El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR)

 - Class of 1958

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El Dorado High School - Wildcat Yearbook (El Dorado, AR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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r.11 1 X at , f5Ai x 4g?.2 t N , -7 gy - -. - 2 f x sf W f X' K 4- ,, Q- AY j'GryJ C Qj NH ,ix "3 is SQ' ,gs 15 1? 5 Q ex 5 v MQ W .fb NP ef Vu NJ - Cd ,Q RQ, -T V, .QM 'Z N ff, W 'X f Qi CR' NN- 252 'rj f U -52 -VD :K .A J ' L' f ' FM Hjaidy nv t rj by J xx kheshsiggkgkiv x J fd VY X71 Q O .T MY- QL ES ki. EX' EV", X9 SEQ' j-DC' if x Oykgyw u Jyii yy U W vb fi ,U QU '71 , ,fffp T '- fi ,M 'RP Elf!" U' L WW1 if x 'X K I - J A" A M WVU PAV lufgwy ffl. Vylbirv N- dy if X xv" 9,1 ' ' F75 ,FAB gy -,U M k X YJJNETXJ tl 1 Q7 YJ" 'F f ' Sy K 'uf 7 Q5 ' K YJ af 9 V of x A qy 0 JJ W ,mg 55? Of ,fl QA QI' .. Mfiwpfw f -Q:-9 'zxkibx 'F' ., X21 Rx ' Jw if RY fbri .55 QQ! Q W1 XJ I' ' As xx ff PA XY ' Q 0 V3 ,-Sq - XJ' -' , gy R f w f X wJ , w g ' ' ', ,, f Y, .,H,,f X 'ii' lg X RSX-53 , 5: x .. - 1 --5 ,-ff A .txr- ,ANX -A :J . T.,- 6. 1 Q. -NH, I Through These Column Into Tomorrow's orld We, as seniors, are passing 'rhrough lhese col- umns. Proudly we enumerafe our long lisf of achieve- menis including leadership, scholaslic aH'ainmen+s, afhlefic viclories - even +he rou+ine dulies of fhe school day. The juniors sland ready 'ro lake our place. For fhem, nex+ year will be filled wifh all the bubbling excilemenl 'rhal has iusl been ours. bul loads of re- search lhemes, assigned reading. and keeping pace wi+h ihe library fines are iusl' ahead. Sophomores having walked cauliously and observingly. have maslered fha? mos? irnporfanl siep, The firsl of fhree, which will soon lead fhem, loo, 'rhrough lhese columns. .H ,,, r if ji 'e K5 ' e .fi ,,. ,X 'X Ai. W ,vw 7 -eZ'4zfZ5f fxhkfg lf af ual? a4o0fjZQQA?i3ZZijEZZ ,Z4e,c,,Q9fJuz277iZZM Jf.iQ ,Kk7QQl7?AwQ Avauxd Jdaagg 14,0 2377 ffqwfdfiaa fLf wcffffld cw JW fuagcffmwxwip Ldzlfzobalfajna Juof DM!! 5756! faq Z7 f fffff 5255 CA ,Q fZ.ffff J fffff fff 2fA4: JKL 4 2 fQGff1f?9'5L ffybff 1 ,!f,ff Z La I iff! AI Zfxjjy 7lf My 2 94' 'J 4:5 X9 fy! 5 ffc zfffff ff!! Jagff XX ffW7 ,fin fgffdfflfj X74-Qf! V I4 EL DORADO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL EL DORADO ARKANSAS P g 3 V7 I w . 7 7 A ' K 1 . XL K , ay C , , W ' ff' , - , ' ". ,. n ip 00, I V .H-6' . , , I if N ' 1 0 'fr 'V , ' U H.. fy ,I Q! - I L I C l ' - Li 1 Y . Cl 1 - 1 . ' 04 - X J ' ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 V I I 67' ,1 " I I I Q f f 1 V . A P M , ,ir , f' ' X I A X .- 7? Q2 j ' , , A,,. ,QL if f ,J tif - f - .- L f ' 4' A '7 CC If xq k 4 1 I ' fl y 1 .f 4, . Q -Q If 5- 'L ' If C! L " f f ' ' ff .' f z , , ,A . , ,. I J . ,ff 'Lff' ,,ff,,f7 ff ! ,- KA :ff ffff' ' f-- ' A ' . 1 K 5 L '5 f ' ' ' V Q -----1 f-74 ,. , . 1 , -" 1 fi 'T JP .ef V 22 6 CJ! L'-"' - , K A' A ,- pf' ' ,A 1' f 1 ' A qv Lf 'Pax 'A' v A , , Q, cf r-E ' "' 7 ' -f'f-lf' ' L I, , .- A 'irnxf 7 Z 4,5 1' f '4 f fllx,-f 1" " ' I ' V ff J" Z:iA.-,- I I in .,,c ,F , , K Y, f gi K6 4 If --F Qc ..f Y , Q F- , 7 5 r ,-- rf ' ,' ,f ff ,Z L' 1,11 'gif - B I!!! 6 A Y . ' A .' ' 1 6 1 ' ff ' sf J fab: 4 0.4: 7 x 1 .- A. , 0 X I fp ' ' .527 Q ff' ! ' gf c' ff ' ff , J 7 ., hx- J 7. fr ol. I r SIP: f KN? nm' mfg, in-si" WQ mp. .M ,N -, -..V --,, ., . gg -J 1 ..--.,-- .,,.-- . ,1- 'VA-rr, 3'-ff -ff-,Aff v-fr :' 'fa f ' -gf. - .-'51 I- -nj' 'C-ff" iffy 1 3' Penmigf 'i , 31-1 "g":' 15,5 'ha it" 1 . v 1 V 1 "'.. .IA ' fEV"f'l ff"'5'l'Aif' ',,"" ',AAZ'- A'?l? i INV' "EI 1 f 1, , 1 rg,-af, - ,VXA 'wg V- A 1 1, .1 - -- -1 +V- K' ,1-.q if-1 - .1- f,.x..J...1,1 .U ,11'.1D: hh, ', NH. 1 ., ', . - , , ' 7 ' ' AM,-'. - . - ., . 1,-1 ,.-, XlQ'hy'.1FTlw.1. , , ,, , 11', , ,1,, .V v,.AfV, ,1.AV . J., I 1 .1 47,1 1, 1 . p 11 - V X, -1-V , V--. 1 1 ,X--1' ,-J fV"f"'R "1 'jf FI " ' Y' F 'T ,ffl Il -'wfj llw 7? ll' A .210 ,LW ,,.1 1,3 G D . .- ,- ,- MAW1 f Q, .V-1., .H 4,-.,-wr--W 1' Xvv1.I..1 . , ,l.,. . H11 RW h-' F-'fi A l1'1'f-" Al' Af 1"-7 :1'c1Qf"V'l Al 'J fm -'CHU v QL ffl " :'1 'FC-,C ' UP" .X1 A W -'NH 'lv C Fllnfx' fvr 5.14 Thu? y' L. ix" M70 grfl, lit: ln VQ N ,V A Through These Column -lTf1"':f9 , f,.. - 'fmuff ',-yr' . xl., .dl . Nw' :C HF 'llC Ja I Ang' V. rl 2 cl' fvlf of . 1 QVC 1., . 11- 41,1 Q-0111--1,19 +11 " 'I '2'5Tl"CpfZf1C F1-1 lf LI rr you will qos C Q C Ffzfge 5 V- tvir C NN Oc-a -,if 1, xmxti xxx!- 'x is ugaiax. A 6 -B' 35,05 b Diff' -' M' ...f AMA. .el ll... 'I .l-135. -1,-g 52 x ...LHQ ,Es-v '25 lx Mr- reflw' P P 6 Mui I 'A qggaggl Q- JM Q ,ii '55 ,SN 1 'iffy 60 f' X JMX path- J t .Eff Q' -1 eww 'bb if ww M 17,- fry! M Even as school opened un Sepfember, our eyes were on graduahon day. fhe day rhar we would bravely leave hugh school full of plans, full of hope buf shll rafher wusffully looking back We deferrnuned 'ro make I958 our besf year and we drd, fnllrnq Il'WI'l'l1S'lUdY and worlc, fun and play Go wrrh us. won'1' you as we revnew our year Page 9 Q' 1 4 x -4 h. .. .ug 3 '15, YF: QM Av' Qjgefo sg. ,' on .. i V 5. ,. , '- 'I in 5 .- A 13. fag' 4- 11 ' ii -.1f,'1' - f :N -4. 2 y 'sw-Q :Q A r ' n"-I ' M 4 'L 7 ""'-2' 'K "." - , - 4 ,- K V: Liv- 1 --X V 'IA . "- . ,A H, - - 1 ,f" .Fx Q -X .rr V- v ,r ,- ' - ., 1- .4,, xl 1 . ,5 W ,k,, .V A. - Q 1, 'nf' K -"W, :J-QPIJ . Q. I, v J., 1 Q , E. 21.9 Q ,'.'. - , N 4 , V -.X 51, V y ,g ' . ' , 'N , , 5, A " .wifi -, - - 5 w , , vm fp' 4- I 4 ,X ,Q 'R.,A.b.,r V, t, I , 4...x v gy , Q ,. , ,. P - . ,- ,qu ' .W-' ,-- ' ,, , , V 1 ., ,-., 1 ,, . W '1 - -A , X X' ...un 'S f 'Hr ' ' 'l ' B ' . - N vs, 1 vs uri 4 fu 15 N ' -f V wgfagq.. '15, " w r . . M.- - ,. - ,rift-,,-:: , -- -1 A' - I A .f - V ., , . au - ' ' W., ' ':""' W- --" "' - ' . AX 1 V ,W , ' ' ' 2 - ' - - - . - , , K . -,A A 1 ' . h. --J. .,i,.: fd' YW A, 'fl-t7-T4,,, L-34 ,fy fb' , A W If I K , ,Pi ,,, ,, A , mga ,, ,., . -5 - V -H - . - I-In - IM. M 7 Am WW, - A 3 .- A V, ' 1,-,..-, ' ..4- -H - W- ,WMV AA- 7 ' 1f,',A mfg QQ. 3.3 gi' ,o,.,.- H , ,"L.' , K - .--M W.- A 92 n -- A , - 4 "L -ell'-M ' BTTJ'-ao ' " ,ke b E V awstv A P ow ,L inf- AV: , ,L ya Y ,- .o,.-J-1 Y-'- our Yr' ' Y ' -v '-"' 3- I ll - . .., --M F-V WM- -LM, A. Y W 1, .. 1 -1 I TLT1., 6-4.4 4' 1 'E . - H ' " K 4 gg. A 1 5. I. Q, wi. f ' 5 , 'A'- -. . -T' Q I , 1 ' ' .,. A -.:,ff'., ,,g.!7,!l , A' -4 -, ' . .I.,.'-g w, V. -, as 1, lv wx fl , 4 K . A 1 ,,,, , ., . , D 9 - . H, , ,. 3 , A y., s ,, - 61 'f , ' Y , . 6. jf .., .... , Q Q b W ,N ,' IV 1 L. 5,4 V7 0. f J., Q. 0im,.,,,,,"2 I ii, -Sf'-' 1. ' 4 J -, ' ' ' " mHv'v5k..vTm :Z -3' ugly' , fu ' X... Q -571' , U, 1 . ., " f 4 'V y '5 L 1 1 ' ,..,-af" , t ,,,".-L:-. .1 if rv. .L 3' 7 , .,,, , ,,,. 043' Y,-Y' Uk- 4 5 ' ,ro " A N M' 'T '.. . X ,jo fi:--X - I-J.-44 is ,ey . ' y 65: . 'fog ' yJxl'X.?:,'55i"T""' , xQ.,." gal.-A 35,4 ' ,JLQT4 I . L I' vw ' R ' " Q 'J-'ff' K l..-Q f .Pit-ff! , uw- 5 45' +":' T 423 V- A r A Q wx L, ' ,,,.,-- 1 Q., X 4 8 s 9' I '."S . av 'Q ,V Lf V 0 - 'N Q ,. I 1 A4 4 . Q 'xg W b , 1 . - , , cf I ' f' r Vit, - "' , Q r 1, , Q ,Y . , fr 1 h .. C, N ,mg-..r5. V k. . R A , 3 P f ll 1 ,-' . y, w . 1 5 , ,, ' ' s f- H f' .1---"' f r 1 Q, gh A ' I .lf V :Qt 'h . z Y A , ' ,Y ' ' 7' E5 V - , . - 4 f -. g 4 A , 5 r 4 . , r . y , 1 g ' ,, ogy ,r 1 A , N one M ' , D . are ,,,,,,- . - , X n . -A-' '- ' n fo " l ' A 7:81 . S' . , - 1 - I ,,.,,'yx A . , - ,. 'j l - K ryan."- ww 4- A,M- If fl . hlled H1 I- -- '- IC il IQ 'Q HB 1 UK 1 II i IS - IQ IH - IH - IQ - IC 4 f with people Ar' 3 237 1.437 5 Page 11 bl L sw I 'T w5,lv?'M A1 M WA in 2:3 I f .1 x 'in ,fn , L, ,L gf ' A ,Wy .alll-" ' I Pq12 xi mv ggi if v ff 3 fi 5, Qi , is . Qi X ,unwi- xff ' 9 Page 13 0 . laqe XA- 2 f ' ' If '9 ,, A f u', !lL,1u -My 'fx . K A ' M" 'M , TQMQ 1 , .' ff -gk- ' 'L f AA-,fo uf, . A . :.::.n -- 4 ?-- , ' x' .if 3-,M.Ql..x' ' X .ges- S 's N fl!!! A A 4 K- . -'7't""'f gr f 1 O i Qc -.,,I 4 ' 1 1 4 -"',, ,N Q. rr-.-1 1','f'f 7w Lu' L ,Q-...,ks Page 16 Qi. veg rang Q. N af- -' , A I vf v O Bdv.wWA,..f womcsn THEM our CLA -troubles - - Zu xg M' whiff ' js and learned Y- L science a -if -? v - ' T I "'2lf.5Vff ig VTX 1 f fx f Q ',"""iv..f af K' nu fi! ,f if ,J fv - 1 5 Q 5' vt 7 . ?i 'Hi W V' wa Lfv V k 1 QA 1,5 ' A S . 1, .1-ll Q-fix. g'Z1?"1?:fiQJ 1 Zak pix 5 l ps J Q' fn is Y 4 1 3' Li . x , if? s,L Tr N0 Mi. 'IFN as , ' .1 6,- acaliinw ... 1 ku Q sf' ' 1 QF! f .SM- Q ff' 'Y ,W 3 N H --. Q ... W -mass 9, ot, 49 " ,gf I K '- If , A ' V S x P K ' 'V 1 'Qflsx nf . - , ' 1: 4 vp fi q' -lv V ff it Jang A '1 Y 7 A Wm., ga wan 4 x vb.. ir iii 4. A , - ,-,' 'i Page 22 VOU df' lumns. . amldzz- l W? as ' ,V A ,J W" Wiwam f. V1 Q3 ff , -w-9 Sgimm Vp VMXIA 7 9 .C I 392 1, Y ms 'W env-any Vw, W A A af 9 if w..,i 2 4 If 'I i Qu HM Ill Ill l 14 v a , , -ah' X, 1, if 59,1 Page 24 ERSONALITIES played a mosl umpor+anL par+ In fhe course of fhe school year bu+ E H S also had +s Full sh e of bralns Wl-en 'rhe Nahonal Meru+ S holar shnp came along I2 semors ou+ of 'lhe +op 5 percen+ quo+a look +he +es' and fave placed as 'FIl'16lISlS No+ only braans bul Talent xeaoershnp personalmes and beau+y he'ped lo make a well rounded year These go rnghl along wu+h +he gay achvxhes which came +hrough fhese columns fo malce our year qunle well rounded and complefe Such will we remember over and over long al'+er we gradua+e wu+h l:ondes+ memorles Homecomvng lu lced off fhe l:s+ of fhose even+s whlch we wnll remember wn+h a mule long parade fea+urlng such slogars as Whale +he Hogs Ca+ Tales Come True and Bewlfch fhe Hogs The baslceiball leam selecfed a Swee+lear+ Thus was +he 'rhlrd year +ha+ a Swee+hear+ has been chosen Nex+ he s fh woflng for 'rhe len rnosl DEdU'l'IlUI gms and rho len mosr handsome boys of lhe sensor clas plc+ures were senf 'ro John Rober+ Powers School of Modellng where fhe +op sux were chosen Also along wlfh +h1s came fhe award ng of +he Who s Nho academy awards l! H NN H- 0 : , :s , 2' ' EF - .-. -,. 5 - N- E , . ' O1 ' . m . v I A . T n , : . - ' . 91 jj . 0 x ss ' ' l ' ' SX l XX cg, , l l ' ' ' . ' - I 'rf ' . ' - ' - l l l ' sf T f n ' - . ' AA,-I .I s K , l A - I - I 3 ' h T lll .4'N Homecoming Was A Ball ...... l-lomecoming was one ol: 'he blggesT and mosT exciri-g eve"s oT The school year. The l957 oueen Sarah ShugarT was chosen by The WildcaT leT'ermen, Then The Sfeering CommiTTee s'arTed The preoara- Tcns by appoining chairmen To be in charge oT ac'ivfTies. lnviTa'ions were senr To Tormer oueens and leT?ermerw, also announcemems oT oTher evenTs. in The Torm oT a Royal ReguesT, were senT To El Do' radoans and members of The School Board by Queen Sarah ShugarT. A snalce dance Trom The CourT l-louse and a bonTire aT The TAC House oTTicially sTarTed The homecoming TesTiviTies OcTober 3I. Classes were diimfssed aT noon on Friday preceding The game So ThaT sTudenTs could aTTend and parTicipaTe in The parade. FloaTs and cars ldecoraTed by diTTerenT school organizaTionsl and school bands, leTT The sTad- ium in a colorTul reTinue led by The WildcaT band. ReTurning leTTermen, queens and coaches secre- Taries regisTered aT The Rufus GarreTT l'loTel and re- ceived Their reserved seaT TiclceTs The same aTTer- noon. Queen Sarah was crowned by lasT years gueen, Judy Pinson, in a Tield ceremony which Tools place aT Memorial STadium, on November I preced- ing The EI Dorado-Texarkana game, The WildcaTs played a wonderTul game and beal The Razorbaclcs 24-7. Following The game and concluding The I957 homecoming TesTlviTies a Royal Ball, sponsored an- nually by The journalism deparTmenT, was held aT TAC l-louse. 4 wld-QQ si' I TX ITT: bf XF! - - ' Ae 4 G?TT,Q,'l! ,T P I--w QI' . 3 1 . I - g T.. T21 gig-H-lrti' , : L, "-'-viii! I Rf lid- I V ra. V 5 . ' Q "Tk: ' I, ' L ,1 aa' is m Uiw ev!- TXTABA .1 ual- ARAH ZW?" It as The iunior class came in for fits? place in The parade wifh ihe lheme of "Whale ihe Hogs." me iv! I m Big Success fi? 4 Aw: -ff, 15-fr - Q"-Q Yr iw 3 E FA . r-,Q we i ' ,, i :V 34 2 'Z 'T 1 a 2 Sarah Shugarf, I957 homecoming queen, is shown here wifh her courf. juniors Kay Taun+on, Bob Campbell: sophomores Rosamond Sample sophomores LaNelI Dean, Clark Reed: and iuniors Diane Adams and The GAA flea? came in for second place, wi+h 'lhe famous Hansel and Gre+el and 'fhe wifch siepping ou+ of sfory- bool land fo aid in "Be-wiiching +he Hogs." , .'.-'Kava .i""',. 'fu wg, sub ll ziffgmwfi as 3 'a,l'l5 Bax, ii' Sarah Shugarf, l957 Homecoming Queen is being crowned by Ias+ year's queen, Judy Pinson, in a field ceremony pre- ceding ine VVHdca+-Texarkana Razorback game played November I. Final score El Dorado 24, Texarkana 7. X Pcqe 28 Football Queen Sarah Shugari' f' y fs- ,M in can if Capiain Van Ball escor+s Marsha Connor, I957 Baskeiball Swee+hear'r +o Hue middle of Hwe cour+, +o be crowned by las? year's Swee+hear1, Sandra Caies, on February I4. Marsha was chosen by Hue baskeiball squad and +neir decision was no? revealed uniil Hme nigh? of ine Liffle Rock-El Dorado game. The Ca+s fhen goi fired up and won ine game 4742. 'M mf if if We Chose Our Favorites , WK 41756 , -mf .auf Q gal NY .gulf 404' W, if 3,8 ,. 5 4 MR. AND MISS E.H.S. Bob Price Anne Corson Page 30 ', MOST V ef Y Jack a 5 egriff -.. 5 X I PN. 'H 3-. , f L SPIRITED 3. Avg f p , , ara Carlfon Ronny Sfafford f,-HQ 'lf '3' W succseo James Rober+a '17 Franklin Monfgomery 7"-vu.. GQ R- fi BEST PHYSIOUE AND FIGURE Snuggs Brown Judy Hill i Page 32 5 BEST ALL-ROUND v Linda Edmund , James McKenna M'ckeY PM Lamberf ore . L, 2 , 1 L v o- , . H . :Av 5 f ' 4' 3 A . an f-- I J rf ' 5 . , S Q' 4 , ' L . R I .. 7 4 9 3, ..-W P' 4 fini Q W- +V, Page 33 TALENTED "Ronnie Hardcasfle i"..,., I 4 P WWWXQY W we 5 E931 T if 4 Mackey Lamberi C-H Linda James Page 34 45 Sarah Shugari' 1 These sux boys and gurls were selecTecl by The compeTenT, well Tranned sTaTT and Dnrec Tor of The John RoberT Powers School of Modeling in Dallas, Texas. They were selec:TQ ed from a group of TwenTy. These TwenTy boys and girls were nominaTed by The enTire senior class Tor The TiTles of mosT beauTiTul and mosT handsome. ln The words of Mrs. Ellen Thomas aT The John Powers School, The sTudenTs were noT selecTed only Tor exTerior beauTy buT also Tor ThaT "inner glow". Also she sTaTecl ThaT The malcing of a selecTion was noT an easy Task. for we were well repre- senTed. ANDSQME QRS Yu Corky McConnell Shelby Ward Wayne Hearln Pune 35 gf .7 PM K, n m xp. SX K 4 bw 1"'7' 'Nw 'A ev-I 'T' Linda Pine Edmund McKenna Pal' Moore Sharon Alexander Eloise Owen Thomas Bridges Doodle Harper Rober+a Mon+gomery WEL Page 36 Runners- WMWW ,, , W ml N Fergus Mahony Jane'He Carney Judy Hill Bu+ch Rushing Tommy PaHerson Franlcye Taylor --Q ' ' Ar- ' x . 'W v"6':i i , V X, f5r?""A,li if 3 wade. vw The duly ol lhese girls was lo sell score cards during lhe home football games. This was done in all wealher. Service girls from lell lo righlg lop row: Rosa- mond Sample, Belly Linda Jones, Nancy Marlin, Belly Rulh Pye, Linda Clinlon, Rulh Whelslone, Bilsy Janes, Lena Sul- lon, Becky Zwahlen, Becky Walker, Lucie Shipp: second row: Sue Ellen Coleman, Nancy Jenkins. Donna Axum. Anne Cor- son, Linda Hall. Polly Whiddon, Deanna Vandegrill, Nancy Kerr, Janis Deckard, Lucie Pilard: lhird row: Frances Tillery, Roselyn Elaerle, Diane Gilliam, Cindy Slone, Mary Carllon McRae, Diane Trinca, Robin Pinson We Served Our School ,-.fx an -- f 1- 4 y Q7 " ,.f , .-nge. y 1 ,VO 4- Ollice girls, wilh all lheir many dulies, lake lime oul lo have lheir piclures made. They are from lefl lo riqhlg back row: Jo Belh Amis, Linda Dees, Dona Axum, Linda Pine, Rella Jones: second row: Marsha Connor, Robin Pirson, Mary Margarel Joyner, Nancy Craig, Carole Cay. Girls working in lhe Guidance Office are Grace Lindsay Elouise Owen, Pal Tolberl, Shirley Tillman, Sharon Marks Delores Slegall and Judie Kinard. 6. Saluted , 2 ' :sex A as 1 Top magaxine salesmen Anne Corson, Bob Price, Gales Williams, Reid Charles lhigh salesmanl Charles Dunlap and Bob Nolan selecfed prizes ranging from an Argus A 4 camera io a sluffed sfriped figer. Coach Garland Gregory, in 'rhe background, represenfed fhe Sfudenf Council in fhe drawing and Mr. Shirley Durham, Curlis Publishing represenfafive, was on hand +o presenl fhe prizes. Shirley Smifh and Elouise Owen won fhe doubles crown in "The Mendelian Laws af Segregafionf' enlered by Johnny fhe badminfon fournamenf played in March while Jo Afrfmrcffg, New grand pnze ir' 're Sfefce Fair fed ir Befh Amis fool: fhe cup for ihe singles champion. El Dorado April I. ii 1 ' ,N 9 as 'i ' A Ff fi 1 - Y If ' I at ' i W -4 ' I l , 1 : , f . l' C 4 l K 1 3 -Q -4.3 L i ," P i i kai, ll 4 f ,, M I h :Y A l -. 'J' Q Al , f " 0 J-I , f-gf J A : f' ' 5 - V .- f ff -. J o f 4 ff QV., l "QQ ' ' T A -. lllllllllllll Our inners Linda James Good Ci+i1enship Award Sponsored by fhe DAR BeHy King Homemaker of Tomorro Sponsored by BeHy Crocker KT' A i Q!!-1 .!l!t!l!x, !'!'!'!'! ' mg!-gn! -- ' ' L -'!'!'!' f -I 4' ', vgguulw -" -- ---e '1 -4. iaim if-fr .v.,-1v':1'4-dx i-if i I 1 I Ili. ,tty ..., - ro -,A W s u' X ws- i ably K -gi G' y' ' , A 125.2- Phyllis Owen Fanchon Chambers I Speak For Democracy Coniesf Winner Arlransas Girl Scouf Renresenfafivo Sponsored by fhe Junior Chamber of Commerce To Th' NeH"'I'nd" JU""5'P7- '95s gn?-v Blenda Kelly poses proudly wilh her ba- fon, alfer successfully making 'firsf slring maioreffe a+ +he Universiiy of Arlzansas, where she will enier nex+ Seplember. nd pplaud d Our Talent Wifh her accordian, Nancy Aycoclr gives an imprompiu performance in fhe Fufure Teachers assembly. Come June, Nancy inlends fo go 'lo Michigan io worl: wiih Don Lee, a well known Jubilee recording ariisf. 1 .-+5 Q7 ,A G n 3 4 K 1- H- , 1- -Ht , :J . ef 4, w, . . 1 I, 4 ei x x - . . ' ' .u Tl J' x , The Philidons, Donna Axum, Linda Clin- 'ron and Phvllis Owen rehearse iusl' be- fore +heir plane fakes off for New Yorlr, where +hey will compele for Ted Macfs Amaleur Hour. Phyllis Rainer and Thurmon Owen prac- XF lice fhe Universily Push for 'lhe finals of a slale dance conlesf held in November in Pine Bluff, which fhey eniered. 5 'G' ev- fl ff W:- will wg 'RR' W.. 1 5 QS-i 'ff' fm fv- ar""" 'vpn-rf George Burlon Janne Cook Fanchon Chambers Maralyn Barley James Franlrlm Mary Ray Good Emon Mahony Davld Morrrson David Puclermg Roberf OBannon Pal Tolberl Buddy Wumer Took Scholastic Honors From l'l'1e members of lhe sensor class who expressed nnreresl ID 'flue narnonal merrl sclwolarslmps llwe above srudenrs were selecled by llrme qurdance deparlmenl' as our fave percenr quora Tesfs were guven Oc? 24 and we showed up well as fave sludenls ranked rn llme Top brackel' narronally Mary Ray Good, Emon Mahony, Buddy Wnmer and George Burlon were announced as fnnallsrs and Roberl O'Bannon 'roolc honors as a runnerup Page 42 Q y 4 ., , - E.: 3' Q, 2 . 1. , vue , " 1, ' E 's ' " ' H 1 :, -' . W .1 V , l ' -'- ' I , ' 'fs 5 M 'M 'W' .,v's as ,,. l Us , was , A Q I Y W X Q X. t M I T4 ' v- ,fl . W ,f,,,Z,'. . . 9 'll Q V, I . 'ILA , A1152 Q ' , ,,,. 'K . ' A sf' , t x I MQ f' X .W r y Q' 'l , rf' K V v 'Wg so ff 1 f ' , Qs Y sg -xx ff H ' 7 - ga. F tv 1:52-Z AV A4 I - r ' 11155 755 2 , o f r ! .A JT' W' ' sh Q- 22? . ' . X l f A, ' r 9 li l fx X, y 4 A :sux ' x . '- , , ,V Q , . f l ' ,- V. K1 I A . ,. dl dl ' V' 1 4 I , 6 V I V .Hi l I .X , is r ' if 7 'Q r r if qrll . wfif' - r Vw' . PORTS were characlerized by sweaf muscle and more sweal' which molded our a+hle+es ln+o one ol: fhe bes+ all around a+hle+lc programs EHS has had several years We made our bnggesl' mark In foofball with +he capfure of second place In +he s+a+e compehhon Four Wnldca+ squadmen Reed McConnell Jaclc Vandergrlff Charles Jmlcs and Tommy Brasher showed splrn' hus+le and deler mmahon enough fo land on +he All S+a+e +eam Baslxefball puf anofher fea+her Info our caps wnlh fhe elechon of Van Ball +o 'the All S+a+e baslcefball squad Elghl' fraclc mee+s were held nn fhe vear and all of fhem broughf crednl' +o +he coaches and 'I'he boys who par'ucupa+ed In fhem Joe Johnson Eddle Adair Kenny Oliver and Joe Couch made up +he nucleus of +he golf feam by brmgmg In low scores and prlde +o 'lhemselves and all of us Mrs Jerome Nunnally worlced hard wslh 'rhe fernls feam wh: h had an av rage year due lo lhe some leHerman who re+urned +hls year Our afhlehc program rn all +he con+es+s nn all +he meefs and In all +he games played an +he '957 l958 year showed +he wall +0 wan and +he abnlrfy fo lose NW lilil fn' l . ' ' fx Q 55X I . - KX M., x .- . - ' 1.1. l , . - v:-35. , , QQ. I - - lll . l V.-ri? ' .guv - 3 g - - , ., l ,l , . I ' ll I ,- 'xY5Qff - - l - ul -2.-13' . l , - ' . . 5' l x 'Z N.. . K, g . T ul , Spgrt c fs il-' . A , gf 1 N L ,Q ?, 'ii X I . If . :vas faq. .LL .-wx f.Q"T,I"'- ,' '-. , a 47 ' 4-. f 1 i- K 1 nf K Afrer foofball season, The Sfudenl Council gave a parly down al lhe TAC l'louse for all 'rhe loolball players, lhe pep squad, cheerleaders, ser- vice girls and lhe band. ll was a hilarious parly, and we had some very good enler- lainrnenl, some of lhe male laculry members led some yells for us. They wenl' over well. The loolball managers who helped lhe learn so much by doing so many iobs for lhem are in rhe second pic- 'lure lei? lo right Pele Oiconnor, Jim Norris, Shel- by Ward and Don Spooner. Don Wilson preparing 'ro pole vaull, ushers in lraclc. Nor only do we have fool- ball, baslcelball and 'rraclc buf we have +ennis, loo. On prel- ly days or even on bad days +ennis players are always down al Mellor Parlc praclic- ing on serves and baclchand drives. Wayne Hearin, RE Jack Vandegrifi, RT Huberf Dungan, R G Wayne Sims, C Reed McConnell, LG Richard Branch, LT Bob Wilson, LE Terry Young, LE Thomas Bridges, RHB Tommy Brasher, FB Howard Elder, QB Tommy Palierson, LHB Sonny Jack Porier, LE Charles Jinks, LT Leon Burroughs, RT Joe Flournoy, RG Ronnie Elia, RHB Jimmy Andrews, RHB AlTon Drummond, LG Clarence Evans, LE Jakie HarT, LG Bobby Corn, OB Hurberi' Marfin, FB Charles Wood, LHB Th Fighting ildcats Had 'QV In Wi A 'L ll'- zlil'-li-ihrfhr' ir XML: , 171 - " ' ' Line coach Bill Adcox, Head coach Garland Gregory and Backfield coach Lowell Morrison look over Their charges as They geT ready for one of The CaTs' besi seasons. Page 44 EooTball spiriTs were high This year because oT The CaTs' TerriTic record. The l957 WildcaTs ended Their season wirh a IO-I record. Their only loss was To The Tigers of Li++Ie Rock. ATTer coming Trom behind in Their TirsT Two games To beaT Magnolia 26-I4 and ForT SmiTh l5-IZ. The CaTs goT QTT To a good sTarT againsT Fairpark oT ShreveporT, sTomping Them 33-IZ. This game was sweeT revenge Tor The scalping The lndians gave The CaTs lasT year. NorTh LiTTle Rock and Pine BluTT were The nexT vicTims Tor The CaTs. El Dorado edged NorTh LiTTle I3-7 and pushed pasT Pine BluTT I4-7. The Smackover crowd was disappoinTed as Their Bucks Tell before The WildcaTs 20-O on Smackover's homecoming. Famous CenTral High of LiTTle Rock was The only Team To beaT The CaTs. They Turned The Trick To The Tune of 28-0 aT homecoming in The sTaTe capiTaI. EI Dorado's homecoming was made merry by a 24-7 vicTory over The Texarkana Razorbacks. Far away BlyTheville was The scene oi a bloody massacre as The oil Town CaTs smeared The Chicks 40-7. l-loT Springs and Camden were The Tinal op- ponenTs of The CaTs Tor The I957 season. El Do- rado's offense and defense clicked as The Wild- caTs beaT HOT Springs 27-0. EI Dorado downed Camden 26-O in The annual Turkey Day classic To end The season. 'T ific 10-1 Season Mike Rybisii, Fred Newman, RE John Williamson C 1 1 ll Cats Took Honors ln l957 El Dorado placed four players on lhe high school All-Slale 'learn - Tommy Brasher al iullbaclc, Jaclc Vandegriif ai laclrle, Reed McCon- nell al guard and Charles Jinlcs ar man over cenier. The Cais placed lhree on The second leam All-Slare as Thomas Bridges was named al full- baclc, Sunny Porrer al' end, and l-luloerl Dungan ar guard. Quarferbaclc Howard Elder, halibaclc Tommy Paiierson, end Wayne l-learin and laclcle Richard Branch received honorable meniion. KW' '1- x-g 256 Coach Lowell Morrison Talks fo a few Cars before a game. The capiains for The games were chosen before fha season by lhe leriermen wifh each leHerman acling as capfain of af leas+ fhree games. Capfains for This game were Corky McConnell, Jack Vandegriff and Wayne Sims. Texarkana-Wayne Sims sfops forward progress of a Razorback. Soufhern Wildcais gang up on a Norfhern Wildcaf. Charles Jinks Ubl, Wayne Sims 1531, Tommy Brasher l34l and an unidenfified lacller Open Your Eyes, Elia! Corly McConnell lbll, Ronnie Elia ffachlingl and Bobby Corn lI4l. Pine Bluff-Brasher allernpls fo bowl over lhe Zebras for exlra yards. Tommy Brasher lcarries balll and Terry Young l83l. Brasher, high scorer for fha Wildcafs, pushes for exlra yardage againsl Norfh LiH'le Roch hcllers. 11" . ,guy vi - 1 , . gl? ly W! 4 V in if is fi K if VH 3 g B QA I P ri ,. +int: ffff , F -7 lib iffy V 4 1 8: viii 1 ' A- -my Mil' bi .,, I A ', f, J. r.. 'VJ In lhe lasl game of lhe season againsf Camden are shown some ol lhe second slring Cals. John Williamson 54, an Fred Newman 8I are shown downing a Panlher back. Joe Flcurnoy 665 Ronnie Elia 201 and Charles Wood 4I, are closing in lo be sure lhe runner doesn'l gel away. B Team Had Above-Average Season Coach Bill Adcoxs B learn had an above-aven age season wilh lour wins and lwo deleals. Many boys who slarled lhe season wilh lhe B learn were phornoled lo varsily lor lhe remaining games. Louisiana learns played lhe role ol lhiel by slealing lwo garnes lrorn lhe Wildcal B learn. Rus'on slipped by I3-7 and Minden gol by IB-7. Texarlcanas B leam was bealen by lhe local bunch 38-!4. Again a high score was lhe case as lhe Cals rornped over Carnden 38-7. The only learn lrom lhe Pelican Slale lo lall berealh lhe Wildca's' claws was a relar' rnalch wilh Ruslon wilh El Dorado winning I4-I3. P Forl Smifh-Pallerson is swarmed by Grinlies. cge 47 Xxlclr el yx J N WU Q Qx'uC47:, 'JEAX Q " " ' 43 ?U6 ,X .5 Z .1 X 5. ' me S: wUC42 y' ' - "I" .offs +f:f1if X i ii Y A 1 vi If xx , ,, ,Q . Q my 5 A. N H N . 4 . S .,,,-1' 5 Z 1 R,-g . ,s IG. j"E l . ,rf . N XXX- "7lf'- L These boys made up ihe B feam. Fron'r row: Joe Marlar, Billy Hammonds, Don Wilson, James Malone: Second row: Marvin Skiff, Freddie Crain, Paf Girard, James Pierce: Third row, Tommy Reeves, James Tolberf, Chiclr Selman. Smirh by a score of 44-35 and 53-39. Blyfheville again Turned ihe rriclc, whipping fhe Cais 65-50 and 64-44. El Dorado brolce rheir five-game losing sirealc by beaiing Smaclcover 58-50. For rhe sec- ond consecuiive year El Dorado bear 'rhe Tigers of Ceniral High by 47-42. EI Dorado made ir rwo in a row in ihe conference by slipping by Hoi Springs 57-54. EI Dorado bowed io Pine Bluff 57-30 and whipped Camden 55-43 in rhe final conresi. The Wildcal' B 'feam coached by Coach Bill Adcox won six and losr nine ou? of 'rhe I5 games for 'rhe season. They were vicrorious over Texar- lcana 'rwo our of rwo games and were defea+ed by Lirrle Rock and Norfh Liirle Rock 'rwo our of Two. A 'rwo-game series was splir wifh Pine Bluff, Srephens. and Norphler. The Cais played Hoi Springs and Warren once and were defeaied by boih. The lasi' game of fheir season ended wifh a vicfory over fhe Camden Panfhers. i David Simpson Terry Young Fred Newman Jesse Millican iunior 'forward iunior cenler junior guard iunior forward P age 49 Track Men Took To the Road Reiurning 'lraclr lef+ermen are from leff fo righf: Tommy Pafler- son, Thomas Bridges, Don Wilson and Jaclrie Selman. N N Don Wilson was a main confender for 'lhe pole vauli event fhis year. Managers, Pefe O'Connor and Shelby Ward have confribufed much fo lhe frack season by check- ing equipmenf for pracfice and meefs. Page 51 ' FS? A Golf Adair, iv , 4 -D' 1" a A Nb 1 1 ,JK is Q.. i f O -cl Q' s -.I W ' i v f' sf 5 x a . 1 4" X f 0 ' I -. - . -W - ' D " 'W L 4 ' - X ' Q 5' vt- fx .Q f g if xv FL' -.' i ii ' lx A .. W x ' K' -e 1 ' I wir N , 1. N, AAAI, l af i K. , , w 1 . , 4 sludenfs leH io righi' are Larry Teague, Fergus Mahony, Ronnie Hardcas+le, Snuggs Brown, Brenda Wilson, Tommy Ruih Whefsione, Mike Brown, Mary Ann Griffin, Bob Campbell, Diane Trinca, Gibby Young, Joe B. Wharlon, Hogan Roundfree, Sara Lee McKinney: second row: Jim Wimer, Mary Carlion McRae, Kay Carrer, Carole Clay, Sue Ellen Coleman. Daphnie Cafes, Kenny Oliver, Linda Hall, John Lee Anihony, Josephine Rascoe. Joe Couch, Denny Hurley, Paul Aladella, Andy Mayfield, Joe Johnson, Gale Sinnofi, Phyllis Rainer, Diane Gilliam, Marilyn Harris, Sharon Alexander, Helen Liner, Ann Kennedy, Kay Boardman, Beverly Paul. GOLF SCHEDU LE I958 Fri., Mar. 2I-Springhill Here Wed., Mar. 26-Byrd Hi. Here If Fri. Mar. 28-Big 8 Liifle Roclc as Fri. April 4-Sprinqhill There 0 Sai April 5-Pine Bluff Here Fri. April II Tri S+a+e Meet Sai April I2-Texarlrana There Fri. April I8-Liffle Rock Here 0 p u H r r Sal' April I9-Pine Bluff There Fri., Apr. 25-N. LiHle Rock There Sai Fri. Fri., April 26-Texarlrana Here May 2--Byrd High There May 9 Siafe Meek The fop eighf golf players are back row: Gale SinnoH, Ruih Whef- Linda Hall and Mary Ann Grifien waii fheir iurn +o puff. Oliver, Joe Johnson, Joe Couch. sfone, Daphnie Cafes, Brenda Wilson, second row: Tommy Adair, Kenny V H ' ' V D' ' ' 4 . -i3K'g.v'f1-2' n, ' J K: was 4 . ,Q . ,. ... .-,-ziam,--fvp' I - Q' . , f Q. 'si' "Q A' Q I f 7- ' ' 'Q' . 2" Z. " if 'J .S -q , 1 ' 1 'I' .H ,, -KL.. -. V., .Q I K Wf 1r vMf1i?4'fj- f-Qtr- , ' -if - : f,"+" 'ww . 1 fx .J , - 'fa use - -. L 1 -f,"f'-ftp wkfqbxi 'f' ' ' 1, .- 'Qc' ' . m .Jgy t R 1, 4 Y , axle-. an vf ff. .' F' " J, '. " .4 -i' -V' , ,-5 yn--V .,,,. Q4 ' ' , M WW ' " '-:v-gqv X r ma i . Dun. 1 1 A , , - . iff A l Yi -QNMGQ. K9 ' . t -, , ' - -.,, I .up - M , g 7 I. ..f...h.. Nur. ,1- A Tenn: Drew the Crowds Doubles parlners Charles Lonq and Herberi Moreland showed fine progre s and will be baclr as fhe nucleus of nex+ years squad Ten marches we scheduled for 'rhe rennns learns lhus sprung as 'rhe boys and gurls learns played al' Fair Park March 2l and mel Fair Park here April I I +hey played Byrd High 'rhere April 2 and had a rerurn march here May 2 and enler l M Linda James showed greaf promise as Doubles parfners Rober+ Halch and ihe season moved along Howard Elder were iwo of our op players ed lhe slale meer in Lzlrfle Rock May 9 The boys learn played in 'rhe Bug Elqhr Relays March 28 mer Lilrle Roclc here April I8 and 'rhere April 25 They also look on Pine Bluff here April 5 and mer The Zebras rhere April I9 Tennis players leff fo righf firsf row: Joe Clingan Roberf Hafch unideniified dog, Diane Adams Joy Williams' second row: Corky McConnell Dale Sfiles Herberf Moreland Linda Cox Linda James Birsy Janes' rhird row: Mrs. Jerome Nunnally coach Tommy Reeves Tippy Mellon Howard Elder, Do+y Murphy and Charles Long. r U' 1 " W - '. ' 4 V -N .. It . nas.: u:,,,:',..l.:'-. N D J , .1 .1 , . "1 5 ' . ,f I: ' ' 1 --1: , . . - "ki:-: 'ttimzzgzzzzik' 'J ,gs ' ' , Ugg! '.- '11 .. 'LQ in ' "2 .10 z 'I Z' .j:f1 537. ' A 3- , wx- , J , ':. .---- ,-7. V. A f ' ' if L . 5 I 6 ' '- - RGANIZATIONS offer sfudenfs wufh mufual m+eres+s oppor+um+ues 'ro furfher lhelr lndlvldual knowledge and skulls 'lhrough prachcal experuence and by exchangvng a mulhple of Ideas The Sfudenf Council and Sreernng COmmIl+69 are lhe chief governing bodues of fhe Sfudenf Assocvahon In general and seniors In parhcular Experience re celved here IS no+ only invaluable +o nfs members lnduvldually bu+ +he servlces rendered are mosf appreclaled by fhe faculfy and s+udenl's as well We selecf offncers run our meehnqs by parllamen+ary procedure and work nn commlHees +hereby furlherlng our knowledge of fhe oblechves of our clubs No sechon of our club achvliy IS fruvlal bul' rl' IS all a very lmporfanl' parf of our comprehensnon of orgamzahonal work Clubs enrolled 475 fhls year wlfh fhe Aufo Club and Fufure Buslness Leaders making 'l'helr flrsf appearance on 'rhe lusi' of clubs Furure Tradesmen showed ouisfandlng abllliy ln sfafe compefrhon wlfh one of 'rhelr members named Arkansas Sfudenf of 'Phe Year In dlslrubuhve educahon Anchor Club operafed for :ls Farsi year as a servuce organlzahon as well as YES who boasfs of +aklng 500 appllcahons and making 225 placemen+s from May I957 +o March l958 Sparkling brlghfly wllh 'lherr 70 new robes fhe vocal muslc deparrmenr deserved all congrafulaflons glven +hem for fhelr rewarding endeavors Orgamzahons are mos+ lmpor+an+ +o school life as +hey go ln+o making a more complere and well rounded personalufy I Nm xx ' . I r ' ' wi' xi Q X . i . D l Ygl- ' ' l l s"- fi' - . - ll QT , f ' ,Q - Steering Committee Every semester a representative is elected trom each senior homeroom to serve with the sen- ior class otticers on the steering committee. This group plans and carries out the various tunctions sponsored by and tor the seniors. Homecoming, senior play, senior prom, the picnic, baccalaure- ate and graduation exercises are the most im- First semester steering committee members are left to Lou Reaves, Linda Hall, Mary Ann Wilkins: second row: ton, Ed McKenna, Frankye Taylor: back row: Bobby Corn, portant activities handled by these students. Their suggestions and ideas are brough' betore the en- tire senior class tor approval, discussion and vot- ing. The committee meets with senior sponsors on the last ot each month, at the Garrett Hotel. -g-1 right: Mary Ray Good, Lenore Patterson, Sharon Alexander, Robert Morrison, Fanchon Chambers, Sandra Beard, Sara Carl- Doodle Harper, Jack Vandegritt and John Bankston. Second semester members are lett to right: Owen Bailey, Linda James. Janie Coolr, Helen Liner, Mary Ann Wilkins: second row: Sandra Beard, Anne Carson. Diane Smart, Ed McKenna: baclr row: Jerry Mann, Claude Jenkins, Jack Vandegritt, Gates Williams and Reid Charles. i'. .- :L KJQCJ' i 1 gl IH,- Student Council 3 JF:-'21 L D Yi M fmzi i' N' -:X 1 Guiding 'llwe Council as flue policy-making body of lhe school are Mr. LeRoy Penninglon lsponsorl: Julia ScoH', secre'l'ary: Bob Price, presidenl: Ann Corson, vice presidenf: David Piclrering, ireasurer, and Miss Marian Cox lsponsorl. Members of ll'1e Council from lefl 'lo riglwl' are Lena Sullon, Kay Carler, Carolvn Templelon, Julia Belh Scolf, Kay Taunlon, Ann Born, Linda Manning, Marsha Connor, Don Monlgomery, Joe B. Lawler, Bufcli Caldwell: second row: David Elmore, David Morrison, Bob Nolan, Tliurmon Owen, Linda James. Roberfa Monfoomery, Mary Ann Griffin. Alice Byrd Nancy Marlin, Pa+ Dauglwfridqe, Gibby Young, Gordon Smarlg +l'1ird row: Miss Marian Cox lsponsorlg Bob Price, Bob Hamillon, Emon Mahony, Edwin Alderson, Ann Corson, Maralyn Bailey, Judy Hill. Marilwa Mason, Rosamond Sample, Miclrey Lamberf, Norma Lee Craven, Charles Long, and David Piclcering. ii 9 1 40 - Page 56 The sludenl council magazine drive was lheir mai' ofoiecc which enabled +he school +o add Lo 'he ramp fund which was s'ar'ed lour xears aoo. Soon a ramo will connec' 'he +wo build' ings and ra1ncoa's can be lei' as heme. Ranking second in fmoor+ance in council servce was 'he clean-up drive which made evervone lake a pride in h's school and made sludenss desermine lo male a repulalion as having lhe besflcephschool- in-Arlcansas. The srudenl council 's composed ol o'e represenlahve from each iunior and sooho- more homeroom and lwo reoresemalives from each senior homeroom. This qrouo ol people had many ac'i-viries which proved lo malce ihis a very successful year. Each represenlalive worlced in school aclivilies. Some worlced as lunch-room monilors, rec-room monilors, PTA. paren+'s-lo- school niqhl guides and served as hosls for Career Day. Slarlinq oil lhe new school vear in Sepiember, The sludenl council members were ushers al lhe sophomore orienlalion. as an s Q In . V-Il.. l lawn. . Page 57 ,-A -v I url 5 .A rlwu Y v 'Q Q i ' x "Cleanliness is nexf fo godliness" wifh fhis s+uden+ council member. Cerfainly each sfudenf should fake pride lo lreep his school clean as 'rhe Council se? fhe example. "We're going io sell magazines and complele +ha+ long-wanled ramp fund. Wha+ abouf you?" ational Honor Sooiet ..,, E L hr in B 1 'Q A f"' ,h L in f V , 'au Presidenf Vice Presidenl Secreiary Treasurer Roberl' Halch Fanchon Chambers Lou Reaves Alice Byrd Honored in an assembly by 'lhe Nalional Hon- or Sociely were 'rhose sludenls making lhe semes- +er honor roll. To make lhe honor roll, pupils musl make no grade lower lhan B and al leasl' 'rhree A's. Conducl' and allendance musl be salislac- fory, also. Sfudenls making lhe honor roll are llell' fo righll Charles Long, Linda Vernon, Mary Jane Jolley, Melba Murphy, Gale Sinnofl, Bar- bara Prafl, La Wanda Slegall, Alice Byrd, Befly Diles, Freddie Sharp, John Rogers, Helen Van Hook, Willandra Slalford, Diana Laney, Charles Hall, Howard Elder, Doly Murphy, Fred Mayfield, Rulh Whelsfone, Sandra McCuis+ion, Kay Bishop, Ann Born, Ronnie Elkins, Maralyn Bailey, Marsha Connor, Carol Ann Harr, Sandra Armour, Char- lene Bauldree, Mary Ann Taylor, Linda Cox, Llewellyn McKinnie, Sharon Marks, Donna Kinard, Dee Kelly, Herberl Moreland, Nancy Jones, Mary Jo Hammond, Kay Bible and Jan Jackson. Arlene Phillips, Delores Sfegall, Janie Marks, Jane Shankle, Wanda Hall and John Hoiberg were noi' presenf for fhe picfure. M ",.,..XX x 'J Ll, xxx .1 A A 1 L ' . Members of ihe Nafional Honor Socieiy are from leff 'lo righi: Melba Murphy, Frankye Taylor, Edmund McKenna, David Pickering, Bob Price, James Franklin, Esielle Floyd: second row: Maralvn Bailey, Arlene Phillips, Roberfa Monfgomery, Delores Sfegall, Jo Beih Amis, Marilyn Pendlefon, Pairicia Tolberf, Mickey Lamberf, Carolyn Templeiong +hird row: BeHy Burns, Linda James, Julia ScoH, Judy Kinard, Fanchon Chambers, Roberi Hafch. Alice Byrd, Lou Reaves, Ann Corson, Linda Hall, Mary Ann Wilkins, Sara Si. John, Mariha Overs+ree+, lnoi' piciuredi, Charlene Bauldree, Janie Cook, Mariha Endsley, Mary Jane Jolley, LaWanda Sfegall and Linda Vernon. Thiriy-five siudenis proudly wore ribbons io signify iheir iniiiaiion in+o ihe I5+h annual iniiia- +ion of rhe Naiional l-lonor Socieiy of EHS. Mem' bers are elecied on ihe basis of leadership, ser- vice, characier, and scholarship. Their purpose is io promoie ihe principals oi good ciiizenship along wiih ihe acquiring of knowledge. Their chiei duiy is io carry on iunciions 'ro serve 'rhe school, recognize scholarship, and assisi wiih hall duiy. y Alice Byrd proudly receives an honor ribbon 'from Roberfa Mon? gomery, N.H.S. member, for making ihe semesfer honor roll. xf, fi Librar Those in The Library Club are 'From leff To righT, FirsT row: Ann Born, Beverly Paul, Kay Boardman, Diane Trinca, Sue Ellen Coleman, Barbara Wren, Donna Kay Kinard, Roselyn Eberle, Marilyn Pendle- Ton and Carolyn Davis: second row: Tommilyn Hol comb, BeTh Palmer, Linda Hall, La Donna Griggs, Linda ClinTon, Jerry Nichols, Linda Givens, Dephanie CaTes, RoberTa MonTqomery, RoberT O'Bannon and BeTTy Morrison, Third row: Helen Van Hook, Teresa STakem, Frank ThibaulT, Tom Marlin, Billy Linxwiler, DoTy Murphy, Garry Green, Reid Charles and Jack Vandegriff. EXPLORE WITH BOOKS was The Theme of NaTional Book Week observed in our library The Third week of November. Jo Ellen Daly, ReTTa Jones and Jimmy De Bruin cause a Traffic iam in observance of This week. X llllii HHH HIIIIKE '1 Mrs. Morene SmiTh, librarian, always eager To help, shows sophomore sTudenTs how To use The card cafalogue. This year The aims and emphases of The overall school program were reTlecT- ed in The book purchases and acTiviTies in The high school library, under The di- recTion oT Mrs. Morene SmiTh, librarian. ln January The number oT science books checked ouT oT The library Topped The TicTion lisT, mirroring The observance oT lnTernaTional Geophysical Year. EI Do- rado High School was given The Timely honor of being selecTed To receive The Science Traveling Library, which includ- ed The ZOO mosT ouTsTanding books in every Tield oT scienTiTic inTeresT. An in- creased budgeT enriched The sTacks wiTh books dealing wiTh The TwenTieTh cenTury world. Themes wriTTen in connecTion wiTh Career Day made use oT a viTal new vocaTional Tile: maTerials were donaTed by The Kiwanis Club and organized by The Anchor Club. The year marked Two new "TirsTsl' in The library scene. There was an all-boy sTaTT TourTh period and Tor The TirsT Time The Library Club ChrisTmas parTy was held aT The home oT a sTudenT assisTanT, Daphne CaTes. The library was successTul Tor ano+her year in aTTending To The reading and research needs oT El Dorado High School sTudenTs and Teachers. Sonny Jack Porier Jlmmy De Bruin Don Monigomery Jack Vandegrnff and Bully Llnxwuler prove fhaf boys make good llbraruans They mee? Hue four+h perlod and are an all boy class mr- JW Q. G? W -IS Q-J mill QI -G3 0: Us - ov- 'U Q0 -ll' -cn '40 ,.-r mv- 1: +3 DI v-U' mm 32 2,- mo 4+ 3' ZW. U-+ 23' Q-0 .A - nm TO "2 9.-Q. ...n MSW ,...-vw' an-""' ...Q-.fy Ln -A""ff, ...-1 -' , 5-1- 'Q W., N, 'grvx-miie V "" at im :iv , ' ..,,- 5 . - N A uv , .V V Q! i fvi' i I ffm I 'lf '- , ,. Janie Cook Linda James Sara Carllon Mary Ann Wilkins Presidenl Vice Presidenl Secrefary Treasurer nchor Club The Anchor Club, which is sponsored by rhe Pilol Club, is a service club lor high school girls wilh a B average, frying To help berrer lhe school and communily. Wiih lhe leadership of The club president Janie Cook, il has become a greal success in lhis new year oi organizaiion. The Anchor Club was lirsl organized lasr year wilh K Sandra Moore ils iirsl presidenl. This year as a proiecr The club members presenled a new l-li-Fi 1 sei To Mr. William lrego and lhe high school choral deparlmeni. As a fund-raisirg proiecl The , club sponsored and parlicipaled in a siyle show 5 K held in Sepiember al lhe Rufus Garreil' Hoiel. 2 4 CN i Johnny Gaslon, Sara Carllon, Helen Liner, and Jimmy Ponder seem lo be enioying 'lhe Calypso parly lhaf fhe Anchor Club held on March 22. Members of fha Anchor Club are leff lo righl, bollom row: Vickie Collrell, Marsha Connor, Mary Jo Hammond. Peggy Adcox, Azelle Esles, Gale Sinnoll, Diane Adams, Linda Taylor, Jean Murphy, Nancy Lecky, Diane Gilliam, Robin Pinson. second row: Nancy Hamillon, Becky Zwahlen, Becky Walker, Polly Whiddon, Linda Cox, Linda Hoke, Sara Clark, Rulh Whelslone, Jan Jackson, Helen Liner, Mary Ann Wilkins, Kay Boardman, Josephine Rascoe, Sara Carllon, Lou Reaves. lhird row, Linda James, Nancy Hyde, Bufchie McCuis+ion. Helen Van Hook, Sandra Beard, Janie Marks, Linda Pine, Frankye Taylor, Anne Corson, Sharon Alexander, Linda Hall, Carolyn Brasher, Janelle Carney, Janie Cook and Sarah Shugarl. Thesp an officers for I957-58 are Doodle Harper, presideni: Linda James, firsr vice presidenlg Helen Liner, second vice presi- denl' Sera Carlfon, Qhird vice president Q 1..- Marilyn Harris, reporfer: Sandra Beard, freasurerg and Mary Ann Wilkins, secrefary. Troupe 42 To become a member of Thespians a sfu- denf musf have l5O poinfs in four differenf fields - leadership, wriffen work, backsfage and performance. Af leasf 20 poinfs musf be accumu- lafed in each field. The club always mef on Thursday during a period wifh Miss Mary Dean Rankin as fhe new sponsor. Each year fhe froupe gives a play for fhe public. This year "Cheaper By fhe Dozen" was chosen. If proved fo be a big success and fhe froupe cleared around S325 in profif. Before fhe play The Thespians boughf some new flafs for fhe school - fhey were fhe wrong color buf were used anyway, and looked fine. Members of fhe froupe are as follows: J. Haley, S. Carlfon, S. Brown, A. Corson, B. Palm- er, G. Lindsey, C. Jenkins, A. Byrd, B. Rushing, L. James, L. Hall, R. Morrison, R. Charles, C. McConnell, D. Mcllveene, P. Owen, M. Lamberf, J. Towler, F. Taylor, S. Hammond, L. Reaves, D. E E i Ge 1 5 1 Murphy, D. Cafes, M. Bailey, C. Sanders, D Harper, M. Joyner, L. Pine, C. Summers, D. New- som, G. Sinnoff, R. Rogers, M. Warmafh, J Hankins, L. McKinnie, G. Benedicf, T. Nefhercuff M. Hammond, B. Kelly, B. Burns, S. Beard. M Harris, J. Rascoe, B. Paul, S. Shugarf, N. Aycock S. Alexander, R. Eberle, T. Holcombe, B. Wren M. Silliman, J. Cook, J. Rayburn, and M. Wilkins New members are H. Liner, J. Marks, K Boardman, K. Bishop, D. Axum, B. McCuisfion N. Jones, N. Kerr, L. Manning, L. Clinfon, V Coffrell, C. C. Combs, T. Pafferson, D. Kinard J. Slayfer, G. Williams, D. Adams, P. Adcox T. Young, M. Connor, T. Owens, B. Pye, E. Wells R. Whefsfone, S. Clark, S. Woods, L. Teague, B Hamilfon, J. Harris, B. Janes, N. Hyde, N. Hamil fon, H. Marfin, J. Anfhony, C. Long, S. Sf. John K. Taunfon, and R. Robe-rf. 000 '1Ih hdarcl .,g' ' ' h "You mighl as well go barelegged as wear sill: S'lOCklI'lgS," said shocked Dad as Anne shows her new inveslmenl. Molher, Ernesline and Franlr look on in amaze- menf. Mrs. Fifzgerald lDaphania Calesl, annoyed wifh all her many dulies exclaims, "Lincoln freed fhe slaves, - . all bul one, all bu? one!" fn i 5 ,'yj,,f, R 1' 5 The Gilbrefh family porlrail. Kneeling are Marlha lDonna Axuml, Jackie lBeverly Paull, and Lillian lGale Sinnolll. Sfanding behind Dad lJim Towlerl are Ernesline Page 64 aper Q 14 1958 "Af if again!" was Franlfs inferrupfing reply as Anne lMickey Lamberfl and Ro e Ellen Roberf Fred Claude Jenkins Moiher Bufchle Mcculshon Frank John n Arrnsfronq B ll Doty Muff y Anne Mickey Lambcrr and Dan Tommy Paffer ml- Page 65 Larry lDoodle Harperl exchange glances and fry fo hold hands. "The superinfenden+ direcfed me fo give lhese +es+s. Tha+ doesn"r mean I approve of anyone's gradua+ing ahead of her class," was fhe angry reply of Miss Brill, played by Sammye Lee Woods as she +allrs +o Mr. and Mrs. Gilbrefh, played by Bufchie McCuis1ion and Jim Towler. 1 af We 'f ' . . Jigifi' '?.,ff'f" . -M 'X as f . i ' l ff - if as r is 5 252 Wx, f 1 w.4 Y Future Homemakers Homemakers Teachers Top row. lell lo righl-Georgia Wyss, Mary Ellen Williams, Linda Dees, Linda Hay, Margarel Gorman, Sandra Buswell, Carolyn Spry, Shir- ley Harrell, Helen Miller, Linda Willis, Carol Cheek, second row-Linda Givens, Elsie Fallin, Carolyn Davis, Mary Alice Herring, Doris Ma- ples, Ella Womack, Nancy Whalley, Della Rainwaler, Belly McDcw, Jane Shankle, Char- lene Bouldreeg +hird row-Barbara Davis, Mar- cia Hogue, Carolyn Garlinglon, Glenda Odell. Linda Burson, Linda Vernon, Linda Slookey. Shirley Tillman, Geneva Silverloolh, Palricia Webb, Phadra Wilson. Fronl row, lell lo righl-Gennell Spry, Nancy Jenkins, Alene Shirey, Sandra Adams, Willene Brown, Aleda Jane Book, Carolyn Young, Lal- lie Jean Taylor, Carolyn Farris, second row- Sandra Oswall, Lucille Jennings, Barbara Sin- clair, Alice Helms, Rayliene Alexander, Sherry Pipkin, Barbara Jones, Belly Miller, Nancy Mar- lin, Mary Ann Taylor: lhird row-Gail Shipman, Lynda Jones, Pal Morrison, Janice Risher, Helen Milchell S lvia Mallhews Sharon Carl i Y i ' lon, Willie Smilh, Pal Jacobs, lda Joyce Bar- nell, Annelle Barbaree. An assembly given during American Educalion Week highlighled Fulure Teachers aclivilies lhis year. The club grew under lhe leadership of Miss Wanda Benson, lo approximalely 35 members. Piclured here are, bollom row: Jill Hall. Kay McCaskill, Linda Williams, Melinda Luschen, Giane Lucky, Sherry Lynn Adams, and Barbara Allen. Second row: Lou Reaves, Alice Byrd, Lewanda Slegall, Julia Belh Scoll, Caro- lyn Auberry, Peggy Boolh, Roxy Lewis, and Brenda Wilson. Third row: Dianne Camp, Kay Goucher, Cindy Slone, Wilandra Slaflord, Jo Ann McCoy, Mary Jane Jolley, Sarah Floyd, Pal Keelon. Becky Zwahlen. Lucie Shipp. Lasl row: Miss Wanda Benson, Sarah Peppers, Lena Sullon, Belly Diles, Mary Ward, Winslon Wil- son, Donald Lawrence Rickev Jones. Ann Elli- son, Deanna Vandegrifl and Helen Van Hook. Page 66 1001, I v4-r1d'9' SAI H I rx, l .,-' ' Fronl row, lefl lo righl: Ledra Epperson, Glena Boykin, Julie Jones, Mary Lou Willel, Bonnie Alkins, Marlha Sfar- rill, Marguerile Owen, Palfy King, second row: Calherine Ables, Teresa Slakem, Annelle Summerville, Cecelia Claw- son, Rosemary Seavers, Linda Hendricks, Jean Cary, lhird row: Miss Bonnie Gaskin lsponsorl, Nancy Craig, Carol Reamer, Elizabelh Lawrence, Elouise Owen, Shirley Smilhg back row: Jon Linxwiler, James Drummond, James Mel- calf, Fred Pickering, Carroll Godwin, Bflly Ray Cook, Da- vid Pickering, Jerry Bass, Bob Hamillon. Foreign Language Club W' ffl ii .co Q, Ss, ,- . 3 'sn' Y 1 VX. , 4. Future Bu iness Leaders The Foreign Language Club sealed lell lo righl are Mari- lyn Pendlelon, Jeannie Mann, Sharon Marks, Marlha Mur- ryg middle row: Mrs. O. T. Brewsfer lsponsorl, Phyllis Rainer, Linda l-loke, Nancy Lecky, George Ann Holden, Linda Robbins, Roberla Monlgomeryg back row, lefl lo righlz Linda Cox, Juanila Holden, Wayne l'learin, Ed Mc- Kenna, Woody Powell, Ginger Bradley, and Ferry Mahony. The board behind lhe qroup is covered wilh dilferenl flags, maps, and a calendar presenling lhe differenl counlries which lhe club sludies. l ' 19 fi new l S C'3 si, 3 V , 5, yi i Gi . -.4 , fx Xb Ns' 'gs A 4 l B 4 , X ,s 2. r J 'fi , vfff ' on 'ikfjf X X . qmail lil X f"1ck,"l 99 Waits-xiii' C ggi uc' -.Z gi J -rw..- Auto Club Boys in lhe Aufo Club are back row, lei? 'ro right Dale Fallin, Donald Arnold, Jerry Anderson, Mr. Edward Jackson isponsorl, Clarence Evans, Vance Wing- field: second row: Carroll King, Al+on Drummond, Mike Davis, Johnny Johnson: fron! row: William Chealham, Leroy Brown, Marvin Dodson, Charles Dou+hiH, Don McManus. Chess Club From leff lo righl, fron? row: Johnny Garrefl, Freddy Sharp, Jimmy Miller, Kenl May: middle row: Douglas Snod- grass, Charles Newlon, David Morgan, Horace Henshaw, Benny Howard: back row: Hank Dempsey, Phillip Powledge, Eddie Jones, Jerry Honeycufl, Billy Hark- lield, Charles King. Chess Club From lell lo righl, back row: Kennelh Moore, Jay Haas. Clark Reed, Jimmy Jackson, John Taylor, Andy Mayfield, Kerry Herron, Larry Garner: second row: John Ed Hawkins, Kennelh Siephens, Ronny Spicer, Frank Jenkins, Joe Eddie McHenry, Jim Wimerg fhird row: Mike Wood, Johnny Milchell, Jesse Gilky and Jake Hinshaw. I. M 4 'j 'm""'? --ii . ,fp-1 G Q lik an 2 TI L5 it ry 1-! ' If s ,iq .g fifty, 22311 keys? Wy y, ...V I 1 ' ,. 5' 1.1 - 'ref . ,i - ' M 2' I I Xl' Y Riu' The Fufure Tradesmen of Arlransas, Chapfer 26 is composed of sfudenfs who are faking co-opera+ive fraining. Hs main ob- iecfives are fo gain experience from adulfs and in social aciivifies as well as lo build up self confidence and leadership fhrough conlacls wifh ofher people, coniesfs, iaking par? in meefings and accepling responsibilify in fhe chapfer. Sealed, firsi row: Owen Bailey, Ralph Greer, Delma Webb, Charles Perry, Ronnie Shipman, Barry Souihall, Johnny Byrd, Edward Dowdell: second row: Doyle Hayes, Bill Elioli, Jimmy Coilrell, John Richmond, Billy Long, Reber? McCollum, Earl Gilbert fhird row: Jerry Karriker, Sammy Payne, Dale Sfrinqfellow, Joe McDiarmid, Derrel Guinn, Donnie Sfrallon, Michey Holmes, Charles Lewis' slanding' Mr. J W. Rowe lsponsorl, Margie Thomas Esfelle Flo d, Jane Ann Burris Shirle Mc . . . . Y - Y ' Coy, Jams Gunnelsg back row: Peggy Baumgardner, Ann Hollingsworfh, Bessie Floyd, Nancy Feldman, Margarel Bailey, Cynfhia Grubbs. Future Tradesmen of rkansas ElDorado Chapter 26 Execuiive commiifee plans acfivilies for club. Mr. Rowe, Sfudenis do relaled sfudy in classroom. The malerials Bill Elliofl. Billy Long, Doyle Hayes, Eslelle Floyd, Owen sludied are direcfly relaled lo each s+udenf's lraining, Bailey malze plans for considerafion of fhe enfire club af Wl'1iClW he l'eC9lVeS in file GHGVNOOH- l- 70 Rf D0Yl9 HGYSS. regular meefingg, Charles Perry, Delma Webb, Derral Guinn, Esfelle Floyd, and Ann Hollingsworlh. ' 'af ia I lr, x -1 I ifla c lx I, i-i,fj55fg , . "4,, I i T W, ai., ,, ' V I..--V -. l l lr ht Q-l f fl Highlight of the year tor the Future Trades- men came when EI Dorado lChapter 26l was host to Camden, Crossett and Magnolia at the Christmas party, given at the YWCA Dec. l7. More than I25 students attended and were treat- ed to hamburgers and gifts. State convention was another highlight of the year with Owen Bailey chosen "Outstanding D. O. Student for Arkan- sas" and Bill Elliott winning third place in Out- standing D. E. Student. Eighteen students at- tended the state convention while Barry Southall and Bessie Floyd attend national at Columbus. Ohio. The annual Employer-Employee Fish Fry at the stadium in April was a huge success with all the employers of students attending and other outstanding persons invited who have contribut- ed to the organization during the year. Activi- ties of the club also included: furnishing ushers for all football games, weiner roast at American Oil Parlc, District Leadership Conference at Southern State College, sponsoring dance after Smaclcover game, skating party and picnic for prospective co-op students at the end of the year. Sponges were sold to help defray expenses of students to Distributive Education Clubs of America convention, March. 9-I2. Girls Athletic Association 40-1 2' Q, K L 0.54 X ' . -L . .fnhyci l, ,ff',-s. i la- 26551.02 , .',f"235gjg2ffq Billy Long President Estelle Floyd Secretary Janice Gunnels Reporter in Owen Bailey Vice President Bill Elliott Treasurer Doyle Hayes Sergeant at arms The Girls Athletic Association are from left to right-First row: Judy Kinard, Roxio Lewis, Etta Mae Womack Anna Carol Cone, Mary Lou Willet: Second row: Beth Williams, president: Mary Ann Ward, Betty Miller. Johnnie McKinnon Colleen Lewis. Mrs. Jerome Nunnallyg Third row: Jo Beth Amis, treasurer: Betty Burns, vice president: Glena Boykin Carolyn Arbury, Becky Salsbury, Berry Branch. Mary Ray Good, secretary lnot picturedl. Beller malre way, you Tigers! Jaclr lhe Gianl Killer is ready lo slay! Tommy Reeves, as Jack, represenls lhe Engineers in lhe homecoming parade on lhe 'Floaf de- signed and buill by club members. fzx 1 i mama? ' Ls' 'gxifvzw Jael' 2 hm ve .tx i 'X Y 5 w-V . by up ii ll ' in aaa!! Q Q - A-. f ' "' 5 . .W , I-I 2 ki ' - 5 a. Q I 'r 6 , V Mfg ,gsm Seven Wheels - David Clarlc helps lo ex- plain a law of physics by a simple dernonslralion ""' ' '1 V'--4 as five oiher Engineers carefully observe ihe i ' applicalion. Valuable iniorrnaiion on various phases ol engineering as well as on chemical and physical experimenls have been offered lhis year lo The group in lheir Thursday meeiings. ln The spring, Their inleresl cenlered around 'lhe Science Fair conducied April I in The EI Dorado Engineers Club Members of lhe Engineers Club are from lefl fo righl: Bufch Caldwell, Joe McBride, Ralph Brown, John Harlon, James Doufhill, James Leverelle, Joe Clingan, Roberf O'Bannon, David Clarlr, George Burlong Second row: Tommy Adair, Tippy Mellon, David Morrison, Tom Marlin, Franlz Thibaull, Emon Mahony, David Elmore, Roberl Halch, Tommy Reeves, Mike Burns, Howard Elder, Joe B. Wharlon, Tommy Smilh, Charles Hall, Buddy Wimerg Third row: Alfred Sillimon, Don Perdue, Charles Lewis, Mickey Parlzer, Miss Marian Cox, lsponsorl Corky McConnell, Billy Whilefield, Ralph Gresham, Don Burchfield, Edward Marsh, Jimmy Harper, Bob Price, Billy Linxwiler, Woody Fosler, William Norwood, Mickey Mayfield, John Collon, Ross Henderson, Larry Clyburn, Milling Thompson, Jonalhan Moore and Fergus Mahony. Schools. X il? 'f ' iiais A xi, yy fi A 9? ggi!! 'Wi , ' ." ' r'i"""M" .R jg '14 ,f J J J I J" '1 iff f 5 ?'7'iEii 9345 " T 1 if is if , as -s ., f'1f"i in 4 0, Nba! :K L . ., .--V . I -F 1 5, -I, . V.-x' L .A-M .1 ,f a 1 7, y 2 i xl - 5 1 Ku .gp gl V . . I I' VV , ,:- ,Ls ?",ii"i. ,V I f' x . , 1 'Q 471.1 4 - : ' Sql ly 4 ,vit j'- A .gi 'Irby x , y ,Jx,-7 t 'J 'j v , I , ,131 y -,fy yrwry i if pa fi R 1' '1 f , , -a 3 'P 1- . F nl iq i 'A I - .. .f - 1 , -, ,,, - I Y 5 N9 fl . f fi 9 31 fi vefi'v- si Www A 77 iii 'i ' i 97 ii H" '1?i'," f 'ii 1 A P D 4 We V ii 'f N -ll Q L un' x, 0--,N 4 rd t ' ' if 4. S Y 1' .si M ,- it xliq Ke Club l"!1""' Selling Chrislmas lrees is an annual proiecl of lhe Key Club. Gordon Smarl, Charles Hall, Dee Kelly, and Gibby Young are in lhe process of malring Chrisfmas free slands. The members of lhe Key Club line up, sealed: Edgar Leavell, Charles Long, Herberl Moreland, Dee Kelly, Charles Dunlap, Ross Anderson: second row, leff lo righl: Bobby Wilson, Bob Price, Corky McConnell, Edmund McKenna, Joe Johnson. Gibby Young, Dr. R. A. Franx lSponsorl: lhird row: Bob Hamillon, Fred Mayfield, David Morrison, James Franklin, Charles Wood, Mr. Leroy Penninglon, Tommy Reeves, George Bramb- lell, Charles Hall, Jimmy McLean, Edwin Alderson and Wayne Hearin. The purpose of 'rhe Key Club is +o serve. Under 'rhe capable leader- ship of irs presidenl. Wayne Hearin, Thai' is exacfly wha? il has done. The Key Club forms fhe basis of beller cilizenship, spiril, and service in lhe school. The clubs aclivilies are many and include even The smallesf service 'foward The school. This year lhe Key Club Took charge of The flag ceremony in The morning and alfer school. If also provided ushers for foolball games and olher school funclions. As in olher years The Key Club polished 'the +rophies and look over 'rhe concession sfand af all home baslcefball games. Wayne Hearin Presidenl' Bob Price Vice Presidenf Edmund McKenna Secrelary Charles Long Treasurer The Hi Fi's X... A K , Smokey Roberds, vocalisf, sings a ballad as ihe Hi Fi's play for a School of Dance engagemenf af Magnolia. quesf. "Boom-Boom" George Bram- leir begins beafing ihe lJlU9S. lnsiead of playing "Shing of Joe B. Lawler, one of four iuniors beat by bear. He chews his Pearls", Danny Ford is a peril fo in ihe band, plays swee'f fones fongue as if il were gum fhen his bass. After every dance re- and, unlike Elvis, his hair siays pounds his drums. pair work is Ford's specially. combed. Kept Everyone Dancing Mike Meinerl adds his louch 'lo fhe old limes "Dark+own" one of ihe Hi Fi's favorifes and played offen by popular re- Appearing af fhe YWCA ai Smackover, Magnolia over KRBB, KATV, KELD, KDMS, in assemblies a+ Senior and Junior High and playing for all fhe school dances, fhe Hi Fi's always seem io please 'lhe public. Sweef and mellow, a ialenied fellow. Ronny Hardcasfle, one of fhe +wo seniors in fhe band, won mos? lalenfed in high school by popular vofe, He is a regular columnisl' for +he Hi- Gusher and wrifes "Tally Ho?" Tae House Kept Everyone Occupied The TAC House is lhe gallnering place of all leen-agers who like lo dance, play pool or ping pong, walch TV or iusl' lallc lo everybody else. Anyone from 'fhe ages of I3-I9 can belong 'ro The TAC House. Abou? 2000 senior and iunior high sludenls enrolled 'rhis year. Johnny Gasion, presideni of Junior Board, is asking Mrs. W. B. Wafkins, TAC House direcforg Linda Tay- lor, firsf semesier secrefaryg and Marfha Dowling, sec- ond semesfer secreiary, fo suggesf a good daie for 'Phe Spring Formal. The decision was finally made fo schedule if for March 2?. TAC House Junior Board members pose for a picfure affer discussing plans for rhe Spring Formal. Sealed, leff lo right are Palsy Huey, Linda Hall, Johnny Gasfon lpresidenll Linda Taylor and Secrefary Mariha Dowling. On 'rhe X -all Tommy Adair, John Lee Anihony and Mickey Johnson are en poying a +alk while Mike Burns is concenfraiing on his game of pool. Everybody likes fo have a good 'lime and fhe TAC House is fhe place fo go. Johnny Gasion, Sara Carl+on and Frank Thibaulf seem io be enioying The music from The iuke box. "Tequila" was high in sfudenf preference this year wifh "Peggy Sue" running if a close second. back row are Gene Bramblefi, Becky Walker, and Joe Couch. Members noi presenf were Gale Sinno+l, vice presidenl: Ronnie Harclcasile and Doodle Newsom. ez ' , fi- Q The girls here are having a song lesl around lhe piano. They are preparing lor a camping lrip. Piclured in lronl ol lhe Girl Scoul House are lhe girls of Troop 8 who have compleled len years ol scouling. They are lell lo righl: Marilyn Pendle- lon, Linda Bass, Joanne Slay- ler, Fanchon Chambers, Anne Corson, Linda Hall, and Mary Ray Good lconnie Ingram was nol available lor lhe pic- lurel. Behind lhe girls are Mrs. R. W. Good lheir leader, and Mrs. W, A. Haliburlon, Senior Council adviser. g GIRL Sf QTS CHN Scout Relreshmenl lime. The Girl Scouls ol Troop 8 enioy lhe lrilchen ol lhe newly remodeled Scoul House. The Scoul House ollers all lrinds ol aclivilies for girl scouls of EI Dorado. ll has a recrealion room wilh a h?gh 'Fidelily phonograph, a new and modern lrilchen, a slage lor plays, a library, an equipmenl room and several meeling rooms. ' . We ..... ,.......-. -- .- Y , su, , The Youlh Employme'-+ Service, organized in l956 by she conlemporary problems class and Reid Charles, is sponsored by six cfvic clubs ol 'he cily - 'he Ro'a'y, Pilor, Lon, Jaycees, Civi'an, Kiwanis Clubs who co"'r7bu4e lands lrom which lhe secrelary is paid, Ther reoresen'a'ives and The School Board s represemalives rnalce up fhe execuiiye and slfeerirg commifoees, Under 'rhe secrelarvi Maralyn Bailey: co- secreiary, Dephanie Ca'es7 and chairman, Reid Charles, more 'ihan 500 apClica'iocs were lalcen and 225 placemems were made From May I957 lo March l95B. New fh's year, a Jun'or Board wifh lwo members from 'he IO'h, lllh, and l2lh grades and one member from the r-inlh helped lo build YES by slimulaling sludenl and civic inleresl lhrough personal associalion, an assemb- ly program enrilled, 'Gel A Jobw, and oiher means ol publicily. lalcing applicalions, receiving and filling iob orders, and giving miscellaneous iniormalion con- cerning youlh employmenl conslirule rhe chief Y E S duries ol YES. lls sole aim and purpose is +o Q Q Q help youlh in 'rhe ciry. Need a iob? YES secrelary Maralyn Bailey sils a+ her desk in lhe Employmenl Office ready ro lalre your applicalion or order wilh a smile iusl any lime during office hours. Discussing ifs assembly program given fhis spring is +l're YES Junior Board including from leff lo righf: Howard Elder Jr., Dephanie Cafes, Maralyn Bailey, Edmund McKenna, Mary Ann Wilkins, Nancy Hamilion, Mary Jo Hammond, Marlha Pfeffer, Reid Charles and sponsor, Mr. LeRoy Penninglon. ffm! .,,,m,,,, Aller some discussion flue Sfeering Commiriee evaluafes flue service rendered by YES during lhe I957-58 fiscal year. Pic- lured from leff lo righf are Mr. J. W. Rowe, Mr. Joe Duerson, Mr. Charles Van Ness, Dr. James Coafes, Mr. James Sin- noH, Dephanie Cares, Mr. G. A. Slubblefield, Reid Charles, Mr. S. O. Reynolds, Maralyn Bailey, Mr. Marvin Frank, Dr. Fergus Mahony, Mr. Heard Williams, Mrs. Marie Gillis and Mrs. Moreno Smirh. 'fw- " .1 - my Afienhon' The El Dorado PepeHes sfand at afienfion ready io follow as fhe band leads 'Hue parade foofbnll fans proudly fhrough Hue sfreels of ihe cify. Officers of fhe Pepeifes are presideni, Janie Cool: vice presidenf, Daisy Newsom lnol' picfuredlg secreiary, Sandra Beard: frees- urer, Helen Liner. lMaralyn Bailey, freasur- er no+ picluredl This I5 how nfs done such mnghf be a scene any day you enler flue class of Pepeffes as +l'1ey prachce unfiringly on hand formafions and drills a necessnfy If They are fo Keep up wills 'llwe leam +l'ley supporll Cheerleaders The Pepelles under rhe leadership of rhe presiden' Janie Cook and vice presiden' Doodle Newsom performed al all home loofbal and paslerball games. This year lhe cheerleaders, pero an dll-Qifl Sflddj, w7'h Caplan Linda James, led The yells wi'h The pep squad supplying 'he volume. The pep scuad and lhe cheerleaders wanred lo go ro Forl Smilh lo lhe foorball game bar lhey needed S500 before rhey could go. Everyone go? +0 washing cars, baby sifri-xg and :Golfing Cakes, 'Use arylhirg lo male money. Ir was all raised wirhn a weelc. They were a beach of hard worlcinq girls. Also lor money pro- iecls This year, she pep squad and lhe cheerf leaders have sponsored dances and even sold Chnslmas wrappfrgs daring lhe Chrisrmas holi- days, buf lhey always had money. Quile essenlial lo fhe Pepelles as well as lhe leam are lhe eighl cheerleaders Linda James, Miclzey Lamberl, Franlcye Taylor, Lou Reaves, Rose Rogers, Kay Taun+on, Phyllis Rainer and Mary Jo Hammond. This year was lhe firsl lime EI Dorado has had an all-girl cheerlead- ing squad. We lhink They did a prelly fine job! Sweal and 'foil cerrainly wenl info lhe making of +his homecoming floal, which is proudly displayed by fhe Pepelles. Some old woman sure had a lol of kids. ' ihlzliffx 2 . - ., , N . A f. luv. ' fx -X , ,-er' .,.,, "N . ex S w ' -. i T I 1 M v' , T a 1 - I - . i 'T E a Q Mr. Dave Moore, presidenT of The CiviTan Club pre- senls Mr. William Trego, choral direcTor, wiTh a checlr Tor 5750. The CiviTans donaTed This sum To be used for The purchase of 70 new robes for The choral de- parTmenT. They Filled Our Halls ith usie Our halls were Truly Tilled wi+h music This year. NOT only did The music deparTmenT receive a new choral direcTor, iT also received an over- whelming increase in enrollmenT. The enrollmenT To The music classes leaped To a ToTal oT II4 members. As a resulT oT This increased enroll- menT and renewed inTeresT The music deparTmenT progressed and had many ouTsTanding accomp- lishmenTs To boasT oT. The choirs presenTed Two choral concerTs during The year To raise Tunds Tor new robes, The winTer concerT was held in December and The spring concerT in May. Enough Tunds were secured To purchase new academy blue robes which were greaTly needed. The var- ious choirs made many ouTside pericormances Tor clubs and oTher TuncTions. As a resulT They re- ceived donaTions Trom diTTerenT clubs such as The Kiwanis. The CiviTan Club presenTed The deparTmenT wiTh S750 which was used To buy over halT oT The robes. A new hi-Ti phonograph was given To The music classes by The Anchor Club. This was appreciaTed and conTribuTed greaTly To The choral deparTmenT TaciliTies. The men's chorus is picTured wiTh direcTor, Mr. Trego, during The winTer choral concerT in December. The group is accompanied by Carolyn Ward and Mariorie McKinnon. O ff nf! W M Q4 -- Fanchon Chambers has fhe honor of modeling fhe new- ly purchased choir robes. Barbara Wren and Roslyn 'ln Perhaps rhe mosr oursianding experience of fhe year was rhe rrip 'ro rhe choral fesrival in Hoi Springs. This Trip was ialcen in April and Three buses were chariered io 'rransporr EI Dorados delegarion. The srudenfs spenf rhe day in l-lor Eberle 'finger fhe new robe longingly as ihey discuss fhe ouisfanding poinfs. Springs where rhey performed in groups and were rared. During rheir sray 'rhey were given fime for sighi seeing, relaxarion and some shopping for souvenirs. The music siuclenrs found Thai To per- form calls for much sfudy and pracfice. Mr. Trego The mixed choir composed of iunior and senior girls and 'fhe men's chorus is shown performing in fhe Decem- ber conceri. Barbara Allen assisis Carolyn Ward, 'Phe accompanist QP F- .g, --' 3771-1" . Q . !A.-., .- ., ."3l9"-u-i2.'3Lvun '-'! ' .L -. ,- .... .. . Y fc -f, -rs-v -Y Appearing also in conceris and various ofher appearazces was Ure sophomore girls chorus. The iunior and senior girl's chorus combined I2 girls from fhe senior class and 46 girls from ihe iunior class fo maize iheir choir. xt' 21? :lee ll ,M .r- The quadei composed of Jimmy Mason, Johnny Mason, Huberf Dungan, and Charles Jolley performed for school and many ou?- side aciivifies. Accompanisf for The quariei was Doris Ellen. conducfecl sludies in 'rheory and somelimes found exfra rehearsals necessary. Mr. 'lreqo came from Pennsylvania lo 'reach al El Dorado Junior High School. This year he came lo High School as di- reclor of choral music deparlmenl. Mr. lrego and olhers of The communify made il possible for is 'rhe famed Wesfminsfer Choir +o visif EI Dorado where rhey performed and held a clinic clirecled by lhe concluclor, Dr. Williamson. A music sighr reading clinic was also held in March. Represenla- lives from differenf parls of lhe sfale allendecl. The sophomore, iunior and senior girls choir appeared fogefher io form lhe combined choir consisfing of over 90 girls. Mary Jo Hammond accompanied. 150000 l'1f5n"Sf161' - r'f"'f.-'f'2-'lf'Fff-rf " 1 142+ dxf' ' "- rqrff I 5 n'1Df'g'1'-qqqqq ' Y- 'Wg 'fre ff 111.5 1 -:J-4,3 'L V 'fimhaai -5' 1 " A G ltiv-,...,, .,,, ,M ,,,, - Vily i Q. I 4. 1 el Q' M N Q A A, I 4 5. 4 1 su f sy fr? f 'rf .. ' D fin- fs! -lk 4.s.. 'F' "s I f di fi View -Jwwfafgw i3'yi?w mfg? The lldcat Band Marched to lctor Page 84 Approxxmarely 50 mules of marchung' Some day when you are feeling gay sfrap on a drum bear If as loud and ras? as you can and go down U S Hrgrmway l67 To Rusfon La Admxfred ly fhe pomr ns bemg srrerched here bu? The band cerfamly srrerched :Ts legs over abour 50 mules durmg foorball season Parades before foorball games marchmg ID parades during I2 foofball games a homecommg parade for November I 'rwo Chrnsfmas parades nn December If seems fha? half of a bandsman s Iufe rs spen+ paradmg 1 ' A -r .H 'X V N 4: 2' , 7 ' ' 'A . s ' X- g Q Q, .5 1 , N A 4, fl ' A , -' - r . H-5 YA 4 'YQ l YIY g. vi Y Y I f A A ' Y A L Y Y x 7 4 1 I Y sr- ,YY , 4 1 f' f ' , V M L QL ' I ggi Q - :fr-V5 ,rj ' , if A ' r 7 r 5 4.5 .,- r 'K - 3 ,. , A f ' ,,,. 2- af' - . 4, 3 A -1 7 3 . , A ' W A -+A -4 5 A f ff' 1 'gg R v kr N Y Y A Y X " If Y 1 L Y s, A YY Y YYY Y Y YP? YJ P K Y -Y .Y . . f 5 AY. ' ', Y ,J 1 Y, r , -A 1 f.-. - - A . . A 4 A I J . 'C r ,rr.r 'r' ' Y ff r V' , 71 'N '13 1 A A or e' 1 ep f -X ' ff .. ' Vkf' 8 I fi . -5 r 1 , 'Q' 'S-1 bk Q :5 X 'Q . 'Wa' ' ' 1 f " K f 4- , I - 1 A1 vc f I YY , 'Y . v YY! Y Y A A ., 5 -'V x .1 r . P f X Y 95 Y ' 1. a Q gf x 'OS' 1 ' y 51 1 ' ' Ks, L Y Y . A .. V Y Y .- Y Y ,, 4- 3 flfq mf Vi" if r ' " ., r , r . e " r 4, r gg fu . Y A Y ,G Y Y 'QW' NY Y , s 4k ' , ' ' 1 . A 1 A ' , 3. YJ Y Y 5 Y Y Lg' ,VQQYI Y f Y YAY , YY YY1 y . ' i . A A Y TY 5,74 ,YYAYYYY ,E , f YY YY ' A Y A YY , . Y . Y Y j A Y V. QXYY EYA Y r YAYSYY V.sVk ' YY A Y YY Y Y Y YY1 . Y 'F '.-' 'fs g rx r 7 rere A il rrrs .f?i?'QL' 9 Q a rrrr rr r rr rr ff 2 A 4 4 "', if 'fh f f ' . -A . f " E31 ' W, ' ., f 551 Q A V ' iv V ' X N-rLL 1 MQ 'I ' v QL f W . ,rffeirzf-i'ffT5 Yi iY - Q Y YY . Y A,Ar f . .Yr . YYYYY , l'bl YYYY , Y Y Y.-, . A r YYYAY. ik Y . Y l Y. Y ,AMY Y Y 1 ,As AYTJYAY , Y Y Y Y 1? V . Y ' YAYYlAYY,w 'js' ,.nsy'iYiYiiYY, AY Y ' Y W L Y s Y ' YY .Q 'srY ' if YrYY 1 s Y fri 'A rslr r' f5gYrYYYi7g A 1 r ' A , A r' rree Q 3 r ,A diyrgjk A, AY YF .YY YHA 'YYYYYTAY YYY, Y.l:Af5.Y,i2iZ:Yig5YYiYYYm.r 71? YYQYYYYY YMZAYYY 3 YY . ,Q Y YAY -A 5 Y Y, Y A .H L , Q 66 ' 99 The clarinei Seciion of The Wildcai Band are, in ihe usual order, Jean Murnhy, Carolyn Amason, Eva June Wells, San- dra Buswell, Sidney Hankins, Roger Mor- gan, Gary Trevafhan, Barbara Jo House, Phadra Wilson Pai Ricks. Janice DeHen- heim, Nancy Ellioi, Sandra Michael. and James Franklin seared before ihe group. The cornei seciion of ihe Wildcai Band from leff io righf are Kenneih Smifh, Mickey Parker, Richard Mar+in. David Elmore, John Banksion, James Braniley, Bobby Perry, Lee Sfringer, Gary Plunk, Arfhur Cameron, Benny Howard, John Burion, and Larry Shaddow. The woodwind seciion are from lefi fo riqhi, Sylvia Jewel. Befh Palmer, Joanne Haley, Ginger Bradley, Wanda Culver, Sammye Lee Woods, Lynda Cr-ok and Blenda Kellv. Back row: Polly Whiddon, Sidney Profhro, Jimmy Sullivan, James Drummond, John Taylor, Judy Pickering, Joe Ba+es and Joanne Siayfer. Heavy Brass seciion of fhe Wildcaf Band from lelif +o righf are Jerry Nelson, Gor- don Smari, Larry Garner, Freeman Miles, Bob Price, Danny Ford, David Morrison, Jerry Mann, Edgar Leavell, Jimmy Lea- vell, Claude Jenkins. SiHing: Charles Cagle, Linda Hendricks, Jay Hoiberg, Ross Anderson, Bob Adams, Roberf Haich and Johnny GarreH. The percussion secfion of fhe Wildcal' Band consisis of Carolyn Brown and Mar- cia Hogue, rnarimbag Grace Lindsey, fympani: Andy Mayfield, cvmbol: Doug- las Snodgrass, bass drum: Hank Dempsy, Jimmy Miller, Ronnie Spicer and Dick Beeson, snare drums. Poqe 85 -4' ff-' QQ, ...Ziggy Drum maior Kennefh Smiih and Direcfor Herberi' E. Cagle lisfen crifically as fhe band rehearses "Vic+ory March" for +he EI Dorado-Lirfle Rock game. 3 Sid Haniins and Larry Garner, librarians, disiribufe "Oberon" for +he band's firsf concerf of the season presenfed Feb. 7. nd Takes Top Honors ln addirion io marching, rhe Wildcai' Band 'roolc iop honors ihis year. ln comperifion a+ Jonesboro, March 6-8, Roberr l-larch, Bob Adams and James Franklin made fhe all s'ra+e iirsr band and Sidney l-lanlcins and Eva June Wells made ihe second band. Socially rhe band was also very acrive. H. E. "Chef" Cagle is secreily a cools. A+ a gypsy parry held ai 'rhe Velverex Grill in Ociober a mulliqan slew pre- pared by Mr. Cagle was served ro 78 band mem- bers. December II ihe annual Chrisrmas band ban- quei was held ar The Garrerf Horel. Grace Lindsey and Danny Ford ruled over ihe banquei as queen and king. David Morrison and Nancy Ellior announc- ed band favorires, who were selecied by popular vore of ihe band. For fha band banquef, Presidenf James Branfley gave fhe welcoming speech. Danny Ford, vice presidenf, served as masier of ceremonies, while Business Manager James Frank- lin headed fhe gif? commirfee. Sammie Woods, secrefary received many fop who's who honors. Alerf reporiers Joanne Slayier, Blenda Kelly, Dan Ford and Joanne Haley waich for a scoop 'for fhe Hi Gusher. Discussing possibilifies of a frip fo Chicago fhis summer are Blenda Kelly, Linda Hendricks and Mrs. H. E. Cagle. .uni-. ' R if Y 4 fag He Hgh ess a L H oh A.-ra'-gr' Band R0 ... -1 , km. ,,,-,v- I f 5 ,wi L 1 v U f T P Gfce -'TQEGY H35 'J 'eis De- Fgfj P139 7 q-11-7 Drrr ,-,, k The ildcat Staff Takes A Bo ll ! l r ,fa sf is 1 -1-All e-ik Wildcaf sdilors, Sara Carlfon, Joanne Haley, and Marilyn Bailey, work diligenfly fo produce accuraie copy and meef fha? lasf-minufe deadline. Our year flew by much loo fasl, And some were wondering whefher lhe eclifors would lasfl Bu? much lo our surprise, we made if Through- Ancl now do presenf wilh pleasure lhis, lhe l4l'h Wildcal, fo you. 'F E l M,,,,..p..m.-4 n- Buddy Tafum, sfalf pholographer, focuses care On fheir merry way fo lhe cify again are ihe ad girls, Jo Beih Amis, Celia Sum- f ll ln' b' . u y on IS su gecf mers, Carolyn Templefon, and Melba Murphy. Poqe 91 ,, Q- ' as 'I '. iii, '- xl.. ' ,M . 1 ' V, I xxx . logger Dr. Emmell A. Bells. Mr. Garland Sfula- blefield and Mr. Kendall Hoggard. BEFORE THE YEAR STARTED WE MADE NATIONAL HEADLINES A nalional award came fo EI Dorado in June I957 when our schools were presenled +he plaque given each year lo lhe school in lhe Uniled Slales which has made The rnosl oulsianding conlribulion +o lhe field of reading. The award was made a+ Concordia College, Morehead, Minn., by Dr. Emrnerf A, Bells, direclor of The Bells Reading Clinic ai Haver- ford, Penn. Mr. Kendall Hoggard. our direcior of inslruclion. and Mr. Garland A. Sfubblefield, superinlendenl of lhe EI Dorado Schools, ac- cepied l'he laque and our name was in nalional headlines. Thar slarled 'rhe year offpline scholaslically and we never slowed down. ,-.N 4 "A, . 5 ,gl R fx 1 LASSES AND FACULTY showed up well lasf year as we foolc fhe Iowa Tests of Educafuonal Developmenf desugned fo se? new nafuonal norms EI Dorado selecfed as one of fhe parfucupafung schools fhroughouf fhe nafuon scored above average un all areas excepf baclcground un nafural scuences We huf fhe 50+h percenfule however un fhaf area af fhe I2fh grade level We excelled un fhe use of sources of unformafuon lfhe lubrary of course and were generally hugh un over all sfudenf averages In fhe average column bofh nunfh graders and I0fh graders reached 'rhe 62nd percenfule Ilfh graders affauned fhe 57fh percenfule and fhe I2 graders fhe 60fh percenfule Our background un socual concepfs was sfrong and our abulufy fo unferpref readung maferuals was much above average Correcfness and appropruafeness un expressuon compared favorably wufh fhe readung scores All fhus unducafes fo us good feachung and recepfuve munds Our curruculum offerungs were re examuned fhus year because of fhe Presudenf s Crash Program for Educafuon and because publuc demand was made fhaf we sfrengfhen our fundamenfals ln our hugh school as much mafh us found as un mosf hugh schools of fhe nafuon fhe same us frue of scuence In fhe area of Englush we have classes fo accomodafe bofh fhe superuor and fhe sfudenfs who are laggung un accomplushmenf We requure fwo unufs of socual sfudues whuch us as much as any ofher school un fhe Unufed Sfafes and French Spanush and Lafun are offered on demand We feel fherefore a prude un our school We rank wufh fhe besf , X" X Q---,35:?g:.5.':t:w.. - v 5 -.P 4 V P I L- VT E Ik Pa F ., H .. fm L . I 1 Wi 0.4 Y, U, M 1.4 Y gg. ... ,,A,,.,,,,, 5 X .W , 4? f R ' K :I X: gf ,r' -a Aa' 44 ' Q Q45 'V riiiwj ,Kg as E N- ,M -1-.... 0---v.. J + 1 , sq . I .-1-qs-1 spun-sq O r , . P. ' ll N xl ll . .-f?u3u-1' . , 6 Q A 5 7 1 ,Ei . 2 an - . X .4 ,-:qu-v ,fu-aiu -... .. I 1 1' 2' 4 M? ,-.--an x 'U I ,Citi -113. x " . ' A -ati -can u1 ,qgnuibl Mg The Senior Class 0 I Y 4 1 Q -ss ,ff-v ..::- I, f::'2 ful A X 'lar 7 PAULA ADAMS FHA 41 GAA 2-4 ROBERT ADAMS Band 43 Mens Glee Club 4 EDWIN ALDERSON Key Club 3,43 Sfudenl Council 4 SHARON ALEXANDER ' Girls Slaie 3: Steering Com- miliee 4 CHARLES AMASON fa lnframural sporls 3,41 homecom- L ing commifiee 4 . 'Q 5, Q of A 52 , ig' JO BETH AMIS NHS 4: GAA lreasurer 4 JERRY ANDERSON Fufure Tradesmen 4 Aulomo bale Club 4 JAMES ANDREWS Foolball 2 4 fraclr 2 4 ,W NANCY AYCOCK Wnldcaf achvrly ecllfor 4 Gush er sfaff 4 DOYLE OWEN BAILEY Fufure Tradesmen vuce presldenf 4 homeroom presldenf 4 MARALYN BAILEY NHS 4 Wnldcal' eclllor 4 MARGARET BAILEY Fulure Tradesmen 4 FHA VAN BALL Baslelball 2 4 Fulure Teachers 4 JOHN BANKSTON Sieermg Commnffee 4 Band 2 4 SENIORS CLASS OF '58 G 'Olav JERRY BASS Foofball 3: graduafion usher 3 LINDA BASS Anchor Club 3,45 Pepeffes 3.4 CHARLENE BAULDREE NHS 4 FHA 2 4 PEGGY BAUMGARDNER Fulure Tradesmen 4 FHA SANDRA BEARD Sfeermg Commrlfee 4 Thespn ans Ireasurer 4 WILLIAM BECK Inframural sporls 3 homecom mg commnfflee 4 KAY BOARDMAN Band 23 Thesplans 3 4 BETTY KING BOOTH lnframural sporfs 2 4 GAA 2 4 DONNY BOSWELL Fufure Teachers 3 Chess Club 4 JAMES BRANTLEY Band presldeni 4 Mens Glee Club 4 CAROLYN BREWER Library Club 3 4 GAA 2 4 THOMAS BRIDGES Foofball Z 4 Irach 2 4 LEROY BROWN Sludenf Councnl 3 Aufomobnle Club 4 LESLIE SNUGGS BROWN Thespnans 3 4 golf 4 Page 95 Cl 1 S., vw i filqus? ss., X. i XE A? I-vie -Q 473 1 Y 'iq 'Fix -org 5 ,445 1'- 'Sf .fx Zyl. 49' 5 li, 'ki Y? BILLY BRYANT In+ramuraI sporfs 4 homecom mg commnfiee 4 BETTY BURNS NHS 4 Thespuans 4 LEON BURROUGHS Foofball 2 3 Bun Book 4 THOMAS BURTON Fufure Traclesmen 4 mframural sporfs 2 3 GEORGE BURTON Nahonal Meni Scholar 4 Boys S+afe 3 ALICE BYRD NHS 4 foofball secrefary 3 4 JOHNNY BYRD Fufure Tradesmen 4 miramural sporis 2 3 FREDERICK CALDWELL Sfudenf Council 3 Engmeers CIub4 LARRY CAMPBELL Engmeers Club 3 Boys S'I'a'I'e 3 SARA CARLTON Wlldcaf ednior 4 Sfeermg Commlffee 4 JANETTE CARNEY Sfudeni Council 4 homecommg affendanf 4 GENE CHAFFIN Lahn American commlfiee lnframural sporis 4 FANCHON CHAMBERS NHS 4 Sfeermg Commnffee 4 REID CHARLES Thespuans 2 4 Wlldcaf sfaff 4 Page 96 3 I W fi 971-Q, SENIORS CAROL CHEEK FHA 3' GAA DAVID CLARK Engineers Club LARRY CLYBU RN Boys SIa're 3 'Ienms 3 4 CLAUDIA COMBS Wnldcaf sfaff 4 Thesplans JANIE COOK NHS 4 PepeHes presnden+ 4 ROBERT CORN Foo'IbaII 34 Boys S1a+e ANNE CORSON Sfudenf Councnl vlce presldeni 4 NHS 4 JAMES COTTRELL , 3 3,4 Basle+baII 2,35 Fu+ure,TeacI1ers 4 4 x GENIA CRAIG Pepeffes 24 homeroom pres: denf 3 NANCY CRAIG Y Teens 3 GAA 4 MIKE DAVIS Aufomoblle Club 4 EI Dorado Clvlc Symphony 2 4 LYNDA DEES Sfudenf Councll 2 baccalaure afe usher 3 BETTY DILES Fuiure Teachers 4 Gurls Chorus EDWARD DOWDELL Fufure Tradesmen 4 coopere hve frammg 4 'V' 1 .nw .ft 916 'QI' Q1-ig Q-ff Q' "1-r xv '53 ALTON DRUMMOND Foofball 2 4 Auiomoblle Club 4 JAMES DRUMMOND Band 2 4 homeroom presldeni 3 MALCOLM DUKE lnlramural sporfs 3 homeroom secreiary 3 HUBERT DUNGAN Foofball 2 4 baskelball 2 3 ROSELYN EBERLE Thesprans 3 4 golf 2 4 RONALD ELIA Foofball 3 4 lraclc 3 4 WILLIAM ELLIOTT Fulure Tradesmen 4 Band 4 DAVID ELMORE Sfuclen+ Council 4 Sfeerung Commnfiee 4 MARTHA ENDSLEY NHS 4 HI Gusher s+a'lf 4 CLARENCE EVANS Foofball 2 3 hack 2 3 DONNY EUDY Baslxefball 2 4 Hn Gusher sfaff4 NANCY FELDMAN Band 2 3 Sfeerlng CommlHee 4 JOE FLOURNOY Foofball 2 3 fraclr 2 3 ,.., ESTELLE FLOYD fl NHS 4 homeroom offncer 2-4 Page 98 ,WT W ,f 'S K' EW Af,-ff SENIORS CLASS OF '58 if we ,J f? Q I DANIEL FORD Band vlce presldenf 4 GusI1 er deff erhsi 4 ALVIE FOSTER FoofbaII 3 Traclx 2 WOODROW FOSTER ,4' 7' uf Foofball 34 Engineers Club 4 ,P Q JAMES FRANKLIN Band 2 4 NHS 4 ARROLL GODWIN Busnness Leaders 4 homeroom secrefary 4 MARY RAY GOOD Sfeermg Commlffee 4 GAA secreiary 4 WILLIAM GORUM Lahn Club 3 Band 2 4 GEORGE ANN GREENLEE Thespuans 4 Pepeffes 2 4 RALPH GREER Fufure Tradesmen 4 mframural sporfs X X4 -Il.. RALPH GRESHAM M' Fooiball 3 4 Engineers Club 4 STANLEY GRIFFIN Buzz Book 4 Iwomecomung com ITIIII88 4 JANIS GUNNELS Band 2 3 Hu Gusher ednfor 4 CYNTHIA GRUBBS GAA 23 Fufure Tradesmon 4 JOANNE HALEY Band 2-4, Wnldcaf odnfor 4 Page 99 ng xx'-L, 115 aw Q IVQ M64 14? 5 -.C Sly' ' -L , 'Sf ,N "'f::'2 ,4 V22 9,141 'um' Sv of 001 ,141 4.4 "WZ-T7 sf N Q. ' . lm 'PN 4 'vw ni I x xv LINDA HALL NHS 4 Gnrls Sfaie 3 BOB HAMILTON Foofball 4 S'I'udenf Councsl 4 SANDRA HAMMOND Pepefles 2 4 Thesplan JOHNETTE HAMPTON Homecommg commvHee3 FHA secrefary 4 RONALD HARDCASTLE Hn Gusher slaff 4 homeroom presldenf 4 ROY WALTER HARPER Thesplan presudenf 4 JIMMY HARPER Boys Sfaie 3 Engineers Club 4 CAROL ANN HARR FHA IIISIOFIBH 3 Girls Chorus BETTY HARRIS GAA 4 mframural sporf EDITH HARRIS FHA 4 A Cappella Chonr 23 MARILYN HARRIS Thespnan reporfer 4 Hu Gusher feafure edlfor 4 JAKIE HART Foofball 4' baskefball 2-4 BILLY HARTSFIELD Fufure Tradesman 37 homeroom secrefary 3 ROBERT HATCH NHS presideni 4: all shale band 3 PGQ9 100 fooflaall s 3 ,gf jfs if 4x SENIORS CLASS OF '58 -Q 9 A' kv LYNDA HAY FHA 2-4: GAA 2-4 DOYLE HAYES Fulure Tradesmen 3,4, sergeanf ai' arms 4 WAYNE HEARIN Class presideni 3' Key Club presidenl' 4 DAVID HENDRICKS Wnldcal s+a'F'F 4 baccalaureale usher 3 JUDY HILL Pepeiies 4 homecomung allend ani 2 HORACE HINSHAW Chess Club 4 lnlramural sporfs TOMMYE LYNN HOLCOMB Lnbrary Club secrefary 4 Thes plans 4 MICKEY HOLMES Fuiure Tradesmen 34 B ieam foofball 2 JERRY HONEYCUTT Engmeers Club 3 mframurel sporfs 4 BENNY HOWARD lnframural sporfs homeccm mg commnffee 4 CONNIE INGRAM Anchor Club 3 Pepeiies 4 LINDA JAMES Cheerleader 3 capfam 4 DAR represenfahve 4 CLAUDE JENKINS Thespsans 34 Band 2 4 assusl ani' drum mayor 4 CHARLES JINKS All sfafe foofball 4 Engmeers Club sergeanf af arms 4 'ri t... fr- s.! 'Y -fV I-40 '?g ,QQ W'-sv i f -1 'Q' ima N 49, 'C'-1' V ' xv 1 'Q 1 2? JOHNNY JOHNSON Aufomoblle Club 4 lniramural sporis 2 3 MICKEY JOHNSON Inframural spor'rs 4 Homeroom Club 4 TONY JOHS Transfer 3 DAVID JOINER Lahn Amerucan commlfiee 3 framural sporis 4 MARY JANE JOLLEY NHS 4 Fufure Teachers 4 JUANICE JONES FTA 3 Lahn Club 2 RETTA JONES Pepefies 4 Anchor Club 4 MARY MARGARET JOYNER Thespuan play 3 band 2 3 JERRY KARRIKER Fufure Tradesmen 3 cuvnc commlffee 3 4 BLENDA KELLY Band 2 4 Thesplans 3 4 DONNA KINARD Gurls Sfafe 3 Pepeffes 2 4 JUDIE KINARD NHS 4, FHA parlrameniarnan 2,3 CARROLL KING Golf 2.3, Aufomoblle Club 4 CHARLES KING Iniramural sporis 4, homecom mg commnffee 4 Page 102 -,xxfn 'lx'-1 ,Hx x., N., 5 Z H9 in-4'-" , bv Q SENIORS CLASS OF '58 'O' Ibn. 'Q-Q, .I MICKEY LAMBERT NHS 4 Sfudeni Council EDGAR LEAVELL Band 24 Key Club 34 GRACE LINDSEY Band Queen 4 Girls S+aIe HELEN LINER Gurls Sfafe 3 Anchor Club 34 BILLY LINXWILER Foofball 2 4 Engmeers Club 4 BILLY LONG Fu+ure Tradesmen 3 4 presudenf EMON MAHONY S+udenI Councll 2 4 Engmeers Club preslclenf 4 FERGUS MAHONY Engmeers Club 4 lwomecom :ng aH'endan+ 3 LARRY MALOCK Transfer 3 Buzz Boolr 4 JERRY MANN Band 2 4 Boys Sfafe 3 SHARON MARKS PepeHes 4 Wnldcaf siaff 4 TOM MARLIN Boys Sfafe 3 floai C0mmIll90 chairman 4 EDWARD MARSH Engmeers Club 4 homecomlng commvffee 4 CLYDE MARTIN Baskefball 2 4 mframural sporis 3 4 Page 103 C' fl Q-N Ds 342' 6 Vs vu-, 5 dx 1 N ,ff ,Nl J' Ewan 4, 'SE-L JOHNNY MASON A Cappella Choir 23 Mens Club 34 K5 JAMES MAYFIELD Wlldcaf slaff phofcgraplwer 4 Engmeers Club secrefary 4 JAMES MITCHELL Inframural sporfs 3 lnclepend enf baslcefball 4 ROBERTA MONTGOMERY Gurls Shale 3 NHS 4 JONATHAN MOORE Boys Slafe 3 Engineers Club 4 I 4' PAT Moovze "' BasLe+baII 3 Aufomoblle C ub presudenf 4 DAVID MORGAN Chess Club 4 Buzz Book 4 BETTY MORRISON FHA 4 Library Club 4 JAMES DAVID MORRISON If Class secrefary 4 Boys Siafe LARRY MORRISON Boys Sfale 3 homecoming com mlH'ee 4 ROBERT DAVID MORRISON S+eermg COMMIIIEB 4 Boys Sfafe 3 151' r' ARTHUR MURPHREE Inframural spcrfs 3 4 baslrefball manager 2 4 MELBA MURPHY NHS 4 homeroom secrefary 4 ROBERT McCOLLUM Fufure Tradesmen 4 mframural sporfs 4 SENIORS CLASS OF 58 3' 1? 5-la 40' -55 - 1 'C' REED MCCONNELL sfafe football 4 Key Club SHIRLEY McCOY Band 2 3 Fufure Tradesmen 4 JOE MCDIARMID Fulure Tredesmen 4 coopera hve Iralnlng 4 EDMUND MCKENNA Class presldenf 4 NHS 4 AMOS MCKINNIE In+ramuraI sporfs 3 Iuomecorn mg comrmHee 4 DON MCMANUS Aufomoblle Club 4 homecom mg commuflee 4 DAISY NEWSOM Pepeiies 2 4 vlce presldenl' 4 Sfudenf Councll 2 ROBERT O BANNON Enguneers Club 4 Lnbrary C ub ELOUISE OWENS Buslness Leaders vlce presudeni 4 FHA2 MARTHA OVERSTREET NH 4 FHA 23 BETH PALMER Band 2 4 Thespuans 34 KAY PARK Pepefies 2 4 Fufure Teachers 4 MICKEY PARKER Band 2 4 Boys Sfafe 3 LENORE PATTERSON Thespians 4: Sfeering Commii- +ee 4 Page 105 in 'W 5 E' 07 00" fx '1- 5 Ex 'Q if 'Q ,qs 'P' '30 "Q-..., 17 401' T funn 1 TOMMY PATTERSON Foofball 24 class vice pres: deni' 3 'ZR' BEVERLY PAUL "' Thespnans 4 GurIs Sfafe 3 SAMMY PAYNE Fuiure Tradesmen 4 mframural spor'rs 23 MARILYN PENDLETON NHS 4 graduahon usher SARAH PEPPERS PepeHes 4 Iaaccalaureafe usher CHARLES PERRY Fuiure Tradesmen 4 nniramural sporfs 23 JERRY PHILLIPS BashefbaII 3 ln'framuraI sporfs ARLENE PHILLIPS NHS 4 FHA 23 DAIID PICKERING S+uden'I' CounclI Ireasurer NHS 4 FRED PICKERING Business Leaders 4 mframural sporis 3 LINDA PINE Girls S'Ia+e 3 Sfudenf CounclI SUNNY JACK PORTER Foo+baII 24 aII siaie foofba second sfrung 4 PHILLIP POWLEDGE Chess Club 4 Scnence Farr wm ner 3 BARBARA PRATT Pepeifes 2 4 Sfudeni Council 3 Page 106 5. N-4 uv? rv' 'Z'-f SENIORS CLASS OF 58 ity ,Qf 'N 99 1-11 '67 HI ROBERT PRICE SfudenfCounc1I presldenf 4 NHS 4 4. SIDNEY PROTHRO Band 2 4 Lahn Amerncan com mifiee 3 DELLA RAINWATER FHA 34 nnframuraI spor'Is 34 JOSEPHINE RASCOE Gurls Sfafe 3 Thesplans 34 JACKIE RAYBURN NHS 4 Thesplans 34 LOUISE REAVES Cheerleader co capfam 4 NHS JOHN RICHMOND Fuiure Tradesmen 4 oper ahve basLefbaII 3 ROY ROBERSON A Cappella Choir 23 Fuiure Teachers 3 BENNY RUDDELL Inframural sporfs 4 homecom mg commlifee 4 NOLAN RUSHING Thespnans 34 homecomang I fendani 2 SARAH CECILE SANDERS Girls Sfafe 3' Hi Gusher ediior JULIA SCOTT NHS 4: Siudeni Council secre- fary 4 JACK SELMAN Baslrefball 2-4: foofball 4 SARAH SHUGART Wildcai sraff 47 homecoming queen 4 Page 107 -ani 7 vw 'a l if 1 7' ,Q if I f """U'iuU --l ,- GA -"U Q,-1 f? 4 1 f ' ,-.P E- .-ws 'D- Ma urn., 1 Our' 'Y' MELBA SILLIMAN Thespians 3.4: PepeHes 2-4 GENEVA SILVERTOOTH FHA 2-4: in+ramuraI baslrefball capfain 4 WAYNE SIMS Track 3' fooII::aII 34 JOANNE SLAYTER Band 2 4 Thesplans 4 DIANNE SMART PepeHes 2 4 Fufure Teachers 4 ERNEST SMITH Band 2 homecoming commlHee KENNETH SMITH Band drum malor 4 Mens G ee CIuIJ 4 SHIRLEY SMITH GAA 2 4 Business Leaders 4 BARRY SOUTHALL Fufure Tradesmen 4 Cap pella Chonr 2 RONALD STAFFORD Foo+baII 2 Hu Gusher sfaff 4 DOLORES STEGALL NHS 4 FHA secreiary LaWANDA STEGALL NHS 4 Fufure Teachers pres: denf 4 SARA ST JOHN NHS 4 Thaspnans 4 LYNDA STOOKEY GAA 2 4 FHA 2 4 Purge 108 'VJ Y'-5. 'f"N'-v iv' SENIORS CLASS OF 'Wi ""u...p- 5'Qpv uv' jf DALE STRINGFELLOW Fu+ure Tradesmen 4 fooiball usher 4 CELIA BETH SUMMERS Thespuans 34 golf 2 4 MAHONY TATUM Hn Guslwer sfaff plnolographer 4 Engnneers Club 34 FRANKYE TAYLOR NHS 4 Gurls S+a're 3 CAROLYN TEMPLETON Sfuclenl Council 4 NHS 4 FRANK THIBAULT Boys S+a1e 3 Engmeers Club MARGIE THOMAS Fulure Traclesmen 3 4 FHA 2 MILLING THOMPSON Boys Siafe 3 baslcelball 3 CHARLES TILLMAN Boys Slaie 3 dual slale baske!- ball clwampnons 3 PATRICIA TOLBERT NHS 4 FHA 2 PAUL TOLLESON Band 3 Boys Glee Cub JAMES TOWLER Siudenf Council 2 Thespnans ERVIN TUCKER lnlramural spor+s 4 gracluahon usher 3 JACK VANDEGRIFT All sfaie Foolball 4, class vice presndeni 4 pnqe IOQ i 'V 'iv-y. 1. ,af T gi.-p f' 'Ox 'Q I5 ff' 1 ' X 4 6 . 58 ' . t 4' 5? l ft. ' , : . S A V 5' i ,f"4 f ' 1' Q., T A 5' A gg f 'J f 'S f x .T X if TR R 3 ' -if " Q2 -I S A--Q . i -Q v -,',4 ' - , 3,4 l I' A ul'A ' : - - A v 'F l sl 31 V 05, v '- , 1 ,,. L W , - Q ,V I , f ll -. A 4. X A L I I l 4 bf A Y - fx f Y Q , X 2-4 l ,. A , . xr-A A ' ' N L ,Z E-' , ,nf .J fm , 'Q 'ai Hun., 'Q- wb-ms. Wi 'Van ,fi 5 LINDA VERNON FHA presudenf 4 NHS 4 RUSSELL WALTHALL Busmess Leaders 4 Buzz Book CAROLYN WARD GAA 3 Fufure Teachers MARY WARD GAA pubIlcn+y chanrman 4 championship so'F+baII 'Ieam SHELBY WARD Foo+baII 24 homecommg I 'Iendanf 4 DELMA WEBB Fufure Tradesman I :sm secre+ary 4 NANCY WHATLEY FHA 24 GAA 2 4 BILLY WHITEFIELD Buzz Book 4 Scuence Club 4 MARY ANN WILKINS NHS 4 Girls Siaie 3 BETH WILLIAMS GAA presudeni 4 Fufure Teach ers vnce presldeni 4 GATES WILLIAMS Boys Sfafe 3 H: Gusher sporfs edifor 4 MARY ELLEN WILLIAMS GAA 2-4' FHA 2-4 LINDA SUE WILLIS GAA 2-4- FHA 2-4 ROBERT WILSON Fooiball 2-4' Key Club 34 Page 110 4 ournaI f' 1' mmm U7 rr-1 Z O FU CD 'J 3 if i Yu Z4 CHARLES WIMER Boys Sfafe 3: Nafional Scholar 4 SAMMYE LEE WOODS Band 2 4 secrefary 4 BARBARA WREN S+uclenf Council 3 Th GEORGIA WYSS FHA 4 mframural sporfs 2 4 I M CLASS OF '58 espuans Sensors caich every+hmg measles flu even pigeons Murray Amason Clarence Evans wafch as Don Wilson shows Sara Carlfon fhe prgeon +hai oulwsfled fhe Meihodusf mlnnsier Lmda Hall Jaclr Vandegrlff and Ed McKenna look over +he gufis broughi' af Chrlslmas when we all learned 'rhaf 1+ as more blessed +o glve BECKY YARBROUGH Inframural sporis 2 3 homecom mg commrffee 4 ANGELA PATTERSON Clas of 58 Dned July 4 l957 'Ex N 3,4 1 l l P T i N K : . - , . Q ' I , I. rag A fix .SX I 6 L YL s ' g ' , 1 If A 1 J Page 111 gk Junlor class presidenl' Bob Nolan signs an aufograph Iwouncl for secrefary Gale Sinnoff, while class Ireasurer, Phyllis Owen and vice presldenl Cliff Shelby look on. The Junior Class RENETTA BARTON JOE BATES GLEN BECK GENE BENEDICT KAY BIBLE BOBBY BILLINGSLEY KAY BISHOP PEGGY BOOTH ANN BORN GLENNA BOYKIN GEORGE BRAMBLETT RICHARD BRANCH CAROLYN BRASHER TOMMY BRASHER MELBA BROWN RALPH BROWN MIKE BROWN PERRIN BROWN KENNETH BURCHFIELD MIKE BURNS BARBARA BURNSIDE JANE BURRIS LINDA BURSON SANDRA BUSWELL BOB CAMPBELL JEAN CARY DEPHANIE CATES J. F. CHANDLER WILLIAM CHEATHAM SARAH CLARK CECILIA CLAWSON CAROLE CLAY JOE CLINGAN Q il' WWW 9 N -GP , 'Z' ' vu Yv 41' CATHERINE ABLES THOMAS ADAIR DIANNE ADAMS KENNY ADAMS SHERRY ADAMS PEGGY ADCOX BARBARA JO ALLEN CAROLYN AMASON FRANK ANDERSON NANCY ANDREWS JOHN ANTHONY ARTHUR ARMSTRONG DONALD ARNOLD BONNIE ATKINS CAROLYN AUBERRY DONNA AXUM 5 " 4,4-a , " - Xi. I L ,f I L 1?- M T V' ' V . y ,, f T. A A X A' A ' x A 'qs-4, Us wx'-' s .A ea A ,, A I 'A-wr' M Y A ' 5? l A - , ,Q , ' I. " f 1 ' as , , x ,YJ 4-" Sf' X -qw v-..,' H6621 ' 3, ' I Q Y EJ M mink? PA? ,Oi Y nw A 'Q' 91' Qy' w " : - AS ,L X' Q - w .X V 4 ' f F F' 1' .: i l"'W"1 I . x, Q, ,Q --Q ' JUNIORS LINDA CLINTON JUNE CONATSER MARSHA CONNOR BILLY RAY COOK KENNETH COOK LYNDA COOK JOHNNY COTTON JAMIE COTTRELL VICKY COTTRELL FREDDY CRAINE NORMA CRAVEN WANDA CULVER JO ELLEN DALY BARBARA DAVIS JIMMY DEBRUIN HANK DEMPSEY MARVIN DODSON LOUIS DONAHUE CHARLES DOUTHITT JAMES DOUTHITT DAVID DOWTY PETER DREXLER SALLIE EDERINGTON HOWARD ELDER LEDRA EPPERSON AZELLE ESTES ELIZABETH EVANS JIMMY EVANS ELSIE FALLIN DALE FALLIN BESSIE FLOYD WILLIAM FRANCIS GENE GAMMILL CAROLYN GARLINGTON JOHNIE GARRETT JOHNNY GASTON CHARLES GIDEON EARL GILBERT LINDA GIVENS MARGARET GORMAN JAMES GRAVES CARROLL GREENLEE LaDONNA GRIGGS DERYL GUINN JILL HALL CHARLES HALL WANDA HALL JAMES HALSEY BONNY HAMILTON MARY JO HAMMOND SYLVIA HAMPTON JAMES HANKINS MILDRED HARGETT SHIRLEY HARRELL JANIE HARRIS LINDA HARRISON JERRY HART JOHN HARTON KATHLEEN HAWKINS JERRY HAYGOOD GEORGE HAYNIE ANN HELM LINDA HENDRICKS MARY HERRING RONALD HICKS JOHNNY HILL LOUIE HINES WAYNE HOGUE JUANITA HOLDEN RALPH HOLLINGSHEAD SHIRLEY ANN HOLLINGSWORTH KATHY HOLLIS LORENE HOUSE PATSY HUNT JANIS JACKSON JOE JOHNSON CAROLYN JONES Q. V .A xf A8344 Y..- A in X Fi di 2f1fPf!.f9fLf-'ff'z"f?:'H-:Q If Q 1, ,,,,. 1 C as ' gf nt -:N-Q ,Q V I x Wm P" ff U si ,' K fy f ' lwnhm Much ildimrx Xf , . xx f w '- 4 ,, E . C-N. on i "' " . 33 A ig, 5' f I .21 V T5 V , , P J " AWE 1 Q.. M1 f -, f- x ,Y 4, 4 4 ' V "W 4 pf. Y 1 .f 1 A 'EV rf 'wr' WWW E, K V EDDIE JONES JULIA JONES NANCY JONES PATRICIA KEETON DOUGLAS KELLY NANCY KERR SHARON KESNER PATRICIA KING ELIZABETH KIRK JOE B. LAWLER ELIZABETH LAWRENCE BOBBY LECKY JAMES LEVERETTE CHARLES LEO LEWIS CHARLES R. LEWIS ROXIE LEWIS JON LINXWILER CHARLES LONG GIANNE LUCKY JOE BEN McBRIDE SANDRA McCUISTION TOMMY McDIARMID BETTY McDOW CARROLL McGARITY DANNY McILVEENE LLEWELLYN McKINNIE JOHNIE McKINNON MARJORIE McKINNON JAMES McLEAN FERRY LEE MAHONY LINDA MANNING DORIS MAPLES MARY JANE MARKS HERBERT MARTIN HAROLD J. MASON JIMMY MASON FRANCES MATTOX CHARLES KENT MAY CHARLES MAYFIELD CLAUDINE MEEKS MIKE MEINERT HUGH MELTON JAMES METCALF HELEN MILLER JIMMIE MILLER BILLIE LEE MURPH GARLAND DOTY MU RPHY TOMMY NETHERCUTT FRED NEWMAN CHARLES NEWTON JERRY NICHOLS JOHN PAUL NOLAN ROBERT NOLAN JIM NORRIS TOMMY NORRIS WILLIAM NORWOOD PETER O'CONNOR GLENDA ODELL KENNETH OLIVER MARGUERITE OWEN PHYLLIS MARIE OWEN THURMAN OWEN JOE ALLEN PARKS DONNA PAYNE DON PERDUE MARTHA PERDUE JOHN ROBERT POST BETTY RUTH PYE GLORIA PYLE PHYLLIS RAINER CAROL LOU REAMES TOMMY REEVES BETTY JEAN REUTER DEWANDA REYNOLDS FRED A. ROBERDS ROSE ELLEN ROBERT JOHN C. ROGERS I 'Fw A! N WWF Maui SKSWNE dl uw' in I xx Nik xxx pf iw F gf xX! -J f- rf' . Q4 Y 'Y J 1 J fi F 6 FW Qv 451 S xy' I r -vm 41- . A n Y . JUNIORS JUDY ROGERS ROSE ROGERS TOMMY ROWLAND ART RUSSELL MIKE RYBISKI JENNA SALTONSTALL ROSE SEAVERS SARAH SHANKLE FREDDIE SHARP CLIFTON SHELBY RONNIE SHIPMAN LLOYD SHOCKLEY ROBERT SIDES ALFRED SILLIMAN BETTY SILVERTOOTH DAVID LYNN SIMPSON GALE SINNOTT MARVIN SKIFF JUDY SLADE MARY LEE SMITH TOMMY H. SMITH JIMMY SNODGRASS CLAUDE SOLLEY LARRY SOLLEY DON SPOONER CAROLYN SPRY TERESA STAKEM MARTHA STARRITT JAMES STEIN MONROE STEPP JAMES STEPHENS DALE LEE STILES CLYDE STOOKEY DONNIE STRATTON BOB SUMMERVILLE WILDA SUMMERVILLE KAY TAUNTON BETTY TAYLOR CAROLYN TAYLOR JAMES TAYLOR LINDA TAYLOR JERI THOMPSON JIM TH RASH SHIRLEY TILLMAN HELEN VAN HOOK CLIFFORD VINES JAMES VINES REBECCA WAGES VIRGINIA WALDRON CAROLYN WARD GEORGE WARREN MARY F. WARMATH LARRY WATERS PATRICIA WEBB EVA JUNE WELLS MARY LOU WILLETT LINDA WEST JOE B. WHARTON RUTH WHETSTONE JAMES WILLIAMS BRENDA WILSON PHADRA WILSON ETTA WOMACK CHARLES WOOD TERRY YOUNG WILLIAM ZIMMERMAN VANCE WINGFIELD - available N I 1 -A4 -' Y N .al-4,, in ,Q f Y -a-,R C.. 'Y 1500. 1.4 HJ :gr Page 118 , .. I.- fo "5" 4: f 'i I-ijjqx 1. Ya 'W Q 5- 'S'-1 ,',p .PL 'EVE SY 7 Y? 3' F' qv I All ev V X , Q' Iv- A X X 'W 7 'Q ' ......, if ,.f fi Q 439 'ul X K Y J I 4: '11 Q.: Ui A 1 'Flay 31 .ff T7 Jx, F""'1 0-P' 2 7' 3 f . V Yi 3' 'win Z- Jx XNW N A A47 Sophomore class officers Lena Sufion, Treasurer: Beclry Walker, secrefaryg Pai' Girard, presiclenh and Gordon Smarf, vice presideni IooIx Ihrough Ideas sugges+ed for the sophomore assembly. The Sophomore Class W, I. BELL DENNIS BIRCHFIELD CHARLOTTE BLACK INEZ BLAYLOCK ALEDA BOOK MAURINE BOONE MARY BRADLEY 'v RALPH BRADSHAW CARL BRAMLETT BERRY BRANCH CAROLYN BROWN CHARLES BROWN EVA JEAN BROWN WILLENE BROWN DAVID BRUMMETT NORMA BURCHFIELD BILLY BURLEY DOROTHY BURNSIDE JOHN BURTON CHARLES CAGLE ARTHUR CAMERON DIANNE CAMP 0- PATRICIA CARAWAY SHARON CARLTON KAY CARTER BETTY CHAFFIN BOBRY CHANDLER CHARLES CHEEK ,. V DONALD CLAWSON J 1- SUE ELLEN COLEMAN JAMES COMBS ANNA CAROL CONE ELAINE CONKLIN fx f X I 4 PAUL ABDELLA JUANITA ABLES SANDRA ADAMS RAYLIENE ALEXANDER WILLIAM ARMER SANDRA ARMOUR PAULETTE ATKINS MICKEY BANKS ANNETTE BARBAREE MICHAEL BARBAROTTO I CHARLOTTE BARDIN CLIFTON BARKER JOYCE BARNETT SHIRLEY BATES DICK BEESON ROBBIE BELL " 6 f x I' I .Q , 4 Vac: N 4, ' I Imcx BP' ,, .. 'WOLF sf, r "' -, I ROBERT COOK JOE COUCH LINDA COX JACK CRAIN JERRY CREED SONDRA CULLINS PAT DAUGHTRIDGE TOMMY DAVIDSON ROBERT DAVIS LaNELL DEAN EVELYN DEARMAN JANIS DECKARD JANIS DETTENHEIM LINDA DOUTHITT SARAH DOWELL BILLY DRUMMOND WINDELL DUMAS CHARLES DUNLAP KAY ELIA RONNIE ELKINS DORIS ELLEN NANCY ELLIOTT ANN ELLISON CYNTHIA EVANS CAROLYN FARRIS TOMMY FAULKNER JON FEERICK DONALD FIFE GLORIA FINNEY VONDA FITZHUGH SARAH FLOYD LARRY GARNER HENRY GARRETT JESSE GILKEY DIANE GILLIAM PAT GIRARD PHILLIP GOODE JOSEPHINE GOOLSBY BARBARA GONZALES MYRTLE GRAVES GARRY GREEN BYRAN GRIFFIN MARY ANN GRIFFIN RADIE SUE GUINN GARRY HAAS JOHNNY HALL NANCY HALL NANCY HAMILTON BILLY HAMMOND BOBBIE NELL HARBOUR SANDRA HAUGHTON JOHN ED HAWKINS JOHN HAYES ALICE HELMS CHARLOTTE HENDRICKS LYNELLE HENSLEY DAVID HERRING KERRY HERRON CAROLYN HICKS LaLONNIE HINES JAKE HINSHAW MARCIA HOGUE JOHN HOIBERG LINDA HOKE GEORGE ANN HOLDEN BARBARA HOUSE DON HUDSON GLADYS HUGHES DENNY HURLEY NANCY HYDE JAMES JACKSON PATRICIA JACOBS LORRAIN JANES FRANKLIN JENKINS NANCY JENKINS LUCILLE JENNINGS SYLVIA JEWELL Q Ali WW, 1 3? Q - , 1,5 ' 8 , 9 X. 'rl ,Q .-s an A 6 - fi V X, . X N, ,f X W ax ,, - I Sv Ma, , Q fs 65' v E '1 ' J F? I JL. . KX h X? Y ,fn F ix D.. - . W .N Qx X . A 1 U51 A ,. -4 w 'fl B P G I I 7 'N X 5' nrlv fm F SX? Wk! 1 , i W go X ,, -, . 3 X br 4 N mf N J 1 fa :SX .S2::w f X. f k X , X J F Q i?'P'ff 2 may 4 4 ,, hr., - in 3-5 . ,- ' ff , as - li, 'U f f i r' I' . X X . 'lf' I " ,QE 4' X fh XX' f mmzif ' 5, ,W ,.,,,!,. N ,Q N1 1- - o MARY JO JOINER CHARLES JOLLEY BARBARA JONES ELAINE JONES CLIFTON JONES LYNDA JONES RICKY JONES RONNIE JONES RONNIE JONES MARY ANN KENNEDY LEM KERR ROY KIDWELL JERRY KINARD HENRY KING DAVID KNOLL DIANA LANEY DONALD LAWRENCE WILLIAM LEAVELL NANCY LECKY COLLEEN LEWIS WAYNE LINER BILLY LOWERY MELINDA LUSCHEN ROY McADAMS JUDY McCARTY MARION McCASKILL JOANNE McCOY JOE McCURRY SUSAN McDANIEL JOE McHENRY ROBERT McKINNEY SARA McKINNEY MARGARET McKINNIE KENNETH McKNIGHT MARY McRAE JAMES MALONE JEANIE MANN SAM MARKS JOE MARLAR NANCY MARTIN RICHARD MARTIN MARTHA MASON JERRY MATHEWS CHARLES MATTHEWS SYLVIA MATTHEWS KENNY MATTOX ANDY MAYFIELD SANDRA MICHAEL FREEMAN MILES BETTY MILLER JESSIE MILLICAN L. D. MITCHAM NANCY MITCHAM HELEN MITCHELL JOHNNIE MITCHELL DON MONTGOMERY CHARLES MOORE HERBERT MORELAND GEORGE MORGAN ROGER MORGAN PATSY MORRISON CHARLES MURPHY JEAN MURPHY MIKE MURPHY MARTHA MURRY JERRY NELSON ROBERT NELSON NANCY NESBITT DANNA NEUBERGER JIMMY NIX LINDA O'BARR ADELE OENNING JOHN OFFUTT BETTY OLIGER SANDRA OSWALT GEORGE OWEN JAMES PEACE N f f - K ! lx Ami Q 5 K 1 C' 0 sz ff ax 1' I ws: I . ' :N Q", Rv X v ' fi. ff p hx Y 'sf V "!11.f""x V ! X " -.-- ,H il ilu' L, U . f 71'-' 5' xx X , 'f Q W F . Au , H v, iw I v 5 1- ' ,, V- 4, 'H A -v PF' . 1 x - 1 .- .A X5 1 X ' ', Q ' X 'N JP' "" 1' QWWI 1 .f if. ' lm ak ix as 1 Q, W , ,J W. V. ff X L W gr. if , 'V' -px ' ,way 4 , 5 Gr x. Q, f' wi 'f' F1 V W V S' an a . 'w.rQ.-H' I 5 ,K 11 al ' L Vx X! V A E V+ Wv .Si , 5 f ml' 'S' , f' z F 1 1 .4 0 ' -e 4-. iq Q t -V -' ' , A .N-, RAY PENDLETON FRANCES PERDUE SHERRY PERKINS BOBBY PERRY CHARLES PHILLIPS JUDY PICKERING JIMMY PIERCE ROBIN PINSON SHERRY PIPKIN LUCY PITARD GARY PLUNK JERRI SUE POOLE WOODY POWELL JEANETTE PRATT DOYLE PROTHRO JOHN RALEY CAROL RAMBIN CLARK REED WAYNE RICHARD PAT RICKS JANIS RISHER LINDA ROBBINS RALPH ROBERTSON WALKER RODGERS BETTY ROGERS CAROLYN ROSS GLYNDA ROSS ROSAMOND SAMPLE REBECCA SAULSBU RY CHESTER SCHAUB ROBERT SCOTT CHICK SELMAN LARRY SHADOW GAIL SHIPMAN LUCY SHIPP ALENE SHIREY BARBARA SINCLAIR KENNETH SINYARD WALTER SLAYTER GORDON SMART KATHLEEN SMITH WILLIE SMITH TED SNODGRASS RONNIE SPICER ALBERT SPOONER GENNELL SPRY MARTHA STAFFORD BENNY STANSBURY WILBUR STEGALL KENNETH STEPHENS CINDY STONE SHELBA STRATTON WILLIAM STRINGER BOBBY STURDIVANT JIM SULLIVAN LENA SUTTON JOHN TAYLOR LINDA TAYLOR LOTTIE TAYLOR MARY ANN TAYLOR LARRY TEAGUE IRA THOMPSON FRANCES TILLERY JAMES TOLBERT GARY TREVATHAN DIANE TRINCA ANNETTE TRIOLO LATTY TRULL DEANNA VANDEGRIFT BECKY WALKER SYLVIA WARD W. G. WEATHERFORD HARVEY WEBB JEAN WEBB LARRY WHEELUS BUD WHETSTONE POLLY WHIDDON 'fv- lk Q' , .. .- N 9? 53 2 I 1-'QS I I 7 aorv M, b o ,ot AA Q20 0 , QQQO ,990 . qqf o ob 2110-9 , .I A0004 " .Q - f '. f g Q K Y fr -v. fa K 21 iiiilil fn! X!! mfr-x X P' vi C3 iq' 1 G , Q- N 5 f'o I Q2 Ns 399' W 1 .Q -4 J' H" g f1' A MX-11"'v A. m 3 I S F355 rf fl jx I slush, F! Q 1' I , - 1 - f Q w 0 u 4' lfi I A Z Q 1. 'VII , . I t 5 1 HM1 X I I A , ua .. if 3- f- ' " K' , .f 2 M h :An . t ,. , -v ., A.. X - 5' - w .1-K ' 1 - 4 KX 1 EXFEQ ai ,131 X 4 P ' 'n " ' ' it K' f fi hE v , V am ff r' If ' -'-T V 3, sh Y N 4? 4- tk R' '-.3 6 'B '-.rf ' "YQ K' ,5-' 7 Al 'V ri ,iz i fx It . ' V , X A .. 0 : " ' l . , ,ff X ,X 7 N' ' ,, ,Q 52 ' X A ' ' , si . . Fi X X W ,,,!K X 'rg ' 47 X, ' "5 ' ' 'lf' ' M - - Q x 4' 33 ""' ,. Q , U K qi-V C - 2 Z L- -1 Y R .ix 5 5 fl Qf 4 Q 1 ilQA 4 Y X f,..f lf A. ' film 4 f sv,XX!1 Y .2 ti . '5 A . ,. my m ,L 1 R K, u s -? K Lrik ly' q w ' K , W, A, ,, k, X 1 ,I - " 1' X, I I V- V I1 bv ini px : 4- X 'Y ' 1: zz. A sw 0 'A ' R ' "5 7 ,, . 3, , I -f v A if-v b H ' . X: Y-g x N 1 ,gl A., x jfi f V , K I X ' g l 1 , 2, 2514: Agff' If 4 A M' . 3 41 , ' 5 X I ix f. ' Q , A ' N f ' .af-A 'fl ' f- ' fy fav K" '5 'I HH' H 'f VA N ., , ., 1, y 3 1 ' ig Ti xl Z-7 'K' 7. Q, A at 6, ': -TV .YZ -R. " G :idx 5 Ex -' -1-.M Viet' . '1 gk?- f A "'A . .3 U' x 5 X X, , ' Xf 'N-f HARRY WHITMORE BOBBY WILLIAMS JOY WILLIAMS LINDA WILLIAMS JOHN WILLIAMSON ALICE WILSON DON WILSON WINSTON WILSON JIM WIMER JIMMY WOOD MIKE WOOD ROBERT WOOD CLIFTON WRIGHT EDDIE YARBROUGH CAROLYN YOUNG GIBBY YOUNG BECKY ZWAHLEN JOHN JOHNSON - available W 'II ot Forget Av Sfudenls in flue fyping classes find fhaf slrill requires pracfice. Snuggs Brown, Carolyn Ward, Rufh Whefsfone, Bufch Rushing, Mary Lee Smifh, and Judy Slade concenfrafe on 'the copy while fingers fly. li, w ' v at gf. Keeping pace wifh the dicfafor is quile a iob for Sandra Hammond and Linda Bass. Page 129 i 'SYFLW1 'Ji 'F 4 I l Uur Fre 5.4 , its 3 ,X . - N Qty l A-if fi ff Ja Spanish lreeps one busy. Bufchie McCuisiin, Janie Marlrs, Jon Feer- iclr, Charles Hall, Nancy Kerr and Linda Williams siudy diligenily be- 'Iween lrips io fhe language lab. K4 Qs fm fx 4' Clowning in Roman aifire, Milne Meinerf and Ronnie Hardcasfle enlerfain Bobby Leaky, Ledra Epperson, El- sie Fallin, Jimmy Mayfield, Ralph Brown, and William Norwood in Mrs. Sallie Chambers Lafin class. Page 130 "Za:-.., .Q- 5,4533 9' iscussion Ideas Sara Lee McKinney, Buddy Schaub. Ken- nefh Sinyard, Charles Wood and Caro- lyn Taylor checlr references on John Wes- ley and Zwingli, Profesfanl reformers. as fhey sludy lhe Renaissance in world his- lory class. .ai Linda Clinfon records while o'I'her iunior English sfudenls sland by. Dale Fallin checks his noie cards. Ledra Epperson consulis Ohe dicfionary for +he pronunci- alion of a word and Elizabelh Kirlr s+u- dies Linda's +echnique. Such procedure is roufine in Mrs. James Pence's English classes. ,l 1' ,fglnf f ' v ,Qs o 'ix xlfauxx JY .K sg B ig Larry Solley, Tommy Reeves, Nancy Kerr and Dephanie Cafes fry solving fheir pro- blems in a big way as members of fhe class observe wifh inleresf. :CA I i i ,fag ,, hz, ,Z 5. Y ,V,: ,Q jg 7 Q f ' JJ 4 Even +l1ougl1 khns was 'lhe year for +l1e new clxemuse dress Mary Ann Taylor a second year Home ec sfudenf shll pre fers a full sHr+ed sfyle. Janie Cook and Vonda Fihlwugln care- fully measure flue lwem. wk, I f"'Hll alll 'll lun Huis 'Inf Our High Incentives Ronnie Elia, Vickie Co++rell, and Lem Kerr lislen fo Spanish recordings in fhe language lab while Fergus Mahony operafes fhe machine. Available +o all slu- denls in high school, +l1e lab offers special opporfuni- lies lo foreign language siudenis and olher classes as well. ,sa f' 'f , up Dorado, Feb. I9. Al+hougl1 he is no? enrolled in lhe prmhng class Clarence Evans experimenis wiih I2 porn? fvpe useu an The prinhng hclefs for Cheaper By lhe Dozen fhe Thesplan play Sharon Alexander James Franlrlnn and Eddie Jones music lheory sfudenfs, compare ihe siyle of fhe Millsaps Choir lon recordl wiih lhe siyle of fhe Wesfminsfer Choir which gave a concerl in El Page 133 ff, .H-gif? Y -A .lg 5 W 45, M35 1 43, 33 T' iz " a gif f v is 12: .L 'sais fe . .W ,f. w iff. 5, !': .X -umnvnlw' Blfsey James painfs ihe lines 'for 'Ihe badmifon courl' in fha back of fhe gym as Beffy Jones, Ann Graves, Anneffe Barbaree and Berry Branch watch and offer advice. ei A The amoebas can'+ gef any resf when Kay Taunion is af Our Scientific Research Here's how i'r's done - Becky Zwahlen pcinfs ou+ a safe- driving rule +o Dorjs Ellen shorfly before a driving ses- sion, as Becky Walker and Lucy Shipp look on. The safe-driving course, a newcomer fo high school +hi5 year, aroused much inferesl and helped +o lrain siudenls 'for beH'er driving and more safely habifs. ,he microscope- Alfon Drummond cleans +he +esf 'tubes affer an ex perimenf while oiher members of fha chemisiry class compleie a lesf on decomposifion. ,,,: in . ' P ,Y X315 PcQe134 :ALS :ff 3 1 3 . -Qf, X, .rzf Puppels can be deliglmlful. Mary Ann Griffin, Roberla Moni- gomery and Linda James discover fhis in Miss Mary Dean Ran- lin's clramalics class as 'lhey fry lo manipulale Mommy and Paunclwo. P a. ng? Gales Williams, Sara Carllon, Ronnie Hard- casfle, David Hindricls and Sharon Marks dis- cuss early plans 'lor flue annual. XX X gi is 9' Woe lo lhe guinea-pigs in Miss Ranlin's clramalics class. Huberf Dungan painls a gruesome wound on Grace Lindsey's 'lace as she grins and bears il. Uur Intellectual ttainment l gs ,L 4 l n 'Illllll HH llllilllll ml n lullumlfmxmumwlli The El Dorado Board of Trusfees as sealed are Mr W M Paul Mr J S Broolrs Jr secreiary Mrs Merle Cunnmgham secrefary +o 'l'he supermfendenf Mrs Kennefh Wlmer Jr presndeni Mr Garland A Sfubblefuelcl supermiendenl of schools Mr W L Norwood vice presldenf Mr Dale Muller and Mr Joe Williams Siandlng are Mr Olen Taylor bool: lreeper and Mr Jum Lesier buuldmg supermlenclenf CI . . t t' Teachers ofhcnals P T A members and board mem bers gave us 'rhexr hme elforls and money For 'rhese conlrnbuhons we lhanlc fhem and dedlcale lo 'rhem These pages In our annual Among The many achvuhes of 'rhe Board of Truslees was The dasfrubuhon of prlnled copues of school board polncnes lhus year The boolclels Included pollcues of +he school syslem and vnlal facls aboul nfs managemenl El Dorado played hosf 'ro more lhan 60 represenla hves of school boards and superlnlendenls 'From olher cnhes for 'rhe annual area meehng The meehng foolc place February 4 al lhe hngh school and such Topucs as school board and personnel polucnes were discussed Also fhe currenf Governors Advisory Councll on Edu cahon was a pounl' of unleresl Newly elecled ro The board 'rhrs year are Mr Broolcs and Mr Paul V L ' ' Q l l X 2, 3 I 5' I l 5 1 l r fd 1 l .2 if 5 l 1 , TT J , di 2-rw , Q f V -Q' X , , i f Q , J' i I A , - -fm" l Q " Lv ' .4 , ,- X if ,, . fl s is 7- , 'I gf 4 Ks J Kendall Hoggard Dlrecior of lnsfruchon U5 2 -.Z 0-I +V. hr -. -4Z +1 00. +6 ga. 3? 3'l -O' '25 U Ill :- 15 ,,,.. if? all 2,0 no 03 92. 0 294 W init-I 1-1 mfg. 1, -v .-'ZfQ4X+'I' '11 if 1 wa ff! Facult Mrs. Ruih Denney Social Sludies, Ari Mr. Billy Joe Aclcox Biology, Foofball Mr. Edwin S. Jaclrson Safe Driving Mr. Pel Aus+in Biology, Physical Educalion Baskelball Mr. J. W. Rowe Cooperafive Training Miss Ann Shori English Mrs. Sallie M. Chambers English, Lafin Mr. William R. Trego Choral Music Mr. Roberi' Laney English Mrs. Alrers Pence American Hislory, English Mr. H. W. BoyeHe Mafhemafics Social STudies, Confemporary Problems T" 2 Y" Ugg an-,,, 'MZIZZ 'J 5 .Af G V, .. , M flax. X ,,, 2 V """"LiZl' 1 'ww , M Miss Marian Cox Mr. Don Epperson Miss Bonnie Gaskin Chemisfry, Physics Plane Geomefry, Mechanical Drawing, Shorfhand. TYPTNQ Physics Facult Guiding The way Through These columns, wiTh an accumulaTive experience record oT 482 years, our Teachers have given us Their Time and eTTorT To in- sTill in us knowledge, slcill and compeTence. To give us ThaT knowledge, slcill and compeTence, our Teachers hold I4 masTer's degrees, I9 BA de- grees and 8 BS degrees. NOT only do our 38 Teachers insTrucT approxi- maTely l5O children a day buT 22 oT Them have from one To Three aT home To add To This ToTal. lwelve new Teachers, Tive men and seven women, ioined The TaculTy in SepTember oT This year. Five oT These sTarTed The year unmarried. However, Miss Bonnie Gaslcin and Miss Mary Dean Ranlcin now wear Mr. Linden Benfley ...iw-vwyf ,f W W., s ,,,. .Z gm, , , f ..' J . - T TES, 72 - . 1, . , - , 12 ,- fi 'T W .Z .327- N wggl . Miss Pafsy Ann Marbury Plane GeomeTry, English diamonds and insisT ThaT Their TuTure plans are mosT uncerTain. Coach Billy Joe Adcox, Taced wiTh a varying schedule, served as assisTanT TooTball coach. P. E. insTrucTor, and also TaughT Three classes oT bi- ology. Miss PaTsy Ann Marbury and Mr. Don Epper- son, we immediaTely Tagged as "TloaTing Teachers" because They wandered Trom class To class wiTh no sTaTionary room or homeroom. ln her TirsT year as Teacher oT English, Miss Ann ShorT-Tound herselT in various inTeresTing and educa- Tional siTuaTions. Mr. Edwin Jaclcson also discovered The ioy oT never having a dull momenT as he Taclcled The dangerous course oT driver's Training. Mrs. l-lelen RuTh Goss and Mrs. ChesTer Ross had a problem: and iT was guiTe TorTunaTe ThaT They TaughT in diTTerenT buildings, oTherwise The sTudenTs mighT never have learned Their names correcTly. Mr. HerberT Cagle Band Direcfor Facult Mrs. Marie Gillis Social Siudies Mrs. Jewel Anlhony Algebra. General Mafh Mrs. Emmie Rogers English Mrs. Juanila Sufferfield Commercial Mrs. Jean Ross Commercial Miss Audrey Crook Social Sfudies Miss Mary Dean Rankin Dramafics, Speech Mrs. Anna Marcus Spears English Miss Wanda Benson Plane Geomeiry Mr. Charles Easley lndusfrial Aris f,. K "' "S T Qi ,f . 4 . X ' ff ' CSM 1 6 ge? if ,J E ,fn ' fr i su !',. T s r"o f fi Q ' Aiwa When Mr. Bill Trego came To us from Junior High School, The enrollmenT of The choral deparT- menT doubled and all acTiviTies increased. Mr. l-l. W. BoyeTTe TaughT school in Fairview, while Mrs. JuaniTa SuTTerTield helped To run a resTau- ranT in Conway belore becoming a Teacher in El Dorado High. During This year oTher new Faces appeared be- fore The classes as The sTudenT Teachers came from Soulrhern STaTe College To do Their pracTice Teach- ing here. Mr. Gordon l-larringTon, Mrs. Carolyn Eades, Mr. Norrie Fox, Mr. James Simmons, Miss MeTTie Goodwin, Mrs. Mary Raborn and Miss Diane Davis are shown To The leTT as Mr. Marvin STerreT brieTs The collegians on conducTing a class. Page 142 xc Q'-f Anorher newcomer fo El Dorado l-ligh was The lravelirg Siecce Library 'hrough which 200 science books were made available lo our sfudenfs. ln four shipmews af filly books each, The colleclion was placed in rhe library. They proved appealing lo lhe scientific and nnarhema"cal minds and were used as surveys in 'rerarure acd hisrory courses. In Apr? of I957 grades 9 rhrocgh I2 ol rhe EI Dorado public schools par'icipa+e-d 7'l2e-Norming of rhe lowa leafs ol Educasiohal Development Schools Frorn all sec"ons cl rhe Un"ed Sfares were selecred 'o oar'icipa'e in 'hfs prograrn. Or 'he basis af ihis pariicipaion we were able ro compare 'he scores rriade by El Dorado sludevs wi'h ofher s'L.der's ol 'he Unired Safes. The lral form af The les? resulfs was given in percer'iles. Car average Qrh and I0fh grade sru- denf rarked above 60 ou' of every I00 of rhose reel'- '5 pu. X.. i 43: yXN ed. Our average I lrh grade sludenr ranked above 57 our ol: every I00 sludenrs raking fhe fesl' and our average l2rh grade sludenl ranked above 60 our ol every I00 sludenls. As a whole fhe +es's showed srrong educational developrnenr in rnosr areas. The pooresr showing was in 'rhe area ol background and narural sciences and 'rhis reached rhe national average ar lhe l2rh grade level. On res? nurnber 9 of fhe ba'+ery which was 'or a con'en+ resr buf ra'her one on 'he use ol' sources of iniorrnalion our s'ude'1Ts rnade 'heir highesr scores. These scores rarged from 'he 68+h percen+ile af 'he Qfh grade level 'o 79'h percenrile ar the l0'h grade level. Grades ll and I2 each had an average percenlrile rank ol: 7I. Pareicipafing ir fhfs nariorwde program were 254 school sysrems ro'aling 366 individual schools and I48590 sruden+s. Nur ,4 ,,,o ...4 ' .1 c .-. . .- - W " 'Q-n L-- ' TLP 'U , af" --.-.4 .., M. - -Qi. ,- . ,,, Q,.w- .4fv-b. ' K ." kia'- -i, - rp-ro'1"'.. -- "",f,.-- -,J Y..-3-4' 'K , - -3- 4. W " ,'N-1' 0 .,. ,16"' ' - i , ,-,, " -f . Q.,--uf,-nfl-1 - ' ' 4' W 4 G' " N t ' if' L' -1 N .',-t ' it if ' Q4N,..g5,. 5' -nxh ,I-'W' e f.g.:f" ' i u 1. -- " , ' 1""' W sea- 'rag .ff -00 -' ' A - -I' h --..7f,' .f- .i -:J Q A .1 A o A' Q 'fd ""' ' ' s,- spiril, +o lhis do we dedicale This lhe - I4+h volume of The EI Dorado Wildcai. ll' was al- ways near -- in success or failure, viclory or de- feat ' ' Now reminiscing, we recall ils iniangible pres- -- ence which bound our hearfs info one big family Ting l - Q j 'I' T ' I 30- , " nf' Q 1 1 'L'- il ...Q .--, Y-Lg-. f:i.:e i Q, a:a.,:-q,'l:-:EA - -YQ- 4 ,1- ' ,,.J" .ar- l' . g 'gf' 3 .,- lui-1.1- Q ' - ' L A ' "1 pf s' - 1--- ff Q 'D k Y -v - .a. - t, .-Q .' - f' -v 'S 'Q 0' , 6' Q 1 I 1 .af- .Q . . , Q .-3 . - . fl" U .6 F" 3. .... T, -. - 1 v - how we worked, played, smdledr ard grew ff borh body and mind rogerher. And now, passing Through These columns, shaii our respect Pdyalry, and dearesr devorion +0 'hh spirir never die. buf ever defend, shield, and sErg Irs praises - 'W"ildcar Spirit 1957-58. 1 -Q C :D Itii .,,4 gf 'rr jf Boosters Sara Maralyn Joanne edlfors Judle Dolorls Pal Jo Beih Kenny Danforlh Don Kalneus Toolsle and Bllly Sonnle and PaH'on Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Kenny s Shoe Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Howard F Carlfon Frank JENKINS A C Sanders Sfore John Amls and John J L Lowery and Carol Ann J T Hay Glee Club l958 and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs anrl Mrs and Mrs S H Corn and Bobby C L Soulhall and Barry G W Tolberl' and Ellzabefh Cuade Cromwell R L E lofi' Huberf E Cagle Claudla Bellnda Nancy Lenore Mr and Mrs G A Slubblefleld Mrs Blllle Crowder Mrs Mlldred Marhn Mrs Merle Cunnlngham Hl Gusher edlrors Jan Ceclle ScoHle Roselyn and Marllyn and Mrs W S Abernafhy Lou Reaves and Mrs A Sfafford and Mrs E O Bannon and Mrs M Thompson and Mrs R Bass and Mrs V E Bauldree ancl Mrs E T Burfon and Mrs W M Byrd and Mrs J Feldman Mrs Loyle McCord Edllh Harrls I' I' and Mrs J R Ha+ch and Mrs T H Kelly and Mrs E H Lindsey and Mrs E A PaH'erson and Mrs D M Powledge and Mrs V O Ralnwa+er and Mrs G E Greenlee and Mrs F O Mahony and Mrs R M Shugarf George Ann Greenlee and Roberfa Mon+gomery Mr and Mrs Howard Elder W I' lf Qggll and Mrs Alben Buell Caldwell South 14142011808 WRST and Mrs V W Ball and Mrs T M Bass New3 and Mrs O P Hayes Sports Llnda Hall and Franl: Thlbaull' Music Mr and Mrs James S Long T Tl IIDIO ENTERPRISES Ill IL UDIADO ARKANSAS .llJ:lmJiIU Coverage Where It COUNTS W + Q S noe 1935 e bo , , , ' Mr. . C. . ' , ' , , Mr. . R. . ' l ' l Mr. . T. . ' ' , ' Mr. . E. . . . . Mr. . . . . . ' Mr. . . . . . . . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . , r,,, M . . . . I Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . . MY- - - - Mr. . . . Mr- - - - - Mr. . . . ' MV- - - - l Mr. u - I Mr. . . . Mr. . ,, . . . II' Dr- - - - M,-u p y I l Mr. . . . . ' . Mr. . . . , Mr. . , , Mr. , . . . in ' ' - - Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ll L l II ifhou our booslers and adverlisers, lhe Wlldcal w uid mn i be possible. To lhem we express our me sincere apprecia- lion and hop lhaf they enjoy our 0 ll. Pc e q 146 X A the Clock .1 f f Wi 1' FAS:-lloNs -x 5- " Y fu "Around fi' ,,,.. II ,,,,.....-Q--I up -.- "A for all lhe family' Fu'-4584 " 4' Sam plea Soufh Ariansas Deparimenl' Sfore Mary Ann and Celia Befh dscuss iher clofhes problems wlh Mrs S e Mason ii griiga l For a e chem se sfyl dress Mary Ann suggesfs one of ihese Mr Dcl:Sfe CLOTHES designed 'lo flaH'er a Junior Figure' l oladollaw HOUSE OF LABELS Mrs Oils Henley helps Cel a Befh selecf her sul er pafiern 9 , ' ! "" -s.s.A"4s qs . " , - , fig p ' '1 7 A ' i -- I . ' ' ""v G . . . yi f-" i I n f """ L 'ag I . u . E ' , an ,f?'? L V , fl: E5 3'-vs.-.M ' 3 A , N, N J flf'3'4fs5ff . f Q i , 4 Y I . . n w i e , 'H I These girls are picking oul' giffs for flue opposile y ,, sex from . i u i1 rlin. V Yi x Yi A , t 0 Q 'T A ' "Q 'V ' . A , i if ,y if 1 - I '. ".Z 'jf' QA. ., iv A V V -7 R-b - li ' I . ', r l 1 I V . ' i '- v . 3 These girls are wafching a chemisi al worlr using an analyfi- cal balance which is required for quaniiafive analysis. If will weigh accuraiely io 2 millionfh of a pound. They are also waiching a sayiacf viscasiiy deferminalion which will indicafe fhe oil's abilify lo 'flow or how easily if can be pumped 'through a pipeline. All ihis is imporfanf in making 'Phe gas fhai's gof 'em all beal' - COMMANDO, produced by American Oil Company Eas'l' Main Road UNion 3-3I7l Mr. Sam Babb explains 'I'o Blenda fhe advaniages of open- ing a savings accounf, of renfing a safely deposif box, or of loolxing ioward ihe 'fuiure by invesfigaiing savings bonds. Courfeous banlr officials are always ready io give any in- 'iormafion on invesfmenfs or savings lo high school sfudenis since ihey can assure ihem fhai Their 'Fufure will be safe- guarded by a Member of ihe Federal Deposil' Insurance Cor- porafion such as fhe National Bank of Commerce 200 Norih Washingfon UNion 3-6l9I Page 148 George Ann and Tommye enioy wafclwing +l'1e bofiling of milk af Dixie Creamery. Any 'leen-ager would like +o have a glass of fhis delicious drinlr. Chocolafe mills, orange juice, popsicles, coiiage cheese, half and half and culfured buHermiIl: can be boughi af Dixie Creamery Company 22I Souih Jaclcson UNion 3-7l5I Wlieilier you wanf a car wiih low-price field economy or high-price field luxury, ialre a Ford on a ies? drive. If you're a sporfs car fan, Ford has fhaf, foo, in flue new Thunderbird. If you're already a Ford owner, bring if back Home for service fo T. P. Marks Company I20 Nor+h Wesf Avenue UNion 3-4I46 Page 149 ,4' 1'-I if su" ..-11 .4B',,' Ski? scaf how abouf hai - Tommye and George Ann say hafs on fo fhe Sfar fha? shines - where you ge! service wilh a smile all fhe while, and ihe fop line of men's apparel. One of El Dorado's lop men's sfores. Star Clothing House Il3 Easl' Main UNion 3-3450 Every boy dreams of owning a boaf lilce 'ihis one for slriing, riding and fishing. Thai dream can come 'true if you seleci one from +he Lone Sfar line. The 're safe durable li hfwei hi Y - I 9 9 v mainienance-'Free - low in cosi. See +hem af Byrd Tire Company 2IOI Norih Wesi' Avenue UNion 2-l38I Pizge 150 If you have gifl' problems for 1'ha+ special someone on your Iis'I. +he salesmen al Car+er's will be more fhan pleased Io help you. For a wide seleciion of beaufiful mill glass, exquis- ife china, a fine line of cosfume Iewelry, Russell Sfover can- dies, games, boolrs for all purposes and Hallmark gree+ing cards shop af Carter Book Store I I4 Wes+ Main UNion 3-7660 One of EI Dorado's newesf induslries processes approximaiely 20,000 chickens per day by fhe mosf sanifary and up-Io-dafe mefhods Irnown. This modern planf has provided a ready marlef for 'farmers in Ihe Sou+h-Arkansas, Nor'fh-Louisiana area. The public is cordially invifed +o inspecf The modern faciIiI'ies af J M Poultry Packing Company, Incorporated Sou+hfieId Road UNion 2-I3I5 Page 151 M ,Quart-'Q Sf. I I, we-sc 2,4 1 , . My 'Nh I f M-W 'Q ..I . , 'aah - be A ,iw K y R . .H E 2 -1.-.s ,,, v:-new I 4 "Nm L... Mr... '. gqff,I'I5'f,m 'R ,, , U' , Im, egdflll T1 Y 'ff : Lia I 1 A .wsffmi The FIISI Nauonal Bank El Dorado Arkansas The Ola' Relmble , ff ' JJ Member of Federal Deposif Insurance Corpor ' Cinderella wore glass slippers But Claudia can do as well For look what she has to choose from The tinest shoes at the best prices And shown by that Fairy-Godmother. McQuade's Shoe Store I I I North Jetterson UNion 3-67l0 These young ladies are "getting more out ot life" - Going to the movies, which are better than ever. Rialto Theatre I I5 East Cedar UNion 3-6I I6 Blenda admits she's no angel but she 'Feels like one on a cloud - sitting on a couch where turniture is sold tor better living and better reclining. EI Dorado Furniture Company lI2 West Main UNion 3-6I7I "Up in the morning and ott to school" - George Ann doesn't care much tor the "up in the morning" part but oh! how she wishes she could be oft to school in a l958 Chevrolet trom Griffin Auto Company Locust Street and Jetterson Ave. UNion 3-3 IOI Page 153 to A719 ll if "ne 111:-ie.-uc..- ,, 4--...M ,- The men say one has to lcnow iust how to treat the girls to get along with them - and maybe that is 'lrueg but it is definitely true that these people lrnow lust how to treat that wood. Southern Wood Treaters Calion Highway UNion 3-7979 High school students someday will be thinking of buying oil- well supplies, ornamental iron worlr, heating and plumbing supplies for 'lhose homes they will build or 'For the businesses they will establish. For information for such 'Future needs go to El Dorado Foundry Machine and Supply Company, Incorporated 5I8 South Jackson UNion 3-4l07 lmagine the surprise on your girl's 'lace when you cruise the town in your new Buiclr Roadmaster. Although a luxury car, the Roadmaster is less expensive than most people thinlr, Come in and lest drive one at McDavid Buick Company I30l North West Avenue UNion 3-8l54 George Ann says, lhere's nothing lilre a colre. Coke time is anytime, anywhere. If you have a lring-sized thirst try the 'lall 'n terrific size for the pause that refreshes from Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southwest Arkansas I l02 East Hillsboro UNion 3-8350 Page 154 A contrasting top distinguishes this dainty lady's desk with a panel-back chair +hal's just the right height. See Drexel's Profile furniture al' Peoples Furniture Company Smackover Highway UNion 2-34l7 Mr. R. D. Jackson. district manager, shows Joanne how Gulf dealers plan their openings. Gulf Oil Corporation 800 East 6th Street UNion 3-5l I6 George Ann wanted a gypsy to tell her her future but she has 'Found a better way - she's making her plans at Union Investment Company, Inc. 309 East Main UNion 3-370I If you are reckless enough to be involved in a wreck, you needn't despair. Body dents can be burned or beaten out and even scraped-all paint can be made as good as new. For expert service and for all types of body work take your car to Laney's Body Shop 9l6 East Hillsboro UNion 3-6842 Page 155 ,At in J'ie1!',.-H gif' .df hi lf a WW.. ,Maur-"""" ' -,....-l--""'M A dynasty ot perfumes and its traditions, by Guerlain. No other gift will give her greater pleasure. El Dorado Pharmacy ll0 North Washington UNion 3-8l0l There are messages in bottles floating on the sea. But Jo Beth and Melba crave these bottles tor their sparlrling delica- cy at Electric Bottling Works I l I0 East Main UNion 3-6300 Hey, good lookin. What ya got cool:in7 Nothing here yet, but perhaps George Ann will be cooking up a nice iuicy meal tor her man in the near 'future with one ot these wall ovens from E. B. Garrett Company 207 West Main UNion 3-8l4l Tommy Reeves Sr. showing a Gritton Sport coat. economically priced lor the high school and college young men 'Found at B. W. Reeves and Company I I6 North Washington UNion 3-386l Page 156 Choose from the wide selection in the handsome line of men's wear at EI Dorado's newest and most modern men's and boys' clothing house. You can find any type of men's clothes you prefer at Dad and Lad Clothiers I05 West Main UNion 2-I285 Putting candy in a baby's mouth to us is iolly fun. But put Lion gas in your gas tanl: and your car will really run. Get friendly Lion service at ParnelI's Service Station South West Avenue and Hillsboro UNion 3-5309 For "The Sport ot Millions" visit the new recreation center. A comolete line of bowling shoes, bags, balls and shirts are available at EI Dorado Sports Center North West Avenue UNion 3-349I The oil industry in South Arlransas is a fast growing concern. Melba is looking over an application with Mrs. T. C. Watkins betore filling it out at Murphy Corporation Murphy Building UNion 3-5I8I Page 157 'if' 2 51" 3 6 l i ga You can always be sure that you will be well pleased with your choice from the wide assortment of Pangburn candies available at Hall Drug Company l20 East Elm UNion 3-8l7l Mr. T. H. Norris Jr. explains the features of the General Electric year-round air-conditioning system to Jo Beth. He also tells her of his line of plumbing fixtures which may be used in her home of tomorrow. Norris Mechanical Shop 426 North West Avenue UNion 3-4200 The eyes are the windows of the soul And through THIS window you can behold Beautiful unique 'Furniture to fit your room With perfection - McWilliams Hardware and Furniture Company 2l5 South Washington UNion 3-7l3l Ready to go with ready mixed concrele, George Ann and Claudia dream of a home of their own. lt their plans include color concrete they lrnow where lo buy if because it is always available at Gilliam Brothers, Incorporated 8l4 South Roclc Island Right-Of-Way, UNion 3-4344 Page 155 Roy and Kennefh are playing a duef, nof rock and roll, for a change, on one of fha Roberson's fine pianos. If you or your family are planning fo buy a piano or organ look over 'ihe models af Roberson's Piano Company 2528 Norih Wes? Avenue UNion 3-7852 Many class assignmenfs in high school depend on curren+ news ilems since confemporary problems and ofher social siudies mus+ keep up wifh fhe 'lrend of fhe limes. Then, often sfudenfs need lo know whefher io carry a raincoai or +oncoaf, boofs or sunglasses. All +his lhey learn when lhey dial 'ihe sfaiion which is soon +o be your full iime, 'full power siafion KRBB Junciion Ciiy Highway UNion 2-3488 Claudia is inspecfing one of fhe shiny new i958 Poniiacs, 'feaiuring ihe lafesf in sfyling, performance and all-round roadabili+y. For courfeous sales and service from irained me- chanics, go fo George Morgan Pontiac Company, Inc. 300 Sou+h Madison UNion 3-7I48 John A. Jackson has long been EI Dorado High Schools favorile phoiographer. He is punciual, original, cooperaies and worlrs for his goal-perfecfion. For lhe very bes? in pholography, go lo John A. Jackson Photographer I I0 N. Jackson UNion 2-2l92 M 'ffl' -'if' .1 Ja' f y.' lL .2 ,fl 1.1 1 n , fl we c L -+- . es 4- . i gg 5 2 1 is mth -A Aan I' J is-ia,:.u fr df" fllfi 3,12 it JU. Q ga-ef 5, CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA IS YOUR FUTURE ff 5 WN ws ww rw IW?- Q if mg X g 'W x .MW- 'Wm Brlghf oppor+um+nes for achzevemenf new responsnbulnhes lhxs as our fufure Io make The mos? of 'rhe former and measure up Io Ihe laH'er Hs good Io s+arI' ouf on Ihe road To higher educahon or In life wulh a well clehned goal We welcome The opporfunnfy 'ro be of assnsIance 'ro you aI all hmes The EXCHANGE BANK ond TRUST COMPANY THE FRIENDLY BANK EI Dorado Arkansas Member Federal DGPOSII Insurance Corporahon Page 160 ww mwfngwmwwa . " ,,,,, .N:5:5:::,E3E5E5E5:5EgE51-'PEQSEIEQZIV .4I':1ff?E1Ef2?4sff2".. ,:fgg1,, I I,gre:Q:2:::2:5:5:2:s:5:1:f-1-'Aifgigflr " 'f'i':4 'II355I5f5f5I5I5I5f5f5i5f35 fi, ,l51?2"1'2'2":'l"E'1Qac"1 . - . --1-.:1:1:1::e:::f:1f5f ,. -' 4, " QQ Igg5:5:gQ:q:5:5:5:515:55:g:5:55Q.A , . sq. I 'ljla--'IIEEQ f Z3,Q'X"., is -2 --gr, . r I. A ,5-- - .1,:,.'-5-:5:r:5:5:::5.'g:.:4::::r-:r-'-1-fz'-x 4,1 If-55351 .' K: 51, I -:P 3' -'-' l 45- -9 52252225-fr 'ifisirifffiffiiliyim "'f'?,:f:f?-5121-1"-:QW-.f.'b, 25 .. - 5 :g::,'.'-p.::.g.1.f, ,jgggggjzn I x' 'fli, ff-'lt It Q ,,.g.,.,,.,,,,.,,,.,,,.gx..if.5.,. : .:1:1Z.1.::??Yfaj'ff'41:f3.-2 I "Sf . --""- --e-' ' 15:5 , -53: 101353:-:::':5:5z:.3., 'V -: 1' df- -. J' -- 'ff' . X " I .- I "1:: . .5121 Q ""' -I-,Z ...... 41' 'r" 2:"' - f. ,111 1. ,H,,,,.,.,,,,,.:.,, H-. .I - t, , 1 : , ,.,,q .. q.., . ,...A.,.,.,. , . , . . ,- 235 1, .T,,C,,,f:.-.- ........, ..... .,. ..... , ..., . ,f - 5 ,-.-124:15 5 , :Q "-- : 3 l'g.' fly ' -1- ' ,Er -2 -. 5 I -1-1-L Q . .rs :1f-r- :, I : ..:1f3.,15-Ka? I1 .zi-:: 3 . 2 -, - -f:r1r:1- ,Q ,+::::: :::::::::: ,.jg.5,...,..,,,,... I. ....... ...,,.....+ ---- M'--ww-A+ ' . :Q:Q:f:' V, N:-:-N352-:-: ,zfigigigigigu 3 ..5 ' , .,.,, . . W -legsgsgsgsgzsf .. - . 1,1 i:IQ".EEf5' . I . 'W ': :-' -:-::2f:5:5:5 ij- -:5:5.- ' l - '. . ., I 4- 1:1 ---v4 I .:.jf' 0, ' . ' X- . we . ' , ............., 5 5 I N ..... ,..,.,.v.,,,.,,,, MNA? 2 N . N4 ....., ? 2 2 I - 5 If ' - .wmmi z . YS? 4 fr 9-171 " 5 1 5 'Y ,. M fo 'f.'T"'-P George Ann slops lo inscecl fhe new Lincoln al' Jo Belh is admiring fhe modern wall oven 'Found al KAVANAUGH MOTORS, INC. EL DORADO LUMBER COMPANY 3l2 Wes? Main UNion 3-4l96 7700 Soulh Washinglon UNion 3-4l3l T H N' D a"t . -my WM' S it F12 s ...QM - Q1 7 ,rf ,E A .1 L' For your garden needs qef your flower seeds af For all your Home building supplies, go fo MILES FEED COMPANY GRADY JEAN LUMBER 8: SUPPLY COMPANY 607 Soulh Washinglon UNion 3-4626 Jackson Ave. 81 Bloclc Slreef UNion 3-8I94 .N 'A 7 e lv"-K' 7 L -Q 1 , SMX ig Q rg ,,o. N- ,Mv - , To gel a new Roclef Oldsmobile or fo gel lrue "Oldsmobilify" Confidence fha? slie will receive only 'll'1e besl' in cuslom pul back inlo your old one, go lo failoring and modern dry cleaning Keeps Claudia coming WRIGHT-KING OLDS, INCORPORATED back io I20 Rowell UNion 3-5I48 JONES 8: ROCHELLE CLEANERS and TAILORS 3l4 Easl Cedar UNion 3-4280 I Y 4 g - 'A Melba and Carolyn didn'+ realize 'lhal lhere were so many If Hug servgce You need' see Mr. Hammond af fools unlil Hue wen? lo - XMERICAN SUPPLY CORP HAMMOND BROTHERSVFOUR SIX ' TIRE 8: BATTERY SER ICE I304 Easf Hillsboro UNion 2-3406 H7 Locus, UNion 3-4645 -, avid 1 , 4 ..,,g-my dw I ' 5' , " ' 54 ge o... Come in and enioy a refreshing snack, where everyone meefs Green fhumbs are noi, seeds are always needed - buy wifh lo ea? ai +he George Ann and Claudia ai WILDCAT SNACK BAR HOLLINGSWORTH FEED STORE 300 Summif UNion 3A9728 304 Soufh Jackson UNion 3-5295 -4 C' FOV B m0"f'ln9 of llSienlfl9 enl0Ymef1'l. dial 'file SeVef1'EleVef1 All colors of lhe rainbow are available in venefian blinds 'lo Show OVW fil your doors and windows al' KDMS RADIO STATION BlCKl.EY BLIND SERVICE I290 KCS - 5000 Walls Junction Cily Highway UNion 3-7l37 2085 N. Cleveland UNion 3-5l2l if iii, i ' , armed' Ewa Joanne, while piclcing up her Sanifone Dry Cleaning, inquires George Ann slons 'ro admire a Roclr of Ages Monumenf af dbouf 96fmef1+S'f0fG9e af EL DORADO MONUMENT WORKS ESCOUBAS CLEANERS 8: DYERS l050 Champagnolle UNion 3-8420 202 W. Grove UNion 3-6l7l Qs. Q ,, Time ous for B refreshing drink and hamburger a+ me Trying on bere+s, Claudia and Joanne are affecled by lhe gay and friendly afmosphere Found a'r 1323 Norlh Wes? Ave. UNion 3-92I3 loc' E65i Elm UNion 3-3394 X -w,,Ma.e,W.., V 4 W Celia and Mary Ann are amazed as Mr George Cook ex Jo Beih is examining one of +he many fine neclrlaces fo be plains ihe 'ob fo be clone on ihus car ai found af COOKS BODY SHOP RUSH JEWELERS II6 Rowell UNlon 3 4818 Rlal+o Theafre Building UNuon 2 305I lla W in George Ann foie: ihe wheel of a beauhful new Chrysler New A"ll'3n5a5 l'3"995l lndependenl Sl1lDPef of Pelfole'-lm Pf0dUCfS Yorker a car fha? has ihe hes? drwmq performance See ul' af WHEELING PIPE LINE Smaclcover Highway UNion 3-4l63 402 N Wes? Avenue UNlon 3 BI8l awffgi' Q2 QQ' Claudia and George Ann would lilre io Know more abour For fhe 'rypewrifer of your choice and color go +o wholesale dry goods so lhey visif PAUL W. HYDE 2:2 Easf Elm umion 2-3484 Hyde Building UNion 3-3340 n il A-J?-" We slend befween vou and loss You can dream of driving a beaufiful new DeSo+o, can'r you? HAWKINS INSURANCE AGENCY BISHOP BROTHERS MOTOR COMPANY 2Il S. Jefferson UNion 2-l32I No.-+hwes+ Ave, UNion 3.3239 OOO ' IV' Mare W8k0llI6 4 Me .Syn offde Zion The Sxgn of the Llon 1S the Sxgn of a Good Nelghbor your Southern frlend Next tlme you see thxs famxhar slgn dr1ve 1n and fill er up w1th Llon Premlum or Llon Regular the only gasohnes rn the world wlth Llomte the add1t1V8 that actually supercharges your motor And when lt s time to add or change motor oxl be sure you get new Advanced Formula Naturalube H D the motor 011 that fights ac1d wear longer than other 0llS tested and boosts gasohne power as much as 4 octane pomts For all your dr1v1ng needs stop at the Slgn of the Lron You ll find your Lron O11 Dealer w111 help keep your car runnmg better longer LION Oll. COMPANY A mvnsloN OF MoNsANro CHEMICAL COMPANY EL DORADO, ARKANSAS dM mChoIom ff ' 4 ,-1 f 'X ,f . I , V! , f Y f 1 1 ,-I f xx, 1 flfzf -" 'll fl'- ' , X f , f ft Q 72, fl I if A ,, 1 I ff -L . ' ' fl , I 4 ff I I K 11, fy. 1 , 1, , I , 'fl if 'A fr ' ,- , 1,5 , 1 4,1 fl I f 1 " f 1 f ' -'Y z 1, , ff. f, , X -Ts' ' 'P ' N , .X ':'i'2- , -'L , ' 11 fi- 5, K ff ff r x-.1 , K X 4 ff. gx. .B C., - x P-' Y at kk xl, -V7 f- ,V XA... P- ,. 'gJ, C-5' 1, , .3 wh-iiqki f 1-2, - . ' ' ,-Nc li: LV F .K i SC Wx ,S -5: 1 r 6 -"N ' 5- N-v 4 ' Tv, ,i A QQ' .2 . .Tv - - 'C , X- 3- 'f S x. ,,,. A , ,W V , I V ,W X JW, 'T C. R: ,A--' " .K ' Cf- GF' 5: .Y x' X Xt'1,- "X Q " ,- cf- . f' . fi ,...LV , -.an ,s K q- N5 Y , .f "C , se, 6 R f - -', , 'Q-Q , 1' ,. ., A X 5 Q , .ki A -I F V tv -,lr 'Mx V QJX xx L K NT, I. V bb F 1 g K . K . I

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