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The Senior Class EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL Proudly Presents FOREWORD It is with great pride that we present to you this COMETEER OF 1958. It has been a lot of work, and it has been a lot of fun-but here it is I In looking through our COMETEER, you will find that we have compared the El Paso High School to the Universe. We consider the government, administration, faculty, and maintenance workers to be the "Force of Gravity"; the seniors are the "Stars of '58"; the underclassmen are "Satellites"; of course our athletes are known as "Comets"; the various school organizations resemble "Constellations"; and the special activities were held during "Moons of Special Events." And now to you, the reader, and to all those who helped us in any way we say, "Thank you, and we hope you like it." The Editors TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration-Faculty............. 3 Seniors............................ 9 Underclassmen......................21 Athletics .........................29 Organizations......................37 Activities.........................53Superintendent of Schools WALTER CLAGGETT A. B. James Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois; M. A. University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Determine what SUCCESS truly is. Then; Seek it, Work for it, Earn it, Appreciate it. Is it material? Respect? Love? Finite? Congratulations, to each and every one, Class of 19581 ADMINISTRATION Principal of High School CHARLES SULLIVAN B. S. Eastern State College, Charleston, Illinois; M. A. Western State College, Macomb, Illinois. Congratulation to the graduates of 1958. This book signifies another milestone in your lives. It records the highlights of your final year at El Paso High School. We hope that your educational experiences will help you to reach your star in life.BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Kenneth Crusius, President, Don Sutton, Secretary. STANDING: Alph Stoller, Alfred Stimpert, Dwaln Mool, David Wagner, Fabian Haas. SECRETARIES MARILYN DEHORITY BETTY STINE JANICE CRUMP Secretary to Superintendent Secretary to Superintendent Secretary to Principal left November 15, 1957MILTON J. KADLEC Boys' Physical Education, Football Coach and Assistant in Basketball. Illinois State Normal University, B. S.; Coach, Baseball and Track. Hobby—Golf. CAROL KAMMERER Vocal Music in Grade and High School. Millikin, B. M. Ed. KARMY KAYS Practical Mathematics, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry. Western Illinois State College, B. S.; Colorado State College of Education, M. A. Hobby—Gardening. WAYNE KING Instrumental Music in Grade and High School. Illinois Wesleyan University, B. M. Ed. Hobby— Electronics, High-Fl. FACULTY A. H. BAILEY Spanish, Librarian, World History. William Penn College, B. A.; State University of Iowa, M. A.; Illinois State Normal. Hobby—Tennis, Serigraph, Reading. DORIS BENSON English I and II. Illinois State Normal University, Monmouth College, B. A. Hobby—Crocheting. LUC1LE HISERODT Biology, Girls Physical Education. Oberlin College, A. B.; Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin, Illinois State Normal Summer Sessions. Hobby—Riding.LORRAINE G. KLINE Special Education. Northwestern University, B. A. BRUCE MURPHY American History, Social Science, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Coach, and Assistant Coach in Football. Springfield Junior College, A. A.; Western Illinois University, B. S.; University of Illinois. Masters M. Ed. Hobby--Basketball. ISABEL NESSEL Shorthand I, II, Typing I, U, Bookkeeping. Western Illinois State College, B. E.; Denver University School of Commerce, Colorado A and M, Gregg Business College, Gem City Business College. Hobby—Cooking, Reading. RICHARD LEE NEWBY English IQ, IV. Southern Illinois University, A. B. and A. M.; Illinois State Normal University. Hobby—Playing the comet. H. E. RECKLING Industrial Arts I, Q, in. Eastern Illinois State Teachers College, B. E. in Education, Indiana University M. S. in Education. Hobby—Carpenter Work. ELDO ROY General Science, Physics, Chemistry. Oakland City College, A. B.; Indiana University, Millikin.University. Hobby—Fishing. ERNEST SANCKEN Vocational Agriculture I, H, HI. University of Illinois, B. S. and M. E. Hobby—Pop Music. EVELYN SCHNEBLY Home Economics L n, HI. Illinois State Normal University, B. S. in Education. Hobby—Sewing, Fishing.BUS DRIVERS ROW ONE: M. Raymer, R. Benson, O. Hocker, F. Locke. ROW TWO: J. Everett, L. Morgan, O. Panther, B. Hocker, G. Corbitt, F. Rein-kensmeyer. CUSTODIANS G. Phillis, C. Arbuckle.BENNY RAY ARBUCKLE "All great men are dead or dying--I don’t feel so good myself." Transfer: Mills Prairie High School. Ambition: See the world. DOROTHY ARMSTRONG "Silence is Golden." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; Operetta 2. Ambition: Secretary. KENNETH AUCUTT "I have no use for women." P.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Vice President 4; Band 1,2; Cometeer Staff 4; Intramural 2,4; Football 3, 4. Ambition: Farmer. KEITH BLACK MORE "The Devil Himself." Intramural 3,4; Baseball 1,2. Ambition: Farmer. BARBARA BUSKER "A Good Heart’s Worth Gold." F.H.A. 1,3,4; Parliamentarian 4; Junior Play. Ambition: Secretary. JAMES BYRD "Little, But Mighty." Ambition: Machinist. ADA CARMAN "Little Girl." G.A.A. 1,3; Chorus 1; Operetta 1. Ambition: Secretary. TOM COLBURN "Whenever studies and pleasures clash, Just let the studies go to smashl" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Sentinal 2. Ambition: Farmer. — 10—BARBARA CRUMP "Moonlight and Rotes and Dennyl" F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Parlimentarian 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Sports Manager 3; President 4; Pep Club 2; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1.2.3,4; Secretary 1,2,3; President 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Operetta 1; Acappella Choir 2,3,4; Vice President 4; Ensemble 1,2,3, 4; Woodwind Trio 1,2,3.4; National Honor Society 3,4; Secretary 4; Camera Club 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Comet Tales Staff 3,4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Qass Treasurer 2; F.F.A. Sweetheart Attendant 1; Snow Ball Queen Attendant 4; All State Band 4; Vocal and Band Contests 1,2,3,4. Ambition: Music Education. JANE CRUSIUS "Lovely to Look At." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Song Leader 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Secretary 1; Operetta 1; A cappella Choir 2,3,4; Section Leader 3; Ensemble 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; President 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Librarian 3; Comet Tales Staff 3,4; Feature Editor 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Qass Secretary 2; Student Council 1,3; F.F.A. Sweetheart Attendant 1; Snow Ball Queen Attendant 4; All State Chorus 3,4; Vocal Contests 1,2,3,4. Ambition: College. PHIL CRYER "Knowledge is power." Pep Club 2; E Club 2.3,4; Vice President 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Operetta 1; A cappella Choir 2,3,4; President 4; Ensemble 1,2,3.4; National Honor Society 3,4; Vice President 4; Spanish Club 2; Secretary 2; Junior Play; Class President 2,3.4; Student Council 2,3,4; Vice President 3; President 4; Intramural 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Free Throw Trophy 3; Football 1,2,3,4; Co-captain 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3.4; Snow Ball King 4. Ambition: Study medicine at Northwestern. MELVIN DUNCAN "Often seen, but seldom heard 1" Spanish Club 2; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Intramural 1,2,3,4. Ambition: College. KAY EDWARDS "Large Is her heart." F.H.A. 1,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Operetta 1; A cappella Choir 3,4; Camera Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Library Club 3; President 3; Librarian 3; Comet Tales Staff 3,4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; All State Chorus 4. Ambition: Teacher. GEORGE EVANS "A smile costs me nothing." Intramural 1,2,3,4. Ambition: See the world. RAY EVANS "A woman would run through fires and water for such a kind heart." Pep Club 2; E Club 3,4; Chorus 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 3; Baseball 1. Ambition: Engineer. MARDELLE FARNEY "I shall laugh myself to deathl ” F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Reporter 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Vice President 4; Pep Club 2; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Band 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Library Club 3; Librarian 3; Comet Tales Staff 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play. Ambition: College; Marriage. — 11—BETTY FEVER "Diamonds are a girl’s best friendl" P.H.A. 1,2,3,4; President 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1, 2; Operetta 1; Library Club 3; Librarian 3; Comet Tales Staff 4; Comet-eer Staff 4; Girls’ State 3| Homecoming Queen Attendant 2. Ambition; Secretary. JUDY FURROW "Little Bittie Pretty One." F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4; Song Leader 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3, 4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3; Treasurer 2; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Class Reporter 3; Vocal Contests 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Queen 4. Ambition: Secretary. RAN DEL GARRELS "Searchin’." E Club 3,4; Junior Play; Class Secretary 1; Intramural 1; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Football 1,2; Track 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2. Ambition: See the country. TERRY GHSELMAN “The Joker’s Wild." Intramural 1,2,3,4. Ambition: Mechanic. JANICE HALL "Small Fry." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,4; Operetta 1; Library Club 4; Vice President 4; Librarian 4; Comet Tales Staff 4. Ambition: Secretary. AUCE HARTMANN "Sweet and gentle." F.H.A. 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Junior Play. Ambition: Housewife. JUDY HEIPLE "Hold the fort; I’m comingl" F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Operetta 1; A cappella choir 2.3,4; Section Leader 4; Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Comet Tales Staff 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Vocal Contests 1,2,3,4. Ambition: College, Nursing. JERRY HOLSTEN "I’m not bashful. I’m just well trained." Ambition: Mechanic.MARGENEJONES "It's a good life 1 “ P.H. A. 1,2,3,4; Library Club 4; Secretary-Treasurer 4j Cometeer Staff 4; Transfer: Lexington High School. Ambition: Secretary. RACHEL KNEPP "She is kind as she is fair." F.H. A. 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Operetta 1; A cappella Choir 2,3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 4j Ensemble 1,2,3, 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Treasurer 4; Library Club 3; Secretary-Treasurer 3; Librarian 3; Comet Tales Staff 3,4; Cometeer Staff 3,4; Junior Play; Class Secretary 3; Homecoming Queen Attendant 4; Vocal Contests 1,2,3,4; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4. Ambition: Private Secretary. JANET LA ROCHELLE "Early to bed, early to rise, and you miss the best pan of the day I" F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3; Operetta 1; A cappella Choir 2,3; Section Leader 3; Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Librarian 4; Comet Tales Staff 3,4; Associate Editor 3; Editor in Chief 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Vocal Contests 1,2,3,4. Ambition: College. Marriage. CHARLES LAMPE "When it comes to studies—Bahl But when it comes to women— Ahh!" F.F.A. 1,2; Pep Club 2; Camera Club 3; Football 1,2; Cometeer Staff 4. Ambition: Pro photographer. BOB McCLURE "IH tell the world!" P.P.A. 1,2,3,4; Reporter 3; President 4; Chorus 1,2,4; Operetta 1; A-cappella Choir 2,4; Section Leader 4; Ensemble 1; Cometeer Staff 4; Coeditor; Intramural 2,3,4. Ambition: Farmer. JIM McHUGH "Don Juan." Pep Club 2; E Club 2,3, 4; President 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Student Council 3,4; Vice President 4; Intramural 1,2; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3.4; Co-captain 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2, 3,4. Ambition: College. WESLEY McKINLEY "Might as well; I can't dance." F.F.A. 2,3,4; Reporter 4; E Club 4; Spanish Club 2; Class Vice President 1; Intramural 3,4; Football 1. Ambition: Farmer. BILL McKINLEY "You must have been a beautiful baby!" P.F.A. 1,2; Cometeer Staff 4; Intramural 1; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,4. Ambition: Nice soft office job. — 13—CAROL MOHR "As merry as the day Is long." F.H.A. 1.2.3,4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1.2; Operetta 1; Camera Club 3; Library Club 3.4; President 4; Librarian 3,4; Cometeer Staff 4. Ambition: Secretary. GORDON MOOL "The strength of twenty men." Pep Club 2; E Club 1,2,3.4; Basketball l,2t'3,4« Football 1.2.3,4; Track 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4. Ambition: Architectural Draftsman. JERRY MORITZ "Rebel." Ambition: Hot rod mechanic. VIRGINIA MOUNCE "Little things mean a lot." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2; Operetta 1; Camera Qub 3; Spanish Club 2; Comet Tales Staff 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Snow Ball Queen 4. Ambition: Nurse; Marine wife. JUDY PATTON "Life is Just a bowl of cherries I " F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; Girls' Chorus 4; Operetta 1; Camera Club 3; Library Club 3,4; Reporter 4; Librarian 3,4; Comet Tales Staff 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play. Ambition: Medical technologist. YVONNE PORTER "A pretty girl is like a melody." F.H.A. 1,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3; Chorus 1; Junior Play. Ambition: Secretary; Housewife. DALE PORTH "Flirting is a desperate thing, but I'm a desperadol " Pep Club 2; Cometeer Staff 4; Intramural 2,3,4. Ambition: To leave C. I. MELVIN ROTH "He is quiet, but his opinions are worth hearing." Spanish Club 2; Cometeer Staff 3,4; Class Treasurer 4; Intramural 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 4. Ambition: A Success! — 14—BERNARD SHANKS "Give me the simple life." Spanlih Club 2; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Intramural 3, 4. College. Ambition: KAREN SPREHE "Party Doll." F.H.A. 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Secretary 3; Operetta 1; A cappella Choir 2,3,4; Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Comet Tales Staff 3,4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Class Reporter 4; Vocal contests 1,2,3,4. Ambition: Secretary. EVERET STINE "Wine, women, and song." Pep Club 2; E Club 2,3,4; Junior Play; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Football 1, 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3, 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Snow Ball King Attendant. Ambition: See the world. ROGER STURM "Lover." Pep Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Operetta 1; A cappella Choir 2,3; Ensemble 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Junior Play; Class Secretary 4; Intramural 3,4; Baseball 3. Ambition: Architectural engineer. DOLLY SUTTON "A good heart is better than all the heads in a world." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Public Relations Chairman 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Cheerleader 1,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 3; A cappella Choir 2,3,4; Section Leader 4; National Honor Society 4; Library Club 3; Librarian 3; Comet Tales Staff 3,4; Cometeer Staff 3,4; Junior Play; Class Treasurer 1,3; Student Council 2; Vocal Contests 2,3,4. Ambition: Airline Hostess. LARRY TIPLER "Rock of Gibraltar." F.F.A. 1,2; Pep Club 2; E Club 3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Camera Club 3; Cometeer Staff 4; Class President 1; Basketball 1; Football 1, 2,3,4; Track 3; Baseball 1; Tackling Trophy 4. Ambition: College. SHARON TYSON "A witty woman is a treasure. " F.H.A. 4; G.A.A. 1; Spanish Club 2; Comet Tales Staff 3,4; Cometeer Staff 4. Ambition: Commercial artist. FRANK VOGEL "Make much of me; good men are scarce 1" Pep Club 2; E Club 2,3,4; Vice President 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Class Vice President 2,3,4; Intramural 2,4; Basketball 3; Track 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Snow Ball King Attendant 4. Ambition: Baseball Player. —15-CATHERINE WELBES "Working—that's out of her line. Loving—why, that's sublime. F.H. A. 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3; Operetta 1. Ambition: Housewife. TOM WEST "Man in the Moon." Cometeer Staff 4; Football 1,2,3,4. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Melvin Roth . Karen Sprehe Bill McKinley Jim McHugh . Roger Sturm Phil Cryer . Frank Vogel Treasurer Reporter Student Council Student Council Secretary President Vice-President — 16—PHIL CRYER KAREN SPREHE JANE CRUSIUS S.A.R. Salutatorlan O.A.R. Valedictorian 1957-1958 HIGH HONOR AND HONOR STUDENTS BASED ON SEVEN SEMESTERS Phil Cryer...........................4.000 Karen Sprehe.........................3.857 Melvin Roth..........................3.821 Rachel Knepp.........................3.750 Barbara Crump........................3.678 Jane Crusius.......................3.642 Dolly Sutton.......................3.321 Frank Vogel........................3.146 Betty Fever........................3.107 Jim McHugh.........................3.107 Sharon Tyson........................3.071 During the summer of 1973, the El Paso senior class of 1958 held their first reunion at the Armstrong Arms, a completely modem branch of Dorothy Armstrong’s chain of hotels. My train arrived early so while waiting for my old friends, I picked up the El Paso Planetgraph in the lobby. To my surprise, I noticed that the editor was my old classmate, Bernard Shanks. The front page headlines read "President Wesley McKinley's Peace Pact with Russia proved successful After Time Trial. " To further friendly relations, both countries agreed to build a bridge from Alaska to Russia. The contract was given to the Sturm, Mool and R. Evans Construction Company of El Paso. On the next page I read in Dale Porth's sports column that Frank Vogel had completed three no-hit games during the 1973 World Series. Further on, I read that a new fruit—Banberry—had been produced by fruit farmer, Ray Arbuckle, by crossing a banana and a raspberry. In the next column, I discovered that Kenny Aucutt won a Blue Ribbon in a universal livestock exhibit for his fat cattle. Ken says his secret is feeding Bob McClure's Muscle Meal which Bob guarantees to add weight in man or beast. Turning to the society page, a picture of sophisticated Yvonne Porter, wrapped in a silver mink coat, caught my eye. She was standing by a new Colburn Jet-Away Sports Car given to her by one of her many admirers. Reading on, I found an article concerning the former Barbara Crump, now wife of a prominent dentist. She is planning to present a piano concert, and will donate the proceeds to Jerry Moritz. Jerry is engaged in die universal fight against juvenile delinquency. On the opposite page was Janet LaRochelle's column. Janet edits one of the country's most frequently read columns on men's clothing styles. In Karen Sprehe's fashion column, I noticed the newest women's apparel designed by Sharon Tyson. Model Virginia Mounce is pictured wearing one of these creations, which had the finishing touches adaed by the famous dressmaker, Barbara Busker. On page 4 was Margene Jones's "My Advice to You" column, in which appeared a letter from the former Ada Carmen saying, "I used your advice to catch my man and followed it successfully the entire year of our marriage." —18—Under T. V. listings, I found another name I recognized. It was that of Keith Blackmore, who now has his own show, "You Bet Your BootsI" Appearing on his show Is well-known actress and comedienne, Kay Edwards. Hearing a commotion near the door, I looked up and saw Judy Patton enthusiastically greeting 1973's answer to Charles Atlas, Jim Byrd. Joining the ever Increasing crowd were Dolly Sutton and Judy Furrow, stewardesses on the Jerry Holsten Airlines. After a short chat with Everett Stine about his wrestling career, I joined the group of admirers gathering around Terry Gei-selman, better known as 'Terrible Terry, " who had just returned from winning the 1973 Indianapolis 500. Standing nearby was his smiling ever-ready mechanic, George Evans. I hardly recognized Mardelle Famey without her freckles. She explained that Dr. Phil Cryer and his competent nurse, Judy Heiple had performed the miraculous operation and removed each and every one I Lady reporter for the Planetgraph, Cathy Welbes, after counting noses, Informed me that four people were not there to join In the wonderful time. Janice Hall and Carol Mohr, who devote their lives to teaching Illiterate hill-folk In Kentucky to read and write, traveling many miles with their book-mobile, were not there. Nor were Melvin Roth and Melvin Duncan who had Isolated themselves In a laboratory to complete work on a secret project for the government. In a fog of their own, I found cigar manufacturer, Larry Tipler and broker Jim McHugh, debating whether or not Jane Crusius’s new song, "How High the Sputnik?" would be a hit. While this conversation was going on their secretaries, Alice Hartman and Rachel Knepp were discussing the disgusting habits of bosses. Hearing a pleasant voice in the comer, I noticed telephone operator, Betty Fever, and pro-photographer, Charles Lampe, were reviewing the good old days at E.H.S. Charles still clicks with the chicks. While at the refreshment table, I overheard Randy Garrels telling station manager, Bill McKinley, and baker, Tom West, how he made his first million selling coon skins. At first his line was rather vague, but many refreshments later as I left the party with 400 coon skins, I was completely sold on his methods of doing business and was looking forward to 1988's reunion. —19— LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS I, RAY ARBUCKLE, leave my dad to clean up after me. 1, DOROTHY ARMSTRONG, leave my quiet ways to Carol Smoots. I, KENNETH AUCUTT leave my blinding speed to Jerry Dodson. I, KEITH BLACKMORE, le?ve with Mr. Bailey hot on my trail. I, BARBARA BUSKER, leave my ability to reach the top shelf In the library to Pat Wallace. I, JAMES BYRD, leave my art of sleeping in class to anyone who needs the extra rest. I, ADA CARMAN, leave with a ring on my finger. I, BARBARA CRUMP, leave my agreeable temperament toward our esteemed Modem Problems instructor to Karen Schneider. I, JANE CRUSIUS, leave my beautiful long eye lashes to Mary Patton. I, PHIL CRYER, leave my self-assurance to David Cleary. I, MELVIN DUNCAN, leave my all-star basketball performances to Wesley Waters. I, KAY EDWARDS, leave my gift of speech and acting to Richard Bohrer. I, GEORGE EVANS, leave my perfect attendance to Larry Harshbarger. I, RAY EVANS, leave my aversion to the opposite sex to Don Sutton. I, MARDELLE FARNEY, leave my trait for staying home at nights to Ivan Gunn. I, BETTY FEVER, leave my old-maidish ways to Sue Aucutt. I, JUDY FURROW, leave my extreme dislike for boys to Susy Holt. I, RANDY GARRELS, leave my car payments to Billy Andrews. I, TERRY GEISELMAN, leave in a cloud of dust. I, JANICE HALL, leave my square dancing ability to Barbara Kinder. I, ALICE HARTMAN, leave in a light green Ford. I, JUDY HEIPLE, leave my drab and ordinary dress to any other conservative student. I, JERRY HOLSTEN, leave my oratorical abilities to Dick Claymon. I, MARGENE JONES, leave my big smile to Kathryn Bigger. I, RACHEL KNEPP, leave; ”1 have a date with a boy from Timbuktu." I, JANET LA ROCHELLE, leave my tardy slips to brother Roger who could use them. I, CHARLES LAMPE, leave my rocket ship to anyone who wants to get a bang out of life. I, BOB McCLURE, leave my FFA loyalty to Don Malcom. I, JIM McHUGH, leave my even-tempered traits to Ronnie Mool. I, WESLEY McKINLEY, leave Mr. Sullivan's paddle to any well-deserving student. I, BILL McKINLEY, leave my love for school to Bill Kinder. I, CAROL MOHR, leave my neat locker to Marilyn Punke. I, GORDON MOOL, leave my football prowess to Melvin Geiselman. I, VIRGINIA MOUNCE, leave my brains; I never used them anyway. If JUDY PATTON, leave my talkative ways to anyone who wants to cope with them. I, YVONNE PORTER, leave my dark complexion to Judy Lowder. I, DALE PORTH, leave my laboratory wizardry to Jerry Williams. I, MELVIN ROTH, leave to make my millions. I, BERNARD SHANKS, leave, "Democrats will rise again." I, KAREN SPREHE, leave my flirtatious ways to Claire Kauffman. I, "ABE" STINE, leave my "Secor" basketball Jersey to..come to think of it, no one deserves it. I, ROGER STURM, leave my statistical ability to anyone with four eyes. I, DOLLY SUTTON, leave to catch a pilot. I, LARRY TIPLER, leave my post as Secretary of the "E" Club to anyone who can find something to put in die minutes. I, SHARON TYSON, leave my art duties to Judy Crump. I, FRANK VOGEL, leave, if my Ford will start. L CATHERINE WELBES, leave to join Larry. I, TOM WEST, leave my beautiful hairdo to Alan La Rochelle. WE, TOM AND JERRY (Colburn and Moritz that is) leave—at last. —20—JUNIORS ROW ONE: B. Armstrong, Secretary; N. Stine, Vice-President; G. Crusius, Reporter; C. Kauffman, Student Council. ROW TWO: B. Childres, President; A. Reeves, Treasurer; C. Williams, Student Council. S. Aucutt J. Bagby G. Bailey K. Bigger R. Bradle B. Childres R. Ciaymon D. Cleary G. Crusius J. Diener J. Dodson E. A. Dressier —22—B. Edwards S. Finck D. Fletcher M. Geiselman J. Haas R. Heiken C. Kauffman B. Kinder R. LaRochelle G. Lewis J. Lowder D. Malcom J. Malcom P. McGhee H. McWilliams R. Mool R. Patemoga S. Patterson M. Patton T. Pfister R. Phillips A. Reeves M. Rippel K. Schneider C. Smoots L. Stine N. Stine E. Stokes D. Sutton D. Tabor R. Valentine S. Waller W. Waters A. Wessel E. J. Wilkey C. Williams —23—SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: L. Diener, Vice-President: L. Harshbarger, Secretary; P. Hemcjar, Treasurer; S. Holt, Reporter. ROW TWO: D. Cleary, Student Council; H. Harroun, President; D. Mool, Reporter. M. Alford C. Armstrong J. Attig T. Bohlander K. Bowman H. Burtis K. Burroughs R. Byrd R. Chestnut D. Cleary S. Compton —24—J. Crump £ L. Diener L. Edwards C. Feeney R. Gillespie I. Gunn N. Gunn H. Harroun R. Fosdick L. Harshbarger L. Harshbarger P. Herncjar J. Heyungs C. High J. Hinthorne S. Holt B. Kinder K. Knepp R. Martin J. Meyer D. Mohr D. Mool L. Morris M. Morse S. Patton F. Pfister J. Pinkham M. Punke R. Remmers H. Thompson S. Toureene J. Tucker D. Ulrich G. Waller J. White J. Wilkey —25—ROW ONE: A. LaRochelle, Reporter; B. Riker, President; S. Hunsinger, Treasurer; ROW TWO: P. Wallace, Secretary; C. Greene, Vice-President; N. Edwards, Student Council. H. Armstrong L. Armstrong R. Aucutt P. Bagpy G. Bell S. Bigger R. Bohrer N. Burton N. Carls L. Corrigan J. Diener S. Dressier N.Edwards H. Famey G. Garrels L. Graack L. Graack C. Greene —26—K. Hartman V. Hartman J. Holt S. Hun singer E. Jakob J. Jones D. Jording S. Jording S. Kimpler A. LaRochelle T. Lewis J. McClure L. McWilliams E. Morse T. O'Leary S. Olson J. Patterson H. Porter R. Reeves E. Reinhardt R. Riker J. Ripple L. Schroeder H. Sprehe R. Steffen L. Stoller S. Thomdyke B. Toole J. Wagner P. Wallace C. Waters J. Weber D. Whisker J. Williams M. Williams H. Young —27—ROW ONE: B. Riker, mgr.; D. Cleary; L. Tipler; R. Evan ; J. McHugh, Co-Capt.j Phil Cryer, Co-Capt.j E. Stine; G. Mool; T. West; B. McKinley; T. Lewis, Mgr. ROW TWO: Charles Sullivan, Principal-Athletic Director; Milton Kadlec, Head Football Coach; R. Mool; K. Aucutt; A. Wessel; R. LaRochelle; C. Williams; R. Heiken; D. Cleary; R. Phillips; J. Pinkham; E. Bailey; D. Mool; J, Malcom; Asst. Coach Bruce Murphy. ROW THREE: J. Haas; C. Feeney; R. Abbott; D. Claymon; A. LaRochelle; D. Malcom; R. Steffen; T. O'Leary; B. Fosdick; T. Bohlander; D. Sutton. Total Yards 2,259 Average per game . . . 251 Total Yards (passing) . 432 Team Average (passing) 5.51 El Paso 26 El Paso 12 . Cerro Gordo 6 El Paso 32 El Paso 18 El Paso 35 El Paso 40 D. ,C.-Mackinaw 0 El Paso 31 El Paso 26 MIDSTATE CHAMPS Kadlec's Classy Comets ended their season with a 9-0-0 record. So doing they set three records: first El Paso team to win the Mid-state Conference, first team to go undefeated and untied, and the first in eight years to beat Chenoa. The Comets outstanding defensive team was rated high due to the fact that only 12 points were scored against them. The hard driving offensive team scored 250 points. Larry Tipler won the tackling trophy with a record breaking 109 tackles. Those making the Mid-state All-Star team both offensive and defensive were Jim McHugh, Larry Tipler, and Gordon Mool. Tipler was voted in unanimously. Dave Cleary and "Abe" Stine made the offensive team. Phil Cryer made the defensive team. Tom West, Ray Evans, Bill McKinley and Kenneth Aucutt received honorable mention. —30—57-58 SEASON ROW ONE: Charles Sullivan, Ath. Dir.; Coach Milt Kadlec; B, Childres; P. Cryer; R. Garrels; R. Valentine; I. Gunn; G. Mool; C. Williams; J. McHugh; R. LaRochelle; D. Cleary; Head Basketball Coach Bruce Murphy. This year the El Paso Comets, composed of four seniors, five juniors and a sophomore bettered last season's record of 15-9 with a 17-8 record. The Comets finished second in the Mid-State Conference with a 9-3 record. Comet forward, Randy Garrels, and guard, Jim McHugh, were named to the all conference team. Phil Cryer and Gordon Mool received honorable mention. By winning the Woodford County Championship, the Comets added another trophy to the trophy case. Varsity EL PASO OPPONENTS 49 42 Washburn 53 49 Eureka 46 39 Cornell 29 28 Chenoa 52 40 Minonk 50 49 Roanoke 53 40.........Flanagan 36 (Macomb Inv.) 37........Lewistown 50 51 Gridley 40 58 Forrest 60 42 Cornell 41 (County Tour- 37...........Minonk ney) 56 (County Tour- 36.........Washburn ney) Record EL PASO OPPONENTS 58 (Championship) 53...........Roanoke 37 35 Minonk 62 64 Roanoke 51 56..........Trinity 71 35............Odell 70 60...........Toluca 85 70 Lexington 46 45 Gridley 43 57 Flanagan 66 52 Chenoa 67 69 Lexington 49 (Regional) 61 U. High —32COMET Charles Ray Williams Valentine VARSITY Bill Childres Dave Cleary Roger LaRochelle Ivan Gunn Randy Gordon Phil Jim Garrels Mool Cryer McHugh I '1Junior Varsity Record EL PASO OPPONENTS 24 32 Washburn 24 42 Eureka 29 20 Cornell 28 34 Chenoa 34 38 Minonk 25 33...........Roanoke 38 36..........Flanagan 48 54 Gridley 30 32 Forrest 40 42 Cornell EL PASO OPPONENTS 34 49 Minonk 34 44 Roanoke 30 35 Trinity 43 38 Odell 31 63..........Toluca 42 40 Lexington 36 29 Gridley 39 37 Flanagan 48 31 Chenoa 45 53.......Lexington 32 (F.S. Tourney) 45.........Roanoke The El Paso Comets got off to a slow start but finished the season with a record of seven wins and fourteen losses. They also participated in the Annual Freshman-Sophomore Tournament held at Flanagan. ROW ONE: Managers R. Mool and M. Geiselman. ROW TWO: Charles Sullivan, Ath-Dir.; Coach Milt Kadlec; T, O'Leary; T. Lewis; R. Steffen; T. Bohlander; L. Graack; A. LaRochelle; K. Hartman; J. Wilkey; J. Pinkham; G. Bell; D. Cleary; G. Garrels; R. Abbott; Coach Bruce Murphy.BASEBALL LETTHRMEN: Coach Milt Kadlec, E. Stine, A. Wessel, B. Childres, P. Cryer, C. Williams, G. Mool, J. McHugh, F. Vogel, Coach Bruce Murphy. BASEBALL TRACK Minonk Eureka . April 8 Chenoa Chenoa . April 10 Lexington .... Lexinoton . April 15 Gridley Roanoke, Gridley (Triangular). . April 17 Metamora . April 22 Gridley . April 24 Gridley Relays Midstate Track Meet Woodford County Meet TRACK LETTERMEN: Coach Milt Kadlec, D. Cleary, C. Williams, G. Mool, J. McHugh. F. Vogel, Coach Bruce Murphy. VARSITY: M. Patton, B, Crump, K. Schneider, A. Reeve , D. Sutton, M. Farney. CHEERLEADERS This year the cheerleaders consisted of six varsity members and six junior varsity. One could hear their many yells at all the games cheering the team on to victory. One of the varsity cheerleaders, Dolly Sutton, had an unfortunate accident. On January 21, she fell and broke her ankle. This was the cause of Dolly's being unable to cheer the rest of the season. The cheerleaders had new suits this year. The junior varsity's were purple dresses with gold inlaid pleats, gold cuffs on the sleeves, and a gold ivy league buckle in back. The varsity’s were purple dresses with boat necks, full skirts, gold and white checked lining and tights, and gold megaphones on the skirts which had the girls’ names on them. The cheerleaders worked hard on organizing new cheers and reorganizing old ones to give more pep and enthusiasm. To add more color to their pep meetings, they often planned skits in which some of the students took part. JUNIOR VARSITY: J. Hinthome, J. Diener, L. Diener, J. Jones, L. Harshbarger, B. Toole.ROW ONE: J. McHugh, H. Harroun, P. Cryer, C. Kauffman. ROW TWO: Mr. Kays, Sponsor; B. Riker, C. Willaima, N. Edwards, B. Childres, B. McKinley, D. Cleary. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council serves as a link between the administration and the student body. Members of the council are the presidents of each class, one representative from the freshman and sophomore classes and two representatives from the junior and senior classes. Each Friday the council met during the Activity Period. During the past year, the council was very active and began the year by sponsoring the snakedance, the Homecoming parade, and the Homecoming dance at the V.F.W. Building. Other projects were promoting the Twirp dance, buying a juke box, presenting assembly programs, sending representatives to the Student Council Convention, and arranging the Christmas basketball game between the Faculty All-Stars and the Intramural All-Stars. OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer . . Reporter . . . . . . Phil Cryer . . Jim McHugh Claire Kauffman . Huey Harroun . Bill McKinleyROW ONE: Jane Cruiius, Phil Cryer, Barbara Crump, Rachel Knepp. ROW TWO: Dolly Sutton, Bonnie Armstrong, Elsie Ann Dressier, Barbara Edwards, Mary Patton, Martha Morse, David Cleary. ROW THREE: Mr. Murphy-Advisor, Bill Chlldres, Katherine Bigger, Norma Stine, Angela Reeves, Melvin Roth, Karen Schneider, Lois Diener, Susan Holt, Janet Heyungs. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Elpahi Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools of the El Paso High School has enjoyed its second year of existence since its revival last year. The officers for the year 1957-58, which were selected from the five seniors carried from last year, are as follows: President-Jane Crusius, Vice-President-Phil Cryer, Secretary-Bar-bara Crump, Treasurer-Rachel Knepp. The coveted accomplishment of membership in the Society was acquired this year by two seniors, six juniors, and five sophomores. They began their membership by being initiated and by obtaining National Honor Society pins. As members, it is their responsibility to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate desire to render service, promote worthy leadership, and encourage development of character. CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP SERVICE —39—ROW ONE: Mrs. Benson, D. Cleary, M. Roth, B. McClure, K. Sprehe, A. Dressier. ROW TWO: R. Knepp, B. Fever, B. Crump, M. Farney, D. Sutton, J. Crusius, K. Edwards, S. Tyson, V. Mounce, M. Jones, C. Mohr, D, Porth, R. Sturm, J, McHugh, P. Cryer, T, West, L. Tipler. ROW THREE: J. LaRochelle, F. Vogel, J. Heiple, J. Patton, K. Aucutt, B. Shanks, C. Lampe. NOT SHOWN: B. McKinley, M. Duncan, J. Furrow. COMETEER STAFF Advisor..................Mrs. Benson Editors.....................Melvin Roth Bob McClure Assistant Editor..........Dave Cleary Business Managers...........Karen Sprehe Ann Dressier Seniors.....................Rachel Knepp Dolly Sutton Artists.....................Judy Furrow Sharon Tyson Prophecy.............................Kay Edwards Sharon Tyson Honor Society...............Jane Crusius Spanish Club........................Judy Patton Library Club Photography......................Charles Lampe Larry Tipler Snapshots..............Janet La Rochelle Judy Heiple G.A.A., Cheerleaders................ Mardelle Farney Band, Chorus............Barbara Crump Sports...........Frank Vogel, Tom West Melvin Duncan, Bill McKinley F.H.A.....................Carol Mohr F.F.A..................Kenneth Aucutt Junior Play............Margene Jones Ann Dressier Underclassmen.............Roger Sturm Dale Porth, Dave Cleary Homecoming.............Virginia Mounce Faculty and Administration . Betty Fever Calendar.........................Karen Sprehe Cometeer Staff Newspaper Staff................Bernard ShanksROW ONE: R. LaRochelle, K. Bigger, J. LaRochelle, J. Crusius, D. Cleary, S. Tyson, J. Patton. ROW TWO: Mr. Newby, R. Knepp, B. Fever, B. Crump, M. Farney, D. Sutton, J. Heiple, K. Edwards, V. Mounce, M. Patton, K. Schneider, A. Dressier, N. Stine, G, Lewis, S. Patterson, G. Crusius, J. Hall. ROW THREE: S. Holt, K. Sprehe, J. Crump, B. Armstrong, C. Kauffman, S. Aucutt. COMET TALES STAFF WRITERS: Mardelle Farney Judy Heiple Judy Crump Virginia Mounce Kay Edwards Karen Sprehe Mary Patton Dolly Sutton Susan Holt Barbara Crump Rachel Knepp Bonnie Armstrong Gail Lewis Janice Hall Ann Dressier Karen Schneider Sharon Patterson Sue Aucutt Gloria Crusius Norma Stine Betty Fever Claire Kauffman The Comet Tales, our school newspaper, goes to press every six weeks. It contains school happenings such as sports scores, news from the various clubs,' and forecasts coming events. Faculty Advisor . . . Editor-in-chief . . . . Associate Editor . . . Feature Editor . . . . Sports Editor........ Staff Artists........ Production Editor. . . . . . . Mr. Newby Janet La Rochelle . . Kathryn Bigger . . . Jane Crusius Roger La Rochelle . . . Sharon Tyson Dave Cleary .... Judy PattonROW ONE: C. High. J. Patton; P. McGhee; J. Hall; J. Crump, Song Leader; B. Busker, Parlimentarian; G. Crus-ius, Secretary; B. Fever, President; S. Holt, Treasurer; M. Patton, Vice-President; D. Sutton; L. Harshbarger; K. Sprehe. ROW TWO: Miss Schnebly, Advisor; H. Famey; B. Kinder; A, Dressier; L. Graack; S. Patterson; M. Far-ney; B. Armstrong B. Crump; S. Aucutt; N. Stine; K. Bigger: R. Knepp; J. Crusius; S. Tyson; K. Edwards; N. Carls; D. Jording; L. Schroeder. ROW THREE: C. Greene; E. Reinhardt; J. Rippel; R. Reeves; D. Whiskers; B. Toole: P. Wallace; N. Burton; N. Edwards; K. Schnieder; G. Lewis; B. Edwards; J. Wagner; M. Williams; J. McClure; S, Hunsinger; E. Jacobs; P. Bagby; S. Jording. ROW FOUR: D. Armstrong; M. Rippel; Y. Porter; j. Jones; S. Thomdyke; M. Alford; J. Diener; E. Wilkey; A. Reeves; C. Smoots; J. LaRochelle; J. Heiple; V. Mounce; J. Patterson; S. Olson; C. Mohr; S. Kempler. Not Pictured: Margene Jones. F. H. A. The F. H. A. girls were very busy with their activities this year. Mr. and Mrs. George Harshbarger were Chapter parents. Some of the activities were installation of officers, a wiener roast, a candy sale, the Christmas party and initiation, a skating party, a television show, a Valentine’s dance, and F. H. A. and F.F. A. Family Night. One of the last events of the year was the annual senior trip to Chicago.ROW ONE; B. Aucutt; H. Armstrong; S. Patton; R. Martin; J. Attig, Sentinel. ROW TWO: Mr. Sancken, Advisor; L. Stoller; R. Abbot; G. Bell; C. Waters; D. Clary; K. Knepp, Secretary; K. Aucutt. Vice President; D. Sutton; E. Stokes, Treasurer. ROW THREE: W. McKinley, Reporter; R. Phillips; R. Bradle; B. McClure, President; H. Young; T. Colburn; R. Claymon; J. White; R. Heiken; B. Kinder; R. Mool; J. Weber. F. F. A. The F. F. A. had many activities this year in its program of work. To start the year’s activities, the chapter worked the corn picker safety theme into its display at the Pumpkin Festival. It took a trip to the Farm Progress Show in September, went to the International Livestock Show and toured the Swift Packing Company in Chicago on December 3. The F. F. A. entered the fat stock, dairy, and soil judging contest at the sectional contest this year. The officers went to an officers training school at Odell. The El Paso F. F. A. Chapter was host to the sectional Public Speaking Contest. They will send two representatives to the State Convention at Springfield this summer. For a community service, the F. F. A. and the Kiwanis Club planted trees on one Saturday for those people who wanted them.ROW ONE: M. Patton, B. Armstrong, K. Bowman, G. Crusius, A. Dressier, K. Schneider, ROW TWO: E, Morse, Mr. A. H. Bailey, D. Cleary, R. LaRochelle, K. Bigger. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club sponsored by Mr. Bailey has had a very active year. First of all, the club organized and elected officers. They are as follows: President . . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer . . Reporter . . . . . . Dave Cleary . .Gloria Crusius . . Ann Dressier Roger La Rochelle Bonnie Armstrong During the year, the club had parties and cooked Spanish food. One of the projects of the year was writing to students in Mexico. Some of the members started regular correspondences as a result.ROW ONE: Mr. Sullivan. J. McHugh. R. Garrels. G. Mool. R- Evan . L. Tipler, P. Cryer. ROW TWO: B. Childres, F. Vogel, C. William , E. Stine, D. Cleary, fc. Bailey. "E” CLUB The "E” Club is composed of varsity lettermen from all sports. This year they sponsored the "noon hour" intramurals for boys. These intramurals consist of six teams and are coached by members of the varsity squad. The club also awarded a tackling trophy (won by Larry Tipler) and a free-throw trophy. New members were admitted in late November. They were cheerleaders for a pep meeting as their initiation. "E" CLUB OFFICERS President..................................Jim McHugh Vice-President.............................Frank- Vogel Secretary-Treasurer........................Larry TiplerROW ONE: C. Mohr, J. Hall, M. Jones, J. Patton. ROW TWO: Mr. Bailey, M. Parker, M. Punke, J. LaRochelle, P. Herncjar. S. Compton. LIBRARIANS CLUB The Librarians' Club was sponsored by Mr. A. H. Bailey. This is a helpful activity for it helps train future librarians in the work of the library. There are over 2100 books in the library from which to choose for good reading and reference work. The nine girls in the Librarians' Club keep the books straight and in good repair. OFFICERS OF THE LIBRARIANS’ CLUB President.............................Carol Mohr Vice-President........................Janice Hall Secretary............................Margene Jones Reporter..............................Judy PattonROW ONE: C. High, J. Patton, P, McGhee, S. Patterson, M. Farney, B. Armstrong, B. Crump, S. Holt, R, Knepp, K, Sprehe. ROW TWO: H. Farney, B. Kinder, L. Graack, S. Dressier, C. Kauffman, N. Burton, N. Edwards, K. Bowman, M. Punke, L. Diener, S. Aucutt, N. Stine, J. Hinthorne, K. Bigger, M. Patton, D. Sutton, J, Crusius, B. Fever, S. Bigger. ROW THREE: Miss Hiserodt, E. Reinhardt, J, Ripple, R. Reeves, D. Whisker, B. Toole, P. Wallace, J. Diener, J. Crump, E. Wilkey, G. Crusius, K. Schneider, G. Lewis, B. Edwards, J. Wagner, M. Williams, J. McClure, S. Huniinger, L. Harshbarger, E. Jakob, S, Klmpler. ROW FOUR: J. Hey-ungs, C. Green, J. Jones, S. Thorndyke, N. Gunn, S. Toureen, M. Alford, P. Hemcjar, D. Ulrich, A. Reeves, C. Smoots, J. LaRochelle, J. Helple, V. Mounce, J, Patterson, S. Olson, L. Corrigan, P. Bagby. G. A. A OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer . . Sports Manager . Barbara Crump .Mardelle Farney .... Susie Holt Bonnie Armstrong Sharon Patterson The G. A. A. has been active again this year in such sports as volleyball, basketball, swimming, archery, bowling, and speedball. On December 21 they gave a Snowball Dance which all the alumni and other towns were invited to attend. At the end of the basketball season, the G. A. A. had its annual basketball banquet for the basketball team and cheerleaders .BAND ROW ONE: A. Dreuler, Treasurer; S. Aucutt, Asst. President;!. Jones, Asst. Librarian; B. Crump, President: N. Burton; L. Edwards; M. West; A. Crusius; S. Sampen; P. Meador; P. McGhee. ROW TWO: S. Kempler; C. Green; L. Snyder; E. Reinhart; R. Steffen; H. Famey; R. Chestnut, Asst. Efficience Manager; E. Stokes; M. Alford; K. Wall; S. Holt, Secretary; J. Radebaugh; R. Bohrer. ROW THREE: D. Welrman; S. Holt; D. Davison; T. Freeman; E. Roberts; L. Messer; S. Fosdick; J. Grey; T. OTeary; M. Williams, Asst. Secretary; R. Henderson; E. Baily, Efficiency Manager; H. Young; C. McGhee; J. Kelsey; D. Mool; I. Gunn, Reporter; L. Corrigan. STANDING: Mr. King, Director; E. Morse; J. Plnkham; F. Pfister; T. Pfister; S. Dressier; K. Bowman, Librarian. NOT PICTURED: H. Haas; D. Donze; T. Kempler. The El Paso High School Band, under the direction of Wayne King, started off its season by marching during halftime at all the home football games. Other marching activities included participation in the Armistice Day program and parade, the Halloween parade, and the Pumpkin Festival. Their major marching event was ISNU's Homecoming and marching contest, in which they received three first place trophies. The concert band made its first performance, in conjunction with the chorus, when it presented its Christmas concert. Other activities included the County Music Festival, the Mid-Winter Concert, and the district and state music contests.TROMBONE TRIO: Luan Corrigan. MIXED CLARINET TRIO: Connie DRUM TRIO: Edwin Morse. Frank Don Mool, John Kelsey. Greene, Eleanor Reinhardt, Helen Far- Pfister, Tom Pfister. ney. INSTRUMENTAL GROUPS BRASS SEXTET: Edward Stokes, Ivan Gunn, Eugene Bailey, Tom O'Leary, Mary Williams. CLARINET DUET: Connie Greene, Eleanor Reinhardt. CORNET DUET: Jerry Grey, Mary Williams. SAX DUET: Sue Holt, Richard Bohrer. CLARINET DUET: TpHlun Tnnpc SanHra l lmnlpr WOODWIND TRIO: Sue Sampen, Barbara Crump, Ann Dressier. SOLOISTS, ROW ONE: Edwin Morse, Sue Holt, DRUM DUET: Kay Bowman. Luan Corrigan, Sharon Dressier, Nancy Burton. John Pinkham. ROW TWO: Richard Bohrer, Edward Stokes, Don Mool, Tom Pfister, Sue Aucutt, Barbara Crump, Sandra Kimpler.ROW ONE: A. Dressier; L. Harshbarger; K. Edwards; C. Kauffman; S. Holt; B. Armstrong; B. Edwards. ROW TWO: D. Sutton; K. Sprehe; K. Knepp; G. Bell; J. Weber; B. Crump, Vice President; P. Herncjar. ROW THREE: J. Crusius; E. Stokes; L. Graack; R. Remmers; S. Aucutt; J. Heiple. ROW FOUR: G. Crusius; K. Schneider; B. Rlker; B. McClure; P. Cryer, President; R. Knepp, Secretary-Treasurer; J. Crump. CHORUS The El Paso High School choral department, under the direction of Miss Carol Kamm-erer, consists of an A Capella Choir and a Girl's Chorus. The A Capella Choir made its first appearance at the November P.T.A. meeting where they sang three numbers. Other appearances included the Woodford County Choral Festival, the annual Christmas Concert, in co-operation with the band, and the Spring Concert. The Girl's Chorus made its first appearance at the annual Christmas Concert. They also appeared at the Spring Concert. ROW ONE: S. Dressier; M. Morse; J. Rippel; P. Wallace; J. Hall; D. Whisker; K. Bigger; J. Hinthome; N. Burton; M. Patton; Miss Kammerer, Director. ROW TWO: L. Graack; J. Diener; R. Reeves; B. Toole; J. McClure; C. High; S. Patterson; S. Olson; J. Patterson; B. Kinder; J. Patton. ROW THREE: S. Thorndyke; D. Ulrich, Secretary-Treasurer; M. Alford; G. Lewis; N. Stine, Vice President; L. Diener, President; S. Toureene; M. Punke; N. Edwards; J. Heyungs; N. Gunn.CHORAL SENIOR QUARTET: Phil Cryer, Barbara Crump, Jane Cruslus. Roger Sturm. SENIOR SEXTET: Karen Sprehe, Rachel Knepp, Janet La-Rochelle, Judy Heiple, Judy Furrow, Jane Cruslus; Barbara Crump, Acc. SOPHOMORE SEXTET: Marilyn Punke, Judy Crump, Martha Morse, Linda Harshbarger, Sue Holt, Peggy Herncjar; Kay Bowman, Acc. GROUPS -51- SOLOS: Jane Crusius, Karen Sprehe, Claire Kauffman, Ann Dressier.Junior Float Senior Float HOMECOMING Homecoming was held on October 25 this year with our team leading us on to a Homecoming victory by bounding over Minonk 35 to 0. The parade was held in the afternoon, and the winning floats were announced at the dance. First prize went to the Juniors, second went to the Sophomores, and third went to the Seniors. After the enticing game, Homecomers went to the V. F. W. to dance to the music of Don Hubert. During the dance, the Queen, Judy Furrow, was crowned, and her court was presented.JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Come Out Of The Closet CAST Mrs. Malone . . . . Hilda Hawkins . . . Ammonia Mullens . Abbie Phillips . . . Hercules Jones . . . Sweeney............... ........Sue Aucutt . Claire Kauffman . . Kathryn Bigger . . . Ann Dressier ........Bob Bradle . Charles Williams Irene Gleason. . . . Jenny Potts........ Guthrie Rosewater . Mr. Cutter......... George Hanson . . . . . Barbara Edwards . . . . Mary Patton . Roger La Rochelle . . . .Eugene Bailey ..........Don Sutton STAGE AND LIGHTING Bill Childres Raymond Valentine Don Sutton Charles Williams Ron Heiken Mr. Newby ably directed this play in which three girls from Ohio hoped to establish careers in New York. But they were compelled to rent an old, gloomy apartment from a greedy landlady. On their first night in town, they encountered many unusual experiences Thanks to Hercules, an ex-fighter - cab driver, and George's sharp wit, the "secret of the closet" was suddenly and excitingly revealed; and the three girls from Ohio reached a happier arrangement with their Irish landlady.F. Vogel, B. Crump, KlngP. Cryer, Queen V, Mounce, J. Crusiuj, E. Stine. G. A. A. SNOWBALL DANCE On December 21, 1957, the G.A.A. held a Snowball Dance which started at nine o'clock and ended at twelve. Music was provided by the King's Men. To add attraction to the dance, the school elected a king, queen, and two attendants to each. This was the first year for this type of dance sponsored by the G.A.A., but it is expected to become an annual event.SENIORS JUNIORS ROW ONE: V. Mounce, J. Heiple, J. Furrow, R, Knepp, ROW ONE: C. Smoots, G. Lewis, S. Patterson, A. B. Fever. ROW TWO: B. Crump, K. Sprehe, M. Farney, Reeves, K. Schneider, M. Patton, P. McGhee. ROW J. Crusius, J. LaRochelle, TWO: N. Stine, G. Crusius, B. Edwards, K. Bigger, C. Kauffman, B. Armstrong, S. Aucutt, E. Wilkey. GIRLS’ INTRAMURALS SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: S. Holt, K. Bowman, M. Punke, M. Alford, B. Kinder, J. Hinthorne. ROW TWO: D. Ulrich, J. Crump, J. Heyungs, L. Diener, P. Herncjar, L. Harsh-barger. FRESHMEN ROW ONE: P. Bagby, B. Toole, S. Bigger, E. Reinhardt, C. Greene, H. Farney, N. Burton. ROW TWO: R. Reeves, S. Dressier, L. Graack, S. Kimpler, J. Patterson, S. Hunsinger. ROW THREE: J. McClure, J. Jones, J. Diener, M. Williams, P. Wallace, L. Corrigan, J. Wagner, N. Edwards.BOYS’ INTRAMURALS CRYER'S BABIES: L. Stine, R. Byrd, W. Waters, Coach MOOL'S MOLES: W. McKinley, D. Malcom, R. Sturm, P. Cryer, R. Bradle, K. Knepp, Not present; A. Stine. Coach G. Mool, K. Blackmore, B. Shanks, L. Stoller. CLEARY'S IRISHMEN: H. McWilliams, M. Duncan, T. CHILDRES'CHILDREN: G. Evans. F. Vogel, Coach B. Pfister, B. McClure, K. Aucutt, Coach D. Cleary. Not Childres, J. Dodson, B. Fosdlck, Not present: A. Wessel. present: J. Tucker. FRENCHY'S FRENCHMEN; J. Haas, J. Bagby, M. Roth. GARRELS' GARGLERS; H. Young, G. Armstrong, D. Coach R. LaRochelle, J. Malcom, B. Kinder, E. Stokes. Porth, T. Geiselman, C. Feeney, H. Harroun. Not present; Coach R. Garrels. —59—CALENDAR OF EVEN AUGUST. . . Registration 26 Beginning of Football practice 29 First day of school. We looked over new faculty members. SEPTEMBER . No school--Labor Day 6 Sock hop sponsored by Student Council 11 Senior pictures taken by Vallow Studios 12 Football rules meeting at Normal 12 P.T.A. meeting 13 Football--Gridley--there 16 Fresh-Soph football at Eureka 18 Ring salesmen met with Junior Class ring committee 19 Pre-School P.T.A. meeting 20 Woodford County Workshop at Roanoke 20 Football at Cento Gordo 23 FHA meeting 23 Fresh-Soph football at Minonk 24 Board-Faculty dinner at Centennial Grade School 26 GAA picnic 27 Football at Flanagan 28 Eureka Pumpkin Festival parade--band marched OCTOBER . . .... 4 Football here--Cornell 4 Fresh-Soph Sock Hop after game 7 Fresh- Soph football- - Metamora- -here 7 GAA meeting 9-10 1st six weeks exams 11 Mrs. Mullins met with Seniors about yearbook 11 I.E.A. meeting at Peoria 11 Football at Lexington 14 Fresh-Soph football at Chenoa 15 FAA meeting 15 Honor Society initiation 17 Reports cards issued 24 Bonfire and Snake Dance 24 Yearbook Staff met with Mrs. Mullins 25 Football here—Minonk 25 Homecoming 28 Pete Hall, magazine sales representative, met with Juniors and Seniors 28 GAA initiation 29 Fresh-Soph football here—Normal 31 County Principals meeting NOVEMBER . .... 1 Football here--Deer Creek-Mackinaw 4 Assembly program—Arthur Henderson on Safe Driving 4 GAA meeting 5 Basketball rules meeting for coaches and Athletic Director 8 Football here--Eureka 11 No school--Armistice Day 11-15 American Education Week 15 Football here--Chenoa 18 Junior Class play 21-22 2nd six weeks exams 22 Basketball at Lowpoint-Washburn 25 Legion Baseball banquet 28-29 Thanksgiving vacation 29 Basketball at Eureka 30 Twirp Dance sponsored by Student Council DECEMBER. . .... 2 Report cards issued 3 Basketball here--Comell 5 Woodford County Choral Festival at Minonk 6 Basketball at Chenoa 7 Coaches and Principals meeting at Eureka 9 Football banquet 10 Basketball here--Minonk 11 Unit teachers meeting (mathematics and English) 13 Basketball at Roanoke 16 FHA Christmas party 17 Basketball here--Flanagan 19 Choral and Band Christmas concert 20 Band Christmas party 20 Christmas vacation started 21 Snowball Dance sponsored by the GAA 23.25-27 Holiday Basketball tournament at Macomb JANUARY . . .... 3 Basketball here—Gridley 6 Christmas vacation ended 7 Basketball at Forrest-Strawn-Wing —62—9 Soph spaghetti supper 10 Basketball at Cornell 13-14 Semester Exams 14-17 Woodford County Basketball Tournament at Roanoke 21 Basketball at Minonk 22 Assembly program—TB movie shown and cards handed out 24 Basketball here—Roanoke-Benson 24 Sock Hop 27 TB skin test given 28 Basketball here—Trinity 30 Band Parents Club FEBRUARY 3 FHA-FAA skating party 6 County Principals meeting 7 Basketball here—Odell 7 Soph Sock Hop 10 GAA playnight 11 Basketball here--Toluca 12 No school--Lincoln’s birthday 13 Woodford County band festival 14 Assembly—Arthur Henderson 14 Basketball here--Lexington 14 Junior Sock Hop 15 Valentine Dance 17 Library Club party 18 Assembly--Hypnotist James Walters sponsored by Student Council 18 Basketball at Gridley 19 Unit teachers meeting (sicence-social studies) 21 Basketball at Flanagan 25 Basketball here—Chenoa 27-28 4th six weeks exams 28 Basketball at Lexington MARCH 1 District band solo and ensemble contest 3 No school—Woodford County Institute 4-7 Regional basketball tournament 6 Report cards issued 8 Fresh-Soph basketball tourney at Flanagan 10 Soph Class skating party 11,14-15 Fresh-Soph basketball tourney at Flanagan 18 FFA swimming and basketball party 20 Freshman skating party 27 County principals meeting 29 District band contest APRIL 4 No school--Good Friday 5 Senior car wash 7 No school—Easter Monday 8 Track at Eureka 10 Track at Chenoa 10-11 5th six weeks exams 15 Track at Lexington 17 Track with Roanoke at Gridley 17 Report cards issued 18-19 State band solo and ensemble contest 22 Track at Metamora 22 FFA and FHA family night 24 Track at Gridley 25 Senior Class play 25-26 State band contest 26 Senior FHA trip 28 Baseball at Minonk 28 Assembly program sponsored by Student Council MAY 1 Track at Chenoa 1 Band spring concert 2 Gridley Relays 5 Mid-State track meet 8 Woodford County track meet at Metamora 9 Centennial Building music program 10 Basketball banquet sponsored by GAA 12 Baseball here—Chenoa 15 Baseball at Lexington 16 Chorus spring concert 17 Junior-Senior prom 19 Baseball at Gridley 23 Honors Day 24 Band cakewalk 25 Baccalaureate 27-28 Semester exams 29 Commencement

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