R. LARRY STOLLER Salutatorian S. A. R. The Top Ten Students based on seven semesters Jerry Jones..........................................................................3. 96 Larry Stoller........................................................................3. 82 Sandy Kimpler........................................................................3. 76 Judith Wagner........................................................................3. 60 Tom Lewis............................................................................3.58 Bonnie Toole.........................................................................3.50 Sharon Hunsinger.....................................................................3. 50 Nancy Burton.........................................................................3. 20 Luan Corrigan........................................................................3. 16 Tom O'Leary..........................................................................3. 14Class Will I, Rohn Abbott, leave my bashful manner to Margaret Hass. I. Gilbert Armstrong, leave--What am I doing here? I, Henry Armstrong, leave my Modem Problems instructor on the nearest Psychiatrist's couch. I, Loren Armstrong, leave heading for the hills. 1, Bob Aucutt, leave my big smile to Nancy Simmons. I, Pat Bagby, leave my curly hair to Penny Swanson. I, Carol Bell, leave my job at the Elms to anyone who is sucker enough to take it. 1. Gary Bell, leave all my problems to Dear Abby. I, Sandy Beoletto, leave for the nearest drag strip in my souped up Merc. I, Richard Bohrer, leave my suave man eating charms to Brother Lester. I, Nancy Burton, leave my flirting ways to anyone capable of handling them. I, Bill Copeland, leave heading for my old town of Eureka. I. Luan Corrigan, leave, Adios Amigos 1 1. Judy Diener, leave my love for dear old chemistry in one of the few test tubes 1 managed to spare. 1. Sharon Dressier, leave with Jack er er Holt. I. Nancy Edwards, leave with Ronnie. I, Helen Famey, leave the problems of being a good little girl to my sister Sharon. I, David Franklin, leave my boyish grin to Kenny Schertz. I, Glenn Garrels, leave only to find myself cleaning up after another reckless driver. 1, Lynda Graack. leave my ability to have fun to my sister who is out at the moment. I. Lynn Graack, leave to take my position as Vice-President of the 1. G.A. 1, Connie Greene, leave--But Ivan, this is my night to go out with the girls. I, Kenny Hartman, leave this cool pad. 1, Virginia Hartman, leave with Smoke in my eyes. I, Jack Holt, leave counting my lucky stars for being a senior. I. Sharon Hunsinger, leave heading for good ole Bradley--for some unknown reason. I, Kay Jakob, leave--Open the doors, janitors, here I come. 1, Jeri Jones, leave my long hair to Dick's sister, Sally. I, Sandy Kimpler, leave my typing skill to anyone who is fast enough to keep up with it. I, Alan La Rochelle, leave pushing my car to the nearest Ford Station. I, Tom Lewis leave--Please, Mr. Sancken, I don't want to go. 1, Karen Maier, leave my talkative way to Sue Sampen. I. Janet McClure, leave ending my freedom by hunting a guy by the name of Ray. I, Larry McWilliams leave if the teachers can get along without me. 1, Tom O'Leary, leave spanking Nancy. I. John Reel, leave my blond hair to Mr. Sullivan. 1, Rita Reeves, leave my marks on this concentration camp. I, Eleanor Reinhardt, leave, but in which Ford? I. Bob Riker, leave heading for the nearest local party, mercy! I, Judy Rippel, leave my giggles to Nancy Abbott who is doing pretty well herself. 1, Linda Schroeder, leave my quiet ways to Jim Hunt. I, Henry Sprehe, leave my living ideals to Beak Dodson, another night owl. 1. Barbara Stauter, leave--Much good that 1 leave this beastly bomb. 1. Ronald Steffen, leave my good looks to Darrel Duley. 1, Larry Stoller, leave herding my Olds down the road. I. Shari Thomdyke, leave my driving ability to calm Clarence Punke. I. Bonnie Toole, leave--Pray tell, where's Kenny? I. Judy Wagner, leave my studious ways to any needy person. 1. Pat Wallace, leave for my next French (y) class. I. Cletus Waters, leave on the end of Mr. Sullivan's foot. 1. Jim Weber, leave--Whew, it's been a long twelve years. ! 1. Darlene Whisker, leave my great height to Danny Salyards. I, Jerry Williams, leave my ability to get to class on time to Billy Holt. 1. Mary Ann Williams, leave my favorite song, Dilly Dilly. to Miss Moser.Class Prophecy It was the year 1975. I was starting on my trip to Hong Kong, China, to meet my husband, who was foreman of a construction project there. As I boarded the El Paso Special, Larry McWilliams, the engineer, waved at me. As Richard Bohrer, the conductor, showed me to my seat, he inquired about my husband and asked when we would return home. When the train pulled into Chicago, I knew I would have to hurry to catch my plane. I hailed a taxi and to my surprise Jerry Williams was in the driver's seat. As we brought each other up to date on our lives since graduation, we heard a siren. Realizing it was for us, we pulled over to the curb;.and immediately Jerry recognized the patrolman as Bob Aucutt. After receiving a traffic ticket, we rushed on to the airport. Connie Greene, the stewardess, greeted me when I boarded the plane. After the plane got into the air, Connie sat with me; and we started to recall old times. When not attending passengers, she told me that Linda Schroeder was chief cook at the airport commissary. We were forced to land in Indianapolis because of bad weather. After learning that I would have to spend the night there, I proceeded to the Hotel Indianapolis. The door was opened for me by none other than doorman Jimmy Weber. Since he was going off duty, we sat in the lobby and talked. He told me that Dave Franklin was head barber of the hotel, and that Rohn Abbott was the general manager. I then brought him up to date on the doings of some of our old classmates in and around El Paso. I told him about Larry Stoller's International Grand Champion steer that had sold for $40 a pound in gold. I mentioned also that there was a new dance studio in town called "Jack and Sharon's". Just then Luan Corrigan, Paris correspondent for the Indianapolis News, walked in. She had received a telegram saying that Lynda Graack had just been promoted to head of the New York Welfare Organization. When Luan asked about Barb Stauter, I told her Barb was head nurse at the El Paso General Hospital where, just before my departure, Nancy Edwards gave birth to a set of twin girls. There was a standing joke between Judy Wagner, Janet McClure, and her about who would have the largest family. The next day when the weather cleared, our plane took off for New York. I had a one night stop-over before the ship left for Paris. I checked in at the Waldrof and decided to eat dinner and take in a floor show. Upon entering the dining room, I saw Helen Famey as cigarette girl. After talking to her, I returned to my room. I picked up the newspaper, and Lynn Graack's name was in the headlines. He had just been voted Auto Designer of the Year. As I read on further, 1 saw Tom Lewis, a prominent attorney, had just won an important case; and Bob Riker had been elected Speaker of the House. I saw that the illustration in the special book section were done by Kay Jakob, and the love-lorn column was written by Shari Thorndyke, I noticed in the sports section that A1 La Rochelle's underdog team had won the state championship. The next morning as I walked up the gangplank of the ship, Gary Bell, the ship's captain, greeted me. Looking at the ship's directory, I noticed that Darlene Whiskers was the teacher, Pat Wallace was the ship’s nurse, and Henry Armstrong was the navigator. After a pleasant voyage, I arrived in France. I had my hair done in Paris by Virginia Hartman. She told me that Sharon Hunsinger was a secretary to an Air Force general stationed somewhere in France. Later when I arrived at the hotel, a copy of an el Paso paper was waiting for me. While skimming through it, I noticed Kenny Hartman, a mechanical engineer, was home for a visit; Mary Ann Williams, sports car racer, was also home for a visit; Bonnie Toole's chickens had won first prize in the poultry division at the cointy fair; Loren Armstrong and Glen Garrels had been awarded an exclusive dealership by General Motors for the El Paso area; Pat Bagby had been named Housewife of the Month; and word had been received that Rita Reeves hadwon the championship of the nation's new craze, "The Talk-a-Thon". I noticed an advertisement for Sandy Beoletto's "Spaghetti-Ette". Gilbert Armstrong had invented a new pill, "Cheap Sleep" and had received a patent for it. Judy Diener had opened a Private Eye Investigation Bureau. Her first case was to find out who had stolen fishing supplies from John Reel’s Rod and Reel Store. There was an article on Nancy Burton, the new night club singer, who was making her successful debut in Las Vegas where Henry Sprehe, the oil tycoon and rancher from Alaska, had ;truck the jackpot at the Double-Dice Gambling House. That afternoon, 1 took a walk before catching my plane for Hong Kong. As I walked past a photographer's shop, I saw a picture of Judy Rippel. Upon inquiring about her, I learned that she was a model for perfume advertisements. I still had a few hours before my plane left, so I stopped at Diors to see Carol Bell and purchase one of her creations. When I came out of the shop, I bumped into Ronnie Steffen. In my conversation with him, I learned that he was an architect, and he told me thatTom O'Leary was putting the spark in the spark-plugs for General Motors. I had to hurry off to catch my plane in twenty minutes. My husband was waiting for me when I arrived in Hong Kong. After freshening up at my hotel, I visited Karen Maier, who was teaching at a missionary school. Karen had a letter from Sandy Kimpler saying that she was now well established in the San Francisco Pet Clinic as head veterinarian. She also mentioned that Jeri Jones was the wife of a research chemist and that on the side she was making I. D. bracelets for twins. Eleanor Reinhardt had just purchased a dude ranch in Oklahoma and was growing mistletoe as a hobby. After the completion of the construction project, my hisband and I headed back for good Ole El Paso, Illinois.C" J. Ales a L. Armstrong P. Attig • W. Baker J. Bigger J. Burtis B. Casey G. Chesher G. Childres President Terry Mool Vice-President Gary Volk Secretary Wanda Crump Treasurer Sharon Farney Student Council Richard Wollenschlager Dick Donze Karen Gilliland J. Claymon W. Crump J. Delaney D. Dodson D. Donze S. Farney B. Feeney J. Finck k B. Gossmeyer J. Gray J. Graybill M. Gunn M. Haas G. Garre Is J. Garrels J. Gibbons K. Gilliland D. Hartman A. Heckendom R. Henderson M. Herncjar J. Heyungs J. Jones J. Kauffman C. Kauth J. Kelsey T. Kimpler C. Knepp E. McFall C. McGhee P. Meador L. Messer B. MillerL. Mitchell T. Mool L. Neisler G. Nevius T. Patton J. Porter C. Punke D. Salyards L. Seggerman J. Shuman S. Sprehe C. Vandergraft G. Volk ; L. Waller -» j,' " 'l L. Waller . -A A ' V b V JPi ft D. Weirman i m R. Wollenschlager v 1 1 N. Abbott D. Armstrong J. Armstrong S. Armstrong L. Aucutt J. Baker J. Bohrer R. Bradle President Sam Wadsworth Vice-President Dan Kauffman Secretary Laura Aucutt Treasurer Diana Davison Student Council Sally Holt Kenny Schertz L. Brunson B. Bumgarner S. Bumgarner R. Carls D. Duley K. Claymon B. Copeland A. Crusius D. DavisonL. Edwards M. Evans R. Evans S. Fosdick T. Franklin J. Garrels S. Gustafson H. Haas Q ■L - ! J 6 ft r J ' - J 9 % ' TT - | ft i ; i£ 1 D. Hall D. Holderly J. Holderly B. Holt S. Holt D. Hunsinger J. Hunt J. Jaspers L. Jones D. Kauffman P. Krieg D. Ludwig A. McClure A. McClure B. McFall C. McKinley B. McWilliamsJ. Meyer S. Quiram J. Radebaugh M. Reel M. Rippel E. Roberts M. Rosenbury S. Sampen K. Schertz R. Schmitt J. Sengpiel J. Servis N. Simmons K. Smoots P. Swanson L. Tyson K. Ulrich S. Wadsworth S. Wagner B. Waller J. Waters J. Wendland M. West M. YountI N. Armstrong M. Aylward B. Baker S. Ballman R. Barker L. Baugh R. Benson D. Birch President Steven Schertz Vice-President Sue Graack Secretary Jane Stoller Treasurer Marshall Neisler Student Council Cheryl Roberts E. Breach J. Carman R. Casey E. Clasper S. Compton B. Constant D. Cox K. Dodson B. Donze -R. Dressier N. Finck G. Flanigan S. Graack K. Gray D. Greenwood T. Harris J. Heyungs J. Hinthorne D. Jones D. Jones H. Jording S. Lebo J. Lewis C. Lock P. Ludwig D. Lykkebak D. Maier P. Martin R. Mayne S. Patterson R. Miller M. Neisler R. Nohren B. OrtmannR. Schreck B. Shannon J. Shuman L. Stauter J. Stoller C. Sturm M. Sunkel L. Summy N. Talbert C. Tegard S. Thompson E. Tipler G. Vogel J. Wallace J. Waters T. Wessel J. White R. YatesROW ONE: L. Stauter. J. Lewis, S. Fosdick, C. Lock, K. Claymon, N. Simmons, J. Diener, B. Toole, J. Jones, C. Kauth, S. Famey, B. Miller. ROW TWO: Coach Kuester, J. Claymon, J. Gibbons, J. Ales, G. Bell, T. O'Leary. J. Weber, R. Steffen, A. LaRochelle, L. Stoller, R. Abbott, C. Punke, J. Graybill, J. Kelsey, D. Salyards. T. Mool, Coach Murphy. ROW THREE: Mr. Sullivan, Ath.-Dir. , J. Wendland, Manager, S. Wadsworth, K. Schertz, J. Kauffman, B. Holt, D. Armstrong, D. Evans, S. Wagner, R. Wollenschlager, D. Dodson, D. Donze, S. Quiram.J. Heyungs, G. Childress. G. Volk, M. Rippel, Manager. ROW FOUR: C. Tegard, G. Flanigan, R. Nohren, D. Roy, G. Vogel, R. Miller, S. Schertz. D. Birch, B. Shannon, M. Neisler, D. Lykkebak, R. Dressier. The El Paso Comets started their 1960 football season with three consecutive victories over Eureka, Gridley, and Flanigan, followed by a loss to Cornell. The Homecoming game was a tie with Lexington, followed by two losses to Chenoa and Minonk. The final game was a tie with Morton. This gave us a final record of 3-3-2. Co-Captain, Alan LaRochelle, won the Most Valuable Player award and tied with Danny Slayards for the Tackling Trophy. Alan was the only unanimous choice for both offense and defense on the Mid-State Conference team. Danny Salyards was also voted to both teams. Those who received Honorable Mention were: Gary Bell. Larry Stoller, John Kelsey, and Jerry Ales.Jim Gibbons Dan Salyards Kenny Schertz Sam WadsworthThis is a better view for me anyway! Come on Ref, move it! Oh, such a blow to the head! Which way shall I go? May I have this dance? No, not another bone crushing tackle!Coach Murphy, D. Salyards, C. Ewing, C. Sullivan, D. Mool, A. LaRochelle, Coach Kuester 25 - El Paso 45 - El Paso 28 - El Paso 13 - El Paso 20 - El Paso 6 - El Paso 0 - El Paso 7 - El Paso Eureka - 0 Gridley - 0 Flanagan - 12 Cornell - 18 Lexington - 20 Chenoa - 12 Minonk - 20 Morton - 7Assistant Coach Kuester, R. Wollenschlager, J. Kelsey, T. Lewis, J. Claymon, A, LaRochelle, D. Salyards, G. Bell, B. Riker, J. Graybill, S. Wadsworth, D. Armstrong, R. Bradle, Coach Murphy, Prin. -Ath. Dir. Sullivan. Varsity The Comet team was made up of four seniors, five juniors, and three sophomores. The Comets won their own Holiday Tournament and received fourth place in the Midstate Conference in which they had a 11-12 won-lost record. Alan La Rochelle was voted to the Midstate All-Star Basketball Team and Danny Salyards received honorable mention. El Paso 51 Lowp't-Washburn 43 Holiday Tournament El Paso 34 Eureka 35 El Paso 66 LeRoy 49 El Paso 40 Chenoa 57 El Paso 59 Cornell 38 El Paso 44 Minonk 43 El Paso 65 Wenona 49 El Paso 52 Roanoke-Benson 49 El Paso 44 Cornell 33 El Paso 44 Flanagan 56 El Paso 40 Cornell 45 County Tournament El Paso 63 Gridley 44 El Paso 45 Eureka 55 El Paso 41 Lexington 56 El Paso 64 Metamora 56 Regional Tournament El Paso 53 Minonk 64 El Paso 43 Univ. High 56 El Paso 44 Roanoke-Benson 53 El Paso 46 Forrest-S-W 50 El Paso 51 Gridley 49 El Paso 81 Flanagan 72 El Paso 44 Chenoa 49 El Paso 49 Lexington 48 Richard Wollenschlager Danny Salyards John Claymon Roger Bradle Comet Sam Wadsworth Alan LaRochelle Gary Bell Bob Riker Tom Lewis LettermenTip Tow, A1! Don't Push, Sammy! Rebound! Ball Head! Missed! Two Points!Assistant Coach Kuester, J. Radebaugh, Mgr., S. Wagner, G. Vogel, R. Evans, D. Armstrong, S. Wadsworth, D. Roy, R. Miller, R. Bradle, L. Jones, Mgr. , Coach Murphy. Junior Varsity The Junior Varsity has proved to be a very powerful team and will be an asset to next year's Varsity. Their 14-5 record has set a new goal to be kept in years to come. The ream participated in the Annual Fresh-Soph Tournament at Minonk, but unfortunately was defeated in its first game. El Paso 47 Lowp't-Washburn 47 El Paso 43 Lexington 38 El Paso 27 Eureka 34 El Paso 35 Metamora 28 El Paso 39 Chenoa 24 El Paso 41 Minonk 42 El Paso 41 Minonk 45 El Paso 42 Roanoke-Benson 48 El Paso 39 Roanoke-Benson 35 El Paso 53 Forrest-S-W 40 El Paso 51 Flanagan 35 El Paso 45 Gridley 28 El Paso 45 Cornell 36 El Paso 59 Flanagan 50 El Paso 53 Gridley 40 El Paso 45 Chenoa 30 El Paso 48 Cornell 41 El Paso 46 Lexington 40 Fresh-Soph Tournament El Paso 64 Roanoke-Benson 67r ROW I; D. Salyards. D. Mool. K. Knepp. R. Byrd. J. Pinkham, H. Hurron. T. Bohlander. S a sw h- T- “o®1' C. Feenev. ROW 2: Assistant Coach Kuester. Coach Murphy. J. Claymon. B. Aucutt. L. Stoller. K. Hartman. O - Leary. G. Bell. R. Steffen. A. LaRochelle, R. Wollenschlager. C. McGhee. J. Kelsey. S. Wagner Pnn. Ath Dir Sullivan. ROW 3: D. Armstrong. D. Donze. K. Schertz. J. Gibbons. C. Punke. B. Casey. G. Childres. R. Abbott. J. Kauffman. Track El Paso has 10 returning lettermen to get the track season started for 1961. The strong points this year should be LaRochelle in the shot and discus; Hartman in the pole vault and high jump; Bell in the mile and 880; Steffen in the broad jump; Wadsworth in the 440; Salyards in the two hurdles and Kelsey in the dashes. Roanoke-Benson-lst, Chenoa-2nd. El Paso Cornel-lst. El Paso-2nd. Gridley-3rd El Paso-lst, Cornell-2nd. Minonk-3rd Roanoke-Benson-lst. Metamora-2nd, El Paso El Paso-lst. Lexington-2nd El Paso-lst, Minonk-2nd El Paso-lst, Minonk-2nd F. S. El Paso-4th County Track Meet El Paso-lst County Track Meet F. S. El Paso-6th Grid ley Relays El Paso-2nd Mid-State Track Meet March 30................Gridley-There Aprils .................Mononk-There April 11................Metamora-There April 14................Chenoa - There April 17................Gridley-There April 19................Minonk-There April 25................Lexington-There April 29................County Track at Minonk May 2 ................Mid-State Track at Chenoa May 5 ................Gridley RelaysROW 1: Coach Kuester, G. Volk, S. Wadsworth, J. Kelsey, D. Salyards, T. Bohlander, A. LaRochelle, R. Steffen, C. Feeney, Prin. -Ath. Dir. Sullivan. ROW 2: Assistant Coach Murphy, D. Mool, G. Bell, D. Duley, M. Ripple. L. McWilliams, J. Claymon, D. Dodson, R, Wollenschlager. ROW 3: G. Childres. J. Kauffman, R. Evans. R. Abbott. Baseball Although El Paso failed to regain its Mid-State Championship after winning it for two years in a row. they did end the season with a 3-3 record for 1960. The Comets started out very well with a win over M-D R, but lost a 5-4 decision to Chenoa. They came right back and beat Flanagan 26-1. Cornell blanked the Comets for the first time in two years, 11-0. Gridley, also, beat the Comets by 9-2. El Paso won its last game of the season from a highly rated Lexington ball club. This loss to them knocked them out of the Mid-State race and gave first place to Gridley. 1960 El Paso 8 El Paso 4 El Paso 26 El Paso 0 El Paso 2 El Paso 6 4 April 27 5 May 4 1 May 8-1L 11 May 12 9 May 16 3 May 18 May 24 VARSITY Sharon Farney, Carol Kauth, Jeri Jones, Judy Diener, Bonnie Toole, and Bonnie Miller Cheerleaders During the year our most loyal fans have been these twelve cheerleaders. They have worked very hard to bring out our school spirit through rousing cheers and good sportsmanship. One of their biggest projects this year was the organization of our new Pep Club, which helped to put on some of our best pep meetings. JUNIOR VARSITY Linda Stauter, Karen Claymon, Judy Lewis, Sharon Fosdick, Nancy Simmons, Connie Lock ROW 1: D. Donze, L. Stoller, B. Riker, A. LaRochelle, E. Reinhardt, S. Holt. ROW 2: S. Schertz, R. Wollenschlager, T. Mool, K. Schertz, K. Gilliland, S. Wadsworth. C. Roberts, Mr. Kays The Student Council is the governing body of the school, and so serves as bers and the student body. The council is composed of four class presidents ted by their fellow students. A week after school started the council sponsored a back-to-school danal. The counc the Snake Dance, Homecoming, various assemblies, the Twirp Dance, Honors Day, and the together dance at the state convention held at Chicago annually. --- STUDENT COUNCIL President. . . . A1 La Rochelle Vicg-President. . . . . Bob Riker Secretaf ................. . . Eleanor Reinhardt Treasurer . . . . . . . ■ Lairv Stoller Reporter................ . . . Richard wHllejfcchlager link between faculty mem-nine other members elec so sponsored Mixer'.' a getROW ONE: J. Radebaugh; L. McWilliams; J. Jones; T. Lewis; L. Stoller; J. Wagner; S. Kimpler; B. Toole. ROW TWO: Mr. Murphy (adv.); J. Kelsey; M. Malcom; A. Heckendorn; P. Wallace; J. Shuman; S. Sampen; C. Kauth; S. Farney. ROW THREE: J. Delaney; D. Donze; K. Schertz; J. Claymon; S. Hunsinger; B. Stauter; J. Diener; C. Knepp; D. Davison. NOT PICTURED: N. Edwards. National Honor Society The Elpahi Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools of El Paso High has enjoyed its fifth year of existence since its revival. The officers for the year 1960-61 are as follows: President, Larry Stoller; Vice-President, Judy Wagner; Secretary, Jeri Jones; Treasurer, Tom Lewis. New members included: five seniors, four juniors, and five sophomores. They began the year by being formally initiated into the Society in a special assembly. As a member, one's responsibility is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, promote worthy leadership, stimulate desire to render service, and encourage development of character. Character Scholarship Service LeadershipF.H.A. ROW ONE: D. Jones. D. Whisker. S. Thorndyke, C. Bell. Miss White. B. Toole, Secretary; B. Feeney, Parliamentarian; J. McClure, Vice-President; R. Reeves, President; P. Wallace. Recreation Chairman; J. Shuman, Public Relations Chairman; J. Diener, Treasurer; C. Knepp, Points Chairman, S. Hunsinger, L. Edwards, D. Weirman, H. Haas. ROW TWO: A. Radebaugh, N. Finck, S. Lebo. K. Dodson, P. Martin, C. Lock. J. Rippei, S. Kempler. H. Farney, J. Wagner, V. Hartman, M. Williams, N. Burton. S. Reecer. P. Bagby. C. Greene, E. Reinhardt. J. Jones. S. Beoletto, B. Stauter, Historian; D. Hunsinger, A. McClure. P. Kreig. ROW THREE: S. Ballman, M. Sunkel.S. Compton, N. Armstrong, P. Ludwig, L. Graack, C. Kauth, P. Gunn, B. Miller, K. Smoots, A. Waters. S. Farney, J. Porter, P. Meador, M. Haas, J. Finck, B. Gossmeyer, W. Crump, M. Herncjar, L. Stauter, C, Roberts, J. Stol-ler. ROW FOUR: J. Jaspers, J. Garrels, S, Patterson, J. Waters, J. Waters, K. Claymon, N. Abbott, L. Brunson, K. Ulrich, N. Simmons, J. Lewis, B. Ortman, E. Tipler, S. Graack, K. Jakob, J. Jones, C. Vandegraft, J. Meyers, L. Aucutt, J. Rosenbury, A. McClure, S. Fosdick. The El Paso Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America has enjoyed a very successful year under the guidance of Miss White. They started out the year very well by accepting three awards at a rally which took place at the I. S. N. U. campus. Some of the activities sponsored by the F. H. A. were: The Valentine Dance, fresh-initiation, and a trip to Chicago by the senior F. H. A. girls. Two special programs sponsored by the F. H. A. were family night and a foreign speaker. A sock hop, bake sale, hobo day, and selling peanuts were a few of the things the F.H.A.did to raise money. The chapter parents were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McClure and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Stoller. OFFICERS SENIOR F.H.A.F.F.A. The hard-working F. F. A. Chapter, under the direction and supervision of its advisor, Mr. Sancken, accomplished much during the year. The members participated in the soil and livestock judging contests; a team was sent to the parliamentary procedure contest; the officers attended the annual, officers banquet and training school at Chenoa; and the chapter took an educational trip to the Farm Progress Show. The Future Farmers tested soil for farmers, donated to charity, and took part in the Corn Picker Safety Program as community services. Much farm machinery was repaired in the shop where the boys learn by doing. A big night was the annual Parent and Son Banquet at which awards for the past year were presented. Shortly after school is out, the boys will take a short trip, using the money they have made from the Chapter plot, by selling garden seeds, and by selling candy at noon hour. Two delegates will be sent to the State Convention this summer by the Chapter, plus any members who can qualify fo r the State Band or Chorus. ROW Is C. McGhee, B. Casey, B. Copeland, C. Waters, J. Reel, D. Franklin, President; H. Armstrong, Treasurer; L. Armstrong, Sentinel; B. Baker, Mr. Sancken, Advisor. ROW 2: R. Mayne, C. Rossman, L. Baugh, J. Kauffman, Secretary; P. Attig, J. Delaney, Reporter; J. Heyungs, L. Mitchell. R. Carls, B. Casey. ROW 3: D. Kaufman, T. Harris, E. Clasper. M. Neisler, J. Heyungs, J. Baker, J. Dooley, J. Pfister, T. Franklin. ROW 4; T. Mool, J. Ales, L. Messer. R. Schreck. J. Carman. Not pictured; J. Weber. Vice-President. Associate Members: Ken Knepp, Eddie Stokes, Steve Patton.ROW ONE: Mrs. Rodgers, Sponsor, S. Gustufson, M. Malcom, C. McKinley, M. West, B. McWilliams, B. Toole, C. Kauth, Secretary, R. Reeves, Reporter. B. Feeney, Sports Manager, J. Jones, President, L. Corrigan, Vice-President, K. Gilliland, Treasurer, P. Wallace, C. Knepp, D. Weirman, H. Haas, A. Heckendorn, S. Holt. D. Davidson. ROW TWO: A. Radebaugh, D. Jones, K. Dodson, S. Lebo, P. Martin. J. Shuman, C. Lock, S. Kimpler. H. Farney, J. Wagner, V. Hartman, M. Williams, N. Burton. S. Reecer, P. Bagby, C. Greene, E. Reinhardt, j. Diener. S. Beoletto, B. Stauter, D. Hunsinger, A. McClure. J. Shuman, M. Yount. ROW THREE: S. Ballman, S. Compton, M. Sunkel, N. Armstrong, P. Ludwig, S. Dressier, L. Graack, P. Gunn, B. Miller, K. Smoots, A. Waters, S. Farney, J. Porter, P. Meador, M. Haas, J. Finck, B. Gossmeyer, W. Crump, M. Hemcjar, L. Stauter, C. Roberts, J. Stoller, N. Talbert, C. Sturm. ROW FOUR: J. Jaspers, J. Garrels, S. Patterson, J. Waters, J. Waters, K. Claymon, N. Abbott, L. Brunson, K. Ulrich, N. Simmons, J. Lewis, B. Ortmann, E. Tipler, S. Graack, K. Jakob, J. Meyer, A. Crusius, L. Aucutt, J. Rosenbury, A. McClure, S. Sampen, E. McFall, R. Yates. G.A.A. The Girls Athletic Association promotes interest in girl’s athletics, games, health, and sportsmanship. The G. A. A. girls were divided into teams for various tournaments. These tournaments in basketball, volleyball, hockey, and soccer give everyone an equal opportunity to earn points toward numerals, letters, and state awards. In October, the G. A. A. initiated the Freshmen members and put on a Play Day for all the surrounding towns in this section. In December, it sponsored a Snowball Dance for the Student Body and Alumni. The annual Basketball Banquet was given in the spring in honor of the players, coaches, managers, and cheerleaders. They were awarded letters for their achievements during the year.SENIORS TOP ROW: K. Jakob, N. Edwards, H. Farney, E. Reinhardt, S. Beoletto, C. Greene. MIDDLE ROW: V. Hartman, J. Wagner, S. Dressier, S. KImpler, P. Bagby, L. Graack, R. Reeves. BOTTOM ROW: B. Toole, N. Burton, M. Williams, J. Jones, P. Wallace. Not Pictured: L. Corrigan, B. Stauter. JUNIORS TOP ROW: D. Weirman, M. Herncjar, J. Shuman. K. Gilliland, B. Feeney, P. Gunn, M. Haas, D. Hartman, MIDDLE ROW: W. Crump, C. Knepp, J. Porter, C. Kauth, S. Farney, B. Miller, J. Finck. BOTTOM ROW: P. Meador, E. McFall, C. Vandergraft, J. Jones, T. Heckendorn. Girls' Intramurals SOPHOMORES TOP ROW: M. Yount, M. West, S. Armstrong, H. Haas, A. Crusius, L. Aucutt, K. Claymon, D. Hun-singer. MIDDLE ROW: B. McWilliams, S. Sampen, A. McClure. S. Holt, N. Abbott, N. Simmons. A. McClure, J. Rosenbury. BOTTOM ROW: S. Gustafson, J. Waters, C. McKinley, D. Davison, K. Ulrich, K. Smoots. FRESHMEN TOP ROW: J. Stoller. L. Stauter, E. Tipler. J. Lewis. S. Graack, N. Armstrong, P. Ludwig, R. Yates. BOTTOM ROW; M. Sunkel, C. Sturm, D. Jones, A. Rade-baugh, N. Talbert, C. Roberts, P. Martin, J. Shuman, C. Lock. Not Pictured: N. Finck, M. Aylward.TOP ROW: Gary Garre Is, Kenny Schertz, Terry Mool, Gary Volk, Sam Wadsworth, Mr. Sullivan; Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Rich Wollenschlager, Jerry Ales. THIRD ROW: Gene Childres, Jim Gibbons, John Claymon, Jack Graybill. FOURTH ROW: John Kelsey, Dan Salyards. FIFTH ROW; Rohn Abbott, Ken Hartman. SIXTH ROW: Tom O’Leary, Gary Bell, Ron Steffen, Larry Stoller, Bob Riker, Tom Lewis, A1 La Rochelle. E Club The El Paso High School Lettermen's Club was headed by A1 La Rochelle with Ron Steffen as Vice-President and Tom Lewis as Secretary-Treasurer. To be a member one must receive a letter in one of the major sports. As in past years the "E" Club had charge of the boy's intramural program. This was very successful and the boys participating enjoy the program very much. The club raised money for the trophies it awarded in the intramural program by having a sock hop. They helped the Student Council decorate for Homecoming and also contributed money for the float awards. The Ping Pong Tournament was held in the old gym with awards given to the top two winners. In March the Class Basketball Tournament was held with the Juniors and Seniors favored. In the spring the Class Softball Tournament was held with the championship game played on Annual Day.Boys’ Intramurals J. Kauffman, B. Holt, H. Sprehe, Coach LaRochelle, L. Graack, L. Stoller. J. Wallace. L. McWilliams. C. McGhee, G. Volk, T. O'Leary, Coach Wollenschlager, J. Sengpiel, J. Garrels, D. Donze. J. Radebaugh, K. Hartman. Coach Riker, L. Seggerman, L. Waller, D. Franklin. Not pictured: J. Ales. B. Bumgarner, R. Abbott. G. Garrels, Coach Bell. G. Garrels, R. Barker, P. Attig. J. Williams, G. Flanigan, Coach Salyards, D. Kaufman, J. T. Franklin, J. Heyungs, R. Steffen, Coach Lewis, G. Chil- Gibbons. Not pictured: J. Wendland, T. Mool, L. Tyson. dres, B. Donze. Not pictured: D. Birch, C. Tegard. The noon hour basketball games provided very interesting entertainment during the break in the day, seldom failing to draw a large crowd. Each team played 15 games during the regular season, and as a finale, participated in a tournament. The roarin' Rockets, ably coached by A1 LaRochelle, won the league but were given some trouble by the other evenly ba 1 -a need teams.ROW ONE: J. Kauffman, J. Delaney, T. Lewis, A. LaRochelle, B. Riker, L. Neisler, T, O'Leary. ROW TWO: G. Volk, D. Donze, M. Rippel, J. Kelsey, J. Radebaugh. ROW THREE: Mr. Kuester, L. Graack. T. Patton. D. Sal-yards, R. Abbott, G. Bell, R. Steffen. OFFICERS President. . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Directors. . . . . . Bob Riker . John Delaney Leonard Neisler Tom O'Leary A1 LaRochelle Tom Lewis John Kauffman This is the first year that a Key Club has been organized in El Paso, but it has proved to be quite successful. Among the activities that it has sponsored were a skating party, a mock election, and a free tree planting program throughout the community.ROW ONE: Mrs. Rogers, P. Wallace, B. Toole, D. Whiskers. S. Thorndyke, S. Kimpler, L. Corrigan, K. Claymon, H. Famey, K. Maier, V. Hartman. L. Graack, J. Wagner, E. Jakob, S. Fosdick, P. Kreig, S. Gustafson. J. Finck, L. Edwards. J. Shuman, D. Weirman, E. Tipler, S. Graack, B. Ortmann, J. Lewis. ROW TWO: N. Finck. S. Lebo, K. Dodson. P. Martin, C. Lock, J. Rippel, R. Reeves, B. Feeney, M. Williams, K. Gilliland, N. Burton, S. Reecer, P. Bagby, C. Greene, E. Reinhardt, J. Jones, S. Beoletto, B. Stauter, D. Hunsinger, A. McClure, H. Haas, A. Crusius, M. Yount. ROW THREE: B. Riker, A. La Rochelle, J. Garrels, C. Kauth. P. Gunn, B. Miller, K. Smoots, A. Waters, S. Famey, J. Porter, P. Meador, T. Heckendorn, M. Haas, C. Knepp, W. Crump, J. Diener, M. Hemcjar, L. Stauter, C. Roberts, J. Stoller, S. Sampen, A. McClure. ROW FOUR: J. Graybill, L. Graack, T. O'Leary. D. Duley, B. Casey, L. Armstrong, C. McGhee, N. Abbott, C. Goodwin, L. Brunson, K. Ulrich, M. Malcolm, N. Simmons, M. Evans, C. McKinley, M. West, B. McWilliams, B. Gossmeyer, J. Jones, C. Vandergraft, E. McFall, J. Meyer, J. Shuman, S. Holt, D. Davison, L. Aucutt, J. Rosenbury. PEP CLUB President...... Vice-President Secretary ..... Treasurer...... .. .Judy Wagner . Lynda Graack Donna Weirman ....Kay Jakob The Pep Club is a newly organized club of the El Paso High School, which is sponsored by Mrs. Rogers. The club promotes school spirit throughout the games and also puts on skits during the pep meetings. These skits are judged by the teachers.ROW 1: T. Lewis, C. McGhee. L. Messer. T. O'Leary. ROW 2: Mr. Sullivan, Sponsor; T. Mool, L. McWilliams, B. Riker, S. C. ; S. Wadsworth. J. Weber, S. C. ; L. Waller. A. LaRochelle, G. Bell. S. C. ; D. Salyards, L. Armstrong, H. Armstrong, L. Graack, K. Hartman, ROW 3; R. Abbott, R. Steffen. President; B. Aucutt. L. Stoller, R. Wollenschlager, j. Kelsey. K. Schertz, L. Mitchell, B. Casey. L. Armstrong, W. Baker. ROW 4; S. Kimpler. C. Kauth, B. Miller. M. Williams, P. Gunn, W. Crump, N. Burton, M. Haas. P. Wallace, C. Greene, J. Wagner, B. Toole. H. Farney. S. Beo-letto, S. C. ; K. Gilliland, A. Waters. ROW 5: J. Jones. K. Jacobs. R. Reeves, B. Feeney, S. C. ; P. Meador, E. McFall. V. Hartman, L. Graack, E. Reinhardt. J. Diener, B. Gossmeyer, S. Hunsinger. Safety Club The Safety Car Club is a newly organized club this year. It was started to curve reckless driving and to make students more aware of safe driving habits. The students organized the club under the guidance of Mr. Sullivan. One of the events planned by the club was an assembly and demonstration on safe driving. STEERING COMMITTEE SAFETY DEMONSTRATIONROW ONE: Mrs. Buckingham, Sponsor, C. McKinley, B. McWilliams, E. McFall, C. Goodwin. ROW TWO: M. Evans, M. West, N. Simmons, K. Claymon, L. Aucutt, D. Davison, A. Crusius. The members of the Library Club along with their sponsor, Mrs. Buckingham, have been very helpful in assisting the student body in checking books in and out and in finding reference material.ROW ONE: L. Aucutt. C. McKinley, J. Wendland, L. Neisler, J. Rosenbury, J. Shuman, J. Finck. ROW TWO: Mrs. May. M. Evans, M. West, K. Schertz, S. Wadsworth, M. Haas, R. Benson, B. Constant. ROW THREE: D. Cox, D. Lykkebak, B. McFall, T. Patton, J. Delaney. J. Radebaugh, R. Henderson. FRENCH CLUB The French Club is a newly organized group sponsored by Mrs. May. So far they are planning to do many interesting things. They are planning to take an active part in the Christmas Assembly. President.................................................Joe Wendland Vice-President................................Leonard Neisler Secretary-Treasurer........................................Jo RosenburyROW ONE: K. Gilliland, D. Davison, S. Holt, A. Crusius, J. Shuman, Mrs. May. ROW TWO: D. Weir-man, C. Goodwin, P. Meador, S. Sampen, M. Yount, A, Heckendorn. ROW THREE: J. Kelsey. J. Gibbons, T. Lewis. Spanish Club The Spanish Club members planned many activities this year. They had a Chili Supper as well as a Christmas assembly in which they danced and sang. This year for the first time they have joined the Federated Council of Pan American Leagues. President......................................Diana Davison Vice-President......................................Sally Holt Secretary- Treasurer Ann CrusiusROW ONE: J. Jones, S. Kimpler, D. Jones. ROW TWO: D. Weircnan, S. Holt, T. Kimpler, S. Compton, E Donze, K. Maier. ROW THREE: H. Haas, J. Shuman, R. Dressier. E. Roberts, L. Messer. ROW FOUR: M. Youm A. Radebaugh, S. Dressier, L. Jones. Concert President.................................Jerilyn Jones Vice-President.........................Sharon Dressier Secretary...........................Mary Ann Williams Assistant Secretary.........................Sally Holt Treasurer...............................Donna Weirman Librarian................................ Helen Haas Assistant Librarian......................Ann Crusius Efficiency Manager.......................Tom O'Leary Assistant Efficiency Manager.............Joe Wendland Reporter.................................Sandy Kimpler Officers Dance Band ROW ONE: Donna Weirman, Sharon Dressier, Jeri Jones, Mary Ann Williams, Sally Holt. ROW TWO: Tom O'Leary, Helen Haas, Ann Crusius, Sandy K im pier, Joe Wendland. ROW ONE: Jack Radebaugh, Richard Bohrer, Karen Maier, Bob Donze, Terry Kimpler. ROW TWO: Carl McGhee, Dick Donze, Don Lykkebak, John Kelsey. Tom O'Leary, David Burroughs, Mary Ann Williams. NOT PICTURED: Joe Wendland.10W ONE: J. Hinthorne, A. Crusius, S. Sampen. ROW TWO: J. Stoller, J. Radebaugh, R. Bohrer. M. West, P. Meador. ROW THREE: T. O'Leary, M. Williams, Mr. May, R. Mayne, D. Donze, R. Bradle, C. McGhee, D. .ykkebak, J. Kelsey. NOT PICTURED: J. Wendland. L. Neisler, R. Henderson. Band The El Paso High School Band, under the direction of Lowell May, presented half-time programs at the home football games and provided music for some basketball games. A new Pop Concert, which featured a selection of lighter numbers, was given in addition to the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. The band hopes this concert will be given yearly. During the year the band attended several concerts given by other bands and orchestras. The concerts at Chicago and the University of Illinois were the most outstanding of these. The band marched in various parades and also participated in the County Music Festival. The State Band and Ensemble Contest, held in Rock Island, was the highlight of the year. Marching BandSAX TRIO, ROW ONE: Karen Maier, Jack Rade-baugh. Jane Stoller. WOODWIND TRIO. ROW TWO: Sue Sampen, Diane Jones. Jeri Jones. SOLOISTS, ROW ONE: Sue Sampen. Diane Jones. ROW TWO: Richard Bohrer, Ann Cru-sius. Don Lykkebak. c o N T E S T CLARINET QUARTET: Donna Weirman, Jeri Jones, Sandy Kimpler, Sally Holt. E N S E M B L E S FLUTE TRIO, ROW ONE: Ann Crusius. Mary West, Paula Meador. TROMBINE DUET, ROW TWO: Don Lykkebak, John Kelsey. DRUM DUET, Sharon Dressier, David Burroughs. BRASS SEXTET, BRASS TRIO. ROW ONE: Tom O'Leary, Carl McGhee, John Kelsey, Dick Donze. ROW TWO: Mary Ann Williams, Roger Bradle, Robert Knepp. NOT PICTURED: Joe Wendland.S. Compton The six soloists of El Paso High School's Choral Department have had a very busy year, as they performed at various events. These included the District Contest at East Peoria, Kiwanis Club, Senior Class Play, G. A. A. Banquet, and the Spring Concert. G I R L S ROW ONE: L. Stauter, J. Shuman, Acc. ; P. Wallace, C. Vandegraft. ROW TWO: Miss Armstrong, Director; A. Waters, S. Farney, M. Malcom, C. Goodwin, A. Heckendorn. ROW THREE: N. Burton, M. Sunkel, S. Lebo, P. Ludwig, N. Armstrong, J. Rosenbury, D. Davison. N. Abbott. ROW FOUR: R. Reeves, B. Feeney, M. Haas, S. Gustafson, M. Herncjar, B. Gossmeyer, J. Jones, B. Toole.c °v a OeV3 This year El Paso High School's choral department consists of a Mixed Choir and Girls' Chorus under the direction of Miss Donna Armstrong. Both Choruses participated in the annual combination band and chorus Christmas Concert and the annual combination band and chorus Spring Concert. Mixed Choir participated in the annual Woodford County Christmas Festival which was held in Eureka this year. M I X E D ROW ONE: S. Dressier, C. Vandegraft. N. Talbert, P. Wallace. ROW TWO: D. Armstrong, Director; R. Reeves. M. Haas. J. Rosenbury. D. Weirman, S. Sampen, J. Shuman. J. Shuman, C. Knepp. W. Crump, ROW THREE: A. Radebaugh. S. Compton, C. Sturm, M. Malcom, A. Waters. M. Yount, P. Meador. B. Toole, N. Burton. R. Mayne. ROW FOUR: D. Cox. L. Summy, L. Neisler, B. Riker, G. Bell, L. Graack, L. Waller. D. Lykkebak, L. Jones. J. Kauffman. M. Neisler.ROYAL COURTEl Paso’s First Place Juniors Homecoming Second Place Sophomores Third Place Freshmen Floats G. A. A. Senior F. H. A.On October 14, I960, the Comets tied their Homecoming game with the Lexington Minutemen, 20-20. The Homecoming Festivities started with the bonfire and snakedance on Thursday evening at the high school. The theme for the dance was "Grid Iron." With the help of the "E" Club, the Student Council did a wonderful job of presenting the dance. The music was furnished by the Rhythm Kings. The dance was held in the Old Gym with the King and Queen being crowned by Bob Riker, Student Council Vice-President. King Alan and Queen Connie made a very handsome couple with Connie’s attendants Judy Diener, Pat Wallace, Joyce Finck, Laura Aucutt, and Pat Martin.SNOWBALL DANCE Sandy Beoletto, Alan La Rochelle, Queen Jeri Jones, King Larry Stoller, Helen Famey, and Gary Bell The Fourth Annual Snowball Dance, sponsored by the G.A.A.was held December 23 in the Old Gym. Music was furnished by The Rhythm Kings. King and Queen were Larry Stoller and Jeri Jones. Helen Famey, Gary Bell, Sandy Beoletto, and Alan La Rochelle were the attendants. Janet McClure crowning Norma Armstrong HEART HOP Queen. HEART HOP King Bob Aucutt and Queen Norma Armstrong On February 10, the F. H. A. sponsored the Heart Hop. The Starliters furnished the music for the dance which was held in the Old Gym. The dance was highlighted by the crowning of Norma Armstrong as Queen and Bob Aucutt as King. DANCESJunior Class Play "The Little Dog Laughed" Cast Laurie Huntington......................Jane Shuman Horatio P. Honeywell. Sidney Huntington........................Gary Volk Amelia Dennis......... Martha Huntington....................Margaret Haas Caroline Blakesly ... Wally Huntington......................John Delaney Grace Schoenbeck .. Miss Gustavesky......................... e88Y Gunn Walola Breckenridge. Joan Wood............................Bonnie Miller Therese Brown........ Ted Wood..........................Roger Henderson Woman............... Lillian Wood................Antoinette Heckendorn Man.................. Mark Bradford.........................Dan Salyards Student Director----- ......Dick Donze Bonnie Gossmeyer .. Donna Weirman .....JoAnn Jones .....Carol Knepp ... .Wanda Crump . Carol Ann Kauth ......John Kelsey .. Karen Gilliland The play, "The Little Dog Laughed", was very capably directed by Mrs. McCollem and Mrs. May. The psh-chology theme of the play and Laurie's interference into the lives of her family made for hilarious entertainmane.Riker Acting Natural 4 o'clock Hen Party Bonnie's , still lown Watch out for them! Carlock Cuties HELLO HUH?1 L TT Wheaties Gals Working Hard? Miss America You've gotta be a Football Hero weet Sisters C 'What a smile! Sweet Bell Backward Gals Did you say something? Remember when? jpDown the Hatch Ride 'em, cowboy Whale of a time Ready--Draw! Comfortable ? Our Name is Mud Let's count toesSchool High School Registration Unit Teacher's Meeting Magazine Drive (Junior-Senior) School Pictures Taken Labor Day--No School P. T. A. Meeting Junior-Senior Magazine Drive Starts Student Council Back To School Dance Pre-Season Kickoff G.A.A. Play Night Football-Eureka F. H. A. Bake Sale Football Fresh. -Soph. - -Eureka Ring Salesman (J unior) Football - -Gridley Football Fresh. -Soph. --Minonk I.E. A. Meeting--No School Football--Flanagan Junior's U. of 1. Testing Program Football--Cornell End of First Six Weeks Period Student Council Assembly Program P. T. A. Meeting Homecoming Pep Meeting Football - - Lexington Homecoming Dance--Student Council Football—Fresh. -Soph. —Lexington Football--Chenoa Football Fresh. -Soph. - -Chenoa Football--Minonk Football--Morton G. A. A. Sock Hop Junior Class Play-High Sch. Aud. Veterans Day--No School Basketball - - Washburn End of Second Six Weeks Thanksgiving Vacation--No School Basketball--Eureka County High School Vocal Festival Basketball - -Chenoa B asketb all - - M i nonk Basketball--Roanoke Sophomore Sock Hop Basketball--Flanagan Band and Chorus Christmas Concert G. A. A. Snow Ball Dance Band Christmas Party Basketball—Gridley Start Christmas Vacation First day of school after Christmas Vac. Basketball - -Forrest-S trawn Basketball - -Cornell P. T.A. Meeting Basketball—Lexington End of Third Six Weeks August September October November December January 23-24 29 1 2 5 8 9 9 12 15 16 17 19 23 23 26 30 30 6 7 10-12 13 13 13 14 14 17 21 24 28 4 4 8 11 18 21-23 25 25 1 2 6 9 9 13 15 17 19 20 21 2 3 6 12 13 13Calendar Semester Exams Semester Ends County Basketball Tournament at Roanoke Basketball-Metamora Basketball-Minonk Basketball-Roanoke P. T. A. Meeting Basketball-Gridley County High School Band Festival Basketball-Flanagan Basketball-Chenoa Basketball-Lexington F. H. A. Sock Hop Regional Basketball Tournament End of Fourth Six Weeks NO SCHOOL-County Institute National Merit Scholarship Test Fresh-Soph Tournament at Minonk P. T. A. Meeting High School Band Pop Concert Basketball Banquet Track-Gridley NO SCHOOL-Good Friday NO SCHOOL Track-Flanagan Student Assembly Track-Metamora P. T. A. Meeting End of Fifth Six Weeks Track-Chenoa Track-Gridley Track-Minonk Senior Class Play Track-Lexington Baseball-Chenoa County Track Meet-Minonk Mid-State Conference Track Baseball-Minonk P.T. A. Meeting Baseball-Cornell Junior-Senior Prom Baseball-Flanagan Senior Skip Day Baseball-Lexington Semester Exams Baseball-Gridley Commencement January 16-n 20 17-19-20 24 February March April May 27 3 9 14 16 17 21 24 24 1-2-3 2-3 6 7 7 9 17 25 30 31 3 5 6 U 13 13-14 14 17 19 20 25 27 29 2 4 11 12 13 16 17 18 22-23-24 24 26

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