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tT ' • ' ' - ' W-VT ,.. K. her- fi H- - - ) tcvcH crtkliv yvirtr-e r- » I Mv. . o, , 4o ft ey. uui4 4We v v. . X vu.... V CAopnxe-rf Koi ,r. -i ll lliMnV- wVVvi r VWlc.M „o4 hn,; c , , , - ' S Ho P.cbbl, i L ' ' S ' ■ " ' - - " Wwo U,S T„ L I L I , ' S ' - r cc ,4 KolpiT- Li- c ccc i T tZv 12J lo -cavj XT Ov n + Ax: ScH ' T rDecccC ' L s U -Gv t -A -Ol V 1 " O.V. iK COV Cj W , K.C , H6 -I GUQ O o 1 IV) t ( ■5 l ' ' 9 ' . JScv.5 hec-avie i ou ci se ye i 4- iUy 4|; - " ec. l V Cj :r CWcl OoCXvi V- v L,o -VoQ) b -1 -,f J OSS v " Us Clovjl U-f cxvx, V clu V€ ' c,J or es s+ 1 1 vo 6 c : to t ( I ' ; - r-. 00 j ±J c- i-. Et Monte High School Volume XXXXIV 1978-1979 ' • Nobody Does It Better . . . i v 9 i? C ii c - ' i •v. Table of Contents Government .... 18 Activities 36 Senior Class ... .58 Underclassmen . .82 Sports 114 Organizations . . 168 Faculty 196 Ads 210 Wasn ' t Lookin, But omehow You Found Me! Blue And White Blue and White Each year it is the pleasure of the Trail ' s End staff to sponsor the selection of Blue and White. A board of profes sional photographers is assigned the difficult task of choosing the ten most photo- genic young ladies and gen- tlemen of the senior class. We are proud to present these ten photogenic seniors. Nobody Does It Quite The Way You Do! ■ C«t t e■ can t ptay as qooO as i tan Stowing do n again No ocK oui tr « CTwefifladefs ' Ummrri LunC ' No, do I have to? Don ' t try II buddyl How many lor a Mohawk Go get ' em Lions! Nexll I don ' t b li«v0 ■ Mord you My How ' d You Learn To Do The " , , lings You Do 4 Caught in irt«act Hey what can I say ' ' Mary and H«»eo study fiard- C ' t Oe: K.ii 10 Would ' nt Carol like to know! A night out on the town. What a bummeri ( What ' s wrong with my tee-shirf H-0-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D IS for mei There ' s Some Kind Of Magic Inside Of You! Princess Linda Caballero Princess Lisa Levin III 11 .. ... . i PrSrass Carol Martii iez % incess Rachel Padilla 1 I Homecoming " 78-79 " j 14 During El Monte ' s Homecom- ing Week there were tons of activities such as a 3 legged- race, a marshmallow eating contest, pies in the faces and all sorts of fun. On Homecoming Day there was a Car Rally in the morning and a Pep Rally in the after- noon. On Homecoming Night E. M. played Rosemead and it was an exciting game. At half-time the band played, the crowd cheered, and Patty Manrique announced JANET GARCIA as our new Homecoming Oueen of 1978-1979. 15 ■r gga t KEE iyV ' ' -C ■ ■.:! ' »:.■•: i- i %- l» if- ALMA MATER ♦ HaTl„Mont , Hail! ' We ple( our k|»slty We l nevelfail To lo and honor thee. To our bannl avin g free, Loyal arii ' true v e ' llever be White and Blue4o VICTORY! All Rtil, El Monte, Hail! f -■,• ♦ It VjViJ l JO Government Fall A.S.B. President I ould like ii lanlastic e e Studeni •eopponu- if It was a enate ' ' " ' ' ' -nbina- r their s activities • . MibO. I thank sirators and faculty Ihdl we nave here at El Monte We re part o( a Grand tradition here al El Monte and i hope that we have continued it m a nnanner befitting Lior s In leaving. Id like to say that serving in this office was the highlight of my four years at good or E M H S Thanks. Jeremy Delgado 20 -Jc m Vice-President Hugo Nuno Fall ASB Cabinet Secretary Georgina Godina Treasurer Jill Tanaka Cabinet Fall Senate Sammv Viiieoas ' -ii-f ' v .iO ' i ' i S«c« arvo ' rfwr ,)f , nt Actrv trf . ion s Trail Hep ' esenf i ' iv " Tra i s E " c) Hep«es« " tj ' r ' e Oanrn Otega Re-. 22 Juniof Delegate Alma Candelana Sophomore Commissioner Carol Warren Senior Delegate Brian Gray Junior Delegate Margie Ness Sophomnrp Delegate Ih..l,-„, I ,,.Vl.T Junior Delegate Sylvester South Sophomore Delegate hreshman Commissioner Margorie Anderson Freshman Delegate Cecilia Hodnque? Freshman Delegate Loren o Villanueva House of Representatives ' {! i „ . • . Aft to RigM St e h EsuaOa Anna Cooper Lourdes Zuniga Aianna Parks Ruihe Sione Sus»e De gado Heoee Mora Mu- arate Gaii Ford Eiva Ramirez Middle Row Left lo Righi Raipfi Casey Peier Munoz Em Coiiaso Rudy Megan a Ayj . i •j es. toan Moran Oenise Ritier. Lisa Fnner. Paul Tauaese Mick Wiico« Peier Casiro Top Ro Left to Rignt oames ' Oav«] (Xian Gary Garcia An Banueios Luciano Lopez. Gary Painter. To n Busfi. Mario Orosco . - as first semester A S B Vice-President was a tanlastic experience ;ave me a chance to serve as Speaker ol the House This v as the p«f)eci Ady io end my years at El Monte High Id like to thank the student body for having given me this opportunity I ' d also like to thank Jeremy Delgado (A S B Pres ) and Senate mv Secretary of the House. Glenda Hunt, my Sgt At Arms. Rosana " " " leidei. and the biggest thanks ol all goes to my sponsc ' ' :■•: ' Of his help and suppon Also a special thanks goes .■ • ons Mr Barlon. the faculty, and the entire student bod ; • n,i . ifii tnat make the Ei Monte Lions 1 Thanks again. Hugo J Nuno (A S B Vice-Pres Speaker of the House) 34 Government in Action Hugo Nuno heading one of his many important House Meetings 1 r Happy House ot Representatives This IS too much Our very own Justice President We take our student government seriously Hi Mom Senior Class Officers Junior Class Officers Ann Pe ' hins Jijfwv Prpsj()« nl ••M ' . ' .i- r .1 f % ■ c S m r 1 h . B ' " S H B - -1 i B J H L V I § IJ 1 .: Mi J.iniT C,p -ref3r, Jurwc JUSt C «u ' . - DtAa " Coon«eFuenies 26 Sophomore President Sophomore Class Officers Sophomore Vice-President Erika Perez Sophomore Secretary Mane Casado Sophomore Treasurer Tracy Bates Freshman Class Officers Fresliiiidn President Arcenio Triay Freshman Vice-President Elsa Ruiz 27 Spring A.S.B. President Having -.erved as second semester A S B President was a memorable learning experience II seems thai everyone at El Monle cares because support and encouragement came from the students and faculty, as well as my Senate I would iiKe to thank Senate tor their help and support A special thanks goes to Mr Sandell. my Vice-Preside- ' — Rocio Hernandez, my Secretary Rachel Padilla. my Presidential Advi- sor — Jeremy Delgado. n at Arms-Danny Alvidrez. my Senior Delegates — - •. who s compliments w» ' appreciated El Monte s gf a nolible one at. been a part ot ii Barton. Mrs ' « entire lacult , Mf ban- dell who all ■ e years 75- 79 special to ' 3( 79 Th ■ Hey ' Who says Prevderits areoi coof Hugo always r as i ' 28 Vice-President Rocio Hernandez SPRING ASB CABINET Secretary Rachel Padilla tcretary of Finance Wendy Lopez Spring Cabinet 29 bflcreiary oi Boys Amielics Tony Gail«n Secretary ot Girls Athletics Secretary o ' ■ Hot- Dundt iytic ' v ' .ary o Fine Arts Margie Ness Lion s Trail ReD ' esentatiy Monica Sanchez Trai s End Retyesenialr « Cathy Martinez -! 3! { " 30 Senior Delegate Anita Gurrola Junior Delegate Alma Candelaria Sophonnore Commissioner LizOlech Spring Senate Senior Delegate Jill Tanaka Senior Delegate Lynn MaddO ' ' Junior Delegate Judy Dm Junior Delegate LupeZepeda Sophomore Delegate Amber Cortds Sophomore Delegate Enka Perez Freshman Commissioner Cecilia Rodriguez Freshman Delegate Elsa Ruiz Freshman Delegate Annette Salazar House of Representatives Bottom Row. Lett to Bighl •. Mofns Ruber BiancaOeLaisia Ofetia Vary.) ' , -i, • it. ' i rmen Zarale C •■■ • Anlonia VaWiviai Leticia Carnllo Pedro Munoz Marly Rod ' JixJy Din r- •• " ■ - • ---.- ' ■ ■ . Vrflagrana ' lodez Sus« Mapstead Bob R«oet Gtona Olo«oa. es Mr.A . ,)ria -l.imlreZ. AufOr.l ' ' ■ ' -.-.♦--.- - . ' ' ' t-d Cyndi Aiiebery Row 3 Katti • . r " - le Jett Eslopeiian v ' ' Laura Guzman A»r It v.ris , - ' aker o) the ■ te ' M.tj me a schv " •. hap ; ■ , . ; . ■ dent ; ' 01 Our rr ' ' ings v.- there se«mt " ; ;rea ' was interesting lo . ' eedtjack from the students first-hand For those Underc ; on who v.- ence in the House of Re; ' se ' tati ' - ttnue on in our school s studer government Thanks again Sandell ' emes- ol our -ur Stu- 32 Spring Government at Work i Don ' t mess with us we are House Reps President Hugo Nunc en|oys tiis office Rocio and Mr members ;n to fellow Senate President Hugo Nuno does not en|oy his office Brian Gray seems more interested in itie officers ttian ttie meeting iiselt ' " kh. ■ ' Is it possible to write without seeing ' ' House Speaker Jerry Delgado sitting on a wall You ' re asking me Here are our Val Reps Gee Senate s fun 33 Senior Class Officers MMJanl Senior Vice- President Danny Ortega Sen.« Secretary Esther Centeno « t --, Senof TrMMufw Sum Raddiffe Junior Class Officers Not shov " . Juno ' Vi ■■ Den.ne Moret 34 Sophomore President Carol Warren Sophomore Class Officers Sophomore Vice-President Tammy Kempton Sophomore Secretary Mary Fitzgerald Sophomore Treasurer Rachel Villa Sophomore Justice Linda Robles Freshman Class Officers Freshman President Denise Bitter Freshman Secretary Cindy Attebery Not shown Freshman Treasurer Sylvia Olivas Freshman Justice Josie Nuno 34 Activities 37 Entrapment?! Olhef scheming That ' s right, our annual Sadie Hawkins Oartce ' It was held on it Nov I8lh, 1978. sounds ' ' ' , the band Cauldron Couples r aj ue opportunity to get marriet: on. or even t e sentenced to jail ' ■Tdi p • hif1 ; rJrkTi ! rr lfrh dl LoOie ' ( Ke upo a • " ••• Do noT Dl5TU?U A J 3« Confusion love, and shivaree was all a part of the fall play: The Runaway Heart. The story concerned two teachers tired of hectic years in a big high school in LA, decide to take a year ' s rest in the country. Both are courted simultaneously by a handsome rancher, Tom Akin, who has a mysterious source of money. The teachers ' efforts to keep their star pupil sin- gle long enough to enter college involve an altar-anxious girl friend, a domineering mother, and an imported song leader. What do you mean you don ' t like my gnts ' Am I luvegrand ' i Cast of Characters Agnes Hickman Diana Attebery Elmer Hickman Leon South Judy Hickman Alanna Parks Elizabeth Worthen Silvana Carey Anne Crane Brenda Bradford Tom Akin Brian Gray Glen Hickman Ardis Livingston Hank Peaboay Johnny Sanchez Donna Linda Zaiesny Gil Gilbert Romeo Carey Ethel Jane Dolter Karen Brighton Nikki Cleaves 39 Ancient custom brought back " ? ' S«nior girlu .. . cUonoO oil lor various prices the pc- . ■■■-. ■ ,, ; .; guvs Mho wished to p4ay " master " Romans little girls, and old tired housewives : ' jght their masters to sc : day m such things as wheelchairs, and little red wagons The --------- ---JStlhe senior treasury ;nl(il ' ■ What a loughie 40 15 HHB MI 1 L c z 1 t-i " -1 r 1 J What a pair ' ! ) ■»■ J " a Aiy It tfvat Snoi 7 Little bow peep ' i Don ' t he look fine in those clothes ' ' Take that, you wench ' Ain ' t he a fine bo ' I didn ' t do ifi Cast of Characters Mr. Bumble Jeremy Delgado Widow Corney Alma Candelana Oliver Twist Tony Gailen Assistant Amber Cordis Mr. Sowerberry John Lutten Mrs. Sowerberry Julie Beavers Charlotte Sowerberry Allanna Parks Noah Claypole Ardis Livingston The Artful Dodgor Jay Avonetti Fagin Stephen Jevons Nancy Rosana Zarate Bet Amy Dunn Bill Sykes John Mudgins Mr. Brownlow Christopher Surfleet Mrs, Bedwin Diana Atteberry Dr. Grimwig Brian Gray Boy Jeff Schaefer Old Sally Lisa Fritter Rose Vendor Georgina Martinez Strawberry Vendor Carol Schneider Milk Vendor Lisa Fritter Knife Grinders Hyuk Chung, Mm Chung Broadway .steals was ih • Selected lur th« Irt bMituifi Odrice curicerl This was the Irrbl lime a (res Class ever choreographed routines to be perlorrneO before an audienct. • ...b did a tine |0b ol displaying their originality m the routines The wonr n s phystcal ejLicalon depanment sponsored this tin- p •1 i W m ■ Flf A if I tfW A « tM ii G ' ease $ i e a PlOdCM ' Delgado Brothers performing at yearbook assembly Band assembly ' » . N ' Sneak preview of " Oliver " witti Tony and Jay Assemblies Back to Basics " El Monte s own Lawrence Welk ind Flashrankers work h.i , ear practicing music dfio foijii ' u ' s .ittiT ,. n, ,01 and even on weekends lor j.j ' t .-, arnl various activities They always manage to represent our scriooi m a stately and spirited way Our Flashrankers enter in competitions and always bring the Lions honr e ribbons and trophies of high honors A " - • • ■- ■, ;- ■ ' - n high " spirits during all the games BAND • ' •aKe u{ Andfea " iV ' a ' ' ' i M ' ' V» « " 46 Kini looking cute ' Flags showing spinl 47 1 ' Be True to Your School! I rincess Delia Echeverria Princess Nanette Gonzales Prir icess Georgina GQg a onsour ( ( SPIRIT " . .what our ' ' ta Zaragosa was crowned with by last year s queen. Rosemar, ghl ol fot Tth Spirit was doubly displayed by the vtclonous Lions overlakirtg Mt View an on to C I F CXjnng the w- , , , .. - morning activities Such as egg losses and pies m the lace f? I think my (lowers are willinr; } u iO « iO ' ea udi ri insi • Awy • SO RETURNING players, students, and parents alike attended ttiis tense, action-packed game. Alumni won out to our tough El Monte ctiampionship team, Jim Wooten and Andy Morris played well for he tiome side as well as Russel Varing and Art Gonzalez played for the returning side At half-time returning flashrankers performed with this year ' s flashrankers and all did equally well. Wooten leaps high al the tip olf Songs perform ur n ■ Our lough E M team Flags return lor [lertorrnance Maybe it was too much lor the old man J( L. V L-J back hair with ducktaiis. poodle skirts, j : bdcXJie bhofs At-Tt. ' all a pari ol the annual 50 s Day. which was held on March 16th To celebrate during the day, there were contests which included a huUi ' a- thon picKle eating and pyramid building At mghl was the 50 s dance .-. : . .-ry- one twisted and shook to the sounds ol Wingtips Roller derDv " vaTvas W4-C K t 1 W U S t S3 Wji ' Girls " Best Dressed " " Wow, what legs ' " - £. ' : • 9 Bop-Be-Bop Watch out for the wormi %l ' : h. I Boys " Best Dressed Zuul bull " Twist and Shake ' " ..DANCE ert ihis year was heJd on March 30lh and difuctedby Mfb F i-.,f;. . j very hard during class lime and on lunch hours with iheir dances Four ot the girls did couple dancing with a chosen partner and made up their own dance routine Other dances ' ' • " ■ ■ : ' • " — kyHor- ror. and Time Warp € re suppose to smile 54 " Stopi " Disco Danny 55 FADS Styles tor giris were narrower pants, slim- and little bow ties For guys it was levis and . . . lern cloth, and velour Hair, for both sexes was either lav look SorT»e popular movies this year were Grc; .=, and Heaven Can Wail T V shows that rated with the s ' Three s Company, and Taxi The music ranged Irom har : lislenir»g rock of Da. - Of the full perm xpress. isy btdlions Aefti KWLl k t . . r r - . 1 U I ch this year and went to some of the ■ led In-Out. Burger King, and Der Weiner albums i-fW 7 -IfP— Van Monies Stev« Martin M The Man behind the band ' For 33 years Cal Rush has been the spear- head tor the El Monte High IVIarching Band Mr Rush has organized countless numbers ot halt-time shows, Home Band Concerts and parade routines The students and Faculty of El Monte would like to give Cal a huge " THANK YOU ' " , tor all the years ot dedication. Mr Cal Rush Band Director 58 Seniors Jill Tanakd J ; Picture Not AvdIlabI Gary Beird Laura Reuvvsaai Most Athletic Cutest Snwe t " ' V 4m josephina Bautista Gary N«vare; Laura Garoa Bryar. i.-.j-T-re 60 Quietest Seniors Most Spirited Song Sim Clio Vincent Rios Most Likely to Succeed Linda Caballero Jeremy Delgado Class Flirts Rachel Padilla HyukCtiung Most Talented Andrea Monsour Tracey Dunne Best Personality Julip Beavers Eric Wilfielmus Janet Ga;cla Hugo Nunc 61 Hall of Fame tiinalions of these outstanding seniors are madf- ; . julty of each department and student government Drs The basis for the selection of this traditional honors is high scholastic attainment, willingness to dependability, and irreproachable character and pr Brian Gray Drama lelhe Radchffe ■tomemaking Donavon Villagas Industrial Arts Monica Sanchez Journalism Mv.)l Nanette Gonzales Physical Education ur Precision Groups 63 Theresa Troxclair Art Rachel Padilla English Elva Ramirez Language John Lutton Science Patricia Conde Business Jerry Delgado Government Rocio Hernandez Government Elizabeth Serrano Library Science Song Oho Mathematics Hugo Nunc Boys Service Janet Garcia Girls Service Kenneth Brengle Instrumental Music Carol Guzman Social Science 63 Outstanding Senior Each yen- " ' ' . ' • ' : • ' California choos- ot lis memoers as CSF b Dutbijnding Senior This year s oulstandm , started with high goals when entering has been a siraignt A Laurel Ar " ' " ' ar She was an active ; Lions " ' " and th- She w.i •standing 64 Seniors ■ K ' 1 ■j n r k ' j Il j| ' Pv Jt " m H HIT i ' ' N X. ' w Jl N 0 y ' y ' w i - j«» i J - ■g Pv ' f r 1 I M ' ' 5 H ' ' -B. ■ •■ " -■?: ■ . JH 1 ' ' ■ ' ' Sh ' H ' K Tm liH H rS-r A B Iff- ' •■ .J H N H T) ' c f ko L jJK M H Class of 1979 6i Ruben Angel Ken Angers Patricia Anguiarto Uina, Armendarii tva baiaerrama uarK ti ::nC ' jn:e,: .1 bauiista Gary Beand Jijiie Beavers Sandra Bonilla M Bobby Boulais Cindy Bciyd Chris Breece Kenneth Brengle Linda Caballero Gary Cabrera Maria Cabrera Michael Candelaria Romeo Carey Silvana Carey Victor Carlson Armando Casillas Esther Centeno Albert Chavez Carmen Chavez Gloria Chavez 67 t- , . ;. ' .onCho SongSimCho .Von Sang Cho HyuK Chung Arn Merwm Clark Patricia Conde Vickip ' 68 Jerry Delgado Richard Diaz Tracey Dunne Yolanda Duran Yolanda DeLalsle Jody Ernest Jose Esparza Maria Estrella Ruby Fajardo Andrew Fernandez Mario Fernandez Marissa Fernandez Betty Flores Patricia Flores 69 ' ■ijquei r lorei M:jL " jr! ui ' J ynihia Garcin Janet Garcia Laura G .lanuel Garcia Maria Garcta Pniliip Garcia irdt Georgina nez • aoor Gonza. lonzaieb Md ' 70 Jose Gallardo Francisco Garcia Jeff George Nanette Gonzales Margo Gonzales Adan Gonzalez Eleanor Guerra Rodolfo Guijarro Anita Gurrola Irene Gutierrez Maria Gutierrez Maria Gutierrez Carol Guzman Glenda Hunt 7) . xS ' -zudi David HarJt " Nora Ht ' i.Jt. .l:- • •uLja Cecilia Hernandez :ez Henry Hernandez Rachel Hernandez L I no Hernanae; Isanara Minae Bruce Honeyrr Lanq Chi Hi Margie ishigaKi 72 Frank Jaramillo Scott Jevons Maria Jiminez Susanna Jimenez Gregory Jones Rafael Jimenez Mictiael Keeling Regina Kneebone Jim Larnva Joey Lespron Lisa Levine Bryan Longmire Arturo Lopez Camille Lopez Victor Lopez Wendy Lopez 73 Kiith - I WJ ' I ' - ' , |i ilVirii It: ji itl LunsfofO Javier Macias ; Jdox Deborah Maldonado HictiarO Mannelli .iininii Wana Mende " ;to : i,- res 74 Donald Miscovich Andrea Monsour Miqnon Montero Michael Morales Annette Moreno Bobbie Morgan Andrew Morris Amanda Mousseau James McCormick Alberto Muett Darryl Musick David Myrick Patricia Manrique Lucy Miranda Jesse Moreno Eleanor Naiera 75 Albert Oiiva Gloria Olotoa Deborah Ondereo Sotia Ordonez Danny C Kats uhifc 76 Rachel Padilla Mike Peacor Joann Perez Paul Perrin Wade Phillips Debra Piatt Theresa Plante Art Ponce Gilbert Ponce Bruce Prockl Nellie Radclifte JF ' TW ' £lva Ramirez Elvia Ramirez Margarita Ramirt Octavio Ramirez Robert Ramirez 77 I ' 1 ' Peggy H. ,11. y Mamos inguez V • IW •! ICI Rodriguez Mark Rodriguez Francisco Roias lammy Ruiz y(i : Jiy onnieSalrrxjn :a Sar Sartchez Elair e Sartchf 78 l - Lourdes Sanchez Sergio Sanchez Mary Salazar Brunda Sanders Carlos Sandoval Victor San Roman Lucy Saucedo Mary Schaefer David Schuster Elizabeth Serrano Noel Sorensen Robert Sorge Kelly Stamm h t .. t » Jill Tanaka Cynthia Thibedeau Louie Torres Debbie lownsend Theresa Troxclair ..V Richard Vanderpool Jesse Velasquez 79 Sa»iHi - i; Erneslina viiijgf j ' l.j n Villega Sammy Villegas Kim Webb Bob: ' leimus Geraia Zaft juanita Zaragosa Rosana Zarate Hectc Her or Zubieta 80 p- " C.S.F. Life Members Pat Anguiano Esther Centeno The California Scholarship Federation is a state-wide accredited organization of high school honor students. Life membership in C S F is based on grades and citizenship marks. In order to qualify for life membership, the student must have been in C S,F for four of the six semesters in the sophomore, junior, and senior year In addition, at least one of the four semesters must be in the twelfth grade. Students must earn at least ten grade points, of which five are aca- demic subjects with an " A " counting for three points and a " B " worth one point El Monte High is proud to present these eight Life Members of the Senior Class of 1 978-79. Hyuk Chung Rocio Hernandez Wendy Lopez Rachel Padilla Vincente Rios Francisco Rojas 81 X . t M vt - w . vaJ Xir ,AA y - - Under- classmen r 83 -9A U KZ tl Kj F Mr - j4 vpoA t Wv Henry A Nofnva • ' KetyA - Eiizatw Daniel •■• Bryan •■ Susan ••• Geor9- Raui Arceo OanaAIMMry inhna ' -. noben. 8i 1 Cindy Breece Glenn Burroughs Thomas Bush Linda Bushman Aurelia Bustamanle JoseCabral Amador Cabrera Myrna Camarena Victoria Canchola Alama Candelaria Cindy Candelaria Michael Cardenas Frank Cardona Richard Carrel Ralaela Carrillo Rick Carter 85 9 © a 1 A m W - V - j-: Jesus Conueras % " W T y ' f Richard Cofdero (S B i Cecilia Cru JohnCuevas Raymool O.i[ !llo EtervaOet ' io Rosemary Oww Tofiy Oaf ■■0 ■ ' O 1 a,n- 4 Catooe - ' loCe a I Ce»»anles i- ' wi dCetvaniei xlyChapvo stores Chav« •xave? • na«» - LupeC av« Min C flung Ka ' pnConove 86 Ouyfin Dii.in Nancy Doll Janie Doltoc John Domingue Aurora Duran Sheryl (Ingeltnei) Jellrey Eslopellan Michael Famiqifilli lllana Fleecier Hermelinda Flores Jose Flores Maria Flores Lisa Franklin Lisa Fritter Consuelo Fuentes Max Furler William GaitLier Fmily Galvan Enrique damboa Guadalupe Goana .. Anthony Garcia Aimando Gi.ircia I alios (j.iir.ia ,li)sn Garcia I eroy Garcia Porottiy Gome. ' John Gfin alcs Victor Gocvalej Art fion .ilos Hachol G(in .il( " Hay Gon.Mirs l;. ' .]in.| ( ,Mli,-,llr ' 87 lOMlOl 9 t . A A " V m . V Douglas ishigaki ' ' ' f ' W Kenny Jacobs V y Robert Jansen Joey Jararmlk} Ran jy jaso Maria Jimenez Ralph Jimer e7 Deborah Johnson Sheiia Kelly £ ' 1 ' A -z f%ct Lope; Salvador Lopu SusuaLopu 88 Virginia Lopez John Love LydiaLozoya EleonoreLuft Gavino Luna Luis Luna Maria Madrigal Klayton Malabuyoc ■•Itonso Maldonado uariene Martinez Gabriel Martinez Loretta Martinez Maria Martinez Rebecca Martinez John Mata Bradley Matlove Roberta Martinez Deborah Mcclain James McCormick James Mcintosh Raymond McNeill Irma Medrano Felipe Mendez John Michicoff Linda Mihaly Raymond Milliman Lucy Miranda Donna Mitchell Patricia Molina Jose Montelongo Alex Moreno Jesse Moreno 89 •Aif Mexano Miifirirt M.iv.iiro KimbOfly N1 I Toff V) Nun« M.ifia Uuno Ampato OcfHJj Martin Oigum Henery O ' na 5,% jcy nPeafson ■■tlery PfocttI vi.] PuIkJo .■.lojarKlrn Qui ' oga Douglas Qui ' oi Jorge Ramirez Maria Ramirez Sergio Ramirez Amparo Ramos Cinnie Recendez Sylvia Reta Larry Rhoades Scott Rickerd Nadine Rigglns Yolanda Rios Arnttiony Robertson Manuel Robles Rafael Robels Rodolfo Robles Marco Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez Ramon Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez Connie Romero Roland Romero Sylvia Romero Kelli Rowland Alfred Salas Carlos Salas Margaret Salas Edward Salazar Isido Salcedo Giltjert Salinas Ronald Sallenbach Johnny Sanchez Rosa Sanchez Cecilia Sandoval 91 HOyni ' T ... •••cloi Tieio (jaiy Tutnef Yvoone vakkv Mcf cedes vato vriMH.i Stev«o Vaten ueCi ;.!« ' 7 Hichard Villa Fortino Villalobos ■ l Joann Villalobos Luis Villegas Arluio Vivat Wendy Warren Kandis Webb Georgette Wesliiii Denise Whinery Jim Wootten Shen Young Tracy Yount Maria amarripa Adriana arale I u[H ' epeda I ourdes Ztiniga I hir.liii.i Monterii 93 Sophomore Class of ' 81 " " — s ' A ir 3 — ' ' -s » - ljp " - 1 ' 5 A , c« li ' «A Jose Barron Tracy Bates Robert Becerra David Beckham Mario Bocanegra Lisa Bonn Hector Bravo Betty Brawley Anita Bullington Jose Buslamante Juan Bustannante ConradoCadena P. y m ■ y .1 ' David Canales Henry Candelaria Jesus Cardenes Roy Carrell ManeCasado Ralph Casey Daniel Castle Robert Catone Lawrence Cecil Anthony Chavez Irene Chavez Richard Chavez Wilfredo Chavez EdmundoChavira Tina Clark Nikki Cleaves i .J ' ' fi 95 oe Anibc Cot Ia«Timy Ci«a9e » Mil @ 1 i ' U JuMCru DecxaUanui X s ua Oe«gddo LeKiaOHQAOo Lis.) Oet otk) Susan Oelgado Jaime Oelossanlos Jaime Dia Leiitia Oa L wen a Oa Rofce " Domir gi«?.» Tom Duncan To«nEile»S Gail Enciso »6 Helen Escand r: Ted EspaitG Francisco Esp,:i ' . ' ,: Deanna Esposilo Felipe Fstreiin Dennis Famigliett Ponciano Figueroa T ' ov Fisher Jose Flores Ranniro Flores eca I ' Md Fowler Martha Franco Troy Freeman Aaron Gaiien Johnny Galindo Ruben Gaivan Estela Garcia Fki Garria John Garcia Juanila Garria Lelicia Garcia Peter Garcia Ruben Garcia I ucia Garde, ' . Irma Garza Chole Gome EulogioGome Eslrellila Gon ale; Bernie Gonzalez « I i MouficioGuanan U. J,..- . frrym At e Janenu vjecge Jones ArmKeOy Ta " WTV KctiOton Peie ' KutKa 98 Ann Lackey Sonja Lamb Martin Lara Kathleen Leeper Eliza Leos Rosie Lespron Robert Linares Livier Lizarraga Juan Lomeli Raul Lomeli Bernice Lopez Blanca Lopez Brenda Lopez Elizabeth Lopez Evelyn Lopez Joel Lopez Jose Lopez Luciano Lopez Lupe Lopez Magdalena Lopez Raul Lopez Robert Lopez Annette Love Jesse Lozoya raiS Evelyn Lugo Shirley Luan Peter Lupoli Graciel Maciel Rosemarie Magoon Anthony Marquez n ' ' Alex Martinez Eloy Martinez 99 t «rLh? u riuo ' .ink Nune; !J ' jat)«lhOi«ch 100 ' Jessica Oli as Paul Ololoa Frank Ormsby Annette Ornelas David Padilla Noe Padron Gary Painter George Pawluk Patricia Penalber Diane Perez Erika Perez Ignacio Perez Robert Perez Trinidad Piceno Leopoldo Pictiardo Armando Pinuelas Frank Ponce Lilia Prado David Ouan Carmen Ouiton John Ramirez Maria Ramirez Allonso Ramos David Ramos M ' Sal Ramos Pablo Rangel Tammy Ralz Jesus Ravega Julia Recendez Nanette Reyes Nicholas Rico Robert Riegel Rosa Rios Victor Rivera Salvador Rizo James Roberts 101 1 Robefl Scolt Ron Seffano Mary Servin i£ :i ' ' ■-a ' rj i ; " " ei a i: i bend MiTkim i ' . 102 Thinh Tfnh Lupe TruiiHri Hector Unas Conrado Vnldtv Lupe Valde Ivan Valencia H ' -iinald Vaienzuei.i ■ ;:jv Vanderpocil " nna Vargas Oleiia Vargas Josie Vasquez Soma Vasquez Fernando Velasquez Humberto Villa Rachel Villa Leticia Villabisencio Silvia Villagrana Ana Villanueva 103 if 5 v ' vTie SuS.in AJtxeCW 5e» oogh Susan A« af ado Jose A vare Ro4.» Anie o a KAaricwie Andetson -asoo Ton» AiouiO IgfVKiO AjcCO C av d Arias lflJ»0Q 5a La r»«? Ke Arriaga Cy» in«a AneOery (Tia Daniel Balla a ' Art Banuelos David Barabino Maria Barabino Ismael Baraias Marlin Baraias Richard Barela Velma Barraza Sandy Bartholome. " . Brad Barton Alfred Bautista Traci Beaird Candelana Becerra Magdalena Becerra Chris Begay Maria Bell Sandra Bell Eugenic Beltran Rocky Benedict Patrick Bennett Bernice Berumen Carl Bigney Pamela Bishop Jose Bobadilla Abel Bocanegra Eva Bogenriet Tresha Bowers Robert Bowman Maria Bravo David Brito Bill Bush CrisCabral Lydia Cabrera Guillermo Calvillo Ramiro Camacho Santiago Campero Juan Cano Elda Carbaial Hector Cardenas Rose Cardenas Victor Cardenas Dagmar Carey ?; A -■ It? :wi ■ ( f ' y 5(l3W Enrique Casillas Delrna Castaneda Liz Castro Bobby Castro Ruben Castro Yvonne Ceballos 105 AHonio Corona oia 1 " " , ; ' utcf ' ,f aa9ii T: ( .. -vas •if " -t; ■•-• J)fO ..aura Oetgado ••-•ai i Ns «7 Ange Ouarle .... -. ,.,g irtC ■an " •— •, frV ' TV ' xwFace . Fa rdo ' iFanas 106 Diego Fierro Alex Figueroa Martin Figueroa Gabriel Flores Jackie Flores Laura Flores y . Ramiro riores Rebecca Flores Susan Fogle Gail Ford rjicky Franco Esther Fregosa Carolina Galicia Maria Gallardo Hector Gallegos Wayne Galvan r 4 Ruby Galvan Olivia Galvez Gustavo Gama Natalia Gamboa Art Garcia Becky Garcia Hector Garcia Nancy Garcia Ruben Garcia Sammy Garcia Susie Garcia Yolanda Garcia Abel 6arza Kim Gertiardt Annette Gomez Armando Gomez Martin Gomez Virginia Gonzalez Celia Gonzales Connie Gonzales Efren Gonzales Guillermo Gonzalez Hector Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Ricky Gonzalez Robert Gonzalez Andy Gregory C Gxeoiiry I ( Gina G rittinj i + " " Desusbuerra 10- T a fa •••I Al« ) ' J 9k P a 9 1. •J. 1 ! a y o Rikt. ,il ©- f? ». " a ? Painc» 108 [ami Lehman Dolores Leon Pete Leos Danny Leyva Claire Lomeli JoseLomeli Vivian Lomeli Adnana Lopez Carlos Lopez Eddie Lopez Jesse Lopez Laura Lopez Leobaldo Lopez Ralph Lopez Veronica Lopez Vicky Lopez Vivian Lopez Elodia Lozoya Phil Lucero Billy Luna Bill Lutton Tony Macias Isidro Madrigal Elsa Madriz Mark Maez Kelly Maggard Ted Makris Milagros Maldanodo Karen Marquez Armida Martinez Eddie Martinez Juan Martinez Margarita Martinez Rosie Martinez Sandra Martinez RicardoMatus Edgar McCarthy Tom IVlcCoy Louis McDonald Wes McDonough Larry Medina Tommy Medina Isabel Mendez Patricia Mendez Vickie Mendez 109 " 1 ' Q ' ' Jguyen i«ga ' leco Q-,» ' 3ao Mar Itn Pete; T kao a ■- no Alfonso Pulido Tony Quevodo Martin Ouinlana RainenoQuinland Jaime Ramirez Melinda Ramirez Oscar Ramirez Desiree Ramos WiHiam Rasband Blanca Ravega Francisco Rebolledo Jessica Rebollo Dwayne Redden Lisa Redes Rosie Redes Anthony Reeves Norma Rendon George Reta Jupiter Reta Donna Reuwsaat Anna Linda Reyes Aristeo Reyes Daniel Reyes Elvira Reyes 4 -■ ' jnl». Emilio Retes Melody Rtioades Jacquelene Rico Matt Ridgeway Tony Rischar Denise Rilter Martin Rivera Patricia Robertson Maricela Robles Jose Roctia Luis Roctna Benny Rodriguez Cecilia HudriQiiez Celestino Rodriguez Cindy Rodriguez f rancos Rodriguez Jaime Rodriguez Jesus Rodgiguez Joe Rodriguez Michael Rntiriguez Richard Rodriguez Angela Ro|as Willie Ro|as Cjeorge Romero 1 1 1 A a A ft ' J p. ! i ' f g[ •» • ; ■ ,1 -I- ;i a 0; ft 1 ,» Jof t ' ren samiago i.i ' t » ' -i i ' - Gio(taS4va rVi .-I . QrT !t Ed ' " Soto .-KAdfi ' j rnesio To»res 111 €f tA k; Oi y Ignacio Torres Joseph Torosi.r Victoria Torres Ruben Toscano Due Iran Martha Treio ArcenioTriay Eva Unas Mike Valdivias Richard Vanatia David VanMeerbeck Eddie Velasquez Estella Velasquez Filiberta Velasquez Mario Venegas Abraham Verduzco Arty Villagrana Martina Villalobos David Villanueva Jenny Villanueva Lorenzo Villanueva Rosio Villanueva Irma Villavicencio Martha Villegas Miguel Villegas Roxane Virden Ricky Viscaina Long Vo Rodney Walton Mike Wells MiKeWeltf ' DorisWhitf Kathy White Bcji Joseph Whiltingtiui Theresa Wilcox Alison Wilhi lriuis Lorenzo Wondei Danny Yanez Aduro Ybarra Magdalena Yli.irr, Jannine aj.igovi C-aimen .iiatf 111 114 H! Varsity Football Coaches 1978 C wl l4JS ijct-tsi en . 4 , L • . 7 7 ! ■ I 17 ■ 15 L ' ' - ' ' Ji lic- ; -i O 1 Ei Monte 7 h El Monte 46 Mt View 34 jQhn aLj. 1... uary i Henry n a great Breece. Clark : Oshiro, Clark Ban- Seniors Dave ' ' Seniors Chris . . Gomez anc; Manu- Lions who re °ive : Center. Frank Jararriiiio. Painter. Se ' McNeill VARSIT T f-OOTBALL The 1978 Lion Varsity team set goals of becoming a better all-around football team, and they did Of winning more games than they lost, and they did Of having the best offense in the League, they were sec- ond only to Schurr Of placing at least 3 players on the All-Mis- sion Valley offensive and defen- sive teams, and they did The accomplishing of these goals is very player on this squad • ' ! this season with a 5-4 overall win-loss record, 2-3 in the Mission Valley League . you a single word that typified the 1 978 season, it would have to be " offense ' osive running attack with Junior running back Peter Triay, Sophomore running back lor fullback Gary Nevarez. amassing 1331 yards rushing While Junior quarterback ' ■-■ ' - 1417 yards, to such outstanding receivers as Junior split end Ray McNeill. Senior d Senior flankers, Manuel Garcia and Gary Beaird linemen whose blocking allowed this 2748 yard total offense These men who nior center, Frank Jaramillo. Senior guards, Clark Bartholomew and Chuck " . Mck Junior tackle. Bill Gaither n rifpd hard-nosed f- nth.!!! led by defensive leaders, Kats Oshiro, Chns : : . Du nne D ' starters were defensive line — Seniors. Kats •■ v, and Art Torino, and Juniors. Tony Lopez and Henry Acero Defens»ve ends — ' fy Navarez and Juniors. Rick Carrell and Charlie Gonzalez Linebackers — ... n „r.o .f, , . ni Gaither Defensive backs were Seniors Steve ' ' . sse Hernandez rs were First team offense. Ray McNeill Second team offense, ick. tight • s Breece running backs Peter Tnay and Gary earn d ' Kats Oshr ' s Breece and defensive back. Ray ■ 16 • s Desi Gu can be " Sincerely. C Ucker Head Coach Varsity Football in Action 1 ■ jHing out for a pass Breece kicks a field goal for ffie Lions Chris Breece scores « ' % - J» » »r- • »-- ' i. ■ Carrell rolling ouf for a pass •• : , Defense ready to kill tfie offense Beaird punfs for ffie Lions 1 17 Varsity Football 78-79 yUl:ii f A C ' i : Mji! %s d Carreii Ste « Centcefos H,l. 511 ,J. J ' .•,• . Ajk!!n i afv Nevarei m. ■ . Tiana Kaisu iro OViiro Ga Pa nief Tnay 118 Omana giving the ball to Nevarez Art Torino Sammy Villegas Coach Manning talking over the defense Don I thev look big- ' Gaither and Nevarez taking a break Not aga 1 119 ' .a thinks afcovjl his ' " a»d rugW 120 yf LIOMS D N Our Varsity Football Team at a Morning Pep Rally. Looking over the gitts and goodies 121 Varsity Football on the Run. . 1 1 J ' ' 5- if This Year ' s Varsity Football Team Brought Back the Pride Within the Lioi With a 4 and b Record. 123 The 1978 Varsity Football Team. 125 Sophomore Footbal i:n James Porry Coach Campa planning strategy . ' Aith a surprising tacMe --? V v A rJ Front Ro LeM to RigM «n Ray Sitva Joe Gurro«a Enc Barro Aviia Second Hov Ctsco j v Mart Aveiar Kyle Huoka Fbcha • lof Poianco. Hecto B»avo Bj ■ " Coach Stevens Jose vbarra Martin Flores. John Gafcia. Chuc» . " " ery Larry Cec ' ' ■ • " • ■ ' ■ Bene Ru ' Anthony Marque; ' Lopez. Aie« Roman. 124 Little Lions in Action ■ - ' - ■ ' : j . w :min..i-- j ' .:ip ' ust ' i: ■iJ SlsL ' i . 125 Freshman Footbal Nick W inlo ' ij Coach Ken Sit ' fif 1 ) ' ■ ' ■ i Vi . J5 ' 4? - Frort Row Let1loR gfit • • .in Jo Juarr. Second Row Noah Mo ' an ' • •■■ Unigrer. ' .,,... ' . ' ., Ccwch Caslrufla. Oon N..-.- ■ • •, Bafron. Larry Rios Phil l Gfegory Richard Whittingtoo Cc-i " Sleei Coach Monlero :i " 3 Carl 136 Go Get ' Em Lions 127 Varsity Cross Country 78-79 Sergio Ramirez Fernando Vetasque; Frar» The season opened with the possi- bility of El Monte having one ot the fin- est cross country teams m its history The team finished with a good record 3-0 in the pre ind 3-2 m Coacn -I ' .i ' ' . ' ' League ' - ' ' ■ ..It; , L. .»A)nle never had ii!; ■ runners together for season Ei ' ■ •= Ojane E M uff and Moun- f ljf tfxj4 kv. • ' ' e narrowly defeated bv •- 1 to League champ) ■ • point ' ., o " c. ' s were .vas senior • . jn seven out of • . ... setting several Is and won the Mission Valley l- .. An Marty Cavado 128 .£ I !»•= t i-rancisco relaxing after riis match . ■ 7V ik 7 ' -■ ?K =Kf Sergio and Fernando giving it Itneir all .Jim. 1 •H ' , ' ti - " % 4- V 1 «« - . Go Lions Go ' 129 J.V, Crosscountry f Sergngv ± Jose yelling to his learn members T V ' ih mm . t .♦ ' A ' AJI alone in the hnal heat IX Frosh-Soph Crosscountry iV. ' - ' Left to Right David Holqum, Brian Baker, Lorenzo Villanueva, Pat Becktiam Coacti Robert Cody Come i ' " ' . ' i ' - Jiw- ' Oh no. not ciyaiii I he dyudy ut Jtiltdt 131 1979 Varsity Wrestling Team H ' ..in Mii fxl ' i P.1 lt» » • .J«I» 132 Frank Jaramilio warming up before a malch. Ruiz scores two points Looking forward to a victory Pin ' Pin ' Pin VARSITY WRESTLING SCORES MARKKEPPLE 33 EL MONTE 27 ARROYO 27 EL MONTE 32 SCHURR 21 EL MONTE 39 ROSEMEAD 35 EL MONTE 33 MT VIEW 42 EL MONTE 42 Cfiug-a-Lug ' " Chug-a-Lug 133 J.V. Wrestling L-oacn bianiey J V .VT 1ESTLIN IG SCORES MAHKKEPPLt 62 EL MONTE 25 AH«O 0 SS EL MONTE 2S SCHUHH EL MONTE 41 ROStMEAO t ' MONTE 12 MT VIEW J. VONTE 12 I Luciano Lopei Bill Lutlon Gregg Ruiz Rich Whillinglon Rubin Caslro RuLer, t 134 A-- Victor San Roman Ken Angers Varsity Basketbal Phillip Garcia John Love Jim Woollen Andy Morris Coach Jerry Feller Henry Omana Ray McNeil Victor on Ihe move Andy shooting a tree throw I3i Tupe ' Ti,)- The lea " " !rea 136 John on the fast break shooting for two The famous trap play This year ' s team started their sea- son with an 11-4 record They placed ?nd in the La Canada tournament, and also 2nd in the Nogales tournament rheir outstanding team effort led the earn to a perfect season in League Receiving all league recognition were ndy fvlorris, IVIost Valuable Player, All eague 1st team, Phillip Garcia, All eague 2nd team, Ray McNeil and Henry Omana. The mighty lions con- inued their winning streak with a 78- 37 victory over La Canada in the first ' ound of C IF In the second round DJayoffs El Monte defeated Victor Val- ey 54-44, in one of the most exciting games this year The Lions were finally defeated by Mission Vie)0 in the quar- ter finals ending their season with a 23-5 record overall Andy on the boards What pain Assistant Coach i-;. t rt - 137 J.V. Basketball Team •o Right Javier Afmendanz Henfy Ace ' o Ma ' Banueios Aie« Roman Phii KiObe Chafiie Gon aie Afma oo Ba ' atas R-c jf- S Coac s " ' ;- -i ■;-• . 13a Alex getting ready for the |ump Coach Brooks going over the play Go Get ' Em Lions! Wj piH ff J il M A mm H Br BIh ' t I T ' E E " " B M A l H V " » m iHi Sink It Armando, sink it ' Steal It. swipe it. that ' s the way we like it ' Tom Travolta " ? !39 Sophomore Basketbal Tg the " txe- arm uos 140 ' ' I Freshman Basketball Left to Right Art Garcia, Jr Reta. Louis Suddeth, Sergio Salazar, Sandy Campero. Art Banuelos, Orlando Duran, Fred Navarro. Art Villagrano, Dinh Le, Johnny Carrillo Coach Ken Steele Coach Steele asking lor orders 141 Varsity Soccer Team Ar- 3» ' ■g a ' est 142 Our Varsity Soccer Team in Action •li »,-, -. i:Tt. ' .,rtwv»r I o ■» .♦ I A Nice Day For A Run A - ..lit .. 2 Alex Quiroga Getting His Shoes Fixed Belore The Game 143 f r fy -ji ,, . .. ,n,... . .-. ,. ' . ' Rivera. M Vai ' rei A Rey«s J RcxJnque E Gonial© M Figerofa W J.V. Soccer Team. U4 1 EL MONTE SOCCER The 1 978-79 soccer team was what you would call a rebuilding team From the 1 977-78 team there were only 5 players This sar ' s team is very young and very skillful but lacked that final touch to be one of the great teams But with a year ' s experience lese young men will be one of the most powerful teams in the 2nd division Although their league record of 4-7-1 and seasonal icord of 6-1 2-2 was one of the worst in the five year history of EL fvlONTE soccer, this team had some super highlights They sfeated the No 1 team in the 2A C I F division by a score of 2-1 Then they beat an undefeated 4A league champion by the ime score With these two highlights, the team became stronger as the season progressed Leading the team were captains Jorge Ramirez and Carlos Casillas These juniors will again lead the team in the 1979-80 jason There were two all-league members, Jorge Ramirez and Isidro Salcedo, who will return on next year ' s team. With that in ind. It looks like a very strong team for 1 979-80 ■f ' 1 145 Varsity Tennis Henry Hcinandei Jes John Hamire ' . ' shown — Ricr. " . ; enieno Sa- ; ' " o Hong Ld : Francisco Re r r r " ii Henry happy ah- ir " Ma«rv NiSSley 146 Johnny puis his muscle into it Polk uses power w(iiiisa( ' 41Ultlilli i: fli ivv ' :A : .v :-: : iii: AX? V Tennis anyone ' ' A good save by Richard 147 J.V, and Frosh Tennis V v Too Wow Lett ' n Ovjhi M trk m p Pete Garcia. Jetl Schaeter. John Myrick. Victor Vaier j yinCa riik • in Richard Vanana.Frar ciscoSuarez. and ' . • joaif nariBs ut«er •isaiyi " 148 Killer Serve Ready lor game and set Pete sees a high lob- Pete goes for a Victory That seems easy enough Ididili " 149 Varsity Basebal 1 ' Troccy CXinne Iffy Cecil , iw.r g hiSjObat 1st ' ,. ' ooyGailen H ' e i: ' «- y ViClOf on Ihe fun «i ' -AT - r- y ,1 ISO How about a sunflower. Henry Richard rela ■ I ' j i " ' ' - ' r is home run Sfe ? -U s v=«5 Rene, ready for the pitch Up at bat 151 J.V. Baseball Kevin mailing tor fiis pile ' S Back Ro Left lo pt Espanio David Hii TKil ' . : ' -n ,,[! ,11 tMl ' -,■ A ■ ' k ifn rorKing • Cc-T " " I S3 Freshman Baseball Caught in the act i Ms-Ik J Back Row, Left to Right Louie Suddeth. Art Banuelos, Dion Nizzi, Fred ' Duran, Henry Sandoval. Greg Ruiz Front Row Jim Maldonado, Jessie Lopez, Bill Bush, Loienzu Villan- ueva, Bert Alderetti, Ernie Collaso, Noah Moran r r " xV Its a bit chilly. We ' re not the Dogers. buf Coach Ken Steele 153 Varsity Track Team V, tid ' 1 ' ' ' 0 ' 0 11«A •J KJV ' i i J Hai ' mnii C ju mi«l 4 flL. ir; H f ufu Coac- ' . ' .1 Seir, i " Sfe - ' ' M. ' h,.. r; V ' . ' .. -•,, I I ' J- ou ' Ma ' V u«t Set — . 154 R Martinez I Gutierrez w i L - i i m 1 A Perkins T Clark • ffiS5iS 3 ■ «H Peggy on the run ,-,v Marjorie walking over to her event V I ' i , .;! . -kk The girls are taking a break after a hard run Jump Highi.T " Jump Higtier ' 155 Frosh-Soph Track Fi slHov vVaitz L buOOetn M rovera. J Gi R CMUman E Mannquei V Sullile. R Coral Painter J Rotoerts Jo n Mo ' ,V f5 Putting The Shol-Put FcK T . T» o Freshmen Oowrw T?iar SorroM ' 1S« - MISSION VALLEY LEAGUE CHAMPIOr 979 NOBODY DOES IT BETTER . . .ALL THE WAY TO C. I. F. QUARTERFINALS Back Row Sr Ken Angers. Jr Ray McNeil, Jr Henry Omana. Sr Andy Morris, Jr Jim Woolen, Jr Phil Cibbe. Front Row: Jr John Love, Jr Sergio Remirez. Sr Phillip Garcia, Sr Victor SanRoman SPAR! - ' 4 V ' f r 8i i; VM .xr •% Victor moving with his man f § Ray in Action Doing It as a team Andy shooting for two 157 Varsity Volleyba Vl• « Jos Bauiistd — Juaniia oragosa — YOii« Gracia — 1 1 I t AJma Candetana • 11 158 Heidi Simpson Coach 1 - ' ' i i Emily Galvan — 11 J.V. Volleyball • ' ] Lisa Fritter — 11 Debbie Johnson - 11 Roberta Martinez - 11 Irma Villalobos — 11 fS Leiicia Villabisencio — 10 Ruby Galvan - 9 Lydia Cabrera ■ 9 iii Shelly Estrada — 9 159 Varsity Tennis 3i J J Anilfl f ;,. JoA nP• o — ' . . (Vy (, e. LupeZepeoa — 160 arie Roberson Coach J.V. Tennis Adele Miller — 10 Tracy Bales - 10 161 Varsity Basketbal A 12 d .QQ n.l • •. ' 1- n 2 Elva Ramirez 12 12 11 Oebtxe Johnson 11 162 i»» aocorro Jimenez ■ 12 Emily Torres - 1 1 Coach TimC.impn J.V. Basketball Not Shown Laura Floras — 9, Shirley Padilla — 9. Martha Hernandez — 9, Maria Ramirez — 1 0. Evelyn Diaz — 10 Cindy Allan — 10 163 Varsity Softbal k T Joste Bautista 12 ! ' . I M Dwn At1ert erry 1 1 11 Oi% -. 1 1 I? Peggy varxjefixxx 10 L 9aHodngue2 10 164 Linda Robles 10 Roberta Gonzalez 10 J.V. Softball Lisa Fritter 11 Coach Heidi Simpson Julie Recendez 10 Ampara Salazar 10 Lydia Cabrera Lisa Flores Ceci Rodriguez Virgie Dominguez Marttia Hernandez 9 Cindy Atterberry 9 Shirley Padilla 9 NOT SHOWN: Miriam Triay — 10 Josie Ledesma 9 Laura Flores 165 Varsity Badminton i i s 9 ' 0 " Ti Meiissd Ness 10 166 Aurora Duran 11 Mosa uaslillo 11 1 ■ ' Delia Echeverria 12 Myrna Camarena 11 Ann Mane Kelly 10 Sally Redes 10 W ifl B J A B Coach Mane Roberson Armida Martinez J.V. Badminton Ruby Galvan 9 NOT SHOWN Erma Luna — 1 1 Adele Miller— 10 Maria Hernaridez — 9 Rosie Redes 167 o X . a .v A o . s IM Organizations 169 .MlL i G«W0in.i . 1 Hi ' We are the Varsity Cheerleaders for 1978-79 This summer was really a blast We practiced all summer long to go to camp At c.nmp we did a really good lOD reprHbenting El Monte High School .Ve came home with five supe- rior ribbons .mi a superior trophy C tt«ad tiie«:- Sue T«ftnyv n TfT re S no A3. A rd " «:se C j.- ap QC! en ,3v.r BC ' OGiE sfvjes 170 Varsity Cheerleaders Cheering as the Lions win another one Jessica Olivas Sponsor Debbie Melker GO. GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO We also had fun this year cheering (or the football and basketball teams. This years squad consists of: Soph- omores: Helen Escondon, Tish Diaz, Jessica Olivas, Juniors. Co-Head: Eileen Corella. Sue Tennyson. Sen- iors, Head Linda Caballero, Georgina Godina We hoped you enjoyed our cheers Varsity Cheers Varsity Cheerleaders 171 • rl f l ' .lMu .■ c J Rooting xKilh our AJumm CtieOrS aAdi! " • fVj i y vjvj ' a d ' d win4rig d ' ' Si!f v ' i e ' ied ' Je ' S t e ' fO " ™nfl lf e " fvXiline 172 ' .V , ' V. ' Head Ruthe Stone Kady Devor Margie Anderson Dee Torres Sandy Bartholomew Angie Ammendariz If you wdcil d ' iclu(y, lei ' s hear you spell il out V-l-C-T-O-R- 1 Jump higher ' Jump higher ' Jump higher ' Jump higher ' Jump higher ' ' ' ' V r rvFfj ' B ■ ' ' • ' ' •■ ' • ' " ' ■ ■ ■ Sandy cheering the Lions on Frosh-Soph Cheerleaders 173 Loo Judnila ietagoia PEP CLUB From Patsy Pain Janet Shaughnessy. Cindy Ramos, Donna Ciui Lofaine Jaramllo. Rosie Casienada S- inglon Seco ' Yvonne Oorr r j .•■: ■ .■■ • " • ,.• . , .■ ■ r,, Veirna Barra a Sylvia Onu. Voianda Juarez. Rene C ' lU rtiifd Ro Leiicia Mende; " Solano Lupe Sandoval Gail Enciso. RoWes Rose Poianzki Shirley Ho eli j Lede rna Irene Chavez LirxJa Huerta Ole ■ Vargas Fourth Rom Es(»e Vargas Sandy Be i Julie Mercendes Cmdy Rose Laura Flores. i.oi »a VriLatxscencio NAarth,i ■ • G«a- dys Baiianes Cmdy Alien yqi i Leo Pep Club 174 Andrea Monsour Ms Fisher Lisa Levine 1 Kim Webb Nanette Gonj Carol Martinez Chore-e ttes 175 Thespian Society fifsl Rov» B»L(in G ' av ' ' v ' v f " « ' «iv R «Tyi Carey • ■ Ma ' ttrvf. sof Mf • ' Photo- graphy Club Firs- lor Drama Club F ' rs) Ro MiKe Cow«ii L Sou ' " Aiann,-) Parks. J , ■ Martinez Second Row Oana AneOery Brerxta Bradford flomeo Carey S ivar i " a-o. Brian Gray. L sa Fftter Soonsor Mr ••• 176 Lions Trail Staff Seated Janice Stephens, Emily Galvan, Ractiel Padilla, Anila Gurrola, Enka Perez, Monica San- ctiez, Joann Villalobos, Pauline Luna Back Row John Hudgins, Sponsor Ivis Karannitros, Bobby Boulais, Eric Wilhelmus, Chris Ivlyrick. Patty Mannque, Pauline Luna Art Club Front Row Sachie Oshiro, Madalene Hernan- dez, Ofelia Vargas, Virginia Gonzalez, Shirley Padilla, Sonia Alarcon, Isabel Roddy Second Row Leticia Villabisencio, Gina Swalley, Eric Gutierrez. Jeff Burch, Ruben Hernandez, Agnes Wells, Lori Diaz, Fidel Covarrubias, Louie Mac- Donald Third Row Michelle Kinball, Pam Smith, Mario Padilla, Mike Alva, Dan Waltz, Bobby Bou- lais, Gamaniel Ortega, Robert Dominguez, Dolores Sandoval, Samuel Espinoza, Debbie Wooten Fourth Row Matt Ridgeway, Sponsor Mr Ramirez, Ray Quintana ■»! « Mii .n i.vt • ■,-, 4 «. ' ihm nk Blots Staff Front Row Lisa Santa Cruz, Sylvia Ayala, Monica Sanchez, Sponsor Ms Daurio Back Row Myrna Camarena, Kathleen Henderson, Lisa Fritter 177 Spanish Club fi sl Ro Sconvy Ms Sytvva SchnDef lof enta CKu Margd ' iu GorvoM Amparo Ramos Lofon o Gon Al«s Second Row Altonjo Ramos Jo4« ICMirfa C«c«lK) CasUo Oavwj Gu - man Science Club flAiiOl Stage Crew First Ro Br jd Matiov«. Manue Garcia Secood RovK Aljnrj P rhs Lynn MaddO Ke• y Adkms Les»a Bovii«r , ' -i Po Jo n Chav«7 Roberi Fofd DavKl W, ' iiji Pefnn Spoiso ' Mr Ale Malmovtrshi 178 Campus League Juanita on her way Ardis ' little devi Anne and Jo helping out Rocio heading a meeting 179 Soon sex L dW B ' LKJKS Marie Rotwson The Boys and Girls Varsity Oub is Grs ' -Boys ' sity sport a apply lo these -■-■- - • - - -d raisers Vars ty C ub oney for their varsit. ■. Keis and lor the- lao Rocio Hernandez Hugo Nuno Sponsor: Jerlyn Mask Sponsor Harry Nissley Rachel Padilla Jerry Delgado Janet Garcia Brian Gray Not Shown Wendy Lopez Ann Sunabe Sylvester South Kathleen Henderson Laurels, girls ' honorary club, and Lions, boys ' honorary club, is the highest honor a girl and boy on campus can receive Each girl and boy is selected on the basis of the number ot activity points and citizenship points they have earned through their years at El Monte High School Giving service to the school and to the community are the areas of work the Laurels and Lions perform With high stand- ards and outstanding performances both these clubs have been marked with great distinction Laurels and Lions 181 }fmp (llumm lo claM ' ' OA taking 1 1 eas 183 C.S.F. Seniors ' Alejandro, Maria Anguiano, Patrjcia Bautista. Josefina Beavers, Julie Brengle, Kenneth Carey. Silvana " Centeno, Esther Cho. Song Chung, Hyuk Conde, Patricia De la Isia, Yolanda Delgado, Jerry Gurrola, Anita ' Hernandez. Rocio Jimenez, Maria ' Lopez, Wendy Lutton, John Manrique. Patricia Nuno. Hugo ' Padilla, Rachel Rigs, Vicente ' Rojas. Francisco Serrano. Elizabeth Juniors Alvidrez. Daniel Banuelos. Roberto Candelaria, Alma Carrel!. Richard Chung, Mm Estopellan, Jeffery Fleener, lllana Galvan, Emily Henderson, Kathleen Ishigaki. Douglas Lozoya, Marcelo Malabuyoc, Klayton Myrick, Chris Padilla, Mane Perez, Susie Robertson, Anthony South, Sylvester Stephens, Janice Sunabe, Ann Trinh. Huyen Villalobos. Fortino Villalobos, JoAnn Vivar. Arturo Sophomore Cho. Henry Cordis. Amber Cruz, Donna Do minguez, Robert Esposito, Deanna Fowler, Theresia Gutierrez, Leopoldo Henderson, Tina Jimenez, Rafael Meyers, Steven Nolan, Denise Olech, Elizabeth Perez, Erika Sanchez, Jose Schneider, Carol Sunabe, Denny White. Brenda Villa. Rachel Villabiscencio. Leticia C.S.F. Freshmen Dang. Huong De la Isla. Blanca Makris. Theodore Nguyen. LeGiang Nguyen, Thanh Van Quintana, Rainerio Reyes, George Ritter. Denise Salazar. Cesar Tran, Due Vo. Long Van Vu. Dung " Gold Cords 183 • 9x " 3 « -, rf s c 3 V)0» 184 □ J i wB i.flHki ' Ff 1 1 W • Acappella doing their thing You ' re a whaf Bases are the best ' I ' m not a tenor 185 Minstrel Choir Uj- ' - ' -A ' . o r .Mie ' A Gurfc ' j, U Uriega " Hudgins G Martine: R Pere j Lulton. R Z.i Concert Choir I BacK RcMi C Wafren L Benedict leew N Cleaves D AiteOefy L Oech L P " Oei ado fl Magoo " A Buiimgyon S Vaieiia R Martine E Perez L Fntte M C Kemoloo. S Tennyson Nyho ! Ma ' line ' ------ " -Mia •XJ Ro A We,e ' i I .Tirtpa V Canchoi8 T 184 Vocal Ensemble Back Row J Santigo, C Anas. R Whitington, D Smith, G Jones. M Clark. D Hall Second Row A Hernandez. J Ravega, C Gray, G Hudgins, L Soto, M CritMarquez, Christina Z A Lozano Front Row M Colwell,V Parks, B Baker, B Lutton, J Schaeter Treble Choir Front Row C Redes, L Redes, J Shaughnessy, A Salazar, M Melendez, P Bishop, T Lehman, Bobbi Welbaum, T Crutcher, E Alvarado Back Row R Cruz, L Villa, A Morano, A Romo, V Garcia, J Zaragosa, K Adkins. M Rhoades. P Robertson, J Hazlett, D Ritter 187 Barber and Beauty Shoppe Ftoot GecwgwKi Uci.; : « Ari.id o i ' . ' w Stage Band BjcK Ho OavK) Odn Huctv Sin.; -.,3 .y in Mirl COM Front Row Ken B engle 188 Caught in the Act Say CHEESE please 189 . Songs FifsiRo Kim AeCi. r.dnai .Vec; ■£ Flags Gxsod cvc ' Lt i A c r c 3L fi. ' irsiHo ' L ' H.:! ; " • 1 , - «,i i Livalevine Noe : -KTwefs Co-Head Bot t « Morgan Cintfir B eece 190 Linettes jst. siS «- ;«;i£Si a?; ■ : ' First Row Susan Delgado, Susan Anderson, Head Lynn Maddox, Tammy Ratz Second Row TrieresaTroxclair. Judy Dm, DebraDavitta, DeniseRitter Majorettes ' ,-, i ' r.. -.j M ' ,r, ■-.■,.i.i r. ' i ■ Vasquez 191 Band Leaders MvdO rmsJudnnet A iO ' e l MufiM ' ii ' (- ' iBsnJenI Ux, VViineimub Otev-lui Cdi Hub ' Mary SctvMief ' elle Brass Section . ' Riyf, N.cfcv Frj " .• -T-,.j5 He j TrorntKXie Ke " B ' eng»e Jos Ga ' cia Atie Jimenez TomOunca " i i s Bant tos ■ " ■ " •• John CAievas Ge vj,. Ro " iero Rocln« M ' lhrT.i " A i.jm Hefnande OavnJ Daniel John l chico« Head Tri noet Rudy Sandoval Carokna Gaieoa Annette Me»narx)w Roto- 192 iL - ' A» • ' ■C.jkk " 3 ytiA % Percussion 111 -« ' - ' ,Vf ■ v-- ' J Band Mother Bertha Love tHead Bells Laura Reuwsaat. Head Drummer Jose Garcia, Lisa Ridgeway, Angel Duarte, Art Hererra, Manuel Coral, Vince Nagrate, Ernie Nora, Eddie Medina, Becky Reyes Reed Section ead Clarinet Rac.t i .■■::,;,.■ .; ; , ,..;i.-, I ' n-i. ... i is,i .J.-nl-ilr,, r, ,in,j ( i,iIihii,.,: Ai,iiK(lt;; dkl.-dl. Mfvc Mt-,.T-, Ann.i Heye -, Iv- . , ' .,1 J 3w Kathleen Henderson, Bill Magyorody, Ray Milliman, Head Saxophone Danny Alvidr iTGilbert Salinas Cecillia Cruz Not Shown Sheiii Wellock 193 Yearbook Staff Danny Ortega Calhy Martinez Jill Tanaka Alma Carxjelana Clark 8arthoit " i ' . ' . ElvaRan Jeremy i Georgina Godina Stacy Miller Laura Garcia J Sheryl Engletried ■ " ' T Faculty af Editor Copy Editor r ..nt ' IS ftS Busini Senior Class ' 1SS Mrs Donna Gunstream Danny O ' lega and C .ilhy Martinez ■ ' .M.r;.- • -i " ■ ■ 978- ' 979 194 Laurie Preston. Jill Tanaka. and Lupe Zepeda What a gang! ■ 1? Clark Bartholomew, Elva Ramirez, and Alma Candelana Brian Gray and Janet Garcia Laura Garcia, Stacy Miller, and Georgina Godina, 195 196 Faculty 197 Board of Trustees Lefl 10 RigM Mr Richard Ferguson Mr CMris McCautev Sealed Mrs Joyce Milchetl Mr Wl- iirnPi ' Kx " Vri Pai ' icia Gaiceran 198 va " Nobody Does It Better " than the Lions! I am convinced of this! It has been my pnvi- lege to be a part of El Monte High School for most of my life and I am certain, after all of these years, that the Lions of EMHS are unique and special. Much of what sets the Lions apart from all the rest are the fine traditions of Spirit and Pride that have grown within our school during its long history. These traditions may stem from a simple set of facts: El Monte High School existed for 4 ears before Rosemead High was built; EMHS is 54 years sen or to Arroyo High; and the Lions roared for 70 years before there ever was a Mountain View Viking. We are oldest and we are Best! But certainly the Lions uniqueness Is much more than just a matter of age. It is also a matter of other things which are elusive and, yet, also real. It ' s the way we treat one another with an easy kind of tolerant acceptance. It ' s the way we respond with a kind of straight-forward basic honesty. It ' s the way we are ecstatic when we win a game and completely downcast when we lose one. It ' s the way we can light up each other ' s days with a smile. It ' s the friendly " Hi " and the sparkle in the eyes which says much more. It ' s the way we care about one another. It ' s also our special kind of class and style. All of these things compose the Lions of El Monte High School and it ' s why t believe that " Nobody Does It Better " . Jack Barton, Principal EMHS, Class of ' 43 199 Administration ' - • • Rictwrd LiPuma Vice Principal — Guidance 200 Counselors Mr, J, Callahan Identity Mr J Edmondson A — D Mr A Fisher Re — Z Mrs D Gallagher Lopf — Ra Mr J Lynch E — Lope Ms P Rupe; Attendance 201 wwmtk fii A II Parents and Teachers Association Preside spoodir , HisJOfia- •u »8 PaitttDf Mr Barlon im !he lirsi P T A Art m i Me 3 Mrs BacKes Mr Ramirez How S this lor a Dostaoe slarrx) ' ' Business Education •fjc: W ' • NotS ' XJVirn Ms 203 English Ms Olivo Mrs Roberts Ms Schriber Mr Stefanko Head. Mr Amend Mrs Cross Mrs Hernandez Mrs. Karamitros Mr Stewart Mr linseth Pi ' V V Mrs Dauno 111, C,„„l-,nfj Mr Venegas Mrs Vida Ms Walker Mr Welch ESEA Coordinator Tm leaving and I m never coming back 203 Foreign Language M..,kJ V M -. I Homemaking -I ' Guien ' ag ' Ciasse • ' I ; v. ' -v.irHJ ' fs ndustria. Arts Mr Bartsch " cad Mf l foss Mr S«et eft Mr While Hey. hey hey 204 Mathematics Head Ml Hdiley Mr Cody Not Shown Ms King Ml Galvan Ml Nelson Mr Steele Music mM M-. fujMit " .:!;;- 1 avHii) down the 1 AW 205 Physical Education Mr Kyne Ms Uelker Mr Monieio Ms Robetson Socia Science f. W.- j«a ' fei Wf rt ' di ifliniL Uil 1 ; Mr Warner Be 306 Mr Lay Ms Mask Science Mr Perry Mr Samarin 8 Jp9 Who cut Ihe corner out of my newspaper Mr Bauer Mr Tanaka Mr Frazier taking out his Aggravation game Special Education 4- m A in. Head Ms Douglas Mrs Palmer Librarian and Nurse " Are you from Alabama ' ' i Ms Gossman Librarian Ms Mauk Nurse 207 Aides and Office Staff V .1 Ms Faui ' Ms Goss Clerk — Attendance Ms Goyiia Ms Schexjei Clerk — Student StOfe Ms VakJrvie; AMje Ms vetasoue? Clerk — Attendance xf .. 208 Cafeteria. Maintenance, Bus Driv UIMI a? Standing Left to Right S- Stialter, A Davila. B Crubup, Y Gonzales, R, Arrellanes. M. Cloutt, C. Rowuin. V Corral, B Gur- raola, R Gallo, and Sitting Manager P Eilers Not Stiown J Davis, J, Ruiz, and B Delgado DP Lett to Right P Gonzales, A Lyies, M Villanueva, Supervisor. G Wier, F Anas. M Zivelonghi, A osta, M Mares. D Chico, T Sigannott, C Elmore. J MuAoz, C Archer. D Stermer. W Campion Not nown E Cecena. A Malinowski, C Radclitte. and G Todoroivich " Ring around the roses Lett to Right G Traill, L Heller, J Murioz Right J MnraJps — Dis- |„t!. ' • ' Not -:,t:L;.-.: ' H Nater, J Bulanda, R Gon- zales, and J Feher 209 VOLKSWAGEN .VAWOOLVERTON LANI CO. MIDWAY I Recreation i I 11 • if; » -o o i£e.1 ; » 1l PA.NBOW VJLLWG .NC RAINBOW PLASTICS • OFFIC " - , • ' % Ads c 0 tcv, c v u , K i p Jh-Vo-ici P Si. w p 5 (CO ,f. -■■ IE I. 1 MARS MARKET 4022 N. Tyler Ave. El Monte, Cdlif. 443 4358 1 r BIG D ENTER OUT BURGERS ll629E.Vdlley Blvd. 444 8787 El Monte. Calif. EL MONTE FORD MOTOR CO. • ey Ave. t Mcc Calif. 448 7681 . SHAKEY ' S I I420E. Valley Blvd. El Mon+e, Calif. 444 0327 ■ i CAVALIER SPORTS CARS 10701 Garvey Ave. 4489827 El Mon+e, Calif. THE PIT 10534 Garvey Ave. El Monte, Calif. 444 3232 VAN ' S JEWELRY OF EL MONTE 10816 Valley Mai 448 5238 El Monte, Calif. 213 ; i llJIi ' 4 i QQLVe CITY OF EL MONTE 11333 Valley Blvd. 575 2225 ass WOOLVERTON AND SONS INC. I 1022 E. Garvoy Ave. 442 6150 El Monte. Calif. - !• Proof of Excellence. No Other company has made so many nngs for the number ONES ' Your Class Ring is a WINNER. VICTOR ' S JEWELERS 10925 Valley Mall El Monte. Calif. 443 2234 2)4 TASTEE FREEZ 3057N. Tyler Ave. El Monte, Calif. 442 7353 215 It ' s Not Easy To Be Humble When You ' re a Senior Class of 1979 2IA V A MA H " H YAMAHA OF EL MONTE 2859 N. Durfee El Monte, Calif. 442 5800 GLENDALE FEDERAL SAVINGS 10952 Valley Mall El Monte, Calif. 443-4011 TYLER OFFICE SUPPLY CRAVEN PHARMACY 32 I 5 Tyler Ave. El Monte, Calif. 579 4465 I0930E. Valley Blvd. El Monte, Calif. 443 2251 217 MOTOR Uh TERRY DEE ' S MOBILE HOME SHOW lOS 1 -} Garvey Blvd. El Monte. Calif. 442 6050 C C SOUNDS 10809 Valley Mall El Monte, Calif. 448 2904 llKElm BIKE RITE I I I I I Romona El Monte, Calif. 444 398 I GREG ' S MEXICAN FOOD 3323 T, n- A.e El Monte. Calif. 448 2626 2)8 SOTELLO ' SHAIRCUTTERS 8831 Valley Blvd. Rosemead, Calif. 287 2278 219 7-ELEVEN FOOD STORE 3243 Sdnta Anita Ave. El Monte, Calif. 442 7410 BRUNO ' S 3228 Santa Anita Ave. El Monte. Calif. 443 3373 SKiN COMrANY UlSTISi ftl F. F.LEilRK M iDlTR HsiS(, NEON • PLASTIC • ELECTRIC SALES • DESIGN • ENGINEERIMG • MANUFACTURE STORE FRONTS • REMODEL • REPAIR • INSTALLATIONS • TERMS C ' W ' OOOO ' 8500 t CARVIT AVI SERVICE ROS(M(AD VALLEY NEON SIGN COMPANY 8500 E. Garvey Ave. Rotemead, Calif. 573 2323 RICE MOTOR CO. ' HONDA 10005 Garvey Ave. Ei Monte. Calif. 443 8866 220 c -J ' -I ic ;; SANFORD STUDIO 14214 16 E. Whittier Blvd. Whit+ier, California 90605 698 6753 221 MIDWAY c j " :;r j Recreation — " ' — « MIDWAY LAND CO. l08l6G«rvev Ave. El Monte. Calif. 443 3101 322 RAINBOW MOLDING INC. RAINBOW PLASTICS |[ RAINBOW PLASTICS RAINBOW MOLDING, INC. 3242 Meeker Ave. El Monte, Calif. 443 61 14 CANDY ' S FLORIST I 300 Garvey Ave. El Monte, Calif. 444-0666 Pat rons: Jack Barton, Class of ' 43 All my cheerleaders, I want you to know I love you and will miss you very much. Linda. Mike ' s Barber Shop, 10736 Garvey Ave. Good Luck to All — Bea Cal Radcllffe 6I 2 ' S ' Club — Slimey, Stickey, Starchy, Sniffles, Slushy, Snorky Slippery To the " Class with Class, " Best Wishes — Mr. Mrs. Domingo Delgado Best Wishes Varsity Basketball Players From Coach Feller Mr. Mecherikoff Good Luck ' 79, Good bye Noogies and S.C., Love Nanette Andy, Sue, Scott, and Daniel Silva Hola!, This Meeting, Please Stand, La la. Been Real, Thanks, Good Luck, T.P., Later! — Jeremy Good Luck Seniors — Mrs. Gallagher Good Luck Flags in ' 80. Remember we ' ll always love you! Love Lisa, Noel, and Bobbie Thanks for everything Jerry, George, Wendy, Hugo, Rachel . . . take care. Luv, Jan. Rosemary E. Prest Aron Jeanette Gunstream — Love, Mom Dave Sandell Delia and Jill wish the Class of ' 79 the very best of everything. We ' ll miss you! Good Luck ' 79 — Bonnie Schneidel To the Class of ' 79 — I wish Love, Happiness, and Success. Love Rachel. Thank You Seniors for memories and times that can never be replaced. Go 4 IT! Debbie Melker. EM, You ' ve shown me the meaning of friendship, love, education pride. Thanx so much — Wendy Thank You Seniors for a pleasant baseball season — Coach Montero Mr. Mrs. Dennis Tinseth Thank You Laurels! Anita, Janet, Rocio, Alma, Ann, Monica, Kathy, Song, Patty, Esther, JoAnn, Carol, Lupe, Rosanna, Wendy. Love Rachel. Thank You Seniors for all the good bad times we had. Hope you success. Robey Thanks for all the great times E.M., Love You Mike, Class of ' 79 together forever! Rocio Ray, You will always be that special someone in my life. Love, Georglna XXX 000 El Monte — You gave me friends and memories I ' ll never forget — Thanks, Hugo Nuno Thank You " Fatso, " you ' ve made my Senior year so much more special. 223 •. J t li •f JcipMre o( h«d wofk. a iMv LlVMion iMjght. tenw IWom J jQiS I.1W iMjght. tenw iWono Mmdtfi M and m« igic iramortM. Mt yMT Kis Intfy oonw to an and I I w« iMii rii of my doiMllrtandi. to vNtiom 1 0M« w MlytnloyatfmytourywftilBMontowMJI JM any of n I rMly hopa twi II oi tw - t atony too much about Vwir Fulun bacauia I N i4 1» in al 01 1 draama and hopaa and I know tiay wfl tf trtjaaoifiaday. Al iha tima I hava itiarad at B Monto IWMnada my ao ipadai thai N k hard to put N on pipar. !» « My 00 , tfP lhahaart.l«Mnlto«iankmyalifltorpilngaoMnd f mgthayear AthanlatoMra.aMMlra«ntarlMlngtMra lima. A naeial •lanki toal of my toichan and oounai lQr al| 0 Iha buklanoa durCig iha pail tour yam. A dMpv I goaa to afl of llkMkianli al B Monlt tor n«l « iNi P IkiiyGodiabaAIOfYourLJMa ' ' Foraiwl i WMhLovaFromMyHaMll OvMOrtigaM f n m n — r f ■0 r 9 ri r y r y C c L r f ( ' J J, Q - M K y A ' J v f f " " . " r y ' I J k e " A , r f. r ' r i.r ' - A ' J I y - 1 y ' " I y " j y f. ;) 9 ly .. KJ - r 5 ;) y 1 f , i r y- ? r l " iT f ir.. H r r r A 7 : L U C c C f p y f )P - p ' ' ' 1 ; y r y- ■s in • r o - r ' M ,.r r J 6 - Iff r. y 1 6 - 9 n r r r - x y 7 r t- : ( (-f ft t X f • s ■-=» ? - - r t , " L ' 3 J. Z - P- 1 , t-l p, U " Vi ' 5 1 ) V ■ ' 1 - ' t " - . 5 u -t ' . ' o « " -% 5 - ' i -r " 6 - c " " " .q , ) -c . ' r J c 1 I 1 y r r ' -r . - r " C v ' r( - ' J A ' J a -f- ' c " » c " r ( ■ c- ■s - - " 1 " ) 1 2l ' V - 5 cr o t , 5 - " in -r tr . 1 9 1 S " ' s n ' V . jc. ..- ? r v .o »- - . - r - - ' ? % - ' - ' ' 1 ' I - 1 rv 0 ' 1 -I- • •- n f J r ' r O ' -1 O ' C ' m»m f: :■ . ' . f 1 -

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