El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA)

 - Class of 1945

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WQAWWW THHIVS EHD Published Hnnuallu hu EI iiionio Union High School ff A i I TO OUR GOLD STAR SERVICE MEN, THE TRULY COURAGEOUS WE DEDICATE THIS TRAIL'S END OF 1945. John Brown Albert Cook Robert Deatherage Archie Dennison Kirk Dooley George Dorris Robert Edmonds Ralph Erickson ' .Robert W. Franklin Robert Hammond Gilbert Harmon James Hinesley Veryl R. Holman Max Ireland William Keach Joe F. Mason John McAfee William McDonough K George Miliacca Jon Phelps Harold Prosser Lyle Quirk Julius Rober Jack Scarpinato Earl Shaw Henry Sievers William Stem Guadalupe Torres William Trunk Joe Valles Pete Valles George Ward Elwood Wiggins Warren Willinger Freeman Wilson Klyde Young X ,Q ,.f, ,q, W L. , ,, f 3 . 5 x if L, . 1 1 A " fc say: ' Fyxfg-Qmrk , A51--.4 -' Z ,m Y 5 A ' -A f X' , . I Wm 'rf TO THE STUDENTS OF EL MONTE UNION HIGH SCHOOL, AND TO ALL OTHERS WHO GO TO MAKE UP LIFE ON OUR CAMPUS, WE PRESENT THIS TRAIL'S END OF 1945. IN THE HOPE OF CAPTURING THOSE FAST-FLYING MEMORIES, WE HAVE TRIED TO SELECT WHAT WE BELIEVE WILL MOST INTEREST YOU, BOTH NOW AND IN LATER YEARS. SINCE A RECORD OF THE EVENTS OF SCHOOL DAYS WILL SERVE IN LATER YEARS TO PROVIDE ENTER- TAINMENT IN THE LEISURE HOURS OF LIFE, THIS TRAIL'S END HAS ENDEAVORED TO COMPILE THE ACTIVITIES IN AN INTERESTING FORM. I THE WORK HAS BEEN TEDIOUS BUT ENJOYABLE. ATTEMPTS HAVE BEEN MADE TO UTILIZE ALL SUG- GESTIONS IN ORDER TO MAKE MORE COMPLETE YOUR ENJOYMENT OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. WE HOPE WE HAVE SUCCEEDED. PRESCOTT COGSWELL, EDITOR AND THE TRAIL'S END STAFF IUHEIIIIIIID HUIHIHISTRHTIUH CLHSSES HCTIVITIES IHUSIC HTHLETICS FEHTURES J CONTENTS HDHHHISTHHTIUH The Trail's End staff has acted most wisely ini dedicating this year's annual to former El Monte Lions who have made the supreme sacrifice that we might continue to enioy the blessings of group and individual freedom. Nothing we can say will do iustice or pay proper tribute to these men who have died so val- iantly. The least we can do is to speak from the depths of our souls our words of appreciation and to pledge to them that we shall so live that they shall not have died in vain. To those of our number who now lie buried in Tarawa, Saipan, Leyte, New Guinea, North Africa, Italy, France, Belgium-wherever you may be-we pay tribute to you and dedicate our lives to the cause for which you fought. Count on us to keep the faith and to carry on to the end that our beloved 'Nation may continue to be the hope of the World! The Lions of today and the Lions of tomorrow will never forget you. Your names which are inscribed on our memorial plaque are enshrined in our hearts. ROBERT S. HICKS District Superintendent lHUSlEES President Mr. L. L. Dancer Clerk f Mr. Ralph Davis Mr. E. M. Wyne K Mr. E. M. Thurber Mrs. Edith Stelhorn f While we have tried to carry on this year as usual, it has been impossible to conceal the sadness in our hearts. From the events of 1945, history will record the greatestf battles, death, and destruction of all time. As long as we all shall live may we never forget our boys who have paid this enormous price that we might enjoy the freedom of our homes. Let us unite our efforts, make any sacrifice willingly, and determine to keep the peace for which they have fought so bravely. When they have finished their work on the battle fronts, the responsibility for making a lasting peace will be ours. Education that brings us understanding and tolerance of our world neighbors is the only hope for a permanent peace. Each generation must earn the right to such a peace by the education of its citizens, constant vigilance, and courage to stand for the right in a world of prejudice and intolerance. Are you preparing yourself to help keep the peace? Will you "break faith with those who die?" f RUTH CALVERT Dean of Girls Because of conditions brought on by the war, the task of getting out this year's annual has been more complicated than usual. However, the many obstacles that had to be overcome have served only as a chal- lenge and an inspiration to those responsible for its productions, to the end that the l944-45 Trail's End will compare very favorably with any produced under more favorable circumstances. The book has been dedicated appropriately enough, to those former students who have made their final but lasting contribution to the maintenance of those ideals to which our school is pledged. Perhaps, the most fitting way that we can honor these boys who have given their all in the cause of freedom would be to pledge ourselves anew to do our part here at home as they have done so nobly on foreign fields. Our role is small compared to theirs but it can be play with the same high courage and spirit of self-sacrifice. We intend to keep faith with those of our number to whom the 1944-45 Trail's End is dedicated. B. L. BERGSTROM Principal f r X f IIUUHSELUHS UFHCE FUHIJE Charlotte Randall Anna Sherman Toynette Anderson Gerry Hagan Louise Stump Ruth King Ruth Davis Leila Corbin Betty Royer Marie Kirchner Evelyn Bogard 'Pat Ross Mr. Gunnar Wahlquist Registrar Dr. Fleda Brigham Girls' Health Co-ordinator. Mr. Frank Mountain Business Manager Mr. Gerald O. Risinger Director of Adult Education Mr. Ward Hartman Director of Attendance I "Why 32,5 ff 'Q Nfziiiiiff ... ' , -. " "'4?fs",ff'?:f' ,. A . -lg' 'W A 1 We fs M-4-..,,.. .Wg X Mr. Stetler Miss Anderson Mr. Weatherbe Mr. Webb Mr. Brown Mrs. Ccxwood Mrs. Choens Mr. Edmormds Mr. Johnson Mrs. Keller Mrs. Kennedy Mrs. Putnam Miss Sharp FHCUHU Mrs. Edson Mrs. Ewing Mrs. Forsch Mrs. Frey Mr. Hadley Mr. Herrell Mrs. Hess Miss Hillix Mrs. Hollowell Mr. Holsopple Miss Hopkins Miss Hopkins Mr. Ireland Mrs. Irwin Mr. Jones r Miss Alspa ugh Mr. Barfron Mrs. Bonney Mrs. Braden Mr. Burnett Mrs. Cerney Miss Charleston Miss Clemans Mr. Coke Mr. Cole Mr. Covington Mrs. Crambleft Miss Culross Mrs. Danforth Mr. Donner i Fi X Mrs. Richards Mr. Rockley Wss Sargent MissiSchlappi Miss Sherwood Mrs. Slcovmand Mrs. Spencer Mfrs. Siamatis Mrs. Swansea Miss Taylor Miss Taylor W. Walker Miss Wells Mrs. Williams Mr. Wolpert Mr. Johnson Mrs. Klingerman Miss Klores Mrs. Lash Mr. Leonard Miss'Lindel Mr. Lindsey Mrs. Mayer Miss McCue Mr, McNichols Mrs. Murray Miss Myfhaler Miss Nelson Miss Peterson Mr. Riassetto nba :- 11 TERRY SMITH JOE SCOTT A.S.B. President A.S.B. President First Semester Second Semester f Mrs. Bonney Sponsor Loretta Seay S Secretary , Reba Burroughs Finance Jean Stem Activities, Assemblies James Weinburger Vice-President Pat Montgomery Secretory, Girls' League Dick Moore Finance Glynda DeGarmo Activities COMMISSION Art Leatherman Sophomores Jean Moncton Freshmen Charles Burch Boys' Athletics Don Moore Lions' Trail Edwin Storlie National Defense Forest Cooper National Defense Doris Howard Girls' Athletics Dorothy Harpel Girls' Athletics Herb Rhodes Boys' Federation Clelia Livingstone Girls' League Berta Green Lionesses Al Tucker Assemblies June Culp TraiI's End Kenneth Kring Lion Knights Dan Williams Yell Leaders Alice.Ellis Lionesses Walter Slosson Scholarship Beverly Marantz Lions' Trail f Anna Lee Koch, Secretary Gloria Steers, Secretary Judy Richards Neva Jean Steers Betty McRedmond Reba Burroughs A Jo Ann Ells, President, first semester Gertrude Krebs, President, second semester Miss Charleston, Sponsor Berta Green, Commissioner, first semester Alice Ellis, Commissioner, second semester is Z Q I I W LIUIIESSES LIUHESSES Ruth Ellen Bowers Patricia Williams Glyncla DeGarmo l Dorothy Hadclox Patricia Price Patricia Montgomery I? x Beverly Marantz Loretta Seay , Vida Johnson La Vonne Baquet Barbara Hutchison Mary Ellen Lovemark ik.- if ' B Kenneth Kring, Commissioner Norman Dunlap Terry Smith Alfred Tucker Robert Spencer Lee Owen I Chuck Wiggins, Prexsident, first semester Donald McFann, President, second semester Mr. George Burnett, Sponsor i Dick Alexander, Secretary, first semester Prescott Cogswell, Secretory, second semester f uun Hnlssms Linn Hmums Q" ' Dick Simmons Robert Bryant George Sowa George Harnden Jim Fortune Hilbert Lee Gerald Sampson Joe Scott Bill Wyatt Harland Chase Don Moore Forest Cooper nd!!! X Pat Williams president Alice Ellis, vice-president, Virginia Thompson,'treasure,rp Pat Montgomery commissioner Clelia Livingston, commissioner FRONT ROW: Doris Howard, Shirley Moffitt, Elaine Tomlinson, Irene Van Dam, Gertrude Krebs, Pat Williams, Pat Montgomery, Meredith Garthwaite, vida Johnson, Beverly Marantz, Borfnie Palmer. SECOND ROW: Betty Bolin, Janet Hillseth, Donna Richards, Gloria DeGarmo, Frances Holt, Bonnie Thiebaud, Clelia Livingstone, Alice Ellis, Judy Richards, Roseann Patterson, Coralee Yarborough. BACK ROW: Virginia Thompson, Joy Middleton, Joanne Riavic, Dorla Lyman, Dolores Atkinson, Catherine Richards, Jean Colyar, Velvaiean Miller, Shirley Martin, Lillian Peel, Pat Scott. GIRLS' LEHGUE or George Hornden, vice-president, Austin Snyder, president, Joe Scott, president, George Sowa, Dick Turner Front Row: Tom Morgan, Roger Weiss, George Sowo, Ed Moore, Hilbert Lee Back Row: Lincoln Perry, Art Leatherman, George Hornden, Dick Turner BUUS' FEIJEHHGTIUH CLHSSES S, 3 v UJIHTER CLHSS HHLL Ut FHIHE Teddy Anderson, Outstanding Athlete Audrey Williams, Outstanding Schelar Nels Peterson Muslclan J SUHIHIEH CLHSSSHHH UF FHYHE ' L. Terry Smith I Student Body President First Semester Joe ,Scott Student Body President Second Semester Walter Slosson Outstanding Scholar Norman Dunlap Outstanding Scientist Caroll Myers Outstanding Mathematic Betty McRedmond Outstanding Writer 1 N Austin Snyder P President, Boys' Charles Wiggins Outstanding Dramcitist Barbara Cameron Outstanding Artist aan Stem Outstanding Musician oris Howard Outstanding Sportswoman at Williams President, Girls' League Prescott Cogswell Editor, Trail's End Beverly Marantz Editor, Lions' Trail 7' X , v iiiy ,. V , g -f A ",'. , J lUllllEll CLHSS .:f 3' - A4-h Q LL .E ? L 'A .. - l , f -" ' Y W . Vg M L,KA X A Miyk ., k I' fy - wma 1 l 4 A is Wm 2 A ' A 9755 ' L ,M Q J y A by l Ef f 5 A,,. Q "W 5 li W +L if 1 ff' ii H l v me I , f ,. 22 A I 1 ,Q -lm Q ' ':', l ,. , , . iiuwiit -fl lv.. f 2 me w , c - m L M by E H -il, J: E , lj 5 V. 352 1 Robert Mark AI Moody fx, David Muhlsfein ' Dorothy Odiorne 2X'h i l Nels Peterson i Helen Richey X ,gf I Dorothy Shroeder Barbara Tate A l Frank Terracciano Dorothy Walker Audrey Wills Audrey Williams , wg fl ,, Theodore Anderson Theda Mae Baker Mary Lou Beaver Dale Burt Phil Dean Viola Hebrew Marian Henlin Jimmie Kerr Virginia Laughlin i l - '35 DICK ALEXANDER FORREST COOPER PI'eSideH'f, Firsf 5emeSTel' President, Second Semester Janis Shaw, treasurer, second semesterp Yvonne Boots, treasurer, first semesferp .lo Jeffries vice-president, second semesterp Vida Johnson, vice-president, first semesterg Betty Job SGCFSYUYY, SeC0l1d Sem6SfSI' SUHIUIEH CLHSS Dorothy Bahom Geneva Bashom Maebelle Basore Lorraine Becker Anne Beebe Vivian Behee Floyd Bevington Dorothea Bierring Yvonne Boots Norma Brisco Charlotte Bronn William Brooke Ellen Akey Richard Alexander Betty Allen Bruce Alsip Betty Anderson Joyce Anderson Edward Andrews Vera Appell Lee Alice Archer Earlene Baker Donna Bartel Wilbur Bartlet 'Q-P 'Ulmer' Dorothy Caullings Harlan Chase Ronald Clifton Betty Jean Cline Lark Cline Merritt Clinton Prescott Cogswell Lawrence Collins Dorothy Cooper Forest Cooper Katherine Conrow Milton Corum A :,., MI ww - gwsfsl' fa i r 1 ygm, N s,.. ,,, , ,,,,, 5 , N. J. A,3vf. - '55, , nl." , ,-rag. -ii, , wtf. - ,tr by . i f . Mn I i"i 'ztaiiii' 2 31 V s -Hieduellnen fB4l5di5frig."1jl7 Examiner employeefgof ' ildredl Street, 'El illillfljglge, will ducted at 10 a. tddlyqr g Live Oaks' Cemetery, Mont' 3 Jackie brown K Bob Bryant Vivian Bryant Charles Burch Elsie Burd Reba Burroughs William Butters Carol Cageal Jim Callahan Margery Callen Barbara Cameron Mary Lou Canon I ss., Betty Dixon Kareen Dittus Dolores Doane Faye Doidge Rae Doidge Delores Dornwell Gloria Donn John Dotson Marion Douglas Wayne Dutro Mary Duerdon Yvonne DuRon Vernon Cox Wynona Cucle June Culp Joyce Cutting Shirley Cypert Lester Day Jean DeBere Glynda DeGarmo Jim DeWees Betty Jo DeWitt Mercedes Diaz Bette Diers ix Katherine Ferguson Jo Ann Fielding Beverly Finney Jacqueline Fetzer Grace Forgey Jim Fortune Elaine Forbes Joanne Fry Jogene Garland Meredith Garthwaite Naomi Gates Sherl George Loutrice Dunn Norman Dunlap Donna Dunham Robert Dunham Evelyn Duncan Doretta Edwards Jo Ann Ells Paul Elmore Ralph Ellsworth Richard Ensign Virginia Estes Margaret Feister ii Pauline Hadley Charles Hall Betty Harmon George Harnden Marilea Harnley Dorothy Harpel Bill Hayden Trudy Hedges Betty Hintermeister Wilbur Hoff Dorothy Holland Pat Holloway Dorothy Gifford Carolyn Glammeier Carolyn Glandon Gwineth Glenn Jack Gleason Elmer Goetz Aurelia Gomez Reba Gorham Louise Gray Berta Green Leland Haase Dorothy Hclddox Betty Jean Job Don Johnson Joanne Johnson Vida Johnson Marilyn Jones Ethel Kalus Dorothy Kearney Florren Kennedy Bruce Kenworth Shirley Kephart Arline Kimberling Bill King Charles Holt Jack Holt Gertrude Horn Carmen Horta Glenn Hostetler Doris Howard Lorraine Howard Barbara Hutchinson Raeola Hyde Richard Jackman Ernest James Jo Jeffries J, Hilbert Lee Juanita Lair Nomel Lemon Howard Lewis A Shirley Lindstrom Mary Jane Lingle Marie Lockridge Mary Ellen Lovemark Ramona Lutz Elaine Mace Mel Manning Beverly Marantz Bernice Kinsey Jack Klein Gertrude Krebs Kenny Kring Richard Lafoso x Genelle La Hue Ru Dean Lambert Bill Lansford Ray Larsen Estella Lawrence Marden Lawrence Bonnie Lee ie-NL Betty Millette Morgc1retMishler Shirley Moffitt Bennie .Moody Don Moore Dick Moore Pat Montgomery Patricia Ann Montgomery Mory Morrell Trini Morin Nelontean Morley Morris Mount I Martha Morello Joyce Mau Kenneth McAffee Adair McClelland Don McFcnn Hazel McGulpin Bill McHenry Ruth McKee Mary McNeil Betty June McReclmoncl Margaret Mechom Carmen Miali June O'Brien Betty .lean Odell Evelyn O'Grady Katherine O'Neil Lee Owen Bonnie Palmer Edith Paul Robert Pearson Lawrence Peel Eleanor Perkins Geraldine Phillips Anna Mae Pinson sl' Dorothy Mulqueen Audrey Murray Carroll Myers Robert Nalley Bonnie Narmore Gladys Nelson Mary Jo Neslen Caroline Newlon Emmy Nicolous Edo Nielson Eleanor Norlund Alice Nutt 1 ity-1? 'iff ,. w e Earlene Reish Mildred Reeske Josephine Reyes Margaret Reynolds Robert Rhode Lucille Richardson Robert Rippee Gladys Rindels Bill Ringland Richard Roberts Sybil Roberts Ophelia Rogers Gloria Pollard Robert Pratt Patricia Price Leon Prince Cecelia Racicot Elsie Ramirez Cecelia Ramirez Mary Randazzo Betty Raymond Barbara Reason Don Rector Eleanor Reimer - Vona Showalter Bill Scott Joe Scott Kenneth Siemens Loretta Seay Victoria Seeds Rosalie Seifert Verna .lo Sellers Jeannette Shane Janis Shaw Doris Shipp Charles Simmons Arlene Romberger Eloise Roney John Ross Henry Rundle Barbara Russell Jerry Sampson Art Saunders Barbara Saunders Wayne Sayre Paul Schlenz Leon Schmitton Evelyn Schmutzer if Neva Jeanne Steers Jean Stem Robert Stimmel Edward Storlie Jim Stout Mary Sullivan Kathleen Terry Ruth Tessier Bill Timmons Clifford Thomas Elaine Tomlinson Alfred Tucker Richard Simmons Charles Sipowicz Bruce Skovmand Mary Sloat Walter Slosson Frances Smith Robert Smith Terry Smith George Sowa Austin Snyder Robert Spencer Dixie Steele Rosemary Whisenant Esther White Josephine Whitehead Chuck Wiggins Dan Williams ' Patricia Williams Charles'Wilt Delores Woodard Andy Wright Betty Wright Bill Wyatt Carrol Turner Herman Vanderbush Irene Van Dam Dorothy Von Fossen Sarah Voorhees Harry Watson Elwood Weber RusselWeinberger Lorrene Welch Phyllis Wepler Dorothy Werner Arlene Wetzel SENIOR PLHU 4 H! 4 if, 1 Z 5 if 4 I , we fi ' Q 4 ,L 2 ' Wiz? , 5 . Q ,, f r , f 5, 1 5 ', W lk W 'X Q- :gs w N w I ' iii 23251 Ray Newman, vice-president, Clelia Livingston, vice-president, Jimmy Mitchell, president, James Reinhardt, president, Betty Ann Christie, secretary, Myrna Hoagland, treasurer JUHIUH CLHSS Bill Allen Ruth Allen Beverly Altschuler Jacqueline Andrews Daniel Banning Elaine Batchelor Donald Baudrand Herman Baumann Lela Bement Stanley Bennett Dorothy Berlin Constance Blome Herbert Boss Ruth Ellen Bowers Marvin Box Eugenia Bradley Beverly Buckallew Dick Bullesback Bertha Buhler Howard Bulmer Leilamay Carleton Leona Carr Y Frederick Cartan Carl Carter Darlene Clark William Clark Lorita Cleveland Gene Collier Nancy Cox Vernon Cox Wanda Crary Virginia Cronn Manuel De La Rosa Annie De Nardo Ronald Dennis Willard Denton Kenneth Douglas Richard Douglas Betty Dudley Jane Duncan Alice Ellis Lourita Ellis Robert L. Ellis Robert M. Ellis Donald Faulkner Vivian Ferguson Corine Fine Alice Fisher Lou Ellen Archer Harry Baker Bebe Baldwin Jane Ballinger Jim Beattie Loraine Becker Gerald Beebe Lloyd Bell Ruth Boergadine Robert Bogard William Bogardus Bernard Bohr Karl Bryan . Charles Bryant Katherine Bryant Peggy Bryant Francis Bursinger Robert Caffery Mary Caldon Lela Caldwell Marie Carter Wanda Castleberry Jeanne Chamlee Betty Ann Christie Bayliss Cook Ruth Cooley Norma Coward Carolyn Cox Betty Davidson Deva Rae Davidson Emrys Davis Laurella Davis Jim De Wees lra Dils Ross Dingman Beverly Dinsmore Floyd Duncan Helen Dunham James Eisenhour Gerald Elliott Alan Ells Frank Emeterio Frank Fair Sally Faith Elinor Fisk Sam Ford Dorothy Forgey Viola Forshee .. fr.: A R . t .. W? .t i 5 .YCV W WU X X it -' if A f x F 4 2 ,. X-t 4 fm 0 5 X 6 Oi 4 A y 4 S 1 ' R .f 1 , Y 2 1+ f-3, 1-v x Q " . , , Q A x 1. .,t it-Q. . C Q, C XA Q K t r' I A Q C ,sv Q A C' if " CC, ' CN, A , . 1 ,..,,.,s, V 5- ,,cC,,C C -fi ,W MC C :wi 5 I l ,k,-- A E N, K I 5 K 2 f A 19, Y s - .0 , , V, M , C A C A J ' ' wt -f CA . C , 1 , C I , lu , . J F w T., Zzk , A . K . CQ A K A K U g is i w . ,, K,, I " 1 Cx KE V N C I , .. , 4, ,E i, K. 9 y L V . C V , V , ii ' ' B J J L: as . L gg zift, ' ' A L ' . C ii C rs r . J + B C is if , es I J ri s fs A f l C rtii G' B A 'f'?'i1 l U tl iilii V "ik .htl ii Us ll ' 4 l C4 A I ji S A .C J 1 . ' ll ll 4 A g i? L i t F il A A i . J L . i J fi . I -'fs ,,ff f W 'Q' 7 ' ti f: C - stsss 'F C ., ,: C V I K I CE VZ EA., .a . - I iii MZ . Z , - W , V 'gl Cf' 'i"' ' j i 1. ,XC fi vV,.,f,,Q?: 4 ,r-J' N C g y : My A .A C A FCC LI BCCB . i ... ' ' C , A JC ssi C i t i f 1 . , ' Hi A " A a ,C lf ,J LV f NZA VE Q g : Zi gi , C, L' C . K gi . kk B E f i i P 5 J B J ' ' M C so trC 1 is W 4 ,.- 'A W. H- . ' 'i'Ls' K , J K FU' ' - C' N ' pi W' ' .fi -A lv-- Mifq zv, :rdf t 0 if-M V , i 6 5 V Q F 0 t, , VV .1 q i 5,k 7,53 -ini C krl, V N . L . , , 'fi KCC, A-X ' 5 . , I VV Q W W I 355 I' X A - Q ,ir I l N I VV . A , W 'E A I lk I. .4 , ., ' gg,EQgi.l,b,,,.V krhgy M K K All I 2 .C ' f- ' ,C'- .A A, . -1: , y Vq k i M .a it -ar A MY -17 L' I ' . t t"'1 ' 9 H2154 , it fll B' 4 ,pf A t .." L .-Mls ' in j A " V K - K' .YK sw X I , 5 A X iii yas. L + tw Q t .-vt-uusj ' - V A A-1 .,,. A i ,Img r . C QQ 5 M is J" Y V :'C ' f" L ,CL 5 i .,., P g .A W . ls I hm V, if" :.,, , A 'sw 'arg C , L 4 .. , 9' 4 1, f Q Q i of 5: X E l k.: N I C W lc r' N t :Q-.x 4 X 3 Zh S Q E X 2 J , 3 L if :Sr Q M ag y X i .Q Ls .V ...r gmt! A I 3,53 L f ki? Q - Vw Q: ml-, n' V in K i flgi l f K 1. , . 3. Q E, 1 : V 3 any Abv I i k,,.x x ,, 174 K I ,L .V Q y Vi., K'L..L ,K I f A Q. r L A E V ' dx I f- A f' , ' - fs -Q,,. I 'Aichi 5 1924 IQPL, g J, .'g- gm jigs? - qi U L A. In 1-1 . i t g 'i . L- , fi Y X he ' 1. gs ff 'L if 'if'-:V 'mg ,rz , Z V' A A, 1 1 M' 6 A 'T i f J ii it " Y ' A E i l f l , r f' Q L K 3 it .,.. is L f . D A ,,. L 1 A 1 L r m: A li Vyk, - - F Q Q , M, 'V 5 K -V , 'Sh 1 x , Q K ::- s 4 .,.:: - rk' il gfkzfh Zag,-slr f any I ,-' K A A' K L L L L J me l ' Ms Q Sk' 1 1 1 'F I , ' ., ' J i E A f at is A A 4 i f .f L 'mL' ii' 2 i f if 'il W'W" f 4 A K V 4 .N ,, -Q Qu , . J , so J F-, it me fi i f J, 3 ' in J If -A - ifiiiii w 1551254 X' ,psf ? ' l Y gl , if , t y g E , .. if , y, gy 'g . " ii 'i ,, ", ' 1' A J f it L A . A iff A J J A ,- s -, X i f , - Q-:V - T , RKAJK K K X . K ., i , . :L A A Lg J L N p L c W t x K KT , it Q33 - ii i Q',t,,,v1 W. .kkk j .,-k .s K , L b, ,X ' i i ivk- f ' ' ' if , 'Fi - -- fl, 'W ,f.k U Y -j ' ,. - LW A. f ,E ff A - is L 3 f L ssc A it L it rrc J - f' V W - V I, " ur i' , J - A Lsrrs it r A L J L , . ' ,xV.-. 15 A , N K TL, if ' K Ii: A r 4 FE E-K , I w W5 i t L 5,1 it ' 'isgxf g Q6 ja' A f Z ' it J V 5 L : 4 5 L Lr ss J A .. W if W ,ff . f "'i'M A g .- f J' A , . 4 y sr it l- s J . J , A A V A , 2 -, J X J I J g 4 - . ..s ,'. I Q - a 135, I ' ,k A Y L 3 ' . ,J . k i K ' f L. B sf , 5: '23 fe g, A 1 ig H ' it . g 1 g rr J A H. N 1 if 1 i rA,:x xxx V- i , 3 i Donald Fortune Clyde Fouts Nola Freeman Nancy Fry Jeannine Geary Mildred Goates Geraldine Goodman Leslie Gordon Norma Green Gloria Green Marion Gudgell Willard Gwin June Hardege Donald Harris Bill Hartman Harold Hatfield Margaret Henkle Rosalie Hicks Durelle Hidecker Bob Hillseth Nadine Holt Robert Hughes Lionel Huss Mozelle Hutchinson Jean Jones Betty Kabetzke Elizabeth Kalus Lily Kauti Anna Lee Koch Thomas Koop Sheldon Kroop Kenneth Krug Bill Lansford Barbara Larison Bud Larsh June Larson Anita Leitner Gene Leslie Jacqueline Lewis Clelia Livingstone Doris Maddox Jim Manley James Marcellus Nelontean Marley Raymond Maurer Carroll Mayfield Louise McCartney Fred McCarty Constance Fuertes John Fugitt Gene Garrett Claire Garrison Edwin Gottschlich Alice Graham Lyle Grannis John Green Barbara Haase Clifford Haines Betty Hallman Earleen Haney Corinne Hedlund lrene Helgeson Carl Henderson Beverly Henkle Myrna Hoagland Barbara Hoff Jacqueline Hoffma Edwin Holcomb Laurel Hyde Alice Jackson Mary Jane Jacobs Billy Jones Bobbie Kirsten Joan Kilgore Shirley Kingsley Helen Klubnikin Sonia Kruse Eunice lamb Jim Lambell Donna Langford Carmel La Sala Geraldine Laughli Dorothy Le Brecht Warren Lefler Tommy Lloy Harley Lovitt Patricia Lucero Edmund Machen Bill Martin Norma Martin Manuel Martinez Georgiania Mathie r Ansel McCullough Viola McGrew Joan Mclntyre Jeanne McEwen gil Mettord La Vell Millsap 4, EDQ 'dis its V? 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Robert Mitchell ' Jimmie Huskey Edwin Irons Joan Irvine Mary Fae Jeffries Anne Johnson George Johnson Phyllis Johnson Bud Johnson Jackie Jorden Billie Kelly Betty Kelso Mervyn Kennedy Dorothy Koch Bud Koenke Adylene Koopman Ruth Kuchesky Jane Larkey Juanita Lauritzen Art Leatherman Bob Lefler Diane Leonard Ted Lessley Bob Lewis Maxine Lewis Herbert Lovemark Priscilla Lowell Jon Lucas Donald Luley R. T. Maddox Royce Malm Dennis Manders Delia Mangiagli Claire McArthur Geneva McCleary Nancy McClelland Harold McCloskey Robert Mcspqdden Ralph McVay lrene Medina Norris Mellor Frank Metzinger Louie Millan David Miller Donna Miller Robert Montgomer Wesley Montgome Donald Moore Billie Morrison Arthur Mumford Billy Myers David Narmore Armand Navarra David Odum Don Ogston William Ohmert Ralph Orr Doris Page Retha Page Lee Pardee Gus Parker Dora Penilla Gene Peters Glenna Peterson Verda Peterson Jack Pinson Molly Powell Jesus Prado William Pratt Sandy Reed Marilyn Regelin Beverly Remington Eugene Renner Violet Rice Donna Richards Donna Roberts Arnulto Rodriquez Victor Rudd Barbara Rundall Dora Salgado Robert Saltonstall Ellen Schmidt James Schmitton Evan Schmuhl Phyllis Schmutzer Betty Scotton Gilbert Scoville Clifford Selby Keith Severin Victor Shaw Evelyn Shearer Stanley Shields Gloria Shollin Richard Sneary Beth Southard Rita Sparks Richard Spooner Ronald Nehring Dorothy Nelson Marilyn Newman Joann Norstrom Clarence Osterkamp Bob Overman Robert Owens Roy Owens Betty Patterson Charles Pavlich Bertha Pegram Shirley Penn Francis Phillips Jacqueline Pickering 'Loretta Piehler Betty Piercy Liela Radley Edward Rohn Dick Randolph Gilbert Rascon Laura Reynolds Betty Rhodd Joanne Riavic Christine Rice Charles Roe Gene Rogers Charles Rooks Jeanne Rossel Beverly Sanders Joe Saueressig Arnold Savage Walter Schlenz Harold Schwartz Katherine Schweitz Alice Schweizer Walter Scott Mary Ann Seymour Gloria Shade Boyd Sharp Frances Sharp Paul Simons Nancy Skow Violet Smith William Smoley Stuart Spurlock Ervine Stafford Bill Stagis Frank Stansell -wr me P 3 rf Q in S 3 Q L 1 ' x Y 1 i E in 1 :X .f in J J reft J' ' pu J .. 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ML z Marion Exton James Fairchild Joyce Fetzer Carol Finney Ray Foote James Ford Johnnie Forbess Cecilia Forst Joe Freeman Raiford French Patsy Fuller Kenneth Gallagher Bruce Garland Robert Garland Shirley Garr Shirley Garrison Donna Gernand Donald Gesick George Gielen Suzanne Gilbert Shirley Gonder Gustavo Gonzales Francisco Gonzales Ramon Gonzales Sarah Gorr John Gragg Betty Graham Pauline Graves Bonnie Greene Jack Firth A Clinton Fitch Robert Flanders Clarence Flores Dorothy Frank Jo Ann Franklin Lowell Franklin Ruth Franklin Gail Gamble ' Yvonne Gamble Beverly Gardner VVilliam Gardner Shirley Gatewood Shirley Geary Robert Genereaux Howard Georgie Nancy Gillis Robert Ginther Sue Glenn Beverly Goates Richard Gore Barbara Gorham James Gorham Zelma Gorham Betty Jo Gray Bobby Gray Donald Gray Robert Gray Pat Griffin jg Anne Greenhglgh EVCIDDCI Grosdidier Norma Greenwood Dorothy Griffin Betty Guilliams Frank Gutierrez Muriel Haber Charles Hacker Goldie Hampton Alice Hanks Denzil Hanks Joyce Hanson Barbara Harris Jean Harris Marjorie Hart ' Raymond Hartman Janice Haworth Virginia Hows Donald Haworth John Hayes Duane Groth Helen Gui Lucinda Hacker Gene Hall Garret Hall Richard Hall Patsy Hansen Carol Hardwixk Ellis Harpole Kenneth Harred Dollie Hatfield Buford Haute Edward Hawkins Gene Hawkins Doris Hebrew Phyllis Heil Dolores Heitkempet Betty Hellon Gloria Hemmer 'ames Henderson Joyce Hensley Josephine HSFYIOKIQLSZ ienneth Henderson James Hilton Doris Hendin Jackie Hodson Richard Hoff Diane Hogan iathryn Holland- viary Holt 'ed Honig Ester Maie Hope iayann Horton Trances Huntsman lean Huntzinger loa Huss hirley Hutchinson Deggy lvie ob Jackley arold Jackson Aldis Jacobs everly Johnson harles Johnson onald Johnson uane Johnson harles Jones osemary Judson irgil Kagy uth Kalus atricia Kelley etty Kelley mma Lou Kelly -ouis Kelso Nleal Kinder Eleanor King lay Kington lane Kirk arrell Krug arold Kuchesky orothy Kunka Charles La Barre Myrna Lanigton elores Lanterman harles Larsh onald Larson Weldon Leslie -lorold Lester farol Lewis loan Lewis Mona Lee Hisey Jean Holman Jose Holquin Bill Holt Frances Holt Suzanne Hrbacek Andrea Hubbard Gordon Huebert 'Harold Hunt Wallace Hutchinson Sandra lmhoff Leon Ingham Lois Irvine Johnnie Jacques Joann Jeffers William Jensen Al Johns Leo Johnson Robert Johnson Stuart Johnson Betty Johnston Jane Kaufman Aileen Kauti Ian Kean Kenneth Keary Bill Keltz Charlain Kendall Patricia Kimmal William Kimple Betty Kirkbride Ellenore Kole Mary Koop Ken Kreml Everett La Londe Norman Lamb Gwen Lanydmesser Donald Lane Sarah Latus Robert Lawson Ellen Leach Wanda Leeper Jack Lieberman Charles Lightner Dorothy Linclstrom Joan Lindros X J A j mLAA J I Q ,,- -J XJ 1 - f 1 " . 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L by L L William Lockerby Joann Long Mary Lonis Lucille Lorenz Patricia Lynah Rene Maddox Roy Main Baldo Marquez Alice Martinez Arthur Martinez June Mathiew Phyllis Maxwell Lea Lowe Rebecca Lowell Jessie Lowery Vivian Lucero Beverly Marshall Lowell Martin ' Mickey Martin Shirley Martin Robert Mazingo Don Mazza Billy McAfee Georgene McCall Bonnie McCowley Jimmy McDaniel Jo Anne McComb Robert McDowell John McCracken Edythe McCulley Loreen McGee Virginia McGee Laura McGraw Jeanette McKee Shirley Mefferd George Meier Richard Merry Delores Meza 3 Velvaiean Miller Ned Millis Beverly Misener Mildred Mitchell Myrna Moore Dorothy Moreno Leo Morgan Tom Morgan Louis Murray Joy Myers William Myrick Barbara Navarro Betty Newberry Doris Newman Jane Nevins Robert Nicholson Grace Nutt Mary Nutt Charles Nuzio William Oaks Raymond Oieda Eugene Oldham Jean O'Leary Carmen Olivas Mildred McElhaney Louise McElvain Grace McMasters Betty McMurray Joan McNabb Cherie McNeal Joy Middleton Betty Miller Marian Miller Merle Miller Jean Moncton Edmund Moore James Moore William Moore Marilyn Morrison Patricia Morrison Peggy Morse Dorothy Moridy John Neerhout Betty Nerhring Allen Nelsen Victor Nenow Mildred Nixon Louise Noll Paul Norman Lois Nouguier Phyllis Odum Charles O'Donnel Cecelia O'Grady Joy Oiler Marinelle Olson George O'Neil Robert O'Neil Roque Ortega Beatrice Ortiz Lupe Ortiz Katherine Pace Arlin Page Roy Parker Howard Parrett Imogene Partain Jimmie Paterson Joyce Perrone Arden Peterson Jean Peterson Margaret Peterson Lillian Phillips Margaret Phillips Barbara Pickett Joan Pierce Donald Platz Dahlmer Plummer Lester Pollard Mary Pope Barbara Proctor Edgar Puett Shirley Ragland Richard Rains Jean Rasor Pat Ready Eleanor Rector Bill Reeske Sam Ricchio Catherine Richards Marilyn Richards Dick Richardson Paul Ritter Bonnie Rivers Donna Roberson Joe Roberts Patty Rogers Jeanne Roork Betty Jo Rosbrugh Rose Hermon Dwyane Rumley Robert Ruthemeyer l-0l5 Samson Shirley Rye Rachel Sahagun Robert Savala Jim Scherer Ester Schlenz Donald Schmidt ff Lv :sf L lf LL, nas Lnn, L -,f- S S ng as LL f s fn 4:5 fu ic L l x.. ,,. 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V -V V Q A, V I RUS DRIVERS URSURR HEROES William Butler Supt. of Transportation Marvin Wilkerson Roy Garcelon V Roy McVay Melyin Remington 4 Ungung Hggufg cafufnln em1uP .,s Mrs. Standish, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Harmon, manager, Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Farmer, Mrs. Pollard, Mrs. Appel, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Pollard, Mrs. Rainboth I 0 UUSTUDIHH SWF FRONT ROW: Mr. Crnvstt, Mr. Carson, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Shaner, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Eqe BACK ROW: Mr. McRae, Mr. 0'Ndl, Mr. Steadman, Mr. McMullen, Mr. Nixon, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Jurly Mr. Hill, in absentia, lhad custodian HCTIVITIES IC ia wx QM 1' iw vm 11 , A Rf' wg Rx ,ff i 1 in W..- e W, ,, fi '- - 1,1 sg pgs, ' ' N xx .i m "K, hi .Q wr? ai' L... ff' ' W- , W y A ,fd ff HPI, 2 '11, 'N '1' 04,55 lik? 2' TRHIVS EHD STHFF Prescott Cogswell Editor V Herb Rhodes Art Editor June Culp Commissioner Bertha Linclel Sponsor Marilyn Jones Doris Howard Frances Neaderhiser Jimmy Weinberger Dorothy Shaw Betfy Jean McMurray W X f Beve'rlykMarantz Walter Slosson Miss Peterson Editor Associate Editor Sponsor Don Moore Joe Reed u Loretta Seay Ruth Boweg Jim Mitchell Vida jghnggn Harland Chase Gus Stuart Paul Whipple Coralee Yarborough Margaret Roy Mary Ellen Lovemqrk .lo Ann Ells Prescott Cogswell Howard Bulmer Marilyn Jones Meridith Garthwaite Lqrk Cline I 1 LIUHS' TRHIL Slllii PRINTING STHFF I 1 I I Betty Jane Mckedmonol Editor 1 Miss Taylor Sponsor Ve"'m -lo Sellers Coralee Yorborough Josephine Whitehead Ruth Ellen Bowers Esther White Trudy Hedges Ilili BLUTS Siliii 1 x uun suumfs CLUBS FRONT ROW: S. Ford, L. Spilman, F. Peel, D. Morales, J. Weinberger, D. Slocum X SECOND ROW: D. Fortune, J. Fugitt, l. Dils, P. Walton, C. Fonts, H. Rlwdes, Mr. Wolpert THIRD ROW: D. Baudrand, B. Hartman, D. Turner, B. Caffery, B. McBurney. J. Reinhardt SEHIUH TRI-U i FRONT ROW: P. Montgomery, J. Johnson, B. Green. V. Johnson, M. Lovemark, M. Jones, J. Ells, G. DeGnrmo, MrGartbwa.ite SECOND: A. Beebe, D. Howard, S. Moffitt, P. Price, N. Steers, E. Tomlinson, B. Diers, B. Job, B. Hutchison, B. McRedmond THIRD ROW: J. Mau, L. Seay, J. Shaw, M. Reeske, G. Forgey, B. O'Grady, P. Williams, B. Palmer, Mrs. Davis , X - 1 l , FRONT ROW: Mr. Webb, P. Cogswell, W. Slosson, N. Dunlap, B. Alsip SECOND ROW: S. Ford, F. Cartan, E. Storlie I FRONT ROW: M. Sloat, M. Lingle, L. Kauti, Brisco, E. Duncan, L. Archer, J. Culp SECOND ROW: M. Morrell, G. Forgey, M. Duerden, D. Gifford, V. Baquei, M. Neslen, J. Phillips, F. Montgomery, D. Howard THIRD ROW: B. Cline, D. Harpel, N. Holt, K. Dittus, C. Garrison, Miss Schlappi HRT CLUB ' FRONT ROW: F. Bursinger, A. Saunders, R. Owens, D. Randolph SECOND ROW: M. Randazzo, K. Terry, A. Nutt, D. Shipp, P. Hadley, S. Penn,4R. Grady, M. Mishler, M. Jones XBACK ROW: E. Fisk, M. Morrell, M. Neslen, Mrs. Mayer, K. Dittus, D. Reeves, D. Hogan, S. McNeil, L. Kauti jJUH HHUETTES W FRONT ROW: M. Drake, E. Haney, P. Bell, R. Ablett, D. Leonard, M. Lewis, A. Scom-as BACK ROW: J. McDaniel, D. LeBrecht, V. Morrison f I JUIIIUH HI-U . FRONT ROW: L. Duel, J. Tolosa, E. Tolosa, H. Parrett, C. Heldreth, A. Parker, H. Tellkamp, H. Wlllace SECOND ROW: S. Wilson, M. Russel, L. Cady, E. Wintermute, B. Ohmert, A. Leatherman, Mr. Jones I FRONT ROW: F. Doidge, B. Andrews, J. Wright, C. Yarborough, R. Paterson, B. Myers BACK ROW: L. Montanye, N. Cox, D. Hidecker, C. Racicot, Mrs. Lash I UIIUIHU CLUB n - I 1 HIIIPIH' UUHS . ... V Q I-'nom' now: J. Page. B. Emiii-fn. sch.-mae, H. Hum, D. Gray, R. Browne, R. wx-mer, I-:. Snnsell SECOND ROW: R. Spurlock, R. Hamblin, W. Moore, B. Taylor, H. Vanderbush, B. Butters, J. Saueressig, K. Wanlass, Hamhlin BACK ROW: P. Dodge, D. Banning, T. Lessley, Mr. Leonard, R. Newman, C. Holcomb, R. Beard f 1 n f x CHHISTIHH UUUTH ,CLUB FRONT ROW: J. Floyd, V. Burns, D. Harpel, L. Kauti, A. Brooks, G. Basham, N. Farnsworth, l. Van Dam 'BACK ROW: B. Steele, N. Cline, P. Graves, E. Hartop, M. Rudd, B. Clinehl-l. Hrbacek 6.1. H. x FRONT ROW: P. Velnlco, B. Baslnln, J. Davies, D. Atkinson, C, Rich.,-dgy v BACK ROW: E. McCulley, L. Miller, A. Peterson, J. Golyar, L. Williams FRONT ROW: L. Ortiz, S. Jaso, J. Hernandez, D. Penilla, S. Verduzco, 0. Salcido, D. Moreno. C. Aguilar, A- MOTGHO1 A- Flores, A. Gomez d es SECOND ROW: Miss Sargent, R. Torres, L- Arfedondov E- Paredez, M. Martinez. J. Prado, E. Hernandez, F. Pare ez, pr .. J. Hdlguin, C. Olivas, T. Morin X . BACK ROW: A. Martinez, F. Corona, l. Medina, E. Bernal, M. Aguilar, E. Ramirez, L. Salcido, D. Reyes, D- ,salgadov J' Enriquez, F. Garcia, L. Correa I FRONT ROW: J. Weinberger, G. Elliot, B. Hillseth, B. Tonry, L. Perry, G. Harnden, D. Turner, J. Mitchell, D. Morales G. Sowa I , MIDDLE ROW: B. Brobke. M- Briefleyf L- Prince, B- Cruz, D- Ajiams, F. Peel, R. Lalfasso, C. Burch, A. Tucker, H. Watson K. Kring, B. Bryant, R. Schellenberger,9L. Blanc. lx BACK ROW: C. Fouts, E.. Gottschlich, F. Kennedy, J. Scott, A. Snyder. B. Koart, S. Davis, G. Hostetler, B. Clark, B. Wright, T. Rowland, I. Dils . X JUHIUH TRI-U FR0NT4R0W: M. Aguilar, D. Richards. G. DeGarmo, J. Hillsegh, C, Regdy SECOND ROW: K. Munson, L. Wald. J- Richlrdi. M- Hlllllle, C. Cox, A. Ellis, B. Henkle. M. Hoagland, C. Yarborwgh BACK ROW: Min Calross. D. Roberts, l. Helgeson, A- KOCH, D- Forgey, R. Miller, V. Thompson. M. Thane, F. Neaderhiaeh LSPedllQhmPus Hows FRONT ROW: G. Mathiews. D. Bjerring, S. Faith, M. Tozier, J. Jeffries, D. Lyman SECOND ROW: E. Roney, B. Rye, L. Peel, S. Martin, S, Kruse, B. Buckalew, F. Turcotte BACK ROW: B. Myers, C. Racicot, H. Beu, Y. Boots, D. Van Fussen, M. Rahn, V. Seeds , f . I YNY , x Y f , FRONT ROW: E. Rector, D. Shaw, E. Kalus, D. Roberts, S. Cook M. Robinson, B. McAffee, E. Wiwese, B. McMurray, A. BROOKS. SECOND ROW: E. Loske, J. Ells, J. Bullard, V. Sellers, P. Hudson, M. Akey, Pat Crow THIRD ROW: J. Werner, B. Kelly, W. Fitch, A. Preston, J. Anderson, F. Horton, M. Davidson, D. Hendon, A. Peterson. S, Ford FOURTH ROW: R. Werner, G. Wyne, D. Rice, M. Thane, B. McRedmond, F. Neaderhiser, M. Lyons, L. Williams, D. Hall, B. McMurray, P. Cogswell. D. Moore CLUB r I music FLHB BEHHEHS Bonnie Palmer Marilyn Jones Jackie Hdffman Gloria Steers MHJURETTES Bonnie Thiebaud Bev Buckalew Katherine Conrow Joanne Severs louise Brugere SUH6 LEHUEHS Pat Montgomery Lydia Wold Glynda DeGarmo Carolyn Cox Gloria DeGarmo BHHD LIUIIS' 1 1 3 Ci 1-I-J ZZ C.D 1 1 H l K-I-I C2 , 1 cal c..b'! SE g, CZD Ll-J l C2 l i A G: 1 l u-1 E E 1 Q: x 'Ill il! 1111! MK up fi A gf , E' 3 A +75 EH HI RHU mf TE 0CIfT 1 1 4 -.,a. Y 3-M lr. 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Montgomery, recreational managerg J. Phillips, basketball manager: J. Culp, publicityg Miss Schlappi, sponsor x , . V BHSHETBHH X SPEEDBHLL f""Y "' 'Y' ' ' ' ' , W " . K VHHSITU TEHHT M f 1 5 I 4:14444--1 i---- Y 1 1 Hucufu - f BHSEBHLL n TENNIS v 1 HHCHEH w LI r P rumauns L X 3 N 1 1 1 , I I X VUUFUBHU BHSHETBHH FEHTUHES I. N - ,W wmeww g wmv -,Mft . - Q 2 A mm : ,J A .Ma-V -paw f 1 ww fb ' , Wan. , MM " 'gafzvmxiigf . W., - -Q-Eiiafv W Z . 1 l Qu QMS F mi HHTH0lU6U ,. 71,8 4 3 W3 ,VLL k N 'D , . . N' , , 4. " fo ,mm', :, 1 Qwv 5 , -5 4 m, , fi 1 A own K V, , i I , k,-" W. A fx -as A -vw 3,4 I sf X z ," wifi 'fA'i'. JE - A 1+ ' ' t iff, A 4w,srz'V?-kg v Q . f gv w ' ' g ., .wegnmfif-4 . ,, M, - MBV' , ra V L ,' alt. ' , f K qll 133, ,, S 0 Sf.. 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Tibuncio Beserra Brinley Bethal Ernest Bethel Donald Beu Elvin Bevington Laurence Bevington George Biles Lyle Binder Miles Bird J. T. Bishop Jay Bistline Walter Bledsoe Murrell Blew Norman Blew Dick Bloomfield Burl Blue Richard Blumenthal Walter Badger William Boergadive Tom Bond Bill Book Larry Booth Kenny Botts. Dick Boucher Carlton Bowman Hubert Bowman George Braswell Leland Braswell John Brazo Bryce Bressler Gene' Briano Lawrence Briano Audrey Bridges Don Brierly Cyril Brierly Marvin Brisco Frank Bristol Richard Bronse Earl Brooks Calvin Brown Clit! Brown Harry Brown Richard Brown Bob Bryant Kelley Bryant Walter Buchak John Buchanan Ben Buchanan Grant Buell Keith Bull T. M. Burd Milton Burdick Bryce Burkett Lawrence Burkhead r HUB HIEH IH SERVICE E. L. Burnham Keith Burnham Jerry Burroughs D. A. Burt Floyd Burt Lawrence Butteriield Louis Byrd Joe Carr Bill Carr Lynn Carr R. A. Carr Richard Csstruita Bob Chambers Howard Chamlee Bob Chapman G. L. Chappell Blas Chaves Thomas Chick Howard Chidester A-lbert Chisum R. W. Chubbie Pete Ciccone Dale Clark Don Clark George Clark Lynn Clark Vivian Clark Fred Clarke Elwin Clemmer W. R. Cleveland Bill Cleland Richard Cleland James Clem Fred Clemens Richie Cogswell Robert Coiner James Collins Bill Congir Edwin Conklin Jack Connelly Romas Contow James Cook William Cooke Cec. C. Cooley June Cooper Marian Costi Dean Cottle Robert Cowden Jesse Cox Lloyd Cox Neal Cox Thomas Cox Neal Coy Edward Crawford Jack Crawford J. C. Crippen Jim Crossen Joe Crowder Bob Crowder Jack Crowe Edwin Cullen Johnny Culp Dick Currier Martin Curtiss Eddie Dairs Jerry Daughenbaugh Charles Davidson Kenneth Davies Bill Davis Clarence Davis Stephen Davis Eddie Davison James Dawson Grant Deem Lym Deem Utah Deem Carlo Del Pino Carder Dennis Jack Dennison John Dennison Lloyd Dennison Frankie Diaz Robert Dick Richard Dipert Robert Doidge Kirk Dooley Jimmy Dospital Bob Dow Claude Downey Clyde Drake Jimmy Dunn Milford Dunn Al Dunnagun Paul Durdin Glenn Durfee Robert Duskin Jack Duval Russel Eaka D. E. Echols J. E. Echoll! Hilton Eeholl Donald Edmunds John Eller Donald Elliott Carl Ellis Jack Emlet Leslie English Tom English Joe Enloe Russell Erickson Luis Enriquez Don Erbe Richard Erbe Robert Erbe Ollia Erickson William Erickson Verl Erno Erwin Estes Oliver Evans Bernard Evaro Butch Everheart Carl Ewan Edgar Ewan Ferdinand Fabre Don Feller Wayne Feller Giles Fenn Edward Fernandez Louie Flood Harry Floyd John Fluck Edmond Foltzer Bob Forbes Duane Forrell Lester Foote Leorie Fortner Ray Fox Joe Frank Donald Frazier Jack Frazier James Fredricksen Jim Freeman Marian Freerer Albert Frilot Ben Froggatt Carter Fruit Alvin Fugitt Harry Fuhs Raymond Furnald William Gsbler Harold Gailey Donald Gamable Bernard Ganglod Nick Garcia Dennis Gardner Donald Garratt Glen Garratt Robert Garratt Clark Gathercole Theodore George Wayne George Fred Geraghty Jack Gerazhty Franklin Geske Richard Gibbs Charles Giboney Delmar Gilkerson Bert Gillhams Gene Glandon Rod Glandon Henry Goates Bob Godfrey John Godfrey Ralph Godfrey Arthur Goebe William Gorham Albin Gorrell Bill Gotham Robert Grady William Gray Bill Green Johnny Green William Greene Robert Greenawalt Bob Gribble Albert Gronewold John Gronewold Francis Guess Albert Gutierrez Rod Gustafson Fred Gustin William Gustin William Guy Walter Hacker Donald Hagan Fletcher Haisht Leslie Haillllt Aubrey Hale Dick Hale Jack Hale R-od Hale Charles Hamilton Taylor Hamilton Georle Hamblin Robert Hamblin Ted Hanft Robert Hanning Jack Harman Gilbert Harmon Leland Hamion William Harold Fre Harper Wil iam Harral Hugh Harris John Harris Paul Harris Tommy Harrison Jack Hashell Edward Haskins Merlin Hatch Charles Hawkins Howard Hawkins Warren Hayden Charles Hazelhurst Bill Hecox Harold Heffling Don Heger Jack Heuer Henry Rennes Herbert Hennes William Hennessey Sam Henrietta Harvey Henson Marion Henson Delbert Herrel Johnny Hettion Robert Hewson Russell Hibbard Bedford Hicks Clifford Hicks John Hilburn Donald Hill Richard Hill Arthur Hoberg Don Hogan Wayne Hohenshelt Ray Holdridge Lee Hollingsworth Jack Hollis U Robert Holloway Bob Holloway Russell Holm Paul Holmes Donald Holst H. E. Holst Robert Holst Francis Hope Winfield Hope Robert Horn Keith Horspool Mervin Hostetler Jack Hoult Wallace Howard Leslie Humphrey Arthur Hunt CliHord Hunt Don Hurst Fred Hurst Jerry Hurst Donald Hyland Alfred Irwin Marvin Iseminger Glenn Israel Kenneth Jsckley Bob Jackson Joe Jackson Billie Jesse Robert Jessen Gene Jewet Kenneth Jewett Richard Job Eugene Johnson La Gran Johnson Richard Johnson Robert Johnson Richard Johnston Kenny Jones William Jones H. J. Juris Jack Kamien Howard Karjala Eddie Kasper Jim Kasper Jack Kasshen Joe Kaughman . George Kellett Floyd Kell Richard Kdlly Ray Kali: Forrest Kennedy Francis Kenny William Kersten Thomas Kidwell Ralph King Tommy Kin: Fred Kittermsn Jack Kitterman Thomas Kitten-man Charles Klingerman Pat Klingerman Rlymond Kloos Arthur Klopfenstein Donald Klopfenstein E. H. Kohlhauer Donald Koom Leroy Kopp Clayton Kraft Dean Kring Don Kring Donald Kuhn Delbert Lamb Carl Lambell George Lambell Bill Lang Edwin Langwin Eddie Larson Jack Larson John Larson Richard Larson Clarence Latls Clarence Lattus Edwin Lattus George Laughlin William Laughlin R.,E. Laursen Richard Lawin John Lawson Neal Lawson Weddle Layman Henry Le Brecht Harold Leach Fred Leavitt Max Leayer James Lee Richard Lehman Richard Lelaman Roy Lenneielt Earl Leonard Norman Leonard Wally Leonard Ralph Leonard Lawrence Lewis William Lewman Richard Libring Ernest Liebig Gordon Lindsey Guthrie Lingle Gene Livingston Alvin Lloyd James Lacy Jack Loog Rober Loomis Bowman Lovelace Elmer Lovelace James Lowe Charles Lummon Kenneth Lynn Jack Macbeth R. E. Haclleth W. P. lacBeth John McAfee Ernest McClarY Glenn McCleary Robert lcclelland Walter McCollum Kenneth McCollum James McCullen Don McCullough James McCullough Kenneth McDaniel Russell McFann Gordon McGee James McGregor John McGuinness Charles Mclllllin Berkeley McKay Tiny McKay I Richard McNxZhf- Desmond Machen Geddes Maddox Glenn Maddox Donald Maes Tony Malinosky Eileen Mallory Jim Malone Frank Maltman Dick Mannini , Reginald Manning Dick Manson Albert Marci!! Jack Marte Raul Martine: Jimmy MEUR! John Mason Richard Maxlon Donald Hayes Harold Meadow! Maxwell Meadows Jacinto Mendoza Lawrence Merenger Frank Meir Carl Meisenbiirg Lloyd Meisenburg Richard Melton Eugene Metzinger Charles Miller Harlan Miller Raymond Miller Arthur Millier James Mills Frank Mills Richard Milton Willard Mitchell Carroll Metzinger Ralph Monroe Dick Moore Russell Moore Elmer Moore Robert Morales Marvin Morales Haydon Morrison James Morrison Tom Morrow Ervin Moss Eddie Muneer Walter Murphy Robert Murtaugh Dick Naumann David Nelson Jack Nelson Lawrence Nelson David Nichols Bob Nicolai Lynn Nielson Norman Niensel Woodrow Nixon Jack Noble Robert Nordstrom Earnie Norlleet Delbert Norton Dick Norton William Norton Stanley Novak Mitchell Novakivitch VVallace Novakovich Charles Novell Jack Nulton Heigh Nunn Allen Ockie Kenneth O'Guinn Jack Olding Gordon Olson James Oredricksen Charles Ott Thurston Ott J asDer Owens Jesus Padilla Vllain Paihee Bill Palmer Charles Palmer Howard Palmer James Park Joe Parker Keith Parker Jess Parsons Harvey Patterson Howard Patterson C. F. Pearson Chuck Pearson Jack Pearson Richard Pearson Wilburt Penfold Herbert Perluss George Phelps Johnnv Phelps Roland Phelps William Phillips Dale Phlen June Pierce Ross Pierce William Pierce Bill Pierson Larry Pipes Bob Polansky Don Pollard Earl Pollard Harry Pollard Martin Poloni E. Poore Fred Potter Daniel Prado John Preston James Procter Jim Quinn Jack Raines Salvador Ramos Clayton Randle Bud Reber Carroll Reber L. W. Reher UUH lllill Ill SERVICE Robert Reinhardt Peter Remlinger Raymond Reynolds Bill Richardson Carrol Rieder Jack Ritter James Rhinehart Dick Ricchio Herbert Roberts Walt Roberts Albert Robbins Emmit Robins Mike Robins Don Robinson Jim Robinson Lewis Robinson Jack Robson Carl Romano Joe Romano Bob Roney Frederick Roney ' Gordon Roney Harold Roney Lawrence Ropper Robert Rose Edna Rosen Sam Rosen Roland Roskelley Harry Rother Charles Royer Harry Ruckman Max Rummen Dale Rummers Calvert Rush -'Gene Russell G. H. Rydell William Rydell Dick Rowland Joe Rowland Fred Salisbury Arnold Salisbury Jack Saller Don Sanders Joe Santar Robert Saravia Edward Sawyer Marvin Scarlett Jack Scarpinato Joe Scarpinato Stuart Schlambi Fred Schweizer Charles Scott Douglas Scott Bill Seelert Dewey Sewell Walter Schweizer Marvin Shaber Duane Shaifstall Ralph Shaifstall James Shamley Kenneth Shaver Galen Sheetz Harry Sherman Don Sherry Richard Shim W. R. Shinkle Perry Shippey Richard Shove Phil Shuler William Shuler Kenny Siegfried Don Simmons WWilliam Simmons Edward Sleeper R. W, Slocomb Alva Smith William Smith Charles Smith Frank Smith Frank J. Smith F. M. Smith Gene Smith Jack Smith James Smith John Smith Lloyd Smith Norman Smith Orville Smith Richard Smith Robert Smith Stanley Smith Tom Smith Wendell Smith Robert Snow Jerrell Sorensen Verne Sorensen Bob Sowers Ray Spears Bill Spink Raymond Spooner Victor Stadter W. G. Stadter D. U. Staggs James Staten Bill Staten Bob Stanton Charles Steele Don Steele George Steele Richard Steele John Steinburger William Stephenson John Stephenson Walter Stevens Enos Stewart Charles Stradley Jim Stratton John Strinz Ralph Strinz Dale Strunk Lester Strunk Robert Strunk Kirk Stuart Bruce Sutton Fred Sutton Forrest Sweet Walter Sweitzer Robert Sweney Don Taylor Carmine Terracciano Don Terry James Terry Lee Terry Gordon Thatcher Kenneth Thienes Lester Thienes Chuck Thomas Russell Thomas Alvin Thompson Norman Tietjen Willett Todd Bob Tollman Gordon Tolman Robert Rowers James Tozier Richard Travers Robert Travers Max Trayer Earl Trenary James Trevillyan Row Trowbridge George Trunk Charles Tucker Phil Tullis Orville Turner Gene Turnquist Louis Tusing James Tweedy Louie Unger Salvador Valdez Robert Van Arsdale Leon Van Campen Ronald Van Campen Tadishi View Mac Waketield Norton Wakefield Harry Wall Austin Wallace Herman Wallace Richard Wallace L. G. Waltrip Chuck Warden James Wark Harold Warner P. R. Warren Glen Weatherford Leroy Weatherford Carl Webb Layman Weddle n Paul Weddle William Weiner Bill Weis Arnold Weitchat Max Welker Norman Wengle Norman Wenzel George West Robert Wiesmore Owen Wilden Wm. West Gene Wheeler Charles White Elvin Wiggam Elwood Wiggins Rav Wilkerson Johnnv Wiley Jack Wilkerson Ted Wilkerson Lorence Williams Lyle Williams Jerry Wilson Robert Wilson Wallace Wilkes Howard Winkle David Wire H. W. Woodmansee Jack Woodmansee Stanley Woodward Lester Woodside Rex Workman Roy Workman Dean Wright Douglas Wright Gordon Wright Richard Wright Simeon Wright Shizama Yamamoto Earl Young Frank Angelo Jack Barry Ted Barry Kenneth Becker William Bell Don Bewsey Shirley Bledsoe Joseph Branson Silas Buchanan George Carleton John Carleton Hugh Chidester James Cleminson Delmer Cook May Cook Kenneth Crossen Robert Cowdrey Robert Davidson Thomas Dittus Sidney Donatthan Jimmy Ducat Gerald Duke Bob Ellingwood Raymond Elmore Robert Erickson Arthur Escujuri Lauran Fine Harold Fleming Lisle Funk Don Garrison Gerald Garrison Paul Gerrard Milo Gilbert Laverne Gilmer Elmer Goetz Harold Grant Robert Hall Albert Hallett Delbert Hallett Jackson Harmon Howard Harris Edward Harrison Larry Harvey William Hawkins Robert Hellon George Hildreth Carl Hixon Jack Holtby Glen Hunt Melvin Huskey William James James Kirk Gene La Hue Stanley Leggett Robert Lenz Burton Luman William Luman Vernon Lunn Don Marshall Francisco Martinez Alfred Matthews Jack Miller La Vern Miller Donald Minnasian Richard Mitchell Kenneth Montgomery Frank Morales Donald Mortensen Robert Murray Fred Matuskey Glenn McCarty James McCollum Bill McConnell Ralph McGimpsey Calvin McVay James O'Grady Louis Oldham Verne Orr Clark Page Bobby Palmer Dan Partin Raymond Peterson Andrew Phillips A Pete Pierce Sol Polansky Gabriel Rascon S Jack Rf-mmers Kenneth Richardson Walter Richardson Richard Rindels Phyllis Rippee Don Rhode Paul Ruedy William Savoie Stanley Scott Robert Sessions Nancy Shanks William Shaw G. L. Showalter Charles Schuster Donald Smith Jack Snook Art Snow Delbert Solgat Richard Stai Alpheus Stansell Randolph Stansell Gene Surprenant Jack Tomlinson Dean Vatter Clyde Ward Gordon Warwick Elmer Washman Byron Waters Robert Weygand Frank Weiss Carlton Williams Donald Wright Glenn Wyne Jay Wyne Carl Zibold Earl Aikin Forrest Aikin .Toe Aikin Dean Aikin Harley Barton l'aul Briano Elmo Brooke Edward Caraway Earl Daniel Laurence Davis Marty Ellenbaas Kurt Fibiger Charles Friwe .' ack Gabbard Vernon Gamble Richard Groves Virgil Hanks Richard Harris Vlilliam Haughton Joseph Haygood Ray Lowery Clara Lucero Elmer Lutton Sandy MacPherson Samuel McCrea William McKee James Martin Raymond Mathews Frank Merrick Norman Nissen Frank Oddo Walt Patten Gordon Potter Ralph Rankin Robert Tankin Roland Russell Robert Schmidt Charles Schuessler John Schuessler Horace Smith Max Smith Ernest Stone Paul Thomas Allen Tilton Gary Tutor Harold Wall Franklyn Widoman Chester Wright MISSING OR PRISONERS Charles Cooper Albert Gabler Newlin Happersett Wayne McC1eary Harvey Patterson Frank A 'aelo RichardfMcNiel Harry Bowers Gene Adams, Robert Bickle Foster Owens Tom Paschal Jack Wilson Timm Woodham Ross 'McCollum Earl Clark , Richard Malone Don Manning Paul Racicot .El ,- wif ii: Fr I, S J ' '-' fr- A A " rw- 2 ...I gg is rg-fi ,Q M 4. I P 4-ri ww", - 1 ,f . , "S ' a C -1535 4.53 ' f'v4if K af 5? v fgiqm Z0 .rh 'D 'eil' .ij I ,Ly 5 . iff! I iv W A. 3 Q vp fi. in-QQ N'--ww gwfvfw 75 1" "ff L 2 . MM. Q " K ,,-' 5 N 1 mfgsg-:Lf-Af' xi Wm .7 'ff A . 3F ' .. f A 5, ,.. W M A K W ff 1 'fd v, -in 'NM ., QS5, if ,ix K. lin , WN K' i f '44 3 1 fi 'Ns Q. L f:V"'1,q 15- ff MW' Wk ww 3 D 1 5 - , Q, iff, we are 6' ' f Q g , gif 5 , dugg .. es Q Mug H ' .s 4: W A ,Van rf W Uni' 4 1. 5 1-NF" w -I Q 'XA fo JUNIOR PHILLIPS VELMA WILKERSON IH HIEHIUHIHIH 1 6 HUTUGRHPHS

Suggestions in the El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA) collection:

El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


El Monte High School - Trails End Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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