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■ ■|f!f|Lmt r •7- Si fl l r 1- » EALPEOPLEREALProPfefeALPEOPLEREALPEOPLE E EOPLEREALgEOBLElEALPEOPLEREALPEOPLEREALf ' E EALPEOPLEREALPEOPLEREALPEOPLEREALPEOPLE i, . ' «CS J ' Wv r ' ' c AuCt ce . ruJ, u-ewA toUi » " B LPEOPLEREALPEOPLE £ . OPLEREALPEOPLEREALp Q CQ lALPEOPLEREALPEOPL - o J3 f5 f ' ' " : s ■vv ,v voi.ov t?4? . .vA - 5:V t) ' , i-t?,, U . -y ' v , ' s : m ' J.X, ■ ' ' ' - -ri " - ' ' ? ' ..■ «r r «r ,. r ,-«ir. ' EL MONTE HIGH SCHOOL Volume XLV .1980 MMY " PEANUT " CARTER • SUSAN B. ANTHONY • BURT REYNOLDS • BOI: I H . 1 t f " I m fi H mi seniors 14 government student life athletics 38 54 76 organizations people 124 146 178 ads 194. HOPE • RICHARD " CALL ME DICK " NIXSON • BODEREK • AYATOLLAH Kh TESTSCORES • WINNINGAGAME • TERM PROJECTS • AN ELECTION :ONTESTS • GOALS • HITTING THE RIGHT NOTE • BALANCE • ABILITY JNCH • A SMILE • LAUGHTER • A KISS • HOMEWORK . VICTORY IDEAS • A RIDE • LOCKERS • GOSSIP • LOVE • A WARM JACKET ON A C — « t DONE ANOTHER • FRIDAY NITE FOOTBALL GAMES • WEEKEND PARTIES • NEW LOVES • GOSSIPING • CONCERTS • SOCIALIZING BEFORE AND AFTE wmwimm SNOOPY N ' WOODSTOCK • PEANUT BUTTER N ' JELLY • R. McNEIL AND H. OMANA • SALT N ' PEPPER • BREAD N ' BUTTER • CHOCOLATE N ' ZITS Oil o oo u e a n d w h i t e JOHN PEARSON SANDRA VANATTA REAL Georglna Andrade David M. Angers Abraham D. Antuna Ralph A. Araujo Josefina Ar Javier Armendariz Diana L. Atteber Maria E. Av Lesla A. Bowers Jorge R. Bravo Cindy A. Breece Glenn A. Burroughs Thomas J. Bush Victoria L. Canchola Alma R. Candelaria Richard G. Ce Dolores Chavez Mm Chun Marie L. Collms Karen E. Conover DaleCootbauqh 20 Seniors JanieC. Dolter John B. Dominguez moB YolandaC. Dominguez Glenn T. Dur Jeffrey L. Estopella LisaJ.Frankhn 3 IH Hl Michael Famiglietti lllana J. Fleener Hermelinda Flores Marie Floret, Herlinda Gamboa Guadalupe Gaonc ConsueloFuentes William M. Gaither Emily Galvan Mike Haddix Scott J. Harper Kathleen A. Henderson Yvonne M. Hensley m David C.Krame MaryA.Maez Klayton R. Malabuyoc Alfonso Maldonado Susan D. Mapstead Lor Roberta Martinez John C. Mata Jr. Bradley W. Matlove Deborah A. McClain Cathy J. McCoy James L. Mcintosh Raymond L. McNeil Leticia Mendez Rosa M. Mende Patricia Mlir Christina T. Montero Mary Moreno Denine Moret James L. Murphx 26 Seniors Hji l MH H instopher M. Myrick Consuelo M. Navarro Martha P. Navarro Majorie A. Ness Kimberly A. Nlzzi Bndgette O ' Reilly Mario A. Orosco Roger Orozco Ramona Ortiz Sachie Oshiro Leopoldo Perez Susie Perez i Jess F. Palomar Alanna K. Parks Vanessa E. Parks John M. Pearson rtha A. Perkins Tien Huu Pham Barbara M. Ponre 28 Seniors Margaret Salas Seniors 29 Diana R.Solano Janice K. Stephens Virginia R. Stone Susan L. Stuart TuongH.Tran Hector M. Trejo Peter G. Triay PEOPLE s ArturoVivar Wendy L. Warren KandisJ.Webb Georgette Westoi Mary H.Zamilpa Adriana Zarate Lupe O. Zepeda Lourdes B. Zunlga Cfirls Myrick is C.S.F ' s Outstand- ing Senior for 1980. He has main- tained a 4.0 average at El Monte, participated in football, wrestling, Varsity Club, Lions, and the hlouse of Representatives. Chris was also selected to be MVP on this years Varsity Wrestling team. In addition to his classes at El Monte, Chris has taken calculus at Rio Hondo and chemistry and electronics at Ca Tech. This outstanding scholar is the recipient of C.S.F. ' s scholarship, our congratulations and wishes for con- inued success Say Uncle What the hecl are you talking about? Oustanding Senior 33 h f f a m e Nominations of these outstanding seniors are made by the faculty of each department and stu- dent government sponsors. The basis for the selection of this traditional senior honor is high scholastic attainment, willingness to work, dependability, and irreproachable character and behavior. El Monte High School is very proud to present these outstanding seniors as Hall of Fame recipients for 1980. Congratulations! 34 Honors and Awards Honors and Awards 35 h o n o r s a n d a w a r d s c.s.f. life members The California Scholarship Fed- eration is a statewide accredited organization of high school honor students. Life membership in C.S.F. is based on grades and citi- zenship marks. In order to qualify for life membership, the student must have been in C.S.F. for four of the six semesters in the sopho- more, junior, and senior year. In addition, at least one of the four semesters must be in twelfth grade. Students must earn at least ten grade points, of which seven are academic subjects with an " A " counting for three points and a " B " worth one point. El Monte hiigh is proud to present these six Life Members of the Senior Class of 1980. Not shown; Robert Banuelos and Jose Sanchez. service above self This award is given each semes- ter to a deserving person. These st jd nts give of their time and effor ' without any recognition. They receive a plaque with their name engraved and their names are also inscribed on the Rotarian Trophy in the main trophy case. The award is given by the Rotary Club, their motto being Service Above Self. This award has been given at El Monte for the past twenty-nine years. Lupe Zepedi Richard Centeno 36 Honors and Awards PLAQUE RECIPIENTS The purpose of the Bank of America Achievements Awards is to recognize and honor outstanding seniors whose scholastic attainment, sense of civic responsibility and evidence of leadership give most promise to future success and service to society. And, to stimulate and encourage high school students in their academic vocational and citizenship training. The academic areas in which Achievement Awards are presented are defined as specific and general fields. Students receiving recognition in specific fields are awarded certificates. Students receiving recognition in general fields are awarded engraved plagues. Congratula- tions to thoese fine senior recipients. Not Shown: Roberto Banuelos b a n k o f a m e r i c a Honors and Awards 37 1 Q1 1 ' OEM : ji0 a-r . - Ov- " X ,: - ' ' - V- Associated SiuDEriTj DY J A.S.B. Secretary Loretta Martinez FALL CABINET A.S.B. Treasurer Amber Cordts Fall Cabinet 41 a m Senate 43 fall semester senior a s s o f f i c e r s |unior 44 Class Officer sophomore m freshmen I r , If, Class Officers 45 h o u s e o f r e P r e s e n t a t i V e s fall semester 1. 1 O NTS ' OEIV Debby Avila, Richard Ayala, Armando Barajas, Cindy Breece, Francine Calvllle, Peggy Chavez, Niltki Cleaves, David Daniel, Clanca DeLalsla Jn4nn| Ckimiriquez, Aurora Duran, Yolanda Encino, David Garcia. Cindy Gray, Cindy Gutierrez, Angelica Heredia, Rober ■ lensen CramrnyKemp ton Gavino Luna, Martin Mendez, Adele Miller, Chris Myrick, Carmen Nuiio, Mario Orosco, John Pearson, Ever ette Reyes, LorenaRoHriguez, Michelle Ruiz, Georgina Sanchez, Rudy Sandoval, Anthony Silva, Elva Urias, Maria Zamarripa, Gilber Zendelas. I would like to thank all first semester House of Representa- tives for doing such a great |ob. Also, a special thanks to Mr. San- dell for all your help. Thanks once again, Margie Ness f Representatives spring semester KlAl«lv J=m!JLatiii:i Anqie Armendanz Diana Attebery, Richard Ayala, Sandy Bartholomew, Angel Benitez, Enrique Casillas, Peggy Chavez, David Dam. Debra Davila, Aurora Duran, Richard Fuente, Tony Gailen, Peter Kubialt, Yolanda Lopez, Ros.e Lesp ron, Roberta Martinez, Donns Mitchell. Joe Murphy, Chris Myrlck, Mario Orosco, John Pearson. Jessica Rebollo, Lon Rudy Sandoval. Martha Solis. Martha Villegas, Maria Zamarripa G tJET ' S ' ' ' ' -- Rodriguez, Stephanie Rodriguez, Elsa Ruiz, Having served as second Semester Speaker of house was a great way to end my Senior year, it really gave me a chance to get involved. I ' d like to thank Mr. Sandell and all the Representatives for their cooperation through out the semester. Thanks alot, Cindy Gray h o u s e o f r e P r e s e n t a t i V e s House ot Representatives 47 " Now come on, stop laughing! Come on, just for one second. I don ' t look that funny, Well maybe just a little. Being A.S.B. President isn ' t all th. + easy you know. There are many obligations the President has. Such as going to other schools for luncheons and " pig- ging-out " on the free food. Getting out of class . . . um ... I mean running the senate meetings every Monday. Plus many other hard, time consuming responsibilities most students and Faculty are not aware of. The advantage I must etijoy about being President, is your a walking hall pass wherever you go! But really .... I ' d like to thank Mr. Sandeil for all of his patience and support. And senate was just great, they couldn ' t have been a better combina- tion. " ' Thank-You Very Much! a.s.b. cabinet A.S.B. Secretary Margie Ness spring semester ASB Cabinet 49 s e n a t e s P n g s e m e s t e r 50 Senate spring semester senior Senior President Jo Ann Villalobos c [ e r s Janice Stephens 52 Class Officers sophomore a s s o f f Sophomore President Elsa Ruiz man vice President Eileen Aguirre Marianne Ness ■So phomo re President Becky Warren ) Class Officers 53 H O M E C O M I N G 56 Homecoming Not now, Steve " IFTHEY COULD SEE ME NOW... " The first highlight of the year was Home- coming. During Homecoming week the girls participated with partners Monday thru Thursday. The girls ' partners were as fol- lows: Cindy-Peter Trjdyrtore+t|-Steve Cen- iceros, Virginia-£dy DiipfiJldr- enise-Henry Omana, Lupe-j4ise Hernandez. The activi- ties were drinking grapefruit juice from a baby bottle, eating bananas with whip cream, passing the lifesavers, and finally the football through the hula-hoop contest in which all the girls failed and in turn got a pie in the face. The following morning (Fri- day) was the car rally. As the night progressed the stands became filled with lion fans as they watched our team defeating Schurr. During half-time the lights were dimmed as Lupe Zepeda ' s name was revealed as the 1979-80 Home- coming Queen. Who needs cars? ' Homecoming 57 LADIES Everyone doing their own thing pronounce you man and wife. ' 58 Sadie Hawkins We match . . . don ' t we? ' ' Were you there? " Sadie Hawkins 59 enter pharoah nussbaur Mortimer Thingummy, a well known archaeologist, has been killed by a falling statue. The news media suspects it ' s a curse haunting all those who enter a forbidden Egyptian tomb, hlis eccentric widow demands the pro- tection of — Pharoah Nussbaum, the most incompetent gumshoe. The culprits scheme to get rid of Pharoah — but every attempt backfires until the house is littered with corpses. Pharoah is aided in his investigation by Policewoman hlollowell. Stick em up or I ' ll squirt you! cast of characters Skimp — police official Jay Avenattl Kitty — the maid Marie Casado Scoop — a reporter Mike Colwell Mrs. Thingummy — archaeologist Jane Dolter Pharoah Nussbaum — clumsy cop Tony Gailen Moose — the butler Tino Olotoa Lottie — Archie ' s wife Alanna Parks Pamela — Archie ' s sister Christina Perez Jane Hollowell — policewoman Sue Tennyson Marge Lattimer — a deranged creature Yvonne Troxclair Archie — vain and spoiled Joe Yescas 1-2-3, 1-2-3... r ■3 1 ' A, rt 60 Student Life b a n d Student Life 61 • J-- s c h o o " let me call you sweetheart ' s P This years School Spirit game was held Feb. 8, 1980. against Arroyo. Nominated for School Spirit Court were, Linda Bushman, Cindy Gray, Margie Ness, Laurie Preston, and Sue Tennyson. During School Spirit weelt the girls along with the students competed in various activi- ties, such as marshmallow eating contest, baby bottle contest, t-shirt day, hat day, and the traditional car ralley. During half-time Tony Gailen introduced the girls escorted by their fathers. Laurie Preston was then crowned School Spirit Queen for 64 Student Life Did you take my picture? a s s e m b i e s This tinsel is a pain in the eai a WOW! What muscl. I can t do a thing with my hair 1 Twist. " Help! Ouch! Ooh Kicking back. Trying to get the hang of it. Dance The Night Away was the theme for this year ' s Dance Concert. It was directed by Mrs. Ruth Fisher and was performed on March 14th. The show contained three dance solos done by Marie Casado, Eliza Leos, and Erika Perez. Other dances included In The Mood, Money, Hair, Time, and Fade Away and Radiate. A lot of time and effort was put in to make the concert a success. ' This dance is so boring ' Help we re being invaded Donna, you ' ll never get a hit with your eyes closed. 1 w: .m:,. a fTSl.. ' .„y s In ' W A T ij l |l Hey, where ' s my partner? If looks could (ill. S T-R-E-T-C-H a 70 Student Life Me and my French maid: bonded Senior girls were auctioned the day before to sen- ior guys who wanted to participate. The girls were dressed in various costumes such as clowns, togas, sol- diers, etc. Their master ' s also had them perform many activities throughout the day. ■ girls naving a c hat, about you know who? [| - - What Is it? It ' s Alma she thinks she ' s a frog. Ge me my teddy bear Student Life 71 child- hood This was the second time the dance class has performed before an audience in the large gym. The dance concert outcome was suc- cessfully sponsored by the Wom- an ' s Physical Education Depart- ment. -. V ' Don ' t we look nice. ' bottoms up k i n g f o o I W M V fiH K v ' ' f p V H " " ' V nfc Mario Orosco " Hollyw9«d " 74 Student Life tt ,IJtl, t T1 ' 1 U X o a jf a D- ale -.©§ ' n =- I O oo 5 f o o o ' -I s " 8-0 J. r V - 5 3 O 5- I - ALL LEAGUE PLAfEkS They Showeei Us the Way The 1979 El Monte Lions won ten ga " hles and lost three for this year. They are the ChlAMPIONS of the Mission Valley League. They placed twelve players on the Mission Valley All-League team. Split end Ray McNeil and quarterback Henry Omana were the Most Valu- able Players of the Mission Valley League. The Lion Blue Curtain defense shut out four opponents, intercepted 25 passes and recovered ten fumbles and played a hard-hitting brand of football. Starters on defense were: tacl les Tony Lopez and Tom Guzman; ends Bill Gaither and Larry Cecil; outside backers Hector Trejo and John Ramirez, linebacker Raul Lomeli; corners Steve Cen- iceros and Kevin McNeil and safeties Jesse Hernandez and Ray McNeil. The Lion offense gained 3,948 total yards; 2541 yards passing and 1,409 yards running and scored forty-six touchdowns. Quarterback Henry Omana threw for twenty-four touchdowns and ran for two more. Split end Ray McNeil caught ninety passes for 1 ,459 yards and seventeen touchdowns. Tailback Peter Triay gained over 1000 yards - rushing, catching passes, returning kickoffs, and he 5ca4:eclthirteen touchdowns. Starters on offense were ' serTfef Cisco Ja ramillo uards R ick Carrell and Mike Gracia ; tackles Henry Acero and Bill Gaither; ght en d Charlie Gonzalez ' D split end Ray McNeil; tailback Peter nay and quarterbalTk Henry Omana. The reason for tl |ffe jj| many uc esses is this: a group of young men (who were iu rsiSst year)»fh ' | sta rt of thj s 1 979 season, made the commitment Jpiwhey were ip4 11j7d is-e tTierrfsdves up and out of the dust and ir?and becom CHAMPIONS hey dedicated themselves physically, mentally ahaenTotionallT ' liioegerr-flwy- et goals for themselves and for their team — to b aHAMPIONSJ and they were. The successes that ' the EfMn n ' ' ' I inTp ; hH yM -harTthii; season is a tribute to the leadership atiii Accomplishments of these men. They are Captain tackle Henry Acero; Captain, tackle Bill Gaither; Captain, quarterback Henry Omana; Captain, s plit end Ray Mc Neil[ guard Rick Carreil; guard Steve Alderete:(tight epd -OFt die yback Gary Painter; tail-back Peter TnaT T Harterba J lanker Tom Bush; defensive tackle Tony Lopez; outside tnrebacler Hector Trejo; Defensive corner Steve Ceniceros; and afety Jesse Hernandez. ' Sincerely, Thanks for showing us the way. (f- C cA. Kevin McNeill Head Varsity Football Coad iiAMPlONS Jesse Hernandez Middle Line Backef First Teem V B t Chuck Ucker Henry Acero Steve Alderette Danny Alvid y f Q John Caballero Richard Carrell Larry C( a®f ad Manning Bill Gaither Ruben G Jr w« ■ », ' ' Leroy Lopez Luciano Lopez Tony Lopez John Lov Athletics a v v. -4 MikeVillalobo (1 m.Mt - ' ® i Sif e a g u e i 1 c ! h I a m P i ol n s We are family! m i " lVt.f k i Next dance. Bud! McNeill receiving 82 Varsity Football Peak-A-Boo Giddy-up Spartan o m o Top row left to right: Louie Suddeth, Dan Waltz, Rich Wittington, Ed Lopez, Sergio Salazar, Ricky Gonzalez, Manuel Hernandez, Joe Rodriguez. Middle row: Coach Ken Steele, Coach Tim Campa, Jr. Reta, Fred Navarro, John Myrlclt, Abel Guzman, Hector Gonzalez, Luis Barron, Henry Sandoval, Bill Mogayorody. Bottom row: Victor Cardenas, Eddie Manriquez, Ruben Castro, Steve Jaramillo, Donald Hall, Refael Coral, Fernando Suarez, Mario Venegas. Venegas running for a first down. -«i " king the stop. Head Coach, Ken Steele Assistant Coach Tim Campa Assistant Coach Doug Stevens f r e s h m a n f o o t b a Assistant Coach Defense tough and i The Lion Cross Country team had the most successful season In Its history. The team won the Mis- sion Valley League Championship and had a perfect record of 9-0. Many team members contributed to this excellent record. The most outstanding distance runner was Roberto Velasquez who was All- CIF second team (lOth). All League (1st), undefeated in dual meet competition and holder of six course records. S ergio Rami- rez, All League (5th), provided team leadership. The most promis- ing member of the squad was Jun- ior Fernando Velasquez, All League (3rd). These three runners accomplished the amazing feat of being undefeated by an opposing runner in dual meet competition. Other team members who made significant contributions were Richard Centeno, Santiago Campero, Javier Ortiz, and Lor- enzo Villanueva. El Monte Vs. . .Scores . . Excelsior 28-29 ..Bell Gardens 29 30 . . Azusa 18 40 , , Whitter 24 31 . . Mt.View 21 35 ..Keppel 17 42 . . Arroyo 29 30 . . Schurr 25 30 . . Rosemead 20 37 Bacl( row: Roberto Velasquez. Se nando Velasquez. Front row: Javi Villanueva. -nirez Richard Centene, Per Santiago Campero Lorensc Cross Country Cross Country 87 y Alex on the move 90 AthlotKs The DOCTOR pulling down a rebound. Phil keeping the ball high for the Lions. Ray putting the ball in Arroyo ' s FACE. a Henry crashing the boards Go for it LIONS! j.v. mission valley league champs j S ' Tfiis years ' Junior Varsity Squad did what no other Junior Varsity team has done in the past decade, woryfe Mission Valley League Championship! [ - ij- ■ , dance of first veartCoach Bob Alamz the Lions fin- sK ,-■ Winning campaign with a 9-1 record, and an 18-6 over a.i ruaiK. i he J.V. team also finished 3ra m their own El Monte Tourney and In the tough San Gabriel Tournament they came away with a consolation championship victory. The mam ingredient to their outstanding season was the concept of the word team. Every player not only contributed their own share, but each was a vital aspect throughout the successful year. Coach Alaniz would never hesitate to use any one of his players in a pres- .sure situatio n J.V. playing tough " D Lions, getting pep talk Sandy going tor points. I V b a s k e t b a I Leo jumping Sky-High Hector posing for the camera Coach Alaniz keeping his cool. Standing left to right: Joe Torosion. Cesar Solorza, Abel Guzman, Ignacio Sanchez, Eddie Lopez, Guillermo Calvillo. Bottom left to right: Ricky Gonzalez, Louie Suddeth, Orlando Duran, Jim Maldonado, Jr. Reta, Art Garcia, Fred Navarro. Head Coach David Brooks E a s k e t b a I I Jimmy on a clutch free throw. Lions playing tough defense. m j L At Standing left to right: Stanford Tucker, Angel Benitos, Blaine Wagoner, Henry Ramirez, Noe San Roman, Charlie Gates, Leonard Galicia. Bottom left to right: Henry Cruz, Dan Ornales, Joe Weston, Marka Salinas, David Roman, Dan Daniels, Jaime Salcido. Angel scores on a fast break Q - , ( COACH: Mr. Galv Javier Armenda The Lions had high hopes for the 1979-80 wrestling sea- son. Returning League Champs John Zagalo (98 lbs) and Hector Trejo (154 lbs.), were a tough core. Captains Chris Myrick (165) and Brian Mills (123) provided strong leader- ship and wins. Junior Gary Painter ( I 77), tough Seniors Art Vivar (114), Ed Camanllo (135), and Javier Armendariz ( 140) rounded out an experienced Monte team. Some pleasant surprises in the lineup were Jr. Tony Sailen (98), Soph. Ed Mannquez (147), super Frosh Ray Olivas, and the very surprising, upset-minded Rich Whit- ington(l93). Early in the season, at our own El Monte Varsity Tourna- ment, Zagalo placed 1st, Vivar 3rd. Mills 2nd. Armendariz gained a Bronze, and Myrick won 2nd. At the huge 3 I -team Northview Varsity Tourney, the Lion Team placed 5th. Hector Trejo brought home a 1st place medal, Chris Mynck a 2nd. and John Zagalo a 4th. Trejo su-ffered his first defeat of the season at the presti- gious MIra Costa Holiday Tourney, placing 2nd. Art Vivar gained 5th place at this difficult tournament. Some noteworthy records to January 30 were: at: 103, John Zagalo, 13-4, 9 pins: I 14, Art Vivar. I 1-6, 6 pins; 122, Brian Mill ' ' 5 3 I 5 pm 156 Hector T-e|o 12 1 , 6 pins; and 167 Chn M,rick I S 3 II pins V a r s I t y w r e s t I i n g V y w Hector doing his thing Hey, we got another winner her Tup row: Ruben Seiaf.n Mdr t.n Mt- rije? Torn Nyehoit John Motciles Gabiiel Moreno, Chris Eriksson. Front row: Victor Valenzuela, Rich Rodriguez, Joe Ramirez, Luis Sahagun. w We have to stop meeting like this V y o Roberto V. ready for a goa Back row: Armando Gomez, Jose Ibarra, Ramon Torres, Claudio Bulgarelli, Luis Rocha Ricardo Slamelo. Front row: Leobaldo Lopez, Martin Perez, Oscar Martinez. Danie Quiroz, Rene Galdanez. Carlos talking to J.V. Coach Ricardo Heredia. V y e b a Ray McNeil Henry Omana V a r s i t y b a s e b a The Lions await the decision. L, rr, t.iles low for ball tour. - .:; ■ ■ ' iiL. kU ,- 1 «•:::. 1 Ik llr 6B? - --. ass f £Li ; d i Sorry Hector we ' re going to bring in Koufax 104 Athletics A close play at home, and he ' s — ? Coach John Caballero. Athletics 105 Bock row: Bill Tru|lllo, Joe Weston, Robert Sandoval, Andy Marquee Otis Ortiz, Ernie Suddeth, Rudy Ramirez, Kurt Lomeli, Tom Morales, and Coach Biornesen. Front row: Blaine Wagner, Henry Ramirez, Duane Curtis, Angel BeneI.e, Leonard Galica, Marie Salmas, Tom Nyehalt, Charles Gates, M.ke Cervantes, Henry Cruz, and Gus Quintana. 106 Athletics Athletics 107 V John puts his power Into It. The coach checking out Marks form This years Varsity Track Team should prove to be the strongest overall team El Monte has had i n a long time. This years team is centered around the distance events. Roberto Velasquez. Sergio Rami- rez, Fernando Velasquez were the top three runners in league this year in cross- country and they plan on dominating track the same way. Jim Roberts and John Garcia will be the top hurdlers this year as juniors. Jim, as a freshman won the frosh-soph division and John placed third last year in the league meet. The field events will be a very strong part of this years team with Gary Painter, Jorge Bravo, and Ron Sallenbach returning. Gary won the frosh-soph shot put and took second in the discus last year. He has also won 4 different invitationals in the past two years. Ron Sallenbach returns this year after placing fourth m the long and triple jump at the varsity level. The sprinters should be as good as ever with Anthony Marquez, Steve Cen- iceros, and Peter Triay running for the Lions. El Monte has not won a league championship in a long time. This year could be the year. THE LION TRACK TEAM BEATS THEM ALL. High Jump Long Jump , Triple Jump f 1 I20HH Steve Cenic High Jump Long Jump Martin Floras High Jump Long Jump Athletics 109 Sergio heading for the finish. Run way one, clear for take off. Ron gets high for the Lions. it ' s a bird . . . Ifs a plane ... No, It ' s John SUPERSTAR Garcia! I Front row, left to right: Rafael Coral Humberto Casillas. Terry Esposito Nathan Hooper, John Lopez, Ro ' , Orosco. Walter Holms, Neal Hall, Rich ard Rodrques, Darren Gallen. Back row left to right: Claudio Bulgarelli, Martin Rivera, Yuki Oshiro, Torr, Wooten, Lor- enzo Villanueva. Edward St. Andrews Mark Silva, Dan Walts, Jaime Salcedo Ricky Gonzales, Ignacio Sanches. P h t r a John flying for the finish Rafael going for it. Hey! guys how about getting to prac- tice. Front row left to right; Carmen Ramirez, Irma Villalobos, Alma Candelaria. Second row: Ruby Galvan, Roberta Martinez, Emily Galvan, Debbie Johnson. Third row: Lydia Cabr- Leticia Villabiscencio, Emily Torres, Ann Perkins, Peggy Vanderpool, Shelly Estrada. kl ' 4 ' Debbie does it agaii Real enthusiastic 112 Volleyball hope that ball doesn ' t come to Facing a monnent of tension REAL VALUABLE PLAYER Debbie Johnson, along with the rest of the Varsity team, had a tough, challenging season but were also victorious against some of their opponents. The junior varsity team had all new players who picked up the volleyball skills quite well. Lisa Clower was awarded Most Valuable Player and Lillian hlernandez Most Improved. Congratulations to all these fine players for their great effort and dedication. A spe- cial thanks to the statistician, Sonia Alercon. ng up? J. V, Standing left to right. Mia Camargo, Cindi Attebery rina Villalobos. Sitting; Lisa Clower. Lillian Hernande Armida Martinez, Josie Ledezn Antonia Valdlvias. Girls ' Volleyball 113 Strike three . . . you ' re out! Nice swing, Sachie Standing left to right; Adele Miller. Lupe Zepeda, Ann Sunabe, Irnna Lui Sitting: Cece Rodriguez, Huyen Trinh, Sachie Oshiro. (Not shown: Loretta na, Liz Lopez. Martinez) Standing left to right: Anna Vlllanueva, Anne Marie Kelly, Pam Smith, Margarita Lozoya, Patti Riegel, Lisa Santa Cruz. Sitting left to right: Huong Dang, Connie Allan- baugh. Lisa Redes, Estrellita Gonzalez, Shirley Padilla, Myrna Camarena. ROOKIE ROBERSON Coached her first year Varsity Tennis and did an outstanding job. hHer time and effort brought through a well-skilled and confident team. All team members, at one time or another, had winning matches. Most Valuable Player was Lupe Zepeda and Most Improved was Cece Rodriguez. The Junior Varsity team had a season full of experience and fun. They were also coached by a first year-first time coach, Mrs. Ruth Fisher. Congratulations to Pam Smith, Most Valuable Player, and Estrellita Gonzalez, Most Improved. V. t e n n Smith — M.V.P. What! The ball ' s stuck? " Lisa Redes jumping tor the Lions. This year the Girls ' Varsity Team had a very young team with only three returnees, they are: Debbie Johnson, Lydia Cabrera, and Emily Galvan. The Varsity team also had two freshmen; Kim Bolinger and Patty Riegel. Miss Roberson brought it all together with really good coaching. We hope this season will end up a big smash. Back row: Cece Rodriguez Mia Camargo Diane Mills Rosie Redes, Martha Hernandez. Front row: Shirley Padilla Beth Boone Linda Guerrero Not shown; Francine Calvillo, Roberta Martinez, Yolanda Lopez. J.V. girls getting read Shirley trying to get the ball. V a r s i t y s o f t b a chmgfortheLion Sh.rlev P. Athletics 119 V y a d m Iran HR n M JoKn Lomeli Lisa Redes Ermo Luna JoiJrtopez Estrellita Gonzalez M.V.P. SachieOshir 120 Athletics i Frank Gnffin Tony Lopez — V. Doubles This was the. first year for Coed Badminton at El Monte and it was a very successful one. Although as a team they placed fourth in the league, as individuals they did an outstanding job. Frank Griffin won eight out of nine matches in Singles and had a 6-2 record in Mixed Doubles. Sachie Oshiro and Frank Griffin were voted Most Valuable Players by their teammates. Sachie holding a 4-1 record in Singles and 3-0 record for Doublgi -Qjher outstanding seniors were Steve Ceniserso, Tony Lopez, ( oberL apeU©-rtoretta Martinez, and Erma Luna. Many thanks to these players and the of the team for making this, our first year, an outstanding one for me. All League Standings Singles Doubles Frank Griffin — Second Steve Meyers Joe Rodriguez — Se Sachie Oshiro — Third Steve Ceniseros Tony Lopez — Third Loretta Martinez Lisa Redes — Fourth V b a d m I n t o n Elsa running the nnile Monica St. Andrews, Manann Ness, Diane Mills, Orley Bohorquez, Amparo Salazar, Namta Gagliano, Shelly Estrada, Peggy Chavez. Front row: Tammy Clutcher, Elsa Ruiz. Roberta Martmez, Demse Romero, Irma Villalo- bos, Connie Romero, and Gabby Centeno. Orley running the 2 Athletics 123 u3lrt . -01W • ;. C6 -V.?, .-e so . . iq b a n d Under the new direction of Mr. Alex Galvan boosted El Monte High ' s spirits at our Friday night games. Our band and flashrankers work long and hard after school yet still represent El Monte in a spirited way. THANKS BAND! Director Mr, A. Ga Head Flashronker Band Mother Ms, Lc 126 Organizations LL CO — UO O ; Organizations 127 s o n g s From left to right; Susie Delgado. Letlcia Diaz, Head — Denise Whinery, JoAnn Dominguez, and Eliza Leos. Left to right: Linda MaHaly, Denise Ritter, Head: Lesia Bower, Cathy Young. Cindy Breece. 128 Organizations Majorettes — Unavailable for picture ' Call me Susie Spirit! Organizations 129 A L E O ' Y Head Eileen Corella Elsa Ruiz Varsity Leo Sylvia Ayala Sponsor Ms. Douglas Co-Head Helen Escadon % VS. f Sandy Bartholomew ' ' n i k - Susan Tennyson 30 Cheerleaders Head Manbel Lopez Cheerleaders 131 (0 - U ro Q Q Q) CD 132 Organizations o (0 O Q (o O CO V a I I e y m i n s t r e Front row; Lisa Fritter, Erika Perez, Jeff Schaefer, Carol Schneider, Rachel Villa, T row: Robert Perez. Fernando Resales, Don Waltz, Kelly Adkms, Rudy Chaparro, St4v Alanna Parks, Luis Soto. Denise Nolan, Edwin St. Andrew, Mrs. RumbergetjsDiana Attebe Tina Fowler, Reggie Valenzuela. Middle ers. Robert Ward, Scott Rickerd. Standing: Doug Smith. Sue Tennyson. Jesse Ravega. Front row: Delia Acevado, Elizabeth Alvarado, Rose Diaz, Olivia Pulido, Debbie Johnson, Patty Jeffrey, Susan Alvarado, Vanessa Parks. Second row: Brenda Lopez, Susan Tennyson, Lupe Gallardo, Lisa Fritter, Marie Floras, Carolina Golicia, Linda Robles, Sylvia Ortiz. . Sheila Kelly. Third row: Alison Wilhelnnus. Luz Ortiz, Martha Franco. Cyndi Attebery. Christina Jimenez, Annette Hernandez, Myrna Camarena, Tammy Beavers. Veronica Lopez. Fourth row: Kathy Whitebear, Christina Perez, Patty Robertson, Gina Griffin. Denise Rtt- ' ter, Tresha Bowers. Becky Cleveland, Lupe Gaona, Susan Crane, Becky Flores. 134 Organizations First row: Ralph Casey, Curtis Arias. James Whittington, Luis Soto, Thomas Nyeholt, Mark Salinas, Don Flora, Robin Juarez, Fernando Ravega, Geroge Jones, Jorge Sedano, Gilbert Zendeias. Second row: Jim McCarty, Tom Duncan, Dareld Hall, Jose Ayala, Robert Vlllaba, Raul Salas, David Leeper, Santiago Villanueva. Left to right: Dawn Lutton, Judith Miller, Susie Hutchins, Sallie Redes, Julie Ra Natalie Madrid, Maria Castro. Seated: Kelly Adkins, Bfi cky War , a. Lisa Fritter. OS, Virginia Ortiz, Silvana Gallardo, Linda Oli m e n s V o c a e n s e m b Organizations 135 From left to right: Roberta Martinez. Jess e Rivega, Alanna Parks, Robert Perez, Scott Ricltard. Lisa Fritter, Rudy Chaparro. Sue Tenny- Robert Alfaro. David Daniel. Nick Franco. Joe Garcia, Kathy Henderson, Adam Hernadez. John Michicotf. Bill Mogydy. George Romero. Gilbert Salinas, Rudy Sandovol, Jim Wooten. 136 Organizations thespians drama club Alanna Parks, Jane Dolter, Ardis Livingston. Nikki Cleaves Diana Attebery. Christina Perez, Mike Colv ell, Marie Casado, Vikki Canchola. Donna Cooper. Vill, Canchola, Parts. Rachel V Cordts. Pattl Ri( da Lopez. Becky Cleveland. Dagmar Carey. Laura Guzman Margo De Fr, me Troxclair. Sue Tennyson. Tony Sailen, Christina Perez Mane Casado Alanna Tino Olotoa, Doug Sullivan, Mike Colwell, Nikki Cleaves Susie Fogle Amber u Mike Alva, Tresha Bower Dan Cardenas, Kim Carlson. Filiberto, Myrna Camarena, Lisa Clower, Susan Crane, Tammy Crutcher. Jan Dolter, Aurora Duran Dan Faiardo, Mike Famiglitti Maria Gallardo. Sal Garcia. Madelene Hernandez. Ann Marie Kelly. Ramon Lopez. George Maqana. Martin Martinez. Debbie McLain. Lowie McDonald. Holly Miller. Sylvia Naiera. Oscar Ochoa, Gamanie Ortega. Shirley Padilla, Maria Perez, Lina Pulido, Ray Quintana, Eddie Range!. Matt Ridgeway, Mike Rodriques. Luis Sahagun. Jorge Sanches, Lisa SantaCruz, Rubin Serafin, Edwin St, Andrew, Monica St. Andrew. Gina Swallay. Mario Venegas. Leticia Villabisenclo, Ana Villanueva, Mike Villegas. Organizations 137 stage crew Top: Lesia Bower, Kelly Adkins, Sherri Wellock David Angers John Colmen, Robby McCollach, Sheri En fried, Mike Villalobos, sponsor: Alex Mallnowski. Sponsor Mr. Lux, Scott Rickard, Myrna Camarena. Doug Ish gaki, Margarita Lozoya. Huong Dang, KhIet Doan, Quy Duong, Diem Kim. Due La, Ly MInh Lam. Tung Ba Lu, Dung Tu Ly, Giang Ngo, Khiem Nguyen. Mai Nguyen, Nga Tuyet Nguyen. Hoang Pham, Tien Pham. Danh Tang, Due Tran, Trung Tran, Huyen Trinh, Thinh Trinh, Van Tnnh, Cuong Troung, Hoa Truong, Que Truong, Tu Viet Troung, Dung Vu, KhueVu. 138 Organizations Sponsors: Ms. Roberson, Mr. Brooks. Front row: Lisa Reta, Lydia Cabrera, Sachie Oshlro, Pam Smith, Huyen Trinh, Erma Luna, Cece Rodriguez, Tracy Bates, Lupe Zepeda. Second row: Loretta Martinez, Tina Fowler, Alma Candelaria, Ruben Avila, Mike Villalobos, Chris Myrick, Mario Orosco, Ruby Galvan. Third row: Myrna Camerena, Denise Nolan, Tony Gailen, Danny Alvidrez, Raul Lomeli, Mike Navarez, Tom Bush, David FHill, Leti Villabesencio. Sponsors: Mr. Bauer, Mr. Frazier. Rob Aleman, Charlotte Bandhauer, David Boulias, Lydia Cabrera, Doreen Cantrell, Leticia Diaz, Magdi Chali, Sylvia Ortiz, Elvia Rodriguez. Organizations 139 c H O R E T T E S Liz Aguilar Liz Aldere+e Marie Anderson Angle Armendariz Cindy Breece Anita Bullington Marie Casado Amber Cor+s Debbie Davila Susan Delgado Kady Kevor Rose Diaz Letitia Diaz Helen Escandon Connie Fuentes Connie Gonzales Nanda Herrera k IammY KarnEtoiL Eliza Leos Lupe Lopez Renee Morales Carmen Nuno Donna Nyeholt UzOiech Sylvia Olvias Erika Perez Cyn+hia Ramos Elsa Ruiz Annette Salazar Carol Schneider Deanna Torres Yvonne Trolair Carol Warren Kandl Webb Denise Whinery Kathy Young Adriana Zarate Spon : Mrs. R. Fisher 140 Chorettes Bianca DeLaUla Deanna Esposito am Denise Nolan Liz Olech t, f Enka Perez ScoH Riclard JoAnnV.llalobos Robert Ward Rachel Villa Fortino Villalobos Laurels, girls ' honorary club, and Lions boys ' honorary club, is the highest honor a girl and boy on campus can receive. Each girl and boy is selected on the basis of the number of activity points and citizenship points they have earned throughout their years at El Monte High school. Ms. Mask is the sponsor for the Laurels and Mr. Nissley is the sponsor for the Lions. a u r e a n d Organizations 141 Sen,ors Junior, ophomores Yolanda Aguayo Ma rg,e Anderson Lydia Cabrera Roberto Banuelos Amber Gordts Huong Damg Richard Carrell Khi et Doan DinhLe Jeffery Estopelian Dec nna Esposito Josef na Ledezma Kathy Henderson The res.a Fowler Raine Quintana X- 1 Douglas Ishlgak. De ise Nolan Augu ti Sanchez tq I Thuan Le Jos e Sanchez DucT ran Chris Myric Rac helV.lla Marie Padilla Brenda White 79 Bernardo Sandoval Liz Olech Jorge Sedano Blanca DeLalsIa Ann Sunabe HuyenTrinh Fort.no Villalobos JoAnn Villalobos Seniors Junion Sophomores Freshmen Roberto Banuelos Hermila Bara.as Janet Chou Rodolfo Candelar AlmaCandelana Henry Cho GailGinninqs Young Lee Richard Carrell Blanca DeLalsIa Josefma Ledezma Ruben Lopez Consuelo Fuentes Deanna Esposito FernadoSuarez Marianne Ness Kathy Henderson Thersia Fowler Due Tran Mark Salinas C.ndy Hunter Denise Nolan Virginia Sanchez Douglas Ishigalci Liz Olech spnn 80 g Klayton Malabuyoc ChnsMync Margie Ness Mario Padilla Jose Sanchez Jorge Sedano Pamela Smith Ann Sunabe Erika Perez Robert Ward e a g u Top row; A. Lazoya, M. Lazoya, B. DeLalsIa, S. Lozoya. K. Carlson. V. Padilla. D. Lutton. S. Johnson, M. Hernandel, B. Warren. C. Gonzales, D. Cruz. H, Dong. M Collins M. Hernandez. Second row: Ms. Hernandez. L. Flores. R. Redes. J. Ledesma. S. Allen. N. Duron. J. Oolter, Ms, Ramirez, Third row: D. Carez, R. Martine. R. Gonzalas L Cooper, Bottom row: R. Rosas, J. Cardlnas. S. Martine, L, Sandoval, R. Villanuera. A. Duran. K. Henderson. T. Beavers. M. Camarena. T. Gonzalas. A. Wells. A. Villanu era. R. Fuentes. o t s Sponsor: Mrs. Daurlo, Cindy A+tebery, Blanca DeLalsIa, Kathy Henderson, Bill Truiillo. o n s t r a i Sponsor: Pat Karamltros. Back row: Dion NIzzi. Connie Gonzales, Josie NGno. Mike Rodrigue Arcenio Trjayf JoAnn Villalobos. Front row: Melissa Ness, Ardis Livingston, Kathy Henderson, Gina Swalley, Robert Ward, Rosio Villamja Organizations 143 ■REAL PEOPLE ' Laurie " Party " Preston Alma " Poo " Candelari jap " : : ' ' " -- Steve ' Oscar ' Meye Paul " Samoa " Tauaese rbara " Dollv " Pone Lupe Lupus Zepeda Cindy Giggles G Johnny " Mumbles " Ra Mrs. Donna Gui Laurie Preston Alma Candelari Steve Meyers . Paul Tau Barbara Ponce CmdyGray,. Johnny Ramire John Lomeli . . Silvia Ayala,. .Adv .Editor-m-Chief ...Copy Editor jsiness Manager Irma Villalobo . . , Gov. iment Lupe Zepeda . Clubs and Organizations Janice Stephe Boys ' Sports Susie Perez . . Boys ' Sports Yvonne Troxcl Girls ' Sports John Garcia iMUM {Jr. J ' Q; Wq %: CL. O J u N I O R C L A S S Lawrence Cecil Irene Chavez Richa rd Chavez Rll i? H iw m n H HrjI H Hip l Hk ' H BI H I H I Bji H W k Wim P m " ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ° HHP Helen Escandon Ted Espanto Deanna Esposito Martin Flores Maria Fong Jess Fonseca HPI QPIH Tina Henderson Angelica Heredia Daniel Hernandez Arturo Herrera Roland Heydorn Joe Hinostro Kyle Hiraoka Rodney Hoadlev KrisflnaHolm WWf% I QRII Juan Martinez Lupe Martinez Martin Martinez i w « i m 1 Jose Matus Robbie McCullah Antonio Medina 1 p i 1 i 1 Steven Meyers Adele Miller Rodney Milliman 1 n p 1 H 1 1 ■ •i f f 1 5 1 William Mitchell Robert Monciba ' Raul Montoya Thomas Montoya Renee Morales Anna Morando Alexander Morgai Rudy Morgan Mark Moser Gloria Navarro Melissa Ness Michael Nevarez Thuy Nga Nguyen Bich Phuong Nguyen Denise Nolan Federico Nunez Frank Nunez Donna Nyeholt ■Elizabeth Olech Paul Olotoa Annette Ornelas Gary Painter George Pawluk Patricia Penalber Erika Perez Robert Perez Trinidad Piceno Armando Plnuelas Victor Polanco Lola Pulst W ™ IS M n! Wm Julia Recendez Rachel Ros Rhonda Ro Rene Ruiz AS HilH Dolores Sandoval Jose Santoyo TammiSchall . j tr ■ , . (1 Ca.olSch„e,de. . I l W. Donald Scott £r f Raymond Silva Ophelia Solon. Sylvia Solono Luis Soto Denny Sunabe Aleiandrma Ton Hector Torres Ramon Torres Mario Tovar James Townsenc ThinhDucTnn Israel Trui.llo LupeTrupllo Hector Unas Ivan Valencia Ofelia Vargas Josie Vasquez Octaviano Vazquez Sandra Veiar Fernando Velasquez Sacramento Velazquez 154 Junior: wn s iippnpw s o p Connie Alunnbaugh M O R lony Aran|0 Alfred Bautis+a nn i Ri H K H Candelaria Becerra r Wl I H B Patnck Bennett ni lUPHSQt Sophomore 1 55 Santiago Campero BI PIQBS Victor Garden DaqmarCarev John Canllo Pam Carter JoelCasillas Delam Castan, MuiCh. Becky Cle, Teresa Cot: Ernie Collas. MikeColwell Hector Condi L ' sa Cooper 1 56 Soph( Rafael Co Alfonso Co Edith Coronado Steve Cortez Steve Cortez SBEI Jessy Duarte Raul Duarte Orlando Duran Annette Duval Timothy Ellzalde Margarita Ennquez sii n Jackie Escandon Sophomore 157 Percy Farias Rosa Farias Edna Fernandez Trinidad Fernanda Martin Figueroa Nancy Finado HHfB Lisa Flores Maria Flores Rebecca Flo Susie Fogle Gail Ford Nicky France Carolina Galic LupeGallardo RubyGalven Hortencia Gar, Art Garcia Becky Garcia Hector Garcia Nancy Garcia Susie Garcia AdoHoGariba Hsfl HE|| P Abel Garia KimGerhardt Ricardo Giamelo Annette Gomez Ceil.a Gonzalez Connie Gonzalez 58 Sophomore Pi HP Sophomore 15 ) Veronic tppez KISstca Macias SwU Macas - Kelly Maggard TedMakris Jim Maldonado Joe Maldonado Millie Maldonado Eddie Manriquez M 160 Sophomore p ppae Margarita Martinez Rosie Martinez Sandra Martinez RicardoMatus Antonette McCoy Louie McDonald Douglas Media Maria Melendez Yolanda Mende Alex Motoya Noah Moran Martin More Jesus Ochoa Oscar Ochoa Sylvia Olivas Denise Ortega Luz Ortiz Sylvia Ortiz Virginia Ortiz Sophon Manuel Pache: Ale« Pad.lla Shirley Padilla Tarrbra Page Pat Palma Henry Panl,b„- Rose Plonzlce Mana Polo Glenn Powers John Przyblo Alfonso Pullido Maria 0 " ' nta " 3 iiil f m sMn HH 3mi IIDB f ' -. ' Reboledc unup 162 Sophc H l 9Pn 1 63 Sophomore Sandra Resales Cindy Rose Elsa Ruiz GamanelSaIaz, Alejandra Salas Isabel Salas Raul Salas Annette Salaza- Nella Salazar Frances Salazar Sergio Salazar Jessica Salcedo Phil Samples Augustine Sanchez JosefmaSanch, Regina Sanche; Henry Sandova Lupe Sandoval Sara SanRomar Lisa Santa Cruz Douglas Sr- Martha Solorza CeasarSolorza Natalie Sorge Edwin Soto Olqa Soto Edwin St. Andre ' PB f P @0i1 164 Sophc Ernesto Torres Ignacio Torres Vickie Torres Richard Vanatta David Van Meerbeck Joe Veazev DungVu Dan Waltz Mike Wells Mike Welte Dons White KathyWhitebe Theresa W,lco« 1101 Sophomore 165 F R E S H M A N C L A S S Virginia Aceve Maria Acosta EddieAguilar Felipe Aguiniq, ' mf J! , t " David Almanzd Manuel Alvarez Jesus Amaya Jimmy Amaya Esther Anderson Janina Andrade Norma Arellanes Alejandra Armendariz UlS-l Chris Bocha Kim Bolinger Elizabeth Boone David Boulais Richard Boyd k i AbbyCanales II L ' ' RudyCandelana l A P Dorer,eCantrell ...... o ' F n fi Kimberly Carls Art Carpenter Angel Benitr John Beserra Laura Bird Rebecca Blake Jacqueiin Blanchette Samuel BIystone Maria Canllo Bryan Casey HumbertoCasil Brenda Castella Maria Castro Maria Catone Freshman 167 Joe Ceballos Norma Cendejas Peggy Cha Tammy Cooper Ted Cordts Judith Coronad Edward Cota Randy Craft Adriana Crisost f A p H S°r 3 { M X 1- r M ■- ' m Harold Dodson P li 131 J .fid =- a H| c k1 »-- ' " ' " m Linda Garza Charles Gat, Norma Geac Richard Gon Steve Gome, Joycelyn Go MaryGonzal Alfredo Gon Angelica Go Cesar Gonza David Gonza Amaha Hernandez Armando Hernandez Edward Hernandez Elsa Hernandez Fernando Hernandez Juan Hernandez Lynn Hernandez Manuel Hernandez Mano Hernandez Miguel Hernandez Pa) Hernandez rgai S Manuel Jacobo Sadie Jaramillo MaribeiJimenez John Johnson Sue Johnson MarkJoslen Danny Kessell DiemKim HeeWonKim Chung Wa.Kwong R.cardo Landeros Becky Lara Alfred Lares Manuel Larnva Tung Le Jaime Ledezma Danny Lee Young Lee ll Pg n David Leeper Joann Lespron Ida Lishka Edd.e Livas Kurt Lome!, Ruben Lorrieli AS f Becky Lopez Ernie Lopel George Lopez George Lopez Gilbert Lopez John Lopez ' intc ri Lupe Lopez Maribel Lopez Ramon Lopez Ray Lopez Richard Lopez Ruben Lopez I 3 f 1 Santiago Lopez Tony Lopez Arturo Loredo Ana Loza Martm Lozoya ' . MH i Bella Lucero Stephanie Lupoli Dawn Lutton Dung Ly Natalie Madrid Evelyn Madriz lft 1 i George Magena Deborah Magoon Julie Maldonado Hector Mannquez AndyMarquez Eileen Marquez n MM Oscar Martinez Betty Maxey Maureen McGrath Kevin Mcintosh Oscar Medrano Arnul o Melqareio John Meilor Maria Mendoza Yvette Mercadc Rene Mesa Michelle Meyers 1 n Noemi Mirabel Jerri Mitchell Laune Montalto Ponciano Montes Martha Montoya Sylvia Montoya Thomas Morales Bernadette Morgan Lorraine Murn i i S 1. ...:f " M WflO Mai Trang Nguye Thomas Nyeholt Enrique Ochoa DarleneOgle Martha Ortega Yolanda Ortega ■ Blanca Padlll 0MW,g,f .i Freshman 173 Estella Perez J?,me Perez Lupe Perez Maria Perez Arturo Pichardo Patricia Prade Sandra Pratt Eddie Pretty Lina Pulido George Quintan Patricia Oumtan Daniel 0 " irez LuisQuirez Hilda Rader Henry Ramirez Joe Ramirez Lettie Ramirez Dolores Ra Teresa Ran Fernando F Thomas Re Frances Reyes Maria Reyes Ronnie Reyes Darren Reyes Charlene Ricardo Valerie Richardson Jinny Rice Patti Riegel Ernie Rivera Carol Roberts Juan Robles Francios Rodriguez Francisco Rodriguez Lorena Rodriguez Mark Rodriguez Rebecca Rodriguez Rudy Rodriguez Silario Rodriguez Stephanie Rodngue David Roman Dora Ruiz Adela Salas Manuel Saldana Jorge Sanchez Martha Sanche: Arthur Sandova Leticia Sandovi 7 ' ' ' MiSW Robert Sandoval NoeSanRoman Rafael Santoyo Martha Saucedo Freshman 175 Rosemane Wagner James Watson Kevin Welte Joe Weston JimWhittingto 1 i Johnny Zuniga LisaZuniga Norma Zuniga Bll Ill 176 Freshman Underclassman 177 (Pv pU t UL -K cslU 4 e MJ? oi 7ct- flAiP d y Left to right: Mr. Richard Ferguson, Ms. Bonnie Perrin, Ms. Joyce Mitchell, Mr. Dale Vorndrau, Mr. Chris McCauley. Dr. Eugene Platz Dr. James Sheridan, Superintendent. Not shown: Mr. Frank Clayton, Dr. Jack W. Williams. I HO Board of Trustees Administration What do ya need 1d see me about? Left to right: Mr. Llevsay, Coordinator — Career Planning Center, Ms. Olivo Coordii tor — ESEA, Title I , Mr. White, Coordinator — Child Welfare and Attendance. 182 Counselor Left to right: Mrs. Roberson, Mr. Ramirez, Head: Ms. Backes BUSINESS EDUCATION Standing: Head: Mr. Lievsay. Mr. Nissley, Mr. Manning, Mrs. Watkins, Mr. Sobbota, Miss Uyeda. r immiiP §£mM 1 Mr. McBride reading out grades. " F . . ., Would you believe . . . Robert Redford ' s Who took my cup? ENGLISH Standing left to right: Mr. Stewart, Mr O ' Rourke, Mr. Stefanko, Head: Mr Amend, Mr. Tinseth, Mr. Dunn, Mis; Schriber, Miss Walker. Seated: Mrs Hernandez, Mrs. Ortiz, Mr. Steimer Mrs. Buchea, Mrs. Cross, Mrs. Oganesov Mrs. Karamltros. A C U L T Y Faculty 183 a c u I t y foreign anguage Please excuse Mrs. Hoyd for her absence, signed, " Mrs. Floyd Mom. " lomemaKing Left to right: Mrs. Floyd, Mrs. Larson, Head: Mrs. Sanders 184 Facult INDUSTRIAL ARTS Left to right: Mr. Siebert, Mr. Mech koff. Mr. Ucker. Head: Mr. Cross, Feller. Mr. Bartsch. Late again! Iho ■ 1 n PI w ■ 1 ' .. ( I ! ?f 3 M E P r 1 !: iJ ■ ■ 1 .H 1 H |n| | H WS: 1 1 B r jkl 1 r ' " yt I . M H Bj d ■1 1 hope I finish her present on time MATHEMATICS Standing left to right: Head: Mr. Cody, Mr. Keebler, Mr. Steele, Mr. Shimada, Mr. Nelson. Seated: Mr. Hill, Mr. Hailey, Mrs. Wusz, Mr. Gal- Rush, Mr ' " umberger. Mr. Dunn. F MUSIC A Left to riqhl: Mr. Galvan, Head: Mr c u L T Y HF " H IH Bv S Wm irii J i i j EDUCATION Back row: Miss Roberson, Mr. Champlin Mr. Biornsen, Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Brooks. Front row: Miss Melker, Mr. Montero, Head: Mrs. Gunnstream. 1 86 Faculty SCIENCE Left to right; Mr. Anderson, Mr. Bauer, X Mr. Morgan, He ad: Mr. Frazler. ' ■■H 1 1 f " n TI t ' ii J 1 R I J! ' ' ® man, are you going to the Cheap Tricic concert? have to hurry and turn in nny notebook. SOCIAL SCIENCE Standing left to right: Mr. Karamitros, Mr. Perry, Head: Mr. Warner, Mr. Samarln. Seated: Mr. Venegas, Mr. Lay, Miss Mask. c u L T Y y Say cheese please. ii i specia educati Candid camera! You ' re kidding? nurse Nurses aide after a hard day ' s work. Faculty ENGLISH AIDS Standing left to right: Mrs. Ortiz, Mrs. Jaramillo, Mrs. Reep, Miss Bartholomew, Mrs. Acosta, Mrs. Eredia. Seated left to right: Mrs. Villa, Mrs. Caballero, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Dominguez. MATH AIDS I heard that Sandell said, that LiPuma said, that Allison said, that Barton said we ' re Number I ! Left to right Ms Herrera, Ms. Fridd, Ms. Weinberger, Mrs. Amaro, Ms. Oliva, Ms. Ortega, Mrs. Malinowski. SECRETARIES AND fs These wrong numbers drive me crazy! CLERKS Back row left to right: Mrs. Scheldel, Mrs Prest, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Heller, Mrs. Centu rioni, Mrs. Marsden, Ms. Velasquez, Mrs, Radcliffe. Front row: Mrs. Ramirez, Mrs. Craig, Miss Faulkner, Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Love, Mrs. Goss, Mrs. Phillips. F A C U L T Y ca feterl( Front row, left to right: Ms. Victoria Corral, Ms Rose Gallo, Ms. Margaret Cloutte. Ms. Pauline Eil ers. Ms. Angie Davila. Bad row. left to right: Ber tha Gurrola, Ms, Gloria Barderi Ms. Sarah C.abi- Ms. Margaret Corral Mr, Shelda Shaffer. - f ' o - ■ i-oj n ' fj , f O ' fm k i ■« m» 1 maintenance Top row left to right: Mr. Chris Elmore Mr. Danny Chico, Mr. Julio Hoyzar, Mr, Russ H;|I, Mr. Anthony DAmico, Mr, Monty, Mr. Zivilonglu. Mr. Alex Malinoski. Ms. Chris Archer. Bottom row left to right: Mr. Pedro Gonzlaes, Mr. Don St rn-ier, Mr. Manny Villanueva. Mr. Alfredo Leon, Mr. George Weir. P.t.di Left to right: Ms. Zagalo Ms. Guim, Ms. Villa, Ms. Berry Ms. DeLaRosa. Ms. Butcher, Ms. Guitrrez, Ms. Jones. Ms. Griffin. Ms. Mathews, Ms. Durhan. aoAl real people . . y Mjuw.wtVdc sign here c? Vwe CT , .i,; cK nA. bu UiLv. -Ijt uoa;Sl idviL -Ax -m " w dWvx , c ; wVN olcuD U ru L 0- Uy iiL b cc v-cS dUi V cjUUiliMr Jd vvc . V Mx. idML O ' W A OvCM Wvi2..CwN c Ml1LcO oJL - " bo ' ' Hie " , S t dxs , A O A CJU LU5 Co ASl cJUnJ WViL [sic cS c - nor. cJli uJ: 2xcULw Jjjo.. c LX3 cov t W-U lav -U . . (2il Aa A -l .A -3l . Cic U lH .Ajl WV vv - 0 V ; Cyt H 6jkJ . W fci LO d vn ' tt yvvJJc ' Nc VAOO-w v cot Vj2X -ki AWC ;Ajt 0O v jt yA cSL osrvAML owC G w U N A VV - cfi VV Jj?- V v dK X ML G -tLcC , •J (k cIjgvJ. cru€ " c Av -e .al.t;vid , CcM ' J2) Po -cdAc- njuJL , cM ' WM WKa. Cj -t Mc S5 M|) C o feu ccLc . . Q i | r ii|VrV£ H lfei ' ' SPK I GLENDALE FEDERAL SAVINGS 1 0952 Valley Mall El Mon+e, California 443-4011 VAN ' S JEWELRY 1 08 1 6 Valley Mall El Mon+e, California 448-5238 PiONEERTAKE-OUT l9 1439 E. Valley Blvd. El Mon+e, Californi. 444 7117 SIR SPEEDY INSTANT PRINTING 1933 Tyler Ave. El Monte, CA 91 733 443 1772 mm tv tta ' v a t ' m A ,,A 6 ' wr J § ti % i 1 of. 3iuiiitj m KP W studio V. f ' p 645 St. College Bl G complete line of ijuahty senior portraits in the world. Fuller+on 738-1771 J 0 UJJL) SlA ' -=r-25660 Crenshaw Bl. Suite 1 04 Torrance (2 1 3) 530-4543 ? -C V (C f ' 1 WOOLVERTON AND SONS INC. 1022 E. Garvey Ave., El Monte, Calif. 442-6150 VICTOR ' S JEWELERS 10925 Valley Mall, El Monte, Calif. 443 2234 TYLER OFFICE SUPPLY 32 1 5 Tyler Ave., El Monte, Calif. 579 4465 ARRtRAS MARKET ■m parking " CARRERA ' S MARKET 1950 N. Central Ave., El Monte, Calif. 448 6479 LOlNlGd! 1 1 T oIy T A ■ k 1 r i: ■ ■ 1 ■!■■ LONGO TOYOTA 10501 Valley Blvd., El Monte, Calif. 442-1011 1 1 1 1 HsK ' . ' 1 1 i 9 1 1 LOU ' S 7-ELEVEN FOOD STORE 3243 Santa Anita Ave. El Monte, Calif. 442 7410 P! ' v n r C L MONTE ■P ij j r 1 T y M A L L n r 11333 ill • CITY OF EL MONTE I I 333 Valley Blvd. El Monte, Calif. 575-2225 OF SOUTH EL MONTE 1 I EMERTjENCY L 1 f ' ' EATER EL MONTE .OMMUNITY HOSPITAL I 70 1 Santa Anita Ave., So. El Monte, Calif. 579 7777 MARS MARKET 4022 N. Tyler Ave. El Monte, Calif. 443 4358 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 80! t t 9. Vim RAINBOW PLASTICS RAINBOW MOLDING. INC. 3242 Meeker Ave., El Monte, CA 9 1 734 443 6114 VIVrSNUMEROUNO I I I I 6 Ramona Blvd. El Monte, Calif. (213)442-4523 442-9346 EL MONTE MOTOR CO. 1401 Garvey Ave. El Monte, Calif. TASTEE FREEZ 3057 Tyler Ave. El Monte, California 9 1 734 442-7353 c AT ALFORD ESCROW, INC. 1439 S.Baldwin, Arcadia, Calif. 4455282 202 Ads CRAVEN PHARMACY 10930 E.Valley Blvd. El Mon+e, Calif. 443-2251 NU-TREND CLEANERS 3232 Santa Anita Ave. El Monte, Calif 579-0475 i MOTOR CO RICE MOTOR CO. l0005Garvey Ave. El Monte, Calif. 443-8866 SHAKEY ' S I 1420 E.Valley Blvd. El Monte, California 4440327 ¥ A Jyl H A YAMAHA OF EL MONTE 2859 N. Durfee El Mon+e, Calif 442 5800 roses are red, violets are blue, Elsa Ruiz I LOVE YOU . . . mumbles Good Luck Class of 80 . . . Here Comes 81... S.M. Robert, love aUays, Kelly, Karen (pinball) Wendy, Kathy L . . . Janice Aron Jeanette Gunstream — Love Mom To my songs; Good Luck, To the CLASS OF 80; Thanks Denise W. Good Luck — Bea and Cal Good Luck class of 80, The untouchable class . . . Ann and Judy Good Luck Class of " 80 " , — Good Bye Diane, Kim and Lisa . . . Susie Ann, thanks for the ride, say Hi to Stan Morita — Calm, Cool, Collected Connie — Elmo, what happened to the perfume bottle? Jo Baby! Rich R. you ' re a Cutie — Peg, you WOO-C, Melk, you Guaholota, Robey, what ' cha talk ' n ' bout?. Gunner, have any pictures come back? Warner and Mask (PEACE) GOOD LUCK ' 80 . . . Lupe-O eague standings 1979-1980 Varsity Football 5-0 Most Valuable Players ay McNeil, Henry Omana Varsity Basketball Varsity Soccer 8-3-3 Most Valuable Player; Javier Ortiz Varsity Tennis 2-6 Most Valuable Player Lupe Zepeda Henry Omana Lupe Zepeda Ray McNeil n big J to outstanding athletes " e " awan When I was chosen to represent El Monte hiigh School a ' Girls ' State 79, I was surprised, happy, enthusiastic and yet e little hesistant — I really didn ' t know what to expect! But now that I have returned and have experienced Girls ' State I sin cerely wish I could do it again. The week I spent in Sacra mento was fantastic! It was a week full of learning and appre ciating our democratic system. Not only witnessing our gov ernmental process, but practicing it also. Yet what I will cher ish most about Girls ' State is the feeling of " oneness " I attained from that program. Even though candidates were in complete opposition that feeling of togetherness still pre- vailed. Being chosen as a representative to Girls ' State was a distinct honor I will always remember. Thank you administrators, Mr. Edmondson, sponsors, teach- ers — especially Mr. Geatly and Mr. Warner for allowing me to attend summer school, and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 261 for giving me the opportunity to represent El Monte at Girls ' State ' 79. A big CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel Villa — Girls ' State ' 80, you ' re going to love it! Thanks again. Alma Candelaria girls ' state 206 Honors and Awards ode to ' 80 Summer months came and went, Back to school our bodies were sent. The suns ' rays had us In a daze, While the teachers were still vacation crazed. " Proficency and Beyond ' they dictated. I guess they want us educated?! Our faithful lion saw its doom, With one big Fourth of July " Boom! " He IS now repaired to his noble state. And protected by a wrought iron gate. Band Practice in the heat. Is not too good for our aching feet. Ashes from the mountain fires, Left its trail upon our tires. October 7th Van Halen did rock. Who cares about the cost, We want David Lee Roth! The Student Body wasn ' t even hesitant. To elect. Two women for A.S.B. President! Chris Myric scored a 1310, On his SAT to be exact. But who cares, we can do that! Girls State was really great Cuz ' Alma was our candidate. " If They Could See Me Now " was the Homecon With Lupe Zepeda crowned our Oueen! Cindy, Lorretta, Virginia, and Denise . . . A prettier court could not be seen! El Monte ' s Football Team was hot to trot, With Henry Omana on the spot. They brought us back a victory. Too bad about McNeils knee. C.I.F. we were bound. We came back with a 3rd place crown! Mr. Barton ' s " Go Get Em Lions ' Is great to hee Whoever hears is ready to clap and cheer. Hostages In Iran were the key Issue While all Jimmy Carter could say was: " Gee, we miss you! " The Senior Assembly kept us Informed, While Sandell told us we better conform! On " Turkey-Day " we all said a blessing. But not before sneaking some dressing. In our cars we did cram, Down to the Forum to see STYX jam! Winter Holiday came up quick. We left the school lickity split! Christmas time keeps us hopping. At the cost of window shopping. New Year s Eve we thought we were cool, Down at the Rose Parade acting like fools. Morning came with a bound. On the curbs we were found. Pittsburg Steelers we hate to confess. But you made our RAMS pretty depressed. Cheap Trick held a concert on New Year ' s Eve, Which was hard for some of us to believe. As we got high. Time did fly... ' 80 came in with us feeling done In. Senior Class can ' t be beat. We all think we ' re pretty neat. Teachers and class are getting to be a bore. But their preaching is hard to Ignore. We ' re told to get our rears In gear. Unless we want to be back again, next year! Did you see Warner get a pie? Hope no piece went in his eye! You should ' ve seen Helen smash it In his face. All the teachers thought it was such a disgrace. Semester Finals had us in the books. Hoping to get us off the hook. Slaves we all were. To our masters for sure! Revenge Day we will do. To our masters what is due. " Let Me Call You Sweetheart " was the School Spirit theme, Cuz ' Laurie Preston was crowned the 0 " een! Linda, Cindy, Margie, and Sue; It was no hunch that they were a cute bunch! 3-Day weekends sure were great. Going to parties and getting up late. A perfect " 10 " was sought and found. Bo Derek was new and around. Loni Anderson Is in the news, ng theme, WKRP is airing their views. Cowboy Boots were really in. With pants tucked in at the chin. Pink Floyd we really do dig, Especially with his great big pig His album " The Wall " we did fin But weren ' t surprized it blew our minds. Soon will be the Presidential Election, Too bad there ' s not much of a selection! On T.V. the exorcist was seen. People said it deserved no scream. New Wave was the new sound. Some said It was bunk. While the rest of us punked! Most of the crew. Always met for brew. It was no hunch. Why they had both lunch! On 50 ' s Day we came to school. With our hair greased back, Lookin ' " real cool. " King Fool was quite a scene. With guys and gals praising the King! Henry, Charlie, Jesse, Ray, Mario, and Hector , All the eyes were on these guys! Donkey Basketball we did play. Around our gym, and that ' s no hay! Friday the I 3th we ' ll shed a tear. For Graduation Is finally here! Seniors it ' s over and we all give a sigh, Good luck In the future. We love you . . ., Goodbye!! Being the Editor of this " GriiV arbooK stan ha been quite an experience! The fun moments we al shared I ' ll never forget, or the spec.a people who made it all possible. I ' d like to give a b,g Thanhs to the staffl Everyone tried h.,d rdmeet,ng those deadlmes wasn t always -- - " ' " 1 " " youVe a-wonderful and funny ' . — f how you ' ve always been th .e when we ve needed vou I hope this yearboc -n ' he ' p ail of you :. .,.rnber your fond men-oM.s of 1980 GOOD BYE and GOOD LUCK SENI0 Lo ;iJ:i)JM3 = REALPEOPLE REAL PEOPLE REAL PEOPLEREALPEOPLEF EOPLEREAlPEOPLEREALPEOPLEREALPEOPLEREALF WAkte. c UHJliL wvcra c- ' - cS. tivcu. wk, Ccx ' ixcQ EALPEOPLEREALPEOPLEREALPEOPLEREALPEOPLEF ' ■— Uv lv ' n " OH ' ' ' i ' - ' " - ) i ' vv L. c tr«i . li i- ' v " r ' 1 J u ALPEOPLEREALPEOPLE OPLEREALPEOPLEREAL lALPEOPLEREALPEOPL .1 ' 1 ir-i;;,. ' ' ' ). yo ' m , s ,1 0 O ' . O ' . S«u L 6 ' ' ' NO 03-£ ,: x r lovi- ' f uJ " O3, ; - C " c5L :5

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