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A X 194 TRAIL S I 1 IVQINC Umcrx Hugh 961105 E1 IV'Or1tO Cflhformcx E11bl15Tl1Od A11:111f 1iij.' by thaw Sfudvm f 1 f . ul 4- . 'hr v. fr ' eg,--,133 a ,Q M I .f - 1.4 gl is YQ: ffl? V, X Q ,f ,, . G .ati "j " Gy., lk 5- -'s v. 1 'L ,gtg a Z, . 125,86 43.23, -,4r' if . A " 'isp -,VJPV Q rw- . ' v 1-1 'iv . , ,, . -o-A F ' 'H J ' " 'ri' s .-t x -2'-Q 2.2 5:51 . f 3,4 J" 'THQ .ie r V .st , 5 . 1, 5 1 Y, " ,il lf. R 'ra - is 9.4 .f .-fi SV 1 Y' ' r-.I 1 W-5 4' 3,- ijt? 3. is -.",.', 5 . Y S1 gy..-f, ' Tin! 5 M K Lx! U Q L f 2- L- X4 . b '- r 4124. A 'Tv .41 . ', f, '.. -0 . A X .5 .1f'! K-,..u' .--X 1. 5 1: ,,q. V. .1 , r -4 . 4 Ph 3. . ,M 3 I 3 9 .yr 3 l' 1 ,QR 1 -ev e. . . 7 f N 1,- 44 ,lg K A lg Q S .. Q, 'S z- an L ' and in get 'V t 4 , .f--- . Sk - gf ., X in , gi. 51 5' - S 4 'I' ng, f L as .N Z E1 1. X1 ws Y 3 Q gs, M. '.'?'i'E3 cfm . 5 wwf, 'Mau lava. ' wwf ' :WF . my . tam ff -:Ki 1 :wiv 1-'lie mia 'Y 4 Wlwxf, -my Wan' 'Q , er Aw li Jigsaw kg! 1 "JM giigv -g f. , as-.,. , ,X if , X- f A if r Swe,m.12yx3wgN.f,,,A3. t - 'W 'X' I A MW' 'Q X . A,-, - 3 5 1. . w,,H-W?"NW' ,Riagg '4 " Q 1 4 if X if . K -napa' ..,idq ' - M "9' 'Q I THE SER VI FOREWORD lTHlN these pages is told the stoi y ot a loyal American Student Body Her e We have recorded the Wai time activi ties ot every El Monte Union High School Lion True some pictures are nii ina but we Cannot pre serve such thinas as a busy campus a Crowded hall tilled with Clana ot Closing lockers the jumping rhythm ot a noon dance or just the peacetulness ot a contented town They are lighting lor all this and please God their ettorts will not go unrewarded This book has been dedicated to our Servicemen and every student stands behind this dedication with iaith in the tuture and in each ot the torty eight stars on Qld Glory IACQUET INE SCARLETT Editor BUD POLLARD DUN MCCULLGUGH Associate Editors sent a suitable proxy lor those who are striving to pre- 1.4 , l CONTENTS ii p.. ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES CALENDAR ADMI ISTRATIO D- 44, If-' f r N E, EDDIE RICKENBACKER has satd that war lS where you trnd rt and today you trnd war wherever a srngle 1nd1v1dual IS dorng hrs share toward vlctory The Annual Staff has selected an ap proprrate theme for Trarl s End thrs year and Eddre Rtckenbaclcer has told us very plarnly and s1mply what patrrotrsm rs Any tndrvrdual who IS dorng h1s share toward Jlctory ts patrlotrc That IS patnotrsm rn actton and rt IS the only land of patrrotrsm whrch has value lt IS a form ot patrrotrsm whtch can be measured ob1ect1vely and the land needed so badly today We have had a busy year one whtch has presented to us a large number of challengmg act1v1t1es The records show that these many challenges have been met by you wtth courage and enthusrasm We pledge to those of our number who w1ll enter one of the armed serv1ces before we assemble agarn next year that we shall conttnue to do everythmg posslble to help brtng vrctory at the earllest possrble moment ROBERT S l-IICKS Drstrrct Superrntendent TRUSTEES Mr. Pitkin 9 N Mr Pearson Mr. Thurber Mrs Stelhorn MY. DGNCGF lO IN THINKING of the El Monte Union High School, one does not recall only the beautiful architecture, the wide ex- N panse of lawn, the trees and the shrubbery. Nor is it friends, faculty members or events alone that make up the true picture. lt is even more than a composite of all these, also iri- cluded are many intangible things involving the traditions and customs that distinguish our high school from others. Each has played his part in making this school year, and such par- ticipation has enriched our lives accordingly. The Trails End record of these important events in word and picture will preserve for us great joys that have lasting effects upon us. As the years come and go, whatever they may have in store for us, this book will become increase ingly more precious in direct proportion to the time that will have elapsed. B. L. Bergstrom, Principal B, l.. Bergstrom, Principal xt W Mrs. Calvert, Mrs. Clark, Mr. Risinger, Dean of Girls Registrar Director of Adult Education lt is appropriate that this book should be dedicated to the enterprise to which We are most devoted. Whether We contribute to the industrial front, to the air, sea or ground forces, or keep the home fires burning and remain in school to continue our studies, we will do our tasks to the best of our ability. Only by such devotion to duty can we hasten an early and lasting victory. Until the day when our families will be together again in peace and order can be restored to a turbulent world, may we dedicate our full energy to victory. Sincerely, Ruth Calvert, Dean of Girls, El Monte Union High School ll S1tt1ng Ioyce Sherbu Toynet e Anderson A1lC6 Honne Anne C7emer Standxng Gerry Hogan Lela Carbm Anne Sherman Blllle Danabacaer 12 FRANK S MOUNTAIN Busmess Manager OFFICE FORCE -QM 14 COMMISSIO 52 'haf . q lv f t 2 'tX , ' f'fQ.' The commission is the governing body of the Associated Students of the Bl Monte Union High School. The purpose ofthe organization is to pro- mote and assist in the control of the activities of the Student Association and to help give students an understanding of, and an opportunity to as- sume, civic and governmental responsibilities. The commission operates under the Associated Student Body Constitution and the advice of the Administration. Miss Bobbie Hopkins, faculty ad- visor, Worlcs untiringly with the group and through her guidance much valuable experience is gained by all those participating in this Student Govern- ment work. The first semester Work was carried out under the capable leadership of Bill Norton. This is a war year and all of our activities were centered around the winning of the War. The officers who assisted Bill were Sue Starr, vice-president, Betty Conklin, secretary, and Caroline Hendin, commissioner of finance. The second semester president was Don Garri- son, Whose administration Was highlighted by a "lee-p Dance" put on to raise money so that our Student Body could purchase a jeep. Many fine assemblies were also given. Officers to aid Don were Sol Polansky, vice-president, Iorane King, secretary, and Don Pollard, commissioner of finance. Bill Norton, President, First Semester TNA.. f",-..-,1,.A,-N ,'5v:if it K ff X iwlfk A First Row: Sue Starr, vice-president, first semester, Betty Conklin, secretary, first semester, lorane King, secretary, second semester, Caroline Hendin, finance, first semester, Don Pollard, finance, second semester. Second Row: Victor Cline, national defense, lack Barton, yell leader, Iudy Perry, G.A,A., first semester, Shirley Toothacre, G.A.A., second semester, Ann Finney, Girls' League, Marilyn Wiggins, activities. Third Row: lackie Scarlett, Annual, Doris Mills, Lionness, Gordon Kean, scholarship, Sara Finkle, flagbearers. Back Row: Antonio Hernandez, Bud Larsch, Bruce Alsip, Glenn Hostetler, Alex McKay, Don Bewsey, Clifford Brown, Don Echols, Don lsensee, Bill McConnell, Bill Yoder, Martin Elenbaas, Don Elliot, Bob Peterson. Second Row: Coralee Yarboraugh, Lark Cline, Bill Gabler, Glen Maddox, Pat Martin, Dale Burt, Stanley Scott, Louis Loggins, Iim Rienhardt, Don Moore, Walter Slosson, Leonard Nathan, Dane Spears. Third Row: Shirley Harris, Eleanor Perkins, Betty Ann Gerherty, Arline Wetzel, lean Anderson, Shirley Butler, Dorothy Olgle, Ardyce Mohler, Marie Lawin, Helen Scoras, LaVern Beck, Ioanne Fielding, Robbie Hopkins, sponsor. Front Row: Elva McCleary, Barbara Hutchinson, Ianet Blackely, Ruth Rahn, Gloria Nixon, Pat Youngstrom, secretary, Ruth Cooley, Russel Hibbard, treasurer, Betty Bradley, Roger Tucher, Edward Dunn, lack Gleason. Commission and Third Hour Representative Assembly Sponsor, Miss Hopkins light L10 ESSES Th1s year the LIOHSSSSS have served thelr school as never before W1th SGIVICS Before Self they served at all school banquets ushered at assem blles and worked 1n the cafeterla to help organlze the llnes For thelr con tr1but1on to the all out war effort most of them worked on the rat1on board after school They were the f1rst club to have one hundred per cent member shrp 1n the speclal d1v1s1on of the newly orgamzed v1ctory corps In order to ra1se money for speclal soclal act1v1t1es d1ll p1ckles were sold at football games and fru1t 1u1ce between classes An extended noon hour dance also was sponsored by the organlzatlon The LIOHGSSGS are composed of the outstandlng senlor and Junlor glrls They must be trustworthy slncere honest and have above average grades They are elected by popular vote Soc1al affalrs cons1sted of partles wlth the Llon Knlghts and a swlmmlng party at the home of Mrs Calvert sponsor of the club lt IS lndeed an honor to be a LIOHGSS and any g1rl achlevlng th1s h1gh honor should always l1ve up to 1tl Offlcers for the f1rst semester were Betty lane Sanborn pres1dent lul1a Ioy Martln v1ce pres1dent Manlyn WIQQIDS secretary Dor1sM1lls treasurer Betty Roberts commlssloner Second semester offlcers were Mar1lyn W1gg1ns presr dent Sue Starr v1ce pres1dent lackle Caldwell secretary Ermle Krebs treas urer Dons Mllls commlssloner Betty lane Sanborn Marllyn Wxggms Pres1dent Iulla Martln VICS President Sue Starr VICE Presldent Presldent Flrst Semester Second Semester and Sec Fxrst F1 st Semester Second Semester Iackxe Caldwell Dons M1115 Irm1e Krebs Secretary Second Semester Treasurer F1rst Semester Treasurer Second Semester 18 ' Mary Helen Alun l ctlle Andereon Srxrct Fmkl Pat l-llllbetlt Motcwe Mtllter Colleen Moody Mane Moms Glorm Ntxon Pct Patterson ludv Perry Betty Roberts Pat Slctgle Iobeplune Srmth Betty lane Conkle -xx ' . . , A Q Iorcxne King LIO IGHT x ' ' PURPOSE PRHAMBLE-We, the members of the Lion Knights of the El Monte Union High School, in order to develop and maintain a high standard of school spirit, to encourage an active spirit of Co-operation in the interests of student Welfare, and, in general to aid our fellow stu- dents in observing and perpetuating school traditions, customs, and rules, do adopt this constitution. ACCOMPLISHMENTS-Throughout the year the Lion Knights sustained and attended a number ot posts. They Worked as ushers at a number of sports events. They sponsored a noon recreation program, a series of noon X dances and movies. They sold stickers, and used the Mr. Covington' proceeds to hold a social tor the Lionesses. Also, they Spgnsor served at the Mother and Daughter Banquet. Russell Hibbard, secretary and treasurer, first semester, Bud Pollard, vice-president, tirst semester, Ioe Hawkins, president, first semester, lack Lang, president, second semester, Don Brock, secretary and treasurer, second semester, Don Echols, vice-president, second semester, lohn Echols, vice-president, second semester. ' 20 lack Barton Vtctor Clme Rolltn Con ow Albert Cook B1ll Houghton Gordon Kean Wallace Leonard Kenneth Morgan lack Pearson Don Pollard Don McCullough Sam Rosen B111 Wllson B1ll Norton Don Garrlson 11 1 '36 Agn. "'-n...- l GIRLS LEAGUE OFFICERS secretary Iuha Martm teasurer Iorane Klng GIRLS LEAGUE Every g1rl tn school IS a member ot the Gtrls League lts purpose ts to prov1de a densocranc medlum through Whtch the grrls may express the1r desrres and wlshes and to form an acttve fellowshtp among them The Counctl ts the govermng body com posed ot ten representahves from each ot the tour classes and 1t 1S through thts body that all the plans for the enttre league are made Mrs Calvert Dean ot Grrls IS the faculty advtsor and she helped a great deal to gu1de the G1rls League of 42 43 through the year GIRLS LEAGUE COUNCIL Front Row Iulla Martln secretary Betty lane Sanborn Glo IG Iwxon Iorane Ktng treasurer Pat Patterson Sue Starr Ann F1nn y Elame Hunt Iackle Caldwell Barbara Weston M1ddle Row Mary Helen Alun presldent Betty Walltng Bette Moody Mar1ella Nelson Yvonne Holt Pat Slagle Pat Hlllseth lr'n1e Krebs VICS prestdent Margaret Tozler Back Row Lark Klem lr1s lammger Pat Montgomery Elame Tomtlson Gertrude Krebs Ioyce Mow Georg1n1a Mathxeu Pat Wllltarns Marllyn M1ller 22 ' 1 A . , . President, Mary Helen Alcing vicerpresident, lrmie Krebsg I I . , I I A I Y. ,. I . I I BOYS FEDERATIO Tl'11s year the name ot the orgam atton was changed trom Boys League to Boys Federa tton Some of the matn act1v1t1e were program and 1ce cream sales at the football games K K K duty and parlang lot patrol the lederauon was responslble for many boxrng and Wrestl1ng exhtbltlons held 1n the QYTU lohn Echols ludge Sammy Rosen commxs 1oner of acttv tres Iactc Barton pres1dent Don Echols secretary and treasurer +294 an Q L Back Row Don Echols W1l11am Haughton Bamo Mclviurphy I B Zoot Barton Iohn Echols Front Row B111 Yoder Dtck Morgan Frank1e D1az Looney Luman WGbb1lS Leonard Albert Elnstem Cook R1chard Chorneau Don Iohnson Pretty Boy Polansky 'Nh 23 , , , ,,. , . S' . ' i' z ' , ' : 'F . 1, X -, . 1 ' ,fn "" ..N. : Q W Q v 0, J., , gf err' f - . .1 it- -rv , 'dxf r - sz rm It 1 K -ff. f .. :JMX at K Q I V r i ww ,W , K 'A 4 X I . ' 44 , K 4 .a x Q ' '- "inf: yr" -V X ' .j "'T'Wft A H-HT Rf wi.-if gf 'Y ,nv V , t A K K Kev Ni' f t f'-xg AA- . ' ..' . I Q N 'S . . 3. L -. V ff 7 , .. LIO A CERS 9- 1 Frrst Flow Bob Curtrss George Lambell Iohn Larson Second Row Grant McClelland Blll McGee Alfred Mlller Thlrd Row Mlchael Montante Rlchard Pearson Clayton Randle Fourth Row lack Saller Wallace Stadter Leonard Nathan pres1dent hrst semester Wlllett Todd secretary treasurer l1TSf semester lack McCarthy sec retary treasurer second semester Bob Sweeney presr dent second semester Albert Gronewald VICE presx dent second semester Mr Bartrand sponsor 24 The Llon Lancers was organtzed to pro vtde an opportuntty tor a group of capable boys to exerctse the1r latent ab1l1t1es through the med1um of a serv1ce organ1zat1on The hope was tendered that these consc1ent1ous lancers would demonstrate the1r ab111t1es by erad1cat1ng the parkmg lot d1lf1CL1llY Accornphshments exacted have been the allev1at1on ot the parkmg lot s1tuat1on a general 1mprovement of the var1ous dut1es entrusted to them and a closer untty Wlth the1r counterpart serv1ce club the vaunted Llon Kntghts Thus though harassed by the extra tasks mcurred by war the L1on Lancers have ach1eved the ob1ect1ves they estab llshed for themselves at the begmnmg of the semester 1 3' 2 or ., ,,,, i n T H . . . - 1 y Y A g M E . if LL 'A r,,., y, v1"' - ' ' - - 5 r," ' A -Z . d , y f 6' f x K ,I W j 4 tl at f- Y 5 I l I ' I. X- I CLASSES ,aw T -A gf' ..-1 46 LQ' WI TER CLASS 1943 02,5 IIMMY MATTHEIS as K., D1-3t1r1gu1sI1ed for Scholar PID CLASS OFFICERS Pr sldent Tod DGVIS VICE Presldent Tom K1dd Secrets v Pea 1 Du kxr .'-X ii? g L I A In o X' 'A' 'Q 4, Q ' Q S TA , gi h mA , I 5 S., Q .: W it H ., 2 'bz' "V, . ' 1 '1 'I I 25 'Q M 9444 ,af Q LIYIGGI UQC CIC Box d Bc T Bo 1d Euqcwe BYICIYIO D d Br erlev Lo s Broolfs Grcxyce Ccrmpell V1 gmm Chzsum Tod Davis Alllson Dodge X211 .ci Drum Pearle Dusrm Dow Frome 17.0 ces FUYIOWQ Eugene Galley Glorra G1fford Eugene Gllme Iessxe Gornex Paul Grgv Peggy Hall Arthur Hoberg Robert Horn Lecztrlce Icke Norma Io ee Arnold Iossr Antom tf Kldd Alycf Kina Ruth Klotzbcrcfc Frances E Konlhguer WRX QE X... New w wa XS? X fix X xg X X KX N XXQ Fx X QR wx ix ,XX X fl' X XX xi, X x N ix W x S woe X wk. WWW XXNYi xXw X Rx V fi., tl Helen McDowell Dick Metz Lucille Morrts Nadme Roberson Vlola Ross Brll Slocomb Luc1l e Steele True Stone Erneet Stone Gordon Thatcher Marltn Tunstalt Robe Mary Valdez Harold Iohn Walker 1.1ll1an Webb Norman Wenzel N 4 A he 'Lil , 7 ff .x r ,S I x, ww- - . -w3:,.i ff-fsxgsi K ' .kb . m V J ' f ! i .,, W A , Q g 1- - A .. 1 TJ, 4 L 1- - . -Q Y K r 1 Q 1 . - it 1 A Sf :I X 5 . 3 fi: , t xl fa f , FF .EX RQ : HL. its , b J wif . 5 ' ' .- . I L HALL iiaf.. X- v'-f W, Bill Norton, President of Student Body First Semester, lclckie Scarlett, Editor of 'iTrdil's End." 30 OF FAME 1943 ., iffwxi-l .A 3 'K+ . , ,...,. it ,,,,,,"' Don Garrison, President of Student Body, Second Semester. Victor Cline Editor ot "Lions Trail. . .,:, .,,, W 'Qt' Mdry Helen Akin, Girls' Ledgu President, Outstanding Girl lock Barton, Boys' Federation President, MMER CLASS 1943 BUD POLLARD GORDON KEANE President, First Semester President, Second Semester Frank Diaz, Vice-President, First Semester Iean Hale, Secretary, First Semester Dawn Simmons, Treasurer, First Semester Wallis Leonard, Vice-President, Second Semester Pat Youngstrom, Secretary, Second Semester Naomi Haggerman, Treasurer, Second Semester 32 1 253 X MMER CLASS 1943 Under the capable leadership of Presidents Bud Pollard and Gordon Kean, many interesting and varied activities were carried on by this large class. ' Attired in Cardinal red sweaters, the Seniors frolicked through several dances, and made a great success of their annual Senior-A play. The play was that bit of sophisticated satire, "The Man Who Came to Dinner." A great number from the class left during the year to take up wartime activities elsewhere. Aiding the presidents during their terms of office were, first semester, Frank Diaz, vice- presidentg Iean Hale, secretary, and Dawn Simmons, treasurer. Second semester, Wally Leonard, vice-president, Pat Youngstrom, secretary, and Naomi Hagerman, treasurer. These activities were carried on under the expert guidance of Mrs. India Bonney and Miss Iosephine Hogeval, Iune 3rd marked the end of a brilliant high school career for this outstanding class of Seniors. lerry Burroughs Marjorie Childs lack Hale Harvey Hennes Russell McMurphy Don Montgomery Bud Pollard Tom Smith ,PAW w tr' 33 Bette Abbott Larl Adaine Boy Addlema Sliirley Ads Lola Agi Marv Helen Am D an Alderson Cnes Anderbo Luci Anderbo Mary A'1'1 Angled Alberta Arclie Fred Archuleta Virgi 1G Atwood Ellen Bader Ella Baker lack Barton Edwin Babore Lela Bennett La Verne Beck Gladys Bernal Lyle Binder Nora Blackburn Virginia Boberg luanita Powers QQ F Betty Bradley Don Brock Don Brown Wrlla cl Burkhart Mary Burkholder Slurley Butler lackle Caldwell lane Carleton Nyra Chamberlam Betty Chappell Nedra Chase Mary Cluco R1chard Chorneau Tommy Clements Vtctor Clme Phyllts Cllnton Mary Colburn Rollm Conrow Albert Cook Ir Wrlma Cooke Wenclellyn Corbett Colleen Cox Norma Cox Bill Cleveland Vlrglmcx Cow nclrles Cr xaft Do ctw Cramf d om C A11 F1 C sz: Robert Cu 'IS Iune Dcmllrv 0 ence Dams HCI old Dcxwsow Arms De Gehcx Lucxcr De Ange-hs Alberta Dervub F cmk D az R cwcxrd Dxpert Roland Dmsmoor lore Donaldsod Louxse Downufn Icxmes Ducaceit Dorothy Dunn Don Echols Iohn Echols Claude Ellmgtor Ruth Emersow Allan Enghsw -1'-' 3 DN fix is Mx 31 X is ll 'Vw Q1 1 in-r-'V 451' l Q- 11 NY' Russell Ertcxson Brlhe Lee Farms Sarah Fmkl Ann Frnn Henry Fowler Bengamm Froggate Marlan Froschauer Alrc Fullwood Don Garrlson Florence Gxpson lohn Godfrey L ona Goetz Iuamta Goodman Wanda Gossen E11-een Grady Dorothy Green Albert Gronewold Dorothy Gulley Gladys Hagen Naomi Hagerman Vesta lean Hale Mary He-llett Marjorie Hansen Bill Haughton Corollro H GUI Antomo Hcmowdcz Russell Hxbbord Be-ttv H111 Lucymoy Hockewbe ry Rov Hold 1dqo W1lbu Hoste ler Gordo Hovna d Bcxrbor Huooell Elome H,mt Charles Hu ch son R 1 cuwoll Slurley lobepl lvnm e l rm Dorotl w Kal loo Kaul on Gordon Ke-or Mov1s Ke doll Wlllls Klmbel Iorcme Kmg Hcrzel Klrsch Iomes Krclfko Dec Kr 'lq . , on l Y' . 7 ' w ., , 3 . . .A A h A + Q ml If '. Martina lanes Q .1 u Af: 1' .lriever ' rw n 1. Qs' Ry Al. .,,,-eh Q5 -cr- Georqe Lambe lack Lang ue trude Lareo Iohn Lcxrso Mane La N1'1 Ralph Leonard Wallte Leonard Dolores Llnden LOUISC L1 dsev V1rg1n1a Lockwood Betty Logg Atetha Loxrnatoqx, Ctara Lucero Bti' Luman Carol Ly rcrh fohn I-XcAfee Floralee McCa1n lack McCarthy Grant McClellan Don McCullough Bob MCKGUZ19 Barbara MCKINIGY Dorothy Madden Dorothy Maddox Anna Marlov Albert Marques Carol Marhn lulxa Maru Opheha Martm Alfred Mathews Bxll McGee Bob Mechem R1chard Meltow Ernestme Metzmger Alfred Mrller Arthur Mrller Raymond M1ller Mo1ave Mrllxer Dons Mzlls Wendell M1llsap Don MIHGSSIGH Glorxa Mmkler Phyllis Mlsh lacquelme Mohl Ardyce Moller M1chael Morztante Colleen Moody Muriel Moody 2:59 i WC I-"' -sl 73" Y 9 l . xx A 'Z-316' Uv' 122.7 Q1 KV NMR? M D le Moore lle e Moore Kenneth Morgan lane Morrrson Marcella Morrow Leonard Nathan Leo Memtzow lvorrnan Nlssen Glona Nlxon lack Nultorr l-lele'1 Nunn Bettv Frsher Oaks Q, tb' 5.1 Dorothy Ogle leanne Olsen Dolores Owen Charlotte Parker Ray Parks Pat Patte. on lean Patzrnan lack Pearson Richard Pearson Sally Peckham Elthea Peel lucly Perry L dc devcr A e Pu C Pc ard Po lard P C o Puller He ew Hsmr Scxlvcldc Rfvwo Claw C RG C Manor e- Daw Bch C11C Rxcho G H1 cffl Der' d Rxag Pllvlll Rlpoo 1 Ron Bell R I 1wRb lcd: Rrlcd , Felix Rvdriguo.. Camille Rosa Doro l A Rose S Rosen R' it luanlta Roy lack Saller Betty lane Sanborn Conne Sanson lacquellne Scarlett Bob Schrnldt lune SCl'11'H1dl Marlene Schmtdt V1fQ1l'llG Schulz Helen Scouras lean Severs B1ll Shaw Betty Sherburne Don Shay Mlldred Shove Dawn Sxrnons Nav1lla Skaggs lohn Sklnner Dorothy lean Sloan Bonme Srntth Dolores Smlth lean Sm1tl'1 Laurnetta Srmtn lose phine Sergi Martorte S tr' Thorras S Robe t S Ray Spooner Wallace Staclter Evelyn S att Sue Sta Augusta Stewart Margle Stonehouse Albert Stout Mary Sulze Robert Sweeney Vtvran Thomas Eleanor Thompson B1ll T1ll rv Wlllett Todd Shtrley Toothacre Oltve Torrance ltmrnle Tozter Peggy Traver Darrel Trubv lewel Tuctcer Iames Tweedte . I' HOV? Margaret Snyder . 6 , , rr Y . , 9 Elynor Valentme Glor1a Van Campen Belty Walhng Eddle Wallauch Natalre Walter Cravens Wanlass Barbara Weston LOUISE Wlute Mar11yn Wxggxns George Wrlkerson Mlldred Wllkerson Wallace Wllkes Lols W1ll1ams Bxll W1lson Eleanor Wxlson losephme Wilt Bonme Wrrges Cl'1F1Sl1UG Wrxght Beverly Wr1ght Pat Youngslrom Glenn McCleary Marvin Wilkerson S I R CLASS ,H-41' ,Wi-Y Elwm Clemrner Pres1dent V1ck1e Henrletta Secretary B1ll Atchley Vlce Presldent lust organlzed thls year the senlor B group compnses what IS probably the smallest class to be seen for several years at E U H S Because many are leav1ng to Joln the armed forces or to Work the small class lS st1ll dwmdlmg Newly elected offfcers were Elwln Clemmer presldent B1ll Atchley VICE presxdent and V1Ck1G l-lennetta secretary treasurer W1th the a1d of thelr faculty advfsor MISS Duncan they decorated the aud1 torlum for the mld year graduatlon Th1S Wee group lack1ng 1n numbers 1S outstandlng ln the f1eld of athlet1cs A few of the members respons1ble are Ilm Parsons Ed Foltzer and lack M1ller football Bob Murray track Al Clemmer tennls and basketball Bob Perluss track and basketball Vern Orr football and wrestlmg and Norman Nlssen baseball 46 Q t 0 .-a""' f .,-1-"- ,. N L 1' 1.4 11" I ,A-'Q . Y A ' ,Q rf' ,232 'err M, r' r ,rl , 'if 1"fuf"', 5' tx .. .- 3 f uf -., .,. f M, gl- . 4 '- - .-""' ' N 3 1 ,. ,f N v'bff'f' df' 1 1 1 I I - 4 - v Il ll ' ' 1 1 , . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - ' 1 1 ' 1 1 i - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s .Kirks is Ll HC YQ-'tm 1 CRI' W 3 EFX 4 Airs L S ll, alibi lf' 4 an gg larsl Flrst Row EPIC Baker Elwrn Clemmer Fred Clemons Ehzabeth Mary Colburn Max Davls Earl S Duerden Howard Eldrldge Robert Donald Elllott Second Row lune Grllran La Vergene Grlmer lack Hale Vrckre Henrretta Mary Hllburn lack Holloway Betty Howard Alta Huddleson Thlrd Row Bermce Huffman Don Kelso Ralph Krng Ir Hazel Klrsch Beatrrce Lamb Carl Lambell Gertrude Larson Betty Le Fevre Pourth Row V1rg1n1a Lee Walter Lewrs Rrchard E Lowe Leola McGee Kathleen McKellar Norene McLean Albert Marquez Iulra Martm Frlth Row Regmald Mrkesell jack Ray M1ller Don Mmassran Mdrrel Moody Robert Murray Norman E Nrssen Lucrlle Odum leanne Olsen Sixth Row Vern Leroy Orr Charlotte Parker hm Parsons lack Pearson Sallle Peckham Robert Perluss B111 Phrlhps Elthea Pell Seventh Row Vrrgrma Schultz lean Severs Mildred Shove Bob Schmldt W1ll1am E Smrth lean Bxllxe Starnes Rlchard Stevenson Iames Tweedre Elghth Row Dean Vatter Aaron Benson Wrllard Burkhart Margle Casad Betty Chappell Dorothy Maddox Betty Wrlcox 47 Q-F4 ll -jfrxf T 2' 'W - it ' -1.:-, ' is F 'S .L y 7,5 dl , , 1 A 1, Q , , + S 15 L L is . ,- me 5- E ., y lf , ,1 'T Sv MQ P if f x' 'N A Y if H l 6' ' ' - 1 W Q. 'Q C' - g .L f L P 'jk age' I if L ' L' me Q -1 , Q' ' b A' , -4 H Ax? , :gk 5 ll q' ' "' " 2' ' 3' ' t".v'-1 . K .J by Q L L 1 Q 1 'J - M l W my rl N L A ' L K i , A U. F? 3 l fl R , ye . N , Oi, 1 .. "y K Q I I 1 JU 1012 CLASS fjk if Dlck Morgan v1ce pres1dent second semester Don Iohnson pres1dent second semester B111 Lang presldent hrst semester Pnsctlla Mornson Margte Shlelds secretary hrst semester Sh1rley Sm1th Betty Kuhn Startmg ott Wllh a play of Nazl 1ntr1gue and esp1onage the lunlor Class sky rocketed 1nto a most successful year of soc1al act1v1ty The mysterlous sus pense packed drama lncognlto showed the steps 'taken by Br1t1sh Agents 1n the capture of shrewd German saboteurs I-I1ghl1ght1ng the year tor the EUH S soclal set was the annual Iunlor Senlor prom held ln all tormahty and grandeur at the CIVIC Center last May l5 Because of the mterest and zest shown ID plannlng the event th1s lunlor Class presented one ot the flnest and most memorable proms E1 Monte has had x7 v 4. 3 ,Q wb 439 I' X P X . 1 ' 4, I Kg 4 A 1 . - . K 'L 9 .., f , ' ' ., - 1- W , . fl' 1 . , . Y, P, Y K v U' , .. 4 B Q . ..- . v 41, 1 Q ' A . sf Y ' " ! , A . . 'Y' . 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 - I - . , ' xx - 11 - - F 1 1 1 1 - 1 - ., ,. . .ev ,, JK' , , I and T lg JI? x gifs w is 1 B z, 4 .. ' sf' ' ' ' . l , , A , . I A Q mu.-n..I 'W 6. Jem 'K I Luk L me f 6 at- -J Q f ,Z:, .L 3' KQAX its 4 F. KAKJ fx ::- 4? , fd -,,A ggi in X ji fm 0 Eirst Bow: Charles Adam, Calvin Brown, Marvis Alley, Mildred Allum, Kenneth Anderson, Raymond Anderson, Teddy Anderson, Eloise Arizaga. Second Row: Louise Autler, Calvin Bat- ford, Ethel Baham, Theda Mae Baker, Rae Baldwin, Paul Barker, Bill Barker, Robert Barker. Third Bow Ieanne Barmore Bill Bart lett Ted Beedle Betty Belcher Kenneth Becker Bill Bell Bichard Bemoll Donna Benson Eourth Bow Don Bewsey Robert Black lean Blackburn Alice Blue Ieane Bomar Evelyn Bogard Margaret Bolton Torn Bond Fifth Row Bay Borg Earl Bowers Ruth Bowers Ed Braunwaldet Dorothy Bristol Clifton Brown Eileen Brown Emma Brown Slxth Row Helen Brown Willis Brown Harold Brownell Betty Iane Buell Ella Buhler Mildred Bundy Edward F Calla han Donald R Carter Seventh Row Harold Carson Richard Castruita Calvin Chenoweth Hugh Chi dester Pauline Childs Challis Clark lim Cleminson David Cole Eighth Row Alta Clubb Alice Comer Fred Cole Ioy Collins Dolores Ieanne Colquitt Betty Conners Durl Cook Mar garet Dorothy Cortez Ninth Row Doris Crevolm Edward vis Bettyl Dawson Forrest Day Phxlllp Dean Ioe De Angehs Tenth Row Glynda DeGarmo Walter DeGraai Dolores Dere Elmore Dittus Donna Dunham Wayne Duerden Ken neth Dutro Lucy Eaks Eleventh Row Ann Eckbad lean Ed wards Martin Elenbaas Iohn Eller Paul Elmore Ioe Emry Luis Ennquez Arthur Escuyuri Twelfth Row Verle Evans Shirley Ex ton Margaret Ruth Farley Edward Far mer Billie Lee Farris Iuanita Faulkner Barbara Fernandes Billie Iune Fernan des x y 1 , t t ij , Q U , is 5 it :.' x ' 3 A 4 ' t y K I - I T vv, 1 T A . T , , , . 1 U I I I 5 Q' ,. , ' , l ,I , x ' . , ' , - 5 in SY? " l ' , ' J f.: , B , 1 ' ' A 1 1 E A I i , .t - , f T T I I: U I I I - I ,M .,.,., ., V - 4 'li , K A 'Q 1 by 1 ' Crawford, Earl Daniels, Phyllis Ann Da- , C ,sf tt f Q 'A A C A A ' l A I A - Q , il Q I n - ,t ' Q 2' 3 1" E ' I , ' ' , ' , 41' ff' . ' . ' 1 Qu' at WJ fflii - ' ' I A , A 2 vu, , i Q ' 1 , A ,- ,. ' A t J no B. ' 1-f A V . I I l C F1rst Row Lauran F1ne Betty LOUISE Fmney Betty F1sh Kathryn F1tt1nger Enrlque Flores Norma M Foley V1r g1n1a Fouts Walter Frelbott Second Row Arclon F Frttz Gordon Fry Wlllxam Gabler lone Gallagher Alfred F Gammell Ierry Garr1son Allene Gautney Mary Gebo Th1rd Row Mar1or1e Gelger Betty Ann Geraghty Shlrley G1lbert Kenneth G11 mer Margaret Glandon Mary Gonzales Iacquelme Greer Danetta Gnlftn Fourth How Ralph Gu1l1clc Albert Gu txerrez Dorothy GUtW9lH Glor1a Hard ege Sh1rley HGTYIS Chuck Hays B111 Henderson Marlan Henlm F1fth Row LOIS Hew1tt Dorothy Henson Thomas Henry Pat H1llseth Mar1e Lola Holdr1dge Dorothy Holloway Yvonne Holt Glen Horspool Sxxth Row Bob Hughes Gordon Hughes Stanley Huntsxnger B111 lrvme Kathleen lacks Herbeltlames Patr1c1aIarv1s Don Iohnson Seventh Row V1rg1n1a Mae Iohnson Marllyn Jones Howard lones lean Kam merdlener Elxeen Kean loyce Ka 1burg Dale Ke1th E1ghth Row Charles Kelly Madellne Kendall Forrest Kennedy Al1ne Kem berhng Ioe Klzzlar Eleanor Klem Lo1s Klotzback Iune Koeller Nmth Row Leroy Kopp lrmgard Krebs Mary L Kunka Betty Kvetensky Clcure Landmann Sh1r1ey Lane Fttchard Lang Gene LaHue Tenth Row Maxme Latus Emma Iune Laursen Iohn Lawson Phyll1s Le Brecht Helen Leedham Shlrley Lew1ston Ben ny L1ngle Melvm Lloy Eleventh Row Mane Lockndge Chr1st1e Long Anne Lormg Mary Ellen Love mark Mar1lyn Luc1lle Lov1tt Delores Lyons Glen McCarty Louellen McCle1 en Twelfth Row Carol A McCollum B111 McConnell Ralph McGempsey Bob MCKGHZIS Bruce McN1chols Betty lean Mackley Glenn Maddox Helen Manley 'Jig ne'- 315 L An Q99 V' 'pi 1.4. it ia.-M91 1 A lil M F5 Az-JB 4 Aka A 1. 41 L l fe- J T -gla- -ll i in .A .gifmwt ,Q QV' 1- 13 wat 2-ft H' Q W git- I H 2. , 101 ' 2 ' , ' i 9 2 . . . . 1' , W-M '2 -t-,.t " . Z I I 1 1 1 ll 1 I I , I 'ef A A Em FL 1 , 1 . Z - - - I ' x 1 A 4 A 1 H 'fa ,E ' , Fr! 4. K W 'Z ' 'KM 1 . I V . . ' I I Ni. Q 4. K g X V Q "' 2 U ' I .I V . V E ' l- A- ,A Q , . M M it ,QQ .1 .,.1. H W ' 1 . K A 155 N, fig, N I QVQK l 1 7 V ..V. ...f 5 i M . , , A f I 1 A A x l,, . 4 h A : - I I V l In I Q I , '. I . ul , . I . I 1 X I ta: A 'tqu T A it , I :Z bllu 4 ' - -W 1 1 l l "' MA , lffmll' , , ul. 4 . - Q 1 Q t 1 'N 1 y . ' I ' ' - 1 .Q , , . ' - 93? F Q fl, 1 Jr -, at E . I . . I . I . V Q D ,E l 1 X uyq ., k KW I . A 'tt ft A 1 E f y bf- 1 1 1 at l ' , Z I A I . I yll' p , I U I I - K W :Q-. y R1 s V y W A - K . I . U , A y M - ' .e., in SM y t-'- F Q A Z . . I . V ,f Q V , ,V 0 : I.. I Z I I , I A . 'I V - -lyz 1 I I I ' .ay t N A A:,,"- 3 -v,, 5 . Q , , e - ,T 3. -1 .'-- 3 . A Q Q V.:., A 111 j l . ,.., 'xt p ,.',v.- v 4 ' Q ' . . , J A' A? S Ml .,.- : X, :- iw W s q L JAAL.. of J .Al In ri!- gm All "' Kd -X 4.1. Af' X 4 3, rxrst Bow Don Manmng Lols Marlo Iames Ma ttn Mar1an Eugene Marshall Elena Helen Mart1nez George E May 'meld Clxfford Mefford Eugene Metzmg ee-cond Bow Hazel Mtller Manlyn Mtl l Sylvta Mrller Warren Mrller Wen dell M1llsap Nelson Mwort Ruth Mon tan' Iames Moncton Tntrd Bow Don Moore Prank Morales Dtck Morgan Mane Morrts Prlscxlla Mornson WIHHIS MOYYISCH Ruth Morse Don Mortenson Eourth Bow W1ll1Gm Needler Marxella Nelson Dorothy Newberry Barbara Nordstrom W1ll1etta Norsworthy Charles Nowell Marjone Nyberg Iune OBr1en Ftfth Bow Ven OGunn Antla Orttz Louls Ostensen Betty Pace Charles Ott leanne Pardee Dorothy Palmer Mar one Parker btxth Bow Henry Parker Grace Par ta1n Dorothy Patterson Bette Paulsen Gene Perry Norma lean Peter Bob Pe terson Florence Peterson seventh Row Paultne Poet Sol Palan sky Gordon Potter Nancy Ruth Powers loseph Pray Davld Prentlce Patsy Prxce Iune Prtndle Elghth Row Paul Gerald RGC1COl Lucy Ram1rez Lenore Randolph Bob Reese Ma y Margaret Held Btchard Bemmers l..uc1lle Blchardson Iune B1chardson Nmth Row Norman B1ggs Ierry Rlley Dean Rltter Eldrld Rltchle Ben RObb1HS Betty Adele Roberts Iune RODIG Edgar Roberts Tenth Bow Audrey Rohrer lack Rolfson Cal Romano Le Grande Boskelley Iohnnte Hossel Barbara Bowden Wx' ham Bushman Paul Buedy Eleventh Row Rlchard Saenz Arthu Sanborn Carmen Sandstrom Don Schultz Charles E Schuster V1ClOflG Se ds Mary Sergr Paulxne Sessrons Twelfth Row Eugene Settert Dolores Sherry Mar1or1e Shlelds Perry Shlppey Ann Stmontan Patrlcta Slagle Barbara Smlth Eugene Sm1th Frrst Row Iosephme Smlth Larry Smtth Shrrley Smrth Wllham Smlth Wynema Smrth Wanda Snelen Owen Sorensen Ierell Sorensen Second Row Mlckle Spratt Rlchard Spear Robert Spencer Glorra Spurlock Rlchard Stal Eugene Stanford lean Stem Bonnle Stokely Thxrd ROW Betty Ann Stuart Betty Sum mer Donna Temple Frank Terraccrano Iuamta Teslllo Iacqueltne Thatcher Rose Mary Theophelos V1rg1n1a Thomp son Fourth Row Donna Tolrnan Della Trow budge Verla Trowbrxdge Eleanor Val dez Alma Vance Betty Vantrepotte Erma Gene Voges Ianet Von Hehne Frtth Row Frances Waketleld Audrey Walker Cathertne Ward Elmer Wash man Paul Weddle Frank Wezss Lors Welch Dorothy Wenzel Srxth Row George West Elfrreda Wetherford lean Westfall Dolly Whlt aker Iack1e Whtte Nola W1lk1HS Carl ton Wrllrams Iarnes R Wxlson Seventh Row Charles WIQQIHS Gene vreve Workman Phyllls Lou Wrrght Brll Yoder Robert Ashley Don Bradley Evangelrne Corum Howard Curren Erghth Row Georgea Brown Clyde Drake Gerald Duke Beverly Haynes Chalmers Hlcks Chester Holsopple Ir Betty Lou Kreloer Lorenzo Srlvas Nlnth Row Wrlla Mae Steele Bob Stone man Eugene Surprenant Rrchard Rem mers 52 1 'lf in hx Vx 3 what 3? gt is uv A Q SOPHUMORES .4-3 D1ck Moore Dorothy Van Fossen Sh1rley MOlf1ll Elarne Thompson Charles WIQQIDS Ioe Rowlms Glynda De Garmo Delores Lyons Outstandlng act1v1ty of the sophomore class has been 1ts annual Sopho more FI'Ol1C Because of the Ughtemng of Wartlme restr1ct1ons on nlght act1v1 tles the second semester class was forced to abandon 1ts plans for a Frol1c l:'1rst semester sophomores were more fortunate and were able to present one of the fmest programs ever put on at tlfus school Chuck Wlgglns and hm Fortune flrst and second semester class presldents respectwely fulf1lled thelr Jobs adm1rably by organlzmg thelr classes and representlng them on the student comm1ss1on Major contr1but1ons 1n the f1eld of athletlcs from tlfe Sophomores Were Don Busey star vars1ty football basketball and trackman and Ted Ander son outstandmg bee football and tra kman A is c K ' . , Q 'ly x f ' KL . - 1 leg., , ' - ' I . . ....4.,.....g..-. ., . : -.. .' M-- .......,.-. - -,.. I A . I I l D I q I I ' I I 1 - , . I I I ,J I I 1 1 ' I f! ., . First Row: Carol I. Abbot, Mary Lou Ablett, Robert Adsit, Ellen Akey, Dick Alexander, Bruce Alsip, David Ander- son Vera Apple Second Row Lee Alice Archer Ange lita Arisaga Robert W Ayers Lloyd Babb Dorothy Baham Annice Baker Charleene Baker Erlene Baker Third Row Genera Bashan Mae Belle Basore Clyde Beaston Loraine Becker Anne Beebe Albert Bellaver loycc Belt Floyd Bevington Fourth Row Dorothea Byerring Bill Ber ry Loui Blanc Donald Blurnberg Caro line Blomgren Doris Bowltn Ronald Bowse Charlotte Brann Fifth Row Norma Lou Brisco Ray Bran son Bill Brooke Elmo Brooke Robert Brown Bob Bryant lack Burns Reba Burroughs Sixth Row Mona V Busch larnes Cal lahan Barbara Cameron Albert Camp bell Sammy Carpenter Billiel Carroll Harland Chase Burton Christianson Seventh Row Earl Ray Clark Raymond Cleland Leland Cleminson Merritt Clin ton Tom Conn Delrner Cook Bob Coop er Fore t Cooper Day Iean De Bere Stuart Denhardt Bill Denton Betty De Witt Mercedes Diaz Betty Drers Ninth Row Kareen Dittus Betty Dixon Dolores Doane Lois Doebbeling Lynn Cloria Donn Iohn Dolson Marian Doug las Mary Duerden Tenth Row Evelyn Duncan Bobby Dun ham Madeline Dunkle Norman Dunlap Yvonne Du Ron Florence Eaton Gerald Ellers Bob Ellingwood Eleventh Row lo Ann Ells Ralph Ells worth Thomas Embach Richard Ensign Virginia Estes Charles Fair Patricia Farrell Florence Farris Twelfth Row Dathryn Ferguson Mar garet Fiechter loan Fielding Bill Flke Beverly Finney Raymond Flagg Ivan Flood Harry Fonda 5 l I A LW- hbiw F if a id ,P if .att 12-L -39 x W " f P fri E 1-flfrl Il F .EC D? 5 Amt! 'fxh' 36 fflh fab' J r. affftx , it , E? . . A r , 'Q B ' - ' ' R :U rn ' . . 01' ' ' I . . 3 e , I I I ' I ' I - ' f I ' ' , II I I I 3 ' as is I, g I . III: II IIIQIII II . . ,I I I I.II , I I V I, Iwi .,,. 5. I ., I W I I II 4l--:-....v4: I II III II. III I1 AIIII, . II 1 I E F I AI ' I I I i 'm ' II I . ' trvz at yr. F, L f ,F F 1 I ie yi, r r f A F ",- ' , 5 F , , . I W I II ., II, I II -my II ae E I fi I sI.,III I II I I I ..-- I N N it -5. .,.t - . .A..:'-1 -- 1 -, sniff' -- ,. VRF, ' ' F .- wc gif I L . II IM 3 .is , 4' - III 'A ., tr':l is ii be Nl R Q1 1 I V -I I IL I I Xi: :.,, III! .,..- ., II I , , I I I I I I I iv I III I I . III I -1 . A V ' 4 I I -y A , l , C . I , . I . 3 , II , ,: ' ' A 9 Q i . 'tt 5' ll ' -:l S , .N Q r X f tt., ,s,'r' ' A M l , 42 lrrzng, 7 df' Vt" F' It I ,L It Ig I P II ft t " it A ff' A' F A ' f 8 N S I , , "f-in II I It I y v Q W, 'Sr I , tj: I M I, M I I rr Y f X ' 1 .,.r l5"lW 9 1' ' a F, f' T I .. IIIQIWSQII mr A 1 Ft w Q A II: I I' . ' -N '.:r. 1' LZ2- -.:--,'-r -- -rrlsf A at Elo, 11 , me W Y In II II IFv"n'I . .W I , af III I IIA I .I II I rg r ..,:I I ' . I IIKI I -. A ff l tt r " M ' - My lf.-s,.,, .. it .. t' 42: gg . , V z J ,An-at-1-'S i' K.-nf W! Y .5 S QW l C xii-11 A in n If I ERE? 'wr ,-l.:-5'-'T-"' 'ww 'WG iw 'AP' 'F rand' itg 41 H W .f?l'5QiW 4 M If Fha FIFS1 Row Grace Forgey I1m Fortune R1ta Freeman Lester Fr1tz LOIS Gang loft Delor1s Garc1a Kenneth Garrett Merea1th Garthwatte Second Row Naom1 Gates Merle Geh rxgn Mar1e Geraghty Dorothy G1fford Delbert G1ldersleeve Delv1n G1lder sleeve Carolme Glandon lack Gleason Th1rd Row Gw1neth Glenn Elmer Goetz Margaret Goetz Norma Gould Eastman Graff Charlotte G aham Luc1l1e Gran ada Harold Grant Fourth Row Le1gh Grant LOUISE Gray Berta Green Art Greenleaf Alfred B Grunmett Betty Ann Gf111OH Leland Haase Donald Hacker F1fth Row Paul1ne Betty Hadley lean Hale Albert Hallett Delbert Hallet George Harden Mar1lea Harnley Phyl 11s Hatf1eld Howard Harrls S1xth Row B111 Hayden Gertrude Hedges Go1d1e H1ghley Beverly H111 Russel H111 Le Roy Hlxon Wanda Hobbs Iul1a Hoen1ng Seventh Row W1lber Hoff Gene Hohen shelt Dorothy Holland Patrtcla Hollo way Charles Holt lack Holt Margaret Holt Ewanda Hoover Elghth Row Gertrude Horn Carmen Horta Glenn Hosteller Lo1s Hostetler Dons Howard Lorra1ne Howard Earl Humphrey Monre Hudson Nlnth Row Barbara Hutch1son Dale Hutch1son Baela Hyde Valorte Hyde Don V lsensee Rene Iacques B111 lames Ernest Iumes Tenth Row Frank Iasco Max Iennxngs Betty lean Iob Dorothy Iohnsen Tom Roger Iohnson V1da Belle Iohnson L Verne lones Ethel Kalus Eleventh Row Dorothy Kearney Imo gene Ke1th Florren Kennedy hmmle Kerr W1ll1am Kxng Betty Doenke Ger trude Krebs Kenneth Krmg Twelfth Row Alfred Krkoska Kenneth Krug Gennelle La Hue Ieannette Lamb I1m Lambell W1ll1am F Lauback Vlr g1n1a Laughl1ne Barbara Lea 4 f i L H V 2 ' I ' ' 1 gg, ,,."- iw. 4 M . , , YA 'iw V ' 1 A 2 5 - . A ' . ' 1 ' Flf. ef -f' f 1 ' 4 1 W 1 17? - 1- t e i A 3 Q , ' , ' ' - . Y ,K t-,, .Mg "f If gig. ,f xx R- . A N I . I I 1 r1s'1 1 , N A A - I nf .f.'. A r W N7 - . 4 ,I F X' X.. A - 4 I V im, tr 6 , - V K- V ' - 1 L L -- ,,. . 1 5 . I 1 5 V ? . I 1 vrrv if f 1 tt e 1' tu. 1 tv . 1 1 1 -tr , " IJ Y LL. V ' ,X yhf',,,,x.L. I 'L - I ' D ' ee 5 1 1 1 K. wi-:fls l 1 ' 1 l 11 5 1 1 ff " Q .. , H- ' ' , 1 ' 1 K . Q K' 1 1 - , - gy by 1 1 ttf' 1 1 g , H I. U 4 . 35 2 if ,y 5 ,--, AA - A X K -'- EI' A, .f , , 5 I' , , .: L 1 , 1 L 1 - 1 1 f 3 r.t, -:,. ,K ff.-2 ' 1 .' '- fr 1" L E L . 1 :ii 'J 1 "i.. Z,gif A oltigtwt ' , 4 ' . I gig 1 f' 1 H -. ' 'fi . , , "" ' att, was M A4 13 . .1 f' .uri I A G N , R t 1 ll 3551 , ' H . - Q ',1A 1' A Z ' -1 V , , ' '. . i-fri' l 1 K, 135. zt, :,. I ' u H ' 1 ' Q ' :, 1 . 1 ' A Fld .1 " I I ' f - First Row: Bonnie Lee, Hilbert Lee, Ray- mond Leach, Iohn Lenz, lane Lingle, Viola Lindros, Sally Ann Lloyd, Arthur Lockwood. Second Row Florence Lorenz Phyllis Lovera Patrtcia Lucero Vernon Lunn Donald Lutz Ken McAfee Elva Pearl McCleary Adair McClelland Thlrd Row Carolyn Mcclendon Harry McCay Donald McFann Hazel MCG-ul pin Bill McHenry Ruth McKee Mary McNeil Betty lane McRedmond Fourth Row Sybil McPherson Calvln McVay Shirley Mack Mary Louise Mackley Iack Madden Albert Marcum Robert Marcum Laurance Mardon Fifth Row Mary Mardon Elias Marquez Barbara Lee Martin Bill Martin Norma May Martin Rosemarie Mathans Mar garet Mechem Carmen Rita Mxalt Sixth Row Howard Michael Wanda Miller Ioan Mills Ioe Mills Margaret M1shler Richard Mitchell David Mlxon Shirley Mofltt Seventh Row Pat Montgomery Pat Ann Montgomery All Moody Bennie Moody Robert Moneyham Beverly Moore Dtck Moore Elmer Moore Eighth Row Barbara Morem Betty Mor Morrxson Ervin Moss Lorraine Moss Nadine Mulmx N1nth Row Dorothy Mulqueen Eugene Mushinskie Robert Nalley lim Neal Bobby Nelson Gladys Nelson Mary lo Meslen Emmy Mlcolaus Tenth Row Bettle Nixon Farrel Nixon Mary lane Noble Eleanor Norlund Alice Nutt Robert Oaks Nancy OConner Thomas O Brien Eleventh Row Frank Oddo Betty Ieanne Ottutt Louis Ogle Clark Page Betty Io Palmer Bonnie Lee Palmer Le Roy Palmer Norma Palmrose Twelfth Row Davtd Parker Don Partin Edythe Paul Robert Pearson Eleanor Perklns lack Peterson Bob Phelps Ger aldeen Phrllips .45 . , H 5 3 il WJ' 1 A tmfe -ft mu If if at hu! Ki it '?-If ,W A mi ? 54 3 1 , 2' M W1 ' , as , that M- t ml 'Z l-ta F4 qu 'K ff ' I :df m........,ih 4 1 L V -U- BL - mmafrl - LQ I E I ' pr - f . . N .. H I 5 q z H , H I ' s . .. g ' In . . . . . . Q t 5 x Q , - Q ' - . . E N K g . A I V , . . 2 ' , - ' 5 k ' A . ' U L . ' E A . . . X . . . 3 . . . . . . ' . . A X , e"1 Q .,- ' :Aff .V il' . 7' , . T - .. - . . t 4 ' W T- Q? 1: it-'li' 6 f f T f it , 4 I N - . ' f 1 A' - ' 4 .M 'Y J X x, qt 1 ,9 V ,.,A , A A .. 2 5 I . 1 N 3, 2 A V . -42' 3 H. yl.., . i . 5 sz. .QB ' Q lg " V . , ' I .t " ' .. .... X TL.- M. ...M ,I .. 5 ' x xt n i T , Q fu T A U A rr , V ff A , W , A 4 L.. ,.,. V 5 ,Q V L , t , P R K A . , , . ' rg ' ,.., T Heil ft ' g , f -trt V I 4- V I 5- - e ..- Nfu. Q V., V ,. , I - v.-- . I 4 . x4 .3 - LX C ,.., I I . , 12' In 4.. .,.. .. .. r my -I mini' Nl an 1. . -I E Q 'H ,I R I he . R tt y X , V I Wi :A+-page N A h V ' I.. ,,. ..., V . I V4 X W ,f 9 my N A X ' N A , - . J Q 16. Y I N I Z ...A ' M I ,MV A gjwrqaff , - 6 y " .Lfjjtl 2 , ' A "tu, ee V-fa A l ' 1 - 1 L t I Hat 6,91 ,, W ,ifpigxx sv- l v my? K , A ' , 2 , at t t , , . , " t -flsfeil' N ' J- - , , .,.,,..,, M , .. ,, , 9' 7, it .JAAI Y Hum A- Pi V 1 eel L .r wi ef L Aefgl' 'F 1 B14 Am. I n 41:4 my KI W em, earner C' Ars. as x 21 N s laugmufftlh '21 'haf First Row: Marvin Pickett, Ruth Pickett, Anna Mae Pinson, Peggy F. Poe, Gloria Pollard, Fred Potter, Vivian Potter, Rob- ert Pratt. Second Row Susan Prentis Cecllia Raciot Walter Ragsdale Cecilia Ra mlrez Elsie Ramirez Lyle Rankin Charles Randolph lulia Lea Ray Third Row Betty Lou Raymond Barbara Reason Margie Reat Don Rector Ken Ed Redd loe Reed Wallie Reed Mil dred Reeske Fourth Row Earlene Mac Reish Dorothy May Reish Beverly L Rhodd Bob Rhode Betty Richardson Kenny Rich ardson Bob Rippee lack Ritter Fifth Row Richard Roberts Sybil Rob erts Arlene Romberger Eloise Roney Franklin Rose Robert Rose lohn Rose Wesley Routh Sixth Row Opie Rundle Frank Rushton Barbara Russell Bob Sanders lohn San Marco Gerald Sampson Pete Santar Bill Savoie Seventh Row Donna Schallhorn Ralph Schellenberger Paul Schlenz Ioe Scott Stanley Scott Wendell Scott Evelyn Schmutzer Rosalee Seifert Eighth Row Gloria Selby Marguerxte Sell Betty lean Sellards Robert Ses sions Lois Seymour Glenda Shaffstall Ieanette Shane Mildred Sharp Ninth Row Ianice Shaw Iim Sherman Bill Shinkle Kenneth Siemens Evelyn Sigerson Charles Simmons Dick Sim mons Bruce Skovmand Tenth Row Walter Slosson Bert Smith Clark Smith Frances Smith George Smith Helena Smith Liberta Smith Bob Smith Eleventh Row Terry Smith Austin Sny der George Sowa Alpheus Stansell Dixie Steele Neva lean Steers Elaine Stelany Lois Lou Steftenson Twelfth Row Robert Stimmel Bonnie Stokely Edwin Storlie lim Stout Ann Stodden Gertrude Stone Guss Stuart Emil Styffe ts W li' 1 a- j ' 4 ' . A- - le' al -13 : ' , ' ' 5 Yi I :L xv V I I h I - V l t 'I Y R ,M I, s , . 4. Ml I V , h A , I 1 1 , ' ' lil Q' 1- V T ' 5 I , ' . A ' 1 , f ' 4 Q 1 A T r 1 g if it , A? i ' rt , J at ' : X 1 tx' I: gg E M 1 ' ' IJ S T , xi - , , T , 5 ' 3 'S ,N F 'l F " ' . F ' A F u fy: ' 'Y -, I F' 'Q' '7fej'.' J- I Sf,,,-' ' 5 ' I ' - 1 ,N ia , I I v ' U 1' Vlfll ' ' ll , -I .. , ' . V , HF1 " ' " 1 ' 1 ' - . M T ',' L L V i fm ' , -Q we , - ' , g r ' ' ' I -, .1 2 it , -M ':', T h 'V ' , I ' ,M 4 x ' ' I r g AM I 'B mf . ' Q X J fm l ,532 ' I Q 1 e A I A 1 X X: 4 I I RLQV, xg, K U , ' . I , i h I I x M I I k L' F 'Me 1 , ' . ' 1 , T at - if M T ' 1 ' T ' f 5- .i ii: - ,ij E .. 5 i 4 Lg- . . V . I V I ,,, . Q, .,,,., W. D I U ' 1,53 -f"' iii Q Q l l , t" I L F' ,V E, QV ' f F IQ Qs, ' ' ' F W f ,, ,,,' - K ,t'l F 'f Q , ' . A , ' ' , if ,it , 'lnffl A 7' A .gazf .- lah 4 llll 4 .. 5 ' l": V J ' - 1 E i igzu. ? V , I , I ' , er- g T ,gg 1 ', ' Eff- ' ' ' ,. 'pri f M ru u t f T ' t j 5 1 ' " I ' - First Row Art Snow Charles Teate Kathleen Terry Clifford Thomas W1l ham Thompson larnes Theden Arthur Thorpe Robert T1chenor Second Row Elalne Tomllnson Bob Trav1s Robert Tracy Harold Trowbndge Alfred Tucker Carrol Turner Herman Vanderbush Dorothy Van Fossen Th1rd Row Ardenla Varner Sarah Voor hees Dorothy Wahl Kenneth C Wahl Rlchard Walker Glorla Wakelancl Har ry Watson Don Webb Fourth Row Margaret Wern1cke Phyllls Wepler Arlene Wetzel Rosemary Whls Head Sharon W1ckland Robert W1CkllH Flfth Row Shlrlee Wledon Patrrcla Wxl hams Charles Wllf Mamre Wrnston Carlxe Wltt Alxce Wood Shlrley Wood burn lack Woodmansee Slxth Row lames Worley Wxllfam Wyatt R1chard Yale Barbara Ztckert Harry Brostedt Dale Burt Bllly Butte s Lark Clme Seventh Row Prescott Cogswell Lau rence Collms Katherme Conrow Mxlton Corum Bob Cowdrey Charles Cramer Bxll Cruz Iune Culp Elghth Row Laura Cummmgs Shxrley Cypert lean Harnack Iames Henry CarolmeIaram1llo Colleen Lacey Shu' ley Lmdstrom Rlchard Lofasc Ninth Row lack Munn Lee Wane Owen Dons Sundmacher 58 SQ RJ 3 Sql HJ 8 mid 1 F1 oft' East.: f 'Wmmf ASV M 'sf Y! XJ h I , W Qs li' vit ' I I I, X A U F 931 il 9 Q. lg. ' , x . A I , . V K LA 1 L? A Q: Ig? 'Z'- W ' 4 rx ---t, 5, Q W 4 fats? W I I A 'gk K ,IN A A lik R I A 1 Alll M l ' A J R X gr - . "" ' 1 ' in I ' 4 ' Q 1 V ,, p my E at K V- Q E . rw 3 W as , . Q i . - - ' -ra 4 I " ' I enant, Esther White, Iosephine White- ' V ' . A 3' 3 A I . I . . V . -if .f ' - .W 3 A .4 I M. I' ,. - 1' 'Q Y Y., Q J A . W , Q -. . 3135 A 'f - " , . . ' I amxt R ll - Nl ' Q I ' ' K- -' R fp. 'Q 2 t 'E rv ", .ln K - I - 'fd 5 Q W if -sf .5 ' , , ' r R ff ,X Q V L 1 A .Q . X - I - J 4 A fa-at galil, C H tif BET? 1 Q ' . ' W if I . 'W K is 7' , . my A is A f ' ... A- . As - I .A y Q 4 A t -W -we J Q s Q uf.: x ' gf r V sill 1 1 ,c.f.ff ,life-4? ' Q as FRESHME FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Beverly Henkle hm Rlenhart Presxdent Myrna Hoagland Mrs Kllngerman Mr Wahlqurst Forest Cooper Presrdent lack Wyatt Marxlyn Thane Frank Myers Shlrley Woodburn Secretary Dorothy Pearson Treasurer LION CUBS Back How Mr Herrell Irene Helgson Donald Bondrant Mrs Kllngerman hm Mlddle Row Paul Walton Dane Spears Ross Dmgman Anna Lee Ko Skmner Wyllys Frances Neaderhlser Mlss Ruth HOpk1DS Stuart Spurlock Mervm Baker Front Row Ioyce Mou Beverly Henkle Glona Rlley Ahce Ellrs Reinhardt, Sonja Kruse, Mr. Wahlquist. First Row: lim Adams, Bill Allen, Robert Allen, Corinne Alley, Maxine Alley, George Anderson, Ioyce Anderson, Lou Ellen Archer, Second Row: Helen Marie Archuleto, Enclena Arrendondo, Antonio Arreaga, Barbara Ater, Betty lean Ayers, Harry Lee Baker, Bebe Baldwin, Donald Baudrand Third Row Don Bell Lela Ann Bement Dorothy Bennett Lloyd Bennett Stanley Bennett Carmen Bermudez Iulian Ber nal Bob Billing Fourth Row Leslie Wayne Bills lay Bist line Ruth Boergadme Robert Lee Bo gard Bernard Bohr Leland Boots Her bert Boss Ruth Ellen Bowers Fifth Row Wanda Bomar Charles Bon Durant Roberta Bowman Gloria Bralliat Donna Brooks Beverly Buckallen How ard Bulmer Mary Caldon Sixth Row Dorothy Alberta Cameron Sonald Hugh Cannon Lehamay Viola Carleton Ross Carmack Lois Carpenter Leona Carr Fredrick Owen Cartan Mane Carter Seventh Row Wanda Castleberry Betty Ann Christie lack Chudy Leonard Clark April Darline Clark Rex Clark William F Clark Paul Conn Eighth Row Ruth Cooley Lupe Corona Marie Coons Norma Ray Coward Caro lyn Ioyce Cox Frank Wilber Cox Myron Cox Nancy Sue Cox Ninth Row Mildred loyce Crouch Martha Cummings Martin Daggett Betty Anna Davidson Deva Davidson Emrys Davis Tenth Row Laurella Davis Roger Davis Elizabeth Mary DeFaz1d Elizabeth Ann DeFaztd Manuel DeLa Rosa Adolph DelReal Edward M DeMoll Ronald Dennis Eleventh Row Ernest lim DeWess Ira Dils Ross Evan Dingman Beverly Bayne Dinsmore Iulia Dodge Raymond Doug las Betty Dudley Betty Ann Duke Twelfth Row Floyd Duncan Helen Dun ham Wayne Dutro Mary loan Egan lames A Eisenhour Gerald Elliott Alice Ragina Ellis Laurita Ellis ' my M 1 if :QA e A 'R Cv- ,A t all 1 L 'll Q .,,,,, X179 , lt' 3 Of lf ,lla 1 4. 5 'Pe X 4 ge Q is V, ev 4 ,Q X 2' 1: S118 ,eg ,L 'il lil f f 2 ' N mf .31- 2 ll 'K' HMA V A L L L Q 524 L tt it t , I I- f V -... l ,, , n B f i ", f ' ll ft f ' ' A . f ' is A tak 'ti fl, -J' A L , , y k ll 3 ' is ,. 1 1 , Q L V V - ' 0,55 f .lqWliA 4 1 . , , - , V' X, - ,gv ,, . , L, .f -L , 1 f f gf - r f 1 V uv..-6 , yr K Q, if Y- ' . ' ' 'L I . ' ,Q -f ,., , ' I? , 3 ' . ' ' ,J . " Q' vw K Q ' ' 'A' I "T , ' - , , .ws - t y fe, x 1 'ef " . , . 1 tn. , '..f -we ff ,g , ' X ,gp kai Y K NL . . , A iq-fit A , A 3 M KA KY -, A 7 A . y , Z . I ' M Q A t P '-., . 2'-ag Culpepper, Bill Cummings Mary Lou wb f , 2 S Q , ' ' . . ' A ' ALJ, W ' - .,., 5 ' Q , , , , , L 1 M52 V1 Y 4- In , N ' f I I I ' m.flf"'v MSM' AXE? - 4 I ' 5 5' A an R . I , A ' . A ' ' . A A - l ' . M " 'L V KZ? sl- '-' :fb , ' ' ' '-i- ' .ii - rt', f t' f ' tt f 'il lg 4 I K I - I, , .., - , Q, Q -, , iv txt gag' t lr-FA' Al nal M f.lllvQ 'M :vi-if 9 ll--.-ll? A-Sm stty k g eil' J fr 14.4.1 ri.: 3 5 mf 3 fhsmxhi 8' 1' LMI' I l"kAis... all -Q ,- : an N D LI M41 V 'fm mb La. 1 if C., W' 1' F1rst Row Bobert Ell1s Robert Ellts Alan Campbell Ells Dorls Ernst Amparo Escalera Frank Raymond Farr Sally Ann Fa1th Donald Faulkner Second Row Dorothy Angeles Forgey lohn France lack Gabbard Audrey G1l mer Mtldred lane Goates lane Gohnch Altce Rose Graham Charl ne Graham Thtrd Row Glor1a Greed Norma Green Carl Gronewold Marlon V1rg1n1a Gud gell Roy M Haber lr Douglas C Hale Belva Hall Bettyl Hallman Fourth Row Eugene Hampton Betty Dean Hampton lune Hardege Donald Fredr1ck Harrts Carl Rtchard Harrxson Btll Hartmen lohnny Haygood Florence Heck F1tth Row Corrme Hedlund Irene Mar1e Helgeson Beverly lean Henkle Margaret Ann Henkle Whlrley Henry Rosalle Htcks Durelle Hldecker Bob W Htllseth Slxth Row Karl Htrd Myran Hoagland lack Raymond Hobbs Roland Hodges Barbara Lou Hoff Iacquellne lean Hoff man Phylhs Hohenshelt lohn W Hol llngsworth Seventh Row Nadlne Holt Brady Hop per Bob Hubbard Mary Loutse Hufflnes Robert Eugene Hughes Eugene Hum phrey Llonel Huss Mozelle Wanda Hutchmson E1ghth Row Laurel Hyde Barbara loy Iackson Cora Lou Iacobs Albert laso Evetta Florence Ienkms Dale Ienson Betty lohnston Btlly Ray Iones Nmth Row Ino lean lones El1zabeth Gertrude Kalus L1ly Kautx Connte Mack Kelley Shirley Marle Kephart Bonnle Lo1s Kersten Iohn Kletn Ruth Knox Tenth Row Anna Lee Koch V1rg1n1a H Kratka Charles Krenelka Sheldon Ioe Kroop Irma Irene La Londe Athena La Londe Euntce Lamb Bud Larch Eleventh Row Iune Dorothy Larsen Carmel Rosemary La Sala Geraldme Ahce Laughlm Foster Lazenby Iac quahne Lewls Cleha Mervlne Ltvmg ston Dorotheo Lopez Harley Lovltt Twelfth Row Annah Lutton Ramona Lutz Tommy Lloy Edmund Machen Dons Maddox R T Maddox hm Manley Beverly Marantz K LP A A I f f Qs F F F "1" ill ff . I J f ' K g I l F I l IF Q t F F F.. A-if - y A .F F C U fl' ..,, . 4 F ' F 1., , FL W , 'L ll 'M-.zu ifili A F RW E I ' l I I V. f F E ' Q A wr. ,ar A B-M: "5 - F f ' V 3 I f A A te? ' 'E' ' F Af ' F L F ' F A F if A I F 1 L A ti' 'Ll F A A F I S ' . ,,.. a I I y A E F 1 L g L F A A t..1 F A F 1 ' 1 ' F . 2.1 L s ' ' A . ' offs ' . A f rv -L ..-. - i ' X F: A I A A I YJV' ,L v ' . . F F, gig- 'III "-l E si V l I I gy? " f Q L, FE- Q L" ffl j I , , Q .,r,t 1 A Z A . F y,o F L F F - E F E x ll'l HF W? y i 7 F A -Ill A tll I W ' I V ' , I F 'L A A fx l A . I A - H I I ' -:A 1 1 ff! rl L F L Fvrr N . ' E FY 2 F f A - 5 V f F' V - W, F1 V F R A L f A - A F F NL ,',, I2 , W-ii-vw-E1 if I H F In s A F I F . I. . - Fxrst Row Martha Marello llm Marlo Bxll Markham Mary Lee Marttn Shrrley Martm Franc1sco Mart1nez Iohn Mart lnez Manuel Mart1nez Se ond Row Georgrna Math1eu Betty Ann Math1s Carroll Mayheld loyce Mau V1rg1l Meftord Frank H Me1e Shtrley Merry Lorena Mtles Thlrd Row Donald Mlller Ruth Mlller George M1ll1gGn Ioyce M1nass1an Paul me M1H1Ck Corky Mxsener lames Mttch ell W1lma Monroe Fourth Row Marle Montante Lols Mon tanye Donald Morales Al1c1a Moreno Donald Mullmer Mary l..O1S Mudt Kath er1ne Munson Barbara Myers Frith Row Fred McCarty Nelda Io Mc Connel Harry McCoy Henry MCBY1d9 Bob McDonald Clyde McDan1el leanne McEwan Gwendolyn McK1bben Slxth Row Iames C McK1llen Bob Mc bpadden Ralph McVay Mary lkaegle Bonne E Narmore Rose Ann Needler Gene Nelson Frances Neaderhtser Seventh Row Ralph Marttn Nelson lda Nlelson lack NIXOH Eugene W Noble Arlene Elame ltopper lack Norrrs Brlly Nye Ethelyn O Grady Erghtlo Row Raymond Oltvarez Cath erlne O Nell lune Maxrne O Ne1l Nlch olas Ojeda Charles Orfteld Pat Ott Howa d W1ll1am Palmer Ernest Paredez 'Nlxnth Row W1ll1arn Parker Roseann Pat terson Dorothy Paultne Pearson Fred Peel Ioe Perez Llncoln A Perry Arlme Phllllps Iamce Ellen Phzlllps Tenth Row Ralph Phllllps Betty Iune Pom ers Ramon Prado lucllle LOIS Pull1o Arlme Pyle Phtlxp Ramos Dorsey Rag land Mary Rahn Eleventh Row Andrew Ramlrez Ramona Ramsey Sh1rley Rees Gtlbert Pond Rem hardt larnes Burrow Re1nhardt Iuamta Re1ter Edward Rey nolds Anna Mae Rexroat Twelfth Row Herbert Rhodes George R1chard RICE julltet R1chards Russell Rtgby Glorxa lean R1ley Iulra R1vas loyce Roblchaux Lots Rodrn 1 t vs- Q' ' 4 V as . ,F lfhwal W unit iw A. OM 42522 KL? Q 'lf Hfw 'K ,ff '51, Ah- I hues! iv' htm 1 M1 V4 1 m .fl T we F24 n a hah sm T 4 it 114 l Q' lf'-1 9 5 A 'F tm 1215 bk "eff I that V' N ,ARTTLJ 41? 2353 :Bd ser A u-.432 Si? Lrfnl t Xmk 5 my Munir HL: Lnmmm Y. L H inf we SU Fr!! g-lg ami it .f A Vtrst Row Lupe Rodnguez B111 Rogers Allan Rohrer Sarah Nettle Romano Tommy Rowland Ma garet Roy Mary L Rust Pat Rvnd Second Row loan Lorratne Sage P trtcla Ann Sager Vtctor Sahagun Ber nrce Salerno Albert Salgado Albert Salgado Dons Samson Tony Sandoval Tlllfd Rouv loan Schaeffer Bobby Schll ler Lorel Ian Schlum Avelda Ada Scott Rudolph Serrano Norma Lee Sharp Do ts Sh1ppey Vena Lea Sho wa ter Fourth Row Mlldred Srgerson Larry S1mmons Maryorte S1mon1an Comtletta Skagga Wylls Skmner Donald Slocum George Smrth M1lton Sm1th Frith Row V1rg1n1a Smrth Ioyce Snrder Barbara Sorenson Max1ne Sorensen Ralph Sowell Lonny Spencer Iohn SD ncer Lyle Spllman Stxth Row Wanda Spurlock Charles Sgutres Howard Starnes Glorla Steers W1ll1am Stephenson Beverly Stevenson Glenn Stradley Maureen Sutton Seventh Row Betty Talbot Datrxcxa Tate Pearl Taylor George Thatcher Sandra Kay Thompson B111 Ttmmons Sara Tol machoff Lynn Tomklnson Erghth Row D1ck Towers Margaret Tozter Roger Tucker Drck Turner Isaac Valdez I Mary Van Vorce Larry Varner Mary Vera 'Nllnth Row Wlllle Vogal Aldeen Walker l-lathe Mae Walker Mark Walsh Paul Ren Walton Clyde Ward Betty Lou Narner Hugh Watklns Tenth Row Irene Wertcke Iames Wem berger hm West lack Wheeler Ted tlVh1te Ins Naom1 Wh1teley Henry Whlt ttngton Velma Wllkerson Eleventh Row Maryorle Wlllrams Au drey Ioan Wllls Betty Marle W1lson Walter Vernon W1lson Betty lean W1nkler hm W1nther Lycha Wold Betty Nolte Twelfth Row Haruey Grant Woodman see Elste Woolley lackle Wyatt Nor man G Wyman lean Wrxght Coralee Yarborough lack Yarber Carl Z1bold I ..f: Y s Y Q A I I A , - I -.v1-- X K :' Z, , r .,.rt. ffttltl I .-lv fl ' ' f ' vu , mf- A A ' tulvs f l 4 1 T T Us I W ,. 1 F , , A V . , . ff? l it L Y h ' ' T A L " tr ikww Y , W E+ g V y xiii-v ' 1 r' ' I . gmt If f 5 J It l 5 1 ' ' , ,"t, l , Q l ' V ' ' ' V - - f EN, 1 , V , ef ,, ' V. ' ' T . , ,, Z ,yll r L . an 1 A A I I I ff r V r i v u r r t f T ' ff'- 'Q ' ' 1. Q rr- .::- , '12 H V X ,, V I E . ,, A Q ., ---" 1- , - , V ' L " Q . . A ' H ,Q f fig. , ' I :-:.-: V :-- f 3 . 5 ' 1 5 - - ' ' ' Q T ' rS ' LZ, riff Q , by 1 L . any T 5 of I ' I A 'i 'Q .1 ., ' l - 5 I V , tt cg., tl l x.l "'4y ft is N- - . get T n - f n 4 ' at ff Q , ,. g 1 , A , , I r E, . I, I i Mall , Q2 I I 2, Q21 ' , 8 L t A Q .s " Y 1 ' 4 ' at :,. lg L M - ' 12 L' I I, 1 L ' I ,I U Q s t r T ' B r S an T S t. N t- , -1 ' Khin-I , g A :,. vrl, t I ,H g F rf V I A I I if--T545 g .M ffl L' W ,- ' Q ff' to -- 1 , te g y L , ' I In ig 4 - , iz :.,. ,fm , 'eai hi 1 S if Q . ' Y , i tl 2 ff' T V t L tt' . L L L 1 T Q 9 393 Q-eff Frrst Row Corrnne Frne Alrce Frsher Elrnor Frsk Gwendolyn Fortrer Donald Fortune Clyde Fouts Nancy Lee Fry Iohn MCCOYm1Ck Fugrtt Second Row Nell1e Gearhart Ioyce Ela1ne Grfford Edwrn Glad1sh Geral d1ne Goodman Pat Graef Lyle Granms Donald Hawes Manon Iury Thrrd Row Helen Klubnrkrn Wanda Mooneyham Dane Spears Iuanrta Zamore Arlene Zmn Vrrgrlyn Burns Rrchard Brooks Teresa Brundle hmmm eww Fourth Row Robert Caffery Rtchard Warheld FRESHME Y K' 1 ww KDS Back Row Edward Engbcrth Iohn Scarlett Btll Robrnson W1lber Moneton Ray Newman, luventrno Herrera Leslre Stuart Mrddle Row Alexander Mrreles, Eugene Wall Clrnton Schutt Edward Swetnrka, Gllbert Raseon Front Row Bud lohnson Arnneto Rodrxquez Stan Bartlett Stuart Spurlock Harold Hughes Frank Metzrnger r' ' 1 ' 11: Z 1 V 'W F t ' - f + f ft' U l ' y we . s D I . y 4 5 5 B lt J .f-H rlgaidrvwl. ,SN f Sk sf ,gi ml a 1 ,, Q 1 A 'fl A im ,ixfffw K--3 e 1 ,M , if ff 295 vm. 'y lg f , h K 4 x Q: A 'ya , , 5' . ., ,Qi , ww f M I K 1.5 ,Ib v , -4 2 ,755 . .5 K I ,S if X A 'rfffgigfx' ,fwfr 5 2' 4 Ei' 5 H E . ff 'A 'T ff' w,x 5.,55.! 5? xiigv' .K Q f rl V Q 1 f Iii? Q ' ' A" ff ff f . 5 K Ski K J ,xW Q1 gn' A Q xii ,' f , sf jr? , 5 fi' 9 sf Timm! an WK 'UA '..? ,QW , ,W Q f fm -is A5 "Y Ax 5 g 1MQ,'.5f: ',I:f - ' f,1,::321: ,-if . . .M :., 1 5 .2-' X 516: 5.5.- L , ,, . , ,L -1 , K use , Lf I ,Q , gif EM, f .: ff- ez rf gig ei reubm f X 2 Vx G. If-4Asf:' L? 5' ' E. K A , xg k S - pg. me 1 1.x si, ,K 7 A-if 'iv' Q,1?Q2?Z ' fW T5 X49 5 ??' 5W sw f f v .".g5,: t 5 ,Q 32? A 2 3 3 iggfigqffn Y ff fl 1YQ'ff:gjf K Af-3-fa K , Q- 111 if 31451:--fem E' Ag A 3 v., :ding 111: .113 ' , S i 1 XM 4 x ,f"'H .. sry. ,, ,A Sf 'Q Xa. 21. X f f 'L N-. ,gg -' -NSZSTR L QQ wi L 43 .,A., , . 5? if if A ,K ITIES NNUAL STAFF The "Trail's End," yearbook, is an accumulation ot high school lite throughout the year. ln picture form, activities are recorded tor the please ure ot students and faculty. The assembling isn't an easy job. Pictures, write-ups, everything has to be done at school, then sent in to the engraver, and then to the binder. Its a big job, done solely to keep the memories ot E,M.U.l-l.S. bright. This year, the book was put to' gether under the guidance and help ot Miss Lindel, Mrs. l-lollowell, and Mrs. Mayer. Iackie Scarlett, editor, was assisted by Bud Pollard and Don McCullough. Student photographer, Bill Cleveland, art editor, Ioe De Angelis, business manager, Richard Pearson, Pat Pat- terson, Dottie Palmer, and Vickie Henrietta were invaluable. lane Carleton, journalist and club editor, deserves much praise for her outf standing work. Many others have done fine work, too. Wartime conditions made the Work a little more difficult, but with co- operation, our goal was achieved and we present you with our l943 'xTrail's End." Iackie Scarlett, Editor Don McCullough, Sports Editor Bill Cleveland, Photographer Bud Pollard, Associate Editor lane Carleton Club Editor loe DeAngelis Art Editor ANNUAL ROQM REPRESENTATIVES Back Row B111 Yoder Carlton Wtlltarns Dorothy Kalmeyer Pat Youngstrorn lean Hale Ann Eckblad Elatne Thomtlson Ruth McKee Dorothy Haddox lean I-larntck Dorothy Crawford Martlyn Mallory Glen Hostetler Mtddle Flow Torn Srnlth Dot Maddox Betty Garety Pat Reeves Donna Temple loyce Maul Ruth Cooley Esther Whlte Murlel Moody Mtckey Spratt Itmmy Duckett Front Row Marte Lockrldge Marte Morrts Dorothy Harpel Ahce Comer Carol Charnlee Roberta I-labermacher Kathryn F1tt1nger Pat Patterson ANNUAL STAFF Back Row B111 Cleveland lackxe Scarlett Don McCullough Pat Patterson Mrke Montante M1ldred Shove lane Carleton Phylhs Chnton Rtchard Pearson Front How Helen Nunn Genelle La Hue Shlrley Woodburn Vtclcte Hennetta Dorothy Palmer Muriel Moody V1v1an Thomas Glorra Mtnkler Mrs Hallowell l Victor Cline Editor Sue Starr Assoc ate Editor LIO 'S TRAIL Topping off a highly successful year in news gathering, the Lions Trail garnered first place in the Columbia Scholastic Newspaper contest, which gave it a ranking with the top high school papers of the nation. This is the first time in the publica- tions history that it has achieved such an honor, Advising this year's paper was Mr. Vernon Patterson, to whom much credit is due for his capable handling of the stu- dent reporters. Turning a cub into a well-rounded reporter takes not only executive ability, but a true love and thorough understanding of journalism. l-leading this year's prize-winning publication was Victor Cline, who has proved to be one of the most proficient editors and journalists the "Trail" has ever had. He was ably assisted by Sue Starr and Bill Norton. Covering the sports front was Don McCullough, who not only wrote for the Lions Trail, but gathered news for the El Monte Herald. The backbone of the paper, the reporters, churned out tons of copy on battered Remingtons and Underwoods Much credit goes to the hitherto unheralded business staff and Mr De Gans who were in charge of procuring ads for the Lion s Trail Humans may die and be forgotten but the printed word lives foreverl Back Bow Mr Patter on sponsor Victor Cline editor Bill Wilson lack Saller Bill Luman Don McCullough sports editor Bill Cleveland photographer Middle Row Helen Nunn Betty Finney Norman Nissen Antonio Hernandez David Mulstein Tom Smith Front Row Sue Starr assistant editor Iackie Caldwell lUl1G Martin Pat Patterson sports editor lune Prindle - 1 I Q . , . BLOTS Thls year Ink Blots was edrted by Mrs RICS and her creatrve Wrrtrng class A wealth of rnaterral was produced by these grtted persons Who also con trrbuted to the Callfornra Anthology of Poetry ln the l943 Ink Blots you Wrll trnd new and old rdeas Woven 1nto a satrstymg Whole It you lrke to Wnte rf you tlnd Joy rn self expressron you W1ll enloy read1ng thrs year s product H ff? +06 1,12 hex Back Row MGFVIS Alley V1ck1e Hennetta poetry edrtor Helen Manley Wynema Smxth Charlene Ross essay edrtor Donna Benson lean Hale publlcxty manager Mlddle Row Kenneth O Oulnn busrness manager Alrce Comer Dorothy Palmer short story edltor Prrscrlla MOTTISOH Iohn Roy edltor Nadme Whelcher Bette Paulsen Maryorle Raymond Front Row Bob Stoneman art edrtor Don Kelso asslstant edltor SENIOR TRI-Y Back Row Mrs Gertrude Hess sponsor Dor1s Mllls Betty Iane Sanborn Iaclcle Caldwell Pat Patterson Barbara Weston secretary Helen Rahn pres1dent Florence Davxs Betty Walllng treasurer Elalne Hunt v1ce p estdent Mxddle Bow Wendellyn Corbett Betty Roberts Pat Youngstrom vrce president Mar1lyn W1ggens Elenore Bae Valent1ne Mary Helen Alun Dorothy Kalmeyer Dolores Owens Front Row Mojave Mllller Iulra Martln Sue Starr Iorane Klng Clara Lucero secretary Lucllle Anderson IUNIOR TRI Y '-QQQ MQ Back Row Ahce Blue Phyllls Wrxght Dorothy Wenzel Yvonne Holt Glynda De Garmo Shtrley Cypert Ann Echblad Pat Slagle Third Row Edlth Stadter Barbara Nordstrom Pat Montgomery Iulra Martxn Sue Starr M1ss Duncan sponsor Second Row Imogene Kelth Iean Kammerdxner Audrey Walker Pat Montgomery Beverly Ha1n1s Ianls Shaw Barbara Hutchmson Buth McKee Front Bow Patsy IGTVIS treasurer Berta Green secretary Ioan M1lls lmne Krebs pres1dent Pat Hllseth vtce presldent Io Ann Ells Neva lean Steers SENIOR HI Y ,Z Back Row Mr Covmgton sponsor Tom Smlth Iohn Ecllols Russel Mclviurphy B111 Houghton Don Echols Bob Mechem Front Row hm Parsons D1Ck Morgan D1Ck Depert Bud Pollard Don McCullough Blll Lurnan IUNIOR HI Y Back Row Forest Cooper Donald Slocum l1m Arntz George Smlth Franclsco MOYl1HeZ Roy Haber Charles Wllt Mr E lones Front Row hm Welnberger Ioe Rowland Ioe Reed Flo 1n Kennedy Howard Palmer Delbert Hallet Don Rector 73 S D . , ,N 1 'S' X I u , .I W LION SQUIRES 4 paula: xv-a f-,......J ront Row Hlchard bpear Dean Alun Ben Robbms Bxll Lang vrce presrdent Don Moore Sol Polanslcy secretary Don lohnson presxdent Mrddle Row M Herrel sponsor lrrnrnre Fl1n'1 Eugene Platz A nur Sanborn Dea Brtter Charles Wlgglns Glenn Horspool Davrd Mulsteln Back Row Howard Iores Harold Carson Marlrn Elenbass Frank Werss Ken ern Dutro Paul Racxcot lworrnan Rxggs KKK Eng -0 v""s 'F 'W 4,11 1 A ' l 'Y-I f A.. W -' ' k .sf Back Row: Mr. Pa terson, sponsorg lohn Echols, pre ident- Dick Clrarno, Albert Cook, Wally Leonard, Russell McMurphy, Bill l-laughton, Con McCullo.1gh. Edith Stadter. Front Row: Bichcud Pearson, Don Brock, Don Echols. MEDICAL CLUB P1-di Back Row Dr Brtgnarn sponsor Evelyn Duncan lerry Plfulhps Eleanor Valdez lean Barmore Rrchard Pearson Front Row Molave M1ll1er Alrce Co1ner Aclarr McClelland vrce presrdent Challts Clark pres1dent Hazel Krrch secretary Carol McCo lurn Back Row Mr Iohnson sponsor Mary lane Noble Shlrley Mac Dorothy lf' 1stol Ann Eckblad Ann Lormg Allce Blue Front Row Pat Slagle Mar1or1e Sluelds Yvonne Holt Glynda De Garrno teasurer lean Stem secretary Clara Lucero VICE presrdent Wendellyn Corbett pres dent Sally Peckham CJ g X , lt, C, " L I C-'af A T . ,X 5 Q J K , L I y .S ni Q I s , :J J 5 Y 'C'?i W . of A N R FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA gg 1 i 3 , .Ms X-I ' , , " ap.. x ' X, an-' G- V A. .3 t .. "' S., A' ! 8 L my . Q I X5 X A I LOS AMIGOS Back Row Iesus Bernal Lupe Corona Antomo Hernandez Mago Ledesma Elotsa Arlzaga Frank Paredez Salvador Ramos Albert Salgado Albert Iaso Albert Marquez vtce presxdent Arnulio Rodnquez Ernest Paredez Lupe Rodrlauez Avelrna Rodnquez Amparo Escalera IOS19 Gonzales Celso Caloca Iesus Prado Mrs Atwater sponsor Front Row Trml Morm Altce Morm Elvtra Alonzo secretary Ramona Lara Amta Orttz prestdent Rtchard Castrutta Dolores Garcta treasurer Elrzabeth Pemlla Ester Flores LATIN CLUB Back Row Ann Stodden Wrlltetta Norsworthy wcepesxdent Betty Ftnney secretary treasurer prestdent losephme Smrth presrdent Front Row Betty lane McRemond Yvonne Du Ron Betty Ayers Donna Schallhorn Iune Culp Mrs Murray sponsor LE QUARTIER PARISIEN Back Bow lean Hale Charlene Ross Betty Fmney Irls Wh1tely Howard Curen Mlddle Bow Charles S1r'1mo'1s Bette Paulsen Martha Marello Allce Wood Mar1e Coons Don Moore Front Row Iames Lmklater presrdent Norene McLean ecretary Mrs Murray sponsor Sh1rlee W18dOW treasurer Paul Baclcot vrce presrdent LCS MONTANEROS Back Row Don McFawn Charles Tomkxns lack Barton Arden Frrtz Alex Mackay Terry Smrth Fred Cronn Thlrd Row Mlss Hllltx sponsor lean Stem Donna Ternple Betty Howard Wendellyn Corbett lane Carlton Dolores Smlth laclcre Mohl Ellen Bader Dawn Slrnmons Clara Lucero Second Bow LOUISG Gray Marllyn lowes Yvonne Holt Pat Slagle Reba Burroughs Betty lean lob Helen Martmez Elenor Valdez Front RON Kenneth Anderson vrce pres1dent Dale Ketth presrdent Sara F1nkle secretary Elwm Clemrner pres1dent Wendall M1llsap secretary ASTRCNCMY CLUB in 'gui 1' 8" , '66 fi. Bac-c Row Mr Holsopple sportso Fredrtc Carton Ross D1 gma secretary Charles To'nk1ns Walter Slosson e sr Fro'1tRoN Dane Spears Wayne Dutro Robert Catlery Lyl Splllrnan Bud Sarsh CHEMISTRY CLUB -1 if Back Roft Leona cl la'l1an Russ ll Htbbard Don Brock Wally Leonard Allen Engllsh ltmrny Flvn Mtoldle Row Mr Webb sponsor Norman Dunlap lane Carleton lane Mo rrson luanlta Roy Sue Starr Margaret Snyder Walter rre1bott Frank Dtaz Front Row Betty Roberts Wendellvn Corbett Carrol Mart1n lean Sewers Betty Ftnney vtce presldent secretary treasu r Cox rt Wanla s secr tary treasurer prestde Gordo Kean vlce prestd t Wn ordswortlwy Sal y Peckham Natalte Walters losephlne Sm1th Betty Howard LETTEBMAN S CLUB X---. f-1" gz Back Bow Albert Cook B111 Haughton Dlck Depert Bud Pollard B111 Yoder D1c1c Morgan Robert Mark Rlchard Adams lack M111er Ted Beedley Don Bewsey Mlddle Row lun Clemenson Eugene Platz Alex Mackay 11m Parsons B111 McConne11 Larry Sm1th Don Isensee Gordon Hughes Lorenzo S11vas Daryle Truby Arthur Sanbo '1 Front Row Ray Holdndge Ierry Burrows Don Echols Wally Leonard lack Barton VICE presldent Don Mc Cullough pres1dent B111 Luman secre ary Bob Mecharn Iohn Echols CHESS CLUB Front Row Fred Carton Ross D1ngman Charles Holt Back 7-low Mr Iones sponsor R1chard Roberts Bud Larsch Carol Meyers lack Rltter 79 I 1 L J . . A 2' .L f 'S 'B -? s 1 QE , A., N ' 4-If as BAK ' 1 , .. - M Q, Q rg V Q ,1 gl- 9 VV X 1 3 1 A 1 A 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' - ' 1 - . Q , mv 'ST' . 1 14, , .X . -...-1' . I . , 5 A 1 1 1 ' . ' ELLEN RICHARDS ""'x Bacx Bow Tessle Pensln Hele Freeman Betty McEw1n brace Margey Ernestme Metzmger Phyllls Rlpper r t Row M1ldred Wlllctnson l 'te Schm1dt Mane Lawln Mrs Spencer sponsor Ohve Terrawace pres1dent W l a Cook vlce p sldent p es dent Sally Peckharn VICE p slde t BIBLE CLUB Back Bow' Virginia Lee, Barbara McKinley, secretary-treasurer, Earl Adams vice-presidentg Dorothy lohnson Front Bow Dorothy Le Brecht, Shlrley Woodburn Arlene Wetzel Phyllls Le Brecht president Mrs. Post sponsorg Novllla Skaggs, secretary-treasurerp Wynema Smith Hazel Kirsh. 80 ABT CLUB N. fi Back RON Carol Lynah Lucta De Angelts Barbara Cameron lo Ann F1eld1ng Madrlyn Kenul Paulme Hadley Mary De W1tt Mrs Mayer sponsor M1ddle Row Gertrude Larson Laverne Beck Emma Brown Iaclae Caldwell Nancy Powers Helen Manley lean Kammerdetner bhlrley Smlth Shxrley Sm1th Front Row Molave Mlller secretary Gene Surprenant loe De Angelrs Bud Pollard Le Grande Roskelly B1ll Watson Dolores Srnrth treasurer LION S LENS Back Row: Mr. Holsopple, sponsorg Albert Cook, Gordon Hughes, Alfred Gammel, Donald Schultz. Front Row: Don Partin, vice-president: Iackie Scarlett, secretary, Bill Cleveland, president, Don Moore, Loren Fine. SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY F it we ,...,-v--""" T' Back How Sa'n Ro en Fred Cronn Prescott Cogswell Barbara Ztckert Helen Brown VIFQIPICI Iohnson Donna Tolrnan lane Carleton Walter Fre1bott Walter Slosson Rrchard Roberts Charles Tornplans M1ddle Row Don Moore Charlene Moore Mrs R1ce sponsor Glynda De Garrno Emma Bown sec etarv Betty Roberts pres1dent lack Barton wce prestdent Gordon Kean comrntssto Leonard Nathan presrdent Carollne Hendtn secretary Frank Wetss Front How Mary Helen Alun Betty lane McBedmond LOUISE Gray Sue Starr Frances Neadherser Clara Lucero Sara Fmkle SUB DEBS La XG -ft ' I Alan Elynor Valent1ne Ann Ftnney Back Row M1ss Betty Watson sponsor, Dorothy Holloway Mary Helen presrdent Mar1lyn W1gg1ns Marlene Shrelds secretary, Nancy Powers Mar1e Lawrn Pat Youngstrom Front Row lackte Caldwell Helen Hahn Barbara Weston Elalne Hunt prestdent, Betty Wall1ng Glona Var Capen lorane K1ng Iuha Martm Mojave Mrllxer treasurer 82 ...Q-ali if A ..............,.,,, vs . M yx- ., X ' S . i , ,Y xggg . I ,V 1 , t , - . 4 , e , ... . A . , ' 1 , t , . ' , 5 . .A r , r A, , ' g .. " - ' g . ."nerg . , ' eff , , s A 4 .- ' 4 -5 . v -7 ' . W 1 K, B xv Q t . 2: P 'K J ai Q. war! ROYAL TI-IESPIANS 'sais Iaclcie Scarlett ludy Perry Don Garrison Albert Cook lack Barton reasurer Marilyn Wiggins Gordon Fry Bill Haughton secretary BusselMcMurplf1y vice president Moiave Millier Frank Diaz Sue Starr Sam Rosen p esident Leola McGee Victor Cline PBOIECTION CREW ,ws Back Row: Edwin Holcond Ray Leach, Vernon Wilson Eugene Benner, Stanley Scott, Robert Bodran, Bob Catterg, Lyle Spillman, Bill MCI-Ienery Leland Boot, G. Iohnson. Middle Row: Louise Lindsey, Bill Butters, Star Bartlett, Harold Hughes, Bud Iohnson, Lorita Cleveland, Donald Comontotoki. Front Row: Augusta Stewart, Bob Corodry, Bill Cleveland, Bruce Alsip, Carrol Martin. 83 DRAMATICS CLUB Back Row: Gordon Fry, Chuck Wiggins, Gertie Larson, Bille Farris, Don Pollard, Bette Abbot, Gloria Nixon Betty Reese, Winnie Morrison, Perry Shippey. Third Row: Dick Pearson, Marjorie Shields, Mrs. Ewing, sponsor, Marjorie Stonehouse, Ale-tha Lovingfoss Ioy Collins Shirley Exton, Anna Marlo Bill Wilson, lirnmy Iuris "Barrymore" Lang, Leroy Kopp. Second Row: Clifton Brown, Patsy larvis, Hazel Miller, Dawn Simmons, secretary, ludy Perry, vice-president, laclcie Scarlett, treasurer, Marilyn Wiggins, Mojave Millier Mary Ellen Loverriark, Harvey Hennes. Front Bow: Edith Stadler Bette Sherburne, Elynor Valentine. NCOG ITO 84 , ,.s.- if S 7? Q if . Y ' M 'Q' NWN ' 4' Am. N L sv k .X Y,4"' .f , M 5 X ff MK 1 Q. '23 0' fy 1 Si.. S 151 , ' 'LN' Z: n If 'K 'Q H .3 3 - 'A zfgiaf .M I . ,gg W 1,1 H , 5 fmlhnl f 1' sung '1 'I Y ,Q-nllF"".f.1,1v"' 86 5- O FLAG BEARERS Yvormo Hoi! Scircr PUIKWG Dolorea Swuth Doroihy G een Ieaw Awde S01 SONG LEADERS G1YHdG De Gcirmo Barbara I ordstrom Iackme Caldwell Marv Hele Akm LOS MUSICOS CHOIR Elfnedc Whetherford Leolo McGee Mciryorle Raymond Mlldred Allum L1111c1n Swartz Iecm Stem Dorothy Robmson Bonme Stokely The-do Baker CCDMMERCIAI CDRCHESTRA Back Row 11rn Tozler R1chard Castrulta Roland Dmsmoor B111 Hartman B111 Stevenson Bob Bryant G1or1a Steers Rosemary Theophulus Front Row Mr Brown Ben Robb1ns LOUISE Lmdsey Drclc French lwels Peterson Mrs Cawood A CAPPELLA CHOIR 11, A vw ilk Msg Back Row MISS Corb1el sponsor lean Hale B111 Atchley Norman RIQQS FIGHCISCO Martmez Barbara Morxen S1xth Row Pl'11l Dean Me1v1n Lloy W1lbur Hostetler Hazel McGulp1n Dawn Slmmons Cecel1a Ram1rez P11111 Row B111 Fxke lack Lang B111 Lang Marlone Stonehouse Barbara Smrth Fodrth Row Betty Raymond Lots Seymour Phylhs R1ppee Romona Lutz Th1rd Row Iune Koeller leanne Olsen Alma Vance Second Row Ins lsemmger Anna Marlow Front Row Lyd1a Word .1 -1--mmm., . ' . . . . T 1 '3 .1 -iff ' ': Y A 1 5 ' M' . P 1 ejgwff y , . ,L 3 ,, 5 1? 714' .5 J - 1 I , F Y 1 P ll Y ' b - ..-i . Q I V y 2 ' 1 f ' 1 , 2 1 1 . ' . ' ' . I 3 , 1 1 1 1 I 1 A 1 1 I - CCXICERT ORCHESTRA 'Hu l4'm0.fL!-3 Back Row lack1e Hoffman Glona Steers Ruth M1ller Yvonne l-lolt D1clc Alexander B1ll Stevenson M1ddle Row lack Pearson Betty lob l1m Toz1er R1charcl C:'1SlI'l1llG Glen Ho pool lean Stem Mr Brown loe Cervan ez Ahce Nutt Mar1an Gndgell Gertrude Krebs l11'1e Culp A11ce Graham D1c1c French LOUISE Lmdsey Don Bradley V1rg1n1a Bowera V1ck1 Seeds Eront ROW Marlys Thane lune O Br1en Iohn MacAfee Nels Peterson Rosemary Theopulus Neva leanne Steers L1ly Kant E1l en Haney V1 g1lyn Burns Charlotte Grah'1m Mary Nobl Eleanor Valdez Betty Ann Gereghty GIRLS CHORUS Back Row Al1ce E1sher l..ou1se Truax V1olet Gebold May Mart1r1 le-nnett Shame loyce Snyder Pat Graef Launta Ell1s Ina lhons losephme Egan MISS Corbe1l sponsor M1cldle Row Helen Archuleta lda Nealson Ela1ne Batchelor Name Walker Bobby Stem Luc1lle Puld1a Ehzabeth De Eaz1o Cor1nne E1ne Mar1or1e S1mon1am Mary De Eaz1o Front Row Betty Powers Ruth Cooley Margaret Toz1er " t . - N in ab Y Q lvl . . -Q U I,-. 7 .5 V I -Q - 'I 2 , :lb ,L W 1 , I I Q 3 A K y yt v 11 ive 2 1 K 1 1 ' 1 l E 3 El . ' l ' . S gg 1 , 0 L fx! Jr, ' ' ' 'E A 5, 1 r r 'lisx 1 , " iw, r. 88 GIRLS GLEE CLUB NX 'E' "-"I HOQG Back Row Betty Morgan Altce Wood Dorts Sundmacher Lots Granms Dorothy Berlm Betty Talbot Mary Van Vorce Nancy Cox Bonnle Smlth Coralee Yarborough Helen Klubnlkln M1ddle Row Mona Busch Lots Montange Geneva Basham Delores GO11 Patr1c1a Sager Patsy Prxce Maxlne Sorensen W1l1a Steele Syb1l Roberts Dorothea B1err1ng Dorothy Forgey Lo1s Seymour Patr1c1a Irby Mary Hunt BOYS GLEE CLUB Back Row lack Snook Bud Hostetler Don Ehot Dlck W1111ow B111 McHenry Bob Wecklm Dale Hutchmson Kenneth Rlchardson Ioe Prey M1ddle Row Drck Bloomfleld Iames Cellahan Davxd Mrxon Dale Hoag hm Artz Elxas Marcus Bernard Bohr Gene Garrett B1111e Rye B111 Berry Front Row LeRoy Kopp M1ss Corbell sponsor loe Rowland 89 I f"' ' '- ,- ' 1 73 x 5! I ' 4' as ' ' " R I K - wk , 1' ' ' Q .o,,.,.,g Li A ' I ,xx i , . V-a. Front Royv: Dorothy Pearson, Barbara!!-Xter, Florine Exton, Ioann Fieldingi Betty Koenkel Caroline Hendin, , . rtts 1 ' as 6. K :Q 1 A I Q R 1 Y' I " " FOUTBALL 'N 1 Coach Penner 1 Luman The 1942 E U H S Varsrty was vrrtually r1d.11ed by graduatron and members berng called to the serv1ce Captarn elect Andrus and frve other Varsrty candtdates rall1ed to the colors before the 1942 campargn began B111 Luman quarterback who was then elected captarn proved to be a most courageous and 1nsp1ra ronal leader Although they were often out Werghed as much as twenty pounds to the mal Coach Penner developed a spectacular pass ma attack Passes from Krrng to McCullough Luman Busey and Brrano scored many touch downs The team was at 1ts best rn the Alhambra South Pasadena and the Covrna games Don McCullough end recerved All League and Cl F ratrngs The 1943 co Captarns tackles Urm Parsons and lack Mlllerl Wrll lead what should be one ot El Monte s f1nest football teams K1nd at center Pollard and 1-laughton guards Harmon end and Davrdson Grant Holland Adams and Bloomtleld backtleld men and oth rs drsplayed tme serv1ce 1n the 1942 campargn 92 S k . u , 4 . 1. - .4 p u J 0 sv Q . 0 , ' .f , 1 1 , 1 n - ' 1 - 1 1 1 L . A - . 1 - . , A .1 - 1 1 1 ' . , , . , , - . . , . ' , . . . , . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - FOOTBALL Harold Iohnson B111 Hawkms Coach Cascales Captarned by Harold lohnson and B111 1-lawkrns the small but rmghty Lron Cubs came Wrthrn a fumble of W1nn1ng the San Gabnel League Champronshrp 1n thelr crucral game Wrth South Pasadena The loss ol Plnky Kloos nght halfback Forrest Kennedy lett end and Alex McKay fullback was heav1ly telt ln th1s encounter The Lron Cubs scored a total ot 132 pornts with the1r opponents scor1ng 44 Ted Anderson runnlng back was the outstandmg man on the team scor1ng 77 polnts Frank Morales the most unproved Most 1nsp1rat1onal footballer and respons1ble for the aggressrveness of the team Was co captarn Harold Iohnson All league selectrons on the hrst team were co captam Harold Iohnson and Frank WGISS tackles Ierry Burrows center and Ted Anderson halfback On the second team were Frank Morales guard and lun Marugg end B111 Ph1l11ps fullback and Chuck Nowell were honorable mentlon 93 " " BASKETBALL Coach Covmgton Captam McCullough The L1on basketball tearn prloted by Don MCC ullough made a senous brd for the San Gabnel Valley League Crown After wmnrng every ga rne 1n the league they lost the ttnal game by a one polnt rnargm Tod Dav1s the outstandlng player ot the league was closely followed by lack Barton Don McCullough Earl Dantels and B1ll Luman Other players that contrlbuted greatly to the success of the tearn were I1m Proctor Bob Mechern Robert Mark Don Bewsey Ed Kelly Fred Cole and Bob Perluss A nrce drsplay ot sportsmanshrp marked the Llon team as a Whole 94 1 1 ' - 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 , . BASKETBALL DkM h POtS1'1'l1Q1 materlczl for C1 chcfrr1p1onsh1p record 1n 19441 BASEBALL Back Row: Couch Corsccxles, Col Probcrsco, Phil Deon, Bob Marks, Glenn Hosteltler, Dick Lofoso, lim Clemison, Forrest Kennedy, Russill Weinberger. Front Row: Bob Erbe, Bill Yoder, Dick Morgan, Russ Erickson, Lorenzo Silvers, Norman Nissen, Dick Depert, Bill Cruz. "- , , .- BOXING A D WRESTLI G 3 Boxlng was tnaugurated at E U H S thts year wtth over UO boys partxctpattng lntrarnural boxmg matches were held durmg the noon hours be ore capaclty audtence Three mter school matches were held two v 1th Sherman lndtan ln tttute and one wtth Xfn ttter Htgh School The LIONS defeated Whtttter but dropped o h matches to Sherman 'Wmners tn these bouts were Ted Lessley at 85 pounds LSWIS Oldham at l'l8 pounds lohn Paradez at l48 pounds Darrel Truby at l37 pounds Don Bradly at 150 pounds and B1llW1lso'1 at l55 pounds Other members ot the boxtng teart were Gordon Fry 95 pounds Wayne Dutro O3 pounds Bob Tracy ll2 pounds Earl Clark l2O pounds Larry Smtth l33 pound Bob Erbe l5U pounds Don Brown 155 pounds and Leon Btchardson at 165 pounds Outstandrng L1on m ttman was undefeated Don Bradly hard punch1ng l5O pounder JJ 1'-'J M' Wrestltng has tatcen great strtdes tn the Llon s den Co c t Cut cale X or ed tho Lron wrestlers unt1l the baseball season commenced and created an mtcre t that wtll be car ted through the enttre season The Cl F Wrestltng tournament was held rn the Lton gym on Apnl l7th Out standmg Wrestlers are Frank Morales Vern Orr Dlck Bloomneld loe Rowland Clyde Beaston Stanley Scott Howard Grant Louts Blanc Dave Col Al Cl rnrner Howard Grant and Cllfton Brown VARSITY TENNIS Coach Bartrand Captatn Al Cook thaw M QQZWW 9 Jn? Back Row Kenneth Anderson Sherl George Arthu Sanborn Elwm Clemmer Norman Dunlap Clyde Hawk Hllbert Lee rront Row Gordon Hughes Bruce McN1chols Wallace Leonard Hugh Ch1dester Btll Wyatt Al Cook Coach Bartrand 98 TENNIS 'W rf s Q .2 ve. Captam Sanborn Coach Bartrand ln .lf 5 Coach Bartrand IS lookmg forward to next year's work Wlfh th1S group of hne fellows Who prom1se to r1va1th1s year's varslty team , 3 In I . X , K , N- ,W M t R . ,J ,441 ixf . r 2. i ' A , H K' , ' ' L 1 VARSITY and TRACK The 1943 Varsrty track team tell hetr to s1m1lar fate as the footballers However to date VICTOTISS over Montebello and Wh1tt1er have been accom olfshed Captarn l-loldrldge Brggs and Larsen hurdlers Krtng pole vaulter Busey and Blane shot put Murry McCullough Sllvas h1gh1umpers W1lson broad Jump and 440 Godfrey 440 Engltsh 880 Smlght and Marqurz rnlle Perlus Pearson spnnters and others have been heavy po1nt wrnners 3 Coach Penner who handles all tracks at E U H S thrs year has developed probably the most powerful B team rn the hrstory of the school They are not only undefeated but have run up phenomenal scores agalnst the strongest compet1t1on avallable The great athlete and leader Captarn Anderson hurdler and pole vaulter IS amply alded IH the gathermg of polnts by the followrng Baler Mueller Escalalro Boslselhg Conn Bernal Croak Lasso Flous Cruz Lavg Krmg Bater McKay Oddo Platz Scott Iarnes and many others Most commendable was the B score of 93 2 agaxnst Cov1na Captatn Ander I JW V ...M-1 , If il W j 2 "mmf 1 I I . . , . . L -. . I . . . A . f ' ' , - 1 1 -A J- ' 1 . I f 1 ' 'Tl . z 1 1 1 1 1 2- I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 ' ' vwl lzl VHF. 'Q us- -S F .wk , Avi' Ray Hoidndge . , A Q A . , l ,A , 1 7 7 N , , .... h , . ' ' 'R ' - 1 1 :N in B ' . . . I 7' 4 5 3 Ja. 1 ' 1 1 1111111 1 1 1 H 1 1 1 ' . Y . 5 S h. 'A' M' . I Q ,,. , . L ' K --.-.., we . " ' "2'- 1 ,,., 1 M , , 14 15' f l . -11' ,B 9 A: f- A A..v2 1 1, ' T , T Q :hu , . , '-: VV: - vs M - , W 1, my . , 1 1 1 x ,. 5 ,KL ,A -. . . N, ,W , 1 I ' 'Q' 2 . A 'I ' 1 1 A 'wi' A , " 'W A ' IQ A , A . 1 Q , A 1' 5 .I F .- .W ' " 'P .1 1,11 :uf 4 , 'EEL .. . , . ,Q-,,,, r,,,,,,, Zu..- xl- ' gin'-M .azz Q...-....H 3'-' aw' - 4 TRACK Chester Holsopple The m1ghty Cs are also undefeated and have establrshed a most env1able record League and C I F champ1onsh1ps seem to be 1n thelr grasp Chester Holsopple the m1te captam and sprrnter 1S rnrghty proud of h1S array of thln clad talent The most conslstent scorers have been Sowa Turner Snyder Spencer Nowell Brlerly Morales Paradez Hlxon Hubbard Pearson Conn Pollard McCullough and others The C relay team 1S establtshlng a great record 101 A . ,.....--sr--M ,g r A . ,,.., V ,W Q C -uqwr . 'u -un... ' V Q LMA av 9 ' - 'A ,,," , Q - . f H . 11 .1 1 11 - , 1 , M -1 . 11 . . . . - "xg 1 1 1 . . , 1 1 . 1 1 I ,f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - -. .-.,.f.4..-,.....i H H ' ' ' 1 1 1 - s 'Sni- 'lpn-, X 43?- Nc:-2 'ie I E, Iudy Perry Iosephine Smith Shirley Toothacre Elenor Thompson Instructors Council gc. A. A. The executive power ot the Girls' Athletic Association is embodied in the G.A.A. Council. lt directs the activities ot girls' athletics, and makes all regulations concerning the organiza- tion. "This association shall be to develop physical efficiency, to encourage interest in athletic activities, to promote good sportsmanship and a spirit of cofoperation and fellowship." Thus states the purpose ot the G.A.A., as written in the constitution. The officers for this year were Iudy Perry, president, Iosephine Smith, vice-president, Shirley Toothacre, secretary and treasurer, and Elenor Thompson, recording secretary. These girls have Well represented girls' athletics throughout the school year of '42, '43. Miss Eoma Clemmens, Miss Kathleen McNally, Miss Betty Watson, Miss Pauline Vamey Mrs, Coens. Glenda De Garmo, Marion Marshall, Barbara Nordstrom, Edith Stadter, Barbara We 103 BASKETBALL at Fw Helen Brown Ma ager ludy Perry Captam In every GA A sport an honorary Varsxty team IS chosen on the quahfrcatrons ot ablhty and sportsmanshlp ln the specrftc event Above are seen members of the Varsrty basketball squad Lett to rrght they are luamta Goodman Leha Bennett Sh1rley Toothacre Iudy Perry Iosephlne Srmth and Franc1s Wakeheld Iudy Perry was elected honorary captam Helen Brown efflcrently represented basketball on the G A A Councll and cllmaxed the season w1th the well remembered Basketball Banquet the most festlve of any GA A affalr throughout the year 104 1 Q my -! q-W CHAMPIO TEAM CUBANETTES .af Iune Prindle, Captain Under the flne leadershlp of the-1r captam Iune Prmdle the Cubanettes came to the top and Won out over all other basketball squads talung the champ1onsh1p t1lt They are seen above left to r1ght hrst row Carol McCollum Iune Prlndle and Sh1rley MOlf1tf back row Helen Brown Dorothy Maddox Francls Wakefleld and Exleen Grady Mymrxfnlw' Egg QNQWW "',:Z-'3' A .ansdvf 105 BASEBALL Elarne Hunt Manage Elhelyn O Grady Captam ,W .sm Elaxne Hunt acted as baseball rnanager on thrs year s counc1l carrymg out one of the most successful sea ons ever seen at E U H S Elarne IS not only an excellent athlete rn her own respect but 13 mo t capable Ol acceptlng and lulfrlhng respons1lo1l1t1es lard down for any G A A rnanager Above IS seen one of the outstandlng lower class teams wrth tl'1e1r captam Front row left to rrght Donna Brooks Betty Hallman Ethelyn OGrady Beverly Dmsmore Allce F her Vrrgrlyn Burns second row Lors Stetfenson Eleanor Norlund Dons Dmsmore Ruth Ellen Bowers Ruth Knox Lorralne Grrder Helen Dunham Ruth Allen lUG HOCKEY Margaret Meechem Captam Munel Moody Manager Through the management of Munel Moody hockey st1ll held rts own ln bemg one of the most popular and excrtmg sports events of the year Most approprlate Women ln SGTVICS was the selected theme Munel bemg a true hockey enthusrast and able counc1l member gave her all 1n promotlng the season An exceptlonally fme lower class team IS shown above wlth the1r captaln Left to r1gnt they are Pat Shckway Margaret Meechem Augusta Stewart Arlene Wetzel Carolme Blomgran Carmen Mtalz Manlyn Gutfm Nola Freeman V1rg1n1a Crown Carolme Glandon Lottle Shrpley Nadlne Holt Mary Duerdon 107 SPEEDBALL LE' 'Nail Nancy Powers Manager Ernestme Metzmger Captam fd' The always popular speedball season once more took the lead 1n the major sports ratmg Just above hockey baseball and basketball makmg the 4 Stars of every year on top agatn To Nancy Powers manager IS attr1buted the success ot the season chmaxmg lt W1th the Speedball Spread She chd everythmg pOSS1ble to make the season a success The honorary varsrty IS shown above, they are Erme Metzmger, Iuanrta Goodman, Dorothy I-Iarpel, Delores Llnden, Mary Colburn, Ruth Rahn, Barbara Weston, Elame Hunt, Elenor Thompson and Kathryn Flttlnger 108 mf' P 'UUWU' . E Q A t . , V fm A 6 ,lf ' :,: fy fsi t t 1 , 1-, I yt, ll 1 . .,,,,, , V A ' xy: ' . ,N ,,,- Q s L xv f , . MM M b l MX., A , X A. I l I I I . . ' I I , . I . . . . CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM Mo1ave M1ll1er Captam 412 M547 at l'he Plylng Trgers played the r hardest and exhrbrted therr best to Wm the speed ball champtonshrp Led by Molave M1ll1er the r captatn they really showed excellent artsrnanshlp rn executrng speedball tac trcs Front row left to rrght they are Iune Prrndle Marllyn Wrggrns Molave M1ll1er Elenor Valentrne and Mary Helen Alun rmddle row Manon Marshall V1rg1n1a Cox Pat Patter on Francls Wakefleld and Iuha Ioy Marttn back row Dorothy l-larpel Ruth Rahn Helen Rahn Elcune Hunt Barbara Weston Dorothy Maddox and Shlrley Moffett 109 sf i . ' i ' 5' 1 , . . , j' sy ' 2 ' - , . . 7 1 1 Q. , . 'l "Qi1i,zaf' ?' f A14f 4'f1 fl A , . . . Y , 1 i . - 1 . , , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 6 . . I 'J I I , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 TENNIS as Iune Prlndle Manager LaVerne Beck Captain 258 G A A tennls at last came back mto 1lS own at E U H S under the excellent leadershlp and management of Iune Prmdle At the end of the season the team had developed exceptlonal hne racketers Above they are shown front row left to r1ght Carolyn McC1endon Mlldred Sharp LaVerne Beck Delons Lyons Franc1s Wakeheld back row Dorothy Haddox Ieane Bomar Sh1r1ey Toothacre Maryone Stonehouse Iudy Perry Iune Prmdle and MISS Betty Watson Iune Prmdle captured the smgles tournament champ1onsh1p Wh1le LaVerne Beck and lean Bomar took the doubles 110 H. ?'h y tx . ll if 1 it B l f- r - I'- . L l A 5 I 3 1 W r j ijzff, S :,A l X R .L Q I .i ' Q Q . as , I I I I I . , ARCHERY and TUMBLING Ernestlne Metzmger Captam Tumblmg Team The most popular among the recreatronal sports IS archery It IS a growmg and fascmatmg game Wendelyn Corbett carr1ed out the dutles of recreatronal manager bnngrng those events to the eyes of GA A enthustasts 1n a way never before equalled The tops IH our archery players are seen above left to rlght they are Ieanne McEwen Betty Powers Norma Foley Sara Fmkle Sally Peckham and Gene Anderson Erme Metzmger brought the tumblmg team out 1nto the l1mel1ght of thmgs th1s year Wllh her exceedmgly capable leadershlp as manager Erme 1S a veteran m the acrobatlc held, havlng been Wllh the LIOHSI Band as a drum ma1orette throughout her h1gh school career Above she 1S seen wlth her teams They are M1ldred Bundy, Grace Forgy, Dorothy Nelson Bonme Kwesten, Shrrley Moffrtt, Caryol Abbott, Iuanlta Goodman, Mary Ellen Lovemark Bobby Stem, Dott1e Maddox, Ierry Goodman, Gwrneth Glenn, L11y Kaut1, and Erme 111 RECREATIO Among the otrror recreational sports are badminf M ton, paddle tennis, and shuttle board. Next to archery, loadriiinton hits the high tiark with GJ-XA. members. J, It is becoming more and more popular, and with , f the new' equipziiertt all of the recreattortal sports ,M have a rtost successful future ahead. . ,Ll A' mmf M 4 x. A-...mi NZ E uissbg.. 4 ,A Q., Q M, . mg we ,si y in Ka M 4535 ' S SP' I ff: fy if if , t""' ""'l""" M-fiwf M Wf'TTd9llflU Cf' but PHYSICAL FIT ESS Under the new wartime physical fitness program inaugurated this past year the girls P P department declared tne first few weeks of the second semester as the Perfect Posture Campaign At the end of a given period every girl making the most improvement in her posture was issued a cadet button symbolizing her achlevement From these 500 girls lU were selected on the basis of poise personality and post re and represented the lO most perfect postures of EUH S Seen above are these Victory Girls Betty Sanborn Yvonne Sweeney Pat Patterson Barbara Nordstrom Iean Anderson Marie Morris Glenda DeGarmo posture Virginia Cox, and Donna Temple. Below: llaural lean Slumn, illustrates the good and bad ' Q . K 4 . CAFETERIA STAFF Back Bow: Margaret McDonnell Nellie Standish Carrie Farmer Florence Davis Mae Pollard Front Bow: lda Holdridge Irene Burkett Nena Simpson Della Harmon ig BUS DRIVERS C. D. Soults M. O. Dillard Boy Galcelon Wrn. Staben Wm. Butler CUSTODIANS Back Bow: A. Montanta lohn MacRae l. T, Morgan Ed Workman E. I. Weaver G. W. Wilson Front Row: A. O. Esse V. l. Mae S, B. Shaner A. E. Cravatte W, C. Bogers E. U. Nixon F. M. Hill FEATURES ZODIAC ' I gnlnwlunnq psv-'lpov-v.-.- pl"""plIIl!uunuuuv ,paul-u1nougnr-sw yauslllp-lllllps-an pp-mnnpsnuwnnsu pusnlpullllg-nun ' , gsullllpuwllnuu-ll ' K pqltpuiii ynslllguuusugunq 1 .f. 4 Ak 34,5 Inqf,Q. IIIHHIH -...Q nan-QQ n-ann .-,gt wang lung -snug 'lung iraq vuuq 1 A LA r n L,W2.QgM -'jk ,,.,f . if? my , '- :figs v .x T ag wgqfrgx A M' A M' -f -:n w V ZODIAC CYCLE September lfi: School opens with a new A SB. Proxy-Bill Nortonf-fVice-President Sue Starr. New lriendsl Old triendsl September 23: E,U.l-l.S, Auditorium resounds to the sparkling music of the band. October 5-Bi "Watch the Birdie" students have identification pictures taken. October l4: Rah, Rah, Rah Color Week bee ginsg flags, buttons and pennants ride high October 2l: Sing to win! Students entertained in assembly by Don Walker, composer ot pae triotic songs, October 30: Teachers and students eat their fill at the Tri-Y doughnut sale. Then jive at the big extended noon dance. November lli Students cheer! Armistice Day -fl-loliday. November 13: El Montcans thrilled at big parade given by students of the high school. End ot quarter, November 25 2 Tltanlcsgtvtng vacatton December 3 Smaents nela spelloound ln tnetr seats at the boetrx assembly gtven bn the semor boys December lU lvluraer and mystery r tn not tn I.1n1or Play Decet tber lf Footballers gather tor lonors at arnual football banauet December lf? Annual Chrtstmas pageant gtven by musrc department December 21Ianuary l Students relaxl Chnstrras vacatton Ianuary 2-4 Baccalaureate Ianuary 28 Commencement and farewell for departtng senrors Exams February lU School goes all out tn enthu stasm tor blmcl xylopbonlst February l2 Tr Y banquet Ltncolns Btrth clay holrday February 22 Wasnrngtons Brrthday l'1ol1 day February 26 Ie-ep dancel Soldlers amd rn stamp and bond dnve by dtsplayrng the latest n yeeps and machtne guns cans: 5 iff is March lZ Girls become day laborers for ofwxs on Luggage Day llarcli lf ln good faith tlie Tr1Y holds a St Patrick s pickle day sale lfu C112 B g lo al driv for safety oins to lo nated t t e Rea CFOEB is g ns 1 a s at ASB no done Marci 20 Bid oi auarter. April 7: Concert orchestra gives its first as- sembly ol the year. April 9: Mothers and daughters revel and lrolic at annual Mother and Daughter Banquet. April l4: Vocal department gives an Easter assembly, G.A.A. hockey party. April 22-23: Easter vacation. April 30: Characters in the play, "The Man Who Came to Dinner," come to life for a brief moment during the Senior Play. May l5: Upper classmen revel at annual lunior Prom. I May l9: New officers take over at installation assembly. May 30: Baccalaureate. May 31: Holiday-Decoration Day. Iune l-2: Exams! Iune 3: Commencement. Iune 4: Cards out. School closes. B LL L GRAND IN MEMURIAM AUTOGRAPH AUTOGRAPH AUTOGRAPH AUTQGRAPH

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