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The 1947 COMETEER Published by the Senior Class of El Paso Township High School El Paso, Illinois INTRODUCTION We, the class of 1947, present to you, Sandy, our man of the year He is a member of our class and will relate to you all of our activities which make E. T. H. S. dear to us all. And now let s hear what Sandy has to say. "Greetings all ye lads and lassies from Sandy in person. Since last September, I have been busy recording every red letter day on the El Paso High School calendar for 1946-47. As it has already been stated, I will be with you in the following pages of our yearbook to describe the happenings of the year as I saw them. See you theni" 1IN MEMORIAM August 29, 1947 We, the Senior class of 1947, dedicate our year book In memory of Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Owens. Dr. Owens was a member of the Board of Education for several years, serving as secretary, and the last three years as president. Dr. Owens will always be remembered as a friend and leader of the school, and as a prominent member of the community. Bud Bennett January 27, 1947 March 23, 2 1947Seated: Garrels, B. Vessel, J. Pierce, G. Benedict,D. Epps, E. Pen- ton, L. Pfister, J. Everett Standing: Mias Stuart, B. Jurgens, D. Wadsworth, B. Lindsay, G. Eft, A. Wohlfeil, L. Folkers, A. Schertz, L. Poorbaugh, J. Eastman, K. Burroughs, L. Morgan, M. Pfleeger, Miss McCue, B. Vincent ANNUAL STAFF With deadlines to meet, everyone was kept very busy trying to do all the things at the last minute. But the following staff can be proud of the year book. Editor, Donna Epps; Assistant Editor, Gerry Benedict; Business Manager, Eleanor Fenton; Photography, Marilyn Pfleeger; Advertising, Kaywin Burroughs, Leland Morgan, John Eastman, Betty Jurgens, and Joan Pierce; Subscriptions, Doris Wadsworth; Sports, Allen Schertz; Art, Betty Lindsay; Typists, Joanne Everett, Ber-renice Wessel, Ruth GarreIs, Leon Folkers, and Gene Eft; Activities, Lucile Pfister, Lois Poorbaugh, Beverly Vincent, and Alice Wohfeil. Saidy says: "It took a great deal o wor-r-rk I confess, Tae be makin1 our year book a big success." 3CONTENTS r Administration - Page 5 Classes - Page 9 Activities - Page 21 Athletics - Page 33FACULTY HAROLD E. MAURER El Paso, Illinois Thou hast no sorrow in thy song, No winter in thy year. Gen. Sc. Chem. Phys. Algebra Bluffton Col. A. B. U. of 111. M. S. MARGARET A. McCUE Springfield,Illinois Tender thoughts and sweet recollection, that is life in its reatest perfection, ommerce. Clarke College, A.B. JOHN A. SECORD Bloomington, 111. A little fun, to match the sorrow of each day's growing— and so, good morrow! Coach, Boys P. E. 111. State Normal University, B. Ed. HARRIET GRANDY Pontiac, Illinois She left no little things behind excepting loving thoughts and kind. Latin I, II, Math. U. of 111. M.A. 111. Wesleyan, A. B. VIRGINIA MILES Parmer City,Illinois May each honest effort be crowned with lasting constancy. Home Economics I, II, III. University of 111., B. S., M. S. MARY STUART Galesburg, Illinois I'll be merry, I'll be glad, one thing sure, I'll not be sad. Amer. History, English,III, IV, Speech Knox College, A. B. ARTHUR HENDERSON El Paso, Illinois Each road to the proper end runs straight on, without a bend. Ag. I, II, III, 111. St£fc e Normal U. B. S. MRS.FRANCES C.MILLER El Paso, Illinois Always ready,always true, in all the things she tries to do. Biology, Girls P. E. James Millikin,A. B. COCOA 0. TRAYLOR El Paso, Illinois Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast. Instru., Vocal Music Chgo.Music Col.,B.M. Greenville Col., U. of 111. WALTER M. CLAGGETT El Paso, Illinois With a master all smoothly goes Who what he bids, himself well knows. World Hist. Civics James Millikin University, A. B. U. HAVILLAH E. RECKLIMG El Paso, Illinois And for the few that only lend their ear; that few is all the world. Ind.Arts I, II, III, E. 111. St. Teachers Col., M. S. M. Ed. MARY ELLEN WILLIAMS Ottawa, Illinois A happy soul, that all the way to heaven hath a summer's day. Librarian, English I, II, III. University of 111.■■SENIOR HISTORY Sandy says: "Senior history in the makin' was wor-r-r-k as well as fun. By lookin' through this annual ye can see what we ha done CLASS OFFICERS Margie Pinkham (Student Council) John Eastman (President) Leland Morgan (Vioe-President) Beverly Vincent (Secretary-Treasurer) Qerry Benedict (Reporter) "Four years--that seemed like a long time on Sept. 3r 1943 when ray classmates and I started to E. T. H. S. as green little freshmen,afraid of everything and everyone. Now, those four years seem a very short time. It seems only yesterday that we elected Bill West,President; Walter Pfister,Vice-President; Betty Jurgens,Secretary-Treasurer; and Doris Wadsworth, Student Council; as our freshmen class officers with Mr. Snyder, Miss Crowley and Miss Miles as our sponsors. A year later we found on the first day of school that we had lost only seven of our classmates, leaving us with 61, the largest class in school. That year our olass officers were Kaywin Burroughs, President;Walter Pfister, Vice-President; Gerry Benedict, Secretary-Treasurer; and Doris Wadsworth, Student Council representative with Mr. Maurer, Miss Grandy, and Mrs. Miller as our class sponsors. Next came our year of all years. We were Juniors. This meant we had work and more work to do. Earning money by selling refreshments at games, giving the Junior Play "Ever Since Eve" and finally Prom. Our officers were John Eastman, President; Gerry Benedict, Vice-President; Joan Wollenschlager, Secretary-Treasurer; and Leland Morgan,and Margie Pinkham, Student Council representative with Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Miller, and Mr. Reckling as sponsors. In our final year at E. T. H. S. we had 45 members led by our sponsor, Miss Stuart and our officers, John Eastman, President; Leland Morgan, Vice-President; Beverly Vincent, Secretary-Treasurer; and Margie Pinkham and Leland Morgan, Student Council. Our activities for this year included a scavenger hunt and hamburger fry under the direction of Miss Stuart.The Reporter Staffs were very busy this year printing all the latest news. Not to be forgotten is the Annual Staff under the Editorship of Donna Epps. And now as we draw near to the end of our fourth year which seemed so far away when we were freshmen, my classmates and I wish we were freshmen once more. This is impossible we know,but we will take many memories of friendship and good times with us as we go on to our next position in life."GERRY BENEDICT ’’Plashing smile and winning way, she111 be a big success someday." Sec. 2; V. P. 3; Vic. Coun. 2; Lib. 3,4; Come-teer 4; Rep. 4;Band 1,2; Spring Con. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Mixed Cho. 3, 4; Girlsf Sextet 2; "Ever Since Eve" 3;"Little Women" 3; Bio. Cl. 2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Girls1 Cho. 1,2,3,4; La Mascara 3; "Don’t Take Penny" 4. KAYWIN BURROUGHS "He has a difficulty for every solution." Pres. 2; St. Coun. 2; Cometeer 4;Reporter 3,4; Spring Con.4; Boys Cho. 4; "Ever Since Eve" 3; "Laugh House" 3;Co. Con. 3; Football Mgr. 1,2; Football 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Basketball Mgr.2; La Mascara 1,2,3, E. Cl. 1,2,3,4; Track 1; V.-P. E Cl. 4;i)on’t Take My Penny" 4. CHARLES COX "A bashful lad but he gets around." Boys1 Cho.1,2,3,4; Mixed Cho. 3,4; Football 1,2,3, 4; Bio. Cl. 2. RAY DEHORITY "As yet he hath been courteous as he’s bounteous." Transfer Football 3,4; Basketball 3,4; E Cl. 4; Sec. E Cl. 4; "Don’t Take My Penny" 4. JOHN EASTMAN "He1s always wound up. He’s constantly spinning—but he’s tops. Pres. 3,4;St. Coun. 3,4; Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; Band 1; Spring Con. 1,2,3,4; Boys’ Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Cho. 2,3,4; "Ever Since Eve" 3; La Mascara 2,3; "Little Women" 3; E. Cl. 4; FFA 1. "Don’t Take My Penny" 4. GEW EFT "Men of few words are the best men." Cometeer 4; Rep. 4. JEANETTE EICHELBERGER "A faithful friend is a strong defense, and he that hath found such a onebathfbund atreasure." Spring Con. 3,4; Girls’ Cho. 3,4; FHA 1. DONNA EPPS "Slender, tender, and tall." Cometeer Editor 4; Rep. 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Spring Con. 1,2,3,4;Girls» Cho. 1,2,3,4; Bio. Cl. 2,3; GAA 1,2; La Mascara 3; FHA 1, 2; Co. Con. 3; "Don’t Take My Penny" 4. JOANNE EVERETT "A maiden fair with nut-brown hair." Cometeer 4;Band 1,2,3,4; Spring Con. 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls' Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Cho. 3, 4; Girls’ Sextet 1,2; Bio. Cl.2,3; GAA 1, 2 ; La Mascara 2, 3. ELEANOR FENTON "The little maid would have her will." Red Cross 3;Rep. 4;Cometeer 4; Band 2,3; Spring Con.1,2,3,4; Girls’ Cho. l,2,3,4;Girls Sextet; Mixed Cho. 2,3,4; "Ever Since Eve" 3; "Laugh House" 2;Bio. Cl. 2; GAA l,3;La Mascara 2,3 Don’t Take My Penny" 4. LEON FOLKERS "Three great men; Folkers, Edison. and Einstein." Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; Band l,2,3,4;Spring Con. 3,4; Boys Cho. 1,2,3; Mixed Cho.1,2,3; "Laugh House” 2; Bio. Cl. 2; La Mascara 2,3. RUTH GARRELS "Here is a dear and true industrious friend." Red Cross 3, 4; Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; Girls Cho.3; Bio.Cl. 2; La Mascara 3. VELMA MARIE HALL "Her voice is low and hard to hear; unless per chance you are quite near." EUGENE HELLER "Worry never made a man great, so why should I worry?" Rep. 4; Football 4; Bio. Cl. 2; E Cl. 4. FRANKLIN JONES Much study is a weariness of the flesh." Boys Cho.1,2,3,4; Mixed Cho.1,2,3,4; "Ever Since Eve" 3; "Don t Take My Penny" 4. BETTY ARLENE JURGENS "She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen." Sec. 1; Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; Band 1,2,3; Spring Con. 1,2.3; Girls Cho. 1,2,3,4; "Ever Since Eve-3; Co. Con. l,2,4;Cheer-leader La mascara 2, ARLENE HARTWIG "Cupid shot his little arrow and hit her bones right in the marrow." Spring Con. 2,3,4;Girls» Cho. 2,3,4; FHA 1. JACK EDWARD HARVEY All great men are dying, and I don t feel well myself." Rep. 4; "Ever Since Eve" 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 3, 4; Track l;Bio.Cl. 2; S Cl. 1, 2, 3, 4; "Don t Take My Penny" 4. 12 MARJORIE JEAN KINGDON "Not only good but good for something." Lib. 3; Rep. 4; Spring Con. l,2,3,4;Girls Cho. 1,2,3,4; Mixed Cho. 4; Bio. Cl. 2,3; GAA 1,2; FHA 1; La Mascara, 2,3. DALE LETSINGER "Live while you re living 'cause you're a long time dead." Transfer;Band 2,3;Spring Con. 3,4; Mixed Cha 3,4; "Ever Since Eve" 3;Football 4;Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; FFA 2.PEGGY JOYCE LETSINGER "A great lover of music and men,” Red Cross 2,3; Rep. 4; Band 2,3; Spring Con. 1, 2,3,4; Girls' Cho. 1,2, 3,4; Mixed Cho. 1,2,3,4; Girls' Sextet l,2;"Laugh House” 2; Cheerleader 4; Bio. Cl. 2; GAA 2; La Mascara 2,3; ”Don't Take My Penny" 4. WALTER EUGENE NYBERG "Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone," Transfer Boys' Cho. 2, 3, 4;Mlxed Cho. 2,3,4; Co.Con. 2,3, 4; Football 3,4; Bio.Cl. 2,3;E Cl.3,4; FFA 2,3,4. BETTY JEAN LINDSAY "A willing worker as constant as the sun." Cometeer 4; Rep. 3, 4; Spring Con. 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls' Cho. 1,2,3,4; Co. Con. 3; Bio. Cl. 2; GAA 2; FHA 1; La Mascara 3. EARL E. LONGMAN "Slumber is more sweet than toil." Football 3,4; Basketball 2; Baseball 3, 4; E Cl. 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; LELAND MORGAN "The women, they give me no peace." Transfer V. Pres. 4; St. Coun. 3, 4; Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; "Eve r Since Eve" 3;Football 3, 4; Baseball 3,4; E Cl. 3,4; Pres. E Cl.4; "Don't Take My Penny" 4. DELORIS NEWKIRK "Shy and retiring but continually smiling." Red Cross 1, 2; Spring Con. 1,2,3; Girls' Cho. 1,2,3,4; Bio. Cl. 2, 3; GAA 1,2,3; FHA 1,4. LUCILE PFISTER "Her smile, her voice is greeting." Lib. 3,4; Red Cross 4; Cometeer 4; Rep. Ed. 4; Band 1,2,3; Girls' Cho. 1,2; "Ever Since Eve" 3; "Laugh House" 2; "Little Women" 3; Bio. Cl. 2,3; GAA 1,2; La Mascara 2,3; "Don't Take My Penny" 4. MARILYN PFLEEGER "Of boys and their lovely looks I thought not, being busy with my books." Lib. 4; Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Spr. Con. 1,2,3; Girls' Cho. 1,2,3,4; Mixed Cho. 2,3, 4; "Laugh House" 2; Bio. Cl. 2; GAA 2,3; La Mascara 2,3; FHA 1; "Don't Take My Penny" 4. JOAN PIERCE "Always mischievipus, always gay, she'll cut up most any day." Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; Band 1; Spring Con. 1, 2,3,4; Girls' Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bio. Cl. 2,3; GAA 1,2,3; La Mascara 2, 3. HERBERT PINKHAM "Shall I not take mine ease? FFA 1, 2, 4. 13MARGIE PINKHAM "And when a boy's in the case you know all other things give place" St. Coun. 3, 4; Rep. 4; Spring Con. 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls' Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Cho. 2,3,4; Girls' Sextet 1, 2; "Ever Since Eve" 3; "Laugh House" 2; Cheerleader 3; Bio. Cl. 2, 3; GAA 1,2,3; La Mascara 2, 3. LOIS POORBAUGH "Laugh yourself into stitches." Lib. 3,4; Red Cross 4; Cometeer 4;Rep. 4;Spring Con. l,2,3,4;Girls' Cho. 1,2,3,4; Mixed Cho. 2,3, 4; Bio. Cl. 2; GAA 1,2; La Mascara 3; FHA 1, 2; Trio 4. JOE POWELL "A Jolly good fellow always ready to lend a helping hand." FFA 3, 4; "Don't Take My Penny" 4. DONA PUNKE "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business." Rep. 4; Spring Con. 2; Girls' Cho. 2; Bio. Cl, 2; GAA 2;La Mascara 3,4; FHA 4. BERNARD REMMERT "In tbelifbof a young man the most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship." Boys' Cho. 1,2,4; Mixed Cho.1,2,4; Basketball 4; FFA 4; Bio. Cl.2. ALLEN SCHERTZ "I am the very pink of courtesy." Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; Band 3,4; Spring Con. 3, 4; "Ever Since Eve" 3;Foot-ball 2, 3; Bio. Cl. 2 ; "Don't Take My Penny" 4. BEVERLY VINCENT "Never In a hurry,but she always gets there." Sec.-Tr. 4; Lib. 3; Cometeer 4;Rep. 4; Band 2,4; Spring Concert 1,2,3,4; Girls' Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys Cho. Acc. 4; Mixed Cho. 2,3,4; Girls' Sextet 1,2; Biol. Cl. 2;GAA l,2;La Mascara 3; "Don't Take My Penny" 4. DORIS WADSWORTH "One true love have I." St. Coun.1,2; Vic. Coun. 1,2; Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; Spring Con.1,2,3; Girls' Cho. 1,2,3; Bio. Cl. 2; GAA 1,2; La Mascara 3; "Don't Take My Penny" 4. ROBERT VERNON WEBER "Silence is golden." BERRENICE WESSEL "Intelligent and good hearted, but seldanheard from." Red Cross 4; Cometeer 4; Rep. 4; Spring Con. 3; Girls Cho.3. 14GENE WILKEY "We need not be tall to be noticed," Band 2; Spring Con. 2,3, 4; Boys1 Cho. 1,2,3,4; Mixed Cho. 2,3,4; Football 3,4; Bio. Cl. 2; E Cl. 3,4. IRMA JEAN WOELFLE Har eyes are homes of silent prayers." Red Cross 4; Spring Con. 3; Rep. 4; Girls Cho.3. JACK WILSON "A Jolly good fellow as big as you can see and as big a tease as ever will be." Rep. 4; "Ever Since Eve" 3; Football 4; Mgr. 3; Basketball Mgr. 2,3,4; Baseball Mgr.2,3,4; Bio. Cl. 2; E Cl. 3,4. ALICE WOHLFEIL "Patience is the best remedy for eery trouble." Red Crass 4;Rej 4; Come-teer 4; Spring Con. 3; Girls s Cho. 3. JOAN WOLLENSCHLAGER "Neat, not gaudy." Sec.-Tr. 3; Rep. 4; Band 1,2,3; Spring Con. 1,2,3; Girls Cho. 1, 2,3, 4; "Laugh House" 2;Bio. Cl. 2,3; GAA 1,2; La Mascara 2; FHA 1. Sandy says: "What the mystic future ha in store, is now unknown an lies behind a closed door." CLASS PROPHECY While reading the latest news reports of those famous celebrities, former students of E.T.H.S. class of '47, we were very delighted to see the notice of an alumni meeting being held in the glorious southern mansion now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lyle McWilliams, the former Joan Everett, the famous socialite of this city. After arriving and being greeted by those two music lovers, Beverly Vincent and Leon Polkers, we managed after a great deal of quizzing, to learn that Bev la a concert musician, playing with Phil Splitany's all-boy orchestra and is often running into that star of the clarinet, former resident of Panola, Leon Folkers. They also informed us that Miss Peggy Letsinger and her manager, Ray Dehority, would be unable to be with us, due to Miss Letsinger's being engaged in a concert tour of Europe, as an accomplished pianist. Walter Nyberg's serving as her publicity agent and finds that his great knowledge of trigonometry helps him read the difficult European maps. Dr. Oerry Benedict's now serving as child psychologist at the famed Mayo Clinlo. Gerry has worked with a former genius of El Paso High School who Is serving as a pharmicist. Miss Donna Epps. That famous orchestra leader, Marilyn Pfleeger, arrived in town with her band "The Cometeere" and gave us some real melodies of swing before returning to Hollywood to make her newest picture in which that outstanding actor and casanova, Leland Morgan, is starring as the Humphrey Bogart of the 50'a. His wife left for Reno for divorce when Leland deolded to sell their 40 million dollar home. In order to establish a St. Bede College In each state of the union. 15Dale Letsinger arrived a trifle late, due to a business meeting in New York Dale and his partner, John Eastman, have become famous for their new invention of the "strip-o-plane" which can land on a square foot of land. Their secretary, Miss Lucile Pfister, has been a great asset to the prosperous development of the business, though she claims if they don't quit investigating Ford Agencies, loss will be staring them in the face. It seems the customers prefer helicopters to Model T's. Franklin Jones is serving as Principal at El Paso High and we're sure he fills his position well, as we know he was around the office enough from '43 to »47 to know a principal's job well. We met Jack Harvey, manager of the Harvey boys football varsity team and were given tickets to the Saturday night game with Weber's College at Kappa. The entertainment of the day consisted of a demonstration given by our cosmeticians, Irma Jean,Alice, and Berrenice, in which they presented their latest products, "iVessel Bait Lipstick" and "Woelfle Foundation Cream". Charlie Cox entertained us with his "hog calling”. Due to his excellent vocal training by Prof."Red Eft”, he is able to acquire additional income by advertising Gene Y ilkey's latest discovery "The Off and On Cure-Foot Powder". Betty Jurgens and Betty Lindsay have very amusing jobs as cigarette girls in the Comet cv ned and operated by Bernard Remmert and Earl Longman. Polo's Comet is famous the world over for it3 exquisite floor show starring that vivacious and stunning dramatic team, Jeannette Eichelberger and Arlene Hartwig. These two fine actresses recently received Oscars for their performance in "Richard's Other Exit". The proprietors informed us that much of their success Is due to their dieticians Velma Hall and Deloris Newkirk, and their famous chef, Herbert Pinkham, who plan the meals dovm to the last chaser. The Comets respectable reputation is enforced by the official bouncer Eleanor Fenton, who's doing what comes naturally because of her grandfather's policingability. The former jockey, Kay Burroughs, now owns his own stable in Kentucky and his famous horse "Meta Mora" is giving him a sufficient income His Jockey boy, Moe Wilson, is fast developing into Mr. Burrough's manager, and was riding "Water Boy" last season when this horse stormed the Kentucky Derby. Miss Margie Pinkham arrived with her boss Allen Schertz, in Mr. Schertz's Helio Plane, just in time to catch the celebs gathered in the Bohemian garden. Mr. Schertz, the famed "Mirror" photographer, has starred Miss Pinkham in several photo flash contests. His chauffeur, Gene Heller, is well known to all of us at the "Road King of 1947". Gene has backed the building of a fifteen-story garage in Secor, so as to balance the town of skyscrapers. Marjorie Kingdon, who is serving as telephone operator at the White House was also unable to be with us, but we understand she phones an El Paso resident daily, merely to keep up on the city's news. Dona Punke, famous as a cosmetic advertising 3ueen, is working for that outstanding company the "Verasteff" owned and operated by Joe Powell. Doris Wadsworth, Mayorette of Toolerville reports that her deputies, Lois Poor-baugh and Ruth Garrels were caught off duty the night of Joan Wollenschlager»s debut as "The Modern Mother of Enright" (town that is). As chief baby sitters of Toolerville, they felt greatly inspired by Joan's knowledge of child care. After a pleasant day with all of our old acquaintances eb this beautiful southern heme, we are ready to retire to the peaceful western ranch of Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick, the former Joan Pierce.CLASS WILL We, the noble and dignified class of "forty-seven" being possesed of charming manners, wondrous brilliance, indescribable beauty, and being clothed in our right minds, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament: I, Doris Wadsworth, leave Donnie in the care of the Junior girls, but please kids, take it easy. I, Kay Burroughs, leave my ability to get on the teachers nerves to Lowell Crawford, who really doesn t need it. I, Ray Dehority, leave my quiet ways to Don Coyle, who could use a few. I, Leon Folkers, leave my ability to make the girls swoon to Merle Pinkham. I, Gerry Benedict, leave my flirting ways to Jean Cryer, who I’m sure would enjoy them. I, Joe Powell, leave my A’s in Chemistry to anyone who own3 a Studebaker. I, Herbert Pinkham, leave my ability to flirt with the freshmen girls to Mert Franke. I, Gene V ilkey, leave ny position as center on the football team to Duane Sherman. I, Berrenice Weasel, leave my straight A s to anyone wanting a lot of work. I, Leland Morgan, leave-----destination Dal Zalle. I, Marilyn Pfleeger, leave my love for blowing (the trumpet, that is) to T. Ann Coyle. I, Dona Punke, will myself to any handsome male interested. I, Dale Letsinger, leave my experiments in the lab to anyone who wants his head blown off. I, Allen Schertz, leave, remembering the many happy hours spent in the dark room (developing pictures, that is). I, Jack Harvey, leave, so what???????? I, Gene Eft, leave ray typing ability to Jane Sutton who already has a good start. We, Betty Jurgens and Betty Lindsay, leave—unhappy in the thought that in history we will no longer be able to discuss our dates (and we don t mean history). I, Gene Heller, leave one pair of slightly used wings and one halo to the Junior boys. We, Margaret Pinkham and Peggy Letsinger, leave—happy in thought that no longer will we have to compete with each other. I, Deloris Newkirk, leave my love (?) of English class to Betty Todd who has the same feeling for it. I, Lois Poorbaugh, leave the freshmen boys to their classmates. I, Joanne Everett, leave my ability to keep a man to Phyllis Krug. I, John Eastman, leave my streamlined car to Dick George, who I hope has his life insured. I, Ruth Garrels, leave the addresses of my out-of-town boy friends to------------—on second thought maybe 1 11 take them with me. I, Velma Hall, leave my habit of being tardy to Shirley Smith, who runs a close second. I, 'Walter Nyberg, leave my ability to irritate Miss Grandy to Bob Hartman who s doing a good job already. I, Eleanor Fenton, leave my ability to whisper quietly to Bud Jurgens, who really doesn’t need it. I, Earl Longman leave—thanks to five subjects. I, Marjorie Kingdon, leave Middle Diers to taxi students up town. I, Arlene Hartwig, leave my love of school to Fern Hinthorn. I, Bernard Remmert, leave my ability to acquire detentions to Donna Jo Letsinger, who is doing fine without it. I, Moe Wilson, leave my position as Mgr. to Milford Armstrong. I, Robert Weber, leave my ability to get along with Mr. Maurer to L. Crawford. I, Charles Cox, leave my flirty eyes to Kenny Faulk. We, Donna Epps and Bev Vincent, leave, joyful in the thought of leaving before our sisters arrive. We, Alice Wohlfeil, and Irma Jean Woelfle, leave our constant companionship to Middle Diers and Marg Barclay. I, Jeanette Eichelberger, leave my dark hair and blue eyes to anyone who can use them. I, Joan .Vollenschlager, leave two feet of my height to Mary Ann Volz who certainly needs it. I, Frankie Jones, leave my ability to be late to Speech class to next year s class. I, Joan Pierce, leave my ability to chew gum and not get caught by the teachers, to Marilyn George. I, Lucile Pfister leave my nickname,"Squirt",to anyone who wants it wished on them.JUNIORS of 50W: ,Detty Todd, Helen Peters, Margie Barclay, Middle Diers, Vera Steffen, Dora Sutton, Reta Rips el, Mary Kichelberger, Marjorie Sparks, Carol Cryer, Rosenary Lyons, Jane Sutton 2nd Roy : Miss Miles, Violet Wilkey, Barbara Tevis, Phyllis Krug, Don Toole, Don Coyle, Lowell Crawford, Morle Pinkham, Ray Gerrels, Olenn Burroughs, Opie Mocker, Fern Hinthorn, Doris Wilkey, Mrs, Miller 3rd Row: Mr. Claggett,Kenneth Faulk, Dick ;eorge, Don Koch, Bob Dixon, Delxnar Jones, Merlin Franke, Robert Hartman, Paul '.Vessel, Bud Jurgens, John iSngel, Henry Hayse, Paul Hyne3, Dallas Oltm n. Not in picture: Marilyn Harris. Through the cooperation and willingness of each member, the class of '48 is continuing their successful high school career. Our activities for the year included a refreshment stand at games, a bake sale, ana a very successful Junior Play, "Best Foot Forward." We enjoyed both a skating party and a dance at the school, on May 9, we proudly presented a very enjoyable prom. This concluded our senior year with enthusiasm. Class Pres. V. Pres. Sec.-Treas. Reporter Stu. Council Officers Dick Jeorge Don Coyle Middle Diers Carol Cryer Donnie Toole Margie Barclay Sandy says: "With this year finished ye juniors know You ha three done and one to goi"SOPHOMORES 1st Row: Marilyn George, Betty Hicks, Oeorgla Crawford, Mary Kearfott, Doris Kemp, Pat King, Beverly Bailey, Mary Gauger, Shirley Smith, Mae Sutton, Dorothy Hinthorne, Mary Cox, 2nd Row: Mr. Maurer, Edith Stortz, Marilyn Robinson, Cleo Steffen, Reta Klngdon, Elaine McClure, Rosemary Boston, Prances Klngdon, Richard Aldrich, Johnny Kirkton, Don Rinken-berger. Miss Grandy, Miss Williams. 3rd Row: Dale Geiselman, George North, Jack Gibbons, Gene Hall, Jack Stitt, Rex Pinkham, Duane Sherman, Ray Duncan, Allen Seggerman, George Harroun, Orville Wilson, Francis Haas, Velda Quirara, Waynette Woosley. Thirty-five strong, the Sophomore class began the 1946-1947 school year. Soon after we elected our officers. Bud Bennett, president; Jack Stitt, vice-president; Betty Hicks, secretary-treasurer; Beverly Bailey, reporter; Pat King, student council. We started to work on our first proJect--the float for the Homecoming Parade. In November, we had the first of a series of three parties. The party carried out the Hallowe'en theme, complete with spooks, goblins, and bobbing for apples. After playing games, we had a weiner roast out in the football field. Our second party in March was a skating party in Bloomington, and our last party, held in May, took the form of a class get-together before school dismissed for summer vacation. Next fall we will enter ETHS as upper-classmen------—-----------and gladly! Class Officers President Bud Bennett V.-President Jack Stitt Sec.-Treas. Betty Hicks Reporter Beverly Bailey Stu. Council Pat King Sandy says: These bonnie Sophomores were busy men this year-r-r-r, We Seniors want to tell them there's plenty more, we fear-r-r-r. 191st Row: Tony Hayse, Velda Krug, Shirley Hunsinger, Dorothy Miller, Dorothy Engel, Robert Eichelberger, Grant Armstrong, Glenn Schertz, 2nd Row: Marilyn Porth, Phyllis Schertz, Nancy Carroll, Sherry Kammerer, Mary Volz, Joan Barrett, Eunice .Yilkey, Yvonne Wllkey, Carol Weasel, Betty Stine, Lfc oris Bo-lander. 3rd Row: Mr. Reckling, Elaine Gottel, Marilyn Kurth, Marguerite Beachy, Mary Vogel, Donna Letsinger, Ann Fenton, Jo Renmers, T. Am Coyle, Joyce Fever, Lee Robbins, Alan Edwards, Milford Armstrong. 4th Row: Mr. Traylor, Bill Armstrong, John Sutton,John West, Keith Kilpatrick,Gene Massey, John Inselman, Don Shanks, Vernon Scheiber, Eugene Jording, Dean Cox, Bruce Adams, Fred Keslor, James Talbert, Marvin Kesler, George Johnson, Clifford Krug, Mr. Secord. Not in picture: Phyllis Carls, Eileen Richard. Sandy says: Through trial and confusion these Freshmen came! In 3 more years they 11 attain their fame! FRESHMEN Our first high school day—Eileen Richards was our choice class president;John Sutton, Vice President: and Mary Ann Volz, Secretary-Treasurer—the first class party—it was held in the cafeteria for those who wanted to dance; a wonderful time was had by all—plenty of talent in our class too, those girls in Girls1 chorus and some of whom are in Mixed chorus—our athletes too, such as Tony Hayse, who is officially on the 2nd basketball team--Tony also represented us well on the student council--Mr. Reckling was our class sponsor--Mr. Secord and Mr. Traylor assistants—at last we have made the grade—one down and three to go—see you next yearJ President......Eileen Richards Vice-Pres......John Sutton Sec.Treas......Mary Ann Vol Stud. Council..Tony Hayse Reporter.......Allan EdwardsHOMECOMING The Homecoming celebration was started Thursday evening with a pep meeting around a huge bonfire, which was followed by a snake dance. On Friday, a parade of floats representing each class and the Student Council, were led through the streets of El Paso by the E.T.H.S. band. That evening our football team was the victor over the Chenoa team. Lar-rey Lonney furnished music fran 9 to 12, vftiich concluded Home coming. 22The students of the school elected the following girls for cheerleading this year:Peggy Letsinger, Senior; Jean Cryer, Junior;Marilyn George, Sophomore; T. Ann Coyle, Freshman. Most of the pep meetings we had were held In the auditorium, excluding a few that were held In the gym. We had a lot of fun with contests between classes and singing songs. The enthusiasm of our able cheerleaders was caught by the entire student body, and we all appreciate their help In backing and encouraging our teams. E. CLUB The E Club had a very successful year. When the first meeting got underway, the following officers were elected: President, Leland Morgan; Vice-President, Dick George; Secretary-Treasurer, Ray Dehority. A large number of the members are Seniors but there will always be other Interested boys next year to carry on the work. 1st row: J. Harvey, J. Klrkton, L. Morgan, R. Dehority, D. George, D. Toole, B. Dixon, G. Burroughs, W. Nyberg, Mr. Secord; 2nd row: D. Koch, T. Hayse, D. Letsinger, J. Wilson, K. Burroughs, E. Longman, D. Coyle, J. Eastman, G. Heller.1st Row: B. Hicks, D. Epps, M. Diers, L. Folkers, C. Weasel,C. Cryer, E. Gottel, M. Kurth, T. Coyle, M. Pfleeger. 2nd Row: D. Cox, M. Eichelberger, 0, Wilson, N. Carroll, D. Letsinger, P. Letsinger, J. Fever,J. Everetts,B. Vincent,S. Smith, A. Sohertz, J. Kirkton, Mr. Traylor, M. Vogel, A. Fenton, J. Barrett, M. Barclay. BAND Sandy says: "Here,there,and ivery-where,there s music in the air, and ivery one o1us right there to do his share." The band has been very busy this year participating at football games. They also led the community parade, a custom that has been followed for several years. The Band Boosters1 Club was formed this year by people who were interested in enlarging the membership of the band. They sponsored a conoert given by the Clinton High School Band of seventy pieces, February 27, for this purpose. On Tuesday, March 18, the band presented its annual Spring Concert. MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus group met three times a week preparing for the Annual Contest and Spring Conoert. The Chorus has put in a lot of time and hard work to make this a successful year. let Row: M. Plnkhaa, 0.Crawford, M. Diers, M. Klngdon, L. Poor-baugh, J. Everetts, M. Sparks, P. Krug, J. Sutton, M. Gauger, S. Smith. 2nd Row: Mr. Traylor, M. Vogel, M. Barclay, E. Fenton, C.Cryer, 0.Benedict, B. Vincent, P. Letsinger. 3rd Row: P. Jones, C. Cox, D. Koch, K. Burroughs, D. George, J. Eastman, G. Burroughs, D. Letsinger, G. Wilkey, W. Ifyberg.lat Row: Forth, B. Pinkham, Klngdon, 3rd Row: Wllkey, Bohlander Row: J George, B Todd, D. M. Vogel, P. Schertz, V. Krug, S. Hunslnger, D. Miller, M. Jurgens, B. Lindsay, D. Letsinger, S. Kammerer; 2nd Row: M. J. Wollenschlager, J. Pierce, L. Poorbaugh, J. Everett, M. M. Volz, P. Krug, M. Sparks, C. Cryer, D. Engel, E. Gottel; J. Sutton, M. Dlers, M. Barclay, B. Stine, E. Wllkey, Y. C. Weasel, N. Carroll, A. Fenton, M. Kurth, J. Fever, D. , J. Elchelberger, A. Hartwig, E. Fenton, Mr. Traylor 4th Remmers, 0. Benedict, B. Vincent, P. Letsinger, T. Coyle, M. .Hicks, J. Barrett, S. Smith, M. Gauger, M. Elchelberger, B. Epps, M. Pfleeger, G. Crawford GIRLS CHORUS Many girls turned out on Tuesday mornings to make this a successful season for the Girls Chorus. They have worked hard for the performances which they have given during the AT . BOYS' CHORUS Under the capable direction of Mr. Traylor the boys have shown much Improvement In their work this year. Their main performance of the year was at the Spring Concert. 1st Row: 0. Burroughs, D. Coyle, B. Vincent, (Accompanist) D. George; 2nd Row: F. Jones, W. Nyberg, D. Letsinger, C. Cox, D. Koch, J. East- man, K. Burroughs, G. Wllkey, Mr. Traylor 251st Row: E. McClure, C. Steffen, A. Fenton, N. Carroll. 2nd Row: M. Cox, E. Gottel, F. Klngdon, M. Kearfott, M. Kurth, S. Hunslnger, M. Porth, B. Hicks, M. Volz. 3rd Row: M. Beachy, Miss Grandy, M. Sparks, Jo Remmers, R. Oarrels, L Poorbaugh, L. Pflster, M. Diers, P. Krug. 4th Row: R. Klngdon, M. Vogel, P. Sohertz, V. Wllkey, B. Todd, S. Kara-merer, I. Woelfle, B. Weasel, A. Wohlfell, R. Lyons, M. Barclay, C. Cryer, B. Tevls, C. Weasel, M. George. CROSS The Junior Red Cross was organized again this year under the excellent supervision of Miss Grandy. Man articles were made during the year. Most of them to be used In hospitals. Carnival caps were made to be used at Thanksgiving time. Tray covers to be used at New Years time were also made, and nut cups for Valentine's Day. Gift boxes were filled and sent to children In devastsd countries. All the girls enjoyed making the different Items for a very worthy organization. LIBRARIANS Seated: L. Poorbaugh, Miss Williams, R. Rlppel. Standing: S. Smith, 0. Benedict, L. Pflster, H. Diers, M. Robinson,M. Pfleeger, R, Boston, JUNIOR PLAY The Junior Play this year was "Best Foot Forward", given in the auditorium Dec. 11 and 12. The play opens with the boys at Winsocki Prep making hurried preparations to receive the girls who are coming up for the big annual danc .. In the midst of the crackling lines and humorous discussion of dates comes Bud Hooper, who is plenty gloomy. His roommates finally discover the trouble. A month ago when they went to see a movie starring Gale Joy—the wham girl--the trouble started. Bud was carried away and he wrote the movie star, asking her to come to prom. And she accepted as a publicity stunt I Bud hastily wrote his regular date, Helen, that he had an attack of grippe and he expected to have it until after the dance. But, so the faculty wouldn't get angry, Bud tries to take the publicity-needing Gale Joy to the dance as his girl, Helen, and then Helen arrives! Bud gets deeper and deeper into trouble but when everything is explained, all ends well with Bud and Helen back together once more. The following cast under the direction of Miss Stuart nerformed for a capacity crowd. Bud Hooper..........................Glenn Burroughs dale Joy....................Phyllis Krug Dutch..............................Lowell Crawford Hunk.........................Bud Jurgens Helen........................Carol Cryer Ethel .................. Margaret Barclay Minerva ................. Marilyn Harris Green........................Dick George Satchel.........................Don Toole Professor Lloyd................Paul Hynes Doctor Reever . ................Don Koch Miss Delaware ’.Yater Gap . . Doris Wilkey Miss Smith...................Middle Diers Blind Date................MarjoMe Sparks 2728 "DON'T TAKE MY PENNY" The Senior Play, "Don't Take My Penny",was presented May 15 and 16 In the high school auditorium. At the opening of the play,sixteen-year old Penny Is walking around with a book on her head. The author, Harrison Day, is searching the country for his ideal--he's coining to town tomorrow--and Penny Just knows she'll be chosen! What Penny doesn't know is that Sally, the new maid,is a former child movie star,now grown up, whom a clever publicity agent has planted there to be miraculously "discovered" by the author. So Penny Ignores Sally (who practices dance steps when no one's around), and she ignores the talent of her quiet, unselfish older sister, Mavis, who has small parts in radio. Penny and Joanna give up playing in the tennis tournament with their boy friends, Greg and Kerry. Greg and Kerry confer with Gram and decide to outwit Penny and Joanna, who has been helping Penny, by posing as the great author and a brunette model. In the midst of all the excitement, the author does choose a star for his play--but the girl he chooses surprises everyone. The following cast under the direction of Miss Stuart, cellent performance. Sally .... Norman Porter Penny .... Caleb .... Mark .... Mavis .... Lydia .... Joanna . . . Kerry .... Greg .... Gram .... Monsieur Henri Claire. . . . Elsie .... Lucile . . . Red.......... Harrison Day. . .Beverly Vincent . . . .Jack Harvey . .Peggy Letsinger . . .Allen Schertz . . .Leiand Morgan .... Donna Epps . . .Gerry Benediot . . Lucile Pfister . • • John Eastman . Kaywin Burroughs . Marilyn Pfleeger . . . Ray Dehority . .Doris Wadsworth . . Eleanor Fenton Joan Wollenschlager . . Franklin Jones .... Joe Powell gave an ex-E. T. H. S. REPORTER VOL IX WORK ON COMETEER PROGRESSING DAIU Work on the 1947 COv underway for some tir bers are now hard ; lion of Donnii i Editor and AssiV Marilyn Pflee lieen taking pict I t bring your sr. as you can. She i ures of members c. annual, and her bos Sponsors M. McCue M Stuart lAJMC.IC.IUt. Croup lectures for the .mn cn Tuesday EL, PASO. ILLINOIS El. PASO OVERPOWERS LEXW T' ' In a la? handof Cc « ed Lexi|j own V Le| theP ' poi and x K, m y. v. .ER FOT EL'REl in the Eu a ’he Lexir victory in U Lexington i t - Be colK0r3t A ml dor- rs composed of 65 members TO PREi Thumb Clinton H cert in tht ium. The L.mu and is under the direction of Mr. James Robertson. This band is being brought by th El Pa Band Boosters Club and the High School to help build interest in band work. The admission will be 25 cents fur students and 10 cents for adult —E. T. H. S. ATTENDS MUSIC CONFERENCE C. O. Traylov attended the 1 Illinois Music Education Conference at La Salic Saturday Mr. Traylor reports a full day of fine work in music. In the forenoon he heard the All State Bund play through a lot of material ium and difficult. BurrousM. D. aad«or».£ 51 'Letaln58r' i iUN PLUS EVIDENT AT E.T.H.S mts interviewed; Pftater Associated (irowersoned Numpen’s Hardware. Betty worl right after inventory but only vorks at netvl rail. D. Epps, L. Pfister, editor; U. Kington, J. VJ ;llenichla3er, I. j. Woelfle, D. Punke, J. E-atman, Pflee-.or, G. Heller, 5. Benedict, A. Wohlf il. ei1st Row: P. Haas, R. Eichelberger. 2nd Row: 0, Johnson, B. Arm- strong, D. Oltman, G. Armstrong, W. Nyberg, B. Remmert,B. Jurgens, R, Hartman, 0. North, B. Dixon, Mr. Henderson, 0. Schertz. 3rd Row: J Sutton, C. Krug, R. Duncan, D. Koch, D. Jones, H. Pinkham, E. Longman, G. Hall, J. Powell. The members of the PPA met several t imes during the year and enjoyed a great deal of fun. On their first meeting they elected the following officers: Pres.,V. Haas;Vice-Pres.,R. Hartman; Sec., B. Dixon; Treas., R. IXincan; Reporter, W. Nyberg. Mr. Henderson is lhe leader, and has done very well, organizing and helping In all activities. The El Paso Chapter is a Charter member of the Future Homemakers of America, which was nationally organized in 1945. The motto is "Toward New Horizons"; the colors are red and white and the flower is the red rose. The following officers were chosen: Pres., Doris Wilkey;Vice-Pres.,Elaine McClure; Sec., Pat King; Reporter, Francis Kingdon. Doris Wilkey attended the state camp at East Bay, Bloomington, In August. Two meetings are held each month. Members have enjoyed demonstrations, talks, and parties during this year's club work. Sandy says: Without the FHA and FFA Where would our nation be todayl 1st Row: E. Wilkey, C. Steffen, V. Steffen, J. Fevers, J. Sutton, D» Wilkey, D. Punke. 2nd Row: Y. Wilkey, B. Tevis, R. Boston, M. Cox, D. Miller, M. Volz, F. Hinthom, M. Harris, D. Newkirk, H. Peters, Miss Miles. 3rd Row: V. Krug, F. Kingdon, R. Kingdon, E. McClure, V. "COACH" Coach Jack Secord came to E.T.H.S. late In the fall of 1945 and after a few weeks work with the football squad came through with a fine winning team. Since then he has led the football, basketball, and baseball teams through two very successful seasons as well as directing gym classes and Intramural sports. 34 We, the students of E.T.H.S., should again be proud of our school s athletio career. The football season was one of the best in many years the basketball season was successful in that it proved the sportsmanship Qualities of El Paso High. A fine baseball season was enjoyed, as many of the boys had past experience. Everyone enjoyed the fine gym and interraural program directed by Mrs. Miller and Coach Secord.Sandy says: "Lights, music, kick off, and1 win-nin score, may E.T.H.S. be this way •ivermore." 1st Row: J. Kirkton, B.Dixon, R. Dehority, D. Koch, Burroughs, E. Longman, R. Hartman. 2nd Row: D.George, J. Eastman, W. Nyberg, L. Morgan, D. Toole, E. teller, J. Harvey, 0. Wilkey, Mr. Secord. 3rd Row: D. Sherman, D. Coyle, G. Burroughs, C Cox, D Jones, J Wilson, B. Jurgens, E. Hall, J Gibbons FOOTBALL A squad of 38 small but mighty boys, including six lettermen from last year, reported to Coach Secord, late in August, for football practice. However, with the able guidance of Coach Secord and a strong will to win, El Paso High came through with one of the most successful seasons in years. After a defeat by Leroy and a scoreless tie with Gridley, the Comets, led by Co-Captains L. Morgan and K. Burroughs, proceeded through the seascns for seven straight victories. Spearheading the Comets through the season were eleven senior boys, E. Longman, J. Eastman, G. Heller, R. Dehority, G. Wilkey, W. Nyberg, K. Burroughs, L. Morgan, J. Harvey, J. Wilson, and C. Cox, who played their last high school football game against Eureka. The reserves enjoyed a successful season with 4 wins and 2 defeats. Schedule September 13 El Paso 0 Leroy 6 September 20 El Paso 0 Gridley 0 September 27 El Paso 27 Parmer City 6 October 4 El Paso 7 Chenoa 6 October 11 El Paso 21 Lexington 6 October 18 El Paso 7 Chillicothe 2 October 25 El Paso 21 Washington 12 November 1 El Paso 20 Metamora 14 November 8 El Paso 13 Eureka 7 35GRIDIRON In the initial battle of the season LeRoy defeated an inexperienced El Paso team, 6-0. The Comets' next game ended in a scoreless tie with a tough Gridley team, although the statistics favored the Comets. With two games behind them, El Paso gained its first win of the season by trouncing Farmer City, 27-6. The Comets' next win came after a see-saw battle in which Chenoa fell 6-7 before a large Homecoming crowd. Lexington was unable to stop a fast-moving El Paso team as the Comets rolled over them, 21-6. In our last home game of the season El Paso dealt a larger Chillicothe team a stinging 7-2 defeat. The Comets notched up their fifth win of the season by smashing Washington 21-12. El Paso's next victory came as a 20-14 win over a determined Metamora eleven. The Comets climaxed a very successful season by driving over a strong Eureka team, 13-7. It was a fitting climax to a successful season. STATISTICS El Paso Opponents Total yds. by passing 268 348 Total yds. by rushing 1,624 767 Total yds. 1,882 1,115 Total Points 116 57 Total First Downs 89 68 f -1st Row: J. 7 11 son, Manager; B. Adams, T. Hayes, R. Dehority, K. Burroughs, G. Burroughs, D. George. 2nd Row: B. Dixon, L. Morgan, Don Toole, D. Jones, D. Let- singer, B. Bennett. BASKETBALL The 1946-47 basketball season was definitely a building year here at E.T.H.S, With only one letterman back, the Comets did very well holding up against generally strong Prairie Conference teams, under the guidance of Coach Secord. Dale Letsinger and Ray Dehority led the Comets in the scoring department while Glenn and Kaywin Burroughs displayed some fine floor work. Don Toole, Bud Bennett, and Leland Morgan did an exceptional fine job controlling the bank boards. After a slow start, the Comet Reserves came back to win 9 out of 21 games. Rival schools will see a lot of action from Tony ayse, gob Dixon, Dick George, Don Coyle, Delmar Jones and other underclassmen who will be playing next year. Sandy says: "Five great men are on the floor-r-r. Each is doing his best to raise the scor-r-re1 1st row: G. Schertz, D Sherman B Armstrong; 2nd row: J. Sutton, D. Coyle, 0, Hocker, R Pinkham, B Jurgens BASKETBALL SUMMARY El Paso 21 Metamora El Paso 31 Chenoa El Paso 34 Gridley El Paso 24 Washington El Paso 25 Lexington El Paso 29 Washburn Washington Holiday Tournament El Paso 22 Washington El Paso 23 Gridley El Paso 27 Eureka El Paso 30 Minonk El Paso 9 28 Washington El Paso 35 Roanoke Woodford County Tournament El Paso 27 Eureka El Paso 39 Metamora El Paso 35 Benson El Paso 32 Minonk El Paso 33 Eureka El Paso 42 Roanoke El Paso 25 Lexington El Paso 49 Chenoa El Paso 44 Alumni I •H.S.A. Regional Tournament El Paso 50 University High 41 32 59 38 48 28 39 35 29 40 61 41 37 56 56 45 40 53 18 62 66 63 Total Points El Paso 706 Opponents 937 Individual Soorlng D. Letsinger 133 R. Dehority 115 D. Toole 100 G. Burroughs 88 K. Burroughs 84 B. Bennett 71 L. Morgan 69Sandy says: "A bat a ball a baseball 1st row: G. North, B. Dixon, D. Koch, E. Longman nine, and scores that suit L. Morgan, D. Coyle, D. Toole. 2nd row: Coach us •lvery time." Secord,R. Hartman,J. Engel, B. Jurgens, P. Weasel, R. Dehorlty. 3rd row: D. George, W. Nyberg, J. Wilson, J. Eastman, J. Harvey, D. Sherman. El Paso is again looking forward to a successful baseball season. With three lettermen back from last year, the Comets should enjoy a f ine season playing against such teams as University High, Normal Community, Bloomington High, and Eureka. Experienced men back from last year include 6 Seniors; J. Eastman, W. Nyberg, D. Letsinger, L. Morgan, R. Dehorlty, J. Harvey, R. Garrels, P. Wessel, Don Toole, B. Dixon. With this talent back El Paso should enjoy a successful season of America’s favorite sport. Intramural sports held a spot high in the eyes of ETHS students during the school year of 1946-47. The first event of the year was a freethrow tournament held ty Coach Secord. Jack Stitt won first place among the Preshman-Sophomore boys, and Dale Letsinger won the Junior-Senior honors. Later in the season a basketball league was organized with s ix teams competing. The Hotshots, captained by Gene Heller, led the teams through most of the season and ended up with 14 wins and 1 defeat. Mrs. Miller conducted volley ball games at noon for the girls this year. A tournament was run between the classes, and the Sophomores became champions of the school. With more students competing in intramurals, El Paso should become very sports-minded within a few years.EL PASO IMPLEMENT CO. Farm Machinery "Tractors—Trucks” El Paso, 111. Phone 344THE ARBOR Plate Lunches and Short Orders Paso, 111. Phone 119 For the best in food and courtesy dine at the ARBOR CAFER. 0. PIERCE FURNITURE STORE El Paso, 111. Phone 48 Kaywln Burroughs, Joan Pierc3, and Leland Morgan are looking at the quality furniture in PIERCE'S FURNITURE STORE. DONZE AND LINDSEY Quality Groceries and Meats El Paso, 111. Phone 270THELMA'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 14 El Paso, 111 Marilyn and Dick's mother patronizes THELMA'S BEAUTY SHOP ANDREW'S CLEANING SERVICE Phone 81 El Paso, 111. For fine cleaning send your olothes to ANDREW'S BODGER'S STATION EL PASO, ILL. Standard Oil and Gas on Routes 24 and 51 DRUMMETT'S DRESS SHOP Phone 61 Green El Paso, Ill Joan Wollenschlager, and Margie Pinkham examining dry goods at DRUMMETT'SSCHRAMM S SHOE STORE Phone 35 El Paso, IH For quality shoe repairing, Joan Wollenschlager, and Irma Jean Woefle go to SCHRAMM'S ILLINOIS yALIJSY COMPANY Phone 58 Ell Paso, 111 For your insurance come to ILLINOIS VALLEY 'COMPANY CAMPBELL S CONFECTIONERY El Paso, 111 Lois Poorbaugh, Bev Vincent,.Doris Wadsworth, and Ruth Garrels enjoy an after school treat at CAMPBELL S BURSTER AND HENNING Phone 140 El Paso, 111 Clothing and Furnishings for Men and Boys Jack .711 son and Ray Dehority arc shopping at the men's clothing store of El Paso.R. J. SAMPKN HARDWARE Farm Supplies, Paint Kitchen Equipment General Hardware Compliments of R. E. GORDON M. D. Physician and Surgeon Phone 3 El Paso, 111. Compliments of THE EL PASO BOTTLED GAS COMPANYOTTO-VINCENT MEMORIAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 49 R. W. Vincent El Paso, 111. A. H. Otto Danvers, 111SAVOIE’S DAIRY Oold Seal Milk and Cream Phone 115 El Paso, Ill Let Savoies Serve you with their high quality milk KNOWLEDGE KNOWLEDGE is truly a keystone upon which to build a successful oar©er--for without KNOWLEDGE, one can not hope to succeed Without KNOWLEDGE one assumes the status of a picture on the wall which has no ambition but is thoroughly satisfied to hang on the wall. No one ever heard of giving a picture a promotion or a raise,--the picture just wouldn’t be interested. But with KNOWLEDGE, one has the keystone upon which to build. KNOWLEDGE gives one CONFIDENCE, and this CONFIDENCE is reflected in one’s tone and manner, which has a decidedly favorable effect on the other people. With such KNOWLEDGE acquired in the School of Experience, plus a goodly portion of AMBITION one can climb high in one’s chosen field. PFISTER ASSOCIATED GROWERS, INC.Phone 27 MICHELS DRUG STORE Rexall Drugs Berrenice Weasel, and Irma Jean Woefle stop at mlCHEL1S Tor the finest in drugs PANOLA STORE Groceries and Meat Panola 111. Phona 852-R-Red "From Anything to EverythingMIKE'S GRILL Plate Lunches Ice Cream Soft Drinks Phone 192 El Paso, 111 TEGARD'S GROCERY STORE Margie Pinkham, Donna Epps, Marjorie Kingdon, and Gerry Benedict stop in for an after school coke. Groceries and Meats Phone 91 El Paso, 111. ARTHUR A. NORTH AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Farm Loans-Real Estate SWENEY SERVICE STATION El Paso, 111. Phone 85- 106 Lyle Kingdon Proprietor rhe next time you need Insurance call on us. E1 Pas0 xil. Phone 591GARREL•S THE WOODFORD COUNTY NATIONAL BANK EL PASO, ILLINOIS GROCERY AND MEATS Secor, 111. Phone 2736 CAPITAL STOCK $50,000 SURPLUS UNDIVIDED PROFITS $95,000 DEPOSITS $1,500,000 Oldest Chartered Bank In Woodford County ANDY'S BARBER SHOP Phone 90 E1 Pas0 Young and old alike go to ANDY'S for their haircuts. HAAS PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC CO. Plumbing - Heating Appliances "Quality Merchandise with service " W. D. Haas M. E. Yont Joe Powell, and Walter Nyberg go to look at fine quality plumbing facilities at HAAS'THE EL PASO ELEVATOR Complete Grinding and killing Service Elevators at El Paso - Kappa - Enright - Panola Grain - Feed Lumber - Coal Herbert Pinkham, and Jack Harvey, inspecting the EL PASO ELEVATORGAMBLE STORE Owned and Operated by Tom O'Leary Phone 303 El Paso, Illinois EL PASO NATIONAL BANK "It pleases us to please you" EL PASO NATIONAL BANKWHITE ELEVATOR Grain and Coal El Paso, Illinois Phone 256 COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OP 47 Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon El Paso. 111. C E. CRYER D. 0. Phone 343 GUY BAYLESS Palmer Products Phone 141-Black El Paso, IllinoisPRANK BENEDICT Heating Sheet Metal Phone 342 Black LETSINGER SERVICE STATION Lubricating GreasingPAULKS SERVICE STATION Por Shell Products see PAULK S SERVICE STATION. BAKER BAKER Lawyers El Paso National Bank Building Phone 340 THE EL PASO GREENHOUSE Phone 334 El Paso, 111. Say it with flowers from the EL PASO GREENHOUSE BURTON BAITY Hardware - Paint - Wall Paper Westinghouse Electrical Appliances Horace H. Baker J.P.H.S. 1901 Pred Baker E.T.H.S. 1929 Phone 100 El Paso IllinoisVOLZ SERVICE STATION Mobil© - Gas and Mobile - Oils Tires Batteries VOLZ SERVICE STATION MOBIL GAS £ MOBIL OIUS EL PASO. ILLINOIS For friendly service stop at the sign of the Flying Red Horse. Phone 386 El Paso, 111,Phillips 66 BENSON SERVICE STATION Gas and Oil El Paso, 111. Pill Up With Phillips 66 Phone 34 Steaks Pried Chicken SMITH'S GRILL Chops Plate Lunches "T —t When Donna Epps and Allen Sohertz want good food they go to SMITH'S GRILL.LOUIS VOLZ E. D. YODER SON Complete Wiring and Electrical Work MARKET AND FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS El Paso, 111. Phone 267 Red Phone 400 El Paso, Illinois RITTKRBUSCH DRUG STORE Front Street—The West Blook Phone 485 RADIATOR CLEANING ie REPAIRING Nolan Epps at Letsinger Service Station El Paso 111. Phone 6 El Paso, Illinois20th CENTURY RECREATION BOWLING BILLIARDS Charles Cox and Franklin Jones choose the 20th Century Recreation Parlor for relaxation. ZEHR FARM SUPPLY Oliver Farm Machinery General Hardware ZEHR FARM SUPPLY Intersection of Route 24 51 Wayne 0. Zehr. Prop Phone 197BOYD GARAGE Bulcks El Paso, 111 Pontlacs Phone 54 F. G. BERTA "7 Jeweler and Optician Phone 186 El Paso, 111 IVAN -H. SNOWCompliments of V. F. BOWERS Hudson Sales and Service El Paso, 111. Phone 364 JOSTEN S Compliments of Ole Olson COMPLIMENTS OF WEST'S BAKERY PHONE 71 EL PASO, ILLINOIS DR. GORDON D. HEIPLE Dentist Phone 339HYBRID CORN COMPANY EL PASO, ILLINOISLEBO !OBIL AGENCY Mobllgas Mobiloil America 3 Favor’ tos Distributing Quality Petroleum Products i; this Community since 1!J0G Complete Line Secony Vacuum Products Harvey Lebo Agent phone 2 3 Kenneth E. Lebo Phone 224 THE ELMS Modern Rooms Cabins Phone 180COMPLIMENTS OP dunmire equipment company EL PASO, ILLINOIS PHONE 300 LETCHER BROS. 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WIRE YOUR HOME WITH AN EYE TO THE FUTURE Whether you are making plans to build that dream house, or doing a face lifting Job on your present home, now is the time to take a good long look at your wiring plans. Assure yourself that you will be able to enjoy future new appliance without a major operation on your existing wiring system with each additional Installation. If you will follow the advise of your electrical contractor, you will do these three things to assure yourself of convenient electrical living by means of adequate wiring. 1. Plenty of convenience outlets. 2. Large enough wire. 3. Sufficient electrical circuits. ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY El Paso, Illinois Phone 296 THE EL PASO THEATER For the best in entertainment visit the EL PASO THEATERPAXTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY RUTH'S BEAUTY SHOP "For a lovely new Hair style visit RUTH'S" El Paso, 111. Phone 56 COMPLIMENTS OF BOB'S SEALTEST STORE El Paso, 111. "Sealtest Products famous for over 61 years"Yes, the 1947 Cometeer la really YOURS. ... its page layouts were designed and pasted up for photo offset reproduction by your editor and her staff ... its text was typed for reproduction in your typing department, ... the drawings were made by your staff artist, ... and the pictures were sized and mounted by members of your yearbook staff. It has been a real pleasure to complete the mechanical phase of the production of this very fine book in our printing plant. The 19 7 COMETEEB staff together with the faculty sponsors are to be congratulated for a job "well done1'. Mcknight Mcknight Printers of the 19 7 Cometeer 

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