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K CO T Si " O ' ■ Mi [ t Zl - Gi c r WW o ) u o Ci -J J X • i 4 ■ ■- H .% - N. , %s d. )iru) v .v f-: o -tj ' ■,A ?slj. " ■ " (Sfl ' - ji " r t ' i S " ;lll tb 3 " n I c •!? p v Q - O cy v? • f -S -iTTV;? v-ytHr ; l ?T ! a T7 zn -f}- - of M, fS (T s rv " " " - -i l C f jcrv pq:X U Q- , ) A -{- ■0 c « o . a. - 1 I 1 ?- lil V ) =- ' %v S o - - y t 5 1); - liP piiinHiiiiPi w mmiiiimmmm Kingly Patron to our A Mo !nt of .nd Courage! SI significance to A Silemt Sentry at the portals of our Aim. Mate jh)ut his Roar echoes in the hearts of Activitie8 Sports Seniors Linderclassmen Clubs Government Faculty Advertisements 14 36 90 114 144 170 184 204 I want to live forever. vnr K Pi I want to learn how to fly! f fv.i 1 »-T i---:v ;;; - I feel it coming together. iSlm 1 Susie Deleado inam i nay Jj ■■IP i 1 ' - ' IRN, Terry Gonzales ! . Each year it is the pleasure of the .Trail ' s End staff to sponsor the selections of Blue and White. A board of profes- sional photographers is assigned the dif- ficult task of choosing the ten most photogenic young ladies and gentlemen of the senior class. We are proud to pre- sent these ten photogenic seniors. m c;;. IP 1 i BH H r m i LufcarYolLopez ' ' m ' ' 9 TomM ■ ma ' 10 Remember my name. 11 Susie Delgado Miriam Triay Activities Activities 15 1 H| H H ' ' ' ' ' H 1 ■ V P k 1 Hi . M K jyi ' vi ■ i i r . .. -,-- ' . .. KSS v l 16 Our Homecomiog Court 80- 8 1 Miriam, is this your morning routine? Annette and Kyle eager to start. Creature from the Black Lagoon. Susie back for the pass. The Main Event was held on November 7, 1980. Our Homecoming week started with morn- ing competitions. El Monte ' s top 5 girls competed in such activities as a lemon-eating contest, wheel- barrow race, three-legged race, pony-back ride and then the awesome event; the football through the hula-hoop. None of the girls made it so they got a creamy chocolate pie in the face! On Homecom- ing Day we had our usual car rally. Our 2 lunches were combined into one. Henry Acero ' s band played and our cheerleaders performed. The last competition was the egg-toss. The girls ' partners were: Rachel — Tony, Annette — Kyle, Susie — Anthony, Miriam — Gary, Eliza — Hector. Our famous football team did a tremendous job by knocking out Arroyo 30-6. During our half-time Rachel Villa was crowned Homecoming Queen 1980-1981. 17 m tmin o — I -o . .- ' - lateS -t .,., . Churias handing off to Mumbles. Rachers Banner. P[n i ' ' 3i RfH flBT Jl HR v ii " w l HK A ' Tm all here. 18 Sue, 1 really don ! enjoy this U ' -.1 ' UJH ' Ni w r -JLT W " ' w rf til E Ibw A .« .] I Bl ' tv l s ' A " 1 ■ Come oo gel it together. ' ' Fall Play The Cast . . . Clara Grey, the mother Laura Guzman Bert Grey, the father Jay Avenatti Josie, the maid Yvonne Troxelair Linda Grey, bride-to-be Rachel Villa Susie Jones, little girl next door Tracy Breece Mrs. Digberry, pompus society woman Dagmar Carey Ernest Digberry, timid groom Alex Ramirez Miranda Gow, wealthy eccentric Carmen Zarate Roger Hornblow, a would-be-crook Jose Yescas Dolly Laurel, a romantic young lady Donna Cooper Tony Piper, young reporter Tony Gailen Lola Lovelace, faded stage star Becky Cleveland Deacon Merridew, crotchety woman-hater Steve Meyers I.o§l in a Dream. Ms. Magoo I think rm turning Japanese. BURP!!! This is not my brand of lea!!! A Broom for the Bride Linda, daughter of a socially pretentious mother, is set to marry Ernest, the mama ' s boy of a supposedly wealthy mother. Linda ' s ex-fiance , a reporter, turns up and sets his mind to breaking up this match. The wealthy Aunt of the family — they ' ve not seen her fo r many years — turns up and is mistaken by the flighty mother for the new maid; she is put to work. A crook, posing as a society reporter, enters the house with his niece; he is after some valuable letters known to him to be concealed behind a family painting. The reporter disguises himself as the Aunt from Boston; he disrupts the plans for the wedding and partially exposes some of the phony guests. 20 Is my eye shadow even Frosh Dance Concert Xmas Parade 22 This year the guvs were sr)ld h« ' f(ir - the girls, since the guys never buy the girls they figured that the gu s would want revenge. This way they would make more money. Their owners made them dress in many dif- ferent ways such as cheerleaders, hallerinas. babies . . . etc. 23 " CELEBRATION, " Was the theme of this year ' s School Spirit. The court of ' 80- ' 81 Anita Bullington, Tisha Diaz, Sylvia Fierro. Tammy Kempton, and Erika Perez. They competed in morning competitions during our School Spirit week. On Friday we had our car rallies so everybody could see who they wanted as their School Spirit Queen. Later that night was the basketball game against Mt. View. During halftime Anthony Silva announced Sylvia Fierro as our School Spirit Queen. Congratulations Sylvia! H ■■ B V i|r .. ' SRHh H E . I V K H hII II BV : iS H B| Y Hb jH HP ; i 1 1 ■1 W X M iV 1 iwrTBHTlflr ' i ■ |H B c ifeS ■ ' .r?%f ington, TishaJEaf Awesome Assemblies 26 (.U Movin ' Right Along ' o This years dance concert was called " Moviri " Right Along " inspired l) Kcrtiiil and Fozzie and the rest of the Muppets. Chore-ettes created original choreography set to music that was extremely varied. Numbers ranged for musicals such as " " All That Jazz " and " Fame " to modern dances like ' " Great Gig in the Sky, " " " African Night Flight, " and " " Kashmir. " Tino was a big hit with his own special brand of pop and lock dancing. Dancers worked very hard from Oc- tober to March after school and on holidays to present a concert that was original, ex- citing, and a lot of fun! Denise ' s solo I am a woman in love. ■H ■■ f Ml H Br F IK : ?iJ? H H i % ii|S:9 ■1 J6 ' B 1 • . C ' 1 At the ballet. Mike and Pally 30 Do you think Til win? King Silva! Spring Ball Court Spring Ball This was a new activity at El Monte. The dress was semi-formal but the gym was decorated to the hilt! It was an exciting evening which should start a tradition from now on. Susie and her King Are Ihey selling out ihe cake? Refreshmenls are served. Kiss me vou fool! A formal ' " ' ' Boogie ' ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Garcia WVi. •i i 31 Spring Ball Court 1981 a famous first? Athony Silva Senior Mike Servantes Sophomore Arcenio Triay Junior George Olivas Freshman 32 Joe and Donna Mando and Audrey Sadie Hawkins was a night to remember. It was held on November 22, 1980. The girls asked their favorite guy to take part in activities such as getting married, going to jail and sharing some roman- tic moments in the Honey- moon Hotel. The ladies usually paid for matching shirts and a meal after the dance. Lucky guys! Ted and Maribel ootto returning offensive starters, Cisco Jaramillo and Gary Painter, and four deferiMve starters, Larry Cecil, Tom Guzman, John Ramirez and Raul Lomeki, this 1980 Varsity team came in Second in the Mission Valley League and went into the C.i.F, Playoffs. Their overall record was 6 wins and 5 losses. 3 and 2 in league play. This 1980 sea.son is a very real testimony to the heart, desire to excell, and to the cour- age of this Lion team. Starling on a defense that allowed only 1 3 points average per game; and allowed an average of 2.5 yards per rush and 1.8 yards per pass, were: Defensive captain and signal caller, linebacker, Raul Lomeli; outside linebackers, John Ramirez and Ray 01i as; ends, Larry Cecil and Yuke Oshiro; tackles, Tom Guzman and Ruben Aviia; safeties, Rene Ruiz and Alex Roman, and corners, Ray Silva and Anthony Marquez. Starling on an offense that rushed for 1,420 yards and passed for 1.303 yards for a total of 2,723 yards and 21 touchdown were: QB, Hector Urias; center, Cisco Jaramillo; guards. Josh Delgado and Raul Lomeli; tackles, Mike Villaiobos and Larry Cecil: tight end. Chuck Jeffery; split end, Alex Roman; flanker. Ray Silva; fullback, John Ramirez; and running back, Gary Painter. Players receiving All Mission Valley League Honors were: Raul Lomeli, firsP team offense and defense; Larry Cecil, first team defense and second offense; Hec- tor Urias. first team kicker and second team QB; John Ramirez, second team offense and defense; Chuck Jeffery, second team offense; Ray Silva, second team offense; GarN Painter, second team offense; Tom Guzman, second team defense and Anthon Marquez, first team defense. Congratulations 1980 Varsity on a great year! Sincere! . Charles Ucker Head Varsity Football ( oacbj 38 The Steel Curtain Tom Travolta again Ruben and Alex team up for the crunch. 39 r™ W ' Hector Urias Martin Flores Robert Cruz Noe San Roman Alex Roman Mario Venegas Doug Sullivan Jose Ybarra Stanford Tucker Jose Rodriguez Ruben Avila Cisco Jaramillo Rene Ruiz Anthony Marquez John Hubler Raul Lomeli Fernando Suarez Fred Nunez Mike Villalobos Josh Delgado 40 ■ y Larry Cecil Rich Whittington Dareld Hall Joe Hinostro IHiiJll i i • . Yuki Oshiro Tom Guzman Kevin McNeill Chuck Jeffery Henry Ramir -! V.!S Leroy Lopez Ron DanieU Ray Olivas 41 ■BttJSUM. ' Esis-. ' . ' i? ■■.--■ ■■saaiB Gonzales dragging AzuMi player down. Charlea Ucker John Caballero Ev Bjorruen Doug Stevenson Raul takinga break. H l 1 1 a ■ " j m k 1 1 3 n Defense moving in for the kill. ' 4 ir: »-.. 43 . )tK!je, ' S)«i3a Sophomore Football A. Benitez, R. Candelaria A. Carpenter, M. Cervantes, H. Cruz, J. Diaz, R. Escamilla, A. Filimaua, L. Galicia, J. Garcia, G. Gates, A. Gonzalez, C. Gonzalez, J. Gutierrez, M. Hernandez, E. Huizar, K. Lomeli, R. Lomeli, J. Lopez, R. Lopez, K. Mcintosh, J. Meller, C. Padilla, M. Picero, L. Pinnelas, C. Quintana, R. Ramirez, F. Ravega, R. Reyes, J. Salcedo, M. Salinas, R. Seratin. R. Serrano, M. Silva, L. llrzua, T.Villalobos, B. Wagoner, T. Woo- ten, G. Zendejas, E. Partida. Rudy Candelaria running the ball back. John ChampUn Craig Morgan « ?« " " »- Sophomores huddle up for the strategy. 45 Aroe Manurl, Ray Alcantar. Luis Blass. George Cassillas, Oscar Del Campo. Gerry Estrada. Sergio Hernan- dez. Rudy Marlinez. Lonnie Nelson, Ceasar Perez, Richard Rios. Derek Tani. Robert Triay, Luis Vasquez, Ralph Villegas, George Zuniga. Jesse Tarango. Bob Klores. Head Coach: Jim Perry, Asst. Coach: Rill Cha- Freshman players kicking back. Lions on the kill Defense on the attack. 46 III Varsity Cross-Country Coach Bob Cody Hector A aia Javier Orliz Santiago ( amparo y Roy Orozco Lorenzo Villanueva Terry Esposito Fernando Velasquez 47 And they ' re off to the races. Lions warm up for the big run 48 Compiling a 2-5 record, the Lion Cross Country Team was competitive through- out the season. The team was never defeated bv more than 5. points, except a loss to GIF runner-up, Arroyo. In league finals the Lions finished a respectable third. The highlight of the season was the individual performance of Fernando Velasquez who finished fiftft in the CIF Championship meet. The team will lose seniors Hector Ayala and Javier Ortiz. Returnim- leltermen will be Santiago Campcro, Hector Conde, Terry Esposito, Roy Oroz and Lorenzo Villanueva. Varsity Basketball Lions jump higher. Sandy dominates over opponent. El Monte taliung over strategy. 50 Jim Maldanado making a lay-up. This years Varsity squad raised a few eyebrows and turned a few heads. After get- ting off to a very poor start (0-6) the LIONS swept through 10 of their next 13 games, which was a pleasant surprise to El Monte followers. During that span, they won seven in a row. The teams first year head coach Bob Alaniz, along with assistant Dave Brooks, were very pleased with the progress of the squad. At the beginning of Mission Valley League play, the LIONS were picked to finish no better than fourth place. Led by seniors, and all league performers, Alex Roman and Jim Roberts, plus junior, San- tiago Campero, the team went through the first round of league play undefeated, they finished up with an 8-2 league record, second place and another trip to the C.I.F. playoffs. Returning to the playoffs was the primary goal of the team, especially since they were not suppossed to be at the top of the league race. During league play the LIONS surprised many people, especially their fans. Constantly playing above their ability to meet oncoming challenges, they held the banners of LION PRIDE high! Comprised of last years Jr. Varsity championship team, coach Alaniz ' s squad possessed once again their excellent all around team work and tenacious defense. Which has become a known trademark across the valley. Rounding out the first five were Seniors Johnny Calindo, Hector Urias, and Jim Roberts, all three of whom were the most consistent players throughtout the league play. Also valuable assets were reserves. Chuck Jeffery and Guard Fred Navarro. Their fine play along with Leonard Tucker, Jim Maldonado and Tom Guz- man signified the important aspect of team play. Thus never allow- ing the opponent to key on one player. 51 9 % «r4«» J.V. Basketball Back Left lo Right: Ignacio Sanchez, Joe Torosian, Abel Guzman, Danny Juarez, Orlando Duran Front: Guillermo Calvillo. Dinh 1 , Frank Caslro, Ralph Ofeda INol Shown: Angel Benitez, Sergio Salazar, Cesar Solorza Coach Ken Steele Looking for the open lane. 53 ■c omore Basketball ' ' Co get him, Stan! " Front, Left to Right: Stanford Tucker, Hector Avalos, Henry Cruz, Joe Weston. Back: David Roman, Joe Moser, Art Robles, Jaime Salcedo, Danny Lee (not shown). 54 f Pi Freshman Basketball Back Left lo Right: Danny Najera, Richard Rio6, Richard Sandavol« John Velazquez, Bobby Flores. Front: Mando Calvez, Rex Lehman Carlos Flores, Andy Flores Isaac Medina, Oscar Del Campo. Lion taking a free shot. 55 Rene Ruiz Richard Rodriguez Eddie Manriquez Ruben Serafin Bill Hall w B H , . V , Ray Olivas Gary Painter Richard Whiltinglon Robert Becerra " What n.iw Coaoh? ' 56 Varsity Wrestling The El Monte Varsity Wrestling squad did a fine job in 1980- 81. The addition to the team of determined heavyweight Robert Becerra (5-1-1 in league) along with the excellent wrestling of the other upper weights like 188 pound Senior Gary Painter (22-6, 2nd in league), 170 pounder and 1981 League Champ Ray Olivas (23-4-1), and 203 pound Rich Whittington (20-9-1; 14 pins; sectionals qualifier) helped the team to a 7-5 overall record and a 4-3, 3rd place finish in league. The lions only losses were to quality teams with the exception of a 3-point upset loss to Rosemead, 32-35. El Monte capped off its season by an ex- citing 39-30 win over 1980 League Champ Alhambra in which the Lion upper weights — Olivas, Painter, Whittington, and Becerra — all pinned their opponents to cinch the victory! Other outstanding performances were: at 101 pounds. Senior Tony Gailen accumulated a record of 18-7 and 5-2 in league; ex- citing Sophomore prospect Joe Ramirez at 115 was 16-13 overall and 4-3 in league; Senior Rene Ruiz at 129 won 12 and lost 8; and at 141, Junior Ed Manriquez enjoyed a 4-3 record in league. Along with their dual meet success, the lions captured 23 individual places in major tournaments: Northview, Mira Costa, San Marcos, and Edgewood. CONGRATULATIONS, VARSITY WRESTLERS! A , „ ■ i. L A-lJll lf iV " ' jf ' P ' . " • ■TfJH 1 , m. J . K Ik. - i- :W¥ ' I. " Wake up Eddie! ' One more for Ray. " Watch that hand! ' ' {Ir lf M Gary taking a bile. HV ! li H ■ . 57 ♦ @ ' ? RoU ' em Ray! " Jusi a little more. Tony pins another victim. 58 J.V. Wrestling ■ " C Hv Coach Doug Stevens J.V. wrestlers looking on. ' ' May I have this dance? ' Varsity Soccer Coach John Caballero Coach Ev Bjornsen Jorge Sanchez Rojas Fernando Velosquez Ralph Alonso Cecelio Casiro Martin Perez lemael Barrajas Sacramento Velasquez Armando Reyes Ralph Coral Jaime Ramirez Ramon Torres Soccer ' 80- ' 81 The 1980-81 Lion Soccer Team was plagued with injuries. Even so the team played well in the tough Rio Hondo league. Led by returning lettermen Javier Ortiz, Fer- nando Velesquez, and Armando Reyes, these young men have pulled together as a team and played .500 soccer throughout the season, at the time of this writing with 2 games remaining, the team record is 4 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie, and is still a chance at a playoff spot. I would like to thank all these young men for a real fine effort. Thanks also to my assistant coach, Ricardo Heredia, who is a driving force in our team ' s success. Coach John Caballero 60 V ' 1 lik . Jumping for joy! LionB going for the kill. Hurry! Kick it to me. " , ' " - Kicardo getting set up for the kill. T 61 J.V.S occer Kick it goodl Top Left to Right: Carlos Nava Jorge Reyes., Ismael Lopez, Amufo Gonzalez., Hector Manriquez, Ray Guzman, Alfredo Gonzalez, Adolfo Hernandez, Carlos Velesquez, Tony Villalobos. Bottom: Angel Perez, Jose Beas, Jesus Alonzo, Dung Tran, David Hernandez, Jose Gomez Diaz ? wj ! ; ' s ;s Look Mom, no hands! El Monte going for the goal. 62 Varsity Tennis 63 r ■ws.- ?.-; .■,-r.i« HieBB ' « Robert with his fancy footwork. ' Duke " gets him with his forehand. J.V. and Frosh Tennis M. Alba. J. Beazs. M. Cardenas. E. Cola. J. Dioll. D. Flora. A. Flores, R. Fuenles A. Calvez. A. Gonzalez, B. Gonzalez, J. Group, M. Lewis, C. Nava, A. Onliveros, J. Pan . M. Perez, R. Reyes, J. Servin, D. Sullivan, R. Sullivan, T. Villalobos Coach Charles licker Lions waiting for their turn. ?V Coach Nick Montero Larrv Cecil Thomas Guzman Hector Urias Rene Ruiz Mike Cervantes Oannv Juarez Henry Sandoval Ted Espanto Alex Roman C hri.s I ' aiiillii Joe Ramirez Manuel Hernandez Freddie Navarro Raul Lomeli Varsity Baseball i wish I had the ball! Hector t lke hiiii out. Raul ready for the pitch. Rene leads off first. mm r J.V. Baseball Coach John Caballero (Nol Shown) Front Left lo Right: Leonard Calica, Mark Salinsa, Ray Olivas, Toni Nyholl, Angel Benitez, Henry Cruz, Back Row: Kurt Lomeli, Lorenzo Villanueva, Jose Diaz, Gus Quintana, Joe Weston Lion up lo bat. Swing and a miss! A ' . Freshman Baseball Coach Rav 0■ eill «sr- ' ' To run or not lo run . r-attif i ' ' " ■ ' ■■ y-. ij 69 Varsity Track Hector Ayala Leroy Lopez Robert Catone Ron Daniels Robert Becerra Thars my boy. Martin Flores ' ' i i Coach Robert Cody The Lion Track Team promises to be exciting and suc- cessful. Team Members include the Mission Valley Leagues ' MVP, Jim Roberts, All-CIF Cross Country run- ner, Fernando Velasquez, and the following seniors: John Garcia, Gary Painter, Leonard Tucker, and Hector Ayala, Sophomores Stanford Tucker, Mark Flores, and Roy Oroz- co will also make important contributions to the team. 70 d iwuWWii -. .. ■. -« ' -»• -- " • ' ■ ■ ' ■ ' ' - " How enlhusia lic can you geiy 1 rack nif mbtTf loosen up befort a riifel. Alonzo Raphael Roy Orozco Henry Panlibuton Anthony Silva Stanford Tucker Rn and Tinker will a ain. Yuko O hiro 71 Coach takes charge. r ™r-sEf - " ■gfc ' ' ,;!. Another one of Cody s jokes. Richard strides for 1 . Frosh. Soph Track ».!!l., ' , ' .i ' T — ii " « ' .M, ' -|Sn Exhausted after a race. Team members work hard. Top Row; D. Roman, R. Rosales, R. Guzman, J. Gomez, A. Corona, P. Perez, T. Paynter, J. Cordova, M. Barillas, D. Gaiien Bottom Row: T. Esposito, R. Rios, H. Conde, M. Silva, E. Torres Practice makes perfect. Wa Lips. INap lime. 72 Varsity Badminton 73 Gigi concentrating on the game. Gilbert smashing Margret and Joyce ready to win. Telly serving the bird. Are you ready? ii.jr » Thin looking cool. 74 J.V. Badminton Veronica and Marie working as a team. Augustin looking on. Ro§a is ready to smash this one. Who ' s going to get it? 75 Varsity Volleyball Coach: Debbie Melker PLAYERS AND POSITIONS Setter Hitters: Lillian Hernandez (12) Maribel Jimenez (10) Lety Villabenscencio (12) Lydia Cabrera (11) Tina Clark (12) Kathy Edwards (11) Shelly Estrada (11) Denise Nolan (12) Patti Riegel (10) Most Valuable Player: Lydia Cabrera Most Improved Player: Kathy Edwards 1. Front Row: Lillian Hernandez Middle Row: Lydia Cabrera, Maribel Jimenez, Tina Clark. Back Row: Denise Nolan, Patti Riegel, Lety Villabiscencio, Kathy Edwards, Shelly Estrada. " STRETCH " ' Please let us win . . . this time!! 76 Hmi g g 1 » •l , 2-;; iU i ■ i The Firing Squad. May I have this danre : ' Isn ' l ihat guy in the third row cule! I p. up. and away! J.V. Volleyball Coach: Ken Steele Why do ihey always have lo be so cheerful? Annette, making a good pass. Front Row: Rosie Redes, Cyndi Attebery, Annette Orosco. Mid- dle Row: Laura Flores. Lisa Zuniga, Karen INolan. Back Row: Martina Villalobos, Mia Camargo, Margie Orosco. i Margie going the wrong way. Coaching is hard work! 78 1 Varsity Tennis From Row: Anna Villanupva, Ro .ie Rodriguiz, Gigi Dang, Lisa Sania Cruz. Thao Vu, Thanh Thu Ngu- gyen. Maria Calone. Middle Row: Shirley Padilla. Lorene Canlrell, Lisa Redes, Telly Gonzales, Adele Miller. Dorine Gutierrez, Gabby Cenleno. Back Row: Peggy Chavez, Dena Carrillo. kim Kelly, Irene Mala, Margarita Lozoya, Lorena Rodriguiz, Ann Marie Kelly, Joyce Gonzales. COACH: Marie Ro berson Varsity Players and Positions (MVP) Telly Gonzales (MIP) Lorene Cantrell Singles: Gabby Centeno (10) Adele Miller (12) Houng Dang (11) DOUBLES: Lisa Redes (11) Telly Gonzales (12) Peggy Chavez (10) Ann Marie Kelly (12) Shirley Padilla (11) Lorene Cantrell (10) ffl singles ff ' 2 singles ff3 singles ffl doubles 2 doubles ff3 doubles ir8 supposed to go overP Peggy going for it. Lisa there for the return. Gabby making it look easy. J.V. Tennis " Happiness is Winning " rene and Dena after a win. Varsity Basketball Back Row: Diane Mills, Peggy Chavez, Laura Flores, Letly Villabiscencio. Middle Row: Lydia Cabrera, Tina Clark, Patii Riegel. Front Row: Martha Hernandez, Lisa Redes, Shelly Estrada. Hi mom! Diane making shadow pictures. Tina on defense. Lions uorking their way to ihe lop. Laura ready to sink it. i ik J , ■ . - m --— ' • ' IPf ' " i :£fi ' ' M!9i. Hii - M Lisa charging down the court. Lions getting skyhigh. I B i 1 SI m E -. ' 9 i hh i ■ H L %i tiV i 1 ■■■F ' 1 H Hl i 1 M I Br 83 s . ' Basketball Coach: Donna Denle J- fi Back Kow: Elvira Guzman, [.ort-na Kixlri iif .. B« ' ok arr4 n. Middlr Ko : l atly Silva, Mia Camargo, Mona Armijo. Front Row: Rosie Redes Shirley Padilla. Lorene ( anlrell. ShirleVi, giving; Karate lessons. It ' s Magic Mona! Lion 43 ready for take-off. Lions: Boy are we enthusiastic! 84 Varsity Softball Coach: Debbie Melker. Back Row: Eileen Laura, Patti RiegaU Tina Clark. Shaun O Donnell. Kim Gerhardu Denise Nolan Front Row: Sadie Jaramillo, Laura Flores, Martha Hernandez, Lisa Rodriguez, Cyndi Attebery twn. r«i Getting ready for the ball, The Endl 85 86 J.V. Softball Front Row: Alma Esparza, Carol Roberts, Middle Row: Maribele Lopez, Lisa Santa Cruz, Debbie Her- nandez, Shirley Padilla, Lisa Garcia, Lisa Zuniga, Back Row: Annette Orosco, Jo Ann Romeo, Peggy Chavez, Lorene Rodriguez, Moreen McGralh, Lorene Cantrell, Patty Silva Homerun Hernandez! Coach: Marie Roberson Coaching is a lout- ly job. 87 ruh Track Do you think my legs will make it over? s Gabby, the Bride of Frankenstein? 88 Girls on the run! Am I supposed lo jump over all of ihese? 1 have lo run hnw far 89 «£ WiOU 90 wmu 91 Hall of Fame Nomination of these outstanding seniors are made by the faculty of each department and the Director of Activities. The basis for the selec- tion of this traditional senior honor is high scholastic attainment, will- ingness to work, dependability, and irreproachable character and behavior. Photos were not available for: Alfonso Ramos — Business Khiet Doan — Mathematics Tony Gailen Drama Amber Cordis English 92 Henry Cho Science and Mathematics Rosario Ca lenada Home Economics Bank of America Awards The purpose of the Bank of America Achievement Awards is to recognize and honor outstanding seniors whose scholastic attainment, sense of civic responsibility and evidence of leadership give most promise to future and service to society. And, to stimulate and encourage high school students in their academic vocational and citizen- ship training. The academic areas in which Achievement Awards are presented are defined as specific and general fields. Students receiving recognition in general fields are awarded engraved plaques. Congratulations to these fine senior recipients. Elizabflh Olei h Litxral Arlb Deanna Ebposito Englihh Theresia Fowler Aaron Gailen Leopoldo Gutierrez Michael Nevarez Denise Nolan Foreign Language Drama Mathematics Social Studies Laboratory Science Rachel Villa Fine Arts Hector I rias Trades and Industrial Laura Zarate Vocational Arts 93 Mrw:K!as!sr«aE!i»a5i CI ass PRESIDENT Amber Cordis VICE-PRESIDENT Linda Robles Senior Class Officers Fall TREASURER Lisa Ortega SECRETARY Donna Cruz 94 of ' 81 Senior Class Officers Spring SECRETARY Lisa Ortega TREASURER Donna Cruz PRESIDENT Larry Cecil VICE-PRESIDENT Rache l Villa 95 Outstanding Senior 1981 This year ' s Outstanding Senior is Liz Olech. Liz not only has an outstanding academic record but is active in extracurricular activities as well. She maintains a high grade point average while being the editor of the school newspaper. President of the Laurels, and an active participant in the Advanced Dance group. She is a C.S.F. Life Member and will wear a gold cord upon graduation. It is said that " Liz is the epitome of organization which is the main reason she is able to ac- complish so much. She budgets her time wisely and manages to fulfill all obligations to the clubs and organizations to which she belongs. Liz is willing to do a little extra, even when she knows she will receive little or no credit and never complains about it. " Congratulations Liz Olech an outstanding young lady! 96 If they ' ve got what it takes, it ' s going to take everything L they ' ve got. 97 George Acevedo Teresa Aguayo Sonia Alarcon Sandra Aldana Robert Alfaro Cindy Allan Miguel Alva Elizabeth Alvarado Marjorie Anderson Yolanda Arizaga Mark Avelar Ruben Avila Hector Ayala Theodore Baca Brian Baker Guillermina Barajas Hermila Barajas Irma Barajas 98 Robert Becerra David Beckham Hector Bravo Anita Bullington L. David Canales 99 If they ' ve got what it takes, it ' s going to take everything they ' ve got. Helen Cisneros Tina Clark Nikki Cleaves Don Coleman John Coleman Ladonna Cooper James Cronen Donna Cruz Manuel Coral Amber Cordis Julie Cruz BU M M M Blanca DeLalsIa Joshua Delgado Lisa Delgado Susan Delgado Letitia Diaz 101 orenza Diaz Robert Dominguez Gail Enciso Ted Espanto Deanna Esposito Sylvia Fierro Martin Flores Theresia Fowler Martha Franco Aaron Gailen Johnny Galindo Ruben Galvan . lor Garci Horacio Garcia John Garcia Juanita Garcia Irma Garza Chloe Gomez Estrellita Gonzales Teresa Gonzales Roberta Gonzalez Edward Guizar Joseph Gurrola Joann Gutierrez Leopoldo Gutierrez Mi Lupe Gutierrez Thomas Guzman Angelica Heredia Madalene Hernadez Arturo Herrera Roland Heydorn Kyle Hiraoka Lora Hudgins Frank Huerta 103 If they ' ve got what it takes, it ' s going to take everything they ' ve got. 104 Eleanor Hunter Richard Jaramillo Charles Jeffery Sandra Jennings Marisela Jimenez Rafael Jimenez Robin Juarez Ann Kelly »l ' , t. V x H ' ■ V- ' - ' 11 . Hlil u r Ltf Ann Lackey Kathleen Leeper Eliza Leos Rosie Lespron John Lomeli 105 Raul Lomeli Bernice Lopez Brenda Lopez Elizabeth Lopez Leroy Lopez Luciano Lopez Lupe Lopez Robert Lopez Annette Love Evelyn Lugo Peter Lupoli Millie Maldanado Anthony Marquez David Martinez Isabel Martinez Martin Martinez Rosa Mayorga Robbie McCuUah 106 Teresa McDonald Kevin McNeil Anna Mendoza Steven Meyers Adele Miller Rodney Milliman William Mitchell Robert Moncibais Hector Montalvo Thomas Montoya Renee Morales Mark Moser Melissa Ness Michael Nevarez Nga Thuy Nguyen Gloria Nicolaou Denise Nolan FtiltTKo Nunez 107 auac F they ' ve got what it takes, it ' s going to take everything they ' ve got. 108 Donna Nyeholt Elizabeth Olech Paul Olotoa Annette Ornelas Rose Orozco Lisa Ortega David Padilla Noe Padron Gary Painter George Pawluk Diane Perez Erika Perez Robert Perez Trinidad Piceno Armando Pinuelas Frank Ponce 109 David Quan Albert Ramirez Alex Ramirez John Ramirez Jesus Ravega Celia Redes Graciela Reveles Elvia Reyes Nanette Reyes Connie Rico Victor Rivera James Roberts Linda Robles Lisa Rodriguez Alexander Roman Linda Roman Denise Romero Rachel Rosas no Rene Ruiz Anita Sager Amparo Salazar Yolanda Sanchez Jose Santoyo Carol Schneider Donald Scott Ron Serrano Raymond Silva Janet Shaughnessy Ophelia Solorio Arcelia Soto Mariam Triay Thinh Due Trinh Israel Trujillo Leonard Tucker Hector Urias Reginald Valenzuela 111 Kachel Villa Leticia Villabisencio Michael Villalobos Ana Villanueva David Walker Robert Ward Carol Warren Sherri Wellock Agnes Wells Gloria Weston Brenda White Deborah Wooten Jose Ybarra Laura Zarate William Wilcox 112 Senior Honors Girls ' State Girls ' State — it stands for so much. It was truly an experience Til never forget. It opened new doors, feelings and ideas for me. Thank you Administrators and Mr. Fisher for having the confidence and the Women ' s Auxiliary Unit 261 for sending me to represent El Monte High. Congratulations! Girls ' State ' 81 — Denise Ritter. It ' s a great and rewarding experience. Many Thanks. Rachel Villa Deanne Elfiposito Theresia Fowler Amber Cordis Blanca de la Isla Theresia Fowler Denise Nolan Service Above Self This award is given each semester to a deserving person. These students give of their time and effort without any recognition. They receive a plaque with their names engraved and their names are also inscribed on the Rotarian Trophy in the main trophy case. The award is given by the Rotary Club, their motto being Service Above Self. This award has been given at El Monte for the past thirty years. Two more will be announced at the Awards Assembly. Deanna Esposito Elizabelh Oleih C.S.F. Life Members The California Scholarship Federa- tion is a statewide accredited organiza- tion of high school honor students. Life membership in C.S.F. is based on grades and citizenship marks. In order to qualify for life membership, the student must have been in C.S.F. for four of the six semesters in the sophomore, junior and senior year. In addition at least one of the four semesters must be in the twelfth grade. Students must earn at least ten grade points, of which seven are academic subjects with an " A " coun- ting for three points and a " B " worth one point. El Monte High is proud to present these six Life Members of the Senior Class of 1981. 113 114 I ? ' i ' ■ A .0- M ,-J.. -H V ■J -. j f l.miUf5 (ndwUufmm 115 Fall Class of ' 82 Spring ■- ! President Arcenio Triay Vice-President Anna Cooper Secretary Lupe Sandoval f 116 l M Class of ' 82 Delia Aoevedo Alilana Acosta Pfdro Agiuilar Trinidad Aguiniga Jose Alba Susan Albrecht Bert Alderele ¥ I ». i m ' Jv ..u . v jHI HHJI H 0 i ' tv Tonya Alexander Constance Alumbaugh Ronnie Alva Ignacio Alvarado Linda Alvarado Susan Alvarado Jose Alvarez Mario Alvarez Elsa An uiano Mona Angulo Raul Araujo Mary Arellanes Edgardo Arizmendi Angelica Armendariz Cynthia Attebery Socorro Avila Alfonso Ayala Art Banuelos Danny Barbiera Maria Barabino Martin Barajas Luis Barron Sandy Bartholomew Traci Beard Candeleria Becerra Chris Bengay Maria Bell Sandra Bell Eugenio Beltran Patrick Bennett lose Bobadilla Fresha Bowers Robert Bowman Maria Bravo David Brito Jeffrey Burch William Bush Crisyobal Cabral Lydia Cabrera uillermo Calvill (uan Cano loyce Cardenas Victor Cardenas 1 1: Suong Co Anna Cooper HiOjisa Cooper ' ' Rafael Coral AlfonBO Corona Edith Coronado Tamara Cnitcher Abigail Cuevas Huong Dang Ronnie Daniels Adriana Delreal Ramiro Delrio Kathehne Devor Yvonne Domingeuz Mark Draegar Angel Duarte Vu Duong Orlando Duran Annette Duran Kalhy Edwards Jackie Escandon Dagmar Carey Enrique Casillas Clara Castanon Liz Castro Francisco Castro Yvonne Ceballos Filaberto Ceja Gumildo Chavez Mui Chi Janet Chou Becky Cleveland Mike Colwell Rochelle Eatrada ' " Randolph Ewing Danny Fajardo Trinidad Fernandez Diego Fierro Laura Flores Lisa Flores Maria Flores Rebecca Flores Susan Fogle Gale Ford Nicky Franco U8 Bianca Comez Martin Gomez Celia Gonzalez Connie Gonzalez Guillermo Gonzalez Hector Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Richardo Gonzalez Carl Gregory Gina Griffin JesuB Guerra Herlinda Guerre Eric Gutierrez Yvonne Gutierrez Laura Guzman Ray Guzman Dareld Hall Ana Haro Keith Hel gren Adam Hernandez E quiel Hernandez Juana Hernandez Manuel Hernandez Martha Hernandez Eydie Herrera Nanda Herrera Douglas Heydorn Maria Hidalgo Linda Huerta Steven Jaramillo Patrice Jeffery Gail Jennings Robin Juarez Due La Vivian Landeros 119 ■ ■ ■ : cis Joese ;i-.:.br9 Lehman sioiores Leon Pedro Leos Daniel Leyva Ci ire Lomeli Vivian Lomeli Adrians Lopez Carlos Lopez Jesus Lopez Laura Lopez Leobaldo Lopez Tony Lopez Vivian Lopez Elodia Lozoya Margarita Lozoya Feliberlo Lucero William Lutton Mark Maez Kelly Maggard Jim Maldonado Millagros Maldonado Eddie Mannquez Abide Marquez Maria Marquez Raymundo Marnifo Armida Martinez Mary Martinez Rosalia Martinez Sandra Martinez Jeffrey Matthes Ricardo Matus Douglas Medina Isabel Mendez Ana Mendoza Lourdes Mercado Holly Miller Peter Morales Gabriel Moreno Martin Moreno Jorge Morfm Joe Murphy Jonathan Myrick Freddie Navarro Vincc Negrete Ngo Giang Nhon Athena Nicolaou Linda Nipper Dion Nizzi Federico Nunez 120 Josephina Nuno Schaunia Nye Oscar Ofhoa Joann Ogle Rafeal Ojeda Sylvia Olivas Denise Ortega Camanie) Ortega Luz Ortega Sylvia Ortiz Virginia Ortiz Alex Padilla Tambra Page Henry Panibuton Beverly Perez Chrii tina Perez Martin Perez Pedro Perez Sylvia Perkins Rose Ploensky AlTonso Pulido Jaime Ramirez Jeeus Ramirez Juan Ramirez Roberto Ramirez era Maricela Robles Lui» Rocha Benjamin Rodriguez Cecilia Rodriguez Elvia Rodriguez Jose Rodriguez Juan Rodriguez Micheal Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez Irene Rojo George Romero Victor Romero Sandra Rosalen Leticia Rubalrava Elsa Ruiz Alejandra Salas Annette Salazar Jessica Salcedo 121 , .:: lin Sanchez . Lscio Sanchez J ysefina Sanchez Dolores Sandoval Henry Sandoval Lupe Sandoval Liea SantaCruz Jeffrey Schaefer Gloria Silva Douglas Smith Laura Solis Edwin St. Andrew Bobby Stone Fernando Suarez Arthur Suddeth Douglas Sullivan Gina Swalley Thuy Oan Tang My Chuong Tao Mima Tarango Harry Torosian Deanna Torres Ernesto Torres Victoria Torres Martha Trejo Arcenio Triay Yvonne Troxclair Evangelina Urias Victor Valenzuela Richard Vanatta Mario Venegas Zulema Vidal Martha Villalobos David Villanueva Lorenzo Villanueva Roeio Villanueva Laurie Villegas Martha Villegas Roxan Virden Ngoc Dung Vu Dan Wallz Rhonda Weidner Katherine Whitebear Joseph Whittington Theresa Wilcox Alison Wilhelmus James Wing Carmen Yanez Arturo Ybarra Magdalena Ybarra John Zagalo Jannine Zaragozo Carmen Zarate 122 Class of ' 83 Secretary Theresa Rangal Justice Sue Johnson Fall Secretary Francine Calvillo f 0 ' ' : Commissioner Yolanda Lopez I reasurer Mariane Ness Commissioner Anteinett Diaz Vice-President Susie Hutching J L H 1 ■jL m Kf H r K ' • ' ' ' wHl . di Treasurer Debbie Mogoon President Yolanda Lopez ir, V c Vice-President Beth Boone President Darrin Gailen Spring Class of ' 83 Vii inia Aceves Felipe Aguiniga Eileen Aguirre Monica Aguirre Sandra Alarcon Joe Aleman Ray Alfaro David Almanza Alma Andas Esther Anderson Janina Andrade Norma Arellanes Marcela Arellane Alejandra Armendari Hector Avalos Victor Avelar Jose Avila Maria Avila Bobby Ayala Richard Ayala Maria Baeza Mario Barillas Alberto Barron Luis Barron Eva Becerra Jamie Begay Elida Beltram Angel Benitez John Beserra Laura Bird Rebecca Blake Kim Bolinger Beth Boone David Boulais Laura Bravo Maria B ' Trac Breece Julie Bridgewater Claudio Bulgarelli David Burgess Adrian Byers Andrea Caballero Evangelina Cabrera Francine Calvillo Ana Camacho 124 Mia Camargo Julia Canaday Rudy Candelaria Doreene Cantrell Pete Ceniceros Gabriela Centeno Michael Cervantes Herbert Chamagua Eva CisneroB Patricia Collins Janine Cooney Tammy Cooper Ted Cordis Judith Coronado Edward Cota Michael Cox Randy Craft Adriana Crisostomo Gabriel Cuevas Virginia Curiel Duane Curtis Faun David Joann Davis Antionette Diaz Jose Diaz Daniel Din Anna Diott Joanne Dominguez Marcy Draeger Gina Duron Jose Duarte Christjan Eiriksson Joe Encinas Carlos Erazo Ruben E camilla Leticia Escobedo Debbie Espinosa 125 l- ' riy K5po8ito 8. ' :irbara Estrella Lisa Esquibel Fred Etherton Yvette Evans Tamara Ewing Martin Farias Martha Fernandez Christopher Ferraro Andrew Filimaua Don Flora Carmen Flores Martin Fragoso Misael Fregoso Donna Fridley Gilberto Fuentes Rosa Fuentes Billy Fugon Darren Gailen Rene Galdamez Leonard Galicia Jo8e Garcia Jaun Garcia Lisa Garcia Maria Garcia Rebecca Garcia Salvador Garcia Salvador Garibay Linda Garza Charles Gates Randolph Geoi e Richard Gomez Steve Gomez Joycelyn Gonzales Mary Gonzales Alfredo Gonzales Angelica Gonzalez Cesar Gonzales David Gonzalez Ruth Galindo Laura Gallardo Maria Gallardo Silvana Gallardo Alan Gamarra Soraya Gamarra Cesar Gamhoa Audrey Garcia Jorge Garcia 126 Rosa Gonzalez Bertha Grigoila Elizabeth Guerra Louie Guitron Cynthia Gutierrez Gina Gutierrez JesuB Gutierrez Neal Hall William Hall Amalia Hernandez Armando Hernandez Desiree Hernandez Edward Hernandez Juan Hernandez Lynn Hernandez Mario Hernandez Miguel Hernandez Carmen Herrera Danny Kessell Diem Thuc K.im Hee Won Kim Ly Minh Lam Ricardo Landeros BecLy Lara Ilene Lara Alfred Lares Tung Quang Le Jaime Ledezma Danny Lee Voung Kyo Lee David Leeper Joann Lespron Linda Linare§ Ida Lishka Edward Livas John Livag 127 Kurt Lometi Ruben Lomeli Rose Long Ernesto Lopez George Lopez Hidy Lopez John Lopez Maribel Lopez Ramon Lopez Rebecca Lopez Richard Lopez Ruben Lopez Teresa Lopez Yolanda Lopez Arturo Loredo Ana Loza Sara Lozoya Tung Ba Lu Bella Lucero Ricardo Lucero Stephanie Lupoli Dawn Lutton Dung Tu Ly Natalie Madrid Evelyn Madriz George Magana Deborah Magoon Julia Maldonado Hector Manriquez Andrew Marquez Eileen Marquez Oscar Martinez Beverly Matthews Betty Maxey Kevin Mcintosh Maureen McGrath Margrei Mediner Arnulfo Melgarejo John Mellor Martin Mendez Maria Mendoza Yvette Mercado Rene Mesa Elva Meza Michelle Meyers 128 Theodore Munoz Sylvia Najera Maria Elena Naranjo Alberto Nava Gabriela Nava Judith Miller Diane Mills Suzan Mobley Laurie Montalto Ponciano Monte§ Martha Montoya Sylvia Montoya Thomas Morales Susan Morando Gabriel Moreno Joseph Moser Rafael Munguia Juanita Navarro Rosalie Navarro Samuel Navarro Connie Nelson Ka Khon Ngo Hang Tuyet Nguyen Khiem Nguyen Mai Trang Nguyen Phuong Lam Nguyen Son Ngoc Nguyen Marianne Ness Christina Nevarez Rosa Noriega Thomas Nyegolt Roy Orozco Martha Ortega Jose Ortiz Yukihiro Oshiro Chris Padilla Virginia Padilla • Arnold Paredes OswaldoPartida Patricia Payan 1 i Enrique Ochoa Linda Olivarez Christina Ontiveros Annette Orosco 129 Patricia Prado Sandra Pratt Eddie Prouty Lina Pulido Gus Quintana Patricia Quintana Jorge Quintano Hilda Rader Henry Ramirez Jose Ramirez Lettie Ramirez Patricia Ramirez Rodolfo Ramirez Julie Ramos Ricardo Rangel Teresa Rangel Fernando Ravega Donald Reeves Javier Reyes Ronnie Reyes Yolanda Reyes Timothy Paynter Estella Perez Irene Perez Jose Perez Jose Perez Lupe Perez Maria Perez Ricky Perez Mig:uel Piceno Leonard Pinuelas Marina Pinuelas Melody Pinuelas Charlene Ricardo Patti Riegel Carol Roberts Chris Rocha Francisco Rodriguez Guillermo Rodriguez Lorena Rodriguez Stephanie Rodriguez Rebecca Rodriguez Rudy Rodriguez Maria Rojo David Roman 130 Carmen Rosale Darryl Rowland Adriana Ruela Dora Ruiz Michelle Ruiz Jose Sahagun Antonio Salazar Jaime Salcedo Manuel Saldana Mark Salina§ Martha Sanchez Leticia Sandoval .-S - ' ' - V Irene Tafolla Maria Tapia Corinne Tarr DeThai Angelina Tiscareno Francisco Torres Dung Duy Tran Lien Bich Tran Alma Trejo Conchita Trejo Van Thi Trinh Billy Trujillo Noe SanRoman Rafael Santoyo Martha Saucedo Janet Scheidel Angela Schootz David Scott Carlos Segura Sara Segura Ruhen Serafin Robert Serrano Jose Servin David Sesate Gleniece Seymour Mark Silva Martha Solis Victor Somoza Greta Soto Maria Solo Monica St. Andrew Jose Suarez Ernie Suddeth 131 John Trujillo ( )ue Tran Truong I.ouie I rzua ( )felia L rua ( arol Lssellman Silvino Valdez Martha Valencia Neili Valles Jesus Vargas Jaun Vasques Christina Vasquez Jorge Vasquez Raul Vasquez Jose Vera Lisa Verduzco Robert Villalba Antonio illalobos Martina V iilalobos Santiago Villanueva Martha Villegas Rosemarie Wagner Blane Wagoner Ronald Walker Becky Warren James Watson John Weber Kevin Welte Joseph Weston James Whittington Eric Wilde Tommy Woolen Victoria Wuence Alfredo Yanez Jose Yesca Elizabeth Zamilpa Mindy Zamora Gilbert Zendeja Frank Zuniga Lisa Zuniga Norma Zuniga 132 Secretary Rose Rodriguiz Vice-President Willie Trejo Vice-President Willie Trejo Treasurer Virgie Quiones Class of ' 84 Commissioner Taide Zapata i President Taide Zapata Spring Justice Kim Kelly Secretary Beverly Tucker 133 Class of ' 84 .titlinda Aoevez Kobert Acosta Irm;i Aguilar Rafael Aguilar Phillip Aguilar Silvia Alarcon Manuel Alba Patrit-ia Alderete Debra Alexander Jesus Alonzo Kathleen Alumbaugh Irene Alvarez John Anderson Rachel Andrade Sandra An|;uiano Bridget Antuna Angel Arellano Alesky Arevalo David Armijo Bernardelte Arnal Paul Arnell Jerry Arteaga Juan Avalos Ramiro Avalos Lorenzo Avila Jerry Ayala Juan Ayala Mireya Baca Maria Barajas Raul Bautihta David Becerra Regina Beltran Robert Bennett Rita Bishop Randell Bivins Cary Bolinger Claudia Bottazzi Adele Brown Jose Cabrera Angela Cadena Martha Cadena Lenore Camacho Michelle Campero Javier Cantu Mike Cardenas 134 Paul Cardenas Yolanda Carraza Annette Carrillo Maria Carrillo George Ca§illa8 Leticia Casillas Joey Castaneda Jesse Castaneda Jose Castanon Emma Ceja Connie Ceniceros Guadalupe Cervantes Sonia Cervantes Carmen Chacon Alfonso Chavez Deborah Chavez Gloria Chavez Phi Chi Cindy Clark Enedina Coral Carlos Cordova Jesse Cordova Diana Corona Celestina Corral Wimby Cuevas Maria Cupeles Diane Delariva Oscar Del Campo Teresa Delgado Melissa Diaz Santos Diaz Sergio Diaz David Din Jim Dioti Helinda Dodson Michelle Dominguez Angela Duval Sam Elizalde Amanda Encinas Kim England Max Escamilla Alma Esparzce Eileen Estrada Gerardo E strada Angel Elstramera 135 Michael Evans Cary Ewing Gina Fay Mary Fernandez Enrique Fierro Laura Figueroa Maria Figueroa Cheryl Filimaua Alfred Flores Amador Flores Bobby Flores Carlos Flores Luis Flores Mark Flores Ricardo Flores Samuel Flores Monica Florbes Rebecca Ford Juanita Franco Candelaria Frausto Lisa Fuentes Ronald Gale Rebeca Gallegos Samuel Galvan Armando Galvez Sarah Gamboa Maria Gamez Lucy Garay George Garcia George Garcia Jesus GarciB Jacob Garcia Liz Garcia Marie Garcia Martin Garcia Sonya Garcia Victor Garcia Yolanda Garcia Evangelina Garibay David Gates 136 Sandra G iamelo Alfredo Gomez Lino Gomez Ray Gomez Carmen Gonzales lesus Gonzales Jose Gonzales Adriana Gonzalez Gilbert Gonzalez Juan Gonzalez Richard Goodwin Ramon Grijalva Joseph Group Ana Gutierrez Dorine Gutierrez Lourdes Gutierrez Raul Gutierrez Veronica Gutierrez Elvira Guzman Kelly Halstrum Kristi Harlow Jeannie Harris Mona Henley Danell Henry Adolfo Hernandez Dawn Hernandez Debra Hernandez Eduardo Hernandez Jose Hernandez Jose Hernandez Luis Hernandez Patricia Hernandez Maria Hernandez Miguel Hernandez Norma Hernandez Roberto Hernandez Salvador Hernandez Sergio Hernandez Veronica Hernandez Guadalupe Herrera 137 r tnond Herrera l isa HighfiU Angela Hill Kosa Holguin Rosa Ibarra Paula Jeffery Angelica Jimenez Silvia Jimenez Linda John Martin Lares Donna Lavendera Nancy Lavendera Alice Lee Henery Lee Rex Lehman Evarado Lepe Leanette Lestnsky Michael Lewis Bobby Lopez Carmen Lopez Eddie Lopez Elduardo Lopez Gary Lopez Leticia Lopez Magie Lopez Marcos Lopez Martin Lopez Martha Lopez Mary Lopez Nephtali Lopez Patricia Lopez Ricardo Lopez Melissa Lorenzana Ramon Lozoya Yolanda Lucatero Daniel Lucero Lupe Lucero Patricia Luna Luan Luu Tuong Ly Anna Madrid Irma Magdaleno Lorri Maldonado Vivan Maldonado Ana Marroguin Roberto Marnifo Lourdes Martin Carmen Martinez Cynthia Martinez Phillips Martinez 138 Rudy Martinez Veronica Martinez V ictor Martinez Vicki Martinez Julieta Mascareno Irene Mata Linda McCaffrey Butch McCoy Amelia Medina Mario Medina Robert Medina Tina Medina Volanda Medina Ricardo Medrano Leticia Mejia Guadalupe Melchor Armando Mercado Leticia Mercado Miriam Moreno Pedro Moreno Manuel Morgan Dann N ) - ajera Isabel aranjo Carlos Nava Jovita Nava Francisco Nava Lonnie Nelson Phuoc Ngo Binh Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Manuel Nieto Ronda Noe Karen Nolan Micheal Nunez Irma Obregon Robert Ochoa 139 Jessica Olguin Geoi e Olotoa Andrew Ontiveros Arcelia Orozco Celia Ortega Castavo Ortega Nicanore Ortega Ramon Ortiz Angela Padilla Elizabeth Padilla Stephen Painter Maria Palacios Jun Pang Charlotte Parrish Alfredo Paeillas Waller Pawluk Yvette Payan Ceasar Perez Elaine Perez Helen Perez Angel Perez Martin Perez Laura Pichardo Roger Ploenzke David Polanco Letieia Posada Teresita Prado Angela Pratt Reyna Primero Ailene Prouly Blanca Primero Ii ias Pulido Guillermo Pulido Elisa Quinones Vii inia QuinoneB Martin Quinones Ernest Quiroz Annette Ramirez DelFino Ramirez Eliazer Ramirez Genaro Ramirez Javier Ramirez Lupe Ramirez Martin Ramirez Alva Ramos Bertha Ramos 140 Juan Ramos Sylvia Ramos Susan Rasband Adele Razo Jean Reeves Renee Reeves Alberto Reyes Sergio Reyes Suzanne Richards Joel Rico John Riggins Richard Rios Ceorgina Robertson Tammy Rocha David Rodriguez Jerry Rodriguez Jesus Rodriguez Manuel Rodriguez Rosemarie Rodriguez Trinidad Rodriguez Joann Romero Margarita Romero Sal Romero Susan Romero Trinidad Romero Samantha Rook Ronnie Rosales Victoria Resales Albert Rowuin Norma Rubalcava Tirzo Ruelas Leticia Ruiz Marisol Ruiz Rodolfo Ruiz Isabel Salazar Ray Salazar Susan Salcido Darlene Sanchez Irma Sanchez Javier Sanchez Jose Sanchez Rosalinda Sanchez Richard Sandoval Lorena Sanroman Sylvia Sania Cruz Nancy Santos 141 Mercedes Santoyo Martin Scalers Rebecca Segala Martha Seijas Victor Serna Denise Short Aida Sic Marylou Sikes EHzabeth Silva Patricia Silva Carri Smith Rosa Soto Arluro Suarez Jose Tabarez Ana Tafolla Gabriela Tamayo Maria Tamayo Derek Tani Cecilia Tarango Jesus Tarango Juan Tarango Teresa Tessier Minh Thai Susana Tolentino Martha Toombs Conrad Torres Eddie Torres Robert Torres Willie Trejo Maria Trejo Sergio Trejo Sandra Trevizo Robert Triay Thien Trinh Cam Truong Miew Truong BeverJy Tucker Helen Urzua Juvencia Valdez 1 .--. iM K 142 I Norma Valdez Ro§;elio Valdovinos Rosalinda Valencia Graciela Valenmeia Teresa Valenzuela Chris Vallee Terry Vanwickle Gilberto Vasguez Luis Vasguez Soledad Vastuez Augustine Velasco John Velasquez Nora Venegas Venecia Vera Albert Villa Anna Marie Villa Lupe Villalba Jorge Villalobos Maria Villalobos Victor Villalobos Maria Villalvazo Amparo Villanueva Carlos Villanueva Ana Villegas Denise Viramontes Phuong Vuong Tanya Wagner Danielle Werrett Sherrie White Araceli Yanez Leticia Yanez Adam Yarmak Clara Ybarra Gilbert Zabala Fernando Zamilpa Mary Zamora Taide Zapata Alma Zarate George Zuniga 143 HfiM wueatiMg i x -rm ' ' IWt . lBFi ' fS ' " ' mm im m t f- ' »■ ' W % WW ry- 145 s - Top Row: Jackie E scandon, Audrey Garcia, Brenda Castellano, Beth Boone. Bottom Row: Charlene Riccardo., Nanda Herrera, Sylvia Fierro (Lion Ma cot) Francine Calvillo, JoBie Nuno Francine Calvillo Brenda Castellano Charlene Riccardo Audrey Garcia ? The other leaning players. Cheers mounting up for a viclory Beth Boone ( not shown ) 146 Ji eos Pep Club Back Row: Martha Teodmlos, Kalhy Alumbaugh, Vivian Maldonado, Denise Short, Ida Lishka, Michelle Ruiz, Isabel Salazar. Front Row: Sandra Giamelo, Bridget Autuna, Alice Lee, Paula Jefferey, Veronica Guiterrez. 148 Campus League Front Row; Mrs. Hernandez — Sponsor, D. Carey. T. Gonzales. A. KtlK. 1. Lo o a. II. Oaiiy. N. illanur a. . Padilla. M. Hibalgo. Second Row: S. Lozoya. A. Lozoya, R. Lespron, K. Carlson. R. Fuentes. i]. Tarr. A. Cooper. I. Bell. L. Sandoval, R. Villanueva. Third Row: S. Gallardo. fi. Madrid. S. Alvarado. D. Cruz. 1. Lishka. D. Fidley. E. Alvarado. R. Reyes, A. Ramos, M. Rodriguez. F ourth Row: R. Rodriguez, L. Zarale. S. Martinez. C. Zarate. L. Cooper, J. Garcia, H. Barajas. Back Row: D. Woolen, A. Wells, S. Johnson, L. Rodriguez, L. Cabrera. B. DeLalsla. E. Reyes, K.Kelly. IDIOMS ' O-EM Art Club Top Row: S. Orozco, R. Walker. H. Casil- las. J. Sanchez, L. Monlero, J. Sanchez. C. Torres, Mr. Ramirez — sponsor. P. Arnelt. M. Ewaskov, A. Cadena, A. Kelly, R. Ward. Fronl Row: J. Yescas, E. Her- nandez. D. ( ajardo, K. Carlson, E. Hunter. F. Rodriguez. R. Serrano. A. Her- nandez. J. Zaragoza, D. (Cardenas 149 w o tr o tr o td p- 152 ■ 1 A a. 1 " S l a n v a r 1 i ... 1 Mr. Calvan Band Director Ms. Love Band Mother I ndcr ihi- dirtilion nf Mr. (JaKaii this year ' s Itand alon;; with thf flashrank.rs lia ' hoosL-d llu ' HI.L K and VilllTK spirit at otir fooiliall and basktthall fjaitifs. In addition to per- forming at games tlie perform at pep rallies and iiiareh in parades. The flashrankers I ' nter several competitions diirinp the year and «ork loiif; and hard after school «iih I hi ' hand. THANKS BAND! 153 r " " ' " Linettes Gina Griffin, Lup« Gutierrez, Lisa Delgado, Tami Lehman, Amparo Salazar, Kathy Whilebear Tami Lt-hman Ampara Salazar Lupe Gutierrez Kathy Whilebear 154 155 ■ ' What? You want my autograph? ' Denise Short, Marie Casado, Denise Romero, Edwin Si. Andrew, Dagmar Carey, LaDonna Cooper. Laura Guzman, Rachel Villa, Tony Gailen, Yvonne Troxclair, Tracy Breece, Alex Ramirez, Veronica Lopez, Maureen McGrath, Mike Cowell, Joe Yescas, Ceoilio Castro, Tammy Cooper, Tino Olotoa, Cece Rodriguez Left to Right: Steve Meyers, Joe Yescas, Marie ( asado, Dagmar Carey. Yvonne Troxclair, Rachel ilia, Mike Cowell, Tony Gailen. 157 158 159 Valley Minstrels Front: Carol Schnieder, Luz Ortiz, Danny Fajardo, Mailrang Nguyen, Esequiel Hernandez, ikki Cleave§. Middle: Erika Perez, Dan allz, Deanna Espo ito, Jesse Revega, Kathy Leeper, Brian Baker, Tony Cailen, Rachel Villa, Ms. Welch, Director. Back: Jeff Schaefcr, .Marie Casado, Gilbert Zendejas, Jay Avenatti, Robert Ward, Telly Conzaleg, Denise Nolan, Tina Fowler, Robert Perez. Back: Denise Nolan, Erika Perez, Rachel Villa, Tina Fowler. Front: Robert Perez, Robert Ward, Tony Cailen, Jesse Revega. Barber and Beauty Shoppe 160 Concert Choir C Alumbaugh T. Andrews, C. At- tebery. B. Cleveland, S. Gallardo, K. Gerhardl. T. Harris, L. Her- nandez, P. Johnson, D. Lutton, N. Madrid. V. Micheli, . Reyes, L. Robles, M. Tarango, B. Warren, K. Whilebear, C. Trejo, A. Cooper, M. Ortega, M. Lozoya. L. Guzman, Y. Mercado, P. Jefferey. Vocal Ensemble p. Bennett, S. Bennett. R. Casey, C. Ewing, D. Jones, G. Jones, R. Juares, J. Lara, P. Luna, I. Medina, M. Medina, T. Mena. R. Morel, A. Prouly, J. Reeves, F. Robles, F. Rodriguez, P. Samples, N. Vo, J. Zavala. Treble Choir 1. Aguilar, M. Aispur K. Alcala, A. Barabino, R. Beltran, E. Canel, G. Cervantes, T. Delgado, T. Figueroa, C. Gonzales, J. Harris, V. Miller, L. Olivarez, V. Padilla, S. Richards, L. Rios, M. Salazar, D. Short, B. Tucker, D. Werrett, T. Wagner, R. Wagner, M. Lourdes, A. Hernandez. 161 Lely Villabesencio Lisa Redes Tina Clark Girls ' Varsity Club Shirlry Padilla Ms. Roberson Sponsor The Boys ' and Girls ' Varsity Club is an honorary athletic organization. The members must have lettered in a Varsity sport in order to apply to these organiza- tions. They have fund raisers all through the year to raise money for their Varsity Club jackets and for their outings. 162 Boys ' Varsity Club 163 Asian Club FronI: Thao Vu, Phuong LInong. Than-Thu Sim- mon Jr., Huong Dang Thinh Trinh, Hoang Pham. Back: Ly " " Lam, Cuong Truong Due La Dung Vu, Tung Lu Khiet Doan, Miss Uyeda; Sponsor. Science Club Jeannie Harris, Mr. Bauer; Sponsor. Marilyn Hall, Kalhy Leeper, Suzanne Richards, Randy Reyes. Fronl: Augustin Sanchez, Due Tran, Tung Le, Lorenzo Villanueva, Dinh Le. Back: Liz Olech, Amber Cordis, Margarita Lozoya, Donna Cruz, Danny Lee, John Przyblo, Anna Villanueva, Jonathon Myrick, Khiet Doan, Mr. Keebler; Sponsor. Computer Club 164 Ink Blots Front: Itluiu-a l)r La Isia, Margarita Li»zoya, Lorena Kodri uez, Alfonso Ramos, Sieve Orozoo. Back: Helen Dau- rio; Sponsor, Kim (larlson. atalie Matlrid. Pallv Silva. Svlvana ( allarclo. Photo Club Mr. I,ux, Sponsor; Doug Smith. Kim Carlson, irginia Padilla, Jeff Shaeffer. Claire Lomeli George Rojas Sanchez. Front: Connie Gonzales Robert ard. Josie Nuno. Middle: Richard Fuentes, Erika Perez, Deanna Fsposilo, Liz Olech, Peggy Chavez. Back: Gina Swalley. Mrs. Karamilros, Sponsor; Melissa INess, Dion izzi, Lorena Rodriguez. David Boulas ( not shown ). Lion ' s Trail 165 Anna Villanueva Robert Perez Kathy Leeper Mr. Nissley Sponsor Laurels, girls ' honorary club and Lions, boys ' honorary club, is the highest honor a student on campus can receive. Each student is selected on the basis of the number of points they have earned at El Monte High School. Giving service to the school and to the community are the areas of work they perform. With high standards and outstanding performances both these clubs have been marked with great distinction. mi ' iziiK 166 Sen tors Barajas. Hermila Cho. Henry Cordis, Amber DeLalsla. Blanca Dean, Khiet Espoiiiio, Deanna Fowler, Theresia Leeper, Kathleen Nolan. Denise Olech, Elizabeth Perez, Erika Juniors Attebery, (lynthia Cabrera, Lydia (Pampero, Santiago Hall, Dareld Jenningt Gail l dezma, Josefina Quintana. Rainerio Ruiz. Elsa Sandoval, Henry Suarez, Fernando Tran, Due Wilcox. Theresa Sophomores Aguirre, Monica Calviliu, Francine Le. Tung Quang Lee. Young Kyo Long, R ) f Lopez, Ruben Ness. Marianne Nguyen, Khiem Salinas. Mark Sanchez. Virginia v «0»X • Fall ' 80 Freshmen Gamboa, Sarah Rowuin. Albert Silva. Patricia Tucker. Beverly Spring ' 81 Sophomores Aguirre, Monica Boulais. David Calvillo, Francine Cooney, Janine Jimenez, Maribel Le, Tung Quang Lee, Young Kyo Lopez, Ruben Rodriguez. Lorena Salinas, Mark Sanchez, Virginia Seymour, Glenieci Tarr, Corine Warren. Becky Zamilpa. Elizabeth Juniors Alvarado. Susan Attebery. Cynthia Cooper, Anna -Cooper, Lisa ennings. Gail Le. Dinh Ledezma. Josefina Nguyen. Khiem Panlibuton. Henry Killer. Denise Rodriguez, Elvia Sanchez, Augustine Santa Cruz, Lisa Solis, Laura Tran. Due Villanueva. Lorenzo Wilcox. Theresa Seniors Cordis. Amber DeLalsla. Blanca Doan, Khiel Esposilo. Deanna Fowler. Theresia Ness. Melissa Nolan, Denise Olech. Elizabeth Perez, Erika Robles. Linda Villa. Rachel Villabiscencio, Leticia Zarate, Laura GoId Cord H L VU ' U ' , Don Coleman, Mick Wilcox, Mike Villalobo8, Robbie McCullah. Tony Torres, Pal Beckham, Sheri Wellock Stage Crew 167 Susie Delgado lptivi s Tony Cailen — Clubs and Organizations Rachel Villa — Copy Editor, Government John Garcia — Government Cyndi Attebery — Girls Sports Donna Cruz — Senior Class John Lomeli — Editor in Chief Ruben Avila — Junior Class Steve Meyers — Business Manager Lisa Santa Cruz — Girls Sports Josie Ledesma — Clubs and Organizations Rudy Candelaria — Freshman Class Elsa Ruiz — Activities John Ramirez — Artist Ann Marie Kelly — Faculty Josh Delgado — Boys Sports Mrs. Donna Gunstream — Advisor Siffett " ! :-: , ' ■ ; wcmnM 170 wwimM 171 Fall President A.S.B. It was an honor to be A.S.B. President of E.M.H.S. during the first semester. I would Hke to thank all my Senate members, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Sandell, Mr. Barton, Mr. Allison, and the entire student body for making my term in office a memorable one. It was truly an exciting and fun experience. After graduation, when I look back on my four years at E.M.H.S., this time will stand out for me with fondest mem- ories. El Monte is the finest school with much tradition and Lion pride and I am proud to have been associated with it in this way. Love, Carol Warren ' 8 1 I Pledge Allegiance to (he Flag . . . " Pres. is always gathering info. 172 Vice-PresidenI Arcenio Triay Associated Student Body Treasurer — Rachel Villa President — Carol Warren, Not Shown: Arcenio Triay Fall Cabinet 1 rfa urfr Rachel Villa 173 HV H H - v ■!■ W i ' C -i HI HHHHBml. ' :: ' ' I H H Sophomore Delegate — Becky Warren Freshman Delegates — Martha Cadena and Alice Lee Junior President — Elsa Ruiz Secretary of Fine Arts — Tresha Bowers tMJS Annual Staff Representative — John Lomeli Secretary of Girls Athletics — Ann Marie Kelly Secretary of Boys Athletics — Josh Delgado Sergeant-at-Arms — Tony Gailen Speaker of House — Erika Perez Secretary of Assemblies — Tammy Kempton Secretary of Activities — Marie Casado 174 Sponsor Mr. Joseph Garcia Lions Trail Represenlalive — Liz Olech Senior Delegate — Ana Villanueva I have enjoyed workinji; with EI Monle s student leaders during the year. They have illustrated a gjenuine concern for developing school pride. They have attempted to involve students and huild loyalties to the school by pro- viding a quality program of activities for students. In the next few years I challenge and encourage all students to get involved. Secretary of Publicity — Josie Ledezma Secretary of Buildings Grounds — Armida Martinez Senior Delegates — Dave uan, Blanca Del La Isia Senior President — Amber Cordts 175 House of Representatives First Row; A. Cooper, C. Zarale, C Gonzalez, L. Reyes, C. Perez, S. Richards, P. Jeffrey, M. Chavez, P. Fernandez, M. Estupinian, P. Leos, R. Lopez. Second Row: T. Ololoa, G. Painter, J. Perez, J. Yescas, D. Magoon, D. button, N. Hall, D. Lee. Third Row: C. Arce, E. Leos, A. Salazar, A. Camillas, M. Villalobos, M. Calone, M. Ruiz, D. Jackson, J. Ledezma, M. Silva, F. Calvillo, A. Lazoya. R. Rosas, Mr. Garcia. Fourth Row: F. Huerta, F. Navarro, A. Flores, R. Beccera, J. Ravega. E. Perez, M. Mendez, E. Cota, J. Avenetti. G. Zendejas. Speaker of the House Erika Perez Fall Being Speaker of the House for the fall semester gave me the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with a great variety of people from our student hody. I greatly extend my appreciation for the support and enthusiasm in making this group a balanced and equal representation of our school. Leading the House meetings wouldn ' t have been as rewarding without the contributions of our new activities director, Mr. Garcia. Thank you again House members. Love, Erika Perez 176 Spring Erika Perez President A.S.B. Dear Student Body, I thank you for giving me the honor of being your second semester ASB President. It was kind of hard at first, but 1 had everyone ' s support, and I thank you all. I would especially thank my friends for sticking by me, the administrators who helped me, all my teachers, and to Mr. Garcia, a big thank you. But the most important person I would like to thank is my mother. Without her patience, support and love I couldn ' t have made it. I love you, mom. Thank you again. Love, Erika Perez ASB President Erika, STOP . . . Bzzzzz!!! Whal a happy leader! 178 Seorelary Elsa Ruiz Spring Associated Student Body Vioe-Presidenl Anthony Silva Treasurer Armida Martinez Cabinet The Cabinet 179 Sophomore Commissioner: Yolanda Lopez Junior Delegates: Danny Juarez and Hose Ploeneke Sophomore Delegates: Maitrang Nguyen, Becky Warren and Alice Lee Yearbook Representative: John Lomeli Secretary of Fine Arts: Amber Cordts Sei eant at Arni8: Dave Quan 180 .i r .di J of Girls ' Athletics: Lety Villabasencio Secretary of Boys ' Athletics: Josh Delgado Sponsor: Mr. Garcia and A.S.B. President: Erika Perez Secretary of Student Relations: Margarita Lozoya Speaker of the House: Tammy Kempton and Chief Justice: Sylvia Fierro Spring A a 1 ) 1 Junior President: Arcenio Triay Freshman President: Taide Zapata and Senior President: Larry Cecil Semester Senate J Senior Delegates: Anna Villanueva, John Garcia and Carol Warren Secretary of Aggemblies: Denise Riiirr Secretary of BIdgs. Grounds: Lisa Cooper and Secretary of Publicity: Annette Salazar 181 House of Representatives First Row: E. Zamillpa, L. Quoines P. Alderele H. Eseondon, L. Flores £• Anderson R. Rodriguez L. Guzman D. Leon M. Jimenez A. Carrillo D. Ibarra Second Row: S. Tucker, S. Hutchins, D. Mills, M. Ness, B. Antuna, V. Lopez, D. Tani Third Row: G. Painter, G. Centeno, R. Olivas, J. Ramirez. R. Ward, P. Jaramillo, A. Kelly, B. White, J. Hernandez, D. Sullivan. Fourth Row: F. Castro, D. Bellerra, R. Becerra, D. Juarez, T. Kemp- ton, J. Cronen, L. Lopez, M. Alva, T. Hall, G. Zendejas, A. Sanchez Speaker of the House Tammy Kempton Spring I am so glad that I could end my years at E.M.H.S. as Speaker of the House. It couldn ' t have ended better. I would like to thank all of the Representatives for their support and cooperation. You were all so great. I really hope that this will encourage all of the underclass Representatives to get more involved in Student Government and help keep the school spirit going. 1 would like to give a special thanks to Erika and Mr. Garcia for all their help. Thanks Again, Tammy Kempton 182 Dr. James Sheridan Superintendent Dr. Eugene Platz Instruction Dr. Frank Clayton Personnel Dr. Jack Williams Business Left lo Righl: Mrs. Patricia Calceran. Mrs. Joyce Mitchell. Seated: Mr. Vorndian, Mr. Chris McCauley, Mr. Richard Ferguson. 186 Administrators A man ' ' s work is never done! Mighty Lion at work. I think I ' m getting an obscene phone call. Our loyal supporters Mr. Allison working hard. I ' m not camera shy!! 187 Administration ■ c - 1 W « 1 1 Ki| 3 1 " L ij H It ' ' 3 Mr. Jack Barton Principal Mr. Dave Sandell Vice Principal — Guidance Mr. George Allison Vice Principal — Instruction Mr. Joseph Garcia Vice Principal — Activities gmsim m mmm I 188 Counselors Mr. S. Kyne Irlentitv Mrs. B. Oganesov Loq-Ric i " | i I l Am i i ii mmtm i tmw t m K i k Mr. J. Edmonson A-E . ws i i ' f -; Mr. A. Fisher RidZ Mr. J. Lynch F-Lop Mr. J. White Attendance 189 Art Head: Mrs. Backes Mr. Raniiez Mrs. Morris Business Education Mr. Nissley 5 ■• Head: Mrs. Watkins ii, . ' Tia P I Mr. Sobbota Miss Uyeda 190 English 191 F oreign Language Ms. Hernandez Head: Mr. Lux Ms. Portelles Health and Safety Mr. Tanaka Industrial Arts Homemaking Co-head: Ms. Floyd Co-head: Ms. Larson Mr. Mecherikoff iMr. Siebert Mr. Ucker Ms. Alcorn 192 Mathematics Head: Mr. Cody Mr. Keebler Mr. Steele Mr. Nelson Mrs. Wusz Mr. Hailey Mr. Rush Mr. Shimada M USIC Head: Mr. Rush Miss Welch 193 i " hysical Education Mr. Sa Mr. Tinseth Mr. Venegas Head: Mr. Warner Mr. Montero Special Education Ms. Olivio ESEA Coordinator Head: Ms. Douglas Mrs. Palmer Librarian and Nurse Sci cience Head: Mr. Frazier Mr. Morgan Ms. Cossman Librarian Ms. Mauk Nurse 195 Ms. Caballero Aide Office Staff and Aides Ms. Cenlurioni PBX Receptionist Ms. Dominguez Ms. Faulkner Aide Clerk — Instruction « V, i i Ms. Heller Clerk — Guidance Ms. Laban Aide Ms. Le Aide 4- Ms. Marsden Clerk — Library Ms. Nelson Clerk — CPC Ms. Olivia Aide l ' )6 Ms. Ortega Aide Ms. M. Ortiz Aide Ms. Prest Sec. — Principal ' s Office Ms. Radcliffe Clerk — Activities Ms. Pachano Aide Ms. Perez Clerk — Guidance Ms. Reep Aide Ms. Scheidel Clerk — Student Store Ms. Scott Aide Ms. Siebert Aide Ms. Vandercook Clerk — Comp. Ed. Office Ms. Velasquez Clerk — Attendance 197 Parents and Teachers Association Top Row, Lefl to Right: Mrs. Lupe Zagalo, President: Mrs. Barbara Griffin, Mrs. Peggy Jones, Mrs. Margret Butcher, Mrs. Marsha Key. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Fran Rodriguez, Mrs. lola Guim, Mrs. Diane Whittington, Mrs. Darlene Scavarda, Mrs. Betty Warren, Mrs. Doris Hall, Mr. George Allison. Cafet eria Top Row, Left to Right: B. Gurraola, M. Cain, J. Ruiz, V. Corral, S. Caban. Bottom Row, Left to Right: M. Corral, R. Eilers, R. Gallo, S. Shaffer. 19S Maintenance Top Row: Chris Elmore, Wilferd Champin, Alfredo Leon, Danny Nunez, Allan Lyes, IVIanny Villan- ueva, Anthony IVIartinez, Monte Zivelonghi. Bottom Row: Danny Chico, Russell Hill, George Weir, Anthony D ' Amico, Felix Lopez, Wil- liam Oyola, Pedro Conzalws. Left to Right: John Morales, Philip Arias, Ralph Gonzales, Jim Munoz, Joe Feher. Bus Drivers 199 S3 k. y$ u Ode to ' 81 " « Back to the i And way from l Still fretful but not regretful Over the R H|V fron When in thl9HR w Olybipics Not a one was entered in those competition meets The changes were many come September, Not to mention Mr. Garcia - our New Activities Director. The first challenge of the school year " ' was the traditional show the Lions ' Ifand faces without fear ©ijr football team were true ' SMpersts b, Through I fi e and GIF — they m|de us proud to call them ours j he ' ' Main Event " was the special ntght. ' ' With Rachel cro ' vned Queen - - it was a happy ' ght A nd Suzie, Eliza. Miriam and Annet — A lovelier court, you ' ve never met. The combined lunch was really great! L We demolished a car and li-.tened to a rock band -n liilv i The Backwards Dance was so much fun, m But I bet Sadie Hawkins never was aught - - • lone ymo on hotel thought. Wtywwinwastearful when on thertl%did dawn. That " llie Duke " vas now and forever gone, But not a day was so sad thaME can remember — ' . Mn pi «Kf|{p ion entepd the after life splind — Too 9h Girls State had to Md, ' KiZ RV iad to leave all herpriends. " tFall Play was " A Broontl for the Bride. " %„,iMm. We drowned in laughter as we went along for the ride. ..JflHBPtt mnd everyone had to agree — - , Tliat Gailenwas the best coiftedy. 333 Yellow Ribbons — OiMgaA.rms — Tears ol Joy — That was what welcomed our hostages — oh boy! It was sad to see and quite a thing to dare — But Michigan won their chance after UCLA and USC didn ' t play fair. Our wrestling team did fantastic — Watching Tony and Gary move like elastic. The media had us on the end of our seat, " ' With Shogan and wondering Who Shot JR — we couldn ' t beat. And Yoda beckoning us to the show — Between " Nine to Five " we could see what the ' ' Elephant Man " looked like Who won the " Competition " hike — fe Who would have the most " Fame " — For spending the bucks — it ' s ourselves we should blame Some of the more lucky ones could kick back and watch ON in their own little shack. ASB Elections were exciting! Fame And in those Senate lV%s. — Carol and Erika did all On Slave Day we had a blast! KJfeUfiVA But the Masters 4ili soon get their Ke rBa ' t lai Basketball was as good as a meatball in ) qur,sp aghetti, Too had GIF traveled all the way to Regnetti. Basketball w as highlighted by a " Celebration " ' for School Spirit. And Sylvia being crowned was quite a merit. Erika. Tallinn . nita. and Tish — Thp court made up y tg maffimyR WIk i ng dish. Tl re were ashes for miles when St. Helen exploded. Is pirth coming to an end? — All the stakes are loaded. THfe question of equal draft was in our minds and actions well as war and atomic reactions. Tl Presidential !anipaign was no pun, 0(?the two undesired candidates — Keagan was the chosen one W e sent " ' Sailing ' " away to the rock rounds of Queen, Styx, and Halen Trying to make up for the ZeppUn « • missed — ' ,, Arid stop all our wailen. But we just kept " Movin Right Along " hile being charnnd by the rliythni of the dancers and their song. Tennis — Badminton — Track — Baseball — Welrft our opponents barely able t crawl. Roberts and those legs are a definite ' | eg. The Unialrsitieswill sure! v beg. Spring Ball unu-tlung new . A formal " Joe " King is long over due. (]RES ideas were getting the teachers upset — They said, " Save the S and have the students needs met! That certain day was really nifty, Vi hen we went back to the times in the fiftys. The Donkey Basketball Game was quite a scene. Some Seniors felt those donkeys were mean. Confusion in Choir is settled now. And off to Magic Mts. Festival, where they took a bow " West Side Story " we did perform — And " Maria " , " Tony " and all the cast — played up a stori On Pioneer Day we munched out. There was so much to see and do — we had to give a " Shout " California Plaza was a beautiful sight. ure hope they all got home before 12 n Prom Nigh rven after two Friday the I3tli . e still had a great yeati % IQK ope after ,lune, no oiie drinljistoojaufh beer. ( ' raduation v, i|l Viake bur drie«ms coniS»ttue. nd Parents Pleii ' -e ilim ' l be blue. » lember the names in the Clii .-? of ' 81 — We ' ll burn with the fire of ] (1 million stars nd in time . And in lime i e«iii ail be stars: I INMEMORIAM The entire District staff and student body of El Monte Hifjh School are sorrowed and stunned by the death of their real friend Mr. Callahan. As long as there is someone who was touched by Mr. Calla- han in his special way, then he will live forever in the hearts and minds of the people who are El Monte High School. And now a sad-happy note! Mr. Jack Edmondson, a fine counselor, is retiring on January 30th after serving 33 ' 2 years at El Monte High. This is sad, because we ' ll miss him; but it is happy because he deserves the chance to " stand down " after so many years of good work and pro- fessional service. Good luck Mr. Edmondson! 202 This year has been a super disaster! When you put people like Ruben " Curly Top " Avila; John " Mumbles, Jug Head, Worm, Fish Lips " Ramirez; Steve " Polanski, " Meyers; John " Dead Eye, Pop Eye, Ralph, Superstar " Garcia; Josh " Sex Drugs and Rock- N-Roll " Delgado; Tony " Pin " Gailen and his wife Rachel " Queen 1981 " Villa; Rudy " Kermit " Candelaria; Elsa " Vacco Promoter " Ruiz; Josie " Should Be Girls ' State " Ledesma; Susie " Never in Class " Delgado; Ann Marie " Always Lost " Kelly; Lisa " Gumby " Santa Cruz; Cindy " Attagirl " Attbery; Donna " Senior Section " Cruz; and last but not least the lady who does not like to be called Donna, " Donna " " Gunner " Gunstream, in the same classroom you get nothing but trouble. But nevertheless they all did a great job in meeting deadlines, (well maybe not all of them). But everybody tried and gave their best effort to make this book a success. I really want to thank everyone on the staff, not just for the work everyone did ( ' cause we did not do much) but for the awesome times we had in class such as World War III and Hostage Day. I would also like to thank the faculty and stu- dent body for a great four years at El Monte. I would appreciate if you have comments (good or bad) or any complaints dealing with the 1981 Annual please keep them to yourselves, because that ' s tough! And it ' s too late to do anything about it!! THANK YOU, (John " Smelly " Lomeli) EDITOR IN CHIEF iSitbettiaaji 204 " wpS f f 1 . ■? ■« l fitHdof 205 £U a He t ( Ina 852E. Alosta (213)334 7616 1519 Amar Rd (213)965 3797 1 cut! [( ' 14 ll Hhittier 4600 E.PCH, Suite 2 (2131434 8596 14245 Whittier (213)693-6022 Vintci na IIHcnte 2407 S, Bristol (714) 557-3631 11970Gafvev (213)444-3064 cin Hcnterey Ic rnardirH lark 798 Inland Center (714)888-4654 2070 S Atlantic (213) 7229126 ■ (i ddena li(l|y v(c l 3705 E Foothill (213)3610086 1408 Vine St, (213) 466 3081 Li eisi(le Idiiita 10179 Magnolia (7141 687 8051 1926 PCH (2131 539 7931 KitMna 1825 Indian Hill (714) 624 1990 itto " .Ca " lisomead r pf 7770 E, Gatvev (213) 283-8736 j SIR SPEEDY INSTANT PRINTING 1933 Tyler Ave. So. El Monte, Ca. 91733 443-1772 THE PIT 10534 Garvey Ave. El Monte, Ca. 91733 444-3232 r RAINBOW PLASTICS RAINBOW MOLDING INC. 3242 Meeker Ave. El Monte, Ca. 91731 443-6114 206 VAL SIGN COMPANY StIVINO UXimnN CAlVOtMA Distinctive Electrical Advertising Neon Plastic Electric Sales • Design • Engineering • Manufacture Store Fronts • Remodel • Repair • Installations • Terms 8500 E. Garvey 573-2323 ' ■ " ® Ave. Crane Service Rosemead Larry T, Gay iTAFF SERGEANT U S ARMY RECRUITER U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION 10814 Vallev Mall El Monte Calif 9 1 731 OFFICE PHONE (2 131 448 2324 Don 8f Marie Ricci i g M 0 CUSTOM T SHIRTS 1 gi r 3818 Peck Rd., Suite E ■ ij El Monte, CA 91732 (213) 444 8160 APPOINTMENT HAIRCUTTING (213) 443-6075 JERRY ' S Barber Shop 10910 E. Garvey • El Monte, Calif. Weekdays 9 00 A M, 5 00 P M, - Sat 8 00 A.M. - 4 00 P M. CLOSED SUNDAY MONDAY ART BARBER STYLISTS JERRY OP ' n 7:30 A.M. ■ 6:00 P.M. MON..FRI 7:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. Sat. Rusty ' s Plywood n Windows. Doors G Mouldings. Lumber 2-4-06 Tyler Avenue el monte. cai it. 91733 PH. 575-8343 RUSTY - JUDIE . RAY r||tiiB— NELSON PONTIAC 11710 Valley Blvd. El Monte, CA 91731 444-0321 207 pi-jtrus-ssiaBi TASTEE FREEZ 3057 Tyler Ave. El Monte, CA 91731 442-7353 208 EL MONTE SELF-DEFENSE SCHOOL Lima-Lama 3020 Tyler Ave. El Monte, CA 91731 213-579-3335 2nd Degree Blackbelt Lorenzo Rodriguez CARRERA ' S MARKET 1950 N. Central Ave. El Monte, CA 91733 448-6479 CANDY ' S FLORIST 11300 E. Garvey Ave. El Monte, CA 444-0666 SHAKEY ' S PIZZA PARLOR 11420 E.Valley Blvd. El Monte, CA 444-0327 209 N ] EL MONTE FORD 11401 Garvey Ave. El Monte, CA 91734 A48-7681 smftNCS l |ri ENDALE FEDERAL SAVINGS 11141 Valley Mall El Monte, CA 443-4011 CREATE EL MONT J ESCROW COHP Buying • Selling • Exchanging Personalized Service 213-443-3134 Shirley Livingston Owner and Manager Donna Duncan Escrow Officer 11706 Romona Blvd. El Monte, California 210 El Monte Parks and Recreation Department 575-2273 " Recreation Life ' s Necessity " LAMBERT PARK GYMNASIUM 11431 McGirk Ave. El Monte, CA 91732 575-2011 " Complete i4u4if ouie " LARGE EXTENSIVE SHEET MUSIC DEPT PLflVER PIUNOS AND ROLLS INSTRUCTION i-OR ILL INSTRUMENTS 230 W. MAIN ST. ' ' AlHAMBM 289-0241 ' i ™ ' " ' ' MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS I PIANOS AND ORGANS RENT 1TH OPTION TO BUY ' FRANK BERDIN - PIONEER TAKE OUT A ' fl STORE NO. 19 11439 VALLEY BOULEVARD EL MONTE, CALIF. 91731 (213) 444-7117 City of El Monte 11333 Valley Blvd. El Monte, CA 575-2225 211 Congratulations Class of " 81 " From John Garcia — Steve Meyers — John Lomeli 212 This Ad was paid for by John Lomeli, Steve Meyers, John Garcia o . . 6 Class of 1981! ■J ■ ' " ' ' Senior Portraits inc. 731 S. IVIeirose Ave. Piacentia, CA 92670 213 fOTOR CO Rice Motor Co. 10005 Garvey Ave. El Monte, Calif. 443-8866 Soba Specialties 3253 B Santa Anita Ave. El Monte, Calif. 350-4299 UPilGO Longo Toyota 10501 Valley Blvd., El Monte, Calif. 442-1011 Van ' s Jewelry 10816 Valley Mall El Monte, California 448-5238 214 Round Table Pizza 3822 Peck Rd. El Monte, CA 91732 350-4177 OPEN 7:30 A.M.- 5:00 P.M. MON.-FRI. 7:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M. SAT. Rusty ' s Plywood ■ WINDOWS, DOORS ■ MOULDINGS, LUMBER 2406 TYLER AVENUE EL MONTE, CALIF. PH. 575-8343 91733 RUSTY — JUDIE — RAY I TYI£rJ n m OFFICE aUPKY JOAN McDonald TYLER OFFICE SUPPLY STATIONERY — FURNITURE OFFICE DESIGN — PRINTING BUSINESS MACHINES 579-4465 686-2841 3215 N.TYLER AVE. EL MONTE, CALIF. 91731 Flowers by Eugene 3305 N. Tyler Ave. El Monte, CA 91731 443-2211 215 ToMs. Bea: Thanks so much for all of the hours you have spent helping us with all of our projects. Best Wishes and enjoy the rest of your life. Physical Education Dept. and 1981 Yearbook Staff It has been many good years working with the students here at E.M.H.S. and I ' ll be thinking about all of you next year while spending my days watching T.V. and working cross-word puzzle GOOD LUCK to ALL Miss Bea. Sorry I don ' t sell GRAPES in the student store . . . Mrs. Schidel To a really SUPER CLASS (81) — I wish you much happiness in the years ahead. Mrs. Rosemary E. Prest Good luck to the class of 81 — God Bless — Mrs. M. Heller To Deanna, Tina, Kathy, Denise, Erika, Robert P., Jesse, Rachel and Robert W. Good friends never say good-bye. God Bless you and take care . . . Cyndi Attebery To Gunner and Fisher, sorry for being such a problem but you still love me huh? And to Lisa Kim, and HeeWon have fun in songs next year (chuckle, chuckle) And to my Anth-honey lookir forward to our future together in our cozy little house by the mountains I LOVE YOU your little Sue-honey Aron Jeanette Gunstream — Love Mom 21- AACiL(S o QS vv NNJ jo AV iSA. VA Ao Q roi !ilii .., .jd -J 3»H el 2 r J fry u: ijba)u q£L M :lf %:, . v A-4 vC? y - y. ( V - V ' i . ' €€0 . - , -«c " ' W " : - 4 ' .Ox ■ V ,•0 •0 -cQ M .1 ■ ' :,( ;, - 1 ' , . I V) I " N , , ' XL 1 ' " , ■ , ' 1 ! ■ , .7.1: % 1 , ; ) ' I ) I . ' A V ail M , ■ ' ., -■ ( - M( , ' )| V A v: '

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