El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Qfti-.L ..1:f, 3 f fiwfiws' V 1' L, . 72: L1 6 ' , '1' , ' A ,, . , , A '5's?-51 521 ga' ' T fi' 1f1I 'Nf' iff' ',2fLii:3?5x ' H ' if 1, J f ff'-2 - H 1 ' W1 Q dzw'251'! ' Ju ' Wv J L: v ' v ss sw ' I M " J df ,wav ' 4 fi" 5512 Rm ,Q YY , ,ff P A 4 U ' r, 3,1 r 1, Q tc M 7, Va In .- ymkfz xl V ay X 4 nh 1 K 1 1 , x qi, , 4, . , ,, v J J. 7 ' 4? R 1 3 fy I Q 4 ,pgs f. , n , -41,1 , H Y X L sr ,lx Y . X W gk , 3, YE! my A M . V f, V n ! fu I V, i L, E 1 Q.. 'I K g. A V E 'w U., AA' an X w r X . 'L 1-' as gf ,xxx-QM W? ws " 'sn f- W mx, -. .lf M1- Ag 'www-P f 1: ., 4 'L " . K . J- X- "1 -1' xfjf-, -I . , '.'ff.x." . f ew ' Q' mg '- un 4,4 ,V-g '1-iv - ,- Q- ' Q .5 -f y.: gq '4' 1. Q K , , 19 123 '.:4,f .:.. 'ff TN' "F 'fx' h"3:-545'-L mf If 3 5 f f'1?', L '- 'ff HZf'1"?,2f -3' ,,, '52 ::a,,.N fI.E5, " A1-71 P 1 ' 'iff' X 'Q"1Tf ' 1 1sg.52f f!f wit s w f' 9 if N5 1-f . ff ' ' 1 .. 1' 'ff ' ' - 1,4 'vlw'-244 1 I 4 H mf .Wf :'+ fy 2:..F-' 5 " H Nl wg, wp- tv., mi-xi' 0 117-wwf. ,A -' ,A , , ,. , ..q. 'if - , xx L' ": N,- , -r ',, .' f. v iii I 'WEL ps, f 57 Ofb 720 Fggawmg of Happy L L,L .Y f M . 3 ul 5 n l is ADMINISTRATION .... . . 6 GOVERNMENT .. . .. I6 CLASSES .... . . 24 ACTIVITIES . . . . . 88 PUBLICATIONS . . .... T12 FINE ARTS ...I2O SPORTS .. ...I38 ADS . . . . . I75 ATE THIS BOOK TO THIS YEAR'S 'hw As you scan The pages of This annual in The years To come, may The memories and dreams of your days here aT El MonTe High School be pleasant ones. Cherish Those pleasanT memories and g u a r d Those friendships made here. Those Things, you will find, are your mosT precious Treasures. IT is The hope of all of us ThaT your time spenT here will make your TuTure life hap- pier and beTTer. Mr. George BurneTT Principal BesT wishes To you all for pleasanT and useful years ahead. LeT's hope El MonTe has helped you To make Them so. Lorraine Anderson AssisTanT Principal Today's experiences furnish The mem- ories of Tomorrow. Trail's End is The Treasure house of These memories. Each year iTs pages conTain many ThoughTs, noT only of your successes, buT also of your sTrivings. The cherished evenfs of The pasT years are herein recorded in word and picture. IT is our hope Thar The incidenTs enacTed Today will noT lead To regret buT will be such ThaT Tomorrow's memories will be To each of you as The dawn of a new day-brighT, vivid and inspiring. Mr. B. L. BergsTrom DisTricT SuperinTendenT Mr. B. L. BergsTrom DisTricT SuperinTendenT Mr. LaMar Hill AssisTanT SuperinTendenT in Charge of Business Mr. Lloyd L. Dancer Member + 56 Mrs. EsTher Peake +L A PresidenT of Board I . . Famed of Mr. Harold Pearson Dr. J. Edwin BuTTers Mr Alfred Von Nyvenheim Member Member Member 'PS N, KG 1 Mr. Dean Stockman X Assistant Business Manager Mr. William Penske Dr. Gunnar Wahlquist Director of Activities gsiicnl Sufpfrlflenflenl MV- Edward lfvlne Mr. Gerold Risinger ln Urge O ns mc lon Director of Child Welfare Director of Adult Education and Attendvnse and Continuation School ggiqunuuuu Mrs. Ruth Durham Mr. Homer Schilling Head Counselor l Mr' Raymond Cole Mr. PQUI Kepner Mrs, Katherine Trepp Mrs. Anna Sherman Mrs. Alma Knipping Mrs. Lucille Moore Administrative Assistant, Secretary to the Principal Secretary to the Secretary to the District Assistant Principal Superintendent. Miss Gloria Nixon Secretary to the Director of Activities Mrs. DOFO Fllhy Mrs. Esther Jasmann ' Mrs. Julia Bishop Mrs- Muriel 0055 Secretory to The DUSCTOY Of Secretary to Assistant IBM Test Coordinator P'B.X' Qpe,-mor Adult EdUCCJTiOl'1 Gnd' Superintent in Charge Continuation School of lnsfmcyionk if Mrs. Marilyn McCullough Secretary for Substitute Teachers is 1 A ...si k s., 'HQ W 5 gl Q ... A' i. Y .... ig ,,., H, .....,.. . as 4 'ig ff f ti fi Till Qi fr, ' 10' :if i ts Q .X .. is . -.S :iw . 55251 ' 55" r' ' if" li? fini' . ..... Fwdzefw Business Office Back Row lleft to rightl: Mrs. Dianne Hoch, Miss Marlene Stone, Mrs. Van Arradale. Front Row: Mrs, Donna Hart, Miss Florence Eley, Mrs. Marie Mangan. 11' was -, lc M' Hof at .255 ctw X lx i ,Ei M llllll l l 0 Back Row lleft to rightl: Mr. Rye, Mr. Skidmore, Mr. Hoppe, Mr. Rogers, Mr. McVay, Mr. Davis, Mr. John Kitterman Mr. Austin. Middle Row: Mr. King, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Yeary, Mr. Esse, Mr. Reynolds. Front Row: Mr. Coolbaugh, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Freer, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Cal Reed, Mr. Smith, Mr. Ed Reed. W? Dr. Helen Moran School Physician - Mrs. Gladys Chaney School Nurse Mrs. Amy Johnson Nurse's Aide eww shi? Mrs. Della Harmon Cafeteria Director W f Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds H milf:-:fig . K7 ,,..,.,,,:,gg, . y ,. . . 1... - 1 jg- . ' , ,, ' Jkfii' .fwfr YIM: .- I , , .1 -' .-1' . ' "" -111964 . V. ' Q F ri 34.135 gif ,, t fl ' ., , QQ s V Q- .2 + 4, 'ws -4. 1 a ,. sf '-., af, s,,g:...gg::Q,fn,,, 1-:.-swwms, ' zz, me 4. . ,... . N4 1 , ,, M.. M 5 521,-, M fs .xc-.rs ifswfssiiesfzw :J sf ... - -4.,r,,,, f -. : - '-is e - 4 -0 ni :ff . . .mfg .fry . fafg, fg,,..,.,W.,wf..w fifx fztrsf 1: tw--Ar. 1....i-X--1 ,...:..g 4, iiirzzzt Jff,-ihfr L+ A f .rzzcxmgig gg my S:.'f9-g. ,i52Te.,Q::ia:'E1fr .afzzzzgxieaz w1Qfffggg5:::::f .11 giiyiggizfrzsp ,:-ere'-r efs' 4 . 1 igifiiffiyii sr 1r2211fif'f 44f::ws22s224s21e11ffv i 'sw at . A 5 ' N991 X fill ' tf"iM'2s rw-1::::,.:f:mms-ff tr ',::zM,.,.: l::i:.....,,. 'L -my gi ff., ' .- . 'WH 2iE?iEzzgzm.1:-:g, '- ,:11:..:1me:g:fg: w 5y.,m H . Y .r . '- -' ms g i21EiEiEE2Ei:'q::::2 ""'1i2"l . my 1 ' 'it ' 2-wif' 252.42515 " Fr wsfsflarrw .i 1" - ,, as .Q ' jf in 211712 ,k :,.' , ,..5vJM"'1iQ1i1i l ,f'm-f. ::f 'Mi ,Qs ' ug ififjgyflg f. ,, ' ff k5 4' , lgvf ' s, - rs, gli fi A E23 ,tif " .. - 5- 5 , 7"5, Q g V . 1, aft-ig, , ., .1 M- 1' 'Q 5, ff 1, we F 1 ' fry, 1+- ,, 1 GV' - im ."i::".:f wg. A - swf, eg, s:.,:,fg,., agp: t-,gifs .M , M: Th, '.,. ,g,,3:gr,wq:rg5g,,45 g5gi::55m55f.z?g,b fi':ggg?g: .eq-Q' f gys.g1,L:.:i -, gs, frgggyznf- ., .1.f'5m1n: , iiiizegf. 'A gfgwfzgguniga. 3-3f,qg:11i fgfwf ....g:4is, - H, it . .3t:r'gf:iwS2f. . I fsfii iwxvgg, f.21::Qi:2:f2.?:gdf115-,ffgEz3s.w'lwiillff :s-rfi-iizlxfim 151554.55 ' . if ' WRTJSSEZEQR.,13555:1513255553iswiEi:1i:125a:::Q22SiY ' -522 '1 '53.f1ff::'g1i5Eii?::s?' f- 535331g,:g..,:':3qggg5:ag mg h tzzzars -1 ' 'wr:::rz:Q23f'f::n::s11f,f "v ii "1::112E?1z111?zvii Y .".ia211b:: - 'U i.'f :::::f111g1:i:3:, f:::::: " 'H -if "i':iEi114ff?5f2i4 f' . 1 F , Q 1 -i . fiffrzzsimmi r img: .1...:as. ,H-iff' it-1 ...wtf f. Q 1- of ..- ,E - . vfUfs:."+i"'- . :Grim -F V. Q' zirzzizvzzg K z . rmzzzriixfr 5.54 'mar " ff: .. e esztxfizwg . ggyibzszg . ' . ,551 ., ' . -fel' Wksf., '-21 f 3 T . ,E 3 gig , mei 123313, we ' 1'.,- -- . - ,' , " fvfgszff ff' in - 4 ,, 1 . - ,- 2. ' -. A ...fb. F ,..t , ,,:r yt,b2 , ,.:g5:gg'.5e.g,, 9 :,:.3s?33i4 . , fffmgwl if . W 5,519 4qi,2,y:s3.A5?:::' eixqiifigaiy- ,.-.ing I9 Q at an R 's , -3.5, , CAFETERIA STAFF Back Row lleft to rightlz Mrs. Glea Lee, Nell Riggs, Mrs, Jane Neve, Mrs. Nina Pierce, Mrs. Lenora Reynolds, Mrs. Millie Stephani. Nicholson, Mrs. Laura Thompson, Mrs. Mariorie Nash, Mrs. Mildred Engelstead, Mr Front Row: Mrs. Betty Delgado, Mrs. Theresa Tramontano. Middle Row: Mrs. Lulu ..f,.Hw'. -Ms... , .fwfimg-frgmmis, 5 -X .T -M ,.::.::f Simpson, Mrs. Lorene Daves, Mrs. Blanche s. Clara Cunningham. -i I tw Left to Right Mr Joseph Feher Mr Howard McKmney Mr Melvm Remi Y Left to Rrghrf Mrs Betty Dehsch Mrs Grace Mc Glmpsey Mrs. Gertrude Cuddebclck Mrs Vlrgmlc Mrss Rose Marne Lluzzi Lrbrory Cierucol Assistant '- . .ani ngton, n, Mr, 2.-A f Qs xf QL wwf A 'hu if I W 0 Q :vw we - W Q4 I, a ' w Q wif' .say Y ii 'IU . "T 5 4 WW - . A -, . R Mr. Don Lee Ruh Mr. Cal Rush Mr. William Samarin Mr. George Schneider Mrs. Shirley Sciacca Mr. Robert Settl Life Science Instrumental Music Bays' Physical Education Head of Homemaking Boys' Physical Educi Miss Willa Sherwood Library Science Mr. Carlos Siebert Animal Agriculture, Flariculture Mrs. Geraldine Stetler Head of Girl's Physical Education Department Mrs. Nancy Stewart Life Science, Girls' Physical Education Miss Laura Thomas Girls' Physical Education Mrs. Elna Van Essen Head ot Art Department Mr. Harold Webb Head of Science Department Mr. Jack Welch Typing, Bookkeeping Mr. Robert Wood Spanish, English Miss Helen York U. S. History, Social Studies Miss Jane Skinner! Choral Music Mr, James Steele! Crafts Miss Betty Ternqui: Girls' Physical Educ Mr. Harold Teter 1 Mathematics N Mr. Eugene Victorl Boys' Physical Educ Miss Joane Wattsl Girls' Physical Edu Mrs, Mabel Welchl Girls' Physical Edd Activities Miss Lois Wells 1 Head of Music Department ' Miss Leila Corbin Teachers' Secretary 14 dwg fwpfw X J xx A lIxlllllm.,,7 ww' -1 , X EU goumnnzad K ,. M4 LINDA AKIN PresicIenT FirsT SemesTer is now porT of my pc1sT onol my per- sonoIiTy. BUT The memories I have Trom The posT Tour yecirs will sToy vviTh me Tor The rest of my life. I will olvvoys cidmire ond respecT our Teoch- ers, counselors, ond ooIminisTrc1Tors Tor Their will- ingness To help ond encourolge our ocTiviTies. I om very proud To see our sTudenTs excelling in The Things They oTTempT. I believe ThoT This suc- cess is Iorgely olue To The o1Tmosphere of honor ond TrooIiTion ThoT surrounds our campus." w if Q- We mr-uw ecdfimiifiee, i .Q ffvimc-fly o - o o U4 o o o o J ' uiikmveell tlallwlklkxsdkcm eHLETMe1miics,,II lhrw l3 if-4'7f L,'-1 -1, 'f ZZ' fx? ' if 2 have beers 63 pew ef time Iriltgjm W7 m I3 Htgjm Gyllmwg dauvtehew , llexigeelllllwf' 54 --1449-,qi sf Wg,-,,4. eu-,,5,,fw H, . ..,' ' ' 1 ' President First Semester BRENDA FISHER Speaker of the House First Semester GINGER TETER Commissioner of Girls' Clubs First Semester MICHELLE LOGAN Commissioner of Freshmen First Semester Commissioner of Scholarship First Semester Commissioner of Activities Second Semester Vice President First Semester Secretory Second Semester TI Commissioner of Finonce First Semester MARCIA ROUSE Commissioner ot Girls' Athletics First Semester DAVID HAYNES Commissioner of Safety First Semester PETE BERARDO Pcirliamentorian First Semester Commissioner of Safety Second Semester JOAN LOCKWOOD Secretary First Semester Commissioner of Finance Second Semester DIANE HARRINGTON Commissioner of Activities First Semester Parliamentarion Second Semester ' ' -1 -525311tiaztiiiii--:iriw- tax JOY SCOFIELD Commissioner of Assemblies First Semester 53 69 A Commissioner of Property First ond Second Semesters LENNY ARCHER Commissioner of Sophomores First and Second Semesters mg wr Mm 't - 'ii"-- r -, , -H" ii? 2 K ,, ' Er, ,A - P ' , ffft- , -' ' , ' 1 . " 2 . ' r . , - g,-if 1' 1 s '11 Hi L . ii' ' N .- 5 n i Is- 1 G' my . - xi . f 'FH SHARON MINOR JUDY STRAHORN Commissioner of School Spirit Commissioner of Publications First Semester First Semester DOUG SILVEY Commissioner of Annual First ond Second Semesters JOHNNY HILL Freshman President First Semester . e ED SCHECK Commissioner of Boys' Clubs Second Semester SHERRY FORKEL Commissioner of Assemblies Second Semester ROSEMARY SZARKA Commissioner of Scholorship Second Semester DON COOLEY Sophomore President ,H ' 2 if M if? L X if 5? D l 1 i- 8 if 2112 I s ' ' J: L 4 L, u. imisz-,T 'fr .- , 1 "rf ,,,, ci-its-we yn RON KRIJSE President Second Semester LINDA LEVY Commissioner of Girls' Clubs Second Semester GEORGIA DE PAULO Commissioner of Freshmen Second Semester MARSHA CAWTHON Junior President Second Semester BILL GAYDOSH Freshman President BOB DELGADO Vice-President Second Semester Commissioner of Boys' Athletics First Semester JIM MARTIN Commissioner of Boys' Athletics Second Semester " " , ,Q , st his " so 1? L ,L in A ii' BILL VAUGI-IN Commissioner of School Spirit Second Semester JOHN FOOTE Senior President First ond Second Semesters KLAUS SCHIVELBUSCH Honorary Commissioner First and Second Semesters Second Semester First ond Second Semesters MERVENE BLAIR Speoker of the House Second Semester BEVERLY COOPER Commissioner of Girls' Athletics Second Semester PAT RILEY Commissioner of Publications Second Semester DORIS WORREL Junior President First Semester I I MR. FENSKE Sponsor Home of First Semester Back Row--Eugene Erane, John Cantasairi, Mike Norfleet, Bruce Humberstone, John Foote, Bill Vaughn, Bill Gaydosh. Middle Row- l Richard McLean, Dixie Biessener, Arlene Harris, Sondry Ely, Rae Nell Long. Front Row-Nancy Knolds, Lorraine Weitzel, Donna Daglish, Sonia Stolpe, Lincla Romans, Brenda Fisher. Second Semester Back Row?Mike Laux, Jerry Gookin, Sam Agaianian, Ralph Osterkarnp, Dennis Kruse, Mike Sharbrough, Julian Coblin, Bill Vaugh Frank Floress. Middle Row-Dave Berardo, Lana Essenberg, Mary Espinosa, Denise Smith, Suzie Faulkner, Marlene Nelson, Linda Conwa Lou Anne Kitchen, Emile Aqcawili, Kathy Lathrop. Front Row-Ruth Tate, Grace Walters, Jane Lee, Linda Newman, Joy Scofield, Pat Tipton, Brenda Fisher. I Ill!- gn- 'CJ ' ' .ff 27 'er ,L Semesfer Row-David La Faille, Klaus Schivelbusch, Curtis Turrel, Don Nagai, Bruce Snyder,'Dan Sfolpe. Middle Row-Marilyn Barrels, Ann Pat Cikovich, Penny Lockwood, Gale Eldrich, Front row - Carol Sfocksefh, Linda Newman, Joy Scofield, Jane Lee, Billie ich, Irmolee Wiggins. t Al econd Semester Back Row-Lynn Stafford, Dan Sfolpe, Louis Liuzzi, Curtis Turrel, Roger Gunson, Harry Mardon, Julius Soble, Kenneth Emrns, Klaus Schivelbusch. Middle Row-Par Kaprosy, Par Riley, Shirley lyester, Pam Scarminach, Roberta Jenny, Sharon Miller, Barbara Batchelder, Lenny Archer, Karla Young, Sharon Nash, Kathy Walch, Virgi Gallegos. Front Row-Sandra Davidson, Ann Lane, Pat Bonebright, Mervene Blair, Elizabeth Dahl, Sue Gardner, Carol Sfockseth, Lorraine Weitzel. P1-,M--. . Jw.. 34 . l , ji? ' ' 1 Q mn. A-nga . Q05 vw K :ia 'Liv' f f R JUNIORS SENIORS Ed Scheck, Social Studies ,N ew Larry McClelland, Arr Sharron Monson, English Sherri Norling, Language Janell Parker, Homema king Halle Charles Lotstein, Mathematica Barbara Pilto, Commercial Lorraine Almas, Girls' Physical Education L Bob Del90Cl0f BOYS' Pl'Y5lC0l Eclucollon Ron Hart, Science Richard Ritchie, Industrial Arts f 5 . N-Y, Veryl Word, Girls' Service Lindo Akin, Girls' Government John Foote, Boys' Service Ron Kruse, Boys' Government Ll"1ClG RUQUS, MUSIC John Foote President First Semester 3 . Mitzi Riley Vice-President First Semester Jone Lee Secretory First Semester Anno Volto Treosurer First Semester , '57 John Foote President Second Semester Pot Bonebright Treasurer Second Semest 7 " L1 1 K Q L S F in -V 'AV V! W T9 ig Ann Lune Secretory Second Semester Donna Fisher Vice-President Second Semester Linda Akin Gary Allen Ronald Leon Alluis Lorraine Ann Almas ,James Altman 11323 Elliott 2313 Leafdale 1140 N. Durfee 3156 Haven Park 11319 Ranqhifo A.S.B. President Varsity Basketball Industrial Arts G.A,A. Pres. . Flagbearer Varsity Tennis Margie Amado John Anderson .Juan Apodaca Don Araiza 1527 Millbury 613 Nevada 13643 Moccasin 2521 Doreen Sophisti-Kates Industrial Arts Varsity Track A Cappella Choir Business Education Cross Country Lion Knights Dick Arbuckle 3441 N. Whistler Varsity Football Varsity Basketball .lanalee Arnold Ronald Ashby Gary Atteberry Gail Aycox Patricia Louise Baker 1744 N. Burkett 2252 N. Durfee 11319 Ranchito 5356 La Madera 708 Nevada Leoettes-Pres. Printing Staff Commercial S0phi5ti.Kgte5.Pre5, Elmo-ettes-Treas. Drafting English Lqurelg 15757 Lorenzo G. Baraias 1912 Central Commercial Girls' Chorus Sandra Barrett 2546 Mt. View Sue Ann Bass 11311 Klingerman Commercial English Loren Bartels Evelyn F. Batelaan Wiliam Beattie Anita Becker Joan Bemoll 523 First Ave. 11510 Garvey 2302 Bunker 3024 Durfee 12338 Lambert Elmo-ettes-Pres. Commercial Science Commercial Leoettes Joe Ann Bennett Pete Berarclo Edward Bermudez Russell D. Bernstein Don Berry 11729 Mulhall 11939 Exline 11723 . Cherrylee 5348 N. Durfee 11933 Ferris Lioness Lion Knights-Pres. A Cappella Choir Bee and Cee Football Monte Librarians-Vice Pres. Lions Junior Play Trail's End Staff Dale Betz Beverly Bigler Suzanne Bishop Joan Bittle Carol Joy Bliss 1234 Penn Mgr 10149 Alpaca 4402 N. Peck 623 Friedswood 11017 Mcotrk Raclioshop Sophisti-Kates Kampus Koeds-Pres. Sophisti-Kates G.A.A. A Cappella Choir Pep Club-Sec. LGUf6lS Girls Glee 'elii c' ' :" - 51 5 "'7:2T2 A gg, it r- l , K Q . r .1 - Q Q v, - 1' K F6 ' - H . l 1 Charles Bluth John Bollinger Patricia Bonebright Rodney E. Boone Janet Bowers 214 Monteciio 2517 Peck 4332 Kassebaum 4512 N. Huddart 10766 Elliott Agriculture Concert Orchestra Kampus Koeds-Treas, Kompus Koeds Lion's Trail Staff Pep Club4Vice Pres. Pep Club Rod Boyakin Betty Jo Boyakin Gary Boyle John Leroy Bright William Brock 12228 Elliott 12228 E. Elliott 3300 Penn Mar 10445 E. Fern El Camino Auto Court Art Bee and Cee Football Swimming Team Bee and Cee Track Science rw t.-. gi , Albert Brown Gardner "Bud" Brown Wes Brown Russell C. Buchan Mary Burns 11909 Lower Azusa 11634 E. Emery 302 San lgnaccio 1807 Tyler Ave. 11257 Slack Mathematics Varsity Football Mineralogy Club Varsity Track Industrial Arts Medics -lolm Steven BUVf0U9lWS Raymond Burt Ronald Calabrese Daniel Laird Callahan Mary Cameron 2650 N. Seaman 3526 Barnes 3143 Haven Park 12017 Deana 12426 Felipe lnduslflol AHS lndvsfrivl Arts Vursitv Basketball Industrial Arts Commercial House ot Representatives English Varsitv Baseball English Ronald Carle Mary Jayne Carney Patricia Case Ruth Catalolo Louise Chandler 302 Columbia 2319 N, Hoyt 4265 N. Maxson 121 Palm Court 537 Obar Dr. Industrial Arts Commercial Commercial Concert Choir Commercial Home Economics Sophisti-Kates Commercial Pat Chapin Treva Chezem Norman Chrisman Patricia Ann Cikovich Ron Clawson 3133 San Leon 1841 N. Parkway 1960 Parkway 614 Friendswood 2201 N. Tyler Commercial Monte Mermaids Industrial Arts Lioness Varsity Football Home Economics Leoettes-Historian Debonaires-Treas. 15, Patricia Marie Coelho Sheldon Colberg Richard Conkey Lillian Carole Conn Tom Cooksey 11911 Exline 2652 N. Strozier 2153 N. Peck 1903 N. Cogswell 2661112 Mt. View Spingires-Treas, Bee and Cee Track Commercial Bee Football Cross Country Y.F.C. Varsity Tennis Beverly Joan Cooper Jim Corder Gladys Cornick Sandra H. Cousens George Cox 2111 Merced 334 Stichman 5515 McCullock 10153 Remer 12112 Killian Comm. Of Girls' Athletics Industrial Arts Commercial Lionarts Senior Band G.A.A. Monte Librarians English Mathematics Patricia Louise Cox 13615 Homeward 32 Commercial Barbara Louise Craft 11228 Redberry Art Club-Pres. Art James Craig 624 E. Gage David Crandall Carole Crawford George Crook Betty Crutchfield Domingo E. Cruz 11918 E. Bryant Rd. 2238 Burkett Rd. 5362 N. Durfee 2015 Parkway 4118 Cogswell Leoettes A Cappella Choir Commercial Projection Crew G.A.A. Voice Home Economics Anne Marie Darnell Bonnie Davidson Virginia Lee Davis Lawrence E. Dawson Raymond Deaver 2342 N. Cogswell Rd. 1648 N. Tyler 1314 W. Rio Hondo 12121 Cherrylee Drive 13519 Eckford English Commercial Monte Mermaids Proiection Crew Commercial G.A.A. Leoettes Stage Crew Dave H. Debelius LaVonne Decker Ray Delgadillo Robert Delgado Marilyn DeMas 11410 E, Mulhall 830 Washington 628 Pacific 10444 E. Rush 708 Washington Radio Electronics Home Economics Art Varsity Baseball A Cappella Choir-Librarian Varsity Track Varsity Basketball Senior Play-Director Homer Dieterich 4827 N. Durfee Wayne Devenny 537 Lexington Mathematics Varsity Tennis 5 Q 'Z Robert Downs 203 Kauffman Michael R. Drayster Raymond Drever Billie Ann Dunkel Asa Duane Dunnington Jr. Barbara Edgeworth 1215 Stichman Ave. 749 N. Peck Rd. 4403 Cedar Ave. 3704 N. Baldwin Ave. 4245 North Tyler Art Science Home Economics Varsity Baseball Leoettes Commercial Lion Knights Mineralogy Club Ed Eldridge Clare Elfenbein Jean N. Elliott Sandy Ely Janice Engelstad 3847 N. Gilman 3459 N. Cogswell Rd. 12105 Hallwood 2547 N. Strozier 4560 N. Maxson Varsity Football Leoettes Home Economics Sewing Club-Vice Pres. A Cappella Choir-Vice Pres Key Club Commercial Commercial Pep Club-Council Keynotes Bill Engesser Thomas Eritano Virgil Ervin Elvia Espinosa Lona Essenberg 523 Lexington Avev 2629 N. Strozier 629 Lexington 2217 Caminar 2714 N. Durfee VGI'SiTY Basketball Trail's End Staff Music-Coeds VGVSWY T'GCk Assoc. Editor Modern Dance Patricia Ann Ewert David Farmer Suzanne Faulkner Mabel Jean Felts Lois Ferguson 1106 Willow-Puerife 12239 E. Magnolia 4610 N. Cogswell Road 225 Monterey 745 Cedar Ave. Scholarship Society-Pres. Science Pres, Music-Coeds Home Economics Commercial Comm. of Properties English A.S,B. Vice President I, Leoettes-Vice Pres. Dianne Fetterleigh 736 N. Central Commercial Home Economics 1 ' 'A 4' y 94-or 5' AL-A Q f 1352! 7 in , C 1 assists: '-'f . Q 'U ggyvw. it 1kf?jf3" Q! fs, " yr., Q , ta 5:51 ..wf.2 fzfffux Frank Javier Flores 7OOV2 Medina Ct. Industrial Arts Science . . l, . Beverly Kay Fewell Richard Finley Donna Fisher 748 Cedar Ave, 413 Calif. Ave. 3808 Brierpath-Covina Delegate Assembly Cee Football Head Flagbearer Leoettes-Vice Pres. Bee Football Senior Vice President 2 1 Martha Flores John Foote Sherry Forkel Dovie Foster 502 Mayland St. H950 Magnolia l2042 San Bernardino 3l29 N. MountainView G.A.A. Senior Class President Head Songleader Home Economics Commercial Lions Laurels Commercial Joan Foster 5305 Hammil Rd. Precision-Ettes Leoettes Sharon Foster Joanne Fournier Don Frazier Edward Freer 37l2 N. Cogswell 738 Glen Way 4909 N, Peck 27ll N. Durfee l-GUVelS Commercial A Cappella Choir Bee Foofbc-,ll.Mg,' lioness l'llSTOfY Voice Varsity Baseball-Mgr. Nina Marthann Freer Thomas W. Frenzinger Doris E. Fruchey George Fulcher Harry Kenneth Gannon 308 Oak Street 4819 I Rovia Ave. 439 Ardilla ' 4624 Kassebaum 4912 Buffington Science Music Concert Choir Bee Track Mathematics Y.F.C. Science Voice Cee Track Industrial Arts Fred Garcia Charlotte Gardner Jo-Ann Gibson Rollin L. Gibson Charlene Grace Gillespie 11205 Springwood 2636 Lexington 2872 Parkway 1050 SanyHooke 2521 Moxson Industrial Arts Commercial Commercial Agriculture Music Commercial Jim Gilliam Gary Gimby Barry Goldman Jim Gooley Lynn Gossard l22l9 E- KSfI'WO0Ol 2614 N. Hoyt 660 Lexington 4635 N. Maxson 2256 Los Flores Industrial Arts Science Animal Agriculture Lignegg Proiection Crew Trail's End Staff Barbara Grant Barbara Green Shirley Greenwood Frank J. Grillo ROQSV Grimes 9715 Rio Hondo Pkwy. 12233 Kerrwood 1922 N. Burkett 2515 N. Merced 132 5- Covina Sophisti-Kates Art Freshmen COVYW1' Language Delegate Assembly Cee Foollmll Vera Gross 11685 Kilian St. Monte Mermaids Leoettes Sandra Grover 2452 Leafdale Commercial Giannina Carolyn Gullett 10186 Alpaca Street Leoettes Sophisti-Kates-Treas. I7 Roger Gunson Judith Elaine Hager Joyce Elaine Hagerman Robert Halet Ronald Hamlet 613 Gage Ave. 618 Washington 11817 Lansdale 417 Esmeralda 11500 E. Dodson Drafting A Cappella Choir Pep Club Radio-Science Lioness Commercial Stage Crew Tom Hammond Claudia Handley Barbara Harbert Don Harmon Diane Harrington 763 Van Wig 4152 N. Central 3809 N. Cogswell 2320 N, Merged 10343 Schmidf Varsity Baseball High Hatters-Pres. Commercial Laurelypresb K9Y Clubyresldem Fine AHS Leoettes A Cappella Choir Dorene Harrison Ronald Hart Beverly Hartford Jack Hartman Evelyn Doris Harvey 14003 E. Don Julian 539 Bisby 2523 N. Burkett 908 Le Barge 11526 Hemlock Commercial Lion Knights Senior Play Chemistry Team Flagbearer Tom Hayes 12528 Fineview Industrial Arts Virginia Haskell 5341 Double Drive Kampus Koeds Y.F.C. Danny Hayman 921 Van Wig Mathematics Language David Haynes Velma Marlene Hegwald John W. Helvin Darlene Hemmerling James Hempel 3514 Whistler 11113 Lower Azusa Rd. 11661 Killian 2214 Continental 11526 Thienes Varsity Basketball Commercial Social Studies Varsity Basketball Lion Knight-Pres. Music Varsity Baseball Lion Knights- Marilyn Hendrickson Margaret Hernandez Bobbie Hesselrode James Hetrick Shirley Hickey 321 Mildred St. 324 Orchard St. 14627 Walbrook 151 Ramada 15714 Novak ST, Home Economics A Cappella Choir KC1rT1pUS Koeds Concert Choir-Vice Pres. Commercial ws, a , g , . X rv K u I ' Dave Hill Jacqulee Ann Hoffman Curtis Holmes Alfred Hone Katherine Jeanne Hoppe 4318 El Rovia 1304 W. Bodger 11143 E. Elliott 3152 San Leon 11765 Lansdale Kampus Koeds Varsity Football Industrial Arts Music Coeds Fresh-Soph-Treas. Lions Commercial Bety Ann House David Howard Winton Hoyt Norman Hruby Georgia Fairlle Hughes 9911 Alesia St, 4523 N. Tyler 9851 Givane St. 2656 N, Seaman Lionarts Club Home Economics Varsity Basketball Art Lion Knights Patrisha L. Hubbard Howard Humphrey Dale L. Hunter Sharon Ives Joan Ivegter 1813 N. Luder 3408 Corrida 3106 San Leon Dr. 1339 Leland 12221 Morehouse Sf. Arf Auto Shop Industrial Arts Y.F.C. Elmo-Ettes Vice Pres. Delegate Assembly Art Art Club Commercial Leoeffeg Jack Jackson Gary Jackson Judy Jacobs Russel Jedinak Judith Johnson 14142 CYOQfT1Of'l1 17760 Roseglen St. A218 N. Richwood 11422 E. Mulhall 13533 E. Monterey Industrial Arts Varsity Baseball Science Leoettes Senior Band Cee Basketball Social Science Monte Librarians Mary June Johnson Ronald Johnson Brettiva Johanson Sunny Anne Joseph Marvin Julian 12625 Rush Si. 11020 Basye 9823 Cortada 1620 Maxson Rd. 4138 N. Richwoool Industrial Arts English Science Drama Club Print Shop Mathematics Laurels Pep Club Industrial Arts Harvey Richard Kaisner Vol Kamahele Dave Kimmet Donna Kimmons Judy Ki1'1f19 12960 Clark St. 14215 E. Los vecmqs 11903 Exlme 11449112 E. Bryant Rd. 10925 E. Mulhall Monte Librarians Industrial Arts Music Delta R110 Science Club Advanced Modern Dance Judy Corinne Kirk Frank Kitt Thomas C. Klinck James Kundson Ellen Korver 11212 Dodson 2420 Potrero 10941 Galax 2550 Rogemegd 1642 N. Hoyt Commercial English English Mineralogy Club English Mathematics Medics Henry J, Kremer Ronald Kruse Bill Kyles Marie Ladrach Russell Lage 1938 N. Bryce Rd. 2168 Citron Rd. 725 El Rovia 626 Merced 11578 Embree Science Varsity Football Varsity Track A Cappella Choir RSCIVYXEVS English A.S.B, President Concert Orchestra Sophisti-Kates 5Tf0ll9"5 Ann Lane Barbara La Palia Michael H. Laux Jane Lee Margie Lee 4058 Maxson A153 N. Gilman 11307 E. Mulhall 4152 N. Durfee Ave. 13524 Rexvvood A Cappella Choir Debonaires Lion Knights Head Songleader Science l.C1Ur9lS Commercial Kampus Koeds Kampus Koeds Carol Lindemann 4104 N. La Madera Laurels A Cappella Carol Lefler 325 S. Granada Home Economics English Robert Littlefield 4014 Baldwin Ave Doug Livingston Lettie Joan Lockwood Mike Loiacono Joyce Loken Raymond A. Lombardo A346 Cedar Ave. 404 Walnut St. 12036 E. Schmidt 3818 Maxson 4710 El Ravia Ave A Cappella Cl'IOir A.S.B. Secretary Industrial Arts Home Economics Science Voice Laurels Latineers Rae Nell Long Shirley Loomis Charles Lotstein Nancy Lee Ludwig Lorene V. Lunn 3443 N. Cogswell 11324 E. Thienes 2644 N. Hoyt 10350 E. Weaver 2706 N. Penn Mar Lion's Trail Staff-Feature Ed. A Cappella Choir Chemistry Team A Cappella Choir Commercial Sophisti-Kates-Secretary Y.F.C. Minerology Club Junior Play Arlo Lusby 11679 Ferris Rd. Robert Marchma 508 Pacific St. industrial Arts Frank Luzzi 221 Kauffman St. Industrial Arts John Mackey Ray Maddox Johanna MaGowan 12184 E. Fineview 2270 N. Peck Rd. 11057 Lower Azusa Rd A Cappella Choir Laurels Mathematics A Cappella Choir Harry Mardon 11585 Hallwood Dr. Agriculture Key Club James R Martin 1664 N Bunker Track ly Varsity Football 57 Larry D. McClelland Larry Rrederick McClelland James W. McCrary Elaina Lee McDonald Pat McEachern 10931 E. Mulhall 2833 N. Durtee Road 11908 E. Killian 12118 E. Hemlock St. 4317 Fandon Ave. Junior Play Cee and Bee Basketbal Lion's Trail Staff Lioness Trail's End Staff-Art Ed. J.V. Baseball Mathematics Science Betty Jo Ann McGee Joan McKenzie Deana McLean Ronald McNeeS Norman Melton 15805 E. Meadovvside 4802 N. Birchland 2135 Parkway Dr. 22211, Third Ave. 2552 N. Strozier Commercial Concert Choir Industrial Arts J.V. Baseball Bob Miars Jim Miller Judith Lenora Miller Mary Miller Sharon Louise Minor 3059 Richwood 10402 E. Klingerman 329 California St. 12009 E. Clark 11803 E, Roseglen Varsity Track A Cappella Choir-Pres. Language Editor-in-Chief English Concert Choir-Pres. History of Lion's Trail LGVVY Minter Pat Moline Judith Anne Monroe Sharron Monson Raymond A. Montanez 2118 N. Durfee 13928 Flynn 2465 Durfee 11940 E. Rio Hondo 12112 E, Ferns Ari Club-PFC-S. Lioness House of Representatives Mineralogy Club Scholarship Society Industrial Arts 'ix .5 .. .. H . . .af ' 4 . 5 . it 1 wwf ' Nick Montero Barry Moore Patricia Moore Loren Morford Linda Morrow 2416 N. Mt. View 705 W. Mildred 1602 Millet Ave. 1313 Bloorndale 2821 Musgrove Varsity Baseball Monte Mermaids-Pres. Industrial Arts Sophisti-Kotes Lion Knights Lioness Commercial Latineers Jim Morton Beyerly Mullen James Murphy Don Nagai Fred Nelson 11661 E. Valley 2337 Valvvoocl 11911 Ferris 704 Tyler 11675 Forest Grove Senior Play Home Economics Bee Football Science Swimming Team Varsity Baseball Varsity Football ww--ff9 Bolo Nethington Al Nevarez Elisbeth Newell Paul Nevvmyer Sherrill Norling 1537 N, Centrol 1618 Cogswell 633 Washington 3228172 Gilman 622 Merced Mathematics Art A Cappella Cl'1Ol1' A Cappella Choir Lionegg-Pregy J.V. Baseball industrial Arts Voice Agriculture Lgurels Joel Norris Robert Nye Bob ODonnell 2651 N, Penn Mar 2303 Allgeyer 2630 N. Paulson Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Music Mathematics Junior Plgy Herschel Oliver 10553 Morsen Varsity Tennis Lyle K. Orr 725 Cedar Ave. Bee and Cee Boslcetboll lndustrial Arts Jim Osborn Mary Ostendort Ralph Osterkamp Eldana Ostling Tl1Or OUVSTOVI 2453 N. Strozier 424 Rall Avenue 4221 N. Gilman 4123 N. Cogswell 711 Hoyt Park Place Industrial Arts Lion's Trail Stott Varsity Basketball Home Economics J.V. Cross Country Projection Crew Trail's End Staff-Pub. Mgr. Lion Knights-Sec. J.S.A. ,,.. 7558. ru Mary Padilla Michael Paine Jannell V. Parker Marjorie Parker Pennie Payne 2311 N. Merced 11017 Dodson 12412 Clinton 5115 Lyman 12454 Elliott 7 A Cappella Choir Senior Band Commercial Leoettes Home Economics Concert Choir Commercial Orchestra Home Economics Mathematics Carl Pearson Delores E. Pederson Amelia Perez Joan Peters David Peterson 3155 Merced 11100 Lower Azusa Rd. 70411, Medina Court 1039 Finegrove 12134 Hallwood Industrial Arts Home Economics Commercial Commercial J.V. Baseball Mathematics English Kampus Koeds Virginia Petrotf 11923 E. Rio Hondo Charles Phipps 12029 Celine St. John Peterson 11926 Bonwood Rd. Barbara Jean Pilto Julie Ponce Norman Port Richard Post Wanda Powers 4543 N. Cedar Ave. 12533 Pointsettia 2642 Washington 745 N. Peck 12418 E. Elliott English Minerology Club-Pres. Art Commercial Social Science Barbara Pratt Richard Pratt Art Preciado Ben Prestia Phillip Prewitt 10118 Klingerman 10118 Klingerman St. 360 San Angelo 12039 E. Schmidt 3509 Belcrott Art Club Commercial A Cappella Choir Art G.A.A. Cheerleader Print Shop Joan Beverly Pryne Orvil Ragle Linda Lee Ragus Virginia Ramirez Henrietta Arlen Ras 2679 Paulson 11734 Lambert 11521 Mulhall 2819 Mt. View 10124 E. Garvey A Coppello Clwil' English Concert Orch-Pres. Sophisti-Kates Commercial Voice Industrial Arts Spanish Gary Read 11613 Rio Hondo Twila Redden 12361 Elliott Ave. Sharon Redford 2304 N. Edwards Commercial 49' Dorothy Reid 2546 Floradale Home Economics 1432.5 liars -.sis ' . David Reiino 140 Santa Mariana Commercial industrial Arts 4 Nancy Renn'ie 11033 E. Remer Pep Club-Pres. Trail's End Staff rg 46 Merton Richards Lorea Richart Mitzi Riley Patricia Kay Riley Pa ricia L Ri er 5136 N. Peck 11823 Cherrylee 17611 Brockport 1215-4 Magnolia 1253-4 Magnolia Mathematics All School Play Senior Class Vice Pres. Editor-in8Chief Commercial Proiection Crew English Music-Coeds of Lian's Trail Home Economics Darlene Ritchie Richard L. Ritchie Rene Robillard Grant Robinson Barbara Pogers 3044 N- Richwood 3044 N. Richwood 2466 N. Seaman 101 Coral View 322811, N Gilman Commercial Machine Shop Industrial Arts Leoettes ' Edwin Rothlin Marcia Rouse Wanda Rowe Ruth Rowland Will Ruzicka 1646 N- TYleV 11733 Sitka Sr. 11258 Redberry 3838 cogsweii Rd. 409 Vin land Ave Industrial Arts G.A.A.-Pres, Commercial Lion's Trail Staff Mathematics Comm. of Girl's Athletics Theresa Ann Sandoval Ed Scheclc Kay Schick Klaus H. Schivelbusch Jerry Schmidt 726 Le Borgne Aye, 2703 Leafdale 2200 Merced 27 Oberlindan, Frankfurt 323 S- Granada Music Varsity Football Senior Play Main Germany l'l0"10"0l'Y Commlssl'-'mef Scholarship Society Comm. of Boys' Clubs Flggbegrer Lion Knighfs Wood Shop Don Schneider Joan Audrey Schneider Mack Sexton Jodi Scofield Bob Shipcott 12544 Magnolia 632 Lee Lang Sf, 11509 Thienes 2232 Cogsvvell 508 N. Rama industrial Arts Mineralogy Club Cee Football Song Leader Reamers Science Club A Cappella Choir Gerald Wayne Shirley Bob Shrider Rusty Siclers lgglgggoi MM ilgiy Jerry Simich 11728 Lambert 2103 N. Sastre 5115 N. Buttington Ednofm-Cohief 11643 Forest Grove Industrial Arts Laurels-Pres. fT ,V E d Reamers lioness-Sec. O ml S, n A Cappella Choir-Vice Pres. i W0Yl0f1 Smedlev Allen Smith' Lois Smith Russell Ames Smith Vernon Smith 712 Maple St. 4228 La Madera 12039 Roseglen 1937 N. Strozier 1500 N. Strozier Mathematics A Cappella Choir Sec. Senior Band Science l-GUf6lS Monte Librarians 'X Victor Smith Allen Snethen Ross Spinner Glen Sguires Roy Wayne Stacks 3016 San Ignacio 2436 N. Allgeyer 11717 Magnolia 13808 Light Street 9719 Cortada Industrial Arts Varsity Track Senior Bond Mathematics ndustrial Arts English Lynn Spencer Stafford David Stanwood Leonard Stapf 13644 Proctor Ave. 11812 Cherrylee Dr. 4849 N. Peck l-iOI't Knights AFT A Cappella Choir-Pres. Capt. J.V. Cross Country Mathematics Art -.1 vfxx Janet Steinmann 5127 Buffington Commercial Home Economics Mary Ann Stephens 11410 Broadmead Debonaires Leoettes Richard Stephens Cathy Stewart Lee Stokley Dan Stolpe Judy Strayhorn 11958 E. Magnolia 432 Tyler 3115 N. La Madera 3641 N. Cogswell 412 Oat St. Latineers Cheerleader Art Head Cheerleader Science Club House of Representatives Football A Cappella Choir Lorita Strickland 2515 Luder High l-latters A Cappella Choir Bonnie Stuart 11335 Elmcrest Lioness Monte Mermaids Dave Sutherland 13636 Las Vecinas James Sutherland lsabelle Jane Sutton Roger Swanson Les Swenson Robert Swift 200 Wqlnut Sf, 2658 N. Delco 10182 Alpaca 517 Laurelhurst 410 Coberta Mathematics Mathematics Commercial Basketball Fred Tanner John Tate Hope Taylor Virginia Teter James A. Thiesen 12013 Roseglen 3749 N, Cogswell 2440 N. Mt. View 636 W, Mildred 1019 N. Durfee English Kampus Koeds English Proiection Crew Soph. Comm. Industrial Arts If J' f -4 X John Thomas Pat Thurman Patti Tipton Paula Tooley Tom Toor 3742 N. Maxson 4420 Bannister 12116 Magnolia 2831 Musgrave 229 Santa Mqriqng, Leoettes Sr. Maiorettes G.A.A. Bee Track Medics Chore-ettes Concert Choir Bee Football Tom Turill 2704 N. Maxson Varsity Baseball Jerry Eugene Tyner 13810 E. Proctor Ave. Bee Football 'Jon Kmghfs J,V. Baseball Joyce Turner 1530 N. Strozier Johnny Titus 11363 E. Broadmead 49 1X CeCillC1 VGl9r1ZUGlO Gertie Van Beelc Mary Van Dam Carole Jean Van Fleet Tamara Dee Van Sant 10325 Broadmead 10871 Grand Ave. 4501 Daleview 1035 N. Lexliam 248 Orange Blossom Home Economics Monte Mermaids A Cappella Choir Commercial Junior Maiorette G4A.A. Sopliisti-Kates Leoettes G.A.A. Commercial Evaline Van Winkle Bill Vaughan Melinda Vecchio Leandro Villinueva Roemary Waite 12624 Moorlwouse 423 Puente Ave. 11678 E, Ferris 2511 N, Merced Ave. 1646 1N. Fruitvale 50911155-140125 Comm. Of School Spirit Commercial Industrial Arts G,A.A. G,A.A. Cheerleader Kampus Koeds Bee Football Sophigti-Kgtgg Linda Walker Ted Wallach Grace Walters Veryl Mae Ward Dorothy Watkins 4355 El Rovia 628 Glen Way 2311 N, Merced 2443 N, Cogsvvell 12623 E. Elliott Senior Maiorette Varsity Football A Cappella Choir A Cappella Choir Commercial Men's Glee Sopliisti-Kates Laurels -fi fl! ,Cx "NA Mary Louise Webster Marion Jean Wedgeworth Gerry Weeding Brenda Weir Beverly Jean Wilson 11837 Clnierrylee 2120 Merced 11465 Broadmeacl 11944 Bryant 4335 N. El Rovia Commercial Commercial Lioness Home Economics English Elmo-Ettes Delta Rho Was: J , sie? mf s ' .4 Barbara Weishampel Jerry Wendt Don White James White Consuelo Williams 12369 E. Poinsettia 117112 Ranchito 616 N, Tyler 1816 N. Penn Mar 2648 Merced LQOQNSS Music l-li-Y Preciston Ettes Junior Statesman Science Cee Basketball Leoettes Howard Williams Kathleen Williamson Kathy Wilson Pgmgtg Winters Larry D Wgmggk 4302 El Rovia 11250 Slack Rd. 356 Sdn Fidel 2281 Coggwell Rd, 12607 Red tone Varsity Baseball Science A Cappella Choir-Sec. Vmgny Foofboll Lion Knights Leoettes Commercial Lion Knights Sharon Ann Wood Doris Woodard Sandra Worthen Frank R. Young Richard Young A555 El Rovia 13953 Flynn 6158 N. Camellia 114413 Broadmeaci 1432 Millet G,A.A. A Cappella Choir Leoettes Art Commercial Commercial Keith Zeitler 12160 Cherrylee Varsity Football Advertising Staff , 1 , 'fN,7 Kenneth Zeitzler 12160 Cherrylee Varsity Football Advertising Stott Beverly Zickuhr Carol Jean Norman 12157 Magnolia 436114 Nevada Commercial Commercial Gary Campbell Nelson Drewry Charlene Dunbar 1 Richard Dunn Sandra Logan CAME Doris McCoy Robert Myers Alex Niemczak Ruth Paul Leland Peterson RA SHY SE NIORS John Rishron Barbara Rogers Roy Salazar Nancy Siafford James Thompson Donald Troesh Aurora Varela Mary Weese Phyllis Welsh Beverly Whitehouse I7 ad-amz Kathleen E. Barney 11103 Schmidt Rd. s, wu- C57 hJ'x1.i.. Jacqueline L, Burkhardt Jo Ann Burrescia Martha Dominguez June Donnelly Shirlie A. Maletta 12031 lGr'f1b6fT St. 11033 N, Le Borgne 2808 N. Meeker 4424 Richvvood Ave. 325 East Brockway Sophisti-Kates Glee Club Pep Club Judith R. Hutchinson Katharine Mae Judson Doris Jeanne Armstrong Harriet Lamoureux Judy Main 3104 N. Seaman 12269 E. Garvey Kenney 5304 N. Peck Rd. 601 S. Washington 11223 Springvvoool Thomas S. Nicholson 11344 E. Ranchito Joyce Ann Manseau Robert L. Parker 1454 Millet Ave. 11034 Thienes Joan Marie Paoluccio Gail Marlene Snctbb 220 W. Bryant Rd. 2115 Sasfre Nancy Dean Speers Anna Volla Joy Ann Perrot 4222 N. Central 11706 Forest Grove 215 Clogston Dr Sr. Claes-Treas. Pep Club Camera Shy Mid-Terms: Mary Bond Coleen Burleson Wayneen Clenolenen Michael Doyle Lois Hefley Carol Lou Marriott Joy E. Wesbrooks na.'fUr' 6.5 -Q 4' enlor AL 'file W fm ff 1333-"'f f "Q, Linda Conway Vice President lst Semester J Doris Worrel Nancy McNamara presidenf 151 Semesfer Secretary 'Ist Semester Marsha Q Cawthon President 2nd Semester Linda Newman Vice President 2nd Semesfer Louise Nelson Secretary 2nd Semester Rae Nell Long Treasurer ist Se Diane Buhler Treasurer 2nd Sen izzitgx ,wma . Arif Qi? .. 1 Alla . fqav BSN! Abercrombie, Rachel Adkins, Neil Adley, Ronnie Agcawili, Emilie Akins, Darlene Alcantara, John Aleman, Evelyn 58 iiei it - , it ' ' Alt, Mildred f 1 ' , .'1. ,.., , , " Ammfmn' DC'nnY , i nndenan have ja. Tiiy V 1 , VQ ' V Anderson, Kilian A Q Anderson, Richard I fl' V "l - . ,IV V VV is ,,,: , 753- Andruss, Peggy , I ,. Araiza, Don ' A Aronson, Judy 2, "1 A750901 Rudy V Q fi , Asmundson, Barbara .," A VV V Asmundson, Richard :: V 1 'k,- .,.: AyCIlG, Eva VV A icr'r , V Ayala, Richard V ,ii 1 Baker, Jaaifh no B cic Barnett, Mary Barrett, Donald ,gn 'r-'--,,,, - VV V Barros, James ,,,. I .V iiyi EV B""e'S' Ma'i'Yn we aa, f': , raiisaa J f iiirr Bafionf Puifidu it , ig: , Bass' Sue rv,r V:,,: V ,H V Batchelder, Guy lr'l iii ' , V ..,,.sQ . . Q Beck, Thomas 'Vg Belger, Melvin VV V Beckett' Roger QV k.h, VV V , . ,.a,. , Bennett JOM ""' J Bennefff Josephine W ' Bedwell, Ruth i'll Z gf '- - a X Biurrea, Martin J, i l" 7 ri' V- V ,, " Q , , , aaa - ga , a. "ii 2' . - Blair, Mervene V ' Blankenship, Barbara - V Blaylock, Owen A VV.. , ,,,,' JVVVV, 1 VVVVVVVV A BOdle, Sue "1 2 V 5 aa. Bonillas, Beatrice V' .A Y Booth' Lloyd . V . VV VVVVVV Borkland, George it V V VV Q ---V: y -a Bowman, James ' ' ,,., H Brown, Donald , ,,,. .. , A fa, V - I V VV Brown' Sandro V. fm... i I , J 2211 ,,ll ,.fl ll I K -a Brown, vvanaa B at Browne' James J- 7 fi aiii A f Calf-315' ' Bruce, Donna VV ,aw Q , ,,'r.,, VVVV K ,.V., 55 VV V V x B""'e" Dlane yaca X C - f , , Buligan, Alex V V V VV VV N ,VVVVV , Burdick, Mary VV V I a V rr-l 5 .,V, ' :' Burroughs, Robert i ,,,t nan. anna ssaa , r Ban, Raymond V V,- V,V VVVV VVVVVVV.. V VV f 5 , V.,, 1, V V . Burton, Ann 'fin A- .. A ' I . -,,inntf'1 1 , Butler. Allin M a ,a f ,,VV ,, E .. .. TF ..,, a ,V sa VM ew nail , iw ,. 'isa ,,,,,,, C , sss I. .f-r23f'f "1-t,.. a , . S a , ..... M, ..,.... ,. K .,, U Q ,,, V VVVV VVVVV V VV .Vi . ,. , . gf , K as l J li P ll T ,n gt ffm -yzggr ...,- ,- . aaa- 1 -fe if Q Calderon, Marguerita Caldwell, Tonnette Campbell, Donald Campbell, Lucille, V4 Campton, Diana ' Carignan, Jane Carter, Patricia Case, Pat Louise Cason, Julia V - Cassidy, Marihb Cataldo, Ruth A 1 Cawthon, Marsha V Chambers, Gail ' Chapman, Charlyn 5457 'L ,Mtn ' J D' 3, V, 60 Chezem, Sarah Cikovich, Patricia , - Clark, Patricia it i , 3V ' ,V N Clayton, William , .rd V 3. ' fs 9 B ' Clements, Bob 'T' W., E N ,V Coble, Barbara ,V "' 5 E "' 3 ' V Coburn Dolly , ' ' .f i ' loil, , sw' X ,J ' J , .17 XYX G gf 1 i X I Coffman, Robert Collier, Patrick . ,. r VV Conley, Joanne XV, T V M ,,,, Contresceri, John J . I ' , V V , Convert Lindo lro ii e f J Conway, Linda ' ' Corder, Janice :" " ' A at VV ,V Te f ir-,: ' Mr'i ' Q' I hgh lll A ' Corporon, Thomas ' Cortner, Linda ' . Covey, Joe 1, ., 9 V H .. Cozzens, Jerry , t yyz - , ' " ,. " V . - Q Crain, Arnold ' ' Q' i Crawford, Kathleen J' "-i Q V 50 J ' Cress, Annabell 95395, Q V 1 in 1 A' 'lll X-I Q if A Q Cripe, Larry V Croft, Mary I Q 35 Crow, Kenneth ', z ' i E Q, Crowder, Nancy - 'I' 22, , 'V v iw., B V , cuiiens, Diane 5 1 any k,,, , .Vs ., . 6 V VV Dokim Kenneth if ...-- ziiggn , 1 " I EV D Davidson, Shirley ,f ll p in 'l' ' . sri, ttr- Davis, Virginia Dean, Glenn 11 V, DeHann, Judy A PM ' i Delgado, Benny Dere, Sherry 3 up dir Dewegeli, Harrison 1 Drynan, Dolores I - Dunn, Fletcher V Dyer, Marjorie ' ,V , QV , Ely, Frank , 'l "" Emms, Kenneth N LQ-if mt, J ,, V Encirias, Albert VV 4 ,- W Epps, Richard --YRMIIHNQ - 5 Erickson, Beth Espinosa, Elvia " ii' ' , Esquivel, Yolanda 1 1 Q Vg.. ., . V , V,.' Essenberg, Lona V F' ., is is Ewen, Joann ' ,,,, 5' E Fine, Joseph xi ' B , Finnecy, Ralph , it , f Fisher, Brenda ,f .iz l l i e' itil ,C 5 Q "t' ff T Flores, Martha V V Freer, Dona Freer, Linda V f',. ,6 V - V V - , 'C S, Frye, Dan M V ix ef J - V X v if Garcia, Frank gf-'M .. ' t VZ' v E Q, Gardner, Noreen V if .,..f1, V, ,M Q W 1 . ' ' ri- 1 .t'. QQ. Q , if Garrett, William V , VVVV V Vf 1 VV, Q .1 Geary, Allan VVVVV,V Geierman, Sonia V E J' Geiger, Walter 25:11 E V,, 53' ,. -Q , M, -. Gentry, Elizabeth it "1 ,,,,,i ' r-.A 7 l,,1r i n A W A - Gess, Lorraine " .1 V "' Getzinger, James f ' 'NH . , 3 ,',V E E" Gherson, David fl lt, " ,, V V ' ' xg ' I Gholson, Sandra Gibson, John Gilson, John Goodin, Jerry Gordon, Patricia Green, Ben Green, Gwendoline Xi .. if Q1 1 ' , 1' c 1- 4 - . 2 ' gg: .V M V , V V - , iid .lil J x V , . V, r. VfV -it , - -, VV X 1 iti 2 it , ,,ri if ' i. E 3' " J it Dis-llffhi i iitst ' in ff. 1 27 t f J 4:-. EGG 1 Gregory, Raymond Q, ,,LL H ,G G but W G Griffin, Thomas ,ihy 17" G k", 'gg' ' Griffith, Barbara 1 . G G ffrrr N riirf f G r GG Gfiffim' Sham .58 ir. -, W' ffif If' i iw? V Af" A V ii' H G , 5 Cl of i,,, . 'N K . .isis Hllfelufffl ro x . M vu ,N ::. Hamilton, Charles . Www' l , ' TS rs - . "ii'rrr Hamilton, Donald VV,::A E Hamm, Geneva G ' ' Q.,,' .rfy N Hampton, Bob .qgvii G s am i,,, . H ri, J ff ' K , , at H Hill. Nil? , ll f Hanna, William r --: r so ,rl i Hopfoff. David G itx GG-G , If r he G.,f ,rf 5251, ' v , , 1- G: rr, -1 ' F Ii. ' . Harder, Sandra - ' I ' . V Harp' Michael G G l G ll is "1 .G H0Slfell. B0fb0'0 1- ' G. H if K - i ifr' M: G' 3: 'k-f Haverrnan, Myrtle -f ful. . -:Gs : I. -GG-fm 1:W ' . 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Adams, Berry I- Adkins, Dennis ' L, , ...X ,K ' , Agaianian, Sam ' Q . , F " 3 ' h"' ' J K v ' K ,iw Albrechr, Sharon 1,1 5 , mf' J kL,L ' 'y-,:9 Q. Alfaro, Rudolph . , , .9 I ,A , x 5, X A kire, Nancy , --' W ,Q 3 i ,ZIL Allen, Susan E Alley, Franklin ,, V . A - H V ' , Almas, Mardel ' y, M I " ALLL Aluievic, Thomas Vk,Vi 1 ' 1- di , Q Anderson, Dennis V ,r,N .gb I ,.,, , xktfl h, Anderson, Glo'-ion L X ,, ,. f' W A ., A Q2222f'ilL22O ' , ,,-fr' A ., I' "ii ' ,5 , Q 'H J' ,gf r ' Applebury, Erma Aranda, Leo 1 ,- ' Archer, Lenny A .1 . 6 5 ' ' 5: 7' 5 A Arnold, Sharon rfb- M V Q I f " we' Arsaga, Maryellen . -I F l v if 5 , A ww 1 Arriera, Angela J - - .vm -1-' ,- 1" A , Th as A 1 L A L f A ,W a i my Om , . Ayala, Tilla ' Sq S Barlow, Lindy ' L '-3. K 7 ' j Borrefl. Dene . 1 . W .. , 57 . Boshfofdf Dennis w f p Q- 'ip-5' A in Bafchelder, Barbara r V., Q N 1 A Berglund, Marie is . A A r 'J Betz, Faye 1 ' N- - A d I N J . Y' Bill, Patricia Bivens, Kenneth R Z .Q A . 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GG ""' Gel' Pall' Qf , ,sl s i GUdln0, Benny F1 7 7 fe, Gr ' 44, Gunson, Clark l- A I ll Haddox, Loreffa ' Hager, Oscar H V rl F Hagins, Ladon 'G F , ' ,.. J l Hall, Ella l i,,,, G GG zym Hand, Judith if s FFFG .G J, Hanna William E i .G F" ' Hansen, Barbara M if Harrington, Don - A G G Huffman, Williem f 'F F- F Ha rfwell, Travis LF' F G3 I ' "'- G f- , 1, 5' ' s Hauser, Walfer , ab W -- 5, V I ,--V, ,,L,,,.,' -lyy G iy, ,-g A5 :V Hawes, Phyllis FFF lFF l J ff., G h Hawkins, Allen ' KG ' , 1 G G ,,,,, M , , K A .V Fll ,, F ' if ' F FFFllF 4 J J A FFFFFFF ' l rl , ll J m i i lll , iiFFilss ,lF , l l ,F ,, if G we Wi i ii G ll,G 3 GG J 62,3 Us G - ,GG in FF J Heacock, Sandra Hernandez, Eleanor Henry, Ivan Henderson, Wanda Hayes, Claudia Hickey, Barbara Hill, Carol Hilton, Douglas Hoff, Glenn Hols, Bill Holguin, Joe Hone, Don-eifa Hopkins, Carole Hoppe, Edward Hosier, Margaret Hoyf, Mary Hronek, Josephine Hubbard, Judy Hudson, Susanna Hudson, William Huffman, Jacqueline 2 ,f .. lg. , iowa 'L , 25:4 L if 2 'E I, 4-ff , K.. in x im ii as ,- ,, ,Q -'Y is gif ,fm-ff. ' -- A 4 f Fl N , f , "' I . M, 1 , QC' Q .illnlllllli , S.. -f ,Q . Kitt, Larry Knowles, Ed Koehler, Charlotte Krager, Yvonne Kruse, Dennis Kuczera, Robert LaFaille, Dennis Lagasse, Bill Lailey, Tommy Langerock, Patsy Langrell, Martha Lathrop, Kathleen Leach, Kenny Leak, James Leclair, Cecilia Ledgerwood, Janice Lee, Donald Lewis, Dudley Lewis, Virgil Lindig, Carol Little, Margaret Lopez, Alfred Lopez, Richard Lozano, Beatrice Lucero, Richard Mackey, Tom Macklin, Richard Malaer, Beverly it 'G' fax I v i i 1 X 7- 1. s 5 .l , - , L ,J ,,, , , 'J . rch , ,f"f',s rs in 1: C i s il li' ' if ' , LT, . 1 4. ,X , U lb ,, .s aw a- es H X 'TRW I 'x ,f ' el-fs X ,L W 'ir t ff' ffm L x i 4 3 i 'K x fn 6 ,J L, ,c,, 7 L syn ,mi ' Y . Je x , . . ,i A .n ' 5 - LYS?" J """' K ' era? 4 V I is .di ' 9 , ,- Z Q- --A G iw J . 'ff wk' 'fm' " . . I Q h . 4 1, W , ! X ' .fl I , f 1 f' ' -vw A 'dw wr . L, - ff' , 'S 'W' L' :J P' WW ,134 3 ll wg?" 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'57 K Miller, Sharon Miser, Doris Moneybrake, Kay Monroe, Barry Montes, Elsie Montgomery, Charles Morales, Joe Marlon, Elizabeth Morton, Wally Moseley, Lavada Murchison, Barbara Murphy, Gary Myers, Michael Naprstek, James Nelson, Carol Nelson, Kathleen Nelson, Richard Nevarez, Ernest Newmyer, Janice Norman, Michael Nuckolls, Ruth . f' 1' we af uni ' Ja? W7 N ii ab. 1 iz asm f F axe, i -gms i i if 23 a- i 322, an -if 1 , s ,,,s ' F ll Q 6 ii 1+ - il , 3' f QM- wr ' 5.5 , uf' 'f fifvkf 1 ' ' Pool, Robert Potter, Louise Potter, Lymoin Powers, Roy Pratt, Clyde Preciado, Joanne Price, Karen Price, Kenneth Prince, Diane Pulver, Danell Purvis, Anne Quesenberry, Mary Ramirez, Rita Ramos, Ralph Ras, Alvin Reclditt, Stuart Rawlings, Barbara Reyes, Sylvia Reid, Gary Remus, Edward . v . if .J 'fi' 'lf J J 'av at li AV WA . 'gk' Q -5 O 6 J J 4 l I 3 x is ' ,ef fl is gl ' N 4 Ni f' 113' if.: is if' if - Q4 ii' J QQ! ik i, i,,, , 1, K X J ,l n 'P ' an ' Bl in , y .hkk- 3:51 . , . 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Rogers' Lorraine i ,..k- --va Rollinger, Sherry rr., ' Rasaliz, Lupe if V "'- ,,, 1 ' l l - - Roses, Barbara i 'V S, 1 ' W Rothstein, Linda yyyg ,.,,,, ,S,, .... -- kkkyr gl ' H is Ram, Mafia ,S K y ill , y i jffff , Rummel, Margaret L K , V saaia. oo' errr Sais, Evangeline W K 'i , ly S Salazar, Maria ,rrrr ll ,RR-' 1. :l'R 'A H ' ' Sanders, Patricia I Sanders, Marty ll RRRR S- ""ar , , 1 ' Sanches, John D' 'R 1 Z, if , S gonches, Rim M a., i S Sfmflovolf Mflfwel Q ,1 S fi, X- SR In L L - P Savage, Donald ' . ,SQ ll, z.a, it wx Scheidt, Mary 7 ' Y ,...f 2 :T SW, ,.:: ,A S, ' 8 ,,A, 1 - Scott, Dennice N Seeley, Michael -,,,f.. hkzz W 5 I ' ii ? g W ' R Q Seifert, Walter 1' Llll S Sera' Jock it " ' il: lll.a ,ii ,11' V tt: W y M S f exton, ic ae , aaallyaa lllea i S shaibfouah, Michael V . 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Tarver, Gene -1, S ,,,,, ga ,,,, ,S E ,Q , -. .. Q -W siiiiiey S a S ii ga S.SS M f S- 1? P"i"" X, L+ llll L - SQ Sf: g7ff'Y' S Toylor, Grayson 1' Q K , Tetreault , Norbert iii"i' it "ii" ' V A Thilgen, Joann V ' ll ,,,, l'ii H S l S Thomas, Williom iziiwi ' 3 . ii' I ,,,l S Thompson' Tommy V 1 i .gi S SSSSSS . Thompson, Vernon S "ill - f , I g , ' I K 'i - ,ir S , ..SS i ' fm" Thurston, Thomas T X , i -3 9 Timmins, Ronald " Y . L V .K 'rr -3 v ,g-M.. I Torday, Carol ' T T " 'i 'if n TONY E ,U , Trank, Tyanne 'g :. ' , M':g ,A " ,... - ' . hglgh Travnikiff, Mary ' il ' ,- W M' 'WW Turner, Thomas Ulloa, Clara , ' V " Urlie, Paul Is- J 3 Q pk 4 V LLL--' V r Valenzuela, Lillian ,, - f - :,-1 eg ltw, 3 rr' f' Valles, Helen l 'J' "N , i R f , Vfmpelff David i 4+ ll X 5 P - I - l' 'i Vargas, Helen J J 'f"' , 'T ' fx ' Vasques, Ruben . V ' I J Vaughan, Daniel .. ,Q-E - ,. Vawter, Linda 3 J' H 157' T r ,4 ,." f "W W N y , Q Voiles, Harold nw 1 N vid 1' 'v Voiles, Theodore ,W , ,fr 1 V I - 3, y Wann, Franklin K' 5 H ,- ' T 'F Ward Wanda Mtv IW? 1 . f t,,. , 2 -f ' l f?9fHli'T: mx get ,fi gilllllm WWWGY' Edwmd Weatherford, Larry , Wedgeworth, Bill Weech, Ronald as weary, ani Q " ai T , Q - White, Betty X 'S White, Sydney L " ng- Whitehead, Mary J If 'M ,a Q' - ' S X I r A Whitney, Honey E Wiggins, Irmalee I , L X Wiley, John , , 0 ' " Williams, Virginia ,M-X, 4 P, K '. ,A 5 il J Wiltse, Mary Lou T -.- .. 9 Q 5 , Windom, Shirley , J l a T ' N ., Wise, Paul " V T J T ' if , . - 01. , ,mf - ,ra , V M Wise, Terry """'T Wornell, Judith L V ,V ' , ,. Wright, Janice ,Q 4' L g -A Wuesthoft, Michael ' 'i', 3, Young, John ' ' f I ".. ' it Young, Marcia J T" rrr' 1z,x , 5 ' In 45 Ansnes, Arlene ff' , J iff'- H nh...i,i R, Dilks, Robin tilt Guthrie, Kathleen . b H M Hall, Beverly r. Q 1 , by A M.. Hosier, Arthur 4 ,wwf Q " .' ' "'V N ' A . Howard, Robert um' V ' 'N ' i ' Lahr, Carole f if ' , ' . Landsom, Paul ' , V, X- ,Y , MW, ,y .5 A J Lorenzoni, Arline W Y , , H H Mallon, Ed 4- -'T V, ' "' If 6' Morrison, Ruby Jo T ' ' 'T ' ' cf- "' . 'Q y P- Oates, Marie tn l fd.. T.. , I V , Rook, Glenn , ff I V wil irii' 'l A ' A gf Rowe, Eva lA QA' ' 'A fl 7, Roy, Jack A Q. f H , Thiesen, Claudia l 9' 5 H . 8' Ungerbiller, Bob ' , 1 White, Barbara '50 wi' ""P ' Q f v: -in- inx i ' flfeaf For The first time in the history of El Monte High School, the El Monte Pep Commission, under The direction of Mrs. Mabel Welch, and leadership of Nancy Renn'ie, established a Card Sec- tion. Many, many weeks of work and planning went into making the dream of having this Card Section a reality. Many obstacles were met and overcome, and many people are to be thanked for all the work and effort which were put into this proiect - mainly, Jim Hanifin, Nancy Renn'ie and Marcia Schultz, Yell-leader l956, for thinking up the idea of having the card section. When the time came for El Monte to have the section, both Marcia and Jim had gradu- ated, leaving Nancy Renn'ie to promote this proiect. After forming a Pep Club, a commission was chosen to work mainly on the Card Section. Then came the day - on Friday, October 12, at the El Monte vs. San Gabriel football game, the section was presented. Now that the Card Section has successfully come into being, it is the hope and desire of every- one that has helped to establish it that this also become a tradition and part of El Monte. PEP COMMISSION-Back Row-Margie Rummel, Sandy Ely, Lorita Strickland, Carolyn Riggs, Sue Ord, Carol Stockseth, Eva Peters, Pat boneoright, Vice Pres. Bottom Row-Christy Proctor, Joe Ann Bennett, Mervene Blair, Virginia Teter, Elizabeth Gentry, Billy Zimprich, Marcia Mullen, Suzie Bishop, Sec., Nancy Renn'ie, Pres. Iocabw Action shots of the Cord Section which was presented of every home game cluring The holf-Time. Above - The Big E - Blue ond White. Below - The Hi - Blue and White. 584 Y Nancy Rosch - Vice-President First Semester I Johnny Hill Linda Reynolds President First Semester Secretary First Semester Kay Carigan Treasurer First Sei '60 Bill Gaydosh President Second Semester ,f Donna Daglislt F' Treasurer Second Ser 4,2 ,- fa FQ 4 1 i is Beth Biffle H Secretary Second Semester ,1-- - 1 ,M ,,,- ' i S ' l Nancy Knold Vice-President Second Semester i ,wb me-when ,cz 'r 'F sf- wtf' y few' 7? 1 X 32 .W K' X y ,.,,. W, .4 2 li we -. , X., , f, . . .. c . ., X Q95 ' ' "B .tv ef VV: A 'N X VNV V X. lxjgf it ,gs . 11, gf: . ,. 1 V, 11. 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Q A Barry, Thomas ' 'V Q' A V smhfofd, Jack V ,W ysss 'B+ sfs T Q Bass, Charles 'ri ,vga IXVVQ, il A ' ' Bean, Robert Beard, Vearn T , l , Beatty, William f' jj V if - m v5 ,V --is f Becker, Carol V V 2 V V' V 'Y 0 9 4' F ff, ' . l .. i 5 ii ,. rt.. l "-1 i K Bemoll, Shirley xV ,V 'V V 5 V -A f ii ix C ff 5 ,. F 1 i Bennett, Nancy I V ' -A Benson, Alice , VV Berardo, David V 1 VV Q ez, F Q.- ,M V , 'i Bernal, MGIY " " x, I lf, stt ,, "' " el 'BV . Berry, Judah - X , T 1 Wpg 4 Li ' Berryman, George B ' 1 S ' iiii' K 3 TT , D 'd ' t ' ' 7' e s avi t Ax Vx V TJVV V- Biessner, Dixie ' V VV V V. V , Bigger, Beveqgf 5, fi' i V V t Bin er, Rona 1' 'N at 5 'I W' ' ff WV KQV Bippert, Ronald - I f H V ,Q i 1 'gi - ,s Bittle, Elizabeth - , , "'ii' ?' , ,XV V, ,-f1- f Blockmur, Jack - A 1 is 4 fi at ,D' k is L T A is i 'C - A Bohte, Mary A . :sp V - Borel, Frances i 9 A 1 V V -... , Vi Bouchard, Fred l, +1 l ,av VV , 55. 5 'V 'A 3' Boyce, Pete A ' 1, ' gh- 'ii' Bradley, Francine ' 'V V 'VY A 5 Vi Brewer, Michael K ,,.- f fi 'ilrr- 'X Bridges, Michael K, ,,t' l s'l,, 2 5 tw!! f Brito, Anthony "Lf ,V , VV Brockett, Gary 7 A 7 , , A V V Q , V, , V Brad, Nancy Jo sb :Q if 'iv 4. y ' ' - Aa Q 1' N 'a Q Brooks, GarY M, 5 , 9 X Q , Q '- Brown, Kenneth X ' '- V N R ..., , ,,,VV Brown, Marvin , l. t , , 3f1Qff2xs., 'lj Buck, Malcolm C 4' F is B - 50 Q N 1, .H ' ,,., i air ,I wg if , ,"r Burleson, Kay Burr, Jim Burt, Linda Burton, Michael Busiamenfe, David Byrd, Donald Bystedt, Robert Cain, James Calderon, Johnny Cameron, Jeffrey Cano, Stella Carignan, Kay Chance, Elvis Clark, John Clark, Sue Coberg, Linda Coble, Roland Colangelo, Ada Collins, Melvin Collins, Sharon Colton, Buddy K , oaala J is 1 A K kkii My i 24553, V V . V , V 5 kiln' ' 'l::" V A Y if J V H -'iiw' i i ,,, ., "-' . ' I ,,,,. I ff' .. , ,.L-'l r'll' "a' , K ,rll gif? - 1 , if EW' 1 ,. .rrr lx in .,:' , ,Bl l H A-1, 3, .11 sg. ',.,..-' - .C ,. -fm, J - C l leln fr-- ,aree J S lli: f 'J .,..': , 2537 J - 4 Yeie ig - ii., -I ti lll. , ,,-v 3, ,,,CC ,,,, J C5 ,, " I f ,i-22211225 ii. CCCCC .rra ,, Y. d ,. i' NW' 4 'yi new ,nhl ,, Conkey, Harry Converse, James Cook, Roy Cooper, Richard Capping, Jackie Cornish, Marla Corona, Daniel Counsellor, Mildred Crawford, Mary Cress, Leland Culps, James ...,m11, Q" ill' "lJilll. J ,,,,,, wi, i " ,, ,iiJ,, . N.. L r -IE g ' Y Curram, Tom D" , J K Dalglish, Donna " . ' , is ' Dvniels, Jvdiih illi rr is ,C E Davis, Hoyt A ,,,,, I J' ,ir ,L , or Davisson, Sandra in l"L All ,-- I fi , .-y, -I Day' -lock Deane, Frances , J Deissf Rebecca l ,f 'Q in K ,.,,,,,, Delgado, Alberto I -,'i lil 1. sg liii Dennis. Judi , M JJ De Paulo, Georgia 4 V i ,,,. ' in 55, V Ti l Dicke, Michael .r ..,r A iii' Ditterbrand, Patricia V Dobson, Roberf M? 55 1.i Q2 J Drew, Terri i" ii' D nn, Ida ?:Jigf?3f llQ'Xm'5fi5?W U Duran, Julia J Durham, Bobby Carol n ,i C ,,.,, y .,,,,,, VVk:,,,,, I V A Durham, Robert r , J, . ,fi ,,.r,,g1 A, ---- ,.,,JJ,' A V Qj Edwmds' D"""'iY .,,i J , Edwcfdsf Connie , Edwufds' James . V sdill 1 s ssrrrr J isi, ggi ,ii,i,,, J , Emms, Robert q England, George ,,,. C --si - ,,,,... ,JJ i"'r i "', ' y i" ' ,,,, 1, if ' A 'i'ii1 4 ,if-.49 EyfCl'1eSOr1, Graham W Pi ,ff 1 I k'-:: - Elf '3Q'r25l'irf'g1ff l:0lWY. MUVY "" U J ,.,. , i , AAVV 1 I . Fairchild, Loren 'irr1"' x J H K A Farr, Kenneth A i. , A Q- , ,5 , l lli g,, , M, Fenfress, Dave 5 " llll my -l iii- ,H I --, ' Ll ,.., - ..,, K FlYfmf Kenneth - 63 -QQ, ,... Z 99" - iiii I rii- f J - J-vw. , Foley' Mfifvifi ssi ii 'Q' ,rii siiii Fulcher, Edward Q ,'--1 Fulp, Margie Galarneau, William iiir illii Cili srr 1 Jiii ,ei ,iii iiie i V VVV Gannon, Harry .V V. V V , IIL VV V Garcia, Manuel I V V A V ,, V ,gf si 3 Gqydosh, Bill 'V "" QV W My Q 44 ,Q rg 4, ,,, ,wi ,X ,,, Gibson, John J V VV 'V' V V ' , V VV Gimby, Walter XJ- , - W " N' Givens, Pamela f . 'Gyms V VK V VV Q Godown, Jimmy ,Qi W1 J 'I 1 ' A x- Goodsell, Susan V V V V A Gordon, Ralph V- V ' X.-. Y - . V . ,., Goudreault, Diane V lg' " zz ' 'M 'N' V R, VV I Gray, Virginia , ' ,MVVP3 V, VV it V fl' Greene, Sharon - , W V - V VV Greene, Sharon KV , - ,WV A' V Grenslitf, Lynda ..f.f: 'li' ' L ee-l1 ,ands , Gurschke, Gerald G ' V - W V Guthierres, Margarite -V is VV 2 V: F 'V V.,,iV Ve, -v 3',.V 6. :Zcl2r:eYV3aJLihn fr 3-,.. f N ,Mx 9 ' V , at - I 4 , 2 - f ,,.zV.,.v Haggberg, Paula .. ' f 7Z'Vg V f' - ,V ' Hamilton, Donna . Q li H J. ' G H , N d' E fl 1 ff!-2"-all at gli. mmm G me Harp, Harry J M ,V 7 .V G A . Harp, Margie , V 'i"'i ,V VV .. - Harrelson, Shirley G V V V V' MOV Harris, Arlene . Y " 'il 'ff l. " 'li Q? 3 gk 4' Harris, Mary ,ffl ' 33 J - -. 4VQ X". , ' V 4, Hoff, Johnny A+ .i...g,..iQl: x 'i ' ,fi 1-in X Xfirl rl H . 1 x VVVI V . V - "" i V f R f w ti ,Vi Hartford, Roger Havens, Sandra Hefner, Betty Henderson, Chris Herbert, Carol Herman, Jan Helen Hernandez, Ernest Hertig, Gary Hesik, Richard . ' - - . Vf1Vx,.,s..v, , 139 C Y mm , . gf .- i -. wi 7 , ,VV . .. ,J , I-.. Y -A. v -, V, ...ah "si ' ,gg V. A W- . V ' i-.. it ixl L, 1 1 Heth, Leonard ,VV V ,- ,V Habdon, Bobby J " Q-it ' " " "' "' V Hickey, Linda G' -.,..,V,..a1g V V' ,f A Q. ' Hill, Johnny My V i-rn, J d v V 'esr ' V ' U Y iii? eess al X Hui, Pat , ..... - :g V.,,, ,Q J Hill, Ronald V 5? . lf, V Hodges, Loretta V to V , V ' 1 V 1 Hoffstadt, Susan - if '-7 3 '-X V -, X 4 Holquin, Carlos ' .QQ V . ' ' A ,V . A Holladay, Sharon X VVV ,,.1 'J V "'-'F' V Q .V rf , V Hollinger, Jimmy J I I vw! X V , N' 13.6 .ff L"" '. 'SH' :1g..k' ' " . 5 X li V V . Hoodenpyle, Ronald , VV V V Hoop, Gail ., -5 , f'i I - QQ, ' VVV' Huddleson, David . VV V VVV , RV, Hughes, Bill - ,-fi .r' V Hulse, Camille ga SV. V V . .RV VV V Hummel, John Jr .V f , .V N yV 3- 3 . .- Hursfrom, Roger ...X is 1. is fu: in H Sem ,-1 , V A Hussey, Ronnie V6 Hutchinson, William "' ' . . lg ws' 45, M Ivins, Judith 1 3 .5 ' V f ,, W lvester, Virginia M VV " if' MW' A 'Z 'rlii 7 Jackson, Gloria X - V h"' V , 5 ffww- - J 'V.' Jackson, Leon V fi i t 2' ' A James, Joanne 3' "" 'Sp' av-. I' I .. 4' . x . an Jermanovich, Rodney Jesse, Pete - Johnson, Beth Johnson,lGary Johnson, Myra . . I gs "' V, S2 ,, li' 4- rf' ML 1 gtg is VV " -,., .f . - ir,. ll-ij I . N l :G l' H' al, ' ', rf 1 s. i NV QS 'K rv. 'iii 'i Jones, Clement Jones, Delores ,- L LL ' i i L H iili ii D is ili ll R l A LP 5' ' " E:::2i2T fE L is 'Mg ' J K, 9' - LL ,. , ,gi Q1 Jones, Leonard Jones, Richard Jordan, Earle '60 , LL L LL Julian, Edward ,L N - ,,r.. 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JL f, L :LL qk - 3 LLL iirf' ' L W .,,, L 1 LI LL,L L LLL L E LLLL L l ,L Mikelson, James L ' LLLLLL K i L K I ,,,L L ' Miller, Randy M ,QL an L MZld21lErakelTnAlvin L-, will :Ll 'W L i LLQQ3 Q 'iv i", L 'L 'Q ZII 33" Monforf, Mary ,W , , , l' L all-L ii Monrerone, Sherry 'f - - ,L'- ,L , 'i" ,, li Moore, Dallas Moore, Edgar Morales, Stella Morgan, Diana Morgan, John Morlan, Robert Moseley, Harold Mosley, Lorey Moss, Tommy Muggy, Whileta Mullen, Mark Mundhenk, Marlene Murray, Susan Neely, Robert Nelson, Keith Newton, Sandra Nichols, Sharon Niles, Judy Norris, Robert Olsen, Patricia Olson, Crystie Onstott, Louise Y ' A - 1 ,, 115' ffl 4 lir 1-Q J' ff s i 'J c 'Q' Ri X Sl 7 P XJ ,, Zi . E i A s i J V s,,, , .J V JT ' 'J nfl Q- ' Avi Qsa in in rili -, -fa is H.. has fee? ,Q ., f I 1' r. ...,, wwf F. , Oriet, Norma , V V Orona, John VV V J ' , ..., Ourston, Dirk ,, Wfl. 5. ' Vw -Q if QI' "' "' Palmer, Elizabeth 'VV ,,,,, V V J A , 'i" .Q 'WV Parker, Mary 1 ., Y' ll ' I Pagvin, Raymond ei it c, i if V Pellant, Steve V , Pergler, Carol J V ,- , V ,J Q., .QV - , Peterson, Charles 'ff 6 HN l A 'D lg 2 Phillips, James ,V ' ae, I' , 'ffl RV Peil, Lorna ,gi 'll- ..,,, f VV , '-,, ,i l Q ' Peirce, Patricia I X jg V, V -, Pinkowski, Cas Pinneo, Donna , Piper, Nancy V ,V TEV! .R 3 7:5 Pollet, Dennis , VV W .1 A 5, r 4 V Port, Gerald ' 9 NV ly Powell, Donald X -- ,. Q We Powell, G enna V riff Powel, Patricia VV Premeau, Joe I ' , V I J Prigmore, Shirey V ,..., . ,. , ,N ,M M ,F , Purington, Thomas W 'V ' 9 J A' " f, 'J N "' 0 M Quealy, Mike E R' W: 'lx . " - .L Ragsdale, Ronald V i J ' s-W- V NYJ Rains, Dixie , ,V V Ramey, Linda Ramirez, Raymond Ras, Vernon I r I Read, Gary , , Q ef 1- Q, Recd' James QV 2 VV V LV 7: :I , fs- ,:. , 4- .c 4-H Reynolds, Linda -. , hh V' W' Q V, N X Reynolds, Geraldine "4ij"V,,f H" "' ' s VV R. V W I f is V A my X sssss sk emit l Qi Rico, Eugene V Riddle, .lack , 1 V J Rf-ry. GSW J ii J l 1 V 2 f Riley, Michael 'ff' N " 'l 5 -' if ' Mi Y 2 I-L " ' ' Rincon, Mario '- P " V X L Ritter, William i V V A' ' ' ' ' im, Rancid X . P Rs.. B V he L Robertson, Ruth ' V JV' J , Romans, Lynda in - V Vw R V Romero, Carolyn , , 3 A.. f A f, ,. - L Romero, Julia QQ I J ' "' 0 "' 3-' l' ,lm ' Rook, Dale , ,- -..-r V j' 'N""' if Rosch, Nancy VV - V V A V V Rouse, Sharon ,.- V A .s f X f it we N ,V xo, sr .ig n , 0 at -- ll' -8 gy .-,, F "fu V, "' Us -..r X El.. u . i filly Vi ' av- , -4 X N 50 Ruiz, Alfred Salinas, David :.mR,Q ,fi , ":::,,.,z,s, ij ... . ,,.. ,L 5 , H, H, T j SQnCl0V0l, DOHC "'-:k r ., ,':: " ,tml , , . ,," Q. . .K if j ,,, ., ,- , Schmidt, Kenneth 'S VAVA i 1 - ,,, SSOVCY, Lorie 1 1 ' '.,.'--f" . - in -. M , Segooh Sheila ., AG.. ,,,, , .,,, ..:: '- ,, Selph, Phyllis ,- V V A "'ll Ll'LL' 1, 'Ki 5? ,,L. ,.l ,ww VV . 1 ,N V . ,., Sewell, Terry LVVV V Sexfom Sue VV VVVV VV V , VV .VV VV A , .V VV V Shober, Mary . , V ,V,: ' Siegel, Thomas -rf VVVV - V . aw, ,au V Skinner, Carol V- . ' ll' - i ' smith, Carol V V su VV, f T' ,ki i , .. V ,,- Va , V 'SV HZVVVVV fu, -": KV k if Smith, Charles V " llslyy S l"' , VV 1 'He Smith' Jonet V, ,,,, V Smith, Judith ,VLV ,,,. , '-,,,, - -11- Q A , ,. , Smith, Linda Q .t 'V , W" 'mph f S rrriiie eree S Smith, Sandra M xt V . , - Snabb, Gene , V V VVVVVV... , 4 Snowden, Robert , A' - '-'i-- T31 V ' Y Solano, Francisco tr S Span?" Wlnslon - , R l S 9 S or Slubde' Gary . T X x iiil Y E, ,Af V A -- ,-,, V it Stevens, Patricia l -W , M ff r T' Stewart, James V , - Auu g, if g., l V r Stewart, Lloyd 1-. Q5 N- VVVS 5 1' -i 4 MV, F54 rr Stockseth, Carol ' V Q ,..,. 1 V.. .i., Storms' Judith V . ' 1 i'r irr Stout, Donald Strid, Jackie -'1. r ,, , A' Stuart, Ronnie f T , i i ,V 3 stuck, shifiey Q ,ie erre sUmmefs.Mrchce1 'W it .- . ,,,r," Summerville, Ronald '7' I K ..,. V153 Suszynski, Edward i a 13,1 'i,, l'S E e-ri 5 Sutherland, Carol ,,, V , V r ...,,,, 1111175 M -'r' K - lk: S l sbb,Bf "" , T , "ll T l"'S:S V ""', K 1 . Syvgnscrn, lcirrhes 5 tur' 53 .T f ,, 1 - ,QW Swenson, Arthur , 'ft ' ' Talbot, Charles . . W V Tarnoski, Barbara VV llk VVVVVL , f TOTE, Ruth 'f rJ" , it ',,, ,553 551' T S"" A R I5 r'r' Terrien, Eleanor 5 V, , xx V,uu S ,S , ,S .., Q L. ,Fw , n. Thilgen, Robert , H ee-' VV A S VVV , ,,, l V . , H Thomas, William 1 V VVV.. V . Vi, S VV H S rom, Michael it ,.,., e, it , , T, ,,, r Tefdeyf Te"Y ' iit . ,, , 3 it , , Trunk Diane VV VVVV M- ' Travelstead, John , ,,, " VV TsC"e"e" JOY if llii S all if S 'MJ i Tucker, Stephanie ll V' A ,,,.,,, All - me Tunnell, Patricia S liii llli it ' u1'i'i' V' ll l Tumeff Vefonlcf' T ieii' "iiii'ii i , ",' S ' 1 ,,, ,,, ,-Q T . , . Ulloa, Edward my I Varner, Nancy il "r" To - Aibeff tif ,, u " X .,,,,, u Vaughan' Jeffrey A 'R eeree , Villanueva, Raul VVVV V VVVV V . VV VV A Vollcmdlf Mlclwel W, - 1 . , fijiwn fi i"- 1 W V Wqiczykowski, shown 'V,,. , ,,,..,,,, ,,, ,. V Welker, Cheuncev iintt,u ' Wf"k'eYf Janes il ,iuu Wallace, same ,, , it iiri Y M wi if 'K fQ.h7f in x , . -,, was ' .. '-s Y 4 sy, 2? ' Q Q in tt J .,.,f 's J i, li J l ,, , N. X L ,, 4 ' yh ' Ll M 4 - w " no , + X x Wilson, Donald Winters, Judith Woolen, Sidney Woods, Earl Worsley, Jack Worthy, Judy Yanez, Lillian Young, Judy if ,. R . K3 Warner, Richard Waroway, Dennis Wasilchin, Don Watkins, Kay Watson, Marilyn Weeds, Jack Walsh, Kathleen , V , 1 Weitzel, Lorrain .. K i jf. ,..,, my Wells, Caroiyn . i .t :J ,,,, f . W , AI A is R K fi fs: willimgmra men X . Q , R , White, Celia 1 'ttf J 5 N X ll White, Constance it F rf r White, Scott Whitley, Pauline ,ifr if it Widerski, Sheila Q A ' , , , , Wiley, Elaine X, M t K A V Williamson, Jimmie - ' ig' 0 2 LG f Willis, Ralph Q f, 'fel " Willis, Jean K1 X w H M 'il Wilson, Kay , J J-. f A - :Ns 'A . . f O: 'K 'Q 1: . 'div 'W V its if is ' i 'F I 5 -..,,fir: K 'IQQX f . J- as 3 k ' x 333351-f','. it ix 1:21 Q ..,!Y 83 gli. fs XM E 2 , X. H ,ak -2-EAW 1 , Q J .. Ig 1 .',A 7 mf "'f'S"ii'5NGff'5ir' if K . , ..,i.,5Q.gy-W 1. me 116 gzi, A V034-v 1 i k A 1 I va A Q., 71 I 4' : Q V .QE Xmgsvw Q J If F af'-1 :k--- ,,.. 1. 'I-.nz ,Ziyi ,W 5 ,.a.,,. 9, News 'CA 'www 'S ik . f " ki ff 'Qi Www Iggy O Bob Delgado Ron Kruse 404 9,5 John Foote Dick Arbuckle PETS BSVGFGO Curtis Holmes Bruce Humberstone Jim Martin 'if' Tom Hammond David Haynes Don C00'eY I si Z , E Q' lPHlSTl-KATES :nt Row llett to rightl: Veryl Ward, Johanna MaGowan, Judy Orban, alters, Rosemary Pierce, Rae Nell Long. Row 2: Lincla Morrow, Judy :ry Powell, Evaline Van Winkle, Cathy Stewart, Mrs. Cirino, lSponsorl. verly Bigler, Joan Bittle, Charlotte Gardner, Gertie Van Beek, Anna ,,,-, .5 df 11,1- 4 9 'ms ,P Shirley lvester, Twila Redden, Pat Baker, Elvia Espinosa, Grace DeHaan, Margie Amado, Jo Bennett, Louise Nelson, Marie Ladrach, Row 3: Giannina Gullet, Barbara Green, Pat Case, Dawna Stalians, Volta, Jackie Burkhardt. 10 Row lleft to rightl: Joyce Lant, Sarah Chezem, Lois Ferguson, Beverly Fewell, Miss Backes lSponsorI, Annita Watkins, Mary Stevens, Lane, Claire Elfenbein. Middle Row lleft to rightl: Wanda White, Jane Carrigan, Carol Crawford, Treva Chezem, Barbara Weishample, Walter, Evelyn Batelaan, Joan lvester, Darlene Ritchie. Last Row lleft to riahtl: Geneva Hamm, Joan lvester, Shirley Stark, Lynn Sexton, Jones, Sylvia Hoyl, -Mary Van Dam, Vera Gross, JanaLee Arnold, Barbara Edgeworth, Sandra Worthen, Pat Thurman. U 5 5 Q ' ,. 'i x 5 mo-Ettes 'ont Row lleft to rightlf Betty Lou Hefner, Patsy Langerock, Anya Cooper, Barbara Hansen, Joyce Griffin. Row 2: Miss Turnquist lSponsorl, nda Gramms, Janice Newmyer, Judy Berry, Donna Altman, Janice Ledgerwood, Sharon Miller, Arlene Ansnes. Row 3: Betty Claybrock, erri Drew, Gaile Eagle, Beth Palmer, Becky Derrick, Roberta Jenny, Sharon Rouse. inaires w 1 lleft to rightl: Marion Bristol, Mary Hoyt, Barbara Rawlings, La Don Hagins, Linda Diset, Diane Prince, Wanda Henderson, Mary Fry. w 21 Carol Jernison, Pauline Whitley, Camille Hulse, Judy Craig, Judy Daniels, Judy Dedon, Mrs, Stewart lsponsorl, Row 3: Judy Wornell, arol Hill, Judy lvens, Carol Lahr, Judy Hand, Linda Mauntz, Sherry Rollinger, Marie Berglund. KEY CLUB Row l lleft to rightl: Ed Scheck, Gary Atterbury, Bob Delgado, Marvin Holmes, Curtis Holmes, Tom Hammond, Mike Shively. Row 2: Mr. Rul lsponsorl, David Smith, Dick Arbuckle, Gail Eldridge, Gary Otto, Richard Loken, Lymoin Potter. Row 3: Bob Coffman, Bruce Snider, B. J. Bird Ron Kruse, Guy Batchelder, Jim Martin, Allan Madole, Harry Mardon. if 1 Aj. A is C oooyy H ' uai'.Mu.E' ' - LION KNIGHTS Front Row lleft to rightl: Bruce Humberstone, Pete Berardo, John Mackey, Tom Turrill, Dick Allen, Nick Montero. Row 2: David Haynes, Mik Laux, Ronald Hart, Johnny Foote, Larry Womack, Gary Allen. Row 3: Dave Lafaille, Dave Howard, Don Araiza, Howard Williams, Ralph Oster kamp, Lynn Stafford. 5? in 1 3 1 5 Q - '-fn M X EM 'ng 24 1' 5' 421 SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY FIRST SEMESTER Front Row, Left to Right-Janice Wright, Patti Tipton, Pat Ewert, Diane Harrington, Sharon Foster, Colleen Burleson, Linda Akin, Carol Lindemann. Middle Row-Linda Morrow, Louise Young, Carol Carta n, Marian Bristol, Emilie Agcawili, Nancy Henderson, Rosemary Szarka, Beth Erickson, Doris Worrel, Mr. Fisher. Back Row-Liana Anson, Elaine McDonald, Oscar Hager, Charles Montgomery, Bruce Humberstone, Leslie Howard, Charles Lofstein, L, Denny Seese, Dan Frye, Theresa Sandoval, Kay Hoppe, I 11 U1 IK L ik' A X 'X E " "1 s L Qld HJ. A sl? 1 SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY SECOND SEMESTER Back Row-David Moore, Ray Gregory, Leslie Howard, Charles Lofstein, Russell Jedinak, Dennis Seese, James Barros, David La Faille, Larry McClelland. Middle Row-Sandra Abrams, Nancy Knould, Diane Prince, Michele Logan, Sharon Foster, Marsha Cawthon, Nancy Hewderson, Pat Barton, Carole Cartan,,Terri Sandoval, Pat Tipton. Front Row-Mr. Fisher, Doris Worrel, Louise Young, Linda Reynolds, Mary Fry, Marlene Kling, Emilie Agcawili, Carol Lindemann, Rosemary Szarka, Sharron Monson, Susan Goodsell, Lorraine Weitzel, Beth Erickson. nr-.-FQ -Q A f FUTURE FACULTY Front Row. Left to Right: Sharon Minor, Joan Lockwood, Diane Harrington, Sharon Foster. Row 2. Lett to Right: Patti Tipton, Carole Hopkins, Marian Bristol, Kathy Lathrop, Lindy Barlow, Mary Frye. Row 3. Left to Right: Barbara Murchison, Shirley Stark, Nancy McNamara, Louise Nelson, Claudia Klemp, Janice Corder, Linda Freer, T ...I R I YOUTH FOR CHRIST Front Row. Left to Right: John Wiley, John Walker, Martha Freer, Lillian Conn, Carolyn Raleigh, Claudia Hayes, Sarah Chezem, Donna Freer, Pat Hill, Pat Stevens, Sharon Collins, Dawn Stalians, Patti Tipton, Linda Freer, Ann Purvis, Denny Scott, Betty Adams. Row 2. Left to Right: Donna Altman, Judy Berry, Kathleen Walsh, Barbara Corn, Betty Hopkins, Jessie Zamora, Margie Fulp, Shirley Bemoll, Faye Betz,,Sunny Joseph, Sue White, Judy Reeves, Barbara Caldon, Judy Jacobs, Virginia Haskell, Bernice Ryals, Kit C. Weaver, Mr, Cole. Row 3. Left to Right: Gene Bush, Fred Bigler, Shirley Loomis, Johanna McGowan, Ruth Robertson, Marilyn Schuld, Nancy Crowder, Hazel Phillips, Eleria Reynolds, Beverly Bigler, Sue Snell, Nancy McNamara, Louise Nelson, Sharon Snell, Sandra Havens, Dolores Drynan, Sandra Harder, Sharon Foster, Don White, Richard Lockwood. SPANISH CLUB. Front Row, Left to Right: Virginia Teter, Pat Cilcoyich, Patti Tipton, Linda Freer, Dawna Stalians, Elizabeth Gentry, Carolyn Riggs, Suzie Bishop. Row 2: Lett to Right: Sponsor-Mr. Wood, Diane Harrington, Diana Compton, Leslie Howard, Ray Gregory, Dolores Drynan, Billy Zimprich, Tvvila Reolden. Row 3. Left to Right: Linda Rogue, Maria Mullen, Joan Rutkowslci, Marie Bergeund, Sondra Harder, Judy Reeve, Ann Puryis, Sunny Joseph, Faye Betz. LATINEERS. Front Row. Left to Right: Rita Sanchez, Sharon Crawford, Margaret Rohrer, Linda Morrow, Rosemary Szarka. Mrs. Hinch- man. Row 2. Left to Right: Mary Hutchison, Carole Hill, Barbara Murchison, Judith Baker, Lonnette Caldwell, Joy Kimble. Row 3: Lett to Right: Kay Lumbardo, Tom Frenzinger, Don Nelson, Russel Jedinak, Ron Hart, Tom Stevens. L 1 'fi 3f,fK'?W.'a 'LNG :Ai 'W J." Monte Librarians. From Row llett to rightl: Linda Morrow, Sharon Foster, Jo Ann Bennett, Twila Redden, Elizabeth Gentry, Judy Gray, Dawna Stalians, Patti Tinton, Patty Coelho, Sharyl Quealy. Row 2: Miss Luizzi lsponsorl, Evelyn Batelaan, Virginia Haskell, Adonnis Owen, Dolores Drynan, Judy Reeve, Evelyn Harvey, Terri Sandoval, Sandra Worthen, Linda Walter, Miss Sherwood lsponsorl. Row 3: Judy Jacobs, Gail Snabb, Lorito Strickland, Harvey Kaisner, Larry Dawson, Russell Smith, Janice Corder, Linda Freer, Judy Johnson. .wx L c - 705'-6,5 kxxlgi ,.J"ay Mineralogy. Back Row lleft to rightl: Joan Schneider, Judith Baker, Paula Tooley, Russell Buchan, Charles Lotstein, Jack Lindsey, Bruce Humberstone, Dan Frye, Rosemary Szarka, Tonnette Caldwell. Front Row: Louise Young, Gerry Weeding, Kathy Williams, Ellen Karver, Pat Barton, Elaina McDonald, Ann Burton, Wanda White, Mr. Webb. l ,,, E E HIGH HATTERS Front Row lleft to rightl: Mary Shober, Eldana Ostling, Faith Roberts, Lorea Richart. Second Row: Claudia Handley, Bill Engesser, Lorita Strickland. Third Row: Dennis Wood, Ronald Hamlet, Will Ruzicka, Mr. J. W. Johnson lsponsorl. 'T DRAMA CLUB Back Row llett to rightlz Jim Morton, Dan Stolpe, Pat Barton, Jane Lee, Sharon Griffith, Sheryl Quealy, Gary Atteberry, Roger Beckett, Kay Schick. Front Row: Mr. Butler, Louise Young, Marilyn DeMas, John Foote, Judy Kinne, Joy Scofield, Pat 103 McEachern, Mary Ostendort, Nancy Ludwig, Nancy Rennie, Jo Lane, Evelyn Harvey. 5 ,D x ' gs ,Q nr an Y, , , tu .. . 1 an . 1.5 . 1 f ?Tf:2f'5'!4H f V Q 5 1 if U A qpphww' i"""" 'N Strollers. Front Row lleft to rightl: Patti Tipton, Leland Cress, Mike Summers, Ron Bippert, Bob Ritter, Tom Curran. Row 2: Sponsor-Mr. Henson, Ross Spinner, Wesley Rice, Mike Bridger, James Swanson. iii? y I fiiftt' Electrons. Bock Row lleft to rightlf Mr. Edmondson, Ned Schweizer, Michael Sharbrough, Rene Robillard, Gerald Shirley, Richard Ritchie, Dick Conley, Bob Shrider, Rollin Gibson, Ray Maddox. Front Row: Ken Gannon, Ron Ratz, Frank Ely, James Thiesen, Virgil Ervin, Bill Kyles. JUNIOR STATESMEN First Row lleft to rightlz Elizabeth Newell, Barbara Weishampel, Mary Schober, Suzie Bishop, Pat Cikovich, Ginger Teter Pat Boneloright, Diane Chapman. Second Row: Sponsor-Mr. Karamitros, Raymond Gregory, Danny Fry, Gerald Popper well, Leslie Howard, Joan Ruthkowski, Dawna Stalians, Linda Levy, PEP CLUB First Row lleff to rightl: Nancy Ludwig, Janet Bowers, Joyce Hagerman, Vice Pres. Pat Bone-bright, Pres. Nancy Rennie, Sec. Suzie Bishop, Treas. Margie Rummel, Ginger Teter, Carolyn Riggs, Elizabeth Gentry, Second Row: Joan Schnieder, Dawna Stalians, Billy Zimprich, Eva Peters, Mervene Blair, JoAnn Bennett, Sue Orol, Twila Redden. Third Row: Marcia Mullen, Pat Cikovich, Dolores Drynan, Sandy Ely, Lorita Strickland, Carol Stockseth, Christy Proctor, Joan Ruthkowski. .Q- P l J l .Y ,,v,f -Q . its .Aix 4,5 h P if 1 X X .1 f I f' . Q X 4 ix 7'ff,,G V WN I5 QM w 'i A - x 'QQM gy qv AT v A 5 -- ,- Av g', Queen of the C h . rrsfmus Ball Suzie F clulkner 103 c Fisher, un .iorie Lee, Dorm Sherry Forkei Queen ond Her Co , n Suzie Fouikner, Lindo Akin, Quee Cupid's Couple X D fs . Q "1f""7"'x Donna Fisher Jeff Peo rson A,'m Nominees: Tom Hammond, Sylvia Von Luchine, Don Harmon, Kay Schick, Donna Fisher, Jeff Pearson, Pot Eworl, Curtis Holmes, Suzie Faulkner, Don Ariaza. KLAUS DISCOVERS AMERICA Klaus Schivelbusch, El MonTe's Foreign STudenT Tor The year i956- 57, leTT his home in FrankTurT-Main, Germany, lasT summer, To seT ouT To discover America. He came To live wiTh The HarringTon family of SchmidT Road in El MonTe, California, which includes a daughTer Diane, Then enTering her senior year, and a son Donald, a sophomore. ln mid-SepTember Klaus sTepped inTo The whirl of life aT El MonTe High School. Discovering isn'T so bad, he ThoughT, once you geT sTarTed. IT wasn'T long before everyone knew Klaus. He became a member of Lion KnighTs and DelegaTe Assembly, and an honorary commissioner. His Trademark is a cheery smile, a friendly wave, and a Typical Americanism, "Hi." Now as The school year draws To a close, Klaus prepares To leave This counTry. He has meT The American Teen-ager, and we've learned ThaT people are alike iusT abouT everywhere. IT's been a year of discovery for all of us. Klaus talking with cz few of his friends Left To right: Jerry Wendt, Doug Silvey, Barry Goldman, Pete Berardo, Bill Vaughn. ' a FOV 5 . 'dk f "'2Ie ,c XSS 5,5-,ooX Sw aullv-,err ,Q ofkex. NM I Ueen of f SYXGHY F U he ChffSff77QS B a 'W-.RL :WX in K Um W Lono Essenberg, "Miss EI1Monfe" lin xc' do Walken - . NMFS Eager Wee Miss School Lockwood. Spirir x Joan Swing" ll A A 9,9 -'74,x fsfr. 'tk s 300 lr 0' 055 s e 9007 I Q. 'W 0a 600 dl. 01- 13 'Dio X 0r9"o ,."VNN ood 00 '-W. 'NNN s,,M.'7l Mn., W 1 .,i.i3.Cj-if N, 0 ..'s."'Sl' w."'+-I' NWS? 'N il-'sw "-2: Hg'-btw, f. f-, .., MIC! fl lg , 'J' 'Q 1: U'k:1"-., 0 -Mgt ,N W My NM. mifww 1. , 'Vit' Q-+ W ' my-m.L.' WW' 4 'WM rf 597 'f staff Douglas Silvey, Editor-in-Chief Adam With all The Tearing of hair and shouting that was done, it was with greaT surprise and pleasure That we were able To complete such an outstanding yearbook. Seriously, Though, we Tried To puT in This edition The Things you want, The Things you like. We consider This "Trail's End" To be one of The most outstanding ever To be derived by The Annual STaTf,and of course we admiT This with The deepesT modesTy. The "Trail's End" is an accumulation of high school life Throughout The year. ln picTure form, activities are re- corded Tor The pleasure of students and faculty. The as- sembling isn'T an easy iob. Pictures, write-ups, every- Thing has To be done aT school, Then sent To The pub- lisher Tor printing and binding. IT is a big job done solely To keep The memories of El Monte brighT. The sTaTT and lwould like To sincerely Thank Miss Backes and Mr. Fenske Tor all of The Time and Trouble thaT They spenT in making This book possible, and our Thanks go also To Mr. Burton and The Yearbook House, Monrovia, without whose help we couldn'T have put out This book. Fellow students of EI Monte High School - iT has been my privilege and pleasure To assisT in recording our school history of T956-T957 Through The "Trail's End. C1555 Editor Advertising Editor Publicity Manager ,ccc 'T A " A .. ...,, ,,, ' iic, ,, l.,, T... -i' rrs scl, c is Mary Lou Van Dam, Cut-ups and Snaps Editor Lois Smith, Music Editor Lynn Gossard, Faculty and Administratior Editor Don Berry, Sports Editor Nancy Renn'ie, Outstanding Assistant , :W,: , ., .. .git-1 , y sciy cslril tli isrlts iiycc llll ' ii i irrc i 1? 2 3 ,. ,,, . si Judy Miller, Business Manager Bob Shrider, Staff Photographer 1057 Sm? Miss Lorraine Backes Faculty Advisor Elvia Espinosa Associate Editor 5 i E R! n. .. . K... 55,.3,,37V.5,l- ,,,. .. ?1K will ' in r . if . . . , L., W Larry McClelland Best Worker, Art Editor Mr. William Fenske Financial Advisor The Staff in action during one of those many nights spent in putting together this giant puzzle. Q 1 Sharon Minor Editor-in-Chief Fall Semester Lions' Trail was enthusiastically led the first semester by Editor Sharon Minor, who with diligence and understand- ing helped staff members, new and old, to put forth a complete coverage of school happenings. When news seemed lacking the roving reporters could be seen many places eagerly gathering up the bits which would go to make the story click. The first semester staff did a wonderful iob of reporting all of the news that everyone needed to know to be well informed. Photographer Ann Lane Copy Editor Duane Dunnington Sports Editor Miss Florence Peterson Advisor Shot of staff at work. . .L zkl I h y 0 A. .A - A f ,L'L- ., gi, .- .ips k l H iq g sv ,, Twila Redden Third-Page Editor x i ., .. -V if J ,. ,i 1 Mary Ostendorf ThirdfPage Editor Elizabeth Gentry Outstanding Reporter Rae Nell Long Feature Editor fbi? Pat Riley Editor-in-Chief Spring Semester Pat Riley took the reins during the Spring Semester and with inspirational leadership emerged at the end ot the year with achievement and success, backed by a most competent staff. News is new only when it is first discovered, organized for interest, printed, and then read by the student body. Variety is certainly a must in the newspaper world, and students eagerly reached for this news variety when Friday rolled around. Back Row, left to right-Ray Gregorey, Ann Lane, Elizabeth Gentry, Judy Reeve, Carolyn Riggs, Twila Redden, Dawna Stalians, Pat Riley, Silvia Leiva, Mary Ostendorf. Middle Row, left to right-Rae Nell Long, Judy Miller, Sharon Minor, Miss Peterson. Front Row, left to right-Kenneth McCulloch, Duane Dunnington, John Bollinger, Gerald Popperwell, Dick Arbuckle, Jim McCrary, F Ink Blots is published each year by Miss Lindel's Junior English class and is composed of essays, short stories and poems. Selections from lnk Blots are used by the Anthology of California and the National Anthology. The Writer's Club first published Ink Blots in 1937, and a few years later the publication became a class proiect. It strives to bring to the public the highest quality ot literary achievement from the students. Editor Top Row lleft to rnghtl Alan Butler Ronald Taylor, Raymond Gregory, Jon Gibson, Lance Larson, Tom Corporan Gary Suckut Kenneth Crow David Moore, Ronald Hughes, Bruce Humberstone. Middle Row Miss Lindel Sandra Harder Martha Orebaugh, Joy Kimble, Louise Nelson, Nancy Henderson, Sharyl Quealy Sue Bodle Ann Burton Kay Hoppe, Billie Zimprich, Richard Anderson. Bottom Row: Annabel Cress Sherry Lee Dere Sandra Grover Brenda Fisher, Louise Young, Doris Worrel, Linda Freer, 6 M... THE STAFF IN CLASS Bruce Humberstone Emilie Agcawili Typist .. pw. gin' Q' QW i ii j if--F. Tw H-in i ,,.... X XL' ii geai Ui!! Hu' I 3, 'i ' if Qi ' 2 -I 1 .gn ir-- 1 S. A N, A N Mr. Donner Ruth Rowland Foculfy Adviser Advertising Manager Advertising Staff Keith Zeitler, Ruth Rowland, Ken Zeitler W 119 Printing Staff Left to right: Ron Ashby, Jerry Wiseman, Mr. Danner, Don Harrington O 120 121 lst Row--Louise Nelson lHead Maiorettel Patti Tipton, Lenny Archer, Linda Freer, Kathy Nelson, Rilla Payne, Linda Walker, Joy Sco field, Marsha Cawthon, Sherry Forkel. 2nd Row-Carol Torday, Pat Alt, Forest Hoyt, Ozzie Hernandez, Jon Eugene Crain, Tony Brito, Don Campbell, Ronald Binder, Mike Paine, Richard Wise. 3rd Row-Carole Wallace, Freeland, Morris Doves, George Cox, Bill Hartman, James Naprestek, Jerry Grimes, Gary Burnett, Joan Bittle, Quealy, Charles Paolino. 4th Row-Harry Conkey, Arnold Crain, Russell Smith, John Traveisteaa, Beverly Cooper, Jenny, Elaine Means, Barbara Caldon, Mrs. Glenn lBand Motherl Phyllis Hawes, lSecretaryl Mr. Rush lDirectorl. Gibson, Ronnie Ratz Frank Plucker, Jarrel Ronald Taylor, Lance Karla Young, Roberto 5th Row-Sue Allen Sylvia VanLuchen, Judy Mathews, Donna Hamilton, Donna Dalglish, Lorie Seavey, Pat Schick, Sandra Edwards, Pauline Karnbach. , Jfgif Mr. Rush took over the instrumental mu- f -s'. ' A sical organizations two years ago, and , coupled with the spirit and enthusiasm gk saii L ot the band, has led them to high 2.2. ffm ' achievement. Tom Frefilingef Band Vice Preside. MY. Cal Rush Bend Director The Lions Band, under the direction ot Mr. Rush, has made many appearances this year, each with an outstanding suc- cess. The pertormances include all toot- ball games, home basketball games, playotts, band assemblies each semes- ter, L.A. County Fair, Santa Claus Lane at Christmas, and the Music Week Festi- val at the L.A. City Hall. Jerry Wendt Band President st Row: Jane Lee, Linda Newman, Brenda Fisher, Donna Fisher, Kay- Schick, Evelyn Harvey, Nancy McNamara, Leanne Ansen, Linda Akin, erry Wendt lBand Presidentj. 2nd Row: Bruce Humberstone, Mike Norfleet, Paul Wise, Norman Hruby, Pat Tarantino, Jackie Hoffman, .rline Wertman, Sandra Ulmen, Leola Barlow, Lanny Siegel, Billy Lopez. 3rd Row: Wayne Stacks, Barbara Corn, Susan Hoffstadt, Dave ozoil, Allan Sweeney. 4th Row: Sandra Smith, Becky Derrick, Jane Carignan, Mary Hoyt, Brent Swabby, Mary Hutchinson, Sidney iloolen, Tom Lailey, Linda Ragus, Wayne Hamlet, Joe Gudino, James Crall. 5th Row: Bob O'DonneIl, Dick Bliss, Bill Sweeney, Norman lelton, Tom Frenzinger, Barry Moore, Richard McLean, Ernest Hernandez. 6th Row: DonEtta Hone, Betty Adams, Kathy Pearson, Yvonne Lillian, Tamara VanSant, Barbara Cady, Sharon Griffith, Denny Scott, Sheryl Quealy. Mrs. Jennie Glenn, Band Mother Mrs. Glenn, Band Mother, might well be called "the lady with the safety pin," as she accompanies the band to all performances and is always on hand with everything need- ed. .,, . H I. A t , A Q.. 1 X' The Band in Action Behind each performance are the many hours of rehearsal and good hard work either in the classroom or out on the field. Many a sixth hour was begun with the "rnelodious" procession of the band from the Auditorium to the field to perfect the crisp routines viewed by students and public alike at the numerous games. lx - 1 1 I r , A Q:-, . a R f' 17 ' .. i lil f COMMERCIAL ORCHESTRA lsr RowAMusi-Coeds-Suzanne Faulkner, LuAnn Kitchen, Crysfie Olson, Doris Worrell, Mitzie Riley. 2nd Row-Sonia Stolpe, Lana Essenberg, Marilyn Barrel, Mrs. Florance Cawood. lst Row-Orchestra Members-Wayne Stacks, Dave Koziol, Paul Wise, Jon Gibson. 2nd Row-Richard Wise, Mike Paine. 3rd Row-Carole Wallace, George Cox, Jarrell Freeland. CONCERT ORCHESTRA Seated-Carol Hill, Sharon Holladay, Linda Ragus, Jo Meikleiohn, Charles Paolino, Lanny Seigle, Arlene Wertman, Tom Lailey, Rich- 124 ard Wise, Mike Paine. Standing-Elaine Means, Nancy Alkire, Harvey Kaisner, Ellen Mackay, Bob O'Donnell, John Bollinger, John Ferrier, Tony Brifo, Bill Sweeney, Mike Seeley, Mr. Cal Rush. First Row lleft to rightl Ralph Shoemaker, Mike Norfleet, Jerry Wendt, Linda Ragus, Karla Youna, Elaine Means, Mr. Cal Rush. Second Row Ronald Binder, Tony Brita. Third Row: Barry Moore, Tom Frenzinger, Bob O'Donnell, Bill Sweeney, Mike Seeley. FNHOP MAJORETTES Left to right: Patti Tipton, Kathy Nelson, Rilla Lee Payne, Head Maiorette Louise Nelson, Linda Walker, Linda Freer, Lenny Archer. K ' I f E I , E X FLAGBEARERS. Left to Rlghtr Donna Fisher, Evelyn Harvey, Kay Schick, Nancy McNamara, Liane Anson, Linda Akin. K, SONGLEADERS. Left fo Right: Head songleader Jane Lee, Linda Newman, Brenda Fisher, Joy Scofield, Marsha Cawthon, Sherry Forkel i Y LIONETTES. Top: Sylvia Van Lucien, Sharon Griffith, Sharyl Quealy. Middle: Denny Scott, Sue Allan. Bottom: Judy Mathews. JUNIOR MAJORETTES: Tamara Van Sant, Yvonne Gilliam, Donnetta Hone, Kathy Pearson, Betty Adams, Barbara Cady. JUNIORETTES. Top: Sandra Edwards, Lorrie Seavey, Donna Daglish, Pat Schick. Bottom: Pauline Karnbach, Donna Hamilton. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Front Row: Oscar Hager, Joan Pryne, Beth Erickson, Joy Scofield, Rosemary Szarka, Kathy Barney, Marilyn Demas, Don Frazier David Moore, Ann Lane, Shirlie Maletta, Judy Hager, Phyllis Jewell, Judy Miller, Bill Thomas. Second Row: Kathy Wilson Mary Padilla, Emilie Aqcawili, Diane Harrington, Glen Lee, Sam Agaianian, Don Cooley, Tom Stevens, Dennis Kruse, Don Bracci Shirley Loomis. Miss Jane Skinner Director of Choral Music ,,, ii Miss Jane Skinner has been Teaching mu- sic for about eight years, the last two of which she has spent here at El Monte. She is the director of all girls' groups as well as the A Cappella Choir. This year the A Cappella Choir has had many honors bestowed upon it and among these are many tirsts. lt was the first Choir to sing at the U.S.C. Chapel Service, the first County Choir to sing at the Eagle Rock Invitational Festival, and the first High School A Cappella Choir ever to sing at the Hollywood Bowl Eas- ter Sunrise Service. The Choir also intro- duced the new Alma Mater to the Com- mission and the Student Body. Carol Lindemann, Verl Ward, Faith Stezaker, Lizbeth Newell. Third Row: Miss Skinner, Doris Woodard, Janice Engelstad, Doris LaPlante, Grace Walters, Lois Smith, Johanna MaGowan, Mary Van Dam, Lorita Strickland, Beverly Bigler, Eldana Ostling, Bill Hols, David Van Pelt, Charles Armann, Judy Strayhorn. Back Row: Art Preciado, Delbert Pearson, Russell Bernstein, Doug Livingston, Frank Arreaga, Don Araiza, Leoanrd Stapf, Melvin Parker, Lance Larson, Ray Maddox, Arnold Crain, Doug Silvey, Paul Newrnyer, Marie Ladrach, S DDJ, iiee i i ii iiifl ' sss Judy Miller Leonard Stapf President First Semester President Second Semester rg,E,fsi,,?,.., , ., Douglas Silvey A Janice Engelstad V559 President HFS? Semester Vice President Second Semester e criie K .ll". F 'f 'K H :Vl'l ' Lois Smith Kathy Wilson Secretary First Semester Secretary Second Semester Douglas Silvey POUl NGWVTTYQV Treasurer Second Semester T29 Treasurer First Semester 3 il Lug 5 3 1 1 2 3 Si J 3' Q . K 5 Q9 5 '-.fx f' Q 1 ws ff. YI in - q' ' 4"' A 2 4 N ' "" ? I 3 , 44 . L I kn u I ,,,, K f - l I "J' N K ML Vkkkk W 1- Q' '3 i 4 . - 1 - ,,. L 'iii K in W, o go, .3 H-V is if 'xiii w"'i 'l-sir" ' " ij' i 3 a f 3 ,A ..,, 5 Q , nf W3 if V TT ,.:. ,, ,' A- v. 1 b . 1, l x I 15 J' X ' 1 F ' ff 4 .: . 'A N., rx H R K ' ff Q, '4 WS? Miss Wells Teen Tuners. Lett to Right: Glen Lee, David Haynes, Tom Stevens, Doug Livingston. ADVANCED VOICE. Back Row, Lett to Right: Evaline Van Winkle, Lavonne Hammock, Tom Stevens, Rod Boyakin, Melvin Parker, Doug Livingston, Art Preciado, Lois Smith, Marie Ladrach. Third Row, Left to Right: Lona Lang, Karen Hansen, Veda Smith, Shirley Loomis, David Van Pelt, Ellen Korver, Deanna McLean, Lisbeth Newell, Dianna Cullens. Second Row, Left to Right: Phyllis Jewel, Ann Lane, Doris LaPlante, Kathy Wilson, Carol Lindemann, Harriet Lamoreaux,Judy Strayhorn, Marilyn DeMas, .lo Lane, Front Row, Left to Right: Miss Wells, Dennis Lundquist, Joan Pryne, Faith Stezaker, Janice Engelstaol, Emilie Aqcawili, Betsy Nelson, Beth Erickson, Gary Corbin. vocu. Gnome sung 'K vfxrfemm vnu be on m sn. ammai mam hack up and Wm 'fffadcm so gil pam of the wow-hi M me Mmm: form. Am ax win ,n 1 gamma wevssnn :mx up mmm- Gicduzzs Wm be mm iw Skinner and an me nnsamberg 52 wif-.vw Hopwmuvf. of msn 1 mmf than has hmm pm Q tbzxulembetsd' has :H rmmv---WE CMM Wwff Sfiiw, . ,Q mfg C f'fI1ldlifi 6ff! ij1 i i1 is ravi ummm if is mmmww ara few' people Ain! iff ataclai Hrs:-Wil-4' iam Fenske, 'Lu new am-xzuunexn lm been made :oi our Mmm Macy." L . V3 f Miss Minis Hubble wlfered- itsnxf mwkzua and rearranged :be -music ict El Marxist school wng PM word! have new Qmngeq mm 4 fm amp. wi K MISS SKXNEB SAYS ' ' M5485 Jawa Skinner shaved fhat ville. af 24 mum festivai as saga Km Klghg six mriieigating wbfmia SWB ' mm Puma mms md EL Mmwu was vine only mama sang, sn nbc: oi ,un .Mmm Bdatez, . - I1 Aj The naw Alma meer is mme of 4 hyrxm than a march sad it has bam vppvoveri by tha vdminimraiiuxx, 1:-nmnxissiun 5:21 A Cappella Choir,- PllESR3'Yif3D 90024 A ranging gfmxp in the music de- pakrtxnent will present me new Au-as Mmm- in an lmembly iw the sm- den: body, some mme in the mer mme. K Mr. Fermka also added chat S: may' Wm mme w ixmiorfs ma mmm w break tradition bm me naw pr- rangemem wil! show mam: respect for Ei Mmm High Schotzfl NEW 'WORDS The wards to the new umngemtnis are: Han, Monte: may We :Hedge W znyaazyk Well never ian, Tax Bmw and humor thee. To our banner waving free, mm and me, wekl ww be, wma and blue an viermy Au rw F3 MMP, rim occffsf SQIO Ud6nj3 of M .mX3z1fU3,w?QHGfdi!mble f SQ wbmh ff uw? mkmif K els ,R kg il. I: -AHLMJDIW3 NIGPPI' Vlsrmeg ll O ll Mr. Butler Director ......,, 1 .fi 11. .1f,,, ., Jane Lee Jo Lane Selected as ideal girl Selected as ideal girl Bernardine Cast Beau... ......... Carney . . . Mac .... . . Dink ...... Gibbs ....... Ruth Weldy ..... Selma Cantrick . . Jean Cantrick . . Wormy ...... Fudge .. Tub .... Helen ..... Kinswood .. Enid Lacey .. Wolf ....... Bellboy ...... A. J. Witnick .. Woman ...... . . . . Pete Berardo ... .. Dennis Wood Bruce Humberstone .. .. Bob O'Donnell . Larry McClelland .. . .. Pat Barton .. Nancy Ludwig Jane Lee .. Russel Bernstein .. . .. John Foote .. Tom Frenzinger .. Marilyn DeMas .. David LaFaille .. Lorea Richart .... Jim Morton . . Gary Atteberry . . . Roger Beckett Jo Lane Back Row: Dennis Wood, David La Faille, Larry McClelland Middle Row: Jim Morton, Roger Beckett, Tom Frenzinger, Gary Atteberry, John Foote. Front Row: Marilyn DeMas, Pat Barton Jane Lee, Jo Lane, Nancy Ludwig. SENIOR PLAY THE GLASS MENAGERIE CAST Amondo Wingfield ........ Kciy Schick Lciuro Wingfield ....... Evelyn Hcirvey Tom Wingfield . .. ...Jim Morfon Jim O'Connor . . .... John Foote W' -m to 'E A John Foote, Jim Morton, Koy Schick, Evelyn Horvey pose informally before ossuming their roles. A , oss Menagerie in action. i--mn Q ff J xgaouh J. W1 I mn -rw 09N iw ,,,,. ' 4' '. ,, ' gi' FY' f 5 A X - W , I: " ' M --, , Wf.. l,, K . is , A k N548 2,31,,.iw,. , . 5: Q- v- . . .4 Qi 5, A ..- 5 ,..., Head Yell Leader- An Preciado Judy Strayhorn Left to Right: Mario Serrano Bill Vaughn, Judy Strayhorn, Art Preciodo, Ann Webster Bill Vaughn Moria Serrano Ann Webster Om ' he Y ,sa "4-k."x Prep Player of Week-Dick Arbuckle FUII Bgqk-Curtis Holmes Oufstunding Encl-Pete Berorcio Also Outstanding End-Ed Scheck Outstanding Linemon-Wes Brown vw 4? 1 u svn- avfvyr ,fgfyzg X, k,,. ,a3f?,Qif,,.:'mfWHmf-eff.: we yr gg," 3 cf' Wm we vimrsn GQ Q 759,959 53"8ce1lzitt1wmv 4? ,fp Q YQ Q' qv fm' loans for lu' -9 sv ff 4' if hm a. YQ Q5 Q5 Ngo 'NSSSQQK3 N905 sQorMi ws' C2 N 89 Q0 . wa 9 Z .MQ 6, an 8 Q, alfa, ,mmm X We F 'S' Q +9i,3'b 'VXW' efclwzla -ew-am :other Earmr Lum on the IFJ mage umm 1:3 Dals Perm guard wma rx dszw W ux deadly AL, 1 . cimn is :ww they would prefer y vm B 1 ,msn cnmbfnritin 'il Leaguxx wa ches 'xx Q Wxqgwrb .Q741'85,j:5' Q9 6.,,,,m L Us 'occ Q95 Q eff? -4 WA wp?-A x M 4, w X 0 fl' Q x MQ' 19' W W A . 49 - A Q' ,gb og N ef' ass' .c,s,5w,zv -e xff5p'2iO.xf'w5NQQfi 9' xavagba 341,35 ,592 5 ivgafxwew ' fr V X N ex ,Q 'AP .3ff,Sf ,586 N gig, 2,1 2, 4 W 93959 .gr it .KU gb dbx , 49' ,S W V ,W - -1, Yygvi Z . Y A , 6 H as QQZIR if 'bi-1 RQ ,m J' WX fq,v",,Q: I 'QQ' QQ 0' -t"x',s5, N45 N es- Q ' Q. Oz qw ,fo Mfg, z' .ow they an Wm. me Lam, by Wm has iw to remain under ,hqnemwne wmv , , , Kc Qi Q Qugh was W get lg! 0 33 , W ' M ww Mummy 15 Piaym for swf gxivi Kavixfy. Quin oc have SM' - x www. we ow my mm or an Q -wif .ow W me QZQCW an or ix MJ, xyixfd 'f:.,a1"fgg,f-A N 95. WW Sips and Marley ut ex couhi aw' nibvspb RX W mmf :ww A , Q33-is vw! 60639426 W Ufifwzpex-F 1 n na nm -Y , .,. :,:::t:i: .lv wUf' wf2fWfwm man ' toured Mark K L Amen, ww.. ,SWS A 1 PPE A wx 9, W my . GW M - the ana uw len the Lim as the my Mmmm Cm' W the mn' W as 'fdea aw"'fj,,.e Wwx 'W A , s.-no undefeared qmwmfhexwgue my elk Ke I mm was 3 to lt ffjixay w,w5'4Qe ii ,,,gf?W,,e1?lkV9f Y e e Wm A 'M rwordw 0 4 un-cgnlgloum me game Led hy xwiw' an 0 1s1"9'vi.e'l5'qgxn0Y'0fwf' WM' 11 I n IMS menu xrsrvm. ' Wm mm me 1-.ml cofsman, El ,MW 'W W' nw? nw' and B U, t 4 , El Monte fam Marv H G Q .QQ lm narneyout an wp i mmm me M qn"X:2v'f'd,23xc?ff'w Ki awk i'f'Wi 05: mf: :az,:2::?i,si:::: ,, EW md Rm was W-Y H, Q5 - Q, C, W , ZEFQRT on in wk ,M,:fQX,: , me Sw 25 - ' ht le , ow, I V Q 4 if fgoxebgzfgcogixe igemgjezyri mis S?1ie23a?5ZRff2dffg :Sigur amiga M 0 Qwvnlx-3 having Q Q Ewa? 8 21113 fi s1,xx4:Q0f94o,,,axvx15v'2iaeJjQ161ff,"Qdgf,2 f K . 0 e- 'ons to their hard f 4, 4' ,gb 2- R11 W me 01.9 gf. wb uw V remmn undefeated un mm- my Wi waht vie- k , 6' Q? SSW vc? mmf nm-. W if' pw Q10 xerx 135' ly by knocking ow: me wigs beth mm we waving 50 Q on' M9 A QQ 'Va' gif' q V. 'fophf 4 QW Wbwwww 13 u me ,h Y , , - Av J Q, k Q fe, xmecume K 0 ,aw be' Q g :A - vw: an owed by zh 11 K 3, c 900 Q0 Qf affd 'Y 1 to sm lvxfdawew was over, me 'ur cn.-15 ALABRESE Meme ' ' Q SW mmm number with em iw, L' . , Q nw 4 Lng in 8 am wma mn I2 po?nt1:T:,U:gafg:eidplgiDe1AlabV wh w 'whim xyffg, The mum wma Saw me an 18 to K4 wx,,L,,wga an ' ,mm ay , Wim their lead over the can eight minutes of play, .rftimz Qc iii: f s halftime mm. :cad fu 33-24 M W, ,mg nm wudm . 4 em ward qumer me Mm widely ro-me mf Ned w be we WWK3- , f , mm, 3 gum drive W W perwfi by any as bmah teams smred mx , A- Lions and gm-eedea in Q442 w f 3 the B1-21 qw-wr. I Q mm- 18 to 1.3, In me amz 'Swish Y' , amy, playing guard so: ff PE' woman mf me "wang M fb A r, par. W5 me high point man for e fini? " B they me rp mp me bl' J in mm mmng men fam mls and A may lm Bam w win tins -,mum 150 throws, swen of Mfmmm QP? ' mms scored aight wf' Q Jsu in une for snoring hams ff? lem four, wimmg ,gmc Losme .8125 bucmm seven points.. 33 mc' F. f an X .-gm Liens who gg The wsldms me 3 5 ,gd 15 , -P mah of 1 P F068 might A Que and Q4 me am qw ke me ieparimvr' .tm Umm Twes-dayfs 250 took R bag ma at hm .h Sim- ' ggmyysy Mwlwe vazaey -UW me mon mm broke x ,f?Y,11,g,, mv wgxagfiff? is we1E munded defense and wma me ,wr wh, ' - 0 Mins: any mm sary my me win, 4 1, S ddzfssggglgsiqi S nn This is me mms Qs, Agifysgi zenzn mmm iezun km me , d fp, 131 Meme wiii mer mis yew, jesrtivoly mvia squad. fsafggifgg , .mm as the aww mam ww Nia Ui- 'MMM -Www nwrmEssioQ x . ,, Umfl-memt, and if everyil ' :lose hey rouved we Aihamk' -L, h , ,weights gl? Hmmm? bv nm. the wmnfn-le ':v2a13f1Z 22552 , dfegiiifiofhfeiil? Emfnfli' 3? HW" hi my WMS fcf - R wc . - , Am and me mm CREW Wm have - However. M15 many 'mth .,.mb,u7wq :L , V 4' fam 'wie wx fn ac hnme me anbblmg ANN Wiidfais 41-22 lg dren' hS.nd5 in et io B1 . md Friday M me cmwd K Q Hua: wma dmmwamon. mxgwru, ma x Z nm, Q1 'U mm M PM Al- Selma spam 1 gf break with W cmmmmzwn mi 1-If I-fa and SWS Mwwica Highs, ing ,t an me 2 h ,gc on at ww am mlm fer an pme'f71s1n 0 -Q M-M-1--.,..!.,5.,m an ez 6 4 .en ,mmm Ur xg' markers wh uwaenpyle hmm? gixsl' "F MQ ' J, ,G km, wid rvrrreuca all-gi! af ,hzwqfifgigc Hague, open ,l-rx gf cow ' B, DUNNWG-mx, The pmbabfe amxftmg lixxefup gm ips, fe eniiga 3 ?v!unw ance again N. 'provmx iw ihednimi Zeiss Wm Xb Th.-3 L pb ylsgia as X 1 -ngth as a ?af:ific League pnwer Mtmieru ,evarm,faSH0IX1 d close is Vbo lad, ww Qmfgfng wish me chnmphmships, HU- v Jw: Hfgivm. vf Tum animonag wud, ,Q,5QQbQ, Q, 4- C s .1 imma pam at me mm of we i3ZgDigbg11:' gfuiiffnlfuixxiffyv 5,1 xp giqiqbxqw, Q mm, L L Q L EWU Rf, .E gy , , - , 11 be George cw fa x Y' :mm me mvmwrshlp Qi Ceann Rem PmK"5 ,Wi K 'rm Q x Q -.6 , . Khmer, Rm sumwx and John um f my Sp 6, C, . Q Dopmgazz. TP FG LG M 32: MQQQQQWQQQJZ4 on wp mm- dropping we gunna, an WH am 165 M 16 in In L 'D ,533 ,oyddlfxy 51 instrumental in th: climb up Hfsfif' ' -'-'- 239 W U5 101, 111 pwgg, we xp 4,6264 Imam were forwards Jam. rim F -' lm ww ,gvqv is 5- 15 1 Ron amen me wha hu wn. D'U4"'d1' -' -' ' W 195 157 1 fer r , 0 W M 49 6 Q A PY ms The um calm-we zos as 111 1.1.9 of 30,36 gf as ,Q Q 'H in M 'Pham D5 0 ' nm-pf.-2 ..,.. .. ,,.., , 121 1:12 me af 64,25 wh mfg 'Q 6,35 Ya w:,f:ff,,1i: Mm ,,,, , , M 3 gg ig f Q MM fl'-ww W Play' Qf'3S1f:i,QQflQflQ1,i5 Z9 I8 4,3 f Qi1,vYwiWfw1A-QQQQZ mi 5225522416 um. if. M Q 32 22 7,212 M Qglwiqgxgpffa ikisi msheiyqgms have hmughehnmn Wm, Wffffff 1, 14 4, 43 m, ?q,25,QQ dwiyjyqyg bam' Howard u a 3 an mn- , Qs fig? gs Qc gm :mm me Kflgxfy smmma 5 g 2 ins van M gin, Qewgvp, L A in CU' Q Allen ..,,,...,,.. J EWR-41 QQ? . .gy , 'W' W1 . 0 2 , pu. Q , if w . ng nm mm mamma hu amifm mQQ23JQ'Lifmgi are mf dm, We QQ? gfbyfgd wan in a wud wwf! nba xml- mx how many games each immic 4, My, viva .ff umluxnuundsgqak has play-Hi in. Fw mamma, F am, 9 .36 9 dust cf Gqxch Elm cages were Calabrese has a higher average Ykvzvq sion and me a masterful ich. gang than dm Barb Delgado 60? , was wang those who played their last ne Thursday were Tom Tunill. m Mackey, Jim Mlxtylfbk Kick mem Timbzrl- Olhfir, Tom EXW!! and Mike Laux. I a 9 1 I Sill Gaydosh lived up m expecta- psimrmusaaywm gmpm d djsiazme of szgmif, 'rim k butter: bam the sdxwi and gun records. Bill ahmnkthii EM Mi mark fhinr yang he Im, Dave Halma. However, Ron amy played in 18 gimes ahh me mnamss mibma my many 5-mms Wm scored by individual plwerl ' qpamxy , .ummm 14 0, 0 em Alhambra 10 4 4 :us Whittier m 4 4 asa uxfxneppm s e e 515 San Gm-161 5 s 9 ffm each 677 549 752 Sr 630 T22 eaeppex M., Midgets dump Apczghe quintet Qpoviii a uv. Aztecs have cieiemfm W ing Yoda. Almwgh mam Hwy, uw my Kama in NS'-le play S0 5 Hoon tonight at tht football bald. STRUNG Alhambra is n nmmg will be 1 slight fav- baeamum du- Moon hav: lost limes and no in third in Sshmdlngx, although the two n .k'L on Ent place Mark el and the an-ang Whittier um l'X410l'l had coach Ed Sanur: hi tram from two formllionl, lifllle wins md spread femm- The powerful Alhambra " B headed by All-Igpv Dun Bevnwqu ' ipsyuzigs hilbv' If 1 , mn! held. It was 1 rmovercnoulhtmch- whnhuaalthnqggbg seoringforthanightuluvun sbondixancuintothelinothree duvms 21:13- dv' 50 timsfnrhhmnriacx-:.Ha1mn:loozod allihns2n'd1eBrdhnl!atheLbml 335,-egg -,,,,,':.,1'.d"2',i.'i.?..""i" be xe ve " ' . ' ' .- - Q as ff' wwf . 1+ X 6 ww' rf ,cs Y QW ' 7 xv 'igfgv . .nn 4, v 994 Q59 xyvpuygg ,a'3',,69t, 0' va funn? nf 9 ffm 'xy .rv f X ' A - v on z2'f'.1rfg2'1A5'sf5:'fQfI5'W'lQ ff+2'22Zafi1?f?w plikfwf "3f'.,W'Qf wa 4-' "7f'W 3'f"4V'bv",5f.,d 3 Y Kwlglw A 32355 - W'-QW emi: Smfsigwffyzws HX umry meet fbi.: year, 1owered me mme mm-.1 f mmm, as seconds, to me N135 semnvk. Ae mu meer hinst H00 runners from 'lmthern Cllifarnil, vid: coune rewrd: ai. K Gabriel., Arcadia, and -f X sf-mon, He cut so gf' ad mark. bean hmm only meet, 02 05 66' api' 1 the anwx, YA 'XDA :avi 9:4 em Califon. xfivx '13 school. Am Y-,xxvi gs A 1 xyne, mugn rbg,b9o,0 V the hmm dis vs' Guwdg Unma sms xr, My X,-5 - as siemdily as he W1 - ' 4 . ,Nd Smcehels y www, almust two yearsx by future pam But n 4: dn., 9.1x-'.a,v'gXX9vH?,fg5.v-h,,- name mn the lucky mlxegn c. s .wnwufaww 945,05 vp G1 by .nm unTiih'1L2l"'iI Atfmeklx lad the limi il' + Mg I . fr. M s 'Sv 4 x-P , :fb ','l',f'S3'.t.'T"L'E missin, qgf,.Q,Qgx,wg:w of vm- bu. Wu V. M. 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W xo.. aw Qlfwvbpdf' vufnwhivx-1.11-:vp-ve-n AF ,,,af-41'w,m6W,fev""': waved!!! hun make wmmimyt MW' y-ra-aww-mu.am4s'f,,,gv'3d,,,1.:'Q,L i HDPUWQY ill' pain That Q V 063,16 w W' """""'f"""w' samba-uwmummvf,-,yaef W' W """"'...'2'!.'IfH""'?"' fWF'L'f73"""w '- 5 "KL K f-5 - L L, V"',,41-if ' ' W 1, NH Q!?'Jl'f wwf' Ii- mf Ron Clawson Jim Altman Larry Womack Wes Brown Curtis Holmes Jim Marfgn P Back Row-Keith Zeitler, David Smith, Ed Scheck, Allen Madole, Jim Martin, David Walker, Bob Coffman, Wes Brown, Marvin Holmes, Bruce Snyder. Middle Row-Coach Bill Samarin, Jim Altman, Larry Womack, Ken Zeitler, Rick Young, Bob Shipcott, Glen Lee, Coach ' Ellis, Coach Ruh. Front Row--B. J. Bird, Ron Clawson, Rich Loken, Ron Kruse, Curtis Holmes, Dick Arbuckle, Gary Atteberry. , El Monte Y Varsity Football El Meme "SCORES" EI Monte El Monte El Monte Glendale Colton Monrovia San Gabriel Whittier Monte Monte Monte Monte l i Rosemead 6 Arcadia 19 ,Alhambra 13 Mark Kepple i9 Marvin Holmes Pat Collier Ron Kruse Gary Atteberry Pete Berardo Ed Eldridge Ken Zeitler Ed Scheck Dick Arbuckle Keith Zeitler Rich Loken Allen Modole '57-f 5, .. ,A L g, f . . Equipment Manager, Mr, Reed Lions ready for action. Cogch Bill Soma,-in, l Monte's new head football mentor, Bill Samarin, coached the El Monte varsity footballers to one of the lost exciting football seasons that El Monte has seen in many years. The Lions won the honor of "Team of pe Week" in the first game of the season against Glendale. bsing only two games, to Monrovia and Mark Keppel, El Monte ended up in third place in the league 'andings. El Monte scored impressive victories over San Gabriel, Rosernead, Arcadia, and Alhambra, how- ver the pinnacle of the season was El Monte's victory over Whittier, 20-25. hese victories were won with the fine talent of All-League Back Dick Arbuckle and All-League End Jim lartin. Many others like Curtis Holmes, Pat Collier, and Ed Eldridge were outstanding in the backfield, fhile men like Ron Kruse, Allen Madole, Ron Clawson, and Larry Womack were on the hard charging line. he others who contributed toward victory were Ed Scheck, Jim Altman, Gary Atteberry, Wes Brown, Keith nd Ken Zeitler, and Pete Berardo. -HUM Bruce Snyder Glen Lee Bob Coffman David Smith Rich Young John Mackey Jim Murphy Mike Shively ' Rich Allen Gary Boyle Don Berry Coach Bob Settle's Bee football squad brought home El Monte's first championship team this year, and also Mr. Settle's second consecutive Pacific League class Bee football crown. The Lions rolled up a record of being undefeated for eighteen straight games. The Lions scored 225 points to their opponents' 71 points. This was brought on by Skipper Tom Turrill, who was high point man for the season with 119 points. El Monte placed five men on the first All-League Bee team. They were Backs Tom Turrill and Nick Montero, End John Mackey, and Linemen Jim Murphy and Rich Allen. Many others who saw action were Don Cooley, Bill Gaydosh, Larry Cockrell, Bary Boyle, Mike Shively, Don Berry, and Ted Voyles. Many of the returning boys will be back fighting for the blue and white next year. Carl Okaneko Sam Agaianian B Ted Voyles Gil Holquin Lee Villanueva Frank AlleY Nick Montero Don Cooley Bill Gaydosh Tom Turrill Tom Cooksey Dave Berurdo A 77'If1.::s? Back Row-Tom Toor, Bill Hanna, Mel Berger, Dick Jones, Chuck Smith, Dick Orston, Bob Munt, Ed Ramos, Don Berry, Manual Garcia, Ed Freer, Mgr. Middle Row-Coach Bob Settle, Gil Holquin, Ken Lortz, Frank Alley, Dave Berardo, Lee Villanueva, Carl Okaneko, Sam Agaianian, Jack Lindsey, Tom Cooksey, Frank Garcia, Coach Jack Nelson. Front Row-Jim Young, Mgr. Ted Voyles, Bill Gaydosh, Gary Boyle, Rich Allen, Nick Montero, Tom Turrill, John Mackey, Larry Cockrell, Don Cooley, Mike Shively, Jim Murphy. El Monte El Monte Bee Football El Monte HSCQRESH El Monte El Monte 21 34 30 33 7 Glendale Colton Monrovia San Gabriel Whittier 12 13 19 20 O Monte Monte Monte Monte Rosemeaol Arcadia Alhambra Mark Kepple O O O 7 , El 'm...tQ.t . ,- , Ken Lortz Tom Toor Bi Hanna Fl'Gl'1k GOFCIO 'Us Tom Mackey Jack Blackrra: John Caelho George Roeder Reggie Shipcoff Don Savage 8' fu gy The El MonTe Middies, coached by STan Kyne, cmd John Geatley, is were led in scoring by Tom Griffin, and Tom Mackey. The Team scored 153 poinTs and only 78 poinTs were scored againsT Them. buT losT ouT as They were puT down in deTeaT, 7-33. The Cees were never shuT ouT of The scoring column and doing so, They Jim Phillips scored impressive vicTories over Teams like WhiTTier, Monrovia, Rosemead and Arcadia, and They ended The season wiTh six wins, one Tie, wiTh Alhambra, and one loss. The men who made The vicTories possible were Jim Phillips, Jack Blackmur, John Coelho, George Roeder, Reggie ShipcoTT, Don Savage, Vern Thompson, and Vern Beard. Many of These boys will be seen in The coming years playing Bee and VarsiTy TooTball. Vern Thompson Tom Griffin Vern Beard I i T Back Row-George Rader, Jack Blackmur, Vern Beard, Don Savage, John Coelho, Reggie ShipcoTT, Tom Griffin. Middle Row-Coach Stan Kyne, Mgr. Gene Snab, Jack Weed, Dick Epps, Jesse Mackey, Don Bracci, Bob Morland, Terry Sule, Jack Serria, Ward McReynolds, Jim Phillips, Tom Mackey, Steve Pellant, Coach John Geafley. Front Row-Jim Convece, Charles Crandall, Joe Almaraza, Cris Hinderson, Dave Hoyle, Allen Kastelecky, Bob Rickmand, Allen Hawkins, Ralph Gordon, Bob Clemems, Curtis Turrill, Lyn Mancrief, Jules Ono, Leigh Mafeas, Bob Hibdon, Terry STermel, Mgr. Arf Swanson. The Cees venTured To The championship game wiTh Mark Kepple gf Russell Moore David Reiino Bert Hall Roy Delgodillo Larry Kit Frank Won,-, 622044 Mike Foir Al BVOWN Couch Risinger's Lec1Therlungers were led by All-C.I.F. cross country mon Bob Mellgren. Mellgren's Tcistest Time in The l.8 mile event was nine rninuTes, l3.5 seconds. The fine iob was done by boys like Bob, Mike Foir, Russ Moore, Al Brown, Bert Hall, Dove Reiino, ond Lcirry Kit. The J.V.'s led by Bill Riclgel also did o Tine job. Most of The boys will be bcick next yeor running the course forthe Blue ond White. Bob Melleren Bill Ridgel CROSS COUNTRY Bock Row-Clyde Pratt, Juon Apodoca, Al Brown, Ron Weeck, Thor Ourston, Ken Bevens, Lyn Stafford, Al Smith, Bill Ridgel. Middle Row-Dove Von Pelt, Dove Becket, Don Arcizo, Bob Miors, Dudley Lewis, Ed Knoles, Coach Risinger. Front Row-Roy Delgodillo, Bert Hull, Frank Wann, Bob Mellgren, David Reiino, Mike Foir, Lorry Kit, Russ Moore. Dick Arbuckle Ralph Osterkamp Howard Williams Bob Delgado Jim Hemple Dove Howgrd Mfwrzy ilw fbisv . gym E my C. l. F. CHAMPS kj? m. .fav Back Row-Ralph Osterkamp, Ron Calabrese, Bill Engesser, Ken Strickland, Ken Dakin. Middle Row-Coach Gene Victor Howard Williams, Gary Allen, Allen Geary, Richard Dakin, Dave Howard. Front Row-Don White, Jim Hemple, Bob Delgado, Dick Arbuckle Dave Haynes. A El Monte El Monte El Monte El Monte El Monte El Monte El Monte 1st Round 2nd Round Monrovia 50 El Monte 54 Monrovia San Gabriel 25 El Monte 61 San Gabriel Whittier 62 El Monte 73 Whittier Rosemead 51 El Monte 63 Rosemead Arcadia 43 El Monte 71 'Arcadia Alhambra 51 El Monte 58 Alhambra El Monte El Monte El Monte El Monte Mark Keppel 47 C,l.F. FINALS El'Monte 73 John Burroughs San Diego Hoover Covina .. . Mt. Carmel Mark Keppel Gary Allen Ken Strickland 'QT' Don White Bill Engesser Ron Calabrese Ken Dakin Dave Haynes Rick ljgkin Faakelball For the first time since 1950, El Monte won The Title of C.l.F. Champs. The Lions did This through their record of 27 wins and 4 losses. El Monte started Their winning streak in the Santa Monica Tournament, which they won for The first Time. The Lions didn't slow up as league play began, and They Took the Pacific League title undefeated. The Lions started C.l.F. play against John Burroughs of Burbank. The Indians proved to be no contest for The big Lions, and They rolled over Them 57 to 46. The Varsity cagers Took The next one from San Diego, 47 to 43. This put El Monte in the semi-finals, where they met the Colts from Covina. The Lions pulled This one out of the fire when they scored in the last few seconds to win, 53-52. V El Monte took on the Mt. Carmel Crusaders in The C.l.F. finals. It was a nip and tuck ball game until El Monte scored in the last six seconds to win the title of C.l.F. Champs. The fine basketball season may be accounted for by the talents of All-C.l.F. center Bill Engesser and forward Dave Haynes, and also by the fine playing of men like Ron Calabrese, Bob Delgado, and Ralph Osterkamp. Men like Dick Arbuckle, Jim Hemple, Dave Howard, Don White, Howard Williams, Gary Allen, Ken and Rick Dakin, Allen Geary, and Ken Strickland also aided in bringing the trophy home. THE CHAMPS IN ACTION All C.l.F. Team Members Dave Haynes-Guard Bill Engesser-Center C, .xy Nick Montero Jim Murphy Rich Allen Mike Loux John Mackey Tom Turrill BEE BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT-Tom Klink, John Mackey, Hershell Oliver, Jim Murphy, Nick Montero, Coach Jim Ellis, Rich Allen, Tom Turrill, Clark Gunson, Phil Voight, Monte 60. Monte 36. Monte 50 . . . Monte 62 . . . Monte 50 . . . Monte 58 . . . Monte 35 . Monte 52 . Monte 66 . Monte 59 . . . Monte 51 . . . Monte 50 . . . Monte 74 . . . Monte 60 . SCORES . . Monrovia San Gabriel . . . Whittier . Rosemead . . . . Arcadia . . Alhambra Mark Kepple . . Monrovia San Gabriel . . . Whittier . . Rosemead . . . Arcadia . . Alhambra Mark Kepple The EI Monte Bee Hoopmen took second place this year, The Cagers won T1 and lost only 3 games in league play. The seasonal high point man was John Mackey with 254 points. John made an average ot T1 points a game. The team's total points tor the season was T233 points. El Monte lost to only two teams in the league this year. The Lions tell to the tirst place Whittier team twice. The rest ot the teams in the league didn't give the Lions any trouble as they beat them all by good size margins. The others who played their best for the Blue and White were: Tom Klink, Hershell Oliver, Jim Murphy, Nick Montero, Rich Allen, Tom Turrill, Clark Gunsin, and Phil Voight. Bob Humberstone Dove Bercrdo Tom Mackey Dick Eppo Word McReynolds Jim Phllllp QQ 3446915017 CEE BASKETBALL Bock Row-Cooch Don Ruh, Roul Rodiequez, Ed Goreou, Jim Phillips, Carlos Holquin, Dove Berordo Bottom Row Bob Humberstone Word McReynolds, Dick Epps, Bert Holl. - Coach Don Ruh hold fine Talent this yeor in boys like Word McReynolds, Dick Epps, Bob Humberstone, Reggie Shipcott,cind Ron lshigki,,buT inluries slowed the Lions up out the beginning of the secison when they needed the victories the most. The Cees begun to click ot the end of the seoison ond won oll but one gome in the second round of leogue ploy. This gave the Middies o 50-50 record for the seoson. Some ofthe others to wotch for in the coming bosket- boll seolsons ore Dove Berordo, Mike Hcilleron, Jim Phillips, Rciul Rodiequez, Ed Goreou, Corlos Holquin. Dee J If Faztkelbafl DEE BASKETBALL Back Row-Coach Samarin, Mike Cassem, Dennis Mairs, Bill Curran, Gary Ridley, Jesus Licano, Jim Crain, Middle Row-Bryan Okan- eko, Bob Gyer, Jack Serria, Mike Halloran, Ken Crow, Jim Miller. Front Row-Ron lshigaki, John Hill, Reggie Shipcott, Kit Weaver, Ron Hotenpyle. Coach Bill Samarin won his first championship while at El Monte by winning the Pacific League Dee Bas- ketball crown. This is the second consecutive year that El Monte has won this honor. The Dee cagers who made This possible were boys like Ron lshigaki, Ron Hotenpyle, John Hill, Kit Weaver, and Winston Shipcott. Watch for these boys in the coming years on Cee and Bee teams. The J,V. hoopsters finished in first place in their league. The team did not receive a trophy because it is not an organized league. Many of the boys, however, played with the Varsity this year and will be the nucleus for next year's Varsity team. The team had height in Ken Strickland, and Rich Dakin, and Allen Gary also were main cogs forthe cagers. Others who saw much action were Jerry Gardner, Bob Coffman, Gary Otto and Dave LaFaile. 1 J , V. BASKETBALL Back Row-Mell Bellger, Dave Kadding, Ken Strickland, Rick Dakin, Alix Smith, Coach Nissley. Front Row-Jerry Gardiner, Ed Ramos, Dave LoFaille, Allen Geary. 5 1 5 . A in B Ward McReynolds Jim Martin Ed Eldridge Pat Collier Gary Atteberry Dick Macklin WMLQ B in . .L 3 1 A ....:::r VARSITY TRACK Back row-Leif Orston, Valentine Kamahele, Dick Macklin, Curtis Holmes, Marvin Holmes, Jim Martin, Stuart Reclditt, Mike Fair, Gary Atteberry, Lyn Stafford, Bob Mellgren. Middle Row-Dave Rejino, Al Brown, Glen Squires, Juan Apodoca, Ward McReynolds, Don Cooley, Ray Delgadillo, Rick Lockin. ,pw-tv Juan Apodaca Marvin Holmes Curtis Holmes Al Brown Mike Fair ,semf,.fw -1 .iss , r K'h ' hz- f L. , V 5- 1, fl if , L Rich Loken Don Cooley Bob Mellgrem Ray Delgadillo David Van Pelt Russell Moore Coach Kyne's defending champs have proved very strong in the league so far. The Lions did not have com- petition in the practice meets. Rosemead was the only team to beat the Lions in League play, and this may mean the championship for the Lions at this time of writing. Another outstanding track event was the EI Monte Relays. Some 24 schools were entered, with Long Beach Poly taking the trophy home again this year. Outstanding men on the Varsity this yere were Kamahele and Apodaca in the hurdles, Marvin and Curtis Holmes in the shot put. The distance was held by miler Bob Mellgren, Al Brown in the 880, and Jim Martin in the 440. Others who were high in the scoring column were Glen Squires, Richard Macklin, Ward McRey- nolds, Dave Reiino and Ray Delgadillo. 'f .+f-'f4sfif2sifiW 1. . .N ,, P 4 V W av ' Mike Fair, Bob Mellgren--Mile, Dave entine Kamahele, Juan Apodaca on El Monte Relays. Reiino AI Brown-880, Don Cooley-A hwdles- 660, Jim Martin-440. Dave Rellno Glenn Squires Valentine Kamahele Fee Zz-aah , . 1 . 2 1 us? L :iA A il' .z ml l ' 1 Back Row-Tony Ortega, Manual Garcia, Ron Weech, Tom Avery, Dick Orston, Dave Becket, Ted Voiles, Frank Ally, Paul Brandner, Bill Hanna, Steve Barkley. Front Row-Dudley Lewis, Steve Berrett, Gary Boyle, Tom Toor, Rich Allen, Dave Haynes, Bill Ridgel, Melvin Davis. The El Monte Bee Track Team was short of men as many of The Bees were running Varsity Track. The Bees, however, have talent that will be valuable next year on that team. The team so far has a 50-50 record iri the league. Ma ny of the outstanding Bees were Ron Weech and Dave Haynes in the high iump, Dudley Lewis in the hurdles, Rich Allen in the shot put. The relay team consisted of Frank Ally, Tom Toor, Frank Garcia, and Don Cooley. Watch these boys and many others on the coming Varsity teams. Shot Put Pole Vaulters il nl' sy 3- 3553 if QQ Z-Zane H as A ,c,yi T Q A My r Back Row-Ed Fulcher, Reggie Shipcott, Tom Lailey, Jim Hishik, Don Cooley, Bill Gaydosh, Ron Weech, Ken Price, Dick Epps, Clyde Pratt, Loyd Seese, Roger Banger. Middle Row-Allen Hakins, Ed Mallen, Terry Stermel, Jack Serria, Tom Griffin, Ward McReynolds, Dennis Mairs, Bob Morland, Melvin Davis, Jack Blackmur. Front Row-Bill Lanz, Ron Erickson, Rod Agaianian, Gary Stepeal, Jeff Vaughn, Ron lshigki. The Cee Tracksters were headed by Freshman Bill Gaydosh, who broke the school shot put record in his first track meet. He also runs the TOO yard dash and the relay team. The Cees looked like they could have a championship team this year as they have not been beaten so far in the league at time of writing. This is usually true with the El Monte Cee Track Team. Dick Epps was outstanding in Cee pole vault. The Speedsters on the relay team were Bill Gaydosh, Tom Griffin, Dan Sesse, and Bob Morland. Many of these boys will be back next year, and the experience this year will be most valuable. Left to right-Coaches Risinger, Kyrie, High Jumpers. Cee Relay Team. Victor' Tom Cooksey John Foote Allen Snethen Mike Halloran John Caldrn I l 11. i Q -'i Mm' Back Row-Tom Cooksey, Gary Allen, Don Wilson, Allen Snethen, Coach Nissley. Front Row-John Caldrn, Don Hamm, Mike Halloran, Don Lee, Paul Gray. Monte Monte Monte Monte Monte Monte Monte Monte Monte Monte Monte . . . . . Covina . . . Glendale . . California . Montebello Baldwin Park . . . La Habra . . . Monrovia . San Gabriel . . . Whittier .. Rosemead . . . Arcadia Any tennis team coached by Coach Nissley always tin- ished high in the league. The Lions scored many impres- sive victories in the practice games. The league was not completed at the time of this writing, but the Lions have met their toughest toes in the league in Whittier and Arcadia, dropping close matches to both schools. - Mike Halloran was outstanding in' the singles while Tom Cooksey and Allen Snethen were outstanding in the doubles. Also the others who proved valuable for the Lions were - Dan Lee, Don Wilson, Gary Allen, John Caldrn and Richard Snethen. My Don Hamm Don Wilson Dori Lee Gory Allen Richard Snefhen 7 0 fa., . x. 'f L Alma 1+ E iI.lil!l!lgl iliiiilil 'l .K " " 4' ? if fe iff M12 ami E 3 Q Tom Coolcsey 81 Allen Snethen-Doubles Mike l-loIloronfSingles -55154, 'maria J. V. TENNIS Standing-Julius Otto, Mel Belger, Ed Remius, Al Ruiz, Alex Smith, Ken Lewis, Klaus Schivelbush, Roul Rodriquez, Stun Kebrom, Coach Jim Ellis. Front Row-Bill Curran, Bob Snowden, Don Logosse, Rod Jermcnovich, Ken Crow. Gary Jackson Tom Turrill Jim Murphy Al Nerarez John Mackey Nick Montero Mimi x VARSITY BASEBALL Back Row-Coach Bob Settle, Tom Turrill, Howard Williams, Ron Calabrese, Bob Delgado, Tom Hammond, Duane Dunnington, Ed Freer Mgr. Middle Row-Doyle Spencer Mgr., John Mackey, Jim Murphy, Gary Jackson, Nick Montero, Dick Arbuckle. Front Row-Jim Young. The Varsity baseballers started play this year with a short squad, being that many of the top players were playing in the C.l.F. basketball finals. The season opened with Covina on the local field. The Lions squeezed by the Colts, l-O. Playing six practice games, the Lions began league play with Monrovia. Monrovia and San Gabriel were two easy games for the Lions as they rolled over both teams by wide margins. The Lions met one of the toughest teams in the league as they made it by Whittier, but the Lions dropped the next two games to Rosemead and Arcadia. At the time of this recap, the season was not completed. Many of the men who were seen in action were: Dick Arbuckle behind the plate, Ron Calabrese and Dave Kadding at first, Nick Montero at second, Howard Williams at third, Tom Turrill at shortstop position. The out- i field was held down by Tom Hammond, Jim Murphy, Gary Jackson, John Mackey, and John Helvin. The main pitchers were Bob Delgado, Duane Dunnington, and Ron Calabrese. l l l Dave Kaolding Jim Young Ed Freer Howard Williams Ron Calabrese El Monte 1 .. El Monte 6 .. El Monte 3 .. El Monte 8 .. El Monte 3 .. El Monte 4 .. Dick Arbuckle Bob Delgado Tom Hammond Duane Dunnington Varsity Baseball . . Covina . . . Glendale .. California . Montebello Baldwin Park . . La Habra JI! SCORES O El Monte lO 9 El Monte 7 8 El Monte 9 7 El Monte O 5 El Monte l 2 Futaba!! . Monrovia San Gabriel .. Whittier . . . . Rosemead . . Arcadia J. V. BASEBALL Back Row-Jerry Gardner, Steve Pellant, Tom Abrams, John Hill, Ron Sullivan, Bob Richmond, Kit Weaver. Middle Row-Cass Pink couski, Curtis Turrill, Winston Shipcottj- John McDougal, Jim Phillips, Bob Hibdon, Ron Hotenpyle, Gary Rilly, Gene Tarver. Front Row Mike Shively, Tom Mackey, Dave Berardo, Dennis Kruse, Wg, ' 5i?i1?T ii?" "9 '45 ,i A ' ---- I I ,, if Eg -' , T ML - T15 I ' . Vmh. -L" 'ills Vi 'W Top Row Ilefr To rightlr Brettiva Johanson, Joan BiTTle, Par Tarrinrino, Marilyn Hendrickson, Nelda Green, Carol Smith, LoreTTa I-Iaddox, Joan Cozzens, Fayrene Jones, Judy Pape, Rae Williams, Linda Manfz, Phyllis Hawes, Eveline Van Winkle, Marie Rozas, Nancy Piper, Beth Biffle, Sharon Ash, Carol Bliss. Third Row: Mrs. McCrackin, Aurora Varela, Margie Lee, Mary Padilla, Adella Paradez, AnTon- eTTe Carbaial, Betty Ramirez, Ella Mae Hall, Sue Sexion, Kafhy Kehoe, Treva Chezem, Edna McRey- nolds, Michele Logan, Beverly Hall, Beth Johnson, GAA COUNCIL G.A.A. G.A.A. PRESIDENT Fall Sem. Lorraine Almas made This sTaTemenT aT The end of her Term, "I was greafly honored when elecT- ed G.A.A. PresidenT and have Tried To fulfill my duTies To The besT of my abiliTy. l Think G.A.A. acTiviTies have been very successful This year be- cause of The girls' enThusiasTic supporT and fine cooperaTion." 164 GAA COUNCIL Back Row: Lorry Almas, Rena Olney, Veryl Ward, Marcia Rouse Rosemary Waite, Evaline Van Winkle, Emilie Agcawili. FronT Row: Annabelle Cress Fayrene Jones, Dawna STalians, Mary Powell, Margie Lee, Cris Ambord. 1 ha G.A.A. PRESIDENT Spring Sem. Veryl Ward made this statement at the end ot her term, "I have been a member of G.A.A. tor 4 years and have seen a great deal ot improve- ment with each year improving even more. One of these has been the addition of the honorary Circle E Club. It has been my honor to belong to this club, I have had a wonderful time during these 4 years and I am sure that every member of G.A.A. will be able to make this statement when they graduate, if they work for ci better G.A.A. every year." Martha Florez, Annabelle Cress, Barbara Roses, Miss Thomas. Second Row: Gaile Jumping Eagle, Gwen Green, Racheal Mendoza, Anna Zakaib, Rosemary Waite, Emilie Aqcawili, Marcia Rouse, Beverly Cooper, Lorry Almas, Veryl Ward, Ginger Teter, Pat Cikovicln, Dawna Stalians, Billie Zimprich, Mary Powell, Travis Hartwell, Grace Walters, First Row: Barbara Blankenship, Carol Becker, Peggy Mauer, Jackie Hoffman, Pat Hill, Linda Smith, Chris Ambord. LETTER GIRLS. Back Row: Treva Chezm, Anna Zakaib, Judy Pape, Marcia Rouse, Rosemary Waite, Edna McReynolds, Aurora Varella, Center Row: Ginger Teter, Emilie Aqcawili, Larry Almas, Veryl Ward, Mary Powell, Fayrene Jones, Dawna Stalians, Evaline Van Winkle. Front Row: Annabelle Cress, Brettiva Johanson, Margie Lee. I 165 G.A.A. SPORTS Many girls have come out to support the various G.A.A. sports this year and for that reason they have been very successful at their many Play Days which all the girls en- IOY- PRECISIONETTES Precisionettes is a marching drill team re- cently organized at El Monte High by Miss Watts. The girls have enioyed performing at many parades, football games, basketball games, assemblies and play days. Girls in- terested may become members it they try out and qualify. I ml. XX x Left fo right: Emilie Agcawili, Veryl Ward, Lorry Almas, Rosemai Waite, Pat Hill, Grace Walters, Mary Powell, Downa Stalians Jo Rutkowski, Annabelle Cress, Ginger Teter, Pat Cikovich, Fayrene Jon Judy Pape, Evaline Van Winkle, Chris Ambord. maybe!! Emeezmzz 3, ,xii - x lk gf J f f -14' 1 L. '74 Back Row lleft to rightl: Virginia Remirez, Rena Olney, Margie Fulp, Anya Cooper, Olga Reiino, Terry Drew, Darlene Akins, Joan Foster, Mardell Almas, Lillian Valenzuela, Sylvia Ponce, Elvia Espinosa. Second Row: Irene Mendoza, Beverly Mauler, Virginia Petroff, Mary Helen Espinosa, Beatrice Bonillas, Judy Dehaan, Denise Ford, Margaret Rummel, Carol Lindig, Judy Winters. Front Row: Elvia Jaime, Connie Williams, Mascot Edna Jaime. fuffeano .Dm BASEBALL TENNIS I67 Top Row lleft to right and on down the stairsl: Judy Pape, Beth Johnson, Joan Sanders, Marlene Nelson, Lee Ann Anson, Vera Gross, Patti Baker, Pat Moore, Treva Chezm, Margie Lee, Pat Ewert, Arlene Lorenzoni, Diane Harrington, Donna Fisher, Doris Worrel, Pat Tipton, Brenda Fisher, Bonnie Stuart, Virginia Davis, Gertie VanBeek. CHORE-ETTES Chore-ettes is a dancing group sponsored by Mrs. Stetler, head oflthe Physical Education De- partment. ln order to become a member of this dance group a girl must try out, then she is scored by the girls who are already mem- bers. Its membership is very limited. Chore-ettes have per- formed many times for the G.A.A., Music De- partment, and various other places. I MONTE MERMAIDS Monte Mermaids, a syn- chronized swim m i n g club organized for rec- reation, training, and performance, deter- mines its membership by tryouts each year with judging by the members. With the in- creasing popularity of synchronized swimming in the athletic world, Monte Mermaids has a place for El Monte girls as a fine form of exer- cise and sport. Back Row: Donna Fisher, Kay Schick, Louise Nelson, Suzie Faulkner, Evelyn Harvey. Middle Row: Bren Fisher, Joy Scofield. Front Row: Patty Tipton, Doris Worrel, Patty Moore. I , , J? lf., SCLOOI OPENS BANJ ASSOMLIY EI Mosh -Roseucul Fooflnll GA M f x 4 f . 'fxfi 4 , , A ,., V , ,W yi X xii, ggi: w , f N ' x . A 'f f" f K' 4'-.. Q t . X ' X' ggmgwggwgm sm-.. MQ ff K X 'TKT -1 f I , ,f , A 1 4-Q v f +1 1 -Sm: ., , X, ', nm , 1 Q j X Slum ' ' 'Qafffzf X " . f " L W sly X? X L ,A U .1 .4:.L.:.-.g.... X X 2691 -bl ik W VA? 5 ,MA XXb i in k W XX U X 21 Q - Fw X QS' 4 L - S J Y Q Q x ., ! 7 -L--. QW - 4.55. X -.,,, l gf? flN?x' ,'f"f'f""" 7 f Sf-Pfcnbcr Il Seffenlicr 22 0c'l'olaor 26 W chtlfinll vACl+l0n 8wee+k.n.+s ix H If!!! 2 Kgginuunnni IE fs i - Dtccubcr I9 Februnn' I5 L 5 5 Q 5 f f 4 X 1 x X J yi! . 1 43 rf I N -X V f N H Q 95.3 ' ,' , ,ig X ,QQ ,. - 7 " R95 Wil , X 'SK A W. 'ffwlmg 1 "- wwlwww K! W V K! if 15 ' V f X , Y V X f 0 -f fx 4 f X? Q2-1: 2 . L M , , A . M59 ff f , ' x 170 ,f 4 APN' 2 N APN' I lpn' mf Salsa H A S v , Xu. , '.' it 1 . gwklgg Dguce Tk!! kiqlvluq X Clmsfnns BAII f K V N SX ,s... CQ v -' , N 'W ' ,,.-SW- J-f .. . 'Q W f ! ammhzyqx X 01 f xk Qt mawfrmamzzumw' , .H , L Nl' 0 ff fa W U X V ,.1.g............,,.. --1---... " lf 1 - f , X- v 'N f ww --. 9 9 ,, X ll xi I 'iffy Q, i x 452, ,ages la-'w'qfh'dK .WZ3.:X Novenlsor 2I 'ZF X 11. NM,,,,Le, Dectnbu- 1 1, sw 1 2 r C ...+f.. r..s..... sn... C-I-F cl---P---sr--r W T'-Ck , .fW'Q ij ix V W i ff V f x X mx ' fi iii? 5 is Q 3 Nils: f Q I 'xl y w i XX 4 if i j1f l L flfii f -Aki 14 - 7- JG H J! X gg ' ' f .,.- f ,' H -E' A' C - , N , ' f,f' X ,' X .X ' BX Febvunrml 2 8 March q MINI' 2 9 P - JR. sl. prom f f Z Gndvdml Schnol Closes ,X V V' z., QQ CSV pf? 'f 5 MM x .mn F, X ,B ,f X ,XhA NX W Y K, Y 'xx 'W f R -' , X N 1 X f X wa,-x X W Nm. NW 1 W N xflstxgsbh' w 1 ' 'gygg Xegggst X, X I P HW , X 9 wg P W L W 1 1 22139, 3 J R f' 3 6' ' e, , '+ L 5 Q-2 Pe' ,, Lg., ,, U... LXEWF: HL' YTACX 621' jx 'a X A ,lf 1 VM to 1 gk W gif' , 3 Q X. A N f May 24 - I 3 x - 5 X f" ugh I X n J X57 V,,, 74, I J ul? xx is x 1 ni Af X X I f E E 3 i I l 3 S 2 Q 1 E ngl-il M 35 - emmm::vfwnm11-1--,W wfnu-wf'f' -f f-f ' Q- ' :Q Resanusd fore Sw W Wunwqkwwwkk-bw wwf rail's End editor, Doug Silvey and song leader, Joy Sco- eld know where to find good value in groceries and a iendly smile. That's why they buy at CRAWFORDS in l Monte at Five Points. M can find almost anything at CRAWFORDS in El Monte !Five Points including the iewelry department where dy Reeve and Ginger Teter obtain charming pieces of lvelry. Harvey Kaisner and Dave Smith are all set to go fishing with the superior fishing equipment found in the sports department of CRAWFORDS, in El Monte at Five Points. Selecting their favorite records from the record depart- ment of CRAWFORDS in EI Monte at Five Points are Pat Cikovich and Joan Rutkowski. f fill tu al i ll-I 1 TH Q fm? QBUUHB Mitzie Riley and Nancy Rennie give their orders to Mr. Burton, who has made possible the Trail's End by doing the excellent photography in the annuals for El Monte High for many years. This popular studio has done the! photography tor many high school yearbooks, individuals, weddings, and many other memorable occasions. Remember, that's BURTON'S STUDIO, 220 W. Garvey in El Monte. "Yummm-m!" Theirs what this happy Couple, Dave Smifh Two friendly and helpful former Monte students, and Sandra Ward say about the tasty snacks that can Phillips and Bob Mitchel show MC1l'Sl1C1 CC1WTlWOI'1 m be purchased at a reasonable price at THE PIT, 10462 Lindo Levy some Cosmetics thatvvill make their Garvey Blvd., EI Monte, ions glow and make them fresh as a daisy fro cosmetics department of RAl.PH'S PRESCRlPTlON DRl 405 W. Garvey Blvd., El Monte. ,,,- 5 K i f 1 4 S Lg.. inda Levy and PaT Coelho often go by The phrase - Ann Brown is admiring The lovely diamond engagemenT We always shop aT Habers Tor originaliTy plus qualiTy." ring Ray Montanez purchased Tor her. You Too may Tul- haT's at l-lABERS,3ll W. Valley. Till your girl's dream at EDWARDS JEWELERS, 327 W. Valley, El Monte. "CREDIT WITH A SMILE." Bruce Humberstone really likes The well fitting coat Russ Spencer is Trying on. 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V .ef if W AW' f' A , ' .Qj':"f 4 2235-". ,, . .g 1 X' ' x ,ffc Reocly to toke oft in ci comtortoble, convenient Volley Tronsit Lines bus ore Russell Woodwcirol, Chorlotte Tolbot, Fronk Plucker, Pot Ccirter, onol Poul Foincler. So to get where you vvcint to go ot cm reosonoble price go to VALLEY TRANSIT LINES, on Continental Avenue in EI Monte. 186 I Monte's foreign student, Klaus Schivelbusch looks on fith interest as a courteous Ashburn's salesman shows Ilen Korver and Barbara La Palia the easy terms on fhich they may purchase this beautiful living room set 'om ASHBURN'S FURNITURE, 407 W. Valley Blvd. n , 5 J JV . . 'mvwvvvw 1 n - A 'fdisgf , Vfvy.-v4,..,,v".' suiiu sss s i isssi . i 5 'I' TR ionesses, Sharon Monson and Lynn Gossard think this ool '55 Merc is "tops." This beauty plus many other sed cars ot good quality can be seen at UNITED AUTOS. o for a "fair and square deal" on a used car be sure ind stop at "that bright spot at Peck and Garvey," INITED AUTO MART, 11301 E. Garvey. ATTENTION CLASS OF l957: We sell all nationally famous brands of mer- chandise - Register your name with us and you will receive a special discount courtesy card for you and your family. Over one fourth century ot experience to help serve you. -Take a year to pay- Never a carrying charge for credit VICTOR'S JEWELERS 337 W. Valley Blvd. El Monte - Gllbert 4-3510 We give S81 H green trading stamps I87 Examining the superior drug section of CRAVEN'S PHARMACY, 237 W. Valley Blvd., are Margaret Rohrer cmd Rosemary Szarka. So for quality prescription service, excellent cosmetics, and a complete selection ot drugs it's CRAVEN'S. 188 l Virgil Erwin and Veryl Ward think this darling kitchen ette would 'flatter any home. This kitchen arrangeme with the built-in range along with many other model conveniences in household appliances you will find 1 ATLANTIC SUPPLY COMPANY, 11769 Valley Blvd. orzns Ffeom IVIY TEACHERS Awf WQWW O AFMS H +5 R BE x g fig? K Nb.. -. .... 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