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4 We, the class of 1950, present to you our Cometeer, the comic antics of the Comets. Here is our recording in black and white of every red letter day on the El Paso High School calendar for 1948-50. Come, and take a fling at our funnies. WMAT'S THE IDEA OP" BARC?IN£j IM HERE Tr TO TAKE MY WIPE CLEAR OUT y — f OF HERE 1Co 'le"b z3 OUT OUR WAY, the members of the 1950 graduating class of El Paso High School, dedicate this, our annual, to our sponsor, Mrs. Jobst. Entering our portals in 1945, with us as freshmen, she has guided us successfully through our long and happy years at old E.H.S. Always willing to help where she is needed, she’s cheerfully givenher support to members ol our class and activities. We shall always remember her sincere friendliness, warm humor, and honest interest in people. 4 SEATED: J. Remmers, M. Volz, S. Hunsinger, V. Krug, M. Porth, P. Schertz, C. Kammerer, B. Stine, D. Miller. FIRST ROW: V. Hecht. D. Thom, F. Kesler, J. Sutton, G. Schertz, D. Cox, M. Vogel, D. Bohlander, J. Fever. SECOND ROW: M»s. Jobst, Miss Plese, D. Engel, C. Wessel, G. Armstrong, N. Carroll, D. Shanks, B. Adams, E. Gottel , G. Joroing, B- Armstrong, L- Robbins, M. Kurth. . mart Ann Volz Eo,tor................. John Sutton Ass'T. to.. • • . .MAR I LYNN KURT H Bus. manager. • Innua I Staff “Bringing up Father" was quite a trial. But, Maggie never tried putting out an annual. Along with other activities in the school the members were kept very busy. Every member contributed his part toward composing a supurb annual. The following people with the assistance of their able crews are responsible for the Cometeer: Editor, Mary Ann Volz; Assistant Editor, John Sutton; Business Manager, Marilynn Kurth; Photography, Phyllis Shertz, Elaine Gottel; Advertising, Bruce Adams; Sports, Dean Thom; Activities, T. Ann Coyle; Subscriptions, Betty Stine; Typist, Velda Krug; Art, Lee Robbins. 5 1. Lemonade i 2. Hungry? 3. Dreaming k. The last cup or coffee 5. HAPPY Wi v 6. Double whammy 7. Smiles 8. Shmoos 9. Happy day 10. Wheeeeee! »• 1 •OMPfCHOMPf I'L [THIS STALK OFC JSETHPEE OLIVES' 1 3o- er = u r ■Pfriserator ffiFpMV'ERE'S pieces STALE jjCHOMPf 5NT SME :R GET U6HTO ’EVEN My J l55lN6' ■ I SIVE UP! v you DISCIPLINE HIM! HE'S JUST -7 LIKE YOU-Jk In AL6EBRA F CLASS TWE t 0OV5 ARE 5TRCTLV MINUS" Mm ten ) eleven- let's SEVEKLXJ7 SEE 1 (ear 32-J k;33, PUTHW,' { THEY CAN V ei6HT,six and t ADD UP ( three- ATSJ AT THE LOCAL XJ Billiard t QiVffi G2 ACADEMY- I ML  WALTER CLAGGETT - Principal Lester Kingdon Clyde Brovn We, here introduce our school board, our superintendent, and our principal to whom we express our sincere thanks and appreciation. Paul Schertz Harry Wilson LYLE STITT - President H. B. TATE - Superintendent Harold Armstrong K. A. LaROCHELLE Not Pictured 8COunci t LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Demority, L. Kline. R. Crump. J. Volz, G. Armstrong, D. Tate, B. Martin, F. EPPS, B. Armstrong. STANDING: Miss PlESE , L. Robbins. The Student Council was organized during the second week of school. The council members were Freshmen, Larry Kline, and Roger Crump; Sophomores, Don Tate, and Jim Volz; Juniors, Bob Martin, Bob Dehority, and Florence Epps; Seniors, Bill Armstrong, Grant Armstrong, and Lee Robbins. The officers were, President, Lee Robbins; Vice President, Bob Martin; Secretary, Florence Epps, and Treasurer, Grant Armstrong. The first project of the council was homecoming. We decorated the gym with a football theme and sponsored the dance for the celebration. The dance was successful and profitable. The Council has sponsored a Christmas dance and several assembly programs. Other council activities included, selling T. shirts and sweat shirts. They also sponsored parties in co-operation with the V. F. W. Auxiliary. The Annual National Convention was held in Peoria at the Pere Marquette Hotel, April 21 and 22. The representatives from our school were Lee Robbins, Bob Martin, and Miss Plese. 910ISABEL NESSEL Macomb College—B.E. H. E. RECKLING Eastern State Teachers College—B.E. University or Indiana—M.S. in Ed. 11Wj JIES PROW ' Of, " A-?, v V a‘ 'K ■a?' S , , 9 + '„? '+a k d % , ”--P - ? ■ - rO - HE'S Vv. AMe 111 •=R r NDER M NOA f TtHfttos Dec. z? - S eAZT,f f "s V 7l%yT° v OW| flCT pLflVS rfcB i to A TRir TiCtUCAr MAKC o+" J c Bz z% T,r‘ 5 "• Se»-Jv TKo ? ays-G ? ou i i,i y «T »| ," . a»a y 4i Jt £ ,F IT MAVb. HOUCS SBr THE AHP .PEVOU KlOG THE JUICE iS r . ofr 'rmerl ISN'T ir DIVINE1 OUT' I ME AN; WITH ALL THE ; andvjow.7 itfe a WINTERS WONDER -LAND", 9-l -7 ETTA-WHAT J HAPPENED .'!?? all) THE LIGHTS VdENT-'' OUT ',— “7 OH MOT1 ReallV.! pcoSAe JUSTAF OCSOf THINC r »i L mM ■TU«I GETS AND i ■y I'M I ( MOOD PC rV-r MUSCl ? HERBS MORB 1 JUST BE k WOOD FDR THE PS-» GOG‘. V freplace • % 4 SUFFERIN' COW THAT M THE PUMPS Ar THE GAS J JNT WORK NO GAS -NOC WE LL HAFTA WALK ' a-ji Hi:THE ELECTRIC Wires are DOWN FROM THE STORM V THE JUICE I IS OFF all I hepispracticallV 5ANIC. as.fws were BLir o, TO FREEZE THE OH- “ TO DEATH e L IS OFF ' EVERYTHING OM,HOWU-.ASTLV X PERFECTLY pGRANT ARMSTRONG "Flash Gordon" Jr. Play 3; Spring Con. 3; B. Cm. 2,3,4; M. Ch. 3,4; Span. Cl. 4; F.F.A. I 2.3,4; Pep Cl. 3,4; Cometeer; Mon. 4; Ft. B. 2,3,4; Track 3; E. Cl. 3, 4; St. Coun. 3,4. MILFORD ARMSTRONG "Roy Rogers" Spring Con. 3»4; B. Ch. 2,3,4; M. Ch. 3,4; Ft. B. 2,3,4; Track 3; E Cl. 3.4; B. Ball 4. BILL ARMSTRONG "Smokey Stover" Stg. C. 3» Spring Con. 2, 3.4; B. Ch. I ,2,3,4; M. Ch. 2,3,4; F.F.A. I ,4; Pep Cl. 3,4; Cometeer; Mon. 4; Ft. B. 1,2,3,4; Basket B. I ,2,3,4; Track 3; E Cl. 2,3,4; B. B. 2; St. Coun. 3,4. MARGUERITE BEACHEY "Olive Oil" Red Cross I; G . A.A. 2; F.H.A. 4. BRUCE ADAMS "Archie" Jr. Play 3; B. Ch. 2,3,4; M. Ch. 3,4; Treas. 3; B. Ball 2,3,4; E Cl. 2,3,4; Track 3i Basket B. 1,2, 3,4; Ft. B. 1,2,3,4; Cometeer; PCp Cl. 3; Spring Con. 3,4. DELORES BOLANDER "Penny" Red Cross 2; G. Ch. 1,2,3, 4; Spring Con. I .2,3,5; M. Ch. 4; F.H.A. 2,3,4; Pep Cl. 3,4; Paper S. 4; Cometeer; Opfice G. 3. PHYLLIS CARLS "Cookie" Girls Ch. 2; F.H.A. 2,3. NANCY CARROLL "Nancy" Red Cross I; Band 1 3,4; Spring Con. I ,3,4; G. Ch. 1.3.4; M Ch. 2,3,4;G.A.A. 2,3,4; F.H.A. I ,2,3,4; P. Cl. 3,4; Paper S. 4; Cometeer 4. 14FRANCIS HAAS TONY HAYSE "Sluogo" "Lil Abner" F.F.A. 1,2,39ki Pep Cl. Spring Con. 3,4; B. Ch. 4. 3,4; M. Ch. 3,4; Pep Cl. 3; Mon. 3; Ft. B. 1,3.4; Track I ,2,3; Basket B. I ,2,3,4; E Cl. I ,2,3,4; B.B. 3; S. Coun. | ,2. JOYCE FEVER "Mart Marvel" R. Cross 1,2; Bano 1,2,3. 4; Spring Con. 1,2,3.4; G. Ch. I ,2,3,4; M. Ch. 2, 3,4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; F.H.A. I .2,3,4; Pep Cl. 3,4; Paper S. 4; COMETEER. DOROTHY ENGEL "Teena" R. Cross I; Spring Con. I ,2,3,4; G. Ch. I ,2,3,4; M. Ch. 4; G.A.A. 2.4; F.H.A. 2,3,4; Cometeer. T. ANN COYLE "Little Imogene" Jr. Play 3; R. Cross 1,2; Band 1,2,4; Spring Con. I .2,4; G. Ch. I ,2,3,4; M. Ch. I,2,3,4; Cheerleader I .2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Pep Cl. 3,4; Paper S. 4; Cometeer; Dram. Cl. I. DEAN COX "Little Herbie" Band I ,2,3,4; Spring Con. I .2,3.4; B. Ch. 2,3,4; M. Ch. 2,3,4; Span. Cl. 4; Paper S. 4. BEVERLY HECHT "Fluffy" Transfer; Spring Con. 4; G. Ch. 4; M. Ch. 4; Pep Cl. 4; Paper S. 4; Cometeer; Lib. 4. 15GEORGE JOHNSON "Henry" Spring Con. 3; B. Cm. 2,3, 1 ; M. Cm. 2,3, 4; F.F.A. I,2,3,4; Pep Club 3. GENE JORDING "Jugmead" B. Cm. 3 M. Cm. 3; Paper S. 1 ; Cometeer; Stage Crew 3. CHER I KAMMERER "Mopsy" Junior Play; Red Cr ss I, 2; Spring Con. I , 2 ,3 J Spring Con. ,29$$ki G. Cm. I .2,3,1 ; M. Cm. I ,2,3, 1 ; Band 1 ; G • A . A . 2,3,1 ; French Cl. 2,3; Pep Cl. 3,1 ; Paper S. 1 ; Cometeer. FRED KESLER "Willis" Paper S. 1 ; Cometeer; Stage Crew 3. SHIRLEY HUNSINGER "wild Rose" R. Cross 1,2; Spring Con. I ,2,1 ; G. Ch. I ,2,1 ; M. Ch. 1 ; G.A.A. 2,3,1 ; F.H.A. 2,3,1 ; Pep Club 3; Paper S. 1 ; Cometeer; Librarian 3,1 ; French Fash. S. 2. KEITH KILPATRICK "Buzzy" Jr. Play 3; Spring Con. | , B. Cm. I ,2,3,1 ; M. Ch. I ,2,3,1 ; Pep Cl. 3; Cometeer; Ft. B. I ,3 Basket B. I ,2,3 1 ; Track I ,2,3,1 ; E Cl. 2,3,1 ; B. B. 2,3,1 . VELDA KRUG "Tessie the Typist" Spring Con. 1,2,3 ! ; G. Ch. I .2,3,1 ; M. Cm. 2,3,1 ; G.A.A. 2,3,1 ; F.H.A. I ,2, 3,1 ; Paper S. 1 ; Cometeer; Office 3 1 ; Class Off. 1 . MAR I LYNN KURTH "Blondie" R. Cross 1,2; Spring Con. I .2,3,1 ; Band I ,2,3,1 ; G. Cm. 1,2,3,1 ; M. Cm. 2,3,1 ; Cheerleader 1 ; G.A.A. 2,3» 1 ; F.H.A. | ,2,3; Pep Cl. 3,1 ; Paper S. 1 ; Cometeer; Lib. 1 ; Stage Crew 3; Dram. Cl. I . 16JO REMMERS "Mary Worth" Red Cross 1,2; Stage Cr . 3i Spring Con. 1,2,3, ; G. Ch. 1,2,3, ; G.A.A. 2,3, ; F .H .A . 1,2,3, ; Pep Cl. 3, ; Paper S. ; Cometeer; Lib. I ,2; M. Ch. I ,2,3, . LEE ROBBINS "Dagwood" Jr. Play; B. Ch. I ,2; M. Ch. 2; Paper S. ; Cometeer; Mon . ; Ft . B . 3l Track 2,3; B.B. ♦; Stud. Coun. 2,5; Cl. Off. 2, ; One-Act Play 3 GLENN SCHERTZ "Red Ryder" Spring Con. 2,3; B. Ch. 2, 3, ; M. Ch. 2,3, ; F.F.A 1.2,3, ; Paper S. ♦; Cometeer; Ft. B. 1,2,3, ; Track 3; E. Cl. ; B.B. 3, ; Stage Crew 3. MARILYN PORTH "Little Lulu" R. Cross 1,2; Spring Con. 1 , ; G. Ch. I ,2, ; M. Ch. »; G.A.A. 2,3, ; F.H.A. 2 , ; Pep Cl . 3; Paper S. ; Cometeer; Office 3 « DOROTHY MILLER "Boots" R. Cross I; Spring Con. I ,2,3, ; G. Ch. I ,2,3, ; M. Ch. ; G.A.A. 2,3, ; F.H.A. I ,2,3, ; Paper S. ; Cometeer; O.G. 3 GENE MASSEY "Dick Tracy" Stage Cr. 3 Spring Con. I ,2,3, ; B. Ch. I ,2,3, ; M. Ch. 1,2,3, ; Cometeer. DONNA LETSINGER "Little Iodine" Jr. Play 3; R. Cross 1,2; Spring Con. 1,2,3, ; Band I ,2, ; G. Cm. I ,2,3, ; M. Ch. I ,2,3, ; G.A.A. 2, 3, ; F.H.A. I ,2,3, ; Pep Cl. 3,1 ; Papers. ; Cometeer; O.G. ; Piano Con. 3. PHYLLIS SCHERTZ "Daisy Mae" Red Cross 1,2; Spring Con. I ,2.3, ; G. Ch. I ,2,3, ; M. Ch. ; Pep Cl. 3, ; Paper S. ♦; Cometeer; Stage C. 3; Dramatic I. 17DONALD SHANKS "Smilin Jack" Jr. Play; Spring Con. 2,3; B. Cm. 2,3; Paper S. 5; COMETEER. BETTY STINE "Maggie" Band 2,3. ; Spring Con. 1,2,3. ; G. ch. i ,2,3, ; M. Ch. 1 ; F.H.A. 2.3,1 ; Pep Cl. 3,1 ; Paper S. ; Cometeer; Office 3 JOHN SUTTON "Superman" Jr. Play; Spring Con. 2, 3,4; B. Cm. I ,2,3,4; Pep Cl. 3,4; F.F.A. I ,2,3,4; M. Ch. 3,4; Paper S. 4; Cometeer, Mon. 3,4; Ft. B. I 2,3,4; Basket B. 1,2; E. Cl. 3,4; B.B. 2.3,4; Cl. Officer 1,2; C. Speech. DEAN THOM - Transfer "Smitty" Paper S. 4; Cometeer; Basket B. 3,4; E. Cl. 3,4; B.B. 3 4;Cl. Officer 3,4. MARY VOGEL "Patsy Walker" Red Cross I,2; Band I; Spring Con. I,2,3»4; G. Ch. 1.2,3,4; M. Ch. I ,2,-J, 4; G.A.A. 2,3; Paper S. 4; Cometeer; French F. S. 2; Singing Con. 2,3 18EUNICE WILKEY "Katzenjammer Kids” "Hans" Jr. Play; Spring Con. I; G. Ch. I ,2; G.A.A. 2.1 ; F.H.A. I ,2,3,1 ; Pep Cl. 3,4; French F. S. 2. JOHN WEST "Jiggs" B. Ch. k; M. Ch. k; Come-teer; Stage Cr. 3 Basket B. 2,3,1 ; E. Cl. 2,3,1 . CAROL WESSEL nHedy De Wolf" Red Cross 1,2; Bano 1,2,3; Spring Con. 1,2,3 M. Ch. I ,2,1 ; G.A A. 3,5; F.H.A. 2.3,1»; Pep Cl. 2,3; Lib. U; OFFICE 3. MARY ANN VOLZ "Fritzie" Jr. Play; Spring Con. 1,2, 3,1 ; G. Ch. 1,2,3,1 ; M. Ch. 3 1 ; Cl. Officer 1,2,3; Red Cross I ,2; F.H.A. I ,2,3,1 ; Paper S. 1 ; Cometeer Ed.; Stud. Con. 3; G.A.A. 2,3,1 ; Oram. Cl. I; Lib. 1 ; Mon. 3 ». YVONNE WILKEY Katzenjammer Kids "Fritz" Jr . Play; Spring Con. I; G. Ch. 1,2; G.A.A. 2,1 ; F.H.A. I ,2,3,1 ; Pep Cl. 3 ,1 ; French F. S. 2. 19Seniors At last, we’ve finally made the grade. After spending four long years here at E.H.S., we all have to agree that they have been four wonderful years. Under the guidance of our class sponsors and officers, we feel we’ve become a swell bunch of kids. (Conceited? No! Just proud.) For a while, we’ll find it hard to be on our own, but gradually, we’ll become accustomed to our new life and have many happy memories of our old pals at E. H. S. 20C faSA f- roph ropnecy. Early in the spring or 1950 a national and much- OISCUSSED CONVENTION WAS HELD IN THE STATE CAPITAL, El Paso, for the purpose or electing a President or the United Comics. The convention was about to GET UNDER WAY, BUT CHAIRMAN "SUPERMAn" WAS DELAYED because he had been called to the aid or the "Queen Mary", which had been rammed by "Little Toot" and WAS RAPIOLY SINKING. "Sup" REPORTED THAT HE CARRIED "The Queen" to safety. The anxiety or the conventioners was somewhat quelled, however, when "Brenda Star" arrived to cover the convention. Gossip columnist, "Tessie the Typist" flooded her typewriter when she saw "Brenda" arrive on "Red Ryder s" horse. "Tessie's" romance was shattered. Her sorrow was turned to joy, however, and the whole convention cheered when "Little Herbie" rose and announced that he and "Little Lulu" WOULO MARRY AS SOON AS "Lulu" COULD RENT A FARM. "Herbie" already has the house--—a Spanish adobe MODEL. The convention was called to order, ano nominations WERE MADE FROM THE FLOOR. VISUALIZING THE SUMPTUOUSNESS OF THE BLACK HOUSE "MAGGIE" IMMEDIATELY NOMINATED "jlGs" FOR PRESIDENT, BUT "jlGS" DECLINED THE NOMINATION WHEN ATTORNEY "SMOKY STOVER" REMINDED THE GROUP THAT AN AMENDMENT TO THE COMIC-STUTION PROHIBITED THE COOKING OF CORNED BEEF AND cabbage in the Black House. "Dagwood" was pleaseo WITH THE "jlGs" WITHDRAWAL, AND HE IMMEDIATELY ROSE AND NOMINATED HIMSELF. "BAGGIE" DIDN'T HAVE THE AF-FA I RS OF STATE IN MIND, BUT HE FELT THAT ON A PRESIDENT'S SALARY, HE COULD MAKE BIGGER AND BETTER SANDWICHES. "Blondie" RESCUED the NATION FROM COMPLETE RUIN, HOWEVER, WHEN SHE TESTIFIED THAT HER AMBITIOUS HUSBAND COULD NEITHER READ NOR WRITE. "FLUFFY Adams" HEARD ONLY THE WORD SANDWICH AND DEC I DEO THAT THE CONVENTION SHOULD RECESS FOR LUNCH. "FLUFF" WAS CONCERNED ABOUT HER WAISTLINE. SINCE SHE AND STATESMAN "Buzzy" hao a falling out, "Fluff" was eating ONLY EVERY OTHER HOUR NOW. Since the chosen restaurant was across town "Mary Marvel" and her partner "Flash Gordon" offered to FLY THE GROUP OVER IN THEIR NEW COMET SKY SERVICE. The Service is obviously a profitable one, because "Flash" is drawing up blue prints for a new and more exquisite "Kemp-Majal" to be dedicated to his wife. "Mary" is making plans for the purchase of the Iron-Curtain. Rumor has it that she and "Stalie" are "chummy", shall we say. Upon arrival at "Wild Rose's" "Tame Thorn Garden Cafe" the convention was much pleased to find that THEY WERE GOING TO BE ENTERTAINED WITH A FLOOR SHOW. It was an extremely successful show. "Hedy DeWolfe" THRILLED ALL THE WOMEN GUESTS WITH LATEST FASHIONS from Kappa. "Dick Tracy" modeled his new diamond-set BADGE WITH A HIDDEN RAZOR FOR LONG AND SLEEPLESS DETECTIVE JOBS. DICK IS NOW DEEPLY INVOLVED TRYING TO SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF WHO PUT THE POISONED THUMBTACK on Senator Claggett's chair. The guests were HILARIOUSLY ENTERTAINED WHEN THE FAMOUS DANCER "HENRy" ROSE AND GAVE A SOFT SHOE DANCE TO THE TUNE OF "Rio Rita". The group then divided into two groups. The ladies found their way to the Gold Room where author "Daisy Mae" gave an interesting and usable LECTURE, "How TO CATCH YOUR Man". "Daisy" IS CONSIDERED A FOREMOST AUTHORITY ON THIS SUBJECT. THE MEN ADJOURNED TO THE PURPLE ROOM WHERE "L.IL Abner" ADVISED THEM. HlS TOPIC WAS "THESE WILD, WILD WOMEN ’. "Professor" Abner won the coveted "Tate Award" for THIS INTELLIGENT DELIVERY. THE PROGRAM WAS CLOSED WITH A WILD WEST ROUND UP GIVEN BY ROY ROGERS AND HIS FAMOUS HORSE TRIGGER. THE CROWD PROVED TO BE too much for Trigger. He seemed to be in such a nervous STATE, THAT "SMILIN Jack" LEFT THE CONVENTION TO FLY HIM TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL. "LITTLE IODINE" and "Little Imogene" provided transportation back to THE CONVENTION ON THEIR ROCKET POWERED TRICYCLES. Everyone agreed the ride was very breathtaking. "Superman" called the group to order again, and the Merry-go-round began. Nominations from the floor were in order. "Jug Head" was out of order, however, AND HE WAS ASKED TO LEAVE THE CONVENTION. HE WAS MAKING UNCOMPLIMENTARY FACES AT "COOKIE" WHOSE candy he had stolen. He was asked to report to "Brig Hall" where Psychologist "Mary Worth" was ON HAND TO PUT HIM ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW. Nominations began again, but the process was BROUGHT TO A SCREECHING HALT WHEN "OLIVE Oil" A RECORDER, FOUND HER LEGS LOCKED IN COMBAT WITH HER CHAIR. DR. "SLUGGO" WAS CALLED, AND HE DEEMED AN amputation necessary. Now the chair has only three legs. The accident yielded results, however. "Slug-go" and "Olive Oil" are a new twosome, seen nightly at Boots's "Saddle Shoe Rendezvous". "Sup" called order again, and the conventioners WERE DETERMINED TO COMPLETE THE PROCESS. "SmITTy", BETTER KNOWN TO THE CONVENT I ONERS AS "WASTE PAPER Basket Smith", nominated the "Katzenjammer Kids" for President. The foresighted "w.P.B.S." argued THAT IN CASE OF TROUBLE, ONE TWIN WOULD BE ON HAND TO TAKE OVER PREXY DUTIES. "SMITTy" HINTEO INTIMATELY TO A FRIEND THAT HE ALSO HAD MASTER OF THE BlACK House in mind. "Willis" opposed the nomination and RETALIATED BY NOMINATING "FRITZIE", LIGHT OF HIS life. "Willis" believed that with all "Fritzie's" BEAUX, SHE WOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE OFF WITH A COMPLETE CABINET. Competition grew, and "Archie" was not to be OUTDONE. He IMMEDIATELY NOMINATED "MOPSy" FOR President, and "Teena" for Vice President. He admitted FRANKLY, THAT HIS IDEAS WERE "BaRKLERIAn" IN MANNER. "Nancy", the well-dressed woman of the year, GREW TIRED OF THE PROCESS ANO MOVED THAT NOMINATIONS BE CLOSED. "SLUGGO" SECONDED THE MOTION. "PATSY Walker", daughter of the famous Hiram Walker, was APPOINTED TO COUNT THE VOTES. WHEN THE BALLOTING WAS FINALLY TABULATED, THE RESULTS WERE. Presidents.........."Katzenjammer Kids" Vice President..................."Teena" Secretary .................. "Olive Oil" Treasurer ...................... "Penny" The convention ended with a satisfied group. A PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE OLD PURPLE, WHITE, AND GOLD WAS GIVEN, ANO THE COMET SPANGLED BANNER WAS SUNG. 21cu Wite I, Bruce Adams, leave my terrific speed to Bob “Turtle" Schertz. I, Bill Armstrong, leave my taxi business to Dick Finck, who has lower rates than I do. I, Grant Armstrong, leave my love for hill-billy music to Mr. Dial. I, Milford Armstrong, leave my yodelling ability to Don George. We, Marguerite Beachey and Mary Lois Vogel, leave our companionship to Delores Peters and Cora Lou Treece. I, Delores Bohlander, leave the “Boh-lander position of the Senior roll open for Marilyn Bohlander to fill in a few years. I, Phyllis Carls, leave my quiet manners to Bob Marten. I, Nancy Carroll, leave, finally. I, Dean Co , leave my history book to any junior who wants it. It’s in excellent condition, since I seldom used it. I, T. Ann Coyle, leave my record of four years of cheerleading to Jane Stitt. I, Dorothy Engel, leave my abundant supply of hair to Mr. Maurer who may need it some day. I, Joyce Fever, leave my athletic ability to Dorothy Lou Toole. I, Elaine Gottel, leave my height to Glenn Meiner. I, Francis Hass, leave my show drawl to Robert Krug. I, Tony Hayse, leave my deep voice to Bob Moore. I, Beverly Hecht, leave my job as pianist in chorus to Russel Smith. I, Shirley Hunsinger, leave my A’s in American History to anyone who wants to study. I, George Johnson, leave, to the relief of everybody. I, Eugene Jording, leave my membership for the Book-of-the-Day Club and my regular trips to the library to anyone who can find time to read all the books I take out. I, Cheri Kammerer, leave my first and second names, Sherrill La Von, to anyone who will take them. I, Fred Kesler, leave my ping-pong playing ability to Delmar Wessel who really doesn’t need it. I, Keith Kilpatrick, leave my position as high jumper on the track team to Helen Hicks. I, Velda Krug, leave hoping Kenny is out-in front. I, Marilynn Kurth, leave my ticklishness to anybody and everybody who has ever tickled me. What horrible revenge! I, Donna Letsinger, leave my flirting habits to Florence Epps. I was just kidding Bill. I, Gene Massey, leave my speed in leaving school as soon as the bell rings, to Don Volz. I, Dorothy Miller, leave for the produce house. I, Marilynn Porth, leave my tremendous size??? to Lorene Bess. I, Jo Remmers, leave with Walter Ny-berg, of course. I, Lee Robbins, leave a test tube of half burned sulfur and candle-wax in my cabinet in the Chemistry lab. I, Glenn Schertz, leave my red hair to anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd. I, Phyllis Schertz, leave my job at Hockers to—wait, I may need it myself. I, Betty Stine, leave contentedly. Come on John! I, John Sutton, leave my dancing style to Wally Furrow, who isn’t too bad himself. I, Dean Thom, leave Pat Etscheid with much regret. I, Mary Ann Volz, leave, destination--school and teaching position, or farmer's wife. 1, Carol Wessel, leave my position in band to some grade-school student to fill. I, John West, leave my temper control to Ben Bohlander We, Eunice and Yvonne Wilkey, leave dear old E. H. S. to confuse other people we meet. 22FIRST ROW, Left to Right: B. Dehority, H. Hicks, P. Etscheio, T. Yambert, J. Bruwn, V. Punke. R. Woefle, D. Foreman, C. Treece , L. Smith, N. Wilkey, D. Peters, G. Eichelberger , G. Seggerman, p. Finck, L. Stine, V. Porth, B. Littel, SECOND ROW: D. George, C. Brown, B. Martin, S. Stimpert, R. Bodger, F. Epps, P. Vincent, B. Heiken, D. Nevius, D. Wessel, B. Sengpiel, J. Lampe, D. Volz, J. Woosley. THIRD ROW: B. Bohlanoer, F. Rarick, W. Furrow, W. Remmert, J. Brown, J. Holstien, B. Schertz, M. Bernhardy, D. Finck, M. McClure, B. Moore, E. Boston, P. Scott, M. Krug, L- Haas, B. Wilson. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Through the cooperation and willingness of each member, the class of "51” is continuing their successful high school career. Our activities for the year included a refreshment stand at basketball and football games and two class parties. We made ourselves known in the dramatic field when we presented the play “Seventeenth Summer.” On May 5 we honored the Seniors at our Junior-Senior Prom. We also edited the last edition of the school President, B. Dehority V. Pres. D. George Secretary, D. Toole Treasurer, R. Bodger paper. Our class officers for the year were; President, Bob Dehority; Vice President, Don George; Secretary, Dorothy LouToole; Treasurer, Roberta Bodger; and Student Council Members, Bob Martin and Florence Epps. Our success was due to our sponsors who were Miss Robinson, Miss Streid, and Mr. Reckling. SPONSORS Miss Streid Mr. Reckling Miss Robinson 24omore FIRST ROW: C. Miller, J. Shuman, C. Schertz, S. Furrow, e. Carls, J. Webb, M. Crusius, k. Wasson B. Punke, A. Hayse, E. Walters, F. Stine, J. wessel, l. Weaver, K. Weber, B. Finck, E. Franke, j Williams. SECOND ROW: D. Tate, L. Baity, R. Beneoict, m. CRAwroRO, J. Kemp, V. Radebaugm. w. hepnc jar, F. Gauger, M. McClure, C. Mowers, C. Wessel, M. Cackling, L. Hinthc ne. D. Blackmore, J. Corots J. Cleary, T. Morris. THIRD ROW: H. Steffen, P. Remmert, D. Garrels, L. Kilpatrick, G. Brown, L Stokes, R. Krug, L. Roth, J. Stimpert, J. Hall, C. Bridges, D. Dixon, J. Webb, J. Valentine, J- Volz SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY At the beginning of this school year, the class of 4452” got right in and started pitching with the others of E. T. H. S. We worked together with our class sponsors and officers for a wonderful year. Here’s hoping we will rise next year as successful upperclassmen. SPONSORS Miss Bruce Mr. Dial Mr. Henderson CLASS OFFICERS Pres. D. Tate Sec. S. Furrow Treas. M. Crawford V. Pres. J. Kemp 25FIRST ROW: M. Kinder, E. Porth, M. Barnett, B. Jones, A. Beacmev, J. Roberts, C. Diers, D. Punke, C. Franks, J. Armstrong, E. Seggerman, M. Dennis, A. Malcolm, M. Bohlander, J. Rice, D. Miller, M. Sutton, J. Stitt, J. Lampe, J. Cleary, g. Meiner. SECOND ROW: J. Armstrong, L. Hartman, D. Stephens, M. Stitt, 0. Wessel, M. Jording, B.Dehority, R. Crump, M. Garrels, M. Garrels, C. Harshbarger, H. Harris, M. Cleary, R. Scherte, J. Rice, E. Faulk, W. Scott, B. Pinkham, B. West, G. Grubb. THIRD ROW: D. Schertz, C. Knoll, J. woelfle, D. Crump, F. Boston, J. Wasson, D. Sturm, L. Kline, R. Kingdon, R. Cackling, A. wilkey, L. Stine, R. Ball, T. Michael, R. Smith, R. Kurth, P. Shanks. FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On August 31, sixty-two “greenhorns”, thirty boys and thirty-two girls humbly begged admittance to grand old E.H.S. We were accepted by the faculty in spite of our upperclassmen. Our first move was the election of officers: President, Larry Kline; Vice president, Dick Crump; Secretary, Joyce OFFICERS President, Larry Kline Vice-Pres., Dick Crump Secretary, Joyce Armstrong Treasurer, Carolyn Harshbarger Armstrong; Treasurer, Carolyn Harshbarger; Student Council Representative, Roger Crump. Miss Nessel, Mr. Kroeger, and Mr. Maurer are our class sponsors. The freshmen are represented in F. F.A., G.A.A., F.H.A., Pep Club, and Chorus. Several boys went out for football and basketball. SPONSORS Mr. Kroeger Mr. Maurer Miss Nessel 26FIRST ROW: B. SpREhe, B. Malcolm, D. Manninga, M. McGuire, A. Woosley, M. Simmons, E. Krug, R. Pfist-er, P. Cackling, T. Finck, h. Kessler, m. Helton, M. Haas, B. Miller, P. Lindsey, B. McKinley, B. Schroeder, R. Hall, M. Hayes, A. Armstrong, S. Jacobs, C. Cleary, J. G bbcns. SECOND ROW: R. Stim-pert, F. Mowers, D. Bayless, B. Scott, D. Porzellius, D- Garey, R. Finck, L. Hinthorne, D. Geiselman, B. Vandegraft, R. Rarioon, L. Blackmore, B. Diener, G. Bill, D. Mool , C. Jording, S. Gibbons, J. Waller, M. Miller, h. Wilson, W. Punke. THIRD ROW: R. Garey, H. Spivey, M. Kinder, G. Farrell, M. Mosback, S. Goetz, w. Jones, N. Graack, D. Geiselman, E. Hinthorne, R. Mayne, L. Smiley, J. Shoemaker, E. Panther, W. Berg. T. Hilger. eight grade basketball team FIRST RCW: R. Stimpcrt, l. Blackmore, B. Scott, E. Hinthorne, B. Mool, H. Wilson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Jobst, B. Byrd, w. PUNke, L. Hinthorne, D. Geiselman, R. Rarioon, B. Garey, l. Smiley, M. Miller, T. Hilger. 27ll I . Naughty naughty' W 2. Chummy, aren't we? f 3 Glamour Bovi U. Dancing dolls 5. Ride 'em Cowboy . Come on. Smile j Your personality's showing . But I didn't take I YOUR GIRL I 9. The pause that refreshes 10. Lovely pair, |'d say I I. All American . 12. JAILB IRDS • f. % L 28OH, Boy DIP Pdid SHAUMAR SCHULTZW VOU AND I HAVE FUN PLAY AT HE HOUSE jr I GAMES, LAST -HT! 'R.? YOUlREAl LAUGHING HOW WILL RK3HTFRC MR.TREMBIJCHIN, Ff WILL you u|H OUT § THE WINDoMn? SEE if IF THE STRffT LIGHT f L I @T k?4 £S SURE, ' ■ ' ■PTre- NT MEAN TO AJ KNOW WHAT © MR. CRUSTS I WONT DO IT AGAIN IF YOU SAY NOT TO, MOMMY " j BUT POPPA REALLY DID LAUGH, PlDtfmi s ANT TO LISTENI WINDY? UA'HA CLICK Oi! CRUSTY"’L «JUST PICTURE HIM-HEH, HEH-HBH! thatSthe BEST LAUGH l'VE HAD IN A LONG TIME- . G’NIGHT, DEAR • ) ' ■30FIRST ROW: C. Schertz, J. Remmers, C. Harshburger , D. Bohlanoer, M. Bohlanoer, J. Lampe, J. Shuman, M. Sutton, J. Stitt, J. Rice, E. Wilkey, A. Burroughs, M. Cleary, R. Schertz, C. Treece, D. Foreman. E. Walters, Miss Bruce. SECOND ROW: P. Schertz, L. Smith, V. Radebough. H. Hicks, Y. Wilkey, D. Peters, N. Wilkey, B. Stine, M. Kurth, E. Gottel, N. Carroll, J. Fever. D. Letsinger, C. Kammer- er, J. Wessel, C. Brown, D. George, G. Armstrong, F. Haas, J. West, J. Sutton. THIRD ROW: J. Kemp, R. Benedict, J. Armstrong, D. Toole, P. Etsch id, R. Bodger , P. Vincent, F. Epps, F. Gauger, C. Wessel, M. Crawforo, S. Furrow, B- Martin, G. Massey, B- Armstrong, D. Tate, L. Baity. P p LEFT TO RIGHT: J• Stitt, J. Shuman, A. Bur roughs, S. Furrow. cu 31£ ” CLt FIRST ROW: Mr. Jobst, J. Cleary, B. Armstrong, C. Brown, K. Kilpatrick, B. Bohlanoer, J. Brown, D. Thom, Mr. Trebbe , Mr. Kroeger . SECOND ROW: 8. Dehority, B. Heiken, J. West, B. Martin, D. Nevis, D. Tate, G. Armstrong, G. Schertz, D. George, J. Sutton. THIRD ROW: S. Stimpert, T. Hayse, B. Adams, M. Bernhardy, M. Armstrong D. Finck, B. Schertz. The first meeting of the year, the club elected officers. The president of our club was Milford Armstrong; vice-president, Bruce Adams; and secretary-treasurer, John Sutton. The club went to Chicago to see pro football and baseball games. All the members of the club enjoyed their work with their sponsors, Mr. Trebbe, Mr. Jobst, and Mr. Kroeger. The E Club is especially proud of their fine records in sports for the year 1949 and 1950- 32C..A.JI. FIRST ROW: J. Armstrong, C. Harshbarger, J. Rcmmers, A. Hayes, J. Shuman, C. Wessel , M. Bohlander, M. PORTH, Y. WlLKEY, Z . WlLKEY, J. RlCE, A. BURROUGHS, 0. WESSEL, R. SCHERTZ, M. SUTTON, J. STITT, J. Lampe, J. Wessel, Miss Bruce. SECOND ROW: E. Gottel, M. Volz, R. Benedict, C. Diers, D. Letsinger, D. Foreman, C. Treece, D. Miller, B. Stine, M. Kurth, N. Carroll, J. Fever, D. Engel, B. Hecht, D. Toole, V. Radebaugh, C. Kammerer, L. Smith, N. Wilkey. THIRD ROW: M. Garrels, M. Garrels, C. Wessel, M. Cackling, F. Stine, J. Kemp, M. Cleary, M. Crawford. S. Furrow, P. Schertz, $. Huns.nger , V. Krug, D. Bohlander, P. Etscheid, H. Hicks, P. Vincent, F. Epps, R. Bodger, V. Punke, R. Woelfle. Not in picture T. Coyle. President, Velda Krug; Vice Pres., Shirley Hunsinger; Sec. and Treas., Jo Ann Shu- man . FIRST ROW: SECOND RCM: 5U™» VJLUl m innerJ FRESHMEN ARE VOLLEY BALL CHAMPS E. Porth, B. Jones, A. Burroughs, M. Sutton, j. Rice, J. Stitt, M. Kinder, A. Malcolm M. Jording, 0. Wessel, R. Schertz, J. Armstrong, M. Bohlander, M. Cleary, C. Harsmbarger(f3and MAJORETTES: C. Kammerer, H. Hicks. FIRST ROW: P. Vincent, C. Radebaugh, j. wessel, P. Lindsay, L. Weaver. A. Burroughs, B. Stine, M. Whither, J. Stitt, B. West, J. Williams, D. Sturm, D. Cox, J. Fever. P. Etscheid, F. Epps, R. Bodger. SECOND ROW: D. Mayne, D. Volz, E. Panther, D. Letsnger, D. Tate, J. Cleary, baity, M. Kurth, E. Gottel, N. Carroll, M. Schertz, C. Jones, S. Kirby, P. Pink-ham, J. Smith, R. Schertz, W. Jones, M. Cleary. BACK LEFT: Mr. Dial. Band Leader. m„ t cl oruA FIRST ROW: W. Furrow, D. Sturm, D. Crump, J. Cleary, K. Kilpatrick, B. Armstrong, G. Schertz, D. Cox, D. Tate, L. Baity, L. Kilpatrick. SECOND ROW: E. Gottel, M. Volz, M. Crawford, S. Furrow, M. Cleary, G. Seggerman, P. Estcheid, B. Hecht, C. Wessel, D. Engel, A. Hayes. L. Weaver, J. Shuman, V. Radebaugh, M. Crusius, K. Wasson, B. Punke, F. Stine. M. Cackling, to. Dial. THIRD ROW: R. Smith, G. Massey, P. Schertz, D. Letsinger, V. Vogel, D. Foreman, C. Treece, D. Miller, B. Stine, M. Kurth, N. Carroll, S. Hunsinger, V. Krug, M. Porth, D. Bohlander, H. Hicks, R. Bodger, R. Benedict, J. Kemp, C. Wesscl. FOURTH ROW: J. Corots, R. Crump, E. Faulk, J. Sutton, M. Armstrong, G. Johnson, C. Brown, A. Stimpert, T. Hayse, B. Adams, B. Martin, D. George, J. Remmers, C- Kammerer, F. Epps, P. Vincent J. Fevers, F. Gauger.FIRST ROW: L. Stokes, R. Smith, E. Faulk, J. Corots, R. Crump, D. Sturm, W. Furrow, J. Cleary, d. Crump, Mr. Dial. SECOND ROW: J. Sutton, M. Armstrong, G. Massey, B. Armstrong, K. Kilpatrick, L. Baity, D. Tate, D. Cox, L. Kilpatrick. THIRD ROW: G. Johnson, C. Brown, A. Stimpert, T. Hayse , B. Adams, B. Martin, G. Schertz, D. George. qj, ■ a oruA FIRST ROW: J. Armstrong, H. Harris, C. Harshbarger , J. Remmers , L. Weaver, A. Hayes, J. Shuman, C. Wessel, K. Wasson, B. Punke , M. Porth, j. Rice, A. Burroughs, 0. Wessel, M. Bohlander, R. Schertz, M. Sutton, J. Stitt, T. Yambert , Mr. Dial. SECOND ROW: E. Gottel, M. Volz, R. Benedict, C. Diers, D. Letsinger, D. Foreman, C. Treece, D. Miller, B. Stine, M. Kurth, N. Carroll, J. Fever, D. Engel, B. Hecht, M. Vogel, M. Crusius, V. Radebaugh, C. Kammerer. THIRD ROW: C. Wessel, F. Gauger. G. Segger-man, M. Cackling, F. Stine, J. Kemp, M. Cleary, M. Crawford, S. Furrow, P. Schertz, S. Hunsinger, V. Krug, D. Bohlander, P. Etscheid, H. Hicks, P. Vincent, F. Epps, B. Bodger.FIRST ROW: C. Schertz, J. Kemp, P. Vincent, F. Epps, H. Hicks, P. Schertz, F. Gauger, C. Vessel, Miss Plese. SECOND ROW: J. Shuman, V. Radebaugh, S. Furrow, M. Crawford, P. Etcheid, R. Bodger, D. Tate, C. Brown, G. Armstrong, D. Cox.left to Right, SEATED: H. Hicks, C. Treece, D. Peters. Mr. Kroegep. STANDING: M. Volz, D. Foreman, L. Smith, R. Benedict, V. Radebaugh, M. Crawford, A. Hayes, G. Seggerman, V. Punke, M. Kurth, S. Hun-singer, R. Woelfle, B. Hecht. FIRST ROW: R. Benedict, S. Furrow, A. Hayes, V. Radebaugh, K. Wasson, C. Schertz, M. Volz. SECOND ROW: M. Crawford, D. Tate, B. Dehority, P. Vincent, R. Bodger , F. Epps, B. Armstrong, B. Martin, B. Littell, L Robbins, C. Miller, G. Armstrong, J. Sutton, R. Crump, F. Boston.FIRST ROW: J. Woelfle, J. wasson m c,rrc.'. - .. SECOND ROW: B. Dehor,™. C Kn0 , r " ' o T m r Sq Schertz. F. Boston. G- Me , ner . B Armstrong G r ’ J C RY' r- Kruq» Haas. E. Boston, W. Furrow, G. Armstrong, R Mo re' r r G‘ SCMCRTZ' Henderson. THIRD ROW: C. Brown, J. Sutton. R. Cruhp. L. KL,NE» D MOORE, D . BOHLANDCR , J. ( A MP E 3J4Jt. FIRST ROW: M. Jording, C. Frankc, l. Hartman, D. Punke, M. Barnett, M. Kinder, D. Stephens, A. Malcolm, K. Wasson, m. Crusius, C. Scherts.r. Woelfle. SECOND ROW: J. Armstrong, M- Stitt, C. Harsm-barger, D. Miller, H. Harris, J. Rcmmers, J. Shuman, C. Wessel, M. Bohlander, M. Porth, Y. Wilkey, E. Wilkey, J. Rice, A. Burroughs, 0. Wessel, R. Schertz, M. Sutton, J. Stitt, J. Lampe, B. Jones, J. Wessel, Miss Streid. THIRD ROW: I. Seggerman, a. Beachey, j. Armstrong, M. Volz, R. Benedict, c. Diers, D. Foreman, C. Treece, D- Miller, B. Stine, j. Fever, D. Letsinger, D. Engel, D. Toole, V. Raoebaugh, L. Smith, D. Peters, N. Wilkey, M. Beachey, t. Yambert. FOURTH ROW: E. Gottel. M. Garrels, M. Garrels, M. Cackling, F. Stine, J. Kemp, M. Cleary, m. Crawford, S. Furrow, S. Hunsinger. V. Krug, D. Bohland-CR, P. Etscheid, H. Hicks, P. Vincent, F. Epps, R. Bodger, V. Punke, L. Stine.FIRST ROW: Mrs. Jobst, M. Volz, S. Hunsinger, V. Krug, M. Porth, P. Schertz, C. Kammerer, B. Stine, D. Miller, F. Kesler . SECOND ROW: 0. Ietsinger, J. Remmers, B. Hecht, M. Plese, D. Thom, B. Adams, D. Shanks, E. Joroing, G. Schertz, D. Cox, J. Sutton, M. Vogel, 0- Boh-lanoer, L. Robbins, M. Kurth. The Paper Staff put out a monthly paper, which told of the school activities and games. The following staff was elected. Editor-Lee Robbins; Circulating Editors-Jo Remmers, Donna Letsinger; Class Reporters-Fresh-man-Jane Stitt, Sophomore-Marilyn Crawford, Junior-Pat Etscheid, Senior-Dean Cox; Typists-Dorothy Miller, Betty Stine, Shirley Hunsinger, Velda Krug, Marilyn Porth, Delores Bohlander; Reporters-Don Shanks, Glenn Schertz, Gene Jording, Marilynn Kurth, Beverly Hecht; Sports Editor-Bruce Adams; Sports Reporters - Dean Thom, John Sutton. 39LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Hicks, B. Martin, C. Treece, C. Brown, P. Etscheid, D. Toole, D. George, S- Stim-pert, B. Wilson, B. Bohlander, L. Smith, R Bodger, D. Peters, D. Foreman. SEVENTEENTH SUMMER “Seventeenth Summer", the Junior Class play, was presented November 30, and December 1, in the high school auditorium. The story tells the troubles of the Morrow family. Angie likes a certain boy, and almost loses him because of a misunderstanding, but in the end everything is fine. CAST Angie.......................................Roberta Bgdger Margaret.......................................Helen Hicks Lorraine...................................Donna Foreman Kitty....................Delores Peters ano Dorothy Toole Mrs. Morrow.....................................Lois Smith Mr. Morrow................................Benny Bohlander Jack ..................................... Sonny Stimpert Art.............................................Bob Mart i n Martin ........................................ Bob Wilson Jane.....................................................Pat Etscheid Tony........................................... Don George Margie....................................Cora Lou Treece Fitz.........................................Charles Brown 40“Meet Me In St. Louis”, the Senior Class play, was presented April 28, in the high school auditorium. This is a story about the Smith Family. All four sisters are upset over the fact that their oldest brother Lon, is falling for an eastern girl. Right away they go into action against him. Once they have this settled, the father tells them that they are moving to New York, which causes another uproar, but in the end everything turns out all right and everyone is happy. Mr. Smith. Mrs. Smith . Rose.............. Esther............ Agnes ............ Lon............... T ootie........... Grandpa Prophater Katie............. Mrs. Waughop . Ida Boothby . John Shepard. Fred Gregary . Lucille Pentard. Mr. Dodge. Mr. Duffy . . . . Conductor . . . . CAST: ..............Lee Robbins ..........Phyllis Schertz ..........Mary Ann Volz ............Velda Krug ............T. Ann Coyle ............John Sutton . . . . Donna Letsinger ............Dean Thom ............ Joyce Fever ............Jo Remmers . . . . Cheri Kammerer .............Bruce Adams .............Glenn Schertz .............Nancy Carroll ............Donald Shanks . . . . Grant Armstrong ..........Bill Armstrong 4142OFF THE RECORD JOHN SUTTON Salutatorian MARILYN PORTH Valedictorian LONELY HEARTS CLUB BRUCE ADAMS Co-Captain Basketball v Football Teams Free Throw Award Winner TONY HAYSE Co-Captain Basketball Football Team Most Valuable Playerj Award A LEE ROBBINS E.H.S. Reporter Editor MARY ANN VOLZ Annual Editor44HASN'T' TIME TO Of GET in A p NlPOFW f] T TC FIRST ROW: D. Tate, 0. Schertz, R. Cackling, D. Crump, L. Stine, B. Kurtm, P. Remmcrs, R. Crump, B. Dehority, D. Garrels, L. Kline, B. Shanks. SECOND ROW: B. Adams, B. Heiken, D. Finck, B. Martin, G. Schertz , B. Bomlander . G. Armstrong. M. Armstrong, S. Stimpert, C. Brown. THIRD ROW: L ». Trebbe . T. Morris, J. Cleary, D. George, B. Armstrong, K. McClure, B. Dehority, D. Wessel, Mr. Jobst . The Comets ended their season with an 8 to 1 record. The Comets scored second in the Mid-State Conference. The high scoring honors went to two seniors, Bill Armstrong and Tony Hayse, who each scored 8 times. Keith Kilpatrick scored 5 touchdowns, Adams 4, Sonny Stimpert 2, and John Sutton and Ben Boh- ilpatrick, T. Hayse, J. Sutton, m. Bernhardt, M. lander each scored one. The Comets held their opponents to just 54 points or an average of 6 points per game. El Paso, however, piled up 192 points for an average of 22 points per game, it should also be noted that not one extra point was scored against the Comets, while we were scoring 16 of the 29 tries. Sept. 1 5 El Paso 13 Gridley 0 Sept. 23 El Paso 13 Metamora 6 Sept. 30 El Paso 19 Chenoa 6 Oct. 7 El Paso 52 Lexington 6 Oct. 14 El Paso 6 Minonk 0 Oct. 21 El Paso 9 Fairbury 18 Oct. 28 El Paso 40 Saybrook 6 Nov. 4 El Paso 7 Eureka 6 Nov. 11 El Paso 33 LeRoy 6 47FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: B. Armstrong, F. Rarick, K. Kilpatrick, D. Thom, B. Bohlander. SECOND ROW: Coach Trebbe, J. West, T. hayse, B. Adams, S. Stimpert, D. Tate, C. Krug - Manager. SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: L. Hinthorn, B. Dehority, L. Kline, D. Sturm, G. Brown, D. Crump. SECOND ROW: Coach Trebbe, J. Cleary, R. Crump, B. Schertz, D. Garrels, H. Steffen, G. Meiner, B. Kurth - Manager. 5051The El Paso Comets enjoyed their most successful season in four years as they wound up the 1949-50 campaign with a 13 won and 12 lost record. This was only two less victories than the Comets had scored in their last three seasons combined. With a few breaks their record could have been much better due to the fact that they dropped three one-point decisions, two of them in overtimes. The highlight of the season, of course, was the stunning 45 to 43 upset of Lexington. Bruce Adams was the leading offensive threat for the locals scoring 364 points for a 14.6 per game average. His shooting percentage was also tops as he hit for 150 buckets in 336 attempts for an amazing 45 per cent. His 64 free throws in 95 attempts for 67 per cent was also high. Adams was closely followed by Tony Hayse, co-captain and sparkplug of the team, who dropped in 336 points for an average of 13.4 per game. His all around play was one of the main factors in the Comet’s success. The locals scored 1055 points for an average of 42.2 per game while their opponents scored 1050 for a 42 point average. SEASON’S STATISTICS GP SA Adams 25 336 Hayse 25 336 Stimpert 25 159 West 22 85 Kilpatrick 25 115 T ate 57 Thom 21 Rar rick 10 Armstrong 2 Bohlander 6 T otals 25 1157 FT FT FG Made Missed 150 64 31 132 72 67 47 28 45 21 25 16 40 20 14 9 14 18 7 5 10 1 5 5 0 5 3 1 1 1 408 239 210 FG% TP AV. 45% 364 14.6 36% 336 13.4 30% 122 4.9 25% 67 3.0 35% 100 4.0 16% 32 33% 19 10% 7 00% 5 17% 3 35% 1055 42.2 52LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Moore, F. Rarick, A. Turner, B. Scmertz, B. Dehority, M. Bernharoy, D. Crump, D. Garrells, J. Cleary, C. Brown, M. McClure, S. Stimpert, L. Stine, J. Brown, L. Robbins, P. Remmert, K. Kilpatrick, 0. Thom, C. Vanoegraft, D. Wessel, B. Marten, B. Bohlander, G. Schertz, J. Sutton. 1ST ROW: B. Adams, J. Stimpert, R. Cackling, A. Turner, D. Sturms, L. Stine, D. Crump, D. Wessel, B. Kurth, R. Crump, B. Bohlander. 2ND ROW: J. Williams, B. Dehority, D. Garrels, S-Stimpert, C. Brown, D. George, B. Marten, M. Bernhardt, D. Tate, C. Vanoegraft, G. Brown, L. Kline, M. McClure.([booster A (L(uL A. C. KING, Dentist BERRY'S MARKET, Secor, Illinois Quality Groceries - Fresh Meats Frozen Fooos Fruit ano Vegetables Bowl for Health F. M. JONES DRUMMET'S Dry Goods - Ready to Wear Nationally Advertised Brands EARL BURROUGHS AND SON Garage GOTTEL SHELL STATION Route 24 and 51 EL PASO NATIONAL BANK El Paso, Illinois "It Pleases Us to Please You' ANDREWS CLEANING SERVICE Phone 8| MICHELS' DRUG STORE 1890-1950 Good Health to All From Rexall Compliments from GAMBLE STORE Tom O'Learys EL PASO FURNITURE CO. "A buy from us never BRINGS REGRET" H. J. Lawson Prop. Compliments of SAVOIE'S DAIRY Dist. of Producers Grade A Milk G. B. WILLIAMS Grocery and Meats Delivery 10:00 every morning R. E. GORDON M. D. DONZE'S GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET VINCENT MEMORIAL HOME 2 hour Ambulance Service L. A. VOLZ AND SON Complete Electrical Service C. D. YOOER AND SON Market and Frozen Food Lockers FRED B. BAKER Attorney at Law FRANKE PRODUCE HYNES HARDWARE AND ELECTRIC CO. American and Sherw.n-Williams PaiNTS. 1 s:: HAAS PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL COMPANY Cooking Gas - Heating and Plumbing Phone 23 Day or NiteILLINOIS POWER COMPANY "Electric Service is Today's P. D. NOHREN GROCERY National Brand Store ZEHR FARM SUPPLY Oliver Farm Equipment LETCHER BROS. GARAGE Chrysler-Plymouth Dealers THE SNACK SHOP "A Good Place to Eat" Mrs. E. E. Hutton PANOLA STORE "Everything from Soup to Nuts" FARRELL SERVICE STATION AND GROCERY Kappa, Illinois DRAKE AND COMPANY General Merchandise Kappa, Illinois THE ELMS (Motel) Zelpha F. Morgan BOB'S DAIRY Roszells Sealtest PruOUCTS Fountain ano Grill HUNSINGER SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Secor, Illinois MlNNEAPOLIS-MOLINE IMPLEMENTS Phillips 66 Gas and Oil Westinghouse Appliances. B.P.S. Paints DUNMIRE EQUIPMENT CO. Road machinery and Construction Eq. BURSTER AND HENNING Clothing ano Furnishings for Men and Boys RITTERBUSCH DRUG STORE Quality Drugs and Prescriptions PALMER COMPANY. INC. Waukesha, Wisconsin G. N. Bayless, Sales Director R. P. LYKKEBAK M. D. Phone 2 , El Paso WHITE ELEVATOR Coal - Grain Ted Wollenschlager, Mgr. BAITY HARDWARE STORE Wallpaper, Paint, Hardware, Electric Appliances VOLZ'S SERVICE STATION Mobilgas, Mobiloil, Mobil tires and Batteries Intersection of 2k and 51 at El Paso Compliments of ANDY'S BARBER SHOP WEST'S BAKERY Complete Line of Bakery Goods WOODFORD COUNTY NATIONAL BANK 50 years of Faithful Service Member of F .D.I.C. '= V,F. G. BERTA, Jeweler Kodaks and Supplies Kodak Finishino LETSINGER'S SERVICE STATION Washing-Lubricating-Grcasing C. E. CRYER D. 0. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon McGUIRE AND BOWMAN BOOY SHOP Automobile Body and Fender Repa(RING Auto Painting-Welding Compliments From LUAN'S BEAUTY NOOK EL PASO GREENHOUSE "Say it with Flowers" Congratulations From ROUSH BARBER SHOP KITCHELL INSURANCE AGENCY "When you see us, Don't think or Insurance, But when you think or Insurance, see us." Compliments or the ARBOR CAFE E. G. WENDLAND Poultry, Eggs and Cream THE EL PASO ELEVATOR Complete Grinding and Milling Service Grain-Feed-Lumber-Coal HELLER'S FARM STORE John Deere Equipment EL PASO BOTTLED GAS COMPANY Dri-Gas—The Battled Cooking Gas EL PASO IMPLEMENT CO. Complete Stock Genuine IHC Repairs Compliments or PFISTER HYBRID CORN COKFANY Compliments or R.G. PIERCE FURNITURE COMPANY MIDGET MARKET The only one or its kind BAILEY PRINTING CO. Publishers or "The Aovertiser" NORTH AND BENSON AGENCY CLirroRD Benson, Agent Compliments or C. T. KEARNEY M. D. KENT LUMBER AND COAL CO. Lumber-Coal-Glass-Cement Paint and Builder's Supplies Congratulations From Merle E. Loetus STANDARD SERVICE STATIONm [MYERS -- YEARBOOKS THE PACEMAKERS Of QUALITY MYERS AND CO. INC. TOPEKA, KANSAS

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