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PAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGTbe 1948 COMETEER Published By The Sepior Class Of El Paso Township High School El Paso, Illinois PRELUDE We, the Senior Class of 1948, present to you the E. T. H. S. Hit rarmlc, the music of the Senior Class, and the stars of tomorrow. We hope you will experience a great thrill as you whirl through the pages of the COMETEEIJ on our musical merry-go-round. ediccUio+t ( , the Senior ('lass of 1948, dedicate our year book (o you, our parents. “As Time Ooes I5y ' we realize you have been the really great conductors of our life. ou have shared with us our moments of laughter, disappointments and triumphs. “Together" we have composed the foundation for a full and profitable life. Tw0 Swinging along with other activities in the school the members of tlie Annual Staff were kept very busy. Every member contributed his part toward composing a superb annual. The following people are resjH»nsible for the COMETEEB: Editor, Middie Diers; Assistant Editor. Lowell Crawford; Easiness Manager, Doris Wilkey; Photography, Carol Cryer, Henry Ilayse; Advertising, Paul Hynes, Bud Jurgens, (rlenn Burroughs, Vera Steffen, Marilyn Harris, Don Coyle, Bay Darrels; Sports, Don Toole, Bob Hartman; Activities, Dick Deorge, Bosemary Lyons, Delmar Jones. Paul Wessel; Subscriptions, Bob Dixon, Viola Woosley; Typists, Jane Sutton, Phyllis Krug, Bita Bippel, Marjorie Sparks; Art, Margaret Barclay. Annual Staffl Seated P. Hynes. P. Krug. J. Sutton. D. Toole. D. Jones. B. Jurgens. L. Crawford. Standing—R. Lyons. V. Steffen. M Barclay. R. Rip pel. V. Woosley. J. Cryer. M Harris. P Wessel. B. Hartman. D. Wilkey. M. Sparks. M. Diers, H. Hayse. D. Coyle. B. Dixon. D. George. M. Stuart. ThreeGo vtenti “Ask Anyone Who Knows” Administration •School Daze" ('lasses “Night anti Dayv Activities "Take Mr Out In tin Hall (!amc’f .1 thirties “Good Xeirs' Advertising FourSoa vd of Education Left to Right Louis Wadsworth. Harold Burroughs. K. A. LaRochelle, William Burroughs. Walter (’lag-gett. John North. Owen Schertz. Karl Reeves. Student Gouncil First Row—Margaret Barclay. Don Toole. Dick George. Betty Hicks. Tony Hayse. Second Row—Bob Martin. Rex Plnkham. Eugene Jones. Benny Bohlander. Lee Robbins. Miss Koch. SevenWALTER M. CLAGGETT El Paso. Illinois "Best Man” World History. Civics James Millikin University, A. B. MARY STUART Galesburg Illinois "Personality” English II. HI. IV. Speech Knox College A. B. HAVILLAH E. RECKLING El Paso. Illinois “Wood Chopper’s Ball.” Industrial Arts I. II. Ill, Eastern Illinois State Teachers College. M. S. M. Ed. ISABEL NESSEL Avon Illinois "Dark Eyes” Commerce Western illlinois Teachers College. B. E. MYRLE ROBINSON Cambridge .Illinois "Accentuate The Positive" Mathematics Illinois State Normal University. B. Ed. COCOA O. TRAYLOR El Paso. Illinois "Say It With Music” Instrument. Vocal Music Chicago Music College, B. M ARTHUR HENDERSON El Paso, Illinois "Down On The Farm" Ag. I. II. Ill Illinois State Normal University. B. S. ELIZABETH STREID Chenoa, Illinois “Candy” Home Economics I. II. Ill University of Illinois. B. S. BLOICE BESS Chatsworth, Illinois "Our Hero" Coach. Boys Phys. Ed. American History Illinois State Normal University, B. S. MILDRED KOCH Monmouth, Illinois "Dance. Ballerina, Dance” Biology. Girls Phys. Ed. Western State College. B. Ed. MARY ELLEN WILLIAMS Ottawa, Illinois “When -Irish Eyes Are Smiling” French I, English I II Librarian. University of Illinois HAROLD E. MAURER El Paso Illinois "I Don’t Want To Set The World on Fire." General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra Bluffton College. A. B. U. of Illinois, M. S. Eight, A . £ I . j - I J -g t ? -i' i £ - Me? J1 T--y Sffp = ii 7 J-- : J Z5fJ 7 m p In September 1944 fifty-three Freshmen timidly walked down the Imlls of El Paso Township High School. After we were in swing of it all, this timidness was soon overcome as many of our classmates became known in athletics, drama and music. Most of our fame was due to the guidance of our sponsors, Mr. Snyder, Miss Miles and Miss Jibbs; the leadership of our class officers, Lowell Crawford, I’res; Tim Enright. Vice Pres.; Carol (Tver, Sec. Treas.; and Kenneth Faulk, Student Council. A year latter we again entered ETHS, this time as Sophomores and with more confidence than ever. As a group we started off in true rytlnnetic pattern and much was accomplished this year. We planned several social activities among which were a roller skating party and a hayrack ride. Our class again showed good taste in selecting their sponsors and class officers. Miss McCue, Miss Miles and Mr. Traylor served as our sponsors; and our officers were: Dick leorge, Pres.; George .Jurgens, Vice Pres.; Don Koch, Sec. Treas.; Kenneth Faulk, Student Council. In September, 194 , our class stepped in and took the role as Juniors and upper classmen with great capability. The thoughts of all of us were directed towards earning do ido re me). This we accomplished through the harmony and willingness of our class and our sponsors. The biggest project was the presentation of the play “Rest Foot Forward." The funds were spent entertaining the Seniors at Prom on May 9, which was the highlight of the year. Our sponsors for this year were Mrs. Frances Miller, Miss Miles and Mr. ("lagged. Class officers were Dick George, I’res.; Don Coyle, Vice Pres.; Middie Diers, Sec. Treas.; Carol (Tver, Reporter; Don Toole and Margaret Barclay, Student Council. In our final year the thirty-six members of the Senior Class, under the excellent guidance of our sponsors. Miss Stuart, Mr. Bess and Miss Nessel. were able to experience true success. We published our school paper, the “Reporter." Our class again displayed their dramatic talents in the presentation of the play “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Our biggest triumph of the year was the publishing of the COMETEER under the editorship of Middle Diers and the help of her staff. Yes, we, the class of "48, can proudlvvoice “Aren't You Glad You’re You?” Yet we voice it with sadness as we remember the good times and wonderful teachers and students of ETIIS. For in our minds this song is mingled with the melody of the graduation march. Eleven1. MARGARET BARCLAY—Transfer “Sweet and Lovely" G. Ch. 3. 4; M. Ch. 3, 4; Band 3. 4; PHA 4; Dram. 4; GAA 4 Pres.: Cometeer; Jr. Play: Sr. Play: Rep. 4; Concert 3. 4; St. Coun. 3. 4; French 4: R. Cr. 3; Co. Con. 3: Office 4; Style Sh. 4. 2. GLENN BURROUGHS ‘Td Be Lost Without You" B. Ch. 1. 2. 3. 4; M. Ch. 1. 2. 3 .4; Concert 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3 ,4; Ft. Ball 1, 3, 4; Track 4; Bb. o; cometeer: Rep. 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play, E. Club 3. 4. 3. DON COYLE “Lover” B. Ch. 1. 2. 3. 4; M. Ch. 2. 3. 4; Dram. 4; Concert 1. 2. 3; V. Pres. 3; Basketo. 1, 2. 3. 4; Bb. 2. 3, 4; Ft. B. 3. 4; Cometeer; Rep 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; E. Club 3. 4. 4. CAROL CRYER "Jeanie With The Lieht Brown Heir” G. Ch. 1. 2. 3. 4; M. Ch. 1. 2. 3, 4; Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Lram 1. z. 4; Pr“B.: Sec. 1: GAA '. 4: Cometeer: Rep. 4; Jr. Play: Sr. Play; Co. Con. 3. 4: French 4; R. Cr. 1. 2. 3; Lib. 3; Concert 1, 2, 3, 4; Office 4; Style Sh. 4; Ch. L. 1, 2, 3. 5. MIDDIE DIERS “My Pretty Blonde” G. Ch. 1. 2. 3. 4; M. Ch. 2, 3. 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Dram. 1, 2. 4; concert 1. 2. 3. 4: Sec. 3. V. Pres GAA 1, 4. V. Pres.; Cometeer; Rep. 3. 4, Ed.; Jr. Hay; Sr. i . imhii • . n. Cr. i. z, 3; V. Coun. 1; Lib. 3. 4; Style Sh. 4. 6. LOWELL CRAWFORD “A Merry Life” B. Ch. 4; M. Ch. 4; Dram. 1. 2. 4; St. Coun. 1; Pres. 1; Ft. Ball 4; Track 4; Jib. 4; Cometeer; Rep. 4; Jr. Play: Sr. Play; Co. Con. 3; E Club 4; V. Coun. 1; Style Sh. 4. 7. ROBERT DIXON "His Hair is Red. His Eyes Are Blue” B. Ch. 4; M. Ch. 4; Basketball 2. 3. 4; Ft. Ball 2. 3. 4; Track 3. 4; Bb. 3. 4; FFA 1. 2. 3. Sec. Pres.; Cometeer; Rep. 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; E Club 3. 4. Pres. 8. MARY EICHEI.BERGER “For It Was Mary” G. Cn. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Concert 1. 2. 3. 4i GAA 4. Twelve9. JOHN ENGEL "Oh Johnny” Ft. 4; Bb. 2, 3, 4; Rep. 4. 13. PHYLLIS KRUG "Green Eyes” G. Ch. 1. 2. 3. 4; M. Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama 1. 2, 4; Concert 1, 2. 3. 4; FHA 1. 2. 3. 4; R. Cr. 2. 3; Com-eteer; Rep. 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Co. Con. 4; French 4; Lib. 4; Style Sh. 4. 10. MARILYN HARRIS "My Pretty Girl” G. Ch. 1. 2, 4; Drama 4; Concert 1. 2, 1; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; R. Cr. 3; Lib. 3, 4; Style Sh. 4; Office ' 14. MERLYN FRANKE "Fine and Dandy" Biology 4; Rep. 2. 4; Jr. Play. E Club 4; Intramural Basketball 1, 2. 4; Ft. Ball 4. 11. KENNETH FAULK "Prisoner of Love" St. Coun. 1. 2; Biology 2; Rep. 4. 15. ROSEMARY LYONS "Smiles” GAA 4; Cometeer 4; R. Cr. 2. 4; Lib. 4; Office 4. 12. MARCELLA JONES Transfer "A Friend of Yours” G. Ch. 4; Dram. 4, Biology 4; Rep 4; Sr. Play. 16. RAY GARRELS "Happy Days” Ft. B. 3. 4; Bb. 1. 2. 3r 4; Rep. 4; Sr. Play; E Club 3, 4; Style Sh. Mgr. 4; Intrammural Basketball 2. 3. Thirteen17. RICHARD GEORGE “The Whole World is Singing My Song” B. Cli. 2. 3. 4; Dram. 2. 4; Concert 3. 4; St. Coun. 2. 3. 4; Pres. 3. 4; Basketball 2. 3; Ft. Ball 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 3. 4; Cometeer; Rep 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; Co. Con. 3. 4; Pres, 2, 3. 4; E Club 3, 4; Style Sh. 4. 18. RITA RIPPEL “Till the End of Time" G. Ch. 4; Concert 4; GAA 4; FHA 4; R. Cr. 1, 2; Cometeer; Rep 4; Lib. 3. 19. VERA STEFFEN “Strawberry Blonde" G. Ch. 1. 2.: Dram. 4; Concert 1. 2: Sec. Treas. 4; GAA 4; FHA 1. 2. 3. 4: Pres. 2; Cometeer; Rep. 4; Office 4. 20. ROBERT HARTMAN “Fun and Fancy Free" B. Ch. 4: Ft. Ball 2. 3. 4; Bb. 3. 4: FFA 1. 2. 3; V. Pres.; Cometeer; Rep. 4; Sr. Play; E Club 3. 4; Style Sh. 4. 21. HENRY HAYSE “It’s a Good Life" B. Ch. 1. 2. 3. 4; M. Ch. 2. 4; Concert 4; Cometeer; Rep. 4. 22. MARJORIE SPARKS “Margie" G. Ch. 1. 2. 3. 4; M. ('ll. 2. 3. 4; Dram. 2, 4; GAA 4; FHA 4: Cometeer; Rep. 4: Jr. Play; Sr. Play; R. Cr. 1. 2. 3; Lib. 2, 3; Style Sh. 4; Office 4. 23. DORA SUTTON “Walking Down Honeymoon Lane" G. Ch. 1. 3: Concert 1. 4; GAA 4; Rep. 4. Play; R. Cr. 1. 2. 3; Lib. 2. 3; Style Sr. 4; Office 4. 24. OPIE HOCKER “Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quiet" B. Ch. 4; M. Ch. 4; Dram. 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4; Track 4; Rep. 4; E Club 4; Style Sh. 4. Fourteen25. PAUL HYNES "Dancing in The Dark" B. Ch. 4; M. Ch. 4; Concert 4; Cometeer; Kep. 4; Jr. Play. 29. DORIS WILKEY "Lovely to Look At" G. Ch. 1. 4; Band 2; Drain. 4; Concert 2; FHA 1. 2. 3. 4. Pres.; Cometeer; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; E Club 4; Style Sh. 4; Office 4. 26. JANE SUTTON "Little Girl" G. Ch. 1. 2. 3. 4; M. Ch. 2. 3, 4; GAA 4; Dram. 4; Hep. 4; Lib. 4; Concert 1. 2. 3. 4; Cometeer; FHA 1. 2. 3. 4; Sr. Play; Ch. 4; Style Sh. 4. 30. GEORGE JURGENS T ransfer "My Buddy" B. Ch. 3. 4; Hep. 4 ; Cometeer; FFA 2, 3.; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; M. Ch. 3. I; Ft. Ball 3. 4; Bb. 3; Vice Pres. 3; Concert 3. 4; Basketball 3. 4; E Club 4. 27. DELMAR JONES "Doing What Comes Naturally" B. Ch. 4; Basketball 3. 4; Ft. Ball 3, 4; Track 4; FFA 1. 2, 3; Cometeer; Hep. 4; Jr. Play; Sr. Play; E Club 4; Style Sh. 4; Baseball Mgr. 4. 31. VIOLET WILKEY "Give Me the Simple Life" C.. Ch. 1. 2; GAA 4; Dram. 4; FHA 1, 4; Hep. 4; Concert 1. 2; H. Cr. 2. 3: I.ib. 4; Style Sh. 4. 28. BARBARA TEVIS — T ransfer “I'll Get By” Dram. 4; GAA 4; FHA 3. 4; R. Cr. 3; Lib. 4. 32. DONALD TOOLE "My Heart is a Hobo" B. Ch. 4; M. Ch. 4; Concert 4; St. Coun. 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Ft. Ball 2. 3. 4; Jr. Play; Sr Play: E Club 3. 4; Vice Pres. 4; Style Sh. 4; Rep. 4; Cometeer. Fifteen33. MERLE PINKHAM “Smilin’ Through” ». Ch. 4; FFA 1; Rep. 4. 34. VIOLA WOOSLEY—Transfer “Skater’s Waltz” G. Ch. 4; M. Ch. 4; Dram. 4; GAA 4; Cometeer; Rep. 4. 35. DALLAS OLTMAN "Small Fry” FFA 1. 2.; Intramural Basketball 2, 3. 36. PAUL WESSEL “Always” B. Ch. 4: Ft. Ball 4; Bb. 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 4; Cometeer; Rep. 4; Jr. Play; E Club. CLASS OFFICERS Standing—D. George, dent Council. Seated—V. Steffen, Diers. Vice-President; M. President; D. Toole. Stu- Secretary-Treasurer; M. Barclay, Student Council. SPONSORS Miss Stuart M r. Bess Miss Nessel SixteenI, Mar Barclay, leave my ability to play the piano to Betty Hicks, who is already well along on her musical career. I. Glenn Burroughs, leave, taking Phyllis with me. I. Don Coyle, leave my good behavior in typing practice to Duane Sherman, who van make good use of it. I. Lowell Crawford, leave my ability to have a comeback for all teachers on all occasions to Bob Wilson. I. Jean Cryer. leave my flirting ways left me by Gerry Benedict, to Pat King, who really doesn't need them. I, Middle Diers. leave my taxiing to Grant Armstrong, who stacks five to my four as it is. I. Bob Dixon, leave my HENNA RINSE to Joyce Fever. We. Mary Eichelberger and Reta Rippel. leave our constant companionship to Reta King-don and Cleo Steffen. I. John Engel, leave my quiet laugh to Velda Quiram • . I. Merlyn Franke, leave, knowing Miss Ness-el will be greatly elated by the loss of her right - hand man. I. Kenneth Faulk, leave regretting not taking Velda out of tue clutches or the Sophomore wolves. I. Ray Garrels. leave my pitching ability to Sonny Stimpert. I. Dick George, leave my rolling belly technique to Eugene Jones. I. Marilyn Harris, leave, destination Gridley High School. I. Bob Hartman, leave my braidable hair to Jim Wilkey. I. Henry Hayse. leave my extraordinary middle name (Arthur) to anyone who wants it. I, Opie Hocker, leave, glad to have made th grade. ..j I. Paul Hynes, leave my dancing ability to John Sutton . I, Delmar Jones, leave my deep voice to Don Rinkenberger. I. Marcella Jones, leave my daily fourth hour visit to the bookkeeping room to Yvonne Wilkey. I, Bud Jurgens, leave my position as Secor casanova to Delmar Weasel. I. Phyllis Krug, leave my ability to keep a man for four years to Helen Hicks. I. Rosemary Lyons, leave my witty remarks to Donna Letsinger. I. Dallas Oltman. leave my solitude in English to Tony Hayse. I. Merle Pinkham. leave my quiet ways to Dick Finck. I. Marjorie Sparks, leave my ability to sing popular songs to Bruce (Joison) Adams. I. Vera Steffen, leave my pretty clothes to my sister, w’ho seems to have a monopoly on them already. I. Dora Sutton, leave to get married. I. Jane Sutton, leave, wondering how on earth it could have taken me four years to discover one Don Coy.e. I. Barbara Tevis. leave my ability to keep two class rings at one time to anyone desiring a real headache. I. Don Toole, leave my ability to go steady and still flirt with other girls to Joan Barrett who seems to like this technique. I Paul Wessel. leave my knowledge to any freshman desiring hard work. I, Doris Wilkey, leave; chief ambition: job in Bloomington I. Violet Wilkey. leave my ambitious way to any student desiring the goal of graduation. SeventeenAs “The Gypsy" gazes into her crystal globe, she mysteriously foretells the future of the class of ’48 “After Graduation Day.” Middie Diers is now president of the “Yellow Cab Company” with branch offices throughout the country. One of her most dependable drivers is Opie Hocker who has wrecked only two cars in the past week. Lowell Crawford is head doctor of the “Now You're In; Just Try to Get out” Hospital in Buffalo. New York. Superintendent of nurses is Marjorie Sparks. One of his recent patients was Don Coyle, president of the “Little Wonder Can-Opener Company.” We hear his quick recovery was due to the efficiency of his nurse, Jane Sutton. Carol Jean Cryer is a very successful actress on Broadway, having just starred in a play entitled “John’s Other Wife’s Second Husband.’’ The play was produced and directed by that New York play-boy. Mert Franke. Merle Pinkham is in Hollywood starring in "Tarcan” pictures since the retirement of the former star. His stand-in is also a former E.T.H.S. graduate Dallas Oltman. Paul H net operate., a dancing school in New York. He specializes in teaching women over 300 pounds the rhumba. Delruar Jon s is now commander of a fleet of ships in the Pacific. His favorite pass time is sitting on the deck and whistling at the g.rls on the is’ands they pass. Robert Hartman operates a beauty parlcr in Chicago. His specialties are oiig nal hai • styles, and w e do m an original! A model for his hair styles is Violet Wilkey. Doris Wilkey recently became the first worn-4an governor of Illinois. Her campaign manager was John Engel. One of Miss Wilkey s first acts as Governor was to refuse to issue drivers’ licenses to men. The Governor has as her secretary. Reta Rippel, who has recently established a world’s record cf taking shorthand at 300 words a minute. Pud Jurgens is now' one of the most popular leading men in Hollywood, with a brilliant career before him. He has recently appeared in several top raning movies, the only difficulty is that in all the pictures he was killed during the first ten minutes of the film. Marilyn Harris is a math teacher at formal university and is married to the athletic director. Glenn Burrounghs is new’ an engineer and on 3 of his recent pro ects was the building of n bridge across Panther Creek. He attributes his success to the faithfulness of his wife, the former Phyllis Krug. Bob Dixon has finally realized his life-long ambition of becoming editor of Eeouire Mega ’-®. One of his favorite cover girls is Barb Tevis. Marg Barclay has just made her debut in Carnegie Hall as a pianist. Her assistant is Don Toole w-ho carries the piano from place to place Kenny Faulk has become famous overnight by the appearance of his picture on the “x.hcat-ies” box as a hardy Wheaties eater. Vera Steffen has recently added another invention to the machine world. Her contribution was a pretzel bending machine which bends the pretzels in many unusual designs. Ray Garrels has just startled the world by manufacturing a cracker without crumbs. This is a very handy cracker to eat in bed. Henry Hayse holds a ve y ?rancrta 't prs-iticn in the radio world; he is the slight pause for station identification. Dick George operates a rest home for former teachers of E.T.H.S. He has recently had to enlarge his building as several of the teachers have suffered nervous breakdowns. Marcella Jones has been very busy raising m ce for experimental laboratories. The only fault the finds in this oc upation is that she becemes fond of the mice and keeps them as p?ts. Paul Wessel operates a plck’e faotorv In California He specializes in pickles without warts. Mr. Weseel’s secretary ig Mary Eich-elberger. who is also chief pickle sampler. Ro e Mary Lyons, the now famous Dr. Lyons of “Grin and Bear It” dentifrice for shut-ins. will Rave scon on a tour of the European theater She is in hopes that some Duke will hear her plea for help in discovering a time-saving method of blushing teeth.while still under the influence of ineommia. EighteenNineteenCIgAA. OjfjficeAA Hex Pinkham Marilyn George Betty Hickg Cleo Steffen Georgia Crawford Eugene Jones f)u u l cMtit Uf. At the beginning of this year the class of ’49 started off in perfect pitch. This melodic atmosphere was continued throughout the year, as our class really worked perfectly as a group. The result of this work was shown in the fact that we held a refeshment stand at the football and basketball games. We made ourselves known in the dramatic field when we presented the play ,4f ride and Prejudice.” On May 15. we proudly p|ayed host to the Seniors at the Junior-Senior Prom. The class also published the last edition of the school paper. Our class officers for the year were Rex Pinkham. President: Marilyn George. Vice-President Georgia Crawford. Business Manager; Cleo Steffen, Secre- tary Treasurer: Betty Hicks and Eugene Jones, Student Council. Our capable sponsors were Miss Koch. Miss Robinson and Mr. Reckling. The one thing we are now in doubt about is "How Soon” will we be Seniors? Miss Robinson Mr. Reckling Miss Koch TwentyD. Hinthorne J. Stitt C. Steffen D. Rinkenbergrr B. Bailey E. Jones B. Woosley A. Seggerman P.1. Robinson Ttventy-cneLeft to Right: Bill Armstrong. Tony Hayae, yLid nt Councfl; Mary Volz. Secretary-Treasurer: e Robbins. President: John Suttnn. Vice Presi-' nt. First Row: G. Armstrong. B. Armstrong. G. Schertz. B. Adams. T. Hayse. J. Sutton. M. Volz. L. Robbins, K. Kilpatrick. G. Massey. J. Inselman Miss Stried. Second Row: D. Shanks. E. Gottel, M. Kurth, M. Vogel. A. Fenton. D. Eng:»l, P. Schertz. J. Returners, D. Miller. S. Hunsinger. V. Krug, D. Bohlander. J Barrett. Mr. Henderson. Third Row: F. Kesler. C. Kammerer, T. Coyle, J. Fever. D. Letsinger. E. Wilkey, Y. Wllkey. M. Portli, B. Stine. C. Wessel. M. Beachey. E. Richards. Mr. Claggett. Fourth Row: J. Wes J. D Cox. E. Jording. J. Talbert. G. Johnson. R. Eichelberger, V. Schieber, M. Armstrong. C. Krug. M. Kesler. SOPHOMORE HISTORY A few weeks after school opened tin sophomore class stepped in ;in 1 ajjain we look our rank anioiij; tin KTHSVrs. We definitely Lent in four-four time as we elected capable officers and sponsors who planned the activities of the year. The class was well represented in the choruses and clubs. We have climbed “So Far ’ on the Hit Parade and hope to continue as successful upperclassmen. Twenty-twoFirst Row: R. Wagner, C. Vandergraft. P. Scott. D. Kinkenberger. B. Bohlander. G. Brown. B. Wilson. v. Oltman. D. Weber. V. Porth. D. Coyle. W. Kenimert. G. Hilger, B. Singpeil, Miss Williams. Second Row: D. Volz. M. McClure. J. Wilkev. D. Toole. P. Vincent. H. Hicks, P. FRseheid, F. Epps. R. Bodger. N. Wilkey, C. Treec-e. R. Woelfle. G. Seggernian. P. Fink. Mr. Maurer. Third Row: M. Bernhardy. D. George. D. Nevius. T. Lambert. L. Stine. R. Wilkey. D. Foreman. L. Smith. V. Punke. Mr. Traylor. F'curth Row: B. Heiken. C. Brown. B. Martin. B. De hority. S. Stimpert. B. Schertz. R. Moore. J. Lampe, J. Woosley. W. F'urrcw, M. Krug. E. Boston. L. Haas. D. Fink. L. Schroder. Bob Dehority. Vice President: Bob Martin. President; Benny Bohlander. Student Council; Pat Etscheid. Secretary-Treasurer; Roberta Bodger. Student Council. FRESHMAN HISTORY Early in September fifty-five new faces were viewed in the halls of FTHS—The Freshman Class ! ! ! We started timidly t » climb the scale of life at FT I IS. Many of our classmates participated in school clubs, activities and sports. Yes, we freshmen keep “Commg Hack Like A Song", for there will Im a new group of freshmen to take our place next year. Twenty-threeTwenty-four “Memories” On October 16, 1947. Homecoming festivities burst into song at a bonfire pep rneetng. The following afternoon floats participated in a colorful parade through town. The same night the Comets defeated their opponents. Minonk. 25-6 for a successful and memorable Home coming.1. Coach Bess 5. R. Carrels 14. B. Jurgens 15. L. Crawford 13. G. Burroughs 17. T. Hayse 18. D. Sherman R. Bodger T. Coyle J. Sutton M. GeorgeEd‘tor. HL First How: J. Sutton. V. Woosley, H. Lyons. M. Sparks M. Barclay. P. Krug. V. Steffen. B. Tevis. C. Cry-er. D. Sutton. R. Hippel. M. Jones. V. Wilkey. Second Row: D. Oltman. P. Weasel. M. Pinkham. H. Hayse. P. Hynes, K. Faulk. D. Toole. R. Hartman. D. George. D. Jones. B. Dixon. M. Franke. PafieA. C'diiai'i Left to Right: D. Wilkey. Editor; M. Harris. Business Maager; Miss Stuart, Sponsor; M. Diers, Editor; L. Crawford. Twenty-ninefeoqA,' Qlt iul First Row: G. Johnson. G. Armstrong. K. Kilpatrick, G. Burroughs, D. Coyle, F. Hynes. M. Pinkham. M. Armstrong. Mr. Traylor. Second Row: J. Sutton. J. Kirkton. G. Schertz. D. Sherman. B. Jurgens. B. Dixon. R. Hartman. E. Jones. D. Cox. M. Barclay (accompanist.) Third Row: D. Shanks. E. Massey. B. Adams. H. Hayse. 6. Hocker, D. Jones. F. Wessel, D. George. L. Crawford. D. Toole. Fourth Row: L. Robbins. W. Furrow. M. Bernhardy. B. Bohlander, R. Moore. R. Schertz, B. Aimstrong. QiaLl' CltO-luA. First Row: J. Barrett. B. Hicks. G. Crawford. M. George. T. Ccyle. D. Wilkey. C. Crver. J. Sutton. R. Aldrich Second Row: E. Wilkey. L. Tevis, B. Stine. C. Wes $3l, E. Richards, F. Ki .g. M. Diers. M. Barc lay. M. Sparks. S. Hunsinger. V. Krug. D. Miller. J. Remmerg E. Conrad. L. Stine. T. Yambert. R. Wilkey. R Rippel. P. Hnck. G. Seggerman. G. Eichelberger, Mr. Traylor. Third Row: V. Wcosley. Y. Wilkey. C. Treece, N. Wilkey. M Harris. B. Woosley. M. Sutton. M. Gauger. D. Hinthorne. D. Bohlander, D. Foreman. D. Peters. R. Bad rtr . Epps.4 H. Hicks. F. Vincent. F. Etscheid. D. Toole, D. EniJ, J- Brown, M. Eichelberger, M. Vogel, V. Funke, M. Jones. F u.th Row: R. Woeifle, M. Forth. V. Quiram. F. i ing-on. R. Kingdon. R. Boston. M. Kurth. M. Volz. E. Gottel, J. Fever. C. Kaminerer. D. Letsinger. F. Schertz, D. FJngel, V. Oltmun. D. Weber. V. Forth. L. Smith. P. Carls ’ Thirty . 7. cM. S. featidl First Row: B. Hicks, D. Letsinger, C. Weasel, R. Wilson. C. Cryer. J. Williams. E. Gottel, M. Kurth. T. Coyle. L. Baity. Second Row: M. Eicheiberger. D. Cox. O. Wilson. R. Botiger. J. Fevers. F. Ep; s, P. Etscbeid. Mr. Traylor. B. Stine. A. Fenton. M. Barclay. P. Vincent. J. Barrett. I). Volz. J. Kirkton. Tnird Row: M. George. J. Cleary. First Row: C. Cryer. J. Barrett. B. Hicks. D. Sherman. D. George. L. Crawford. G. Burroughs. P. Krug. M. Sparks. M. Barclay. Mr. Traylor. Second Row: G. Seggerman. M. Kurth. E. Gottel. M. Volz. K. Kilpatrick. D Coyle. J. Kirkton. P. Hynes. V. Quiram. V. Krug, J. Remmers, M. Vogel. V. Woosley. Third Row: R. Woelfle. C. Karamerer. M. Diers. G. Crawford. O. Hocker. H. Hayse. G. Massey. M. Gauger. D. Letsinger. E. Richards. P. Etscheid. Fourth Row: D. Foreman. J. Sutton. T. Coyle. M. George. B. Dixon. D. Toole B. Armstrong. H. Hicks. P. Vincent. R. Bodger. F. Epps. MineA Gltosut " Ite ie'd Aa feudinedd Seated: F. Kingdon, M. George, It. Bailey, 1 . Kemp, E. Jones, M. Robinson, G. Crawford Standing: R. Pinkham, R. Kingdon, J. Gibbons, 1!. Hicks, ('. Steffen, J. Stitt. I . Rinkenberger. I ride and I rejndice , tin Junior Classplay, was presented December 11 and 1-, in tbe high school auditorium. The story reveals t lie troubles of the Ben nets, an English family with five daughters and a mother whose main interest in life is to see all of her daughters married to the best possible “catch" that happens to be in sight at that particular moment. At the end of the play .Mrs. Ben-net is delighted! She has three daughters married and now she can concentrate on her other two. The Junior Class was proud of their production, the acting the stage set and the costuming. all of which took time and effort. Cast: Mr. Bennett .............. Mrs. Ben net Jane Elizabeth .... Mary Catherine I.ydia Mr. Collins Mr. Bingley Mis Bfnglev Mr. Darcy l.ady Catherine de Rourgh Lady Lucas Charlotte Mr. Wickham mu Eugene Jones Doris Kemp .. Beverly Bailey .........Pat King .....Betty Hicks Frances Kingdon Marilyn George Don Rinkenberger Jack Gibbons Elaine McClure ..... ..Jack Stitt ("leo Steffen Marilyn Robinson Georgia Crawford Rex Pinkham Beta Kingdon Thirty-twoJldze SUcuajl feuAiweAA,'' “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”, presented by the senior class on April S and 9, "as considered a smash hit full of lied bugs, measles and c hocolate cake. The story of the play concerned the voyage f Cornelia .Skinner and her friend Emily Kimbrough. Their trip is hilarious and "The Last Time 1 Saw Paris” is a phrase often on their minds. On ship board they have exciting adventures with stowaways, handsome young medical students, and inspectors. In Paris they have difficulties with a gas meter, bed bugs and acting lessons. Carol Crver Emily Kimbrough Margaret Ilarclav Otis Skinner Dick George Mrs. Skinner Phvllis Krug Steward Paul Wessel Admiral Don Toole I nfiiXH-tor Marjorie Sparks Leo Lowell Crawford Dick Dud Jurgens Purser Glenn llurroughs Stowflrdpsfi Doris Wilkev Harriet St. John Middie Diers Winifred Itlaugh Marilyn Harris Window Wnsher Delinar Junes .Madam Elise Marcella Jones Therese Jane Sutton Monsieur de hi 'roix Dob Hartman thirty threeJle. Ge'icle 'la+tc i'i First Row: C. Cryer, P. Krug. B. Bailey, M. Barclay, M. Diers, G. Crawford, M. Sparks, B. Hicks, M. George. Miss Stuart. Second Row: D. Wilkey, J. Sutton, M. Harris, V. Steffen, B. Tevis, D. Kemp, P. King, J. Barrett, E. Richard, H. Hicks. Third Row: M. Kurth. A. Fenton. T. Coyle, V. Wilkey, M. Robinson. E. Stortz. M. Cox, P. Schertz, M. Volz. Fourth Row: P. Vincent, O. Hocker, L. Crawford, D. Coyle, D. Sherman. D. George, J. Kirkton, M. Sutton. M. Gauger, E. Gottel. LA MASCARA OFFICERS President .................Carol Cryer Vice President ...................Joan Barrett Secretary Treasurer ......Vera Steffen LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS President ................Middie Diers Vice President ..... ..Margaret Barclay Secretary .............Eileen Richards Treasurer ............Georgia Crawford J!e CeAcle fyna+icatt. First Row: M. Diers. M. Barclay. E. Richards. E. McClure. Second Row: p. King. R. Boston. J. Barrett. P. Krug. M. Ga iger. M. Sutton. J. Cryer. Third Row: B. Woosley. G. Crawford, Miss Williams, A. Fe non, ( Hammerer. thirty sixFirst How: M. Harris. V. Steffen. B. Tevis. P. Krug. M. Sparks. J. Sutton. M. Volz. C. Steffen. F. Kingdon. V. Woos ley. B. Stine. M Barclay. Miss Stried. Second Row: E. Wilkey. R. Woefle. T. Yambert. L. Stine. R. Wil-key. V. Wilkey. V. Krug. D. Wilkey. J. Remmers. D. Miller. S. Hun singer. D. Boh lander. M. Beachey. R. Rippel. Third Row: N. Wilkey. G. Seggerman. V. Oilman. D. Engel. C. Treece, Y. Wilkey. R. Aldrich. I). Emo, V Quiram. P. King. R. King-; don. L. Smith. V. Punke. E. McClure. R. Boston. C. Weasel. Fourth Row: D. Peters. L. Tevis. D. Foreman. M. Kurth. E. Got tel. J Fever, D. Letsinger. D. Toole, H. Hicks. P. Vincent. R. Dodger, P. Etscheid. F. Epps. M. Porth, G. Eidhelberger. V. Porth. 4?. A. ajiA 4?. 4?. A. The F. F A. and F. H. A. started off on the same note as last year, to make a real success of their club year. They are proud of the fact that they are “Home on the Range" for the girls have proved themselves cooks and the boys have proved themselves farmers. The yesr began with a concession at the fall festival and came to a close with parents’ night April 22. First Row: Mr. Henderson. J. Woosley. R. Furrow. G. Armstrong. D. Oltmnn. J. Sutton. G. Schertz. R. Duncan. P. Haas. Second Row: M. Krug. M. Bernhardy. C. Brown. M. Moor?. R. Eichelberger. L. Haas. O. Johnson. B. Dehorlty. B. Schertz. B. Bohlander. Third Row: G. Hall. P. Heiken. A. Stimpert. C. Krug. E Boston. C. Lamp • thirty sevenQ. First Row: M. George, B. Tevis, D. Kemp. G. Crawford. E. Richards. J. Barrett. P. King. V. Steffen. B. Hicks. M. Diers. M. Barclay. S. Hunsinger, V. Krug. D. Miller, J. Returners. P. Vincent. R. Wilkey. V. Wilkey, M. Robinson. C. Steffen. Mildred Bearhey, M .Beachey. Second Row: J. Sutton. J. Cryer, R. Lyons. M Harris. B. Woosley. M. Sutton. M. Gauger, D. Hinthorn, D. Bohland-er. D. Foreman. D. Peters. R. Bodger, F. Epps, H. Hicks. P. Etscheid. D. Toole. D. Emo. J. Brown. M. Eichel-berger. M. Vogel. Third Row: R. Woelfle. M. Porth, V. Quiram. F. Kingdon, R. Kingdon, R. Boston, M. Kurth. M. Volz. E. Gottel, T. Coyle, J. Fever, C. Kammerer. P. Schertz. D. Letsinger, D. Engel. V. Oltman. D. Weber. E. Stortz. The main project of the G. A. A., under the sponsorship of Miss Kocb. was the Athletic Banquet held in early March. Officers of the year were Marg Barclay, president; Middie Diers, vice president; and Betty Hicks, secretary-treasurer. QlSlL' Thirty eightLIBRARIANS Left to right: Jane Sutton, Rosemary Lyons. Marilyn Harris, Middle Diers. Phyllis Krug, Miss Williams, Barb Tevis, Doris Kemp, Marilyn Robinson. Ann Fenton, Jo Remmers. Violet Wilkey. •'Merrily We Work Along” is the theme song of the librarians and office girls under the supervision of Misg Williams and Mr. Claggett. “Thru the Years” we will regard the ta -.k as a valuable experience . "Ty xeiosiite S zsiestade'' OFFICE GIRLS Left to right: Jean Cryer. Doris Wilkey, Rosemary Lyons. Marjorie Sparks, Marg Barclay, Marilyn Harris, Vera Steffen. ’I hirty nineXllOALeft to right: D. George. L. Crawford. R. Gar.els. B. Dixcn. M. Franke. O. Hooker, D. Toole. B. Jurgens. The boys In P. E. class had a very enjoyable year in Bess’ "OF Swimmin' Hole.” A great amount of ducking was encountered in the pool when Coach was not looking. It seems as if the water was cold at times but who cares how cold the water is when you can go swimming? We all appreciate the efforts of Coach Bess to help make the "Or Swimmin’ Hole" an enjoyable place. “ON EL PASO" Once again sports have come to a close at El Paso Township High School. Every student hates to see the end, for nothing is more important than high school sports. Without the efforts of Coach Bess we could never have attained such a satisfying season. Every boy who has ever taken part in athletics realizes that he owes most of his achievements, as an athlete to his coach. This is exactly what the boys who are paiticipating in our sports owe Coach Bess. He has taught cooperation between athletes and really knows his "stuff” when it comes to any form of sports. Any coach who is responsible for all four sports, baseball, football, basketball and track, proves that he has an abundance of patience. He must spend hour after hour with each sport and Coach Bess has made a good showing in each. Every athlete in El Paso High School thanks Coach Bess for a wonderful job and wishes him success In the years to come. Forty-three"Puj hin First Row: O. Hocker, M. Armstrong. M. Franke, D. Jones. J. Gibbons, L. Crawford, G. Jurgens. R Hartman I). Coyle. B. Schertz. Mgr. Second Row: A. Stimpert. J. Sutton. D. Nevius, G. Burroughs. R. George. D. Sherman. D. Toole. R. Garrels. P. Weasel, J. Engle. Third Row: R. Heiken. J. Lampe. G. Armstrong. G. Schertz. J. Kirkton. B. Armstrong. B. Martin, B. Bohlander C. Brown. D. Geoige, B. Adams. First Row: O. Hocker, M. Franke, D. Jones. J. Gibbons, B. Jurgens. R. Hartman. L. Crawford. Second Row: D. George. Third Row: G. Burroughs. D. Toole, B. Dixon. Forty sixSchedule Sept. 12—El Paso 19; Le Hoy 0. Sept. 19—El Paso 6; Gridley 0. Sept. 26—El Paso 24; Metamora 7. Oct. 3—El Paso 6; f’henoa 12. Oct. 10—El Paso 25; Lexington 19. Oct. 17 (Homecoming) -yEl PJ o 25.; Minonk 6. Oct. 24—El Paso 6; Washington 6. Nov. 7—El Paso 25; Eureka 14. August 25 and several days thereafter were celebrated by about forty boys. Their method of celebration consisted of running around the track and doing calisthenics. However when the season opened the scores showed the results. With a new coach and only four returning letter-men the Comets had a very successful season. The first game was with LeRoy, and our team was the victor. Dixon. Garrels and Toole did the scoring. The second game El Paso won a hard fought battle from Gridley. 6-0. Toole went over from the one yard line in the third quarter. The third game was a decisive 25-6 victory for El Paso over Metamora. Dixon scored three touchdowns and Toole one. . The team suffered its first loss against a strong Chenoa team. Our boys outgained them on the ground 310 wards to 95 but could not cash in. Burroughs scored our only touchdown Back In the winning column went the Comets with a 25-19 win over Lexington. Toole scored two times, George once and Burroughs once. The Washington game the Comet attack clicked and scored four touchdowns, but due to penalties, three of them were called back. Dixon scored the touchdown. The Comets wrote finis to a successful season by dumping their traditional rivals, £ureka by a 2d-14 score. Burroughs made one touchdown. Dixon two. and Toole one. Coach Bess showed that he really knew his football as he guided us to the close of the season with a i-1-j record. "Action Forty seven fJetAetf, bounce" Top I eft Clockwise: T. Hayse, R. Plnkham, O. Hooker, D. Sherman. B. Adams, D. Jones, B. Dixon, D. Coyle. G. Burroughs, and center, Captain Don Toole. Forty-eightFirst Row: D. George. J. Stitt, J. Sutton, S. Stimpert, K. Kilpatrick, B. Martin, J. West. Second Row: D. Coyle, B. Bohlander, B. Dehority, M. Bernhardy, W. Remmerts, B. Sengpiel. B. Armstrong. Forty-nine First Row: B. Adams, O. Mocker, D. Sherman. G. Burroughs. D. Coyle. R. Bess. B. Bess. Second Row: B. Dixon. D. Jones, D. Toole, T. Hayse, R. Pinkham. SECOND TEAM The second team had a very successful season winning 10 games and losing 7. Rex Pinkham, Duane Sherman, John West and Keith Kilpat-nc K were a credit to tue upperclassmen, itecogmiton sn uid oe gnen to the freshmen who did a f'ne job in the games they played.SUMMARY El Paso 41: Chenoa 51. El Paso 30: Metamora 28. El Paso 44; Normal 63. El Paso 44; Gridley 43 El Paso 42; Washburn 53. El Paso 38; Gridley 4 4. El Paso 32: Eureka 47. El Paso 43; Minonk 47. El Paso 37; Minonk 69. FI Paso 51; Metamora 36. El Paso 55; Washburn 40. El Paso 43; Eureka 44. El Paso 50; Chenoa 56. Pontiac Holiday Tournament El Paso 38; Austin 42. El Paso 34; Pontiac 56. County Tournament El Paso 55; Minonk 71. El Paso 38; Roanoke 56. El Paso 40; Roanoke 55. El Paso 53; Lexington 47. Regional Tournament El Paso 36; Anchor 38. Totals: El Paso 844; Opponents 986. ''fcaAkdLall” The COMETS enjoyed a fairly successful season even though they won only five games and lost fourteen. Most of their losses were by small margins due to miss ’ng too many free throws. It was a building year for the underclassmen because the squad consisted of only six seniors. Toward the end of the season the team had improved greatly and gave everyone they played an equ al'y good fight. The COMETS had five returning lettermen at the opening cf the season. Coach Bess, in his first year of coaching basketball, developed some of the reserves who were very valuable to the team. Don Coyle and Don Toole led the COMETS in the scoring department while Glenn Burroughs and Coyle were the floor generals of the team. Don Toole .Bruce Adams, and Tony Hayse controlled most of the rebounds under both baskets. Fiftyr Stimpert. B. Bohlander. D. Nevius. ... Second Row: J. Lampe. M. Bernhardy. B. Dixon. P. Weasel. J. Engel. L. Crawford. D. Snerman. K. Kilpatrick, B Armstrong. B. Dehorlty, C. Brown. Coach Bess. Left to right: B. Dixon. Coach Bess. B. Adams. Pence 4tta e Ojj oHiti Sherman—1 H 286% George —5 18 -...... 277% Dixon—8 19 ---------------------------- 421% Toole—6-18 ...................................-. 333% Hartman—7-14 500% Garrels—4-1 ............................. 235% Coyle—4-12 ............................... 333% Crawford—1 1- -........................ 086% Adams—o-10 ............................... 000% Kilpatrick—1-5 ........................... 200% Stimper —2-2 ........................... 1000% Armstrong—1-1 1000% Wessel—1-1 .............................. 1000% The team's percentage of hits 275%. This year two trophies were given. On« w- civen by the El Paso Journal for free throws and was presented to Bruce Adams by Coach Bess. The other trophy was the Secord Award in mem-oriaiu of Bud Bennett and Don Koch. This trophy was presented to Bob Dixon at the G. A. A. Banquet by Jack Secord for'being the most valuable ver on the football field. Fifty-oneFirst Row: S. Stimpert, D. Sherman. L. Crawford,D. Jones. B. Dixon. D. George, G. Burroughs. Second Row: D. Toole, J. Kirkton. B. Bohlander.B. Dehority. P. Wessel, M. Bernhardy, C. Brown. J. Gibbons. O. Hocker. For the first time since 1942 El Paso had a track team. They placed second in their first meet and then were beaten by a strong Washburn team. In their third meet they defeated Gridley and Lexington for their first victory. They later placed fourth in the County Track Meet. The team lacked experience but they made up for it in determination and proved to be quite strong before the season was over. The following boys participated in these different forms of track: Don Toole ......................Low and High Hurdles, Relay. High Jump Bob Dixon ....................100 Yard Dash. 220 Dash. Broad Jump, Relay Delmar Jones .......................... 440 Dash. Broad Jump. High Jump Dick George ..................100 Dash, 220 Dash. Relay, Discus. Shot Put Keith Kilpatrick ...............................................Shot Put Duane Sherman ............................Low and High Hurdles. High Jump Glenn Burroughs ........................................Pole Vault. Relay Bob Dehority....................................100 Dash. Fresh-Soph Relay Tony Hayse .............................................Fresh-Soph Relay Paul Wessel .......................................... mile, half- mile Lowell Crawford ..................................................half-mile Opie Hocker ...........................................................mile Clifton Vandegraft .............-..........................Fresh-Soph Relay Lee Robbins ............................................Fresh-Soph Relay Sonny Stimpert .................................................440 Dash Left to right: P. Wessel, O. Hocker. D. Jones. L. Crawford Fifty-two0i! ti ClCompliments of EL PASO IMPLEMENT COMPANY TRACTORS — TRUCKS El Paso, Illinois Phone 344 “WAGON WHEELS”“You Won’t Be Satisfied” Until You HEAT, COOK and REFRIGERATE With Dri-Gas EL PASO BOTTLED GAS COMPANY Phone 323 El Paso, Illinois Compliments of JOHN MORITZ Groceries and Meats "Please No Squeeze da Banana" Secor Illinois Compliments of Compliments of FRANK BENEDICT Heating — Sheet Work Phone 342 Black El Paso, 111. CARESS CAFE Mary and Gene Mool "Tea for Two” "The Faucet She is Dripping'“Old Rocking Chair’s Got Me” “The Egg and I” E. F. WENDLAND R. G. PIERCE Poultry, Eggs and Cream Furniture Store Phone 3 El Paso, Illinois El Paso, Illinois LOUIS VOLZ Complete Wiring and Electrical Work Phone 48 Phone 267 Red El Paso, Illinois "Glow Little Glow Worm” “Yes, We Have No Bananas” "As Long As I Live” at I’ll Be Safe With My Money in P. D. NOHREN WOODFORD COUNTY BANK Groceries and Meats El Paso, Illinois Capital Stock $50,000 Phone 44 Surplus and Undivided Profits $100,000 El Paso, Illinois Deposits $1,600,000 Nice Clerks Oldest Chartered Bank in Woodford CountyYou’ll Have a ‘‘Cabin in the Sky" If Your Appliances Come from R. J. SAMPEN HARDWARE Farm Supplies, Paints, Kitchen Equipment Phone 47 El Paso, Illinois Compliments of TEGARD’s GROCERY STORE Groceries and Meats Phone 91 El Paso, Illinois ‘‘Coffee Song” DONZE GROCERY and MEAT MARKET Congratulations to Class of 1948 El Paso, Illinois “Sweet Potato Polka”to the yearbook staff for preserving a pictorial record of the school year. We are proud of having played a part in the production of this yearbook and know that you and your alumni will cherish the many memories it retains. You are to be complimented for your initiative and enthusiasm which has played such an important part in its production. Pontiac craftsmen have tried sincerely to crown your efforts with success by rendering service and quality in the production of the photo-engravings in this book. ponnnc | SCHOOL PUBUCRTIOn DIUISIOH EX4 RAYiX4i A ELECTROTYPE CO. 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Paints and Supplies El Paso National Bank Building Phone 240 Fred Baker “Feudin’ and Fightin’ Congratulations “Oh But I Do” like to the BURTON BAITY’S Class ot 1 948 Hardware, Paint, Wallpaper MILDRED BIGGER Westinghouse Electric Appliances Phor.e 100 El Paso, Illinois Compliments Tilings are “Fine and Dandy” of at BOB S SEALTEST STORE Sealtest Products HYNES HARDWARE Famous for Over 61 Years Philco Radio — Maytag Washers Bob Hocker, Proprietor Kelvinators — Stoves Phone 1 El Paso, Illinois Bud Hynes, Proprietor “Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet” Phone 195 El Paso, IllinoisCongratulations to the “Class of 1948” PFISTER HYBRID CORN COMPANY EL PASO, ILLINOIS “It’s the Talk of the Town”F. G. BERTA Compliments Jeweler of El Paso Illinois GAMBLE STORE Kodaks and Supplies Owned and Operated by Kodak Finishing Tom O’Leary “It’s Your Red Wagon” “I Want a Diamond Ring” Phore 303 El Paso, Illinois “Time After Time” Compliments I Go to of SUTTON’S STANDARD SERVICE Atlas Tires and Batteries DRS. POPE and POPE Accessories On Routes 24 and 51 Phone 387 El Paso, Illinois Chiropractors Bernie Sutton, Owner Phone 199 El Paso, IllinoisCompliments of PFISTER ASSOCIATED GROWERS That’s Where the Tall Corn Grows Compliments of EL PASO NATIONAL BANK “It Pleases Us to Please You Phone 26 “Pennies From Heaven” El Paso, IllinoisGRACE GASSNER’S STORE If You’re Driving on a Secor, Illinois “Wheel and a Prayer” Roszell’s Ice Cream Stop at “Candy” McGUIRE and BOWMAN You'll be a “Pretty Baby” BODY SHOP If You Go to Phone 332 El Paso, Illinois CLAUDINE’S BEAUTY SHOP Behind Pierce’s Furniture Store El Paso, Illinois “It’s a Great Day" ILLINOIS VALLEY CO. When You Get Your New Car at When You See Us. Don’t Think of Insurance but. When You Think V. F. ROWERS of Insurance, see us. Hudson Sales and Service Phone 58 El Paso Illinois "Smoke. Smoke, Smoke” Phone 364 El Paso, Illinois "Always” a Good Buy at the WHITE ELEVATOR Coal---------Grain Phone 256 El Paso, Illinois THE EL PASO ELEVATOR Complete Grinding and Milling Service Elevators at El Paso, Kappa, Enright, Panola GRAIN — FEED LUMBER — COAL "Ol’ Black Joe’Compliments Compliments of of SCHRAMM’S SHOE SHOP ARBOR CAFE El Paso, Illinois “All God’s Chillun Got Shoes” El Paso, Illinois Compliments of “Let’s Have Another Cup of THE EL PASO GREENHOUSE Coffee” Harry A. Dubuis “One Dozen Roses” DRUMMET’S DOROTHY’S BEAUTY SHOP Dry Goods — Ready to Wear Phone 259 El Paso, Illinois El Paso, Illinois “Lovely to Look At” Featuring Nanette — Cinderella Trudy Hail — Georgiana Simplicity — Gossard Compliments to the Class of ’48 Osteopathic Nationally Advertised Lines Physician and Surgeon C. E. CRYER “My Pretty Girl” Phone 343 El Paso, Illinois“Straighten Up and Fly Right” to LETSINGER’S SERVICE STATION Washing — Lubricating — Greasing Phone 6 El Paso, Illinois Until I’m Insured With E. D. YODER and SON IVAN H. SNOW Insurance Agency “I’ll Never Smile Again” General Insurance Auto Financing Real Estate Market and Frozen Foods “One Meat Ball” Phone 39 El Paso, Illinois Phone 400 El Paso, IllinoisCompliments “Shoo Fly Pie” of DR. GORDON D. HEIPLE Compliments Dentist of Phone 339 El Paso, Illinois WEST’S BAKERY “The Yanks are Coming” Phone 71 El Paso, Illinois “Going My Way?” ANDREWS’ CLEANING Service Stop at Phone 81 El Paso, Illinois “Make Something Old Look Like ROGER BENSON’S Something New” Service Station Don’t Be "Careless” Phillips 66 Gas and Oil Shop at Phor.e 34 El Paso, Illinois Fill Up With Phillips RITTER BUSCH DRUGSTORE Phone 485 El Paso. IllinoisPANOLA STORE Compliments Luther and Mable George of Groceries and Meats ANDY’S BARBER SHOP Everything from Soup to Nuts The Shop “The Major and the Minor” “Make Mine Country Style” Visit Phone 852-R-Red Panola, Illinois Phone 90 El Paso, Illinois Compliments of PAULSON’S BARBER SHOP JOHN GAUGER and SON "Shave and a Hair Cut” Front Street El Paso, Illinois Minonk, Illinois Custom Baling BURSTER and HENNING Clothing and Furnishings Self-Tieing Baler for Phone El Paso 808-26-27 Men and Boys Phone 40 El Paso, Illinois “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf “Tuxedo Junction" Clover"“Three Cheers” for the Customers That Visit DUNMIRE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Phone 300 El Paso, Illinois ZEHR FARM SUPPLY Oliver Farm Machinery General Hardware ZEHR FARM SUPPLY Intersection of Route 24 and 51 Wayne Zehr, Prop. Phone 197 “Down on the Farm”Qpitr 3Zi Ifmirunl El Paso’s Leading Newspaper Since 1865 Umtrital printing Cu. Letter-Press and Offset Printing Forms Publications StationeryCongratulations To The Class of ‘48 Corinne S tubio 208 N. Gridley Bloomington, 111.NORTH and BENSON AGENCY BAILEY PRINTING CO. Clifford Benson, Agent Publishers of “Till the End of Time” “THE ADVERTISER” “Good News” Phone 106 El Paso, Illinois Phone 345 El Paso, Illinois Compliments It’s “Good, Good, Good” the Work at of RICHARD’S PAINT and BODY SHOP FOLTZ MOTOR COMPANY Welding — Used Cars “And the Little Old Ford Went Phone 101 El Paso, Illinois Rolling Right Along” SWENEY SERVICE STATION Ironrite Ironers Lyle Kingdon, Proprietor TAXI and TOWING SERVICE Norge Refrigerators Phone 391 El Paso, Illinois “I’ll be Down to Get You in a El Paso, Illinois Taxi, Honey”A1cJzMau ledcftnetttd, lliiuliny by Stappenbeck IJindery, Normal, Hi. Rngrarings by Pontiac Engraving Electrotype Co., ('hicago Printing by The Journal Printing Co., El Paso, 111.

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