El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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My . 1 Rfffigggfifglx AQ XIX Q3 R jf Xi! TX JV' JM N ' H ix . x 'Q' xy X 1 1 ' X '45 'b l. - if W f 5 if f ixbg wif mf?Q Sf wwffw if Q59 1 Nw VW 'M WyWW M5qMW95Q5QSgS '53 G32 J fX5? . fx" YL 1 L 1 - ' . Q1 W ywj WV ' QQ if pf W QCLQJ MQ ' - f 57 lf H' WW ' V QW QQ! JM XXX 5 . , ,dn K, . , A ' f 'f V A - if K. 1 . ' .M P- :if i f . ff , ,, 'pl ,- . Q 41Afffp4fff!Q ni':::Q W M My ,W I QQ iffwigif fffgw S9 We , wg W ,Q-ff, Vfyffyfjfff , Xwvylwxvygy, , V, Ml, - ,. ff W .y fgjl . ow, Jidlj fig? Ja 0'Q""""'0 ,W is 0 .fJ.45,QC,, ,gfykfvw-, We M , AQ' MAA! Woywff M ,,' in r 1f M ,, gl l ig yr LM, r - W 1 pl' I if i y 'fiffvwfi r ,ffl-iQ W' s ff4"'M' d J . if f fcqigsfswe .,A il ' Wi wi ,H '- WL A ,,,, , i ii, if Wi ' i i c, ll I 1 Foreword Echoing corridors - halls of oppor'runi'ry - parhs to desrinyl Our familiar hallways lead io prepararion for suc- cessful adull' life. Their myriad beckoning avenues show lhe way 'ro 'rhe,coun'rless srudies and acrivilies which occupy our busy siudenr body. Regardless of which corridors we have chosen. 'rhese halls of oppor- runiry open new vis'ras for Tasks yel' 'ro come. They will lead us info pa'rhs which will enrich our fulure. We. Jrhe siaff. preseni rhis sludy in pic+ures of our school year I955-56. We hope if-will preserve and revive 'rreasured memories of our echoing corridors. Build fhee more sfaiely mansions. O my soul, As fhe swiff seasons roll! Leave 'I'hy low- aulfed pasrl Le+ each new 're , nobler 'rhan +he last A Shui fhee from ven wirh a dome more vasf, Till 'lhou le fh ari' free. Leavin fhi oufgrown shell by life's unresring sea! Q, -Oliver Wendell Holmes 1 , . '13 u l 0 i ill r i r ii if - -' if , Wi iw llslwatf i -i s i , illl '.i 'rn ll Jiik"iJill.,QL , Mmm: 914.44-um n.m.,t .mug !fS..w , .nm 1 N 4 MA, mum Mum v- ' ma www-N m.Y..v.w. MM V 1. 1322? 'T ik 757 L i i? 3? a L W5 Q1 4, NS? , H . . Q., ww -will-' ' M- ' 'F' 'ff K' in ,Q-51',qyFfEfQi 457497, f , . pm, V . ,swgwfifywzafsw 1 W ' A 4 3, 55. . V My x A 'I ,3mX,31f-?5fl,,gQf,wgggag,xa:1 ww:-wpiwwai-iv M KQ19 W, ..,.E .:,., :,., 2 - - V v V. ff 1 I, 5 'UR .::-'Fi , M , A MW.. , . ,, .G A g ig 5 j . Iy- ' 'Q 1 . ' L15 f 1 , ,z-1:3 ity WX QM A 4 ug Q Qi 5 sf E, 2, . 5 K 2 f Q, a 3 3 2 sq- K 5 fix SQA G -' ,iff Nm' ' K M,WfW:f: g,ag:,,.:: s:i-,..:: +: 4 , , . 2,11 fx ESQ wilv wl. 1 y hsmff fisp Q 4 XWWA ., ,, . . ,. , 4 Q :Z55fQf,'f" 1 A " ,E f":f , Q C vw jfx, ak, we wwaffififm Mesa? ' K Q, ef aw wwwmilf wzwlfsgi is MQ A y Q +15 fer Q aw U Q0 ' Mb ,mmf-Am :MEN ' t 1 I 0 K , if fy W'-Db 9 NV mp ff jmyjgljjfiwpj JWQ s VN ws QQWQOWW WW M? UW C0 W ' jj Published by EL MONTE H SCHOOL El Mon+e -f::XCali'Fornia Fifi W W ' WW 6279 'Q ,, 5 fffff Www it M L16 K 2 , ss" 1 1, an 'H x 9 3 " 'qgsbl V1 'K Nina h s. .Q 1 .W wx! Q. 1 A ' Y 5 5 gl leg. . .X 1 awww W-x wwwwwmmw . WN QwxNSmN?N LwxRwwwwwwwmwwNNf' Q ka. f A Mfwxis ' - f X, 'fi Pix ' -gg . NN Q -SY 'gg M ,1,ewffJ"f""' 'I RQ, SR, I R I W 'f Confenfs -I S ADMINISTRATION .,....,...... ....II..I.II.IIIIIIII,II,II.II e I fag I2 I " FACIIILTY ...,.......... ,,I.., . .. .,II,,.,.,,,IIII..:..... -34 W ' I6 T , J R-, -- 24 GOVERNMENT ...... ,,, IIIIIIIIIIII,I.,.. CLASSES ...,.....,...II,..III III....I. IIII.IIIIIII I-IALL OF FAME I ,IIIIIII.,..,.. ..,.......I.......,.......I.,.,..I,,..I....... .,III.II,,.. 2 I 6, SENIORS I,I,,,,,,.I,.....I....,......,,....,.,.,...................... .,..I.,.III.IIIII,II,IIIIII.I.II.I .,.IIIIIII,.,I S I I id I SPECIAL RECOGNITION FOR SENIORS .,..,w.....I. .....,...... 5 7 60 JUNIORS III.IIIIII....I....I.I.....,..,..,.....,...II...I..I. .....III.II.IIII.,I.II.I,.,.,I .........,.. SOPHOMORES .......... .....,......I 7 0 FRESHMEN IIIIIIII III, I..,,.I.II.. 8 0 ACTIVITIES ..........,....,,,,. i .,,. .,......,... 9 2 V II2 DANCES ,C.C,,.II..,..4....,.... .............,Y.C.I4. .,...A...,., TELEVISION SHOW ...........,. SSSSSI....., I I4 , PUBLICATIONS ISSSSS IS.SSS .,,S I..SSS,SS.II I I 6 FINE ARTS .,,...II..S,. .........I.. I 24 I BOYS' SPORTS ..,..,..,III..,. .....ESSS.., I 42 TW GIRLS' SPORTS .,........,..... SS..,.SS,SE I 68 'S- WCZ' CALENDAR ............. ,,...,...... ADS .,.....,S.S.............. ......I.....,........... .f-lr' I af MEMORIAM .......... I......,..........I.I...II.,...I.... Rfb 'P zzzwffg A I A R32 QR IRS? I ESSSERIRR Imww OF iff MR. B. L. BERGSTROM DisTricT SiiperinTendenT Admin' The halls oT El MonTe are rich in memories oT evenTs and incidenTs experienced by The sTudenTs, pasT and presenT. These halls have known sTudenTs who have made or are now malcinq worThwhile conTribuTions in Their various areas oT endeavor. These experiences malce up The memory picTures which exisT in The minds OT all Those who have shared in Them. IT is our sincere hope ThaT The echoes heard Today or in reTrospecT ThroughouT The corridors oT This insTiTuTion shall always be happy ones, re- TlecTing saTisTacTion oT a iob well done. MR. LaMAR HILL MISS LORRAINE ANDERSON fXssrsTanT SuperinTendenT in Charge oT Business Vice Principal sfrarion When school closes. The sounds in fhe corridors and on rhe campus die down bur +he memories linger on. So will il be again as rhe school year of I955-56 comes ro an end. This annual will help keep alive rhose memories of our greal school. As you lurn lhe pages and glance al The 'Familiar laces. may lhose memories be happy ones and rhe resulls of your years here ar EI Monre High School be measured in success in 'rhe years To come. BOARD OF TRUSTEES MRS. ESTHER PEAKE Clerk of Board MR. LLOYD DANCER Presidenf of Boa rd 7 DR, J. EDWIN BUTTERS Member MR. G. V. BURNETT Principal MR. HAROLD PEARSON Member MR. ALFRED VON NYVENHEIM Member l and Aflendance DR, C-UNNAR WALQUIST Assisfanl Superinfendenf in Clmarqe ol lnslrucllon MR. EDWARD IRVINE Boys' Counselor MR. WILLIAM FENSKE Direclor of Acflvilies MR, WARD HARTMAN MRS. BERTHA SKOVMAND MR. LESTER MCNICHOLS Direclor of Clwild Welfare Girls' Counselor Special Sorvigeg MR. PAUL KEPNER Boys' Counselor Counselor lor Adull Eclucallon MR, HOMER SCHILLING MRS. ENGER OWEN MRS. ANNA SHERMAN Boys' Counselor l-lead Counselor Adminislrallve Assislanl and oordinalor ol Conflnualion Secrelary fo Dislrlcl Sclwool Superinlendenl MR, GERALD O. RISINGER Direclor of Adull Eclucialion and Conlinualion Sclwool MR. DEAN STOCKMAN Assisfanf Business Maraqcr MRS. ALMA KNIPRING Socrefary In Inc RrInQipaI MRS. LORRAINE LOFFREDO Secreiary Io fha Vive Principal MRS. ESTI-IER JASMANN Secrefary Io Assisfanf Superinfendenf In Charge of Insfrudion MRS. MURIEL DQSCHAINE Secrefary to Direcfor OI Adivifics MRS. MARGARET REEDER IBM Tex? Coordlnamr MRS. MARY GREER Secrcfary Io Ines Assisfanf Superiniendenf in Charge of Business MRS. MURIEL CROSS P.B.X. Operafor BUSINESS OFFICE Back Row IIEII In rIqIwII: Mrs. VeIda Sleberh Mrs. Dianne I-Ioan, Mrs. Grace Amebary, Mrs. Jo Anne McLAIDee, Mrs, Van ArrsdaIe. Fronf Row: MISS FIOrenCe- Hey, Mrs, Marie Mangan. CUSTODIANS MR. EARL NIXON Superinrendenl of Buildinqs and Grounds Bacl: Row llefl lo riqhll: Mr. Penrnan, Mr. l-loppe, Mr. Coolbauqh, Mr. Kilrerrnan, Mr. Boyakin, Mr. Roqers, Mr. Ausfin. Middle Row: Mr. Esse, Mr.Johnsor1, Mr. Skidmore, Mr. Ciarelli, Mr. Helron, Mr. Davis, Mr. Thomason. Froni Row: Mr. Yeary, Mr. Reed, Mrs. Williams, Mr, Rye, Mr. Kinq. MR. JAMES ANDERSON MRS. DORIS CONWAY DR, HELEN MORAN MR. ROY GARCELON Sfaqo Manaqor MRS. DELLA HARMON Caleferia Direclor Srudenl Slore Manaqer School Physician Superinlendenf ol Transporfalion CAFETERIA STAFF Paclr Row llell To riqhfl: Mrs. Clara Cunningham, Mrs. Kalherine Riessen, Mrs, Marjorie Nash, Mrs. Lama Thompson, Mrs. Mildred Enqelsfad, Mrs, Mildred Slephani, Middle Row: Mrs. Lulu Dayes, Mrs. Blanch Nicholson, Mrs, Belly Delqado, Mrs. Jean Marhison, Mrs. Nina Simpson. Froni Row: Mrs. Eclora Lee, Mrs, Nell Riggs, Mrs. Donna Hari, Mrs, Lenore Reynolds. ATTENDANCE OFFICE GUIDANCE OFFICE Leif 'Io Riqlwf: Mrs. Doris Sfavke, Mrs. NieIsen. Leif Io RiqI'1I: Mrs, Lundquisf, Mrs. McGimpsey, Mrs, Davis. 4 MRS, DOROTHY WEEDING MRS. AMY JOHNSON MRS. GLADYS CI-IANEY MISS ROSE MARIE LIUZZI Senior CIerIc--Library Nurses Aide ScI'1ooI Nurse Junior CIerIcfLibrary I A I A M ,AAL if MM cw Aww We 30,4 ' 2 BUS DRIVERS NJ Back Row Ileeff +0 riqrvflz Mr, Howard McKinney, Mr. Roy McVay, Mr, Ted Hawes, Mr, CIeadas Corey, Mr. Eddie Davis. Fronf Row: Mr. Joe RoesfeI, Mr, Roy GarceIon, Mr. Jcpseph Feher, Mr. MeIviri Remirwqfon. MW I-aculty. . . Mr. Robert Randolph Mrs. Ann Read Mrs. Juanita Reiclell Mrs. Josephine Richards Mr. Paul Risinger Mr. Delmar Risse Salesmanship, Everyday Home Teacher English Head of Mathematics Mathematics Woodshop Business, Typing Department Mr. Cal Rush Mr. George Schneider Mrs. Shirley Sciacca Mr. Robert Settle Miss Willa Sherwood Mr. Carlos Siebert Bandmaster Head ot Industrial Arts Hamemaking Social Studies, Library Science Agriculture, Floriculture, Department Physical Education Field Craps Miss Jane Skinner Mrs. Geraldine Sletler Miss Emma Taylor Miss Betty Ternquist Mr. Harold Teter Mrs. Elna Van Essen Choral Music Head ot Girls' Education Head at Business Girls' Physical Education Mathematics Head of Art Department Department Education Department Mr. Eugene Victor Miss Joanne Watts Mr. Harold Webb Mr. Jack Welch Mrs. Mabel Welch Miss Lois Wells Boys' Physical Education Girls' Physical Education Head at Science Bookkeeping, Typing Girls' Physical Education Vocal Music, Voice, Department Men's Glee 'mv""T Miss Marian Wilkinson Mr. Robert Wood Miss Leila Corbin Mrs. Marilyn McCullough Girls' Physical Education Spanish Teachers' Secretary Secretary tor Substitute Teachers Q YWV' iw 'fo QR E591 - gig? I -X A syx XL QQV Q QQTX Q CQ x,-4-1 N72 O -wx:-Q03 Q 50 6 gi 9 1-Sgpof was QM GFA ij' Y fixm, QXQYOVUIXX QQ?-L5 DY X96 Ok Www QQVKMQQWWNEWHQ Awkci W QVMKWWD W 65099 gwf Q. SQ PW7l4j WWLfQ?Wm ,W I LUW fflmubwfwv WMM WWW www V ws WW YWQV Ummm KX XX '- Y fu s ewlwwwrfw 'Q Ev , 1 , , ii N A+ 'A 'M 4 o Y'1 41 I .K L' F FRED ERICKSON A.S.B. PRESIDENT FALL - I955 On Seplember l2, l955, EI lvlonle l-ligh opened wilh "l-lowdy Weelc" sponsored by our capable president Fred Erickson, along wilh his induslrious commission. Conlinuing lhrough his lerrn we found lhe aclive Sluclenl Body Officers selling A. S. B. boolcs and sponsoring aller-loolball-game dances. Fred, a qualified officer, lead such aclivilies as "Rag Drive," "Go lo Church Sunday," "Teachers Day," and lhe morning "Flag Ceremony." Under Fre-d's direcfion plans were made for 'rhe Foreign Sludenl Proiecl. Fred's slalemenl al 'rhe Clase ol his lerm was, "Serving in lhe capacily as your Sludenl Body Presidenf has been a privilege and a beneficial ex- perience, one l shall never forget" RODGER FAC-BERHOLM A.S.B. PRESIDENT SPRING-1956 X5 W A i YJ of WW XXXLXX all Qi' , ,V a -Xpfli Carrying our fhe Foreign Sludenf Program was among The many Oul- slanding proiecls lhal Rodger Fagerholm clid, for as we all know he has presenled us wilh many fine acfivilies. The commission-sponsored Easier Week, which once again gained 'the safislaclion of all, was very successful. The placemenl of Club Week resulled in the lacl lhal all clubs had laken pari 'ro achieve a well-rounded schedule of evenls. Rodger, a wellfsuiled A. S. B. Presidenl. and his commissioners had allained Their level of prosperily by sponsoring many enioyable assemblies. Rodgers commenl al The end of his ferm was. "ll was my privilege and honor 'ro serve lhe school as ifs president I hope each sludenl benefils from if as much as l have." Sludenl Meredylh Buller Shirley l-lerlig Vice Pres. lsl sem. Secrelary, Isl sem. Acliyilies, 2nd sem. Diane l-larringlon Janel Alewel Marilyn Brown Terry Givens Sharon Noble Speaker, Isl sem. Aclivilies, Isl sem. Properlies, Isl sem. Boys' Clubs, Isl sem. Girls' Clubs, Isl sem. Rodger Fagerholm Marcia Rouse Jim Hecker Virginia Teler Sue Allen Boys' Alhlelics, Isl sem. Girls' Alhlelics, Isl sem. Assemblies, Isl sem. Soph. Comm. Isl sem. Frosh Comm., Isl sem. AI Paredes Miclcey Weed Linda Abercrombie Donna Slelano Joel Pelerson School Spiril, Isl sem. Sludenl Union, lsl sem. Publicalions, Isl sem. Scholarship, Isl sem. Parliamenlarian, Isl sem. Commission Palli Hake Sherry Gravelf Vice Pres., 2nd sem. Finance, Isl sem. Secrelary, 2nd sem. Suzie Faulkner Ricarda Lugo Joan Lockwood John Whilman Bonnie Devenny Speaker, 2nd sem. Finance, 2nd sem. Properlies, 2nd sem. Safely, Isl sem. Girls' Clubs, 2nd sem Boys' Clubs, 2nd sem. Ronnie Kruse Pal Ewerl Clairice Tiplon Kenny Lorlz Don Cooley Boys' Alhlelics, 2nd sem. Girls' Alhlefics, 2nd sem. Assemblies, 2nd sem. Soph. Comm., Qncl sem. Frosh Comm., 2nd sem. Tom Hammond Marcia Schulfz Paul Slrobel Jim Pollock Mr. William Fenske Safely, 2nd sem. School Spirifs, 2nd sem. Publicafions, 2nd sem. Scholarship, 2nd sem. Sponsor House of FIRST SEMESTER Back Row llell lo riqhll: Dain l-laiiinqlon, Tom Mackey, Bob Sparks, Eldon Dayiason, John Conlresceri, Marvin Rose, Jim Gilliam, Bob Malins, Ralph Uiqianlamassfrf. Third Row: Eddie laranlino, Reber? Walker, l-lerb Rieseen, Bill Weems, Jim l-lecker, Judy l-laqer. Emilie Aqcawili, Mairia Yminfi, Second Row: Coleen Burleson, Dorolhy Walkinw, Gay Clull, Sherry Gravell, Yukiko Okada, Pal Mallan, Shirley l-lerliq, Helen Rig-yr:-,, Claiiice Tiplon, Marcia Schulh. Fronl Row: Pal Baker, Ann Puryis, Marqarel Murry, Barbara Rawlinrrs, Suzie Faulkner, SECOND SEMESTER Back Row llell lo riqhll: Dayid l-layneb, Eldon Dayisson, Bob Sparks, Bill Weems, Ma yin Rose, Ronald Krme, Bob Malins. Jim Hoskinson, Ralph Dicjqianlomasso. Third Row: Jim l-lecker, Tom Mackey, Eddie Tarantino, Roberl Walker, Don l-larrinqlon, Jim Marlin, John Conlresceri, Beverly Fewell, Linda Conway. Barbara Weisharnple, Lona Essenburq. Second Row: Nancy Johnson, Palli l-lake, Helen Reyes, Judy Fallol, Virqiriia Teler, Rmemarie Pierce, Dorolhy Walkins, Coleen Burleson, Pal Baker, Shirley Fraze, Connie Schnake. Fronf Row: Sherry Grayell, Sharan Mille., Lenny Archer. Marcia Young, Lorraine Rogers, Linda Ansnes, Becky Derrick, Nancy Rennie, Charlene Gillespie. Re resenfatives FIRST SEMESTER Back Row Heir io riohrjz John Whiinian, Bob Deiqado, Raul Srrobei, Biil Vauqhan, Tom Tom, Poriy Casfruira, Jim Nicicell, Sieve Hamiiion, Leslie Howard, Third Row: Lena Essonberq, Linda Conway, Beveriy Feweli, Annabei Cross, Jim Toiier, Ray Monfanez, Don Orr, Jim Hoslrinson, Torn Masrerson. Second Row: Barbara Burion, Ricarda Li.qo, Aiice Amare, Joan Emlef, Jane Lee, Pai Ewevi, Donna Fisher, Luaiiie Carnpbeii, Joyce Wairon, irene Reyem Fronf Row: Diane Harrinqfon, Marrha Lanqrell, Janice Wriqhf, Doris Worviei, Marsha Cay-Ahern SECOND SEMESTER Back Row heir +o riohrb: Bob Ddqadc, Richard LaC5rande, Larry Barnes, Ray Monfanez, Don Orr, Les Swenson, Juan Apodaca, Ken Ke-rns, Sreve Hamiiron. Third Row: Shiriey lvesrer, Jo Benneii, Juanira Hasiings, Herb Riessen, Tom Masrerson, Richard Praff, Tom Toor, Biil Vauqhar, Barry Goldman, John Burroughs, James Hawk, Keiih Robbins. Second Row: Mary Whifehead, Kifiy Turner, Shiriey Braresky, Nice Amare, Dianne Mann, Ailene Kinsey, Joan Ernier, Ramona Jones, Lorraine Mrnas, Rosemary Szarlca. Froni Row: Suzie Fauiknor, Marie Ladrach, Linda Levy, Jane Lee, Lucille Campbell, Doris Worrei, Irene Reyes, Kay Hoppe, Barbara Burien, Par Ewerf. 'ASS s M ni "Corridors of American Youth" 25 M9 WW , v , ,Ww"',w 4Evi:.5 , nefmqw, ff 4 I 4, +A ,AWA a ww vm if WK: ,wmwmfu "f'?""" P ,f , 'f, w, ffm f-.. . 2 X X xflxx N, x x F XX - wg-N3 :Q W QW, ,ix 1 5. x Q X X . wi X E Q. we-za 'xi i . ' 'Is-.:fS'Es'.T:Swf':N, ':.- X . 'If' . mx. -: X. A F - Q UM 'f xg f i s X 'wfmwvf Mk hw , ' Seniors '56 JIM POLLOCK President Firsf Semesfer S SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOE MARK President Second Semesfer RON CHARLTON Lv. Pfes., znd sem.J ooue HOLLAND qv, Pres., Isf sem., PAT BEAN msec., znd sem., NANCY JOHNSON LTRS., 2nd sem.1 SHARON NOBLE msec., :S+ sem.J MARCIA SCHULTZ Ureas., I f I xx A R x Maw' Qx fbi Q xwx 2 YS aeimxkw xpgw mx s E xf Q Xxkx A N NK ...iz . 955.5 Q .q...h..,.N . X .:. x fl 6"' XS x X fi A X mg? x if y EA , Y X mg. Mlm , L, r Y A A ,gy 1 .,gsxf 5 ' 1 . X X x X A , EW gag x . 5,51 x Aw, 1 ,Q .J , H x 5 i4e,.,,,,, ,gay V K' Q V , .-'qw W at ffsgffk, U A ,wffwv , ,. 4 K 2 3 YRKH' U 'Y' fa U6 w fn K :Y , rf 1? W, 'A x L. I f3f'?'95"f2f V 22 ' 1 J 4 Sw Wg, X X PR ,4 'M 5? my . JW M, 1 igxyft' V "3 nf x , Af .,,V3 Lw,,iQ 'ET muy , W M 1 Q P? L Q A 'QW wiv ff A 'mm fy who rw., 5 Q In W2 5. ,U WQEQQM 2 f,gsg,rX'3,, , A A IZSXSLJ' ., gg-Kesiggy- as m? , 2 Eff 72545 gigvfgg, M wig1gi, - . We "GW .fu-M. -My , M , + If-M if Wy bgw , f .6 4, . , . ,N 9 - 1 H3455 rx A' M Y ,Q -iw :- ' 1 ,qw WM X mi. B. . Y wif' TL ,ffl fwitig 1 1 Y ' L 'sms-v X WW . gjiiyg 'Q ez sg W, War: , wh WK . 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I Bowman, Georqe ,, Bracci, Donald ' A , Brancafo, Lena ' ' Brandler, David , A - "" Q 1, Brandner, Paul ..,... vi 5 ' Bresee, Ken nelh aa a 4 Y V 7 " " I " " ' 1 , l ii: BB fx In i , 'lr s 5 is, , Q A . A ,:,g:, ., "QiE1.f ' f: ' , 3 , .... , . I. , ag Q ' M 4 - 7 rgx .., .1.:-rs. 1 i X ,iv Q h , , Y .M ' N , ,sf 32 .s gia fr: , ,,,,, ,rg 3, ..,., F ig Q' ll X Q 1.35, ,,,,. , 1 ,, ,sc K 5 Q li , X, W, Mez. , Gigi E --Mi ' ' my . , , 1 1. Q NS Brislol, Marian Broolcs, June Brown, Ann Brown, Gary Brown, George Budge, Chrislie Burnefl, Gary Burnefr, Larry Bush, George Cady, Barbara Calarella, John Cain, Alan Caldon, Barbar Callahan, DeWaine 5 Campbell, Judy Camplon, Dennis Canales, Roberr Carbaial, Marie Cardenas, Tommy Carrin, Irene Carfan, Carol Casas, Barbara Casler, Norman Cason Barbara Cason l-lelen Cason VVarren , fa, ,..r Q. 6 .,.,. Caslillo, Quben Ceballos, Freddy Cervera, Tommy Charles, Sfanley Childers, Joyce Clark, Bill Clark, Carol Claybroolr, Belly Clendenen, Jim Clulf, Murray .- ,.., ,, Cobbel, Julian , .,,,1 ,. vi Coburn, Alberl '55 Coclcrell, Larry ,. coelha, John Coffman, Dorolhy ,VN X ' . Cvqani F-Ffa H ifi ' xiii H '. , Cyl J A 23:22, VF.. hh Q , W a-af: W , 1, fi YL? he B an M My T 4 -W Ili. , . .. Q Q Y X 3 mise .1 ,MQ . B' .1 ., ,, , . 5- 1 : Miz -I A 9' an :.: - Curfis, Marjorie Dahl, Elizabelh Dakin, Richard Darnall, Pal Daves, Tom Davidson, Shirley Davis, Dian Davis, Zandra Dearlh, Paul Declcer, Raelene Dereivera, Maureen Derrick, Wanda Diaz, Lucio Dillcs, Robin Disel, Liwda Dominguez, Elizabelh Donelan, Louis Donelan, Pal Dooley, Michael Duffey, Jim Dunn, Cnarles , - ,.,. ' l " Yr R . .,.. ... .. .gan ,ia L1 , ig 'Y A -, -2- .fx I 'M u 4 " ' .:L'::-, '92 Frlflfffzib-5' B 3-L .- ""S 1' ii' . . ,.,..., ,...........,...., ., ,,, 4, K f' .,,,. WM Q K r ea, 5 X , L W - 'Sv ,Me ' J x X X g Ak . 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Ms C . 1 wi 1 'E L Q ,,y ii 'B H ' K -in r- 'J w g- - - Ford, Denise Ford, Kalhy Fousi, Sharon Freeland, Jarrell Freeland, Sfanley Fry, Mary Frv, Richard Gallichio, Milne Garcia, Frances Garcia, Raul Gardner, Jerry Gardner, Joyce Gardner, Susan Gareau, Edward Gever, Roberl Gilliam, Yvonne Goile, Tom Golden, Bill Gomez, Alexander Gonzales, Manuel Gordon, Gayle Gosnell, Virginia Gould, Marilyn Gracey, James Graham, Linda Graham, Phil Grams, Linda Gray. Andrew 39 Q J P 3 -ar. . my . 1 .i .i 525: was ,, . M Ha W ilu Q' V ffiwmmftw ,sz Q Q he r E ,Mi ll 1 in s ...., V -'-913' ' ' 1 . , W. 1 HQ z H 'Y Q- 1 is Ph 5 fs . Y In 5 fa ?auagQf .Qc 2 5 M X, R X , 1 522 5 S, 1 . ,Li i ii sffgai Egggggi fi yi 2' ,gg Q A Q 41 Q 7 1,. ,. Duran, Johnny Durham, Miclcie Eaves, Judy Edwards, Claude Edwards, Sandra Ellioif, Roberl Ely, ram Enciso. Joe Enriquez, William Erickson, Ron Espinosa, Mary Esquivel, Esrher Eslep, Marlin Evans, Dwiqhl Evans, Kay Fair, Milne Ferquson, Bea Ficlcewirrh, David Field, R Finnecy, ichard Ralph Fish, Cl-irisiine - " 5 A gi i' ' LAWYA, , ,-V. .nf l :E .,,. 3, V , K I : J lifisrf A li' F '1 5 ai ' 5:i'::.2',1:'i' ' 5 Z ' fi5:': Hr ,. 5 ---- E ,,,..,. fi, ,i ,,,, . Q e,g,yw?fW5me. i3mmaa1 ,wee . A . -,.-, my , F Q A 5' is is Q 4 L xg y, XY . i is . . ., . 'yi im i i l . .. 5 . - , V is is fl ' i , if-V , ' , 5 iff i yy H i : , 3 .V E , F' W 4 f'j . MJ , g ay 1 wfiw if' ,.,.,..,,. s i 1, ' win 'Phan--J 5 , ' M bi Gray, Jim Green, Nelda Greene, Gary Greer, Gary Greqory, Thomas Greosion. Melba Griffin, Earl Griffin, Jarvis Griffin, Joyce Giirnes, Jerry Gudino, Benny Gulloclr, Larry Gummere, Yvonne Gunson, Clarlc Gulhrie, Kalhleen l-laddox, Lorerla Haehl, Kalherine l-laqer, Oscar l-laqins, Ladon l-lall, Beverly Hall Ella :Q -:,. , - - 5.3- J W ,, 5 X i iffy? , i .f is sy 1 W .arg L S ii -32 N if 7 1 'Rigs m ., ,.b: Q bqbq A ....., QQ' ,.., - Z i s 4 is J or s D so K ' s i s J b , .. E zzz ., i , 1- Vi' ":' ':"i ' ':"' ..,. " ' .V., i ...- 1 -:1-: "" E , ,:,, J 'zz' ,Im 1 be " 'Q Hickey, Alfred E ' . E M l Hickson, Joyce . A' if QQ? ii Hill, Carol J: Q ,mi fiig f Hilmn. Dauqlas Hone, Donelfa , 3 ii' H k' , C I lz' ' , J f Op 'ns aloe . be is i K' si F R E S H M E N ,QAM , 3 . 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Q ,LQ Y A2 1 X ii' H' 5 , s H .Q was f ' sr 'Dfw- W ...,.. . if ,:g,- i Hall, Richard Hammock, LaVonne Hand, Judy Hanna, Bill Hansen, Barbara Hardin, JoAnn Harrinqlon, Don Harlrnan, Bill Harfwell, Travis Hauff, Allen Hauser, Waller Havens, Peggy Havens, William Hawes, Phyllis Hawkins, Allen Hayes, Claudia Hayqood, Joanne Heacock, Sandra Henderson, Wanda Hernandez, Eleanor Hernandez, Joe egg ,, 4. X E QW' S fi M ill N ,sv Jemison, Carol Jenny' Roberfa Johnson, Richard Jumelef, Diana Jumpinq Eagle, Gaile Keas, Paula Keelinq, Don King, Phillip Kiracole, Verna Kilchen, Lou Anne Kilr, Larry Knowles, Eddie Koehler, Charlola Kraqer, Yvonne Kruse, Dennis Kydd, Jean Labella, Jerry La Canin, Marie Lacey, James La Faille, Dennis Lahr, Carole , at ZILTK ,ig . e K i Q . ii Lailey, Tommy Landson, Paul Lanqe, Charles Lanqerock, Pal Lanqrell, Marfha Larsen, Bill Lafhrop, Kafhy Leach, Kenny Leak, Jim Le Clair, Cecilia Ledqerwood, Janice Lee, Don Lewis, Diane Lewis, Dudley Lewis, Virqil Lieberr, Carol Lindiq, Carol Liffle, Marqarel Lockwood, Larry Loerch, Richard Lopez, Alfred , -1 -s, 'f. .. .. '2-' 'H fran, . 2, K af sz , 'fl .fi'.,., Y i L ,.,..,, f ' he ' .. A A sf" , ""-fm liklitz y , 'i'i'i .. Si! D wi . -'iii' ' f 5 . 'Else " - 5 2,4 ,. ' .. ' .,,,,,. ,X f f 'S Q gg A, .. W ...,f, 'fi QE W S s 4 Y m J 1- X1 Hifi ge L w fi E sg as Z .... 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Ji .Q - ,X .... 6 'l' A 1 Q-.frzxmis-Er: ' F..ff,..z:..:-.,. - wil 231' . fn 4 Q 'K z , .,.,. . MQ Morlari, Elizabelh Morion, Vw'ally Moseley, Lavada Mundl, Roberr Murchison, Barbara Murphy, Gary Murry, Marqarei Myers, Michael Belsy Nash, Nelson, Carol Nelson, James Nelson, Nelson, Kalhleen Richard Neva rez, Ernesi' Newrnyer, Janice Norman, Mike Nuckolls, Rufh Nunner, Alois O'Brien, Jim Qffonnell, Rufh Okaneko, Bryan ,E Q-.N me as , , Ei f,'. f ,. A - M, sf Q M , 'E :WI ...,., vv...- all Q if , s an i my ni i sw ,,, if -'-' ,, ,.,,. - . . ' ,- ' 1 ' , -' ,,., 1 . , , ,,.. in P l.:-ea. aa: . , V P ' ev ., ..,, : Q, P 'W 359 515- : -, -me i ,wif Nami i ' W UQ g gm 1' ,jig 4 , A ' .ii ii Q , , is :?.,,..,. E . , all w . 'S .Iii - ge 3 ..::' ' I-M . N ?MP"'xf- yi V I .Tw W as ,X 1' -Q .,.' Q 42 it ,,.1 . .,AA ' x, .. P " - J ., i -,: ,i j'sf. 4 . f"" ,i.V' i i I ::' " ii VV , ' I-gi: ,i,: ':"':: i ,,. fag.: ' MM M, M ? X.. ..aQg.K,. LLM ,. . , W ' '4 Q z. l P . , 'i 5 .-,. I V A 3 'Y' i ' . . . . .. .. "Zire -...ii f i- ss" i. ' P, , f ,,,. 1 , . ,.,,..,. , V zzzu, , K ,W W 'iii , mt .,., 4 w ,f ' A i A, P ffglv 4352 2ei,fi? :o,.,f?, 5 523 2 A P ' . l ,. i Phelos, Aileen V 3 , " Phillips. Norma Q ' P o ' 2 Z fi' ' s. Phillips, Ronnie R ' 3' K Pi++man, Thomas rg ubbq Z V' , 1 ' M Plucker, Frank ' Z , ' "'- H Pool, Reber? V, . .. Poller, Louise lim I il. i l ,f,,i7"K.,.. ,. Powers, Rav i, Preciaclo. Joanne Price, Karen ue A, g 45, Price, Kennelh .glifiigf Prince. Diane .I Pulvef- Dania' -' Purvis, Ann Ouesenberry, Bessie Quesenberry, Mary Ramirez, Rifa Ramos, Ralph Ras, Alvin Rauch, Paul s ,'., ii, , .. .I v sEE5E52:',:52',2 ,,., . ' X es, . . . E P X 4 5 l QP 11.9 ...., , Olney. Sherran Olds, Glenn Olney, Rena Ord, Susan OHO, Julius Padilla, Elvira Padilla, Joe Padilla, Mar+ha Paesano, Kafhy Paqe, Carol Pain+er, Gerald Paredez, Adella Parker, Barbara Parsons, Pafricia Paulson, .lim Pavne, John Peake, Roqer Pearson, Mike Pedreqon, Rachel Peeloorn, Roberf Perfeian, Sharyn Pefers, Eva Peiers, Irwin Pelers, James Pe'rerson. Charles Pelerson, Richard Pelerson, Roberf Plis+er, Jim ko xi ' N Q v' Q Q- 5 ' f fe 'P K if ' s " X Q 4 P Yr i J 1 , A ,n 'L W ii .i 1 " -,L1:-.:-.,.,.... 4' Q 'Nam I fi Roses, Barbara Rowe, Eva Rowlison, Judy Rozas, Marie Ruifner, Joyce Ruiz, Jovifa Rummel, Marqarer Rush, Don Saens, Eddie Sadler, Parricia Sais, Evanqelina Salaiar, Maria Sampson, Jeanne Rae Sanchez, John Savaqe, Donaid Scanlon, Georqe Scoll, Dennice Scrivens, Gary Seiierr, Waller Sera, Jack Serrano, Maria Sexron, Mike Sharbrouqh, Michae Sharp, Janel Shaw, Kennerh Shearer, Curlis Shipcori, Reqqie Shipcofr, Winslon Rawlinqs, Barbara Reddiff, Sruarf Reed, Carolyn Reid, Gary Remus, Shirley Repasz, Roberla Reyes, Sylvia Reynolds, David Richmond, Bob Ridgel, Bill Rimmer, Sandra Rirchee, Mariin Robbins, Keilh Roberrs, Donald Rockwilz, Sharon Rodriquez, Raoul Roeder, George Rogers, Lorraine Rollinger, Sherry Rook, Glenn Rosalez, Lupe Shoemaker, Waller Shrider, Carol Sieqel, Lanny Simpson, David Sinqley, Marilyn Slauqhfer, Kay Smifh Arlen Smirh Berry Smirh David Smiih, Dayle Smiih, Denise Smiih Larry Smi+h Leslie Smilh Roy Snell, Sharie Snelhen, Richard Spinner, Paula Slark, Mike Siegall, Kilfy Sfephens, Arnold Sfephenson, Ruih Thomas, William Thompson, Roberl Thompson, Ronald Thompson, Vernon Thurslon, Thomas Timmins, Ronald Torday, Carol Tranlc, Tyanne Travnilcoll, Mary Turner, Tommy Ulloa, Clara Urlie, Paul Valenzuela, Lillian Van Fell, David Varqas, Helen Vaughan, Danny Vawler, Lirda Vesl, Paul Vidale, Mary Voiles, Harold Voiles, Ted Volner, Gladys Waqqoner, Larry Wann, Franlc Ward, Wanda Waroway, Edward Weaver, Kl Wedqeworlh, Bill 'H X3 l Q X JMWW Tu sf is 3 A Q --'Q ,.f.M.. if ,. ,.,s , J EN at Js X .. :.s,f Q ri 5 , .::i, ,..:,i . 5 , . E 3 Eel Slevens, Barbara Slewarl, Eddie Slolces, Donna Slou rs, Barbara Slrawnall, Ea rl Slriclrland, Ken Sluclc, Ray Sublelle, Jessica Sullivan, Ronald Summers, Charles Summer, Bill Swalley, Dave Swalley, James Swarlz, Ronald Swalsley, Richard Szwanlcowslci, James Tarnoslci, Kalhy Tarver, Gene Tarver, Shirley Telreaull, Norberl Thilqen, JoAnn - Weech, Ronald Weems, Linda vveny, Bail While, Barbara While, Belly While, Sydney Whilehead, Mary Whilney, Honey Wiqqins, lrmalee Wiley, John Williams, Richard Williams, Virqinia Willse, Mary Windom, Shirley Wise, Raul Wise, Terry Wornell, Judy Wriqhl, Janice Wurslholl, Mike Younq, John Young, Marcia Zukai+is, Richard '25 .a 5 Q Q Q ,v vu 6 fQ"" MQW, W4 ff 5 um sf Q V Q ,U f 4 V526 ' ygffg , 3, MSM? 'W' .mi . 11 Af f 5,4 5452551 vwwwl, Jiigi., www I 95 fn ? yi Rei Q W: QW -'-' : w:',: .4.-rw: A A L 5? ,fig , ,. H , lx 5-4' : A' wx? Q X cn, V425 3 5, , -EXW? J. .Aff K f WWW ,E li tl' , 51 953355 4? wit W? 'F N?,yV. 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K X nf A .gm Q1 "LLM f AA f 9 N f 'wiivmn' . '71 3 LR K' .. ,Q,.w W , X-A .P .WM TYWQAQ1 'r:,Qf'4'H,Q Q- fx M X yk v 35?2E?SN:f" 'Q h Mi + - vsak we 'Q A- W .m,A.,A,..,..:f:.:. S Q-if 5: .-xv.:-I-gk., 4 ' a 55. QQ .A A Aw ,A S-W DALE BAILEY BOB DELGADO ROD FAGERI-IOLM DALE FERBER L . TERRY GIVENS DAVID HAYNES JIM POLLOCK HARRY SERA PAUL STROBEL MICKEY WEED 'HF X 5 , if ,f may R5 A we A D fr lv p I .., . -Iseli 'X dl qw I' E 3 El aw Q, S .3 53? 5 . rx ,, Q 4 fm I we AQ Q55- are -f fi ff. 32.11 9 My ff W 8 J up Z 'J 2' W W .ww-wr 4554 . 1 KZ 2 at 'W ' W W ,, A K f- fp T .Q 5, E M gg 1.4 11? , Q 'Eff A mm wwf 1 y ., 1 H 3. . 8 W , 4, , .,,.. V 4 ' 'Q 3 2 Af f 6 5? , , fy 'Wfaifwf ff . .iff SR . -...W V ,.f ' ' ' 4' " 'W sv Mk? 3" ' 'W 2 35 1 if w V ELMO - ETTES "Service, Tolerance and Courl'esy" acl! Row llelf ro riqlwflz Carol Jernison, Judy Wornall, Carolyn Onslolr, Frances Garcia, Lynn Sexlon, Beverly Lewis, Erline Kindel- erqer, Carol Liebert Second Row: Marian Brislol, Joyce Hiclcson, Palma Scarniinaclw, Judy Craiq, Kay Hoppe, Judy Dedon, Miss osey. Fronl Row: Joann Hardin, Mary Fry, Linda Disel, lvlarliss Kinney, lvlarqaref Calderon, Melba Greqslon. iPlNAlRES "Forwards Ever, Backwards Never" aclc Row llelr ro rqlnrl: Virginia Davis, Karen Hansen, Annabel Cress, Lona Essenberq, Gaile Eagle, Rayena Williams, Becky Derrick, eanefle Clark, Barbara Coble, Nancy Henderson, Third Row: Barbara Hansen, Dolores Drynan, Slnaron Miller, Susan Ord, Billy Zirnprich, lardel Alrnas, Roberra Jenny, Anya Cooper, Karlwy Crawford, Miss Berry Ternquisl. Second Row: Judy Orban, Carolyn Riggs, Sarah lrezern, Linda Gramo, Barbara Haslceli, Diana Campion, Bern Ericlcson, Sylvia Hoyal, Twila Redden. Fronf Row: Mary Lou Barneir, ylvia Leiva, Linda Piel, Claudia Hayes, Claudia Klenfip. V U V Q i .:.. A ZA., D, I ' H R, fi 2 Q, .f., ., :,, 2 5 gi .A::,. 5 .':.. -. .fr 42: 'fe' f iv. U I 1 ,, 11 Z . A L.,m2'2i'A T :i ,bk Y' A 1 ,, , ?f'TX9gf' w ' , ,grim Ew- Q' W ,A E ltl- J '.:.z::..:- , rw Q,-55 A 1: xmgimi k,:,,,gL, ,RWM S M. ,Q 5 'iw 3 : 1' ' M 5- ' ' E fi Q RW 'TX E' Sf' -1 W o 5? BK in n L '1 3k..5f 1: v ' 'L !!A fs- , - ,fm - Q n o 1 ' Q '1-.:r gm , . . 'T , w . Q' s Q is 13' W HI - Y "High Sfandards of Chrisiian Cl1arac+er" Baci! Row llell lo riqlill: David Srniflw, Marvin l-lolrnea, Don Aiaiza, Lance Larson, Bruce Hurnbersfonc, David l-laproii, Guy Baiclnelder. ' ' P H , M3 Seflle. Fronl Row: Jim Roberl- Second Row: Bruce Snyder, Rlclnard Lolcen, Dan Cowley, Ricliaid Allen, Pal Collier, Lyrnoin 0 er r son, B. J, Bird, Ed Finneiy, Ken Lorlz, Jirn Haniiin, Mike Sliively. LION SQUIRES "Service and Fellowship' Baci: Row llell lo riqlrll: Ke-irln Airnann, Franlc Pluclrer, Rubefl Peeloom, Charles Lanqe, Roy Srnilli, Second Row: Mr, Fred Pee M N b l Telreaull, Robe-ri Howard, Gary Reid. Jimmy Cox, Riclard Zulrailis, Bill Laqassi, Bill Tliornas. Fronf Row: Miclfiael yers, oi' er SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY "Scholarship for Service" Back Row llell in ririlillr Bruce Huinberslcne. Elaina McDonald, Donna Srefann, Terry Siocldard, Perry Gillespie, John Faoin, Roy Messirmrw. Dar Frye, Jael Pelersrin, Shawn Frwler, Thircl Row: l-larvey Kaisner, Pal Barlrwn, Pally Burlce, Linda Alcin, Pai Eworl, Merodyih Baller, Diane l"larrinr-ilnn, Jill Sniilh, Mr, Irvine. Second Row: Sharron Monsczn, Emilie Aqcawili, Donna Daniels, Sherri Norlinq, Michelle Marfqer, Jricnlyn Jnhnwn, Carfvl Liridcrnanri. Fronl Row: Rosemary Szarlca, Barbara Burion, Lrruise Younq, Janni Alowel. l JUNIOR STATESMEN "Make Democracy Work" Back Row llell io ricghll: Mila Kucnla, Leslie l-loward, Ernesl Shacldriclc, Gerald Popperwell, Bill Cummings, David Srnilh, Lesler Kira- Coie, David LaFaille, Second Row: Ronald l-luqhes, David Moore, Conrad Rundqren, Kay Schick, Ronny Price, Curlis Pnllei, Mr. Fisher, Fronl Row: Poll Sh 2, Shi G. id S r 4 '- ' A 4 y an rrry nc , u,an l-lulquisl, Loioila Suazynslci, Barbara Wcishampel, Linda Levy. :UTURE FACULTY "Educa1'ors of +he Fu+ure Genera+ion" ack Row lleli lo riqhll: Lirdy Barlow, Karhy Lalhrop, John Aldecua, Diclc Perkins, Richard Winslow, Douqlas Bobbilf, Ron Hari, andie Greasley. Fronf Row: Mary Fry, Janice Corder, Sherry Good, Helen Nix, Sharon Fosler, Linda Alcin, Diane Harrinqfon, Barbara Yeishampel, Mrs. Reidcll, f. F. C. "Jesus Saves" acl: Row lleff to riqhrl: Gloria Srranq, Johanna MaGowan, Sharon Fosrer, Carol Spruill, Shirley Loornis, Barbara I-larberr. Second .owz Judy Mirchell, Carolyn Raleigh, Ramona Jones, Bob Fuller, Sharron Monson, Mary Ann Srephens, Miss Lois Wells. Fronf Row: 'ene Reyes, Jeanelwe l-larcin, Ki? Weaver, Treya Che-zem, Shirlie Malerla. v vi QP SPANISH CLUB "Adelan+e Con El Monfe Back Row llefl 'ro riqlill: Pally Burke, Donna Felix, Elaina McDonald, Elizabellw Newell, Sandie Greasley. Second Row: Dora Zarle Twila Redden, Helen Nix, Joann Sanders, Mr, Wood. Fron'r Row: Barbara Biirion, Ginger Teler, Dawna Slalians, Judy Reeve. LATINEERS "Amici+ia Per Linguam' Back Row llell' lo riqliflz Palsy Sperry, Jim Edson, Dial: Perkins, Joel Peferson, Russell Jedinak, Beverly Bigler, Ron Hari, Milne Kuclwla Donna Daniels. Froni Row: Richard Sleplvens, Carolyn Grove. Marqarel Rolirer, Linda Morrow, Meredyllw Buller, Ann Jack Lenlz, Rose rnary Szarlca, Jaclcie l-layes, Mrs. Murray, .RTISTOCRATS "Friendship Through Ar+" clr Row llell lo riohil: Veryl Ward, Helen Nix, Porly Casiruiia, Dan Slolpe, Jirn Heclcer, Gerald Baurnqarlner, Fawn Burrows, Faye rner, Claudia Handley, Bob Burroughs. Second Row: Lucille Campbell, Judy Kinne, Paify Balmer, Douq Silvey, Carol Linderriann, onard Siapi, Ruih Bidwell, Linda DeWiH, Mrs, Van Essen. Fronl' Row: Pal Hubbard, Elaine Golden, Marqarel Kala, Judy Roclrley, rbara Crali, Pal Rily, Gloria Fisher, Gerry Weedinq, Charles Monlqornery. i MONTE LIBRARIANS "Book:-The World a+ Your Finger+ips" iclr Row llelf io riohilz Jazlcie Hayes, Nancy Johnson, Susan Hulquisi, Marqarel Kale, Jael Pelerson, Virginia Lonqshore, Sharon Jsier, Rulh Jacobs, Marcia Jaclcson, Barloara Wesi. Third Row: Mrs. Dorolhy Weedinq, Miss Rose Marie Liuzzi, Ramona Sanford, arcia Rouse, Sandra Swarson Mary Morlan, Anne Chrisiensen, Nola Schneider, Nancy Speers, Coleen Burleson, Zona McCollum, iss Sherwood. Second Row: Bally Shanz, Marcelle Schneider, Nancy Williams. Lorelia Fleming, Roberla Tyner, Glenna Marlin, Marcia hullz, Yulrilro Okada, Sandra Cousens. Fron+ Row: Anne Halls, Judy Kinne, Lorraine Almas, Molly Shanz, Gladys Corniclc, Virginia amirez, Shirley He-rfig, BIOLOGY CLUB Back Row' lol? lo rI"1l1ll: Lynn Slallord, Dennis Wood, Clwarlof Lmlinqor, Sieve Hubb 'Cl, Sl, 2 l-llbbgr. S , 1 av evf r l econd Row: Mr. Gcrwiq Ronnydprwo, David Crandall, Clarfpnnv Clwnrry, Mr., Durlwarn. Fronl Row: Marfello Sclwnciclf-r, Pcqruy Anclruss, Judlllw Baknr, Joar Slglwnr-I Cl. "Birds and 'rhe Bees" MINERALOGY CLUB Back Row llell lo rlqlvll: Slwavon Fo--luv, Elalna McDonald, Rlalward Posl, Disk Perkins, Russell Jedinak, Lynn Slallord, Frank l'-lall, June Meldef, Jean Ivlelder. Second Row: Charles Lolslein, Meredyllu Butler, Richard Slepl'xens,Judill'1 Baker, Joel Pelerson, Rulkv Jacobs, Slevo Hlblmerl, Torn Avery, Mr. Wfebb. Fronl' Row: Russell Buchan, Joan Schneider, Rusly Siclers, Virqinla Haskell, Kallwleen Williamson, Ann Jerk Lenlz, Mlclwellc lvlaqer, Ron Harf, "From Pebble-Puppies +0 Rock-Hounds" lElvl TEAM ROAMERS "Don'+ Shui Oui' 'lhe Shui'-Ins" Row llell lo riqhflg Russell Jedinak, Mr. Webb, Dick Parking, Back Row llell lo riqhll: Bill Sweeney, Charlolle Koehler, Mrs. I Rgwg Clwgrleg Lgilglgint Ron Hai-fr, Coursey, Doris Miser. Fronf Row: Barbara Rawlinqs, Rolnorra Repasz, Doyi Hughes. D f 2,71 OUNTAINEERING CLUB "Teamwork Above All" kRow llell To riqhfl: Roqe' Swanson, John fxldecua, Bob OiDonnell, Dave Hill, Dick Buckendahl, Jim Allman, Harold Jurney, Bill iqhan, Mike Norlleef. Second Row: Douq Silvey, Larry Cockrell, Charles Blufh, David Haynes, Jim Murphy, Eddie Berrnudez, Mike x. Fran? Row: Richard Boeker, Duane Dunninqlon, Pele Berardo, Paul Slrobel, Lynn Slallord, Allen "SrniHy" Srnilh, Dave Slanwood. -Y v 1 1 XG 4 4. XRTYRS "Sa+e+y" Row llell lo riqhll: Rod Bcyalcin, Waller Mellqren, Alan Collins, Cary Crane, Bob l-lalel, Torn Erifano. Second Row: Mr. Linqori ard Bidwell, Jim Corder, Richard Younq, Ed Hoppe, Bob Parlrer, Mr. Giddinqs. Froni Row: Allred Hone, Frank Geyer, Joe Srnilh, ald Shirley, Bill Milchell, Eddie Diiralo. AMERS "Precision Wi'I'l1 Machines" Row llefl 'ro riqhflz Dave Kirr-mel, Milne Osfling, Richard Winslow, Roger Grimes, Floyd Boolh, Second Row: Mr. Cross, Richard wie. Gerald Shirley, Rene Robillard, William Tifus. Fronl Row: Roberl Nye, Norval Griffin, Bob Shrider, Ronald Adley, Jim Craiq. Mn Presidents Upper Class 3 Clubs TERRY GIVENS DOUG HOLLAND ISI Semesfer 2nd Semesfer H O 2 N N M o 0 P ' R R A A R Y DOLORES WARNER JOCELYN JOHNSON DONNA DANIELS BONNEY DEVENNY ISI Semesfer Is+ Semesfer 2nd Semesfer 2nd Semesfer S ,O P I S T I KAY LISBY MICHELLE MAGER DONNA STEFANO ELAYNE CLEMENS Is+ Semesfer ISI Semesfer 2nd Semes+er 2nd Semesfer I I JUDY OBORNE ROD FAGERHOLM HARRY SERA ANN JACK LENTZ ISI Semesfer 2nd Semesfer Is?-2nd Semesfer 2nd Semesfer NY IN SNOWFLAKES CHRnsTMAs BALL CLAIRICE TIPTON CHRISTMAS BALL Q UEEN SHERRY csmmvezrr Y CLUFF, BONNEY DEVENNY, SHARQN NQBLE P R mc E s s E s AN NCHANTED C U p, I EVENING A fv HARVEY Co O FINALISTS PREPARA I K ff 'li' may -Wlw Y DHIIELS hcmaoms f'4f:.4f 8' Deadlines" 2 BARBARA BU RTON EdiTor-in-Chief TraiI's End The TraiI's End sTaTT of '56 presenTs you wiTh a year- book which we hope you will Tind saTisTacTory. Our purpose has been To provide a conTinuing reminder of The "echoing corridors" which will soon become Tond memories To all of us. Few who riTTIe Through These pages will realize The inTerminable work which goes inTo a proiecT of This kind, The endless evenings, weekends, and holidays which are consumed in iTs making. In my Tour years work on The annual sTaTT, I have seen a consTanT sTriving To achieve a Tiner 'finished producT. LasT year's annual placed TirsT in a naTionwide survey. We are iusTIy proud of such aTTainmen'r and hope To equal iT This Time. I-am greaTIy indebTed To a Tine cooperaTive sTaTT and Tor capable guidance Trom Mr. Eichenberger and Mr. Penske. My special Thanks go To Mr. Bergslrrom, our beloved superinTendenT, Tor his sympaTheTic undersTanding, also To Mr. BurneTT and Miss Anderson whose counsel I so oTTen soughT. I owe a huge debT oT graTiTude To The many Tine Teachers, who aT greaT personal inconvenience helped us geT ouT superb club and group picTures. My hearTTeIT Thanks To every- one who helped make This book possible. Dale Bailey AssociaTe Edifor SporTs EdiTcr Pam Baker BesT Worker ArT Ediior Mr. Ronald Eichenberger FaculTy Advisor BURTON'S STUDiO DAY PRINTING CORPORATION PETERSON ENGRAVING S. K. SMITH Mr. William Fenske Financial Advisor I956 Staff Yukiko Okada PaHy Burke Acfivify Edifor Aff Edi+Ol' Tanya Desafoff James Haul! Music Edifor FGCUHY Edifof 1 Z Mariorie Parker Kes+u+is Dovydaiiis Class Edifor Sfaff Pnofoqrapher Lynn Gossard Douglas Silvey Oufsfanding Assisfanf Oufsfandinq Assisfanf ,JI ANNUAL ASSISTANTS 81 EDITOR Back Row fleff fo riqnfl: Elvia Espinosa, Doug Silvey, Dave HMI, Bob Shrider. Frcnf Row: Lynn Gossard, Sharon Crawford, Barbara Bur+on, Judy Rockley, lon ' LINDA ABERCROMBIE Ediforvinrchief Fail Semoaifw Linda Abercrombie, The Linns' Tinii Edifrni, firsr somesrcvi, heiped the new sfaff members wifh hm pafionce and insirudion. Soon The orqaniza- tion ran eificienfiv and They Found The iob mf puffing our a paper civery week for 2,400 siudenis wa5n'f so bed afrer ali, The firsf sernesrer sfaff did an excepfionai ion of unbiased news ieporrinq of which They Can be proud, Jim Felf Sporfs Edimr Dolores Warner Feahrrc Editor Joan Lo+us Assisfanr Edi+or Larry Minfer Oufsrandinq Reporfer LIONS' TRAIL STAFF AT WORK Trail Pafly Burlre Assisianl Edirnr Jim McCrary Plworoqraplner Y PAUL STROBEL Edifor-in-Chief Sprinq Semesler Pal Conley Feafure Ediror Sleppinq up from lhe rank of sporfs ediior, Paul Sfrobel led fine Lions' Miss F. pe+erson Trail sfall as Edifor-in-Chief, second semesler. Paul's rousing edilorials, Facully Advisor liis oriqinalify and his leadership abilily were some of 'rlne qualifies 'ilnal made eaclw issue of The Lions' Trail one lo be loolcecl forward lo. -IONS' TRAIL STAFF acl: Row llelf ro riqlwrl: l-larry Minier, Duane Dunningron, Marvin Rose, Connie Sclinake, Jim Mcflrary, Jack Cole, Jim Fell. Second Row: Joan ofus, Par Conley, Pal Burke, Dolores Warner, Pal Rily, Jackie Benes, Joann Oerlel, Miss Peferson. Fronf Row: Linda Raqus, Gail Carpenler, inda Abercrombie, Paul Sfrobel, Slwaron Minor, Nancy Fliglnl, Ink Blols Each year Miss Lindels Jr. English class publishes lnk Blols, which is composed ol poems, shorl slories, and essays. Seleclions from Ink Blols are used by lhe Anlhology ol California and lhe Nalional Anlhology. lnk Blols was lirsl published in I937 by lhe Wriler's Club, bul a few years laler became a class PETE BER RDO S I I . . A HERR NORL NG prolecl and has conlinued lo be. Edilor Edilor ll endeavors lo presenl lo lhe public The besl lilerary ellorls ol lhe sludenls. Sludenls give me confidence True and lender. Arlisl-aulhors creale And l revel de-lighlliully. Mee-ling lormer disciples As years pass, I relive beauleous hours wilh Unlorgellable shining slars. . . . Berlha Lindel Miss Berlha Lindel Advisor INK BLOTS STAFF Back Row llell lo righll: Ray Lombardo, Jerry Sirnich, Jerry N'Vendl, Larry Womack, Ron Johnson, Mack Sexlon, Lynn Slallord, Je Van Talenhove, Ron Harnlel, Russell Jedinak, Torn Nicholson, Dick Posl, Jack Harlrnan. Will Ruzicka, Bob Downs, Pele Berardo, Third Rl Roger Swanson, Joel Norris, Chip Lusby, Torn Frenzinger, Tom Turrill, Gary Jackson, John Mackey, John Foole, Charles Lolslein, Doug Silvey, La McClelland, Ron Harl, Glen Squires, Brad Dixon, Richard Slephens, Ed. Scheck. Second Row: Miss Lindel, Sherri Norling, Suzie Faulkner, Judy Jacc Joe Ann Bennell, Lois Srnilh, Joyce Turner, Gail Snabb, Nancy Speers, Pal Ewerl, Sharon Fosler, Elaina McDonald, Barbara Green, Susan Hulquisl, Ca Lindemann, Harry Mardon. Fronl Row: Dee Dickson, Mary Ann Slephens, Lorella Suszynski, Mariorie Parker, Barbara Weishampel, Geraldine Weedi Coleen Burleson, Joan Lockwood, Sharon Minor, Judy Johnson, l.aVonne Decker, Virginia Haskell, Sharron Monson, Diane Harrinqlon. X Advertising and Printing i i . DAVE HILL Adveriisinq Manaqer ADVERTISING STAFF Back Row fieff fo riqhfir Dave Hiil, Jim Mcfirary, Tom Hammond. Fron+ Row: Jim i-ianifiri, Rosemarie Pierce, Paul Sirobel. MR. ARTHUR DANNER Faculfy Advisor nu I I A I elyzgfgm RINTING STAFF ck Row iieff io riqiiiiz Mr, Donner, Mike Noian, Joe Smifii, John Siidger. Fronf Row: Ronaid Ashby, Bili Kliewer. HN A 1 "Hallways to Accomplishmen'r" sp J t2 125 ,ff LIONS' BAND Back Row llell lo riqhll: Jim Auslin, Bob Q'Donnell, Norman Mellon, Chuck Frazier, Tom Frenzinqer, Roqer Wales, Barry Moore. Fourfh Row: Bob Richmond, Jane Cariqnan, Lana Silvey, Becky Derrick, Sandra Ulman, Donfrla Hone, Pal Barlon, lavnara Van Sanl, Third Row: Connie Cook, Kalhy Neiman, Paul Wise, Barbara Corn, Mary l-loyl, Wayne Slacks, Linda Ragus, Lera Griggs, Andrella Moore. Second Row: Jerry Ferguson, Jerry Wendi, Bruce l-lumberslone, Mike Norlleel, Jim Ericson, Lindy Barlow, Tom Lailey, Jackie l-lollman, Pal Taranlino. Fronf Row: Sherry Forkel, Marilyn Brown, Ricarda Luqo, Jackie Dawald, Linda Walker, Pal Rash, Lenny Archer, Palli Tiplon, Louise Nelson, Clairice Tiplon. Lefl' Side: Mr, Rush, Marsha Cawlhon, Evelyn Harvey, Sue Bodle, Nancy McNamara, Sharon Grillilh, Linda Newman. r COMMERCIAL ORCHESTRA Back Row llell 'ro riqhll: Lorca Richail, Denise Sailors, Kay l-loppe, Lou Anne Kilchen, Milzi Riley, Ralph Diqianlomasso, Georqe Cox, Jarrell Freeland, Morris Dayes. Second Row: Mrs. Cawood, Lana Essenberq, Suzanne Faulkner, Shirley Jean Bennelf, Doris Worrel, Don Campbell, Chuck Rendon, Henry fxlluis. Fronf Row: Bruce l-lumberslone, Ronald Svevenson, Jon Gibson, Back Row flefl lo riqhrl: Bob Thompson, Russell Smirh, Arnold Crain, Snirley l-lerliq. Fourih Row: Barbara Cady, Belly Adams, Kalhy Pearson Beverly Cooper, Karla Young, Dan Frye, Rayena Williams, Roberia Jenny, Sharon Miller, Bernice Ryals, Judy l-lyafl, Mrs. Glenn iBandi molherl. Third Row: Ronald Timmons, Franlc Pluclcer, Jarrell Freeland, Morris Daves, George Cox, Richard Bidwell, Jerry Grimes, Gary Burnell Ronald Taylor, Eugene Crain, Donna Piffard, Joan Billie. Second Row: Carol Torday, Pal Alf, Ronald Slevenson, Foresl l-loyf, Ozzie l-ler: nandez, Jon Gibson, Don Campbell, Ronald Ralz, Charles Rendon, Mike Paine, Henry Alluis, Richard Wise. Fronf Row: Eddie Taranlino Roberla Tyner, Linda Freer, Nancy Williams, Rilla Payne, Kalhy Nelson, Loreila Fleming. Back Row llefl fo riqhllz Roger Wales, Tom Frenzinqer, Chuck Frazier, Linda Raqus, Marlene McLean. Second Row: Mike Paine, Richard Wise, Elaine Means, Karla Young, Kalhy Neiman, Mr. Rush. Fronf Row: Milne Norlleel, Jerry Ferquson, Jerry Wendi, Eddie Taranlino. Bonnie Devenny, Donna Fisher, Karen Rundall, Linda Alcin, Marilyn Facer, Nancy Johnson, Brenda Fisher, Joy Scofield, Jane Lee. Righi Side: CONCERT ORCHESTRA Back Row fiefr io iiqhri: Ralph Diqiaiifornasso, Nancy Aiicire, Richard Boeicer. Richard Wise, Henry Aiiius, Morris Davas, Jerry Fe-iqusori. Tom Laiiey, Gwen Biayiofic, Jim fwsiin. Second Row: Mi. Rush, Chuck Paoiino, Vera Gross, Mei Boiqer, Harvey Kaisnei, Roqer Waies, Eddie Taraniinca, Lanny Sifgriei, Brib Hurriberionc, Bob O'Donrieli, Bob Parker, Eiaine Means. Froni Row: Linda Raqus, Jo Meikleiohn, Sharon Minor, Jaan Srhni-idei, Cami Hill, Erma Applebury, Leia Griqqs. SENIOR MAJORETTES Beck Row Heir ic: riqhilz Jaclfire Uawaid, Linda Waiicei, Par Rash, Ciairice Tipfory Lenny Archer, Perri Tipron, Louise Ne-ison. iii if Q- fy, cf cf ff SONG LEADERS Lefi io righf: Ricarda Lugo, Jov Scofield, Sherry Forlrel, Jane Lee, Marilyn Brown, Brenda Fisliei, FLAG BEARERS Lefl' fo riglhiz Bonnie Devenny, Donna Fisher, Karen Rundall, Linda Alcin, Marilyn Pacer, Nancy Jqhnson sc :ii 'Y ss .vm H. S, ,y ,., H "iw LIONETTES Back Row lleff 10 riqlnfjz EyeNyn Harvey, Nancy McNamara, Sue Bodhi. Fronf Row: Marsha Cawflnon, Sharon Griffith, Linda Newman. JUNIOR MAJORETTES Back Row fleff To riqnfjz Nancy WiNlIams, RiHa Payne. Second Row: Linda Freer, Kailwy NeYson. Fronf Row: Roberta Tyner, LoreHa Fleming. JUNIORETTES Back Row lleff fo righ+l: Don-EHa Hone. Second Row: Pai Barfon, Beffy Adams. Fron+ Row: Tamara Van Sanf, Kafhy Pearson, Barbara Cady. 7'-4 W 7 , S 23 ve , Q i . 1 ,.:..,.vv. 5 A CAPPELLA CHOIR Back Row lloil To riqlilli Nrfall Mdfnows, Ainold Crain, Kenny Rgnnaine, Don Hull, Bill Hawley, David I-loyal, Douglas Silycy. Four+l1 Row: Tanya Demliiil, Maiilyn Famer, Connie Scnnalw, Rusgell Bernsloin, Laonaid Slapl, David Prell, Slpye I-larnillon. Third Row: . . . . I K .y my liens Larnb, Clniiifo Tiplnn, Lynn Fishpi, Rosalie Ric,c.l1io, Gnraldine Rainier, Jolin Aldocua. Second Row. Sinya Eail, Judy Mil.,i, ' K ' ' " K ' FQ N Fronf Row: Miss Slcinnor, Nmpeffn Pezzino, Mary Helen Molina, Mary Noima Smiili, Maw Dollu Ffxnnlur, Ailuii. Pieqiado, Gln Lon. Soulcesisin, Hvlen Reyris. CONCERT CHOIR Baci: Row lle-if lm iiilnll: Misa Slcinnm, Lynn Figlwefi, Jnniao Doriloy, Eldana Qlllinq, Junrf Clgiumn, Elaine Samson, Joan Miinday, loihifa Sliiclcland, liflyirrly Biiilfnr. Fourfh Row: ilanfvl All-wf-i, Ci-iinl Lindeniann, Sandia Svycinmn, Slnirlrey Loornig, Pal Meloy, Connie: Cum- rninqs, Gluiia Slianq, lanya DQ-13f1lfnll,Tl'1ird Row: Cai ,lyn Grove, Joy Pe,-fini, Robfnla Parlss, Rfiseniary Siarlra, Mary Padilla, Dorib La Pla T. Vrriyl VVfi'd. Second Row: Jofnlyn ,lolnnw n, Cami Tale, Paula Slmadduflc, Ann Lanai, Judy Sirdylnorn, Pal l-lalce, Jolianna n e-, 1 Mafmwan, Froni Row: Joan Prynfr, Fair? Sfnzalweiy Emilie Aqfawili, Judy Miller, lfallwlc-an Barney, Joy Scfnlleld. Judy l'-lace-ix S is ei E Back Row lleli ro riqlwrl: Ron Clwarllon, La Moral Hales, Douqlas Livinqslon, Bob Taylor, Don Hansen, Dick Buckendalnl, Bolo Fuller. Fourfh Row: Frank Arreaga, Verl Collinwood, David Haynes, Dorcas Peoples, Connie Cumminqs, Eleanor Rogers, Third Row: Harold Burns, Donald Simons Frances Srnilln, Kallwy Wilson, Anne Halls, Don Frazier. Second Row:Ti1o Orleqa, Slierry Norlinq, Marie Ladraclw, Lois Smillw, Janel Alewel. Fronf Row: Barbara Burlon, Jocelyn Jolmson, Janice Enqelslad, Bern Erickson. GIRLS' CHORUS Back Row llell ici riqlwll: Audrey Gravifl, Belsy Nasir, .ludy Craig, Belly Claybrook, Sliaron Okey, Yvonne Krager, Liane Anson, Wanda Ward, JoAnn Tlwilqen, Marilyn Scliuld, Phyllis Hawes, Clwrisrie Budqe, Gayle Jurnpinq Eaqle, June Brooks.Four1l1 Row: Mary Trav- nikofl, Barbara Murclwison, Kalny Larlirop, Carole Lanr, Beafrico Ferguson, Sandra Rirnmer, Linda Grams, Kifly Turner, Mary Oden, Lorelra Haddox, Carol Nelson, Berry Adams, Slwaron Perreian. Third Row: Mary Fry, Elizabelln Dominguez, Eva Ayala, Julia Cason, Judy Melvin, .loarn Hardin, Zandra Davis, Raclnel Abercrombie, Kay Evans, Slnaron Rockwilz, Muriel Jacobson, Sandra Heacock, Sydney Wliire, Sylvia Ponce, Harriet Brand, Second Row: Carole Hopkins, Belly Venqarick, Raelene Decker, Clririsiine Fisli, Kay Moneybrake, Janel Sl1arp, Slwaron Fousl, Carol Harris, Mickie Durlwarn, Bearrice Srules, Lorraine Rogers, Celia Le Claire, Terri Malaei, Gladys Volner, Pai Perdew, Miss Skinner. Fronl Row: Danna Michaels, Barbara Comslock, Virginia Gosnell, Linda Grams, Palsy Lanqerock, Kalie Conway, Ruln Nuckolls, Maria Serrano, Arleen Plielps, Sue Allen, Carolyn Cook, Sharon Marcoe, Diane Prince, Marqaref Murry. A , .,., V T-gi 4 X. H -xi. 1 ' 'wr ,, . ' A 2 1 QW Y "' ir ' A 3 , 2 h-A GIRLS' GLEE Back Row llel+ lo riqhrlz Eliza Griswell, Judy Baker, Eldana Osllinq, Connie Rulherlord, Hazel Phillips, Faye Richler, Zila Mickelson, Mary Lou Van Dam, Judy Taylor, lsabelle Holquin, Ann Sleele, Brenda Moore, Ann lrvinq. Fourlh Row: Sue Holland, Marilyn Marier, Joan Rullcowslci, Dolores Ayala, Carol Jernison, Par Courlway, Pal Conklin, Judy Schmidt Sue Pinneo, Pal Schick, Charloife Talbol, Sue Finney, Mary Vidal, Tillie Blanco, Third Row: Joyce Lolcen, Anne Websler, Pal Hellley, Joanne Romano, Alice Miller, Dalara Kelley, Annilla Walleins, Doris Allar, Gloria Hollinger, JoAnn Sanders, Barbara LaPalia, Kalhleen Pearson, Charlyne Chap- man, Marlha Dominguez, Miss Skinner, Second Row: Sylvia Salazar, Judy De Haan, JoAnn Milewslry, Mariorie Dyer, Charlolfe De Shay, Mary Padilla, Alice Pedreqon, Lana Silvey, Marlene Chandler, Janice Corder, Bunnie Haverrnann, Nancy Rennie, Bealrice Bonnillas. Fran? Row: Gloria Sanclaval, Sylvia Hoyal, Dora Zarfa, Ray Cruz, Shirley Landon, Doris McCoy, Connie Cook, Judy Smilh, Rulh Calaldo, Annie Holden, Bobbie Hesselroad, Juanila Haslinqs, Marilyn DeMas. 1 1 4 , V f MEN'S GLEE Back Row lleli lc- riqhll: Miss Wells, Rod Boyalcin, Keirh Morrisodgwer Bill Garrell, Byron Crawford, Don Araiza, Bill Wyalf, Don Pringle, Jerry Younq, Richard LaGrande. Fourih Row: Paul Wewmyer, Jusfie Leon, Marvin Hegwald, Cary Crane, Michael Fair, Darryl Harmon, Raymond Maddox, Larry Lilies, Roger Killaclcy, David Quesenberry, Bill Conn, Keilh Bolsler. Third Row: LeRoy Esles, Sam Aqaianian, Torn Griffin, Don Hamillon, Larry Jones, David Barrey, David Van Pell, Don Bracci, Keilh Arrnann, Don Keelinq, David Moore. Second Row: Ray Purcell, Arlhur Balrierra, Porly Casfruila, Eugene Crain, Milce While, Jerry Dooner, Ray Monlanez, Rchard Boelcer, David Prosser, Larry Burnell, Gilberl Luian, Lymoin Poller. Froni Row: Oscar Hager, Jerry Miller, Jimmy Miller, Cva'y Corbin, Dennis Kruse, Delberl Pearson, Herberl Hanlce, Roberl Cory, Mike Halloran, Maynard Mansfield, Bill Thomas. KEYNOTES Back Row llell ln riqlwll: Judy l-laqer, Marilyn De Mas, Jnlwanna MaGowan, Marie Ladraqli, Diane l-larrinqlon, Judy Miller, Kallwy Wilson, Second Row: Karlvleen Barney, Judy Slrayliorn, Lois Srnillw. Fronl Row: Joy Scofield, Janice Enqelsiad, .. ww my Zu.. x SHARPETTES CHANSONETTES Back Row llell lo riqlill: Ernilie Aqcawili, Doris La Planle, Miss Back Row llell To riglwllz Kaflwy Nelson, Karlwy Lainrop, Miss Skinner, Linda Robbins, Judy Srnirlw, Second Row: Pal Barron, Skinner, Carole Lanr, Bealrice Ferguson. Third Row: Skvaron Rosemary Szarlra, Cwnnie Tolar, Bern Erickson, Faillw Slezaker, Fousl, Terri Malaer, Sue Allen, Zandra Davis. Second Row: Raelene Decker, Mary Fry, Diane Prince, Arlene Plwelps. Fronf Row: Virginia Gosnell, Donna Micliaels. ' r TEEN TUNERS 4' SMART SET Back Rowg Jann Aldeara, Mig: We-Tis, Dcvrd Haynes, Fronf Row: Top fo Boffom: Frames Srnrfn, Misa Skinner, Lynn Ergner, Tanya Shave Harnnffrn Drzuq Lrvrnjarfwr, Dosah-ff, RoaaTie Rrccrrif. W-vu . S 5 S A Ii r :M 5 LOS CANTADORES Back Row fleff fc rIqH': fgn Amin, M335 W5-115, Frank Arrfsarxa. Third Row: Tim Qrreqa, Upuq Livlnqsrcn, Ravrnond Ivladdpx, Harold Burns. Second Row: Tfr Brafcr, Drum Silver, Twrn Sfffvenw, Jfrnn ATdocrra. Fronf Row: BNN Trcrrraz David Van PGH, Sam Afgaianran, T--lcrbf-rf Hanks. "M--M. CLAIRICE TIPTON Is?-2nd Semesfer EDDIE TARANTINO I sf-2nd Semesfer PATTY CON KLIN I si Semesfer KATHY LATH ROP I sf Semesfer JANET ALEWEL JOCELYN JOHNSON RAY PURCELL ls? Semesfer 2nd Semesfer lsf-2nd Semesfer Presidents Music Groups LINDA RAGUS Is?-2nd Semesfer HELEN REYES DON SIMONS IST Semesfer 2nd Semesfer MARY PADILLA 2nd Semes'rer JERRY FERGUSON MARY FRY Is+-2nd S6fT1SSf9r' 2nd Semegfer X if ix 1 35? Na 'N""--mu x s . -- ' N N 'M AQ gig? XXX ' wRf'NYm.i' X ,, - 555, sk Y S3551 ' illwifi-xr ""' I ,Q 5, f Km - , .. , Nwmqw QF ,. X VSN-, -W? X W- mf x mi? ? NU """! K..3.z-W W M., ak, f v-cgi -M ,gm fl K .TQ ' Y ' 5 A . .g+wV ff'-+ , if ' il- ' ' K. W ' v 24- , .Q 'W Q , .,,. ,- f Nm! 4 f I 5 f V41 r' Sk, Xu.,--" 49 rs. V in aa. "W" Z any , W WM J Q fi, 1, X 3 i I "You Can'f Kiss CaroIine" Junior Class Play of i956 CAST OF CHARACTERS Ma Susan l-lulquisl Suzie ,, , ,, Jane Lee Johnnie Larry McClelland Mill , . Richard Sherman Willie , Bob O'Donnell Joe ,, Pele Berardo Sranley Russ Bernslein l-lowie ,, , ,Dan Sfolpe Bunny , , Ann Lane Pal ,, ,, Linda Akin Shirley Joy Scofield Jeanefre Kay Schick Caroline , ,, Pal Riley Sally L, ,, . Miss Jameson Nancy Ludwig Billie l-lalfield MAIN CHARACTERS ff! Qu, vgmavm it X N ffl iff!!! i if X 'N 142 N Il Paths to Competition roms AL PARED Head Leia KATHY ST EWA RT GI' Yell Leaders SHARON FLEWN6 JUDY STRAYHORN f MARCIA SCHULTZ JOHN ALDECUA Cufsfancling Afh lefes BILL HEYNE Basketball nv.-""" CURTIS HOLMES Foofball TOM CALABRESE BasebaH HARRY COLEMAN DAVID SCHICK Tennis Track 'QW' SW 3 f 5 ONS Dick Arbucklo CurTis Holmes Harry Sera Ron Cruse Rod Fagerholm Bob BeTTs Jim MarTin Huber-T Murphy Bob CrawTorcl VarsiTy El MonTe's I955 VarsiTy EooTball squad. coached by head coach Lawrence Langley and assisTanT coaches Joe Pre-sTon and Jim Ellis, had a successTul season as They capTured Third place in league cornpeTiTion Tor The second consecuTive year, aTTer being picked To place TiTTh. The seasons highlighT came as EI MoriTe rolled over The Rosemead PanThers, who were Tavored To win by aT leasT Two Touchdowns. This marked EI MonTe's Third year To bring home The Two EI MonTe-Rosemead gridiron Trophies, ouT oT The Tour years They have been oTTered. The ouTsTanding play oT The game was a TlaT pass Trom guarTerback, Mickey Weed, To halTback, l-lal l-layens, who sailed 40 yards Tor El MonTe's TirsT Touchdown. A second highlighT was The TacT ThaT El MonTe's Lions held The mighTy league champions, The Alhambra Moors, To only one Touchdown by hard rushing and Tackling and sTrong deTerminaTion. This year's Team was led by all-league end, Tom Calabrese, and oTher ouTsTanding play- ers, such as Dale Reinwald, end: Joe Miller, guard: l-lal l-lavens, halTback: Bob BeTTs, end: T-larry Sera, guard: CurTis l-lolmes, Tullback, and Mickey Weed, guarTerback. Coaching STaTTfBack Row: Bob SeTTle, l-larry Nissley, Gene VicTor, Joe PresTon. FronT Row: STan Kyne, Bud Langley, Jim Ellis, Jack Nelson lnoT showni. Allen Madole Bill Slack Marvin Rose Mickey Weed Bob Malins Dave Schick Bob Coffman Dale Reinwald Gail Eldridqe Rav Burch Clee Langley John Cooper VARSITY FOOTBALL Top Row: Bill Novak, Wes Brown, Bob Bells, Bob Coffman, Bill Slack, John I-Ielvin, Rod Faqerholrn, Marvin Rose, I-Iuberl Murphy, John Cooper, Jim Marlin. Second Row: Coach Joe Preslon, Coach Jim Ellis, Dick Arbuckle, Bob Shipcoll, Mike Pearson, Ronald Clawson, Rodney Boyakin, Bob Crawford, Dale Reinwald, Joe Miller, Bob Malins, Allen Madole, Curlis Holmes, Gary Allen-Manaqer, Coach Bud Langley. Fron+ Row: Glen Lee, Mickey Weed, Clee Langley, I'-Ial Havens, Tom Calabrese, I-larry Sera, Gail Eldridge, Ron Cruse, Ray Burch, David Schick, Allen Wood-Manager, "VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES" 25 EI Glendale , , Monle ,, 0 John Muir , I2 EI Monle O 'San Gabriel , O EI Monle 25 'Whillier I4 El Monle 6 'Rosemead ,, 7 El Monle , , 2I 'Arcadia ,, O El Monle 32 'Alhambra ,, , H, 7 EI Monie O 'Mark Keppel , , 39 El Monle , I2 'Monrovia , 7 EI Monre I2 'Pacific league games Joe Miller Rod Boyakin Tom Calabrese Wes Brown Bill Novak I-lal Havens Dale Reinwald, superior end, was consTanTly ruslrinq The ball carrier To keep WhiTTier's oTTense QTT sTride. Even Though El MonTe didn'T win, iT was easy To see Thaf Dale Truly deserved The honor of Lion of The Week. Bob BeTTs, playing a double role on boTh oTTense and deTense, earned his award of Lion oT The Week in The Glendale game. Al- Thouqh El lv1onTe losT, Bob aided in keeping Glendale Tar inTo Their own TerriTory by his lonq TourTh' down punTs. Ray Burch, ouTsTandinq back, was sTeadTasT on defense. l-ie kepT Alharnbra's oTTense boTTled up by hard, sharp Tackling. AlThouqh El MonTe losT, Ray sTopped many Alhambra drives To win The honor, Lion of The Week. Lion Cf Mickey Weed successfully engi- neered The Lions To a win over Rosemead by his flawless signal calling and sharp passing. Mickey was also a hard-driving ball carrier. He was easily a unani- mous choice Tor Lion oT The Week. The Week Tom Calabrese proved To be a greaT offense ThreaT and a gianT on defense during The San Gabriel game. Tom, speedy end, gained many yards Tor El MonTe by his sensaTional pass receiving abiliTy and gained Tor himselT The TiTle, Lion of The Week. Harry Sera, crashing guard, didn'T leT The superior size of Keppel's defense Throw him. He consTanTly opened holes in Keppel's line by his hard, sharp blocking. Harry was easily The besT man on The Tield as he won The award, Lion oT The Week. 1'Y Vi Clee Langley, charging cenTer, couldn'T be sTopped by Arcadia's oTTense as he made 507, oT The Tackles and blocked a punT To seT up EI MonTe's TirsT Touchdown. Clee was a sTandouT Tor Lion of The Week as EI MonTe won 32-O. Jim MarTin, hard running back, proved To be Too much Tor John Muir as he was The leading ground gainer of The game. The resulTs were a win Tor EI MonTe and Lion oT The Week Tor Jim. Hal Havens' speed and superior playing in The Monrovia game re- sulTed in a win Tor El MonTe. Hal was The TinesT deTense back in The game as he seT up many drives Tor EI MonTe by inTercepTing Tive passes. Hal Truly earned The TiTle, Lion of The Week. 454 "'!""'Hr' L Af H V X i.. -......., .H..... David Smilh Bill Miranda Nick Monlero Darryl I-Iarmon AI Cervera Al Paredes "SCORES" Glendale . O EI Monle , 6 Jolm Muir O EI Monle 28 'San Gabriel , , O EI Monle , 27 'Wlwilrier 7 EI Monle ,,,,, I3 'Rosemead ,, O EI Monle ,,,,, , 7 'Arcadia , , 7 El Monle 27 I y 'Alhambra O El Monre , 20 B'll M'lCl'e'l 'Mark Keppel ,, , , 7 EI Monle , I3 'Monrovia I , I I2 EI Monle , , 32 'Pacific league games Q 1 N Jerry Tyner Coaclw Bob Serlle Cnacln Jaclc Nelson Ed Sclveclc "CHAMPS" Bruce Snyder Milne Sliiyely Al Sclwwed B. J, Bird Guy Baiclwelder Marvin Holmes .-i-. , "Mir WWW Larry Womack Richard Loken Ken Zeiller Lymoin Poller Wayne Wrighl Keilh Zeiller Foofball Coach SeHle's I955 lighlweighl squad broughl' El Monle ils lirsl class B Pacific League cham- pionship by remaining undelealed 'rhroughoul 'rhe season wilh 9 wins and O losses. One of lhe wins occurred when El Monle oulplayed and oulscored lhe slrong Whillier Cardinals who were favored lo win lirsl place in lhe league. The hardlighling lighlweighls scored a lolal ol l73 poinls while holding lheir opponenls lo a season's lolal of 33 poinls. Al Schwed, playing guard on ollense and linebacker on defense, was voled as 'lhe 'reams caplain and leader. Al, a senior, was rewarded wilh a lrophy naming him lhe oulslanding player. Lymoin Poller, lell hall, was rewarded as being 'rhe mosl valuable player. Lymoin was The league's leading scorer wilh a lolal ol 53 poinls lo his credil. He was largely responsible for lhe sea- son's highlighl as he scored lhe game-winning louchdown over Mark Keppel during lhe lasl I5 seconds ol play. There were six experienced and oulslanding seniors besides Al Schwed, who helped lo keep lhe leam logelher. They were Wayne Wrighl, Darryl Harmon, Al Cervera and Porly Caslruila in lhe backlield and Bill Miranda and Al Paredes on The line. Olher boys who were responsible 'lor lhe leam's success were Nick Monlero, Keilh and Ken Zeiller, Richard Laken, voled as mosl im- proved: Larry Womack, Ed Scheck, Marvin Holmes, Dave Smilh, Jerry Tyner, Bill Milchell and many olhers. I BEE FOOTBALL Top Row: Ed Freer- Manager, Dan Slolpe, Bruce Snyder, Marvin Hnlmes, Ed Scheck, Julian Cobble, Frank Wann, Jerry Tyner, Duane Dunninglon, Gary Orle, Jim Morron, Gil Holguin, Mike Sharbrough-Manager. Cenler Row: Coach Jack Nelson, Pele Berardo, Leandro Vil'anueva, Roy Clemenrs, Larry Likes, Jim Allmann, B. J, Bird, Porly Caslruila, Mike Laux, Guy Balchelder, Everelr Johnson, Mike Shively, Bill Mirchell, Coach Bob Sellle. Fronl Row: David Smilh, Larry Womack, Bill Miranda, Wayne Wrighl, Al Cervera Keilh Zeiller, Al Schwed, Ken Zeiller, Darryl Harmon, Lymoin Poller, Nick Monlero, Al Paredes. lb ww Q Wi , Q ff . -X 4? Q, ,fb if ff Tom Turrill l-lershell Oliver Don Cooley Frank Garcia Larry Cockrell Dick Allen Paf Collier Cee Fwfba 'I The I955 "Blue and Whife Midgefsf' coached by Mr. Sfanley Kyne, made an oufsfanding record fhis year by winning seven sfraighf games and holding fheir opponenfs enfirely scoreless, before losing fheir final championship game fo Monrovia. The Cee's scored a fofal of ZOO poinfs for fhe season, while fheir opponenfs scored Geofqe Rave only 33 poinfs againsf fhem. This was due fo EI Monfe's sfrong defen- GMY sive feam. 2 I Offensive sfrengfh came in fhe form of Paf Collier, Tom Turrill ,5, and Frank Garcia. Long runs and punf refurns by Turrill and Collier scored manyfpoinfs for fhe "Midgef Lions." The sfeadfasf line was composed o Richard Allen, Gary -Bgye Dennis Adkins, Gar Greene, George Raya, John Mackey, Larry Cockrell and l-lershell Oliver. The line-backing posifions were filled by Don Cooley and Jim Murphy. J The season's highlighf was fhe game againsf Whiffier. El Monfe successfully knocked over fhe favored Cardinals by a score of 28 ' fo O. . John Mackey Many of fhe boys on fhis year's Cee feam will be seen on fufure Jn Murphy Bee and Varsify feams because of fheir oufsfanding abilify. 'fa CEE FOOTBALL Top Row: l-lershell Oliver, George Raya, Larry Cockrell, John Mackey, Tommy Turrill, Don Cooley, Paf Colier, Al Keller, Dennis Adkins, Jeff Hand, Ted Voiles, Dick Allen. Second Row: Coach Gene Vicfor, Coach Fred Peel, Frank Alley, Don Berry.,-G, ar Bo le Clark Gunson, David Van Felf, Dudley Lewis, Vernon Thompson, Gary Greene, Jim Murphy, Frank Garcia, Tom Mackey, Coach Sfan Kyne. Third Row: Neil Adkins, Frank Alford, Torn Foley, Jerry l-loskinson, Burfon Hall, Carl Okaneka, Tom Cardenas, Ward McReynolds, Leigh Mafeas, John Coelhc. Fronf Row: Richard Epps, Gene Walfers, Ronald lshigaki, Don Bracci, Gary Scrivens, Bob Humbersfone, Grayson Taylor, Alberf Foley. Larry Schiller Cary Crane Mike Fair TiTo OrTega Russell Moore Bob Mellqren Bill Weech David Reiino Cross CounTry Led by ouTsTanding disTance runner Bob Mellgren, Coach Risingers l955 VarsiTy cross counTry squad emerged from league compeTiTion in Third place. Bob Mellgren, a sophomore, seT a new school record oT 9:OI minuTes Tor a disTance OT l.8 miles, in The open- ing meeT oT The season againsT PuenTe. The old record oT 9:I4 minuTes was seT by Don Scruggs oT El MonTe in l95I. Following This Mellgren shaTTered his, own record during The meeT wiTh Rosemead, To seT The presenT school record aT 8:45.5 minuTes. Mellgren, being un- deTeaTecl in league compeTiTion This year, is a Tine pros- pecT Tor TuTure Track Teams. Frank KiTT, capTain Cary Crane, Bill Weech and Larry Schiller were also responsible Tor EI MonTe's vicTories, since The ouTcome OT a meeT is based on The place OT The TirsT Tive runners oT each Team. The J.V. squad was led by Mike Fair, a Treshman, who is considered To be a Tine prospecT Tor TuTure years. OTher boys who placed Tor EI MonTe were 'l'iTo OrTega, Dick Conkey, Chip Lusby and AI Brown. Top Three disTance runners: Bob Mellgren, Frank KiTT, and Cary Crane. CROSS COUNTRY Top Row: Chip Lusby Ron Charllon, Bob Mellgren, TiTo OrTega, Danny T-lewiTT, David Reiino, Roy Kersh, Lynn STaTTord. Middle Row: Sfeye Hubbard, AI Brown, Mike Eair, Larry KITT, Dick Conkey, Frank KiTT, Larry Schiller, Coach Risinger, Fronf Row: Jerry WilmoT, Bill Weech, Ray Delgadillo, Cary Crane, Gary Campbell, CurTis PolleT, Russell Moore. D Dale Felbel' David HHWQAS Bill l-leynen Bob Delgado Ron Calabrese Jim l-lempel "SCORES" EI Monleis Opponenfs 67 San Gabriel 4l 43 Whillier 49 54 Rosemead 4l 67 Arcadia 43 57 Alhambra 6l 40 Marlc Keppel 42 76 Monrovia 49 67 San Gabriel 46 55 Whillier 65 80 Rosemead 68 56 Arcadia 55 BO Alhambra 65 64 Mark Keppel 58 66 Monrovia 39 Varsity Paced by all-league and alleC.l.F. nominalion, Bill l-leynen, cenler. coach Gene Vicloris l956 Varsily hoopslers comprised EI Monle's linesl leam in six years. Bill. a senior. had an oulslanding average ol I9.l poinls per game. lofaling 478 poinls in 25 games, and a high ol 37 poinls during The game wilh Monrovia. l-le was voled as mosl valuable player by his leammales. David l-laynes and Bob Delgado, bolh iuniors, were chosen as all-league candidales and Dale Ferber, a senior, received honorable menlion. Ron Calabrese, a conslanl-scoring iunior, was lhe olher member ol 'rhe slarling live. Three olher boys who were seniors and saw much aclion lhis year were Tom Calalcrese-oulslanding play-malcer who was iniured al rnidfseason-Bob Coolc, and Glen Jones. El Mon+e's besl perlormance came when lhey oulscorecl lhe league champions from Marlc Keppel. The second round ol league play was Oul- slanding lor El Morile as lhey losl only one game and caplurecl lhird place in league compelilion. El Monle has greal possibililies lor nexl year wilh many relurning lellermen. Among 'rhose relurning will be Bill Engesser, 6' ll" cenler who was voled as mosl improved player, and lhree regulars lhis season- Ron Calabrese, Bob Delgado. and David Haynes. VARSITY BASKETBALL Top Row: Kon Dalcn, Howard Williams, Ron Calabiese, Bill Engesser, Bill l-levnen, Doi' Collman. Coach Gene Viuor. Cenler Row: Bob Delgado, Dale Ferbei, Tom Calabrese, Glenn Jones. Fronl Row: Don While, Bob Coolc, Jim l-lempol, David Haynes. BIN Enclose' Hf.-mvfi WIfWiarTw' Bfwb Cool GM2-U Jones T"Yv Cdabrfeau Dfvn Wbiff: Baskefb ll F b L up Bi!! Heymem-Hook Jw! Blll Heyrvemf-Ccenfer yumy Tom Calabreso--Jwffm -,iff Dale er er- ay J. V. BASKETBALL Top Row: Fld fxsmumdsmm Ridwawd Da ' , ery ruff, Q C ', In y y Pg? CCWH Gary Scirfvervs, Jewry Gnrdnelr, David Smffh, lun G v Sl Ll v D rx Amiza G r AUM Gov OHQ, Conch Nissiey. Fronf Row Bee Basketball Coach Langleyis l956 lighlweighls played hard and clean, bul inexperience was loo greal a handi- cap as lhey linished Jrhe league in lourlh place. Rod l-leynen, mosl valuable player, was lhe cnly regular lo play his second season on lhe Bee squad lhis year. Rod acquired a line average ol 2l poinls per game by scoring a seasons lolal of QBI poinls. Rod was also responsible lor lhe seasons highlighf as he scored 3l poinls in lhe Marla Keppel game lo ser up lhe win lor EI Monle. Anolher highlighl came during a praclice game wilh John Burroughs ol Glendale. EI Monle came from behind lo win 36-32 as Ralph Qslerlcamp scored 2 baslcels in lhe lasl I5 seconds of play. Qlher lcoys who played on lhis years leam were Phil Voighr, Larry McClelland and Marvin l-lclmes as regulars and David l-loward, Milce Laux, Bill Milchell and Niclc Monlero as reserves. BEE BASKETBALL 0 Row: Raloh Oslerl'anip, Lori-n lN!lF5vlO'd, larry MrCl.-lland, Phil Vpiqhl, Marvin l-lolmes, Coach Langley, Fronl Row: Miclc Miinlrf 1 lfxux, lldve- l-lrmaifl lfwi lflinfl. ee ancl Dee BaskeTball EE CBASRETBALL Top Row: Coach Nelson, Tommy Cardenas, Glen Squires, Gary Jackson, Jim Murphy, l-lershell Oliver, Rudy Arsaga. FronT Ro m Turrill, John Mackey, Allen Geary, David Kadinq, Clark Gunson, Larry Cockrell. CEES Led by capTain and ouTsTanding player, John Mackey, Coach Nelson's l956 rnidgeTs ToughT well againsT superior sized Teams To Tinish Third in league compeTiTion. The ouTsTanding win came as EI MonTe lriumphed over Mark Keppel, 43 To 4l, by scoring 4 poinTs during The lasT 20 seconds oT The game. QTher ouTsTanding TirsT-sTring players were Tom Turrill, Dave Kading-mosT improved- l-lershell Oliver, Jim Murphy and Allan Geary. LEAGUE CHAMPS Coach Ellis' i956 Dee's capTured The league crown by winning I2 and losing only 2 games. The Lions were paced by mosT valuable player Warren McReynolds. OTher ouTsTanding players were Tom GriTTin, capTain3 Richard Epps, mosT improved? Ron lshigaki, Jim DuTTey and PaT Murphy. The ouTsTanding game occurred when EI MonTe ouT- scored The sTrong WhiTTier Cardinals in an over- Time period by a score oT 47 To 42. Warren Mc- Reynolds scored 3 poinTs and Ron lshigaki scored The oTher 2 poinTs of The overTime period. DEE BASKETBALL Top Row: BurTon l-lall, Richard Epps, Ronald Weech, Tom Turner, Tom GriTTin, Jim DuTTey, Coach Ellis. CenTer Row: WinsTon Shipcofl, Ward McReynolds, Dennis Kruse, Pai Murphy, Bob Elumbershvne. Fronl Row: Jim Roberlson, John ClemenTs, KiT Weaver, Ronnie lshigaki. Jim Marlin Valenline Kamahele Coach Kyne's I956 VarsiTy Thin-clads capTured El MonTe's TirsT PaciTic League VarsiTy Track Championship as They remained undeTeaTed in PaciTic League meeTs. The championship was due To The hard work and deTer- minaTion oT such Tine aThleTes as Dave Schick, who seT a new school record oT 9.8s Tor The IOO yard dash. Jim MarTin, who seT a new school record of 5O.9s Tor The 440, ValenTine Kamahele--IZO yard high hurdles ll5.0sl, Bill Weechh88O l2:Ol.8sl, Bob Mellgren-mile l4:34l, Dale Reinwald and Ken I-lenry-pole vaulT lI2'4"l, Al Brown, Bill MiTchell, and Dale Bailey-high jump l6'O"l, Bob Miarshbroad jump l2O'7"l, and Joe Miller-shoT puT l52' 7V2"l- CTher ouTsTanding aThleTes who scored many poinTs Tor The Lions were Terry Givens-high and low hurdles, Frank KiTT-880, Larry Schiller-mile and CurTis I-Iolmes-shoT puT. This year's Team was, wiThouT a doubT, The TinesT group oT aThleTes El MonTe has ever had during one season. Everyone worked hard and showed much deTerminaTion To win. We hope ThaT The graduaTes OT This year's Team will always remember ThaT you have To work Tor success, Then success will work Tor you. x . Dave Schick Terry Givens Dale Bailey Bob Mellgren Marvin Holmes Kenny Henry V .f SCORES OpponenTs EI MonTe I7 San Gabriel 87 24 WhiTTier BO I2If3 Rosemead 9I V3 29If2 Arcadia 74If2 47 Alhambra 57 I9 Mark Keppel 85 4OIf2 Monrovia 63If2 VARSITY TRACK Top Row: Joe Miller, Larry Noble, David Reiino, Jim MarTin, Dale Bailey, Bill Slack, Dick Macklin, Mike OsTling, CenTer Row: Bob Miars, George Reya, Frank KITT, Larry Schiller, Allen Madole, Cary Crane, Bill MiTcl'iell, TiTo OrTega, Coach STan Kyne FronT Row: Dale Reinwald, Al Brown, Bill Weech, Danny I-lewiTT, Bob Mellgren, ValenTine Kamahele, Terry Givens, Bob ShipcoTT Juan Apodoca. ffm , ' 1.3: : I in --,Hg-.-L - E.. 554, gewgajwi Lzfm -2:4 :gg-.. 55':jf :2 '52e1,:::..., f:s'I'iWf if if Larry Scl'wilLer AI Brown 2 A ff mf , V f, g v X W E , ., E 1 ' . ,. - - - . - ,H-,: M in H1 X' ,, A Vw v '-L, wgmw W M ,Air ,sg-. - 1 f 1 ' " Jax Z- '2'2. 2 ftfxsizilsw - gn '95, .5 . I Xmigiirf, ,, :M ,qw , -3- .. , ,, '-I 2' , 'V K ' .:. igp- , . WX eq' ,gi if -21:5 '. ,gl,,yg'? , 1:5512-: : w 7 X, ': 2 ' 1 L. "WW " ' 7 A- 1' 1: ,1J,:f. 'six-' :V --:2:f- :-. 'I ' A " ' "" , 'M Q W , MM " L ' ' . 'HE 1 " . . ,, .. , , M, xt- , :El K N . E ,f 2 f Joe Mmer Bill Weeclw DaLe Reinwald Frank KIH Track If Larry SChiHerfMILe, Bob MeUqren-Miie, Frank KIH-880, Bill WeeCL1488O, Jim Marfing-440. W M M , , , ' 'MM Bob Miers 321 II' i m i: Ii:-fa.Er .f:E?I' sfsxfxftss p -wmv - - B Larry Noble Bob MiarsfBroad Jump Joe MiHer-Show' Pu? Larry Noble-IOO yd. dash, Dave Schick-IOO and 220 yd.dasl1. Bee Track Don Pringle and Dudley Lewis-Hurdles The i956 season was a successful one lor many individuals, bul laclc of deprh in The evenls sei The Bee squad as a whole baclc info Tourih place. Three of Their wins were againsi Chaiiey, San Gabriel and Alhambra. Terry Givens, who sei a new league record of 8.95 in The 70 yard high hurdles, and Marvin Holmes, who sei a new league record of 53'7lf2" in The Marvin Holmes-Sho? Puf sho? pui were The lop Two compeiiiors. Clher boys who placed many limes were Russell Moore, I32O3 Diclc Conlcey, broad jump: Don Pringle, high and low hurdles: Porfy Casiruila, low hurdles: Ray Delgadillo, 660: and Diclc Lolqen, shoi pul and sprinis. All ol These boys did a line iob and will probably be seen on lulure Varsily iraclc reams. BEE TRACK Top Row: Lesier Kiracole, Don Pxraiza, Franlc Wann, Russell Moore, Larry McClelland, David Smiih, Terry Givens, Richard Lolcen Cenier Row: Larry Jones, Ray Delqadillo, Mike Fair, Don Pringle, Marvin Holmes, Danny Hewiif, Coach Sfan Kyne. Fronr Row: Doug Bnbbiif, Larry Schiller, Gail Eldridge, Porfy Casfruila, Pai Collier, Terry Myhren, Harry Sera. ee Track Relay learn-George Eulcher, Don Cooley, Tom Toor, Pal Collier LEAGUE CHAMPIONS For The liflh conseculive year El monies Hmighry midgelsu caplured Jrhe Pacilic League crown, loy re- maining undeiealed in league compelilion. Tom Toor in lhe l8O yard dash and Pal Collier in The IOO yard dash paced lhe midgels as each one remained undeleared in his evenl. Tom ser a school record of I8.8s in lhe I8O yard dash and Pal lied The Pacific League record and ser a school Wav'd McReynolds-High Jump record of IO.4s in 'rhe IOO yard dash. George Raya and George Fulcher along wilh Tom and Pal re- mained undelealed as lhe midgels relay Team. Olher boys who helped fo win 'rhe championship were Don Cooley, 660, David Van Pell, low hurdles: Ward McReynolds, high jump l5'9"lq Lloyd Seece, loroad iump: Richard Allen and Ken Lorlz, shof pul, and Glen Squires, Chuclr Zinlr, Richard Epps, and Ed Rolrhlin, pole vaull. -40 CEE TRACK Top Row: David Van Pell, Glen Squires, Eddie Rofhlin, Russell Moore, Tommy Toor, Pal Collier, Don Cooley, , Reggie Shi coil. Second Row: Paul Bvandler, Don Bracci, Neil Adlrins, Eranlc Alley, Bob O'Donnell, Jess Maxcy, Richard Epps, Larry Kill, Coach Sian Kyne. Third Row: Ted Voiles, Kenny Price, Richard Allen, George Eulcher, Ward McReynolds, Jerome Pope, Dudley Lewis, Vernm Thompson, Lloyd Seece. Fronf Row: Ron Ishigalci, Jaclc Sera, Carl Olcanelco, Gary Slriyens, Bob Hurnberslone, Clyde Prall. 2 fr T, all-M rx ii fy is if 1 Bob Delgado Chnrk I-Iabei Howard Williams Terry Sloddard Darryl I-Iarmon Tom Turrill VarsiTy Coach SeTTIe's VarsiTy horsehiders capTured second place in PaciTic League compeTiTion This season wiTh an II win and 3 loss record. The Team consisTed oT many Tine players wiTh piTchers Bob Delgado and Tom Calabrese heading The IisT. Bob had a record oT 6 wins and 2 losses while Tom had a record oT 4 and I. Bob was also The leagues leading baTTer wiTh an average oT .48O. T'IaI I-Iavens, caTcher, was second in The league wiTh an average .37O. OTher ouT- sTanding players were Terry SToddard, piTcher7 Fred STraus, IeTT Tield: Chuck I'-Iaber, Third base: Tom Hammond, cenTer Tieldg Nick IvIonTero, seccnd base: Tom Turrill, shorT sTop, and I-Ioward Williams and Darryl Harman, righT Tielders. Two oT The season's highIighTs came as EI MonTe rolled over WhiTTier and Rosemead in boTh rounds oT play. An- oTher ouTsTanding TacT was ThaT The Lions had a I4 game ' winning sTreak. The I956 season was a very successTul one Tor The EI MonTe horsehiders as They enTered The CIF. pIayoTTs. The ouTcome oT The pIayoTTs, however, was noT known aT The Tom Calabrese- FITQT Base and Fred STiauslLeTT Field lime oT I'I'1IS WVITTDQ. VARSITY BASEBALL Top Row: Ron Calabrese, Tom Hammond, I-Ioward Williams, Tom Calabrese, T-Ial I-lavens, Bob Delgado, Fred STraus, Tom Turrill, Terry SToddard, Coach Bob SeTTle. FronT Row: Kil Weaver-manager, Chuck I-laber, Darryl I-larrron, Bill Miranda, Nick Monlero, Eddie Freer- manager. YI' I Xia John Mackey Tom Hammond Hal Havens Tom Calabrese Fred Slraus Nick Monlero Baseball ru. up M . ., SCORES San Gabriel 3 El Monle Whillier 3 EI Monle Rosemead I El Monle Arcadia 3 El Monle Alhambra 2 El Monle Mark Keppel 3 El Monle Monrovia O El Morale San Gabriel 3 EI Monle Whillier O El Monle Rosemead I l El Monle Arcadia 5 El Monle Alhambra 6 EI Monle Mark Keppel 6 El Monfe 4 Monrovia 5 El Monle 24 Chuck Haber-Third Base and Hal l-lavens-Calcher , .A,,,,..,k.-..M,.,.,.,f.J.,.f4,Likp..i,.,,i.,,,f-iyxx 1 REQ-aff' V 4 I x J. V. BASEBALL Top Row: Bob Bells-assislanl coach, Larry Cockrell, Duane Dunninqion ob Ne ' +on, Dave Kadinq, Julian Cobbel, Ronald Sullivan, Mike Shively, Coach Joe Presfon. Fronl Row: Sluarf Reddill, Al Nevarez, Jim Murphy, ack Lindsey, Gene Tarver, James McDougal, Ampelio Marquez, Tom Mackey. Milne Halloran Chuclc Taylor Gary Allen Wayne Devenny John Folie l-larry Coleman San Gabriel Whillier Rosemead Arcadia Alhambra Marlc Keppel Monrovia San Gabriel Whirrier Rosemeacl Arcadia Alhambra Marlc Keppel Monrovia SCORES O 4 2 5 5 I O O 2 3 6 6 5 O 1 an--in-num Monre Monre Monre Monie Monle Monle Monle Monie Monle Monre Monle Monle Monre Monre Varslfy Coach Nissley's I956 "Rachel Squad" caplrured Third place in The Pacific League Tor The second consecurive year by rolling over some of The lop reams of The soulhland. Their only losses in league comperirion were 'ro Arcadia and Alhambra. The season's Ioral was I7 wins wiih only 5 losses. Oursranding player, Harry Coleman, led The Lions for The second conseculive season by remain- ing undefeared in singles marches. l-larry won Top honors in The Pacific League and second in C.l.F. comperilion. I-le also caplured Tirsi place in several Iournarnenis. Milce Laux was raied very highly for his efforrs and accomplishmenls along wilh Tom Cooksey, Allen Snerhen, Richard Borunda and Milne l'lalloran. The I957 season should prove ro be a suc ssfu one for The Lions as They gained much v e siss ,M I1 m I VARSITY TENNIS Top Row: Curlis Pollel, Torn Coolcsey, Allen Snelhen, l-lershell Oliver, Gary Allen, John Poole, Coach Nissley, Fronf Row: Milce Laux Chuclc Taylor, Wayne Devenny, Richard Borunda, I-larry Coleman, Mike I-lalloran, k Y 5 wafwf asf? a a Q-55. wwf 1 1 2 1, f f K A L Dick Asrnundscn Mike Laux Ailen Snefhen Tom Cooksey Hersheii Oiiver Gary Jackson Tennis ff :nw M ig. . ,.,. ..:::fa ,-.. '..,. 1 :-"-:' ,. -"- f f f 5 aa wwawyafmgmwwaawiw Q A. N . W... Harry Coleman-Singles Richard Borunda 81 Tom Cooksey-Doubles J. V. TENNIS Top Row: Coach Eiiis, Poweli Beaffie, Jael Norris, Richard A Gary Suckui, Paui Guay, Chuck Blurh, John Coehlo, Richard Sneihen, Don Hamm. nderson, Biil McPoweil, Richard Asrnundson, Gary Jackson, Fronf Row J' CHORE - ETTES Back Row inf? 1' v51:?'N: Mi',HwHr- Mafufv, CiiifV'If,f' Tlpkfm, Rkexrfia Lug, Gay CMH, Mffw Swukmlfm. Second Row: Kem SMU k ,lmldrt Uffwnid, lfww Wl'n-'vn, PM Rash, Fronf Row: Judy Obfwrwr, Pm Wnidvoop. R4 QE? K MHA, MONTE MERMAIDS Back Row: Huff ' UUWFZ Diem- Hwmwwmqmm, O:-vMf1Vur'. Bmfk, lwrwrw Pu-my v, BA nm-1 SUM" PM hunt, Vu :mm Un-.ny Ndzw y I-Um Second Row: Trf-va CPm.'e'w, Adfnfz Lfxronfoni Pa? Baku-w, PaHi Tipfrw, Barbara Burt. ry Mm me Cfavfwfn Fronf Row: PM M f PCFFS WFf1fW. Kfvhw Sfffwav, Cmxfiifi Tipfom, Brenda Fism-V, RIfardf1LUqn, I PATTI HAKE Pres., Fall sem. GAA COUNCIL Back Row Ile-ll lo riqllll: vinda Akin, Pal Ifwerl, Misa Joane Walls, Dolores Vlfarner, Maiqie Lee. Second Row: Liane Anson, Marclel Alrnas, Dawna Slalians, Ginger Teler, Veryl Ward, Mary Powell. Fronl Row: Pal Taranlino, Marcia Rouse, Palli I-Ialce, Lorraine Almas. GAA Baclr Row llell lin riqlwll: Mary Jane Oden, Isabelle Holguin, Au ora Varela, Belly Novak lonnell Caldwell, Fayrene Jones, Dolores Wai'ner, Judy Roclcley, Ray Williams, Jucly Rape, Joan Billle, Marea Rouse, Brelliva Johanson, Janilrie I-Iollman. Third Row: Trayis Harwell, Mary Wlwilelnead, Anna Zalnaib, Sue Snell, Clwarlolle Koehler. Beverly I-Iaelwl, Nancy Spears, Olga Reiino, Gerlie Van Beelc, Bonnie Sluarl, Carmen Ramos, Sharon Roclcwilz, Anya Cooper, Fxnnalsell Cress, Pal Taranlino, Joyce Wesbroolcs. Second Row: Slrario Snell, Coleen Burleson, Gwen Green, Elyia Espinosa, Emile fxqcawili, Billy Ann Zirnpricll, Arline Lorenzoni, Irmalee Wiqqins, Marie Rozas, Janice Turney. Fronl Row: Reynalda Cruz, Barbara Roses, Judy De I-Iaan, Bealrice Bonillas, Raclwael Mendoza, Jeanne Sampson, Marqarel Qurnmel, Belly Ramirez, Eilco Tamalci, Treva Clwezern, Barbara Burlon. MARCIA ROUSE Pre5,, Spring sern. LETTER GIRLS Bacll Row lleli lo riglillr Margie Lee, Dolores Warner, Linda Akin, Pal Ewerr, Joan Biffle, Second Row Marcia Rouse, Lorraine Alnnas, Palli Hake, Veryl Ward. Froni Row: Jackie Hollrnan, Treva Clrezern Barbara Burron. GAA Back Row llell io riolnrlr Joy Wesrbrooks, Mary Van Darn, Evaline Van Winkfe, Vera Gross, Margie Lee, Pal Ewerl, Linda Akin, Ann Irving, Joan Rulowski, Linda Molis, Plnyllis Hawes, Veryl Ward, Judy Hand, Mardel Alrnas. Third Row: Susan Rerninglon, Marlene Nelson, Beverly Cooper, Lynn Rogers, Twila Redden, Judy Reeve, Edna McReynolds, Gaile Jumping Eagle, Loreila Haddox, Belsy Nasln, Rosernary Waile, Liane Anson, Carol Lindig, Joyce Bowers, Jane? Bowers, Mary Powell. Second Row: Berry While, Barbara Comslock, Marguerila Calderon, Shirley Windon, Ginger Teler, Dolores Drynen, Linda Piel, Dawna Slalians, Pal Cikovicln, Ruili Nuckolls, Carole Hopkins: Fronf Row: Parri Hake, Lorry Alrnas, Mary Helen Espinosa, Kiiiy Siegall, Elvia Jairne, Beverly Malaer, Peggy Mauer, Zandra Davis, Rena Qlney, Judy Campbell, Jeannie Wedgeworflw, Connie Calderon. Activities Basketball Tennis 'vi . V X Swimming 5- ff? V Q Q" X Pplh .KX School EL MONTE V BAND CONCERT V , POSENEAO n "H, MIN Qv A XX 'J X ., T12 I-'K 6 Z f if ' 'NA ' sxm gf r 6 , Q Q 5 , QS mm 1 Q N I """ A M3 XX Q. T086 411W 9 : ' Hill P N III!!! X X .gag H. IEEE!!! 'liege lllleguun .cf X X QHRXSWMAS CAMPAIGN ASSEMBLY X :wfff F Q 4-S'4ll0,V 1 V' I z' 2? X PNSSWW , T W f Sp 'Nf'V'fffi'0N W -H ea K H , rx -, X 5 fm we V -"NC: ' kNa?i"x Tx . Q, 'N 1 Xwfff S-S Q 90 'J-K-MX x N ff Wea ..-UAH Nw-0142. Q Q X .f MM -'- YUM-M f V SU: N Q 1 'YY .K-WW 41616 +5 ' ff 'Q 4 Fw N K ' EBSQ: 55::::: Peyege Bunn k mmiiggs hggi Calendar Sgxb 2 , ,K 4 ' V' X X X Y ' Qfklaugr gig pl 1 2924" Same H NS D NL 3 -,NUV, :null-n anus EEEEBIBH X4 R f W X L 'EE j N5 im" F' Q R PROM ' Gmoumow X f ' 2 SCI-100 M V or Q6 Y. LCLOS sfd , ' Ay Y A , ff l , M I4 M., f wg Q 'Zi g JZ' fm - M wiv . V 'f my nlll"g .Q lm --ggf- iimmi ,H .qgq eaaaafaa assess:-. :seam ' Illia iw Eivia Espino 9 SHVGY. and Russeil 'BASQBP V B . ' .1 qmgww- m 1 i ,,,,:1-f-- r F- b 5' w. m.Wgj ,, - il- L -,-. 5 A . I ..1., 3. x ,, . ig, Z f l, viva! Q'1fi5 ' ' 5: K g, -. . ,f . ' ? Q . , ,,.. .:. ,2:,. VK ,I a ny - M: vm-0-9 , .N -.iff 4 , -5 .-'A - 'f WM Lk :.. Vx, 1, P! ri ,L,4 K, A M L I ,QAX W ,L H, Y .vl m I A g ! H gf ..,. , . ,, ,,,' W, IA HM , 1 . . . , .. W, , f, gil' . I, X ,M 2 A - ,V if , .. W . ,X fs f. ,. Mmm X, m 3 Q 1- KX N5 w """'- ff - 'I ""' J H 3 X 2 'J ,4-f ,Lf '-til? 1 'A,,, "-N - i ' ,ff-ff 4? ,,,.,,,..,- M3 ss - fp: aka, 3 w M 'EN5 " . jk --- 'N--,X If V .NJ 4 -iii! fmt? R EXW qgx ,,.,..,,lJ MW!" - MW ' L W 1' 'C , , 1 , ygggg, 1 i gg! " " A 3:5 Q ., , . 35, ' G W W A , fn J L if , 1 " -33:54 .5 --.' .M VI , .,.,: V, ffg: DT I AM., f1fW'f'-J f-1:1130 if XX V I , .. I, d,,,:,,m tg., X f fjjffg ' 3 ,JN x V '51, fyff- 2 -f-fm-A ,J ' 1 xf ,X ., K L1 A qv Crm rf Z 'Zu i K ""k,f' xx.. 'J' s . jf 1 'j :In Q L25 I W , A U-N L:.Q,z.,f M, , if IX x4 mix W Q gif X 'RN 'px f Lmuzneo cum Q Q7 Tum swab ' iI,,.,..."f"...... 5 125 my nj. Q 3 , MM? my .W 1 0 0 5 9 ,,,,,.,. W'-"ew- w""N" . 'ED ,gf ,--35 x - Q Asuh AA 'K' W XC X xx M f 1 X ffl! K b QU "'::12: k . v - M- -- "fm -9- ' A V -- .f 'HL .-S" x A M.. M- ... 5 , f . -'-' mn. --- :-' -:'ff' , li " E .,.:A Kimi. XSL! i W- lm' , Q' g 5 .,..,. ., A V M an , i ,- Q A if f , ' , f F 5 I I ' v N ,,... -.,.Z is In , W yr ,f . M ' ,Hy ' f"f 1Q5, gf 5 I 4:2 1 b EA iff .-.,. X J - J ' - ,, - H ,,,, H A J -:'1f ' Z' 1 "AQ, ' " , ' Q ,AZ , f H f 4 'K ' f ' - if 1 'hh'-'HM I R ...I :.., ' ls..-' -- QE f ,lm fu, W 2 Em , , , , . Q I 8 fs., i v.-- , . -,:I E,. , . .v A n u .:,, f :', VV "' 1 H. , 1 M A 'Viv A HVVAVH 4 A Q 4 2f.., .,V.. i sf: h K I K xr ,Lf Q F , -Q 4 E ,1i' ' ' , A::5 ..,: Y 5 N A , ,.uE . V I A.,., AA' L i 'Wi' :'55 4 , , , ,, :V. .Ev , f v A , , J' 'MX - I x 'X Q A - L, 1 ' QQW Cor-ups A1 THE BEACH SIGNATURE 5 Ad Zicifllifflilj ,lil EMHS Qualiiy and progress are shown as Mr. Burfon and his dauqhfer Barbara display The many annuals in which he done +he fine phofography. BURTON'S STUDIO is loca+ed a+ 220 W. Garvey, El Monie. "The well dressed are Pell dressed," slale Rom Clwarllon, Terry Givens and Joe Mark aboul flue line clollwes al PELL'S MEN'S STORE, 207 W. Valley Blvd. 2 l Qualify prescripliom service, line Qosmellcs and a lvleredyllm Buller and Parry Burke look over 'rlwe selec Complele seleclion ol drugs are wlwar Jolwn Wlwilman Hon of lime qualify swealers ar NEMO FASHIONS and Pam Baker Ike abour CRAVEN'S, 237 W. Valley 336 W. Valley Blvd., EI Monle. Blvd. in in PF NSIT ,'1, A gage Bill Cummings, Doug I-lolland, Jim Hoslcinson, Sharon Crawford and Bob lvlalhe-ws lind il convenienl and economical lo ride VALLEY TRANSIT LINE buses lo lhoir lavorile acliviliefa Ken Zeiller, Guy Balchelder and Keilh Zeiller go by Fine clolhes nl all descripliom are whal Bulch lhe slogan "ll ills from Richards il mugl lil," and Soukesian and Marilyn Brown wanl, Thai! why lhey lherelore buy lheir clolhes al RICHARDS, 2l7 Q0 lo MISS AND MATRON, 2l7 Valley Blvd. Wesf Valley Blvd. Eddie Miller and his coeworlcer, Bernie Balclcen, who The besl place in lown lo louy weslern clolhes accordf malce delicious hamburgers, give one lo coed Joan ing lo Don Hansen and Judy Olloorne is al LONDON Lolus. For These lamous nineleenfcenl hamburgers RIDING SHOP on Valley near Tyler. buy al The TIC TOC DRIVE IN, Five Poinls, EI Monle. Looking over a line lurnilure sel are Tanya Desaloll, WW Snow cones, carmel corn, candied apples - WOW! Fran Smilh and Don Simons. This sel can be seen al Dorcas Peoples and George Wilson gel lhese lreals ASHBURNS, 407 Wesl' Valley Blvd. plus many more al KARMELCORN SHOP, I06 W. Valley Blvd. R "Lion of lhe Vlfeelc' 'rroohies oo lo l-larry Sera. Tom Calabrese, Jim Marlin, and Ray Burch from LAWSONN5 JEWELRY, lccalod al 304 Valley Blvd. would lilce lo express our JVTXGULS lo Lawsonls, who began lo rnalfo lhia award several yeem aqo and have conlinued To presenl ll each year. HELL UL.rlnuu...-- 0,9 if C ually cosfnelice, are one ol lhe nmny lealnroaw lhal Dlck lvlonloolh and Doug l-lolland lake lheir duh Pal Bean lllcees saloon RALPH'S DRUGS, 405 Garvey. jackefg lo fn cleaner lhey can depend on. Thai Q why lhoy 'ralce lhefn lo LEXINGTON CLEANERS, 234 Lexingfon. Q Nw Doug Silvey, Jim Haulc and Bob Slirider sliop for smarl Admirinq line albums are Linda Levy and popular sporl slwirls and fine c3ollec+or's ilems al SCOTTY couple on campus, Slwaron Minor and David Haynes, LEE'S, 226 W. Valley Blvd. lliese albums plus many ol 'flue lalesl hi+ recordings can be found al HALL OF RECORDS, 2l9 W. Garvey Blvd. Admiring Jrlwe new powerful Ponliac are Helen Reyes, Rosalie Riccliio, Linda Abercrombie, Noreen Pezzino, Mary Helen Molina and Mary Delle Fancler al REDFORD'S MOTORS, new localion on Valley near Five Poin+s. ,L 51435111 fwwlm X. -sw 45 ii 42? W ' D s ,W ,,',, ,M Wx Y: QQ wg? -Q imix 'V fm vwwv xt mv f 4 Q9 fl .Q A 1 gag. QE! , f 4 ,el - 4 A ,5 2 i 1 V,,, ,. ..,,.,....,, i For line inslrudion see Mr. Frank Ricchio who leads For lhal noon, lunch, or allen' dale snaclc Tom his ewardewinninq accordion band. lhars RICCHIO Hammond and Diane Harrinqlon go fo THE PIT, 8: SON PIANO 8: BAND ACCORDION, l2206 San l0462 Garvey Blvd., El Monfe. Bernardino Rd. kr if I i bg .Ae 5? ' 2 5-- Displayinq rneny dairy producls are Dave Hill, Richard Allen, Lynn Qossard, Yukiko Gkadai Ken Lorlz i-and Jirn Hanilin. These producls are delivered lo your door by DRIFTWOOD DAIRY, lO724 E. Lower Azusa Rd. li gum' 0255321 N-Q..M W ll svy i y 3 3 I x l l 1 "Sunshine heallh will come from Sunshine Dairy Sharon Fleming is showing Dale Ferber and Dolores produclsf' is The ilogan lhal Nancy Speers and Warner line iewelry lo be found al VAN'S JEWELRY, Marvin Rose agree upon, If can be purchased al 328 W. Valley Blvd. SUNSHINE DAIRY, 4644 N. Maxson. d J 0 fel, Carol Marrioll, Milzi Riley, Suzanne Faullcner Adrnirinq a sharp Corvellre are popular coe S, oann er l' F lc l. Of course 'rhe place fo see I+ is a+ R. V. Dorweiler lnc., 3lO Tyler Ave. and S ierry or e 53.1 vu!-Y A -AAA- ,. V., 5046 4 K ..,. . ew 1 . A 2-1 Q .A 1' wwy.-rw swf-if K1f:'f9gQ.gw 4 W N X 1 A Q! sf g 65 , gg, X Q .. 'wig A, . .,,, 1 mf , J JK, in K ,x,iQ , ,L at 1 '92 5 'M Z z 'QQ YP " 93 ak 415' A ve' A fr , ' 7 1 , M . ,, Q, ,,f?Z'jJw." 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Valley Blvd. Fulure archilecls are urged by John Whilman and Sleady couple Rusly Siders and Paul Slrobel are Danny Hevvill lo purchase 'rheir every need al EL looking over The economical seleclion of household MONTE BLUE-PRINT, H930 E. San Bernardino Rd., goods lo be found a+ ATLANTIC SUPPLY CO., in EI Mon+e. II769 Valley Blvd. "Filling ils name properly is Yardage Town, which has a wide variely of rnalrerial lo lil any needs," slale Jim Edson and Dora Zarla. YARDAGE TOWN is localed al 209 W. Valley Blvd. l'No maller whal size you are, This is Tops," slale Bill Engesser and Slelni Rennison as They admire Jrhe balhing suils lealured al PERLUSS, 303 W. Valley Blvd. if Us ,151 929 J 1 g DEN-F ON CUT-U P54E3TQZu3?Se6r 'N , QPX 'EEF if ,, qi-1' RAPHS lf 1-wh f ., . P O ,,-:i 1 AU To QL fb XTC? - Ja ,, 4 IZ PX' --,,,,.v' 618 AX- ...J I A ., I 1 Av,., .,f,.:,M 1 . ff I 4 Ter:-I RS J TACOS I -1 'f'...m:::gf. Q. 'ig ig -wk. . 4 M ' 1 , Kg, A K Q I 4? i x 9 Q' Y if xx xc' ufzfknlyuny V 4 4. 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Suggestions in the El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA) collection:

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