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k: lez fan Its te: far« tiS tcs kmSjhsL COMETEER PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF EL PASO TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL EL PASO. ILLINOIS. Claire Lyons..............................Editor Joan Cleary ..... Assistant Editor Margaret Fenton ... Business Manager M. McCue, V. Bowers .... AdvisersRoom for Another Esquire Ju t a Pair Old Abe Happy Norma “Male”????? Burlesque(DsdkaiLon, BILL ALTUM (Entered U. S. Army. January 10. 1945) We, the Senior Class of 1945, dedicate the annual to these four boys, in whose service stars is enkindled the flame of a hope for a better tomorrow, and as we do so, we make a humble resolution to pledge ourselves to that common end. KENNETH BURROUGHS (Entered U. 9. Army, July 11. 1944) 4 ROBERT FEVER (Entered U. S. Army, January 17, ln-»i t GEORGE WALTERS (Entered Army Air Corps, May 2. 1944) ThreeFREEDOM OF SPEECH...SCHOOLSixyou. alL hstnuumbuh..... MR. WALTER M. CLAGGETT who has again supervised El Paso High School through another successful year. Through his counsel and co-operation as an adviser to the Senior Class, he has made this year most enjoyable for us. For your guidance and services, with sincere gratitude, we thank you, Mr. Claggett! and dtii Qo-wohk M... Jhs oft Mr. W. M. Claggett, Mr. Harold Burroughs. Mr. William E. Burroughs (secretary). Dr. J. A. Owens (president). Mr. I»uis Wadsworth. Mr. Owen Schertz. Mr. John W. North. (Not in picture, Mr. K. A. I Rochelle. SevenMEET THE FACULTY... Q,Iou'vsl WlsL Jh AJL JsadWtA. Safosia— VINCENNES BOWERS KB PASO. ILLINOIS. Coach. Boys' P. E. I.S.N.U., B.Ed. HAROLD E. MAURER KL PASO. ILLINOIS. General Science. Chemistry, Physics, Aeronautics. Bluffton College, A.B. University of Illinois, M.S. FRANCES CLONEY DECATUR. ILLINOIS. Girls’ P.E., Biology. James Mllllkln University. A.B. MARGARET A. McCUE S PRING FI El Ay, ILLINOIS. Commerce Clarke College, A.B. WALTER M. CLAGGETT KL PASO. ILLINOIS. American History, Civics James Millikin University. A.B. University of Illinois. M.A. VIVIAN GIBBS SPAR LAND. ILLINOIS. Music, Algebra. Illinois Wesleyan U.. B.M. VIRGINIA MILES FARMER CITY. ILLINOIS. Home Economics University of Illinois, B.S.. M.S. EightMARY TERESA SALMON BLOOMINGTON. ILLINOIS. English I.S.N.U., B.Ed. HARRIET GRANDY PONTIAC. ILLINOIS. Latin. Mathematics. Illinois Wesleyan. A.B. University of Illinois. M.A. LYLE E. SNYDER DECATUR. ILLINOIS. Agriculture University of Illinois. B.S. Colorado State College (Resigned Jan. 1. 1945) MARIAN L. TENDICK (J R K EN FI ELD. ILLI N IS. English. Dramatics. Bradley, A.B. (Ylow U)sl 9njUwduaL — Nine MRS. IRENE STROUSE EL PASO. ILLINOIS. History I.S.N.U. Illinois Wesleyan U.t A.B. FAY H. ROOT EL PASO. ILLINOIS. Industrial Arts Beloit College Platteville State Teachers' College. B.Ed.PRESIDENT..................BILL TIPLER VICE-PRESIDENT.................JIM DAVIS SECRETARY-TREASURER - - JOHN EVERETT STUDENT COUNCIL - - MARGARET FENTON EVERETT QI TRAM ADVISER....................MR. BOWERS SENIORS... JajlqjcL and Jawl Many important happenings occurred in September, 1941. A new era in schooling began—the class of ’45 entered E.T.H.S. Under the capable leadership of Don Gordon we progressed in mighty strides toward achievement. The ordeal of initiation was passed successfully and we became full-fledged members of the “mystic body” of El Paso Township High School. During our Sophomore year we were welcomed by the upperclassmen and had a most enjoyable year, guided by our president, Bill Tipler. Our third year at E.T.H.S. was filled with activity. Bill Tipler again accepted the office of presidency. The Junior stand flourished at the football games. Then we produced, under the direction of Miss Tendick, “Early to Bed, Early to Rise.” Our inevitable Senior year arrived and Bill Tipler again filled the chief executive position. In the field of drama we showed the same ability that our class has always had, by staging the outstanding production, “A Little Honey.” So, as we leave El Paso Township High School, our remembrances will not be held in such temporary objects as pictures, autographs, and souvenirs, but rather in those precious memories of everlasting friendship that we share with the faculty and student body. TenBILL ALTUM DONA JANE AGNEW Often seen but seldom heard. Home Be. 2. SHIRLEY BURROUGHS She is a winsome wee thins:. Mixed Chorus 1.2,3; Dramatic Club 4: G.A.A. Biology Club 2.3; Annua) Staff 4; Music Contest 3; Girls' Chorus 1.2,3: Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4: Reporter Staff 4; "America for Me" 1. JAMES CORBITT I shall laugh myself to death. Mixed Chorus 2.3,4; Track 1.2, 3; Senior Play 4; Hoys’ Chorus 2.3.4; Basketball 1.3.4; Biology Club 2.3,4; Baseball 3.4; F.F.A. K-Club 4; Junior Play 3; "America for Me" 1: Football JIM DAVIS The man that blushes is not quite a brute. Basketball 3: Baseball 3,4: E-Club 4: Football; Class Officer 4. JOHN EVERETT I face life as a wise man would. Student Council 1.2: Paper Staff 4; Biology Club 2; Annual Staff 4: Reporter Staff 4; Victory Council 2; Class Officer 2.4. 1 know the discipline of war. Basketball 1.2: Biology Club 2; "America for Me" 1; Football 1,4. (Entered U. S. Army Jan. 10, 1945.) JOAN CLEARY A witty woman is a treasure. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Mixed Quartet 4; Dramatic Club 4; Pep Club 2; Senior Play 4: G. A.A. 1.2,3.4; Librarian 3.4; Annual Staff 4; Girls' Chorus 1.2. 3.4; Mixed Octet 2: Junior Play 3; Reporter Staff 1.2,4: Literary Contest 2.3,4; Girls' Quartette 2.3; "America for Me" 1; Victory Council 3: Cheerleader 3.4: Girls' Trio 4; Junior Girls’ Quartette 1. LOIS COYLE Her chuckles and her giggles are a part of her. Mixed Chorus 1.2; Music Contest 2; Dramatic Club 4: Senior Play 4; G.A.A. 2; Biology Club 2.3.4; Annual Staff 4; Girls’ Chorus 1,2; Reporter Staff 4; "America for Me" 1: Home Ec. 1.2. KITTIE LOU EASTMAN 'Tis good to live and learn. Dramatic Club 4: Senior Play 4: Band 1.2: Biology Club 2,3; Annual Staff 4: Girls Chorus 2: Literary Contest 3; Home Ec. 2; French Cluh, 1,2. MARGARET FENTON My true-love hath my heart, and have his. Mixed Chorus 2.3.4; Student Council 3,4; Reporter Staff 4; Senior Play 4; G.A.A.; Biology Club 2.3; Librarian 3: Annual Staff 4; Girls' ( horus; Junior Play 3; Literary Contest 3.4: "America for Me" 1: Victory Council 2; Class Officer 2. ElevenROBERT FEVER So dauntless in war. Boys' Chorus 2,8; Biology club 2.3; F.F.A. 1.2,3.4; "America for m- i (Sntered I 8 Army. Jan. 17. 11 45. NORMA FRESE A willing worker and a friend. Dramatic Club 4; Biology Club 2.3.4; Annual Staff 4; Reporter Staff 3.4; "America for Me” 1; Home Ec. 1.2. LAVERNE GARRELS There’s language in her eye. her cheek, her lip. Transfer. Dramatic Club 4; G. A.A. 3; Biology Club 3. DONALD GORDON Oh Boys, the times I’ve seen! Mixed Chorus 1.2,3.4; Track 1.3: Student Council 1; Reporter Staff 2; Boys’ Chorus 2.3.4; Basketball 1.2,3.4; Biology Club 2.3.4; Annual Staff 4; Baseball 3.4; E-Club 4: Football; Victory Council 3; (’lass Officer 1. BETTY HYNES Wearing the weight of learning lightly like a flower. Mixed Chorus 2; Dramatic Club 4; G.A.A. 1.2,3.4; Biology Club 2.3.4; Annual Staff 4: Girls’ Chorus 1,2; Reporter Staff 4; Literary Contest 4; Home Ec. 1.2. ARMINTA FRAKES She that was ever fair and never proud. Reporter Staff 4; Bioiogy Club 2.3; Girls’ Chorus 1.2.3; Home Ec. 1.2. RICHARD GAINES An all-around good-natured scout. Track 3; Boys Choi us 2; Biology Club 2.3; F.F.A. Minstrel 1; F.F.A. 1,2.3; E-Club 4; Football 1.2,3.4; Class Officer 2.. . DOROTHY GEEDING Who saw life steadily and saw it whole. Transfer. Home Ec. 4. BERNICE HAYSE She walks—a lady of delight. Biology Club 2.3; Librarian 4: Home Ec. 2.3,4. VIRGINIA IMTHURN Fair creature of an hour. Transfer. Dramatic Club 4; G. A. A. 2,4; Biology Club 2.3.4; Home Ec. 2,3.4. TwelveMARVIN KINGDON Is tine n» steel. I toys’ (hoi uk 2,3,4; Biology riuh 2.::.4; F.F.A.; K-club 4; Football 1,3.4. VIRGIL KRUG I had a pleasant time with my mind for It was happy. Boys’ Chorus 1.2.3; Biology Club 2.3,4; F.F.A. Minstrel 1; F.F.A. 1.2,3,4. CLAIRE LYONS He has his share of wisdom. Mixed Chorus 1.2.3; Dramatic (’lub 4; Senior Play 4; Boys’ Chorus 2.3; Librarian 4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play 3; Heporter Staff I; Literary Contest 3.4; "America for Me” 1. LYLE MILLER Handsome is that handsome does. Track 1.2.3; Basketball 3.4 ;F. F.A.; Baseball 3.1; Football 3.4. ELMA NEWKIRK Her voice, gentle and low. an excellent thing in woman. Dramatic Club 4; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Biology' Club 2; Girls’ Chorus 1.2.3; Home Ec. RITA JEAN KIRBY Dark with excessive bright. Mixed Chorus 4; Girls' Chorus; Dramutic Club 4; Pep Club 1,2; Senior Play 4; G.A.A.; Biology 2.3: Heporter Staff 4; Literary Contest 2.3.4; "America for Me” 1; Home Ec. 2; Victory Council 4; Cheerleader 1.3. MONTE LINDSEY For courage mounteth with occasion. Track 1.2,3; Boys’ Chorus 4: Basketball 1.2,3.4; Biology Club 2,3.4; Annual Staff 4: Baseball 3.4; E-Club 4; Football; Victory' Council 4. ROBERTA McCONKEY The fair, the chaste, and un-expressive she. Dramatic Club 4; Band 4; Biology Club 2.3.4; Girls’ Chorus 2; Home Ec. 1,2. BETTY NEWKIRK As merry as the day is long. Dramatic Club 4; G.A.A. 1,2.4; Biology Club 2.3.4; Home Ec. LEO PFISTER I am as sober as a judge. Transfer. Biology Club 2, 3; Football 3.4. ThirteenEVERETT QUIRAM When he sing's, we forget our sorrows. Mixed Chorus; Mixed Quartet 4; Student Council 3.4; Hoys' Chorus 2.3; Boys’ Sextet 1; Basketball 1; F.F.A. Minstrel 1; Annual Staff 4; Music Contest 1.2,3,4; Boys' Quartet 1.2; Mixed Octet 1.2.3; Baseball 3.4. F.F.A. i.2.3,4; Junior Play 3; Boys' Vocal 1,2,3.4: ‘America for Me” 1; Victory Council 3,4; Class Officer 1. GENE SAVOIE He hath a daily beauty in his life. Mixed Chorus; Dramatic Club 4; Boys Chorus 2,3.1; Annual Staff 4; Basketball 1.3: Baseball 3.4; K-Club 4; Junior Play 3: Reporter Staff 3,4; Football 3.4: “’America for Me" 1. MARCELLA SHOMAKER She is kind as she is fair. Transfer. Mixed Chorus 4; Girls' Vocal 4; Mixed Quartet 4 Dramatic Club 4; Senior Play 4 G.A.A. 3.4; Biology Club 4; Mu sic Contest 4; Girls’ Chorus 4 Junior Play 3. ETHEL STORTZ Loose were her locks, in wavy tresses flowing. G.A.A.; Biology Club 2. 3; Girls’ Chorus 2.3; Reporter Staff 4; ““America lor Me” 1: French Club 1,2. ALVIN VOGEL He’s a sure card. Track 2.3: Basketball 1; Biology Club 2.3.4; Baseball 3.4. MARY LOUISE WADSWORTH She’s always looking on the sunny side of life. Mixed Chorus 3,4; Dramatic Club 4; G.A.A. 1.2,3.4: “America for Me” 1; Home Kc. 1.2.3,4. BEVERLY RUSSELL Very demure ami shy is she. Dramatic Club 4; Biology Club 2; Girls’ Choi us 3; “America for Me” 1. KATHRYN SCHERTZ The hidden soul of harmony. Mixed Chorus 1.1; Dramatic Club 4; Pep Club 1; Senior Plav 4; Band 1.2,3; G.A.A.; Biology Club 2.3,4; Librarian 3; Annual Staff 4; Girls’ Chorus; Junior Play 3; Reporter Staff 4; “America for Me” 1; Dance Band 1,2. GLENN SPARKS As good a chap as you could know. Mixed Chorus 1.2,3,4; Mixed Quartet 4; Dramatic Club 4; Senior Play 4; Boys Chorus 2. 3.4; Basketball 1; Biology Club 2; Baseball 3.4; F.F.A. 1.2,3.4; E-Club 4: Floys' Vocal 4; Football 3.4; “America for Me” 1. BILL TIPLER We can’t appreciate him enough. Mixed Chorus 1; Dramatic Club 4; Student Council 2.3,4; Senior Play 4; Biology Club 2.3,4; F. F.A. Minstrel 1; Annual Staff 4; F.F.A. 1.2,3; Junior Play 3; Reporter Staff 3.4: Literary Contest 3.4; “America for Me" 1; Victory Council 2.3.4; Class Officer 2.3.4. ISABELLE VOLZ Sweet reasonableness. Mixed Chorus 2.3.4; G.A.A. 1.2, 3,4; Biology Club 2.3,4; Librarian 4; Girls’ Chorus 1.2,3.4; “ America for Me” 1. RUTH WILSON Large is her heart. , Dramatic Club 4; G.A.A. 1.2.3. 4; Biology Club 2.3; “America for Me” 1: Home Ec. 1,2.PRESSED ENT VICE-PRESIDENT S ECRBT A RY-T RBA SI'RER STUDENT COPNCIL ADVISER - BYRON DONZE DEI ORA NORTH JOAN ROTH DONNA BISHOP RILE NOHREN MISS SALMON JUNIORS... WiUini}, a uL CUjIsl Junior year—the year for looking ahead—looking ahead first to the Junior-Senior Prom as the climax of the year. All events lead that way—sponsoring the refreshments at games, selling punch at the Homecoming Dance, producing "Moonlight for Herbert." the Junior play. Activities "just for fun" included a hayride in the fall and a skating party in the spring. The end of the year finds us still looking ahead—to being Seniors next year. First row: Miss Salmon. Arlene Wllkay, Marjorie McDoneli. Jerry McWilliams. Walton Volz. Kenneth Hany, Evelyn Bridges, Mr. Root. Miss Tendick. Second row: Joan Roth. Donna Bishop, Barbara Cryer. Edna Mae Malcom, Mildred Webb. Virginia Hayse, Mary Pauline Berg. Ethel Major. Janet Ruth Pinkham. Bill Nohren. Lloyd Baker. Lloyd Raber, Byron Donze. Third row: Ruth Stotler, Betty Altum. Delora North. Joyce Shaffer. Mary Enright. Wayne Burroughs. Bill Burroughs. Rachel Wagner, Ruth Taylor. Vera Scott, FJdna Steckman. Shirley Quiram. Richard Pinkham. Fourth row: Don Bailey, Wallace Fever. Bob Schramm. Don Harris. Robert Reinkensmeyer. Gene Schertz. Bill Poorbaugii, Kenneth Wessel, Bill Davis, Lewis Weasel. Bernard Oilman. Leroy Wessel. Clifford Knoll. Not in picture, Margaret Engel.Sophomores... Sbuuinq and Sbmdua I When we started to school in the fall of 43. just green little freshmen,' we had a class of 68, the largest class in the school. In 44 we came back still holding this record President Kaywln Burroughs Vice-President Walter Pfister Secretary-Treasurer Gerry Benedict Student Council Doris Wadsworth Adviser Mr. Maurer with the number of 61. We had worn off those green personalities and were ready to go ahead at E.T.H.S. Mr. Mauer, Miss Grandy, and Miss Cloney were chosen as our class sponsors. Kaywin Burroughs, our president, led our class very well through this year. We did very well in the stamp and bond drives and were very proud to reach the 100 per cent mark. We did a good job this year, and make way ’cause we'll be back next year, ready and willing! First row: Mr. Maurer. Franklin Jones, Russel Trunnell. Joan Wollenschlager. Joanne Everett. Irma Jean Woelfle. Alice Wohlfell, Joan Lawyer, Arlene Hartwlg. Ann Walters. Ruth Garrels, Berrenice Weasel. Marjorie Kingdom Doris Wadsworth, Miss Cloney. Miss Grandy. Second row: Joe Hany. Jack Wilson. Beverly Vincent. Eleanor Fenton. Rosemary Armstrong. Gerry Benedict. Joan Pierce. Dona Punke, Betty Lindsay. Betty Barnett. Mildred Bigger. Donna Armstrong. Walter Nyberg. Robert Weber, Bill West. Third row: Kaywin Burroughs. Bill Fouts. Lucile Pfister, Peggy Letslnger, Margie Pinkham. Marilyn Pfleeger, Donna Epps. Lois Poor-baugh. Iona Hilger, Deloris Newkirk. Betty Barber. Vivian Steckman. Velma Hall. Jim Wlngstlm, Gene Wilkey. Fourth row: Leon Folkers, Eugene Heller. John Eastman, Robert Berg. Jack Harvey. Walter Pfister, Joe Powell. Earl Ix ngmun, Dale I etsinger. Charles Cox. Herbert Pinkham. Allen Schertz. Gene Eft, Ed Martin, Bernard Remmert. Not in picture. Jeannette Eichelberger, Betty Jurgens. Freshmen... President Lowell Crawford Vice-President Tim Enright Secretary T reasurer Carol Jean Cryer Student Council Kenneth Faulk Adviser Miss Miles lAfL and Coming! In September, 1944, fifty-three freshmen entered El Paso Township High School’s portals. We resolved to progress satisfactorily so as to be entered into the hall of fame when we graduate. Our first social event, a wiener roast, was presided over by our class sponsor, Mr. Snyder, who left us after the first semester to take over a new' position. His position as sponsor was filled by Miss Miles, who has been very successful. Many of our members became known in athletics, drama and music, to the upperclassmen. We contributed our share in the bond drive and supported the Red Cross. Next year wre again intend to return to E.T.H.S. and hold our own among the student body. First row: Miss Gibbs. Dallas Oilman. Merle Finkham. Mary Lee Turnipseed. Norma Blackmore. Helen Peters, Carol Crver, Don Coyle. Marilyn Harris. Marjorie Sparks. Low’ell Crawford. Dora Sutton. Dick C.eoige, Charles MacDonald. Miss Miles. Second row: Henry Hayse. Violet Wilkey, Paul Moore, Don Kiuk. Meilln Franke. Shiloh Strouse. Betty Todd. Mildred Beachey. Mary MacDonald. Doris Wilkey. Jan.- Sutton Third row: Paul Hynes. Tim Enright, Ruth Blackwell. Middle Diers. Jean Seggerman. Vera Steff. n. Rita Rippel. Phyllis Krug. Rosemary Lyons. Lloyd Fouts. Evelyn Lock. Fourth row: John Engel. Floyd FouLs. David McIntyre. Raymond Garrels Don Punke. Opie Hocker. Don Koch, Robert Punke. Robert Dixon. Delmar Jones. Don Toole. Kenneth Faulk. Virgil Haas. Glenn Burroughs. Junior Bill. Paul Wessel. Not in picture: Mary Eichelbeiger. Robert Hartman. Orval Perth.FREEDOM FROM FEAR. I ATHLETICSTwentyHough, and The Comets played eight football games this year, winning six and losing two. They lost their first game to LeRoy, one of the best teams in the state, 13-0. Bouncing right back. El Paso took their next six games before being smashed by Eureka 33-0 in the final contest of the year. Among the first eleven men there were eight seniors: Lindsey, Davis, Sparks, Gordon, Gaines, Corbitt, Altum. and Kingdon. Results for the year were: Yards from Scrimmage El Paso 1541, Opp. 1112 First Downs El Paso 70, Opp. 57 Passes .Complete 39 (El Paso): Yards Gained 704 K1 Paso) Average per completion 18 Yards per Try—Lindsey 8.4, Gordon 8.4, Davis 6.75 Nohren 4.9, Donze 4.5, Miller 4.0. Total Points El Paso 123, Opponents 7s SCORES El Paso - - - 0 LeRoy - 13 El Paso - • 0-9 Farmer City - - 6 El Paso - - 18 Chenoa - - - 13 El Paso - - 26 De Pue - 13 El Paso - - 6 Chillicothe - - - 0 El Paso • • 27 Washington - - - 0 El Paso - - 24 Lexington - - - - 24 El Paso - - 0 Eureka - 33 First row: Glenn Sparks, Marvin Kingdon. Jim Corbitt. Bill Poorbaugh. Dick Gaines. Kenneth Wes. sel, Byron Donze. Mr. Bowers. Second row: Jerry McWilliams, Lyle Miller. Don Gordon. Monte Lindsey. Jjn, Davis, Bill Nohren. I ewis Weasel. Leroy Wessel. Third row: Kay win Burroughs. Dick George. Jack Harvev Walter Pflster. Bernard Oltman, Allen Schertz. Bill Fouts, Bill Davis.Twenty-twoSihaiqhL ShootaX H September found El Paso with a new football mentor. Coach Bowers, who had directed basketball and track the previous year, was now undertaking the task of turning out a winning football team. He did this very ably by ending the season with six wins against two losses. Throughout the winter he led El Paso’s basketball team for the second straight year. This time he walked off with the Woodford County Championship to his credit. Coach Bowers also handled the El Paso baseball team. Although the records might be misleading, the El Paso varsity team enjoyed a fine season of basketball. Top honor earned by the team was the WOODFORD COUNTY CHAMPIONS FOR 1945. This was the first time since 1940 that the Comets had won the trophy. Coach Bowers first five consisted of Jim Corbitt and Don Gordon at the forward positions; Bill Poorbaugh at center; and Monte Lindsey and Lloyd Raber as guards. El Paso won the County Title by defeating Roanoke, Minonk, and Metamora. In the Washington Holiday Tournament, the Comets were beaten by Washington; and in the Regional Tournament at Lexington, E.T.H.S. was nosed out by Normal Community High School. HAIL THE CONQUERING HEROES! Don Gordon, Monte Lindsey, Bill Poorbaugh, Lloyd Raber. Jim Corbitt. (Not in picture. Bill Burroughs.)FIRST TEAM—Donnie Bowers, Jack Wilson, Ed Martin. Lloyd Ruber, Byron Donze, Bill Burroughs, Lyle Miller, Don Gordon. Monte Lindsey. Jim Corbitt, Kenneth Wessel, Bill Poorbaugh, Mr. Bowers. El Paso—Won 11, Ix»st 13. Scoring—El Paso 886, Opponents 905. Average per Game—El Paso 37. Opponents 38. Leading Scorers Gordon, 260 Points: Poorbaugh. 231; Lindsey 203. SCORES OF GAMES El Paso - - 42 Lexington - - 21 El Paso - - 31 Ini. High - - El Paso - - 37 Metamora - - - 36 {overtime) El Paso - Chenor - - - - 29 El Paso - - 21 Gridley - - - - 42 m Paso - - 31 Washington is El Paso - - 25 Washington 49 El Paso - • - 53 Roanoke - - - 43 El Paso - - 23 Gridley - - - - ft El Paso - - 43 Eureka - - IS El Paso - ■ - 33 Minonk - - - - 47 El Paso - • - 29 Washington - 49 El Paso - 46 Roanoke - - - 33 El Paso - - 43 U. High - - - 19 El Paso - - 31 Metamora 45 El Paso - - 39 Chenoa - - - 33 El Paso - - 47 Benson - - - - 36 El Paso - - 33 Minonk - - - 38 El Paso - - 32 Eureka - - - - 51 El Paso - - 80 I exington - - 31 Woodford County Tournament El Paso - - 39 Roanoke - - -31 El Paso - - 32 Minonk - - -21 El Paso - - 31 Metamora - - 28 Regional Tournament At Lexington El Paso - - 35 Normal Com. - 36 JUNIOR VARSITY—The second team started slowly but improved by leaps and bounds. There are some coming stars in the second team cast, and El Paso can .look forward to some good basketball in the next season. Rivals will see and hear a lot of Eddie Martin. Kay Burroughs. Kenny Wessel, Byron Donze and other underclassmen who scored for the second team this year. After losing their first seven games these fellows came back to reverse the decisions on practically every team that had beaten them, and finished with 9 wins against 10 defeats. SECOND TEAM Jack Wilson. Kaywin Burroughs. Ed Martin. Lyle Miller. Lewis Wessel, Kenneth Wessel. Walter Pflster. Opie Hooker. Byron Donze. Glenn Burroughs. Mr. Bowers. Twenty-fourTwenty-fiveFirst row: Gene Savoie. Everett Quiram. Glenn Sparks. Jim Corbitt, Jim Davis. Monte Lindsey. Don Gordon. Dill Xohren. Second row: Mr. Bowers. John Eastman. Jerry McWilliams, Lyle Miller. Bernard Oltman. Byron Donze. Leroy Weasel. Lloyd Raber. BASEBALL Baseball comes back to El Paso again this year and a highly successful team is expected. A tentative schedule has been planned which includes home games with University High. Eureka. Mctamora. Minonk, and Washburn; and the District Tournament which is held as a preliminary for the State Tournament in May. El Paso will take the field for their first game with six of the first nine back from last year. GYM CLASSES With heavy emphasis by the government on physical fitness, the Boys' P.E. program at E.T.H.8. during 1944-45 was planned along those lines. During the fall special emphasis was put on calisthenics, running, and touch football. The winter activities consisted of swimming, calisthenics, and basketball. Following a boxing tournament in the soring, outside activities were resumed with the main attraction being softball. The Girls’ P.E. classes started with baseball and deck tennis. During the winter months basketball, volleyball, and swimming w’ere the main activities. When spring arrived, baseball was resumed and swimming continued. Twenty-sixTwenty-sevenFREEDOM FROM WANT...ACTIVITIESLEADERS... OnsLand, (UL! The STUDENT COUNCIL, with 10 student members, represents the student body. This group has sponsored many dances and parties for the school and has decided many important issues for the student body. A member from the Student Council represents the school at meetings of the Y.R.A. STUDENT COUNCIL -First low: Margaret worth. Second row: Everett Quiram. Donna Bishop. Bill Tipler. The VICTORY COUNCIL, organized to further the war effort, has concentrated on selling War Bonds and Stamps this year. In an interclass bond contest a total of $19,882.23 was sold. Also the Victory Council sponsored a 100 per cent drive of the classes. After three days, every class was 100 per cent in buying bonds or stamps. Fenton. Kay win Bui roughs, Lowell Crawford. Doris Vads-Byron Donze, Bill Nohren, Miss Cloney. Kenneth Faulk. Miss Cloney Standing: Rita Kiibv. Byton Donze. indsey. Bill Nohren, Lewis Wessel. Margaret Fenton. Kenneth Faulk. Delora North, Kaywin Burroughs. VICTORY COUNCIL Seated: Miss Grandy and Lowell Crawford. Everett Quiram. Donna Bishop. Monte I Bill Tipler, Doris Wadsworth, Middy Diers. Gerry Benedict, ThirtyfioWBA. oftthfL flAMA Through the splendid co-operatIon of the ANNI'AL STAFF. It has been proved that "the pen is mightier than the sword." It was decided that the annual published this year would be one which would not soon be forgotten. That goal was achieved through the efforts of the co-operative spirit of the staff: Kditor-ln-Chlef, Claire Lyons; Assistant Editor, Joan Cleary; Business Manager. Margaret Fenton; Business Committee. Monte Lindsey. Bill Tipler. LoIh Coyle. Kitty Lou Kastman. Eugene Savoie; typists. Norma Frese, Betty Hynes; reporters, Everett Quiram. John Everett: photography, Kathryn Schertz, Don Gordon; Advisers. Miss McCue, Mr. Bowers. The K.T.H.S. REPORTER STAFF has had a busy year and has offered stiff competition to the Juniors, who are responsible for the last issue of the publication. The Reporter has always, brought forth items of interest and importance, a special feature being news from the service hoys. The Reporter staff: Editor. John Everett; Assistant Editor, Bill Tipler; Reporters. Betty Hynes. Kathrjn Schertz. Norma Frese; Art. Claire Lyons; Typing. Joan Cleary. Ethel Stortz. Arminta Frakes; Mimeograph. Margaret Fenton; Freshman Reporter. Merlin Franke; Sophomore Reporter. Gerry Benedict; Junior Reporter. Barbara Cryer; Senior Reporter, Rita Kirby; Exchange, Shirley Burroughs. Is: is Coyle. ANNUAL STAFF—First row. left to right: L. Coyle. M Fenton. C. Lyons. .]. Cleary. B. Hynes. N. Fr« sc. 8econd row: Miss McCue, B. Tipler. K. Eastman. K. Schertz. D. Gordon. M. Lindsev. E. Quiram. G. Savoie. J. Everett. Mr. Bowers. REPORTER STAFF First row. left to right: J. Cleary. K. Stortz. J. Everett. C. Lyons. Second row B. Cryer, M. Fenton. M. Franke. K. Schertz. G. Benedict. N. Frese. B. Hynes. R. Kirby. G. Savoie. B. Tipler. Miss McCue. Thirty-oneSooJlA CblSL JmoauAsla LIBRARIANS Seated: Miss Salmon. Standing: Marjorie MeDonell. Isabelle Volz, Joyce Shaffer. Claire Lyons, Mary Pauline Berg. Bernice Hayae. Joan Cleary. Science, JinowA. Via, Sounds BIOLOGY CLUB—First row: Miss Cloney, Joanne Everett, Joan Wollenschlager, Marjorie MeDonell, 1-u-cile Pfister, Peggy Letsinger. Huth Stotler. Flea nor Kenton. Beverly Vincent. Delons Newkirk. Betty Barber. Isabelle Volz. Mary Ixiuise Wadsworth. Betty Newkirk. Second row: Wallace Fever, Gene Wilkey, Clifford Knoll, Joan Both. Margie Pinkham, Barbara Cryer, Mary Pauline Berg. (Jerry Benedict, Joan Pierce, Dona Punke. Marjorie Kingdon. Doris Wadsworth. Betty Lindsay, Roberta McConkey, I ois Coyle, Walton Volz, Kenneth Hany. Eugene Heller. Third row: Jerry McWilliams. John Eastman, Charles Cox. Jack Harvey. Allen Schertz, Joyce Shaffer. Ruth Taylor, Marilyn Pfleeger, Betty Altum. Rachel Wagner, Vera Scott. Shirley Quiram. Mildred Bigger. Bill Fouts, Joe Hany. Foutth row: Jack Wilson. Mary Enright. Marcella Shumaker. Bob Schramm. Marvin Kingdon. Bill Tipler. Monte Lindsey, Jim Corbitt, Norma Frese, Betty Hynes. Donna Epps. Lois Poorbaugh. Don Gordon. Virgil Krug. Kathryn Schertz. Thirty-twoJJvl dinmsL 9A, JhsL Joundcdwn, HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The 101 Paso Home Economics Club started the year by initiating ten new members at a candlelight service. Unlike other years, the group elected no officers, but appointed a chairman and two members to conduct the meetings. The purpose of the club Is to hold meetings once a month at which time a business meeting, entertainment. and refreshments are furnishd by the committee. Three members of the club and Miss Miles, club adviser, attended Hally Day which was held at I exington. F.F.A. At the first meeting, the F.F.A. boys elected the following officers: Presi- dent. Everett Quiram: Vice-President, Glenn Sparks: Secretary. Gene Schertz: Treasurer. Virgil Krug: Watch Dog. Herb Pinkham; Reporter. Jim Corbitt. Mr. Snyder, agriculture teacher at E.T. H.8. for a number of years, left at the end of the first semester, and Mr. Walker from Chenoa took over h s duties in the F.F.A. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Standing, left to light: Dora Sutton. Vera Steffen. Violet Wilkey, Miss Miles. Mary lx»ulse Wadsworth. Bernice Hayse. Doris Wilkey. Betty Newkirk. Ruth Taylor. Marilyn Harris, Lois Poorbaugh. Shirley Quirarn, Vera Scott. Edna Mae Malcom. Marjorie McDonell, Arlene Wilkey. Jane Sutton. Phyllis Krug. Joyce Shaffer. Delora North. Seated: Ruth Blackwell. Jeanne Seggerman. Betty Altum. Helen Peters, Virginia Hayse. Janet Ruth Pinkham. F.F.A. -First row: Lyle Miller. Marvin Kingdon. Glenn Sparks. Jim Corbitt. Virgil Krug. Everett Quinim. Earl I»ngman, Walter Nyberg. Merle Pinkham. Second row: Tim Enright, Don Krug. Delmar Jones. Clifford Knoll. David McIntyre. Herbert Pinkham. Bernard Remmert. Robert Berg. Don Koch. Third row: Don Punke, Robert Punke. Russel Trunnell. Wallace Fever. Robert Dixon. Don Harris, Gene Schertz. Robert Reink-ensmeyer, Bernard Oltman, Virgil Haas. Thirty-threeTYIuaLl Math. Qhwumbu... MUSIC ACTIVITIES—The Band made its first appearance of the year at the Homecoming football game, led down the field by the drum majorettes, Betty Jurgens, Joanne Everett, and Joan Wollen-schlager. The Halloween Parade sponsored by the Kiwanis was led by the high school band. Another activity of the band was to play at the basketball games. The spring concert was given in April. Several instrumental soloists entered the district contest in Peoria. Sixty-five girls made up the girls’ chorus; the boys’ chorus consisted of twenty-two; and thirty-seven members were selected for the mixed chorus. The choruses gave a Christmas program of many Christmas carols. Chorus groups are also presenting a spring musicale at the close of the school year. The girls’ trio sang for the open house at the high school, the Christmas program, the speech contest, and several other programs. The sextette of sophomore girls sang on many of the same occasions and on other programs. Two other groups organized this year were the senior mixed quartet, Marcella Shomaker, Joan Cleary. Everett Quiram, and Glenn Sparks, and a boys’ quartet. Lewis VVessel, Everett Quiram, Glenn Sparks, and Kenneth Weasel. The preliminary music contest was held April 10. and the county contest at Roanoke, April 20. TRIO Left to right: Barbara Cryer, Ruth Stotler. Joan Cleary. GIRLS’ SEXTETTE Left to right: Joanne Everett. Eleanor Fenton. Gerry Benedict, Margie Pinkham, Peggy l etslnger. Beverly Vincent. QUARTET Left to right: Everett Quiram. Marcella Shomaker, Joan Cleary, Glenn Sparks. Thirty-fourBand -First row: Middy Diers, Donna Epps, Leon Foikers, Betty Hicks, Carol Cryer, Ruth Taylor, Betty Barber, Gerry Benedict. Walton Volz. Second row: Marilyn Pfleeg-er. Joyce Shaffer, Lucile Pfister, Eleanor Fenton, Walter Pfister. Don Bailey, Kenneth Weasel, Jack Stitt, T. Ann Coyle, 1 a r y Lee Turnlpseed, Shiloh Strouse. Lewis Weasel. John Kirk ton. Third row: Miss Gibbs, Joanne Everett, Joan Wollensch lager, Beverly Vincent, Roberta Me-Conkey, Bob Schramm. GIRLS CHORUS—First row: Joan YY'ollenschlag-er, Joanne Everett, Margaret Fenton. Carol Cryer, Marilyn Harris, Donna Bishop, Ruth Stotler, Betty L i n d s e y , Dona Punke, Marjorie King-don. Isabelle Volz. Doris YVilkey, Arlene Wilkey, Jane Sutton. Miss Gibbs. Second row: Marjorie Mc-Donell, Joan Roth. De-loris Newkirk. Vivian Stock man, Betty Barber, Lucile Pfister, Eleanor Fenton, Edna Mae Mal-eom. Ann Walters. Marjorie Spaiks. Helen Peters. Joan Pierce. Doris Wadsworth, Mary Louise Wadsworth. Beverly Vincent, Peggy Letsinger. Third row: Rita Kirby. Margie Pinkham. Barbara Cryer, Gerry Benedict, Mary Pauline Berg. Betty Todd. Middy Diers. R o s e m a r y Armstrong. Phyllis Krug. Ruth Blackwell. Mildred Webb, Y'iolet YVilkey, Mildred Bigger, Joan C 1 e a r y . Fo u r t h row: Delora North. Ruth Taylor. Marilyn Pfleeger, A r 1 e n e Hart wig. Marcella Sho-maker. Mary Enright. Joyce Shaffer, Jeanne Seggerman, Y'era Steffen. Rachel Wagner. Donna Epps. Lois Poorbaugh. Kathryn Schertz. Vera Scott. Shirley Quiram. BOYS CHORUS First row: Henry Hayse, Don Coyle. Franklin Jones. Leon Foikers. Clifford Knoll. Jim Corbitt, Ix wis Weasel, G lenn Sparks. Walter Nyberg. Bernard Remmert. Second row: Charles Cox, John Kastman. YVallace Fever. Joe Hany, Gene Wilkey. Gent Savoie, Kenneth YVessel. Don Gordon. Marvin Kingdom Byron Donze. Monte Lindsey, Miss Gibbs. MIXED CHORUS: First row: Miss Gibbs. Joan Cleary. Margaret Fenton, Joan Roth. Carol Cryer, Isabelle Volz, Rita Kirby, Ruth Stotler, Mary Louise YYrads worth. Donna Bishop. Shirley Quiram. Peggy Letsinger. Beverly Vincent. Second row: Eleanor Fenton, R u tH Taylor, Delora North. Marilyn Pfleeger. Margie Pinkham. Phyllis Krug, bo i s Poorbaugh. Marcella Shomaker, Mary Enright. Joyce Shaffer. Kathryn Schertz. Barbara Cryer. Third row: Leon Foikers, Bernard Itemmert. Byron Donze. J o h n Eastman. YValter Nyberg. I ewls Weasel, Jim Corbitt. Kenneth YY’essel. Glenn Sparks. Don (Jordon. Everett Quiram. Clifford Knoll.JhiL (playL Jhc Jhinq ! LAMASCARA The newly organized drama club, LAMASCARA. completed a successful year by presenting “Laugh House” on March 6. The purpose of the club is to create an enjoyment in acting and play production. During the year, the club has produced a series of one-act plays, skits, pantomimes, and blackouts. The officers elected for the current year are: BILL TIPLER...................PRESIDENT PEGGY LETSINOER - - - SECRETARY DELORA NORTH - - VICE-PRESIDENT LOIS COYLE....................TREASURER JOYCE SHAFFER - - - REPORTER First rojv: Joan Wollenschlager, Joanne Everett Elma Newkirk. Carol Cryer. Eleanor Fenton. Lucile Pfister, Peggy Letslnger, Ruth Stotler. Donna Bishop. Margie Pinkham. Barbara Cryer. Evelyn Bridges, Beverly Russell. Ann Walters. Joan Cleary. Second row- Kay win Burroughs. Ix on Folkers. Mary Ia uise Wadsw’orth. Kate Eastman. Lois Coyle, Joan Roth, Kathryn Shertz, Mary Pauline Berg. Marilyn Pflceger. Rachel Wagner. Marcella Shomaker, Mary Enright. Joyce Shaffer. Delora North. Third row: Miss Tendick. Rita Kirby. Byron Donze, Roberta McConkey, Ruth Wilson. Betty Barber. Bill Nohren. Gene Savoie, Walter Pfister. Claire Lyons. Bob Schramm Fourth row: Betty Newkirk. Betty Hynes. Norma Frese. Kenneth Wessel. Bill Poorbaugh. Bill Tipler, Jim Corbitt. Glenn Sparks. Lewis Wessel. SENIOR PLAY Lights! . . . Camera! . . . Curtain! April 26 and 27 the senior play of E.T.H.S., produced under the direction of Miss Tendick, “A Little Honey,’ vas proclaimed as one of the best plays any senior class has ever produced. The plot is centered around Diana Minton, who, since her boy friend, Tom Corning, has entered the service, has become very much interested in the theoretical analysis of motors, navigation and the like, and because of this has almost lost him. Diana’s younger sister, “Scoots,” annoys everyone with the antics of her pet frog Pegasus, while Jerry Minton and Albert Parker interrupt the quiet household of the Mintons with their unending trial of securing a dress for Jerry to wear to the Junior-Senior dance. Grandma enters via her wheel chair and saves the day with a bit of “good old fashioned” advice. THE CAST Jerry Minton, a teen-ager - - Margaret Fenton Albert Parker, from next door - - Claire Lyons Caroline ------- Joan Cleary “Scoots,” Jerry's younger sister Diana. Jerry’s older sister - Marcella Shomaker Delores Megglehammer. the cook - - Lois Coyle Tom Corning, in love with Diana - - Bill Tipler Roger Minton, the father - - - - Jim Corbitt Eve Tyler, an attractive widow - Shirley Burroughs Martha Minton, the mother - - Kathryn Schertz Grandma Thornton - - - - Kitty Lou Eastman Martha’s mother Mrs. Simmons, a trained nurse - - Rita Kirby The SURE-SHOT MAN Glenn Sparks An exterminator Thirty-sixjUuudJl (play. “MOONLIGHT FOR HERBERT” The curtain rose promptly at 8:00 on November 17 and 18, when the Junior class presented the three-act comedy, “Moonlight for Herbert.” This clever, entertaining, and altogether youthful play was enthusiastically received. Bill Nohren played the part of HERBERT RAINS, who was forever clouding his parents’ horizon, and Barbara Oyer as JEAN BRESSART played opposite him. Donna Bishop and Kenneth Wessel, as Herbert’s long-suffering progenitors, gave excellent performances as well as Bob Schramm as Vincent, Herbert’s buddy, who was always involved in the latter’s troubles. Lewis Wes-sel as Vincent’s professor-father gave an excellent portrayal. Other members of the cast were: Joan Roth, the baby of the family; Pauline Berg, the music teacher; Mary Enright, music patroness; Gene Schertz, famous music critic; Delora North as the town’s leading realtor; Marjorie McDonell, a housewife; and Lloyd Raber as a successful contractor. THE CAST -Seated: North. Nohren. Bishop. Standing: Miss Tendick. Raber. Berg. Schertz. Wessel. Wessel, Cryer. Enright. Schramm. Roth. Shaffer. McDonell. Thirty-sevenCbdivsL dnJtia. First row: Joanne Everett. Carol Cryer. Marilyn Harris. Peggy Letsinger, Doris Wadsworth, Marjorie Klngdon. Dona k unke. Rosemary Armstrong. Eleanor Kenton. Ann Walters Del oris Newkirk. Hetty Barber. Mildred Beachey. Second row: Margie Fenton. Rita Kirby. Shirley Burroughs. Donna Bishop. Barbara Cryer. Margie Pinkham. Lucile Pfister. Joan Pierce. Iona Hilger, Isabelle Volz. Mildred Bigger, Betty Lindsay. Beverly Vincent. Miss Cloney. Third row: Joan Wollenschlager. Joan Roth. Ruth Stotler. Lois Coyle. Betty A Rum.' Mary Pauline Berg. Ruth Wilson. Ethel Stortz. Janet Ruth Pinkham. Middy Diers. Rita Rlppel. Marv Louise Wads-worth. Fourth row: Joan Cleary. (Jerry Benedict. Defer a North. Joyce Shaffer. Mary Enright. Marilyn Pfleeger. ia is Poorbaugh. Donna Epps. Betty Hynes, Betty Newkirk. Marcella Shomaker. Kathryn Schertz. G.A.A.—The Girls’ Athletic Association consisted of 42 members under the leadership of Miss Cloney. The officers elected were: President. Barbara Cryer; Vice-President. Delora North; Secretary. Margaret Fenton. The program of this organization for the year included a hike and wiener roast for the benefit of new members, a basketball shooting contest, initiation, and the big event of (he year—entertaining the football and basketball squad—this year a chili supper. Bake sales and dues furnish the money for these events. CHEERLEADERS—Carol Cryer. Joan Cleary. Betty Jurgens. D.dora North. Thirty-eightThirty-nineFREEDOM OF RELIGION...FEATURESForty-twoClatA. 'If 5 FN Full Name DC Distinguishing H Hobby NN Nickname Characteristic A Ambition FS Favorite Saying DF Distinguishing Feature PP Pet Peeve CC Constant Companion FN Dona Jane Agnew FN Shirley Jeane Bur- FN Joan Cleary FN James Robert Corbitt NN “Donnie” roughs NN “JC” NN “Joker,” “Spider.” F8 Oh Gosh! NN “Dee" FS Whatsit? FS Heheheheheh DC Dimple In Chin P'S You aren't Just DC Witty DC I«aughs at anything DF Giggling a-kiddin ! DF Hair style DF Lefthanded CC Ethel Major DC Friendliness CC Shorthand book CC Ford H Movie Star Collection DF Pretty eyes H Dancing H Sports A Fast Typist CC Don A Lawyer A Go to college PP Brothers H Swimming A Successful in choice of work PP Typing e PP Being accused of something he didn't do. PP German measles FN Lois Lorraine Coyle FN James Clyde Davis FN Kittle I-ou Eastman FN John Clare Everett NN “Toddy” NN Jim NN “Kate” NN “Johnnie” FS Oh. my gosh! FS Oh, you farmer! FS Oh gosh! FS Hy'a DC Ready humor DC Bored DC Dry humor DC Blonde curly hair DF Nice teeth DF Curly top DF Cnusual walk DF Shortness CC Betty Altum CC Wisecracks CC “Glnny” CC Ruth H letter writing H Football H Knitting H Keeping things in an A Cadet Nurse A Pass radar test A Nurse uproar PP Wolverines PP Ptople shooting for PP Brothers A Diesel apprentice basket from side- PP Girls (????) lines. FN Margaret Evelyn Fenton FN Arminta Frakes NN “Minnie” FN Norma Christine Frese FN Richard Carole Gaines NN "Mike” FS Oh be quiet! NN “Chris” NN “Dick” FS Whad'ya know? DC Dainty handwriting FS Oh Brother! FS Are you mad at me? DC Intelligence DF High forehead DC Changeable DC Erectness DF Black hair CC Roberta DF Height DF Chest CC Dick H Writing letters CC Betty CC "Mike” H Eating A Nurse H Silver bracelets H Football A PP To be a success Clashing colors PP Noisy people A Be successful at anything attempted PP Corny Jokes A Football coach PP Noisy people FN LaVerne I orrene FN Donald Earl Gordon FN Bernice Velda Hayse FN Betty Jo Hynes Garrels NN “Don," “Les.” NN “Red” NN "BJ" NN “Bonnie” FS Boing! FS Oh! you kids FS What's up Doc? FS Oh don't be dumb! DC Twiddling silver ring DC Slow walk DC Changing Moods DC Cooperation DF Shiny black hair DF Red hair DF Height I)F Brown eyes CC Monte CC Betty Newkirk CC Norma CC Evelyn Bridges H Sports H Writing letters H Loafing II Scrapbooks A Hula dancer A Cadet Nurse A Go to college A Beauty operator PP Stuck-up girls PP Noisy people PP Being poked in ribs PP Pumps with anklets FN Virginia Sarah FN Marvin George FN Rita Jean Kirby FN Virgil Hug ne Krug Imthum Klngdon NN “Mert" NN “Spud" N “Glnny" NN “Marv” FS Hlya kid! FS Give me a kiss FS Oh gosh! FS I don't know DC Peppiness DC Quick smile DC Talkative DO Carefree DF Dark eyes DF Shortness DF High cheekbones DF Big eyes CC Byron CC "The Fevers” CC Home Ec. Book CC Marjorie H Dancing and sports H Model airplanes H Roller skating H Football A Beauty operator and A To be successful A Nurse A Soldier and farmer housewife PP Stuck-up girls PP Gum poppers PP Sissified boys PP Complaining people Forty-threeQLuaa. FN Monte Lindsey NX ''Red' PS How’s tricks? DC Ability in sports DP Red curly hair CC Don H Football and baseball A First baseman for Cubs PP English FX Elizabeth Marie Newkirk XX Betty or Nooky” FS Good Gussy!! DC Friendliness DF Small feet CC Grammar book H Records A Cadet Nurse PP Selfish people FX Clair Augustus Lyons NX "Gus” FS OoooooH! DC Originality DF Graceful motions CC English book H Reading A English teacher or study fine arts PP Dirty fingernails FX Elma Evalula Newkirk NX Elma FS Oh Gee! DC Diamond on left hand DF Smallness CC English book H Beauty operator A Ice skating PP Inconsiderate people FN Roberta Lucille McConkey NN -Bert FS Oh fooey! DC Chewing gum DF Blonde hair CC "Minnie” H Navy A Marry a sailor PP Changeable minds FN Leo Francis Pfister NN “The Face” FS I don't know DC Penetrating gaze DF Big brown eyes CC Don H Hockey A Engineer PP History FN Lyle Glenn Miller NN "Joe” FS Wellllllll DC Quietness DF Attractive CC Himself H Baseball A Be a baseball player PP English FN Everett Leigh Quiram NN "Pete” FS Oh Yeah! DC Curly hair DF Good voice CC Sally H Sleeping A Minister PP Uncooperative people FN Beverly Jean Russell NN "Bev” FS Oh what of It DC Shyness DF Green eyes CC Diamond ring! H Writing letters A Defense plant worker PP People who are late FX Eugene Anthony Savoie NN "Vitamin B” P'S Hmmmmmm DC Good looking clothes DF' Blonde (not bleached) hair CC Little Red Ford A Play for the Cubs H Baseball PP "Sweet” girls FN Kathryn Jean Schertz NN "Kappy” F'S Ta da!!! DF' Pretty hands DC Agreeableness CC Joan Cleary A Doctor H Dancing PP Untrue friends FN Marcella Louise Shomaker NN "Sally” FS I’ll guess with ya! DC Bright smile DF' F'riendllness CC Class ring A Navy nurse H War and school scrapbook PP Two-faced people FN Glenn Arthur Sparks NN "Sparky” FS Hlya kid DF Friendly face DC Being a pest! CC Motorcycle A Farmer II F'ishing. hunting and football PP Horseplay F'N F'thel Rost' Stortz NN "Rosie” FS Jumpin' Johoslt! DF Smile DC Wavy hair CC Ruth Wilson A Successful wife H Letter writing PP Two-timers FN William Lynn Tipler NN "Bill” FS Oh fudge! DF Leadership DC Neatness CC Bob Schramm A History teacher H Mocking PP Gaudiness F'N Isabelle Lucille Volz NN "Issle” F'8 Fiddlededee! DC Neatness DF' I»ng fingernails CC Chemistry book A Commercial artist H Knitting and cool ing PP School F'N Alvin Ixster Vogel NN "Al” F'S That's for darn sure! DC Quietness DF Big brown eyes CC Himself A Pilot H Stamps PP English F'N Mary Louise Wadsworth NN "Squeak” F'S Dear gussy! DC Cheerfulness DF Dimples CC Betty Newkirk A Stenographer H Photos of movie stars PP Teachers F'N Ruth Glenda Wilson NN "Pudgy” F'S Oh you guys! DC Starry eyes DF' F}ye lashes CC Letters from Bob A Cadet Nurse H Photography PP Crowded cars Forty-four8horty Walter Joker Wanna Ride??? — Young Folks The Face Close! Big Stuff Dopes — Going PlacesLouis H. Volz Electrical Service Phone 267 Red Otto-Vincent Memorial Homes Ambulance Service El Paso and Danvers Hawkins Studio Bloomington, Illinois. Photographers for 1945 Annual (pattonA, GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES FROM Pfister Hybrid Corn Co. fiaJbwnA. El Paso, Illinois. Mrs. Irene Armstrong Mrs. Preston Benson Scott Bigger Ruth Blackwell Mrs. Vane Bosworth Vincennes Bowers Emma Boyd Owen Carroll Mrs. Clara Clark Mrs. Frank Cleary Frances Cloney Miss Cleo Coyle Joe Crawford Donald V. Eastman John Everett Dan L. Fenton Clarence Fever Wilbur Fisher Marie Fitzgerald Mrs. Burton Frakes George Frese Mrs. Pearl Garrels LaVerne Garrels Vivian Gibbs Mrs. Maude Gleason Harriet Grandy Col. V. C. Gordon Francis Hynes Betty Hynes Katharine Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jones Mary Helen Jones Betty Jurgens Mervin H. Kemp Lester Kingdon Thomas H. Kinsella Frank Kirby Donald Kirkton W. D. Kitchell H. S. Lampe Mr. and Mrs. Joe Letalnger Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lindsey Monte Lindsey Claire Lyons Rev. E. E. Manes Mr. and Mrs. Elvy McConkey Margaret McCue Mr. and Mrs. John McDonell Virginia Miles Rosemary WTilson Theo Newkirk Delora North Dr. J. A. Owens Otto Paulson Dr. C. O. Patton Mrs. C. O. Patton Leo Pfister Florence Pfister Marilyn Pfleeger Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pinkham Eva Jane Pinkham Rev. A. L. Reid Alma Ripple Mary Salmon Lee Schertz and family Lois Scott Arthur Sparks Alph Stoller Ethel Stortz Clyde Stoller Mrs. Francis Sutton Marian Tendick Walter Wessel Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wadsworth Forty-sixBlackmore Grocery and Lindsey Meat Market Zehr Home Electric Electrical Appliances Hardware Oliver Farm Machinery Drummet’s Ready-to-Wear Dry Goods Hornsby’s 5c to $1 Store "The Store of Super Values” McHugh’s Arbor Cafe Phone 119 F. G. Berta Jeweler El Paso, Illinois. Kodak Supplies and Finishing Home-Cooked Food and Fountain Service Smith’s Cafe West’s Bakery Home-Owned and Operated El Paso, Illinois. Gordon I). Heiple, DD.S. Henning Building El Paso Illinois Phone 339 Michels Drugs Your Rexall Store El Paso Illinois Topsy’s Place Wine — Liquor — Beer El Paso Illinois Illinois Valley Insurance Service Real Estate Farm Loans Ivan H. Snow Insurance Agency General Ins. Auto Financing Burton Baity Hardware - Paint - Wallpaper El Paso, Illinois. Phone 100 Bailey Printing Company "The Advertiser” Job Printing El Paso Illinois i COMPLIMENTS of Sam L. Kilpatrick Tarman’s Lockers El Paso Illinois El Paso Produce Company El Paso Illinois COMPLIMENTS of Savoie’s Dairy Fred B. Baker Horace H. Baker Baker and Baker Lawyers El Paso Nat’l Bank Bldg. The Journal Established in 1865 Arthur A. North All Kinds of Insurance Real Estate Farm Loans El Paso, Illinois. Weber Drugs James W. Weber. R.Ph. Phone 485 El Paso Illinois K. S. Grocery Phone 91 El Paso Illinois Forty-sevenCOMPLIMENTS of Burster and Henning Co. Cryer Clinic C. E. Cryer. D O. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon El Paso Illinois COMPLIMENTS of El Faso Theater Tegard’s “Everything Good to Eat” Phone 22 El Paso Illinois COMPLIMENTS of Schramm’s Shoe Shop Here Is To The Class of 1945 Dr. A. C. King A. E. McReynolds, M.D. Physician and Surgeon Phone 24 El Paso Illinois COMPLIMENTS of Shomaker’s Barber Shop Prairie State Hatchery “AAA” CHIX El Paso Illinois Ida’s Cafe and Bus Station Phone 325 COMPLIMENTS of Roy Kinnamon Bodger Standard Service Station El Paso Illinois Kent Lumber and Coal Company El Paco Illinois R. G. Pierce “Quality Furniture for Your Home” Phone 44 R. E. (iordon. M.D. El Paso Illinois PALMER PRODUCTS Guy Bayless El Paso Illinois Foltz Motor Company Your Ford Dealer El Paso Illinois White Elevator Co. COAL and GRAIN Phone 256 L. H. Knecht Garage and Service Station Phone 80 El Paso Implement Co. Tractors — Trucks Farm Machinery OTT PANTHER. Owner. El Faso Building and Loan Association Local Money for Local Loans MAX SMITH. Secretary. El Faso Greenhouse “Flowers for All Occasions’ HARRY A. DU BUIS Letcher Bros. Garage El Paso Illinois El Faso Elevator Co. Grain - Coal • Feed - Lumber Elevators at El Paso. Panola, Enright and Klip. Phones 145 and 65 ENGRAVINGS BY PONTIAC ENGRAVING ft ELECTROTYPING CO.. CHICAGO. ILLINOIS BINDING BY PFISTER S BINDERY. GALESBURG. ILLINOIS PRINTING BY THE TIMES RECORD COMPANY. ALEDO. ILLINOISN

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