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We, ' , i ' : 2 f QL - 4 . k 91.4" ' 7 arf ,, QXTXVYS YXLMQA fwiff yfL?f? ?3iqfi?WW me Wim Xpbwjfsi' Q f1f'fj?'iW WJ ov? 3 Qfiwffwy My W M f ig? MWQM W Q 332 Wjjwfjwf 3623 5 Dil:-Wx iii gif? 2215? X E , E is ff 2234 1 ' ::- f - . .. A . . A. - , V k . b . . .. ' 'inf fifm 'i" ' ' W , ny az 0001 gd if M 'KAW ,Q W WW ,QW 7? ESQ iikgfi ! QQ gN5R2 ffsfig Liiiffiid Q 2 g?2ii5i Wig? Ek SE 3 if 'E+ fX,,'RQX,Rf . ? fdwgfmcg j X ESX N is ff ,QWSQEEQE WW we 55235 Q25 35 Q Us Q 3 X X f Q J gig fy k ' 1 Mfg". .x L 57.1 bf, . X i ' 3 f x X X V X . J Wg Q, . QQ? YQ 5 YQ Mm N TRAIUS END PUBLISHED BY TI-IE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY GF EI. MONTE UNION I-IIGI-I SCHOOL Ninefeen ancf fafzllq-une 1 wwf - 41 , A ,V 1 .,,, .. . ' 1:12215 ' . , .. .-M .,., .Q ..,. - ,-..' ., ., . 7- -ff -.Y.,'2fiJ2-za-,LT-if-SQ,5g:9. ,Uv 1--1,-14,f,..1fif -f A '14 4 ff' he-ff" -5' -I f " 6 x , f Q : ,..Me.-fbmi'J'7f'-' fx W mf ff M7 k " H ,Off My JM + ' 'X J'uvju Vi! M I DEMOC FQACY ' -4 .,. , YW ? W . mm , 'S . . W 30- 'NAR CFL DICTATORS e-:arid xl' I :7 l ,. L' ,D 0 NV? 7-f GUN ,A O 4' Lx M--f fi X..,..M4.x, . k u , ,W , .gefwf h I ,fe 1,5 Mg. are W1 'arc' ffl-4fLc, 14,5 Z?-.,f, . . , AV: Lowe.. m,.,H QM ,wwvbga-ZQVZ 14-1-AM 1 ! I F. I, A 1 il- 1 g "s ' . , , J I xy' gf l f- Y 19, I A J uf 5f'y?Mw'Vi "' 5 1+ Aly, W-X y f 'll 1r3 !jq' :K f if -is yi? Xfigi. Ml 6 Ei N J ,QW J 25525196 W 'fggff 'wax we wlgffwmfi N y x ' 1 a . 4 4 l Y J 4 1, SUPERlNTENDENT'S MESSAGE These are days which try lrberty loytng people to the lrmrt Democracy IS berng challenged bt a wax ot lute which regards human belngs as dupes and serts and human lrte as trash The theme ot xour year boolf calls us baclc to an appreclatlon ot the real meanrng ot treedom and to a more srgnltrcant understandlng ot what rt means to luxe rn a countrx where we can walk among crowds wrthout a tear ot tl secret polrce In luture wars as xou thumb through the pages til lhrs llool, we are COlllIClSIll that xou wall be able lo trllrrm the Iact that these llllllg days were tol- lowrml llx sunshlne and optlmlsnt, and that every El lxlot-to Llnron llrgh School student gave ot his best an loyalty, rn sorylce, and rn sacrrtrce to help thus ntrlron ross lnumphanllg through those days whrch new so tltlrlt and dangerous lyltry I lhanlc each and every one ot you tor your ltne r ooperalron durung the school year. Cordrally yours, Robert S l"llClsS Dlstrlct Supernntendent W N X.. PRINCIPAL "These are times that try men's souls"g these are stir- ring and challenging times This country has need ot the very best that each ot us has to give. lust being a "good tellovv" will suttice no longer The call today is tor cour- ageous leadership and a vvillingness tor selt-sacriticet This type ot service cannot be conscriptiveg it is purely a volun- tary attair, You young people must meet this challenge vvith courage and enthusiasm, secure in the taith that it is all vvell vvorth the ettort, Sincerely, B L. Bergstrom DEAN OF GIRLS As you turn the pages ot this boolf, you vvill remember discussions in class-rooms, conversations at noon, sunny days on the athletic tield, triumphs and defeats in the gym, music and plays in the auditorium, dances, picnics, parties, books, lessons, study-hall, the library, examinations and countless other things that have been important to you, Each ot you vvill remember ditterent things, but all ot you vvill remember the people you have knovvn and the triends you have made May your memories and your triendships be everlasting toy to you Sincerely your friend, Margaret Crosby IWW, I 4m"f'w4j1-, 211 Q. DIRECTOR OF ADULT EDUCATION AND ATTENDANCE Mr Ceratd O Rrsinger, now hotdnng the ottice ot Durector ot Adult Educatuon and Attendance, has been at EI Monte I-Iigh School tor seventeen years. Betore comrng here, he spent ten years as a teacher and SUDSVYISOI' ot schooIs In the Bureau ot Educatron ot the Phrhooine Islands BUSINESS MANAGER Mr Frank I Ivlountarn came here in I932 as a branch manager ot a IocaI bank I-Ie became busi- ness rnanager tor E U I-I S IIT ISHS He was graduated trom Berketex as a Iamer, but soon tound that he was more Interested an busuness activity' n1m-n1 Hire Toyrrelre fkrrdersori Mrs Dororhy Copeiarrd Wiri RUTH Huber iuirz Esther Srylef, Mrs Laura Reed Miss Berry Derrgo Miss Margery Davis Miss jean Irwin REGISTRAR Mrs. jessica Clark, 'rhe registrar for E Us I-is Si has been in The high school for five years, This year, ar Coiurhbia University, she was 'rak irig courses ih resrirrg, guidance, arid counselling She will resurrie her exaciririg posiriorr here iri july, Brndena WaIter Harold C Webb HeIen C Nelson Ivlarnre Sharp f f ArnOS D SterIer WrIIaI1 C Alspaugn Mary Etta BrooIeS Art! 1Llr E, Edmonds Ruth S. Bohn Arrnlwur B Danner EvaI Spencer XVIIDIII COI-9 Inv? I' MrExxen Ixnn II Nempazrs krrr-IIIIQJII Exgni I A IXIQINIrr'I1nIQ Robbme Hop!-me Edith B lmm Cnibert E Iohmom Camlm H Iwller Eefliwa C SMJxz'w.3vw w,,,m J, ,Jw X. jun rw 'lsxjeleme Hmm HMV 'fxjliixmf .Hafi Hartman C EE C Hdifgx.-.ell liebe? Dmzrrmr Hew, N Deflarmz Irma Ha, ei Em me, Quxda B PMC Fred Pam jcmei PUIH E Calvflrf FHEHHY -fab MQW Wf J ,, ,, Lg fW'vffW' lHIllllll in-wi-Maw KW 4g.,.....f W M,,fq,, 545 'Yi vb- Q "www Tom Potter Gladys Daniels Max A, Ireland Mary lane Hof Cosette W. Anderson Mark Urner Alice Wever I-larold D. Brown Gertrude l-less Charles Williams Kathryn Miller Edward O Post Bertha N Linde! Nallwaii Shiill lxalhlecn Patricia MQNH x llioolts I Thompson lnihilai L Hill liiite B Hallock XfViIIiain Duncan Aileen Fisk joseph Herrell Ethel Klingerman Chester Holsopple Enger Hillix Err1eSra Atwater George Schneider Paul Hadley XX :lla Sherwood Karharrrve Putnam Frorehce Cawood Erhrha Taxior I Gunnar Xhfalwlqrxmsf Ahie Vffofvrrm Eoma Clernaos Augusta Bortun Ruth Mar er George Phelps Loma Choens FHEUUY Qtr' X-ww We 1 ,ar e -a-we .5-f 'W 'Q-...hw fs? , , WXQE I3 'fu Picuwrvo iacrsori riwreyer PATTEPJON i ii ii lil ,Q-new ASSOCIATED STUDENTS With the able assistance ot his tellow otticers, Richard lackson conducted the attairs ot the stu- dent body tor the trrst semester, They planned the tirst student-conducted Installation Assembly, of which a recording was made, They investigated the need tor amendments to the Student Body Consti- tution They also purchased numerous modern phon- ograph records and played them tor the students at noon dances They presented the proposed amend- ments to the student body which were xoted on The second semester otticers, headed bx Han-et Patterson, continued to manage student bodx actry- ities ina creditable manner In addition to the noon dances which new hold, this group presented the tirr-,t noon moyio El lvlonto has ever had, For the small clmrpu ot two cents the student body was en- Ioitiiiiod by a riicluro which had a high rating sey- eral years .ieo Un Tliursdtiy mornings, commission meetings wrin- hr-ld, at which business was carried out, and luturr- plans were made, lyirss Robbie Hopluns, advisor, and all ot the -,lurlnnl body olticors did a commendable job in the rn.iii.igr-ineiil ol the Associated Student Body Coy- r-iiiinr-nt in 5 X A 1 ? f Einbe rim. E FBCLJITX, Repreggrwt- xg Afva SWGXGVS. Q AA E3 Emi' Lf" L' EE" Epi Eg-mir Ei 5' A If Carre' DIV. Epmge Svagrg L we Ear! F, 'e A Head 'ref' Le? E-W Vffrir' Neff ,eEfeChv Hied VM Leaver Ehrrf fm- ., . E321 ,L 2iE'E' IZWN Afirea, Cuff' if Errrafie VDF"rC'L C'D2'CrxC-f' r Egfr QF X-grr. 'reg Barbara 163260 Ori' League li! ie Shefburrfe Carr if AEEEW'-E reg Herve, Rarrerezrrr Lfifr Vrirghrg CBL EMM! ECJSA fwherrfz Fwy EHCVEOW E933 League Ea'rrrC'a Haw? :fri Lrorweezef Jaffe Dekute Cum of Fmamieg Robert PQ'-3I'NSLX,f Annual S, Ivan Warwfaee Sclfxolarahup Marilyn Wrggmru5 Sophomores Jack Barry Com of ACTMMQS sip? V ig - M I S as WS X " 'LQ ' ' Or fp' Sf , ,H f 'QM Q fa JJ' fx EHMMISSIHN HHIELHS JACK BARRY Vuce-Rresndent LYNN IRELAND Secretary LOREN RUSSELL Vvce-President MARGARET SMITH Secretary A fi' 'ln 63 X 1-., rywzwflf V v Ny ,M N52 N,m -96' 'NP xv: . 'SW Umm- L - vw?-,iw -:z'i5"'f::5'1 ,f,.,..L, M. ff.. 'Z ' 1' 7 W I 5 W K .X ,TM mwggg-Avffl 1 J ,gm 1.4,A,y' 'eb .cgi ' A - , Yiv-Aka 'A-ufa.lW..,.,.,A,.,.7L f'b"7"'Q" '29 Miidw "bw-efulzy, EWEJ AJWMQL-,4.7,Z fm XL., ?,fffZ1MmiQ7Mfff 1g? .J Zflbw JWMffM,mQZL3,WM! iw Mit i,igg1i WML g'!E,27Q 5'lL,94WQA',Cg - 6 , f7":0Cm4kJ,w-DLL walilbvk WW WWW? HQKWQTJM WW? Mwg,j,W 4-ofvwQv.fz19bmwLfowvZQ,mJaAm,j,7QmWQ73 Q44-QV-50312-rx., i mAilj'LQ5,gLgh74wNwvf6f 5,u HHII II IHIII f. iff' I My Z, I ,X IJ ff' Q my W A, ' DICK IACYQOII IIIXI' I 'I I'!IxI II I9',l III I'fXI'IlIQI'N I'I+XXX'Ix Fw! ferrwester A S I3 Frezudemt OIII- 'MII I ' I IIII Im A I-1 IH. I IIII III OuI:.I.-mdmg CMI andmg QporIz,rmar'I Spfond 'Pr'mfmIfw Bmw' Federallfnu IDVf'3IfIf'IlI 'IIII'III II,'NII"III IXI-QIIIIIIQ IIIXIL fM1IxI,IIwIIuI, I III I ww IkIIII'.I.IIl'IIIIy1 fXlII',I IN ,I If-' ROY ERTCKSON Firff Semester President 0 Federation VIRCTNIA ROY Outstaridrmg Dramatist , HHH Hi THMT EUNICE STACIS POEEPT POLHISTWTK T Boys' President of Girls' League Editor-in-Chief of Trails End DOUGLAS SCOTT AVIOEE TERRACCIAI'-TO Ediior of Lions' Traii Scrioiarship ,iv x f! ,aff 1 M JW ' ' " 4 0,4 If gl. A , " H I ff 1 ,,,f, , ' I . "f ., , " f 1 r,r , 'T G '.,i,. .. ,V-4. V., Jr 1 -1 .H ., qf,.,,, 'Q 4' if 'wx 41, s ' PACE i PACE 20 ALLEN BRQWN President FREDDA DAVIS Vice-President IVIARCEE Sl-lAlXlDY Secretary-Treasurer WINTER CLASS l94I With National Detense as the patriotic theme ot their commencement, the Winter Class ot l9'-ll graduated on january 30. The seniors inaugurated the idea ot a dinner and a dance instead ot the usual class-night program At the dinner the class presented to the school the money tor the tirst ot the benches to be placed around the campus. A picnic was enjoyed by all at Santa Anita Park early in the tall On january ll, a dance was spon- sored by the seniors to raise money tor graduation The class was sponsored by Mrs, Ruth Calvert and lylr Wilbur Coke Teachers who assisted in the preparation ot graduation were lvliss Aileen Eisl, Mrs Edith Irwin, Mrs Bertha Slsoymand, and Miss Marg lane lnlol Uutstanding boys in athletics were Larry Shims ainura, Carol l-laygood, lohn Preston, Don Edmonds, .tiid lnlarry Salnmolo lohn Larson was well lcnown lnr his ability as J creative writer, Ellie class was ably led by Allen Brown, presi- tliiiil Eredda Davis, vice-presidentg and lvlargee Lilitiiicly secretary etreasurer, -x i -iz 2 rx, . -.-A, , . .- wav , .... , Y. QV, J, ,f, V, N f f l ,lf x Q y f gf W f 1 W f f .. 1 7 J W , flldalr, L.l0,,d fxlllll 1'1, XXx,f f lllllarrl flruglea, lolwrl Arr la, Harry Arredorldo, Moses Babarrwolo, Slllgeru Bell, Dorls Bell, Harvey Bentley. Ray lr Serry, Shirley Blclfle, Robert Elelwirp, jesse Le Roy Erovvn, Allen Clwevvmng, Virginia Cleland, Bob ,J V L. , f JW , , f , , , e2,e A, f-L -f - :r,--, l A. .fp -- .f,, f V 1 F A 1 J f f WL rje .- J--. r :al Cerdeer er, Belt' j-grep . . 8V'Cl.Ei l,lllVl'lOlG, l-larry Fllrlli, Sl'llgel'l.I , -42 ,img may 'Val 123' N Q ,R+ W. f. QQ' . ", if ae 5 M-1 . !j .ww rs, ,. X S X, sjqkf Ri , L L -.il Q ,if , A Jw! Q2 ,JV may Leonard, Earl Llrvvm, Steven Lovelace, Dean Lovelace, Eugerre Mangold, lvlary lvlensserwburg, Carl Mllls, Saralw lvlrjrunlyoy, lfallrrw lx-lelzfm, Svlvla Pamdrea, El: lzjlbilf ll lvlllll L'rr,v5lrr, Eflllll l'.'1fnxf fxllgrllfllll l""lr'l l ll"lv I l lrr,rrrr-r, Ialrlr - lrf, I l. -W AMMQI SENIORS Calvez, Lola Gomez, loe C rr'r blvle, Bolr Ha-ugawxa, XVa1.J Haygood, Carol Helzel, Ruth l-lrckev, Everett I-llllaerr, Palrucla laclzson, Elame levverr, Eugene lolmslorm, Rrclward K6'l'll'lAlOTSLl, Slllgeir Lara, Manuel Larson, lelem Leaxlrf, Fred Q f f IM Q N22 3 Ewa aa 4 w "'l' f'9l we f 'T,J'V, f? f j,Q'v.Q 7' xgvy fj 1 ' - X 7 , I A rf .1 Q, ,A 4 ' mf, vfafaglr 3, H 5 1' ff:,r,' 'iff 7' VV' ,,,, " .2 o U 1 P ? asm, 'N r N, ina fu- ,pun 1171 x ,..: J 'V px,-A 5 x is Y-i. Visfff .A r V 5 liafrig aff., W frm X if 'aff' 7 7,4 3: 4, ffn 1 1 j ,Malin ,H f f 42, , Wen? f X ! ! ' .cl- QP -' ,',1,' 4 mf? SENIORS Alrjhley, Eda lvlae l:jlll'l'llD3Llgl1, llo Moore, Margarof l-'rrzfur Ulna Iiorrlrnens, Dale Sakarnolo, Harry Sanlar, joe Sclwberf, laclf Slwandy, lvlarrorle Slurnarnura, Larry Srnrtlm, Howard V Sraben, Elvrn Stephenson, lolwn Sundrnacher, Kathryn Valdez, Carmen Valdez, Salvador Ward, Betty Vlfltten, Neal ,I PACE 23 lllllllll IIHSI lll 'Il WW BOB SMITI-I President BUI-IL PALMER ' Vice-President ANNE CADY Secretary SALLY SCI-IULER Treasurer IST SEMESTER OFFICERS The summer class of "ell " will live in the mem- ories of the students and members of the faculty of EI Monte because of its outstanding scholars and many activities. In the beginning of the year, a sweater commit- tee was organized and very shortly, the neat sweat- ers were seen about the campus, Before the stu- dents voted on the color and style, an assembly was given where the sweaters were modeled by senior boys and girls. The sweaters selected were beige, popular color of the season, trimmed in chocolate brown. Officers for the first semester were Bob Smith, oresidentg Buhl Palmer, vice-oresidentg Anne Cady, secretaryg and Sally Schuler, treasurer, Soon after the sweaters were out, the senior class held a dance called the Senior Sweater Swing. In October, a Halloween dance was given at which the decorations were carried out in all the ghostli- ness of the day. Wi' Afs'f4AiW""4, I IIIIIIII lllll ll 'Ii . Qs WKV llMMlE MORRISON President DON OARRETT Vice-President MARY WARNER If T y A virtciriifx Roy Q nf Treasurer I , Sf!! y 1 f ffwffl zND SEMESTER OFFICERS During the year several excellent noon movies were sponsored by the senior class These movies were always agreat success with the students. Officers for the second semester were limmy Morrison, presidentg Don Oarrett, vice-presidentg Mary Warner, secretary, Virginia Roy, treasurer The officers throughout the year were supervised by Mrs, Oertrude Hess, chairman of the advisors, Mrs. India Bonney, Mrs Edith Irwin, Mr, Edward Post, Mr. Amos Stetler. The senior play was il? a more serious vain this year. Usually the play Is of a humorous type, but this year tradition was broken, and "Stage Door" was presented It drew a full house on both per- formance nights. May 2, the seniors gave a pre-prom dance in our own school gym. Then, according to tradition, the junior class gave the seniors a very lovely prorn, held at the Pasadena Masonic Temple, PACE 25 K. ,V QX aw N l 5' Basunger, Effre hm, Bayrnan, Loss Hearn, Ralph Beafrinu, IQHM fieealey, Margarel f55MenI, Marguenle Benedict, Ciwaprnan r,. it C.. ,L Sw: N A SENIORS 1, xg Bew'wr'weH, Mndrefj! E f I , , .., 'W If x Hevunglnn, Hun lilwrwrj, Lynn lrrrrrr, M.-mr, . A lffdr 1 , tfrrjfljdld lfhlrirrrrr, Lrulrh-rr, ' lrrwv, ffrrfrnrm NAM 'HP' lir M-, I'2m+-r M' rw rr ' A 33- A . 'WS' NA A 59 qw 'wif' ' ' A X A 53 lbw: A-Wall, ,'Nlll1lH Adair, Harvcx' Aguunuggq, Lnnme Alklfi, Forresl A!e:4ender, Ieannette Alfring, Rnclward Anderson, Coralre Anderson, Norrna Archer, Fred Autler, Alfred Banarn, Vrrgnnra Baker, Ruta X- 5 ,, x Q .A 5: ':,.T f ' I 4 X 4 S 5 X Y S 5? X Km X n , ' y A A If C ' 51 ff .A.A-A 1 U 'n I x tr. , ' I 1 'fi Q ' f :1 , 1 my X X1 if L ,,, Q, W, ,AL A . fy if ff! il SENIORS EL.'VWhBF'F. Kg Hi Burrows, Raymond Cady, Arne Cafefir- jim' Ciarpevfif Tlawxrur? AU f Caranm, Eugene 0 Pi Carter, Dale L50 C!arP,Clwar1e5 f A Ciaymmy DOME Coffey, Welma Dean COHNEVV Verna Cffopef, june Cooper, Mary Ruth Crawford, Teddy Cncssem, james xqfx-iNXlL" Fxixu ' In Mb.: I-,fmfh wq DM Umyfc, Eva l4r'.1',v,'wH, Cnr-1 rf F191 Brlaraw, X-.lburl Brlcrly, Cyful Broaimr, LEIVOIIEI Brown, Hwward Bmiom, Cjerddlrue , .,: 'L .1 f, I, I 1,4 f i Ulywll, HJVIJAIJ Buchanan, Hammett ELlJ'bW31 , Vxfawer EMU, I'-lrflffi 47 ,V , 1 9, 7 f +4 I f N X , gp... 4 , W x ' '74 aw.. AM Ma' W V W , N AWE' , -2 .5 ., A We 5 , ' 4 ,y 1 3' ,f M253 P55155 , ,5 , .Z Q ' 1' Exif! Drjmgraf., EMI-f Dnnn, lffnr, Dunning, Levy Dunning, Mary LOLMSQ Dyer, Cwaldnne EUHMI, Md" we Errgrralr, Leglrfi' Errrr f,c1rn, Pm' E1rC',nrr, fxyrrerrq' FA 1' Ciwrlbr' f.1W1 r-TI, Pwgg, fwfr Prnw, fn Hrnr fur? rg ILM nw fur, Grady, f' Ir rr, rf, V'1dr'r', PACE fffil 5- SENIORS . ,x, Q X 'EP f , X X r 'f-1' A. Q 3 , I ,, Z U 'Z x ' QW 425. -V: W ff 'Z X sy f ZX J 'lf - View N , 1 if n r Q fix' ' 1 I 'W , 54 if f 4 Danly Knllwrrun DBIWIGI1 Eugene Davidson, Tom Dayus, Emily Deem, Crani Deem, Lynn Delrsrfe, jane Dicrenson, Flnrene www Dliifson, Annre Doble, Irene Doo!ey, Alberta Dospural, jimmy ' X We X Q ry 45 J Q X Qisg- 'b y' 'nl' 3 If ,Q H 'J Cm '53 Ss P ,pv- A5 swf, ,.,- ' . wa: - N' ? ' fi - ', 5 ,W V Q f A -.-- - V ft'Ef::,:':2e2z2::s:y-Sf, A W.. V457 ff- K 1 . '--- . .. A "-" ' f ,... 1 , r ., ,, A , , A V A , , ,,.,, , ,, ,V .oe,I7D we C31 Ag ,FLA "2'2Q V522 Harv Tfw'EQZ',V'1 fame, Errary P-:Adi Vlerim W'--L ff "ffg, 1 Ham! wi, liar, Lp HE1v'.i"VwE Parrrfjma Halmar, Srnrfgf Heger, Dormaki HQHQWA3 Qfjwrxa 7' L1 K :Q iff , X I V, 7, if L , I 4' , f y MRI v wr., 19,0511 fl ' I 1 ff W I ' 5? 1 f ff Q 4 SENIORS :gf wi EW! F-f,1M:f,rA, Lcome Fo-g Harold P4Cv2rFWax,1Qr, Vlrfwma 5, Frreeelk Dah H, .L "' ' f , 'iw' y r Gamble, Lcmmw Garrett, Domald Ceragrmly, Alma Call erem, Delmar lllfmfyfz, QMCKWCIN, UwYwl1gA', Qrmei, Pwclward Crm r'rf' If, Tarwfi Hale, Marne V31 VV H ' 'V f ,, - r f f , A rf? , V 4wn, f 1, w I +A' ' LH Z J . 29 gf, f .' ? , f 4 , K ll 3 ,5 W-' ' ' J , x A' rxfff ff ,,:.' 4 H, , f ,,,, - 7 r Erefgg, x f . , . -13, f fc ,, f 1 .-,,,' , f 5525- "- A M ., ," .5 ' '21 'A , , A' 10 X ' 'T AJ. ff, ' 7 4 A A, sm. v5'215"hAwf v . f Wifff' A A -'., .Mr:ai?f? ' .EH .Q H . -A-gg. KWWL V' yi , ' 5' A , ' as rv ,. I .f if Vx r Vx , 'Q f Q X A xx ixkwxx, s .Xe Q G Q kQ N l Q gg X G! 1 we , I l, A 7 xv WX ' X X X 3 xX wa -ef ,,..,y.' -: v ..,,. Id' ww f'll"HElV1'l 1 fs 0 5 5 57 , , war ,Q 5 2 ff ,f , ff if f 4 ,f f v . , r I Q I A' "" 1.1" x X f J S am , . X R X .1 X x N N 5 . r X Q - we x. 'S Q f X "" Q X x X S Q X xl w I wk: Q X I if ' NX .OX 1 MST' f , -XSENIORS x k . lass V .1 I "W M Q X xi, Hacks, N'ldF1ClIl Hicks, Vxfllmvfla Hrll, Dmrw 0 a ll1VIrg+3r, L15'1a Hull, Maruam Hollingsworth, Lee Hollewell, Esther Huolnel, Kathryn Hoatetlcr, Fvlervm Howard, fXrYeCu'r Hutton, PIMHIQ Ireland, Lynn 0 ,ff Iam:-N, I-'mlm-rf Ir-', mr FrArl,rjVa f Q' I' J 1, rib, I 'rl ""':n.. ,. jrllqyrwrlw, i1frvr',T5HwCC 3 jrrhrurrru, PPv,lM', l'Mr,wrn, Mflrfuvfl Frrlrrrufm, Wuwla I !VWIU"', fur rpxwfwlw rum r, ,HHH wwf' N' rrwrlwia, Iwlwnrr r'rl1l', IW Hur! rum ff"HrH'! rf frrrrrf U rw VJ' ,I r' W J -H M24 '4 xx XX X x X ,rein ,X Q. 15 5 CKY, t x m? A . X X W fvfdqle QF ' La: 01' -vva 91,4 Z ,-4 Q ,1 v Y J 5-fflrl' nf Lf:Hr'cf,l'xf, Helnry' J. . 1" M gwwin Inc-WV., lfiew 2'J,, Lawn, Tlwfffimvfi' ,, , I VUf'i',E'X!'v Cwrffvim . ,314-ff! f -5,4 1 - ' ' " 7a57A. 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Pt1r'3,'i'll, Wllltld Etletttr Onltrul, l-Jlllfjk PACE if -mf SENIORS lwlunger, Betty Nakama, liei Nalley, Ross Nishnmura, Emuko Nowell, Betty lo Newell, Margaret Nugem, Anna O'Orady, Davld Olwmert, l-lazel Okada, Yayol Oliurnura, Yodomi Okuma, Masaichi U . l , ., , , Q , ,V 3 . x l s . fx, wi , f My X gy . 7 :lr .,. i n M33 f ezivfz., Q 3- mf wr' . S X 5 ww. , gg , U2 X 2 r Q f X A - . 4.1. .,,. :'- T- S X. .. r A rl P' + .. Y ' i ' X tw V, 1 Q. ,Nr Q 5 , H ,.,, S :Xt N 13? , ,gf r X ,V Q ,. wj. 1 '4'Q,,.x tl ' A-r Q G. - X X F ' .2 ,W ' r wi' an Mil YJ! , im: if iff .3 ll S. W , 2,1 , ,9?5,f2'w E ,-4Q'a,f2g f2fa..,4:-ni 1. K f c, gig A Qf .ff -.aa 3. M: I ,1,f:::ff,:,,-,Q qz. 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SlNlTIll'l, Shirley Snrder, Clorla Sorensen, Grace Sore-men, Magda Shear, Rayrnonil Spencer, lVlBfll5l1 Slagla, Eunlce Slanhyn, Alma lean SlClBITICl1, -E6r'l'y SIG-warl, Enos Pwfr ., , Sl1nL,nn, BEVE'Vl5f fflrrluf' llllHFlOl'lC Elma ,.lrnuE, lrrlnr Slnfl 435, lvlaflfr: ,ll lwrrawlanu, fXnQr-lr'-rlf g ws , S 'O w l 'W gf 'iw I-4' ' Q., X- ,,,,, M cn: , . f A ,N ,,1,W , ,554 S, ..::-,- E 1- Eff f 4 'if' ,iw SENIORS Showalter, Leland Shugg, lacqueline Shuler, Edward Shull, Cal Slegfrled, Kennclh Sievers, Alma Snmon, Ernest Sloal, Barbara Smath, Lloyd Smith, Lowell Snwllh, Margarel Smith, Roberl Anl'lwcnQv jg X Fw ,,. S. If-x .K S X: . x4g,.,,-.f .Ari 1 tri' . Q' S- .X ,. K : Ivtvv A f ' l'N,rE :ll , ' 1- 'rfifefgzlz l 1 x , H :W 'vx X K esg Waddell, lack Klfall, l-larry Vfanlass, Sylvan Warner, Mary Harrnony ,.. n V Washlnglon, Belly lane Walson, Dorollw 'l,f Wall, lean Weddle, Laorella While, Wllliarn Eugene Wlckllne, lack Wllllams, Mary ,lone Wilson, Elyena Grace Wulz, Anna Woodward, Albefla Worrnan, Roy VA I. if V, Q ,,, "fa M 'l m WJ, " fax ey f a an W ' f an X4 X X 1 if 1 W J ff f M l l WW jf if 43055 Terry, Maxine Tlbbol, plllllp Thaxrom, Ceneva X Q Tornllnaon, laclf SENIORS I Toyoda, Dorollwy Tozier, Irene Trunlf, Sllirlex' Turner, Kallweri J Ueda, Kukoe Uhl, Palrlcla Van Carnpen, L-Cn Valler, Colleen M17 Q X gf x P Z4 Q X Q X , 4 Z if 5' - Yung! Co 0 f Qww L , I av! , SENIORS 1 cf' 0-2 img ! X6 gf T X ' Xfxwwfyr gal ' Oo A. , ff f ESM wma OXO? X0 . f I 0 x AVOU5N5 ,M ik: 900 M ww 1 ' ,QQ Q .luxlk 51 W Wy X ' Mlfvgv ' X9 ,,,WW qw, Q f if W W4 1 f W-, PACE 37 PACE SB WINIIII IIHSS ll 'll HERBERT HEIXINES President VIRGINIA CRAB a I Vice-president , MRS. RUTH BOLIN V Sponsor rioaeixice MUIRHEAD fill,-VV Secretary ,ATT fl IACK ROBSON Treasurer, ZND SEMESTER During the year, this class aided the junior Class in the production ot the Iunior Eollies. At the mid- year graduation, they helped the Winter Class ot 'LII with their commencement program In the spring, they chose soldier-blue sweaters. Later, a social attair was held tor the Senior "B's" only. Many actiyities were planned tor the tall. There were a number ot outstanding people in this class, Sam Henrietta, Herbert Hennes, Ered lriye, Richard Kelly, Arthur Millier, Eugene Bauer, Robert Crider, Ceorge Hamblin, lesus Centeno, and Don Morton all excelled in athletics Calvert Rush, Bob Conklin, and Donald Dulseshire were promin- ent musicians. , Otticers tor the tirst semester were Sam Hen- rietta, president, Bob Conklin, vice-president, Dor- othy Bailey, Secretary, and Dorothy Watson, treas- urer. Second semester olticials were Herbert Hen- nes, president, Virginia Crab, vice-president, Flor- ence Muirhead, secretary, and lack Robson, treas- urer. Class sponsors were Mrs, Ruth Bolin, Miss Bir- dena Walters, and Miss Mary lane Hof. Atwood, B. Babb, E. Chorne-au, R, Bailey, D. Clem, J, Bailey, R. Bakr-l', E. Blood, L. Bauer, G. Botts, K, Brooks, N, Brown, A, Hrostedt, N. Brown, R, Carleton, G. Clyde, D. lY'1eVG11llld, M. Cole, G. Nole, 1'. !'uI'1gel', B, Uonklin, R. Corwin, B. Crossley, M. Downuni, V. Ilukeshire, D. Ellis, N, Elmore, R. Emlet, A. lflnriquuz, H. Floyd, H. Fox, R. Frazier, J. Fujitani, S, Furiitani, 'l', in-ay, '. Hriile1'TxR. Hacker, XV. Hai-hiya, K. Hanes, M. Hnrral, TW. Harris, Il, He-nnes, H. Holt, N. Holzfus, R. Horn, L. Hunt, C. Iriye, F. Jester, B. Johnson, D. Kelly, R. Lilly, Tl. Lind, M. Mc-Call, C. Mc-Corlnii,-k. S. McDaniel, ll. Mc-Cleary, E. 1I6Xt'l', M. Millier, A. Moon, B. Morris, B, Morton. D. Mnirhrafl , ..E. - Murata, Y, Nagai, K. Nn11vpsf1', R. O'Nei1, P. Phillip, J. liedif.-an, B. Ribs, B. Richardson, TS. ROHSOTA, J. Rudd, D. Rudd, P, Hummens, If, Rush, f". SantSar, J. Sc-a1'piriatf+, J. SCELIIJJNZUJ, J, Schlappi, S. Slunoiamurzr. K Sflaglw, F, Smith, E. Smith, L. Stratton, J. Strunk, TJ. Takasaki, M. Thomas, S, Todd, K, XYatson, D, XVheeler, L. XX792'Lt1'lQ1'S, TP. VVilson, R, XVilson, S. Yamamoto, T. Zehner, N. Trunquist, G. PACE 39 BILL SALTONSTALL President, Second Semester PEGGY OGONNOR JL.. Vice-president, First Semester MARTHA SMITH Secretary, First Semester LOREN RUSSELL President, First Semester MARTHA STAGIS Treasurer, Second Semester GERTRUDE EWAN Treasurer, First Semester TOMMY APPLEWHITE FN Vice-president, Second Semester CLASS OF l942 This year's juniors vvere an up-and-coming class vvho participated in many school activities The lunior Follies vvas presented on Decem- ber sixth, this imaginary voyage around the vvorld vvas enjoyed by everyone, Mr. Harold Brovvn and the band added their lively music to the program According to tradition, the lunior-Senior Prom vvas successfully given by the juniors, The evening ot tormal dancing at the Masonic Temple in Pasadena vvas a pleasant change trom sport dances. luniors vvho vvere members ot the Scholarship Society vvere lacdue Duvall, Glenn Smith, Barbara Gibbs, lack Barry, Shirley Wilson, and Loren Russell, Outstanding in athletics vvere Richard Watson, Eugene Smith, Robert Forbes, and Don Waddell. luanita Schulz, Barbara Mueller, Fumiye Shinto, and Arthur Millier vvon honorable mention on their poetry in the Galitornia Anthology Contest. First semester otticers vvere Loren Russell, president, Peggy O'Gonnor, vice-president, Martha Smith, secretary, and Gertrude Evvan, treasurer. Second semester otticers vvere Bill Saltonstall, pres- ident, Tommy Applevvhite, vice-president, Peggy Koch, secretary, and Martha Stagis, treasurer. lunior "B" otticers were Harold Prosser president, Ernestine Mosley, vice-president, and Lucille Anderson secretary-treasurer, The teachers who guided and helped the iunior "A's" vvere Mrs. Guida Rice, chairman, Mrs Inez McEwen, Miss Kathryn Miller, Mr Gilbert lohnson, Mr. Thomas Potter, and Mr, Brooks Thompson. Mrs. Ruth Galvert sponsored the junior "B's". 1 i r i lllHSS ll '42 2 Z-Z' Adam, Cf. K Adams, M. Agin, M. Alford, B. Allen, H. Allen, B. Anglea, E. Applewliite. T. Arizaga, B. Barry, J. Barton, F. Beaston, A. Beckman, Il. Berlin, F. Berlin, R. Bevingftmi, L. Beyer, K. Beylik, C, Bickel, M. Bishop, B. Bishop, L. Blackman, F. Blumenthal, H. Blue, A. Bools, XV. Briano, L. Brockett, D. Brown, M. Buchanan, .l. 2Buechle, IC. Burkett, B. Burkhart, E. Calvin, M. Caplette, D. Carlton, H. Carr, L. Chapman, B. Chidester, H. Clair, S. Claprood, L. Collins, J. Fogswell. R. Corey, J. Fox, N. Ui-evolin. ll. Cox, R. Cunninehain -E n s , Davis, J. De-Lacey, S. Dennison, .l. Dermocly, XY. Dodge, XV. Dodson, J. Doidge. R. Donn, C. Dnskin, R. Duvall, J. Eakes, R. Elmore, R. Elmore, E. Ellis. C. Ellsworth, E. Elasser. D, Erbe, D. Erclman. B. Esparza, F. Esse, D. Estes, E. Ewan, G. -7gFaith, E. Ewing, F, Fenn, G. Fisher, B. Fisler, E. Fleishman, 'l'. Flood, A. Foster, ll. Frank, J. Franklin, L. Fuggitt, .I. Fiijimnto, T. Furnald, H. Galbraith, D. Ganrlrucl, H. Gangloff, Ll. George, N. Gibbs, B. Gibbs, S. Gibbs, G. Gish, D. Gleason, J. Goates, H. Goates, XV. Goetz, E. Gordon, J. Gorrell, D. Greene, B. Guerrero, L. Guess, F. Gullock, A. Gutierez, C. Hagerman, XV. Halverson, S. Hamlin, R. Hamm, R. Hanke, R. Hanley, R. Hansen, C.. Harris, J. Hawkins. H. l-laygood, F. Hayman, J. Hnzleliurst, L' Hecox, R. Henkle, M. Hess. K. Hicks, D. Hicks, G. Higa, Y. Hill, R. Hoehn, B. Hoffman, M. Holley, F. Holst, B. Hornbek, L. Hoult, XV. Houser, E. Howard, M. Huff, B. Hurst, M. Hurst, J. Hutchinson, Z. Iriyc, M Jackson, B. Jenkins, D. Jiles, L. Johnson, M. Johnston, E. , 1' Jones. PI.-4422.534 . 2222, Junes. ' ' ' ' ' Jones, K. Jnrcak, M. Kadma, K. T, Kanaki. T, 'Y Kaspai-, J. Kay, D. Kato, T. Kean. G. Ke-lson. W. Kendall, D. Ke-rsten, D. Ke-Vsten, M. King, K. Kingdon. J. Kinoshita. G. Koch, P. Kocher, G. Kurth, A. La1'omb, O. Lamb. Il. Lasher, R. Laughlin. B. Lawin. lv. Lee, J. U. Lewis, K, Lindsay, M. L0uiS, BI. Lowery. R. Lovitt, ll. Mac-C1'ay, M. All-Gee, Al. McGregor. A. McClea1'y, XY. Mc-Colluni, J. McNiel, R. Blwxivflluls, Y. All-l'liail. ll. BiL'I'hQI'SUll, Il. AIQICIJEII, ll. Mnrsliv-ck, R. Mzu'tin, Y. Aluteer, IC. Mathieu. li. Rlnxcy, ll. Blnxsun. R. Meadows, Al. Alcalg'l1r-13 R. llerlo, l. Alizuknnii, Y. Munoliai N. RlUIl1'0r', ' 1Ilml'r-, D. lv '1 MUUVB, IC. Monte, li Murein, MU1'1'iS, Ai0l'l'iSOll, H. Morrow, 'l'. Mueller, H Alullinier, I. N. iw. Murasliigv. li. Mustad, G. Yelson. l.. Nelson, J. Neunucbel. XV. Nims, R. 1.- NOII, J. Norton, R. ,,- Y. f,3, ," -L 15' -' 'Lf' 4124:.f.-. .1 C: O'Connor, P. O'Connor, V, Okita, K, Okuma, S, O'Nea1, J. Otsuka, S-. Page, M. Palmer, B, Partin, D. Patten, W. Patterson, H Pearson, F, Peniaal, E. Peratone, J. Pettker, V. Pickering, J. Pickett, D. Pierce, D. Pierce, M. Pollard, E. Powers, R, Powers, M. Prentice, R. Ragsdale, E. Ramirez, G. Reid, N. Renwick, R, Rice, H. Rich, H. Richardson, R. Roney, H. Roney, V, Ross, H. Rowland, K. Rusher, I. Russell, L. Sakamoto, F. Sakamoto, K. Sakatani. T. Sakata, H. Salisbury, A. Salmans, P. Saltonstall, F. Sandahl, D. Sanders, D. Savoie, B. Scarlett, VV. Schultz, J. Schutz, XV, Schweizer, VV. Sewell, D. Shade, M. Shanks, N. Shaw, XV. Shinto, F. Shipley, M. Simmons, D. Smith, A. Smith, B, Smith, D. Smith, E. Smith, L. Smith, R. Smith, M. Smith, R. Smith, O. Staben, L. Staggs, B. Stagis, M, Staten, B. Stem, VV. Stockton, V. Stradley, V. Sullivan, M. Sundmacher, I Sweet, F. Tamaki, H. Tamaki, K. Tamaki, Y. Temple, B. Thompson, TP. Tiberti, R. Tietjan, N, Tokeshi, Y, Trembly, V. Tusing, L. Tyra, D. Ueda, Y. Verloop, E, Vogel, M, Vick, J. Van Ronk, M. Walsh, P, Waltrip, F. Watanabe, F. VVatkins, M, VVatson, R. VVatt, J. Wernicke, D. Westbrook, M, Whitaker, R. Whittinghill, VS Whitehead, B. Whitney, E. XVickes, H. XViley, S, XVillian1s, J, lVilliams, L. NVilson, Tl, XVilson, ll. XVirt, M. xxvllllilllkllll, ll, lYomlson, ill. Yamamoto, K. Ynlnnlnoto, Y Yzunasliiro, Y Yule, B. En,-:','lisl1, T. Anderson, L, Andrus, D. Anthony, R. Arita, E. Arnspiger, D, Asato, T. Atkinson, B, Benson, P. Bond, B. Boone, V, Boyce, D, 4' jjf L Brooks, L. ,fl w Buehrle, B. JL Carnathan, .l'. Carr, D. Centeno, A, Chambers, R, Child, L. Christophe-rson, S. Clement, V, Comstock, R. Connelly, J. Conrow, T. Cook, B. Cooley, C. Corum, K, Davis, E, Davis, F, Davis, T. Dolan, M. Drum, XV. Drury, B. Erickson, H, Ferrell, L. Fosdick, l'. Frame, Im, Gailey, ld. Gifford, fl. Gomez, J, Gray, P. Grice, C. Grohs, D. Hagan, M. Hansen, N. Harding, A, Harral, XV, Harrison, T. Hasegawa, M. Heller, R. Hernandez, A. Hibhard, R. Hopper, R. 24-f Hurst, F, Taiwan iz Holley, C. .lossi, A, Johnson, lC. Kidd, A. Kittermnn, T, Klotzbaeli, R, Lennefelt, ll. Lehman, ll. Larson, .l. Liffick, A, l,1n1g', XV. llumldox, ll. Martin, lfl. Mills, .l. Aliyninoto, li. Mizener, ll. Aloriknwn, M. MUSIUX, lil, Mull, N. Allll'l2l1l,LZ'1l, ll. tYllrien, IC. l':ll'v, ll. l':u'ker, l'. l'uiim'su11, l'. l':1ytun, V. l'enni-r. l, Pratt, ll. l'1-if-st, ll. l'I'uSe, XV. Prosser, ll. Reid, B. Rivllaxlwlsm-ii, l., llolminson. C, Rohde, .l. Snknniotu, N, Szlnlmorim, I-I, S1-liolwr, li, 4 xl' .4 P All ll-Jain U1 .e W LM 3,151.4 3 Schwind, G, Scovell, B. Settle, J. Sharp, D. Shim, R. Slack, J, Shay, D. Slocuinb, VV. Smith, G. Smith. VV. Smith, S. Stinson, T. Stone, E. Stone, T. Schober, L, Tabb, S. Taylor, D, Thatcher, G. Thomas, M. Thomas, V. Torrance, B Tracy, J. Tunstall, M. Vosberg, J. XVa1ker, H. VVard, G. VVeathei'ford, G. VST.c,h.hm-L. Webb, C. .. . -Aa-mWeis, B. Wfestbrook, C. lYillian1s, J. Anglea, E. Coons, N. Forbes, R. Nelson, Bett Robinson. O Rouse, B. Rowe, M. Rubarth, P. Salas, M. YVade. R. Briano, E. Flogerzi, Munson, Orr, M. Thienes, L, Y liver CAMERA-SHY IUNIORS Brown, H. McCla1'y, V. Culp, J. Moncton, R. Gibbs, E. Mcliauwn, T. Gibbs, R. Nielson, L. Giraud, M. Noble, J. Greeson, O. Searle, B. Haggan, G. Schwarz, D. Hahn, D. Shimacla, B. Hampton, J. Shuinard, F. Hawkins, J. Talinan, G. Kelley, M. Tucker, F. Vfacldell, D. VVade, R. VVarWick, G. Wfatanabe, B. NVilson, H. Yano, T. Albers, O. Bedolla, A. Benjamine, L. Briano, E. Felkner, M. Griffith, D. Jenkins, G. Jones, C. Millikan, C. Morgan, J. Michols, D. Orr, M. Palmer, B. Richarclxon, X. Spooner, R. Sutton, B. XVheeler, G, PACE 45 Ms., b ton, Frank Diaz, Dorothy Madden, Mary l-lelen Akin, Elynor Valentine, Ann Finney, Marilyn PAGE lj Wiggiiws, Dwight Andrus, lim Tozier, lack Barton CLASS CDF I943 El Monte is really proud of its sophomores, Under the able direction ot the class sponsors, Mrs, lune lnlallock, Mr, Lester Mchlichols, and Mr. l-larold Webb, the class gave the very successful Sophomore Frolic tor their own entertainment The Frolic included dancing, the all important refresh- ments, and the unique program, Their school spirit was unapproachable and their good times many. Sophomore members of the Scholarship Society were Sue Starr, Sumie Yamamoto, leannette Perry, Sarah Finkel, Caroline l-lendin, Cordon Kean, and lim Mattheis, and Mary l-lelen Akin. Class otticers tor the tirst semester were Dwight Andrus, president, Phyllis Kennedy, vice-president, Dorothy Madden, secretaryg Marilyn Wiggins, treas- urer Second semester otticers were Bill Norton, president, lack Barton, vice-president, Ann Finney, secretary, Marilyn Wiggiiws, treasurer. Abbott, B. Addleman, C. Adsit, S. Asfin, L. Akin, M. Alderson, ll, Allen, D, Allum, L. Anierjan, M Anderson, H. Anderson, R, Anglea, .T. Anglea, lll, Arias, A. Arthur, li, Atwood. V, Babe-r, l'. Bader, li. Bailey, tl, Baker, E. Baker, E. Banue-los, fl Bates, S. Basore, E. Beaston, L. Bearer, B, Re-issel, G. Bennett, L. Bement, I-2, Berry, L. Bethel, E. Bctrue. J. Bird, L. Bishop. G. Blackburn, l Blew, M. Bloomer, A. Bogue, L. Braswell, L. Brierley, D. Brock, D. Broombaugh. Brown, A, Brown. D, Burd. L. Burrows, J, Butler, S. Bulloigl-1. L. l'il'UllgE'l', h. Valdwell. J. Vaniplwll, S Varlson, E. Fassriel, L. Pastruita, V Chamberlain Chase, N. Chico, BI. Childs, E. Childs, II. Chisum, Y, Chorneau. I1 l"iauri, M. Plein, J. Llemlner, J. Cline, V. Plough, J. Cochran, J. Collins, V. Vfonger, XY. Vonklin, B. Cook, A. Look, E, rruke, YV. 4'fl4fu1Jv?1', F. Vorbe-tt, XV. 1. 4-. ox, C. Vox, Y, Pravatt. C. Crook, XY. f'ruZ, H. 4'l'USSEll, K. urry, B. urtis, R, Dashner, K. Davidson. 4'. Davies, J. Davis, B. Kf- ff. Davis, T. Dawson, ll De-Angelis, L. Deem, U. Dennis, E, De-pert, R. Diaz, F. Donaldson, li. Downum, L. Duckett, .I. Dumas, B. Dunbar, P. Duskin, P. Eaks, R. Easley, J. Eaton, F. klevelannl. L. 1 M I L-hols, D. L-hols, J. Elrod, G. lfinglish, A. Evickson, R. Ewan, J, Wt'llll0l', J, Fennell, Ill. C E Finkel, Su Finney, A. Fisller, B. Fix, F. Foster, R. l1'lowe1's, A. l'x0l'flll'l9, J. F1'zlzie1', G. Fl'l1Gl'l1Z'l11, J. Frey, A. Frost-l1a11e1', M Flmggate, B. Funo, B. Gipson, F. Godfrey, J. Goetz, L, Gomez, J. Cfodclinan, J. flnrdon, R. Gordon, H. Gossen. XV. Gray, K. Gronewald, A. Grady, E. 'll'B.hEllH, D. Green, D. flrubbs, J. Gulley, D. Hachiya, S. Hasferman, N. Hall, P. Hashimoto, B. Hallett, Ill. Hagen, G, Hale, V, Hansen, M. Harvey, T. Haskins, E. Haughton. B. Haws, J. Hawkins, XV. Hazama, Y. Hefling, H. Helton, J. Hetrick, F. He-nnes, H. Hester, R. Heywood, D. Higgilis, R. Higrnite, M. l-lm-lcenberry, Al Hnldridge, ll. Hulauin, A. Hullis, M. Hnrslmol, R. Hurnlreck, D. l-lustetler, XY, lfluwurd, 411 Hubbell, IZ. Hmm, M. llunt, E. Hunt, S. Isl-Vi, M. Jewel, R. - .l4lllllSUll, lx. .lUllllSllll, ll. .luhnsun l' .lwhnsun, U. Juris. .l. , . luulnlzl. S. Kanitzn. IC. li:1llmvyv1', ll. Kuwzii, Y, liezin, G. Kirklizun. li. Kelley. ll. K1-nnofly, ll. liimlwl, NV. King, .l. liizer, C. Kizzier, ll. Klein. L. Kling, A. Kulwp, L. Knlmllmuc-1', 16. Kring, D. Kurasliital, Rl. lfllNV1lll1ll'2l, ll. liuwulizlval, 'l'. l.n1'1m1lJ, 'I'. l12llll'SI'll, ll. Lee, it l.vn11y, 1. lA'011iLl'd, li. l,vu11a1'd, XV. Liebig, JC. ' x Lind, J. Linden, D. Lingle, G, Littell, R. Lockwood, V. Logfzg, B. Lovingfoss, A, Lucero, C. Luman, B. Lunn, L. Lutton, R. l,yba1'g'er', XY Mc-Afee, J. Mc-Pain, A. My-Cleary, 11 Mc'1'a1'thy, J McCauley, F Mc-Clellan, G Mc-Ffulloush, ll Mc-Gee. R. XIcKinley, R Mcfbubeney, L. Mapes, J. Ma1'ig'e1', L. Niadden, D. xI'll'k9hlIl'Y. N, Mfursliall, D. Martinez, J. Xlartinez, U, Xlartinez, P. Nlathans, P. Matuskey, F. Nliittheis, J. xl51tth6'XVS. A. Xlnveda. E. llefglia-ni, R. Welton, R. Al9fZll1g't'l', C. .Hillel-. A. Miller, F. Nliller. H. Hills. D. Wlivakawa. R. Wlivvino. H. Nlohl. J. Holler, A. Nfo1itQ'ome1'y, li Moody, C. Metsinger, KIOO1'f:, I. Morgan. K. Niorikawa, T. Moromi, S. Morris, J. llorrow, M. Mun,f:er, E. Alurphy, J. Nakama, H. Xakamnra. Y. Nemtzow. L. Nissen, XV. Nixon, G. Nopper, L. Novak. B. Nugen, B. Nulton, J. Nunn, H. Uathout, A. Ogle. D. Hkada, L. Ulson, L. Hwen, IJ. Padilla, J. Parker, J. Parker, XV. Parks, R. Patzaman. fl. Pearson, R. Rea rson, R Peckham. S. Perry, J. Peters, N. Phelan, TP. Phillips, A. Pike, C. Pollarcl, li. Pollard, TI. Pollarrl. lv. Powell, Il. f"1'octo1', B. I'1'oc'to1'. J. Hahn, H. Ramos, S. Reese, B. Reimer, C. Reynolds, R. Higgs, IP. Rindels, R. Rippee, P. Robbins, A. Robbins, B. Roberson, N. Roberts, B. Roberts, E. fh- 'UF vs 'Q' ra' AF' 454' 6,3 . gg, f.' W' ' ,JZ .. X. M .9 lv- An- . G- G ff- MH 3' M' I I I 05 J., 3 L... Rohinson, D. , Rodriquez, F. Honey, G, Rust-, U. Rosen, S. Rowland, ll, Roy, J. Sziliaifriiii, I". Sulgzido, I". Snller, J. Sansom, U. lim-liiya, S. Shannon, ll. Schmidt, .l. St-hutz, L. St-ouras, ll, Shaffstall, li. Shaw, B. Shimoguchi, Y. Skaggs, L. Skinner, J. Smith, J. Smith, A. Smith, D, Smith, . . 4 t f-rw Smith, Try Smith, T, Snyder, M. Stadter, XV. S-tanfield, Al. L Smith, M. V, R Smith, Stafford, L. Stafford, R. Stewart, A. Stoddard, E. Stout, A. Stratton, B. Stratton, M. Sweeney, Il. Swetnika, H. Swift, F. Tedford, G. Thomas, R. Thomas, V. Thornburg, H, Tillery, B. Todrl, VV. Tokwshi, IS. Tokwshi, M. 'l'ootl1aC're, S. 'l'oi'ranf'e, U. 'I'i'autloff, I.. Trayer, T'. 'l'i'owln'idgv, Ii, 'l'l'uhy, Tl. 'I'ynwson, M. L'n,fs,'e1', L. Ergo, D. Valdez, R. Valentine, E. Valles, P. Van Campen, H. Van Vlymf-n, J. XVakita, M. XXvRlfliEll, I-2. XVallf-ice, H. XV?llllll,Q,', H, XVan+-V, .I. VVanlass, l'. XVatanah9, .l. XVe'ls'h, T. XVvslon, H. XY+Jyg'a1id, ll, XVig:,'g:ins, Ill. XVip,'ht, H. XYilt-fix, I". NYilkvi'so1i, tl. XYilliums, I.. XYilsuli, YY. XYisn-l', l', NYUUKI, ff. XVrip,'lit, li. XY:1ltvi', N. XX'ooflhuin, . XY:-nzle, N. Yninaunoto, J. Y.im:1moto, S, V . I Youngstrom. l'. Admins, E. .Al1'.ll'ldf:1't', lfl. Aloxzilidev, J, Arnkawa, K, Arhm'kl9, Il, At:-liley, NV. Boissel, F. Bt-lote, Fl, Benson, A. Berry, D. Ht-st-1'ra, 'l'. Bit-kt-l, H. Boyce, G, Bradley, B, Britton, S. I MPA ,. .Ni urs Row N L L hX.3lTlQUl t Dean R iter Calvin Brovvn Frank Morales Bottom Row: Pat Slagle, XX td Daxis lXlarie Xloiri Nancx Povvers, Marjorie Shields, Mildred Allum T 'X FRESI-IMAN CLASS The freshman class, sincere, eager, ambitious, began high school life vvith all the essentials of success Their pep and enthusiasm made them pop- ular, their leadership made them progressive, and their scholarship made them outstanding. Under the excellent leadership of Mrs. Ethel Klingerman and Mr, C. L. Wahlduist, the freshmen held a class assembly and sponsored a noon dance in the school gym, The Freshman Round-up, the first class evening activity the freshmen at El Monte have ever had, vvas a party especially for freshmen. The class officers were Frank Morales, presi- dent, Mildred Allum, vice-president, Nancy Povvers, secretary, Wanda Davis, treasurer, Marjorie Shields and Pat Slagle, Girls' Court, Dean Ritter and Calvin Brovvn, Boys' Court, Members of the Scholarship Society were George Bergstrom and Franlq Weiss, l-lere's to the class of '-lil, may your activity be famous, your parties enjoyable, and your school spirit have plenty of energy, vigor, and snap' PACE 53 Elmore, P. Lmry, J. ldnriquez, L. lirbe, H. ldriulison, U. mrno, Y. lust-ujuri, A. ldrwm, H. ldstep, F. lu lfjstradu, G. vans, V. xton, S. stes, M, li li l"lll'lllb'l', E. lfelkner, L. l"ernandez, Feriiandez, Fine, L. l-'inney, B. Flagg, V. lflores, R. Foley, N. Foster, E. Fredeen, S. Freeman, H. Gibbs, G. hreibott, NV. Fritz, A. rurman, T. Bunk, NV. Furutani, J. Gabler, VV. B. B. Gammell, A. Liaudrud, A. uereghty, 15. uetman, L. Gilbert, S. liillner, K. Gish, L. Goodwin, R. Gravatt, H. Gravely, J. Greene, P. Groom, S. Guerrero, S. Guevara, R. Gutierrez, A. Gutwein, D. Halmes, F. Hagan, D. Hall, A. Hall, N. Hamilton, C. Hamlin, C. Hampton, .I. Harding, NV. Hardy, B. Harmon, L. Harrington, Harrington, Hawk, C. Haygood, H. Helton, E. Henrietta, Y. Henderson, Henson, D. Henry, T. Hernandez, Hester, I.. Hewitt, L. Hewson, R. Hickox, R. Hickox, Y. Hicks, B. Hicks, R. llill, S. Hiflgrins, B. lwlillseth, P. Hoffman, .-X. llold1'id,2'e, L. Holguin, A. Hood, I. Hoover, J. Jackson, ll. Hope, NV. Hopper, B. ill. llorn, H oward, NV. lloward, 'l'. H ughes, G Hughes, R. Hronek, M. Irvine, B. Jackson, B. Jarvis, P. James, H. .Iulinsoi1, D. Jones, D. Jones, H. Jones, M. Jones, S. Jordan, V, Joyce, M. Kauling, .I. E. H B. J. Kean, E. Kelso, R, Kellum, E. Kennedy, F. King, B. King, B, Kirk, .l. lilllllblhltll, A, Kloos, R. Koltzbach, L, Knieper, P, Koeller, J, Kosha, H. Koslia, l. Krebs, I, Krlcoska, L, Kuhn, B, Kuhn, H, Kunka, Ii. Kurasliitzi, H, Kvetensky, H Lang, R. Larson, ll. haursen, IG, Mt-l,'a1'thy, ll. Lawler, .l, Leach, J. Le Bret-ht, l', Leila, ll, Lingle, I-Z. llloy, M. Long, C, Lovitt, M. LLlL'6l'Ll, ll. Luttrell, l.. Mt-Nairn, I'. Mcl'lr-llalanl, MQL'lm-llansl, 1 3iL'1'1.1llllell, LI, Aidcllullzllsl, l N101 Il't"' U , . D ig li. Melaaugl lllll MQNery, 1-, MQPhail, 'l' MeVay, 1' Maekley. l.. JIRCJCIUX, li. Major, E. Marquez, M. Martin, J. Martinez, IC. Martinez, Q. Maxy. R Meadows, H. Medina, L. 1lvrfI'ul'lji. V. Miller, H. Miller, M. Miller, S. Miller, XY. Miltenberger, Misener, XV. Miyagi, Y. Mixon, X. , ll. E. D, L. Morales, l-' , I' J. V Monroe Monty, Moore, Moore, Morgan Morgan Morgan Morris, M. Morrison. Morrison, Morse, Ii. Mortetnsen, TI Murray, M. Montenegro, IC. Miller, M. fl. I'. NPISUI1, M, NlShillluIu, Nishiniura, Nixon, B, Norton, lr. Nowell, V. Nyherg, M. url'-n, YV. I . H. U'Grarly, J Hkunia, J, Ulding, .l. 0'Nea1, B. O'Neill, L. Opie, R. Ortega, L. Urtiz, A. Padilla, L. l'alnn'osy+ E. Varaciez, J. Pardee, J. Parker, H, Parker, H. Patterson, R, Paul, L. , . S. .I F' 4, at "' Q. WI' ww' 'iv' M... W- N., fx T, l an Gif'- -Jfv mf. '47 Kny- pax -Q Paulsen, B. Payton, G. l'vgi'an1, NV. l't-nfold, 13. l'vnt'0ld, 'I', Perez, R, l'u1'i'y, Ll. Fvterson, F. l'l:1tz, E. l'ul:1nsky, S. l'ottv1', G. Powers, N. l'rz1y, J. l'1't-ntice, D. l'1'indle, J. llzigsdale, J. llmnirez, J. liainos, M, Randolph, L. Reynolds, R. Riggs, No. Richards, .T. Riley. J. ltituhie, E. Ititter, D. Robbins, J. Roberts, B. Robinson, A. Rudriquez, IXI. Hoge-rs, K. Rnlirer, A. Romano, CT. Russ, D. Ross, D. Ross, G. Howden, R. Roy, J. Hut-kman, XV. Rudd, K, Ruedy, P. Ruth, L. Rye, D, Sanborn, A. Sanders, D. Sandova,l J. S-zindstroin, 1' Schultz, IW. Svhwartz, I, Smvlf, N, Sessions, P. Slit-i'1'y, D, Shields, E. Shields, M. Shimizu, B. Sullivan, M. Shiniogut-hi, O Shippey, P. Silvas, L. Sims, B. Skinner, .T. Slagle, P. Smith, B. Smith, C. Smith, C. Smith, J, Smith, L. Smith, N. Smith, R. Smith, R, Smith, S. Smith, XV. Smith, YV. Snelen, .T Snolen, XY. Sn0d2'I'ass .l. Simi-ks, NV S-orenson. V. Spvnr, R. Stanford, Q . Stainsoll, ll. w Stanley, lt. Staples. .l. Slzlrr. H. Stn-uns, .l. Slvii1lu'11gg41-V. .I Stinv, H. Strunk, tl. Siu-s, A. Simi, R. Stafford, ll SllL1'llllOtU, 'I'. Surlwr, A. Swift, F. Swing, R. 'Fzikt-uclii, I. Tate, C. 'l'lu-oplielwf, ll Thomas, li. Tlimnpsmi, 'I' 'I'lwmpson, Y. Timmins, li. Tnkoshi, Tl. 'I'olmaQlmft', N Tnlnmn, D, Adam, C. Adams, L, Aguinaga, T, Akin, D, Aikin, E. Allen -X ' 1-XllllIlJ,A lll.u2.e0f Ames, A, Anderson, J. Andrew, L. Argott, A. Arizaga, E. Arnesen, R, Arreaga, M Balham, E, Baker, R. Barker, l'. Barker, R. Beesley, N, Belcher, Fl. Benioll, R. .B91'gStl'Ulll, ku. Bernal, J. Blat-kinon, L. Bledsoe, R. Bogard, E. Bolliiiger, C. Boltun, M. Bund, T. liorg, E. Bmvers, E. Brauiiwalder, Briseu NI Blkwuk lx IQFUXVII Brmvii, . Brown. E. Brmvii G Browiiell, . Hrawley, J. ', U. H H lrlrundle. 1. Buell. B. Buell, LE. Burt, L. Byrtus. R. Buell, F. Carleton, J. C rnatlian. J. jarpenter, V. qi 526110, A. , xg, eon, H. C struita, R, Y .ei'Vantez. J. I Ch2LSSsa-LL ' Y Chidester, J. Childs, B. 1 I x Clark, F. Clark, G. Clubb, A. Cole, D. ole, F. Collins, J. 1'- Collins, Y. V'oCrpei', R. f"o1'ona, C. Cortez, M. l"OV3l'l'l.lblElS, F. vox, Bob. Vrane, B. C1'awfoi'd, E. Prook, R. 1"mr.k, R. f'u1peppei'. D. ,. Dashner, S, Ilastal, XY. Davila, S. Davis, VV. Dawson, FI. lvay, F. he Angelis, J. De Lac-ey, F. IJe1'e, D, De Salliers, Lletiege, D. Dittus, E, Dockens, FJ. I mflsun, R. flunuho, B. Ilospital, J. hospital, J. lmxvning. fl. Drake, f". Duke, G. Dunham, I-Z. Dunn, M. Dutro, K. Eaks, L. Ebihara, T. Edwards, B. Edwards, B. Elenbass, M. Ellis, VV. Ellsworth, N, .unninghany M. 4'- r -ww. T' 'W VK fn-. 'frm- hw -551 ...M 1 Am .Q 'Y' 'HSE' -as mf ,ef Q- 9. 5' , f 41 lf vi- , f 12 f 1 :J 6. fl gf " A Wg, , fzffwf ' 'WK TYR- 'Qan- wr 1.x-A we Q' ,-an 0, .px , ,17'f - . 1 ., . '1' M S? .X ,M , .sq ' . , 'S'- , 53' , V My R4 ll A fp gs :gk my 'mfr . rs 1-H. S Q nb 'LT' X 1 1. " ... , . l ,W is 1, 4 if f Q X x fy Xzlv f 'v 'W 'w 5 r-- ,. . ,Z 1 , 2, Q- .- K f, ll - M Am Q . "i l l I 45 Q f 1 A 'CBI , I . '.., ,wi A l ff ' 3 m Q., 4? ,Q 1 Q J , J 95 ., X X f 4V Q. 1 ff, ,of iq-mf QA 1. lf L5 F-L 5. 1 .A . - -'x 'eww 1 . XA '59 Y : X 3 4 I N F , X -- . K . . -- 0 3 iw- I 2 All wi, , 'SSP 'X . , ' l I 'l'1'zu1tloff, l-I. 'l'1'0wb1'idg'e, 'll1'Lll1li, M, llmemutn, 'I' l'l'ill F X alles, .l, V Yun lmlzl-V, I., X'ng'vs, li, XX':1desun, Il, XX'.u'd, U. XX ukinu, AI, XX:1kefiel1l. If' XX'z11'ren, U. XX'ez1tl1e1's, Il XX'ez1tl1e1'Q, l. XX'eddle, l', XX'vg'e1', l'. XX'eiss, F. XX'e-lder, M. XX'enzell, ll, XX'eyg':1nd, B. XX'hitakel', F XX'hitti11g'hill, XX'i1liams, U, XX Amd, I L XX'u0dwzu'cl, S, XYU1'klll3ll, IC. XX'l'ig'ht, A, Yamashhinn, YHIIO, H, Yano, R. Yusucll, Y, Hale, J. Andersnun, K, Allcle-rsml, 'l', Ashley, H. Autler, I., Bake-1', 'I'. Bailey H Bates, T. Beaver, XV. Lk-wse-X, li, Blackburn, .l Hlue, A. Bumar, .l. Bowers, ll. l-Irlietwl, IJ, Hl'UXX'l'l, ll., Bl'l,1XX'1l, li Hraclley, 'l'. Buhler, E. Hurd, IC Burke, F. t'a1111Jbell, S. 4"e1'va11tez, lf' Vlurk, N, 1"lemiuQfm. .l. Uolquitt, ll, Nook, .l. Forum, E. Crevolin, Il. l'l'uSSl6X', fl. 4'u1'ren. H. Davis, L. lJeGa1'nm, tl. lletivzlaf, XV. Dittmvr, L. El-kblad, A. Farley. M. Fittinger, A. Flores, IC, lllillldlill, M. Fonks, M. Fnrshef-, ll. Gautuey, .X. Falulkncr, .l. Grnlmm, U. Griffin, K Grijzllvzl, l-'. hue, U. Haines, ll, llupguw, l". llulsnlupll-, 1' Ilzlrxlegrv, 4l. llllylllllll, Al. llzlrris, S. llc-ulin, AI. lluelme, .I. llicks, P. .lan-lison, U. Jenkins, ll, Jenkins, li. Jones, IXI. Kaufman, .l. Kirsch, G. K1-ndall, Nl. Raines, L. Yode-1', H, Zaumwrn, ll. .I .X iilihili, B. Kelly, E. Kunka, M. Klein, E. Landmann, C. Lane, S. Latus, C, Latus, M. McCall, H, Lewis, L, Loomis, B. Lopez, D. Lorring, A, Lovemark, M. Lyons, D, McCollum, C. Mc-Kown, G. Mc-lntosh, R. MeNichols, B. MacKay, A, Manning, li, Mareuni, A. Mark, R, Martin, B. Marshall, M. Metsinger, E. Mareuni, A. Moore, D, Muela, L. Muhlstein, l'b. Murata, S. Murashige, Ll Nakamura, S. Newberry, I1- Nordstrom, I-' Mayfield, ml Pace, B. Pierce, N, Rasc-on. tl. Reid, M. Remmers, R Reyes, J. Rider, D. Roberson, F Oishi, G. Rodrigues, A, Rossel, J. Sal-zaniotol 11. Seifert, E. St-nionian, A. Sell, M. Shimaniura, M Smith, E. Usborne, R. 1. Spencer, R. Stndter, E. Stem, J. Stevens. J. Stuart, B. Swiney, M. Schuster, lf. Takasaki. N. Perez, R. Takanii, T. Temple, D. TenNaple, H. Terraeeiano, F Terr3', G. Thatcher, J. Tompkins, P. Trowbridge, D. Peterson, X. Trunk, L Valdez, E. XValters, B. XVeatherford, E. XVebb, J. lVestfall, E. XVheeler, E. XVhite. J. Robinson, J, XYi,fz2ins, C. XVi2ht, G. XVorkman, G. XYright, P. XVylie, R. Young, B. Bartlett. B. Barmore, J. Roskelley, L. Becker, K. Becker, K. Bomar, J. Bowlin, XV. Callahan, E. Chenoweth, ff. Collins, D. Davilla, S. Rowe, R. Duchesne, XY. Duerden, XV. Ecldings, G. Flaff, M. Fry, G. Fryer, L. Gullick, R. Garcia, A. Remlinger, P. Hoover, P. Hoover, J. Plorspool, G. Hickey, C. Irwin, R. Kammeidiener, J Krebs, R. 5,f:f 4 i 1 3 .f' !,i,,f' 5 3 " ff ,rv ff , 1 ff' f' 5 .wg 995 , I ,fffffif 4? 5 s ., A ...A ,.:1. -. . .L., i f NN. 17Q K KR wifi! 0 f ' f ' : gy. F 1 an 'Anne fm A an yi' gg, tm Plrx ,. X . is N. F - A ,, il 9f:.., c " - -'SAV ,, L-MW y... .. ...., - , Mg,,,M,mm--M-M-M Qyy .Q E so E 1- 2 5333 EifffiQ xii XSKNSQE gb SEHQQQQE S3 xiii ' 1 J 1 PACE . I A S 5 , f' WM" R is V1 .x-9' , PACE 66 .X,,,,. 5 Q Qvg- ,X PAQE PAGE 68 Kc: gm I JT 1 5 5 ' i 5 i k-Y ,t V.-an-. -. K ,Q g - h K t x A. xxx kkkl H ...,A X ,. M , .Q ,. ,, .X.K, ... ,... , . , ,.... , .QQ., WMM, . ' M QMVYVQ JLTW M "W1',D ' Y' ' -'Can' fax-frff.,.,-:wd-fy V ' 0 W, fM,,,Q WWW ,J -Mwwvww www- gym! . ajlfifigic WM . . 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H AJC flflnwh-4 JJV4-4, Q54,-3,-Q,,',.,,- g 1 ii 7, I' ,,... x 'ff 5j,f,.,df WHA CM I tl Lf. 'K S 2355-A K N I 1 I I if 1 RAGE TO EUNICE STACIS President BARBARA JESSEN Vice-President lp' l MARTHA STACIS Secretary lOYCE Sl-IERBURNE Treasurer C-BIRLS' LEAGUE 'Q I 'A 1 The Cirls' League is one ot the most important organizations ot the school, Its aim is to uphold the ideals ot the school and to assist students and visi- tors in every possible vvay, The Girls' League sponsored many activities dur- ing the year. The tirst big event' was the Girls' League Kid Party, an annual attair helm Qonor of incoming freshmen, On the first day o hesecond semester, the nevv freshmen girls vvereyhovvn a- round the campus. Several vocational semblies vvere presented, and at Christmas time the League sponsored a toy drive, The Cirls' League Council is composed ot ten representatives from each ot the tour classes. Ott- icers tor the year were Eunice Stagis, presidentg Barbara lessen, vice-presidentg Martha Stagis, sec- retary, loyce Sherburne, treasurer, Miss Ruth l-lop- lxins and Miss Margaret Crosby vvere the advisors. lilllll' llllllll llllllllll X? l' 'B a ' l' Lynn lreland MaLLWar.uer yr inla lerry Bruton Betty lo Nowell Sally Sclwuler Marilyn Spencer Angee Terrarctano lean XNatt Florence Wallrtp Barbara Mueller Gloria Gibbs Barbara Hutt Stella De Lacy Peggy O'lXlei,l Annabelle Brown Gertrude Ewan lvlary Helen Alain Shirley Butler Betty Conklin Dorothy Green Betty l-lasl'ni'noto lorane King Barbara lylcliinley Gloria Nixon Elynor Valentine Kay Kinoslaita ont Cliasse Pat Slagle l?1oEa Byrteri l-lazel Miller Nllldrecl Alll,ll'I'l Brie Starr Helen Brown Victoria Henrietta Pat I-lil-setli PAGE 7l PAGE 72 L If 'ft Roy ERICKSON President DON WADDELI. Vice-Rr sident f LOREN R Secre y RICHARD IACKSON President RICHARD WATSON Vice-President EUGENE SMITH Secretary BOYS' FEDERATION The El Monte Union High School Boys' Federation, the most active in California, includes as its members all boys of the school. Through the work of Supt. Robert S, Hicks and Mr. George Phelps, advisor of the Federation, it was reorganized during the second semester. The name was changed from Boys' League to Boys' Federation, A new constitution was approved by the Student Body Council and the Federation was given charge of the Boys' Court, All of the Federations in the schools of California and Arizona were organized through the efforts of our own Mr. Hicks, The first meeting was held at EUHS. May l7, Meetings are to be held twice yearly, The Mother and Son Football Banquet, the Sports Carnival in April, and a complete Boys' Week program were sponsored by the Federation, The Sophomore Service Club, consisting of twenty-five sopho- more boys, are a part of the Federation, They will take charge of the incoming freshmen next year. Social activities are planned by the lunior Service Club. First semester officers were Roy Erickson, president, Don Wad- dell, vice-president, Loren Russell, secretary, Don Garrett, treasurer. Officers for the second semester were Dick jackson, president, Dick Watson, vice-president, Gene Smith, secretary, lack Nelson, treasurer, Hlll llllllllllll it f 0 Ralph King, Sheldon Hill, Earl Adams, Yodomi Okumura, limmy Mattheis Dean Kring, Everett l-lickey, Elmer l-lelton, Yoshi Ota, Gene Smith wing, Elvvin Clemmer, Sylvan lack Nelson, lack Waddell Richard Watson, Lawrence Briano, Bud Pollard, lack Dennison, l-larry Wall Don Waddell, Erwin Estes, Bill Laughlin, Donald johnson, Don Garrett. Cal Shull, Richard Kelly, Melvin Loyd Albert Robbins, Bill Loman. PACE 73 IIMMY MORRISON Rresident, First Semester ROBERT ROLANSKY Vice-President, First Semester GORDON WRIGHT Secretary, First Semester Vice-President, Second Semester KENNETH SIEGFRIED President, Second Semester MAX MORELOGK Secretary, Second Semester DON GARRETT Treasurer LION KNIGHTS The l.ion Knight organization is the most highly honored service club on the campus lt is composed of senior boys vvho have been elected by the male section of the student body, Guided by their distinctive motto, "lt shall be done"', the Lion Knights, during the past year per- formed many fine services for the school. On the registration days, prior to the opening of the fall semester, the Knights helped freshmen and nevv students get acquainted vvith the campus and its students The Lion Knights also ushered at many affairs, held Student Gourt, and patrolled the cam- pus during the noon hour The fine carnival and successful Rioneer Day Gostume Dance were spon- sored jointly vvith the Lionesses The persons who did so vvell in guiding the club through a most successful year vvere Mr, Raul l-lad- ley, advisorg ltmmie Morrison and and Kenneth Siegfried, presidentsg Bolt Polansky and Gordon Wright, vice-presidentsg Gordon Wright and Max Miirirlocl-, secretaries, Don Garrett, treasurerg and Di I Bouchifr and Yodomi Okumura, sergeants-at- arnis fi X n f MUN KNIHHIS R' 'X EV1CL'.wlW Laux Shnmnmmua Qkww DdUlw ,H C,- VJ f gi 'fa 'ijii' . "W ,,, , Jaw any ' aw M327 CdYJHuN X PwberTSnwTh ? an guv , fy R5 Z 7 VNU xi NN-fi ann' PAGE 76 wr-'tif N--9 I TSI , NYXKNF I fl l lx 'Sift l N l All IOYGE SHERBURNE SHIRLEY ESSE OYGE DODSON Secretary, First Semester MARTHA STAGIS Treasurer, First Semester Nvaurgl' PEGGY O'NEIL LYNN IRELAND .M Vice-President, Second Semester SHIRLEY oiees IEAN WATT LIONESSES The Lionesses vvere composed ot the outstand- ing junior and Senior girls. They helped the nevvi girls to teel at home at the beginning ot the yeah, ushered at assemblies, served at various social functions, and promoted school loyalty, They also held Girls' Court to help the students keep out ot trouble. The Lionesses' social attairs consisted of night meetings once a month, a vveelx-end in the moun- tains, and the annual progressive dinner, In the spring, the Lionesses and Lion Knights held a carni- val in vvhich all the clubs ot the school tools part. A do-nut sale was given to buy nevv jackets, Otticers for the tirst semester vvere loyce Sher- burne, president, Shirley Esse, vice-president, Ioyce Dodson, secretaryg Martha Stagis, treasurer. Second semester otticers were Peggy O'NeiI, presi- dent, Lynii Ireland, vice-president, Shirley Gibbs, secretary, lean Watt, treasurer, Miss Margaret Grosby and Miss Ruth Hopkins, advisors, have done much to be ol service to the students ot El Monte. President, First Semester rj Vice-President, First Semester President, Second Semester Secretary, Second Semester Treasurer, Second Semester W ry Wsyff V, M,1f?J'w . My 5fP,frV"l55,+fff M' frfprjgff ,wif V' if ?f?ifW' Barbara lessen Armgee Terraccua O Bormme Hoist Marriyrm Spermer Ann Cady Mary Warmer Eumce Sfagus Georgia Riggrms Virgima Ofommor Peggy Oformor Martha Smith ,ff WW ,f M ,629 .C 3 'y ni22"? df' ,f f Vx X f W1 1 .9 " f- W ff' uorsi SQUIRES The Lion Squires, composed ot outstanding junior boys, had a very active year, The club is a service organization and was ot great help to the Lion Knights. The groups social activities were many and varied, The most noteworthy were a banquet at Alvin Culloclds home, several trips to the mountains and beach, and an ice skating party. Mr, lvlark Urner, popular physical science instructor, was sponsor ot this group. The student otticers were Don l.awin and lacque Duvall, presidents, Kenneth Botts and loe l-lawlsins, vice-presidents, and Ray Cos, secretary. First Row: Sakamuto, lselson, Estes, Lavvin, l-lawlsins, Culloclz, Llrner Second Row: Saltonstall, Barry Duvall, Watt, Stem, Berlin, Cos, Russell, Applewhite, l-lachiya, l-loult X Don l.awrn larli Waddell First Row: Simon, l-lennes, Stemr ketield, Russell, laflcson, Ofiradx Smith, Powell Wright, Brown, Shove, Scott Second Row: Wylie, lfring, Slittlei, Dennison, line, Barn, Olcumuia, Mona han,-Watson, Waddell, lylorrison, Boucher, lvlortrrn, Briana, Daxrs, Salamgrto Third Row: Patterson Bauer, Sullivan, Wall, Smith, Siegfried, l-lenrretta, lvliifullnugh, Eiiclssnn, Seeleit, Garrett, Nelson, lifrlll Wloreloclf, Palmer, Centeno, l.eBrecht, Silvas, Pieisnn, Pollard, Duncan LETTER MEN'S CLUB ' This club was tormed in lgjtfl to lurthor interest in sports and to regulate and' control the wearing ot athletic awards lt is one ol the most popular and most in- tluential clubs among the boys ln becoming a member, one must have earned at least ten points which may be obtained in the tollowing way an "XX" lt-tter counts ten points, a "B" letter six points, and a "C" letter tour points XX ltlcllldgtfl earns two points, but not more than tive points may be earned in this way The otticers ot the club were lacls Waddell, president, Roy Erickson, vice-presi- dent, Harvey l3atI'er-son, sucretaryatreasurer, and Dicli Boucher, Athletic Commis- ryv ,g 'ffl stoner. ' 1 SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY During the past year the Scholarship Society has earned a reputation as one ot the outstanding and most active clubs in the school, The organizations activitiest vvere varied, interesting, and vvell supported A debate vvith the Debate Club on the subiect "Was Congress lustitied in Passing the Conscriptron Bill?" began the program tor the year. Other events vvere a tour through a broadcasting station, and a movie? attervvard, The otticers attended a division meeting ot the Calitornia Scholarship Federation, and the El lvlonte Society acted as hosts tor the next meetings Otticers tor the tirst semester were Don Garrett, presidentg Loren Russell, vicee presidentg Pat Havvlains, secretary-treasurerg Sylvan Wanless, commissioner Second semester leaders vvere lack Barry, presrdentg Pat Havvlfins, vice-president, Sarah Finkel, sfcretaryetreasurer, Don C-arrett, commissioner lvlr DeCaris vvas the sponsor. First Row: Perry, Smith, Yamamoto, Ragland, ftl in, Terracctann, Havvrins, Finlel, Slarr Second Row: ith, lvlattheis, Xlxfilson. Havvlins, Garrett. Duvall. Polanslcy barry Wanlass, Fussell, lNerss, DeCaris, Cibbs, Kean Don Qarretl Anton Schrnalz gt 'Row: l,f'lecl'iam, Pursell lflountioy, ltflprrr lylppre, Shandy, Davidson Second Row: Cool, Schubert, farter. Eldridge, Pobmsonx Pow, l'llfh"i"yY Mathanf, Wahlriurst lm STAGE cREw , - ' L 1- it I The stage crew had one of the most important Lrltls in lstlage productions They toolf charge ot the moving ot sets and scenery, and managed the lights and the public address system Some ot their odd robs vvere shovving movies and assisting at toote ball games. This year the stage crew vvas made up ot a class in stage cratt ot vvhich lvlr Cunnar Wahlduist had charge The class studied the theories ot stage cratt and then put them into practice Managers Floyd Morrovv and Anton Schmalz had the respon- sibility ot rnaeting any demand or emergency. Other important ottices vvere held by lvlarvin Wilkerson and Harvey Ross, electriciansg Oliver Robinson, head painterg Wilda Pursell and Kathryn lvlountioy, heads ot propertiesg and Dale Carter, head carpenter PACE A CAPPELLA The A Cappella Choir, one ot the best lsnown musical groups in the school, has picture in their wine-colored vestments and white satin stoles They appeared at the Teachers Institute at Monrovia High School, at the Thanlss- eivmg assemblv, at Baccalaureate, and betcre the Chamber ot Conamerce At the Easter Sunrise Service, the group formed the nucleus ot the entire choir Thevf also sang one song, iClorious Savior," alone The second Spring Vocal Concert climased the groups' colortul vear Thev received heartv acclaim tor their singing at Occi- dental College The otticers tor the tirst semester viere Fredda Davis, president, Cloria Nixon, secretarv , hlarilvn Wiggins, treasurer During the second semester Fred Fis vias pres- ident, lvliss Cretchen Evans vias the etticient director ot this group Fldlilct Dax ls E Ciill ers ii ii LOS MUSICOS ' The Conimiiicial Cjrchestra, called the los lvlusicos Club, is verv popular tor its playing ol modi-rn music The oreaiiiialion is designed to give training to students who eniov iinpiiliii liiilslc and to those vvho wish to lollovv music as a vocation Thex' also receivi-rl liaininp in modern tlimilei -pil iwlavine Thev pliiveil lor asseinblies, the lied Cross henetit Assembly, and tor the Lions' Club Tlw, vitfiir tissisled iiuile ollifii luv the los lvlusicos Choir Ctltii iii-T tor lliir war viere Leon Van Campen, president, Del lvlar Ciilkerson, vice-presiclviit, lXl.irsiiii' Tlifl'l't,, secietarv , Shirlev Ciibbs, treasurer Mr Harold Brown, ijhgiirntaii ol llii' iiiiisii' ilifiwiiI'li'iti'-lil, i,lIl'tfiflLi'LT the grOup l'fv'TiF 'lf' The Lions Band, whose membershlp was severmf-Two, proved To be one oT The mosT ouTsTandrng musical organlzafrons oT El TflonTe has evfvr produced Emfergmorre re proud oT Them They made many successTul appearances aT TooThaIl games The CounTxf Ealr, and assemblies, lXflosT commendable was The perTormance aT The lvlusleal Eeshval aT ChaTTey lunuor College rn whrch The hand was awarded MSl,lD6'VlOVU ranng There sew eral solorsTs and ensembles recelved spoclal rnedals lVlr l-larold Brown cjapalaly dlreeTed The laons' Band. assrsled hy Cordon Llndsay, Dl'QSIdGIWlQ Delmar Crlkerson, WCG-DI'C9lCl8l'll, Donald Dl.ll'QSl'llVQ, seCreTary, Shlrley Wrlson, Treasurer Secnon leaders were Donald Duleshrre Tor The TrumpeTs, A I Curhs Tor The clarlneTs, Neal Lawson Tor The Tnjmhones, Qalen She-eT: Tor The French horns, and Cordon Lindsay Tor The drums J T xx .I V4 Z 'J X ' T w .. "- V 1 'AL 1. , BAND Cordon K Lrndsay a a rra yl f ff fl 2 W! MW " ' fx. of X if-G-7 ff ,, Lf., w Q I X , fn , 5 90 if 71 y l xW f 6-r T 1 J . ""' gg , e, ' V CerTrude Ewan 1 W - rr ff-V f . ff' 'T' . ff' K T Tiles MUSICCDS cHolR ' Los lvflusfpos Chorr, voCalrsTs for The Los Muslcos DrChesTra, TS composed oT ouT- sTandrng srngers oT popular rnusle These Talenred young ladres appeared wrrh The orchesrra aT many assemplres and oTher programs They dressed rdenneally rn lDQCOl'fllI'lfg blue Tormalsr Trlrnnned wrTh whiTe Tlowers aT The shoulder, and whlTe bows aT The hernllne Dne oT Therr humorous presenranons was a rnrnrarure plano sTunT Maflne Terry, Wllldred Allurn, Lrlluan EwarT7, CerTrude Ewan, Shrrlev Clhps, and l4a3 rrfl KrnoshrTa were The aieorpllshed srngers of Thls Tfersahle Troup Each glrl lf adepT as a soloTsT or as a group srngfer FACT E fs GIRLS' GLEE CLUB lx lartha Vogel QQ? The Crrls' Clee Club made several excellent appearances durrng the gear Therr appeared betore the Potrero PTA, the Lrons' Club, and several school assemblres The grrls alvraxs looked xerx neat rn their royal blue tlannel slurts and xvhrte satrn blouses, The group numbered about thrrtv or thrrtx-trve members At the Sprrng Vocal Concert, the group presented sexeral numbers. among uhrch were "Mx l-lerof' trem the "Chocolate Soldrerf' br Strauss, 'Plav Cxpsies Dance Cxpsresf' hx Kalman. Mltalran Street Song" br l-lerbert. and 'll-Qomanl Lite" br Herbert, teaturrne Elena hlartrnei, soprano, and Shrrlex l-laxman, xrolrnrst Ottrcers tor the vear uere lvlartha Vogel, presrdentg Karr Krnoshrta, secretarxi Pat N oungstrom. treasurir Durrng the second semester, lxlasrno Terrx acted as secre- tarx lxllss Cretchen Evans, xorce rnstructor, vvas the sponsor ot thrs group Q Pat Stagrs l A4 4 CONCERT ORCHESTRA ' PACE P2 The Concert Orchestra rncludes advanced musrcrans rnterested rn classrcal muslc In thls group, they recerve sectronal trarnrng rn the fundamentals ot ntusrc Thex also learn theory and background ot music, In the tall ot the vear, the group appeared at the Annual P T A lleieptron lor parents and teachers Several vocal and musrcal numbers were rendered The orchestra, vrrth therr drgnrtred manner and tormal attrre, are aluraxs a uelf come relret front the prrjrsent dat svvrng Clttrcers were Pat lrlaurls rns, presrdent, Pat Staels, vrce-presidentg Shirlex l-laxntanr secrotan , Dolhlur ljrlllst"I'tOll, treasurer lxflr Harold Brown rs the drrector bolorsls uho vvon rorioerrlllon rn the lvlusrc Festival were Neal Lawson, trombone and hantone, Shu let lrlrnrnarr, XlOlllT, Donald Dulseshlrer cornetg Davrd Nrchols, ccrnet, Cralen bheeti, Fnyrrrgh horns MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus is one ot the tayorite musical groups among the tirst-year vocal students. ln the beginning ot the year, about one hundred students were en' rolled, but later in the year, only those students who were willing to give ot their time and to work hard were lett, The group then had about seyenty-tive members The Mixed Chorus appeared betore the Lions' Club and many school assemblies They also appeared at the second annual Spring Vocal Concert The group made a yery fine appearance at this altair The girls wore tormal pastel gowns and corsages, the boys wore dark suits. The otticers tor the year were Virginia Schulz, president, lack Pearson, secretary, Delores Linden, treasurer Miss Cretchen Evans, yoice teacher, was the director ot the group Virginia Schulz Eva a Boyce PEP CLUB Being probably the stauchest supporters ot the tootball sciuad, the girls ot the Pep Club did their best to stimulate interest in the games by presenting drills and tancy tormations When basketball season was in tull swing, they made an appearance at the Burbanl-El Monte game Their many stunts included pyramid building, letter forming, pom-pom drills, and tancy marching Upon the request ol Superintendent Robert S l-liclss, the drill team learned and presented the Suaye Drill as their part in the Cym links held in Ianuary To raise money tor new pom-poms, the girls made and sold popcorn balls during a noon hour in October In May they gave a noon dance tor the same purpose Otticers tor the tirst semester were Virginia Roy, president, Eva Boyce, yice- president, Betty lo Nowell, secretary-treasurer Second semester otticers were Eta Boyce, president, Alma lean Stanton, yice-president, Betty lo Nowell, SGCl'i?lfIfj -treats PACE '33 BGYS' G J 2' LEE CLUB T The Boysl Clee Club, under the capable direction ot Miss Gretchen Evans, started its year with nineteen members. The boys appeared at the Boys' League assembly and at the Rotary Basketball Luncheon. They also appeared with the Cirls' Clee Club and Mixed Chorus in a student body assembly, ln February, the boys presented a comic opera which was- receiyed very well The music tor the show was taken trom the opera Faust. Their tinal appearance was in the Spring Vocal Concert, In this concert all the singing groups participated Dark trousers, dark red sweaters, and white shirts tormed their otticial outtits. The otticers tor the year were loe Parker, prsident, Robert Berlin, secretary-treas. Ioe Parker Margaret McCray LYRIC CLUB PACE Bri Although this organization consisted ot only ten girls, membership was open to any girl interested in singing The girls, who sang so nicely together, worlced alter school tor no extra credit, since the Lyric Club is an extra-curricular actiyity They sang betore the American Legion, the Monrovia l-ligh School and at the Iunior Follies For tormal wear, halt the girls wore long blue slgirts and white blouses, while- the other halt wore pinlc skirts and white blouses. For intormal yyear, the girls had blue sport sldirts, white blouses and red ties, this combination carried out the patriotic theme, The club was newly orgeiniicd this year under the direction ot Miss Crretchen Evans. Otticers were Margaret McCray, president, Barbara Mcliinley, secretary- treasurer and accornpciiiislp First HOME ECHO Tvvo home economics teachers, Mrs. Eva l. Spence and Miss Helen C, Nelson, realizing the need tor a club in which Freshman and Sophomore grils might learn ot other clubs and their activities, organized the Home Echo Club, Freshman girls do not belong to manv clubs and this is to help them become more interested in school activities. Thev strive to acquaint themselves vvith home economics and turther their interests in the social graces There are no grade requirements, theretore it is one ot the tevv organizations open to Freshman and Sophomore girls, First semester otticers vvere Sue Starr, president, Bea Lamb, vice-president, losephine Smith, secretarv, Otticers tor the second semester vvere Patsy Ruth jackson, president, Rhoda Wodeson, viceapresidentg Rhoda Bvrtus, secretary, Row: Kauling, Wadison, Nelson, Gilbert, Sims, Smith, Ritchie, Iaclcson, Thompson, Martin, Starr. Second Row: Nelson, Freeman, Walaino, Koslia, Lamb, laclsson, Martinez, Hester, Wirges, Tarson, Kuhn, lovce, Spencer. . r Sue Starr Rov First Row: Tatasati, Morilavva, llcirnann, Karlscrn, Clayton, Oluinura, Kaiser, Stone, Brostedt, Shinto, Hasegawa Fussell Second Row: lrlelenn, Ramirez, Yarnarnoto, Cutierez, Martinez, job, laclason, Roy, ELLEN RICHARDS Mueller, Erictgr ri, Watson, Ariderson, Piclett, Spencer The purpose ot this organization is to help junior and Senior girls, vvho take Home Economics, to become acquainted better, The girls do much vveltare vvorlc Thev knitted vvoolen blankets to be sent to Britain, sponsored Christmas baskets, made a Thanksgiving hornaot-plentv, and participated in other weltare vvorls. Social lite was not neglected either A Halloween partv, a Valentines partv, a dinner at a toreign res- taurant, an evening at the theater, and picniclarng, were onlv a tevv ot the outings enioved bv the entire club, Otticers tor the tirst semester vvere Katherine Kaiser, president, Doris Pickett, vice-president Second semester otticers were Virginia Roy, president, Michive Mori- lsavva, vice-president Mrs Eva Spencer and Miss Helen Nelson sponsored the club, PACE S5 Hl-Y Dick Boucher J-Xngee Terraccrano TRI-Y lvlany dances were sponsored by the Senior Hi-Y during the year. At Thanks- giving the club gave a charity dance at which a can ot tood was the admission A clothing drive tor the poor was sponsored at Christmas time Several iornt meetings were held with the Tri-Y, In March the boys held a banquet to which each boy invited one ot the men teachers They had a very good turnout and everyone enroyed it very much. ln May a new group ot boys was initiated into the club Otticers tor the trrst semester were Kenneth Siegtrred, president, Dick Shove, vicefprestdent, Buhl Palmer, secretary, Second SGIWWG5 ottrcers were Dick Boucherx fs president, Sam Henrietta, vice-president, Cordon Wri t, secretary, The sponsor ot this group was Mr, William Duncan First Row: Waddell, Forbes, Dennison, lackson, Erickson, Patterson, Smith, Kelly, Cribble, Se nd Row: Duncan, Stem, Waddell, Palmer, Brrano, Barry, Boucher, I-lenrretta, Watson, Russell, Siegtrre , Botts ver-N -'ON 'sgx First Row: Yr,.r,ir'rg, Scovrlle, Baharn, Holst, Stagrs, Stagrs, Sherburne, O'lXl0rl, hnlrn Second Row: Warner Itrggrrru, lsltwwell, Terracciano, Spencer, Furl., Ireland, Hayman Using its motto, "Others," the T ri-Y has been very progressive in service, in char- acter training, and rn social activities ths year N Thanlfsgving and Easter, baskets were distributed, and at Christmas money was donated to a tund tor distributing baskets among a number ot needy people. Ono ot the most popular clubs in school, the Tri-Y, held its capacity ot thirty girls. lts many social .ictivtlies included the Tri eY, Hi-Y l-lallowe'en party, a Christmas party, a point lrrrrrrrrel with the junior TrrvY, and a getetogether dinner with the "Y" clubs ot thi: San Calrrrtg-l Valley In April some ot the girls attended the annual conterence at U S C The advisor was lVlrs Ruth Bolin, teacher ot history, The otticers tor the year were fvrgee lt-r'raccrano, president, lvlary Warner, vice-president, Ann Cady, secre- tary, Peggy 0'lXluil, treasurer JUNIOR HI-Y During the year, the lunior l-li-Y pertormed many tune services tor the community and the school. They ushered at some ot the school assemblies, and at Christmas time they donated ten dollars to the Committee tor Christmas Cheer The boys went swimming at the Y,M.C A, at Pasadena three times, They also sold tickets to the El Monte Theater, thereby gaining enough money to make a trip to the beach later in the year. There were thirty-tive active members enrolled in the club, The otticers tor the tirst semester were Kenneth Davis, president, Don Pollard, vice-president, jimmy Mattheis, secretary Second semester otticers were jimmy Mattheis, president, Pichard Pearson, vice-president, lohn Echols, secretary The sponsor ot this active group was Mr. Brooks Thompson. First Row: Morales, McConnell, Echols, l-lennes, l'lowell, Martin, Adams, Diaz, Patterson Second Row: Pollard, Anderson, Kloos, johnson, Davies, johnson, Cook, McMurphv, Echots, Norton, Erbe Third Row: Thompson, Stadter, Pearson, Smith, lvlcfree, Hugh:--., Ducket, Plate, Tweedie, Clemons, Carriznn, l-laughton, Mattheis fxf? fi ' ' aizwf 7, cf, 113114149267 "' ' First Row: Ecyce frbbot faieritine, llifnn, Pahn Second Row: Settle l-tale, King, Al in, Powers, ',flJi't,3ieigl'- Ptflerttnl l.lE:dd'itr Row: l'lt'1l, TVJMPV, Ftiltjt, lVl'rlt?, Ctittl-ilttt, Cris, Qttlltfy, lcldtflttyil, lim Mattheis Willetta fn Powers SOP!-IOMORET TRI Y The Sophomore TrifY, made up ot freshman and sophomore girls, has been very active this year, The girls had apple and suiker sales At Thanksgiving, Christmas, 5nd Easter, the girls provided a tood basket tor a worthy tamily They combined their charity work with rrany social activities, They had a Thanks- giving party and a Christmas party, and at the end of the tirst semester, they enjoyed a banquet with the Senior Tri-Y First semester otticers were Willetta Powers, president, Betty Conklin, tirst vice- rresident, lane Pickering, second vice-presdentg lorene King, secretary, Mary l-lelen Akin, treasurer The second semester ottrcers were Mary Helea Akin, president, lorane King, tirst vice-president, l-lelen Pahn, second vice-president, Cloria Nixon, secretary, Peggy Trayer, treasurer Miss Mary lane l-lot, home economics teacher, sponsored the group. PACE S7 DEBATE A new Ol'gf3ITlZdllOIT, the Debate Club carrled out its program tor the 5ear suc- cessfully. The club was started tor the purpose ot tratnung and gnfing students ex- perience ln the esssentlals ot debating ln the tall, the club held a debate with the Scholarship Society The topuc was, Resolved, that Congress nas lustrtred IH Passing the Conscrlptron Act, Later IIT the gear the club had a debate wlth the faculty on the topic ot the modern gradmg system rn the schools Club members opposed members ot Mr. Crlbert lohnsonls American Hlstory classes rn several debates, Ottncers ot the club were Sylvan Wanlass, presidentg Enos Stewart, vrce-presi- dentg and betty Anderson secretart -treasurer Mr, Thomas Potter, Engllsh and speech teacher, sponsored thus lnely group. First Row: Wulson, Cranelt, Arlgenl Anderson! Bools urst, Stgccarl, Potter, Second Row: Lenney Polanskg Partm, XfVanlass, Nor ton Sylvan Wanlass Cr les Penn f 1 Front Row: 'left to nphlt lulcblell. Ania, Adang Pantry Santat, Fdrnnnds, C-wbble, Cleland, Lltxxrn Cornrc, l-lush Top Row: tlett to rrglnt Carleton, Anednntlo, Loxnngtoss, lohnson, Leonard, lones, Crubbs, Cnnlryy, Penn, Wnllr.r1,r,1lr, Snnlh, lceavltl MACHINIST CLUB PNQE 3355 The lVlachlnlsl Clulr nas lcsnnclntl lor the purpose of gntng bots taking machine shop a chance to learn rnoro ahozlt Ihr- art ot metal-cutlrng The flnh sponsorttrl .1 nnunlwvu ol acllvltles, namely trlps lo the mountauns and to an lIlClll'ulVIcll plant The rnonrlwwus lrunll a chop-saw whlch thex' sold to raise tunds tor the rlnlr Lll'TlX'IlIt"u T hw 'flctlllt also planned other club prolects, which would ln- creaso lhrrn xl- rll ln lhw lvl rt llllllsl ctall lxlr Inner, ma- hrntr tlr rp IllXlIlltflUIT, was sponsor or the-clnb The ottucers were bob Crrllrlrlo .rnrl Crtlrw lhnn, lrreslclanls, bob Cleland ancCTTom STtTtlrs-,vuce-presidentsg Don Edmonrls and lnfrl lX4alnsl-gf, rnastersaat-armsg Rlchardstbbsancl Roy Anderson. secretaries First CHEMISTRY CLUB Under the leadership ot its president, loe l-lawlgtns, and tts adylsor, Mr Harold C. Webb, the members ot the Chemistry Club tools part in many rnterestlng actryltrez throughout the year, During its regular Wednesday atternoon meettngs ll'I the chem' rstry laboratory, educatlonal demonstratrons were glyen by Mr. Webb and seyeral .members ot the club. The ettects ot chemistry on the natronls defense was also demonstrated and discussed. A number ot the club members took part Il'l excursrons unto several ot the local mountatn ranges. Numerous mrnerals were collected on these tnps, and were ana- lyzed by members ot the club in the laboratory Gttlcers tor the year were loe l4l8WlsllWS, presudent, and Sally Schuler, secretary Row: Anderson, l-lawktns, Ragland, Schuler, Hawllns, lvlund, Reid, Watt, Anderson Second Row: Finke, Webb, Duvall. Polanslsy lvlorruson, Bam, Ke-lson, LBWHT, Prerson, Estes, WAfl'lglTl. Trunl 1'-,f f Sally K4 Cf T' Rollln CON I OW First Row: fe sift D rirroor llrpltcrrr l-lolsopple, l-llbbar l, C",rtr,v., Curl Second Row: Haul ms, Lcunard, Txlarthels ASTRONOMY CLUB The most mteresturrg experlence ot the Astronomy club thus year was a trip to the lvlount Palomar Gbseryatory There the club members ylewed the twoehundred unch telescope and yanous pleces ot astronomlcal eclurpment Cther tnps were also made to the Crlttlth Planetaruum and the Mount ylfrlson obseryatory Several ot the club members completed telescopes Models rllustratlng dltterent phases ot astronomy were also bullt by some ot the boys4 one ot these was a yery tune model ot the moon, Ottrcers tor the year were loe l-lawlflns, presldent, Russell hllbbard, truce-presle dentg and Rollrn Conrow, secretary-treasurer, Second semester otttcers were l2OllllT Conrow, presldentg Wallace Leonard, yrce-presldentg and lack Nulton, secretary- treasurer, and Mr Chester l-lolsopple, adyusor, PACE S9 MATH CLUB lrvvin Estes 'Si 4?b Harvey Reis I Reorganized last year under the direction ot Mr Edvvard Post, head ot the mathe- matics department, the club strives to give its members a chance to study interesting and puzzling things about mathematics The only outside activity was an ice skating party at Pasadena, evsryone came home vvet but happy At the meetings, the students learned short cuts in mathematics, worked puizle problems, and did many other interesting things Officers tor he tirst semester vvere lrvvrn Estes, president, Pay Cox, vice-presr- dent, Sallv Schuler, secretary-treasurer, During the last halt ot the semester, Ray Cos pertormed etticiently as president Ottrcers tor the second semester vvere Edgar Babb, president, lack Barry, vice-president, Elsirn Bevington, secretary-treasurer First Row: Duvall, Elevington, Polanslcv, Barry, Cox, Estes, Simons Second Row: Schuler, Post, Babb 3 N . U, ,t.t Q S s First Row: Hetllina, Bledsoe, Dinsrnnor, Elulsopple, Hermes, Benson, Second Row: Curtis, Ross, Smith RADIO CLUB PACE 90 It the plans of the Radio Club are accepted, it vyill he able to send radio messages to neighboring schools next vear to lind out vvhat they are doing tor recreation and to improve their campuses The club vvants to purchase a transmitter and set up a radio station at E U ll E. The club vvas organuod into a class this year tor the Purpose ot studying radio code and llwepiy, and practicing on sels constructed by the-se ether-minded lads who hope to be ready lo obtain their amateur licenses, The class vvill be continued next vear as a regular tvvu st-inesler course Leaders ot this group vvere Harvev Ross, president, Orville Smith, vice-president and treasurer, Bolt Curtis, segeant sal arms, and lvlr Chester Holsopple, advisor SUB-DEBS l'Eyen a modern girl can act, thunk, and steel lrlce Qt lady " This is the motto ot the E Us l-l S Sub-Deb Club members who end the schogrl year with an unusually happy and worthwhile record behrnd them Besides an lntormal Initiation at the home ol lots Bayman, the club rrrernbers enjoyed pot-luck suppers, chrle "feeds", slxatrng partres, and weelly meetrngs The group attended the Federatron meetrngs ot the Natronal SubeDebs at Pobrnsons Dee partment Store an Los Angeles rn january and March The club had a cleer booth at the carnryal f The othcers for the year were Lots Bayman, presrdent, Laurgrtta Weddle, yrce- . From the date of tts begrrrnrng rn thus Mrs lnez Puclfett McEwen prestdentg and lane Delstte, secretary-t school, the Sub-Debs have been s Hooler, Frnlce, Daglali Second Row: Powers, 'matt Third Row: lOl'lY'l5Oll, Weddel, Delsrle, -I so ' lMl4'EVVP'lI 3 First Row: l-lamrlton, Alexander I-loward, Irrye, Brooks Mutrl Nowell, Bryant, Koch, Roy Krrth Ewa Z' Lots Bayman Artltur Boffgm Rowg Prjgrgrr Pgrdrgg l-,rlrjfirlltjrrr lilirrriglrrcrx hlerrrrrf, Sregalrred, P-tt,tEr'Srll Middle ROWZ gl'rt1jrlt?X, Zrrrfrgrrfgr Cyjirr l'lar':G,, Parfrrei, Stucl ylfrrglrt, Irrrtt '-,, Lfrltrlfwxell, gllIlsllllfXlKcll't'll Top Row: ljrrggrr KCl'VrE1'tL' lylocre frrnrtl. Pubartlr lfalrrrer, lr.l.,1,er. btrrrtlr Alltrtrr,frtl'rlW, llrtrlle, bell, " ter! Edie The Art Club, under the drrectrorr ot Mrs Ruth Mayer, completed another suc- cessful year Many socral actryrtres hrghlrghted the yearg one ot these was a party at the home of the clubs sponsor, Mrs Mayer Later rn the year, the club went on an rce skatrng party at Pasadena, desprte therr falls, everyone reported a good trme Thus year, for the trrst trme, the students who showed abrlrty were gryen a chance to exhrbrt thetr worlcs One exhibttron was placed rn the ltbrary drsplay wrndow, and durrng the second sernester, a drtterent student s worlf was placed each weel- rn the art room show case Frrst semester ottrcers were Lots Bayrnan, president, Arthur Frne, yrce-presrdent Second semester ottrcers were Arthur Pune presrdent, lrmmy McCollum, trceepresi- nedtg Moraye Mrllrer, secretary-treasurer PAQE JAPANESE CLUB Ler ry bhrmamora s lfrgrotltg Tx ra The Club started the xeer bx lTOlTCVllTQ, the Freshman members at J bartx At Chrrstmes trme, exertohe emoted cl Chrrstmas soirel In the sbrmgk the members ot the Club had A romt meetme xxlth the lapsmerse Club ot the lXlom'oxra Hrgh School . The tradrtrort ot the Jmrtrel C-rudwtrorr boirgl xxtrs Cowtmtretl Qttreers tor the semester xxere Lorrx Sltrrrrerrrttrm, bresrderrl, Emrlso blrshrmura, tice-presrderwtr Grace Shrmriu, recordmg secretary, Takeshr Forrmoto, correspomdmg secretary Fomrko XX atmgbe, treesorerj Fred Irtre, sergearwteat-arms Ottreers tor the secohcl semester mere, Fred Irrge, presrdfrwt, Emrlso Nrshtmora, xrce-presrdehtg Kaoro Nagar. recordmg secretary Lrlx lklrtamoto, Corresbohdmg secretary Roth lvlrtakawa, treasurer, Mrtsoo H,t:ame, sergenrrt-ent-errrrs lxlrs lxledelerhe l-lallet drrected the club as er sponsor. First Row: letl lu rrgltl' ltlorasltrge, Mm.3'lrs'a, Ol:-oo, lxlrtalxaxxa, Porto, Nalxama, Nagar, lxloromrl Shrmgo, Nrslwrrrrrrra, Leos Second Row: liogfrr: is Hs"er,, Urro, Ptrga, Irrxe, Arrta, Salxamoto. lxlryamoto, Watarrabe, Her-rmrrrvro. Toxode, Morrlertta Last Row: l-ortrtam, Ftrgrmoto, Sakamoto, lrrte, Yamamoto, Haxrnra, blwrmerwwtrra, lorres First Row: PLrtlryrsor'r, S.trrl4rryr'rt, Turtle, Pdrrlllfy Pgrlimrrrr, Smrth, Grbbs, folbrartlr Paulstorr Second Row:Stexxdr Xlffrulrrlrgtrrrr, lktrrtlle, bxtrjr,-rv, blrrrlrrrr lXlrt-rrllrt,, ll.rrr:ltIr'ry lXlorz'Jtl, XX'elss, llroolxes, hlrlls, XXJIll3IT LATIN CLUB PACE 91 Ootsterrrrlrrre rrrrrorrg tht- xferrfttml .IrfllXlllLlH ot th-A L.1l'rrClLlb are the Llmrters xrxhleh are erverr eorih gear Che trl these tlrrmers lN the rrrrtmttorr lmhquet grxert earlx m the sorrrrg Al thrs tame the rrew members XfXL'!t,' JLlCllOflL"fl otl ers slmres Arwother ot their dlr'rr'rers wgrs the Lrrrrrtml l,xrrrrrL1et lor Lrll members The rilrsrb mrs oreerrrrivrl UH Ihr trrrgrurrt sxstem ot sl.rx'es, Qrtriehs, and Senators The Qlob rrsed the rrorrrt sxstem lo rlntermrrrr- the strrlos ot rts members The rahls ot serrertorshrrr mos the eotrl ol tw,-rt momlwr-r, ers rt rs th hrehest possible DOSITIOIW. The r'errrrrr'rgrrrrrrrt ot Ihr' club nets er tgmtle ot 'TC' or bftter m Letm Worl me Lrrrrlrrr the ollrrtrerrl lL'.lLl'f'lK-lTlll ot hltss lN'l.,1r'y Etta Brookes, the ottreers ot the group VVL"tlf lklorolhxf Txrtr, Irrresrderrtg Blll Norton, wee-presrdehtg Betty lane f-Lrrrborrr, segrtgrrx, l-l1lr'lpr,r Pattersort. treasurer SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, alsd known as "lbs lxflontanercusf was organized to stimulate interest in the Spanish language, and to create triendliness among the Spanish and' English students, A student must malce an HA" in his tirst semester ot Spanish or a MB" at the end ot the year to become a member ot this Organization The club held its initiation dinner at the home dt lVliss Isabel Dinsmoor, head ot the language department Several trips to Padue Hills, a theater that presents Spanish plays, were made. Otticers tor the tirst semester were Sally Schuler, president, Bob Nirns, vice- presidentg Shirley l-layn'en, secretary, Stella DeLacey, treasurer Second semester otticers were Stella DeLacey, president Shirley Flaiman, viceapresident, Lorraine Smith, secretary-treasurer, Standing: l-lanlxe, Saltonstall, lxalliwmrrri, lliiewl, Xtfilrgt, lilagland, DeLacey, Hayman, Dinsrnour, Schiller, l-lawkins, l-ldlst, Roberts, Smith, Pcaisnn, Wall Seated: Fi'-l, lxflume, Parnireii, lslciwell, Smith, O'Cnnner, Nixon, Corbett. VI' w Wm -L1 Front Row: Fed Srrwn, Yadzta, Martin, Dans, l-lenrietta, Pahn, Valentine, Cc:-C, Flale Second Row: Lerre, Tidd Qtfarlasz Fladle , Duvall, Cn' Stella DeLacey ff.:-Q Iacciue Duvall FRENCH CLUB Parlez vous Francais? The French Club is composed ot French students who maFe a grade ot "CH ctr beitir in their tirst semester ot French This year the meme bership was abuut t'fver'ityetiwe Serrfe bt the activities that the members dt the club enid-fed were a French dinner at a well-lfribwr'i French restaurant, gi French rnoxfie at the Fsduire Theater in l-lbllywbbd, and a rrbufre at Fiisacleria luninr College, the title was Pwec le Sourire, meaning With a Smile The grbub also rpnrricipat-ed in a swimming partv at Long Beach lvlunicibal Salt-water Plunge Officers were lacdue lDl,l'fElll, president Fai, Cd, iriceebresident, Elinor Flare' Viril- entine, sOcial chairman Mr Paul l-ladlevf, French instructor, sponsored the gr'r,ii,iijw PACE 9 i t , -:gf X' -' 'l , - , ,,1f,f21 -E"1E'-'f rw Nl' Ig 'Z31 ' "i'E'ji' ' - "'A 'I' A 1 'V' - fs' N . .,-, 5, .1 ., 'L 2- : ,mfg Y , H1 ,I V YI: DRAMATICS The Dramatics Club was organlzed for anyone rnterested in dramatic art acting, producing, directing, or vvrlting They carrled out their purpose by giving several one-act plays and clever mono- logues at the Llonosslion Knight Carnival, ln November, three one-act plays, "l-llgh ness," a tragedy, lll3omance is a Racket" and "A Unlcorn and A Fish", two comedies, were given at an evenlng performance AThanl4sgiving assembly vvas also sponsored In lvlav, the Dramatlcs Club presented a series of skits concerning leadership" on the program l'Young Amerlca Presents," a radio program written by students of xarious high schools The officers for the year vvere Virginia Roy, president, Terry Stefanich, treasurer. The sponsor of the group was Miss Alice Wever, speech and dramatics teacher. First Row: l"llisi ll, hl,ii,inliny l-lall, Fecllwani, Anderson, lXflcDermotl, Vxflley, Howard, l-lellems, Fisher Second Row: lfilr-rii, Clayllili,-mRr,iy, Xtwlinn, Krirli, Clalr, Cilidcwell, Wever, Carleton Third Roy: Fawcett, Puisell, lolin--.nn, bailey Xlilarnei, Eiuloii, Holsl, Tyra, lessen, Diclenson, Smlth, Stefanich,.WoodWard, Ktililrll Idliiiiaiili llanft l4.r-,ein lxfla'-len Xilliilirllwaiif Fine if virginia ,l lloy on Erbe First Row: Eliniiiii, Marliaii, l3liirni'illial lllfaliiliiilil, lvlillipr, lloiill Second Row: Eibe, hlanfblln, lohnson, FLYING Llglhlgw During the yriar', the rlub li.'ll'llFIlUdl0Cl in many contests, several of vvhich vvere won li ilyi' nur own rlub l7Tf'llllil"lfS A low of the luoys entered nwoclel planes in several of the rripl-lu which they .llll'IlCll"'Cl Tlif' Ifli'l'lllll'I'II lllli lol entering lhe club are very simple ll your plane is a gas niodiil, il niugl mllri, in the rrir tvvwnlx secoiids after the motor is cut lf it is a rubber ll4ll'lfllIll1ll4'l, il niuul slay in the air lifter launching 'llirif,p1ilruoi'iil this group lil Ivviilve vvas Mr C. E johnson lillii iii' liii llll' lll'.l 'wllllllsuillll vvere Don Erbe, president, George l-lamblln, vice- presirlliril, Conlon llcIll'.l'll, sl:crixl.lry Second semester officers vvere Art lvlillier, priifmirlr-nl, lloii llllll, vit ri pirli-s,if,ll-ill, Ioe Warner, secretary-treasurer PACE 'J l S up Va LIONS' LENS The Lions' Lens is an organization devoted to the photographic arts Under the able direction ot Mr. Chester l-lolsopple, science teacher, the club studied the art ot taking pictures, developing, printing, enlarging, and other technical points in photo- graphy, Some ot the members studied trick photography and tound it very interesting A tield trip was taken to Palm Canyon near Palm Springs, where the amateur photographers took some tine shots ot desert scenes. Many color pictures were taken about the campus, Mr, l-lolsopple took the best ot the club members' pictures tor a display to be exhibited at school Otticers were Charles Clark, president, Eugene Wheeler, vice-president, Dawn Simmons, secretary-treasurer. First Row: Shutz, l-lansen, Wheeler, Carlson, Toothacre, Perry, Simmons, l-lolsopplfff, Maytield, Fine Second Row: lnlolsopple, Unger, Pratt, Ciammell, Smith, Stinson, Frank, Hantt, Hughes, Clark, Front Row: Arizaga. Estrada, Penilla, Gutierrez, Valdez, Martinez, Rivas, Chico, Calvez Second Row: Bernal, Padilla, Enrique: Arredondo, Arias, Atwater, Ramos, Paredez, Gomez, Marquez, Centeno, Cuerrfiro 1 ' 'f .. I . .'.-A ,f ,gf , . Charles Clark rr ,, ,z , , ,, ,L,-,arp - ., Cloria RivaSf-?l7':'T'fiZ X71 LOS AMIGOS ln the community ot El Monte, where there are so many Mexican students, such a club as Los Amigos is needed very much This club was organized to promote triend- liness and unity among the Mexican students ot the school Each month the club held two meetings at which they carried on their business and planned tor the tuture activities ln February, a very successtul Valentine dance was held in our cateteria. The otticers tor the tirst semester were Gloria Rivas, president, Salvador Ramos, vice-president, Mary Chico, secretary, Ben Perez, treasurer. Second semester otticers were Louis Cuerrero, president, Cloria Rivas, viceepresidentg Beatriz Arizaga, secree tary, l-lelen Enriquez, treasurer. The capable director ot this group was Mrs Ernesta Atwater, popular teacher ot Spanish. PACE 95 NURSING CLUB Elvrna Vxfilsnn Henry -K' I el3re"l'it The nwenihers ot this club are all girls vvho received a "C" grade or better in the horne nursing class Instruction is given in practical horne care ot th: sicls, The girls learn hovv to rnake hospital beds and carry out the duties ot a nurse in the homie. With the nursing training, a course in first-aid is given. After completing this study, the girls are presented vvith a card entitling the ovvner to practice tirst-aid in cases ot ernergencv The girls obtained tirstvaid kits and made scrap-boolss, as vvell as visiting a hos- pital and tvvo local health centers Otticers vvere Elvina Wilson, president, Crace Sorenson, vice-president, Barbara Sloat, secretary Miss Crladvs Daniels, the school nurse, sponsored the group First Row: LSILICIX, ltltissrrll, Xrtrlatsnn, llernneina, Sorenson Second Row: Van Roidi, Bond, Fawcett, Pursell tltah, laCuinIr, Ilanes, Coiuni, Patton Third Row: Xya.Ltfrp,-TJadcl,,Heuclg1,i,IeQNNilson, Cooper, Baker Daliitrls, Dltl-.SLtIt, lkrlnuit oat, Lind, Muellerf' ,. iii: XT"-i' First Row: Lrg-lftrtrrlit, lwtipr- Fttgirg, Cailwrii l't,rnlltat,it', Ciatrri, Sniitli, Nl riirm, Clark, lquucltei Second Row: l',-ittuir, ldtggiiix, l.rlr,f"a',ltiiigtnn, frrirtrirrwi, lfirt-cli, Again, SIUIIIIVYVI. Iatls, llallett Third Row: Ising, ftllurn, ltatirrreri, 1,aritlr'r',, Cooper, Xlfatt, linlr-, l-Terrrl, lxia, Danirils, lltnvtti, I-ncliei MEDICAL CLUB l'f'f1L ' .1 Thr' IVlf':fliCal Clulr r'tri'irprjy-,url inatiilx ol sturlvtils vvho vvtslt to lJeCOnte CIOCTOVS and rrrir",w,, vvas a real wrvice tn its intirnlnzirrs lt vvas orgtniled tor the purpose ot gaining it Hl'f,'cIltjt' l irovvlrfrlge in the sttlrttj-rt nl pulvlic health and learning more about rnedrral urhools In rarrv out this aint, they rnade several interesting trips, Thev have lrin tlirnuglr tlrrr t.t'rreixil ltnspital and the Los Angeles Osteopathic College Thtimf also viuttrwl .1 lt-pain' colonv ft! their t'N.t'Illlt:fl 'tt"ttllttQ'w, llitw trail lecturtis on ntanv ot the sulatects that are r"t'iX't'tttfl Itttwlli ltit' llitr nlttr r-rn tnr tlir' vear were llenrv Lelirecht, president, Duct. Boucher, vice- prtrruitlr-irt, ltwrrrrrrrlttr ltrrtv, secrvlarv treasurer The sponsor tor the group vvas lvliss Crlarlvfu lij.,tltlt'l', llit' Mr linrrl irttrur' Fi st Row Stewart, Reese, Gradv, l-lale, l-lubble, hlillseth Madden Hachiva, Todd, Arias, Padilla, Pearson, W PENTA CLUB This club was newlv organized at the beginning ot this year under the direca tion ot lvlrs. Edith lrwin lt is a club whose aim is to turther students interest in mathematics. No restrictions were put upon those entering the club, but the majority ot the students were either pupils ot practical math or tirst-year algebra Although the club was not purelv social, several activities were enioved through- out the vear, At the meetings, the students worked trick problems ot mathernatics that were amusing and interesting Reports on the the lives ot tarnous mathematicians were also given Otticers tor the tirst semester were as tollovvs Willis Kemble, president, lohri Gulp, viceepresident, Alphonso Arias, secretary, Barbara Reese, treasurer, Second semester otticers were victor Cline, president Gloria Nixon, Vice-president, Pat l-lilseth, secretary, Richard Pearson, treasurer. Leibig Row:Groriewole, Gulp, Jftillli 1 5- irst Row: Psy, Ellis, Scalora, Anderson, l-lale, l-lubble, Reid Second Row: Roy, Fine, Rosen, Mund. Di lenson, Rosen, Lindel, Pearson, Perry, Reason Nirconjl lrwin Second Row: Morgari,Iciries, lufloiiirr' C Victor Gline 447- Cciralie A nrlrr rffiri WRlTER'S CLUB Growing to almost twice its torrner size, the Writers' Glub had nearlv twentv members this year At their noon meetings, the students discussed and criticized various literarv contributions submitted bv the members Besides these activities, the Writers Glub had a representative in the Spelling Bee which was held earlier in the vear Thev also had a booth at the Lioness-Lion Knight Garnival Something new and stimulating tor the club was the meeting held with the Scribblers' Glub trom Whittier Gtticers tor the tirst semester were Goralie Anderson, president, lean Hale, vicee presidentg lvlvrtle Scalora, secretary-treasurer Second semester otticers were lumi- nette Perrv, presdent, Richard Pearson, vice-president, Goralie Anderson, sacretcirf treasurer. The sponsor ot this club was Miss Bertha l.indel, a member ot the English statt, PAGE l HALL GUARDS This group oT boys is oT pracTical service To The school. Ahhough The school had hall guards lasT year, iT was noT The smooThly running organi:aTion ThaT iT was This year. newcomers or sTrangers ThaT come To checla on people in halls during class emergency ThaT mighT arise. by The T-lead T-lall Guard, Dick Shovel The duTies oT The hall guards are To assisT The school, lceep order in The corridors, and To Time. They musT also be ready To assisT in any The guards were chosen Trom STudy Hall Each period had a T-lead Hall Guard To he responsible Tor all sTudenTs on duTy, 'They receive one service poinl per semQsTer Tor Their eTTorTs The sponsors oT This group were Mr, ET L Bergsuoni and lVlr, Paul Hadley. First Row: Beiesriom, XX.'lXllr7, Pace, T-enneTelT, Nlorelock, Monahan, SmiTh, Renewicls, Wickes, Andruss Briano, Tlennes, Tladley Second Row: Bexrvseif, Shay, Weiss, Brumbaugh, Roberts, T-TeTling, Rose, Smith CTaprooT, Third Row: Briano, Iiiye, Angelo, Orlield, T-laskins, Salcamolo, Rowland, T-Ticks, Fox, Temple Shove, Qs Ric hard Shove T6 Neil Monahan HI-HATS NQ son, Briano, Dirlus, lvlenahan, Fox Second Row XiVQQ,ibi-pol, lvlcljliail First Row: Kline, Thienes, Shim, Wlorelogf T7lii'ie, Tiir'i',Taill, l3C'TS'I'TT, Sei3lifrT, Shay, SWE Whal Tool s lilfe a rioiivigiilioii otklfedwoocl Trees coming clown The walks oT our campus, is none other Than The iwacprflily"oi'e:ini:ed hlialdat cluh, The renuiremenls Tor rnemlsrership are lh.,iT you law Til lc'asT six Teel Tall and a boy As hflr W. lohnson, lanlfy sponsor ol The eroiii 1, "This is slr irlly a hoifs cluh. Xlxfe Teel ThaT iT is down- righr indcifrfnl Toi girls To Tir' Ti-ill lqill, .ind Therelore han Them Trom our socieTyf' Thr: clull wan oirgj.,iiiifrurl wilh The purpose ol hringine Togeiher alTiTude sniffers inlo an ore,iiii:,rTinii Toi nirrxfiri- lu The school and To promoTe Tellovvship among high- slsaricling 'ylTTf'lT"lll'. Sllrriy -iprriiraoriril il lwoolh al The Lioness-Lion KnighT carnival held in April Qllirii-is Tor llii'iirg-,1i,iiil,'riTliiiiWeil' Neil Tvlonahan, presidenTg Don Shay, vicevprese idenlsg and Mir-sxrrfrfll lXflT'ilTlTTVV'., '-,T'r'Tlf'liTTjl'TTCcTST,TT'CT'. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA This is their obiectivei "To prepare ourselves and our characters so that vve can better fulfill our future positions as leaders of the coming generations," The constitution of the Future Teachers of America embodies all of the goals and as- pirations of this progressive group The F. T. A, vvas organized this year vvith Mrs Dorothy Copeland and Mr Robert l-licks as sponsors. lt is a branch of a national organization and is a social as vvell as service club, Our future teachers participated in an all day field trip, visiting Occidental College, UC L A, and US C, Officers vvere Pat Patterson, president, Betty lane Sanborn, vice-president, Lynn lreland, Secretaryg loyce Sherburne, treasurer, and Victor Cline, parliamentarian. First Row ibottoml 1 Smith, Mckinley Peason, Mathies, Cline, DeLacey Second Row: Stagis, Stagis, Sher- burne, Ireland, Patterson, Sanborn, Nixon, Valentine Third Row: l-licks, ltlyberg, Mohl, Lucero, Mills, Washington, l-lawlcins, Wiley tlulst, Wiggins, Hale, Copeland First Row: Sanford Shaner, Art Esse, 'William Olrleal, Arno Siechort, lohn MacRae, William Rogers Second Row: Earl llifon, Charles. Pearson, Fred Hill, Fran Gibbs :L gf' fa cust Who cleans the canipu dEy?thMatreh t official Kampus Kleanup Days? Who cleans up after late vvorlfersp lf you dont knovv, vvake upl lt's Mr, l-lill, that busy man everyone has seen around the campus, and his efficient staff of vvorkers knovvn as the l'Custodians " All the members of the custodial staff seem to agree that Sucker Day vvas the vvorsti Those vveren't baseballs they vvere chasing aroundg they vvere sucker sticks and cellophane. ln addition to regular duties, the men in olive-drab uniforms help vvith the stage sets and special pieces of vvork for classes They repair the walls vvhen the plaster gets knocked off and repaint the rails We vvell may be proud of our beautiful campus and the men vvho keep it so Pat Patterson George Morse ODIANS PACE 99 BUS DRIVERS The Bus Drivers should be congratulated for the fine vvorls during the past year. ln spite of the fact that our school is growing by leaps and bounds, Mr. Butler andi his staff have maintained an efficient standard of transportation for our students. Besides transporting pupils to and from school, these men have taken our athletic teams, the band, and other organizations all over southern California. The Bus Drivers have consistently maintained a friendlv atmosphere and are highly respected bv everyone on the campus, Mr, William Butler, Superintendent of Transportation has shovvn that he is a tirst grade executive by the fine bus system that he has developed The men vvho have done so vvell aiding him are Messrs. William Staben, lvl O Dillard, Edward Workman, and Carl Soults. 5 2 i.,1 if i 3 CAFETERIA STAFF PACE lOC The members of the cafeteria staff hate sorted thi students and faculty ex- cellently, They skillfully prepared a variety of healthful foods and made it possible for the patrons of the cafeteria to get more food for their money. The cafeteria staff has also been helpful in evtraecurricular activities. They prepared fine breakfasts tor the Lion Knights vvhen nevv Squires and Knights were initiated Qther groups have also been thankful for their fine service. The lady vvho has done excellent work as manager of the cafeteria staff is Mrs. Della Harmon Her skillful assistants are Mrs Carrie Farmer, Mrs lfmelda Emery, Mrs Marie Douglas, Mrs lsyl Meels, Mrs Evelvn Simpson, Mrs Rebecca l-lall, and Florence Davis. ef George Morse P. A. Operating both the portable and the permanent apparatus ot the Public Address System, Anton Schmalz and Floyd Morrovv were kept very busy, They set up equip- ment at school assemblies, dances, and at athletic events on the home tield They also operated it and kept it in excellent condition George Morse and Mr. li W. johnson were the advisors tor this group George Morse took care ot all the technical points and helped vvith the actual vvork, Mr johnson was the head ot the business department and took care ot all requisitions tor the apparatus and helped set up a schedule tor the use ot the eduipmnt, The vvork done by these people vvas one ot the most outstanding services per- tormed on the campus. All those vvho vvere connected vvith it certainly proved their worth, and are to be commended tor doing it so vvell. Anton S malz i 5' Firs aes ff can f Row: Clair, Ewan, , Roy Second Row: Russell, Schmalz, Seelert, Stetanich though this is only the second year in vvhich the Royal Thespians have been organized, they are very popular. They are chosen tor their outstanding achievements in the tield ot drama: as actors, actresses, vvriters, techicians, and property ment They gain experience and practical knovvledge through treduent stage and radio productions. The Thespians have been largely responsible tor the assemblies and skits broad- cast over the public address system. They directed and took part in the patriotic assembly, and acted in Blackout, a play given in May. Barbara lessen, Virginia Poy, and lack Noble, vvere the only members who had been in this organization betore this year Miss Alice Weaver dramatics teacher, vvas the director and sponsor ot this group SYSTEM ROYAL Tl-I ESPIANS PACE lOl PACE IO2 'K V, f 2 P 3 F R Z E 5 Q Si ummm Q Q mf ' MA., ...i ,X.x. E . H Q vwsmwwmw rg j ' 5 X. .... a .......,., .ff , .k:i"7':' l'i:E:Q"' , 1 'J fp! ,!f7P X f M f' ,. f, 4519 W,,,Mmf JV f . wfff we H 2 nl H . wifi. mf U44 s PACE 103 PACE 104 Wi? waving "W-f-.W f ff fivf M WW awww' ,ay W X? PACE I U JS?" ' ' vw , Q.- ,,.,,,QW,cmh:Wm,,..' L, ,warm H, A PS 4 ff 3?E'1f ,, , PACEIUQ l 31' " ' w,fffffJjgyM0lf f? .W Q Q? jf? off 4,9 of QM? XQSWJS W W M, F Sv bf WW V W fic! ffwfw Q X MRQQ, MNWMQ fear Fife 0- C Idfdeief Ad' !77da779f HAM 00601 C5 Wifi 72 wife? fav' 77!1.f Vik. 0 ff! ffl!! 721 7142.4 Mya 12 ,7 fag! Ujycf 17115 17440 540'6fZ'1g,4,f jzsfffvff yay iff., AVA-'im H199 QSJIWK ffffiy .5-Winwvffff 7,1744 gyff yfgg ,.. SWEIWJZ Qi! ill 6'f4,7,f!!27f'i7d!f2 11' .dfbff gffvzy ,Q Ffff' 5144455 FAYJW hw! ima .rv we-,wk vfyffgf W dfvf F idff ff! M76 - im! ffisff X hug 04 4-'Tiff ,Z ,va .fi Fffffaw -- Mizz? fffvz 719' ,lflmf Koa! ,C,ffffVA5? f5 I 54?-4'if Jaffa! fo me. 45 My fffww 2' wv fgffww' 0-w f,f,-f fy 442-ffl Jf If gg,6g'Wff4lf'Q7Mi 5 J !440'i2f' ffiff 72:2 .fy 4152151 500,51 4 107' df' YWY 7fWfVf2'. ffvf' Zfff Jil.: yay ympgggffyp if ffwf ffdff fibr KXIKWAK .fj1f3fJ?,QWZ'A2!f fc' ,ff-C' ffffd F1950 ' I Zigi? ,J6'cf 61,4149 607,12-f ,'P',ff,fgg1ff "c7 ,517 me , ,eg fw ff,'2.f ww aff? fffdff 'W f9'fMf4'fLf, : J 4- f Q04 ffgflfffif 'ifdfffif .4 QWWE' f',ifZff','f..EI ':Z George Braswell, Assocrate Edutor, Doug Scott, Edrtor-rn-chrefg Slwrley Ease. Associate Editorg Arnold Saltsbury, Sports Editor. PHMIEHIIUNS Bob Potarrsky. Ed.tor Mary Martha Flagtaod, Assoctate Edltorg Vxfalter Kelson, Assistant Edrtorg Marrlym Spencer, Catemdar, Coratre Artdereorr Cubs, Arm Cady C3t6VtdBf, james tVICCoHum, Art Edttorg Sally Schuler, Leonard Nathan I PACE IOS Seated Alan Sues Myrtle S ac a Nadine Ellis Coralie Anderson, lean l-lale, Miss Bertha Lindel, Richard Standin Arthur Fine, leanette Perry INK BLGTS STAFF Contrary to the procedure ot last year, INK BLOTS was not put out by the Writers' Club, The statt, hoyyeyer, was chosen from members ot the club All the contributions were trom the students and consisted largely ot poetry The prize short story received a prominent place in the book There were numerous essays also The Art Statt carried the illustrations out in the surrealist style Members ot the Editorial Statt were Miss Bertha l.indel and Mr l W johnson, Faculty Adylsorsg Coralie Anderson, Editorg leannette Perry, Associatefditorg Sammy Rosen, ,Assistant Editorg Myrtle Scalora and lane Dawson, Publicity Managersg Richard Pearson, Busi- ness Managerg Nadine Ellis, Bernice Reid, and Elaine Mund, Assembly Statt The Art Statt was headed by Arthur Fine who was assisted by Sammy Rosen and Alan Sues PACE lO9 t Q S9 S X x ' Q55- EEK! s x x 4 'if Nt i Q55 ta 6 ics S I, fu,,,,""Cl-4 BQ "wa, 'mm' Um, 8 F "' 5N""2.'.:,-.M "Uni, , of .-tru -.V r - . "st--'L'-W1 ' 473-'N-':A."'bn W ' iq- '--. N fm, 4-Q "'f'fb.,,M, A.:--cf--. ---'--1.. N. ,Bam -If, UM -- R. ...,-gig'-. -.. :gif-.3 -N. W E-1tYf4G'-T'J'aSe?a'1'rt.S'sS-- "'G-M. L 'ra -A ""-C, sm ug, S 1. X -.., -.. -. -.. .mx Allin i - - -., ,.. -,, .,.-- 'sl N i-Q.. ,,-,..,f1-N ., 5"i'1'rc31.'- "-T-i."1'-7l'g--'.1'llh,, T' -.1-5f-':'::-T'g-a7.':,- -g"w-.q.,12:'ri.".:-S:-., in., In .121-.:--. .11,5,,,7-.3-5 n, 'lm sp,"-, .,,' "'- K -rg. iss-'-aQZ5ew.e:.e:fif'a '-. H.. L:--..-...agm -mx 5.7,-..-f-aw-fl--.rf-,,ge.1m. -.Q..:,fm-...fs-. N-..--.M -i. +-.:-f:-c:r-.'-- - . 1 Nu M. 's- 'sv-."". -1 s- 'hv.""'-mm W- aQ5z5j'f'.iu,-i.,!.i'f5.-,gQ.5:..2g,EL.,'r ti a ,?3- :"1Sififa:,'fm2wrQ1-'S' .-51:-N ir -of., ,P---':,-Q 'L-f:.vs.:1Qf's:.s1z--TS ,--ma-f,."fL'm.,s-rig'-J.. ,92rQ.-,L2..1:f-5-1:2-1-:S-1-.g Q,-45 M -.vgtfg 0-,, -4. 7- w-,,g3-.,m.,.'-X, ""5' "' fegaaefiewareeewfsffeaamdihm .,, . -- Jim L-4, w. "r Q in , . "':1945-.FQ-T'3'-'tw-fi'-lt:F'?:'f'rl'.i7-T"7'Q4"l4fai,'3"ZH-': '-i.':y..g- -. -w.'--.Q-..f.,+-4.,s fa., ..".,.-ere-..,'-. -. --1-N 1 'Na 'Q "'s.'N, 34.'1E'5..i',5-.2442-"f,35: x2"e'H-QA' 'ae -array r-1. .Ss M3-if.. -'...., rw--ft.,-Q 'Maxi wa, arzlimiafaa-an-m-e:.ft--Eaigrm,.,.ffw,x Prank.-Rfwjlgyg'-En'-E.': N--7'.::2'..." ,yay if-izqiriiq' M- --r-L - L- - f -.mn -.. i--mb.:--.M :Z-1:-'2'-2--. "M-13"-'S ""t'-' 'ef-1 Eire-il?-'LW SN--4 '-'Hb -.."1'g-YT,"-'N4.. "'-i""+-M." wily "f- ffrww::2v,z1:k31""' -W...e-Q Q--mel-zrrmq, I-up sm- Names., --..,, a-Ewa.. -me-::4:ef,,fq -N.-11K.,q-.1- iz-1-42-:ras-rg,-I rv-f:.g-,-sr-'rg .54-g::,, W-zF.2EL.f3-in "+-- i -. -1 P fs. f -' .. ,. 55345555 iT'-LT"-.'3"-'f7'57"5t' 5E2'.'1'-19i'5-e:'.:7'a:':y-.. f-Imuigfg-32N:"Q-ea-,gr wa?-T: g.e1-'ggilr-w?1aTt'41's .. .."-5 -., M - A-. - 1: -Tig owl"-mrs:-Q 'K .e.H,e,5.-:f -N f2':z:-'SF'-':tf2E10.f'P,r,-. www- I-rs'-:fm WN-in 21-mee:-2'.,E',-v-flfwais WE- 'Z,-z5'Qs..e-'2t.i':..-Tf,53:g1-?"f'-f4A-f,,,,, f1l:5"'-fZ.:w1:'5l1,2:i3:'W'5':.t 4 " Mug. nb- f f4dag yy ""Q1'v1-"4v:ef"w5"l1 'Q , - 'ww-. TY - 1-!na,,,, 'Iqf ifef-If-.2q2,,,, -"fi-if 'Ewa'-:.feit:.f'-Fai-a-KM f-ft" k h X N,-'-2 1. Q . ' nf -s -wa 9- mn L. 1 "- mrs- , F?--.. -2, "N -1.711-,:,-,r'i:'Z4r1.gQ,-I-'.'.g.a,, fi '72-Fuji-"'E:gu.,, EQ-1953113-:gb - :f-me-'er' A , -.,,, ,Q fi,-.3-.. - .5 ., Z, I-.,,1.,.,L 'ezsakis gwa-,.::-,:5..,-..,g--5-nh. ,gg- s ' " ' Dou Scott A G ' ' ' A Shirley Esse A i .'7"ff-was Ceorge Braswell Arnold Salisbury LIONS TRAIL t it seventh year ot publication l94l has brought a l.ion's Trail has gone in o s . new and important innovation-Ma modern and ccmpletely equipped print shop with that crack linotype man, lvlr, Arthur Danner, in charge, 'lThe journalism statt is proud ot the tact that Mr, Danner's department and the department ot lvlr, Lahflar l-lill, which handled all the advertising, worked with the l.ions' Trail in pertect harmony. We also want to thank lvlr, l-lenry DeCaris and his groups, They handled the finances and showed us many courtesiesf' About nineteen "news-hounds" put out the school paper this with Douglas Scott tilling the job ot editor-in-chiet, Those lucky tew to attain the enviable position ot star reporter were Shirley Esse, Ted Yano, George Kinoshita, and l-lelen Phelps. One ot A A ' ' h ld the most promising workers on the statt is Loren Russell, who is slated to o an im- portant post on Nye ole sheet" next year The Lions' Trail policy has continued to be complete coverage ot news tor the tour important groups ot readersg students, alumni, taculty, and community The statt says, "lt we have succeeded in doing a good iob ot this, the credit is due in a large measure to our superintendent, Robert S. l-licks, who was never too busy or absorbed . . . . g th in responsibilities to give our student reporters interviews, stories, and many o er news tips." PACE llO X X 7"f. ti. get g1g Q Him wie.: 011 ea . UL ...."',,L "'Lr,wm ,llff ' .1 Ai! J' J r Mt! - s V , , 115' .- ,yr J , 1 4 ,y , , , H . Cl J r N1 rx! fo .Ax rf' l r Q ll f-V 'W 1 Ehfy '73 ilk it f Jr B v' JXfEJ,f .-'V' K 1' 7 rl , . ff ,' 9 4 tux J' ffl If J UA! 1' . J - .Q J N.. LJ r' Af , J J A J" 2 Henry LeBrecIwt Colleen Vetter Maxlne Carpenter Arthur Adalr Alan Brown Cordon Ltndset lfwntetta l-lil: loantta No Rgbtiff lf r- Ted lrani George lflrnoslwrta Lcren Puszell Deanna Lrll, Porn Russell logo Stow-lle L93 Eapran Lloyd Srnltlt l-lelen Phelps -Pi Eernlce Atwood Lauretta Weddle Don Lewin Kathryn Todd Jill gw wr 5 X 'SQA f 1 fl , C 5 M 5 an 3, W V ww., ,,. . Z HK We-L, . r X f 4 M W f f f 1 x fm f if """ ,W r M 9 . ' A . J ,,4w,,. r " iff ,, f f 0 gf- f , 4,s.v.wfJ' S.-r r ff r, f- f + - , -x Q-,mtea ,5 14-1 1 Z , 4 ,www If r 1 fbw 3 i r wi' Y 3 if ' , X. K TQ f i? 3 ,WX , Q" , X f . , . 4 2 A ' " g r ff I-I ff V, QQ, - .v,,ff. ,. ww rf, IL 5 U ...v il.. h 4 f r i 95 r lm 25 fy, E., 1435 Lazy. fy.. ' ..-ew, .. .,,., , A w 4 rQ r 1 fl rff M, O .ar , will rt I 'i at fe ,is JZ f' if 14 y 1.1 ' f ,pm '15 .1 I Q In AU' , ,fr fi I A I ? 'X 'V .bg ..,,.'ff,f,,g,Qir,'j, .fr if w -ani: rim: rf:-ff. r nffzzfeif 1 Q -71N-Z.P"',5fLZzfff,4' , I . E f J Q? ff ,,, f 2 f 4-. ff za. 5,44 , , W' r www Q, 4 ff . , , M ' wg. " -'W Cr E RGBERT ROLANSKY Editor-in-Chief -- - is MARY MQRTHA RACLAND . 1,,. 'V Asslgsiawgditor , lAMES MCCOLLUM Art Editor lOE PARKER ,sy Busness Manager TRAIL'S END The most outstanding contribution to the l94l Trails 4' nd is the addition ot a second and third Color to the annual. The colors, blue and Js iashave been spotted strategically throughout the book to give a pleasing variation to the blacks Manv other improvements have been made in the veareboolq In contrast to the past annuals, the statt decided upon a simple design which would give tthe book a refined touch, The suave, gray cover, highlighted vvith a distinguished gold emblem, set the tone ot the book The addition ot eight more pages has made a larger number ot intormal pictures possible. Other improvements are the inclusion ot curved and angled pictures to give Contrast to the ordinary horizontal and vertical lines, and the revision ot the Club section, The Trails End statt vvishes to thank its advisors, Mrs, Clara Hollovvell, Mrs, Ruth Mayer, Mrs, Madeline l-lallev, Mr Thomas Rotter and others lor their help on the annual. l'!l,Q.I l IJ MM Q ..,,,,,3 M, V' A fyf , Wil, Q5 27 f-L! 2' V 5 Q f I, W' W 'WW 1 f, ,f 4 if if M, if W Z ,f 0 f ff ff V, f X 5 '72 g, ay XSw s- N-Q B ws f ,j f! , fl f i W 'X 4 X 7 4M-A Zvi, fxf , SW f 452' ' X J f -7 gm' 5 , ,f 5' N 1 f f J , E 7 .NW fyswf wwf sf' iw 1' Walfifiitsliiizi fffgsxlfwlf Qyfff My , ff? sviv' sf l E Xiu , 418 .i. D x .WS NMI rw KN C, kg, ku BlLL DUNCAN Heacl Coach ls 5 LYN N ASS Track HABOLD WEBB Track Coach PACE l lC Qs LW Fx fo- lk I N6 CHUCK WI LLIAIVIS Eoolball Coach PAUL HADLEY il-CITVWIS Coach lHHlHlS Q Q , ,,....,,-ww-N CJEGBCE PHELPS Basketball Coach 'V 1 l ' jf if io atm E C .w , 2 M L.. ,K Si Q ., f ' L gi, LESTER MC NICHOLS and "D" Basketball Coach .pl 0 . :L 7 Gene Srnnn l-lenn LeBrecnt, Lowe Sakannoto Sol Polansky, Earl Pollard, Loose Sakarnoto YELL LEADERS some LEADERS Mary Ellen Dolan, lvlarllwa Sfagls, Sluirley Vlfnlgon, Elwnd Xlflllnn, lvlan' Helen !Xll'in PACE ll7 X X X A 5 2 X X 32, Ai S: . 1 N gnc X 'Avf A ., M 5 Lf, . , f Q . . AQ' E V, AA 2 -- . gi , A , A . QW A Xsffff A 7 1 Q, A, . H, ,-by A A A A 2, : A vm' V , . 1 A A If A as A A A kv. X f. ' If , x , ,, , ' A A A- ' ,, A A5 ,s, Y g,,4JfQ ,1jAff,,5 ,315 , A AJ, ' , A X ,X A .x , 4 ' A M A A ZHAWLAA gg, 4' f f A. ' f A i f-s fgw ,, - Z. . A ,V f f f, A j Af: , A ' 5 ,443 721, , f V4, Q , 5 QV., +"-f'f " ,4"l ZW.:-,Q 34.2 AA , ' A A , fi Af . AV f-- A A -fffAA..A,, f ' ' A A 1 ,m n A' , AA A A , 475 Ny K afgiff, f ,A f ,, "" f1fAA A , ,, 6 Q, .f fg ff , . , , x if A ff" cf' 1,1 ' A ,, f +1 AWA- , A A zfl A X , X Z 'CA MAQWAW , A 1, W1 ' Q , ZA ,, X : A A A -A . A fi A, -mf,f'A ff ff 7: , A A A A. 4 ff ' W , A A if figkwiif 24- . 2 f?A- A . ' ifk, 1527 ff ' Q ' , 1, if A M .. I AW, , L, W Q. V, A A A ,, A ,V ' - A ' -A ' ,mv -- , , Az A A , f f , A A WZ' '51 hi! Xmw '. N' MW' , Af " j1i4"'. ,"Qf If V 5 A ' A . H-1fAMA9:iew'A. f1,yYAiyAfA Iffffa, , , A, ,X 1 , A A A " ,Y-1' ,, f Z , , ff A ff A A -A AA mag A' A A A ,, X A A A k A P2 " Af " ' 4S'iLffZ" Jw7'-U,AAf!4f?- 'fQJANz'f' ZZZJ , A A " A vw AA A A Af mix mx A, Aff . ff: if V- fam , A A. QA, A , W, , , W., .,.,.,.,f J, ,yafff , QA Wi. .,, ,,y,f,,,. 1 W , -7- , .. 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' A fx' -f- f' T xl Cal Slfull Cordon XX right VARSITY 'irnniy Morrison Dick lactson Clene Daniels Neil Monahan Tod Davis Dick Kelly Roy Ericlsori lack lxlel on BASKETBALL This mighty Varsity team gave El Monte its first basketball charnpionship in twenty-three years and the first Southern California second place in any sport in El Montes athletic history Their constant practice showed itself in the excellent basketball that they played The Lions lost but two League games, making thern co-champions with Burbank EI Monte played a total of twenty-eight garnes, winning twenty-two, El Monte entered the Southern California Play- ry W A P 9 V offs and defeated St, Anthony, 38-26, and Corona, A f'ff' T T ' I W 26-2l In the finals, the Lions were stopped by M A Tustin, 23-lf? , The players on the Varsity that received honors were Captain Cal Shull, first-string forward on the All-League tearn, Cene Daniels, firsta string guard on the All-League and C l E tearns, jiniinie Morrison, secondastring forward on the All-League tearri, and first-string on the C I, E, team, and Neil Monahan, captain-elect for next year X ff 6 f f 1 'sy s' PACE 4. m Kr l l "A" FOOTBALL Dick Boucher V940 EI Monte gridiron fans saw one of the lightest and smallest EI Monte Varsity Football teams that ever entered the field against opposing teams. l-lowever, this handicap was overcome through excellent coaching, constant practice, and fine team- work, The final result was a fast team that varied its plays well and bewildered its opponents. The Lions played the pre-season games, winning those against Fullerton and Al- hambra, and losing one in the Rosebowl to Glendale-l-loover, The Lion eleven entered the first league fray with Montebello, the "Oilers" losing by a score of l3gO. The Burbank Bulldogs were the next victims of the El Monte Machine, bowing to a score of 37-O. 10 jfor S all' f- . s cl T .ir 'Lx tx VARSITY FOOTBALL PACE l?lf' The Annual Armistice Day game between the Lions and the Colts of Covina dashed El Monte hopes for the league championship, the Lions losing a close game by a score of 6-7 El Monte dropped the next game to the South Pasadena team by a score of lf?-Zl The Lions played the final game of the season with the Monrovia Wildcats, the latter finishing on the short end of a l9-ll score, Outstanding honors of the season went to Dicls Boucher, guard, who was chosen most valuable noan and honorary captain, Other players who played a great deal for El Monte were Diclc laclson and Boy Erickson, endsg Buhl Palmer and Gene Bauer, tackles, Harvey Pattersolt, guard, Richard Watson, centerg Don Rhode and Dick Shove at right and left half spotsg Yodomi Olsumura, fullbackg and Cordon Warwick, quarter- baclf "B" FGOTBALL Finishing the football season with an undefeated record, the local lightweights, through work and sweat, accomplished a feat which has not been eciualed since V930 - they brought to El Monte a San Gabriel Valley League championship The "B" team, under the dynamic coaching of George Phelps, posted up an excellent record of three wins, two ties, and no losses The tie games, however, were awarded to the Lions in favor of first downs. Scores of the various league games played were El Monte l3r Montebello Og El Monte l4, Monrovia l2g El Monte O, Burbank Og El Monte 32, Govina og El Monte 6, South Pasadena 6. Outstanding players of the HB" team were Gene Smith, centerg Don Morton, tackleg and lack Dennison, half-back. 9 ell I . Jr x Bill Stem Keithjf euii 4,. ' 5' "C" FOOTBALL Led by Go-captains, Eugene Briano, left half, and Keith Bull, right half, the Lion rnidgets went through an undefeated season The locals defeated Whittier, winners of the Foothill League, twice, the scores being 2l -6 and 25-l9 Next, the Lions overpowered Fullerton, winners of the Sunset League, by a score of l3-7 Neither Whittier nor Fullerton had been scored upon previous to their engagements with El Montes 'TG' team Gther teams beaten were Bonito, 6-O, Citrus, l3-2, Mark Keppel, 38-O, and Govina, l9-Oc Promising future varsity material are Eugene Briano, left halfg lohn Yamamoto, right endg lack Barton, left endg john Gook, guardg Bill Lunwan, centerg and Bill To- keshi, blocking half PAGE l2l "A" BASKETBALL The El Monte Varsity began their league olay by beating Montebello, 31-lo, The Lions drove on to deteat Monrovia and Burbank in close battles by lS-l9 scores. The Covina Colts stooped the Lions momentarily by upsetting us in a game which ended 24-26 The mighty varsity recovered, hovvexer, and ended the tirst round by beating South Pasadena 34-22 In the second round, El Monte conquered Montebello and Monrovia by the scores ot 27-23, and 26-24, respectively. Fighting hard, the Lions lost the next game to Burbank, the score being 26-27, This deteat oractically dashed the Lions' hooes tor the League Crovvn, but they tought on, vanouushing Covina, S9-l8, and South Pasa- dena, 43-33 Burbank, n'eanvvhile, had been beaten by Montebello, and thus El Monte and Burbank becante co-champions Cd SHN .431 QW 8C Dennison "B" BASKETBALL PACEIZZ The HB" basketball leant succeeded in developing soine tine basketball platters during the past year Willt a little inore experience, these bots should ntake tune, varsity material. ln the tirst tvvo league encounters, the Lions lost to the Montebello Oilers, 3l -25, and to the Monrovia Wild Cats, 27-2S The "Bs" then took a 20-l7 loss from Bur- banl Bull Pups but cante back and beat the Covina "l3's,l', 27-2l The Lions then. drorrbed three gantes in a rovv to South Pasadena, hflontebello, and Monrovia Still shovving blentx. ol light, tthe El Monte lightvteights returned to beat Burbank in a 2l -l3 gtrne and Covina in a 34-22 game The "B" coach vvas the popular Mr Charles XrVilliants Outstatnding on this teani vvere Captain lack Dennison, high point nian and center, Don McCullough and lack Barton, torvvards, and Lee johnson, guard i "C" BASKETBALL The "C" basketball team vvas late in getting organized and consequently had very little time tor practice, The El Monte MCs", hovvever, making up in tighting vvhat they lacked in developed ability, They beat Puente by the score ot l2-lO in a practice game, and vvon a Close league game vvith South Pasadena, the score being i9-iS, The little Lions vvere in turn beaten by league opponents, Covina, l3-l-l, 9-log Monrovia, lo-l8g and South- Pasadena, i3-35. Yasuo Shimoguchi vvas Captain tor the season, Bob Murray and Morilfavva vvere high point men, X 'X ' , 'W L, bot 1 ,f Yasuo Shimoguchi lohnnv Yarnarnfgi I ty "D" BASKETBALL Led by Captain lohn Yamamoto, the El Monte baslaetball sduad vvon the title ot Co-champions, along vvith Monrovia and Covina, inspired by such shooting as was displayed by Bill l-lavvlfins vvho scored a total ot 20 points in one game, the lightf weights nipped the Alhambra Moors, i7-4. Puente bovved to the Lions, 34-3 l-lad the El Monte sduad been able to beat Covina in the close llll score, they vvould have become holders ot the title Mr, Lester Mclvichols was coach ot this live-wire outfit PACE lfii VARSITY BASEBALL With only two returning lettermen as a nucleus tor the I9-ll Varsity Baseball team, Coach William Duncan has succeeded in building up a strong squad. After two weeks ot hard practice, the El Monte Varsity met Fullerton in their opening practice game, They lost their game ll-6, Citrus, Whittier, and Alhambra also defeated the Lions, The El Monte horsehiders tinally hit their stride and won their game with Excelsior 2-I. The Varsity went on to beat Brea Olinda I2-6 in the annual Pomona 20-30 Club Tournament The tirst league game was dropped to Montebello, ll-IO. Outstanding players on the l94l Varsity were Roy Erickson, pitcher, Bill Pierson, catcher, limmy Morrison, shortstop, Cordon Wright, K eth Siegfried, and Oene Daniels, utility men, Tod Davis, stellar third-baseman, d Lorenzo Silyas, freshman tirst-baseman, s JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL The mastertul and able coaching ot Mr Ceorge W Phelps together with a deter- mined group ot tulure "greats" predicted a successtul season tor the lunior Varsity. Working with a host ot "rookies" who practiced Saturdays and through the Easter Vacation, Coach Phleps developed a well organized nine capable ot winning the title, The boys, like true Lions, put their "all" into the games Because their league didn't start until late in the spring, the locals enioyed a long schedule ot practice games Anong Monte's more important "exhibitions" were with Excelsior, Mark Keppel, Whittier, and Bonita, Some boys that showed particular talent in either the hitting, tielding, or base running departments were Don McCullough, Eugene Smith, Dick Morgan, and Robert Murray. VARSITY TENNIS This year the El Monte Varsity souad, led by Captain Neil George, entered one ot the most active seasons ever undertaken by a school tennis team, Prior to the opening ot the League competition, the Lions played many severe practice matches, in vvhich they were victorious in eight out ot thirteen games Teams vvhich met deteat at the hands ot the home team included Pasadena junior college, Cathedral, Orange, Fuller- ton, and Excelsior. ln the League race, a tour vvay battle vvas vvaged tor the championship, in which El Monte met the best that Montebello, South Pasadena, and Burbank had to otter, The team included as singles players, I-lahn, Morelock, Pace, Millier, and Rhodeg the doubles players vvereffleorge and Nakama, Chidester and Lennetelt, and Garrison and I-licks, With only three men leaving the varsity squad, the prospect tor the next year seems to be the brightest that it has been tor many years. ask NGN H0147 HON? . c 'A f -W, HGH' JR. VARSITY TENNIS Boasting the largest group ot treshmen that had ever turned out tor tennis at El Mgrirgv the iunior varsity tennis squad, led by LaVerne Thienes, tinished a very successful and vvell-rounded season ln the practice games vvhich tormed the prelude to the San Gabriel Valley League campaign, the Lions met such strong opposition as Santa Ana, Grange, Exselsior, Full- erton and Citrus, ln these matches, a total of more than thirty men savv action, due to the tact that Coach Paul l-ladley believes in using as many ditterent players as ible. DOES The League competition developed into a stitt tight among Montebello, South Pasadena, and El Monte. Outstanding players vvho seemed likely to till varsity posi- tions next year were LaVerne Thienes, Cordon Hughes, Earl Pollard, Al Clemmer, and Kenneth Anderson, PACE l25 TRACK Winning the San Cabriel League by nearly a two-to-one score over all their opponents, the Lion's track team, led by three champions, Captain Harry Wall, lack Nelson, and lesus Centeno, went the second season in a row undefeated. Outstanding marks were set by Captain l-larry Wall---"lOO" in l0.0 flat, the "22O" in 22.00, and the broad lump-22 tt., lack Nelson, "l2O" high-hurdles in l5.4, "l2O" low-hurdles in l3,7, high lump-5 tt. lO in. Besides making a new school record in the pole vault with a jump ot l2 tt., l l5fl6 in., lesus Centeno did the "l2O" high-hurdles in l'5.7, "l2O" low-hurdles in l3.S, Dick Boucher made a new school record at the shot put with a throw of 47 tt., ll in. tollowed closely by Lawrence Briano, The Lion relay team, composed ot Dick Shoye, D' Smith, Fred Barton, and l-larry Wall, won the Chattey open relay. L Harry .Wall Fred Barton K ingot?-AQ' T TRACK PACE l26 3 ln the tirst league meet, the Lions took the lylontebello Drlers into camp by a Bl 2X3 - l2 U3 yictory, The proposed "toughie" between the highly touted Monrovia Wildcat spikesters was called oft because ot rain at the conclusion ot tiye events At the time the score already read 33 - l2 in tayor ot the Lions, Burbank was the next to tall under the barrage ot Lion points. The meet saw Fred Barton, hurdler extra-ordinary, cover the l2D low barrier race in l34 660 yards in l Bl el minutes, With the loss ot their hurdler, the Lions took on the South Pasadena Tiger Barton tlew the hundred yard dash in lDO seconds. broad jumped QD tt, ll3f4 in., a new school record. This year's array ol stars included lack Dennison and Lowell Smith. ' D seconds. Robert l-laggerman ran star player, lack Dennison, high and eked out a 49 - 46 victory. Norman Nlorein, another junior, Dean Kring, Robert l-laggerman, With some of the finest individual stars, this year's UC" track team won all but one league meet, being defeated only by the strong Burbank team. The score in this tussle was 39 U3 - 37 UZ. Some of the outstanding members of the team were Captain Eugene Briano in the pole vault and centuryg Senior Keith Bull, who was expected to capture the all Southern California 'l66O" titleg Bessera in the WOO", Nagai in the low hurdlesg Bob Murray in the high iumpg Yano in the pole vaultg Yamamoto and Shimaguchi in the broad iumpg and Rowland and Tokeshi in the shot put. Behind this fine performance was undoubtedly the work of lvlr, Lynn Nearpass coaching the track events and lvlr tlarold C Webb coaching the field events. f ,. 2 . ' ' A TRACK SWIMMING A QVQQD gf lgqyg under the leadership of student coaches, Dick lackson and Don O , . , Garret, pioneered gi ngw gpgff at El Monte These boys gave of their own time and money to practice at a private swimming pool Although the swimming teamldid not belong to a league, it succeeded in getting enough meets to give ll DVSCBCG 'B meet Swtmmmg lndrcafigm were that with proper coeooeration in the future, the senior members of this swimming team will form the nucleus ofa team C3Df3l?l9 Of Compellllg in a league. Boys that showed talent at swimming were Eddie Davidson, freestyle, Bill Seelert, breast stroke, Anton Cchmalz, breast stroke, lohn Echols, back stroke, Don Echols, freestyle and back tro PACE 127 ! 9 1 Y i llflf fi W fu PACE 1 PACE l3O l tt li.H.H.lTHllNlll The executive povver of the Cirls' Athletic Association is embodied in the CAA. Council, It directs the activities of girls' athletics, and makes all regulations concern- ing the organization. The officers for this vear vvere Alma Sievers, president, Peggy Ofonner, vice- presidentg and Barbara Mueller, secretary-treasurer, The officers vvere assisted bv other members, namely lvlartha Qtagis, social secretary, and the following activity chairmen Kathrvn Todd, publicitvg Gloria Cibbs, vollevballg Alta Beaston, baseball, Catalina Cutierez, hoclfevg Marv lriye, Speedballg and Ernestine lvletsinger, Strollers These girls are responsible for the work concerning their respective positions lt is the CAA Council who plans the play-off rules for each sport, the tourna- ments, the plav-davs, and the banquets Thev also arranged the plav-davs in lanuary and in April, and sponsored the Co-ed Play-dav in lvlav TUMBLING A new girls' sport has been added to the C. A. A. curriculum this year, unden the direction ot lvliss Fisk. l-leadstands, cartwheels, and torward rolls were some ot their routines. They strive to obtain good torm and appearance in all positions, A special performance was given at the Sophomore Frolic by Ernestine lvletsinger. Those interested came out tor practice two nights a week during the semester, mg , ,X -M 1 -,bww ' - .,fr',i .qf'f'?y dr- W' I 1 I .. 1. . W BASEBALL The co-eds ot E U l-l S can play baseball too lt's not only the boys who win recognition l Teams were chosen from each class during the day, Four diamonds were available tor the girls' use The regular sottball rules were observed in all games played during the season, This year, as ot previous years, baseball ranks high in the sports lineup PACE l3l ARCHERY Only iunior and senior girls who care to, may join in Cb A. A archery, a sport that builds up the arms and shoulders, and corrects poor posture. The bows used by the girls haye a bull ot seventeen to twenty-eight pounds. ,fl A1 , , l Rx yi. Ax , 1 A A A A i ARCHERY PACE l32 Want to shoot? All right, stand with your side to the target, elbows as high as your shoulder, thumb iust below the ear, tips ot the two middle tingers on the string, and the lett arm straight out be sure the odd teathers ot the arrow are pointed out. l3ullbac3l1 on the string, and let it go straight tor the target, making a bull's-eye, Thats not all talk, girls. You can learn too, it you come out next year, AlThough This is one of The besT ouTdoor games, noT many girls Turned ouT Tor play. IT seemed as Though many ThoughT The game was a llTTle Too rough. because' The game is TasT and exeihng, The girls were afrard oT hayung Their shlns Injured Those who were sTull willing To conTlnue, played Two nughTs a yyeel Tor eighT weeks, lnTer-class games were also played HOCKEY SPEED BALL Speedball IS a sport ThaT has been known To El lvlonle slnee The C A A was or- ganized. Slfsrll, sporTsmanshlp and Technique are yyhaT The glrls sTrlye Tor WlTh coop- eraTlon among The players, any Team can yyrn Myl ThaT rauny yyeaTher was a Terrlble Thlng The glrls were ehlsled ouT oT a season oT speedball The rain lusT wouldn'T cease long enough Tor The gurls To geT Tn eyen one game Well, glrls, don'T be Too dlscouraged, maybe TT yyon'T raun new year. PACE U3 BASKETBALL Basketball again received an amazing acclaim by the girls. Dyer two-hundred girls participated in this sport. Since each sport followed a different theme, basketball chose the Indian theme. Indian names were chosen for each team, The outstanding freshman, sophomore, junior and senior players were selected to play the final games, xx BASKETBALL PACE I34 The girls' basketball season ended with a banquet honoring the winning teamsg the setting of this banquet was a feast in an Indian village. This year, the girls played a two-court game with six players: three of which were guards and three were forwards. It was faster than the three-court games and much more exciting, Now, the girls' game is almost as exciting as the boys'. BADMINTON The outdoor courts which were so hoped for last year have been added to the girls' playground. Every day during the season many students enjoy the tast game of badminton, At all the C, A. A. Play-days, this sport has been played and enjoyed to the fullest extent, lt properly played, the game is both strenuous and exciting, Perhaps this is the reason tor its ever-increasing popularity. VOLLEY BALL Oh, that rain' lt put an end to the volleyball practice in the middle ot the season again this year, Even though it was rainy, a great spark ot enthusiasm was created among the players. The games were played in each class during the day and alter school twice a week, Several new rules were brought into use this years PACE l35 3 2252213 755 W Oy wg N if W , A W 393 Y ' 5 fl GE Q! sb 'A Xfgww CEMA. wwf, iz ,if?,f?f 50C Hv1-3 VZ! ff JaMM ,74.4,4J dadfxff ' Z5-WGA L fi? iffy Zifwifi ywj Qafnjfdffffwff ffful-Zip? ffqf o D, Kx'gjQ3p.,gv jbx-:,ud.4. Wi gpg ,9,M,Q,91.Af4if-Q' Q , , L ' Q ' af UN-'Q 4 t I f f th' Ml 0+ In 'AV E k ' 5 l . -al. - N 23.1 , UL., x g sf Womk A .Q W n K W DAT' 0-A 6 f'L,.+4 X . A-JU,Q,d. ULA- ""'Q fxfiq X -" wil 'Q pq, WMU- It I Regwstratuom Pomoma Fam 3 Night Football Alhambra wk ' JT XM jivw-J' , an V XV,- .lg as , 0 ' Q4 4- " A L- ' 71 la-1. 1 Wg X77 -6 + im qw f- fn r:2Q, , h ' . ef W ' 'W' ,iii is ffffwfl- Wf """'T my L Nt DfV1'o40ji1f+2 f "' X ,F ' ' Jain", jrff mf , - 1.1 WX ifli if J td v T 'ffl Z' Af Q 4119 4OI1r my + B M rip: A blyvpfff W1 fish 6 - Alf f ow C' " f' ' once ssem 1 I7 117 Q 4 . " 'Wa 9 .1 V 5 J. J fftg f il, flu nf 4 X X J V V 7 7 M .f45sf .l'1 .,'y F 'ln Fl' r .4 f gmt gear Jr , 5 K , A ling, TQ fx my JP? ,,.. gi? 'c,YAf'f7 Sail! WJ fl 131, X- " f"'P"" J H' -, If .a - , I f 1 lg! f J X I M ff f X.:-gfgfw -wi-Z I fixing? A H I .D 3 CJ ,, KJ 'X' QVITIIDI' Dfxruw II l A llg " Iurwu fwwllle-, PAV F N t,,t.:fZ 5 'JVAKA-,t an fi- -dv .r X X ffl!! lr sm?-.M ' V ,atv v 'rhqdf 176.1 Y 4. xx J Q lf X' J l .L n-9' ..... - . ll ll Vasu B it lO Flu Cancelled Everytltmg ll Sucker Sale l2 Fmal Exam , 4' ,fwfr A l - i ,J 321 5 ,uffiq - 1-neu X 'a M V I mu.: -4- 7- , if ' 0 - -v 2- - I '-if '-1-1 ta i' - 5' - 4 ll E Id ' 5 A, f Romana Romana i' ' C P s tm Efams l-l Faculty Dmner l5 lnstallation Assembly i J". , - , . ., , .- J,,frv'f Pl - lf QOH Rvws mf s f t - t 4 Q 1 .0 9 fm 'On ta "b, fl-if l f f 1 l f 2' we- fb - -J l' ,f :Q 'WOW' X X 9: - Yvuou 4 swag, Q1 Dlwuu- , :Q Q l , ' IP, ypuvoao 4 I " B GDHT I ' 5 5 QM ll 1 ' l . ' M fx na s ,HH vfnaesglon-5-g1Q9,v4gf' . ' up' G' in ,l 1 V 5 .r A," FF'ENos-Hffcwaons-Ann l ' M """ l , - cowuvmiu - - if l6 Comm Opera l7 Campaign Assembly l8 Alumm Dance PACE l39 - - ll! M 'A '14 X A ' 4 e , +- 41 J, 1 gf ff ' 56 7 . I 1 'f Af I f g ,XM JA .. r ia 1 fe -' 'lp' if ffm!-416- f , I e, ,, " , i U??i?a,,,,V f -.V 4, ' ,l K f ' V 'V 3 -' 4 - K 1,1 e A , - K 46 Jfifm 4, 1 ' Z - 4 ig-1 1 6 A it? , 32 V L' Q A 'V f.. ' 1 ' ' tl .arg-L-w 1 4, f . 45.-fr Q .. 770 ' R , ' ., ' ,ff ' i If A ' -UI , Q I -"feud 4 Q' r I .Nb .gf f 1 4 , A I ' ,FFL JV .. KJ M LX I A rn X Mi' V, - l I9 Spbllm Bee 'j 0 2 Basketbafi Came T Defense Assembly t ,R 5 1 H , , ef -X l ff fl-f -4-6 4,1 ff-11-56: ' A e e e 5 1,1 If bf C6 4 QQ ,wifi me-V ff ea- L f-effgf' 'A M i , - E I e X , if 6,1 ,X L64 fr,-L ff 'fed' f'e-C We V fxfw -f , 'li --vxJ-'T- 7 , KJ , . lil 4. L! X, ' me , 6- is Q Lfjflyfle --Jffllgb-1' i ff. A Qi 4, - , if ft 4 L ef 'fa - he J , Q, A N . 4 .cf , 'v--- -, ,I . f ,, 'L 4 1 'L Y, 1' .J L L. 'fffdfff ,157 ,fi C, e ,A ff , , J, M Tu ,gqmmna 1. f fame? ' 'L U 1. I L ' far' L FJ M' " ' ff' t 4 5, -'d T Kwd' Party 23 Three Black Crows 2-4 Asbembly J ,I 1 i f ' v Q 1, ,L f L if LN"-'f -l,f3"! K 4 A-ff A ff" ffl L Y I if M e b,Hff, 4 L XL. X m a f 4 L 1, M 1 'V 4' 2 , ,. e ef ' feet-Lf-4 A e' eel' ' -gg ' V1 r"'- NTHNKS f ll A ,guy tv '-s- A I gf" I f :" lv, . r '- -' A -5 ?f .' 4 ' - 1 " , . fl .q's3.i . ' -. ' X v' c.5ML,f5 -afar ., x , , X 1 , 1 4f2',E5gYib5?Qg4s:t1 Vg Ryu- .M 3, 54 Tj? 1- , ' !FiS'X',xfM-u. .- s 1. M few . fx. . ..e .. e 1 MQ - V5??i ff N- ' """e ,,eee :J ff ammo aamaua " U 1' e , , , ir TW L I.v-, Fwlughl Dame QM Cradualwon W Magician Asbemblv PACE HU f - , Ziff 421.9 s , . , , ff I vevou ' 6 if - X , , m, V' ggi 'lf ,. 07 ' 'jf ff? A In W ,Q 'W +'f 1' ' -. xr , T! ' ff w ' " ' Jliff Q ,,. xt I .':, 5 Ikhb 4, 1 , M., M A - f x A, I , I My 1 ' P9 'f gf f WL L' ' . f' - , V 1 ' - , A 1 ? i t x -I ,. 4 ' --A ff 4 X ,N if , mana . , 1 ff V ' Lx, ll- ,. L55 f A if Dance ff' 29 FQOIDQH Came 30 Carnival I' ' ff f f ff ' ' .ffcif f 4 f 7f ,.f- f '9"'y "6Z,+'f! A ff - F, A f f1" ""Ly ,f , v C gg-M 5, ,. 5 V , 'I . 1. Wm' Y E 1 W' 'M ' I, yigg x I Y, if gf v Lf ' N , 1, ' 4 4 ' . 4 6 ,J-I J ' 'L ' it . ' ,, E -f I ' A dx- f' N Ll' f-' ' I - 6 fe, ' W2 -PM?" -r' f I ' I , 2,1 - 5- gfif if? ffflif ' J' gi: "-'f' I Y ' I X 5 ' ' L L f if r ff I X Lf? ,' , V W ,, Jw ufif 'b G., Fi Yrii i ,ln 'i V i iii i I if-V in NWN 0, J, jf J , xr Ef ,5 32. TFWEJCLEL SigfcicfiFmAv.fhI'7XesQrmI3llf', ' 4 if f fdvfj , ff -7 .f . fi ftfx ,ff , ' LfL,!fj, f-if --fflf. L-gi ' 6' f M 1 X 1 Q 4 li Q, Q 'det .. :Q , , - xr - --- ,si - an emma Romana 201191111 1' 34 MemoruaN Day 55 'A' Pwomeer Days 36 CV3dLl5flfJU PACE HI w I 1 sew Q ff K fr? mt, . .c- S ,sn if N-.' f Ufff W ill 24, f x . bA n - le- UQKWAJ lwl ,QLM fm-Lllfru 'WZ Da HJ, W 3TH I-hyjf xg 3 www wxC. N Www S, Qi Mm ,WWWM Wfflmw ,iw ,,wff rf Ng 4.1233 W! '.1eQK,,Jz,f,W?w6vdd-1 .5 fm ,fo W 'mfigjzg QE l HCQLXLVV Q.-'J lff,f,67j'h ,mg Deg? JL'1",J,Ji ,Y fad '9 1f""f-"ff, CN Mk? 455'ff',I5'1,1v,f Wm . 19,9 1' T3 - if 25-QMV, ,. M STMMJ-JNTAQ - fuQi J M! figfoigw Iwi! M my M P . bm l S JAM x mi ' fkigsf.. X I gwvjif- PACE 144 IN MEMUHIHN CHARLES BONE LLOYD 1EwEL QGRDON MQDANIEL IERRY WILSON HlHlNll lHl llllll To assemble 3000 pictures is no small taski to identity the people is even less small, All this and many other jobs in connection with the Annual have been done by students behind-the- scenes, Publicity has not been theirs tor the work they have done and the contributions they have made, but all this is recognized by the editors and the sponsors. Among these students there should be mentionedg Lauretta Weddle, Audrey Parrick, Norma lean Young, Katherine l-looker, Margaret Beesley, Verna Collier, Norma Zehner, Leonie Foltzer, Margaret Novvell, Donna Tolman, Wanda Lee Davis, Dorothy Weathers, Gloria Rivas, Gertrude Boyce, Lois Brooks, leanne Olsen, Elsie l-lamilton, Connie Aguinaga, Phyllis Bixler, Alma Cieraghty, and Kaoru Nagai. Alphabetizing, sorting, tiling, mounting, typing, classifying have been daily jobs tor vveeks and months tor these students An Annual costs more to produce than the students pay tor their books, To help make up this deficit, the business houses ot the community are canvassed and many ot their names are listed here- in as Patrons The tollovving students have handled this part ot the book this yeari Doris Clayton, Dorothy Tyra, Shirley Wilson, Mary Ellen Dolan, Bernice Atvvood, and Elynor Valentine, On this page too, there should be mentioned those on the advertising statt ot the Annual, most ot the posters were made in the Art Department by Larry Smith, limmy Marugg, and Louie Sakamoto, The outside advertising was done by Roberta l-lanley, Katherine Kaiser, lack Nulton, and Richard Norton, A couple ot skits vvere given during bulletin period by Dorothy l-lall, and l-lelen Phelps, trom the Radio Speech classg other skits and announcements vvere made by Shirley Clair, Betty lo Cooke, Alberta Dooley, Tanyss Crundy, Florene Dickenson, Mary Ellen Dolan, and Shirley Wilson. A group ot musical numbers by the Saxophone Quartette trom Mr, Brovvn's Department climaxed the adver- tising program over the sound system, The plans tor the Annual noon dance were handled by Barbara Bryant, Alma lean Stanton, Norma Brostedt, and Annabel Brown, this meant the issuance ot program tickets to all vvho placed their orders tor an Annual, as vvell as plans in connection with prizes tor dravvings, etc. Loren Trautlott was the holder ot the lucky number and won this prize The representatives ot the ditterent rooms deserve special mention tor a big job vvell done. To them tell the duty ot collecting the dimes and the dollars and depositing these amounts. This group ot students tound themselves handling real money, and the necessity to do some real record-keeping. These students vverei Beverly Marsheck, Elynor Valentine, Delores Colduitt, Alberta Dooley, lohnnie l-lelton, Larry Smith, Ceraldine Bruton, Russell McMurphy, Patsy lackson, Elvin Bevington, Dick Shove, Frederick Barton, I-larold Meadows, loe Parker, Bob Novakovich, lean Patzman, jimmy Mattheis, Wayne Duerdon, Dorothy Ogle, Frank Morales, Betty lane Proctor, Margaret McCray, Uke Miyagi, Kenneth Dutro, Bonnie l-lolst, Audrey Parrick, lrmgard Krebs, lohn Strinz, Richard Pearson, Mildred Page, lean- nette Perry, Lennis Camble, lean Stem, Frank Weiss, l-lenry LeBrecht, Sue Starr, Alta Beaston, lune Cooper, lean Severs, Ceorge Kinoshita, Certie Larson, Al Stout, Bill Stem, Marian Flurst, lane Picker- ing, Lucille Anderson, Raymond McGregor, l-larry Wall, Ayako Kinoshita, Doris Clayton, LaVora Bro- shar, Mildred Shove, Stanley Smith, lza Rusher, David Muhlstein, Maxine Kersten, Shirley Trunk, Bob Smith, and lohn Remmers. The bookkeepers and the bankers have been Norma Brostedt, Darlene johnson, Peggy Koch, Francis Tucker, lerry Bruton, loyce Dodson, and Marie Lind. To them tell the real task ot making their books balance vvith the cash taken in each day, To many others belongs credit, and to all who helped, even it not named herein, the editors and sponsors owe a debt ot gratitude, PACE l4S ' ,fr I 15 " ' Ll y ffl, V!A , f,Mf W ' we We SY JJ ,. I N,JYf D RFQ? A vs X , MW ' Nhlfjfffffwdwf? 2? Q Gyn 4' W M "ff 1' W7 jj? 0' v0V"Nx If E3 J Vx ,MM Sb ww W WX, 5931 Q JK' Af' 5? S ' , if 6,5 .VJ X -X4 , f , Q' Sobjgwfvf 1. ff H151 Six pf? N fy nf f is ,AfWM,f'f?ZJyf my SS QM 17 Qyvf' W ASQ SM 'Wim HE 1 ' UMWQQQQW ,f ' ,ff lg Q JWYQYWMW iw AMEW W ff' W MXf6' Mw?'252,QoQ1f:1v f J fM HHHHPHS ,f1fgg,r.,,,, fy ww' ,f4...., W! WJ Maia. to ,H , Hfgiwdwfhcb W Jf JU? Q, ' wwf fQ 6 ,X UAL ....-5. J5K-A031-Shit WLQLA-'Qw.cJu.3'0QQJrMlA. 3 Mulo.. L9-L9.kALkfL.9.8-.. LAOLJ- -Qhpwu qucslr QW.Ngxyewkc-iwii-Q'v'v ww. wkwmw. 'mai' D Amp wxoui-MA -c,.M.i2 Amgob.. ' ow-42. U K L- UVUL Lim fmitztm Mmgwmorgjqw. cn WLOL1- .. vvw.Qp1.Q4. l QSLQQQIV - Akww. Ji' Mow WL UJSUUL LSIJUU-'Gif L-MML CAA GJQKEQLA-W ou... -QN.D.x'9.QL ' xg LJL, 'MX X VNLAKLJQ-.a.?gQu.9.aL.., 03 AJL9, mi J ,'Wwod mx?W ,Q L kokgf 1 Q WOM? MW ff. TMYLMA, , 0 MQW C Vgyfjfjfyg EI I I I I Illlltll Q Wy ANDKRSONQBE Y SAL G BARBER SI-IOP My 5 9 '. Garvey ., EI Mo e AN 'S PHoT D CIFT SHOP 304 . alley vd EI nte df . I V At . A P ARNOLD IN URANCE ACEN Y I I El Monte, C Iifornia - 'I f' I ' ' I I 1 IJJ I . l" I-ly ,ffl ' I ADVANCE CLE ER KEND TA EORS f ,IL I 1347 N. R ad, Ely. bumte Jytf E 'ULU It If A iff' , IVA!! It I IBAISSETTLADQEDI-FtIART5fHtEvv ANDY USED M2901 yay y vd. EI eme jf ,If .IR wt . I :IPI I ' ' - ' I IJ DRII I, E TTERSEDENTIST If I A Rogenlzea J V - 4, ' ' P I I 'I 'I 'J' 'I I Mtfv ,VI . A -' W ,K 5 U gels. FEED AND F ,ELJ'f"U D I I I fioo E, veIIeyVDIveI,, Ive Points t 'JV 'I YJ? I I' I 'I ' 'IESSINOER,JL'E RA IJVEIII vyU1,veIIey Ivd., EI Monte - VV. DIXIE IVE 656 E, rvey DO HAL B Mar aske P. I. D LAN I304 xson ELMER e G Pl'IySiCi n and 728 Lo er A EARL TSO I305 E. alle EL M egEX N X TE C 3l9 W. Vall Blv EI Monte! . I I N I I II? LIKE e S. AT DH? .. Five int 1' tai T6 il 'XI O M, D. I urge . I ' sa Rd EI nte? W D P DUCTS A in S EMMERT RA OS P I vd IveP ts I38 V Iley ERNIE' CAF -" od Ce Ea Phone . 8- 47 I 1 - A o EI Mo e, Ca'Iif. A to ,I ' ,I CENTURY FEED AND SUPPLY FREEMAN, ' II38 E Valley, Fave Points 1325 N' pick FEd M te Ig I CI-IARLIE'S CAFE. Chitken and Steak Dinners FRITZ' UNI S VIC T, " 950 Peck Road, EI Monte I25 W. rve , I Monte CRAv I-IARM OOLDA E FE . ' 'X E 302 W. alley Blvd., EI Monte I083 Vall y BI Fiv Pointrs C SRI , FIENR CRADLE , RE E ATE , V ey eate Bldg. EI Monte l704 Va ey R mea X X U--. I ' . C WF RD' MA T GRAN EED H DW E C . f ' 4 E, Valle FIV mmf I I20 W. arv Blvd El nte 'Q D L Y DR. L., YD, . ' CLINIP, CHE T --Ie eler and Watchmaker R emea Ioll Val y B d,, emead ' D SNI A FIA Y HANRS' o AADIII ood! I W, afve r EI M fe 2000 E. alle Blvd., Rosem ad , , Tj ' I Q Q I v R I I I ' x 3' Ie, I , 9 "I v X T PAC ' ' , y 3 Y I, I Af A I 5 , . OBERT ICRS ,fp ' , .LAMBERT Distric uperinten t l400 N Peck El M te Uni igh h icensed Real Es te Broker I I I J ERNEST E HUR5 U!!! f MORC ICE CREAM CO, CO if Val' 'vdS-. eff 1822 . alley Blvd. U. A HU5 TEXA STAT 'ACS FAMILY B SHOP T and AC Sones F POINTS ,f .ey Blvd., Osemead .X rge MCCI' an, Prop, f HUT CRAFT F RNITU l '27 'Va' 'Blvdtl em fl y af MA ITALIAN RESTAURANT J , Valley Blvd, Bassett TAL MEAT CKINC OMPANY ' j ' ntonino ' rdi K , A ' 026 SO Ose ead Blvd., Rosemead MQ-Eg OCK 54 Rlxll-l , ,,- l40 vd, E , te , f I I ' K'S T-Fine Meats! Croc ri V, lift!!-X l4Ol N. Ck Road, El Mo OW'S IO EVE CTRIC SHOP I 4 V. V ejyy oints ' ' C. PENNZKAND OMPAISIYJ 9 49 W. Valley Blv ,, El Monte ' , 'AUER F RIST ' 0 if 2WCarvey Blvd., El onte OM JOH O S RADIO SHOP I , ' 407-La Tunas Blvd., San Gabriel ' J! IMORSE LUMBER YARD J, "C Latest Svving Recotd Here" XI! J l2ll E Valley Blvd., Five P ts M KARL SHOE STORE MURTHA'S DRESS SHOP 1 ' 408 W Valley Blvd., El Monte Valley Blvd, Rosem d D, FFMVAN, 5-l C Store MOS 'HOLDER NUR ERIES 3l2 .ley Blvd. MO e H30 . Valley, Fi Points lk MMP K L E T E xox NA ANN'S 3jWa Bl ., El Ont 'xr -400 .Valley B-lvd. lMOn,t 9 Q . Q X O IH ,gbfomegk 05 E I URA E CEISIC al lvdz, Ose ea'G5 ix VG' S , y Bl ' El Mon , ' O cf All' c SO IRY rade "A3xq2ayQIll4 xr? W6 DOYQID ERS IIMBER QQ NY If, rve , lVlOr1l'6 LQ X X 3 Pom na ,y Bag C, ' ' Q 'L LINDSE ' ARKET 2 sg , 5 PE USS LLAI TORE M46 Valley Blvd., Rogemeaa OW ORA X - S W, Valley lvd., me .9 to ' 5' EOWERY DRESS SHOP -X NJ 9X CLIF RD T. l H40 E, Valley Blvd., Erve Pof W VN BUlClQ Agency, El Onte Yoo ,S of S 0 X '52 S A NN Ou 'bil 'fe Sf XPEXQQV l PACE l49 Rlt My WM llllhllilfdly RlTl4llSl BROTHERS SERVICE RRP SALLY SH 224 E. Valley Blvd, El Monte o 406 ley Blvd., El Monte PlTl4llSl BR COMPAQ YER5' IO y Blvd, Fl Pgintg j W Vall QlVd,, El 0 Oo Tires ' JJ THE SO HEIRN C TY BANK PP TON 8 L J EI M te, Call ' vlCe' and B 40l PM Bd, lflflnte ' ' o LIE B, TIET, Realtor l VM! 63 alley Blvd, Rose d PRO 6 LEFEL 9 T5l , Valley,Ql me A TA E PLUlvlB SQRP ,, ' 64,1 9 E Valle fl. I fi CQREYNOL lvlBER OlvlPAt'lYx" Building erial HQJ' DR TERRY, CHlRO ACT lO59 Valley, E. Points 5039 d K EMEAO RESS R rs, Dai arlso Op, AEA Y C O TS. Bess . De ' ger l544 Valley Blvd., Rosemead OSEMEAD FEED COHPANY l-larold C. Smith Rosemead an ' y Blvds X ROSEME l-lOE SHOP xy V Bl ,, Rosernead R. l. H. TAET, M, D. Rosernead , 4 Tl-lE AUTO E ZOO W Garvey lvd., El Monte I TIP T CLEANERS D DYER l el vey Bl El MO -lD3 W V lley Blvd onte I 2C3l . O f ., ll VOOUE C NERS 9 ' ' A D . A, VAMTI , Palm Court, El Mon, T R a , , ,ROSE EAD EURNIT TORE 'S BQYS' ?Valleyl Blvd, Rosem a . I V ey ,y El te 3 Q lx- . EQSEIQOEAD HARDWARE DOE E, WOLEO NK alley Blvd, Rosemead El HTG, Calllr 7 J A B l l' lvl' SCHANEL' FUlXlERAlJPARL EMnEeLEtOdfRA Cel?-EfallTQr portatlon v T l Y Bll,3ll053, El Mme V7 421 E Y BMW me N J l Qlg ' Valley Blvd" El e 'aBey Blvd, Osemead . Bly Q f ALBERT E. ST N. M. D. W l, v 5 and lo, - ly Wllllams .tsl lel2l ROSerne lvli, ROS ead jjl Aamy El fe X , 0 . 9' E B f B .RED Olly Nllll fW5Qwu1n 3 LWQHHHPHSTEE if Qui, gasp! FTLX-vw XT mv x A dave, Q 51" fffv wk Q M-H. Q- fx ok k use lflih.. ' 3 X ' J V wr! ' mush' 'UH7 Qf J u-.Q . 4911 'fl'-f-Lgka Q Uyfd-QU.4.fLn x you aww ' X 1 . 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