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'Quan--,ff an 12 - - -. 'W sr . ., . V V k '. - Q1 'w.a,..,-Q:'- " -3 - 1 , - V wx .- A4 1 gum'Q'fu.X1aw:f9m,y25cf:,..xwfummewsln1:m mann: ' a1u'alu9'acnmsu'1h amass. uaaznqm , evmzsruxvxmazi' 'mfazmxxz-mr!-'mmxmaamwm1mwuWaam'ifmrmmv+-Q,hi ffwaivmam f1,f:.mfsu4unsz1mx:.,'m1, -in -' ' .s'zsra.:-v Q..ts:nz,.vf,..av11f,1xwm.,.:,1-fL 1sr.a:r1ew.-L wal TRAIl'S END Gather yoar strength ih the poolg by the aaiet at wrllowsi Laagh in the ehallows, and dartee to the ripple, oh, water, Slip onward, grow steadily deeper and swltter, And swurl to the tall, to a larrtlhoae Cascade ot silver, Flow onward, oh years, and gather the eweethese ot ages, Order it, dance to lt, llllb is the oldest ot music. Weayurtg IU glrtaoae palterrte, torgettmg the issue, Whlrl to the brink, and go slhglhg and elatehlhg the slfyl -Marystiha Sterrtlov Q DEDICATION-717-04111 lm or11pn1rm1lq1u imw' id dl!! Mr l5Qml1c1r'dt liuula HOVqk,l mm Mm Mn pWc1r1rweKd fm H10 pdsl, dnd plum fur Huw gawwswl, cmd w plurwrwurwg for We future 1r r1prm0mQrwT of our school cmd cduwimw, Nuke xvork xvrfh us lms beam DMM QQWUI Gnd Qiemflrmgl WC mlm' , , V K' V- , ,, IMC lwrwcar mf dedrcutmg thus 17,31 prcjgrwawlxcf wllzmcf uf TVQIIIIS Ind -UM, fXr1rwr1dl SMH I FOREWORD-lXlIhll?TFlfN HUNDIQFD AND THIRTY-SFVFN rs Tor ue, The QroclL1oTrnQ clom of The EI fVlonTe Unron High School, The end of one Troil ond The come mencerrTenT of onoTher, AlThoogh We ore cornplehng our lrolnrnq here! we reollze ThoT we ore only begrnnrng To bloze lTTels Troll We now go OUT wiTh The True splriT ol proneers--eoch ol L15 To has oreor oclyenlnrey which ig llTe lTQelT. If we con proht by The expert ences ol Thoee who hoye gone be- fore, ond con by our hnnwble efforTs rnoke The poTh less dnfficnlf for Those who ore To Tolloyy, we shell hoye occomplished fn some ernoll rneosore The pnrpo2e Tor which we hoye been Trolned Wherever your Troll may leod, The V237 lrorlfs End vylghes yon CJ 5occes5Tol journey ond The most pleo5onT memories oT your hiqh school cloys -The Eclnor. S ADMINISTRATION 0 Robert S. l-licks I THE PRlNCIPAL'S MESSAGE-This has been a most pleasant year tor all ot us. I am sure that this year book expresses and carries out that thought, My mes- sage is one ot gratitude. All ot you have been most considerate and wondertully co- operative. lt has been a great ioy to me to haye been associated with you this year in this mutually important enterprise, Gt all the loyely things which lite brings to us, nothing is tiner than the smiling, triendly greeting ot high school boys and, girls. Ot all the people in the world I would rather claim you as my friends, and trust that l may do so. lt is my earnest wish that Trail's End will present to you an interesting record ot your happiest days, a record which will not only remind you ot the past but one which will point the way to a successful, happy tuture. The title ot your book suggests the spirit ot the pioneer, That spirit, without gues- tion, is the tinest known in American his- tory, lt is surely worthy ot our emulation. As the American pioneer pushed ever out- ward into the unknown, meeting with courage and without complaint the many trying hardships along the way, so may you push torward into other unknown areas ot mental, social, and spiritual tasks. My best wishes are extended to each ot you as you go torth. Cordially yours, C THE ADMINISTRATION 0 Mr, BQIQSIVOIWT Deon of I3oy5 cmd VICCYIDVIIICIIXII 0 Mrs Kimgermcm Dum of Curia 0 Mm Umk IQSICIISIITII Ml xx. , K ,Q 'iff- K "Q'.,,Qk .. 522 M. .A f X 1 Qigyi' ,v an ' ffm , - . . xv-L ,. . T 3 5 W ' fPf5 'i f .,. ' 'Sh W M ii 1, Nw, H 'PT ? iif f im w X Q v M ,f qi, Wszf f V 9 b ' M as 1 J , f N95 Q- is M sit 'u V ,, Ziff A " - - l 3 'Q'M Z W 1 A :" " ' A ' QP HREF :Qi ,, ff:-'f'5MQ, , ' 'f2fQ11gwzg5fjgg e 'fijfffgi N32 fi? 4 - 5533 K 12 x14 1 X-1 1 X ,W ,, 'Q , . 5340 A . "' I -1451 wg . ZW f y Hg? Leif- -'QQQVWW .sa 5 y .D Q? A 1 K if wh -ml law. , . - '21-'sf' iw 9 hmm K+ ii 1 Q ggi -in-Q.. I THE OFFICE 0 Mrs Skylos 0 Mm, Recd 0 M125 PCC! 0 Miss Mrdwaels 0 Mass Beer I IN MEMORIAM-Some men live many years and accomplish little, others live here on this earth a comparatively short span ot time, and yet their attainments are both rich and bountitul A . . Richness, when measured by a true sense at relative values, is very seldom mere gold, Bountitullness goes hand in hand with true richness. Now that one ot our instructors is no longer with us, his very absence makes us realize that his service to us here in this high school and community was, in the greatest sense at the words, both rich and bountitul. This teacher, this sincere triend, lett his stamp on all ot us. We teel that having known him, our lives can't help but be tull- er and brighter. We know that his short stay with us has made this world a better place in which to live, and perhaps has given us a better understanding ot real, Christian living. It as much can one day be said ot you and me, we shall not have lived in vain, O P, l., Klingerman CLASSES I THE MID-YEAR CLASS O Elko Abe 0 Jornes Aikin I Eleonor Attrill 0 Williom Bisbee 0 Dole Brown 0 John Brown 0 Lo Veto Clentmer 0 Thedo Dicks O Merle Doiclge 0 lro Edmonds 0 Clittord Ellis 0 Louie lriye 0 lsomo Hozorno O Phyllis l-lollond 0 Robert Johnson O Fronklin Jordon 0 Dole lVlCCrurnrnen O Lloyd Meissenburg 0 Richord Moore O Kimiko Oto 0 Noro Polsky O Fronces Schoclq 0 Dorothy lvlortin 0 Phyllis Stiles 0 Stonley Weddle 0 Jeonne Wrensholl f , W W - ,,A ii :,. .Q X k 323 ,M I aw' 5 -G5 'ms I K I ,f 5 V, 11 ,-,, AWE . f 'J'QkWfb11-9? 4, L H , E, ? ., gn gig 4 'QP' , 2 'X y . 1 'sf 1' V Q ,Y fs 'vs fm 1 A 5 4 af V , O THE SENIOR A CLASS 0 Slrioe Abe 0 Jonn Alderson 0 Alice Aldndoe 0 Dorothy Anderson 0 Bernice Arnold 0 Doris Allwell 0 Eugene Attvvell 0 Wrllrs Boder 0 Virolnro Bolwrullw 0 Borboro Boldinger 0 Gus Borretf 0 Vlrglnio Beoton 0 Morgoret Beck 0 Lourence Bemoll 0 Lucille Benedict Y 512 1 9 z UQ, lk A y'. 4 Q x 924. 1 EH-W N1'i L, ,in Y? A ,v y -M 1 5 ,ai 'Qi' ki Ai if 451, 5 ., . . my xtwsv K M QW Si 4 0 Alice Couch 0 Lillian Cravvtord 0 Ivan Crouse 0 Stephen Davis 0 Charles Dean 0 Myrtlebel Deavera 0 Allee Dennison 0 Estelle Dodge I Mike Dolan 0 Paul Dunkel 0 Barbara Dunlap 0 l-lugh Bert Ehrhard 0 Lucille Fiechter 0 Junior Fish 0 Lucille Fisher 0 Junior Fott 0 Cecelia Foley 0 Florence Fortner 0 Dorothy Foster 0 Mary Frarne 0 Norman Frankfurt 0 Marion Freer 0 Elise Gibbs 0 Doris Glasser 0 Caroline Gray 0 Dorothy Grishman 0 Virginia Grunclhauser 0 Evert Gustafson 0 George l-lachiya 0 Frances Flarral 0 Eugene l-larris 0 l-latsuko Hasegawa 0 Kazuo l-lashimoto 0 Audrey l-leil 0 Wcilloce Hicks 0 Donuld l-lilberl 0 Clillord lclooglcncl 0 Edith Holley 0 Dnncilcl Hnlst 0 Mcirie Horgpool 0 Glenn lsrciel 0 Robert Jackson 0 Kenneth Jeonnerelt 0 Bernice Johnson 0 Edylli Jolinson 0 Morey Jonee 0 Gercilcline Kegy 0 George Koko 0 George Kaiser 0 Donald King 0 Maxine King 0 Jo5eoiiine Kirchner 0 Pat Kiingerrrian 0 Robert Kloos 0 Nriiiir Klopfensiein 0 Erica Koller 0 Doroiaiiy Kriifpe 0 Norman Leonard 0 Irene Lieb 0 Sophie Liiwin 0 Gene Livingeion 0 Eugenia Love 0 Bob McCoy 0 William McDonough 0 Betty Lee McGee 0 Virginia MaCRae Elsie Maddox Josephine Manill Isabelle Marshall Iva Mayfield Raymond Merrifield Tosliiko Miyaleawa Lena Mizener Jean Moore Bonniebelle Morton Bernice Nelson Carolyne Newton Madelynn Nicolai Evval Norlleet Mariory Nutt Torn Okurnura 0 Cloro Orr 0 Sybil Owen 0 Dorotheo Pehtold Keith Robb Plehri Edword Reckori Dove Richordsori Johe Reeder Morjorie Rogers Peter Rohish Dorotheo Rowlorid Dorothy Sobih June Schoter Doh Schoohover I-lildo Schweizer Arleeh Sehweiger Roymohd Severhs I-Ioyoko Shimizu Midori Shimizu Yosntko Stnromo Louise SimrnonS Angeline Sorensen Rolond Spencer Robert Stornbouglw Elvyn Stonton Berto Moy Stettz Vtvlon Sttmrnertwoys Wolter l.. Svvlft Constonee Tobb George Tokosoki John Tomuro Jonet Tote Lucy Terroeetono Dorothy Terry 0 Dorothy Taller O Bild loiirneur I Lavertia Tiisina Gabriel Vallee Anna Van Dam Roland Vasaez Tempest Voaes Minoru Walqila Donald Walker .lim Ware Jaan Weitscliat Jack Welcli Franklin Widaman l-larold Williams Elmer Willner Carl Vlfilson Doris Wilson Frances Wilson xi' Giles Wilson Joonne Wilson Virginio Wilson Billy Wright Simeon Wright Jeon Wylie J. Wyne Hideo Yono Peter Yono Doris Youngstrorn wmv: l s.a.e:!m.:x arms. , I THE SENIOR B CLASS, uncier the leadership ot Mr, Patil lladley, advisory and John Phelps, president, has enjoyed a highly profitable year. Among the many talented and outstanding membera, "Red" Mc- Guire, Bob lVlacBeth, and Roen Flack, have been prominent in sports, while Margaret Dolan ll'1,l'N been tops among the girls, Notable in music have been Ruby Rentchler Walter Stevens, and Ethelyne Wil- kerson, The dramatic ability at Grace Wise, demongtrated in the leading romantic role in the 5eniar play, has been a credit ta the class, while Barbara Blue is known tor her scholarship. Q THE JUNIOR CLASS, under its efficient advisors, lvliss Kathryn lvliller and Mr. Paul l-ladley, has put forth tremendous efforts and successfully filled a year's program calling for much labor and thought The calendar opened on the evening of October 30, when this group and the seniors gave a delightful Hallowe'en Dance. This was followed by a dance sponsored by the juniors on December l l. On Friday evening, lvlarch l2, history was made when they pro- moted a highly successful skating party. On Wednesday, April Zi, that age-old institution, the Jitters, gave wav to the original Junior Follies, with two presentations, afternoon and evening. Tuesday, April 27, the entire school was startled at the appear- ance of some strange, freakish creatures on the campus, but breathed a sigh of relief when they were found to be only partici- pants of Junior Dress-up Day, And the envy of the school followed these scholars when they took advantage of their annual Ditch Day, Winding up such a successful year properly was no easy task, but the juniors did it, when on the evening of Friday, June ll, they treated the seniors to one of the most charming proms ELJ.l-l.Si has ever seen. ln addition to group activities many members of the class have gained individual glory for themselves in extra-curricular activ- ities. Among the "he-men" of sports we found Fred Rhode and l-larold Finney high in football, while Frank Ross and Laverne Miller were noteworthy basketballers, and Glenn Burt was promi- nent in track as a runner. ln music, Richard Beeks, Pat Mac- Aleese, and Elsie Starkenburg took honors, and in drama, Lorraine Peters, Rafael Galceran, Dorothy Vosberg, and Dorothea Reudy were prominent. Dorothea Reudy also served as art editor on the annual. To complete the list the following students, among others, merit mention for their scholarship: Lyle Glasser, Betty Kloos, and James Locy. The very able officers of the junior class were l-larold Finney, president, Lester Woodside, vice-president, Viona Rush, secre- tary, and Gordon Newton, yell leader. Undoubtedly much of the success of the class's activities is due to Corynne Cameron, chair- man of the dance committee, and Bill Clark, chairman of the skating party. Lu M D I- D u. S l- Z LLI LD LLJ cr D. I- an fi LL U7 D! LLI LLI Z O Q. I :J I A? ,s r rm l 1-7u!nvv" '4 in 1 Wmal i.'L x 'Af Q 4 . 4 s ,Q A , ,. Q , 4 . K N , f u , 4- . Q , 1+ dx- ,' . 5 .: . g gf lzf V Lal fl ' , 5, SI, V, x I gvl 'iw Ia 'M' Q 4 ,K ' v -ew ,N 1, . , ' Q sk 2 ,rf 'L 'ifsk ff: F ak w...,,, ' A ' fi? if , -H 1: 3? 3 , Q Y , Q . , , u f' 31153: ?f at 3 Q. A 5 M " 9 "W v Wxf h " x e I W Bbw " Ella 'L 3 ff- Q13 Q lf , ,H Z Q' 1 54 ' K V iii k , ' l', E' , , , , i , :W .a x X 3 ,A hx -4 5 3 M 1 , A w T ii ,A,. -1 +-f..f?M if R 3 5 , J V A L L H Q X 1 5' ' A '45 f -if . ww ? 1 3 3 MV NA 4' T we .,,. ,yxfa N .., 4 .2 . M M, D- fiffizfl Q ei' Q , , 19 if 1 ef' Qlffkwi xhwiig? if an 'Y Q- .-,Qf ,f 'ev 4, ' K Q 'W , Q: N f 1 V' 5, 33, 1 .ag Q' 5 W 1 ,,.g.+q 5 Q 'K 'Q 'ff E RWM? QE -0. 4 1 fii ,Q i'-5 M3 nik 12 Hai? 1-,V 417 5, V in ,i,, ' 1, If 'V J i if iw., 3 .45 fe E QSQW4 9 URGANIZATIONS .BAND Q THE LION'S BAND-lf vve measure the value and vvorth of an organization on the basis of willing service performed, no school organization ranks higher than the Lion's Band, At foot- ball games, track meets, and in assemblies, the Band has served us faithfully and vvell, The interest, appreciation and enthusiasm of the students for the Band can be vouched for by the burst of applause vvhich is alvvays heard whenever the Band makes an ap- pearance. The Band started from scratch this years From a beginning small group it has grown steadily in numbers until it has reached an enrollment of approximately fifty members, During the early part of the school year only the simplest of band music could be used. The most difficult selections are novv played, as indicated by the presentation of reauired contest selections which have been approved by the National Band Masters' Association. Under the capable and faithful direction of Mr. l-larold Brovvn, the Band has made almost incredible progress this year, With the new, flashy, blue and vvhite uniforms no band makes a finer ap- pearing group, No one ever dreamed that our Band vvould enter the competitive field this year. lt went to Chino and took first place in marching and playing, and first place as the best appearing band. On May fifteenth it competed in the Southern California Championship Band Contest held in the Rose Bowl at Pasadena. Over fifty bands were entered and our l-ion's Band took part in the concert and marching contests and also entered several soloists. Another outstanding appearance was in our ovvn El Monte Pioneer Days' Celebration vvhen our group marched in the parade, in competition vvith several leading Southland bands. Another notable feature of the year's work of this organization vvas the initial presentation of the Annual l-lome Concert, and it is our prediction that this affair will each year become one of the school's anticipated musical events,-R, S, l-licks. I THE GIRLS' LEAGUE hos two objectives: the estoblishment of o democrotic medium through which the girls of the El Monte Union High School moy express their desires ond ideols, ond the develop- ment through cooperotive octivities involving oll girls ond lody foc- ulty members of the school, of the following ideols: sympothy, fellow- ship, ond on octive loyolty to the highest interests of the school, the community, ond the notion, The creed of the Leogue is os follows: "I believe in myself, my school, my country, ond my God. l believe in loy- olty to myself, ond my friends. l bee lieve in cleonliness of mind, body, ond soul. l believe in helpfulness, honesty ond friendship, Therefore l pledge ollegionce to the Cnirls' Leogue, ond my school." Deon Klingermon is the sponsor of this orgonizotion, the officers ore Virginio lVlocRoe, president, Corynne Comeron, vice-president, lvlorion De Winter, secretory, ond Viono Rush, treosurer, oll elected by bollot, These four officers ond three representotives, one op- pointed ond two elected, from eoch closs serve one yeor os the centrol council. The duties of this council ore to tronsoct oll business of the Leogue except thot which it deems wise to submit to the member- ship ot lorge, to coordinote the work of oll committees, ond to corry out oll meosures odopted by the membership of the Leogue. This orgonizotion hos o speciol progrom thot goes forword con- tinuously. These events ore grouped under three heods: sociol of- foirs, school octivities, ond philonthopy. Sociol octivities ore spreod over the entire yeor, ond in the post the following types of porties hove been given: freshmon reception, Volentine porties, Christmos porties, "kid" porties ond ot leost two l-li links, to which the girls olwoys look forword with keen interest, This group iointly sponsors the student body denees eyery other Mondey eetixity hour! with the lsioness Club, e newly orgenized body, lfeeh yeer the Leegue sponsors the essernbly on Mother! Dey, An ebbrobriete brogrenri is giyen end ell mothers ol the stu- dent body ere invited to be guests ot honor, Under the heed of sehool eetiyities the girls try lo brighten the eless rooms with llowers on the opening dey ol sehool, They elso ect es 'fbig sisters" to the new eo-eds, Flowers end sympethy notes ere sent to ell students end leeulty members out ol sehool beeeuse ol serious illness or deeth in the lemily. Under ohilenthropy, et Christmes time the Leegue sends besloets to the needy end elweys essists the Red Cross in their ennuel spring rnernbershib driye, The group remembers sick Children in the County Hosnitel by sending toys end Velentines. This orgenizetion furnishes weitresses tor Community benguets, ooeretes it own pleeement bureeu, end lills Cells from hornes in the eornrnunity where the seryiees of high school girls ere desired. The Colors of the Leegue ere red end whiteg the flowers! red end xx hi te sweetbees, Q THE LIONESS CLUB, under the odvisorship ot Mrs Ethel Kling- ermon, deon ot girls, is on outstonding honorory club omong the co-eds, consisting ot twelve prominent girls, six juniors ond six seniors. This orgonizotion wos responsible tor on entire week ot entertoin- .ment tor the Lions' student body, lt wos colled "Good Will Week," ond wos mode up ot severol ossemblies ond donces. These twelve prominent girls, dressed in their ottroctive red iockets, hove been very octive oround our compus in conducting our ottoirs in on orderly toshion, ond the school os o whole would like to give thonks tothem, ond wish them o world ot luck next yeor The otticers in chorge ot the Lioness Club were os tollowsi Coro- lyne Newton, president, Ethelyne Wilkerson, vice-president, Sybil Gwen, secretory, ond Mrs Ethel Klingermon, odvisor, Q THE SADDLE CLUB wos orgonized tor the tirst time this yeor under the direction ot Mr, Amos Stetler, tor the girls ond boys ot the El Monte Union l-ligh School who ore interested in riding ond good horsemonship. The purpose ot this orgonizotion is to develop good tellowship, good horsemonship, ond very good sportsmonship. In keeping with El Monte's Annuol Pioneer Doys, it is titting tor our school to give ottention to good horsemonship ond to enter into the spirit ot this historic tiesto, The otticers were os tollowsi Dorothy Anderson, president, Richord Steele, vice-president, ond Berto Moe Steitz, secretory. QTHE LION KNIGHTS orgonizotion is the highest honor ond serv- ice group tor boys ot the El Monte Union l-ligh School. To become o member, o boy must be obove the overoge in scholorship, choroc- ter, ond willingness to serve, Stoted brietly, the duty ot o Knight is to serve the school ond his tellow students in whotever woy ond ot whotever time moy be necessory. Members ore required to toke the tollowing pledge: "On my honor os o Lion Knight, l promise to support the consti- tution ot this ossociotion, to be loyol to my school ond its ideols, ond to observe school customs ond troditions, l promise to encour- oge honor ond service on the port ot my tellow students, ond, to the best ot my obility, think ond oct in o monner worthy ot the high ideols ot this orgonizotion. "I will ot oll times ploce the interest ot the school obove my own, or those ot ony group within the school." ' if 4 yi uk Y 5 er .Q 4 I A Lz' M X 7 VV- , 2' ' 2',' X X fl AV' 7 !j 52 if , V? x v ' a L V fy... . vi 'I 8 E "' QE :A 3 ws Q? N f E ,, ' ,' , . wK.32,5 if :Q it 'U'- f 3' , s J 3 X if Y' V? , ,ff7fPf'1 " fiimff, 5 sv Q I gg x l 0 V . K Q THE PEP CLUB, including a large group ot El Monte co-eds, has created interest and enthusiasm in the school during the last Football period, Throughout the season the girls decorated the campus with attractiye blue and white unitorms, leis and caps, They also took an actiye Dart in the tootball rallies. Not only did we see the blue and white Pep Girls at the home games, but they were staunch supporters at the games played at other schools, including the time they accompanied the team in the South- ern Calitornia Play-ott games at Ontario and Long Beach, The club progressed rapidly during its tirst year under the leader- ship ot Rena Briana, president, Dorothy Grisham, yice-president, Juanita Spencer, secretary, Mrs. Edith Irwin and Miss Irene Becker, advisors. I LOS MONTANEROS, el club espanol de la escuela secundaria de El Monte era organizado hace seis anos, El grupo ha estado a Padua l-lills tres yeces este ano ye celebraba una comida mexicana y inici- acion a la casa de su comseiara, la senorita Isabel Dinsmoor. Los oticiales para el ano eran Gertrude Tucker, presidente, James Locy, yice-presidente, Viona Rush, secretaria, Elenore Curren y Lyle Glasser, reporteres, Los Montaneros, the Spanish Club ot El Monte Union l-ligh School, was organized six years ago. The group has been to Padua l-lills three times this year and had a Mexican dinner and initiation at the home ot its adyisor, Miss Isabel Dinsmoor. The otticers tor the year were Gertrude Tucker, president, James Locy, vice-president, Viona Rush, secretary, Elenore Curren and Lyle Glasser, reporters. Q THE JAPANESE CLUB, under the excellent leadership ot John Tamura, who seryed as president the tirst semester, and Shirley Abe, the president tor the secondsemester, has enjoyed seyeral parties and social attairs throughout the year, The outstanding ones were the graduation party in honor ot the winter graduates ot l937, a banauet at the Christmas season, and a beach party in the spring. The tirst semester the tollowing students served as otticersi John Tamura, president, Shirley Abe, vice-president, Irene Abe, secre- tary, Titue Uyeda, reporter, Louie lriye, sergeant-at-arms. Those who presided the second semester werei Shirley Abe, presi- dent, John Tamura, yice-president, Toshiko Miyakawa, secre- tary, George Kinoshita, sergeant-at-arms, L Mrs, Clara C l-lollowell served as club adyisor during both se- mesters IH fy 'lin M' 'S irjhi wwf ' 92536-4- L-Lil' ,L W H W yr " 4 Q if 5' 2 - fl W Yi? 'Jag Q, K. 2? ESSW' Sid' rx 1 . 4 , ii yy, , A fa Q? iw' ' QM, , ., A9 V 'KW I THE INK SLINGERS, o club for would-be story writers, essoyists, dromotists, poets, ond other future outhors, is one of the newer or- gonizotions in our school. Under the splendid lecidership of Mrs Poul Hodley, odvisor, this group hos progressed until it hos monoged to put out o publiccition contoining originol writings by the members ond other pupils. E We must give specicil thonks to them for the excellent colendor thot oppeors in the l937 edition of the Troil's End, This work hos been occomplished under the guidonce of the following officersi lvlorystino Sternlov, president, lvlortho lone t-lissong, secretory- treosurer, ond Gertrude Tucker, reporter. Q THE ART CLUB wos orgonized this yeor for the first time under the most oble direction of lvlrs, Ellonor X. Gorny Voudreuil, During this time it hos token o very octive port in mony phoses of school ife. The members of the club hove plonned ort exhibitions in the ort room, ond mode oll the loyouts for the onnuol. To become o member of this club o boy or girl must receive the grode of "B" or better in his first yeor of orti After his first yeor of ort, he moy be elected to membership in the club. The following officers served the first semester: Ivo Leonord, president, Vesto Bostwick, secretory, The second semester officers were: Froncis Brugere, president, Elenore Curren, secretory, Doris Glosser served os reporter for both semesters. Q THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB hos os its purpose to creote o greoter interest in the orts of home moking, ond to give its mem- bers on opportunity to develop ideos ond plgns for home recreotion ond school welfore work, os well os on opportunity for socicil meet- ings. The club is divided into two sections, o foods section cind o sewing section, which meet ot frequent intervols to corry out projects of specicil interest to the members. Officers for the first semester were Lucille Fisher, president, Alberto Lomb, vice-president, Lorroine Krebs, secretory, ond l-lelen Johnson, treosuer. Officers for the second semester were elected' ot o buffet supper meeting held lvlorch l8. Those elected were Jednette St, lvleyers, president, Josephine lvlohill, vice-president, lvlorgoret Smith, secretory, ond Fronces l-lorrol, treosurer. The sponsors of the club were the foods ond clothing teochers, Miss l-lelen Nelson ond lvlrs. Evo Spencer. lvliss Allene Podelford toolc the ploce of Mrs. Spencer the second semester. fs if , W. Q A , Q ,W ,F 3 , nz., , MJ, , .. 4 , 8 3 wg ,b 2 j '0' 0435 I 59 ' . A ' A ,... A 22.5, I ---,. .: . .,6S,. ,,, , O O .Q w , W . V1 .-,,X, v I wil 195 'K ' K' w Y, W xx.: w Q via x s -36: 'S 'Q 5 1 is - We ilwdff C THE VOICE CLUB ot the El lvlonte lJnion l-ligh School is one ot the orgonizotions in the music deportment, under the direction ot Mrs, Corolyn Keller. The members hove selected os their objective the troining ot their voices tor public cippeoronces. The purpose ot the club is to give the student on opportunity to cultivote o cleor ond lovely voice, ond to develop poise by singing betore the members, The pupils conduct their meetings in much the some vvoy os o reol concert, Regulor progroms ore orronged ond ecich mem- ber contributes his or her port, The meetings olso include o round- toble discussion ot voice principles ond the works ot greot ortists. As the club hos just been recently orgonized, the members hove not hod the chonce to moke ony outstonding pertormonces, but they ore Dlonning to do so in the tuture. The otticers ot the Voice Club tor the post yeor were Liorroine Peters, president, Groce Wise, vice-president, Bob lvlcCoy, business monoger, Mrs. Keller, odvisor. Q THE DRAMA CLUB vvos storted in order to encouroge the oo-- preciotion tor dromo ond tine orts, ond in order to give the pupils ot our high school on opportunity to disploy their tolents ond et- torts in the line ot dromotics. lt vvos orgonized through the ettort ond vvorl4, ot lvliss lvlory Rodlovo, odvisor, Groce Wise, president, ond severol octive ond interested pupils ot our student body. The oim ot the club is to prepore persons interested in stoge ond theotre vvorlci Students interested in joining hove to meet the op- provol ot judges, ond hove some tolent in order to become o member. The members enjoyed o pleosont yeor through the help ond co- operotion ot the tollovving otticersi Groce Wise, president, Eorl Brooks, vice-president, Lorroine Peters, secretory, Lucille l-lonson, treosurer. I THE PHILATELIC SOCIETY vvos tirst orgonized in V934 through the ettorts ot the senior ond junior students ot thot yeor. ln i935 the Philotelic Society seemed to be torgotten but vvos reorgonized in the toll ot i936 One ot the objectives ot the club this yeor is to help the members increose their knowledge ot stomps ond the history behind the moking ot them, ond to help the members increose the size ond cjuolity ot their individuol collections. Through the medium ot interesting meetings the members ore studying the couri- tries ot the vvorld ond their influence on its ottoirs. The club is tor- tunote in hoving os odvisor, Mr. J, W. Johnson, who is o confirmed stomp collector, ond who generously gives his time ond knovvledge to the club. The otticers were os tollovvsi Donold Beu, president, Billy Wright, vice-president, John lvlolneritch, secretory. -ii in ,Jw f Q C LOS MUSICOS CLUB: ln expressing oppreciotion tor good music we would like to put Mr, l-lorold Brown's orchestro in copitol letters. Under his excellent direction the school hos enjoyed countless mo- ments durlng their tine ossembly progromsi Los Musicos Club hos been colled upon to ploy ot numer- ous ottoirs, such os the onnuol dinner donce given by the Monrovio Chamber ot Commerceg the donce sponsored by the M. I, A. Club ot Alhombrog concert progroms ot the Rosemeod Womon's Club, El Monte Womens Club, Columbio Grommor Schoolg ond the Junior Follies. Their progroms hove been counted omong the most enter- toining ot our own school ossemblies. The otticers were cis follows: Ruby Rentchler, presidenty Richord Beeks, vice-presidentg Mildred Summerhoys, secretoryg Dick Moore, treosurer. Q THE HI-Y tirst come into the El Monte Union l-ligh School in the toll ot T925 lt is one ot the oldest os well os one ot the most octive orgonizotions ot the student body. The purpose ot the club is "To creote, mointoin, ond extend throughout school ond community high stondords ot Christion living." The membership is opproximotely thirty. A prospective member must be voted in by unonimous vote ot the present members, Suppers ore held on on overoge ot once in every two or three weeks, Swimming, hiking ond other competitive othletics ore included in the octivities. Discussion groups ore held tor the con- siderotion ot the problems ot the overoge young mon, Outside speokers ond entertoiners ore treguently teotured in the progroms. The sponsors ot the locol l-li-Y ore Mr, Joe Neer, locol business mon, ond Mr. Donold Mitchell ot the EI Monte Union l-ligh School toculty The otticers ot the post yeor were Mike Dolon, presidentg Mox lrelond, secretory. QTHE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA is o notionol orgonizotion ot torm boys studying vocotionol ogriculture in -the public high schools throughout the United Stotes, This orgonizotion hos severol purposes: to develop competent, oggressive, rurol ond ogriculturol Ieodershipg to strengthen conti- dence in the tcirm boyg to creote love tor country liteg to improve rurol homes ond their surroundings, ond to promote thritt omong the torm boys. The otticers elected were: Bob McCoy, presidentg Willis Boder, vice-presidentg Eugene Shrimp, secretoryg Robert l-lewson, treos- urerg Chorles Doy, photogropherg ond Don Dougloss, reporter. 4. .QL 52. Cd-mfg WI nur A 4 H in .QM A W A QT' H .s m f' xg ef R va' .5 tak, X- K , 1 4 'v . .n, ge:- ,f f s Q5 Q THE STRING ENSEMBLE, under the copoble direction ot Mrs. Corolyn Keller, is o group ot boys ond girls who ore interested in securing odditionol experience in the tield ot music with their string instruments. This group hos done o greot deol ot tour port string work ond hos improved greotly throughout the yeor, In this club the members ore owokened to the necessity ot eorly troining ond ot proper control ot their instruments, oll ot which is needed tor success. The ensemble is composed ot six violins ond two cellos, with piono occomponiment, The members ore os tollows: violinists, l-lugh Bert Ehrhord, Dorothy Lenz, Josephine Smith, Alberto Jordon, Shirley Wolcetield ond Gwendolyn Kiger, pionist, Eloine Green, cellos, Jeon Wylie ond Mciry l-logermon, Q THE RIFLE TEAM wos orgonized lorgely through the ettorts ot Mr, Corl Pitkin, one ot our boord members, ond lvlr, Roymond Ernst, our ogriculturol teocher. To become o member ot this club o boy must be o member ot the student body, l-le olso must own o 22 colibre ritle with reor peep sights ond knife or operture tront sight. l-le must get o letter trom his porents releosing the school from liobility. The ronge the boys use wos mode by them during their shop period ond through the help ot our locol Pistol Club. I THE BOYS' GLEE CLUB hos been octive throughout the post yeor ot ossemblies ond vorious progroms The members hove developed o repertoire ot which they moy well be proud. From this group hos been formed the Lion's Quortet, composed ot Rolond Vosguez, tirst boss, Junior Smith, second boss, Bob McCoy, tirst tenor, John Alderson, second tenor, ond the Boys' Glee Club Trio, mode up ot Rolorid Vosguez, tirst boss, Owen Wilden, tirst tenor, John Alderson, second tenor. These boys ot one time entertoined the Rosemeod Womon's Club with severol pieces, including the club's best liked song, "Sonny Louf' For club otticers, the tirst semester, the boys selected the tollow- ing: lro Edmonds, president, Rolond Vosquez, vice-president, John Alderson, monoger, lvlerle Doige, librorion, Emory lvliller, ossistont librorion, The second semester leoders were Rolond Vosguez, presi- dent, Jock Ambrecht, vice-president, Owen Wilden, monoger, Dick Rowe, librorion, George Kinoshito, ossistont librorion, Mrs. Corolyn Keller, instructor. Q H ,,,...m-.ww-nf , -0... K 'W' o Q THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB, carefully guided by lvlrs. Carolyn Keller, the music director of our school, is one of the older organizations of the Lion's student body, and has been very outstanding throughout the years. The young vvomen have been chosen for guality of voice, super- iority of character, culture, and refinement, They endeavor to live up to these attributes to the best of their ability, The Girls' Glee Club elected as their officers at the beginning of the year the following students: Rena Briana, president, l.orene Clem, vice-president, lvlarilyne Rush, secretary, Violet lVlcCollough, bgisiness manager, Ethelyn Wilkerson, librarian, Mrs. Carolyn Keller, a visor. O DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN hat ietzt ungefahr dreiszig Mitglieder, Diese Schuler versuchen das Kultur Deutschlands zu verstehn und sich dabei zu amusieren, Dies ist das erste Jahr, das man die Gelegenheit gehabt hat Deutsch in dieser Schule su studieren. l-loffentlich hat dieses Fach einen vvirklichen Platz fur sich gemacht, damait mehrere Schuler die' Sprache nachstes Jahr vverden lernen wollen. The German Club, organized this fall under the direction of Mr. Paul l-ladley has as its members about thirty students vvho are com- pleting the year's work in elementary German, Ivlost of these will take a second year of the subject. Under the leadership of Willis Bader, president, Dorothy Kruse, secretary, and Richard Brovvning, social chairman, the German Club seeks to provide added interest for the course itself. I THE MIXED CHORUS, vvhich is composed of the boys and girls vvho wish to attain experience singing with a mixed group, has done excellent vvork in its activities throughout the past year. This group began with three part songs last semester and has worked up to a high degree of proficiency, singing at the present time for part harmony in a most scholarly manner, carrying their own parts and reading at sight popular tunes such as "The Voice in the Old Village Choir," "The Moon Came Over the Mountain," and many others. The members vvho served as officers throughout the past year were Glenn Israel, president, lvlary Green, vice-president, Carolyn Gray and lvlildred Baker, librarians, Dorothy Terry, secretary, and Mrs, Carolyn Keller, director. .-., 5. K Q 51 , " A v Tw :fbi , ww , A V53 . Q fm, . if 'Wk Kiev? 5 nw it I LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS etait organize surtout pour familiariser les eleves des habitudes francaises et pour offrir une occasion pour la iouissance sociale. Un des evenements plus extraordinaires de cette annee arrive quand nous partimes de bonne heure un matin pour un pique-nique dans le canion San Grabriel, lls se trouverent au lac Big Bear, mais curentils bon tempsl Tous les eleves qui etudient le francais sont elegible a la communaute. The French Club was organized primarily to familiarize the stu- dents with French customs and to offer an opportunity for social enjoyment, One of the most unusual events of this year occurred when they started out early one morning for a picnic in San Gabriel Canyon, They ended up at Big Bear Lake, but did they have a grand timel Any student taking French is eligible for membership, Qfficers for the first semester were Doris De Wolf, president, Joanne Wilson, vice-president, Alice Vasquez, secretary, Second semester officers were Mary Frame, president, Roland Roskelley, vice-president, Bob Weston, secretary, advisor, lvlr, John W, Johnson I THE GIRLS' SCIENCE CLUB was organized six years ago under the direction of Mr, Lester lVlclXlicholsi During this time it has been one of the most active organizations on the El lvlonte Union l-ligh School campus Membership is offered to those girls who have recommending grades in either biology, chemistry, or physics, and who have been elected by the senior members of this club, The most outstanding semi-annual event is the initiation of new members in which, ac- cording to tradition, the neophytes must suffer mental and physical anguish, For the first semester the following officers presided: Barbara Baldinger, president, Virginia Bergstrom, vice-president, June Schaf- er, secretary and treasurer, The second semester the following officers were electedi Jane Reeder, president, Dorothy Anderson, vice-president, Doris De Wolf, secretary and treasurer. I THE SUB-DEB CLUB has attempted to answer a few of the ques- tions that are so vital to every co-ed. Not only have personal problems been taken up at the meetings, but also at various times the girls have had parties and luncheons. Do you know how to enter a room? l-low to sit and stand, or make a graceful introduction? Are your manners correct? l-lave you wondered if your hair-dress and make-upare as they should be? These are only a few ofthe personal questions taken up at the weekly meetings each Friday noon in room two. if X M X 44 5 3 gg I Lf' .W Anya ' ,mf ., hw W :gn ,Q 1, x u A i i A L if I PENTA, a club named atter a group ot ancient Greek mathema- ticians led by Pythagoras, was organized on the campus this year, and has a membership ot more than titty. The aims ot this new club are to stimulate interest in mathematics and to provide oppor- tunity tor social enjoyment, Under the sponsorship ot Mrs Edith Irwin, Ivliss Kathryn Miller, and lvlr, Lloyd I-I. Wright, the club drew up and adopted a constitu- tion and elected the tollowing cabinet: Wallace I-licks, president, Don Schoonover, vice-president, Gertrude Tucker, secretary, Viona Rush, treasurer, Anne Shumard, reporter, and Arthur Kloptenstein, parliamentarian, The tollowing committees and their chairmen have helped to make the club activities a success: program, J, Wyne, social, Janet Tate, membership, Frank Ross, and constitution, Arthur Kloptenstein. I THE SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY is composed ot students who have at least ten scholastic points. An "A" counts three points and a "B" one point. Points may also be obtained through extra-curricular activities. Under the direction ot Ivlr William Parker, this club has had many good times this year, Some ot the activities were a tour to the Grittith Park Planetarium, a trip to the Calitornia Scholarship Fed- erations Convention held at Canoga Park, and a panel discus-- sion on the subject, "I-low the Scholarship Society Can Become a School Service Club." Otticers ot the tirst semester were Jane Reeder, president, James Brooks, vice-president, and Virginia Bergstrom, secretary, The sec- ond semester otticers were Arthur Kloptenstein, president, Joanne Wilson, vice-president, and Janet Tate, secretary. I "SCIENTlA CRESCAT." Cum illa una sententia in animo, mem- bri Custodes I.ampadis auindecimum eorum annum teliciter cele- brare gaudent. Dans Iudos, canens carolis, caedens saponis, et colligens ad iterina res ordinis sunt, Quisaue annum Cena Romana habita est, a auo discipuli modum cenae Romanum vesceri cognos- cant. Cln cuius tempore toga aut tunica usa 'estrl "Let knowledge increase," With this one sentiment in mind, the members ot Custodes l.ampadis are happy to celebrate their tit- teenth year. Singing songs, giving plays, carving objects ot soap, and gathering tor trips are the attairs ot the club, Each year a Roman banauet has been held, by which the students learn the kind ot food eaten by the Romans. CAt this time togas aut tunicas are worn J The otticers were l.orene Clem, praetectus, Virginia Beaton, prae- tor, Doris Glasser, scriba, and lvliss lvlonda Taylor, sponsor. 5 Ii! fl? 215: '45 :N X' 14' ada W, Y 'IVE ' AL "K ig, W an r V H, , Q I A I . ,OJ In - Z! .. . . 5 . f K 2 ' 4 g he 1 -4 H PUBLICATIONS I TRAlL'S END STAFF Walter Bodger ,,,.....,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,............,,..... E ditor Pat Klingerman ,..,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ..,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,.,, A ssociate Edtior James l.ocy .................................. ................,.A.. B usiness Manager Charlotte Beer, John Tamura .............. Assistant Business Managers John Phelps .............................. .......,............... B oys' Sports Editor Lester Woodside ,......,.,..,..,.,....... ..... A ssistant Boys' Sports Editor Berta Mae Steitz .,........t...A............ ..................A G irls' Sports Editor Dorothea Reudy, Elmer Willner ....... ,.,,...t..............,.,,.... A rt Editors Marystina Sternlov ,.,...,....A.,..,,,,,,-,, ,,,,,,,,.,, C lass Editor Joanne Wilson ,,,,,,... . .......,...,,..,..... Copy Editor Donald Beu ..,,.......... ...........,,,...,.,,,,,. C lub Editor Gordon Newton .,.... ...s.,.. A ssistant Club Editor Corynne Cameron ,.,... .................. S ociety Editor Shirley Abe .,,,.,..,...,. ,,....,,,,,.,,,,,,,, A drninistration Robert Weston ........ ....... A lumni and School Lite Miss May ................. ............. E ditorial Advisor Mrs. Vaudreuil ,....,.. ............,A. Art Advisor Mrs. Hollowell ........,...............,..,..,.,..............,.,........ Financial Advisor El Monte has long been known as at town ot pioneers, tor this reason the theme ot our i937 Trail's End is Pioneering-Past, Present, Future, The name Trail's End is appropriately derived from the tact that the high school stands on the tormer camp site ot the pioneers when they came to the end ot the Santa Ee Trail. This is the second yearbook the student body has published since l9l7, The members ot the statt teel that this, the second annual, is a worthy example ot their ettorts, and wish to thank the student body, faculty, merchants, and community as a whole, tor their fine support and cooperation, The Trail's End has grown since last year, and now takes its place among the best high school annuals to be tound anywhere. Its lO4 pages were carefully planned and worked on, with only one idea con- stantly in mind-will this please the students? It not, we'll change it. The hours ot work were gladly given, the statt knowing that its ettorts would be rewarded by the appreciation ot the student body, As any great project reauires long hours ot labor, so did this year- book, but hard work is always rewarded by success, and the statt teels that this, the l937 edition ot Trail' End, is indeed a successful venture, b 'K l I LION'S TRAIL STAFF kditor-lneChret SSS SSSSSSS SS SSSSSS Walter Badger Assocrate Edrtor S S , ., James Locy Exchange Edrtor S, SSSSS SS , .. Jeanette St, Myers Boys' Sports Editor V,eee,e ,.,eee.AA. ,eee G l arls Gathercole Boys' Sports Reporter ,eee eeeeeeeee,,,eee S S ,eer.ee.,A.eeeee...eee, Bob Wersmore Vrana Rush, Sue Lrtyvin Glrls' Sports ,....,.,ee.e,e..,eeeeA e,,,eee,eeeA,..A.e ee,..,.. Sports Correspondent tor Examiner .ssss.,sssssssoAsss.,s.s,,s. Bob 'Welsmore Library SS A.,ss. ,eeee1sssss.e,eeeSeeee...,.....,eee.,ess.eeeeee S ee..,,eeeee. J ane Reeder Features S S S eeeee eese S SS SS Baerthlern, D Wrlsort, Ruedy, Glasser, Beaton, Bergstrom, Macnleese, Reeder Reporters ae,,a. r.aa M arsholl, Tower, Shumard, Garrett, Rrrce, Rush, Shepherd, Frrsbee, Rrordan, Curren, Merntreld, Beelss, Adams, Sapplngtleld, GVGGIW, WGJTSCBGT, Morgan, Seyerns Business Manager ,ssssssoo ss,s,s,,,sssss, S S SSSSSSSSSS,SSSSSSS SSSS,S,S W alter Badger ACJVGVUSKTIQ Agents S S SS James Lacy, Isabelle Marshall lyplst .SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SS SSSSS.SSSSSSSSSS SSSS l. illlan Cravytord Business Adylsor SSSSSS ,SSS,,SS .SSSSSSSSSSS S S Emma L Taylor Journalism Instructor SSSSSS Inez Ruclcett McEwen The Lion's Troil hos iust completed its third successtul yeor os the weekly publicotion ot El Monte Union l-ligh School, From o little nine-by-twelve sheet three yeors ogo, it hos grown to be o tull tob- loid-sized newspoper with o circulotion ot more thon 600. The evolution ot the Lion's Troil hos been on interesting one. Betore the school hod its own poper! vorious teochers ond members ot the ottice torce sent news items to the El Monte Herold, on El Monte newspoper, where they were printed in o speciol section colled the Lionfs Toley ond to the Rosemeod Review, o Rosemeod publicotion, where they were heoded the Lionfs Den. Three yeors ogo, when Lockhort Skorstedt wos running tor student body president! he mode the school newspoper one ot the moin plonks in his plottorm, Lockhort stoted thot it he were elected, he would procure o newspoper tor the high school, lsockhort wos elected, ond thus the l.ion's Troil wos born Just otter Christmosy the Troil encountered some bod luck in the loss ot its editor! Miss Borboro Boldinger, who moved to Oregon, The stott then re-orgonized, giving the duol jobs ot editor ond business monoger to Wolter Bodger, ond those ot ossociote editor ond odver- tising monoger to Jomes l.ocyi Until the second semester wos well under woy, the huge tosk ot putting out this tull-sized poper rested on the untroined shoulders ot o smoll group ot trom nine to tourteen struggling journolists, none ot whom, with the exception ot Miss Boldinger, hod ever betore studied the ort ot "news-houndingfl The tinonciol monogement wos more ditticult thon in the pre- ceding yeors, os the size ot the poper wos greoter ond the subscrip- tion price less Only with the loyol support ot the generous locol merchonts, through the medium ot their odvertising! wos the Troil oble to continue through the entire yeor. The duty ot instructing the omoteur scribes os they otternpted to Ieorn something obout iournolistic writing wos most obly corried out by Mrs, Inez Puckett McEwen, who devoted o lorge omount ot her own time to giving these students out-ot-closs help, Mrs, McEwen tokes personol pride in the occomplishmens ot her "cubs," Miss Emmo Louise Toylor, teocher ot bookkeeping ond shorthond, wos the business odvisor, lt wos she who tought the business mon- oger how to keep the Troil's occounts ond hondle ony like motters which required ottentioni SCHOOL lIFE .CALENDAR I SEPTEMBER l4. Bock to the grindstone, with o herd ,ot trosh running wild dll oyer the ploce, ond new Superintendent R. S. l-licks to stroight- en 'em out. l8. l-lorold Brown presents bond in tirst ossembly, ond freshmen ore duly impressed. 25. Lion's Troil is on the job ogoinl 26. Junior ond senior girls onnex "little sisters" ot Girls' Leogue reception. Whot, no brothers? 'OCTOBER 8. Oh, woel Eoculty ond porents get together in reception in E.U.l'l.S. gym. 20. Eirst Leogue gomel i9-O, ond Monrovici goes into mourning. mike Dolon elected student body president by unonimous yote. ll hoill 2l. Music history is model "Los Musicos" presented in ossembly. 23. And AGAllXll Bl-O, ond it's lVlontebello's turn to weep. 29. Lester Woodside emerges victorious in hotly contested vice- presidentiol election. 30. Jock Ronk stortles ossembly by ropid costume chonges. Lions SOUASH Excelsior Pilots 46--O. Whoopsl Goblins stolk the floor to the tunes ot l-lol Brown's orchestro ot the Junior-Senior Hollowe'en Donce. Wotto doyl ONOVEMBER S. El Monte, Bl, Posodenci, 7. lt's on old story now. lj. Heoyensl Girls' Science Club initiotes trip hither ond yon thoroughly soused with sweet CPD ommonium sulphide l7. The worm turns, ond the toculty issues grode cords. 20. Our terocious Lions present E.U.l-l.S. with the SAN GABRIEL VALLEY LEAGUE FOOTBALL CHAMPlOlXlSl-llP. 24. Ain't thot sompin? Lion's Troil oppeors on yellow poper. 26-27. Lite is good ond so is the turkey, but yocotion tokes the coke. 28. E.U.l-l.S. wins tirst GLF. ployott, with Chottey on the smoll end ot l3-O. I DECEMBER 4. Mighty seniors become mightier when '37 "sweot-ohs" in mo- roon ond white ore issued. 5. 'flnto eoch lite some rciin must toll." Long Beoch Poly swomps us 2l-Cgulpb-O. Con this be o lyin' score? l2-lB. Goodwill Week, sponsored by the Lioness Club. IB. School is out tor Ghristmos yocotion. Students corry home books to impress Sonto Clous. 'JANUARY fel Annual statt starts work, Whewl l2, Football sweaters awarded-letter women's society tormed, 20. Students troop to gym to absorb national inaugural address. 25-29, School closed by smudge and tlu, Theatres enjoy record crowdsl I FEBRUARY F4 Gloom. Silence, Sadness. Final Fxams. 5. Tears and triumphs as thirty-one mid-year grads receive their sheepskins tram Dr. lvlarcus Skarstedt, or Growing painsl New troshl What next? lt? Student body dance to teach Badger how. Five taculty members absent on account at over-exertion. lS-l9 Clubs get Hmuggedf' 'fl-low To Tell Your Friends tram the Apes" may be included in annual, 26 P T, A holds meet on campus School walks sottly. O MARCH l2, Junior Skating Party a huge success, Oh tor a cushionl lT St, Patrick tinds us ready, with green ties, clover, or the neigh- bor's geraniums. 2526. Board members prove that they're really good guys by donat- ing the ghost ot an Faster vacation. 'APRIL l Don't say itl 3. Scholars trek to C. S, F, convention at Canoga Park, and re- port a swell time, even to the speeches. if Cops generously hand out tickets and warnings to owners at what are attectionately called cars, fTis rumored that even a taculty member got caught, Naughty, naughtyl ZO Revival ot the Spanish lnauisition by veteran l-li-Y members tor initiation purposes, Horrorsl Fvert the historical onion plays its part. Zl. WGVW Junior Follies with two performances, "Slipo, talks, spelled S-Lvl-P-O, period, the best soap that money can buyl" 23, Gingham, cords, seniors, romance, and the strains ot l-lal Brownls harmonizers 228, Open l-louse Night tor parents. Teachers turn grey in the process. Q MAY lil. "The play's the thing?" Columbia Aud is the scene at the SNAZZY senior production, "Detour," 2le23, "l-lere's to you, Fuzzy Wuzzy, tor you've really grown a beardl" Pioneers parade their hats and whiskers, 28, Open House Night tor parents, Teachers turn grey. OJUNE ll, Flowers, gay spring colors, sweet music, and sott lights-just a glimpse ot the Junior-Senior Prom, li Seniors give tinal tarewells to tellaw students and strut their stutt tor ma and pa. lt's Class Day and Class Nightl , Silence, a last glance about, a tew tears, and a great deal ot laughter, Graduation nightl lB, School's OUTl Vale, adios, au revoir, and aut Wiedersehenl Q ii' C, l7 Q' 5: rw. 'N I ET CETERA-law flue up per lell llerld ciemer as ye elde Pxlme Meler' Nexl Te tlwel IS lvl Siem! Ilwe SCClDl1Ql! end Slwemnevw Mefwemf wlle fmelly eel up emeuelw rlerxe fe lece flue eemere Swell e beld earl' A sfedeel lvedy leelbell relly edema the ue- eer mehr lwerwd Cerner Re- eerd The lnglwt weight leefe bell leds. Reed llwe eemeel el N339 end see Tlwem em flue verelly leem These lemma beye sure lveve e reckell llwey doubled up lll emlllel speee flue yeer' Alle- Plwelps Vlfeedslde, Rlledyf end Bedeer lil e Clwerme me ereue picture Meme flwerek Tlwet Delem mee eeem-Comme In lefe ef melwfp .SOCIETY I The Girls' Leogue of El Monte Union l-ligh School honored the freshmen ond new co-eds with o reception in the gymnosium Sep- tember 24, l936. The setting for this offoir wos mode beoutiful with decorotions of colored serpentime, polms ond bouguets of flowers. Mr. Brown's Los Musicos Club presented on interesting progrom while the girls enjoyed punch ond wofers. C Spooks, goblins oncl oll ottendecl the golo junior ond senior I-lollowe'en donce ot the Odd Fellows Holl October 30, i936 The "hop" wos o mosked offoir, ond until the sound of the gong to un- mosk, no one knew with whom he hod been doncing, The most unigue mosk wos worn by Lonido Terry, junior, while Jonice Bidwell, freshmon, coptured the funnymon's prize, l-lol Brown's orchestro wos on hond to mcike the evening o com- plete success. I Students ond olumni of El Monte Union l-ligh School enjoyed "tripping the light fontostic" ot the junior Christmos offoir Decem- ber ll l936, to the rhythm of l-lol Brown's orchestro, The gymnosium wos ortisticolly decoroted with red ond green strecimers ond bolloons, Winners of the woltz contest were Jomes Montgomery, olumnus, ond Berto Moe Steitz, senior, Victors of the foxtrot contest were Steve Dovis, senior, ond Morion De Winter, junior, The door prize, o footboll outogrophed with our "l936 chompion gridsters" nomes, wos won by Kotherine McKelvy, sophomore, As o reword for cotch- ing o white bolloon out of mony let down from the ceiling, John Chewning, senior, received o box of condy. I El Monte Union l-ligh School bode forewell to thirty-one mid-yeor groduotes Fridoy evening, Februory 5, l937, in the flower decked gymnosium os this senior group proudly received diplomos before friends ond relotives. A fine musicol progrom, presented by Mrs. Corolyn Keller ond Mr. Horold Brown, topped the evening. I "A doy ot school" wos enjoyed by those co-eds bock in their second childhood ot the onnuol Girls' Leogue l-li links Februory l9, l937. The gymnosium wos completely chonged into o nursery where gomes ond doncing were in order, Three hundred 'fkitties" were present. Row wienies, doughnuts, opples, ond suckers were consumed os the group viewed the delightful musicol numbers sponsored by the Meglin Kiddies Studios. Q "l'm Polling For You" vvos The Theme song oT Those illusTrious individuols vvho oTTended The junior sl4oTing porTv lvlorch l2, l937. The oTToir conTinued Trorn Ten unTil Tvvelve ofclock during which Tirne spillsj chills! ond Thrills were experienced bv sTudenTs, Teochers ond guesTs. Q The ,lunior Follies of V937 vvos judged os "The hesT ever sToged" by oll Those presenT Wednesdoy evening, April Zi, l937, lT TeoTured The buxom peouTies of The l-li-Y, Bob WesTonj populor junior gog- monj led The progrom os rnosTer oT ceremonies, The producTion vvcis o gov one wiTh mony doncej sl4iT ond vocol numbers. Q "DeTour," The i937 senior ploy given Moy T4, l937, in The Col- urnpio Gromrnor School AudiToriurn, proved To pe one oT The mosT ouTsTonding drornohc producTions ever sToged by o closs oT El lvlonTe Union l-ligh School The cosT Wos excellenTlv chosen os Tollovvsi fVloTher ..,..,,..,..,.,,,, lVlorgoreT Beck l:oTher css.., s,.,s...,,.... E orl Brooks l4oTe ,ss,.ss..c.s,...s..,,.....,. Groce Wise Torn ,...,.s.....s,,s Fronlq SoppingTield Dong LornonT ,.s,.s....,s lvon Crouse Doro LornonT ..cs...,s. June SchoeTer Ben Glennv ....s,.... Gordon lNlewTon WeinsTein .,.ss............. Bob WesTon Jolene ,,,,,....,.,.c..,T,. Jomes Chevvning Virginio Wilson vvos The sTudenT direcTor under The supervision oT lvliss Morv Rodlovo, dromoTics insTrucTorr The sTory ivos oT o moTher's ompiTion Tor her doughTer vvhorn she crediTs vviTh non-exisTonT orTisTic TolenTs, Their ups ond downs oT Tomilv liTej oncl Tinollv The greoT love oTToir, Q The Junior Prom, highlighT oT The T937 sociol seosonj vvos o mog- niTicenT oTToir due To The Tinonciol success oT The Junior Follies. Fridov evening, June el, The hondsome beou-brumrnels oT El lvlonTe Union l-ligh School escorTed Toir dornsels in soTT Tlovving gowns To This golo oTToir. Q As This onnuol goes To press, The Tollovving evenTs hove veT To Toke plocei closs dov ond nighT oT The groduoTing seniors, vvho hove been knovvn in The posT To surprise us vviTh someThing super-colossolj ond Tor The more serious side oT our school liTe The BoccoloureoTeg losT l3uT noT leosT ThoT very sod veT exciTing evenTs groduoTionj ond Then vvhoT-on To greoTer heighTs. .P ,rs . W , ,,, 'N V . 4 ff' , gif , L f A L hilt, nt, ,W n. S+- f ,H -V , ,.., lm-evtv, up ,Y 'fab' 'Tm' . -'f.g,.g,4Qf, 'ia 5 tasnfflf ' f " . A ,, 2 ff" !ix', x ,1F," "Q ,lx . - wg. 2 ,, fa. W -rw' av. ' - 'inf mf, . , '- 1.-My ""- m. -54,2654-..-'45-Q ff f , , H at - . 34-' A , I ' 3' ,Him --4. ff 3' 'J . of , KA , V -aww ' '1"'Wmfw-M.-W J 1.-, " ., , ,qi if-N... , 1 - V . --.-. W- N-. . 'nf 'V-ny. . .1 . -W . , - 4" f-3K"r":1M2qg,.gf , , I . , , . , f ' V -- - ' rw , -M " ,. l- - 1' .- -4 I 'gluffkcfp-. .-Q... . ,, x.. m ..9Lfq, Jn' A""1 fd. "..L., , ,z T 9 Q-?"aF':'b f:w " ' W '- nw: 1 - -5 .1 2: A 15.1 , f - 4. .,-, ,. . A wvw' -.-'lvz'- v ,.,.-. ATHLETICS I VARSITY FOOTBALL-The El Monte cooches, l-lenry De Goris ond Moxon Montgomery, were greeted ot the beginning of the i936 footboll seoson by the most promising bunch of gridsters seen ot Monte in mony o doy. Returning were Glenn lsroel, oli leogue guorter lost yeor ond highly fovored to duplicote, Also on deck were o few first string men of lost yeor, ond o host of second stringers, severol with two yeors' previous vorsity experience. The first gome wos o proctice one with Cothedrol. After out' ploying the Phontoms, the boys lost on o bod poss thot went over Coptoin lsroeI's heod, ond wos recovered by Cothedrol on the two yord line, from where they punched it over, The next scrimmoge the boys tied O-O with South Pcisodeno. After this they took the fighting Muir Tech eleven 6-O. The succeeding gome took ploce ot Citrus, ond Monte won hondily 35-O. The boys begon the leogue with o trip to Monrovio ond onother victory. This time the second string corried the brunt of the burden ond the teom come home on the lorge end of the i9-O score. Next in line were the Montebello Gilers, who come to greose the skids under Monte's chompionship bound Lions, but oll to no ovoil, for in spite of "Mile-A-Minute" Bugbee, the visitors went home on the toil of o 3l-O defeot. The next two gomes found the l.ions trimming Excelsior 46-O, ond being scored on the first time by Posodeno J. C., in spite of which they deported with o 3l-7 victory, The following week the under- roted Jordon Ponthers outfought ond outployed the boys from Monte, but we prevoiled in the end ond conquered 20-7. The contest for the leogue chompionship with Burbonk wos next ond the Bulldogs come determined to win, El Monte sguelched their hopes, however, with o l3-7 defeot, ond so went into the CIF. ploy-offs. The tirst ploy-ott wos with Chottee ond El Monte won ld-O The semiftinols found o vveokened El Monte sguod opposed by the tough Jockrobbits trorn Long Beoch Poly, The boys toiight hord but ro- ceived o Zlell drubbing, ond so ended tootboll Much ot the teorn's success wos due to Coptoin Glenn lsroelf who repeoted lost yeorls honors ond gornered honoroble mention on the Southern Colitornio teomg "l3utchl' Golceron, Isroel's running mote, ond yordoge onnihilotor de luxeg Bouncing Bobby Heckler, Monte's 'Bobby Groysonf Fred Rhode, one ot the hordest hitting holtbocks in Southern Colilorniol Mike Dolon, lrish running ond blocking hollg Poul l-lolmes ond Louie lriye, tops in kicking ond possing, On the line, Ciocco, oll Southern Coltornio end! ond Bernoll! who repeoted lost yeor's honors ond wos olso rnentioned tor Southern Colitorniof were stondoutsi Rex Worknfion ond Bob Mocl3eth did rnuch to moke the center ot the line irnpregnoble, Credit is likewise due to Chevvning, Spencer, Steele ond Wiggins. Q CLASS B FOOTBALL-Coach Lester MclXlichols, Class "B" men- tor, turned out a near championship team this year, the boys being deteated in only two games, both by close margins. The subdued opponents were Monroyia, 1605, Excelsior U3-Tl and Jordan U3-Ol. The boys were in turn deteated by Montebello 1761 and by Bur- bank Q7-Ol in the game tor the league championship. The team was much better than the records would indicate. Particularly outstand- ing were Captain Finney, Ross, Miller, Meissenburg, Webb, l-lachiya, Robertson, and McCrummen, Credit is also due coaches Stetler and Cullens tor the success they had with the MCH tootball team. I VARSITY BASKETBALL-The Lions started the season with high hopes ot a dual championship and were coming right along until they lost a heart-breaker to a speedy P J. C, tive, This Qame, ine cidentally, was the last appearance ot Bob l-leckler, "Butch" Gal- ceran and Louie lriye, Atter this Qame, untortunately, the boys let down, The other outstanding players ot the season were James Brooks and Lee Terry. I CLASS B BASKETBALL-The B basketball sauad, tutored by Maxon Montgomery, had guite a poor season. The boys, however, deseryed much better than their success merited, Starting poorly, the boys didntt get into the swing until late in the season, Stand- outs were Captain Finney, Ross, Miller, Chewning, and Meissenburg. I CLASS C BASKETBALL-Coach MclXlichols turned out another near championship team with the Class C basketball sauad this year, The boys, atter a bad start, pulled up to win second place in the league. Outstanding were Captain Ralph McGuire, point producing cene ter, Ray Galceran, Eugene Redd and Dick Manning, high scoring guard. 1 U5 LIU! pg any UNC QMS. iuous . LIONS uows 2 uous mans " uonsq Q, I-'ONS Lions W L+ Si- ' A Aw Q 'f ' M N - ' W., A f K , , M sh Q K W Q 'Niall'-f 4,4 -M , M h A D V W Ei' Ai i n 135. Q ,g - WQ . , nf.. ' m g a? , ' .n z I , KA Q. ,Q 'B 'AWN I ,N llll W, ,Q , if 55,1 S W W' 'V " Z iff" E ' Mffhw 1 ?' v -' - + ff ,X ggi, W L n w 1' Y' 1 1' 'H -ag, 5 'f , " + Q. M mfs X, lll, ' f I I ' E ff? E I 1 3 55 2 mgggl : 3 W . S we I I W F X ,. , L ,g I- . ' E av W r gm- 'E 1 f' I V 143 I ,, R 'H W , N pw X M Ek-YE .. I . ky , L5., w ,, , f iiggE,,i',Q,,fg f ' f . S. 'Q' ,, r iv z wfw., I ' ' W Q V f'?:1E?f' L , .. VX .L,, i V H 1, ,A . W, 2 mi gr kg I I .V 'iw-jwh ff :ilss-. 5.L K K- .' Q. -- J .A www me S 12 in gs Lili 1: ,Qs .,-ww v . jf L fa 'K' ,M ,fri f S H , K ,qi - gg? mm -yi A Y ' gf ? , " f A ,, Q . Tj f S Kg - aw M ' ' 3 f ,, A A -- fp H I ffwm- L V , . X, W . 'E' ,, Q Lai X 5 5 sf tif. ii ,X .. -. '35 f fy ' A ,Q ' ' K' ' , - K , U L I 2 - K A WL, .K ,i.,sL 5 QQz XL gig! I ' I ' 'Q im - S wi: A gri M' ' V Q 2 5, W' S as--u - , ' .s iw-1 ' ,, f K Q gg if --Q ff ff .. Q f V Ha R' uk A Nw ,Q - ' V H M V ,L , My A. ,,wmg,EE. V V , A , . ' Qiannreff A ...L W Ffif--vm F , W""li11 Ki QM" ' H I 51.55" . :f.,5: 'QEsf?fff9 1 5, K 1 I ,. . R . I I qW : ::'Z5f :s. - .... .Un N ' .-ff 1 ' W f A? QJHGMP 'f D , ,. QM miami 3 'lar 5 , g if A ,'E: - WW s 'Sk 'F ' 5 5 :LV K W . Q THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, a new organization in our high school, was inaugurated November, l935. Membership in this association entitles the Lion co-eds to several play-days, usually three, during the school year. The sponsorship of these play-days is a round-robin affair, each of the different schools in the league taking turns acting as host to the others. El Monte has been entertained this year by Covina l-ligh School, Montebello l-ligh School, and l.ong Beach Polytechnic l-ligh School. Next year El Monte will hold a Play-Day on its own campus. Between thirty and forty girls from our school have attended each play-day. ln order, therefore, to enable as many as possible to attend these affairs, different girls are selected each time, thus giving all the girls an opportunity to participate. By having var- ious color teams for the girls there is a better chance to meet the girls from adjoining schools. The G A. A. also sends representatives to the annual conference, the expenses for which are defrayed by a federation fee of two dollars per annum. To this annual conference each high school sends representatives. Lectures and small group discussions are held throughout the morning, and entertainment is provided for the girls in the afternoon. This year the conference was held at Santa Barbara, and El Monte was represented by Carolyne Newton and Dorothy Grisham, who were accompanied by Miss lrene Becker, girls' physical education in- structor. Every girl participating in a physical education class is an inac- tive member, she does not become a full-fledged member until she has earned points either in leadership or intra-mural competition. Under the auspices of the G. A. A., a tennis club was formed last semester, replacing the former league team. Girls who rank at the top of their physical education tennis classes are invited to come into the club. The vorious sports ore ployed otter school trorn three to tour o'clocl4 The girls hove their ovvn G A, A bus vvhich provides tronse portotion, Approximotely one hundred girls hove porticipdted in G. A, A, sports this semester, The locol club hos os one ot its octiv- ities o spreod which is held ot the end ot ecich sport seoson ond which teotures the presentotion ot the chdmpionship emblems. These in- signios ore identitied by hockey sticks, bosketbolls, ond other dee signs cippropridte tor the vorious sports, This yeor o ployenight vvos held in our gymnosium. Approxi- motely l5D girls ottended. Girls vvere plciced on vorious color teoms, ond points vvere given in eoch gome ployed it ronking tirst, second, or third, Into the treosury vvent o protit ot over eight dollors, which will help detroy equipment costs ond provide retreshments tor visiting schools during our ploy-doy. An onnuol bdnguet in June vvinds up the sociol octivities, Felt letters ot blue ond vvhite ore ovvdrded to eoch girl eorning 750 points in her tour yecirs ot high school sports, These letters ore presented to the girls during o speciol dthletic ossembly, Girls receiving letters this yedr were Corolyne Newton, Doorthy Grishom, Shige Abe, Joonne Wilson, lvldriorie Nutt, Vivion Summerhoys, lvlyrtlebelle Dedvers, Doris Glosser, Dorothy Kruse, Dorothy Anderson, Dorothy Toller, ond Cldro Qrr, ln the post yeor the G, A. A. hos reoched ci point ot othletic etti- ciency heretotore never touched by El Monte girls With this time spirit prevdiling, the G A A is looking torword to onother red-letter yeor. sf E. .kk 2 en e gage mfg X, Y., ,V,,., ,,v,,.v, , ., ., W .,..,..,,.W ,WM ,,, fm 135535 2.22. L W fi ,.. .YQ Q .. gg QS na: , rw W I Q5 .vs- -. . x.. 5-.sim shgsnm hmm . ..' 5' ,af 1Affz1fXffi1w5Zf'ggkyffa W" W' ygswis " 5 -1 " f 1 , Y j: 1.57 gp Q ,,,., ,- in .M W f-.,,,,B, 1. - , 254 2 A Q x . 59 "" 45' LV 1. Q . 5 . . :::, .- s Na lv.. I ag: -.ww -wg. wgfxgiqz-.4 isis: 'iiiqhi -wr. ff -, 1 ,as us- V an .. N X wh! . 5v Q y 'P i SA Q- Sui .gy .W . Ng Y., , gilt 4 A Q . .. . .g.- N M' f ' , , M4 L4 '1- Q BASKETBALL seo5onf Tovorne oT ollf proved To be boTh Thrrllano ond hrlllionT BoTh oT The blue ond vvhlTe Teoma Trorn The Seeond perrod won an The 1nTer-clogs TournornenT lvlorron DeWunTer ond June Schofer were The Two re5peCTive CopTorn5 CopToln l.everTio TLJSWQVIS Teorh Took second ploce In The lIllGlS! oTTer losing To The xuCTornou5 Second hour Teorn I VOLLEYBALL held IT5 own IH The reolrn oT populor olrls' sporTs This veor, Under The oopToun5hup oT Borboro Dunlop Qlvlrs Guesell, The Second hour Teom proved vrCTorlous over The oTher Clossee, Thug rnode Two CornpleTe Chornpuonehrp Teorne In The second hour Some oT The oonwes were won by only o Tvvo e polnT moroln vvhlch helped To moke The oomes very exclhnor Q TENNIS tound wide-spreod tovor omong the girls this yeor, lt is being recognized more ond more os on invigoroting ond pleosure- oble postime, consequently the number ot tennis enthusiosts hos in- creosed considerobly, The Girls' Tennis Club enjoyed o borne motch Morch i8 vvith Chottey Union l-ligh School. The El Monte girls won every motch, moking the score 25-O. Lost yeor's groduotion took only one member ot the Tennis Club. l-lovvever, this yeor's groduotion vvill toke olmost the entire Tennis Club. June Schoter, Joonne Wilson, Sue Litvvin, Vivion Summerhoys, Corolyne Newton, ond Dorothy Anderson ore the groduotes. These girls hcive been on the tennis teom since they were treshmen, ond hove helped to vvin mony chompionships tor El Monte. Mony ot the girls enjoyed ploying in o spring invitotionol tennis motch, sponsored by Bodger Seeds, Ltd., ot El Monte, It is the hope ot the physicol educotion instructors ond the girls thot next yeor vvhen the tennis seoson is ot hond even more girls will turn out to moke our tennis teom o greot success. Q HEALTH SERVICE-One ot the innovotions ot the El Monte l-ligh School this yeor vvos the employment by the Boord ot Trustees ot o tull time school nurse, Miss Mildred Helen Gould, o school nurse in the Konsos City schools tor eight yeors, vvos selected tor this position. The vvork occomplished in this deportment this yeor speolcs tor itselti The question noturolly orisesi hovv hove We been oble to get olong tor so mony yeors Without o school nurse? Some ot the more noticeoble ochievements ot this deportment tor the school yeor ore os tollovvsi Weighed ond meosured .......... ....... 6 25 girls Physicol exominotion ............................,......,...... 6l5 girls Physicol exomindtion ..........................,...,......... 575 boys CThe physicol exominotion includes inspection ot teeth ond tonsils, ond exominotion ot eyes ond eorsij Re-odmitted to school otter illness ...................... M345 Totol number ot tirst-oid treotments., ................... 750 lndividuols inspected ot l-leolth Center .....,.......... 600 Temperoture, pulse, ond respirotion token .......... 387 Pcirent-notiticotion slips sent home ...................... 2,800 Totol number ot home colls ......................... ...... l 90 Q MANTOUX TEST-Through the courtesy ot the Los Angeles County Tuberculosis Associotion, 7l6 students ond toculty mem- bers vvere given the Montoux test, Ot this number H6 were tound to hove positive reoctions, All those tound hoving positive reoction were given on X-Roy ond o medicol exominotion. The medicol ex- ominotions were given by Drs, Smort ond Loomis. A portoble X-Roy mochine vvos set up in the nurse's room, soving the students both time ond money in securing their X-Roys, Ot the H6 students X-Royed, tvvo were tound to hove octive tuberculosisg both were token out ot school, One hos been ploced in the Olive View Soni- torium tor treotment. I VACCINATIONS-Dr, Crooks trom the Los Angeles Boord ot l-leolth wos here during Februory ond Morch voccinoting 400 stu- dents ogoinst smcillpox, Ot this number l47 hod o positive reoction, ond ot this number torty hod never been voccinoted betore, I REST ROOM-The rest room hos occommodotion tor thirteen girls ond two boys, The students unoble to toke physicol educotion ore given permonent rest. Among the thirteen students tolcing per- monent rest include those with obnormol heort conditions or curvo- ture, As o result ot the Montoux test, six vvere token trom physicol educotion ond given permonent rest. As soon os the oudiometer is ovoiloble the heoring ot oll students vvill be tested. ' .MUMNI Many students have graduated from El Monte Union High School and have found a trail to follow in life. They are working in the present, while we are looking into the future. There are several of the alumni who have made famous names for themselves in many different types of occupations. ln the designing field we have Herbert Brownell who graduated from El Monte Union High School in V934 after taking an architec- tural course. He has worked in Berkeley and Washington, D. C, for the Resettlement Administration, Herbert now attends the Uni- versity of California at Berkeley, Fred Dallenbach, who is a good friend of Herbert, is now employed at the Douglas Aircraft Corporation in the designing department. He also graduated in l934. Emil Nomann is gaining oustanding achievements in art work at l.os Angeles Junior College, Cornell Coon works as a clerk in the El Monte branch of the Bank of America. Virginia Bidwell has attained recognition in the moving picture industry. We are auite sure that we will hear and see more from Miss Bidwell in years to come, I David Vasauez won first place playing the piano in the Los Ange- les Allied Arts contest. Franklin Patterson is known far and wide for his debating ability, and he holds the national championship for debating in Junior Col- leges. Jack Shuler, who is attending Whittier College, has been given the lead in the annual Whittier play, a tribute to his dramatic ability, Those students who attend Pasadena Junior College are Charles Kasper, Robert Day, Charles Tabb, Louis lriye, Ray lriye, Carlo Del Pino, Bill West, Dick Macy, Alden Hitchcock, Eugene Freiss, Mar- garet McEwen, Barbara Del Rino, Burl Blue, Howard Harmon, Edson Smith, Mary Ballenger, and John Hellman who has made high honors in track. Shirley MacBeth and Roger Loomis rank high scholastically at Occidental College in Eagle Rock. Whittier College is honored by the presence of Nell Shuler, Jack Shuler, and Bernice Watson. Richard Malone is chief radiator filler at his paternal ancestor's gasoline station here in El Monte, Thomas Lockard is foreman of the warehouse at the Los Angeles branch of Sears, Roebuck and Co. Q ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS-We wish to point out that the statt alone is not entirely respon- sible tor this yearbook. To those who have helped and guided us we vvish to express our appreciation: Miss Mav, tor the editorial ad- visorshipg Mrs. lnlollovvell, tor making the an' nual tinancially'possibleg Mrs, Vaudreuil tor the artistic orrangementg Mr, l-lill, tor his lovelv picturesg Miss lva Leonard, tor her co-opera- tion with the art departmentg Mr, Anderson, tor his patience and perseveranceg Mrs, Putw nam! tor her co-operation in giving us tvpistsg the Misses Dorothea Kling! Jimmie Love Con- dell! and Catherine Mclielvev, tor their many hours ot tvpingg Miss Erica Koller and the classes in business principles lor their GSSiSt- ance vvith the advertisementsg and Mr. Hubbell, the engraver, who has been instrumental in making Trailfs End vvhat it is,-The Stott. PATRONS Adams and Ells, Engineers El Monte Mr. and Mrs. Albaum El Monte Anderson Beauty Salon and Barber Shop El Monte Art's Beauty Shop Rosemeod ' Bank of America El Monte Dr. M. G. E. Bennett El Monte Blue Realty Company 1504 Volley Blvd., Roserneod Joe Bruton, Blacksmith 531 W. Moin, El Monte Bodger Seeds, Ltd. El Monte Dr. Donald W. Campbell Chiropractor 1830 Volley Blvd., Son Gobriel Champion Seed Company El Monte Craven's Pharmacy El Monte Colonial Malt Shop El Monte Lloyd E. Conklin, Real Estate 1922 W. Gorvey, El Monte R. V. Dorweiler, Used Cars 308 E. Volley Blvd., El Monte Davis Perfection Bakery Morket Bosket, El Monte Dr. J. E. Dean 141 Lexington St., El Monte P J. Dolan, Dairy Farms 1304 North Moxon Rd., El Monte Drew's Hardware Rosemeod Dr. L. L. Dagley Rosemeod El Monte Drug Company Brunger El Monte Lumber Company F. P. Soppington El Monte Public Market El Monte El Monte Plunge El Monte El Monte Plumbing Company J. F. Cottery, Prop. Ernie's Cafe El Monte El Monte Feed and Fuel El Monte El Monte Hardware El Monte El Monte Herald Congrotulotions Compliments of El Monte Junior Chamber of Commerce El Monte Laundry El Monte El Monte Motor Company El Monte Fedco Feed Company Rosemeod Fresh Vegetable Stand 2443 Volley Blvd., El Monte Compliments of a Friend El Monte Dr. Thomas P. Freer, Dentist 212 W. Volley Blvd., El Monte Gallagher Insurance Agency 233 W. Volley Blvd., El Monte Gay's Lion Farm El Monte, Colitornio Gerhart Garage El Monte Martin-Goold Water Co. Gorvey Blvd., El Monte Chester Gump, Jeweler Roserneod Bob Holman, Real Estate EI Monte Jenkins Vegetables Morket Bosket, EI Monte KarI's Shoe Store EI Monte Kauffman's 5-l0-25C Store 3l2 W, Volley Blvd., El Monte King's Grocery El Monte R. B. Kline, Optometrist l53B Volley Blvd., Rosemeod Leffler and Prow, Engineers El Monte Lion's Cleaners El Monte Loynd's Drug Stores EI Monte ond Roserneod Main Brothers, Furniture El Monte George Meissenburg, Plumbing 2l02 W. Gorvey, El Monte Morein's El Monte Murphy's Shoe Store El Monte NeaI's Dairy El Monte Joe Neer, Insurance l24 West Volley, EI Monte Clifford T. Nutt, Auto Dealer EI Monte Nauman's Dept. Store, El Monte The Store for oll the people Ohrmund Heating Co. Roserneod Otis Electrical Appliance Norge Deoler, El Monte Owl Shoe Shop El Monte Patten-Blinn Lbr. Co., El Monte R, G, Wolstencroft, Monoger Perluss Dollar Store 303-305 W Volley, El Monte Pioneer Stamp Shop EI Monte Pitkin Brothers Service Station El Monte Rae's House of Beauty i642 Vollev Blvd., Rosemeod Reed's Market El Monte Reliable Lumber Inc. i206 Volley Blvd., Roserneod Rex's Hamburgers 27B7 Volley Blvd., El Monte Rosemead Furniture Co. i525-27 Volley Blvd., Rosemeod Rosemead Lumber Co. Rosemeod Rosemead Review G. R. Grolfrom, Editors-Publisher First State Bank Roserneod Safeway El Monte J. M. Schanel, Funeral Home 204 W, Volley Blvd., El Monte R L. Shaffstall, Welding 53l West Moin, El Monte Shep's Malt Shop Rosemeod E. J. Shirpser El Monte Southern Counties Bank El Monte Dr. Rowland P. Stanley EI Monte Trader's Tire Service 509 W. Volley Blvd., El Monte Dr. H. A. Valentine, Dentist No, 4 Polm Court, El Monte Vogue Cleaners EI Monte Walter's El Monte Weir's Radio Shop El Monte Western Auto Supply Co. 3023 W, Moin, El Monte Western States Wholesale Grocery, El Monte EI Monte Joseph Weston, Architect EI Monte Williams, 5-lO and 25c Store EI Monte Eldred E. Wolford Attorney-at-law 3lB W. Volley Blvd, El Monte Wood's Bakery El Monte Roxy Louise Zuberbier, M D. l30 E, Moin Street, El Monte Q THE LAST WORD-You hove completed the reoding ot the V337 volume ot Troil's End-the stott hopes you enjoyed it, Furthermore, vve vvish to bring to your cittention some things we hove thus tor toiled to mention. The stott, on beholt ot the student body, vvishes to express its deepest sympothy to George ond Gobriel Vollee tor the loss ot their brother, Lonnie Vollee, vvhose deoth on April sixteenth vvos indeed ci shock to oll ot use To Mox lrelond, Jr., vvho, due to o serious toot injury, hos been obsent trom school since lost November vve vvish to express our sin- cere joy tor his return to our compus on April tvventy-sixth, It hos been the motive ot the stott, not only to molqe this o mem- ory book ot our i937 school yeor, but to inspire ond encouroge you on to greoter ond better ochievements, vvhich will prepore you dur- ing your tuture yeors tor the greot beyond. Noture so completely ond beoutitully expresses our feelings thot vve hove reproduced tor you, on the opposite poge, o scene which vve believe promises us o wonderfully rich future eorthly lite, ond guorontees us Eternol Lite. -The Annuol Stott ms :wifi ' 35? - emu :isa ww ,- Q . Lu '34 F w , 'K 7 fr K 9 11 L3 f'Y?5W 5'i-KA-ir!-fgb W ,M fgxfmw 11 wr fb 4 X xgxarwmm 5:1 .sm..am ala 4 a ,r ,X wanna i xzwswwmrwlwrmwk mmm

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