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i. «. A ,,PUBLISHED BY CLASS OF ’43 EL PASO TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL EL PASO, ILLINOISEnsign Thcmafl Stubblefield We, the senior olass of 1943, respect-fully dedicate our annual to these members of our faculty who have enlistea, and to all former students who have entered the armed forces of our oountry (2)(4)Walter M. Claggett El Paso, Illinois Principal World History American History Jamfs lOllikin U., A.B. Illinois, U.A. C Mary Theresa Salmon Bloooington, 111. English French William p. Wene El Paso, Illinois Chemistry, Physics, General Science, Hath. I.S.N.U., B.Ed. U. of Colo., U.A. Marian L. Tendick Greenfield, 111. English Dramatics Bradley, B. A. Lyle E. Snyder El Paso, Illinois Agriculture U. of Illinois, B.S. Colorado State College Pculine Espevik Leland, 111. Mathematics Latin U. of 111., B. S. Northwestern U. Mrs. Irene Strouse El Paso, Illinois Biology Civics I. s. tfS I. w. u., A. B. Margaret A. MeCue Springfield, Illinois Commerce Clarke College, B.A. Earl A. McLane El Pa3o, Illinois Ind. Arts, Coach, Boys P. 2. South East lio. State Teachers College, B, Virginia Miles Parmer City, Illinb Horae Economics Science U. of Illinois, B.S., M.S. mntfc ) Mrs. J. E. 3orror Jacksonville, 111. English, Girls P. E., Latin U. of 111., A. B. U. Cf Cal. (5)STUDFMT COUNCIL The Student Council of E T» H. S. met in the fell with the following students representing the classest Seniors John Taylor, Ross Connely, Eloise Volz Juniorsi Gene Steffen, John Male cm, Mary Rita Barclay Sophomores John Evorett, Biil Tipler reshmen Ruth Stotler, Lloyd Raber John Taylor was elected president, John lialcoo, vice-president, Eloise Volt, secretary- treasurer. Hiss Martin is our sponsor. The first activity of the Council was to sponsor the annual Homecoming dance. When the need for a group to sponsor the Schools at T.'ar Program became apparent, the Counoil was reorganized. Six additional members were chosen from the student oody and they, together with the original Council, form what is near the Victory Council. (6)Vice-president Bob Faulk Presidenti John Taylor Student Council Member; Bloiae Volz SENIOR CLASS In the fall of 1939, fifty-one freshmen started to E. T. H. S. They started by electing class officers In that election, Alberta Nohren became president! Eloise Volz, vice-president! Alta Duncan, Secretary-treasurer; and Boo Faulk, Student Council Representative. Miss Espevik, Mr. Snyder, and Mr. Biackwell were their class advisors. Most of that group of students came back in 1940 as sophanores. Ross Connely and Sene Nooner transferred from Secor. During the year Jane Elting moved to Washburn. The class officers thax year werei Bob Faulk, president! John Taylor, vice-presidentj Patricia Smith, secretary-treasurer; and Alta Duncan was Student Council Representative. The class advisors were Miss Toohill, Miss Shepherd and Mr. Blackwell. In 1941 this group of Juniors really did things, they worked hard to raise the money for the Prom. They put on the much talked-about comedy, "June Mad" and also arranged to have Ralph Pierce, the magician, put an a sheer. The Prctn was a great success to both seniors and juniors. The class officers were; John Tayior, president! Ross Connely,vice-president; Alberta Nohren, secretary-treasurer; and Eloise Volz and Alta Duncan were Student Council Representatives. Miss Miles, Mr. Noe, and Mr. McLane were class advisors.During the year we lost four students; Gene Nooner and Kenneth Forth went to Eureka, and Velma and Loren Kupferschmidt started at Gridiey. Last fall this intelligent group of Seniors started their last year in High School. There were four new students but Margaret Hodgson went to Bloomington High Sohool and June Van Scyoc went to Eureka High Sohool,so that left a total of thirty-eight seniors starting in 1942. The class officers are John Taylor, president; Eob Faulk, vice-president; Charlotte ftrese, secretary-treasurer; and Eloise Volz and Ross Connely, Student Council Representatives. Their olass advisors are Miss UcCue, Miss Tendick, and Mr. McLane. The class is a well balanced olass, most of them have taken part in athletios, chorus, band, or 6cme of the other activities. Alta Duncan was presented the D. A. R. award. They are now practicing for the Senior play called "Brother Goose", and we hope it will be a big suocess.Marjorie Aldrich Trans far Donald Bagby Football 1,2,3,4 Oya Circus 1 B Club 2|9 Judging Contest 2 Joanna Bailey Transfer Mixed Chorus 3,4 Girls Chorus 3,4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Pep Club 4 Literary Contest 3 Music Contest 5 Operetta 3 F.P.A. Minstrel Annual Staj Ethel Bill QyM Circus 1 Shorthand Contest I I Erelyn Bohlander Girls Chorus2,3,4 G.A.A. 3 Pep Club 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 3,4 Shorthand Contest 3 Basketball Contest 3,4 Gym Circus 1 Senior Play 4 Heme Eo. Club 2,3,4 Ross Cozmely Band 2,3,4 )fixed Chorus 3 Boys Chorus 4 Class Officer 3 Student Council 4 Edgar Coyle Basketball 1,2,5,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 2 Track 1,2 Gym Circus 1 Mixed Chorus 2 Noir Masque 1,2 Lyle Crcsre Gym Circus 1 French Club 2 Pep Club 3 Alta Duncan Class Cffloer 1 Student Council 2,3 Gym Circus 1 Paper Staff 4 Secretary of District Student Council 4 Bill Eastman Gym Circus 1 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Musi o Contest 1,2,3,4 Operetta 1,2,3 Pep Club 3,4 Boys Chorus 4 Octet 4 Paper Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 Danoe Band 2,3 Junior Play 3 Aoccnpaziist 3,4 F P A. Minstrel 3Bob Fhulk Student Counoil Class President 1,2 Vioe President 4 Junior Play 3 Qym Cirous 1 E Club 3 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Traok 2,5 Baseball 1,2 Charlotte Fkese Transfer Home Bo Club 1,2,3 Club Pres 3 Paper Staff 4 Class Offioer 4 Shorthand Contest 3 Robert ft uin Band 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 4 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Minstrel Shoe 3 German 3and 2 Dance Band 5 Pep Club 3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Operetta 1,3 Conneroial Contest 3 Gym Circus 1 Junior Gauger Football 1,2,3,4 P F A 1,2,3,4 Judging Contest 2 Basketball 2 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 4 Operetta 2,3 Paper Staff 4 F.P.A. minstrel 3 E Club 2,3 Baseball 1 Track 1,2 Victory Council 4 Fred Gibbs F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Gym Circus 1 Football 3,4 F F.A. Minstrel 3 Judging Contest 2 Operetta 3 Robert Gordon spotball 2,3,4 Football Capt 4 Baskotball 1,2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Baseball 2 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Ffcper Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 Iftxed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Boys' Chorus 4 Operetta 1,2 Gym Circus 1 Dance Band 3,4 Band 3,4 E Club 2,3 Noir asque 1 Victory Counoil 4 Virgil Hepperly Transfer Boys' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Football 4 Basketoall 4 Track 4 F. F.A. Pres 4 Paper Staff 4 tfanita Kaufman Transfer Pep Club 4 G. G.A. 4 Heme Ec Club 4 Club Sec 4 Senior Play 4 Juanita Miller Horae So Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A Club 2,3,4 Gym Circus 1 Girls' Chorus 1,2 Basketoall Contest 2,5,4 Bob Morgan Transfer Football 1,4 Baseoall 1 Traok 1 Stunt Shoe 1 Qym Circus 1 Pep Club 4 Band 1,3 Alberta Nohron Class Officer 1,2,3 Operetta 1,2,3 Girls Chorus 1,2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Noir Masque Club 1 Gym Cirous 1 P.F.A. Minstrel 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Paper Staff 2,3 Pep Club 2,3,4 PTench Club 1,2 Student Council 1 Margaret 0 Connell Transfer Heme So Cluo 3 Norman Panther Basketball 1,2 Track 1,2 Baseball 1,2 Football 4 Gym Circus 1 Band 1,2,3 4 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Boys» Chorus 4 P.F.A. Minstrel 3 Operetta 3 Junior Play 3 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Boys Quartet 3,4 Pep Club 3,4 Senior Play 4 Louise Perkhouse Mixed Chorus 1 Girls Chorus 1 Band 2,3,4 Operetta 1 G.A.A. 4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Gym Circus 1 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Literary Contest 4 French Club 1,2 Paper Staff 2,3,4 Hairy Pierce Football 1,3,4 Track 1 Gym Circus 1 Mixed Chorus 1 Operetta 1 Cleo Potter Gym Circus 1 Home So Club 1,2 Stunt Shew 1 Helen Reeves G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4 Home Sc Club 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 3,4 Operetta 2,3 Basketball Contest 1,2,3 Gym Circus 1 Club Pres 3 Senior Play 4 Jean Sllyn Rutledge Gym Circus 1 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4 Home Sc Club 1,2,5 Operetta 1,2 Lorraine Sands Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 3,4 Home Bo Club 1,2,5 G.A.A. 3,4 Pep Club 3,4 Operetta 1,2,3 Shorthand Contest 3 Stunt Shew 1 Gym Circus 1 Basketball Contest 5 Luan Smith Stunt Shew 1 Home Ec Club 1,2,3,4 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 4 (idPatricia Smith French Club 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4 Operetta 1,2,3 Music Contests 1,2,3,4 Band 1,3 Quartet 1,2,3,4 Octet 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Club V. Pres. 3 Pep Club 2,3,4 Club Pres. 3 Cheerleader 2,3,4 Basketball Contest 1,2,3 Stunt Show 1 Noir Masque 1,2 Literary Contest 3 Paper Staff 1,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Shorthand Contest 3 F.F.A. Play 3 F.F.A. Uinstrel 3 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 3 Class Officer 2 Harold Sparks Band 1,2,3,4 Football 2,3 Judging Contest 2 Gym Circus 1 Track 1,2,3,4 Junior Play 3 F.F.A. Uinstrel 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Paulina Stimpart Home Ec. Club 1,2,3 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4 kixed Chorus 2,3,4 Band 1,2 -Preliminary Contest U Shorthand Contest 3 Operetta 1,2,3 Stunt Show 1 John Taylor F.F.A. Club Judging Contest 2 Band 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 2,4 Boys' Chorus 4 Student Council 4 Class Officer 2,3,4 Stunt Show 1 F.F.A. Play 2 F.F.A. Uinstrel 3 Junior Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 2,3,4 Operetta 2 Declamation Contest 1 Band Drum Major 4 Eloise Volz Operetta 1,2,3 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3 Mixed Chorus 2,3 Junior Play 3 Dramatic Reading 1,2,3 French Club 1,2 vNoir Masque 1 ep Club 2,3 Stunt Show 1 Student Council 3,4 Class Officer 1,2 Paper Staff 2,3 Victor Wagner Transfer (12) I, Donald Bagby, will my knowledge of Bloomington "babea" to Ray Baker. I, Ross Connely do will and bequeath ay G. I. haircuts to Gene Willlasson. I, Marjorie Aldrich, leare my shyness and short skirts to Tinker O'Connor. I, Ethel Bill, leave my "giggles" and "whispers" •• to Elisabeth Coyle. I, Eddie Coyle, leave ny ability to skip 7th hour olass to Edson Dressier. TTe, Harold Sparks, and Joanna Bailey, leave,in close harmony. I, Lyle Crowe leave my quiet ways and "nothing to say phrases to Bob Vois. We, Bob Morgan and Lorraine Sands, leave----black and blue from each other's blows. I, Bob Phulk, leave June in the care of Lyle McWi! but merely in the oare of111 I, Bob Gordon, leave Mary K. in the oare of--------cone to think of it, 1 'll take oare of her myself. I, Alberta Nohren, leave my ability as "No. 1" flirt to Dorothy Yambert. I, Juanita Miller, do will and bequeath my regular attendance at church to Arthur Cooper. 1, Norman Panther, leave Barbara Hany (sob) (sob)... with deep regret. I, Bill Eastman, leave my piano-playing ability to John We, Charlotte Frese and Evelyn Bohlander leave "The Reporter to lather Allison and Agnes Roberts. I, John Taylor, leave my position as "President" to John Vial com. 1, Bob ftruin, leave my osdce-baking ability to future homemakers, especially "Pooahantas". I, Cleo Potter, leave my knowledge of the "spots" in Bloomington to Eileen Wool. 1, Mary Louise Parkhouse, leave my ability to have and to hold an out-of-town boyfriend to Betty Jo Hynes I, Virgil Hepperly, leave my medal of good-behavior to Duane Rice. I, Luan Smith, leave my faithfulness to the Home Eo. dub to Joan deary. I, Wanita Kaufman,leave my dancing ability to the underclassmen boys. I, Jurior Gauger, leave Elaine, wishing that I could take her with me. ----- 1, Jean Ellen Rutledge, leave ay knowledge of Am. History to anyone who needs it next year,and may it improve with the years. I, Helen Reeves, leave my "doublemint” in second hour English olass in the oare of Anne Burster. 1, Paulina St import, leave my official position as librar ian to Lois Wadsworth. I, Margaret O'Connell, just leave. I, Patricia Sfcaith, leave my ability to love and lose to anyone with only my technique. It Eloise Vols, leave my bookkeeping in the waste paper basket and send my love to the "Navy". I, Harry Pierce leave, so what??????? I, Alta Duncan, leave my outlook on life to the pever twins. I, Victor Wagner, leave, wondering what it's all about. VUir-HeiieJ; Rm - A -T p«v-Huvnpty Dumrty ClSJ1 (13)CLASS HIOPHECY The main reason for our journey' throughout the states was to secure information for the "Who's Who in El Paso". The train on which we were traveling made its first stop at a small town in Missouri. Who should we see there but the former Mar gey Aldrich, who ownoa the largest farm in those parts. The huge farm of sixteen acres was managed by Murgey and her ten children. On board the train wo met several celebrities. We were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of Lyle Crowe, who is famous for his book "Hovr to be a Loud Mouth in Six Easy Lessons”. Incidentally he is married to that quiet girl, Helen Reeves, who never gets a word in edgewise (we don't believe it.) Also on board was the glamorous ohorus girl,Bubbles Nohren, who has just won great acclaim for her masterpiece in literature "How to Win Your Man With One Little .Vink". The conductor told us that the great movie director,Norman Fanther, was traveling to New York to read over his new picture "Better Late rhan Never”.As luck would have it, we did not get to see him. While eating our dinner, a telegram was delivered to us and to our joy, -lash Gordon, the Modem Suporman, was the proud father of a five-pound girl. The telegram seid that the new parents had nameo the baoy Mary Kathryn. (We wonder whioh Mary Kathryn won outj After passing through many states, we finally reached Hew York where we were greeted by Mayor La Sparks. Our first stop was at the exclusive Pot-Bo hotel which was managed by Cleo Potter and her bosom pal, Evelyn Bohlandcr, who,in her spare time, raises Chester White pigs in her penthruse garden. Thru the window, we could see a band of Sioux Indians performing. Among the players was Ross Connely, who was fondly beating his bass drum, whioh, by the way, he had named Pocohantas. That afternoon,the Chambermaid came to our room to clean and we had a nice long chat with her. It was nice seeing Joanna 3ailey again. Joanna worked in the hotel in the daytime and sang at Carnegie Hall at night. Mayor LaSparks oarae back and gave U3 tickets to a concert given oy William Eastman, who was playing his famous arrangement of ”Chop Sticks". Also appearing on the same program was Faulina Stimpert, who is notad as the only woman baes singer in the world. The next day while we were touring the city, the mayor told us that the fine lighting system of the city was due to the LampeLight whioh had been inventod by Junior 1 Gauger. Stopping at the R. 0. A. building we saw Jeanie Rutledge,the chewing gua queen, advertising for the Triplemint Program. Billy Kaufman,the darling of the airways .was also singing on that program. Her theme song was "I'm Irresistiole". That night when we left our hotel, one of rhe first people wham we met was Vio-tor Wagner—in uniform. He said he was a ?• B. S. C. man. When we asked him what that meant he told us—foceral Bureau of Street Cleaners. We paased a five and ten cent store and saw two familiar faoes advertising Tru-House Foot foundation". They were Louise Parkhouse and 3ob PTuin who had toured the nation with their product. Going past a theater, we noticed that the "great lover", Don Bagby, was playing Brett Rutier in "The Wind Want Past". Co-starred with him was the great actress Aita Din-oan, who had the part of Variett. The mayor showed us the U. S. 0. Canteen and who should oe the head hostess but 81 oise Volz. Sne catered to all sailors, and one in particular. Helping her run the center were Margaret O'Connell and Juanita Miller, who were famous for their delicious doygh-nuts they served to the doughboys. Turning into a drug store, we nearly bumped into a fur be-deoked lady leading two Great Denes on a leash. We didn't get a chance to speak,but we know her to be tie ferns r Pat Smith. She had Just divorced her eleventh husband.At one time she had been the Countess of Potznaniaj now she was Patrioia Smith, Johnson,0'Hare,Balonaki,Kaldini, Brown, Whetiel, Olafson, Salono, Zolinski, Spretmouse, Jones. The nation had just elected a new president and Si Paso was oertainly proud of John Taylor, who won that honor. John never married (he always did dislike girlsJ)—-and Ethel Bill is the housekeeper at the White House. Charlotte Preae is new a very wealthy woman. Her invention, "Frese's Favorite Pish food", won her great aoclaim all over the fishy world. She also owns several oil wells in Oklahoma. Since her husband is dead and she has no children, it is rumored she will leave her money to 81 Paso Township High Sohool, to pay off the deot left by her class. Sane of the '43 graduates remained at home and beca:.ie well-known. Lorraine Sands is running the Panola store with the able assistance of her husband—you knew whoJBob Faulk is tho local Johnson Wax salesman,and he informed us that June was hie best selling month. The present mayor of El Paso is Eddie Coyle. The publio must like him for he's boen in for ten years. One of the first laws he put in the schools was that students oould sleep in history olass if they wanted to. Luan Smith is the looal beauty operator. She has the only beauty parlor in the city, and is kept very busy. II er shop covers a whole blook and she has twenty operators working for her. Virgil Hepperley, the seoond Glenn Cunningham, returned to his home town for a visit after breaking the mile record by l 2 minute. I suppose you are wondering about the 43 class sponsors. "Doo” l.cL ne is touring the country with his all-girl basketball team. Incidentally, the five girls are his daughters. Miss UcCue is now secretary to the President. Every once in a while she returns to SI iaso to visit the commercial classes. She says she gets a great deal of enjoyment out of watching the beginners in shorthand. Miss !.iarian Tendiok now has a dootor's degree in dramatics and is teaching at Bradley Polyteohnique Institute. In the summer she goes to New York where she has stock fri ft siBauer theater. Thus completes the oyclo of the '43 graduates.(16) JUKI OR CLASS In the fall of 1940, forty ripe freshmen timidly scrolled in good old B. T H. S After becoming acquainted with each other, they elected John Mai com president{Raymond Shoe-maker vi oe-president, and Bill Kilpatriok secretary .Student Council member was Tinker CTConn® and Mr Snyder was ohosen for sponsor.Most of the students took part in the activities that year and have continued to do so. Phll-f lodged sophomores, the class of 44 ohose their of floors.They were John Mal-oom president,Leslie Hibbs vioe-president,and Bill Kilpatriok was eearetary-treesurer. The Student Counoil member carried over into this year,and Miss Bspevlk was sponsor.By this time half a dozen students had moved away, leaving the olass at the diminuitive size of thirty-four. Proudly thirty-four bright Juniors mounted the steps of B T H S , with more groso-up hearts than when they were "mere" sophomores .The offioers were John Maloom president,Bather Allison vice-president,and Tinker O'Connor seoretary-treasurer.Thelr sponsors wereMr Wene, Miss Miles, and Mrs. Borror. fndK . und r the dir rtlon of “l" 1st Row Ifrs.Borror,Miss Miles,Bsther Allison,Dean Fever,Lois Wadsworth,John Maloom, Anne Burster, Willis Kir let on, June Johns on, Duane Rice,Norma Campbell, Tinker O'Connor. 2nd Row:Mr .Wane,Edson Dressier,Bill Ki1patrick,Marilyn Shaffer,Elaine Lampe,Eileen Mool , Reta Zehr,Barbara Hax$r,Mary K.Pfister,Elizabeth Coyle,Agnes Roberts,Dorothy Yam-bert,Mary Rita Barclay. 3rd RowsJerry Pfister,John 01tman,Arthur Cooper,LeRoy Pinkham,Bob Volz,Dale Fever, Gene tteffen,Ray Baker,Lyle McWilliams,Paul Cox,Wilbur Hartman. Student Council Memberi Gene Steffen Vi oe-Presidenti Bsther Allison President John Maloom Secretary-Treasurer Tinker O'Connor Student Council Member Mary Rita BarclayVi oe-President Richard Gaines Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Fenton President Bill Tipler Student Counoil Member John Everetts SOrHCI ORB CLASS In September, 1941, an exoitea freshman class wandered about the halls of E T H. 3 , wondering what it was all about But we soon oaught on, and bravely bore the burden of being Freshman There were forty-five of us,but during the year five dropped out In our election we made Don Gordon president, Everett Quiram vice-president. Bob Stimpert seoretary-treasurer, John Everett student council representative Our advisors were Mr Snyder and Miss Butler The next year we oame back not feeling quite so green This year there were forty-seven of us and we elected Bill Tipler president, Dick Gaines vice-president, and Margaret Ponton searetary-treasurer Class advisors were Miss Espevik and Mr Snyder 1st Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row Members of the Sophomore Class are Armenta frakes, Joan Cleary, Shirley Burroughs, Margaret Fenton, Alma Newkirk, Roberta MoConkey, Betty Newkirk, Ethel Storti, Isabel Volt, Rita Kirby, Lois Coyle, Beverly Russell, Donna Jane Agnew, Miss Espevik Beverly Laps, Harold Marous, Vernon Agnew, Everett Qulram, Don Gordon, Monte Lindsey, Maxine Chapman, Ruth Wilson, Beulah Martin, Virginia Inthume, Mary Louise Wadsworth, Miss Martin Virgil Krug, Glenn Sparks, Norma frese, Betty Jo Hynes, Bill Tipler, Jim Corbitt, Beraloe Hayse, Kathryn Soherts, Kitty Lou Eastman, Eugene Savoie, John Everetts• Bob Fevers, Lyle Miller, Claire Lyons, Marvin Kingdon, Dick Gaines, Jim Davis, Kenneth Burroughs, Bill Altum, Leo Phister, Ceoil Soott. Presidenti Lloyd Rabor Student Council Vember» Ruth Stotler FRKSHKAN CLASS Our first high school aays.....Lioyd Raber, a lanasiide choice for president....• that ffiuailiar two-sone Barbara Cryer and Joan Roth,vice-president and secretory-treasurer.• ••the first party . and it had to be oold...a weiner roast indoors.......a treasure hunt and the upper-clas3men stole our clues...ouying war stamps every week.. bonds too.."a war stamp a week kept our class at the peak”.••••plenty of talent in our class too...3ill Davis,Lloyd Haber,Harold t rkhouse,Biil Purroughs,Bill Nohren in athletics..Barbara Cryer,Kathleon Barclay, Joan Roth,Ruth Stotler in music..top honors to Joan in dramatic reading in the spring content...Bill Nohren kept our class in the news as newspaper reporter.•.Lloyd Raber represented us well on the Student Council and Victory Council,also Kathleen Barclay, Ruth Stotler, Delora North.Hiss Salmon was our class sponsor—Mr. Claggett and Mrs. .vtrouse assistants • • .Spring party with the sophanores...e roller skating party with plenty of tumbles.....at last we’ve made the grade...one down and three to go...cee you next yeari 1st row tors. Strouse, Fjno, Engl e,V.,ebb,Altum, Campbell, Hayse, Da venport,?'cDonnell,?.'i 1 key ,?.’es sell. Burroughs,Miss Salmon,Vr. Claggett. 2nd Row:Volt,Quirajr.,P.oth,S otler,Forth,Cryer,Vftgner,llalcan,Pinkhair.,SteckTaan,Barclay,Nohren, Donze, Faker,Trunnell. 3rd Rowt Pinkham,Tood,Knol 1, Fever, r ienop,Enright,Berg,Shaffer,Scott,Taylor,Y essel 1, Pai ley, O' Connell,I!cT?illiams. 4th RowjHany, Fuebler, Farr is, Schramm, Vessel 1,1 oorbaugh,S chertz, Davis, fetter aon,Parkhouse Bill, Raber,Burroughs.VICTORY COUNCIL The Victory Counoil was organised for the purpoee of directing our sohool in war activities. It is oomposed of the Student Counoil plus a few more members from each class. The main purpose of the oounoil is to promote the sale of War Bonds and Stamps in our oocn-munity. Its first successful attempt was made in December when our spectacular stamp drive was held. This continued for a week and at that time $1435.00 worth of bonds and stamps had been sold. Sales have been continued one day each week throughout the year. Enoouraged by their first success, the members have planned a spring drive. This, began Maroh 15th and continued until May 12th. Our goal is two jeeps, or $1800. These activities are a part of the School at War program for the purpose of stimulating interest in war activities and helping our country to attain its goal—VICTORY The most important aotivity of the Victory Council this year is the Victory Bond Auction, which is scheduled to take place Saturday evening, April 17th. As this book goes to press, students are hard at work with last minute arrangements—collecting donations, taking care of advertising, and putting up the auction stand. Both students and merchants have been generous with their contributions, and we feel confident that the auction will be successful. Among the many donated artioles to be auctioned are calves, pigs, sheep, chickens, furniture, quilts, and home-canned foods. These articles will be auctioned off for 7?ar Bonds, and we hope to be able to reach our quota of the price eighteen hundred dollars V of two jeeps— ® Members of Victory Council aroj First RowiMr Yens, Ann Burster, Margaret Fenton, Miss Salman, Tinker 01Conner,Bloise Voir Mary Rita Barclay, Ruth Stotler, John Taylor, Mrs. Borror, Mr. Claggett • Second Rwr Kathleen Barclay, John Everetts, Lloyd Raber, Bill Tipler, Gene Steffen, Junior Gauger, John Malcaa, Bob Gordon, Ross Connley, Miss Martin 1st Ron:Kitty Lou pastasn Shirley Quiraa,Marilyn Shaffer,Blaine Lampe,Liss Lilies,Seta Zehr, Amenta Frakes,Mary Rita 3arclay,Joan Cleary; 2nd Row:Paulina Stinpert,Rachel V.'agner,Donna Jane Agnew,Janet Pinkham,Ruth llson, Helen Reeves,Rita Kirby,Roberta LIcConkey,Lois Coyle,Esther Allison,Beulah Martin,Virginia Inthurne; 3rd RowrMary L. »adsworth, Betty Altum,Luan Smith,Alma Newkiik, Mary Enright,Donna Bishop,Agnes Roberts,Juanita Miller,Betty J. Hynes,Dorothy Yambert,Ethel Major, Bernice Hayse; 4th Row:Arlene Jilkey,Marjorie McDonnell,Ruth Stotler Janita Kaufman,Evelyn Bohlander,Ruth Taylor,Edna Maicom,De-lora North,Joyce Shaffer,Norma Frese,Maxine Chapman. To assist the helpless...to make the life of our country's defenders more pleasant...to aid in rehabilitation work...to remember unfortunate children... to be ever mindful of the aged.....to bring cheer into the hearts of the physically and mentally handicapped---these are worthy objectives of El Paso Chapter of the Junior Red Cross which is sponsored by Miss Miles and Mr. McLane. This year these objectives have taken the form of making bedroom slippers,bed jackets, and two afghans for the men in the service.In such an organization, the seeds of community service are sown. The boys of the Manual Training Department have made five dart boards and two tables as their Junior Red Cross projects. These are to be used in Red Cross centers and army hospitals. 1st RowjBill Burroughs,Donnie C Connell,Lewis .'essel Valton Volz,Bob Volz,Kenneth Burroughs Alvin Vogel,Kenneth '.Vessel,Arthur Cooper, Jayne Burroughs,Cecil Scott. 2nd Row:John Everetts,Bill Nohren,Donald 3ailey,Bob Schramm,Edson Dressier, E erson Bill,Kenneth Hany,LeRoy '.Vessel,Gene Keubler,Lloyd Raber.SENIOR rLAY Bob FTuin, the young architect, struggling raanf illy to hen a dress for Mary Louise Parkhouse on the sewing machine; Patricia Smith, a pert little junior ndss; Bob Gordon, who was crazy about girlsj Evelyn Bohlander, the housekeeper, •Yanita Kauftnon, the forceful career woman; Sloiso Volz, who inherited a million from bubblo gun; Alberta Nohrem, a luscious Southern charmer; Helen Peeves, the Negro cook; Norman Panther, the irate truok driver; and Joanna Bailey, the girl with ideas—cooperatod in producing the. ever-popular April 30th comedy, brother Goose” on As one of the final climaxes of high school life, this group of seniors did a marvelous job of presenting to the cocmunity one of the best amateur productions Miss ’ Sarian Tendick was the able director of this play BROTHER GOOSE Jeff "Brother Goose".............................., Bob jruin Caro1 ) Patricia Smith Vfes ) his flock................................Bob Gordon Tyaointh) Mary Louise Parkhouse Helen, who quits ......................... Evelyn Bohlander Peggy, who comes to the rosoue ................Joanna Bailey Eve, a Southern charmer ..................... Alberta Nohrem Sarah, a colored maid.......................... Helen Reeves Lenore, who has "plana" ....... .................Eloise Volz !.trs Trimmer, of the iYeo Blue Inns .•• • ... Tfanita Kauftmn Truck Driver, who is plenty mad.........••••• Norman PantherJUNIOR PLAY On December 4, 1942, 51 Paso was rocked oy a devastating earthquake—an earthquake of laughter, when an inc dent happened in one of the well-known sanity houses of a famous university It was rVidoy evening; a number of the girls had already left the house with their esoorts for the evening, a few remained CSie of the girls was feeling ill A doctor was summoned in to examine her and quarantined the house becauso die had chicken oox.Among those present were several young men who were working their way tJirough college by waiting on tables for the young ladies. Imagine the tine they had Such was the three act comedy presented oy the Junior Class. CAI.TUS QUARANTINE Gloria Smith, a Kanna Janma sorority girl .Tinker O’Connor Ur8. Smith, her aunt and house-mother.........Anne Burster eryl Shepherd, who causes all the trouble.Marilyn Shaffer Sdythe Rhodes, another sorority girl...........Barbara Many Deborah Mercer, who tries to have a romance.. M R. Barclay Lela Dunn, % nurse......•••••••..............A.gnos Roberts Dr. Leon Atwell, meek and mild.••••••••••••••••Joe Vfoosley Gordon Dunn, who loves to manage things.........Duano Rice Ronald Steele, his pal••••••••••••••••••••••••Gene Steffen Elliott ?Jaxim, who has a flair for theatricals .John Male cm Finlay Carruthers, his roommate..............Edson Dressier Howard Ross, Tom a rival school............TTillis Xirktcnc nd the l 3znd Pn GIRLS' QUARTET Joan Cleary Anne Burster Mary Rita Barclay Patricia Smith (2 ,)BAND The band has had a full ye?r of activities, beginning in the fall with the football games. Noontime found the band raemoers drilling on the football field and marching down the streets, in preparation for the marching exhioitions which they gave for the football games. Within three weeks after school began, the band gave its first concert. This was in connection with a Community Bond Drive,and was the first chance to do our part for patriotism. They led the Community Hallowe'en parade, and soon afterwards, began training for music for the basketball season. At one of the games, they gave an effective patriotic demonstration, leading the student body in the national anthem. The band will take an active part in the Bone Auction, and will present its annual Spring Concert in May. The members of the band are: 1st row: Fruin, Berg, Zehr, L'ool, Taylor, Taylor, Volz, Burster, 2nd row: Lape, Schertz, Blackmore, Bailey, ’williamson. Panther, Parkhouse, Pfister, Wadsworth,Barclay, Pfleeger, Shaffer, McWilliams, Shaffer, Barclay, 3rd row: Cltman, Connely, Gordon, Lampe, C'Conner, Sparks, 3ailey, Eastman.UIXED CHORUS Because of our crowded schedule this year,it seemed impossible to find a time for mixed chorus rehearsals. Consequently, none was organized, though it was an activity in which many students were interested, .7hen contest time came,members for a nixed group were chosen from the ranks of the boys' and girls' choruses,and we managed rehearsal tine,at the expense of our other organizations, The chorus has worked hard,and has had a successful season. The Lenbers of the kixed Chorus are: 1st rowsTinker O'Connor,Shirley Burroughs,Kathleen Barclay, Joanna Bailey,Lois V adsworth, Paulina Stimpert,Barbara Cryer,Isabel Volz,Ruth Stotler,Luan Smith 2nd row:Joan Cleary,Largaret Penton,Delora l.'orth,Anne Burster,21aine Lampe,Esther Allison Lary Rite Barclay,Lois Coyle,Joan Roth,Patricia Smith 3rd row:Edson Dressier,Kenneth tfessell,John Taylor Everett uiran,K'orman Panther,Jim Corbitt,Junior Gauger,Bob rruin,Bill Eastman,Glenn Sparks, Arthur Lartin,3ob Gordon, Virgil Hepperly,Claire Lyons.Lewis Vessel!,GIRLS' CHORUS Fifty girls participrted in the girls’ chorus this ye-'-r, under the capable direction of Kiss Ruth Urrtin. The first event of a busy yee r for this group was the Community Sing at Christmas time. Together with the boys chorus, the girls chorus gave a spring concert in April. The chorus has accotaplished a great ueal an is deserving of much praise. 1st row; Margaret Fenton, June Johnson, Isabel Volz, Donna CampoeLl,De- lora North, Edna Mae ialcom, Ruth Taylor, Kathleen Barclay, Joan Roth, Dorothy Yambert, Joan Cleary, kiss Martin. 2nd row: Kitty Lou Eastman, Buelah Urrtin, Lois Coyle, Ruth Stotler, Evelyn 3ohlander, Pauline Berg, Noma Campbell, Mary Enright, Agnes Rooerts, Esther Allison, Rachel . agner, Anne burster, Kathryn Schertz. 3rd row: Luan Smith, Alma Newkirk, Roberta LcConkey, Lary Rita Barclay, Ethel Stortz,Rita Kirby, Patricia Smith, Joyce Shafier, Elaine Lampe, Barbara Cryer, Eileen Mool, Shirley Quiram. »th row; Mildred Y ebb, Joanna Bailey, Paulina Stimpert, Jean Ellyn Rutledge, Helen Reeves Betty Jo Hynes, Beverly Lape, Lois '..adsworth,Annenta Frakes,kary Louise Aadsworth, Shirley Burroughs, Tinkey O'Connor. BOYS' CHORUS Boys' Chrous is a new organization this year, formed primarily to give musical experience to boys who would not otherwise receive it. In addition to their singing, the boys have spent time in learning to read and to appreciate music. Their first appearance was on Navy Day, when they appeared before the student assembly. Since that time, they have taken part in the Christmas Musical, have sung for the Music Club, and appeared in the Spring Concert. 1st row: Virgil Krug, Lewis Wessell, Claire Lyons, John lialcom, Kenneth Wessell, Edson Dressier, Dick Gaines, Don Gordon, Bill Eastman, boss Connely, Arthur Martin,Virgil Hep-perly. Hiss liar tin. 2nd rc »: Dale Fever, George ‘. alters, Everett Quiram, Norman Panther, Jim Corbitt, Bob Fruin, Junior Gauger, Glenn Sparks, Bob Gordon,Bill Kirkton, H rvin Kingdon, Vernon Agnew, John Taylor, Dean Fever.ANNUAL STAFF Standing: Bill Sastaan, Joanna Bailey, John Taylor, Lorraine Sands, Evelyn 3ohlander, Neman Panther, Dob Gordon. Seated: Miss Tendick, Patricia Smith, Mr. LcLane, Bob Fruin, Miss MeCue. Flash...Important Senior meeting..Annual Staff must be selected......Everyone's presence is requested.. Paper! Paper! read all about it. Fruin is sdected as editor for '43 "Cometeer", Eastman as assistant.. .with Gordon(sports), Taylor (photography). Smith ( business manager), Bailey (art), Bohlander (typist),Sands(activ-ities), and Panther (advertising), as sub-editors. Now the mad rush begins—cameras everywhere... watch out or you'll get your picture taken. Be careful don't spill Joanna's inkl Don't bother Evelyn....she's busy typing. Oh! too bad, she made a mistake! see what Pat's doing..Oh! she's making up the ad pages. She did a fine Job of selling them with Norman's help. Oh ray! that last week,poor Lorraine and Juanita nearly worked their fingers to the bone. And John where is he?........ Gee! there he is amidst the pictures! Where is Doc...........why he is out with RiiHip taking pictures of his prize athletes.Have you seen the Senior Will? Miss Tendick can surely be praised....for her work, and don't forget Mary Louise for she assisted. Now Miss KcCue warns us not to make any more mistakes.. ...........Hurrah! We finally have finished the 19 43 "COMETEER1E. T. H. S. REPORTER The Reporter staff with the aaeistanoe of Miss MoCue tried their utmost to bring to the student body the kind of news and soandal that would be most enj y-able. The staff made an effort to add to the suooess cf the junior and senior classes in the presentation of their pi ays, oy advertising then in the current issuea They featured write-ups boosting Bond sales to help in the Vic ry Council effort,and they sent copies of the paper to setae of the graduates who are now serving in our armed foroes. one the YTe hope the school paper and that next year we may new senior olass. - Seated Patricia Smith, Mary Rita Barclay, Ait a Duncan, Charlotte FTese, Bob FTuin, and Evelyn Bolilander. Standing!Joan Cleary, Bill Nohren, Virgil Hepperly, John Taylor, Junior Gauger, Miss MoObe, Mary Louise Parkhouse, Lorraine Sands, Norman Panther, Helen Reeves.Members of the biology classes met March 26, 1943 and organized n biology club under the leadership of their instructor, Lrs. Irene Strouse. The purpose of the organization is to seek further knowledge of biology through practical experience and study beyond the regular classroom work. Rules and regulations were agreed upon, officers elected, and future meetings planned. Their first field trip was a study of the trees at Lake Bloomington, on Friday, April 16. Members of the Biology Club are: First Row;Bill Tipler, Bill Altum, Kenneth Burroughs, Dick Gaines, Lois Coyle, Isabelle Volz, Amenta Frakes, Ruth Wilson (Transportation Chairman), Rita Kirby (President) Second Row.Mrs. Strouse, Don Gordon (Reporter), Margaret Fenton, Ethel Stortz, Virginia Inthurn, Bernice Hayes, Betty Jo Hynes, Norma Frese (Secretary-Treasurer), Mary Louise Wadsworth, Beulah Martin, Kitty Lou Eastman Third Row:Vernon Agnew, Leo Pfister, Betty Newkirk, Roberta McConkey, Shirley Burroughs , Jim Corbitt, Harold Marcus, Marvin Kingdon, Victor 'Wagner, Bob Fever, Virgil Krug (Vice-President)The F. F. A. elected the following officers at the first meeting this year: Virgil Hepperly, President; Gene Steffen,Vice-Pres- ident; Harold Sparks, Secretary; Junior Gauger, Treasurer; John Taylor, Reporter; and Fred Gibbs, Watch Dog. There were thirty-eight members in the F. F. A. Chapter this year. There was no F.F.A. play this year because of the transportation problem. Just the same, the boys did a good Job in their screp drive for they collected 7,050 lbs. of scrap metal and 1,470 lbs. of old rubber. They sold it and used the money to further the Chapter. The members of the F. F. A. are as follows: First Row:Robert Reinkensmeyer,Lloyd Baker,Donald Bagby, Jim Corbitt, Junior Gauger ,Jchn Malcom, Dean Fever,Bill Poorbaugh,Virgil Hepperly,Russell Trunnel,Gene Schertz, Second Row:John Taylor,Lyle Todd, Dick Pinkham, Wallace Fever, Jerry McWilliams, George Walters, Dale Fever, Marvin Kingdon, Vernon Agnew, Bill Tipler,Dick Gaines, Harold Sparks, Mr. Lyle Snyder. Third Row:Fred Gibbs, Lyle Miller, Glenn Sparks, Everett Quiram, Virgil Krug,Bob Fever, Gene Steffen, Paul Cox, Bill Kirkton, Ray Baker, Wilbur Hartman,Byron Donz Clifford Knoll. HClffi EC. CLUB The officers of the Hone Ec. Club this year are President.........................Reta Zehr Vice-Prosidect................Euelah Martin Secretary-Treasurer..................T anita Kauftnan Reporter.................. Evelyn Bohlandor Faculty Advisor..................Miss Miles The club is composed of girls who are = Oor6 a°d minors in the field of Home Economics,and of those girls who are enrolled in any course in the department. The purpose of the organisation is the creation of departmental coiscien-tiousness in the school of Heme Economics—by promoting closer fellowship between the students in that fieldjby giving a higher conception of the role that Home Economics can play in life, both hone and professional .This purpose is carried out by m«tings twice a month, at which times business meetings and entertainment take place. 1st rowtK.L.Eastman,?.Quiram,y.Schaffer,E.Lacpe,Viss : iles,R.Zehr,Amenta FVakes,y.R.Farci r, if.Cleary;2nd ror;»F.Stimpert,?.Wagner,D.J.Agnew,J.R.Pinkham,P.Wiison,rf.Reeves,R.Kirby,R. do-Conkey,L. Coyie, .Alii son.P.Martin,V.Inthurn.3rd. Row iy.L .Wadsworth, g. Album, I .Smith.A.Kewkirk , y.Enright.D.Eishop.A.Roberts.J.Miller,?.Hynes,D.Yambert.E.Major,B.Hayse,4th rcnriA.Wilkle.M. McDonald,R«?totler,W« Kaufman, E.Poh lander, R«Taylor,B.yalcan,D«l'orth,J.Sohaffer,::.i-rese,M.(Jmp- man. (31)FOOTBALL lat rows Sparks, B. Gordon, Kirkton, Malcom, Gauger, Gibbs, D. Gordon, Lindsey, Hepperly. 2nd row; Gaines, Cox, Williamson, Corbitt, B. Davis, J. Davis,Panther, McWilliams, Baker, McLane 3rd row: Nohren, ilgr., Hartman, Pierce, Brgby, H. Patterson, Pinkham. Surpassing the early season hopes of even the most optimistic observers, the 1942 football season was one of the most successful. Five victories and three defeats is the record which the gridmen rolled up as they scored 117 points and allowed their opponerfcs only 99 points. The season got off to a good start when the Comets opened their compaign on the home gridiron by handing Leroy a 19 to 13 defeat. Fairoury, the next opponent to face the Comets, was unable to stop the high scoring machine as the 21 Paso boys took advantage of every scoring opportunity to run up a final score of 25 to 0. Chillicothe handed El Paso its first defeat of the season, but the Comets were back in shape to overpower Chenoa in the homecoming game by a score of 12 to 0. On to another victory. When Farmer City s attack proved ineffective, El Paso came out on top with the final results—El Paso 7, Fanner City 6. This defeat for Farmer City ended their long series of wins. The game with Washington was not as successful. However, the home boys were in shape to hand Lexington a 27 to 0 defeat. The final fight for victory proved unsuccessful. Eureka toppled the Comets 0 to 28, ending the E. T. H. S. football season with five victories and three defeats. Schedule Date Opponent Place Score El-Op Sept. 18 LeRoy Here 19-13 " 25 Fairbury There 25-0 Oct. 2 Chillicothe Here 14-32 " 9 Chenoa Here 12- 0 n 23 Fanner City There 7- 6 " 30 Washington There 13-18 Nov. 11 Eureka There 0-28 " 5 Lexington Here 27- 01st row: B. Gordon, Hepperly, Lindsey, Kirkton, D. Gordon, McLane 2nd row : B. Burroughs, Poorbiugh, KcWilliaas, K. Burroughs, lialcom, Williamson, Raber,H. Patterson, Nohren Due to the newly adapted bxis system, the basketball team was definitely handicapped, for most of the rural boys were unable to participate. Nevertheless the fighting five came through with many exciting games for their fans this season. Date Qpponent Place Dec. 8 Benson Here " 11 U. High Here " 15 ketamora Here " 18 Gridley Here Jan. 5 Chenoa There " 8 Roanoke There '• 12 Gridley There n 15 Eureka Here n 20 kinonk There " 22 Washington County Tournament There " 25 Congerville Here " 27 Roanoke kinonk Score Si-Op W7 38-34 26-36 19-37 15-30 24-49 33-30 20-38 32-42 26-49 51-20 25-34 Feb. 2 " 3 " 8 " 12 " 16 " 19 " 23 " 26 Mar. 3 Benson ketamora U. High Chenoa Roanoke kinonk Eureka Washington U. High There 43-19 There 34-53 There 34-28 Here 36-39 Here 33-32 Here 29-49 There 27-48 Here 23-51 Lexington 20-29 (Regional)1st rowi B. fiohren. Bill Kirkton, Bob Gordon, Wayne Burroughs, Duane Rice, Earl Kueoler, Lloyd Raber, Le Roy '.Vessel. 2nd row: Byron Donze, Harold Sparks, Ji:a Corbitt, Lyle McWilliams, Virgil Hepperly, Lyle killer, Ken Burroughs, Bill Kilpatrick, Coach McLcne, (standing). T e highlight of the 19A3 track season is the return of several veterans in the hurdles nd dashes, prospects for other events ere exceptionally good—thus E. T. H. 5.is looking forvv rt to a successful season on the treck field. March Lay A 7 1A 1A Tri Meet at Eureka—Eureka, Latomora, 22 Gridley Relays 27 Gridley (there) 30 Tri Meet at Washburn—Washburn, Linonk County Meet at Weshburn District Meet at Peoria y State Meet at Champaign and El Paso1st RowjJoyce Shaffer, Kathleen Barclay, Margarot Fenton, Kathryn 3herts,Anne Burster,Patricia Smith,Joan Cleary,Tinker O'Connor, ita Kirby,Barbara Many,Mary Louise Parkhouse, Isabelle Vol . 2nd RowjLot3 .'.'adsworth,Eileen Mool, Donna Campbell, Ethel Storts, liary Louise Viadsworth , Marilyn Shaffer, Elaine Lampe, VTonita Kaufman,Evelyn Bonlandor, Pauline ?erg, Betty Jo Hynes, Karma Campbell, Mrs. Borror. 3rd RowiJoan oth,Baroara Cryer,Donna Bishop,Vary Enright,June Johnson,Helen Reeves,Lorraine Sands,Ruth .Tilson, Janet Ruth Pinkham,Betty A1 tun,Agnes Roborts,Juanita Miller,Beverly Lape. UO) G. A A• The Girls Athletic Association is organised under the direction of Ihrs.Borror.lt has a membership of thirty-nine giris, fifteen being made members in a candle-light initiation oeromony. In the fall, the girls went on a hike to the Gull farm and had a weiner roast. On Deoenoer 9th, the monoers held a oanquot in honor of the football squads at Christinas, the girls had a party and a gift exchange. Basketball and volley ball tournaments were held after school. Ctt Varoh 12th, several of the members participated in the state G.A.A. Telegraphic Shooting Tournament. Patricia Smith, as an alternate delegate to represent the organisation, attended the G.A.A. at East lay Camp in Bloomington last summer. Plans are being made to send a representative to cono this year, the expenses to oe paid by the association. CHEERLEADERS Dale Fever John ?4alcam Tinker O'Connori-fcP CLUB The pep Club began the year with a somewhat diminished group.APter several meetings the maximum of twenty-five nenbers was gained Due to the war, the constitutions amonded and new laws were added. Although transportation was quite a problem, many attended the out-of-town games as well as the ones at hacie. The officers selected for the year were Bob Wuin, presidentjEloise Volz, secretary ; Tinker ; 1 Connor, treasurer; Patricia Smith, recreation chairman; ana Louise Park-house, reporter. During the oourse of the year,John Walcom and Dale Over were chosen as oheor-ieader3. A Dow ling party in March was attended Dy many members, and an enjoyable evening was spent. 1st How!t5rs«Borror,'31oi8e Volz,Bob Ffuin, catnaia Smith,Joan Cleary,June Johnson, Helen Reeves,Rita Kirby. 2nd Row:Dean .-ever,Tinker O'Connor,John falcon,Bill Eastman,Elaine Lampe,Joanna Bailey, Louise Parkhouse, Alberta Nohren,Kathryn Schortz. 3rd Row:Dale -ever,dene Steffen,Sanita Kaufman,Ross Connely,Evelyn Bohlander,Bod Morgax} Lorraine Ssuids,Anne Burster.Dance Band Anne Burster, llary Rita Barclay, Krrilyn Shaffer, ..alton Volz, Rete Zehr, Mary Kay Pfister, Kathleen Barclay, Norman Panther, and Bob Gordon.It s CMCtBr-MI'T c 1 i v c r b°9e Burster Henning C M tten i°r 38° EL PASO MINONK IVAN H SNOW k INS. AGENCY J GEN. INS. aind AVTO FINANCING lOOl Muum. wewV V opci -r A.EHcReyhol»s HD fhyman jurgeon 'PtyoyeZ'r €-(1°aAotlat( fiomk Bldg. L. H. KNECHT SALES and SERVICE PHONE ao EL PASO. ILLINOIS Mm R.G.PIERCE WMsiir Qiecmics 4 o nd m P(?°9e44 We Deliver 0 EBBR DRVGS JA1.'ES W. 1SEEER R. PE. PE01IE 485 EL PASO, ILL. West's ( V OAKERY 3 ori e Ov rsebv OperetfeK -el-paso ILL.f.f.WcNOlANO, -EL -PASO, 5 bone 7, THE WOODFORD CO. NATIONAL BANK EL PASO cc fid fyownkh QJtUed ted A arnh Capital 8r Surplus $600,000 Member Federal Deposit 117s. Corp. Member Federal Reserve Sys. ARBOR CARE STUDENTS' HEADQUARTERS Phono 119 El Paso, Illlnoia (47)Today, when civilization has reached a peak that should make war obsolete, man1 s worst enery seems to be man Millions of men are on the inarch today all over the world Our own boys are on many fronts all over the globe Some day in the future peace will come Let us at home awake from our lethargy and hasten that day when the peace will be written, by buying Stamps and Bonds PFISTER CORN COMPANY ELPASO, ILLINOIS (48) R irw c ,t1E 1 . ... irtitS STORE KMN t Pbo7C 7 i Eli , aker SaMt Jioiuuers —+- El Paso National Bank Bldg. P opeJJ f-O CCW®ATULATI ONS TO THE CLASS OF 1943-AKD TO THE FACULTY We here-by express our appreciation for the patronage extended us during your school tern. We wish f r you, success as you step out and onward. TOUR REXAL STORE S. C. Michels F. G. BERTA JEWELER AND OPTICIAN El Paso Illinois Kodaks and Supplies Kodak Finishing A M. WAITS WDKITCHELL INSURANCE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION focTON Typewriter Con V Office Blooming+on, IllinoisEL PASO IMP. CO. Power Farm Equipment It Pleases Us To Please You EL PASO NATIONAL BANKKeep gj P ysic LLy Fit 20th Century Recreation F fl}. CBucky)jopej, Prop. ■El P so, III. W BRUNSWICK ALLEyS PboQeJl Dr Gordon D. Heiple Dentist PI7°9e 7kE ElfaSoJountyU Dot's Beauty Shop Above the Post Office For Lovelier Hair Phone 257 Black El Paso, 111. Founded April5,1865 Publishing V Printing PHONE 10 El Paso IIIinois (51)HOME ELECTRIC W anddQ Ptope I iirico, EL PASO. ILLINOIS SITBNEY ST ATI OH Roy Kinnaraon SI Paso, Illinois A. L. OOTTEL COAL TRANSFER EL PASO, ILL. SAVOIE'S DAIRY Gold Seal Milk and Cream (52)(53) Jt A (JffKNS Veterinarian CXHBLE STORE Authorized Dealer $ned %nvi iHanxlmnjE Zfiyoi ffi(dhm£A Gidb (hxj x cna (lamnaclo (lppfiuCMJC£fc Thomas M. O’Leary P|?ope 05 El Paso,III. DKUMMETT9 S READY TO WEAR. IDA'S CAFE asncl Boocer s Service Station Bus S+a+icr SHORT ORDERS INTERSECTION 24 AND 51 PHONE 325 El PASO, ILL. ROBERT BODGER, (MANAGER) STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS INTERSECTION 24 AND 51 PHONE 335 EL PASO, ILL. (55)j ANDREWS CLEANING SERVICE 0 £L -PA O, 1 hone 81 ILL. LETCHER Bros. GARAGE -EL-FA O, ILL Wistyestotlp TFXWK BCHCDICT RMMT+SEEDS HARDWARE f )0 Schramms Shoe Shop AND Cream Station TWO DOORS WEST OF THEATER EL PASO, ILLINOIS Pt 09e 40 EL PASO, ILL. EACH YEAH A CLASS REACHES THE END OF FOUR YEARS OF LEARNING. AND EACH YEAR WE LEARN TO APPRECIATE MORE OUR EXPERIENCES WITH THE STUDENT BODY AS '.YE COOPERATE IN THE INTERESTING ACTIVITIES OFFERED. Me Hugh’s cafe PLATE LUNCHES AND SHORT ORDERS 4H . ) ) BEST PIE IN TOWN CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO ANOTHER GREAT CLASSI P. H. ANDREWS THE HOME OF GOOD SHOES ILLINOIS VALLEY ICE CREAM PH. 89 EL PASO, ILL. (57)BAILEY PRINTING Co THe ADVeRTlSCR BOYD eiwyffuno ui Punting El Paso, III. HOTOR SERVICE Co Pb°9c?4 LINDSEY’S ;6 «it vV(V KC CvVOCCYvl e. V i vc cV tu Yee s Phone 270 El Paso, Illinois Doirt fertgas make you a 'shuJ ffoMi about using means of omomvt on nature ga )e you ? (A vdafk to this Theatre from your home should be a most plea sant and refreshing experience. Sesides talking is Healthy. EL PASO THEATRE (56)OTTO AND VINCENT KEKCRIAL HOKE Successor To Ficken El Paso, Illinois FRANKE PRODUCE COMPANY POULTRY- EGGS Dress c VchicKcn ? )O )0. 59 El PASO ILLINOIS After all—This Is the best country In the world to live In. Let»s keep It so. TAftMANS MARKETLOCKER Servi ce 2)r C« HENTIST % , Post Orrice Pfyope Z7R£5 ARTHUR A. NORTH All Lines of Insurance Farm Loans Real Estate The Next Time You Need Insurance Call Us Phonos 83 8c 106 El Paso, 111 Cfc yvme Xs Socony Vacuum oil COMPAN H.LEBO owr yOUR OhIvHoME EL PASO BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PLUMBING ELECTRIC Investments - Home Loans Buy MORE Bonds, also add to your savings by investing in a home institution Our M62nd of Service." Phone 23 El Paso, 111. Max Smith,Secy. - L.K.Evans, V-Prcs. J.L.Blackmore, C.M.Rice, J.J.McGuire, A.H.Waite, Ira Bilbrey - directors. (60)HAWKINS STUDIO Bloomington, ill. phofog'rdfjfK LIVE FCREVEF (61)Me haw enjoyed our jjart in the production of this, the 1943 Comefeer fo tkc students and faculty of the d?l asoiDiyti School, toe say .... Many thanks IfoclfcniQbt Bbclknigbt 'fie, the Seniors, leave our school days hero. The time8 we»ve cherished so fond and dear. Put we 11 look back and think of each one of you. Wishing that we could be back here too Our adTiser8 we thank, for all they’ve done. And our advertisers too, each and every one. Thus, tossing a "thanks", we 11 leave you now. But we’ll meet again, sometime, somehow........ (62)AUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS

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El Paso High School - Cometeer Yearbook (El Paso, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


El Paso High School - Cometeer Yearbook (El Paso, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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