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The Senior Class of El Paso High School presents THE 1956 COMETEERTABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty .............................. 3 Seniors............................... 7 Underclassmen ........................17 Activities ........................... 25 Athletics............................. 41H. B. TATE Superintendent of Schools Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 1956. I know you will cherish this book as it reminds you of the friendships and accomplishments in El Paso High School. ADMINISTRATION W. M. CLAGGETT Principal of High School A Helpful Attitude, an Inquiring Mind, a Sense of Values, a Deep Regard for Others, the Ability to Think and Do, a Devotion to God, Country, Family, Friends, and School — these six factors come to my mind as I ponder over "a few words for the Annual’. Consider these things carefuliv and in the years to come rate vourself on them each time you open your 1956 Cometeer. Best wishes Seniors for a Full, Happy and Useful Life. —4—ROBERT S. BAILE Instrumental Music in Grade and High School. Junior Qass sponsor. Morehead State College, A.B.; University of Illinois, M.S. VIRGINIA BONHAM Homemaking I, II and HI. Sophomore Class sponsor. Future Homemakers of America sponsor. Illinois State Normal University and Merrill Palmer School, B.S. I. B. GOOD Social Studies and Librarian. Student Council Advisor and Senior Class sponsor. Manchester College, B.S. in Education. KARMY KAYS Geometry, Algebra, Practical Math and Advanced Math. Senior Class sponsor. Western Illinois State College, Colorado State College of Education, B.S., M.A. DORIS BENSON English I and II. Freshman Qass sponsor. Illinois State Normal University and Monmouth College, B.A. IVETTA CALHOON Vocal Music in Grade and High School. Sophomore Class sponsor. Marion College, Illinois State Normal University, A.B., B.S. in Education. Hf?1- LUCILE HISERODT Biology and Physical Education. Junior Class sponsor and Sponsor of Girls Athletic Association. Ober-lin College, A.B.; Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin, Illinois State Normal Summer Sessions. LARRY W. LUND English III and IV, Spanish. Junior Qass sponsor and Spanish Club sponsor. Junior Play. Knox College, A.B.JOHN MARTIN Eighth Grade teacher, Social Science, Arithmetic, Physical Education. High School Track coach. Eighth Grade sponsor. Oklahoma A and M College, B.S. ISABEL NESSEL Shorthand 1 and II, Typing I and II, Bookkeeping. Senior Class sponsor and Com-eteer Advisor. Western State College, Denver University, B.E. H. E. RECKLING Industrial Arts I, II, III, IV, and Eighth Grade. Sponsor of Sophomore Class. Eastern Illinois State Teachers College, Indiana University, B.S. in Education, M.S. in Education. ERNEST SANCKEN Vocational Agriculture I, II, III. Junior Class sponsor, and Future Farmers of America sponsor. University of Illinois, B.S. and M.E. HELEN McGUIRE Eighth Grade teacher, Language Arts and Girls Personal Development. Eighth Grade sponsor. University of Illinois, Illinois State Normal University. DEAN POLING U.S. History, Boy's Physical Education, Coach. Freshman Class sponsor and sponsor of "E" Club. Eureka College, B.A., Bradley University, Illinois State Normal University. EL DO ROY General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Assistant Coach. Freshman sponsor. Oakland City College, A.B. MARILYN BOHLANDER Secretary to the Superintendent. - HONOR STUDENTS Valedictorian ROBERTFARNEY Class Vice President 1,2,4; Class President 3; Junior Play 3, One-act Plays 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,4; Intramural Games 3,4; E” Club 4; Student Council 3. Sa lutator ian W.STEPHEN CLAGGETT Class Secretary 2: Concert Band 1,2, 3; Marching Band 3; One-act Plays 1,2; Director 2; Contest Play 2; Football 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3; Treasurer 2; Student Council 1,2,3; Vice President 4; Cometeer Editor 4. D.A.R. Award S.A.R. Award JOAN SMITH ROBERT FARNEYRAY C. ARMSTRONG Junior Play; One-act Plays 1; Intramural Games 3,4. HAZEL KINDER BLACKMORE Chorus 1,2;Girls Ensemble 3,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Spanish Club 2, 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3, 4; Librarian 2,3,4; Come-teer Staff 4; Photography Club 1,2. MICHAEL A. BOWERS Transfer. Class Vice President 3; Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2; Junior Play; Football 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Intramural Games 2,3,4; BE Club 4; Pep Club 4. PATTY CRUM Chorus 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; FHA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Office Girl 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Photography Club 1. —9— JANICE CRUMP Student Council 4; Chorus 3,4; Girls Ensemble 3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Band Treasurer 4; Instrumental Contests 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club Sponsor 4; Spanish Club 2; FHA 1,2,3, 4, President 4, Sectional Parliamentarian 3,4, Camp Delegate 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Vice President 3; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Qffice Girl 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Photography Club 1. NORMA CRUSIUS Chorus 4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2, 3,4; Band Librarian 3, Assistant to the President 4; Instrumental Contests 1,2, 3,4; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3, Vice President 2, Treasurer 3; FHA 1,2,3,4; GAA 2,3, Secretary 3; Cometeer Staff 4. ANN DIENER Chorus 1; Marching Band 4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; FHA 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4; Librarian 3,4; Office Girl 3,4; Photography Club 1,2. RUTH ANNE DIXON Gass Treasurer 1; Secretary 3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Librarian 3,4; Cometeer Staff 4. LEO WILLIAM FEVER One-act Plays 1,2; Basket-ball 1,2,4; Track 4; Intramural Games 3; "E Club 4; Pep Club 4; Photography Club 2. EDWARD P. FINCK Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; "E” Club 4. JOYCE FINCK Chorus 1,3; Girls Ensemble 2; One-act Plays 2; Intramural Games 4; FHA 1; GAA 3; Office Girl 1. CLYDE FISHER One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4. —10— TED LA VERNE GAREY One-act Plays 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball I; Track 1; Intramural Games 3; "E" Club 4. CHARLES E. GILLESPIE Class President 2; Chorus 2; One-act Plays 1,2; Junior Play; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2; Baseball 1,4; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; "E" Club 4; Spanish Club 2; Student Council 2; Cometeer Staff 4. BENNY GOSSMEYER Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2, 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4, Reporter 4. ROBERTA MARIE GREEN Chorus 1,2; One-act Plays 1,2; FHA 2,3; GAA 2; Photography Club 1,2.CAROL HARRIS Chorus 2,3,4; Girls En-scmhle 4; Onc-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2, 3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Historian 3, Treasurer 4; GAA 1,2,3, 4, Vice President 4; Come-teer Staff 4. ELM A KEMP Girls’ Ensemble 3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Instrumental Music Contests 1,2,3,4; funior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2, 3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2 3,4; Photography Club 1. KENNETH E. LEWIS Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3, 4; Baseball 1,4; Intramural Games 3; WE Club 4; Pep Club 4; Spanish Club 4; FFA 1,2, Reporter 1, Treasurer 2; Cometeer Staff 4. BOLDEN MALCOM One-act Plays 2; Junior Play; Intramural Games 1; Track 4. BARBARA MAYNE Chorus 4; Concert Band 1, 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3, 4; Instrumental Contests 1, 2,3,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; Pep Qub 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Reporter 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Cometeer Staff 4. DARLENF. MILLER Chorus 2,3,4; Junior Play; Onc-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,4; GAA 1,2,4; Cometeer Staff 4; Photography Club 1,2; Girls Ensemble 4. JON LINDSEY Chorus 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Intramural Games 2,3; "E" Qub 4; Pep Club 4; Photography Q ub 1. MARILYN MILLER Chorus 1,2; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Librarian 3,4; Photography Club 1, 2; Homecoming Queen 4. —11—LARRY MORITZ One-act Plays I; Track 4; Baseball 2,3.4; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; E Club 4. CHARLOTTE MORRIS Chorus 1,2; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 2; FHA 4; Librarian 4; Come-teer Staff 4; Photography Club 1,2. CHARLES PINKHAM Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 2; Intramural Games 3; "F Club 4; Vice President 4; Pep Club;FFA 1,2,3,4, President 4; Photography Club 2. MARY SUE PUNKE Chorus 2,3,4; Girls En-emble 3,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; FHA 2,3,4; GAA i,2,3,4; Office Girl 4; Cometeer Staff 4; Photography Club 1. —12- RAY REEVES Concert Band 1; Marching Band 1; Junior Play; One-act Plays 2,3; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4. CHARLES RIKER Transfer. Football 4; Pep Club 4, Treasurer 4. CHARLES W. ROBERTS Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; E” Club 4; FFA 1,2,3,4.DALE H. ROBINSON Junior Play; One-act Plays I; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4;" EB Club 4. LARRY ROTH Class Treasurer 2,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 2; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3.4; Intramural Games 3,4; ME Club 4; Cometeer Staff 4. DONNA SCHOPP Transfer. Chorus 4; Pep Club 4; FHA 4; GAA 4; Cometeer Staff 4. JOANNE SHEPHERD Chorus 2,3.4, Librarian 3, Secretary 4; Mixed Chorus 4; One-act Plays 2; Intramural Games 1,2,3.4; FHA 2,3.4; GAA 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Cometeer Staff 4. JOAN SMITH Girls Ensemble 3; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3.4; Band Secretary 2,3,4; Instrumental Contests 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; Intramural Games 1, 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3, Vice President 3; FHA 1,2, 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Cometeer Staff 3,4; Photography Club 1; Girls State J7 SHIRLEY STIMPFRT Class Secretary 1; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Instrumental Contests 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Reporter 3, Secretary 4, Camp Delegate 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Librarian 4; Cometeer Staff 3,4. LOIS STINE Marching Band 3,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; FHA 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4; Librarian 3,4; Office Girl 3; Photography Club 1,2.LOREN VOGEL Junior Play; Football 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3.4; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; Basketball Manager 1,2; "E Club 4. YVONNE R. WEIRMAN Concert Band • 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Instrumental Contests 1,2,3,4; unior Play; One-act Plays ,2; FHA 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2, 3,4; Cometeer Staff. TOM VCLZ Class President 1,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Instrumental Contests 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball Manager 1; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; Cometeer Staff 3,4. ROBERT R.WALLER One-act Plays 1,2. CLARA WILKEY Chorus 1,2,3,4; Girls Fn-semble 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; One-act Plays 1; Intramural Games 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2; GAA 2,3,4; Photography Club 1. RALPH WILSON One-act Plays 1; Intramural Games 1,3; Football Manager 2,3,4; E Club 4.I, Ray Armstrong, leave cool, calm, and collected. 1, Hazel Blackmore, leave to devote my time to my husband. I, Michael Bowers, leave for Florida, the South will rise again. I, Stephen Claggett, leave my transportation system to Henry’s to any one who likes to pack in the girls. I, Patty Crum, leave in a white Oldsmobile or maybe blue. I, Janice Crump, leave my job at Henry’s to any deserving jerk, soda that is. I, Norma Crusius, leave. Look out, Liberace, here I come. I, Ann Diener, leave my care of Miss Hiserodt to Lois Stokes. I, Ruth Dixon, leave to find him? Who? I, Robert Farney, leave unto the "Three Aces", my grades to be divided in equal shares. I, Leo Fever, leave my "hotrodding" ability to Dean Weber who has a good start. I, Edward Finck, leave my size to Jerry Bagby. I, Joyce Finck, leave for the house on the corner, Fifth and Elm. I, Clyde Fisher, leave for Minonk. I, Ted Garey, leave my "coon-hunting" ability to anyone who would rather have dogs than dames for company. I, C. E. Gillespie, leave my football shoes to any two people who want them. I, Ben Gossmeyer, leave — so long everybody. I, Roberta Green, leave in Freddy’s red and white Chevy. I, Carol Harris, leave.........Oops she’s gone. I, Elma Kemp, leave my sister’s home for my own home. I, Kenny Lewis, leave to become sports editor of the New York Times. I, Jon Lindsey, leave the Chemistry lab to the regret of Mr. Roy. I, Bolden Malcom, leave the Industrial Arts room leading the fourth hour pack. I, Barbara Mayne, leave my flute to Jack Bagby. I, Darlene Miller, leave for my job in Bloomington. I, Marilyn Miller, leave alone — T£d is with We-Walk-’em. I, Larry Moritz, leave to take over the job as mayor of Secor. I, Charlotte Morris, leave — Come on Pete let’s go. I, Charles Pinkham, leave but who knows where. I, Mary Punke, leave my ability to "herd" a ’38 Plymouth to Marilyn McHugh. I, Ray Reeves, leave with you know who. Who? I, Alan Reinhardt, leave — I’m afraid to go back to Minonk. I, Charles Riker, leave all my liabilities to the boy with the money, John Dodson. I, Charles Roberts, leave my receding hair line to Norma Schopp. I, Dale Robinson, leave my "angelic" like ways to Ed Stokes. I, Larry Roth, leave in my father’s green Oldsmobile, I hope. I, Donna Schopp, leave my inability to drive a car to Kay Kearney. I, Joanne Shepherd, leave my natural curly hair to Virginia Mounce, you lucky dog. I, Joan Smith, leave in the gray ghost 98. I, Shirley Stimpert, leave my timid ways to Janet LaRochelle. I, Lois Stine, leave my basketball skill to Norma, my loving cousin. I, Tom Tipler, leave my agility and gracefulness to Harold Alford. I, Loren Vogel, leave — glad to be in one piece after the working of "Moose" in the Chemistry lab. I, Tom Volz, leave for fields of higher education, blondes, brunettes, and redheads. I, Robert Waller, leave for the hills of Carlock where no one will find me. I, Yvonne Weirman, leave my "licorice stick in the band room. I, Clara Wilkey, leave my erect stature to Alan Harroun. I, Ralph Wilson, leave my position as manager in football to Everett Fletcher. -15-CLASS PROPHECY It was a pleasant fall day and Front Street of FI Paso was bustling with the annual Corn Festival. We were walking along the row of conces '•on tents when a large banner, which stretched across one of the tents, caught our eye: 'Madame Zola, Reader of the Future. We ventured into the dark and mysterious interior. There, seated behind a crystal ball, was a hook-nosed gypsy draped in gaudy robes. After we had contributed a generous fee, she asked what we wanted her to foresee. We decided to take a look at the Class of 1956 as they live twenty years from their graduation. Her eyes sparkled as she settled down to this great task. She saw a 1976 model Rocket with Donna Schopp, Barbara Mayne, Carol Harris, and Janice Crump being driven by Joan Smith as chauffeur. They purchased the Rocket from Oldsmobile dealer Larry Roth. It was designed by airplane enthusiast. Bud Malcom. There should be six Rockettes, but Norma Crusius has departed to play twin pianos with Liberace. Two clarinetists, Shirley Stimpert and Yvonne Weirman, were competing for the lead in the "The Female Benny Goodman Story . Former movie projectionist, Chuck Riker, was the director. The Rockettes stopped at an interplanetary service station to have the Rocket serviced by Dale Robinson. The station was built by the combined efforts of carpenter Ralph Wilson, architect Ray Armstrong, and engineer BobFamey. Back down on earth there has been a tremendous manhunt for Ben Gossmeyer who was lost in the Carlock woods. He was found by trapper Ted Garey whose dog, We Walk ’Fm, got a thorn in his paw. Ted’s wife, Marilyn, took the ailing hound to Reeves’ Veterinary Clinic which was located next door to a Kroger store. In that store, cashier Darlene Miller was complaining to manager Elma Kemp about the "angelic children of customers. Hazel Kinder Blackmore, Roberta Green Kesler, Charlotte Morris Remmert, Mary Punke Mennen, and Joyce Finck Hinthorn. In the back room Loren Vogel and secretary Ruth Dixon were making out bills. In a nearby restaurant waiter Clyde Fisher was recommending a low calorie special to Tom Tipler and Robert Waller. The next booth was occupied by the man with the green thumb, florist Mike Bowers, who can grow anything except hair on Charles Roberts’ head. Ag teacher Charles Pinkham has not been successful in making a farmer of Alan Reinhardt. The scene switched to a skyscraper office where Pantagraph publisher Tom Volz was reading a sports column written by Ken Lewis. Also in the sports section was a picture of pro-football captain Ed Finck congratulating barefoot Charles Gillespie on kicking the winning field goal. I noticed Bill Fever had won another motorcycle race, Jon Lindsey had pole-vaulted twenty feet, and Lois Stine’s team had won the Women’s World Series. All of Tom’s papers were filed in The Library of Congress by head librarian Ann Diener. Ann’s chief historian, Clara Wilkey, and secretaries Pat Crum and Joanne Shepherd had been busy looking through old legal books to be used by lawyer SteveClaggett in his case against Secor Politician Larry Moritz.UNDERCLASSMEN X JUNIORS I. Benedict r A. Charlett H. Farrell A. Cleary B. Clements B. Colburn J. Dodson J. Evans C. Finck E. Fletcher C. Foreman B. Geiselman J. Giberson —18—B. Grubb M. Haas A. Harroun D. Hartter V. Jording K, Kearney F. Leenhouts S. Lowder D. McKinley R. McKinley M. McHugh T. Malcom P Moritz R. Morris V. Morris D. Moushon D. Parkhouse D. Patton B. Pierce B. Porter K. Porzelius P. Reinkensmeyer J. Rice J. Riker M. Rostetter N. Schopp D. Shaffer L. Stokes D. Stoller T. Tegard J. Vandegraft T. Vandegraft J. Waters D. Weber C. Welbes N. Wilkey —19—SOPHOMORES I . ' -r' B. Arbuckle D. Armstrong J. Crusius P. Cryer K. Aucutt A. Carmen M. Duncan B. Fever n A vyj jJmw W. Friedly J. Furrow R. Carrels T. Geiselman Not pictured: W. McKinley V B. Finck B. Gray —20—R. Jording R. Knepp J. LaRochelle C. Lampe R. McClure W. McKinley J. McHugh C. Mohr G. Mool G. Moritz V. Mounce J. Patton S. Phillips Y. Porter D. Porth M. Roth B. Shanks K. Sprehe E. Stine R. Sturm D. Sutton L. Tipler S. Tyson F. Vogel T. West —21 —FRESHMEN B. Andrews B. Armstrong R. Claymon D. Cleary R. Compton G. Crusius J. Diener J. Dodson E. Dressier B. Edwards S. Finck D. Fletcher M. Geiselman J. Haas R. Heiken J. Hilger N. Hinthorne M. lording R. LaRochelle F. Lewis —22—I. Lowder P. McGhee H. McWilliams D. Malcom J. Malcom A. Mohr R. Mool R. Patemoga S. Patterson M. Patton T. Pfister R. Phillips N. Phillips D. Porth A. Reeves M. Rippel K. Schneider R. Smith C. Smoots T. Sparks L. Stine N. Stine E. Stokes D. Sutton J. Sutton R. Valentine S. Waller E. Waller W. Waters A. Wessel Not pictured: G. Wilkey W. Wilkey E. Wilkey C. Whiskers C. Williams B. Kinder —2J—EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Mr. John Martin, Larry Edwards, Raymond Byrd, Charles Feeney? Stephen Patton, Marva Lee Yeager, Carolyn Wikenhauser, Jerry Meyer, Huey Harroun, Terry Bohlander? Harold Burtis, Robert Fosdick, Ronald Chestnut, Charles Armstrong, Judith Hinthorne, John Attig, Mrs. Helen McGuire. SECOND ROW: John Byrd, Frank Pfister, Lois Diener, Kenneth Knepp, Dennis Cleary, Sarah Compton, Janey Heyungs, Kaylene Bowman, Jud ith Crump, Loretta Morris, Barbara Kinder. Linda Harshbarger, Roger Gillespie, Martha Morse, Susan Holt. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Punke, Floy Shurtz, Peggy Hemcjar, Donald Mool, Ronald Remmers, Lois Friedly, John Tucker, James Wilkey, Larry Harshbarger, John Pinkham, Glenn Waller, Mignonette Alford, Sharris Toureene, John White, Dotti Mohr. President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... CLASS OFFICERS ...................Kenneth Knepp ..............Carolyn Wikenhauser ......................Lois Diener ................Marva Lee Yeager —24—ACTIVITIESSTUDENT SENIORS: President, Tom Volz; Vice President, Bob Farney; Secretary, Ruth Ann Dixon; Treasurer, Larry Roth; Student Council Representative, Janice Crump, Stephen Claggett. SOPHOMORES: President, Phil Cryer; Vice President, Frank Vogel; Secretary, Jane Crusius; Treasurer, Barbara Crump; Student Council Representative, Dolly Sutton. FIRST ROW: Tom Volz, President; Bill Colburn, Treasurer; Dolly Sutton; Phil Cryer. SECOND ROW: Stephen Claggett, Vice President; Mr. Good. The Student Council consists of the presidents of each class, one representative from the freshman and sophomore classes and two members from the junior and senior classes. Its purpose is to promote the welfare of the school and provide opportunities for student participation in school affairs. —26-COUNCIL JUNIORS: President, Dill Colburn; Vice President, Dick Drown; Secretary, Dob Drown; Treasurer, Dennis Stoller; Student Council Representative, Don Hartter, Audrey Cleary. FRESHMEN: President, David Cleary; Vice President, Roger LaRochelle; Secretary, Gloria Crusius; Treasurer, Sue Aucutt; Student Council Representative, Donnie Armstrong. FIRST ROW: Janice Crump; Audrey Cleary; Don Hartter, Secretary. SECOND ROW: David Cleary; Donnie Armstrong. The Council sponsored the Homecoming Activities, October 7; Twirp Dance, November 5; an assembly with Pruth McFarland, November 10; an assembly with George Grorr.an, February 6; the annual Honors Day program in May and programs from several of the nearby col-leges.COMETEER STAFF FIRST ROT: Miss Nessel, Joanne Shepherd, Pat Crum, Barbara Mayne, Norma Crusius, Yvonne Weirman, Darlene Miller, Dennis Scoller. SECOND ROW: Stephen Claggett, Hazel Blackmore, Charlotte Morris, Donna Schopp, Carol Harris, Shirley Stimpert, Janice Crump, Tom Volz. THIRD ROW: Nancy Wilkey, Mary Sue Punke, Ken Lewis, Charles Gillespie, Larry Roth, Joan Smith, Ruth Ann Dixon. Editors...............Stephen Claggett, Tom Volz Business Managers......................Joan Smith, Carol Harris, Dennis Stoller. Photography ...................Barbara Mayne, Donna Schopp, Darlene Miller. Faculty .......................Shirley Stimpert Seniors Underclassmen..........Norma Crusius, Nancy Wilkey, Larry Roth. Student Council, Annual Staff, Homecoming, E Club.........Mary Punke, Stephen Claggett, John Benedict. Office Girls, Librarians, FHA, FFA .........Hazel Blackmore, Yvonne Weirman. Junior Play..............Darlene Miller, Pat Crum Sports...........Ken Lewis, Charles Gillespie, Stephen Claggett. Cheerleaders, GAA, Pep Club ..............Janice Crump, Charlotte Morris. DAR, SAR, Valedictorian, Salutatorian ...............................Ruth .Ann Dixon. Will, Prophecy...................Stephen Claggett, Tom Volz, Ruth Ann Dixon —28—SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club held its first meeting oil September 20, with Dennis Stoller assuming the duties of President for the new year. On December 15 the El Circulo Espanol members spread cheer and good will by singing carols at the rest homes. After the caroling, Spanish style food and entertainment was enjoyed by all at the Christmas party in the Stoller home. Dennis Stoller . Marilyn McHugh Phil Cryer Judy Furrow .. .... President Vice President .....Secretary .. .. Treasurer FIRST ROW: Mr. Lund, Bette Gray, Audrey Cleary, Kay Edwards, Marilyn McHugh, Kay Kearney, Mardelle Famey, Judy Furrow. SECOND ROW: Wesley McKinley, Barbara Crump, Sharon Tyson, Judy Heiple, Virginia Mounce, Dennis Stoller, Jane Crusius, Doris Patton. THIRD ROW: Alberta Charlett, Bernard Shanks, Phil Cryer, Melvin Roth, Kenneth Lewis, Melvin Duncan, Janet LaRochelle. NOT PICTURED: Ruth Morris. —29—OFFICE GIRLS Janice Crump, Ann Diener, Tobein Tegard, Charlotte Morris, Patty Crum, Mary Punke, Marilyn McHugh, Joyce Finck, Mr. Qaggett center. The Office Girls serve as secretaries and receptionists. One is always on duty to answer phone calls, summon students and teachers, receive visitors, do miscellaneous typing, filing and checking and otherwise assist in making the office function efficiently. The office girls take many minor duties off the shoulders of the administration. They make visitors, both friendly and business, feel welcome. The experience and training they receive may be of value to them in work they do after graduation. —JO—LIBRARIANS The librarians, under the direction of Mr. Good, try to get the right book to the right person at the right time. They keep the books and students in order, collect fines and keep records up to date. They issued 406 books to the students the first semester. Thirty-five fiction and non-fiction books were added to the library. FIRST ROW: Hazel Blackmore, Charlotte Morris, Ann Diener, Ruth Ann Dixon. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Miller, Shirley Stimpert, Lois Seine, Kay Kearney, Mr. Good. 7 —31 —FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Nancy Hinthom, Mary Patton, Kathryn Bigger, Judy Furrow, Mardelle Farney, Rachel Knepp, Kay Edwards, Bonnie Finck, Judy Patton, Dorothy Armstrong, Alice Hartmann, Dolly Sutton, Bonnie Armstrong, Karen Sprehe, Phyllis McGhee, Nancy Phillips, Sharon Patterson, Jackie Byrd, Janice Hall, Sharlene Whiskers, Mrs. Bonham.SEC-OND ROW: Doris Patton, Darlene Miller, Carol Foreman, Wanda Wilkey, Gail Lewis, Yvonne Weirman, Betty Porter, Yvonne Porter, Virginia Mounce, Mildred Byrd, Marlene Rostetter, Sue Aucutt, Eva Jane Wilkey, Ruth Patemoga, Betty Fever, Marilyn McHugh, Joanne Shepherd. THIRD ROW: Judy Heiple, Angela Reeves, Barbara Mayne—Reporter, Elsie Dressier, Barbara Edwards, Dorothy Shaffer, Patty Crum, Barbara Crump—Pari ia men tarian? Jane Crusius—Song Leader, Myra Rippel, Hazel Blackmore, fclma Kemp, Norma Stine, Norma Crusius, Karen Schneider, Gloria Crusius, Janice Crump—President. FOURTH ROW: Donna Schopp, Nancy Wilkey, Carol Harris—Treasurer, Charlotte Morris, Joyce Giberson, June Waters, Carol Mohr, Joan Smith, Barbara Busker, Pat Reinkensmeyer, Carol Smoots, Janet La-Rochelle, Tobein Tegard, Shirley Stimpert—Secretary, Ruth Dixon, Mary Punke, Marilyn Miller—Vice President, Lois Stokes. NOT SHOWN: Ruth nn Morris—Program Chairman, Catherine Welbes, Sharon Phillips. The F.H.A. activities included installation of officers, initiation, Christmas party, demonstration on hair styling by Mr. Richard of Richard's Beauty Salon in Bloomington, demonstration of copper jewelry by Mrs. Eldo Roy, the Spring Rally, the Valentine Dance, and a party for the F.F.A. With the cooperation of the F.F.A. our annual spring activity, parent's night, was enjoyed. Our part of the evening's activities included a style show and refreshments. The Senior members had a chilli supper, bake sale, candy sales, and a talent show to make money for a trip to Chicago. The Chapter mothers for this year were Mrs. Bernard Reeves and Mrs. Lloyd Morris. These mothers attended meetings and were always ready to assist us in any way they could. 32—FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The F. F. A. Boys began this year with Freshman Initiation. This was just the beginning of their busy year. The other activities of the year included the International Livestock Show and the Bears and Cardinal football game at Chicago, field day at Lester Pfister’s, judging contests, candy sales, combined meeting with the F.H. A. , a party for the F. H. A., barnwarming, square dance, swimming party, weiner roast, and basketball games with other chapters. Tom Colburn, Harry Harris, Eddie Stokes, and Charles Lampe discussed their projects on station TIRL. They have done a great job in representing El Paso High School. FIRST ROW: Joe Haas, Ronald Mool, Richard dayman, Donald Malcom, Ralph Wilson, Kenneth Au-cutt. Wesley McKinlev. Don Sutton, Edward Stokes. Mr. Sancken. SECOND ROW: Charles Roberts. Charles Lampe, Charles Pinkham, President, Dennis Parkhouse, Tom Colburn, Sentinel, Larry Tipler, Bob dements. Treasurer, Bill McKinley. THIRD ROW: Tom Tipler, Kenneth Porzelius, Bob McClure, Harry Harris, Bill Colburn, Vice President, Benny Gossmeyer, Reporter, Ronald Heiken, Raymond Valentine, Dean Weber, Secretary.CHORUS FIRST ROY: Marilyn McHugh, Kay Kcarncv, barbara Crump, Dolly Sutton, Jane Crusius, Jon Lindsey, Bill Colburn, Phil Cryer, Don llarcter, Judy Heiple, Doris Patton, Karen Sprehc, Rachel Knepp, Mrs. Calhoon. SECOND ROY: Verna Armstrong, Kay Edwards, Betty Fever, Joyce Giberson, Tom Malcolm, Roger Sturm, David Cleary, Mildred Byrd, Betty Porter, Elsie Ann Dressier, Janet La RocHelle, Judy Furrow, Jackie Byrd. THIRD ROY: Judy Patton, Joanne Shepherd, Janice Crump, Pat Reinkensmeyer, Barbara Edwards, Joe Jenkins, Bob McClure, Gloria Crusius, Catherine Y'elbes, Norma Crusius, Barbara Mayne, Virginia Mounce, Clara Yilkey, Janice Hall. FOURTH ROY: Myra Ripple, Eva Jane Yilkcy, Katherine Bigger, Norma Stine, Carol Harris, Donna Schopp, Carol Mohr, Shirley Y'ard, Dorothy Armstrong, Ruth Dixon, Mary Sue Punke, Pat Crum, Darlene Miller. NOT PRESENT: Bonnie Armstrong, Dennis Stoller. The El Paso High School Chorus was led this year by a new director, Mrs. Ivetta Calhoon. Under her direction, the group was placed in a "salt and pepper" arrangement. New robes were ordered for an A Cappella Chorus, consisting of twenty-four students selected from the voluntary chorus. During the year, several ensembles were organized. Chosen for contest work were the boys quartette, two ensembles and the A Cappella Chorus. The program for the year included singing at the November P. T. A. meeting; the Kiwanis Club, November 14; a Faculty and Board dinner, December 8; the annual band and chorus Christmas concert, December 20; the Woodford County Teachers' meeting, March 5; and the Spring Formal Concert, May 11. The officers were Don Ha rtter, President; Doris Patton; Vice President; Joanne Sheperd, Secretary; Judy Furrow, Treasurer. —34—VOCAL CONTEST GROUPS MELODAIRES GIRLS ENSEMBLE William Colburn, Dennis Stoller. Phillip Cryer, Donald Hartter, Patty Crum, Mary Punke, Ruth Dixon, Barbara Cruirp, Marilyn McHugh, Doris Patton, Darlene SOPHOMORE SEXTETTE Miller, Joanne Shepherd. Karen Sprehe, Rachel Knepp, Janet LaRochelle, Judy Heiple, Judy Furrow, Jane Crusius. A CAPPELLA CHOIR FIRST ROW: Jane Crusius, Patty Crum, Barbara Crump, Gloria Crusius, Phillip Cryer, William Colburn, Roger Sturm, Donald Hartter, Janet LaRochelle, Judy Heiple, Flsie Ann Dressier, Doris Patton, Mrs. Calhoun. SECOND ROW: Joanne .Shepherd, Judy Furrow, Marilyn McHugh, Dennis Stoller, David Cleary, Tom Malcom, Joe Jenkins, Jon Lindsey, Dolly Sutton, Karen Sprehe, Rachel Knepp. —35—BAND PERCUSSION: Kaylene Bowman, Frank Pfister, Edwin Morse, John Pinkham, Tom Pfister, Janice Crump. CORNET: Tom Volz, Norma Crusius, Betty Gray, Mary Ann Williams, Tom O’Leary, Danny Bowers. FLUTES: Elma Kemp, Phyllis McGhee. BASS CLARINET: Helen Farney, Mardelle Farney. DRUM MAJOR: Nancy Wilkey. MAJORETTES: Ann Diener, Lois Stine, Wanda Wilkey. TUBA: Eugene Bailey, Bill Grubb. TROMBONE:' Henry Young, Jerry Myers, Donnie Moot, Luan Corrigan, June Waters. BARITONE: Kenny Aucutt, Mignonette Alford. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Richard Bohrer, Susan Holt. FRENCH HORN: Joe Sutton. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Carolyn Wickenhauser, Lois Stokes, Marva Lee Yeager. OBOE: Nancy Button, Barbara Crump. BELL LYRE: Sharon Dressier. —36—CLARINET: Jerilyn Jones, Sandra Kimpler, Connie Green, Eleanor Reinhardt, Ronnie Stephen, Yvonne We if man, Alberta Charlecte, Elsie Ann Dressier, Sue Aucutt, Joan Smith, Shirley Stimpert, Mary Haas, Ruth Ann Morris, Barbara Mayne. NOT PRESENT: Dennis Stoller. The officers this year were Tom Volz, President; Norma Crusius, Assistant to the President; Joan Smith, Secretary; Barbara Crump, Assistant Secretary; Janice Crump, Treasurer; Mary Haas and Ruth Ann Morris, Librarians; Bill Grubb and Dennis Stoller, Efficiency Managers. The El Paso High School Concert Band and the grade school band, under the direction of Robert S. Haile, presented a Mid-Winter Concert. This was a part of their annual Band Sponsorship drive. In addition to this performance, the band in conjunction with the chorus, presented their annual Christmas concert. The band was proud to have performed two difficult and beautiful pieces of music, 'Christmas Rhapsody by Newell Long and the Overture to "The Messiah by G. F. Handel. The music department of our school was honored this year by being asked to furnish all the music for the annual Woodford County Teachers Institute held in Eureka. The band performed numbers by Bach, Mozart and contemporary composers. The band also competed in the contests which are held each year. Last summer, in addition to their outdoor concerts, they competed in the State Fair Band Contest, winning a first place in Class C division. Due to weather conditions, the marching band appeared at only one football game. The activities of the band students included participation in the Veterans Day program and parade, the Halloween parade for the grade school children, and the Pep Band for Basketball games. Ensemble groups and soloists performed at civic club meetings, including a faculty-board banquet, P. T. A. meetings, and the solo and ensemble district and state contests. This year the parents of all band students in the unit district formed the "Band Parents Club" and elected Dr. E. E. Kelsey President. One project was to raise funds for high school band jackets. Cake walks, sponsorship drives, and a box social were among the fundraising affairs this past year. — 7BAND CONTEST GROUPS WOODWIND QUARTET Flsie Ann Dressier, Yvonne Wierman, Mardelle Famey, Sue Aucutt. SAXOPHONE QUARTET Dennis Stoller, Marva Lee Yeager, Lois Stokes, Richard Bohrer. BRASS SEXTET Bill Grubb, Joe Sutton, Ton Volz, Mignonette Alford, June Waters, Norma Crucius. FLUTE QUARTET Ruth Ann Morris, Fima Kemp, Barbara Mayne, Phyllis McGhee. WOODWIND TRIO CLARINET QUARTET Fima Kemp, Barbara Crump, Joan Smith. Flsie Ann Dressier, Alberta Charlett, Mary Haas, .Shirley Stimpert. —38—JUNIOR PLAY THE PHANTOM OF THE HIGH SCHOOL DIRECTOR: Mr. Lund STUDENT DIRECTOR: Marilyn McHugh CAST Mindy: Mary Haas Rick: Dill Colburn Julie: Kay Kearney Alan: Jim Rice Randolph: Dennis Scoller Betty: Tobien Tegard Nina: Betty Porter Sue: Nancy Wilkey Chuck: Joe Jenkins Miss Barker: Alberta Charlett Miss Winslow: Audrey Cleary Mr. Gibney: Don Hamer Miss Benson: Ruth Ann Morris Evelyn Cole: Doris Patton Lanny: Thomas Malcom Marty Redmond: John Benedict Norma Janeway: Lois Stokes Sgt. Madrigan: June Waters When a fall on the stairs occurs and the dramatics coach is injured, Mindy is the only one who believes it was not an accident. Mindy tries to tell the principal of her suspicions, but being taken in before, he won’t believe it. Then someone tries to steal the $300 the school has raised for the hospital. It is known that the thief wore the Black Phantom costume belonging to Rick and the principal is hasty to accuse Rick of the theft. Mindy grows frantic when still nobody believes her warnings. Only when Mindy suddenly disappears, do her friends begin to believe her warnings. After a few hours, Mindy is safely returned and the identity of the Phantom is disclosed. Mary Haas, Dennis Stoller, Bill Colburn. Bill Colburn, Marilyn McHugh, Mr. Lund. f J 1 w j i —59—FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Coach Dean Poling, Allen Harroun, Dennis Parkhouse, Jon Lindsey, Charles Pinkham, Edward Finck, Veryl Bernhardy, Robert Pierce, Donald Hartter, Ted Garey, Tom Volz, Mike Bowers, Charles Roberts, Assistant Coach, El do Roy. SECOND ROW: Jack Bagby, John Dodson, Larry Tipler, Tom West, Dean Weber, Robert McKinley, Kenneth Lewis, Gordon Mool, William Colburn, Harold Alford, Charles Gillespie, James Riker, Randy Garrels, Phillip Cryer, James McHugh, Everett Stine, Ray Evans, Dick Jording, John Benedict, Richard Brown, Robert Brown, Freshman Coach, John Martin. THIRD ROW: Manager, Everett Fletcher, Leonard Stine, Joe Haas, David Cleary, Roger La Rochelle, George Wilkey, Charles Williams, Richard Phillips, Wesley Waters, James Diener, Ronald Heiken, Eugene Bailey, Lee Porth, William Childres, John Malcom, Richard Clamen, George Evans, Jerry Dodson, Ronald Mool, Manager, Ralph Wilson. The year 1955 saw El Paso field one of the best football teams in many years. The Comets, who ended the season with a 6-1-2 record, started their gridiron series in a 6-6 deadlock with a stubborn Gridley team. Charles Gillespie’s extra point provided margin for a 7-6 decision over Midcounty of Varna-Lacon. Faced with a muddy field at home the Comets were forced to play on the losers’ turf. The next two games found El Paso winning by very bruising scores. Entering the Flanagan contest as a 19-7 underdog, the Comets bowled over the Falcons 46-0. The second runaway was a 35-0 battering handed to the Cornell Cardinals before a large homecoming crowd. The Comets then journeyed to Lexington where they defeated the Minutemen 13 0 in a cold drizzling rain. Poling’s gridsters sustained their only defeat at the hands of a powerful Chenoa eleven 41-19. A1 Harroun scored all nineteen points for the Comets in a belated second-half rally. Playing in a steady downpour throughout the game, the Comets played to a 12-12 tie at Fairbury. The Comets ended their season with two very lopsided victories at home. On a gridiron resembling a freshly plowed field the team rolled over Deer Creek-Mackinaw 25 7. In the final game of the season the seniors said good-bye and a running attack spearheaded by Jon Lindsey’s devastating running piled up a 53-7 score over their arch rivals, Minonk. This game saw Lindsey bring his season point total to 104, only four short of the top honors for area scoring. —42—FOOTBALL FIRST ROM: Charles Pinkham, Edward Finck, Veryl Bernhardy, Donald Hartter, Tom Volz, Ted Garey, Mike Bowers. SECOND ROM: Coach, Dean Poling, Charles Roberts, Dennis Parkhouse, Kenneth Lewis, Robert Pierce, Gordon Moot, Jon Lindsey, Allen Harroun, Assistant Coach, Eldo Roy. THIRD ROM: Jack Bagby, John Dodson, Dean Meber, Robert McKinley, Milliam Colburn, Charles Gillespie, Harold Alford, James Riker, James McHugh, Phillip Cryer, Everett Stine, John Benedict, Richard Brown, Robert Brown. Gridley Midcounty Flannagan Cornell • Lexington RECORD El Paso 6 Opponents 6 Chenoa El Paso 19 Opponents 41 6 Fairbury 12 12 46 0 Deer Creek-Mackinaw 25 7 33 0 Minonk-Dana-Rutland 53 13 0 Totals 214 79 FIRST ROM: Milliam Childres, James McHugh, Ray Evans, Roger La Rochelle, Tom Mest, Lam Tipler, Ronald Heiken, Richard Jording, George Milkey. SECOND ROM’: Coach, Dean Poling, George Evans, Eugene Bailey, Phillip Cryer, Randy Garrets, Gordon Mool, Everett Stine, Charles Milliams, David Cleary, Freshman Coach, John Martin. THlRD ROM: Leonard Stine, Joe Haas, Richard Phillips, Mesley Maters, James Diener, John Malcom, Lee Porth, Richard Claman, Ronald Mool, Jerry Dodson. RECORD Minonk El Paso 27 Opponents 7 Fairbury El Paso 7 Opponent 20 Eureka 14 0 Normal 13 13 Chenoa 26 0 Totals 87 40 —43—BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Roger LaRochelle, George Wilkey, Ray Valentine, Gordon Mool, Bill Fever, Harold Alford, Larry Roth, Charles Williams. Bill Childres, Bill McKinley, Ed Stokes. SECOND ROW: Asst. Coach Eldo Roy, Charles Pinkham, Jim McHugh, Bob Pierce, Ken Lewis, Bob Famey, Bill Colburn, Jim Riker, Phil Cryer, Randall Garrets, Dennis Parkhouse, Coach Dean Poling, Mgr. Dale Fletcher. 55-56 BASKETBALL SEASON The day after a basketball game. Coach Poling would be seen walking around in the halls with a broad smile, a gleam of light in his eyes and a little extra hop in his walk. No, maybe we didn’t win, but we came so close to winning and Coach Poling knew we were on the comeback trail. We had put on such a good performance the night before that he was well satisfied. We didn’t win them all, nor did we lose them all. We managed to end this season with a 7-7 record in the conference and a 11-13record for the overall season. In three games the young Comets came from behind to pull us out of the fire and to a victory. The three games we rallied to win, the Comets were down 10 to 13 points with five minutes to go. For the first time in ten years El Paso beat Chenoa. Junior Bill Colburn, the team’s leading scorer and also the league’s leading scorer, was chosen for All Conference honors along with Senior Bob Farney. Famey ranked next to Colburn in scoring on the team and eighth in the league. El Paso loses only three seniors and two of them were starters. During most of the season Coach Poling used a quintet composed of two seniors, a junior and two sophomores. Talking about tournaments, El Paso’s vastly improved varsity added a trophy to our show case this year. We romped past Eureka to win the third place trophy in the Woodford County Tournament. The younger Comets had an impressive season with an 18-5 record and the first place trophy in the Flanagan Freshman-Sophomore Tournament. The future looks very promising for El Paso as the varsity bench consisted of three juniors and two sophomores, and a generous supply of underclassmen on the junior varsity.Fairbury . Gridley .. Cornell Chenoa ., Minonk ., Roanoke , Gridley Cornell ., Benson .. Flanagan Roanoke Metamora JR. VARSITY FIRST ROT: Roger LaRochelle, George Tilkey, Ray Valentine, Bill Fever, Bill McKinley, Ed Stokes. SECOND ROT: Asst. Coach Eldo Roy, Charles Tilliams, Gordon Mool, Harold Alford, Larry Roth, Bill Childres, Coach Dean Poling, Mgr. Dale Fletcher. RECORD 11-13 Opponents El Paso fXrA 52 77 .. 46 57 Fairbury 54 . .. 46 A7 64 .. 48 An .. 47 (County Tournament) .. 51 Lexington .. 62 (County Tournament) .. 60 Normal VARSITY 61 64 73 41 56 67 58 65 72 61 50 63 FIRST ROT: Charles Pinkham, Dennis Parkhcfuse, Jim Hiker, Randall Garrels, Phil Cryer. SECOND ROT: Asst. Coach Eldo Roy, Jim McHugh, Bob Pierce, Bill Colburn, Bob Famey, Ken Lewis, Coach Dean Poling, Mgr. Dale Fletcher. —45—TRACK TRACK SCHEDULE April 10 Mctamora 20 Eureka-Benson at Eureka 24 Midstate at Gridley 25 Rain Date for Midstate May 4 Gridley Relays 5 Fresh-Soph County Meet 8 Gridley-Lexington at Gridley 10 Toodford County Meet at Met- amora. FIRST ROH: Charles Pinkham, Gene Bailey, Dave Cleary, Jon Lindsey, Coach John Martin. SECOND RO : Lesley laters, Gordon Mool, Bill Fever, Harry Harris! THIRD RO : Melvin Duncan, Everet Stine, Tom est, Joe Jenkins. April 19 26 30 May 3 7 14 21 BASEBALL LETTERMEN BASEBALL SCHEDULE ......................Eureka ..................... Benson ......................Minonk ...................Lexington .....................Gridley ...................F airbury ..................... Chenoa FIRST ROV: Coach Dean Poling, Larry Moritz, Loren Vogel, Everet Stine. SECOND ROW: Gordon Mool, Fred Leenhouts, Mike Bowers, Phil Cryer. THIRD ROU: Keith Blackmore, Dale Robinson, Dennis Parkhouse, Larry Roth.CHEERLEADERS Angela Reeves, Tobein Tegard, Gail Lewis, Betty Porter, Mardelle Famey, Marilyn McHugh, Barbara Crump, Janice Crump. GO EL PASO, BEAT’EM .... is the yell given at every game by these girls. In their purple and gold outfits, these peppy girls have been on hand at every game to lead the Comets on to victory. Many long and tedious hours have been spent practicing and organizing new yells. This year the cheerleaders performed a dance at one of the football games. They used their new pom poms and danced to the music of "The Waltzing of the Poms". To raise money the cheerleaders sponsored a series of record dances after basketball games. The varsity cheerleaders purple sailor suits with gold satin ties and cheerleading emblems on the back, added cheer to the cheers.GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: Miss Hiserodt, Mary Patton, Kathryn Bigger, Audrey Cleary, Mardelle Farney, Kay Kearney, Rachel Knepp, Mary Haas, Judy Patton, Dolly Sutton, Lois Stine, Judy Furrow, Bonnie Armstrong, Karen Sprehe, Phyllis McGee, Sharon Patterson, Peggy Moritz. SECOND ROW: Doris Patton, Darlene Miller, Carol Foreman, Wanda Wilkey, Gail Lewis, Yvonne Weirman, Virginia Mounce, Betty Porter, Marlene Rostetter, Sue Aucutt, Eva Jane Wilkey, Betty Fever, Marilyn McHugh, Joanne Shepherd. THIRD ROW: Judy Hieple, Angela Reeves, Barbara Mayne, Barbara Edwards, Dorothy Shaffer, Patty Crum, Barbara Crump, Jane Crusius, Hazel Blackmore, Elma Kemp, Norma Stine, Karen Schneider, Gloria Crusius, Janice Crump, Norma Schopp. FOURTH ROW: Donna Schopp, Nancy Wilkey, Carol Harris, Clara Wilkey, Alberta Charlett, Joan Smith, Carol Smoots, Janet LaRochelle, Tobein Tegard, Shirley Stimpert, Ann Diener, Ruth Dixon, Mary Sue Punke, Marilyn Miller, Lois Stokes. President.......................Joanne Shepherd Vice President............................Carol Harris Secretary..........,...............Nancy Wilkey Treasurer .......................Marilyn Miller Sports Manager....................Tobein Tegard The purpose of the Girls’ Athletic Association is to promote interest in girls’ athletics, games, health, and sportsmanship. Through work on committees in the various activities, opportunity is afforded to develop leadership. Tournaments in basketball, volley ball and baseball gave opportunity to earn points toward school numerals, letters, and state awards. Bowling after school on Wednesdays became a very popular activity. In March the G.A.A. sponsored the annual basketball banquet in honor of the players, coach, manager, and cheerleaders. At this banquet the letters were awarded to basketball boys and cheerleaders. In April our G.A.A. girls were host to other schools in this area belonging to the Illinois State Athletic League. On this occasion they enjoyed a "Play Day” and profitted by exchange of new ideas and new friendships.FIRST ROT: Mardelle Farney, Betty Porter, Barbara Crump, Gail Lewis, Tobein Tegard, Angela Reeves, Janice Crump, Marilyn McHugh. SECOND ROT: Mr. Poling, Judy Furrow, Kay Kearny, Karen Sprehe, Rachel Knepp, Judy Patton, Betty Fever, Charles Rilcer, Billy Kinder, Ralph Tilson, Dennis Stoller, Jane Crusius, Dolly Sutton, Mary Haas, Doris Patton, Audrey Cleary, Miss Hiserodt. THIRD ROT: Virginia Mounce, Barbara Edwards, Lois Stokes,Nancy Tilkey,Carol Mohr, Janet LaRochelle, June Taters, Norma Schoop, Norma Stine, Eva Jane Tilkey, Judy Heiple. FOURTH ROT: Roger Sturm, Mike Bowers, Charles Pinkham, Gordon Mool, Dale Porth, Bill Colburn, Bill Fever, Phil Cryer, Jim McHugh, Don Hartter, Dean Teber, John Benedict. President...................................Bill Colburn and to encourage the team and cheer it on to victory. Vice President............................David Cleary For one of their projects, the club purchased new blea- Secretary ................................Audrey Cleary chers that were enjoyed by the football spectators. To Treasurer ................................Charles Riker pay for these bleachers the club joined with the Cheer- Parliamentarian .........................Charles Pinkham leaders and sponsored dances after some of the games. They also collected annual dues. The spring project was The Pep Club, a new extra curricular activity of the a Penny Carnival. The proceeds from this event were to school this year, was organized to stimulate school spirit go toward the new bleachers. E CLUB FIRST ROT: Coach Poling, Alan Harroun, John Benedict, Dennis Parkhouse, Larry Moritz, Loren Vogel, Mike Bowers, Jon Lindsey, Charles Roberts, Ralph Tilson, Tom Volz. SECOND ROT: Dean Teber, Charles Pinkham, Ed Finck, Fverett Stine, Phil Cryer, Gordon Mool, Jim McHugh, Ted Garey, Bob McKinley, Donald Hartter, Dale Robinson. THIRD ROT: Bob Pierce, Kenny Lewis, Larry Roth, Jim Riker, Bill Colburn, Bob Farney, Charles Gillespie, Veryl Bernhardy, Fred Leenhoiits, Bill Fever. President......................................Tom Volz Vice-President .........................Charles Pinkham .Secretary-Treasurer...........................Bob Pierce The monogram club was reorganized during this school year. Its purposes, as stated in the new constitution, are: (1) to promote a better understanding and enthusiasm toward athletics throughout the student body. (2) to promote the qualities of scholarship, citizenship, leadership and fellowship to their highest degree among the athletes of this school. (3) to make the public conscious of the ethical qualities of athletics. (4) to work harmoniously with other school clubs and organizations, faculty, administration, and parents for betterment of the athletic program and welfare of El Paso High School. Eligible for membership in the "E" Club are all boys who have earned a major athletic award. —49—HOMECOMING "T V on Parade” was the theme for the Homecoming festivities which began with a rain-soaked bonfire and snake dance on Thursday night, October 6. On the following afternoon the Junior class was victorious in the float competition of the Homecoming Parade. A new football field was the scene of a Comet football victory as we triumphed over Cornell by a very satisfying score of 32-0. After the game a happy crowd danced to the music of Don Lawrence and his orchestra. During intermission Marilyn Miller was crowned Queen of Homecoming, our first queen in many years. Attendants to the queen were Bonnie Finck, Betty Fever, Doris Patton, and Kay Kearney. —50—Spanish Club Eighth Grade Junior Float Cheerleaders Senior Float —31—Sink or Swim Ready for Action Mermaids Get that ball A Proud Moment Ready..... Aim Yea Team Robin Hood Jump High Seniors GILLESPIE'S WILDCATS FIRST ROW: Roger LaRochelle, Edward Stokes, George Evans. SECOND ROW: Ben Gossmeyer, Charles Gillespie, Bob McKinley, Joe Jenkins. FEVER'S BEARS Arlo Wessel, Terry Geisleman, Melvin Roth, Bill Fever, John Benedict, Allen Harroun. VOGEL'S POSSUMS FIRST ROW: George Wilkey, David Cleary, Chuck Riker. SECOND ROW: Bob McClure, Veryl Bernhardy, Loren Vogel. BOWER'S LIONS FIRST ROW: Dennis Stoller, Ray Armstrong. SECOND ROW: Frank Vogel, Mike Bowers, Dale Porth. MORITZ’S WOLVERINES FIRST ROW: Kenneth Aucutt, Jon Lindsey, Bob Brown. SECOND ROW': Ray Reeves, Charles Williams, Larry Moritz. PANTHERS FIRST ROW: Dick Brown, Dale Robinson, Everett Fletcher. SECOND ROW: Raymond Valentine, Melvin Duncan.—54Band Christmas Party: Dennis Stoller, Joe Sutton, Bill Grubb, Kenny Aucutt, Eugene Bailey. Flag Raising - Basketball Game -56- Prom 1955: Janet Lowder, Hazel Blackmore, Charlotte Morris, Clara Tilkey, Ann Diener, and Lois Stine. Meet you at 3:47???SCHOOL CALENDAR 1955-56 AUGUST 29 Teachers met to discuss new weapons; first day of football practice. 30 School began. "Ugh!" SEPTEMBER 5 Labor Day, no school; alumni scrimmaged varsity. 12 Class officers elected; drive oiled; cars parked on old athletic field. 13 Student Council was organized. 15 Student identification pictures taken. "The Lineup." 16 Student Council met; "TV on Parade picked as homecoming theme; Queen Contest rules announced. El Paso tied Gridley there 6-6. 21 Juniors and seniors took state aptitude tests. 23 Edged Midcounty 7-6 there because of our muddy field. 26 F.H.A. initiation; Jr. Varsity whipped Min-onk 25-7. 27 Annual staff organized; seniors chose Monterey as color for caps and gowns. 30 Underdog El Paso upset Flanagan 46-0. P.T. A. Rummage Sale; prices slashed! OCTOBER 3 Classes met to nominate three candidates for homecoming queen. Fresh-Soph stabilized Eureka. 4 Seniors met to select year book covers; F.H. A. met. 6 Spirits were high as the pep rally and snake-dance were held in the rain. 7 Homecoming chain of events: Junior float won first prize in parade; El Paso 33, Cornell 0; Don Lawrence orchestra played at dance; Marilyn Miller crowned queen. What a wonderful day! 13 Fresh-Soph tied Normal 13-13. 14 Comets subdued Lexington 14-0 there in a cold drizzle. 17 Military Reserve representatives talked to junior and senior boys. Uncle Sam wants you! 20 Seniors picked Camera Craft Studio for pictures. "All for one, one for all, or each for himself?” 21 Only taste of defeat for Comets. Chenoa 41; El Paso 19. 24 Fresh-Soph help even score with 27-0 win at Chenoa. 25 "Pete" Hall got magazine sales drive started 1:00 p.m. 28 El Paso 12, Fairbury 12, on a good night for ducks. NOVEMBER 3 Senior pictures taken at Camera Craft; football in the snow after school. 4 Deer Creek-Mackinaw fell to El Paso 25-7 here. 5 Twirp Dance in gym sponsored by the Student Council. 7 Juniors chose class rings. "Here’s your big chance girls." 8 F.H.A. Chili Supper. 10 Assembly; Pruth McFarlin, Negro Baritone Singer; Comets ended season by smothering Minonk 53-7. 11 No school! "Can you feature that?" 14 G. A. A. initiation; cap and gown measurements. 18 Junior Play; "Phantom of the High School.” 19 Band Box Social in gym. 22-23 Second six weeks exams. 24-27 Thanksgiving Vacation 26 Sophomore class party in gym. 29 First high school basketball game here; Fairbury 64; El Paso 63. These are the kind you really hate. DECEMBER 2 "Fire Safety", demonstration by Arthur Henderson. Gridley 60; El Paso 49. 6 Comets gain first win, 67-49 over Cornell. 8 Band and chorus entertained for the All Faculty Dinner given by the Kiwanis. 9 Chenoa edged El Paso 46-43 on the winners floor. —58—13 Christmas skit during pep meeting; Comets faded Minonk 85 63 here. 15 Agriculture III party. 16 Roanoke was only five points topside in 55-50 loss. 17 Freshman class party at the Legion Rooms. 19 Flanagan was the Comets next victim at home 65-48. 20 Christmas movie; "Will Rogers Story ; Band Chorus Concert. 21 Start of Christmas vacation. 22 Band Christmas Party held at theV.F.W. hall. JANUARY 3 Back to school!!! Gridley downed FI Paso 78-62. 6 Cornell was toppled 91-46 by "Poling’s Playboys." 7 Benson 65; El Paso 40. Need I say more? 12 Woodford County Band Festival at Metamora. 13 F.H.A. Talent Show: Melodiers won as usual. 16-20 Woodford County Basketball Tournament held at Roanoke. El Paso 51; Roanoke 47-E1 Paso 60; Metamora 62- El Paso 61; Eureka 39 for third place. Nice going! 19-20 Semester exams! "Oh happy days . 23 Sophomore swimming party — Anyone get wet? 27 Comets again leveled Minonk 64-52. 28 Eureka avenged their tourney loss by a 77-73 score. 30 Junior swimming party-My, but these people like H20. 31 Benson again downed the Comets; this time 57-41. FEBRUARY 3 Fairbury edged us a secondtime with a 62-56 score. 6 George Groman.a dialects expert, entertained us. 7 Metamora met defeat at Comet hands 67-58. 10 El Paso topped Lexington in the final minutes 58-54. 11 Valentine Dance sponsored by the F.H.A. was held. 16 Woodford County Vocal Festival at Minonk. 17 Flanagan downed the Comets 67-65 there. 18 Roanoke was, for the second time, the Comets victim 72-64. 21 Here’s what we’ve been waiting for. El Paso 61; Chenoa 60. 24 Lexington dealt the Comets a 71-50 loss. 27 Normal was just too good and won 90-63. MARCH 1- 2 Fifth six weeks exams. 3 Grade school Solo Ensemble District Contest. 5 County Institute. 5-10 Flanagan Fresh-Soph Tourney — El Paso won first by beating, in order, Benson, Odell, and Minonk. 9 Band Winter Concert. 10 Grade school District Band Contest. 24 High school Solo Ensemble Contest. 30 Good Friday — no school. APRIL 2- 3 Easter Vacation. 4 DAR-SAR award winners meeting at Peoria. 7 High school District Band Contest 12-13 Fifth six weeks exams — only one more to go! 14 G.A.A. Playday. 17 F.F.A.-F.H.A. swimming party. 19 G.A.A. Banquet. 20-21 High school State Solo Ensemble Contest. 26-27 Senior Play — "The Rising Son . 28 University of Illinois scholarship exams at Eureka. MAY 1 Grade school May Day Festival. 4-5 High school State Music Contest. 10 Woodford County Track Meet at Metamora. 11 Chorus Spring Festival. 19 Junior-Senior Prom at Bloomington. 20 Baccalaureate. 21 Annual Day. 24-25 Semester Exams — seniors exempted!! 25 Commencement — so long seniors!

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