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 The 1Q4 COMETEER Published By The Senior Class of El Paso Township High School El Paso, Illinois ETHEL MAJOR, Editor BYRON DONZE,Assistant Editor PAULINE BERG, Business Manager M. HARRIS, Adviser J. SECORD AdviserDEDICATION Seated: Miss Grandy, Mr. Henderson, Miss Cloney, Miss Miles, Miss McCue Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Douglas. Standing: Mr. Reekllng, Mr. Traylor, Mr. Maurer, Mr. Secord, Mr. Claggett Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1946, dedicate the Cometeer to the Faculty of El Paso Township High School. We appreciate the untiflng effort, cooperation, loyalty and support of the Faculty which Includes Mr. Bowers who left us in the fall. Thank you. Faculty,from the bottom of our hearts. We know our future will be that much brighter and more successful because of the help and inspiration of each and every one of you. E.T.H.3. Senior Class of '46RDHIN1ST RATIONORNCXNG, UNEXPECTED We f?eMen«ci? T js TlAE USORU FOUft I CBN'T LOOK LEG6 !! FKESH1E lovev Dovt" y t ON $PERKlN L,TMnsMR. CLAGGETT As principal of our school,we see Mr. Claggett every day lntheoffice In the corridors and the other rooms of the building His cheerful smile and pleasant word for everyone always accompany his busy, energetic, efficient manner. We're glad to have had Mr. Claggett as our principal these last four years and we won't forget him as our friend, principal and teacher. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. W. M. Claggett, Mr. Harold Burroughs, Mr. William E. Burroughs, Dr. J. A. Owens, Mr. Louis Wadsworth, Mr. Owen Schertz, Mr. John W. North, and Mr. K. A. LaRochelle.OUR FACULTY Arthur Henderson El Paso, Illinois "He thinks like a philospher, and acts like a king." Agriculture I.S.N.U., B.S. Cocoa 0. Taylor El Paso, Illinois "His Tery foot has music in it as he comes up the stair. Instrumental and vocal music Greenville College University of Illinois Chicago Musical College, B.M. Havillah E. Reckling El Paso, Illinois "I may at last hit the nail on the head." Industrial Arts Eastern Illinois State Teachers College, V.S., M.ED. John A. Secord El Paso, Illinois "Always leave them laughing when you say good-bye." American History Boys P. E. I.S.N.U., B.ED. Vinoennes Bowers St. Anne, Illinois "Gladness of the heart is the life of man, and the Joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days." American History Boys P. E. I.S.N.U., B.ED. -6-OUR FACULTY Mrs. Mary Salmon Harris Bloomington, Illinois "Merrily, merrily, I shall life now." English I.S.N.U., B• ED. Mrs. Marian Tendick Douglas Greenfield, Illinois "Twas her thinking of others that made you think of her." English, Dramatics Bradley, A.B. Walter M. Claggett El Paso, Illinois "Extremely busy and nioe about it." World History, dries James Millikin University, A.B. University of Illinois, M.A. Harold E. Maurer El Paso, Illinois "Tell all I know? Life is too short." General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Aeronautics, Algebra Bluffton College, A.B. University of Illinois, M.S. Virginia Miles FMrmer City, Illinois "The grass stoops not, she treads on it so light." Home Economics, General Science University of Illinois, B.S. M.S. Prances Cloney Decatur, Illinois "There’s language in her eye, her cheek, her lips." Biology, Girls1 P.E. James Millikin University, A.B. Harriet Grandy Pontiac, Illinois "Always a cheerful smile for everyone. Latin, Mathematics Illinois Wesleyan, A.B. University of Illinois, M.A. Margaret A. McCue Springfield, Illinois "Your fair discourse hath been as sugar, making the hard way sweet, and delectable." Commerce Clarke College, A.B. -7-STUDENT COUNCIL L. to R.: M. Pinkham, K. Faulk, D. North, L. Morgan, B. Nohren, D. George, M. McDonell, J. Eastman, Miss Cloney, P. King, J. Glbbona. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council has changed, like most other organizations, from war efforts to the directions of peace. Our sale of war bonds and stamps last year occupied most of our time. We started the year by sponsoring a very successful parade and the best-attended dance In the school’s history for Homecoming. It required lots of work but was loads of fun. Bill Nohren, our President has been kept very busy and has done a fine Job. The other officers elected were: Dick George, Vice-President; and Delora North, Secretary-Treasurer. Our all-school party, March fifth was attended by students, and faculty members. The party began with a general assembly In the auditorium where a program was given. Following the program each student chose his own form of entertainment. Dancing, active games, ping pong and bingo were offered In various parts of the building. In the spring a party for Just council members was held. The Council also sponsored an outdoor party for all the students In school. -8-SENIOR CLASS PROPHESY The suspense is over. The space ship Cometeer has been completed and sent on its way. In case you do not know it, the good ship was designed and built by Donald Bailey and Walton Volx. Don utilised a new principle in the sub-atondo energy engines which ha 3uped-up" with a special gadget of his own whioh he calls the Bailey-O-Tron. The instruments were the brain child of Walton. The electronic oontrol devioes, the high frequency recording and transmitting equipment were all designed by him The Cometeer has but one mission and that is to report the chief interests and activities of each senior of this class as dexermined by microwave forecasts for Ootober, 19 66 Before the take off, the boys deposited a small amount of a new radio active substance on the seat of each senior's desk. So, unknowingly, each one of you seniors made yourself a target for the beams from the Cometeer. After attending to that detail, the boys entered the cock pit and, with a oheerful "Adios", they were off on their long pilgrimage into the vast distances of space Here are the highlights of 1956j BILL FOORBAUGH In broadcasting station practicing the chant "Call for Phill-lll-ip Morr-rrr-isa-ss." Johnny evidently left the program and was being replaced by Poorbaugh. BILL NOHREN Busy on a telephone in Seattle trying to promote a labor saving device. He was proposing to a very rich girl. MILDRED WEBB Lecturing, but not from a platform. Hubby was on the receiving end. She didn't like his excuse for the late hour he got home the previous night BYRON DONZE Byron is operating El Paso's first and only taxi service Seems he gained a lot of valuable experience having the only car always available for errands at high school. BERNARD OLTMAN Employed by a broadcasting system. He has the responsibility of correcting the English in radio scripts. CLIFFORD KNOLL Drillmaster for the Polioe department in East Peoria Listens to all crime stories on radio so that he may help the polioe solve any pussier that may happen. JERRY MCWILLIAMS Headmaster of a sohool for Problem Children. Holding a conference with the faculty trying to bolster their sagging morale Has his finger nails chewed off to the seo-ond Joint BOB SCHRAMM Located in Grand Central Station in New York City Coaohes the train announoers on proper diction Doing a swell Job because very fwr travelers can understand him. JANET PINKHAM is using her lovely red hair in a modeling position in Chioago to help red haired girls ohoose the right colors and styles VERA SCOTT Is Editor in Chief of the Chioago Daily Moon. Everyone reads her paper. She writes muoh of the news herself. DELORA NORTH Is kncxrn as the only woman President in the United States It is only fitting she should go to such heights after her brilliant high sohool career as President of her olass. EVELYN BRIDGES Is married and lives on a large ranch in Texas with her husband and three children. They raise cattle and sheep. She prefers horses. LWIS WES3EL A well know senator touring the eountry and delivering his campaign speeohes from the rear platform of a train. Recently in a filibuster he held the floor for a record of 16 days. KEN WESSEL Ken has now obtained his lifetime ambition. He is the head editor of Esquire Magaci ne. LLOYD RABER Lloyd is the basketball coach at Middletown High Sohool To be sure his team wins all its games, he makes the players eat Wheatles every morning BETTY ALTTJM Dance Teacher for a show about to open in Chicago. Critios say it will be the biggest hit of the season. BILL BURROUGHS We see Bill going from house to house in Washington D C selling his popular invention to the housewives. The invention is automatic closet cleaner-outers and th sell very quickly LEROY WESSEL Has Just been bought from the New York Giants by the Chicago Cardinals. His superb pitching keeps him in constant demaml -10-SENIOR CLASS PROPHESY JOAN ROTH Is seen very often riding down 6th Avenue in New York in her purring red roadster. She has minks in winter and nylons all year around. You see fthe married a millionaire from Wall street. PAULINE B2RG Is doing very well in her Lonely Hearts Club. She receives thousands cf letters every day and has arranged over 2,000 marriages. But so far she is still single or so it was when last reported. RUTH TAYLOR Has Just won a silver cup for writing shorthand at 260 words a minute with only two errors in transcribing. VIRGINIA HAY3E Has gained control of a large firm of 6 and 10 cent stores. She does a great business and you are sure to find bargains and fair prices at her stores. GENE SCHERTZ He is the representative for the Ruffley-Shirttail Company. Ruffles make the tails bulkier and stay in easier. MARJORIE MCDONELL Ensign and Marjorie are located at Great Lakes. Marjorie is a very successful house-wife. RACHEL WAGNER Is now a Powers model and appears on the cover of Stare Magasine eaeh month. KENNETH HANY In Gridley, as a famous watch-maker. He takes them apart to see how they tick. ARLENE WILKEY Now manager of the Kroger Store, a very efficient olerk, and she 11 save you candy too. EDNA MALCOM With the passing of years, we find Edna Mae located at the State 2hra Mutual. She has her own private office on the main floor. MARGARET ENOH, After the retirement of "Ida", Margaret took over the Bus Depot. She seems to be very suooessful, and we hope she has as good a business as Ida did. BARBARA CRY!® Miss Cryer made her debut as a singer in 1948, and she’s been traveling on a concert tour ever since. She is now in Japan, singing to the British and American troops. SHIRLEY (JUIRAM A USO entertainer in the Solomon Islands. Someone failed to notify her that our troops were leaving so she carries on by singing and telling Jokes to the natives. RUTH STOTLER Singing with Tommy Dorsey on the West Coast. She sings and Dale (her husband) accompanies her on the piano. ETHEL MAJOR Private Secretary to a tall (6 4 ) concern in Roanoke. She’s still waiting for him to say yes. MR. SECOND Is now head ooaoh at Notre Dame and as a side line he is teaching German, his favorite subject, to a large student body. MRS. HARRIS Is at this minute, whioh is 6il0,waiting for hubby to come home from the office. They have three sets of twins and they’re all very cute. They look exactly like their mother. WALTON AND DONALD They never were able to figure how to stop the chain reaction in the atomic engines so they are still up there. THE WRIT® OP THESE LINES BILL DAVIS In a nice comfortable straight Jacket in one of our better sanitariums. JOYCE SHAFFER Comfortable and quiet in a well appointed padded oell and enjoying herself by cutting out paper dolls. THE UPPER-TEN STUDENTS OP THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1046 Ethel Major...................... Lewis Wessel.......................90.3 Barbara Cryer......................89.85 Pauline Berg.......................89.1 Byron Danse....................... 88.3 Arlene Wilkey....................88.1 Marjorie McDonell...............86.67 Bill Davis......................86.43 Ruth Taylor......................86.43 Delora North.....................86.36 -11Satisfied Seniors 1942 was a year to remember, especially for 59 boys and girls who were eagerly starting their freshman year at S.T.H.S. Their first election of the class officers produced Lloyd Raber, President; Barbara Cryer, Vice-Fresident; Joan Roth, Secretary-Treasurer; and Ruth Stotler, Student Council. Miss Salmon was chosen as our advisor. There was exceptional talent in our class that year, not only in athletics but also in music and dramatic readings. Most of the freshmen came back to struggle Uirough their sophomore year. After counting heads on September 1, we had a total of 56. The officers were: Byron Donze, President; Fredonna Bishop, Vice- Fresient; and Delora North, Secretary - Treasurer . Ruth Stotler was a holdover for Student-Council Member. kiss Salmon was re-chosen as sponsor. The sophomore class was very active in buying war stamps every week. There were two parties, a hay ride and a sledding party. And then we were juniors, upperclassmen at last! Now only the seniors could look down on us. That was our big year of work but a lot of fun. 7 e worked hard earning money for Prom by sponsoring the refreshments at the games, selling punch at the Homecoming Dance and producing "Moonlight for Herbert", the successful junior play. We re-elected Byron Donze, President; Delora North was chosen Vice-President; Joan Roth, Secretary-Treasurer; Bill Nohren and Fredonna Bishop, Student Council Members. Again Miss Salmon did a fine job of sponsoring our class. To bring to an end four grand and glorious years, 37 seniors stuck it out to the very end. To lead us successfully, the following officers were chosen: Delora North, President; Barbara Cryer, Vice-President; Joan Roth, Secretary-Treasurer; Marjorie McDonell and Bill Nohren, Student Council Members. Three cheers should go to our sponsor, Mrs. Harris (Miss Salmon) for her splendid leadership throughout the entire four years, and to our newcomer Mr. Secord for his assistance on the Cometeer. Our activities this year were: A dance in James Parkhouse s new barn and the publishing of the "Reporter", which with two paper staffs came out every two weeks. Delora North and Marjorie McDonell as editors of the two papers, really made the news fly. The publishing of the year book, the "Cometeer" kept Ethel Major, Sditor-in-Chief, Byron Donze, Assistant Editor, and their staff quite busy. Another great accomplishment was the play "Strictly Formal", directed by Mrs. Douglas, (Miss Tendick). As we reach the end of our stay here, we undertake the greatest accomplishment of all as we march down the aisle to receive our well earned diplomas. With sadness in our hearts, we leave dear old E.T.H.S., richer in experience and with high hopes for a bright and successful future for each one of us. -12-Betty Jean Altum "FXill of fun end mischief tooj doing things she shouldn't do." Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 4; Biology Club 2,3;G.A.A. 1,2,3; Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Senior Play 4 Donald V. Bailey "An all around good sport." Reporter Staff 4| Band 1,2,3,4j Spring Concert 1,2, 3,4; Band Concert 2. Mary Pauline Berg "She likes them short,she likes them tall; you know she likes them all." Librarian 3,4; Dram. Club 3,4, G.A.A. 1,2,3; Biology Club 2,3; Cometeer Staff 4;Reporter Staff 4; Band 1,2,4; Girls' Chorus 1, 2,3,4; Spring Concert 1,2,3,4; Literary Cent. 4; Jr. Play 3; Sen. Play 4; Laugh House 3; Little Women 4;Extemporeries 3. Evelyn Louise Bridges •We' re born to be happy, all of us." Home Ec. Club 1; Dramatics Club 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2; Reporter Staff 4; Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1; Literary Contest 3,4; Laugh House. Wm E. Burroughs, Jr. "All the world's a stage, and 1 do my part outting up." Biology Club 2,3; E. Club 3,4; Track 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 2. Barbara Ann Cryer "I live not in myself, but 1 become a portion of that around me." Class Off. 1,4, Dram. Club 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; biology Club 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3,4; Girls' Quartet 2; Girls' Trio 2,3,4; Girls' Vocal 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Quartet 3; Music Cont. 1,2,3,4; Spring Concert 1,2,3,4;Jr. Play 3; Sen. Play 4; Laugh House 2; Little Women 4; Girls' Chorus L 2,3,44 Cometeer Staff 4. William L. Davis "He wears a rose of youth upon him." Biology Club 2; E. Club 3,4; Cometeer Staff 4; Basketball 2; Football 1,2,4; Football Manager 3. Byron E. Donse "So many worlds,so much to do." Student Council 2,3; Class Offic-cer 2,3; Victory Council 2,3; F.F.A. 1; Dram. Club 3,4; E. Club 3,4; Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Boys’ Chorus 3,4; Mixed Chorus 2,3,4; Spring Concert 2,3,4; Senior Play 4; Little Women 4; Track 1,2;Basketball 2, 3,4;Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2, 3,4; Biology Club 2. Margaret L. Engel "Honest and patient, loyal and true." Band 1. Kenneth E. Hany "A good heart is better than all the heads of the world." Dramatic Club 4;Biology Club 2, 3; Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Literary Contest 4. 13-Virginia P. Hayse "She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with." Home Eo. Club 3,4? Biology Club 2,3; Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Senior Play 4. Clifford L. Knoll "Life is short, but sweet, but oh, the "goils are sweeter •" F.F.A. 1,2,3,41 Reporttr Staff 4; Band 2; Boys Chorus 3,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4. Ethel Lee Major "Her heart is like the moon— there's a man in it." Cometeer Staff 4;Reporter Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 4. Edna Mae Mai com "As good naturedasoul as e'er trod on shoe of leather." Home Eo. Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatio Club 4; Biology Club 2; Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Spring Concert 1,2,3, 4j 8enior Play 4. Marjorie MoDonell "Two dimples set off her smiling chin." Student Counoil 4; Librarian 3, 4; Home Eo. Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 4; Biology Club 2,3; Reporter Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 2,3,4; Spring Concert 2, 3, 4 Literary Contest 4; Junior Play 3 Gerald McWilliams "It's good to lire and learn." F.F.A. 1; Biology Club 2,3; E. Club 3,4; Cometeer Staff 4; Track 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 3,4. Robert W. Nohren "Magnificent spectacle of human happiness." Student Council 3,4; Victory Council 3; Dram. Club 3,4; Biology Club 2; E. Club 3,4; Literary Contest 3; Jr. Play 3; Sr. Play 4; Track 1,2; Basketball 1.2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; fbotball 1,2,3,4; Laugh House 3. Del ora C. North "Knowledge oomes but wisdom lingers." Class Officer 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Victory Council 3; Home Ec. Club 1,2,3; Dram. Club 3,4; Biology Club 2; Cometeer Staff 4;Reporter Staff 4;Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,4; Literary Cont. 2,4; Jr. Play 3;Sen. Play 4; Laugh House 3; Little Women 4; Cheerleader |F$lng Conoert 2,5,4. Bernard P. Oltman "Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; E. Club 4; Track 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2,3, 4. Janet R. Pinkham "A quiet, gentle maid is she." Home Eo. Club 1,2,3,4;G.A.A. 1. 2.3. William Poorbaugh "Silence is great, but speech is greater." F.F.A. 1,2; Dramatic Club 3,4; Biology Club 2,3; E. Club 3,4; Senior Play 4; Laugh House 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 2, 3,4; Literary Contest 4. Shirley A. Quirao "It matters not how long I live, but how well." Home Ec. Club 1,3,4; Dramatic Club U; Biology Club 2;Reporter Staff 4; Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4; Girls' Vocal 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 4; Music Contest 4; Spring Concert 1,2,3,4. Lloyd P. Raber "The most uselessday is that in which we have not laughed." Class Officer 1; Student Council 1; Victory Council 1; E. Club 2,3,4; Junior Play 3;Track 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Football 3. Joan Roth "A mind not to be changed by time or place." Class Officer 1,2,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Biology Club 2,3; Cometeer Staff U; Reporter Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4; Literary Contest 1,2; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Laugh House 3; Spring Concert 1,2,3,4. Gene B. Schert "He profits most who serves best.■ F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Junior Play 3; Football 4. Robert H. Schramm "He's not a rule breaker. Just a mischief maker." Dramatics Club 3,4;Biology Club 2,3; Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Band 2,3,4;Spring Concert 2,3,4; Band Concert 2; Jr. Play 3; Senior Play 4; Laugh House 3; Little 'Women 4. Joyce Gay Shaffer "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety." Librarian 3; Home Ec. Club 1,2, 3; Dramatics Club 3,4;G.A.A. 1, 2; Biology Club 2,3; Cometeer Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 3; Spring Concert 1,2,3,4; Senior Play 4; Band Concert 2$ Reporter Staff 4. Vera B. Scott "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low." Home Ec. Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Biology Club 3Reporter Staff 4;Girls' Chorus 3,4;Spring Concert 3,4. Edna S. Steckman "A well-bred silence always at command. Ruth Lorraine Stotler "She was not of an age, but for all time." Victory Council 1,2; Home Ec. Club 1,2; Dramatics Club 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3; Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4; Girls' Vocal 1,2,3,4; Girls' Trio 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Quartet 3; Music Contest 1,2,3,4; Spring Concert 1,2,3,4; Senior Play 4; Biology Club 2,3; Student Council 1,2. Wi -15-Ruth Irene Taylor "From her shall read the perfect ways of honor." Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3; Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Music Contest 3;Spring Concert l,2,3,4;Band Concert 2. Walton A. Volz "Much water goeth by the mill that the miller knoweth not of." Dramatics Club 4; Biology Club 2,3; Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Spring Concert l,2,3,4;Band Concert 2. Rachel 0. Wagner "In her sober livery had all things clad." Home Ec. Club 1; Dramatics Club 3,4; Biology Club 2; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4; Spring Concert 2,3,4. Mildred Jean Webb "She must be seen to be appreciated." Cometeer Staff 4; Reporter Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4; Spring Concert 1,2,3,4. Kenneth H. ’.Vessel "He is as full of valor as of Kindness, princely in both." Dramatics Club 3,4;Biology Club 3; E. Club 4; Reporter Staff 4; Band 2,3,4; Boys' Quartet 3; Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4;Boys' Vocal 3,4; Mixed Quartet 3; Music Contest 3,4; Band Concert 2;Spring Concert 2,3,4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Basketball 3,4; Football 2,3,4. LeRoy W. Wessel "Mine Honor is my life; both grow in it." E. Club 3,4; Track 1,2; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 3,4. Lewis LaVeme Wessel "Just give me a listener and I will do the talking." VictoryCouncil 3;Dramatics Club 3,4; Biology Club 2,3; E. Club 3,4; Reporter Staff 4;Band 2,3, 4; Boys' focal 1,2,3,4; Boys' Quartet 3;Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Quartet 3; Music Contest 3,4; Spring Concert 2,3,4; Band Concert 2; Junior Play 3;Senior Play 4; Little Women 4; Basketball 3,4; Football 2,3,4. Garnet Arlene Wilkey "Nothing is impossible to a willing mind." Librarian 4; Home Ec. Club 1,2, 3,4; Reporter Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 2,3,4; Spring Concert 2, 3,4; Senior Play 4. -16-LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Class of '46 of El Paso Township High School, being of sound(?)mind and disposing memory, do hereby make, declare, and publish this, our Last Will and Testament,hereby revoking all former wills, bequests, and devises of whatever nature by us made. We do hereby will and bequeath to the Faculty our sincere gratitude and appreciation for their help in the past four years To the Class of ’47 we do hereby will and bequeath anything that will come in handy, some of which being the followingi We, Bob Schramm and Betty Altum, leave our ability to break each others necks on the dance floor to Leon Fblkers and Marilyn Pfleeger I, Mildred Webb, leave my shyness to Lel nd Morgan who certainly could use some I, Bill Nohren, leave my ability to be a leader aonong the boys to Kaywin Burroughs I, Bill Poorbaugh, leave my basketball honors to the future ETHS center, Francis Haas I, Ruthie Stotler, leave my ability to go steady with one boy for four years to Ruth Blackwell who's get a good start We, Bill Burroughs and Lloyd Raber, leave our quiet ways to Dick George and Don Coyle who are already beloved by their teaohers I, Joan Roth, leave my hours in the darkroom to Squirt Pfister and Johnnie Eastman who can use them well I, Bill Davis, leave my "flirting ways" to Allen Sohertz. I, Byron Donee, leave my ability to get out of classes to run errands for teachers to anyone who has the oar We, Pauline Berg and Joyce Shaffer, leave—happy in the thought that no more will we have to sleep in history olass after being out late the night before I, Ethel Major, leave my ability to have the prospect of marriage before me in my senior year to anyone who can get a man. I, Jerry MaWi Iliads, leave still moaning over my women troubles 1, L«ris Wessel, leave—knewing the school will be less breezy without me 1, Kenneth Wessel, leave my ability to make all the girls swoon to Jack Wilson We, Kenneth Hany and Bud Volt, leave our fun in Bloomington to anyone who can get there I, Rachel Wagner leave not having much to lay I, Ruth Taylor, leave my faithful band attendance to Donna Epps I, Vera Soott, leave my flashing green eyes to Walter Nyberg, maybe he can use them I, Margaret Engel, leave my ability to be able to answer questions immediately in history olass to Violet Wilkey I, Virginia Hayse, leave my carefree, happy go-luoky ways to Joan Wollenschiager 1, Delora North, leave my popularity to anyone who wants a lot of work to do I, Shirley uiram, leave the ft-eshmen boys to their own classmates I, LeRoy Wessel, leave my football drive to all the future ETHS players and hope they are as successful as we were I, "Butch" Bailey, leave to go to work rn the "Advertiser", the love of my life I, Evelyn Bridges, leave all my boy friends on second thought, maybe just part of them---to Betty Jurgens I, Bernard Oltman, leave Arlene to Dale Letsinger 1, Clifford Knoll, leave my love for the skating rink to Don Koch. I, Gene Schertz, leave my FFA presidency to anyone who wants it. I, Janet Ruth Pinkham, leave my love fer anything athletic to Eleanor Fenton who's just crazy about gym We, Arlene Wilkey, Edna Mai com, and Marjorie MoDonell , leave our constant companionship to Beverly Vincent, Gerry Benedict, and Peggy Letsinger I, Barbara Cryer, leave my "wolfing" ability(t) to Margaret Pinkham who really doesn't need it Witnessed by , n 1‘ioh 1 JtCL. ( WCA. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-fourth day of May A. D. 1946’ £• (Sealed) -17-Joyf oyT u i juNiors ' Through the cooperation and willingness of each member, the class of '47 Is continuing their successful high school career, We began the year with a weiner roast and barn dance at the Wadsworth farm. This was followed by weeks of hard work on the Junior Play—"Ever Since Eve". In February, the class enjoyed a Valentine's Party. And to climax the year was the Prom on May 10th. We are looking forward to our senior year with the same initiative, spirit, and good fellowship we have had in the past. Sponsor............Mrs. Douglas President..........John Eastman V. President....Gerry Benedict Sec.-Treas...J. Wollenschlager Student Council......M. Plnkham L. Morgan 1st Row: R. Weber, R. Berg, B. Remmert, L. Folkers, F. Jones, K. Burroughs, L. Morgan, J. Hany, C. Cox, W. Nyberg. 2nd Row: MI33 Cloney, Mrs. Douglas, D. Wadsworth, D. Epps, B. Jurgens, A. Walters, A. Hartwig, J. Eichelberger, G. Benedict, J. Eastman, J. Wollenschlager, D. Punke, D. Armstrong, L. Poorbaugh. 3rd Row: Mr. Reckling, J. Everett, J. Lawyer, V. Steckman, M. Kingdon, E. Fenton, M. Bigger, D. Newkirk, J. Pierce, B. Lindsay, p. Letslnger, M. Plnkham, R. Garrels, V. Hall. 4th Row: A. Wohlfiel, B. Wessel, I. Woefle, B. Barnett, M. Pfleeger, G. Eft, J. Powell, A. Schertz, H. Pinkham, G. Heller, B. Fouts, G. Wilkey, L. Pflster, B« Vincent. THOSE NOT IN THE PICTURE: E. Longman, J. Wilson, J. Harvey, D. Letslnger, R. Dehority. -19-Yes, solemn Sophomores ----- yet displaying such a lively interest in all phases of school life! Fifty-two students enrolled a3 sophomores in September, hut our class group now numbers 48. Evelyn Lock, Darwin Punke, Mary McDonald, and Charles McDonald did not finish the year with their class at E.T.H.S. Marked by scores of boys who have gained experience and who show great promise in the field of sports, and girls and boys outstanding in their initial efforts in dramatics and music,—this class reflects on a bright and pleasant past, and looks forward to a brilliant future in their next two years at E.T.H.S. Miss McCue, Miss Miles, and Mr. Traylor served as capable advisers during the year. They and the class officers Dick George (President) ;George Jurgens (Vice-President); Don Koch (Secretary-Treasurer) ; Ken Faulk (Student Council Member); and 3ob Dixon (Reporter) planned three social affairs for us—a skating party, a school party, and a picnic. These Sophomores operated smoothly as a unit, and eagerly backed the numerous projects sponsored by the school during the year.The class is proud of the successful year just completed and looks forward to greater success and richer rewards next year. 1st Row: J. Engel, C. McDonald, D. Oltraan, H. Hayse, P. Hynes, M. Pinkham, V. Haas, R. Hartman, L. Crawford, L. Fouts. 2nd Row: Miss Miles, V. Steffen, P. Krug, G. Hinthorn, ?. Sutton, D. 'iVilkey, R. Blackwell, D. Koch, D. George, B. Jurgens, B. Dixon, M. Diers, Miss McCue. 3rd Row: R. Rippel, M. Sparks, M. Eichelberger, M. Turnipseed, M. Harris, B. Todd,N. Blackmore, E. Lock, M. McDonald, D. Sutton, H. Peters, C. Cryer, R. Garrels, J. '7ing3tern, P. Vessel. 4th Row: Beachey, V. VVilkey, R. Lyons, D. Punke, B. Punke, D. Jones, M. Franke, Mr. Traylor, S. Strouse, D. Toole, 0. Hocker, G. Burroughs, D. Coyle. -20-Faithful Fresh men As the bell rang on the first day of school last fall forty-two freshman walked boldly to their classrooms. As Initiation day drew nearer a few of the class began to wonder If they were so bold. When Initiation day came It wasn't so bad as the upper-classmen had them believing and everyone survived. Last fall they held their first party. Everyone jumped on the hayracks and away they rode to Velda Qulram's for a wiener roast. Although It was a little on the cold side, everyone had a swell time. This spring they had a-nother party at the high school at which they played games and danced. During the year some of the girls took part In the Chorus and clubs, and some of the boys participated In sports, band and Dramatics Club. This first year meant a lot to the freshman. It meant making new friends, going to all the games and enjoying all the events of high school days. President.............. Vice President.......... Sec.-Trea. ...... Student Council. . . . Sponsor..............Mr. 1st Row: P. Haas, V. Martin, 0. Wilson, J. Klrkton, B. Harroun, A. Segger- man, D. Rinkonberger, R Aldrich. 2nd Row: Mr. Htnderson, R. Klngdon, P. King, B, Hicks, J. Gibbons, Mr Clag- gett, B. Fultz, S. Smith, V. Scott, A. Newkirk,M. Gauger, Miss Grandy 3rd Row: J. Turner, D. Hlnthome, M. Sutton, M. Cox, D. Kemp, G. Crawford, E. Stortz, B. Bailey, V. Qulram, E. McClure, M. Kearfott. 4th Row: R. Boston, M. George, C. Steffen, J. Stitt, B. Eennett, G. North, D. Gelselman, R. Pinkham, E. Hall, R. Duncan, M. Robinson. -21-RTHLETICS1st Row: F. Pouts, W. Nyberg, J. Kirkton, J. Gibbons, 0. Hooker, L. Pouts 2nd Row; L. Wessel, LeRoy Wessel, J. McWilliams, B. Davis, B. Oltman, L. Morgan, K. Wessel, B. Poorbaugh. 3rd Row: J, Wilson, K. Burroughs, B. Bennett, G. Schertz, B. Nohren, ?. Donze, G. Wilkey, D. George7 Mr. Secord. 4th Row: V. Haas, J. Harvey, C. Cox, E. Hall, B. Dixon, D. Koch, D. Toole, A. Schertz, R. Hartman. Football At the beginning of the season, thirty-four boys reported to Coach Bowers for football practice. Six of them were lettermen from last year. The first game was held at LeRoy in a heavy downpour. As a result, the game ended in a 0-0 tie. El Paso won its first victory from Grldley by a score of 26-7 in the second game of the season. Farmer City, our next opponent, was unable to stop the Comets as they ran up a score of 44-0. In this game the second team scored the only safety of the season. El Paso defeated a heavier Chenoa team 13-6. This was the last game played by the Comets under Coach Bowers, who resigned his position at El Paso to go into business. Mr. Secord was released from the Navy in time to take over the coaching position. The team owes a great deal to both of these fine coaches. Chillicothe handed El Paso its only defeat of the season by a score of 18-13, even though Chillicothe was out gained by the Comets. In the annual Homecoming game El Paso trounced Washington 18-6, providing a worthy climax to a highly successful Homecoming. Lexington's five game winning streak was broken by the hard-hitting Comets as they smashed to a 19-6 win over the Minutemen. Ttie climax of the season was the defeat of Eureka 40-6. This was a great victory over our old rivals. El Paso 0 LeRoy 0 El Paso 26 Gridley 7 El Paso Opp El Paso 44 Farmer City 0 Total Points "173 -ttr El Paso 13 Chenoa 6 Plrst Downs 102 38 El Paso 13 Chillicothe 18 Total Yardage 2424 937 El Paso 18 Washington 6 El Paso 19 Lexington 6 El Paso 40 Eureka 6 -24-A CORCH- A K VJEttei fl. PooR8m»C,H S.DftVlS UWE.SSEI A A A C,.W1LVE' Xr't0 WILLIhms L-HoRG,HN 8.0U WUVBASKETBALL 1st Rowi L. Raber, B. Nohren, B. Poorbaugh, K. Weasel, B. Burroughs 2nd Rowi Mr. Seoord, K. Burroughs, L. Morgan, L. Weasel, D. Letsinger, B. Donze, J. Wilson 3rd Row D• Coyle, G. Hall, B. Dixon, D. Toole, B. Bennett, G. North, G. Burroughs, R.Dehority FLASHBACK OP 1945-46 The El Paso boys had a great year in Basketball through out the scheduled games, winning 21 of 26 games. The Comets played excellent ball against Metamora to win the WOODFORD COUNTY TOURNAMENT as they had done in 1944-45. El Paso and Metamora tied for first in the PRAIRIE CONFERENCE, each winning 10 and losing 2. In the REGIONAL TOURNAMENT the El Paso COMETS got knocked off by Lexington, a team that the El Paso boys had twice beaten before. Coaoh Jack Secord replaced Vincennes Bowers during the football season. Coach Secord came through with a winning team, consisting of five Seniorsi Bill Nohren, Bill Poorbaugh, Bill Burroughs, Kenneth Wessel, and Lloyd Baber. Two other Seniors and two Juniorsi Byron Donze, Lewis Wessel, Eddie Martin, and Kaywin Burroughs, played a lot of basketball on the first team and helped win many tough games There are several experienced underclassmen who will be baok for sport and next year's basketball season. BASKETBALL HISTORY OF 1945-46 El Paso—45. •• .Lexington—21 El Paso--59...•Chenoa- -34 El Paso—41....U. High----45 El Paso—36.••.Metamora-—40 El Paso—44....Chenoa-----18 El Paso—41... .(Dridl ey——34 El Paso—43....Washington-32 El Paso—41. •• .Washburn 30 WOODFORD COUNTY TOURNAMENT El Paso—66 •• .Low Point—34 El Paso—31....Washburn—28 El Paso—38....Metamora--32 Si Paso—36....Roanoke---?9 El Paso—47. •• .Alumni-—--43 El Paso—32. •• .Metamora-—33 El Paso—37. •• .Benson——35 El Paso—60. • • .Minonk—-39 El Paso—66. •• .Eureka——22 El Paso—67... .Lexington--39 HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT El Paso—44.. • .Maokinaw——36 El Paso—27. •• .Washington—29 El Paso— 34. •• .Roanoke——27 El Paso—35. .. .Gridley-32 El Paso—38.•• .Eureka---—27 El Paso—36. •• .Minonk——30 El Paso—37... .Washington—36 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT El Paso—28....Lexington—37 All Season Sooringi El Paso—1099. •• .Opponents—832 Individual Sooringi Bill Poorbaugh—266, Bill Nohren—254, Lloyd Baber—162, Bill Burroughs-158, Kenneth Wessel—117 -26-9 ‘ 1 'h Jljif K-WESSel 0 flU(?ROyc,HS 0 NOHREW L.fjRflER 8. Poo(?SnoG,H I f A d n . d% d 9 w , KfloRKOuC HS D.L.eT IHCief L Utsstu b OON Z EBASEBALL 1st Row: L. Weasel, J. McWilliams, B. Nohren, B. Donze, L. Raber, D. Toole. 2nd Row: Mr. Secord, D. Letsinger, L. Morgan, B. Eennett, S. Strouse, R. Gar-rels. 3rd Row: D. Oltman, D. Koch, J. Wilson, K. Burroughs, R. Dehority, P. Wessel. BASEEALL The 1946 Baseball season began with only two lettermen back from last year's varsity which, during a shortened rainy season, found the COMETS winning 5 games while losing 2. Bill Nohren at short stop and Byron Donze, pitcher, were the only regulars to answer the call when baseball began March 18. Competition against such teams as Bloomington High, U. High, Lexington, Eureka, and other strong teams will attract many of the promising underclassmen who will form El Paso's baseball teams of the future. Experienced men back included: B. Nohren, B. Donze, J. McWilliams, LeRoy Wessel, L. Raber, D. Toole, D. Koch, B. Oltman, R. Garrels, S. Strouse, J. Harvey. P. Wessel, E. Heller. B. Dixon, W. Nyberg, C. Cox, J. Eastman, and D. Letsinger. Baseball, as a national pastime, proved very popular with the El Paso boys last year and is becoming a fixture at El Paso High as a full-time season sport. -28-S miAIJLlbHOMECOMING Bonfire and pep meeting Thursday night—Making floats for parade--Wonderful day Friday—Big parade at 2:00--Another pep meeting on post office lawn—Game with Washington High at 7:30—VTe are victorious 18-6—lance to music of Ossie Osborne in gym--Theme is "Welcome Home"—Homecoming big success Ii!First came football, and cheering our team on to victory through rain and cold.—Pep meetings and more pep meetings and lots of school spirit------Then Basketball and more cheers and yells--some new ones and a lot of old ones---ex- citing overtime games and tournaments and conference games. Wherever the team went the cheerleaders went too. Lots of fun but lots of work too. That's cheerleadingt Margaret Pinkham, Marilyn George, Jean Cryer, and Delora North. CHEERLEADING 1st Row: J. Harvey, B. Nohren, K. Wessel, B. Poorbaugh, B. Burroughs, B. Donze, J. McWilliams. 2nd Row: F. Fouts, G. Wilkey, D. Toole, L. Raber, K. Burroughs, Mr. Secord. 3rd Row: B. Bennett, Lewis Wessel, B. Davis, J. Wilson, L. Morgan, LeRoy Wessel “E” CLUB In the fall of '45 a group of Comet lettermen reorganized the E Club. With Mr. Bowers as sponsor, the following officers were elected: Byron Donze, president; Bill Nohren, vice-president; Bill Davis, secretary-treasurer; and Kenneth Wessel as reporter. When Mr. Bowers resigned as coach, a dinner was given for him and his wife at the Arbor Cafe. The group retired to the Recreation Center where a plaque was presented to Mr. Bowers from the E Club and the rest of the boys he coached. Mr. Secord successfully took over the reigns as advisor and promoted the noon hour basketball program. Medals were presented to the winning team. This was the method of fulfilling the aim of the E Club, which was to give the boys not competing for the athletic teams against other high schools the chance to show and develop abilities. Funds for these activities were raised by club dues and the sale of pins and pencils. -31-ANNUAL STAFF 1st Row: B. Altum, B. Schram, B. Donze, J. Roth, J. McWilliams, B. Cryer, B, Nohren 2nd Row: J. Shaffer, D. North, R. Stotler 3rd Row: E. Major, E. Malcom, R. Taylor, M. Webb, K. Hany, B. Davis, B. Volz, P. Berg, V. Hayse, L. Raber, Mrs. Harris ANNUAL STAFF It was a busy band of "Cometeer Staff" workers rushing around to get their la3t minute work done. Let's look In on one of their meetings that Editor Ethel Major has called. Assistant Editor Byron Donze Is sitting nervously In the corner, afraid of the work Ethel will send his way. Business manager, Pauline Berg gives a report on the financial situation and informs Joyce Shaffer, advertising head, to keep up her selling lingol Joan Roth Is taking care of the subscriptions for the annual and Is very ably handling the money. Photography Is being taken care of by Bob Schramm, who doesn't mind at all collecting those pictures. Over In another huddle are Bill Davis and Lloyd Raber thrashing out the proper English to be used for the sports angle. Some new creations are being shown by the artists, Barbara Cryer and Mildred Webb. Oh'. Oh'. There goes Pauline giving more work to her assistants, Ruth Stotler, Jerry McWilliams, Bill Nohren, Walton Volz, Kenneth Hany, and Delora North. As we journey on to the next room, whom do we find but Betty Altum, Ruth Taylor, Virginia Hayse, and Edna Malcom pecking away at the typewriters. Fine cooperation was organized by the capable leadership of Ethel and Mrs. Harris. -3Z-Seated: V. Hayse, R. Taylor, E. Malcon, S. 'iulram. Standing: W. Volz, J. Shaffer, M. McDonell, C. Knoll, P. Berg, A. Wllkey, K. Weasel, V. Scott, Miss McCue. E. T. H. S. REPORTER STAFF The scene is Marjorie's and Delora's paper staff every other week: "Don't forget the paper cones out Thursday!" Everyone works like mad—As Betty and Joyce snoop here and there getting all the latest news and gossip and a joke they hope nobody has heard, Lewis and Arlene, do this and that, just things nobody else will do. Ethel and Vera work feverishly on the reporter column while Evelyn and Pauline go to work on the feature article. Star Reporters, Byron and Kenneth, tear their hair getting the sports ready as Mildred and Virginia cut stencils. Now for the hard part—typing stencils. The two Ruths, Joan and Edna type like mad, dabbing corrector fluid here and there on the stencils, a3 the errors fall. Then Walton, Clifford, Kenneth Hanv, and Bob start running then off, slip sheeting till it's done. Finally Thursday arrives and the paper's done once again. Donald and Shirley mall the exchange copies. Finally It's through and the staff settles down for awhile. And what are Delora and Marjorie doing all this time! —Oh nothing, they're Just the editors. 1st Row; D. North, J. Roth, R. Stotler 2nd Row: B. Altum, M. Webb, Miss McCue. 3rd Row: B. Donze, K. Hany, B. Schramm, L. Wessel, E. Major, D. Bailey. -33-JUNIOR PLAY Standing: Franklin Jones, Dale Letslnger, Bill Fouts, Jack Harvey, Margaret Plnkham, Leland Morgan, Betty Jurgens, Eleanor Fenton, Allen Schertz, Lucile Pflster. Seated: Jack Wilson, Joe Hany, Kaywln Burroughs, Gerry Benedict, John Eastman JUNIOR PLAY On November 15 and 16 the Junior Class under the direction of Mrs. Douglas, presented the three-act comedy, "Ever Since Eve." This amusing and entertaining play was very well received by Its large audience. Johnnie Clover, played by John Eastman, found editing a school paper oan get you Into plenty of trouble especially when a girl like Susan Blake, played by Gerry Benedict, forces her way Into being assistant editor. Eleanor Fenton and Allen Schertz gave excellent performances as Johnnie's parents as well as Kaywln Burroughs and Lucile Pflster as Spud and Betsy Erwin who brought forth many laughs with their mischievlous pranks. Other members of the cast were: Mar- tha Willard, a teacher of Journalism, played by Margaret Plnkham; Henry Quinn, the young high school principal played by Leland Morgan; Cap-py Simmons, the local police officer played by Bill Fouts; Lucybelle Lee, the southern belle, played by Betty Jurgens; Preston Hughes, the school athlete, played by Jack Harvey; and the football players played by Jack Wilson, Dale Letslnger, Franklin Jones, and Joe Hany. -34-SENIOR PLAY 1st Row: D. North, B. Cryer. 2nd Row: A. Wilkey, E. Malcom, V. Hayse, J. Shaffer, P. Berg, J. Roth. 3rd Row; M. McDonell, B. Altum, B. Schramm, R. Stotler, K. Vessel, B. Poorbaugh L. Weasel, B. Nohren, Mrs. Douglas, B. Donze. "SENIOR PLAY" Roars of laughter rang from the E.T.H.S. Auditorium on April 25 and 26 as the Seniors of '46 presented "Strictly Formal", a three act comedy. With the Senior Dance only eleven days away, Jane and Sally still hadn't dates--George and Jim not having said a word. But that was only the beginning for Sally's house guest, Varela, hooked one man after another right out from under their very noses. Everybody, that is, except Elroy, who was always practicing the shot-put, but wasn't as dumb as everybody thought. Then Cindy arrived with horn, bag, bow and self. She was a movie fan and ready to solve any problem on the basis of how Ginger Rogers landed Fred Astaire. One scrape after another followed and so It went, keeping everyone In stitches, until the play was over. Thus did the Senior Class present one of the most successful and funniest plays In years. THE CAST in | III i, JANE,who hasn't a date for the dance SALLY,her best friend................ AGNES,the maid of all work.......... ANDREW CUTLER,Jane's father.......... NETTIE CUTLER,her mother............ MR. AHERN,a neighbor................ JIM,Sally's boy-friend.............. ROSE TILTON,who gets the mumps. . . MRS. TILTON,her mother.............. JOSIE TILTON,her kid sister.......... ELROY,who likes to put the shot. . . GEORGE,whom Jane Is sweet on. . . . MARCIA,a triple-threat from New York CINDY COLLINS,a girl with Ideas. . . MARILYN,who Is after Elroy.......... LT. BOB CUNNINGHAM,of the Air Force. . Barbara Cryer . Delora North Edna Mae Malcom . .Bill Nohren .Virginia Hayse . .Lewis Wessel . . Bob Schramm . . . Joan Roth . . Betty Altum .Arlene Wilkey Bill Poorbaugh . . Byron Donze . Joyce Shaffer . Pauline Berg . .Ruth Stotler Ken Wessel -35-1st Row: D. North, Lewis Ytessel, P. Berg, B. Donze 2nd Row: B. Cryer, G. Benedict, B. Schramm, P. King, Mrs. Douglas, L. Pflster “LITTLE WOMEN” The Dramatics Club presented "Little Women" February 7, before a good audience. Ihe money was used to help buy new sets for future plays. Each class was represented In the cast which Included the following: Pat King, Lewis V.essel, Barbara Cryer, Byron Donze, Delora North, John Eastman, Pauline Berg, Lucile Pflster, C-erry Benedict, and Bob Schramm. This gives the underclassmen some valuable acting experience also. 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: L. Fblkers, M. Klngdon, E. Bridges, M. McDonell, L. Vessel, J. Eastman, B. Donze, D. George, B. Bennett, B. Nohren, B. Poorbaugh. 0. Hocker, E. Maicom, L. Poorbaugh, R. Stotler, J. Roth, M. Plnkham, G. Benedict, B. Cryer, Mrs. Douglas, D. Punke, D. Newkirk, J. Wollen-schlager, J. Cryer, G. Crawford, L. Crawford. J. Everett, K. Burroughs, D. Wadsworth, B. Jurgens, S. Quiram, V. Scott, A. Walters, B. Todd, M. Dlers, D. North, D. Epps, B. Lindsey, M. Bigger, M. Pfleeger, E. Fenton, J. Pierce, P. Letslnger, L. Pflster M. Sparks, P. Krug, J. Shaffer, W. Volz, B. Schramm, K. Hany, B. Altum, K. Vessel, P. Berg, R. Garrels, R. Wagner, P. King, L. Morgan, B. Ftouts, B. Vincent. “LA MASCARA” The name La Mascara was carried over from the Dramatics blub of last year, and a new system of entertainment was provided for each meeting. Two members of the club were designated by the President of the club, Barbara Cryer at each meeting to produce a play for the future. Other officers were; Gerry Benedict, Vice-President, and Margaret Plnkham, Secretary-Treasurer . "Little Women" was presented by the club February 7, before a large audience. The value of the play was double In that It helped raise money for the new sets for future plays, and provided valuable acting experience. -36-GIRLS CHORUS 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: D Epps • WH ey, McDonell, E. Major, H. Paters, J. Pierce, P. Ber«P J Cryor, P. Krug, M. Klngdon, D. Wadsworth, L. Poorbaugh. V. Turnipseed, J. Roth, D. North, V. Scott, S. Qulraai, R. Stotlwr, b! Cryer, M. Sparks, M. Bigger, J. Shaffer, J. Wollenschlagar, B. Vincent, R. Klngdon. P. Letsinger, Mr. Traylor, M. Diers, M. Webb, R. Taylor, E. Walcom, M. Harris, V. Quiram, B. Fenton, G. Crawford, M. Pinkham, V. Wilkey, D. Newkirk, G. Benedict, M. Pfleeger. D. Armstrong, J. Everett, J. Eichelberger, B. Wessel, I. Woefle, A. Wohlefeil, B. Hicks, R. Wagner, A. Hsrtwig, F. Klngdon, B. Todd, B. Jurgen, B. Lindsay, J. Sutton, M. George. BOYS CHORUS 1st Row: C. Cox, W. Nyberg, B. Vincent, L. Wessel, K. Wessel. 2nd Row: F. Jones, Mr. Traylor, D. Koch, S. Strouse, B. Donze, 0. Wilson. 3rd Row: T. Enright, J. Hany, B. Fouts, D. Letsinger, C. Knoll, G. Wilkey. -37-MIXED CHORUS 1st Row: M. George, G. Benedict, E. Malcom, R. Taylor, M. Bigger, M. Pinkham, P. Letslnger, J. Sutton. 2nd Row: C. Knoll, D. North, P. Krug, M. Pfleeger, L. Poorbaugh, M. Dlera, 0. Crawford, B. Cryer, T. Enright, B. Fouta, 0. Wilson. 3rd Row: J. Roth, J. Everetts, E. Fenton, S. Qulram, J. Cryer, R. Stotler, B. Vincent, M. Sparks, F. Jones, Mr. Traylor. 4th Row: D. Koch, B. Donze, C. Cox, S. Strouse, K. Weasel, L. Wessel, D. Let-singer, W. Nyberg, G. Wllkey, J. Hany. 1st Row: M. Dlers, D. Epps, R. Bodger, B. Hicks, D. Wllkey, R. Taylor, J. Cryer, J. Barrett, P. Letslnger, B. Volz, K. Wessel, J. Shaffer, L. Pflster, M. Pfleeger. 2nd Row: J. Everett, B. Schramm, 0. Wilson, M. Strouse, M. Turnlpseed, P. Berg, L. Folkers, D. Bailey, L. Wessel, S. Strouse, J. Klrkton, Mr. Traylor, A. Fenton, P. Vincent, E. Gottle, M. Kurth, T. Coyle, L. Baity. -38-1st Row: p. King, E. kalcora, Vera Scott, S. 2uiram, R. Taylor, J. Pinkham, V. Scott 2nd Row: kiss kiles, F. Hinthorne, D. V ilkey, H. Peters, F. Kingdon, A. Wilkey, k. kcDonell, J. Sutton 3rd Row: E. kcClure, R. Kingdon, C. Steffen, V. «uiran, V. Steffen, A. Newkirk, P. Krug, 3. Altum, k. Harris, R. Blackwell FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Home Economics Club is now a National organization and is known as The Future Homemakers of America. Our motto is "Toward New Horizons", The symbol for our club pins is a house resting on two hands which signifies that the hone of tomorrow rests in the hands of youth. Only girls having two years of Horae Economics can wear a guard to the pin. To raise funds for our club we sold cook books. A gold club pin was awarded to Ruth Blackwell for selling the most cook books. The Club planned to have two meetings a month, one in a member’s home and the other at the school. The officers chosen for 19A5 and 46 were as follows: Vera Steffen, President; Doris .Yilkey, Vice iresident; karjorie kcDonell, Secretary-Treasurer; Phyllis Krug, Pianist, and Jane Sutton, assistant pianist. 1st Row: C. Knoll, '.f. Nyberg, G. Schertz, 3. Dixon, B. Oltman, kr. Henderson 2nd Row: G. North, D. Koch, R. Berg, J. Powell, G. Hall, V. Haas, B. Reraraert 3rd Row: R. Hartman, D. Punke, D. Jones, R. Punke, B. Jurgens, R. Duncan, F. Haas FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The F.F. i. began the year with kr. Henderson, the new agriculture teacher, as their advisor. The officers were elected as follows: President, Gene Schertz; Vice-President, Bob Dixon; secretary, Bernard Gltman; Treasurer, Earl Longman; Reporter, Walter Nyberg. Regular meetings are held twice a month, once in the evening and once during school time. The National F.F.k. Chapter ’Winners, Chenoa, conducted one meeting for us. ’.7e have also played basketball and softball earning money and participating in judging contests both of which we have done very well, having earned 3$0 through seed sales, picking up corn and selling candy, and winning first place in the sectional grain and poultry judging contest. We hope to do as well in the fact stock and dairy contest to be held in June. All and all it has been a successful year for kr. Henderson and his boys. -39-Seated: Luclle Pflster, Lola Poorbaugh, Marjorie McDonell, Gerry Benedict. Standing: Mrs. Harris (Miss Salmon), Arlene Wllkey, Marjorie Klngdon, Pauline Berg, Beverly Vincent. 1st Row: M. Sparks, R. Taylor, M. Webb, B. Todd, D. Sutton, R. Rippel, M.Beachey 2nd Row: Miss Grandy, M. Bigger, E. Fenton, M. George, P. Letsinger, M. Sutton, M. Kearfott, V. Wllkey 3rd Row: S. Qulram, V. Scott, R. Wagner, M. Dlers, E. Stortz, B.Hicks, J. Cryer JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross was organized with Miss Grandy acting as chairman . This group consisted of volunteer workers who met twice a month. The following projects were completed during the year: Twenty puzzles were con- structed for the entertainment of servicemen, birthday favors and slippers were made for those In the hospitals, and Easter and Mother's Day cards were sent to hospitals to make It possible for servicemen to mall them on these occasions. Boxes filled with scarce Items were sent to children In wartorn countries. -40May 24, 1946 Dear Diary, Tonight, the Senior Class of 46 walked down the aisle of the El Paso Township High School Auditorium for the last time as members of this great school. Probably there weren’t any of us who didn’t stop to remember some of the things that have happened in the last four years. Friends, Initiation, parties, vacations, prom, school paper, games, year book, D A R award for Delcra Nortl% Bacculaureate, and finally graduation night with bright lights, diplomas, and congratulations from friends and relatives. Its’ all over now and the purple and gold tassle from my cap and my diploma are safely tucked away. I am sure that all the other members of our class are sad at having to leave this fine school, but we’ll be back to visit it some day. I, along with all the other of my class wish all who follow in our footsteps as pleasant and enjoyable a time as we have experienced In the halls of good old E.T.H.S. Ethel Major ’46Congratulations TO TOE cm si crnu Poster Hybrid Corn Co. E R?So, I -45- WEST’S yg| bakery v 2 Home Owned Operated EL PASO ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of'46 Xe. £ . OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN SURGEON SCHRAMM’S SHOE SHOP FOUR DOORS WEST OF THEATER EL PASO ILLINOIS E. E Wendla 1 EL PASO, 1LL. -i PHONE3 A. y- '' Tl . 0XaJH?Ui. m CUU As COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 46 EL PASO GREENHOUSES PAT DALEY'S BARBER SHOP EL PASO ILLINOIS BAILEY PRINTING CO. “the advertiser' EL PASO ILLINOIS IVAN H SNOW INSURANCE AGEN CY PHONE 39 EL PASO, ILL -46-VOLZ SERVICE STATION hOBILE' RS FOLTZ HOTOR CO. MOBIL E'OILS TIKES m®£R7TERIES Ford Sales And Servi ce El Paso Elevator Co. n P4SO--fof a - -fnr.gA t- PWi -47-FEENEY LOANS ON REAL ESTATE SERVICE STATION EL PASO BUILDING AND SHELL OIL AND GREASE LOAN ASSOCIATION DIRECTORS FRANCIS FEENEY JOHN L. BLACKMORE, PRES. L.K. EVANS, VICE PRES. OPERATOR MAX SMITH, SEC TREAS. JOHN J. MCGUIRE EAST FRONT STREET IRA BILBERY LINDSEY'S ROYG. ZEHR MEAT MARKET AND AND DONZE'S SON GROCERIES OLIVER FARM MACHINERY FEATURING QUALITY MEATS HARDWARE AND FINE FOODS AND PHONE 270 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES EL PASO, ILLINOIS -48-Andrew's Cleaning ARBOR S EKVICE ■pKo-sxe $1 EL ASO.ILL Plote Lunches 4 sic Short Orders fRanke PRODUCE Poultry t Phone S? EL Paso.IlL. Illinois Valley Xce Cream Bill H'-Hugh, nop„etor El Paso, Illinois A- C. V Baker baker Attorneys at LiU EL Paso Nat. B a nK Balding Dentist Rorate w.'BilStr FveA B BAer Of-f! ce Located Over The F i rst Ndttonal Ba jP ‘T l)one. £30 El Paso, I U no is Ruth's beauty S pe«. V xes SALON PAAC.VUNE PEPMf NENTS O per vtoYS n.ss tttfcry nrvB, K Vver -49-El Paso Implement Co. MIK GRILL platTIjmhes ICE CR SOFT DRINKS Rest of INTERSECTION Route. Arthur A. Norf h f If l ne Of Insurance f irm loans — ) Estate Whe hext »« jou need Insurance calf us. n,n t3 06 IE Toso.ZII. Letcher Bros. Gara e ELVASO, -50-GAMBLE S70RE LOUIE H ER’ iji ' 5 Sad UajJuui TO CLRSS of Owned RNO operated 0,1 st t. ton. Than 3 I Intersection Of. Routes S' JL i QtZ Zxnju+Lt) ua ftmu -51- L Tiler (srCsOrQe.'S ROC£ffj t$ AM 0 3wv Sir LA 5 yc Ui Vl 41" fi ? r A T T 1 s NOWf — L h ON C 1 yrecY ; so, 7 . ?I| WD S C on raiuLatirons And Best Wishes Q PmO Th£ATiRE tkRQLlD 3C fkimtEroR -52-Qt kct find Locker Servo ce phone. H00 THE WOODFORD CO. NATIONAL BANK tL mso fylcn§crasnXy 'As Q (phiiZa cj rtf gtls7t£ jjimt) CTT,LtS FLus IhlivdeJ Tkofrti ' „ ' « I r DtrfOS Ts 00,060. Member Fetjergl JDeposiT li)s. C orp Mefl er federal Reserve JjS. BURTON BAITY Indent ?A.UL F. TAN5SEM (jr o dents e (Uvl -53-KENT LUMBER Sc HORNSBY'S 5 t TO $1.00 STORE EL PASO ILLINOIS COAL CO. EL PASO ILLINOIS F.G. BERTA Jeweler, Optician EL PASO ILLINOIS THELMA'S K S BEAUTY SHOPPE GROCERY MEAT FOR LOVELIER HAIR F!NE MISS CLAUD1NE VAN SCYOC FOOD MRS. THELMA TIFFANY 1 Phone 9 PHONE 24 W Wr Haas C o rn p imentS Plumbing electric Our ‘45 th oj service'’ Phone 13 EL Paso, III S A M’S TAVE R V -54-'OJRhybrid seed corn bagsSBDULDbearTHIS trade mark THE TRADE MARK that offers the TORS in hybrid corn; mSTER-ASSO. GROWERS INC, EL PASO ILL! IMOJS Ji e.rnber of Federal JJepos t Insurance C o rpo -a. fion. emier Of F e J e r 7?e Sebve fiember of III inois J3 hker s’ ? s s’n. leMr of Amer.fn J5 nk r )ssn. "gt US t® wu" -55-FINE GALES AND JOAN MANNING CANDIES Michels Drug store ROY KINNAMON INSURANCE OF ALL TYPES ty.CL. ' L £'l-C- A X«a 'BLr.311 an , M -56-COMPLIMENTS v gft — SRVOIES DRIRY G.OLD SERL MILK +C ?Eflrl J.W. SAMPEN C===% 5' ALL TYPES or HARDWARE EL PASO ILLINOIS PM.RITTEE6USCH PtRSCRIPTLONS FILLED fotwhim Service Burster Hea aia G K. t. CoyJo f «■ A.D. jp fa o r?£ 4 0 Bovs £f FASO, III. -57-ANDREWS BARBER SHOF BELOW THE BANK BLDG. GAYLE ANDREW£PROE ILLINOIS VALLEY COMPANY INSURANCE SERVICE PEAL ESTATE FARM LOANS EL PASO ILLINOIS DR. GORDON Cl HE I PL E DENTIST PHONE 339 THE EL PASO JOURNAL FOUNDED APRIL 5,1865 Compliments EL PASO BQTTLE Or A S to PUBLISHING PRINTING PHONE 10 EL PASO ILLINOIS A. E.MC REYNOLDS M. D. PHYSICIAN6SURGEON PHONE 24vasti sin rfjh 7% (fQ-Tispi tjLjes • oftiLzta dstze dscJL y , sltM QsO -.... ' 7% S. H. 'Xooye, T leph O VC, 3976-0 ART FOTO 5H0P 40 f 1.nv»ST U,i3T«M {$jfrrtUl) CsnJ? rvrvuAL r If W u Jjjm -59-FAREWELL School days com® and school days go, They'v® passed too swiftly as now we pause To say the farewell that we want you to know Is filled with sadness that parting must cause. We've worked together, laughed together, Many a day and many a week. We've been friends through all kinds of weather Our High School gives friendship to all who seek. Now at last, our four years past, And a future lies ahead. The Faculty has set the cast Of our pursuits, or so 'tis said. And so Farewell, to all Farewell, toe'!! miss you friends, oh very much. Dear Faculty you have been swell. And we'll miss you Just as much. E.L.M. -60-PATRONS OF 1946 COMETEER Richard P. Brines Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sutton Roland Dale Keehma Floyd Jones Bill Enright Cummings and Emmerson Junior Keehma W. C. Waterson Bill Kilpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Roy Klngdon Robert Nelson Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Burroughs Gwen McHugh Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Patton James Jerome Haas Mr. and Mrs. Harold Render Mrs. Ursula Stitt Mr. Claude North John Gauger, Jr. Mrs. Claude North Marie Burton Iva Dawson Virgil Sleezer Joe Crawford Robert Bodger Mrs. Elmer Holt Bob Wadsworth Mr. and Mrs. James Webb Mrs. Lyle R. Armstrong Mrs. C. E. Cryer Merv. Kemp Mr. and Mrs. Luther George Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burster Dwight Roth Jim Whitmer Mrs. Alpha Cleary Herman Larape Mr. and Mrs. Dick Holt H. E. Stockhausen Mrs. W. B. Carver Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dressier Mrs. Martha Malcom Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Springer Mr. and Mrs. John McDonell Mr. and Mrs. John Jones Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Taylor "Pappy" Shrlgley John Taylor Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Dressier Loren Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Maine Mrs. Zelpha Morgan Edna L. Dressier Father J. A. Dollard Mr. and Mr:. Paul Shumann Alberta Nohren Frank Rice Mrs. Beulah Keehma Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bayless Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wllkey Mrs. Roy Bell Mr. and Mrs. Ray Knoll Clifford Knoll Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stotler Mrs. R. L. BeshersAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS -64-

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