El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA)

 - Class of 1954

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'E' CSF 2:-f Q: S: L' b li fi Q-H fm nie: 535' pi? -W7 f liiff .54 dw if f gp f g ZW B W , jMWZ?fi52Zj gui W 71160 fig 4777. W fiffcf-1 flfgjfgfljfgayfw wfffif , RBA 5M'Ma. P QQ QMQSL . X f vig R xW f A R-K f af W ' gym 1 -w kj fflfmfff JW 0022.23 4611 - l ZW Q f ?'5'.S-'ZQNJ5 . uv .LQ2 . SU hQ,,b,-mt, ! iii? 0 ' q'.fm,,g, Ao Z ig, HA 'A4 V I 'A 'Af-fax f r M W Sf ff' ' -my Rilfp' 555-3X : by W J "iz B F 4 X if + 9 4 K X Q N if XWQQJSN ,N K W 555 M f M Qwffwwig WW ff W 4 WW? - E ,W . f , . df Y. 'A Q J .k f .rg 1 N X . VJ. W av.. 1 2'-1 4 , - ,w- , X' ON. I R X . N nq x -M Mx X., , , - L - i! f' .Je ,. ' P X JY' 1 ' f xjfe ,, -J. r - . , 'y . . 1 . x..- . ,- A A- 2 J FQ 25 7' ix ' Xl- rx f X, X , X H , . .I . Ng f-X x l ,9,X.'1. ' X-1. 5 ' ,, X Aug 2. Ax x - X X V ,.. . 1. 1 " If M ' " 5,9-' f "2 . '. "TY , "' 2 ' - A"?Q' -' ff' 2 " M1 H' 1 , XX, ,Nr . ,qL,..- rj ' 'xx-.fx 'lin 'I ' -I Q1 - fx. ! . bs - .,.' 'ij - S r X -. Y - 6 . , N -1 :I 1 I . 1 ' J 5 1 ' 1"-' , ' u rw, f . QK .3 1 , 4 .1 -... , . 5 A j ' ' x . , . . 13,54 '. ' N, M X-1 'V -H. 'f. -fx ' I JL , 5 .lx -xv. wx . ' , ,Q HQ X 1, a .X x x '42 ,. - .1 xx ,f 14 E' W LJ .v- I X V ti L.: ,L , . r I VY. ,,- 5,1-. H I-1,1 , ,3.v,,!1- -,QQ -g - ' " '-.f,,l' Q r 4 -4 W J w ' G vs .'-. 1' -' ,' :lg.i'i-.'-- -F.-'Q ki . pez: ,- ' ,j 'rf 1- 5.,-gs., ',-:A -'. :-'E M 1 - -. .-"-. - i 2 gm , :mf ,-.psf Un , 5 W gf- : . f- 4 , - , gg 3 ,'- 1 f A - U' ' ' k , ' f' 6 3. rdf ft 'ry rv .1 ,r V. Q.. A ,rf if . , 3 ,0 y , .VN a H X 4,, 2 U , . fu XV EQSXOQ luck: L0 f Ox Qrekx-7, 5u,QkX W M A 500' f Yocxgvl QW, QP WWW D W M Vavbev-XAOXW PM + ww M2 awww, 2552, 5- 7 QW W Eg M 0 K , :Q..g:f5?mQ-fa-z.. ,-3'-, " tg L55 , -.'fL,f-Y,'-5',"",. Li' .1 -.S ig fl' .QL-,"-.L t ' .,'f' ghzl ' . .1 X- bwywffw 4 , I Qigiigi Qffdgjf MX? ifwygwgbgw DMD ,Sl W W ZW QW N., WWW ,W - 02- 4640244 zffcmffffkf fyfoffrzfftfdff W MMM 'TED .4 yw fSTlJDENTS OF L7Ka2f55?!'W'WEL MONTE X CWM HIGH scHooL rsvffiw 55 ENR QQ QW l 31 UbE'H3EifKQ'3'N if 5 Us miw llllllllllllllll This year's annual is dedicaied io OUR PROGRESS. The old high school, of 'iypical Spanish design, was compleied in i90b ai ihe cos? of Sib,000. This building made way in i939 for 'lhe new high school erecled on ihe presenl' siie. PROGRESS had been made again in our rapidly expanding communily. The greal' golden lion which siands waich over The enhance io E.M.H. S. slands also as a symbol oi El Monie itself. Elmo was presenied io El Monie through ihe Alumni Associaiion in June oi l950. As you glance ihrough lhe pages of ihis annual, T fl lr f V The pages of our year and OUR PROGRESS will also unio . -. F , . l i I ia J J IA 'Al l X P 'Mad 'iff UM ,fl-1 i ."'l,A IUJU WU dl ml .Jil V by WL l V K T yylyyyp yd L ll fly ,ff P M' M. if kj, rl T .iriklr J! W if X WJ irrfi' y -"l"'f Wirhin These pages is unioided our srory oi PROGRESS--PROGRESS oi our schooi keeping pace wiih ihe rapid growih o-F Ei Monie--our Cornmuniiy. As 'che years have roiied by, new buiidings and new business have suppianied -ihe oid. Wiih This growih paHern came ihe necessiiy for a new high schooi. Here again PROGRESS has kepi pace wiih GROWTH in added iaciiiiies for iearning in Ei Monte. As you iurn ihese pages now, and in days 'co come, we, 'che siaff, rrusi you wiii be abie io appreciaie +he picioriai record of i953-54 and gei a giimpse of -ihe pasi' and a iooic inio The 'iuiure of This, your schooi, and ours. Ediior-in-chief - - Comma Ann Keiiy Ediior-in-chiei - - Bonnie Thursion Edirorsz Associate - - - - Gay Hail Goilernmeni - - - Margie Van Beek idenriiicaiion - - Barbara Burien Organizaiion - - Shiriey Marko Pubiicaiion - - - Jane? Bean Music - - - Meiba Huffman Toys' Sporis - - - Dick Voiies Oiris' Sporis ------ Barbara Enda Typisis - - Caroiinc Yunker-,Lorraine Jnhrinq Aff WW GOVERNMENT CLASSES ACTNYUES PUBUCATKONS MUSIC SPORTS MR. B. L. BERGSTROM District Superintenctent SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Progress is not always easy to evaluate ancl it is only lay comparing the past with the present that we can tell whether we have movect in a direction in line with our hopes and plans. The Traits Encl affords us an excellent opportunity, through worcl and picture, of making this interesting Comparison. The events that went into the malcing of 1955-54 year hoolc have now been recorclect. They have heen written in inclel- ible inlc and cannot he changed. We cannot unclo a single act nor recall a single word. However, this recorcl is hy no means cleacl. We can in the future, ancl many times will, turn hack the pages to view the story from a new vantage point with greater appreciation. Perhaps it will help to point the way toward the fulfillment of our lite story as we have clreamecl it. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Nlr. Lloyd Dancer, Nlr. Alfred Von Nyvcnhcim, lxlrs. Esther Peake, Dr. J. Eclwin Butters, Nlr. Harold Pearson. PRINCIPALS MESSAGE The theme ot our Traits Enct this year is very appropriate hecause a high schoot is ctevotect to progress through the ctevetop- ment ot each inctivictual. Progress, which may appear to he a group accomplishment in some cases is, in the final analysis, always an outgrowth ot inctivictuat contributions. There are many challenges for our tuture citizens to tace it progress is to continue. It is gratifying to know that our American schools are titled with young men and women who have their teet on the ground anct are looking torwarct to taking their place as tuture citizens. They are not afraid and have faith in our country and confidence in its future. Let us hope this Annual will always he a remincter to you of El Monte High Schools part in the future ot America. When you turn through these pages in years to come, white your minct will inevitahty turn hack to 1954, remember also that att your yester- days were intended to he a preparation tor the contrihutions you can make toctay. MR. G. V. BURNETT Principal MR. LAMAR HILL MISS LORRAINE ANDERSON Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Business Vice Principal D AUMINISTHATIU it. I L H ' ---'V ,- ,I-,-lg i W ' U I ' , 41, ' l ' x 4 X . A X' I XNP4: - g I , R. f! ' f . ff' K r ii M Xu- I Y ff,A- X R - ' NIR' VVARD HARTNIAN 7 I MR. GEORGE W. PHELPS imclm. of Child Welfare and Ammdancc V R X D lx.. Director of Student Activities MR. GERALD O. RISINGER MR. XVILLIAM C. SHEFFEY Direcior of Adult Eziucuiion ami Adu!! School Coimsefor and Principal of Evening High School Conlinuuiion School Dirvcior MRS. ANNA SHERMAN ' MRS. MARY GREER fx!IlllflLiSlf0fiI'G Assistant and NRS- ALMA KNIPPINC' Secrelary io Tile Assistant Superinienclenl Secratarfv io 1,19 District Superintendent Secretary lo the Principal in, Charge of Business 10 G IDA EE MR. HOMER SCHILLING . .1 DR. GUNNAR VVAHLQUIST BW C0"'SL"' Director of Curriculum and Guidance - 1 K r Gyw X . 1, X QV r I f N SJJ jf K9 Miss ENC-ER HILLIX N Girls' Counselor MR. JACK W. WILLIAMS ' V v.J Boys' COUYISUIOI' X . ,f ,f U '9 W MISS EOMA CLEMANS MR. PAUL KEPNER Girls' Counselor Boys' Counselor 11 BUSINESS OFFICE STAFF Patricia Andersen, FIorence Eley. Doris Conway, VeIda Sclimetcr. IN'Inric NIangan. Seated: AucIrcy Pigg. ATTENDANCE OFFICE STAFF Q ,QI ,ISA If ' , -' . . J f'ii5, 1 ' . . mann F. - V ".-uwux fl' '1 F , if. L',.7'5.. 2' vs. "ff iSLg,sT'ff1:15r '.JL7w-44:3 " . ., . Y .givin msazsw f ff' uh' A "' PBX GPERATOR f-ka A ' -: . 5 'iii ' -,Qifigr ff ' .- . f . 1 ' 1-55:53 Lg, - gym . N.l:R,'. i C 2 X J., 1, X F1513-.xr :gs . Qitffni X .,. F ,, 1' ' X L2, Y 1 X :ki 'A . 5' aw J s IN'Irs. Cross Mrs. I..atIirop, NIrs. CI1cnauIl. GUIDANCE OFFICE STAFF IVIiss Eunice NIiIicscII Nlrs. Virginia Hoover Ruth Dryden, Esiller JHSIIIHIIH, Nornmn Bridgman, Secretary lo Secretary lo lIkc Vice-PrincipnI Nlargaret Reeder Director of Acliviiics 12 , . I-.5 -, -Gum . r ,' L I, :,,,. - .funn .W ,. 1 ' ,-Jimi' Mui - 1 -' 'farm x I n BARTON. MR. JOHN I I..iIe Science, IVIRIIICIIIBIICS I BONNEY, MRS. INDIA I'IeacI oI EngIisI1 Department BRONVN. MR. HAROLD HeacI oI IN'Iusic Department BUCKLEY, MISS LUELLA Business EcIucation CHARLESTON, MISS VERDA EngIisI1 CIRINO. MRS. MARJORIE Spanish COLE. MR. RAYMOND Shop Crafts COLE, MR. STERLING SociaI Studies COLLINS. MR. BOYD I2ngIisI1 CRAVEN, MR. JOHN Boys' PIxysicaI Education. Mathcniatics CROSS. MR. VVAYNE INIncI1ine Shop DANNER. MR. ARTHUR Print Shop DE MOND. MRS. PATRICIA Girls' PI1ysicaI Education DURHAIVI, MRS. RUTH GirIs' I..iIc Science EDMONDSON. MR. JOHN IVIecImnicnI Drawing EIBLING. MR. WILLIS IVIntI1emaIics EICH ENBERGER. IVIR. RONALD En gIisI1 FENSKE. MR. WILLIAM Drama. PuI:uIic Speaking FISHER. MR. ARTHUR History FREY, MRS. VIRGINIA Business Education FRIESZELL, MRS. ESTHER EngIisI1 GERNVIG. MR. HENRY Life Science, Projection GIDDINGS. MR. PAUL Auto SI1op GIPE, MRS. MARIE I..iI-e, Science GREEN. MR. ARCHIE Speech Correction. EngIisI1 GRIL, MRS. MAEJEANETTE EngIisI1. Spanish HENSON, MR. VVILLIAIVI SociaI Studies, U. S. History HOIN. MRS. MARY Y EngIisI1, I'IonicinaICing' HOLSOPPLE, MR. CHESTER LiIc Science, GcncrnI Science HOPKINS. MISS ROBBIE Hemi QI: Social Studies Department HORSLEY, MRS. LOIS I'IomcmnIiing HOXVE. MISS MERIDA EngIisIi IRVINE. MR. EDVVARD Civics. U.S. History IRXNIN. MR. KENNETH IX"IntI1cnmIics JOHNSON. MR. J. VV. EngIisIi JOHNSON. MRS. RUTH EngIisI1 JOHNSTON, MR. ALFRED Svniur Pr0IwIcins JONES. MR. DALE IN"InII1clnntics' JOSEY. MISS JO SocinI Studies KELLER. MR, STANLEY Radio and EIeCIric Shop KLINE. MRS, RUTH INIIIIIIPIIIIIIIFS LINDEL. MISS BERTHA EngIisI1 LI PUMA, MR. RICHARD For:-ign Lnngungv LUCIER, MR. DANIEL SocinI SIucIif-s IVIACKAY. MRS. ESTHER Business Eciucation IVIAULSBY, MRS. DOROTHA Business Education MCCUE. MISS MARY HcucI oI HmnmnnIiing Drpnrtnicnt MCINTURFF. MR. ROY Physics. I.iIc Science MCQUOVNIN. MR. PI-IILIP U. S. History MORTON. MISS BETIIY Business Education MURRAY. MRS. MARYETTA Hi-ml Language DL-pnrtmcnt NEARPASS. MR. LYNN Hcad oI Buys' IJI1ysicaI EcIucnlion NELSON, MR. JACK Boys' PI1ysicaI Education NISSLEY, MR. HARRY Business EcIucntinn OLSON, INIISS IVIURIEL EngIisI1 PEEL. MR. FRED Social Studies. Special Services PETERSON. MISS FLORENCE Journalism. Englislx s PLATZ. MR. EUGENE Englisli POOL. MRS. .IOSEPHINE American History POST. MRS. FRANCES lVIotI1ematics REIDELI.. MRS. .IUANITA Englisll RICHARDS. MRS. JOSEPHINE H rl I M I. ' ca 0 atu-matics Department RISSE. MR. DELMAR XNIOOCISIIOP ROTH, MISS NANCY Social' Stuclivs RUSH. MR. CALVERT Music SCHNEIDER. MR. GEORGE Hemi ol Inclustrial Arts SHERVVOOD, MISS XIVILLA 'Librarian SIEBERT. MR. CARLOS Agriculture SIMMONDS. MR. KENNETH IVIusic SKOVMAND, MRS. BERTHA Englisll SORRELS. MRS. EVELYN I'IumemaIcing STETLER, MRS. GERALDINE Henri of Girls' Pllysical Education Department SVVIHART. MRS. BARBARA Girls' Pliysical Education TAYLOR. MISS EMMA Hcaci of Business Education Department TERNOUIST. MISS BETTY Girls' Pliysirnl Etlucntion "I'E'l'ER. MR. HAROLD Mutlicmatics TOMERLIN. MR. CLEMENS Boys' Physical Eclucation VAN ESSEN, MRS. ELNA Hcacl of Art Dcportmvnt VVEBB. MR. HAROLD Head oi Science Department VVELCH. MR. JACK Business Education VVELCH, MRS. MABLE Girls' Physical Education NVELLS, MISS LOIS IN'Iusic VVILKINSON. MISS MARION Girls' Pliysical Ezlucatiun :FFT- L M , W- , my , , Q6 S QQ WP WN3WY5ifQ LX A5- My THEL'lA BJP' +4313 Q 1 X EE 5 W 35 NS 2355 r X DISTRICT STAFF DR. HELEN MORAN School Dorlor MR. .HM LOAKES Slagc Nianager MR. DEAN STOCKMAN Assisiant Business Nianagcr MR. EARL NIXON Sllpvrinlr-ncivnl of Buildings anti Grnuncis 17 MRS, GLADYS CHANEY SCIIOOI NIITSC MR. ROY GARCELON Supvrinlcncicnt of Tmnsporlnlion MRS. DELLA HARMON Cnfvh-rin Dire-Flor BUS DRIVERS Howard lX'1CKinney. Eddie Davis. Don Hnlmcs, Ray Nlrvay. 'IR-.I llnws, Roy Guru-lon, Clvnclus Con-v, .loo Fclnfr, Iwvlvin Remington, Joe Ruslel. CUSTODIANS Back Row: Anderson, Helton, Nlcfvlullan, Nixon, Recd. Short. Essc. Plicfcue Row: Anllmny, Gimmnx, Killcrman, Hoppe Coolbaugh, Cox, Huniingkon. Front Row: Smith, Rye, Rogers. lx"ICHClli'llIl. CAFETERIA STAFF T Uncle Row: Nirs. Donna Hart. Nfrs, Glen Lee. Mrs, Marcella Johnson. NI:-s. Lenore Reynolds, Nlrs. Eclnn Hausmann, lwrs. Corn Wim- Pullnrcl, Nlrs. Kathryn Knlll. Firsr Row: Mrs. Erma Patterson. Nlrs. Lnum Thompson, Nlrs. Della IW. Harmon fcnfcicrin Dircdorf, Nlrs. Ninn Simpson fASsistnnl Cafeteria Dircclorf, Nl rs. Ruth Dc-nsnn, Nlrs. Olive Lowc-. ' HEALTH DEPARTMENT Nlrs. Gladys Clmncy Nlrs. Amy Johnson LIBRARY STAFF Nlrs. Genevieve Tedrow, Library Clerk wh any Q5 . Q 3 K , ga 13 1-.Wa n 5552 ' -Q5 ffl W ffggmk ' ' s S 5 .,.x. .. N 3, A Y '11-X, .rf-.QQ ri , ' X f U X X X f H X Q . SQ f ,Q w z 1 .sf . Q 4. Q. if W - .ww-, AN , ., S ffifl Si M L 2' .'Z:4:m'!5" - ' X ss Fx W . if W, V '-aug 25921-in , i Mn-- w,.x , MQ? -UW' .. D3 .AP ,Q . W, . 22:55 fl ,V K Egg 1 X if Q ' 3? , . W if Z .1 ff,vE', . Q 4 XX7 . f, -pf u ,S x 1 , ll- , 5-141 V13-:Hx . -A 4, -it K X, V wx Q, Wlqfpx, x 1 , , H "5-wi, J-- ,ef A ' 2. 'xf . ZZ' Ek' N. , .QV MS if ., T . ' ' 11,1 2 b 1 W www- 'Q , , 7, .....A1. - 14 WHQA-Ssff, vwia, if , , 'M-v X- .:,-WL 444444 NNW WVWQWAW MW M ww W My A c QjWHMff7f,553fX ,, W ,f sdmjfw OUR Wwwnwef BILL PITKIN A.S.B, President lst Senwsler CAROL WILEY A.S.B. prvsidcnl Qncl Senmsfvr 22 STUQAE W TWQEUURT 'v .' Q , . ' 1 : A 'UL 6 1 I Qfv' Af I if F IM" 1,1 f,'J. Av ,., W f VW ,7 Wg L 'fl 1 ' L ffrwvff ' U lf, f fi 1 if W W' w ,ff JOHN SLACK - ,f sf" JEAN DE GROFF fudge Chief of Police J D G ff Judge-.Iolxn Slack, John Slxubin, David Van Saul, Nlikc Domingo, Dick Pclruff. A 23 HALL I I L Boys' Government Language GARY MCCLELLAND MARY GLASS Art Girls, Service Girls' Government RUSSELL BRUEGGER ARLENE BATCHELDER CAROL VVILEY Boys, Service Homemaking English DICK PETROFF SHARON HARNEY GLEN HOLLINGER A FME Malhematics Commercial THEODORE SIMMONS BILL RHODES F Boys, Physical Education Science Girls, Physical Education JACK CLINE SUE LOGOTHETYI MORE'ITA NELSON r lwusic Social Studies Incfustrial Art LA VERNE RICCHIO RUSSELL NVYLIE CLYDE CADY EU M5510 ' BILL PITKIN CAROL XVILEY MARIE LONG VERNA BOYAKIN BARBARA CLAYBROOK A,S.B. Pres., Isl Sem. Secretary, Isl Sem. Speaker, Isl Sem. Finance, Ist Sem. Aciivilics, Ist Sem. CLIFF CRA1L ASB- Pm- 9-"fl Som- MYRTLE STIDGER GAY HALL WAYNE ALLEN Boys' Club. Isl Sem. DICK PETROFF Girls' Allxlclics, lst Sem. Propcriies. ls! Sem. Assemblies, Ist Sem. FRANK HALL BOYS AUMCS- lst Som- MARVIN NATHAN GLEN HOLLINGER Comm.ofSopI1.. In Sem. BOB DELGADO Scllolarslxip, Isl Sem. Publication, lst Sem. Comm. of Frnslx., Ist Sem. n 1 EX . ,, '79 YI , Y ,I I LJ, ww ip Wmym YI I 26 CUMMISSIU JACK CLINE PAM VVIGC-INS Vicc Pros., isi Sem. Giris' Clubs Boys' Aliliclics. Qnci Sem. Propcriics. Qnci Sem. PAT ROVVLAND SHIRLEY Speaker, Qnci Sem. STONE-BRAIXER Finance. 2nci Sem. BILL PARKER Asscmioiics, 2nci Sem. ARI-ENE BATCHELDER C0 Comm. of Stucicnt Union Isl 6' Qnci Sem. BOB BRUCE Scimoi Spiril Isl Er 2nci Sem. JOY MCCONNELL Activities. Znci Sem. FRANK GRILLO mm. oi Fmsii.. 2nd Sc 27 Ill. GARY MCCLELLAND KAY REYNOLDS Vice Pres., Qnci Sem. BOB IRXVIN Boys' Ciuins, 2nci Sem. BEVERLY INMAN Puixiicalion. Znci Sem. Sccrclary. 2nd Sem. DONNA STEFANO Giris' Clubs. 2nd Sem. SUE LOGOTHE'I'l'E Sciloiarsilip. 2nci Sem. is s ei.. H mwvwwmwwwwv Q YX 1 Q W -1 A we Q K Y ' x V" k Q ,-514 . QQ? ziggy -1 Y ' N --'2 X gpg ? Q x b, +A sa fix'- , ..,. ., L N Q Jw .4 X sg ' x S3 X X -mf 'iw 1 iq . XS X 3 LY fa x 5' N SF +V. X is if Q Xl' yxw 4 - 2 A 23.9 ' sg , f 2 is ' if ...Swv A - fx-sr-' 1-Q S QQ: ME- :s ig 1 ,sr Am sw? GIRLS' LEAD E N LILLIAN ANDERSON President ls! Somesler MORETTA NELSON President Qnd Semester GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Gloria Anderson. Pat Elviclge. Beverly Inman. Janice Hosliinson. GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL Back Row: Nancy Spcers. Sue Niorrow. Rosalie Riccllio. Slmron Noble, Gloria Anderson, Diane Epperson. Virginia Roper, Nlarcella Nrvilson. Sliirley Heriig. Pal Elvidge, Pally Baker. Nliridle Row: Pat Niclcell, Juciy Knipping, Lucinda Elarlco, Penny Mlinxford, Pat Hake. Bonnice Ballnzor, Donna Fisher. Jocelyn Jolmson. Elayne Clcmans, Mrs. Swilmri. Front Row: Donnesc Henry, Kay Lislmy, Rosalie Langrell, Ramona Allen, Sliirley Van Lucliene, Janice Hosicinson. Beverly lnnmn. Nlorctta Nelson, Barbara Goff. 30 I TEH CL B EUU EIL ""' A I BOB IRVV IN President BOYS' CLUB OFFICERS, Don Norris, .lim Skevens BOYS' INTERCLUB COUNCIL Frank Hall, Dick Voilcs, Jean DeGroff. John Slack, Xvinis Laney, Bob Irwin 31 ' :V 1 Q Y 5 Q xv-vm 'WW I -MW, -M .WH x N www x ,QAM . ...M . WML, .- -ww .K M. . , mm ,V 22' ' Q E ii uf fi 2 it .x 9.13. g z.. :, b if Hg fn Q fu gf X 221 ZW bg? QQ, OUR SE IUII5 I I DONNA HOYAL President, Isl Svnwslvr DICK PETROFF PrvsicIvnI. 2nrI Sc-nwslvr SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS , Guy I'InII. .Ianicc I'IosIcinson. Don CawlImn, .Ioy IVIcConneII. Dorothy King. . 34 . fr AlJCl'CfOIlll7l0, Rl'17PCl'ii AIICFIP, BRTlJHfil ACIIHIIIS, Sllifl0y Adler. lJCtPI Al0XN'Q!l. JGIHCS 733 Xvnsliinglon Avenue 52l Hoyt 8027 Nnnnestad 234 Second Avenue 642 Frienelswootl Senior Majnrette San Gabriel Puente Vagalaoncls Koecls Music Science Allan, Rolsc-rt Allen, XVayne Allslcnd. Gloria Anclerscn. Jerry Anderson, Lillian 12147 Deana H434 Lower Azusa lIl25 Klingerrnrm 2829 San Gab. Pwy. 823 Milclrecl Street Science Varsity Tennis Leoettes Cen Football Pres. Girls' League Art Pres. Y.F.C. Connnercinl Delegate Assembly Sopliisti-Kntes Anclracle. Pauline Arguelles, Carlos Autry, Bolw Baca, .lou Back. Bob H836 Roseglen 620 Nlontecito H052 Rio Honclo Pwy. 4026 Peck Roncl H1535 Klingermnn Commercial .l.VB Bgselonll an Bnltazor, Renctta Barber. Lyle Bnrlmm, Carol 2935 Nlaxson 543 Lelaincl IIOI4 Elliott Lion's Trail Stall Xvcst Covina Sec. Lioness Leagues Treas. Girls' League gig., ,..,.,. Q QS S, ,. M9 X E K x ff N i f x .X .x X 'L Wawagy g' wg JW , xv 11 4 W.. i if x f W 254,355 in E, .::A Q 5. , .2 - .---. . ..'... ',v- 5 MS' 4 3, ' wi gy 1 1, .,- ., ,:.,. CH ? . 3 Q X , -L -.x, . : .2 Q mmm 3 .x.k. A G 5 3 gum 1' ro f Lf as wzttrfk , Sa ' X fu I ' V 52353 .Vw IM 1- M, Q -,,- . .. X M, ,K X 4 , 1 4... , f . f We . ., Sa x ' X K Y -. XM . Xxx .x - u ,. ,sk LM 1132: ga? Q A a ft W Q. if - .1 f , Q V 4,111 2- -' ,G . Q 251177: fy., f ' ' A in W K , M A FSL rski., X 5? X ' .1 5 A ,.,,. ...., 'SE x a ,4 ,ff X wav f QQ Rn, MMKBNE V'-,eh ,A ,R iff iw JW f A A wx: Q' i ., . QS 1- X M, wif ,mx vs ...A fm' ,. 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Marshall Wells, Ed Xvclton. Bolm NVcnzel. Malwel Vvestplml, Ann Vvlritc. Laura 0 fi gfsiwyllllf, Margaret Yvlutllelcl. Hal Vviclierslmm, Leia Yviclener. Barlmm Xviggins, .lanicc Vviles, Stan Vviles, Steve Wilkerson, Carol Ann VVilliams, Ben Williams, Clarence Willianzs. Jerry Winter, Ronald Wisely. Betty Wiseman, Jim SUPHUMUHES 1955 JANET ALEXVEL ' Presidenl. lst Semoshfr W EILEEN PHELPS Presidenf, Qruf Svmesier SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS . Donna Stefano, fvicc Pres., 'incl Semj. Sherry Gmvell. frfrcas. Qncl Semj Shirley Hcrtig, fsec. lst Scmj, Sharon Noble. fscc. 2nd Semj 66 Arquien Pete r Austin lorries Avery Warren Avcovr Ronald Bai ey D1 c Barley Doug' Bnlrer Pam Bu win Stan Barber Beth Bar tow lllamc Barstow Eleanor Baumgartner Gcml Benn. Hemel Bc-nn, Pat Beaver. George Bcllucci, Anriy Bcncs, Jackie Bennctt. Slmirlcy Bernal, Lupe Blaskc, Etliel Babbitt, Douglas Abercrombie. Linda Alocrlc, Donna Adams. Jan Adkins, Aileen Aclncy Elaine AlCOl'll JPY!! Aldvc n I 1 u mlm All-wel Janet Allen Ramona Alluls Henrx Alvwrnclo VX rllmm Alxnrez Bobby Alxer on Rosalie Anmt m A lr Arnonclr- Nav AlllSlJ8l', Doug Anclereon Rentha Anclcrson Vvayne Andes Leulr Argyle Sonyw Aruolcl Fay Boelccr, Ricllarcl Bollinger. Hazel Bolster. Keitll Boncl, Gene Bond. Ricliarti Bouchard, Betli Bowen. Mickey Brevig, Bclva Brown, Barbara Brown, Darla-nc Brown, Joe Brown, .lolm Brown. Marilyn liruncllpg xloc Bruno. Lorcncln Buclwnnnn. Diane Buchanan, Elizabeth Bulatow. Don Bunker, JoAnne Burcli, Rnymoncl Burke. Patricia Lee Burns, Jnlxn Burell, Loom Burton. Barbara Butler, lVlereciytl1 Calnlnrese. Tom Cnllcins, Heatlic-r Cnlnnn, Tim Calvert. Roger Cameron, Thomas Carle, ' Howard Carpenter. Gail Casler. Slleila Casperson, Harriet Castro. Danny Custruiin. Pnrly Cvrvcrn. AI cillapnlnn. Frank Charlton. Run Chasn. Edwilrd Chavez. Concliila Cllollar, EJYVRYCI Cllrislensen, Anna Ciiarello, Mickey' Clark. Helen Clausen. June Clayton, Miriam Clemens. Elayne Cline, Colleen Crulclll-ielcl, Jack Culps, Mary' Cummings, Bill Cummings. Connie Cunningllam. Don Curran, George Curtis, Fred Dalileen. Carole Dahlen. Al Daniels, Donna Danze-r, Vvnync Davidson, Bonnie Davis, Dale Davis, Nlary Davis. Vvanrla Davisson. Elclon Dawalcl. Jackie Dc Angelis, Nlilie De AfIll0lld. Dolores Dennis. Nancy Densmorc. Alice Desnlol-l-, Tanya Devenny. Bonnie Devin. Cecil Devvin, Linda Dickey, Lou Domingo. Dolores Dominguez. Ofelia Cluff, Guy COHIC, xlflllll Coleman, Harry Collins, Alan Collinwood, Vvrl Colwvll, Pnl Conant. Jacliic Congeslio. Gloria Conlnv, Pat was X1- -Ye X Conn, Alirccl Cook, B011 Cooley, Paul Cooper, Jolin Cope. Pliillip Corbin. Slim-iln Corclcr. Joanir' Cox, .lolmny Crane, Gary Cmwlqorcl, Rolncrt Crulclil-if-lcl. Elsie Crooli, .lim 1 A v r 3 2 Q N s .. ,:.,: . ,iff R we I.-:L ., ' ' JSE?" EI if 9 ways? . : X .rV"W ' my ml. , Af , - all M -'S 5 Q - .. . '1 z.. Sf AI! i Q 4, 4 'iv ' t . .... s 3 f , ,.., . . 3, if L j A ka Q V, - . :I N ii X Pj S ,,,.. .T .R Eriigi. K X sf X , ,aw , f ' ' 1 ' - . ,. ' 'mer 5,51 2 ' - .... . ' fx ' v-K ws 3 K 'Q "Z 'ix 1 '1 if K N' 7253? , , .. ' z b L.- gf- ' X Q . if ' ' M A fi W f kk'k ivabbmwww. 5:55,- x . ,iw 9. se' -'xx 4 'f .X ,gmc m 4 I -2 ' e 2 2 2 ' f . if , e X' H Dooley, Janice Dooner, Jerry Dosicr. Tim Dovyflaiiis. Kestutis Doyle, lxflicliacl Drew, Pat Duncan, Glenn Durazu. Eclclic Earl, Sonya Eclcarcl. Frank Ecrclneni, Caleb Edson. Jinx Ellrin. Earl Elkins, Ramona Ellis, Nlurcia Ellwootl. Don Ely, Jael: Emlct, Joan Erickson, Frecl Esicp, Jerry Esics, Beverly Esies, Nlarlenc Evans, Byrl Facer. Marilyri Fagerluolm, Rocl Fanclcr, Mary' Dclle Felix, Donna Fell. Jim Felzicn, Cliarlcs Ferlmer, Dale Ferguson, Jerry Ficlrl, Jucly Filielcl, Sliirlcy Eilce, .lncquilinc Finke, Hannon Fislmcr. Bonnie Fislrer, Lynn Fleming. Lorelin Fleming, Ronald Fleming. Slmron Fliglii. Nancy Flow. .lolin Foley. Spencer Forsyili. Slinron Franrone, Kay Franlclin, Don Frnnlclin. Vmla Fraze, Sliirlcy Fmzicr. Clinrlcs Frazier, Tecl Frost, Gay Frugarcl, Sian Frye. Joan Fuller. Rolieri Galim, Charles Gallagher, Billy Garlanci, Darrell Giizvinons, Mary Giiuiing. Norman Gibson, Glenda Gilbert, Boil Gillespie. Perry Givens, Terry Golf. Bnrlaam Golden. Elaine Goociin, Ronnie Goyen, ivielvin Graiwam. Knilly Grave. Judy Gravctt, Silerry Gray. Gary Greasley. Sanrirn Greene, iViiCilBCi Greene, Ray Greer, Carol Griffin, Jerry Grinclclanci. Kenney Harmon. Darryl Harney, Carolyn Harney, Ricilarci Harris, Loreen Hartley, Don Hartman, Jerry Hnrtt. .lim Haller. Larry Hauli. James Havens, Hai Hawley. Bill Hayes. .laciiic Heaui, Carol Ann Heclcer, Jim Heier, Pat Heinciselman. Niargc Heinrich, Ernest Henderson. Jeanie Henclrix, Betty Jo Hcncirix. Rose Ann Henry, Kenny liornanclcz, Siilllllly Herncion. Cari Hr-rtig, Sliiriey Hewitt. Danny Heyncn, Bill Hiclcux. Dale Higgins, Beverly 'Q' ri K9 Q " ' , 3 3 , - 1. -1.3, 3 - of . lisa - ' i 'Wi ' v, K, , , ,L if l 'Q 4 X, -- -' - a i YK -,fii xi- ' 1 .:1 ,ive , L Q.. f -fr, wry- - f.g:,s1':. - .5 '2 i f A ' Grolunann. Vviily Grove. Carolyn Grove. Katilryn Guntilcr, Boi! Guntlxer, Cllarlc-s Gutierrez. Eva Gutierrez, lrenc Haber. Clxucii Hake, Pat Hales, Lamont Haiet, June Hail. Frank I-iflii, Joe Hall, Nancy Haller, .iuinn Halls, Anne Hamilton. Dorettn Hamilton. Steve Hansen. Don Harbison. Gary Hardin. Deanettc r. '41 f ' xr v- ,Vx 'X , .. --" X - Q :f y 5 . x , mm X Ki iz Jarvis. Lois Jason. Carol rlaspcrso Johnson, n. Jerry Davici Johnson. Dennis Johnson, Geraldine Johnson, Jocelyn Johnson, Nancy Jones, Jacicic Jones, Pcicr Jones, Ramona Jorcian. Sharon Jurici, Doris Juclson, Pai Kcciing, Bill Kohler, Philip Kemp, June Kendall. Virginia Kennedy. Dennis Kerns. Kenneth Kiracofc, Hciien 'QS lr. Hill, Lynn Hixon. Jimmy Holails, Joy Hoeliing. John Holder, Virginia Hoslcinson, Jim Hnwarci. .ioycc Hoyai, Davici Hrulay. Robert Huloionrci, Steve Hull. Sharon Hunt. Barbara Huriimri. George Hutchison, Giencia Sue Hyail. Rosalie Inman. Randy Insaloca. John irving, Bill Jackson. Wiarcia Jacobs, Jerry Jacolws. Ruth Kiaas. Barbara Klein. Leona Kiiewcr, Bill Kline, Barbara Kneip, Mary Knipping. ,luciy Knowles, .loan Koehler. Boli Koic, ixlargarcl Kutincr, Lawrence Laliiuc, Don Lamb, ircnc Lampcrl, Gloria Lange, Palricia Laughlin. Bill Leclair. Emily Lcntz. Ann Jack Leon, Pat Lewis. Donna Lewis, Leilancl Lewis, Ted Liclxhcrr. John Lisluy. Kay Little. Charles Longshore. Virginia Lopez, Virginia Lortz. Alan Lotus, Jean Lowe, Jannis Lugo, Ricarda Luman. Joanne Lyclc, Jerry McAicc, Dennis, Nlccollum, .lim lVlcCornlJ, Janis Maxhaln, Donna Nlaxson. Ronald Nlays, Kathryn lvleilclcjohn, Sona Nlcloy, Pal lvlenasco, Le Etta Mendez, Frances Nlcndoza. Emma Nlcssineo, Roy Nlcycrs, Alex Vliclcclson. Zita Nlillcr, Joe Nlillcr, Thomas Miller, Troy Nliichcll, Bill Nlitclicll, Vvilliam Nlolina, lvlary Helen Nlonlgomory. Renee lxlontout i. Dick ' I Nlontnya, Clifford lxlorlnorcl Robert Nlorgan, Carole Nlorgan. Floyd Nlorlan. Mary' Nlunclay. Joan Murplmy, Barbara Nlurphy, Danny Nlqrpliy , Donna Mccormicli, Pat Nlccutchcon, John McFarland. Morris McKccn, Jo Ann lVlcLL-an. Gary MCLCHH, Nlaflcnll lVlcNlullan, Harry Magcr. Michelle Magoon. Dorothy Nlalins. Bob lvlallon. Pat Nlann, Dianne Wlanning. Arthur lklanning. .lohn Nlarlc. Joe Nlarlco. Vvayne Nlartin, Glenna lvlastvrlield, Ronnie Nlasterson. Tom lvlathcws. Bob l 1 Nlathcws. Ncall W.. 1 Q is km, , 'Q E-rw: : 'Q i J' A X 52: 5 f a .- - , S35 Rig' M ig N N ' .geek '1 ' Rfk . .NE N wir XL ni xg . N ii xXi" A X . Nutt. Deanna Oiuornc, Judy O'Brien, Terry Oerlel, Joann O'Gorrnan. Laura Oiiiingcr, Joann Okada, Yuiiiiio O'Leary, Patrick Orr, Don Oriega, Tiio Osborn, Fred Osborn, Paul Overimii. Ricilarei Pack, Jacic Paine, iwikc Painhtr. Geraldine Palmer, Dixie Palmer. Ginger Palmer. Helen Pnuinccio. Joiin Parecies. AI w ir , --Aix X fi' K Murphy, Huiaerl Niurpily. Nlargarcl Niurmy, Jannice - Nlurray. Pai Niusgrove. Elaine Nave. Siiiriey Nelson, Coiey Neisun. Nanny Nevarez. Irene Newnian. Joanne Niebcrie. Audrey Niederimuser. Vvniler Ninn, Janette Noble. Larry Noble, Sliarun Nocem. Joe Nocggeralii, Andreas Nolan. Niiciiaei Norris. Ricimarci Nuciieils. Bin Nuckelis. Thelma Parker, Jack Parks, Roberta Pascusci. Don Passne. Mona Peecook. Dick Pennington. Alice Peoples. Dorcas Perat, Fari Perry, Biii Peterson, .lennetle Peterson. .lirnmy Peterson. Joel Ann Pelliiohn, Billie Pczzine. Nioreen Plenninger, Barlyam Phelps. Eileen Pliillips, Ted Plwillips, Waller Philmalec, Grace Pliipps, Margaret Picnrcl, .loanne Picciule, Alnlrey Picrro. Josepll Pillard, Donna Plaislecl, Rolmerla Pollrcn. Clill Pollel. Curlis Pollocli, .lim Pope. Jerome Prall. David Pringle. Don Prizler. Don Prosser, David Pryor. Riclmrcl Puglie, .lanice Ricldlc, .lim Riddle. Lynne Riessen. Herlnert Roluinell, Zona Robles, Sally Rodriguez, Eddie lloclrigucz. Gil Rodriguez. lrenc Rodriguez, lVlary Rogers, Eleanor Ronmine, .loc Roman. Dorotliy Roper. .lolin Rosaclccr. Barbara'- Rose. Nlurvin Rululev. Vvinilrucl Rundall, Karen Rundzuisl. David Russell, Cllarlie lfulllerlord, lVlurolyn Ryals. Bill Silent. Rolrcrl Sancllez. Vvilnm Scarlett. .lolm Scliicli. Dave Schiller, Bill Scliiller, Larry Sclxnlidl. Lyle Purcell Lynn Purcell Ray Purws Qtcw Pxlc Donnw ua B ll uiroz Gllliuerl RamxrcL Vincent Rwli Pat Recxcv. Bull RCICI 'IOIII Remlmerger Norm Rcmwald Dale Rcneau Rnlalm RCHHISOII qlclni Rey' Helen Reye lrcne Rlnnellarl 'loin Riccllio. Rosalie Riclmrcls, Riclmr Ricl1cr. Louise Ricl1ler Carmen Sliavaril . Geralcli IIC Sclinal-Cc. Connie Sclmcidcr. Nlarcelle Sclinc-iricr. Nola Scliultz. Larry Scliultz. Nlarcia Scliumaclmcr, Harry Sclmster. Glaclys Sclnvcnd. Alan Sera. Harry Sliarr, Bill Sliearer, Loretta Sll0l'lllilIl, Riclxarrl Slrcrmrcl. Saunclra Shields, Carole Slmenmlicr. Vivian Sliulwin. Nliltc Silvers. lvlmieleine Simons, Don Singley, Bennie Siarcia. Larry Slmvnril. Gcralcl Slack. Bill SIDED, Vr0l1lHly Slutslic. Fern Smitli. Artliur Smitli, Estrella Smitli, Frances Smitll. Joe Smith, VVaync Snycler, Flora Sonner. Marion Solo. Paul Souliesian. lyla ry Louise Sparks. Bolo SDCCFS. rrlriylhl' Spcrl. Sllifflllilll S err' Patsx P f 5- .' Spitzer. Dottie Squyres, Pliil Slallorci. Nnnry Stnrli, Erwin Steele. Davicl Stclnno. Donna Stevens, 'Dicli Stevenson. Ronalcl Slewarn. Georgia Sticiger, .lolin Stoclclarrl, Terry Sloppclmoor, Lary Strang. Gloria Straus. Frccl Strolzcl. Paul Swalley, Barbara Swann, Deivirl ' Swanson. Sandra Tablet. Jerry Togue. Jacqueline Talley. Lanny Tainalii, Eilic Taraniinc. Eclrlic Turin, Helen Turver, Tliclnm Taylor. David Taylor. James Tlmnms. Helen ,I1l10llll'JS0l'I, Neal Tillcma, Beverly Tiplon. Clarice Tollay, Sandra Trnvniliolzl. Basil Trudeau. Terry Trumpler. Bill Tuiaanflt. Kailicrine Tuln. Riclwarcl Turley, Jolin Turner, Joe Vvarren. Pele Vvalson. l-lun-I Vvelala. Dorotliy NfNyCOCll, Bill Xvcccl. lvlicliey Vveilein, Le Roy Xvliitiunn, .lolin Xvielicrslmni, Karen Xviese. Roger VViId, Kay Vvillccrson. Ken xAlilliEiIIlS, Frank Vvilmoi, Jerry Vvilson. Bob Xvilsun. George Nvilson. .loan n Xvinslow. Riclinrrl XVoocl. Alan XVoulcuc'lc. Carol Xvooxlcocli. Karl Xxlfiglll, Xxinyne XN'ynIL Bill York. Barlmrn Zabrisliic. Gloria Zcllie, Lurry Zinli, Cllarles Asmunclson. ' Jolin Blanco, Tillig XX X Tutl1ill, Eclwarcl Tyner. Roberts Ulmen. Joan Urlcr. Jim Vallinella. Joyce Van Beelc, Simon Vandalia. Bill VunDorn. Eclsel Van Pell. George Van Sant. Errol Vnrncr, Faye Vesly Danny Villanueva. Nlarie Vuglil. Dolmalcil Vozza, Nlargarita VVHICS, Roger Vvallcer, Jerry Vvallworli. Lelanrl Vvaller. Allen Vvallon, Joyce VVnrncr. Dolores FHESHMEN 1957 JOAN LOCKXVOOD Prvsirfenl, Is! Svvnvsfer . SHERRY FORKEL Prvsidenl. 2nd Semester FRESHIVIAN CLASS OFFICERS Back Rum: Ann Lunv, Q51-c.. 2nd Svmj. Mitzi Riley. Qrfrcns.. Qncl SEIIIJ. Sherry Forlicl fprcs. 2nd SUIII., Fronl Row: .lnckiv Honnnmn. 4'I'r4-ns.. Isl Sonnl. Pal Baker. fvico Pres. Qnd Sem., Acevcolo. Irma Alcin. Linda Alford. .lack Allen. Gary Allison. Sharon Allslearl. Johnny Allnis. Rnnalcl Alnms. Lorraine Allman. James Anmlury. Joy Anderson. John Anderson. Richarcl Anderson. Rocky Anrles. VX7ilnm Anclrews. Darrell Angle. Benny Arhuclile. Diclc Armstrong. Sharron Arnold. .lanalee Ashhy. Ronalcl Auer. Saunclra Bermuclez. Edwarcl Bernstein. Russell Berry. Don Betz, Dale Bianchi. Donna Biclwell. Richarcl Bishop. Janice Bishop. Suzanne Bittle. .loan Bluth. Charles Boling. Cleatus Bollinger. John Bonclmright. Pat Borunrla, Richarcl Bowers. Janet Boyalcin. Roclriclc Boyle. Gary Braneslw, Shirlev Burns. Nlary Bright. John Brown. Alhert Brown. Donalrl Brown. La rry Brown Rolnert Brown Ronald Buchan. Russell Buclcehdahl. Diclc Burlincr. .lean Aycox. .loan Baircl. Barbara Baker. Bill Baker, Patty Balilien, Bernie Baltazor, Bonnie Barajas, Lorenza Ba renclrcgt. Jerry Barney. Kathleen Barry. Richard Bass. Norman Batelaan, Evelyn Baylor. Glen Bean. Davirl Bc-attic, Bill Benioll. Joan Bennett Nlary Ann Bennett, Phyllis Benson, Doris Benson. Marie Berclin. Franl-c . ss -. . .. A L 3 X X a t fin' .iq : , 1 ' . , , ., ..., A -:ini 5 Q ss s -' fx X ., SQ-f A E25 .fs as ww. Sri . 1. X ., ss X .. sr . . .1 - AQ 4 ,A ssl sv 'f2P'fk- Q s , fr-if Q i X N fi .t if X, , .ws rf .X r. J 'fs , 5525-.gf-, if r W i -- 14295 ' X S ' 2? s vii I X .H ' 'LPS 1 1 A Ns. CllBndlPr, I..0U Clmpin. Palricia Clrapnian. Ken Cllczcm. Treva Cliin. Jolm Clirisrnnn, .lim Cllrisman, Norman Cllrislensen, Riclaarfl Cliurclxill. Russell Cirrilo. .loc Clark. Buddy Clawsnn, Ronald Clnylnn. 'Rolancl Clements, Roy Colwerg, Gary Cocllmo, Palricia Colangelo. Connie Colangelo, Pliyllis Collycrg. Slieldon Colby. lluclillx Collier. Roy kai' wviim A Burlclxardl. Jaclcie Burman. Jack Burns. Cecelia Burns. Harolcl Burns. Mary Burrows. Fawn Burl. Raynlonrl Calaizresc. Ron Calderon. Consu Calkins. Mike Callalran, Dan Callaghan, Jerry Calnan. Mike Cameron, Wlary Calnplacll, Belly Canmlnell. Gary elo Cn nrlelaria. Rulncn Carle. ROIIBIJ CHfllCD'. MGH' Cervanelez, Andrea Cllance. Sally Collinglmm, Bevc Collon. Margarel Conlicy. Richard Conn. Lillian Cook. Earl Coolcsey, Tommy Cflopery Grace Cooper. Jacque Corcler. Carole Corder. Jimmie Cornicli, Gladys Coronel. Estella Cowger. Barlmnm Cox, Belly Cox. George- Cox. Mary Craig. .lim Cranrlal, David Crandall, Jolin Crawlorcl, Carole Crawford. Naomi Cruolc. George Crossno. Gernlcl Crowell. Beverly Crulclilielcl, Belly Cruz. Anna Mae Cruz. Domingo Dalia. .lell rly Darby, 'Betty Daves, lxiorris Davis, Gayle Davis, Lconarcl Dawson. Larry Dean. Hclcn Delmolius, David Dr-rlcr-r. Lavonno Defirvgory. Pllil Dclmlo. Kraig Dr-lgaclo. Bob Demas. Niarilyn Dr-rlwy, Beilx Dr-vcnny, Xxyaync Sa Devin. Nvilliani Diaz. Edna Diclison, Dec Dieiricl Dixon. 1 , HOIIICF DODIIR Dobson. Gail Donnel ly, .lunc Faulkner, Suzanne Fells. Mabel Ferguson, Lois Fcilerleigli, Dianne Fewall, Beverly Finley , Ricliarcl l:iSllCl', Donna Fislicr, Kenny Flores, Carl Flores, Frank Foote. Ford, Johnny Gerald Forlcel. Slicrry FDTHIS ma. David Forienincry, Roland Foster. Dovic Foster, Sharon Frank. Jeanie Frazier, Don l'rr-cr. Eclwarci l'rcnzing0r, Tliomas l'rurlicy, Doris Fulclier. George Fuller, Rolneri Fuller. Gia-n Galiignn. Eileen Gangloil, Jolm Gannon, Harry as X Ss-E 1 --.., a s 5 DfCX'Cf, Iqilyllllllld Drcwry, Nelson Dringcnlmrg. Jimmy Drouillard. Roclney Dunkel, Billce Dunn. Dicliic Dunninglon. Dunne Eclniison. Ronald Ecimonclson, .lack Elclriclge. Gail Ellenixein, Clare Elliott, .lean Ellis, Pai Ely. Snnclra Engelsiarl, Janice Engesscr, Vvilliam Eppcrson, Bill Eppcrson. Diane Ervin, Virgil Espinosa. Gloria Eweri. Patricia Ann Grey, Rolieri Griffin. Norval Grilalva. Norma Grill, James Grillo, Franli Gross. Vera Guardaclo. Dora Hass, Judie Hnelil, Phyllis Hager. Judy Hagerman, Joyce Halci. Bob Hall. Diana Hall, Sandra Hallnws. Jerry Hx-unlel, Ronalcl HHHIIIIOKTJK, R0llHlCl l'lammoncl, Jerry Hummuncl. Tom Handley, Clauclia Hanson, Jimmy Garclner, Clxarloiic Geyer, Frank Gibson, Jo Ann Gibson, Rollin Gieselmann, Shirley Gillespie, Cliarlene Gilliam. .lim Gillis, Jimmy Gillis, Bjlilfillil Gimby, Gary Goldman, Barry Gonzales, Larry Goodman. Don Gormley, Jim Gosnell, Belly Gowdy, Harolcl Grani, Barbara Green. Barbara Greene. Gail Greenwood. Fred Greenwoocl. Sllirlcy Harlacri. Barbara Harding, George Harmon. Don Harrington, Diane Harrison, Dorenc Hari. Donna Hari, Ronald Harvey. Evelyn Hailielcl. Billie Hawes. Sliirley Hayes. Tom Haynes. David Halley. Lois Hellin, Cliarles Heilcliila, Jor- Heil, Dyllone Heinflselman. Brcnclu Helvin. Jolwn Hcmpcl, James Hensley. Ecldie Hernandez, Margaret Heronema. Pauline Herrington. Balm Hesselroclc, Barlmra Heilw. Lucille Hclriclc. Jim Hiatt. Carole Hill. Davicl ? Hodges, Darreii Hoffman, Jackie Hoicomim. Judy Hoimes. Curtis Hoitgricve. Donairi Hoiuboc, Jack Homsiey. Dick Hone, Alfred Hooicer, David Howarci. Davifi Howscr. Paul Hoyt. Forest Hoyt, Nicrie Hruby. Norman Huisisarci. Ginn Hubbard. Patricia Hudson. Roland Hudson. Vernon Hugiies. Jo Ann Huii, Donaicl Huiquist, Susan Kaicctaca, Miio Kamaimic. Vaientie Keiier. Aiizrert Kcrsil. Roy Kiiiaciccy, Roger Kimmons, Donna Kinnc. .iuciy Kirk. Judy Kitt, Frank Klein. Larry Kicmp, Jack Kremer. Henry Kroeicei. Nvuif Krueger. Jim Kruse. Ronald Kultner, Fcroi Kyies. Vviiiiam Ladracir. Niarie Jurncy. Harold LaJeunesse, Eugene Lamoureux, Harris-t Lane, Ann I 1 aa.. . - X.. Maw. . '- .tv A-1.2 Na if t, -gg.. , JH fit, 1 ik ei Q x if? X Q N513 -E Humphrey. Howard Huriiuurt, Franic Hutrilinson. Juciy ivester, Joan Jackson, Gary Jackson. Jack Jacobs, .iuciy James. Donna Jcdinaic, Russeii Jimenez. Aiivcrt Joanis, Loretta Joimson. Everett tioimson. .Iuditir Joimson. Juciy Joimson. Ronald Joirnson, Ronaici A Jones, Larry Judson, Kay Juiian, Marvin Lago. Russel Kaisnrrr. Harvey 53 2, 'i" f-1255522 ' X ...,.. 4 .1 i '- ' -if ' f ..,, Langley, icicc ,ff I I K Af? 1-ffw'1f-Hi Sheldon ""' t Lay. Fiossic ' i I J in of . M 1 L -CG line i-,iff-1 - Q.. ' . . h.. IM:'25. .xi XG' . . ww. 'J' ' 'S'-xc V2.1 ' - S I co Marjorie H95 2 X-:ff .-r' w -N Y 4 ' r 43 'Avia " Fifi? ' -H91 M94 ,Z Lyon. Edwin h'1cAhnond. Gerald Nicciain, Roger Mocieiian, David Nlccieiianci. Larry D. Niccleiiand. Larry F. McClintock. John Mccrary. Jim 1VicDonaici, Eiaina McDowell. Brooks NicEachcrn. Pa! McElvain. Jerry McGee, JoAnn McLean, Deaona McLean, Kenny McLean. Lucille McNees, Ronald iwcvay. Barbara Niackey. John lhdaclfioxn RHy'lll0hd lViaGowan. Johanna 'x ig Leiicr. Carol Leon, Justic Lewis, Frances Lillie. Harold Liuleiield, Bob Livingsion. Douglas Lockwood. Eciwunl Lockwood. Joan Logan. Sancim Loiacono. Niichnci Loicen, Joyce Lolnbarcio. Ray Lopez, Luis Lolslcin, Charles Lovelace, Leia Lucas, Jozcl Ludwig. Nancv Luil. Glenn Lunn. Loreno Lusby. Arlo Luzzi. Frank Niaieiia. Shiriic ' Manscuu. Joyce Niarchman, Robert Nlarcion. Harry Niaricr. Ronald Niario. Richard Niarrioii, Carol Niarkin, Jim Martinez. Mario Nieanor. Niaryien Nieicicn, Neal Nicllon, Sherry Niiars. Boil Niiiicr, .lim Niiiier, Juciy Miller. Sharon Nlinor. Sharon Nlilcheii, Xvesiley Montanoz. Roy Montero. Nicholas Nioorc Anila Nioore Anson Moore Dolly Moore. Eclith Nioorc-. Henry Nioorc Polly Nioraios. Gloria Nloriorfi. Lori-n i i 'mr Nlorgan, Mary Morgan, Peggy Morris, Dick Morrow, Linda Morton, Dona Murphy. Mike Ntussey, Carole Nagai. Donald Nalley. Callry Nauta, Jolm Neal. Dallas Needlianl. Bc-Ili Nelson, Betsy Nelson, Freclclie Netllinglon, Bob Nevarez, Allmert Newmyer, Paul Nicliolson. Tlmmas Niclcell, Leroy Nielson, Janet Norling, Sherrill Parker, Marjorie Parker, Nlelvin Parker, Robert Passini. Carole Paulson. Judy Pautz. Clara Payne. Penny Pearson, Carl Perrot, Joy Peters, Joan Peterson, Carolyn Peterson. Dave Peterson. Gus Peterson. Jolm Peterson, Kenny Peterson. Leland Petroll. Virginia' Phillips. Howard Phipps. Charles Picard. Lavonne Pillo. Barbara Post, Richard Powers. VVanda Poynter. Bill Pratt, Barbara Pratt, Richard Preciaclo. Armiclo Preciaclo. Arturo Norman, Carol Norris, Joel O'Conner, Patricia O'Donnell. Balm O'Leary. .loc Oliver. Hcrslxell Onstott. Doris Orr. Lyle Oslborn. .lim Osborn. Ronalcl Osterlcamp. Ralpll Ourslon. Tlmr Owens. Doyle Ower, Paul Paoli. Jerry Palaeologus. Marvi Palnlcr. Cxilry Paoluccio, Joan Parerlcs. Hector Parcdffs, Nllrllln Parker, .lanell WA Riley. Niitzi Rily. Pm Rinnc, Donna Ritch, Charles Ritchie, Darlene Ritchie, Richard Ritchie, Thomas Ritlenour, Addie Roherts, Beverly Rohcrts, Sherry Roherts. Terry Rohinctt, hietvin Robinson. Barbara Rohinson, Nvanda Rodriquez. Rose Niaric Rogers. Barbara Rogers, Judy Rogers. Ronald Rolnaine. Kenny Roses, Rirhard Rothlin, Edwin r '-w Prcstia. Ben Prior. rlilll Pritchard. Dehicr Pruin, Pm Pryne, Jim Pryne, Joan Rachwitz, Crystal Ragle. Orvil Ragus, Linda Ramagc, Jean Ramirez, Virginia Ras, Henrietta Read. Larry Redford. Sharon Reid. Dorothy Rcsino, David Remington, Susan Reyes, Rudy Richards, Merton Richardson. Betty Rickard. Nancy Rouse, Niarcia Rowe. XN'anda Rowland. Ruth Ruder. Norma Russell, Veronica Ruzicka. Nfvill Sais, Frances Salcido, Arthur Satsman, Barbara Schectc, Edgar Scheidt. Ann Schick. Kay Schmidt. Henry Schmidt. Jerry Schneider. Don Sctwmmcr. Loc Schwartz. Don Schweikert, Marcia Scofield, Joy Scott. David Scrofani, Gloria Sexton, David Sexton, John Shattner. Patricia Shepard. Harry Shepherd, Peter Shields. Mary Ann Shipcott, Boi: Sliirley, Gcmld Sliriclcr, Bob Siders. Silvey. Russellyn Doug Simicll. Jerry Simmons. Josepli Simpson. Carolyn Simpson. Sondra Singlclary, Frecl Sizemore. Ken Slauglxicr. Nlelvin Smillx. Allen Sllliill, Jim Smilll. l..inf:la Smith. Lois Smitli, Jill Smiili, Terrence Smilli. Vernon Snalmlz, Gail Sncilicn. Allen Snow. Barbara Swcel, Carolyn ,-W. 3 xr ,A 2 were greg. . - i .rv,f,-Ein. ,X 4 :X-.AQ i 1 Snowden, Evcrcl! Snyder. Harlan Solwiclt, Ricliarcl Spears, Nancy Spinner, Ross Squires. Glen Slalllorcl, Lynn Sianwoocl. Davicl Slapl. Leonarcl Sieelc. Nancy Sleinnlann, Janei Sk-plicns, lVlary Ann Sioplwns. Ricliarcl Slcwarl, Callierinc Slolilrty. Lee Siolpc. Dan Strayliorn, Jucly Slriclrlancl, Loriia Stuart Bonnie Slunlplll. lxlary Suilwrlanci. James SWCHSOU. LCS Swili. Rolaerl Talxlcr. Dave Tanner, Frecl Tale, Carole Tale. Jolm VllBVl0l', Bob Taylor. Hope Taylor, Jane! Taylor, Vvayne Tlxayer. Don Tliiesen, Jimmie Tliompson. Barlnara lliompson. Bula llll0lllllS0l1, l...incla 'l lnunnan. Pal blliins, Jolinny rllroesli, Donalcl 'llruniclm lvliclieal Tula. Roloeri 'llurner, Joyce Turner, Lois Turrill. Tom Tyner. Jerry Van Beelc, Gcrlic Vflll Dillll, Nlafy Lou Van Fleet. 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Claudine Young, Frank Young, Howard Zaimtcr, Joiin Zavaia, Teresa Zeitler. Keith Zciticr. Kcnnclix Zicicuiir, Beverly x 1 E a Q Q I 4 H Q, Q E 5 44444444 oiwciw.. LAUHELS Ark-no Buxclmldcr Julie Becker Verna B05-akin Barham Clnybrouk Bmflcc Cowan Ardyxh Eng-mm 1x-Imy class Gay Hall Janice Hoskinsou Beverly lnman Sue Logollxclii Loretta Nelson Murclla Nelson Nlyrllc Vvard Sliclgcr Ca rol Vvilcy p in xnuxzu. W? XM .locl rlqccplcs Riulnnrcl Vuilcs 91 LIU H IEHTS VVaync Allen Bela Bruce Russcll B rmnm- ggcr .lim Crcnslmw Harvey Clcmane .lack Davis Vcslcr Glenn Glen Hollinger Andy Hunlcr Ecl Jollnsun Vvillis Lanny Gilfy b'1CCll?llilI1Cl Riclmrcl Nlillis Gus Olson Put Roland Paul Sievcns Wifi J, Vw .. A ,.,l, ' TQ. fi 1 SQ" E xlifxxk 2 xg X. V5 -1' Ly-gk x, ,, -1 airy Ny www T wiv af. X5 New Q 1 xii , X, N, 1 X. , Ifwrkfg r W . 1 ESQ ., 'Www .MW X A .Q - f N - 1 my S-Sy ., 4. K Q F93 x BMX. A I, ' an ,. 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Ames-X QQ K, Nwk XS X K f M NY mimi .AW fig? " W "" ' "1 Q Nj. Lvifv, K 'f H : .Dx lager X Y TEENS Back Row: Marcin Ellis. Sonya Niicimljoiin, Donna Felix, Joel Ann Pr-lerson. Elayne Clemans, Doiiic Spiizcr. Carole Niorgan. Patsy Sperry, Mrs. Posi. Miririic Row: Barbara Goff, Irene Reyes, Donna Lewis. Kathryn Loiaanl. Jackie Hayes, Donna Daniels, Jocelyn Johnson, Linda Nlorrow. Front Row: Bova-riy Higgins, Pat Lange, Helen Tarin. Judy Hager. Judy Kirk. June Lcc. .PINAIRES ml: Row: Loriln Slriciilancl. Bnrlnam Vvcsl. Kay Srixirk, Jill Sllliih, Bonnic' Sicwml. Annu Voiln. .inciiic Burklmrcli. Niary .lo Bray. Lois irguson. Cnliwrinc Slcwarl. iwiclcilv Row: Niiss Tnrnquisl. Trcva Clicizoni. Nlonn Passno. Jonnnc Vvviuncycr, Jackie Taguc, Elaina iWcDonaicl, nrcclln Xvilson, Pat Nluorc, .lucly Niiiicr. Front Row: Clnrc Eifvnixciw. Simron XVQUCI, Ellie-I Biasicc. Pnl Tiiurnmn. Nlurgic Hcinrlseinmn, mis Smillx, Fern Slulsicn. Gcrliv Van Beck, Fmncrs suis. h4.m4 ,xr Q , ,, -M4rnw.f:mQ9,VY,R.,.q,,aM,g,Qix-avg.-rywwxxv,5,,.,,w,,,A,,,,,rw,,e,,,,.,,,,,,,,wpm s Q 5 ,gg Q ,x... v,. x X 2 .-W-.N 4 , f XECS Q -. sg, ' w a? 'fin Q '-..,:6 i' ' , ' e s. i Q2 . Egg N . isis f wi 1 X sf X 1 5 ,, 5-R eb 5 1 S KEY CLUB LNBHTE HIGH SEHBUJ. 2, ff' 1' YQYN Q ,om- ,."Z"'.. N if -vu-4' .fm . .yi mis. Q .. . I . -sf" X xxx by X N 5 .. ,ig ' SQ 5 is WM ix 'H 1 sw .aa xiii - :if -1 - -: -J -,, 7 VW ASN: X , . QQ Q '- 'Q ' ,..... .. ' .. , .:.: .35 5? r 5 . U 2. xx is .. . f ff' . W1 vw , -. 2 5 J K 3 km-Q. W", B. . Q K K s M35 5 SRM -.W X Ev - :Qi P 2:-fm. .sg fav-'i 4 ' iififificri' 1 . . rlywwiz. Rake--QsQQ--sis-.Va.:wis.gs-sg. W'-'fx ' iff H -hi - g..1i1?..jf K I-.2 , ,gi .1 GX.: X f"f'.ii , ,.m,gf .-Six? . :gy A . X - x -- sry 5 X12-f -X - . mx' k 2 .,,, . Y. X . , ., -. - ' . fx. . , ,:,. . ,,.. ,..:. ,,:. . . ....: ...,L. ..,::. . ,:... - . . .- ,mg . . M-3 ik nm -gf.: p - . 'rms A pw 1 .N L 1 - k X. 1 5. 9 wg W - . .YN N53 5 " Q ii: X -we ,ir .:. X K YNY? . sg ,X 1 .B Sw L . 22.5 Q, X . ' 5' XM 1-... QW. - Qx Xx x .F t 225153 asa . e S. 5 k Q .f .lx .Q 15 gifs fi 3 :P ' , ' 4 H , f fm Ras .N , A , 3 if A h xx K - Q Q 1 B? X 5 W , X Q 25,5 uw X life ,,.. 'f ff, , I, , e ,gag ax fi ' 7.5 55 . gb? N 1 ix X X MV' X Us QF W '..5ggg3i1 ' A f ' 5 wwf - ,- 6 15: ,K .gm gig Q tix 'XS 5 Q ,saw egzvsq. gl- 1 F .7 Sf- ' - sxxgeamf A gi? QM 142' h ,X- Y? r Q .3355 .gf -Qi' 3 K WI.. X.. b ---..... M. snr l 'A Q ' Ei. Q 15 l X, , ix. . XX! XY LION SQUIRES Buck Row: Ray Gmrnv, Roy Nlcssinco. Russell Cliurcliill, .lolm Foote. Bill Scliillcr. Riclmrcl Pmll. Russell Smilli, Nlr. Sclxilling. lwiclrllr' Row: Douglas Amslmry. Dicli Pcccoolc, Francis Lewis, Perry Gillispic, .lolxn Tale, Douglas Silvcy, Lconurcl Siapl, Bill Cummings, .lnmcs Haulc. Front Row: Ruben Cx-inclelaria. Frank Hall, Roy Kerslm. Alan Collins. STAGE CREW ' Baal: Raw: Jerry Hcclccr, Dale Bmncluaud, Dick Eclcineclcr. Jimmy Loalics, Clicster Brzlliclcl. Ricllarcl Escalanie. Brian Nlorsc, Front Rou- Danny Nlurplmy. Fred Nleans, Roger Calabresc, Denis Dcvogelaere. .i Q A,W ,E , - X 1..-V-- :., . ,,.-. .. , ,., .mf . .. 1 wx, ,, .. . ..,, , ,...., . 5' ' QQNS E 'Q 'A ,jf ss' xi 3 X, ww 1 fzmewgif QMQ- . NX V ,ww 4 xvvf- -K If g x 5 sm -Q . W 1-Aff 'ff li 11 IN ' If si If Q 5 . 5 Q 6 gg IS. I' U Y 5 - fs f R Q 333 X we Q: Um 'W :X wi w X 'I Aww A .. -'V K. Q f M-ff? sg. , l i 1 X X 1 - bv 'TYR ' T ., Q -is -:ig K ink ' 7 2 -i' -is fx ' 5 5'2" M ,A+ --,- . " y RQ gwzx, if Gig 5 , Eff? Ari- K x X 1 V. SRX UW. -i S ww ' ifr'f??"' f"iff'iI."5l3?ffiitS1" '?""hW" - A A r W5 in . , Mgxaqg ,, , QV xh ' Ti wg! mi sim A 3 l .ixgi ' mg QQ SX Q. 23,-, .Y x X SS Sim Q XX jX QS fi X? X ,X :Q x Sig 5535 sw 5 wifi L misw - i Jig." 2 X. ff. isw. uw -R 4 new ,M MGNTE FARMERS isa? 49 Qr 4-H CLUB , xi ww ww' E l Ls3 'K -,Nh 2 . 'Q A ad 'xi y 5? my s 3Sn..,.l vii? S: X , X , . ' un 1' J if an . Ax l 4 1 ' w, .. ,f x 'S Y? if ,+ff Q 3155 A- .w lf? :' 'Lax . 3 , X S32 s N' 1 iy " ' f K 5 .Q Q ,A w , 'Nw X ' ?lsf'X3f L F X31 A. A gf xg L n ,- . 'Q -4 A W vi wfvv, X, f Q A S15 Nix-7 iii: S, 1-,kv 2 i . fi ii S Ei xg , K f'5,'?lY'i?ff2- LA . -Vgvffflf' 1 .N Q W Q , figwkgigff iff 237 3: ,T i I E 2- H559 ,L by - 1: fx- .if keg 1 9 ski ' -iq!"-'gjfysngfi 61 ' iikft ' Xf' ' ' r f Xb 5' ri K 1 ' , . K wir., N X X X .., :X 1- - Q! fl Lf X lM1?':QYif.2iE:'4 X ' b-Q1 A K A Sn f 1. ff w Q? "3 K-mf Ll ,M :H 'WJ -4 Ms , Qxj iii ST ,,, :iff g -A7 s 'vu faux ' 1 ,xh- ' mai: fi 1 E' 'X JRRSQ RQ 5k A .L ,, , if sw S if , ff' A 55925, If 5 x K 5 xx .X j5',?',,f':fJ' OUR, QQJJQ5 WW ,ED BJ xffilgf W X WfM Wgmv ww Tx 52 5 OMJNIJ . ,f 1 TPiAIL'5 EXD COMMA ANN KELLY BONNIE JEAN THURSTON Editor-in-Chief Editor-in-Chief it a Monteite siiouid accidentally wander into tire Annual Staff room, tie would see OUR PROGRESS in tile making. Tiiere is Barbara standing by a table making sure tier identification crew, Joy Perrot, Phyllis, Armida, and Dan, donyt paste LD. pictures in the Wrong place. Russ is sitting in a corner trying to design a cover, while Ed Johnson struggles with making the traditional calendar' Amid the noise made by Caroline and Lorraine, our typists, Dick sits trying to write tiis Boys' Sports copy. Gay also sits amid the din, Writing the foreword and the dedication and wondering what to attempt next. Meiba runs out time door on tier way to see Mr. Brown about music pictures, while Joy, head of activities is mumbling to herself, "Let,s see now, did that picture get taicen?H Hey, where did that other picture go? Bonnie and Comma, time Co-editors-in-Chief, pace nervously around the room worrying about how to meet time ever stnrinicing deadline. Mr. Piatz is slumped in a coma in the tmacic of the room. Russell Brucggcr Mr. Eugene Platz Mr. George Phelps Art Editor Facility Advisor Financial Advisor 106 TRAlL'S END STAFF Back Row: 514-Ilia Huninmn. Caroline Yuniivr. Joy lX"ICG3llllCII. David Hill, ECI Joiinsnn. Russcn Bruvfxgcr. Lurruinv Juluing, Ninrgiv Van Beck. Frou! Rom: Bonnie Thurston. Burlmm Edna, Shirley Nlarko, Gay Hall, Bnrimrzx Burton, .loy Pcrrot. Armidzi Prcciucio. Comnm Ann Kelly, Wir. Eugene Pluiz. ASSOCIATE EDITORS T Guy Hall Joy Nlcconncil Lorraine Juhring Dick Voilcs Caroline Yunkcr Ninrgic Vnn Beck Shirley Ninriio Nlc-ibn Hui-imnn Janet Bonn Pliylliss Gilmore Barbara Burton i Y . K --.mkxj fifrfrfkfgiz , N. V! ZL QQZ, 3 wi Q . Q .ggi T ' 50' 9 S , a 95 isiix . . ui. . t :VE 3 , i-. 3 T N: :ig . - .il gk , , 1 . 5 . . W N is W, ., - in H t wig, f Brig WAN: X ,. . ' 1. 'S?xwS'Y:NP PM1 f-nw 551,35 .1,:.- X '- . fN"5Qg-L- - ,ww-fv WM.. .M2sgf:.g-,wz.:fg:g.um 1- 107 LIU S' TPI!-IIL Vvitli the opening of sctiool last Septem- ber came the first issue ot the Lions Trail. - Qur paper, which has long been popular with El Monte students, was headed lay Eclitor-in-Ctiief Glen Hollinger. Glens hard liitting editorials, as well as Ioeing long re- memlaerecl by everyone, will also serve as an example of his efficiency as Eclitor-in- Cliiet. The Lions Trail staff lias brought a great cleat of Iionor upon tlne scliool witli six All-Americans. Tliese All American tirsts were given lay tlie National Scholastic Press Association. Lions Trail also won three First places recently in the City Col- lege Newspaper Day in competition witti clozens ot Soutlnern California scliool news- papers. GLEN HOLLINGER Eclitor-in-Chief lst Semester Barlaa ra Claylmroolc Niclc Nlonsour LIONS TRAIL STAFF . Buclz Row: Ton: Logollxctli, pat Cunninglmm. Eileen WOTllIy, Barlmm Gnmlwlc, Diane Haml. Loretta Nelson, Bnrlmara ClilQ'lJTll0k, Rcnetta Baltazor. Yvonne Pierce. Nick Mansour. Front Row: Miss Peterson. Roberta Brown. Jo Ann Amina. Glen Hollinger, Beverly Inman, Mary Lou Spencer, Gene Booth, Ray Huasc. 108 BEVERLY INMAN Editor-in-Chief Qnd Semester The enct ot January brought the begin- ning ot 2nd semester. Beverty Inman, lst semester,s Associate Ectitor-in-Chief, steppect up to Editor-in-Chief. tt was a tong, harct grinct, taut Bev, as usuat, came through with ttying cotors and uphetd the outstanding reputation ot the Lions Trait. Bev showed her PRGGRESS as she ctimtnect trom a cub reporter to Ectitor-tw Chief. "This was an emhryonic newspaperf' statect Ntr. J. VV. Johnson, ectitoriat actvisor ot about 1950. The weetcty, six-page, mime- ographed Lions Trait was run Ott on Sat- urday, then sotct on Ntonctay tor one or two cents a copy. Pat Rowtnnct Eileen Xfvorthy 109 I H BLUTS 1 liilliill Vhll IAOITOII Sltli Dflllfllll HlllSlE Beginning in 1937 tlue Vvriterls Clula began pulalisliing lnlc Blots ancl continued for several years. Later, liowever, the responsibility for lnlc Blots became a class project. As sucli it has gainecl in quality and quantity until today it is representative of tlie tll0UQl'llS ot EI Monte Higli Sctiool stuclents. 1 Every year some of its poems are pulalisliecl by time National Anthology ot Poetry. A few have receivecl remuneration from Sermons in Poetry, tlwe ultimate goal of all high scl1ool poetic pulolications. 1' .f li INK BLOTS STAFF Burl: Row: Cliris l'lagen, Bill Foote. Paul Stevens. Bruce lxlcclellancl. Bill Luclwig. Gr-orgc Staili, Paul Neal, Ron Vvinter, Donnlcl Dealiins. Donalcl Hulse. Tliircl Row: Leilani Harlan. Carol Norling, Robin Van Lnlx-n Scls, Gloria Anderson. Diane Eilmling. Eclnnmac Dc-flier. Sanzlrn lWlilc-s, Sue Geyer, Joanne Davis, Pliyllis Niclielsnn. Rita Piotr-rzali. Nliss Linclel. Svconrl Row: Rnsalie lnsalnco. .ludy Vanclr-rlyoscli. Betty lvlc- Collocli. Dolly Slinnz, Anne kcnneclv. Suzctte Eclgerton. Kniliy Knuilzl. Avis Domino. Aminnv Nvriglil. Front Row: Slmrla Song:-r. .luclv Tlioiiias. lVlmilyn Cliapmzm. Arline Taylor. V 110 PRINTING STAFF Back RUIUI Rcx Dean, JOE Snlitll, Barbara Lidcllc, Nlr. Danner. Front Row: Mike Nolan. Vvnller Nieclerlmuscr, ANNUAL SALES STAFF Bucle Row: James Hnulc, Riclmrcl Sllermnn. Jim Hosliinson. Albert Pnretles. Rudy Jnilne. Nornmn Gilmlingf. paul Cooley. Riclmrcl Lolstein, Pele Jones, Rielmrcl Voiles. Dicli pelrofl. .lolm Vvlxilnmn. Jolm Slack, Larry Sclwveppe. Tllircl Row: Don Cawllxon. .leny Hcclaer, Pat lwc- Nanmra. B011 Van !...UCl'lCIld'. Roger Calalarcse. Nlilie Domingo, Roger Henrlerson. Ln Verne Riccllio. Tom lxlnslerson, Jim Eclson. Second Row: Nlaric l5'lcDonnlcl. Nancy Yvillinms. Betty .lo Hcndriclis. Karen Corrigan. Karen Rumlall. Nlarlene Nlantuolll. lvlary Dove, Kline, Gay Clull. Nlyrlle Nvurcl Sliclgnr. Clmerrie Gallucci, Bnrlmm Swalley, lvlilclrecl Lloycl. Front Row: Bobbie Pllelps. Sllirley Vnn mme. .loy Scolielrl. Aileen Acllrins, Jerry Nleilcnrcelc. Lupe Solis. Joanne Ramazcler. Etlrlene Clxilclress. Shirley Marlco. 111 'NX , 1 . lp,.,g 5 QQ i.,g'ffM f "QV-Q4-Sqpo . Rau? , fl 'W --f..3vv x, . -pi-1x4--c5,"-a-ff-sf 'gm -7' 'hr "-W" fs rf'-'rob -,-...,,.5....,-,..c,.,,75- F, I6.K.,..C.,,L . ts,-:A-GCE Q9 k n .. Xsy' K. Q 7 X N 5-N S Q XE ,S 'N al . , 4 I. bbQ Vq X Q X Q 1 we W!! Tir f M J i A J' , fi my fs? x, 'Q Q... Qak 'M ? ff v , .Q Y A Q, . ,, Y 1 . A H , -,vga ' Q 'Q vi ' M 'Y 2 v V. ' 1 Q, Q- .N , X San if "-' V - . I g , Q X A 4 ' f- f Aj . . Q Q- . . . -1 s -, 1 f gig N' 13' ? D X 6, Q 3: H A ,.,. 4 .5 :,,.:g.i- K VA-7- ,,: T N E, In U-K l 1 , ""e I. . " b '-:f 4 Q 5 :nw 11 ' , I T 05 2 H ,. f- . 5 -. , KZ. ,,.....-v- , r rx -. Q W H - Q, ,, , . S Q5 Q fi ' Me X 1 . 4 ,' . 21 " X 1,39 I! A4 5 .A ,uv ', aw M .i A S H 4. 'Ei X .1,- 9,95 B v .,,l V ,ll x7 ,. uiuf X - ' "1" 'u 'Wm Q QW u Q4 M55 ,ax 5 'X 2 5 -' w . Q gx 5 W Y , gafgfx :E Q, in 1 'mv X n, K I M R 1 mg l-K 'X'? f' H' f A' X' ,S :Y wg' XY? 4 5 1 wb: M P 1 h,, if Q! A W M as V ' ZAEHA 4 L ---.ib E: .E:.- -ff If luqf g :., fi 9' . ' xg? -VL '2 Av 1T.:Z.EE. 11-- 'A 4 QA- 4 1 gg ifii '4 : :" 5 f iQ ' f5 Aiii ,A.. "'- ,,,.Q 73 :,:A,'f' , K .. A lf, 8' iiilb fxkk jg ,,1,: gg.. f.Qkg , ...- ..'.5 vig, - . rzgg 1 A CAPPELLA CHOIR Basie Row: Nancy Hutchinson. Giorin Anderson. Simrron Gray, Brian Niorse. Galen Boots, La Verne Rirciiio, Eci Joiinson, Gorciun Ramsey, Ken Bond, Riciiarci Perry, Lamont Hnics, Dinnc Eiimiing. .ioyco Got-ixci, Sue Piorrow. Tiiird Row: Niyriic Vvnrd, Rosaiie Ricciiio, Siiiricy ixinpie, Ted Haugilion, Bolo Nioriorci. Ron Cirnrilun. Sieve Hzuniilon. Bruce Niccieiianci, Joim Burns, .iim Slevvns, Frances Smiiii, Barbara Ciayinooic, .ionnnc Jenner. Second Row: ivir. Simmons. Niiciii Vancierimscii, Pnl Norman, Pot Cnvanaugii, Biii Pnriicr. Biii Kiiewi-r. George Niayrieirci. Gary Gray. Biii iviiluincii, Don Simons. Cnroi Noriing, Siiiricy iumcy, .luiie Becker, Frecia Dringcniwrg. First Row: Heir-n Reyes. Eileen Piieips, Pal Yiigv. .inn ixiniuvr. Peggy Harrison. .ivan Cimpin. Boiw Hnrcivr. Ruziy Jaime. Avis Domino, Bnrimrn Pivnningor, Siiiricy Le Gros. Circ-rrie Gniiurvi. Betty Rmnngc. CONCERT ORCHESTRA Basie Row: Evciyn Harney, Hcicn Dc-un, Vern Gross, .ioim ixinriin. Oian Lumiscrt. Biii Kyics, Cizirivo Tipioil, Liiiian Ancic-rson, Basii Frazier, Wir. Rusix. iviidciie Row: Lincin Ragus, Silaron Niinor, Rose Ninric Bcscli. Bnrimra Pruii. Arniicia Prcciacio, Siu-rriii Noriing. Frvci Nincias, Philip Jimenez. Fred Kaiacisiic, Vesier Gicnn. Carlos Argurciies. Eugene NIL-nci, Boia O'Donneii. Front Row: Virginia Pclroif, Jeni Goppcr, Barbara VVoifarci. Eddie Tarantino, Alan Lortz, Piiyiiis Tater. 116 CONCERT CHOIR Buble Row: Nzulcy Sliirvy. Pllyllis Gilmorv, Nancy l.oclnvooil, Silllllfll lxlorgnn, Limln Bull-innn. Curolyn lxlorgnn, Lincln Plwlps. Diann Slnrr, fu-orgiu Slllilll. Flialcllv Row: Bnlvlmir Crnso. Lnvimln Blnrl-co. Nlury lxlnrlin, Sliirli-y lm Gros, Nnimln LN- blvnllvrino. blxirloy Pull, Pnl Epps. lxlyrilv Xvurml, .lnnniln Orin-gn. Firsi Row: bliss XV:-lls, .lnsiv .loin-s, Bnrlmrau, Xviclvnvr, lnu Bloc Bi-nslvy, Bully Slivplvr, Bnrlmrn Gcnlncr, l..nnrn Xvlliic. Palli llnllorun. .lnncl Bonn, Anglo xX,ilfll'. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Burl: Row: Slmron Fursyill, Eleanor Rogors. film Rlicln-lson, l.illinn Rnililin, .loam lxlunilny, Connie Sclnmlcc. .loycv Olson, lxlurilyn Vzxrr-r. Dorcas Pi-nplvs, Ylxnnyn D1-sniolf. Lynno Riclrlli-. .lnno Clnuson. .lnnn Denning. 'lilliffl Row: Sliirloy Boimvll. Connie Cummings, .lounic Corvlvr. L4-ilu Bn-wslvr. Snnalrn Swanson. Cnrol Jnson. Nlurlvno Eslvs, 'Mnclclinc Silvers, Rolvcrla Pnrlcs, Gloria Slrnng, .lnnirv Dooley, Knilwrinc Trilmmli, lorry Ann Ross. Secoml Row: Carolyn Grove, Bvvcrly Estes, Sliirlcy Now, lflainn Nlnsgrovo, Virginia Holclcr. Carole Dnlilccn. Pm Hnlic. Alnino Czmlnor, lfniily lxflnir. Bnrlmnm Xvollonl. Nlzirgurn-I Forrvsl, Rosnliv Alvvrson, linnlinv lnmniino. First Row: lxliss Xvells, Ann Halls. Rirarcln Lugo. Gi-mlclinv Jolinson, Joann Olxlingvr, Gay Frosl, Nlnry Helen Nlolinn. Sonin Earl, Bc-rnicc Russilcoll. Pvggy Xvliiic. Xliltlrvcl Nilfllvr, lbonnvsc llvnry. 117 1 2 5 Ti . , , xi MENS GLEE f Baci: Row: Ray Piun, Larry Jones, Boil ixiiiciu-ii, Ed Sicwarl. Dougias Livingston, Lnni Suviiancii, Lev Lewis, Dick Buciicnfiaixi, Niiiic Osiiing Dknrroii Garianci, Boi: Piiiiiips. Tiiirzi Row: i.aRnc Cooiic, Ricimrci Sciiwnrlz, Rnniiv inman, Niaynarci Turley. Stun Vviies, Roger Hcncicrson, Siiermui Spcri. Nionic Tropanicr. Davici Xviiiimns. ixicivin Pariccr. Ncai Nialilcws. Second Row: Gcforgv Crook. Ciiarics Ricii, .loc Simmons, Gary Niazcy .inc Barn. Bob Tnyior, Toni Niciicison, Niarvin Hcgwaici, Gary Gray, Lconnrci Slapi, ixiiciicy 0'Lr-ary. First Row: Dun Fraizcr. Davici Bonn, Roller: Pnriicr, Arhlrc Prcciario, Hnroici Jurncy, David Haynes, Joiin Aiciccna, Kennciii Rolnainc, Dick Nionioulil, Kcnnciix NVIFLCHII. Wir. Simmons. X GIRLS' CHORUS i Buck Row: iwiary Aiicv ixiacowan, Bcity .Io Hendrix, Gioria Congcsiia, Dixie Painwr. Lincia Aicin, Veryi Xvarci. Gaii Riner, Gcraiciino Painter. Sli' Rcnnison, Fawn Burrows. Loriiai Siricicinnci, Ginger Palmer, Bcvcriy Tiiiiinu. Xvmuia Davis. ixiary Lou Vaindan, .icancitc Pciicrson, Bs-Iii Dori Pal ixiaiuy, Lois Sllliiil, Cinuciinc Young, Eiainc Samson, Bcliy Jo Darby. Tilirrl Row: ixinrliia Domingns. Niariv Viiiancuva. Eisic Cruciliicici. Ju Hager, Doris Fiucilcy, Nancy Polisuii, Donna Kimmons. Conciiila Ciuwcz, Mary Cuips, Junr- Donm-iiy, XYancia Powers. Diane Harrington, Ninn Lacirocii. ,icy Hobbs. Lynn Fisiicr, Ninry Rcyuoicis, Carol .ivan Norman, Katiwrim- Graimln, .iuciy Slrnyimorn. Pal Judson, Janet Aicwci, Darici Brown, Knliny Vviison. Second Row: Fir. Simmons, Oiciia Dominguez, Betsy Nelson, -VFIIIICYEN Vanszini, Cixariotte Gurcinvr. .ioycc Scoiieici, Rosni Granacins, Pr-ggy iviorgan, Joann Picard, Rosalie Hyatt, .ianicv Engicsimi, Joyrc Xvvsivrooifcs, .ioy pcrrotl, Pauiinc Hcronvina, Bonnie Picarci, Aiif Dc-nsmurc, Xviima Snnrimvz. Vcinm Hcgwaici. Lorcnza Barajas, Hazci Buciiannn. Bctly Gosncii. First Row: Rosalie Riccinio. Joan prync. Jan Nviison, .inciy Niiiicr, ixiariiynn D0 Bias, Harrioi Laniouroux, Cami Niarrioii. Anrirvy Nviiavric, Gin-min Sun Huiciiison, Cnroi Tate, Siliricy ixiaieli Juciy Kinnc, .lane Li-c. Lois Turner. Kay Judson, Sancira Logan. ! E , , .. K k . 5 X ,M K - - - K , , . , . , , , ,A-n-, . 'OICE CLASSES cle Row: Bob Harrier. Jim Stevens, Teil Houghton, Brian Nlorse, Jael: Ragland, George Guny. Fred Erickson, Ken Boncl, Pete Arller. La Verne :chio, Don Simons, Bill Nlitcliell, Rudy Jaime. Thirrl Row: Arthur Baltierra. Gloria Znlorislcie, Connie Cummings, Frances Smith. Carol Schaffer. tcavanaugli. JoAnn Jenner, Alice Hewlett, Sharron Gray. Sue Nlorrow, Gloria Anrlerson, Joyce Goebel, Nancy Stringer. Joanne Davis. Frecla ingenlwrg, Susnn Bennett, Shirley Johnston. Bill Hawley. Secorul Row: Avis Domino, Nlary Helen Molina. Diana Clayton, Nlarcia Ellis. lvlary xrtin, Shirley Le Gros. .lulie Beclccr, .leun Chapin. Peggy Harrison. Shirley Jurney, Barlwara Plcnninger, lwlary Della Fanclcr, Jeanne Nix, Betty mage, Pauline Tarantino. First Row: lvliss Wells, Clierrie Gallucci, Le Etta lvlenusco, Helen Reyes, Nlary Souliesian, lvlary Roclriquez. Lorclln carer, Rosalie Alverson, Barbara Burton, Eileen Phelps, Nliclci Vanclerlzosclr. Noreen Pczzino, Helen Thomas. CHORALAIRES ' HARMONEERS lacle Row: Cherrie Gallucci. Second Row: Nliss VVclls. Betty Baele Row: Brian Morse. Tecl Hnughton. Richarcl Perry, Jael: Rug- lamage. Nlyrlle Vvarcl. First Row: Carol Moore. Shirley Le Gros. lnncl, Laverne Riecllio. Seconcl Row: lvlr. Simmons, Carol lxloorc, ulie Becker. Glorin Anclerson. Sue Morrow, Bill Parker. First Row: Rucly Jaime, Shirley Jnrney, Joanne .lenne12,XlVlyrtle Xvard. 7 ' i I 1 JJ , N 1 " U SENIOR MAJORE I IES Top lo Boflmn: Beverly Bixlcr, Gail Hoover, Deanna Scixocnbcrgcr, Bnrlmrn Abcrlc, Donna Alscrlc, Gay Ciuff, Pnl Alumnus. QGNG LEADERS FLAC BEARFRQ x., . J .4 x. Top lo Bollom: Janice Hoskinson, Roberta Phelps, Sixirlcy Jurncy, Back Row: Arclytli Engman. Second Row: Nancy Luckwood. Barbara Robinson, IXEIHFIIIH Dickenson, Rue Ann Scott. Dorotll? King. Third Row: Bonnie Devenney, Knllmy Knolci, Malvle Vvcnze . 120 fb ,I f JUNIOR IVIAJORETFES Top Rum: Donna Stefano. Second Row: Robbie Rcncuu, Carol Ninrrioli. First Row: Gloria Znlmrisliic, Limiu Nvalkcr. MUSCOEDS V Buch Row: Nlilcircci Lloyd, Belly Smith. Sharon Sclmap, Shirley Johnslon, Roberta Haynes, Marilyn Clmpnmn. Front Row: lwrs. Cawooci 121 ' MONTELARKS Baci: Row: Mrs. Xvells. Fourlll Row: Barbara Vvidener. Judy Vanderboscil. Third Row: Linda Phelps, Carol Norling. Lucinda Nlarko, Nancy Hutchison. Sandra Morgan. Second Row: Gloria Anderson. Nancy Slrircy, Diane Eibling, Sue Morrow. Front RDIUI Joanne Jcnncr. KEYNOTES Back Row: Janice Engiesiad, Lois Srniill, Beth Derby, Niaric Ladracil, Harrie! Lamoureux. Third Row: Fir. Simmons, Beisy Nelson. Judy Niiiler, Judy Hager. Kathy Nviison. Betly Gosnell. Second Row: Veryl Vvard, Linda Akin. Joyce Scofield. Front Row: Carol Marrioll. Diane Harrington. TREBLE-ETTES Buck Row: Dorcas Peoples. Lynn Fisher, Eleanor Rogers, Mari- lyn Facer, Tanya Desaloif. Third Row: Nliss Wells. Frances Smith. Madeline Silvers, Rosalie Ricchio, Gay Frost. Second Row: Helen Reyes, Mary Helen Nlolina, Barbara Pfenninger, Nlary Dclle Fancler. First Row: Eileen Phelps, Nlary Souicesian. Noreen Pezzino. EL MONTE LIONS' BAND The year 1935 brought an end to Mr. Harold Brown's coaching career, but that year brought music to EI Monte High School. Since that time, when Mr. 'Brown became band master, the Lions' Band and Commercial Qrchestra have remained unsurpassed by High School competition. The band has always done more than its share. During the war the EI Monte High School band played at service camps and since then it has done many benefit shows. The first uniforms, Capes made by the P. T. A., were presented at the South Pasadena football game in 1945. EI Monte may be identified as the first band to claim a ranlc of maiorettes, song leaders, and flag bearers. EI Monte is responsible also for beginning high school band competition. Mr. Cal Rush has done a great deal in helping the Lions' Band and Commercial Orchestra become champions of music and showmanship. This year as those wearing the blue and white marched onto the football field, for parades and other such performances, every student and member of the community was justly proud. MUSIC PRESIDENTS Band-Vcslcr Glenn. Carlos Arguelles Choralairs-Carol Ivloorc Commercial Orchestra-fvester Glenn. Carlos Argucllcs Senior Ivlajoreltes--Beverly Bixlcr A Cappella--La Verne Ricchio. Brian Morse Song Leaders-'Janice Hoslcinson Concert Orchestra--Gus Olson Flag Bearers-Ardyth Engman Concert Choir-Aramae Vvriglit. Lucinda Iwarlco Junior Majorettes-Donna Stefano Girls' Glec-JoAnn Olilinger. Pat Halce IVIusi-Coeds-Nlildrcd Lloyd IVIen's Glee-Bob Harder, Joe Baca IVIonteIarIcs-IVlicIcie Vanderboscli Girls' Chorus-Bell Jo Hendrix, Hcrrietla Amoureu Kcynolcs-Veryl Vvarcl Harmoneers--Ric ard Perry Treble-ettes-Rosalie Ricchio A CAPPELLA CHOIR A Cappella Choir, EI Monte High Schoolss finest choral group, was organized in 1945. It has, in- that time, developed into one of the most outstanding choirs in Southern Cali- fornia. When the choir was first organized, it was made up entirely of girls, and it was then that the Installation of olllicers and the robing ceremony had their beginning. Through the years the custom of receiving the robes by a'candIe-lighting ceremony has become almost sacred to the members of A Cappella. An annual reunion, to which all former mem- bers ol the choir are invited is one of this groupys most enjoyable functions. This year the choir received a new teacher, IVIr. K. C. Simmons. They also acquired new robes which are, following El IVIonte's traditional colors, Blue and White. 123 "UUE MISS BHUUHSH NRS. SKOVMAND Our Nliss Brooks The Senior Class oi1954 presented "Our Miss Brooks" on Friclay, December ll, 1955. The part of Miss Brooks was capaluiy filled by Pamela Wiggins. Russell Wiley starred as Wir. Conkiing, while Ted Simmons took the part of Hugo Boyingion: others in the play were: Carol Barham, Beverly Inman, Rose Pike. Freda Dringenimerg, Gary Mc- Clelland, Donna Hoyai, Connie Harrington. HEHEAPEH BY THE DUZE " The 1954. production. oi time Junior Play, was presented 'in tile audi- torium on Niarcil 26, by a cast of able performers under tile dramatic supervision of Mr. Vviiiiam Fensice. Lucinda Marko, star, portrayed tile oidest daughter, Ernestineg Tom Barrett, male iead, piayer Frank: and as Mr. and Mrs. Giiinretil, Paul Stevens and Sandra Morgan. Pet Student D I DIIAIVIA ACTIVITIES I Q A126 ART BOGSTERS COMMITTEE Pai Cunningham. Jean Colburn OUTSTANDING ARTISTS D ll y flxompson. E cl Johnson, Russell Brueggcr. Jack Ragland Wim xiii if 444 4A 44 414457 444554444 W W 444444 oun fm, BOB BRUCE HEAD YELL LEADER BILL QUALLS PORFY CASTRUITA YVONNE ' ' 'NJADINE R' f 'F JERRY IVIIELCAREK 130 n -elf' M Ev T ' gi S g .55 FS Ma.. N X 5 W .ps .tif F ls lfllmi .flbrw 4 f s 4 A K 1 A, 'K Nxfsvf f'CP1x.,,y X g. gif ,Sw K Q f 'K' 5 . + wp, ,Q 'K --wa Q ,, 2 Niswm 'Sd Jack Cline Bill Pitkin Ron Vvinh-r Vvarren Hazard Joe Artnucklc um .lean De Graff 5rd Team - CLF. Tackle Chuck Wk-iler Dick Voilcs Lyle Vvutson Mike Domingo t Jack Davis Jerry Lyde 132 VARSITY F U UTBALL Opponent Score EI Monte Cori Glendale 14 ' ' Mllir 19 H Alhambra I 8 Arcadia 6 Roserneaot 14 Mark Keppel 15 Monrovia 7 Montebello 12 Whittier 42 Ron Vvinter All-Pacific League Hummel: 1 Don Cawtlion Jean De Groli Pliil Stralmn X' Boll Pliilips W Alex Raya Vcster Glenn Bnciz Row: Bois Dnrougll, Cliuci: Robertson. Jack Davis, Ch1lCk Weller, Vester Glenn. Larry Boggini. Bolo Pliil- ips. Tixirrl Row: Jenn Dcgrotf, Larry Scliwcppc, Dick Karnlmcll, John Slack, Jay Tipton, Lyle Nvatson, Phil Etraiian. Roy Nioorc. Second Row: Diclc Voilns, Nlilce Calnan, Huioert Murpliy, Ron VVinter, Don Cawtlion. loim Ninrlin, Ron Scillxamcr, Niiclccy Dunia. Front Row: Tom Aclams. Martin Cirillo, Jerry Lyclc, Warren Hazard. .loc Arlmuclclc, Jack Cline, Alex Raya. Bob Irwin. Mike Domingo. This yearss Varsity Football team, although hampered with injuries, fought lyaclc valiantly against its favored foes. VVl'1en tlie dust clearecl, it revealed El Morxte in sixtlm place with its only win against time Arcaclia Apaches. The Lion Varsity of 1955 gave every Pacific League lfoe a tougli battle, and enciecl their season witli two toucllclowns against mighty Whittier. Ron Winter, all league lmalfloaclc ancl Jean De Grotli, all-C.l.F. tackle lecl the Lions to gain the title of Htine touglmest team in the Pacific League between tlie twenty yard linesf, Tom Aciams Larry Boggini Bois Darougli 133 Hubert Niurpliy Roy Nioorc Ninrtin Cirillo Miiicc Cinlnan Glendale--114 El Niontc--7 Don Cawtiion. crasliing linebacker, laroitc tiirougll time Dynamiter's line consistently to stop the speecly Glendale izaclcs. Altixouglm tile Lions icii I4-7, Cawtinon was easily time best man on tile Field. Rosemeaci- I 4 El Nionte-7 Ron Wvinlcr displayed all time qualities ol a lighting Lion as imc smashed time Panther line. XfVinter's eliorts were not in vain lor i1c rigiltiully gained time title, Lion oi time Xveeii. Arcadia-6 El Monte-52 Warren Hazard, quarter imacic turneci end, ciispiayeri amazing speed as lie out- raceci Apacixcs iuacics all evening. Hazarrfs improvement was inliuentiai in tixis Lion victory. Niuir-1 I 9 El ivionte I 3 Cliuclc VVeiler's outstanciing spirit anci detennination won imim time title oi Lion of tlie XNeeli against time Mustangs from Niuir. Xvcller piayeci almost every position on time line that niglit for tiic injury plagued Lions. THE WEEE Alliaixilnra- I 8 El Monte-0 Jean De Grott, giant Lion tackle. was time backbone of the Lion defenses. He con- sistently stopped Don Duncan and the other speedy Moors to become Lion of the Week. Niark Keppel- l 3 El Monte-6 .lack Cline was unstoppable as he raced for Monle's lone touchdown against the Aztecs..This glue fingered end truly de- served the title, Lion of time Vveek. forgotten. Monrovia-7 El Nlontc-10 Phil Stralman, tlic Rock of Gibralter in time Lion line, was immovable against the Monrovia Vvild Cats. Time after time Phil broke down tile defenses to win his undis- puted titie. Lion of the Week. Vvixittier-'42 El Monte-19 Vester Glenn. dependable Lion tmaifback. rose to meet ttle occasion against mighty VVi1ittier. His brilliant runs will not soon be J. V. FUUTBALL JR. VARSITY FOOTBALL ... W Bach Row: Marsliall VVcllcr, Bill Vvyatt, Norman Gilxling. Allen Desatoll, Clarence Xxlillihllli, George Nicisscntvurg, Moriie Trcpcnicr, Bill Slack. Third Row: Coach Fred Peel, Douglas Bailey, Jolm Cooper. Randy Inman, Clmrlcs Garcia. Rod Fegcrlxolm. Tom Scott, Roy Collier. Joe Gonzales. Gary lVlcl..ean. Second Rom: Bolo Taylor, Nvaync Taylor, Jol1nxBrigl1t, Don Simons, Riclmrd Ricllic. Clxarlcs Oban, .lolm Bctlicl. First Row: Cliff Pnlxren, George Crooli, Ricliic Nlillis, Stan Nvilcs. Steve Vvilcs, Joe Turner, Sllcrman Sperl, Fred lweans. JR. VARSITY FOOTBALL The 1955 Junior varsity squad held the distinction of lacing the only blue and wliite football team to laeat the Rosemead Panthers. I b lied by Fred Means tlie squad showed spark, but lacked depth as it dropped several heart rea ers. ' Outstanding tialtbaclc Sherman Sperl gave power to an inexperienced back field' Others who saw a great deal of action during the season were: Richard Mil is, Bill Slaclc, Roger Fagerllolm, Allen Desatollf, Bud Williams, George Meissenburg, Stan Vvies and Steve Vviles. Nlr. Xvilliam "Mac" Nlclvlullan 136 LIEHTWEIEHT FUUTBALL Curtis Holmes Ray BlIfCll ' Sonny VV is Harry Sera Dick Arlmuclcle Nick Nlonsour CLASS OTBAL Coach Gene Victo .53 squad was young and inexperienced. Boasting a first string of freshmen and sophomores they gave a good account of themselves lay ending up in third place in league standings. The years 'high light came when the looys in blue and wliite dumpeclwtlme favored Monrovia Wild Cats. Bob Watts, offensive scat-loaclc, led tlie Lions while Harry Sera, crasliing line backer, filled in the lioles. El lVlonte's strengtli came in tlme form of Curtis Holmes, John Whitman, Niclc Monsour, Dale Reinwalcl, Ray Burch, and Diclc Arlauclcle, all of whom gave splendid performances. Tliese names will most lilcely appear on future varsity rosters. BEE FOOTBALL Battle Row: Rolmert Ralm, Eddie .lolinson,. Ronald Kruse, Joe lwliller, Tom Cnlnlirese, Lucian Fruclicy. Harry Sera. .lolnn Hclvin. .lf-rry Scliniidl. Third Row: Ralplx Oslerlcamp, Terence Stoddard. Frank Young. Bolo Cliancy, Diclc Arlnuclile, Raymond Burcli, Bill Poynter. Gary Ewart, Duane Dunning- ton. Curtis Holmes. Dave Peterson, .lay Newman, Jerry Tyner, Dave Sexton. Hal Havens, Tony Bell. Coacli Gene Victor. Second Row: Troy Miller. Jolm Vvliitman, Bolo Vvatts. Larry Nolilc. Ronald Clawson, Ruben Avila, Darryl Harmon, Ted Vvnllacli, Dale Rcinwalcl. Jerry Hartman. Front Row: .lim Vifagner, Jerry Hart, Earl Ellcin, Tony Reyes, Nick Monsour, Ed Condra. Rudy Jaime, David Prosser, Mickey Vveed. Vves Brown, Nlarvin Rose. 137 EEE FUUTB LL CEE FOOTBALL Buck Row: .lim Nlarlin. Gail Elclriclgc. Jerry Hooker, Ramon Nlonlancz. Larry Vvomacli. lvlax Sexton, Kcilli Zciller. Kcnnctlr Zvillcr. Cliip Lislmy, .lolin Gillunr. Third Row: Coacli Platz. Erwin Stark, Allxcrt Keller, Dicli Harney. Allen Sclrwed. Bill Mitchell. Jolin Nlccutcllerl. Beryl Evans. Jerry Donner. Allwert Nnvarez. Anson Nlonrc. Alix-rl Ccrvcra, Nick Nlontcro, Tommy Turrill, VVaync Xvillouglrimy. Cary Crain, Coacli Nelson. Second Row: Danny Hewitt, Alan Lortz, Don Berry. Garry Boyle, lrranli Grillo. Hector Paradox. Dale Farber. Bolm Nlallrews. 'l'ommy Toor, Clcc Langley. Taylor Speers. Front Row: .loc Hcililicla. Riclrarcl Finley, Bill Irving, Jerry Sllllilill, Jolxn Roper, James Allman. Jim Hosliinson, Vvaync Xvriglll, Al Paretlez. David Bean, Porly Caslruila, Jacli Corrigan. ' Al Cervcra Alan Sclrweci Anson lvloore Tlmonms Turrill Boi? Mitclrell CEE FOOTBALL El Monteis miclgets represented tl1e.lJlue and white well in 1955. Although lacking in size they clumpecl larger teams fromilVlarlcVlf Keppel, San Marino, and Baldwin Parlc by clecisive scores. The outstancling back of Cervera, AHSCI1 Moore, BIICI Tom Turrill clicl much to malce the season successful. Jack Corrigan, veteran quarter back guided the team capalaly. Bill Mitchell, outstanding end, and Alan Scliwecl, crash- ing taclcle will not soon be forgotten. Men who will wear tlie lolue and wlmite on the future teams are: Porfy Castruita, Al Pa- racies, Wayne Wright, Gail Elriclge, Ken and Keith Zeitler, Nick Montero, Beryl Evans, and many others. 138 Guy XViiiiains ' Joel Teepies .lay Newman Boi: Van Luctienc Dale Bailey Lloyd Reed Upponent Score E.M. Score Rosemeaci 54 E.M. 22 Montebello 28 E.M' 27 Alhambra 5 5 E.M. 21 Mark Keppel 29 E.M. 26 Muir 59 E.M. 16 Monrovia 27 E.M. 28 Vviiittier 54 EIVI. 18 The leather iungers, paced by Bolo Van LUCIICHC, emergeci from league competition with a record of 5 wins to I toss. Monte's only ioss came against tile Whittier Carciinais in the last meet of the season. Ottier boys representing the iniue and white were Date Bailey. Tito Qrtega, and Jesse Ruiz. High point winners tor the Lions were Bob Van Luctiene, Joel Teepies. Frank Kitt, oustanciing freshman micidie distance runner, wiii return to the scene next season. CROSS COUNTRY Back Row: Joel Tcepies, Bob Van Luciwenc, Ken Souza. Eci Johnson, Ross Ciseroz, XVayne Niarko. Steve Hntmlanrci. Les Swenson, David Hoyal, Tito Ortega. Tlzirrl Row: Coaeti Kyne, paul twerrignn. Guy Vviiiiarns, Dcrriii Peterson, Terry Givens. Don Niastin, JOIIII Griiiilii. Russeii Bruegger. Daviri Schick. Jesse Ruiz. Date Bailey. Second Row: .imncs Hank, Tom Ninsterson. Frank Kitt, Rocky Ancicrson, Al Brown. Frank Eckarci. Lou Dickie. George Hurlimuri. XViiiy Grotnnann, Roiiort Sncnz, Ruben Perez. Front Row: Ken Sizemore, Dan Stoipc, Frank Vviiiiams, Don Pringle, Ruben Candelaria, Larry Schiller, Sheldon Coiberg. George Fuiciier. 139 Jack Cline Ron Brooks Roger Calabrcsc Harmon Finke Vfarrcn Hazard Pat NICNEUI1, Don Taylor, high point man, and Jack Cline, the team's inspiration, paced the varsity hoopsters to a fifth place in time Pacific League race- The Lion's iineup was fined with inexperienced men, but it was not lacking in fight. Their victories came over Monrovia, and Arcadia. Several first string members of this year,s squad are seniors and will be graduating in June, but the Lions are expected to be as strong next season with: Taylor, Mackiey, Hazard and Heynen as returning Iettermen. The grad- uating seniors are: Cline-Forward, Booth- Forward, Gipe-Forward, Vanden Bossciie- Center, Brooks-Guard. All reflected honor upon themselves and their school. Qpponent B. P. H. S. Montebello Bell Gardens So. Pasadena Pasadena John Burroughs John Muir Rosemead Arcadia Alhambra Mark Keppel Monrovia Nvhiuier Rosemead Arcadia Alhambra Mark Keppel Monrovia Vviiittier core 45 40 51 59 47 45 48 52 59 60 41 44 46 74 47 60 52 42 85 EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM Score 52 59 59 51 45 54 51 58 48 58 56 51 57 62 52 50 49 41 57 VARSITY BASKETBALL Bfllfll RDIUI COHCII Bilrtnn, Pat NIKTNXUIIIHTH, Scllultz, IiIOYVard MHCklCj7, I-lcyllcn, Jerry Xvnlkcr, George Xjandcn BOSSCIKC, Izogcr Calabrcsc, Ron Brooks, Don Taylor, Vwfarren Hazard. Front Row: Jay Tipton, Gene Booth, Jack Cline. Robert Gipe, . Jay Tipton Vortfx Bill H1-ynvn Bob Gipe Don Taylor Gr-nrgc Vanden Bossche X I . 141 LIGHTWEIEHT BASKETBALL LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL B ck Ro : Roy Nioore. Hurry Sera. Bill Poynter. Run Calalmrese. Fred Erickson. David Slevic. Howard Vvilliams. Cir-It H ft R la d Bdwell Ha Haw ns. Arthur Manning. Conch Langley. Front Row: Tom Cnlaiwresc, Curlis Holmes. Glen Jones, Monte Trepnu r Bold C ok BEE BASKETBALL Coacti Bud L.angley's lightweight tnoopsters had ttieir ups and downs. The ttiriil of the year came when on consecutive games the Lions dropped the favored Alhambra Moors. End- ing in fourth place in league stand- ings, the Lions were ever dangerous with spark plugs Tom Caiabrese and Monte Trepanier leading the attactc. Others who saw action were Harry Sera, Hal Havens, - nn Watts, Don Steele, Roy Moore, an y others. CHAMPS EHAMPIU 5 - PACIFIC LEAGUE Playing inspired laaslcetlnall with the precision ot professionals, Gene Victor's midgets rolled over the Nloors, Cardinals, Apaches, Vvildcats, and Aztecs like a steamroller. Boasting a record of 17 and 1, time Monte crew zeroed in on tlie luoop with deadly accuracy. Higli scoring Bob Delgado lead the attaclc witli sharp shooting Dale Ferlner, play malcer David Haynes, reiaounder Diclc Arlmuclcle, and Richard Harney giving strengtli. Boyd Vveeclw, also a first Stringer, rounded out the team. Congratulations Champs, we won't soon forget you. A CEE BASKETBALL Bacle Row: Wigr, Loren Nloriorcl, .lack Corrigan, Taylor Spvr-rs. David Howard, Bula Nlorford, Dick Arlauclcle. Bolo Delgado, Bill Vvecrli, Dick Harney. Dirk Per-cooli. Clue Langley. Bolo Nlaillews, Ron Fleming, Camel: Victor. Front Row: .lolm Nlanning. Nick lvlonlcro, James Xxfliile. Dale Fvrlwr, David Haynes, Alan Srliwvcl, Bill lvlilclicll, Anson Nloore. DEE BASKETBALL A Buck Row: James Grill, Glen Squires. Jeff Pearson. Larry lwcciclland, Jim Hosliinson. Hvrslwll Oliver. .lolm lN'lacl'u-y. Dirk lxloniooill, Cmwli Vivlor. Front Row: .lames Allman. Larry Scliiller, Ralplm Oslerliannp, Cliurli Zinlc, David Bean. Don Barry. 143 Ralph Paige Ron Xvinter Dnlv Stringer Vester Glenn I-Ylf Xvillsml ' .learn DeGrol-l' VARSITY T AKE The varsity tracli team has made its best showing in several years. Rosemead fell before the fighting Lions 55-51, and the El Warren Half-rd Monte team ended with a splendid record. Dale Stringer, pole vault and broad jump, Bold Briggs and Ron Winter, hurdles, Joel Teeples,-1880, Bolo Van Luchene,-1 mile, Vester Glenn-1440, earned many points for the high flying Lions. The end ot the season saw the following seniors slip- ping otf their spilies for the last time, Stringer,-'pole vault, Briggs-hurdles, Re- meijer,-pole vault, Weller-shot, Glenn,-f Bill Rr-.nr-aim 440, Teeples .-I 880 and Bruegger ,-I 880. Good Luclc Boys. Boll Briggs Larry Lonlcinlace VARSITY TRACK Back Row: .lean DeGroll, .lack Davis, Hubert Nlurplry, Bch Briggs, Dale Stringer, Earl O'Neil, Norman Gilaling, lrvin Newman. Third Row Conch Nelson, Torn Adams, Dale Reinwalcl. Dnle Bailey, Guy Vw'illimns, Bill Slack. David Schick. Rod Fagerholm, Jim Mastin, Ross Cisneroz Riclmrcl Hrnlzy. Coach Kyne. Second Row: Bill Kyles, Joel Tec-ples, Mike Calnan, Vcster Glenn, Lyle VVntson, Ruben Candelaria. Chuck Vveller .lay Newman. .lolm Hoelling, Ralph Paige. Bill Remeijer. Tito Ortega. Front Row: Ricliarcl Voiles, Dick Knrnhach, Bot: Alvarez. Nvarren Hazard Ron Xvinter, Nlartin Cirillo. Lloyd Reed, Bob Van Luelicne, Russell Bruegger, Frank Kitt. 144 145 BEE TRADE BEE TRACK Basie Row: Don Ewing. .lim lxinstin. Terry Givens. Les Swenson, Rolnnct Zinlx. Stun Frugnrci. Jin: Krueger. Ken Souza. Tllini Row: Coach Kyne, Larry Jones, Ronald Kruse, Frunli Young. .lov lxiiller. Bill Pointer. Jack Klein. Curtis Holmes. Harry Sera, Ray Dclgaclilio. Frnnli Xvillianis. Larry Noble. Conch Nelson. Seronli Row: Boh Sharp, Davici Svliicli. Ray Burch. .lolin Bright. Doug Livingston, Nlilce Przylaysz. Steve Hulaharcl. Lnrry Schiller. Nvillcy Cvroinnan, Dick Brucliendnll. Steve Crane. Front Row: Valentine Kannliele. Alike Green, Dale Rr-inwnlml, Kenneth Henry, Jay Newman. Unicientiliiecl, Tito Ortega. Freri lwlnrias, Holm Alvarez. CLASS B TRACK The lightweight thin clacls of '54 pacecl hy sprinter Dave Schick and Pole Vaulter Roiancl Zinlc, who set a school recorcl oi 12' 5574" at the Alhambra meet, placecl high in league standings. The blue and white Lions cleieatecl Rosemeacl, Arcadia ancl Alhambra, finally being upset by Mark Keppel and Monroxfia. Qther boys who gave outstanding performances were Givens,-hurclles, Loolcinghee,-1100-220. Alvarez,-100 and L. H., Mastin-220, Newman-660, Souza--11520, Reinwalcl.-pole vault, Henry -'pole vault, Przyioysz-high jump, and Holmes, Miller and Sera in the shot put. The future will he bright with such stars participating for the Lions. 146 EHAMPIU S - PAEIFIE LEAGUE CEE TRACK The midget ttlinclacls annexecl ttie Pacific League crown for the second straight year'. The only loss suffered to clate by the Cee champions was in a practice meet with Pomona High Sctiool. In time first niglit meet in 5 years, the miclgets wallopeol Covina 60 to 17. The Cee champions of '54 were: Brown CAII-C.l.F.J and Vveecli,-fliigli jump. Cevera and Pringle r-1180 yarcl claslw. ancl 120 L. H., Elridge,-1100 yard clash and broad jump, Toor,-100 yarcl clash. Cagle, Fleming and Qualls-pole vault, Nleyers,-floroacl jump, Martin ancl Vvrigtit.-fstlot put, Artuuclcle.- pole vault ancl stiot put, and Kitt, Brown ancl Preciaclo in time 660. Loolc for these boys to Wear the "flying EU on future varsity teams. CEE TRACK , Back Row: Arturo. Preciado, Bob Nliars. Nlilio Ostling. Jim Nlartin, AI Brown. Clcc Langley, Bill NNICPCII. Vvaync Xvriglil. Tllircl Row: Nlr. Nelson, Larry McClelland, Duane Dunnington. Don Pringle. Kcnnctli Zeitler, Dick Harney. Ronalcl Fleming. Jack Corrigan, Fmnlc Kitt. Jim Xvliiic. Dan Siolpc, Tom Toor. Mr. Kyne. Second Row: George Fulclicr. Keilll Zcitlcr. Danny Hewitt, Bill Nlilclicl, Howard Cagle, Cliip Luslay, Ruben Cando- lnria. Gail Elclriclgc, Diclc Arbuclclc. Rn' Nlonlanez, Jack Davis. Front Row: Anson Nloorc. Allxert Ccrvcra, Allan Lortz, .lim Hosliinson, Porfy Castruiia, Lynn Purcell, Bill Qualls, Diclc Marlou. .lolm Maclilcy. Chuck Zinlc, Botm Pnrlcor. , 147 ibn h Sinn Xvilcs Bob Duvkum .lim Crcnslmw Balm Xvnlls .lim O'NlivIn Roy Nlnorc Ricfmrul Millis A J ww Q Ku VARSITY BASEBALL A A- 1 ,,,.q,.!gw xi, VMMMAA :Aw Nl . Buch Raw: Erniv Young. Gvnc Buolll, Larry Boggini. Bulu Delgado. .lim Crvnslmw. Jil11L0'B"ligln,' an-n ftupiwillg, Bob Durkum, Ln Rm- Cook. Fran! Row: Roy Nlonrc. Richie Nlillis. Sh'-vc Nvilvs. Holm Xvnils. Sinn XN"ilr-s. Curl Scinvinn. Frank Ecknrcl. Y U A Boi: Deigucio I Tom Caiaiorese La Rue Cooii Cari Sciavina Larry Boggini Ernie Young VARSITY BASEBALL The 1954 varsity horsehiciers, ied ioy hard hitting catcher Gene Copping, finished high in finai Pacific League standings. Coach Tomeriin guided the hickory men with a steady hand during the recent cam- paign. in the practice games the Lions trounced Monteheiio, Pasadena, Fuiierton, and Gien- daie. Pitchers Jim O'iViieia and Stan Vviies were hacked up hy the iiieiding of Jim Crenshaw.-5rd ioase, B013 Deigado.-S. Su, Larry Boggini-2nd inase, and Tom Caiah-5, Sieve Vviies Gene Cupping mr. o 5 ap' at ,Q " -mfr' 0 A 0 Q argl! G 0 8 9 D 0 En a 9 96' rese lst base. Covering the deep territoryd My were La Rue Cooic,-ieit iiieici, Boi: Docicurrf -center fieid and Gene Booths-fright fieid. Gthers who saw action were Bch Watts, Steve Vviies, Richard Miiiis, and John Cooic. As the iiinai out was made, some 6 seniors finished their ninth inning for the Ei Monte Lions. 0 fa G66 ,fr-f J. v. BASEBALL a r Back Row: Terry Slocidarci, Ted Xvaiinch, George Beaver, 'iiom Harnmond. John Cecii, Johnny Hcivin. Joe Turner. iwiciziiu Row: Russcii Smith. John Cooic, Darryi Harmon. Fred Straus. Ari Nianning. Jerry Tyner, Troy Niiiior. Hai i'invf-ns. hir. Craven. Front Row: Ronaici iX'icNccs, Chuck Haiacr. Tony Bcii, Nicic iVionicro. David Haynes. Sieve Purvis. 149 VARSITY TENNIS R ld S fi H 3 C l Glen Hollinger 1 R H ll ri Don Prizlcr Jael: Ragland VARSITY TENNIS Tile varsity racquet men, led lay Roland Sanders, won 16 straight matciies before being upset lay the Nlonrovia Wildcats, by the score of 7-2. Then the Lions met Rose- mead for the second contest, iiaving won time first contest 9-0 and lost 6-5. This placed the Lions in 4tl1 place in tlie Pacific League standings. Harry Coleman and Roland Sanders handled first doubles while Wayne Allen and Jael: Ragland made up tile second doubles. Tire top singles men were Harry Coleman, Ronnie Holland, Glen Hollinger and Danny Castro. Graduating seniors, Glen Hollinger, Vvavne Allen, and John Cady represented time lalue and white well during tire 1954 season. Next years chances look bright with such capable players as Coleman and Sand- ers relurning for time blue and white. VARSITY TENNIS Bucle Row: Rolancl Sanders, .lolrn Curly, Glvn Hollinger. Anmlrvns Non-ggvralll, Riclmrnl Ovvrlroll, Don Prizlr-r. Front Row: Billy Vauglln, Ronnlcl Holland, VVuync Allen, Dani:-I Castro, Harry Coleman, Coaclr Nisslcy. J. V. TENNIS Back Row: Bill Foolc, Glen Baylor, Slove ITIHIIIIIIOII, Bob Crall, Ted Hier. Dale Fcrlacr, Tom Pcccoolc. Front Row: Tccl Lewis, Riclmrd Boruncla, Fred Ricllarcls, Xvayno Dcvcinncy, Curty Pollct, Tom Cooliscy, Doug Hallarcl, Floycl Ivlorgan, Coaclx Slmcltl-cy. 151 G. A A. Mrs. Cl'lOCHS, entire career has laeen marlcecl by ller sincere interest in young people. Slwe always went beyond the call of cluty in worlcing with ulier girlsf, since notliing was too muclm. or too clifficult for lier to do lor the girls. Mrs' Clioens will be missed try lnotli stuclents and teachers alilce and lier retirement will loe a great loss to EI Monte High School. Nlrs. Luna Cll0CllS .li G. A. A. COUNCIL Buclz Row: lxliss Vvillicnson. Lynne Riddle. Pai Nlurray. .loan Lisby, Julianna iVlaGow.m. Veryl Xvnrcl. Micizllu Row: .lurly Slrnylmrn. Niary Alice lVlcGowan. Barbara Pliillips, Callxy Siewarl. Barbara Licltllc. Rita Pictrzalc. .loan Denning. Pat Moore. Front Row: lxlmy Lewis, Jucly Miller, Carolyn Nlurrzxy, Loretta Nelson. Nloretta Nelson. Domlliy King. .lm-l Ann P:-lcrson. 153 G. A. A. SGNGLEADERS 6 LETTERGIRLS Bacle Row: .lean Nl-arlin, Slxirley Lollancl, lrcnc Rose Nlaric Sousa, Nlarlcnc Dewvill. Barbara Phillips, Penny Nlumlorcl. Middle Row: Jucly Sirnylxorn, lwary Alice lVlaGowan, Nloreiia Nelson, Lorcila Nelson. .ln Denning. .lolmnna lVlaGowan, Pally Nicole. Front Raw: Callly Siewari, Barbara Liddle, Punliy King. Rita Pielrzal-1. i 4 w MORETTA NELSON Presiclcnl Isl Semester Bavlz Row: Irene Reyes, Tanya Desalol-l, Glen Jones. Lorella Fleming. Nancy Fliglit. Lynn Riddle. Nlarcii Rouse, Carol Verlbccli, Jean Nlariin, Janice Xxiiggins, Sllirley Hawes, Lincla Akin, Veryl Yvard, Linclz Ragus, Armicla Preciaclo, Lois Ferguson. Suzanne Faulkner, Sherrill Norling. Joan Bitile, Jollanni Nlacvowan, Sue Geyer. Mary Lewis, Kailiclcn Barny, Linda Slllllll, Fourtll Row: lVliss Vvilliinson, Pr? Hake, .lnnicc Nlurray, Pat Nlurray. Kay Lislwy, Carolyn Sweel, Jackie Burlcliarcli, Belly Gosnell, Dian Harrington, Donna Fisher, Gertie Van Beck, Bonnie Stuart, Marcella Vvilson, Nlaric Ladraclx, Rose Maril Sousa. Sliirley Lollancl, Jo Ann Lislny, Carolyn Nlurray. Beverly Fewell, Carol Van Fleet, Janis Nlccoinla 154 CHORETTES Bacie Row: Nirs. Steiicr. Front Row: Gail Hoover. Janice Hosicinson, Beverly Bixicr, Nieiiua Huffman, Jean Giics, Ann Vvorrci. Norma Alcorn. Susan Bcnncll, Winrgnrcy Pociie, Arciyiii Engnmn. .loan Carney. MYRTLE STIDGER PTt'Sil!0llf Qnci Semesivr Cinuciia Hnnciicy, Joel Ann Petr-rson. ircnc Ruzas. Liiiian Roiiiiin, Dolores Nvnrncr, Donna Dcvvili. Ninn-lin Nelson, Loretta Nelson, Jenn Denning. Billie Halilieici, Bcily Cmnpiboii, Row: Judy Slmyiiorn, Niary Alice NicG0wan. Pally Vincent, Evaiinc Van Vviniiic. rcva Ciiczcln, Susan Huiquisi. Bclii Boucimrci, Niary Ninriin. Penny ixiuiixiorci. Simiriccn Second Row: Pai Courlwag. Bernice Russimfi, Jean Eiiioit. Sharon Vvonci, .iacicic Miiicr, Barham Burlon. Siicrry Gmvcli. Barbara Piiiiiips, Jerry Niicicarck. 155 W -fi-39 W ig is -K NSR 'f ":. E5 ,.,. f ' if w-,.. ,L xx , ,, WA' A av is gi? Q ' X Q K? S ff '5',,, , ,... ..x. . YRS .,..i, l x ' my X A X as iii? X XX NX S E Fixx ,. M' bf is iw? X QQ ww' Wx ,,., ,gtt K , K 'Nan -5 SLHLLUL SCHOO L OPENS SEPT I4 'KST' 73 mu IV A 'Q L --,G+ if 7 IZ? r - 5 fu: - - X "it N - 1' " P Sl I I' L' QL Q L Y K if TALENT SHOW OCT 22 BAND CON CERT SEPT 24 X .. ,. - y .V D T?- '. .r I ,, A fi' 34-N 'ii FOOTBALL DANCE OCT 9 ,. .r s x W ,,'. 9 1, L-0 EL Moms vs ARCNJLA oI .L E tix Q I Cv NIANNERS ASSEMBLY OCT 27 THANKSCIVING NOV 25 SADIE-HAWKINS-DANCE NON L L ' I ' III E 'Es '-Q I X 7 T 0 ' 1 ' Q45 41-' '25 if L , ' L' 5? N L I S V, - W ,L E SENIOR PLAY DEC I CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY I2-I8 CHRISTMAS BALL DEC. I8 BI- CHRISTIYIAS VACATION Mlm 'L v if ' Im Q41 L uv LU B A 11' I I II E U X LAWLPALQN ASSEMBLY L-:ff INSTALLATION JAN, GRAIDUATION JAN 21 LT swffrufnms BALI rn V0 5 ....... ' fa 'Q S. B SSNE? I f L, II X51 N? I I kv I L-I "" 'C' f LL.. -1 . QL, fi A so H. aounsou 158 LALE UAH aT BASEBALL CAIVIE FEBJ6 RALPH FLANAGAN'S BAND LTIH7 FIRST TRACK MEET FE BJ9 HAREM DAY NIRRLH S Q N X W Sys' P077 Q 'X S 'fi V9 Pvrf A y L S Ti A 1 - ' - ew 'ix 4 il Q Q ov QOX w- E Q -ul Q 'N' A 'Q K A la:-' K AL f 9' if ' X ' 'S " " A - s gi - A -A fm. f-X f Tk -N -ff X J DENT UNION DAYS MARJ2 STUDENT UNION DANCE 3-13 CAR ROAD-EO MARJ9 :JUNIOR PLAY MARCH 26 " XCHEAPER nv x Til X G0 G 0 - uf I 4.53, 0 si THE DOZEILI. Q2 'TT., CO 5? 3503: Wim TSEEQN SQ Ll' Si X E E604 is- 6? I LQ, ' K Q A r ' 'W N V' L' f m lf - , 4' H Y I . of 19' ,- :isa-. w x ,f ' Rv A , ja, S 51. 2111 9 VOS!! 1 B HLON SHOW APR ! SUCK SHUFFLL APR.f EHSTER SSFMBZV APR? SPRING VACATION APR.lo i? QI-9? A ' ' A X fx i E E FORTRRE 4 we D A , QLLHW I A A R' 5 Q W' L X ,f f , YQ Q , L " XQQ -V- X 'I I .r I S-A R X .?esfE1zzz2aaa,g Sim IOR-SENIJQMROM 5-7 GOLDEN GLOVES NLAY25 CRRDUATLON '54 JUNE L7 SCHOOL CLOSES QNLLIS ceq Q :Hr f T I S v f 1 s , Jw Q N. T A, .... ELNONTE ION HIGH SCH Q J ' W 1 A 'L' ' ' A ., TQ gf 1 gy- RSD V A A O 251 2 1. v k AIN A Q3 T T LN ' LL 'L eg 5. L L J ZZISON 51 4' 53 159 UUE FU Smile Dirk Brollwrly Love Stage Fright 160 DHIll'1'. QNIUNVII. DElIlCLx ' xN7I1Cl'B'S the big one N Smile Rest girls ' Not loo well: Brr-rr-r 161 162 ' 'ff Q ? Auvoennvns A Q XXX. Q.. A W ,wi K. X, Qgjff Mi sn , '35 A 1 Inj! Q pl .A 3 K-19 Q 'X-X Q i 2. ,,' h, b , I H3531 E if Q gm In 5 x xp 1 ' . 1 0w'Z,LA Jzgej ' Java, ggfn Qcwwh 163 K 594' ' NE QUSL ,M A 5 2 Q. Q55 X f 35 me is W, wwf 4 lg Q fs Q wr igMy3Z, gi ,fi 4 wwf !fQ,1s' .ll gg vi -yr -x , xx. ggi, as 'Ma .V X if 1 V 1 K if X 7 Xf- 7 If xg 3 fc X 1V 51' ' ? E ' X ,X , f V , K' f' X., vb! I4 7 Zfdf jf Txfi-'VX YN CE? ,T , mf W Jaw - f J' L cl L w In f iff' Q ' QQ M Q V, X Il it 7 X fl X ,.,,, If X A on X f Ji? 1 X! IJ , 1 ll 77 g UUE THAT HS BURTONS STUDIO , 4 PE PRESS, INC. PETERSON ENGRAVING S. K. 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